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The Daily Ledger Jul 13, 1905

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 1  I  W^&&&tir.  "?'     JUL 141905  1    I DUNCAN >  -4*'  LADSYfllTH  4^^^j.^^f4.^.j.4-.r-^.r-^������4..j..:������.J^..j.^.>.H'*H,-i*-H������  Daily  1/  f LADYSMITH  f . - & DUNCANS ������  ���������4-H-l 4-^'Hr^-^���������'^^'^���������,<H-K���������4^*H-4-H-K������������������H^���������  VOL. 2,  THURSDAY,   JULY   13,   1905  PRICE   FIVE    CENT  THE MIAMI IS  CLEARED OF COAL  The Last of the Ill-fated Steamer's Cargo Will Be Removed  by the Senator Today  The Iron and Steel Fitting  are  Being Taken out and Will Be  Sent to Seattle  Wini    Raymond,  the cook on the some objection.  T. S. Senator, now engaged intak-. 'Ihe Senator was in port last eve-  ing the coal from Mie("wrecked ship ning and Ihe officers report that the  Miami, tells an interesting atory of ' jas(, 0f the coat that has been under  thehair seal. The Senator started ' water for over four years, will beta-  taking coal from the Miami about j*cn out today.. When she sunk the  five weeks ago, when Mr. Raymond ]\nanu had on board abojut 4,000 tons  noticed a large hair seal continually I of coa, part ot which *was- the lkst'  hovering about the bow, of the wreck J t;aVn from the old Wellington mine,  ed ship.   He watched the movements ( H.l]f'of    1he t.arg() wi,icnwas in ti,c  ORMGEMEHS' Ml  INJRIftFF COMES REIT SI yi WITTE, CHIEF RUS'  mm in ������IAN pl^qTENTIARY  The Czar Has Conferred on the President of the  Committee of Ministers Real Powers  of   Plenipotentiary  The Little Mining<Camp is He is Continually  Receiv  Visited by Many  People  Ladysmith May Play Cumberland at Football on  Neutral Grounds  ing Warnings "that his  End is Near  The grave General Expecta  Death, but his Nerve  is Unshaken  Ladysmith     fared badly In. the Or-'    St. I'otersborg, July 13.���������'lhc rcsig-  angcinen's      Day    sports at (.'umber- nation of M.  llouligau as "Minister of  ,     . .    , t        ���������.,,.,. the   Interior,   is daily expected. Cov-  land     yesterday.   In     t-aseball they ,���������       .     .. . .     .  ... . ,  1 ' *- ' crnor Tiepod,  the  assistant Minister  were defeated by Cumberland 9 runs 0, u,c illlerLoVi wiU ,uoi)ably be his  to  5.   In   the  football  nia-tch,   which successor.  The terrorists have recently renewed  their      warnings  against General  TicpolT"   with ;   ominous persistence.  ^.....      Tlic general     is eonstam-lly in receipt  men  have      returned  home   offers  ������������&���������������������!   ^lha   secretary of  the executive committee of the light-  rcsultcd in a t c, both teams scoring  two goals     apiece, the spctators report  that     uisgracelul  scenes  occurred.   At  all bi-l-nts se.eral  of Lady  smith-s  with beautiful  In irises- and  grazes in  various parts     of their bodies.   They  The History of M.  Whittc  and the  Advice  Gave the Government Before the War  Broke out in Far East  he  St.  Petersburg,   July  13.���������Emperor the   Emperor  lias   yielded   to   his in  Nicholas has signed  thc appointment  of M.  Witte,  president of thc     Com  ing organization informing him   lha,t  his  hour      has come.   A   remarkable  express  the'utmost  indignation     at   , ,   ���������  ...    .    ,.   , ,,        ...  ��������� feature of all this is that the writers  upper part of the vessel was removed  rigid away, hut the other was left  under      water      until  the     Bermuda  ^������������������*lS' ��������� Oi    j'tllw 'i-i;*.!  ul..  >-o..  ..........   ii.. . ������-       *V.-**   'H*   v*^1".   1^..^.^,   ii���������<  ..O...u.      ... .������...'...., ..    I.til .li.b. ....& A.l.^13....'..  .....     .-m..^..  ......J.-..    ^...C   tC,.o..li..'l.,vjy Ur,.lJ^.A.~������  ._.....f,     ..I.J/..     ..li.iCi.      ."a^i u "   IrilttL     aw .*.'.���������������>  .o   .^....i       LU      ild.l.      lli.j.Li/ . C'U    ti.C     t|^4t������������il>j  wi       Oi.C Co....      J  llU-    L Uliij.ll.il,.       l.U ��������� 1.     i4^>  ..iii.ct.it)       t,utiuig   i.u'*-  o.  n-;   liuUij  .......0     ������...      J^..b.^.ii      \-U.,.i.iL.lt*.     4-aIj. !.������>     ......  .^(..lcHu    l.-wi'it,   ������ili.wlij...S    lO   pAo-sulc   lU.  i i.c      Cwll    ib    ii.IliUtt.U    ity   I1.C.1.I.S , ol   ������*  ui^ii,!..   v.ivi.|3iut'i..i,:������lc      uangt-i*   is  av-  laL-uo.i     iu liiu wotit', I'ne i.������.a.y a on  of the animal, 'and  after a time discovered      that she had a  nest aud a  couple   of young iai   the forecastle of  the M.ami.   When Mr. Raymond  first  found    the nest the  little seals  weie  only about a    month old ami una.ble  to swim.   The old seal seemed <iuiti*  unconscious  of     the  presence of   the  men and in fact took no nolice until  the blasting was commenced.   At the  first report      she dec'Hed to decamp  and ' carefully     taking    one  of   her  youngsters     in her mouth .she swam  off with it,  returning shortly for the  other.   While    the blasting continued  nothing more was seen of the seal or  her oflspring,        but    filter it     had  stopped     the      mother   returned   and  all was" safe, swam oh' and promptly  apparently     satisfying     heistlf that  returned with one of; thc young seals  which     she     deposited    in, tiie n.st -,._,,..  while she     fetched'   its  brother.   It  '*���������<������������������"������ <<<-"*������ ���������������'"��������� lM '*"  tune it, is iu  Was   some .time after this before tiie' I'ivj^icss.    ah    enormous Wiiant.ty o������  officers  of  the  Senator   were  obliged, iron     and  steel     httmgs,    etc., are  to use     powder, but. as soon as the'slowed on the upper decic of "tho boat.  blasting recommenced Mrs. Seal carl-j    Anotner      fortnight's- woik  will  be  cd   her     children      away   lo  safety,   put "in getting     the remainder of the  As    Line went     on   Uie   young seal   iron,  which is oi considerable value,  learned tu   ' swim and if their moth- o!T the boat.   Xu\l, week Uie-services  er     scents    danger now     she hoists 0f ^   diver   will -bo rcauired.to take  them  out  of     their  nest and   makes  ollt     Lhc propellor and an amount of  them swim oiT,  giving them an' occa-  -f01l  fittings  which are  under  water.  sional  shove  with  her nose. j All the iron and steel will be Shipped  Mr. ..Raymond     says it was a pret- U)  Seattle.   When  this  work is-done  ty    sight to see the old seal feeding f,nly  thc ���������   franic 0[ the old ship  will  her     twins..   Every     no-w  and  again, ,)(J 1(?fl" to tJie    mclcv 0f     the waves,  which will lib doubt,-in tiiiiereiubye,  all traces of the wreck. . , >  'The history of the sinking of tiie  Miami is w'eil known to Ladysmith  people. She .was one of the first vessels to enter "this port for coal, and  on her way out L:*ul������l', - on a dark-  night got out of her course |u*id foundered on the" roclis.' No lives were  lost. The Miami.-was the first steel  vessel constructed, in the Uhirelrl  States of ..'America, and the officers  of thoSenator.sfay. that.in every re-'  spect���������'��������� she-     was a - lieaiitifttlly built  cree, D. ' Slew art, of Cumberland;  the alleged rank decisions of the rcf-  and are endcavoiiug to an.inge a  match on neutral ground for a prize  of $lf> to $20 per man. If ctt can be  arranged ihe match will girotahly  1akeplace at Vancouver or N-ia.-aimo,  and there will no doubt lie something  of a lively nature doing  Graham and Morrison seiii/t the ball  through for the visiting team. The  Ladysmith boys declare they s.ored  three goals altogether, one of which,  was disallowed by the referee', while  they also    assert that     Cumberland  take pains to say that no safeguards  will avail to avert his impending  death., At the same time they toil  'him. howieed not be afraid to be ��������� a-b-  ioad iu the streets.' They add, "your  .sentence will be ��������� executed in your  own renin. You * will die in your  bo J."  The terrorists     seem to take pride  ii*.     issuing a     challenge  involving a  ('end (stration of their power and re-  sourc-i to penetrate armour of th  liie.   Moreover, General      Trcpoft  i.nows     tnough of the resources nnd  di.s,.er.iitciioss     of the organiv.atiion to  only scored one of the two goals al- . Lrm,y bdieve thc lcrror,sts .uc able  lowed them by the referee.  They     are consequently  anxiously  during the day sli2 leaves them for a  time, returning in a fcbort w'hi'le w.iib  a fish, which she -divides between the  twain i  The nest is curiously built ot sea-  weedoii the slanti'sig deck of the  wtcck, apoftio no ft being above  water and a part of it below. As  the tide rises and) falls so do the  young seal, and they can always be  at homo above Avalc.r if they "hocso..  Tiie little fellows arc kiii'.tc white,  and it would not be difficult to  catch them, although no dhibt if  Mrs. Seal" was about, wbrn the attempt:'      war)  made she jwV*%M ' niakd  ship.  NATIONAL  CONVENTION  Hartford, Coihk, July .1.3.