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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jan 11, 1906

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 M -  tev-v'::--.;  >*>';.-  r'rrr  t  LEOISLA'  9-    '  "E ASSTSMBI,"  YSMITH  41LY  t'-o'-'-i-^  M;v 15 7o;  VOL..*  THURSDAY,  JAN.  11, j 900  J  "ANYTHING BUT  A LADY'  :V".-  1  ki *  Was  What  the   Coon is Alleged to  Have Called"Mrs.  Rickards  PRC S WVMS^t'.^^A, T3-  How Revenge Was, Snatched' From  the Grasp of Pre s 3-  cutrix  The    City Court   was crowded  last had  evening.       No doubt   the large lii-m-      ���������)  her  l/irned    out  in   the hope of l^vr-1 -.v.-.r:  i 11������j,   a  cse similar   to   lhat   <.f   Lit.    I   .yK  tiny niyht, but, it, fell  rah'ur Hal. K\  casionally Mrs   Richards or  he1  witnesses    would   ''cause  ami sen-"nl  \>\  their  funny  evidence,  LaiL  in eompai-  - ison      with      Monday's   procci������IIi [ s  things  were most orderly.    '  The information laid hy 31 rs. Rick-  ards against Hoj,l. .Johnson was \\\A>  he caused a disturbance on .Ian. 1st  by swearing near a public highly,.-  Mr. Russell Simpscn, counsel for .he  defen'.-e entered a plea of not g-iiliv  I oiler he1 careful."  imrd, a     colored  man, said  lie  villi  Mrs.  Brown when   .Johnson  i1,i1 in������;    alo'.'t.   the Uuc-Ken  Icing  ilhd.     l!e   1 cud    hius swjaring \'e-  ���������,���������  !m.;I",    s.i; ',:.:���������: --and so  "oi'ih.     Johns 1.n's wife had  told :him  '.o       civnu      in and  he  told   her  to  iinul   her     own business and  ," '������������������. wi;i so.  POACHING IN THIS  VICINITY BY AMERICA NS  It is Stated That a Bellingham Company is Digging Clams  at Ganges Harbor And Shipping Them  to The Other Side  WHERE   THEY   ARE   TO   BE    CANNED  Gang of Chinamen Are Digging the Clams And the Hong  Kong Left This Morning to Load 150 Sacks  /, For the American Port  INFORMATION  DISMISSED  Chair Stealing Case Heard By Justices  Matheson and Stewart Behind    i  Closed Doors  Boy Said to Have Admitted Guilt to  Constable But Evidence Was  Disallowed  ������  alleged   poaching   e���������falS. who arc enjplover] by an   \Z  \mcncan vessels in '  ... ,���������    n      .       ���������) *  .as been the sublet,  e,Ican Cann������>g   c>iPany, have  beon  Mr  In  recent     times  on the part, of     At  Canadian waters  has been the subject   "'""  W,,II,,,S   ^mpany, have  bccn  of much     talk , but it     wn.,l,i *.*..,  ,.cnRagcd in digging ;and' sacking^.lams  loor ory! f-v.rd  all,   but said  nothing    hr^.m-iw   +    in.,, lnb  "'n^on  thn���������   w���������t, on  to  the vera^- ..J^ff,������S ^ '^ ""r) ,0"������ \������ .  C^'-- and wdiich  form  \'; Mrs.  Ricka\ds     was asked  Wl tended gong on with the case  ,'f{ siie had  11    Si!C    111-  and  l:  explain-  y  iuiy witnesses. Xli  ed that she had three, but for sonic  time was midcidr-d ns lo v. hi'.n lo  call first. Ultimate!} shv m.-uic up  her mind that us Mrs. s'orlray hear I  the "row" she wen Id he the bc-t.  She also informed the court'that she  '', meant.to push this case for all she  '! was worth, and that the truth would  / he to.id. Last ' time she had to pay  ] for losing her case, and she express  \i ed a iiojjc tiiat she would gel d'cii  iS this Lime, even though she' did have  ij'  to pay for it..  i Mrs. Portray was then called and  \ sworn, and was proceeding to give  '', her evidence when the defense sug-  '.\ jested that' this mode of proceeding  ;) with .the ca.se was-ft trifle rrc^illvr.  !| Ought not Mrs. Rickards to pWc  ( her'case first and .then ,call witnesses  '>, to substantiate it?.. This was ex-  f plained to Mrs.. Riclcaxtls, and after  j' sonic consideration she agreed.  i She was sworn, but not content  with the oath, observed, as she i"c-  ) jturned the hoolf,. that she had fully  jj/niade up her     mind to tell the truth.  '���������V'l;-'.  'tcrf������  vo'ii  :"!;;^iKi, .'���������."> J,r-T:,.l;nr;V/'that  ~~   ~���������wasgoiiigv-td- iir:bi'ii  *:^n !{ :hiyse]f.-v; _Hern.:witness  ������������������:!ft! to": p iVo-s irn.plcs ;6f\w;\r;i.-vryf  :M::&Lt\;:*<&p'^,;;; V; ���������l^iiln.iit  :���������; :was;so- awful   that ���������'������:���������������':reiJor-  mg the steamship Hong- Kong, owned ' one of the  ���������*- j and. operated     hy an "American com- , hood  mv  in that. part not a clam is to h<>  found, so the enterprising company  Ciilmly come over, and help themselves t������B. C. fisin.(JiiS'tomiatily when  American fishing enterprises are ac-  cuscd'of'p. oaching in these-waters  their excuse is they were outside tho  : three mile limit but in this case the  , excuse     is out     of question for  tho  iPany, after, taking coal, left here for j dians  Salt Spring .Island, j port,  and  fifty  sacks  of ' tually sold  principal means of liv.li-1 poacliing is done on  the  of  the Biitish      Coiumibia In- i    The  is,  leach,  what are the In-  ! -n il  rcfL-ssrl to  work.      L  cv  vv.ion  < 'iid     he  imd   rs' ."���������:'    T  v"i> i'c     (lioi'.-'iil    diilcd his chia!:en,  ii"   I',"  "aid,   "Wliy,   Mi ft   iohl-M's. Rickards.'1 jMrs. Fickart.'s  f.miir".! trniuTily upon the court and  witness, and looked triumphantly at  defendant and his counsel, while  Bunt proceeded to gi^'c some details  of the row.  The defense then called Johnson,  who denied, that he used bad !a:i-  <!!ia,irc vnr threatened to kill anyone.  Af()r lie had ccflclu'ded Mrs. Rickards  unnoiinrr'' h������r. intention ~of ��������� cross-examining 1 ini.  "Mrs.  R.   Did  en?"���������-'- ���������  '.VHncfs.      "Xo."  ��������� .. ! ^��������� question  , lo be shipped to an American, dians to do when'-the beaches in this  Ganges r-Iarbbr, Salt Spring .Island, f port, canned by Americans and oven-j vicinity are depleted of clams, ai  for' one hundred and fifty sacks of ' tually sold lo swell the coffers of, are those of Bellingham? If Cana-  clams which nret to he conveyed to , some American.company. The -clam : dians -will not feel the'loss, the In-  Bfllinglvam for canning.purposes. A digging and-, canning' induslrv has1 dians ' will, and in, justice to them  few days ago the Bermuda' and scow been in vogue at iiellinoton for some ' some, steps should bo #akeu and taken  landed a'gang of Chinamen at Gan-years and without ��������� doubt is a paying-i immediately to p������t a stop lo the  gt-s Harbor, and  since  that  the On-  proposition, and     now in the waters   poaclune.  PL VERS OF THE OIIEAN ' TDr?0\7Tf\TOl   % T  Picture    a     qoat about forty foot j ~**\J V llNL^.? AL  'ong.   'J'hat  would   practically   he  the  iena.Ui of an ordinary  stecet Car.   It: LKGISLATURE  yoi'i  kill one chick-  l\Irs.  R  |C  Yes,  sir  >;  lis not fivf feet wide, or much less  than half the width of the car. and  oo the water it draws about eight  inches. Tins boat has a sharp stern  that outs cleanly through the water.  About, midships the lorm 0/ the hull  is shaped like the letter U, and toward the item the bottom is flattened so .that it rests on the- top of the  water This is an auto boat built  for speed: and if it has 'not speed it  is good for nothing.   It is fitted with  The.court     interposed, saying that<  Mrs.   Richards  would not be allowed j a powerful     engine that will drive it  Viutt ria,  legislature  THE     MARQUIS PAID -  The  famous     surgeon Velpeau was  visited one     day at his house during  the consultation     hour hy a niarqjuis  aflor examining'. him the doctor informed the     marquis  that an operation    was      urgent  .and  lhafvthc  fee  would     amiount   to      four    thousand  francs.      At   this   the   marquis  made  A. fortnight la-  f ,Wm.  Man- I Icr  Dr.   Velpeau,      while making his  son,    representing iUbcrni, for  which; rounds in the Hospital'de la Charite  seat   he    was  elected   on the   retire-   had his attention attracted ,by a iacc  nient of W.  \V.  13. Mclnnes.  Tiie    King's y';,?cch states  that the  ! slability  of   the finances  of  Jan..   H.���������(Special.)   The  opened   here   today   with  the usual    ceremony.     All  the  members were in their  nlaoes and the on-'-a wry face and left  Iy new   , face was that of "'���������"    lir"-   '  The case,   Nicholson ,vs. M. Wood-  burn and R.  Sto. e, in which the latter two hoys were accused of stealing  sixteen chairs,   the property of Donald Nicholson, was 'dismissed by Justices  of   the      Peace     Matheson  and  Stewart.   The hearing took place bedim! closed doors, Mr. Russell Simpson  appearing      for   the  prosecution  Mr. Martin of     Nanaimo for the defence.  A plea of--   not guilty was entered  Ijy hotb lads.  Mr.  D.  Nicholson was called     and  gave evidence as follows:  "My name is Donald Nicholson and  I am lessee of the Ladysmith Opera  Mouse. I have a large number of  chairs in the Opera House. On Friday last a lady came to my house  and said she had seen three chairs in  the yard by the Opera'House. 4This  was about eight o'clock in the evening. The lady was Mrs. McNeil,  who resides on Hunter's property.  I then went out and looked for the  chairs    but could     not find any.     1  as  T.'   "   At  this point Mr. Martin  said     he Was  obliged to object     to'  this part being token as evidence as'  the Constable had not     warned th������  accused 'before     he got this information.  Witness:     "f had not yet arrested  the^Jboys     when  I got this  information.       Proceeding,     he said he had  asked    Sfcre   how     many chairs he  took,and the boy had said he did not  know.    Again counsel for .the defence  arose, saying he still objected to this  evidence being taken, and asked their  Worships  to note    ojbjeclion.        HIb'j  asked the court if they would rule oiy  object on now.     He understood from  his learned friend that, tliere was no  ���������  other   evidence to be taken, and contending that the Constable's evidence  could     not be    taken- on the grounds  previously stated, he^moved that the  court dismiss the case.   : Proceeding, .  the counsel read, from a law book a  section which stated that ukiess such  a warning    was given the statement  made by the   accused to the constable when arrested ��������� could not be used  the pro-  She said that on Jan. 1st Mr. John  ) son had      killed a chicken  and fifteen  minutes later     had found there were  two dead  instead of one.     