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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 21, 1906

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 ������v "������-��� ���"���>
7  .
-'-���     KB 22 tnn<
Tokro   -Feb    2<J.-The    impressive j    Yesterday  afternoon  the  civic  au-
iokiu,    itru. ithoritics    received    notification  Irom
ceremony oi the investitue of the ^ I>rovillcial Sectary's office ol
Emperor oi Japan with the British {he aj)pointment of Municipal Li:
Order of the garter  took place totfay  cense and Police   Commissioners. Ma-
Report  That Grand Trunk;Mr. S. F. Mc Intosh Elect-
thc  presence oi  about ci6iay  high yor Nicholson, of courrc is chairman
.    ,   ,.        ,, ., ��� , .. of the board,    Colin Campbell reprj-
iSonn"'f-S,    including    Crown l'micc      ��� ��� ,,���.
u    =   ���      , ^ suits the hoard of aldermen, and-Win.
Yohihito,  the    imperial princes,  Pre-  NichoIas .fills.the third   seat   ou   the
mier Saionji, Foreign   Minister Calo, hoard.
ihe household    ministers,  Kiidd  Mai-J '  ��       '
.   ,    ���. , ,   _ ^ I    WILL NOMINATE'CANDIDATE,
dials   laniagata and Oyama, the cn- ,- _^__.
lire membership of the paity headed J   Victoria, Feb. 21.���At a meeting of
hy Prince   Arthur of Oonmuight, ami the Conservative party tonight      it '
the  British   ambassador,  Sir   Claude  was  unanimously decided  to  place a
M. Mu.donald,    and     the members of  candidate in the Held in ^position toi
the    embassy.       Only   those persons   Hon.      Mr.   Templeman. The   feeling
who were specially  invited were per-   here    with    respect      to  the. Grand
, mitiecl to be present. j Trunk Pacific is one of resentment.
���' "m>_	
Intended Withdrawing
From B.C.
It is Contradicted by  Vice
President    Morse and
Sir Wilfred Laurie r
ed to Represent Middle
Ward Retires
An   hour   after    thei   ceremony the
Emperor   visited      Prince   Arthur  of
Coniiaught and expressed  to him  liisj        ��� ,        ��� i
appreciation of .Great Britain's fricni' * r���e British ship 'Crompton,  which
s-hip.      A banquet     was given at the ���     . n '        '
. .    .��� , A    ���     . . ,   ..        nrrhorl at Port Townsend yesterday
palace     tonight at iwhich      further
court details    were given by  thc ex
elusive ai tilts'of the court.
His Posi'ion on the Boa d
to be Filled by Appointment in 3 Months
John  Cigalos of Valencia
Wreck Fame
Becomes i
An Attraction at Ten Cent
Theatre at American
;<'':':'V^>CityV V::>..
Mon 1 real, Feb. 20.���Regarding the, *,fr. S. F. "Mcintosh, elected alder-
Vancouver World's story that the 'man for the Middle Ward 'by acclama-
Granti Trunk     Pacific w 11 not  build , "on at   the  last luuuicip.d elections,
from   Edmoiiton   to thc   Pacific   eoast
for some time lo come, vice-president
! from Santa Rosalia,  reports a very
rough Vrssage'on the trip from Ham-'
,���, ,    .   ��� . ... {,l>urg to tlv Mexican ��� port,  also   the
Ihe arrival ot Prince Arthur of |o8s of Uvomtfi on Uw Vovage. Con-
Connaught is the occasion of also- Mnuous gftles HW exiiericnced' from
lutely unprecedented .evidences of re- ^ wosUvflrd feom the Riser Platte
joicings.       Contrary     to all custom,   to sg    ,, s S|>uth-  .��� ihe  pacific
the   Emperor himself received  Prince   ind whj,��� in the vicillity of the Horn
Arthur at  the station.      The     prat-   Hlc experience  was'fearlk'.   the force
form   was crowded  with court digni-  of the wind Soinet,jmes amounting  to
tancs   and     officers in   full uniform.   t hurricane.  At 1 a.m.  oh  Aue>.' 20th
Tho    decorations     there consisted of j apprentice    Colliver was lost oyer-
Union  Jacls and Rising Suns.     flhe boanj, falling out" of the miz'/en port
oily was    decorated   with flags, Ian-   tigging,  where he miist have     lost
terns,  flowers,  and triumphal arches,   bis hold,  as the rigfeing at the time
After  the  arrival  of   the     imperial' I was covered &ith, ice.   On October 1
train Prince Arthur and  the  Emper-   able Seaman S. Davies died     from
or exchanged cordial greetings. Prince   consumption and   dysentery.  Arrived
Arthur   was   driven   in a court car-   at Santa Barbara November 23,  162
days from Hamburg.
has retired, from  the council,  lie did
not  take the oath  of ollice.  Directly
after    his      election   urgent   business
and General,   Manager     Mors--?! today   Koi-t   Mr.  Mcintosh  oui   of town and
said   that   work west, of     Edmonton 11"1 ,ias recently resigned  his  position
is Icing prosecuted with ��s much viK- I wilh     lhe ^'vsniilh Lumber Coni-
��� panv,   which  he has  held  for several
or as is possible,      and a,t this  time   yean. c.unins f()(. himSu,f [M trusL ()f
nt'xt year the Grand Trunk Pacific jnjs employers. However, being oner-
will have tho railway completed from L,j ��l Position with the South Welling
the east., extending through to Hu ton Com.pany in which he has some
Pacific coast, well within time called interest, "Mr. Mcintosh has placed his
for in contract entered  into'with the-'resignation in the hands of his pics-
Pbrtlaml, Feb. 2i.��� John   Cigalos,
hero!   A  pretty figure of a  hero    he
cuts as ho     hows "and ���smirks      and
speaks his  little' piece  over  the footlights- of a ten-cent  theatre  in Portland.   '���
"Cigalos does this?" you ask.
'I'h ou sands      went io see him last
week���they  cheered  him  a little,   hut
mostly tiiey luuglied, dor it's a sorry
.show he makes.    The  flights  and fancies of comic oprra or biirlest,fe sure-
To Nominate  Candidate to Oppose
Templeman Said (to Have Disapproval of Victorian Conservatives
Cumberland's   Delegate    at.  School
Board's, Convention Speaks Against
School Act
��� ictod'ia, B.C., Fell. 21��� (Special) self on record as protesting against
���At this, morning's session of the �� most unjust act. '
School Trustees' -Association J. J. victoria, Feb. 21.���(Special)��� In
Pougan, 'representing Cumbirla'nd, its isf;iie this evening the .Victoria'
spoi.e vigorously against thc now Times will contain an article stating
school act, pointing out thc hardship lhat the decision of-the Conservative
it inflicted on thc people of Cumber- Association at its meeting last even-
land. Under the new act Mr. Dou- ing to nominate a man to oppose Hon
gan  said  it was  necessary ,foe     the Mr.   Templemun  at   the  forthcoming
cnl employers a-riil will vacate his
position in about two weeks. As he
will give up residence in Ladysmith
Mr.   i\Ieiui'to��h  has "been  obliged      to
Dominion   government,   which   requires that it- be in operation in 11)11.
Toronto,  Fen. 20.���Sir Wilfrid Lau-
i-ier,- who is     in thc city, denied the
Vancouver     World's     story that the: retire,    from   the bo��ird  of  ahlc-rmen.
Grand Trunk  Pacific would not build   -1*s PosR-imi  on thc  local  hoard will
-.vest'or Edmonton for some years to ' ren,a"1 vacant lor three months, this
���orne.        No cauls or letter has ifaecn   ''eillS reil��ired by   law,   and at,   the
iecei*.cd    bv   this government.     The  end of that til''C  U,e C0UI1Cil Ca"'  lf
statement  was entirely without foun- ��'t is thought  n^essary, appoint     ar
riago to Ka��tumigat*ki  pala<*. ��� accompanied   by    Crown Prince Arisugawa
and escorted hy thc I mperial  l.anc- thousands of persons, who gave     the
��rs, military bands playing the Brit- Prince an enthusiastic welcome,
ish nntilieni.     Thj arrival of the train The day  was observed . as a general
was     the   signal   for the firing of a holiday,- and the. .visit of thc British
royal salt/e.        Hibya park and tlie Prince was evidently regarded as one
route from tho Shibasi station to the of tlie     most important eVents in tho
Kusumigazki   palace, were lined with history- of.. Japan.-        ���'   "
ivlderman to tlie vacant, seat
In all    probability  this  will      be
done.   An election  means extra-    expense;    and     in just-ice to the ward
. which Mr. Mcintosh was elected     to,
represent the seat should be filled.
mmm if
��fl DIES
people oi* Cumberland to raise $'1200   bye-lection for  Victoria seat hi     the
never iiictured anything more (ridi-j},y taxntion, .while  Union, which con-   Dominion house, has caused 4��serious
culous than this ignorant Greelf, mak i Iributotl at  least one-third of the at-   split  inthe     Conservative's ianks in-.
