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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jul 20, 1905

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 r  i  ��������� r������r-������ r���������' -"- N.^-  LEGISLATIVE  AS0EM13LV  y-x*  'xx&Mtf^^B^  _LU-1-   t>&f   '-���������  :    ML 22 mi    $:)  VOL. 2,  DES NOT COVET  >EACE AT ANY PRICE  ussian Papers Endorse  Witte's  statements that Terms Threatening Russia Will be Refused  fttte Does Not Attempt to Conceal the Internal Situation  of Russia  Petersburg, July 20. ��������� 'I'he  rvie'w of the Associated  is with' M. Witte on Monday last  [ telegraphed hack to St. Pclers-  r from New York and was print-  'Mirouglt'oul- the Empire this mor-  ���������;, receiving from the press,  with  exception of the extremely rcac-  jiary Sviet' and tlic Moscow dace.'  ie Bourse Ga'^etlc -declares     the  k of the Russian Jieoiilc share in  [te'is vficw,  which now,  when  the  ;ntion of the whole world  is  uk-  upon  I'he peace conference,  arc of  lOrical      importance.    The   paper  s: /'Russia's chief plenipotentiary  s not attempt to conceal      from  countries  the  internal situation  Russita--���������strong  men  do  not  fear  truth. Falsehoods 'are the instiu-  ihs of the weal*.'.'',  . Witte leaves uiwler good auspic-  hut he made  it clear that upon  hroderation of  the Japanese  de-  kIs depended-the fate of lhe nogo-  ions.    The Novoe Vremya      eases M.  Witte's  sliatement     that  isia docs not covet, peace at any  ���������e, ami  that'both parties in Rus  sia would  unite to resist such terms  as niig'M  threaten the future of thc  country.  '���������'M. Witte's extremely jinrpartjal-  and tenii|)orate remarks, upon lhe internal conditions > and ,the',> future  should prove instructive abroad," thc  paper adds, "and shouKI benefit all  those who doubt the future destiny  of the country." ���������  The,     Slovoe  rejoices ,at  (he  fact  that" after thc  weakness and vacillation     whijch have'marked the later*  stages of Russian history, tlie peace  negotiations have fallen  into'strong  hands,   while  the paper admite that  .M.   Witte  will   have no  opportunity  to      retriew   the  blunder  of  others,  yet hopes ho may  lie successful     in*  his mission. ' :   *.  The Sviet, whose vote is still   for  war to  the last ditch, sarcastically  likens the departure ot M.  Witte to  iho     pilgrimage .of an  old >Russian-  Prince,      who,   travelled! to" the-far1;,  steppis   U> make-.obeisance-'t6 i. the;  chiefs  of  the Golden  Horse.        The  Svicl  concludes   that - peace - is.     incompatible with  the, dignity ^of- the.  country, which is not.yet defeated.  WANT TO ESTABLISH MU-  MClMfSMSHOPS  Journeyman   Bakers   Appeal to  all American  Union   ������  Asking Assistance in the  Establishment of Municipal Control  SPORTS  BASSBALL  its   ^t\   /le   st\  M.   -?R   i4fc���������/K" >r���������jr���������-*���������? ���������  MARINE'���������  * /tv     7^      st\     'T\      '"      ���������*      ^     ^     ^     .^~*^R  Tug Le Roy  and scow, were in. for  coal this morning/.   .;  .   tr t,  he Vancouver  News-Advertiser  of  y     19th says:    Beginning  today,  Northwest League twill be stron-  than .ever.-  The new season be~  s  wilh  Spokane   taking   the pto.ee  Victoria in tlie tircuil and all the  ms starting out  cn even  terms.  "hen the new league was rust talk  of, many /ihought the towns were  . large %-nough for league ball, and  it the orgnni'/ation would foe a fa.il-  !,... but under the able management  President Lucas,  one of the  best  iwii figures in tlie baseball  world,  sked  by  such  ener-getic  managers  McClV>sl*ey, Kid llullen, yJack Dien  i     and Howlctt,  the new league  i been     a success  right  fj-om  the  irt/  ' .   .^     '.;.  t w*as unfortunate, of. course, that  *������oria should have 'a tail-end team  lit-from the start. That town -did  t have a fair chance to make good  t with Spokane to take the place  (victoria, the'circuit is stronger  \a ever, for a good team will be  in tliere under the-/ management  Charley Mclntyrc,  the old  Llu tie  |rd baseman,  and  the fight for the  nant   will  be   a hummer.  the Bclii'n-glliam and Vancouver  ms will open the season in Van-  ver, .while Everett and Spokane  I     come   together  in   the  Smoky  jy.  'he RelHnglia'tii (cam is to he  engthctied. Billy Ilulen has col-  jted . a fast team while "Honest  |hn" McCloskcy ..can always he-Mc-  ided upon to have a team that will  Iup in the race. Spokane. i������ a/gjood  pet-all ilown, and with ������*. team that  .������������������\S. Alki js expect'wh in -this,afternoon for 'miikcr coal.  ��������� ���������  :'. ���������    ���������' .......  SS. Tricolar will complete loading   tomorrow  afternoon.  .-���������   ���������   ��������� "K  Tug  Sii|M.*ri(ii-. and scow were in for  coal   this'morning1.  r '���������'''."..���������'���������. .���������  S.S. Senator is in port'' today  loading sacked coal for Nome. The.  Senator  has ou   board a number     of  passengers.  ��������� ���������   ���������  Tug Senator has completed lhe  work at thc wrecl", and after, bringing in a scow load of iron and steel  (the fittings of the Maimi) she left  for Vancouver. The iron and ste^l  will be taken to Seattle for a foundry.  ���������   . ���������"'"��������������������������� "  -*-  'I he Snow and  burgess made      a  record   trip   to   Nome on her    .'last  run tip from     Lady&mith, doing the  voyage in *Uventy-eight'days." This is  the fastest  trip  to Nome ever made  by a sailing vessel.   Tlic Snow     and  Burgess  left  Nome  again on   .July 3  bound  for  this   port lor another cargo of coal. ���������, 7      - f���������'.-: ' .--';    ���������'���������'...  (Associated, Press Despatches.)  New York,  July  20.���������The journey-  men bakers and  confectioners'  international ,union of  America is     now  sending an  appeal" to  all  unions    in  America,    calling on  them to assist  in  thc. establishment of     municipal  bakt shops in all cities of the United  States,'.'Canada and  Mexico,   "along  with'; the public utilities,"  says thc  appeal. -'.'The  food  product  indus try-  will be'the one that   will become the  object, of Municipal  control  for  the  benefit of the1 people.    As. it is now  possible to put the control of     the  railroad,  street  railways,  the   post-  office,  the telegraph, the manufacturers,  tobacco,  the  transportation, the  lighting'plants,, and even the saving  institutions <������ the hands of the state  or  municipality,  as  is  the  case     in  many European countries'and in .the  United   States,   why  should   it     not  also he possible  to have the foot* product 'industry as well as all other industries <  controlled in  the selfsame  manner?"  NEED NOT  DELIVER TO  .   0        '    NON- UNION  HOUSES.  ~ Chicago, July 19.���������A ^conference between the Chicago team, owners'' association* and   the "'teamsters'  joint  council  today  resulted' in an  agreement by the team owners('that union  employees would not be cb'mpellpd to  deli vet;, 'goods'to  non-union   houses.  Any such'-"(delivery that the team owners are called  upon  to. make,    will  hereafter *be made in wagons*driven  by the owners.  r     1       "  . -   ... ������������������ -o*   GONE WHERE  BAD. NEGROES GO  New Braunfills, Tex., July 20��������� A  mob battered down! the doors ~f the  county,, jail and lynched Sam CJren, ���������  10-year old negro hoy who attempted crominal assault at this place on  Tuesday night on the four-year old  daughter of Wm. Karbach, a German  farmer, i The mob could not break  into the cell where the prisoner was  kepti, so the leaders t'"**"*-'l ^11-e'r suns  through the opening of -it-he steel wall  fired three shots, and the negro fell  to the floor dead;   *   BAND  OF THE  IRISH GUARD.  His Majesty's Irish Guards hand is  considered one.of the very best, hands  in  the British''army.-by the highest  musical  authorities  in Great Britain  and   is a favorite  household   hand  of  I lis Majesty (he   King, who, ��������� whenever possible, selects it  to play at the  royal   levees,   drawing   rooms       and  dinners;   in   fact,   on  all   state occasion-!.     It was with much dimjciilty,  aud only as a special favor to Canada   that   Mis   Majesty   would   permit  the. baud  leaving  British shores,  per-  iivisKion  to extend the visit  to     the  keball Hown, and witn ti. team mat,- nvission  to u*.wmi  ....������   ......   ..,  L hold Us own, the swikb t'foiu United States being positively re  ^���������toria to Spok-anc will .add much j hiscd. It will be remembered that,  [cngth  to thc league, tl,e,    Iris-li .Guards',   of   whom   Field  ���������"���������*��������� - Marshal  Lord Robert's;  V.O.,  is.hon-  NEW CHAMPION IN - oi'arv  colonel1,  were orgniiiml  in thc  TIIE WELTERWEIGHT CLASS( filial" yc������rs of Her ^most Gracious Ma-  ton     Francisco,     Cal.,  July 20.--' jesty,   the late Queen Victoria, . .iii  ildy  Ryan,   of Chicago,  got       the | commemoration of  Her Majesty's cn-  1 ter weight .championship  in,    the j ihusiastic reception on her last visit  entieth round  of a 2'5-ioiuvd    fight : to Ireland.  It'is the    only regiment  th George Peterson  of''Fr'tnco last   in    all      the    empire  recruiting  for  ;ht. Peterson's  seconds.threw    up I which  is eoiilined to ,one nationality,  i sponge after  thc local  man   had. one  of  the  i'ei.|"niremcn(s  being  that  'it repealodly knocked  down   l-   the  each   mom'ber shall  be an  Irishman,  it two rounds of .fighting. j or horn  nf  Irish  parents.   