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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jan 16, 1906

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 * . *'��� t    ,
��� t
.ifjL x x^f
���-.     JAN171S06      ^J
TUESDAY, JAN. 16, 1906
Mat  Altin's Boarding t House Now a
Mass of Ruins - Fire Started in
Top Story Bedroom
Flames Had Got |Good Hold; oh Build-
Before Discovered. A^out:;lG.|4Q-
Insurance 1$ 10C0  t   , '
The follpwing'was .received this af-j    Collier     Wellington    is .ntow in for
ternoon* from Mr. Geo. Hannay/, the  coal for thc .Golden r Gate!
S-'ocialist   candidate    for the/School ' .   ^ ,.]: '        I
.   Last night     thc IarKc rcsidcaice of   and alsothc house next h gher on th��
ftlhtl.     Atlin was   destroys biy, fire,   street   than'   Atlin'si     residence  re-
The alarm rang out aJsM 10.45. Con   Octs great credit upon the' fire fight-
siderablc difficulty was cxp(.ricr.c<-.' :t?   iiw.      Bcs��les thc Atlin family  there
the Fire     Brigade in getting lo the   were fourteen fcoaiding in  the house.'
burning,    house   and delay  was'a'.-;o   and they were awakened about 10.40
caused by the bursting of the so'ccwl j by sino'e   and the fire w,is .found' in
length of hose immwUatoly after tho   a room in thc top storey.    ,ilow it
pressure   was turned en.  . IIowov<r. ' ori^nated cannot   I e-definitely said,
when once they got a.fair start the j although   /it    is   prohtuhlo   >$.  stove
firemen     worked , well and the liousi*   pipe which .passed through ' the room
on the adjoining property were saved with a very slight scorching. The
flre hud gained 'too good a hto<Kva/
fcefoiie it was discovered for any 'ho,,',-1
to be entertained of saving the Atlin
residence. >
, friie distance between the burning
house and Fagan's -house is only aii-
our twenty feet, and the fact that
Fagan's     t'Stabilishmfint    was  saved-, 1
in whfrh tic fire started b��eame ov-
er-hcat��! and ignited ihe }ia|ier on
tL". wall. 'Ihe alarm rang out at
I'lilii," ai.d it was ,two o'cloek before Iho fire wus really under control!. 'Ilia ' houne 'wts injured fop.
JfiSO and eoi. tents for $350.   r
All th-j firemen turned out .and four
extra men were put on by Chief
Smith. "'
\ '
Applications   Granted by Full Conrt
.^This Morning - The Dr^wifig Commission      "/.*''"!
-   <wi''   :'  -���
Nominations   in   Victoria: . To day-
Shocking Tragedy iat Pdrtkge
La Prairie
Any further correspondence regarding Thursday's election, either by
candidates for the -hoard, br their
friends, should he sent in by 10
o'clock tomorrow - to ensure pu|bllea-
lion In justice to all parties Thc
Lodger will publish statements1 |ry or
on behalf of any candidates, hut letters should he as Jjrief as possible.
Editor' Lodger:- Dear Sir:���Enclosed you will .find'the Socialists' platform for School Trustees. If elected these are the questions I shall' endeavor to place on thc byclaws of
our City School.   .
Respectfully Yours,
Fellow Citizens:���As Socialist candidates in thc municipal cafnpaifcn of
lOOU we  stand primarily as advocates- of the principles of Revolutionary
Socialism.  We affirm  thai poverty in
its-entirely and thc major portion of
crime,   vice and '   wretchedness that
prevails in     our present social order
is the   result of the ownership by a
privileged  minority of  the es'.seniti-als
tools of wealth production.
Nothing short of the collective ownership by the workers themselves- of
all the means of wealth production
can give to the people that happiness and security which is essential
to   ife and liberty.
Our (mission as Socialists ;s to remove labor from tne category of coin
modifies; to abolish wage slavery,
and establish an industrial 'democracy, in which for the first time in human history,  mankind  may be free.
To this end we must ask always
and everywhere in regard to measures
brought forth by governing, bodies,
zh which'
��� '  ,>/ ii '���
S. S.    Selkii*-*rotight a cargo of
ore from     Tacofi*   for  the smelter1
yesterday. \?< |
S. ^S.  Tepic    anil scows and Kild-
onar and  scow took on coal  for the '
Mainland this afternoon. j
TJie*    Bark Ahoy  Palmer,   is  lying
in the stream,  but will he towed to1
the wharf shortly for a full cargo of'
coal  for Fiisco.        ��� -
The E. & N. Railway Let Contract for Construction of,
Large Barge lo Convey Freight Cars [From This
and Terminal City
Price of Barge Will Be $50.00C~Large Inbrease in Island
Exports Expected-Other Interesting
News   Items
The  house lhal   was     'burned last
A     A special despatch to The Ledger from , Victoria says:     The Vic-
al this port.  Its moulded  dimensions  rapidly increasing ta^de of the    fs-
are to be 2;15 feet long, thirteen feet
night was insured with the Norwich   'loria   Machinery Depot,  of  this city , ' ' '
,,.���.,    ���,,���-,   ��lr    T   ���.        ,   has received   from the E. & N.'Rail-   s,"v J"Ules t,rau&Jlt. Wlth a foity-two
Company, of    which ,Mi. J. Stewart   ^y pompany a     contract,for Wiild-   foot beam.     It will be similar to the
ti,��� ,i4 ii i-4-i     ,      n 'nK a large barge for the purpose of
Ihe date on which-the benefit con-. .       ,   . ,, ,
pices of   thc LaiireljRobckahs, is to   ,, .     ^     ....        . .,.��
be given,   has been altered.     It will   i,1C Conlract     1S ln thc *eigh|Lfc>rhood
talie place on Saturday, Jan. 20.
Parhiculars of the affair will appear
later. t)
of 'fifty thousand dollars. , A numfcbr
of shdpljuildinfe firms on the coast
tendered for < the contract and'the
..bids were
will .be the
very close.      The barge
largest $vcr constructed
On account o-f thc|'Watson Compa-j
ny's visit here next ,week the Basket! iSimiSSSmmSSSmBSSiSiSaSmSiSi
ball match between the Seattle Me- j /->-r-jT7>D A U/,*vT 7or?
teors  and LadysmithiSeniors  will t(e jL/X"^Crfi\ A ilOUtjE
played ion     Jan.  25th insrtead of the i
21th.      The  visiting team  will' play !
in Nanainio on    the (Wednesday. This
match ,is looked forward to With interest  l>y lovers of Basketball-
A     letter i received'), by the Ledger
ones used for like purposes in the
Eastand will be capable of carrying
fifteen , leaded i freight cars. Work^is
lo be commenced on its construction
right away and the bhrge is to be
completed by thc earliest possible
The    company is having the barge
construcled in order to cope with' the*
land ' with tlie Mainland, and in expectation of enormous shipments of
lumber from Vancouver Island to,the
Terminal \City in the near future.
Mrs. P.     C. Morgan was a passon-
get to Nanaimo at noon.
: '. o-(.	
Mrs. Tait, sr., ,was a passenger en
the north. bound train today, t
It will  be noticed  that a quantity A NOXHER   FROM
of matter     appearing  in yesteVdayl's
issue is    re-produced today.     We re-
from the Watson Stock .Company announces thai that company will vis-
The   McKanlass
coining    to Ladysmith on Wednesday
and Thursday evening next. They pre-
i sent a    program of minstiell, vaiide-
lt Ladysmith    Opera Mouse on'Mou-'   ... . .. nr ���,  .���   ���:,.���, 4���lr
,       ,���      ,       .    , ,i, ,      i        r      j. i-vallc and musical comedy, givmg vwo,
(lav, Tuesday, jnul Wednesday of next I
week.     This   company is made'up of! amI a half hours of enjoyment.  They
TOJYlOKKO W    gict bping obliged to do this, but on
account of illness ,some of our staff
are absent and we are unable lo o-b-
Merrymakers are' tain more bclp However we hope to
be full handed in a few days again
and in the meantime if our papefr
sontahis less news matter thafcij usual
we ask thc indulgence of subscribers.
Mayor Plaiita     was elected by ac-
scvcral   well known Artists, and has-! carry a stringed     orchestra of eight. clany.lion  yesterday,   but there is a
..    . ...'.... I' .   ���> - , ... .    .       'contest in    every Ward    in Nanaimo
an excellent   reputation'-  in.the pro-: pieces and     music will  be a feature
,.     .., ,      ,   .vince.      Particulars   |i>f' the plays to :   f tl     ' Among  the vor-
zl. which     we may     be elected:     Is   \# staged bv the Con^anv while here-1 L   ,   &  ^   ��� ,        _ .  .
this proposal     in ^he interest-of tho, win Le published'this week.- .     - -   i��us. acts/fere, the. Merry makers Trio,
working     clnss?   ' /"Will  it aid that '' '" " '"   '  ""'
Victoria, Jan. 15.��� This morning
In full court an application for ap-
j>)al'    in the   Hopper-Dunsinmr case
was granted. Argument was a'so
he^ird on a|>plica'tfon for costs and)
j,u<lginent was reserved.
v The Douth Park Drawing Comlmiis-
sion has about��concluded .its investigations. The children implicated in
the case will testify in private, .owing to the r extreme youth.
for Thursday civic elections. ' There
ar�� two' mayoralty candidates, Hiay-
ward and Moreiey. Twenty one were
nominated for aldermanic seats, and
for thc School Board there were
ten nominations.
Pbrtage La Prairie, Jan. 15.���A
shocking tragedy "occurred here last
morning ���when three children of Mr.
and Mrs. Brazil,and their'aunt .lost
their lives in fire. The parents and
others escaped the flames. A very-
sad featuic.of tlie affair "is that the
eldest    'daughter died in an attempt
Nominations     were held  yesterday   to sa��e her sleeping sisters.