This was  v bctwofcn ten.o'clock and twelve in the  ,' -morning.-,      She     did not know that  ;>. Johnson/"condemned" her for killing  '��������� the chicken     until after four p'clock  ; in the afternoon.     "And that was af  ter he got.himself , full ofbeer," she  ''.added.'..   Then he came into my house  ' and  "condemned'.'     me of- killing the  /chicken." Witness went on to say  !;��������� that-it being New Year's day/ she did  j not   want to quarrel "withanybne'and  so she sat on at table'and said ifolJii-  vingV     simply   "nothing,  and  how he  '���������became      more  and    more  infuriated  when'She     refused to    sq.ji'abhlc with  him.     He called her, "anything but a  lady."     She continued sitting at the  table, and as    he was  persistaint in  .asserting that     she  had  slaughtered  ''his bird    -she'enquired who told'him  so.      He      \vould  not      fell  hci1, and  'when she had     observed     that who-'  ever it was they were telling lies,-.he  I'Said he had  two  or three  witnesses.'.  ��������� Then she ordered  him out.      "And as  fhe went he calicd  me a .���������<'-������������������^��������� ���������  old    " witness     could not finish' the  ��������� sentence,  it was     'too awful,  but informed the court they knew what.she  meant.     .     ���������  Court.   Wc     do not know anything  about it."  6   'Witness    seemed     doubtful and an-  to contradict  witness.  Mrs. Rickards, after telling witness  lo lie SMre he ' told the truth, proceeded lo conduct an aimless, but to  herself an eminently. ^tisfactjry  cross-examination.  Mr. Simpson said that ..n\- I 1;  had plenty more witnesses ������������������ mil to  j.rove the innocence of the aceusd, iit  ���������lid not think' it necessary 'o ������;te  the time,- contending that,as the man  was pi1o������ecutcd under the City bylaws,, and as the prosccutiO'ii had  failed to prove the bylaw- in question  the only course for their1 Worships to  pursue was to' dismiss the information. 'He pointed out that the law  strictly provided that a by-law be  proved, and this the prosecution had  omitted to do. .  ��������� , "'.,;'. ������������������ j  The court r dismissed the information,: with' cpsts, so -revenge y/as  snatched from the grasp of Mrs.  H.', wi'.o vvith ' 'hi������i-ny';'expressions of  disgust and ��������� r.idU.-'-.iatiui, ��������� paid up. two  anil a half, costs, and went home.  convinced that revenge; like other  sweet;things,- was hard- to obtain.  at a rate of twenty miles an hour,  or better, and everything in the model cm1 fonslruclicn of the boat has  Ijcen Kjcrifircd to speed'  \incc is resLorcd and expresses jilcas-  that seemed familiar to him. h.  answer ito his enquiry ;t was slated  that'the  found the window of the banket  room o])cn. ' 1 then went home' and  asked Mrs. McNeil whpre she saw  them last. She told me she had told.  Counsel for the     defence objected to  patient  was a footman of a  t    tx nobleman id    the Fauhoarg St   Ger-  ure at    the present prosperity of the j main.     The    surgeon   found  that his  iro/incc.     it  makes  meii'tion  of  the {case    resembled  fact  that   the   credit   of the province ' and somewhat  able large appropriations <0 ]3C ���������iade J wcr,  from mukiiv any  foi Lands <t Works to the end,of op ^  cuing   up  the  province.  in every particular  unusual  one for which  "auto-hoats,"      they are   called,   be  cause the motor that drives the ,pro-  peiieiis  of      these  Lo.its  is  similar to  those    used      in   automobiles.   These  ���������boats  are  simply, shells  with motors  as    powerful'-    as can he constructed  and as  delicate   as  the mechanism of  a fine watc-.li. ��������� The  shells   are so thin  that one .'wonders how they ''hold, to-1    A  woman  living  in  a town       not  gethcr; hut. they,    do, and  the hoets . for from New York commissioned her.  dart about   the     water rivalling the j husband  pace of the railroad  trains' and. leav  Three  A  STARTER,  ing behind thcrn cruisers and steamers that' have wbn world-wide fame  for. their speed. lt������  while in the city to purchase a motto for the Sunday school.  After he had   left  it suddenly   occurred  to  her that she had neglected  to i "  how  comments,  weeks after the operation,  when Hie patient was about to be  discharged, Dr. Velpeau called him  exclaimed, "Monsieur, J am extreme  l'y -flattered and pleased to have been  able to cure jron. ��������� There is, however  a small -formality' with which you  will have to comply before I can sign  i yo-ur '-exeat���������that is, that yqu will  have to sign a cheque-for four thousand francs in behalf of the 1 public  charity bureau of your - metropolitan  district.'-'" The patient's    face be-  went to the Opera House and looked jas    -evidence.       The .boys, he under-'  over and    missed   some    ehairts and!slood had t)een in jaU  for two days_  and he thought, if they were guilty  that had been sufficient punistunent  for them for they could not be held  morally guilty of the theft. "Ad-  ting that the boys took the chairs.  this beunr taken, as evidence. What j the man who should be pimisbed."  the lady had tpid witness she had Continued the barrister, "is the wtet  told some other person was not,e.vi-'ehed man who keeps the furniture  deuce Witness thenproceeded: - 'T,store and who bought the chairs from  went and got the nightwatchman and j the boys, thus inciting them to take  together we searched and found four them from the 0pera IIouse Sure,v  chairs,    three on Mrs. McNeil's prop-' two little bovs could not beheld re  nounced HA\at that was all she had to  say.  Mr. .Simpson. "Did he cull you,���������  ah, well, did he call you what you  say he did, in the house?.''  Witness: "I don't know what he  called me, nut he called me anything  but a lady.     Counsel gave it up.  Mrs. Portray's evidence was merely to the effect that she heard Johnson accuse Mrs. Richards of .killing  her chicken. She did not testify to  hearing any had language.  Mrs. Brown proved to be the star  witness for prosecution and after telling how she heard Johnson rave about having one of his chickens killed  and describing to the court how lie  was dressed, she said she saw him ad  vance   towards  Mrs.   Richard's  house  and yell.   Those  ? ���������  white people haven't got anything  themselves and don't want anyone  else to. have anything." He also  said continued witness, "that if the  who he thought killed his chicken,  would, go to������������������ Wectniiinsiber, for he  would take his gain andput the person in the same shape as the rooster.     Both Jessie and I told him he���������  !J aggies���������I see a . lurse shied at a  statue in Central Park. Waggles.���������  lie must have been one of those educated  horses. '  ���������__���������.���������_0: ^_  COAL   MAN'S   CHIEF   WORKER  Coal has,' i,\com.e,main's chief wor������  er, tnd Jior.se lnipr and human manual labor are slowly being pushed  aside, In the great transformation  ii has been brain power- that has triumphed over brute strength. Man  first sought to shift his burden 0  the backs of tho 'hews of - i.'--!d  and the horse became his patient  friend and assistant, but now he  seeks to, harness tac elemental forces  of nature to do his bidding. The  burden is thus lightened without cruelty to any living creature. Neither  man nor beast has had his -labors, increased, but .steadily- decreased.���������St.  Nicholas.   ���������0 _  HOW  HE WAS IDENTIFIED  Josaah   Quincy,   of      Boston,   told  with glee of J'.o\v he was once identi-  iied by a    laborrcr who was ^lightening     a friend. "That is Josiab  Quinary,"  said the  first laborer,  m.iiided  the  "An' -who is J-osiah Quincey?" demanded the other.,  "Don't ye know who Quincey is?"  demanded the first man. "I niver  saw sicb ignarance. Why, he's the  grandson of'.the statue out there in  the road.",  "Say;. Bob,'/- said the small girl to  the small/boy, "what ace relations?"  "Relations," was the answer,  "are  folks that keep inotlief working     so  hard! for fear' they'll  come around  on  a> tour.<iLinspection and say she isn't  a good  housekeeper."'  _���������; 0 ���������    ���������  :' ' CORRECT ATTIRE  When our country was. in the log  cabin stage of it's growth, correct  dress was not held iii high regard,  and obviously so. The stout hearted  pioneers were too busy hewing- paths  and' blazing trails to cultivate life's  finer side. Thcir's  was  the rough  work of field and camp, of hanumar  and saw. But times, men and'manners, have changed, and a new conception of dress has sprang up. Especial:)', yoiiaig men recognize the  direct relation of correct dress in  business and social preferment. The  well dressed man carries his introduction -with him���������he is master of  himself and of the situation. He.  commands the respect of others because he shows that he respects him  self.  It is true that there are some men  of wealth tuul position who slur  their clothes and oven some who  feign to scorn the niceties of dress.  The habits of a careless youth have  left their imprint o������ such men,, and  it isqiiitc certain that their disdain  of dress played no part in their success and detracts measurably  from their enjoyment of it, for, after., all, the ripest fruit of success is  (' e esteem of one's fellows, and who  c.-.n esto-'in the sloven? In talking  to a num one's attention naturally  roves to his clothes, his hair, his  teeth and his finger nails. Dandruff  on tiie shoulder, stains 0.11 the waistcoat and unshaven face, untidy hair  and creases     in  the coat proclaim in  ���������������** *,4ric< User,,,,,,,,,, M ������,0!������������lS'i()"'V0" C1" <""tot^������  proper  size  of -the card.    Going to a ! "but  continued the doctor,  if you     refuse,  all Paris will  nearby  telegraph office: she wrote out f.k������ow  tomorrow  that the Marquis de  a message, to her husband. 'containins'P" -adoPl.������> thc fl'SRuisc of a footman  the necessary   information   and  ed  it to, the operator.   