The band  ��������� "���������   M   ���������     * ���������  'sails  from   lOngland   on   the 17th    'of  She���������Do you  think  a sensible  man j August   and   wUl  arrive  a,t Montreal  xild marry for money? on the ar*tli of August.  It will   then  Ie��������� Of course not. Marrying for ( proceed to Torohto~jto fill an engage-  3ney if more a matter of marrying nieiit at the Canadian National ex-  dollars than cents, [ hibition of that city, and at the Do-  Mr.  Lucas, of Comox,  is ncgolia-  timg  with J.  S. Scott of this city,  for the bakery premise*!,  intending if  he receives the same,  to engage\   in  huisiness  here immediately.  ���������t"  .  The Gel man Bark uSnna is at Che-  maiiH's loading lumlver for  the United Kingdom.  ,, ��������� ���������q.���������: ^  .  Robert lXck was married on Tuesday  evening  last  to Miss  May  Rob-  son,   by the     Rev.  J. M. Miller, at  the  residence of the bride's parents  at. Rock City.  ���������        *    " i. ��������� ���������".  DISORDERS  AT SEVILLE  Madrid,     July 2ft.���������Serious disorders have occurred  at  Seville    and  Salaiiianica,  arising  from  the general distress.'  Font* hundred  farm laborers  invaded   Seville,  looted      the  ���������luikcrics auul     shops, and coimmit'le-il  other  depredations until   they     were  dispersed  by a strong force of  police  and  gendarmes.    A mob stormed the  city  hall at Sahmianica,  broke into  the building' and sacked it, mem'hers.  of the council fleeing from the rioters, jumping from  the  windows,  and  one was killed.     The republicans are  summoning 'mass meetings in Madrin  and elsewhere.  The gov ment fears a spread of  the disorder and is talcing precautionary measures.  Yeast���������Do  you  believe ret-irin-pr early '.makes fl man healthy, wealthy ami  wise?    ��������� '    ���������  Crimsotvbeak-Well,  I'm  quite  sure  if 1 had    'always (retired early there  are certain things J.'d fiever get wise  to.  ���������t-m^^^DAX,  <JULT' 20,  11105.  SHANGHAI  CHINESE  BOYCOTT  PRICE   FIVE   CENTS  (Asaoclated Press Despatches.)  . Shanghai,    July 20.���������About fifteen  hundred  people,  including the heads  of all the principal guilds ami delegates  from many  provinces  attended  a Chinese   mass     meeting yesterday  which was arranged to liegin the boy  cott  of   American   goods  tomorrow.  It was distinctly announced that the  action     taken  wars not against , the  government', whose constant kindness  was fully  recogniz-ed,  hut it       ,vas  pointed  out that  unless lhe Chinese  showed  themselves to he in earnest,  they would produce no effect on  the  California   labor   unions.   There     is  still much ' doubt as to whether   thc  boycott   will'really be maintained.  SPENT $1,  STRIKE  10  Enormous Sums  of Money  Expended by the United  Mine Workers  ANARCHISTS CONTINUE THHRWORK  'iMr"  YOUNG LADIES  DO WELL  Lawn   Sosial Last Evening  Was Attended Witli  Success  Thc young ladies of the,Church of  England scored a great 'success   last  evening,  with  their ice-cream social-  on   lhe Pavilion  grounds.    Sharp   at  six   o'th.-k   people began to flock to  the grfon,  and  in a short  time    the  ice-cream   was disposed  of,  and  tea  and     cake  had   all  vanished  before  dark.  The fish pojid presided over hy  one of the young ladies of the Guild  was the centre  of attraction,  and   a  rattling  trade was done during    tlie  evening, and the contents of the mysterious    pond  were speedily hooked  out.  A good revenue was* realixed.  Last night's social was' totally under the auspices of the ,y_otnig ladies,  and the success of thc affair is entirely due to the energy with which  .shey have worked. It is understood  that each table paid well, and a  very substantial sum of money was  ac|qiiired 4"0r the treasury.   o   At their fortnightly meeting held  on Tuesday evening last the local area or Eagles decided to run an excursion to Vancouver on Labor Day,  September 4th. The C.P.R. traffic  agent has already been interviewed,  and has consented to supply the Ear  gles with a steamboat for the occasion, taiid hi all probability .the City  of I Nanaimo will he chartered. Full  particulnis will appear ,la ter.  LUMBER  DRIVERS  STRIKE OFF  Chicago, Ills., July 20.���������The s^i:i'"e  of lumber' drivers ������in  this city     has  been  declared  oft'.    The GOO  striking  employees of. the lumber dealers idled  on   the question  of stopping. Hit  strike  and  were almost  -.\\vaa. i iu.-ily  in favor of reluming to Their nhves,  regardless   of   the  action   of    fellow  rl.rike.rs.  Other local   unions  of     the  1 canisters   involved   in   the  long continued     strike against   the   Chicago  Rmployeius'    Association   will     v.*J<e  similar  action.    Department,   drivrs'  union  began  voting  today  on       the  question of calling  the strike off.  Railway express   drivers  and    tuck  teamsters  will vote on the question  tomorrow night.    It,  was   the action  of the lumber drivers,  taken without  the sanction    of thc  strike  leaders,  that   influenced   the   teamstors:'  joint  council   to  adopt   a motion' advising  the    strikers     in  other  local  unions  that the time has come to vote," the  strike off.  ��������� i . - ��������� - m     .     ���������  PREMIER GEO. MURRAY,  COMING   TO   THE   COAST  Winnipeg, Man., JULY 20.���������Hon.-.  Geo. 11. Murray of Nova Scotia, is  enroutc to western and will reach  Winnipeg tomorrow at noon. The  object of his visit is to see the  country anil note its development, l.i'e  is accompanied by a party jf four  friends and will go through to the  coast.  Serious Charges   Brought  Against Employment  Agencies  (Associated Press Despatches.)'  New      York,   July  20,���������Testimony  has   been  -given   at  a hearing   lief ore  Co nun Ksioner of Licenses  Keating of  this'city,   lfi the effect  that the  United  Alinp Wqrkei.s -of  America    ,had  spent   inor<; l'han' %\,\500,000  in  order  to win  a strikedwlwoh^'hoirari  in i thc  bituminous-*-  coal mines of Alabama  and     Tcmpssce     a year ago.     The  statements .s were made hy  General  Labor   Agent Hugh De.Witte,   of the  Tennessee     Coal, Iron and  Railroad  Co.   De  Wnte asserted that  the union .contributed  an  average of  $1.00  a day  for  the maintenance of  members of   local   unions in   those   stales,  and'tliat in addition  io thc $31*5,0;0  spent   hy the  organization, the  union  has expended   Wfi.OOO  wilhin   the last  '-three months  for  railroad   tickets lo  enable stiike breakers  to return    Lo  their homes.  The slalemenl,  made  by   De Witte  was .brought  out in  the hearing     of  complain!--:  against  two  lame     employment  agencies in  that  city which  have  been  engaged "j)\  obtaining  men  for lhe mines-'   The charges against  the    aa-eirjies are to  the effect that  they     in-..aged   m *n   and   sent   them  south, under falke jiretenses, restraining   them  on    the trains     en   route  against their will.   One  witness  was  a wife of a machinist.    She told   of  going wi-Ui  her husband  and a carload  of     other men who  broke  the  windows of the coach at Birmingham  ������.nd .made, their escape. >.  BANK^ENG=  1 LAND CHANGES  London, Jul}'" 20.���������The weekly state,  ment of the Bank of England shows  (he following diarigcs: Total 'reserve  increased .'in'*,000 pounds, circulanon  decreased 2S0.700 pounds; bullion increased 72(1,057 .pounds-, otjlier securities increased 050,000 pounds. Other  deposits decreased 110,000; public deposits, incioased, -1,OS5,000. Notes ic-  servt'd increased 410,000. Government circuits, unchanged. The )i\>-  port'ion of the bank's reserve to liability ihis week is -18-13 .percent, as  compared with 'lO.th; per cent, last  week.  They   Attempt the Life  Aged   Chief Prcv  curator  of the  The Attempt Failed and thc Old  Man, Unshaken, Keep Unguarded  Russian head-quarters at tho front, sLantine  Pefrovitch   PoWodonostseff,  chief procurator of the holy synod at  the Tsarskoe-Selo in St. Petersburg  as recounted by the Associated Press  last night  have  been  confirmed.-    In  spite     of  his  greaWy  advanced   age  and illness, M.  Pc'woilonoslsefi"    was  unshaken by  the attempt on his life.  He drove to the holy synod-and presided     at a meeting,  telling none of  his colleagues of the  occurrence until  after  the session  closed.        The  procurator drove back to the station  alone   and   unguarded,   returning    to  Tsarskoe-Selo.  RUSSIA CONSENTS.  1 Paris,   July  20.���������Russia has  given  notice of her acceptance of the   Moroccan  conference on  1he same condi.  tions as Great Britain.  (location  not given)   July 20.��������� ^ ,e  Japanese advance from Korea :s i-pk-  ing on     a more energetic  -h"acl������-  and is bring pushed toward Mousan,  Nagan  and  Hasasgawa.    The Japanese seem  to  have received  reinfo.*ec-  ments  from  Field  Marshal   Oyama s  main' aiiny in  front of Lienera! Line-  v'tcli.   A land/rig  of Japanese     near  Vla.il vestok would not he surprising,  and  Lhe operations appear to he concentrating  in   that  direction.        The  Japani-se advance  in   the  island      of  Sakhalin   has   reached   Vladini' ��������� *vus-  ha.   The, Japanese  artillery  includes  forty  machine guns.  St.   Petersburg,   Julv  20,.   ���������    Repot ts  of an attempt to shoot   Con-  NANAIMO MAN KILLED  - NEAR SEATTLE  Drank Carbolic Acid  and   Was  Afterwards Mangled by  Train  The     mangled .remains of Thomas    him,   as a number   passed   the  point  Boljon,   . a coal   miner  whose  home j where he was found during the night.  