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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jul 9, 1906

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 '"OV  SOd&lttRaSs:  JUL 10 1906  am B7.TT. .A'. gfrd*. J/.CT^afcJft/J^-J{ii  ^^"^^"vlji!^  .    '*>-">.'  ^^^^.������i^  VOL.,2  ���������*-"'-'-'S?g!'l������6T, t  advsmith Daily  MONDAY,  Jiilv  l������������������,  190U  r ji*tr������ -*-T������'Sr-r'Sia.'TL=r^E-Mi-w  \  JUL 10 1906  %  il  PRICE FIVE CENTS  IS  SHOT BY illS  D  Walla Walla, July Il.-As a result  of a ciuaricl over hitching a beam,  Krai Hopkins, :l farmer of the Clyde  dislrid, lies ii a local hospital a(  death's door and his aSKailaiit, Sol  McGrilT, i.s under aii"<-'������t at the county jail. Hopkins received two bullet- wounds in Ufa .head, and us he is  72 years of a������'f and tlie weather is  extremely hot, lhe physicians f.-tate  his (bancs of recovery arc. slight.  His siile of the story is not lonown  as lie  is unable to la"*-  According to iMcGrili', hu had been  working for Hopkins ah the lather's  lanch, northwest of Chile, about -IO  miles fiom this city. Yesterday af-  ternoi"|ii, aliout 3 o'clock he started  to hitch up a team and Hopkins  came out of die house a nil rcmon-,  -str.itcd. f\hc men quarreled and  Hopkins iveiit lo the house after his  shotgun. When he came out, ihey  quarreled aK������iin an.I MeCrilV pulled a  38-cal'ihi-r revolver from h.is pocket.  and lirod twice. At the second shot.  Hopkins  fell.  Aloft riff- went lo his brother-in-  law's 'ranch, saddled a hoise, rode to  Clyde.and R-lcjihrn <d Sheri.'i Painter,  lolling him what-he.'h.wl done. He  ������tal������i.l hc would give- himself up.  CAR1BUO  NEWS NOTES  This  Ltd.,   ���������*.-$-������   scast n (he Thistle Gold Co.,  lipal oJV a I,lock" of ground  about 100 fee<.,"(iuluud) lfill fed, wide  and SO feet height���������approximately  45,000 cubic .yards.  In addition a .cut about 1000 feet  loii'g anil'floin 8 to .'10 .i'cut deep -w*as  p-ipol ami blusl'.yl last hill and this  summer. A new sluice flume laid  in Lli'is nil o,n an ovvii g-radc- of four  inches to twelve foot will |,c on bedrock iu ihe channel at tho mouthpiece "The mouth-piece of lhe old  itiinie is six   font al.ove bedrock.  Ul IN PORT  WITH MACHINERY  FOR IRE NORTH  -      *4"������-   The S.S. AI-iv'i is in port today  for fi\e hundred tons of coa-1 before  proceeding on Iter way north. She  als>o brought ,over a large number oi  ciii[)ty sacks which she i.s discharging  Io-day. It look -the Al-Ki 21 hours  to make the run from Seattle here,  whereas the usual time is eleven  hours. ' Thu delay \vae caused principally by iiieflicicncy of her crew,  which is .composed of non-union, men  in many cases, the firemen .|>eiin'g all  green hands. Thc lockout- amongst  tiie longshoremen, firoinen, waiters,  etc., in Seattle, is causing out-going  ships considerable difhcwlly, and the  Al-Ki has on hoard nevcn Indians  from Alasl'a, as a part of her crew.  The Indians were brouajht down on  the City of Seattle, which met the  Al-Ki this morning, aid transfericii  the men. For canto, tJi-j ship lias  luiniiig machinery for. the North,  some going to White Pass and some  to Dawson. ll is niachineiy for  dredges principally, and is all in  In avy pieces. 1( is s la led 'that, the  '-bio lefl at ��������� Ipfi-it ton can-'on Uie  \ ''in'ves in Seattle, which it wa.s ini���������  '���������' '-'i'lle-  to handle at   Ihis'time.  Longshoremen    in   Seal tie  arc     re-  i" i  ing 7." cuits |.ir hour.  WOULD MAKE  POOR OFFICER  A VISIT ro  KUPER ISLAND  INDIAN MISSION  A party of Lad} smith people ye->  tciday visited the Indian Mission at  Kujicr Islpnil, ai/d report having had  a very inteiestiiig trip. They were  (kindly shown through the various  buildings by Father Donclc, ami!  Sister Superior. At present most ��������� I  Ilia children ate away on their summer holiday., but when they are all  assembled they number in the. neigh  horhood ' of seventy, ami the lion.  done by them as shown thc visitors  UNHID SMB  EXPLORERS ABE  TOURING CANADA  -���������^.^���������^  Vancouver, July 8.���������D. \V. Leklings,  and Aniliew S hidings, of Dayton,  O.", both well knos\,n throughout western Canada, are at present iu this  cily. The Messis. Iddlings have  mule 3 mine foi Ihoniselves in the  exjiloration of inaccessible leg.ions of  Canada.', They have made the study  of Western Canada a specialty, and  iu their own state aie regarded as  llu inofit authoritative exponents of  the resources and cupahilitioj of (his  country.   'Ihey are not  in any    way  yesterday     is    almost bevond belief.   c<-.:iaccte;l with land schemes, .hut use  Especially is this thbease with some ]Ue -,-������"?l-natio i which they glean   as  . -       * ,     ,_ .-...���������       n atcrial for stories in New Yiork iiia-  oi   the girls,   who have on. exhibition . .....    ..     ,      ^ ,        ���������,,,,  b     ' . ' ig'.i/.ine������;'i\iKl Ohio Newspapers.      Ihey  fiuicy work which would stand com- ,,^e ajSo done, considerable lecturing-  pdrison Willi; some of the,best of, 11 Us iu ohio| and arc" the real pioneers J  class of work done by white .girls of t)(C moy0Tnent rroin that, state to thc  tl..' same ai&, and in many cases (Vnadfr��������� ,,raines. Both gentlemen,  much oWdi, The boys, too, .have ' L,,ough ">tiU on the sinmy sldc o[ au  niudtf (rood progress in the cobbler ' an. fcll(tws ot- the Rovai (i(v0,gliM)h*_  work, and have on exhibition shoes c,, society 0f the Canadian Geo<rra  of Ursulas* make. While they aie, pi|ical ,Sof;ietVi These distinctions  of course, not of the very latest ,, lW lbeen Coi,f������n"od upon them on ac-  stylc.  still  they  are shoes that will   co,IIl(t ,ot    thcil- exploiat-ion  work  in  NANAIMO WINS  ANOTHER GAME  Defeated  the  Ladysmith    Bali  players Here Yesterday by a  score of 18 to 8  But the Ladvsmith Juniors  Put i  Over the Young* Nanaimo  Aspirants  H'-isliiiig'loii,   -July  9.���������The navy department     is advised that the    man  wear, nnd wear good, being very  slroii.gly nuuile, and of the best lca-  tlii'r. The blacksmith and carpenter  .shops, too, present interesting h.i  ture. ami (he manner in whidii every  to.il is put away and taken care oi  show* that tlie workers take a pride  in their tasks, anil strive'to do their  best. L'xhiil.iitions of map dravvimg  ami writing, iu the schoolroom are  excellent. Some of the former aie  di.ne in crayon work, and are good,  while others, r.ne ot North America,  for   instance,   is  made ot some   l.ind  of clay,  or  paste,  and  is raised half  an   inch  or .so from   the card    hoard  impersonating    Lieut.   Arthur     Cren- ,  shaw, of  the navy,  whti is now   ata- i,,^   wh|ch   jt   ������������������ .M>M.    lt llas  c,_  tionod at Soattlo, is  a hotel   waiter, ''(.ry >tai, t){ a ,>YiIue(l 11Vil,, pot(l.ay.  wliose  real name is  Shew. - lie ,lia,s |id, ,and- is oertainlv a  work ofuvhich  1-iui.sud the noal-   Liouit.  Crcnsliaw   a)-'10 owner may he  pioiid.  gieat  deal ,, I   trouble-.by Co������tractin.. i    Thuv s,(,,ns U) tc "Otliing in     the  bills and oUicrwae deporting l.in.soh I rwhoU'  u,i!SiMl  m������������t'l*������d- ������ u^ro'������  contrary  t/j Uie projier conduct   ol   a  ('anadal��������� ancl  the   valuable data coni-  pilcd by. them.  -  The Mc&srs. hidings, in 1903, explored the Pi-ace River country. 'Ihej  consider it as a regi^i not without  attractions, l-ut for the present not  in tlic .ruiiiiUig with the great southern plain's as a lietol Sir seltlcnirnl.  Cn another occ. sion they . made a  hip acrcss \ancoiiver Island. Irom  Ihe c-\ist lo the wesl coast, lt was  a most aiduoiis uiulerlaking. 'Ih*  ilislancc was only 97 miles, i^ut the  din-s,' forest and i lirlergrowth necessi-  IaIiti a circinloiis unite, so that the  distance ac-tiially covered v\as prac-  tiially douible that of a direct line  in many places they--had to -actually  crawl through tlie "dense thickets  Last year they made a 700-mile  cruise with an- Indian skipper in   hi-,  lor.  Thi' Cariboo ��������� Consolidated,., l.w  at  gout Ionian and-an oflicer. Show wai,  seufoncod t0 tin.ee months' imprisou-  in-unt in Salem, Mass. f  He worked a similar igamo  in Lowell two  years ago,  and has    recently  127-foot sailing sloop,  from  the  noilh  K'.ory iich of availnhle space i.s   ,.Ik- of Vancouver    Lsl.md  up   o    thc  head  of  Knig-lil's   Inlet,      The  ���������oui-.e  lay   through     the      ������������������y-aulriul    fjords,  vvhii-h i'i scenic graiideur  w.mal  tlios.-^  of Norway.        They returned ihrou^lii  tho iuiici ,   (.-Iiaiiuuis  With their ever-  taken up, aid still nothing seems to  he crowded. Each pifapil, the visitors were informed, is obliged to do  four" hours' work each day besides  their regular study, and if any cli"anT,  La Fontaiiio   ;.is brea-rtuiin-   0ul.seven 'Leen entertiiined by  the Saleni   swell  set under the impression that he was i  a naval .ollicer. His dij^giiiiJe was '  lirst detected by the inaniicr -in which  ho Wore his svvbnl upon appoar.ing i.n  uniform and now the society ot thu  city which toolc-hiin in is much cJia-  grincd over tlic iitipositic'n whieh he  practices-ahd over its own. ���������inability  to  tell a  real from a sham  ollicer.  