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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 28, 1906

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 '���������'o*  '%  ���������ij  LADVSM.TH DAILY brDOER  VOL.>2  WEDNESDA"*.     FEH    28,  lOOii  PR'iC  ���������vSMT:l  $10,000 IS MULTIPLIED BY FOUR  Evidence Given by Mr. James Anderson Proves Interesting  Reading  And Does Net do Credit to the Head  of the Lands and Works  >artment  CITY SCHOOL  COHCEBT DIUW.  URGE CROWD  >-������&i&;'*  '���������HL^jmH.,  Depj  rho select  committee investigating   there.   He could not  remember thai  lire  question  of  whjat  he was to  get  out     of it was not discussd at that  ���������Kaien    Island land  grant sat again  yesterday James Anderson, in Ins examination,       icvealed    the   amount  which he thinks was submitted     to  Mr   Bochvcll as solicitor befoio being  signed  was  entered  into with     the  Grand  Tinnk  Pacific by  which  $40,-  WiO was to have been  paid by     tbe  company  if  Kaien Island'was select-  ted as ihe terminus    This ^.nieement  was  aftenvaids cancelled by Mr. La)  sen.   The sum which  the speculator  weie to gel, was thus four times as  much  as the piOMiicc  recei\ed. ���������  The committee will sit tomorrow  morning, when E. V. Bodwcll will  again be called  A telegram was read rrom Frank  W.  MfMse .is  foilows*  Montreal,'Feb   2fi,   1900.  James F   Garden,  Chan man  Specia'  ���������Legislative   Committee,   Victoiia  KcpJying to  your message,    would  be very  glad to go to Victoria weie  it not  that president Chai les       i\l  Hayes     is away in   Euiope.  Becond  Vicc-Pics-dcnt   Win > Wainwught     is  away on .account of ill  health which,  together with   the fact that  we aie  closing     contracts    foi   commencing  our  woik in  spiuig,   niui-e it  imperative  that  1 should   remain   at  luvad-  ���������quaiteis., Under these ciieumstances  I  hope to he Reused  from sumimons  Please ad use       FRANK W   "MORSh.  "Mi    Gore gave evidence  regarding  surveys, etc., *iul stated  that he had  not  the  pleasure of T\Ir    Anderson's  acquaintance, o  '..���������*,  lime. ' Hc could not remember that  this was discussed on cither of these  occasions. He might1 liave discussed  it with Mr. Morse, afterwards. Mr.  Iltijs sail! Mr. Aforse was to lin-ve  full charge of tie Grand Tiunk Pacific  Mr  Macdonad. referred to Mr Bod-  vv*el!*s    evidence, .and  Mr.  Anderson  iaiti    that it ha<l_L(k<m agroeil that  >40,000  was to Ve paid to Mr   Laewen and  Mr.  Andeison  lfjKaien ls-  .and  was made the terminus.  'Ihere  ./as an  agreement signed  by      Mr.  dorse foi ������the Grand Tiunk Pacific  Mr.  Lai sen was not in Montreal at  Lhc time,  and Mr.   An'fcrson  signed  .he  document for himself and   .Mr  .aiscn    This was afterwards cancel 1  led and nothing was taken.  Rioariing , from  ttlr.   Bodwcil's  evi-  ���������lence   "Jr. 'M.olonald showed  thai at  .'oil well had told Mi    lla>s that Mi  that time  while m  Montreal      Mi  ^arsen did not waul anything     out  A    the'deal, lhat Mi.   Laisennevei  .vanted anything,  and that if '    Mr  layes wanted to ariange with   Mi  Uulerson  it "could be done.  Mr.  Anderson said- that he had Mi.  i.arsen's  power  of  attorney,       and  ..'ltncss bad signed Jm name to the  iguement foi1"$10,000   Mr  Laisen did  lot take thc position that he      did  lot want anything out of it    A copy  of the agreement was  ������iven wlttuess,  which was given to Mr. Larsen  When witness , returned  to Spokane  \Ir. Larst-n said that he did not care  ��������� about  taking money  fiom the Giand  James   Anderson   was  then iccalled   that it would be betlct to cancel this  In     reply to Mr.  McDonald   witness  A very large assembly, probably  one of the laigost that has eVci been  s^-jro/ed into the Opcia House, hcaul  u \eiy u;ood iiiopraminc iondi-icd b\  the School children last evening. 'Ibe  1 rocctds ol lhe cnlei tairiniont are to  he used loi the School l.ibiaiy, and  it is pleasing to note that thiough  the hleial n.itioiiaine or the entertainment liv the puiilic the teaching stall  will . lniive left in hand a very substantial sum of money with which il  will he possible to puiciu.se alaige  stock of new and 'useful���������books'and  generally  impio'.e the  libiaiv  Of the enleitainmcnt uself, it can  be said that it was a threat success,  all the children doing well in then  jails Thi* piogiamme is published  below, Hit to get a tiii1 idea, of  its e\c.'l!ci<-e it would be necessirv  to see and htvi the children. The  two dulls weie especially good, and  lhe Indies who tiame'l the ehiliTen  taking part m them aie deserving of  llnnks foi pi opal ing what -lovcdth.1  mo^t att" active pail of the progi un  Thev must have devoted niuch tune  and patience, and thev are rew.iided  hv the pionoumed success of Unit,  part of tho piogiamme The other  lien s weie \eiy amusing, and judging bv the applause ol the audience,  t'loroughlv,    appreciated H     is  a  plcasuie to all to heiu the fiesb  voiiiig voices of ch-ldun laised in  joyous song, and when Hie ebonies  .aie --.a larefullv tianud as ihosu vvp, u  last evening, the singing of duldirn  is doubly einovable  Missis Cc|fJ������������ii, Moiiison and Stieet  plavcd iho accompanicni. nts, and  ilieir  woik jv.is cNCciilinjjIy uood  Alavoi    'Nicholson made an fiflable  chairman,      giving   a  few appro] i u te  remar'-s  at the opcnuu*,   of lhe enlei  tainment  PROGRAM  1 Chores . .    -The Maple .Leaf  2 Pmno   Rob.    .     ,     C    Bailan^o  ."   Recitation  TIE-MUM  mukiue  jiih deijt  The   sleamei    Unicmi ended  a laCe-j   -Fftiw.-a.ni:Si Alaska, Fe-b.^O-James  veslerday  which meant  life or  ile-atli   McMullen    wli'  SKIN-S CBIME  Of-MM ���������  -NORTHERN IlUK  lo one of tbe iiassengeis ahoaed, aiid.  to thetiedil ol the captain and mem-^  leis   of ihe   crew , won  thc 3ace      If  ilea lb  no i"   overtakes  the  iinfui tmiatcf i{il  o '.returned ������������������ froiii-' Kusko /  quini, tells  of  one of  line/most burrowing   tales   of suffering   of  liwliuns  in; that district ever heard   in. Alas  ,     One Indian, his  squaw and two  it will not    bethiough any fault    of children, lived   a long -tlistancc    from  lhe oflicis   . of the steainci   InicuiiJany   lmmau  habitation.      The  Indian  -av's ,a Vancouwu  despatoh '''could  find no food,  and becoming  in-  rnic-an,   Capt    Rogeis,   while) sane through  the panys of liuiiycr, he  GQUNTY COURT TO-DAY  !AT CITY COUNCIL ROOMS  Judge Harrison Refused to Hear  the  C^seofT. W. Fletcher :  in Full  lhe  southbound   from  Roil Simpstn,   was! one day killed . tlie sq^iaw in  a most  signalled   to call at I'l-lla Hella,  and cold-Wooded ' ���������manner, arid proceeded  on    ainval      was infouned   iha,t Mr.   to eat her body.    , "  \Sin    l'oyle,      who lias been employed 1    In a short time he'.was confronted  all  wintei. at onj of the cannei ies at'with ��������� the same   situation a������-l^forc.  Kneis'  Inlet,  was lying at  the- point  ot   death,    and  the  onlj cliance of bis  ���������I    Song  filue Bell  Tutiik. Pacific.  ,He seemed to  think  said that be had.found one ^to'i^iy^"ii������^  of   hlahk stubhs.   This'was  t���������e last    Larson ^"..^X'^tb^'Grand  one,  eomm.,cinff November 7tb, 1905   wishjl t^.-S^r?^Sok  .ami  ending .January 8th,  1906.             , lrunk lacinc    ������i ut  Mr: .-McDonald  said ibat he noticed   ing for contracts   that from A\*} first deposit, August  3ru, 1!)03, ^nd .August 3rd 1901 there  had been ��������� deposited $.10,1)28- There  vyere , chegued out'$il .1,075. There  ember 15th, 1203 to Nov. 21, 1901,  there''had be^n .deposited'$10,027.50."  A record pf deposits from the banic  not shown in the books was presented  by Mr.   Anderson.  The $10,000 got a year ago was  shown in '.'thetrunk statement,' Mr.  Anderson said. '���������'������������������_  Mr. -Macdonaid then alluded  to the  time  in. June or. July  when Mr.   Anderson   was in Montreal.    Mr.    Bod-  well .was there n-t the time.  Mr. Andeison said that he interviewed Mr. Hays at his olfice. On  one occasion .Mr. Morse ��������� was present,  on the other Mr. Stevens and Mr.  ���������Mor.se '-'were present. Mr. 'Bodwell  was not present either time.  "What H-.'as the object of the .interview?''  asked Mr. Mgndonald. ���������  Mr. Anderson said nothing, in particular.  Mr. ��������� Macdonalcl said that railway  presidints did not send for men for  nothing.  Mr. Anderson said ihe Kaien Tslan.l  terminus wns discussed. Mr.1 Hays  referred      to  the  probable.' terminus  Mr. Bod well luiew of this agreement. Witness -'thought:-,# was-, sub;,  mittod-.io Mr. Bodwell before i.t was  signed. "...  ���������in"repiy't<)-:Mf. Macdonald, witness  said that his wife was not. in town.  She bad gone;.south,; leaving on  Sat-  jrtlay night. .    ���������'..;-.  In replv to 1). M. .Blietts,-,-K. C.,  witness said that he���������!had beeni friend  ly with Mr. Larsen for a; long; time.  His trips north were 'not alone in  connection with lands, at .Kaien Island. He- had .visited, Nasoga Gulf  Queen Charlotte "Island. The coal  lands taken over by witness was only .1 prospect.'' There ' was not much  of an  iiudication. ..     .  .During the visit to Montreal Mr.  Larsen had come down to see the C  P. R. engineer: The .visit'Was not  made to meet witness. At. thc time  witness met Mr. Larsen at Spokane  Mr. Larsen said tbat'he did not care'  to get anything from the Grand  Trunk Pacific except the expeuf-e of  survey.  Witness never got a cent From the  Grand Trunk Pacific on these lauds  except the $2,500 paid on  expense ������.c-  5. Dialogue  fl    Chou'is  7    Recitation  8: Doll Drill  9    Choi ix  JO   Reci.iticn  11. Solo    ...  12. Diiml.cll Drill.  .13. Recitation' ....  14 Recitation      IJ   Pagan  by little  boys  In a R R   'Ham  Re.r,   While & Blue  , Kai 1   Lee  By small girls  My Canada  'j. Lit tic  .... G.  Cartwright  ..'.:.... 0:..y large girls     Sylva Rosatti     Lucy     Pickup  being saved ,was thiough a hiutied  Uip to a hospital in Vaucouvei Capt  Roi>ei (s lmiinediatelv consented to  male a 11111 foi it, ami all haste was  made A-*   soon  as lhc  sic!.      man  could be bio'iglit aboa d tlm steamer  "������������������tai tco li, I speed i0r Vaucouvei, ar-  ining in lecord lin.e  Mi Bovle hid been employed ni--  oiuul tho (iUiiuius at Rivets Inlet  all vvnilei lie was taken sick about a month .150, and became so  ill (hat he wqs 'a1 on In boat to Hie  hospital at Bella Bella,which is 111  <luig" of Rev I")i Laice The man  giadua,lly gievv vvoise, and to save  bis life L.'l Laigc deudeid an operation would l> necessaiv, an-l *-.s tin  Inua.n was the (11 st vessel to pass  soutluvaul she was bailed All I'.oylc  was aceompanied lo Vaucouvei by  Ins wift and I'r Laige AisUidai'  Di Lai go, assrltd by Di lhi\ le, 0!  \'..iuouvei, pt 1 fui mod an opeiatnn   o   Then .ihe two small chihireii met the  same; fate as the mother. Tl*'- Indian later i made his way to the camp  of somie other'Indians, where lie tokl  of his .crime.  