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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jul 5, 1906

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 ���������]is������yyJ'H*^|J'.JM-.*j^-|i'Jf?''v fT*i^T?*ffIVJt'^t'^ iV^^HT**?" '*" ViW^i^w^jyffiS^BS  '^tJ^i^&i^^t^  asisit^HEiai^ffiaae  :i^A^^-a.Ja:  /  -v  V  JU' "  L  >  1906 //  [ J^ei^A^^W^;  ^TORIA, ?'  Daily Ledger  VOL. i  TiURSD-W  Julv '),  l!)0r;  IV'ICK- FIVE CENT;  THREE DISTINCTIVE  GRADES OF COAL  U. S. Survey Department 1o Differentiate Between Var=  ' 'ft  ious Classes  Washington, July 5.���������It. is'not generally known thai two main groups  of coal below the grade of hitumin-  ous are rccogn i/ed in this country,  -and that ofiictals of the United  States geological survey lia^c recent-  , ly adopted inmes fo distinguish-  them. In many of the coal fields  of the west, tb'ic arc large deposits  of so-oalled black lignite, which is  somewhat inferior to bituminous cral  in three important respects. It has  lower calorific value- it is lighter in  wei.iht, so that in a forced draft a  large-percentage is thrown out of the  smo'icslack uiiconsiuncd, and it'breaks  down or "slacks" \ery easily when  exposed  to the atmosphere-.  A large amount of this coal is now  mined, and in tlie tta.de. it is .generally known as lignite This 'name is  not al all appiopriat*, since, it  seems.to inilicaR*. a lower Kt'aib: of  coal than is actually lhe case, and  also since the coal sliows no .more  trace of woody si met ure than docs  bitumiuoiir. coal. The probta-m is  ^still farther complicated by the. fact  that in this country Uieic aie evteu-  sive deposile of true lignite, that is,  a brown, woody coal, which showr*  no resemblance- .to the black lignite  to which 1 have JcfcrrciL This material is now" mined for fuel. H has  given excellent results<in The utiaiiu-  faefcure of producer gas, and it seems  probable, therefore, that it will i be  more extensively developed in the  future, and that the two classes of  coal will i0-ne into. compfV^'-ion on  th" open ma i ket.  In I hut event    it. will be necessary  to distinguish    between      these    two  ������������������*���������*��������� '   present time to define these .terms accurately, since tlie coals have not  been studied,closely enough ,to deter-,  mine the exact limits of each group.  The two groups have, however, contain broad cliaracoeiistics, which, for  the present,.serve to distinguish them,  from each' ."other, and from bituminous coal. '  Sub-Bituminous Coal.  The name is applied   to the    ola/ss  next higher lhau lignite and     below  bituminous     coal.      It is commonly  known   as '-lignite,"  "lignite coal,''  "black lignite,"     blown coal,"   etc  It is generally    black    and    shining,  closely  resembling  bituminous   coal,  but it  weathers  more rapidly on ex-  posuie and lacks the prismatic structure, which   is such .a characteristic  feature ox bituminous coal.   Its calorific value'is generally less ,bluui   that  of bituminous coal and grcatci   than  flint  of    ligiiiuc.        in   'iiuc   samples  tins class " of coal usu>ally shows   u  heavier    percentage of  moisture than  does    bituminous    coal,  anil a   very  much smaller petcen/tagie lliau Lignite  ibut   itue anijoimt    is variable.     Cou-  tiary to general  opinion,  it  is   probable that the general  percentage   of  moisture cannot 'be depended upou. to  'distinguish  the su|������-bituiniinous   from  the adjacent classes.     The localities  in which this suib-^bituminous coal ���������is  found include.     Texas,    New Mexico,  Montana,   Idaho,  Washington,  Oregon  California,   Wyoming, Utah and   Colorado. '  Lignite."  This  is   tho    lowest  grade of   coal  d.hnt is reeogiii/.od.       IL is commonly  known as "lignite,"  ".uio-wn, Lignite"  hilt BOOKS  TH&r PROVED  mm  ..���������-���������������������������*.-  or "brown coal." It usually has a  classes, and new names will be need- "���������>oody structure, and is distinctly  ed" t0 differentiate t.hem.     In \iew of j brown m c^lor, even on a lush trac-|  this prolate ci.nfliet of U rms tho lure. It, carries a higher percentage' borfcStoreSf they found that they had  survey has decided lo adopl the of moisture than auy other class ol (J.U(, a C(msu(enil!,iy .higher price tor  names     "sub-bitumiiioiis"    n d  "lie,- | coals, its mine samples showing, from   ���������jtl ���������,������! almost    oub-oMate   volumes  A new variety of the old "prominent business maa" game is being  worked in the city, says a Vancouver  despatch, with success Lu many cases  buL failures in a number of instances  An eastern American publishing lirm.  is back of the sclieme, which consists of securing the consent of a nuin  her of prominent business men to re.  coivihg a "free" set of ten volumes  by world-famous authors. As set  out in an attractively worded circular addressed , to a number of local  ii.eichants, all that is asked in return for this "fiee" set of books is  a brief personal endorsement -c|f the  \olumcs.  .Naturally, in many instances, the  "prominent- business man" would be  pleased to receive the free books and  duly promised t������ give them all kinds  of gl'vwing personal endorsements by  way of a b'ertisoiiieni in leturn. lor  tl-.c gift of  the books.  lint, instead of the expected books  the prominent business man was gm-  er.:lly visited a few days later by a  smooth-tongued representative of the  publisher.':, who glibly explained that  all hough these \olumes were given  away free of all cost to the recipient  (lie .publishers could not ifford :���������;  hind them in a maimer worthy of  such a handsome library as that possessed by "tlie prominent businessman." . Their line of talk generally  concluded with a statement something like this.  "Now, you could not think of placing, such jdie-aply .bound volumes alc"^  with the handsomely bound vpjnines  in your fine library. Your artistic  taste would lead you to banish these  ,ohinies from your shelves despil������  their-literary*me.rif.'~" So., lor a' small  extra charge we will give you a. much  .'���������upeiior class uf binding���������saunething  that you need not lie ashamed of.  This extra charge is of course only to,  co\er the cost ot binding, etc."  This plausable argument led a con-  sideraiblc mini tier of local people to  pay Uie extra price for tlie binding,  which, wnen they received the books  and compared them wilh standard  sets which could be obtained in local  [URIC IS  IfOR lilt NORTH  Ycsterda> a barge of lumber ariiv-  ed from New Westminster, and is being stowed awa\ on the- big sUain-  "ship Elleric, which is l>ing al the  "T" wharf loading sacU'd coal. Mo-  fore sailing the ship will Uii.e on  ,3,1100 ion������ of sacked coal, a.vd about  800,000 feet of lumber fiom New  \\.&tniinster ifor Nome. The lumber  wid all be thought heic to be load  ed, which will piobabK occupy considerable lime. At pn>..sent it is very  difficult to secure men to work at  loading from ��������� the barge to the c-hip  in Ladysmith; although 30 cents an  hour is being onerod - lo "gjreen''  hand*). 'Hue price of lumber is ncai  lhe HO per thousand niatk, and by  the time it ii> loaded on .ships and  t1 unspotted to the far north, should  ui 11115 a goon round sum.' The EU>'  ric's cargo will consist's;* rough and  d.cssed lunib-ei, some to be used "or  ijuilding purposes and some in con  .ii'CUO'i with Uie de.elopjiicnt of the  ui-j; mines in the vicinity of Nome.  Several small tugs with scows'vvi-m  ji port last evening and tins morning for coal. AmOiigst them is tlie  nciv tug, Cla}-iliurn, Capt. Foul liner,  a Inch takes out a hundred tons this  afternoon.   o   THE   PMCSTON"   (.'ASK.  NEWS REGARDING  FRUIT LANDS  -*.-������-������������������-  Despatch from Vancouver States  That C R R, Will Clear  Land on Island  n^d "lignite" for these two classes, niid lieie-  after ilvy will be used 111 all survey publications, which uallv means  that tlios.e tonus will come into general use.     It     is    impossible at the Mississippi and  Alabama  MUST FIGHT  THE BILL  London, ���������lul.y ���������"..���������In view of the  early passing- of the. Education Bill  through the House of Commons, t'bu  House of'-.Lords"'is- preparing- '.. . l'������r     a  .fight in'opposition':-to the bill, and 'hoys, ranging in age from 14 years  ���������in   advance    it   has   this   week     been to a ;������ttle follow wiiil ���������, pipiugl voiCo  , .       ,, , .- ��������� . ,     who was only knee-high to a;    .good-  seekin^-   the   favor   of   the   nation -by ������������������;���������.���������,   ���������        ��������� ,������       .      ...������ "  '���������-'.- sized man, were     charged with   tho  passing, a  democratic   hill   which  vvill  crime of theft  permit,   of   working-men   being-eligible     When  informed  that  the coutirc   lot  for seats on  the n.agisistorial  bench: -Was charged. vyitli stealiog  2  bicycles  ,. '    *   ��������� L   '     ' ' .    ,'    .1   .       ��������� and other sundries from Sol.   