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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jul 13, 1906

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Daily LeHer
VOL. ,2
���J���r-l���F =3���3 1 \
'"'"��     FRIDA/V, July 13. 1906.
States   that  Cook  Expedition  is  Having  Much
Trouble in Proposed Ascent
of McKtnley
_ ��� .*-*- <k<; .O       '    ��� 1 ���     ���     '
Lost Four Horses in Burning Mine Near Cook's
Inlet, While Four More Died
From Hardships
t--.     "J"**--   S��.i>��� j. ~-->
Mr. 1).  While,    formerly proprietor
of    the    Ladysmith    Hotel,   ne turned
irom   Uie North  Wednesday   evening,
and  is  in the. city   al present. Speak
ing  of his     recent   crip,   Air.     White
slated that, he enjoyed c'ciy   minute
of il.    Air. 'i oui  liau'up,  \��ho is well
known     in     l.auysiiiUli,   aceo'inpaiiiwl
Mr.   White  on  his   Northern trip   ami
is  ic-ported   by   Uie   latbir  io  be     in
the  best of health,  with- "wh-icsivurs a,
loot long.1'     At present lie Ls cngiag-
|-wl   in   building eatiiiis  on   t-heii   chum
iu  the Mt.  Mckinley   di.-:iriet,   where
the  parly   will  s,,end   ihe  winter.   Un
Ids' return  trip anoul the  end ot nest-
month, Mr.  White will   he accompanied1 by  his wife, for who,m 1m; return-
led,     dust    how    long   they   will    re-
! main  in the country  Mi*.  White  docs
not know,   but says it  will  probaibly
he    a  Img    lime.     As for Tom,   lie
says-he  is going to stay  there until
die ha.-, enough to stop  working wheuj
he coincs'ou 1,. and'anyway, he   says-
he would  just about as  soon Live in
that country as anywhere.
^Speaking " of tiie condition  of    Mc-
jKLuley    and, northern sections generally, Mr. Vihito states that Uicy arc
at present very prosperous.     On his.
way   out   he inel   the   Cook"  party,
Professor Cook, il, will.be reinemhei*-
ed, is    al    the    head    of   the party
which left Seattle with the intent-ion.
of scaling Alt.  McKiuley  ii   ''ossible,
fijir scientific purposes.    At  the   time,
���he  was met by   Mr. While, he was in
Msry poor   luck,     lie had lost    four
horses    under    most   peculiar eircuni-
Ijtaiices.      The  accident occurred     at
St-iinta    river,     iu    it>he     vicinity of
Cook's    Inlet. The    horses which
wire loaded with packs, suddenly disappeared Irom sight,  and it was   af-
Lei wards ascertained  that they     had
fallen      through     Ihe     earth      into
-\vhal   is    .supposed  to lie a ihurning
*-oal vein.   The horses.and packs were'
lost.     Professor Cook also lost four
horses  ut Tyoonk river, which     left
hiin only twelve out of the   original
'iO.     l\Ir.  White    ds oi     the opinion
tliat the expedition will'bo a failure,
as it  is,  he stated, an impossibility
tO; make the ascent. _ __'���.    ..  ....     , .
On the  Yctna -river, Cook's In-let,, a
coal vein is being opened up, and
some of ihe river steamers are us-
> iiu sane for feel. *. The Caswell,
which runs up the Yetna river, and
which ealh'r in Ladysmith on her
northern trip, secured her fuel ��� for
her river  trips  from that (.dint.
jMr.   White  reports lively  times   at
ti lacier  Hay.     It  seems  that    Kir!:-
wond, a  man who ihas   lived \n   that
section  for  a  number  of   years,   ;;n.
claims a  large  portion  oh squatters
lights, took a short trip,  andhefi r
his return    there were nins*  saloons,
si'\eral barber fho-.s and some store-
doing   business on   lvirkwood'fc  home
stead.     The  latter  is  very    "hostile.
and threatens all kinds oi trouble foi
the "invaders."
Mr. While was anxious to lu-ai
lromi Ketchikaii, wliieh, he says, was
in llama; when the steamer on which
���he was a passenger, pusscd. "It
Avas," said Mr. .White, "ihe onl.
point at which we did not call on
ihe way down, and we wanted to go
jn-thcte more than--any-place when
we saw  what was going, on."
'Minneapolis, July 13.���Miss Nellie
Kl listen, formerly a milliner at Ellsworth, Wisconsin, and a daughter of
a farmer living about ten miLes from
Ellsworth, was miii-d-cr-cd as s-hc slept
in her room at tho National hotel
here yesterday. Kol/.jery was the modi e for the crinw. The woman , re-
:ontly';dis|>-.sed of her millinery business n't Ellsworth, realizing $0,500
from ihe. sale. No such sum was
found dn  her room at tiie hotel.
The, victim's head was crushed
'.villi a hammer blow, tlir- body lied
io a 'couch, " which was saturated
w t,h wood alcohol, then set afire.
Ihe smell of smoke' arotvse-d a groom
who discovered the murder.
While employes were    putting'   out
Mie  fre,  the    woman recovered    long
���: ough'to utter the.words, "Ellliston
I-'Mswprth."   Then she idied.
The upi er   part of her body     was
o.rihly binned.        Later   physic-inns
*? !d the      wo nils o.i   the head    were
������mcient to ca'iise. death.
Hut  for' the prompt action   of   the
.lploycs  in  breaking into the   room
i  which  the woman met her    dcat'i
���e hotel   woi-ihl  have ihccn   destroyed
I   is .Ihe   theory  of the- p iice   thai.
I'll   was the  intention of the murder -
i   [n order ti conceal .his crime.
��� \TaUian Riiygs  was arrested at   El
oy,   Wisconsin,   this  a-f't.er.>oon  on in-
ormation  from  this city.  Riggs L> a
onductoi   on ihe Chicago, St.   Tail,
i1triflC.i|.olis i\-  Ouiaha railway,   lie is
ucuszd "by Miss  Elljsioii's  family  of
illing her ami  will tic  hi ought jjacl.
o Minneapolis for c.vainination,     lie
���s said  to  have  I.*.e.i  Miss  ISIliston's
.tis'moss aid'.'iser an.I there is evidence
einfling to*show that lie accompanied
'ier  to the National   Hank  -J     Commerce,   yesterday,     where she had   a.
draft for H2,"2-tl cashed.
Mew York, .July 13.���-A cable dispatch to a monning paper from Paris, says:
' I want to l.e guillotined. They
coiKleninwl me to death and they
���.hill exwule me. I'l'l have nonr of
their pardons. There is no reayrm
-for a revision of my sentence. Paris
,1-as nol seen an evecution in ten
years, and I nm going to give them
the sight first."
"'lhis is the 'J-clarati0n that was
mad,* by Pierre Adnni to tiie police
authorities and lawyers wJio were
iryimg to persuade him to appeal for
commutation of his death sentence
for murder. H* has resisted the per-
--iii.ii.inns persistently for three   weel.s
Seattle, July 13. ��� Geo. Mitchell,
the youth wh0 recently shot ^nd kilt
ed Fran/, l&lniuiul Crefeld, a '���holy-
roller" prophet and was acquitted of
the charge of 'iinnxler on a plea oi
iittianity was today shot and killed
by his sister, l-Jsiher, at the Seville union station. Esther M/itche.l
,.oined the -'.holy-rollers" .sect at Coi-
allis, Oregon, and was one of the
.i.ost ardent of Crefeld's follower-.,
.ilien her brother pursued the leader
of the "hoiy-rollcrs" to Seattle an J
-ihot.liim in tin;1 street, he pleaded'-.in
justification that Crefeld had deluded
.iiul wronged his sister.
<iioi*ige Mitchell was acquit ted ..u
.lie charge of murder ou Tiitsi.lay an.t
nearly all of the following 'ay lie
..pent in searching for Esther m ' *m.-
.tttlc liidgiiig houses. She had i-ms-
e-.l  to  be louiforlud  after  the    '.mti
and c-lamors to have his ,head choppel     . t refo|(j would ^ ^
oT  il   Ui, av.Uicrilies do  not comply
.-.Jie was finally found, however ai^l
��� nine  to  tlwj  railroad  station  to >.ce
i��-r three brothers Oeorge, Per y ..mi
i.'red    oil   to    their home in Orj-*;ni.
.he brot-heilj and sisters were sili-''i-
>,-i a   bench    in    the station wa'> ' g-
i..>iii,' talking and apparently .^n  the
..est    of    terms.       When  the Oregi u
.j.iin arrived Oiorg-e   a'nose and stari.-
.id for     the'   door.     At uhis -ino'jiciit
iiij sister    stepped  to his  side,   an.I
limning    ihe   reiolver  at  his    n^ad,
..red the     fatal    shot lH>fore auyon:.-
���Le  in   the room realized1 what   was
Miss M'itchell   was arrested short!v
with his wishes. The situation is n j
|iu'er one The law prescribes thai
executions shall be put lie, hut since
the guiillotine was removed some
years ago from the notorious place
He La Ro-Melfc, the local o'.licials
svervwliere have successfully re^dst-Ml-
the atite.mipt.s to secure a new site,
u d the a>;e luvs lain idle in a shod
(he ullicers of justice not \ienturiiiij;
io offend any pari, of ihe city by in-
-.i.s'.ing upon its erection. Tb?y con
s-o .-.iHilly persuaded persons condeinn-
jil lo d.t-alh tcj appeal for the'commiH
.atie.n winch ��� lias hcem fordhwibh
;i<i!il(d. Ac'an's unprc-ceikntexl re-
iii.-fl cn.-ntes a difficulty.