It  lows:  "John      Johnson,     ���������  New York City:  "Unto  Us1 a'Child   is   Born���������S  Jong and 5 feet wide."  hand-  read  as fcl-  Broadway,  feet  The painful stories revealed in a  recent correspondence in the Daily-  Mail of gambling among women and  young girls who frequent some of  the modern bridge-playing clubs, arc  illustrated by the following very human advertisement in the Morni:  Post'  Americans  and   Bridj  Young  Girl   of birth  and  j in order    to secure free treatment at  j this hos'pitai and to ursurp the place  which  belongs  by right to a pauper."  Of course  the marquis paid.  I help  mg  Hostess���������.Mr.     Smith,     may  you ,to another  piece of pie?  Guest���������No,  thank you,  Mrs.  Jones,  1 really could not  take any more.  Jjitlle Willie���������Then,- ma,  you said J  couhl  have     another  piece if      Mr.  Smith left enough.   o   "Yes," said-the pompous man,,who  prided     himself upon his  familiarity  [w.ith      the great      one's   of  the earth,  <rc  Players���������  A j "President   Roosevelt  once  made     a  .position i remark  tomcat dinner  that       was  BEGS  for .������50  to  pay off debts  'characteristic of  the man.   Me said���������"  incurred secretly before November1'    "I   think  lean guess  what he said  31;   will   promise  not  to  play  again; ; to you," interrupted Knox,  in  great     distress���������Address  X.Y.'/.,  j    "Ves?"  018S2, Morning Post, Office,  Strand  W'.C.  It is painfully easy to imagine the'  efforts made by the young player to  obtain the money before she was re- ���������  duccd to the desperate expedient of I  this advertisement, to which we do l  not doubt the weakly merciful human  nature of more fortunate gam  er ty, and one     on the lowest step of  the ���������������������������.Williams-    Block.   Next    day 7 I  found     two    more close to a stump  near   tiie    "Opera  House.     The next  day,   Sunday,  as  I was  passing Fletcher's store 1 saw some chairs which  Ik thought      were     mine in   window  On  Monday;   the police constable and  ���������I'-went to (Fletcher's     store and saw  some of my chairs -   there.     Two of  them      Icouid     swearwere'.miine,  and  there  were  two 'more partly painted  white.     After >h.-.   found  out that he  had sold some chairs,'and the police-  nisin and   I went to the house of the  party who      bought   them   .and saw  the chairs,    which   I said were   taken  from- the Opera     House and Checker  Club  roo'inj."  Mr. Martin had no questions to ask  so the prosecution called     Constable  Collander,  who frtvc evidence'-as. fol-  "I   was    ..informed that chairs had  been   taken  from      the  Opera House  and   was told   by Mr. Nicholson  that  some had been  . found  outside.     He  asked  me    .to. inake investigations.  I  made an effort to  discover  the thief  and saw alot-of boys ' on Monday.  I  could get     no iufrmation iintil i\ was  going- home     to. supper,  when  I saw  saw    Robbie     SiiM c   and  asked him  what  he    had done with  the     chairs  which lie had    taken   from   the  Opera  House.      lie said     he  bad not  taken  them, but; directly afterward   he said  'Martin  W'oodburn   look some as well  sponsible in such a case. What they  had done was simply out of mischief. They meant no harm. Look  at this lad, " pointing to one oi the  accused, " his eyes are sparkling  with mischief and if he took the  chairs he Was merely talcing ihem for  fun, meaning aj:psoliitely no harm, but  being deliberately incited to enact a  crime, by an elderly man, whose detestable method, of encouraging the  boys wasby purchasing rroin them  the stolen goods."  Mr. Simpson did not agree with  his learned friend. The clause referred to by the defence says, that  when arrested a person should, be  warned that what he said would be  taken as evidence against him, but  when the boy made; the statement  referred to he was Jrot in custody, so  no warning was. necessary.  The argument continued on these  lines for some time, when the coyrt  decided to adjourn for a few. minutes  to consider the question. Upon reopening .Mr. Matheson announced  that the information was dismissed.  He said that he and his colleague  were of the opinion that parents  were in a large measure to blame for  such bother as this. They should  keep boys in at night and not allow  1 ivm to run the streets. It was, in.  their opinion mainly on account of  iK-glect on. their part .that boys were  continually getting into trouble.  BASKETBALL HERE  DURING MONTH  'T suppose he said:  'You may keep  the change,  waiter.  -o-  biers  wi.ll  readily  respond.  If "X.Y.Z.'s"'cry for help is a  genuine 1 one���������and the advertisement  has a very real ring about it  al people will probtibly recognize the  case and ferl -heartily ashamed of  themselves, chiefly, perhaps, the fellow gamblers uho are responsible i  for their young companion's straits.  It may surely become soon a question  whether the increasingly numerous  aud      openly     established   gambling  outside  MOTHER'S   PRAYER.  'Now  I lay  me down  to  sleep"  And   in     sweet  mem'rics  hallowed  I Keep  The gloaming hour���������the kneelingjthcrq  When ^boyish  lips  voiced   'SMothcr's  praj'er."  There Are lo Be Two Matches  At Early Date ��������� LedySmith  Play in Victoria Saturday  Prone now  my erring  feet   to  stray,  sever (   -'Neglecting oft  to  heed  the way,  Yet���������thoughts   of her���������and  love  deop!  I pray the, Lord,, my soul to keep  so  trumpet tones     that a man lacks the'clubs   of EnK,an(i ' are   really  truest refinement, respect of self. the ))aIc ������f English. law.  "If I should  die before I wake,"  1 '11      once  more ask,   when at  gate���������  "I  pray  The,  Lord,  my  soul  '     take,"  \nd  let mc in,  for mother's sake.  ���������Harry Barringer Cox.  the  to  Mr. J. Adam is in receipt of a  letter from W. IT. Spurrier, secretary of .the Fifth Regiment Basketball Club, Victoria, in which ho  agrees to the proposal of the local  Baskethallers lo play the Victorians  in the Drill Hall" on Saturday next  Jan. 13th.  A letter     has also     been received  from the secretary of the North  Sa-  accepted and the match will'be pb%v-i: '���������  ed on Jan. 27th. -r\  On the 24th inst., the Seattle Mc-^J '  leors will be here, and this game  will probably be one of great interest. The Meteors arc a splendid aggregation, but they will find the Lady smith men in good shape to meet  them. The Seattle men also play  Victoria, Nanaimo and Mainland  teams. . ;  The members of the local team are  anich  Athletic    Association  in which  requested to turn out to practice to-  be asks  for a   game with  the Lady- j morrow and    Friday, and other even-  Bns'cetbal]     team here at an  ings    when the    Opera House is not1  date.   The     challenge  will be engaged. . ;.  smith  early DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  published   every day except Sunday  *Y       THB       DAILY       LEDGER  DAILY  COMPANY.  .--ft  OFFICE AT :,ADY������MM������  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ������������������ oeote a month-,    $S per yea*   i������  aivauce.    Advertising rates an *P  ���������licattoa.  ^^WWWWWVW Win  DAVID 3PENCEH  (Nanaimo) Ltd.;  THURSDAY, JA'N.   11, 1906  ne  m/   vf    v������/  -m/    ^y   >y  Edward German, the English cora-  pOvSer, was just a beginner, when by  a strange piece of good fortune, he  obtained the commission ito write "the  Incidental music for Irving's production of "Henry VIII." It was not  ,i)J(til the music was finished that Ir-  .ving asked him his terms.  "Your    term's',are   mine,"   replied  .the young comPosor.   Whereupon Irving turned tp Bram Stoker,      who  .was standing by, and asked'  "How much did you pay Sullivan  and Mackenzie?"  Both  these  composicrs  had  reached  the top of the ladder and      were receiving enormous  prices  for      thai  compositions.    When  Irving  was told  the price, he said to German'  "You will receive the same."  It is always said of Irving that lie  never required more  of the members  of his company than he had' a right  to expect  in proportion to the   salary paid.   Ho knew better than most  actor-managers the market value  of  talent, and he paid accordingly.  One  day when superintending Lyceum   rehearsals a super intensely      annoyed  him.    The super had one  line to say  which was: "The enemy are upon us"  The .tone of Voice this super assumed saon got on Irving's nerves.  "For heaven's sake," he exclaimed,  "speak as if the enemy were in the  wing.    They   might  bo  miles     away  from the way you say it."  "If I could say itibetter I should  be earning more than 25 shillings a  week," he retorted.        b  "Is that ail you get?" asked Sir  Henry. "Yes, and I hawe others besides myself to keep."  "Very well, then, speak it as you  like," but before the first night the  super ,was speaking, his lines as "the  governor" wished him to, and the  Lyceum exchequer was debited with  more than  25  shillings a week      in  consequence.  *   *   *  FAME'S  PATHWAY.  The sirdar,  Sir  Reginald Wingatc,  is an excellent linguist,  speaking, besides   several    .European languages,  Arabic and  Hindustani.  His hobby is  the collection of dervish  weapons.  ^<;!f-;l(-:rr-)}t-^t>->K--f:   *��������� X   X   *  -OUR 7th ANNUAL-  STOCK TAKING SALE  tgCommences Saturday, Jan. 13 at 9 A. M.  ?ft    /T.    'T.    ^\    *T-.    ?K    *T\    /T\    /T;    rf>.   ^V\ 7FL7K    sr\ , /t\    ���������tw , /t\    ^    ^    ���������rs  We are marktog down prices now.      The low    Prices   should  make  this sale    the greatest in our history.  GET   ONE OF OUR BILLS. TO BE  DISTRIBUTED THROUGH-]  Sl'iUJOUT  LADYSMITH FRir  .Y FOR  PARTICULARS  v i' - v \n -jf ik yi���������ii.' SM ������; l,"   W   W   "if   "*f   W "*i  ���������;;^    ;;;    7J^    /i\    /ivK    ?*.    'is    /*\    ^s    /T\7T\/T\    7l\   /*���������������    *i\  STEAM   HEATED  WUU, FURNISHED KOOMS  ABBOTSFi  A.J. MCMURTRIE^ Proprietor  riA.u sui'ruicn with hk-;  w i nk.-v. ������������������ i.iy "Ol-'H. <-'! '"���������* ><������������������-  R jfk  LADYSMITH, B. C  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  Time Table No. 57,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good   days  EFFECTIVE SATU.RDAY, OCT. 21st, 1905.'  