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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jan 2, 1906

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Array V  1  **. **������������������������������������ "  Vvi.TSfllSLATlVB ASS15MBLV.  ^^SF  THE Ladysmith Daii  -vjKBh-  ���������������_,,*  TUESDAY, JAN. 2,  190G.  ?XICE FIVE ^������$.v*  *"frr^?I^MJ^I  V*' JtjiSP&T^el  *������m?^������wv,  '"ViftM-i'SH  Am  V-tft*  THE "NEW YEAR'S"  MASQUERADE  Qty Band jDance Was Well Attended Last Evening and Was  a Pleasant Event  NIRTY   NINE  FRAUD  Many  Characters  Names of the  Winners  PARTS 1  Theie was a good attendance both  ol maskers  and  spectators  at       the  Cilv Ifcuid's masquerade ball last evening, and from all   standpoints the  aflau. was a success     Some of     the  dresses weie \ery handsome, and  aU  the chai acters represented  wei c well  sustained.   There weie clo'wi s galore.  Uncle    Sams     aud Liheilw.s, ladies  from  the Emerald  Isle,  bojs       and  giils   , who had left     their  southern  home especially  for the dance,       an  s"Uncle Tonus Cabin" Topsy, schoolboy-*-?  and girls,   alllooking very-vwc-  nile,  bu)   inthe  art ol * dancing      re-  mar������ahlv advancwl^co-ufcieis,., nearly  a whole loam of haseballeis, a smartly uniformed ^Ijj&man,  flower guls  and niiinbcrlcss'^Vr character--  The fi -i/p \mmefs\ were as Follows  Best national ctfaractei,' lady. Miss  Susie Moigan,   representing LiUrty  Rest national   chaiactei,  gentleman  J.     Patterson,     repiesenting Uncle  Sam.     -  Best    sustained    character, laay,  Best dressed lady,  Mis " F." Bland,  gentleman,  Mr.  F.   Ingham        /"  Oiio������iial,     lady,     Miss Barnes as  Night;  gentleman.  J.  Muir as a policeman. , , i  Best comical character, lady, Miss  A. McMillan as Toosy, gentleman, X  Campbell .as a Hooligan.  Flower girl, Mrs.  Portray.  Bcsl   business  hoise, Mi    \V Ellis,  icpresenhng   Mr.  B ,Foicimmer's jew  elrv establishment.  Clown.  A., Sanders  'lhc nrues-for-dancing weie awarded as follows-  Wall/, 1st. Miss S Morgan and Mr  (J    Jacobson,  2nd,  Miss Moore  Tw(vste*������,      1st,   Miss   M  Thomas'  land   Mr   K  Thomas   2nd.   Miss     L.  Morgan.  And the Huidrcdth is of  tbe Devil Says'  Rev. Daniels  _____   -*"  In a Lecture on Spiritualism Says it is not  Good IKeligion  John J Dai ids, pastor of the  Rockfoid, 111 , Swedish church and  travelling evangelist,, preached ������n  Swedish lasl evening at the Mission  Church on 1hc corner of BeHcvue avenue and J "ike street, Seattle, on  spiryiualisui, to a large audience.  "Spiritualism is ninety-nine parts  humbug-' said Mr Daniels, "and thc  hundredth part is the devil It is n  mental disease which niaY he defined  as superstitious insanity "  Sir Daniels said there is nothing  new in 'spiritualism-, that    there were  IRTH  Of THE  NEW YE&R  The  ���������birth of 19(1(5 was, as usual,  signalled with a right royal '.salute in  Ladysmith, guns being fired  in    all  parts     of the city     While the noisfc  was rathei deafening,  there was not  quite so much  whistling as  usual,  it  being  Sunday  night iihe engines  had  not .steam up.    Ilowevei, small boys  wnli tin  horns  made a very      good  substitute.  There   were several  par Ires  of cai-  iul< is going the rounds, and    those  who heard the Welsh choir enioyed a  lical    This choir of a good numbei  of voices visited'several pat Is of the  city and scicnaded v.uious  residents,  aud theiri singing was 'ol the staiidaul  ol excellence not usually  hcaid      on  such occasions.  Although veiy entertaining, the  warbling- of four individuals who wandered around the lower pail of the  (own did not lead one to hei ice  that the voicts ofthe sm'geis had  been trained by a very clcvci mastci  Somehow oi othei they pcisisted ui  addressing then iallads to tall black  mm WEDD1HG  AT  ii*--_s_m'--_3_5^   r   of ekuii  PEACBJNO^  'ir  All  spiritualists inthe days o* M0ses   It'itulllI)-s,  and stopping eveiy now and  ,. .     ��������� ..    ..   .      ���������  , jtiien     to wish      it a "Shappy News-  was a medium,     he said, that called' ,/  ..���������, ���������   .      ,,     .,  ^ ' Ihear"    When  occasionally   they    did  up the spirit o* Samuel foi Sam.  He  said that modern spiritualism is supposed to have originated in 1818 A  family by the name of Fox, m llyde-  \iiie N. Y.,     was much disturbed by  Ca'ip walk,     Messrs   \V.  1'TIis and  S    Ivy  B*,st all-round   dancers,   Miss     M.  McMillan and'Mi.T       Manion  The judges of the characters were  Mrs.   J.  Rcid and Messis.' Newman  Miss M   Smith as Klondike, and gen- and    W. E.   Mills.   Dancing judges,  tlemin' Mr   C. Cornish as Sixteenth Mrs   D. White, T.' Winsby ami      -T  Century., Gillespie.  RECTOR IS  CENSURED  Tlie Bishop of St. Albans has sent  a fetter to tlie Rector ot Little Can-  field  concerning  Uie alleged scandal  at the burial ol Miss- Edith "Franklin^  the     daughter  of a Canfieid   farmer,  says a London  paper.   There      had  been     a difference between the girl's  father and  the rector, and when   the  hotly     was piesented  for  bunal the  rector, the Hev.  T. Hill, refused    to  allow it to lie taken into the church  Tlie bishop m Ins letter says. "You  have not bsought forward the very  least justification for tlie offensive  and uncharitable words used to tho  mourners, and if Mr. Franklin should  think fit to take proceedings against  you for this unseemly interruption  of the service, I shall ������eei bound to  allow the case to go forward.  "I can ftutexpress my severe   cen-  suie ofthe course which you      have  thought lit to pursue,  and give you a  clear     monition   that   in fatuie you  aie not to refuse  to take any bodies  into     the chuicli  except  on sanitary  grounds "   ���������o���������   O'BRIEN'S  CHALLENGE  .laek O'Brien's  sweeping challenge  to Jim Jeffries.-on the eye of   his departure     for tlie  East sent'.a thrill  through the sporting realm. It     was  the talk of the town, says the    San  Francisco Bulletin.   Jack's defr   tothe  Goliath.of pugdom was like a     bolt  fro-m a cloudless  sky,   Of course   the  possibility of the match', and tho probability of the   outcome,      if made,  were     argued pro, and con.    Despite  his protesting,     consensus of opinion  .seemed     to be   that. Jeffries  would  fight  again,   but-  he must be  shown  where he can add materially- to   his  exchequer before he will take another  whirl     in the ring.   In other words,  Jeff >will hot fight Ior the  sa"Ke      of  fighting.  "Let O'Brien beat a couple of men  like Hart and Berger, and you will  hear  from Jeffries."  said one   sport  close up to Jeffries' throne last night  "Right now the. public is not clamoring loud enough  for Jeffries to come  out of  retirement,   but   if Jack  goes  on,  cleans     up the gang. etc.   there  will-   b������ plenty   of noise.    O'Brien's'  hackers will taunt Jeff about being  afraid   .of him,     aird this will make  him sore, and you will see him drop  the ^plow and hoe and reach   or   , the  big milts again.    I.know Jeff never  ;was  stuck on the game, but rather  THOUGHTFUL  MISS WOLSEY  New York : Jan 2 -rThc fact that  Cecilia A Wo\sey, who was fomieriy  a performer on the vaudeville stage  under the name ������*t LiUiun Western,  bequeathed fifteen thousand dollars  for thc careoi hei dog, pairot, and a  ca���������e of love birds, became known today when her will was filed Mi:������&  Wolsey died a week ago  Harriet E. Gates, a friend of the  dead woman, is charged with the cue  of the animals, and Miss Wolsey s  will provides that she shall have the  use of the fifteen thousand .loluis  tor that purpose  After tbe death of Mis Gates, the  wdi stipulates, thc remainder of the  money shall go lo the American Society for the Prevention of. Cruelty  to animals, to care for "Miss Wolsey's  jets if they outl^e Mrs. Gates, h  not, to care for ��������� othei homeless animals  Miss Wolsey was a "musical spec  lahst" on the v*m>'i.iUc stage, and  retired fiom t a >ani (ago, having  only her pets as *e,imi anions  The Nanaimo basketball club have  arranged to pi ay the Seattle Meteors  winch team is to make a tour of the  Island, playmg Iho basketball teams  of Iho various cities m a week oi  two Mr J Adam, secrcl-aiy of the  local ciufi, has wntten the Meteois,  accepting their offer of a ga������'e m Ladysmitli. They are said to be a  splendid aggregation : and 'will give  the "ocai hoys a;good game- The latter are arranging to have the Opera  FTouso when "it is" not otherwise engaged for .practice, between this and  the date of the,' big  match.  constant use until Burns' Anniversary, when it lsiepoited the clans  will niMit and celebrate m st>le  UN0:RHAHO  .   WIBK IN  hud tlieir .way onto a fuend's 'verandah they san^ a lme, slopped to  shai-e hands and wish each othei  the compliments of the seasoik Thc\  were iu a veiy affectlonate fianie oi  mind, for then \oices "caught" with  spmt Tappings, and v\hen Miss Kate ell,ot,on when Uiey spoke, "and thev  Fok spolve to these tappings she dis-Ucemcd to entertain the most lo\mg  coveted that they were made by th.* rega!,* for the sidewalk, stopping cv-  spirit of a muidered peddler Thespi-'eiy now. and then to kiss it  nt would answei questlons by lap-j This morning, the water wagon is  ping once for no and three tmws f0i full-up, and no doubt will be kept in  yes All spa its ale sartd to follow  this rule  Miss Kate Fo^ and her sister discovered that it was possible to communicate m this manner with any  spirit of the dead, especially writh relatives, but thc spirits would never  uiiswoi questions1 except through mediums The Fox sisters were the  first mediums in modem spiritualism  Mr Damels stated that since this  time thc means of communicating  With spirits has developed "Won ler-  fuily 'There are now many kinds ot  mediums, slatewnting mediums, spirit circle mediums, tiance mediums  maipiiaii/ing" mediums and medium  phol������;;yAiphi'is  Modem s, nituciiisni has  piop/esscl  lapidiv.  