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The Daily Ledger Jul 6, 1905

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Array DUNCANS  LADSYniT]M  I  XEOISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  r^p  Daily Ledger  ! LADY5MITH  & DUNCANS  z  4  VOL,. 2,  THURSDAY, JULY (j,  1905.  _J  JU---7 _1905  ^-  ESCAPED CONVICTS  ALARM COUNTRYSIDE  LADYSMITH TO COMPETE  IT  :t  Eight Men Break Jail at McNeil  Island and Elude Vigilance of  the Authorities  Terri-  The Settlers are Greatly  fied and Fear They Will Foi-  low Footsteps of Trac^y.  Tacoma, July 5.���������Several convicts tiuTif tiers of a three-tier..section. In  who escaped From McNeil's island ( the secc nd tier were McCarty, Stick-  yesterday were reported seen at Sil- ncy, Wade and Malone, and in th  vci'ton yesterday, near Bremerton lo-, third tier Castle, Leslie; Moor- and'  day.    Residents were greatly excited   Talieoiichi. --  and formed a posse. Ed. Stickncy is' McCarty, Stick'ncy and Malone  reported to have been seen naked " worked through '* into Wade's cell  near HigiRinK. ;heach, ���������some miles* from From theie they broke through the  Steilacoon. He explained that he had ��������� the floor r^ito the cell ���������above, which'  fallen in the water and was dryiing | was occupied by Leslie. They' were  his clothes. J. H. Malone, another of joined by Castle, Moor and Takcou-  the eight, is said fo have been rowed chi. With the united efforts of the  across Hood's canal last night by eight men it'was an easy task to  three Seattle men who were camping force the sheet steel plates which cov  at Sealiecl.-, and did  not know  of  the  er Mie roof and get on  the outside.  In Football   and  Baseball  Matches and Hose Reel  Races  Transportation    Arranged  to Allow Ladysmith  People to Attend  in pucr  ,'ail-blieakiiig-. Country settlements  .**u*o greatly alarmed, recalling the ler  ror caused j*,y Tracey.  Warden Halligan says he is unable  to account for the escape of the men  and   does   not understand   how   they'  could have carried  en the  work     cf  cutting through the     walls without  attracting     some  attentioji.     ' The  walls ^between the cells were of brick  and the men had to cut through  six  of these ihcfore they gained their free  dom.   Warden Halligan believes thai  the  prisoners  were aided  from      the  outside by-prisoners who'were*    recently  released from the orison.  George Waxlc is believed to have  been the leader of the affair. He is  regarded as one of the most desperate men in the prison and has a bad  record. He was arrested in 1001 for  smuggling. While waiting trial he escaped, but was soon captured and  sentenced to one year in prison, lie  escaped, hut was captured and served the full term.  July,      1904, he w-a������ again arrested  for  smuggling   and was sentenced   to  two   years in   prison. He made      another escape three months later and  was not captured.   The next the author it-ics^   heard of him   was when  he  was fieh't to prison from Alaska, six  months ago to serve a sentence     for.  grfu'td- larcency.  It is supposed that the prisoners  got out about midnight, but they  were not missed until six o'clock  thjis morn ing. Guard Roberts,, who  was on duty in the corridor, noticed  that the men were missing from one  the cells,. anil--air investigation disclosed   the wholesale   jailbrcak.  Tlie     prisopers who..escaped** were  confined  in cells   in   the second'    and,  An      examination 'of the   premises  showed that the men made a wide de-  four  fo reach  the  water front. They  disable!   the prison   launches   so that  they co.tild ml   lie   pursued,  took the  only two     rowlioats  and got away  under cover  of  darkness. . The  two.  boats were new and very fast. -One"'  is.    a twenty-foot   'boat,   lap" seam,"'  painted  while  with  the letters" USP  burned  in   tlie  stern .over  the scat..  The other boat is of the same build  and  painted  lead  color. 'Both   have  four oars.  The theory is that thei men*- will  make for Port Madison and irom  there go to - Port fJamble. and Port  Townsend and ship on an\out-vessel.  This is the route, followed'-by* Wade  when lie escaped from 'thc-prison  onee before. , .,   ,        .  The officers believe. that, tlie men  rowed as far as.they couhb before  daylight and during the day were in  hiding in the heavy undergirowth  which covers a large part of the  f hoie down the .Sound. With'this belief a close watch hits been kept at  as many points along the shore as  possible" all day.���������'"' '""''"'"  "'"'"'  In   Tacoma   the entire  police  force  and  deputy ..sheriffs have been guarding every possible entrance to     the  city  to  preclude  tlie possiblity s*   of  the men getting in here and finding a  temporary hiding place.    The force is  scattered   all  along  the shore     .line  from Point   Defiance   to   ������?feilacdom.  -Guard  Roberts  is  a new man, but  the  ofli.c'tafls  cannot ^ understand how.  he      could have   missed   hearing the  men-as.they- made- their escape.' He  passed by" the cells several times, but  says  that he heard not  the slightest  sound all night.:;    L;'|.    .Ur, :[  The     sporting cluls of Ladysmith  will  lie well   represented  at.  Cumberland on Wednesday, when" the citizens  of that thriving- little ccal -city will  celebrate     on a grand scale, Orangeman's      Day. A    sSpeeial   trat>i  will  leave Ladysmith   for  Nanaimo     on  Tuesday evening at 5.''0, and will arrive there in time for the passengers  to patch the S.S.  City of Nanaimo,  which  leaves for  Union  Bay  at   six  o'clock.vf)n  the return tr.'jp "the ship  will .leaveUnicn  at 11  o'clock Wednesday  night,  and passengers  by this  will land in Nanaimo in time to catch  the Thursday morning train   for  Ladysmith.  Among the events on  the celebration  programme is a football  match,  Ladysniith vs. Camfcbrland,  for      a  prize  valued at $75. The local boys  are, ivory hopeful ofccomingi off victor-  torious in this match,  ami will hold  a practice  on     Friday  and  Monday  next. 'ih-j Cumberland  football team  .8 stated  to be a gocd^ one this year  and tlie tussle promises to be one of  a most interesting nature.    Cumberland,"is not anxious to  let the     $75  prize"leave that city, but the Lady'  smith men -.arc going to make a hard  try  to introduce it .into their  trcas-  j i '  ury.  ��������� There will also Tie a hose reel  race,   - and    among   the .contesting  teams- w.H  be one sent from  Ladysmith under the auspices* of tlie local  fire department. The Lady smith bas'e-  ballers also are playing'<i match with  the Cumihcrland  team'. ~It is understood   that   Mr.   N. A. Morrison     is  going to try his luck at throwing the  hammer,',and "putting" the shot.'- ���������  The-Ladysmith sportsmen w'ill'  no  doubt take with them a big crowd of  "rooters,"      whom  it, is  hoped  will  cheer -them o*i to victory in events- in  which  they enter.  The     return    fare to  Cumlncrland  from Ladysmith .will be about $3.60.  New Yoik,  July (i.���������It can be *  definitely  staled  that  President *  Roosevelt  has   offered   the posi- *  tion of    Secretary of State  to '  Klilwi  Root,   and   (hat  Mr.Root *  *      has  accepted.               . *  *****    *    *********** i  . c   SHOOTING AT  BISLEY  ��������� "  The    Americans Lead    by  Five Points at the Two  Ranges  Bislcy   Camp,   En&jkmd,   July-fi.���������  The match between the seventh jreg-  nnciii,  N.  G.  of N.  Y.,   and of   the  Queen's  Westminster  Volunteers   lor  the Sir   Howard   Vincent   Shield'began  today.   Weather conditions  were  unfavorable ow'fiig   to the  glare     of  the sun     and a'Strong,  gusty wind.  The  teams,  eight  men on  each   side,  today  fired   fifteen shots each at 500  and   (.00  yards.      Riflemen  from    all  parts rf the-world, who  are here for  (���������:.c      regular    Bisley'   fheeting,   are  showing keen interest 'in this match.  The Americans xwerc five points  ahead at the end of the. 500 -yards  range shooting, the scores being.  Americans,  392; Westminsters, 387-II  The scores for the six hundred  yards resulted as follows: AmeiV-Fans  3C9; Westminster, 369. The Aiiion-  cans thus lead by five points at.' the  two  ranges.  DISI0Y&UY OF LITHUAN  UN LIFE GUARDS  They Refused to Go to Man  churia and Comrades  Upheld Them  -~< 5PRICE FI VE CENT  / ��������� '  Commander Forced to Call  Upon Cossacks and a ~  Bloody Fight Ensued  Berlin, July fi.���������-A correspondent at  rKalfowitz,     Silesia,  says   he learns  from     an  altogether  reliable source  that sixteen men who were designated in each company of the Lithuanian  Life Guard regiment  in Warsaw  logo   to Manchuria  June  28,   refused  1o go and their comrades' declined to  make them do bo.   Their colonel sent  to another  Life  Guard   regiment  for  help, .but the  men  also  refused      lo  obey   orders.    