Jerome K. Jerome, the English humorist, caricatured the American women who are fond of life abroad in a
story at Muse Hall recently, says
the Chirago Crronicie.
"I am glad I am  not an  American
am glad that it is not necessary for
me to cross the water e\cry time I
wish   to sec     my i wife.     You know
there     seems to be somethinb dea<lly
in  this     climate for  husbands.   Yon
see somnny  American  widows  inEu-j    ..And.       ,n  l met a very charniing
rope.        Why.  tlurc is one street in I     ^   -v    ^    ..,.,,';,���,.,��� ������ A
London   where  there arc fourteen  of
rtccivod the men I ior of the name
without showing,o^y I art cuiar signs
of grier.
"'And .Ilsaid: 'Litttie boy, donjt
you expect to meet your father $ome
And he answered quietly, "Oh yes,
.we expect, to1'; join : him some day.'
The beautiful sentiment appealed to
me. I, thought it wonderful' that a
child could face U<e without a father
ami still find solace of the meeting in
the hercttftrr.
class in .its.struggle,against capital
ist domination?
If lhat ^question can he honestly an- |
swered  in     the affirmative,  our vot��'
and influence will be used to further
tiie proposed measure; if it cannot so
be  answered,   we  remain  unalterably
in opposition.
'  As candidates for school trustcc|'w^
advocate      the    following  changes  in
our educational  system as being (lis-
tinclly    in the  interest of the  work
ing classes."
-���I. The  free     supply of text' booki'
and al    .'utensils required by  the pupils    of our     public schools; thc establishment of a complete system of
free kindergartens     for fre vomig-'o.
general extension  of maiuid' training | by H'   Carro11' SCCondcd b>' H" Un^
and.  the domestic     sciences,  such as   es' ���  ' A��TjpT?vr.v
sewing, cooMng, etc.,  now taught to,    ...      ' I + . ,   ��� ,
only  a limited extent. Wcst    Ward"   Patrick  Malone,   pro-
2.      Tho     extension of  the Health I poscd hy   A" D' RoberLson>  sccowlwl
Dei>arlment's    duties to  the schools,   b? D"  Campbell.
John Tha, proposed by W. Bever-
idge, seconded by  J. E.  Smith.
Middle Ward. Colin J. CampLiell,
nroposed by W. Bevcridgc, seconded
by W. Spence.
Absolam     Uren,     proposed    by
J   BicMe,    seconded ,by    R. Williamson.
S.   F.  Mcintosh,      proposed by  W.
McKamass and Perry, musical artists,. King mid Bailey, of London,
Eng., the world's champion buck and
wing dancers, ��� Sam Barber,' monologue comedian, Miss Lulu Walker,
sweet  singer,   W.   Smith, t-featuring,
"In the Shade of thc Old Apple
Tree", "Miss1 Gertrude Johnsoni ragtime shouter, " Tom O'Banion, tuba
player, and others. Popular prices
will prevail, children 25c, and n!d-
( ults 35c. reserved scats 50c.
The following list  of   the  Cokmcd-
incn elected     by'acclimation  yes ter-1    ])r   F   R    Revnok!s Ml La<ivsmith
dav is  re-produced     from  last- pven- J ,, . - .    ���    "
i this morning
ni�� s -issue:
The Council is as follows."
Mayor Donald    Nicholson, proposed,
for Seattle to attend
the funeral of hi* brother-in-law,
Mr. Calhoun, whose dcu-th occurred
on Monday.
and fok1 seats on Hie Trustee Board.
. o ��� ,i
Johir    JUachea'l, of     Nanaimo has
come into a substantial legacy through tlie dfath of his father,  Captain
Hector       Macneal, of     Argyllshire,
Scotland. ���     ,
George Hamilton and James' Gear
were both injured in the Nanaimo
mines yesterday. Hamilton's bacl��.
was hurt, and Gear had his leg broken .
���    ������- o
Mr. Walter Thomson, formerly employed at the Colliery wharf, is now
assistant in the money order department  of the Vancouver postofhee.
a regular inspection of all pupils l;y
competent medical jiioii, the eyes,
teeth and 'general health being carefully .supervised at the city's expense.
3. Thc substitution of tests on
history, ethics and political economy
written from tlur workin^class stall l-
point for those now in use that up
hold and honor   the capitalist system JG. Frr.ser,     seconded by B.  Forcim
Especially wall we oppose t.hevcultiva-.
tion of the jingo and military spirit
in   the  yount;,    and   the g;loriIic<a^tiou
of    murder     and robbery    under the
Mrs. R. Allanarrived in town, from
Crofton' tJi-is morning. She is staying wilh her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Jean Templar will deliver a
lecture, illustrated by over one hundred stereoplicon views of her journey through. Palestine, in the Pros-'
byterian church on Wednesday even-
ins 17th., at eight o'clock. Admission,  adulls 25c, children half price.
Mrs- Templar was the British Columbia dclegnte at the Saib>)>ith
School convention held at Jerusalem
last summer.
The opportunity ol hearing (his %l-
mirable lecture and  seeing thc views
them. It   is a   most   remarkable
thing, and would you believe it,
these widows have twenty-nine children and there is not a father in
Thc audience laughed, of course.
The women thought the joke excoeed-
ingly funny. Their husbands must bo
of delicate breed. Yet no one wojuid
ever suspect it. The children are
hriglit- and vivacious. In fact it
would be difficult to find children
brighter, or happier or Hviier.
'"These widows���that is, I once pre-
surnedthey were widows, ���seemed to
have become reconciled to their fate
ln our country widows sometimes
carry on. at an aw/ul rate- They
��� tell one that1 their lives aieblasted
and nil dark and that there is not a
ray of light within sight. One day I
mentioned the name of father to one
of the bright children of one of these
���resigned widows. It was an accident
and , I regret led it the next moment.
I did not like to recall, the name of
���father to     that' child.        I  expected
widow. She ,'d'd not -' seem to grieve
for the absent one. She was. ail
liff* and bent upon enjoying herself.
And we became chummy and when wc
had reached the confidential stage I
asked her if she did not miss her
East Ward. David Pallcison,' proposed by \V. Beveridne, seconded by
F.  W7.   Greaves.
guise of    war and conquest, and,  in- |     w_ Spence proposed by J. Deem I of a land in which ail arc,interested
stead,    seek to inaugurate courses of i ���
exorcises: having for thein'object the
physicalv and mental improvement or
the children. j
H.      Cairoll,      paoposed     John
j McMurtrie, seconded by W. G-. Simp
I<\ |W.     Greaves,     proposed  by H
ing, .seconded  by A.   Uunse-.
4.    We would recommend less ,.s-tin
giness    in    the payment of  teachers
in order that the best talent may be j
attracted to this most importantisfer-. j
vice; evMnl     salaries to male and .fe
male teachers, and no discrimination.!
Carroll,  seconded by II. Hughes.
Geo.    ITannav,
i    uwj.     ri-aiiiuM,    proposed by  C.  J.
CamplielI, I.seconded   by D.  Johnson.
Tho   election   fo.r the     hoard takes
! place on Thursday.
against the married  woman as a teacher, il
In    -conclusion,    all  our endeavors
wil} be directed toward the (elevation i
and  education  of  tjie  working- class1; I  ���-o���	
towards the     cultivation in  our. up- (    SpiCaking 0[  what a newspaper does
growing     youth    of a spirit of  true! for     'the  community,   United  States
' should not be missed.
"Oh, don't talk about him, it makes     	
,,     , ���                 ,      r��'m -r           digni-ty    and      democracy   that  will qq������+,,,."t��.,v1-c    nf  Illinois    made   an
me sad," she answered.1     But I was!    ��,       if           . ..     -,              ,   .,' Senator .Davis,  qt   uunois.,  maui,. an
.     .        ,'   ',       ',.         ,   .{   |.make    them    strong to assert them- d,          tl   t  remains  cver   green' in
determined, and     I'askedhcr what he  <.,,!, os -ue-en'tiRfc i.hp orairowimi  -rnd ��- ,                      . ,���        tt���
,.scnc.s agauibii ine oppicssion ami �� tne  meraory cf newspaper  men.      He
sai.d:    "Every  year  every  local news-
The following plaintive wail is given   out by   the   exlitor  of the  Palmer
Mountain    Prospector,   of  Okanogan
County! Wash:
Say!      Who    has seen     our goose'.'
Through the generosity of an esteemed frien-d we owned   in fee simple the
very dream  of    a goose,  a big,  fine,
iucious     looking bird,     that   would
arouse a fiendish appetite Just to look
at'him and ���   size up his good points.