aid     there arc nu*.ny 'thous-{aH(-'Se<' -sluferSeis.   ������'������o lu\e  been    on  and*,  oi   spn ituaiists     in  all civilized tual  inthe ciimmal  couifc  for   con-  nations      Thev ha\e     more than ten spiracy, weie found guilty today and  newspapers      devoted   to their  interests,  and     accoidmg  to thc last census there are fitty thousand spiritualists in the United States      Tlw   are  even moie numerous amoi.g the Scandinavians  on   both   the continent  and  in tins country ������  "Thrse people believe in God,"  said he, hut they do not behove m  the dmmty of Chi ist, and they m-  teipret the Bible to suit their own  pccuiiai notions These people lu*c  no common, doctrine Some c-  diums claim they have cooimvmicatoil  with thc spirit of Chiist, and in  these communications Christ disowns  lus divinntv   "  At the Chinch of England lasl  evening, two of Ladysmith's most   popular young people, Miss  Jenme, eldc-a  ilauphtei of Mr   and Mis  Wm   Jones,  and Rdward, thc son of Mrs   Samuel  Jones, of French street, weie united  in nuinage      Re*.. K   J   Bowcn, the  rector,   performed   the  ceieinony,  and  the chinch  was     packed  with  a Fn-H-  ionaJ���������y-diesspd throng of people   The  bnde, who was given away bv    1kji  fathei.  was charmingly  attaed  in     a  (iielly uawling  gown  of pin pie cloth  tiiinmed  with white \ehet,  and with!  a uirlMii  to match     She  w.i^  atleiul-  ed   by her   sisiei,  ^Aliss   Rosie,  *   who i  REIGNS  v->-*������l  ''  >_  1 * ^1  arc  Re-open-ed. ah<.  ���������   "\ i'\ -       ���������'  People are Preparmg^for.triejV  _        ������ ���������-    ". \ **   U',a  Russian Xmas  >     *  :Teli ot  i .-1.1  .A'agi)-"  Specials From\ Victoria  *��������� \ ��������� /-A"*"**'**        t-   v->   -r'.i;  Disaster to S. SXity otW'::^M  r ., if"       1    > ������t[ ,%'IS,  Pueblo" ''\&$!&Im\  ���������;->  Moscow, Jan 2 ���������^iih Uie evcep-  tion ofthe rums fiom which smpke  is still  arising,   there is nothing 'to  was  robed  iu  a gown  of white  cas-li  mcic    Mr.   J  Muir acted as       best 'show      the terable  stufc  that has  maI1 *- | lieen expcueiiced heie during the last  The ceremony over,   the bnde   and  ten days    In "il hours the most   re-  mai^cible change has taken place   in  -room  and     a party  of about sr\-ty    the aspecl of lhfl eily    Thc      large  ft lends repaired to (he residence of shoi>s arc le-opened and work has _  the bude's parents, where a sump- been resumed in all the large factor-  tons wedd.ng suppei was .spread Sui n "-^ T!)o ';I,0PS arc tluonged with  [icr     c-er the happv couple rccencd  Chicago,   Jan    2 ���������Five officials    of  I the     Carnage and Wagon   Workeis'  l Union i   of Chicago and   two ot thea  J,  'J  CAGED  LIONS FIGHT  sentenced totoims ui the penitentiary  The se\erest punishment was      inflicted   on Chailes   Gilhooicy,   leaden  oi the   alleged  gang  of sluggers    Besides receiving a sentence lo  thc peni  tcntiary,  he was also fined 42,000,  The other union men who weie  found gurltv wreie Henry Newman,  financial secretaiy ot Carnage and  Wagon Woilets' Union, No 1, Chas  Casey, secietai y of the union, Chas  II Doutsch, mem he i of the cxeoiitne  board, Edwaid Shields, iccotding sec  telary, John Ileideu, nuniler of the  executive bo.ud, and Mantis Looncy,  one ofthe alleged lined sluggeis  Fiank Nov.\k, anoihei mcmbei of  the e\ecuti\e boa.nl was found not  guilty  The sjiecif'C' case on  which  the men  weie tiled   is only   one oi many similar ni.staiK'cs thai  have octuiieil   m  Chicago  within   the last lew   \eais  Last Vpnl while ('bus J C.uis-  ''iom, a. uon-uiuon latii.ige Woikei,  was ietuining home Iiom woik fiom  a factoi\ al which .istiil-e was m  piogtcss, he was attacked by two  men and severely injured. He died  two weeks- biter- from pneumonia,'  contracted fiom exposure while lyiiw  on the frozen ,.ground after Tie ��������� had  been left imoonscioiis by his assail-  anes' ���������  Last suiiimer, when the deparlinent  store  leniusters' strike  was  at     il.s  height ami   aii invcstii^ation  by      the  picketing  methods  of  the various mi-  than  being chatged--with'having-cold-lioness  were placed. ions in t,M! vi^'   v������s h*-'*"K made   hy  tnor iiowiii fi<rht no-Tin "'���������-                    1   ��������������� ���������               ...    ���������         ��������� ta i          41 ��������� Llle state's attorney, George  Mel lor,  feet he will llgiit again.                               iWws    ro,Isf;<i   the 1 re   oi Duke,      the ���������..,in',\r  n,    r^,-,-;    ^  Some  of Jeffries-supporters       were!      ���������    .   ..'   - ."      ......         ,,-,���������,������������������, a l01nuM'      President of  the Carnage.  mean   ' enough   to intimate   that O'- J ,ftI*oBt   llon   ������-���������-���������*!���������������������������*������������������*���������   and albout aml .   Wagon Workers' fniou,  turned  Brieii was-insincere, and would find a 'follr 0'L,|ock ���������" H,c- '"^"'"g **e    coin- state's ev.idcn.ee and told of  the   un-  loophole to crawl out in case he was ' meneed  to demolish  the partition. Me der workings  ofthe  union.  called,   lliwas. whispered   that he is- ' S00I1  torc it into splinters,  and     at ^"'"S  t-ho disclosure  Mcllor      de-  sued  theden to boost his show which I --.,-.  .....    ,-...                        ..!clared     that     the union  nuvi.itau.ed  he will join  in a day-: or two. . 11 was j  hardly necessary for him to do this,  inasmuch, as he-is not  a stockholder, ' RO"'st.  and before anything  could  be  The demon of jwilmisy ^was lespon-  siblc tor an exciting scene in the  lions' page at Messrs. Bostock and  Woiiibwell's menagerie at Belfast recently. For a long time two magnificent lions, Duke and Duchess, which  were christened when cubs by the  Priii'fss Uoyal in- Edinburgh, have  occupied adjoining cages. One evening  however, Duchess was removed and  in -hor cage a South  African  lion and  the  l largest   lion   in captivity,   and a/bout  corn-  oii'.'e attacked  the   lion.  Duke  made short  work of his anta-  only being a salaried performer like done had laid open his flank and torn  the other actors. Jack has been r out his windpipe. The attendants ob-  guaranteed $.700 a week for ten weeks | tained pitchforks and tried' to put a  if the  receipts  amount  to nothing   If . encounter,  hut  without  Jeff     will     say the worn the sinUy  i  Philadelphian will  sign  on   the.spot.   sl-iccess-  Jack     is conceited enough to believe I    Seeing that his opponent .was dead,  that  he can   more  than  off-set  Jeff-    Duke  attacked the lioness,   and  in  a  ries' marvelous- strength .-and endur-    fow moments she lay dead  beside her  ance with his phenomenal  cleverness.' male,     with  a gaping  wound  inthe  Just as Jim Corbett did when      he , throat.   The victor then returned to  fought John  L.Sullivan.    The. very   his cage and throughout, the day show  same ones who scoff' at the idea     of  O'Brien fighting Jeffries derided  C0r-  what he termed a "wrecking crew,''  which, he explained, meant a regular  organization of men who were hired  as sluggers in order to intimidate  nou-uiiioii men who might desire to  lalvc  the place  of    slrikors..  lie then cited the Caiistrom      affair  as an   instance of  the results    of  the      "wrecking   crew."   Indictments  were secured  against  the officials  of  the   union   and   the   alleged   sluggers  and   on September   IS   the efforts   to  secure a jury were' begun.  During the' eleven weeks that      It  took to secure a jury.1.931 veniremen  the cons-ratulations   of then   fr rends,  titer  winch thc party made     mem  ,'ntil this morning  was  far advanced  This event is one of   interest     to  the people of this city, as both  Mr  jiul Mis   Jones are well known, Mi  Jones     being     employed in Messrs  Man   <v Adaniis  sIolo,   and   thebndo  having hved  in this sect ion  for       a  numiber ofveais     They  weie theie-  cipients oi many costly   picsents, and  ��������� loni     their  large cnclc  oi      ft lends  have     good wishes     foi-then -future  happiness.  This      moninig   the newly  married  couple took      the tiam  101 Victoria,  wheie   the hoiieyjinoon   will  be spent,  and  upon  then   lcUun  will  lake    up  the Williams   block  -o   holrday-mal'ers  who   are making purchases      from  them  for  the Russian  Christmas, which, according to     the  Julian I'allcndar,     comes on Sunday  ne\l  Victoria, B.C , Jan. 2.���������-(Special)  ���������The captain of the steamer Whit-  tier     reports that on tbe evening of  *��������� f������W3>(i_  Sunday, the 31 si, he sighted the;stead's���������  mei V^ity  of Puablo o3  tlie Colum"l'Ja:fi������^j  liver  in tow  ofthe sicamship^T'-achrV.V^a  , ,  ������ i. <���������'{. Sv-ifOfei"  alis.    She'hadhef.   pLoiiellor'   sliafc'>y.fj  broken.    Thc Pueblo  is to be  lo San  Francisco foi lepaus  arrive there tomorrow night. ���������  ���������,   ,,> ^���������  <h    '     '        ' - :<, H-wwSi-*    -4S- i *>���������<v   LMWICM  rv iBA" >*5'-i1Y-*Sif^"  > 'Vancouver, Jan. 2.���������(Special)���������TJhV:j^M,*,  ch'oi or police *m this city announceB^|^Wj  that sufficient evidence has been se^**^1^^.  crned to warrant 1he 'airest of 'Mis.