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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jan 22, 1906

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 u^-u^-i--. ^'^Tyt    "-TySE
Ti i
��� - t
1 (^ -viI.-L
*"  -;*��'
The Aldermen Will |Sworn in at First
Meeting at the City 'Hjj.11     ;
This Evening       )V
The Mayor Will Likely Appoint  Aid.
'    Malone Chairman of Street Com-
mittee-The Old .Council;;.;
Tins      evening, l,lu�� mcir.**1  j >t*^ic
City Council- will be sworn mi, a��d
commence llicir ollicial duties. The
personnel of-the. council has f>:n p��il.
lisiicd hfcfore anil with thtV cxn nKon
of the :Mayo>- and jlr. tla]>.ne they
arc rill" new men. It seems to ||��lhe
general ��opinion they will be llior-
ou��hlyv' capaHc of- huddling the affairs of thc city.
The duty of im.alderman is in many!   respects      a;i v.npW#'.'nt one,  ns
no(   Ho.il.lt   thc     men hts of the" old
council  wriuld .o     willing lo testify
Jtl,is I'impossible     to satisfy nil, v
peeia.V     in    a. new ������"town li'c tlii'^,
wlieiv.    there    is 100m     for siiim"1'
street'inr..: j>enirnt.    '   Unit tl����am.is
only tj-ne thing for tin- oJhoiailsf to'do,1
anil that   N lo do what they think. to
W> ri*,-hl  and /.*l<>sf t.lrir or|��: to .all
gruiiiUsNg. 'lhe work' of (he old l-oun-
cil  was  ini  nearly   all  respects ciiod,
Many of tht'Jii,      including Mayor Co-
"ofcrn, served I wo lerm-s, ami  there i'k
no dotiM thp      vo^'.ioil which hu.' ���+
yovrrn a city  tin.*     first yeai   jr>twu
after >it is incorporated, ti city,'Unlit
is in   the'   statie iLadysmitli> was    in
eighteen,     months'% ago,    has'^ot-no
easy   .task.       Those who were living
here,   bpfore    incorpoijr.Uon \   will ,-re-
memfj*- the    condition of the streets
They/    wc'redisyraceful,     impassable,
but    now,    , allowing�� there is,"still
room for-improvement,'it will Ir ad-
rail ted v by all       unprejudiced;people,
they are im    a comparatively .respec-
taMe'condition, at lpasf traiorsofjlo.
If, the city ,had >not b.eien' incorporated nothing- whatever would have been
done on tho 'streets and hardly a cent
of,lhe taxation,   detived by the government,  would     havp heeti spent in
mai.ing,    the   thoroifchfarcs reni>ecta-
���bfc*-.     'Handicapped as tin-y ha'o-lpen
by shortage   of funds, . ami' considering   the.   work that has Jioen accojn-
plish-erl,  not only on the streets, pktut
in   the way   -.of     .building   and 'improvements to the Fire',Department,
etc.- it must     liu admitted-.that.the'
first, council     have managed the affairs of the Icitiy admirably,   fin- the
post the City Fathers have been fortunate in    their > emrpIoyeeiK, nod avj'Mi
perhaps    one or two'exceptions'luuve
got conscientious, hard-working "men.
l/or.ifs size the present poliic force
is as ��o��d ,as can \,\> expected,' while
the business. of the city >k looked -after i wiilh a Keen eye >. f 'he' <ity
oloiik, "Mr. -J. K. Stewart.', The
fire brigade i* u. *-���"���'-' ���.'���'���',''1 ^-y^-
sioniilly through the yrut i<- hair I [pen
called, a Hide slow, l>it cn'Ucs must
remember the difficulties under which
it -wofc1' s. Oon��siflcrinpf '.the 'stale of
the N'ioaU.s over     wincim  has <soimc-
times lo "pass to get toi the sccnoiof
a,ooiilln&raiion. an I lemenVcring the
time i" which .tlit'iy haxc mafV journeys, at-. Y;hiyy-lh limes, wc can well"
aTonl lhe v liiicf andine!'i fc1.; a word
of he-arty praise.
'! he financial statement, of the- last
.-.u::!cjl is trncial'iy,conceded to i.'c a
cr (Itta; ic. one. 11 certainly shows a
judieicus expenditure' of the ' City,
Funds. , :'<
it is perhaps a p��tv Ilml mrn-e of
the-1 members of the last, council
coiil'l-not ) i'induced i-�� again , ace opt
noiniiniticn jx> ���, tbe chairmanship
of the -principal fcnainlit'tecs could ;3<%
��iven to experienced men. Aid. Bry
tion-, who has ifecn president, of tblh
the Street and finance co mjttecs,
will haie 'o fa replaced. Mr., Bryden has adequately", discharged thc
duties 'of i[pth these oflices (*and they
haA'c'lioaii- anything bu*-- easy. Who
Mayor elect, -afr. Nicholson,-(ma^or-
elcct!-until he is. swofn .in thds 'evening") will' nppoint on ,the various 'com-
mjUceB. .*'������" TheLpdlgL-r' cannot yet
state iielinitply tyit it'is prclhfjilo
Mr. ��� Niohcisonf _.\ii\\ make,Aid. Mcintosh chairman of the1, linancc committee, and Ald.itMalone'-chatrmigb <f
the street committee, .'-.'be latter'.s
tha most important committee on I hi.-,
council,yand'jthe- "   that fm ��� ���; u
this   year,   os      n *h��. p.if-t, v. !l
Victpria, Jan. 22nd., (Siiccial)^
Commissioner Lampman,. wba is tn
rvestagivting" the South frark Sejiool
drawing tron'jplc, sitatcd today that
several, ciiildren , liave congfessod to
using rulers. One halvings previously
taken affidavjit -lo the fcou-tlra/ry, also
acknowledged 'it. Tliisfihakcs the
founda-fioiifof Miss.Cameron's >oasc.
1 Winnipeg, ,Jan. 22l, ���Hon. Franffei
OJijer, aian|tst<T of Interior, was
litre- yesterday i preparing for -.the
spring rush of immigration,,which jj.s
expected to Jip- unusuully   large.
Companies Are Not Spending Money in Work,
ing Mines
1hiy Are Exploiting   The
Public- SoSaysTheJ
Nicola Herald
Kio jane-no, .;Ura7il,.�� Jl0J,;. ^22.-
has been sunfe at-Port. Jac^repagfja,
The liraailian troopship 'Acqjuadi'baon
south of here, ..the Vcsult of an explo
si��n  on bt)^11.     It, is. reponed  Miaft
tlircn   hundrdilt .of'wtlie; .crew p(0Jilsli,'od.
Those who were rcsiionsible for the
decoration1-of the stage oL tlie fc>ipr
era house on Saturday evening last
arc. deserving a word of con'gn-atula
tion. it was very artistically done,
intact, presented a daintier'appearance than it has done for along lime
Mr.    Malon",    ��ln i,'-   j-
experiencei     t>.iii    i-.iuh.'i
An article on ano*Iu?,r pn,ge stales
that Mr. D. Nicholson will' l:fo sworn
in as Mayor this evening. This a s
the1 custom,\but for Various reasons
Mr. Nichiopsoii -doci-ded to,ta|cc the
oalh of ofli'-e this morning. -T-Ie- was
accordingly sworn invby Justice .of
the Pfcuce Stewart.. The aldermen
will- take the necessary oath this eve
membieir of(   the board   of'.alt|(.i'.,tii
will onrtjiis !.account).f��rpbiilily*>)e ap
|)oin(ted by hiss.wcishi|;4.
Mr.   Mclnitosh,'.* , ���jusiiiJis propensi
ties   aro  J^yond ;  ^lestion and.it:
iikely-;the mayoar,will fpSt.iiim" in -.'i
office meivttorned aM>ve- "who- will j e
pjacpd at    the- head 'of'and''' V-   \u-"-
mittces.or less imp;6rtaihice;; wil1[ noli
he known.: until  the )Mayor makes.ap-:
point'menfts tonight.
Mr. Jack Meitland., the scenic'ar-
tist, has been hard at work since he
arrived in town a-.day. or two ago,
arid has already ,,A paiiiti'd: very haiid-
some kitchen und parlor scenes,
which will both be in nso at the play
tonigjht. The work done hy this
young-artist is.ivery good und under
liis skilful treat*n.ent the opera house
stage 'will present a very spruce a-p-
pcarancc >Ui,is evcninit;: Mr. Nicholson
is    luclvy  to oibtain     the services   of
Ok Mr. Me.!land  ft r this   work.
a.  <>	
It  ��is   ratlier     amusingfeto'see thk>
com plain Is ;mivdc t>y stock niwiers at
times.     They organike com(r>an,iesffqr
a million or ,t.wo,. get out'a girxwinlg
prospectus, ,>and- then spend their time
in   growlihfc   -al^ut foads or la,c|la of
go\ernment aid   or something of the
kind:        For     intstanoc,   it ' ha-sVJueon
clainiMl lov many-years that tha Nifl
ola   jcoL>itry���>. is underlaid with'coal,
and, all ithat ,was wtantod  was a rail*- I
way to'enalJc  the owners ito,get tlu>
coal to   a market,-  The Nic-ola. Herald Ihus commcnts,\.
For . onei living \"i�� (Jie Nicola ,district! and {vnowinnj'the conditions.existing on the different1'-coal jMiiiitig
hinds, lo read sw-Ii fairy talits as Mf)
Lamont gives \ ouUisl.vfiy amusing
For years " parties and , coal companies ha^e been complaining of#)o
trahisportation Jfei.crlKics, and vn fjh-a-t
account weie unajble to work| their
.proriprlies. Now .the railway is'well
under .'conslruction and 4!iere|*is% oinly
oiie^symlirate or comj?..n.v. lhe Diamond Vale, at Quilchcna,/41ii4 is doing ja tap/ of    worlc.
Why don''li"the>*iwiifrs 'oMirojifcTtiic*
geli in and A do something aivd<q)iil-
Ihrir wliin'in*.'* From g^o-U^fkralA*X'
airiinatiojis ' by repuiable men ainl
the coa) shoavinJgs,-there'is no dotii't
but that coal exists in tliffeicnt part*
of the Valley,, but the 'incorporating
of a company and selling stock, such
as 'a niiniiber of American companies
have i 'done, does not, mal'v, a^/'o^l
'and only onp lolliccr was sa\cd.
Avra, Out., Jan. 22.���.An acetylene- Kns. U.jik oxj.il|o<led ?>ucatli,u
Methodist church ��iere'|today, injuring W. K. Wcstlahc and Charlie,
son of IIcv. -, *lr-.N%l-hcrco(e, rhe, pastor.