���������A .devotional service led by Miss Laura lk-  cndal:, of,Massachusetts, opened the  first, days'- session of the National  Convention of tbe Young People's  Christian Unio.4, here today. The  Convention (organizeri for business  at the close of the devol'H.nil services, President, Louis l<*. Amma  Ames, of New York City, called it  to order. The roll-call by states,  brought responses from all seel ions  of the United States in Iho report  of National Secretary, Harry Adams  heresay. The figures saibmitlcd by  State Secretary showed a nvember-  slnp of proximately $1,00(1, of wliich  number, 6,.r)0(l were in the senior  and 2,500 in the junior union. The  years' gain in niem'hors-.hip has been  about 1,000. Financially, tbe year  bus been a satjefactory one, the total receipts exceeding those of Iflul  by ?(I8L  SESSIONS  OF  1NSTTTI1TR  OV  INSTRUBTION   FI.OSK.  Portland,   Maine,   July   131   ���������   The  TRAMPLED ON  AMERICAN FLAG  London, Out., July .13:���������An American Hag was torn from where it  floated in front of the City Hotel  last night and trampled in dust by  a hundred feci, as Ihe result of ail  insulting reniarh.made by a drunken  American vis'ilor ^.o the Orangemen's  ilenioiis'lraiion.. The remark was  made while eight hiindred Michigan  Ornngeineii, who hud been wearing  Stars and Stripes : all day''without  unfavorable comment, were fraternizing with local ��������� oraivgomcn in froilt  of the City Motel. Port .Huron,  (Michigan) Orangemen, did not resent  Ihe insult, as tbe insult to-Oaiitulg  \v;-;S untNillcd   for.     ���������  North Sydney, C.B., July 13.���������The  cruiser' Canada arrived here at 9.30  this morning with the Canadian  mails from the Allan turbine steamer Virginian. Mails handed :over  to the Iiiter-Cok.nial "Railway which  will make a record run to Montreal.  The distance  is 088'miles.   -"*���������'���������"  WILL   NOT   CIO  TO   AUSTRALIA.  Itilv   13.���������Pros.   Roose-  awaiting the time when they -will  hive an opportunity to again face  the Cumberland -aggregation on the  field of battle,  , The Ladysmith lineriip was as follows: Goal, Dunbar; backs S. Hewlett ;and S. Adam; ' lialf-bat-.'s, R.  -McMillan, .1. Eno, T. O'Ocpncll;  lor wards, D. Sanderson, N. A. Morrison, Graham,' A. M-ichie, T. McMillan.  One of the two teams entered hy  Cumberland    won the ho$e reel race.  Tho team entered by .Lad}smith  was as follows- Plugging, D. Kno, T.  McMillan; breaking, N. A. Morrison,  J.. Sanderson, lead, J. Adam, Wilkinson, 'Graham, O'Fotiueli and Hewlett:  :The Lath smith people report the  footraces, etc., -as--being) first clas,  some of the events being most closely contested.'- Ferguson, of Nanaimo,  was the most successful competitor,  taking first prize for every event he  entered.  Cumbciland was well filled with  visitors, all of whom appeared to enjoy  the celebration.  EXCURSION  CALLED OFF  ' The Steamship Company has notified the local footballers that the exclusion arranged for Sunday -will liave  to be cancelled. Until Tuesday the  members of the "Football Club were  under the impress!- <n .'that the cjjur-  sion would be run as advertised; but  the customs authorities declined to  give the . company clearance papers,  so, after consrJdcration, the Traffic  Manaigor ulccitlod to call the all'air  off. This is a great disappointment  to thc Foo'tball Club, the members  of which had hoped to subsfawlially  replenish thc treasury by the proceeds  of the  excursion.  to execute their threat.  He makes no  loneealment     of the fact chjat he expects to be     killed, but his nerve is  unshaken.      He     says,  "I     -will  at  least die at the post of duty." !������������������ rival* ly General Tiepoft takes a gloomy view of thc future of  autocracy,  in  which he believes.   The  Genferal is  confident -  that if given ,untrammel<Kl  power he could restore the old status ouo     in a year,     but the present  vacillating policy he thinks will'only  end in ruin.   A representative assembly, no matter what i"ls initial character . may  be,  he thinks will soon be  'transformed  into constituent  assembly, which   'Will give the'death blow  to  absoluteism.  ���������-���������r������������������O :     .  EFFORT TO  SPREAD STRIKE  Chicago Teamster Mo^e to  Start Strike Against Parcel Delivery Concern  mitlee of Ministers, yesterday to he  chief plenipotentiary representing the  Russian Government in the peace  negotiations -to be conducted next  montli in the United States. The  appointment, which was signed after  midnight, "clothes M. Willc wilh  plenipotentiary powers, Nolifica-  ! lion of the designation of M. Wilts  lo head the misS|.oii was forwauled  lo Washington - this morning. M.  Witte will take passage on the North  German-Lloyd steamer Kaiser Wil-  hel.ii der Grosse, which sails from  Cherbourg July 2G.  Parts, July 13.���������The St. Petersburg correspondent or the Echo de  Paris, states that thc disinclination  of M. Muraviefl to hjad the Russian  I eacc mission wits based partly on  his state of health and partly on the  fact that his allowance for expenses  to -.over the period of his journey in  Ameiica was on;y 1500 roubles which  amount is considered insufficient owing to the great cost of living in the  United  States.  will welcome his election to conduct  sistance,   that  real   powers  of  pleni- J the  peace negotiations   in behalf    of  potential-}'  be    .conferred  , upon'   the , Russia,   knowing   that  ihey  will    be  Russian  head of tiie peace mission.     I dealing  with   the  Russian .statesman  St. Peteisburg,   ' July 13.���������Sergius    who   best   understands   thc  situation,  Witte, 'the chief of: the Russian pleni-   and is more likely to reach an agree-  potcntiaries, may be .-regarded  a.a tho   incut mutually advantageous,  leading  liberal  statesman  of  Russia.'    After     the     Boxer uprising, Witte  lie is about 56 years of age ami has   presented a memorandum to the Em'  worked his way up from.the position   pcrnr, pointing out     that Manchuria  ol' an underpaid     railroad clerk, who   and   Kores was territory for   the ex-  o."(-asioiially acted as porter to  that ' tension of Japan's  growing influence  (he most      powerful   men'in  Russia, 'and  activity, and  adding  that    Rus-  ln spile of the fact that his enemies ' sian .occupation of that'territory was  aie  numerous     and  include some  of, hound  to  lead  to  a clash  and  even tithe most powerful men .in Russia, he ' ually  lo  war.     When he  again   was  is  what     is knowii as: a well    batei ' overruled,   W.tte   advised   the   imme-  maii,  but     his     -honesty and ability [ diatc construction of the Circum-Bai-  luve      never     been  doubted' by  his j fell Railroad for strategical purposes  worst enemies.     One  of  the  reasons   "i  preparation  for  the conflict  which  for  his unpopularity, is the fact thai ,'>e saw ahead.    Later  when the sit-  Witt o is only remotely Russian. His  father was of Dutch descent and he  hinifelf was born in Tiflis, Caucasia-  Witte was created .a count in 1901,  hut he has grnp'rallyTieen. referred to  as M. Witk-. - He. is thoroughly-  familiar wilh (he Far Eastern question in all it.s .bearings. Practically,  it     was     l\l.  Witte's  disapproval  of  nation became acute, seeing that Rus  Ma was not prepared, Witte urged  at least, the temporary withdrawal  of the Russ an forces from Manchuria. He then wrote to the Empcr0r  as follows: "Instead of making an  enemy of Japan, wc should win her  friendship. I strongly advise a  friendly-  solution.     We  need   to   pop-  Chicago, July 13.���������The Executive  Board of the Chicago Federation of  Labor, has abandoned tlic solicitation of funds on behalf of the striking- teamsters. Hereafter ail- con-  tr|>bul'ions from unions affiliated with  the .Federation will be received from  (he Finance Committee of thc Teamsters' joint Council Contributions  from unions affiliated with the Fed.  eration. have dwindled from $12,000  a week early in thc strike to less  than $-1,00(1. The department store,  drivers made a strong effort: lasr  night to spread t.he strike. After  thc meeting, officials of the union  announced that a. special meeting of  the baggagemen and parcel delivery  drivers made a strcn^ ejrort last  on a, slr'.ke against, parcel delivery  concerns that control the Chicago  I'artage Co.-, which is making deliveries to strike  bound   linns.  Al.   Witte  twice refused  to become I Ru!>s,,a's Far Eastern policy and  the ulale our eastern  provinces and have'  the successor of M."Muravieff on  the   creation  of a vice-royalty in-the Far vital  interests to  defend in thc     ev-  mii-sion,   on 'the   ground   that  lie did   East,  which      caused.', his.; downfall a? ���������*'(  of  war with the yellow race, in  not  wish   to-be amcie figurehead  in    Minister of Finance.. During-bis trip order  that peasants of Russia    may  "lu'e'transmission- to -Emperor Nieho-1 to  Port   Arthur,   iiivlfJO^, ,M.    Willi- understand      what  they  arc  fighting  las of the peace terms  offered by the I was invited by .the Japanese govern- for.     But all   the  warnings  of Witte;-  Japanese,     his   selection,   therefore, \ ment     to visit-Japan,  which       ��������� old weie unheeded and he was no longer  ���������cannot  but be  taken, to mean     that   indicate  that   the   Japanese. probably consulted."  