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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 9, 1906

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 .LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VQI*,.2  FRIDAY,      FEB.   9,  190(5.  PR3C _  EMT  ABOUT LADYSMITH,  ITS YOUR MOVE  Do You Know of Any Better  Town  Fot (He Size-If You do Move-If  Nor BetteTBuild up :  To Do So We Must All Move arid,Let  Us All Move Together for Put>;  lie Improvements'.-  ell  understood fact that  Hie La-  DiMANDED BY  MAMUFACTORERS  Ottawa, Feb. 9���������Before tlia Tariff  Comuiission" yesterday the Canadian  rub'br mimiifhcUirers asked a fciaxi-  aiuiir of 30 per cent, and a minimum  ������f 20 per cent, on rubber footware,  and that on all other .ruLfcfer an<l gul-  ta percha articles, including- belling  and hose, ti>e maximum rale be 35  I er cent. and the tiiiiiiiiiiim rale 25  per, cent.  1 Tliey suggested that thc minimum  rates specified should apply against  Great Britain. Their raw material is  largely increased in price because it  il controlled hy trusts, including the  Congo Trust, a Belgian company that  faid dividends of -J00 per cent. last  fear.  ._  Hon.  Mr.   Fielding  mentioned  that  the  icprcseulnti-.es  were  made        at  TO NOTES  FROM THE  T  STHL ANOTHER  SHBCKIHG COIL  he.sura  VICTORIA BY- ELEC  TION ON MARCH 6.  S.S. Flyer and scow were in this  nn ruing for a cargo of coal for the  in a i nl anil.  S.S. Riedar arrived from" Sam  Diego this morning for a cargo of  coal.   The     Reidar   made >a splendid  trip up from San Diejjo,   making the  \oyagc  in  five and   u half days- The  weal her  wn,s  line all the wuy up.   Ot   CROFTON  It is    pariic-sllv     to hc hc-rcil that | a w<  residenis     of     Ladv.sniilh will mow  dysmnli coal    is  the best on lhc Pa-  wisely   and   earncsti-   this, spring   in   (ifc   fonVt?        H cjan     he mined  as  tlie   way of   building "P and iuipro\-   cheaply, and   is of bettor grade, thei'c:-  ing the city.       Do vou 'now of,any   ir.rcUie mines will always worl>, o.\-  other     place the   size oi La.Iysmilli,  ie.it   for    some     temporary.'tt/oublc  four years old,  wilh the same .mini-, which, may or may mot-, occur-once in  her of men working steadily, earning   twenty   .years.      Ladysmith  is   sur-  the same   amount of     money? - Do    rounded by good lain) and farms will   *<-* instance of lhc combine of Can*  you Mio-w of any other section where   he mule    where.- it is now <a waste *������*-"  rubocr  nianufacturcrs.  the climate   s     as good,  wlic--c it  s   Can--anyone, iteil us'what is'wrong  healthier or omore     pleasant.     Are   with   I.adysmiUi?  , .-Why   ,not coil-.  we noli    told     by those who should   elude that so ,,lon������ as^coaljiis mined  know, ' the    practical     coal  miners,   it " will  he ai * iirosneroiis (own, and'  that    theie   are     vast'fields of coal   whrii    c'oal'is    . rio longer mined  wc  reaching    down     from   Esk nsion to   -dull   not   lie'in the   land of the liv-  Ladysiiiith that  can    - ������>c nunpd for a   i":-*-'  ������"i'   ''i11  our immediate deseen-  hundred reai-s to come,  and is it not   dants "  1 -)1    : '     :  At THE OPERA  HOUSE-TONIGHT  Toflfiiit at   the    Opera   House the  musijal .and   dramatic entertainment  an J. lance to be given under  the aus-  niadp.up by.Mr. Rcency.  It has, been said,before that.thcen-  | tertainmeat. is to hte given in aid   of  piceslofthe   Lyric  Dramatic ' Club in j        Reereatioa ,, ground, fund;' and it  aid df the Rwcrention''Ground Funds,!.     - ���������    - ""'/iu'   .    ���������  I    ,.-      r���������u<.      t���������,^it.,m������,.i   wiii   Is under the     patronage of.the trus-  coine   oil.     This ��������� entertainment  will ������ , ^-. -,��������������������������� ������   'beesk'llont and fully worth, the ,ad- J tees . of the ground. Every person  missiln fee-charged. Nobody should in town is anxious to" have'a' decent  miss me chance of seeing it for it I recreation ground. '.The .pleasures  proniiles .to.Le'one ofthe best dra- j that will be derived Ironi- it'ufe man-  ma'ticj performances given-by a locaL;ifol������i'-������nd"iloo well k������twn/tajjbe-nien-  aggrejation for many seasons. Tlie tioned here. ; Therefore-->t(&e jy*bl,ic_  iimsifj throughout   is catchy  and tlie 'should 'help' the committee toi ;gct the.  farceftself, "The Two Boimycasties"  is cleci-ly written and has been play  cd    frith grant     success  in London,  ground into shape; and they,'cannot do  hctter than.,.help tiiein lina/icially.  They1 can do this by purchasing.a  Engljnd, and - in New York. . Be- ticket tlor the'enl'erta'i*iment",ton<g)it.  twee] the acts Mr. F. Ashlon will \ The cause "is a good one arid should  give/selections on the piano, and Mr.'receive hearty' support. :.w"  I-luJ Thornley will give one of his j Remember thc prices, concert, 50c*:,  spladid    recitations.       Mr.    Asliton   Dance, gents . 25c. extra, land ladies  will play, (a) military polinaise, F  Ch(/)in; ('h) Dance of the Demons, A.  Hcfe.  /he piano has     been kindly loaned  hj/Waitt.     Good   music will   be fulfilled for the dance.  The    artists in thc  play,   will     %o  not attending the-concert -25c. also.  Seats can be booked at Fo'rci miner's  ���������Refreshments will be served.- Doors  open 7.30. Commence ,8 o'clock sharp  Mr. George , Fletcher, of Nanaimo,  was visiting in the' city tfiis morning. '   -.,.  ������OR THE BOYS.  ' " BORROWED  PLUMES.  __drew D.. White's lirst diplomatic  experience, was as an attache at St.  Petersburg ��������� at the time of the Crimean war. The war, brought to Russia many  Americ&n adventurers.  "One man who came out with superb plans," Mr. While say's, "had a  jiilitia colonel's commission and tin*  iti 11 uniform of a major general. At  jrst he hesitated, to clothe himself  4 all his gloiy, and theiefoic went  jirough' a process oi evolution, beginning first witli -a pact.- of ���������his' v.n'i-  iorm, and then adding more as -hi.s  .lounira* rose.   .'."','  -���������During, this process he became thc  standing joke.of. St." Petersburg, hut  I Boys,    be    industrious.   The  world  wants earnest     workers.   God never  Blended  for anyone  to be idle.   The  more work you do  the sweeter  will  _e your sleep and brighter and   happier  your    holida\s.    Take   oil your  ���������oat and  make a dust  in   ihe  world.  We  would   like to pass  an  ordinance  lor each neighborhood to have a large  playground   where   theliojs  could all  eet at  least once a'weeh and   enjoy- a holiday.  We would  have it just  as pleasant as |t could lie made, shad  ���������d    by lovely   tro:t,     plenty   pf soft  |grass  to tumplt on  and   singing tdrds  /overhead.    This   will   he so   much nic-  ; tr for our boys than  loitering on the  jter.   ���������hen  hV 'had emerged  iiii" full  Btreet coriiois.    We  would have   the   an(i final   splendor, he hecaine a man  Old'  fashioned  .games   our   grantlfath-  ars   played   and -all-modern   im|irove-  inenLs   for     devi-loiiing    the nuiscles.  Butj  listen'boys,   wc 'would not have  imy  pastimes you   would   blush      for  your parents or  sisters   to  witness,  such as scorch and wither every high  and noble aspiration,    degrade     the  ���������oui and  prepares the way for many  ofthe sins  that now corrupt  society,  we would  not h(lve that' lovely spot  dssecreated by an oath.���������Exchange.  AN   1NFINITESTLMA.L SOUL.  Jin old  miser who ventured  to criticise a minister whose salary     was  ���������behindhand,  and   who had  publicly re-  fjuested that the deficit be made    up  Soon,  rudely demanded  of the frcach-  ������r:  '/Parson, are you preaching     for  souls  or money?"     The    pairon    replied, with possibly an undue acerbity:   "I-am  preaching for souls,  but  I  cannot  live on, them.    If  I did,       it  "would take ten  thousand  little ones  like yours   to make  me a breakfast."  It is dillicult to estimate spirits in  terms of linear measurement,   but it  An  TrKlian who had been indul'ving  rather.too freely in the  cup      lhat  cheers made a small (tisturbancn ' on  ihe. stJ-eet this morninp', with the ������'v  ,  .    .,,        , . siilt -that-' Constable  Callanda.r placed  is certain that the souls of some men, hInis ,n jai]>   There���������he win romai;ilin.  J iliark'riiidceifr-'so"h'iueli s"6 that scr-  iious    difficulties    arose.  Throughout  _rj.! city  ar-* various corps do guide,  And  l!.e sentinel on duty before each  *t these,    while allowed    merely  to  present arms  td'aii ollicer  of lower  r������rik, must,-whenaver he catches sigln>  gf ������ general .officer, cull out the   entire guard to present arms, with  the  teat ing'-of'-drums.  "Fere   our American  was   a soune  of much difficulty,  for .whenever  any  ���������t-nt'incl caught s ght of his gorgeous  gpaulet^  in  the distance -the    guard  was  instantly,,called, arms'" were presented   arid  drums beaten, ���������much  to  Hie   deiight'of. our'friend, hut even  ���������"���������re to the"disgust, of the. generals  of the   Russian army and to      the  troops,    who    llius  rendere<l absurd  lorn ago andfoundthcmselves      Liking  tart in something like a bit of comic opern."  Mr. Warren���������There is none under examination.  Tiio witness admitted that there i.s  an association   and an understand ng  among Canadian  manufacturers      re-  tyirtling the "price? ah certain  staple  Bi.'es.\Still,  ' there was combination  -ore in quality than prices.  The    Canada  Tinplate" aiid  Sheet-  'Jteel   Company,   whose factory,   now  _  process, of erection at Morris-burg,  iiprescnts a new   industiry, asked an  taiporition  of 33  l-ll  per cent,  duly,  Oo encourage  the   ma,nufacture  of tin-  ���������lates,    hitherto free.     Parliament,  tliey said, had assisted other branches of the iron and stcol indussry, par  fieularly in tbo early stages of their  "areer.   Wales, it is said, is the home  -I thc   tinplate    industry, birt- as a  **atler of fact Wales has* no special  Maims to the industry which cannot  "ie equally well advrnced  in  Canada,  ������ther  than  the frvct Hint  it 'has    ex-  *_tcd there for Uie lust hundred yeais  T1h������ main advantage of the Welshmen  '��������� thi> cheaper labor.  