Upon  a similar  refusal  of a third    life' guard  regiment,   the  Colonel ot the'Lithuania* regiment applied  to , the military commander   o"  Warsaw,  who  sent  a detachment  of  Cossacks  to the Mokolow camp, r  i'otiic of the mutineers fired  on    tha.  fossae' s 'who returned thctfirc, fourteen    altogether    befjig killed  before  1lio.se   who  resisted  were  anesled.  ���������. j   '    THIRTY-FIVE" LOSE  LIVES IN TORNATO  Fort Worth,-Texas,, July ,G.���������  1 The latest reports from Monla-  1 gue County, which-was parlial-  * ly !swept by a tornado, give the  '   number of dead - as 3f>.  STAFF CHIEF  1   FOR DRASTIC STEPS  Admiral    Wirenins    Advocates  Sinking of the Rebel Ship,  Kniaz Polemkine  He Says it is Necessary to Make  an Example of Crew and Restore Discipline  St. Pelcrsqtirg, July 0.���������Inquiry at 'prompt  the admiralty this morning ecu-  firms the report current i������le ";*-���������..  night that the Kniaz Potimki-is had  already left Theodo.sia. Acrmiial  Wircnius, chief of the.naval stall, informed  the Associated Press that ac-   hands  solution would be lo send a  torpedo boat to sink her, and I havc  advocated that course. The situation  is g.mve. Th.3 ship is now in the  hands cf her crew, and also in lhe  of lhe revolutionary com.nl l-  cotding   to  the  latest  advices      the ! tw;>  battleship is still at Thcodbsia. They ihave issued high-soun'ding mani-  "What will  be  done?"  asked     tlie I f^st-os  to the powers.   Thev want to  correspondent.  "W-e cannot  tell you,*'   was  fie reply,   "The   whole  affair   is   iu      the  he considered    insurgents.   I presume  their next step will be to ask for ree-'  ognition as belligerents. 'Thev know  * *  * *  *    *    ������    *    *  GREW OF RUSSIAN CRUISER  Lena Desire to be Paroled  and Allowed to Return  Home  FOR THE  PASI YEAR  ROW OVER  THE FLAG  New    York,  July C��������� A Roclivster  despatch to the Tribune says: A protest has been lodged  with Cue Canadian  minister of marine by    lap tain  Simmons, of  the Canadian schoonor  Acacia because,    the     port colled or  compelled  him   to  lower  the   British  flag  on  hi������  vessel in   the. hai'b.ii:-   at  Charlotte.     on   July '4th.    Collector  Bump   wns' informed   that   the   boat  had  floated tin*    bi'on   Jack  on    lhe  morning      of   July 4th,   and   ord-ved  Capt. Simmons to haul it down, s.-y-  ing  it was an  insult  to the     itl ui.il  holiday.      Simmons      refused,      t'.-id  threatened to  shoot  the collector  if  he .boarded his -vessel.   Finally,  Simmons lowered the Hag vvh.-n  threatened  with  refusal  of clearance pap-J's.  i  THE LOAN OF">,  $150,000,000  London,-��������� July   6.���������The negotiations"  rpr   the loan ,of $150,000,000  with the  tobacco monopoly as security   were  priactically  completed   today  and the  terms   vvill   be signed   tonight.      The  issue pnlfce will be 90, ��������� at interest'H  per cent,  and the loaii  will be etpial-  ly  divided between  New  York,    ,on-  don and Germany, and run for twenty   years.    The.   issuing   bouses       in  New York will be Kuhn Loeb & Co.  The National Bank and  the National  Hank of Commerce.    In London   *,he  Hong      Kong   &   Shanghai   Banking  Corporaticin,     the Yokohama Specie  I'able,     and      in   Germany  thirteen  house's   in   different,  cities   will   issue  bonds.    The  prospectus   will   i>e out  July   11.  VaUejo',  Cal.,  July 6.���������More than  100  members  of the crew of      the  Russian cruiser Lena, which is    interned 'at the Mare Island navy yard,  have made a demand  upon Commander Genthcr,  in charge of the vessel,  that may lie accorded the same privileges as those granted the enlisted  men of the Russian ships  interned at  Manila,  that is,, that, all  of the crew  except enough men toman the ship  be "paroled and allowed   to return to  their  homes   in Russia.    Commander  Gciither  told  the  men that he-would  communicate  their   wishes to       the  state department at Washington,   +~   Mr. Conway, customs officer, has  courteously handed' to The Ledger  for publication the following shipping report for the vear ending, June  30:  Inwards from Sea���������No. 289; tea-",  register. 201,440.  Outwards lor Sea���������No. 3C5; tons  register, 208,178; tons cargo, 234,-  S34.  Coastwise entered- inwards���������No.  668; tons register,  92,5-99.  Coastwise entered outwards��������� No.  662; tons register,   84,260.    -'  Value of exports for year, $1,821,-  972.  DEATH OF NOTED  PHYSICIAN   OCCURS.  Winnipeg,   July  5.���������The  death     ol  Dr.  C   L.  Large, of Sinclair, .occurred at. the Brandon hospital.   The deceased   gentleman  was  widely  1 nown  in  this  part o"  the province  ai.dt--d  many  friends  and acquaintances .   in  Brandon,  .jvhere. he     was a ficquciit  visitor. For several y-.'ars   l)r    1 arge  practised   in   Alexander,     and     from  there went to  Grasswold,    but   for  some time past his home has   been  at  Sinclair.  hands ol Vice Admiral ;hou������nin and, their heads are forfeited and will  lie has not commu'iiickted ns p.ans stop at nothing.. In the eyes of the  (o .us. A'dmiral Kru-gcr's ships we^'e.'aw they are outlaws and piratis.  due to leave Odessa yesterday pfter-'The first thing necessary is to lake  noon. They should niwba ai rising an example ofthe ciew and res Lore  at  Selastopol." i discipline in the Bl-at-k Sea fleet."  "Do you   think  upon   their arrival !    Admiral  Wircnius said  there     was  Vice Admiral Chou'tinm    - !1 ��������� ��������� spatch no   truth in the repot ts from Vienna*  lhe sqiuadron  to try  to  capture   the  that  four     hundred  Russian sailors  Ivniaz Potemkine?" had   destroyed   a cruiser  and  sought  "We do not know what he will do.   refuge     on  boatd a British schooner  In   my opinion  the easiest and  most    bound   for   Constantinople.  LEANDERS  AGAIN VICTORS  y  They Defeated the Belgians  -   . by Two and a Half   ���������  Lengths  ADVERTISED  HIS  HEARTS  FOR SALE.  ORIGIN  OF THE DERBY CONDEMNED  MAN  Thc'-twelffh     Earl of Derby is u..l * WANTS  NEW TRIAL,  to the reader of the ordinary history N��������� York, July fi.-U is aimounc-  ���������fyjok. Lovers of art know him vague- ed that Albert T. Patrick, who is  ly as the peer who married the prct- ', waiting execution for the murder of  ty and popular actress, Eliya barren, | Wm. Marsh Rice, the Texas mulli-  whom the young Lawrence painted so millionaire, has instructctl his counsel  heautifuny. But the earl  bad  his | David   B.   Hill,   to   take, his ease    to  'revenge   ' when all the  world  Hocked   ���������'���������������    J-1'"'"'  Sl*tes  Supreme  court,  to  Epsom     recently  lo see the race  for the Derby stakes.   For that race, .  institution in 1780, was ..named   'aml 1llc W^1' w-" ^ proceedings  , The  '��������� the  execution of Patrick is  set for.  week commencing   August  7th,  in its  after the jovial young  peer who'was  temporarily.  one of     the lead inc  Georgian turf.   o-  pali'ons  SUBMARINE  FOUNDERS  WITH CREW OF THIRTEEN  (,r the/ ���������   PASSENGER TRAIN  WRFCKEl) AND CARS BURN.  Great    Falls,  Mont.,   July  6��������� A  wesMummd   g-reat   Northern   passenger    train  was  wrecked  at Spring-  Fcrryville,      Tunis,     July   6.���������   A j brook, N.D.,   last   night.     All      the  French  submarine  with  a crew     of   passenger ears were burned.   Several  thirteen  aboard  foundered here    to- | persons  were injured,  hut so   far as  day, learned no om was killed.  Telegrams  and telephone messages  in answer  to  an  advertisement     to  sell his    body and  two hearts after  death have kept A. Dtirr, of     New  Rochelle    busy     today,  says  a New  York  dispatch.  Although   it is known   that      Durr  has been offered large sums oi money  for his body, which is equipped with  two hearts, he refuses to state     the.  amounts.   He  is keeping these a secret in hopes that a larger sum may  be offered.   None of the offers received so far have been accepted nor  is  it likely  that  a choice will Ire  made  for  some  days   in   order   to gjvc  the  entire     medical     profession of   the  country a chance to entertain       the  proposition.    By  trade Durr  is       a  BURNS   AND  KELLY  MATCHED TO FIGHT  Portland, Ore., July (;....Tommy  Burns and Hugo Kelly of Detroit,  havc signed articles to Tight at Los  Angelos on July 2o. They will weigh.  158 iwunds at :������ o'clock -on the day  af the light. Burns and Kelly fought  a draw  i-tt Detroit.  CONSUL FOR  NORWAY  At Honolvilli Finds Himself  in a Very Strange  Dialemma  Henley,   En-g.,   July   0.���������The   Leanders who yesterday defeated the Vespers of  Philadelphia,   won  the.-: linal  lveisit'-to-day  in   the contest   for      C'e  Grand     Challenge  Cup  by  defeat in-*-  , the    Belgian   crew   two   and- a ltd!  lengths   in- the spkndid   time  of   six  minutes    fiG seconds.    