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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jan 4, 1905

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 N.  J&  iil  ^  C  tf c", 1  7 i  -4.  ���������'r/'V  MS  *1 heLadysmith Daily LedSe^  I93������  m  t?  VOL,*  liil  Ai  TUESDAY^AN/Jih . 1905  ������  PRICE FIVE CENT  ifiJOONEY SAID," DE  I MOON WAS SHTNIN' "  If nd Defendant in. the Case Thought  If,        the 'Moon 'Did a Very   .     ���������  Funny Thing ;  illrs Rickard Was Fined fen Dollar  and Costs for Swearing Near  Public Highway  ft  SifftfK  MIS ACCUSED  9F STEALING  SIXTEEN CHAIRS  HP  iij  Mr.    Stpwarl,    Just   you  AURItak loud or I shan't, hear what you  won't he able to go on with  Everybody's got to s; oak  Defendant, s'ci earning, "You did."  Witness,  whispering "I  did not."  Defendant.,  "Very well."  Cf'vmrcl then called Mrs.   Hi own, a  lolorcd    woman.     oman.        She. aJ-  \aiieed to thi?" table, ������hen defendant  rose in the majesty  of her  wrath.  "I object   ' to that    woman speaking."   ; She. pointed tragically to the  witness   Court'- "-We can't help that.  Defendant.   'I    ob.-|cl   to that  woman saying a'word  in the court."  The court    reman cd  that Mrs.  R.  had no say m the matter, so witness  gaivc her evidence,   which w������.s similar  to that of Johnson, although she mcl  rstl\   declined  {cno.'-eat   the language  w.i'ich he stated defendant  used.  ,     wis.     Kichards     would    not condc-  J see rid   to    cross question  the witness  ,,5, sjiio-,  -   -        I ������>n the ground,   that she strongly ob-  HPfSt in  UlC    ',rocwlin������s1 a,,d c?!l>'   ji-cU-d to her -en speikmg i��������� court  I \ Wjjfl.a liot argument with the court, or , ri   wiuieua,   ai|potcy,(,  cow.-  "louncc with a -tuce-nly an  that she  0(1)   sai(,    he  remcmlplcd  hearing a  g|ctod     to snnicUimg that was go- j.lif)tull..ulCl:    on    the eVcnlnfi  .��������� q;,eq.  lion. He had gone to the door of  his house and had seen defendant 411  Johnson's    back yard and had heaid  her cull him a   Defendant, "Excuse me, Mr. M0011-  ey, you-  will excuse me, I know, but  If was with These words that Mis.  who     was ���������chalged, on' the  tyUfbrmation    of one Robeil .Johnson,  , .|������������!glorcd)   with causing  a disturbance  causing  ���������gjlpr a public highway by sweating-  > fffgHncd ��������� her remarks last ovening  ^Iw"1 *Wr" Stewart aniiouiictd'that ho  - *iti!.Jfc,i(i r0������U( the information the wo-  mnde the above speech, and as  hearing of the case protended,  4������l'SL'd roals of laughter amongst  \jjfijj audience by hei funny remar! s  ���������*J.fljjj|jnetimes she seemed to regard Die  Ifriy.'1' as     a huge joke and spent  hei  ifpws winking or  making- eyes at the  lljl'fifnger men  in court,  while nt,oth-  shc would   ta! c a lively iu-  Two boys, R. Stove and M.  Woodburn were chargad before Justices of the Peace Stewart and  Matheson iast evening charged with  stealing sixteen chairs, ������������������ the property of Donald Nicholson. Mr. Russell Simpson appeared for the prosecution and upon his request the  case was adjourned till Wednesday.  Information laid against W. Fletcher .for having the property iu his  possession was withdrawn.  Although no evidence was taken  last evening it is learned that from  the Checker Club room twelve  chairs were taken about Jan. 1st,  and a number were also removed  fiorn the Opeia House. Investiga-  tioLS were made by Mr. Nicholson  and the chairs we're found in W.  Fletcher's Store, having apparently  been sold to the dealer by the  theives, Information was laid  against the proprietor of the estab  tishment and later the police had  reason to suspect the two #boys who  were immediately placed uuder at -  rest. c  ELECTIONS IN  GREAT BRITAIN  JANUARY WH.  .1  tasked what    she had to say to the  i{?:Jl|rgc,  she spuing     to her feet,  anil  {jMiiiny- up the     sleeves of her coat,  'flifjjgji looking    at the bench very much  jjrS.33 if she    were     going  to challenge  '$fjf|ii to a twenty-round contest with  f|<|������) fists, she said, pr rather scream  jillifS apparently    determined to set a  -sS^pd example as to the  tone of voice  fefjlljch she. desired the bench, the 'bar,  Jrjfp'he witnesses to use,    ''I was on  'iwjfjt Dunsrcore's property, <1 was nev-  ill||>n the public highway."  lillburt.���������The information says near.  Jlililfjlvell,  anyway,' I    never used any,  until  Hobert- Johnson    , and then 1 cai-    ."   The defendant  where were you?"  Witness, "At! the door of my house'  Mis. R.   'JNow how on eartii could  you see me from that distance?"  It     is eighty    feet away,    now how  could you have seen me?"  Witness,   "The    moon  was shining  and I could, nothelp seeing anyone-as  big as you."  "The moon was^shining.-MrrMoon-  ey!" -  Witness.  "The moon was shining.  ittjujjtt ��������� ,      ,   , ,   'Mb. R.,     "Well it's a funny moon  >Ks*B dow.���������    With a look .which seemed that shines at flV���������  ������ say,   "Yes,    and  any lady  would  I!  J|[||'language  \  S^e<l me a���������  JOSEPH PHILIPS  IS ARRESTED  President of York county Loan  and Savings Company is  Accused of Fraud  llfifhim  '4:������(jpe (loMe tne same."  'jsflfonsel     for the prosecution,     Mr.  pson, said the    woman evidently  ||i&mdcd    to   plead   not giuilty so ho  ||||ild call first witness."  fells peak  louder.  screamed     Mrs.  jj^:,aid;v "I can't hear'\ Counsel  |reti in her ear,' the information  |t    they    were going   on with the  Ijjjfji'e, and she announced that she was.  m^- ��������������������������� ���������"       ������������������������������������'  5^������jtpbert Johnson was .called, and said  |t on Jan. fourth Mrs. Rickards  |ne to his house and rapped on the  |>r. "I was in the yard and  jkn.-she saw me she said, ''Bob,  gear'.you accuse nie ��������� of.>killing your  Iffpokens. I said, 'No, Mr*:. H;ri-?.-(.s  g|^o not accuse you of loiag        I ut  Ipl finf' *hat vou ^  lvi" '* ���������'JU xv'*'  li3|l right, Bob, I give .v.ou lour hits  !^4 your chicken,' and I told ,lt,-. ik. t  j.-pjsil cost    a dollar and     a     If   -she  ���������|Mild not    have it for four bits. She  t������^n said,  'Nobody'ever could     t on  lliffbh you, vou black   .   Youre  mm.  if||s going '  !|||vlrs.     Ricliards     rose,    everybody  fought it was to cross-examine the  but it was    soon    evident  h you,  good     anyway'      I  ordered  her  lay and she called me *iimes as she  gMtness  t    her   object    was to conduct a  t argument.     The court suggested  ���������Jlffat they make 2 little less noise and  e defendant    sunk her voice into a  iiliispeJ and said, "Now  jj'jjJWitncss:  Hifbeferwlant,  |)U sure?"  TiWifcness,  Close to nly back door.  A    littie louder, "Are  M  softly,   "Yes,  jv::;!!J;:jDefendaint, louder, "Did you call me  ",\$l-Ti '   iijfijj! Witness,  in sliocked voice, "No Ma-  o'clock in the evening."'  Court. Have you anything to say,  Mrs. Rickards, or have you any witnesses to call."  Defendant, "If I could sao 'what 1  wanted to say' I should say something." - . .'':''  After some argument , with the  court Mrs. Rickards decided she had  nothing more to say and that she  would not call any witnesses on the  case,:but she had a regiment of  them; when her case against Johnson  came up. She didn't care how this  case resulted -but she' would push her  case against Johnson if it cost her  $50.  Mr. Matheson announced that she  was fined $10 and costs, $13i, alto-,  gether. Defendant asked to have her  case put off until another night. The  court agreed 1 to i-dj,o"rn it until  Wednesday at seven o'clock-and told  Mrs. Rickards if she did not pay up  at once she would have to go ro jail  for a month. This gave Mrs. Richards a chance to make a little speech  and "it was not to be lost. Smiling  pleasantly'around and striking a stag  ey attitude,  she said:      "Well,  now,  that avouW give me a chance of a.  cheap trip to iVictoria. ..They  couldn't niake me' do hard labor. The  only thing they could make me do  would be to make me cook and 'then  I'd have the best of it for cook al-  Bob, where ways has the ipick of the house. I  should  like atrip  to Victoria."  She then gathered about her her  train of attendants, of all ages and  si7,es. who had apparently come to  court with the intention of defending their leader through thick and  thin, and again smiling coyly at  the blushing members of the bench  swept majestically from the court.  ma am.  Toronto, Can., Jan. 9.���������Joseph  Phillips, president of the York County Loan & SaMngs Company, was  arrested here last night on the order  of the Attorney General. The arrest is the result of'thc recent inves-  *\l 'sjinn^ s(ituvuduioo 3(|i jo uoi^uSn  is alleged that Phillips with others  'unknown, ��������� conspired to'defraud the  public. Should he be found guilty he  will probably be ' sentenced to seven  years  WVS   L..YKT   MAX  TO  FOUT  RRE    MJ'TLr-  INSURGENT   ARE    DEFEATED  11"  fi&'M-on-JDon   telegraphed   tonight     tho  ftetails   of  a  smart  action     in which  pSt.   Petersburg,      Jan.   9.���������Colonel  .ikeiff,     commandant of     the Ros-  ujjIK^taUs   01   a  |M'sutgcnts  ISS-iven   from  aNS-oltiH   in   Zatemerinsk.      The  insur-r  A������r*'~J  HMftwitH  had du  'jSf^led 'l^aiTi'cnde.H   nnd   were   prepared  111) offer  in the     vicinity  'were  ihe  fortified       stroinl>���������  intrenchments and or  a  house to house resistance  were  driven     out    by   the  llyined   use  iwttfjiii'iyiiieii 11.se of artillery, '.infantt'y,  Ifiisjiul euval ry, and fled leaving most  ������!%|f their   weapons.  iissK^Iosi-ow,     Jan.  8.���������The    relaxation  fSIf '''"���������' c',lrfew  regulations   1  '^���������i.irked  by  the  renewal    of  attacks   on   the police     and   troops.  