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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jul 12, 1906

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'         Lilt     -t*-'      *' "������v"'    //   ^j^. '      "<Jt
VOL.,2 ���
July 12,  1906
New Wcstmnintei, Jul\ 12.���To, l.e
denied the right to sec Irs owneliil
(lien oi even to ho told wheie thes
are is the sad talc which iUi. Ki.iii!
Olheisei of this citv tells, and the
child)en's Aid Snciet\ of Vancoinei
oi l\li ('. .1 Soith, thc seciclai\
of that i.oih, is lesjionsiblc- foi thi->
state of affairs
The ehiklicn in question aie two
little ��uls a��od nine and eleven yeui->
lcspcctiwly and ha\ c hern m Iho
care of the society fen the past nine
)oars, ��n/l their fatlici states that
they ha\c now been given out to a
family in Vaw.oi-.ei to adopt without the knowledge of tihe fathei, ainV
he is now d J.ied the light to sec
them, and the society has iefu.so.tl to.
tell him vheic they aie
The child ten were fiqcyitntly vasited
!>y then father duiuig ihe past vear,
and was building a home in this city
and hoped soon to he able to ha\c
them With him aga'n, and he states
thai the society expic-sel its willingness that he should h.ue tlioin
hack us soon as he had a ' suitjjble
home foi them, and it was with
gieat sin pi isc that he leainod when
he went o\ei a feu days a,g.o, that
they had Uecn atoned to be adopted jusl as he was a-boiil icudy to
take them home again.
Thc children v.etc (nsi taken possession ol by tho Childicn's Awl Society at Nelson two ve.ii-. ago, as
the com I ordered s0 ailci healing
tho evidence of the. njniiiiei m winch
they weie ueiug cued loi 'I lu- evidence showed that thuv had been
poorly clothed ��nd fed and weie also
sin loin, del with ininioialily on tbp
pait ot thc mothci. Mi Olheiser,
had loft home'same tiine pieviously
owmg lo tiouhlc with liis wife, and
she had ihne.ikiicd to'shoot huu it
he came hack lo the bouse lie was
working on" (he tail way al. Clow's
Nest I'.as when he hist leainod
lioiu ihe newspapeis of thc Yhildien
ha\mg 1 cell taken possession of by
the soeieU. lle"ha<3 iks\ci soon his
wife since Uie time he left home
Mr.   Olheis-er lately: came  1,6-: this
-��Kft<��. '
Soaitlc, July 11. ��� Ailci a   Ui.il, j     \   Yaiitouiei despatch  ^a>s.  Swan-j
wlmh lasted two weeks. aHAl 2da>s,
it loon. the juiy iu tiie Gixnge- Aiii-
dndi ease jusl one hour ^nd^uvent)-
ine- minutes io dett'Lflnae that Uiu
j oath was not guilty ol murder iu
miiing  f'lany. Ediuuud  Orcield  on the
'ihe boxing contest between W   fill-
soi Bay, located a few hu.id.rcd miles*, he* t and \\. Ba\eis has Lout iiostpcm-
uP  the'coa.,1, will Le one of the   bu- (ulymtil -.Saturday,  July  21st,  ow.aj
sn--.t camps in   the Noiih as soon as
pulj-iudntiiig inachineiy  and nwm   can
be sent theie      The machuiicry     has
sticees oi Seattle, May, 1, last,   'the'neon  oideicd   and   iho  men  are     I*-
eulie-i was ltad at a    gaiter     to jmg gathered together, and within   a'otiS ot the
loMhe  fact     (hat   this    date is p.ij
laB,  ^ 'I lie    postpciummt,   liuwewu,
is(',not''due  altogclhei,  to  the    usual
omise,  that    oi     atliacting a    huge
i.ii]��(l,  but it. owing lo thelact  that
principals cannot sccttie
ii��ts o'eloCiv yesteiday, afternoon   and ',0I imght     it is expected   that
was gieet-ed with rounds ol applause '
irom the audience,
i he courtroom was uiowdod ye-siioi-
da.v   a-ft,ciOoOii, as it becaiii'f appaienl,
that  the enxi  oi  tiiii Uiai   was uoai
iho audience     wat> comi->os>c(l   laigel),.
will he on the ground and active pie-
pa i.itions begun.
in pursuance oi cable instructions
icicixed Irom oflicTals of tha company
in London, Knglantl, Mr. J. M. Mc-
i\. union, general manager and repie-
of     the Canadian  Paeihc
ol memheis of the .e.ai.  oi Ling coun- j* J.i^^'g
ty,  woiucii and personal    uieiuh.    ol  ^ull>"lllte Company in British   Colum
Iho    accused     m��ui. I'uw  lelt the
courtroom when the jury lotuod at
d.JL4 o'clock and Uie gcueial opinion
was that the jui> wounl loluui. I lie
verdict in a lcwr niiiuttes lv was
not until 4.40 o'cloc, howc\ci, rhat
tiie rap on tnc dooi of tlic juiy- {
J-oom aauouncod Mi.ct an agiceincnt
had been reached.
in the meantime the  pusonci   bad
been taken, down slaus   io  the   jail-
'ei's room. Thcic was j, pause while*
lie Was brought up aun tlic couil tool$
his seat, 'ihe judge adduissud a icw
woids of waiiimg against any djLin-
oiusLiation, whate/ei thc veidict The
auditiitc listened ^itlt .bated bieuth
Lo ibc pioceednigs ol tlw coun, the
pulling oi tho jmy, the question by
Lliu judge and the handing o^er ot j
tine- \cidict  to .the judg��.
\v'hen thc words "aiot guilty"  weie
piouounced, however,  thc. feelings   oi
lilie audience ^vlele not to be lestiain-
ed.     Uesjiite tho   court's oideis   the
sjiectaiois  began, enthusiastically    to
,cla|>  bauds" in    applause^   'An expres-
sn>n 'of-happ<��-sympaUi^* spread   ovei
almost .evciy face lfl, the    courtioemi
The  -in y     was     dismissed and   the
pnsoiiu   temporanly   lemandeU    into
the  custody  of the shcin'i      As     the
juiois slood up to go  Alitohell seemed one ol  the most ,.self-poj sessod h��-
uies in the courtioom       I'cople    began to ciowd up   t0 the rail t0| shake
haudS with the young man and. -to of-
city and , Ikis- frcftuontly vil.iiod    the |iBr<^ ' Word    ��' congratulation.     It
children   at\.'ttiefndinc' in  A'ancouwr fW^lS  b�� a^��-U Jiist S1;-!l a'-scone   that
and.- plfer-oii to- pay   for their   Support
siiHicicnl money conicnicnllj foi the
Mi'e-l.ot until that dale. The sidc-
.c- will he 101 lifty dollais each and
imVe if the men can i.nso n, and
thiji light will be foi the money, anl
no imistake.
'I his nioiiuii" .Mr. Bayers called m
at 'the Lcdgei odice luul deposited
<i2VL-with the e.litoi as evidence of
nis'good faiih in  the piojosed   bet
Lii   who has his headiifcaxters in \nu        <
ui,  ��uo n.ia u �� up��� i lL'Vstates    ihat Uilbcit  will put   up
cuinci, has started  the  ball    rolling I '
but bisv.inigney was refused, he states,
by 'Mr. ��butli. lie further states
��� that"'he can give suflicient eoklence of
his good character,'"and tJiaL there-is
no i- -:(;n . why he should; he denied
possession  of his'children.
���lie.has.-'.. engagied" Messrs. -Martin,
W'fart jtiid McQiiarric to 'Lake up, the
��� rasic and .intnuls .to" force, the society to giw. up his children if it will
not do other.wise-, for he states that,
he had been promised possession
of his little, g rl right aiohgi and
.that the society or its officers had
no right whatever to take'-'the "action
they did, "especially since he is able
to provide a comiforlahle h.onie for
them .and t-al:c good care of thorn.
Mr. So'jth, upfii being,seen in connection with the above stated that
'the-lather was. to.!d ibjv hinj a long
time n?,o to make application to thev
judgc at . Neilsdii for a iM-lieariug of
the case.
The sock'ty novor proinisod the children in question lo the father, who
had deserted tliein Unowi-iig the fearful condition in which they were living in -.Nelson,-", added Mr. South.
Thc child an are ��� adapted under thc
act, and nre happy aiwl well cared
for. When p.n'rents lose e-ontrol of
their children throug.li their-own inis-
(loin.gs, it is a;.ain. t the best inter-.
Parents or guardians t0 have any in-
esl.s of l.li;: cliiidi'en lo allow such
terccuirse  with   Ihiciii."
Although Meyers, (he man anvsl.Ml
hy Officer Cassidy on a charge of
scaling tools, etc., from the wharves
or the Wellington CV-'Hiery (,o., iu
FeMiruary last, denied tJhat lie was
the right man, he was last night
found guilty and sentenc-enl to kix
months' imprisonnient by Justices
of the Fence Stewart nnd M.atho:on.
This is (he second time Meyers has
been in trouble mi similar charges,
he having spent hlinr months in jail
as a result of the piwious conviction. Tins time he will have cltu
ble the length or time to medial* ;
upon the evil  of his  ways.
tbe court had reman-.lod the prisoner-.
At 'the.''.,L-0tjne.st*,ur- liis attorneys l\lit-
chcll Was-at' once, disjuvisse.il, and left
the room a free man.
...Buffalo/-   A'.   V.,   July   tt.���A   Uahi
of  two  Lrotley cars  wosUjouiid'   from.
Loekpore   ou   the   Hues   oi'   Uie   laetr- .(J  o{ dil:ecfcoTSi  Lieut._Col.  W.   A.
naiional  Uallway  Uoxuimny,  and cl^;McniS| Rattle H.Ui; Mr. .M,   A. Sandll,
whuir   pi onuses to make    Swanson
I'ay one of  ihe biggest logging.camps
Mi    Mckumoti Wus instruct*M to   'in-I
mediately  older all necessaiy    niach-
inei\    and     employ a full quota   of
men  to  woik  tJie camp afler   which
he was to. p'roorod ti> Swanson   Bay
an:l see that operations weie started
Mi    Mac. ninoi  lias  placed     orders
loi a laige  poition of the machni2iy
and is inauing ariangeincnts for   the
sm ring of the remainder.      An   un-
io-d.ite  logging equipment is     being
onlciod in  \ancou\ei, logcthei    with
tugJioats an l scows, and a p. rtahlc
saw null.     'I his equipment is   to   'be
leady  at   the eailiest possible  moment  and  will    to siiit   lo     Swanson
Bay   togetbei  with all inscessaiy men
as ipuckly  as e\eiything can ha   got
together  foi   thc tup      All.  Mad m-
non expects to piocecd  to, the camit
with  tho  lust   installment, and  aflci
i dimming theie a   lew day*.,  will re-
Luin,to-VaiV'oiiMCi* to meet   and ('on-
li'i   with Mi    VI    VI   Sawyci, a noteil
nvil ciu;inroi  of London,  cjiaimiaji of
Ihe company,* al'o  with      Mr     John
Yule, a. lcidniij  nieinbei  of ihe   London Stock  K\ch.uige and direct^F   of
Ihe company      These .two gentlemen
aie .ii   present on Uieii  way to Van-
eouvei   fiom  London and   will     pio-
lial'ly spcvid   some time at     Swanson
Hay in. the  interest of the comipany.
The Canadian Pacific Sulphite   Co.,
is said  to have, three and a '"half million 'cords of  wood in. sight at Swan-
sou  Bay.    Taking half of  this,,   it  is
estimated that it would produce C(0'r
Idns of pulp which at an estimated
Iiio.1t" of *i0  per  ton,  some idea , of
the  profits  accruing to the company
can  be arrived    at.     To this    profit
..must;- alsm   aie added a large   profit
which  will     come    from  the lumber
placed on  the market.
The following well, kiiowii"'fnen " of
l'lngland are members-"of the company;.. Chairman of directors, Mr.' E.
hi,"Sawyer,  London; members of the
at Touawand al 9:25 o'clock lonigl'tj
niemSjer of  Lloyd's,   .London':, secre
tary,  Mr. M. T.   Wighani,  Lonilon.
ra.ii into ah. open switcli at a siding-'
just'east'oi' ��� Martinsville aad crashed!	
iuLo'.a  trolley  Ireight  luotor. and    a
train oi seven lVoight 'cars'which wei'<>( ROBERTS ON
lying; ou the siding-...waiting   ��or(" iliu
passenger train to go by.   Five   i>as
seng-t-rs   iviiri)  killed  outright,    and   a
sco.ro  injured  some of whom  will  dio ..'   ,
Head:   John      llaltleiiian,  niotormaii.
���Loekporl;   Ohas.   Hulchesou,��� ' nogru, '    Londnn.    Juiy'    1.1.���C.neral     l.or4
Luckporl,;  unkhowu  woman,   girl  and Jtoborts,    .who    has   been     campaign-1
boy,   supposed io be broth cm- and sis-  '"g "iff eotmiry in ihe e;luso of army (clerks   will  not   get   down   on     their
ter, names  unknown. ivforn;-' brought up. the ; .piesl ion    lo-   kiiees  (o  coax  foe   it."
 ; L.0 ;  'day   in  ihe House of  Lords,  devoting!    '' "''��  "'as Uie e.vprcssiou made to   a
"MAKES  UP"   SOCIETY   \VOMh"N.   I1'l"s*"'t" part ieuhu-l.v      io   the eonti'ii-j ColuinbJ.aii reprei-entative on  Tnesdax
all'that is eommg to him on ju>-
��ia\", aind he (Havers) will do like-
"Vou see,' said Bayeis, who talks
in a slow, matter-of-fact tone, ' thc
idea is to put up all wc can get,
^o that, if nctcd}' conies to i*e the
l-gli't, -w�� can sjo on any was, and
m.itfe it woith while foi one of us
to win I'd just .ibout as soon be
..iotc a& the way 1 am, and 1 thinn
. * iljLerl is the same. So we> will
,.iU.it up, and the best man can
'jiKe the chunk The losei will, u
i he''house is good, hardly tome out
Men in am* evemt, as he will recur-.e
only lortv |>ei cent of Wi* irteipls
and'out of this will ha\e to pa\
���irtll^of the expenses." \
'llfc match     will   he a   fiflecu-iound
ccntcst,  and   will   l,e- fought   with    I
oi my u gloves        'l I'-e irfeic? \\i 1    I.