This  is     five  seconds -Ufitler than yesterday and Is  only five seccmls outside the record.  Eton  again carried otT  the  ladies'  plate,      defei.iting    Christ's   College,  Cambridge,  by  a length.  Time,  7.12.   o   VANCOUVER MAN WAS  BADLY STUNG  Honolulu, July G.���������Included in the  crew and officers of the wrecked  Norwegian vessels Salamis and Victor, brought here by the schooner  Matthew Turner, are 26 Norwegians,  who were greatly surprised to loam  of the separation of their country  from Sweden, and who were in doubias to what consul to call on. Wm.  Shotenhaurc, acting consul for Norway and Sweden, is without official  ���������notifieiition of the severance  of    the  carpenter.   He'is 35 -fcfers old, single'. relations between the two countries,         He works'aiwl he   will  send   the  menfliomc    if  they do not secure employment lien*.  The local  Japanese  press  says that  the Tokio  government  and  the picture of health.  every day  and   leads  a regular  life.  Up  to a few years ago Dmr did not  lnow that he  possessed two hearts.!  This was discovered  when  he called    new order   which went  a physician  to  treat him for a slight   July  1st,  increasing   the number   of  attack of illness.    Since  then  he has   immigrants   per  steamer  to   Hawaii  submitted to  examinations by  many   from  10) to 400.   Half of  the mini-  ias   issued    a|  into effect on  I of the most celebrated heart specialists in the, country4  her  may be laborers,  the other half  women   arid children.  Vancouver, ��������� July 5.���������Slung   into in-  sensab'ility by a swarm  of bees,  Mr.  J.  Tail,  of South  Vancouver,  lay unconscious for ever two hours Sunday  afternoon  lofore  those  working     on  him could  revive  him.    Tilr.   T-aif lives   near  Mr.  M.   J. Henry's      South  Vancouver  niusery,   and  on Sundny a  hi-.i* of -bees swarmed  iu the nursery,  h.-iij-jng'themselves   in  a torpid   mass  from  the branch  of a small  tree.,Approaching  the  tree,  Mr.  Tail put up  his   ham Is   to shake   the   insects   into  the   pan   he carried   for   the   purpose,  but   unfortunately 'a number   of them  rolled down-.into  the sleeves       thai-  covered   his   mi I������I retched   arms.Roused tolacl'ion, the  bees slung his arms  several  times  and  then  attacked  his  hetul.    So   fiercely   did   they   swarm  about him  that   after a few steps la-  ken   in   fight,   he   slagg.ri-'.l   and   sank  imcoiisciWis     to     llu* ground.        His  plight 'was  noticed   and   a lvsi-ue    effected,  but it vvas  two hours    before  lie   again   became   conscious   of     his  surroundings.'  It  is reported thai -Mr.  Tail, win is an (.Id   man, is now for  tunek'H' no worse for his exceedingly  painful experience.  U. S. SAJLORS  IN PARIS  Paris, July f;.���������The unusual sight  of a ltu-pt'f detachment of United  Slates sailors and'marines "winj'lng  through  the central  thoroughfares of  Paris   today  aroused  great   inteiesf,  and  brought out  an enthusiastic ovation from  (lit* crowds along the   line  oi march.    The  American  naval contingent   numbered  500   men,  with   25  officcis,   an-.l   arrived   in   two   special  trains 'this  morning from Cherbourg.  They      were uniformed  as a landing  parly,   wearing  the regulation  gaiters and carrying rifles with fixed ba-  yoftels.      A company   of   French  infantry was drawn up fronting      the  station to receive the Americans. After the French hand had played   the  "Siar  Spangled . Banner*"  and     the  "Marse'i'llaise,"   the  escort  took   up  tlie line of march across the Esplanade of the Invalides to the Avenue  Pupiet,   and   thence   to the  military  school,  where they were received by  a company   of French   troops   drawn  up in the great  court.    Again      the  national  anthems   were   played     and  salutes were exchanged.   Tlie. visiters  were then  taken within the military,  school,   which   will  serve   as     their  barracks during their "stay here.  Tin* ceremony   of the delivery     of  Paul .Jones' body takes place at the  American  church  of  the  Avenue   de  Lalma  at 3.30   this afternoon.  DISHONEST  ACTRESS  i  London,   July  6.���������"Annie  Grant,''  of  Chicago,  claiming to  be an     ac-  liess,  was committed today at     the  police     court to sliand   trial  at  the  Old   Bailey  on a charge  of stealing al  pearl necklace  worth   $10,000     from  Cluisiie's  auction  rooms.   The  woman,  whose real name is  thought  to  be Annie Gleason,   according U>, the  prosecutinb   attorney   visited   Christie's,   inspected  the.  necklace ^,n'd  secured a duplicate ot imitatiotji pearls  which,  on a second visit,  she substituted  for the  genuine while the     attendant's back    was turned".       The  prisoner  obtained   a continental  passport at  the  American ambassy    six  months ago in the name of Annie M.  Grant   of  Chicago,   but   nothing   further is known  of her.  TROOPS  MOBILIZING'ON        ,        -  '   SWEDISH   FRONTIER  FIVE KILLED  IN EXPLOSION  Copnellsville,   Pa.,   July   Ii.���������      Five  nu'n   are.  known   to have   been   killed  anil many injured in a mine explosion  at  Kestein  shaft  today.    The  mines  are  located   near   Searighls,   1'i-nna.,  six miles from  Connellsville.   The a",  i-idi'tit   is supposed  to have been ca> s-  ed by a premature explosion "f dyna-  milci.  Five men  were killed  ,\u 1  one  was seriously  injured.    The men were  found   al   the   bottom   of   the shaft,  which   is   HI   feet  deep.  MISS   SUTTON  NOW  TO  PLAY   FOR  CHAMPIONSHIP  Loudon, July (>.���������Miss MayS ultoa,  of Pasadena, ��������� Californoa, won the  final in lhe all-comers ladies' cham-  ph lisbip at Wimbledon today, defeating Miss Willison, the champion of  Kent, (;-:>. S-6. Miss Sutton will  now meet Miss Douglas for the  championship.  Today's     match proved  to be the  hinlesC Miss   Sutton  has  yel struck.-  There      were     four   dttece   games   in  bolh  sets.    The  American   was  lived  a I  the commencement of  the second  set, and   the   Kentish champion seem  ed  to be winning  when Miss Sutton  tallit.l and  ultimately won.   Her vic-  Ir.ry was very popular.   An enormous  gallery    witnessed      the   match   and  si nod  up  on stands and  cheered    the  winner.  New York, July 5.���������A cable to the  Journal from Christiania, Norway,  dated  July 3, 2 p.  m., says:  The insls-c:.'! rej-ort-that a squadron of Swedish warships is on its  way here has created a profound sen-  sal ion. 11 is believed that arrival of  the vessels will precipitate hostilities. At 1'rcdericksladfc, where the  second largest garrison of Norwei-  ga-iv troops is maintained, the sol-  iliers i.n SaC..'rday were served with  iL'i' ball cartridgj's each and sent by  special Indus to flu- t'ofts along the  Swedish frontier. This move, meets  the -menacing altitude of Sweden,  which has filled the frontier forts  with Iron's. The two armies now  confro-tiK each other along the whole  frontier. An overt ait may bring on  the lighting at any  moment..  Stockholm July 5.���������'fhe government  has issued a proclamation becoming  effective immediately dcclating {-".tuck-  holm, KiVrlskrona, Gotherburg, and  Farosund -to be war porls and excluding, all foreign vessels from these  ports.  Count Glydcnslolpe, the. foreign  -Minister, in an interview with tho  cor respondent cf tl-.c     Associated  Press, made the following statement,  to say'regarding the alarming rumors  The' Associated Press is authorized  emenatin-g from Christiania that no  aggressive measures have been taken"  or are even contemplated by the Swedish cov?.*rnmcnl. The Swedish s^iad-  ron is only holding the usual summer  nia-neiivres near- <"V then burg. No  Swedish tr.iops have been dispatched  to the rr vinees or frontier. Only  the usual regimonls arc now stationed  near 'the frontier.  In the ladies' open doubles Misses  Thompson and Longhurst beat Misses Sutton and Morton G-3, G-2.  ������.   tl  '1 THE  DAILY IED6ER  "published   every day except Sunday.  DY        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  *"*���������"    COMPANY.  Offices,   Ladysmith and  Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  60 cents  a  month,    $5  per  year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on application.  Till RSI) W, Jl'I.V (I,  l'Ui.-j.  COlCvVS (IPIMOX  ON  Si Petersburg, .July G���������Maxim  Gorkv. t'ne noveltsl, who is hvumat  Kokola, a small vi!l"; o on the coast  ot Finland, has leftt^eil a ilatteiing  oherto go on a led nine, loui in the  Cmtr 1 Slates, picfeiiing to remain  wheie he is and le on hand at the  hour oi aiding the woik of emancipating Russia. Ooiky is one ol the nc  o ;������i"/r-il loaders of the constituents,  a"i'v is msiled daily by icrsous fiom  a'l pat Is of Russia He has .a. large  in ome but gives the majority of it  to (he cause which he has at heart.  