RECAPTURE  PRISONERS  7 or eight setts a: day, a; yjaji<;*;way is  also heiny run   in gi*avcl up the ch:  '���������. iiiel alongside the okl7wiirki.ngs to tap'  the' gro'iiiml uj) stream; t-hi.s drive is  being .aih'anccid ii-ht feet a day-  l'rospects oi'itaincd at .the face, of t.ho  ,- old breasting .indicate -richer"ground  - thaii" the company- has hcrCitofore  found. The .sump work at Slough  Creek has ' .'been completed, and the  drain tuniiel.connecting with the gravel shaft is ; being repaired.  KEAT OF A TRAMP  ,   ' r TEl.fiORA'PHER  Henry Uognrdus vvas' the original  tramp telegrapher. He had travel oil.  all over the world and .undoubtedly  war; one pi" the finest operators in  the business, but he * wouldn't hold  down a. job for., more than two -or  three weeks. Cue night he. wandered  inlo th:; office '."T the Atlanta Times  and asked for a job. ' The -paper needed a man badly, and put hian to  work. .     :  i |  The chief operator igo-t hold of the  other man "i'i the wire and told him  he had a new man on and to work  ���������him out. That was the day before  typewriters came into general use.  Everything was written out in longhand. 'I'he. story began coming in.  JJogardus asked-for a pencil, leaned  bacic in his    chair and slowly   bogan  t0 sharpen it.  The sounder was poii'Kliiiy** a|.vay ;is  fust as the man at the other end  ot the. wire could send. 'The. editor  spoke to "Bo" and told him he had  better get bicjy as the man was a  rather fast sender and he ���������would get  behind. "Bo" told ..him to nc.er  mind, that he would attend, to thai.  He got up and walked around a nip-  nicnt,' picked up the poker aad stirred up the (ire, ������--bt a drink of water  then i.eatcd himself and started to  take  the message.  ' lie sat there through' the Highland  took between 15,000 ani.il 20,POO  words, which were written iu a beautiful hand. The feat went -tlie rounds  of operators a" over the country and  became a legend as one oT the greatest tricks ever.' ��������� Commercial Telegraphers' Journal.  -%���������$-������������  Spokane, July 9.���������The,exciting run  after three prisoners who escaped  from' the jail at Asotin, July 3rd.,  came to a successful cud last night  nt Goose Island in the Snake river',  Two are in custody, the third i.s  dead.  The men stole,a boat and lied ilow'u  the river pursued by the posse, including Harry Draper, of Spokane,  and his blood hounds. They v,ero  traced to��������� (!oo|,e Island yesterday afternoon, 'ihe capture Look place at  about 10 p.m. Fred Slang was s.hot  |>y one of thc posse, dying a few  hours later.    Frank Brown and Mich  ael   Burns   are.  Asotiru jail.  BEE STING  being .taken  back     to  PROVE I)  FATAL.  The death, of .1. .11.. Ztinuiiei'inan    is  proving a. |Hi'/./.le   to physicians and is  worthy of the abtemhion of���������������������������Uios'ei wh,(  hold  belief in the influence- that mind  exerti; over jiliysical man.   Mr.' Ziiin-  nierman's death was cine, to  Uie sting  of a   bee.     When the bee alighted  on  Mr.   Kim merman's ear and    Heft    his  stinger,      he   called out in   pain ami  his  wife hastened to hini. He wal ed  about ten foot  and fell in an    uncnii-  scions condition, from' which -he' never  rallied,  though everything  known    t'.,  flu* attending- physicians was  dfjiie   to  sustain life   Mi*. Ztimincrinan,  if   appears, lived ia mortal dread <:i!'   beet,  ami on several occasions, when ���������S'li'iU';,*  tool-:   to his bed and   remained    there  , pt'.iis, lived in mortal dread of   bees,  'si'Ciiiid   to  prevail  at  all   times,  and  j when he .was stung-he seemed  lo   nl  'once  abandon      hope      of recovery.*���������  ' Charlotte Observer.  rooms is , to he .ih.ne, the children  jlook after if thcmsel.v'cs. As an instance, of (h.-.ir cu'refulness in their  moms, a kii' line of pitchers in the  girl's doi iiiilory wns. pointed out io  the visitors yesterday. Each hand l.e  stood at a certain angle, and were  jilwnys turned facing out, anilin line.  In fact, one of 'the girls aficr the  othci-.s hi;iil i:n'.shed washing and  eoimbing their hair in the morning,  oiirel'tilly poised a broom-stick, and  siighlod along the row to sou that it  I'orniod a |ierfcct alignniejit, and it  one was in.is.p|aced a I ride, it was  put. inlo line before the owner left  Uie room. The Indian children Ii! t;  their work, and many of them would  pr:-fer lo remain with the Sisters  .luring Mk'. holidays, prefcrrin ;��������� lhe  mission  to a  trip home.  ni.g up,  diistiiig, etc., .in  the   variou i   t.ha,.i,giag charms and. drew into   Yan-  couvei"4iar,;-or u.nd|-r their own sail,  a feat which has iijexer ,bocn .duplicated in North Pacific waters. A serial  account of this cruise will appww in  Recreation, the. well known sporting  magazine.,1 beginning in Septeniiher;  FEATHERS ON  THE INLET  REFUSE^  Hoaliiig parties across the inlet  yesterday were at a loss to account  for the .small, floating island of feathers which .hlockad navigation at  one part of the bay, and various  were the theories advanced as to thc  cause ������������������.thereof: Some Ywcre'of the opinion that a monster feather pillow  or bed had in some way been ripped  open anil the contents Viirewn upon  the waters,  while others thought pcr-  DAIVT/-\.GES  Jlu|,s  solne  l,olllt,l-y   farin   hail- rcKred  from -.business  and  stripped  the   fca-   -w4-"������  jihers from  their chickens  befoxe pack  ing thciii away in cold storage. From  -In eon'hiding bis investigations ������������������made 'today, however,  ihe  siipii-iiii.    coun   The   Leilyer  is  in  a  position  to   as-  >  V-.  sure.    those     who  saw  tlic-curiositv  (Iters    was   the  work  of  an     Eagle,  positiM-ly  refused    to iiccept  i be. ������������������ (?|. Jn.r]laps  , Wo   or tl)rce  Eagles.  One  them,    in  fact,  i.s said  tvv be a  of  Paris,   duly    7  ill'K-llilK 111- lll'l'illl'  toiluv    in    lii'bitll'   nl'   Alfred     |lre\ i'iis,  ���������    '      ,.   .       ,                   ,   ,      ,,       I yestf-rriav, that the scattering of h'a-  Aln 11 re   Moiniinl niinuiini-.'d thai Dre.v      .     ���������       ,,     r   _..      i:., ,_  lus  ilauingt's    which   llu.'    luw  uei-ords     a  victim of judicial mistakes, and ask J Tveo 'j'agle, and the way those fea-  i.'d ��������� solely i'or llu* restoration of his (bcrs flew when the latter got am-  loiiiir ns mi oili.'ei- without. uny onqst the Hock would, if is said hy  pi'iiccetliug*; against tin- wiiiti'swn onl. who saw, have kepi, a good  ni* authorities of lhe mistake. The watch'busy timing lhe "nperalii>ii.  u'*!_anient:���������', were then closed nnd the ihey travelling faster than an  lir.t-f'idiiij* jiKl.-ye aiiiiounccd thai lbe through mail which ever left the sta-  ileci.sion      would    bo    jjiven      at        n   lion.  .subsequent     session.       The       cloliber-  o���������*^-  alions    of  the  judge  will  begin Monday,   and n  decision    is probable by  the  inlchlle of   lbe  week.  Hliihi." Algeria. .Inl.s 7.���������The sou  of liohiizin, lhe l'oriner King o( l.l.i  hoiiu'.v. now a captive here, a.ttem  I'i led tn commit suicide here todnv  owing- in depression of siiirii caused li\ bis imprisonment. King Helm/in nf 'Dahomey. . West Africa was  exiled to the lsliuul of 'Mart iiiiipic. '  when ibe Fivrn'h c-iiiKpiei-ed bis'coun-  I ry in I sin, ImI in April Inni at  bis request ho nnd his family wore  transferrud    to    Algeria.  Xanaimo and Ladysmith divided-  basuball honors on Sunday in two  iiinios played m ihe Smelter City, lu  ihe morning thc .Junior Reliance  went down to defeat at ihe hands oi  the Ladysmith Juniors by the score  oi 10 to ii, and in Uie afternoon ilk.  i"\unaiino seniors won from the Ladysmith hoys in an exhibition game b>  Uie score ot   IH 10  8.  Ln the morning game with Uie   Jun-  iois,  the Nanaimo boys tluew   avva>  I'lieir chances    of victory  by    maun.,  mj less than twenty eriors, and lliesi������  af critical stages  of  tlie game.    Alc-  Alillaii  pilches a good game for     the  winneis,    allowing only Uve hits aim  stri'-iiiy  out eleven men.     With    the  exception     ot the -sixth iiuung  vvhei.  the Reliance    tallied three runs,    the  i.adysnuth  team played steady    hail,  and hold iheii  opponents safe at  o>-  ju point.     Martin scored for the lite-  lian.ee in    the lirst inning, llumphicy  in  Lhe  secuwl, and  Little and    Pin  in the   third.  ' Three more rims were  "added, iu the sixih.|by Steele,   tiiant  an I  lluinplucy,     assisted  by    limit-ly  hiis by Little Urant and Aloi-jgan, and  eriors by    Ingham and Pagan.      