VliosAf^at the  niij.si'ie,  the mils   con
iiticJj^&^lig that he shall   le no    Le
laliv'e'*$ftfiiteith<H* man and  shall  kno.x
soin��fhing  about   the  game     Itaieis
weighs about   112,   wink-  llilheil w II
i,o about  two      |/ound.s  lightri    when
Ihey   meet  in   the   i ing      Asked    tins
morning il  be   was gouig  into (eain
ing at   onrc,   Ma\eis  n plird  thai    lu-
was not      He  was  going    lo    woik
again  out  at   tho   logging lamp,  and
gel  all   the  eo n  he  ejuld   to  hot   on
himself; 'Me sa\f;,  however;  that  he
will train oht  there as niu<:h its'jios-
slide,   and     lias   the   situation    siy.ed
up that if he can g-ct his  "wind"  in
goo-l condition,'he can win  ihem;lli-li
"The way  I'.ve <���ol things si ml up'
said he,   "is  that,  if   the match   goes
over six   Toi.n-.ls,      the man  in     the
(-.-'est-shaje for    wind./will- win,   and
that's  the pirn I'm   working on.  ' We-
are L-ol.h goinig      to- try  and win   as
soon as \ie can,  but if we do go   the
limit,   you  can   hot   neither   one   will
be in  very good shape after   it     is
\li    C"o     L    Com teney,      ueneial
pa'sui'.i'i   ajent    for C P.H.,   passed
Ihiough L.ul\smith last e\eiung en
unite lo Vancouict Mi. Coui(ne\
"...s as ed h\ a I.edgt'i iepneientali -.e ir^aidiug the pioposed change ->f
filling dates foi the .loan Some
iiiisuiuh-rstaiAling existed locally ie-
g.uding   the   new   time   tatble,   as    it
ms not uiidi rstood whctlier oi not
the Saturday boat would run as usual. Mr. -Courtney stated that, en"
of Ihe icasons of changing the time
was to- allow the Joan to remain
��� n X.tiiciuvei on Saturday afternoons
.s she was in frequent demand foi
e\ui.rsioii paitics in that city. In
,idn to comply with this demand,
ih? company had decided to change
the date ol hei sailing heie, "But"
continued Mr Couitney, "wo ha*-c
not entirely forgotten Ladysmith,
an I the strwee prou<k.d by, the new ,
schedule should bo just as good, if
not better than that m existence
picuously "
Since the ab~��e interview, tclegia-
phic lnstructionfe lia\ie been receded
at this olhcj to the effect tliat the
lime table is a^ain changed, and the
Joan will cnlv lea\e Ladysmith on
ri'.Mlavs, at G a in., and not Wednesday  mornings, as advertised   pie-
'1 Ins, ol couise, loaves Ladjsmith
.n exactly (lie same, position sne was
heleire icgaidinn connection with Vaneou \ei���one boat  per  wa?l.
The new   pnuctpul    ioi    the   Lad< -
smith  schooK  will  be Mr.   D     Hun-
lu.  of Greenwood        At a   meetin--,
of Ihe school    board held on     TT.��r>
day  CMiunn   hist,   applications for \.i-
< 'lit  {oMiioiis    in  Uie  heal     school
'lufi   were    consideicd,  and   it     w,i>
..'.elded  to  accept   thai   ol -Mi     JIuj
i-I   as    pnneipal.     Accoidinyly,    ih.s
ileik   was   instiuctcd  to   write     llial
Kiiitleinnn,  and  today ' received  a .re
,lv, to thc eliect  that  he  will eo.i.i
\nothci new nvemibci of the stati.
will be Miss Wisctuillcr, of Duiki.u,
i ho will be in charge of the h'ouit'i
'-1 ision nrxt teim.
\li Hunter has formerly oecupi.l
i'e position of pi ncipal both of the
n teen wood and Jiaslo schools, and
. o-ncs  well   iccommendod
���%^% ���
Kcgaidm^, the ruinoi which Jias beet,
cuiie-ui in iad)smnh sol soiiveila}^
to ine cuect-, that .trouble oi s-ome-
���and eus\.id m the Ni.nanuo inuus,
Uie liCN-feei has ahead) had one con
iiaiintiou horn iNajiaiino, siatiii3
ihat notuiug wbaitevpr is wron.g m
iliL- mines Ll.erc, ami woik is neing
cairiou cm th-' same .as usual. Se\-
crai-i\aUaiiiiio people inaeniewed last
e^e.iiug stated thai the '"port wtt^
ali news to thein, andjas-iea il limes
were dull in Ladystuiih, insinuating,
i.liat Uliey must Le, or else such ru-
nii.is would not   i>e in existence.
III.)      .laiH'iio,   Bia/il,   July     J D ���""
1 l.o   revolutionists   in   Ihe    state    oi
Mutto Grosso, hn%o oci upicel the, tup
il.iI   of   the    stale   oi   Cua>hambai i,
.oil  -.oi/od  tho government
I'he  state-  of Matlo  Grosse bordei s
on   Uolnia    and has an aiea of .">2,j-
- '<��� squaie miles   and us population
in   1390 was -3,827      Theie have bw n
if ports fo**  several  months oi  a \l.>-
iiluiion in Matto CJiosso,  which, ho,.
>' er,   thc      llra/ilian  go\emmcnt    :ii
l.i re  a�� May  2.*>  chai.ic len/od    as    re
,.urply   local   struggle .lK.-tween . j)oh*
i uns     Telegrams      fiom  Asuncion,
Ma,\   24      reported      that   the  Matto_
��rosso    revoluLj^ojusts beadetl JjxJDi. -.
i' ��.>i-oso      1'once  had   raptmorl     tin1
iowns  oi   Coiuniba,      Santa   Ana    d.-1
lini'biho" and    Paconii; and  were then
i  proathing    Cuvaba the  capital
(lovernor ��� I'ae'.. (possibly the ofli-
.iil designed in the foregoing des
faich as Piosident ol the state, who
is 'aid to have been imuduied) on
M.-i.v 10 arrested th.? cbid's of the revolution but soon afterwards r.jlcas
o.l Item on their promises io vrfrain
from activity.
���Evidently the road to weekly half-
holidays 'iu New Westminster is not
without its thorns for the clerks ol
.that city, as tho following fnpni a
���iate issue of the Columbian will
"'if merchants think live hours'
holiday in a wee'' is going to break
the town, then by all mums let them
smash Wednesday half-holidays.   The
ri^AKb FOR
^l .    I.Vlei soui-j
auu  court,   in  tne .'ucc ��� of  ti.x:  ri.-..��g   OflO, in   18-75,   $0,(100,01X1, aJid  in
New York,���Miss. Frances llamil- liu" ,h'it "ie nnvy,, was. suilU-icni
ton, who -has starlod thc new pro-! pi-oteci ion for the l-'.inp'uv. lie point
fession of "making up" society wo- <"'' oui that (Jicat llriiaiu rould not
men's faces, says: '"'In one of the, depend in tbe future upon allies,
old New York homes, where I had whose assistance in the pasi was iu
given a reading, I- was invited in to u large m.-asuec responsible for the
meet the guests, a'ul one swciM-faeed success of On.'ni llrilnin's wars. 't'We
woman with a pale face came up io (ieriimns. who fc previous wars hud
tuts and  remarked  how  she envied mc'|,0,.n   (Jront    llrilnin's   niiliinry    sup-
for id.v good color at the cud of a
tiring afternoon.. 1 told her it was
a'vfry simple inatler if she would
only put the rouge on correctly. To
my suiprise, sheWius .delighted, aii4
begged ino to show her how.
Through her 1' reached other society
women, and 1 assure you -my patron;;, whose naiwes I could not divulge, are many or them among the
conservative old Knickerbocker families."
Friend (inriuiringly)   ���Well, what,
Suorh-niun I've shot nothing today, killed absolutely nothing. I'd
have done far :better to.-go out In my
automobile.���Bon Vivant.
port,   lAird   Itoherts   said,   were    now
her   compel itors   iu   tra(h-   nnd   shipping   and   ii    would   be  nl   ihe expense
of   their   own   interests    to     employ
I heir armies  lo assist  ("real   Britain.
A   prolonged   anil 'indecisive  conflict
resuliling   from    inadequate     military
organ "//.al ion    would    assuredly     loud
Iho  country   with   debt  and    taxation
which-'.-would   deprive   tbe:   nation     of
the    (innncial   power     on   which    tho
maintenance   of   the   navy   depended.
Lord   Roberts   declared   it    was    nec-
moining   by     Mr.   Cowan   Macigowau,
secretary of  the Clerks'  associnln u
who ..was    as.-.ed   regarding ilit* opinion of the clerks.     Othcts behind the J imposed
counters expressed similar .ses.utinienls   uf  the
''If the merchants arc of'he opinion we. are wanting, too much, let
I hem open,";, continued Mr. Margow-
uii; "but ifc is slraity-e that Y-.uicou-
ver, Victoria and other large cities,
which have inaugurated tho half-holiday, ai\c not talking of disco-a-tuuiliiy
it. In fact, the movement is growing stronger every day. But in New
Westminster there . has been so ,much
kicking that much of the pleasure is
knocked out. of the whole thing. We
never go away but we feel as if we
were stealing -something from our
employers, even though we make up
by working harder on other days
for the few hours we have off. Anyway, after making a start the half-
At. sixty-seven years of age, John
I). Rockefeller is estimated to be
worth $000,000,000, according to the
rgii-ps of careful invejitigators. Last
year 'Mr. Rockefeller, was wor.tih $502-
000,000 showing a .gain for tiie. present year of" *<I'S,000,000. In 11100 ha
bail only $400,000,000, and in the
year before, that he was poorer still,
$250,000,000. representing his total
inly   Lt.���'iUe cv.ar'wealth.       In    -1805 he had $100,000,-
...pi.'ii of roNolmion in v'ho eoum.r\ ye. >.r before that he was virtually
una. Hit- consianily eMencling ev i- lan'TUf t: When' the huge snow-
aei.ce of ciisai'iection in the army, ball of Koc: efi-ller's present fort/urns
seen. aL: Inst ,v-.ulv to turn to Un- o' $fi00,000,000 rolls down the years,
e.oiiMiu.tional J,^,.oerats as tbeunly gathering ."�� it does, the wealth of
means of paci.'ving.    tho country   as   ^'^ M"da��s will  appear as     mere
,    ,        ,   .* . ��� -.       ���.:,,.   comiontences.     His   income, this vear
ion-shallowed   in   ihe   inieriiew    wiih ....
as a'lO'.o     stated,     is estiniaited    at
tiwt.: J'repon. !$iy,000,i0i.        This   is   $.l,000;00(l    a
:    Xegoiuuions   looking   to   the    lor-
�� ,      .   mf.nth,   $101,.ISO    a  dav,    J-LOSo    an
mulion   of    a   ministry   composed    ol   ^   $m  u;   &   iiiimi|e',  ${ ^   ^ ^
fonsiituLioiuil Democrats were for- ^ And ^ .& ^ ^^ ^^
nmlly opened through ihe miermcd. 'of ^ vpap> ^ c.Uc|l|aUon fm. 33
iu.-.v   of   l'urmer  Alinister   ol   Agnc.1-'yt>< rs_ A;r      Rockefeller's     physician
says  he has  every   prospect of living
Party,    but   the     lirst |l(1 ho iQO years  old���is sUvrtling.     If
propositions of  the   go\ernnient  fail : ] js millions  colliinu<v to  increase    al
ed completely   owing to the in.possi-j ,),,. present rate, Mr.  Rockefeller   at
bility    of  Un-  Cutisiiuiiionul    liemo-11he age of  100 years,  will bo   worth
���rats  accepting  the  three    conditions   about   $2f>)000,00fl,000. .     This   is    al-
namely,   the  abandonment J most  three   timo;  as   much   gold   and
principle   of    tho    forced    ex-   Hi er   as   there   is   in  circulation,    in
propHation  of land,  full  amnesty i'0r J i a :ks and in   all  treasure houses and
Cent ro
political   prisoners,' and   to   ajjive
regulars    to     'have' holiday   should   be  given  a   fair   test
essary    besides
an ellicieni.    reserve   which  could  nio-Jfor   the   balance   of   the   time    agreed
boli'/e  half  a   million    men    nt    once on;  to the  end of i-Vugtisl."
and    an     organization   to   turn    out |    Quite a  number  of clerks    will   al-
trained  men   to  supply tbe    wastage  t.end  the    jvint     meeting  called   for
0f war j lie:'t Monday evening.
:i summer recess of parliament.. To
have accepted such conditions, the
Constitutional Democrats declare,
would, have made them guilty of tre
iison, would have entiroly destroyed
i their prestig-e in the country and
I have only ang-ored Instead of tnmqjii-
ili/ed   the   people.
The Constitulioinil Ueinoerat s in-
lend to stand by I heir guns and be
lieve the jfovornment most, shortly
u.-cept their terms. Tbe leech, org-an
of the Constitutional 1'emocmts.
thinks that victory- is not far distant.
Slreet demonstrations nnd rioting
are becoming more frequent in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which is regarded as being a hnd sign. At Mos
cow 7.000 employees of the Prokhar-
oft" mill,   who  wax: at   thc  front dur.
