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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jul 3, 1906

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 / V  fe^^CASJEMBtT,.'  \  JUL 4   1906  D  *���������   t>  Victoria. *.;  v6lm2  TUESDAY  July 3, 1906  PRICE FIVE CENTS  SUCCESSFUL CELEBRATION HELD  IN IJ^YSMTTH YESTERDAY  -*.-������������������-**-  Sports Start Early and arc Continued Without a Hitch Throughout the Day,  Coir  eluding with a Grand Relay Race in the Evening Between  Members of the Two Football Teams  -������.<���������-���������*-  Yesterday     Lady smith    celebrated.  From early   morning until    late     at  night the sky   was clear, ami not   &  drop  of rain  fell   to   mar   the    pleasures of'the day.,   Throughout,     the  day  there-was  not  a delay of     any  Kind in pulling o'.V  the. various events  and consec.jueii'tly    no tedious     waits  for spectators' In the hot sun. There  was something doing   sll     th.e.   bime.  This,  in a  large measure,  was     due  to  the wisdom  ot lhe .general: com-  niititoe in appointing s.arters and oth-  ier ollicials    \\\\o appreciated Uie necessity of keeping things moving,  and  lrom, the" time   the children's     races  jeonwiienoed -in the morning until    tho'  hig relay   race softer    uupper,    ovcnl  ' foMowed event with the regularity of  clockwork,      j  By the first' train fmm N-.uia.iim>, 0  a.m., visitors began to arrive and at  12 o'clock "��������� the oily was well filled.  Many small boats,' launches, etc., ar-  ri1.e.-l at nc-qu. from Nuvnaimo and the  surrounding islands, and while thoy.  had' missed- the sports of the niorn-  ing, nil were in time to' witness the  fooU all game, a few race:' and the  regatta. ������ ,  Commencing .at 0:10 the athletic events wene pul'led ofi for the children,  and although it was ratlwr early for  >-)[)et-tat.oL������,   the children  were     there  in  the oueruigs, going out in quo,   two   lull, and the other three finished with  fiom Chcmainus, Crofton, aiwl o, P or   T. Woodburu gained .second place  three order, ior  the iiv������ innings  that  Marsh well     in tlie    lead.     Barclay   tw0 lioin the Islands.     All v were gai-   this race.  he pitched.' 'and Leahy finished even, "and were o/u-  jv decorated with liags mid   banting.1   ''������e    log-rolling     contest.,    though  For Ladysniith J.dossaa ' scored  liged to  run     over again    to decide  ai.d as tliey 'passed  liack and   forth   brief,  was good  while it lasted, and  one tally in the second, alter having   v. ho;'should ha\e second prize. Leahy 'a-nong the.   row-boats,   presented     a  Sam Martin   proved to the saitisfac-  NOTES Of  YtSTEBDAYS  Delcourl's unassisted double play,  followed by his Rube Vickcrs st> le  of pitching >afici words, is the talk  i.f lhe 'baseball fans in Ladjsmith  and Naiifiimo today. They all  Hrlcoiin   is "a (teach."  say  SandC'ison <ijui Miaiiuel did not wnr'Tj  out on the inlet two. weeks for nothing. They won their race yesu".'-  dav.  reached fust ,on a .sate ��������� hit.  same player added another in  fourth by grace of errors on t  pari of the opposing fielders. Ladysmith succeeded in tallying twice' in  tho fifth after vwo men .were dosvn,  on hits ]>y Morrison, Dclcouri aaiid J.  i lie I proved the faster, and crossed the  Uie jiape with suflicient lead lo -eeure  ihe .second monev.  sight.  very pretty  As lhe list of    races  was a    long  one, it. was started promptly on time  fiou of the crowd that he knew   what  Crossan assisted by the hitAiug oi ' Wellington Colliery Co., and was  two men by Harrison, and "two er- won hy G. Hewlett, who maintained  rors from the inUcLd. ..a good  lead from the start. J.  Uar-  be was about'   when ho gets on top  of a  log.   There were three    'entries'  The next    and last    race    on the'_lU| much credit is due  to those who!1" *,l!*s CWI'^< and S. Martin was su-  Duiikcr Grounds, t.iok place at.   half 'ii;l(| matters in charge,  especially the cc-cssful iu dumping the other two ofi  time of the football .game.  It v,as a 'starter,  Mr.  .Jas.   Deeming, and it?-.  jt������0 yard     run for employees oi tlie  erce,    Air.  11. Macklin.       Each event  'i lie- sixth, inning neUed Ladysniith clay crossed  four runs) brought home on hits i>\ elosc third.  ���������AioYrisoh, Crossan and Manuel arid a  beauty of a tlnjcc-jtogger by Dclcouri.  After this i&udden spun, uic Laily-  sn.itli, stock went soaruutg upward,  and the rooters began to yell, but  ilairisou steadied down and scored  a shut-out for the remainder of the  game..  The' .teams lined  up as follows:  Reliance���������Ramsay,' cf.; .Steele, 2nd.  1)., Manson, lb.; Johnny,'eaten?.', L.  McDonald, s.s.;  Charles,  1.1'.;  Peters-,  3 b.;  Chiswell,   r.f  er.  second,  Willi  Leahy    a  FOOTBALL  At 12.-15 the. bhamrock Koo.Lall  tcam, of Vancouver,-composed of the  following players, Mclveown, Chalmers, Lir.oo.������lK:Ids, Olesoii, Sawyeis,  Sudgiii, Ellis, Conicn, McLeanou,  Watson and Anderson, lined up against tike Ladysmith eleven, 'lhe latter played more intermediates than  seniors, but ihey .made good at  Ok cry, stage-of the game, and a  Harrison, pitch--'stranger would iu many cases n.i\e  had considei able ditliculty  iu picking  "It's all off, the Big Fellow's ri n-  iini(4," was the remark of one of the  \ ancouver relay race runners last e'.-  ming when be saw Jimmy AeLiii*  si ripped aid uudy for the race. I.---  i IimlMv ha bad been up agiiiut -'u-  "Big   Eel low"   in   the  football  gin.:  was annoj'nood clearly to tlie spectators through the megaihaue, and  t'.ey  were kept well informed.  ,The first     race on   the pio-gramme  was    tlie   two-mile double scull    for  ineu, and it  was  ihc only one   over  which  a  dispute  of any  i.ind   arose.  At the conclusion     of  the race,  e.iu  boat claimed that on turning, tho out  side buoy,  the boat behind had foul-  not  pushed to its greatest exertions,  ed, uiid therefore protested the lace,   still they went some, and   it was not  Of course,  anyone has   the   privilege 'for  lack  of    tiling on  the pari    oi.  of protesting,  but judgement   should '.the other eiews that  the   Yaldez Is-  \f-  a protest  have been-laid.     One of the Regatta 'secoud.     The'   time for      the   canoe  about as fast as he wanted to.    M.  .Martin, however, was second to leave j  the. log,  and  consequently  won   sec  olid money.  J. Callander was the first  to reach  the end of the "reasy pole, and won  the   (tig,  while  J. -Ross   was  the lucky man for second place.  The Indian races which were pulled  o.i" during tlie afternoon were good,  and although  the  winning  canoe was  used  in all cases, and yesterday's   laud Indians won first prize.   Tho Divas not one where a protest should Jdi.ins    front   Kupcr Island came   in  .l.ud'giiig by the way the Indians on  ��������� oard the tug Lyacl-sou looted the  k Jiislle yc-4>erd-iy at the finish of .he  Indian races, their friends were al)  k\ inners.  (!eo. Fletcher was u,p with his fast  Lunch "Nellie" yesterday, lie made  it-eoid time on his tr.ip down, .ni.i  i- rtainly cut the water some while  here-.  some    of  the     boys have   aficaty  L/d  the     lett   Lapel   of   their   coats  bashed up in readiness to be adorn  c! hy the medals they won  in     tho  o-.lib-all match yesterday.  Committee     was     slatioi.ed  on the  buoy^   where the    foul  is alleged to  have  taken  nlac-e^ and  although the'  boats    did   touch  when  rounding the  Ladysmith ���������Ciossan, c.L;   Dunbar, [them.from the older players.      liow-  2>k;'^vloiiiscm,  lb'.".' Kerr,   catcher; j ever,    there were enough seniors. , u> Jiuar.f, no  damage .was  don.:, and not  Manuel,  s.s.;   J.  Crossan,  LI.;  court, si),;  Richards, r.f.; Ross  Delcourt, pitchers.  Score by Innings.  Del-  nd  >toojdv    the toani, and do  ihc  \ thing at critical stages,  while -   the  Ivoung  lellows   workied  hard   and  fetst  tha races resulUnn-  as    I'ol-  in  force,  lows:  Girl's race, 10 years lUid i.ndrr, 75  yards, first- A. Armslrcn^; second,  ("Jladys  Coulter,   third,   Anna   Eislier.  Boy':- race, 1.0 years aiul.viide:r, 75  yardii,:. first E. 1 .aiwler-bacb, second,  I.  McMin-tric,1 third.'A.  Good!;  lioy1?' t.liree-liv.;gied race, 100 yards,  first, Brydeii aurl l.aiiderl..ae.b; second,  McEwan and Beattic; third:, Morgan  and Ba-htie.  Girl's' race, 1 -1 ycais and under 100  yards,, first A. MeKiiMicn,'second, E.  Bert p.;'.. third, A.  Greciu  Ueliancx:  5115.000 0 0-  -12 ^s  Iwlien  thcie  was a  pc|.sible  chance oi  scoring.  At [the call   of   tunc,     the     Lady-J cross  the   home   line,   while  BASEBALL  .'At'-the* conclusion of. the a-xice, the  baspjjall' match held the attieiition of  the crowd.  . Reliance 12; Ladysmith 8.  .'.' 1 n aii exciting finish' the Reliance  -baseball ; team of Nanaimoi walked  -away with the .game from the Intcr-  mediates of Laidysinith . to... the tune  of 12 to 8. The ; game was for a  purse,  of  $������0,    put up by the   Ccliv  : .huatipii- OommiUcc,-'and lhe match  proved itself ' bjne of the interesting evients 'On Uie . list of the  day's, sports    \  . In the first four inniings, Naiiaiuio  had a walk away, and it appoared  that Laidysinith was doormed to receive a" terriible drubbing. In the  fifth inninig, with the score 12 to 2  against them, Ladysmith replaced  Ross iu (he box for Delcourl, who,  for the next, ('ye 'innings pitched somu  of the best ball ewer seen on the  Bunker Cirounds, allowing no runs  and only oile, hit. The feature of t.lu*,  game was Dolcoart's double .play unassisted in the third .inning. Playing  abo it siv filled.. oil"third .bag, he took  a fierce line -drive off Borers.' bat and  quick as a Hush made- for the -ba<r,  retiring "C liarle������ who had sln-rfed for  home as   snt,n as Uie ball   was hit:  The'Reliance scored livie runs in the  first inning, all on 'errors. Ramsay,  .first man   up  stri.C;   out.   ,'Ihc  liext  'five men  up all-.reached  lir.'t on   er-'  rors, and   got around   home on    the  same misplays.     Ladysmith    i.in'.incr  no  less   than seven errors in..tho.   fatal inning, which lost them   the. same'  Steele scored   in  the second  mi   \lor-  r^sr.n's  line drive between  first     ai.i  second.     Chiswell'scored af-ilhcr !;il  ly iu  the    third and the  fourth netted  the   Reliance five more,    hi    (his  inning Ro?s was halted l0 tin: \\o;ids  Three singles and a three-ilvn.f.gcr   l:c-  ing responsible for two  of the    runs.  ...Affer this uuriwrcilii] di-n|)I..iii-g  Ih'l-  f-CHirt .was put   in  Ik' ,l.ov  lo do   Ihe  twirling, and bad   this been diiic earlier in  the game    the'result of     the  match may have    been    diffenEnt,  as  the Reliance could do nothini     with  I fits   021 4 0000 1��������� 8  Ladysmitli*.. ..010124 00 0���������8  Hit|5       0 2 0 0 3 4 0 (0 0��������� U  Summary���������Earned runs, Reliance 3,  Ladysmith 2. Hits, off Harrison ������;  Delcourt 1; Ross 7. Hit by pitched  ball, Kerr, S. Crossan. Struck out,  hy Harrison G; Ross, 2; Delcourt is.  Doubloplays, Delcourt. McDonald to  Steele to Manson. Left on hascu.  ��������� ."���������"-���������' v ���������-''' Tndysmith 4. ' ;  ; Umpire.���������Gillespie.  THE TUG-OF-WAR  .Following the .basehall match, the  tug-of-war was announced for First  Avenue, and the crw>vd 'adjourned to  that place, where everything was id  readiness'���������.���������for. 'the'v event. A long  plauk had b������en laid with cleats six  inches : apart, and a tw-o-Jncb rope  provided. There *kVere three teams  entered, one fro-m the logg-ing camp,  one from Ladysniith, and one from  .thc'.'Tyicc Smelter.' The Kupe-r Is-  I'lami Indians also had a team to enter, but were too late in getting  tJioir men together, and before they  arrived t'lip pull wais over. The Smelter team drew tlie bye, and were con checks, handled the ball a little more  sequently  ititercs.tjed spectatorii  when? oarefully  when    dribbling,  and    gra:  iti^rt'u particle of difference  was maelii   m  the result of  the race.   At   any rate  the   first  and    second boats   had    a  good   lead, and   won    out.  Sanded,ou  ! ami Manuel being in  Una first .boat to.  '"���������'**"'   ','"   home   line,   while     Ilortou  smith    men    took  the  hall   towards'aiwl W.i'-jui   finished    a  good   second.  their ��������� opponents'    goal,    and held    it   Al. and A. Morton were ihitd.    From  there until their centre forwaid pass-   the stari.   Sanderson and Manuel seed well  iu the neighborhood   of     the cured a good lead, and maintained  it  Ladysmith backs, and before it could  all  through,  although on the    home  lie-returned  the Shamrock   'forwards 'stretch tney pulled a hundred   yards  wereafter it" like a pack of    wolves,   out of    their    course    before taking.  Senile., brilliant,"'combination  followed  bearings  and again getting  back   iu.  on 'their  part,  and , after sec-sawing' line.  .'Ihey pulled a.'strong race an!  the ball out lo right wing,   -Watsoii   proved that tha work they havedomy  for  the  visitors, secured it* while on  on  the inlet     for    the  last two    or  a goei^l angle ������������������for a try, and was suc-  ceitoful in sending it under the bar,  although Leahy, who was playing  goal for the locals, made connections with the spiure as  it was pass  three weeks was not wasled-  The next race, was the. toy's- sin-'  gle scull, and was \v-cn -by G. Tho-  man,  and  J.  Brent on second.  The Ladies'   double  sculling   race  tlie loggers and blue Ladysmith team  stretched the rope  to the limit.  biach team pulled together well and-  wore apparently about evenly matched with a very slight advaiita-uo on  the loggers' side. 'Ari.cn: two minutes' pull the excitement was running high, and when three minutes  had passed with the two teams pulling oven, the si>ectators were bunched around tlie pullers offering many.  ililTereut kinds of advice, fhe main  part of which seemed to be "Bull,  pull." And they did pull. Staying  power won out, however, aim apparently the loiggers were in better condition for.hard work than the town  men, as after four minutes' -straining, the rope was -.gradually drawn  to the line, and the little white  mark passed, with the loggers, in pos-.  session of the longer end.  After ton "minutes' rest, tlie smelter teani opposed the loggers and u-.e  latter, although they pulled well the  second , time, were greatly handicapped by theds exertions of the list  pull and were gradually drawn o.'-i  the line, with the Tyee men victorious.  While some    of the spectators   adjourned to lunch, others wont--hack to  the Bunker Grounds,  where the    100-  l yards      amateur     foot,   race   was  on.  1 There were four starters in  this   ev-  'enf,      Leahy,    Mansh,      Barclay   and  'lilakie.    At the crack ������f  the gun the  men   got off   well,   but,   unfortunately  for his chances  in    the race,   Blakie  ing through, and had it slopised and was won by two Chemainus ladii:>,  its course changed to land on the Mrs. Cadwallder and Mrs. Wilson.  outside when it struck the bar and ie There were only two eniries in��������� this  bounded between the poles, register- race, consequently no second prize  ing the only goal of the- day  for the   was given.  .visitors.       -       . !    In 'the men's single scull,  J.  Man  uel, of Ladysmith, proved'the.strongest puller, while J. Martin linisheel  secciicl with M.   Martin third,  The boys'- double scull resulted iu  a win for Silver and Crooks, with G  Thomas and h*, McMiurtrie close- seconds.  The upset- race was a gkjod one,  although ������hcre were only, two entries  and in this cuse the committee de  cided that an exception to the rule  that there must be three en tries or  ivi third  jtrizc should   l>e  made,    con-  ��������� Here was where the senior playing  came im for .the���������. home team. Instead  of bccpmiiig rlishearteneel, and play-  a .weaker game, Adam, Morrison nnl  others put on'a cheerful .���������smile, put  n  little    more  force  in   their     body  dually worked it up to where  they .wanted .it. Three minutes after the visitors had secured their  goal, Adam paved to McMillan, an I  the latter sent it through, f\ing tin-  score. Just '.liefore half time Adam  again worked the bull up near the  bars, and talcing a pass from Midi  ie, sent tlie .sphere .through once'more  for the homo  team.  In tho last half there was only one  goal scored, although'the Ladysmith  team had shot alter shot, some oi  which would have counted had not  the. Shamrock goalkeeper beeii there  eve,ry time. . Adam, however, eventually saw a; little space the vigilant  SI Kim was not. guard.ing, and whizzed the ball through for the third  time for Latlysmilh, the final score  being 3���������1 in favor of the home loam  who will in Suture weal' medals.  The footlKiil game was over at 3  o'clock, aud. from the groi nds, the  spectators hurried to the Spit, where  the regatta "was scheduled to come  ofi  at   throe 'o'clock.'  THE REGATTA  The hay prestn-led a v*>-7 pretty  appearance us one reached the grassy plot ou tlie edge of the water,  anil beheld tho hundred or so small  row-bo.il-s *lying. back and ferfh la-  ihu with spectators who had chosen  this method of witnessing'the water  sports. Launches Were also there,in  number, many having come- down  from     Nanaimo for    th������ day,   some  race (two miles) as close as it could  be caught, was 12 minutes. The Ku-  per Klootelimen proved their superiority over the women of the othei  boats, and won the K-lootchinen's  rale with a  good lead.  