C������te  iiiolc   tally   was  scoied in the eighth  by  Humphrey,  who  tallied  on     ���������Morgan's sale diivc* to left held.  lhe. Ladvsmith bojs were shut oui  in the hrsi, but came .back stionjo;in  lhe next two innings, scoring three  I rin.s in the second, and six in the  third.. The whole nine runs were  scored -on only one sale hit, the Ke-  liauce- making no less than twelve  costly errors in these twi*); innings  alone. A'fter the fatal third. ulie' Nanaimo boys played steadier hall, but  by .superior playing their opponent}-,  succeeded'in scci'ing in every imting,  with the. result that they amassed a  total of sixteen by the end of the  game. Little pitched for Nanaimo  i'oi four innings, but a bad fwger | NT; naimo .  made it necessary for him to be replaced by Morgan, who pitched a  fairly .steady game.  Score by innings.  La.:lystnitii. Jun    0 3 6 12 11 2���������16  Hits  ...   .." ...    0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1��������� 2  Reliance  Jun  Hits';....'..  .  .Summary ��������� Earned runs, Reliance 1;  struck out by McMillan, 11; Little 1;  Morgan 1. liases on tolls, oh'-McMillan, 1; off Little',. 3; Morgan 3. Passed balls, Martin. Left on bases��������������������������� La-  clvsniith 7; Reliance 5.  In  the    first  inning,   by    Bo. iv  citing  the two lirst  men up    walk,  errors    by Graham and  nu errors' b.v urajiani alio Boyei-������,  'nee runs were tallied. The ne\t  inee inning";  wore shut outs.  Claike  ored the only run "in the fifth, afl.y  ii.ino previously hit safe. Clarke's  ni'Tly two-lvagger in the sevcann,  iniioht- home Pelcoart, himself scr.i-  ��������� ; on J- Kerr's single owr scc-oril  i. se M'ari/uel and Morrison scored  ii fie eighth on Clarke's hit to left  .Id and Morrison's drive on top oi  he sacks.  I hi.s completed  the scorino' lor  the  d;ic    team,     although    they had   a  bailee for another in  ihe ninth, after  .:.  Kerr hid    lined  out a tvvo-hag-gi r  0 er centre    field.       He was caught,  -.lwcver    attempting   t*o ieach   thiid  .) ��������� Manuel's infield drive Which Li tub-.  I'lileil  to Cordon,  re-tit ing  Kerr and  ILe side.  Wm.iiino     scored    iu every   inti'm;  ..t the nin'l'i, and hail the lead after  h'lhird inning.     In  thi.-r inning ti'irv  ���������������������������iiieil the lead after two   inns had  i cm scored on  <hree-bnggers by Grail ..ii aiwl  Roycc, and  singles  by  Lit-  II' and  Wilkinson.     Four run.s    weie  1 illii'd   in   the   fifth,   due,   principally,  to errors,  Graham  o.nd  Little   ma  ���������I'- tin only safe hits.   Geraud scor-  . J  ,i  home     rr.n in    thc seventh   om  ' ,u should have been only a single  hi'" hit. The hall was driven to  ���������-'.������������������ham in centre field, who allowed  it to roll through between his legs,  which' let tlic runner reach ��������� third.  Finally sectiriviig flu* ball, Ingham  lu avod it o/cr the third baseman's  brad, and 1'eihard kept on running,  iiKioiing'his co'iitiiiuoiis circuit of the',,  bags. The features of till'; gallic was  lhe hatting of Clarke and M>. Kerr,  for Ladysmilh, and Graham, Aitken  and Little for  Nanaimo.  Peore'by Timings.  1 1  2  14 1. -1 1 0-18  Hits   .,.'.:....    1   14 2 2 3 2 -1 0���������111  Ladysmith  ......   3 0 0 0 10 2 2 0���������S  Hits 010 110 3 2 1���������9  Summary��������� Earned runs, Nanaimo li  Ladysmith 3. Three base hits Gra- ,r.  ham and Boyce. T.wo base hits, M.  1 1 2 0 0 3 0 1���������8. Kerr and Ohirkc. Struck 0ut, b-y.J-  1.0 0 0 0 2.0 1 0���������4 Kerr 7; Boyce 3. Bases on balls, off  Kerr. 3, Boyce ii. Hit by pitched  l.all, Dunbar. .Left on bases, Nanaimo 1; Ladysmith 7. Umpire Gillespie.  Nanaimo 18; Ladysmith S.  This game proved a������ easy .win'  for  Nanaimo,    although    at the lirst,   it  -vecnied as  if L.tdysniiWi would    give  the visiiting. team ;l run for their "mon- ' j^t. Paul's, July 10.  "MK.MOU1AL   SERVICE.  ��������� ���������.*.���������  Londob, liuly ".��������� Tbo American cm  ba.ssay has' received tickets for the  mrniorial service to the victims of  the  .Salisbury  accident,    to  lie hold   in  BRYAN IS  WILLING  A NINE  HOUR DAY   *.<*>-^   Phoenix, .July 4. ��������� Araiauiiioament  was made at tlie mother Lode mine  of the British Columbia Copper company, last Saturday night that hereafter the time of surface men at-the  property would be-nine hours ���������with  Granby company put the nine-hour  clay intoiforce- at-its mines last weeJl  and th)? Dominion Copper company  did the same this week. The surface employees of all kindv. working  nine hours now instead of ten as here-,  tofore. At the Mother Lode mine,  the rule was to work nine and a  half hoiiTs, it now being cut down to  nine hours.   Thus  all   three of the  big  INJURED IN  RUNAWAY  Washington, duly lb��������� Former United Stales Senator James K: Joiii-es  i.,f Arkansas, who was chairman of  the    Democratic    national committee  when William .1. Rryan inade his J -iperating companies in the Boundary  campaign for the presidency in ISflli, I lhe same pay as heretofore. The  ���������iii.l Phil), has received a letter from have voluntarily made the work day  Mr Uryan, in which he stales that for their surface employees somc-   __ ��������� ._. ._.... ���������      what, shorter, with the same pay   as  (Continued on  Page Four.)  heretofore.  New MJstni'inst-er, J.uly 8.��������� Sutler-  ing frrim serious injuries'sustained iu  a runaway accident last Thursday,  the wife of Indian David of Chilli-  wack, was brought to the city on the  steamer Ramona "yesterday afternoon,,  and placed in St. Maryjs hospital.  Mrs. David and six other Indians  were returning to Chilliwack from  Sum as when the team attaclied to  I he- wagon boll-ed and upset all the,  occupants. Mrs. David was caught;  in one of the wheels, and her right  t.-'sT was almost torn off. The injur-  rd wonnaii'was taken ItiI} > ..Chilli wach,  :;nd attended by Dr. Henderson, who  sent her on fo the hospital in this  city.' Here she was attended by Drs.  Hall and Drew, and hopes are entertained for her recovery. THE LADYSMITH DAILTLEDGKK  III! DAILY LED6IR  Published   every   day   except Sunday  ���������BY���������  HIE DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year (in advance) .���������.  One Month    ....   $5.00  50 cents  MONDAY,  Julj   tl,  190G  OUT ON STRIKE.  .Magog, Que , July 7���������The strike  of cotton mill employees of Domin-  ioii Textile Co , continues and tension between Company and strikers is still further mci eased by the  fad that a great inaioiity of Print  works employees have gone out in  s.\ input b.v with the cotton nulleis  Tlie whole plant is idle save 'th  engraving   and  pi hit   rooms.  BRYAN*   \\n,L 'ACCEPP.  Simpson was leaving the harbor to-  ija\ she (.uiltch'il with the Athenian. Capl. Robinson of the Canadian. Paciln IJai'w.i. Co. botli ves  sets sustained ilauui'i". and returned  hero   lot   icpnii -���������  ���������M1L1TI V KSTIM \Tli^-  Washington July 7���������Fourier bn-  itocl States Senator .lames K  dimes, of Kansas, who vias chtui-  ninn of the DeinoiratU National  Committee whoa \\. .1" lU.van made  his campaign for Piosjdent uilS'b'  and MKiO has i*ecoi\cd a letter Horn  "Mr Mrv.ui in which he aimoiimos  that ho will accept llu* nomination  for l'lesidenl if ii is lc-iuhi-ed lo  him  Ottawa, Julv 7 --The militia os.  tunatts were iindi-i" 1I1-.1 UHMOii foi  some time yestenl.w The ministoi  s.ud that the Ottawa Car Com  pain v\ as mm in < ommujiicat ion  wilh the Oovcnl 1 v Coinp.in.v in Hn������-  land in est,1I1Ii'h a irim lactor'y 111  Ottawa lo in.iiiiii.K tun- such guns  in Canada .is <\'i. mm purchased in  ]*iil;I.huI, I'he i'i.p- whiih were pur-  ch.i-id now im,11 lovenli*. were got  thuiu^h tbe lli\h Coiuiiiissio-i-ier's of  Ihi     al    War   olbi o   [iriees  'J lie    .v'hnle     01    I ne    unlit ia     est 1111-  at.s     weie    pa  seii    'ast     11 ��������� ���������_��������� 11 ��������� aiii-  'lUiillllg    ill    all      lo     nei woeil     -,.'!,HpO,-  111111   and   s ' "" i1"  ������.������  I r\ C.-tpit .1 and Nu'.-.-^ei  Cij'.ars  AFTER THE reus.  1-Sialystok, .July 7.���������Tho agent' oi  the Minister ol Justice has finished  his investigation of the recent massacres 'here, and in eotise'qLiente ol  his reeommondat ion two captains of  police, several sergeants, and twelve  patrolmen v\ill bo indicted for nulling      1 lOtillg.  Minatd's.  Liniment Co.,  Limited,  Dear'Sirs���������This fall 1 got tin own  on a fence and hurt my chest \ei\  bad, so 1 could not woik and it hint,  me to breathe. I tried all kinds ol  Liniments and they did mo no good  One bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT, wanned on flannals and applied on n *-. breast cuuxl me completely  0.  If.  COSSABOOM.  Rossway, Digbv   Co ,  N.S.  FIVE   MIL 10   SWIM.  London, July f���������J A Jarvis won  the five mile swimming championship  contest at Putney today, the 'tune  was one hour, three niinules and 101"  ty seconds beating the I revious 10-  ooi-d b.v thirteen and one fifth seconds. Taylor of Chamerdon was sec  ond. Jt wa.s a very close race .Jarvis being onl.v two yards ahead of  Taylor at  lbe (iuis'li.  kiPM Cftflfc \KW  L'tao*- Them     AH  R. P. RITHET,  & Co.,  Ltd  MAY RI-S1AS  (Hi  NORM!  PORF SMEL1FR  Rossland, li. C. July-7.