About iifty Ladysmith- people accompanied the excursion lo Victoria,
yesterday, and all report'having had
a good ti'ine. They left the capital
at tO' 15, and made, a fast triphoin-e
arriving here ' about ooie  o'clock.
The N an all no Llcralil  of  bliis morn-1
ing  contains     the  follow'iiig    account,
oi the excursion:
, 'iho excursion .'train, conveying-   N'a-
l-tee."which addi-esses were delivered
by Lho K. \v. t;i-aiid. Chaplain, ltcv.
Jiro Morton Smith., and "K.   W.    Past
nisley, duly '12.���Sent land won tho
"-Mack-innon"-. Challenge Cup , today.
Tho scores were: Scotland 1.110, England 1.420 and" Canada   l.oTf'.
 : a-	
. ,   'af'.ir the shcoting.     Perry  and Fred
"The  pubic    execution    uiva-riau   ,,., .   ���       ,      ..   ���f^i     .      ���.
1 ..        ,. A.Uchell   were  arrested  as   witnesses.
1.'.ds    to    a  disfljuslinnr carouse   an .,, . .   .        . ,
, ,. fe      ,    ,      ..   ��� l nev were lound together tin a bene h
.)ii-,l:ohavioi   hv the  scum  of lino city i       *. , ,
,-,. , ,     ,   .. ...     ':oii!.iiiQ   on each other's shoulders,
an.I   ihe rs abLishment ot   the  ouillo- '
lir. ��� an J where  without the assent   of
i he  authorities   representing the  res
.o table citizens would inevitably ar-
m-.f- an;er.     Hence the reluctance to
carry  out  the death sentences.
"i'.ills  are under    discussion   alter-
ttttely legaili'/ing priviate executions,
and-abolishing capital punishment,
and Adam's no.vJ-T' 'att-itudc may lead
io   the    passing    ofrthe one or    the
otlier.     -   .
Was'hing-ion. duly 1 *2���Ccnoral R.'-
'.�������lador. foi-nu-i- I "resident oi" Salvo
��1 o.i-.and Iho leader.oi* 'the Siilvudor-ai^
I eoops in thc present conflict with
'.'i>ata:nala -was'- killed in battle to-
C'eami  jiastei-   Un
.I'lioiuas   lluko   of)
Salt Lake City,  July   13.���A    sign,
bearing the words,, "Oatby. for sale,'.'
'and    displayed.    f,;r several -dayv.in
front  of a cottage     in  Waterloo,   a
'suburb,    caused an investigation   to
day of Mrs. Mueller by an officer ol
*-;uut,UL'u't]>c juvenile court. The investigation
dnui "lltl "Lii-''!(le,.(0ioped the fact that several pcr:
sons had offered to buy- the child
one woman offering $.fiO, but Mrs
Mueiler would not sell   f.��r less  than
rcucjcruii  several  elioioo  seioononh.
jv.itcr   Uie spuocli  nuuvuig-   cue    oase-V
uaii inulcii Dotwoeu. tlic Aaiiaiiiio seniors   ami   Ihe     Hilisiuc-s    uooiv   plaeu,
which resulted, iu a win for jSianaimo'
uy ihe score of li to 3, " j
'j.he     .11 illskles     .were   considerably
siienyiheiied   oy   the   addition  of      a   them  all
Mrs. Mueller stated, that the seven-
jiiontb-old lahy which she had t-iied
to sell was the child of her siUter,
who died recently in Wyoming. Tho
woman said she had four children ol
her own and .was  unable to care   foi
now second basoiuau in tho person oi'    When   th:-  otticcrs  returned    to
J.   ��\ alien,    'the  new  player  is  a~"re-  t.it({l,,P     n,0   ful-niture  had   been
recent   arrival   iiom   California   wauiv I ,���()ved   an 1   they   were  unable  to    lo-
c.;,lio Mrs. Mueller 0r the four children of whom the woman had told
The woma.li told conflicting stories
al.out  herself and  families,  and     the
he lias played fur some time pa;st, al
though he oriyiually hails 1'i'oui tho
oast. He has been in California, foe
thu lust few years and while the re
has played willi both Uhase .and Kui-
eesou, who uvu well known Lu local
Vancouver,. Hc-v. .-.Urn.   . .1. -
jsuii   anil   J.H.inoiinj     A.i'iinci
jXe\". ��� xtr. j.ceid  in    > i
Weil    l.ilO\Ul-.i|.i:li..i..!..      .x ve.,";il .     ^jl'O-
jjinmijai   clei'gymeii    iiien   mjunwi's    . ui
-! illo     Order-     oi.C'iit.ieu   seacs    on   me
luvimo's   contingent " to   the   -Twelfth j i-muiorm. . .uui liy iho  iiiu.-i--.-uU> of. Uie
of   July   eelebratiou   at" Victoria     re-| uioeuiii?   the    x-'nih   i.-egiiueni    Hand J$125
turning' home at an  early  hour    this
The celebration ' was one of cliio
most successful,n the history of the
Orange Order in this province. The
"N'anaimo visitors were met at the
station by the Victoria lodges and
the Fifth Kegiincni band. Aflec an
informal welcome at the hall, an ad.
jotn-nment was taken till 1-.3CI when
A. M. Abercrombie ns'..Director of ���
ceremonies arranged the lodges in.
the profession, and started it on its
way lo. Ili.'acon Hill in the following
Urnud  Marshal.
Union  .lack.
Orange You ne;   I lei tons.
Fifth   'lii-giine-nr.   Mund.   -
Victoria   Disleici.
Silver  Coenet.   Mund.
jVunuiino   I li-sl eiel .
Vnncoiivi-i-   I .odgi-   J ofU'i
Di-ii'm  liiind.
Vnncouvi-r   f'ouiily.
Clark   Wnllaee   .Lodejc,    I 7 I *
Fife  nnd nruni   Bmul.
Royhl   nincl-. I'rerc.'pLi-.ry.   "-'o
Invited C4iiest9.
-- Toynl   True   Rliie;;.
Grand  Lodge  ("Iflieees.
.    The   parade   was   the   mor-.t    in posing   fentiirf     of   the   eelehrni ion,    and
/���fully a   l.houf.aiid   Orfinfremen   weiv    in
the   lini-.    'Included   in   Ihe  | ui i;ul.-   Wu-
Ihe   Fil'ih   U eg i men l.
Cornel,   nnd      two
bands  from   Ynneoiiv
1 ish   f.iipoi-f-:.     Arrivin.
n further meeting ivas held al wliieh days he lived on clams and lish a>nd
Piovineinl Grand Master' Wr-llaec ;:!ept on the he.ach. By naking moc-
presided.   Addresses*- of   WHieome  v.err    -asins of rags  be  found in  an Indian j the   provocative
delivered  bv  TIi -  Worshii.  the  Mr,vo- .^Hack he succeeded in reacWng gootcli   . tioiw   were    printed    in   the  offlce  'of
of  Victoria,   A.   J.   Morlcy.   Esq.   nf- Cap lighthouse. j chief of police, has been dismissed.
"'--���-V i- !
-,',,,   ,,.��� '    Winnipeg,  Julv  13.���A mvstery sur-
Walla  Walla   July  13.-Myrtle lip- .-^ (,eath  of  feorg,ie R      n>
ton, a'convN-t, -is  seriously, i I at the irl who came ^ reccJlMy
peniitentiary  on  account  oi  the  lodg- ^    -^^     and    whf)Se CQ
ing of a pin iu her esophagus  which ^          ^ H  m_
will proli.,bly   neccsitate   * del.cate n ^      -        Im           ^^ ^
operation  for its  removal.    Ihe   gnl ^^     TMfiwas  noilA        in     the
has hern m 'Ihu^hoibit of carrying
pins in her mouth while working" at
the prison and accidentally swallowed one Sunday.
All effcrts to remove the obstruction have been'.unavailing, and it is
stated an operation will bo performed tomorrow. Myrtle Tipton is serv- J
iiig a seven-year .term from Whit-'
man county for horse stealing.
|.'i fl
.lU'A'i'E  DKlV'eJiN   FROM
Sitka.���.John   L..   Malon&ituie,    mutt
| of the schoo-ucr Li//.io Colby  reachod
'port un   the ligbl-house teuder  Ilealh  j
ici'l     He   wants   to  know   where     his i
vessel      is.       lie    has  not  seen  hei
[uinee    M'ay 'lU,     and  fears sefnclhuig
las happened to her.
On  line   above  date,   while out, in   a
dory,  he  was driven  from bis vessel
:,y a southwest gale.     For IL/tir days
lie  tried to return to   the Colby, inn
ilie   wind   was   too  strong,   the Colby
i.Viis lost to sight, and he was driven on   the recks ab Unimak island.
i    lu making a landing on the   island,
N-viuiimo  silver ;ie   i0st  bis dory  and. every thin ���    ou
'Fife nnd   ileum ' uoard, and was compelled  to   divest
*r ami  four S.-oi   himself of his coat  aiul boots in or-
\  ai   ru-iieon ll H .der  to  swim ashore.    For   seventeen
Sitka,���A large niiniiber of Indians
at Sitka have Keen roused to a frenzy of excitement by the report that,
a koosht^i,  or ghost, of   one   or    tho
drowned sealers is haunt ing an island
north of this place. One hundred
dollars has I,re i o He mid to the person   who captures  the kooshta.    Two
; partio'- left town last Friday with
guns  awl   ropis,  among' thp.iu   the re-
, latives  of  the drown-ed  sealers.   They
. Iinve been cautionr-d |,y the    authori-
Following are the ne turns    for   the
o'licers decided to hold the infetnt
i:e:.iding a further investigiation ot
the case.