Nanaimo, Feb. 21.���The Provincial The evening session; commencing at
Grand Lodge of British Columbia as- seven o'clock,. pi^.cd .to be of excep'
semhlcd in the I. 0. O. F. Hall yes- tional, interest. -There was a Cull
������'U-rdny'.' morning at eleven o'clock, attendance of - mem-bers and a number
"with Right Worshipful .Grand -Master-of visiting brothers. The first busi-
���T-honuis Duke of Vancouver, in the 1,ess of the Giand Lodge Was an
tiia'ir. exemplification    of   the .work; of thc
1 .Routine business occupied the #t- Orange, Degree: .T Two candidates
tcntion of the Lodge until the noon were '-presented}".iby Nanaimo- Lodge
���hour,' whenan adjournment was made No; -I, and the beautiful and lmpres-
for lunch. Immediatclu upon the ieiv��' ceremony: was'' demonstrated by
opening of the afternoon session officers who;; by their experience,
Grand Master, Duke read'his address were able to prove to these new
to the Lodge. This was a strong comers the high -.ideals-.always set
pronouncement upon topics that are /-hefore an Orangeman.. The '.ceremony;
'dear to the hearts of all Orangemen -was a delight,1 not only to the ean.
and was received with rounds of ap- didates, -hut: also to all mcml-ri:s <>f
plause. It showed the great/"prosper- the Grand Lodge- who were mtenfsto.l
ity-which   iuwl attended the Order  in  spectators. > \
British Columbia during the years -After this inost interesting item
past and pointed out most clearly the delegates to the, Siipreno.-'Grand
the objects and ideals for which the J-odgo held a't Owen "Sound, last May-
members should work. Tho address ".Bros., D. C. ..-.McLaren and .1-1. G.
was becivedand referred to the Com Taylor, presented..their report. The
mittee of Correspondence in order Order -in Canada had made great
that tho important, items might j,e progress -and the reports of"the oili-
dealtjwith by'the'Grand Lodge. The cers of the Supreme Lodge were of a
Grand Secretary, '.Edwin. -Bush, of most oncouraging nature. The
Mission City, then read his annual .steady., increase of new lodges hart
report, which showed a very sub- Deen ...maintained at the usual high
stantial increase in the membership l*ate, and������the mcnihers of ihe Ord.-r
particularly mentioning the ma^nifi- show;eil splendid increases. ' rI lw Or-
cent progress made by the New West- ange Mutual Benefit 'Association, the
minster district,, No. 1, duriri"- the Insurance department of the Gi-u-n-gc
past    year. This report was also   Order   reported    a".'very   floiirishii g
received with hearty cheers and was an<l '"ealthy state of 'affairs. The,
referred; to the committee on Corres- niembcrs of the, Order, who alone arc
pondence  to  recommend   action. entitled    to    ;the benefits of this ile-
Actirur     Grand Treasurer Thos.  \V.   partment, were taking  full, advantage
tilu-n   p-resonti'd     the  financial ���of   *'ne,r  Privilege antl   the  liiunl.er of
statcmr-n,!. for the year. This show- members-insiVed[.was-steadily."increas
ed the Grand Lodge to be in a very
iiealthy and nourishing condition as
regards money matters,tho -balance in
Jiavid being over $12.00. ��� There was
aiir element of sadness in the-rrcport,
as it stated that during the-.year
Bro. John Walmsley, of Vancouver";
the Grand , Treasurer elected, hy the
lodge last vfar had l.cen called to
the silent majority during the interim
.Many feeling references were made sto
ihe character and worth ot the de-
Iiartcd Brother. The report was referred to the Committee on Finance.
At three o'clock the Grand Lodge
��� adjourned for one hoii'' to allow committees to meet and transact their
\fisiness so- that the completed report
might be brought before the Lodge
for action. A short session was
held before the adjournment for the
afternoon     during which some minor
ing. This was particularly the case
in British Columbia, where u large
percentage of tho members wen: realizing ��� the -.���benefits by taking out a
policy with the Association that in
any other province of the Dominion.
The delegates slated in" their' report
that they were pror.d to represent
this province at tho Supreme Lodge
as British Columbia showed up well
in all the reports. A determined
fffort was made to secure the jiieetina;
of the next Grand Lodge of British
North America " for Vancouver, ��� and
while this effort was not successful
for J006 it   was.,   felt that  there was
Tonight the opera house will'    be
Hip scene of what promises to be the
most brilliant social event in    - the   I
history, of Ladysm'ith.   A. ball of hith- I    n,,w Westminster,   Feb.   21��� Ga-
\ito unknown     splendor in this city  joriei Pierre, a 'Hub-/  Creek Indian, is
is to iicg.i\cn by the local aerie     of ' um]c,r     arrest    here  awaiting  word
Ragles.   Those who have  invitations ' lvom  Agassiz as  1o whether a charge
'���an      loo'v   forward   to  a thoroughly  S 0f murder or only that of  wounding
.ilcasant time,  for during the      past   js  lo |1C  p,-L.fcrreil vagainst  h-imi. What
few weeks the Eagles have been work   OV6r the charge laid,   the case is     a
Ing .iri;refatighfc'iy ������nifliking. '   arrange-  serious  0ne  for  Pierre,  as   there  is
ments for the comfort and enjjoynieiit   cVulencc to show that he has  seriors-
of their guests of a few 'hoiurs       to- ^ ,y woiindod-tw^o nioi'i,-one of whom is
n'ght. '���;...��� insnch  a precarious" condition as   to
Nothing has been left  undone.   The   warrant his dispositions being taken
Iccoration committee have, by hard    )jy thc locai justice of the peace, Mr.
work ami excellent taste,   transform-j Agassiz:   The eusehas created 'mite
M  the  oi;:cra house  into  a vetitabje  !a stir "in'the  vicinity   of Hope    and
fairyhMd, - and   anoither  committee,   i ^gass.iv,  and      ^vo justices, Captain
acting   Ihe role of a fairy  godmother   []^injit,on     arid    Asassiz, ��*ro<vin:ial"'
with -.the aid of an excellent cook or  ' oilicers  Wiliie,   of  New  Westminster
two,  have ready a delicious hanhkieh.   aiul LaIle 0[Mission, and sevtral in-
Another body have devoted  their at-! j;onc  ,,^r-�� 0n,��...p,i   ;..' locating   and
tention  to tlie.'iloor, ami that impor-   arrcs(,jng tlie accused,
cant, part of the hall  will  be      like  |    ,t nppctU.s l;lla(, 0��� Saturday     Ga-
���i sheet of glass.    Still another   com-   oriei  picrrc and  another  Indian, Ed-
mi tteci-for  there    are lots  of hard-    mumi  victor,  arrived  at Agassiz and
wor* c-rs in  tiielocaJ  aerie���have   so    securing some' li-:|Jior  picked up-Dan-
invpressed 'i[ie  members of.the orches   je| Murphy, anotlK'r Jiulian, and w:ent
tra-    of the  necessity Of good  music    oft- to co.mlr.Ciico a carousal.   What oc-
this  evening      that those  gentlemen ' curmi-after   this  is not known,  but
ha'.c put   all  their spare time during   |a((,  ou Saturday afternoon  the   aii-
tl'ie last    .week, or two in practicing    thorities got word that two  Indians
the latest dances..   Lot's more   could   WCUl 0,n  jyia'-jui  island scri'or.isly woirn
se said,   but' i-t shall  lay  over until    rIe(,      T,]ie Inai.(,er.    was investigHted
tomorrow "after the ball." and Uie men Were found to be Victor
���-' o  md  Murphy;   who accused  Pierre of
stabbing them.    Pierre had,  however,
I mnde traclK,   so  Indians  were     despatched      to  .SpenL'es-I'Ji-idgc  to give
word there and Chief Consla^B^^Palni
'of this  city   was   notified.  The latter
Ut   once  sent' OIHcer  Wiikie   to       the
'scene and   wired   Ofliccv   bane   of Mission   to    proceed   to  Spences   Bridge
ing himself for the moment more ignorant than he really is, .trading- on
and .prostituting that which should be
his glory���'a glory that ;a real hero
would blush to own, far less -make , a
travesty ol. '
To slow music, slip.cry and impressive in a ten-cent sort of way, the
announcer appears.
"Ladies  and  gentlemen,   I       have
the/ distinguished honor of prefieu.tiiigi
John Cigalos, hero.   Mr.  Cigalos   is
nown all  over   the world  us       the
great hero of the wreck of the Valencia,     which awful catastrophe  took
place on  the rock-bound coast        of
Vancouver Island."     The gentlemanly announcer lias trouble with     that
word  "catastrophe"���evident!v      he
and  it  have been  but recently      introduced.  "Ladies ami gentlemen," he
goes    on.     "Cigalos    risked bis life
time and again, in trying to reach thei
shore  with a life-line.   But  the cliffs
were percipitous'���n0 living, man could
h^vejL\succeedcd:;'���;, Again--he., is   ,,; iji .
ouilile";   this; ? time  with." ''precipit-'"'
ous."   Probably   te will     do bettor
next wtfek.   ;    .
"Ladies ami gentlemen, one hundred and .forty-four pr|cciousl lives
ivere lost in that awful wrecks-John
i.*ii>alos saw his duty'kird he done'it.
He tried his best. Failing to reach
the shore, he commanded a raft with
18 men on board. Skilfully he navigated the raft for fnc miles until
picked  up by ��� the  American  stea-iner
City  of Topeka.    Ladies and  gentlemen,   1 ha'.c      the honor  to  present
John  Cigalos,   hero!"-
And there he comes.
Clad   in   tho g;lad   rags of a comic
opera sailer, with a big bow at the   '-be-examined   by  the medical   Wealth
V of the sailor collar,  with a jaunty I ollicer
cap  revealing  the oily black locks of
the typical Greek!    His  breast      is   '
glorified      with  two enormous cheap
tendance at the city school, 'was not the city,- A great number of promi-
forced to help raise this money nent Conservatives consider the de-
f-Ie  urged  the association  to  Put it'   cision extremely foolish
At Yesterdays Session Trustee C jrroils
Resolution Re Text
Books Passed
Following   is   the  report  of       the
'proceedings   at yesterday's session of
the  .school   trustees  convention       in
., '".te first; business before the morning   session   was   a resolution   introduced  by Trustee Mail, which was:...
"Whereas,   physical health,   including normal  function of-eye, ear and
brain, pre-retjuisite to the pupil taking thc fullest advantages of the facilities provided hy the >public school
and that a large per centage     labor'
under such physical disabilities,   and
further,   that children  with  communicable  diseases  frequently, gain    access, to our public schools, to     the
,i',reat delrimi.-nt of other rjuP*ls, be it
-'Resolved, -that in'addition ' to-the
careful medical' supervision. <of at tend-
ins pupils, all pupils applying for
admission to   the public school should
Mc was, however,  in favor of urging the go\erriment to form'.the    nucleus of an endowment fund.  He   introduced     the following amendment,
which  was seconded  by Hr.. Creigh-
ton' " ������;"���-   '    -'" ""    ' " " '   -
"Resolved,  that in  the opinion of
this convention, of'school trustees of
the province of British Columt}|a-thafc-
our legislature    .should immediately
take ^nto consideration the establishment of  a university for British Columbia,   which should   be distinctly   a
provincial institution,  adapted' to the
special needs  of the province,      and
that   legislation    proposed   to afford
the youths of   the province  the benefits  of  a university  course affiliated
tvith Metriil university is timely  and
has the commendation: of ibis con.eai-
Trustee Dr.  Arthur was in.favor of.
the  original  motion.    Be could   no-t
understand why, if the bill before the
A motion bv Trustee Miss Camcr-j house was a good one, it was being
on, seconded by Trustee Peck, as ; rushed through in such a hurry. He
follows,  was  carried:
HAM  AT 2A   CENTS  A POL \"1). '
i n-ediea!  inspection  of all    . school  '    Trustee Huggett was  of the opin-
iirhlreir lx-fore     admission to      the    ion that it was time .'to'-make acom-
���fli .ol   and   periodically after      that    nicncement towards getting a British
iMiif,   and   for   the periodical   insjec-    Columbia university.   Now was- the
��� iiii  and  fumigation of school  build-  tinic  to  commence and  the   legisla-
iin;s.". ', turc was  the place to start   in.     He
"The  contrast  between   the prices
of living today and  of my early boyhood   is something  startling,"     said
Capt. M.  E.   Kelly.of Elgin,  III., deputy commissioner of pensions.