Dr. llerouft's experiments on electric smelting of iron ore at the Soo  shows that pig-iron ran he prbduced  for "less lhan ten dollars a ton, com-  "*<iiv*l with $M,50 to -SIS, which thc  -���������ttinufnctiurers say was the cost" by  "he old process.  Feb. K.,  (Special).���������  S. K. Bermuda and Scow arrived  on Saturday at noon with three hun  died tons'of ore from Teva<la Island.  ���������   ���������   ���������  The bar^e, Georgian, arrived on  .Monday morning with seven hundred  anil fifty tons of ore and concentrates from the Britannia mine, IloWe  Sound. ,   ,  * *   *  Tlie   barge    Transfer No.  1 arrived  Thursday .morning with six cars of  coal, and a carload of matte from  the  Kamloaps  smeller.      She  loaded  a carload of copier  bullion.  ��������� ������   ���������  S. ,S. Capilano arrived Wednesday  afternoon w th three hundred- and fifty tons of ore from Prince of ".- le:-.  Island, Alaska.  Charleston',     Va., Feb. S���������At least  twenty     men     are supposed to ha"*c  mot death in a   tenible explosion  in  the.Parallel mine'of the Stuart  Collieries Company. Thirty odd men  were employed  ui the   mine  and only  twelve    escaped.         At midniuht six  bodies had  been      recovered  near  tlie  mouth ,of the mine, and it'is cer*a,n  tliii others in the mine  are dead. Am-  ong   the    supposed     dead arc     Mine  and    supposed     to lie dead are Mine  boss Miles     Pratt and his son, four  negroes,   David   Wells,   .James   Swan,  George 'Jones and Win.  Madison.  The  Valencia   Wreck   Investigation  Proceeding in  Victoria  The Great Strike of Coal Miners is  Expected to Start  April 1st.  - In (he Legislative proceedings a day ���������J-  H." La'wsoh,  jr., counsel loathe  or  two    since Mr.   Parker Williams    Pacific  Steamship   Company,  announce explosion    occurred at   1.30  P. I (Newcastle)   asked   lhe attorney  gen- tes  that thc ������-u*IW"-y  *-������������������ (1������      **11   ���������  in., and was caused by -a pocket oi  gas which was struck in a vault in  thc mine. The explosion wa.s ter  rific and it is thought many miinrs  wen- killed outright. The .system of  fans was shut off from the mine,  leaving the men who had not been  killed by the1 explosion to smother  to death, and thc unfortunate miners  had little chance of escape.  For   music     mid mirth   attend  the  Lyric Club's entertaiiiiiieiit in the  Opera  House   tonight.   o   There    is no   surplus     coal   in  the  bunkos these days.  -o-  SHOOTING  ACCIDENT  Walla Walla, Feh. 9���������While playing  wilh a revolver tihis morning, Muriel  Siiggsi aged fifteen years, shot and  wriously wounded his brothar Eu-  ���������jene, aged twelve, at their' home on  West Alder street. The bullet struck  ���������e boy squarely on the end of the  lose,  and  lodged in the throat.  judging    by their actions,  very small indeed.  must be (til he sol>rs up when .he will face the  music ftir ���������badi.-behavior.  SERIOUSLY  INJURED  Nanaimo, Feb. !).'���������As a result  of being shol in the thigh with  a charge of Nro. 4 shot, ,the fourtcen-  ycar.-old hid of Mr. Albert Wesley  lies at his home near Nanaimo River'in a serious condition. The unfortunate lad was hunting ducks yesterday- afternoon in Iris canoe, when1  losing his paddle he was forced to  make shore as   best he could.  After getting ashore he started to  make his way to.a nearby house in  ordt-r to ineciire -another paddle, catch  ing hold of the bow of the canoe and  pulling it al'lcr him.  In pulling (he boat i>v<-r a sand  spit,'.- in some unaccountable ���������maiiner  'the Inks' shot- gun which was in the  stern ofthe boat .was-discharged, the  con (en In of the bar roll entering the  boy's t'high and lodging in the region  of the kidneys.  After being taken home Dr. Drys-  dale was summoned, and upon his  arrival found the youth in a .serious  condition. Owing to the lateness of  the' hour it was 'thought advisable  to let him rest until this morning,  when he will he brought into town  for treatment.  Albert Wesley, the rather of the  wounded lad is employed as a black  smith by Messrs. Andrews and Donalds, n.  Alderman Mcintosh is :it present  working out at tne new sawmill,  some miles from town.   o   If anything is being o'-'erwoili&l on  a certain part of the lownsile vwheie  work is going  on, its   the can.,  . T7T. ������*Z** ���������r >  Thomas '��������� Kiddie, general I'linager  ^>f Vli-* Britannia sjifiltcr, left for  Victoria    Tuesday morning.  Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Jackson, ace,  it seems, entirely unlike the lalis Ci.  Washington. Not only could   they  tell    :t   lie,  but      they could and did  swear to it.  SUNT FLOWERS  At the hiiriai of the late Henj-y  Steele the following (lowers were  received:  Wreathes: Mr. and fdrs. T Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. J. X. Jones, Mr.  arid Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. F. McCul-  lock, The Family, globe, Rathboiie  Sisters;, cross, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor;  hoquet, Mr. mid Mrs. F. James  spray, Mr. ami' Mrs. Rosatti.  TRASHY   LITERATURE  WAS  RESPONSIBLE  Vancomer, Feh. il.���������"H was the  books 1 bin ���������eadin', that made me  do it," was the only excuse 15-year-  old Preston J^aird had to offer when  the police magistrate asked hi'in Tries  day morning what had led him to  rob his employer of seventy dollars.  Laiid had pleaded guilty on Monday  and was remanded to allow of the  production of previous good *_^irac-  ler'nnd good connections. These  were not produced. Instead, the father of Uie boy, in a broken voice,  said lhat his wife and himself had  been ' considering     the      matter and  in their power  to assist; the commis-  cral  whether  it   was  not  possible to sioncrs in the  Valencia wreck  hives-   '  write the various clauses of the Bill   tigation, bringing all members of the  (transfer   of  land  and  redistribution ' crew to give evidence���������e\en going so  of titles)  in plain commercial     En- far as to send to San Francisco - for  ghsh which could be understood     by 'cne man. If necessary Captain Cous-  any    well     educated school boy, in-   ins will be placed on the stand,  stead  of the  involved  legal phrased-j    Cap lain Tcwnsend, of the steamer" ,  ogy which was only devised to enable  Queen, gave evidence before the com-'  lawyers to look wise and make clien- he    sighted    the   .wrecked   Valencia  ts cougb up fat fees.     Hon. C.  Wil-   mission  this, morning.    He said had  while the Queen was on' her way to  the north of the Island he would uncommercial phraseology he would con- douotedlyi have gone    to the scene    ���������  ���������'uler it. (and     done all in his power to save  Mr.  Williams  is entirely right     in   those cn board,  (his  proposition.   The  utterly  uselessI     - ,      ..  phraseology  of many of the bills   in-1    Chicago.,  Feb.  9.���������Preparations for-  troduccd  and  passed  by a lot of law-(the strike of bituminous coal miners  vers seems to be done��������� merely to pro- J throughout the< States  were made at  mole     litigation  and   niakt'fees  for    a session of  the miners' union       this  son     said   that  if  the Hon.  member  would     submit anv amendment      in  men following that profession. ��������� Make  th tlnws so plain that no lawyer,is  needed to interpret them; so plain  lhat any man of sense and a fair  education' can read and understand.  'I here are laws n0w on the statute  boo' s that arc- so  worded  that even  morning. Unless the demands of the  workmen are granted the strile will  be declared on April-1st.  In  Illinois  alcne  as many as  fifty- ,  five thousand miners will .be involved.  though it was     terrible for him     to '��������� mcn educatod     ������*  llie law <!o  ,    Victoria,    Feb.. 9.   (Special)���������By-el-  not   ections  for the seat in tne Dominion  say it, he thought that it was bettor for'the lad to go the reformatory  for a term at fl.lie magistrate's discretion. The 'magistrate sentenced  I l.e i.oy to two years and expressed  the hope-that when he., got "out" he  would try' and make a man of himself aim "shun evil companions and  trashy literature. *-  _ o   Solos," duets and choruses. at "The  Two Bunnycastles; to be presented  by the Lyric Club in aid' of the Rw-  realion ground ftmd-fat the Opera  Hoi.se tonight.  agiee as to (heir meaning, and in  such a case w hat chance has the lay-  iraii?   IVrtkc as few laws  as possible  i  House made vacant by the resignation of Geo-. Riley, will be 'held on  March fith,,nomination day being the  pnd  male them so plain that he who  27th Feb.   Hon. Mr.  Templeman will   ,  profcaMy   be    the   Liberal candidate  and ��������� it is not at present known' if the ���������  Conservatives willnomjinate a man. :.  inns  may read.  Victoria,   B.   C,   Feb.  9.���������(Special)  HOLDS UP  THE POLICE  J aggies���������I see a horse shied at a  statue in Central Park. Waggles.���������  He must have been one of those educated horses.   _o ,���������  This life is abpok, that's why we  sometimes say, "by  your leave."  There, was a total eclipse pf the  moon last night,'and it.was witnessed by ^ number'.of'.'people i������ town'/  The sky was ���������beautifully clear and  with a glass a magnificent- sight  could be obtained. Shortly'.after  twelve o'clock the shadow begun to  creep over the face ofthe Queen of  the Night and in. a short .time had  completely'' covced her. ���������A "li'tlle  before two o'clock this morning the  shadow passed away and the moon  once again reigned brilliantly in the  heavens.- The' eclipse lasted three  hours and  twenty-four   minutes.-.  iMKi. M'ADE-CLKVKR D^FKNCE.  St. John, N.B.���������Consternation and  jimisemeut was evidenced yesterday  is fh'e police court among the spectators when Male'Smith, who had been  >rrested for druni.cniiess, was allowed logo free on the strength of 'her  ^lea that the b'.ye-law which dealt  ��������� itli drunkards did not apply to her,  inasmuch as, according to the Ictini-  ������\ judges of New lliunswick supreme  toiirt in the'case of Mi-ss A4.il.el M.  /rench asking nilinissioii as attorney  4c woman was not a person, within  :hc meaning of the act. Judge Rilch  !e, hbwever, did  not smile.    He shook.  The School Trustees mtet in Air.  ���������I. Stewart's oiTiee tomorrow evening. The meeting is called for the  ���������urpose' of consideiing . an. invitation  fo) the board to send a delegate to  Ihe convention of B. 0. School  Hour ds.    .  , Ex-mayor  Cohurn was  in   the city  ui  business this morning.  ��������� : _ -,0 ^    ;  LARGE jCATCH OF HALIBUT.  \ancou\er,     Feb.  9.���������With .110,000  ,.pi.nds"pf fiosli'lialibiit  the  steamer  sew England reached  port last night [ fresh  horse and a rev0lvcr,  ami  i'he  New  England  was  out     twelve  davs, but  wilh  the exception o.f   the , ������������������.,,.  ,  '.   a     ' i  ������������������ .,     ,     , '   f '     father   with a gun,  prevented the par  ast two days on thc banks very few   'a-"-'''-'���������'-> ������ "���������   ������*  . ���������  Chico, Cal. Feb. 9.���������An attempt  was made to arrest Fied. Collins',  said lo bean es'-ai-ed convict from  Jie Oregon penitentiary, and wanted  heie on a charge of highway robbery  Collins   was  on horse) ack   when     tho  icniand lo surrendei was made, and  ke lashed ii is horse into a gallop. The  officers followed in a buggy, One bullet 'fired at hi in went .through'' Collins- hand. Soil ns- reported home before the- officers,' was provided with a  '     es-  to  the   foothills   while     his  i.sh- were taken. Stormy and thick  weather prevailed all the time tho  >\'ew England was-north, with thc exception of the two days mentioned.  Though this shows a cor.suierable  increase over the catch of the steam-  ir Kiiiglislier,' which was in poit a  icw  days  ago,  even  this  is not eon-  1j from following him'.  *ffhe eldor Collins' was arrested and  parlies are 'scouring the hills for the  ���������on.  At Victoria today five bodies of thc  unidentified    dead , from   t'he wrecked  sidored very  promising  f0r this   sea-j Valencia were buried, Bishop Perrin  i.on ofthe year.  Oilier vessels; in the  reading the impressive- services.    The  halibut  industry,  though,  are  meted  out   the same  kind   of lick.    The.    In-  lernatioiial       Fisheries      Company's  stealer Edith,  which  runs out       of  Tncoma,   only  had   10,000   ])oun<ls  ou  ���������'ward     on  her last  trip  from  Dixon  En trance.      It  is believed   some.     of  ihe  si earners   running' out  of        (he  Sound     will    soon    proceed  farther  noiTh   for   their  fish, as   wilh   (be present average catch   the financial    balance  is on   the  wrong side.   o   interment took plu-r-e jfet the Ross Bay  cemeterv.  Affording to Air. Regan's report,  there is :i considr-rable quantity, of  land lying, not very far - rrom, Lady-  snijth that can lie cleared and made  very productive. If will co.st money to   c-leiii-    it   bui. the soil is exccl-  jlcnl and the location for various  purposes,   ��������� s lock-raising,      dairying,  ��������� fruit produce or   grain raising, could  ft'AN TED  TO  SEE THE  FIRE TEAM      RU  New   Westminster,   Feb.   !).���������Louis,  Jis   head   an.UraSped   a volume     to^-! "'^"ve-year-okl  son  of Mr.  and  Mrs. ^^ marlfct al;. the   mines> and  1     a  few !'-������"ls >������'t'l, Q'lie-en s aveiuie, had a de    "  : not bc better    on the continent,    for  ' we   have, and     will always have, a  NANAIMO  NEWS NOTES  Nanaimo,  B.   C,   February  9th.   ���������  Phillip  Johnnie, aged 18 years,    a  -esident of Nanaimo  Indian Reserve,  "hed ijit his home Yesterday afternoon.  lealh was caused by lung trouble.  Emill VannoisenotT, an Italian miner, was seriously injured on. Thursday  night in tht Brechin mine. A large  slab of rock came away from the  roof crushing the unfortunate man  to the floor, resulting in breaking his  leg. besides many minor bruiser. The  injured man is a brother of Mrs. A.  Beget;-who leers a candy store on  Commercial street and had only been  working in Brechin cne week. He wes  taken to the hospital and is getting  alonj; as nicely as can lie expected.  St. John's Ambi'i'-iance class held a  meeting last night in'the.-'old council  chamber,' being addressed by-Dr. O'Brien. Last night's class is the last  of the season, the examinations taking place early in April. It is highly  probable that the classes will he, resumed   in the  fall.  ��������� _ r_0 ���������  ������������������Several'talented dingers of,this city have kindly consente<- to gi"**e  their services at the Nanaimo Glee  Glee Club's Concert in Nanaimo- tomorrow evenihg. Among thorn are  Messrs. J J. Thomas, D. Roberts,  J.  Evans and  J.   Bellus.  ��������� o   SO RACE     SUICIDE.  ���������iniiig  the city   bye-laws.  no ment s  he rend   the  nth  section .of  ihe  by  Jon who sunn i'-: mumi iiiuim ol ^  Jeigiiing (o l.i" (li'unk, or-inakiug. any  '.bud brawling, yelling, screaming or  ���������Ao'iilintf, in any public slrej-t, (ho.r  Wighfaie, alley, road or l:j-ro:ul,  *a!l l.e finied, etc." 'flint done, the  judge asked the prisoner if any p.-cr-  *>n had fohl her to put forth that  ���������ilea, and she replied in the negative.  He then stated lo her that she had  taken a very clever point nnd Hub  t>n account of her ingenuity he would  ^ivc her the benefit of tbe doubt, and  tould do nothing else save allow her  %"hc freedom of the city. Wilh triumph  the  prisoner  left  the cours.  sire  yesterday  afternoon  to sec    how  the  ,ve-law,   as follows:    "Any   per- j ������lnitk,>' **���������������������������������   l]u"m"n  fr������������������- across     w������  who shall     l.o   found     drunk  or    rt,-e,,-t l;wllli   ,l,ni   ollt  ai������l extinguish  _  ������:i:blaze,  sola*  set   fire fo   the curtains ,  .   'a   the dining-room   at   home,   and ran '  at  once  to notify  the firemen. >  lie    did not  epen   (ell   his   lnother  v. hat   hail  .happenod  or   where  h? w;ls  foiug,  but ran out. of the house   and  arc equally     well situated with any  agricultural  section)  for  shipments.  The piano for the entertainment  at the Opera House tonight has been  kindly loaned by Waitt & Co.*;. of  Vii-toria. whose local agent is Mr.  J.   A.  Knight.  across the road to tlie Fireball  told Captain Reid that his  "fas on fire.  The team  turned  out quickly  fiuTunali'Iv    was able to trheck  and  Inline  United   States   Senator   Frank     B.  and  Brarrdegee,  the n&w niemler      from  Conneticut,   has a particular fad    for  the  lames lefon* much  damacc had   been- ,       ,    .. ,  . j   t,     ��������� ,.-  ���������������������������������      ,,     ,, .   .      ,   . ,        the planting of trees and  the culti-  *ione,   onlv   the cuiTiains   Iveing      dss- ' &  ������������������_      ,     T.               .                     .    j vntion   of shrubbery   and   vegetation  Woyed.    It was not nrcrssarv (o turn ���������                .               ,,   ���������         , . . ���������   , ���������  ��������� *    ,       ��������� .          ���������     . .    .    ,-     ... of one sort or another,  and his fav-  . "Hi    the water,    the chemicals    oeme ....        ������        j-       ���������    .. i    ���������  '���������..,.        ..      . ,   ���������     ,,          5 onte line of reading is biology,  siifi.cient  to extrnginsh  the blaze.  3ecau.se its employees  were late   a  London house provided a book,      in  which the tardy ones  were to write  jxeuses.    Reasons  for  lateness   were  not much'-varied.   At the top of the  l page one would write "Train:.delay-  led," or "Omnibus horse died;',' as the  case might be, and the.rest fell into  the habit  of making  ditto marks  and  letting it go at that.    But not    long  tgo one man had a new excuse.     He  wrote with pride:   "Wife had twins"  Tht second slow person that morning  was   in  a great hurry,  and did   not  ������otice thei innovation,  but made  his  customary ditto marks,  and tht rest  of    tlie men on that    page  followed  Buit.   The excuse hook was abolished  ���������New York Tribune.   e   He���������How     are you going to cele'  brate your b'rirthday?  She (good naturediy) ���������I'm not go-    ;  ing to celebrate it! It's a sad affair.  % Hi  ���������NNJPP  DAILY LEDGER  IHE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday-  CY        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ���������10 cents  a  month;    (8  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication.  FRIDAY,     FEB.   9, -1900.'  ALONG 10  .MJfifiiatf���������s������ffl51f,f ���������ti���������Vrf Wife.  ^DAVID spencer-������������������-  _f  (Nanaimo) Ltd.  .WM. MUNSIE, President  CANADA  m  3  We are Preparing for our Annual  WHITEWEAR SALE  Over,. 4,000 Pieces of Ladies', Children-' and Missea' Underline-  going into this sale. We don't ex- peel to return a solitary  pie'ee to the former place..''on;the'sf>elf.  We've made the prices s uch  that    we are .almost guarantee  this.     Our low prices ,are ftoing -to eclipse   anything ever offered j  before, in Wintewoar.   '  '���������.;  J.   W.   COBURN.   '���������������������������*    niror-tor  r '  \ Tplepnom'i'lO  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   F1DDICK   AND  LADYSMITH���������Shingles   ������  Speclaltr  ���������Muriiif.u:riu*'|U     "' ���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring    and   Finishing    Lnmfecr  ta ' Stock ���������  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  \-A  * - ���������_���������.        *���������* * *  4~U*,t*       If _.  Time Table No. 51  Commenting on the immigration to  Cnnad.-.  the Spol'CMiuui   Rfiew says  The Salvation Army is making itself an effective' immifiralion agency  for western Canada. About'3500  British people are to bc brought out  in lhc next few weeks directly under  the care of the army. Of this number'it is expected that about fifteen  hundred will remain in -Manitoba and  thc others go farther west to' Saskatchewan. . The new arrivals will  be chiefly, if not exclusively, farm  laborers, though many of them may  have to gain experience on farms in  their new homes.  