. ^ T. -TOji�� not to shorlt any one, hut the
l\E l UlxlN J gravest fear is felt as to the res-ill
of the expediticn.
-��-4>-^  I    The natives who  have not com*' un
der  the  civilizing   influences    of     tha
missionaries believes that a man nev-
month of ..lime for the Tyee Smelter:   p). drowns 1iut turns   Jnto   &   ^
"Smelter ran 15 days,  and  treated H<, .g mnoii7��A by a kooshla;k.; arid
wanders aboui like a ghost, for a
certain peri-ol of t-ime and haunts
those ho lias loved. Ti" his friends
do nol capture him and release him
from the spirit he will soon become
a kooskta' a awl will go about, try-
i'lig to  drown other natives.
A kind of demon they believe has
hold of each foot and carries the.
man where he does not want lo go.
It is their object to find the man
before it is too late and shoot the
demons oil' bis
him     from
2,123 tons of Tyee ore, giving a return after deduction of freight and
refilling charges of $36,630.
SI. Peleeliurg. July Y 1 ���Tbe lower house of parliament has abandon
ed its morning session. I lereaflcr I he
bouse will sit from 2 to 7 o'clock
in tin- evening- KotuissarolT, ihe official in charge of the press on which
blacl-hand   publica-
sin-roundings to indicate the cause'!
of 'death and no marks of violence
have been discovered during tlic cursory examination of the- remains. On
the w'a-shst-ainid was a glass contain-
n>;: a small cpiantity of whiskey.
'I In*- glass was i,roken round the edge
as though it had been rift-em between the teeth in some paroxysm,
ar.'l "n the bed close to the face of
the woman were pieces of glass
which correspond in thickness to the
pniecei; broken from the glass. A
piece of cotton batten was in the
mo ith and1 a towel had apparently
l.cc-n he'd to the mouth also. Blood
was on the towel and on the pillow. Thc body was discovered today as the result of tlic clerk of the
hotel getting a telei*hone message to
inspect Todd's room .and on visiting
it ami forcing the door which had
been locked, the grusomc find was
made. The girl had liecii dead evidently about twelve hours. Todd,
ubo is a grain .buyer at Brandon,
and a well known'resident of that
city had. suddenly left the- hotel
about that time on Monday. Some
believe the girl died in a fit, and
that Todd, becoming alarmed, lied.
Cincinnati, July 13.���For 2 days,
August Zither, accused or "the murder of William Holmes, hunted for
so.ne one to arrest him, and his -f-
i'<utswere 'awarded. I-lolmes, it i;
said, made an insulting remark to
Zither's wife, and Zither struck him.
Holmes fell to the street, and when
picked up it was found that he was
de-aid with a broken neck. Detectives
Dwyer and Kelly were assigned to
t'.c case, and Zither announced his
willingness to surrender to Dwyer,
who is an old friend of the accused.
Ai.lod by several friends, Zither searched long for Dwyer, but without result until yesterday afternoon, when
the missing sleuth' was found.
The big steamer Dun-eric came into
port this morniing and .will take on
���I0H tons of bunker coal. From here,
she will proceed to the Britannia
Mines, where she will load a cargo
of ore for the Tlodley smelter.
the  Bermuda and scowl-, tug   Sur-,
rise,  Belfast and scow, and  one   or
two  other small  boats   were    in    at
ibe local  wharves for  coal today.
Tacoma, July 13 ��� Driven from
their home, they allege, by the .brutal treatment of H. C. The (*'as, thei}
step-father, Bessie' Wah'ath, 14 years
old, niid their two younger brothers,
Albert and Chester, have been sleep-
i.iig out of doors for several nl-glite
and for the most part ha*-e been
without food.
The children told  their story in. the,
feet and  thus sava .'police court   today,   whereupon Judge
the  most  awful   fate  of   Linek issued warrants for  the airest
which the  native  mind can conceive.
of the parents.
The S.S.   Themus  is   due to   arrive
at, any time.
Fort Worth, Texas, July 13. ���
Fr.o'in business affairs to marriage
wa* a short step for Miss Maud
Merrill of Mount Vernon, 111., and
Th' 'mas King, an attorney of Stephen* Hie, Texas, who were wedded
hen*. For some time Miss Merrill
has been legal adviser for Miss Mer-
iiil, who is a member- of the promi.
nent New York family that figured
in the co-ns I ruction c��f ihp Erie Canal. Tbe negjo that ions regarding proposed investments in this state were
.arrieid on entirely by .mail, however
a;cl they did not, meet until a few
days ag-0, when Miss Merrill came
he-re to close the deals. Friends say
it War, a case of love at first sight.
Mr. King is a son of formet Governor Austin R. King, of MissKyuri. THE LADYSMITH DAILYLEDGtEE
Published   every   day   except Sunday
One  Year  (In: advance)   ,   $5.00
Cue Month ��......-'... :.....  ... SO c��nts
��� July   i'i,     VMti
���A   deal   involving   the   Alpha.   Delti,
Hl.ick  Bear and  Blue  (Ji-oum1    eop-pei-
claims  on  Vancouver   Island  i.-,  pend-
iny  and   will   be completed   within the
ne.vi   twenty days.'   Through .-.Alessrs.
I-'.. 0.   Ainess. &   Company  -some   New
York  capitalists    have  obtained    tbe
option-   of purchasing   the claims  for
b\ 00,000.    The. Ore''which   has    been
��i-i.sa.\"ed'   was   taken   irom   the surface
and  runs   S.j-1   to. the   ton   in' cop(ier.
The'   expert   who   examined  the mine
for'people  .who   hold   the   option    on
the claims,  says  they  are  tbe richest
be has seen,   and that the main body
of ore will: average.   2!] per cent, copper.     One also  carries  gold    and .silver in small proportions.. If the New
York  men .buy  the    claims,   a   smelter  will  be erected   to   treat  the  ore
at  the mines.     This will be easy , to
do' as   the  ore   has   been   pronounced
self-fluxing, by  the  assuyer..
Ottawa, .J uly LU���The Commons
today by a vuiu <>i I'-l lo "2-1 accepted the rienale ana-nduienl Striking tbe Luncusier >, i mii.s^ out from
the Hallway bdl limi'iny ^bo speed
of uams lo -IU miles an hour over
level -.ruojingh hi <i;it-> ;ind towns.
Uou 'Mr. ii*meisou proinis.-d to liavu
Mich   a  clause
v\a,-.   no   breiii h   of   laiib    for
iii-iv no    new   servicer       icniie-re.l
bis   opinion    tbo      only   pi-i>ons
Try a Province  Cigar.
������ taken with cholera  iiioib,.s and   was
a critical     cuiiditi. n "  mis    Mi
drafted    be-
.' .'    .'�����,-�����*������,,'..���
London,; July 12.���The resolution
in favor - of preferential treatment
on a reciprocal basis, introduced in
behalf of the Montreal Board of
Trade at the opening of the .session of Congress ol" Chambers of
Commerce .of.'the Kmpire, was carried at today's session amid a remarkable scene of-enthusiasm. The
vote was preceded by a further animated discussion for and against
the resolution. The Australian delegates considered it to be impracticable, while the Madras representatives approved of it. The British
delegation appeared to be divided,
but when an expression of opinion
was called for a forest of "lianda
went up in :favor of the resolution
and only a dozen voted against it.
The Canadians then rose in a body
and the hall re-echoed with their
cheers, while some of them, sang,
"Cod  Save tbe King."
Coast Defence,
The Congress also passed n. resolution, introduced by Mr. George A.
Di'iimmond, in behalf of the Montreal .Board o�� Trade, to tbe effect
thai, the Congress "hereby re-aflirms
tbe principle of the resolution adopt-1
ed by tbe last Congress, that it is
tbe duty of the self-governing colonics to participate in tbe coast defence  of   the 'Empire."
The revised figures of the.' vote ad
opting Die perferenl ial trade resolution show that 105 were in favor
of the resolution 4-1. against, 21 neutral.
A resolution moved by Mr. It. H.
Alexander, of Vancouver, B. 0., and
seconded by Mr. A. B. Warrington,
that (be Home and Colonial governments appoint an advisory I'm-'
perial    Council,  was  also  adopted.
There  were a  few dissenters.
.1 refill ly
iorc  the next:!'session'..        , .        '
Hon. Mr. ��� Fielding's bill to repeal
pensions to-ex-ministers, came up for
the third -reading; Mi-. Foster, quoted from- a-titiiorii h'S of the -proeeed-
ure of the British parliament'.- as to
the 'inviolability. of -public faith.