'Halifax,. Jafp.    22.���The^-cmoitnsA ofj
Hon. > Hayniomd    Preliwmvnc arrived
this morning on the fttutleship Dominion, and were convejved on a gun
carria*i* dra.wn *y RFaiincs from tho
cruiser 'to the',depot, where a. special itraiii was takj-n lo jMojntnek.U.
Flails lire flying at Jialf mast at all
lhe capitals. ;       ;
Six  Talented Young Ladies Delight
Audience At Rebekahs''    -
. Concert
The Attendance was Small on Saturday Last- The Program was
First Rate
As Mr. F. Jlawes, rthpchajirmaji .of Miss ilimter did )very little, "but
the cnitertainmont, Saturday evening, ' what.) they did! was done eioverlv.
very.arigiitly oib^erved, t^e'Robcktili's Several pretty, solos and'- cbo^usos
arc always to the front doing good. ' acid ^xaceiui uanceb \\cre ha.t>paly i"-
In Laiiysmilii perhaps mojrc thaw in troduced iind well rendered and-per-
any other    city on the coast are thei
Call rat     the office   of ilha tfupQUin'-
tcnHcnt of.the works and settle) your
whose home is given as at .Lady-
month, and it saves time and latter
for all. par ties.
Times-   are   strict v now all around,
n��it-*f.Jofie in.-Ladysmithi   b'��t aU Ithr-
sisters descrvinS)ly famous for their
charity, und many a one who has
been -in sore I trouble- -ha| receivedWe-
lief through th�� instrumen.taUty ot
this,nol\j society.
Saturday evening,, although the au-
diencefjwas not us lar^p a'one as (was
hoped it would' be, the sisters showed their .ability, in presenting a splen
did program. The audience was not
large, Init all the same the venture
is a gjkeat finniiciial success, as a
great many bought tickets and were
kept fionv attending-the entertainment liy the inclement,weather. Un.
fortunately on, > account- of severe
colds one or two- who were down for
sonfes were iniaide to sing bin the
program was, nevertheless, ��� a good
The dialogue,   which concluded
the 'progfrafcn was one of the iWest ever staged locally.. From star t(-to
finish it was lively audi entertaining,
there notheing a single dull moment
The young ladies were announced as
nujrh-the country, for It is the��k'iet coming froim. Corel He Hill, I.Jrt., when
time of tiie *jrear.     Everybody lotP^s   making   the announcement thc chair
Altis poor Craps' He has long
memory.' 7 come.'11 tiias gone. Will
il- c-tt return to'it's 'hapjiy home on
the hillside1'
Nanaimo, Jan. 20.-That the upper  Stoclet said     thic was no question
seam in the_<Departure Bay ' m-inci.iias   about it   'icing     lhe nio;-toxtensivc
been   struck six weeks     earlier than ! a,,d of good qpility,    '''in fact,"1 he
'wciit'oii   to say,,'/.''rtho-actual coal.
we      have in    sight, is.    sufficient to
permit rs to .take -1,000 tons a   day
.���    , ' out of; the .. ihimv    for at least uigiri-
*uel co-mpojiy last night.      Uncover-   teen years." ,""   '
enng the. seam is a work that has | This statement, uv,ning, as it docs,-
caused th|! company a,'.great heal.'of, from Manage StocMtt, who is thor-
trouhle, and now that it, 'lias been ''ougjily fam/iliar 'wi'thr conditions af
made ava|la��)le and discovered't0 lie Brechen inspires thc greatest confi-
of a splendid v-arioty of coal,, live dctice iiTJiLjci. future;6l this' c|ty: as
a half feet thick, it,is a gfceat source far as the''coal'industry is* concerned
of salis-faclioii and will irosult in r-P- and'ibis with -other influences Unit
newed activity as soon as the .seam are at work- for1 the/opening, up of
is opened but Jor ' 'wof!iinK. In re- Vancouver Island, gives a*very bright
ply to questions ,as to the extent of and ���saiisftictory rotitlboK lor.ti^e
tfieicoiul field at Departure Bay, Mr.   city of Nnpaimo.
. Another company is entering into
the halihht industry c/u this coast,
audi although only slart-iiigi-' oma
small- .scale, it is expected ibjefore
long that a larcje/trade will'-be done
Tlie halibkit will ) ;hp shipped throupili
Vancouver, and. will be'consigned .to
the Eastern;: ''Canadian .markets! Tli-e
new! - 'company is a purely faivadilui
concern-, and will, fish in British Col-'
.. . .; uiu*>ia waters., .,.--.'   '������-.������'
expected, was the go0d news for.l Nanaimo given out by Mr.:'Stockjctt,
the   superintendent     of the Western
A  Cii
same thickness. The double vertical
divisions aro spaced about four feet
apart. 'I he two glass screens arc
translucent to any degree desired, so
that, incase where windows are not
ne-ccssury for viewing the landscape,
Uiey may bc^.dispensed with altogether, provided toe'building would war-/ tcj onJk'jrSfci
rant the installation of mechanical
ventilation and heating. The exterior
effect is that of a marble wall with
r  without   windows."
That Jiving in glass houses is n,ot
an idle dream is shown by Frank, T.
Perkins. in his article on Modern
American glass hoaises," in tlie Technical World Magazine. Mr. Perkins
describes some recent structures of
this character in Des Moines, as follows: :���
��q      pouSisop ojoav sSuipjmq  jsjuj,
rllpa'B   UAVOUJi-UGA*,    B   'UBUIIST^I    -;,J    -Q
tcct, of Des Moines, Iowa, whose ideas  of     glass wan     construction includes the     use of miikvwhite, opaies-     Emperor   William   I.   of  Germany,
cenl      v.ire glass   one-q.'uairter     inch was  a strict disciplinarian.   One day
thick, securely fixed in two steel ver- during the manoeuvres of the army a
tical divisions,  which are parallel and cavalry regiment charged at a strong
Jaced     together     for the purpose of ly entrenched and  embattled village,
stiffening.        These divisioais are sup- of  which  the garden Walls  were 1 in-
ported  at  the  floors by  brackets riv- ed .with'marksmen.   "Mon' Dicu!" exited   to     the steel     channels of the claimed  the  Russian  representative,
floor     construction.!   The vy-aii thus "That    regiment  is     lost."  "No,"
consists of    two jjUvzed screens sepa- 'was the E-mperor's'calm re-ply, "thc
rated by afoot     of dead    air space, 'regiment isn't, but the colonel   cer-
wluVh   nffortd insulation  against heat tainly is."   And,   sure enough, at tho
cold  or sound  to as great an extent close of1 the manoeuvres he was plac-
as     would     a solid brick wail of the ed on the retired list.
:| ������   ���:������:   -
The output" of two logging .camps
on Pugeii' Sound, each.-'-of which is
producing thirty thousand, feet of
logs pvv day, was jnirchased biy Mr
J.. S. Emjmerson for imi��o*.itaitjjion into British. Cohmibai'a. Mr. Emmer-
so'n was acting on behalf .of the Nanaimo >Lum;bcr,'Company, inwhichl lia
,s interested. The output of these
camps was " bought from date until
May 1. '''���_���
The property-' of Comer Thnrnas,
advertised for sale -by Mr. Russell
Simpson,, wns sold by aucUon in
lhat'solicitor's office on Saturday,
the purchaser Lfcing Mr. I-I. Coulter,
known in this section, diaving spent
���    _���:���j : _
��� Ttl ifs'i said;that t'hejcharge of thei
Light Brigade was again enacted oh-
Saturday night- jry police officers and
theif 'deputies. There., were,not six
htuidral of them, but ;hy the way the
few did tlieir work there might-.'h.avP
surv|v,e-d     but is.    attl,prosemt,  just .a
been {thought to*.be.-   . -
forward \ to    a (rood _
the west in lflOO.
season-all over
man told' ��i little-fin,, lie shall be
excused for the truth, which tlie audience sjoion.    found- tint,  was  such- n
pleasant one. The ^rirls were six of
ijai^.Mii-.unis lairj daughters ^d talented yo\mg ladies they were, ,Iool
Miss -McMillan.  laKiiijg the ,part   of
a lover,     encouraged    hy a charming
vea's- ago>   bfeen a resident of Nanaimo.
 a��� ,
It is thought htF soma tliat the
John -Powers reported a"fc -drowned
at- > San Diego ui-f^w'.-days' since and
whbso' homo ais g^-en tas/at Ladysmith,!. is a man. -who''boarded, for
some time at the Abfopts>!oir>d Hotel,
worlcinjg. in |he mines. ' JMeantimo,
the r-owers knrown diere :had been'for
some time in the   Tuik'on.'
Tho meiinbers of the Wat.son tsoiipe
arrived o-n the noon train; from Yic-.��
toria. Tnciuded in the coiiifpany/'ifj
Mt. Ifnoley.     This gcuileman/is well
known    in this section,, Jiaving a few ! damSt'1'  (iVV;ss I}' nr>'dc��) and'reject
ed by a stern-father, (splendidly represented by njioiher Miss McMillan-,)
was lif.t- rate. Her acting was
clever throu^iourt, her exhi^tion 0f
deep emotion, with u-n introduction
oi merry 'wit, was faultless. Miss
Bryden'I played the . Jbrtokjjn-Hcarted
heroine feelingly, <repealing her  lines
cleverly. It was . real If a serio'-cnm
ic part iuid.Miss Bryden had ^lafsp-
wri tor's ideal and her acti'ng was con
seiqtiently a treat. Thc stern papa,
(Miss McHiillan.) was a highly Iim-
ny part and cJcverly. interpreted by
that-'younlg lady,   whiJe*��as the Baron-
The;Ledger in informed thaVWrs.
Win. -Hunter-, trained theiyoung'ladies land staged >he play.. Her work *'
had been sk*lfuHy done.and .a word
of thanks and 'congratulation are due
her. -�� It was "certainly the Kit oflthe '
evening. ,
The first /T5art of the progra'm was     !
entertaining, the , instrumental solos
and'^duets    toeing-greatly appreciated
by lovers ;of music ju the audlepice.
The Misses     Bryden opened with a    '
Willjaiitly played littie dibet.     fMxs,
Steel's   pretty -  piattftforte solo��was
playpdl,'cocncctiy,     wiLh expressiom,
while the!   performances on the piano
of two    young     ladies, /Misses Baby
and ' Uir��suc,     ea^h  ..playing ��<lui^s     '
with theit    teacher,    Miss Bertram,
were     surprising good for children ���
so young- and ^fleet credit upc[ft itho
tuition,' they 'have   received \ - at the
hakids .if  that 'lady.
Miss Inyhajn's-recit-atrion-wasfwell   ,\
delivered, and; Mr.��TjiornIfcy'js, *, 'Osier Joe " a very pathetic piece, rai
recilcd.< in    a manner     that bfroufght
tears, in-to   the eyes lof many,   Mis. '   '
Davidson san^   a sweet 'little. Seotch ,
song,1,  and   sang.,   well, and [Mr.  L.    .,.
