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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 7, 1906

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Array JL -!-J~,~,^
Ladysmith Daily Ledger
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 7,  100c.
Attendance For Month is Very Good
And Banner is Awarded to
First  Division
Valuable   Addition   to the  Museum-
Gymnasium Proves Most    . .
Popular    /    -\[ ,   .
 ...  -��� ;.:-,   'I.     : -
In thc month of .January the high- . 1*' raiics' for  the special-use "of these
est  percentage attained  was , in  l)iv. ' ��i��� ��� isions. Mr.  Dakin -has donated
One.   The    actual    attendance ui thc ! so', c-ial .valuable   books  to   the libra-
The prospects,for mining and smelting in the   Boundary   for the  -year'
now started-   show that much''' new
work will be undertaken both in' low
and lug-li grii(]c properties now opera
ting, '   with   others    expected to rer
sume, and'that the .snicllfi.g capacity
of    ihe      three    Boundary  reduction
works will i,e increased from tweiity-
fi-e'to forly pc cent. j efore tho y0ar
is closed.     At present the daily output, of     ore . runs I* I ween three and
four    thousand . tons,    and from con-
ti.icbs already awaided  ior smelters'
enlargement   it  {viil he between four
and.fivc    thousand tons daily'hy the
end of the year.
Ilefeiring-. specifically    to concerns
��� 112 SCUTTLED
Victoria, Feh. 7. (Special To The
Ledger)��� Steamer Shajiano Maru,
bound for Japan, a'ri'ed here tins
morning,; having on board twelve
steerage' passengers taken from the
British ship Challenger, which was
scuttled. * The Challenger was
hound for Japan when fire started
in her hold. It was impossible to
extinguish it, und she put in at Mi-
nohe and landed hei ,pus.scngers, the
twelve sleei age passengers beiim taken on, the. Shanano Aliaru. The
Challenger's valuable cargo was dc-
1    "*|ixty-SlX. muau  iv��H>"Ut        wiui   mc   p   upus.   \J" g-i      con-lr     i ���     f ' 	
The banner goes to division on��. Ior   Saturday Principal   Dakin holds ttto H        .    *,    ror the installation of
classes for hoys > the- upper division "hln anlno    "^       * ���     '^ typo
During the   month' several valuable  and    Uie youngsters     arc trained in ^    ' yj?���"1 comn-!j'5sl<'��. iki Can-
additions have been'made to the *mu-��� harr work,   duiiibcll exercise, running
seuni.     Two    pieces, of a wnalc were and  hoxuig.     . Miss      C'oburn trains
presented by Mr. .Fred MaWes, an In iLissrs of    g��rls.  -    The cxeicise nc-
dian stone    hatchet,  a couple of ui- ��"��irc-1' 'iy thij-scholars by this -ryw-
rowheads,    and othitr interestms;  old nasii in will 'p~i-6ve most benef::''i - >n
��� Indian    11111)1611101112, bv Mi. A   How, all    w:es,     and it is pleasing  topee   ���10,ive    D w       .   ..
ey, ag-d   specimens of' \erv haiuaSjlo the bojs and    girls taking ��so  Uiffllv. skJ1       '     .     at lls   nia,les and in-
copper ore irom White Horse, by Mr. to it.     Mr. Dakin   and fess   Cobiiin
Harry  Wright. ara    desjmng    of praise and thanks
Division V'*c and division faur, Mr. for    ih?ir    kindness in    training the
Dakm an I Miss Col)) rn��� ha\e started children.
on remodelling ti,c present plant is t0 start i��� the early
spring,-and .when completed the co'm-
rany'15 copper putput wiJi be more
���than douUenl. ' At the same time the
comply ' will    discaid steam as     a
To Receive Honors.
38  below.
Toronto,Feb.   6.���It  is    understood Confesses Guilt. ' ^
that Mr.   A.   II.   U. "Colquholn     has      Halifax, Feb". :6r���An ~-Englishman
been     ueged    by members  of      ' tho   named   Stanley;'' arresCed     for-      the
'Whitney government    to assume   tho  murdur of  un old jjnan named    Ilar-
,   position   of Deputy minister of    Kd- j vey,   at fcllershou&e, ^confessed   to bo-
ucation   vacant .through  the      death   ing--implicated, ..but % "Bays, the - Jec-d
-\of  John Miller.,, and that the       ap-j was done  by  Fisher and  son.   Stan-
,' pointment has been deferred   in    ex-   ley  on hiii   own" accord,- 'bri' his"way
���'   pectation    thatColquhoun   alter   .the . to. Hartviihv said'tothe- Constables
that  when ho was  taken he
an clecttrical ei;>iipment, as is
now the case at the .reduction works
all of which- tends to greater econo-'
my of work. The company will also o.roi.ite its Emma mine in Summit camp on a larger scale, many
imi rovements having been recently
made thei
A murder mystery in which poisoned chocolates were the chosen
means of vengeance is puzzling the
lhe Paris police.
Last August a Dutchman named
Fiorimomli.s, living jn thc Rue de
temple, was found murdered in his
rooms. I All his belongings, including jewelry, weie missing. The police succeeded in ancsling three suspected men, thanks to the aid of
Mine. Viale, the concierge of the
muidercd man's house   . .
Mme. 'Viale a young and pi city wo
man, went out the other evening to
visit one of her neighbors. She -was
eating chocolate creams, which, she
explained, had been given her as a
present She   was    in the best of
nude tl.e.e with a view of installing , I , ,      ���   , iiVfV ,,
electrical equipment later 6jhealth and good spirits.      While talk
"lhe    Ciranby Consolidated     which Iing  l��    her con,Panio��  she itook the
\>n his-way .out tj> tell about thc
murder aiid that hc was guilty
of part, but was not guilty of all.
He said old man Fisher and Jim
had more to do; with it than f he
report of t'ne university Commission
has been presented might be induced to give up his position as editorial  writer  of the  News.
Liberals by Acclamation.
Winnipeg, Feb. 6.���Federal seats
in Saskatchewan in which bye-elcc-
tioiisr were nccessiatated by the re
signations o f Hon. W. Scott and
Hon. J. II. Lamont, were carried
toy the government today by. acclamation, W. E. Knowles being re
turned for West Assinrboia and Mc-
Graney for   Saskatchewan-
Oon&ei*vati\c  Elcctetl.
Sherbrokke,   Feb.   6.���Dr.     A.     N.
Worthins*ton,   Conservative,    was   elected by  acclamation   in  Sherbrokke
county   today  for     the House oii
Commons.        Election   was    rendered
v necessary   by   tbe  seat  being de
clared vacant owing to corrupt
acts of agents in general election
��f Nov.   1904.
Election Feb. 22.
Toi*ontQ,Fob(. 6.���Hye-election for
Ontario legislature take place in
North Ontario, Feb. 22, nominations one week earlier. Dr Ryor-
��on,   Conservative,   and  'J'.   C. ��� Koto-
jnetto, Liberal, are likely the -:an- Montreal, Feb,. .-G.���Action for -S50-
didates. The vacancy was caused 000 damages lor libel wns enter-
by the appobitment of Dr. Beat- ed ��� today agairst the Montreal llor-
tie Ncsbi't to.-registrarship of Tor aid .by. .the .Montreal .Water and
onto. Power   Company.     During  Uie      pro
1 Want No'Rebates. I gross -    of  .    last Municipal        elec-
.Toronto,  Fob.   (l.-r-Ai deputation  of   tion   in  WcsUnount,   whlcn      Munici-
- insurance  men   asked   the   Honorable  pality   is-.supplied   with   water        by
���J".   J.   Foy, attorney-general of   Tor-1 i.he   Company, the Herald  made     al-
paid    a    dikidejid of $105,000      two
wee'es ago,    said .lo bc the     flrgt Qf
regular .listr-bhtions of this natrure
is oiperating eight furnaces ab its
Grand Forks smelter. Two 0f these
aie larger than the others, but it is
the intention to enlarge the other
six as soon as practicable. The out
PLt is now iiom 250D tG 2700 tons
of ore from Uk�� company's mines-
daily, but with eight mmes in commission, some-one of them is-natur-'
ally under u*pair part .of the time.
It is the super ui tendenti's, rntention'-
to enlarge furnaces so that he can
smell 2700 tons or. more daily, and
yet allow for needed reparrs'occas-
lionally, without nicieasing the number of furnaces.
San Francisco, ' Frb*. 5!���Army officers who arrived here on the United States Logan yesterday repoit
that the prospect of trouble.. in
China is the chief topic of discussion in army circles in Manilla.
The Thirteenth Infantry and two
squadrons of t'he English Cavahy
have been ordered to prepare themselves tor field service. The destination of these troops remains a
head-quarters'  secret.      The only
explanation     of    the  order    i > that
they are  to be  held in readiness foe
a  China     expedition    atthe first
warning  of  an outbreak.