Goil.y is a gteaf admirei of (he United States and of President. Roose-  ie.l,  bit!      while he     giv������.s unstinted  Everyhhing  C omforteble  when you  retire  WQar/s  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  tadvsmith Hardware Co  ���������   ���������    AGENTS,  Trade Marks  Designs   -  ��������� Copyrights Ac  Anrone lending s Bk'etch and dodcrlntlon mm  nulcUlr ascertain our oplmo.i free vrlicllje.- :i������  intention il probably patentable. Ooiiiinuiiloi-  lioiuBtrictljconUdoiitlal. Handbook on Patents  ���������lent trea. Oldest aiiency for aocuimg patent a.  Patent! taken through Slunn ft Co. receive  ���������Fecial notice, without charge, in the  Scientific American.  \ h������ud������ome1r Illustrated woeitly r.nreest circulation of any ecioiitldo Journal. '1'unim, tJ a  ra������r: tour moiitba. ������l. Holdbyii I nuwsilealers.  MUNN & Co.3618-004^ New Yorlf  -Branch omco. (ST. V SU- WanbiuBlou. I>. C.  LADYSMITH AERIE.     NO. ������ll, F.  O. E.'    :���������:   '    :���������:   .    :���������:        *���������i  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  ���������jrd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President, B   Forcimmei;     Worthy  Secretary, C H. Rummings.  ftytfijffili^^^  mm&jjggZl  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Railway  Time Table No. 55,  TAKING  EFFECT TUESDAY, JUNE 20,  1905.  "4,  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught; also "���������������-  guages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils aad water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons glr-  en in classes'or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. B   C.  Northbound '      Southbound Northbound  Leave / f Daily Arrive   Leave  A.M.     P. M.   v    9.00   13-0C Victoria  Under Now Managment  Ha'r.05 and, Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell & Woodbank  Proprietors.  '  Organs...  Ladysmith, B.C.  "l$$* A  po.ssihly check the side of leform.  "Maxim   Gorky's  health   has   gicatly  improved     His   attorney.-, arc   mating  piaise to      the   I'lesident's  efforts   to   f)lans  fo,   ]l|S defence  ofthe charge of  biuig  the wai io a close,  lie savs  he  thi'ik.s      that fiom a      Russian standpoint'it  would     bc������.i misfortune.    Iu  spite ol the     cost of the war and the  gu-.it Joss     or hie,  the struggle with J poenmg   ministers  of state  ami   othei  .Ii pan   has jiioved  to be an   unmitiga-   high persons.  te '   blessing    ','To  Rts.si.i,"  said   the j ^  _^,^r  w , . ....   .->������-������.  no.elisl   in      an   inter\te>v   lodav,   "H _  ho-,  oneni d      the eves of  lhe country   [������ acrinaioniA   __ 0?S������GNS.���������   \  \  precipitating the icvolutioi.ar^nots,  which ihey hope lo comeit into a  political   demonstration   and aie   sub-  is-, opeiud the eves of the eo.mlry f fl^jpigj-*!**������ -*}$������  .o ltiipissihilitv ol )le ptcsent ieg- [WmftX \\ ������>������������������ I 0*NDnC^-������  D,. am.  hasalicady  p,cducc-a chants   ^ ?M������ ������ ���������"Z'.^'^wmm  i  WjkIi '.tie haidlv even di earned ot  two .M'.'is a������o. Ii pra.ee sl.o-ild come  now the government would he able lo  turn  its attention   (o  ihe  interim and  ���������_ MAhKS   i  COPYRIGHTS .'  OBTAINED  ������������������    i  ADVICE A3 TO PATENTABIl'TY  NoIja. ��������� i" " Inventive A������e "  Bool: -'How tool> tainTutenfs"  Chm )*s wiodr'nle. No fee li!l patent -is cecum"  j   't.-.-<5 hi. vt'.v confidential.   Address,  " '���������*-. F:i!<:<' ' "T'i Washinnon, D. r  I  E. <���������  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLHND HOTEL  ANGELOTATE, PROP.  Board nl reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra   well  Stocked  Fop .  Light or Heavy Teaming  Wood and Bark for Sale  JBl'GGJRS  FOR TITRP: ':������������������   '���������:   See J.  KEMP, or  lean* ordeis  Leigh's TransferStables  JIRST   AVENUE _ 'PHONE C-0.  at  It should be borne In mind that  every' cold weakens the lung*, lowers tlie vitality and prepare* the  system for the wore serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by IU  promot cures of this most common  ailment. , It aids expectoration, re-"  liwes the lungs and open* tho"  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure.. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneunwnia..  Price 25c, Large Site 50c..  Modern and     Strictly .First  Class.  Commeicial Mens'  headquarters.  Fire rtoof    Building.  Covering Old Surface?  THE JONES HOTEL  .   ���������������  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Qo������d Bai  (Hal? Btack frOT������ 0������P������t-)  GATACRIS   STREET-  -Ladysmith.  We have just" received a large shipment of the famous .Melrose Liquid  Paints, the best on the maibet at  $1.75 per gallon. We als,o handle Maple Leaf brand of varnishes, buggy  paints, etc., in fact we have everything to beautify the home,  j    Wallpapers    from   10c  to  $.t.00  per  Double Roll.  i  ,r  Painting and  paperhanging done at  l  reasonalilp rules   at   ,  HARRY  KAY  FIRST AVENUE  HOTEL     LELAND.  IT. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets   Telephone,  1���������4.  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates f 1 25 at d "11.50���������  Fi-ee buB to a I) steamboat lanlingeand  railwuv depute.    Electric car* every fiv������  oiinntee to all parts of   the city.   Ba*  and tablt. unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C.  vnfil ioi m\  Be sure your ticket reads  via  Any  TH6 CITY 7^ RRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith R. C#  ������ '^^&g&B^&23&jSZ  lie Notice  Attention is called  to the      tact  that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co,   Limited,  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR have for some time  past beer, producing Clour in a vastly improved and purified form  by   tlie aid  of E LLC'1 R1C! TY  and  having secured  control   of    <tll   the basic patents relating  thereto,  tal������'e  lliis opportunity of advising   the   public   that   any   unauthorized  users of  the electrical     dour   purifying pioeesscs   will   be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Compa-ny Limited  x'e th.e  only millers in Candda whose *Flour i������  purified by the electric process  This   lintel   hac    been   coiniiletfly reno aled.  "Board   and  lodging  $I.DH   per day.  H C") T E L-   ..PRE TO RI Fi  B::.r   Sh     lied   with   the   Lest    Wines,  Liijtiors and  Cigars. 1st Avenue :-:   :-:  :-:  Ladysmith B.C.  rr  '*"?!  Kind  of  HILBERT  .igoimmWmtimmWiimmmmmm  ML  Done Promptly,and  WELL  At  THE  EDGER  Office  it nk������s smalms  NEW^ROP-  Home Grown 8c  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     aiM������  FLOWER  ;    SEEDS.    ������������������'   : '  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  .ORNAMENTAL    TREES  ;hododendrons, roses,  greenhouse "and hardy  PLANTS.  :For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.    ^*  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  I  Overlands  Daily  1  CHEAP EXCURSION  RATES  to  ALL  points  east,   June 29,  30,   July  r>th.  Shortest     route to    Feinie, B. C,  and  ALL KOOTENAY  POINTS.  For rates,     folders,     sleeping car  reservations and ������'l Information caU  on or address  S. O. YKRKES,     E. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P-A., "��������� Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  FflcB Young  BARRISTOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAIMO, LADYSMITH  A re You  Going East  >  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  tw'  Geo/Roberts,  eat Market  ������������ Prop  1st Avene  The  only  line  now  making    UNION  DEPOT    connections  at  ST. PAUL  and      MINNEAPOLIS    with    . the  through^   trains    Iroro    the    Pacific  Coast.  THJS     SHORTEST     LINE, THE,  FINEST TRAINS,  THE   LOWEST  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and  ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask your  ocal agent or write,  F. XV. PARKER-  Qenes&I  Agent,  "(20 2nd Are., Seattle.  TICKET   OFFICE  and  Yates  Sta.,  Victoria    Shawn i^an Lake  Duncans"   Ladysmith     Nanaims   Ar. Wellington    .  Sat. Sun. Southb'd  and   Wed. Arrive  P. M.     P. M.     4.80   7 5S  10:20 10.46 Shawniga"  Lal.e  '11:00   10.82'Duncan     11:57    9.10 Ladysmith  5.17  G.4I  5.55 5.55  G.45  5.00 '  12:40- 8.20 Nanaimo      7.37  4.IS  12:53Lv 3.00   Ar. Wellington    7.52   de AM  S. S.  '"JOAN" sails from Nanaim o'for    Vancouver   Daily except Sun-'  day; at 7 00- a. m.,     returning sails from      Vancouver   for   Nanhyimo   at  l.Sf p.m.   ' i *  Excursion rates in.effect to all points, good going Saturday and Sunday,  returning net  later  than Mend day.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Traffic Manager.  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  .    SILVER ORES.  Smelting-,Work's at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  1  >'���������������������������*������������������������^���������'BW.