Injgfi'tun;'deligjlrted   the audience (with "f,
a-splendid popular song.     v- '     ,\.f.
Mr. "Vledland, ofXthp Watson Company, ��� was present and 'vcry.jkindly., ^,"
played a-nd sang' for lhe wydjience. '" '.
His playing^ was ��� ii|illiant andi his
son'g* ffcritoo short. 'He has a splen-i
nid voice I and let us hope we may
have a chance of hearimfe. him again
wliile his company 'is in ("town.
Miss J. JBryden occmnpaaifod cnost
ofSthe sinfgexs and showed much skill
as a vpiahist. '������������ ������'���'V-' -, .-}.,
Mr. F. i-Iawes, to -the chair, kept '
things -.going without a hitch'.'. His
remarks ..'.-concerning'''.the charily |of
tlie jsister were happy and anide in
good taste. A Itact'ful; chalitman
chairmas like, ,Mr. Hawes ffelps .much
to -niake.rpCJiinff "go.' ' < g      '-
The'dance; which brought ithe en-tei-    l ,
taiument V>-a   conclusion was. attend       \
Tho City's financial sheet shows, up
well. What is there that is wrong
about conditions? isn't.1 it affront
sime to wa-koi.up, uphold the council
in passing a streets improvement bylaw,, arrange ��� again to.'put a bylaw
before the public,-for a,city-owned
electric plant,, and .look forward, hot
backward?. Ladysmith is all ti.gpt.
so arc "the* peo/ne, |nit Kcur.ie a��re not-
so enterprising; as conditions warrant We must go either forward
or .backward. As  we can't stand
still, which shall it be, encourage
the, city council to go ahead? It
ayiir be letter I for' all of us ��i the
Thc .->ar at t-iic New, ^VesT-ani Hot-
Avenue.  For information, v   terms,; i   etc., Up ply
Dh-vis, on premises.
City Constaiile Callondar, Provincial Constable Cassidy and m-giit--
walchmah O'Coiin'-Il ruidcd . two. houses rim by colored people on (he hiM
on Saturday iiiyht-      The houses bad
���Itfs said' that the Fire Chief was
impressed'by the police to accompany
thenr up  the hill on Saturday nigjht
as an'expert on gamming devices, also custodian . of sacks. It wou,lrln''-t
bl'i very .'stranga .if they nurought
in spinning wheels or weaf'ng Jooins
as such devices, for the' chipf doejsn't
knaw the diilenencc between a b'tull
and .- a full hand, a pass or a solo,
and couldn't even count a crap g^'oie..'
Bosk ie,.'-Miss     M.  Little, an  old -Ja-J ed by .many, and thank s to  the Rcjfcic
vorite with Ladysmith audiences, was ' ahs ��� for .Impplving a-good torch-o&tra,
' Jv.bryaen.. and was;.a'.pleasaiit affair.
first, ro'ie.
Under *new management- and,a new
system,', thc     Portla-nd) Hotel is al-
well- known as a
long been suspected of toeing run in a   ready    ���becoming
popular  oroarding house.     Sincp'Mr
and Mrs. I-Iynd    have taken ov.-r the
S, .S.   Tellus is due in-for'a cargo
of, coal for Frisco.
disou'dcrly manner, and on Sarlurday
hiy the direct ion of the'city authorities the raid was made, and Hit* awn1
c.rs of the place will 'appear in court
at C.'iO this evening.1 They will1, it
is understood,-, be charged with- running gambling dens.
Smoke Big B. Cigars.
.to D.,',1-1.
Tiie  warning   ol  1'rof.   Founier,    ol
Paris, that kissing is unsanitary and
perilous,  makes no  impression on the
Yale scientists.    Prof.   William      II.
Brewer,   ol  the  Sheffield  school, says
Diaries  for   190G  at  Knight's  Book   Lhat if In-was  in   the  habit  of kiss-
Stoia. ing he should keep right on, by which
For high     class stationary call at "e   "icans,   as lie   is1 human,   that   hc
Knight's  Book Store. ,wiil not stop.    Dr.  Charles  A. Lhul-
 o  ��'"Sy,  of Lhe   medical   school,   who     is
"Yes," said the pompous man, who secretary of the state board of
|:iided himself upon his familiarity health, is no Jess undismayed. "Kiss-
wit-h the great ones of the earth, ing," he says, "has been practised
"President Roosevelt once made a from the time of Adam and Eve. In
remark to me at dinner that was some countries it has been practis-
diuractcristic of  the man.  He said���" ed  more   than   in'America,   and  there   rock in Ireland, and soon grew to the
size or a tencun.   When  the printer he-
trail   to investigate  he discovered   that
house'; it has tfocm\ thoroughly over
hauled^ and the rooms made neat
and tidy and comfort-able. Mrs
Hyn'd, so long known o.s Mrs. Blakc-
lcv, has always b*en/ known 'as n
model'ihoiisekecper and Mic-ta-ole s
well Hooked .after. The location of
the 'Portland, hcinjgj, the nearest
house from the Tyee Smcltjpr and
from Hip Ladysmith Stove & Tron
Works, makes it oolnvenienti as a
home Kor men working there. The
Sj'icJts g>rcvind /will add to the j-.a;liic
of. the location \f. the house. ��s ii is
the.nearest'hotlel to them. T,-\!<cn aiVl
totrmtiiirr. \'<t nnvon-f V.s dointri .liv'sfiiiess
in .tin*   hotel lirte*   the   I'orttand   wi\]
do its share In-m \liis time on   v
Wc have heard some funny stories
ahout members of the craft, but this
from an exchanrre deserves the cake:
"A Colfax printer discovered a pimple on the one side hir nose and attempted to remove it with ointment.
But the     Dimple flniirisheh li'Vcsham-
Thc [British steamer, Chiswich, one
of the fleet-oT the British Steamship
Company,, so. many or whose steamers -have. visited Ibis, const,: during
the past few weeks, is ,ab(out due
from Ancon, the port of the Panama
canal construct ion corps, whithor-she
too'-: a cargo .of lumber, from 'ujjet
Sound for >i��e if. construction work
along the line, of the' i-anal. The
Chiswich left Ancon on i/atuiary 1
and is cN'i'ocled to arrive in thc Royal-'Roads iu thc near, future. She
will lake on Bunker >coal u,t this
...ace.   i ��� W-
British ship Gcnalvom, charlerod to
load at CJiemainus, which arrived at
Port Angeles some days ago, from
Yokohama may be lined from $100 to
$1,000 for,' each- of tho.two Japanese
stowaways   who    humped    o-verbpara
The-' Fifth Regiment- pasket>)|aU
team ���defea'ted the Nanaimo men in
Victoria.; on Saturday. The score
was.. 18-2. Lady smith*-; did'hotter
than this. fhey \yere beat-en, it is
true, but the     score was ��� 2:1-11. J nil.
to ,sce which is. really the fret ter of
the two tenuis, Ladysmith will go
up to Nanaimo >��*. Wednesday and
play the Inen of that city. Pkifc yotir
money on Ludysmith, the Nanaimo-
it-cs cannot touch them at basketball
The gjri*ne t will \p xgoo.d practice for
the men and will get .them In good
shape,1 or Jfche inatch with Sydney pn,
the 27th. ��.;
The only Woman in the.world who
travels aspress agent for a circus, it
is said, is Lillian Calvert Van Qsten,
who   left    the   stage to exploit the
icrits' of a Wild West show.   Though
from the .vessel in Port   Angeles liar- called i"M-iss" and looking little more
"I   think I can g-ucss  what he said is      no  evidence   that   these   nations
to .you," interrupted Knox. Iliave been  much   afflicted  with     con-
"Yes?" 'sumption.''   Horse   sense   may       al-  >s  bottle of ointment had been mis-
"I suppose he said:  'You  may keej ways  be  expected  from   red-blooded,  j placed and that he had  been using his {.jj^ CollI1trv
' thc change,   waiter.' " potent Y'ale.���New York Sun. j wife's  oust  developer.
bor and are believed to be drowned,
if it can be shown by immigration
officers who are now scehing to so
show, that the tiwo Japanese] escaped. United States iinnijuration
officers state that-if the men had
been drowned their .bodies should
have been found before now. The
.Japanese had     -boarded the. vessel in
than a girl, she is a Mrs., and her
husband, who is advertising manager
of the show, travels with her. Miss
Van Osten's business is to call upon
the newspapers to induce them to
print good notices concerning the
show, and she has secured concessions
that men could not. Miss Van Osteu
finds  her  life  many-sided   and       far
Yokohama    and  after rem-am-in-<r hid-   , . ,   .   , ,,   .     ,
, ... ���      . .    ���     , ,     ..     ",   ���       from prosaic,  and declares  that  she
den .until the ship /was foci rar %.t-sea      , ,   '    ,       -. . .4^
to    put
.    ,.   .,  ���     . ,.       ,  .   .   .     gei,s a world of happiness in the    ex-
���back   they   were curried to &   . , ,      , \f    .      ,..,..