Wc should have fallen  upon  and     devoured  him at once.    But  we. figured
that   further  fat would  add   to   his
toolhsornehcss.    Wc staked  out     thc
fowl  with great care,  and  proceeded
to spread him  out through the process of stuffing.  Each  morning      he
seemed     to have gained avoirdupois,
fcand we    lingered over     him with an
died of.     And     she looked at me as justice that confronts  them  today.
one who had lost his reason. The telephone gin and the bill tiuk'    tpcr gives from 500 to 5,000     free
������ .'Dead??! she cried.    .   'Dead?. My to whom she had promised her biF.n j jj^g for ijle benefit of the cominuni-
husband's not dead!" and she became and hand were sitt hg in front of ihe t,v   jn -which it is   located.   No  other
deathly pale. "You are trying  to fireplace,  talking  about  the     happy J agency  can or will do this.  The  edi-
breuk it to me gently, she said. 'Now days    lo come"when     they should, he -tor inproportaon  to  his  means  docs
you tell me     when he died and what  one, says     the Great Bend Register..? rn0rc for his own town than any  oth- .
he died of.'   It     was my   turn   to be From one 1 ttle detail,to another the. ftr  man.    i-ie  ought,  to  be  supported    aV-   wclShlng the chances of  the   ac-
taken aback.- ;'    - italic finally     drifted  to the subject of.not   because  vou   happen   tolike   him    cumulation of more flesh.   In an evil
"Then may I ask why you were di- lighting    lires     in the morning.     He j or   admjre.  his   writing,  but  because    ll0ur   we postponed   the  execution-one
vorced?"  ...     ' " v jsta'.ed that it was his emphatic opin-' a  local   paper   is the   best   investment  day too many. The next .day the bird
'���Divorced!-     she     screamea,   'Who ion   that it was a wife's place to get   a community can make.   It may not   llaa   vamshwl,  and with  it  our hopes
said I was divorced?" ��� up and     start the     fires and let her i ha crowded with great  thought,  but  of EOpsetor neither     feathers      nor
.   "Weil/if heisnot deadand'you are'hard  working  husband  rsst.      After  'financially, it is of more benefit than   squawk  have, been.^sceni  or heard      ol
preacher  and   teacher. : Today    SIIlCc-
not divorced, where is he?" 'about tho space     of three-quarters of
'At home.   At home in America.' ,^n[s declaration there was   silence for
hotbed i tors
do   more for less  pay than
If he has  strayed  to     someone's premises,  and has not furnished
tears and     sobs, but I   soon discov-'    "It struck 'me as being odd.   She a second.     Then     the telephone giriany man on earth,
ercd that the children possessed much "vklB in   ��� E��iaV0'  he itt Am��rlca.  I   !nrust out the finger encircled by her) homo paper, not as a charity, hut as
philosophy,     for-that particular bhih'I bave not     swebeded in'    solving the engagement ring and murmured sweet-   an investment."
proftiern." , 1V)   bU(,     firmly:   "Ring     off,   pleaso,,
; . 20U've S��t connected with the wrong
lining to  other stomachs,  we would
Popular   mis'jonceptions   with       le-
gard  to disease was the theme of an
address    delivered  by   Sii "Frederick
Treves  to    Ediiifcuigh     Philosophical
Institution recently.
Sir Frederick  Treves  said  the prevailing  idea  of disease  was   of something  that  was     woeful  and  malignant,    evil  >n origin and     m    intent,
evil in   effect.   The popular view was
that disease was a calamity,  that its
end was   destruction, and  that it was
purposeless  except in  the one direction   of doing  harm.    His contention,
however, was   thai there was nothing
preteinatural     >n disease,    that    its
phenomena, or symptoms were marked
���by  purpose, and that purpose      was
beneficent.       Thc processes of disease
hi?   held,   aimed   not    at thc  destruction of life,   but at the  saving of it,
and the 'manifestations   were  the outcome'of a natural'effort   towards     a
cure.   Disease,   as  popularly  realized,
was not, ;in   his opinion,   one  of   the
good  gifts,   for its  origin   was   benc-
voLriit and   protective.    If it  were not
for disease in.the  popular sense    the
human      race would  soon  be extinct.
Sir Frederick gave the illustration of
the  processes   in   the healing'of     :a
wound,  and  described  1hc battle   between     invading       micro-organisms
which sought to poison  tiie body and
the germs in  thc blood acting  on the
defence.    .Should   thc   invading   force
beat the  first line of-defence and find
a way  to   tlie channels   of   thc  body,
then  a stand  as  vigorous  was   made
at the second circle of entrenchments,
the lymphatic glands.   In the case of
a wound of the hand the glands under
(���lie  arm   opposed  the  invading  host.
They  inflamed;  possibly  they  suppurated.    The   subiicct   of this  condition
grumbled   and     deplored   misfortune,
which,    in addition     to     his wound
(which was  trouble enough) had given him  an inflamed   hand,   and  now a
tender  gland   under his  arm.       The
blame was  ill  placed.    It was     the
story  all over  again  of  Gellcrt,  the
faithful    but     misunderstood  hound.
This,   then,   was the infiamation   that
Editor       Ledger    :���Sir.���In    last
night's issue     the report of the special   meeting    of   the School Board
says- in    >part���Miss Milligan's resignation   and her 'action in appointing
a substitute    without consulting tha
board, was discussed.     The [trustees-.
decided to  take no further .action in -
the matter/   although those present-1:,
expressed-. their opinion     tnat  f-'iss
Million's ���  Naction was deserving of
censure.���Allow me to say that "Mis.->
MillisHo - wrote a letter to the secretary of the*Board asVing him if Miss .,
Morrison as her substitute would  he
satisfactory to the Board.     She received   no     reply and   consequently
took their v   profound silence for consent.     No     doubt the .one who sent'
you the report    will consult the secretary   regarding her letter, and the
secretary of the board will no doubt
be gentlemanly'    enough to acknowledge the letter if he received it, and
have the board retract their ccnsuie.
'���They tell a story on a ecu am
travelling man from our town, ...io
has South Dakota for Ins tcrncory,
which sounds suspicious,-' said
K. Sackett, of Battle Creek, MU:.,
who was at the Old Inn last night,
"but I don't mind  repeating it.
"As you know, South Dakota is a
'dry state. Thai means you cannot secure a drink of stimulants unless you have a"'prescript'ion' from a
physician. Our friend landed in a
town noted for the strictness ol" .is
druggists and physicians one (.. /.
last summer and went to a drug
store in an effort to quench Lis
" 'I have been travelling all day,'
he pleaded, 'is there no way of securing a drink?"
"���'Yes.j replied the druggist, 'get
a prescription.'
"Going to a physician the'drumv-r
said, .'Doc, I'm dry -and hot and   .    I
and simply must have a drink.  v.
you  give me  a prescription?'
" 'Not if  that is all that is     1  c
matter with you,'   replied the  p'^si-'
" 'Well,  what does it take to ^.ct
a prescription?'
"For   instance.���
" 'Well, try a snake bite.'
"'How    _can    1 get a snai.'e  ..-'.'v'i
asked the famished drummer.   .
" 'There are lots of snake bitr.s ...t
on the mountain back of town.'
"Late that afternoon .the drdhin.er
returned  to  the doctor hotter .-���;. and
more tired than ever. 'Doc, jean't y���u
give nic  that  prescription, anyh ,.v'.''
he asked.
" 'Didn't you get your snake bite'?'
"'Snake bite, nothin'.  Why, every
snake bite     on that mountain is engaged for six months ahead.' "
Patronize   your  | """'*  \"  uw"-'1  ���""'�����"-"������>.   ��^   ���^.��   was  rc    nlcd ftS a tLre disease,       a
not object     to having him returned.        ,     - i������,,-4���
'.,,,. ., r    ���   portent  or calamity.
And  n Messing  on  the owner   of    the
It was  to  the
-rum     tl   lM*.-ooiJlil      u nil.   u   V   111       Ul W1U 1..4       �� ,1 ��� ...1 ...I.     _ .   ���
,,,... ,. ,. multitude a disorder whose symptoms Arrjr~
hand that restores his gooseslnp. Aua-a
must fee combated by every mnatis
within thc surgeon's power. In ic.il-
ity it was a wholly benevolent ;->
cess, with one purpose, that of ;���:�����
tecting thc body, and one aim. tha>
of .cure- If it failed it was only because the task was impossible, never
because the generous intention falUr-
Lord Rosebery  (who occupied    (lie
chair)  made graceful reference  to the
services      rendered  by  Sir   Fredci i V;