***^.*���������*>^.<'S**^'���������������������������^^^  I"   THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     f  I .  I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  ;  Beneral Manager. V���������IVI. H..u&v.. ^  ������*>-������^,*Is*^^ft**lsV������*^^  THOS. KIDDIE.    ,  Smelter Manager.  i  W. SILEJR.  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DEUVERY  WORK PROMPTLY DC?* ������������������'.  ' "    ' -<���������*,   '      '    -.   ���������  Leave srders at the Abbotsford.  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI0RS  HIGH STREET.  :--:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������j  RATBS ������a.oo P������R DAY  BAR SUPPLIED WITHB1?Sti  'WINES, IvIQUOKS, CIGARS  HOTEL  i T    *      * *���������������     i  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and flehing iu near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  *'  *  LlVERV, BiDARDINa AND  SALES- STABLES  EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  f PHONE 66  *  *  *  LADYSiWITH jf  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W.  COBURN, Man.   Direstoc  Telephone*;46.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co  Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITII-Shinglcs a Specialty.  ���������Manufactutera    of���������  Roujih and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality,  Seasoned  and; Kiln  Drkrf  Fkxirli^     and Finishing    Lnmier In   Stock.  GANADIANBANK  OF GOMMERGE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Managrer        ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  Cor.  Government  Victoria, 13. C-  3  3  Trains.  Transcontinenta1  Trains  Daily  One of which is the famous "North  Coast Limited," Ride on it always:  Up-to-date Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on all trains. Through tickets issued to all paints East and  South, also Pullman tickets issued  and herths reserved.  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Park. Cheap rates from all points  Easti frotm March 1st to J\lia.'y 16th.  Steamship tickets on sale to all  European points. Very low rates  now in effect. Cabin accommodation  reserved  hy wire.  For further  particulars call  at the  ofn or phone No. 456  A. D* CARLTON, C. E. LANG  AGP.A.,  N.P., General  Ag#nt  Portland, Ore. Victoria,. B.C  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES :  $5 and under:. .'...'.'     3 cents  ,       Over $5 and not exceeding $10......    6 cents  "    $10        "        ������������������������������������" $30.  10 cents  "    $30       " " $50  15 cents - ���������-    ���������������������������  These Orders are Payable at Par aT any office in C nuda of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking- points ii the United States.  ��������� " - MSOOTIABLB AT A FIXBD RATE A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC   '. LONDON, ENG.  They forth an excellent method of remittin   small sums of money  '   with safety and at small   :ost.  LADVFVJTH BRANCH  W.  A. CORNWALL.  Manager.  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making to order   a  speciality.  THOHAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Best accommodation. for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar Is up-to-  date. Rates il.tft a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, prop.  Esplanade u-< ���������>-: :������-: !>������; Ladysniith  LADYSiVlifH BAKERV  HOP LEE &  CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED  AND FRESH.  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to bt delivered at any time.  Employment Ageney,  HAY. GRAIN AW)  FARM "KODIiif  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lew  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, ������, tke  Bsplanads.  JASi WARNOei-j " V  '^������������������|ir,r>B>TMrirai  mmm  wm  mmm  ���������mmm  "nurn'mij mmmmmmsstm.  Plana, Specification! aud Details furrisheai for all kinds  of work ia the CARPENTER  Line -  C. -B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, 2nd ������ve, Ladysmith,  B.  C.  AND  Its   Great   Resources  ��������� * .      -, i-  i -,  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this Botice,  will' be prosecuted.  HUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  ii  CALEDONIAN'  No part of British Columbia today oners so many advantagss to the  "investor as does VANCOUVER ISL AND.  Its vast and varied natural .weal th has-.never been as yet, thoroughly  rippreeiated by reason of the fact that it has never been promiently laid  before the public.  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  X>AL  [TIMBER  FISH  GAME  GOLD  SILVER  IRON  COPPER  :o:-  R. R. RITHET,  & Co.. Ltd  ' - <     Pacific Coast  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������:  Agency.  ���������I .���������: ���������������������������B.C  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,   will grow almost any product of the  soil known to man,  WHEAT VEGETABLES.  APPLES.  OATS  In ye  OF  ALL  KINDS  PRUNES  PEARS  A WONDERFUL  SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS    AND     BERRIES  The Canadian Pacific Compatny will adopt a literal land policy, and  the 1,500,000 acres controlled by them will be disposed of on reason-  ble terms to actual settlers.  Government lands can he secured   .and     money can he made by those  who desire anew home iu a country   possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmi th, will supply any information obtainable to those who contemplate a visit with a view of investment if  |onditions are found as advised.  Is the >centre of. the great cp������l mining district; a beautiful Harbor,  [here hundreds of great colliers come in  each  year.  LADVSMITH  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THE LINE FROM VICTORIA TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to grow in importance as the Island is  iveloped.  Subscribe for and read THE DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B.'C.  The New Western Hotel  flood rooms,     good beds, and good board. ___  'Our Bar is newly fittedup and well supplied and is in charge or  JOS. PELLIGRINELLi  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  JtlTORIES     AND   THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may he purchased  at 110 per acre*i for soft coal and $20  for anthracite.. Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by. one individual or company. Royalty- at the rate  of ten cents . per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gioss output..       ,".'.-  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and- over and - joint * stock companies  holding/free miners', certificates' may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free nii^ei 'a certificate is granted  for one or more years,- not exceeding  five'years, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according to capital.  A free     miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  iame with two legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  ��������� The claim shullbe recorded within  fifteen     days if located within    ten  mile's of a mining recorder's office, ono  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction.   The  fee for recording "a claim is $5.  At least $100 .must be expended  on the claim each year or paid to  the mining recorder, in lieu thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase tlie land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Mjnistcr of   , the Interior to lor ate  claims containing iron and. mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of "an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2������ per cent, of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry fcc$5, renewable yearly'' On the North Saskat  chewan River claims are either bar  or bench,  the former  being 100    feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark.  The latter includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.   Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Iaterior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where  the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  Tbe  lessee  shall  have a dredge  in  operation within one season Irom the  date of the lease for each five miles,  but where a person  or company   has  obtained more than one lease       one  dtedgft tot each jlfteet*. miles ot' fj-io,  tion is sufficient. Rental, $10 per  nnum for each mile ol river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2������ per cent,  collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The l*������sec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark,' that boundary to'be fixed by its position on the  lstday of August iu the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge la  operation within twro years from ,tbe  date of ihe lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining.  