WILSON WILL  RETIRE  ANXIOUS  FOR PEACE  [PRINCIPAL  RESIGNS  Sipingbaj,      Manchuria,   Juiy  13.���������  Quiet continues along the front   but  the Japanese     are still  moving     in  ���������Korea.     Thc Russian     trains move  as   far      as Chamgtafun.   Information  from" the      Japanese-lined   indicates j  that the rank and file are exceeding-j  ly anx-'ous for  peace.   To  counteract  this feeling,      Field Marshal   Oyama'  is continually      issuing glowing     appeals  to  the  patriotism  of  his     ai-  m'tes.  The Board of School Trustees held  a special nicct'ing last evening at  which Secretary Stewart read the  resignation tendered by Principal  Huggard. The board decided to accept the' principal's resignation and  instructed the Secretary to advertise  for applications to fill the vacant positions of principal, and teachers of j s������\v. "  fifth,      seventh  an.I  eighth  divisions.     The newspaper  New York, C.u.ly 13.���������The World, ast  evidenced by a Washington despatch  to that paper, believes thait Occrc-  tary of Agriculture Wilson1, vill almost certainly retire from the cabinet as a result of the cotton leak  scandal, not l.iccaiise he is implicated,  inahy way, /c.r because his integrity  is questioned. but because tie ilop-  inents have convinced President  Roosevelt that neither Secretary  Wilson nor Otatisfician Hide know  what was taking place, and because  the President is far from being pleased with the outcome of the (iist*in-  vestigat.ion as if. was by no means  searching enough.  AND  THIS,SETTLES  THE ALBERNI   ELECTION  "Who is going to win in Albei'ni'.'j'  queried an "anxious for news.'j  scribe of a couple of Nanaimo gentlemen iu (hat rural suburb of Ladysmith ycsl-.u-dayV "jMrnison," pronip-  i.iy lci-luil tiie lirsi, one, "Ailm.ii, j  emphatically replied tlwj.other, '-vlhii,  lUaiison has got the Provincial government behiiid him," said nuiuw.-r  one," "and can promise anything/'  "That don't come up with Ailken,"  lesponded number two;, "he's giol the  .oniinion government fuehviiul him,  .it.d don't you fail lo remember it."  How about the Scpialisls? "In a  '.>'.\d way, " responded a chorus of  two. Tbe Aitken <maii explaftied,  "you see they hate the Liberals with  ���������a gl irions and energetic hate, but if  Manson wins they will no longer 'be  able to guide the steed of state in  the Conservative government., so  there's nothing else for it only to  let the Liberal win. In fact, make  him win. If he don't the government  will be able     to run their     oten see-  FOLLOW IN STEPS  OF GUYFAWKES  Russian Police Discover  Plot to  Blow the Imperial Family  Into  Eternity  New, York, July 13.���������A World iks- j tenanean yassage is said to have  patch from London contains ihe foi- j been found, leading to. a cellar where  lowing from the Vienna co-riespon- j 2fill po.mds of dynamite lay concealed  dent of Uie Daily Telegraph. "(Pri-: The [oiice haie made many arrests,  vale letters from St. Peters^erg appu-h. n.nnp among others two e:igi-  state that the police have disco*.cied , nici.s wha londiu ted the clearing and  elaborate preparations for blowing up ; ditching of tho apartments iu the  the castle of Ilinskoje, near Moscow, i castle. This unlellVgeiice, associated  where the      Czar  with the Imperial  family   intended   to   take  up  a .brief  with  the      murder  of Shuv.alofl*,   has  made     a deep  impression.   The Czar  residence.   Beneath      the a-jiartmenls   has now given up all idea of staying  destined for His Majesty's use.a sub-   at Ilin^ko.ie  HAS CLOSED  SHAKESPEARE'S-  A CONTRACT  New York,  July   13.���������The, American  RICHARD. Ill  Now York,  July  13.���������A perfect co-  llawaiian  Btcamship  Co.,  has closed   P>' of thc fourth      quarter edition of  Mclbo'ene  ve.lt  bts   declined   the invitation    ex  clos-iii" sessions     of the 75lh annual  vomitd by  the Commonwealth     Gov-  4-        r ii ������   .\m,M-ie<in  Itishitute eminent  to  Miss  Alice  Roosevelt   to   ing corpses buried  in shallow    raves  July.  conveniirn of the  Ameiw-an  ium'-hull.        ^        i        m ei |    ������- ,,        .   .    ,     r, _.   .,._   ,._i,,_     ..t>    r,-u���������  of Instruction  which     opened     Mon  were  begun  today.    The  and  the members of bis family which  The  Chinese say   that  decay-  o'clock in the  The applications  will  have to be   in  the hands  of the   Secretary   by    four  afternoon of  20 lb of  man  man wen( Jiis way.  :-.a\v,  and  each  -o-  visit Australia with  Secretary Tail, Ion   the   ground   after   the   battle     of    The applications  will be considered  terrible con-at   the  next  regular  meeting    which  day evening  were  negun touay.    ' "l'|Was      accompt n'ed  by  the assiu-ance  formal programme will  be completed( t.nat     |,iie    party would be cordially  this evening with a genera), session, welcomed ,by all classes. _.  Mukden have created a  dition.     Plasue and cholera aresaid.tak.es place on  the lust Saturday  in  to  have appeared among the Japanese.  July,      this  being  the  last  meeting  before school reopens.  Honolulu���������Local Chinese arc Irving to raise a fund oi' $fi0,0(ifl to assist in Ihe boycott of American  goods in China. It is ivpo'tted tliat  they  have already  raised  $30,0 00f  a con tract with the Tepuantehee  Nali'nnal Raiiroad Co., of Mexico.,  through Spearson & Co., Ltd., of  London, the managing directors of  (lie tra-'iiisporlation of all the business  of the steamship company between  At Ian lie and Pacific ports over the  railroad which will be completed the  latt'.-r part  of next,  year.  The American Hawaiian Company,  to a large extent, is said to control  the transportation of sugar from tiie  Islands to tbe United States and  now has a feet of nine steamers in  commission, with an aggregate cargo capacity of Ta.OOO tons. In connection with Ibis announcement President. Dearborn staled hat his company has ordered two new steamers  from the Union Iron Works of San  Erancist-o. These vessels will have  a c-arco capacity of 12,000 tons of  sugar each and a speed of 12i knots.  They  will  burn oil.  Shakespeare's Tragedy of King Richard the Third, has '<een. sold at Sotheby's for $S,7;j(l to A. Cackson, an'tb  it is understood that it will goto  America according tn a Landon despatch to the Times. The book was  printed in 1G50 by Thomas Prced,  and was sold by Matthews Law,  "dwelling in St. Paul's Churchyard  and at thc sign of thc Fox near.St.  Austin's gale. It consists of 4S lea.  vr.s. It is believed that only two  other copies oi this edition exist.  One is n the British Museum and  the other was so.ld by Mr. ITalliwell  afterwards Halliwcll-Phillips, and is  now in the Bo'deian Library at Oxford Thc example sold is of peculiar interest from the fact that in-  Hve places a contemporary autograph  of "Wm.' Penn," as found. Tiie.si-g.  nature is probably that of the celebrated admiral, the father of the  founder of Pennsylvania.  *.  i i&v-"T/S>.t*,*-^*"M^re^  wsmrvttxsxzaaxxG&y:^^  DAILY LEDGER  _ ���������naaaaaaW  THE DAILY IEOGER  Published   every  day except Sunday.  BY        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,   Ladysmith and Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  00 cents a month, $5 per year in  advance. Advertising rates ������a ap  plication.  'inc. -r/ri'i-'i-'i' rout.man  HOTEL LELANTJ.  iT. J. Wellman, Prop:, Vancouver.)  One block Iiom C.P.R. Depot; aad  steamboat wharves. Newly" reaoYat-  ed and rc-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Qranville and Hastings  streets   Telephone,  1���������4.  "What's the trouble?"  "Oh, I.just tried to make a little joke  In the henhouse about neve-- telling a  He because I did it with my little  hutch it."  ��������� It is (be general concensus'of. opii- \  ion  among  ttie , people  thai, the  Coun  ���������oil   and     i'oliee ' Co'iiiuiissiouers , havi  ijoiie. n  very     s.msib'le  thing  in  thei :  rc't'iit ilecistoii      l������> nppoinl   a stree'  foi email      and  giving   >im  police  an.  tinirity.      Tlic .selection   last:' Moiula;  nk-.'il   of. ���������lames  Calle-iid'er  for iho posit'on is couside're-d a gO'od. one. Tb'eri  were other ,goo.d men  who applied  fo-  thf'posilion  .     John   MeLonnien would,  have bee'n very aet-cpiable if selected.  Those who     'supported the latter a.P  agree, thai:  Mr.   Callender  is well; fit  ��������� ted for the place and he should-"have  the cardial support of all goodeiti-  zens. 'This they can. best give by  failing    to    ��������� criticize  everything  the  ��������� street foreman  [' dttes,  for it wilL be.  utterly  iiuposs ble, for him i to (lo  cv-  "'.cry'liiing so that everybody will bo  exactly    satisfied,.   He will, howciver,  ' liavii  the  cordial  support of all good  :'��������� citizens''generally so l'cng as lie goes  ahead with' bis. work . . in a sensible  and business-like way, as is generally believed he will.  Geiiei-oiiH,  Mrs.'-Green���������John, this isn't a very  pood umbrella you've brought bticlc today.  .'" Mr. Green���������1 know it, but we bad  that gold Imnclleii one a long lime. Let  some one else have it awhile. It wasn't  ours anyway.  