hiiiits on mrbh tod.13*
ing- the rioting in iK'ceinbor last i
ha\e g-one out on strike, presenting-
a series of -impossible, demands, in-
eluding- pay for the time lost during
the uprising, clearly proving- that
ihrir demands niv a pretext to slop
Some additional details of the mutiny of tbe .Seventh Cavalry at Taui-
bvo show that both the infantry
and tbe Cossacks sent to subdue the
mutineers refused to lire on them,
ihe infantry bayoneting- the officer
who gave the command. Only a de-
Inehment of dragoons, who, is said,
had been plied with liquor, attacked
Ihe mutineers. The officers of the
. eventh fired on their own men. Thb
number of killed or wounded has not,
been established. THELADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  HI  ���������I  ������I������ ���������$' $ ������$'���������������$' Q '$' ������fl 't1 $ *$ $ fr*"*"*^**"** <Sh|m$>|>  $   co/vyf>le>te>    line:   ������R, $  I CENTS   FURNISHINGS |  al,wAys    OIN   H/\iNO    at  BICKLE'S  PRICES   on   light  eund nriecliuirri   UNDERWEAR  sgjjgy,a������gaeBssw-  Smith, Fotos,  That's All!  Local Items  Mr. J.  train.���������  Blaikic left on the   jnorni������g  Airs. A. J. AlcMiutric was a pas-1  sender on tfie Victoria-bound train '  this  morning. / i  UMMLNSK   RESOURCES   ,  OF VAN'COUVER  ISLAND  Tin- lulloumy inloroslinji- account  of Vuiu'ouu'i- ihlaiid. ith resources  and jmssibilitic-hi ib clipped irom a  noat 77 pai;e [ilumpblfcL oalitledv  "Southern J'.riiisli Columbia, the Cm*  den of Uanadvi", issued by Lb"- Can  adian    J'cic.uc  Jtuilwui'    cjou.pai.v :  The minc-ial weal lb of Vancouver  island is quite equal   to    that of any  TUB  --HOT-.-  If you don't keep cod these  i days the fault is not ours  | We've ail sorts of--  | liii and Summery  STRAYED���������On or about th - hit of  duly, a Maltese kitten strayed rrom  my residence on Gat.ur.e Street  Finder will confer a favor by leaving any information at the Ledger  Office.  I  LAUNCHING  PARTIES.  Parties wishing "to engage a f.rst-  cllass launch for picnic or excursion  parties at reasonable rales should  apply to II. 13 LA I It, Cecil Hotel,  City. Launch may be engager! for the  opening at any time , st.  NOTICE.  Mis'd Alaud Baby    and  I other  distik-l   of     licit ish   Columbia.  I Thoro    are    e.vl ensivo  deposits  of  b'on  JSLlsi   1\  'k,|iii   San   Juan,    Unrkley   Sound,   Quul-  to    \ ict jr'a    il  i.  -Qiiihsaiii' l.nke 'and   i>thd?v dis:  JS   sino;  tricts.'.--   Coal.--niiniug-, is    carried , on  wcro     passengers  morning.  ��������� ��������� ������ i ��������� ��������� ���������-���������      --- ;������������������������������������=>   ���������  'a.1.      ExU-nbUm, Nanaimo,    Comox.  A number of Nanaimu people visit-' while nudev eloped coal measures are  ed the Rathbonc Sisters ol this mtv | J.oowu lo exisi in si.-wi-ul other di.s-  last evening, three carriages an iv.ing'" u-ieis. Tin' uui| ui of the Island  in the evening, and returning home ' coal mines for U'Oii aygrog-ated  after the meeting  in  thc lodge room. | ������)7U,ri7d   urn1-:,   ahoni    50,000      ions  short   of   Ihe    aiuuitil   av cm go   caused  \ tin a in io mines,  arc   also   widely  b.y a .strike- in  the  Copper-gold    bins  iNone Better-Capital & Nugget Ci������:ii.s  and  M'rs.   White-  will return  to  dysmith  this  evening.  La-  One dolmen footballs direct fiom 'he  Old Country, arrived today and aie  in the. custom house awaiting ibo | distributed, 'and placer gold is  pleasure of the football club, and the',1'"1"1 '" n'--ul? '''''''>' sll"'-,,im "'ll1 in  latter will have a plentiful supply of j t bo bUtcl*. sands i.i vaiiotis- places u-  footballs on liand when tho season , hm- the .-oasi. 'i\\o copper smelters  starts  again.' I are   operated    on   ihe   island,   one    aL  I.nd.vMiiilh" and tin; other at Oof I on  which l real tin- ores I'rom the local  mines  as   well   us  those   shipped  from  Airs. White, of the Ladysmith ho.-!1'10 lllIlillliiml t'������"st :1,ul oth,'r is"  tei, left on thc morning train for ln,uU- Tl"' "1'l^riunit i.-s for pro-  Victoria," where she will meet her lifublo mi..in.; are .msm-pn^s. d. as  husband, who has just returned from mmbinei-y 'nnd supplies can bi; trans  a prospecting trip in the iioith. Mv. , i������oi led a-heniil.v by water to almost .an.v purl of iln- Island. A  grout extent of I be interior is si ill  unexplored mid offers inieresling  o round lo I lie enterprising prospector.  'rin.ber.  It is an ac-knowI'Mlyod fact that  Vancouver Maud possesses the largest and 'most prolitablf area of met-  ehantablo Umber in t.he world. The  principal '.wood, and the staple of  commerce, is the Doug-las fu- which  grows to an jminenso size,,'many of  ihe trees attaining a lu-ig-ht of ,300  feet, with ,"a cii-c-umii-cncn at the  base of yo to .'.iri'.vi. A fair aver-  aye runs -from , fO.11 i o.. f."><> feet, clear  ol'limbs, and''five lo six feet in clia-  ni.otor. .Rev!-and yellow cedar, hemlock Cor . Alasi.a Pine) spruce, cypress, while pine. balsam. yew,  tamarack, maple, aspen, collonwood  alder, crab, apple. arbutus, birch  juniper. willow .and'-many other.  ?;iiicls' of useful trees are well rep.  resented. A IV.-,'.Hre of the Vaneou  ver Island fors'-l- is density. i'.O.OOD  to "50,000 f.-et 'of lumli.-r lo the  acre being- not uncommon.-  Came.  Vancouver Island i^ nn id.-aI held  foi* the h.mli-r and a n<;l.r. In the  iiifopioi- en-.' hi-i-ii!: of iiol.le wapiti.  i'elk),' ii <Mi- nliiKisi. exlinrl. while  lilacMall ih-'-r are very numei-ous everywhere. I!ini-k -b'ui-, panlher, wolf  wolverine,   l.vn.v.   l-aroon..   fox,   heaver.  Provincial Officer Cass-idy returnal  tliis morning from Vancouver with a  prisoner named Aleycrs, who will tins  evening be charged with taking limits  which did not belong to him from the  ���������wharf of the Colliery Company, ''he  trial.will be held at seven o'clock  this evening, in thc Provincial .court  house.  Mr. G. Sissla and party, of Bel-,  linjgham, passed through Latlysmith  at seven o'clock this morning in his  automobile. '\ he party' are on a  tour of the island, and .will go  througfli to Victoria today. They  made tha trip from Nanaimo in a  little  over  ain  hour.  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Bcver-  ielge meat inspection bill?" somebody  asked the president.  "Oh, yes," the president replied.  VV'adsworlh is ahvays an oil ox. He  raises some pet stock tip in New  York state and thinks he is a catI Ionian."  Minard's  Liniment cures  Cold,  c-tc.  Minard's   I.inimenl cures   n.iphtheria  ^itm^miikiiik m^mwmmimmwg  ^  OUR   SPECIAL������������������������������������  ST  ex:  1^  35c. Per L  ���������5  3f  is producing- splendid rc-sulls   and you would  be surprised  knew the number of people,   "sing this Special Blend.  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It   is  one of  the  oldest   towns  on  Vancouver   island,       the  coal   mines    having  Ijj'een operated since    185U,  and  is well  supplied    will,   all   public    cunvriiici..--  es,   .schools,   eliiii-chcs,    and    meivhan-  t iIts  and     industrial     establishment!. I  There   is much good good  land in tho  vicinity   of      Nanaimo,   and      market  gardens    poullry     and   dairy     farms  are very profitable.  VOther towns on (he* Island are: Pun  can, I aulysmith, Chi'iiniinus on the  l''si,|iiimai.ll and Nanaimo Railway;  Crofton. on Osborne Hay: Cumberland, the centre of Couiox coal fieldb  nnd Alberni, al. tin- heael of Alberni  Canal.   o   Try a Province Clyar.  Aslc for Capital and Nugget Cigars  i I huve takien over thc scavenger ������)ii-  siness lately handled by M.. Campbell  and am prepared lo do work in this  line iu first-class shape. Leave oiv  de-is for heavy team worlc, scavenger  work, e-tc, with Messrs. Blair it  Adam. Also any complaint regarding scavenger work will be attended  to if laid at this place.  ROBERT CALLANDER.  Ladysmith, B.C.  ���������ta^sST-STST  1 nave jusl received a shipment of  Hills'   HighUratfe  vmm tobaccos  and  GfGAREl TFS  at the   DRUG  STORE  Get Yosir  SUNDAY EXAMINER  HEW YORK WORLD   AND   NEW YORK JOURNAL  ���������AT���������  t  S 6(1 STOPf  .���������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������.���������.^.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������..���������..���������..���������..  ���������t  . ���������������������..������..���������..���������..������..���������>.  i.������..,������..ck. :������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ! Pioneer Sottlin; Voiks  ] 1st. Avenue, Ladysmith,' B. C  1 tf. f. Rummin?. Prop.  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Daily  VOL. ,2  TIICRSDAVT  July 12, 190G  PKICE FIVE CENTS  TROUBLE ABOUT  ADOPTION OF  CII-DIEII  ^ New Wcstmiiiotei, Jul\ 12 ��������� T0 be  4 denied the light io sec Irs own chil  dren oi e\on to be told wheie lhc\  are is I lie sa(< tale winch Mi Ki(lnk  Olheisei of llu.s city tells, and the  1 thildien's Aid Society of Vancomci  or Mi C .1. Soith, the secicLuy  of Ihat body, is lesponsiblc foi tin-.  slate of a Hairs.  The cluldien in rmestion oic two  11Uie gnls .i������od nine a.nd eleven yea is  icspechwlv aud ha\e hern ui the  care of ihe society foi the past nine  \cars, and then fathci states that  they have now hepn given out to a  family in Vaiico.ivei to adopt without the knowledge of tihe fathci, amV  lie is now .tleJiicti the light to see  them, and the sooety lias lefused to  tell tnin  wheie they arc  iTCHELl IS  ACQUITTED  Id UTILE  PULP INDUSTRY  IIP COAST Will  BE DEVELOPED  SealUe, duly 11. ��������� Alter a    Uial, j    V   Vancouver despatch s-ais. Swan-  whuh Listen two wweks and 2da>s,  it tooiv the juiy ui Uie Gtoige Ani-  JicU case just one hour a.iid, tvvent}-  n\c mumUs to determine that Uie  voulh Was uoi guilty ol niui.dei in  militia,   1'iaiu. Edmund  Orcteld  on the  BAYERS AND HILBEBT  Will 08 IN fOR  \ THE MONEY  'ihe ho.Mng contest between W   11 ll-  soi Bav, located a few Inquired milcb), bf'i i ami tt. Haieis has been poslpon-  up the coai-t, will be one of the busiest camps in the Noilh as soon as  pulpmakiing machineiy and men can  be .sent theie      The machanery     has  -...iwsus oi Seattle, AUy 1, U������t.   '1 he'been   oideied   and   the  men   are     I*-  verdict  was iead at a*   chatter     lo   ���������,s gathered  together, and uiUun   a; on* of  the     puneipals cannot secuic  iuu o'clocn. yesterday, aiteiuoon   and >,-���������, tnight     it is expected   that     both  wat. yicebed with rounds ot aPid.uise |  iiom the audience.  i he oouitioom was crowded yes Uoi  edi until Saturday, July .il.sl, muaj  U)feU������c fact that this date is pav-  .la|tv.*- '/Ihe postpuwinwit, hunenci,  is,'iioV'di.e altogether to Ihe usual  caiise, inat oi atliacting a huge  cidvul, but is owing "to Ihe fact that  day a'MUUoOii, j,s it becaui<t- apparent  will be ou liic ground and active pie-  pal a lions begun.  In   pur.suan.ee   of  cable   instructions  .icieived from officials of the company,  uial the emi oi tntf Uial was neaL L, ljOQaolli Hug-land, Mr. J. Al. Mc-  'ilio audience was. composed laigol>v.:| K]I1HOnj feeflerai manager and repie-  oi meiubeis ot the bat ol King coun.- \^ ,lL<l^^e  ty,  women and personal    friends    ol  The cluldien weie fio'iuently vnsiled  r !>v then father duimg ihe past, year,  and was building a home in this city  aJud hoped soon to he able lo have  them \\*ith him. aga'ii, and he states  that thc society expanse I its willingness that he should lnuc thorn  hack us soon as he had a stutafule  home foi them, and it was with  gieat surpnse that he leainod when,  lie went o\ei a few days ago, that  they had l������ecn  al'oved  to  be   adopb-  1o  ) ed   iiist     as he  was  aboiil   iemd>  ( 'a'-e tliem home  again.  [     The cluldien   weie  hist   taken   possession ol hy tho Chddicn's Aid   Society     at  Nelson  (wo  viui������ ago,  as  the con11     oi'dencd    So aiUu   hoai mg  Uw evidence of the niaiuiei  in   whnli  they  weie  being  eaied   loi    '1 lie   evidence showed      that     they  had  been  poorly clothed and fed and  weie also  sui i on ii'led  w 11 Ii  liiimoi.iliiy (in     Uiw  pait    of    the   niothei      Mi. Olhoiser  had  lefl   home  some' tune  pieviously  owing to" tiouhle willrlns wife,   a"d  she had   tlinsabencd   lo'shoot ]mu    if  he came Ixick   lo the house     He was  working  oif (he  railway  at.     Crow's  Nest     I\us      when   he  fust  leainod  !   iiom  the  ncwspapeis   oi  thc cluldien.  t,   having brill _lak������u    possession of   by  j   the socieU      lie ha*  nevci  seen   Jus  j   wife since  the  time he left homo.  Mi Olliieisei lately came lo this  city and has ficimieiitly vetted Uie  cluldien at the Home in Vancouver  and oflerod to pay: for their Support  hut hik.U*iioney yvas .reftiseil, he states,  by Mr, South. lie lurUtcr states  that' he can give sulTicient evidence of  his good character,"'and that there is  no v' '-'on . why he should ; be denied  1-psscssion of...his-Jchildren.  lie life: 'engaged' Messrs.;Martin,  'Weat't rfnd McQtiarrie to take up the  '���������-.��������������� a^e.'-aiwl intraid.s.to force the society to give up his childixiti if it will  not do! otlicrwise-, for ,lie states that  lie had lieen ., promised possessioiv  of his little g'rl right 'along'; and  that Uie. society yav its' olticers had.''-  no right whatever to take Uie action  ihey did;- esprcially since he is . ah.le>  <o proA.ide a comiforta.ble Jiome For  them .and talve .good care ol ttom.  Mr. So'ith ��������� iiprft.'being seen in connection' with the above stated that  Uie father was to.!diby him. a. long  time a?,o. to make application' to'tlni'  judge, at Nelson for a ' rehearing of  the. case. ���������''        ���������  The society novLM- proiniscd tho chilli ren in question to the father, who  had deserted them knowing the feaiv  ful condition in which they were living in N'el.son," added Mr. South.  The childrin are adapted 'under the  act, and are happy and well eared  for. Whojt paw.nlr lose control of  their cliiNlren t.hi.oug.h their own mis-  do-iii'gs, it is a::.ain;.t the best inter-  p������rents or guardians to have any in-  csts of tli:'. children lo allow such  tercoursc  with   them."  MEYERS GETS  SIX MONTHS  Although Meyers, the man arreslod  by Officer Cass idy oii a cdi-arge of  stealing tools, etc., from the wharves  of the Wellington Colliery Co., in  February last, denied that he was  the right man, he was last night  found guilty arnd sontenewl to six  months' imprisonment by dust ices  of the 1'eo.cc Stewart and M.atheson.  