Gross-  Jt   was   a   cunOiis  spectacle,   that    01 , .���������  .     ,  nian,   tho magistrate  vvas at a   loss  tho proud llouso or ai-islnci-atic pri to luideistiuul how it took six boys  vileg-e biussiug the removal of ihe to 'steal twoWheels. The reldcst  pi-opei-t.v qiialilicut ion "which has hoy, wh0 had a d0u't-carc air. about  made ihe inagiKl racy the preserve fllilu������ and came in uhc court clicwitig-  of the i-ich! N'uble lords actually ������"m nonchant'ly cxplaiuod that he  declared thai thev rejoiced that Look ono lind llis broUier helped. Ex-  huinbk- woi-Uin..- i.u'n who were, elect l'-antttions came thick and fast then,  ed to the llouse'oi- commons should a,ld eacl> ^ explained I1U1 share in  now   be   rree    also   to   act    as     .1 us-  Ulf   tr^action.  .. ,.    .       ,, ���������.,     .. rI Magistrate Williams    assumed'    his  ticcs  ol   the    I'eace.    The   I pper flou-       -.,,,', , , , .,  .    , , . ���������      .      ..    most fatherly aspect, aiwl warned the  se   is   111  ti   liuri-v   lu'dciiionstrat.c,    its . v,   ,, .,     ..  ,    ,  boys against the evil ot bad assoeia-  sympathv        willv poniibn"  .di'iiirtmls,     ,. ,' ���������,   ,     . i-,.    ,  * , tions.   It. appeared to have, ebeet   on  and  when   the  strode 'comes   led   by   ^ ^^    0       sUjl.S(   ^  Mw,   p-r.  the biKhops. to destroy .tho ��������� Educu- ^ flf a i:onp,o Qf Jads pMH1.ised  tion Ulll. which will be passed by Lh.u. Um, woui(1 bc kept from the  four-flrihs   of   the    House   of     ��������� Con������-  sU-cets hereafter.  mons-the Lords will say that they 0u -chal-les Nolsott, the eldest, boy,  are net ing ^ ���������without i.rejudicc;.. Many the niagistrate inflicted ix pim.ishniont  nvo oi opinion thai tho "Pul e"of.-po-. nl0,deled after 'the Juvenile court idea  vnnsh'ro has given then) o whole- m (iw United Sbak*<s. Acting Chief  ���������some I'ritrlil. b.v his vvni-nios' n,,t lo Bu.fler said the boy had given the  throw themselves against the over- police trouble in the past, and there  vvhelmiii!>- . mii;lif --of Un- people's was ' need of looking, out for him.  house. public opinion is ripe for He was ordered to report to the*  changing (he heriditary chamber chief at D o'clock every Saturday  to lhe sinlus (.f n si-cond chamber morning for the next two months,  in our demoerutic eoloniol pnrlin- that. Hie police might be assured of  ments. The r.orcls will nuib-.' n. show' 'lis good beliavi'U-. Magistrate Wil-  of resislniice to the C.docut im, and liains termed thii; suspended scntiMicc  perhaps other l,ir popular measures, and warned him thai, another appear-  but in, the end. it will ".������> n case of anef in Police Court would result m  "don't'-.shoot and we'll climb down", his being sent to the reformatory.  30-to 10 per cent, of moisture. Tho ' h n Uicy could |laW &ecure<1 iheUer  localities in which lignite is found, 1,^,,^ ,)0oks fro||, t.he local booksei.  are chiefly Texas, Noith Dakota, 'Jt>is The "small extra charge foi  South, Dakota,   Arkansas,  Louisiana, | ljUlCti���������g"-of course more than covered  the entire cost of the volumes to the  company, and the free gift vvas ineie^  ly a delusion.  MUST REPORT  TO POLICE  -**���������->-  ISSUES  WAKN1NG  Vancouver, July d.���������The aced .Of the  'establishment of a Juvenile Court as  part of tJio punitive- machinery oi -tub  city-aud province was well eviiideuced  i.i the potioe court���������this:*orning,-Six   'vas  ,,KOcl    u-y   Dr'    C''   A'   "od8ams'  Torotifo,     July    -L��������� Plain   language  Ottawa.   .Jul.v      1 ���������A   motion      was  nailo  in  the    House  lodaj   on    jjoiiig  .nlo    Supjily,   by   .Mr.   Afonk,   to have  ���������V. T.   11.  IM-eMon    removed  ironi olli  t������.   -Mi". M011L   reviewed  the evidence  tofore. the    Committees of me   Ifou^e  ������������������ir-regard   to   this  niatter.    and'   s>uid  J.U1I   1'ivstoii   haviny been    nibfriimun  tal   in.sendiu.i.   skilled Jabor to  Can  .idn   against   tho   polity   of   the    gov-  .'riiiiienl,  should  be  removed  from  olh  ce.  Hon. Mr. Oliver said that, the  charges which bail been levelled u-  ga'uist tbe Coverurneut had dwindled down L> a veiy niie puinl . and  it now merol.v :i.~.!.ed to iiiiiov:  one 1'resfon to anolher position  The Minister <a ,1 Ihat lhe maltei  was being invest iui.-.-il ed and 'lull jus  live would lie done. lb* admit led  that   improvement   was ircessarv .  Several - speakers followed nnd the  amendment- vvas lost, .".'' vol inn- fo>  and SO against, a ftovernuiciii minority    of    50.  DRANK  CARBOLIC ACID  lo co'.er    ."id.bmi acies of  ilu're   will   be   work    done  Vancouver,    ,luU I --( Special. .-'-  II is reported on vvh.it secins good  111.1 horn v thai Miiuaa''! Kubeit.oi  the Traser Uiver Companv, lui^ si-  cun d un ugiv> mem and the con-  tiacls/ are beinu, lueiuu'ed foi signal 1 re. for iieaihitl u hu"l4������' section  01' lands along the K. ������.v. .\ Im I-  vva.v line Th' contracts are said  to 1111 hide a 11 act iu 11. Ludv smith  01   b. Ivvceii    two   ami   thnv    thousand,' ���������'l"lt   ������������   lnal-t--    *"'������"���������'   nimf'  Hill  on  111   .1.  Nu'i.  bno "Hiver m the w.-i.v of s.-eni Iii  very .extensive power, for what ] ..  (ui.se   is    not   \el   made  public.  acres, sum.* lands l.v 11114 between  Ladysmith' a'nTI Xaiiainio, and ��������� largv  tracts l.v ing muib of lhe pi'opo'-ed  .'.xtension 01 lhe 10 i N. lines ������ lo  .���������(I'limbei-laiifl..-1' 'in conn-ctiiB with  thii-   large    developnunt   scheme   <-aid  'Winnipeg, July 5.���������Lewis K. IL Pi-  got, of the Pigot Tailoring Co., McLean block, committed suicide last-  evening hy taking carbolic acid: The  act was .deliiber.uk*, and it is though'1,  that despondency over financial troubles w,aiS the cause.  Last night after dinner Pigot- and  his eliiim, A. C. McMillan, .who shar-  raised ed ��������� apartments with hint at'.33-1 Carlton street, went o;it for a stroil..  About C:-50 Pigot stated that he wanf  ed to  go '.Kick to  his  room  for some  Secretary of the Provincial Board  of Health ar .a meeting' of that  Ifcody yesterday in' respect, io certain  conditions relative to the birthrate  of Ontario. 'lhe lirst point  about necssity for grealer attention bein..; f^ivin by the hoard to  drawing- ihe public's attention to 1 be' tiling he had forgotten and lett, Mc-  gi-owiii(4- need ,1if more general ed--. Millnii. The latter returned lo the  unit ion as to nur.iliig ami cai-e of '00"' about II o'clock and found his  ... friend stretched out 0" the bed dead,  infants,    same   attention    .given      by   ,.      ,     ,. .' ���������  " Dr.  liiirhs,  cornier,   was  nt  once  no-  Parents   as to how   to bring up baby   ti(ic(j  aml   look  jlu,   v,ySi, jn   h.uu,  as   is     given     them   to    rearing     of]    Pigot   was  lying "on  the  lop   of  the  V-OIHII4-       chickens     or    thorousbbred , bod  vvith  a   portion   of his     clot-bing  -, .,       , , 1    .,   rcinovocl.     (in a stand beside (he bed  calves     or   other   barnyard   products 1 , ...  J was a  Kin-"?* containing a small cjlian-  ,,s   regards   feeding,   would   be   follow- | lRy o[  c,ar,bolic ,ld,tl    ' -nxm,   ^  u;,  ed  by enually good  resulrs. '  j(lislnnhancc  of  any   kind   of   lhe     ur-  Markod    iiicrenso  in number of still j tides, in the  roonv,   nor  was   theif   a  births    was   commented   on,   and    VI  MISRULE OF  THE CONGO   *4-������   London, Jidv I ���������In lhe llou.ie 01  l.ord.i tod.i*,, the quest ion of the  I'oiiio   l-'roe   Stale   vvas  diieusscil  Lords I'*il/.maurice, Laii^iiovv ue,  ami othei 1 compbiined thai the re  .���������eni deci-i-'s gnvo no ieal securii*,  ioi" lile ybcctivo adininist ration in  iii^i ice, and louiinented on th<* ap-  i-'aient    apaih.v   -01   the  i'ovveri.  I .Oiil       l.an-.dow no     111   a   ������tii.mg  >(i. .'ill    s.iid   ihat   1 hi-  all 1 inch'  01   1 h<  Congo   Independent   Slate  had     been  ini-iti isiactoi-y   1 hi oughoni   and   lAnilti  nevei   he  mole sat isljt I 01 ,v   than   nov\  lie   could, scarcely   believe,   be    said  tb.it    lhe Povveis   would   aci|Uiesic     111  tbe il.uin    of so\ eri^iutv    01   the  Con  go     Independent     Stale   111   the   shapi  il   has    1jov.ii    must   i.jcciitlv     [ireseut-  etl.      .\i,tiling   Could   I i-    moie   liiiiiiu  n 1 i.iik     to   ollu'.r     run ions.       ".If     th.  alu.ses       are    1 out limed,    we     should  lI.iiiii    0111     111,111     lo  :\[i\.01111   lonsul-  ill   ihe    t'oiifio Lord   L.iindow ne ail  ded U,i   -,;nd   he   1 bo ugh 1    lie-    linii  oppoiliino loi lhe n^n.iloi v I'owi'i*  at Merlin to act, 'and hold Miiothci  . iiilleii'nce to   lonsnler   lhe     vvhob  tpii.il 1011 . Peisoii.illy he vvolid be  de'. iiililed lo ne tbe Congo State  transferred   to     the   Helgian   'govern  uieiil.   o   SUNDAY  OBSERVANCE  They Sunday Observance Mill which  is holdings the centre of the stage at  Oiiiiwa at the present time, is creating more discussion than any olh  er piece of legislation since the  duvs  of  the  .Manitoba   School   Act.  