periences . of her bonemian lite living
���uiniSjitj oqj,---jBQ 3u|si!|.JOApB riB jjt
������:V :'-�� V  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  BY  LE1������ER  TUB       BAIL?  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT I,ADYJHMT������  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ������������������ eents  a month",    $1 per  year    ia  advance.     AdTertiaiaf rates go ap  plication.  MONDAY,    JAN.'     22, 1900  life, Liberty, ��������������������������������� lhe Pur-mc :  Happiness,, is onc '.of-the Btyaivy slogans in the United Stales constitution. This' could not be quoted, or  if)'it applied in this country, 'be construed : as ha*/it>K the right Mo rim a  bjind; pig, or maintain a pubjffc nuisance. If alcoholic drinks are to 1.3  sold,* letthec men who pay license  foes for lhe privilege do the business.  ENFORCING. THE LAWS.  Every, person in the Ci/y will be  pleased" if the raid on Sal'iiday  night is taken as an emphatic hint,  by' lawbreakers that, the r. /or end  Council "have. determined en enforcing the.City bjMajws and the laws of  the land. The time, has gone by, for  for gamblers' and ^sports of either se.x  color,to make monthly'Visits to La-  dysnnth'to collect>oal ������A SP*-1 "������=������  rakc-ofl from the pay-roll. ��������� Such in  dividual* are not wanted and Hie M"  yor and Counci, will have thc'.force  of the puliic opinion, all of these tl>'  least ���������whose, gbod-will is .worth having, wi'th'them in������such good work%as  they have undertaklen.  . r-O���������; -1  ANIMALS THAT LIKE TOBACCO  Most animals have an utter abhor-  ance of tobacco in any shape or form,  says   the  proprietor  -jf a  menagcnc.  I have myself made  even a ferocious  dog turn     tail by     simi ly  pulling a  whlft of     smoke mi its face, tout I do  not   recommend   the means as   one   ai-  ways    to  be  re-iicd on.      But to this  rule,   as to    all   cllicrs, there  are   ex  ' ceptions,  and  numerous instances 'are  known    of  animals   possessing  a posi-  tive'love for thc fragrant weed. Dogs  as  is  well   known,    can  be taught  to  do almost every thing but talk,   and  in     my     early days   I   was connected  with a circus which possessed the i-  iq,ue    attraction   of a    terrier  which  among  other tricks,  had besn instruct  ed  in the art ti smoking a clay  pipe  The    curious point was that the animal actually    got to enjoy     its j.ipc  s "in$PENCEiS���������������������������*-   |  (Nanaimo) Ltd.J  STOGK TAKING SALE PRICES  NEVER EQUALED BEFORE  ^m = "   ^W $1.25  CIIILDRENS"WIIITEFUR   SETS,      MUFF  DAILY LEDGER  stkam aivA'rrcn  WKI.L PUKNISHB1J RISOMS  BAR SUI'S*t.THD WITsT DBtl  WlMJiS, LIQUORS. CIf������**������ ,  Sats.  KIMONA  AND BLOUSE JTLANNBLS  -p&   $1.00  KID   CLOVES,  ALL  SHADES,  ^Bl   $15 .TO $30  LADIES  COATS  $1.00  LADIES'   READY TO   WEAR HATS,  ALL KINDS  OK  SHOES REDUCED,  1^ SEE   OUR  ,$4.50  to   $fi.00  WENS'   SHOES.  FOR.  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I  found it very aalsf.ictory ana it jjlivf*?  aie-pleasure to'recommend ' it." Fu-,  sale by The Lailysmitli Pharmacy.  jTo Write a Story  of the West  that wauld have tha true  sag ta -it.'Hia author -would  #f n������������������a������ity ra<iuire te live  there far a time at least. Ha  aiuat study the a**raictat-.  ietica at tke vasiaca peopie--  kava to ba������ome aaa ���������* theai,  liviag thair daily Hie, shariag  ttwir joys aad sorraws.  Ma wauld kATe to ������ii* with  thera soeiaily aad i* a aasi-  aess way, ia short lie a  "Westerner" Its a. questicet  af knowing local cendittoaa.  The Kama reasoning applies  te trhe "'Laekie Boot'j f,or  VTantera Miner, the Proapect-  ���������r and  the Lumberman.  The makers ol the," Leek-  ia Boot" are Westerners with  "Waeteia experience. They  Waew what to make aaid kow  te make it. Its not sa maaa  a question of priee aa af quality. Tkeir sola aim is ta  wake a better boot for tho  same moaey���������utd tfce "LEC  BIB BOOT" is it.  !MA)JUFACTUREB 1Y.���������  .v.   uouid  insist on  having  it  at the  sual  time     every -Sunday,  as in the  erfoima'ncc  on  v.ceu  days.  T!ie   parrot is  of all birds,  perhaps  ..c most apt to take up bad habits.  A friond of mine has one which is  ���������assionately fon<l of eating, and chewing tobacco. Ii given a sufficient  ijuantity the bird will ma'-ie itself  'rosltively  drun!-������     with  the  nicotine,  .hd will stagger, about its cage in  exact imitation of the actions of an  intoxicated human being. Long *.rac  lice has made the bird somewhat of  a connoisseur   respecting 'its  favorite  uxury, and it now tr::ats line Cut tobaccos with contempt. Its particular  iieiig-ht- is the rum soaked plug affected  by sailors.  It is among the Simian tribes that  tol.ncco-lc ing   quadrupeds   are   most-  "r "uent. This   is  probably  owing  the   monkey's   overpowering  facui-  y for imitation, which sometimes  ',-ets' it into trouble ,T remember an  ami.sinfc instance. A man after puf-  "mg a cigarette for some time threw  t down near a monkey, which had  been watching the proceedings intently. The animal snatched it up  and puffed gravely for a few minutes.  Then 'a look or inteftse bewilderment  ctoie over its face, and throwing  the cigarette down it retired into a  corner,  evidently very ili..  AT T.   X  JONES  Our Confectionery, Nuts  nuits are all of.the BEST.  A choice stock of FAMILY    GROCERIES.  PRICES ARE RIGHT.     GATACRE  STREET ��������� -���������  '���������!.. X JONES  THE   O-RIP.  "Before  wa can  sympathize       with  atkers,      we must have suffered eur-  selves."   Na  one can  realize  the  suff-  eriBj-. attewdaht  upoa   an   attack     of  gripa,   unless   he has   had the   actual  experience.    There is probably no disease ,    that causes  so much  physical  and mental agoay,   ar which  so   successfully  defies  medical  aid.    All danger from the grip,  however,  may  be  iroided   by  the prompt  use af Chamberlain's  Cou^h Remedy.    Amenj the  lens  of thousands   wha have  iise.a ,lhi.s  ivmedr,   not .one ease   kaa efer   bee^i  reported   that  has resulted   in   aueu-  ���������nonia ar that has aat racevered.  far  -;ale by   the  Laaysmitk  pharmacy.  Sunlight  is better than other Soaps  but is best when used in  the Sunlight way. Follow  directions.  SUNLIGHT  WAY OF WUHIM  FIRST.-tiip th'i articla  to be washed m a tub of.  luUewarm water, draw it  out on a washboard and rub  the soap lightly over it.  He particular not to mil* ;  1 ioapins all over. THEN  roll it in a tight roll, lay  in the tub under tha water,  and go on1 the same way  until all the pieces have the  soap rubbed on, and are  rolled up.  Then so   away   for  thirty rnmutes to   one  > hour and let lhe "Sun-"  light" Soap do He work..  NliXT.���������After toaking  the full'time rub the clothes  lightly out on a wash board,  and the dirt will drop  out; turn the garment inside out to get at the seamg,  but don't use any more  soap ; doi't scald or boil a  sngle. piece, and don't  wash through two suds. If  the water get* too'dirty,  pour a little out and add  frtih. If a streak la hard  to wash, rub some more  soap' on it, and throw  the piece back into the  ���������udsfora few minutes.  LASTLY COMES THC  RINSING, which is to be  done in lukewarm water,  taking special care to get  all. the dirty suds away,  then wring out and bang  up to dry.  '  For Woolens and flannels proceed a* lollowt:���������  Shake the articles free from  dust. Cut a tablet of  SUNLIGHT SOAP into  shavings, pour into a gallon  of boiling water and whisk .  into a lather. When just  lukewarm, work articles in'  the lather without rubbing;. Squeeze out dirty  water without twisting/  and rinse thoroughly in two  relays of lukewarm1 water.  Squeeia out water without  twisting. and bang in tha  open air.  larrThe most delicate  color* may be safely  washed in the "c���������  light" way;  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  LADYSMITH, B. C  & Nanaimo Railway  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  .   Rooms  D  Board at reasonable.  Rates  -The bar its extra well  Stocked  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  *  Our Bar ii uawly fiUclup and well supplied and is la char *  JOS. PELUGRINELLI  ir  This Hotel has   been completely  renovated.  Board aad lodgLag $1.01 par iaf.  HOTEL  JOHNTliA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied  with the Best  ,   Liquors and Cigars.  Wines, 1st Avenue :-:  Ladysmith I.e.  Time  Table No. 57   g ,  Trail* laava Ladysmitfa for Victoria  and all intermediate stations    at  ���������.la a-B. daily, aad at 4.00 p.m. on -Wednesdays,     Sat'irdatys   and   Sun-  ������a*f������-  - ������������������  Traias ieara LadysaiiMi far "Wellington and all  intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. daiiy,  aad at 6.00  p.m.   on  VVedna 'days,  Saturdays ' and  Suadaya.  Excursion Tickets.  -    ON SALE TO AND  FROM ALL STATIONS  goad far s������*aa> jourae* Saturdays and Sundays, return.ng not later than  taavfaUswiBc, Moaday.   Steamer Joan   Sails" Ifm Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m. and  raftoniag sails' tram Vancouver     (or   Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  Cor. Fort kuidV; Goviernment Streets.','  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist.   Frt. & Pass'. Agt.,  CCAAA REWARD will be paid  *J������WW   to any person who  groves thafe Sunlight Soap con-  11ns any injurious  chemicals  Your Money Refunded by   tha  dealer Irom whom you buy  Sunlight Soap if you find any  cause tor complaint-  LEVER BROTHERS LIMITED, TORONTO  151  j. 22:. sMiTi-rs  RESTAURANT  Cor* 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  Bast accommodation for transient  md  permanent boarders  and lodgers.  >RAND       HOTEL  This 'new'Motel'.has been comfort-  ��������� ly furnished and the bar is up-to-  ' te. Rates $1.00 a day and ap-  v \rds.     -     ,  ,  WJi.  BEVERIDGE, Prop. ' -  '-vN.nada   ������������������: *���������" "~���������  T,arlvstriliit  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooa Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  OAT ACRE   STREET-      Ladysmith.  i 1 .**"������  .      I a  LEDOfiHEAN  f  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  :o>  R.P.RITHE1M  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������: :-: :���������: .-: :-B.C.  