Albmiy.Feb. ��.��� Di\ Fowler, lire-
vet Brigadier, General and surgeon
on the staff of Major General Roc,
of the National Guards, member of
tho stste board ol medical examiners, and one of the best ��� known
suigeons of Biooklyn died hereto-
day after ha\mg undergone for the
past week two operations for ap
"Is there a msiu Ini all this audience," demanded the female lecturer
on woniens -rights, .'thai has over
done an}thing to lighten the burden
on his wife's shoulders? What do
you know of woman's woik? Is
there a man heie," she continued,
folding her arms and looking over
the assdmbiy with superb scorn,
'���'that has ever got up in the morning, ica\ihg his tired, 'woinout wife
to eivjoy her   slumbers, gone quietly
last chocolate from the box and put
it in her mouth. She had swallowed a portion of.it when she exclaimed that it was bad.
Hcl suspicions of poison were apparently at ohce aroused. She ran
home and sent hei husinnd .for a doctor, who, however aimed too lUlc
to help "her Two Junius uftc-r gating the chocolate she died in tenihlo
com ul.sions
The post-mortem -examination leav
es little doubt as to "the' presence 'of
sonic poison in the sweets. There
is no clue whatevci as to who gave
the chocolates to Mine Viale, but- it
is thought that hei death was due
to reHnge on the part of some of
the friends of the men accused ofthe
ninidei  of Floiimondus.
London, Feb. 6.���The weakness     oi
tbe Iii-Ltis��h Army,   alike as     regarut,
numbers aod  organization,   is    being
criticised   bothlrom the Japanese ant,I
the  Fi-cifch  standpoint.     Japan      i.>
evidently   the   lnoslcoiicciiied.,    ai.      n
Lhe  report   is   ti uu,   General   Tei au���
ehi,   lhe   Japanese minister of      war,
in tends  in view   oi  tiie Anglo ,  Jap
ane.se  alliance,   to   in go    upon   GienL
jtlrit.iin   the   necessity   of    auny      reorganisation.      The  standard       published   the   following   criticism of
linlish  Army methods   by     an     oXIi-
eer-  of   Lhe French  army  stall.
".If.   ienouncing  once     and   forever
all  idea  ol  progressive  policy      on
land,'. Britain   concentrates   her       ol*
foils   on . the'l-t'orgar.i/.aLion    of     hei
military  forces   on  a   purely      defensive  basis,   her     tasik  will.     be      a
heavy  one, calling   lor    many      .sacrifices.     There arc weak places        in
the   armor  of her     units,    , small     ar.
they  are.     They  are" under-officerede
The    deficit  in     the     commissioned
lanks of the home and thc    colonial
forces has been  put   as   high   as   ten
thousand    atai  that is not   all.    The
numerical   weakness   is   not' counterbalanced   by  the     supenor   eilicianey
of the officers   serving     Tbe   various
services   are   insufficiently     organized
especially   the  medical   branch,      and
the   reserves  of  all kinds  appear    to
bc   inadequate.
'���Certainly the latter arc mere
questions of money, but whoever
wants an ������ army must be prepared to
pay the price. Tbe government will
be'  well   advised   if,   after coming
to a final decision, based on - thc
recommenhation of its many council
lors, it confides the task of definitely reforming the army to some
hightly qualified minister or soldier, giving him what time hc
wan Is for the woik , That< is the
only way in which the work can be
done   properly."
��� f j    t     i   j -*^^^^
Get a Year  And   Nine Months Rer-
spectively For
Mrs. Jones Calls Down Imprecations on
the Heads of Newspape.
Vancouver, Fob. 7.���Mis. Jones and      Upon the   decision bein<*
 .tr   DtTlTlOIUIlGftd.
he* daughler, Mrs. Jackson, were lo- ( Mrs. Jones became almost frantic '
day sentenced -to a year and nine , Especially did she seem to'entertain
months imprisonment, respectively, ' u haurei* for. newspapermen and cal-
for pei-j-jr-y. They asserted at a led down imprecations on their heads
previous tnal that Many Fisher She called .u'poa the Almiggty to
wa.s not liMe son of Mrs. J ones, but torment them and make all their
her jicphcw. | children idiots.*
Ottawa,  Feb. 7.���Geo.  Riley, M. P
St.  ' Petersburg,  Feb.   5.���The   el-
for Victoria, arti*. ed' here today, and actions for ���  the  national    assembly
when interviewed   announced that ^ie are fixed for   'April  7.     The     open-
wouid resion his seat in the house at ing  session   will    take place'   .April
once.        He expressed great pleasure 28.     April  7 is  the feast'  of'    the
thai    British     Colu-mlfe had at last armual annuncion<   one  of the
got a     portfolio.    Mr.    Templeman Russianholidays.     The    thVee'  wepka
wrll lesign his    seat in the     Senate
arrd will run for Victoria and Mr.
Riley will lakjj the new minister's
place in the -Senate.
In all probability a    writ o�� elect-
tion will be issued at once.
One .of the most brilliant social
events in the history of Nanaimo
was the Eagles' 13all iu the Assembly Hull last evening. The Nanaimo Aerie had hecn busy preparing
for several weel s and the arrangements were made on a most elaborate scale anti nothing was wanting
for the 'thorough |*n'oyincnt of the
numerous beautifully. dressed ladies
and their escorts
province the Eagles vaic giving grand
balls this i season and all that have
come olT have been piouo'inced successes 'i'he ball to be f,i\cn here on
the 21st, will he no exception to the
rule, and promises U> ec-hpsc any ev-
A not her very' ' well attended and
highly successful danee-was given by
the Evcolsior Club last evening.
Nc"er before has Gould's Hall been
thc scene of such a happy series of
e\ nils as dm ing tho present winter
months since the organization of the
best dancing club Ladysmith has ever known. Every dance has been a
success aad judging1 by thc enthusiasm .of the members of the club
there will be a continuation of thc
ioUy little "fcops" until, we11 until
it's too hot to dance and then they
will call it off only until the autumn
again  appears.
Dog 'taves are now due and the
nound-keeper is nctivcly lookinn- up
to impound, dogs without tags, or
with Mast year's tags on
 o ������
JSlizabethopol, Russia. Feb.- 0���
The false "IDniperor an d his suite
who have been -stirring up thc peo
pie of thc Volga region have finally been arrested 'near Docprov&k.
Among the pietohders suite*. were
three men representing themselves as
Ambassadors of Foreign Powers and
a<  fourth   \vho   was  uniformed as
a general of Knipcror Nicholas. The
pretender was di cased -in the richest purple- and crimson robes vrth
gold trimmings and a crimson hat
with a  purple  feather.
interval between the elections and
thd convocation of the national assembly is the shortest time in which
the representatives from Siberia
and other remote localities should
arrive here. Tho local authorities
have tho privilege of beginning the
preliminary elections to choose delegates to the electoral colleges as
soon as the Registration lists are
Miss Street, the young- woman Jap-
pointed to take the eighth division of
the-local school, arrived from Chil-
liwack this morning and will lmme-
311.1-jc sarrnp .rorj dn o.fni Ar^iMp
Rev.   nnd Afis   Schlichtci'
Mis-s Stieet is the'gut'st of
dowiiBtairs    to the kitchen and"'made jcnt of its kind'ever-given locally
his own breakfast,-- sewed thc missing
buttons    oiv   .the,   children's.clothes,
���onto,   this  morning   to amend        th
Haw  so   as  to     penalize     companies
and  nlgjents   who give reWntos.
Install  Water Works.,
. Jtosthcu's'.Sns.; Fob. G.���This town
is ���following the example of all the
hustling centres of the -.rest, and
will install an extensive system of
water works, fire'equipment and
municipal electric light plant.
"Libel   Suit.
Quebec,Feb. 6.���Judge Larue this
morning refused the grant on motion of Senator Chouqsiotte to dis
miss action for libel brought against him by e-x-prcmier . Parent.
His lordship, how-over, granted Ch-
our-nbtte   a  delay   of   three days
to  prove  that expremier Parent   has
agreed   to   compromise    and drop
the  case.
Cold  Snaps.   -
Montreal, Feb. 6.��� The < ���' coldest
weather of the season thus far was
experienced in "Nortliel'n Quebec today. The thermometer readings ran'
ged from 10 below to 42 below-
zero. Chalk Rivers,-Out., reported,
42 -below  zero and  St Agathe, Que.,
legations that water wa.s responsible
for the typhoid epidemic, and other
declarations of like charcter, which
company    alleges were false   and mat j j*c was  ^lc   husband of thc elq^JKent
dai'iied the family stockings, .scoured
the iiol-s and kettles, cleaned and filled the ' laimps and done all this, if
necessary day after day uncomplainingly?' If there bc such a man. iti
the audience lei. him rise UI"! I
should  really  like to see .him.:'
And iii the.    rear ofthe hall a mild ' f'v�� couples  tripped the   11-a-
looking��inaii     n spectacles,   in obedi-
ance to the   summons,  timidly arose.
Thc Herald Says:
' Without doubt the biggest pucial
event in-, the history of Nanaimo was
(hc Cagle ball wVik-h was held
last night in the Assembly hall.