was at. Nanaimo, were found ' on  Tuesday near the VNorthern ^*aci/ic  track on the Palmer cut-off near Seattle. An empty bottle of carbolic  acid lyiiiiv by his side, and the fact  that his lips were burned, indicates  that he either committed . suicide or  The dead -iiian lias a wife and family  living al Nanaimo. He was employed at the Oc-c'dental mine, and Mon-  day went lo Kamosket. He cashed a  chtck for $.| and drank considerable  during the day. He started to return  to Palmer late last night, and the  next morning his remains  were found  drank  the poison   by mistake      aud  j on the railroad traick.   Owing to'the  died on   the  railio.id  track.   The cor-J carbolic   acid   ci renins lances   connect-  onei's  officei was  notified,  and Depu-j od   with   the   tragedy,  it  may  be dc-  ty Coroner  A.  G.  Austin investigate lei mined  to     hold an autopsy after  ed  the case and brought the remains   his  relatives  have  ben*  h-n--i   from.  to  the mofoiie in  Seattle.    The body  was badly  mangled.    It was impos  ���������si hie'to ascertain  which train struck notified  200 DEATHS  WATERWORKS SYSTEMS  OF TIllO  TERRITORIES  Winnipeg, Man., July 20.���������Elov.il-,  tanks  are gradually superceding  ,<ili-1 -_   ..-,_..  er systems      for fire protection'      in l������ t-|-v a T'  /"   A TTCCc-  Man.i.loba;and terrilorfiil  towns  and "rj.Xl-/\ I    V^/vUolio  is-being  utilized  for 'domestic  pur-,  poses,   where   high  ground   Ts   a\-ail-  abie:reservoirs ai-e'preferajh'le.  Grand view has had a water service  or  some  time;   StratJieotia  is     now-,  contracting for  a 120,000 gallon steel!    New York,  July 20.���������The wave of  tank to he 80  feet above ground and; intense heat which   held   thc city  in  rncased  and frost-propf,:; like  railway'its grasp for more  than a week, cans  tanks.   St.   Boniface,is.!doing       the j ed   nearly 200 deaths,   several times  same.    It is claimed to be,better pro, that, number of serious prostrations,  teelion  and      a/fords   a lower   cost,  ' and   untold   suffering' to  millions, has  some  towns  counting on   the  domes- _ boon strangely slvakien.  tic  service produce sufficient   revenue 1    The     relief carne  yesk*i*ilay  after-'  '���������or all ex-penscs"-. ���������Several", other towns   noon,   when  av\ iolent   sluini  of wind  He was a membei   m*  lhe Oddfellows  at Nana������mo and  the lodge has  been  WILLING  TO DIE  OSWEGA, N.Y., July 20.-During  the efforts of his own lawyers to  save him, Henry \V. Manzer, in trial  for ihe murder of Cora Sweet, said  today when his del'c.iee offered ������������������ evidence to prove his insanity at the  ,  , ,iilu. ,.{   lbe mut-iU-V.   "J   was  not in-    :������  *Vvi"'^  ,*������������������",*������������������������   01 *'"   ! VU10  (���������,-  a minute,   and  1 am  willing  have the matter   under consideration.   and  rain swept through .lhe nlty, and j '. ^^ for      ; aPti..   .  although .but of a few  miaules    dur.i-.       ��������� ^   An  exchange tells the story of an    "���������������������������"' ��������������� co'oKng  Urrezc  and  coin-- | ��������� ^^        iu N^  auctioneer, who  while selling  a cow, ', pamLvrlv   coniforlaWo   n^h-i   follow-.   .-V'"-  "���������      ���������  I  ulogi/etl   lhe animal as  follows: j ei  "'Of all   the   aiiiiii***-.*] friends   of man '  die is the greatest.    Iffl, as yo-u are '  .bout  to  s,.it  down  to. your  Sunday '  dinner,   might   takfi fiom  vour   table ���������  what  she  had     placed   lliereon.       1 ]  wo'I'd  remove  the cup of milk waiting at   the  baby's chair.   I'd   take the I  cream,   the  cheese,   (lie   butter,     the'  cuslaid  pie,   the cream  biscuits,   the !  i'oasl   of beef,  and leave you a meal  of potatoes  and   toothpicks.      Every  scrap  of her  from  ni'Kie  to  tail      is  used  by man.    Wc use  her  horns   to  iiiiiiuo at   noon.  sailing sli'Mi .lane Grey, loaded with  lunvbt'T bound for Alaska, while only  two   hours out from the Straits with  , 1 crew .-.mi  nasseii'Ti* list   of 03 men,  comb  otir  hair,  her ski,,  upon     our *l ^ ���������"���������'J  p,v��������� 7,     '  .,,M,   lu,Ue  feet   her hair keeps !,the;-plaster upon suddenly   in   assail   fumed   tin   c  o. w Hs   her hoofe  J<e gibe   and and. threw   the entire crew ,n o  the  her tail    makes soup.    Ihr   blood  is deep.    Thc   boats   were  al    los    cx-  tised  to make our .sugar. white,    her Wi a strong      *���������**''��������� ^  ,  ,     r ,.i-i;.,        n... which   was   loose on   t-l>e  iicck.    ,i< oi  bones are    ground  to   citil./.e     (he o ^  soil'   She  has %\we  with  man   from t---na n i>       uu*-.     ���������  mu.   '-'������''''     h ���������                ;ip, L      , 2[   wu sipppeii  olT m-  P Vmout.h   Rock   (o   ll',fi  sctt-.u ���������   .-...,.. -p.-1- **��������� ���������'    ��������������������������� .,1,.,lf.,i  ^V(������r  ,,   ,   , ,    , . (o     , as 1 he  .lane Grev  tuineu o\er,  It was her sons  that��������� ��������� nnied   tl.e  set- lo  '''  ,|s '' -        ���������:,-..,.,,  ,m  fh,V clearing;   it  was Jier sops that tm\   .-In'- oHWr meii  we c p,c^   u  drew   the   prairie   schooner   for     the Anion,  these   was  ftl'-^^    Kings  sturdv Pioneers of Urn country w'^.* hury.     -ho  today     at l-otcmmc. s  bill'  she.    fo'llow-td,   and   when   the   day's  A SURVIVOR OF  THE JANE GRAY  .May     22nd,  IS!)S,  the  two-masted    drifted     onto   the   beach    ten miles  from  CIuyliquet,   and   the  men,  move  dead   than  alive,   were   rescued.     Mr.  Kingsbury, who   had   sustained adbro-  en shoulder when the ship turned over,  suffered  so much  that he says ho  did   not  care, whether  he  was saved  or allowed f-o drown.  'Soon after the  launch drifted ashore an Indian came  along in  a canoe  and  informed them  that there  was a.li   Indian  viltog-c  10  iiiilcs   away,   which   they   eventually -  reached.    A    sealing  schooner,     the  New Eiigiland, soon after came along  and   Capta-'n McLean   took,  the ship-  wreelced  men  to Victoria.  Mr. vingshury, for all of his rough  experience,   soon   recovereff his  vigor  retold  the story of  the wreck.   After  ;;ne.     io iow i n,   aim    wut*ii    1.111������   un.)  .->     - ��������� . ,   ���������.���������v<,���������  ,i ,        .   i vv-mh ii'>- with the     wind and waves . ���������,  march  was  done she  came  nnd  ga\r,^ w.isnui^  win mnm���������ni   1o be1 and  is now a hale and  hearty man  '������-��������� "���������'������" * r* r wv ^T^-^-r^-^'fti-*-^^"0"-  perchance  to  become   the  ruler      ot ( swan-H-"-!,   *-u'- >  this country, n  \ HIE DAILY lEOGtS  ���������Fublisned    eery   day except  Sundnv  OY        THE        DAILY        LEDGKH  COUP-\ NY.  Offices,   Ladysmilh and  Duncan'-*  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  BO  cents   a  month.    $5  per  year   in  id\anca.     Advei Using  rates on ap  Dlieation.  V  WKDsHSD.W,   Ji h\  2d, mo.-).  A giuciT c.iugiic in a coniidontial mood  byth(-i!,,orterol .. Pbil.i'lelphm paper tai  milted that tho tiiliiJtui.i' ion������ of hi-, st(x-k  which weie Known lo hiinboli would fill a  ���������tnali "iliimo" A cheap brand ol xow.idv  e-i.tch-.iip ho said, was lully tbree-toui th*  pu'njjUiii,.ind the"' bice" detected in o:um->  ginger t,\\u\is was produced, not by i?u>-  jfer, of w-lin-h they were wholly free hut  by cayenne peppw He told more thing*,  but the-ve two may be taken as a lair ���������- nu  |>le. The public pi.-l bap-, ought to bo gi mi  liil if nothing woi-so than pumpki.i or  cuyenno is UM'd It io tho price pet-hup*  that li.ii lo bo paid lor the cumeiiiuiiea <���������/  ���������teudy made foo-.N  Ilxpcrlciirctl.  ,    Mistiesa���������Did any ono call whila I w-tt  'out!'  !    i-Vrwiiit���������No  one,   iii.i'������ni,   except in  .-������  :trump     lie wauled   soiiielhin  to oat, but  il told hini tbc-iv was nol inn ready un he J  ^hiuo to wait till the li-ilil/ol the hou?egot  "'biiel:  I'mni   tho coukm 'ehool  un  mcbbv  ;������liu'd make him sonn-thm  ;'    Mistivhi������������������ Ot all tlnngsl    Did ho wait?  j    Su-v-int���������-No,   ma'am     He   ruu.ued.~~  ,'New Vork "Weekly.  DAILY LEDGER  REMEHBER  When     you     want a good    picture  frame     that we have a well assorted'  s<ock of all    $i7es from 3.">c to S>1 00  or we     will nia^c any si/e at   most  reasonable -   rates.   A     full     line  of  mouldings  to     choose from.  We also  carry a supply of  PASSE    PARTOUT    PIC  TURE PAPER BINDING  It k eepjyour photos from  being spoiled  We also ha">'e  the celebrated Lemon  Polishing     Oil. for   /urnifurc or any  other varnished'suifaces.   Will repair  scratches on     youii piano and give a  polish that you can see your face in.  LADYSMITH' AERIE v NO.- #������������, ������.  O. E.      '���������-~* ���������*""��������� ���������""*,.'        **T*J  Meets in the Opera House 1st1 and  drd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President, B Forcimmer; Worthy  Secretary. C H.  Rumminge.  DAY SCHOOL'  Uaual subjects taught; also - languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng iu oils and .water colors, pianoforte and vocal leasou gir-  en in classes er individually.  MISS BERTRAM,    .  ladyemith. B   C.  Under New Managmeat  Hotel Wilson  Ladysmith Wallpaper Depotl   Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell & Woodbank:  Proprietors.  HARRY  KAY  FIRST AVENUE  advsmitSi Hardware uo  ACM* NTS.'    -i  The Greet Salt Lake.  ' Tho Groat Salt lake of Utah, the GfclV  'jeoof tho-vanishing Mormon, is 70 milu  long .mil 5U miles wulo in its widest paii*  ,w ith a present maximum depth of 40 fecij  though much of iti, urea does not exco-il     b"l'u"  "Tiy  io foi I'd  me/' she said, wilh   >*���������'    Lotus *evposi lion. ,_    .  .1 look  of piiy. j    Jacob II. Sen in of. New York, who  '"How     tan  1'"  lK'  n������.soiahly  an-     |a|iij.   in  the   f)l.&t   ,1M  Qf   Amecican  "as  long as   I lia\c   lo  male  fiom Iii co -30.    Fittj years ago, when tin     monthly   payments   on   lhe   lluii!-,s    1  Mormon iirs><   f..j( d thither, it was  mucli     l;,x\<. piesenlt'd  lo you?"  deopor, o^cicd'iig 100 foet  in  places, and       ' *  its average being niucb greater than pil-j       ' ,    ,   ,       "       , ,  ent meu,uiementss,how   Tho local savan!        Ilii.-.].'in.!���������l   I eel   111   the   mood      tor  eonjecturos that it  is giadually turniiijj    ���������e.ul.nr.   .soinctliinp,   sen.siiilion.il      nnd  into 11 body of lrosb water     The theory 1*    slili t ] 1 ni-.���������soiut-1 l-nio   Unit   Will   Uiilv  ��������� supported by an examination of tho wnterK ,        ������   , ,      ,    ,   ���������,  .  of number-Ira* spring* which used to p.,111     ''M--'"   niv li.".!.   sLind nu end. ��������� erica  pure brine  into the  lake, the outiiuvv ul  ;     Wilo���������Will,   hcie  is       -  last'dir-ss-   t,on  w,u   lake nas not  iieH1  decided  ���������ininy of (hem bomg now quite he-sh  as 'I     main's   hill. '  tney had eshausu'il   tho  unciergroiii d do   j   iipcn  pobitrf ol ������..lt, ot which they weio toimeily  j  the solvent and cmr>ing vehicle     "still,  j FVAIE'S P VT1UVAY.  of (he lake in genoial   lt may he fcaloly as   ,  cei'ted that its  salt will long outlast tin.'  I  ul the duetiineb wlauh  its pioneer upo-tU .'    'p|1(l  Hu.ssi.111  painter,  ftl.   SU-panou**  liwaiulKuied along Hs shores, ami thuouD 'ai������i������e.xlfil      to   American  Consul  it occa&ioinlly fallows a  paiticuiarly l..������  water mark it is not /omg to dry up alto  gothor lor *a  ioij^  Hum to coiao.���������*Se������  Vnrlt 'J*'ilium  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������R-itrs fl.25 and$l.50���������  Free bin to all steamboat  landinga and  rsilwuy depots.   Electric, cans every tivr  minutes' to all parts of   the city.   Bar  end table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  Canadian Pacific  L-? , 9 -    - I  v      Railway  ��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������  ATLANTIC STEAMTHIP TICKETS  Tickets on Sale To and From all European Pcrin's  ��������� ' AT LOWEST KATES  -  A.LL LINES   REPRESENTED.  For Sailing'Dates,' Rates and full  infoimation. '  ,  8C Govt. Street, Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  iDist. Freight &. Pass. Agt.  *m*^<tt.**MH!H*rr*S*THmWrHmn K4k&&.9i-&K-&K-&0i-&9i-t^--kkKiZ+,VCm  Modern and     Strictly First ClaM.  Couimeicial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof    Building.  pluhuithiopist.s,   is chairman of      a  fomiiiiltfc it-cent ly apiwinted to   de-  ������..!������ upon    plans ioi the celebration^, ABBOTT ST.,  VANCOUVER B, 0.  this lall ol thu 230Ui anniversary of  thc Jewish settlement in North Ara-  ��������� Iust what foim   the  celebia-  NOTICE.  Newly filled up and  Km 11 is bed  Fiom      this  date  the undersigned  as    appealed      to  American  Consul    wi���������   not   be  lesponsible  for  any  in.  (���������(���������������������������v-ial Waits at Si. PcU'������buiK to ,lobtcdness inCurred except on -a  assihi in the tecovi ry ol Ri.s^ian WIlUen onier sigl,ed by the secretary  paintmes lost aftci   the close of,Iho    R|iwlani|  Machi|1.     .    ,        =      Vi   j    E3:pL()RAT10N &  DEVEL-  Good tabic-** and good'       OPMENT CO., LTD.  Roouis  PORTLAND HOTEL.  ANGELOTAre, PROP.  Board al reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra   well  Slocked  31  O^  impressing1  Light or Heavy Teaming;  Wood and Bark for Sale  Rt-OCITES   FOR  Ilir.K ,*������������������   :���������   R'te.l.  KEMP, o^le.^^e-ordeis       at  LeiglVts Transfer Stables  KIIIST  AVENUE 'PHONE fi-0.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria,' B. C, May 18th, 1905.  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooa Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block fr������m Depot.) ���������  GAT ACRE   STREET-  -Ladysmith.  I  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.    J  < .   PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, QOLD AND  1 SILVER ORES.  Smelting Worka at  LADYSMIXH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  The comfortable way  ,  EVERYTHING., THAT'S  GOOD  IN  TRAVEL IS YOURS IF  YOU USE THE  ..Dealers In   Pianos and  Organs ..  1 ajysmith, B.C.  . YUEN  Merchant Tailor'  2  Overlands  Daily  i  I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON, THOS. KIDDIE.  6enerar Manager. .        Smelter Manager.,  l������yttft-"kfc'"'tt.n'"i*"4W  W. SILER. ,  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DElivERY  ��������� * - . ���������** -.:, * f, r<. *��������� ���������  WORK PROMPTLY DO* '::_  Leave Orders at the Abbotsford.  '' i (    ���������  UDYSMITH SHAVING  PARI0RS  HIGH  STREET.  :���������:���������: Beat in the City ;���������:���������J  "ncx  RATB3 fi.do PHS DAY ,  SA.UPI.lt R'oOM-i    '. "7  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BR9l  WINKS, I.IQUORS, CIGARS  HOTEL  Bestaceoinodatlonin town.'  Splendid banting and fishing in near vieinity. >  A. J.McMURTRIE, Proprietor   \ LADYSMITH, B.C.  ���������*������-*fca-*'a'*a3M*#*^  I ^clsvmith  ^    w  B.  C.  '--^if ffliMtfnrni  MHI  TH6 CITYMRRKeT  R. Willirinison Prop  is(. Avenue Ladysmilh \\. C  ���������-.-^Si.-n?:*'".->  --���������.<.,���������  ���������C^i^SJS^cA^^-Jrgj.3^.'vvJLta  ublic Notice*  All,'iiiion is called  to the      fact,  that tlie  fe Ogilvie Flour mils Co.,  Limited,  ha\e foi   sonic  lime  p    uiaKei.s   of   ItOYAL TIOUSI01 IOI.D    KI.OIJH  ^    "wcl  hcfi.  pKKhicini-; flfiiii   in ,\   ���������'n.'.lly   nn'ii ovcil   and   |iuiiIic<i|   Coun  fi     by   tin- ui.l or ELECT RICirv  to     .i������il  li.iMn^ si 1 incil  c-onliol   of    .ill   Hit' husif p.ili-nls  iclalinu; Uicip-  k  i), laid!  ihis op|ioi-|.iiiiity of ailvising   I lie   public   thai,  any   iiiiauUt-  K> vluulrica.1    ll.iiir  piirifying  pi ocesses   will   he pro-  V.  ori/.w]  nsiTs of  8i:Cli(c(l.    '  Oailvio Floiii' Mills Coinpa-oy *L>uiited  re  tho  oj*ly    luillcrsia C amid a -whose   Flour i������  parif.ud by the electric proeosa  'liiis   lliiLt-l   |i;i.si     ',r.('ii   coMiplel.ely  Boan.1  hum  litilginy ?1.00  ji������r flay.  "        "?*   ^^'^   *"-.---^-*   *"~~*^.    5  renovated.  * -Set.  PRETORIA  i  Kind  of  V  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  THE  HILBERT  o .  am  )'- ir  ������������������ ������"���������"���������*! "  uppii.'ii   will:   the   ttest    Wines,  fj'tiiior-;  and  Ci^arfi.    *  1st Avenup  Ladvamith B.C.  j^  '* le  Office  ��������� ��������� ���������  eo,  Prop  1st   Avenue  i HENKVS NURSfRIES  NEW CROP���������  HomeGrown 8c  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and  FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  ���������HODODENDRONS,  ROSES, -  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  Are You  Going^ East  ������������������I';-' '   '    ' "  Tbem be sure your tickets read   via  the'  If '  r$-A < t  $PHONE 66  Passenpeis can leave Victoria daily  at 6.45 p.m., or 9 p.m., where close  connections is made to all points  East.       - ,"       ' ���������, - *   - ������' -1  f."  "Famous Flyei" leaves Seattle 8 a.in  "Fast Mail" leaves Seattle ... _8 p.m  2  NIGHTS TO ST.  PAUL.  3 nights lo Chicago.  1   NIGHTS TO NEW  YORK.  SHORTEST ROUTE TO  ALL KOO  TEN AY POINTS. J WM- MUNSIE, -President  \CROSS    THE    MOUNTAINS    IN|   '       '.  DAYLIGHT. *  on or address  S. G. YERKES,     E. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A., 7*. Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  *  *  LIVERV, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY!  DAVID JOHNSON  at-  ��������� ���������  *  *  LADYSMITH Jf  F ricB Young  BARRISTOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAIMO, LADYSMITH  J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Direetoc  Telephone;46.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co  Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FlDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shingles a Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers    ol���������  Rou-^h and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  aad' Kiln  Dried  Flooring     and Finiahlng    Lnmbec ia   Stock.  Ill  The only  line  now   making    UNION  DEPOT:  connections at ST. PAUL  tiad .   MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains    Irom    tbe    Pacific  Coaet. ���������:'.  ;   THE     SHORTEST     LINE,  THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS  CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  -.Fpr.'cpinplete information  a.sk yqi'r  local agent or write,  p!  W. .PARKER  Gemesal  Agent,  720 2nd Ave., Seattle/  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor.  Government     and  Yates' Sto.,  Victoria, B. C-  Trains  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  V 11  )  3  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Manag-er ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manafeff  BAKK MONEY ORDERS  ~ ISSUtD AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  $5 and under       3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  4i    jjl0   -   i. ������ $30    10 cents  ���������������*    $30        " " $50    15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in C   nada of a Chartered Bank  '  (Yukon excepted), and at lhe principal banking- points   n the United Stat������������.  '. HKOOTIAHLE  AT A  PIXKI) RATK A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COAI3IERC     LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellentniethod of remittin   small sums of money  with safety and at small  :<>.st.  LADvp y.ITH BRANCH  W.  A.  CORNWALL.  Manager.  One of which  is  the fainou������  "North  Coa^t Limiteil,"  Up-to-date-     Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers on all trains;  Through tickets issued   lo all points East     and  South,  also  Pullman  tickets  issued  and berths reserved.  Excursion rates now in effect  to Portland  Fair.   Only direct  line to Yellowstone Park.  Steamship tickets on scJe to all  Europemi pojnts. Very low rates  now in effect. Cabin accommodation  reserved  by wire.  For further particulars call at the  office m*  'phone'Main No,. 456,  A. D' CARLTON,.      .-  C; E. LANG  A.G.P.A., N.P.,        General Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  BOOTS AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRICES.  'Repairing aud  making to order   a  speciality.'  TrtonAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Best accommodation- for  transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  ORAND      HOTEL  , This new Hotel has been cpmfort-  aMy furnishied- and the bar Is up-to-  d*te. Rates $I.W a day 7 and up-  Wirds.   ;  WM,; BEVERIDGE, Prop.  ������V>llaaafl������ iasi >**< :���������������: >=-* lfadysiolth  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE &. CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY.  BAKED  AND FRESH.  Coafectionary ol all kinds.  Ordera taken for Pastries to bt delivered at auy time.  Employment Agency,  HAY. GRAIN AND  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at thfc low<  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, ������n tK������  Bspl&nade.  JAS, ffAB-NQeXj u daily:lkdger  Plain, Specifications and Details furnishes! for all kinds  of work ia the. CARPENTER  Line    "/  C B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, 2nd ������ve, Ladysmith,  B.  C.  AND  THE   OLD PILGRIMS.  Bow They   Made   Their Journey*   to tb*  Holy Laud.  In the era which  immediately preceded  tbe era ot thu eruaades tlie goal of tht-^il-  BUSTER'S SOUP.  It Would   Have   Been' Fine   iltlis   K������a"  Badu't Escaped.  Buster has been .making soup.  As has been explained in previous fragr  grim was usually . erusa em, and that for    ���������,e���������tary biogn phi^l sketchy anont Bus  obvious reasons     .'crusaleni, according to , tor) ho is just u tniio over 3        B of  tbe confused  Keog.-apby of  that age. was |      The ofcher day Bliscel,.s IlJOd,I01. was hu&y,  Its  Great   Resources  NOTICE.  Persoas found using our Pateat  Battle ot Stoppers after this notice,  Will be prosecuted.  HUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  ii  GALEDOMAN"  No part of British Columbia today offers so many advantagss to the  Investor as dotfi VANCOUVER ISL AND. .    ;  A  Its vast and varied natural weal th has never been as yet thoroughly  appreciated by" reason of thc fact that it has never beci promiently, laid,  .before the public. *.'--*���������      . ���������. ,.  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  -:o:-  R PRITHET,  & Co., Ltd  not only the oeutor of the world, not only  a city that was tho joy of .the whole earth  and at unity in   itself, but the city where  the  Lord  was slain anil the joy of tho"  whole earth     No devout Jew ever rever-'  enced its earth or took greater pity ujjou .  its stones than did tho pilgrims who wont  from.the north aud from the south, frOi'u  tbe eabt and from the west, to gaze upon  the holy sepulclier, just as devout followers of the false prophet repair nowadays  to the Kaaba at Mecca.  '.'The roads," 6ays  the historian Gibbon in bis " Decline and1  Fall of tlie Romar." Em pire," " wore covered  with multitudes of either sex and of every  rank, who professed their contempt of life  so soon  ms they should  have  kis.-,ed .tlie  tomb of   their  Redeemer     Princes   and  prelates abandoned  tho care of 'their dominions, and the numbers of tlio.se pious  caravans was a prelude to the armies which  .fnarched in the ensuing age under the bunr  ���������.Ber of the cross."  So 'ate us tho year 1524 Wynkyn da  Wpnlo printed a book culled "The Infor  illation For Pilgrims Unto tho J Inly  Land." The book contained a lubleof  routes and distances measured by tho  league and the in ilo to every important  ehiine It contained also a ctatument of  the change of money for Kngluiid to Itunio  and Venice. . 'i'he compiler ol thib ecclesiastical Murray or Baedeker was kind  enough to give thu intending tourist very  valuable information respecting the stork  'of provisions, the boft ways ol traveling  ���������tenmcrs-, diligences nnd railways lining all  uuconteiuplated; bow to contract, wilh  the masters of vessels, what haven.-; ui  touch ut between ' Venice' and "I'nfa, an  Itinerary of tho pilgrimage to .loriisuleni,  tho sacred spots near nt hand won by of a  visit, und among these thc mounts of  Olives and Zion, tho valleys of Jeliosnphat I  and Siloani, with Bethlehem, Bethany  JS'uzureth and tho Jordan, as may be sup*  posed, figure very prominently.���������Gentle  man's Magazine.  ���������ewing,, and Mary,'tho cook, was out.  Buster had two little girls to stay with  him.  .Like the little gentleman Ueia, Buster  decided be would do the honors properly  as host, and so ho proposed to make soiuf  soup for bis gue&ts.  He climbed up to tho kitchen sink, filled  ��������� saucepan with hot water, climbed down  again and, with tho aid of a chair, put ic  on the range.  ;Theii he hunted around and found (some  potatoes, an onion and some lluur. He  put these in t,b������ pat. --Then-be put in a  handful of salt, all the popper in tlie box  ���������about/ an ounce���������and somo bird good.  Then.ho put in the contents, of tho sugar  bowl/  'The little girls looked on with undisguised admiration, but presently one said:  "Bustor, dey isn't any meat jn tho soup.  I never heard of soup wifouc moat in it."  Buster looked distressed,    lie knew the  little girl was right, und yet���������   Suddonly  an  Idea came to him,    He jumped from  the chair, grabbed tho cat und dropped her  into tho pot.  "Dero!" he said.  - " Meow I       Pht-pht 1      Mee-ow-ow-ow I  Pht phtl" suid the tat,  The pot was overturned, aud the little  girls 6crvamed.  ; Then ninmriin appeared. "What in tlie  Jniid of goodness have you been doiugV"  she demanded, with some oxcitdnient. But  Buster wns too niortilleil at (ho escape of  the meat from his soup to do anything but  howl and say, "TJio old soup wouldn't  stay souped."���������Now York World.  Union  Brewing Co-  NANAIMO,   B. C.  -I-  flanufacturers of the  In (British Columbia  Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed   Brewed  % from the Best Canadian Malt Run;Hops  -f  Miners* Drilling Machines,  Made Lo order and Repaired at short  notice.   Drill Sharpened by us'al-  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks  handled and repaired.  Shipsrnittiing    in aJT     its   *3ranhea  Horseshoers'and Genera! Blacksmitns.  David   Murray  Buller Street   -    -    -    -  Ladysmith, B   O  COAL  TIMBER  GOLD  SILVER  FISH  GAME  IRON  COPPER  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA.  ".-B.C  Hi land, when properly cleared,   will grow a  known to mjfo,  ' VEGETABLES  soil  c.  WHEAT  OATS  RYE  OF  ALL   KINDS  ,lmost any product of tlie  i       ��������� I . f  I        '      . '4    -  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  AND     BERRIES.  the  ble  A WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS  ���������*. ..  . The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt  a literal   land   policy, ~and  them will be disposed of on reason-  1,500,0*0 acres controlled  terms to actual settlers.  by  Government lands can lie' secured  who desire anew home in a country   possessing (he  and     money can he made by those  :o--  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION LANDS IN MANITOBA,.THE KORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES -,' AND   THE YUKON  TERRITORY.'  _   '     .J ' '  - Coal���������Coal. lands may' be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite..... Not more .than 320  acres "can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents" * per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gioss output.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free null's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,act*or<ling  to capital."  A  free     miner,  having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by .marking out the  taunt, with two legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shull be recorded within  fifteen days if located within ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, ona  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At- least $100 must be expended  on the claim - each year or paid .to  the mining recorder in lieu thereof.  When $5U0 has been expended or paid  the locator may. upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at $L00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Minister   of     the Interior  to   lor ate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding lbO acres.  