"I. remember once in the early
spring of 180S that my father, who
owned a farm in thc northern part of
Illinois, loaded a tremendous lot of
hoincHr.ircd hams and shoulders on a
sled,' and my brother and I were given directions to visit various stago
and head the fiiKilive off in lhat direction. In this latter euVrt Ltuie.
Succeeded and he has now brought
the accused to this city. In the
mean lime, it was ioiind that Murphy
tvns in a precarious condition as- he
was apparently  stabbed  in  the back,
tvoukl like to see the provincial g'ov-
medals which, .as .carefully explained, I    "That this   association ask       the"  ' eminent endow  a provincial  universi-
ivere presented to thc hero in Scuttle   govenniiciit for legislation  to secure. ' ty.
the one by a church,  the other by a
secret society.    The announcer   cuts
in   with the explanation  that       the
chamber of commerce, is to give him
another  "elegant" medal,' also,   that
he is   to be  decorated   as  a Carnegie    ...
hero. "��������.'������ "   I     The establishment of a British Col-' was in   favor of approaching  thfe gov-
. Oitjalos advances to the footlights    unibia university i was the next   sub-   ernment  with  a view to  raising;,    a
with a huge American /Lug grasped in   jeet for discussion. fund  to endow  a university,
his  trembling jhig-ers.    He is  ill   at,        jn    oiieniris;     the    discussion Miss        On the  amendment being  put     to
Cameron moved  the following resolu'    the meeting it was declared lost by
tiorr: ja v��t-e of 11-5.
"Ri solved that the .'time,for      the '    'Hie original motion of Miss Cam-
founding of a provincial university is   eron carried by a vote  of 15-6.
now." "    ���   I    Miss  Cameron  moved,  seconded by
She  intended  to refer  to  the sub-    Dr.   Arthur,   that  a deputation,       of
tic.   Palpably  it   is a trick   to height-  jr-ot  in  abroad  way,  and it was her   three  members  be appointed  by the
en the effect. desire  to draw attention to the   ex-  chair to wait  on the provincial gov-
���'Ladies and gentleman;    tanks fur    perience of the province of   Manitoba   rrnment  and strongly urge on them
kind      'prcciash-iin.   1 take    a chance,    with   respect   to   the establishment of   the immediate importance of  found-
Maybe    1 do son iv- good, save some-    a provincial  university.    The -Manitc- ^ a provincial, university,    'lhe mo-
body,  may he. 1.-go die.,' I don't  care. I   ban college had been founded in  1S78. tion   was  carried   and  the chairman
tinl;   somebody   must  go.    1 jmnp o,v-   |(. started'with twenty pupils     and   appointed Trustees Dr.  Arthur, Hug-
cr'..o.vr<l.  Big  waves and  plenty sticks   very little    money.  But the govern-    gctt<and Ferguson,
and e-veryling.   I can't ilo  it.  1     try  i ment   bad  set aside    a land   grant   of      D?-  Torry of McGili  university was
then asked to address the meeting. In
she  'nicnt���a     property   that   was- now    doing so he stated  that he was the
p.lwccn  three and four     mil-   educaitionat agent  for McOill  and he
lutes, sol tal-'e  17  men und  put them   lion dollars.    It now  bad five chairs   had been sent out to look  over    thc
Ion  raft, and   I get  raft  lower, and    I   and   was   in   a nourishing  condition,   j province  with a view to  establishing
ease���looks scared to death, in fact.
In a low, 'uncertain voice he begins'
his carefully prepared-speech.
Strange     to    say,     he speals far'
worse  I'Jnglish than when he told his
story   at  Victoria,  or  later  at Scat-
H-uain anil   pretty' near 1 die. Bye and   25,0(10  acres
by, tree days,   1 see  the. wreck
mus'   brra'<   up  in two  or  three    inin-   worth   dp
with  a view  to. disposing  | chest and  arm,  tj.c wound on ^ .       raft ftiKl   ,     t  mft  |mv,cr]           _ _  	
back, having penedatcd   the   l" V ^S,'com-nmnri raft UIli|  _ piIot rait 0u( to   This s.he cited as an  eVitkftCC ���f   the i * college.    Continuing, he stated that
of the meat.    Wc had to  have     the
moncv in gold      to meet our  taxes,    Knife   used  passim
whieb,I remember, amounted  to     $28   tnil  coming cut   m  I He ciic.M-. -   , m(jl.p  TQOm
The   weather     was still biting cold,   other    Indian   was   not -so se io   h
a horrMe con-I wounded,  but il is stated that n.ciUi
'���Er will  befit to  appt'av  '���' cour
de- ' several weeks.
and thc roads were in
"But boys in  those days wen;   ....
fiarrit of weather and bad roads, and  i
we managed   to  dispose of  our load
ere the close of the day.   Now, what
io you  think  we'-had  to sell     those
hams for?   The most we could '   obtain was 2"*  cents a pound,  and     by
far the  greater  portion  went at 24
through  the 'body:
.matters of business wore transacted, o'clock this morning.'
CP���|,. Compared with current market
every prospect of the meeting .coming iUota(i0I,s (U)0SI1-t, it seem like gjv-
<0 British Columbia in If07. iL.thcin awavV However, we    were
After this  report the' Grand  Lodge | (.|jie ))o _   vnen  w ^t home with $2   the King's title
to  the   discussion of resolutions pre-1    . $3 'inorc than tlie sum we set out
sentod   by   members  the.session   ad- L     Coiloct)   andgot      much paternal
session   adjourned   to     meet at ntnel    aisM-       on  nur
"That girl has  an I unfortunate idea
of repartee."
"Yes,""      answered    Miss    Caytme,
She  has  an  idea   that  she  is  saying
smart lliings when she  is   merely say
ingt-hings that smart."
. (j.	
Lord Balmeny   was askeo  Ibe other
night  if he.  was  in  favor  of  altering
to lCdwnrd thc Sov
'lebbe     I tuke more but:       no   'nccessitv of forming a nucleus in   the
La<ties and  children     I   st^-uno;' of any big undertaking.    In
ask ..to coime but  they stay take      a   any movements, no matter how small
chance   with  ship.    Make chance   on   or great,   the   first  step  was  the im-
raft  because  I see  we be all  dead on|portant one. ��
wreck..   By und by we pick up by To- j    Superintendent Argul  of Vancouver
pekn..     Ladies and  gentlemen,   tanks
for kind 'precaischun.". And with another   bow.   carefully  studied,   a painful salute and  wave of the flag,   and
with   a porting  smirk   he   disappears
amid   mingled  laughter and  applause.
John Cigalos���hero!
But  Cigalos,  it  must be admitted,
has  distinguished  precedent.
then took up thc discussion in favor
of affiliation with McGili. Following
him Mr.  Ferguson also spoke in fav-
McC'ill had  never made a move in a
spirit, of rivalry   to any  other  institution, and bad never asked any college   or school  to   afliliate  with Mc-
Gill.   Th.- requests bad all been made
by   the other party, and   all that McGili  wanted was  to be shown      the
staff  and  thc efficiency   of  the  school
before granting   affiliation. Dr. Torry
or of McGili aim said he thought    a  ! then     made the   announcement that
' British   Columbia university  was an    the     university bill had just passed
impossibility at tbe   present time.       ' (Continued cn .Page Four,)
pose  that   in  his brave acts he was,     _���*-~ Dr-  Torker���I'm  pleased       to
I!o';non was an A  mericnn hero until   really and truly, and  for (the time at,   see that you attend church so regularly. Ihc-pe.you have found grace,
argorni��� Excuse me,   but her name
Helen.       Ah,   there  she is now.
$2 the Kings title to lMiwa.o tne ^ .���.-,������������ tilc hero business too great least, a hero and that the situation b*rl>T
ut enth.of England and First of .=��-" strain anu submitted to being made 'afterward crew a bjt "big" for him? Fa'
al   land,  and   replied  that he thought it   & |jufToon.      Am,   is it mt so      ,,m   .    ^ J is
praiseing on our success.
was a question for the     Patent   Of- rj.ig���ios?   ts  it n0t  charitable to sup-
But then, he's no longer a hero.