Serix-ni   Worship.  Rot-pent worship si ill nm-vivea In Ia  din, nnd a snake shrine is said to be us  imieh :tn iiltractloii  In n house on (lie  Malabar coast as a garden iu the cnun j  3f a country home In tho United Stnlcs. '  Serpents    are,    however,   most    unobtrusive,  and   unless   one walks   noise-  le.-'aly  and barefooted in tbe dark,  a*  Hindoos do, snake bite is au iumroba  bio-contingency.  Silver  Clcnne*.  Embossed silver articles which Imv������  boon allowed to become very badly tar-  fii.d'.ed ean be cleaned to look like new  by the use of alum. Dissolve cue ounce  In two quarts of hot soapsuds and  wash the article in it, tisiuii a brush  for the curved purls. Rinse several  times, dry eni-el'iilly with a soft cloth  uiul uolisb willi ch.-iuiols.  Too many women wnen mey become  wives and mothers <-e;wo their reading  ns they forget their son-is. Bright  spccvli and :i good sior.v m.-iy be told  in or the cofl'ee with iiptclf better effect  >������>-iii tbe recital of the housoliold wor-  ~���������^���������^���������  ���������  Colds  It should be borne In mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepare* the  system for the more serious diseases, among, which "are the two  greatest destroyers of human life','  pneumonia aud consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has wou Its great popularity by its  proinnt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting-a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pn������utBeaia.(  I   Price 25c, L������r<������ SI*e 50c.   ���������  Covering  Old Surface*  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. ���������������������, F.  0. E.     :-:        :��������� ,     ���������   '        *   ������-.. 1  Mse'ts in the Opera House 1st and J  <rd Tuesday at 7.30  p.m.   Worthy  President, B. Forcimmer;     Worthy  Secretary. C H. Rummings.  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Railway  Tim* Table No. 55,  TAKING  EFFECT  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 1005.  Northbound  Leave  DAY SCHOOL.  Victoria    Snawnigas Lake  "Duncans   .-.  u*     ..���������      i������n.  Ladysmits     Usual subjects   taught;  also      ���������������*-   N^aim#  6uages,  drawing  iu  pencil and cray-. ,   ������  ons,  paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and "vocal lessons giT  I en in classes ������r .individually;  MISS BERTRAM.  Ladysmith, B   O.  We have just received a la-rge shipment of ..-the.-" famous Melrose Liquid ;  Paints, the best on the 'market at  $1.75 per gallon. We also handle Maple Leaf brand of varnishes, buggy  paints, etc., in fad we have everything to beautify,,the homo,-  Wallpapers    from 10c to  $1.00 per  Double Roll.  Painting and  paperhanging  done at!      NflUflimO, D.V^.  reasonable rotes, at J -  HARRY  KAY  FIRST  AVENUE  Under New Managtnent  Hotel WiistHi  Ssuthbound Northbound Sal,. Sun. Souttab'd  Daily Arrive   Leave     and  Wed.        Arrive  A.M.    P. M. P. M.     P   M.      9.00   12.0C Victoria    4 J?    /.5*      10:20 10.46   Shawnigan  Lake 5.17 0.10      11:00-10 02 Duncan -.   5.55 5.56   -  ..   ..   11:57    9.10  Ladysmith  ....   .......   6.45  5.0&      12:40    S.20 Nanaimo   ' 7.37 4.11  ..   n������..n&.uu    ...     12:53 Lv 3.00   Ar. Wellington    7.52  de 4.M  S. S. '���������JOAN���������-sails from Nanaimo for     Vancouver   Daily except Sunday; at 7 00 a. m.,     returning sails from      Vancouver   lor   Nanaimo   at  i.St p.m. ������   -  Ai*.  Wellington  Excursion rates in"effect'to all points, good going Saturday ana Sunday, returning not later  than Monti day. -    -  / GEO. L. COURTNEY.  j: DHL Freight &. Pass.  Ag*.  H    O TEL DOMINION  ,    ice ci cam and ice otcam sodas  I the ding store at all  times.  at  G  ���������SWii,  O. VUBN  Merchant Tailor  .Healers ia .....  Pianos and  Organs ..  LaJysmit**, 9.Q.  ���������Rates fl.2-5 a< d*1.50���������  Free hue to all eteamboat landiugs aud  railway depots.    Electric cart every fiv<  minutes to all parts of   the ciiy.   Bai  and taelt unexcelhd.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C.  McKiimell & Woodbank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First Class.  Commercial Mens' headouaitera.     .  Fire Prool    Building.  r  ���������^WWSrJSSkWk^**^*^^  ,rS VV-s ���������* ,-*������-  Ladsysnith  Newly fitted up and;  Furnished.  *W  hjf5  B.  Cj  -!���������  Good tables avd good  Rooms  ORTLRND HOTEL  ANGELOTATE, PROP.  Seattle's Great  Papers  mi  daily  4WMUY  TfllCB A WBEI  if  ���������luBy rest-ltitcUUveoer, Y< l? >Q : a t  Publishes, the fullest -.eie^irx*,.!-.!  "JC ������ naws frqiu all parts of the world  \J\. All the state and loctl :ieu-������     VtaV.y  and'Sunday edition, 7&c pet  ,',oin>.  iy PftSt-lnleJI^enwr, 19 to 5 i I w*  The largest and moat complete Sua  day paper'north ci San Franclscc  Special departments of Mteratura  faahlan'of women's new* Bu������  day edition; ?2.00 per yes*.  TwsM aWtdv^Pwl-!jitelH4������ncftr  Ail tha nac-a" ot the Weak In eondaa,  dstalted foim. TBS TWICE A  .WSXK   EDITION   IS   THE   BEST  J't?  IHEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed aad Go������d Bat  (Hall Blsck irism Depst.)  GAT ACRE   STREET-  -Ladysmith.  The comftn table way  F.VEUYTH1NG    THAT'S  GOOD IN  TRAVEL  IS YOURS IF  .YOU "USE THE'  I     THBlTYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     I  I PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OP COPPER, GOLD AND  I SILVER ORES.  [ Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  \ Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  I   .    ,'\ v ������������������   I'-CLEMMMT -- UVltfBSTOR. THOS. KIDDIE.  t J v6mwiI Manager. Smelter Manager.  Board at reasonable  Rates  Tbe bar is extra   wel'  Stocked  JO  VA.  Light or Heavy Teaming  Wood find Bark for Sale  BUGGIES  FOR HIRE *:-:' :-:  See'.I. K EMP ' or leave "orders      at  Deigh'sTransfer Stables  'PHONE 6-0.  W. SILER.  GENERAL EXPEE8S AND  DEIIVEEY  W������IIK PROMPTLY D(������"������V  < LasiTs srders at tbe Abbotsford.  SA.TR8 fi.oa PSR DAY  aAMPivRsaoiia  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PAKlORS  HIGH  STTIEET.  :���������:���������: Best in the City ���������'���������������������������1  BAR SUPPLIED with ���������������������**  ���������WINKS, LIQUORS, CIOAKS  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  Beat accomodation In town.   Splendid bunting and fishing in near vieinity.  A. J. McMUR TRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B.C.  \  Overlands  Daily  a  FIRST   AVENUE  THe  ist. Avenue  CITYMRRK6T  R. Williamson Prop'  Ladysmith .B..-C.  ���������gSSsS������3;S^;'51:^S.^^������a5^?"^^  ���������sis&ssi.  O  Attention is cailod  to Uie      fact  that the  ������ Ogilvie Flour flilis Co.,  Limited,  makers ol ROYAL HOUSEHOLD KLOUR liav* fur some time  F>ast beer, producing flour ia a vastly improved and purified form  by   Use- aid ofliLKCTRICITV  aad   lining  ureure-d ������.-.o������ U*<,������1  of    *ll  Ihe basic pal cuts relating tliera-  to,  tdl;e  tliis oppoituiiity oi a alvisiuu,   the   public   that  any   iinautli-  ���������a  ������1  hilbert  1  %  p  ia  I  1  i  wUed u.ers- of the ale.triaal    flour   purii'ying  processes   will  be pro-  Biicu ted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Comply Limited  I -are tiie  only      miilorain Camida whono IFloar i*  I purified by tiie electric procsas  Done Promptly and  HENRYS NURSFRIES  )JEW CROP-  Home Grown <te  Imported I  AAnDEN.     FIELD    >���������  FLOWER'  ;vlBBDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  ;MODODENDRONS,   ROSES,    *  GhKENH'OUSE  AND HARDY  ��������� ���������   v"  '     PLANTS.  Fsr-'iSprisc planting.    Eastern prices  or'leas!    Cataloeue free.  8ST0 Wastmlnster  Road, Vancouver.  Pa^senpeTS can leave Victoria "-"daily]  at i!.-ir������ p.m., or 0 ji.iri., wliore close  c-onnpt-tions    is    made  to all   points  East.  "Famous Flyei"  leavas -Seattle 8 a.m  "TaM  Mail"  leaves Seattle  ...  8 p.in  a   N'KiHTS TO  ST. PAUL. '  S  lii^bts to Chicago.  t   NIGHTS TO   NEW  YORK.  SHORTEST  ROUTK TO  ALL KOO  TEN AY  POINTS, $i  ACROSS    THE.   MOUNTAINS    IN  DAYLIGHT,  on or address .;   .. ;!  S. G. YERKES,     E. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A , 7i aeVern-aeiii st  Seattle, Wash. Victoria; l.C.  i".' LIVERY, BOARDING AND       (  I SALES STABLES *  *  - EXPRESS WORK  A.SPECIALTY. J  1     DAVID JOHNSON       {  LADYSMITH $  J PHONE 66  ��������� ^-������ *��������� /^  ���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������������  ���������Wlf?"--ilUNSlBi Preiiident  J. W.  COBURN, Maa.  Dirtstsc  Telsphona;46.  Tphe   Ladysmith  Lumber Co  Ltd.  41LLS   AT  FlbWXJK!  AND  LADY SMITH-Shingles a Specialty.  ; ;���������' ;'''.",'"���������    '���������"'';'*''. ��������� Manulactureri    of���������  .:    V;;'i;liii'i|li'Bny Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  '-' "Sh^gfckv Mouldinss, Etc., otthe Best Quality.  aad  KUs   Dried  Floorlas     u4 Finishing    Lnnisse In   Stook.  FTlcB Young  BARR1STOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAli-VLO,  |:-v"  A re You  Going East  Then -be sure your tiokets read   via  the  At  TICKET   OFFICE  aad   Yates S1������.,  Cor.  