Several Other Cases a e Being He;  This Afrernoon-Not Yet  Concluded  re  MURDER CASE  IN NEW YORK  mi m  mm  15. Wong (Good Night) ,.. Little girls  God Save The ICinu'.  .' ��������� ; O-V ���������  fii.OPEMENTOF  SEATTLE COUPLE  (Contiiuied     on Page Fori- )  OFFICER DISGRACED  WOMEN BROKEN HEARTED  Seattle, Feb. 27.���������A 'thrilling el  opementt ��������� from Seattle, a .midnight  .marriage-. in Portland, and a hasty  departure for a destination unknow,  were the , IiMvture's. of. a piotty romance which eulmirated in the mar-  ria:ge on Sivtui day night of Clara L.  l-'ord, daughter of vice-president Fo'd  of thc Pacific Const Steamship Company of Seattle, and Rolci't��������� C. Wc-leh  a  prominent attorney.  While,   the  ik'teclives  vvet'e scouting  Poflliiud   in search    o  the bride, to  prevent,    the  wotitling,    the ccre'numy  was   being  perforn������d.      Ford learned  of their    plans     to  elope,  and im.rne  Rev     Di    Wh.ttinjjton,  supcunten-  dent  of   Methodist   Indian  missions ,  hi  Bntish  Colui'ijua, returned   jester  day an the steamer Unican after     a  three-weeks' 'tour    alontj  the  coast  Di   1 WJiilH;sigt< 11    ie;ioits  that       all  ���������she '���������irii'S-saons  are  flourishing  and    in  good tarder.  '������������������He    .states       the.t     the land 'held  by  the Mission   Society at  ITa^Hton  is miiltijiiying   very  tap wily   in value,  and   is a valuable asset.    The chinch  holds six hundred .aerr-s of the   i.-c-st  land    in ��������� the-district, i situated   hear  Hay.ellon.     The ,hos;.iial at llazeltion  is- one of the best on the coast, and  is . in a flourishing condition.   Everything  is   vvor'i-'-ing ��������� smoothly  and   the  people arc delighted witii it.  Dr. WhiUington confirmed the      re  port received on   the sleamei:  Tees, of  the     excilenient-   al Port  IDssington  among the Indians,who were up   in  arms  owing- to  a number   of  graves  being  disturbed.    The.  Indians believe  the    agent  of some .medical   college  vvas  trying to steal  the remains     of  some of their  deini-   A man  had ueen  in  that    vicinity only a     short time  wgo. looking forwelics . and  the skeletons of Indians.   .  i> ���������������������������  MAD   APPETITE   SPOILED.  New   York,      Feb.  27.���������An  unusivil  situation,.��������� .lenlporariiy   o*ei-sliarlciwirig  the, real  issiie  in the. Case, eoufronted  tins court and jury when; the  trial ol  Birtlia Clacha'for the murder of Em-  ilGerdrou   was  resumed  in  the-'erii.ni-  nal  Lrancb  of  the supreme court today.     This was the "enquiry .-.into' tin  part which the  p" oiicemen are; alleged  to have     had in Gerdron's death.  Charge's were made at the opening 0l  tile, trial "yesterday by  Assistant District"-.''   X'ttprney .Ely 'that two -lae-m-  bers of the police [oree aided the girl  in her deed,, and -promised her iiiiiiau!  ity.     The..;la"ger.part ol" the day ������;if  spent   iii   ; investigating this  part cf  the ee.se; .iiiir.   Ely brought out evidence that a-letter was.-sjjiit.to Ger  dron before-'his  death and ihat-afti-r  'it-eiglitv-huhdred   dollars  was .r-eiK>rt..;.  ed "to have-been stolen1 from the body.  Although he  obtained no evidence  Ir*  show    .who' wrote ,the lettei;. or took  the    money,     the pro.sculor charged  that tlie     policemen weie responsible  in both cases'and' that-in-the     letter  Gerdion was lured tothe -spot   where  he was shot while under arrest. .Bertha Clache heiself had apparently' only a  minor    part.in the proceedings  except as a spectator.     She frequent  ly  apptarvd     to be greatly agitated,  v specially during-  the -prosecutor's ar-  raighiri'cnt of lhe poli'oemn.  Judge'Harrison held  County  Court  at  the city hall  this afternoon. The  first-'case ..to come  before His  Honor  was, the  appeal   made  on behalf     01  T. VV. Fletclier, .by Mr.  J.  P. Walls.  Mr.  Fletcher was convjcteil of .having  received  stolen' chairs,   thc  property  of. Donald.. Nicholson. He nas sentenced;-by'Justices, of the Peace  Matlre-  sori    and     Stewart to   two  months'  hard labor. :-.    ���������  Mr. J. H. Simi-son of Namaimo appeared iov the Crown, and 111 o-bject-  iug  to the apj-'cal  (poled  sec Won** o4"  Cminsol for tbe Crown called Mr.  Donald Nicholson, whose evidence  was in substance the same as given  by lirm at the previous case. He- told  of the case against the accused' being  tried , by Justices of the Peace Math-  cson and Stewart. He identified three  of the stolen chairs. 1  Cross examined, by Mr.  Walls   for  Uie defence,   witness said he identified  the chairs.   One'by the make,  01  the seat.  He made the seat'of   the  chair   himself.    The  others  identified -  j were of uncommon make.  lire code which says that tw0 juslic-J    His   Honor   noted t by ^Ir.J Nichoi-' .'���������'  es of the    peace shah  have absolute  'son.s evidence; and  by t^'4i������positio&1-V--������i4  jurisdiction   in; eases oi  theft of pro-   that the defendant wa<aeeuscd'    of "'  pcrty; valued "-.-rindor $10.   The  appeal'   unlawfully  receiving "25 cliairs. These  before His Honor was of a case *f un   would  be valued at al out'SIC. The'de  l.erly being only U5..Me submit wliio   fendamt  was   found   guiltv     and   he  dcr-.S.lO,  llieviilue of the stolen pio-   should   have been sent  -  --- ���������. up  for trial,  appeal could be allowed   in this case,   lhe justices'of the  peace having   no  j ower    to convict in a case of   over  irgnirig   (.hat  tlie  clauses  nilinfr that  in  cases of  theft   of property  valued  .1.nd-or ten dollars   two justices  ofthe  .cuce  pr  a niagisirale  had absolute  'uri.!:\'lictioii   -meant that  from   their  decision no appeal could  be made.,  After going, into this (-tiesliou Judge  IUtirison rJeciifed to not* Ihe ofojec-  i-io'ii of the crown counsel, and go on  with, the evidence, reserving his decision until he had considered Mr.  '.���������Simpson's- objection. He ������-jii- in<-lin&l  to think that an appeal wa.s in or-  Jer as |.rov.i-ded in amendments of  1.900.- lie-had not the la.tlei at the  -*e>'.ir.l':,.'.aii|l preferred not to give a  dcpisio-ii oii the !'.f'|estioir until he had  looked up tlie said  an.endn.cnt.  The attorney for the defence should'  have moved  to have the case qjuash- '  ed,  not  ap{������3ale:l   fhe decision. This  being the case, he would have   to de*.   .  clirtg to go on with the case.  It was accordingly dismissed. '  Counsel for defense asked His Hon  or to give some decision, but this the  judge refused  to do.  In the case of Pinder-vs. Hagan in  winch the former was-9uing for the ,'  sum of $40 judgtnent was given   for :'  iho claimant, ��������� arwl  a contra  account ���������  of a similar sum was allowed.    *.  The Vancouver  Wnrhl   says'       Mr.  D11I ton, a .membci- of the clerical staff  j at.   the city   hall,   purchased   a    piece  -       FALSE DAWN.  There is one-hour of the night, between midnight anh morning���������two o'clock,  to "be 'accurate���������when all   nature is astir.   The cowboys ami  the  shepherds  and   the  old  country   folk  'tc-11 us  afcout  it.   This  hour  is      hor-  aJded   r*y   the rocfitcr .crowrjl*,    not  this  time 'to announce the hour     of  dawn, but as though he wore a watch  man -siieeding. the course of the nigh t-  Cowtjoys assert that the 'entire herd  of cattle    wail-'c    ur< and  walk  about  and  lie down and rest in a new lair.  The  shi;ci) rouse themselves an.l crop  the.   grass,    the  birds  stir in  their  nests,   the cowboys' horses  and   the  j  shepherds' dog.open their eyes  to see  flint  all   is well.    The shepherd    and  the cowboy open their eyes, too,  to  look  for a moment at the stars  and  become, for  the time  being   mere  animals in naturejs (locv; yet there is no  accounting, for     the    inaudible .summons,  the gentle  touch  that nimnim  moils, thc gentle touch of  nature that  recalls all ithe sleepers to  life at precisely  the same hour.    Even to thos-  deepest rend in this arcana,  this rhy-  britannia mines  are very Valuable  As   was  iKvte.l  in  despatches  a. few what it was took virtually it aU in.  davs  ago,  the stock of the Britannia       "There    could be no object in the  Mines, .Ltd.,   was   reported  to  haie rumor  that  the stQck had increascd  made    a phenomenal   jump,   reaching .  1 i-i   (im.,���������  ,.r   to run    ,,���������,. m pneo since it-ieally rs not public  he   verv-liig'h   P-guie   of   $2,5UU     pel ' ���������" s  .hare.   This  report has now been con- stock?-  was askedby the reporter.  firmed.     Mr.-C. IT. ��������� Robinsom,  man-  I'ging director of the Bntanivia Mill'  es, Ltd., practically states that Britannia stock is worth $2,500 per-  share. T0 a reporter Mr. RobSnson  said  :     ���������.  "I do not know what the Broad  .-street. 1 eople. may be doing,, and it  ,!(K's not matter as o.irr corporation  is pi-aclirr.lly     a close one,   but       I  "None,'' w.is the reply,   '"as it is  not a market stock as  mining stocks  are known, and none of--tine shareholders ,want to sell."  That  the   report   is correct       will  mean much  for   Coast   mining,    and  the province irr general.    That there  should  be a property,   the shares of  which  are held  above sale'by-',    the  holders,  will  go 9. long way  to     as-  now  what   it.   is" worth.  1  would not suring investors that there are good  a'e  .*;.i:,:(0  ier share for my  hold- pro;>osit������ons.    The  rise in .values    is  n .-:.    .'est   at. ]irese-iit we. are delay- doubtless due to the enlarged  opcra-  ed by snow and *ther minor   matters tions of the company and the   good  (Iiately     employed detectives to fvus. ��������� of im,i|on     at   a down-town  butcher  Irate   the  plans  of the   young  coi'pU*. '������|j(>,,  ������������������ Sa.tu'rdav   night   las I,       and  Deputy     Sheriff Mulligan,   of 'Seattle 'thereby   lianas     "11. talc,   Hie       whole  aisinted      the elopers .in e;.At ing a li-   tin 1 li  of which   niav  1101 lie   revealed  ''hmical nightly   resurrection  remains  (ruse at   tho c-iMilthouse on ��������� Friday ui-  until   a proseeul ion' is   instituted   at   ;a mystery.  liTnncni. The couple    tried to get   Mm  police cmirl.    A .marked swelling  r.-arrird      sevoral      months   ago,   but   in   lhe meal   attmetod   the   attention  Ford    s-t.renuoiisly     o-bj-e:-1 ed, and 'the of Mrs. Dutloii, who, upon cut tin**; i<>,  priisl  refused   to perfoui   the eerrmo- had  her  appetite   for  lhc day   ruined  ny. I hy   the exudation  of 11 large amount.   O  'of 1 iiis  from  a good-HU'-ed  abscess. The  PAY    WAS TOO     SMALL 'meal   w-as   taken   lo   Medical   Health  A   Washington   despatch   of  recent    developments'the Kansas woman was  date says'   Two broken-hearted worn-   loyal   lo   Bnrbank  and'.promised    to j  en, one ithc mother-and the \ather thc   marry  him after he had cleared hiin-  svveetheart  of Lieut.   Sidney K. Bur- ',j.el[ from  tho charge.   .The   marriage  tank, who -was convicted  of deserting ' not ^^^ ^  ^ ^^      ^  hie Filipino wife, .left Washington to-' ,.:'',      ,,  1       r      ,1   ���������    1      .   -n i.-nncoc     t ion   I),e1*'   that  Burbank   is legally   niivrri-  day  for their home in Kansas.    Lieu .     &    j- ,  tenant Burtaik is now a prisoner   in   cd to the Filipino woman. -     j  iroms  on his way  across 'the Pacific       Burbank,    deniod    that  C'oncepcion  ���������  to  serve out his tcr,n of imprisonm- Varrqucz  was   his wife  or   tj)at    the.  ent.    He vvas also dishonorably   dis- child was his.   He refused  to support  missed      from (thc army.    President 'her.    Two  years ago  Burbank's rcgi-  Jtosse.vclt .approved the  findings     of jment was ordered to the United Sta-  the court; martial  which   tried    Bur- , tes   mid   stationed  at   Fort  Lwavcn-  bank   and      the records   in   the case 'worth,   Kansas.    There Buritoauk, p01-  werc made public-at lhe war depart-, ing ae  a single man,  won the heart  ment  today.  When  Burbank   went   to the Philippines  he met Concupcion   Vasquez,    a  of a pretty young  woman   and       arrangements were made for their marriage.    At  this stage friends of ��������� the  Filipino woman,  whom  the court de-   Filipino   woman  appeared   und     prc-  clared he  had married and who bore  J vented    his marriage to the Kansas  j Wla|  him   a son.      Notwithstanding   these   ! woman. , r.ga n  "I only got a shilling a month,  and deckled that was not enough pay  Tor the work J had to do, so F left  Hie ship," said Jerome Sophia, a lad  of lifit'en years, lo Magistrate Alexander  in  Vancouver  yesterday.  Sophia, had been picked up on Sunday because Ire was said to he trying to gel a drunk man to give him  some money. '  In police court lie. told the magistrate that he lived in Sydney, Austral iaf lie . bad gone broke in San  Francisco and liic British Consul  there had placed him on hoard the  hark Elginshire, bound for Vancouver lo load lumber for Australia.  iVlu'ii Iho ship got to Vancouver he  (IccidecF that he would quit, and so  took    French   leave. His  Worship  orders to the officers to see  he   was  put aboard the ship  In  lOOf)  there were 955  fatal accidents   iu   the collieries  of   Great   Britain and  Ireland.   o   The cave dwellers of Mu-xico can  travel a distance of 170 milc-s at a  stretch, going at a slow_ but steady  trot.    Frequently   thc letter has bjeen  hundred  miles  in   five .days,   the carrier living  on ground coin, mixed with water in  (hat <U.c j *o a thin  paste.  gave  Officer Underbill   this  morning,    and  lie will examine specimens o[ the mis.  niiero.scojJkally,   and   if evidence       0f ; carried a'distance of ove,- six  tuberculosis   germs   nre   found,       he  will  institute a prosecution.  Dr.  Underbill  pointed out  meat wa������  certainly  unfit ' for human   '  food,   and   if it   vvas,  as he  feared,   of  tuberculosis   character,  in finite  harm  might be done anyone partaking    of  any   other   parts   of   the animal.   Tho  circumstance  vvas   one  which  showed  the. vvisdo-m  of the health  department  in   insisting  that   all  meat killed     in  the  city   should   he   exnm'ne.i   before  slaughtering,  <in end which he hoped  would  be speedily   attained.  The letters  in   the ali'iasheLs  of the  different nations vary  in mini her. The   he added,   'blushing furiously  HER   CONCERT   DRESS  "Ladies and     cpnlleir.eii," said   the  manager    of the      amateur   onteftuin-  mcfct,   -** ought' t(!���������. explain  that- 'Miss  Curtis,    of      I'ostoti. who has volunteered      to assist. in   Ibis concert,  l.v-  cause of     same delay in  the .hasignge  service, has not  received the     dress  she intended to wear.     She has, bow  t-vcr,  kindly  cons-ente-d  to  appear   this  e ouing without her drrss.  "No!   No!      ladies  ami  gentlemen,"  when a  at the mipe, and it may be the' 1st  of July hefore we are operating at  <>ur fullest capacity, but we arc getting things  well into shape.j'  At the conrpanyja offices it was  learned ,rom Mr. C. W. -Mcileekin  thai when the new .capitali?ation  was     eiVcc.led,     the old shareholders  showings  on  live property,  and the  excellent-management'.  i    Britannia Beach is a    -'busy-place'  these days.   Large buildings;     have  (been erected, wharves constructed, po-  wer houses  installed,   etc,  and when  the mine is producing  in  early sum1,  mer  the full   tonjiage  expected,     the  were give*n first  opportunity to     se-   town . will  he  as busy a mining cen-  cure    the    new stock,   and   knowing    tre  as any  on  the Coast.  VICTORIA DESPATCHES"  INDICATE AN ELECTION  Vktorin, Feb. 2S, ���������Special A un-.'tion of a new government inimeil-iale-  aniinoi.s motion resolution was pas- ly. The lady in the case who was  sed by the Legislature this morning i looked for to give important n-nd spi-  looking to the establishment of a������ j cy. evidence has left the city and Jail-,  agricultural college. It is the be- ;ed to make public her address. The  lief among many here that the Kaien news of a.government, crisis may. be.  Island revelations    mean the forma- ! looked for at any time.  Many   paupers have  lived   to      "he    says he is  going  to  keep it,  and ex-  100 years old, but there is  not. a sin-  jocts the new comer will vote    the  |*le millionaire  attaining  that age.      ticket  straight  at some future time.  Russia has  a larger proportion     of ���������   blind   people   than   any   other   Euro- i    "G������t  away from  them, mamma,"  pean eotinrty;   two  out of  every   j,- j triumphantly cried  a   little  girl, liv-  HOfi are sightless. ��������� ing.on Second Avenue yesterday,    as.  About  the  time, the Galapagos is-    she  arrived  liomie tired and frightcn-  laiuix were discovered a young turtle   ed.  "Got, away  from vvhom>.  child?"  was horn   there.    He  died  Hie   other   asked  the  mother.      "'.Thei lawyers,"  dny in   the Zoological  gardens,    Lou-   said    Lucy,   "there was six of them,  don.   He    was  at- least 350      years    down town,    but   they   didn't catch  old.   When  he   was  feeling! well       he  me."     "AY'iy, Lucj'," said-her moth-  Sandwich  Islanders have  12, the Bur- ' roar or latiglitcr showed that his  iuse IS, Italian 20, Bengali 21, German, Dutch and English 2fl each, Aiy  abie, 28, Persian 32, Armenian 38  and  Russian  -IL  would eat as   much grass. as the-av-'-er>   "you   did not nee-d  to  be afraid  age cow. i of lawyers.   They wouldn't hurt.you"  '������������������Well, mamma," said Lucy, "I heard.  marks   wene    wilfully   misinterprctrd, |    The   Socialist party  increased    a-  "I didn't.     mean just what I. sai Xl *���������l ten  pounds  in   Ladysmith  last    o^sniu 4������n.*a*qi jo  pr^ sf ������M  meant  tftiat    -Misr Curtis will appear  with what she has on!"  week    "it'is'to George, liaimay that   ^1! V���������  .'wm 3������ PV*������j-e ra.i 'sial  this gain is to be credited.    George -A-Bi'9ip. ->��������� * oSB'STiqia * Sx* UU DAILY LEDGKB  Wt DAILY LEDGER  f-ublisned    every   day except' Sunday.  ������������        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   ������?RICE  '��������������� cents  a   month,   $5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on application.  WEDNESDAY,   FEB.   28,  1.906  HOUSEHOLD , HINTS.  A  girl  specialist,  speaking of dress  and      offtoing:   "I   used to-stay.' at-  home if I didn't have something that  espcciailly   lilted  the  occasion,      but  now I g<i ieverywhere. If I don't seem'  to have a rag  to wear.-.'The import- j.  ant      part   is the consciousness  that   !  you are well  gowned enough to  fit-in  1    ami   play your part  in  the affair.  If  I have  to  wear an old  gown 1 fry,to  .    think Khy I was invited. I know that  in a g< neral  Way the strength-    arid  innsfits     ..of my warttrobe .arc k,nown  to     my hostess     and all my friends  i.flile as well   as they are to myself.  "While  in   an unconscious   way     "���������  hostoss     considers   them   as part  of  one,   it would be absurd.to thiniv that  she  invited   rue   simply  in  the expectation  that' t should  wear  samctbihg  (lifi'erenl or new.   Only conwiion sense  and justice to  her make niie"remeinil-pr  that she has  picked'me out for some  ' other reason.    It is ttecause I run 411;  essential    imrt   of somegroup .that is  to he  there   or  because  of some  wav  c ���������  ' that f can conliilfoute -that she lias.iu-  ^vilcd  me. u .;<.  "Aly success is all a matter is< trying  to see what this  is and.playing  up to   t. Of course  it is easier      to  get into'ilie part if you feel that you  ��������� are pressed   for it.    You  niaka a bet-  ,,'jer start.' , But if   I go holding fast  "to this other i'oa it is only a matter.  of getting there to ������?et my cue. A  gilancc is enough to show me that  there are others both better . mid  worse off in dress, .and that I lit iit-  jusl a5; well in what 1 have.-on 'as I  would have done   in caiiything else:  "Thc  whole  point  is to be in some  thing  in  which   you  are, unconscious  of yourself.   It     as  better rthis way  than   to wear   a new  thing  which you  are not  used to'and which constantly  is getting in your m.ih'd. ,'.',-..  "There'*    is just      as1 much art  in  knowing  how   to'x*  a success in  h"e-  itiK entertained as to'succce'das an cn-:  tcrlainer, and   consciousness of cloth  es is a rock upon which most people  wreck    'themselves.   ; 'On the whole,  theie  is more need for going fco the  other extreme and prepare; for feeling  at ease in a new gown,' which.;won't  become  apart of you readily, by putting  it on Jo come down to sec some  body in, or even lo lounge in it once  or  twice around 'home.'' [   o^���������-���������������������������  3i'fia���������I'���������l���������'������tVm,r^.  aDdimo) Ltd  nV'^fe'*&**&������i*V-'^J>j-^*Vi^  I DO YOU KNOW :^  WM. MUNS1E, President  .j -U     ''(iBHRV  IV.  Bqiiimalt   & Nana.ms Railway  The    Lad3/smith   Lumber Co   Lid  MILLS   AT   FIDD1CK   AND   LADYSMITH-Shln*les   ������   ,S|iw:i*lt-  ��������� Murm'iicuiM r'-      '*'���������  Rou_h aad Dressed Fir and Cet'-ir Lumber. I uih*..  Shingles. Mouldings, Etc.. 01 the iiesi Quality  Seasoned   and    Kiln   nn������(   tfloorinK     *n<1   FiniKhlnr      L������mt������������r   In     Stotu  ��������� 1  cTl, , IEY   TAIKS--  It's an American -Gentleman's Shoe.    . It's a   Shoe that has a  world     wide reputation..Jt is represented hy tlie largest Shoe  Dealers in the United States and Canada.  "We have secured the ageney for Nanaimo  and Victoria, and if  the'judgment'.'of'thousands'of  Shoe  Buyers  is to-be considered'we've got   one of the  comfort, style awl ���������'���������durabLty that is made.  AS  LOUD  TO US   A ���������  IF   YOU ARE PAYIM*  ILL   GO   FURTHER   II1  .'..vYHME.  