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"Now," said  he, "this man has discovered that  ��������� the. heat radiating fro-m the stove  strikes the roof, and the circulation  is so quicl.ened that the camp is  warmed in much less time than  would be required if the stove was  in its regular pla<e on the door."  The other professor  was  of the op-  . inion . that  the stove was elevated  <o  . i;e above    the window   in order  that.  cool   and     pure  air could be had  at  night.  Mr. Bcssom, Lcing more practical,  contended that the stove was elevated in order that a good supply of  green wood could be placed beneath  to dry: .  After considerable argument each  man .placed a dollar bill upon the table, and it was agreed that the one  whose opinion /was nearest the. reason for elevating the stove should |  take, the pool. The guide was called I  and as!-e;l why the stove was placed  in such an unusual position  "Well, sir," said, he, "when I prou  ��������� ght the- stove up the river I lost  nK.Kt of the stove pipe overboard, so  I had to set the stobe up there so as  10 have the pipe reach tln-uiigh the  roof."  EJES.icr.-s  ���������Jopv.rtrsMTS <S:j.  Anyone sentUiii? nnHol.-h ni>firsl',scrlnlinii ni.T-,  qulclily ascertain c.-.ir oumio.-, j'tiiv. vti-jt.lit.-.- ^-..  itivontJon is probnbij* pi.Lijutahfo. C'lnuriirnic.-:.  tlonastrictly cnnlldciiMul. Iljim'.t.oolton ;'.ii.������nl.-  ���������iont free. Oliiost imoiicy furHui!iii-i-.:u p.-uc-i.ts.,  P.-tto'ita taken r.hronsrh Slui'.n A Co; receive  tpicial notice,.wiMiotitchnrub, hi tho  SdetifsfiC; ifiieiican,;;  A Imndaonioly ilhisf,rnt������"l -rnel.-ly T^viBft ch  ���������ulation of nay nduiiUUR Jt.i:rnivi. 'IVrms, .J:i.-.  rear: fonr mo'-.iu������.��������� $1.  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No  investment  required. , Pre-  Qi   "L^-O.       l-.t'Ci   vious experience a������t'.essential.'t,������. cbt.  gaging. ���������  Pacific Coast    Agency. |    Address Ma������aKer.  132 Lak, Street,  VICTORIA.  :���������: :���������:  ;-     -: :���������-B.C tChicago,'.111., U.S.Af ';  R.P. RlTHETv  THG CITY 7^v MRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  'St. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  2C2k  li J.HENRYS  NURSERIES,   QREEN-  H0USES AND SEtD  HOUSES  1010 West*#iaster Road.  '-FdVK.GOUVEli,.'  Headquarters f������r���������  PACIFIC OKOW N a.rdtB.'ileid  ���������M f tower 5EBD5  tot di.strHmtleft. ;  Large   stock   of Horn*  Grswa FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL     TREES  ���������oh matured for Spriag.  Na; expmse, ieiss or delay oi ftuutgat-iM ������r ia-  si'#cti������a.  Let na price your list  belcre. placing your   or-  . der. i Greeahouse Plaats,  Floral���������,>���������������?-aj-es..- B'drtili-  zers, ���������tc.  ! 3flt WeStn������i������ist������r Road,  Vancouver, k'-c  Cor. Government and Yates Sts;  VICTORIA, B.  G.  4  ���������fraiisfoiitinent^���������  ���������Trains Daily-  4  ONE    IS    THE      "NORTH  COAST   LIMITED."  ���������The elccti ic  lighted  train to  the Kast.  Tic! els on sale to all Eastern   anil   .Southern   points      at  'LOWEST Rates. Up-lo-dalc  Pullman .md Tourist Sleepers  on all trains.       Dining     Car  >eivicc  Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale to  and from all   Fcuieptan Points.  Cabin accommodation reserv-  eJ by wire-  ��������� For  further  particulars call  or    write     the  ollice.   'l-hone  M-iiii   lod.  A.    D.     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.",  N.P.,   I'ortlarul, Ore-  ,.E.   Ii*.      lllackwood,  general  agent,  Victoria, li.  C.'  1  1  II  aBs^^m^M^w^mm^^mfm-^..    ,kl  Are You  Go ing: East  Then  He sure your tickets reatf   v'a  k,&m  \mn  ������  ������i  The  only   line  now   making    UKJOxN |j  DEPOT    connections at  ST.  PAUL^l  with  the  the    PaciiW;a  *igEKSS^iSS3-gA^r*iS  Dr. R. B. Diei  Sar-^eoxi Demist  111  work *-uaranteed, aud  at reason  ttb'*  rat^s.  RESI'DENei AN������ ���������FFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPRrV   AT  A.LL HOURS  9  %  %  %  %  %  > -������-^-.^! -.  r-.-G ^-.-i*-';';.-* -'-i.���������������������*'���������:-:< &������������������&*������������������:.-. ������i'-^Vlh'fe.-l>*-''>  ^^''*#-  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  I PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPt'ER. ������OLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH  C.  1 i  ���������ji  v  1   , -_, . -J:  HEAD OFFI8E J  I DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVINGSTON       J  ���������       Vancouver Island, 8, G. General Manager, J  t-i'^^'fe-^-'fe f:������i'4i-������!'feTl������!'fe-l*;'fer������>|-fer������; -ii*.%������*j:fe;������������--fet-*V-#  %  %  HC"  ������;'������r������S--ferl������j''fe*i-fer'-ferB>-;-fe; 9i\  PAINTINCi,    I PAPEkHANQlNO  -.ETC. ' \  Work dene properly and at rt<r'"  price*. A fun like, ef Wall Paper,  and Pain tar's Supplies Residence on  rtohert* Street  J.   K   SMITH    P-  II y������u tike .-���������  A  srno������th, :easy . shave,  an  even,  w������ll-fljijsh*id     beard  trim, a feod  bat*, er a stylish Hair-cut.  fou will go te   .*'  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI ORS  ���������'>'���������������������������  HICIM STIIEET.  and MINNEAPOLIS  ���������"���������hrough trains Irom  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, TH"  FINEST TRAINS, THE LO"'EST  RATES,   THE   FASTEST TlAlE.  BETWEEN'  .liJNNEAnorj.s,   ST.   PAUL  J  CH&'ll  CAGO,    OMAHA,     KANSAS  GITY.'j))  and ALL POINTS EAST. f  For complete  information  ask yo*r.*'  "leal agent or write,  F-  W.  PARKER  r}ene.r������l  JO 2nd   Av������i���������  RfiattU-  YUEN  Ladys  Merchant Tailor  o3 aftiAa  ������>..  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HIP LSE 4 C������.  ���������N TH! ESPLANABE.  PASTRY ������F ALL KIN������������-NEATLY  ,    UAKEI������ AN������ FRESH.  Coafeotlenary *! ail kiais.  . OwWn takes \tv. Pastriee... to be de  Uyered at amy. ,tia������. .  Pan������loyneat Ageic-i  .Daa ere lu  Pianos and  Organs  Lady������i*,ith, B.C  iUcuaiawMMi  B. C.  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  Mannfftcturtri of the Famous  CUBAN; -oH-Q^son  Noae bm   ������miou LaWor    Km ployed  H. J. BOOTH, Prop  Dr. Dier caa be rouHd at any time  at Uis office on Gataere st. ;I*s iaa-  tal   work' is   gv*ranL**4   f*  be  fan*--  clani a>4 rates reasonable  oiiM THE]'DAILY LEDGER  ++4~i~*-_~4.l.*.i.*-l>* l * |-4^^H������������^-I������^">������r-������*I*>*I*������*I**>*:*������*I*>*T '  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  f  flanufacturers of the  t  ���������r  ���������:���������  t  "J  x  I  t  A  In  and Porter  Lager   rteer  d from the Best  Canadian  British Columbia  Guaranteed   Brew  Malt   Run  Hops  ^^..���������^^^^���������..���������^.j.^h^^-H**:*^ ���������"!��������� *H^<+*i*>***+*+*HH*-H-<������"i* v  ��������������� ��������� ��������� ,,���������'���������.��������� ������������������-t-f-t-tTt f  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� ������������������������������������** ��������� *  I  r  I  LAC 'SMITH   TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND UliUSEilOLD     ruKNITURI   MOVED PROMPTLY   A   Nl), SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Lat' yamith. hotel.  Abnntilnrd.  Leave 'orders at  wxht  . th.  '4+ ���������*���������*���������+���������*���������+ 4 ���������������������������������������������->��������������������������� ���������������  A. J. WASKET, PROP  ,   *  ������. ������.��������� 4, 4, ���������  + ++++���������* + + + ���������*"*+++++ + *��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� "  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short    notice.    Drill  Sharpened  by  ���������  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks handl   d and repair**.  Ship������initl:iiiikJ    ���������"    a)1     ita   branches1  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street -    -      -   Ladyamith, h  *;���������������������������������������������������*���������*o*���������*������������������������*���������*���������^���������*���������*������������������:t-���������*���������^���������i*���������^���������������'������������������v**,,*  LIVELY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  . Li-VU-Y-SVlir  *  *PHONE 66  Express  LIGHT TEA MING  SEE  J.   KEMP,  OR LEAVE    ORDERS  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  -is.n  1TRST   AVENUE  W.  S1LER  GENEKAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  ."WORK'PROMPTLY". I������<  Leave order* at the Abhotsford  PHONE     6-0  I  Ladysmith Teriipie No. 5 ��������� Rathhorie  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd and  4th  Tuesday: at  7.30  p.m.  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.  UNITES   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  llueta   in the  I' O   0   F. Hail,  La-  Weilirigton Grove No   4-U..A. ������.   D  iysmith,    the   Second   and      fourth  Wtanaeiiays of each month.' coniment  ltg V"e������nefcfay.  13th.. '19������5.  Visiting Dru'ds     are invited to attend.  By-Order!  WM   RAFTER, Reef Secty.  "PATRICK BURK. N. A.  LAME BACK .  I This ailment is usually caused by  rheumatism of tho muscles and may  b������ cured by applying Chanvbcrhiin'i  Pain Balm two or three times a day  ���������act* application. If this does" not af-  and-.rubbing' tha-parts vigorously at  ford relief, hind on a piece of flannel  slightly dampened with Pain'Balm,  and quick relief is almost sure to  follow. Par sale iy . the Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  ���������EJf****  ft  E SUNLIGHT  WAY  RUB ON SUNLIGHT SOAP  :"]^|#^^^A  LEAVE 30 TO 60  INUTES  RINSE    WELL  Sunlight Soap is better than  other soaps, but is best when  used in the Sunlight way (follow  directions).  Hard rubbing and boiling are  things of the past in homes  where Sunlight Soap is used as  directed.  