���������The visit of William Yolea Williams of  Spokane, consulting engineer of the  Uranby dining the week and his  inspection of iho California, Southern. Belle, Mascot and other properties excited considerable interest  hero.  Tho interest, was laigd.v centered  111  lhe    Calilornia.      Now   Ihat     largo  .5  i'.iimalt   & Nanaimo Siaitway  1     n>.   ���������  1 -.(\ smith  for Victoria and  all  intermediate stations     it  n.   .1 ..I/, and .,1  5 00 p.m. od   Wednesdays,  Saturdays,    and     St.u-  tor   spirtt.      It    is   claimed      farther  that   the    plan    includes   lhe   i*es*tai'l. |^������  ing   ol   iho  N'01 llil'oit   smelter       with  the assuraim .01   -"O  lo ���������'!���������-'*> 'ons of 'it-  ore   lioin  lhe   mines ol   l'opidilu, tbe 9 It  Houndarv   and      Idaho,   the     smeller da>s  ll1rj   lh(} I 1 ,1  -   It-avf   '.advsiuith   for   'Veil ingloii   pn.l   all   iiilorineiliaic  stations  at   1! ,i:   .1 111.  di.ilv,  and   at 7''00  p.m.   on    Weib-es lays,  Satuid.us    and  of  ore,   coke  and      11..-.tie      lt  looks '  " '                                    .  ttocrefoio   as   though   Mr       Williams' l.\U."Mill   i iCl'ClS ^���������rrr^  visit    would   bear  Unit   ^ Follow ins ,    --                             ON SALE TO   AND   FROM   \ I L STATIONS  (' goo I '1 i   giuiig   1  miioy   S.ituiday    -  ml Sundays.   i,>'*.iiii n^ uoi   later lhan  llu-   : .!i..wui|5   M. nil., j.  could   be  Jvcpt   in  opi 1.11 inn,   a  Great   Northern   sn-uiv     ihe   liaulagv  are ihe shipni'-nts for ihe week  ire Sin r 1 7l������d, l.elioi, 2,,"*2i), l.e  Roi 2 1 ."(I. I.0K01 2, (nulled) l,'.-*0<>,  total, for the week ,"),0-l'' and total  for  the   vear   1 7'','!t'.">   tons  r-".  Sails  fi">in  Lajysmith for, Vancouvci every Saturday aI ti 00 a.m.  returning sails I10111  Vaneou .',37    lor   Ladysmith at 2.150 n.m.  1  and   important    shoots   01   ure     have IN ON    MATi'H    1!M  In-eil   discovoiid     vvo-1    01   1 lie      .1 osio       Re.ulv die.    Mass,   .lul.v    7���������   Sweet , ......  Dike    111   lhe   leriiloi.v    owned  b.v   the   jfai 10   m on   the    S7,."ini)   match   race    ;,8 Cioveniiiienl  St.," ViClOlia,  I'.C  Lelloi    it  is i-iMSoiiably   cei'iain    that   w,ij,   Went u orl li    ii.-u-    loda.v    m   sir- '    7'"' ���������    <*  these   shoots   e\leud    into    the    Pali-   fligi,t bonis  u������n  in   ihici')   lime 2 07  foima     ���������ground   sliualid   immediately'o 07-*  west   of  the    Annie  vv'lui h  later claim  ��������� _   is  owned   !���������>    Ih."  Loi 101   No.    2.     Mr  Williams    put   in   thiee  or    lour  days  111    an   examination       ol      properties  heie       It       is  staled    Ihal   ho     'Was  here     in    lhe   interest     01   tbe    O.ivut  O. L,. Courtney,  District Passenger Auent.  Try a Province Cigar.  SAVED HIS COMRADE'S  LIKE.  "While returning from the     Giand  Army     Encampment1    at Washington  N-orlhe.11.  which   ,s anxious    to secure   ^^ & comrade from Elgin> ,���������    WftS  the haulage   of ore    from   hero lo lhe  h, J NEMftTS  North Port, a- smi*.*- tho Jumbo coas  ed to ship the (Jroat Xorthein has  im/ hauled a pound of 010 from Rosa  land, a condition of adnirs which is  not pleasant for .lames J.- Hill,  nor Iho  road   for  which  he is tho mas  For a cool, tefresiling-���������  BATH  During the Summer  Months Calf on   THOMAS LEWIS  Shaving  Pailors,  elc ,    llifih  Street  Pat 1 lie  1 oast,  'ICTORIA.   ���������   ���������--  .-igciicy.  -     -*   - B.t  WENT  ON   TUP.   ROCKS  St PeteiNbiu-j., July 1 1 .���������The lull  of the lower hoit'e of parliament fin  tho abolition of I he death penally;  went on the rocks today between  ��������� the 'caucus...of- the Centerists and I lie  Council- of tlie Einpire. ' a^ majority  of- w'hich was apposed to its acceptance in its present 'form. The 'substitution ' of a ��������� measure abrogating  the provision of the code whereby  civ lians come under the jurisdiction  of tbe military courts in "a state  of expeptional security" a minor  form of martial law, which is "the  chronic status af nine tenths ofRus  si a", will solodify t.he parliamentary  opposition to the ministry.  ������������������ o . '  STEAMERS IW COLLTSON'.  Yoloohnmn.     July    7.���������As   the.  British   tank   steamer   Apaehco,      Capt.  TWO ME  MAY LOOK  ALIKE  The one will  he honest,   and  reliable.     The other questionable. So with boofis. All  iioots  that look well are not honest.  Leckie's    Boots    arc     ALL  LEATHER,     and     made    to  meet,     western      rec-iiirc-iuents  The    logger,     the prospector,  and  the miner can  depend   on  them when far from   Uie   busy  hniinl-s of men.  Ask    y 0 11 r    dealer    f o r  ���������'���������LECKIE  BOOTS," and take  no substitute.  Manufactured by  J. LECKIE Co. Ltd.  VANCOUVER,    B,0 ���������  -asssaii'iii^.  IT DICL-'llCS  tOJUl'liT'ITloij'  Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps, but  .slisst wlieii iisc.l in tlie .Sunlight way.  Ituy Sunli^lit S 1 u> ''*" I .ol low Directions  Union made-Capital & Nugget Cigars  DAY SCHOOL  Umal subjects taught, also language*-" drawing in pencil and crhy-  011s, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv-  ���������"���������*��������� in classes or individually  MISS 11ER.TRAM,      Ladysmith, It.C  1  taken with cholera morbus aiid was  in a critical condition," tays Mr.  J. E. Houghland, of Eldon, Iowa.  "I gave him Chamberlain's Colic,  Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and  believe saved his life. I have been  engaged for ten years in, immiiigtation  work and conducted many parlies to  the i-south and west. I always carry this remedy and have used it successfully on many occasions." Soli  by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  FOR THE BIGGEST BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  Call on J. [.  House* and Sign Painter  RAY /WON D   &  SONS  -���������Healbis  in���������  g,    Lime,   Plaster  Paiis,    Ilrick,  Ji    Kire  Brick  and   Vancouver is-  $   ������  '4 "'land 'cement.  I    ���������     ���������  5   "J  Pandora St.  Victoria P..C.  Are Tou Qoin? fast?  I'hra he iure yoar tickets rrad   ������L-  tka  North Western line  The only line now making, UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with thr  Through trains from the Pacini  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, TF  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWES-  RATES,   THE  FASTEST TIME  BETWEEN     '  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL.   CHICAGO,    OMAHA.    KANSAS  CITt  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask y  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General   'f**  710 ani Av������.. Seattle. V  I  coufomaMut  Ticket  and   Freight,  Oflice,   75 L  Gov eintnejit, j^treet.^  Transcontinental  Q  Trains Daily  The} New Train  ORIENTAL LIMITED  The .Train of  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.  ". Every   mile  a  picture,    and  110 smoke to spoil , the   \ icw.  Through Compartment,   Observation  and  Pullman  Sleepers;    also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe _  is our Specialty ',  Union     Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.  Iterth  reservations  by  wirel -  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOR  JAPAN    AND   CHINA. .  Steamships Minnesota and Da-,.  kota sail from Seattle for .la-   j  pan    and China ports at' Ire-  I  ���������fucnr dates.      Exact    sailing''!  dates can  he secured   upon ap-   I  plication  to any Great North-   |  em representative. *-*,  S. Or.  YERKES,. .  -  A.CLP.A.,. Seattle, Wash.  B. R. STEPHEN ,    , _f   ,  Gpn. Agent,, Virtoria,' B.C.,  KURSiES    GREENHOUSES AND SEiD  HOUSES  Under IMew Managment  HOTEL WILSON  Jus- R. McKinnell, Prop.  NANAIMO  ('oniiiiercial Mens'  headmatters.  Modern  and     Strictly First  Clats.  Fire Proof     Bnildlig.  HOTEL  DOMINION  --Hake ?Lis Hiul$l.r*i)���������  Rro to  all Bl^-au host' li ndiaj. s am!  niilwav depote. ElecfcrioJ-'a'.R.Pvarj' live  iiini-.ia-i So all purls of. the cily. Hai  vi.d ti\!*ic iiiioxcell'-il.   ,  F. BAVtVES, Proprietor,  THE JONES HOTEL  -���������WHITE   COOK���������  and  WHITE   LABOR  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  DMiorela...  Pianos   &- Organs  Ladysn.tth, B.C  <JB������   ������')10   Ve-Jtminster   Road,  Headquarters (or   PACIFIC aUU'A'N Oaiden,  llcl.l  nr.d flower SEED5  Ioi' distribution. ;  Large   stocic    of Home  Grown  FRUIT and OR- mC  NAMKNTAL     TREES    "^  noiv matured for Spring.  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'���������k  ���������k  ���������k  ���������k  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLO AND  SILVER ORES.  5^ n1 el ti ng Works at  +  ���������  .t.  ���������k  ��������� -.*'-.  ,-k  ���������+  ������!���������  ���������+  ., +  ���������{���������  >+  ���������5-  ���������k  ���������k  ���������k  General Manager, |  W-H^ffi-H^w������>������W4 WWHkl.fl.w-fW*WH4JW  .