This is (he .second time Meyers has  been in trouble on similar charijes,  he having spent three months in jail  as a result of tbe previous conviction. This time he will have 'double the length of time to mediatv  upon the evil of his  ways.  tho    accused     man few  lull thc  [courtroom when ihe jury icliiul at  6 li o'clock and the gcueial opinion  was that'the juiv wcuud return, thc  vuuliut iu a tew minutes It was  nob until 1.40 o'cloc>, liovvevei, that  the rap on tme dooi ot Uie uny-  luom anuouncod that an agieeinent  had been leached.  Iu the meantime the pusonei had  been taken down sUius io the jail-  ei's room. Theie was a pause whila  he was b"-ought up anu tlic court looi^  ins seat. 'Ihe judge adiliessed a lew  woids ot warning against an) diun-  oiusnation, wliato/ei the \eidict. The  aiHlience listened with .bated bieath  to Ihe proceethngs ol the court, tho  polling oi Uie juiy, the question by  iJivj judge and the liaadiug over ol  tiie vuidict to the. judg������.  Vi'hen the words "not guilty" weie  pt onount-ed, howevei, the. foehugb oi  tiie audience were not to be lestiaiu-  ed. Despite the court's orders the  spettatois began, euthusiastioally to  cla|J hands in applausea An expression af lutppt sympathy* spiead' "oCei  almost .eveiy lace i,u the    courfciooiu  Tiie jmy was disuussod and tbe  pi isonti tempuridiily lemanded into  the custody of the she-i ui '-As the  juiois stood up to go. Mitchell seemed one ol the most (sell-po) sessed homes in the coiuticom People began to ciowd up l0 the lail tO| shako  bands" with the young man and to ot-  foi a word ot congi atulation It  was to avoid pist sich a scene that  the. court had rumaiKled. the prisoner.  At -the letjiiest' of- l,is; attorneys J\lifc-  chc-U was at once, dismissed, and left  the room  a free  inan.''  FIVE KILLED  TNWKI=CK  of     Uie  Cauiadian  Pat l lie  Sulphite Comtpauv in Riitiih   toNwu-  Lu,  who has his head-yiuxriers in Van  coitver, has  stalled the  ball   rolling  whu h    pi onuses to make    Swanson  I'av out; of  the biggest logging'camps  Mi    Mehnuiou wus instructed to   mi-  niedialely  older all necessaiy   machineiy    and     employ a full quota   of  men  to v\oik  the camp afler   which  ne was to.prock-ed ti> Swanson   Bay  and see that operations weie startet.1  \li    Mac. mnoi  has  placed     oiders  loi a laige  poition of the machineiy  and is making anangements for   thd  .sect ring of the remainder.      An   un-  lo-date  logging  equipment  is     being  oiderod in  \aneomei, together   with  tug .boats  and scows, and a pi rtable  sawmill      'I 'us equipment is   to   'he  leady  at   the earliest possible moment  and  will    le  Siiit   to     Swanson  Bay   togetibei   with all necessaiy men  as titiicklv   as eveivthmg can  b-i   go!  togt-ihei   foi   the  tup.     Mi    MacKinnon  evpecLs  to pioceul to' the.camp  with   the  Inst   installment, ami aftoi  leniaining  theie a  few day������>,  will re  tuiu^io VaivooiiMcr to meet   and.con-  h-i   with Mi    VI    E   Sawryei, a note* 1  civil ciiu,iuroi  of London,  cJiaiinian of  Ihe compnny, alio with     Mr     Jolin  Vale,  a leading uienibei  of ihe London Stock   l-'\chan'ge and direttff   of  the oonipaiix       These .two gentlemen  aie at   present on theii   way to Van-  (oiivci   fiom   London and   will     pio-  bablv spend   some tune at     Swanson  flay  in. the interest of the connpany  The (\inidi.in Pacific Suljiliite   Co ,  is sajd   lo liaie. three and a balf m*l-  li'on colds of  wood in. &ight a-t Swanson  Bay.    Taking half of .this,,   it   is  estimated that -it vyould produce t'P-),-  lons  of pulp .which at an estimated  profit" of $10  per  ton,  some idea .of  the  profits  accruing to  the company:  can  be arrived    at.     To thiis   profit  vintist  alsm    be added a  large   profit  which  will     co.me    from  the lumber  placed  on  the market.     -   .  The  following  well known  men . of  England-.are  members "of  tbe     company;. Chairman' cf directors, Mr.'  E.  | E, Sawyer,  London; members of the  j.'pard of directors, Lieut.-Col. W.  A.  'Mollis, Battle'..Hill; Jlr. M!  A. Sand;l  stillicieiit money con.ciuciitlj foi the  M(!e-l,et uiilil that dale The side-  ,C' will be 101 fifty dollais cacli and  moire if thc nun can raise, a, and  the. light will be foi the money, an I  no \nustake.  '{'his morning Air. Bayeis called in  at the Ledgei olhce and deposited  ������i2.->!'.with the editor as evidence of  nMgood fanh in thc pio-osed bet |  IL-ifstates that llilbeit will put up  all'tthat is coming to him on pa)-  tUf, and he (Havers) will do like-  vMse.  "You see,' said Ba)ns, who talks  in a slow, matter-of-fact tone, ' the  idea is to put up all we can get,  ->o ^that, if nobody conies to uee the  i-glit, we can go on anvwav, and  matfe it woilh while foi one of us  io ^vin. I'd just about as soon be  ..lote a^> the way I am, and 1 tliun.  ��������� Mltert is Ihe same. So wo will  , t L it- up, and the best man can  u\ke the chunk Thc losei will, if  ihehiouse is good, h.iidly come oui  .'veil, in'any evciiil, as he will receive  owl)1' lottv  pei  cent  of  Wi������  leccipts  SAILING DATE  OT JOAN IS  AGAIN CHlNGtD  Mi (i"o L f'otirleney, geneial  pa'scn-ei a-*,ent" for C P K , passed  thio'tigh Lath smith last evening en  iniite lo Vancoinei Mi Court nf)  '\.,s as ed b> a Ledgei lOpnesenta-  (r. e n'giiiduig the propose.il change <u  ailing dales u>i the .Joan Some  iiuvinderstanduig evisled locally ic-  gaiding the new tune taible, as it  ���������v. s not  iindirstood   whethei  or   not  ihe Saturday boat would rim as usual Mi. Coiutney stated thai on-  of Ihe reasons of changing ihe time  ,vas to allow the Joan to lenvaui  ��������� n \'aiu*/u\er on Saturday aftcinoons  s she was in Irequent demand foi  (���������\li.isioii i>ailics in that city In  ,idci to comply with this demand,  the company had decided to change  the date ol hei sailing heie, "But"  continued Mr Coiutney, "we. have  n.)t entirely forgotten Ladysmith,  an I the scrr-iee pioviotd by, the new i  schedule should be just as   good,    if [  NEW PRINCIPAL  FOR IHE  LOCAL SCHGO  The new  piincipul    foi    the   Ladv -  smith  schools  will  be Mr.   D.    Htm  Hi.  of Ciicenwood.       At a   meet.,n.-,  oi   the  school    bo.ud held  on     Ti.r-  da\   CHimin   lasl,   applications for v;.-  4-��������� nl. joiitions    in  the  li cal     school  -luti  wer-*    consideiexl,  and    ,t     \sa->  .l.cded   to incept   ihat  of Mi      IIui.  i 'i   as    piincipal       Accordingly,    i!k-  i lei'������   was   uiiStiucted  to  write     tint  L-iiillemiin,  and todav   leceived  a  i>  h   to  the effect  that he  will tou.i  \notbei new iiieimiK'i oi the sum.  v.ill be Miss Wisemiller, of Duncu,  i ho will be in clnuge of ihe Poind  '.i ision ucN.t  teim.  \fi    Hunter has  formerly    occtipi.il  ,'e position of pi ncipal  both  of tin  ..'leenwood    and Kaslo schools,    and  nines  well  iecom.mended  CAPTURE THE  CAPITAL CITY  >.i  ��������� ^.^-a>���������^~  l3un'alo, A*. Y.,-..fiily 11.���������A Lraia.  ol' two ti'o.1 ley '.ca.rs vv--slboundi l'roiu  Loekpoi-t cm ihe'.linos of the lneLi--  nation-al .Uailvvay  Cohipauy,  and duo  at Toiiawaaa at 9:25 o'clock tonight J J|ieljli,)Cl. 0f   Lloyd's,    London:    secre-  i-aii into an open switch at a siding (.^.^   jvfr   j\f   q\   Wighani,  London.  just "east, of   M'artiiisviile and crasiied | _ _���������,,��������� '. . ���������  iuto''-..a   ti'olley  freight motor  and    a. ^        _   ^___  train' oi' seven freight cars .which..wei*<>i. RQ3ERTS ON  lyiny on the siding waiting- for the  "passong-ur train to go by. ' Pive pas  sengvi-.s wore killed outfight*; and n  score' injured some of whom will die  Dead: .John Uattlemaii, niotormaii,'  Lockport; Uhas. 'Hulchesou, negro,  .Loekpoi-i; 'unknown 'woman,   giri   and  ARMY REFORM  ���������^-^-^���������  and^out  of    this    will   have  to   |>av  uilUof the e\penscs."  'life match will be a fii'teeu-ioitixl  ecnt^st, and will |e fought with I  oi ���������������.���������*? gloves \ be icfeice vvi 1 I.  ('liosM'jit the  i tiij,sido,  the  i-nlj   c-ou  liticJL^f*ftilfg U]at. he shall le no u-  lative?^=eithei man and shall Itnoiv  ���������iniiiofhiiig' aboiPt the game Baiei-.  weighs1 about 112, while llilbeit w II  g<������ about two pounds lightu when  they meet in the ung \s!mi1 tins  morning il he was gong into team  ing at once, Baveis ivphed dial he  was not He was j>ouii-, lo woik  igain otit at ihe logging c.unp, and  get all the coin he ojiild lo 'bet on  himsell He savi., how met, that he  will dam out t'utij .is mudi as pos  sible, and has the situation sived  up that if.-he can gel - his "wind'* in  goo-l condition, he can win  the niat'i-h  "The way I've go j tilings '.si'icei.l up" i  sa;.d he, "is that if 1iie malch. goes  over si.v rotiids, the man in the  i:est sha'j e for wind will, win, and  that's; the pirn" I'm working on. We  are both goin^; to- try and "win as  soon as we can, but if we do go the  iini.it, you can bet neither one will  be in very -good'.-shape'after it is  over."  not  better     than   that  m    existence  previously "  Since the ab ne inteiview, telegia-  phic instructions ha*������e been received  at this oflice to tho Hiect that thc  time tabic is again changed, and the  i"an will cnly lea\e Lady.smitli on  I'u.sdavs, at fl a in , and not Wednesday mornings, as advertised pieviously.  'ibis, of couise, loaves Ladysmith  in evractly (lie same, position sne was  bolore legaulirin connection with Van-  coiivei���������one boat  per  week  NOTHING IN IT  i>AYS NANALvIO  THEY FEEL  LIKE THIEVES  ii.-gaiding, the uiiiiui winch h.is beet,  cuiieut in ladvsuuiii soi sou>eda)*>  to Uie eiitct Uiat tiouble ol voim  i.u d e^i&uil in the A..naimo niniirs,  i he heugei has aliead> had one con  iiadutioii Iiom isanauno, aiatiii=  that no tiling whatever is wrong in  die mines iLcre, aim woik is being  cai neil on ill- same .is usual ."several iVaiiaiitiio people iu.terv iewed last  eve.uug stated tliat Ihe report was  alt in!ws,lp tliein, andias-iO-i il liuict.  were dull iu Ladys-miali, iiisinujLfcuig  i.hai they inust be, or else such ru-  ui-ts would not  lie in, existence.  risARb FOR  inl->T������lKOiNb  liio .lan.Mio, Jiia/il, .lulv JO ���������  1 l.j icvolut lonibis in Ihe stale oi  Mntlo Gi-osso, have occupied the c.t|>  ii.iI of tho state of Corn bamlia. i,  .in I  ->ei/ed   tho govoi imicnt  I'he state oi  Mat to  Gros-je bordi-i s  on   Bolivia   and has an ai������a of ."i2.J-  -i >U squaie iuiIom   and its population  in 1SH0 was ^,827      There have bein  ��������� rporta  for  several  months oi a 11.-  uluiion in -\latto Giosso,  which, lio..  i'or,   the      ltut/ilian  goA.cimncjit    a-.  I.ir.- as  Alaj   2.1   chmactei i/oil - as    a  ,iiiivly   local   struggle   Iwtween . jjoK-  i i.ins     Telegrams      irom   Asuncion,  \Li.v   24      lepoited      that   thc "Matio.  'viros^tv   revolutionists headgil J).^,J>i ���������  i' av-roso      r-oiK-e' had eaptuied     Uk-  i.ivvik oi   Coinmba,      Santa  Ana    ������1>J  It.ii hiho    and   Pacomc and  were ihou  .*!  pioaching   Cujaba  ihe capital  ilovenior \'.\i" (possibly the orli-  . ui designed in the foregoing des-  rati-h as Piesiilent ol the =stute, who  is '-aid to have be< n murdeied) on  X i\ 10 nii'i'Slf.l th.-> (liii.is ol the involution but soon alio wijnl-- t.doas  Oil'them on their promises to rc-'rain  from act'iV'ity  Evidently the road to weekly half-  holidays in New Westminster is not  without its thorns for the clerks ol  that city, as the- following fnpm a  iatc issue of the Columbian will  show: .  "If merchants think live hours'  holiday in a wee'; is going to break  the town, then by all mums let them  smash  Wednesday half-holidays.    Tho  their  London,    .liny     I 1..���������General     Lord  J'obert.s,     who    has   been    eanipaign-  ,     .      ,, ���������,,���������,������    in.- (In- count rv io  the eaiise of army   clerks ' will   nut   get   down   ou  boy,   supposed   to   be brotnei   and  sis-      o        - ��������� _    , , . f       ..  ,,  *' ���������'.''������������������ 'reform    broutv'U. up the ' ipiesl ion    to-   woes lo coa.\.  loi   li..  ter,  names  unknown. I "- '.   .        ,       ,       ���������:, .      'I li.i������  u-.ns  flif> <.vnressioii   mul.> in    i  (|.,y   in  ihe House  of  Lords,   devoting!      ' "'is  was  uit cxpicssion  m.uic  to   A  the eonten-l Colu.inbi'.an reprctenlative 0n Tuesdj  'MAKES   UP"   SOCIETY   .WOMEN.   "il"s"'  ',nH k:,,l,,r,y      '"  New"York.-M.isS. Frances Hamil- '">" '"^ "���������" "W wn* *"ttKl^  ton, who -has started the new pro-! I''''"'-'' ''������'������������������ ^ the Kmpuv. Me pom  Icssion of "u.ak-ing up" society wo- <"1 ou������ lh������t deal Hruaio eould no.  men's faces, says: "In one of the , dopeml in the fun.re upon allies,  old New York homes, where I had ( whos.- nssisimu-o in the pasi was in  given a reading, I- was invited iu to a large measuee responsible for Hie  ineel, the guests, iLitcl one swtx-t-faeed siu-i-.-.ss of Great llrimhi's wars. 'VWe  woman with a pale face came up to | (,'ennans. who M previous wars bad  me and remarked how she envied me ' beenCreal Mriinin's niilit.nry sup-  for my good color at the end of a j port. "Lord Roberts said, were now  tiring 'afternoon..     1   told her  it  was'jiiei.   competitors   in   trade   nnd   ship-  a. very simple matter if she would  only put the rouge on correctly. To  my surprise, she was .delighted, im4  begged me to show her how.  Through her 1' reached other society  women, and 1 assure you my patron;;, whose names I could not divulge, are many of them among tho  conservative old Knickerbocker families."  GIVES  MOR'E  SATISFACTION.  Friend  (inquiringly)'��������� Well,     what  luck?  .Snorlvuiian ''u> slu,t nothing today', killed absolutely nothing. I'd  have done .far better to, go out In my  automobile.���������Don Vivant.  ping and it would be at the oxprnse  of their'own interests to employ  thoir armies to assist ('rent Britain.  A prolonged find indeeisivv conflict  resulting from inndeipiate .military  Oraanl'/.nlion would assuredly loud  the country with debt and taxation  which would deprive the nation of  the .financial power on which the  nuiinlenance of the navy depended.  Lord    Roberts 'declared   it    was    nec-  i\  morning by     Mr.   Cowan   Alangowau,  secretary of  the Clerks'  association  who  was    as.-.ed   rogartiing  the opinion of the clerks.     