A sergeant major of Moscow      dragoons,     who  had seen  several      de-  .eades  of service    was   caught    alone  at  midnight     and  cut  down       with  'hLs    own     sword.       A  patrol  killed  two    and  captured two    of    the as-  snilfcints   of  tho  seifgjeaii   major.   Another  one  raidedthe      Presna       district,   and   the  scene   of   the   last open  resistance  of  the  rovolutionario*.  They  were fired  on  by  the  sentinels  at  the  GorbalofT  and  Prena   bridges  and   decamped  after     wounding   one  general  Gapt. Park Hill, master of the  liritish ship., Scottish Lochs was pos  sibly the iast person ,to see the  ill-fiftec! bark, Pass of Melfort,;  which was wrecked on Amphitrito  Point, December 26, when all the  hands  were  lost.  Capt. J Jill stated that he ���������" spoke  the Pass of Mell'ort less than two  days before the wreck and at that  time she was in ���������-stood, condition  and shoHwed 11b sign of lack of men  or any accident. Capt. Hill was  cau'gfct iii. the same storm which-  wrecked the Melfort and his vessel had a narrow escape from, drift  ing ashore. He attributes the escape" to the-fact that the ship  was heavily laden, and also stated that, in his opinion the loss of  tho Melfort was directly due ' to  her  lightened  condition.  The Scottish Lochs came around  from -Cardiff, Wales, loaded with  coal far Bremerton. The vessel  is now discharging her freight.  ' On November 2S one of her sailors was lulled by a wave. The  man was standing on the forecastle  head when a heavy sea swept him  completely over the bow of the vessel. He was thrown on the deck  and when he was picked up it  was found that bis neck was broken. The .sailor was buried at sea  next  day.  ;S    been ( policeman.        Ccmdltions   in  Isolated   are steadily improving.  There is n������ ������ther mediciuo manufactured that has received so much  praise and so many expressions ol  gratitude as Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy. It is effective, and prompt'  relief follows its use. Grateful parents everywhere do not hesitate to  testify to its Merits for the loenefit  of others. It is a certaii: eure for  croup and will prevent the att-ack U  given at the first appearand of the  disease. It is especially adapted to  children, as it" is pleasant t������ take  and contains nothing injurious. Mr-  E A. Humphreys, a well '.mown res-  id. nt and clerk in the stor������ of Mr.  Locke, of. Alice. Cake Colony. South  Africa, says: "I have used Chamber  Iain's Cough Remedy to wari off  croup and colds in my family. 1  found it very satisfactory and it gives  me pleasure to recommend it." For  sale by The Ladysmith Pharmacy.  London. Jan. 8.���������Of the new par  liament which is m accordance to  law His Majesty has biimmonod to  meet at Westminster, January 13,  The /list'polling will tako place  January J 3th at Greenwich, \\ker������  Lord Hugh Cecil, leader of the  Conservatives is engaged 'in a triangular light for the beat against  a Liberal and ChamJberlarnite. Tho  lus.t polls must close Jan. 27. There  fore, within a fortnight the verdict of the majority of the electors  will b������ known, and the probable  liie of the Liberal government will  be measurable. The leadership of  the opposing forces mounted Hust  ings tonight and the rallying cries  of themain forces and factions engaged in tho combat were heard everywhere. Xo less than fUtecn mem  hers of the past and the present  cabinets spoke, including former pre  mier Balfour, Herbert Henry Au-  quith, Josej>h Chambterlam, John  J4crley,,Lord Lansdowne, J. Bunts,  David Lloyd George and Austin  Chamberlain.  The,,, dfpoakers continued to ring  the charges against Home Rule  of Tariff Itei'orm. The Liberals al  ong the line attacked tho Unionists  record for the past ten ^ears while  the Unionists in the main were on  the defensive. Mr. Asquith issued  his address today. Jt is devoted ex  clusively  to     answering   the pro  posals   for   Tariff Reform, finding  strong fortifications 111 the returns  of the Board of Trade for 1905  Sir Charles JJiIke, speaking 111 London tonight announced himself a rad  ical independent candidate, lie spokd  favorable of the' members of the  new cabinet. Questioned in regard  to Morocco, Sir Charles said that  the dilhculties pieUicled over the  Moroccan question were fri^htfu-.x  exaggerated, aid that thuie .>:������  no dafcigiur of 'a waj- arising there  fiom.  Timothy Healy will not 00 apposed forro-election in Xortlil<ulh  Cardinal Loguo",'- "Archbishop of Armagh and ArchMishop of Dublin today declared in favor of Mr. Ue.i  ly against a.iy contest ot bis m ai  by the United IriMi league, John  llodmond president of the United  lush league and louasr ''f i!������������������������ J rh  party announced tonig'.t Unit H"..'1  league would not run a cmi ���������id-ite  for Mr.     Healey's    seat,. Jo.������eph  Chamberlain speaking at ���������w'ednsbiiry  tonight, said he surrendered t.Vic  great oflico of Colonial secretaty  of which he was proud becax.se 'ie  had ���������b'ecdme deeply impressed wiih  the importance of fiscal reform. Ho  said he waaxted as the last act oi  his public and political life to 00  something which might be remember  ed long afterwards, and therofoi;.j  he had abandoned all petty... political ambitions.  ��������� O������������������������������������   Prince Albert, Jan. 'J���������Liberals of  the Federal constitutencies of Sas-  kachewnn, will meet h'iro tomorrow  to select a candidate for l)v bye-  election following the resigMiition ������-f  Mi-.Lainont. ' .  Buffalo, Can. R.���������A woman sup  posed to be Mrs. Ida Ray of Sto  ny Creek. Ontario, committed suicide in tho. TCagleHotel tonight She  drank an ounce of carbolic acid.  A  mnirrinfgjf   certificate      found in  her hand bh^, to-orded (he marriage  of Ida Shalvor of Stony Creek,  Ont., to Chrts. Roy of Niagara  FnllR,   Out.   O ���������  His .Majesty has .summoned the new  Parliament to meet at Westminster  Feb.   the  thirteenth.  A WORD ON  school mm  BY PROLETARIAN  Editor Ledger, Sir:��������� I have been  somewhat amused, ta.1 though in no  way edified hy our newly self-constituted champion of justice, who declares he willi defend his views against  all and sundry. I'm afraid his good  resolution would be shaken if the  night watchman came along. I  have not* the pleasure of the gentleman's acquaintance but from the tone  of his letter I imagine him ca table  of the manslaughter of,his own mo-  Iher-inlaw. I ta> e cxxeptio'i to one  or two things this man behind the  gun sees fit to remark. *��������� think  that although tiie Educational Department have an Inspector named  Wilson, he at least is a gentleman,  truthful and fearless in the execution  of what he conceives to be his duty,  and 1 helie\e that Trustee did not  misquote him, neither do I consider  his   remarks deictyafsory      oohceiflnung  the teacher in question.  J beheve the present Board of Trustees have worked without fear, fav'or  or part ality, studying to do justice  to the scholars, the teachers and the  ratepayers, who to a large extent  ate the most interested parties in the  whole  concern.  I believe the Trustees paid a probationer-the paltry sum of $120 during  the last three months for fifty-nine  days work of five hours each. I  doubt if G. R. Wilson could mention  r nv other probationer in a city  school in this province that receded  more during the same time, and I  fail to see why the Ladysmith School  Hoard should be called upon to pay  higher salary 1han any other City  Joard. One would imagine from the  tone of G. R/ Wilson's letter that  the probationer in "uestion had been  deliberately legislated against by the  Board of Trustees.  1 believe the Board of Trustees are  all honorable and upright men and  that all their work since incorporation will begr the strictest investigation of even the man behind the gun.  Anyhow, my embryonic Kingsley  friend,,- the elections are "Close "at  'land and after you have, thoroughly  investigated ah th'c / crookedness and  have a chance to leave your guns   why not contest the election for  ..chool Trustee?, .You will surely  come out at the top of the poll and  l.e '.-ale to pay for probationers more  ihan a paltry $10 a month. I have  no doubt that some day you. will  laUe a tumble without being knocked  down, .hut at the present time you re  mind me of a wise guy that I once  'new who was always after four he-  fo'ir three o'clock.  "PROLETARIAN."  CITY COUNCILS  38TH. MEETING  Decided to Refer School Trustees' Re-  , quest to the Next  Council  New 'Thread Doctor/' Ordered by Fire  Chief, to be Accepted By the  Council  Very little transpired at the "!ity  Council meeting last evening. Mayor Coburn presided and Alderman  Nicholson, Beveridge, Blair and Urv-.  den were present.  n Mr. Geo. Williams, of Nunaimo,  wrote complaining that the >3iing  on First Avenue by his building was  in a bad state and asking the 'J> "r-  cil to lepair it. Refjrrjd to Read  Foreman.  The clerk said the financial statement would be ready by the ne^i/  coancil meeting.  A bill from D. J. Thomas for two  dollars and a half f.tr removing a  building from Gatacre street, mar  the Market Square, and which was  laid over from last meetias;, was at,-  ain presented. The niuj-rity of the  aldermen were of tuc opinion t at  the 'building had be?.n sold to Vr.  Thomas by a lawyer acting 'or E.  M. Yarwo'od, and thought the io������i-  cil could not be expj-jl 1 rvy 'be  owner for   'em) Mg It  The matter    v./is  '.t'i over for ������-ae  week for the Ma/>r to in1 e:-tig������i1e  After the meeting adjruir.et! en uir  ���������les made by His Umslip elicited t.he  information    that Mr   Simpson, r������ct-  kg for the -ity, baS Instructeu  Mr.  Thomas   to remove  tie  Uuili*:.?  for  seven dollars and a naif.     Mr.  inoui  as agreed to 'buy  the lumb t fcr nve  dollars    so the     latter a t-oui 0.  deducted from the cost of r������iio "'rig the  building   leaves the. city twing Mr.  Thomas two dollars and a flail. The  amount will.be passed next meefrig.  