Itarpurs Vaneouverorehostra furnished the-music, and to its inspir.
ing   ni-coiipiinymciit      about sixty
Tfarry     Kay i.s    blisy .painting the
dof-rs of    John Stewaifs new ollice,
ami    Colin    Campbell is puttin"- ��� the
finishing     touches    tn the 'drs's that
Throughout  the I arc l*i��K conshucled within.-
Mr. Andrew Biyden is in receipt
of a letter fiom a Vancouver gentleman conntclc*! i with thc Sanation
Army, asking him for partrculars of
the late Wm. Kipling, the young
ihau "who was killed in the mines a
fortnight since. Mr. Ravvlings says
he is connected with the Kipling
family and desires to- know what
br..nc"li ofthe family the young man
belonged to. Mr. Brydcrr is sending
him all the information in his possession-
iciously made and to     serve       ends
of certain candidates in election.
The"census ���-���man rang the doorbell
loudly, and ' was abhut to turn
away when tlie'lady ofthe house put
her " head out of the* window ami
snapped, out,-. ./'Well, what d0 y.o
wanti?:' Hc replied, 'I:m ��� king
the census.'-' .. \;Slamming down the
winhow she.yelled out, "Well, I'm
taking-a.hath.'!   .     -.'..���
labor Leader returns.
speaker- ' it vvas' lire first time he
had over had a chance to assert himself.
Boston,   Feb.   6.���A   woman        audi
four children  were  found dead in bed
in  their   room   in Dennis   street llox
burg district  tonight.     Ah   invesUga
tion   by     the   police  indicated
tastic   lo  their heart s'  content.
The   handsome  gown*-    worn by
many of the ladies present were simply grand and to east a glance-
across the room when tho dancois
were in motion gave an air ol Mic'a
daz-.ung beauty ab i-. luw.l I .> Uu i
T'he     decorations   of  the hall which
were  made   under  tlie  direction of
Mr.   William  Dick jr .   ably     assisted
by  Mr.   T.   Weeks  were    without      a
i doubt  fSie  bCfc-L  ever  seen    in        this
; city and    re'leci-ed   great .r-redut up-.n
thc  two    young men     whose arlUtic
tastes'  aud   ability     contributed     so
much    to      the   success    atta-ined   in
last  night's function.
The  ceiling   of the  dance ball    was
year.     Jx,  profusion    of- ana-ny    colors*.���      ycl-
��� low,   pale   blue,     ,  crimson, white
UNTOIVIST ELECTED. ��� i and green,   iniernungling        with
Glasg'ow,   Feh.   7.���Abenleen       uni-   each   other   in   such,   a  manner as
versitv   has  elected   a  Unionist        to   to  present  a  sight   pk-nsing     to   tlie
The  contest       was       a   eye.      Long   China     silk     streamers
the woman, Mrs. Annie L. Dixon,
had killed tho children and herself by opening tlm three gas jets.
Thedead: Mrs. An nie Dixjn. L. Dixon, Annie, Dixon, aged five years;
C.   Di.-ron   a   years,      Mildred   Dixon, \
of fragrant  flywers.
At  the   far  end.   of thc  hall   in bold
relief   stood   out the letters,     l-\     O.
To;  Lync Club's  Enlei taiiimcnt on
Saturday evening,  the admibsron vv-H
he 50c,, for  the    dance that follous
23 c, extia will be charged for  gentlemen   and    lor ladies  who did not
puichase * a    concert ticket a similar
amount    -will   *i>e chared.     llefresh-
meiits    will be    served at the .dance.
Thc  jilaii ofthe     Opeia ttOusc i.s . n
show at Mr.     Porcimmer's   Jovvelry
store and scats can bc booked, without extra charge.       Anyone liuiciias-
ing a    ticket    can     reserve any seat
they choose-       They  merely nave to
select    one    fn-.in tlTe plan and     h.-ir
ticket    will    be   ^mihcred.    Tickets
arc now out and  are selling well. It
! would    he    advisable    for those who
j wish    a good    s.-at to purchr.se their
'ticket and look it. without delay, for
1 oii the e'cning there will lyo-Uvhly b-e
a  big rush.
Rehearsals    for the   .cn.ttrtai'U'nw'iil
"J  \eai
Marion Dixon,
Washington, Feb.   6.���S.     Gompors
President  of'the     American   Federation  of Labor   today    received       n
Kfteigiram'from, Mrs.   M'iciiicl   Donnelly;-wife-of  the,-President of the Amalgamated    Cutter's   Union,       whoso
whereabouts -gave . rise     to   concern,   parliament
"My husband has   returned   after  re-   three  cornered   one.      the      successful   stretched   from   t'he  centre      of     . the
celving bad*"  treatment from'���- some   candidate being  opposed    by  n   Lib-   room  to all  corners,     and from   the
of cur enonites."
arc going on well and it pronwses  to
1.0.    made  of  l.-.Oelectrie lights whose ,)C onc    0r the   most'   successful ama
dazzling rays cast   a glow-    of gran- im].    performance    given     here for a
deiir   and  beauty   on   tho    surround- follg t-imc.         Dont for get the time,
ing    decorations. Friday evening,     at 8 o'clock sharp,
Around  the walls  nn  endless  num- and di.n't fongd that thc proceeds) sober  of  mirrors   were  placed       which to the Recreation ground fund.
reflected   the  beauty  of     the     scene,  ��	
and   in   every  corner   of   the         room Mike_ors   drownin.g|   Pat!
vvereto   lVe  found   palms  r,nd    flowers Pat_Can*t you  float?
in   great abundance. |    .-Certainly   " not,  ye fulc!    A feller
The  dining  room   was  also     taste- has-to be  drowned   a week  bef0re   he
fully   decorated   for      Lhe       occasion, CaI1 float."
the  entrance     and  sides    being  a cir  ���������	
cle  of  lights  as  well   as        buntiny It is quite proper, even complimer,
and  silks, being artistlcalir     nrrang tary   to ask     a lady's ago in Japat
ed   throughout the enclosure.                j I" shis    part of the world   howeper.
Jlr.   .lames   McKinnel     of the
tel   Wilson  had thc supervision       of heathens, but at the same time practice   tali.es  and   tbe   spread   prepared ticc a�� kiuds of      dcce,t.  lt WoU,d b6
was   certainly  such  as     to   do     him
lienor,which  fact was  attested by ,      .,      ...       ���������_   ���__
First   Suburbanite!���"Was   your   gar-
nil   who  partook    of the dainties pro    , ^,nn ,.���   ...    __���.,
. den a success tins year?
v'ded. J    second Suburbanite���You  b��t       it
At   any early  hour the merry gath  was    ]\jy neXt door  neighbor's  chick-
eii-ing -bfeokc  up   thoroughly   satisfied   ens  took  the  first  prize  at  the  poul
The fHirial of the late Henry ,
Steele took place this afternoon.
The remains, followed (by. a numJber
of friends and relatives" of the deceased gentleman Meft the house of
.Mrs. J. Vere, on Roberts street; a"b-
out two ' o'clock, for the- Church of
England, where the .services were
conducted by Rev. Bowen. Mr. F.
Asliton, at the, organ, played the
'om noiqAi  ja<*.jT- 'jni'S u?  qoaBui *rE3(l
procession proceeded to" the local
cemetery, where the remains1 were
consigned to  the grave. ,c
Victoria, Feb. 6.���The tug Lome
anrved from Valencia > wreck today
with an unidentified corpse, and the
Wyadda will arrive tonight with one
more lecov'ered, making thirty-seven
recovered all told, leaving ninetv-
two IxKiies not recovered and search
has now been abandoned. Fred
Star, a supposed victim, has been
located in    San Francisco. Three
bodies were located in San Francisco. TliiPiy. bodies were identified
heie today, viz. .Mildred Coles, pas
senger; John M. Bell, waiter, San
Francrsco; Charles "P. Welch, pantryman, San Francis.co.
Washington, Feb. 6.���A searching
investigation into the recent disaster
to the steamship Valencia off the
coast of Vancouver Island is beans;
���dcanafcdeil hy the president a.iid by the
stale of Washington. Senator Piles
and representative Humphrey pf that
state had a talk today with .President Roosevelt and urped that Uie
investigation be conducted ... by a
commission such as enquired into the
General Slociun disaster. It is certain that the cn'lfii'ry now buine held
through the department of Commerce and Labor by Uie inspectors
of the sheamship inspection service
will not meet thc demands. The
president promised to tn-ke up the
subject with secretary Metcalf and
indicated that he would give-such an
enquiry as would develop aU the
facts in the case. Later, after a
coniere-nce with Secretary Metcalf it
was stated that the same lioard enquiring into the General Slocum disaster would en/7.iire -into the Valencia
wreck. ���
eral  and  a  Unionist Free Trader.      I centre  of   the  ball   being  a      basket   with their evening-'s enjoyment.
A gentleman  once possessed a valuable sporting  dog which was      extremely clever  in the retrieving       of
dead  and  wounded   game.    It had, in
Uo.'where we    do not consider ourselves   fact) neVer been i<nown to lose a bird
when brought down by the gun. The
owner, however, was a remarkably
bad shot, and one day, on firing both
barrels hastily at a rabbit which ran
unexpectedly across his path, he
heard a'mournful howl. The next
moment his dog appeared carrying a
black object in his mouth, and laid it
carefully at his master's feet. The
animal had retrieved his owa tail.
distinctly offensive.
try show.