Governsusnt  Victoria, B. C-  This   Hotel   has    been   completely  Board  and lodging $]-00  Per day  ������ ^'ot% "-"f 'cn:. l  renovated.  PRETORIA  Im;  plied   with   tlic   Best-    Wines,  apket  'oberts,  X  111  3  Office  ���������    ���������    a  !>���������     I'M i  The  oaly   line  aow   making    UNION  DEPOT    eona������ctions at ST. PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with      the  jtnrough    trains    Irom    the    Pacific  Coast.  ; THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST j  RATES,  THE  FASTEST  TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  :   For complate information  ask your  local ajeiit or  write,  F. W. PARKER  Q-enePal  Agent,  720 2nd Ave., Seattle.  Trains  Transcontinenta1  Trains Daily  One of which is the lamous "North  Coast Limited,".. R������d������ os it always.  Up-to-date Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on all trains. Through "(rickets issued to all paint* East and  South, also Pullman tiokete issued  and  berths reserved.  Only direct routs to Yellowstone  Piark. .Clioap ratas from all points  Baati from March ;l������t to May lfitSi..  Steamship tickets on sala te all  European points. Very low rates  now in elTect. Cabin accommodation  reserved by, wire.  For further particulars call at the  am  or phone No. 456  A. D* CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A., N.P.,        General Agent  Portland, Ore. "Victoria, B.C  uAPVSMiTH Ji,aid.up c^jui, $8J00,000 Reserve Fund, $1500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  ^ B E. WALKER, G������a>ral Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  BAr*K; MONEY ORDERS  :  IMUKD AT THE FOLLOWING RATES :  $5 and undar      3 cent*  Over:.~5> 5 and not exceeding $10...... 6 cents*  "    $19        " " $30  10 centa  . ....������.   $3������,       " ������' $50  15 centa  Thase^ Orders are Payable at Par :it any office in C nada of a Chartered Bank  ��������� (Yukon excaptad), and at the principal banking- point.-, n the United States.  HEOOTIABLii AT A FIXED RATIC A <^  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC' .LONDON, ENG.  They form ������n excellent method of rem it tin   small sums of inonttjr  with safety aud at small   -ost.  3  J'Laovpvjtm branch  W.  A.  CORNWALL.  Manager.  ! BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing'and making to erder   a  jpeciality.  THOfiAS MCEWAN  1st Arenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Best aficesmedatton' for  transient  tud peraiaaent boarders and lodgers.  ORANT3      HOTEL  This new Hetel has been ceiafert-  :a'ily'"furniahed and the, har Is ua-te-  d-te.    Rates $H| a. day    aud    up-  w *������rd.s.  WM. BTSVERIDGB, Prop.  Ernlaasda t������i >������;:������������: 3������=; Ladyaaith  LADYSIV1ITH BAKSRY  '    HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED  AND FJIESH.  Confeotionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Paistriea to *��������� de-  lirered at aay time.  Employrnaat Ageaay.  HAY. GRAIN AND  1ARM PRODUCE  Orders will bc^delivered aaywkere  la the city promptly and at tht lew  est possible prices.  Leave orders at OriBtie's, ������. tfte.  Bsplauado.  JA9a WARNOeit, i . DAILY -LE&GER  ISLAND  AND  Plans, Specifications and Details., furniskain for all kinds  of work in the CARPENTER  Line  C. B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, 2nd ave, Ladysmith, B.  C.  ���������a  ���������a  m������  ���������a  ������������������  ���������a  a  BEE  3BB  NOTICE.  * Persons found ' using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this Botice,  wnl be prosecuted.  RU-MMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  Its   Great   Resources  it  CALEDONIAN"  1.'  SJo-patt of British Columbia today offers so many advantages to the  iBTesfor as dor* VANCOUVER  ISL AND. v      /. J  fts vast and .varied natural wealth lias nev������r bean as yet thoroughly  appreciated hy. reason of the fact  Hi at it has never been" promiently laid.  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  ~:o:-  ���������t  '-  before the public.  COAL  TIMBER  FISH  GAME  GOLD  SILVER  IRO^  COPPER  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  R. P. RITHET,  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :-: :-: ���������-; .~i :- B.C.  Ift land, when properly cleared  ceil  known  to man,  WHEAT VEGETABLES  OF  will grow almost any product of the  ���������ATS  RfE  ALL   KINDS  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  A WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS    AND... BERRIES.  Vkt Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt   a literal"  land  policy,   and  tke  ble  1,500,000 acres controlled  terms to actual settlers.  by  them will be disposed of on reason-.  "i_  ��������� -   -ii.  iis--.4*.  "'���������.Vover.B'mesjP. lands can tie secured  Wko desire anew home in a country   possessing the  and     money \oan'be'made hy those  BEST GLIM$Tg.  In the World  .THE.BAILY LEDGER, Ladysmi th, will supply  any  information  ob-.  titfa'atfe to tliose who contemplate  a visit with a view of investment  cavil it ions are found as advised.  Is . tbe jcentre of .the great coal mining  wkere hundreds of great colliers come in  each  year.  if  district;     a "beautiful Harbor,  /'  LADYSMITH  IT IS THE.JUNCTION OF THE      LINE    FROM    VICTORIA  TO  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND   THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at (10 per act* for sett coal and $20  fee anthracite. -Not more than 320  seres ean. be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten eents par tea of 2,000 pounds  stall be eolleeted oh the giesa output;  .  Quartz���������Persons of sightsea years  m4 ever .and joint stock companies  holding free ankaers' osrtifieatea may  obtain satry for a mining location.  A frse -mini's certificate is granted  tor .one .or. more years,- not exceeding  flvs years, upon payment in advanct  (7.50  per annum  for an individual,  and from (50 to (100 per annum foi  a company,according  to capital.  A  free '  miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  same -with two legal posts, searing  location notices, one at each end   oa  the liriev of -the lode or vein.  The claim shull be recorded within  fifteen    days if located within    tea  miles of a mining irecordsr's office,, one,  additional day allowed for every additional "tea"'miles or fraction.   The  fee for. recording a claim is (5. '.  At least (tup ; must be sxpeadgi  on .the -claim aausi year or paid to  tkejauning ra������o������*dtr in lieu ^thereof.  When $500 has baea expended or paid  tie locator'iuay, upon having a survey made, and upos complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at (L00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Minister   of     the Interior  to   lor ate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area- not exceeding ii>0 acroc.  The: patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2J per cent, of tlic sales  of the products of the location.  Placer Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon -Ter'ti-'-  tory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 "ft." square," entry f������c$5, re-  Bewable yearly. On the North Saskal  ihewaa River claims are either bar  or bench, the former being 100 feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark. The latter includes  bar diggings, but extends back to tha  base of the hill or bank, but not exceeding 1,900 feet. Where itcam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  dredge lor each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient. Rental, (10 ' per  nnum for each mile ol river leases.  Royalty at the rate of 2i per cea*.  collected on the outpiitafter it '^exceeds $10,0,00.     ,     .'y: y .;,  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may ihe  granted to a free miner for a term of.  twenty years,  also renewable.;,  The l-ssea-s right is confined to the  submerged bed br bars in the; river-  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position an the"  lstday of August iu the year of tbe  the date of the lease.       -r    ;  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each five miles, within six Tyears from  such date. Rental, $100 per niile for  lirst year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, camej  as placer mining.  Placer Mining is tho Yukoa Territory���������Creek,, gulch, river aid hill ���������  claims shall not exceed, 250' feet inv  ength, measured on the base line .or  general direction of the creek or gulah  the width being from 1,000 to 2,900  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims , are marked by two legal-  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder'* office. One extra day allowed for each  additional  ten miles .or-frnction.  Thc person or company staking s  claim must bald a free miner's ossificate.  The discoverer of a sew mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length,' and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feot altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  I chargen, the rest of the party ordinary  claims  only.  Entry Ice, $10.   