UASl-l FOR YOUR   MEAT  '   YOU   BUY PROM   US  YOUR.ftttLLARS  W  Ciu- 'rath Prices fiannot Be Eaatea  finest Shoes for fit,   3^1  PAN NELL   &    PLASKET  We've just opened up our Spring Stock��������� you'll find some extreme styles, but if they are. "iKEITII'S KONQUERER"  you'll  find 'them right.  T'bey come iii Patent'Cult,  Vici Kid~-Yelour Calf,  Black  Kid,  (Inn Aletal v'alf an.r\'.;i!orc(l  Calf.'  : '"-. '  Different lasts and  widths-in Oxfords,'.Bluchers and  Balmorals  ; " Thc prices are-.���������  $5.00, $5.50, end $6.00  mmNmm&r  ST*i;AM   irKATED  WW,!,   I--UKNIS1U-D ROOMS  B V K ao WtlKD VT1T11    11 !  WINKS. LIQUORS. CIO������-**���������"���������  For 33 Years  .- Shiloh's Consumption -Cure,   the   Lung  ,��������� Tonic,  has been - before the public,   and  this, together with the fact  that its sales  have itea'dily increased year by year, is the  best proof of the merit of  Shiloh  as  a. cure   for Coughs,  Colds,  and   all,.  ! HAY, GRAIN and  f ARM PROIllJil  Orders   will  be  delivered anywberr  in the city promptly and at the lo ���������'  diseases   of "the "lungs  and air passages, j est possible  prices.  Those who have used Shiloh would ncl  i  be without it.     Those  who  have  nevet -j  used it should know that every bottle i* j *"!ssl*ti������dt.  ������old with a  positive  guarantee that, if it i  doesn't cure you, the dealer will, refund '.-.  what you paid for it.    Shiloh ,j ,  Leave orders ������t Chris tle'e,  0i  th������  James Warnocir  Has Cured  A   FAMILY IN  DISTRESS  Queen tVilhelmina of Holland, used  to be as fond ol her-dolls as any oth  cr little girl, and her dolls went  through the same experience that  dolls with imaginative mothers usually do.  One day, at dinner in thc palace  hit- small majesty made her appearance when dess'-r| 'was'served, ana  placed hctself next to a courtly old  general. After eating some fruit  the little girl turned her gaze up at  him arwl' seriously exclaimed, "'*���������-  wonder you're not afraid to sit next  to mc"  Everybody at thc table turned' toward  the childish voice..  "On thc contrary," said the general, "I'm but too pleascd and honored  to At next my future;queen. "Wliy  sho'.'ld I  be afraid?*'  "Ca,us������i," and the litllc.giri looked  qxiitc woebegone, "my dolls have the  measles���������they're all of them down  with it.'  NOTICE  thousands of the most obstinate cases of  Coughs, Colds and Lung troubles. Let it  cure you.       / .  "Last I winter I;coughed for three months   and  ihousht I -was soma into Consumption. ,1 look all  ������orl������ oLmslicincs, but'.-nothing did mc any aooa ... , ���������  until I iiKd  Sliiloh'o Consumption Cure.     Four     Will    UOt    be    responsible    tOl    any    in  bottle* cured ma.    This winter tlia-J a very bad     AfU tp������irift<:<j        incurred   .,���������������nt   -���������  cold, was not able to speak, my lunc������ were sore    ueo^miOSS        mcuriea   WCept   ������n ������  on the side and back.   Six boltlcs of Shiloh made  From*   this date  the  uaiersigned  me well acain.���������[[I have given it to several people  "������nd every one of them hove been cured.���������D.  Joieph, St. Hyacin'.he, Que."   ������������������-.������������������" G������t  SHILOH  25c.    v/ith  OTSFORD HOTEL  A. .1. Mc.ViURTR.E, Proprietor  LADYSMITH. B. C  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  Time  Table No.  o������������������ i  Trail.,  leave.Ladysmith  f������r Victoria,  and  all   intei'nedialc statioas    at  !".!��������� aw.  dally,   and  at 4.00  o.m. oa   Wedmsdav.s,     .Sal'irdatj's   and   Suk-  (iays.  Trains leave Ladyswitk f������r Wellington and all uiierniediaie stations  at 11.57 a.m. daily, a*d at GJO p.m. ������n Wc. .14' days, 1S11I unlays and  Sunday*.  Excursion Tickets.  ON SALE TO  AND  KROM ALL STATIONS  gooi far  goiag- j������ur������ey Saturdays  and  Sundavs, reluin.ii"  not later than  the f0Uowiaft;llM������lay. R1U&,!. ',  ��������� ,i       Steamer Jean   Sails fr������Bi Lattysimth for Vancouver every Saturday at G.00 a.m. aad  retm-aimc sails trvto  Vancouver     foi    Lydysinitb at 2.80 n.m.  C������r. Fort and   Government Si-reels.,  ������EO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist.   Krt. & 1'ass. Agt.  W5&5SaEB!t?,&&������?&3^gsaL  '&������  PORTLAND HOTEL  BAVID HVK1SS,  P'ropri������tor-.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This Hotel  hai)   been completely  renovated.  Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL-    F*Ft  *r  JOHN TT'A, Proprietor  Har   Supplied   with   the   IJest  Liquors and Cigais.  Wines,ist Avenue  Ladysmith B.C.  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland   Machin. j  V.  I.   EXPLORATION & DJBVEI,  OPMEN'T CO., LTD.  Non Personal Lfabil'ly.  guarantee   at   all druggist j,. j v/'rtnrla.  R   l".,  M������*   IStb.  l������fli  Best  accommodation   lor   transient  wd permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  Coniinoii Colds    are the Cause      of  Many  Serious      Diseases.  Physicians   who  have  gained  a national reputation"as���������/'analysts' of lhe  cause of.various: diseases,  claim 'that  of catching cold could be avoided   a  long    .'.list    of dangerous     ailments  would sever he eV'en heard  ot.      .i-"'v-  cry one knows;  tha.t pneumonia   and  consumption  originate  from a   cold,  j  and chronic catarrh,, bronchitis, and  1  all throat and  lung trouble are    ag-I  A Habit ts Be "buewurafied.  . ..'.The'."mother  who has acquired  the  hah t of keeping en haad a bottle of  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, ������avcs  herself a great amouit ���������' uneasiness  and   aiixiety.    Coughs,   colds       aatl  j croup,  to which children are susceptible,  are -quickly eared   by  its use.  It counteracts aay tendwicy of a cold  gra-vated  and   rendered   moie serious _ to result  io  pneu .io������ia,  aid  if givei  by  each  fresh   attack.    Do not  risk  your lite  or  taVe chances   vhen   you  have     a cold.    C!lia.mJ)icrlain:s  Coiish  Keinedv will cure It before Uiese de  This new Hotel has been comlort-  a'dy lurnisht-d and the bar Is up-to-  d^te. Rates $1.00 a day and up-  w \rds.  WM   BEVERinGE. Prop  V*"������l *���������������������'*  ,e.if|'v������niiihi  .THE JONES HOTEL |  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rm.c ifi.arj itiid*i.6������~  Ki-'-e bus !" nil wlt-aui'-Wint landittui in  r-ulwBv dr-fifip. RlHcfrii* c������r������ ������"V������*ry '1.  n'liuitti-' ��������������������������� A\ p������ri8 ol thu i!i'v l>*  mid ������iv>il}'^niiex������,pllt-i|  ir.  RAYNKS, Proprietor.  ABBOTT   ST..   VANCOUVER   B, 0  THC COMrpRTAtUC WAV.  TG-PERNIE,   B. C.  Read BOWB ***-ea4 U|i  .tp.w.  L������.   VicTfiilA   Arr.   4o������,i>. 1:  '' 8.00 p. m. L������. ' Seattle      Arr. 9 00 a.m.  9.31 p. ������t, Arr.    E������erett    Arr. 7.3* ������.���������������  ������.3������a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.������ \i mi  ' 6.25 p.a Arr."   K.-xf<������rrf   Arr 1 j.30 p. hi.  ������.io  p.m, At.    Elke   Arr.  ie.42 a. 111.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.     Fer������ie   l������v.*55 a   m.  ONE NIGHT  To ail K������ete������*y Points  TWO   NIGHTS  T������    Wianipeg and St. Paul  ., .        Close Connections  Fk'"'  Chiea'iio.' terontBi  ~M entreat and  All Points East & West  Acetylene Dghted Cars,  Family Teurist Sleepers. <  Palace Stee^tBj Cars {  Dining'    Cars (Meals a  la  Carte).  Library Obsei vation      Cars  'lhrough     tickets and bag-  gage cherts to an points.  Steamship Tickets  Fax'tickets "maps, berths '  reservations     and complete,  information   ��������� can on or ad-  1 ,-pCB  '������������������V        if-  i  \ m%  T|  1 1  a i  liFFIGE  Coft Iwmii ad fates Sts.  VtOTGHiA, B. C  S. ������. Yerkea  A.G.R.A.  Seattle  E. R. Stephen  G.A.Q.N. Ry  Victoria.  B.C.  -TranscontSnent :!--  \���������Trains Daily���������  -4  *^i  IS  (I  as soon as the first sympte-us of  croup appear, it wi'l prevent the  attack. This remedy cantata* MOth-  seascs'develop. This remedy con-'i������g injurious and mothers give it to  tains no opium, inorphitoe or other i little ones with a Jneling ef perfect  harmful drug and has thirty .vears of security. Sole by the LadysmitW  reputaeion Iwck of it, gained h--- its  cures nml<jr itvery condition. For sale  by   the  Ladysmith (Pkarmacy.   AVHITE    i:001i-  ���������WHITB.   LABOK  'Euiployo.*! Otnly  (Half-Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-      Ladysmith.  in  ! $% f>  tUUiilAft  t'liarmacy.  DAY SCHOOL  U������ual subjects taught; also tan-  guage:' drawing in,pencil and cr&y-  ons, paint ng in oils u.nrt water colors, pianoforte and vocal losaons gir-  ?n  In classes or imiiviiUially.  MISS   BERTRAM,  r.advsmlth.  B   <:. I  Dr. R. B.  Surgeon Dentist  K\\  work guaranteed, and at reason  able ratee.  REStDENGE AN������ ������FFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPRN  AT ALL HOURS.  Leads Them'   All  TN .QUALITY  -:o:  R. PRITHEl,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA.   :���������: :���������:   -   .���������: :���������B.C  Under i\<*w Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial  Mens'  headuttarters.  Modem and     Strictly First Clans :  Fire Proof     Building.  ^  WANTED���������By :. Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (wan or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 M and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money a������va������c������d.  Business successful; position permanent. No. investment-required. Previous experience not essential to en-  f-aging.  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.  M, J.HENRYS  NURSERIES,   GREENHOUSES AND SEiD  HBUSES  ���������010 Westminster Road.  V.ANOOl'YEK,  ^;;;-t',c:������������������; :. ���������:  Headquarters tor���������  Ask   for,  WA  ���������*a*--**SS52E='i  r  tMbat }l)ou  ash for  Unscrupulous' dealers have  (���������i.'cn known to jylaco inferior  liools in our cartoons anil represent Hi yin as "LECivIlO ���������  BOOTS." Don't he" im,:.W'd  upon. There are no others  '"JUST  AS   GOOD."  The aho'Ve-tratle mark Is indelibly hrandod on the sole-of  every genuine "LECKIE  BOOT." It stands for - All  LEATHER BOOTS made to  resist the roughest weslerB  wear.  Ask  for   and INSIST       on  getting LECKIE BOOTS.  MANUFACTU RED3 Y  'SON'S  DEE  KEY-  THeCITYMHR  R. Williamson Prop  rst. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  PACIFIC C1ROWN Garden. Held  1 and ll������wer SBED5  {������r distrlbutiem. ;  Large  .stock    oi Home  Grown PRUIT and GIl-  ' ;"NA"MUNTTAL"   TREES  now. matured for Spring.  , N# expense, less or delay 'if'funug*tins or in-  specti������n. ^.  Let; me price jour list <^L  before;, placiug$y������ur er- JB������  der. Qreenheuse Plants,  Fi������ral ,Pa������'>(ates, Fertilizers, 'etc.  3������ll Westminster Road.  VANCtBUViERi  ������.r!c'.  PAINTING.        PAPEkMANQlNO  KTC.  IWerk done properly and at rlc-hi  . prices. A fun line 01 Wall Paper,  and Painter's Supplies Residence on  Robert! Street  J. E. RlffTTH.  P'--  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  -Tlie Cream of Scotch Wkiskies-  B. C,  IE HUDSON'S BAY CO,  Sole   Agents for 3.  C.  iatft^Cr  EtffaubMUf.