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Cotton, having a long staple, can be  carded and combed with wool to be  spun into worsted yarn. This is done  to cheapen the cost of production. Cotton is carded and spun with wool and  shoddy, not so much to cheapen tho  yarn, for cotton is generally as expensive as some shoddies, but is intra-  ' dueed to give strength or spinning  dualities to the stock. In many cases  the shoddy is of such short staple that  It -would not stand the drawing in  ppinning, and, as it would make the  vast nt the yarn too\high to put in  .ncv.s-li wool to. give that lacking  strength, cotton is put in for this 'pui*  ,������)se.  Tbe percentage of cotton in a fabric  can be determined in this manner:  Take a small piece of cloth and weigh  j St. Now boil it for five minutes in a 5  1 per cent solution of caustic soda.. Take  out what is left, and, if any, it is all  cotton. Tbe wool will all be dissolved.  The percentage of shoddy cannot be determined except by experience.  A cloth or yarn with shoddy in it is  easily detected by its feci. Cloth mode  of all new wool is softer feeling than  one containing shoddy, for the' latter  has lost that new, soft, springy feel  peculiar to wool.���������American Woo1- and  Cotton Reporter.  A������ ������loctnc resistance furnace was  useiTfoy Pepys in -Slu ior the cementation of iron. He took a piece of pure,  soft iron and cut a slit along its length.  The slit was filled with diamond dust,  ivhieh was prevented from falling out  by fine iron wire. The portion of tho  wire containing the, dust was wrapped  in mica. The wire; thus charged was  heated quickly to redness by the current from a battery. On, opening the  wire Pepys found tuat the diamond  dust had disappeared and that arouis*  svhere it had been the -wire had bee_  converted to steel.���������London Engineer.  Over 1,000 Pieces of Ladies', Childrens' and Misses' Uixderlinen  going into this sa'e. 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At the same time,  In tbe case of weddings... in church and  for large general affairs a hostess  should;be-careful tosend invitations to.  all'the members of a family which she  fen'ows v.-ell.  It i<* not polite to address the .envelope Inclosing an invitation "Mr. and  Urs. Brown and family."  There should bea separate invitation  .'or. the Misses Brown' ai.d another foi"  he brothers in the household.  Folio-wed  Her InntriictloiiB.  Mrs. N. was* giving instructions to hei  new servant: "Before removing the  soup plates, Mary, always ask each  person if he or she would like any  more."  "Very good, madam."  Next clay Mary, respectfully bowing  to one of the guests, inquired, "Would  ihe gentlemen like some more soup?"  "Y-2S, please."  "There isn't any left." 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A weak solution of alum or ���������oda*W_l  revive the colors in a dusty carpet  Equal parts of skimmed milk and,  water warmed, will remove fly speelie  t'rom varnished woodwork or furniture,  The doors, casings and surbase of  rooms when in natural finished wooil  Should have an occasional rub with at  oiled rag.      :  Oilcloth-may'be brightened, by an occasional coat of varnish or by rubbing  with kerosene once a month. Both  treatments add to the durability of  the oilcloth.  A room used for dancing should fee  veil ventilated and well lighted���������the  ventilation for health's sake and the  lighting to enhance the effect of tbe  jewels and dresses.  It is well to remember when papering a small room that blue in all light  shades makes a room look longer.  Dark colors or papers with large pu*  terns have the opposite effect  An Odd AVhUt Deal.  A enrions hand at whist was dealt at  "Grimsby, England, recently. 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The  only  line now  making    UNION  DEPOT   connections at ST. PAUL ������  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with       the.  through    trains    from    the    PacifU,  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH^  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES, THE FASTEST  TIME.      1  BETWEEN JJ  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.  PAUL,  CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,|  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask youij)  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General 4gemft,.{  7������0 2nd Ave., Seattle, -.11  ==____J  If you like��������� j   -  A  smooth, easy shave, an even,  well-finished    .beard trim, a good  bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  You will go to ;  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARIORS  HIGH iSTREET.  ..Deaers in  ���������i-fe*'-*'^*':'^^'^-^'^-���������".���������-^K&W&W****��������� ^-'*i^"-fef*-'^-**--'^���������^'fe-'' fe*)'fel������;'fe*'*_*'*Jr������  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEB * CO.  ��������� ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NE A TLI  BAKJ1D AND. FRESH.  Confectionary ot aU kinds.  Orders takes for Pastries to be de  llrered at any time.   ;  .. Employment Agency.  UEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith  ^     w  B.  C  Mannfacturers ofthe Famous  CUBANBLOSSOn  None bu   Union Labor   Employed  a J. BOQTH, Prop  Pianos and  Organs  Ladysmith, B.C  Dr. Dier can be found af   any timel  at his'office on Gatacre st.   His   deit-fl  1,  tal   work  is  g\aranteod  to  he flrBt-i  class and rates reasonable at,"  HILBERT  __���������*-������ ;.~x:  :'\  DAILY LEDGER  4^������^^H^-I*������lI<*>1I<*>ll<*>,I,->,I,,������"I-*-I* ���������fr-H**-*** ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� -I' ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� -I-������*T  I Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C  /  Hanufacturers of the  t In   British Colunibia  Lager  Sear   nnd Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  d from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops   |  ^a^.4^.j.4..j.^..j^..j.4^^.r.<5. .j..%.j.4-j. ���������������������������.-���������-.���������.^^<H*+*J*>*I~H*+*i*-*-*K'  -    -i'  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,,    ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     rUKNtTUR'^ MOVED PROMPTLY   A   ND  SAFELY.  Stables in the real oi lhe Lai' ysnii'th hotel.  Abbots f������rd  "I cave, or'lers  at   the  +-+-+-*-  It  >4*������l*'  ������  ������ ������ t  t  A. J. WA'SKET, PROP  ������+������������������������*������ ������������������-��������������������������������������������� ������-������*��������������������������������� -  Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,  but is best when used in the Sunlight way.  To appreciate the simplicity and ease of  washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight  way you should follow directions.  After rubbing on the soap, roll up each  piece, immerse in the water, and go away.  Sunlight Soap  will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.  Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed  in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.  Equally good with hard or soft water.  Lever Brothers Limited,  Toronto ' 153  I .  "1  am raUier tirod  of covert jack-  ���������ts,     because   we have sold  them  in  his    department   for   three   seasons,  >ut,  after all,   it does soem that    a j  .Cood  many  covert  jackets will again  -.ell   in    the spring."    These remarks  were olTered by one Chicago buyer, a  woman   of   wide    experience.,    There  seems to be a concensus of opinion in  favor   of  tho   covert      jacket even a-  iinong the best city buyers.    The cov  ert   jackets   now   displayed   are  of  SPORT  Miners' Grilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired al shun- uotice.,. Drill  Sharpeiien*  by  nv.  ways gives satisfaction   Pii-U hand', -d and repaired.  SmparnitliiriR-   in'...nl* ��������� .Jij-   Hraneh-a'  tlorscshocrs and *"-������.'���������! ���������'<'���������' Bl?ic>sinitns.  P  Buller -Si.re.-t  LAW ������������������SON;  -    -      -   Midyairiul*. 1-  *      LIVE-J-Y, -.OASiOlNa.'AMi)'  SALES STABLES  I || EXPRESS WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  $PHONE 66 LAOYSttir  X  X  X  ���������  X  m  X  j-M*������*e* ���������*���������*���������*��������� *���������*���������*���������*������������������  LIGHT TEAMING  WoDd and B irk fjt 3 lis  SEE  J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE - ORDEP.S  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE     6-0  W.  SILER.  GEMEKAL tXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY DC-* ���������".  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  Meets   in the I' 0. 0 .F. Hail, La-  Wellington Gro\e No.  4 U.   A. 0. D  dy smith,    the   Second   and     Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, conunenc-  ���������S06T  "mm  'Aupsaupoiv 3-ii  Visiting Druids     are invited to attend.  By Order. nt  WM. RAFTER, Reef Sec'ty.  PATRICK MURK,. N. A.  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  1 ���������*      *  Repaying and Making   o  Order* V". Specialty  THOriAS     iVlCEWAN  There  was  a  large     turn  out      oi  Practising    for   the    Great       Match.  