A request from the school tru^ '.cos  regarding       the    connection   of the,V  school   drains     with a ditch across-*  Third Avenue will be referred to the ���������  next Council  with a recommendation t  that it be granted.      .        ."������������-,  Accounts amounting to $13  there was no output from the mines  A report of the installation of officers and the financial report of  Harmony Lodge will be published tomorrow. Evidently from the showing made in the annual report the *  lodge is '   in excellent condition.  HARRISON'S FUEL  REPORT FOR 1905  The  consumpt ion  1  210,182   tons  less  thun  las^.  LAND SLIDE IN  NEW YORK CO  Fourteen are Killed And Many  Houses are Destroyed  Haverstraw, N. >Y., Jan 9.���������At  least fourteen persons perished in a  lands'lide which carried with it  several tenement houses at the clay,  pit here yesterday. > The houses \vcre  built of wood and as they collapsed  the overturning of stoves caused them  to catch fire and the debris was soon  a mass of flai .<ts. About fifty homes  were destroyed.  The Excelsior Club's fortnightly  dance wilo beheld in Gould's Hall  tomorrow evening.   o   FRENCH PATIENCE EXHAUSTED  NOTICE  Mortgage Sale  Under and byvirtuc of the powers  contained in a certain mortgage,  which will be produced at ilie lime of  the sale,, there will he offered for  sale by public auction on Saturday  the 20th day of January, .KlOG, at  the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon at the Law ��������� Office of M. R.  Simpson, in the City of Ladysmith,  B.C., hy Corner R. Thomas, the following property, lots 0 and 7 in  block 20, situated on Roberts st., in  the City of Ladysmith.  Terms of payment can be arranged  with the Mortgagee or his  Solicitor.  For further particulars* and conditions of sale apply to  RUSSELL SIMPSON,  Solicitor for Mortgagee.  Dated at Ladysmith this' -Ith day  Of January,  A. D.,  liJOG.  Washington, D. C, Jan. 8���������President Castros' failure to recognize  the French Charge at Caracas on  New Year's Day will not be allowed t > pass un-noticed by the French  jFtV'rl gfovernment, Mr Cassell, the  AniericanMinister at Caracas will  make to President Castro a vigorous and what might prove to be  dual representations. The French  government's position is that it lias  exhibited sufl'tcient patience in her  attitude toward President Castro  and that the latest represent nt ions'  to President Casiro do not include  a time limit and they cannot be  termed an ultimatum, but they  leave no doubt about the serious, intention of the French government and a mora vigorous tone  than any that hnve preceded. Meantime the French fleet is in the  West Indies awaiting the turn of c-v  cuts.  v ear  is  year,as can be ascertained by refer-  mg to the flguies below. The shrin  kagc 'must not be taken as the  indication that our luel req,uire-  ments have been at allless than in  lOO'l. The apparent diminished  quantity of coal fuel has been  much more than good, by an output this year of lully three million 'U[airels of Fuel Oil in excess  of last year shipments, whereas the  Australian amount has shrunk fully 40 per cent. A new feature has  recently deteliopdd itself inCoIkmial  deliveries being made here by steamers, ithere are several alroaidy chartered, which ��������� have yet to arrive,  with freight, at about 16  per ton, and with the duty of 67  cents per ton, theimporters receive  a very small compensation for the  coal; less than one half the amount demanded for British Coiiim-  ���������bia  coal   at  port   of   shipment.  Tho .{flotations of coal of all  grades have ruled very uniformly  throughout the year, the prices of  steam .girades -have favored the ,bjuy-  ers, having} Fuel Oil for a close  competitor.- This has not been  an advantageous Port for coal car  riers to come to, On Arrival here  they find no profital.������Je outward  V/tisinoss, cither in lumber or cearels  We arc promised a reduction of a.-  bout 25 per cent in tho price of  gas at an early date, this will  necessarily lead to anincreased do  mand for gias stoves for cooking  and   boating  purposes,      and will  naturally diminish the coal consum  pliou for th<*- same purposes. The  labor disturbances in Dritish Col-  j ml .Jin which lasted for about six  months this year, served to diminish the importations from tho  Nanaimo section, and helped toin-  creas2 the Colonial sections, both  as to (Quantity and price. Favorable terms were reached in NovembV''  last, and work has been recommenc  ed. and is now running harmoniously. About SO percent of the  xoal trade is under the control and  supervision of one firm locally. This  is found to v,oi-k with advantage  to the buyers and sellers, as the  material can be handled much more  (���������coiomically, and prices are. sustained more uniformly. There are six  steamers now bping utilized by  this firm, transporting coal from  British Columbia only, the last deliveries here for the six steamers  amounted to over 24,000, tons,  partially for steam purposes, and  partially  domestic  grades.  The varioas sources from which  we have derived our conl supplies  are   ns   follows:  /  of  coal   for   this         90,320  Tapanaud  Rock  Mountains       54,245  Total 1,051,072.  1905.  Tons.  British   Columbia     348,515  Australia       85,031  English and   Welsh      65,087  Scotch.          None.  Eastern       :     11;66:J  Seattle      84,������������5  Tacoma      81,4.80  Mount  Diubolo.Coos Bay and Tesla,   '.  .   114,930  Jai>an   and   Rocky   Mountains 40,219  shillings! California  include  deliveries  at  Port  Los  1904.    Tons  British   Columbia         835,137  Australia          148,409  English   and Welsh  ."*.'..        04,644  Scotch             1,666  Castern               29,055  Seattle         139.063  Tacoma       ..        182.313  j-'K**  Mount Diaibolo,Coos Bay and Tesla,  Total 831,890-  To secure a complete - staitemefit  of the entire coal -consumption.,' of  1 have tieetv.-obliged..' to  ' ' ' AJi-  gelesand San Diego Jjy watery which,  have added to the above sources 'of  supply. The toc-il ������ n-i nt received  by water at thoseports foot up  to    38,197     tons.  FUEL OIL���������The total Oil products  for 1905 will aggregate about 33,-  000,000 barrels, which Will 'be a-  bout 10 per cent increase over  the output of 1904. The product  of 1903 was computed .< to be 21-  000,000 barrels; and for 1902, 13,-  000,000. The amount of crude oil  exported during the year will bo  in the'neighbothood of 800,000 barrels, the amount of oil intankaige  is .estimated to We about 10,000,-  000' barrels, the manufacture of  kerosene has consumed about 4,-  000,000 barrels. The quantity utilizer! in sprinkling roads," and the  manufacture of lubricating oils and  Napatha, the figures of these have  not yet been received for this year  The Railroads of the state are com.  pute-d to bo consuming about 15-  000,000 barrels annually, a greater  boom to railroads than any other  line   of  commerce.  COICE���������The total deliveries nerc  by sail during the year will aggregate 06,511 tons, as against  57,911 tons last year, over fifty  poi* cent of this years deliveries  was shipped from Great Bricain .  remainder came from Belgium and  Germany.  PIG IRON���������The total importation  of  Pigi  Iron   into   this   port wore  13,413 tons, over 85 per cent, was  shipped fiom Great Brita n nlono.  Consumers during the year have  favored   with  fairly  low   prices.  Business generally through the  year has been less prosperous in  the Fuel line than most other lines  of trade, not that the quantity con  sinned is of any diminished amount  under last year, but fuel oil has  controlled' the situation, and it  is hieing handled by n few wealthy  corporations. The outlnok for gan  eral commerce for 1906 is peculiarly promising, for mammoth increase of the Oriental trade, which is  promised us, we will make itself  felt in every branch of business.  Yours Respectfully,  J. W. HARRISON".,  SanFrancisco, Dec. 31,1905,    ._  ''    \  \  "r    t~r  \  ,*' fej  f \  1  1  4.  ' I  T.  JJff  -  '. iJ'V  ...4. ������'������������������-J  ���������    >    ���������     V *-*-.ll  *- .Jf<-/���������  til  '������ < ��������������� .{J  ��������� !<, .'���������'���������.", ''<%  ' "'���������?'.i%Mi  "������   * '   -a   -J   I'rjSl  .-1 -���������-*, ,wcl  >    '���������/.- "Vj*I  .*       ^v-^jl  -,������,;:;-v,.^tr  ' '*     ' 4SjS,^J  ��������� '. '������'**v itW  .1     ?*?:($}  I ���������,      :-    ���������!   .***l^*  -  .--"T^l  -,v i5J?J?;I  ���������Swim  *��������� *��������� "'I'd 7  DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  BY        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  SO cents  a  month;    $5 per year   in  advance.     Advertising latae en application.  ^ffCfffl^ ^.������*   ������.ff ������ff.    Iff.^  ~DA������I������ SPENCER ���������-^  (Nanaimo) Ltd  ���������EL-  TUESDAY JAN.  SENT TO FIND  THE NORTH POLE  Chicago.-"Go    and find  the North ! ^JJ*  pole," said Frank     B. Noyes, editor [ ^  of the Record-Herald, to Walter Well     "  man, the star reporter of that, paper.  '���������'All right, " said Mr. Welhnaii,  who never was known to balk at an  assignment. This was a few days  ago, and,  as the newspaper man was  ^_^  given carte blanche   in the matter of. Z*&  expense, he     has aliva'iy got the pre-  iimiinai*.    irraugcn::'its      um'er   way.  M.  Santos      Dumont,   the  celebrated  aeronaut,  has been     engaged as con-,.  suiting v aeronauts engineer, and will  take charge, as an expert, of the construction    of the airship     which Mr.  Well man has already decided  shall be  his means of locomotion.  