Sunlight Soap will not injure  even the daintiest fabric or the  hands, and the clothes wil' be  \ j-p^rfectly white,  woolens  soft  "and fluffy.  The reason for this is because  Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,  contains no injurious chemicals  ��������� indeed, nothing but the active,  cleansing, dirt-removing properties of soap that is nothing but  soap.  Equally good with hard or  soft water.    ;  YOUR   MONEY   REFUNDED  by the dealer from whom you  buy Sunlight Soap if  you flucl  . Any.oa.uue for complaint. 155  LEVER BROTHERS LIMITED, TORONTO  EASNGASH  In Your Leisure Time  If you could start at once in a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earniug-s���������WITHOUT    INVESTING    A   DOLLAR���������Wouldn't  you do  it?  Well, we are willing- to start you in  a profitable business ������.nd we don't ask  you to put up any kind of a������dollar.  Our proposition is this: Wo will  nli'p you the Chatham Incubator and  Brooder, freight prepaid, and  You Pay No  Cash  Until  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising pays.  People who. tell you that there Is no  money in raising chicks may have tried  to make money in the business by using  setting hens as hatchers, and they  might as well have tried to locate a  gold mine in the cabbage patch. The  business of a hen is���������to lay eggs. As  a hatcher and ��������� brooder she is outclassed.; Thai's the business of the  Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and  they do it perfectly and successfully.  The poultry business, properly conducted, pays tar better than any other  business for the ��������� amount of time and  money  invested.  . Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women. all over Canada and the  United States���������have proved to their  satisfaction that it is profitable to raise  chicks with the  +4.:4~44+44'44+'4-444+4:������+'������������^^+44+++f++-*-*~*+  U was am awful thing to do, but I   consoling -things to , me when  she  simply couldn't help it;   My feelings  ran away;with .my judgment. EBut 1  must go bacl< and start from the ue-  sinning.     ,���������'..'.,     ;  off after her  triple calls at the  No. 2���������120 Etfa  No. J���������240 Eft*.  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BROODER.  . "Yours la tho first incubator I hare  used, and I wish 10 wUte I had 52  chicles out ot 52 crks. ThiKWusnijr  first lot; truly a IM) per cant, hatch.  I um well pleased with my incubator  and brooder. Tiioh. JVloNAUUUTOM,  Chilli-waok, B.C."  "My first hatch camo off. I pot  170'fine chicks from l'JOeffj's. Who  can boat that /or tho first trial; and  so oiu'ly.'in1.tlie spring-.' I urn woll  pleased with - incubator, and if ������  could not cot another money could  not buy it from me. Every fcirniec  should have a, No. 3 Chatham incubator.���������F. W. Kamsav, Bunnville.  Ont."  "Tho incubator you furnished ins  worka exceedingly well. It is easily  operated, and only needs about 10  minutes attention every day. K.  McGuFii-iK, Moosk Jaw, Assa."  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is honestly constructed. There is no  humbug about it. Every inch of material  is thoroughly, tested, the machine i3  built on right principles, the insulation  is perfect, thermometer reliable, and  the workmanship the best.  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is simple as well as scientific in construction ���������a woman cr girl can operate  tile machine in their leisure moments.  You pay us no cash until' after 1906  harvest. *  Send us your name and address on  a post card to-day.  Wo can supply you qt.fckly from our  distributing warehouses at Caleary, Brandon,. Itegiiia, Winnipeg, New Westminster,  B.C., Montreal,Halifax, Chatham. Addi-cas  all correspondeueo to Chatham. 314  The Manson Campbell Co., Limited  Dept.15 ACHATHAM. CANADA  Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.  Let us quote you prices  on a t������ood Fanning  Mill  or good Farm Scale.  From  dallying, in amateur theatricals   I grew to he! absorbed   in them,  -.anil, Ay-hen I happened  to "cross       the  ! ocean  on   the  same steamer j ..   with  .'l Kraw. , ..the big ..manager, my  fate  ; was'scaled..'lie told  me T would just  suit- a srival! part , in a play, -lie  ... was  hringiiig over from England,  nnd  offered me '���������& 'chance to play  it. To   he  : sure,  it was a small part',    1>nt     I  didn't hesitate, a minute,  j    Fa- six  months  we Loured"the"coun  , try.   Wild horses  could 1 not drag me  ' off  the stage afLer .(lie taste  of    it,  ami   Iliad  my reward.   I ate in   .Iiiiiie.  Mr.   Friwcv sunvmoiied   me. to his  office.   '.;.;'"���������..  '.      ������������������ '... , ���������'   . ���������'���������   V  ''.    "Rales,"   he said,  '-how  would you  like to  play  with Miss  Allen-'?"  ���������'    I.'.ir.af-'jicil.  Helen  Allen was ".the star  of    tlie Fra/cr   : constellation.   ';���������' Her  l>lays were always the 'pick 0f      the  bunch and  she invariably  stayed  for  half  tlie siasr.n  in   New  York.  '���������1 should lii-e it above all things,  Mr.    Fra/cr,"  1 managed  to say.  "Very well, lie went on, "I have  purchased the American rights of a  new play. Miss Allen will play the  lending purl thi.il V011 will he the lover.  I   gasped  again.     Hitherto  I  had  been alh>v. cd-lo make hive only     to  .souijrebtcs.  "I.s���������is���������it���������do-you mean for me to  play   (he  I.'ad?"   I   sUnimcied   out.  "Well, in a way it is the lead," he  made miswcr, "hut 1 am .hriiiLving over an I'higlisliinan to do lhe heavy  business. He'll bo the other lover,  hut yoii arc the one Hvelyn will.prefer,'' ami a smil.i lurked in the com-  ������r of bis incHitli.  Wlun-Lii? I'ai'Us were given out I  rcaliw.d with a blush,.why Mr.. Krazor hail piei-.e<l me for the parh of Will  L'allefon. I te was'just Lhe sort "of  fellow my mirror reported me to lie.  It seemed Lhat my his Ironic abilities had not been the sole lest of my  future after all.  Newer miinl, though. 1 told myself  that 1 would prove to- them that 1  could   do  more than   look   lhe  role.  When we began to rehearse I found  iL  hard    to  stick   to my ' resolution.  m-  W'ill  Carlton is. an  awl'i'l   cad.   In the  goes down  on  her  t.urns' from her,  and walks  out of  of tbe  play.     The  ii'tiiriiit. asi sat o.v my window,  Y/hcn the west was nil agiemh  Willi that sli-aiiye:'.nd wonderful3plend<������  That is lleethit: as a dream,  1 thought Ihiil, U10 hands of t^ie angels  End fluiiiiopen heaven's gateway widv  And 1 caught a glimpse of the glory  Jrrom the hills on the other side.  la it not u beautiful fancy.  This sunset, thought of mine,'  Tliat the gates of heaven are alw*jr������  FIuiik open at day's decline?  Jhat Wuwe whosa day is ended  Of earthly vvu(;a und ills  Mny pass to tho men-ning sunslitae  ' '������iiat dwells on tho heavenly hills?  Then for mu the sanse; gateway  Shall at. day's decline uneiose,  j\nd 1 pasn in through its poi-tala  Vo thatlon^ and sw/>rft i-upose.  I know that 1 shall remember.  In tli at. city so fan- and far,  'iJy sliaiiHeand beautiful fancy  r't the sunset gates ajar.  Penii, is while I sat tliere dreaming  Of tliK i:.-:tt-uay in the west  Borne poor -ioul went llivough its poii������l������  "'oa long a:nl eu'i'less rest���������  '-'as.-si-d Ihrougli the suusot. ijutoway  To that "i-ily paved will, gold;"  Passed into the new life's gladness  To be no longer old  ���������"rHi'ltC llollul-.'.y m Uiin.l Ilo.^c-Uui-tiiti.  Dero Iceeher, pleze excuse ray aim  Fer abn-nts ylsterday.  I liadd Vt have him home because  My sorvlnt went away.  He washes tilsltes,  swepes an' dusU  As export-us cud bo;  We're nil sue proud of him at home,  He's such a helpp to me.  "Sny. mother." he sez ylsterday,  "We kids all hive Mis? Drew;  Biio's jist ex r.lc-e ez she kin bo  An' mighty ���������������������������ratty too."  An' when 1 nir.Kl him stay at homi  His fuse growed  awful sadd.  "I can't see teeeher then," he sez.  ���������'Alasf    -.in't th-itt too badd!"  foui tli act  I'^ehn  iinces  to-l'iini';   lie  jiicks up     his hat  the house and  but  situation gavt- Miss  Allen   ainagiiifi-  cent opi'ort.unity for strong acting in  making her , (ilea  of innocence, and, of  course;   I   could  see  that  I was       a  mere   "feeler." .  .She made a rousing bit. in tiuxL  scene the first night, and the play  was a success. But the thing- went  terribly against .the grain with me.  Miss Allen seemed to understand my  feelings perfectly anil used  to      say  eanie  end.   ,. ���������������������������''.'  One  memorable Sunday I, was  vited  to her apartments to  tea.       I  realized     that  this  vyiis no common,  honor.    The next night I found       it  harder   than   e'>'er to go through    my  role.    As she stood  there before me,  riiakine; her' plea;. Evelyn  of the play  seemed   wholly 'merged  in, Helen    Allen of    ,the pretty little home I had  visited  the. afternoon before.  "As  ("Sod" is'my.-witness-,  Will,''' she  was saying,   "I am  as worthy ,.  'of  j'oiir  love today as  the night       you  ()iacc>:l V-bis ring-, on my finger."  That   was my  cue   "to   la'c   ��������� "her  hand,, hold it firmly in mine for   an  instant,, then,   with   a sudden  movement   I was  to  wrench  the  ring     oil'  and  lling ,it'to the floor,"  J3ut this night.. 1'did nothing of the  suit. (Jaxing into those clear blue  eyes I lost sight of everything- but  the purity that was mirrored there.  Willi a sudden mo-fcment 'I iltronped  her hand, opened my arms and f0ld-  ?(l her  into them.  Then, li'*e a dash of cold water, it  Kime o-'er me what I bad done. I  had, of course, dherted- the whole  trend of the play. "Miss Allen would  be depriU'd oT her grent panVomime  scene. What was I lo do next? How  was I to get fill the stage, and what  was Miss Allen to do when I did get  ofi? l\I,y veins seemed filled with, ice  when I thought of her opinion of the  awful  deed  I had done.  