Placer Mining in the Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulcb, river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  e������gth, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims, shall be  250 feet square.  Claims are marked by two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One-extra day allowed .for'each  additional ten miles or fraction.' "  " The person or company staking t  claim must hald a free miner's osrti-  ficata.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to" a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  twoT,'1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest, of the party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at lhe rate  of two and one-half per cent, on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  iTukbn Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive, a grant  f more than one mining claim .   on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  freer.miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00.    A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained-   on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work must  be done on a claim "each  year to the value of at least $200.  A certificate that. work has      been  done must be retained each year;    il  not, the claim flail be deemed to   be  abandoned, and    open to occupation  and entry by a Tree miner.    ^  The boundaries of a claim may   be  defined absolutely by having; a survey  made and publishing notices in   the  Yukon official  Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory,  are open to prospecting for petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having machinery on  tlie land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length of width shall not exceet  thrae times the breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 640 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre and  the remainder of the. tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will be sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified by order-in-cbun-  cil.  '       JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy Minister of tho Interior.  THE* L'fTV OF ODESSA,  ONT   THE  BLACK   SEA  of the  of soutnern  the  Odtssa is the principal Russian port  on tlie Black    yea, and is the centre  rain     traflic for the sleppis,  >-sia.   H is the greatest  wheal handling port in the world,  at one time handled the whole wheat  trailic of tbe     Black Sea; but of late  years NicoluietT,     Taganrog-and R0.s-  toli have established themselves in the  trade.   The     harbors uf the city are  formed by a great Lreakwatei runnin*-  across'the     mouth of a shallow ba,y  and along the     silore lie a system of  quays.   As     many as tJwentyrfivc ocean going ships have been tied up on  inside of  this   breakwater await-  their      turn at the quays    At   a  ���������short distance from      the water land  rises abruptly and runs off as a bench  at an  ' elevation of about     200 feet  above, the water     and on  this  bench  the main city is situaled.   Along  the  water front is the     customs huuse   a  few other  public  buildings,   anda linr  ������>f railway.   From   the waterfront lo  the main city there is one great stair  way and two road ways, cut through  the ���������   rock.   Along   Mhe bluli' on  Uie  "'est arc lined the houses of tlte Bn't-  is'i     )esidents and     if the Mutinous  sailors  were to     turn loose the guns  on the city these     would afford them  capital  targets.   On     the east is the  house of the"    military governor "who  by  ihe way     is a very capable man,  the host they ever .had.   A   boulevard  runs-along     the brow of the hill and  hack of that again and parall'el with  it lVthe    Doribus, the main street of  the city.   In a     general way Odessa  can be called     a fine city,' the buildings bcing'made of stone.   The population" is about     350',000,     of which  some 1-25,000 are Jews, it being tne  point of exodus     for them when fleeing from their persecutors.'  'I he great  industries  are the manufactories      and the     shipping, about  one half*    of     the latter/hieing in.the  hands of the Biitish.   Of Jewish massacres, in a general way Ihey arc the  fault ofthe Jews who defy the Russians, "and    ;ihen trouble begins, and  it is not a pleasant sight,   The Russians '   crowding  through   tbe  street  distinguish      their own     people by a  cross hung on  the door.   When there  is a riot the Cossacks will ride through  the crowd  totally     indifferent  of  whom they    trample under foot, laying about- -them with  their gerkas  riding     whips of the black snake  riety.   In      times  of peace   there  30,000   troops-   'stationed  in   Odessa,  but     it is- not a     fortified town, the  (reaty  of Berlin      precluding   (he  Ira nee of warships.  I  t  4}  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO,   B. C.  flanufacturers of the  t  In  and Porter  British Columbia  Guaranteed  Brewed  Lager  Beer  from the Best Canadian Malt Run Hops ������  ���������Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at shore  notice.   Drill Sharpened by  us al  ways  gives satisfaction.. Picks hand! ed and repaired.  Shipsmithing    in aV     its    Bran tie  Horseshoers^and Genera! Blacksmitns.  David   Murray  Brjller Street  -----  tadysrnith, B  a.  IS  DID IT EVER STRIKE YOU ?  That the place to BUY YOUR Ml*"AT   is  where the  slaughtering  done locally?    We are  not depending   on    what  the Wholesalers send us,  and     can     GUARANTEE  EVERY- THING to be FRESH AND CLEAN  PAN NELL   &    PLASKETT  STFVEN5 BLOCK,  GAT>.cR������-*  LADYSMITH B.  i x  LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO. x  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOVED  PROMPTLY A ND  SAFELY.  *  *  i;  I  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the'  WILLIAMS AN *)  A/X 3;\ I r  *M++*+4-+-M-4-f44++<M-4-+"f-t"-f>-*+++.M-+^^  or  va-  are  en-  t&BggSSmWEBSZz:-:  SUCH   A     THOUGHTFUL  WOMAN  Department of the Interior, ������������������������������������  NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT  Pursuant to the "Creditor's Trust  Deeds Act, 1901.'j <  Notice is' hereby given that Axel  Berg, of Ladysmith, British Columbia, General Merchant, by deed dated  the 19th day of June, A. D., 1905,  assigned all his personal property,  real estate, credits and effects,-which  may be seized and sold under execu.  tion to Albert E. Planta, of Nanaimo, British ' Columbia, Insurance  Agent, in trust for the purpose of  paying and satisfying ratably and  proportionately all the creditors of  the said Axel Berg according to law,  the said deed was executed by the  said assignee on the 19 th day of  June,  1905. \������  All creditors having claims against  the said Axel Berg are required to  forward particulars to.the said assignee on or before the 19 th day of  July, 1905, artes&twhich date the  said assignee will proceed to distribute tho assets of the said estate  among the parlies entitled thereto,  having regard only of the claims of  which he shall (hen have notice.  Notice is also hereby given that  a.meeting of the creditors of the said  Axel Berg will be held at the office  of the undersigned, Ladysmith, R. C.  on the fourth day of July, 1905 at 3  o'clock in the afternoon, in pursuance  of the said Act,, for the givinbiof indirections with reference to the disposal of the said estate.  Dated at Ladysmith, B. C, this  19th day of June, 1905. ������*g  RUSSELL  SIMPSON  Solicitor for Assignee.  When the man and the woman started down the subway stairs the man  felt in his pocket for tickets.  ''By GeOrge!'' he said, "isn't that  a shame?, I've got to stop in all this  mob and buy ticket's!"  -.'������������������'  '''���������'Oh, no,,you won't" said the, woman. "1 have them. When I came  downtown I rememberedw-hait you  said about those people who, buy only  one ticket at a time, making such a  nuisance of themselves, so as I had  fifteen cents to spare I bought three  tickets. 1 have two left. We can  right oil through."  So the man and the woman drifted  along; with the pushing crowd to the  point where the ticket chopper held  them;up'and' demanded tribute. Then  ,the woman looked in her purse for  her tickets/ Suddenly her face assumed a painful blankncss.  "I ���������1 havn't got them," she faltered, "I 'was.in, such a hurry when  I came through that I must have  dropped alltliree tickets into the uptown box;"���������New York Pi ess..   ������������������o������������������       '��������� "'. -  go  KITCHEN OR PARLOR  OFFICE OR DINING ROOM  It matters not   which you want to furnish,   we  can offer you a choice   uutqualed on the Pacific  Coast. \fc \fe  DID  YOU WRITE   FOR 'I'llAT BOOK?  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I\ly first  im-  prc-sion was (hat he was the homti-  est  man     I  had ever seen, hut as he  moved and spoke this impression was  gradually changed.   He was awkward  and   ungainly,  bony  and  angular, his  body abnormally      extended,  his long  arms     and      legs  terminating  in big  feet and     large,      bony  fingers.   