Mr. Weilman is not without some  preparation for this special work. Indeed, in a sense he may be sairt to  have created the assignment. For  months he lias been engaged in study  iug aeronautics and the polar problem, and the result of his investigations was embodied in a 25,00"  word report and submitted to Mr. ������������������^  Noyes, and the conclusion of which ' ���������'") ^  were stated    as follows: I fc :UJ  "I' now roport tn you that the at- I JM6  lainment oi the North Pole hy means i ~JSI  of a dirigible    airship   is  praf-tdcalru   ^j-sj  within a reasonable limit of cost and '3*  time, and    with minimum risk either  of life or failure.  Also that it is jiracticakie to main1-  tain well-nigh constant communication between headquarters station in  northern Spitsbergen, five hundred  and fifty miles, (geographical) and  the pole, and the Record-Herald, by  wireless telegraphy to the wireless  station which v.t* ahall establish at  Haminertest,  and   thence by cable.''  The Record-Ileraia has taken its  reporter at his word .'and has commissioned, him i to solve the problem  which has baffled ten generations along his own lines. He has Lern empowered to build an airship, and hy  ���������has arranged to take with him Santos Dumont, who has entered into  the scheme most enthusiusttitfcuLly.  His progress on.his-arduous trip is  to be reported by wireless.telegraphy  and submarine cable, the former an  aid which, had it been in existence,  might have enabled poor Andre to  sendsomc message as to the fate  which was impending n������d which finally   overtook  him.   o   THE  GRIP.  "Before  we can  sympathize      with  others,'    we must have suffered ourselves"  No  one can  realize the  suffering-attendant  upon  an  attack     of  gripp,   unless   helms   had the  actual  experience.    There is probably no disease      that  causes  so much physical  and  mental agony,  or which so . successfully defies  medical aid.    All danger from the grip, however, may be  '   avoided by  the prompt use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.    Among the  tens  of thousands who have used .this  remedy,; not ;one case has ever   been  reported   that has resulted   in pneumonia-or that has ;.-.-.t recovered:   Ko-  sale by the Ladysmith Pharmacy.  sg You can buy Dol-i  laps fop ten to  t wenty -fi ve  e  One Dollars Worth Being Sold;  in our Millinery Department fo'rj  -^ten to twenty-five Cents  st\      /t>\  si\      /is.     /K      /������\     7t\      sf\     7i\     sf\  5w  JUST OPENED OUT  STEAM   HEATED  WELI, FURTSISHED'ROOMS  ABBOTSF  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  BAR SUPIXIED WITH BSSl  WINKS, LIQUORS, CIGARS  OTEL  LADYSMITH, B. C  & Nanaimo Railway  Time Table No. 57,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLKND HOTEL  JOHN GOGO,PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fittedup and well supplied and is in cliar ���������    if  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  EFFECTIVE SATU RDAY, OCT. 21st, 1905.  , Traii.6 feave Ladysmith for Victoria and  all intermediate stations    at  9.10 a.m. daily,  and at -4.00 p.m. on   Wednesdays,     SaVirdalys   and   Sundays.  '���������  Trains leave Ladysmith far Wellington and all intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. daily, and at 6.C0 p.m. on Wednj days, Saturdays and  Sundays.  EXCURSION TICKETS ON SAL E TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  the following Monday.   -SfeamerJoan   Sails from Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 0.00 a.m.' and  returning sails from Vancouver     for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  86 Govt. Street, Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &. Pass. Agt  iiy'A  This  Hotel has   been completely   Board and lodging 11.00 per day.  renovated.  HOTEL-    PRETORIA  JOHN TKA, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied with the Best   Wines, \st Avenue :-: :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Liauors and  Cigars.  J ��������� .At-.  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at. any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  150 do;  gar  PAIRS  OF  *C  Best  accommodation  for   transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  ORAND       HOTEL  This  new Hotel has  been comfort-  ^'a'dy  furnished/and the bar Is up-to-  encei>  _ Nanaimo, Limited  NOTICE  From      this  date  the undersigned  will  not  be responsible for  any  indebtedness     incurred except on       a  written orOer signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL-  '   OPMEiSfT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. R   T... Miv  1Rth.  1������"S  jTo Write a Story  le West  that would have the true  ring to it,'the author would  of necessity require to live  there for a time at least. He  must study the character,  istics of the western people���������  have to become uue oi them,  living their daily life, sharing  their joys and sorrows.  He would have to mix with  them socially and in a business way, in short be a  "Westerner" Its a queslic^n  of Knowing local conditions.  The same reasoning applies  to the "Leckie Boot'j tor  Western Miner, the Prospector and tlie Lumberman.        >  ���������The makers of the " Leckie Boot" arc Westerners with  Western    experience.        They-  know what to make ankl how  to make it.     Its not so much  a question of price as of equality.       Their sole     aim is  to  make a    better boot for tho  same  money���������end  trhe "LEC.  lvIE  BOOT" is it.  'MANUFACTURED BY.���������  AT T.   X   JONES  Oar Con'eztlonary, Nuts_  Fruits sre all of the EEST.  A choice stock 0f FAMILY    GROCERIES.  PRICES ARE RIGHT.  ���������   GATACRE  STREET    l.X JONES  COUGH REMEDY -_  . Mr. E. G. 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Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. Previous experience not essential to engaging. :  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago, 111., U.S.A.  I  THE COMrORTABIX WAV.  TO FERNIE,    B. C.  Read Down Read Up  9 p.m. I.v. Victoria Arr. 4.00 p. 111.  8.00 p. m. Lv.' Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.21 p. in, Ait. Everett Arr. 7.30 a.m.  9.30 a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.45 p.m  6.25 p.m Arr. .Rezford   Arr 12.30 p.m.  8.10   p, m, Ar.    Elke   Arr.  10142 a. 111.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie .Lv.9.55 a   111.  ONE NIGHT  To ail Kootenay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  To    Winnipeg and St. Paul  Close .Connections  For     Chicago,' Toronto.  Montreal and  AJI Points East & West  Acetylene-   Lighted     Cars,  Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining     Cars (Meals a la  Carte).  .Library Observation      Cars'  Through "  tickets and baggage checks to ail points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations and, complete  information .caii.on or address",  S. G. Yerkes       E. R. Stephen  A.G.R.A. G.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle Victoria, B.C.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts  VICTORIA,  B.C.  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  3  One or which  fs  the famou*   ''North  Coast Limited"  Tickets on sale to ai: Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers     on  ail trains. 0Dimng  Car  service Unsurpassed.  Steamship rickets on sale to and  from all European Points. Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  Ej  HENRYS MRSFRIES  NEtf CROP-    , ,  HomeOrown 8c' Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENbRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  '���������-��������� PLANTS:' . __  -  For Spring plantings  Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free. ���������  8010 Westminster Road,  Vancouver.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW  -EFFECT-  IN  For     furth2r  writ* the oHiee. ���������  A. D.  Chariton  A.G.P.A,   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  particulars    call oi  Pbone M*iD 456.  E.  E.  Blackwood  ,        General Agent  Victoria, B.C  PAINTING,  PAPEKHANGINQ  ETC;     -'  *������^.*������^-*������^.^^\^^.*������^.*������-^.**-'^.*������^.*<''^-'<������>.'fer*l'-yr������)'fe������fe������!l^������^^  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      |  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W.  COBURN, TVlmn.  Director  "Telephone^.  The   LadysEaith   Lumber Co  Ltd.  MILLS   A.T   FIDDICK   A^D   LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a  Specialtj.  ���������Mannfucturera     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    Lumber  la    Stock  PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B.C.  HEAD  OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION,  Vancouver island, B. 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Tla  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and. MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacini  Coast.  THE SHORTEST , LINE, TH^  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWEST  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CH*  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  igent,  7?0 2nd Ave., Seattle.  Ladysmith  ^  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AND FRESH,  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  ..Dea ers In  HARTLEY   GISBORME  Member  Can.   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' anadian Malt   Run   Hops  ^K.   7f\    fi\    sf\   */T\    7?>.    /i\    ���������T\    7T\    71* -?*K " /V\    TV*    ���������IV  r__iii  _Ui_  ��������� i\      /-I-*.  ���������Is  --4~  -;���������������)n-  ��������� K  ^ SLAVE TRADE IN THE NORTH ^  5te-3K-  *���������.*>*        \4/        Nl/        V4^ NJ/        \������/  /1\       /���������*���������*������       't*������       ���������*���������.  That slave markets in which young  girls , are the merchandise are in full  (blast on the northern coast of British Columbia is the awful fact of  which the Ottawa government has  .apprised the government of British  Columbia. rl he Dominion authorities  ha\e   received   their  information  The World   says.  