Corporations ami .small cuitipatiios  are  all    using  their  iui'iiieiicc .  to      iu-  lu lonnectinn vvith the above d."-  pa lib whether coned, or not it 1 i  c.-rtam    that   (he   C P.IL"   ollicials  are  111      ih ���������  1 >i i.v  of dL-velopmeiir on  Vancouvci" I >-t  ,.i:nl,    am!   when    ihe    details  arc ; iv  I i!     out   ihey    vvill   be    Sound    to       a  .'; en I    e.stenl    al   any  rate,'    to    ci n  :.  m    the   .Vancouver    dispatch   given  .il.o-.c.  USSIAN  COURTS DEA1H   ���������4'*-   I'ronst'adt, July 4 ���������In a manly r f-  (���������>.-L lo save the .surviving members  of ids staff, and other odicers, who  ���������i ���������      believed      .-.urrendered    the    g-en  II fit Ui'dovni on. account of then  a .-ciioii for their wounded com-  .11 uder aud their desire to save hio  ii.'.*, -Admiral Kojostvensky today  , leaded ' g*mliy before a court ma.-  1 lal  '11 .1 short hpeei b to the court  h' adiniial (helared thai he tooic  all- the blame on his own shovilders,  .nil askvd Ihat lie alone be punislve.l  in Ihe lulleit e\t. nt 01 the law, "vi."  tially an appeal for coiuliMniuition  .; J death, which is the penalty ioi"  h.iuneg down the St \ndre\v crc>"-���������  I.    a   hostile  vessel Ml   the      other  I i.nil"iiits    |il< ad.-d   not   guilty.  IT   l'fli   NOT   ILVLV.  ''aw-son. ��������� .lulv   :!.'.l ���������1 fatli. Id's rnoi  ��������� iiing   si heme   has      been   cancelled  l*!-,e   subscribe:-,   lo  tho   1 lath.-Id    fund  .i.i  call  o  mo:.'ting and  disclaim fiu-  I,, 1 coiin.-i 110a v.ith Ibe transactioi*.  ��������� Ml ��������� subscriboi-R. have decided  that hv-  ias'not   delivered  the goods,   and    it  \-   foolish   to  temporize   further..     AH  hvdr.aiilic works    arc    closed for lack  of   water   o   FRANKIE NEIL  DEFEATED  Los Angeles. ' July -I.���������Abe Attell  .luimpion featherweight pugilist of  America,'got the.decision in t'ho 20tU  ro.ind -over Krank Neil, bantam  weight champion here today. Attell  .showed to great advantage landing-  -ix blows to NeiU's one. " Neill'S  ..ji. was closed ear l.v in the contest  and  his .face    battered .,>li*.ck aiul Idue  aliieudmenls     lo    lhe      Mill    loo*-    N'rill'S   bio  Hodgems said "Jf it were possible  to give in statistical form the number of abortions that have occurred  in the same period of time, we would  have figures that would be somewhat astounding- to the general' pub  lie. Knowing something of what I  call the social degeneracy of tke  present day it is my opinion that,  it. is time this board directed public  attention to facts and suggested  some means whereby growing evils  surrounding inntital relations were  brought more preminentently before  the public, and our men and wro-  meii    taught     their    duties    each     lo  message left for friends. Me had  evidently gone home, taking the deadly arid and diorl without a struggle.  When found tlie body was almost  cold anld death must have baton place  a couple of hours before.  IUr. McMillan-could ..give nn chic as  to the pro'iable cause of the/deed be-  yonil the fact that last night, be had  been tallying to the deceased when, tho  latter miade use of the expression,  "Life is hardly .worth living." lie  gave no explanation as to why lie  thought so, buit if. is supposed be  had been brooding over troubles of a  private nature. Ptoot vvas about 21  years of age and had be/ui in Winnipeg for  about  four years,     lie was a  the other and both    to tlie   state   in'single man, bl't leaves a mother   and  respect   to  their   off-spring. [two sisters in Charlottetown, P.E.I.  ser:  in^- to their own private individual interests. irrespective of the  rights   of     their     employees.  '1 he laboring classes has no sl.i'ou  gor defender 011 the l'.oor of the  house than Nanaimo's able member,  Mr. Itiilpb Smith who 011 this important v subject has always been in  the forefront ot tlie. debate, at. all  limes looking after tlie intctosts of  t4ie  laborer.  Sect ion -1- of Ihe bill e; of vital hit  the clause on 'which. Mr. Smith  partauce to the employee and is  made one of of lhe ablest speeches  t'hat has been delivered d 11 ring- the  entire  debate:  Sceiion four provides that when  men wcvf compeiled lo work  every Sunday, the same number  of hours as other .days of the week,  the employee must pniv ide a day of  vt-:<i during *lbe other si\ -days of  tbi'   week.  Speaking, to this section Mr. 1-Jalpljl  Smith  spoke  ns   follows:  Of'nll  the sections  in-the  d.ill   I   favor  this   section  most   s.l rong.y.  There  may   he   difliculties    in   the     natural  1'Continued on page 3.)  vi hen   ihey   landed    had  side   stepping    Hi"*  swings,  saved  him  !asl    1 wo    rounds  force.  A I jell's forte in  op.lolieil I 's "V io ii hi:;  cwept ioiiall.v-'. Tlu  wriv fought I'.v each man fiercely and  Neill received more blows lu those  two rounds than in the previous IS.  Ih' men fought head lo head, play  ing to each other's faces. Tin* de-  ���������ision of referee K.vlou was popular.  Tin: foi' rrrn ix . loniio.v.  London. July -1���������Three tboasnad  pei sons mostly Americans attended  the Fourlh of July reception at  ihe     American embassy,    porches-  ~.or     house,    which  was  beautifully de  ���������orated    wilh   flowers.    The  lawn was  .-overod    with      awnings    and      tonbs  living    lhe      American   colors,  bassador    livid   and   M'rs. .Ueid  sisled    hy      ��������� Congressman  1 ...ngwort I  ���������.vived   the  Am-  ais-  Nicholas  and Mrs. Loiigvvorth re-  guests. Among tho ladies present were many Americans  who all iiilermnrried with the Bri-  : Mi ai-i'-l ocracy. Refreshments were  served in g large marque ,in the  north garden.  tt>  SS  I THE LVDYSMITH DATLYLEDGER  -"'���������    .1 la.  Uf DAILY LEDGER  Published   every   day   except Sunday  -BY���������  HIE  DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One  Year  (In. advance)  _   $5.00  tine Month  -   50 cents  THURSDAY  July 5,  190(1  ELECTKIC  LIGHTS.  The  report  of  Col.  Tracy, as  published    yesteulay,   shows  that    while  the cost, of    installation ������.f an  dee  trie    light plant    in      Ladysnulh   t.  somewhat heaticr   tJian  some expect  ed,  this  drawback  is  moie  than compensated foi   hy    Ihc assurance    that  plenty of water is obtainable.  From the time electtic lights weie  (itsl talked of lor Ladysmith, Iheie  has nevei been any serious objection  on 1 Le part of the ratepaycis lo the  proposal, and had at been known  *Uial it is possible to utilise walei  foi power purposes, jt is altogether  likely the'by-law wliicJi was subinil-  IhmI last year would not have ,\pcn defeated. This year there have been  two votcc la!-en of the ratepaycis,  the result of which ansveied two  -questions in the allirmativic, "Docs  Ladysmith want lights''" and "Shall  the city own same if installed?"  Evidently the citizens believe in a  muiucipally-ownod plant, and they  also believe that a plant is a necessity, therefore, the iqucstion bas ie-  solvet] itself into one of cost of installation. When fhe 'question of  putting in a steam' plant was discussed, in was estimated that *>20.-  OOd would install same. This is cf n-  ceded, however, to have been as low  ���������an estimate as could possibly be  made, and, an everyone is aw aie,  would hate cost the, city much more  duimg the year in running expenses  For i'i3,000, which, as Col. Tiacv  ha*s slated, is a very liberal allowance, Ladysmith may put* in a plant  which will not only be a permanent  investment, but should ,also bo a paying one. Yciy little expense would  he incurred in operation, and the city  would derive a .sufficient revenue from  business houses and residences iQ assure a substantial sinking fund, and  at the same time supply lights at a  very, cheap rate���������as cheap, if not  cheaper���������than (be present cost of  coal oil.  There seems- to be jio leason to  doubt but thai the neoessaiy money  can he .borrowed an fa*>orable terms,  and if so, the probabilities are that  Ladysmith in tho near future will  emeige from the present state ot  darkness into .an up.lo-datc, well  lighted city. This is a question, of  couise, for the ratepaycis to decide.,  but if the .ballots aluvuly cist aie  taken as an indication ol fuluie decisions, it is almost a fotcgone conclusion that, provided favorable  terms, etc., are secured, a money bylaw, if submitted, will be passed by  the ratepayers.  Tty a Province  Cigar.  Minard's Liniment Co"., Limited,  Dear Sirs.���������This fall I got thrown  on a fence and hurt mj fhest very  bad, so 1 could not woik ami it hurt  me to breathe., 1 tried all kinds ol  Liniments and thev did me no good.  One bottle of AlIiNARD'S LINIMENT, warmed on flannels and applied on icy breast cuied me completely.  