Tlu;se showi'd thai the legislation
by one pai'lininc'iit even, .if -bad, was
respected, by uiiolbei* p-urliivinent.' Hon
Mi-,. AylesvViu-i.l-i suiil In- was not-, in
agreenieiit with Mr.' foster but be
could not help expressing- hi-' .admiration ��� to.;il-,,,'. -inauly' vyay ��� in
.which v tin; twni)>er for Nroi-i-i'i Toronto bad  siali'ti    his  views.
whom    tiucfations   of contract   might "While returning  from  Hie     (hand
apply   where those   who had    become Army     Encampment-    at   Washington
ministers   since   the law  was passed. City, a comrade from l'la.in, III., \V;v-
.lli*.     fielding    .said    lie   approved      of
the pension   plan but   evidently   par- , ,,
*J.   E.  Houghlaiul,     oi   El.mn,   Iowa.
liument was in advance of public ,ir ���aV(; hi||, ciiambei Iain's Colic,
opinion. -Mr. Jjourassa t.aid 'he v\ns Cholera aiid l)i.inhc��ea Ui'iiudy
niirprised at the decihion of the** gov- believe sa*.cd his life. 1 ha\e
ei'umeiit to repeal this measure, lie engaged for ten years in iniinigtaliou
thought there might have been discri- work and conducted many partus to
munition lasi .\c-ar and he consider
ed that the gov erimienl should
enact .the    law   next,   year  on   n
E^miimait   & NanaSma Railway
Try Capil il and Nnjrjroi Cigars
^Minard's Lniimenl   Co., Limited.
Gents,���I cured a valuable hunting
dog bf.-maiii-e -.villi MdXAliDjS LINIMENT afb-r several vefcrinaries
had .treat'(I him without doing him
any permanent good. Yours, &c,
Prop.   of Grand  Central Hotel,'Drum
inondvillc,   Ann.   "*>,   'Od.
basis.    Tho  bill  passed.
Tho Senate- gave lbe Lord's Duy
bill its l bird reading this morning
without divi.siou. Sir. McKen'ie Howell said the m.'nsnn.- bad been man
yled and mnrdi'i-ud lis (lie government Mipporler.-i lor winch lbe inin-
misti-y ti��� 111 ��� t assume Uie respoii^ibili-
ly. Senator llo.iH Liberal, Halifax,
tli'clai-ed tb.it the iio\ ei mnetit hail
allow ed
the isouth  and west.     1  always   car-
re- ry tliis remedy and have used it  sue-
new  cessfu'Ify  cm   many  occasion1-:."
bv Ladysmith Dlui'macy.
S;ii     i.om  Lad.siiih for  Yiincouv ei  every Ttnsdiy at  (i o'clock a.m
Sails  from  Vancouver  Ibi   Lad.smi   th eveiy Monday at 1 .'J(Vp���m.
Minard's  Liniment cures  Cold, etc
O, L. Courtney,
District Massi-n/yer A gout
joS Government St., Victoria, H.C.
Notice   is  h-re-by   gi\en   that   I    in-
Iciul   to  apply   lo   'be   Hoard  of   Li-
its      frkmbj   to   weaken   the consiiig Commissioners of the City ol
������Was there no one on tbe "Ladysmith, at  it next sitting,  for a
���transfer from myself to ITanry 131a ir
of the license to sell spirituous and
fermented liquors on lot three (A),
Block twenty-six (26), on thc promises known as thc Cecil I-iatcl, situated on First Avenue in tiie city of
Ladysmith,  B.C.,
Dated this 15th   day   of June,   A.
D.  1906.
By his Attorney in fact,
Henry Rcifel.
4h      77
Lord's side," he linked. The bill was
really for ihe relief uf iransporla-
lion  companies.
"By the way, what has become of
Maxim Gorky"'"
"Gorki,? Gorky? Don't remember
What club did he play in?"���Milwaukee Sentinel.
For a cool, refreshing���
During" iha Summer
Mont lis Call on	
Pacific  ('oast
���H'TORTA     -    ���_.
em     AM
Sl Co.,  Ltd j
Shaving   I'.triors,  etc.",     High   Street
���   Sinilijilit Soup is hetlur than other suap-l, but
.*: hist wlien used in tlic- .Sunlight way.
rt-.i / -1 i ill '.it S ) i,i. ..11 I loll )-,v Direction.*
Union made-Capital & NuxKet Cigars
t/'sual subjects taught; also lan-
!gl]aRe'.,��� drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforle ami vocal lessons glv-
��n in classes or individually
MISS  BERTRAM,      Ladysmith, B.C
��� Dealers  in���
Lime,' Plaster  Paris,    Brieb,
Fire  Brick and  Vancouver is-
II '���Hand cement.
|   3   Pandora St.  Victoria B.C.
Wall Papers
Call on J, [,
House- and Sign Painter
Are Tou (loin! Casl?
rfceu h�� *Jure your tickets rratf   Hi
North Western Line
The only .line now making UNION
DEPOT connections at ST.- PAUL
and MINNEAPOLIS with the
through trains from the Pacifh
Foi complete information  ask y-
local agent or write,
���''���;.���' F. W. PARKER
General   At*��
710 2aJ Ave. Seattl��.
Ticket and   Freight  Ollice,  75
Government Street.
2    Transcontinental
Trains Daily
The New -Train
The Train ol
Ease,   Elegance,   Excellence.
Evcty  mile  a  picture,   .and^
|   no smoke to spoil  the , view.
���    Through  Compartment,  .Observation  and  Pullman  Sleep- J
ers;     also    Through    Tourist
Cars to Chicago.
At antic Steamship Business to Europe
&& is our Specialty,
Union    Terminals   with   all
Steamer lines.
r     Berth reservations  by  wirel
Great-Northern S.S.  Co.
Steaimships Minnesota and Da-t
Icota sail from Seattle for Ja- .
pan    and,���Cliina ports at   fre-
cfiienr dates.      Exact,   sailing
dates,can  he secured, upon ap--
plication  to any Great North-
Xiein representative.
S. ,0.  YERKES,      ...        ���  ,    -
A.G.p.A:, Seattle,. Wash. -
E. R. STEPHEN,   jx;y. ,'jh^
den.  Agent-,/ Vifltoria,*l��B*C>vt
^h, j.. mtmr
^��       HOUSES  AND SE��D
'"^S '.a'HO    Vfistininster   Road,
Head.inarters for	
"PACIFIC CikOWN Ciarilcn,  lie la
5- and flower SEED5
lor distribution. ;
"""'"':' Large stocic of Home
^i Grown FRUIT and OR-
^���U-now-^naturctl for Spring.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation" or inspection
Let nic "rice your list
"���eforc |)Iacin��- your order. vJrecnnouse Plant.**,
Floral Packages. Fertilizers   etc.
3010   Westminster Road.
m. ��� 'c-:--:��.Ti-?-fi'A*.':���*.���.
il-^-^-^^P^.- ���-.
���m,*y- .-���'���}-!������ .-7^\
^ *trii!'' ,-r.:v'-|-��� --; ���������*  ^
"s��fj*-y'sT,-T-r.--:| T-^-x''
Leckie    Boots    for Boys will    \
stand the     Roughest    knocks.   Jj
They are    built      for   service
without sacrificing appearance,
L208. Boys'
Scotch Qrani Bal's
Have circular vamps, hea-
"vy soles and round toe last.
'The best every day hoot on
"the ���mnrkol today. Sizes I
to 5. MViWiers ask for-iunl
insist on getting "LECKIE
BOOTS" for boys.
Same Boot for Vouths
Sizes 10, to 13.
Under New Manajjmeiit
Jus- -IR. fs!cKinne!l, Prop.
Commercial   Mens'  headaBavters.
���Modern  and     Strictly  First  Clais.
Fire Proof     I'.uildlag.
���WHITE   COOK���
and   ���.';{'���
���WHITE   LABOR-���
Euiployed Only
(Half^ Block from Depot.)
GAT ACRE: STREET-   ��� Ladysmith.
��. D-Miors In	
Pianos   & Organs
l^tdysn.Jth, B.C
and Tinsmilhing
KeasonabJe Prices
������'Leave orders ai  reT,erson's   Furn -
lure Store, or telephone No 53.
-.'.-.;'  ~"*" ...,."*.,,,..< >^ii��M
V.--  .r:yn^^ii^m
��� Rritcn .fl.-i'i andH.'Vi������ .
Frc to   alt ��i'.-!iniii'i��i.   landin'KF un
i-.'-iiway dc-pots. I^lt-etrn: iiirh Pve y Mv
minntm to fill pa rta ol. tha c.i;y. lis
nr.d tabic nnoxci-iH'il.
F. BAVNKS, Proprietor,
Best accommodation tor transient
trid permanent hoarders and lodgers.
This new Hotel has been comfort-
a'dy furnished and the bar is up-to-
d��te Rates Jl.ii a day and : ap-
���xylastai)* :��������� **-: :������: *���*-- Ladrimttk
SILVER ORES.       ,
Smelting Works at
Vancouver Island, General Manager.
*+.+-*++++'+++4-+'+++*;f:+++++^.4 H-.I..;��[..M-.f^.^..I��j^..|-.{..,f..j.^.{-.{..|..{.^.^..|..{.
A. J. McMURTRie, Proprietor
Newly t'ittcd up and
I.ADYSIV.nt'l,   . c
Good tables unci good
This  Hotel  lias   been  completely       renovated.
Board aid lodging $1.00 per (lay.
JOHN THA, Proprietor
Mar'Supplied   with   the   Best    Wines, 1st Avenue :-:  :-*��� *���-'  Ladysmith  B.C.