-"���������? iff*I  Jones and Mrs. Jackson in coiin';!^^^?.^!!  tion with the Jackson poisoning: ca-t^e *4i*'"i!'?-l  heie   They have been in iari for sev?������������������?>*-/'**������  -1        . . V ,'V^*,  GOSSIP  \mi  It  hotisekee])ing   in  CHINA    WAKING   UP  F-lcjimert.  Co'mitlam,  Toe's and Ea-  sirle tool' on. coal here 11ns morning.  S S.      C't>{f oi   \ntihes  and  S S-  il.irkicc,  now   m \ lcloria,   arc    both  due here  ac iiom  S  Chura is ccitainlv awakening uist,  and theie is no longpr jieason to douibl  that the most consei v.ttivc owa.li  UHinUies is piepaimg to loiluW ins  jiathway paved by Japan, which but  a few years ago was looked upon as  nn infeiior countiy, looked upen m  < hina as a lace ot b<irbaiian& as compiled wilh the Chinese people  Tho     boycott dnet-leid against .un-  ciicari goodb vvn>.      one  inuiuicstalioii  of  tho growth oi  a real national sentiment, such as many students ot  Asiatic- afians wero     coii\iii������i>d Avas entirely lackiiij. among the Chinese peo  pic. The     ie-oiga.nl/tvUon of the Chinese ������umy,   now tairly in pi ogress rs ev  ulence that  the gowinmciil    is itscit  waking up        Thc  Tokio correspondent oi the     I rn.ion Telegraph cables  lns ncvvs*|.aper that China is picparing  to  lecpa  peimancnt g|amson  r������  . m*  idied thousand tioops nv Mar cHu  ia, immediately ui>on thc withdrawal  of the Uussiau aimv and that these  hoops by aiiangcnicnt with '^he  government at Japan, are to be oi'i-  cerc<i by     Japanese     detailed 101 the  IHllpCM.'  It  is theevideiee of iMnojiean offi-  ccr., who     have served with the Chinese  armies      that   lire  Chinaman  is  excellent     raw  nu^riai,     and   wnen  properly)     drilled   anU     lerl,   t'lninse  tioops are mienoi   It. none   'lhc lb'  np.se aimv   in iManehui ia   under   .l.U'a-j  ncse cofnmand ami   ii>sli nc tion,   (iou-j  ises  lobe aveiv   foiiiiidabic bodv    It'"  -s but . the uticieus of .the proposed }_.,_���������, _. __  Chines-3 army, -ior the plan is at' i*���������jt/\ | .f~i C 'H  present     to have an army Cf one mil-  ' ' "^"        '       "  '.ion. two hundred and fifty thousand  men, everyone of whom will be '-c-  ^iiircd to servo three years with the  colors and six years in  reserve.  The whole Chinese army at the  commencement of this year will number four hundred thousand, and additions are "to he made to it hereafter,  until it reaches the proposed ma-ii  mum. The four hundred thousand  men will lie provided with modern ri-  lles, modern held guns a'jul iMiropcan  uniform and equipment. A million  rilles have been ordered and -three  hundred batteries are  to'.be   purc-has-  Collipi Terji Vikcn is expected    in  tomorrow for a full caigo of coal  Ben Foicimraei, who has been ail-_������i^.^s  ing for the-past few days,' is agaiiUj^-Xf-^  aibund looking<��������� after business.', * Or^-dm^  There are men  aiound  town- today*'''(������v^  who are full1 of good_ rcsplutions1'' forf&^-j^L,  1906'���������not only m Lady*iniilh\bVt.pio- '^lif  bablv in e"1 ery city  in. ChiistcndjMn::;^*~,'|-*^  Somcj will be Kept,  otheis  and will gradually melt   o���������  ���������   ���������   *  S S   Tppif* and scow were in  coal foi   tne Ma-land bodav,  icr  Yesteidav was Herring Dayc inJKTh#5������^-i.  naimo harbor'- The .bay is lepgit^-S^'.wl  as packed full of herring wluch''/arViv-'''!fr->i^ai  rd vcstcidav morning���������prob'ab;ly)������ma!c-''^'^Ml  ing New  "keai calls.  '    ' '     '\ iX^X^Ml  *>>rr-  The  peiformancc, of thc.jBo&tonion/*,  on     Saturday niglu was lathei dis-'  '-a I  ''J I   .,  ...0 ���������..  ^. ���������.    .,,     5  a]inoiiiting,__-not ^crng .ncaiiy   sogrnd*-'   ".^  is tne Gypsj   GfrT. piescnttd-"'oiir",tYii������r,~'''>;'^  foi u.el.    These  sfeameis    pievrous  evening ,    'Jhe chrldreii were  he Columbia nvei 1 all sufU-rinL,  nom seveie colds,  which/  ������   ������   , i jieihaps> accounts few the ccinpaial-Ae  Santa     Clara was in       th^s ', iron ess or ilus ������;how       "Tips,'' was  \civ  cicvei,  bP'Ug htttet than any of  the otheis, nl1i*o)igli     the little b:?:,y ^M  and  t!ipc,iil   Jaku>g  the  paifc, of Mur- ^^  phv  weie iefv  geed  uoi rm;. lading on sacked coal rot 1 lae plav piesented, Babe "Mason ta*>  tno no.th "v. numbei oi her passen- m������ the title ion* Ller perfoyman'o  gers s; ci't tolay seeing thc sights, in  1 ow n   ^_o   Mi    and Mrs   Uandlass,   who     aril e-|   in  Ladv smith   todav   from   Alas! a,   report Mr   and Mrs Stephens,  'vho'ii   thev   left north,  to be cn'oy-  *i"T  thj Lest   of health     Thev  grcatlv  h e the countiy twi do not  lnlinJ ie-  inrniri^  to thc Island   to h-e        Mrs.  \\pnllass  will remain  leic wiln  tcianvcs   biit   her hi.s! and   v ill  luin.nGitli afici a short holiday heie   o   THK GRIP.  ������'*HbI  is iiSS  '"Before   i f can sriiinaLbi.e      .with!  othei'--',      wc*n.ist have suffered oui-    neiUt  s Ives      !So  one can  reali'/"  the <su'i- V-J-"^J  her j Ci,]|^  ,iflcnda''it   voon   a*:  atlac'vi    o������  re-|gii'*p,   Miilrt *   he has   had the   acfurl  c\penei.ue     There *.s prohahlv no dis-  ease     that cnis^s so much phvsicrl.  IWimei   ?iLaiiin   of  Nanaimo   was  a..nl  mental agon*.,  or which, so   suc-  a visitor   m Ladv smith on Saturday  Mr   Maitin   had   under   cnnsideiation  tlie  opening   of a branch   office       in  Lachsmith    but has uetidnl not   to do berIain's  soar   1 he present  trine     However, he  tens of thou  will   loo'    after  anv   business   that   >s  ent'ist'.l  to him  h re can fully    ~iv-  liij.   it th" some attention  as though  located  her?  eessfuilv defies medical aid. All dan-*,  gqt from the grip, however, .may L,e'-  avoided  bv thc prompt  use "of Chiirt- '  Counh. Remedy.   Among the" ^j  lousands who have used ,ti.is "-'^M  icmedv,   not   one case  has ever  be&lx^^j?"  reported   that   h.\s resulted, m  iJtieu-in-"*S  niOPi?  oi thar h?snot recovercrl   Fof V^Cu  s.dc  bv   the  Ladv smith  Pharmacv "'t'^tojl  T"*������  IS SOLD  T'he !lr:-  t Irr- n ha if-    1 Ik* .money lie  paid      for  II:i.*l'.:in  iiropertics practically back iii  his i'lOcl-.cls  again  in return  for     less  than   a    moiety  of the  timher" lands'  which  lie Required  inthe deal, Mr. J;  S.  Eincrsc-u  is closing up his        ac-  coiints Jor It'll5 with considerable rca  son    for the  undisguised   satisfaction  with which he lool'S back upon     the,  operations���������a satisfaction not to     be  says:   "With rather more   the  mill   fort-he  remaining  'sT),ni?(J.  ''And   the mill   has pan!  fiom      the  \err first day,-'  sard  Mr    Cmei^oni  :'',Th'o-'-government is going to  dredge-  ���������the harbor  and wc are going  to buld  a wharf     tlierc and make it a   first-  class  concern.    Three catloads       of  new machinery arc now   ordered from  the east   and when thev aio installed i  !i  the mill will he. up-io-datc rn    cvery,J  respect." '   >  Touching on the latest seizaie of  his logs, Mr. Emerson said an ap-  plieatiorr .to set'.it aside would be  made before a sup-i erne court pid^e  next Week a">> Victoiia, wheie he m-  ticinated a decision winch would upset the law prohibitin������ the evnoiln*  Iron  of logs.  Mr.   Emerson would  throw   no ligMJ.,  belt  ed ho synnptom of any unusual excite were examined and the total expense  merit. The value ofthe animals de-(if the case to Cook County up to  stroyed is said to be ������4.00. j *atc has been ,$35,000.  oil- j clouded  even   by'the  fact  that    Con-  The- lawalccning of China and its stable Crawford, erstwhile- amateur  prepar'atimi to defend itself against- i ehampion middleweight of Canada,  any future possibility of aggreesionr* occupies a damp,sect on a boom of  spells the end of the ������*>oiiaftjon of 'that his lo^s which ought to be going  oiiril'.-y and its possible dismember- through the Nanaimo sawmill,  ment bV any nation'in Europe- Con- Mr. Emerson received word today  sidering the ~'l.j>v * lesson vvhieli Japan   th.it   Mr.   T.Jerome,   ofthe Merrill  lias  given Russia,   there is no  count   *v    Ring  Company,   Seattle, will    he.  in  the vni-l.-t     which  w-iii attempt t' along   in  a few days  to complete  the j  try conclusions      with     China on hei ''itrchase     of 6.000     acres of timier  owi)  ground,  after  'an armv      ^,.  ....,..,v   ........ - ������������������,-,*,���������.., j  ans.     ' There is     no nienncv in it In ^ .teres which Mr.   Emerson bought f he shipped     out of     inc country, 1W  thos-  vvhrse o-nlv wish is t-hat Chin ' aUl|,K -w,'������l the Nanaimo sawmill and j could only;surmise tlut^the com^ny,  may retain her own tevritOTv .,wl not si"'M   fcr S72'500 [rom thc ?SSiSlwes  on  the object  of the   "-Seattle  conenra ,  she bas''cMalnrd:''leuscs bv writing a cheek for $37,000 I in  purchasing  his  timher leases     As*  trained hv Janane.se vein-- Th? two parcels form part of the I,-";tha.iogs arc-not of the class that catt  *���������'������������������**��������� ..,.-,      out of ���������  pas.*   piecemeal  to other countries, t-  be exploited for their own advanta  of the l-lasiam  estate.   He therefore  still     has 8.000 acres of timber and  j iptehded ' to dispose  of tlieni   on   this  side,     or hold the limrts for specuU^  live purposes.  r*"-s klLV LJELiGJm  'aaiUBtat&i*^^^ *??--  T ���������     ' -.��������� ~~"T?,T .,  issm  Iff 8AILY liilSfi? .'j^^^  .WiT'iijSjiai  i;;j'a, ".ifit'CiK:".. cin-r  .(jje;  Published , every day except Sunday.  ���������Y       THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT r^DYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  H cents a month;   $9 per year   in  advance.    