Kugbymeii at  the  point yesterday af  ternoon.t'ho  occasion   being   the      iii-  itial work-out      of  ali  the All.it.    C.  team which leaves   on Thursday next  for   San   Francisco,     where   a   match  will  he  played   with  the  Now   Zeal���������  landers.     The boys are  rapidly ru-un  cling  into        shape   '   and       showed  good    form    in     yesterday's practise  says  tlie   Kews Adveryiser.    Tho personnel!   ot  the  team   lias   not  '      yet  been anfnounccd,        b'uL   iho   committee  hopes   to be  aiblc  to    give     out  the  names   of fifteen  men   tomorroiv.  Schofield,   of Victoria  arrived       yesterday,   and   was   at   the  point        in  the     afternoon.        He  was  ia     good  shape  and  showed    up   well in practise.     Billy Flood was present        in  uniform   and  worked     well  with  the  Uirec-quartcr men.     Hell-Irving     was  tried  aont   at full-back  and  handled  ii  himself  like   a  veteran.      lie will ,    TYiespeecli  of  Mr. Jlawlhornthwuiie  probably  be selected to  fill that pos- is   well   defined   by   the   old         Latin  iUon   o n    the   team       Barnacle,    of phrase     "vix     et       preterera nihil."  Victoria,   one   of   tbe      best   forward ' Sound and   1'ui-y  were  its distinguish-  mon   in   the   Province,      has   accepted ing  I'caturcs.a   great   socialistic, j.lnl-  a  place  on   the   team,   and   will     ar- osophical,  economic,   religious,        j.o-  rive  hero     on Tuesday.  Barclay,    litreal . melange,    deinered   in   a   tone  who played   on  the  local  team a cqu   01'   voice to uppreciaus which it  three     distinct     varieties,    the   very  loose      short  coat,   the twenty-seven  inch  loose  coat  and  the  twenty-two  to   twenty-four   inch   fitted   hip  coat.  Theso styles have been bought by the  best buyers in a wide range of    materials,   but  nearly  all  of them have  procured in the three principal styles.  The Princess Skirt.  The   princess   idea   has already attained   a  remarkable    vogue in    tho  cities.    Many   of  the   most   beautiful  evening gowns  of the present ^season  were cut a la princess,  while   others  that were not really princess gowns  were made with princess skirts, producing an effect very much like    the  real    princess gown.   In many showings  a   good   many  suits   are shown  with princess skirts.    Coats of   these  suits may he hip length, fitted,   Eton  was  pie of years ago but is now re necessary to leuro to the lobby aud  siding in San Francisco will .'Ul devoid or argument pertinent to the  a position cm the forward line. He issue. It was no wonder that the  wired the committee that he has ' patience of the speaker was tried  been training hard land that he is'und thathe endeavored to impose  111   the   best   of  condition. Barclay ' some  c'neck   on   tiie  exuberant       ver-  is a clever player, and, as the sup- .bosity af the member for Nanaimo.  porters of the club, will remember, Mr-.iiawthornthwaite is not with.  was one of'the best men on the out some excellent qualifications for  club two years ago. He is strong public speaking, he has courage, <lue  and is a powerful man in a .scrum. Jncy, force and good voice, but he  The   players   who   art  trying       out   discounts   these     and      lenders   them  practically non-ciTective in a debate  by a too aggressive maimer, a sonio-  what truculent tone, a total lack  of coherence and the tendency to  recite from, socialistic authors on  -every, possible   occasion.      A        little  1st Avenue!  l/adysui'tb, B.  C.  mi'S-it*���������na !__���������������������������_  It corners Hie CriHcs  A fin ah cial saving���������  nothing but ashes  in hhe'pan.  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing'  Done Promptly and  WELL  ��������� :'���������:.-.At ,'-,'  7  THE  LEDGER  Office  ������HCt���������8  1st Avenue  for   places     on   the     All-B.   C.   team  will  tramp   up  Grouse mountain     to  day   and   will      hold   several     indoor  practises during   the next few      days  The   New  Zcalnnders   may   'have       a  great   team,   but   at   the   same    time  the   team   that  will   represent        [tr-i- 'more consideration, less of the "forti  tish   Columbia   will   not  be   weak,   as 'cr   m   re"   .and   more  ofthe   "suaviter  some   people   would   imagine. The   in   mode,"   would   render  Mr,      Ifaw-  forward   line   will   be     the   strongest i thornthwaite   an   -acceptable   speaker,  lhat has  ever been gathered together ^but  judging     from  his   performances  in   this  province,   while      the       back,in   tho house  it  is   doubtful    whether  division   will   be  composed   of       fnsl    he   will  ever become  a   debater,       hc  mf*n   who     know  the  game   from     A .is 'born a  stump speaker.  to   Z   and   who can   be relied        upon '    Mr.  Brown,   who   also   spoke on  to put up a stubborn game against the New Zcalanders. The citizens of Vancouver should feel proud  of their al hides, who Ii.t p ��������� -irorii  themselves to bo thorough sport-  men.  DOINGS IN  LEGISLATURE  (.Colonist.)  The third   week of the   session,   has  passedwithout   the  occurrence  of  any  thing of a        startliug       nat  ure,   although   the   opposition did  their best to derive a little comfort of thevotcs of Mr. Macgowan  and Mr. iloustonwhich placed the  government in the minority on the  motion of Dr. King to report progress oh the "Timber Bill." The  fourth member for Vancouver- has  given his explanation of the occurence, he misunderstood the ��������� issue,  or aft any rate the construction that  mibht 'be,placed on his vote,.' and  having declared that he is a. firm  supporter, of  the government and  having   supported   them     on    .'subsequent-divisions there ; does   not    appear     to   We   any     reason   why  should   be  hailed   with delight  the   opposition   as  a   bolter.  T'he member, for Nelson will prob  ably continue to plough his "lonely  furrow," and to vote according to  his own sweet will, but his record affords little satisfaction to those  sitting- 011 thc Liberal benches, a.nd  it will be a matter of surprise if on  any government measure he does  not  support   the  administration.  Two important, and one. sensational topic have occupied the attention  of the Ilouseduring the week. Tak.-  ing the last first, Mr. Hawthornth-  waite's  "Women's   SulTerage   Bill    pro-  1 duced   two   interesting   debates    .     i?  [thoy can   be  so  called.      when   all the  speaking     was   on   one     side   of   the  question.   There were  only  four speak  ers,   the   proposer,   Mr.   V.   Williams.  Mr.   n.   .1.   lli-own   nnd  "Mr.   A.   Hall.  this   interesting   topic,    is   one of  the busy members of the house. Always in hisplace speaking on every  measure and getting in a word for  the Koo-tonay wherecver he can. He  is not a strong debater, being oi-  t.''n stuck'for_ a word 'and hc know rf  what iie wants to say and his .-^po-  eches rend better than they sound.  One ofthe best speakers and most  popular man on the opposition benches is Mr. C. Munio, the member  fo/ Cnillfwack. 1-1 id 'matter i.s .interesting and well ���������arranged, his  ideas good, and his thought clea1.  He is not verbose, he has a natural easy delivery, and his cbur.  teous, and often kindly demeanor  makes li-im a general favorite. He  has  his   say    on   most   impoi  or pony. It is understood that the  princess skirt has not gained great  popularity throughout the country,  but as a city fash-ion it did well  through the fall, and will again be a  factor in the collection of lines lor  spring selling. , s  Separate Coats.  It is safe to predict, judging from  the active garment business ol the  fall season,, that the sale of suits  and also separate coats in -the spring  will both be important. In some seasons when the suit has sold well,  something of a falling off in the demand for separate jackets has been  noted. Frequently women wear" their  suit jackets with waist and skirt  costumes. This sort of an incongruous combination seems inadvisable in  the extreme. If a woman buys a  natty tailor-made suit, the jacket or  coat belonging to it should be worn  as- a complete costume, and not with  other skirts. Many separate skirts  will be worn, and it will also he one  of the best waist seasons in recent  years. For this reason a good line  of separate short coats of some kind  will be necessary. Some of the merchants are already buying coverts a,-  most exclusively, while others are  taking tweeds, Scotch mixtures,  light-weight kerseys and broadcloth.  Dry Goods Notes.  It is said that wide belts are popular owing largely to the trend toward Empire gowns.  Fitted bags are always popular and  each season the fittings are more and  more elaborate. '  Novelties in belt buckles are very  numerous. All sorts of metals and  designs are used.  There are a great variety of fancy-  jeweled hat pins on the market and  they 'are taking well. They sell  from  25 cents up.  Many  new  designs   in  fancy combs  are     offered     the   trade  this   season.  