Liquors and Cigars.
we are making HEATERS and RANGES of
Latest 5tyles aht^I Newest Patterns--We da
A'I kinds of Foundry and Repair Work
Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty
Ladysmith Stove & Iro^iWoTksCoTLd
P. 0. Box   l*>.
r. ������*������������������������.������   <������>������������������������..���.���������.��.'**. A.���������������^l
���������*��������<���������������.��..*.    ��).-��->���������
T H e GITY m tt R K6T
Ri Williamson Prop
tst Avenue
Ladysmith B C
���%-��.-��.^,��, %.-*-�����--%-*.*. ^.-%.^-��, ���%.�����.-%.-�����-%.-���.����� ��.��.-���. ^.^������%.^.-
.^..��-^.^.-%. �����-<k-���*���*-*--*��� *������
Sc'oMands Best.
"l miDSOFlS DAT co^
Sole Ageiiiti for B. C.
MUNSIE,  President    J. W.  COBURN, Managing Director.
Telepliane   l-h.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,
% ^ t.M
Shingles et ��peoialty
Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar LiimberH
LATHS,  SHINGLES,  Ml.) ULDINGS,      ETC.,     of    the  BEST
Neatly and Artistically Done*        	
"���"-"������������������" Orders  Promptly  Execute.
, ,, �����>���>������������������������������������� ���-������������^������-���������������t t*f *f*f> ���4-<; + 4-* ����������������������������� 4. ������.,      .,,
Lad /smith transfer stable
Slablen-'ln the re��r of the Ladysmith hotel
A.    J   WASKt'TT
Leave  ..i.h rs  at    tt.t
,���*, -.�� HH4-HH4HH1 ->+^-��-��-* f*H>4-f ���*M"fr-*--f-*.>^+ + >++ tH>Ht1
' Ju-  s^r^srijrT^riarESira^n"^^  "Fi-6-i i^'-*������*|j^,^0***Wl'*i������:,wlrl!3ji:!^ffl  THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  LODGES  LADYSMITH    TEMPLE,    No.    5.-  Itathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall    every  2nd    and   -ith  -Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS.  KATE TATE,  ]VI. of It. &. C.  OKU Fit   ui  LiM'lL.D    AMJlENi  DRUIDS  t'teiiiiigtou   tiiove   No    -1   h.   A.  O.  AIl-i-is   in  t).t   i*  u    O  .F   Hail,   > .  tly smith,     the    Seccnd    aud      '-'on-  Uedncsdajs  of  each   month,  conum  ir.g Wednesday.   13th.,   1U05.  Visiting  Drmd���������������������������      .ii" u'utel   li  tend. '   f  R.v Oi ii-r  .    ' WM    UAKTER.  Reef Sect.  I"A.TK10K   BUi'K    S.   \  Mr. Dicr can he loi"nl at -*ny fiat his office on flat acre st. His cb.-  till work is gi .iPuntccd to he fii-."  fLis<; and  rates   reasonable *���������'  NOTICP.  From      I his   date   tire   undersigned  will   nol   l-   icspoiisible   (oi   any   in  debtedne-ss      ineurreri   cxcepl  cm       ?  written oifiei signed by Ihe secrelai-.  i Rowland   WAchin.  V.   1.   EXPLORATION  A   DEVEL  OI'MENT CO.,  LTD  Nor. Personal  Lfabil.'ty.  V������f.*n������la     n    (' .   Mst    ISM*   '"������1S  |      HiLBERT .  . R* B.  Surgeon Dentist  All  work'   guaranteed  and at  reasonable rates.  RESIDENCE   AND  OFFICE  Gatacre fa  Oi.cu at  Ladymith  all   hours.  NEWS NOTES  FROM NANAIMO  ���������.Mr. T. I. Buckle, J). C. IL of the  A. (). l\, arrived hack in Nanaimo  I:im evening from an otlicial visit  lo tho Victoria and New Wcstinin-  sti i- loclg-es of thc Order. Mrs. Buckle accompanied her husband as fains Vancouver where she will remain  lo-.   a  few  days  visiting: friends.  have signed to wre-Ue in the Athletic  ^lu- iUenu on \\eiiiiesci.i), Aug.   l&th.  j ne artich-������ ul  the iunu.ii aiu an ioi  .ov\s:- '  Li A IvL-cvY  W. RL   Si!  i0      ���������*������? ������ tr  Solicitor.  Honey   Is  t.    Avr?r.o������   --    --  SCte  5.03H  LAWS Ml H  CHOICE     CAKES    AND    FASTIU  ALWAYS    FtfESIl   ON  HAND  Wedding     Calces   -Made    to   Order  KlU'ifS    AND    CANDIES  OF  ALL  KINDS.     f.'RESil    BREAD   KV-'  EKY,   DAY  Prices    are     YcT7  Reasonable.     All  Cusloniers arc Treated Alike.  HOP   LEE * CO.  ON  TUB   ESPLANADE.  [CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  Manufacturers of th-'- Famous  CU.iVN   fJ . ).?���������? n  l^onc Ini    Dili:'.', i. ���������."������������������<.!     "i'.uiployed  H   .1.   (SOOTH   '*  EXCELLENT  Train Service  SETWCtN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MOHTREfiL, QUEBEC,  PORTIA BOSTON,  And tboPilnc-lp-il Business* Centura of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  AISO TO 3UFFAI0, HEW YORK AKD  PHILADELPHIA, ViA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Ttmo Tiibli-a, etc., address  CEO. W. VAUX,  AsstHtiint Gcn'I r*ass.c-ngoi- nml Ticket Agent,  135 Adams St.. CHICAGO, ILL.  I    yitticlcs of agieeiiient lor   wrestling  malHi lo Le held iu Nanaimo ou Sal  ' mtuy  An;.   IS,  ltuti,  between  lin.ee  ��������� Ataman and  bandy    Swanson  in  the    ' Aanaiuio  Athletic   Club  Arena,  Nan-  ��������� lie   Secretarv   of   thc   local     Base-.*"    ' '      " .  j    Match to be best two in tluee bills  l.n.l   Club   has   --ecu-iced   word   by   let-   f(jr ft ^ ^ ()f  ^^   ^^ Ga>M_  ici     from    Mr.   McNaught,   manager > lw. ru|eb{0 govern.  of Uie Aiuu-orU-s baseball team, that,    A  for[e-lt  oi  yy.:A)      to'be  deposited  his   eluij   have     chartered  a    .special   w,,lu  Ul0 Kanil-,n���������   |.-rce prCs>Si  ou the  td-umei-   and   will   run   an ���������excursion    signing  of  articles,      remaining   ,V2:-U  lo   this  city    ou   Saturday next    for   to Uli {m  llp 0��������� ,,lti     ul0niiug of Ihe  I be two big guinea nrriuigeil with the  nintcli.  Nniinimo   Club.    The ,game  on     Sai--(    U re-tlers  not lo      weigh mule t'inin  in-day,   on   account,   of   the mines  be-   135- pounds  at  the   ringside.  nig   working    will   not.    be callc-d  nu-      a latch  to  coninuenc* at  nine  o'clock  ul  six  o'clock,   so   that every   person   The party failing  t��������� comply Willi the,  may have  an opportunity to    attend   conditions     of this      agreemviit  shall  The    match    on    Sunday    will    com-   forfeit  the  money.  The. gale receipts shall be divided  as follows:- 7f> 1 er cent lo the winner, 25 "per cent to  I lie loser.  mence ,al '���������'! o'clock, Ihe Anacortes  team leaving- for home immediately  al'ier  tho  game.     Tbe   visiting    team  is a fast ag'gregation of ball lossers,  and as tho locals'have engaged some  first class pitching talent, a cracl'ing-  good game should  result.  Bruce  Ashman and  Sandy Swanson     (Signed)  CHARLES "MORRISON  Mgr.  for D.  Ashman.  ROBERT SWANSON  *    ' My-i-. for R   Swanson  Witness���������J.  Davies.  ur in    iimiiii n    1   i'i   *.  PIERC1  am.  'vnp  Paisley O^a Works  Fancy Dyeing and  Cleaning. Charg-  les reasonaiblc, etc.    Work Ciiarianlecd  iCoffliiiarciai SN ��������� Nanaimo,*. B. C-  MiimdacLurers OI.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,    ,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  WHOLESALE 3RY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. 0.  BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Ulaciiines  [MADIi!  TO ORDER and  RI0PA1RED   AT < SHORT"NOTlCI*..       DRILLS  SHARPENED   BY  US      ALWAYS   GIVE SATISFACTION.  ������������������PICKS  HANDLED  AND   REP AIRED���������  -SHI PSM I THIN f-V    IN     ILL   ITS   B R AN C 11K-V  Horseshcers z������nd Qeiier^1 BiacksniitHH.  ;.':������������������:":. R   WRIGHT.:; ;; :;.^:  Buller Street   -      -    -'.     -   cstciy yj i-iitii, 1-3 C  ������������������:-'^-'---m-k--*-*--.--^  WILL MAKE ARMY  MORE EFFECTIVE  London, duly 12.���������War Secretary  Jlaldanc, in the House of Commons  today announced the government's  plans for a more economical admis-  isti-ation and a more e/licient main-  tainciico of the army. Mr. William  J. Ilryan was among those present  in  Lbe   House.  Mrbadly the government's propos  nl on expeditionary increase of 150-  OOu men immediately available * for  war, with n terril orinl'organization  behind it capable of supporting and  expanding the forces seizing abroad  The expeditionary force, and its immediate supports would be administered directly by Iho military ' authorities, while the Territorial' pa'rt  of the National army would be con ���������  trolled by counly associations, Tbe  commanding training of nil the forces being in the bands of general officers. '  Mr. 'llald'inc'.s plan contemplates  Ihe reduction of the forces by seven battalions of infantry abroad,  and three bntlnlion'- at home, inelnd  ing*    Uvn   battalions   of. q-uards.  Ho proposes in arrange Toiv *tbe  mobolization , of sixty-three artillery  corps as a proper complement of the  expeditionary fqi-eos out .of.-a" total  home establishment, of 90.,'batteries  leaving .'10 hat lories for training- pur  Poses. ������������������ ��������� ��������� ���������       '���������''..'.������������������- : ��������� .i������������������..i'.'