Royalty at JJie rate  of two and one-half per cent,  on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  f ukoa Territory to be- paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  f more than one mining claim     on  eaeh separate river, creek or  gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00.    A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained   _oa  the same creek, gulch or river by giv-  ng notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the value of at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  done must be obtained each year;'   il  not, the claim .'tail be deemed to   be  abandoned,  and     open  to occupation  and entry by a Tree miner.  Thc boundaries of a claim may be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing notices-in   the  Yukon official Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated  Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory, are open to prospecting for petroleum,  and  the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having machinery on the  land  to be prospected, an area oi 1920 acres foi such period as he may decide,  the length of width shall not exceev  three times the breadth..  Should the prospector discover oil  a payisg quantities, and aatisiactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not .exceeding 640 acres, including the  '              prospec-  FAHtVlEf-   AND   MEGAPHONE.  Hotv a Pilot on  u   float  Stojijied a Ilos-ii  ,-lu si Cornfield.  Twas on the  upper Oli'bonce when the  rtver was low, and wasnmch amused over,  the use to which a pilot put a megaphone.  He   bought   the  thing  to cull ashore any '  message that might  h;ivo  been   given tho  boat to carry. .  This was to save time, lor  those little boats in  the,, local trades are a  great deal like the old fashioned 'mail. car-  Tiers���������anything  to accommodate the people along the bank.'      _   -.-���������'*.  "We were in the- pilot house, and the  boat, was running up a shoot near the  West Virginia side jpf the river. In a cornfield was an 'old farmer, who .was following a plow behind an .old; ilea bitten gray  that only needed a half invitation to stop  jtany time. The pilot put the.megaphone  to his 'mouth and shouted 'Whoa!' and  tho old grity wlioaed.  "The farmer heard the sound, and lip  thought, evidently, that a neighbor was  there or thereabout, for'he looked around  to see whence the sound came. Then he  tossed a .clod at the old horse and started j  him up. '  '���������/Whoa/' said the pilot, and again tho  old horse stopped. Then the old Rube  went to the i-iver bank and" looked down  in the willows, but not a soul could he  see. He looked up anil down and then at  Ihe steamboat and scratched, his head in  Eurpriso.' He couldn't afford to'-waste any  timu in looking for the ghost, for ho wont  hack to the plow and sWted ou with hits  ���������job. .-'���������.' ������������������  ��������������������������� "Oni.o more the joklnj, (Allotsuid 'Whonf  .tnd agalir the horse stopped dead still.  Von could see from the boat that the old  fellow was'all mixed up, for ho looked up  and down the river and then at the Hill  side behind him to see if he could find tho  man who was working him and his old  hm-fei! Ilo nindo up his mind tliat ho  vyould take it out of the old gray, and to  lis foi tho cecusion bo went to the under-  nrus-h and cut a stick that was 10 feet  long \ lie-started the lVorso with a vengeance When the pilot hollered 'WhoaI  again the old man gave the gi-nv a lick  that sounded clear to the boat VVe could  almost hour him say  ;��������� -Thar, gol darn you I I'll teach you  to fetop'when you hear a spook hollerin at  you '  "Hut the pilot kept up tho good work  nnd hollered "Whoa! Whoal Wheal and  ugain and" again tho old man hit the gray  Finally it looked as it he had caught on,  lor ho let the old horse' stop while be  ivatrhed tho boat  "Then the  pilot  thought  he had  had  siiougli fun ami he called out:  . " -l-'eed the old gray!   Feed him I    llo'a  so  hungry that  he cant  work.    That's  tail the matter with him.-'  "Then old Rube got his voice and wo  heard turn say. 'You go to thunder with  youi old voice I lt'd stop u railroad train  anywheresI' " ��������� Cincinnati Commercial  Tribune. '���������  ������^^������fee4fcA������������&fe.4*feAi**������&**^e������^  Union  Iriwini  NANAIMQ,   B. C.  Co  flanufacturers of the  In [British Columbia  Lager Beer [and Porter Guaranteed   Brewed  from the Best Canadian Malt Run.Hops  P=������3  *-y*4**49W***99+*+4 ������������**#* ������^������������re$?������������$-?^4r*???������������  Miners' Drilling1 Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short   notice.    Drill  Sharpened  by   us ai-'  ways gives satisfaction.. Pick's band! ed and repaired.  Shipsrriitriing;    iia  aJT     its   J3rantiew  Horseshoers~and Genera! Blacksmitns.  Davie'   Murray  Buller Street   -    - ���������    - Ladysmith, 13   O  DID IT EVER STRIKE YOU ?      ""  That the place <o BUY  YOUR MJ-JAT  is   where   Ihe slaughlering     is  done  locally?   We are not depending   on    what the Wholesalers send us,  and      can    GUARANTEE   EVERY- THING  lo be FRESH AND CLEAN  PANNELL   ft,    PLASKETT  STFVEN3  BLOCK,  GAT>.CRC  z.v."-JF.iT  LALYfMlTH  YOUNG MARRIED PEOFLE.  oil  well  wi.U be sold to the  tor at the  rate of $1.00   per acre .'ar.:'  the  remainder;ef  the  namely,  at- the  1,280  rate  tract reservcu  will be soU  \\cres  ol three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified uj  cil.  jy ord������r-ih-coua-  -.    \: :������������������'������������������  :  ':  ���������  J AS.  A.\^MART."  Deputy Minister of"tlin Iatsrior.  Department  of the Intsnet,  ���������  NOTICE OF  \a  Xt Im a Sad   MiHtul<o~ Par  Them  to  Itvifia  Life In a Hoarding Ilouse.  Edward \V Bole, editor of Thc Ladies  Home Journal, always a stanch and un-  coiupi-oimsiiiK advocate of the home, as  sort-, i but a home, however humhle, is a  million times better place lor young mar  r;ed couples to li\e than it. the most lux  -.ii-ioiiH hotel or best bonrdini; house in the  land ".It is always a sad thing," he Miys,  "when ti young married couple begin Ilia  in a boarding house or hotel, sad because  vtl.ey start life practically outside ol them-  selvts The furniture around them i-, not  then- own Tho young wile may bring  'with her all the trifles hhe chouses She  maj add a touch of her own bore and an  othei touch there But the thinjit, m the  room are not theirs, am1 sooner or.-h'.U!i  she icaliv.es it  '* Durmg'tho day the wife is alone. Nf  duties call her Nullum; is there in hot  life to exercise her ingenuity or develop  her Womftnfy talents She 'cannot pit-  pare any little' pleui-ure lor her young bus  'band, lor things are prepared lor her  When her husband leinehlier lor his olheo,  she turns back into the room and wonders  what sho can clo during thuday: how she  will employ horsed, where she will go  I hero is nothing ui her room to appeal tt  her to stay there No hume dun.es confront, her : So she goes out and shops per  haps for awhile; runs around to her moth  t-r's; calls upon some friunds; goes bac!>  to her- room to- practice a little, if she i?  ��������� musical and has a piano, or, if she is lone  of books, she reads There is nothing it  her life���������two-thirds of herself lies dor-  niant" ��������� She'fs glad when the time eomes  for her husbai"ldr to'couio home; glad to  feel that she has. some one to.whom she  can talk; glad of company And ho?  "Whatean he do to express himself to his  young wife? Nothing around linn is his  .Everything is by, lease his Tor a time, for  so much money And after he- is tl.n.ugli  paying for it he leaves it behind The end  is the same as the beginning That is  why boarding house or hotel life is so injurious to "��������� young married people il  makes them practically, homeless:"  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������f^-f+f-f-f-M-f-M-f-^^  x LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO. x  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURH MOVED PROMPTLY  A ND  SAFELY.  Slafeles in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   tha  WILLIAMS AND WASXiT  KOt'kKI'S  IlatchuH'd,  golden finish  -   5.3 each  CHAIR and COUCH  COMFORT  Every.:ne lov.s a comfortadle chair.   We all"  prefer a good chair, one ihat  won't__Jall to  pieces, in hct," a reliable chair.    Our present"'  selecirn has nwer been equalled, not by us,  and yoj krnw our stock is always bro^d in  CHOICE, ST/LE, and QUALITY.  COUCHES  ���������**sslas^2*������97  ASSIGNMENT  Pursuant to    the "Creditor's    'ii'rust  Det-tls-   Act,   1901.'i    '������       \  Axel  Notice is  1901. 'j  hereby given  that  liei-g, of     Ladysmith, British Ooluiii  v, .   Dredginj; ia the rivers of Manitoba  VANCOUVER, and will continue to   grow in importance as the Island is I and the N.W.T., exceptinfi the Yukoa  IT������.  atevefloyed.  'iH&*gSB*-\ "*  ���������-*'���������������������'  Su-bscrilie for ami'read THE DA ILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH. B. C.  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good hoard.  