*      HEAD OFFICE     -  J DUNCANS' fWfh#-  ty     Vancouver island/B;C.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  Laii-rcmUV  ���������   ���������-���������<;���������.*..,..r^&-ftm  !���������-.    ���������������������������:.-���������'���������'''������������������'i'v^0^i  '���������?'r ���������:? :ri :fl&&-;tf/i'������&&j;ja  "-< ���������j.-.^-.-.ir^'" "=^  Krii,\M ur.ATi;i)  -     ^^..F UK NISI I   ROOMS  BAR SUl'I'I.IKD Wrill IJ.'v T  WINKS, LIQUORS. CIO AKS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTRlE, Proprietor  Niewly fitted up and  Furnished  LAiWS-.JV-.nrl,   . C*  :ables an  Rooms  Good tables and good  This   Hotel   has  heeu  completely       renovated.  Board  aad lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIH  JOHNTKA, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied   with   the   Bt'st    Wines, let Avenue :-:  *.-' :������������������  Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and  Cigars. L^������&&.���������->.������ I'  .������������������.���������M������.,������..������..������l(������������.a.^-M^,.a^9;,  "������������������.���������..���������..t..e..0M0.,0.',0a(  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������m.+~*~:  STOVES! - STOVi5S!  *we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  t*t'^'-������ v tyi-e> and Newest Patterns-. We do  A' I k,n^s of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith- Stove & Irori Works CoXd  TELEPHONE 53  ������������������*������������������:���������:���������������..:���������������*:.������.+..:.0,  P. O. Box '12.  J.^.^.^.   Jr<4.LS~~  TH6CITYMHRK6T  R. Williamsou Prop  *st Avenue Ladysmith B.C  I Sco'lands Best..  lit MTC Dill (0.  fiof.e.    Af/CHtsfor H. C  WM.  MUNSIE,   President    J. \V.  COBURN, Managing Director.  Telephane 4-1).  The Lady smi Lumber Co, Ltd.  MILLS   AT   F'IDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-"    -    W >*^*-  Shingles ei Spctoi^lty  MANUFACTURERS OF���������--  Itoiigli and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumbers  LATHS,  SHINGLES,  MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     ol   the BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.     AND   DRIED     FLOORINGS     AND  FINISHING  LUMBER IN STOCK  riNfl   AND   FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically           Orders  Promptly   Execut e  ' *���������--   LADYSMITH  S. ROEDDING    -  '*���������<<���������**>���������+���������"��������� ���������������������������������������������*��������� 4; f4--f ���������-> -f-f-f-f 4-++++ ��������� > i������ t + 4. .. 4 + .t , ^ , t .  .  LACVSMI+H TiqlAIMSFER STABLE i  PIANOS,  Stabled in the rf  ORGAN'S AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURl- MOVED PKOMPTLY A NI) SAFELY.  of the Ladysmith  hotel.     Leave  or.U.rs  at   thr  Ahhotsford.  A.    J   WASK&TT, PROP.  c.4 *.+ + 4-4.4^4.4.4-4 44 f"+ 4.4 f+^ f 44+44^4+4+4 ++++ ���������-4*������++7-M4.tt, ts^tsS^HUSb  ������^HIrii^i**MM**tXf-?i~  T  icsasat^tiwmiaiai;  sssaJE^^eK&yjftsvaidS*^^  Aii^^wiarj'ii-ai  -iSSlH^^������^'"^������^^*-������^i  THElLXfetSMITH DAILY LEDGER  LODWjfiS  LADYSMITH    TEMPLE,    No.    5.--  Rathbonc Sisters, meets in the Odd  ' fellows'  llall    every  2nd    aiid   -1th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS. KATE TATE,  M. of It. & C.  HILBERT     I  ��������� c.K*;'.*..7i! *-*:^-'*������-'-*i*-'a**"^^  L'M'll.D   AM.'lENT       OllDh It   Wl  DRUIDS  Uciimgtou   tiiuve  No   -1   U.   A    u.   ,  iVce-i-s   in  i'.i-   i    ii    O    )."   1 la.ll,   '. .  Uysiiiitli; , the    ."second   and      Ton  Weilncsda-.s  i.j  cmli   montn,  coiiun..  -.r.g Wednesday.  13th,-  lDO-"--.  Vi Piling   Di-uiib.      ai- .i". iIl-1   ti  tend  Uv  (1; ier  WM    RAI-'TKii,   Ib-if S'i-  PATRICK   IM'i'K.   N     \  ',  t-  ��������� r  Dr. K. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All  work  guaranteed   and at  reasonable rates.  RESIDENCE  AND  OFFICE  Gatacre ������t Ladjemiili  Open at all  hours.  NEWS NOTES  FROM NANAIMO  The   automobile   v..   be    placed    onJ prevent   the   recurroici  V. '    .-       ��������� i'n        ��������� I,.-  vm-qi-s I unwarrantable   exercise-   oi  Th.-  Nanaimo   Alberni  run   b.v   -Vessi.. i ���������������  'I hompson   &   Seoville.      is   expected  h re   in  about      two   weeks.    It   wa-  s'.ippi-d  yesterday.  - , ,  -nth       an  auihorit.v  on  tho part   ol'  the   "Minister of   .In*  ti e,    and  intend    to  urge  Hint  ft'-*-"  Dr.   Dier Can   be  lnii"*d  at   any U-  'at  his office on  Gat acre st.   His    de  tal   woik   is  kv aranleod   to   be   br-  rlass and  rales  rmisnnahlp i  .AOYSMirn  Looking   ...ears  younger -* and   more  handsome,  Kahili   Smith, SL P., c-hat  J t  d on things parliamentary and   les-  *-" ���������" '���������"    _L_lutivo    in   tbe    home  of    Mr.   'J'hon.  liAUIdKy       !u.    K.   Uivnton,   on   Hornby St.,   ways  t'l'lOK.'E     CAKE'S     AND    PAST li\ , '��������� .iduy's   Vancouver   Province.  . ALWAYS     FRESH    ON  HAND       ,    The  member  for   Nauaiuio  reviewed  Wedding     (Jake*   'llaile   to  Order       i iho -.vhoh- suasion's work,   forg-eiiing  I'RL'iTS    AM\)    CANDIES OF ALL  m   times Unit The  Province  was not  KINDS.'    /cKjESU    BREAD   EV-    jibe    House.  ERY   DAY j    -The  Saiipafh  Observance    Dill    i--.  l'rices    are      Very Reasonable.      All' .seriously misunderstood  hero   in    lhe  NOTICF  Fiom    ��������� Miiw   daTr.   the  unt'ersigned  will   not   b"   ies|)'insible  foi   any  in  clebtcdness      Inclined, except on       f  written orocr signed by the secretary  Rowland  Mac him  V.   I.'EXPLORATION  A   DFA'EL  OI'MENT _('().,  LTD  .  Non Personal" t.iabil'1.7  i u.stomcrs" are Treated  Alike.  HOP  LEE & CO.  ON THE   tSPLANADE.  I      VtMr.i-J)     t>.  .-."������:.������ v.'fl.-i.f.h  "���������05  Solicitor.   Ek<?  t.  \v-rBU������.    -  if  9  !  LftfiYSWI H  It   I CUBAN CIGAR FACT  Manufacturers of th? Famous  CU-i\N    ttYHSCri  None bu   UiiUm r.uboi     lvmploysd  r\ J.  BOOTH. Prop  EXCELLENT   I  Train Service  : BETWEEN  GHICAGC, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tlio-Prluclp'nl "CiiBinc'ss Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Time Tables, etc., attolroaa  .  CEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Gcu'l Passcuger ami Ticket Agent,  135 ADAMS ST.. CHICAGO, ILL.  ���������������������������������������������"���������������������������������������������Hi  Paislay Dys larks  Fancy Dyeing and  Cleaning,. Charges rcisonaihle, etc.   .Work (itutrantecd j  Commercial St. ~ Nanaimo, B. C  I'  i  J. PIERGY & GO.  i\l,imifactui*ers Of.������������������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERA71S,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  WHOLESALE aBY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C  GENERAl BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER anil REPAIRED  AT   SHORT  NOTICE.      DRILLS  SHARPENED   BYC US      ALWAYS  .GIVE  SATISFACTION.  >i-���������PICKS HANDLED A NI> REPAIRED-���������  ���������-SH I PSMITn I N G    IN      i'LL   I T S    BR AN C IHIS  Horseslioers a rid Genera1 Blacksmitns.  R   WRIGHT.  Bulier Street   -      -    -     -   Ladysmith.B *.  t  -H>-i-  ���������r  *  4  IGE!    ICE!    ICE!  Will'be Delivered on  Mondays,   Wednesdays.  F/itlays and Saturdays  Crrtfis must-he in hy'eleven  o'clock on  day''-of Delivery,  0o  Limited  NANAIIWIO^  ������3!       if*  o.   -v.  ������������������*^^-^>*^���������^*���������I���������^������������������^-*���������*���������^^^^���������^������������������^^v���������^���������^^���������^!���������^���������^^^  ������������������s S3'  \1 ,'t  ff!.\3K  CESKiWS  (��������� Kcti-ie in " Inventive .Ano "      f|  ^|&l^  1 Bool; '*iio-,v toobtniii 1'alouts" g    / K & ������'.:  1 Charpch- liifxUrntc. Nn ft" till p.iteuf. is fioenrt  f       iJi-ttovs'Stticlly ciMifitiL'nti'.il.   Arttirf.s?.,  f E. C. S:G0EK5. Patent La-jsyct, '.Vjshir.jiloi!, 3. ���������'  &**^/'Jb  Synopsis of  Canadian   Homestead  Regulations.  Any availahle Doiiiiuion Luniks  within the Railway 13elt in British  Columbia, may he honiesteailcd by  any person who is the sole head of  a family, or any male over e glitecu  years of age, to the extent of one-  , '{Uarter section of J GO acres, more  or less.  Entry must be made personally at  the local hind ollice for the district  in  which tlie land  is  situate,  The homesteader is reqaiirod to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following  plans:  (1) At least six months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land in  each year for   Lhree years.  (2) If the rather,*(or molher, if the  father is deceased), of tiie. homesteader resides upon a farm in the.vicinity of the land entered  for, thc     re  quirements as to residence may he  satisfied hy such person! residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent rcsideuce upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his horne  stead, the reqiiiirements as to residence may bo satisfied by residenei  upon the said land.  