-  He pointed   onl   that   the proposed  expeditionary        force   -will  he   ">,000  men   stronger     than   any   expedition-  idiiefly   to   thi-  yeoinanr,',   and     volun-  iX-ei-s.  In tbe. course of bis l-enuirlcs the  War Secretary said that the .state of  the national forces was highly unsatisfactory from the point of mow  o'i both cost and organi'/arioii. He  believed that economy and ellicieney  were not inconsistent with other  nations. Huncior, they might differ in their subjects Ihey were unanimous in the desire lo lighten  the crushing burden due to anniuu-  i-nts now resting upon tliem. Thc  British government desired to take  its share o*T this movement.. He believed the proposed scheme Vould in  crease tho fighting omcicnc.\ of Ihe  army by di) per cent. Tbe Secretary thought thai more use ought lo  be made of'the militia as was done  by foreign-nat ions and propose-d the  redction of tbe ve-cyiilai- foe res by twen !  t.y t'housand men. I'nder 'hi.-* scheme  the infantry would be former! into  six 'divisions of three brigades, each  with four ca\alry brigades, presenting altogether   loO.OOO men made up  A Great  Heat  Radiator  "Sunshine" furnaces  have a large, heavy shet-t-  steel dome and radiator,  with a wide space between thorn for {ha c-irctil.it ion of air.  This gives an immense i-.-iiliatinjj .-.iirf-u-e, and means  that every atom of heat from the <fir<- is used for healing  purposes, and forced through hot-air pijn-s into the house.  It' you need a furnace, you should examine Ihe " Sunshine "���������it will save you untold expense, worry and work.  Sold hy enterprising deaK-r.-. &very where���������booklet free-  \k  LadysmifhHard ware Co., Sole Agents  W.LI' be Deli \;ered on' Mon days, ' Wed nesdays,"  Fridays and Saturdays  Orders..'must-bo in. hy eleven  o'clock  on  day of Delivei-y,  MODEST CLAIMS  OFTEN  CARRY-MOST  CON VICT rON-  When Maxim, "the famous gun inventor, placed his gun before a committee of judges, he slated its -carrying power-to'be' much below .what  he felt sure the gun would accomplish. The result of the trial was  therefore a great surprise, instead of  disappointment. It is the same- with  the manufacturers of Cliamterlaiu's  Ai-y Great Britain has 'hithorto at- Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reme-  teiupted   to  oi-gnni/e   for foreign ser-. *?���������'     Thbr'   "0 not boast   of     what  3Wi!l������  t Limited  i        ."��������� ''NANArMp^'&.c.' ��������� -";y:;:;--  this remedy will accomplish, .hut.prefer to let the users make the. statements. What they do claim, is that  it. will possibly cure diarrhoea, dysentery, pains in the stomach aiwl 'bow   'els and has never- lycen known to fa.il.  -     ���������       ���������-...'    ,,.���������.....p.-'-For sale    by The    LaciysiniUi   Pliar-  Minard's   Linimontctires 'Diphtheria   macy.  vice, and will only be.possible for at.  taiiimcnt if the rc-orgnnized militia is used for 'foreign service .in time  of war. For homo defence, Jli-. TJal-  dano   ndded.   the   country-must   lool;  DESdiNS  TRfli'-E-MAlslCS  ANU COPYK.f-,'.::  0l".TAiViEB  AOVICi-: iS TO I'ft'iENTAUJLlTY fc^^PP  Ncli'x in " liivu-nt.vt Ai.ro"       W   Bgp ^--  BOOK "lio?,-toobt:.::i I'lilciils*' ������j    Vft^fe  Cluirg;-:< -���������iad.:rr,<,\ Iv'o IV.'.. till patent i.i si'lllrc  _    trtlfis slriflly L-ontuienttal.    AcUin.-.ss,  . i. C. t^G'J-Zl'S. Pa(.;i;t Lmvycr, W.isliiniston. l>. -r  '- - ^~������- ������������������'- ���������-���������*���������... j. *��������� -..i i ._<���������...������. t.. j..j.. j. .  Synopsis  of  Ciuiadian   Homestead  Ke-iubi 1 niii-j.  Any      available     Doiiiinion     Lands  wilhiu  the  Railway   UelL    in  British i  Columbia,  may  lie    honiesteaded  any person   who is   the sole head    of  .     ., ��������� , ,1 , ��������� a;ross output.  a    family, or any male   over e ghtccn   *  years of age, to   the extent of  ; one  (���������uirements as to residence may be  satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the reij*iircments as to residence may , be satisfied by resiilei.ee  upon the said land.  Six monthe' notice in wrili...  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at, $10  per acre for soft coal aad $20 fo(  anthracite. Not more than :v?,il  acres can be no.-piirod hy one individual or company. Royalty at the  rale of ten cents per ton of 2,00'j.  '*',   pounds shall     he     colleelcd      on   the  ������p   VOU   WANT  ACIOOD--��������� _.,���������,;.���������.���������  Hrsf Class   Meal  r^CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restauraat  ALWAYS OPEN FIRST  AVENIII*:  of 50,000 regulars serving with the  colors, 70,000 army reserve men and  .-���������0.000   mil ilia.  It was also proposed to maintain  as a war establishment 'five guns  and live thousand rifles and sabres.  Under the new scheme 'the terms of  enlistment would h-e for the infantry and cavalry seven years with  Lbe eolors and live with the reserves,  and for tbe garrison artillery eight  ji';n'*> wilii lbe colors and four with  the   reserves.  'I here would be no reductions in In  di.\ under ihe proposed new arrangements. Fifiy-two battalions will be  maintained there, but the Colonies  liere.i ft er will have twenty-live in  .stead of tirthy-two battalions, and  (_!l-cat Britain T'l instead of at present   72.  .Air. iialdnue said tbe cxpoditionai-y  force would be arranged that it  could be expanded or reduced so that  if other nations reduced their forces  Great Britain Would1 be.in a position'  to do, the. same without impairing  the ellicieney of tho force. He wished  he .could see the day when the*curse  of war would no longer exist, but un  til I'll at came the only thing to do  was to see that every penny spent  on the army was spent in obtaining-lighting efficiency.  c-inmcnt.  IVy the selection of tbe Ferine, sent  a.-, (he one to be opened, tbe premier makes choice of the constitn-  i.ncy farthest removed, and the  Last affected directly by the Ivaii n  I' land deal.  \o announcement has been made  by ihe premier in the matter yel .  but he is said to have practically  il. i-ide-d upon this move  <.������������������.������������������.������"������������������,������*,���������..*"������.������������������..  ������������������*.*..������������������.���������������������*'���������"������������������>  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.  ,.������������������������������������������������������..������������������.���������������������������������������������-���������������������������������������������  First  Class  klOS FOR HIRE  i)i*:i.ivi*:ki-:i).  WOOD AND  BARK  FOR SALE    AND  EXPRE SS WORK.  q-uartor section of   lC(i    acre.-i, ... liiorc,  or less.  JOntry  must be  made   persona'ly at j  the local   land  ulliee  lor  the district ;  j 11   which  the land  is  situate, j  The homesteader',is required to per-!  form   the. c-onditions  connected   therewith    under    one     of  the    following  plans:  (1) At least six months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land in  each year for  three years.  (2) If the father, (or mollier, jf the  lather is deceased), of tbe. homesteader resides upon a ��������� farm in   the vicinity of  the land entered  for, the    re  I ���������       W.   W.   CORY,  i    De.;ii.|y  0f  the Minister  of Tnfeii.-  W.  S1LRR  1ENEKAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK  rROMPTLY   TV-' '���������  f.e.ivfi orders at the  Abliofsford  Keep  Minard's  liouse.  Liniment    in     the  DAVID JOHNSO  PHONE 66 LAUYSMITH  NOTICE  LADYSiHlfH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call  at   the office     on   Roberts   Street  iay Water     Ra.tes, between the 10th   ,and. the 25th of each m nth.  Office Hours IP. M. 4 30  I. j BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  ai-  FERNIE MAN MAY    ���������'���������'"  ENTER CABINET  After touring the country in an  effort, to ascertain public opinion,  isa.xs Wednesda.v's Victoria Times,  it is said Premier McBride has at  last concluded that be will fill up  his cabinet by naming AS*.' Ross, K.  C., M. P. P., as attorney-general.  It would seein like a forlorn hope  to attempt'to open Fernie, but nevertheless it is said the Premier will  attempt, it, Mr. Ross and bis friends  giving assurances that bis elect ion  can be effected.  Mon. F. J. Fulton, who is filling  the portfolio of attorney-general, is  ���������not anxious so continue in that, office. I fe prefers rather, he said, to  devote bis attention to the duties  connected with the. provincial secretary ship and minister of education,  lb' is abb' to drive a way all the car  i-s comi.'cted with those positions,  during ihe open season, by on nfter  noon on the golf links. The at tor-  m\y-generalship. however, presses  most severly upon Hon. Mr. Fallon He is said to be unable to  take kindly lo the duties of that  ollice, and would gladly be relieved  of  them.  