Our Bar is newly fittedup and well supplied and is in charge of  JOS. PBLUGRINELU  Territory���������A free miner   may   obtaia  oaly two laasec of five miles each for  a tarni of twenty years, renewable i������  the discretion of the Minister ol the 5  Iatarior.  The lessee's right is confined te the  submerged bed or bars of the river  below low water mart, aad subject  to the rights of all persons who hare,  er whb may rective, entries for bar  diggings or beach claims, accept on  the Saskatchewan   River,   whera   tha  lMtee may drcgde to high water mark  caoli alternate leasehold.  Tha lessee shall  have a dredge  ia  operation  within one season from the  aate at the lease for each five miles,  hut where a person  or company   has  obtained more than one lease  .    one  bia, General Merchant, by deed dated'  the 19th day "of June, A. D., 1905,  assigned all his personal property,  teal csutc, credits and snwcis, which  may be .scix.ed and sold under cxecti.  tion to Albert E.. Planta, of iVatiai-  ino,' British Columbia, Insurance  Agent, in trust, lor the purpose oi  paying and satisfying ratably and  proportionately uli the creditors ol  the Siiid Axel Berg according to law,  the said./Jowl was executed by the  jaid assignee on the 19th day ol  June,  1905. \\  All creditors having claims against  the said Axel llotg are required lo  I or ward particulars lo thc said assignee on or before the T9Ui day of  July, 1905, arter which date the  sstid assignee will proceed to dislti-  bute the assets of.the said estate  among thc parties entitled thereto,  having regard only of the claims of  which he shall then have notice.  Notice is also hereby given that  a meeting of the creditors of the said  Axel Berg will be held at the ollice  of the undersigned, Ladysmith, B. C.  on the fourth day of July, .1.905 at 3  o'clock in the afternoon, in pursuance  of the sa.it! Act, for the givinh-.of di-  directions with reference to the disposal  of the said estate.  Dated at Ladysmith, B. C, this  19th day of .lime,  1905. <J,  RUSSELL  Solicitor for. Assignee";  SIMPSON  I.ouc Vacation.  M! R Artont, who filled more than ons  Important post under the French govern  nient, was a man of easy going disposi  ;idn, which was taken advantage of by  ;hoso subordinate to him lie never pun  shed and rarely reproved, and the result  A-as a lax discipline, notwithstanding the  mergy which he infused into his own de-  jartnient through tho exercise of his own  Uilluenee and ability  x In 'La Vie u-Paris," Villemot relates  \hat when M U'Actout was at the head ol  :lve ministry of the interior there was a  :le"^k in the Imreau who could write a re-  'liai'ijable hand with as i-uuiiirUuLile speed,  tnd t^e minister always kept hhn in his  iwn olli'!::(!S as private secretary  Oiil- dify^the minister missed his secro-  ���������������ry and inif^irod where lie was.  " Ho is not ^i>ere today His father u  lead." "\  DArtout bowedWind said nothing A  'iioiith afterward tlu'l minister again called  up the ehief and asked him the saiueo,ues  '.ion 1  "Ilo is not here, monsieur,'' was the  <nswer. "for his father is dead " j  The  'minister   bowed   again   in silence, J  ",.t went away with a  puzzled expression  .1 his eyes     Three weeks'] later   the .same  hing happened once morel    Upon reeeiv  !  ���������\[; the same  answer.  D'Artout  spoke up  *t!her sharply I j  ���������What I" said he 'Is he going to stay :  j.-.vay from the ollice all the while his fa- j  -.her is dead'r' | i  COBBLER SEATROCKERS, price $2 50  POLISHED OAK ROCKERS, Embossed"  Leather Seats, very fine chairsVt $4.00,  CANE SEAT  ROCKERS,   Golden   DaVfL  $4.00  HARDWOOD DininS Chairs, from $1:00  CANE SEAT Dining Chairs, $1.35 to 1 75  See Cataloogue for Styles  Rlioiig,,  well-made  Tapes!r\ covered Lounges ?7  20 styles from Ih s  price iip lo ?2e.  [TOsT  #HOMt, MOTElLAHUmyft;  painting;  P V ? i <  ETC.  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OMeat aponcy for aucuvlnp patonta.  patonts taken through Aluim A Co. roculve  iptclal notice, wii.liout charco. In Uio  Ahnudsomely Illustrated woeltly I.nrcc.il, olr-  cuinMon ot nny sclont Ida Jouriwl. Tcrma, Jll a  your; four montlia, $1. Sold by v 1 non-silnalors.  tftUNN ^ Oo.361Broadwr'>- New York  Branch Ollloo, fi?S ��������������� St.- Wftslitugton, \>. U.  Meatmarket  LAOfSVUTi-I 3. C.  CBS ���������--ir?=----^iitoi  '~������Z  "���������"���������"M*****-*1**-* *fcJv-������-","-T- **ga;  st*$ sitftv  t^p^sa  la^a^^aaoaa-^iaa^^jaai^agaT^aT-iaWaa^^  ���������^^aS^Q^J ������������������������< lafc.^arfWJWJftfflM-^aa^aWIS^jalKCttfW^tta^  LQCAL ITEMS  Rohl. Bryden, chief mechanic ii r  the Wellington Company, was do-,\n  li inn   Intension   vcslerdav.  '6  .. ~yLj& te^  i  Arian������ciiiciiis arc no.v coniplcttd  svi'l the Bank of t'oinnicrce will pay  <>!"! the \\Yllin������lon Collieiy emplou-s  this  month and   foi  the  luliirc.  As will 'he seen hy a local not ice  in anolhcr coluinii, .J. II. Good and  Company aie selling off theii slock  and   clr-sing      iheir   hraneh   in   Lady-  Mllllll.  My   Ihe   fall   of  a scaffold   al     lias-'  Urn's      mill   yc.sliiday,   ou   which   a!  tlox.en   men   v.vre  standing,   .John   Bell '  .mil  -John   O'lMI,   two  elderly     men,  weie sd nek h>   lly,ing     limbers    and  .seiioiMy   in lined.  The colliery employees will reecho ai Ihe company's ollice, their  ilie,-ties for woik. They will |>e  ci-died al the hank window, the  Imiik hem;;; opon at hours lhal will  aceoiuiiio.lale   employees.  ��������� Jos. Lei������h icliiiiied home from  Vancuiner ye.sleiday, He icpnrlslhc  Tcinnii.il I'ily ;is very lively. Mr.  Jifinh left one of his tennis at won*  in   Wuicouvcr.  The social lo he j^ivimi l>y Ihe young  lnilies of the (. hurl-li of England, will  i-imie ol' dii Wednesday ncvl, not on  Tutsdny   as   previously   announced,  Ben Forummer retained yesterday  from a Business trip to Dunc-aiu. He  reports Duncans as a bright, pro.v  I emus little town. I\lr. Forcimnur  was niiich pleased to receive hy lo-  dny's mail a large si/.eil cahinet  pliolo of Hoverncr \\>. W. B. Mc-  ilines. It is awell-lsil.cn pie tine,  jind slious ihe governor as ''oozing  well  and   prosj.ci ous.  ���������Se\ eie study sometimes effects sli.-  dems very stiaiigely. ( nc of the  i ail way lnt'ii was o..';-cr\ed at da.\-  hieak one moi nine, this vueli tlio-.i-  i-iu. Ins lurniUnu oui of His loom  fiom the thud sluiy <>i a holil on  l!ie Esplanade, lie claims il was .1  e.ise of cats lighting, (if cour.se th. re  \ 1 re 110 ivls lie jusl llioughi 1hii.-i  v.eie.  (LOftlN'fi   Ol'T      I'.KA'NCII   ST01H.  Messis.   .1    II.   'Ii-.oil   and   t'oiupnii-.,  of   Xanaimo,      have  decided   lo  cl. s  ii'il   their      furniluie husincss  in   tl z-.  eitv    ''1 h-.-y have instructed  Mi.'U-.:  ������iic   lo sell      onl t'tcrj thing in shul  al  actual      r-ust.  so  Ihey  will al   ll.  cud  ol   llu's      priseul   month  ha\e  ii  nioie lo pack up  than  Ihey c.mi po: s  1.1-.      a\oid.   'I his  sale   will  ghe tin  Mshienls   -, .|   ladysmith   a   great   <>,.-  purlunily      lo  furnish   up   Willi   wl-al  ihey      ate      Licking.    Sale  stalls  in  I riday  moi ning.    You  are advised   to  l:i- on dec'1 early and get your choice.  A   look-   a I.   Ihe      prices   will convince  you.   .ihat  Ihey are meaniing "husiness.  See hand   hills  now   being distributed  all over  the c-itw  DUNCANS  TO WNS1TE EXTENSION  Adjoining the old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. I.  A small .area has hem laid off   in town lots which are no ;w offered  at  LOW   PRICES   AN    I> ON   EASY TERMS.  Tlic  future  of   the  Powichan      District   and   Vancouver   Island  will   e\ieed   evpectalions   and   lliis is a good chanre "��������� a safe and  proi'ilaide,   iiiveslinenl.  SEE PLANS AM) PRICES  Agents, J. STEWART J. H WHITTOME  Ladysmith,   V.   I. Duncans,     V. I.  laifyiilli Goal DuJkJLuf  fstoislieit  Launch and Pleasure Boats of' all  descriptions for Hire. Boats built  to order ami Repaired. Spoon oars a  Speciality.  HARRUP AND HAYEDN.   .  BOAT     BUILDERS.  "  BOOTS  In    "Larcand Button���������Military Heel.   Turned and Mac-kay  "  Sole  There arc Two Hundred pair  with  <his      lot.   The regular  pi ice  is .VI.25.  You will find them on our Italics at  $2 Per Pair  DftYSDALE-STEVEN! CN  Co.   Ladysmith  Something Wanted.  A bachelor, old and cranky, was lit-  ting alone in his room. His toes with  the gout were aching, and bia face waa  o'erspread, with gloom, no little ones'  shouts to disturb him���������from noises tha  house was free. In fact, from cellai.  to uttlc 'twas as still as still could be.  No medical aid was lacking; his servants answered bis ring, respectfully  answered his orders and supplied him  with everything. But still there waa  something wanted, which he could hot  command���������tbe kindly words of compassion, the touch of a gentle band.  And he said, as bis brow grew darker  und lie rang for tbe hireling nurse,  "Well, marriage may be a failure, but  this is a jolly sight worse."  A W������������*r Candlestick.  , A glass of water makes a fine emergency candlestick., Weight one eud  I or the caudle with a nail Just large  t-nough to hold the candle In the water  so that tbe water touches its top edge,  hut does not touch the wick, and then  light the candle. It will burn until tbe  Inst vestige of wick is gone aud tbt  name will not flicker. The melted tallow that ruus down but serves to bold  the   caudle   mare   stationary.  