THE RELAY RACE  I he sporting progiammc for the d���������>  was finished 0u First Aienue, when  foir nten from each of the football  teams entered for the lclay race.  Two hundred and twenty yards had  be-m mcasiuc'l oil", and two men ol  cadi team stood at each end. Ac  >ording to the rules of ihe lace each  man had to'carry a handkerchief , w.  a luenuber of his team at the other  end of the course, and the latter  would bring'it hack to another niem-  ber at the starting point, and so c*u  until each man bad gone over ihe  course'oneo. F. Ingham made the  first;-trip, and at the crack of the  gun was off with a five yard start.  The Vancouver man was slow on the.  get-away, find i,,y the time Leahy had  b:o ight the handkerchief . back to  Adam, the latter had a ������o:nl loi g  start. He lost nothing on the way  down, and sent Marsh hack a winnci  bv jit  least 20 vards.  Last year .1.  Cait-.vii"hl   jouniejoi  :,l!  ihe  way   to  Yaiicomer \o    tale  halt  in the swimming race, and  v..",'-  . nt   notified when the race  was cail-  id,_ and consequently    did ii..t eater  1\.strrda.y be not  only was first    o-i  h -nil  when the race started,  hut'w..'-  b,ck   lirsi,  and can    now wear     tlu  {'" ampionship medal.  When it comes m i tinning a    leho."  ce, Fred Ingham  >.'��������� the 111:11. to i' '.  seeiiicnlly the second boat received a  prize of $.2.f)fi. Jannes and Moses,  tw0 Indians, secured first |iri/.o, whihli  John and James, Indians who occupied the other boat, received second  money.  Mi;s   Elliot     won  the  ladies'   .hi,j"le  scull,   while her   sister,   Miss   K.      b'l-  iot, came ;n a  close second.  The championship of Vancouver Island Itltl-yanl swinmiiivr race, terminated about as was exacted Ly  those who bad a lino in the swim  mors, as if was figured out hy them  that Mr. Cart-wright is a pretty hard  man to boat. His opfy nents of yesterday are now of the same opinion  as Cart-wright had no difficulty in  winning the race, and is therefore  champion amateur .swimmer of Vancouver Island, and will receive a  handsome gold.medal as a prize. J.  AiU.vn won second jtlace, and will  abo receive a meilal, which, although a smaller one, is a handsonui  trophy.  Owing to there being no entries,  the tub race which was down on the  programme, was called off, ami the  boy's swimming race put on next  In this event C> Johnson easily o it-  swam his competitors, reaching the  float on his return journey fully 20  yards ahead of his nearest opponent.  ���������"    THE DANCE  A w-ell attended dance in the opera bouse concluded the entertain-  mcuit -for the day, and nl'<ho.ughi it  was rather warm for dancing, those,  present enjoyed themselves.  ALASKAN COAL  IN DEMAND  1 .). K. Kane, a consul ting eiLgiiu'er  uf Atlanta, (in., is at the Raleigh.  In the last twenty years Mr. Kane  who has mad.: examinations of a  huge portion of the coal bods of the  world, reports that, leaving out of  consideration the gold that ha.s been  mined in Alaska, together with itii  other immense resources, its coal  beds will vastly more than repay the  l-iiitcd States for its purchase prico.  ���������'The. Alaskan coal," said Mr. Kane  "is of the true '..itu'iianous formation, and is e.jiial to any coal mined  in the western part of the United  States. The work ot opening up the  coal heels of Alaska has thus far  been  nothing  more  than   prospective.  "The immense, commercial advantages to accrue to Alaska through  the developiiKiit of 1hc coal mines  cannot he overestimated. At via*  present time steamers leaving for Alaskan ports for Seattle are rapiirod  to carry suilicvent coal for a round  trip. With the coal mines producing ' not only for local consumption,  but for shippi-.ig trade, the ships will  only he forced to coal for the trip to  Alaska, thus saving valuable space  which can be used for the shipment  of freight,"  - The coal fields  0u the west   coast  oi  the scratch.   He was cvif v.ith  tlu  1 lick  of the trigger  yesteiday.   while  lhe   Vaneou\er   man ��������� was wail n;   lithe  report.     If he had  waited   much  'niger Ingham'would-have been hac���������.'������������������  A   NEW   DEMAND  FOR   GRAIN.  The free.'alcohol act creates a rbw  ���������demand for cereal products. Chief am  r.11,2; them are corn and wheat.. Tin  distillers of the country are -estimated to consume about 'tw.en"ty-four  million bmtiels of corn a year. Tim  total, of.'all'-grains'consumed, hy the  distilling industry in,11105 was thirty  millions. The. United States is pre-  ���������a-iniii.cnt.ly a surplus corn country,  ���������and' the use of alcohol in the arts  ttill create" .'an'ihcreaspxl demand for  the homer-grown product. Some mar-  ���������et authorities have'figured that this  new source of demand will materially improve -the price of corn, but it  must n.t. be forgotten that in e-x-  ������������������oni the bulky by-product or body  of the corn.makes an excellent cattle  i'iod, valued (at. a price sufficient to  cover the cost of the distilling. Not  i.nly is the food valuable, but it is  more valuable in some respects than  the whole corn, .because of the treatment il has reeeivicd, making it all  ihe" more digestible for stock feeding. This piihaiice.mc.nt- of the mutri-  :i e value is sinvikir to the results  ul,lained by siloing dry fodder by fermentation with sufliciont moisture to  make the feed more digestible, thus  releasing its nutritive'.(dualities.  How far this new industry will affect cattle feeding it- is too early  In aiit.ici|ial.e, One possible effect  will be t-o concentrate, oettlc- feeding  *oi"nc time to the vicinity of distilling estmhlishm-ints. This is an  opportunity for localities in the corn  'belt to oi\-,Aivi?je: distilling concerns,  Willi a view to developing the in-  di ��������� t ry on t-hc spot, where corn is  ���������.���������heap, labor more or less available,  ;nd where l.ho by-pioducts enn be con  suiiird. to the greatest advantage in  1 he raising of stock.���������Wall Street  Journal-  ...nr.--~   ��������� ��������� .    ���������!!������������������P.I������������������ 111  !���������    WIMH  of Sevath America and Mexico are  characteri7.C'd by Mr. Kane as practically worthlee-'S, as far as slveam-  making i,-|iialifius are concerned.  '���������There are immense tract's of coal  lanel in China-," said Mr. Kane "that.  In.I. await favorable action of the  Chinese government before they will  ��������� c developed. This coal, which 1  .t'i'sanally tested just prior to the  Boxer trouble, is of good quality."  ���������Washington Post.  m THE LADESMITH DAILYLEDGER  INI DAILY LEDGER  ruolisbed   every   day   except Sunday  ,     ���������BY���������  'II IE  DAILY LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year (In advance) ���������  One Month  _ ... ���������   _..  $5.00  50 cents  TUESDAY  July d, PJtiC  The   fiscal   je������i ' w hiclt   ended    yes-  teidai   in   both    Caii.ula   and   lhe   I ���������  ileJ  Slule.s has been  one of   iinpu-ied  cnt.'d    common ml    a-d   uulu-ii iul   ������������������  liUly  on   i his  coiilincnl       In    all   de  I artinenis     of   tuido    ami     commerce  I lie   volume   Ol   business   lias   e\ceedni  tlin I    in pre\ ions    years    and   what   i-  almost   as   important     in   the  general  inlore-,ts     Hi.'   piesent     .situaliou   and  prospects    for   the jut uie.    at      least  for   < ohie   months   in   co,Mie,    seem   lo  ho   sal isi'iu'I in,\       The   crop   prospects  on   both    sides  oi   ihe  line  aie  i.ivoi-  ahle    and   in   Canada   a  good   h.iiwsi  in     .Manitoba     and   the      Xoiihwest   i  nifan-.   continued   prosperity  for    the1'  ���������=   VOU    WANT  AGOOD-  I was cured of Bronchitis and Asthma by MiXARD'S LIMMb*M\  JkRS.   A.  LIMAGSTOAE.  Lot 5, P.E.I.  i was cured oi <i bmeie attack oi  liheumalism hy .\Ua AKD'S LlXl-  JMEXT. JOiiX  MADER.  Afahoue Pay.       '  I was cuted of a sciuiely _ptaiucd  leg, by M.1XAKPS LINIMENT.  JOSHUA A.   WINACIIT.  Pi idgowjler.  bin   lict   Iuiiilc  is not   without icsoui  cos.        iJj->    lavbi'i  is   uij   wealth*,,  doth' .s^iiudei.mn,  the Umily sc.it.,  io 0nc   ul   ihe-.show   pi.ices uf Jicl.uid  it  js  j,  iiM^niiiKiii   pl.uc,  at Beltm  bet,   Uouul\      t .iv.in ��������� ���������   1 wili.ulelpln.i  AuMii   Auicticaii.  first Class   Meal  CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restaurant  ALWAYS  OPEN- FIRST   A\ EMJE.  I ry Capittl and Nujrjict Cigars  irfcole  of  the  Dominion  S' t'el. i il.u.g .lime Ml��������� Lulu  llus alLi'i'iiooil l lie \ssoinilod Pi ess  was iiiiuuiii-il i.j'ou ihe ,iuIJiiM'ily ol  a (.i.uKi I nik. Hi.it the ii-tii ement  ol lhe llijnMii.ikiii ni'������isli.