Mr. Ross, on the contrary, is anxious for anything in tho gift of his  leader. He feels qualified for nr.y position in the Government, and as a  further qualification was recently  made a TC. C. by the provincial gov-  BOWEL COMPLAINT  IN  CHILDREN  Express Work  l.lght. Teaming.  Orders With���������  Wood and   Bark   for  sale.     See   .1.   KEMP,   or    leave  W. CARTER,  TIR.ST AVE'NIJE  During the summer months children  are subject to disorders of the .bowels which should receive careful attention as soon as the first unnatural looseness of the bowels appears  The best medicine in use for bowel  complaint is Chamberlain's Colic,  Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy as it  promptly controls any unnatural  looseness of the bowels. For sale  PHONE      60   by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  INDIAN  PRINCE ON  A TOUR.  Seattle,    July   12.��������� His     Highness,  Sajaji   Rao, Oaekwar of Uaroda,    India,   the   second   richest   and    second  in  importance among    tbe   two hiinil  red provinces of   India, came to   Seal  lie this morning  from  Portland,  ([tiie  tly took rooms   at  the  Lincoln hotel  then spent  th-1 day travelling around  the city  on  ji  sightseeing   expedition  Tonight  he leaves   wiib 'his party foi  'Yellowstone   park,    then   travels      n.  A'ew York,     in a month or so if.will  sail   for Liverpool, 'homeward  bent.  -   Accompanying His Highness   is the  Maliarani,   his   second,  wife;   Schrim-  niit Sampatrao,  his brother ami   secretary,   and   five,  others,   the    number  inf hiding'-,  an ' American   courier   and  -the  prince'e   personal   servants.     Tbe  party,  is   travelling    without     ostentation,      His     Highness   getting    the.  drawing  rooms   of   the  Pullman  cars  on   which  the  parly   travels,   but  tbe  olhei-s going  through  the country  on  much    the same footing that   mi,'Am-',  ori an   tourist   would  enjoy.  'It. is a trip of pleasure and education the Gaekwar is making and is  his first journey to this country. Sevi  ;*n times he has visited Kurope and  five times the Maharani has seen  England. The CJaekwat-'s brother and  secretary is a graduate of Oxford  University and the eldest son of the  prince has completed a course in'  thai school and Cambridge. A second son is ready to enter Oxford  and two others are to be sent there.  Duf his highness was- educated in In  din.  A   DISTINCTION.  "When -i man makes a display of  wealth," said the tourist who is studying AmeriCiin slnnr, "you say lie  is  -flush,'  do  you  not?"  "Well." answered Broncho Boh,  "sometimes he's flush and sometimes  he's a four-flush.'���������'���������Washington Star.  LASS     GLOBES  When you want a Glass globe  see that you get the globe  with the rubber ring on it,  as it is the only, kind that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the rubber rliig"  cannot keep out water,, you  can see that by examining  them. The artificial flower  that is put into the globes  with the rubber rings, is guar  anteed to be the best, and if  you want a globe with a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T.  X.   .I ones, agent for  HBNRY CREW  Tbe  only    place you can   get,  Them.  Sole Agent in B.C. for the  French Wreath Co., of London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  Cor. ���������"'omox Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C. ���������PPHJp���������  ^.^rrr^iXi^v^.Ari-^Jx^va.^jJer^m -miJi^-jnt-ujiHi.^������L(������t*vfVA*j*irtv ������������������������������������������ w N* nr.* ������������������������  *TK*3T!ttSSSHES:  THELAmrSMITH DAILY LEDGER  ***  &      _ BEST AMERICAN & CANADIAN   *  ���������  $ HAMS&BACONS  I 20cts, Per Pound  isaSgSaSsv������.'i:'^..  ���������-3*������ ���������*iv-t.-������*i -*������r"  AT-  BIC  LINEN  SHIRT  WAIST  COSTUMES  Smith,-.Fo  ������5,  Local Itenis  The. 18-inch pipes for the drain . bn  First Avenue and Kitchener;streets,  arrived on the freight last evening,  and a'w being put,in today. Road  Foreman Callander' hns a! gang of  men at work.  Mayor Nicholson accompanied ' the  excursion party to Victoria yesterday, where he combined business with  pleasure. He returned to his woi'k  tit Wellington on the noon train.        .  Miss Pauline Tingley, of Ashcroft,  arri\ed in the city yesterday on a  brief visit with friends. She left on  the neon train for Nanaimo and will  iak-e passage on the morning boat  lor Vancouver.  UBITUAK-c".  'lie  funeral  of  the iafatiit. daughter  that's All!' of Mr.  and Mrs.   Robert Hunter,, of  ' First. Avenue too.1-- place yesterday afternoon, services  i-eiiig' held   i,.v.    the  residence, the cortege proceeding! am  there to-  the    local    cemetery,   Rev"  Schlichter    condueting    services     atf  both places. ���������-,-  Violet;,-' the deceased child,. was but  three months of age death occurring  on Wednesday ait'-moon, when the  little one was, scived with convulsions aiul'paiised away within a few  hours. Following, is a list 0f friends  who kindly -sent1 flowers:  , .,C-:oss���������Mi', and. Mrs^ Butler.  Wreatlis���������Mr.'-; ...aiiid Airs. Matheson,  Mr. a'-*1 Mrs. T. Cowan.     v     '   '.':'.-,  Bouquets���������Mrs.".il; 'K-ay,' Mrs. Gis-  bqrne, Mr; and Mrs. J; Foster, Mr;  and Mrs, J;. McLennan, .Mrs! W, Manuel, Mr. and Mrs. W. Simpson, Mrs.  Lowe, Mr. ami Mrs. J.: Steel,", Mr:  and.. Mrs. ,W.. Sand&rson, Mr. and Mrs  D. Gordon, Miss. M.'ini'ic Carroll; Mr;  Harry -Steel,.'.. Master Freddie;; Gis-  borne, Ei:\vin Lowe.  Only 6 left-Very neaillf  | made,   waists box pleated  I sizes 32, 34 and 36  i Special for Saturday  1 $395 Suit  Three only*���������Dream; lustre  costumes, baautiftiullymaiig  Regulars 0   ;  | Special for Saturday  ; $6.95 Suit  6 only���������??avy   and black  lustra Gostumss- Reg.: $6.75  Special: f or: Safurday;;.:.;  ;���������-,;-;'/; '���������$4.':50,i5.Uii.;  None Better-Capital & Nugget Clears  Frank' Rumraing, pon of Mr. Runt-  ming-., who is suffering from an attack of pneumonia, is; reported as iin  ..proving, he being allowed to sit up  yesterday for. the. first time.since his-.!  illness. '���������"��������� |  WANTED���������A girl for general housework.     Apply  to  ;       MRS. T. X. JONES.   .  WANTED���������Nursemaid for afternoo'is  anil bveniiigs to look,'after om child  Aliply.L6d.ger. Ollice.   .  An Intermediate game��������� ot baseball  will |.-.e played; between Ihe Reliance  team of Nanai'*no, and the local -In-  iermediat-es", on Hie Bunker -grounds,..  at 2 o'clock oh Sunday n fternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. A. Kerr, leave Ladysmith" on the morning train ,en route  for- their old home in Scotland,  where they will visit friends and re-,  latives for some time.  'I'he Dorcns Guild of the Church 0f  E-n-blanil intend holdlug a garden party on fhe green on Wednesday ev.-en-  ino-, July 25th., the proewds of which  will be given towards prov-i-di,n.g the  annual free excursion for the Sunday  school' children.  Mr. W. Norris, of the Nanaimo  Free Press, states that he will be in  attendance at the next meeting of  Hie Haninion Day celebration committee. It seems that there has  been some misunderstanding regarding the printing of programmes for  Ihe recent celebration in Ladysmith,  and Mr. Norn's says he .will present,  the committee with a bill for $50,  for the work. .      ���������  CARD OF THANKS.  Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Hunter wish  to thank the many friends who so  kindly remembered and assisted them  in their time of trouble, when their  little girl .was laid at rest. They  are desirous of expressing their appreciation of the beautiful flowers  sent by many, and take this nu-thod  of  thanking all.  i APE SETS FIRE TO'"  ! ;."���������    CAGE WITH CIGAR  I" New York.���������I'.y tossing a -Ughled  cigar, into a .cage of the big man--  drif in the'inon'"ey house, Bronz,.Zoo:  logical park, J osepli..'.G-.ni.ssie,-....- of... S".  Brooklyn, nearly caused a panic among the women arid children in the  place. .  The ape seized ihe ciy-ar by the. un:  lighted end, -and pushed it into a  hunch of hay, which soon'took (ire,  and the blazie (l-aslw'd half way up to  the roof of the cage. The big mon-  key screamed in tt-rrnr ami threw him  self from one silk1 .to the other "try-in,^  to" avoid   the  (lames.  The animal's cries set the whole  place in an uproar. The dog-faco;l  baboon leaped ou a shelf in the rear,  of bis *age and utiicrod,shrieks which  broughv strident screams from all  the other monkeys. The spectators  became terrori'/cil and scores of women and children rushed for tiie exits.     ",''.".-.  