Six monthe' notice in writi.i;.  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention, io apply for patent.  Coal lands may *>e purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 fo-  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be aaquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rale of ten cents per ton of 2,00"  pounds shall be collected on tin?*  cross output.  W.   W.   CORY.  Tio:uity  nf   the Minister  of Interior  West I fear. For instance, one pa  l-i-r says wo are goiil'g l-o sloj* Sun  il.iy papers of our own, but all 01'  iho Yankee papers .to be sold in 0111  si reels. The editor ol' the (.'oluii-  i.sL should iriul llu* ae*. The bill  absolutely prohibits lhe sale of S<������n  liny  newspapers.  "Ki'itish Columbia is the onl.v pro  viiicc that has Sunday papers o'  if-, own, niul ihe 'vast wonders at  il. The (invcrnmernt could hardly iiiatc an exception of this pro-  \ini"c oven   if it   wanto-d to do so.  ������������������Hut isn't it rndh-nl in other foa-  .Mii'.csV"  ���������I think not. now- With thc amendments I supported it. My amendment Ihat a man'who works on  Sunday will have his Sunday during tho week, Ihat, his employer must)  yive him one day of rest. mot. with  iho approval oven of tIve railwny  companies. And here I see some one  has again misunderstood, declaring  that if a man works only nn hour  or two on Sunday his employer i.s  to give him t wcnly-l'oiir hours during thc wevk for that one or iiwn,  Nothing of the kind. My ' amendment says plainly working on thn  Sabbath day-his ivg-ulai' time. ..That  means the same hours as his week  day work. The trouble is the .critics don't know what they are criticising. The nniic owners who run  ihcii- smelters continuously may not.  like the proposed Sabbath observance law, |������ut it is only fair to  the mon, lhe laborers, and it is their  interests I am watching."  "What Of llrothiei-.-."'-  '���������tf you ask mc my Midividual ������������P  inion, I nniMl say-Ihat ir is a sor-,  ions mi-ni.se of the power. Hut ,for  this the Government is not directly responsible. Under t'he present  law the Minister, of Justice, as  was explained in the House, has  the right to release the criminals.  The" prerogative of clemency .rests  on him. Sir ������������������.-Will'r&d himself-admit-,  tod he 1-new nothing 61' othc case.  Before I left OU aw a Tsuggcstod and'!  I intended to ' -urge, a-.clia'ii'ge '- by  whic-h the Minister of '.rusfi'co- ' will  lie bound to report.'to or. confer with'  his colleagues when entertaining"���������'the'  release of a criiniiVnl;1" '������������������������������������  "You    didn't,    speak   on   the     Bro-  lliior case in  the House.?"  "No; because there 'was ��������� -no''.'opportunity for a. discussion while Mr.  MacjihcTso'n's motion for the corr-  ospoiulence was on the -paper. It is  still there, but no doubt the pap-:  ers .will be brought down this or  next week. T was ready to toll the  .1"-rouse what T thought of the ease,  and will yet- when" the opportunity  .comes. I suggest oil t b n .-member of  iho govornmoiil Die ��������� ndvisibility of  changing   tho   rules    of    practice,    to  ���������"Wo nolle  ir.-j, Paciiic  m mc-nts-.'*'  ������������������Yes In this I thought the gov  eminent very slow and told it so  il. did no .harm...'Already' some  vS-_>ft(������,O0O lias Iici-ii set apart for im  juuvi'menls urgently noeihd. Tbe-e  \ull incliid.. 'ighthoii-.es. UiVboats  with crows al various st a I ions,'fog  and oth.-i- signal-, and the .Maiconi  wireless."  Of W. 'I*. !! I-iv-ton. Canada's im  migration cninmissioni'i- 111 London,  and (he labor bureau and the *sorth  Ailant ie Transport at i..n Company,  the member for .Vanaimo hail inaii\  interesting things lo sn".. They wore  i.ii.'oinpliiuoiiini'y of all Ihrco. 'par-  lu-iilarly    thai   of  tho   labor   liinvuii.  ������������������r think 1 proved that Preston os  lnhlished it and thai it was a very  bad tiling -for the workmen of Canada, I'or it gave opportunity for un  s rnpiiloii.s employers lo bring artisans hero io brink strikes, bring  mon into serious .and unfair couipeli  t ion and roiluci' wages. ICmploy-  o-s may be mute at liberty lo do  this for themselves, bin to virtually employ <'overnmenf agents to  h.-lp    them  won't    do."  Thc member for Xanaimo has no  love for Mr, Preston, as he anipU  showed in hi.s examination of the iio-  luigration commissioner which eclipsed oven the export racking ad  ministered     by   "Mr     Baker   of     Ham  iHoii.  "While       a   <'owrnmonl     employee,  this    man    seems  _lo   pWde    liiuisell  in   acting   in   deliance  of   lhe   govern  ment.    As   u>r ih.i   labor bureau, well  as  f  have   said,    ihero secni1-   to     be  no   justification."  "What  of the   North   Allnin ie Trad  ing. Company?"  "Xol so bad. In, fact, thoi-e s.>cms  to hi' J,it"tlu in the position taken b.v  the .Oppo.sil ion on that que-.! ion. The  weakness in' that, contract was the  ueeessity of doing the business in  secret because of the laws in . the  the various countries againel ihe  work of foreign iiiimigral ion agents  That compelled the opiM-ation of this  company as a privnlc eoiieoi'ii. and  ncco-ssarily agents of ihe govern  meal- who entered inlo ���������the contract, including-Mr. ��������� Sifton had to  promise that the names would not  be re von I oil. n is hard- to make  the public ..-understand Ihat work  that has any secrecy about it can  bo for the public benefit, but T think  .tin's  was.   and   Ihat   the    (loverninonl  yon    Mieeeeiied  in  si-cur  Coast     shipping   iiniu'o'  The "Sunshine" furnace and  " sunny " "ways are synonymous.  The cold, dreary "winter days can  be made cheery and warm with a pure,  healthful heat if you have a " Sunshine " furnace.  Is easier to operate, cleaner, uses less fuel and  " shines" in many other ways over common furnaces.  Two shakers are used to shake the heavy, triangular-  shaped grates. This just outs the work of shaking-  down in half, besides being easier on the furnace than  the old, one-shaker style.  Sold by enterprising deal-  , ers everywhere.  Booklet free.  ,,t>Xi  rf-Claryfc  I>0"s6okV."To-(U>MTO,*l(ONIBR*.l..iWlNNIPK(3.  Vakcodveb, St. John. Hamiltom.  ffefe Co,, Solelpi  s  W.   SILKR  ^ENEKAL LXPRES8 AW  DELIYEBT  WORK PROMPTLY   D'���������   '���������  r.rnvj. orders at tho  Ahhotslnnl  Keep   Minard's  house.  Liniment    hi     the  Minard's. Lininient cures   Diphlheria  MODEST CLAIMS OFTEN  CARRY  MOST  CONV1C1TON  "When Maxim, the famous gun inventor, placed his gun before a committee of judges, he slated its carryinp 'power* to be much below what  he felt sure the. gun would .accomplish. The result of the trial was  therefore a "great surprise, insteiud of  ���������disappointment, it is the same with  the manufacturers of Chaniterlain's  Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. They do not. boast of what  ���������this remedy will accomplish, ,hut" prefer to let the users make the, statements. What they do claim, is that  it. will possibly cure diarrhoea, dysentery, pains in the stomach aiwl Iwiv  els and has never \yeen known lo fail.  For sale .by The. LailysmiUi Pharmacy.  was justified in lending its aid. Jlow-   m'lal   corps.     This    immunity      shall  c ase    should  those  iu   epiest ion  coin-  1. 11   acts    prejildioal  to   the eiiom.v.  lint the carrying of iu'iii,> by nieiu-  li. rs of hospital corps, the jjresenco  ii." pickets or sentinels around a ho-.-  I .Lai, the presence 'of arms jf wound  eil within* a hospital do not con-  si i into, "rounds'  for  the    waiver     of  ever, the contract is to expire in  November, "Hon. Mi". Oliver having  discovered ihat tin- company wa-  not    complying    with   its   terms.  ������������������What of the pensions for ex-min  i.sler.s and increased indemnity for  .\ ourselves?" t  ������������������Tlie lirsl was wrong, the second  quite   right.     Tbe sentiment    was    a   .������������������.),    immunity.  D-ainst the ex-Mmisters but I think The provision relative to arbitrail is wilh us. I find no sensible 1,1,n b.v lhe permanent Inbunal oT  man who says s?"2,ri00 is too much t':���������. ft^h,. js limited to an interpro-  for us. After nil, when you con- (at ion of the tonus of the new con  siller ihat we were allowed mile- Million in times of peace. Jn addi-  ago, which for Jtriiis'h Columbia 1 ion to the Jendhig nations of the  members mo;)nt fj."i00 this is not an world. China, K'orea, Siam and  increase 01 X1000 at least to us, Congo were mil on g the partioipcnn  but merelv of S.">O0 to our S52.000 01' iho conference'. Thc Russian and  we   were  getting  then." j .'.iphnese  delegates   took  a   most  fir-  Mr and Mr-.. Smith will remain li.e pun in the proceedings, mingl-  in tho ei(\ for a f-'-vv days before re ii'g together inl>a most friendly man-  Lurning  home. ' n.:r.  FLVAL TKXT OF TIIK  RED  CRJOSS  CONVENTION   o   Geneva,   duly  ���������The    final   tsxt  MICALTTfV   IWOL1SHMAX   SUICIDES.  Riverside,   Cal..   .Tnly  fi.���������F..     