Advertising rate* on ap.  plication.  TUESDAY, JAN;  190.6.  &_������������{���������*-!*  ..���������**������_  ���������arr"  (Nanaimo) Ltd  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ve forgotten someoney  :  ��������������������������� ���������������������������-.���������.....���������:������������������.'.���������;/..������������������ '��������� -.7 7:;"7;:,.: ._  or you may want to  a good toy for your  own  THE PRICES ARE   RESISTLESS.  LADYSMITH   TOO  - Tli6 Vancouver World-is getting     j  ci,uisitive au������l wants--to Kiiow, ."-Whei"'  ��������� oh where, is Mr. Robinson." 7aiul tli'  Canadian Marconi     W-reress  and   t'  promised dividends.   We,   too,  in La-*  djsmith,     would like to know  w1k;"  the dividend     coupons can be cut .itl|  Tlie World arl.ci'c reads as follows;-,.-���������'.  Jo     can  tell      the: World anytl.i;''': "  about   the "Marconi      Wireless,   (Cl;n  dian)  company?        What has teco...  ' of the i-rojected enterprise? Where .n .  the promoters?     What has been do .;3^  toward carrying out'.the .plans as de <������������ SETS OI  tailed at     .Victoria,     Vanco.uvcr.ru  ~lfm%  :S������ r rS Xs" i?"jS.'������!; Fancy Goods This Week atHalf Price and Le$s!  there.-, a responsible  representative   iii,-������3j *'������������������������������������'<���������  >���������������������������   PWETABIDS OP rOVS   y  5c, 10c, I5C. 20c..ii 25c  The following expensive Toys are being sold]  atone third off, or 33 1-3 pe������* cent, discpunt:  ROCKING  HORSE S��������� TOY  HORSES ON WHEELS      "y  DISHl".S, -DOLL'S   FURNITURE   ETC   ETC.  ���������'  the province who can answtr tines ���������>  tions retgarlHng its sta|j^������iy and pro'-i-  pects? It is more thfen a twel' e  month since a Mr. Robinson .appe. r ������������������!  before the public ofthe profunce and.  having demonstrated that by the "Mnv-  :iconi system messages   could l>e lrar.s  ���������   milted   through .brick, walls  and ovrr  vast  areas of land  and  water by the  employment of     the etheric'. ��������� .wave's,'  procccdedto     offer stock  in  the com-  ' pany at par. According to his first  announcement as contained in the advertisements . there was so iarg,c a  demand elsewhere for the shares that-  only a very limited number had i>cei*  allotted for sale "fin this province. After the disposal of the stated 'number,  no further shares would lie sold here.  The shares went off like tho proverbial hot-cakes, or a race-horse hastening to wm a prlie. Everybody wh->  was anybody at all and who had the  necessary moneyi subscribed. Some  wanted lots of %wo thousand or three  thousand shares; but the applicants  for these amounts were informed thai  the number on hand was so lirnii-i  that no single person would be p.ilj...-  ed to have more than one thousand  shares. This arrangement whetted  the appetites of the public  and  soon  --...the shares allotted to- British Columbia were exhausted. Mr. Rfcbinson  went away; but he returned in a  short'time, with a fresh batch- which j  he said had been aiiokted for British  Columbian consumption as a special  favor. , These went off as rapidly as  the first, and, if we are correctly n-  lormed, he came a third tin>2 with a  third special      allotment,   which  was  ������������������:���������: also quickly sold. This all happened  a year ago, but from no quarter do  we rective any evidence that the  company intend to begin work soon,  ii" ever.   The  i  /J\      /������s      **������>.      /l\      /f*.      ���������>\ /T-,  :X-  7TX  X-X-X-X.-X  *._/       *v_/  SPECIAL  *f\    **%   ^C  X  3C Pairs   ' Ladies'  Crochet Slippersln     Piak;'    Blue  Cardinlal,   Black and Different Comhi nation���������     Our  Best Xmas and  New Year's  Stuck���������AU     new goods  REGULAR   $1.25 and $1.50  at Per Pair, $1.00  -%~-X-X-W-Xr-*-X-~������i   XXX  X~X  X  X  X  *  X  #  SPECIALS  Fancy   Suspenders  All our   Mens*  this week.  REGULAR $1.00, now 75c.  REGULAR $i.25, now 95c.  REGULAR, $1.50, now $i.i5  reduced for*  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fi-hing innaar -ioinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  \  LADYSMITH, B.C.  Newly fitted up aud  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms *  PORTLAND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  luimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  XMASWiW Y_JM  EXCURSION RATES.  Board at reasonable  Rates  Tbe bar is extra well  Stocked!  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Let  us hope that the Marconi Wireless s  not deslirtci' to show whntrati be  done in the  dry.     'ihesc remar'..;; are  a ih! the pulpit go hand in hand with  whittwash brushes and pleasant words  magnifying little virtues into b������g ones  The pulpit, the peri, and the grave.  stone are the great saint; making  triumvirate'' The  minister  went   off  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GAT ACRE   STREET-  ��������� Ladysmith.  HOTEL DOMINIQN  ���������Rates $1.25 and$l.iO->  Free bus to all ateamboat landing* aad  railway depots.   Electric ear* et/ery fl������  minuteB to all parts of  tbo' oliy.   Bai  and table.unexcelled. !  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  1  ABBOTT ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C.  upon the matter and furnish well- looking very thoughsful, while the eel-  supported assurances that the coat- itor turned to his Work, and told 0/  pany is ail right and that thc work the surpassing beauty of a bride,  'of construction win be proceeded with when1 in fact she was'homely as a mud  without, unnecessary delay. The fence, and the leading merchant, fath-.  shareholders have aright to demand er of the bridegroom, would ibe a bank  the. fullest explanation..      They  want _ rup't ere his debts     were paid.'"���������Ex-  Story  Te Write a  Mot West  that  would hare the tru������  rinn;     to it,'the author would  of   necessity     require to lire  there for a time at least. He  musk     study     thc character.  istics of the western pcopie-  liuVB to bucom������'on������   o< tkiiar,  liTing Iheir daily iif������, sliari������n  their    joys      and      sorrows.  llu  woald have    to mix with  their, socially  kuil  in a bi'*i--  ut-ss way,     in      Kiiorfc    bu a  "Westerner "     Its a questtop  of Liio wing- local conditions.  The   si'a-me   reasoning   applies  to    thu     "Lecki* BooVj   tor  Wuuturn  Miner,   Ibe Procpwut-  or and  tha Lumberman.  Thu makers of the " Lack-  is  Hoot'' aru Westerners with  g      Western    experience.        They  know what to make anH how  io make it.     Its not so much  a question of r.*ricc as of quality.       Their sole     aim is to  nmke a     better boot for the  same  money���������and  the "LEC.  K,IFJ BOOT" ii it.  MAKUFACTURED BY.���������  it St  OALEQflAN  Leads Them  IN QUALITY  V  All  :o:-  to know  money.  for     what they   paid their  A preacher ca.mc at a newspaper  man in this way: You editor> jo rut  ���������ten the truth- I'^you did you 1,111 '  not live, your paper would,-be a failure." The editor replied: "You arc  an times and under all circumstances  right, and the minister who will at  ten ihe truth abou- his church membership, aii'.c or tlcad. will not occupy his pulpit more than one Sun-day,  and then he win find it necessary to  leave town in     a hurry.     The press  change.  WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT?  She said to her husband as they  passed a store, where aiady was  standing in the window, cambiiig ker  beautifui long hair.' Cust to think of  it, or.a woman having m much hair  ajid 1 hare not enough to keep my  hat on well. Her husband said: "You  can have more if you use what they  do. That lady is one of the Seveu  .Suthcrla������d Sisters."  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA,  :���������: :���������::-: .-: :���������B.C.  Under. Mew Mana.aieat  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell & Woobank  Proprietbrs.  Modern and     Strictly F������et 0"Uu_.  ��������� . ;--.-'j o...  Commercial Mens' beadqaartera.  Fire Proof    Buildiaf.  WANTED���������By     Chicajj������     wholceale  house, special representative (������������������aer  woman) for each province in Canadk*.  Salary     $20 00     aad expenses >aW"  to FERN IE,   B. C.  Ke*. DOwa Read Up  ������p.n. X,v.  Victokia   Arr.   4.00 p. 111.  t.oo p. m. Xv.    Seattle     Air. 9.00 a.m.  '  1.M p. a, Arr.    Ererett    Arr. 7.30 a.tu.  9.jaa.W Arr. SPOKANlt Arr 7-45 p.<"  *.a$ t������.ai Arr.   Rexfor-   Arr 12.30 p. ���������������������  a.iat *������������' ���������a.Ar.  .Bike   Arr. 1014a a. 111.  f.ou p.m. Att.    Pernie   I.V.955M   111.  ,    ONE NIGHT  To tM KMtena-r Points .  "TWO   NIGHTS  * To    Winnipeg aad St. Paul  Close. Connections  "-'���������'' For1-   Chicago, Toronto,  llo-treal and  All Points East & West  Acetylene     Lighted"   Cars.  Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining     Cars (Meals a  la  ���������>      Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  Through     tickets and hag-  - gaga checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For; tickets, maps, berths  reservation*    and complete  ,. information    can oa or ad-  .,, dress), t  S. ������. Yark������ E. R. Stephen  -A:#.R:Av ������������������- G.A.G.N. Ry  &������tt_������ ' Victoria, B.C.  3  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yatas Si  VICTORIA, B C  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  "Horn  One of which  is. the famou*  Coast Limited"  Tickets on sale to ai; Eastern   aa4  /'  HENRV'S NIRSFRIES  NBW CROP���������  torn* Ghrown _c Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  _EED_.