Trail* ieave Ladysmith for Victoria and  all  intermediate  stations    at  9.10 a.m. daily,  and at 4.00 p.m. on   Wednesdays,     Saturdays   and   Su������-  Rooms  PORTLSND HOTEL  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  ,   ,   Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  . opeocer,  iNaoafmo Limited _  JAPAN'S ASPIRATIONS   O-  THB  OHUe?.  In' the November number of North  A.ufjiican     Review  Frederic  C.   Pen-  licid, who recently paid a visit of several  months     to Japan     and China,  writes of "Japan's Commercial Aspirations'."   The'     determination   of   the  Japanese     people  lo take advantage  of the opportunity now presented to  them :s well-nigh  unanimous,  though  they are wen aware that they cannot  uvako the   ��������� most of it without an ..immense amount of     hard work.     The  natural resources     of Japan arc considerable.      Agriculturally,. Japan  is  nearly as unproductive as Areece   or  Norway, and Japan cannot be consul  ered a producer     of .minerals of sulli-  cicnt importance to aspire to a profitable .career   through   them,   though  the situation may be changed to some  'extpnt when  she has had time to tle-  vtii.M the    vast beds of coal and iron  :   l..c southern     portion of SaghaMn.  ... I Japan aspires to  he the Asiatic  equivalent of Great Britain, and it is  known to he her plan to colonize Co-  ica and Manchuria, in which,,.because  of certain advantages  of geographical  position and of allinity with the population,  she   must,   despite  the  open  door,  achieve and maintain commercial primacy in competition with oth  er nations.      One'outstanding  ambition of the Japanese people is to create an ocean commerce great enough  to,make them the carriers of the Or  ient and the mercantile fleets now  flying their flags, and the shipyards  now in operation, give good promise  that \this ambition will be (uliy .realized. In that case the dream of  'sanguine Americans that the stars  and stripcst will dominate the Pacific, will be unfulfilled.- But, even so,  the United States will be an active  partner in the trade of the Far East  for the workshops and mills of Japan must look to America for the  greater part of the raw material on  which they are to employ themselves.  Mr.  Pcnfield says:  "In  1894 Japan     had only C57,2(i!)  tons of     merchant shipping; - she has  now upwards of a million tons,- represented by   five  thousand, registered  vessels.   Almost     half the steamers  entering     Japanese     ports fly     the  Rising Sun, and Japan's tonnage at  this time is greater than that      of  Russia,   Austria,   Sweden,  Denmark,  or Holland.   In the  matter ol oversea tonnage Japan is far ahead     of  the United States.   One fleet of 'Japanese mail steamers, the Nippon Yii-  son   Kaisha,   whose  president,   Rem-  pei  Kondo,  is  one of Japan's most  progressive  men,   is, numerically  and  in     tonnage larger  than any ocean1  line under the stars and stripes.    It  has  seventy ships,  aggregating  236,-  000     tons.    A  dozen  of its vessels,  making the service between  Yokohama and   . London, are fourteen-kiiot  ships.  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fittclup and well supplied an: is in clia:'    if  .���������*������������������������������������ ���������   ���������'   .. '.V   .  i.  JOS. PELLKjRINELLI  This  Hotel has   been completely   Board aad lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  Trains leave Ladysmith fer Wellington and1 all'intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. daiky, aad at COO p.m. on Wed 114-days, Saturdays and  Sundays. ^V ,. *  EXCURSION TICKETS ON SAL E TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  the following, Monday.   Steamer Joan   Sails from  Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m.. and  returning sails from' Vancouver     for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  88 Govt.  Street,  Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &, Pass. Agt  HOTEL-  JOHN TRA, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with  the Best  Liquors and Cigars.  Wines, .1st Avenue  Ladysmith B.C.  ej   ���������  JL.     *������������  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at. any hour  Meate 35c. and Upward  Best  accommodation  for  transient  r  ind permanent hoarders and lodgers.  HOTEL  GRAND  "Befere we eaa sympa-tfaM*      with  others,     we must hare suffered ourselves."  No one cam realize the  suffering attendant  upon  an  attack     or  gripp,, unless  ha has  had the  actual  experience.   There is probably no disease     that causes so much physical  end mental agony,  or which so   successfully defies medical  aid-    All danger from the grip, however, may be  avoided  by the prompt  use pi Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.   Among the  tens of thousands who have used ;thi:s  remedy,  not .one rase  has ever   been  reported   that has resulted   in  pieu  monia or that Jiss not recovered. For  sale by the ���������Ladysrnita Pharmacy.  NOTICE  From     this data  the undersigned  will  not be  responsible for  any indebtedness     incurred except on      a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin."  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. .R:  C May 18th.  Ifinn  |To Write a Story  of tiie West  that would have the true  ring     to it,'the author would  of   necessity     require to live  there for a time at least. He  must     study     the character.  i������U*s of the western people-  have to becorn* ou������   of them,  living their daily life, sharing  their    joys      and      sorrows.  He would have    to mix with  them, socially h.nd  in a hu������i-  . ness way,     in      short    be a  "Westerner "     Its a question  of  knowing local conditions.  The   s'ame  reasoning  applies  to    tho    "L������������������ekie Boot'j   lor  Western  Miner, the Prospector and Hits Lumberman.  The makers of ths " Leek-  io Boot'' are Westerners With  Western experience. They  know what to make anti. how  to make it. Its not so much  a question of price as of quality. Their sole aim is to  make a     better boot for the  same  money���������and the "LEC.  KIE BOOT" is it.  [MANUFACTURED BY.���������  AT T.   X   JONES  Oar CDn'ectionsry, Nun .  Ftuits are all of the EEST.  A choice stock 0f FAMILY    GROCERIES.  PRICES ARE RIGHT.  ���������  GATACRE  STREET    1.   X JONfS  all and one to be relied on every time.  We also find     it ths best remedy for  coughs and    colds, giving certain rc-  j.suits   and   leaving     no bad after ef-  I fects."     For sue by The Ladysmith  'Pharmacy.  Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier'p  on High street st  THE MINT  The  Choisest Assortmeat *  Chocolates in the City.  A good line of ���������  HOLIDAY NOVELTIES  THE   MINT  ALEX SMITH, Prop.  COUGH REMEDY  Mr.   E.  G.   Case,   a mail  carries  of  Cf.ii'..on .Centre.  Conn ,  who  has  been ! . .   :r,  the U S. service for about sixteen :     Ladysmith Temple No.  5. Rathhonc  vcars,   savs:   ".We     have  tried many; Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  cough' medicines for croup, but Cham- j 2nd   and- 4th  Tuesday  at   7.30  herlain's   Cough     Remedy is king  of 1 Mrs.   Kate 'fate secretary.  p.m.  THB CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  WM. MUNSIE, President,  J. Iff! (0.  LTD.  J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  ^Telephone^G.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH���������Shingles a  Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln   Dried   Floorin^     and  Finishing    Lwnaer  ia    Stock.  This new Hotel has ��������� been comfort-  a >ly rurnished and the bar is up-to-  d*te. Rates $1.00 a day and ������p-  w \rds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE, Prop.  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-   ��������� Ladysmith.  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Ratee $1.25 and$1.50-r  Free bus to all steamboat landings and  railway depote. ' Eloutric care every five  minutes to all parts of   the city.   Bar  and lable unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C.  .1  GALEOOhIA  Leads Them  IN QUALITY  V  All  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woobank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly FirBt ClaM,  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof    Buildiag.  THt COetrDRTABIX WAY.  TO FERNIE,   B. C.  Read Down Read Up  9 p.m. J,v. Victoria Arr... 4.oop.'in.  8.oo p. m. Xv.' Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.31 p. in, Arr.' "Everett Arr. 7.303.111.  9.30 a. in. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.45 p.m  6.25 p.m Arr.   Rexford   Arr 12.30 p. m.-  8.10   p, lu, Ar.    Elke   Arr.  10:42 a.m.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie   l.v.9.55 a   111.  ONE NIGHT *  To all Kootenay Points  TWO .NIGHTS  To    Winnipeg and St. Paul  Close Connections  For     Chicago, Toronto;  Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylene     Lighted   , Cars,  Family Tourist Sleepers,'  -Palace  Sleeping Cars  Dining    .Cars (Meals a  la  Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  Through ���������   tickets and' hag-  gage checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations     and complete  call on or ad-  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts.  VICTOftiA, BC  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  3  information  dress,  S. G. Yerkes  A.G.R.A.  Seattle  E. R. Stephen  G.A.G.N. Ry  Victoria,  B.C.  ONE IS  "THE    N. C. L."  The  Electric Lighted  Train to (he  East   ,  Tickets on sale to au Eastern- and  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers     on  ail  trains.  During  Car  service Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale to and  from all European Points. Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  HENKY'S NURSFRiES  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown &  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS. __  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  8010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  -:o:-  R.P.RITHETI  & Co., Ltd  ,      Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������: :���������: :���������: .