The movement has been under''way  for some time, and Saldatipri army  olliccrs, from General Booth down,  have endeavored to make it:-clear  that they would have nothing to do  with any proposn.1 looking to Uie  dumping on Canada , of the worthless  or criminal classes of Great Britain.  The only people to be dealt with  nre tlie hard-Working, seT-sustaining,  -English people who wish to go to  the land and improve tlip'r position  in life. Naturally the movement'is  receiving e.veny enfouraeement- from  the oJIieiaia and people of Canada.  The new arrivals will form a much  more desirable class of settlers, thuli  thc .thousands who are coming to  the United Stales from the", congested districts of .southern Europe, and  it wo-nd be a good lliin.fi: for this  country if some similar effort *weic  put forth to encourage an et'lially ���������desirable''class  tothe  western states-  In connection with thc coming of  these people to CVtada, aiTango-  ments have been made in advance;loathe immediate employment of aTaree.  portion of them. Applicationi'b'lanl's  were sent .'out to the farmers in "the  provinces to be filled and retiurncd  showing where.help is wanted and! pre  number     of hands  desired. Large  numbers of these have been returned  to the army hcadqiiart?r,s 'in 'Winnipeg, where !a system has been perfected for forwaoding the men as  soon as they arn\e. The information received from the farmers shows  whether they were married or single  men; whether they can give employment to thc wile; nature of the wifes  duties; whether experienced or inexperienced help is wanted; wages to  be Paid, nnd for how many months  employment can be   gi\cn.  The system looks like a good one,  r.n<i, considering the annual scarcity  of laborers in the harvest season,  the Salvation ."rmy is conferring  benefits on the n'M.eis as-well ns  on the people it Lnngs out to iil-w  homes.  92-  LADIES' NIGHTDRESSES,   from  Each  25 CENTS.  LADIES' CORSET COVER, from Each 10 CENTS. "  LADIES'  WHITESKIRTS,  from Each 50 CENTS.    \  LADIES DRAWERS, from Each 10 CENTS.  ?SALE C^MENCES~SATURDAY  ���������3:*.      MORNING, FEB. 10, AT 9 O'CLOCK!  P'.fcase re-meiniber the immense      quantity���������The     slock'    of  ^���������*S Drv.s<lalc-Stevenson,    Ltd.,  and ���������Da-v. id Spencer, Ltd., coinbirierl,  SX&    _!____ ;���������' "'���������     ' ' ������������������������������������ . '  "    ���������  '. - _   3-   JOB F0r Our Big Sale Get One of Our  h'asiiion Sheets Friday, ^  cTMONEY TALKS---  AS  L������UD TO  US   AS  ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR  MEAT YOUR   DOLLARS W  ILL   GO  FURTHER   IF YOU  BUY FROM US  ������������������Our Oash Prises Cannot Be Beaten   PAN NELL  &    PLASKET7  ~B3  |To Write a iStory  of tlie West  that would have the true  ring     to it,'the author would  '  of   necessity     require to live  there for a time at least. He  must     study     th������ characteristics of tlie western people-  have to  become owe   o-fthem,  living their daily life, sharing  their     joys      and      sorrows,  lie  would have    to mix  with  then,  socially  ~nd in a  business way,     in      short    be a  "Westerner"     Its a quesUcin  of  knowing local conditions.  Tha   same reasoning   applies   j*  to    the     -'Leckie Boot'j   tor  Western  Miner,  the Prospector and   the Lumberman.  The makers of the " Leckie Hoot" are .Westerners with  Western, experience. They  know what to,make and how  lo make it. Its.not so much  a question of price as of ciual-  ity. Their sole aim is to  make a better boot for tho  same money���������and the "LEC.  1*11 E  BOOT" is it.  MANUFACTURED BY ���������  (lilECO.���������  VANCOUVER. B. C.  Not  of  Our Killing,  When Senator Galllnger was practle  leg medicine  in  his New  Hampshire  home, he had a coa'chman who was a  :v'inracter'*   worthy  of  the   attention  .!' hny writer of fiction.   On one occa-  ion  Dr.  Gallin'ger was called-��������� prof es-'  ioiially at a house' next to a residence  n which was displayed -black crape ai:  . sign of death.    A passerby, noticing  lie crape and not knowing who had  ':iod there, supposed Dr. Girllihgerwaa  ii the house and���������'. that uis coachman  ould give the desired information. The  ,-oii.chmah .seemed to take the inquiry-;'  ��������� s a perspual"affront aiid bristled up  n martial style. .  "I don't know," he retorted '-prompt-  v.    "It's not of our killin'���������it's not ol  iur killin'." -.-''"'  Then he pulled his horse up so as to  ivoid any "further7 suspicion; that ho  iva's waiting for. the. doctor-to come'ou?  .it,tlie house- with the badge of mourn-  :uSv-'..   ".-���������"���������". XX"''1 ��������� -"'-  Tb* Word '���������JtnvUfcfB-a."  '.'. he word Jinrikisha comes from three  Japanese roots, jin-riki-sha, meaning  respectively man, power, carriage, but  It ia not of Japanese origin. So recently as 1870 the inconvenience of the  ���������low, lumbering two wheeled carts  turned the thoughts of^English residents to the ease with Which the, hardy  native's could propel a lightly constructed vehicle, and one war������ invented, seme  say by a missionary, 6 fliers by a newspaper proprietor's son. Ever since then  the heavy carta have been entirely dispensed witb.  *e-x x x x ��������� *-* * x x x  I     MARLINE  w   w   w   y   -_y  Victoria, Feb..'8.���������A cahlegra  ceived from Rio 'Grandc de Sul, Uruguay, reports .that the schooner Enterprise has been totally destroyed  by fire. The event is supposed to  have occurred about three weeks ago  but particulars, are not givem The  Dwncr,.. John Clark, formerly a shipbuilder of this-city, is in Nova Scotia.   _"  The. Enterprise was a-schooner  that for several years was operated  out of Victoria in connection with  the sealing business, She was among the. first to be sent to the hunting grounds off the Falkland Islands  abo'ut four years ago, and since' that  time has been kept continuously in  the Atlantic, making Halifax her  li :i.-l';Vartcrs. . She was a vessel ol  fight.y or ninety tons. She was  worth, when equipped-, probably ten  thousand dollars. After .'her cruise  in thc Southern Atlantic this year  it luul 'been  Victoria.  The Royal "Wc"  There has been a tendency of late  years on the part of royul personages  tc discontinue the use of we and *ul>  Btitute I. Before the reign of Richard  I. "I" (Ego) was always used. Richard  being the first sovereign In Europe ������0  use the royal "we" (Nosi. What gave  rise to the change is a moot point  Richard I. was the first king to seal  with a seal of arms which bore two  lions, and it has been suggested * that  the lions were typical of the ro-rnl "we*'  and occasioned its use.  i'jle.   Questioned Too Closely.  Teas���������You and Miss Sere don't seem  to be good friends. What's the matter?  Jess���������Why, she remarked that she  ���������������is twenty-four years old, and���������  Tess���������And you doubted it?  Jess���������Not at all. I merely said, "Oi  Bourse,     but    wtumT*  Sl-EAM   IIHA'l'RD ,  WKI.lv ' F URNIS111-:i-> ROOM S  BAR SUPPLIED WITH    J.*"!*  WINES, LIQUORS, CIG4RS  ���������  . Traius to*re ��������� Ladysnith for Victoria and all intermediate stations    at  9.1i a-at. 4*m\j,  aad at 4.00 p.m. on  Wednesdays,     Saturdays   and   Sundays.  Traiaa  leave  Ladysmith for Wellington and all  intermediate stations  at 11.57 a-m. daiiy, aad at 6.00 p.m.  on  Wedn#-days,  Saturdays ���������   and  Sundays. " ��������� "r --*.- x "  Excursion Tickets.  ON SALE TO  AND   FROM ALL STATIONS  gwd fer going journey  Saturdays and Sundays, rclurn.mg not later than  the (olldwisf, Ifo-day. ,    L|j-_, ,'   .   -Steamer Joan   ��������� '    * ��������� i ,  Sails frem Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m. and  retiming sails frem Vancouver    for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  Cer. F������rt land!   Government Streets.,  GEO. L. COURTNEY. ,  Dist.   Ert. & Pass. Agt.  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  A. J. McMUKTRlE, t^roprlator  LADYSMITH, B. C  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  o  PORTLAND  DAVID If'r'NES, Proprietor-  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked   . ,  This  Hotel  has    been completely  renovated.  Board and lodging 11.00 per day.  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subject** taught; bIbo language, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vooal lassons gir-  en in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. B   C.   o   For high class stativ-ary call ^.t  Knight's Book Stere.  HOTEL  JOHN Tf^A, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with the Best   "Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors  and Cigars.  Best accommodation for transient  md  permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a <ly furnished and the har is up-to-  d*te.     Rates  $1.00  a day    and     up-  __o-  ������������������ There is     no other medicine manufactured that     has received so much,  praise    and so     many expressions ol  gratitude    as      Chamberlain's  Ceugh  Remedy.     It is efTectiTe, and prompt  relief follows its  use.    MS-rateful .par-.  ents   everywhere    do ant hesitate to  testify io   its   merits for the jbeaefil  or others.     ;lt     is a certain cure for  croup and  win prevent tke attack   if  piven at  the first  appearance ef  thc  ���������lisease.     It is especially adapted to  children,   as   it   is pleasant  to   take  and    contains nothing injurious.   Mr-  E. A. Hurnplireys, a well known resident and clerk in ^the store ef    Mr.  Locke, of     Alice, Cake Colony, South  Africa, says:     "I  have used Chamber  Iain's.    Cough     Remedy te ward on  croup     and     colds in my family.     1  intended  Io scud her to | found it very satisfactory and-it gSres  me  pleasure to recommend  ;t."    For  .salt* bv Thc Ladysmith Pharmacy.  w Mds.  WM.  BEVERIDOE, Prop.  