His  neck was     long and seemed lo be intended especially to lift his head;'ugh  enough to survey every object about  him.   His      head   was      covered with  thick masses of brown hair.  NOTICE.  r>  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on a  written order sigmed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I. EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO.,  LTD.  -Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  PAINnNfJ,  PAPSK  ETC.  HANGING  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and residence in rear  of Ladysniith   Hotel.  J.i E.  SMITH, Prop.  .PIERCY HID CO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  Victoria,  B. C.  Manufacturers of the Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  of  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS, ETC  HO. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING   of all   kinds   promptly  attended to.     Shop on Gataare    al;  m. a, m?nt  Solicitor,   Etc.  Monsy   to  st. Avenue  Loan  LADYSMJTp  -Ladysmith  Temp'e No. 5  Rathbone  Sisters meets  iu the Oddfellow's half  2nd  and  4th Tuesday at 7.30 p.  m.  Mrs.  Kate Tate, secretary.  Meatmarket  LADYSMITH B. C. uuuratt  -Ijpft   BAItV   t*Od������tt  'ir^i.^*^  mm  ttr'^hr "-"pr'-*--- ~-'--'?f- ~--(->������^^-r^^sMY^f ���������-'ff^^ff^^fffiiii  ^^a**^^  TO   RENT���������11   roomed  house,   bain  and washing  loom,   on  Duller  Si.  below  Catholic clvuich.   Apply   Jqhu  Nimi.   o   FOUND���������A ladies' wa'tch was picked up in town yesterday. The ownir  can have same hy calling at iUessis.  Si mi in Leisei'.s and identify 11112; il,  and paying for   this notice.  it  LOS������T���������Somewhere between the I*.-  lan I Home Hotel and the Oneia  bouse on S.ilurday evening a sum of,  money (.bills and sihcr. N"o puise.) '  The Jindi'i will be suilably rcwaided  Iiy re I nun 111*; tin* same to Miss Maggie   FotsVlh,   Island   Home   Ilo,tel ��������� '2,  DUNCANS  TO WIS1 SITE EXTEN Sl<)N  Adjoining tho old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. I.  Nownd.ivs   I lie  aeialcd   .liiuks,  etc ,   put   nil In  aie   api'iecuil'sl  splendid   quality    |>f  gingei   beer,  sodas,  itumming   Brother.1-.  Tbcie   is   noltjttci  ijii.ililj   1 I these  goids   put   up      any  wheic   tlinii   the   Lndysmilli  aiticle  A small .area has been laid oil  at.  in town lols which are no w offered  ONE :F OUR  LOW   PRICES   AN   I) ON   EASY TERMS.  The future of  the Cowichan      District   ami   Vancouver   Island  Wll  Illackljci lies .111' nctiiinpc npeat h**<-  lensnm, .mil .is .isual, ������ rm a gieat  at tract ioi. v.\ \oiing;.lcrs of 1 lie city.  'I lie si;nice-. 01 P. C. Cassidy weie  needed this ' inoiimig lo |irc\enl u  ir.iii'.ber o| children get 1 ng on the lu  _al nam, b\ which they desired to  lui'.cl   lo Extension -free of charge  The Vancouver excursion Ihat is  to -Ic given*.oif tlii*" lf>th insl. sbcrild  be a pleasant trip. The steam.'i  Joan is comfortable an'l safe. It is  only n short trip across and a few  hours can be spent very pleasantly  in Stanley Paik and around the city  in  Vancouver.  A  fine assortment of Picture  I'osl-  cawls   ut   Knin-hl's   1'ookstore  evrer-d   evpectations   an.I   ll.is  is  a good   chance"  proliiabh1   inM'SliiK nt.  i safe and  SEE PLANS AM) PRICES  Agents, J. STEWART J. H. WHITTOME  1)1 \'GANS.  in the case of-Johnsli n vs. Smith  assault and bat'cry, 1,-pforp Stipen-  diiry .Ma'.rstrali* MaifJand DouRall.il  Duncans jcsiculay the case was di.s-  missr.'!. Mr Russell Simpson appeared loi   tl;.' defence.  The Duncans Kiu,lish Chinch ncopl t  held a vciy -a'cu ssful bazaar at the  ii ������ci icriill 111 a I   hall   yc-.tci-.day   cvciiinp,  i.ad\smith,   V.   1.  V.uic-ouwi on the ICth inst. were dis  liibutr-d amcngist the members to  sell. Already a lai ge niimbci of tick-  els have been 'onvhl, aird the exclusion promises \o he ���������*, \Ag financial  suctes.s. No tickets will be sold en  t 1 ..t, mi nil "ul.o intend going  should buy their tickets as soon as  possible.  Duncans,     V. I.  .l.uiies     Wilson,   supci inlendeul   ol  the ,C.P It.  telegraph liii?, paid   Lady  is mi 11 ii  a visit   this  afternoon.  Most reficshing and -exquisitely flavored iced drhi'-.s can lie obtained al  (be Drug Store, High street.  Wm.  Thomas, "who has been   wording    cm  the    Dominion    govern men t  drrdirc al   Kupcr  Island since March,  is bac\* in Ladysmilli, the dredge be  in'x,  laid   up loi   lb? season   as  the appropriation   has   bejn  expended "'Mi.  Thomas    states   thai   oil  but   al on!  .100   feet of the tig  island  canal   has  been   finished        Even   as   il is   p.'jC ,  boats  can go  ihiou<������h   the half  mile  canal   at lvli   tide,   this  spring  eight  oj   (en miles   around   (he   Island      in  comiiii*   to   Ijadysmilh   harbor.  On.'   01 two  wilier   Ladysmith   men  who have been  work'tnF?-' on the drody.r  will  be  tack' today or  tomorrow.   :���������0���������.   BAPTIST ''SUNDAY  SCHOOL  PICNIC   AT  CHEMATNUS  ��������� Chc-maiiir.s,  July 5th.���������  A largo number i;/f nvennbers of Uie  Nanaimo Cap lis t. Sunday School  came (town on the morning train for  their annual- piotic. Upon their at-  ' rival' here they were joined.by the local Baptist Church Sunday School  and altogether over two'hundred .people repaired to the picnic grounds at  Chcniaiin s; where a most en'ov a'.,le  outing was .spciiI.  The day was j a.-ised nicely , all  soils of spoils -being indulged in,  loot;.all and footracing- -being the  most populai'., The Nanaimo crowd  returned to'-'lhc Coal City on the e e.-  ���������ning train-, all -delighted with the  pleasant outing.  TO RK  KNOWN   \S  CANADIAN  GOVERNMENT CRAFI  -llcrcafler     all  slcameis  owned   )..  lhe Canadian government   will Le ofl>  cially'and    otherwise luiowti as "Ca  nadian      Covernmnat steamers " Tin  depart ment.-of  Marine has just   issued  a not ice to lhe alien c effect, aid th *  el ange !ceomes      eficcliie   foithwith  lu  changing the  form  ofthe I'lhci.il  di signal ion of its ste-imers,  the gov-  i"-iiiirriit i.'l e. idenely desirous of denoting to all concerned   that Canada is  (he ow-crof the craft.   Manv straiu*--  cis  ha\e     innocently     woni'ired   f< r  vrars   iest what   the  "Dominion Go*-  eminent"     rcall\   w?s    To a person  I'lnciuainteii      with the customs am1  usages  in   Canada,   the word  Dominion implied absolutely nothing  Souveniisof  Ladysmith at   Knight's  Hook-   Store.  TO 1)0 WORK ON THEIR MINES  Waller Jones anil Tom Sen ice will  leave in a day or two loi their tctarU  I ioj cities up past the iMajul.a sec-  1.011 The on thiol". stems extremely  y .o.l lor the opening, up of quail/.  .niines of value in that section Laigu  ledges from which oood returns are  found by assay havc been lound. Th������  question is of the permanence of the  ledges with depth, and the a\eragtv  v.alues in gold and - copper. Ii will  take wl.-ifk to determine these ��������� bints.  A trail, but a very poor civ.', leads  out to these properties. Should ccn-  tiiiucd prospecting indicate that the  ir/i-perties -in that ��������� section are good  there .should . ..be some government  m oney    -expended  in opening'up   the  NANAIMO.  The adjourned  moe'iog of  'h' , !j-  1 wise 'commissioners  at    "i-ai'io   to  consider  the transfer   .1* license    for  the Windsor Hotel held by Jos. Fox  to the Green.block;  was-held la?    cv  n'ng  and   further     I'ournmer.t   was  tahen   for  a week,     ' ..e     1 plic.-t'ons  being in correct foi'n,   II. 11.  Joseph  Martin   appearing  for  Mr.   Fox,  explained  how  and  why   this  kind     of  uaiisfcr    was  often   made,  and,  although  il   had never  been denj      in  Nanaimo, it was not uncommon     in  other cities of" the Province.' E.  M.  Varwood,   appearing   for   the  owners  ot  tlu Windsor-hotel property opposed    the    granting of    the "transfer,  .< h iu n.;   that   it would   worn   ,1 har������"-  s!i p  on   his clients  if   their  proper;*.  was deprived of a licence:'   In    any  case, he claimed, under the amended  by-law,  thj applicant  would v ������>'"c  to secure a licei sc for his  hotel.  Mr  Marl in  pi oinptly retorted  that     the  amendments were not yet issued, and  if  the license  was not transferred 1 is  c' cut would  be done out of a valuable   property,   his  license.    The commissioners      took the  matter under  r.dvisement, and later announced that  (V court  would adjourn for another  \\ eek.  AND COOL  YOURSELF OFF  BIG   RANGE,    25c    to  $1.25 per Suit  ORYSDALE-STEVENSON  Co.   Ladysmith  Ah Wing* 60,  Merchant Tailors  Ladies' and Gents' Clothes Made to  Order.  PERFECT FIT 'GUARAM'*"  ���������"������  LADYSMITH,   B.   C.  ---_-'��������� ~?=,.-.>=  Ladysmitb Boat Diin;  tstablfshnent  Launch and Pleasure Boats of nil  descriptions for Hire. Boats built  to order and Repaired. Spoon oars a  Speciality. '  IIARRUP AND HAYEDN.  