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  ������������������GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  ;.':������������������.���������/ ..PLANTS.      -.: ___".-  For Sprint: planting:���������   Eastern prices  or leas;!.Catalogue free.   ���������  1010 Westminster Road, Vancouver.  Southern points at lowest rgAes.'  Up-to-date     Pullman.,and     To������r,  sleepers, - on  a.'il trains.  Dining  service  Unsurpassed.  Steams'ifp Tickets on sale to anc  from all European Points. Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    II  -EFFECT-  For     furthDr  write the ollice.  A.  D.  Chariton  A.G.P.A.,   N.P.  Portland, Ore,  particulars    call  Phone Maijj -isjj  E.   E. 13iackwe������  ,        General Age  Victoria, B.(  PAINTIN������,  PAPEKttANQINO  'Bl-Ci'-''  Work'deae properly and at    rlirhi  fthm;   }&-tW)kut ol Walr   Paper.  -rj*7-"   weekly.       Expense  moaey  aiyii^^^.-P^^**- Supplies  Residence on  Business succeasful; positien permanent. No investment required. Pre*  vious experience not essential :to-: engaging-   ' ���������'���������'���������"  Addreis Manager, 132 Lake1 Street,-  Chicago, 111.,  U.S.A.  Robert* Street  J. B. SMITH, Prop  Are Vou  Going: East  Then be sure your tickets read   -  the  IlJESffilN  ���������*3..ii--^-'*-^.i*^.*������^-.*������^'.t������ ^M'n*^!*^* Pi^^^9i^9i^Pl^K^e9i^*S^*ii^*.  THE TYEE C������PPER CO., Ltd;    j  TH6 CITY  R. Williamson Prop  jst. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  WM. MUNSIE, President J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  .Telephone^.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a  Speoialir.-  ������ ���������MannfacturerH     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Latha,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., ofthe Best Quality.  3ttsohed  and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     and  Flatafcing    Lamkec ia   Stock.  1  %  i  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B.C.  I DAY SCHOOL.  'J ���������  Uaual aubjecta ��������� taught; also language*, drawfag in pencil aad cray-  oas; Jpaitat ng ia eils aad' water colon, pianoforte aad vocal leasons gir-  eo in claasea or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  L������-Timlt_. B   C.  HEAD OFFICE "^"5  ; DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVINGSTON        j  Vancouver Island, B. C.                     General Manager, j  ���������*Vfe,"'---fc'r������*/-*iVth-*"^^  cTWONEY TALKS/--  AS LOUD-TO US  AS  ANYONE.  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Caatactloaai'7 of all kiadi.  OnJira %*km for faatriaa to be de-  U*f������rt< ati-aay t_ne.  Employment Agency.  ..Dea ers In  Pianos and]  Organs ..  Ladysn, ith, B.C  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  Member Can.   Society  of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,3 England  Member   Internatioi.al  Electrical   Congress   at St. I>ui������-, ia*'|  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  P. O. BOX 357,,  ..^..i  J        LADVaMlTHi B, Q,  I  Manufacturers ofthe Famous  GlfSA^i pLossort  Nane -km   Jfaivn Ea-������r   Dnplayed  Dr. Dier can lie foi:nd at anytime  at his office on Gatacre st. >IIis d#n--  tal work is gvarantcod. to be flrat*  class and rates reasonable ai,  HILBERT i  V.  '*"-*5"a^/$f  IXAILY 1*1 GIB  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO    B.C.  flanufacturers offthe  Co  In  British Columbia  Lager Reer   and Porter     Guaranteed   Brewed  rom the   'V*{  Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  *������ ���������������������������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!������������������������!��������� ��������� ������������������������������I*<K*>*fr*H.*������l--3'*fr ������������������>>H-������'>>������*������-���������������!��������������������������� ���������I^***i������*H*'v*v-* *  *!���������  h*V -���������      ���������r  cw Year's Needs  The se'.-sou of parties and eulcilainir.cnts is heie with its  extra demands upon oui talJe equipment���������China and Glass  ware,   Sdvei     and  Cutloiv  %& Yo*-;r'a Com^Ieic?'  If   not,   these  Inn I s    will interest vou .  !csc..h Rogers   &   Sons    Ma'e."  Tallv"1 1.3U.Ts, celluloid liar I Jfs, oval and -iiimie $7, $7 "0 doz  Dessert Knives to match alic'.e, o.'al 1.5 50,'s .vare, $G t'O doven  Ivoiv liandl, d table I m es. Mll.u do' Desserts to match V> 30  Cirunur  Km cs lti'<l   Foi s    . iliih>>.l lundLs, o-al and sqiaie,  .��������� -   V2 5(1  <'iul   12 7.")   [iair  llar..!somc car". im>  scr,. in     cases      nom   * H- ' 0  to   $16 00     set  T-������b!e   ������ imv-s :ind  Ci ������Lh:  Uleichcl Scotch table linen s, choice designs, C2-ineh  Napl ms to math,  tl f.o do/en  lush  I.inrn  Damask,  full bleached,  72-inch  S'an'ins  to  math,   1100    do-en     -  meached  lush   Linen  ta'de clollV;      ? wis  v 2J   yc'*--  ,'j   c  vd  $1 10 j r.id  U 2.1  i  ���������a>*i . ' 7 ���������'*"  ____aji__  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short   aotice.   Drill. Sharpened by us *'  ways gives satisfaction. Picks hand! ed and repaired. * ��������� ''T]!  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The  owner,      however,   was  a remarkably  bad shot,  and one day,  on firing both  barrels hastily at a rabbit which l an  unexpectedly     across his path,       he .  heard    a mournful    howl.    The nevt j  moment his dog appeared -carrying a  black object in his mouth, and laid it  carefully at his master's  feet.     The  animal had retrieved Ins  own tarl.,   o   LN PRAISE OF CHAMBERLAINS  lvJNG OF ALL COUUli MEDICINE  'i hei e is no other mediciae nianu-  laolurcd that has received so much  jn ai.se and so many expressions ol  platitude as Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy. It is effective, and prompt  idief follows its use. Grateful parents everywhere do not hesitate to  testify to its merits for tke benefit  of others. It is a certain, cure lot  ciou|/i and win prevent tlie attack u  given at the fust appearance of thc  disease.     It is especially adapted to  NAMES OF VOTERS  ..''���������":'V>  Having the Necessary Pfoperty  QuaMcatibns to Moid Alder<-  manic Position  children, as it is pleasant to take  and contains nothing injurious. Mr  E ,A. Humphreys, a well known res  ident and clerk in the store of Mi  Locke, of Alice, Cake Colony, South  Africa, says: "I have used Chambci  lam's Cough Remedy to *aid ofl  croup and colds in my family I  found it veiy satisfactoiy and itguves  me plcasuie to recommend i*." Foi  sale by The Ladysmith Pharmacy  UNTIED ANCIENT  ORDER OF  ��������� DRUIDS  Wellington f" io\e No 4 U. A O. D  Meets hi the TOO F. Hail, La-  dvsruitli, the Seioni and fourth  1\ei!net.tla><- of each month, coinme-e-  \ug Wednesday,  13th ,  1905.  Visiting Duuds     at-i U'Viled te ai-  tuid  Bv Older  "ftM   RAFTER, Reef Seety  PATRICK BUFK, N   A  The following list, kindly supplied  ny the City Clerk, gives the names  ut voters in tlie - city having the necessary property-qluaiificatio'iis' to hold  aldcrhiaiiic positions, that is^ insured  ical -estate to the value of $50i). The  nirn.es having an "x'' opposite are  owners of $1,000 worth or more of  such property.' and -as siich arc qualified to fill the ollice- of Mayor. in  some cases, however, lhe party . nay  own enough'.property hut not have.it  legistered in his own name for the  past six ���������'months, so all inthe list  below* lii'ay not ; for this, reason -lifc  eligible for a seat in the city council  '1 he list will, however, be found useful to citizens generally -in deciding as  they  would  like to  bring  Bickle,   John.  Wasson, A. G-.y  Fraser,  W: G.  Ferguson,   Joe.  Scott.   Cr.  W.  ���������Wa.rdi.'.Wni.''  Smith,  J.   E.  Nicholson,   D.  D-ljvis,   D.   li.7  Sricr,   Wm.  Fagan,   D.   ,     x  x  be  Ladysmith Temple No.  5  Ratlibone  Srstcrs meets at the Oddfellows1 hall  2nd  and  4th   Tuesday   at   7.30   p.m  Mrs   Kate Tate secietaiy.  if  SIMPSON  Solicitor, Et������.  Money  to   Loan  t Avenue -     UDYS t)  Any  of  Job  Done Promptly and  WELL  'At  THE  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  x  m  NOTICE.  From this date tha unflsrsigned  will not be responsible fer any indebtedness incurred except on a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C��������� May 18ti\ 1905,  lo whom,     they  would  out,  as candidates.  \\ at'so'ii',  W.  J.     ���������;  Uryden,   Alec.  Hiydeii,  Andrew        x  Conway',  T.  1). x'  Conlin,  James    ,  Kerr, Archi.,-''      x  Johnson,  D. T.  Could,  Isaac        x  Ilagg-ftrt,' D.'-'W'-.',  Lawson, :R;  Uren,   A;-        x  Winston,. I. .0.  IVeinrobis'-B. S.    '    x.;  Jones, Lot;    '������������������ x v  Campbell,. Colin        x ,  McDonald,  J. x  Thomas,' J; j.  ' . . x. *��������� '  McMnrtrie A. J.      7x^  Nith'olson,  D:      X -  Heu'.i'-idge,  W. x  McLean.   W. !F.     .   x  fir-nter, Robtv        x  Malhesoii,''M: x  Rcnwick, Thos. ,    .-  Larulerbach,  F.  Keir,  Wm. x  Manuel,1  Win.   .-.  (.lisboriie, II.  K.iv, ;;Harry,        x .,���������'  Hl.iii-,   Marry        x  Canip-ijell,  Dan.  VaMs, John  ;     x  .Mi'ii.sie,  Thos. x  Barclay,  Wm.     ,-.  Gourlay,-' James.-  Lynn,  M. ;  Stephens,  Ed.  Ra'/zano, '15.  Smith,  Wm.  Timothy-,   Griff.'        x  Mmr,   John .  Little,   John  A\elson, C.  Hughes,   IT.  Smith,  Geo.  O'Connell, T.  Ryan,  John  Ingham,   James. .  McMurtric,  John  McMillan,  P.  Auchinvoie,   Alec.  Callander,   James  Kerr,   John  Sabistom, D.  Sanderson,   Wm.  Jackson, W.  Kerr.  Thos.  Fletcher,  W. x  Knight,   A. O.        x  Roberts,  Geo.        x  Thomas, ..I).,'J.        x  McK'iiuioii,  Arch.  Tha,  J.   . "  Maloiiej  P.'..-'..''. x  Rollo,  J.  lOvans,  15.  'McRoa,-D.-S.'  Mottishaw,   S.  