\ lias been  d(.lmilo,3    di i-id.'d   upon   --,���������._ ,i��������� _���������   WISE  AND OTHERWISE.  "Mull,     1-toddie,"     said    ^minima,  'who had ji.s.t aimed  liom a m on His  ��������� w-.it,     "'I siijij.ohc \ our fdthei     was  'tcatly    suipnsul    to    got  my tel.c-  'be little chihlicn of the tenements . ���������L-am saying  that I   was coining  who  are suffering    from  tuberculosis J    "Yes,   but Ins surprise was not us  of the  bones    and glands are $10,1)00 | ���������rcat as molhcu'.s."  neaier  lo  their new  seaside hospital  by reason    of u recent gift of    that  amount from  Mrs.   Andrew  Carnegie  'I his brings  the  Association for   Improving the  Condition   of the     Poor,  within Vl'1,000 of  the sum  of   $135,-  000 which it must raise  in order   t0  seeine the $.125,000 offered .by    John  D.  Rockefeller last February fot   the  election of this hospital.  The institution is the one in which  President Roosevelt and Jacob Riis  have taken so great an interest and  is now occupying one of the build  nigs of the summer home of the Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor at Sea Breeze, Coney hdand, which has accommodations foi only fifty ehildicii. The hospital was started a couple of yraib  ago to demonstrate the effectiveness  of out-of-door, sea-air treatment ol  tuberculosis of the bones and glands,  and has .been wonderfully successful  ���������New York Tribune.   o   Announcement is made of the wedding of Miss Anne Archbold, daughter of John D Archbold, vice president of the Standard Oil Company,  and Aniar Layrollc Saundeison, son  of Right lion. Edward Saunderson,  member of parliament ������or the north  of Ireland.  Mrs. Saunderson is heiress of one  of the greatest of American  fortunes,  "At the glad  news,   f   suppose."  ".Xo, grandma, but at papa's Lui-  luage."  ���������%������������������-���������������-���������  A business man conceived and triotl  to catty into execi'Loii the other day  a uniepic and l.iilli.ini advertising  scheme.  i He had his adveilisiug si^u alhxeil  in raisod letters to the,tire of a motor-car, so lluit when the lefteis  weie, by an air.iiig-eineJil, coated over  wuh while paint, the machine paint  od Ins adioiti.seniriii on the asphalt  whetever it wan  driven.  The slieeLcleanhiij atilhoiitics, being unresponsiw souls, who did not  appieciate    a     stiokc of genius like  THE VERY BEST REMEDY  FOR   BOWEL  TROUPLK  Mr. M.  F.   Burroughs,  !U1  0'(i   ;ir.d  well-known    resident     of      BlulUcr  Ind., says:    "1 regard Chaiiilbci lain"-  Cohc,   Cholera  and  Diairhoea   Rem.  dy as   the vci y  best remedy   for   bo  wel trouble.   , I  make  this statement  after having used   tin*, remedy in    m;.  ui.niily   lor several  ji'ais.     I   am --*v  er   without  it."     'lllis   icinedy   is   p  most  sure  to   be needed   helot e     '.'  siuumer   is -overf      Why     not     bu..  it   now and    be  'prepared ������������������ for    su.-!  an  emergency?     For sale by     t-������ady  smith Pharmacy. .  this o;i the* pavement, thicatcncMl  him with the police, and promptly  .tftpielciii'd the whole scheme  ���������*���������"-***���������������  A poor but woithy old <'<>iipli> had  a i.ne stiokc". oi luck. Some idative  nidi ami It'll them ^ foi lime oLAI'm,  riii- iiiclil of /Urn .urii.iI of the Jaw-  ,\er's lel lei telling llieui of thou-  ���������.'nod for I line, thry sat u|i laic, dis-  cttssinu; the fuLurc iuwl . ub.-il, they had  inhi'iileal. When tbey had clone and  were lising to go ' lo boil, Uif' old  man said, vvith a grand air of magnanimity, "Well, I suppose, Janet,  lluc'U uiak' nac iliiTc-iencc We'll just  ".peak to lhe newborns as before."  4 a-  :*BV  uftLtUUj.lAft  Leads Them     A.\  I.\   U-'ALi'lV  R. P. klTHilT,  Ck Co.,  Lid  --ii-;t    \ &ei.ey  Pacil  v IC'IOPJ A  -  I*. I  Escguimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  ->*--b___i__H_____������_'*M__*a_-*'M������-_4___MMC-____������_____a_^  )  Trails  teavu  i.^.ivsmith  for  Victoria and all intermediate stations    at  9 10 a.m. daily, and at 5:00 p.m. on   Wednesdays, Saturdays,   and     Sundays.  Trains leave (.ad)smith lor Well ington ami all iiitcnncdiate station*  at il ii a in. daily, and 'at 7.;00 p.m. on Wednesdays, .Saturdays and  Sundays *  Kxu.'S.'flH Tickets.. mxz?>-  ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  Kiind for  going jmiiney   Saturday    * ud Suudays,  ivl lining not Inter than  I he  follow uif;   Monday. ���������"   &fean>er Jo-an   Sails  ff-irn  Lajysmith  for Vancouver every Satiii*d.a.v at 0:00 a.m- end  letiirniiiK sails fiom   Vam*ou."jr    tfor   Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  O, Iv. Courtney,  "'Dlslrici Passenger Agent  ;18 Goveiiiincnl, St*., Victoiia, I'.C.  .sunlight Sojp it. bctU-i lliun oilier soups, but  tbt.st when used in tin- Minliylil wuy.  B iiy Sunlislil So..p nn.l i.illow Direclion.s   4~  Uuion inadc^Capital & Nugget Cigars  m -s-t _. > a. ������tA-w������MWf ,rf_ta  HOW TO BREAK UP A COlJi ,  it nmy be a surprise to many ,'o  learn that a seveie cold can be completely broken up in one -jr two  da., s' time. The lirst symp" nns of  a cold is a diy, loud cough, a i"io  fi.se watery dischaige frcii V a c Sf,  and a thin, white coitiog on tie  tongue. When Chamiberlain's Cough  remedy is taken every hour on the  (itst appearance of theS2 symptoms,  it counteracts the effect of the cold  and restores the system to a he il thy  condition within a day or Gsvo I-'or  "������le- by LanVsmith  Phfinn.ncy.  Kor a cool, refreshing*���������  BATH  During the Summer  Months Call on   . THOMAS LEWIS  Shaving  Pailois,  etc.,     High  Street  PA.Y SCHOOL .  Uiual subjects taught, also language** drawing in pencil and cray-  n.is, paint ng in oils and water col-  irs, piauofoitc and vocal lessons ^iv-  *-   In  classes  or  individually. .|  SPSS BERTRAM,      l.adysmith, B C  RAYMOND &  SONS  ��������� Bealcis  in���������  Lime,   Plasler  Paiis,    Brick,  h'ire  Biick   and  Vaneoiivei is-  ���������S *> I.i nd cemenl.  j    3   Pandora St. Viclmi.-t B.C.  FOR THE BIGGEST;BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  od J. E. Smith  House and Sign Painter ~.  k fou ficin? fet?.  Then  \n   ruip  year  tickets  read    ��������� U  tht  ; i North Western Line  The   only   line  new   making    UNION'  DEPOT    connections at ST.  PAUL  aud      MINNEAPOLIS     Kit*       th/J  rurotigh     trains     from    the     Pacifl.  Coast.  Till-:     SHORTEST      LINE, TI*  I-*IN*EST  TRAINS,  THE   LOWES- -  RATES,   THE  FASTEST  TIM 10  ��������� -    BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS OIT*.  and  ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask y  loeal agent or write.  F. W. PARKER  0������nex_l   Mf'*  ViO 2u4 Ave, Senttl*  Ticket and   Preight  Office,  75  G ovei iiinehP' StreetV-  t)    Transcontinental  L        TrainsDaiiy  The New Train  ORIENTAL LJMYtED  The Train.of   "'_  Ease,   Elegance, -Excellence.     ^  Every   mile  a  picture,    and  no  smoke to spoil -the - vievw  Through  Compartment,   Oh���������-  scrvation ��������� and - Pullmab  Sleep-v|  ers;     also    Through - Tourist-  Cars" to Chicago..-   -       -  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty   .--.-.  Union     Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.   -     ��������� ��������� -  ���������  Berth ^reservations  by  wire*-  Great Northern S.S: Co.  FOR  JAPAN   AND   CHINA:  Steamships Minhesot-.i anel Da--  hot j. sail' from Seattle for Jar  pan   ';ui.l  Cliiiia~ports-at "fre  ���������fucnr dates.      Exact    sailing  dates can   be secured  upon air-  plication   to any  Great North--":  ei n  repi esentative. "       ***-���������"!���������������  S.   O; YERKES,      ' -J  * A :g.*p:A':,-Seattle, Washr  E.   II. STEPHEN,  <'cnr Agent,- Vhtorlft/ B.C.*  nursies  0reen-  ;:b������    houses and seid  'g������ '.   '       HOUSES  sjJsl.JniO   Vestminster  Ro������d.  2g VMNOOtTVErt.  ^JJ*" I leaihiuarters for   PACIFIC GROWN Oardrn. fIda ,  ������nd flower SEED5  lor distribution.    "'      ' ;]  Large   Btoctc   of Home -.-  Grown  FRUIT and OR���������-,{l  NAMENTAL     TREES  1  now matured for Spring.'  No expense, loss or   de-'  lay of  fumigation or inspection ,.  Let me Trice your- list) ���������  before   placing your ' or--''"  der. <.1 reennouse Plants, v  Floral Pae.k'ases, Fertili-''  /.ers   etc. j  3010  Westminster Road. ;  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ^���������v'-oTc  ������ai3i>j*gj^  Ask for  WATSON  DUND  ?2&������Q&$< X  -WHIS  THEM]  ������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*<������<  The Cream   of Scotch Whiskies  Sole   Ay-eats for B  ������**��������� tafca-aTtrjm-iawnHaajj  Now York, June 30.