BOAT     BUILDERS.    .  PICNIC  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  r  All  work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St.  Ladysmith  BENEFIT  FUND _     ���������  FOR-MONTH OF JUNE.  Penefits paid for t<he Wellington-  E'ltindon Medical, Accident and  Burial Fund for Ihe month of June  are as follows:-  Samuel   Rollandini  Alev.   All in        L.   Girccnia      Walter Carter   ...  Geo   IJado*>fnac .  .  M.   Ingham      Jos.  I.epatich  ......  R. Morton   E. Micheux ............  A.   D'U-nsc-.. .:;..  A.   S.. Thomas  ....  J.  II.. Clocking (Exprc-ss to hosr  pital)   ,..;........... ;....-. $    .50  Wm Russell  (Fin secty. salary  for ilu'ne) '.." $5.CO  E.  Lowe-cSecretary's salary  for     June) ,.....���������..,.   $ 5.00  FOR A  F  $  $10.00  $15.00  $23*25.  $30.00  $ 3.00  $30.00  $ 8.00  $ 4.00  $ 3.00  $ 9:00  $29.2-S.  atti-:ll will fight  in    engl'and  A no l her A meriean pugilist who will  shoi tly inakc a I rip to l-j'.gland foi  tie pel���������pii-,p ol" 1-rying lo I.cat. all lie  his! ��������� I'fghl ��������� rs at his weigh) in .lobniiy  IfnlFs country, is- Abe Altell, ,,f Cal-  ifoinia. Iiihss kiiiiii filing niir������ r.;ie*i  happens that, will compel hiivto  cbangr his phvn.-i be wi". 1 sail for En-'  i-;land the hitler part ol' this month  or some  I ime  in  August.  A match Uetwcen Attell and Men  -Ionian won Id draw ;. big crowd ic  Unc-lam!, mid !/s!iles there would be  plenlv of money  watered.  A   well al tended   meel ing ������!'   the local   fo'oll.ull   club   was   held   in      the  Clirc.'cr    t'luli   rof..iis   last   evciiiii';,  when   lif:l;c-is  for   the excursioii      to  section   by      reads and   trails,   for at   Nnna,rio General  Hospital  present ;t     is  alircst  impossih'e; for G.   Badovinac  ���������the jrospoctor to-do  anything inthe,  way of     de*. clopmc-iit work to ad van-  la.':e,   n-   fee crcanr and ice cream sodas     at  the  drug store at  all   times.      $ 1.50.  L.   Giacoma .'. "$ 0.75.  A. S. Thomas (treatment.) $ 6.75  Total  ;.-     $190.00  EUOENE  LOWE,  .  Secretary.  TliY OUR  PERSIAN  SHERBET  25C   Per Tin  eifletowsr  Lemonade  25 Cents per tin  BLAIR AUD ADAM.  'PHONE 2-4.  LADYSMITiJ.  COWICHAN OBEAMERY BUTTER  We have just received a- mimhor of  10 LB. CROCKS  Association  which We  of  FRESH  BUTTER'from   the  are selling at  Cowichan  Creamery  5  his   price  is  for   10Mi  hut  er  an d  Crock'.  W. T. HEDDLE   CO.  Williams' Block  Ladysmith  Particular&ro.cers.  Telephone  ST.   DENNIS   WINS   A  lUG   RACE  London,      July   II.���������At   New mark  i .'.lay   I'he  Princess   of Wal  \ ere .wi n   by   St.   D,n lis,   1:  Malirer.    lOxclieijiner   was .<���������-. <  Lancashire   was   third.    Nin.  startv'd.  stake;  en   by  ������l    and  mrses  ���������SfL-0  Hi  ICY SHIRT  Also a Large Variety of TIPS to Select From  rison's, Ladysmith, B. C.  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.  ������j%mg^&������������X3^^^B������m  ���������   ���������  ���������   - TELEPHONE  6-7  WIN-sll'KG   CI.I'll      TO  TOl'R THE EAST  The Winaipcg r.acrcs-ie Club will g;o  iast on its lour to Montreal, Ottawa, ' Quebec, -and Toro.ilo, on or  el'oiil August. 2-11 h next. Tercy  Diiiiin, president ofthe club, has com  nuinicated. to the Montreal Sham rocks  the fact that his club will make tho  trip any time after August 2fltli next.  'I hat was about the time suggested  by .|tbe easterners for the visit, and-  practically settles all 'the preliminaries for the trip. The 'aunt should  finance itself with four games in  pood lacrosse circles lile Hie foregoing, and there will be no difficulty  im this score. The "Pegs," will play  a return game, with the Shamroc's  and possibly with the Capitals, when  (he latter teams are passing through  on their way to the New Westminster Fair. :  Delicious ice cream and ice cream  sodas can be procured a,t the Drug  Store from w on. Open until 9  o'clock week days'and From. 11 to 12  a.m. on Sundays and from '1 to II p.  m.  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  TH 3 DAKOTA  AT SEATTLE  It has been decided that Gov. E. Y.-  Scarls and party from North liako-;  la, will pay their olhcial visit to the  mammoth .steamship which bears the  name of their siate on July 14. The  gubernatorial party will arrive at  Seattle on the evening of July 13,>  about fifty strong, and will probably  remain for two days before continuing their journey''to the Portland exposition.  The reception aboard the Dakota  will he from 11.30 to 12.30 on the  forenoon of of. July.Tl, and wilLbe  followed - by a liincheon served on  board the steamship. It- is expected  that J. I). Farrell, president ofthe  Great Northern Steamship Company,  will return from the east in time,to  be present at the reception, ai.jK it is  I rohable that a number of invited.  guests from among the , prominent"  business and professional men will be  of the paity.  In a letter written to Attorney  Orin.sby Mcllarg, formerly af North  Dakota, but now a resident of'Seattle, Gov Searls states that he has  ordered from 'lilVany's, in New York,  a clock to be the the 1 exact counterpart of the one prcssntofl to the. Min-  'itsota by residents of the state for  which she was ivaincd,' with the.ex?  ceptibn of the coat of arms, which is.  to be that of Dakota.    '   '' ' ;'���������"'���������   ":^  During their stay iii Seattle the  North Dakota party will Ibe entertained by the local lodge of Elks. The  details of this reception ha\% not.  been completed, but.will be left in  the hands of the wives and women  friends of the        members of  the order. Governor Searls is a  past exalted ruler of the order, .'and  many of his party are Elks.  Governor Searls will decide in the  date for celebrating North Dakota  Day at the Lewis and Clark exposition while he is in Seattle. In his  t party will be N��������� C. Young,, judge pf  the supreme court of North Dakota,  and family; II. L. Holmes, State  Auditor,.mom"'^r.s of the state sen-ate  and assembly, and others prominent  in the* affairs of the state.  Are the order of the day  and we can supply your  wants with the many differ  enr things to enable you to  fix up a dainty nj nourishing picnic lunch.  A Special line of-  Potted Meats  Jams  Biscuits  Jellies  Oranges  I I ' Bainnas  : Lemons"  Assorted Nuts  SEASON'S FRUIT ALWAYS ON HAND  SIMON''LEISER* CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  -LADYSMITH  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  .- '; (1st Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your choice.  WE ARE SHOWING THIS WEEK  ^ .���������       * ���������        **��������� *  TWO NEW  LINES OF STOVES MANUFACTURED   BY   OUR   LOCAL  STOVE WORKS  Drop in and See Them  FOUR HOLE KITCHEN COOK   SIX HOLE GRAND UNIVERSAL...  $ir>.oo  $35.00  LADYSMiTH HARDWARE CO., Ltd  Charlie   Dunn  MERCHANT TAILORS  NEW .SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED;  Charles Dinn. of the above, firm, v isits Ladysmith every'Sunday for the  purpose ol Uking measurements and seeing customers personally. May  be seen at tlie Hotels. We guarantee all stock and a perfect fit at the  lowest possible rates. Suits from $15.00 up. Pants from $4.00 up. All  Hand-made, Full line of the Latest supplies ALWAYS carried by Mr.  Dunn. ''���������" .': < ��������� d. '  I !: ! j  One hundred acres of land in Cedar dis-  trictf or .    $350  Two Sheep Farms on one of the Gulf  Islands, considerable Improvements  ������������������".���������������������������'���������       "' $450  LENZ  & LEISER  WHOLESALE DRV       GOODS,  MANUFACTURERS OF  GENTS'   FURNISIMNGS,   ETC.  SHIRTS, OVERALLS,   ETC.  VICTORIA,  D. :.C  JOHN ^TEWART P. 6. Box 268  HRE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURAN. E  &$&?  USERS OF  WHITE SWAN S0AP<  Stand a good chance to win a  GRAMOPHONE  Every  2F*-'Ccnt. purchase of YVh ite    Swan     Soap     entitles you to a  ticket in the drawing for this high grade gramophone.  ������������������������������������'-g^.'ia'gr^^  CONVEYANCING  notary rur.Lic  -B������mara''j*"*^^  CLOCKS  BARGAINS CLOCKS  Just received     a shipment of all binds of clocks that we will clear  at low prices Ml .; i  '  I   .     i  i  !     ,  i        I  E1GM"* DAY  STRIKING   CLOCK      EIGHT  DAY  STRIKING CLOCK   (with   alarm   attached)  REPEATING   NICKLE- .M.A RM   CLOCK     REGULAR   NICKLE   ALARM  CLOCK  W.on  $3.50  $1.-5  $1.00  ALL THESE CLOCKS \UE FROM THE BEST AMERICAN  FACTORIES AND ARE U ARANTEED TO KEEP GOOD  TIME.  B.FORClMnER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   X   X      Ladysmith,   B. C  ���������toves  Pattern and Latest  Stoves  We are making them of the Newest  Styles.  WE DO ALT- KINDS OF FOU NDRY  WORK  Our Prices are Rcasona, blc  SEE OUR    NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  LADYSniTH IRON& STOVE  WORKS CO,, LTD,


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