ant   su ' Jeweled    combs    are  popular, rhine-  EARN CASE  1 *  In Your Leisure Time  If yi' could start at once in <a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earnings���������with-j  OUT    INVESTING    A   DOLLAR���������wouldn't  you do it?  Well, we are willing to start you ia  a profitable business and we don't aak  you to put up any kind of a*dollar.  Our proposition is this: We will  ship you the Chatham Incubator and  Brooder, freight prepaid, and  You Pay  No Cash Until  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising pays.  People who tell you that there is do  money in raising chicks may have tried  to make money in the business by using  setting hens as hatchers, and they  might as well have tried to locate ~a  gold mine in the cabbage patch. The  business of a hen is���������to lay eggs. As  a hatcher and brooder she is , outclassed. That's the, business of the  Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and  they do it perfectly and successfully.  The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any other  business for the amount of time and  money  invested.  Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women ' all over Canada and the  United States���������have proved to their  satisfaction that it is profitable to raise  chicks with the i  he  by  A  Jamaican Lady   Speaks  Highly of  Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy.  Mrs." Michael Hart, wife  of the superintendent of Cart Service at Kingston,   Jamaica, West Indies Islands,  snj-s   that  she has   for some years used  Chamberlain's   Cough  Remedy  for  coughs,     croup and  *. '..ooping cough  and  has found it very beneficial.    She  has      implicit     confidence  in it   and  would not   be without  a bottle   of it  in      her home.   Sold by  Ladysmitli  Pharmacy.   London* Toronto, .Hon_cai������-Wi_hipeg,..Yiac.oiiy  Ladysmith Temple No.  5  Rathb'one  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd   and  4th  Tuesday  at   7.30   p.m.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.         Rubbers, rubhers, rubers, at Simon  ^eiser & Co's., Ltd.  8milight Soap is better than other soaps,  but is best when used in the Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Soap and follow directions.  STOCK IS COMPLETE  III GENTS' FURNISHINGS  Mens' Clothing, Boys' and Youths'  Mens' White Dross Shirts, Berlin, Sa>  erus Negligee Shirts in ''Fancy Patterns, Linen and Celluloid^ Collars,  Suffs, Neckties, aud Suspenders iii  large varieties. In Youths' Boys' and  Mens', silk s.nd Japanese Initial  Handkerchiefs, also in Ladies' fane*  silk and liinen. Boots and Shoes ii  all Sizes.  Don't lorget the place, on High St  Next to Hardware Store.  John J. THOMAS.  b.jects   and   was   to   the   fore this  week on the Ucwdnoy Discorporai-  ion Hill and the Provincial Elections Act. Another frequent, speaker is "Mr. Patterson, who so well  represents   tho   Liberal   section on  the Islands. ITe is a business mon  first, last and all the time. lie us.  es   no   fluid   language,   wastes 110  words, yalks only."about what he  understands, and is always effective  because of this-quality. He is also  a very determined fighter and when  'he  gets   his  back   to   the  wall    is     a  /'���������   ���������-' ������������������      ���������������������������������-.-If*. l->w  men add more woi>*it to the opposition, or contribute more solid  sense to .the debaters- in the House  Then there is the member for Delta���������but -horefjift-ires a chapter to himself, and that will hake to beano  thcr  story.  FASHION  FOR THE YEAR  If the season is to be judged by  the goods seen so far it is certain  that variety will be as strong a factor as it was last spring. Some well  informed buyers who have a chajice  to sec every foreign and domestic  styles that appear are nob generally  foolishly enthusiastic nbo.ut any of  the noveltios that appear. "While all  of them believe that a good 11 anv  separate pony coats will bc ">ru  with suits, they have too much experience to believe that every woman  who comes .into their de,partmer������ts  will insist on having a pon;r coat or  a pony coat suit.  The Covert 'Jacket.  stone and pearl being favorite stones.  A    big    season    is    anticipated    in   _���������__���������___^���������_^  white linen suits  and costumes.   The   the following'  fancy    "FJo'ero  or Eton is a favorite j      ,.A   prominent  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BROODER. X  "Yours is the first incubator I have ' -'-  used, and I wish to state I had.S3 ,  chicks out of 52 csga.   This was my ;  first lot; truly a 1UQ per cent, hatch. .  I am well pleased with my incubator  '  and brooder.   Thos. McNauohtok,  ChUIiwack, B.C." ,  "My first hatch came off.  I got",  170 fine chicks from 190 eggs. , Who  can beat that for the first trial, and -  .;  bo early in the spring.    I am well- ��������� *  pleased with  incubator,   and if I  could not fret'another money could  not buy it from me.   Every farmer?  should have a No. 3 Chatham Incu-  ' bator.���������F. "W. "Ramsay, Dunnville,   .>, -  Ont." - ,   '  "The incubator you furnished m*  works exceedingly well.   It is easily '.  operated, and only neods about 10  1 minutes attention every day.   R.   '  McGuFt'iB, Moose Jaw, lias."  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is honestly, constructed.    There is no  humbug-about it. Every inch of material  is thoroughly  tested, the machine, ia  built on right principles, the insulation  is perfect,   thermometer reliable,, and  the workmanship the best.   , . ,  The Chatham Incubator, and Brooder  is simple as well as scientific in construction���������a woman or girl can operate  the machine in their leisure moments. ,-  You pay us no cash until after' 1906  harvest. ' > ' ''��������� \  Send us your name and address on  a post card to-day.  We can supply you quickly from ear  distributing'warehousos at Calgary, Brandon, Regina, Winnipeg, New Westminster,  B.C.. Montreal, Halifax, Chatham. Addraas  all correspondence to Chatham. 314  n* Manson Campbell Co., Limited  DepUS ACHATHAM. CANADA  Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.  Let us quote you prices  on a good Fanning Mill  or good Farm Scale.  attorney of Kansas  cut on manv of the advance models.! '. : *  oul on xim .v ,.   ,   . ,! City     who was retained  as counsel  Colored ������3ck   ruchmg is-being used;        \ ������������������'������������������-.., .   .  j.  ^    1 .!,;��������� -,,������������������,. ;��������� nin������     of  'or the defence of a criminal case in  a great  deal this year in place     01 - ... 1  the regular white niching.   7 1  the city named,  succeeded in gettind  ���������A popular belt is of colored leather | his client out of a pretty bad situaJ  a good quality, dared at the bottom   t{011 by.means of an alibi, which thei  and curved  to fit the waist line   and   ,atterney preS6nted to tile court in SO  settle down low in order to  lengthen -  ���������-    _   _ : ���������  ���������. , novel a way that it was little short  the waist. . ��������� ' . ;  The wash stock remains a popular' oi masterful,  seller and will doubtless be in vogue "At the end of the trial the    at-  for a long period.   It is a most prac- torney was  overwhelmed by congra-  tical collar, besides being neat   and tulatrons  from his colleagues of   the  Pl0tty"          '  ' legal fraternity,  -who spoke in     t_4  AN ALIBI highest  terms of  admiration of   his  Among the many good stories of lawyer, 'I myself think it was rath-  humorous happenings in court told er neat. Of those that were offerej  by Attorney Watson, yf PittsfbMrg, is me it was far the best."  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER. WORKS  Consumers arc requested.to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th   and the 25th of each month.  Office Hours 1 P. M. 4.39  T.y BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  Dear Mother  Your little ones are a constant -care in  Fall and Winter weather. Thejv will  catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh's  Consumption Cure, the .Lung Tonic, ana  what it has done for so many ? It is said  to be the only reliable remedy for all  diseases of the air passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to  take. It is guaranteed tocureoryour money  is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 314  vSHILOH  This remedy should be in every household.  1  Public  Notice  Attention is called to the  "act that the  Ogilvie   Flour fliils Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing floHr in a rastly  improved and pirifled  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising  the  public  that any  orized users of the electrical   dour purifying processes will he prosecuted. : I  Ogilvie Flour Mills Compa uy X> xa d  are tha    only    millers ia Ca__ia -ar_taaa*    Flour  I '[���������. J I    ) T   .  t   ) si J 3trl3  P7J3 333  *_{_-___? n  -.#*.&:  ������������������,..  THE    DAILY   LEDGER  ass  ���������'^-'.^y^���������^^'  LOCAL ITEMS  J iss B.    Dafc*cc������a  will sir. iWMS  Vecal Crfl-ure.    P_r_stag, Manje  ._e;t    'aafl   ceakr.l ������f    kreath,   teae  ���������arciuetfon,    *4sciM4iy t*u^t.      F#r  Ml | iculars    ������������% B������t 1������, or Pheae  14(,  Nanaime.  