Treves to his     country in      South \  DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  ������Y       THE       DAILY       LEDftER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT I.ADY������MITlf  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ������������������ eects  a month",    $5 per  year   in  advance.    Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  MONDAY,      JAN.  15,  1906.  IMPRISONED  PENNIES.  The enormous decrease in thc, coinage of pennies, half-pennies and farthings, from ������14S,490 worth in 1902  lo ������77,895 worth in 190-1 is an aftermath of thc boom in pennies-caused by the greatly extended use of  penny-in-the-slot machines a few years'  ago, says the London Express.  The experts in coin production state  thai     there    was   something like a  "penny     famine," said one of      the  London and Southwestern Bank managers.  "For instance,  we think nothing of receiving at one city blanch of  our   bank ������100 worth of pennies   . in  one week, and the great producer  of  pennies  is Pechhani.    Many       branch  'banks  where business  men run in ami  ask  for   asovcrc-gn's   worth  of  pennies get their supply of coppers from  Pcckham.  "The secret of this is the penny-in-  thc-slot gas meter. The South Metropolitan Gas Company's army of  men who spend their time in eniply-  -ing the pennies out of household glutei's bank the money'at Peckham, an.l  mill.ons of pennies are poured into  our brandies1 in the Pcckham district  At present we find the demand for  big packets of pennies brisk." .  One of the secretaries of the South  Metropolitan tins Company ga\e an  account of thefne weeks' imprisonment  of millions  of  pennies.  "We  have  182,000  pentiy-in-the-siol  gas  meters.   A large corps  of  inspectors spend  their time in going round  emptying  these.    They      get  around  this   enormous   number  of   meters every five  weeks.      It is quite a usual  thing  for them   to  empty  out  2,500,-  OOOpennies in a few dajs.   These millions  of pennies have  been   loc'-ed    up  for  live   weeks   in   many cases,   an-1 i!  we    let   the emptying process sta:..l  still \ery long-we should make a in  terial difference to the stream of  coppers  in circulation."  ^DAVID SPENCER  j  STEAM   UKATKD  WJ-XL FUKNISJUO) ROOMS  ae-ae  \ i ���������* \j* \4l /  (Nanaimo) Ltd.  ���������TS.       Jjl\       J\*\       /T\*1~       ���������Tn        /T\       M\   I   A\       W\        *T\        *\       *T\   ~rt������       M\  -OUR 7th ANNUAL-  STOCK TAKING SALE  Commences Saturday, Jan. 13 at 9 A. M  * >c--)t--^->:-)������(-?i~;r->i(-^->ft &-*-*-*: * ���������*-*-*-*  We are marking down prices now.      The  low    Prices  skwuld  Hake,1  this sale    the greatest in our history.  GET    ONE OF OUR BILLS, TO  BE  DISTRIBUTED THROUGW-  SfcSl'OUT  LADYSMITH FRir   Y FOR  PARTICULARS  "~W\       *'T\        /Tn       /T\       ������������������ s  /T\      /T������       7l\      /T\      /T\      Sf\      sf\  D, Spencer,  ^Nanaimo Limited  REINCARNATION.  There is     no other medicine manufactured that     has received so much  praise    and so     many expressions ol  gratitude    as      Chamberlain's  Cough  ���������Remedy.     It is effective, and piompl  relief follows its  use.     Gratsful  parents   everywhere   do not hesitate to  testify te   its   merits for the benefit  of others.      It    is a certain cure toi  croup- and win prevent the attack  ii  gives  at the first appearance of   the  disease.     It is especially adapted to  children,  as   it   is pleasant  to   take  and    contains . nothing injurious.' Mr  ID; A. Humphreys,, a weir, known res  ideut and clerk in the store of    Mr.  Locke, of     Alice, Cake Colony. South  Africa, says:,    "I have used Chamber  tain's     Cough   . Remedy ;!to ward pfl  croup     and     colds in my family.     I  found it very satis:, dory and it pliv  me pleasure to recommend - i-t  sale by The Ladysmirth Pharmacy  F01  i'he fi>mowing, article is one that is  of interest  to   students  in  thc occult,  end makes good reading.  Incidents oc  cur every week in a newspaper man's  life that confirms the view that there  is  something  in  reincarnation.       As  men goiiig backiwards in time,'it     is  particularly noticeable in oui  Nanaimo neighbors'  newspapers. They are  usually     a day 'or two behind times,  sometimes even more.   The article referred to is as follows:  A  curious  pamphlet en  the subject  of- "Retrogression1 of Memory,       or  Thinking, Backwards,"  has been  published  by  the Colonial  Rochas, a former director  of the Polytechnic  (the  French   Woolwich),   who  is  endeavoring to prove the truth of the theory  of reincaniai-.on.  TTe  has  hyi.notined   a number       of  ; {1 :���������, ns ' and made them believe they  * me ten, thirty and even   thirty-five  jeurs younger  than their actual ages  Some  experiments  were made with  a woman of thirty-five who was hypnotized,  and to whom it was suggest]  ed that ,her age was gradually diminishing.    While   in   the hypnotic   stage  she dcscrihfcd incidents in her life that  occurred   when   she   was twenty. ���������'"She  told  of her confirmation at  thc    age  of II, and described her theft 0f      a  halfpenny  from her grandmother. Gra  dually     she  relapsed  into  baby  language,  and at  last her  words  became  unintelligible,     and    she could   only  make signs.  Colonel   Rochas   went  on  with  his  questions, and then  the woman     replied    in tore    deep   voice  of   a man.  She said her name was Jean Bourdon  and  that she was  a villager.  Colonel  Rochas caused inquiries  to  be    made,    and found that.a m-an of  that name had lived in the villagp the  woman mentioned as far back as 1812  After    three-quarters  of. an hour's  further   questioning the  woman     replied  in  thc deep  voice of a       man  called  Carterot. '.'".;'���������   '''"  Experiments ������������������ were also made With  two other women, and both gradually grew: more childish in mind  :   and  ���������\ oice until  they relapsed    into    the  speech  and actions; of babyhood.  and mental age-ay, ar which s*   successfully defies  medical ait.    All laager from tke grip, however, asay be  avoided  by tha prompt' ������se ef Cban-  bcrlain's Ceugh Remedy.   Aowag the  tens of thousands whe.aaTe used ,this  remedy,   not .one ease  has *?*r  been  reported   that  has resulted  in  saeu-  mouia or that iiasnot recovered. Fer  sale by the Ladysmitit Pharmacy.  NOTICE  From     this data the undersigned  will  not  be responsible Ior any in  debtedness     incurred except on      a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.  I.   EXPLORATION & DEVEI.  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. R. C MavtSth. ]ADI*  AT T.   X  JONES  Our Confectionery, Nuts  Fiuits are all of the EEST.  A choice stock 0f FAMILY    GRO  CERIES.  PRICES ARE RIGHT    GATACRE STREET  1.   X JONES  To Write a Story  of the West  that would have the true  ring to it,1 thc author would  of necessity require to live  there for a time at least. He  must study the character,  istics of the western people-  have to become ome of them,  living their daily Hie, sharias  their joys and sorrows.  Ho would have to mix with  then, socially and ia a business way, in short be a  ''Westerner" Its a question  of knowing, local .conditions.  The s'arne reasoning applies  to tha ,_"Leckie Boot'j .lor  Western Miner, tha Prospector and  the Lumberman.  The makers of the " Leck-  ie Boot" are Westerners with  Western experience.' They  know wha,t to make arid how  to make'it. Its'not so much  a question of r-rice as of quality. Their sole aim is to  make a better boot for the  same money���������and tue "LEC.  "KIE BOOT" is it.  [MANUFACTURED BY.���������  !j. IRBF (0.  LTD,  COUGH REMEDY  Mr.  E.  G.  Case, a mail carries o'  Canton Centra., Conn . who has been  in the L S. service,for about sixteen  years,- says: "Wa have tried many  cough medicines for,croup, but Cham  berUiu's Cough Remedy is king of  ' all and on* to be relied oa every time  We also find it tha best"remedy for  coughs and colds giving ttrtaia results and leaviag as- bad after ef  fects.;' For siie by"-The Ladyamith  Pharmacy.  ���������O���������  THE  &RIP.  "Before we ean sympathize with  others, wc must have suffered our-  stel-cs." No one (an realize the suffering- -attendant upoa an attack of  grip;;, unless he has had the actual  experience. There is probably no disease      that  causes  so much  physical  Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier's  on High street st  THEMINT  ��������� ���������. ��������� ���������"��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  The  Choisest  Assertmeat  ������* Chocolates in the City.       .-  A good line of ���������-  HOLIDAY NO���������VBLTIES  THE   MINT  ALEX SMITH, Prop.  Ladysmith Temple No. 5  Rathbone  Sisters' meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd   and   4th   Tuesday   at   7.3*  p.m.  Mrs.  Kate, Tate secretary.  THB CITY TA.  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B C.  a.\R SDPl-UKDWITH.HH^l  WINKS, MQUOKS, CH'.AXR^  1^ O    ���������������-"���������  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  ladysmith; b. c  Esquimau   & Nanaimo Railway  '  time Table No. 57, i  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms,,  PORTLKND  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,    good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fiUedup and well supplied an \ is in char -    if      ,  J05. PELLIQRINELLI  This Hotel has   been completely   Board aad lodging fl.00 per day.  renovated.  HOTEL  Bar   Supplied with  the  Best  Liquors and Cigars.  JOHN TPA, Proprietor  Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-: Ladyamith B.C.  ufr-  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Mea^s 35c. and Upward  Best accommodation Tor transient  rod permanent hoarders and lodgers.  ^ RAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a >ly furnished and the bar is up-to-  drtc. Rates $1.00 a day ' and up-  w \rds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE. Prop.  V>������l*i>t4������ ���������*-: '���������: :���������'��������� ������������������' Tjidvamlth  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  '.looff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  "GALEDONIAN''  Leads Them    All  IK QUALITY  -:o:-  R.P.RITHETI  & Co.,  Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA,'.:���������:':���������:   ���������: .-: :���������B.C.  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Ratee $1.25 and$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landings and  rail way depote.   Electric care'eVery 6 ve  minutes to all parts of   the city.   Bar  and table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilison  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKlnnel  Proprietor.  Fire Proof    Buildiag.  Modern ..and     Strictly First ClaM.  Commeicial Mens'  headquarters.  WANTED���������By     Chicago     wholesale  house, special representative  (m������a er  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary     $20 00     and expenses paid  weekly.       Expense  money  advanced  Business successful;  ncnt. No investment required. Previous experience not essential te engaging.  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111., U.S.A.   ���������    EFFECTIVE SATU RDAY, OCT. 21st, 1905.  