���������.Tames Scli-  eur, a young banker who resides at  MO West 92nd street, while suffering  from the intense, heat today seat a  tiullet into his head causing pro  bably fatal   wound.  Try a Province Cigar.  NOTICE  Notice is hereby ������.iven that I intend to apply to flic Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Ladysniith, at it next siftinp;, for n  transfer from myself to I-Ianry Blair  of the license to sell spirituous nnd  fermented liquors on lot three (.t),  Block twenty-six (26), on the premises known as the Cecil FEoftel, .situated on First'Aveniw* in the city of  Ladysmith,   B.C.,  Dated   this  15th   day    of  June',    A.  D.  1906.  GEORGE HAN NAY.  By his Attorney in  fact,  Henry  Reifel.  1   '..LASS      OLOBEb  Sj When you want a Glass globe  s?j see that- you get the globe  U with the fubher rino- on it,  as it is the only kind that  can keep the water-out ��������� the  globes witltoul, the ruliliVer ring  cannot keep mil, water, you  can see that' by examining  them. TJm artificial (lower  that is put into I he globes  vvith the rubber rings, is guar  n.nteeil to be tlie best, and if  you want a globe with a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T.  X. Junes, nfcc't for  ,     Vi   NRY CRfiW   ,  The, only     place y0u   can    get  Them.  Sole Agent, in R.f!. for the  French Wreath Co., of Loil-  |! don, Paris, "Melbourne, S.A.,  Ti Cor. Comox IM. tY. Milton St.  %    ' NANAfMO B.C.  Dnde������|New Manaernient  HOTEL WILSON  Jus- R. McKinnell, Prop.  NANAIMO  Commercial  Mens'  headin-'i'/tcra.  Modern  and      Strictly  First  CJats.  ' Fire Proof     Ruildiig-.  HOTEL   DOMINION  ��������� Rate-n .f-LUR anilifl.nO���������  F.i* to  all fiteamboftt  landirijrB and  t\v way depot?. Iillocfcrie"S*a>&S wery live  raiunten to all'pcrtn'of tlie city, liar  riu! tabie'tinescelled.  V. P.AYNFS, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   B, C.  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������AVllITE   COOK���������  ,    and  ���������WHITE XABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-      Ladysniith.  Best accommodation for transient  \ud permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  iWy furnished and the har is up-to-  u>te Rates (l.tO a day and Hp-  w\rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Pron.  ���������fylaiaaa .">-<: :���������<: :������������������: :���������������������������-.: r.a.tiyaieitli  Flefcher Bros.  o  ..DMieri to 7.:  lanos   &...Organs.  Ln'Jysn.iih, {t.c   , ���������'���������v''������';;.  .Plumbing and Tinsmithing  DONE' AT  Reasonable Prices  J. ANDERSON  -.-".Leave'orders  at  Peterson's  Turn-  tine Store, or telephone No 5.S.  ^^���������|..|,,^.t,^.j,lJ.rj.,j.,j,^4,^^^^+;1;,i,^:l.^���������j,j,.^  Si'ham iii;.\ti:i.  I'lMiNISir    ROO.MK  BAR SUPPLIED WITH Bl": T  WINES, IJQOORS, CIO AHS  SF0RD HOTEL  A. J. MciVIURTK'E, Proprietor  Mewly fitted up and  Furnished  LADYSAU1H,   . c;  Good tables aud good  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL  DAVID HYNDS,   Prop.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra   well  Stocked  This   Hotel   has    been  completely       renovated.  Board  and !$dgiag J1..00  per d������.y.  HOTEL ��������� PRETORIA  JOHN TrIA,. Proprietor  Bar   Supplied   with  the  Pest    Wines, 1st Avenue'":-: :-::-��������� Ladysmith  B.C.  Liipiors  and Cigars. ..' { ���������  *  ���������{*<"  ���������������  Y,  *.i  -���������*���������������'  f  PURCHASERS AND SMCLTBRS OF COPHER, OOLO ANO  "      SILVER ORES.  ; Srrieltirig Works at  IU A D YS M IT H,   B. G.  HEAI)GFFIOE    -- .   .   ; *  I DUNCANS STATION CLERMONT XlVINGSTON-  {-;'     Vancouve|jsland, B. 0.    ���������.,/��������� Geiieral Manager, i  ���������������  ���������������  ��������� ���������  ���������'���������������'.  >.  ��������� ���������  ./������������������������������������.������������������..���������..������������������>���������>������������������..���������.������������������.,������������������..  .������������������..������..'*..c,..'������..������..������..a���������a^s���������a,-aa_aaaa_aa^(  STOVES! STOVESf  ^^^^^^"^T^RS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A! | kinds of Foundry and Repair VYork  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  ���������Ladysmith Stove 8c Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53        ���������-- P.. O. Box 42.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������-���������..������.  ^'*'*fc'*"**v'*v''*v'^'*v'*,v'*',fc'**v',,^*'*'*v-^-^-^        -*.%-���������������.-���������������-������������������-���������-->������-������.-%.���������������.������.-*.���������%,���������������,���������%.-������-*.���������*.���������*.-������������--���������-���������%���������  '     " ���������'���������������������������*  *      WM.   MUMSfE,  President    J.  VV.  COPURN,  Managing Director.       *  Telophase  4-b.  "-      IJ      ���������}  Ihe Ladysmith Lomber to, ltd    \  MILLS    AT   FIDDIOK   AND   LADV SM'ITH-r  i*  \*������**-e "'   /  Shingles- &l 3peoialty {  MANUFACTURERS   OF-���������*' J  .Ron<;���������-]! -ind I>io,s,sed Fir jmkI Cetljir'Liiimbers' i  TH6CITYMH RK6T  ;    R. WilJiaoisoti Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  PAlNTJSe .^NDTwpi&HA^  Neatly and Artistically Done-- '..-7T���������..;.::..:.^.:.:...r���������l.   ��������� ~~"'%fz^:v---r--- Orders  Promptly Execute  S. ROEODING    ~r���������," " - -   LADYSMITH  .^j.oi';j���������.i  ������*      LATHS,   SHINGLES,  MOULDINGS,      ETC.,    .of    the BEST  ���������LADVSMITH TRANSFER STABLE !'  J    PIANOS,      ORGANS     AND HOUSEHOLD     KORNITUrV MOV-' *  f ED  PROMPTLY A   ND SAFELY. *  I Stable in the rear of the Ladysniith hotel.      Leave c.rdirs at ' Hit  Abbots ford.  A.    J   WASKLlT  QUALITY SIOASONED.      AND    DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND      f  FINISHING  LUMBER IN  STOCK *  PROp ^���^^^y^^J'L^-^TZ^z
^^"^M^IipiSfSjS ���������X':?;:.?; VZ-1'-^ ''l:.
'���JiZSfttfcx w'-&��i��j fry-ficfec
Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd
fellows' Hall every 2nd and -lth
Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.
, M. ot R- & <J-
Wellington tlime Nu   4 U. A. O.  <
Meets   m  the I* O   O -K.  Hall,  I *
���ysmith,    the   Second   and      Font.
Weilnesdavs, u�� each month, coinmei
i_s Wednesday. l��th , 1905
Visiting DruhH     arc' ti'Vttcd  t<   >��
uud-        i
liv Or i<-i
\m   RAFTER,  Kci-f S<vt��
PATRICK  liri'K. N.  A
^r'*]1 *r^e n '"���"'" *"   "
fKom nanaimo
Dr. Die'r e��n be louml at any tlur
at his office on Oaticre st. His   dc
Ul  work  U maranteed to be ftrst
(lass and rates r-asonahle ��t
From   .' this date the .undersigned
will not eh* responsible lot  any in
debtedoess     Incurred except on     ��
written oroer signed by the secretary
Rowland ;iMachin. nr.t>���
Non Personal Llahll'ty.
Victoria,  R   <<    U.*j   l��h   "*����
Dr. R. B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
All  work  guaranteed and at reasonable rates.
(latacrej-1 :^; Ladysniith
Opon at all lu.uts.
i.al>\ smith  bAKUkV
CHOICE    CAKES     AND    l'ASTl'.\
Wedding    Cakca  'tlade   to Ordei
Prices    are     Very Reasonable.      All
(histinners are Treated Alike.
What  was without    doubt the   best  tlie   appointing    o.
boxinc contest   ever, pulled   oft i�� lhta>r.e  Nobby  Cla.
t ime   keepers   Recalled   tin-    men
the one last    night
oily was
At hint ic .Arena between Sailor Kel-
l.\ of Milwaukee and Hob Williams    the  lightweight  champion     of
'lhe contest, win declared a draw
b.s relVivc Glarke as -'the conies'
ca>'ed for such if both men ..were
or.  their feet at the end of- the tlg-taU.
'lhe. lai'tfp price of-admission, 75
cents anel one dollar,' no doubt was
il..- caiisc of the house? not' being
a', large as It otherwise would have
ben, but those who were present
Inst night but seeing the wor.U pui up.
by both men, went home ihorough-
iy satisfied as having- had th<Mr
money's worth. .
Had a decision-bpen. gi%'��n "iii" ��e>
in.ihejio   the  centres    of  the   ring   and
Cj>ht  was  on.
JiOimcL.l.-William-, landed sti aighl
left to Kelly's bod.v lollowiug it up
wuli a light left te> face \\illioi��*>
again led his lelt but Kelly side-J
sti'ppwl ami the blow went Wild Wil
litVjuW"again .shot mil his left and (
connected witlt Kell\ '-* .iuw. Kel)-, ,
swung" with light landing vmUi. :> |
on   Williams'  ku!m'.\s   Kel 1
i-1   SollilUt.   Ck'
Monty  to   loan
Mannfeeturcrs of th���� Famous
None bii   Union Ulwi    Bmployad
r\J.  BO()TH. Prop
Train Service
_��� , ���CTWCCN
And tho Principal Buslneaa Centers of
Ontario, Quebec, and the
Maritime Provinces.