Oc (s4a.vc .u-ajic  yr_  -5������e  ���������T\  /T\  /f\  7f\  /Tn  ���������Is  /-I'  which is going on in the north, a  startling extract from  published jesterday, begins  a fcrU'jfeiuwit un the welt kno'vvn  case of iKditlh Grunt, the white  girl       lor     whose  possession the  in-  Tho  report       en , them,   so  he  kidnapped   her.     Going  in  white j^irls   to   the   ranch   where   her  owner  lived  with   three   others,   io   a   war   canoe,  which  was ' he  carried   her away  by  main   force.  L,    When  the  girls   wander back    to   the  1  *���������* ������������������������������������������������������������ ������ t ��������� ��������� ������ ��������� f f ���������������������������������������������������������������*��������� *  LAD/SMITh TRANSFER STABLE  ^<Br.^eBTinr-iiii������..,  PIANOS,     ORUANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     t> UKNITURF MOVED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.    '  Stables in the icar of the Lac" ysmitlt hotel.  Abbot8 f'.rii.  ������������������������������������ awnifli  Leave orders at   tb<  in the form of an elaborate report j diajns fought so strenuously in the  based, on i formation received' from courts last sununeo. The story of  many sources' and collated by Mr. O. the slave market follows, and the  J. South.        The following is an ex- 'rcportprocoods:  ���������TaL',': " A   trip   was  made     to   Cape Mudg.i  At Cape Madge there is  a family of  Cannery,   whe.e      many     of      these  half-'brceds-    , both      men    and girls  I'+������������������-*-���������-��������������������������������������������������������������� 4-���������������������������������->������������������* v ��������������������������� *.*���������** ...  fi. J. VVASAtT, PROP  ��������� ��������������� 4 , ,  r-������  , ������ T * ��������� ������������������������������������-������������������������-������> ������������ *������������������������������������������������������ ���������>  -w  villagie they are compelled to go,  for long visits to the various  cnimps foi uheir maisters. This is  a great curse to the logging business. At the ca'mps, ias a rule,  the   foremanwaits   iintil   the girls  pitch then- tents, then he promptly tears them down again if they  are in his limits. The girls then  move just outside the limits and  pitch their tents there. The foreman tihivajtons ,to discharge aJn.v,  man who keeps company with  them, but this threat even does  not  always  have   its  effect.  Provincial   Police   Otlicer .7ones,  admits   that     tlu're   iire   serious      ir-  regulai itieh      which   should   and must  bo   remedied   at Cape  Mudge,  and he  , very      strongly  advocaios       turning  far that he has determined to replace ' J'(iullfi   fe'-''Js  brought   as   so       much   half-breed (fuiii-lcr breed     and   breed  of  every  other   faction     out     of   the  villages   and   making   them   work   for  showing very little of the Indian in  them, and the elder brother, being  very ambitious and as unprincipled  as lie is ambitious, gave a . potlach  spending some thousands of dollars  and it is reported to me that the  iprinciipal portion of his money has  been made by the sale of girls and  from  this source he has become powi  mery, wliei e many  young' women were seen at work,  with the same remarkable white  skin. Enquiries were made if these  young v. omen had been sold; the re  ply was that they had been sold  and that their purchasers, growing  tired erf them, they hud been turn  ed out to be sold again to the  highostbidder.      It   was   impossible to  en'ui   and  rich,    lie has^ even  gone So  6f'<-   ���������������  correct   idea   what   price these  New Year's Needs  The season of parties and entertainments is here with its  extra demands upon our table, equipment���������China and Glass  ware,  Silver    and  Cuflerr. '��������� ���������  I  Is Your * Complete?  the present chief, who, not being a d'penited upon ciicumsUainces mud  slavtMlcaler, in spite o his position the men who pntronizelhe Cape  is  unpopular. ' huinhja    slave market   would  natural-  Girls \vith while ,skins, thick Urown ly be very" reluctant to disclose  hair braided down their back, big, I trade secrets of this character. One  innocent, childish eyes, are being ' wv|l authenticated case, howe-wr,  sold today and have been sold Tor has come lo light owing to tne  years m     British     Columbia to the   ,-ow   resulting  from    the  If not,  these hints     will interest you.  TABLE iCUTLERY  "Joseph Rogers & Sons Make.", -  Table knives, celluloid handles, oval and square ... *7, $7.f>0 doz  ltassert Knives to match above, o-'al $5.50, square, SC.00 dozen.  Ivory handled table knives, $14.00 doz. Desserts to match $9.50  Carving Knives and Forks, celluloid handles, oval and square,   *....������  *  $2.50 and $2.75 pair.  Handsome carving sots in  cases "��������� from     $6.50 to $16.00    set.  Table'Linens and Cloths  Bltaclied Scotch table linens, choicr designs, C2-inch,   75 c.  ' yd  Napkins to match, $1.50 dozen. ' --'' ,!  Irish Linen Damask, full bleached, 72-inch,        $1.10 yard.  Napkins to match,  $4.00    dozen.  BleachedJL-ish Linon table clotha     2 Jds x 2J ytls, $3.25 each.  $ B-R-03SW  British  highest bidders. The slave masters  are the Cape Mudge Indians, the slaves are while because their grand-  niothcis were sold before them to  white men, and when their grandmothers wandered back to the tribe,  descried and abandoned, they Wrought  htiby girls with them and in course  of time the. male relatives of these  abandoned creatures sold the baby  giiis too when they grew up to girlhood . Sometimes they have been  sold for four consecutive generations  and in the present, generation growing up no trace can be found of the  Indian blood ai their pink and white  cheeks ,bluc eyes and light hair.  The men     thus born hive been left  a living. This was done with tho  natives of Ausdnlia with marked  ePect. He says they have hundreds  of acres of fertile land going to  vwiste. but these people are lazy  and will not work as a rule, depending far too much on the boun-  t?i   to   a   well   knou-.i   business   man   i}>   oi   t]ic     ���������.ovonmiont.   He     added  that   he   will   take   the   responsibility  w*  a   slave,  from     the   kidnapping  fust   sold   as   a    young  n������ rt is s-tiid, who. lost her oarlj  ��������� >i*iiig to her great beauly, her fas-  Miiaxmgi manner and liveliness under  wonangc, and his inability to attend bjusines,-; and to his purchase  at the same time. Wisely, ho 'at.  tended   to   his   business.    Twice  after  of  saying   this   and   cannot,       in his  opinion,   say   it   too   often.  The fact that the breeds should  be turned out of the reservation  could   not   be     impressed     too  much  on the public, he continued, and he  ward she was disposed of and froe-'foarecl the consequences if a were  ly gave herself up to enrich a male j 15oL done_ jio'said that many  relative. U. was then she had boon . bright young. w01ntsn haa bcen ruin_  deserted  a   third   time   and   had wan-   Cf,   ,,y   thu   inflU01K;c.s  do red   back   to   the   village  of   immoral Tn:  the  dinnwoirien.   Of course,   this     is  Miners1 Drilling Machines,  ���������Made to order and Repaired at short    notice.   Drill Sharpened by us  'ways gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed and repaired.;, "'"I  Stiipsmittiing    in   aJ1    its  Branches  Horseshoers and Genera! Black^mitfis.  ���������:���������    RLAWSPN      .-:  Buller Street  -    -    -     -   Ladysmith, B C  the bloom of young womanhood ways bound to happen  as abandoned and vivacious as ever  that her male relative oll'ered her  to a well-to-do Indian of his tribe  keep track of her  letter.      The   price   paid   was   $1200.  al-  but the  Cape Mudge breed was the leaven  which was 'injurying* the reputation of the tribe, and was largely  responsible for the trouble 'outside.  From   another source     it  was leur-  . the  hypnotic   spell      of  one    of these ily,      have       for    years been selling  ��������� childi-en   of  the  forest,     wont     down j their   women.      Every  settler  spoken  to on the subject expressed a wish  that some statement about this unmoral trafliic at Cape Mudge and  other reserves should be made public, so that public opinion ' would  a������mpel the authorities to act���������a  consummation   devout]}'  to   be   vviS'h-  ed.  Ju   concluding  his     report, Mr.  South suggests to the Indian department that a thorough investiga  t ion be made, not only in tne  Cape Mudge district, but also in  the Port Simpson district. "Theie"  he^s/iyn., "1 am inftriued that a  state of affairs is beginningto exist, and if the Grand Trunk road  is to be constructed at some future date io thisdistrict, precautions  ought to be taken immediately io  prevent a continuance of the sale  af gilds for immoral purposes. Probably you are more thoroughly con  vers-ant with the fact that X am  th*t, strange us it may seem, these  young girls, completely white, and  in many vwiys with the instincts oi  their v\hite fathers, have retained  the fear of iJi.' results of disobedience to the man or men who have  control of them consequently, they  are only to willing and ready to  obey the instructions to go round  to these camps, earning large sums  of money l'orlhosc men and, J believe a'ru totally unaware that they  are committing anywiong or any  crime.  "Surely the government will riot  allow this Astute of affairs to exist anylonger. By means of these  young women diseases are spread  amongst our young men'" l mi disasters too terrible to speak of in  an official report must follow this  indiscriminntive dealing in the bod  es and souls of these Indian women.  into ruin. Her master had given  this hall.-breed instructions to feud  her victim with whisky to steal  away his biains, and when all  the 'duil^rs were transferred to her  stoJung lo come back to him a-  giain, as he wished to sell her as  often as possible while she was  still  yoimg   and   pretty.  