C. 11    OOSSABOOiVL  Ross way, Digby Co ,  N.S.  uimibci   of reindeer,  which are hinnd-  cd   with  hei   iniliiiK  and  kept   apart  as   hei   special   piopei Ij       l'n   piopor-  lioii  as thev   Hicfi\i-e and multiply do  hei   ehances  oi  m.'kni"   a    i;ood match  impure.     When   an  aspiunt   to    hei  liaiitl  discoveis   that   he  has  lost   his  bcai I   be goes m M.iich oi  a  faithful  tiiLiid and a   bottle ol   biaudy.      The  UJliuI  eiilt'is   tin   leiii   ot   the    luide'-,  i.ai-eL  aud  opuis  iiuiullaiu.'Ously    lite  iijOttie  ami hi^  uitoin.s..      '1 J.������j  lovei,  I mean while .->Li\>> ,;-ul.sitle,, biis.v nig him  | sen   With  hew iii������   uood   oi   n unu  lnvo  (menial t'iiiployment,.  I    n, atici   tne In andv   and the propo-  'sal  nave   been     ibjioughly  dit.cus.scu,  the    eici.jue.ic-e    ot    llu piototij.c ot  I John Aidcn  pie.aili,   the lover   mm-  sell is admitted   to  the conclave,  anu  j the  joung  loin   ate  per nut ted   tomb  noses.     'ijie   Lime aco^pis uom     hot  suitoi   a prew.nt   ,,���������   reundeci s   tongue  ( and the espousal.-.,ate j onsideticd con-  jeluded.      (ait   ihc   mainage  docs   not  ta..e place  until   two  oi   tlueo yeais  aiuuuaiu,    and    during the interval  ihe ptospcetne   bndogiouui  is   obliged   to ULoi   in  ihc set vice oi his  lull ended fathei-in-law  ^s   diligently    d������  .did Jacc.ioi Rachel,  j    When  the  mauiage day   annt's,    a  pnest perfoims  the ceremony, ihoiiln  one happen to be a*ailjj,Ue,   hut ii not,  the young man's papa merely strikes  a spark iiom    a mm and steel,  -wid  pi ouotmccs    the    couple    nrevociuhlv  husband  and   wile.        Wluu etUicr   ol  Idemidies the Hint, and steei aie bulled  with mm   or htr  in older uhat he  oi  she may be able i0    Keep     waim  during  ihe long    journey  to   the   unknown shoic.   '1 he* man iages are gen-  cialJy  happy and    migiht  be used   by  the adiocates oi  (.he simple life as  a  stiung argument    in  fav oi   of     tiheir  cause ���������Modem Sio*cicLy.  M.IS JUDGED.'  "Mr. Glibbsum," she  said  after he  had   talked   to-r     twenty  minutes  Of  her  great    beauty,   "everybody    says  you  are such a  Hatterer."  Mr. Glibbsum lifted his hands ile-  precalingly and was about lo '.defend  himself-\\ihon she eon-timied:  "But I believe yon re a sincere,  earnest man. Pardon me. Did I interrupt  your remarks?"���������Judge.  LOVE MATCHES IN LAPLAND.  As soon ' as. a Lapp family child is  torn and bas been duly rolled jn the  snow���������a ceremony which seems to  take the place of baptism--she is do-  wered by her  fatherwith a'  WITH IJOTU HANDS.  King Alionso is lelt handed, the  only ruler m Chusuwidoiii l0 i>e distinguished by this peculiantv, now  that I'lesulent Loubd Jm.s letiiod into pnwile hie. jjut his. consort like  hei uncle, km, fJdttanf," and her  cousin, Queen Aland ol Norway, ihe  c/m me and the diiu- oi Colbur������, is  .un hi. lex Irons iUk1 can use her "' left  ������������������" and hand w.ih just as jmich la-  cilKy as Uie ihjit hand. Thai is tG  ^av she ear, utile, draw, paint, play  t������������..S,  embroiefcr and fence with her  ������-' th iier ngi/i-t. "    '  it-  was (Queen  Virion-,     ���������ii  ''"  her children ������������������'���������V caused  -traonlinar     "^ t   T'������ ^    ^  Si,-   i.",i���������,;..  ,"      :l"!liy ^'splayed, .bv  d,"''iig his  vkiL  we]  t  ">    chum     oc,..|,pv  al,-ea(-|���������  are destined  to -wr;���������]    ;    "i "  eimhi-    r    ,, ast r,Kl- ������> <hie course  (J^" "l Hie -thrones of Europe ,'(  will -he seen fVi..i i "uiJ*-' II-  nt su.   thai, ere l0I,K,- the whole  of old u-mM royalty will be am^id-  evt-rous-. Only; ,..!l!1He (,,n appreciate  lbe advantage ��������� - ���������f (,i,is vvho, living  had their right ;,.riii ,������������������ i,;,nd incapa"  citatcd- l-hroiigh some accidenl, have  been re.sl rioted f,;r ,-, |jme to the use  of  the left hand.  Sir   fc-dwi;,  Lan,{.������.  ^ .heii-ebiidn0,'lS  d,"',ir<!"   '���������  &&&������<^������C&&%  Ask for  ������������������'������=*sss������r-.  WATSON?S  -The Cream  of Scotch Whiskies  THE HU1  nee  W&Jl  Sole   Ao-eiits for B.   C.  OOOO  IP   VOU   WANT AGCOD   first Class  Meal  CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restaurant  ALWAYS OPEN FIRST  A \ ENIJE.  Try Capitil and Nugget Cigars  TH 10 AMERICA  SAFE  Now York, July -1 ���������Information  vvas leieivcd here wxlny Unit, lhe  Fab re Line sl������Mm->hip America, due  to red. h New York , loiirtei'ii day u-  yo fiom Alursoillies ami Naples, ar-  lived at Deriiiuda toihiv in tow uf  the Italian '.ti'iiiin'r Dinmiiiuirr. -^H  ol b''i- II" pa*, .i-'iijieis and crew were  in   jiiKid   liiMlth      The    Vnienca      was   .. KiTOUlA.    ���������     -���������     -  jiieked    up  on    .lime    I",   u short   djs- | <<|     m     '     | <-j_%   tnnce   oil   the     V'/oii   1  himls  in  a  di-s  nhh-il  londiiion    l>\   the    Dmn.iimiiT    Koi a cool,  refri'shlng*���������  She    was   llvinii   siniialf   of  distress.  Leads Tliem    AH  L\   (.J'ALiTV  R. P. RITHHi,  & Co.,  Ltd  I'-ac'nic * oast    Agency  -   -n t  SAYEI) HIS  COMRADE'S  LIFE.  '���������While returning from I lie Giaiul  Army Encampmenl' al Washington  City, a comrade from Elgin, UL, was  taken with cholera morbus and was  in a critical condition," tays Air.  J. 10. I-Ioughland, of Eldon, Iowa.  "I (save him Chamberlain's Colic,  Choleia and Piarilioea Remedy and  believe saved his life. I ha\c been  engaged for.ten years in innniiglation  wQik and conducted many parties to  the; isouth and wesl. I always car-  iv this remedy and have used it suc-  cessfulfy on 'msinv occasions " Sold  bv Ladysmith Pharmacy.  i:ii-.liglit Soap is better Hun other snaps, bid  s.biat wlien used in tlu Sunlin'it w.iy.  Iln j  Simlii. ht Soap and lollowDliectloni  Uiiiou made-Capital & Nugget Cigars  DAY   SCHOOL'  L/Bual   subjects   taught;   also       lan  <uaKC''    drawing   in   pencil  and  cruy-  ons,   paint ng  in   oils and   water  col  .rs,  pianoforte \n<\ vocal  lessons gi������*  *  in classes or individually  MISS BERTRAM,      Ladysmith, R.C  RAYMOND*  SONS  ��������� Dealers In��������� '  Lime,   Plaster  Paris,    Uriel;;-  h'irc Rfick  and   Vancouvei is-  Vland cement.  |    3   Pandora SI.   Victoria  M C.  BATH  During the Summer  Months Call on ���������  THOMAS LEWIS  Shaving  Parlors, etc,',    High  Street  FOR THE BIGGEST BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  Call on J, E, Smith  House- and Sign Painter   Are loo Coinf fast?  then  bv mrr your   tickets r������������c    <h  North Western Line  The only line uow making UNIOfv  DEPOT connections at ST. E'AUL  tnd MINNEAPOLIS with the  rhrough trains from the Pacifi.  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, Tl  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWES  '-iATES,   THE  FASTEST  TIME  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,  ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS Ol'l  uid ALL PqiNTS EAST.  For complete information ask y  <*c*l agent or wrltr.  F   W. PARKER  General   > v*  7'JO 2ai Ave.. S**ttU.  Uniler[New Managment  HOTEL WILSON  Jus- R. McKinnelL Prop,  NANAIMO  'niiittiercial   Wens'  head nv/t'Ts  ���������Modern  and      Strictly   First Class  Eire I'rriol     Ihiildiig.  HOTEL   DOMINION  ��������� Ratce -f I .'.'.r'. 'ftiid:f 1 .M!~  F n io  nil fii-un' bout   'ui-.d ii;.h ftnd  ru'wav -b'i ot?... h''ee.tiie5-!*.������rSv\-oi-y B-.e  m'mntos loiiU jirtrta ot the city. Ibu  ������������������lii.l tK^ib-'iine-xo'lb"'.  F.  M-WNf'.'.S.'Ib-ouriiilrir,  UiDOTT   ST.,   VANCOCVER   ii,' C.  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������AV lfJTE~lL^mK ���������  . and  ��������� WHITE   L.ABOR���������  Km ployed Only  (Hall Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith  Best accommodation for transient  tad permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAKD      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been eomlort-  a'dy lumished and the bar is up-to-  d"-~<* Rales Jl.Bfl a day and np-  w-vrds. ^  WM.j BEVERIDGE, Pro*������.  C'-'fiasmll* :������-,: ;^-; :~.: :���������*���������: [^drnt*ai>Ir<  Srii.-vM iii-.aii-:ij  l-URN'ISH    UO.fi.Ms'  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BK.- T  WINKS, UQDQRS, C1GAKS  ISFORD HOTEL  A J. McMURTRM?,, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  l'ur.nsliecl  I.ADYE'Ainr*,   . . \  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLKND HOTEL-  DAVID IIYNDS,  Prop'.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The liar is extra   well  Stocked  This  Hotel  has    been  completely       renovated.  Board aad lodgiag $1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETOR1H  JOHN TliA, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied   with   the  Best    Wines, 1st Avenue :-:. :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Lbjuors and  Cigars. Lj^li.KAi? S      "   .  The Ladysmith Lumber Co. Ltd  WM.  MUNSIE,   President    J.  W.   COBURN, Managing Director.       *  'Telephone -J-n. " - "-^^-U       t  *  *  *  J      t  *  LATHS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,      ETC,     ol   the  BEST        '  QUALITY SEASONED.     AND   DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND      f  FINISHING LUMBER IN STOCK t  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND^* LADY SMITH-P    v> *W  Shingles &. aSpe-cieilty  MANUFACTURERS OF-���������^  Ronaii and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumbers  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Kaiiway  0tmmm_mmm~tmmmlmmmmmMatmmm)mmtrmmmmmmIM0mmr^^ tt m    ,m,,,m  Trau.,  ien"f  i ������..ysmith  for Victoria and  all  intermediate stations    at  9.10 a.m. daily, and .it 5:00 .p.m. on   Wednesdays,  Saturdays,    and     Sundays  T rai-.s l������\i\e '.adismith lor lVell ingtoie nnd all intermediate stations  at 11 o." a'ni. daily,, and at 7>-.00 p.m. on U'ednes.l.iih, Salurda>s ami  Sundays  r.-ui.-SdYn Tickets ^-mcr^*-  ON  SALE TO  AND   FROM   \LL STATIONS     ���������  good foi   going   timiney   Saturday-    -'id Sundays,  ielurnn������  not later than  lhe  following   Monday.   ofeStil&r ������j^2il ���������  Sails from Lauysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at G.00 a.m. i ml  reluiiuiiiE sails from Vancouver    tor   Ladysmith at 2.S0 u.ni.  G, L.Gourtney, /  Dislricl' PaRsftnjvftr A^f-nt  38 Goveinmenl. St., Victoria, l'.C.  NURSJES    GREkN  . Ticket and Ti'eiglitf'Ollice, 75 fl^3*������������������,    H0USL& AND SEiD  Government.Street;    j, .a .3?J-  TranscciitincTital  ���������I  Trains Dai y  The New Traiii _  C RIENf AL LIMITED  The Train of   .  Ease,   Elegance,   Excellence.  Every mile a picture, * and  no smoke to spoil the* - view:  Through Compartment,- ��������� Observation and Pullman-. Sleepers; also' Through-' To-.rist  Cars to Chicago. -���������-.-,-  At antic Steamship-BusinesV to Europe  a - is our Specialty  - Union   'Terminals "wilh- all  i. .Steamer lines.'  i.    Ilerth  reservations' by^'wirel  l    Great Northern* S.S.  Co*:  '  FOR  JAPAN'AKD'CinNA.  . Stcaimships Minnesota and Da-  ..rkota sail'Iroiii Seattle'lof'ila-  i, pan    and China "ports at   fie-  bdjuenr dates.      Exact"   sailing   I  1 dates can he secured "upoii'ap-   J  ,j plication" to any'Grfcat'Norlh-   %  \ em representative".   "  .oS. 0.  YERKES,"  A.fi.P.A.,  .Seattle,   Wash  |.,t e. u. Stephen; ���������    ". " '  GenrKgenV, ^ior^'gA  --L  _ HOUSES  Zip" *<)L<)   Ve:-<tinins1er   Road,    ^C^  ^VA\iX>UVBift.    "*  Headquarters for   l>ACirtC QRUVV'N (ianlen,  llcla  t  urnl flower 5Ei:0.<  [or distribution. ;  ���������-  Large   stoelc    or Home    fttl.  i;: Grown  FRUIT and'Oil-  ft^  ���������"NAMENTAL TREES JJ^  "now matured for Spring. 0f^  No expense, loss or de- 55^*-  .lay of lumigntion or in-  ���������, spection  Let me '.'rice youi list  f'-before  placing your   or-"  ,  ^ tier. ������'J ri*A-*iinousc Plants,  ^���������<?JS    F'oral Pad'ancs.  Fertili-  ^0 . 'ers   etc.  5ft   3010  Westminster Road.  VANCOUVER,  IJ.  C.  X  is* .  Mr******  I  *r������'/J        -"i������������������*    ���������������'  ^2������.X^p*  mtPllimtojhg and Tinsmilhing  ..Diafir. Id . .If" " "  cianos   & Organs  Ladysn.ith, B.C ' '    '"  DONE  AT  Reasonable Prices  j. andi:rson  \ Leave orders  at   I'erei son's   If urn  line Store,  oi   tcleijimne No S.S.  +*.H������W������M.+.l-+***+++;|yl.."^  * r*  +'  ���������!-  i.  *<���������'���������   ���������  *������������������   :  ���������"'  ;       HEAD OFFICE  ������������������!���������.'  THE TYEE;COPPER CO., Ltd.  PUUCHASGKS AND 5MELTKRS OI-'-COPPBK, OOLI) AND  SILVER OjHES.  - '.Swiejiti'rig^^ork's'at^  *  ���������i-  ��������� +  +  4-  *  ���������*  +  DUNCAN$4IAIIQ������^ CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  Vancouver IsIaiJdrB; C;  **4*������^'+*K+*4+.+**Mj^+JK+.rWr*^  General Manager, i  \ 5T0^B^[                       STOVES! !  I Latest *5tyres' ahU Newest Ratienis������-VVe do \  I A! ( kinds of Foundry and Repair Work |  I NickeiI plating in all its branches a Specialty >  j   Ladysmith Sto^e&Iron Works Co. Ld    j  , |     TELEPHONE 53 ., ,...''���������   P. O. Box .12.        \  TH0^T%MffR K6T  R; Wilti^rrisbnTrop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith fl C  . y    O" cj_.  PAINTING   ANi): PAPERHAiVGING  Neatly and Ariteii-ealiy* Done--;  ~~ -   ��������� n   "���������:--.--:,-.--.--,w-1-'..->r ������     Orders  Promptly   Execut e  S.  ROEDDIN&   ------   LADYSMITH  I LADVSMITH TRANSFER STABLE i  t'   PIANOS,      ((ROANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITIJRI    MOV- i  4 ED PROMPTLY A    ND SAFELY.  Stabled in the'res1* of the Lac* ysmith hotel.      Leave ordt rs at   <b  Abbots ford  ���������  f  i  ���������  i  A.    J    WASKL'T, PRop    .  >-V+**i-f>-H-M-f44V+4 ��������� V + f.4**-f-f4 4-4-4-C-f4-4-4-4-f4-4+V+ V + 1 + f+-f4*t-t ������'    ��������� i.ff**;�����'���!.1 'zz^^iJZ'z^L^^i'^?���*
':Sg^,S!sa'^^3.;^JB%y5gg^Srjga^-^ .-(.:.i ij��4jjeO-
���Mt-i sTL'���ni'L .*rr
��*""*S -i- ��
��� �� i if ii
Tg-yjgj***^aaiaB& ff
Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd
fellows' Hail every 2nd and 4th
Tuesdav, at 7:30 p.m.
;  -      "        M. of R. & c.
U Ml El) { ANCIENT       ORDER   Ul-
l\eiiingtoii ,(.<iove  No   4   U-   A   u.   i  i-Ml   work   guaranteed  and  at  reason-
. ��. B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
Alerts in the I' ti, 0 J''. Hail, '
uy^mith', the Second and Fuji
H'ediic.sda"\"s i,-.' each month, coinim.:
ing Wednesday.   13th.,   lflOS.
Visiting   Domls      at ��� levited   ti    ���
\\9 Ci i.'f
WiM    MAI-TEH,  IU cf S>c-
PATRICK   MCi'l'.   V    s
able  rates.
Gatacre St Ladysniith
Oiou at all hours.
The class in Mr. Shaw's room,
that, tried ihe. lfogli School Exam
("nations treated themselves yes-
te day, fo n launch ride and a pie-
ni , v on one of the neighboring- is
���-OJ- JCt JtC^-cLj.l^**-*'"**.
l)r. Diei can he lound .at. anv !������
at his ollice on Gatacic st,. His -L
tal work is gi aranteed lo he 'ir-
< las-; mid  rales  r^nsonab'.- ��
Fiom       this   ilatr   the   undersigned
will -hoi   le   responsible  foi   any in
debtedness      incurred  except on      *
v/iilten orni'i- sinned ti>  the secrctarv
Rowland   Mstchiii.
OI'MRNT CO.,  LTD    .
Noil   Pr-rsotl.'d   Llilbil'ly
V!*-7�����i,    i?   :���    v,v   "��<;.    "*n��
We    B.
Solicitor,   El-
*������<-��*��� LA'lYSfVl'H
cuok;e   cakes   and  pastry
always   fresh on hand
Wedding     Cakce   'Hade  -to  Order
I'rices    arc     Verj Reasonable.      All
Ciistomeis  an* Treated Alike.
Manufacturers of ths Famous
* CU $an   ir./^scri
NOfie   l��l!      I.Tui:"i   l.lllO!       }v'*Jp!o}'2'l
fl   .!.   j SOOT N,. j>rr.p
Train Service
And tho Pilnclpul Business Centers of
Ontario, Quebec, and the
Maritime Provinces.
For Time Tiiblcs, etc., ndilross
Assistant Gcn'l Passenger iiml Tickot Aifent,
j. PIERCY & 00,
Mrs. I), Taylor leaves for G1��f
jj.iw. Scotland, on a visit to frienib
tii lay. It- is now eleven' years sinci
s' .;  lust    visited  her old  home.
.  ii-,      '
.V   game  of .baseball    is, Lulked     oi
Ij. tween   the    local   Odd   Fellows    aim
Knights of l',\ t'hias.,     .    .
Chief Joseph' C'apilano and t'hrec
other Indian chiefs left on tin* Imperial Limited /Tuesday- afternoon
en route to England Tor tha purposi
of meeting' King- .Edward.
Air. and Airs. HeiiibrofT of iNloose,
.inn-, Assinhoia are visiting t'he citj
for jv few days as I be guest's of Mi*,
and Mm. J. 10.  T.  l'ow'crf--,  Townsite.
Mr. Wm. Steele, of lhe Grand, who
for many years has been iu , this
i-ily vvill leave for Vancouver next
week, where in partnership-'with Mr.
Gi'o. Smart, his son-in.lnw", he has-
purchased and vvill run tho tlelmonieo
hotel on the corner of' Pender and
Seymour st reels. Air. Steele has not
ye! decided what disposition lie will
make of his present Nanaimo business.
* i r
Mr. Dave Little has issued a challenge to anyone in town for a game
a I, quoits at the . .Eajfle Quoit
grounds    on   the   JVfamday. after  pay.
?mhj Op .tfltarks
Fancy Dyeing and  Cleaning. Charges reaSi,n;nl;le, etc.   'Work Guaranteed
Comnie cia! St: ��� Nanaimo, B. G-
'Jllamifaclurers Of.���
Miners' Drilling Machines
The following- members of the Sen
t inel Lacrosse tea... are requested
to turn out for practise on Friday
night and every night next week,
for the" ninteh wit'll ihe Vicio.'ih
.1 uniorswhich is lo lie played in Vii
toria on ' July 1:2th. Practice vvill
commence al 7 o'clock each evening. C. Lawrence. F. Hot ley, ���('.
Hodgson, .1. Capman, W'. Hoy, W.
Sampson, W. Anderson, 11. Moid,
C. Sutherland, W. 'ileal tie. J. Anthony. IL Humphrey. Captain Fred
Smith     vvill   he   on   hand    to    coaih
Ihe   I cam   in   practise
and sptl ball, and read Willie Keel-
er's hook on ''flow to bai." in the
ba :k alley oi Skinner street every
iii.ii-ning from .-!:.*->i> to :"> o'clock. Ii
is said that the residents, of Skinneij
street arc going to make a complaint to tlio police for the disturbance created at so early an hour
in the morning but, as the muse
is madv for ;t good ruusot to deiea'.
the dry goods men.) we'do not think
that night Watchman Hurley will
interfere  iu   the  mailer.