Wsoloooi*   ������������������ '������������������'��������� ������������������* *������������������' T.mdyaailtfc  ���������THE JONES HOTEL |  ���������wirrTJ2 cjooic���������  aiid   \yHJTJ3   LA BOlt   Eini)l<7;>e(l Only  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rates $1.25 and$1.60��������� -  Free bus to all steamboat landings nnd  railway depots. Electric care every flyV  minutes to all "parts of tbe city. Bnr  and table,unexcelled. -  - ' <  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,   ������������������  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C:<  I  TNC COMfONTAaiC WAV.  TO; FERNIE,    B. C.  Read DOwa '   Read Up  4 p.m. Lv.  Victoria   Arr;   4.00 p. 111.  t.oo p. m. Lr.' Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.31 "p.m, Arr. - Everett Arr. 7.30 a.m  9.30 a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.4s p.m  6.35 p.m Arr.   Rexford, Arr is 3o]p. m.  8.M p, m.-Ar." EUce Arr. 10143 a. in.  9.0* p.m.   Arr.    Pernie   i,T.9.$sa   m.  .    ONE NIGHT,  Te all fcootenay Pointa  TWO   NIGHTS  ' To    Winnipeg'and St. Paul  Close Connections   -  For    Chicago, Toronto, ,  Montreal'and  All Points East & West  -���������   Acetylene     Lighted     Cars,  - Family Tourist-Sleepers,  ' .Palace,' Sleeping Cars'  Dining    Cars (Meals.a  la  .....   . ^;,Cnrte). '     .       ,    .  Library. Observation     Cars  Through     tickets, and bag-  gag* checks to an points. ���������-  Steamship Tickets  For'tickets, maps, berths  reservations     and complete  information    can on or address.  3. G. Yerkas E. R. Stephen  A.O.R.A. G.A.G.N. Ry  "Seattle Victoria, B.C.  6  I  . _  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-      Ladysmith.  ii:  mx  5'  Leads Them    "All  TN QUALITY  R.P. RITIiElV  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������: :���������::������������������������������������  .-:':���������-B.C.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  ; I  Nanaimo, B. C. /t  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens' headqnarters. '��������� ;���������'  ' .--.:  ;���������������  - Modern and     Strictly First Class.  Fire Proof    Building.  WANTED���������By Chicagn - - wholesale  house, special representative (aua ar  woman) for each province in ;Canad*,'s  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced^  Business successful; position Rfrntft-j  nent. No investment required. Pre-.  vious experience not essential-tf; ear,  Kag'ng- ''.;; - i. v  Address Manager, 132  Lake ���������Street,  Chicago,  111., U.S.A. ��������� " -,.  TH6CITYMRR  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. G.  zx  M. J. HENRY S  HUMEBIEt,   QREEN-  !   HOUSES AND SEED  , ", X" HOUSES  M10 West-ainster Road,  VANCOUVEa,  Hea_n|iarters for   PACIFIC OROWN Qardan. Held  ��������� nd flower 5BBD5  for distribution. ,;  Xarge,,v^toclf   ol Hohie  f.^ri"^^F^JT'vahd' OR-'  :   NAMEOTAL     TREES?'���������  : now,:mat������red for >.Spring.  ; j"yoi;e*c*Jensfi!, loss or  delay of;fumigation or inspection.  ��������� ~ :~Let me price your list  'before placing your   or-  ���������������������������deT. -'Greenhouse Plants,  rFidrkl'PsuJkaaes, Fcrtili-'  ':'zers, --etc-.-;"''-   .���������-;-���������'  3010  WestminS'teir Road.  VANCOUVER, B.  (3.  TICKET   OFFICE  Car. Government and Yates Sts.  VICTORIA, B- C  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  3  ONE   IS THE  "NORTH   COAST  LIMITED."  The Electric Liyhtcd Train to tke  East  Tickets on sale to ail Eastern   aHd  Southern points at Uwest rates.  Up-to-dats     Puihnan   and     Tourist  sleepers     on.ail  trains.  Dicing   Cai  service Unsurpassed. \  Steamship Tickets 01 sale to  and \\  from all European Poiofe.   Cabin accommodation reserved bl wire.     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Ladysrniiii, h -'  ���������*->tre^i    -  !*-������ ^���������'4.' ��������� *���������-*-���������;������  X  ���������  LIVELY, BOAl<D!NQ AND  SALB3 STABLES  I j I EXPRESS WORK  A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSttir  0  ������  i������  t  t  i  >  ������  morning, before going tochurch, she  I scaled in tho drawing room before  the astonished guests. The scales  registered 64 kilograms���������a weight  which brought the lucks bridegroom  a sack' of 13,500 silver coins,  In   Peru     a bride's     dowry is her  weight, not -  in gold or silver but in  sugar.   A Mr. Batt, a prosperous Engl sh  tradesman,  who admired     big  men, informed his daughter her dowry should be graduated by the     excess 1 of her husband's  bodily  weight  over  her own���������the excess to becal-  lo the wedding the! couple were weigh  ed, and the' iyisband���������a man after his  father-inrlaw's  own heart���������weighed so  much  more than his bride that   he  received  with her jESOO.  An * old Lancashire farmer agreed  lo gijvo his daughter for a marriage  portion as many guineas as she  could walk miles in a day- -The. feat  was discovered that her father  was not worth a������ many shillings as  lie should have paid In 'gujneas, where  upon a subscription was opened by  the neighboring gentry, who admired  the girl's pluck, and ao amount was  collected for her which amply compensated her for her exertions.  NATURE'S WORK  urally marry their opposiles,  thc present tendency js a natural law.     It is  an instinct for those of  great inleilt-  gcnce.to  marry those of less than the  a\erage, for     the offspring revert  to  the better averaige.   Only occasionally  do exceptionally     able  people marry  their equals to produce  thoso lernaiV  abic families,  an of whom are noted.  Jt   is evident that if     wc tiy to mi  prove   the race    w������   wm violate the  natural Jaw upon winch  our existence  is based.  almost certainly be largely outweighed by those of the disreputable, the  ignorant, the thoughtless, the purchased and the coeiced.''  Mr.  Cleveland     admits that this is  now the case to a considerable extent  uinoiig men, but he claims that in older  to   justify giving women   etojiial  lights     with men,  it must be shown  that     they    would sue them better  than men.    The friends of eqjual rights  of course,  would deny     this.     They  v. ould say that women ought to have  equal rights     with men unless it can  be shown that they would use them  worse than. men.  But it is easy     to  meet Mr Cleveland's   otojjpctiou em this  and to     show that     woman suffrage  would    increase the     desirable vote  more largely than the undesirable.  First, as to ignorance: The high  schools of every state in the Union  are graduating more girls than bo/ys,  ! often two or three times as many-  Tins is because of the growing tendency to take boys.o ut of school early lo put them into business. There  are in the United States 117,302  m uc lJliteiate males than illiterate  lemaics between the ages of 10 and  'it years.  (Census of 1900.)  Then, as to the disreputable; The  d.sieputafjic clement is much smaller  auiona,  Artificial matrimonial selection has  The improvement ofthe human race'been tried, though the results were  by properly selected marriages is a ' disastrous. > The Oneida corninumly  subject which periodically crops up'was based on the ldoa that eugenics  fer academic discussion in medical j was' a science. Unfortunately- the  and scientific literature. It has even leaders ' failed to recognize the fact  been dignified as a science under the that ihe men and women who joined  uamc of eugenics, saj s Medicine. The in such an abnormal iu"e must have  end may be    desirable,  but there are J been abnormal     themselves.     Though  Express Work  --">���������  I v-i   a. .-  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Birk f jr 3 iU  '���������  SEE J.  KEMP. OR LEAVE   ORDEKS  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  Any  two defects in our knowledge oi the  subject which will forever prevent any  practical suggestion.  No one immrs what type will bc  the best for survival in an unknown  futuie     environment.       We often see  tliey tried to select proper physical  mates there was less attentiou paid  to the mental and nervous side. The  last report oa the experiment wa-3  published some years ago, and it  merely referred     to the expense sad-  Kind  of  Job  the extinction or the families of pac-'uieu up^n ihe state m caring ior so  cuts whom any physician would have .many of thc alrsi-Ting in the lunatic  pronounced   ideal,     but then- children ' uSyiuuis.  lacked. lesistauce tothe invasion of; 'ihe only practical side of eugenics  pathogenic organisms 0|r there waa winch concerns the medical, piofessiou  some other defect which made them ' is, the fact thatf advice is now ami  easy targets for climatic causes of'tlicu requested as to whether a Cer-  physical decay. On the other hand urn proposed alliance is desuabiu.  we qhile often   find that parents be- it is solely a question ������.s to whether  tiiei'w is anility to fulfil the rele and  FIRST AVENUE  PHONE     6-0  '**  W. SILER.  /GENEKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVUKY  WORK PROMPTLY DOV-1  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.   ,  .UNITED ANCIENT ORDER OFv  DRUIDS  Meets in the 1' O O .F. Hall, La-  Weiiington Grove No. a U. A." _': B  dysiaith, the Second and Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, commencing "Wednesday, 13th.. 1965. '  Visiting Druids     are invited te at-  Und.  By Order  ���������flrjvl. RAFTER, RecfSecty.  PATRICK BURK. N. A:  BOOTS arid SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Repaying and Making  . 1      ���������*  Order^a1 Specialty  THOHAS   "AiCEWAN  Done Promptly and  WELL  ���������    .    -  .���������'���������-"/.At ';.  the  LEDGER  Office  ���������ft���������'&-#  1st Avenue  low par physically have line families.  Mr. Pipp is not a mere artistic creation.  In the second    place it is not at ail  certain       that thc    strongest are the  best,  necessarily,  foi   the  future. Typhoid   /ever     seems to djight in removing    our splendid *   specimens and  bati>ghtiy touching the more frail.  A  large physique may also be an actual  encumbrance.        Gorilla  like  muscles  are now   as wholly, out of plaice and  aw useless as are the long arms of our  ancestors, and   as it was uneconomical to     support,  these types  of men  were     crowded     out by the weaker.  Likewise,-  }<u,rts   no^j i.tsef)-.r may become useless  and therefore  detrimental, ami |u pcr:od of stress the type  would     perish,      while the survivors  would be what we coasider weaklings.  - The'curious unions which take place  apparently  defying explanation,   must  be tho result of low! such as   wc find  in every Wologic     phenomenon- About  the only thing   we know, certainly is  that tlie     man has the sarno instinct  found in lhe lower animals 'to select a  mate    who is     more or less different  from     himself.      Every     dog faneier  knuws; this Species survive by se  lection of the average specimens as  a rule, for wide variations generally  perish,and the -only living animals are  those which have inherited this tendency tom������te1-with opposites.  Wide variations do not even originate new apecics, for these arise by  survival of types somewhere near the  ave������ege. The flame law governs  nijui's "au'rvivai. Should nUe typo?  mate, their common characteristics  mrty be so exaggerated as to be .armful aud the line perish. Incest is unnatural because , races die out by in:-  and-in -breeding and surviving types  are an descended from those who had  opposite tendencies. Exogamy, or  tlia selection of mates from other  tribes, was tho next step, and bo-  came universal, for nc other tribes  were so vigorous and consequently  they perished.  I The ancient biblical moral laws against consanguineous and endagomous  marriages are merely tho expression  of inherited instincts. Mankind being  then descended     from those who nat-  suivive.   llarciy is there any reference  10 the VHuCiJity or vigor 01 tlie ruiure!  oiisj,r.n;>.     but  qucsuoir a������ in  royal marriages,  it isitjie tQnv^  settled upon a general survey  or each j }iave tlone  women than among men, look  at the statistics of .the orisons and  the penitentiaries. As to Uie women  specifically called disreputable. Mrs.  Ueieu Gilbert Ecob, wife of a prominent pastor, who was stationed for  years in Denver, writes: "The women of this class in amy part of the  United States, constitute only an infinitesimal /*rax*lion of the female population. In Denver the vote of that  ciass is confined practically to three  precincts out or 120.  Airs. Sarah Piatt Decker or Denver,  presidents of the General Federation  of Women's Clubs says: The woman  of Uie half world generally do not  vole- They are constantly changing  their residences, and their names.  They do not wish to give any data  concerning themselves, their age, or  number and street. They prefer to  remain unidentified.''  There is no evidence that women  are more thoughtless than men and it  will hardly he claimed lhat the,major  ity of American women are purchasable, lhc small number who can be  bought aie a mere drop in the bucket compared with the vastly larger  numbei' who cannot. Irr three of the  four ecjiiui     suffrage states, it is not  EARN CASJ  In Your Leisure Time  If you could start at once in a bu)  . <_..s v/hich would add a good roul  sum to your present earnings���������Wli!  Our    INVUST1HIS   A   VOLLAB.���������WOulcfJ  you do it? , J  Well, we are willing- to atart you [  a profitable business and we don't aj  you to put up any kind of a������dollar.  Our proposition is this:    We  ���������hip you the Chatham Incubator  Brooder, freight prepaid, and  You  Pay,  No  Cash Un  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising- pays. ,  People who tell you that there is,  money in raising chicks may have tri  to make money in the business by usi  setting hens as hatchers, and th  might as well have tried to locate'  gold mine in the cabbage patch. Ti  business of a hen is���������to lay eggs,  a hatcher and brooder she is  classed. That's the business oft!  Chatham Incubator and Brooder, a  they do it perfectly and successfully.'  The poultry business, properly coi  ducted, pays far better than any oth  business for the Minounifof time ar  money invested. r  Thousands  of poultry-raisers���������m  and women all over Canada and  United  States���������have  proved  to the|  satisfaction that it is profitable to rai  chicks with the >  ,   ,  , {claimed biy our opponents   that any wo  should it bc aviUiiman]]aserersoldherVote  andin  the  the number of women who  so are a mere fraction of  fdiudy and eugenics 's not involved in  the JCust.  'J he tendency to be average or normal is a fact which biologists have  not suihcicnlJy.    investigated  Die numbei   of men.  But     "Mi.   Cleveland thinks  women  would be\,    largely     "coerced."   Most  j American     husbands arc   too civilized  ,        , k���������-"*'to seek to  departure from  the normal,   whether  we can it norma;, whether we call it|  a variation     or modilication. must be'  due  to a new     cause.     it canri0t be  causeless.        If i������ subsequent geneia-l  lions this     cause is   removed the ab-1  normality      vnli not    reappear.      We  have long given up the idea that dis-1  ease Is inherited,, for.weiknow ib never ,  appears if thc cause is .excluded. i.       , ,  is a libel on American mamicjod.  coerce their wives. There  has been no complaint that women as  Voters have been coeiced in New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, or  the oth������r places where women have  been voting for years. Does anyone  .seriously imagine that American husbands arc hi eiy to treat their wo  men folk/ worse than the men of other  coimtriics?   This   particular   ah*ection  No. 1��������� U Eggs  No. 2���������120 Eggs  No. S���������240 Eggs  CHATHAM INCUBATM  AND BROODER.  "Yoursis the first incubatorl have  used, und X wish to Btato I had 52 -  chicks out of 52 eg-gs. '��������� This -vvas my -  first lot; truly a 100 por cent, hatch.   ">|  lam well pleased with my incubator '"I  and brooder.   Thos. McNaugbton, .  ChUliwack, B.C."  "My first hatch camo off.  I eot ;7  170 fine chicks from ISO eggs.   Who  can beat that for tbo lirbt trial, and' <���������'<-;  so early in the spring.    I am well  pleased wilh  incubator,   and if I  could nol got another money could  1  not buy it from me.   Every farmer  should have a No. 3 Chatham Incu-..  bator.���������i". \V. Ramsay, Dunnville, ���������  Ont."   *  "The incubator you furnished me  works exceedingly well.   It is easily  operated, and only needs about 10 -  minutes  attention  every day.   R.  McOuffie, Moose Jaw, _sss."  The Chatham Incubator and Brbode  is honestly constructed. ' There is" 1  humbug about it. Every inch of material!  is thoroughly tested, the machine. isl  built on right principles, the insulatioa]  ia perfect, thermometer reliable,' and"  the workmanship the best.  The Chatham Incubator and Broodarl  is simple as well as scientific in con-l  struction���������a woman or girl,can operate) [  the machine in their leisure moments. ^"  You pay us no cash until after' 19061  harvest. - *     n,.        -.���������. j  Send us your name and address * ori  a post card to-day. "' >   "  We can supply you quickly from our, |  distributing warehouses at Calgary, Brau-'  don, Regina, "Winnipeg, New Westminster,  B.C., Montreal, Halifax. Chatham. Address  all correspondence to Chatham. 3U  "Manson Campbell Co., Limited  DepU5 ACHAT'S AM, CANADA  Factories at Chatham, Ont., and "Detroit. ' |  Let ns quote you prices  on a &ood Fanning Mill  or {food Farm Scale.  This tendency to be normal is- a biologic "law  of such  paramount importance ' to    physicians     that it is  as-'  tquuding     there is  less     hoard of it.  The influence of     the environment in  dunging organisms is becoming more! Mount-ai-  and more recogni_ed, and heredity re-j County' Wash-  ���������duced to a mere * tendency to do as^e     Say, ;   u'-ho'r bas seen  parents     -did in  like conditions.      It  wholly , explains why defective iparents  if they live in a healthy,  normal m<ui-  ner'-natiy.   produce line offspring.   The  WERE BOTH VERY EASY.  The following plaintive wail is given  out by .the  editor .of tdie Palmer  airr    Prospector,   of   Okanogan  have not been damaged as   ar0uSe a-fiendish kppetite'^ust to look -  chiidrien  the ���������parents have  eluding such parents  hy eugenic theories,  0/ investigation must  Say! ���������   Who    has seen     our goose?  Through, ihe generosity of an esteemed friend we owned   in fee simple the  very dream  of    ii goose,, a big,  fine,  lucious    looking  bird,     that  would  Instead of ex-  from matrimony  the ���������.���������.hole tni-d  be in the direc-  A .lamtiican Lady Speaks Highly of  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.  Mrs. Michael Hart, wife of the superintendent of Cart Service at Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies Islands,  says that she has for some years used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for  coughs,     croup and  \ 'V.oopirig cough  and has found  it very beneficial.    She  has      implicit     confidence in it   and  would not   be without   a bottle   of it  in     her home.   Sold by  Ladysmith  Pharmacy.   Ladysmitli Temple No.  5  Rathhoae  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd   and  4th   Tuesday   at   7.30   p.m.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  lluMrers, rubbers, rubers, at Simon  .eiser & Co's., Ltd.  Sunlight Soap ia better than othor ooapG,  bat is bost when used in tha Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Soap and follow directions.  HW STOCK IS COMPLETE  IN GENTS' FURIISHIMGS  Mens'  Clothing,  Boysfiyi'd" Youths''  ''!*$'"  ������������������ I  Blcns' White Dress Shirts, ite^llh', Sa';  erus Negligee     Shirts in  Fancy Pat j  terns,   Linen      and   Celluloid   Collars,!  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We stalled out the  fowl with great care, and proceeded  to'.spread him out through the process  of stuffing.  Each morning      he  seemed -to have'gained avoirdupois,  and we lingered over him ,with all  ax, weighing the chances of the ac-l  cumulation of more flesh. In an evil j  hour we postponed the execution'one!  day too many. The next .day the birc|  had vanished, and with it our hope  of goose, for neither feathers nocl  squawk have., been seen or heard     ol  since. If he has strayed to some-l  one's premises, and has not furnishe<|  lining to other stomachs, we woul  not object to .having him rcturned.1  And a blessing on the owner of th|  hand that .restores his gooseship.  