-: :���������B.C  WANTED���������By     Chicago     wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary     $20 00      and expenses paid  -For     furth:;r  write  the ollice.  A.  D.  Chariton  A.G.P.A,   N.P.  Portland, Ore  particulars    cail 01.  Phone Maid 45&.  E. , E.  Blackwood  ,        General Agent  ' victoria! B.C  PAINTINCi,        PAPEktl ANQING  ..ETC/   '������������������;���������;  Work done properly and at    rlo*'  prices.     A  full line of Wall    Paper.  weekly.       Expense money  advanced, 'and Painter's  Supplies   Rosidence on  Business successful;     position perma- . Rob������rte Street  nent. No investment required. Previous experience not essential to engaging.    :  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago, 111.', U.S.A.  I  J  ft'  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  PURCHASERS AND S/ViELTERS OF COPPER, (SOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  C ���������  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  r  I  %  i  I  %  %���������    t   HEAD OFFICE * *  I DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVINGSTON f  i       Vancouver Island, B, 0. General Manage).  '  VANCOUVER, B. C  cTMONEY  TALKS^-  AS LOUB TO US   AS  ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR  MEAT -YOWR  BtLLARS  W  ILL   GO  FURTHER  IF  YOU   BUY FROM   US  Our Oash Prices Cannot Be Beaten-  PAN NELL .&    PLASKET1  LadysmitSi  O.YUEN  Merchant Tailor  %{  B.   C  J. E. SMITH, Pron  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual: subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils amd water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladvsmith. B   C. ���������'.'    If you like   A  smooth,  easy  shave,  an  even,  well-finished     heard trim, a good  1 bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  You will go to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARLORS  HIGH STREET.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS , with the  through trains from the Pacini  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH3S  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST.  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.   V  BETWEEN  JMINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHI������  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST,  For complete information  ask, your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  , General igent,,  7?0 2nd Ave., Seattle.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AND FRESH,  Comfectiooary of all kinds.  Orders takes for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  HARTLEY    GISBORfSSE  Member  Can.   Society  of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,] England  Member  Iiit&rnatioi.dl   Electrical  Congress   at St. LVouis  1904  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  rs Oi BOX 8S7,    t    i..L.i_i_iJu.L_.l. . . .__j , .;        -IflBSfSlUTH, B. Q, 1  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOl  None bu   Union Labor   Employed  C1.J. BOOTH, Prop  ^re You  Going: East  Then be sure your tickets read   fit  tbe  .Den ers tit ....  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysmith, B.C  Dr.  Dicr can  be found  at any time1  at his office on Gatacre st. .His   den-,,  tal   work  is  guaranteed   to  he  flrst-  class and rates reasonable ifc.  HILBERT  vl *f*. ^ctiiai^A ,,'���������.���������^���������zZfLZf,  n-nVftxyZ���������ZZ.  V1  p  ii  DAILY lELGER  ���������*I* ��������� "I*^ V t "K ��������� "I*  ������>+���������* ���������^k-i-s-m-s^h^'I1 ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!-^  .V  :.v  ./  Union  Brewing Go  NANAIMO    B. C.  /Manufacturers of^the  BEST  <���������    Lager  Beer  J t e 1 from the Be  In  r;nd Pf rter  British Columbia  Guaranteed   Brew  undian  Malt   Run   Hops  I  -i-'-.  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,      OKUANS     AND HOUSEHOLD     rutlNITUR':  ED   I'ROMJ'TI.Y   AND   SaKKI.Y.  MOV-  '~^,    ^tables id the icai  I   *   k * *���������* ������������++. .^ 4  of the Lac" vsmitb  imd'i.  Abbots i'"iii  1 eav������ ni'lfi's al  to.  A.J. IVASKZ'.T,  PP.O  ���������* ���������������������������������������������"���������"  ,������ ������+���������* ���������������  New Year's Needs  6  The season of parties and entertainments is hert with its  extra demands upon  pur table equipment���������China, and Glass  ware,' Silver    and Cutlerr.  W'  '^M  Is Yours Complete?  these hints  o  will interest' y*u.  TABLE iCUTLERY  3S  "Joseph Rog������rs       & Sons    Mak������."  Table knives,-celluloid handles, oval and square ...    >7,' $7.5* doz  Dessert Knives to match above, oval $5.50, square, $6.09 dozen.  Ivory handled table knives,  $14.00 daz.   Desserts t������ match (9.50  Carving Knives and Forks, celluloid handles, oval and square,      w..... $2.50 a������d $2.75 pair.  Haadsome carving sets in cases     from     $6.50 t# $16.16    set.  Table \Linens and Cloths  Bleached Scotch, table linens, cheioe designs, 62-iack,   71 c.    y4  Napkins to match, $1.56 dozen. ,  Irish Linen Damask, full bleached, 72-incfc,        $1.16 yard.  Napkins to match,- $4.60   dozea.  Bleached Irish Linen table clotis     2 jda x 2j yd*. $3.85 each,  g  $^HdME!WOT'EL^  gzzzz  e ������  ��������� Drilling Machines,  Hade to order and Repaired at short    notice.   Drill Sharpened hy us  -.'���������  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed and repaired, "* V'^ji  Ships mi thing    in   a]i    ita  Branches  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  R. LAW SON  Buller Street   -   -    -    -    Ladysmith, B C  LIVERY, BOARDING A NO  SALES STABLES  l  || EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY'.1"  DAVID JOHNSON  LADYSMIT  ^PHONE 66 LADYSMIT     I  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and 3irka(or S lie  SEE J.   KEMP. "OR  LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH '  - W. CARTER,-  FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  W.  SILER.  GEMEKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY DOvnj.  Leave orders at the Ahhotsford.  UNITED ANCIENT  ORDER OP  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove No. 4 U. A. 0. D  Heels in tiie I' 0. O .V. Hall,"Ladysmith, the Second aad fourth  '���������Wednesdays' of each month, commeac-  ������i������g Wednesday,  13th.,  1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited to at-  vt'.nd.  By Order.  ���������  WM. RAFTER,  Reef Secty.  PATRICK BURK, N. A.  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Reps'ring and Making   o  Order a Specialty  THOflAS     MCEWAiV  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B.  C.  AN  EYE TO      BUSINESSS  Royalty often assumes the role of a  shop assistant. Princess LoulKe,  Duchess of Argylll, takes endless  pains in suiting her bazaar customers; the duchess of Connaught also  does brisk business * and Princess  Christian  is   a tireless   worker.  It is now nearly twenty years ago  since the late Lady Granville Gordon started a hat shop.  Countess  Fabhricott,   a pretty  Englishwoman, \% among  the latest recruits  to  our  socity  milliners;  among others are Mrs.  "Bertie'' Dormer, .   cousin  of  Lord   Dormer,  and  Lady Rachel Byng,.. daughter of'Lord  Strafford.   The  Hon.  Algernon Burke  brother'of the     Earl of Mayno, has  started  a bric-a-brac   bus mess   in  Venice: the     Hon.   Sirs. Granville Knox  ���������who  began  her  business,, career  as  a-manicurist���������was   un  in      a smart shop that  sold Italian  furniture in London.    It is an open  .secret that Lady Wimborne is     tho  chief  proprietor  of  a hiook shop     in  Dover     street.    Then   Mrs.   Patrick  Heron  Maxwell   i uns   a florist's  business with success, and Miss Kerr, an  unmarried daughter oi 'the late lord  Frederick      Kerr,    keeps  a servants'  registry in     Lower Belgrave street.  The Countess of Warwick no longer  maintains  a tngeric  shop in      Bond  street, but the hotel,in Reading now  affords  ample  proof  of .her    plucky,  enterprising    charatter.   The Duchess  of Abcrcorn has a creamery near Ba-  eonscouit;    Lady     Essex is said   to  i jivc started a laundry near Loaion,  a-d the     Hon. Frances  Woiesiey has  a svhcol  for   women  gardeners       at  Giynde,, in Sussex.      '   ,o���������   Russia is rapidly advancing in the  direction of civilization. And the  fight with the heathen pigmy is responsible for it. That country has  new decided among many other things  (o adopt T.ne Gregorian calendar in  place of the Julian. This means that  cne of these nights, when the Russian  rc-op'ic retire, to their beds for their  night's rest, the new calendar win  permit thirteen days to slip by instead cf one. Russia is the only  country in Europe that has persisted  in using  the old style.  Ipostors. . The father of the elderly  iliidy who told tiie story was himself a deacon of the church, and he  had a "powerful weakness" for the  beer that was brewed at a small  brewery  in  the  ncigliLorhood.  One afternoon he chanced to he  walking along the road, when he  saw Dr. Hopkins come out of lift  brewery, place a jug under the' seat  of his buggy and climb in. The deacon accosted him and asked for a  ride to town. The request was  tgranted. As soon as the horse had  an'd resumed its even trot down the  road the deacon said:  "Well, parson, you arc discovered.  I saw you put something suspicious  under the scat of the buggy, but 1  promise nob to ttn it you will divide with me."  The eminent divine tu,-ned upoa'him  ir7uiWTatcTy!aben1!snan,t smile-;as he sai(1:   "So  ���������<   ���������_i.i  Tj-n....    you "&ve caught me practicing  what  I preach.   '  I say it is a matter  for  each  man's   conscience.    Now   I feel  that I am  justified in getting     that  jug  from the brewery.  I shall       not  drink  a drop of  it.    I got  it  for my  wife;  but if you   want a drink you are  welcome  lo all you can lake     from  the mouth /of the jug. I  ha^'e no cup"  "Thank you, parson," the deacon   returned.   "If your  wife drinks beer,  1  am pure you will not tell on me. Let  me have the jug  when   we reach yon-  Elrong  pull.    