For Tlmo Tables, etc.. address
I CEO. W. VAUX, '   >';
I ABslstant Gen'l Passenger nnd Ticket Agent, ]
135 Adams ���t.', CHICAGO.' IU.      ' " - |
L't'.ht  blow    on    "'.".i..."    ���*��� ������-  ��� |
ly afenin h'd his left bill failed to
coitnei'l. \:illmms' ilc*.er widest epp-
ing    preventing    Hip  blow   fiom   luod-
,-, Hound    _���.--** Illinois    led   l.-H     u--'
tended flush on Kelly's juw. He Immediately follow! d op with nnothct
on" the   same   spot      Williams   poked
coidancp    with'   the   showing,   made  hh   left, into   Kelh s   uiw   nnd   KelL
by   the  men;'  Williams     would   ..-undoubtedly    have ��� got     it, t for ^ his'
w orkj.' at all    times   was   of the- tf tit
edge kind,   and ho   had  it over Kel
wa's warned for hitting in '* eli'11-11-
Clever ducking" by Kelly put "*N ll"
linms' swings to nought, and he w as
not    .able    to   connc.-t   with   nn.\      ot
lv   at-everv  stage  of   the game. His'hi,  jeT,   leads,
footwork,,   ducking,   , and   the      way,     rtound  ��.���Tliis  round   was  enl .rely
|,p  rips that   straight, left , into .his|iri  favor      of    Williams,   be  using     a
man's   face,   are  seldom Wn    among j B{ might left l o    -dvanlnire   Kcl
;ornmon Furnace
Fire Pot/
Sunshine Furnace
Fire Pot
i  rcst-phico
for  ashe
in  common furnaces pro-
���  and   clinkers,   and   these
the furnace
e-lo^-  1 lu*   drnVt, ]>r(":ve!it. nuliution, make
li.'ii'el tei .-sha'co, unci fill up tho fire-pot.
Tho ������Sii'ishine" ]iol is straight up and down, which
j;ivcri an uninterrupted otuuvse to the draft, and
lji'ovcnt.s ashc'-i and clinkers  sticking   to   the  sides.
Tho '���aine skill and Ihought has been used ou
every feature*, of the: '���Sunshine" furnace���it is Canada's
���jreate-it ]ieater.
Sold hy all enterprising dealers.     Booklet free.
Manufacturers OL���
Paisley Dye Works
Fancy Dyeing and Cleaning. Charges reasonable, etc.  "Work Guaranteed j
Ciimeicial St. ��� Nanaimo, B. C.|
v Miners' drilling Machines
~fSH I PS-MI T H INfr;   IN    il L   IT S   BR A N C HKS
Horseshoers and Genera1 Blacksmittis.'-������"���{
Builer Street   -      -    -     - JL,ady��rriith, b';\:
����l-��-t- ��� ���fr��-fr+~r"*'fr**"fceH��-*H^
I IGE!     IGE!    ICE!
Will be Deliveted on  Mondays,   Wednesdays.
Fridays and Saturdays
Orders must be in hy eleven o'clock on day of  Delivery,
Union  Brewing Co
*w Limited
[���^liters,  around    this   part     of    the
country' nt  least.. In justice to Kelly,    however,   it  must   he said    that
lie   was   hahting    a   practically      unknown  gam.*.     Jn last  night's  . coulee;!   the*   mon,   according   to     *gi'��\
i..i��nt ' we*"'    forced    to   break    i lean,
in clinches.     This is a styl�� oi   lighting thnKKcllj: is not   used to.      He
is  a'good  man "where  hitting    with
one  "arm    free   is  allowed,    and     he
showed  that  last  night by  the    way
he beat   a  tatoo on William's body
whenever   they ���   went    to  a  clinch.
So used, had Kelly,, been   to this one
armrjproposition, that he was warned    time   and,  time  again    by     the
referee   ifor  hit ting-if-clinches,   nnd
at, one 'stage of thc,game it-( seemed
i hat- the fight would be awarded Wil
hams' on   account    of   the   'repeated
fouling .of his, opponent.
A par il from this  the light  was   all
_ i      V��� A.1,1    ' l-wA->n      hneir.'    ilncziPAii ___lCl
Ella���What w6uld you do if you
wore in my fchoes?
Strtla���Stufl 'em with e**tt,1.on.���Wo-
m_/i's Home Companion.
quirements as to residence may bi-
satisfied by such person residing with
the father or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent residence uyon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his home
stead tho rayuircments as to residence may bo satisfied by residc.ci
upon the said land.
Six   monthc'    notice     in     wril.i,.,.
should be  given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Syiopsls of" Canadian Homestead        Coal lands may be purchased at J10
1 Regulations. . per acre  for soft, coal  and     $20   fo.
Any     available     Dominion.   l-Aiids anthracite.      Not,     more     than .-120
wltSb the "Railway  Belt    In-British Vras can be admired by one  indM-
r^o7an;^ ot t^'ptd^     i"  collected      o,   the
years ol age, to' the extent of    one- _gross output
tbat could .'have been' desired, and
if the "club, can secure as good at-
t rac'tj,ons ��� for the future, as the con
test ,last night proved itself to be,
the future of'.the sport in this' city
is assured.   ���  ,
Mr.    K    Vipond   announced   Frank:
llug*hes ol Nanaimo,   ahd''Bob Hitch,
ie of/San Francises as^.principals in
a  ten-i"bund.:._contest,1   stating    that
Nobbyv; Clarke   would   referee.      : Al-
.though   woefully      out   of  condition,i
Prank put   up a very creditable    .exhibition,     lu.;footwork  the, Nanaim*
boy is very fast, but'is by ho   means
the   equal of Ritchie.   What he c��uld
be  capable    of doing    when    up      a-
.gainst-; a inan   of'iMiual ability would
be well woithj seeing: V   His feinting,
sidestepping,...andi. the, rapidity     in.
which  he   ^ame  back    to  his; ..man
alter a bUck-;away.--is .pretty, to, see.
After: ten rounds of fairly fast    and
interesting  work.  Referee Clarke   dt*-
clared-'Ritchie.'winner���'. of lhe bout.
Aftei- a wait of about fifteen minutes, Mr. A.: A. Davis stepped to the
cent.re~pf the platform and announced the principals of the main event.
Sailor? Kellcy, of.Milwauleee and Bob
Williams of Australia..
In Ivolley's " corner were".1. Mor-
.to'n, whoin "Aniibuncei" T��aviS; stated
was io meet JetT 'Hannay on Mon-
elay night at Ladysmith in a fifteen
round, contest: Ben - llolph of Winnipeg.'ami. Walter battle of Chicago,
Behind' Williams Was Beib, Ttitchie
of San Francisco. and Sine Swan-
son of Xanainio.
After  tbe    donning  of. gloves,    nn;l
jjreal   nd\antai*;c
lj.   in   infighting  showed   up   in  good
st>lo,  his  lefi   aud  i ij^bt    beating    'a
merry tatoo on  Williams'  body    Kelly   is  a  bad   man   in   a  mi\"-up,    and
he  had   to  be   repeatedly   warned     in'
this  round  for  hitting   in   the clinch
.'���Round  4.���Williams  landed  with bis
right    to  tho  head   ana  followed      it
up   with still left   to the same point.
Williams again landed   his lelt  to the
face and rushed   Kelly to the   ropes.
Kelly   came    back   strong   and    after
feinting  with    his right landed     with
stiff'left    to   Williams'   body       Williams retaliated with left  to tho l.och
and the men   went   to a  clinch,    Williams put "right  and  loft   to face    as
gong sounded
Round r*, G, and 7 ���Tbe-,e three
rounds were a practical repitition
of round lour In the fifth Kelly
came out strong and rushed Williams to���the ropes, and landed left
and right to body. Kell.\ landed a
left-to the body as the goni; sou__led
In the sixth Williams' lefi was ��e-
peatedly finding a resting place a-
ga'inst Kelly's face, who vent i�� a
clinch   to  avoid  punishment
Round R.���William's led and landed 'twice with left on Kclh's fac;
This  was ���������followed  up : with   a.     stiff
f., ' ���Winnipeg,
lhe Ladysmith
left to the body and a right upper-
cut- straightened Kelly up. . JC-elly
took a brace and rushed Williams
to ! the . ropes landed light right to
the kidneys following up with stiff
"left to body
Rohad 9.���Both men iiniuediately
went ;.to'-a:clinch. Williams landed,
light left and Kelly rushed his man
to! the ropes. Williams', sidestepped
and landed right upper-cut, and rush
ed. Kelly.^to -his corner. Kelly led
with right, and landed on Wifliams'
body which made hiih break ground.
Kelly "'followed up" and swung with
right for head, but Williams -'sidestepped and tho blow wont wild.
Williams landed stiff left and right,
to' face in quick succession nnd then
rushed his '.man. to tbe ropCs but
clever sidestepping- took Kelly out
Rounds' 10. ���   .11,   nnd   ' 1-2.���Those.
three   rounds  furnished    ihe most, exciting-    part   of   the   contest..       Kelly
took* several stiff lefts in an attempt
to' land    with   the    goods,   Williams
putting' up a clever exhibition of foot
work,' avoiding- all   of  Kelly's    rushe
.and landing several stiff lefts hy  way
of diversion.
Round  If!.���Williams" iimnl  hael left
lound KelK s face til the opening ol
the round lie again landed lo t In
Sciitie h|)Ol K.-ll.\ rushed wind landed
si ill lelt to lujd\ anil Vitlluuns oiiin
te.fd with ughi to uu e William1-
stiaighl lelt .iguli; lound f\.ell\ "s
l'a.-o, the latiui- man t,liijping to the
floor Inn. was ul. m a jiffy and
fought li.uU, l-.uuluuj, leu MMii^ on
Williams' hoil\ Williams landed a
n^lit iippercut to luce uu.t as the
gong- sounded. I
Round   1 I ��� Kellj       i usheil      to     a
clmih      Williams     ru&hocl    Kelly      to!
the    ropes    and   landed   lelt   uppciLiif
K�� Hy  1-iis.hed   and  jilanted   a   still   loii
to   Wilhaiiu.    in*-*-'-    Kell*.   rushed    hui
went  up     ag.unst    Williams'    singhi
lei I,    and    the    gong   lound   the  men1
in   a    clinch \
fiiiund l."i ��� 'lhe ni.-n shook liAiid-
f..." lhe last round Williams M,ut
ed il going b\ landing still left un-
percnt to "the jaw. Williams landed
with, his right, and rushe.! his .man
Lo the ropes. Kelly Went after
his man strong, and swung with
right for the body, hut failed to
connect, Kelly landed with left to
face and came' hack with a light
lefi to the kidney. Williams led
Willi left reaching Kelly'a .ia.w and
Che latter went   lo ii clinch.