Smoke Little 1.  Cigais.  Mr. R. Williamson was a passen-  gei   to Victoria this morning.  City Clerk John Stewart is now  co nforta-Wy located in his spacious  ne_^ office on RonerIs .Street.  Dlrs. J: W. Cobjirn and son, of Nanaiino, were visiting ih the city  this morniiie:.  *2_a_i___B___aei  ASK  YOUR  GROCER FOR  -iH. Russell Simpson, who went up  to Nanaimo yesterday, returned on  the inclining train.  A letter signed Committee, appear  hi- elsewhere in this issue, contains  niuh ���������-ood sense and the advice ilut  th ��������� public aid the Sport ground f-md  b> patronizing the entertainment op  Friday, should be taken hy at1..  &h. and Mrs. TV JoIJy entertained  a r.'imbcr of friends last evei-jr- -tiio  pauy "being in celebration of Mr.  Ac iy'.s' birthday. (Many friends .were  pr. s.^rit and tlie party was a very  pif.sant one.  CUPONS  WHEN YOU PURCHASE  WHITE SWAN   SOAP  YQU may win a singer SEWING machine i  S.    S. "Maud and scow were Jin for  coal for the Mainland this morning.  Mr.   Regan,     chief  timber  inspector for'the   E. & N. Company, is   n  lhe citv today.   In company with Mr  Geo. ��������� ("assidy  he is maMiis' uxainina- ' ^ q[ ^ ^^  ' s.-S. Trader was   in   ror coal th.s   ���������ch)j(v o> ^ ci1y  luoniing.  ami lands iu the  Miniature Book of B. C  Ki ight's Book Store.  Views at  'I here ,was no School Board  in;*, "last*, nighi.as expected,  mc-ling,  SeiLirday,  eet-  'lhc  The only woman in the world who  travels as press agent for a circus, it  is said,  is Lillian Calvert Van Osten,  who   left    the   stage to exploit the  *erii's rf a Wild West show.   Though  called '-.Miss*' and looking little more  than a girl, she is a Mrs., and her  husband, who is advertising manager  of the show, travels with her. Miss  Van Oalcu'l business is to call upon  the newspapers to induce them to  . . print good notices  concerning      the  which   i.s    postpone until 'show, and she has secured concessions  lug-ht, is    called for the'that men could not.   Miss Van Osten  ���������   pu pose of    considering an invitation  finds her  life  many-sided  and       far  itw   lie hoard.   .l0 send a reprcscnta- from prosaic,  and declares' that she  XX   X  ULX C01nV������-ntj������" of     BriUsh! gets a world of happiness in the    ex-  Ccumbia School Boards,   to be  held Iperiences .of her hohemian life livin- I  m ml,        v    ������',   ?������������ ���������> 23!"   ������f UW '*��������� ** ^,ertistuig car.-The Pilgrim"  m< nth.       No    doubt thc members of  tho board will, he \unnniinous in vot-  in., that a delegate Le sent to this  contention At the meeting of the  school trustees of the province many'subjects of importance -will be  discussed. Last   year  the conven-  titn was held in Vancouver and Mr.  He. ly ��������� Carroll was delegate for the  La h smith Board.  r-litor Lodger.��������� , Something that  ha, Lecn badly needed  in  Ladysmith  Tis a sports ground. Anyone taking-  a Mioll down 1st Avenue, past the  Foi Hand Hotel, will ha\c visible evidence that irr a short time we will  ha' e a ground prepared.  Il'it it .takes lots or* money to  .en-c the ground and do other neccs-  saiv work. The Committee were  ag. ivably surprised to receive an offer from the Lyric -Club to put on a  "dn-.malic performance, in tlid of tho  gro'inds.       This     is the first public  ' pei formance / to be given for this ob-  jec'/and eyery performer gives his  or her. services free, and every per-  > son present caii feel that the money  is not going o-ut of town, but is being spent; to .make a -ground, that  La lysmith may ��������� feel proud of.  Let every citizen show by their  pre ,lnee that in this matter we are  a i nit. Any person purchasing a  tie'et now ,niay. reserve a seat at  Foi ci miner's,  store. Buy a ticket  now, by.   so *������oing you will ensure a  full house on  Friday evening and  also gi\e sorne' ancouratrenient to the  ;"'";: '������������������    COMMITTE'."*.  THE  GRIP.  c  "...ore we can sympathize with  ol lifts, we must have suffered ourselves.'' No one can realize the sufl-  oiinn attendant upon an attac'v of  uripr-. unless he lias had the actual  t'xperiencc. There is probably ne disease     thati causes so much physical  rrl  mental agony, er which so   suc-  ���������nssfuily  defies  medical  aid.    All dan-  '���������r from the grip, however, may be  ���������'���������iii'pd by thep'ompt use of Cham-  ���������ii"'Iain's Cougb fteruedy. Among the  'ens of thousands who have used this  -i-mcdr,   not  one cast  has ever  been  cnorted    that has resulted  in  pneu-  monia or that has not recovered. For  sale hy  the Ladysmitli Pharmacy.  1WIMY  PIECES  NEW  EMBROIDERY  AND  INSERTION  X  3K  X  X. X  X  3K  X-Xr  These we are Selling ai *  Ik lard  Regular Values up to  a  ::&BSfflSG8EI2iM������-'x..!:?MJ7������E������~,':  V-*-  -Cfifistie's Zephyr kk  ���������35c. Tin ���������  ���������"������������������l-*'i"l'"S"i-'i*^-i-i"l"i������i"l"l������i"l">-l"t'  PROGRAMME  "THE TWO BONNYCASLES"  A SEBIT MUSICAL  FARCE IN TWO  ACTS.  CHARACTERS  Mr   f-       .mis, a lawyer   Mr.     George Rideout  Jidiu James     Johnsr.n, in loA'c  witli.Snuig'gin's neice Mr. Hy Glastonbury  Btn.'amin    BonnycasMe, nias^lk'erading   as Smuggin's clerk ,..j[     Mr. Jack Ranelagh  Miss Helen Wyndeatt,. Sniuggin's neice,  ...,. Miss-Polly Ashford  Patty, a maid  servant ..." Miss     Juliette Browne  Mrs. Bonnycastle,  ��������� Miss     A'dele Briere  ACT 1.   Room  in Smu-^in's House. >  'ACT II.   Same.     Time, present. ���������  Produced under the direction of Mr. Claude    Win in nylon and Mr. Frank  A. S..  Vincent.  BETWEEN   ACTS.  Piano  Solo,    Mr.   Frank G.   Ashlon,of  Guildhall School and  Trinity Col  lege of Music,. London.   Recitation  ,    Mr. .Hugh Thornley,  ADMISSION 50   CENTS,    GENTS,  25 CENTS.: EXTRA. '   -.'.* ."'-"'  ���������.���������Concert commences 8 o'clock sharp.  w  *a-  lie w  w  *^   _*  w'"'_r  SA.      ^K      pf\      /1\      7K    ~^      /^.      ^r4      7K  See Window  -**-*( X X X X X x *���������  They Cannot last long  at Present Price  ���������1������������������������������������&������______________________������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_���������������������������������������������������������������B  Walters &  Akenhead  Smoke Big B. Cigars.  Latest magazines at Knight's.  .Mss Bertram^ desires to call the  attention of the pmblic to the .fact  that she has been a faithful and may  with fairness claim to be a competent, instructor in ���������music: or other  brandies for children, She has been  for some years a resident- of Ladysmitli, through bad as well as ijfct.tci-  li'iics, and respectfully'.rc���������faests th.c  cnhtinuaiice of a- lair patronaige for  her school an<i music class. -  Remember the     place  to get .-writing material is  KnighCs Book'Slore  ��������� o   New    Pictorial     Post  Knight's,. Book Store.  _ ;������������������q.    _���������.  Caids at  Sniol������ Big  IJ. Cigars.  The regular meet ng of the local  Aerio oL Eagles will take iplace in  the * loidoo   room   at    the usrinl hour  this evening.  (���������. ���������  Mis. H. Forclrnincr leaves on the  evening train for Nanaimo. From tiro  Coal City she will cross to the Main  land and at once' proceed lo Montreal, where, she expects to spend  neaily tlnec. months holiday. Mr.  Forcinimcr will accompany his wife  as far ^ as. Vancouver/'i      i  The sixth marquis of Downshire  uovels in this imposing string ot  names: Arthur Wills John Wellington, Blundell, Trumbcll, Rodcn, Hill.  Before he was thiee years old he suc-  coeded to seven titles and 127,000  acres of estates in County Downs- and  Berkshire.   ���������o ���������  FOR SALE or RENT  The Well Known Hotel Ladysmith,-  -thoro-ughly -furnishca, also bar and  fixtures for sale or rent. For further particulars apply to Annie Stevens, at the Stevens' Block, Ladysmith, B.  C.  ^S--*i\iWfi ���������flB-f 111  k   '  I  MUSIC  Pianoforte and    Vocal  Music   thoroughly taught  i>y  Fran!; G. Ashlon of'_  tho Guildhall School anil Trinity Col-j  omitli's  Sodas  Bj  ut  ������������������25c. Tin���������  i'*������4'HW-l-H-*'l-'H-HM-i-  Ramsay's Empire Sodas  ���������25c. Tin���������  .;  :..:..5.^..{..j..������.^,.j..].....j..l..j..j..!..j,.j..i.,j.+  fambrite, Oalmeal,  lege of. Music, London, England.  Pui:il of the late Thomas Wangjliarn,  Mils.   Doc, Organist,    Brampton,  Oratory   London.  Mr. Ashlon i.s now ro.-iidcat in Ladysmitli and "'ivpaiTd 'Id talc ].ui-  pils . Ilarnoiy and Tin ory a Spt:  cialty. Terms, etc., on application.  P.  0.  BOX   2!I2. <  WATCHES  We arel now showing a Large Stock of  Handsoma Watches, Ladies and Gents  RINGS  and Other Jewelry of First Class Qualify  .B.-FOPC������IWnER.  l| WA'iCHMAKEl!.   J������:>VBLHR,  OPTICIAN  I    First Avenue,    X   XX      Lady-smilli,   B. C  ���������.������     ____  -*_5_aa_i,_____!_-____i____*������_____S   o-  COCGH REMLIDY  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  1  Graham Wafer8  -35c. Tin���������  r ��������� : ���������5--Bf���������?���������-*.--4---J���������I- ���������--5-1-r-r-1-:-!--! ���������!-���������'  A Complete and Fresh Line ot  -Christie's Biscuits  Always on Hand  Mr. E. G. Case, a mai! carries of!  