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Kate<$1.25 and$1.50���������        ~  Free baa to all steamboat landings and  niiUay depots.   Electric cart every fivs  minutes to all parts of   tha city.   Bai  and table unexcelled.  F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, Ci  Under New Managment '  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKiiacl  Proprietor,  Fire Proof    Buildiag, ,  Modern and     Strictly. First Claaa.  Commercial Mens' headaaarters.  WANTED���������By     Chicago rwftolsBale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and sxtfensw paid  weekly. Expense money adyanaod.  Business successful; poaitian periBa-  nent. No investment raquirsd. Previous experience-not^esseatialv to so-  gaging.  Address Manager, 132, Laks iS'^apt',.  Chicago, 111.', U.S.'A'.'"'-'"    '"'���������;��������� ','j;  TG FERNIE,    B  fteaaDOwa Read Ua  ��������� a.m. tv. VicToaia Arr. 4.00. p. m.  ���������.00 p. m. 'Un\ Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  ������������������.3i a. m, Arr. ������������erett Arr. 7.30 a.m.  f.jsa. as. Arr. BPOKANB Arr 7-45 P->n  i.isp.m Arr.   Keaford   Arr 12.30 p. m.  I.io p. sn.Ar. Bike Arr. 1.142 a.m.  ������.������o >.ss.   Arri^Fernie  LT.fl.55a   m.  ONE NIGHT  To au Kaoteaay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  Ta    Winnipeg sad St. Paul  Cioas Connections  For ,   Chicago. Toronto.  Montrsai and  All Points East & West  Acetylene     Lighted     Cars,,  Family Tourist Sieeparg,  Paiaea Sisepmg Cars  Diaiag     Cars (Meals a  la  -   Carta).  Library Observation      Cars  -'  Through     tickets and bag-  gaga checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations  . and complete  information   . call on or address.  8. G. Yerkes E. R. Stephen  A.O.R.A. G.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle' .      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Charlton  A.G.P.A.,   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  particulars    call 01  PhotiB Main ������56.  E.   E.  Blackwood  ,        General- Agent  Victoria, B.C  PAINTINOJi   t PAPEkHANaiNO  '':':''';'\BTC..  ;."  Work"dene preperly and at rl(r*--v  prfot*. A fnii Mne of Wall Paper.  aftd Baiatar's Supplies Residence, on  Roaar������ atraat      . c.  yr.E. SMITH, Prop  THE TYEE COPPER GO, Ltd.    j  PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  TH6CITYM  R. Williamson Prop  }st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  1 &  . Iff I (0.  LTD.  WM. MUNSIE, President J. W.   COSURN, Tajin.  Director-  "Telephonej46.  The   Ladys nlth   Lumber Co  VIILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-Shiagles   a  ������pac4alt7..  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumbar, Latks,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., oi the Best Quality.  ^aasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring     and  FiaUWing     LasUMa  ia    Staek  if  ������  ������  f  f  t  *'  **  .ft'  ���������#  I  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing ia pencil and crayons, paint ag in oils aad water col-  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons gir-  en in elasses or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysaiith. B.'���������&,'  Are You  Going' EaaSt  Then be sure your tickets. read   rl*  the;;:;  C.  MEAD OFFICE                                          I v  DUNCANS STATION.               CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  Vancouver Island, B. C.             ��������� General Managir.  ^felrsV-fe^'fe^feft*^^'^'^'1^*'^'^-1^^'^*^^'^''^^  If;yeu Uk<  "'A  smooth,'  easy  shave,  an avau,  ��������� J  well-flniBBed    beard trim, a good  batti. ar a styiifih Hair-cut.  Tou will go to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  fARIORS  HIGH STREET.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS ��������� wita the  through trains from the Pacil*  Coast.  THE      SHORTEST     LINE, TH3  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHJ>  OAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS  CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  igeat,  7*0 2nd Ave., Seattle,  cTViONEY TALKS/--  IS L6UD  TO US   AS   ANYONE.  'F Y9U ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR liKAC Y������������������   ������������������LLARSS. W  ILL   GO  FURTHER   IF  YOU   BUY tfROM   US  ������l  VANCOUVER. B. C.  ���������Our Cash Prices Oansst Be Boatoa   NELL  &    PLASKET1  GEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith  *%  B   C  UkDYSMlfH BAKERY  HOP LEE A CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OP ALL KINDS NBATtl  ���������SAKED AN* FRESH,  eoafactteaary at all kiads.  pra>n takea 'toi Pastries to bs de-  Uverad at any tine.  Employment Agency.  ..Oeaers In  Pianos arid  Organs ..  Laidysniith, B.C  HARTLEY   GISB.ORNE  Mam bar  Cau.   Society   of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,^ Knglaui  Member  Iute-rnatioLal  Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis. 19^4  ���������Elecfrica! Engineer���������  P. O. BOX Ult ,...!_,, ,     ,J   '     liAJDXSMlTH, B. ta, I  Mannfacturirsoftht Famous  C08AN BLOSSOrt  Noa������ bu   Wjaion I^aaar   Sin ployed  n.J; iQOTH, Prop  Dr. Dier  can  be founi  at  any  time  at his oflic  e on  Gatacre  St.  His  den-  tal   work  is  g\  aranteod  to  he  first-  class and  rates  reasona  )Ic  ���������V  HILBERT i-Baairf ���������.Li,-r-i!i toeptaxsivaprrWfi  ���������  i  \d  A  v<  V  l ���������:���������  daily;] j i (3)  +*������������������:��������� ��������� ���������!��������� ������?!��������� ��������� v���������������. h��������� ������������������������ i��������� |.������������������>i|.��������� ���������:��������� v������-i������:"i-������-:*< i m ������������������: ������������������i-������^  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO    B. C.  flanufacturers of? the  Co  mm or v  cut or urain  WatsonStockCompany  PRESENT  CAPITAL AND LABOR  ASSETS     AND L IA'BILTTIES  31ST.,   DECEMBER,   1905,  LADYSMITH OPERA    HOUSE  Cast  t In  British Columbia 4  | a Lager Brer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew   t.  |    edfrom the Best Canadian Malt   Run. Hops   t  ��������� ���������X ��������� !������������������ Z ��������� II'1-tH.-^fv.H.-K' ������������������������������������!������������������ I ��������� ���������!��������� >���������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� vi-H-H-H-v^*  I  LADYSMITH. TRANSFER  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������,������������������������������������������������������ tm^'^ -���������* ���������;  ,     -ASSET!S  -Balance in   Bank         $.   101-1.08  Per Capita grant for Dec.  Quarter     1627.12  School   Buildings        18000.00  City and Fire Hall and Lot  and -Furniture        1729.25  Fire    Apparatus  ' f.m.     250.00  Police Supplies     ,.      40.U0  Maps and    Profiles  ., ...     250.00  Unpaid    Taxes         415.50  LIABILITIES  School  Teacher  Salaries  for  December   $  Balance of Assets  over Liabilities     22810.95  515.00  $23,325.95  PRESENT.   TIIE   GREATESTLABOR PLAY    EVER WRITTEN-  'V  PLAY  EVERY  WORKING  MAN    SHOULD ,READ.  V. .23325.95  PIANOS,  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD    FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A NI) SAFELY.  Stables iu Oie rear of tie La<*ysniitii hotel.  Abbot* ford.  Leave orders at. thc  ...Air.   Richard Scott.   -Mr.-Harry Pollard  Erman Seavey  .Mr.   Allyn ��������� Lewis  .Mr:  I  J.- STEWART,  CM.  C.  *-*������������������> *���������* +��������� ���������������������������44*- V4 ���������  A. J.'WrtSKET, PRO?   '  v������tfc������������4������* ��������� ��������������������������������������� ���������������--��������� ���������������-������������������ + +++ + + + + + ++ 4 ^.4.4,  FOR THE YEAR  a ������ a    -  FINANCl A L ' STATEMENT  ENDING 31 ST.,    DECEMBER,  1905,  Stephen Crompton,  a. manufacturer,      George Weston,   the ^superintendent   Percy Ruskin, a niaiMof the Wond        'Hal.   Neville, a gatherer������of twigs,. \;   Mr.  Crawford, a man of business  Mr.     M. J. Hooley  Bar I   At/icld,    fireman at Hie mri.fi, ������ Mr. Terry UoKr-���������  Tom  Kiiifc, leader of thc strike Arthur Cyril  ���������Joe Danvers, man at the works    Mr_   ,K_ n   Ben,ier  Harry. Bylett, mata at ilhe works    %.i������Mr. Alexander  Nelson  ��������� .v Tompkins,   _    chimnCy Sl>ar,f  , Mr      AJbert j   ^^  iW .7 Y?M  New Year's Needs  The  extra  fl  ware  season of parties and entertainment* is-here with its  demands upra *ur table equipment���������Chine and ���������lass  Silver    aad Cutlerr. I     J    ���������"   I-  Your** Complete?  If not,  these hints    will iaterest you.  t*S  TABLE (CUTLERY  "Joseph Rogers        A Sons    Make."        ;  Table knives, celluloid handles, oval and square ...   VI, $7.50 dez  Dessert Knives to match above, oval (5.50, square, (6.00 dotes.  Ivory handled table knives, (14.00 dee.   Desserts to Match (9.66  Carving Knivea and Forks, celluleid handles, oval uid square,  '���������'" k.. M ,.��������� ~.~......t. ���������.... (2.50 and (2.75 pair.  Handsome carving sets in cases    from     (6.5t to (16.00    set.  Table Liaens and. Cloths  Bleached Scetch table linens, choice desigds, f fefctfb,   75 c.    yd.  Napkins to match,'(1.50 dozens .. , , '  Irish Linen Damask, full bleached, 72-inch,        $1.16 yard.  Napkins to match, $4.00    dozen. I FlV\ [.  Bleached IrishJLinen table alothi     2jrda x 2| 'yds. (3.26 eaeh  1 ;W.EILER'  BROSJ  ���������      ^OME.'  MOTEL  AND rLUBFURNISHtNS-VICTOfelA.B   C.   '������������������  Receipts  Balance , troni last year  ...$     47������1.14  Real Property   Tax      .,....,...   3274.96  Trade Licenses ���������    1150.00  LiiAior do    1950.00  Dog Tax     ..      224.00  Road Tax      1140.00  Govt.     Aid.of    Schools  ...   Cri'ii.'ll  Balance, of appropriation new  School    from      Govt...   11980.00  Rents ���������   Pound  Receipts   7   Bailiff's-fees reed, from  /.Constable       Fines    Royalty  for Sand Pit    Received  of .Collector of Customs, cost' of; digging  grave '   Expenditures  Street  Work       ( 17-18.87  Stationary    and    Printing ...   299.50  School  Teacher's      Salai1ies..:62(i0.00  Mrs.   Cromptpn,,.Croinpton's wife   Ethel Cro.mpt.on,   Oro-nplon's diiiifhler  Polly Crawford, ,a country  girl    Cinders, fe-irl at  the factory   Emily Dan'vers, girl at the fact or J'    Miss    Pearl King       Elizabeth Hal<,  .Miss Adelaide Keith  ....Miiss" Aline Wallace  Miss Zaldie Reynolds  1728.85  1629.