There     are     two     deserted   cabins,  lurulAir     still     new     and   unpainted.  close  to   the  hotel    where   your correspondent   was   a guest. These   cab-  bis   were  about   a  month beloie    occupied   by  two   young   men   from  one  of  the   large  cities.     They  had conic  up  the  coast to   trade with  the     In  ���������diains.      Being  possessed  of        some  capital  they     wore soon    , in       the  toils  of  the   fair-skinned     emissaries  of  the   Cape-Mudge     .slave      dealers.  Evidently   instructions   given        were  to  play  for    big  slakes,     that    was  all   the  capital possessed       lily      the  the young  men;   so  the  Indian  maid  ens steeled their  hearts      and     won.  Thenotbey   Ujtiilt   these   two       cu(l|ins  side   by  side   in   tho   bush   and       the  two   lived   side   by   si'de.      In (hi**  case the savage was so thin and  washed out of the girls that they  themselves wore caught in cupid's  snares and ilio usual happened��������� I ho  girix married the young reliows according to the right of the church  This   is   a   better   side      but   il is  only a glimmei of light in the darkness. It, is proverbially true that  the Indians have no convictions or  .-'oiitiments 'that ca'imot be casil>  overcome by greed of gain or power. Their chief and only object  ���������that isthc men's���������is to become  great and powerful among their  own people and as the possession  of money is the Quickest road to  power    Oiiid    the     'assumption of  1'i-ide, and some of these men, to  secure  l.-oucy,   and to secure     it eas-  I-ler  new<'master   accompanied       her  to   different   camps   for  his   own pur-  ned   that  a  young    man  prominent  in  church  circles  had   come     to    the  lo shift for ^themselves, but there  have grown up slave dealers in Cape thinking thus to  Aludue who have become rich and pow  :ri'ul hy the barter in quarter, eighth and si*cr_cnlh girls. They have  ���������:reatc.'l a market ..which is constantlv  growing and the demand has become posos lor :l yoar; aL ltte onfl or, ^ast to gain experience in alum  ,o. great that" other markets have thal timo Mh'5 ^s P,a.V|nB the part (ber camp. He became infatuated  been sought-,'and it is reported that j OI the Vllla8^ belle again at Capo ( with one of these white skinned In-  Rcck^May Indians are embarking in'Mudge. Hei\, male- rolaiiw had dian maidens, and although he was  this awful industry. It has rcaciiwl board of herwon.ierful influence over onga^od to he- married to a lady in  live point where if the authoriti ������*s' the pock-ot-Dooks of white men and his own station of life, put his  do  not  stop it  the  nirls may  be sold J that  ago  was   increasing  her powers   pnst   behind  him.     forgot  his   moth  hpforc they reach  womanhood.  jto  charm,   rather     than   diminishing   er  and   father and friends and, under  ai  ^c*������^������^������;+:������^������;-f;������*������*������>;������^������^������;4-;������;4-������^������;-f;������^������^������,*������^������*������^������  ���������'  ���������   -  .* PHONE 66  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STAPLES  i  |l EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JQH IMS ON  ..LAOVsii'lT  ������  *  ������  ��������� -  ������  t  c  NAMES OF VOTERS  ;     IN THE CITY  Having the Necessary Property  Qualifications to Hold Alder *  manic Position  ������"!.���������������*������������������*���������*���������*���������)(���������������.������(������������������������������(���������*.jk. *r ������.- ~ >���������������*���������*���������*���������)���������������)((���������!((���������*���������  LIGHT TEAMING  Wo3d and Liirl^for Sile  SEE  J.   KEMP,  OR LEAVE    ORDERS  WITH  <  - W. CARTER,-  FIRST AVENUE  PHONE      G-O  W.  SILER.  GENEKAL JbXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY DO^E.  Leave orders at the Abhotsford.  UNITED ANCIENT  ORDER OF  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove  No.  4 U.   A.  0. D  Meets   in the i' 0. 0 .F. Hall, La*  1 dys.mith,    the   Second   and     Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, commencing'Wednesday,  13th.,  1905.-  Visiting Druids     ara invited to attend.  Ry Order.  WM   RAFTER, Reef Secty.  PATRICK BURK, N. A.  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  The  following  list,  kindly  supplied  by the City  Clerk,   gives  the   names  of voters in the city   having the necessary property qjuaiificati-oiis   to hold  aldermanic. positions, that is, insured  real estate  to the value of $503. The  names  having an>'x'-' opposite   are  owners of  $1,000   worth  or more    ������f  such property, and as such, are qualified   to fill . the office  of Mayor.       In  some  cases,  however,  the party   nay  own enough property but not have it  registered   in his   own name  for     the  past six months,  so all  in the       list  below may not     for this    .reason hie  eligible for a seat in the city council  Thes list will, however, be found useful to citizens generally -in deciding as  to whom     they  would  like to  bring  out  as candidates.  Watson, W.   J.  Uryden,   Alec.  Bryden, Andrew        x  Conway, T.  D. x  Conlin,  James  Kerr,  Archi.        x  Johnson,  D.  T.  Gould,  Isaac        x ;  Hags-art,   I).  W.  Lawson, R. ���������;  Uren, A.��������� x  Winston, I. 0.  Weinrpht',  IL. S. x  Jones,   Lot.        x  Campbell,  Colin        x  McDonald,  .1.        x  Thomas. J. J.        x  McMurfrie  A. J.        x  Repa'ring and Making  Order a Specialty  THOflAS     MCEWAIS  1st, Avenue,   Ladysmith, B.  C.  Nicholson,  D.  Reve'ridgc,  W.  McLean,   W.    F.  Pfunter, Robt,  Matheson, M.  Rcnwiok, Thos.  Laudcrbach,  F:  Kerr,  Win. 3  Manuel,  Wm.  Gisborne, IT.  Kay,   Harry,  ! Llair, Harry  Camphell,  Dan.  Vavis,  John  Munsie,  Thos.  , Barclay,  Wm.  Gourlay,  James.  I Lynn,  M.  I Stephens, Ed.  x  X  X  X  Scott.  G. W.  Ward,  Wm. x  Smith,   J.  E.  Nicholson,   D.  Davis,   D.  H.  Siler,   Wm.  Faga",   D. x  M'cKinnon, Arch.  Tha,   J.  Malone,   P.-        x  Roilo,   J.  Evans,  B.  McRea,  D. S.  Mottishaw,  S.   K.  Webley,  Thos.  Jones,  W.  McKinley, J.  Sanders,  J.  Audersoa,  W.  Cassitiy,  Ge������.  Johnson,   Ceo.   II.  Robertsoa, A.  D.  Brown, W. S.  McKinnell, B.  Jolly,  Win.  Watson,   Robt.  Co-burn,   J. W.  Campbell,  Mike  Ha worth,   Geo.  Rafter,   W.  Greaves,  V.  W.  Morgan, T. C.  Conway,  J. T.  Vere,  J.  DavitlsoH,   Wui.  Fulton,   Hugh  McMillan, T.  Davidson.   Win.  Steele,  J. W.  Carroll,   H.  Wootlhurn, Moses  Jones,  D. W.  -''Hutchinson.  James  Pollard,   Henry  Rogers,  John  Provon,   James  Allsopp,   J.  Wright,   W.  Weir,  J.  R.  Treweek,  T.  Spence, Yfui.        x  Simpsan,  W. flf.  Dunse,  Arch.  Noon, P.  Walters,  C.  Pattorson,   D.  Kerr, J.  Razzano,  B.  Smith.  Wbj.  Timothy,   Griff.  Muir,   Joha  Little,   John   -  Axelsoa,  C.  Hughes,   1-1.  Smith,  Geo.  O'Coinell, T.  Ryan,  John  Ingham,   James.  McMurtrie,  John  McMillan, P.  AuchinToie,  Alec.  Callander,  Jam������e  Kerr,   John  Sabiston, D.  Sanderson, Wra:  Jackson, W.  Kerr. Thos.  Fletcher,  W. i  Knight,  A.  0.  Roberts,  Geo.  Thomas,  I). J;  Bickle.   John :  W'asso*,   A. ft.  Eraser,  W.  G.  Ferguson,   Joe..  Dixon,   J.  James,  E. W.  Giflord,  Sidney  Robertson,  Win  Mcintosh,   S.   I.  Mills,   G.  XI.  Manuel,   J.  Lewis,  J. W.  Gould,   Sampson  Park, John  Williamson,   R.  Gear,  Robt. x  Miles,   H.  0.  Gourlay,  Dave.  Berto,   Ben.  Niinnio,   J. P.  Gilchrist,   Wm.  Robertson,   A.   G.  Uunsnuiir,   J. x  Jones.,  Walter  j Provis,   T.  ! Allen,   Chas.  | Young,   Lewis.  ' Francis,  D.  Wiilson,   G.   R.  Hill,  Gus.  Milis���������..SV.  G.  James,  W.  James,  G.  Scar Hi,  Geo.  Gordon,   T.  sr.  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  the  LEDGER  Office  (st Avenue  Dr.R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work fuaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  HAY, GRAIN and  f ARM PRODIM  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low-  est possible prices.-  Leave orders at Christie'*, OB tfc������  3aplana4i.  James Warnock  *%  COMMERCIAL HOFEL  .   > ���������:��������� -���������'-��������� ��������� ���������'.-'."  MR. and MRS. T. J. THOMAS, late  of    Mount'.'Sicker. Hotel,  and of the  Palace Hotel,  Nanaimo,  have    pur-  cliased th������ '..,���������'  ���������COMMERCIAL HOTEL^   on Douglas Street, Victoria, opposite  the city  hall,  and  invite, their     old  PATRONS AND FRIENDS .TO VISIT THEM 'WHEN IN VIG-  TORJA.  OUR STOCK iS COMPLETE  iN GENTS' FURNISHINGS  Mens" Clothing, Boys' and Youths'  Mens' White Dress Shirts, Benin, Sal  erus Negligee Shirts in Fancy Patterns, Linen and Celluloid Collars,  Sufis, Neckties, and Suspenders in  large varieties. In Youths' Boys' and  Mcnis', silk a,ud Japansse Initial  Handkerchiefs, also in Ladies' fancy  silk and liiuen. Boots and Shoes in  all Sizes.  Don't h.rget the place, on High St.  Next to Hardware  Store.  John J. THOMAS.  ������Ss^ra?i^^vv^^-fiaiEc������w|  -o-  Jamaican  Lady  Speaks Highly of  Chamberlain's  Cough   Remedy.  Mrs.  Michael  Hart,  wife of the su-  pcrintendrilf of Cart Service at Kingston,  Jamaica,  West Indies Islands,  says   that  she has  for some years used  Chamberlain's  Cough   Remedy  for  coughs,      croup and whooping cough  and  has found  it very  beneficial.   She  has     implicit     confidence  in it  and  ���������  would not   he without   a bottle   of it  in      her  home.    Sold  by  Ladysmith  Pharmacy. i  Public  Notice  Attention is called to the  fact that the  Ogilvie   Flour flills Co.,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a  Tastly  improved and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patents relatinf thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising the public that any  orized users of the electrioal   fleur purifying processes  will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flonr Mills Company limited  are the    only    millers in Caaiiawhise     Flour  purified by the  ele ������trie process  .  <,iAtc I  ���������y-ifc-l  ���������/P|  If I  . K i  f  r  h  i  m  II.  :P0  *  i^\  i Y'ferl  . :44  in  a  :i.S|  ���������    ,    I , t \S' -*���������~~2  /  TTT  ���������pp  ***  THE  "   ������������������ ���������"  DAILY   LEDGER  ;r   "j.  fir  lw  i  LOCAL ITEMS  FIRST   CLASS DRESS MAKING  done at a Reasonable Price,  Mrs. Trehearne, High Street, Srd.  (Avenue. )  Mr. R. Brydeu returned on the  iioon train from a visit to Victoria.  Smoke Big B. Cigars.        ^  Eastern Oysters Just Arrived, at  Blair & Adam's.  Mr. W, Akenbead, who has been  laid up with an attack of influnza  is now about again.  Mr. H. Macklin, manager of Si  mon Leiser's Store, was able to resume hi-: duties ye������terdav nrter two  or three days in bed, sniTering from  la grippe.  Mr. Nicholson, manager of the  Opera House, is making arrangements with the. McKanlass colored  minstrel troupe to play hereon  Wednesday and Thursday of next  week.  Astern Oysters JustrArrived, at  Blair & Adam's.  ������v.>/������������m���������--iv '  ,   SINGER  SEWING   MACHINE  and Lots of Beauti ful  PREMIUMS  for the  wrappers of  WHITE SWAN   SOAP  He-*   X  -X-  /!l YOUR GROCER ABOUT IT  ���������MM^M^g^-FaKM^^m^TfiWifi^^  -*-*-*-;&-  & SPORTING ITEMSM  , * ������> * m x'* x x'x xae-x-4^^-^  Liverpool-'in -the  Lead-, ��������� lotic  club.      Davies (arrived   in   Seat-  AL the Ten matches  played  on Sat   tie yesterday  and   left  far .his  home  unlay,   Deu.     .10,.     in   the first   div- ' in . Nanaimo '���������this   morning.     If     the  ision   or     the       English   Association . match.    is   arranged for Seattle Toir\  Football   league   12S.000   spectators-  will   come   back   the   first  January  Knight s.  Kiaja&'aes now ia      ������t  Mrs. Horth, of this'citv, left or  the morning train for Victoria, having received word that her mother,  Mrs. Wain, a resident of North  Saanich is, lying seriously ill at the  capital. Mrs. Wain, who is well  known to a number of Ladysmith  people is over eight}' years of age.  ���������i������������������������������������.���������o���������~  ��������� :'  ADDRESS  "he following . is the address .presented to Mr..and Mrs. J. W. CobUrn  pn Saturday evening last, and which  -we were unable to publish yesterday.  Dear Mr. and Mrs. ' Cqburn:���������The  Ladies. Guild and managers of the  iPresbyterian Church in Ladysmith,  hearing that: you.might in the near  future remove from our midst, cannot  help expressing our deep regret at the  expected change, and hope that you  may see your way clear to remain  with us.  Since your; coining to Ladysmith  you have identified yourselves in our  congregational work by your liberality and help on all occasions. As a  small token of our regard and esteem  wc ask you to accept the .accompanying gift and jPray that you and yours  may have every blessing and prosperi  ty during the coming year. )  Signed on ibehalf of the Ladies'  Guild,  S:-AT. BOYLE, Pres.  Signed    on behalf of the Managers,  G. R. Wilson,  Secy.  paid  to   watch   the popular S'am0-  Astsi*. Villa were deposed of ��������� their  p:-oud position at the head of the  league table by losing- to Notts  county at ���������' Trent Bridgre grounds-  l.'he.  Villas   were   much; the     cleverer j  of     next  wick  and   prepare for  it; .    ���������  Those  who     saw  Davies   and Berg  'wrestle  at   the <j rand  Opera   House  will   remember   what  a clever     man  Tom is.    Coleman  is regarded as the  faetest  man   of his   weight,   in     the  ill front | country.   These  men  met   in Belling-  U-ani,   bait  dallied   too   long _ .  of  goal'and had  only   themeelves to - ham, -   Oct.   2,  1903,    when      Cole-  2   "oals ' man   won   in   twostraight   falls.       It  took  him  an   hour  and   forty       see-  by  biame  for  the   defeat  to  one.  Liverpool who now heads the table', vanquished Sheffield United on  the ;Yorkshireinens' ground before  13,000 spectators  by 2  to 1.  Twenty-three thousand people saw  Bolton Wanderers go under to Pros-,  ton Nort h end by the narrowmav-  gin  of2-l.  Birmingham swamped Notts   Forest     to   the  tune    of .5  goals  to nil  'before  12.000Midland   partisians.  RESULTS L  Preston North End, 2, Bolton  Wanderers 1.  Liverpool,   2,   Sheffield  United   1.  E\ orton  2,     Sheilield     Wednesday,  0 '','������������������  ,,.,olich   Arsenal,   2,   Middlcshoro--  ugh,   2.  Birmingham,  5, Notts Forest, 0.  -.  Notts   County,   2 Aston" Villa.  1.  Sunderland 2,  Manchester  City 0.  Derby   County.   2,'Wolves   0.  Blackburn  Rovers  ������.- Bury  0.  Stoke8 , Newcastle United 0.  Davies     vs.     Coleman.  The   Seattle  Timeshas   the    following  to   say   in   reference     to   the  go |  H(etween      Coleman    and Tom Davies ;  ies,   who   is  atpresent   visiting        in  Nanaimo.  ���������'Tom Davies- anfc Frank Coleman, two of the cleverest, middleweight wrestlers in the United States will probably wrestle in the  Armory aboi - January 11. The exact date has not been fixed,  both men will be ready to go on  the mat on that date if the Armory  can  be  secured.  "The      men     were   matched    some  time  ago     to   meet     in  Bcllingham,  some  time; before  January  10,     but  f    a  hall! can      be     secured both  men    sa-y  they   would   rather       pull  by  me for the Portland Hotel,  KLst'pff  Lhe  match   hero.      Coleman     has  NOTICE  Notice is hereby given that I will  apply at the next silting of the Municipal Licensing Hoard-for the tr: n:s  fer of the retail     liquor license held!  onds to get the first fall, but Davies exhausted himself trying to  stave oil defeat, and succumbed in  five  minutes   for  the second fall.  "Tom had injured his side a short  time before the match, and said  he was in no shape to stand off  a fast clever, man like Coleman. Fol*  the past year he has bfeen touring  the country in vaudeville, meeting  all comers on the road, .and he  is fit on the mat right now. Both  r-avies    and     Coleman are modle  athletes, ,' in, that they have no  had hablits and. they are always in  shape. -.,  The men have a' side bet of  $100 each, up, and it may be increased before the night, of the  match. Tom is a stubborn sort  of fellow and thinks he can down  Coleman :if.;.given another chance.  Coleman is like Jack O'Brien���������he is  willing to wrestle anyone, anywhere, if there is a piece of money in sight, and he id; ready^i; to  accomodate  Davies. jV,.  "Coleman comes ��������� from St. fe>uis  and he is anxious to get a match  at' Hannibal, Mo., After this g,  with Davies he willstiirt. east, So  h;> is anxious to. have it over- .with  t:s   solan   as   possible.  .NOTICE  Notice   is hereby given   that  I   will  not  be responsible for debts contrac-  DllL   ted in my name byiany person  without my written .order.   ��������� ���������'  JOHN GOGO.  Ladysmith,  B.  C, Jan.  8.\1966.  (S^li1 '������������������-        I! ���������  ���������>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  We have io Slock the  -REGULATION MARINE  SUIT-  with Long Pants and Cap to  match-Sizes from 3 years to.fi  with Double Coilar of Flannel or  luck-Made of Sea Serge-Piices  hereby   required     to fake aotice and  govern himself accordingly.  The qualifications i,t law required,  to be possessed by Mayor are suck  , persons as are male British subjects  5 I of the ���������. full age of twenty-one years,  and are not disqualified under any  law, and have been for the next six  montlis- preceding the day of nomination, the registered owner, in the  Land Registry office, of land and real  property in the City of the assessed  vaius on the last '{Municipal Assess1-  ment role of one -thousand dollars  or more, and who are "otherwise  qualified as municipal voters.  The qualification by law required  to be possessed L by Aldermen are  such persons as are male British  subjects of ,the full age of twenty^-  one yeais and are not .disqualified  under any law and have been for the  six months next preceding the day of  nomination tho registered owner, in  the Land Registry office, ���������*.*: land and  real property in the City,'of .the"assessed \aluc on the last Municipal  Assessment role, of five hundred dollars or more and who are other;  wise qualified as Municipal foterc.  Given    under     my   hand at Ladysmith  the 4th day of January1, 1906.  JOHN STEWART,  Returning Officer.  $2,50 to  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  -YOU OUGHT TO SEE THEM-  Waltcr*&  Akenhead  M.R. SilPSOi  Dangers of Cgld and How to  Avoid Them.  More fatalities have their origin in  ! of result from a cold than from any  1 other cause. This fact alone sliouM  ' make people more careful as there  j is no danger whatever from a cold  I when it is properly treated in the be-  ginning. For many years Chairobfcr-  I Iain's Cough Remedy has been rec-  'ogaized as the most prompt anil cf-  ��������� fectual medicine in use for this dis-  'ease- It acts on nature's ��������� plan, loos-  ' ens the cough,'relieves the lungs, op-  ' ens the secretions and aids nature in  ! restoring    the system     to a healthy  condition.     Sold by  the Ladysmithr  I Pharmacy.  o������������������   Solicitor,  Ete.  Money to   Loan  4venue -'''.   UDHVl 1  MUNICIPAL NOTICE  Smoke Big U.  Jigars.  GEO. E MARTIN  BAR1USTKR   AND  SOLICITOR,  OFFICE  Opposite Windsor Hotel  NANAIMO, B. C.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be   made to the Leg-  Public Notice is hereby given to  the electors of the Municipality of  Ladysmith that I icquiie tlie presence  of the .said electors at the City-  Hall, .Ladysmith, on, the fifteenth day  ordanuary, 1!)0U   a|12 o'clock^on ^ province of  for   the purpes';; of electing persons to '.  