Traiufc, leave Ladysmith for Victoria and all   intermediate stations    at  9.1* a-at. daily, and at 4.00 p.m. on  Wednesdays,     Satvirdaiys   and  Sundays.  Trains leav^ Ladysmith fer Wellington and all intermediate stations  at 11.17 a.n������'. daily, and at 6.00 p.m. on Wedi^ days, Saturdays and  Sundays.     J-.  EXCURSION TICKETS ON SAL E TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  tfc������r following Monday.   Steamer Joan   -,...'.   * ��������� ���������  \   '.Stalls .'firisa- Ladysmith. for Vancouver, every Saturday at G.00 a.mw and  retttraiag sails' freta Vancouver    for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  1  I  If Gon. Street, Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight & Pass. Agt  TO FERNIE,  Read Down   < .   Read Up  ������p.m. I,v. Victoria Arr. 4.00 p. m.  I.oo p. m. I.T. B*������ttle Air. 9.00 a.m.  9.11 p. ni, Arr.',, Ererett Arr. 7.30 a.tn.  9.30 a. m.Arr.18POKANB Arr 7.45 p in  C.as p.m Arr.   Rcxford   Arr 12.30 p. m.  t.to   p, m, Ar.    Kike   Arr. 10:42 a. ni.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie'I.v.955 a   111.  ONE NIGHT  To all Kootenay Point*  TWO   NIGHTS  , To   ; Winnipeg and St. Paul  Close, Connections '  For     Chicago, Toronto.  ��������� Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylene    Lighted     Cars.  Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping Cars  - Dining     Cars (Meals a  la  Carte)..  ' Library Observation   ' Cars-  Through'    tickets and baggage checks to ail points.  Steamship Tickets  ._ For .tickets, maps, berths .  ���������^reservations- ,.^and complete -.  '  information - 'call, on or- ad-"  dress,        > -���������  S. G. Yarkat' >  E; R. Stephen  A.Q.R.A.V,     \   G.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle     ,'      Victoria, B.C.  HENRY'S NURSERIES  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown- 8l  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD    .and FLOWER  SEEDS. -'-���������������������������  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  ���������iHODdDENDRONS.-ROSES,   .  QREENIIOVSE  AND IIARDY<  .'���������''��������� .'    -     PLANTS. _  For Spring, planting..   Eastern price*  or las*.    Catalogue free.  1019 Weatmlnster Road,  Vancouver.  TICKET   OFFICE  Car., Government and Yates Sts.  VICTORIA, B.C.  Transcontinental  Trains Daily    '  C  c  3  3  and"  ONE   IS THE  "NORTH   COAST   LIMITED."  The Electric Lighted Train to the  East  Tickets on sale to ali Eastern  Southern points at lowest', rates.  Up-to-date     Pullman - and     Tourist 'j|  sleepers      on  ail trains.  During  Car  service Unsurpassed.  . Steamsnip Tickets on sale to and  from all European Points. Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  For - further    particulars  ..write thc oiCce.  A. I).  Charlton,  A.G.P.A,   N.P.,  - Portland,' Ore.  Phone MaiD 456.1  i  call 01 Ji\  E.   E.  Blackwood  General Agent  Victoria, B.C  PA1NT1NO,  :  PAPEKMANaiNQ  ETC.  Work done properly and at rl<*i  prices. ;A fall Una of Vfali Paper,  and Pajater'a. SuppHas   Residence on  position perma- Rob������t������ Straat  J. B. SMITH, Prop  *?������.i*a������;^-.*^-.5*^-.^^:.l*^-.J������^-.5������-^-.5������^-.5������������!"-yr������5"^-PlN  I  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subject* taught; alio language*,., drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ag ia oils and vater colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  HISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. B   O.    Are You  Going1 East  Then be sure your tickets read  the  Tla  Lffl!  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W.  ;Telephone;46.  COBURN, Man.  Director  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-Shingles  a  Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers    of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    Limber in    Btock.  3   HEAD OFFICE  v DUNCANS STATION.                CLERMONT LIVINGSTON f  I       Vancouver Island, B. G.                    General Manager. *  If                                                                                                            '.      ���������            ��������� v  I  I  If yeu. like���������  A  smooth, easy  ejhaTe,  an even,  .   ;3w*U-flnasi*d,   beard trim, a good  , ������������������, bath, ex a stylish Hair-cut.  Yeu.._will g* t*   ..,  LADYSMITH SHAVING  HIGH, STREET;  G  VANCOUVER. B. C.  Em.  cTMONEY TALKSy-  AS LOUD TO US AS ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOUR MEAT YOWR ������������������LLARS W  ILL GO FURTHER IF YOU BUY FROM US      ,  ������������������^Our Cash Prices Cannot Be Beaten-   jPANNELL  &    PLASKET1  Ladysmith  O. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  p\P B.   C  ^  LADYSiyilTH BAKERY  ,    /HOP.LEE & CO.  ON THE ESIfLANADE.  PASTRY OP ALL KINDS NE A TL1  BAKED AND FRESH,  gpafectionary of all kinds.  . r*W*:;Uk_en;ior''Pastries to be de-  Uvered1 at any time.  Employment Agency.  The only  line now  making   UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST. PAUL   '  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains    from    the    PacifleN  Coast. 1  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH^J \  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST   ',  RATES,   THE  FASTEST  TIME.      ^|  BETWEEN VV  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHI.  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY, iji  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask yeur\^  local agent or write,  F. W. 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HILBERT DAlLYriEIGBR  Union  Brewing Co  nanaimo , b. c.  flanufacturers ci? the  ���������  ���������-, f - o  * In  British Columbia  ,* Lager Rt-er   end Per ter   ' Guaranteed   Brew  ' edfrom the Bes   Vrnadiari Malt  Run  Hops    <j  r ,4  |l AC /SMITH TRANSFiER:STABLE  t pi/  ANOS, '   ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     r'trtNITUR'   MOV  ED  PROMPTLY   A  NI)  SAFELY.  ^ Stables in thr u-ai of ihu La������'ystuiih boieL      L������avr orders at   th������"  4 '      Abbots foul1  j *   ' A. J. WASKET, PROP  New Year's Needs  its  Th* season ef parties and **tartaia������eats is here/with  extra demands upen *ur tahl* ���������������.uipm*iit-:fc,hia* and ������las*  ware,  Silver    aad Cutlerr. ' J '    '  Is Your* Complete?  If net, these hints . will iaterest you.  TABLE .CUTLERY  V -       ��������� , .  "Joseph Rogers        * S*ns    Make.".  Table knives, celluloid handles, aval and sauare;...   VI, Sr.5i d*z  Dessert Knives to natch a****, oval $S.5i, square, S6.0* d*zen.  Ivory handled tahle knives, %UM doz.   Besserts te asatoh (9.58  Carving Knives and Forks, celluloid bandies, *val and sq-jare,    %2M an*f,$2.75 pair.  4������*������J������������*������ ������������������,���������������������������  Handsome carving sets ia  case*     ir*m     $������.S������ to. Sl������.M *���������*���������  Table f Linens and Cloths  Bleached Scotch t*W* linen*, clwlo* designn, ���������3-i*ch,   75 c.    yd.  Napkins to match, *l'.5t da*ea.     ' , <''   - " > ' -  Irish Linen Damask, full,bleached, 72-ia*. -     *U0 yard.  Napkins to match, $4.������0   dozen.           ,  ^                      ' .'      >  Bleached Irish. Linen. table, clotn*^ u������J**������. 2*yj*������-*8as 8>ct'  f Jf^sE-lL^R^ BROS4  B ty&riOME.ih'OfEl "AND.CLUB f 0RHI5>- IMS - VIC i C-fclA. B. C.1 ������������������<������ 3.  a������r,a/omMBi!Xii*ctaa!U)i*VQ&a'ai&c*UH>a*^^  peace   loving    Bengalees.  Hciiijal docs ndt fight, but it is  through the never-ceasing industry of  its vast population, so much greater  than that of the United Kinbdom.  that British India is enabled to pay  its way. That the Bengalees add  nothing; to the military strength of  thc empire is true, hut then, also  they deduct nothing fram'its strength  on the frontier. No population so  vasi was ever so peaceful or jroqjisred  so little expenditure of money fongas-  risoii- A police principally employed  in detective work is all that is needed foi forcible resistance to-the- state  is and always will remain, probably,  outside thc Kenguloe scheme oi life.  'J iiGiiir.Ii Ilrngalees will not fight  Uiey aro, and are reasonably pro.:d  of being, the most/intellectual race in  Tntiia. It is useless for any student  in a.iy college there to compete with  a Hengalco rival. . In every native  state they are in demand for the  management of finance.  The wealth of their great capital,  which is perhaps the second wc'|Uth.  ��������� est city witiu'n tlie British Dominion  has been built up by themselves,  and by the steady orderliness which  lias made of Calcutta a proverb in  IheEast. A man may be a millionaire  there and as sufe as in Loml&rd  strett.   . o   "Ah, Lady Ii , I had the pleasure of meeting you last year. And  bow is your dear little girl?"  A   LESSON   FROM'  it. That is vhy it is hard lo dispose of stolen diamonds of any account, for when one is stolen evwy  dealer throughout thc world hears  of it and has such a good description  of the missing stone that he can  hardly  fail   to identify it.  Thc ordinary stolen jewels find  their way to pawnshops and fences.  There are jewelers in New York  who have     the reputation   of  being  HENRI   5-LAY  A well Known sojthern politician  who H\ed just before the civil war  not infrequently spoke of an incident  that toolv place in his first term in  congress, in wlwh he received a lesson in statecraft from- the great  Whig leader,  Henry Clay.  "I   was1 a young  man  and  an    enthusiastic Whig,"  hc said,   "and     I  entered congress  quivering  with  eag-' fences, but none of them do business  err.ess to serve my party and to dis- ness direct with thc thief,  tinguish     myself.    I was  on my feet       When a large stone is  stolen     here  shouting,  'Mr.  Speaker!'  a dozen tun- or    in England or     France the  first  cs  a day.    I opposed  even  petty  mo- (pUcc     the  searchers  look  for   it to  tions     made   by  the opposite  party  and      bitterly  denounced  e\ery   bill,  however trivial,  for which it voted,  liefore   the session     wat half over I  had contrived to make myself obnoxious to every Democrat  that 1 met.  "One day after Un ill-tempered outbreak en a question of no moment, 1  turned   and saw  Mr.   Clay   watching  me w.th a twinkle in his eye.  " 'C,' he said, 'you go fishing  sometimes?'  " 'Yes.'  1  ";D-oii't you find that thc best rod  is the one that gives a little at each  joint? It does not snap and break ai  every touch, but bends and shows itr  strength only when a heavy weight is  put on, it.' ,  "I caught his meaning. I had seen  him   chatting  familiarly   with       the  turn up is in Amsterdam,  which     is  the centre of the diamond-cutting industry.   ' If it doesn't appear there  within a reasonable time its owneis  can   hid good-bye  to it,   for  it   will  probably be disposed of without tro-  ubb   in    the  Orient,   India,   Persia,  and Turkey  arc  the  three countries  where large     diamonds     can be sold  without cutting them up.  Once they are taken into one of  these countries they are hidden just  as if they ' were put hack into thc  ground. Diamond dealers say that  ihe greater number of important jew  els that have been stobn have found  their way to tiiese countries. - he  Indian princes will buy and ask - o  questions.  Diamond  dealers   and  police       ail  over  the civilized   world have     loix-  very  men whom  I was  berating.   Yet reaped     that as soon as a precious  I Knew    ' that   when  great   interests    si one finds its way to the Orient it  "My  little boy is  quite wejl, thank  cIttsh(,d     hc was  lhc onc  man whom    :s lost until  its buyer dies and    hi  you.  "Little   boy?    Ah,   yes,   of course. I  ' new it was one of the two.''   o   Thc     Sari     Indians  make an odd  shaped contrivance of plaited  wicker  woik, with  a hole at thc top    through wh-.ch the occupier crawls at night  lo sleep.  it  (d  re  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short    notice.   Drill Sharpened by uk  I "T1  ways gives satisfaction. Picks hand! ed and repaired*  Sliipsmittiing   in   all    it������  Branches  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmiths.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street   -   -    -    -   Ladyamith, B v.  ...... ^  - ������  I SALES STABLES |  ������ |  || EXPRESS WORK   A iSPECIALTY. ���������  *     DAVID JOHNSON        =  * PHONE 66 LADYSIVHT     ���������  $      LIVERY, BOARDING AND  LIGHT TEA^  Wood and Bl^k;^o^S^l!e,  SEE J.   KEMP. jOR. LBA^E <,������R������JIRS, WITH    I-  lk-i '  FIRST AVENUE  'PHONE      6-0  W. SILER.  GENEKAL tXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  W������RK PROMPTLY DOV",.  iLeave orders at the Ahbotsford.  UNITED. ANCIENT      ������RDBR.W?  DRUIDS  Waiiinjtom 6rov������ No. 4. U. A. '���������), B  . Uaets in the I' 0. O. ,F. Hail, Ladysmith, th������ Second aiad tfeurth  Wednesdays of each month, eowptaae-.  ,i������l Wednesday, 13th.. 1������05.  VisHisg iruids     ar������ invlied. to'attend. .':���������-,''.    ..-.  By Order,   .  ���������ffM. RAFTERyRact S<*tyv  JATRICK I4WRK, N. A. .:  BOQXS arid^SHOES  AT RJCJHT PRICES  \ lRjEfpayri"i>g!;,ajrid .'-Making ��������� t  Order a Sipeciiaity;  THOflAS     MCEWAN  MUNICIPAL  NOTICV:.  Elcctioa of  School  Trustees  Public notice  is   ierjjy  gneu  the electors of the Municipality  the City or Ladysmith,   that     I  quire the presence of, the  said  electors  at   the City  Hall,   Ladysmith.  on Monday,  the 15th day of Jaiuu-  cy,   IMC from  12 noon  to 2    p. in..  ���������or  the purpose of electing two - per-  ions as members of the  board       of  Trustees of Ladysmith School     Dis  t'rict.  Any' person being' a house' holder  in thc School District, and being  a British subject of the full age  of twenty one years, and otherwise  qualified by the Public Schools Act  to vote at an election of School  Trustees in the said district, is eligible to he elected to serve as a  School Trustee.  The Mode of Nomination ol Candidates   shall   be   as   follows:  The candidates shall be nominated  in writing, the writing shall be sub  serii-er! hy two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder,  nnd shall be delivered to the  Return-  is  they feared. property is divided  among his wives  "1 set myself to learn patience and  or nis  relatives.  cooinePfi.    It   is the - strong,   flexible'<    Tile l'u'ge precious stones generally  rod  which does not break  under  the ."ml ^neir w&y >'ilo the crowns      of  royalty. -  The   OrloiT,   which   weighs  194f karats,   is in the Russian crown    jewels.   That stone formed one of the  Drill Sergeant (to raw recruit, wlio"'eyes of an  ldo1  in the  Brahman tem-  is  slow in grasping  the  tactical'   de-  llle on  tile     Islanu oJ Skjra"giun in  lads)���������Now, Murphv,  how  would you  lhe  Kav"eri  Rim".  "ear Trichinopoli.  use     your     sword  if your opponent I TUe Si������Cy haS   iUhat 'lt was sioi<*>  femted? <       *"'"    4I        ""'"   "     "     ' "'  TACTICS.  Aluipny���������Ucgorra, I'd' just, tickle  bun with the point of it to see it he  was  afther fakin'.   : o��������� ���������  Disposing of stolen jewels is a  ddhcult undertaking, particularly 'ii  lhe  the  from    there early in  lhe  eighteenth  century by a French soldier.     From  him  it found  its way  into  tho hands  of  an English  ship captain  and     so  got into Europe.  It  turned  up  in  Amsterdam       in  17!)J  mid     for a time it was called  the Amsterdam diamond.   It got its  jewels arc of great  value,  says ,���������a,i;e     0f Orloff.when Prince Orlofi  New Wlc Sun.    It  is almost    ho'iglit it for  1,100,000 Dutch florins  impossible to get rid of large stones   aIU| presented it to the Empress Cain  this  country,  an*  harder  st.II   to   Llicrme     II.   of  Russia." This jewel  dispose of them  in England  and     in   forms  the head of tho impellai scep-  France if they aic  stolen.    Thc on|y   ter.  way   to  do  it,   with  safety,   IS   t0 cut      T'hroc   ot|lcr   faInous   jewejs   il;  the  the stone up, and  when a large stone  , ossession of  ths Russian crown   are  is cut  it decreases Kreaily  U1  xa|lle.    ,,hc  ShaJli Uie jAk)0n  of Ulfc     MoUn_  Diamond dealers all over   the world   lailis>  and  the  Polar Star-thc first  are on the lookout now for the large of 8S     ijarals,  thc isecond ��������� of      120*  pear-shaped  diamond   that   was  stoi-  karats   and  the tliir-d of 40  karats.  en    lrom the     Tiilany  work rooms    The  Shah  is  an engraved  diamond,  some     time " ago.    Every  reputable    one of  the very     few large engraved  deajer     would  ref i.sc     so    buy   thc diamonds in existence.-   All are por-  brilhant if it was offered  for sale  in  feet blue white stones.  Catharine II  lhe shape it was stolen.    That  there  bought    the Moon of thc Mountains  are .diamond dealers   who  arc not re-   for 450,000 roubies, an annuity of 4,-  put-ablc goes  without saying,  hut  if   000 rubles, and letters of royalty,  l hey  bought      this  stone they  would     These are not by  any means     the  buy it with the idea of cutting it.     largest    known   stones in existence.  Large  diamonds  are  not so nunier-  0"ut  they'are among  the most valui-  ing    Officer at any  time between the'ous   that  they cannot  be  kept  track  ahle, because of their purity.     Some  elate   of the     notice and  2 p. in.  of  of.    When  a large  diamond  -:b  found  0f the -largest diamonds on record are'  to   Brazilian    stones   but, doubt always  the day of nomination and in tiie event of a poll becoming necessary such  poll will be opened on Thursday,  the 18th day of January, 190C , at  the City Hall aforesaid from 9 a.m.,  till 7  p.m.. at which time and place  it sooner or later finds its way         the greatest diamond market, in thc   has been   cast  on tlieir'genuineness.  world,      which  is  London.    Persons  (The Bragair&a is a Brazilian stone as  through     whose hands a large,stone 'big  as  a-hen's  egg  and weighing  1 ,-  passes are careful to note its   good    C80- karats.   It is preserved m     ihe  points    as     well as its defects, if it  '-Portuguese crown jewels,  but   there-'  each elector  who  is   duly     qualified   has  any. jhaS ahvays    uCcn aidollbl ,^  to it&  to vote for Mayor will be entitled Every diamond over ten karats is genuineness. If jit is ^genuine, diamond  tocast his vote for two candidates considered a large one and worthy cxrerUs say, it is worth $22<lf000 000  for members of the Board ot School of particular note. Every dealer who ! Another largo stone on which there  Trustees bub may   only  cast one (handles   "such a stone can   give       a ��������� has  been   a good deal  of speculation  votcfor any such  candidate, vof which   minute   description,  of it.    Thc   purer  as toils genuineness is-owned by the  every  person  is hereby  required    to  ^to take notice  and  govern himself  accordingly.  Given under my hand at Ladysmith, this fifth day of January,  1900.  JOHN STEWART  Returning    Officer.  A  Jamaican  Lady  Speaks  HigMy of  Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy.  Mrs.  Michael Hart,  wife of tlie superintendent of Cart Servjee at Kingston,   Jamaica, West Indies Islands,  says   that she has   fer seme  years used Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy  for  coughs,     croup and  whooping cough  and has found it very beneficial.    She  has      implicit     confidence  in it  and.  would not  be without  a bottle   of it  in     her home.   Sold by Ladysmith  Pharmaoy.  the, stone the more attention it at-    Rajah of .Mabtang, Borneo. It weighs  tracts  from-  thc persons  who  handle  3������7 karats.  The last horse omnibus has disappeared from the stiects of oheflii..d,  England.  It  is asserted  by   thc British Medical   Journal  that  men's  necks      are  longer than the}1 used to be.   o   Onc bi.Hon six hundred and twenty  million gallons of coffee arc drunk in  the United Slates c\cry year.  