ilNi-iLEb- AND JEST*.   ,,  T! ..("TIERS  Applications are invited for Ihe posit ioci of Principal of thc Lady smith  school, also for the positions of lcar-lie rs for the- fifth, seventh ami.eighth  divis'.ons. Applications must, he in  the hands of the undersigned by 4  p. i������., on  2li(h of,'July.'  JOHN  STEWART  Secretary , Board of Schoi I Trustees.   o   Most i-.--fre.siiino- and eNvpiisitely favored iced dr'n' s can le obtained a.'  flic Drug Stv.iv, nigh street.  NOTICE  Public     notice is hereby given thai  no person or persons shall cut or ref  'move any  timber on Seel ion  1, R. S,  Cranl crry      district,  or    any of my  hind  ad'.jrmr'.ifc   in   Bright  district., or  'If.shass'iigi,     ' r  they   will   ge  prose-  en led   according   to  law.  JAMES   PATERSON.  T") lie 1   July   1',   1!l(i5   ������������������r*-~ ��������� ���������  TEU-'CKAIMHS   l'MUEKIL  Wn.-'iii eu, Man.. Duly 1*'.\Yl%eler  Aiiderxon was smol heretl to <'ea.ih  hy gas al Vorkton. while digging, a.  well. He arrived lately frlrm !\lin-  ncsola and leaves a wife and small  famih-.  C A3 TO fftirKTABri-MY  I'.'oticj i.s ���������' .inveiitiv,- aim "  Boo!i?".,.io->vtu<'>L>'.:i':< 1 .si-jilts"  &=������  advsmi  ardware Co  .���������   ���������   ���������   ���������   ���������    AGE NTS.  TO OUR LA DYS TI TH CUSTOMER?  Conditions'are. such  that,  wc  find    it  to     our  advantage to close   out  our business in Ladysmith.    This,   wc regret,   as   our .relations   have   been  most pleasant  with  our customers and      friends.    We'have sold out   our  slock   and   interests   in   the.  business   to  Messis.   Blair  &   Adam.  We  bespeak for them  with our 'customers   thc     same good treatment that  we  have, received   while  In  business  here.  Wc thank, you for all past favors, while reg-retting the severance of  business- ties, which circiiinstances make netc-ssary. Settlements with  our customers will 1 e made al the present store of J. W. Heddle &  Company,  until  further notice. _  Respectfully,  W.T. HEDDLE   CO.  Particularfiroo eri.  Telephone  I  We Have Just  Received  a Consignment of  OF 40 PIECES  In   magnificent  patierns  Ilia  Ideal.  H& .'-e\ to tell her that her ajrea  Were grandest   'neaih   the  apreadloa  nktea:  He  ised to honestly declare  That she.was fairest nf the tcir.  Today, when people say their fihlli -  iViOi-'������������ lUce Us mother, he gets wild;  Bui say Its eyes and chin and noae ''"  Are his, and ha forgets his woes.  Fatherly AdTle*.  !'Mr. Gotro.\."' began the nervous  young man. "1- ������-r���������that is, your daughter is the���������er���������apple of my eye, and"-^  ''T'int will do, young man," inter  rupted the granite hearted parebt.  "Here's $5 for you. Go consult an  oculist.'  e> snots  We have just received a large  con  signment of BOOTS   and SHOES  direct from Glascow  The quality of tnese g oods; are  guaranteed, the prices are low, and  the assortment complete.  We invite our Customers to in-"  spect this stock.  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  ^ OATAORE ST.  LADYSMITH  Verp Dull Indeed.  Mrs. Uplalght���������My husband promised  to he home at 10 sharp.  Mrs. Newltt��������� But he wasn't,  Mrs.   Uplalght���������Not   Quite;   be  got  home at 3, dull.  The Nes Retrouaae.  Bhe -was pug- nosed, and, my, how she'd  flounder  When    winter's    fierce    galea   gathered  rounder, > ' ���������  For she suffered great pain  When the slant driving rain  Ran Into her nose and nigh droundaft  .,  An Impressionist.  Harry���������She evidently made to ln>  prcssiou with him.  George���������How do you know?  Harry���������I saw  him developing  snapshots of her.- v  BLAIR AHD ADAM.  'PHONE 2-4.  LADYSMfTa  The   Critics.  Ida���������They say it was a case of lovt  at first sight with him.  May���������What a pity he waan't a mail iuui and could have taken a second  sight.  Only the Good Die Voang,  "Prepare foi- the worst!" said Dr. GUI,  And every voice grew hushed and still;  Relations   from   rar   and   friends  fro������������  near  Old crowd with a vim his words to heur.  "Prepare for the worst!" said Dr. Gill.-  "There's plenty of life in Robert stilll"  inium.s'B7oclr  Ladysniith  LENZ  & LEISER  WIIOI.ERALM DRY  GOODS.  MANUFACTURERS OF  GENTS'   FliRNISniNTlS,   I0TO.  SHIRTS, OVP: RALLS,   ETC.  VICTORIA,  B. .0.  NOTICE.  From      this  date   the   undersigned  will   not  he   responsihle  for  any   in-  ileuledness      incurred- except on       a  written order signed hy the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION f.    DEVELOPMENT CO.,  LTD.  Mon Personal LiahiHf.y.  t ������^^i:H?.--Tr^"V'':vr^'"r?.?u\AliU^e:rVA^SS^1"0^"      V'f'<r"'''T-. ������. 0., May 18th,  l ".05.  ^. ^���������^..-  p; '':^^^m^Si^s^Bss^^mss&yf?s^ss^������  iiEiSS^ESSS"  UlBl  nit  ������������������il  m  Dr. R.B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  Hot of One KIlllnaT.  When Senator Gallluger was praetlc  Ing medicine In bis New Hampshire  home, he had a coachman who waa a  ���������'character" worthy of the attention  of any writer of fiction. On one occasion Dr. Gallluger was called professionally at a house next to a residence  on which was displayed black crape at  a sign of death. A passerby, noticing  the crape and not knowing who bad  died there, supposed Dr. Gallluger was  In the house and that his .coachman  could give the desired information. The  coachman seemed to take the inquiry  tee of the Dominion Day Celebration 'os a Pei"sonal affront arid bristled up  i?.....!   ���������   /11   x       ,,.'."���������.        ���������        : Ixi martial style.  Pimd,   will  he     hckl   ,n  the     Operaf    ������i don't know." be retorted prompt.-  House hant|iietiiiii<r room en Monday;  ly.    "It's not of our klllln ���������it'a.not of  pur killiu'." '"-.-,' ,  Then he pulled bis horse up so as to  COMMITTEE  MEETING  A meeting of  the  general  commit-  the l.th-insl..,  at 8 o-clock sharp.  All  nitin-bers please alk-iKl. avo,d any   further  BUSplclon  tbat  be  Persons   having "accounts    -aga'kist   was waiting for the doctor to come out  the committw must present- the s-uhq '?f a'A house wlth tLe badge of moUrn*  to  the   treasurer,   Mr.   I'..   Forcinimer  hy  Saturday,  the   lath  inst.  Anyone; holding commitlre    orders,  HOMI)   DACTORY   SEIZED.  for payment, are rt-qtiestrd to ;, have ���������,{'* Pctcrshurg, July. 1.1.���������A bomb  them cashed hy Ihat dale at the l';i<-'lo!'>'' ^i-m\ at Tillis, is eonsid-  latest. <--''ed   to  he an      import/ant  haul.     It  1 t-oiitaincd,      in   aclditk|n   to    flushed  No  accounts   will- be-passed hy the   Ijon.bs, a large quantity of dynamite  committee after Monday  night. ' n-itro-ghccrine   and   othtr  cxplofives.  Also a  Large Variety of TIES to Select From  *aw������c������n*-j  Morrison's, Ladysiititii, B. C.  WILLIAMS   LtLOCK.  ���������  TELEPHONE  6-7  sssBssss^Btm^sBSBssssEsmm  Ah Wing ?- Co,  II Merchant Tailors  Ladies' and Cents' Clothes Made to  Order.  PERFECT FIT GUARANTY r>  LADY5MITH-,   B.   C  USERS OF  WHITE SWAN SOAP  >   i   nd  a good chance to win a  GRAWHONE  ICvery 2;"i-Cent purchase ol White    Swan     Soap     entitles you to a  ticket in the drawing for thi s high grade gramophone.  W. G.Fraser  *     11 1 "*  Merchant Tailor,  (1st Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Gail early a in  get your choice.  WE ARE SHOWING THIS WEEK  TWO NEW  LINES OF  STOVES MANUFACTURED   BY   OUR   LOCAL  STOVE WORKS  Drop in and See Them  , " -   ���������#������������������ -   - ' ���������  FOUR HOLE KITCHEN  COOK    $15,00  SIX HOLE GRAND UNIVERSAI   $35.00  LADYSMITH HARDWARE' CO., Lt<  Charlie.- Dunn  MERCHANT TAILORS  ,NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  Charles Dvnn, of the above, firm, v isits Ladysmith every Sunday for the  purpose ol taking measurements and seeing customers personally.  be seen at the Hotels. Wc guarantee all stock and a perfect lit at the  lowest possible rates. Suits from $15.00 up. Pants from $1.00 up. All]  Hand-made. ; Full line of the'Latest suppiics ALWAYS carried by Mr.  Dunn. ������ ���������'  ii.la-  One- Hundred acres of land in Cedar dis  ,      trictfor $35  Two Sheep Farms on one of the -Qui  Islands, considerable Improvement  ,; ��������� . .   -%���������;.-      ;-:��������� -^���������-* .. -, ���������   $4"  JOHN STEWART P. O. Box 268  .HIRE, LIFE. AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE  CONVEYANCING  NOTARY    rUHLIOl  B.FORCfMriER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAkj  All work done on these premises  is guaranteed to give SATISFACTION. Prices moderate.  First Avenue,    X   XX-    Ladysmith,   B.C  Stoves  Sfcovei  We are making them of the Newest    Pattern and Late]  -'- Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OF KOU NDRY WORK  Our Prices are Reasonn, lile  SEE OUR    NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.        }  LADYSHITH IRON & STO VE \\(] Kc (C��������� H D.j


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