Air.   .Nobby   Clarke   gave   every
"���sfaction  as referee
I'h.e   \i
w as clo.t
i    .l.Cl.lJh
,i-tii   Nanaimo   public   school
sd on Friday foi  the sumniei
ihe   children  showing mark
r;r. I -
Vital   Statistics
During the month of June there'was
recorded    with      Government'    Agent
Bray,     2u   births.   7   deaths   and      5
The. following are the Customs c.l
lections' for tho port of Xanaimo for
fiscal   year   ending   June 30,-  1906.
First  Clns*
".;  .," ..:  ���-���.���-;.!'.".'BXPRE''
.,-:'::0^      ������������     i-:i^V   ""'
Chemainus   ...
New   Alberni
Coiirtcnny   ...
Cnmli. -eland
..S;0��l-3:'  2-1-
.    0000 :;!0
.     40,02   07
7570   CO
72     36
.      120.".   50
.     .    GO   0*
.1.2 b 27
202   07
.SS2.*"iRt   2t
has   I
1    Fisheries   Coininission,      whicVi
.ii'i'ii   holding   sittings   during  tb��
week   in    Vancouver,     Vvroke     up
.��--..��. ���..���..-..���"���..���..���..���..���.^���'������������'.������',���-������������*���**"���"*"*"*"*
quarter section ol  160    actea,    more
or less.
Entry must he made personally at
the local land office for the district
in which the land is situate,
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith    under   one  - of the    following
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each,.year lor three years.
(2) If the father, (or mother, if the
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land entered for, the    re-
W. W.   CORY,
Deputy  of  the Minister of Interior
Leave orders at the Abhotsford
Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street
���lay Water     Rates, between the 10th   and the 25th of each in. nth.    ]
OffictHoun IP.M.430
'    .      I. J BLAND
n+~��� ; ;-.-^: ,i..���-' ::r: SUPERINTENDENT.
Keep  Ivlinard's
Liniment    in
Light Teaming.
Orders With-
Wood and   Bark   for sale.     See J.   KEMP,  or    leave
PHONE      60
yesterday inio two conniiitiees for
l.h..- purpose of making a personal in
sped ion of the fishing grounds in
and adjacent to Canadian wale.--.
One of the eommit't'efe-t '���'-���ill go up
to the Skeena, ahcL.the other will
traverse the West coast of Vancouver Island. The northern committee
wilLuse the Kestrel while that on
the  west  coast   will   make    use of   the
After  .relurning    I'foiu   their   cruises
the   two   committees   will   meet      and
the Commission will again  resume Us
sittings.   There  is ���:,   probability  that
the  work   of  lhe   Commission  will   be
rushed    as  rapidly   as  possible  in   older  that   their  report     may    Ik-    laid
j before parliament,  should   it   he decid-
[tm   to   hold   n   FnW   session.
Pi-of. 'Prince, clmirman ol" the Commission will arrive in Kannin... oil
Tuesday lo discuss with Mr. Taylor, the local Fisheries Inspector
matters in connection with the Nanaimo    Fisheries.
��� f iinproN ement under th.., able t\u
i on oi Miss (! ��. Gibson, Tho
���". hool louin wa.s tasteiully decorad d
i i the occasion with evergreens and
. o.eis After a short time spent
. ,i Ic-sSunt. b\ the higher classes the
..Mowing pi oyi .inime wa-�� lendered
'ben oils���The   School.
\;ee*il,ilion ���II     .Mottisluiw.
l.i-alogue��� l-'our ho>s aud  fourgiils-
|{i-i itat ion���Lucy   Curgeter.
Snug���NToui   L'reen-
l.ialogue���C       Motlishaw   and     U
I ,'ei* i tun on���Anme  Finn
Im-dngue��� Cdw in  and  Reggie  Goodman
lieu latum--Olive   Gieen
Song���Myrtle   Pony.
IJiitlnyuc��� Se\ en  !,iils.
Recitation-'���-Maria.   Newberry.
Song���A 1'argoter   and "\f...Xewberr',s��
liecilation���Ilri7i-l   Perry.
Anthem    the  rolls of honor were awarded as  follows:
j     Unusual   interest  was manifested in
the.   closing   exercises    of   the   above
s.iiool     for   the     Summer,   holidays,
which   took  .place., on   the   afternoon
of  tbe ,2yth' inst-     About- 20  of   the
Parents  and  friends ; of  tho, . scholars
Kwva present,   and  were greatly  pleas
e.l ���with  their rendering of a progralm.
.me  of songs  and' recitations:'
From 1st Primer to  2nd.
Annie     llosks,     Lillian    Fort,      Alfred    Holland,   John  Kicld.
'From   1st ."Pri-i'iier  I q. 1st  Header.
After   the   singing   of   the.    National
Profii-ieiicy���Reginald       H.      Gootl-
Regularity   and   Punctuality���    Ed-,
win   Goodman.
P.-portuieni���Olive  Green.
Clement    HnUanre,    Wm.  tluinn  ami
Lii'^ie   llosks.
l'*rom   1st.   Reiider  to  2nd Header
M'hilip Ford, Thomas Panel, William
.From   2nd   in   Mr<l   Peader.
('"liU'eiici-    Pallaiu-e.    Charles      Fort,
Rose  L'losk.v
l-'i'om   I'.r.l   Render  to  -I t h Reader
Gladys    Italance,    Florence   Vloll��nd.
I awrencc    Holland,    Agnes    Uand.    I;'l-
I. u   llosks,   Lilly   Carlwi'ight.
Rolls   uf   Honor   were   awarded      iv;
I 'ri)licii-nc.\ - -i Jladys    llalanee.
Tlegulnril y    and     punct unlity���-Clar-
'jn 'e  Pnlance.
Deporl ment���PInrrnc,,. Holland.
"Ur. W. P.adc.i..l; the Secretary of
t.h.' Board of Trustees after' awarding the pri.'-.e5! in 1 he scholars gave
a few sifilalile words oi" advice a��d
eiicoiii-ng-.'-menL The   school      was
gail.v decorated with evergreens and
lings nnd n grarnopltone contributed greatly to the afternoon's enjoyment . After ouli'ioriv games had
l.ieen indulged in, the scholars and
visitovr. were re.p-aled with ice cream
and refreshment s of which the parents   had   provided an   abundant sup
The   finmifil    nieeling   of   the      residents    of the    (list riet, will lie held  on
Monday  for  the  purpose    of   electing
school   trustee   nnd  Auditor and
see   bow   much   money
for  school  purposes.
l|l l|l l|l l|l l|l l|i l|l >|l *|l $ ��|�� $*fr-$-^^fo-$H$H$H$-- -$<$H$Hfc
Jk to buy  your 4+
y       The Best Quality, Guaranteed at the Lowest Prices _F
| _ .         |
��� Your  Honey  Spreads |
<fc Out a Long Way at ���$*
Smith, Fotos,
That's All!
Local Items
The S.S. Amur was in port yesler-
dav  for bunker coal.
Ask  for Miiiard's and   lake* no olhei
If you are (ki?
lo be io k M
takea look throu-��:h
Port I>nlhow.T.if*, .lime :-'0.��� Thomas
Farmer, a farmer living three, miles
from Port Dalhotisi.- was struck,
nnd instantly kilhd 'l.y lightning
yesterday afternoon. lie and his
wife were out picking berries and
when the storm came ihoy sougOn
shelter under a free. Tbe * lightning
struck the tree, killing Farmer ' instantly and knocking his wife unconscious.
Parties wishing to engage a lirst-
cllass launch for picnic or excursion
parties at reasonable rat-cs should
apply to H. BLAIR, Cecil Hotel,
City. Launch may be engaged for the
evening at.any time- '      st
S S? Wellington  is in for coal
will take aboul  2,.r)00  tons   lo
The regular weekly council mcclini*,
will iye held this oven ing in the cilv
The S:S. Comox brought o\ci 7.".
passengers from Vancouvei yesU*iu\i\
to witness the spoils here; i c tn cm nt;
last   evening.
Mr. S. Weaving, who serve! out
the refreshments ycst'Ti'av mi I lie
harue, was kept bus\. :inl Hi" luinlei
be worked, the better he ,<"��� "i (I t.i
li'e it A belter nun eni'lil nut he
found fo? thi.f, ivnimii II pc I lion -Mi.
\\ e.ivin.r.
The Liberals and Cans<*rvati\cs nie
1 o meet, in  the opera house on 'Ih.i-
day  evening next Tor  the pin pose   nl
disc:iissing the ne.\l   provincial     campaign,  etc.   W.hiih*  nothing definil'  is
given out, it, is stated  thai   malteis
of interest to il.oth  p.utics will tome
up for discussion, during  the eve-nina.
Two Indians were up fur trial  tins
morning before Justice  Stewart   for
indulging too freely in  the cup    I ha I
cheers.   One of them paid ten dollms
for    his experience,   while the  olhoi
was    let     off- with a five, dollar fine.