^  UEN  X  ���������l-.'^.V.+++>WV'M'++**fc+'t+'l"'t++++,*,'*,*<*  ,+  H*  +  ������i*  | PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  L4 DYSMITH,  C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION,  Vancouver Island, B, G,  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  * ^^-.I"^.^+���������f^^-���������*���������.^���������^*:"���������*^���������;^���������^���������^���������^-���������^������������������^���������^'^���������I-*^���������-^^���������  If you lik*>���������  - A   sinonth,. easy   shave,   an even,  well-finjsued     beard trim, a geod  batii, or a stylish Hair-cut.  You will c* te  LADYSMITH SHAVING  v     PARI ORS  HIGH STllEET.  ONE    IS    TNE      "NORTH  COAST  LLU IT 101)."     r-  ���������TJic clcctiic liKlrtcd  train to  the East.  TicUcts on  sale  to all  Eastern and  Southern  points     at  LOWEST   Kates.    Up-to-date  Pullman  and   Touribt Sleepers  ou all tiitiiis.       Dining     Car  ten ice Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale to  anJ from all   European Points.  Cabin accommodation reseiv  ed by wire.  For further  particulars  cull  or    wnte      the  ollice.   'Phone  Alain 'IHC.  A.    D.     I'harllon,   A.CLP.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, (lie-  E._ E.     U luck wood, general  aRcnfr, Victoria, Ii   C. ���������  MTTTT1 nniT "TTTIJITI IT"       Il  IIIIII IM   i~  |      Are You  ;������������������ Qoing'- East  ''���������:-���������'   -i ���������    ������������������'';.  I hen. he sure your tickets reac������   via.    J|  Itbt"  itraiESffii  X~ LIIK       ^  The- only line now making UNION |j  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL ||  and MINNEAPOLIS with the i  through trains (rorn the Pacifl*  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH*:*  FINEST  TRAINS,  THE   LOWEST*  RATES,   THE  FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN,  MINNEAPOLIS;   ST.   PAUL,   CHfr  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS  CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask'yonV  I'ical Agent or write,  F. W. PARKER.  Geriftr������l,  tttmt,  7?t) 2nd Ave.. Seattle.  . I>ea era in  n*rfTii I rVTUT .  mmmwfn  Ladysmith  Merchant Tailor  D^MMUtiaHNMMm*^  B.C.  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open riight and Day. A good mea! at any hour  MeaSs 35c. and Upward  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE * Ct.  ���������N THE EiSPLANABE.  PASTRY OF ALL KIND* NEATL1  1AKEB AND FRESH.  Confectionary ot aU kinds.  Order* tni������n I*1 Pantries to be de-  IlTcre^ at any time.  Employment Agency.  Pianos and  Organs--..  Lady������n,ith, B.C  Manufacturers of tht Famou-s  cubaW BLOSSO/1  JMoue bu   Uaion Labor   Employed  fl. J. BOOTH, Prop  Dr. Dier can be found at anytime-  at las ofiice on flataere st. .IM������ it^-  tal wort is gv-araiitnod t������ he fiM&~  class a><l rates reasonable %t~  HILBERT THET'DAII>Y LEDGER  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO^  B. C.  flanufacturers of the  SIX YEARS  AT CANANES;?7  i have ..said  all we  can; say upon   .lhe  jsubjcctof prayer,   we shall   just have  come back, to the words of our Lord  ye,.','���������any  of you that  is afalh-  j   jer���������'-give,  then how much  more1 your  I heavenly, Father, ��������� from  whom coxneth  j    Six    years  ago at  Cannes,  "Mexico, every good and   perfect  gift."  rue  would    luv-e seen  an      irregular     There is no true prayer without its  ' r:ui<>e     of      low mountains, eighteen  a!vs*vli''-  '    .,,,,,, .     I that 'man ,who said,  miles    ion������-   "i-.-i.    .- *-:���������...������   ii,..  i i.  geologists  aj<; connected  low mountains, ek>,h1ecn  <*-"���������������*-'��������� .L������uis X.I..<iid not pray, feut  ,    1 '    ,     [ that .'man".who said, "O Clod, if there  losi,    m0,mt1ain.s"-t.he    be. a'Gdd,'-save my soul, if I have   a  call  them  In   British Columbia %  Lager Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  dfrom the Best Canadian  Malt  Run   Hops I  e *  mountains"���������the  because  tlriy |\sipul." 'H<j-,'lopkc<l-,upb'..and- Im- stood'  Willi' no other Tange, j at'.his highest-; that prayer set heaven  They are  mere stubs,   (he lops woin  down   by    the  powerful action of lliy  in   motion.    The   answer   lo   prayers'  v  LAC r3MiT  <  TRANSFER STABLE  *  ���������  t  PIANOS,     ORGANS     AND HOUSEHOLD     rUKNITURJ  ED PROMPTLY  A ND SAFELY.  MOV-  S tables in the rear of the Latfysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   tht  ������..*���������-������-������.���������*-*-*-���������������������������������-���������>+-+������    *���������*���������������������������*������������������������������������  A. J. WASKET, PROP  ��������� ���������������������������������������������*-���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Miners1 Drilling  *  Made to order- and Repaired at short    notice.    Drill Sharpened  by  ways give/satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed and repaired.  Stiip������mithing    in    aV     ita   Branbhes  Hor.seshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAW SON  Bull������r Street   ...      --Ladyssmltti, B '���������  g      LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS   WORK   A  SPECIALTY.     s  DAVID JOHNSON  LAOVSVlir  X  X  X  X  X  $PHONE 66  ���������   >  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wjrd  idJ   5 in������  c'������r ii*  SEE  J    KEMP.   OR LEAVE    ORD ERS   yVlTH  riRST  AVENUE  PHONE  6-0  W.  S1LEK  GENEKAL tXPRESS AND  DEIIViiRY  WORK  PROMPTLY  i������  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  Ladysmith Temple No.  5 Rathhonc  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  3ad  and  iti  Tuesday .at  7.30   p.m.  Mrs.   Kate,Tate.secretary.  LAME BACK  UNITED   ANCIENT     ORDER   OF       This ailment is usually caused by  DRUIDS I rheumatism������f the muscles and *nay  Meets   iu the l- 0   0 .K. Hall, La-  be ciifecl  byapplying Ciiamiberlain's  Wellington'Grove Ne.  4 "U.  A.  ���������. D  PaiaBalm: tw������er three times a day  dysjuith,    *he -Second'-  and     fourth   ������ach  applicafcien.  If,this docs not af-  Wnnntwdays of each month, enmmene-   ^d  mbbiBg. th������  parts  vigorously at  mg Ttedntjsday. 13th., 19iS.  Vis*fei������E Druids     are invited ta at-  -   Vy  tend.  By Or.ler.  WM. RAFTER,  Reef Secty.  ���������"PATRICK IUIRK. N. A.  ford relief,- binti on a piece of flannel  slightly-.-.ilainp'enetl  witk Pain Balm,  an������������ quiciC;;  relief is almost sure to  fellow.      For sale by tbe  Ladysmitk  Pharmacy.  J. PIERGY&GO.  .Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRY G000S  VICTORIA, B.C.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal   lauds   may  be purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal   and  $20  for   anthracite.   Not  more  than  *20 acres can  be acquired by one individual or eompany.   Royalty  ^th*  rate    of tea eeots per  toi  ot a,000  pounds     shall      be  cwlleeltd  on   tke  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is j  granted upon payment in advance ol  17.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $59 to $100 per aiunim Ior  ������ company, according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500'feet. The lee for recording  a claim  is  $5.00  At.least JIPO must be expended on  the claim each year or.paid to tli'  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been exponded or paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying wilh oth-  er requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The; patent provides for tbe payment ef a royalty of 2| per cent on  the salen.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may ���������bta.in two leases to dredge for gold ol five miles  each lor a term ol twenty years, renewable at the descretiou ef tbe Minister of tbe Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of t������e lease for each five miles. <  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased- Royalty at the rate  of 2J* per ceat collected on the out- (  put after It exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of  'be   li  'trior.  re-gins at .the moment vou  begin    to  e  powTiui acuon 01 un, ,)rav#       SomAodv',praved u.prav������r  .piemenIs, and the valleys filled by.this morning that the. preacher'did'-  erosion. These', "lest" bills were ���������ot in-ay; perhaps nobody praved it  i-ariwi and bleak. Sometimes a i)llt himself-he does'-not'"want������ -to  hunch nf stray cattle would range publish' what, it was. It is of...great  among thc mountains, but no while importance to him, jand to hiiir only  man made his .1 lode there. Even Perhaps it ��������� was a prayer7 of woiuideil  the Leasts    of prey avoided  this soli-jpv'e," the .'cry of  a broien heart.,".  It-  jiary    range.        Then*   was  no  wild *r' went right  \4o the heart of the W-erir-  | loiilin-. spot  in ^the whole world tln-n al;   it( wa������ worthy, to' go. > You   may.  'the "lost niniintain" of Cananes. liavoto 1 wait a long  time  before   you  That    wns six    years     a";o.     Now see airy fruit of it,'hut  that prayer  thfy are the scat ofthe tliiid  largest   was' as the prayer  of  o-muipotence.  copper  mine in the world,  the site of !  .Will,     you    who are  tempted,   you  a city     of   tweuly    thousand  inbnbi-  who have hceri lighting- in  tiattle, who  lanis.   In  (he   mine there a.r������ thirty-  mow   what  it is to  i-out<:nd  against  ONEY AWAY  THE SETTING IIEN���������Her failures  %ave discouraged many a poultry  ,ifriser..  You can  make money  raising c.hicks in the r^Iil  wiay^ots of it.  No one douluts that thero is -money in rat-sins  cUlolceuH witU u good Incubator- and Bi-oodnr.  Usera of the Chutliaui Iiicuuator iind lU-ocn'.or  have all made money. If. you, still c-liitirt-otho  ���������Id Idea that you can uuccetisf ully rim u jioullry  business usin^ the lien its u liutchei', wu-wouiiJ  like to reason with you.  The Chatham Incubator, and  Brooder has created a New Era  in Poiiiiry Raising.  The setting Hen as a Hatcher  has been proven a Comineicial  Future,  The Chatham Incnbator and  Brooder has always proved a  Money Maker.  -A Li&ht, Pleasant and Profitable Business for Women  No. 2���������120 Eggs  No. 3-���������240 Eggs  THE CHA THAMINCUBA TOR~Il$  success has encouraged many to make  *  more money than they ever thought  possible out of chicks. \  Jinny sMiinen .ne tu-il.ty mikini' an m<le-  pendbiit liMiii; Hint pittunK- hy n.oney tieo  month ra^Iny puullij  with a CJj.iUuini lm.u-  In the first plueo, wo can -prove lo yoii tlmt   hator. ,,,,.,���������   ���������n.���������������_Dt,������������������ *������,.if ���������i <i.  ������our actual cash Iosh in eetr=, which "the siUheiw     -.Any womuii with aliltlo lci-me lime ut hoi AImo-.tc<ery f.irnier  keeps hens,  but.wiiiln  ���������hould. lay  during tiio   Uim: Vou lteep��������� tliein   rtisposal cm, vwtliuul an> piouout, o^k i icui-o heK.ioualhalLhesoibaceiUiinduiounCMpiolll  Every Farmer Should  Raise Poultry  r> with \.h  i Ujo   t0In.iiUii i.il "&utce--,b.    