represent    them     in-the     Municipal  British Columbia, at its next session  Council as Mayor and Aldermen. for an     Act to  incorporate   a Com-.  'The    mode of 'nnniinatir.n of eamli- nany   with  power  to. acquire,    pur-  dates shall be as follows:   N. 'chase, construct and operate the unr  The     candidates shall he nominated deftakingSi of.  the Vancouver      and-  in writing,  the writing shall be sub- - Q ^y      Railw     Company;  ���������cribed  by  two voters of the Mimic-.  ualitv as    .propter and seconder and  the Alberni'    and Cowichan Railway  shall'be    delivered  to the Returning  Company; the Kamloops & Atlni KaH  Officer at any time, between the dat-3 -^ay Company; and the Midway  and  Avenue, to David Hines.  JOHN GOGO  Russell Simpson, Solicitor.  been in Seattle for some time and  has been working out nearly every  div   with   Dr.   Roller   at   the      Ath���������  of .the notice and 2 p. m. of the day  of nomination, and in the event of a  poll becoming necessary, such poll  will he opened on, the 18th January,  1906 at the City Hall, Ladysmith,  and kept open until 7.00 p. in. of the  same   day  WATCHES  NOTICE  LADYSMITH IWATEFg \VO*KS  Consumers are requested to call at   the oTicc     cm  Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rate*, ^tween the 18th   and the 25th of each month.  J. I BLAND  f ' ' SUPERINTEND E.\TT.  We are now showing a  Large Stock of  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  RINGS  and Other Jewelry of First Class Quality  |l cTVIade from  SOFT NOVA St OTIA WOOL  ���������*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  STAS^J FIELDS  UNSRINKABLE  UNDERWEAR  GOOD HEAVY ONES AT  ant  BETTER ONESUPTO  'ernoii Railway   Company; and to acquire all the rights,  powers  and pri-  viiigcs  of the said  Companies;       and  with  power   to exercise  all   the powers  contained   in  the Acts   ol  incur-  poration of the said Companies; and  of which  every  person *s  wah.powei. to acquire, purchase, con's tru'eo   and  operate  the  undertaking  of any   other Railway  Company     or  Companies; and  with  power to   subscribe    for and   purchase   the  stock,  bonds, debentures or other securities  : oi any Railway     Company;   and     to  exchange the  stock  or  other  bonds,  debentures or other securities of th.3  ' company to  be incorporated  for   the  shares,  slock,, debentures,  bonds,    or  other  securities   of  any  other    Railway    Company;   and with  power  to  increase the capital of the Company  to be incorporated;   and  with   power  to issue shares  as fully paid up; and  to borrow  money   on the   Company's  |    sets  by any  form  of security;  and  'with    power  to  promote  any  Rail-  I   ay. Company or Companies, or    to  'amalgamate  with  any Company     or  Cornpan:es;  and  with all  the     other  and necessaiy powers conducive to the  carrying out of the Company's under-  ' taking.  |    Dated at Victoria, B. C, this''22nd  day of November,  1905.  ROBERTSON        ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for  the  Applicants.  ���������o���������  NOTICE.is hereby  given that an ap-,  plication  will  be made  to the Leg-  lative  Assembly   of  the   Province of  British    Columbia  at    its  next, session for an Act to revive, ratify and  confirm  the Cowiehan-Alberni       and  'Eort Rupert Railway   Company   Act,  and extending the time for coinmenc  iiig construction of  the said railway,  and    of    expending    ten   per     cent,  of   tho   Company's   capital   thereon,  and to empower the  Company to extend   its railway  from  any  point  on  its  line to the  City  of Victoria,    ������r  1 MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street ;������r an>' **ai on Esc'uimalt Harbor;  FURNIS  this is our Stocktaking Month and we  put on Sale for the next Ten Days All our  Stock of Men's and Boys Clothing at greatly Reduced Prices . * ���������   ���������  '  j MENS SUITS $(5 N0>W $i2.5o  i ��������� ���������  1 BOY'S SUITS $4.00 NOW $2.75  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  Buy a Suit of Clothes for the Boy  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATAORE ST  ���������MHhtSBMMiMHHHi  LADYSMITH  1 ���������  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  (1st Avenue)  Pall Stock   on  hand. Call early and  gefyour choice  StoVeis Stoves  We arekry^king'ihem,(oiuth's' Newest   Pattern and Lates*  t. ."     '.&-i::i clj?   Styles. '  j WE DO ALL KINDS OP FOU NDRY WORK  Our Prices mre Reasona, ble  SEE I OUR, NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  '   >:<!/c, an^ a^LtdysmithSHardwarc Company  LADYSfliTflj IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  u  BFORCIMnER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWtLER. OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   2Z   X      Ladysmith,  B. C  PAINTING  AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done      --Orders Promptly   Executed  S. ROEDDING  ������������������    LADYSfVMTH  Notice  A. HOWE.gofCHEWAINUS, has opened the MEAT=  NOTICE:-The- -Ksquimait and N*  naiino Railway Company win apply  to the parliament of Canada ai its  next session for * ������n Act extending  lhe time ior commencing and completing' *v. ci.lenyio������ iof :it>: nuiiu line  to Comox anti ih������ branches referred  to in its Act oi Incorporation and  also eniiowerinjr the��������� Corhpaiiy to con-  strutt and operate a railway from  Comox to- a poikt "at or near Cainn-  beii River also a branch fr*m its  main lime at or near Duncans via  Cowjchan .Valiey^. to Alberni, also a  oranch from a point at or near Englishman's River to Alberni Canal  and ������ teranch from a point at or near  .Conic:*, via UnmieriaRd south-westerly to Alberni Caial amd giving the  Compa������y general powers to construct  l)ranch limes     and for ether purposes.  Dated at Victoria this 14th ������ay of  December, 1905.  ,     ;      W; F. SAI.SBURY,  >'\ Secretary E.  k N.  Ry.  lair & Adam  WITH A FULL.LINE OF FIRST CLASS MfAlS  Pork and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  PLone 20  in  the alternative   to incorporate  |  '   Company  to  build the line of rail-  ;-way set out in the   Act of Incorporation  of the said   Company,   with the  extension hereinbefore mentioned, and  J with  all1'the powers  contained in the  Model  Railway' Bill..  .Dated af*Victoria,  B.C-.,  22nd No-  mbcr,  1!)05.  KOISERTSON &   ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for  the   Applicants.  SYNOPSIS OP CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may b* purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal and  $20 for anthracite. Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or ������ompany. Royalty iu the  rate of ten cents per ton of a.OOU  pounds shall be collected on the  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's'i'certif.cat* is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.51 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $160 pei: a������num for  a company, according to capital.  A     fret miner,  having discovered  mineral in place, may locatt a claim  1,500 x   1,500  feet.    Th������  fee   for   recording a claim is $5.00  At least $100 must b������ expended on  the claim eacL year or paid  to the  nining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended  or paid, the  locator  may,   upon  having  a survey  made, and upoa complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acra. '  Th������ patent "provides for the payment of a royalty of,2|. ptr cenj^bn;  the sale*. ;v ���������-'���������i '^'j'-;.  PLACER mining claims generally,  are 100 feet square; eatry fee $5, renewable yearly. ���������  A free miner may obtain  two leases  to  dredge  for  gold   of  fife miles  each for a term, of twenty years, r������-  mewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in"  operation within one season from the  date - of;> thY lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty , at the rate  of 2������- per cent collected on the output after it exceeds  $10,000.  WW. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister  of  che Im-  1 srior.  FOR   SALE  The HOTEL PORTLAND LEASE,  Furniture, etc.,  will .be sold at      a  hargain.   For  full  information  apply  to John Gogo, Proprietor.  MUNICIPAL   NOT.'C--].  Electioa of  School   Trustees.  Public notice is wrjoy gncu lo  the electors of the''aiuni.cipality of  the City of Ladysmith, that I require the presence of the said electors at the' City... 1-Ial.l, ��������� Ladysmith,  on Monday, the loth day of January, 1SJUG from 12 noon to 2 p. m.,  for the purpose of electing two'.persons as members of the board of  Trustees of Ladysmith School, District.  Any person being- a house holder  in'the School District, and being  a British subject of the full age  of twenty one years, and otherwise  qualified by the Public Schools Act  to vole at an election of School  Trustees in the said district, is eligible to be elected to serve as a  School Trustee.  The Mode of Nomination of Candidates   shall   be   as   follows:  The candidates shall be nominated  In writing, the writing shall he sub  scribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder,  and shall.he delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between the  date of the notice and 2 p. m. of  the day' of nomination and in the event of a poll becoming necessary such  poll 'Will be opened on Thursday,  the 18th day of January, 1A0C at  the City Hall aforesaid fro"i f) a.m.,  till 7 p.m.. at which time niil place  each elector who is duly t^itjified  io vote for -Mfeyor will hf' entitled  tocast bis vote for two candidates  for members of the Board of School  Trustees but may  only   cast one  votcfor any such candidate, of which  every person is hereby required to  <*���������������: take notice and govern himself  accordingly.  Given under my hand at Ladysmith, this fifth day of January,  100G.  JOHN  STEWART  ''   Returning    Officer.


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