You don't have to have a hard fact 1  to keep a stiff upper lip.  NOTICE  aud: women an  undeslra.ble element  Judging- by the newspaper comment  on  the   Hon.   Grover  Cleveland's  late  article     against     equal suffrage,   tho  public  attaches    little  importance   to  Ins elaborate dissertations' on the divine    intentions   regarding   woman-'s  sphere.      The  one sentence in his argument  which      is  quoted  and seema  to be regarded  as carrying weight is  that ''the voice of the thoughtful and  conscientious   (among   women)   would  Dear Mother  Your little ones are a constant care in  Fall and Winter weather. They will  catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh's  Consumplion Cure, the Lung Tonic, and  what it lias done for so many ? It is said  to be the only reliable remedy for all  diseases of the air passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless nnd pleasant to  lake. It is guaranteed! to cure or your money  is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 314  SHILOH  This remedy should! be in every household.  pay  WATERS WORKS  at   the ofliee     on  Roberts   Street  10th   and the 25th of aach month.  LADYSMITH  Consumers  arc  requested to call  Water     Rates,  between the  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  wh I BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT  and  Public Notice  Attention Is called to the  fact that tha  .Ogilvie   Flour Hills Co.,..' Limited  ma.Vers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some tima  past   been producing flour in a  vastly  improved and purified  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and   having secured control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, tiil'e this opportunity of advising  tke public that any  oxizcci  users of the electrical    flour purifyinE processes will he pro-  -eculejBL ������������������5.51  Flo*ar  OgUvie Flour Mills Company    T  ������  ara the    only    milleM in Canada whosa  fcii    ul3jtt*La pcj39i-j  er  X ***>������*.,  THE   DAILY   LEDGER  /  local wm  Miss E. Doifaeson will be at the Abbotsford Hotel ��������� every Saturday after-  noon to give lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, 'eiTi-  , ciently taught. For particulars apply Box 12, or Phone 14C., Nanaimo.'  Smoke Little B. Cigaw.  Mrs. Samuel  Jones  went up' to Nanaimo at noon today.  WANTED,    (at once) photo of I -���������  dysmith ,at 'Knight's 'Book Store.  Prescriptions filled  promptly at the  Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  Sec tlie advertisement of J. Tait's  S> this issue. Mr. Tait is oli'ering his  premises  for sale cheap.  Air. p.-lih Smith, M. P., passed  through on the morning (rain from  Nanaimo   to Victoria.  21������ far as street talk is concerned  electric lights are in order. So far as  '~o(es on the question would go it is  to0 soon to say.  :_ss_  ASK  YOUR GROCER FOR  CUPONS     :  WHEN YOU PURCHASE  WHITE SWAN   SOAP  YOU MAY WIN A SINGER SEWING MACHINE||  "ffnr. ; Revcridge and ,Ben Forcimmer  nr'e in Vancouver. If is a citfious Co-  .'acidence that the chief of police gave  ������������������".wt the extia caution notice yesterday.  Tlic'Walor Company had done extensive-work  in extending  its limits  .10  Sixth  Avenue.   It means not only  ������.������OOd  supply   of  mountain  water  to  Kgie people of that section but also  ���������fire protection.  We have  been  expecting a decision  relative to the course to fc  pursued  "by thc government in  ihe wliprf road  ������nestion but so far it  has not     been  tfjiven out, and likely not-yct reached.  ���������Mr. Geo., Parlor, of Sunnyside,  ChDinainus, who went-north about a  year ago, has come ' down from thc  i:')pcr country and is now in Vancouver. He will he in Ladysmith  looking up his many old friends  Shortly.  FOR SALE or RENT  FOOTBALL-  The   Vancouver  Island) League *n-  its is rapidly Hearing completion, says  a Vaiicouvcr-'exchange.   "Many,     think  last  Saturday's contest between   the  Victoria United and Garrison teams  has decided  the championship in   fav-  " | or of thc Victoria eleven.  Next  Sat-  FOR SALE * | gjft'ay the Garrison and Egcria   ttams  JfOR   SALE-Stocli and   Figures   of 1^ sthcdule(l lo lry conclusions,  nut,  j. 71.    'fail's  Candy   and  Tobacco j^,^^^,.  lhe ou1come,  it can -ci.rce-  litore on the Ksplaiw'e.  for 5 2 2ycasli   ]y ^..^ 1he sUlulillf, (if iht Victoria  Miss Ross, of Extension, was visiting, in this city this,morning.  Capt. Yates, (pilot) who brought-  the Reidar into port ibis .morning  went up to Nanaimo on Die noon  train.  Apply   cn   premises.  i).  .ADYS3HTH  TEMPLE NO.  special  meeting of  thc Rathhone  Sisters'  Team  is  called   for Monday  team.'lhe  latter  luvc yet  to    meet  Ladysmitli,   and   (attain   Coward   Intends .to:rep   his   players   up lo   the  regular  standard  of training -until after   (he contest.   Tic  Int.er  will   fin-  aft-moon at  1.30 in the Lodge room L,v  clecitle  the question  of  superiori-,  .   .....     , i.   *       .........    _t     i   ..i. '  Im. ortant business.  If there  is anything  you    want in  Uie  Drug or  patent medicine  Hue you  will   find   it at    the Ladysmith  Drug  Store.  New     Pictorial      Tost  Knight s. Book Store.  Cards   at  The Well Known Hotel Ladysmith,  thoroughly furnished, also bar and  Ixturcs for sale or rent. For further particulars apply to Annie Ste-  -*.*ns, at the Stevens' Block, Lady's nith.  B.  C.  Miniature Book of B.  J'night's Book Store.  C.  Views at  The  members   of   the Church   of England tennis club, held  the, first meet-  |.g   ofthe  year  at the Rectory  last  I*:.erring.,,. Plans,for the  Coming   sea-  I >n were discussed:    Thei   I will  pro-  J ibly. be a   largely increased membiei-  1'iip this year,'and it is the intention.  c' the club  to level  more ground    on  %. e property so that  there  will, be a  1'rger space-at each side of the court.  J* ew netting' etc.    will  also  bt pur-  I :ased.      Jrvlging  by  the enthusiasm.  displayed: by     the members   at   the  aeetiiig last evening  the. coming season will be a most successful one for  -���������eclubl  Mr. A. niuir is now pleasantly situated witii his family at South Wel-  _nqion, where Mr. Aluir is managing  tBe new sawmill for his 'company.  With the excellent location, experienced men at its head and a good de-  Band for timber, tlie company seems  certain to ma'c a. good commercial  wee-css.  ''.. .-.' e  Big  B. Cigars.  ��������� ������������������������  It  ir reported  that  one new store,  ���������-.rrhais    two,  are to    be established  ���������  iB    Nanaiino    soon.     As co-incident   i  tti'th lids comes the information  Ihit  cte of the progressive citizens     lias  umounced   that  he will   reshingle his  kitchen  this season,  and  another  one  states  that he build  a lean-to   on his  nourished.   Several  others are arrang  !������...  to whitewash  their fences  and (ix .  X generally.    An  era  of   prosperity  Say  be said   toluAC set   in in   earn-  wt."     ���������  ty, and the Victoria players are I0ok  ing forward with  mere or less confidence to victory.  After this series the winners of the  Vancoiver   Island  and  Mainland  League  will  try conclusions  for-ibe Bri;  tish Columbia- championship.  At the  present time the Celtics are lending  _    the latter    series,  in  fact,  they  ha\e  such, a marked advantage    that  there seems no reason to doubt that  the team will come to Victoria     to  play the Tsland victors for the Provincial  pennant.  TWENTY  PIECES  NE  EMBROIDERY  AND  INSERTION  DKlKiXiKKl  T.W.  Mr, Ralph Smith, \������*-., son of tho  member for this distiict, has very  kindly consented to. give a violin solo at the concert, tonight. Mr.  Smith, who is one ,of the most- talented violinists, will arrive from Nanaimo on the S. S, Joan this evening.  Mss Bertram desires to call the  attentioji of the puiblic to the fact  that she has been a faithful and m*y  with fairness claim to be a competent, instructor in music or other  branches for children, She hos been  for some years a resident of LadyT  [smith, .hrough bad as well <is IJet'ter  times, and respectfully re'ujucst.s the  continuance of a fair. patronage for  her school  and music class.  These we are Selling at  IDcTfd  Regular Values up to  25c  ��������� X X X * x * X *-*  See Window  They Cannot last loig  at Present Price  Walter. &  Akenhead  !__���������--���������������������������������������������������������������������������������BH___H���������_���������������������������  Smoke Big S. Cigars.  Latest ma^a'/ines at Kui__t'i.  JBiners  in  Ladysmith arc1 not complaining-  for   the past  year   ef   slack  ������������rk.   There lias scarcely been a day  off outside ofSundajs  and lejj.al holidays.  THE  8 RIP.  Dangci s  of      Cold ' and  How  Avoid Them.  More fatalities  have  their ��������� origin in  or result  from, a cold   than  from any  other cause.    This  fact alone should  make  people 'more careful   as     there  is no   da������ger   whatever   from   a cold  when it is~ properly  treated in the be".  ginning.    For maiy  years  Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy  has been   rec-  ogaized  as the most   prompt and    effectual   medicine   in use  for   this disease   It acts om   nature's plan, lo������s-  ecs  the cough,-relieves the lungs,  opens tlie secretions and  aids nature in  restoring ~ "the" system"" to a healthy  condition.     Sold by  tlie Ladysmith  Pharmacy..  NOTICE  Mortgage Sale  Ifitler aad hy virtue of the powers  :nniained ia a certain Mortgage  which will !>��������� produced at the time  ���������if the sale there -will be offered, for  .������.!��������� b? b'--blir ahction on Faturbay  Fc! . *rd., > J306, at tke hour ol 10  o'ch.ek ia the forenoon, at the Law  Office of M. R. Simpson, in the city  ���������f Ladysmith, B. C, by G. R.'  ThoinaB, the following property: Lot  lint (���������) block ninety-seven, (97)  and baildiags thereon, s tuated on  Badui Powell street, in the City of  Ladysmith.  Terms of paymeat caa be arrange*  ill* the Mortgagor or his Solicitor.  for  further  particulars and condi-  i--*ns of sale apply to  RUSSELL SIMPSON  Solicitor for the Mortgagee.  