So    | he   big name   will   l.e on  Sur.-
cIji.v   nc-vl.
I> t    on    the
o'lit   to   win.
S.tve   vniii-   rhiiii.;e
I 'I'ini. i -;,     for    I In'v
- , The I'miei'al of Ih" lull* Air. .1. W
Freemuii will lake place nl 1 :.'>0
this ni'ternooii from tlie family residence, \\'n I lace Street, to St. Tanks
church, where sei-v ices vvill he held
and afterwards to the Nanaimo
In honor ol his services ns. Ciroman
cf tlie Hook and Ladder 'brigade of
1 thv>rlocnI fire department, the casket
coal ain ing the renin ins. of the deceased i >*-'" '"' conveyed lo the
ciiurcji and cemetery on the hose wagon, drawn hy the cii.v lire team,
lhe hearse being used to convey lhe
floral tributes.
White the funeral loriege is in mo
tion t!he lire bell will loll nt minute intervals ceasiny when the inter
ment  takes place.
''Owing to the reipiest of a large
number of friends and ueqiuamtanci's
who desired Lo he prescnL, the inn-
eral was postponed frosui '.'> o'clock
I'o 4:30 so as to give I hose at work
on the morning shift an opportunity   to, be present. <
,      ;    >_ piCKS  HANDLE!)  AND REPAIRED��� '
-S II I l'SMI TH I N C-    IN      ALL   ITS    BR AN CHIOS
"-'ri'Jorseshoers.and Oener<>5 Blacksmitns.
Bufler Street   -    ..-.''-     -  Lady��rriitli, b C
'^���i-������}������������:v+-;*^-f..������-:-*-:-i-!-v^^^-r t-''-%"!'4-J-*-!"*"^��-!-*r-I-*""
The Eagle and Hoi in nee baseball
teams will meet on the Cricket, held
.tonight in what promises to be the
most, exciting and interesting game
of baseball over played in the race
for   the      Intermediate   chainpioiiship
Hy virtue of their wm over tho
Ladysniith team a week or so ago
.the Ragle boys al present lead in
tlia race, a*id should (hey he v c-
torious in today's game, they will
have u suhstaiUi.il l..-ail over the olh
er t vvo teams lor l he io\clid I ro
jdiy. On tlii.. other hand should the
Reliance", team win. Ihey will be
the League leaders. 'So whichever
way you put it 1 he game, is a
very imporlant one and will lie fought lor to the last ditch hy the
opposing-  teams.
Tho   game will   commence   at      si.-c
o'clock   sharp,    wilh   the   ieams   lined
- '/////-//.'j! S\\\\V-V' *
lias two features which no goo I furnace should bo witbout-
wator pan ami large doublo feed-doors.
Tho water pan will produce, enougli steam to moisten tho
hot air, ami so keep tho atmosphere pure and fresh.
Tho large doublo feed-doors make tho furnace easy to feed ���
you do not havo to be an expert stoker to keep from hitting tho
door-franio every iinio you try to put in a shovel of coal I���and
.  .    ,, rough chunks of wood can be put in eas'ily.
Every feature in the   " Sunshine "
is given the samo care and thought.
Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.
Booklet free.
London.    Toronto.    Montreal.    Winnit3'g.
Vancouy:::*..     St. John.     Hamilton'.
lhe Ladjsmitu Hardware Co., Sole Agents
up  as  lollows:
J 'aglcs
J .    Ilo.v ce
V.'   lioye'e
J lough
(J era rd
��� I��-
Will be.Delivered'Oil. Mondays,   Wednesdays.
Fiid^ys and Saturdays
Orders  must: be in  by   eleven  o'clock  on  day  of Delivei-y,
f '     NANifV'l-MO^  B:. C.
Mv T. I. lmckle. of Ill's city,
Chief l>ic-.tric| Ranger of the' A" O.
F. returned Inst, night from; Vn.nooii
voi". where on Tuesday night, he installed into oflice the newly elected
officers of the two Vancouver" courts]
On Sunday' merning next at. 10"30.
mi the Caledonian grounds one of
the most exciting baseball games
is to. take place. The rivals for Dia
mond honors will be, the heretofore
inviiici'ble Drygoods' men - and" the
Printers. .        :    ^    .-.-
..The  prinlci's have  not  lost  a  game
this season, and when  they meet, the
fast.  Pry  floods   - .bimcb  on   Sunday
there will   he something doing.     Evv
eryhody knows  tlie  Dry  Goods"    lino-
up, .but, that,   of   the    Printers    will
not  he    published    for   a ��� few    (lavs,
for   fear   that   their   opponents / will   Co,ic'  Cholera and ,lHar.boea   Remedy.      They   d0 not. boast   of    what.
"When Maxim, the famous ;;un inventor, placed. Jus gun before, a committee of-judges, he slated its carrying power to I-e-jnueli ljclow what
he. felt sure the....^gtwi would acconi-
plisli. The result of the trial vvas
therefore a groat, surprise, instead of
/disappointment. It is the satin*,-with
the    manufacturers  of  Chamberlain's
The cheerful man is pre-enninantly
a useful man.
The cheerful man sees that everywhere the good outbalances the had
and thai; every evil has its coinpen.
sating balm.
Synopsis .of  Canadian Homestead
Any     available     Dominion     Lauds
within  (he  Railway  Holt    in   Ilritish
Columbia, may be home's tended by
any person who is the sole head of
a family, or any male over c ghteen
years of age, to . the extent of one-
miarter section of 100 acres, more
or less.
Entry must be made personally al
the local land ollice for the district,
in   which the land is situate,
The homesteader is required  to )icr-
fo'in   the conditions  connected   therewith    under    one     of  the    following l
(1) At least sis months'.residence
upon and cultivation of the. land in
each year for   three years.
(2) If the father, (or mother, H tlie
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land entered  lor,  the    re
quirements as to residence may .he
satisfied hy such person residing with
the father or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon fanning laud owned by him in the vicinity of his home
stead, the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence
upon the said land.
Six inonthe' notice iu wrifi.,..
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at $10
per acre for soft coal' and $20 for
anthracite. Not more than .'120
acres can he aotpiirod by one individual or corn pan**. Royalty at. the
rale of ��� ten cents per ton. of 2,001'
pounds shall he called ed on the
gross output.
w. w. cory;
'���eptit.y  of   the Minister  of Interior
get cold feel, and 'back .out of the
game when Ihey see the names of
the stars on lhe .Printers' team.lThe
jFrco Press ' contingent, practise every
night on the Cricket grounds, while
the TTernld   fftiola   pracl ise   the curve
this remedy will accomplish, ,hut prefer to let the users make the statements. What they do claim, is'that
it will possibly cure .diarrhoea, dysentery, pains in lhe stomach and'bowels aiid has never been known to fail.
For sab*    by The    La.dismit.lt  IMiar-
The explanation  of   the marked   favor shown  by   King   Edward  to  Maj.
and  I ady Sarah Wilson in placing at
the.tr disposal for      the remainder   Oi
(.heir  icspictii.c  lives, free ot cost    a
(banning royal residence in Mjaimptou
Com t Park, known as .the Stud house
i.s   lo  be  lound   in   the   fact   that   t-ho
n .ijnr,   as   an   Eton   schoolboy   fiusl
rated a memorable attempt made   at
t.l...' Wiiulsoi  raJlway station to shoot
Queen   Victoria by  throwing up    the
arm  of,Mic     wottld-ibc  assassin,    and
then  .���clutching    hint by   the  throat.
Then,   too,   Lady   Sarah   Wilson    was
the. favorite sister of the   Lady Howe
to whom the Icing  and the queen we re
both so devoted.
Youngest      daughter of  the seventh-
duke of Mario.cfough, Lady Sarah was
the heroine, of  the siege of- M-afelting
during the  I'.cer   war,  had  the dircc-
liin  of  tlic,iuirsiiifg  of  all    the   sick
ami  wounded   in  the hcleaguerod town
and   with  her   maid  embarked  unfn  a ,
daring'tittenipl, to  ride through    the j
li.-ir lines  vvith -tlispatcliLS.   She was, |
however, cap Lured and exchanged, re-,
touting to have  a  Still   more narrow
escape  from  death.    For  white   talking vvith    her    husband  and ano'lie;
man  in a   fooin  in  one   of  the hospitals, a Hoar  shell  came through  the
.wall aiwl passed right between   them,
Without,    however,    exploding.     The
whole ro*m was    thrown    iai-o .darkness and  there was some alarm     on'
account of JMiaj.  W-iftion's silence.  But
irom a  visit  to  (lie  east,  says     tho
Kelianc.   !-'>.-sl.uul    Aliner,   where he has bten
lohnnv   lur ^ ',asl' "vc wee'l's.-    ^1L'- Cood.'ll
������"\s  if he    ever tialces   auothc-r nip
I larriaoit       " ,   ,          .,,       . ,     .         T
(   si  he   will not go during, June, ami
"Man on   , |lrn asi.,jd the reason replied thafho
Steele i ���'(  more June -brides duinng his tr.i-
I'etor-.   > ��� i-s  khan  he  could keep count of- At-
-McLiutuilii  ' '.SL  ne  kejit   (ally -of them,  but   his
ChiswiM  ' *��elorik becauies so full that'he had
I i give  up.    In one car in which   be
ti.de near. Ottawa there were   twenty .
I.ikies and  the  odors of the'  orange
i-hnsotns  aud  wioddin.g cake were   so
I ilpabh? a**d so strong that he sought
>. u-ease     from   tlieni   in   lhe  smoit r.
���-.;ul," he said,  "'the odor of orange.
1 I.i soms and bridal cake was just as
.i,d   (iheie,    as     most    of  the hrid..-
ii.oins  were having a quiet   smoke,
te   telling one another that they  had
!��� .LiTi'.vl      the    swtetest    girl in    tin;
vorld.     When  1   tta'ol  again,"    con-
i   idevl   Air.   fin (dell,   -'it   will  not  be
i, Ji.iw, an.l i ben I'll escape tto J ut j|
I i ides,  and   wbal   ts    worse,   iT    an>-
i Ii ��� ii vc.  Ih?. dune bridegroom, each   of
v bom has married, or thinks;,lve ha-.l,
ilia      sweetest    girl    in     the  world.