-10  977.87  272.63  105.C5  C73.15  School !.Exppnses     New  School     City & Fire   Hall     Fire Dept   Do.     Supplies       City Clerk      65 00   Sanitary     Inspector!       80.00  16.751 Nigllfc   Waterman         19(7.50  j Truant Officer             60.00  Policemen       .      352.50  Police; Supplies       111.10  Poyndkeeper     <-"    100.0(1  Pound    Expenses       48.60  SYNOPSIS 1  Acr I.���������Mr.   Crompton's  Home  Act If,.���������The Superintendent's  Room at   the Factory.  -Act HI.���������Mr. Crompton's Home.  Place���������Near, Pittsburg,,Pa., U. S. A..  Time���������The  Present.  20.00  37.50  9,00  By-Laws Sold  5.00  .50  $16491.32  -:-- ���������*-  11. 1.1.1   111  SB-  Miners' Prilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short   notice.   Drill Sharpened by  ns  ways gives satisfaction. Picks band! ed and repaired. ~r''v'?  Sliipsrriitiling    in   aJ1    its   Branches  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street   -   -    -     -   Ladysmith, b t  Costs  of  Court      Appeals  Legal    Expenses        Insurance   Election Expenses        Dogs Tags       Trade   Licenses    Refunded  Road Tax   ;. Refunded ............   187.00  Expressage          8.70  Land  Registry Fees      Postage ...-   Telegraph      &  Telephone  Exchange on     Chevies    Rent   >   Auditing    Fuel and Lights         Tools c ,  Donations  Travelling       Dig-ging    Graves   ������   Bush Creek    Expenses       Expenses Taking Pcchctto  Child/en to   Vancoipei  Ga'/ette Notices       City   Clerk Bond       Milk Tester      Washing    and 1 Cleaning  ..........     3.15  Balance in  Bank     ���������'..   ...     1014..08  10.00  152.2!)  37.45  13-1.35  8.9f,  5.0'.!  5.35  14.74  42.70  .45  15.00  5.00  18.70  15.25  25.00  62.00  13:00  60.50  Tuesday Night���������The Golden Giant Mine  [Graduate  Committee.    He  does  not  ���������RUGBY���������  I   THE COST OF A BIG GAME.      jpay  oUt one cent until a bill       has  i-ew count the cost the enormous    been properly  audited  and  endorsed  cost of a   Ya-e-llarvard  game,  says  for payment by an auditing conanit-  a Boston    despatch.   The price paid [tee,  which is composed of graduates  ioi  tickets     is $2;  some have  paid/   and  undergraduates.  ������2a;^taere are times when any sum  of money is forthcoming for a place  on the stadium, but aside from the  actually coming  in to   the  amount  /'  16.7.0  9.75  15.00  12.50  $10191.32  In the course of a season the Harvard  Athletic  Association  receives in  the vicinity  of  $100,000  from       the  gate receipts and from subscriptions,  promdtors of  the sport are the im- ; In anticipation of    the receipts, ex-  mens'e    profits 0f     the speculators,  ! pendi'VJres  are  being  made all thro-  which make it impossible to ���������   deal  , ugh the college  year  for  the several  with the aggregate except in general; branches of athletics.    Budgets   are  terms.  To see the game that cheer- J presented by the managers of, athlet-  ing crowd     has paid not  less than  jic-s,, but the graduate committee de-  $10,000. jcides upon the amount that will be  The profits of the game at the Hair- ��������� expended  upon each,  vard  stadium  or on  thc Yale     field  j   What   remains     after the expenses  are   limited    by  a seating  capaeity.   Iis     devoted      toward   improvements.  Thousands are turned away from the j about the athletic grounds, and also  gules each year after the grandstands j toward  decreasing  the  amount- still  J. STEWART.  ..    -    '.������������������'    .'"      C. M.  C.      .,.���������.-  Audited  and    Found/Correct.   WM. RUSSELL, Auditor, 12th,  Jan-. 1900  .SCHOOL       ACCOUNTS  FOR THE YEAR     ENDING 31ST.,   DECEMBER,   1905,  Government    Aid;      6144.47 . Teachers' Salaries   Excess of Expenditures  ,   over     Giant   1844.38  _\$6260,00  t������r���������*e*e^������>;e^������^e^e^e*e^������^������)������(e;*c^e.*e^e*������^e*������^������^e #  I     LIVERY, BOARDING AN D        j  J SALES STABLES !  ���������f [EXPRESS WORK   A   SPECIALTY,   s ������  I     DAVID JOHNSON       |  JPHONE 66  v ;   - HDVSMIT     J  .��������� ' 'it  $���������7988.85  ./  Washing and  Cleaning ......  Fuel and    Water.   Seats New School, freight  on same,   etc   Iflsurrunee   ���������������������������   . ������������������������������������- ?������������������  Printing &    Advertising  ...,  Oiling Floors-     -,  Furniture,   Supplies,  Repairs   Telegrams    .  Secretary  Salary  etc  7I47.75  221,50  35.7.15  oj.50  .-16.40.  37.1.0  174.50  71.70  3.25  60.00  Audited aad  J. STEWART.  Secretary  Found}Correct.  WM.  RUSSELL, Auditor.  ���������'$7988.85  12th, Jan. 1906  are- filled. Even with the limited  sealing capacity, there is more than  $CO,000-nct profit in the sale of  scat.?, and that amount is divided,  equally between the two teams, a  custom which was established by  Yale after the strained relations between the- two colleges were amicably adjusted. .   ,,  Harvard and Yale each received a j  net profit of more than $31,000 ; from  the fcame a Cambridge two years  ago.-.', The seating capacity at that  time was 38,000, and for each seat  there were $2 in the haads of the  treasurer of the Athletic Association:  The heavy expenses that year deducted considerably from the gross'  receipts. At Yale a year ago the re- \  ceipts, after all the preliminary, expenses' were paid, amounted to more,  than $56,000..  That football   is  the one game in  the larger universities which  is not  only self-supporting,  .but. which  sup- \  ports almost every other branch   of  athletics is the unanimous opinion off  due on the stadium. - The stadium,  cost between $250,,000 and $300,000  and there is $60,000 owing upon it.  o���������  The most western province of the  Dominion of Canada is, roughly  speaking, seven hundred miles north  and south, by four "-hundred miles  from cast to west, comprising the  territory east of the Rocky mountains to the Pacific Ocean, iioni the  forty-ninth parallel, south 0' WhSch,  in fact, Vancouver Island' extends,  to ���������the 55th degree of. north latitude,  constituting the northern boundary of  the recently discovered  gold fields; of ditions in other places, whether theso  Cinnatja does much for British Columbia- lii fact, we have all kinds of  climate. Tt depends whether you  are located in the valleys ofthe  mountains, or high up the mountains  or on the plams. or on ihe is-ands or  mi :: c r-os 1, as to. the temper 1-  l"i": ;,o'i come in contact With.  "���������Vancouver     Island, in the Pacific'  Ocean,   occupies  somewhat  the  same  position  in reialipn   to the  American  Continent that Great Bnilain. in the  Atlantic,     does t0 Europe; lying between nearly     the same parallels  of  larfatude. The temperatures conespor.^  very closely ^.w-IIil   ilii-se     found  in  parts of     England;  the" summers are  iq-uite as    long, and severe frost-vciy  seldom occurs. " Crossing the straits  of Georgia t0 the mainland and coiir n  s dering  the   country     south  of the  Canadian Pacific Railway we are still  in latitudes corresponding to',tlie southern      ban of   - England.     We here  find a warm     summer, and a wmtoc  J increasing in  severity  as  we  ascend  thc Fraser valley and reach the higher levels.        To the eastward of the  Coast    Range in     the Yaic and West  Kootenay districts the climate is dis-'  tinctiy     different; the    summers are  warmer .md     tlie winters are colder,  and the rainfall  rather scant;  bright  dry weather is'the rule.   The cold  of  winter is. however, scarcely ever   severe;* and the hottest days of summen  are rendered     pleasant from the facti  that   the air :s     dry and the mghti  are cool.  '' '  At   the census of 1901, the popular  tion  was  only 178,657 .'souls,   including 18.000 Chinese and Japanese, andt  twenty-five thousand Indians, eo that  it will %p     seen that the white popu-      '  lation of     135,000  is aitogethennsig-,  m'/icant in    comparison with the '-ter-.   ,  r tory to     tie developed.     Less than  one   per cent of ths     aceragehas yet  been developed as farms or lots.   The  area  of     improved     land was given '  as but 57,881 acres. v     ,  Mining hasi had from tlie first a  mqst conspicuous part in the indus.  tries of^ this- province. In the (year  1901 the total yield from the mines  exceeded twenty million dollars foe '  the year. .' <  Tiie fisheries yielded in 1901 tho  magnificent total of $v7,942,7"71���������still  qi'oting from thc official returns 01  the census. ,  The timber  wealth  of this province  ranks high     amongst its marvellous  endowments  by   nature.  There      are    *>  about 100 sawmills in  operation, the  annual cutting runninn- from dOOiOOO,-   .  not.  l0 ]50,000,000 feet.  There      are  1,175 sciuare miles of timberlaud lease,  wink* the     total     area of forest and ' >  woodland     is'set down by the domm-  '  ion      statistician     at 285,554 sq'uaio  miles.  It will     thus be seen thati there is   ,  no limit     to     the possibilities of this     "  province, and    especially the building  up of North     Vancouver, when popu-     -  lation arrives to develop it.  Distance from     the centres  of enn  gration has     prevented the influx or'  eager Inunily which would have been!  experienced  in territory similarly  favored, situated     anywhere but in thci  extreme west     of this continent,  by-   -  yond the limit of the ordinary home-,  seekers' range.  To anyone conversant with the con-  Atlin,  and separating them from  the  Yukon,    the.  latter'*being, constituted  j a separate territory, outsirie -the'.province of British  Columbia-  ���������The area     of British Columbia, in-  and rivers'as well as  eluding; lakes  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and 3 irkHfor Sile  SEE J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ���������R1ERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  riR.S'B AVINUE  PHONE      6-0  '"   CEMETERY SINK ING FUND  FOR THE YEAR     ENDING 31ST.,  DECEMBER,  Balance from last   '-year      18.90  Received for     Grave    Lota...     49.50  Interest on Bank     Account...       1.00  $������9.40  1905,  Expended  on Tools  Balance     in  Bank  .  15.80  53.60  $69.40  J. STEWART.  Secretary  Audited  and    Found ��������� Correct. 'WM. RUSSEIX, Auditor, 12th, Jan. 1906  W.  SILER.  GENEKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVEEY  W������RK PROMPTLY DO*^.  Leave orders at the Ahhotsferd.  DRUI������S  tJWTEB   ANCIENT      ������RDER   OF  G '��������� -V  "a i ������������������N-'wejo ������ojJ������![ieAv  -VI   ^,-Bjrj   -i!������.-   Q     q   fI   aq^   Ul    SfOSJl  dysmith,    mo   ���������Second   and     Fourth  Wednesdays of eaah month, commeac-  'flOftl "Hfrt'I 'i-cjisaupaii ������������j  Visiting Bruitls     are lrivited to at-  ttud. ',���������''.  ' By Order. ...  TfM. RAFTER, Reef Secty.  3?ArPilieK BtTRK, N. A.     ,  BGOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Repaying and Making   o  Order a Specialty  THOHAS     MCEWAN  i  A Jamaican Lady  Speaks  Highly ef  Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy.  Mrs.  Miohaol Hart,  wife ef the su-  perintendeMt of Cart Service at Ki'a'g-  ston,  Jamaica, West Indies Islands,  says  tUat she has  fer seme year* used Chamberlaim's  Cough Remedy  for  ���������oughs,     eroup and whooping cough  and has fouc������I it very benefiMal.   She  has     implicit     ceafidence  ia it  and  weuld net  be vrifeheut  a bottle  of it  in     her hen������e.    Seid by  Ladysmith  PMaxuaef.  Ladysmith Tenpie No.  i  Ratkbone  Sisters meets akt the Odifellews' hall  2nd  and  4tk Ta������d*y  at   7.3������  p.at.  Mrs.  Kate Tato secretary.  1st Avenue,   Ludysaiitb, B, C.  Rubbers, rubbers, rubers, *t Simon  ^eiser * Co's., Ltd.  Snnlight Soap is better than other soaps,  but ii best when used in the Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Soap and follow directioai.  OUB STOCK IS COMPLETE  IN GENTS' FURNISHINGS  Mens'  OlethiMg,  Boys'  and Youths'  Mens' White Dre*s Shirts, Benia, Sa*  ���������rus Negiijte Shirts in *'ancy Pat  tetas, LiBM and ���������eliuioid t-'tllaw,  Stiffs, Neckties, and Suspwdsrs in  Urg-B vavietiee. In Youths' Boys' and  liens'^ silk jui������ Japaatse lnitiai  ifandker^hiefs, aise in Ladies' faucy  silk and liaiaa. Boots and Shoes ii  ah  Sizes.  Bou't larget1 tfie place, on High St  Naxt te Hardware Store.  John J. THOMAS.  those directly interested in  the ath- j  Ieric welfare of the institutions. Base ]  ball, too,  is self-supporting,-but the  majority  of the other sports      are  continually, drawing on the  treasury  from one end of  the season to      the;  other,  and giving in  return  osly     a.  small amount   which   those   directly  interested see fit to subscribe.    Rowing     is one of  the heaviest  burdens  financially on the larger college.  The $  best coaches must be secured,   shells j|  built, a training  table provided,  sa\d  maay other requisites must be -taken, i  care of. ������  With more than 40 members of the  college in  the  football  squad,       the  cost of providing coaches, whose aggregate  expense  for      football alone  to  the Athletic  Association  is more  than $10,000, is only one of Iho pnany'  items which must be deducted  from  the annual receipts.   Thc services of  medical  directors,   the  corps   of rutr  bers  to rub down the  players    after  each practice and regular n-amc,  the  expenses of a training- table, and the  cost   of  all  material,   including  football suits, balls, etc., must be payed  for.    While the   output   has  been exceedingly large in years gone by, the  Graduate Committee  of  the Athletic  Association  has   urged   the  greatest  economy.    The members of the committee do not want to lie too close,  in making    expenditures' when they)'  are  necessary,  but they  want  to secure only what is hecessary.  The  athletic   association of       any  large university must almost be      a  financial   institution  in   itself,    especially  where almost  $200,000  is   annually  taken  in  and  expended.    Men ���������  who  have had some experience       in  business  affairs  must necessarily  aid  the younger students, as there is always'danger of having/money squandered where there is so much money  coming- in   and  going   out all       the  time.   All  the money of the Harvard  Athletic  Association  is  handled  by a  Graduate Treasurer, elected by      a  be thc old settled provinces of Canada or states of the American Union, or with stronger application  still the over-crowded centres jof population in the old world, it is plain  that if the advantages offered by,  the -land, is .372,G30 square miles,".-British Columbia were understood,  which -is greater than that of anyj they would prove sufficiently attrao-  o'thcr province of the D.munion. Que- bi\e to draw to this extreme west a  lire conies closest with a total area \ large proportion of the best class of  of 35LS73 square miles; and Ontario j settlement now directed towards  has "but 260.802; Manitoba embraces .Eastern Canada, thc new provinces,  but-73,732 square miles, New Brims-'or tho territories, as well as to m-  wiclc 27.9S5.. Nova Scotia 21,428, and duce a general movement of the most  T'rincc Edward Island 2,184. With/ enterprising young Canadians to this  population      commcnsuraJte   with   the! province of golden promise.  extent and natural  resources, it may  be  wen  understood that British Coi-  To aid in-    the dissemination of mr  formation     of this nature fis   tbe ob.  umbia     would, be a    very great pro-' .-ect-of this    jylii too brief write-up of  vince indeed- ' British   Columbia. j  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER   WORKS  CoMsuaiers are  request**! ta call at   ta������ aBae     an  Roberts   Street and  pay U'atir     RaW*, r^lweau the llta   aad tke 26ta af ������a*h aienth.  Office Hours I P.IM, 4.30  J. I BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  Public  Notice  Attention Is called ta the  f������.ct that taa "���������  Ogilvie   Flour flills Co.,   Limited  makers of ROYAL H������US������H������LD   FLOHil,     hare for sane time  past been produciag flaur ia a  vastly  hmprarA ami partial furu  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and hariae secured eaatral ef    *M tk������ 1fa.itc pataata relatiaj thart-  ta, take this aapertuaity al a dvisiag  taa pubMa Ulat a������y  oxiztii users ef tke eletttrieal   law: paeffyisf aratesses  wUl be pre-  nscutad.  Ocilvio Fl������������r Bfilli Compamy LJmit������al  are tka    anfy    jaill*ra fca Caai������������la vktnt     Fl������mr  urififid bj tk������   ���������l������a������iri������ pro������������is s*  THE    DAILY    LEDGER4  *t*jwi?  aoE  LOCAL ITEMS  ���������    '    -���������������������������-      -jag���������^ ��������� ���������  '     ~  Miss E. Dobeson will give lessons  in Vocal Culture- Phrasing, manage  ment and control of breath, tone  production, efficiently taught. For  particulars. apply Box 12, or Photve  14G,  Nanaimo.  Smote Little B. Cigar*.     '   !  Fresh  Salmon,  Blair &  Eastern  Kippers  Adam's.  Oysters, Smoked  and  Halibut  at  Fark'er 'Williams, M. P.. P., .passed  through on the morning^traln to Vic-  tori a.  Miss IB. Urcn was a passenger to  Cliomfijbiius on Lhis  moniing's train.'  The school children are busy practicing-1 for thcii concert, wliich.it is  uiidi'i.' ,, od comes oh' abo'il the mkl-  <!lc oi i-'uibjcuary..  .3B2  SINGER  SEWING   MACHNE  and Lots of Beautiful  PREMIUMS  for the   wrappers of  SWAN   SOAP  ASK YOUR GROCER ABOUT IT  The Excelsior Club's regular fortnightly; dance comes oil' in Gjould's  Hall on Wcdnrsday. night of this  week. ' '  January  Book Store.  .magazines     at  K light's  Travel and   height have   been   rath  er  light  for the past few-' days, j  A   Special   Line  of Ladies'   Slippor  Clearing at   SI.OH  pair.  BLA1U &  ADAM.   o   Buy  your  Cum  Boots ami   Rubbers  at Sinion  Leiser & Co's.,  Ltd.  ii'.o'e Big B.  Cigars.  ���������o   rttl?  )  Mil  I  Tac btirial of the infant of Mr. Ki'id  -Mrs.-     V.  Dclcourt took place at tha  local,ecmetery yesterday eltornoon.  Rev.  Boyle officiating.  Mr.-1 James, Rowe, who fan.cl aj'blC  attack; of influenza, ''bfcing;connni:<i  to his,bed for two weeks, is-now all-  out again-.  Legitimate enherth-iping (cowa-nic-s  are always made welcomo in Ladysmith, and'tlnjl Wfttson Company will  not- prove ,anrc.vception. Thc.com  pany have    "brten     "known in, Victoria  and    Vancouver     for sonic years and i  have   always     received' a .lhoro������i|f]'Iy '  gbod .partronaRc from  the play loving, 'lW!ls ������'������'clvc  puiblic     Reserved     semis at Forciin-1 well,,'  mors are 'goimg rapidly fo,r tliis t*ve- , Tha t is tenia  irhift's performance, {Capital  and  La-   The q'uiet   beauty  of the night  i  ,      ���������  ji'l. Would call lo airind tlie wcddin^^ell. ]   =:  'Byes, now none  w]IH  i  pflucEi;  ! Fr  o'clock,    and all was  as wo could  tell.  And captained by the chief, our' Jim.  FJanked ,-on    the     rigjit, night men  came on  With     batons'   drawn,  captained bb1  Tom..  Provincial forces, too, iwere there  With plumelets waving,in the air.  And' Cass id y was at tlieir head, v  Right bravely were VJie forces led.  They   wheeled and     formed    in solid  ranks,  And     Tom    said,  must' shrink"  For this is not a case of chink.  We're up against Qic preal gaius  If any here don't think that sam<\  He'd   bes>t     return   from   whence,he  ctime  For here we need men that ar������ game.  As for meKelf,",Tom added tiere,  '/Good men arc needed *4i the rear."  Not   so," rang    out, *n thunderous  tone,  om,  chief tan of f tlie Provinces zone  ''I'll guard    the     rear and   hold th������  sack,  From     captives    fincd^ w������    take thc  stack. ' '  SPECIALS  BOYS' PILOT COATS  Nav}'' Blue, with. Brass  Buttons or Black-Reg-  Price' $2 to $4  SPECIAL $1.25, $1.50  BOYS' CORDUROY  COATS  Only about 2 Doz. of  these ' Goods Left-We  Will Clear them  ont at  $1,00 EACH  MEN'S SWEATERS  The Regulation Navy  Sweater -- In' Blue and  Grey-Others iu Heather  Brown - Blue  Etc.-Reg-  $1.50 to $2  SPECIAL $1,00  BOYS' SUITS  All our Boys' Suits at  Half Regulai Price���������We  Mean Bisiness and want  the Room���������If youwant a  Suit, dont fail to look  hrough them  Walter* &  Akenhead  ���������Jim,  Alarcli on yopjr'jforees  with a vim,  Allack.with spirit an<l strong! wi|l,  I'll join  you In lor on  the hill."  lOsich would the post (.f honor)iiWrd  For i-ach was hjdd, devoid v>   fear, '  And  willing, te-ich to jgjaard the -i-e-ar  The forces cofciipronvised at!/last,   -  And, side   hy sidcu rp     Highi  ' Street  passed.  This morning  news is .given out  That bunco games are put to  roufc.   .  I'll send th s poem to the shop,  And gh'e~the public this as sop  T0 keep1 theiiii easy. _ while they wait  For Jlet-ters that wiif .jikely  state,  The good that's done,  or well begian.l  In   rounding-  up the transient "skum  That has too long. caPb-paydayicome^  To   llecce . out lambs' with "games""oi  chance.  NOTICB  From this date the aaeersifaea*  will sot be responsible fer aay is*  debtedneas iaearred exeept oa a  written orfter eigne! by the seeratary  Rowland  Uaehia.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION * BBVBL-  OPMENT CO., LTD."  Hon Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. May IHtb. 1101.  TEACHER    WANTED  ���������o���������  TEACHER WANTED, for the 5th',  Division of the Ladysmith Public  School. ��������� REQUIREMENTS.-Lito  certificate and Normal training. Salary $10 per month to commence  with. APPLICATIONS to hc in the  hands of the undersigned by the 25tto  of Januarv.  JOHN STEWART,   *  Secretary  Tablet of writing paper at- all prices from   JOc up      at Knight*'s Book  >Co[jne, cut   tlvat|-o-ut," ������aid caiptaiiii   store.  bor.  -0-  RAFFLE  A' raffle for a horse and bt'lbry,  now o'wneh by , Mrs. T. J. Thomas,  will take place at the New Western  Hotel on Moiid.-yy, 1 Jan. 22nd., at'  eight p. .m. .Tickets' at the hotel  and at Mrs. T. X. Jones' Prior',  50 cents.  When     from    the I   darkness   cafmo a ���������  ."Whist!'.'/ t    ���������  Reminding'^s    some    tilings      we'd  missed,  As forms and plaio'cns of  Police  Camo    ''Slierlockt     I-Iolming,  up   -tho  strecl.  l:i  <:->nd rank.   The Ci Iy torce ���������  i: .-  t.and straight, all tall and sli'm.  ft! THE OPEHft HOUSE  THE WATSO  ' Direct from Watson's Theatre Victoria'  ��������� ���������������������������<������������������������������������������������������������������#��������������� f+tffr ���������$������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������������������������  mr..RUhnJAN 22,23,24  Presenting  CAPITAL AND LABOR  THE GOLDEN GIANT MINE  ��������� ': ���������    ''���������';'.. >'      and  ..    /. - .  WHOSE BABY ARE YOU?  ^���������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ :!^<������^^^������fc^������^^v  Dangers     of     Celd  and How      ta  I Avoid Them.  !   More fatalities hav������ their origin ia  or result from' a cold than from any  other cause.    This fact alone should'  make people more careful as    there  is no  daager   whatever   from  a cold  I when it is properly treated in the be-  I ginning.   For many years Chambfcr-  I Iain's Cough  Remedy  has beea   reo-  ogaized as the most prompt and   effectual   medicine  in use  for  this disease.   It acts on   nature's plan, loosens the cough,'relieves the lungs, opens the secretions and aids nature in  restoring    the system     te a healthy  condition.     Sold by  the Ladysaiith  Pharmacy. - -  ���������   ���������'���������--0   '  Smoke Gig B. Cigars.  25C,  Seats are  Booked  at  Vorci miner's  1 a  11  . RICHARD        SCOTT, -,  Apj'caring .in   '^C-a.pit-al and  Lablir," nl  the Opera  House  loni'-.  ,lii.  ii  ��������� laaggggiEa'asHSa^^^ I  ta  &l  of LADYSMIT  r  WATCHES  We are now showing a  Large Stock of  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  R1NESS  and Other Jewelry of First ClasS Quality  B.-FORCIMrl'ER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    XXX      Ladysmith,  B. C  aa  To-day We Have Cpaned a Crate of���������  -ALL  HAND  FAINTED  -\S:1_y..-'J_Vt.'_v.!<1_Ji:.'.  /������v    /k    ���������+-,    ^������\    ''���������.  for Xmtxs���������ibut  owing' tn  ds-  These  goods   should  have   i-een   here  lay have just arrived.  The Ware;is   Lhe prettiest cv     cr shown  in  lhe City, an<i a lo������k at  our h5g window  will convince you.���������  l.\("HiDl;:.J)  ARE:���������  Pans, Trays,  Fruit Dislics,  C addy      Trays,     Cak-c.   Plates,     Fancy  A'ascs,  IT<������l>a't-o  Jars,   Muroa n  Tr������}-.s,      Ladies'    Nick-N'ack   Jars,  I-.'tc,   Etc.. .��������� $?&t  ALL ARTICLES in the  WIKDQWlo lie CLEARED OUT at  5QC, Each  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S.  ROEDDNG   -  Orders  Promptly   Executed  - -.������������������  LADYSMITH  Notice  ;. Mm^szmsE������szssi^������������.  A. HOVvE,JofCHE/VIAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  PUue 20  GEO. t MARTIN  BARIUM''��������� I"   AMI   SOLICITOR,  OFFICE  Opposite Windsor Hotel  NANAIMO. B. C.   _���������-'--     ���������  - -- *"   Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Demist  All work guaranteed, and at readable ratei.  RESIDENCB AND OFFICE  GatacreSt. Ladysmith  OPEN   AT ALL HOURS.  HAY, GRAIN and  FARMPRODUtt  Orders will be delivered anywfcert  in the city promptly and at ta������ la '���������  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie1!, oa ta������  Eiplanaii.  James Warnoclr  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  MR. and  MRS. T. J. THOMAS, 1st  oi    Mouiit1 Siolwr Hetal, aad at tl'v .  Palace UoW,  Nanairaa, kava  chased the  ���������'- COMMERCIAL  HOTIIL .  on Douglas ������fcrteb, Vietwria, aaaasiU  the city   hall,   aad invite taeir    aid  PATRONS AND FRIEND* TO VIS  IT TWKM WHBR IN VIe>  TORJA.  COUGH REMEDY  Mr. E. f. Case, a a������ail carri'eB oi  Canton Centre, Coin , -who has been  ���������:* the li S. aervie-a fer about sixteen  years, s������.ys: "We have tried many  i/ougk medicine* for croup, but Ghamr  hiiiam's Coujtb -:Rs;;jsdy is king ������'������'  all and one te be relied ������n every time  We'also liid it tk'e beat rwi'jedy for  coughs aid colds giving ce'rtaii results and leaving 10 bad after ef  rci-'ls." For site by The Ladyeaulh  Pharmacy.  NT  ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� a ���������  Tlaa   Ckoisesit  Aisertaieat   a'  ttho^  o-iate* ii tae City.  A geod line ef ���������  HOLIDAY NOVELTIES  THE   MINT  ALEX  SMITH, Trap.  W-e have constantly a Fresh Supply  on hand and can cater to Your Wants  Black,Cod/Salmon, Nanaimo Herring, iFinnan Haddie, Bloaters and  Halibit,  ; Try a Pound of  SALT SPRING  t.  ISLAND BUTTER  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATAORC 8T  LABYSMITH  W. G. Fraser  -i  Merchant Tailor,  (let Avenue)  Fall Stock   on  hand. Call early and  get your choice  1  Stoves  Stoves  W������ ara-makiht them oi^the Newsst  -.' Styles.r  Pattern and Latest  WE De> ALL KINDS OF FOU NDRY WORK  ���������ur; Pricaa are Reaaoaa ble  SBB 6DR   NEW-STAVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  ��������� and at Lsdysmitb'Hardware Company  LADYSniTH   IRON ������& STOVE WORKS COV;1:LTD.  KSHI  NOTICM: Tha . Eaquiroait aad Na  naiaia Railway Ceiapany will apply  to the pariiaaiaal ������l Caaada at its  aext svssiau fars aa Aet extending  tha time tor aaauaeaainf and com-  fletiagaa eileasiaa ai its m>x\w line  ta CoMax aad Ihe braacaw referred  ta ia it? Ac-t'.ai UaerBuratian and  alsa eairowciiug tha Goaipaay ta coa-  itrutt and aparate'a railway from  Cetaox ta a peiat at ar aear Campbell River alsa a broach fraae. its  aiaia liae at at naac Duaeans via  Cowiekaa VaUay te Aibecni, alse a  ���������ranch (ram a poiat at ar %eac Englishman's Rivet to Albetai Gasai  and a braaee Taat a paiat at or sear  Canicx via, Curaberiaid south-westerly ta Alberai Gaaal aad giviag tha  fe'eaepaay gejieral. pewers te construct  branch liieS    arid far ather purposes.  Dated at Victoria this 14-th day af  PeaeMber, 1963  W. F*. SALHBURY,  Secretary. B. k, N. Ry.  SYNOPSIS 0P^ CANADIAN NORTH  WEST. MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased at 110 per acre for soft, coal and  (20 far anthracite. Not more than  320 acres can be aeq-uired by eae individual or eempany. Royalty a������ the  rate of ten cents per tan ef 2,000  paunda shaft be eellected on thc  grass output.  Quarter��������� A tree ntiaer's certificate is  graated upon pay meat ia advance of  JT.ifl per anaum for aa iadividual,  aid frem J5# to {110 per a������nurn for  a coaseany, accardiig ta capital.  A     free miner,  having di6eover������d  laiaeral in place, aiay locate a claim  1,400 x  1,500  (aet.   The lee for  recording a claim is  $5.90  At least (100 must be expeaded on  the elaiu each y.ear or paid to the  Miaiag recorder in lieu' thereof. When  $5t0 has bean aapeaded at paid, the  lucator may, upon having a survey  aiade, aid upon complying with other requirements, purchase the. land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the pay-  aient of a royalty of 2} per eeat on  the salee. ��������� .< ,  I'LACER miaing"claims generally  are ItO feet square; entry .fee $5, renewable yearly.  A tree miner may obtaii two Ieai  es  to dredge  for  gold   ef  Ive miles  each fer a term of tweaty years, renewable at tiie discretion ef the Minister of the Interior,  The lessee shall have a.dredge ia  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10. per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2fc per cent collected on the output after it exceeds  $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of tlie Minister  of  cbe Ia-  erior.  M.R. SIMPSON  Solicitor, Eta.  Money  to   Loan  -      LADYSM)  -(  t Avenue  NOTICE  Mortgage Sale  Under and    by virtue of .the powers'-1  contained     in'  a certain      mortgage,  which will bo produced at the time of]  the sale,,    there    will  be offered Ion  sale by  public    auction  on Saturday  the ' 20"th    day  of   January,   1906,' at-  the hour of    ten  o'clock in the  forenoon    at    the Law-    Office of M.  R-~  Simpson,  in  the  City of  Ladysmith,  B.-C., by Uonier R. Thomas,, the following    proiarty,,     lots; G    ami 7 in  block 2C, situated  on Roberts st., in  the City of Ladysmith.  Terms of payment can be arranged  with the Mortgag-ee or his Solicitor.  For  further    particulars  and conditions of sale apply to  RUSSELL SIMPSON,  Solicitor for Mortgagee.  'Dated at    Ladysmith. ��������� this'1th  day'  ef Jaauary,   A.D.,   IMC.,  .  NOTICE  Notice is    hereby  given that I  will  apply at   the next sitting  of the Municipal Licensing Board for  the trans -'j  for of the retail     liquor license held'  by me for the Portland llolel,   First  Avenue, to David Hynes.  J Oil IN   GOOD  Russell  Simpson, Solicitor.  N'OTTCE  Notice   is hereby given   that   I   will  not  ha responsible  for  debts  contracted  i������ my  name hyiany persoa  without-my written order.  .     JOHN GOGO.  Ladysmith,  B. C, Jaa.  8., 1906,


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