Her bUBiucoU ia to luf  ct'^.md h.'io bhould be kept at it.   The on.f^  thrrc  miles of  iintlci ground   work in};4:  Five thousand men are  laliing out of  the    rarth     and  running 'throiiRli  re-  duclion      plants  and    smelters    two  thousand,     five lnmdrod  tons  of r0cl<  daily,    prorluc-iii"   in crppcr, rrold nw\  .silver  more  than   nine million   dollars  every year.    Already  the mines have  yielded      thirty-five    million  dollars.  f/he ,"losll" mofliilains" aie tb-*- %i'ene  of tremendous    mduslry.     Tbe** arc  /;r-Pat   fuinaces   with  smoking   stacks,  ore    bins, -   foiwiricK,  shops,1 clnct.rit-  lisht    plants.     ice and  ^-a^er plants,  hhaft   bor'ses,   . conceniralors,   broad  an*i    narrow Riiase    railroads,  street  ������-ars,    va   telephone    system,    banks,  stoics-,    schools, a     hospital and all  tbe    oilier activities of a modern industrial town.  CAN   GOD   ANSWFR   PRAYER?  fearful'odds'-in a world  of��������� extremes  of., light-and darkness,   sorrow  ,'oy,     ���������who feel as if you  were being;  ovepjjorrio ,1 in   the battle  of lire,   think  of tlvi������.    Every  cry  that goes    C!od-..:  ward   linings  its   iiiiniiediate rcsi')bns'o: ;  to   tho perturbed; arid, anxious ���������.lueairt..  Kor there is always an immediate as1  well as >a deferred answer to grayer.  Sorne  prayers arc  answered  quickly,  some slowly.   All are,- answered more  grandly than the scope oi' the petition'  itself,   but there      is never)a"failure,  <rn;l if yqu'Can only -learn 'that  it is  so,  there- will  he no j prayer that yon  will ever pray of which you will  not  be conscious God has spoken in ,the  moment of j'oui- prayer."  -.. -���������o���������������������������-���������-'���������������������������  FROM CARPENTER".- ;  '    TO  ARCHDRUID.  It you allow ��������� hen to *et. you lose at least jn-i.stii hy tne case and i  ciciit weeka of laying (three weuUa liittcliiui; piolils came to tlioui  ���������ndfive weeks Ukiiw care uf the elilckeiif). or         0������  conjl;0i   ^UCce=,s de;if> ul-3 nn g<" '"ff ���������'- vTiV ro la.so chicks foi piollVi-. to beinn jiyh I.  - , f,a>-"1 ,th0 ���������>b>'llb weeks she would lav-- ������t lau*t Hcrlit'alivit     vo l nuiM lawn ? jr'il     *���������    i oia uyiiistaHiiiSftClifttliiuuInrubatoraiidBioode.*.  and   iI t,u**? dozou o.Kgs.   kutXIieC-lialliaiu ineiibntor n������Vtt   ���������,,,u   ilp���������v  U(,iMdv,lrtble  mom.,   .w  u. Williiiitti .v liuclimo v>.i can begin haUhluf  en th������ hateliiiiif, while the hen fc'ow on J^yint;- [Joliiii-y  t-<u-ci- with hens .i= li itc'iei ���������      i'oi. on a luit'f --calo at any time.  owe*. >. >: ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  . iijinithavc 1 KoorJ inculntoi ami uioi 1      hut Vou urn only eet one crop off your fields ia  OurNo. 3Iacubatoi-will halch as uianyerrus this meant, mi l,i������> onl vu< v u n an nn       iicnt aji-.ir, but \sith it  Clutham ltiGubntoi.-at.il  Mtwenty wtUntf hens, anil do it belter.   Mow, which,'poili ii". ion  uc n.it j) .-jmu-iI i > m.iKe Uiooderand oiilmary attention, you can iai* ������  "-������������������'��������� ��������� ' '   -���������-������������������'  ���������������������������  c'~ --"i W  hetuitt a qucHtion in ariihineiio.  If you keep 20 liens f-oni lit} inj;  for g weeks* how unuh c.ish do  Jrouloje if each )icn would iuiru  aid S doxen ejj^s, and e,������t;t. are  ��������� ���������:.-'���������.! worth 15 cento i<er d o/ea i     Ans -  (13y Rev.  R.  J.  Campbell, D.D.)  "This is the confidence    that       we  have   in Him,    that,  is we ask  anything according  to His will, Tie hear  oth us; and  if wc know that be "bear-  i et li us,  whatsoever  w.- ask,  we know  I that  we hare" the petitions  that  we.  | desired o<" Him."���������r. John  v.,   14,16.  I    The subject  of  prayer   is  one     of  ; never.failing interest   to human k'ind.  For  all uren pray.al  some time   or  other,   whether fitfully or constantly,  in   weakness or stri-n^lli,  in sorrow  or      in       joy.   Some men,pray because  it is .their: cliiefest  delty/it so  to do,  ami)soniopray  because  necessity dri.es  them  to it;  but   they all  pray.    Prayer  is a constant element,  and, thj.impulse  to  pray   is c\cr present to human nature.  Some things arc very striking ,a-  bout Ibe New Testament Niching on  the sii'l.jost of prayer. The words of  Jesus are perfectly direct, njiinple an<|  emj hatic. Our Lord never hcaitales  in Mis tie'achijig about- 'prayer. lie  illustrates Vie doing of God from the  cest .we J-.jiow of men, and when' we  yard can raine poultry -profitably.  3C'.'.       X  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  TIIE  LEDGER  Office  ���������JCHCHtt  1st Avenue  The "death took place- after an illness of two months; at Rhyl recently,  at -filifj age  of-eigjlity-six,   of    the  Rev.      Rowland Williams,  a Koncon-  forinist in in is ter, better known   -   as  Hwfa Mon, the Arclndru d of Wales.  Not long- ago Mr. Williuin.s','  who held  the     title of     Arcbdruid for twelve  years,  and, was a carpenter  before-lip  joined   the  Cong-i<'>ational   r-    stry,;'���������!.-  was compelled ' by.'ill-li\nS;Ii  to      t-e-  liU'q'iiisb bis Ionian tic home lioside thy  "-'.sacred -ISec'i*    ..���������,-���������'   '^ '..���������:���������  At the  Eisteddfed,  and ;at the.;Cipr-  sedd, -ar-mioetiiig at  which-jtlie Eisted-  dlod    is 'soleninly-proclninied,. twelve  months  beforehand',   the Arcbdruid ap  poured   in '.inost imposing  state an<l-'.]-'>r*'-ile.>-i,",-ve4'ie*lto-  with n.ictiire.sijiie ceremonies. The CJor '  sedd is  a congress of  burds,   held   in  the "open   ai'r,. around   it stone circle..  Tlie "Druidic hards ;trc-divided into 3  orders,      viz: ��������� Wards  who are  poets;  Druid bards'- who aie religious.teachers- and Ovale bards, who are'intcr- .  osted. in   literature,  science and   art.  The  Arcbdruid   wears  white  robirs,  a.crown of oak leaves and acorns,  'j and a neck-let oi gold.. The Druidic  j ritual:dates from the pre-Chripfuan  ' er.a, and  is traced by some i direct to  Divine ' revelat on.    Hwfa  Mon,    who  M   was/ no.  mean  poet,   was   for  fifteen  ��������� ������!   years  minis(Tr  at  the Welsh   Church  J'   in Fetter  lane,   London,'before being  gj:  uiiiiiiiiiiotisly     acclaimed    Arcbdruid  when ,the ollice i;.ec-ame vacant, on the  death .of  tbe. last  holder. j  The late  Archil mid  claimed'     tbe  !  right to  represent Wales at the Coronation  of   KingE'dward.   o   PECULIAR  COONOMEAS.  When   we   drew  attention  to   that  wedding     of Miss   -Wedlock and "Mr.  Mturrijige  the  othev  day   we did   not  anticipate  the shower ��������� of similar cases   wbieh   corrosjiOKil^nts   have   bfcen  pouring     upon us,  says   the Lqnulon  News.    From  a"list of twonty-six authentic cases in  most instances giv^  ii'g partit-ii'Iars and., dates,   we. select  the following:  At Lowestoft a Jfr. IVai'nicr and  Miss Froev'.ei: were uaitwl iiv mar-  riag-'c.  At Hristol a Mr. Blizzard and  Miss dale -wcri' united  in niatriinoiry.  Mr. Pitt-Lewis, Q.O.. trit'-ct a caw  of Ahiili'iislor vs. While, not long af-  ti*r one of High vs. Low, and some  l-iino after this of tlall'peniiy vs. Penny-  At Pnitridgi; Lane I'b.^pel a Mr.  Rook   {-reached, in   the nutniinh-,       a  r. Pailriilge in tht'afternoon, and  a Mr.-Crow in tbe evening of the  saiim- day. The airangeini'iit, which,  of-course, was not intentional, was  Hindi: by a Mr. Cuckoo* who was secretary ��������� of' the .Sunday school, in  which Messrs. Finch "Martin, Swallow and  Bird  were   teachers.  In a Midlan-I   t'Wii  harvest   thanksgiving  services   were   conducted        in  two    churches    on  tne same day���������in'''  one   by   Hie   Rev.   J.   E.   Flower and  in the other by the Rev.   W.  L-afe.  Some years ago the pastor of a  London} church was named Pigg, and  two of his deacons were Messrs. Hog  flesh  and  Bacon.  OllCl t UUlw-i in  Jr\ouaie in (v.iiiost, we ���������* II "-ei aoi  tlie pouUiy bn^yiifs, witl.Oiil a co I r  down If ho 'UK not snio Miitt'iot"  ?3 00. iiiculiator and Hioodcs is tli l)t"-t ������  Therefore, whei^the Cli.aham Incubator is  r.katching'the number of egai tii.it L\iemj lien-  '��������� wouldhatch, Itis really eainii-Kin--a'-ii )"��������� i'm  i $8.00, besides producing for join niolit c luck-  j- j>y the wholesale, and biiing iu,iuy in c'i (Ii  '. tame thinf over again the nioracnt each hut 1.  ; -jaoflT.     , i....  Don't you think, thereto'c. tint il omi to  keep tho liens laying aud let lhc Cfi.uli-.m  Incubator do the batchiui;.'  There-;are many .other- ica-ons i\hv the  Chatham Incubator and Bioodci- oulc.is-ts  the netting hen. ,  The hen,sets when she is leady. The Chit  bam Incubator is always jujdy. JJy pl-innini,'  totakeoira hatch at the light time, yon m-iy  bave plenty of broilers to -.ell when bi n'ci.  are scarce and priceuat tiie lop notch. 1' yon  depend on the ,hen, your.clucks smII ^io������ to  broilers just when every other iit'i ������ clu^l ^ urc  belne uiarkoted, and when the price r^ ncl ^i  ���������tiff..   -  t 'The hen is a careless in othei, often leading lici  thicks amongst wet (jrass,- tnwhes.������ nd in plactj  where rats caii coipiscnte'hci jouna.  The.Ghatham iirooder beh.i\e-> HmjI?, i- a .  perfect mothor and very raiely Io-a-s a Uncle, U  and is not infested with lice. "  Altogether, there is absolutely no ie.i&oii,i}ile  I!  reason for continuing the u������o or a hen ,is u  hatcher and every  reason   wliv  jo-i  should  have a Chatham lucubatoi and liioodov.  ���������We', a re making a very 6pi'cial olier. wbicli  it will pay you to investigate.  Jiiit now. ,.nd  tni-j ia ji'-^t .v'leie un. i jcc.al   (luckens t'lora c.my Spnufi' until Winter an 1  :;> i'i  ' t *^!i  t' nn  ut  h i\e aciop evcu month.   Think of it I  Q'.iiie a few Uiineis have discovered thnk  tl.tic ]���������> money in the poultry business and hu\������  Annul tins blanch of fatininc ro Droritable tin.I  *y iia^e instilled several Chatham Xueub.i^  fl .r,H        , *n   n",SI������ rr   ���������,.. f     < , , r  o, L "** "U-lOOdeiS aftei tl>inB the tllht  on.  n ,\    vA,. n?P n^ l^    \ io ���������n,,    w ^i hap", you think that it legulres a gie. I ,  w   i',*11\li\- n.������i .: i L3?,i?oi,.������ hoi \    J' d'-">*''" tune or a Rreat deal of technical know-  wuui-i not make the*,iietial ouoi below. jud ,        unckens with a Chatham Inen.    -  WE WILL SHIP NOW  TO YOUR STATION  FKEiGKT* PREPAID  A CHATHAM  asteiBl!  ���������������  Small Premises Sufficient  For Poultry Raising.  Of course, if you have lots of loom, no mu< li  You Pay us no Cash  Till After 1806 Harvest  /  b'toi and Jttooier. if so, you arc g-i eat) yum  taken. Vour \vifo or dau^htci can attend IS  the i.i ithme and look aftei the chickens with*  out intending with their legulai household  d'ltlCa.  