Ml these (lungs "darted through my  i-rain      in    thc fraction  of aseccn-.l,  ���������while      I stood   there  with   my arms  nhoiit V'.r.   If only the' curtain would  fall!  Hut what was this  that came     to  my cars'*  A perfect. saKo of applause  Usually   at   this -point   there  was     a  deathly   silence  in  five audience,   and  i'knew the. people out front used  to >  ?ay  to   themselves,   "What  a   hound   j  that  Carlton   is." I  "It's      all . riiiht,    leave  if tome, '  Harry," Miss   Allen   whispered. !  And all. at once the ice in my.veins  turned to hot blood again. She- had  iie'-ei' called me by 'my lirst name heroic.   And she   was  not angry.  The applause finally died away. She  withdrew    lu-rself from my e.rnl.lrace,  lifting  her face and saying'   "Come,  Will, my love, let  us walk in the gar  den. The walls are so con fining."'  And \yilh my arm about her, we  slowly walked up. stage'and out the  centre door.  "Cnrtnin, ��������� quick,"      she called   to  thfc first-- stage  hand   we passed,    and  pro-inptly fainted.  (Ijpi-en told Fra/.er the truth the  ���������liti'it  we  announced  our engagement.  "So,   after  this,  governor,"       she  said,  "see that you cast us for lovers all   the way through;  it  will   i>e  safer."  '  Which he has done ever since.���������Boston- Post. ' ���������  ���������'Breaking out" is the popular name)  given to a skin disorder whose tech-1  nical  designation   is   "herpes   of   the  lips."    The state is more than usually  disagreeable   when   it, occurs   in   children.    It may accompany or follow a  cold.    There  are  countless   remedies,  and of these the simplest for house- j  told use is boric acid ointment.  St. Catherine's iightnouse. Isle al  Wight, has just been fitted with ������  flashlight which is estimated to be  equal to. 15,000.000 candlepower, and  on nights when the atmosphere Is favorable its beam probably is visible,  from the French coast. The new light  is immensely more powerful than the  old one, which, was of about 3,000,OOC  . caudlepower.���������London Glob*  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NOKTHl  WEST MINING REGULATIONS!  SIeoi>ers.  A sleeper is one who sleeps. A sleeper Is that In which the sleeper sleeps.  A sleeper is that upon which the sleeper  runs while the sleeper sleeps. Therefore, while the sleeper sleeps In th������  sleeper, the sleeper carries the sleeper  over the sleeper, wider the sleeper.  irn iW-������������������a Cauda  "During our atseiie*) i?oni   tho or***,-  fVfldcesday evening   lust," writes t������ .*i..-������i  ���������d'tnr, "some ovil rwinded peraon, tbiliking that.ws weru seated ai our desk, I;.--eJ  a load ott   toucksho*  thru ugh ou*- wind jw,  but   u(i  a   kind,   proteulinfr   Provide iiOm  would hnve it, tho enniro load was recei-.-^*!  ty a stranger who ivas waiting  tor  u.-   ii>  our office.    Tbero is no traeo of tbe.'u'fsrif:  sin, and at this writing Che stranger v:tn  ���������>o fortunately filled  onr place-at tho Vim;  '.s toe weak to talk.   Tlnm is another i:.<d  ���������.ight an*"ssin foiled.    The LorA <yiU nt*  .iiia/'^-hf-'lontt t'oustituciott.  That Touch ji fiMcic  Most womeo do not realize the all  Importance of a touch of black in their  evening gowns. A gown that lacks  character may be redeemed by a. knot  of black velvet. A dress of pele pink  or blue, which, though pretty, is not  especially striking, may be touched tip  with black, and it will not look like the  same garment.,"���������Of course it is a mistake to add *oo much black. That will  make it look heavy���������just a soft rcsett*  | of tulle or a how and floating;end ot  velvet. A trained gown faced with  black satin will be both ouiqjw anil  <(<rTiepa Sv.������  Women take a' lot better care or tneit  evening gowns than those \a which  they are seen daily. Isn't It strange  how many women will wear a tailor  made day after day every time they go  out; yet never think of haying it pressed? Yet a man always has the suit  he isn't wearing; in the hands of .his  .tailor, being cleaned and pressed,  Women's tailor inades are a good deal  Ike men's clothes nowadays���������that; is,  to the cloths of which they are mode.  Ts������y are almost as liable to being  kneed or wrinkled, and there's nothing  freshens a gown like a good brushing  and pressing.  Coal���������Coal  lands  may  be purchas-j  cd at $10 per acre Ior soil, coal   and  J20  for  anthracite.  Not more than  420 acres can be acquired by sue luH  dividual or company.   Royalty   .. tJ  rate    of ten cents per  ton of> '&,oil'  pounds    shall      be collected  ou   tn<  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certn.eatei  granted upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual  and from $50 to $100 per annum to  a.company, according to capital.  A      free miner,  having discovered  mineral  in place, may locate a ciai  1,500 r  1,500  feet.    The lee for  n  cording a claim is  $5.00  At least $160 must be expended o  the claim each yeai or paid to th'*  mining recorder in lieu thereof. Whei  S500 has been expended or paid, th  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with oth'  er requirements, purchase the land ������ '  $l'an acre.  The      patent provides (for  tr.i- pa\  ment of a royalty of  2J> per epnr <>i|  the salea.  PLACER mining claims general!  are iOO feet square; entry fee '���������S. rp  ncwah'le yearly. '  A free miner may obtain  two leases  to  dredge  for  gold "ol   five inilc1  each for a term of twenty   year.s   u  newable at the descretion of the Mid|  later ol the; Interior ,  ,  The lessee shall have a diedr..  operation  within one sessni. from  date of the lease for each  dvp mil  Rental,  $10 per annum for  of river leased     Rovalu   -i  of 2������  per  cent  coilpcfpr'  ��������� n  >ut after it esoppd'.  ?!'  ,  !->      H  Deputy   nf    'h  ofioT  ;'V-K  :'"t ,'i ������'���������.'.  DESIGNS  TRASE-MAFiK.'  AND COPYRIGh  (��������� OETAiMEB  H AS TO PATENTABILITY  ��������� 'n "Inventive Age"  ���������1IOT7 to cDtain Patents"  ��������� -"i"ntf. No fee ti'l patent is ���������ie,  i ?tric'.lv cmiriilential,   Afiihi  'S. Pjli'-' ' - -���������nf, ysfjct-'tsii'i  m^  BEGINNING   l-i.  THROUGH  TOURIST  ISLEEPERS  GREAT,DfJ  ������BAlL*WAVi  WsSS  i  EiKll  !T  My sim rites ;itt ray noies for ram  He's riliii' this to you.  I hli-t my liiind a woke ago.  2r maybe it was two.  But Willie's such a darlin' hoy;  He's helppecl me all l-.e cud.  JtPxcuse hj������ nhseiits If you u'.ez*.  Yur-sa tidily. ">ira. tvooiu  ���������Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,    '  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRY GOOtS  VIOTOHSA, B.C.  Victoria,   Fei;-.   20.���������An ��������� interesting.  biid<*������:-t of   West    Coast news      was  hrouc;lit  to  the city  by  tho. steamer  Queen City 0n   .Sunday evening.   The  s learner  has   ls-cn' usfar  as Qualtsiino  on  the-voyage just conicleted.'.   She  a fine  trip outgoing, nut  incoming experienced  very rough  weather.  From ("���������iiatsino the news' is received   that   la   grip.pc  has   broken'    out,,  in both  the  white   and  uafhc cominu  nity, aiul with tlve Indinns is  playing  .seriou.x  havoc.    Fou.r   of   the . natives  luiAC died  of the  disease,' and two are  not expected    to    live.    The  ilul-ivcs  arc    terror-strie! cn     wil 11    the. hold  with   which  flic   la  grippe  has      luid  on   them,   anil   with   characteristic s������-  perstirjcM  imve started  a wierd  cc-re-  niony  specially   piepaieil   for  the occasion   to  scare  away   the  de\il sickness.    This ceremony  is supposed   to  laslXwo'   months.   Willi   the   whites  the  disi-ase  has  not   lodged   with  any  fatal    result    so far,   for the reason  that   bclK-r  measures  have  been   taken  to check il.  When   Ibe Queen  City  left   Quatsino  for   Victoria   Ibi-ie   was  considerable  excitement  o'.i-r a new  hotly   of    ore  that   has  been  struck   iu  the      June  tunnel.     A correspondent   writing    of  ���������this     says'     'The  ore  has a   better,  look   than  at.   lhe  cut  above.. It   is a  valuable  copper   sulphide,   with some  bornife .showing.    The  natives      arc,  all   feeling good   over  this.    One prov  cd mine up   here, will   be the   making  of the district. The  strike shows flint  the   Viiluable  ore  goes down   and   the  >e^*-M i**^.-*^-* ^-^.^-^.-tf-^^^.^n.^^.^^.ys^.^-'^.^^*  -EVERY DAY IN THLYEAS-  B15TVVlf JSN'"'  SEATTLE & CHICAGO  VIA    THK ,  ami nm*tdH MMWtf  "VUS    COStFORTABL.E WAV  Koiiteofthe Jb^amous Oriental Liimited  For detailcxl information, rates,  etc.,  call  on oi  address  S. 'Cr.  YERKES ,   R. STEPHEN,  A.G.P.A.    , .Ganl.  Act.  G. N. R.  Seattle, Wash.  Agt.  Victoria,  tunnel is yet, 150 feet from the show  ing above. The correspondent, snea'-:  ing'or another W'atlcr, adds , Mint th,^  ("mitsino people are nil signing a petition for some money for roads. W'e  have bad no road burbling for two  years."  Another  important   item   of  infor- ���������  illation 'brought, by  the Queen  City is  that  the hvlialing station  at  Sechast  is   suffering  from ia want  of   whales.  The big   leviathans arc scarce.     According  to those, who r.rrived on   the  steamer  only fcne was  taken  by     the  Orion   lr.st iweek,  anil   but three  the  wee''  before,   whereas   the catch  formerly a- eraged  over one a day.     Ot"  lute the   whales  arc becoming    very  wild,  and   they   arc *iow   to  be found  only well .oil shore.  Three     sealing   captains   who   have  hoe.-i down  the coast  on   the sfcaiiii.-r  for    the purpose  of  arranging       for  rri-ws  during 'the coming season returned  on the Queen  City mid report  that  the   natives  are disinclined      to  sign under  $8 'a canoe.    Capt.   Hami  says he offered them S7, hut the ca.-  tives refused. Last year  thev  receiv-  jed .