K'.  Webicy,  Thos.  Jones, '���������*���������*.'.  IVlcKinley,  -J.  Sanders, > J.  Anderson,   VV.  Cassidy,  Geo.  Johnson,  Geo.  H.  Robertson,  A. D.  Mrown, W. S..  McKirineH, D.  Jolly, AVnr;  .Watson,;' Rpbt.:  Coiwirn,  A. W.  Canipbell; Mike  tlawortli,  Geo.  Rafter,  w^  Greaves,  F.  W.  Morgan, T. C.  Cbnway, J.  T.  Vere, J.  Davidsoh,  \Vm.  Fill tori,  Hugh  McMillAn, T.  Davidson,  Wm..  Steele,:A: W.'   ������������������-  Carroll,   H.  Wood-hurii, Moses .  Jones,  D. W.  Ilutchinson.  James  Pollard..  Henry  Rogers, John  Proven. James  -Alls'bpp,  Ji       '���������"���������'���������  Wright;  W.   7   ������������������_.'-'-,���������  Divon,   J:       -    ;  Weir;-:J.: R.;v '   '  Treweek, T.  Spence, .Wm.        x  Simjison, \V.  G. ���������-'-  Dunso,  Arch.*.-���������;  Noon,  P.  Walters, C.  Patterson,  D.    '<������������������''  Kerr,  J. r  James,  F. W.-  Gill'ord,  Sidney  Robertson, W'iri  Mcintosh,  S.   I.  Mills,  C.  W.  Manuel,   J.  Lewis,  J. W.  Gould,   Sanvpson  Park, John  Williamson,  R. :  Gear,  Robt. x  Miles,  IL O.  Gourlay, Dave.  Berto,   Ben.  Ninimo,   J.  P.  Gilchrist,  Wm.  Robertson.  A.   G:  Dnnsmuir,  J. x  Jones,  Walter  Pro-vis,   T.  si".  COUVER  SL AND  AND  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  lis land,  when properly cleared,   will grow almost any product of the  soil  known   to  man,  WHEAT VEGETABLES APPLES.  OATS OF PRUNES  RYE . ALL   KINDS PEARS  A  WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS    AND      BERRIES.  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt   a liberal   land   policy,   and  tht     1,500,000 acres controlled     by   them will be disposed of on reason-  6Ie terms lo actual settlers     U*.  Government lands can  be secured   and     money can be made by those  who desire anew home in a country  possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  Fn the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will, supply any information obtainable to those who contemplate a visit with a view of investment if  conditions are found  as advised.  Is the centre of the great ceal wining    district,      a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in  each year.  LADYSMITH  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF TH E LINE FROM VICTORIA TO  VANCOUVER, aad will eantinue to gr������vr U *.mportan������e as thi* Island is  developed.  Subscrib* for and read TBfi DA ILY LEDGE-R, LADYSMITH, B   G.  Allen,   Chas.  Young,  Lewis  Francis, D  Wulson^G  HillTGus.  Mills, JV.  G.  James, W  James, G.  Siarth, Geo.  Gordon,   T.  zalcjiari'cio,  and  R  there connects ���������������������������������������?���������;  ARE  WOMEN AN  UNDESIRABLE ELEMENT  Judging by thc newspaper comment  on thc Hon. Grovcr Cleveland's late  article agamst equal suffrage, the  public attaches little importance to  his elaborate dissertations on the divine intentions regarding woman's  spheie The one sentence in his ar-  gumeiit winch is quoted and seems  to be regai ded as cai rying weight is  that 'the *.oice ot the thoughtful and  conscientious (among women) would  almost certainly Le largely outweighed by those of the d'.sreputa-ble, the  ignorant, the thoughtless, the purchased and the coeiced "  Mr.  Cleveland     admits that this is  now (he- rase  to a considerable extent  among men, hut he claims that iii order   lo    juskfy  giving  women    e^ual  rights      with  men,   it must be shown  thai     they    would  sue them  better  than men.    The friends of equal rights  of com so,   would  drny     this      They  would sav that women ought to have  equal rights      wilh men unless it can  be shown that  they  would   use them  worse  than men   But it is easy     to  meet Mr Clovelaihd's   ob|ictiori pn thus  arid lo     .show lhat     woman suffrage  would    increase  the     desiiabie vote  more largely than the undesirable.  Fust, as to ignorance The high  schools of every state m the Union  are graduating more girls than boys,  often two or three tunes as many  This is because of the growing tendency to take hoysto utof school early to put them into business There  are m Iho United States 117,362  niiure illiterate males than illiterate  females between the ages of 10  21. years. (Census o* 1900 )  Then,  as     to  the disreputable- The  disreputable   element   is much   smaller  among,   woiren than  among  men, look  at the    statistics of the orisons and  the penitentialios     As  to the women  specifically called disreputable.     Mrs  Helen Gilbert, Ecob,  wife of a promi-  ���������n������nt pasior,     who was stationed tor  j years  u:    Ucnvoi,     writes   "The women cn this class     in &���������'}  part <of the  I United States, constitute only an infinitesimal   fraction of  the female population       In Deme'r the vote of that  ciass is confined     practically to three  ,precincts out of 120.  I    Mis   Sarah Piatt Decker of Den\cr,  ���������witk'l  another hne to the port of Champoc-)^.  ico    On -the ,   msv     side, a road,' tto������,'^  Guatemala Northern, is built    1'ronitlS  Puerto Ramos     to Rancbo San Au--pt  irustm,   a distance  of  123  nmes 'Witfcfl  the completion     of the seventy o_ie*"������J||  intervening'      between     this     port 5^j|  and Guatemala    City, there will be a &j|  continuous hue between the gulf and ijj  the Pacific. . ' X'7%  The latter road was well construct- V|������  ed, and     opened to traffic ten yearsV|  ago    However, it is a difficult m.itter"<;M  ''*t?  t0lieep a road in repair in thesei tropr."':*g  ical     conrrtrres     because of excessive ,J  ram and the     action of the clement* , ������jg  and insects upon thc lies    In the 129   J^  miles  of track  there  aie 230 bridges    J  and many of     them are over streams < '  winch, ui the ramy season, are raging  torients. In that season many of the   -  streams change their course or widen   .-  their beds and     wash  out the track.  Consuierab e     work has been and 18   ',  bemg done on     the extension tq th*  capital -  the gieatcst problem with the rail--,'  road,     as wen as with     other enter-'*   .  puses,  J5 lahor.   The, Indians will', cn- ' }  \y work spasmodically. Sometimes the < , ,,  political   governors will Compel  ihem  \'\  to woik, but this cannot exceed four-    '  teen days. Then, they draw their pay   '  and     leave   The     plantation owners      '-  ovcrcoii'e this     by advancing the In-    -i?  diaiis a certain amount of iinompy and   "* '  then the     law compels them to v/ort   ',-  until the debt is     paid.   Each pianta-     ;'  r.ion'hasan alcaide,     or mayor,  who -<  has  the jrowc-r to enforce the laws,  and he can put     the recieant laborer   ,  in the stocks or in iaii if hcrefusrsto     u  hunt rip and brin^ him back if ho attempts to    escape.   Another *no7o is  often* talcen     as security for the one  employed ���������The Pilgrim. ^   o   OLD AGE t MATRIMONY.      .  When he was considered quite   an  old     man,   James,  Lord Balcaries,  presidents of the General Federation  ol Women's Clubs sa*s The woman  of the half wo"d geneialiy do not  vole They are constantly changing  their residence* and their names  They do nut wish to gi\e any data  concerning themselves, their age, oi  iiu'mlici aiKl stieet They prefer to  remain  unidentified."  There io no evidence that women  are more thoughtless than men and it  will hardly be claimed that the,major  ity of Airierrcan women are purchasable lhc smah number who can be  bought are a mere drop m the buck  et compared with the vastly larger  numbei who cannot Im tluce or the  four equal soifiiage slates, it is not  claimed by our opponents that any wo  man has e\ei sold her vote and m the  the lourtb. the number of women who  have done so are a niere fraction of  the number of men.  But Mr. Cleveland thinks women  would be largely "coerced." Most  'American husbands are too civilized  lo seek, to coerce-their wives. There  has been no complaint that women as  vl*ters have been coerced in New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, or  the other .-.. places where.-women ha,ve  beer.-voting for years. Does anyone  seriously imagine that American, husbands are likely to treat their wo  men folk) worse than the,men-of other  coutrtrifcs? This particular objection  is a libel on American manhood.   o ������������������  THE     REAL GUATEMALA  Guatemala is a country of great,  undeveloped resources. Twenty years  a.uo the- first railroad wa.s ojpe-iied con-  iKvtjtrg the capital with the. Pacific,  purl of, San Jose.'a distance of <75  miles. From Escriintla, a favorite wa  tering place, a 'branch extends to Ma-  I went to stay  with old Lady  Keith.  a      There were a number of young ladies  in the house and, before he arr^ed,  Lady   Kerth     said   to them:   "Now,(.  there   is   this old  gentleman cornrng  to stay, and I particularly wish lhat������  you  should  all endeavor  to m a k e '-  youiselves ���������> as pleasant to him as you  can."      They     aU agreed to do so,  but     a Miss  Dalrymple said.  "You  may  all do what you like,  but I'll s  bet you anything  that you     please  that     I'll  make the old  gentleman; ���������  like me best of all-"    And so - ������.s*M* "  did    She made him perfectly  de*.ot-  :d to her all the time he was there,  yet when he asked her to mairy him  she laughed  in his  face.     Lord  Bal-  caires was extremely crestfallen, butl'  when he went away he made     v ill  settling     everything  he could      "������  Miss     Dalryample.    Somehow     islie, i  heard of this, and said' "Then after  "  all, he murt really care for nie,  .Ltt_  I will  marry him "  And she did. Ho  was  fifty-eight,  but they  had       tun  children. i.J  COUGH REMEDY       .       