Suddenly he  began     to  cough,  sneeze  and splutter,   while    a  torrent    of  bubbling     brewer's yeast  ���������spread averjiis face, his hair and his '  clothing.    It  ran   down   the  back  of  his coat and the  front of h.s  shirt,   i  it got into his eyes,  his  ears and'his  nose;   but  the  parson comforted   him  by saying:  sunshine  urnac  "You see,   I never drink it.  it lot my wife.''  I   got  MAKE  YOURSELF  KNOWN.  How professional men  make       acquaintances can be illustrated by the  story of two men whom I know. One  of   them,   a dentist,   had   a practical  father,  who taught him how good an  investment good clothes   and     many  friends might  be.    This  doctor  lived  for many years at leading hotels and  al evening mingled socially with  the  guests.   There was never a pleasant-  er man  than  he at these leisure times,  nor  a man  of  better appearance,  although during  the  eaaly  years     he  was constantly in debt to his father,  and   in all this    social life he  never  mentioned his profession or his  work  unless such  personal talk  came  naturally  into   the  conversation.    Each  year he went t0 Europe and dined al  the captain's table,  always in iioma-  culate evening clothes.   Sometimes he  went and returned  by the    same ship  for there was little to gain by stay-  der clump  of trees,    that will screen'ing   abroad.       Everybody  liked him,  us from view.   I will show you  how (and   today he has  an  immense  prac-  much  lean  take from  the mouth oftice,  a considerable proportion        of  the jug alone pull,"  and he reached j which he admits frankly can bc  IruC-  for  the jug. jed     to   his steamship acquaintance.  As  soon  as  they  reachfd   the trees   Qm day a year ago he met a lawyer  the  entire  joad   being  dasertcd,      he   of about his own  age  and   degree   of  drew   out  the  cork,   threw   hack  his    success at their club  head     and    made ready  for, a long,  '  Everyhhing  C omforhable  when you  rehire.  X?  McCIary&  London* Toronto* Montreal, Winnipeg;, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  "I'm. going'abroad Saturday," *aid  PASTOR WAS CAUGHT.  Dr.     Joshia     Hopkins,  one of the  most famous Congregational preachers  of  his     day,  said  some  things  about  real  temperance and personal  liberty that shocked certain good peo  pie of Vermont.  Dr. Hopkins happened to know  that most of the deacons of the  church had wine in their cellars', and  that they were all given to tippling  "on the,quiet,'j and he did not hesi-  tu te   to denounce  them  as rank   ijiii���������  Seattle's Great  Papers  fHE  Okiir  SUNDAY  TWICE A WEEK  ?5(  n  Ii  Daily Post-!nicili*pncsr, ii> to ?.** PaM   &  Publishes- the fulies-L reiegraphio  news from ull paitu of. the world.  All ti.s state and local raews. Dolly  and Sunday edition, 75c yer month.  Sunday Fosi-Sn!elIi������encer, 40 to 59 Pages  The largest and most complete Sun- -  day paper north of San Frandaoo.  Special departments of literature,  of fashion, of women's newt. Sunday edition, $2.00 per year.  Twice a Week Post-IntelH&ncer  AU tiie news of tie week In condu*.  detailed form. THE TWTC2 A  *V2������X EMTIOK IS THE BEST  TWICE A WUEK PA?33. rtTB-  I.rSMHD C3f THE PACIFIC COAST.  Write for sample eopy and b������ convinced Subxcriptlon price. ������l.OC  r>PT   ytMr. <  i!  posr-  Sainr-te Ccp.'cs f-m  Write Ccr C:s������'.  ������WStU\VV\VUV\\v, ,.x >.  \l\ *'.\st.T.������M-f:r4 Will Tak-3 SuT*i:rlplto������  'xS;-i?JTiL'./!Mie&������ CO., Seattle, Wash,  s>.  P.  WSSTOW. Business Manager.  NAMES OF VOTERS   IN THE CITY  Having the Necessary Ftoperty  Qualifications to Hold Aldeiv  manic  ion  The following list, kindly supplied  by the City Clerk, gives the names  of voters in the city having tbe necessary property qualifications to.hold  aldcrmauic positions, that is, iasured  real estate to the value of $5M. The  names having an ''x'; opposite are  owners of $1,000 worth or more of  such property, and as such are qualiT  fled to fill the office of Mayor. In  some cases, however, the party nay  own enough. property but not have it  registered iii his own name for the  past six months, so all in the list  below may not for this reason hie  eligible for a seat in the city couacil  The list will, however, be found use-  nil to citizens generally jn deciiliaj as  lo whom they would like te liriMg  out   as candidates.  Watson, W.  J.  Brydsn,' Alec.  Bryden,  Andrew i  Conway,  T.  D. x  Conlin,  James  Kerr, Archi..        x  Johnson,  D. T.  Gould,   Isaac        x  I-laggart,   D.  >V.  Lawson,   R.  Uren,   A.       ,x  Winston, I.  O;  Weinrobfc, B. S. x  Jones,  Lot. x  Campbell,  Colin x  McDonald,  J.        x  Thomas.   J. J. x  McMurtrie  A.  J.        x  Nicholson,  D.      x  Beveridge,  W..       x  McLean,   \V.   F. x  Hunter,  Roht. x  Matheson, M. x  Rcnwick,  Thos.  Lauderbacb,  F.Kerr,   Wm. x  Manuel,   Wm.  (risborae, H.  Kay,   Harry,        x  Blair,  Harry x  Campbell,  Daa.  Vavis,  John        x  Munsis,  Thos. x  Barclay,   Wm.  Gourlay,   James.  Lynn,  M.  Stephens, Ed.  Scott. G. W.  Ward, Wm.        1  Smitk,   J.  E.  Nicholsea,  D.  Davis,   D.  H.  Silex,   W������i.  Fagaa,.������. X  McKiimen, Arch.  Thai   J.  Malone,  P. ,     >  Roil*,   J.  Evans,   B.  McRea,  B, S.  Mottishaw,  S.  1  WebJey,  a'kes.  Jones,   VT  Mckinley, J.  Sanders,  J.  Anderson,' W.  Cassidy,  Geo.        :  Jokiisba,  Gee.  H.  Robertson,  A.  D.  Browa,  W. S.        >  McKinnolI, D.  Jolly,  f/m.  Watson,   Roht.  Coburn,   J. W.  Campbell, Mike  Hawortk,  *eo.  Rafter,   W.  Greaves,  F.  W.  Morgan, T. 8.  Conway,  J. T.  Vere, J.  Davidsoa,  Wiu.  Fulton,   Hugh  McMillan, T.  Davidson,  Win.  Steele,  J. IT.  Carroll,   H.  Woodburn, Moses  Jones,  D. W.  -''Hutchinson,  James  Pollard,   Ileexy  Rogers,  Jok������  Proven,   Jat������es  Allsopp,   J.  Wright,   W.  Weir,  J.   R.  Trewoek,  T.  Spance, -Wiu, x  Simpson, W. &.  Dunsa,   Arch.  Nooa,  P.  Walters, C.  Patters������*,  1.  Kerr, J.  Ra?.zano,  B.  Smith. Wm.  Timothy,   Grit.  Muir,  J oka.  Little, Joka  Axelsoa, C.  Hughes,  H.  Smith,  Geo.  O'Connell, T.  Ryan,  Joke  rham,  James.  McMurtrie, Joka  McMillan, P.  Auckiaveie, Alec.  Callander,  Janes  Kerr,  Jekn  Sahistoa, D.  Sanderson,  Wis.  Jackson, W.  Kerr, Thos.  Fletcker, W.        :  Knight,  A    O.  Roberts,   Geo.  Thomas,'.D. J.  Bickle,   John     .   j  Wasson,  A. G.  Fraser, W. G.  Ferguson,   Joe.  Dixon,   J.  James,  F. W.  Gilford,   Sidney  Roberlsen, Wm  Mcintosh,   S.   I.  Mills,  C.  vr.  Manuel,   J.  Lewis,  J. W.  Gould,   Saaipsen  Park, Jolm  Williaoison,  R.  Gear,  Roht. i  Miles,   H.  0.  Gourlay, Due.  Berto,   Ben.  iNlimmo,   J.  P.  Gilchrist,  Wia.  RO'l^ertso'n,   A.   G.  Duusmuir,  J.        r  Jones, Walter  Provis,   T.  JAllon,   Chas.  [Young.  Lewis.  'Francis, D.  Wiilson,  G.  P  Mill,  Gus.  Mills, JY.  G.  .lames, W.  James,  G.  Scarth,  Gee.  Gordoa,   T.   O-  sr.  A   Jamaican  Lady  Speaks  Highly  of  Chamberlain's   Cougk  Remedy.  Mrs.  Michael  Hart,  wife of  tke superintendent of Cart Service  at Kingston,   Jamaica,   West  Indies  Islands,  s*y*   that  she has   fer some  years us-  ���������d   Chamberlain's   Co������������k Remedy  for  coiighs,      croup and  whooping cough  and has found  it very  beneficial.   She  has      implicit      coafldence  ia it  and  would not   b������ without   a kiettle   of it  j  in      her  home.    Sold  by  Ladysmith  !  Pharmacy. i  the lawyer. "Come along," he added,  half in jest. The doctor hesitated for  a moment in thought. "All right,"  he said. '-What boat?-' The la������wyer  told him and then asked with oo;. c  surprise how he could manage to net  away on such short notice, and ifhe  had intended to take his vacation al  that - time.  "I've    been over eighteen  times,"  said the doctor, with a genial smile,  "and  for the same reason  that   you  have gone and are going.   We'll work  the  boat together,  you and  I  CO, YEARS'  EXFERiENCE  Any  Kind  of  Job  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  the  LEDGER  Office  fc-������HB  1st Avenue  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anyone sending n akotnh and deicrintlon ma<  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  Invention is pronnbly patentable. Communications ntrlctly confidential. Handbook on Patent!  nent liee. Oldest agency for���������ecurinspatenta.  Patents taken tnroueh Munn & Co. recelvi  tpeeial notice, without charge. In tbe i  Scientific Jlmericam  A hniK-Isomely llltintrated weekly    T.ar(reit clr-  rulation of any gclent'.flc journal.   Terme, )3 a  rear-, four montbo. $1.  8old by������.l nenadealein.  TOB &'Go.sct?������rt^-NewYori[  Dr.R. B. Diet  Surgeon Dentist  .411  work guaranteed, and at reasea-  able rates.  Hi^h St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL.HOURS.  . r ^  HAY, 6RAIN and  FARM PRODUlf  Orden will be delirered anyirkere  in the city promptly and at tae lowest possible price*.  Leave orders at Chriitie'a, oa **���������  Eaplanadt.  James Warnoclr  COMMERCIAL HOrEL  .���������������������������������������������������������������'  MR. aatl MRS. T. J. THOMAS, late  of    Mouit Sicker Hotel, aid ef the  Palace Hotel,  Naaaime,  kaT������     purchased tke   COMMERCIAL HOTKL   ea Doufclas Street, Victoria, ���������eeesite  Ike  city  kail,  and  iavite their     eld  PATRONS AND FRIENDS TO VISIT THEM WHEN IN VIG-  T0R.U..  i.T0CK IS COMPLETE  III GESTS* FURNISHINGS  Metis' Cietking, Bays' aad Yeuth������-  Meas' White -Dress Shirte, Btriki, Sal  erus Negiigee Shirts im Jaaey Pat-  teriis, Linea a������d C������liuieii Collars,  'Sufis, Neckties, aid Suspeadere in  large varieties. 1m -Yc|uths' Beys' and  .Mens', silk *mi Japaaese Iaitial  Handkerchiefs, also ie Ladies' fancy  ������<ik anal line*. Boets a>d Shoe* ia  ������li  Sizes.  Don't ior������tt tke ple.ee,  en Wigk St.  Next te Hardware  Store.  John J. THOMAS.  