The patent for a mining location  shall provHie lor the payment of a  Royalty of 2& per cent, of thc sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the  Yukon Territory���������Placer  mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry fec?5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskal  ������hewan River claims are either bar  or  bench,   the former  being 100   feet-  long and extending'between high and  low water  mark.  The  latter  includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or hank, but not   exceeding 1,000 lent.   Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  ,,   ���������,������������������, ,T������������������        , ��������� ' !   Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  VANCOUVER, and will continue to   grow in importance as  the Island is '&Dd the ^.VV.T., excepting the Yukon  ......... Territory���������A free miner   may   obtain  ^ . only two leases of five miles each for  ~1IJ&*- la term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Iaterior.  The .lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the river  below low  water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have.  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or  bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where  the  lessee may dregde to high water mark  each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five'-Tniles,  bat where a person or company has  obtained more than one lease       one  if  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmi th, will  supply  any   information  ob  tanahle to  those  who contemplate  a visit,  with  a view of  investment  conditions are found as advised.  Is the centre ol .the great coal mining    district;     a "beau tiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in each year.  LADYSMITH  -7  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF TIIE      LINE    FROM    VICTORIA  TO  developed.  Subscribe for and read THE DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B. 0.  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fittedup and welliiiipplied and is in charge or  JOS, PELLIGRINELLE  (dredge for-each fifteen.-miles or fraction  is sufficient.   Rental,  $10    per  nnuni for each mile ol river, leased.  Royalty at the rate of.2������ per cent,  collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon .Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty yeais, also renewable.  The l������*������sec-s right is coafmeu'to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below,low water mark, that bound-;"  aiy to be fixed by its position on the  Istday of August in the year -of lhe  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge'ia  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge   for  each five miles within six yeais from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year and $10 per . mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining'.  Placer Mining in  the Yukon Territory���������Creek,     gulch,    river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet     in,  eugth, measured on the base line or-  general direction of the creek' or gulch  the width   being from  1,000  to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall he  250 feet square.  Claims are marked hy two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day, alio wed for cacli  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking e  claim must bald a free miner's osrii-  ficate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of - hich no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary  claims  only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at the rate  of two and one-half per cent. ;on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  fukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  f more than one mining claim     on  eaeh  separate river, creek or  gulch,  hut  the same miner may  hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims iu  partnership by. filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00.    A claim may    be  abandoned aud another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch or river by giv-  ng notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the Value of at least $200.  A certificate that work  has      been  done must be obtained each year;    if  not, the claim Aa\1 he deemed to   be  abandoned,  and    open  to occupation  and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries of a claim may he  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing  notices  in   the  Yukon official  Gazette.  Petroleum���������Al!   unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon  Territory,  are open to  prospect  ing. for  petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company  having machinery on   the  land  to be prospected, an area of 1020 aires for such period as he may decide.'  the length of width shall not excect  three times the breadth.     :  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding G'10 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre ar..'  the remainder of the tract, reservsii  namely, 1,280 acres will he sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royally at such rate I  as may be specified by order-in-coun-  cil.  JAS,   A.  SMART.  Deputy Minister of  tho  Interior, i  Department  of the Interior,   _,  The Semaphore.  Shortly before, the Fronch revolution  Claude Chappe at Angoi-si invontud a S(;in-  aphore telegraph, consisting of relays of  towers surmounted by movable arms.  This plan, with modifications, was udopfc-  edjin France, England and other countries'  In". August, 1794, tbe first of Chimpo'������  lines was completed between Paris and  Lille, and on Sept. 1 at noon the welcome  'news of tho recapture of the town of Condo  from the Austrians was transmitted by it  from Lille and announced by Carnofc to  the deputies in Paris the same evening.  Tho inventor, who was the first person  that received tbe title of telegraph engineer (iiigenleur telegrupho), us head of a  telegraphio department in the military  service of the first republic, was suecoeded  in this office by his brother:-, Ignatius and  Rene. During the directory, rhe empire  and the veignsof Louis XVIIf and Charles  X numerous lines of this description ware  constructed In France.' Louis Philippe  secured: the introduction of tho electric  telegrupb, hut both systems were in uss  down to the time of the Crimean war, after which the' eemaphoi-o was finally abandoned.���������Cornhill Magazine.  DID IT EVER STRIKE YOU ?  That the place to BUY YOUR MEAT  is  where  the slaughtering     *,-.  done locally?   We arc not depending  on    what (lie Wholesalers send us,  and     can    GUARANTEE   EVERY- THING to he FRESH AND CLEAN  PANNELL   &    PLASKET7  STFVENS BLOCK,  OAT/.cR������  Si'LEjiT  LADYSMITtt  ���������f+4:*f+.44--H:--H^'^ ��������� 4 M ���������"������������������> ��������� ��������� ��������� f fO-f-f^;  .���������������*..���������.  LAC/SMITH TRANSFER CO. xl  PIANOS, '   ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOV-  ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the  The Thankful Editor.  "During our absence from the oIDes  Wednesday evening last," writes a rural  editor, "some evil minded porson, thinking that we wcro- seatcif at our desk, fired  a load of buckshot through our window,  but us a kind, protecting Providence  would have it, tbe en tiro load was roceived  by "a stranger who was waiting for us in  our office. There is no trace of tho assassin, and at this writing the stranger who  bo fortunately filled our place at the time  Is too weak to talk. Thus is another midnight assassin foiled. The Lord will provide. "���������Atlanta Constitution.  WILLI A VI 3  *\1 ���������)   V \ U i T  4  X  :  t  -���������  4  4  Some Other Uoy.  Indignant Cltizen-=-Say, your boy threw  a stone at ihe just now and barely missed  me.  Mr.' Grogan���������Yez say ho missed ye?  "That's what I understood myself to re  mark."  "It was not my bye."���������Indianapolis  Journal.  No sovereign of tho United Kingdom  was ever crowned in Iroland,'but double  coronations of English monurchs h.������vo not j  been infrequent. Henry II was crowned  atWestminstor and again at. Worcostor,  Honry III at Gloucester and Westminster  and Henry VI at Puiis and Wostminster.  For Your  Hall  Roso water is excellont ns a hath to refresh tired or Inflamed eyes, as it cools the  lids and encourages tlie growth of th#  huhes.  -T>������ .mvaseuger Hoys' .Shitic.  The messenger boy was .shining his  shoes in a new way. Ho was leaning up  against the side of a building, with ouo of  his legs drawn up so as to I ring a shoo  within range of his arms. Hi.-; outfit consisted wholly of a box of the blacking sold  exclusively by direct vendors. From this  boafwitb. the aid of a lingor hu acoopod a  heaping teaspoonful of gummy contents  with which he carefully biitt'crod tho toe  of ono shoo. Then bo began to polish ihid  layer of blacking with tho palm of his  hand.  "Well," I said, "what ore you doing?"  "Blackin mo shoes."  "Why are you doing thatf"  "Sosu th<sy won't make mo go ter th'  bobthlaok at headquarters an get mo shoes  shlned an dock nit) wages 20 cents fur it."  "flow much do thoy fino vou for dirty  handsf"  " JS'nwtbln, and 1 can wash 'em some'rs."  Ilo didn't, howovoiv.but, giving thorn a  hasty dry wash'on-a piece of paper which  floated by, he put Iheni in his pocket-, and  strolled   away.���������Now    York  Commercial  Advertiser.  t ������������������������������������^���������  Wire flints by the *'oot or Vuril.  Among tho curious things to tie seen in  tho hardware stores   nowadays are woven  wire doormats  for enlo    by  tho foot or  yard. Jt is only a few years since the liiaii-  ufuoturo of  the woven wire  mat, was   bo  gun, but these mats have proved to effect  ivo as dirt catchers und so light and easily  cleaned   that  their use  has  spread   very  rapidly.     