Canton Centre, Conn . who has been  in the L-.S. service for about sis teen  years, says: "We have tried many  cough medic-lues for croup, but Chamberlain's Cough Pibniedy is kin^ of  all and one te be relied on every (hue.  We also find it tli-2 best remedy for  coughs and colds giving certain re-  suits aud leaving no bad after effects." For SA'e by The Ladysanith  Pharmacy.  I Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders Promptly   Executed  S. ROEDDNG  ^   **   **  --   LADYSMITH  or     C������ld  and  II������w    "ta  Avoid Th������m. -  More fatalities ha'.e their ������rigid in  or result from  a cold  than   from  any  other  cause.    This  fa'-t alone should  make  people  more careful   as     there  is no   danger   whatever  from ,a c������id  when it is properly treated in the beginning.-  For many years  Chamufcr-  lain'g  Cougb Remedy has been   rep- .  ogaized  as the most  prompt and   effectual  medicine  in use  for   this disease.   It acts 6a   nature's plan, loosens the cough,'relieves the lungs, opens the secrctioas and aids nature in.  restoring    the system     to a healthy ,  condition.     Sold by  the Ladysmith  Pharmacy. - ~~  NtTIOe  Mortgage' Sale  Under and by virtue of the power?  con (.lined in a certain Mortgage  whic'i will ho produced at the time  of the sale there will be offered for  sale hi bbblir auction on Faturhay  Fc! . ."nl., ) JOOfi, at the hour of 10  o'ch.i'.k in the 'forenoon, at thc Law  Office of M. R. Simpson, in thc city  of Ladysmith, B. ,C, by G. R.  Thomas., the following property: Lot  line (3) kloclc ninety-seven, (97)  and buildings thereon, 6 tuated oii  Baden Powell street, in the City' of  Ladysmith.  Terms of paymeat cam be arranged  .ill- the Mortgagor or his Solicitor.  For  further  particulars  and condi-  ions of sale apply to  RUSSELL STMPSON" ,  Solicitor for the Mortgagee.  Hated at Ladysmith this 29th day  \\ January, A.  D., 1U06.  Pi ior to Opening Oat our Spring Stock  > i **��������� ' **'  pf Goods, wc will Dispose of Many Articles  ia Our store at Bargain Prices  Ladles' Neckwear  Belts  Silk Ties  Hand Bag*  Wool GlOTCi  M  M  It  *t  AT;  REDUCED  PRISES  COfHE and INSPECT THESE  GOODS  SIMON���������:��������� LEBER���������&CO Ltd.  GATAOAl.. 8T  "LADYSMITH  ^YNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lauds  may  be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.   Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per ton of 58,000  pounds    shall      h^ collected on  the  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance ol  $7.50 per annum for aa individual,  und from $50 to. $160 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A"    free miner, having discovered  mineral  in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,500  feet.    The fee f������r  recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must bt expended op  the claim each year or paid to the  mining rceorder in lieu thereof. When  *ff>00 has been expended or paid, the  locator may, upon having a surrey  made, and upon complying with oth  er requirements, purchase the laid at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment oX a royalty ef  2J per cent on  the salee.  PLACER: mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yea;ly.'  A.free miner may obtain two laas  es to dredge for gold ������f five miles  each for a terni of twenty years, renewable at the descretion .of the Minister of the Intsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge it  operation within one setson from the  date of the lease for each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2\ per cent collected on the out-.  put after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of  the In  trior.  Smoke Big  B. Cigars.'    -   o������������������������������������  JU,  After this date the price, for' bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be FIVE CENTS per loaf- 20  loaves for a dollar. My read is  guaranteed the best made. Shops  run by white help should receive  white peoples' patronage so long as  they are properly conducted, i solicit a trial as your Baker.  C. R. UOCiLS,  THE WELLINGTON BAKERY  :SI___S__5_5  Notiee  ;| _ ;   A. HOWE,������ofCHEMAINUS,has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  A FIJLL;_IN_ OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  i d ��������������� in-Pfc a 5p(calty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  PLone  20  NOTICE  ���������o���������  Notice is hereby given that I, Agnes Kni&tit, will apply at the next  regular sitting pf the licensing board  for the tra_>fcr of the retail lijqhor  license held by nie for the premises  lately -known as the Island Home Ho  tel, located on lot 3, block 26, in  the city of Ladysmith, B. C, to  George Hannay, the above hotel to  be known as The Hotel Cecil.  Signed,  AGNES KNIGHT.  r.R.B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reason  able rates.  RBSIDENCIC AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPKN  AT  ALL  HOfinfl.  rauMKWM *%x<avunmo**^a*Mmm*^-^ma^*tmoKK**um4mj^moi^Mauuuu^ommmm*.  HAY, GRAIN and  FARfVf PROnUbl  Ordsrs  will   bc  delivered  anywhe.-  In the city promptly and at the lo  est possible prices. ; "  Leave orders at Christie's,  o������  Us-  EsplanatJi. -  Jsmes WarnocK  W/G. Fraser  i  Merchant Tailor,  v -       / > (lot Avenue)'  Fall Stock  on  hand. Call early and  get your choice  Stoves  Stoves  We are-making them oi.the,Newest _,Pattern and Lates<  Styles. /  WE DO ALL KINDS OF.FOU NDRY WORE  - #ur Prices'are Reasona* hie \  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  - -     *_   <      t. (  J-and at Lsdysmith Hardware Ccmpany  LADYSHITH   IRON & STOVES WORKS CO���������LTD.  BO   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  TnADE Marks  Designs      ���������  Cofv-iohts Ac  Anyone sending a nketrh and description ma������  nulckly oacortnin our oinniba free whether an  inrentlnn Is probably pnterttable. Communion-  lions ntrlctlyconfldentliil. Handbook on Pateuta  ,ent free. Oldest asency foraecuiiDHpatenU.   .  Palonta taken tnrouKh-Blann* Co. recolrt  tpeei/ii notice, without cbarge. in the  Scientific American.  1 handsomely Illustrated weekly. *.sr������o-t clr.  sulatlon of any aelentlfle Journal. Terms, 93 a  >onr: four months, ������L Sold byr .1 newsdealers  WMriCo.8������'*"������*������-Hew Yorir  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  MR. and MRS. T. J. THOMAS, late  of   Mount Sicker Hotel, and ol thr  Palace He tel,  NaaaiMO, hare   "-.>.������:.'  chased the    r ���������'./.-,'  vs���������-COMMERCIAL HeTEL-���������  oii Douglas Street, Victeria, epposilithe city hall, and invite, their    old  PATRONS ANB FRIENDS TO VIS  IT THEM WHEN IN VIG-  torja. -.���������;;-  MTEMTS  ��������� .DVICE AS TO PATENTABiLITY  ��������� Notice in " Inventive Age "  ���������: Book "How to obtain patents"  DESIGNS        i  TRADE-MARKS   1  AND COPYRIGHTS j.  OBTAINED       }  FREE  Charge! moAJrate. ,TKo fee till patent is secured.  *       Letters strictly.conndebtial.   Address,   ���������  ..  v E. 6.'SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D.C..  . fc * *i * * * ^  ''*.4tA^m  Diaries  lor IMC at Knight's B������ek  Store. ;.'':-.  M. R. SIMPSOK  'Solicitor, Etc.  iopey  to   Loan  t.A-/enue -       IADYSWV  NOTICE  TENDERS.  Tenders will be received -by'the undersigned up to Feb. lOth, next at  6 o:cIock p. m., for supplying and  delivering at the Shingle Mill, Ladysmith.    ��������� .  '; ' ���������  <l0.ixles 46 ft. leng- at least 14 in.  at top end. '  These piles must be straight and  cut from green standing timber and  delivered not later than 30 days after acceptance of tender.  ?,owtst or any tender pet necessarily accepted.  The LADYSMITH LUMBER CO^  Notice is .lureby given that I will  apply at the next silting of the Municipal Licensing Board for the brews  fer of the retail     liquor license held  by me for. the Portland Hotel, sitaia  ted on Lot 10, . Block 4, First Avenue, to David Hynes.  JOHN  GOGO  Russell Simpson, Solicitor.  "CAPITAL   CAN   BE EASILY IN-  1  c&m  '1&������Vl-\  EXCELLENT  Train Service  ���������CTWCtN  0HICAB0, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUE1EC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  .. And tk* r.rlaclpal Biitaaas Ceaters ef  Ontario, Queboc, and the  Maritim* Provinces.  ALSO Tl IBFFALI, MEW YIM AND  PHILABELPHIA, VIA IIAIARA FALLS.  Fer Tlaas.Xaklss, ate., adarsis  oio. W. VAUX,  Asilslaat Ssst'I Passsater sai Ticket A������������Bt,  laa a������������m������ ������t., eHieAeo, ill.  TERESTED if your business is  sound and legitimate; wc will re-organize you on a money .earning basis;  new enterprises successfully promoted; incorporated;- guaranteeing; underwriting; public wor"s financed;  corporate   securities Vnarreted;  write  us.  CORPORATION SERVICE  COMPANY, of 'America, Penns. 1 a-  nia  bid.,  Philadelphia,  Pa.-  NOTICE  From     this date  the  undersigaed  will  not  be  responsible  for  any iu-  debtcdness     incurred except on      a  written order signed by the secretary-  Rowland Machin.  V.  I. EXPLORATION & DEV1L-  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1908.       (  ^_  &


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