I  Mr. E. G. Case, a mail carries *t  Caul on Centie, Conn, wm.) has boea  .n the b S. seivioe foi; about sixteea  yeais, s*ts. "We -ave tried moay.'  rough medicanes foi cioup, but Cliaa**  beriam's Cough Remedy is king ol  all and one to be relied oa every time.  We also find r', tk3 best remedy *o_  coughs and colds _i\ia��������� certain re*  suits and leawna, no bad after effects." For Siie by Tke LadySHiitM  Pharmacy.  THE MINT-  ���������������������������������������������������������������  The   Choisest  Assorlmeut  ���������������  Ck������o  o-Jates  in the City.  A. good line of ���������  HOLIDAY NOVELTIES  THE   MINT  ALEX SMITH. Prop.  AT T.   Xf| JONES  Oar C3.i'a:'.ioi3ry, Nits ail  Fiuits are all of the BEST.  A choice stock 0f FAMILYr    GROCERIES.  PRICES ARE RIGlCiY     GAT ACRE  STREI*:T ���������-^  1.  X. JONfS!  Public  Notiee  Attention Is called te the   fact that the  Ogilvie   Flour Flills Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     hare f������r sens tine  past been producing fleur i������ a  vastly improved and pitriled fern  by the ai- of ELECTRICITY  and having secured c������mtr������l ot  all th������ basis patent* relating thereto, take this opportunity ef a dvisiug the puhlie  that aiy  orized users of the electrieai   leur purifying preeesses will be pr<*-  (ecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Li mite*  are the    only   miliars ia C������u__a w_*.-*������ae     Flomr  s purifled by tk������  el;>������tri* pi*a������������_- u'l  ;  THE    DAILY   LEDGER  _������_  =__  LOCAL ITEMS  as  Smoke Big B.' Cigars.       -.  , Dairys for 19#S at Knight's Bookstore.  Mr.   and Mrs.  J. Wandlass  returned  this morning from Ketchican.  Mr.  Frank Hanipson returned from  Nairkimo this  morning.  Mr. Geo. Kiddie of Crofton spent  New Year in Ladysmith, returning  home this morning.  ^-Archdeacon Scriven passed through  to Duncans from Nanaimo this morning.  Mr.   E, Marshall,  of Vancouver,    is  visiting Ladysmith,  the guest  of Mr.  and Mrs. II   Porter.  Mr. and Mrs.  J. Adam were among  lie arrivals  on the morning       train  from Nanaimo,   where  tliey  spent the  holidays. , ��������� ���������  Mr.   E. Watts,  of Chcmainys-     was  in   Ladysmitli   yesterday,   the  fjuesl  of Mr,  and Airs.  11. Thornley.  He returned home this morning.  Misses R. and E. Bland, who have  been spending ten days holiday with  relatives in Victoria, arc expected  heme tomorrow.  I_fl  CROCKERY  CHINA SETS AND  CUT GLASS SETS  T������/������i  ������������������#������^###-  All Are  Of Good Make       i  Handsome Patterns  At Reasonable Rates  The three-months old infant of Mr.  and Mrs. Dave Gordon died on Saturday last. The interment tool; place  in tlie local cemetery yesterday.  Appointments may be made at an}"  time  for dental  work at Dr.  Dier's  on High street  Mr. R Ilaverfield, who spent  Year's Day the guesl of Rev.  Mrs.   Bowen,   at   the rectory,  town   on the  rnnmine   train.  st  New  and  left  Mr.   M. Biay,  of the)Hank  of Commerce      staff,   returned  this morning  from  a visit io his home in Nanaimo.  Mr.   T. O'Connell,   jr.,  was   among  those who spent the holidays in     the  neighboring  town.    Hc returned       on  the morning train.  In Nanaimo yesterday an interest -  ing association, foot'iuii mafh t -i ���������  place, the Olympics vs. the Aii'ie'.i'**  The Olympics were the victors, the  icore at tho conclusiion standing a,  2.  A number of Ladysmith  people  attended  the masquerade ball  in Nanaimo last night.   They report  it     to  have been      a very   successful   affair,  soine of the costumes worn by     the  maskers being very costly and handsome.  Miss  K.  Michael  returned at  from a visit  to Victoria.  noon  Mr.  Leo McKinnon is down     from  RevelstoKe,  visiting  his patents.  Mr,     II.)Fulton arrd Mr. J. Evans  returned at noon from Victoria. ���������  The   Provincial   House  o] ens  at  p.m.  on Tliuisilay, the llth  inst.  3  Miss II. Fisher, of the leachirin  staff, is spending the holidays in  Vancou\er.  Mr. II. Can oil, who spent New  Year's Day in Nanaimo, returned^ on  this mo lung's  train.  January  Knight's.  magazines now m  at  In the English church tomorrow evening  the Sunday  School  Christmas  tree entertainment will beheld.   yr>he  teachers   are     loading' the tree with  suitable presents for the little ones,  and  a good  programme is being    prepared.    The  evening  will   be  a pleasant one for those who attend the entertainment. ���������'������������������  Mr.      William.Adam, of Nanaimo,  brother  of Mr.   James  Adam  of  this  city,     and wl ���������-* has been at Kilmarnock,   Seo tl an!,   for four  yeais,     returned  home   cn Saturday   ni-rhf last.  Mr.   Adam   h is been in Scotl���������n-.l   obtaining  experience  as a civil   engineer  and having   passed   all   examinations,  is now   a certificated  engineer.  He is  well kbown to many Ladysmith  people,  all of whom  will be  glad  to hear  lie is  back and   wilh be pleased to see  him  in. this city.  f'-anadian  Almanac  now  on sale at  Knight's -bookstore..  Win. Thomas leit this monnlig for  Crofton, . where he will take a position  with  the Britannia Sineltei   Co.  Mr.  W. McEwan of Nanaimo, spent  yesterday  with his parents, Mr. ^jn\  Mrs.  T.  McEwan, of this citv.  Mr.''and Mrs. II. MacMiji and children returned cn the 110071,'train from  Victoria, where they spent New Year  with Mrs.  Mackilin's mother.  Quite a number of passengers ' from  the Santa Clara, which is coaling  at the wharf today, were around  viewing the city.  The big     stick of Candy, which is  on show in. the window Q< The Mint,  and  which weighs over   forty pounds,  was  drawn  for on  Saturday evening.  Steve Roiish held the winning ticket.  W. Van Osdeb ol the Baptist church,  in the presence of only the immediate  nierids of the contracting parties. The  In ide was given away by her brother  Air. Milton Williams, and Mr. S. Atkinson, formerly of' this city, performed the congenial duties of nest  man. Mr. and Mrs. Dier arrived in  the city yesterday, and will shortly  leave for Ladysmith, where they will  inuke their home. Dr. Dier having, an  extensive dental practice there.  - o  Dangers     of     Cold and  How      to  Avoid Them.  More fatalities have their origin in  or result from a cold than from any  other cause.   This fact alone should  make people more careful as     there  is no   danger  whatever  from  a cold  when it is properly treated in the beginning.    For many years ,ChainhK-  lain's  Cough  Remedy has been   roc-  ogaized as the most prompt and   effectual  medicine  in use  for  this disease.   It acts on  nature's plan, loosens the cough,'relieves the lungs, opens  the secretions and aids nature in  icstoring-    the system     to a healthy  condition.     Sold by the Ladysmitl)  Pharmacy. *  ���������   '   0 ���������  TRUNKS  VALISES  HAND BAGS  SUIT CASES  TELESGOPES  SHAWL STRAP  LEATHER TAGS  Another Half Car of These  Goods Just Placed in Stock.  ���������>   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  In buying them in   these  large Quantities We are Enabled  to give you a good Trunk cr  i *  Valise at a  10 Per Cent...  Smaller Price Than Anyone  Walter* &~  Akenhead  1111  The telephone gui and the bill ������.Kik  io who'ii she had promised her luari  and hand were sitt iig in front i������f '.lie  hreplacc, talking about tho hajppy  d.o & to come when they should l*e  one, says the Great llend Register.  From one 1 tile detail 1 to another the  talk finally drifted to the subject of  :ighting fires in thc morning. He  slated that it was his emphatic opinion that it was a wife's place to get  up end start tbe fires and let her  hard working husband  rsst.      After  -about the space of three-quarters of  this declaration there was silence for  a second. Then thc telephone girl  Ihrust oat the finger encircled by her  ' engagement ring and murmured sweetly,  but-     firmly:  "Ring     off.  please,  you've got connected with the wrong  number."   ^ 0   Smoke Little B Cigar.  ���������   o   ���������  A   Jamaican Lady Speaks Highly of  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.  Mis. Michael  Hart, wife of the superintendent of Cart Service at-Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies Islands,  says  t**at she has  for some years used  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for  coughs,     croup and whobping"cough'  and has found it vory ' beneficial."*She  has     implicit     confidence in it and  would not  be without  a bpttle  of it  in     her home.   Sold by Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  GEO. t MARTIN  LARR1STEP   AND  SOLICITOR,  OFFICE  Oppisite Windsor Hotel  NANAIMO. B. C.  Wis have only a few Furs left and  are selling these at  20 Per  off regular price  Gbrrte eadyand  your  ?���������"  ...I  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACREST  1ADYSMITH  ���������V.  '���������  .*..*.  NOTICE  Snide Little H Cigar   0   Professoi BUnkie used to form a very piclurcsqiiic -figure in thc Edinburgh  streets. lie was a cluery old pa-  trinU'h with handsome features and  hair     falling  in  shoulders. No  one "who    had   seen  Iirin could possibly forget luni. One  day lie was accosted by a very dirty  iittie slioc-i.