MUNICIPAL NOTICE x  Public Notice is heicby given to  tha electors.of tlie Municipality of  Ladysmith that I requite tlie prc-'encc  ���������if the said electors at the City  Hall, Ladysmith, on the fifteenth day  of January, IflOfi, at 12 o'clock noon  for   the purpos-e of electing persons to  ���������j ������������������������������������ -..������������������^���������.���������������������������'���������s'^  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B.  0.  Seattle's Great  Papers  THE  DAILY  SUNDAY  TWICE A WEEK  <<  D.  ���������  W  5 > ��������� 1    Dally Post-inicH&cnccr, t2re"?0"a'.(   9     $  Publishes    the    fullest    Veltg-iu,..jic    4  7C /  news from all  parts  of  the world.  5, J \. All tiie state and local news.    Dally  and Sunday edition, 75c per montb.  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The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:  Tha candidates shall be nominated  in writing, the writing shall he sub-  sciibcd by two voters of the Munic-  palily as proposer and seconder and  shall b������ delivered to the Returning  Oflicer at any time between the date  of ,th������ notice and 2 p. m. of tlie day  of nomination, and in the event of a  poll becoming necessary, such poll  will be opened'on the 1 Stir January,  1906 at the City Hall, Ladysmith,  and kept open until 7.00 p. m. of the  same day, of which every person is  herohy required te take notica and  govern himself accordingly.  The qualifications 0v law require*,  to be possessed by Mayor are such  persons as are male British subjects  of tlie; full age of tweiity-oue years,  and are not disqualified under any  law, and have been ior the ������e*t six  months preceding the day of iioniiu-a-  tion. the registered o.wner, -in the  Land Registry office, of laud and real  property in the City of the assessed  Value on the last ^Municipal Assess^  nmi-t role of ome thousand dollars  or more, and who are otherwise  qualified as municipal voters.  The qualification by law required  to be possessed hy Aldermen are  such persons as are male British  subjects of the full age of twenty-  one years and are not .disqualified  under any law and have been for tlie  six months next preceding the day of  nomination tho registered owner, in  the Land. Regis-try office, cf land and  real property in the City, of the assessed value on the last Municipal  Assessment role, ol five hundred dollars or more and who are other,  wise qualified as Municipal voters.  Given    under     my   hand at Ladysmith  the 4th day of January, 1906-  JOHN STEWART, '  ' Returning Officer, v  Everything  C omforrable  when you  rehire.  WOsty's  London, Toronto, HontreaL Winnipeg* Vancouver, St John* KB.  There are more railway tunnels, via  ducts and railroad bridges in Switzerland  than  in any other country  in  the  old world.  -o-  In New England 100  years  ago    ,it  was by no means uncommon  for peo-,  pie     lo provide thdr coffins long before their  death,  and keep them     in  their houses where they could      see  I hern every day. i  SO  DEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  the  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  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THOMAS, late  of   Mount Sicker Hotel, amd ��������������� the  Palace  Hotel,   Naaaime,  have     purchased the   COMMERCIAL  H0THL,   on Douglas Street, Vicsferia, ������PMsite  the eity hall,  and invite their    ������li  PATRONS AND FRIENDS TO VIS-  IT THEM WHEN IN VICTORIA.  STOCK IS COMPLETE  III GENTS' FURNISHINGS  Mens' Girthing, Koys' anil Yeuths'  Mens' White Dress Shirts, Benin, Sal  cms Negligee Shirts in Taney Patterns,   Linea     and  Geliuioid  Collars,  Sufis.. Neckties, and Suspen������er������ iu  laige \arieti������s. la Youths' Boys' aad  .Mens', silk <ukI Japaatse Initial  Handkerchiefs, ais������ ia Ladies" faacy,  silk aus) liw������a. Borts and Shoes iu  all Sizes. - ,     i  Don't lorjet the place, on High St.  Nsxt to. Hardware Stor������.  John  J. TMOMA*.  Public  Notice  Attention is called to the  fact that the  Ogilvie   Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL H������USEH������LD FL0UR, have fer soste tims  past been producing flour in a rastly impreved aad parifled fora  by the aid of EL ECTRICITY  and having secured control ol    all the basic patents relating tbers-  te, take this opportunity of a dvisiig the public  that aay  orizet users of th������ electrisal    fleur purifying processes  will be pro-  Recuted. ,  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company L.jjnitei  are trie    only    Baillers ia Canada wkoae     Flemr  pi.'ifi 3l   b j fcka     ������le e^rio procaas Y  j .- ���������  -/���������%���������>. fv.  ./      -."  +>:&  THB    DAILY    1HDGER  LOCAL ITEMS  Miss E. , Dobeson will give lessons  in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, manage  ment and' control of breath, tone  ^production, efficiently taught. For  particulars, apply Box 12, or Phone  146, Nanaimo.  S  Tomorrow'    the McKanlass troupe  "will  play in the 0|)era House. '    Sec  notice,in another column.  " As a notice in another column will  show, Mrs. Jean Templar will lecture in the Presbyterian church tomorrow night. Mrs. Templar is an  excellent speaker and her1 address  will be worth hearing.  After, business is disposed of tomorrow night the local Aerie of Eagles will give an At Home lo which  a. large numfcer of ladies and gentlemen a:c receiving imitations. The  affair,is surc to be an enjoyaJbleone,  as the Eagles are going to consider-  crabje trouble to prepare ,a good program, and otherwise provide for the  enjoyment of Jheir guests. ...  NOTICE  SrcipaIity or'thc at7 of Lad-v-  - Public notice is hereby given to  - the ��������� Electors of the Municipality  aforesaid that a poll has become  accessary at the Election now pe n  ing for.School Trustees fox-the same  a'id that I have granted such po.l  aand further.; -that the persons dully  nominated as candidates at the .said  Elections, and -for whom  votes will be received, are.���������  Carroll,  Harry,  THE    G TINEA   WORM  SINGER  SEWING   MACHINE  and Lots of Beautiful  PREMIUMS  for the  wrappers of  WHITE SWAN   SOAP  ASK YOUR GROCER ABOUT IT  W������SS9*.-<y*-������(������r -  EtfsnmmcBsmEi  am  Greaves,  Fred,  Hannay, - George  Ladysmi Mi  Miner  Ladysmith  Miner  Ladysmith  Hotel  Keeper  Of which lail     persons  are hereby  required to .take     notice and govern  themselves occordingl  Given    under     my hand at Lady-  smifh  this loth day of Jan. 190C.  JOHN  STEWART,  /Returning Officer.  Smoke Big B. Cigars.  Kootenay  Steel  Range  STRONG  CRATES  Just one turn is  necessary to operate  the Kootenay grates, and they are made in such "a  way that live coals are never dumped into the  ashpan.  This makes'the Kootenay Range much easier to  operate and more economical on fuel than the  ordinary cheap range fitted with common grates.  The Kootenay is equipped with many other  exclusive and special features, which/Vshould be  examined before buying any other range.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.- Write for  booklet.  McCIary&  London,  4*  Toronto,        Montreal,        Winnipeg,  St. John, N. B.  Vancouver  <se?  _���������%������������������ y-j-  -H���������-  Ffannei-  dlinj-  In French  Lustre, hn's  Sateen=Etc.  Regular Value up  Wc are placmg them  on our tables ,for One  Week at  ' v: ii.'_ ys���������wljn���������u  r /l\        ��������� !>        '������v        ''\        /!"*   ,    'r  I'h.n famous guinea worm is an in-  haljiliint of the tropical regions of  Asia and Africu, existing, in pond.-;,  riveis and swamps. It penetrates  the skip of any portion of the hu-  nian _ body without -Keing felt and  when once it finds lodgment grows to  an enormous lcnath. The body of  ti-c creature seldom exceeds in diameter    that oi     a pin, and it inhabits  "lihc flesh next tcAthc skin. When full  grown it s not loss than twelve feet  'in length and in order to accommodate itself, must wind several times  aiound the legs or -body. Should the  guinea worm find a home, under 'the  human 'culic'lc and grow to a large  si/e there  is  danger of mortification  'selling in  when  the parasite bursts.  to  $3.00  as it is sure     to do sooner or later  In order lo    guard     against an acci  dent of Ihis     character grrtit care is  exercised in extracting the unwelcome  inlpii-'cr Tlie skin is opened near  one end of Un* creature and the body  pulled out and wrapped around a  'small stick. This stick is turned  veiv slowly for davs. or even weeks.  iininil the en I ire worm has been extruded  7t\        7l\        /IN      ''t\        /'*n  ff\ /������N  The  Great  McKanlass and his Merry Makers  ���������PROGRAMME���������  The late   Baron Alphinso RothcbUd  used to say long ago that the days  of the millionaire in  Europe       were  about over,  but he left" a fortune   of  approximately   $190,000,000.   o   1. Overture. . ���������  2. W. Smith, Matto -Singer.  3. Sam  Barber,  Somewhat Di.Tci'cnt     ���������  ���������  ' ��������� i  Comedian  4.  Miss Lulu  Walker,   Ballad > Sina or from Pike County, Missouri.  5. King and   Bailey, Premier Singers and Dancers  6. Gertrude Jgckson, Ragtime Shoutcr.'  MCICANLASS & PERRY, High Cla ss Musical Sketch Artists. -  8. Merrymakers Trio,  fl. Prize  Cake Walk,  Three  Couples.  10. Grand  Finale,  Southern Plantation Passlinics.  EXECUTIV      STAFF  Prop. & Mgr.  Advaii'-c' ?."gi-  !      ' Musical I) rcetr r  Rtafie Mgr.  Property Man.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.   o ���������  TEACHER    WANTED  ���������o���������  TEACHER :WANTED, for the 5th',  Division of the Ladysmith Puhli'-1  School. REQUIREMENTS,���������Life  certificate and Normal  training.  Salary $10 per     month     to   commence  with.   APPLICATIONS to be in the  hands of the undersigned by the 25th  J of January''  JOHN STEWART,  Secretary  o-  Waif crs- &  Akenheac  ������^HMft������jwiM3ii8BaaaaagHWB^^s^^  January     magazines  Hook Store. ���������  al  Knight's  Rubbers, rubbers, rubers, at Simon  Leiser Si Co's.,  Ltd.  