S]>cti-  ilized  world agree    upon rules on  the   cos Stanhope, son  of a wealthy Eng-  of  the Red   Cross   Convention    wkei-e  by  practically,  all   nations  of  the civ  .*..������..������..������..*..������..������..  First  Class  ���������.������..������������������.������..������..���������..  RIGS FOR HIRE  delivered;  WOOD and bark for sale   and  EXPRESS WORK.  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  NOTICE  LADYS.VUni   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the oflice     on Roberts   Street  lay Water     Retes, between the-'lOth   and the, 25th of each nn.nlh.  Office Haus IP. M. 4.3a  T. f BLAND  .... ,   , -��������� -.  -       .     SUPERINTENDENT.  mailer of treatment of-sick; wound-'j;.^  oil, or dead members of the hospital corps and nurses in the time of  war, shows many changes from the  anl iquated Convention of lSii'l. The  1'rotoctol of this new convention  gives until December ol.st, 1906  for the rat'-fie alien of the convention by ' the government's concerned. The main features of the. .new*1  treat1.'    follows:  Chapter, one is devoted to the  wounded'and sick. lilach belligerent  is required to rospect and care for  sick and wounded oflicers, soldiers,  and others attached ollicially to the  enrt ny's army who fall into its  hands. Should piic belligerent be  compelled to abandon sick and  wounded on the field and leave mem  bers of the hospital corps and material for their care, such sick and  wounded become prisoners of tho  enemy subject to the stipulation.,  made hy the belligv-ront for the exchange of prisoners aftnr exeliangc-  ment.  'I'h.- Jilt it 1 occupant of the field shall  adopt measures tn find all wounded  and dead, aud in protect them a-  gainsL pillage. Before tho final disposal of the bodies ivy burial or  incineration, Ihe occupant ��������� of the.  field i.s 'charged with a scrupulous  examination of the bodies of the  enemy.  There shall be a reciprocal exchange of information relative to  the dead, and all letters, personal ob'  jects. and valuables found on the  field ;of battle shall lie gathered and  transmitted    to the  other side.  Chapter 2 provides tor the immunity   of members   of tho field hos-  fainily committed suicide last  night by cult ing bis 'throat. The  body was .discovered at noon today  at the Holyrood \hotel, it. is stud  here that. Stanhope's father.is a mc-m  ber' of   the  British   Parliament.  Minard's  Liniment, cures  Cokl,  etc.  NOTICE  Notice is hereby given that 1 in-,  (end to. apply to the Board of Li-  con.sing Commissioners of the City of  Ladysmith, at it next sitting, for a  transfer from myself; to Hanry Blair  of the license to sell spirituous and  fermented liquors on lot three (3),  Block twenty-six (2C), on the premises known as the Cecil Hotel, situated on lrirst Avenue in the city of  Ladysmith,  B.C.,  Dated  this 15th   dav   of June,    A.  D.   1906.  0-EORCI'] HANiVAY.  By his Attorney in fact,  Henry  Reifel.  xpress Work  Light Teaming.  Orders  Witii-  Wood and    Bark   for  sale.     See  .1.   KEMP,   or    leave  W. CARTER.  riRSTAVF.NIJE  PHONE      6-0  BOWEL COMPLAINT  IN   CHILDREN  During the summer m0ntlis children  are subject to disorders of the .bowels which should receive careful attention as soon as the first unnatural looseness of the bowels appears  The best medicine in use for bowel  complaint is Chamberlain's Colic,  Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy as it  .promptly controls any unnatural  looseness of the bowels. For sale  by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  LASS     GLOBES  When you want a Class globe  see that . you get the globe  with the rubber ring on it,  as it is the only kind that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the rub|bter ring  cannot keep out water, y0u  can see that, by exaa-aining  I hem. The artificial flower  that is put into the globes  with the rubber rings, is guar  an teed to be the best, and if  I you want a globe with a  \ Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T.  I X. Jones, agent for  t H������NRY CREW  The  only    place you can   get  Them.  Sole Agent in^-B.C. for the  Frencn* Wreath "Co., of London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  Cor. Comox Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  ������������������HHHHnWHB  ���������'if ^���������^Vw**"*^-^^*^^^^  THE LADYSMITH DaTTiY LEDGER  ������|   OOAVRL.KXK     LINE,.OFt|  "���������CENT'S   fURNI&NINQft ������  ALWAYS     OIN    H/\INO     /\X  BIC  C'S  *&  SPECIAL.     PRICESf  .....on  H-glit  and medium  UNDERWEAR  P-*^B3aK-t������������������&HK*CA-^^ STRAYED-On or aho'it   th?   1.4   of  July, a Maltese kitten strayed from  my ��������� residence on Gataira Street.  Finder will confer a fa.*, or hy leaving any information at the Lodger  Ollice.  *#  WAISTS   AND   LAUNCHING PARTI ES.  Parties wishing to engage a nrst-  cllass launch for picnic or -excursion  parties at reasonable rates should  apply to II. BLAIR, Cecil llotal,  City.    Launch may be engaged foi the  cieaung at 'any time  st  Smith, Fotos,  Local items  it.    I may .iiid   Unit  1 cmoy . the freedom ni  i>n\nle hie and 1   leel that I  Thai's All I i-an do    borne   good   without  holding  ' | ollice.  I    "There, ait;,    howcier,   ceitam    rc-  ' lorins  which 1, would !ii>o ".eiy  much  ���������.      .:__._.-��������� ������..*.���������...���������...���������.-.������������������...  -L0 bet. accui*nplif>ncd tuiil ,to assise   in  The meeting of the celftbra/lioii com-' the .icojiiijdishiuunt of  these reforms  mi I tee will he held this  e\ejimg     a I   1  am, wiling     to become ihe    unity  7:30 in Mr. RusselJ Simpson's oihco,  when it is requested thai menuuers oi  all committees he present.  Mr. J. Blaikie, -who iccenUj uiiilci-  w-enl. a severe operation in \'ict6na,  arrived in Ladysmith today, and avill  remain here a day or two. All  Ulaikle expects to leave for the  north next month.  Grand ; Masquerade   at tho   Alctj \ -  go-Rouiud���������The mauuag'Ci is going lo  have a. Masquerade one evening tin's  week, .when two, prizes will be gison,  one" for the' most comical dieted  lady and pne, for the most comical  dressed gent. 7 Miss Heat tie Bland  wo������i -the prize, for Uie best single lady  rider at the last lidmg contest.  The.-prize will |>e :f..'i lor the host  couple.  Mr'. T. Laird, who soiilc I line aj,o  was -injured,'��������� in (lie loa-gm���������, c.-unp,  passed through 0,11 the morning tiain  froan Nanaimo, wheie he has been  confined' in tho hospital since lhe accident. .Mr...'Laud has lost fun fingers on the right hand as a ir-sull  of -t.he.-accid.ent-, which was caused l\  his hand being di awn inlo lhe chain  of a��������� hack-haii 1, al the camp, lhe lingers being literally pulled aw.iv fiom  the hand.      .  None lietter=Gapital & Nusuet Cigars  About one more day's woik -slti. mid  finish ..the new whaif ioad fiom the  railway track down ,t0 the bc.ieh ami  leave it in fairly good shape tor Ua-  Ihc. Fro.ni the Esplanade lu the  tiack about a week's woik foi the  present force, four men, remains io  he dome m the wav ol filling in aud  grading. Several men who ha* e  been employed on coiistiuciion, ha1, e  left for their ranches, wiheru the, haying season has set in, and toiiM'q'iu.'ii'-  ly the working force on t*hc io.uI ha*>  been considerably icduced.  BRYAN IS WILLING  (Continued from Page One.)  ioi  is  he will    accept the  nomination  president for the third time a n  tendered to him.  The   letter    is    dated   June   Is, .ii,  Stockholm,  and is as follows  "I 'have been watching political de-  vieloP'inenv' and have .noted with gratification    the vindication  of    Demo-! <.ion-      'Iti  cratic principles-     You have correct-j s\ runn- up.  lv stated my position. |  <->   ' "As  I  wrote  to  Col     Wetmorc,    I ' *U,AY BUY OH SELL  candidate again' 11, when lhe time Ioi  Uie nomination anives, t-hc advocates ol' leforiu rarc_ia control of the  party ajul limit, that my candidacy  will give the Ue.-t asuirances ot vic-  ioiy. if someone else* seems more  available I &hall Lew en bi-ttei pleased.  "1 need noi . a^-suie you that, 1 am  11101 e 111 USu ted 11 seeuiy our piinei-  plcs truiiinpliant than J am in the  pel sound  01  the ticket.  "The connliy neids to h.ne .leliei-  soman Denioci.iL\ applied lo all 'he  depailnienls of the i,o\ei nmi nt, ��������� stale  and nati (ii, ;, 11 I I am 1 mil nil to help  make Ihis api-liealion. Mollis linly,  W.  .1.   BRYAN "  Two ver) ^ical swells, one a jouiig  duke and  lhe othei u joung \isoounl  , |)i u&hed agaiiisi each other one uighi  at the Ihealie.    'ihe, duke, anxious lo  'snub the- \iscount, pieU'iuled ,U> t.i"-e  111111 foL an ilshei, aid said, holding  out     his  hand.      "Haw;   \ ou   a    pi 0-  'gLamme1'" I'.ut. the \iscount, : 10  l.-itiielc for llu* duM', sm.iled .uul leplivd  "\es, tliuiii* \ mi my man, I gol one  lioui   the  oihiM 'lellow*."  SI SPELT   PEAS \NT   LEADER.  SI     |Vli.i--.ljuitj..   -li'1."-     ~ ���������'I'hi-      in-  sjjiiauoii    K'l"    l lu'   iliMirdi'is     iu     tin-  Guai its   uiifl   oil), i*   Hi.ops    c-   cli'uil\  11 in ed     lo. Uiu     SiHiiiliM      niliani/'ii-  tioii.    