$fi,   but this year they arc -determ-  i inc.d not.   to leave    for any less than,  the wage, mentioned.    Thc only  ves-  'sc-I   tluif   h.isso   far secured   men    is  ' the  Um.hriiia,  one of the  iiulci-endcut  , licet. The'seuline; men who camelfc.ck  on   the Quteri  City, however,   are    of  (he  opinion  that  later  on.  they  will  be able to (lo business  with the     natives,  ahd   that   they   will  not   have  to   pay   the extra money  asked.  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consu*ier<s are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street and|  pay Water     Ra.tes, between the 10th   and the 25th of each month.  Office Hours I P. M- 4,30  T. J BLAND  SUPEKINTEM ENT.  ]^s^^sssm^m^!^m^^si^^^s^s^3^ms^ss^  otic  Attention is called ta v,hc   lact that the  The only woman in the world who  travels as press agent for a circus, it  is said, is Lillian Calvert Van Osten,  who    left    the   stage to. exploit the  ierits of a Wild West show.   Though  called "Miss"  and looking little more  than a girl, she is a Mrs.,  and     her  husband, who is advertising manager  of the show, travels with her.      Miss  Van Osten's business is to call upon Jin an advertising car.���������The Pilgrim  'the newspapers to induce them" to  print good notices concerning the  show, and she has secured concessions  that men could not. Miss Van Osten  finds her life many-sided and far  from prosaic, and declares that she  gets a world of happiness in the experiences .of her  bohemian life living  Ogilvie-Flour nilis  Co,   Limr^dj  makers   of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR      have for ���������-im-    ������������������"������  past been producing flour In a   lastly  imvro^pd   a.nri   mi-  hy the aid of ELECTRICITY  aad having secure* comtrol  of   all the baslo patents relatiTit   '*���������������������������  to, take this opportuaity of & dvising the  public  tfcat any  orized users ot the cl������ctri������al   flour purifying processes   ������������������������ <..  *?cut(wi.  Ogilvio Flour Mills Company Lfmitad  are the    only    miliars ia C5aia������:I������  -wiiase   FIotxx*  s o 'L'ifi s I b/ tri3 B leotric^Prooess TR3    T>ATT.V     T-r/rr'-r-p  LOCH ITEMS  Miss E. Dbjbeson will be at ihe Ab-  botsford Hotel'evet-y Saturday afternoon to give lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, 'efficiently taught. For particulars ap-  I'y Box 12, or Phone 1-1G, Nanaimo.'  Smoke Big 15. t'icars  A concert to be given U& the school  children is set for '.March Und.'  Mr. C. IT. Barker, of Nanaiino,  passed thnvugli on thc morning')train  lo  Victoria.  Mr. 10. JA1. Yar\v0od, of Nanaimo,  was a pa^s'jngcr on the south: bound  train Uiis morning.  There will be a numl.er oi visitors  from Victoiia and Xanainio at 'tin:  Eagles ball  tonight.  THE  SOAP  SEWINQ  MACHINE  AWING-  [MiUiMJt 23 w  ur wrappers for Premiums  131  Jfr.   A.  Ingham, went up to Nana!  md at noon  today.  SCHOOL TRUSTEES  IN VICTORIA  The  Vancouver World will now pro-  cucv!   lo    climb down  off  the sensational   wagon ami ghe the public   a  few facts.  I'lie Naimiriio Herald publislies       a  notice calling   for   lenders   for,,'    the  plani  nrid R00d-will of the paper.1 Ten  tiers to he sent in before March 3rd.  The   Watsons   were   certainlv :   all  girt  rvee**  ivill doubtless  have good houses.  Read   the Hnrison's  Bay. Company's  A VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCES.  It will |>e. Icarricd with regret that  thc Watson Stock Cpnipaiiy. has play  ed its last in Ladysmith, for at any  rate a few nuuiths. lira week or  two liio .company will break up and  the uicmi-.crs ��������� will enjoy a few weeks  luyd earned rest. 'It is a niatter  lor regret that the .company could'  play  here  they     put in a whole  would  -(Continued  From Page One)  its third (reading;,  which was rtceiW'd  R*itK applause-from 'the trustees from  Vancouver and  New Westminster.  ������������������'Continuing,, Dr.  Torry  wished    to  deny the statement  that the (jjuestion  had been.taken up   interest of  Van  comer against Victoria.    When      he  not. ai-rangi, to    "' "'  '  '������������������������������������������������������-������������������ ><������������������������������������  month.        Mad    incy     put ,n  a w.nc-ie  J|()t  con(aill   tile   naiiie   of  any   place  .    ,.,   _..  , week here they  would   probably have  bui was left to  the government      to  light last  night. The  balance of the    fp.ii   greeted   with     full houses each   jeci(|e ori     lf the government decided  thev play Nanaimo, whore they, evening:     Their     performance of   'Ato establish     a provincial university  Victim  of Circumslanccs"  last night   McGili  would, not  thiiA  of opposing  was  b.v far the   cleverest;.. wor'<. they lBlltl ;r_,-��������� -^ftcr     years,  the    goverri-  ���������.,,rrf,c./,mpn<   n��������� ., .   ,m    ;<-*<��������� ���������'���������**- credited     with inLadysinith ��������� hient decided  to take it  o\er Mctirll  atncrtiseiiiient  on another nacef' The        ,  ..   ,   . . ,   ,    ,   ,,., ... .  ,  nld   r^li-!*,!,, ,���������.,, ��������� i     I       ,,        an/1 tlltlt.:IS suyn'S a ..groat deal, 'lhe   would he      willing to act hand      in  om,  renafjie com .anv sell  what thev     . "���������������������������    .' ������������������ , -,,..-��������� ���������        ��������� ������-   .  ad.crtise and nothin- -"���������"*    "- ��������� ���������' -;   '    y'   s'emi"u'ly   fllll"y'   was  sP'lci,(ll,!:, hand Avith   them.    Figutmg up      the  bought  fromi  They are the M \   :'f!isfi  Best Fitting Shoes l. mm  in Ladysmith \  ��������� ��������� ���������  k.������ SaJab M  with Cloth  Tops  is  a new creation and p should  see them  ��������� ��������� *  If you are loo!, ng for a  BOBBY SHE  Jit a  ���������      PDPIiUB PRICE  T,i  ���������   THE DERBY  ���������'J  wish, Mrs.   Brown," said the |  boarder    to      his  landlady,   "I wish  you'd  une me  lhe receipt  for' that  priddiiiu.  we had yesterday."  "I'd iiiuih rvthcr ghe you  a receipt for   the  board  yo.u hud lust  month,"   returned   the  landlady lart-  h.  On lam'ing in Australia our hi������'a  bee industriously collected quantities  of honey. Finding, however, 'that  there was no winter such as we lm^e  ui England, it gave up laying m  stoics Its morals are corrupted, for  it is no longer busy, but leads a but-  terlly life.���������Exchange.   o���������i   '���������'Is the w.iiui  due oast or  due west  ' today?"  as'-ed an cvasi\e creditor by  tvay of changing the subject of    his  ' debt.  i    '-It's  due now,  and  you'd     better  'hustle to raise it," ,was the'unfeeling  lepiy.  __, ,0   Thc Count���������Vou do me an .'injustice  I am     not mercenary. The Heiress���������  ,'1'he Count���������No,   I assure -you.  my creditors  who arc.  ��������� o���������    ������������������  ��������� ���������  M.LiTAKV   HANDY  MEN  No'.".'  It   is  on as good.  .,'p  HnR e,'S(*. ' ''} ROo<]^ ly acted, staged nicely, and'wti.s- in"  possibilities  of a urmersitv  f(  luem aie to be depended   all.   r^v^g   a  thoroughly enjoyable  bish: Colunibia,   he stated . thai  AT  John P.  Cha,r E  "Mis.   P.  n.  THE   ABIIOTSEORD.  Chishci'n,  Vancouver.  Slulton,  Vancouver  V.  Pirt,  V'ancoinei  F   Fisher,   Vancouver  for  Bii-  lal       at  performance.     In   their     respective    (.reseut    there were between' 50 and  parts all  members wero seen at their 75 pupils, and to start the  universi-  hest.v   Mr.   ��������� Watson, ��������� in the-.leading- ty  it would  cost about $500,000, and  role,; was     more'than  usually clever,  ihoiit''$25,000 a year aftetwards.  tvhile the ladies of the  troupe, and.     Trustee,Hall wanted to  '>iu>w what  Messrs.'1-iopley,     Scott,   and  the re-  the attitude of McGili would ibe     ii  mainder actot) "up to him," in a way   the government decided   to establish  that is deserving- of praise. a. university.  IT.e'troupe left, oh the noon train Dr. 'I'orry said that McGili was  or Nanaimo, where tlvcy will pay ready 'to retire if the ^I'vernmenl  for the rernainder of Uie wiv.k. wished  to  take  it  o\er,  but  if after  McCIill ihad established  it   and had it  running  they   would expect  to       be  recompensed.  .\  vote of  thanks   was   passed     to  '' Dr. Torn-  for his address.  Frustce Ferguson mocd, seconded  coupons will be drawn for at Nanai- Duncuiis, and until ,a few ..onth, ago b*v Trustee "Huggott, ''that in the  mo on  Friday afternoon.   Thc result -aC P. R. emplovec at ^tlie local de- ?I���������'n,0,1 ������f ������^'convention    he leg.s-  of U.ls dr*win-r     will be.-narfeWn'--"potV  w���������s      united" in    inaniage last    iirt;0;1 f^'l^n    ^ ifi/ T  1 u-...,. o institution  of learning   in  tins     \no-  lince    is filling a much needed want  Smoke Little B   Cigars.  Mr. K.. K. Peiser, rep icon ting, the  IJ. C. Soap Works, was in town yesterday to collect coujioiu s/iveii out  witi, their    While Swan Soap, which  WEI)1)ING BELLS  R El D- LEWIS  Mr.   Robert   Reid, station agent at  - ,,  ��������� - ���������v-..   ... , -    ..... c--  m Saturday's   issue.      nir.  Peiser al-  evening to Miss Lizzie Lewis,  ihugh-  rrappersj an  v.-hicli  ought to even  more popularize  the B.   C.  well    I nown  Soap.  The    Ladysmith      S  Rgeria    football   team   on  the   Bunker: Duncans,  ground      on'    Sal unlaw      The  match  will   lively  he an   interesting one.  FOR RENT  The Bar of the Well Known Hotel  Ladysmith,   thoroughly  ruinished.  For further particulars apply to D.  C.  White, at the Hotel.  ���������5B5  !  " 77?^'^ is .going to be a  Hot Time '  "Where?"  "At ihe Eagle's Ball"  "When?"  "To-night"  i'-Are you going?"  i     "7 should smih"  J.rmlgfJiss w ar a pair^of oar  sity  The motion was carried.  The question of the supply of  text  hool-'s   was    introduced     by Trustee  l.'arroll, who Xioved  the following resolution:  "That this convention  is in  favor    "of the jrov.iricial   government  undertaking     the  furnishing of.