One of the keepers extinguished thc  blaze. Grassv v.'as seized by another  keeper and tunied' over to a policeman,  who ricked him  up. ���������  The 'man .s.lid he meant- no harm,  and had been informed "that it was a  coni-iin'sn thing (o oFier lighted cigar:1'  to the larger apes.'  New York.���������An ^a'.i'iobsy- which was  performed-by Comity Physician Mc-  Kenzie yesterday on the body of Ray  mong C. Cor.dM, who was killed in  a trolley accichnl in Newark recently, showed that death resulted in a  burstocl heart-. The organ was fount!  to be  split in  twain 'by  the pressure''  fe'irs-  keeheai  of an   ice cream   wagon   which  crushed against   Condit'������ chest  as he' was  riding    on     thc   running   hoard   of    a  Minard's  Liniment cures  Cold, etc. ' trolley car.���������New  York  Times.  ^flWWWVWWYWfe' WWfrWWW WfcWv^WWV^  Fresh   Apples,  Fresh Cherries, Mince Meat, Currants,  Raisins, Evaporated  Peaches,  Pears, Apricots, Nectar-  ���������"ine5, btc-j^  ���������aC  BLAIR Sc  p[CN>GERS ATTENTION  We have made aiTangptuents  to have a launch leave the  wharf every hour durtng- Tlnirs  clay afternoons and on , Suii-  iy"s alter 10 o'clock in- ,,the.  forenoon fir the Green, anil  shell beach, where- wc have established refreshiuent' booths.  Campers wishing p lots'1*" "f often ting sbjiild apply early, as  the camping Reason is nearly  here  flkS   -McKINNBI-.tEY r���������-   :���������__���������HUGH   'H10KNLKV  Now Wosti-ninsipr, ��������� '.Inly 12.���������-The  liro.spi.-cts aiv brig-lil. I'or 1I10 ,,eil.-i-  xeiis-' yraiifl iiiciiic to be held next.  ���������Wednesday to Naiuiimci' proving the  most popular and enjoyable outing  i>i  tho season.  j-. meC'Liiig ' ol* the coiuinitt.ee in  charge of the arrangements was  bold last ovoiiing, when some interest,  ing reports were presented. Already,  over two hundred'and -fifty, tickets  have been sold, and it is 'believed  that the full limit of five hundred  lickets will be spoken for even be-  Fore  the.day  ul" the excursion.  The  day   has   been   declared   a  public  holiday, and    all     the merchants  have    agreed'to      close*   their  stores  I'or   the  entire  day  sd    that    all   tbe  employees    may. attend   the   outing.  It has been decided to engage an  orchestra fo supply music during  tbe trip across the Gulf, and an interesting -programme of sports is be  ing arranged to take plare on the  Cricket grounds in ihe (!oal City. A  committee consisting of Messrs.' .1.  r-f. Watson, S. .1. Davison, E. Cook  and .1. If. Vidal was appointed at  last evening's meeting lo look after tho sports.  The .committee decided to accept  Ihe challenge sent from Xanaimo for  a baseball match, nnd the, Nanaimo  people, are also declaring a half-holiday for Wednesday, so that if js likely that, there will ho fully as lnrge  nn attendance of Nanaimo people at  Ihe pi.-nic. as I here will be from  this city.  Pry a Province Clitar  IMPERIAL ,  POLITICS  ���������**^*-v-  London,   Jilj     12,.���������The    -*J-'.vpi-es.s"  this morning  sajs.    ibai   ihe     Cabin-  e( is in tho ?broe> 01 a m-i lout, crisis  split  111   twain    011  the    \iial     Ciiics-  tion    wbother    the    Na\i     f.hall      be  maintained     m   a    condition   of    ellicieney,   or  shall be  weakened  comsid.  ei-ably    by   rival  nations   being    ijci*.  mitted  to  oui distance us in  tbe race  for  naval       Ctiiiipment.    Th������     paper  .'points  out  that   some  days   ago   tho  Cabinet  decided    to  reduce  tbi.-> yeais  (shipbuilding   programme,   abandoning  the   two   battleships   of   the      Dread-  naught class,   which originally it ������js  i intended    io lay down the coming Au  tunin.  Three or four memliors of the Cab  met, it is asserted, expressed themselves as opposed to *;this most clan  gorous economy.''  Then came the protests from the  Board of Admiralty exiKsrts, iiiclud  ing Sir John Fisher, Admiral of the  Fleet, , all of whom threatened to  resign  if   the cabinet  persisted.-.  At the Cabinet meeting on Tiu*  day there was a prolonged discussion, bm the ���������mnjortty stood stead-  Fast for .lbe resolution. The protest,  however, had the effect of postponing- consideration of thc Naval Estimates   to July ,27th.  as  Minard's  Linimemt cures .Diphtheria   o���������,   INDIGESTIBLE.  "Did you  sec where that   girl  out  West swallow������;! a $300 diamond?'.'  "She was a wry foolish girl. A  diamond diet is too rich for anybody's diiistion."���������Baltimore American .  WHY REPEAT?  Durand returns fro,m ������, night's carouse. As he standte in the hall, the  clock strikes 1. Durand, reproachfully.���������What's thc good of repeating it?  I know it's 1 o'clock. What's the  use of caving so four times?"���������.Pele  Mele.    .  LAUNCHING  PARTIES.  Parties wishing to engage a first-  eliass launch tor picnic or excursion  parties at reasonable rates should  apply to H. BLAIR, Cecil Hotel,  City. Haunch may be engaged for the  evening at any time st  again advanced in Price and we  Quote as  Follows  ((Ida taiery.   35c. lb.  a  a  14 IK Uoxes  28c. lb.  28c. lb.  14 lb. i.ioxes  S1M<N LEISER &-CO Lui.  .-^f^-tpia-y-rrn'mntTiiT'-rriri-TrTriBiiMi ���������fii-i him i "r~ ' ii  in" "iifi  ^wwfwmwwwwwmw wwwwwww!?rw.TifWFW!??^  l 1   ���������������n  arid Beet i  ������������*���������    FRESH SUPPLY OF   JT:   WE   HAVE  ON -UANI1   SOME  VERY  NICE  %.  ROLLIiOCOWNL:!) UEHt:  NOTICE.  I have taloen over the scavenger ijii-  sincss lately handled by M. Cuniphell  and "am prepared to do work in this  line in first-class shape. Leave orders for heavy team work, scavenger  work, etc., with Messrs. Blair &  Adam. Also any complaint regarding scavenger work will be attended  to if laid at this place.  ROBERT CALLANDER.  Ladysmith, B.C.  i A.  HOWE 3  ^ MEAT   MARKHT ^  :^aaBi0������&ri������ia%!^e^i*fe^Kd������ce^  i  SCREEN DO  We offer all siz.s in Screen Doors, con*pie!e with  Hinges, Etc, For  $1.50     EACH  LADYSiHlTli HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  WKBBWBKUmU  .���������-.-������������������^n.~*...������������,.������..*..  ?-   Get Your���������  SUNDAY EXAMINER  NEW YORK WORLD   AND   NEW YORK JOURHAL  ���������AT���������  ���������J BOOR Sit  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  : FIRST AVENUE. ;  Suits     Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  ?   ........a.................*........*...........  >���������������������������������.-���������������������������..������������������  ..........������....,  Aslc for Capital and Nugget Cigai a  Pioneer Dottiin; Works  1st. Avenue, Latiysmitlv 8. C  1 t. laity, Prop.  MANUFACTURKR   OF  Carbonated Beverages.  (linger   Beer  Fruit Syrups  P.   O.   Box   248  -^r^T-iTMBF^.-f8if^l**^^  I  1 WHEN iN  I  I NEED OF  I Get your eyes tested, prope rly, . with instruments especially  a adapted for that purpose, and not by guass work: We test eyes  I by the latest method free of charge, and if you need Glasses 0iir  priors are moderate for the best quality of goods.  B  FORClMilER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  1  w-'M-^'-Ei'Maaia*-^  ��������� ������6#tt������������#*****#eo������������-B ������������*#������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������*������������������������������*������������������������������  FOR TO-MORROW  Lamb, Mutton  Beef and Veal  ������  #e*(6������������������������������������������������'*itta������o.i'affl9������  e������e������'S-*������o������������'������99������s'**������(ecc8'S8  E. G. PAN NELL  GATACRE ST.        LADYSMITH  PICTURE  FRAMES  and latest  Patterns and   Finishes  in  FRAME MOULDINGS.  *.     -*-     -%���������     *r  PLAQUES,  -*������������������������-���������������������������������������  WALL   PACKETS.  ���������*.<*-���������*-������������������������  Pictures���������British and German,   Bevel  Plate Mirrors.  ���������**��������� .������������������*. ���������������*���������' ���������������������������.  Passe Par tout Picture Binding in  all colors. .Just arrived from the  -factory in the East.  ���������*.���������%-������������������������������������������������  Picture Framin.'r Neatly done at  H.  KAYS  WALL PAPER DEPOT  !  Granite and Marble Works  :  *  Granite and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest prices eonaislent  with first class stock and  workmanship. "rite    for  catalogue.  A.   STEWART,  MS Yates St. Victoria   B.C  ��������� ��������������������������������������������� &���������������������������'������'->������������������������������������������������*���������������������  Smoke a Big  B Cigar.  1   ,>!iv* just,  received  a shipment of  hills'   high tirade  tlYfiLISn F0B4GC0.S  and  ClfiARfHFS  at the   DR UG   STORE


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