Pduiw!     I -Jjnve to smoke ,a Flor-a de
C*.il.iUiage e'.'iery time I- tihink of it.   I'
bv.Ii.��sve  I   will always  smell "the  odor
of orange blossoms.-aiid. wedding caka
and that'every .night I'll have ,a niglit
n.are in w-Iiicb there will  be an   end-
h'-s 'procession  of  briilegrooiins  wall-:-
in,c- across my l.ied,��� each of them tell-'
ing   me    that    he.   lias  married th:j
sv.eetesl girl in the'!world."
Minard's   Liniment, cures  Cold,  etc.
Notice is hc-reiiy given that l ' intend to apply to tlie Board of 'Licensing Commissioners 0f the City of
1 adysmiib, a(, it ncxL sitting, for a
transfer  from   myself   to   llanry Blair
Minard's   Liniment cures   Dijihtlieriit   macy.
,. ���      ���-��� First:ieiass
"r. '���. itfr-*1*.:'. JSL^-^L^J'L.'.--': .:>  ��� _______
PMO.VI-i 66 l        ,<LAf)Y��MlTM
���������"����� ������������*���������"*.������..
i.eave orders at  the  Abho.l-sfortl
Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on  Roberts   Street u.
iay Water     Rates, between the 10th   and the 25th of each in.-nth.
Office Hours! P. M. 430
Keep   Minard's     Liniment
Express Work
dght Teaming
Orders With-
Wood and   Bark   for   sale.     See  J.   KEMP,   or    leave
it   was afterwar.ds    found.'that   wacnj01'  tllu liL't"nst! to   sell spirituous and
he  was hurled   info  a  corner of     the   fermented   liquors' on    Jot   three   (3),
PHONE      6-0
room   by   the concussion,   he  got hi*
tnou'th so    full of plaster, .dirt, and
dust  that he    was  deprived for the
nonce of all  powei   of speech.
"She's worth her weight in gold!"
the proud  American . mot her asserted.
Assuming puuc gohl worth -approxi-
ntatcly twenty dollars per ottneu and
knowing her weight to be one -hundred and ten pounds, the. Count tiy
a rapid mental calculation arrived at
the figure fifteen thousand four bun
dred  dollars.
"Oh, alt, a nii;ist charming young
lady, of.course!" he said, hastily gathering up bis hat and cane, "but I
had been led to believe���aw, that is,
I couldn't think of that price, you
Albert  I  Godell,   manager    of     the
Northport Smelter, has just, relumed
IN   Cl'llliDREN
During the suiu.mer mnnlhs children
are subject to  disorders  of  the   .bowels   which  should   receive  careful    attention as soon  as  the   iirst unnatural  looseness    of the bowels   appears
The best   medicine    in   use for   towel
complaint    is     Chamberlain's   Colic.
Cholera  and   Diaiihoa  Remedy  as it
promptly    controls    any      unnatural
looseness  of  the  bowels.       For   sale
by Ladysmith Pharmacy.
Ulock twenty-six (2b'), on the pre-
iniscs known as the Cecil Hotel, situated on First Avenue in the city 0f
Ladysmith,   B.C.,
Dated  this  lath   dar   of June,    A
I).   I'.tOd.
By   bis  A florncy   in  fact,
Henry   Reifel.
-..LASS      GLOBE")
When you want a Glass globe
sec (hat you get the globe
with the rubber ring on it,
as it is (he only kind that ��,
can keep the water out��� the
globes without the rub/bier ring
cannot keep out water, y0u t
can see that by examining |
I hem. The artificial flower f
I that is put, into the globes
I vvith the rubber rings, is guar
fjj an teed to he the best, and if |
I you want a globe with a |
I Rubber Ring, call at, Mrs. T.
I    K.   .Jones, agent for
The  only    piaee you  can   get
Sole Agent in  B.C.    for    the
French    Wreath  Co.,  of   Lon-
I    don,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A.,
3:   Cor. Comox Rd. & Milton St
* NANAIMO B.C. THE IADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  *%'������fr<������' $ '$������ ������$* ������$' ������fr 'I' ip<^*P$i*$$t<!fr:&&}$&& *&$&$? ^-BaaHsswM^wawj  f It's MONEY in YOUR POC KF.TS f',t  ** t * i i  A : to buy your    jK    \  % BOOTS & SHOES AT BICKLHS l:;          ___ 4i\ i  ���������......,.������������������ ���������     . ��������� -.- ' "WbrtMWX"*'"''*'"-'****"*'"  ' "  *     ���������������������������-��������� tfj ^   The Best Quality, Guaranteed at the Lowest Trices JH i  lYour floney  Spreads |!|  ^ ���������/      * ^ii  <������ Out a Long Way at <������  | SICKLES |  *f  &���������  1 ' I -^   site   has been select' d and   thai buil   JS^������������.r 3!*.^'*X: *���������'''  ding  will  I'omiiii n o    in  a   feu   v.ee s  so, that  the  rrbiv.;r.\     will   be  in,   op  oration    bv th,'    tim'  ' '*.   t ��������� an1-- on; in   t'  en I n I    rca' lu-   I'i u*< <*    : ��������� . ��������� ' t ?  MASCULINE AND FljMN'INE  p"     Dtimley���������-I, see they're n..a'ing quite J  jrj a social  lien of  jou,  1,-ul it   Uopsift   :  u seem to hurt you.- |  ������     Springer���������.No.     illy  wife and   Tare   g  .still happy.  Dumley���������And   your  wile���������how    does  t she like  being a social���������er���������lioness?���������  Philadelphia Press.  ss-ga'-r-**:* ���������?ty?'-j'j?swvrv' ������������������ ������������������ -t*"  i  FRUIT  Smith, Fotos,  Local J tern 5  Dr. and Mrs. Dier returned last evening from Victoria, where thev ha'-e  been  on a  v-isii  for the past \jek.  ���������r^   Mr: F. Ada.ni, ;lnd family, 0f Victoria, spent- last evening L, the cil\,  leaving in tbe nine o'clock train this  morning.  ti   ...    . ,,. lilaiulinir.  near   Uie  machine.  Mint's All! ��������� ,   "*,        ,      ,.      .  ,,        ,, ..  'was bioken  by   the  tall.     "lUiile  The Liberals ami Conservatives are  to" meet in the Opera Ho use tliis'ev-  ening for the purpose of disc tiding  the political situation,  etc.  Air. F. Ward, 0f Crofton, is   spending a fetv days in  tbe city. JJe says  that city life  suits him,  liad jiu will  as long as he can.  stav  Nojie iictter-Capital & Nugget Cigars  ���������  Air.  JL    Alaci-iin    rcpoi ts     having  found a gold  bracelet on   the street^  and .1 the owner will .apply to hun'  the jewelry  will be restored.  The prize winners at, the lUeirj-no-  round last evening were: Giri'h pn/e  Miss Vi/urtct Saunders;, lady's pmo  Miss I. Barclay, llossrs. Cornish!  Kerr ^ml liepl>ie acted-as judges. 'j0-  nifiht a prize of $2,511 will be &Vcu  t0 genUeineu riddi-u, ami tain* ^ouie.  ladies will act as  judges.  From the present oiitlook a bub_  stantial sum will be lelt, mi hand  lrom' the collectkai token up mr celebration purposes on Dominion Day  It will likely be i��������� Ihe wugui.oiliooii  of $250.  The meeting 0f the various cjm.ui-  tcci of the Doiuijiuoii Day ceJchialuvi  will (>e held on Monday evening ueX|,  at H o'clock, when final accounts,  eLc, will be dealt, wu,b ^j ,),SJIyitti  ol.  the  iiiachiuc    while in    motion,   lost  Ins.  i alauce and  struck against a box  Cue  rib  the  'accident  wab painful,   it is  not   coii-  snlciccl  serious,   and   the  boy  is    re-  puueu as getting along nicely today.  Mr.  Kirk, proprietor of Die machine.,  states  that  this   is  the t.rst  time   a  child.     has      been hurt since he has  been running the  wheel, and he     was  gieatly cgitcfctned  when he heard   of  the accident.     .No blame- is attached  to Mr.   Kiric  or his     employees,    as  Ihey bad repeatedly  warned  the boys  not to jump  on or  off  while the machine is in motion.  Smoke Dig D. cigars  I'MBE AT Ul KEN   COLLIOGI"*.  Kings-ton. Din.. July 1.���������Fire this  morning coiiipleL'lv gutted Queen's  -Meclii.ul College building on University grounds. Mmlding anil eon-  toufs valued t>l t?'17< 1,000, iiiioii  which there vvas iiisui'iim-u of i?'2'2-  000.  APPEAL   DIS.U ISSED.  Montreal July 'lib-���������A cablegi-am  w*s reccivL-il today \>y J. -V. Oree*  shilccls, IC, C - from Uoiuild !M������c-  Masler anni>i:-Meiiig that the Privy  Con in-il lodn.*t di.-iuis'ied appeal of  1-lciiM ol' hill- 1-'. it. Whitney of  Moslon in euse uf suit brought bj  Whitney iigtimst .1. N". (Ireensliiold  and John J ov < e for S*J.000,000  uhiih was on<- ih,id uf capital  stu.k nf Sha vmgiiu vvati''i- and  I'livvi-i Compnnv iiiul oiii' lliii'd of  tf I iin.iiO'i in fO'b in viilue of part-  neisbi|j uliii-h In' albgi-il he entered  into    wilh   fin   n'-*1-11'-'!'1*-    and    .liyue  IS   IML1VO   IT.  1  ]  i  I  sup: flaunts.  Bess���������l'\e often  wondered   whal    is  the secret, of beauty.  Ned���������There     .couldn't    possibly   he  such a thing.     Any woman  who   h������id  beauty wouldn't    think of making   a  ���������secret of  it.���������PthiLadclphia  Ledger.   o .  Meeker���������We had a house-warming  last night. i  Bleckcr���������Why, have you moved? '  Meeker���������No; but when Trenched  home from the lodge at midnight, I  found inv   wife's mother there.  !    The only sizes left a~e 32,'  ��������� 34 ;ud 36���������" hey are-lhe  very ihing fct this hct weather  Beautifd! filters a:uJ take to  the wafer Qe a du������3k  i  . The more   you wash  !     