Tho si 1 r.'l   |inlii-i' .no  iii\cm i&u  ling   Hu-   iiiDM'iin-iiis    oi     Al.    Allndin  llu.-   jn.-u>aiil        1. .uli 1    ol   lbe      lai\*.ei  llou-M".   hiipmi;   in  innueii   him    wnh  the  niiitiiiN   rn   ih*  lit '-t   buiallioii    ol  th"   I'l-eohi.inu-iis'Ks   ogiii.uii     L>\   Uie  u'-oru,-aiLi.'(U 1011    ui   the   Ciiui'il   iorps,  th..   r.nilii"ol"   1.a-,   iiphicirl   tin'   "t'ar-  J..'t    Knights"   .i.i.ni'-;   lhe   uhi'ers    b\  figlruii^   ^olili. es    01   ih-   l\p-  ol   Mi' I'  in     l.-'t'-.i-lnl'-l \ .   I lie   11-v.   1 oiinnaiifli'i  iii   un-   f'nsl   L'.iai'l   'litiMou   whah   m-  i-luil.'s     tin-    Pii'oli a������ i"i*-L\    ie������iuieiil  LelMlnlskj    li..'. s-,i nl    .ihiio-,1   hi'- i'ii  tire  lnc    111    'I'm'm'.1.1.1   iiiul   Ihe    Kai"  lsa^t.     con,in.mi.In".',   wuli    di-dinct ion  in   China    iin.-l   M.um luii-iii      He   i1.    m>  ut tor   sLI'lUluei-   ,il    1 mu 1  The now. im)*,ei s p. uiteil today nn  open lcitci limn ihe I.ctlisli Social  DeiiKK nil 11 I.. ,|.;.'.' of l.diau in re-  jra.i d in 1lie o\i'i wl 11111 of "Makhoi-  sk\ a revolul lone t who refused 1"  ao to lhe .'.-iiloi.l protest im; his iu-  noipnci- Thi nue ds han 11 .1 him 'e  i'ou<j,'hl\ il'.' 1 h< \ m-oKo his wrists  and crush--(I in hi-'- ''h.'st . fie died .-he  fore he iviieli- d in" ;iUi.'*i" of c-xecu-  lie-dv.      ue\-ei*l lieless      WflS  Mothers, we ask you to call  anilook through our   NewShirtWaists  Blouse Suits   and   Buster Suits  for BcySi i-.a;le from the best  of English Galatea, Etc.���������  Tney are ve>y dressy and all  [ireiiy patlcTiiS"1-Sizes 3 to  12 Years  Waiters ���������&���������  Akenhead  NOTICE.  I have tatat-n over the scavenger hu-  (siness lately handled hy M. ('amphcll  ��������� and am prcjiaied  to do  work  in this  ! line iu first-class shape.     Leave   orders tor hea\y team work, scavenger  ) work,    etc.,  wilh iUessrs.     Blair   ."c  Adam.     Also any   complaint  regaitl-  ing scavenger  work  will   be atleiulc.l  to if laid at this place.  ROHEUT t'ALLANDEIL  Ladysmith, B.C.  1  ������"ave just received a shipment of  Hills'  High Uade  tNGLIStl TOBACCOS  and  C'()4RfUFS  at ihe   DR UG   STORE  Zl&ZZST?  .vill fill o tier������ next week for i iCarving  F nit  s-3iall do nothing to secure another  niofiiination' and do not want; one unless the   conditions seem  to   ilomaml  Minard's  Liiiiiment cures  Cold,  etc.  ANY   AMOUNT  Any   mimm-ii    of liii.vin.c,-. scllin/r   or  I i-adinp-   in    In us   cul    on   this      coast.  Minard's   Limine*1! cures   Diphtheria  s-UMvwy w^www^vMV^WiWte1 wmmmiW.  pjjs} v$  9(>z-   DOZEN  3 QUARTS $i.o������ DOZEN  '% i-2 GALLONS          :.$i.*5 DOZEN  3 JELLY GLASSES 60:  DOZEN  ^ Pure Refined  Paraffin WAX for seal In"; i'ruit Jars 2,5c   per Block  ���������*.tT^^^-W&'**V,^'iiM^-**v*******v!Si*  %mm>  /a  ftnpnr  may occiu* witlionl I limv being any  Ijivaeh - of I'he Timber Measurement  Ac 1, which went, mto Jorce on-luly  1. soys l^ridax'& Vrovince, provided  the logs aie olhcially scaled hy the  yo\ ei-iiment lier.jfe t bey are sawed 111-  10   limihur.  Aiiiioujiceniuiit I u tiii.s eliec-L was nf  iii.illi muUe ,\eslt*i dai Io'Vuiicoiimii"  i^uiuhei mi-u U\. Mr, Andruw LLis-  Lmi, supocx'isoi' of Clovoimineiil Lim  li.-c scaleis. "Phis lu-onoiiiiceineiiL uf  lot tied 110 iiiconsidei ahle amount 01  ii'liui to t-lie lmnberiucii, all ot whom  liad .so read the act thai Uicy w������src  under tlm iiApios-siou that before  llieie could be any buying, sclliug  or dealing 111 kjgs, the timber had ,  lo be scaled by one of lhe government ollioials appointed foi that pur  pose. The act cerlainlv seems to  read lo that el'iecl, hut Mr llas-  lsiin gives it ,1 mote Uncial mtei'pre  fnt ion  Owing to llu- 1.1cI ihal innii.\ mills  bii.S logs up i he coast lac icmovw.1  from the hdadijuarlcrs of any seal-,  ci'ei, Uie iuimii>i'i'meii ihoughL thai,  she act would work a hardship on  ih.-in���������would in elTi-it aitually put.  a slop to deals lor logs 111 places  where ^o  sealer could  he .secured.  "There has been a great deal of  in is-eonsl 1 net ion phu cd upon that  section oi* the ml which deals with  selling of logs ' cii'ilaiiil Mr. llas-  laui toda\, '"iiiifl it all arose through careless U'.-.dme, oi Ihe icguln-  t ic ns 11 is not lb" lutein ion of  th'.> GoM.-rninent. to m any mnnnar  hamper people dealing in logs. The  act was de-vised simply for the pi'o  lection of the Government. It, is  highly desirable that the government)  should realize the full measure of  royalty imposed upon the cutting  of timlbfcr and so long as the logs are  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>���������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  t  (jet Your   SUNDAY EXAMINER '  NEW YOM WORLD   AND   NEW YORK JOURNAL  - ���������AT-  15 DOOR m!  ���������������������������������������������"���������"���������������������������������������������.  ..���������������������������������.������������������������������������.������������������.������������������������������������  i  ,.������.^..������������������..������..  Pioneer Ml% Voiks  |  1st. Avenue. Ladysmith," B, C \  If. f. Runminf. Prop. "  MANUFACTURKR OF  i Carbonated Ueverages.  I Ginger   Beer  I Fruit Syrups  i P.   O.   Box   24S  i  t  i  1  T  *  1  i  .������������������.^..������..������..*..a������*������t~������.  PiCNiGERS ATTENTION  (iflicinlly   sealed   hcfcice   (hey  ally    cut    into   hunbor,   tbe  are    fi*n-  Govern-  Asl( for Capital and Nugget Cigars  We have mode arrangements  to have * launch leave the  wharf every hour durim-g Thurs  day afternoons and on Sundays after 10 o'clock in the  forenoon far the Green, and  shell heach, where we have established refreshment booths.  Campers wishing plots for  tcntiair slMuld apply early, a*  the camping season is nearly  here  flRS   McKININELLEY--  ���������HUGH   THORNLEY  RASPBERRIES  12 Boxes For $1.00  CHERRIES  Ioc. Per Pound  BLACKBERRIES  1 1  12 Boxes For $1.00  Fi\sh   Cowichan   Butter on ic^ always on hand  h%uai*uaBAju>i 1  SIMON   LEISER   &   CO.   LTD.  aitffWWWWTffwwrmffw wwwwwwTffwwwmwffiK  St: , FRESH SUPPLY OF-  . Veal id  ZZ.    WE  11AVK  ON   HAND  SOME VEKY N1CE-  S ROLLEO COkNED BEEH  12 i-2C. LB.   -^  ���������'" n * *��������� ~~^m  =3  i A. HOWE  E MEAT   MARKeT ^  il)  PAINTS  5.    W.    P.   $2.00 Gallon  ELEPHANT $1.75 Gallon  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  S3SS32K33Hl'5SS2S5er3Si'a5  ment will  be satisfied-  "Any ainoiint of dealing- in logs  may lake place before the logs are  manufactured aud such operations  will not, lie limited to any extent.  All the 'C'overnmetiL wants is to insure a correct scale on all timber  cut."  ft is understood. Ihat "Mr. llas-  Inni a-il be snlisfied with the scale  ucceptcd by. the'-vendor of shingle  bolts, ancl that no oflicinl scaling-  of such malerial    will  lie ivijiiiireil.  |P   VOl)   WANT  A(iOOl)-  ir������t Cla������������   Meal  CALL Al"-  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST  AVENUE.  Suits     Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  ^sm^^-s^BSST^-^^^^s&^es**  WHEN IN  NEED OF  Get   your   eyes   tested   properly,     with     instruments    especially  adapted for that purpose, aM -not. hy "guess work.     Wc test   eyes  hy the latest* method free of  charge/ and  if you need Glauses our  prices are rhoderate for. the h est .'quality ol goods.  B  FORCIMriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  J. X. Smith's Restaurant  ALWAYS  OPEN "  ' FIRST   AVENUE.  ��������� ������ec������������a'-0("9flni������i9it-3i<>(t������t*������������������*������������e'tt������ii(i������ei3  FOR TO=MORROW .' j  : Lamb, Mutton j  and Choice Beef j  tpil rnwr -*rt*u*r~*<**m  E. G.  PANN ELL  GAT AC RE ST.  LADYSMITH  'tii������t������4t������iii-^������4iei/iis������*  mmmm*m*������9m*������������*'^������m������������^**  PICTURE  FRAMES  and latest  Patterns  and   Finishes  in  FRAME MOULDTNG-S.  %- %-���������������--������-  PLAQUES.  ���������*���������������    "������r    ^fc    ������������������-  WALL  PACKETS.  Pictures���������British kiwi German.   Bevel  Plate Mirrors.  Passe Part-out Picture Binding in  all colors. .lust arrived from the  factory in the East.  -*��������� it, ���������*. ���������*���������  Picture Framino; Neatly done at  H.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ������  Granite and Mai Me Works  Granite and Rlarhle Monuments, Tahlcts, etc., at the  lowest prices consistent  with first class stock and  workmanship. ''rite   for  catalogue.  A.   STEWART,  118 Yates St. Victoria B.C  ��������� ��������������������������������������������������� a ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Smote a  Big  13 Cigar.  "Imported hackmey-stallioii""  "ENUUKANCE"   ,  (8132 II.   S.'B.)  At Johnson's Liicry Stah.e everv  Tuesday at noon, and will remain  until Wednesday noon, each week.  TERMS���������4115 TO INSURE


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