More are likely  to come  up  tonight,
and  perhaps  the person  who supplied
the liquor will also ]ye present
Rev.'Ii. l'owcn has received word
from Rev. Mr. Shearer, who was to
have lectured here shortly on the
Sunday observance <jii.es'tion, to' the
effect that the tour, of Mr. Shearer
has been postponed until some time
in August or September. Consequently Mr. Shearer will not lecture in
Ladysmith until  that  time.
Tli" boxing contest .sell-*!)- I ������!      for
last evening I .'.������(.wee.i Jeff TT-.-nnav ������ii'l
J.  M'.r.'n ���   �����:,.;  rwr-I   .'n'-.'*    '\T
en     ;.-. rn-n.-in-.    i ly>t   l.ti-   e -
.���;*.'���> . |.,  .,   ;.,' c;..,,.,..
i-.   "������'������  .-���'-.-.   i.���..,--
.-.������ n-
������. t.
"TIic     Sidew.ahvs   of New   York,"
Company playcvd to a well-tilled house
on Saturday owning, and were appreciated by 7Jie audience. Throughout the acting was gooel, and the play
well probrajed. Mack Sv.am, as
lloiace Greengage Dobbins, made a
capita] "Rube," and the way he "did
up" the lioweiy people pleased the
audience immensely. Air. Swain look
ed and acted the pari, of, a country
hayseed  t0 perl'ecliui, and  it was the'
general  opinion I hah a .better man ior
the  pail  k.i.iu   n, .    ml.      AI.is.-s
Cora King Swam,  as  "Ethel  Doug-
las''      was    L-h.uming.   ���n i   won   the
sympathy  of    ln-r  hearers    from    the
start. She made a "hit"  with  the audience when  pleading  with the detective  for  a few  m.imiles'  private    con-
icisation  with  amend   before  being
taken oh  to jail  chaigctl   wilh murder
and  the winning m:iiinc*r in  which she
advanced her ionucsi must li.tvo softened Ihc hen r l  e.��"iiofa  villij.ii ol the
jil;ij,   lo say nothing of a cold-Mo.ul-
ed detecl.no.     Mai ic Collins us "Mrs
jUatks,   Lhe hag  nl the den,"  successfully carrieid  out hei   part, and llior-
oi/.ghly represent, d an old hair of ihe
\ery  woisl   description    in fact-,    e\--
er\   inembei   ol    the company  can ie-il
ihiough his or lu-i   pari   to  tbe entire
satisfaction     ol       lh,' audience,      and
sbuuld  they  e\er  visit   Ladysmith    a-
gaiii, they may be assured of a   well-
lilled house to greet  them.
Unfortunately, through some misunderstanding regarding advertising,
this company did not appear in Nana
imo, and the people of that city
were consft'fiii'iidy deprive*I of serin.*,
an excellent show.
We have Iter to
Su t fveryb dy ��t
I have tak'ien o "���'<*'��� .the scavenger {<tt-
siness lately bandied by M. Cainphell
and am prepared to do work in this
line in first-class shape. Leave orders for heavy team work, scavenger,
work, etc., with Messrs. Blair &
Adam. Also' any Complaint regarding scavenger work will be attended
to if lard .at this place.
Ladysniith, B.C. \
l  I'avejust received a shipment ol
Htlifs'  High Grade
at the	
Walters &
A meeting of the Liberals and Conservatives will be held on
 iu the	
I* >;��� Die purpose of di.'.cus.sme, tlie political
situation mid  the mode of eoiidiictin   the
n -xl campaign for New Castle District.
In all  probability  those of us   who
arc taking the  part of the dumb animals  arc   going to  be -defeated when
a vote on this   bill    is  taken.      The'
poor,   dumb' brute   has  not a     vote,
No  man  has a    higher    opinrion,    no
man thinks  more  of the  farmer who
earns his  bread in the sweat of    his
brow    than    I   do.     I  was roared   a
poor    boy,      and  drove  an ox  team
when   T   was ,](;   years  of  age   from
Leavenworth  to  where  the -great city
of Denver now stands, when there ��� 'as
not   a    house     in   if.     My  createst
'"Vimblclon.   Eng.,   June  .'IO.���In-the: friend  at  that tinie      was    my noar-
mdics   double    international      tennis ; side o.v.      He  knew  where  to go     to
championship  gnnu-s   today May   Sul.'lic    down      for    the test  shelter    at
ton    and    "Mrs!   Hillyarrl   brat     Mi^. ( ni-Tit.     He knew  which  way the wind
l)V ��� ii-n.! was ��*>'������'�� *�� blow, and he lay with
i his back against the wind, and I
! moved in close t.o him to get, a eom-
j for table night's rr��l wh-t-n I was
; herding.���Ce.-ngre.ssional  Kecoicl.
��� I':     n
Carvnr   ami   Miss      Benton
ti-'1..      W.   II illynrrl   and   May   . SuHn,,
boat.    <":-.   F.   Sti-Wnrf  ami   Miss.   Pick,
noy   in   the   second   round    of l!i<'  <ip''n
mixed    doubles    li.v   <>-'L   "">���' ���
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house !    Ask for Minard's and  lake no other
One Packet makes One Pint of Delicious Jelly
Packed in lhe following flavor:., leiiion, '.ran;...-, r..i-:,pbe.ry, apricot, straw-
 . -berry, pineapple, red currant, vanilla, calves font, and madiria
\"ani*ou\er, .fuue yn���C'ity Comi>-
t oiler Gibson. Major Jloiilibec and
Mr. Steve Mudison r.'tnnied as 8:30
o'clock Ibis inornutg from a tiip to
Xanaimu, wln-ic- they wuro .successful
ii purchasing, six wire cables, which
will 'be used in laying ��� the new wal-
erniain across the First Narrows. A';
splendid bargain 'meaning--'a'big saving Lo the city was alTec.twl. The. TopijJ
is almost as good as when it left
the factory. It was recently' discarded by a eoal mining coinpanyi as the
mining regulations call tori the renewal of cables on the hoists at regular intervals, whether they are(.in
good  condition   ov not.
The party left here for Nanaimo oq
Thursday morning at 4-30 o'clock
in' the waterworks boat' which was
recently equipped with a ten-horse
power gasoline engui'e. Running at
half speed .with the Comptroller, at
the helm, the gulf was crossed in. six
hours. After transacting their busin
ess the visitors were driven about
the city by Mr. Mullelt, the superin
tendent ofthe waterworks. Mr. Gibson is enthusiastic about the farming Inncl close to the 'town. He-says
it is .a veritable pnradis.- and an iti���
en I pine for an outing. Owing to
the choppy S'-a running las' nigh1
sturl    was   not    made    home   until
Oel Your-
To Our Gusto
- and Patrons -
Owing fo the faci" that some of our
Competitive Stores were kept open
yesterday* Dominion Day, likewise
on. previous-Holidays,  we cake this
opportunity of stating that cur store
will .be kept, open to the public on
all future holidays for the purpose of
transacting Business
\\mmmmimmm wmmmmmmmm\\t
te Mill' Ms
1st. Avenue, tadysm'th. B. C
tf. t. Humin;, Prop.
Carbonated Beverages,
Ginger   Beer
Fruit Syrups
.   P.   O.   Box   24S
f WJulton, Pork, W and Ml
��� ���*"���*~"=-     - -���   "���-   * ^^v
l_5 I-2C.  LB.    ~=��
i A.  HOWE 3
g V    MEAT   MARKET 3
S.    W,   P.    $2.00 Qalloti
EL EPHANT $1,75 OaUon
this   mi'irning.
Mr. It. II. Smith, collector of
Customs for tho |iort of Nanaimo.
received a telegram yesterday from
Ottawa, slating that the outport
of Comox was deilared closed, Saturday, .June .'ifilh and I hat Union
Hay is to be essnblishetl ns an out-
port, bogifiling .lulv 1st.
None Better-Capital & Nugget Cigars
Smoke Big P.. Cigars
Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars
Try a Province Clt/ai.
 FOR  ��
Tei.nis Oocds . ���
Lacrosse   Sticks ...���'
" -AND- ��� '.-'   ;*.
���    Base Ball Outfits   I
W. G. Fraser
Merchant Tailor
Suits     Made to  Order to Fit and to your
Satisfaction; Call and see Stock
We have    made   arraii.^omtuits"
to have    a launch  leave     the
wharf every hour durimg Thiirs
day  afternoons  and   on     Sundays after   10 o'clock  in     lhe
forenoon   fir   the  Green,     and
shell beach, where we have qs--
tahlishcd   refroshmeiit'    booths,
(.'ampcrs    wishing    plots    for
tenting should apply early, a��
the   Camping season  in nearly
her a
We have just received a shipment of the Famous
Each  one carries a special guarantee.     Prices from   $1.00, up.
- -CALL   and   SPM   THEM���	
Walchinnker, Jeweller, Optician
j;____t_3**a��SLs��iaBaBSUuijii .hieariiiip*^r;:;-i,^wv^JWf?��'��*^^vt-*r*Mfw
06*9   �������������������������������������������*�����������
a.       BLAIR
anel  latest   Patterns  and ��� Finishes  in
Pictures���British  and German.
Plate Mirrors.
o������t��8����o����etstea  ���eaeeeeesaeaeeeveadeae
Passe Partout Picture Biiwling in
all colors. Just arrived from the
factory in  lhe East.
Picture Eraininig Neatly done at
���  Granite anil Mai bis-Works  ���
�� '
Granite and: Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc,,:.at. the
lowest |iij|cfts ��� consistent
with lirsT^class stock .and
workmanship; ��� Write for
MS Yates St. Victoria  B.C
��� "
�����#*����������������������������������� ���'������ ��� ��� ���
Smoke a   Pig P  Cigar.
(S 132 H..S, P..)
At Johnson's Li\cry Stab.e every
Tuesday at noon, and will remain
until  Wednesday  noon, each week.


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