-lacl. with Ins "Shine vour  NOTTCE is hereby given that aa amplication will be  made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province ef  British Columbia, at its next session,  for an    Act to incorporate  a Corn-  nany with power to acquire,    fur-,  ringlets about his ,chase- construct and operate>��������������� Mr  dertakings of   the VancouYer -. a������4,  oast-Kootenay     Railway Compaay-,  thc Alberni     and Cowichaa Railway  Company; the Kamloops A Atlift Rail  i.oot';, sir?" Ri.ukie was impressed',way Company; and the Midway aa*  by'the fntliiness of the boy's face. "1 -ernon Railway Company; aad ta ac-  don't want a slnne, my lad," said be- qUirc aH the,rights, Rowers and pri-  ������������������������������������Hut if you will go and Mash your viiigcs 0* the said Compaaies; aad  face I'll give you n, sixpence." ''A11-  riclit." was the lad's reply. Then  he went  over     to a neighboring foun-  with power to exercise all the powers contained' in the Acts ol Iacor-r.  poration of the said Companies; aad  Smoke Big IJ.  Cigars.  ���������o-*���������������������������  Mrs. W. Seblichter arrived home  this morning from Vancouver, where  she went last week to attend the funeral ofthe lata Mr. Huggard. It is  said that Mrs. Huggard is lea_png  shortly for the home of her parents  in  Ontario.  jKSsup's Drug Store is the sole  agent far the d-.-licious Za-Za Chocolates. Sold in fancy boxos. Q*itr  live best ia the market.  MARRIED  ON SATURDAY  'lhe Victoria Thios nr Saturday,  :;a>s: Dr. R. B. Dier. of Ibis city,  and Miss Gertrude Williams, of Crun-  lit-uo'*", were united in wedlock at  Spokane oji Saturday. The ceremony was performed at tlie residence  of  the officiating clergyman,   Rev.  0.  THE  STOLID  ENGLISHMAN.  The English seem to recognize and  enjoy  their  reputation  for stolidity  and  taciturnity.    The London  Globe  quotes- an American as asking a waiter in a restaurant:  "Doesn't anyone ever laugh here?'".  "Yes, sir," replied the waiter.  "Sometimes- we have complaints  about it." .���������'.���������-. " -.���������-'.'���������  , tain and made Ins ablutions. Return- i^j, power to acquire, purchase, coa-  ing. he held out his hand for the mon- 'struct and operate .the undertaking-  ey. "Wen. my lad" sani the profes- '0' any other Railway Companyr. ,<pr  sor. "you have earned your si.\pcncc 'companies; and with power to* sup-  T-Ierc it is." "I dmna want it, auid ^czibe for,and purchase the stock,  chap,"  returned  the  hoy with a lord- bonds .debentures or other securities  i ly air.     ''Ve can keep it an 1 get ycr0i any Railway..    Company;   and    ,ta  1 hair cut,  -;>- -' ���������  "So   Jimmy's  left  dat  life'..-insurance company,- bey?"  "Yes,    when  tie   reform movement  started    in    (ley  chopped bis  salary  from  free a week., to one-fifty."  '��������� "An'  he wouldn't"  stand for it?"  "In course not. He said he didn't  get   none of the loot." ',.  - 1906 -  is Here  and We m Ready for Business  Our Stock is Clean and Up-to-Date  A 0 k in at Our Store Will Convince You  -FORCIMMER-  still has Holiday Goods and those  that are on hand are First Class in  QUALITY  CALL IN AND SEE ~~~~  FOR YOURSELVES  B.FORCIMriE  exchange the'*.stock  or/'other, bonds,,  debentures or other securities pf. tte  ' company  to he incorporated. for.t  the  'shares,  stock,' debentures,  bonds    pr  other  securities  of  any" other    Rail-  'way Company; and with power -to  increase the capital of tlie .Company  to be incorporated;   and ,- with  power  ' to issue shares as fully paid up; and  to borrow money, on the .Company's  sets by any form. of security;, jwA  with power ������0 promote any Railway Company or Companies,'or '7to  amalgamate with any Company "or  Companies; and with all the other  and necessary powers conducive to the  carrying out of the Company's .undertaking. .  Dated at Victoria, B. C, t-is 22nd  day of November,   1905.    ���������  ROBERTSON       ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for  the  Applicants.  W. G. Fraser  i  s        Merchant Tailor,  '" *    (ist Avenue)-",     $7  Pall Stock  on   hand. Call early and  g������t yoiir choice  <  Stoves  We arlfriaklng them oi the Newest  *��������� (i.nw...:    !'v', ��������� ~    n*   .  ..   \\ Styles.  Stoves  Pattern and Lates  ���������   ��������� '   WE, DO ALL KINDS OF FOU NDRY WORK  ���������. 1 -'" Our Prices are Reaaona ble  8EB OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  ''"   ���������   and at Ladysmilh[Hardware Company  LADtehlfrl   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  \  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   XX      Ladysmith,  B. C  .PAINTING  AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDING   -  Orders  Promptly   Executed  -'    LADYSM5TH  Notice  Blair & Adam  A.HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARkET lately   run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FILL ;LINE OF FIRST GLASS  Perk and Sausage a fpecialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  Phone 20  NOTICE is hereby given that aa application will be made to tha Lej-  lative Assembly  of the Province ef  British    Columbia at    its next. session Tor an Act to revive, ratify anil  con/inn  the Cowichan-AlberHi      and  Fort Rupert Railway  Company  Act,  and extending the time for commenc-  lirig construction of lhe said railway,  and    of!  expending    ten per     ceat.  of   the   Company's  capital   thereon,  and to empower the Company to extend  its railway  from any  point on  its line to the City of Victoria,' ar.  to  any   point   on Esq ui malt  Harbor-  or  in  the alternative  to'incorporate;  a   Company  to build the'tine*'������f riiil-'  way set out in the   Act'of Incorporation   of the said   Company,   with the  extension hereinbefore mentioned, and  with   ail-the powers contained  inthe  Model  Railway  Bill.  I^atctl at Victoria,  B.C.,  22nd  November,  1905.  ROBERTSON &   ROBERTSON,  Solicitors   for   the   Applicants.'  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  NOTICE: Thc    Raquimait and Na  nainio  Railway   Company will  apply  to the   pariilaraenl of Canada at its  next session <:(Or    ������a Act extending  lhe lime ''or5'-:'cbmnieni-ing and com-  pletini* an feiteasion  oi  its  maiu line  to Coiiiox^'and the branches referred  to ;:ih it9-,"&A,c,tJ ttf Incorporation anil  also emi<*werinjj the Company to co������~  struct.and:   "operate a. railway from  pjomoxto1. A-_ pbfkt;,yit* ijr iear. Camin-  beii? River     also a   branch frem its  tBSCiifiV;line''��������� 'It'- ��������� of  war Duncans Via  Cowichan Valley to Aibeini,  al������o  a  branch from apoint at or aear Englishman's   River-'   to    Aibernl Canal  and a teanch from a point at or near  Goiiiox Via   ''XCiiijjlseriaWd south-west-  eiiy to Alberni Caial aad giTing the  Compaay general powers to construct  branch Unea.   and for other purposes.  Dated at Victoria this 144*h day of  December, 1905.  W. P;. SAI.SBURY,      i  Seeretarjr E. * Ni Ry. '  The lessee shall have a dredge ,i'  operation within one season from th"j  date of the lease Ior each: five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mil  of river leased. Royalty at the-rat  of 2J per cent collected on the out  put after it exceeds $10,000.  "W. W. CORY,  ',  Deputy of the Minister of the In  ..   '"'erlor.'. ':,..������������������ .���������..���������'..   l  ���������**+'-  FOR   SALE  The HOTEL PORTLAND LEASE  Furniture,..etc., will be sold at .1  bargain. For full 'intormation  "to John Gogo, Proprietor.  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODIM  .��������� a  ��������� ��������� ���������  MR. ami MRS. T. J. THOMAS, late  of    Mount Sicker Hotel-,  and  of the  Palace  Hotel,   Nanaimo,  have     purchased the   COMMERCIAL HOTEL-���������*  on Dour las Street, Victoria, opposite  the city  hall,  and  invite their    bid-  PATRONS AND FRIENDS .TO VISIT THEM. WHEN IN VICTORIA.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  JVEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Cdal���������Coal lands may be purchased at (10 per acre for soft, coal   and  |20 for anthracite. Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate " of ten cents pqr ton of 2,000  pounds    shall     be collected ou  thc  gross output".   -.  Quartz���������A free' miner's certificate is  'granted upon payment-in advance of  ^7.50   per  annum  for  an   individual,  And from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company^ according to capital.  ,.- A     free: miner, having discovered  mineral In {place, may locate a claim  1,600 x  ljfipo feet.   The lee  for  re-  cording a claim is $5.00  "   At least $108 must be expended on  Jtbe claim each year or paid to the  '.mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has. been, expended or paid, the  locator  may,  upon having  a survey  made, and upon complying with other requlrementa, purchase the land at  .11 an acre.'"jr.^ '���������""-���������  The patent provides for the payment of a,loyalty of 2J per cent on  the, sales.       ���������'������������������������  PLACER Mninthg claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable; yearly.,  ; A freeVminerinay. obtain two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretipn of the Minister of the Interior.  4  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lov,  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's,  oa  -splanadt.  James Warncc  ovJ  i  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  A.11 work guaranteed, and at reasoi  able rates.  High St. Ladysmit:  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE  111 GENTS' USHIIE  ' ' I  Mens' Clothing, Boys' and Youth  Mens' While Dress'Shirts, Benin, S;  ems Negligee Shirts n Fancy Pa  terns", Linen and Celluloid Collar:  Sufi's, Neckties, arid Suspcndsrs  large varieties. In Yv ruths' Roys' 'vj  Mens', silk and Japanese Initi,  Handkerchiefs, also in Ladies' fane  silk and linen. Boots anil Shoes.:  nil  Sizes.  Don't lorgct the place, o* High S  Next to Hardware Store.  John J. THOMAS,


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