Tin, inaii-et is ah*, ays good and prices ai-*  ne\ei lo... The demand is always in excess, of  tne *-uppi> ..nd at cei tain Uuies of the year yo������ , I  ran n..ictically get ,uij puce jou caie toaskfor  Ko 11 Ui oilcis. With a Chatham Incubator and  inoi.iei \ou can stai-t hatching- at tlie right "I  tunc to 'ling- the chickens to marketable  bioilcis when the supply is very low and the  puces ac< 01 Jingly h'frh This you could nevar  do with hen-, ab liatcheis. ���������  \\ e know tliat there is inoncv in the poulti r  biiii'H-s-s lor evuij faimemho will go about it '  iiKht.    All iou In^c to doi������ to g-et a Chathum  ,  Jncubatoi and Biooder and ���������start it.   But per-  inps iou,.re not piepared just now to bpcud  the money.   This is why v\c make the special  IS THIS FAIR ?  We know there is money in raisine chickon i.  Vv't  kno\>'   tlie   Chatham   Incubator   anA  U'-oodoi ban no equal.  .  We know that \uth any reasonable effort oa  your pair, >ou cannot but make money out of  thc Chain uu 1 ncubator and Biooder.  We knoiv that we made a similar offer laid  yen:- and lhat in eveiy clothe payments ^ci������  met cheei fully and pi omptly, and that in uiajif  cases money v as accompanied by letters ci6������  pi (-"sing- =at-sfaction.  rhcicfore, ve have no hesitation in makirg  ��������� -,-..,.- _._.--..-....    Ocntlcincn.-Your No. 1  Incubator is all this proportion to every hpnest. earnest mil a  the better, but many a man and uoni.iu ,.ie n,,i,t.   1 am ncifoclly satisfied with it.   Will 01 womanwho maywish to add to their year'r  carrying on a successful and piolilable iioulny ���������.i ,t kufei  one from you next ������e.u.   H M. Pio'lts WItl1 ������ email expendituie of tune anl  business in a< small .city or town lot.   Anyone /.ocicwooi) .Lindsay, Ont." "cno,"0*''-     ���������                ^,   ..  with afair sized stable or shed and u small ..,-,.,,.,,_'..��������� _T ty.\���������i, i,���������.i,   t���������������������������i,���������^- ������������������.i .. This leally means that wo will f-etyouup,-  But to make".'money" quickly",.you must,-is-et', P^^Jfi.clicl' "^  away from the old idea of trying to do business  with sotting hens as hatchers. You must get a  Chatham Incubator and -Brooder.  ���������Gentlemen,-! think both  Incubator and   the poultry business so that vou can mal.a  "*  "       '"   '    i Kot .o per cent, out of  money nghtfiom the sta-t. witboutaskingf..r  Fleming, 1'laclsi illc, Ont.    a sinRi0 Cent fiom vou until after 1S06 harvest.  ���������Gentlemen.���������I had nevei ->ecn an incubator  until 1 rcccn i*d joura.   I was pleased and sur-  If we knew of a fairer oiler, we wouldmakeit  Write us a"*post card with your name auil  welb-Man.  to Chatham.  We can"supply you q'uicklv'frbm ourdistributinir ivaceliousea at Calgmy, Brandon, Regina, -Winnipeg, New Westminster, B.C., Montreal,  Halifax. Chatham.   Factories at CflATHJi.M. Oxi-., and llEinoii, MiCll. 612  the MAWSON CAMPBELL CO., Lami^^    Dcpt No. \S A CHATHAM, CANADA  Let "us quote y oa prices 0!^ a good Fanning Hill or good Farm Scale.]  Sunlight  Soap  person    who    proves    tl  it  Sunlight Soap conl'iins ������tn\  _ injurious cheinicai-i or an>  iorni ot'adulu'iratiun.  is equally good with hare! or soft water.  If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)  you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get better  results than with boiling and hard rubbing in the old-fashioned way.  As Sunlight Soap contains no-injurious chemicals and is perfectly  pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be  washed without the slightest injury.  Lever  Brothers   Limited, Toronto  Your money refunded  by the dealer from whom you buy  Sunlight Soap if you find any  cause for complaint.  lo*"  from St.'Kil'iln., and when ������l������tsie<l wits ���������  l'oiinil    Id  contain, two      letters   and!  e's'lr.   postcards,      together  with  one j  shilling'for    postage.      These letters  wort*    in   tiro   course    for warded   u>  their    respective   ilestinntkins  by  the  postoiliee at  Lerwick.  PRIMITIVE   POSTAL  FACILITIES.  Tin* inaahitniits of the. island of St  Kildn. have to rely upon a novel postal conveyance. Letters are packed  in  4   iMATTEF OK HOOKS  "Is yo-iir mistress at honi'-'*"  "She will  be if yo������  will come l;;u'k  in about t'lree    minulcs. ma'am. I'm  just liool'.'iiig  her up."  ���������I���������  THE  REMNANT       OF  MENT  A    RE (It  On the open'nif* day of Uie Slia-llo  battle there w.eie many cicc-ds ot lie-  roiNin, writes th? author of "An Eye  Witness in Manchuria." Cno incident, he says, broiiRlifc out dearly  the   fi'i'iblf*  nature  of the   encounter.  During Hie Russian retreat a sen-  oral commanding a division noticed  an iiflicer and some thitty men returning through the lines. U. appealed as if it were a small party  which had been charged with some  ouhpost duty and had shown the  white feather.  Tneensod     at  their apparent cow."i.~-  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Constiiner-s are requested te eall at   the offioe     on  Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates,  between the 10th    and  the 25th of each month.  Office Hcurs. I P. M, 4 30  T. [BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  SSaESSg'S*!**'^^  Public  Notiee ���������  t������  cotton wool covi-iM>d hy ta-rod dice, tiro general rode up to the ofli-  canvas and lilaced in a tin. The ccr and asked liim what he meant by  bundle is then attached 1o an inflaUxl ( deserting his post. With a s-ome-  slu'opsl:in bag acting as a buoy, to- a -.-omewhat grim smile the officer,  gether  witli  a  wooden  float with  the .saluting, said:  words  "St.  Kilda Mail; Please Open'J    ".Sir, this    is all that is left of my  roughly cut  on  it.      Recently a   mail  regiment."  was picked up in Shetland  which had      That regiment had gone into action  been    sixty-two days    on its passage over two thousand strong.  Limited  Attention Is called to "fee   'act that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills  Co,  makers  of   ROYAL  HOUSEH OLD    FLOUR      Have tor   nc    mi.  past been producing flour In a   vastly   improvpri  a.nd   ni"- *-  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patent* relatm,   ., ���������  to, take this opportunity of a dvisisg  tke public  that any  orized users of the electrieal   fiour purifying processes   -  secnted. .  Ogilrio Flo*aip Mills Company Lfmitad  are the    oaly    mlU������s ia Get^a-ia  wJ������.'>*������   2"l������mff  s purifiedbjr tit 3'"S les.tciolProcaas 4X  THE  DAILY  f -ppi- "TJ  LOCAL ITEMS  Miss E. DoTieson will be at the Abbotsford Hotel'every Saturday after-  noon to give ' lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, efficiently taught. For particulars *]>-  rW Box 12, or Phone HO, Nanaimo.'  Smoke Big B. Cigars  FOR SALE ��������� ORGAN,  Apply  Haggart's, Esplanade.  a������  Pro\ incial    Constable Ca*-*-idy went  up to Nanaimo  at noon.  Alderman     Tha was a passenger  Nanaiino on the noon  wain.  to  Rev.      l-'aiher  Yeihcke   went  Nanaiino on the noon train.  up to  "Mr.  -J    Ilussi-11  went down  to P'lm-  cans tins nioinitig-  "Mr.  ari-lsed  train.  C.    11.      Barker of   Nanaimo  in    town ou   the  moining  Aliss Uren was among Uie residents  of Laik smith who paid a bnef \isil  1o INaruvmo tins aftfinonii.  ���������Mayor Planta, of Nanaimo, was  visiting in Ladysmith this morning,  returning home on the noon tram.  Judge Huirison a'rived in town on  the noon train today.   ���������o   Mr. Thos. JTeEwan, who has bivjn  in town the last day or two s>.-ltliiig  up his affairs, returned lo Nanaimo  at noon today. Mr. McEwan, while  at woik moving ������1k*1m-s from his old  .store let a. hea\y plank drop on his  right foot, causing painful injuries  to lhc same. He will he obliged to  keep tho injuied mem her bandaged  for some t-ime.   O   AT THE      AI'.l'.OTRFORD  V.   A.  Parrott,   Vancouver  Geo. Martin, Vancouver  IT.  B. Mor.ey,  Vancoiucr  W. A.   Johnson, Vancouver  Geo. 11. Harto, V'tjueouv^r,  Judge Harrison, Victoria.   . o   'Ibe Victoria Presbyte.y closed its  meeting on Tuesday. This being lhe  spring meeting a great lot oi lui-sin-  mS-. liml to be transacted. (Ir.iiils  were passed for all II12 Mission fields  ainl appointments made lot' the nest  year. One new field has hern added,  namely Shavwiigan Lal:e, and a man'  will ho svnt in. A call fiom "'utu-  beriand was presented to lire Rev.  Mr. McGilvery, and accepted, induction of Mr. McGlivery lo lake place-  on 'the 1-It'll March. The next ordinal v- meeting of thc Prtsbylierv will  be   held  in  Ladysmith  in  September.  "aonn  S3S53SA  j\lr    J.    P  ildi   the    \Vliile  Swan  Soap   Sewing  "Machine drawing which look place at  James  Hirst's   Stoic,   Nanaimo,   No.  Walls, of Victoria, at-  ],J8C,->  M-.Us  1)ic    ]U(;],V nl,m],Ci  drawn,  'torncy for     Mr.   F.  -on  the noon train.  Fletcher, arrived  ,At the Church of England tonight  His Lordship liishop Verrin will hold  confirmation. Thoie are seven candidates.  Mr. and Mrs. Irvine of Ibis city  -went up to Nanaimo on a visit to  Mrs.  Irvine's  pareiu-s this afternoon.  Mr. T. Grea\es> is fyst recovering  from thc injury to his eyes .received  in the .explosion of chloiide of lime  at Blair & Ad a.m's store on Saturday.  Mrs. J. Tale ami Mrs. Dave Murray went up to Naiiiiinio on today's  noon train.  and if the holder of this coupon will  return0the same to the B 0. Soap  Worl s, one of the beautiful suw,ug  machines will he sent to them. Tub  is Hit- last drawing for Sewing' Machines, tire niakcis nf White Swan  Soap ha\ing decided it would be  more advantageous to their cr-si Olivers to exchange their wrappers foi  premiums. Lists of 'these useful ar-  tides can t bi* had at any Grocery  store in the province.    ���������  for Good Dressers-Our  Stock of TIES is replenished every week-  No Big Stock of one kind  We will never shew you  the same TIE twice, no \  ma Iter how often ycu  come-Thi Great deader  this week Is the  S1LH TUDUIAH Tlf  Ifiey are BEAUTIES  CALL  . and  .-rawim itrrv iiwmw: vun ������ fW  OUK PREMIUM LIST  w-' ���������"?!' yon how to  g . . of Bandsome  Tic js in exchange  for������������������   _   _   ���������   ���������  UPPEIS  Ask your Grocer (for a Catalogue  -caffisaessww'2  tmWunmame&ssas^uVBBSkwamssn^s^  SPRING  What it is to Move and Get Things  broken, lip.  THEMi  Walter* &  Akenhead  ir tvtvt ������������������iutrncnrw n-  I\Ir. and Mrs. Ail:en en me down  from the Co.'l City on t'he moniins's  (���������rain.  "Mrs. Rawlinson, of A. K.  son & Co's., Nanamin. is ii  looking up old  friends.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  IF there  is anything  you    want in  ttie Drug or patent medicine line you  will   find   it at    the Ladysmith  Drug  Store.  .A PllENOarSFOX.  A negro preacher while speaking to  mi}audience of his viwn color chanced  to make  use  inthe course  of his   remarks    of the word'   "phenomenon."  John- Tll'S  raU,el:   \)m'/A^  se\cral   of    his  townlllOAIC'S'   W,1������  at   tne clo-Se of       t!)e  ., moetinp, asl^d lobe informed of its  _ ' 1 meaning.  Rev   R    Hoy1.