During tlie earlier years of tln-ir  manufacture each  mat  was  woven  and  ���������finished   separately.    Now   somo of   iho  manufacturers    are    weaving    them    in  lengths of 50 feet, and in such a way that  they will  not ravel  when  they are cut.  'i'lio mats are woven   in'different widths  und done up iu  rolls like carpet.���������New  York Sun.  One of the most used and ��������� ap-  preciated things in the home is a  handy set of  Brushes and fiirrors  for HALL USE  These   sets  herewith described  and priced fill this need perf:ctly,  Ebonized Hall Sets���������Bevel    Mirror Centre   Panp!  complete with TWO BRUSHES $2)00 e������'  MAHOGONY FINISH HALL RACKS-ShieId-shape'  small circular bevel mirror, complete wi'h TWO CLO.THPc;  and ONE HAT BRUSH, like cut, price, $4.00  Ebonized Hall   Racks���������Horseshoe   shace, bevel  ror,   studded shoe   frame, complete with  SMALL BRUSH, price,  mir-  LARGE  AND  $4.00  niimef"  Makes Ili������ mark.  "Can't you   write your own  asked the lawyer in surprise.  "Pardon mo," replied the Boston citizen  whose education had boon somewhat nog-  leoled. "I sign my nanio according to the  Australian systom, "���������New York Trihuno.  EUVct of PiscntoriiU  Drcaiug.  Bill���������I'm tho greatest hand  for dream  log fish stories.  Jill���������That's prubuhly what makes yem  He awake su much.���������YonUors Statesman.  An ingenious mechanical dovieo pastes  papor labels on 100,000 cans in ten hours.  Down a shoot rolls a ceaseless procession j  of cans, and each can picks up a label **  lt pusses,  vS^E  victorsa.b.c;  PAINTING,  ETC.  rl vui  Work done properly and at ri^bt  prices. Shoj* and. residence in rear  of Ladysmith  Hotel.  J.  E. SMITH,  Prop.  J.PIERCYJNO CO.  WHOLESALE DRYG0ODS.  Victoria, B. C.  Manufacturers of the Celebrate*  RONCLAD )M I)  of  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS, ETC  U. O. /MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING  of  all kinds  promptrf  attended to.    Shop on Gutasre    it,  WM  Solicitor,  Etc.  st. Avenue  Loan  lADYSMIT  Ladysmith   Temp's No. 5 Rathbone  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow's hall  2nd  and 4tb Tuesday at 7.30 p. m.  Mrs. Kate Tate, secretary.  s Orders   taken   for preserving  raspberries at Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd.  Meatmarket  LAD/S.VliTi-I B. C. y*-_  "w^w-^^k^g-ip^^  LOCAL ITEMS  ������-5.*3������.i-afeSl ������-������- JB������2S^E*C-fl*'  5  ������rt������wMw������*fe4*.|iy������^.'*.1. ���������^^^i^.msw*������*a������* ^^T?f'--*'rj  "WANTED���������One or more en tor p smg  men niteicstcil in mines or lining  to join lhe advertiser i'o intiodiicj a  new process, designed to prevent j e-  m.ituie explosions, ' -and will a-M"  much lime oi_ the opeialing nuiurs.  Addic-s 11. "Homer, M !Mli Wiine,  Mount   1'le.is.uit,   V.ineoiivei,   .1      ;.  See Ill.ur A: Ail.im's elianne of ad-  ���������\cil-i.-.enienl in  tins issue.   r ,.  Ev-Altoiiiey-tJi'iieral Af-jPliiHips is  ill \'.in AnJ.i in tin- liiti'iTst ol Mr.  jM.insou  Mi. .3 1. Ilo^.ml,..,I lhe Western  "Fuel Cdiiijiany, i- speiivlin.-, a lew days  311    X.III.I Mill".  .J.   Dowser  ;\l*iiis(.n  .nu!   W.  ai   r.unsMlle  last ov-  IVm.  hei.I  ii meet in  eiinn   in   Hit"  iiiteii'M   ol   Ah.   Alaiison  AI Camp \lcl)oii:iKl .i (Linciiig pa-  iilin:i is I< iii������ l.iul fur llu' convenient."  ol   the i-eoplr  of  the  i amp.  "I'i in  Co   Muiiti'Ji,"  is   the  evpres-  si\e ii.inii' oi  ,i c-.inip  on Wht'H  Meaeli  Th ��������� ii.it it ii.ililj   is not   in  doubt.  Ah.   \V.   A    Fleleht'i" and  M'is.s   Alo  Ivnimn,   both   ol   1 iidysiiulh,       were  je.Menl.iy   iiintf.1   in   mai i uie,e   m Vie-  U,ua  At  Aloirison's si on- Uie latest   and  In-'it   in   I hi'    \miv  nl  shuts  and   ties  cm   he   foiii'd,  .isuell   .is  utlier   lines  ol it,ul's riiniishiinr, ������oods.  Aic-Ldeaeon'    Scrixcn,   of   Duncans,  passed   iliroiifth  Lo  the little  farming  cenlie from Xanaimo cm >lhe morning  train.  DUNCANS  TOWNS1TB EXTENSION  Adjoining tho old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V.'L  A small .area has been laid off   in town lots which ale no w offered  at  LOW   PRICES   AN - D ON   EASY TERMS.  The   future  of  the  Cowichan      District   and   Vancouver   Island  I  will  eveeed   ev nee tat ions   and   lhis  i'" a Rood chance  prnlU.liile    III*. t'-Sl lllelll .  i safe and  SEE fLANSA.NI) PRICES.-  Agents, J. STEWART J. H WlltJTOMB  Ladysmith,   V.   I.  Duncans,-    V.  I.  ,.lr;3*������MB   rw,^.*.'-���������- ^-ie.������ir���������-^"  BHsees^v"  WHITE  BLOUSI  SALE  Mrs A da in, of N. n-iiino, mother of  Mi. J. A'd.un of this e ty, has le-  t ui ned to i"tili*-li Coluniliia .iflor u  trip  to  the  old -country.  Miss Rein'rec, who ha.s been the  g-iiesl of Air. aii'd Alls. .1. Kniii.liI foi  [he p.isl few wee^s,, leninied'io Vie  lon'a   this  uioiiiiiif*,  Mr. E. Cia-le, an elderly man liv-  iiiit .ii Vicloii.i, was iiisl.niily killeil  at" Sul Ion's null at Uclui let yoster-  day   hi   falling  lumhc-i   piks.  <   Phil Nile and ,D    Dalton .weie  lined  ' i.i.CD eaeh   iii  t'lv | o'ice *nurl   al Nanaimo     H'St-nlay  tor usina,  abusive  laiiRi'a.nf'  to  c-aeh   other  on   the   public sheets.  When vou h-iy a watch, adoi-K, oi  a piece of jewelry al home, you can  a I.\ ays ho t-ei lain of o '.i l a i 11 i 11 ^ exactly what you pay for. Fm- i miner  is s.-ll ii'j at fan i*.rifrs, and has a  laiae   stock.  ihe  .Vc   o; s.'I lu'ec  \eai..  a.^o .  ->-'^s  Eail.-  went   t.i   visit   Mrs.  .McCoy    nl  . th,' s inalorinni McCoy -ti.id established -.*.!. Sarainji-a L-akc, near Saratogo  Spi /i'KS.    Mr.  and . Mi s.,. McCpy  bad -!    11re.-o   divorced   twice  and  remarriwl .  Air. Un. h-raser airh.d home from' -M��������� r������������������������ Motee, and were then  Winc-muor tulav, where he has been cMeMaiin������ anew honeymoon. Ed-  al tnuiii.-- the funeral of Mrs. Fras- ward S. Ellis was a patient it Mc-  Mrs.  Fraser is remain-  Co>"s P������-*cc-   Wilh *is couftifl  " iu'r ���������  WE never sold so many  BLOUSES���������All-we had' to do  was io wrap .them up���������Wc  have      only  a  few  si'/cs  left.  THESE WILL BE SOLD AP  TIIE SALE PRICKS DURING  THIS WEEK.  REGULAR   1:2.75 to f'l.Oll  SPECIAL     '    U.all  DRYSDILE-STlVINScN  Go.   Ladysmith  ladysmilh Boat DuildiD?  iii  Launch and Pleasure Boats of all  descriptions for Hire. Boats built  to order and Repaired. Spoon oars a  Speciality.  IIARRUP AND IIAYEDN.  BOAT     BUILDERS.  CUBAN CIGUjICTOR.  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN  BLOSSOn  None but Union Lab'    Etnpl oyed  H J. BOOTH, Prop,  Mrs. rruir���������aiy nusDana is a sort of  Jack of all trades; he can do almoBt  anything. Mrs. Gayboy���������And mine If  a sort of Jack of clubs; be belongs-tc  fifteen different societies and can da  almost anybody!  Cause and Effect.  - Mlfklns-Wnsn't     Benedict's    deatb  nattier sudden and  unexpected?    Blf-  j kiijs���������Well,   it   was   sudden,   but  not  j necessarily unexpected.    His wife bad  Just graduated from a cooking school  Adversity is sometimes hard upon a  man, but for one man who can stand  prosperity there are a hundred who  ���������will stand adversity/. ��������� -?��������� -������-���������'.   --'-'   S ���������  Boots and Shoes  -s  "-S-IS  A large Consignment   has been re-  ceived corisisting of  Miners' Boots  -". v-t-sa  made ot English Kip, heavy nailed  toe and heel plates and guaranteed  tor heavy wear. Also an assortment  of Heavy Watertight Shoes for ordinary wear  BOYS' and YOUTHS'   heavy   nailed shoes   at the  same price as Canadian shoes,  and a fine lot of he use I  Slippers in Felt, Carpet and Leather   for Ladles',  Gents  and Children.  e-r's iu oilier,    mrs  iiii, si l.w days in   the Terminal Ciiy  uilli  fiiends.  Win I'm Iliifth, 10 years old, was  -.-.���������eielv injured by a | Inner at  \oi tlilield yesterday, losing the  n-i-,1 if one of his I muds. He is-.il  inrseiit in the N.miinio hospital do-  ii    a*, well   as cm be ex'pe'.'te.l.  NOTICE  Public'** notice is hereby* given that  no jierson or persons .shall cut or remove any timber on Section 1, R.8,-  Cranberry District, or any of my  land adjoining in Bright district,, or  ! trespassing*,     or  Ihey will he prose-  Ellis.     "Nfd"      FUjs  had" scattered I HOTEL     LELAND.  nioiii-v in   New York  with aproiitr.il   fT. J. Wellman, Prop.,  Vancouver.)  haiKl,  aiv.L     was   known  as a liberal ' '. Oae block from C.P.R. Depot    and  s| piii'er.   His career started when he   steamboat  wharves.    Newly renovat-! cute.l according to law.  was  Mill   in  his   'teens, his parents    ���������* and     re-modalled.    Rates   $2  per  allow int!,* dim i!r������0 a day pocket  mon-   ������������������!���������    Corner Qranville, and Hastings  ev      "Huii" was almost as well sup- atraeta   Telephone.  1-4.  plied, and  they  lived sc rapidly that  .lATWEK  PATERSON.  Dated  July  11,   1905  John  Maherer,  who spent   Tucwdni  iiiiihl   in  toun,   vvns cnlprtji-ii'-fl  hy a  party  of his  Fi lends  dm nip;  lhe   e\eni  iiii;;.    Mi    Alahcier sajs  the      friends  were  paiticulaily  eiilerlaiinng.  Waltei .Tones left For the camp IS  milts l..iek ol l..iily.sinilh yesterday.  Iff nopes oi. lus leluin in live cowr-.e  of a lew ueel's to Ji������nw soinelhing  inoie aiiout the \alue of Ilk* copper  oif  in  ih.it  section.  