Others  behind the  counters expressed similar seniliincnls  MOW  WOULD  YOU .LIKE   r ,  TO BE JOHN .D.V  At sivt.y-sevon.  years of age, John  I").   Rockefeller   is    .estimated ."ito be  worth  $(500,-000,000,  .according  to the  tgires of careful invcjitig.ators..   Last  year Mr. Rockefeller" was wor.th $502-  000,000 showing a gain for the.   pres-  .enlyear of"-M'S, 000,6.00.     In 1000 he  had     only    $100,000,000,"and in   the  year before that he 'was' poorer still,  $250,000,000     represeaiting ids   tolal  iu.   tv-tuismiry,  ..mly  .1. L.���������'i he C'/.ar 'wealth.       Iji    -1805 he had $100,000,-  cun.  c-oun/in   uie  face  of   u.e n.s.my  000,  in  1875,  $5,00.0,000, and in    the  <[ji.il   ot    revokilion   iu   I'lie  coumry ye-.r before ^ that    he was virtually  an..-   ihe    c-onsiaiiGv   extending e^i- lan'ru[ t.      'wiitn     the  huge   snow-  uenco   of     disanecioii'in   the  army, hull  of Roc: efeller^  present   fortune  seen,  at- last      ready  lo  turn  to  ihe ������' $000,000,000 rolls down the years,  Coiesiitutional'l^ioerais as tbe only ^alhering ats   if   does,   1he  wealth    of  ...           ,           '           , . former Midases will appear as    mere  means  oi   pacifying      the count ry    as ���������_*���������''���������        -*���������  ������                             ... coinrontenres.     His   income this vear  lOi-eslmdowcd.  iu   the   mierview     wiin .          .            -  as a!-.o-,e     stated,,    is estimaited   at  ! $ Iy,000,i 0 'I.        This   is   $.1,000,00(1    a  vien.  TrepoiV. "  :    Negotiations   looking   to    the     for-   ^^   ^^ ^     ^  ^    $)^    ^  ^ Ul hoar, $1 ll.lt; a. minute, $1.92 a second. And this is fvt' every second  mally opened through ihe intermed. - <>f (])o voar. ' The calculation for 113  iary of former Minisier of Agricul-' yt,.irs_ \]r_ Rockefeller's physician  lure   Vc-rmolotT,      the   leader   of  mat ion   of    a   ministry   compo  Const itiitioUiul   Dei not-rats   were  new    Centre  ,n" 'says   he  lias  ev'cry   prosppct  of living  ���������arty,    but   the     first ,,0 nP jqo rcars   0hir-is startliing.     If  priipo.-.ilions  of ihe   government  fail (| j^ millions  continue to increase   at  ed   completely    owing  lo  the   impossibility    of   the   Constitutional     Demo-  l'lf the merchants are of the opiu-| propriation of land, full amnesly iV>r  ion we are wanting' too much,- let  them open." continued Mr. Mat-gow-  an; "but it is sliaiige that X'ancou-  ver, Victoria and other large cities,  which Jnvve inaugurated the half-holiday, ai\e not talking of discoailuiu.iny  it. In fact, the movement is glowing stronger every day. Rut in New  Westminster there has been so ..much  kickiii|g that much of the pleasure is  knocked out of the whole thing. Wc  never go away but we feel as if wc  were stealing .something from our  employer.*, even though we make up  by workiing harder on other days  for the few hours wc have off. Anyway,  after makiin.g a start, the half-  ihe present'  rate,   Mr.   Rockefeller   at  the age of   100 years,   will be   worth  crats  accepting the   three    conditions' about  $25,000,000,000.       This   is    al  imposed,     namely,    the  abandonment.  if   the    principle  of    the    forced    ex-  essnr.v    besides      regulars    to     'have' holiday   should   be  given   a   fair    test  an ellieieni.    reserve   which could  mo-  for   the   balance   of  the   lime   agreed  bolize   half  n   million   men    nt    once on;  to the  end of t-Uigusl."  and    an     organization   to   turn    out j    tjuite a  number  of clerks    will    at-  traine'd  men   to   supply  the    wastage   tend   the    jvint     meeting   called    for  , i next Monday ovening  of war.  polilical prisoners, and to U������ive to  a simimer recess of parlinmeni. To  have accepted such conditions, Unconstitutional Democrats declare,  would, have made them guilty of tro  ason, would have entirely destroyed  their prestige in i-he country and  have only angered Instead of tramjju-  ili/r-d  the   people.  The Constitutional Democrats intend to stand by I heir guns and lie  lieve the government must shortly  accei'it their terms. The Rech, organ  of the Constitutional llemocrnts.  thinks that victory is not far distant.  SI reel demons! rat ions and rioting  are becoming more frequent in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which is regarded ns being a bad sign. At Mos  cow 7.000 employees of the Prokhar-  on" mill,   who  were at  tho  front dur.  most, three time: as much gold and  ; il er as there is in circulation, in  la.ks and in all treasure houses and  mints on earth today.  ing the rioting in December lasti  have gone out on strike, presenting  a series of impossible, demands. including pay for the time lost during  the uprising, clearly proving that  Ihrir demands are a pretext to stop  work.  Some additional details of thc mutiny of the Seventh Cavalry at Tan'i-'  bvo show that boUi tbe infantry  and the Cossacks sent to subdue the  mutineers refused to (ire on them.  Ihe infantry bayoneting the officer  who gave (he command. Only a detachment ol" dragoons, who, is said,  had been plied with liquor, attacked  Ihe mutineers. The officers of the'  .'���������eventh fired on their own men. Thb  number of killed or wounded has not,  been established. V.r  r������-  \\\  THE LADYSMITH PAILYLBOGEB  mt iMiLY LtDbtK  Published   every   day   except Sunday  ���������BY���������  'IIIK DAILY LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  -SUBSCRIPTION.  One  Year  (In advance).. ..   $5.00  One Month ......~ . ....  ... 50 cents  Jr^.ii^tj^x^sxa*=xrai  THURSDAY  July  12,  191)0  Tiy a  Province Cigar.  SAVED HIS  COHRADE'S  LIFE.  "While  returning from  ilia     Ciiand  T.-iMf.TmmT-ent-    at   Washiiut.m  ���������.   tte  8rc.tes.,  OW* ���������   .���������    ,...-,   A ������       ������������������m  B* '"���������.-'  -VII       that   the   present     ^1LJ-  a w ....  pani-s him to the sacred building. | from wreck, m.t th,-. .e.ogm/e that  While the sermon is proceeding the '( they are no. masters of the mttire.  bird recognizes his master's voice and ...h- government doe. no, sa.,s,y  when he reads a lesion or preaches _ ,llo nai ion's demands, cai asirophes  one" can hear the bird outside chattering away. The -aiiot also joins  in    the    "Amens,"   and   is evidently  ''^r^'^r^nt'cCr!'^i;;���������::; ;*���������,������ ��������� ������- i^rao^^. ������> >-\-������������. ;-���������������-  E^uimalt   & Nansims-.Railway  ������      AMSHIP SCHEDULE  for   Russia.  .    taken with cholera mo* i>  monarchy  can  save    at   the  best    is   .^   ^  critical     condiln n  power  and  ::avs  wa  Mr  v4HQk  EFFECTIVE JULY 18  /'* J?     ifi   '%M  his   shoulder  home.  and   a/companies    him  Pans,   .Julv       I' -Mmtole     Loroy  Ueaul.eu,     Director   <-,    the   Institute  and   the  of  France  authority on Ujisslun aliairs  today:'io. the Associated Press. ",:"'l'l.  should |,e;u.HlerstoOil'ilmCthe Russian situation is on- of actual re-  'volution.; If is;.,.o.vVisisw*hi':h.;.cnn  l,e measured by days, weeks or even months, (but il; is a -vast, -and  complete.transition. When 1 say revolution. T do not moan that, the  monarchy' is' i-.-rlu.in, u,' be ov-er-  -(.lirown, thouj-h it is possible this  may follow:. .The" greater part' ol  .the leaders- of the Constitu-Uoim  ���������nfocracy  desire 'to  save  Try Capil .1 ni-tl Nt������KRCi Cij-.'irs  Minard's Liniment   Co., Limited  Cents,���������-f cm el a v.ilu.ubie hunting  dog of nianoe will, MIXARDjS LIN-  rAlENT aft'-i s:"-c,al velerinaiies  had treat'd him without doing him  any  permanent good.    Yours,  S-c,  \x\\A?\l\<\\) CiAGNE, ~  Prop,  of flraml   Central liotel.'Drum  mondville,   Am;.   ���������',,   '0 1.  , a  xad  ^.  I hem  IN   <;l A I ITY  R.P. KITI1ET,  & Co., Ltd  Agency.  Pacific  i f>as  ICTOKJA.    -     --  SOME CURIOUS FACTS  ABOUT THE LOWER  LIFE  Large serpents    like the anaconda,  pass long intervals oi from 2U   to 2i>0  days between then meals.  A sturgeon caught on one occasion  in the Volga weighed 1,7UU pounds,  ���������*ud was valued altogether at * it>0.  -v turtle died the other,,day in Zoological 'Gardens, London, which was  ��������� ���������nought to be at least 3aU veais old,  'Swallows which spend the .suiuniei  in England winter as far sotah .is  Sieira Leone, on tlvj coast oi AHica.  A bee, unladen, will liy loi t^ nuUis  an hour, l.������u one coming home ijur-  .denotl with honey does not travel  faster than  twelve miles an hour.  A swallow's speed has often been  stated to be sixty milts* an ��������� hour.  Recent e.\.peiimeiits prove that a  swallow'in a limn tan travel at the  rate oi l"i������S4 miles an hour.  l-\ l\ Duwsoii, ol Suaford, Del., had;  been missing eg-gs nom the barn for  some tune. Finally he caught one ,,i  his horses devouring ���������'g'ss, and uis-  . covered tlic shells el'' others ' in the  animal's" stall.  About 1,101) stags are killed annually  on   tlie Scottish inooia.  Sumatra .enjoys Uie greatest v.uie-  to oi animal and vegetable lift oi  any district ou earth.  A genuine Cashmere shawl requires  the Ueece of ten ������oats and takes .'  men six months to make.  Ureat heat is evolved by all the  plants when flowering. Arums in  particular have been noticed to rise  to 121 degrees when the ail lempuij.-  Lure was only C6 degrees.  The oldest tree ia the world is said  to be the famous dragon tice ot Ten-  eriiic, which is estimated to bo from  ���������l.bOi) to 15,080 years of a^e. This  wonder ol the ��������� plant world was 7u  leet or more in height' until 1S1U, !  when, during "a thunder storm, one oi  the large -branches was broiv.cn o.i.  A similar storm in 18l>7* stripped the  trunk ol its remaining branches, and  left it standing alone.  1'rauiloi'    Brotheis,  of  Wapakonela, i  Oklahoma,     are Uie proud possi-Sbtu'b  .  of  three Kittens  with sov.cn  tails between    them.     Cue has   three    tails,  two have     two    tails each au������L  one.  hap only one common tail.-'The extra  tails grow  out of the kittens'    bacic | ['���������  ^long  the   back , bone^  are  fully    de-i?  veloped and almost as  long as     the  Natural tails.    .  Oysters" cannot live ia the Baltic  Sea, 'the reason being- that it n; not  salt enough, 'ihey can only live in  water that contains at least thirty-  seven parts salt to every lOu parts  of water.  Kats, mice and stiuirrels unceasingly   gna-vv at something.    Animals    ui  this  uind  have   teeth  which'continue  ,    to grow as long as the owner   lives.  lience the roden t is  obliged   to continue his gnawing so  as to keep his  teeth  ground  oil*  to g-proper  length,  iiirds can and do work far   harder  than human brings.     A pair of house  martins, When nesting  will feo;l their  young  on  an average  of  once  in   -M  seconds���������that ie    the two   birds    between  them make ninety journeys to  and fro in an hour.     It must fue io-  membered   that oa each  journey    tho  bird has  the added  work of catching  the insect,     liven so  tiuy a "bird  u.^  the wren has  been counted  to   mo-.n-  111)  trips to and from its nest with- ��������� ���������t  iu 13U minutes; and  tbe prey  it car- \%  tied home consisted of. insects   much  larger,     iieav icr    and harder   to hud  than   were caught t>y   the swallows.     :[=  U  has     been  figured   tliat  a   Jioisc i $  can  draw on a  bad earth i.oad about ' %'  four   times  as  much as  lie can carry ! M  on his hack.     On a good niueade.uu/.-   |'  ed road      he caai pull   ten   times     as IK  much; on a  wood-paved one,   twenty-!^  live times as much, and ��������� on steel rail  iifty-cight times as, much.  African elephants cost from  $<j,UUu]|j  to   $7,0110;   an   Jatliail   elephant  about. jP  $5,000.     Cirafles are worth about the '-;  'fiame  price as   African  .elephaiius    on ;}:{  -���������   account    ui   their    scarcity.     A /'nc'i^;  i-      hippopotamus  may  be  purchased "for   T������  ���������'"   3>3,00O;     an    African lion for $1,01111, IS      and a  lioness for $3,&0U.    Bengal ti- j %   r\i |'\jrVpP  gers are-./worth $800, aiu'l camels from ! |j   UUl\LJt.'������--=!" "���������=  $100 to $500 apiece.  Most people,  when  they  look at  inaAnificent    cabinet     of    butterflies, : j|j  liuio    of" Ms "own country  outside of believe  saved  his  We.      I   have    been  thc limits of thc  palaces.    He is   al- engaged for ten   years ,���������,   ..inugUI.  ,ays   h������l.nu������g   and is hunself   terri- work  and   coiuluc C    ������������������>  ^"^  fl������l  by the example of  the  French   re the ,south   an     wes1. ^ i(...  volution      In conclusion, be   sa,d.  it ry this remedy and    a        -I  Sai      . mn   Lad} s. i.h  tor  V-ancouv  e.   c-.eiy Tur' .1 ii   at  K  o Cock  a.m  Sails   ii.iin   Vancouver  6-ii   Ladjsini   th every Mcind.iy at 1.30yp..m.  ll)l(.,nost   French   ,h   dilliculi    to   foresee   tbelmal  .Mnurd's  Liniment cures Cold, etc.  re- ces-sfulfv on manr occasion  Nli.l! suits of such a vasPm^ava!, but 1 by Ladysmith Pl.annaC^  expect results lo come about t|ll'<*-  ugh slow processes. The results of  your Americnn re\ obit ion were real  ,/ed quickly because vour people  were preparetl but tbe people of >'"*'  s,a are far dilfuivi.t 1 am inclmod  to believe ihat IhN ivvolulion w'>'  continue   in   various   slap.-s   ol    inien-  O. lv. Courtney,  District l������a������s������-:iKi-r Ajit-nt  5S Governiiieiit  St., Victoria,  ILC.  the  tlu-oni  NOTICE  LU���������������������������U,,���������  Notice   is. hereby  given   that. 1    in-  sity for ten or perhaps twenty years (eiH( (0 apply to the Hoard of Li-  owing to the magnitude of ibe ques CDUS*ng Commissioners of the City ol  lions involved and ibe dangers a- Ladysmithi at u next sittii,n;, I0r a  long  the way. transfer  from  myself   to Hanry Dlair  I of tbe license to sell spirituous and  coal ��������� fermented liquors on lot three (3),  Block twenty-six (211), on the pie-  mises known as the Cecil liotlel, situated on First Avenue in Uie city of  Ladysmith, B.C.,j -.  '   Dated this 15th   da3F   of June,    A.  D.  1906.  -     GEORGE HANNAY.  By his Attomcy in tact,  Henry Reifel.  Dubois,  em-  next  V  A U  duly     11 .