Smoke Big B.  Cigars.  Diaries for  100G  at  Knight's  Bookstore.  Buy  your'Gum-Boots  and Rubbers  at Simon Leiser & Co's., Ltd.  Wsdresdav Jan. 1/iii,  TWO NIGHTS  BEGINKIN  >i  ������%>  Ml?  a ������ $  McKanlass    X  Dangers     of     Cold  and  How      te  Avoid Them. '  More fatalities have their origin ia  oi" result from a cold than from any  other  cause.    This  fact alone should  nialce  people  more careful  as    there  is no   danger   whatever- from  a cold1  when it is properly treated in th* be?  ginning.   For  many years Chamberlain's  Cough' Remedy has been   rec-,  ogaized as the most prompt and   effectual  medicine  in use for  this disease.    It acts on  nature's plan, loosens thc cough,'relieves the lungs, opens the secretions  and aids nature in  restoring    the system     to a healthy  condition.     Sold\by  the Ladysmith  Pharmacy.   o���������i ���������  Smoke Big B. Cigars.  RUBBERS & GUM  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������  We have a large Assortme it to  Select from, and we can please you  as to Quality and Price  Mens'  Mens'  Long Gum Boots  Short Cum Bools  Ladies' Gum Boots  Ladies' Rubbers  /Misses' Rubbers  Boyss' Gum Boots  ���������������������������������������������<���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*  .  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACRC 8X  LADYSMITH  GEO. E MARTIN  BARRISTER   AND  SOLICITOR,"  OFFICE  a    Opposite ,Win(lsor Hotel  NANAIMO, B. C.  NOTICE  s=* s^a <o v?        ft 8 i& M f3 ^ ������?  ������ ��������������� $  II   T' I.       / M  ,.  n xiiHii n_i,i  Minstrel,  ;viiia  nit! Musics  uUMcu:  General Admissioa  drcn,   25 CENTS.  W. II. McKanlass  O. G. Garruttc,  Tom O'  Ban-ion.  Sam Barber  W. Smith  lTeservcl Scab1. GO CEXiVS.  ,35 CENTS, Chil-   i  ;'? j*-f" tyy^^?1-?-.^  NOTICE  We are now showing a  Large Stock of  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be  made to/ th*1 Legislative  Assembly  of the  Province of  British Columbia, at its next s������ssio������  for an     Act  to incorporate a C������n-  nany   with  power  to  acquire,    purchase,  construct and operate the ua-  dertakings  of    the Vancouver       aad  j  oast-Kootenay     Railway Company;  ���������! tlie Aiberni     and Cowichaa Railway  [Company; thc Kamloops * Atlin Kail  'way Company; and the Midway    and  "ernon Railway  Company; aad t������ acquire all the  rights, powers ana pri-  \iligcs  ol thc said  Compaaies;      aad  with   power   to exercise  all  tha powers contained  in  the Acts  ol lacor-  'poration ol the said Companies; aad  Kviih power to acquire, purchase, con's truct   and  operate  the  undertal*.iH{  'of any    other Railway  Company    or  Companies;  and with power to   sub-  8' scribe     for and  purchase   the stock,  j bonds, debentures or other securities  'of any Railway    Company;   and     ta  ^exchange the  stock  or  other bonds,  debentures, or other securities bL the  compdiny  to   be incorporated for   the  I  K?  1 ADY5MITH iWAT F.^  Consumers are requested te call at   the oTice     on   Roberts   Street  and  .pay Water     Rates, yitvremi the 10th     and  the 2Sth of each month.  J. I BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  and Other Jewelry of First Class Quality"  L>  B.;FORCFMriER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  W. G. Fraser  a  Merchant Tailor,  (ist Avenue) . /,.  Fall Stock  on  hand. Call early and  get your choice  Stoves  Stoves  Pattern and Lates'  Wt are-maklng them oi the Newest B  '.: Styles..; ���������-���������"'.,  WB DO ALfc KINDS OF FOUi DRY WORK  Our Pricea ara Reasona hie  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR. AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  ���������and at LadysmithiHardware'Cciripany  LADY5HITH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  First Avenue,  111 muiiwpw������������������i  X     2i  La'dvpmilh, ��������� B.  SS2SE53iSwiai������;^  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGIN6  ^'shares,  stock, debentures,  bonds    ar  other   securities  of any  other ' Rail-  I'way    Company; and with power ta  Z increase the  capital of the Company  &  to hc incorporated;   and   with   power  to issue shares as fully paid up; and  | to borrow  money   on the  Company's  sets   by  any form  of security;  and  with     power  to  promote  any  Rail-  Si   ay Company or  Companies, or    to  a amalgamate   with   any Company     er  a Companies;  and with all the     other  and necessary powers conducive to the  'carrying out of the Company's uader-  ^ |'taking. \  y*ViS35^������5S5������!������ I   '),ltetl at Victoria,'B. C, thiss23nd  .day of November,   1905.  ROBERTSON        ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for  tha  Applicants.  Neatly and Artistically Done  NOTICE is hereby  given that a* application   will be  made  to the Leg-  Orders  Promptly   Executed' lative Asse,I,bly of the .province of-  British    Columbia  at    its  next. ses-  Our Stock of Breakfast Foods  is the Largest and Best  in the City  viy       viy       N������/  ^H������r  ������  S. ROEDDING  ������������������ -- ���������. LADYSMITH  Notice  MaltaaVita - Garnatieii Wheat Flakes - Ogilvies Wheat Granules a  Oermea - Cream of Wheat- Shredsd Wheat - Rolietl Oats -"Oat IM  Corn Meal  laip & Adam  A. HOWEJof CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  'MARKET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL;L.NE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS '  perk and Sausage a 5peciaSty ��������� ���������  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A,   HOWE  Fljixe 20  NOTICE: Thc Eaquimait and Na  oaiiue Railway Caaipaay win apply  lo tha parliament ���������! Caaada at Its  next acssioa for-, a* Act extending  lhe tini������ for eonuaancinf and completing a* extaaviaa af its aiaiu line  to Ceaiax aaa rha braachas refecrad  to ia its Act 1 Iaaorporatiou and  also empowering" tha Conpany to construct aaa epacate a railway from  Oomox ta a point at or aear Camn-  beii River alsa a branch from its  moia liae at at" aear Duncans via  Cowichaa Valiey ta Aibecni. also a  oraach frooa a poiat at or aear Eng-  lishinaa's Rivet ta Alberai Canal  and a toraaca froja a faint at or near  Coniox via Cum!������riaid soutn-west-  eriy te Alberai Canal and giving the  Company general;powars to construct  branch liaes    art far a*her purposes.  Dated at Victoria Ais 14th day of  Datea-.War, 1M5.  W. P. SALSBURY.  Secretary K. b N. Ry.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2\ per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. VV. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of the In-  trior.  M. R. SliPSOK  Solicitor,  Etc.  Money  to   Loan  t Avenue ���������     MDYSW ������  V  sion for an Act to revive, ratify ami  confirm the ���������Cowichan-Alberni'"   and  i-'ort  Rupert Railway   Company   Act,  and extending the time for commenc  ing' construction of the said railway,  ar:d     of    expending    ten   per     cent.  of   the   Company's   capital   thereon,  ami  to empower the Company to externa   its railway   from  any poiat on  its  line to  the City  of  Victoria,    ar  to   any   point   on Esquimult   Harbor;  or  in   the altcrnathe  to incorporate  Company   to build the hue af railway set out in the   Act of Incorporation  of the  said  Company,  with the  extension hereinbefore mentioned, and  with   all ��������� the powers contained  in the  Mode!   Railway  Bill.  Dated at  Victoria,  B.C., 22nd  No-  mber,  1005.  JIG3EKTS0N &  ROBERTSON,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may. be purchased at Simper acre for soft, coal and  $21 for/anthracite.. Nat more than  326 acres can be acquired by ane individual ar aompaay.. Royalty <u the  rate af ten cents per ton of Z ,000  aouada shall' be! eullected on tho  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner'a certificate is  {ranted upon payment ia advance of  ST.5* par, annum for an iadividual,  aid from $S0 to $H������ per a"suai for  a coapaay, according to capital.  A     free miner, having diseoverod  mineral  in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,508 feet.    The  lee for  recording aolaim- is $5.00  At least SlOOf must be expended op  the claim each year ar paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  (5&��������� has beaa expaaded er paid, the  locator may, apea; having a sarvcy  made, aad upea complyiag with other requiremoats, parehase the land at  $1 aa wcti.'$fi'-\ .   ,;<: ...  The patent p"ravides for the payment of a royalty af 2J per sent on  the salsa.  PLACER  NOTICE  Mortgage Sale  Under and by virtue of the powers  contained in a certain mortgage,  which will be produced at the time of  the sale,, there -wiU he offered for  sale by public auction on Saturday  thc 20th day of January, 1906, at  the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon at the Law- Office of M. R-  Simpson, in the City of Ladysmi th,  B.'C., by Gromer R. Thomas, the following proferty, lots C and 7 in  block 20, situated on Roberts st.,'in  the'City of- Ladysmith.  Terms of-payment can be arranged  with the Mortgagee or his  Solicitor.  For further particulars and conditions ot sale apply to  RUSSELL SIMPSON,-  Solicitor for Mortgagee.  Dated at Ladysmith this' Itli day  of January, A.D.,  1U06.  NOTICE  Notice is hereby given that I will  apply at the next sitting r.r the Municipal Licensing Board for lhe trans  feTof the retail liq������or ha-nse held  by me for the Portland Ho'cl, Firsfe  Avenue, to David I-Iyncs.  JOHN   GOGO  Russell Simpson, Solicitor.  iaiag claims  generally) ,        ,    are led feet aquaee; aatry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge far geld af ive miles  each far a term of twenty years, renewable at the deseretion of the Minister of the Interior.  .NOTICE  Notice   is hereby given  that  I  not be responsible for debts  contracted in my name hyiany person, witn-,  out my written order.  JOHN GOGO.  Ladysmith, B.  C, Jan. 8.,  1906.  will  I)


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