A number of Ladjsmilli people  went up to Narainio jtslculay to  nlteiKl the- welding ol Miss Frame  Among thuse who let in ned .on the  moining ii.iin Mere: .Aliss I ten, Ah  aii'i'Mis llug'naitl, 'Me-.srs. Fulton,  Lewis l.ros-.,-Masters J. Evaiif? and  ���������Mc'Kiiiiion.:  ,Travi:-iliiig- men are .complaining  about .the ; permission to tra.vcl tin  freichl, ��������� trains icing taken a way- since  the C-^l'.R.. took over lhe road. It is  to l.e Ixijiod . that -the-'company will  sec. their way clear to again allow.  j'.;*!-'.ple..lo'������������������ traV'td on freight, trains under  proper- eoii'.-litii.-ns.  .T.he warn'i ���������weallier.-is felt b-ailly  enough in 'Ladysmith, Ihi I. when the  reports .of ���������!() prostrations n. day,  with a doy-eii -deaths are sent out,  from some of. the Eastern cities, we  may he glad Ihat .such- oppressive  Aveall:<?r as cause's sunstroke is unknown-on the west, coast.  ���������'Ned"  Ellis found himself-broken in,  health  when still a   young man, and-  went   io McCoy's place to regain his  Iciitli.     Ellis  felt  that  hi- owed  his  life mere to ihe voluntary nurse than  to   the physicians, ml   as   -oon -   > lie  was    well      they were  marrifti    !������������������"��������� '  went      lo  New Yortf,   *-'���������*���������-���������       -.;!- (  nknt* at  the ftelleelaire.   Ellis turn-j  i d ever a new leaf and bepan tc. live '  as-i!er  life.   On  the  day  tliat Ellis j  .mi     Mbs Earle were married Mi's  "McCoy celebrated the event by eloping  wilh Ralph Thompson, a     youth  with a million or two dollars,-   and  sailing  for  Japan by   way of     San  Francisco.   McCoy  secured  a divorce  and  sued" Thompson for  ������20.,OOOfoi  alienating  his  wife's  affections,   but  he trial has never'taken place. When'  ' lionipson     returned     from,   a:,-trip  aroiii7.1   the world he. nurn'rd     Mrs.  McCoy    McCoy,.married. IiKliola   Ar-  u ���������!;',    an .���������'".ic*-', and  went   to  Los  Angelos     to  keep a fighting  ensag*--  m.iil       iMis.     AleCoy, afer a s'-iori  hone} moon, returned from i.os Angeles aline.    In the latter part*of -.������.������������������ t  .\'o\eiii'!ier,  "lied"  Ellis died suddenly  in his     apartments al  the Bclle-  claire.    lhe  wife inherited  the bulk  of his fortune.    She is .tne owiur c������  yachts,  automobiles, and several  fine  lhe  wealthy  young widow seemed   lo  loinlry places. * It is stated"'that up-  l>c recehed   ���������vith  favor by her.  There   on McCoy's return tha,t bis marriage  is  an   involved and   interwoven  story   with Miss Arnold bad been.-a. mock.  of romance to. which the marriage of  marriage and  that the principals had:  McCoy and  Mrs.   Ellis  will  add    an-   agreed to an aniiulinent. McCoy sail!  other chapter, iu w-hich divorce, mat*-   recently   tjiat   the  inairiage  had   no  riage,  eloi'ment,   death.- mock    -mar-   legal ..status and that both could mar  riages and   marriage follow one     an-   ry at any time they chose/    It     is  other   will*,  confusing  rapidity.    Mrs.   now     announced that... "-'Kid McCoy"  Ellis  was   Estelle   Earle,  schoolmate   will  lead  Mrs.  Ellis to the altar di-  of (���������::(��������� lust   wife'of  McCoy, ar.d   was   rectly  she  recovers   from   an :illness  al'.iais  a st-iiunrli   -suji-p'Oi !.;r  o1'      the   which is keeping her confined fo    er  l-.ilt>:-i-��������� in   lhe ile.-me-slic  dillicuUics  of   rco'ms at her hotel.'- .--.'     ������������������-:������������������  \nl   siill   each  sele  is  claiming th"  . i.-io:v  in  the  Al'/erni  di'itriel.  Sal-  . il.i,   will   tell   the  tale  and  should  'in-.-   si/ino  rest   to   tlw overworked  i-hliii.-ii s of both  sides.    The elcc-  lois   will   very   likely   feel   rcleiiod ,  ai..I having been loi. 1 ilo'.ens of limes  '���������n n.<  the campaign how t".iey should  ul.:,   will   pit coed   to  vott>  just     as  'lev   ha\e  a mind   to,   regardless   ot  .uh ice.   n   :TOIL 1ST TO WED  '  MILLIONAIRE   WIDOW.  vi cos ding   to   American   mail   ju.-������t  o h nl, says a'London paper,  Mrs  E.stelle Ellis, a vomit*, widow \\ho������iii  heiitcd  an  estate  valued  at   ������1,000,-  SHHi  i^/on tlie  .le.ilh of her hushe.nd,  a g'l.uitlson   of the   famous   American  I-coir.oiive builder, tight months ago  is  engago-I   to  "Noim.-n'SJlby,  known  ,is   * '"Kid   McCoy,''   the  pugilist.  'I he  aiiliouiicemiiil  dots   not   come as  .���������.in pi s-  to  '��������� hj  ft ion ds of  Mrs    Elli  .in'.!  McCoy.    I'V.r  the  past   two     oi  ihrie mtntlis   they  have  l.cen     constantly   together,   autonio1!tiling,      al  the laces and treat us,  :nl the mar'  cd  at lent ion  McCov  was   pajing     U  Hot Weather Necessities  METironis'i  LENZ & LEISER  WHOLESALE DRY    .   OOOUS,  "SI'NDAY  SCHOOL   P'IC-NTC.  Tie  eo-iiiiiiiflo-   who  have   the     ar-  raiig.e.'iK nt   of   I he-S.S.  exciirsioii   to  Dun.-.-ins   in   hainl, would   reiu.iiKl     ihe  liiiblic   of -lilt;,   plea's, nt.   day's   outing  iuil ic.i|iali d,  and imitc all   to  go w lio  can.    ll  -is   especial ly  urged   Unit   the,  parents   and 'friends   of   the   childnii  j  buy   I heir   tickets i;f   the eliil'di'eii, and ; in  proiidi'   li'iiskels   well   liih'd   for  day.     Ticl.ets   may   \n- pun hasei  1li-  sl-ilii'in   from   the*  eoiinni I tec    on  ; Mr.     Ili'nvni'il,   of   the   Western   Fuel  .Sa.|.,:r:l::y   inorniiig,   bnl,   if   possi'bl-e,  i C<im,iany,   i.s   in   lo.vn aiwl   it   is pos-  get   your   tickets   frivin   the   e.liili.lreu. : sibh-   something   looking   towards     a  MANUFACTURERS OF  GENTS'   FURNISH 1N0S,   ETC. -   .  SHIRTS. OVERALLS.   ETC.        '  :       '   "   ",~v"  We eit all con plaining cf the Heat and. hardly  know u hat to Eat. We have everything for a  nice cool lunch and can suit all tastes.  IN TINS  - __, i, ,  LUNCH TONGUE  ". LUNCH BEEF "  LUNCH BACON  ROAST BEEF .  RO\ST MUTTON  SIMON LEISER &C0 Ltd.  OATAORE ST.  LADYSMITH  W. G. Fraser  MerchantTailor,,,  (ist Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your choice.  ���������  WE ARE SHOWING THIS WEEK  TWO NEW LINES OF STOVES MANUFACTURED   BY   OUR .LOCAL  STOVE rWORKS -      .  BONELESS VEAL JELLIED P1G3 FEET  CHICKEN BRAWN  .    " ruj<KEY CLUB HOUSE MEAT  ,{    BONELESS DUCK  COOKED BEEF SHEEPS' TONGUE  CORNED BEEF RABBIT  DRr- CHIPPED BEEF -    BOILED MUTTON  HAH LOAF  VEAL LOAP  BEEF LOAF  CHICKEN LOAF  3 this for 50c  Cambridge Sausage, Large Tins, 3 for $1.00  ;.^ Vienna Sausage, 15c. aTin- ' :     ;  Clark's Pork and Beans, 3 Tins for 25c.   -  Van Camp's Pork and Beans, 15c.  Old Church Pork and Beans 10c. large size, 20c.  VICTORIA, -p.. .C,  !.*   l.:ii{jHMl   .Mine   VVorl.'ers lire linlil-  , ...^ uiiio"tine; nt  I.Ik ",Snl *���������';'. I ion   Army  1-bii.i   l.iarr.ie! s,     N'aiininin,   luday.   SeVernl  nl.: ollict is  fi-inn   I lie Stales  are  presenl.  'I'lr.-  cbiklri'ii,   ;is   ma.iiy   a.s   |)(is:.ible,    reo1 on in/; tcf   tin-   mines   may   ]������������������:  ure  ici'iest,-;!   Id call  at   the paison-; ilcii't.il ���������. n.  aye i.n l,'i-,i(lny ���������.'Veiling anil Rvt their  tie! i I.s, .so a.s In avoid i-oiil'usion at  the. sl-ali'i'ii   in   Saturday  iiioiikin-j;.  M s.   .Slejiliins   was a passeiij;-  Narr.imo  at   noon   today.  iin-  lo  tissy '-���������' 'mm^w^-iiy^^^s^^^^ss:^^  f >  niio  1 f|ft n s|  lobsters, Clams, Oysters, Shrimps, Crabs, Salmon, Sardines, Kipped   Maddies, Kippered  Herrings, Boiled Mackerel  Van   Camp's   Goneeutrated  Soups,   assorted,   Chicken, Tomato.  Vegetable, Oxtail, Bullikn, Mock Turtle, etc., 15c. a tin.  ETC.,;ETC.   . ..;; .'  AniiAin TABLES FOR  SHIRTS and TIES  ENSE SNAPS  orrison's, Ladysmith, B, C.  WILLIAMS   HL0GK.  TELEPHONE  6-7  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  Ah Wing > Co.  Merchant  Tailors  Ladles' and dents' Clothes Made to  Order.  PERFECT FIT GUARAMT"' V*>  LADYSMITH,   B.   C.  is  USERS OF  WHITE SWAN SOAP  Stand a good chance to win a  GRAMOPHONE  . Every  25-rent purchase  of Wli ite.    Sw.an     Soap     entitles you to a  .ticket in the"drawing for this high i^rade, giriinophone.  Drop in and See Them  FOL;R HOLE  KITCHEN COOK   SIX HOLE GRAND UNIVERSAL   ....   $15.00     $.35.00  LADYSMITH HARDWARE' CO., Ltd  CharHe   Dunn  MERCHANT TAILORS  NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  - Charles Dunn, of the above firm, visits Ladysmith every Sunday for the  purpose of taking measurements and seeing castomois personally. May  be seen at the,Hotels. We guarantee all stock and a peifeet fit at lhe  lowest possible rates. Suits from $15.00 up. Pants from ������1.00 up. All  Hand-made.     Full line bf the Latest supplies  ALWAYS -carried   by -Mr,  Dim:"'--::    - : :^ / ' v,'        ������������������ ���������������������������, ���������,"-   ,y  '-' ' U |J-   ;  ONE  HUNDRED  ACRES   OF   LAND   IN THE CEDAR  DISTRICT  .   .. . HAS BEEN PLACED WITH ME  FOR SALE  FOR A LIMITED TIMlv AT  $265  I HAVE TWO SHEEP FARMS ON ONE OF THE GULF ISLANDS  $450 buys, the two  JOHN STEWART P. O   Box 26B  CONVEYANCING  NOTARY   -PUBLIC  ESEaBE^gSS^Rgtf'M��������� 1  BFORCPMriER  ��������� .' - ��������� f-   ���������  WATCHMAKE������,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAu  All work done on these premises  is guatantced to give SATISFACTION. Prices moderate.  First Avenue,   XX   X     Ladysmith,   B. C  Stoves  We are making them of the Newest    Pattern and Latest  Styles.  WE DO ALL ������lNDS OF FOUNDRY WORK  Our Prices are Reasona, ble  SEE OUR    NEW STOVES IN   BL AIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  LADVSniTH IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  ���������i'V : >'?  y.; v.


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