���������The   long  sink-  in  this" region was settled  here,  lodav   ,n  a  conference   between      rop-  ,eSe,Jives' of   the   coal    co.mpan.es  mid   miners'   oilieials,   nr.d   all  ployees   will   renin,       to   work  "Mondav  For a cool, refreshing���������  BATH  During the Summer  \������h. J HFNiin^  g     Ticket  and ' Kreigiii tjffice';' ii'"1  "      " Government Street. *  Transcontinental  0  Trains Daily ;.   L ]  The. iSew .Train' ,.    .       J[  ORIENTAL LIMITED        g  IX  Months Call on  ������������������ R C  1H0MAS LEWIS  Shaving  Parlors,  etc.,     High Street  Sunlight Soup is betler than other soaps, but  alisBt when used in the 5iinili;lit wuy.  Hi/  > i ill j!it s ) i;> .������ il   ollfi.v Oirectlons  Union made-Capital & Nugget Cigars  aaaniMaaiaBMai  DAY SCHOOL  . Usual subjects taught; also ian-  \ guage-f drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng, in oils and water colors, pianoforte ami vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,      Ladysmith, B.C  FOR THE BIGGEST BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  Call on J, Ei Smith  House- and Sign Painter  ^***"*������  bi  TNC COMfORTABU WAY. -      ���������  %*   NUR&LRIES,        GREEN- mC^  ���������^       HOUSEi  AND SEiD "^  5������               HOUSES  <a^  .������')10    Ve.-<tuiinsler   Road  |���������������VAN(J<)UVWK.  i'.c ������r  Headquarters for  tad  |'"PAC.F1C OPOWN Oaiilen,  ������ela tfjl^*  and flower AniiUS ^"^.  loi' distribution! ; *<L^  IT DEFIES  COMIMtTITiON.  J^t "aVUatJ-a-La-la���������Mai ���������  | RAY/VIOND   &  SONS  ���������Dealers  in���������  Lime,  Plaster  Paris,    Brick,  Kire Brick and -Vancouver is-  ;- land cement.  3-Pandora St.  Victoria B.C.  Are Tou Coin? W.  Thes hi mire yuar tickets read    ������U  th*  North Western Line  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at "ST. PAUL  and , MINNEAPOLIS witk thc  through    trains    from - the    Pacifli  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TL  FINEST TRAINS,   THE  LOWES"  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,  ST.   PAUL,   CIU  OAGd,    OMAHA,    KANSAS Cm  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask y  local agent or write,  F. W.;< PARKER-  Qanexal   ttV  710 an������l Aye., Seattle.  Tte  Train ot  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.  Every  mile  a picture,    and  do smoke to spoil; the��������� view.  Through Compartment,    Observation  and  Pullman  Sleepers;     also-  -Through    Tourist.  Cars  to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  to    Is our Specialty  Union     Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.  Berth  reservations  by" wirel   H I  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOR   JAPAN   AND  CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail Irom Seattle for Japan    and China ports at   Ire-  tfiienr dates.      Exact    sailing  dates can be secured  upon application to any-Great Northern representative.,  S.  G.  YERKES, '  -   '  A.G.P.A.8;' Seattle,  Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN;"      .   "  Gen."  Agcntr^TctorlaY;;B,.C.~\  ���������i -   Large   Btoclr   or Home tSCZ  "%*.   Grown  FRUIT and  OR- it  *"  NAMENTAL     TREES JE  now matured for Spring. 0^  ' No expense, loss or   de- *������="-  ^ lay ol  hiin.gation or in- ���������^  l*, spection                        (  I-������t me price your list  be'ore  placing your   or- ���������^  der.  oiecnnouse  Plants,  e^    Floral Pac-k.-iKM.  Fertili-  ^al der. oiecnnouse Plants, aa^,  '3J Floral Paclfaf-res, Fertili- J^  ^Z-    ?ers.  etc. 55^  >.ers.  etc.  3010   SVeBtmiuster Road.  VANCOUVER,  B.  C        \A  2������  :**/(^ l^"^  s&r  V     Mb.jX.l<i   yt&hinii**. \."  s^^l Plumbing and Tinsmithing  Fletcher Bras  , ;!h������t-irii Ip .';.. ^^  Pianos   & Organs  Lady am ith, B.C  DONE   AT  Reasonable Prices   By   :v  J. ANDERSON  Leave orders  at  Peterson's  Furn  ture Store, or telephone Nt> 5S.  ' Under New Managment  HOTEL WILSON  Jus- R. McKinnelL Prop.  NANAIMO  Commercial Mens'  headq-iavters.  Modern and     Strictly First Clais;  Fire Trool     Buildiair:  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������WHITE   COOK ���������  and  ���������WHITE  I.AI,6Ut-t-  Employed Only  (Halt Block from Depot.)  GAT ACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  J*  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  PURCHASERS AND. SMELTERS OF COPPER, UOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADfSMITH,   B. C.  HOTEL   DOMINION  ��������� KaleP .*L2"> ;<i-<!$l.lVl ���������  l7i-e    ���������      lo  all t'UMtmb.-ml   lut.d'nj'w itrnl  r ..ilwiv ii'tpotR.     IOI������'c( i-'c. can. i-vei y livt  miuulciB .1-9 all porta ol   the  city.    Mat  mill table lincxc'-lb-t'.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   B..C.  Sl-KAM   HKATIill  ^_1.-,.!RNIS1I    ROOMri  Best accommodation for transienl  \nd permanent boarders and lodgers.  ORAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been 'comfort-  aMy furnished and tbe bar Is up-to-  (bt������ ,   Rates (l.fi a day    and    ������p-  w\rdu.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  *P>ala,natf*   ������������������ *������������������ ������������������: ������������������* f..a4 ratal Mi  BAR 5UVVL1KU WITH CK  'I*  WINKS, LIQUOKS, Cin<v,"^  ���������3*  ���������5-  ���������s-  ,-K  ���������J"  ���������3"     ���������J- .--.-.'  * ���������..,._  * -  i      HEAD OFFICE  J DUNCANS STATION.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  +       Vancouver Island, B. C.      ::    :,      General Manager.  *4.4.+++^+++*^+4.V++-.i--iv^^+->r.+.^-^++**+.-f-+  -' '-is-'--1. ���������'.-������������������-'��������� --"��������� '-'   'J*"; -" '* -   " "������������������"  '���������     ������������������ . -���������  ������*���������  +  ���������*���������  +  T  HOTEL  v-.;  '���������!-  'Wi&#m  A. J. NlcMURTRlK, Proprietor  N'cwly l'itkd uji-ainl  luiniishei-l  LADYEWnH,    . <.  (v.ood tables -and good  Rooms  ! STOVES!                        STOVES! |  j we arte,making HEATERS and RANGES of }  \ Latest 5 tyles and Newest Patterns--We do |  t A'| kinds of Foundry and Repair Work I  f Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty ���������{  t Ladysmith Stove 8c Iron Works Co. \A 1  I TELEPHONE 53                                                               P. O. Box i'i. \  .���������������������������������������������'������������������������������������..���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������"������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������.������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������*������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������.���������������������������������������������.������������������ ������..������������������������������������������  Tllis   .Tnte'l   ha.    been  completely Renovate^ ^ ^ ^  JOHNTKA^iProprletor  Bar   Supplied   with   the   Best    Wines, 1st Avenue *.-*.  x -  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  ������..*.-������,-������.���������%--��������������� ���������������������������������%��������� ������������������>���������  .-������."���������������������������������>������������������*.������.  *.%.^.-������.-������-������-^*^--*'*'"^*',*^-'%'  T He CI TV 7VV H R K6T  R. William sou Prop  ist. Ayen'tfe':-'"' Ladysmith-B. Ca  think that each tu-tterlly   wap eaitgliL ! h  .by hand���������caught, after a chase of   a !; $  mile or   two, with a net.     As a mat- ; g  ter of  fact,  large numhers of Imtler-  llies are raised on  farms.   There is a  steady demand for  them and it   pays  to rear  them.    The stockroom  of    a  butterfly farm is a  rare and hentiful  sight.       It     is a  room of  glass,   in  which -hundreds of  butterflies    flutter  and float.  The rector of an English parish  possesses a wonderful parrot. Though  the rector lives two miles from the  church, the     bird   invariably accom-.  WM.  MUNSIE,  President    J. W.  COBURN, Managing  Director.  Telephane  4.-b.  ScoMands Best.  1 li)$������ BAT (0.  Sole A gen tit for  J3. C.  Lumber Co, Ltd,  MILLS   AT   FIDniCK   AND   LADY SMITH-'    -    ������  Shinglesa Specialty  MANUFACJTIJBERS OF   Hough ami l>ro������Bod Fir ami Cedar Lumbers  LmiS.'SHINGLES,   ^^^^^^OOrInOS   ^  ^alitv SE=.n*L^ Sock  AND  *  PAlNTIiVir  .ASft)   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done           : ....:.:.:.,v...--:::{;:;-;-���������-:-; Orders  Promptly  Exscutj  S. ROEODING    ������.----���������������   LADYSMITH  j LAD/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE j  |     p'/aNOS       011(1 ANS'' ANDHOUSEHOLD      KURN1TURI    MOV- \  *    " ' F.D PROMPTLY AND  SAFELY. ^^^   \  Stabled iu the rear of the Ladysmith  hotel.      Leave  ������,r.U.rs at   il.i        ������  AhbotB ford ���������  t ' A.    J   WASK^TT Pr0P    ;  I  I c  T  iwrfrsr  -"���������-in" ^"---i t"TraVS ..Srvlrfi, K,~  iMS^*atc^&GBt*frSSt..*!rVix*i*fr-tx**' ������"������-**������  ������.������.*    W       MJI.i *V   IVJU^'M'I  nr.nWfcftrjv^ijW ,.li4^.  ���������B #**���������* *���������.-"*���������������*��������� J-i. ������ Ti Jl  THIS iADISMITH DAILY LEDGER  ������iij������.  LODGES  LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.���������  Rathbone Slaters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall e\ery 2nd and -1th  Tuesday, at 7.30 p.m.  MRS.  KATE TATE,        ]  M. of R. & C.     i f  1.Ml l.D   A \ CI EM"      OllDhil   U!  DRUIDS  UeilingUui   <jIu\l-   f\u    J   L    A    '.'���������    i  A!eds   u.   1. .    .    k.    <)    V    I lj.il,   . .  tl\ smith,     the    Second    and      l-u.n  Viciliu'Sd.ivh  (,:  e.ii'li   nionlii.  coium*-!.  |ing Wednesday,  l.-iih .  J'JO-V     (  VlS-'tlllL',     I)    Hill". ,ll"|-    Il-Mll'l     l(  It ud  My  Ol i.-i  WM    IJAI-TEll.   Kerf S.v������  I'VrUU'K   HI .*l\    \ '  i  lilLBERT  ,.���������_ ,< ..^i.  AZJ&?&Z������.:$B������x J  ?r. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  \'l   woik   guaranloi-id  and  at  leason-  u,hlc  rules.  RESIDENCE   AND  OFKICE  NEWS NOTES  FROM NANAIMO  aWt^ifk^aikaa������ri������B-aaM������aB-aVa*c������a-aalaa>BB������aa������  The lollowiu^ aie <li- ban ins anil others m'.-iesied j ii the woik oi the  flHilma aw-rages ,��������� il,.- ivfiuhir' pVa./'' Vniil.im'n liexelnprneiu Co. u:isl���������l.l  i-i-'. ol'  Iho  Xanaimo  Senior    base-ball ' "i' I he   Cn.\    H.,11   last   owning   .mil   a  li-..i.i   on   -July   IOlh  Hall my   Average.  G.   A.U.  II.  -J-atacre .\t  udd} NlllUll  W  Oicn  fit  all  li.'ius.  ' ;. -\ O ������ ii iU UN . ti A k L R *  Dr.   Dier can  he  io'cri   ai   piij '  Ut  his ollice on Galai'ie sl    His    (|.  tal   work   is   ������i .u.inltvd   to   be   f'i"'-'  tlasti  and r.������1es reasonable *���������  NOTICK  From       ihi������-   ilalr-   the   undersigned  [will   not   I"1   n-Mionsiule   foi   any  in  (dented nr=.s      iuuirrpd  r-crept on       j  Iwiilteii oifu-i ��������� igiird hy  Hie secretary  iRnwIanrl   M,:i h'n "  V.   I    V\p\ OiMTfOV   .v   DRVFi  OI'MF.NT CO , LTD.  (Noil   TersiiliAl   ! f.'hli'! V  riei���������it,    it   ,-���������    <r������\   \ftir   '"is  StiiOUE     CAKES     AND    l*ASTl'\  j     ALWAYS    Kit ESI 1   ON  HAND  I   Wedding     fakes   u'ade    to  Order  jl'l'l'i'l.S    AM)     CANDIES OK  ALL  |       KINDS.     r'KKSH    UREAL)   EV-  ; EKY    DAY  j Trices    are     Very  Reasonahle.      All  ! t'ustonieis  air  Treated  Alike.  HOP  LEE * CO  ON  TUP    SSPLANADE.  i  Graham   ..   .  .    Vitken     lioi-doii   . .  ..  ,    Vtlken     l.shman   ...  ilreenwell   ..  Wilkinson   ..  '1 .-aiii  hatting  Fieldinjj  . .0  .*">  M  . 4  .. 0  8u!Scfl������r.  Mosey   io  M.    4vft-.a������   -   --  &*i  BV  L/PVSWI H  CUBAN CIGftR FACTORY J^  I Manufacturers of th? Famous  CU i\N   ISLOSS >*I  iMone !������u   Unie-. i,.i';io:     ICmployed  H   J.   BOOTH. Prav  EXCELLENT  Train Servicel  DETWECN  cs.gcAG0, mim,  HAMILTON TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC.  PORTICO, BOSTON,  Aud the Pilnclpal liuslnoss Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, KEW YORK AKD  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Tlino Ti'.blcs, etc., nddrcas  CEC. W. VAUX,  Assistant Oen'l l'uswnfjcr intl Ticket Agent,  135 Adams St , CHICAGO, ILL.  J   ('reuiiwdl ,  .1.  Aitken    .   ..  J.  Gordon   .    ..  W. Oraham ...  W.  Ashman .. ..  T- Ailken  ..  ..  Al    Wilkinson    .  Ti'ani  fielding  Hit  29  ���������*..*-.  I'.)  :ii  . :>    2\  .   . Ci     "ilV  ."Jllli per i-i-nl  Awiagc.  " T.O.    A.  ..1(1  ..:'()  ... 7  ..2*2  .   .   K  ..28  J 5  IK  1-1  4  i nival   iLal   ul*   itiU'i-i'M    iiuuiiK'sicil    in  i  j ill.-  olijc-cU   ami   ttiirk   of   the   in'opu^-  \\\   .-(1   i-oinpaii,\.      Ei-oiii   what    was   said  .1.11 ' il i. apparent    ih.il   the busnu-ss nu-n  ���������"''" of -Vauaiiuo are mils' <ili\v to ih>- nu  ni(.n>e ]iossil>ilii u-h oi irailo ilia' an-  likily lo il..-\olo|> Un-. .sec-lion ul  coi nlrs ilui-iii"! tin- dpm few \eais  Th.- objects ot the i-iuui>.iii\ ti*. oui-  iin.-d    bv   Ihe    i liaii'iiian   oi   ihe   ini'i't-  . 100  ,'.'.l>8  :i.->2  ���������J-.U '  ���������J.'o'  I  E    V  iii  1  M-u  1  ������1  SKV.}  18  ��������� ������  .020  21  r>  .MOO  t>  <������  .800  (���������>  t'  iii^- and        'fill        otheis        who  -.poke are lo :ul\erl i-.i- Is'iina-  iii).>, lu-si, l.t-i, anil all the tiuie  an.I Iff become iio-^css.mI oi ami Kccii  on Ml' hi the ollke, \\h ill will hv  i out rally locale.!, L-oin|.leie uifoi million rey-arding the i-luiuei s lor s. 11 U-  .rtoti   mi nt   in   iln.s   viciiiit\,   aKo   the   pi os-  2   ^T.-.n  S55  per  ccni.  :a.'n  . The fmeral of the late Mrs  l).i\is oi Cumberland, took placo yts-  teiday afl*inoon on the arrival of  thp hoat iiom Cumbecland. Tha re-  truins wer taken io nilhcrts Under  ia' inn Parlors and from there to thc  Nananno fVmelery where .the interment took place. TheSilver Cornel  Hand were in attendance, at the lun-  eral,  and  played     appropriate mnsic  J. PIEI  Paislay Dya Warks  Fancy Dyeiiin ai������i  Cleaning. Charlies leasonuilJo, efe.    Work Ciuaianteed  Commarcial SN ��������� Nanaimo, B. G.  J\l.inufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  GLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C.  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADU  TO OKDISR and  Kl-'PAlRED   AT   SHORT   NOTICE.       DRILLS  SHARPENED  BY   US      ALWAYS   GIVE SATISFACTION:  -1���������PICKS'HANDLED'-A  ND  REPAIRED���������  ���������S 1UPSMI T II t N G    I N      UL   ITS    B R A N C 1'l'fOS'  Horseshoers and Gener������'������' Blacksni t.