them the better  |        they look  WALTERS &&KENHEAD  i  LAUNCHING  PARTIES.  j Parties wishing to engage a flrst-  cllass launch for  picnic or* excursion  ('parties at reasonable rates should  apply to " IL BLAIR, Cecil Hotel,  City. Launch may be engaged for the  evening at any time st  We are receiving daily shipments cf  Raspberries -&---Blackberries. . The  | Strawberry  Season   will   be  over  This    Week.  Dr. It. IJ. Uiei/ after a tew div.s'  holidays ifl Victoria, m^y nou- "|n.  found at his .office at any hour 0i  the day. Troublesome leelli .shouul  not be tolerated, aad lirst-chiss dental work iu assured when attended  by  Dr. Dioi.  10  J'ry m Province Cij^ar.  O/ie may be assured, when pmchasing the "Ironclad" .brand of claUhing  overalls, etc., manufactured by j.  Piercy &. Co., of Victoria, that (Jiey  are purchasing some tiling which will  wear as advertised to do. A firm  of the well established standing 0f J.  Piercy & Co., may be relied upon to  sell nothing but what they advertise���������fg-oods of the very beat materia!.  ^loo.se J.iu. Jnl.v I.��������� II is estima'  ed b\ t-i'ii.su.s i-(.i!iiini-.';ionei' liuthei'-  loid. that MoiiM'.itUis pnpiibi I iiiii I o-  laJf. ii..10O lull .-i^ ,\ el iiiiI", aboiil  hub oi 'Ii.1 city Jim. hi-i'ii i-nuvnssefl,  St.   Ibis   ii-onv    i.,   Imi   an   I'-tiuiate  K" I LLI.J)   \\\     \l TOMOlill  HiilTiiln, .V V . Jul-, .",. ���������Prof. Uen-  r.V A. Waul, tin' p.ii i.faiist . whose  liouic is in Cliu.ign vva-. st I'lieU by an  ant (jiii.-iljile sj tit) i-i'i-eiv fd iniui-ics  from wbiib b. di.-il two hours later  The  proii'ssoi   was   ":l   sea if  old.  nv.N \*\ii'ri-: i-'.M'lciskin  A meeting of the Liberals and Conservatives will be held on  THURSDAY  EVENING, JULY 5th.   in the   OPERA   HOUSe,    LADYSMITH  for the purpose: of discussing the political  .'-.ituation and the mode of conduclin the  next campaign for New Castle District.  COMMITTEE  be Iaken. The police have been in-  I'oi-med by one oJ the relatives of a  person killed thai a large sum of  money vvas stolen at lhe time of  the disaster uiioflicially.   o   CRIIilF XORTH DJRilTSSCD  | NOTICE.  . I have taken over the scavenger business lately bandied by- M. Campbell  and am prepared to do work in this  line in first-class shape. Leave orders for heavy team work, scavenger  work, etc., with Messrs. Blair ������fe  Adam. Also any complaint regarding scavenger work will be attended  to if laid at this place.  ROBPKT CALL AN HER.  Ladysniith, B.C.  2 boxes 25c-  cwBoi  ox  SIMON    LEISER   &   CO.   LTD.  E*tS233maaHsaB������  awrwwmiffwjffiffwm!!? wwnwwwifrwwnfwwf'ffi  FRESH SUPPLY OF-  \ have jusl received a shipment of  Hills'  High Grade  ENGLISH TOBACCOS  and  CHMRflTfS  t  DRUG   STORE  ��������� ���������>^M������..#M#..������..������M������.������0..������.^������.������..  Wilkes I ibi-n.., I'a... July 4.���������Five  boys wi'i'f. killed and nin;* injured  by a dynamite explosion at W'an-  imie,   nea'"  lici-.'   i oiiigbl.  SaliKii'.n-.v;.      Cng..     July      I.��������� Tbe  : Hoard    of Traue       iiiijJiir.v    into     lhe   .  | wreck   of    the  Plymouth     steamer ex  Ah  accident    occurred at   the   lUer-j I"'':'ss     ���������>���������'    -!"lyl.       foi-mally      has  ry-go-roiind  last  evening,   when Fred, j beg-im.     It   will  l>  t lioi-oiigli  aii'l    all  test iniony   possible      will  (irieves, in attempting t0 jump from j "u-  expert  Minard's   Linimra'i cures   Diphtheria  "Minard's  Liniimcnt  cures  Cold, etc.  I It is almost too warm to eat, |  Still, we have to cat!       I  if your appetite has left you try our ���������  PORK & BEANS m um ^   3 fins for 25c.  Libby's Veal, flam, & Beef U af make a nice  lunch, 25c, Per lin.  A drink of   Lemonade or Gingeracle  is very  refreshing and a   2f>   cent Lot t le goc; a    long   way.  GIVE US A CALL_^  BLAIR Sc   A_. -- s  |JVtfllW,eWW(*i*W^^^  X'aiieoiivur, July 1.���������Tbu death foc  enri-i'd at .Yew York today of C. If.  Kiiliiiiscin. manager of lb'- Brilnimbi  mines  Chief of police Xoi'th vvie-; I'ormal-  Iv (lismiKKfri lo'luy and ('has. f'hi:>-  liolm, lati: of the London Metropoli  Inn    police  foi'ci.'       appoinied   in   his  sle.lil.  In thp .semi-final for the Orantl  Cbolieng-e Cup yesterday Trinity  Hall Cambridge beat the Argonauts  tCunailiuii; by half a length. Time T  mill."'J socouds. Tbu club Xauliquc  de Grand (Uclg'inn; . beat .Trinity  Cmiibridgi' by two lengths, time 7  minutes, 3 seconds. The Uelg-ians.  and 'J't-mil^' I bill will thus contest  in.. LbOjlinal   for  the cup -today.   .  A farewell eeccption and dance was  given on Saturday evening, 'by the  employees of 'the Tyee mine and resi  dents of Mount. Sicker to Mr. K.  C. Musgrave on his leaving Mount  Sicker, where he bad been in the scr  vice of flic Tyee Copper*. Company  for six years as superinli.'iidcnt of tho  Tyco Mine. Mr. Musgrove is opening  an ollice in X'ictoiia, where be will  follow his posit ion as a mining engineer.  Some ma inland business men 'and  some eastern capitalists are said to  be organizing a company to start a  .sugar refinery at. Prince Ttupert, the  Pacific, terminus of the Grand Trunk  Pacific Tbiilway. Mr. 'Robert Kelly  and Mr. Robert Martin are mentioned os Vancouver men connected with  tho   enterprise. .    It   is    said   that     a  Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars  t  Get Your   SUNDAY EXAMINER  NEW YORK - WORLD   AND   NEW YORK JOURNAL  -<AT���������  $  T  | [it). Mutton, Pork. h\ id Bed I  CI   WE   HAVE  ON   HAND  SO AIE   VERY NICE-  ������=  ROLLED CORNED BEEF  13 I-2C.-LB.   -^j  JiOiHUWMM  i A. HOWE 5  % MEAT   MARKET ^  ������Tiii*rr*aTrrT"rn-irTa������fiiT������  PAINTS  5.    W.    P.   $2.00 Gallon  ELEPHANT $1.75 Gallon  ������  ������������������������������������������������������"���������"������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������  i  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIA1HED  I Pioneer Soli, Ms  I 1st. Avenue. Ladysmith,. 8. C :  iff. f. Riiii~. Prop.  I     MANUFACTURER OF  I Carbonated Beverages.  i G i n g- e r   Be e r  * -."  | Fruit Syrups .  }-. T.   O.   Box   24S  ��������� ;  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST  AVRNIJL".  Suits     Made to   Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  -wimi;������it.im;  msMsm&^sssBiffaesm  u  PiCNIGERS ATIENTION  We have made arrangements  to have a launch leave the  wharf every hour during Thins  day afternoons and on Sundays after .10 o'clock in the  forenoon fju.- the Clroen, and  shell beach, where we have os-  tahlished refreshment booths.  Canipers wishing plots for  lentinp; s-hjuld apply early, a������  the camping season is nearly  here  HRS    McKINM-XLRV'������������������- ������������������-  HUQM   THORNLKV  1 ���������<  WHEN IN  NEED OF  Get. your eyes tested properly, with instruments especially  adapted for that purpose, and ������������fc hy guess worlc We test eyes  by the latest' method free of   charge, and if you .need  Glasses ottr  prices are moderate for the h est quality of goods. l"  KimZ������'Bm**\mm.*ll.1m- M lV^lj*V������������i l������i������*l������Tllli  B. FORCIAiriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  ^^���������^^^������������������������������������r\^:*^>f^^txA-^^ ;.-:^v-<yy.':tr-i-:t^:-.-;,rja-g.-r^:L>y-*".;^.  Lamb, Mutton  n d   B e e f  Jmm.mm.mmf   *  G.  PA NN ELL  GAT A CRE ST.        LA DYSM1 TH  e  d  *  iKKctaettiiovtestess   mm a e ������*������ 9 tea a ������9& 0 ��������� <?������*���������������  PICTURE  FRAMES  and   latest  Patterns  and   b'inishes  in  FRAME MOULDINGS.  ������������������*- -������������������-���������������������������%���������  ,    PLAQUES.  -������k-      ������������������������       ������������������������      "������- ..  WALL  PACKETS.  Pictures���������British and German.   Bevel  Plate Mirrors.  ���������%���������%,���������������%'���������*%���������'  Passe Par ton I. Picture Binding in  all colo.es. Jusl, arrived from the  factory in the East.  -*.-������. Tfc- ���������������.  Picture Framin-jr N.eaitly done at  H.  KAYS  WALL PAPER DEPOT  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������&���������������������������������������������  2  Granite and Maibie .Works   ���������  Granite and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest prices consistent  with first class slock and  workmanship. Write for  catalogue.  A.   STEWART,  MX Yates St. Victoria   B.C  *  0  Smoke -a Big  B Cigar.  IMPORTED ill! STALLION  :   "ENIjUKANCF."  (SI32 II. 'S. B.)  At .Johnson's I.i very Stah.e every  Tuesday at noon, ami will remain  until  Wednesday, noon, each week.  TERMS���������$15 TO INSURE


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