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to the   fact that the  Ogilvie   Flour flills Co.,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     Dave for seme tine  past been producing floor In a  vastly improved aad purified  fern  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  of    all the basic patents relaaiag thereto, take this opportunity of a  dvisisg  tho  public  that  any  orized users of ike electrical    flour purlfyiag processes  will be pro-  ���������ecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited  are the    only    mlllera in. Cannia, Tyi>*������     Fl������mr  ptarif ied by the  ela e<ric procssa .V  THE    DAILY    LEDGER  ;s  SK  =e  LOCAL ITEM.  FIRST CLASS DRESS MAKING  dons, at a Reasonable Priee,  Mrs. Trehearne, High Street, 3rd.  Avenue. ���������}  Miss E. Dobeson will give lessons  in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, manage  ment and control of breath, tone  production, efficiently taught. For  Particulars . apply Box 12L or Phone  146,   Nanaimo. /  Smoke Big Ii. Cigars. A  Send    in your  Kay if you     are  York .insurance.  '  proxies to    Harry  interested in New  ScSH5SaOSH3HESSSSaiSlEBgi#2''  J=L  January  Book Store.  magazines     at Knight's  Parker Williams, j\I. p. p passed  through on the -. morning . train for  Vic(<>i ia.  Mr. . and Mrs. W. J. Watson .returned at noon to Ladysmith from a  visit in  Victoria.  SINGER  SEWING   MACHINE  and Lots of Beautiful  PREMIUMS  for the   wrappers of  WHITE SWAN  SOAP  ASK YOUR GROCER ABOUT IT  The funeral of .the late William Kip  ling will take place on Sunday next  the procession leaving Joseph's hoard  ing house at 1.15, arriving at the  Church of England, where services  will be held at 1.30. The interment  will  take i>l������ceat the local cemelen  First Loafer.:���������Did you help at the  lire lasi night? Second Loafer.���������  Yes, a little hit. I got o������l of the  way of the fire engine.  ���������   ���������   ���������  Intra is ne ether 'aiediciae manufactured that uas received s������ ���������men  (liaise and so many expressioas ol  gratitude ��������� as Chamberlain's Ceugli  Remedy. It is- ���������flcclire, and prompt  relief follows its use. Grateful parents everywhere do i������t hesitate to  testify te its Merits for tae benefit  oi oihcrs. 'It     is a certaia eure [oi  . ..u;. and win prevent the attack li  ,i>M  at  the list appearance of  the  i. ease. It is especially adapted to  childree,  as   it   is pleasant  te  take  Smoke Little. 11. Cigars.  Passengers   from down the line1 at1  riving here at    noon report that t'je  snowfall a few miles south of this ci Innd    contains   nothing  injurious.   Mr  ty has been very heavy. ' E. A.  Humphreys, a well known res  -    lid*at aad elerk ia the store of    Mi  The Wilson Hotel, Nanaimo, of Lccke, ef Alice, Cake Colony, South  which Jas. R. McKinnell is the sole I Africn- :*ays:' "I hare used Chamber  proprietor, is one of the most com- ('*in's Cough Remedy to ward ofi  fortable   stopping  places  in the  pro- i croup     and     eolds in aiy family.      I  found it very satisfactory and it glives  ma pleasure to recommend it."' For  sala by The Ladysrahth Pharmacy.  Passenger.���������Have I time to say  i,ood-by to my wife? Conductor.���������  Dupcuds on how long you've beta  married.  * m *  Poet.���������This, ,sir, is the only poem  I  over wrote. Well, cheer up, no  body's     going, to take    it away from  you. ' r-  *���������������    *������������������    ���������$���������  What   was     your  name  before you  married?  queried   the  Chicago census j  taker.     Which time? asl-cd the lady, j  ���������������������������*������������������������������������������������������  A Beautiful Range of Fancy  Lustres-In Al! the lew "SfSifes-  Including BIack-Brown-3 Shadcs  Green-Navy-Cream- Pale Blue-  Suitable for Blouses-Children's  Dresses Elc.-Double Wlillli-REB-  ULAR PRICE [:5c to /5c,  here-hy   required    to take notice and  govern himsi-lf accordingly.  The qualifications liy law required,  ������> possessed by    Haver are such  jj������  persons as arc male  British subjects  o'f  the full   age   of twenty-one  years,  and arc     not   disqualified under amy  law,  and have been for the next  six  months preceding the day of nomination, the    registered    , owner, in the  'Land Registry office, of'land and real  'property in the City of the assessed  j value     on tiie, last ^Municipal Asscss-  j ment    role   of onje     thousaritl  dollars  ' or     more,     and  who  are otherwise  ' qualified as  municipal voters.  |    The     qualification by law required  j to bo' possessed by     Aldermen are  such     persons as     are male British  ' subjects  of  the     full age  of twenty-  'onc '  years and    are not .disqualified  ! under any law and have been for the  . six months next preceding the day of  'nomination the     registered owner, in  '���������the Land Registry office, *f land and  real properly in the City, of' the assessed     value on the last  Municipal  Assessment role, of five hundred "dollars or     more ��������� and who   are other,  wise qualified as Municipal voters.  .Given    under     my   hand at Ladysmith  the 4th day ofrJanuary, 1900  JOHN STEWART,  Returning Officer.  SPES31L  . iOc.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  This is our Stocktaking Month and we  put on Sale for the next Ten Days Ail our  Stock of Men's and Boy's Clothing at greatly Reduced Prices  \w  vince. , The guest. gets a good room  and good bed, good meals and good  treatment generally. Especially is  is it comfortable when seated '.efore  The fire place in the office a . ,-. of  the great leathern chairs. It e en  reconciles one to the use of'Nanaimo coal.  Diaries for J90u at Knight's Boole  Store.      ��������� -  Nanaimo are sold in nearly, if n. t  quite every hotel in Ladysmith. i'hey  are made of good tobacco, not a  large cigar, but oa free smoker an.'i  generally regarded by th'->se who indulge in the weed as possessing a  good - and- refreshing flavor. Mr.  Booth' has set up a good trade in  his home town / and reaches out to  Vancouver and other Mainland '.towns  and does a good trade, there as well  as in the Island towns.,  . Smoke Big B. Cigars.  It<- was at the Mer.ingle matinee  that an incident occurred to prove  how his realism impressed his audience. Among the spectators was a  woman, a regular theatregper, who,  for the first time, saw Irving in  that beautiful  little play  of Doyle's  "Waterloo."  When the curtain fell a long shout  of applause greeted the great actor,  and in the guise of the veteran Brewster he came before the curtain. But  the audience was not satisfied; they  recalled him again and again.  At last, when they continued to  cheer him as the curtain fell" oh the  fifth call, the wn-'-n in question got  up and, 'carried i-.way by'-Irvi-g'::-  realistic  actinr   shouted.  "Stop clappiig!  It's too" much  i r  the old  soldier. It is cruel  to make  him how again!"  :������������������,���������' Smoke Little B. Cigars.,  NOTICE-  Mortgage Sale  Under and byvirtue of the powers  contained in a certain mortgage,  which will be produced at the i i"ie of  the sale,, there will be offered for  sale by pi:!.lie auction on Saturday  the 20th day of January, UiOC,' at  ['.'. hour of ten o'clock in the.forc-  i .0.1 at the Law- Office of M. R.  oiinpson, in the City of Ladysmith,  B.-C, by Comer R. Thomas, the following property, lots C and 7 in  block 2C, situated on Roberts st., in  the City of Ladysmith.  Terms of payment can be arranged  with the Mortgagee' or his  Solicitor.  For  further    particulars  and conditions of sale apply to  RUSSELL SIMPSON,  Solicitor for Mortgagee.  Dated  at    Ladysmith   this  -1th day  of January,  A.  D.,  1906.  NOTICE  Notice is   hereby given that I will  apply at   the next sitting of the Mu  "What, are tho principal places ,of  interest about New York?" "You'll luiVe to ask some stranger. I've  lived here all  my life."  Iliffson.���������My wife always insists on  haMng' the last word!      Bangs.���������Well  you're lucky. '"     Mine, always insists  en  having the iast dollar.  ���������   ���������  ���������  Teacher (to smallest boy ii.i_.the  class)���������What \well-known animal supplies you with food and clothing?  Smallest  Boy.���������My  father.  ������   ������   O  "Papa, what's a' man who runs un  auto called?" It" depends-on whether he is being called by his} employer  or by a man he has just missed."  -���������.���������_       ~~^.-^_^       -       ~  "I promised to - make a call tonight," said the man, preparing to'  go out. "Very well,", replied the  wife, "but don't call unless you  have the cards."  ���������   ���������  ���������  The Writer.���������I see yoU-'ve. got my  latest book tlure. What do you  think of t? The Reader.���������Oh,-I've  only had time to read the last few  pages of it as yet. ..  "Who is    supporting Starleigh this  Keason?  "     His     wife.      "His wife!  why     'I  never    knew she was on  the  stage."      She isn't, but she takes in  washing "  I  Walters ������������c  V  \  Akenhead  SaS   as  if|B Ii  all  &J  t Av?nue  Solicitor,  Etc.  Money  to   Loan  MUNICIPAL NOTICE  . i  Public Notice is hereby given to  the electors of the Municipality oi  Lad)smith thal I icquiie Uic pic^encc  of the said ' electors at the City  Hall, Ladysmith, on, the fifteenth day  of January, lflOC, at 12 o'clock noon  for the purpose oi electing persons t0  represent them in the1 Municipal  Council as Mayor and  Aldermen.  The    mode ol nomination of candidates shall be as follows:  The     candidates  shall  be nominated ! ^__  Dangers     of     Cold  and How      to  Avoid Them.. ������  More fatalities have their origin in  of,result from a cold than from any  other  cause.    This  fact alone should  make  people  more careful  as   vthere  is no   danger  whatever  from  a cold  when it is properly treated in the beginning.   For many years  Chambfcr-  lain's  Cough Remedy has been   rec-"  ogaized  as the most prompt and   effectual   medicine  in use  for   this disease-   It acts on   nature's plan, loosens the cough, ��������� relieves the lungs,  opens the secretions  and aids nature in  restoring    the system     to a healthy'  condition.   " Sold by the Ladysmith  Pharmacy.                         -       ' '-   o   Smoke Big-13. Cigars.  MEN'S .SUITS $35 NOW $i2.5o  BOV\S SUITS $4.op NOW $2.75  Buy a Suit of Clothes for tb@ Boy  SIMON LEISER.& CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST IADYSMITH  GEO. t MARTIN  BARRISTER   AND   SOLICITOR,  OFFICE  Opposite Windsor Hotel  NANAIMO, B. C.  NOTICE  ���������o���������  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will he  made to the  Leg-'  islative  Assembly of the Province of  British Columbia, at its next session  for an    Act  to -incorporate  a Com-  naiiy  with  power  to  acquire,    purchase/ construct and operate the undertakings   of    the Vancouver       and  oast-Kootenay      Railway Company;  Wed.dert.on.���������Certainly,   I'm  *w ?v*i ������**��������� rt. r  nicipal Licensing Board for the trans f    Singleton.���������Have you  decided  what  fer.of the retail     liquor license .held ! V������u are   fioinK  to caI1 thc baby' okl  by me for the Portland Hotel, First \ mall?  Avenue, to'David nines.  JOHN  GO-GO  Russell Simpson, Solicitor.  .NOTICE.  Notice   is hereby given   that   I   will  not be responsible 'or  debts  contracted in my name  byi.any person''without my.written border.  JOHN GOGO.'  Ladysmith,   B. C, Jan.   S.,   19,06.  NOTICE  LADYSMITH \W^TRP|; WOPKS  Consumers are. requested t* call at   tiie oSce     sn   Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates, tf.twean the 16th   and  the 25th of each month.  poll   becoming    necessary,   such   poll  will be opened'on, the   18th January,  1906  at the  ��������� City  Hall, ..Ladysmith,.  goin-r    to     call   him   just   what  my ' and kept .open until 7.00 p.  m. ot iw  wife names Mm. same   day,  of which every person is  iu writing,  the writing shall he sub-  sc-'ibed  by  two voters of thc Munic-  lalityas     proposer and seconder and the Alberni     and Cowichan Railway  shall'be    delivered to  the Returning Company, the Kamloops & AUin nan  Oliiccr at any time between the dale way Company; and the Midway    and  of .the notice and 2 p. m. of thc day; -eniou Wiliiway   company; and to ac-  of nomination, and in the event ^of a ^^ all lh(J rights,  powers  and pii-  vf*;s****7!  a  P: ���������   a ���������:'������������������'  We are jiow showing a  Large Stock of  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  mm  '-i-v  J. I BLAND  SUPERINTEND ENT.  and Other Jewelry of First Class Quality  .iiuau^.mc:  B.FORCIMf  :' "^.  Kagt^JICflMW.^'ef'������BnBMBSSfc^^ I  if*  ; \ iligcs  ol  tiie said  Companies;       and  ' with  power   to exercise  all  the powers contained  in  the Acts   ol  liicor--  puration of the said  Companies;  and  \viLh. power to acquire, purchase, con's truct   and   operate  the   under.tau.-ntf'  of any    oiner Railway   Company     or  Companies;  and with power to   subscribe     lor.and   purchase   the  stock,  bonds, debentures or other securities  of any Railway     Company;   and     to.  exchange the stock  or  other  bonds,  debentures or.other securities of ths  corripuny  to  be incorporated  for    the  'shares,- stock,  debentures,   bonds     or  other  securities  of  any  other    Railway    Company;  and  with power  to  increase the capital of the Company  to be incorporated;   and   with   power  to issue shares as fully paid up; and  to borrow  money   on the   Company's  j    sets  by  any form  of security;   and  with    power  to . promote  any  Rail-  ay Company or Companies, or    to  'amalgamate  with  any Company     or  'Companies;  and  with all the     other  and necessai'y powers conducive to the  carrying out of the Company's under-  [OLD   CHURCH |BRAND]  ������K;U0 M ������ Ci!m  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN f    v-emj..  First Avenue,    XXX.      Ladysmith,   B. C ^|taking  Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 22nd  'dav of November,  1905.  *SSESE^SS?^SS2K2ESSES^lf  [PAINTING   AND  PAPBRHANGIN6  -*r  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Executed  These Goods are put up by Stan id rd  Canning Go. of Hamilton, Canada, in  J lb. Cans  sf\      /K      -���������>>.      ,f\  -;t{~M-M--;tf~^ }^e^f^je^K--^c-~te^e^-Me^r-^  Blair & Adam  3.  ROEDDING  -   LADYSMITH  ���������'BiWKmJcaBiaiavjpp  Noti  e  A. HOWE.tof CHEMAINUS, has opened the  I���������    *    '"T*  ME.\  ROBERTSON"        ROBERTSON,,  Solicitors   for   the  Applicants.  ���������o_  NOTICE is hereby  given  tbat an application  will.be  made  to  the Leg--  lative  Assembly, of  the  Province of  British    Columbia  at    its  next. session for an Act to revive,  ratify and  con/inn  flic  Cowichan-Alberni       a.m\  Fait Rupert Railway   Company   Act.  and extending the time for��������� commcue  ing construction of  thc said   railway,  and     oC     expending    ten, per     cent,  of   the   C'dinjiaiiy's   capital   thereon,  and to empower the  Company  to extend  its  railway  from  any  point  on  its  line'to the  City  of  Victoria,    er  v"^JT^  t..^ire^ra������Eg^^  WITH A FULL JUNE OF FIRST CLASS MEA1S  Perk aid Sausage a Specialty  A TRFAL SOL ICITED  A.   HOWE  Phone 20  MARKET lately   run by W. Ward, or. Roberts street ������ ^Jf^^fZl^  Company   to  build the  line  of railway set out in   (he    Act of Inroi'i or-'  aiipn  of the  said   Company,  .with'the  J extension hereinbefore mentioned, and  j with  all ��������� the powers contained  in the  Model   Railway  Bill.  Dated  at Victoria,  B.C.,  22nd  No-  inber,   1005.  ROBERTSON  &   ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for ithe  Applicants.  W. G. Fraser  ���������"'. Merchant Tailor,  (ist Avenue) ,  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call early and  get your choice  itoves  !i**3  We  are-making them 01 the iNewest  !        .,  Styles..  Stoves  Pattern and Latest  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOU NDRY WORK  Our Prices are Reatona,, ble  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  and at Lsdy'smitr'Hardware Ccrr.pany ���������  LADYSrilTH'  IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,,LTD.  NOTICE: The Esc-uimait and Na  naiino RaiUvajr Company will apply  to the parnniueat oi Ciu.tda al its  next si.-.biuii ior an Act extending  ihc iiiui' tor comitienciiiK ai.d tom-  pletinsj L.1-. ^.. eii^ion of iL^ n^Jn line  lo Ctunox mid the branches r'eiatred  to. ia Hs .Ul oi1 IucorporAtion and  idso empowerini; the Company ta con-  itiu^t and operate a railway from  Comox to a point at or.near Camp-  beii River also a branch from its  main line at or near Duncans via  Cpwiciian Valley to Aiberni, also a  oranch from a point at or sear Eug-  lishman-s1 River to Albcrai Canal ,Mrs. Callatoi^Moike! Moike! Wck  aiid.a branch from a point at or near up. u>s toimc \0 teky'r insomnia  Conicx .via    .Unui.rrisj.d- south-west-Imodicine. '  eriy to Aiberni Canal and giving the ������������������~ MU"^ciP~ALV NOtTc'":?"""'  The lessee shall have a dredge in1  operation within one season from the  date of thc lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 ^er annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2i per cent collected on the output after  it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy   of the Minister  of the In-  erlor.  ViYes, she's ' married to a real estate ageii't,.a nd agood, honest fellow,..too." :- '���������'������������������' ���������..  "My. gracious!      Bigamy.?   '     ';"'-..  Company general powers to construct  branch Hues     and for. other purposes;  Dated at Victoria "Shis 14th day of  December,. 190 5.  W. F. SALSBURY,.  Secretary- E.  Jc N.  Ry.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may. be purchased at S10 per acre for soft, coal and  >20 for anthracite. Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by ane individual or company.- Royalty ������.��������� the  rate of ten cents per< ton of 2,000  lounds shall be collected on the  ;ross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  K7^5i p������r niinuin for an individual,  ind from $50 to $100 per anntim for  l company, according to capital.  A      free miner,  having'discovered  mineral  in place, may locate a claim,  1,500  x  1,500   feet.    The. reu  for   re^  ���������ording a claim  is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim  each  year  or  paid  to the  mining recorder in.lieu thereof. When  ?500  has  been  expended  or  paid, the  locator   may,   upon  having   a survey  made, and upon complying with oth-���������'  ur requirement*, purchase the land at  $1 an acrs. ..  The patent provides-for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain  two-leases   to  dredge   for  gold   of   five miles  each  for a term of twenty years,  renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrior.  '        Electioa of  School-Trustees.'-��������� ���������;  Public notice is-.���������ierjjiy given . to  thc electors of the '..i\l'uh:..ci.ialily .of  thc-Cifcy of Ladysmith, that 'I-require ;tlie ptesence of the said electors at the City Hall, Ladysmith,  on Monday, the 15th day of January, 190G from 12 noon to 2 p. m.,  for the purpose of. electing two'Persons as nieiiibcrs of the board of  Trustees oi Ladysmith School, District.  Any person being a house holder  in the School District, and being  a British subject ' of the full age  of twenty one years, and otherwise  qualified by the Public Schools Act  to vote at an election of School  Trustees in the said district, is eligible to be elected to serve as a  School Trustee.  The Mode of Nomination of Candidates  shall   be   as   follows:  The" candidates shall he nominated  in writing, the writing shall be sub  scribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder,  and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer/at any time between the  date of thc notice and 2 p. m. of  the day' of nomination and in the event of a poll becoming necessary such  poll will lie opened' on Thursday,  the 18th day of January. 1900 at  the City'Hall aforesaid f om 9 a.m.,  till 7 p.m., at which tii o and place  each elector who is duly qualified  to vote for Mayor will he entitled  toeast his vote for two candidates  for members of the Board of School  Trustees'  but may  only  cast one  votcfor any such candidate, of which  every person is hereby required to  "*\, take notice and govern himself  accordingly.  Given under my hand at Ladysmith, this fifth day of January,  190C.  JOHN  STEWART  Returning    Officer.  ,������v*


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