I'ated  at Ladysmith  this  20th day  ,r January, A.  D., 1986.  KfeaSirii...-.  "^i^jft_aS3F"*"  COFFEE  *F^'-^*;f-*T-'f*T*F'':J-'T--7-'f'f*I--l''f*f**f*F*f-f  it is Qui Aim to makaeur .  COFFEE  Tha Best in town, and we pay  SPECIAL  ATTENTION  to this part of our Trade  Our Coffee Brans are  Imported Dirr ct and  for Flavor . and Excellence cannot be surpas  sed in the city  *i-i^-i;"?"j"*:"i'*j-'i"i":"i"i"T-t'-!"T"*-'5":"  Freshly Ground while you wait  35c. lb. or  3ihs* $i.oo  ��������� ��������� ���������  Our Leader,.Mochi Java  The time ofthe year  is approach-  iag for sowing    seeds    and  pirn-tins  trees.      Those    who   are eiigag'-d   in  tither line should,  if not already  doing so, consult M. J. Henry,  of Vmi-  ���������ouvcr,   as fo   the best   kind   of seeds  to sow and of trees to plant. Wr. Hen  ry  will give you an  opinion that  ypu  can   rely  on  absolutely  and no .'fcs-  tion of sale of stock will enter     into  his   opinion     Read his advertisement  ���������hr another column and  write him.  If  ���������-im    do not    need  stcck  Mr.  Henry-  ���������will  always advise you -regarding the  reatiiient  of trees or  shrubs       with  ������leasnre.  Remember tne     place to get writing material is  Knight's Book Store  ������������������������������������o ���������  "..lore we cai sympal-we with  . 'hers, we must haytf suffered ������ur-  ���������iihcs." N������ one can realize the suff-  ei iny" at tend ant upon aa attack ���������(  ���������iiiMP, unless he kas had the actual  ���������\pLrience. There is probably ������������������ ������is-  that  causes  so aiuch  physical  ���������M   mental  agouy,  er wliica si    suc-  ���������essfiiilT  defies  medical  aid.    All dan-  >*r froia Ue grip, however, may be  .-o;Vd by the piompt uss of Cham  Uurlain's C#ugh Reme-y. Aircnj tin  'ens of thousands who bare used this  > t-inedy, aot one cast has ever been  ���������"ported    that  has resulted   ia   paeu-  Kinia  or that  has ngt recovered.  For  sale by tha Ladysmit- Pharaacy.  Pi ior to Opening Out our Spring Stock  of GOods, we will Dispose of Many Articles  in Our store at Bargain Prices  Ladies' Neckwear  '1������  ������<  M  ������  'Belti  Silk Ties  Qand Bag*  Wool Glores  ATi  REDUCED  PRICES  COME and INSPECT THESE  GOODS  SIMON LEISER&C0 Ltd.  OATAORT. ST  LADYSMITH  Ladysmith  Merchant Tailor  B   C  MUSIC  Piaiiorortc ai'.d Vocal Music thoroughly langht i������y Frank CI. Ashlon of  the Guildhall School and Trinity College of Music, Loii'don. England  Pupil of the late Thomas Wingjliniii,  Mus.   Doc, Organist,    Brompton,  Oral or.    T-midon. .w  Mr.  Ashlon   is  now   resident  iii  Li-'k  dysniilh   and      jreparrd   l'<>   lidc   pu-;^  pils .      llaniouy  and   Theory   a  Spe  ciulty.   Terms,   etc.,    on alMdication.  P.  0.   HOX   2112.  WATCHES  We are| now showing a Large Stock of  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  RINGS  and Other Jewelry of First Class Quality  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING   REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands  may, bc purchased at $10. per acra for soft coal   and  $20  lor  anthracite.   Not more t_an  320 acres caa bc acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per ton ol 'i,000  poundi    shall      be collected on the  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 par annum fer aa iaiividual,  aad frcm $��������������� to $1M per annum for  a'company, acceiiaiag to capital.  A     free miner,  having discovered  mineral  ia place, may locate a claim  1.S00 x  1,500  feet.    The Ice fer  re-,  carding a claim is  $5.M  At least $1M must be expended on  the claim caca year or paid to the  mining recorder ia lieu thereof. When  -.500 has been e.**pe*idcd or paid, the  locator may, apon having a survey  made, and apon complying wite other requirements,  purchase  the la-C. at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of  2| per cent on  the salcc.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, re-,  newable yearly. ,  A free miner may obtain twe leas  ea to  dredge  for gold  cf   five miles  each Ior a term ot twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrlor.  The lessee shall have a dredge ia  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister  of the In  erlor. -  W.G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  1   --        >  '   , '   (ist Avenue)  fcall Stock  on  hand. Call ea riband  get your choice  Sto  '.Pattern andLates-  Stoves  We are-making them oi>r Newest  Styles. |  WE DO. ALL KINDS OP FOU NDRY WORK  ���������ur Prices-'are Rea-ona hlc - .  SEE OUR   NEW/STOVES, IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDCjVS.  >������������������     '      land at LadysmilbSHardwareXcmpany  LADYSniTH   IRON & STOVE.WORKS CO���������)[-TD.  SO   -YEAR9*  EXPEDIENCE  -r-v���������vrr *-������-  _iSIGKS        <  TRfife'MAftKS   4.  AND QPYRIGHTS .'  OQAINED       -i  Smoke  Big.B.  Cigars.  -u   ������t  First  8 POiXlMHER  JKW.LER,  OPT1C1AIN  ;   X      Ladysmith,  ?s2_s*fg8isari_H5l������  W A.CnMAKEW.  Avenue,    X   *  B. C  NOTICE  COCCI I REMEDY  Mr.  E. O. Case, a mail carries o'  Can!on Cenlre. Conn, who b.a.s been  tlie L S. service for aboi:'- sixteen  years, "says: "We have tri-.ci many  eolith iiiccliciii'js for croup, but Cham-  leriain's Cough Remedy is king of  all and one to be relied on every time.  We also iind it the best remedy for  coughs and colds giving certain re-  suits and leaviaj ao bad after cf-  fei-tti." For s.vU by The Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  After this.date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be FIVE CENTS per loaf- 20  loaves for a dollar. My read is  guaranteed the best made. Shops  rim by white help should receive  white pec-pies' patronage so long as  they are properly conducted. j solicit a trial as your Baker.  C.  R. DOCILE,  THE WELLINGTON BAKERY  PAINTING   AN IT FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDNG    -  Orders  Promptly   Executed  *-"--. LADYSSVilTH  Notice ia hereby given that I, Agnes Knijc,iit, will apply at the next  regular sitting'of the licensing board  for the traWer of the retail li-qhor  license held hy me for the premises  lately known as the'Island Home Ho  tel, located on lot 3, block 2G. in  the city of Ladysmith, B. C, to  George Han nay, the above hotel to  be known as The   Hotel Cecil.  Sir-ned,  AGNES KNIGHT.  -a____aaa^��������� 11 ��������� ���������,-*irf-  Notice  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  A.U  work guaranteed, aud  it reas.  able  rates.  RESIDENCE  ANB  OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmiil  OPEN   AT   Af.l.  riOTlR-4"   Idly CuuuucuiieM ���������������������.���������������r������������������ ������������������ ;-*--  .entfree. Oiawt ���������g������ncr for������������������curtnaprtenUu  I'uteiit* taken throuah Munu * Co. receive  iptcUil notUt, without ������3>������r������������. ta ���������������  Sckntif le flmcrlcan.  '^INN ^Co^������^sNew York  " CO MERCIAl HOTEL  MR. and MRS. T. J: THOMAS, late  of   Mount Sicker Hotel, and of thr  Palace Hotel,  Nanairpo,hav(B  chased the  '       ���������.':���������'���������!..'."-'  ���������^COMMERCIAL HOTEI>���������  on Dpufelas Street, Victoria, apposite  tlie city  hall,  and invite their    eld  PATRONS AND FRIENDS TO VIS  IT THEM WHEN IN VICTORIA-  (PATENTS .,--...  f ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY |"DE" t 1  > Notice in "Inventive Age "t P|PP^  i Boole''How to obtain Patents" | B-B3_B1 *j  \ Charges modirate.'THofee.till-patent 1 secured. 1  \ litters strictly confidential. Aircss, . 1  L E. OTSIGGEBS. Patent Lawyer, Washinkon, D^y  Diaries  Stert.  tot  190G 'at .-Knightt' Book  TENDERS.  Tenders will lie received by'the undersigned up to, Feb. 10th, next at  G o'clock p. m., for supplying and  delivering at the Shingle Mill, Ladysmith.  40.isles 40 ft. long.at least 14 in.  at' top end.  These piles must be straight and  cut from green standing timber and  delivered not later than 30 days after acceptance  of tender.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. '-  The LADYSMITH LUMBER CO.  M. R. SIMPSUK  ! Solicitor, Ete.  Honey  to   Loai  n Avenue -      lACVSIvn  NOTICE  I will  ,a������ Mu-  A. HOWEJofCHEMAINUS, has opened the-MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL;L!NE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  rd _*? n j j;e a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  Phone 20  HAY, GRAiN anJ  i ARM PROPUU  Orders   will   We   delivered  anywhr.i  ia the city pr������������������l*tly and at the lo  est possible prices.  Leave orders at ehristie's, oa tk������  Eiplanadi.  James Warnock  '-Vvs-rt***-  EXCELLENT  Train Service  ���������rrwKN  GHICAB0, LONDON,  HAMILTON,TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEIEC,  PRTLANO, mston,  Aui-tbe Priaclfkl Bn������lmW|*9������������ter������ ������f  Ontario, Quob������p, and tho  Maritime Province-.  ALSO Tl NBFFALN, NEW YIRK AND  pmilanilpniaTvianunanafaus.  Tn Time T������bl������t, ���������c, addreii  OBO. W. VAUX,  AulitABt aen'l fuiagtr, ������i*.Tlelnt Airent,  I3B ADAM. *T.. CHICAGO, ILL.  . Notice is . hereby given lha  apply at the next sitting off.  nicipal Licensing Board for tie tr-as  fer of the retail liquor Kaenjic held  by me for the Portland Hotel, si.Uia  ted on Lot HI, Block 4, First Avenue, to David ITynes.  JOHN  GOGO  Russell Simpson, Solicitor.  "CAPITAL   CAN  BE  EASILY IN  TERESTED if your DiisiBCSs is  sound and legitimate; we will re-organize vau- on a money earning basis;  new eiiterprises successfully promoted; incorporated; -guaranteeing; underwriting; ..public works financed;  corporate,, securities Ynarketed; \yritc  ' CORPORATION Sl'.RVICE  COMPANY, of America, Pennsylvania  bid.,   Philadelphia,  Pa. *  NOTICE  From this data the undersigned  ���������will not be responsible for any ia-  debtedness incurred except on ������  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland   Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION _.' DEVHL-  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B, C��������� May. 18th4 3.90B.  .1


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