-.s.  for the occasion  Rev. silva WJiit^  pei liises of mines the locution oi  limber for sale unU all ol-hei uiuL-  tei-, that arc likel.\ io be ihe subiect  of tiiqjuiry by p.-rsons thinking til m-  .e<-,ling  or selllnio   on   l h<" const  lielinite action wa^ laki-u at 'he  in. ot ing to iu; oi pornie the Company by the appoint nie.nl ul teiiipo-  ra.-y triisteos, who are insli-ui ted to  lO-jiorate and carry on ihe businos-,  :oi- a limited lime so that it is likely Uiat the ollice. of the compan.-.  will be opened in some centralis lo-  uled place in the course oi a. week  ofliciaterl at the graveside, the foi- or two. These dusters aie as iol-  lowinp; Gentlemen acting; as pall, lows: F. s. Ko\ nobis, A K. .lohn-  hcarors. Mcssers G. Bnher, F. Shep ston, E. 13. Summers, .1. R T. Tow  herd,    M.    Tlale,     H    Kvans.   A.  Pick   (.,s,  H.  Aitken.  A.  .T. McMurtrie and W.  T>y  R. WRIGHT.  BLiller Street  t" L.ii'cl >r;a rnitli, J3 C  .���������.4^!,.|..j..J..>,J..^..J.^.?.4.!.>^^.^t.  SttSSS  { ICE!  t    Will be Delivered on  Mondays,..'Wednesdays,  F,* id ays and Saturdays  ���������f      Orders  must he in  hy eleven o'clock ou day ol Delivei-y,  ewin������ Oo-  Limited  } NANAIMO-^  B. C.  J .Ttfahrer  Re* erWge.  '  The   floral   tributes   \v<*i-e   s-ont  t'he   folloiviiifj*  Mrs. J. ������f. Picket, Airs. O. H. Fee  hner, Mr. and .Mrs. O. J I. 'Fechner,  Mr. and Mrs. .1. Abrams, Mr. and  Mrs^S. Shoi-p, Xelbe.and Viola Mat  thews, Mr. and Mrs. .1. Matthews  Miss. S. Walker, Mrs. Al. A. Recce,  Miss Maggie Totter, -Miss. Sadie  Whyle, Aliss Kate Walker, Mrs. Edward Walker, Mrs. C!eo. Peacock,  Miss. Hertlia l^owis, Miss. Lizzie I'ot  ter, Mr. IL Drew, Mr. 12. Priest, Mr  and Airs, Knight. Mr. and Mrs. Kes-  iey, aMr, and Airs. T. 12. Hato, Aliss.  Sarah Williams,, Mrs. Sam Williams.  Air. and Airs. Campbell, Airs. Duncan Thompson, Aliss. I/r/zie McLean,  Mr. nnd AIYs. .J. II. AlcLean. Air. anil  Airs Viank Parks, Mr. and Airs.  Wallers, Mr. and Airs. Thos' -..Uoi--1  bury. Air anil Atrs..X<?il l.lo.\d; All-  Arthur  Hradley,. -Mi-.', nnd  Airs. ; Jas-.!';  'today, duly l^lh, 100(3 is the  21 nth anniversary of the llattle of  the Boyiie and Uie ei-ent is !������ein.g eol-  i brated with gieal pomp b> the  OiangHiiDen of British Columbia l>\  a  ffront  demons! i at ion    in   Victoria  All ai'raiig-ciiicnts have been made  lor the conve.\ a*e.j (,i" a large crowd  J'l'om this 'city. A special excursion  irain oi eig'lit rcuu-hes 'will lea-\c  at 7 o'clock returning- will leav:  \'ictoi-ia    al  30 o". lock this evening.  Preparations hn\<- Imm-ii made ui Vic  loria   for a big  da..  'The forenoon will he taken up wiih  the reception of the incoming lodges  and delegations reaching- iho cit\  by tho R. & NT. Railway, the Yic-  loria terminal and the .steamer C'it>  of Xanaimo. ilnc-lndeil among- those  will   be     the   Nanaimo      lodg-ey   and  It does not require an  expert to clean out tbe flues  of the " Sunshine " furnaoe���������  the only tool needed is m brush  which is  supplied   with ���������vary        ''^///f/i'^Ji'inT\J\  *������������������.- /Y///jffi!M  Clean-out doors ars plMod ia the  casing, and the brush can easily be inserted.  This beater just bristles with exclusive features such as  automatic gas dampers, large double feed-doors, steel dome,  double shakers and steel radiator.  If you want tbe best furnace made get tbe " Sunshine."  Sold by enterprising dealers  everywhere.     Booklet  free.  WClar/s  ,   lo  3.-i-..o.   '   ,   -. , sr.y^z  '"'' London. Toronto'. - icojitbbaii.  " Winnipeg.   Vancouver.  ��������� '���������'��������� '    ���������-'- ��������� st. John.   Hamilton.  f  [he  Ladysmith Hard ware Co., Sole Agents  those   from   intermediate   points;   the   of   in  my      stomach.    1   never  knew  Saaiuch  and  Island   lodges and   Van-   \, lui   it  w-as-  to  worry.    Hall the nu n  .oiner  and  .Mainland  Orangemen. i\oi  see look as  il   the cares   of hall  At J .:{(!  Ihe   parade  from  the  A.  O.   tb---   world    are   resting    on   tluvn      If  0.   \\.   ball  siarts    for Jleacon    Hill,  nun   would    nlav   with   children    on--  I  I     I'.oin  m  Loci/,   ltus-sia,   mi'.    z.eiuui  (���������a ue to (his countiy   when    Lf> years  i.i*  age.    He made  a  comfortable lot  tioie as a  commission  merchant.  MODEST CLAIMS OFTEN  '"'CARRY'' MOST  CONVlCTiON  ���������/���������  and Mrs. Fred ���������'DirVus;- Afr. aiidMi's!"  Thos. Horn,-Mr. and Ari's.-.d-. '���������" W. When Maxim, the famous gun in-  Jiryden,' Air. and Mrs. T. ' Lewis; j ventor, placed his guii before a com-  Arr. and Airs. C.SeagT'av'e.Afi-; and mittee of judges, he stated its cai-  Arrs. Ti. II. Robertson, Air. and Ari-Kll'y'ni? Power to he.mueh below what  Bruno Mellndb, Air. and Airs. ^I'hos. he felt.-slire the gun Would accom-  Bennolt, Mr. and Mrs. J Potter. -������������������PUah- The result of the trial was  Mr., and Mrs. T. Hudson^^ Mr. land ' t,lerefor������"a S^at surprise, instead of  Mrs. G. Clinton, Air. and Mrs. W.,'^PPOintimeiit. It is the same with  Beve'ridge, Air. and Mi-s< AreAIurtrie, the manufacturers of -Clia-mbterIain's  Mr. and AL-s. Pearco, 'Atr. and Atrs. CoUc' Cholera-ami Dianhoea Reme-  Bowatei-, Atr. and Mrs.' HE. "Peck. ^ T1,Cy d������ ������ot lw>ast of what  Mr.   and   Airs.   H.      Rhepherd      and   _this remedy will, accomplish,  but pre-  ,���������_,,,, ^..^ u r < fer to let the users make the state-  many others whose names were not - , ������������������ . ... , , . . ,, ,  .,,,���������,. , ments. .What they do claim, is that  handed   in. ..      .,,.,.                ,.      ,    j it will  possibly cure diarrhoea,   dys-  'entery, pains in the stomach andbow  A   ineetirig-  of  the  subscribers'' and  ���������, .1  ols and has never been known to fail;  For sale    bv The    Latlvsniith  p.har-  Minard's   Liniment cures  Diphtheria . macy.  IP   VOU  WANT  AaOOD-���������- ���������  ' ADVICE AS TO I'AluNTAGIU.'TY  f.'Vctice iu ���������' invent.ve Ase'".  Ilooi; "Itowtoobuiin l':..leuls"  *���������   *--1~-v-- -  /��������� -������   .  DESH.'MS  TRADE.MAidvS  il   H  "C- liT'ft^    irc;.i)i-..r,i.aiiiv:;  *' l] ���������**%%$ W   5s** kUO COPYR.G!!1  i3S������ fej   ������W,      OCTAMSD  StBlJ-'E-t--?  Chtirg.'.s mndvrate. Ko fee till patent, i.-i swurt--  -   LittorHStriotly u.-Mifulential.    Artdrii-.-.,  -. 0. ,i;j(;Cnns. l':i!-.-n! levrjet, V.'aEhinnlon, i). r  Synopsis  of  f-'anadian- Homestead  Hernial ions.  Any availahle Doiniiiion ijinds  within the Railway Beit .in British  Columbia, may be houiesteadcil hy  any person who is the sole liefffT 'of  a family, or any male ovei e g-hl.een-,  years of age, to the extent pi ��������� one-  quarter .'section of J CO acres, more  or less.  Entry must be made, personally al  the local land ollice for the district,  in  which  the laud  is  situate,  Tiie homesteader is required to pcr-  fonii the conditions connected therewith under one of tho following  plans:  (1) At least si* months' residence  upon and cultivation nf the land in  each year for   three years.  (2) If the father, (or mother, if (he  father is deceased), of the homestead  er resides upon a  farm in   the vicinity of  the land entered for, the    re-  (piireinenl.s as to residence may be  satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon fanning land owned by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the ret-'uirements as to residence may he satisfied by residence  upon  the said land.  Six . monthe' notice in writi..-.  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased al. $10  per acre for soft, coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 820  acres can be acquired hy one individual or company. Royalty at the  rale of ten cents pet* ton of 2,00u  pounds shall he collected on the  irross output.  J\  .. W.   W.   TORY,  | rjopnLy  nf  (he Minister  nf Tntr-rir.r  Tirst Cle������*  Meal  }CALL AT---'    .   /;. , ���������  J. X. Smith's Restaurant  ALWAYS OPEN -FIRST  AVENUE.  I'he K.   \\    l!.  Director ot ceremonies.   j10 n- ever>   day   they would  live  lon-  llio.    A.   Al.   Abercrombie,   will   liave    if     ���������-  charge of the parade. At Beacon hill ( " .^ n ^ } ^ ^.^ ^ ^.^  the formal welcome of the order to  the city will bo extended by" His  Wot .ship Alajo'* Motley. Aiming tho  speakers who will follow will )���������<���������*  the H. W. Grand Chaplain, Rev. Jlr0i  Morton Sinitb, and H. W. Past.  Grand Ar aster, Rro. Thomas nuke,  ol \'ancouvei; Rev. Bro. S,. A. Thoiu  pson. and Honorary Grand Chap-  lam   Hev.    Dr.   Reid,   of  Victoria.  A programme of music by the .">tli  Regimoot band  will  also be rendered.  Later a programme of sports, in-  i luding ;l baseball match between tbe  Hillsides and Xanaimo team will be  pul   on ot the hill  For the. e\einng the urrailgoments  include an illuminated concert at;  the Gorge. Park, with a special car  service to nnd. from it. A band concert will be given in connection with;  the evening's programme.  DRINK WHISKEY  IS HIS ADVICE  ��������� ���������*'**-C"������..*..������.-*..  ��������� ������������������������������������"���������������������������������������������������������������*���������  .���������U..*..������������.������.������������-������0"  "���������������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������*������������������  First  Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  DELI VER l-lD.  WOOD  AND  BARK-'FOR SALE    AND  EXPRESS. U'OftK..  !    PHONE 66  .���������>������������������.���������������������������������������������.'���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.*. ������.<  DAVID' JOHNSON  ..������������������������������������.���������a-*..i������a..a. .������..���������..������.,(..���������������������������..  .tAPYSAUTM  ��������� .B.'f'f.i- ���������������.������������������������������������*������������������  W.   .SILER.  ^ENEKAL hXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK  PROMPTLY   rifi- '������������������  r.ettve ordnrn  at the  Ahhnt.sfonl  Keep  Minard's     Linimeut    In     the  house.  NOTICE  LADY3.lt.jTH   WATER NVOR.KS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on  Roberts   Street  <���������  iay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each m-nth.  Office Hours I P. M. 4 30  I. I BLAND  ���������: SUTERINTENHENT.  ExpRiss Work  -���������^^-*.��������� ���������  New   VorU,   July   IX.���������'.'-Drink  plenty  of good beer,  wine and  whisky.  ���������"Don't drink too much.  ���������'Smoke all you want to aud never worry.  "Do everything- regularly and never in excess.  "t'lny   with   tho  cbildcen  one   hour  a clay."  Faithful observance of these rules  is the reason Joseph ZieUin. who yes  tevday celebrated his XOtst --'birthday  gives i'or his long life. He lives with  a daughter at No. 138 Lexington  avenue., Brooklyn. In celebration of  his birthday be smoked a few extra  cigarettes,'but did not Ot horwiso deviate  from  his  "routine"  of  life.  "One trouble with all Americans is  Ihat. they do everything iu bunches  ������������������Lots of them drink as much as 1 dq  ami too fast," said the centenarian,  and it. kills thein. I take it insmall  ipiantit ies and often. They eat too  much and Ion fast, and I never did  either.- More men are hilled from  overeating than not having- enough  to eat.  "I drink wine the lirsl thing in the  morning, drink beer with my meals,  and whiskey afternoons and evenings  I wn������ never intoxicated in my life  aud there has not been a day for se^  onty-five years that I have not had  ten'or a :dozen drinks of good be'ver-  idges. I don't have indigestion for T  chew  mv  food   in  my   mouth  instead  Light Teaming.  Orders  With���������  PIRST AVENUE  Wood and    Bark   for  sale.     See  J.   KEMP,   or    leave  W. CARTER,  PHONE  BOWEL  COMPLAINT  TN   CHILDREN  During the sum.iner mouths children*  are subject to disorders of the   .bowels  which should  receive careful    attention as soon as the  first, unnatural looseness    of the bowels   appears  The best medicine    in use lor    bowel  complaint    is     Chamberlain's   Colic,  Cholera  and  Diarrhoea Remedy  as it  promptly    controls    any     unnatural  looseness of the bowels.      For   sale  6-0 by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  1 ROTH1ER MAY  BE TRIED AGAIN  Ottawa, July XO.���������In tl������e Uou.se to  ilay Mr. AlacVherson asked the mm  isicr of justice a ipie.st.ion about  lb oth er. ile .said Drothior was pai  doited out ol the penitent tnry al New.  \\< <��������� minister and went down south  His has been deported in Seattle anil  is now in, Vancouver, where he has  be a arrested by the provincial authorities and is again being tried  on soino new count that lie was  not tried on before. "I would ask  wh.-ther if, he. is tried and convicted, as I-hope'he willbe, thc minister  of justice will use his clemency and  allow    him   out  again?"  Hon, Mr. , Aylesworth said: 'M do  not know whether the lion, gentleman  ���������>xpects me to say what .1 would, do  under hypo-bhccal circumstances. J  can only say that if such a thing  could happen-and 1 should be inin-  istor of Justice when an .application  for the man's release was made, 1  ihink I should be careful indeed be-  I'oro t-.ecommeiiding- the exercise of  ���������leniency  in  his favor.''.  5i"r. Macphoi-son said that he would  return   to  the matter next session.  St. Petersburg-, July XI.���������As assistant eashiier Gasperovitch was  leaving the oflice. of the paymaster  of the admiralty this afternoon accompanied by a clerk and a porter,  the- latter carrying n j^g containing  St2,50n, ihey were attacked by Severn 1 men who discharged revolvers  nt- thorn. Gasperovitch was wound-  vrt in Ihe head, niul n bullet passed  Hi rough die jaw of the porter who  Iropped the bug of money. The robbers  seized   it   ami   made   off.  jiiLASS-    GLOBED  Wlien you want a Glass globe  see that you get tbe globe  ���������with the rubber ring on it,  as it is the only kind that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the rubfoler ring  cannot keep out water, y0u  can see that by examining  Ihem. The artificial flower  Ihat is put into the globes  with the rubber rings, is guar  an teed to he the best, and if  you want a globe with a  Rubber Rinn;, call at, Mrs. T,  -V.  Jones, agent for  HENRY CREW  The only    place y0u  can   get  Them.  ���������Sole Agent in  B.C.    for    the  French    Wreath  Co., of   London,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A.,  ���������"���������or. Comox Rd. & Milton St  NANATMO B.C. '.)-  ���������     -    ~.   ~ "  THELADYSMITH DATI-Y LEBGMER  . ���������������������������.^fca^a*ta������laaaa*a������Ta<a*aaaa%ia*aa*a<fa*aa������������Bl  aa*a.-a-aft pir.Tmmt <^***W   BEST AMERICAN & CANADIAN���������   HAMS&BACONS  0T  20cts,  Per  ���������������T-  Pound  LE'S  *M#"#.4h$h$h$m$h������^������^  Smith, Fotos,iWiLL pass  '       SUNDAY BILL  That's A������ I  Local Items  Mr.   IT.  Thornley   has  been confined-  eo  the house for   the past  few  days.  The football medals arrived today,  and will be on exhibition in Messrs.  Blair & Adam's window tomorrow.  Mr. AI. Smith, representing J.  Picrcy & Co., Victoria, is in the  city today on business in connection'  with his firm.  Air. C. George, the'well known car-  lie htiyer, is in the city today on  .business, having come down on the  morning train from  Nanaimo.  Air. Win. Beveridge aud Air. A. J.  AlciMurtrie spent yesterday afternoon  in Nanaimo, returning on the mom.  ing train today.  The many friends of Mr. T.  Greaves will hear with regret, that  he is at present viery seriously ill.  Mr. Greaves has been confined to  his bed for some time, but last ev- j  ening was ^ taken seriously ill. To  day, however, he is resting easVi.  Regarding the proposed amendments to the Lord's Day Alliance  Hill which appeared under an Ottawa  date line yesterday, a despatch from  Ottawa today says: The Senate tonight accepted the changes made by  the Commons, but with a very bad  grace.  None Better-Capital & Nugget Cigars  ���������a-  PICNIC.  The Excelsior Social Club will hold  their first annual picnic on Sunday  next, July 15th, and invite all ladies who were in attendance at their  dances last winter to meet' at Miss  Smith's store on Wednesday evening  at 7:30 to make final arrangeiiu-nlts.  ; SHINGLE OPERATORS  SEE  ENF  OF   STRIKE  Ottawa,   .J u l\ '   11 ���������There   was  caucus   of  liberal   senators    last     evening,   when  il   w.t* decided    to     put  the Lord's   Uay  bill  through  this sos  sion.    with   some slight    amendments  The   bill   got   a   so< ond   reading    last  night,   and   the    committee  staye was  taken op tuelnv.     An amendment will  be   made      strengthening   the,   clause  which     will      g-i\e   to   the   provinces  their    present     rights   to  enact    such  legislation  as   comes   within   tho  jurisdiction      alluding    Sunday    Observance.    The  criminal    pro\ lsions   will  be left to tho federal authorities. Dining yesterday '.s  debute    Senator Bos-  tock s-aicl   be Was  in  favor  of-a law  l'oi* the sincL   observance of  the  Sab  bath.      However,      the    bill    touched  clilierent  pro\ nn.es   iu   various    ways,  tie  doubted  whethei.   on   I lib    whole,  it   would   meet    wilh  "general   approval.     British. -Columbia   bad a Sunday  law   tor   tbe   oilier    colonial     portion  unci  none tor tlic newer portion.  1 tow  ever    Sjimda.v.     was   as   well   observed  in one portion us the other,    lie   did  Jiqt think   ll.nt    riunduj    was so much  a   mailer  oi   l.-cjislnl ion    as.   for      the  I'uil.v     iruiu'.n.;   of  ihildivn.      In   lii-i  I it.h   Uoluiiii.iii   tin-  daily  papers,   issu  'SWil-Ttt'ATER' BILL"  HERE FR���������"'���������''  SORT II  'is   in   ti'v-ii s.u s  /  "Swift water  Bill  I the Seattle "P.-1.' .  It  did   hot   take   imiu.    i   n -u-s   .if  ber the arrival  of t< c skamer  Watson  for   the  word   to  s  te-c   -br.Mi.b  Seattle thnl  the Al.is'-a  n in.'i   wh..s,.  adventures  on  mil tin oui.il  -a   <*'.'  j attracted     almost as m������'< h attni'"'--  from     the    public .is hi������ ih-'i'"    n  >  1 "luo.k"      in     ������*;n-u'-    '_'' '  a -ain   on   n v    '< "'    rp  AS  sore-    ������������������-   '��������� '   it'i'i-''   b'  'r    ���������***      '_  . .i '���������. .-. I'  ���������  able'   at     m'ulni< hi,      Gates'   --���������' n-������,  broad  lorin  hn'l  been. 1 ������t   ���������    "   ���������"'"  ������ ���������%  ing  a   hrc" ,   v ith  hi1"  <������������������<<-  .t. w  35 Doz-sii of these goods  arrived today���������Linen  with Blue Duck Trimming, Blue Duck with  Braid Trimming, 3 Rows  ���������Just the price of the  material-See Window  Walters &  Akenhead  ssy  ' 1-"T safclv Ivc1 ed i-iuhr   hi*- a ���������"   Th-  hack    dro* e    low.-'K's      1'i'r-   .'-���������������������������  nloncc    that     tin r v. hi'.-*-!   :).i '   "'i ���������,.-���������  j-en red.  Whether so-np friend  I'-id  i:*' '������������������' i'i"-  session of thc mirn   in   :m c^'-orl    "������  prevent     his  aires!   for   . o-ilc-M'M    h'  co'.iit,   on  th*- action   brought   tccn'-  lw  bv   Rein   Bent-rice  Cnd1'   fere-.1  Be.ra Rcatiieo dates., of  whether  t1'.'  attorneys f-.r the vvom.nn   hpd     hi,fin  successful  in securinLr t.hr>i|- inpu eoul;l  not be  learned.     Rnlh cilv nr ' coei-  ty officers denied tint   the  mm ,,"n'-  in their custody.'  The prn-i-al ehnngc not-rd  ' ���������* Mi =-.  who  saw   the s'ranncr  was   ih-r*    '-"  'had   grown a beard in the   Northern  wilds.    Officers of the Watson  re-r-rl  that   he. has "not   clianrv-d  his    lucl .  and instanced the fact that he guo <���������  ed to the    minute   when   he    would  arrive at the dock,   thereby  wi-mti"-  a considerable sum to ndd (d  his nl-  ready    large  roll  of  hills,  which " he  displayed  r*n  numerous   cccasions   on  the way down.  Times have gone well w'th Hi"  much di ���������< rc-rd miner, if his own  story mav re ta'en for ert'ei-ic.n  say the rai capers rn th" t'";i"o'i  Gates has been in the interior east  of the Vaklcy countrv, an-i ,���������'������������������" .1'  to have copper mines theie for vbi'M-  Prmtor  Olnrl..  of Mfnt'-in.  h-xl    of  Has   again advanced in Price and we  Quote as  Follows  Cow chan Treamery.   35 c. lb.  28c. lb.  28c. lb.  14 IK Foxes  14 IK Hoxes  SlMiNLESEKcVCO Liu.  fc    FRESH SUPPLY OF  rj3  | W. tlutton, to. W art Seel J  s  s  Seattle,' J111 y 12 .���������The ,shi rigjle -mi I Is  of the state, closed by the strike, of  the  shingle  w'teavers,  are opening,    a  few  at  a  time,  and  the owners   expect to   havie   the greater  per   cent,.'  of all  mills   in    Washington   running  within a  few clays.   Reports are com  ing from outside mills -which- indicate  that a  large percentage of  the    men  arc desirous    of    returning  lo    their  former  positions,    but so  far     there  has been little or 110 desertion   from  the rants or the  unions.  .-At Ballard   the  mills of  the Soibcy  Manufacturing  Company  and  of     the  Campbell  &  Zook Company arc   cxJ  pecteil  to start  up today,   the    owners of both having stated  that    they  would open this morning.  ed    on   Sunday   morning  but  not    on  Monday     -morning-.       This   gave   the,  whole   statY  of  the  newspapers,  '.with  the exception    of half-a-dozen,":leisure  for the  entire   Sunday.      If   this    act  were  passed   the s-.tah    of  a  newspaper would have .to Work ovi Sunday to  g-et   out    n   Monclny   newspaper.     .An  exception   might    '.veil   be 'inserted'���������.'ui  the  act   to   allow    l'.ritish   Columbia  papers    in.   .  eo.itiniiu   their    present  practice,   . Pnring- six  or  eight  ���������weeks  salmon   were    running,  in   the  Feasor  River    fishermen   were  allowed   to   begin   lU-.hing-   n.t    six .o'clock   oh    Sunday  evening.    To  allow'that   to' continue,   it   was   proposed, that    fishing  should   be   allowed   iifior   six   o'clock  on  Sunday    all. over :Canada,    at    all  times   of  the   -vein-.'.  To  eo ver  ��������� these  j two .points he jjave no'* ice   of .amendments  declaring   'Mini:-any--act  of any  province    relating    In   Sunday    labor  in force at pi-eseur should; bo confirm  ed . as ii pass-'-d hy live parliament of  Canada, .    :nul   ii..-    ^ovemor-g-eneral  in council    iiinv   f-onlirni   Sunday    legislation     eiui'-lcd    iiv- future  .'by     the  provinces-. ��������� " .      ..   ���������  Senator C'loran endorsed the idea  that human IcgisUitien-sluuild be n-  long- the' lin.'s di'-. in.-ly laid' down.  There was ...ii hint.; divine about  Ihe   bill. ;���������  j     Senator    l-'ro.-u    followed.     uu(\     de-  I clarecl   the       bill   art   eminently    fair  ! one.     it .was  full  of    evidence  of concessions.     In   gv-fii-i'iil    the     bill     only  restricted    work,    spurt    and     amuse-  PiGNSGlBS ATIENTION  Wc have    made   arrangements  lo hue    a launch  leave     the  wharf every hour dm i������g Thurs  day afternoons  and   on     Sundays alter   10 o'clock   in     the  forenoon  fjir  thc  Green,     and  shell beach, where we have established  refreshment    booths.  Campers     wishing    plots    for  tenting slmuld aPP'y early, as  the   camping season  is nearly  here  T1RS    McKIN.NELLKY r    MUQH THORNLEY  ferrnl   him   ���������f2,H0O.non.    V h  <" '  1 aluc of the    1 ronerties.  Mi ���������  1 "rs sav "Bill" certpinlv l-,id  wad   of    vdlow     "Inn du I--  ' rs i-hs'oii   of  v hi' h  h"   i-"d -  net.  il.  '��������� t ifl-  ^   WE  HAVE   ON   HAND   SOME VERY   NICE-  %  ROLLED COkNEb iil:Bh  vz 1-2C. LIS.   "^5  LAUNCH ING  PARTIES.  Parties  wishing to engage a   firs't-  cllass launch for  picnic or   excursion;;  patties    at    reasonable rates should  apply to   *H. BLAIR,    Cecil Hotel,  City.    Launch may b* engaged for the-  evening at any time -   st  E A. H0%VB 1  E MEAT   MARKET g  Minard's  Liniment cures  Cold,  etc.  Minard's   I./uiimenl cures   Diphtheria  | CARNATION  WHEAT   FLAKES  inent far .gain. '.Opportunities for  the recreation of working men nnd  others were not circumscribed: Employers were compelled . to grant  their men -a, day of rest.  . -Senator"Landry hoped the . bill  would not pass, as the bill infringed upon the powers of the -provinces, tie Would vote against the second -reading  The bill    was read a .'second time.  The Vancouver' World of Tues-  day^Tissuu has 'the .following to say  in reference to a former well known  A'lina'inioito vvliu is now residing in  Vancouver.. : .���������'.-���������>  ���������  Mr.    ���������!.' 'H.   Cocking,   of    Nanaimo,  who for "the past  two years has had  the controlling interest in the-Palace  I Livery stables   at. 10(>.y Pender street  'and  has. been  conducting- a stable at  Nanaimo, has decided   1 o. live.in .this  city,   in  order    io   better    conduct his  interests here,   and   is   now   personally conducting  tbe  Palace Livery  stables.     Mr.    Corking-   was  one- of    the  most  popular  men  in  Nanan.imo, having  been   an   ulde-rmiin   in   that    city  for eight years,  president  of the   agricultural    society   for    two years and  government   director   on   the     Hospital    board.    J le  has  been   in   the  liv.  er.v      business     for   the  past   twenty  yenrs.  seventeen   of   which   were spent  in   N'niinimo.  so   Ihat ho  is  C|.uite cap  .able    of  managing  a large i si able.  fry a Province Ciirar.  Ask-for Capital and Nugget Cigars  NOTICE.  I have tahen over the scavenger business lately handled by M. 'Camphell  and am prepared to do work in this  |.line; in first-class shape. Leave orders for heavy team work, scavenger  work, etc., with Messrs.. Blair-;'&.  'Adam!-.'. Also any complaint regarding scavenger work will be attended  to if laid at this place.:       .  ROBERT CALLANDER.'  Ladysmith, B.C.  SCREEN POORS  We offer all sizes in Screen Doors, complete with  Hinges, Etc, F yr  $lv5 0    EACH  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  Get Your   SUNDAY EXAMIMEH  NEW YORK WORLD   AND���������  I      HEW YORK JOURNAL  1 MOTS BOi w  I  Merchant Tailor  " .'���������'���������"''''h*'���������"''     FIRST  AVENUE. '.'��������� .  Suits    Made to Order to Fit and to your  iSatisl'action.Call and see Stoekt  ..,..;,...������������������.-���������. ���������  taw Bottlin? My \  1st. Avenue, Ladysmith,' B. CI  Jf. L RuRiiiPt Prop. I  MANUFACTURER OF ]  .                               . 1  Carbona<od Beverages,  ';'"  (linffer   Beer  WHEN IN  NEED OF  Get   your   eyes   tested   properly,    ."with     insli'umentsr ^^  ^uap'ted fo/that purpose, an<l not by guess *-f ^^^'  bv the latest- method free ot  charge   and. I -you need . 1   ������  -prices arc moderate for the best quality of goods.      _^_        x-    .         ^^^^^^^^^>>^aKj,,1BaaaamTla*|--'* *"   "' **' nW*'"'  B. FORCSMHER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  aiyu^Sj.s.  A Valuable and Useful  p. o.  n  l-ruit Syrups ? '  Box   2.|S  in  Every    Package  D���������rins ^ next few weeks   a Souvenir oj ^^Jri^dUj-  aster, will be put in every   Package  ,,l    ^ntat  course of   time will    prove   valuable.   3 5    Cents    Per  k a  BLAIR &  ADAM  FOR FRIDAY  Lamb, Mutton  and Veal  1111 1     1.    111       1        1 i_.    .111   .    aiii.   - 1     1       i'i 1 ib 111  11 ���������r "������������������ riiaaia���������'11 r������������������^���������.. ������������������       ��������� ���������   ~lE~Ci  PAN N ELL  GATACRE ST.        LADYSMITH  PICTURE  FRAMES  and  latest   Patterns  ami   Finishes  FR A ME MOTJ 1.01N CI S.  .���������%.. ���������*��������� -^ *���������  PLAQUES.  -%.-���������>.������������������������������������������������  WALL  PACKETS.  ���������   Granite and Maibie Works  pictures���������British  and German.  Plate Mirrors.  Bevel  Granite and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest prices consistent  with first class stock and  workmanship. ''ri'tc    for  catalogue.  A!   STRWA'RT,  MS Yates St. Victoria  B.C  Smoke a  Big B Cigar.  ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  iHllt*i,HI,et)l1"'  ,������8������MM������������8eN^������68������������������  Passe Par tout Picture Binding in  all colors. dust arrived from the  factory in the Kast.  ���������*. ��������� ��������������� **���������  ..  Picture Framiajc Neatly done at  H.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  1  bave just received  a shipment of  : if? Hills'  Hi^h Uracte  .."i_^^^������- *j  EN6LISH 10B4CC0.S  C'fi'-tKIUFS  at  the   DR UG   STORE  /T


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