- ie.tiuru-d on the noon I    N(,t k������f-*winS  quite how to'answer  Victoiia, where he h,,s   {hu teacher put them oil until    the  the   PiesbyU'i-y  tbe f,*Ilowine  Sunday/ when   he  thus explained'   "If    you   see a cow,   that's  train    from  been      nl lending:  last few days.  not a 'phenomenon ' A.bd, if you see a  Capt.  Cutler,   master of the Collier _ b'iid   lhat sings,   that's not a"pheno-  Wellington,      which   auhed    in port'menon,'  either.     But,"  he said,   "if  from     Frisco  last  night, went- down.vou    see    a c-oav sitting oil a thistle  to  Victoria on Aie morning, train.  ���������o���������  M'S  Neave ai������l son ai rived on the  morning's train from Xamumo.   Mrs.  Neave was    quite     snrpiis.-d  at the  growth of the city since hei   last visit heie. I'  Ladysmith  Temple   "no   a,  Sis ior*?.  The  team  of the abntc  requested    lo  lecel   this  Rath-bone.  Temple are  l*\ eniiitr at  and pinging, lime a bird, then that's a  'phenomenon.' "  ���������COLLINS  IS FINALLY..-  FOUND GUILTY: ,  San Francisco, Feb. 27i.���������George D.  Collins has rim his course. Retribution, which the brilliant attorney by  means and ways marvellous, but dis-  hon-o-rai'iile, ^voiiied ro-r. so nmny years  Iras overtaken him. Today in the superior court of California a jury of  twelve men declared Irim  guilty     of  rBmssfflE3BgS3BEB%Ema&^tB&s������FZ  6 in p. m sbatp For practice. The l>e.rjury. Tlioy reported their verdict  Nanaimo Captain is flown to assist aft'*-*"-* deliberating- but an hour oa the  inthe work. testimony    offered, .curing  five days;   . .   trial.   Collins,  true to hrs instinctive  (habit of giving battle i.0 anything  savoring of justice, will appeal to  the Supreme Court. '    '  Collins Was tried  a short  time ago  on    the charge    of perjury by a jury  which, rumor had  it,  had. boen  tampered  with,  and  failed to  agree on a  verdict, four of its members voting *to  acquit  the  iiefcndanl-.    A  new charge  was  prefcrnMl against him,  a charge  growing out' of Collins'  sworn statement     in    bis'answer    1o his wife's  (Chariotta Newman) suit f0r mninle-  iiance,   that   ho hud   married   her    in  May, ,1.88!).    This  denial was made in  tlie face of   the evidence of the priest  who   tied   tlie  knot,  members  of Mrs.  Collins'  family  and  the man       who  acted   as     grocmsman,   all   of  whom  IcslifiiNl that   the marriage  l<*n\ place  us Mrs. Collins alleged.  ��������� p   BROOKS'  PHOTOGRAPH J STUDIO  Is Again Open  VICTORIA  CRESCENT     opposite Fire Hull.  Nanaimo, B. C.  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S3ETERSOiM,  .-3th  AVENUE &��������� ROBERTS   Street.  day,   the    strikers  were more confident than'ever of victory.  :  "We have won one point at least"  -aid Prcsidcn.1 Manning. "Two of the  oldest operators- in Uie companyjs  employ have joined, our ran.Us since  Satiu-di'V eveninj*. Besides reduciri(f  the availahlc num.lier ot operal'ors  which the company has left, they  will be missed hy the company from  the fact that they were 'niomtoi'  girls, and well versed- in the details  of the business and instructing new  operators.,. .-. ���������  "f expect .Vice-President Suilivan-  will be here Wednesday morning, and  then there will probably-be  change in tho situation. Yes,  dcrstand that the company Jias a  couple -of men at work on the inside.  Their services are no <ioubt urgently  needed, for when all hands were  wor.-itn-  tlure was  an  average       of  MURDER  WILL OUT  to lodgings neai Taylor street. The  detcemes arc working on the theory  thai these strangrrs are confidence  mm. They ���������iclicved lhat S'tinsou was  induced to withdraw his money from  (he i:aii!< ami he was later murdered  by these men to gain possession of  it.   o-  A CARLOAD OI'"1 ANTS.  San   FrancijKC'o,   Cai.,   Feb.   28��������� It  has been discovered  that when  John  Stinson,  the 'Alaskan  miner who was  mitt'dered      here   scvea-al   years   a^jn,  made iiia last visit to his sau* deposit  ���������Dox on August 12,   18'iS, two men accompanied  him  to  the  Union    Trust   i  comj-aiiy hmlding an-.l  waited outside I  while  hc went  in and   presumably r::-'  moved his-bonds and  other   papeis oi ! anls were  of a peculiar variety found  value.   The evidence also ahows  lhat ' i'n (',.],( ;,i    America ;-nd said to    le  The     Clyde    Steamship  Company  '--ruug'it  a carload of anls to port a  few davs a-.ro  from  New York.    The  lhc  two  thc capitalist   proceeded   from  uank   n  the company  of' these  by     way   of    IVsf strun,  to     lcdj-  ingsion. Taylor street.    Stinson  w;as  li\:ing     -there      with   his  new'found  Mends.    A few   days   after, this    occurrence   he  disappeared   u.ii.dou.lj'ie.dly  desi-nictive  of   the boll   weevil,     the  some |  I un-   i^lic..   .victim of these confidence men,.  Tbe detecti->CvS  arc  working  on'-' the  case with great secrecy, but  it      is.  ���������understood they expect  to make one  or more  arrests in the very  near fu:  turc.  I    It seems likely,   from  developments  I Croat enemy of live cotton plant. The  inserts were shipjod in "-lass tubes,  pronerly iiieasott. The ants will be  (l'istri:!'.i!tcd throirgfli theKoutlvwest,  where limy are needed, from New  Orleans.���������Charleston' Post.  about  twTiitv-hv.e-trouble reports-ev        ..,,,,       , .     ,        .,   + ,,,  .���������   ,     ,    ,.���������,   0ri-���������^        vvin.t-    which leaked  out yesterday,, that the  erv  dav to be looked  after.       What .     *       -u      ��������� ,.       ;    . ,  '���������ii ���������+  4     ;���������   o ro^w dnv������   niuri ercr who  took tbe" life of  John  these  will amount to   .    a few dajs him   of his  for-  can  be easily  imug.ned. | .^^  ^ .^ ,J(J caught  aml   ,>r<vUl  ���������       ���������    "������-c c. -..iv.    cnW  iho'g-'t to ii-iistice.    Altbo'.'-<.';h   the. detcc-  San  Francisco err tics who saw  tlie,������ ������  New   Zealand  the    Vancouver  are profuse  in  ���������(.:.��������� 11 '1*1-,^    n-0,,,0   wn������    *-*-   "lv;    l'.'"'B    *" v"-"--      "*���������  to keep   their  mov-em-enls  secret from  thc  public,   it was  made known   yes-  Mrs.  Frank  W.  football  team, defeat, tives employed by  fifteen a -*������*��������� ago, I Saw>'er  to   investigate    he  nvysteri-  their praises of  15n-| ** ������^*>-onud.r.g  the   death  of be,,  un  CiiWiiui'v 'football.    The game was ^ ^ W&  ��������������� ^7 way  possible  Smoire Little B. Cia-ars'.-'  flnnligiit Soap is better than otaer *oap������  but is best when used in the Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Soap aud follow directions.  SUBSCRIBE  Montreal  A  CAR  ���������6t���������  FINE  NEW  tf-i  i  TO  F  KK  -D'  ^'^VE  played on the Berkeley cuiniius, and  ��������� leading players of; the tw-o coast universities were so impresKcd with the  fast, open play, that they expressed  a hope it would be introduced in th-0  calendar of sport in that section One  authority, speaking ofthe first game  he liiid ever seen, says: "u have no  hesitancy in saying.it is a Tar better  game than the American college-  game, as we have hud it m its highly developed stale within Uie last  b-w years. There is not in English  Rugi.y the same clash of hc;'f, the:  ������������������t'.ainy si raining of two highly or.-;  ;vaiii;.i*d    machines,   but Something  fai"!  Terday that the. man- "they susiicct is  not .in San Francisco, but somewhere.  in the Sacramento Valley. His-, movements arc being closely watched by  these private detectives.  The startling disclosure that- two  men were with John Stinson the,  last time, he went lo his.safely deposit box in the l"ti.ion Trust- company was made y. st-crday. In this  box Stinson wa.s known to have n  large sum of ready '.cash,, government  bonds and priva-le stocks. lie last  visited this l:ox on August 12, 1K!)S,  u. vseaiit  month   before  bis 1 ody      was  '"wo  L--to .U-.e���������  lfmuihj   -and   Herald  Weekly'Star  Now  ������������������nnd get   tlie   boiler   and      more   inspiriting.      Thc  foun,]   floating   in  Stow   Lake.  open   formation,   the   wonderful   possi-j m.-n  aec-ompanied  him   as far  as  he  hilily   for  sensational   jilays���������not  one; eorner  of    Montgomery  and   "Alarkr t  or  two      in a  game,   but one or two'streets and  stopped  there  while Stin-  ������AY  i  -.0.  I  it  1  MBBMBESSBBBm  TELEPHONE   STRIKE.  A   Vtuicoiiver  dcsf-aleh   dated     yesterday  sa\s:    Matters are still  at   a  standstill   between  Hie olficials of the  I'.ritish Columbia Telephone Company  and  its striking employees.  The com  (ja-uy  is giving ,   a fairly- satisfactory  service,  and   pending the arrival     of  Mr.  M. .1. Sullivan of San  h'ranoiscrj j  no i overtures  looking  toward asetlle-  Pjment  of  llu-dispute  have  been  made  hy the strikers.  Officials    of    the ��������� company  staled  they   had   no   statement   to  give   out  today .beyond the fact thai ',su-lnic-ritiers  were being served as usual,  as if  ivo\(hiiiig  in the  way   of  a strike  bad  happened.    They  preferred   to  let  the  service  speak   for   itself.    The    company'also claims  to have secured Key  j oral   workmen,  who are now- empl-iy-  i,'ed   looldiiff   af ler',. the   details   o;   the  ��������� e.<|uipinent on the inside.'  I   President  William   Manning of  the  : local   l';iecfrical   Workers'   Union,   in  I  speaking  for  that,   union  as   well   as  . the    striking    members of the Telc-  Hione Operators.'   Auxiliary,   said  although   there    was  practically       no  V&  change in the situation since   Satur-  i-n a  game,   but one or two  streets  iilmos'i    evi-ry .     miiiulc���������mate   Rugby, son entered   the  Union   Trust  building  just as interesting tothe non-par I i-i Stinson came out a few minutes la-  Han obscirvi-r as to the ninn wrhose ler and joined his .I'oMip.'iniu"..*;. They  college!   is     represented on Hhe field.���������| walked up  Post street  and  then went  Beautiful Supp! ement  5;ubscriptson*? ta en at  KNIGHT'S BOOK STORE  After'this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will he FIVE CENTS per loaf- 20  loaves for a dollar. My read is  guaranteed thc best made. 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' lie haddis-  ciikse'd'this r.vith'"Mr. Morse, who said  that the intention of the- com|iany '  was tq form. sl laud company similar  to  the C.  P.  R.  . Mr.Larsen gave witness his . power  of altanicy for siu'iiing of this agree  ment.     This wns cancelled 'afterward.  In -reply   to-"Mr.   Pnlterson,'.witness  said'   ti:at, the inter\irw,'.which  was  not  correctly  rc|)or(i?d,   was  given   lo  Mr. Go'dem-atli, of the Colonisv.  ��������� Ib.'ldying  to  Mr.  McDoriald,  witness-  Saitl  that he  was (juit.-.* sure I'.'j  (-witness)   <lid  not - write that  interview  himself.       He  did    not  think that it*.'  was ri-a-d  to him hy Mi*. Cio!V*nralli;  The committee    then   adiourned   in,-,  til  Thursday   moniiii;; at   ten   o'clock,  When   I-J.  \r.   llodwcll,  K.  C,  will  I.e.  re.callcil.  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