-text  hooks  to- the   hoards of trustees     at  I Ik:  very  lowest  possible   margin    of  Miss   t-'va   Wil'.'insoii  and. Mr.   Noah  pro/it."  Bergeron,    of    Nanaimo,   were  united      I'he motion was   seconded by Trus-  in marriii!-.-; hy    Iicv.  A.  Silva-Whitc  leo Planta and carried.  at' St.   Pauls' Ch-ur'.-h,  Naiiaiuio,  this       J.  J.  Doiigan ������moved  that the con-  moriviJig.   After  a l-oiipvincon'' to    te   vent ion  desired  to  place itself      011.  spent at the . Sound'cities the happy  record  as bcinor. opposed  to  the' too  couple    will  TaV  up hourck������'ping at  [rcvi'iient  ��������� change  of  text  boo!-:.s  pre-  Nanainio.  Miss Lewis  is  well  known  and \'c-  Soap Company's already  T popular with the young people of  piodiicl,    White  Swan   (-lllfi cit-v' a^   is also ihevbridcKa.b.n,  and the.young     people, enter ..married.    life with     the test wishes of a  large  FOOTI'.ALL   " 'circle of friends.     After a short hon-    e.y-irioon    in    Nanaimo "Mr.  am!  Mrs.  oniors  play the  'ieiti  wi"  taVe-up' their-residence   at  Walters &  Akenhead  iicnt and the subscli'acnt cxiiense up-  m the parents' of the children.  The . mot ion was seconded Ly Trus-  'ce l\'I������ss  Cameron  and carried.  kn adjournment was then taken till  1.30 o'clock.  In order to make a break in the  routine work asocial session 1 had  been arranged ior the evening meeting of the school trustees. The committee in charge had taken, gieat  pains to pipvide a suitable 'programme and their efforts were not without s'icccss. The chair was occupied  by C. CL R'cdfein in the ahsence of  the Hon. I.icuicn.mt Governor, on  thc ������������������llatfoim Resides the chairman'he  ing the Lord Bishop of Colum||a ami  all the Victoria board  of trustees.  k very honest .man and a very good  understanding m.ay he deech cd by    a  *wra\e.  . 0   She.��������� llid.your sister get any dupli  cate wedding presents? He���������Yes; she  married a widower with two boys.   ���������0   Snnlight Soap ia "oertor than other soap*  but is boat wbea used in the Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Ecap and follow direction*.  11 there is anything   you    want in  the Drug or patent medicine line you  .rill   find   it at    the Ladysmith  Drug  3t������re.  scril cd bv      the  educational depart-  j    Smoke Big I'..  Cigars  BASKETBALL.  Mr. -lames Adam, secretary oi the  local basketball club, has 'received-'a  letter from the executive of thc Victoria intermediate i-as-'cth-all club ask  in������- for a gaimc. on Mtirch "h-d. The  panic V/ill probably ta'-e place at the  opera house on  that date.  Nearly Everyone  What it is to Move and Get Things  broken up.  FOR SALE  The Candy ami  'M  f'������'  UkHT  Mall'eo,  Ii.  C.  on  1st.  Fru.il, store of -lolirr  Avenue,   l.adysmitli,  Ml  hiii i;  Willi. White  Satin  Bows  I fed Psarl Bucklss-yery N������w  ��������� ��������� ���������  ' ,:   -1  These Slippers are Selling "Well  and  the   Prices  are Right.    ���������  CALL  AND   BE  .CONVINCED  "YEA-YEA"  m  "flTTI T���������Hnfl ������T*WrT***  LOCALS.  (Contributed.).  Mrs.    Stevens      of  Stevens   Block-  left     this nil.ruing on lhe  Amur for  the  north.   Mrs.  Stevens  will  i,c  absent   for some months.  The Rathi-lmc Sisters of F.adysrn-ilJi  Peniple gave Airs. Stevens a surprise  party last evening on her departure  for norlhern parts. Those thai, were  so unfortunate not to be present  missed a good time, ami would never  have been forgotten (Watson's Company was not' it)  LadysmJlh Temple No.  5  Rathlione  Sisters    all      mcnu'.-ers of  the ��������� nbove  temple  are  requested   to  attend       a  special   meeting at  thc T.O.O.iF.  hull  fomorrow  (Thursday)  at  l.'lfi  p.   m.  sharp for important business.  MARY MARRIES, M.E.C   0���������.  '  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  A SNAP  "iO COLUMBIA  AND HIORLINER  10  10  INCH  RECORDS,  SLIGHTLY  USED  Only 25c. Each  To avoid this I have decided to sell out .-my  entire Stock   of Furniture, Glassware,'.Dishes,  Cooking utensils, at a Great Sacrifice, from iO  J to 20 per cent discount for Cash Only.  I    SHOES, SHOES,        SHOES  One   hundred Pairs of (Maple Leaf)  MINING   SHOES,   with  or  without  Nails.  More, than   three hand red  Pair   of   LADIES',    31 ENS    and      CHILDREN'S'   SHOES   will   be  sold   RP,:i A HDL ESS  OF COST.  Tlieu   sale   will   continue  from    SaniMay  the 17th to Saturday the IM.  CHAS.   PETERSON.  I'URNITURE  STORE  ,5th  AVENUE &  ROBERTS  Street.  WATCH  8%  We  are  now showing a  Large Stock of  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  'lhe order of the l'ie"ch Minister of  wai that the sharpshooters of the  vote the-r time lo ihe extermination  garrison towns on the coast shall de-  1 tin* seals, which threaten thc fisheries of the French Coast, is no\cl,  ,..a merely a lepolition of history.  Some years a������o the province -of  Luxomijt'iurg wau infested with wolves  and the alarmed inhabitants appealed lo the minister of agiiculture, and  he in turn appealed to the minister of  war, with the rcsull Miat scveral reg-  in^nts were ordered <othe province  and the |>osts were rxteiurinated in  shoit order.  It U not many years a������o that G������*r  maivsoldiers were ordered to East  Belgium to assist tlie peasants in a  pla������ue of rats, and millions wero  killed before the troops were withdrawn. Four thousand Krnsia sol-  dieis cleared the railway line in the  vicinity of Odessa after the great  blizzard of 1903, and a company of  French infantry enjoyed a Hon hunt  in the streets of t'liaftrcs when one  of these aiiiinnls escaped from a trav  elling menagerie.  Perhaps the oddest use to which  soldiers are put is at Heidelberg- University, where the school of anatomy  draws upon ihe garrison for its living object lessons.  MEN WITH TAILS  Mention oi an obscure Lelief in oth  er ccntries that Englishmen used to  wear, tails, has prompted a correspondent to submit souie information  regarding the sublett ol tails in general, says an Exchange-. Dr. John  U'oili, an old time writer, said:  "There is, even in England,, a gentleman of dark complexion and of great  talents, "'wiio . walks, exactly-, as if he  had a tail, and people of high rank  told'- me that he and his family were  Known- to have tails, and therefore  in his carriage there i.s a hole in thc  seat where he sits in order that he  may be able to sit comfortably." .  Baring-Gould's ''Curious Myths pf  the Middle Ages" contains the follow  ing. "Dr. Wolff in his travels and  ad ventures says, "There are men  immI \vomen in Ahyssinia with tails  like horses and dogs." Wolff also  heard from a great many Abyssinians  and Armenians (and Wolff is convinced of the truth of it) that there  are near Narea, in Abyssinia, people,  men and women, with large tails,  with which they are able to knock  down a horse, and there are also  such people near China." A note in  I'aring-fiould's bcok adds: "Ih the  college of physicians and surgeons at  Dublin may still' be seen a human  .skeleton with a tail Severn inches 'ong  There arm many known instances' of  this elongation of the caudal vertelfa  as in the Popnangs in Borneo."   \ ___  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will h������ FIVE CENTS per loaf��������� 20  loaves for a dollar. My read is |  guaranteed the best made. Shops  run by white help should receive  white peoples' patronage so Iobj; as  they are properly conducted. 1 solicit a trial as vour Baker.  C.  R. DOCILE,  THE WELLINGTON BAKERY  PC  are'conslantly arriving ar.d we can  show you some Nice Lines iu  MUSLINS DRW  PRIMS SILSCWi  BLOUSE SUITING NECKWEAR  We-Guarantee Satisfaction to all  our -customers in regard to Price  and Quality of these Goods  SIMON .LEISER& CO Lid.  S_M  GATACRF.  m������_^esgasemlUjmm  ST  LADYSMITH  itf  W, G. Fraser  iMerchaittTaiior,  i ISt    AVl-1'lir )'  Fall  Stock   on   hand, tall t*r:rly and  get your choice  Stoves  toves  W������  ar| making them oijchs Nssw-sst ^Paturu and Lates*  Siyies. ,'  * ���������* ������ 1  WE D6ALL KINDS OF FOU NDRY  WORK  ���������ur Frices art Reason* Ida  SEE OUR :MEW ST6VES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  \ ^-and at Lid>5nrii!) JH rc^snj  crrpany  LADYSmtH   IRON v^r STOVE W������ J*M S CO.^LTf)  ���������'"..'    '   '   ''" ���������,;'���������-.������������������ '   ...  MR. am* MRS:xt. JTHOMAS, I  ���������f   Mouat Sicker; H������tel,  and  of  Palace H������tel;  Naaaimo,  have  chas'ei tke   COMMERCIAL HOTEL-���������  oa Deutlas Street, Victoria, oppos,  t*e city hall, "aifdinrite their    Old  PATRONS ANjIi/FRIENDS TO VIS  IT-TUEU-WHEN IN VICTORIA.  Smoke' Big  B. Cigars':  -0-  . Prescriptions filled  promptly at Trie  Ladysmith- Pharmacy. ;.  ���������'���������   ./ ''NOTICE "'.������������������'������������������  MEXCELLENT  Train Service  PCTWCCN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  Aad tho Prlaclpal Business Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS, g  F������r Time Tables, cte., address f  QBOt' W. VAUX, :  AulstSBt Oei'l PMiMger and Ticket Agent .'  13B AO������M������ ������T.. CHICAGO, ILL. _\  mmm%mmmamm-mmmmammm4W4wmmmm9  New     Pictorial     Pest    Cards  at  Knight's Book Store.    Notice is herchy given that I will  apply at the next sitting of the Municipal Licensing Board for the trans  fer of the retail-     liquor license held  hy me for the Portland Hotel, sibufl.  ted on. Lot 10, Block 4, First Avenue, to-David I-Iyncs.  .   JOHN  GOGO  Russell Simpson, Solicitor-  NOTICE  '   ~������~ ���������  . Notice ia lierehy given that I, "Agnes Knii_..it,      will apply at the next  .regular sitting of the licensing-, hoard  for thc tracer    of the retail liquor  license held     hy me for the. premises  lately! known as the Island Home J.-Jo  tel, iocated    on lot 3, hlock 26,     in ���������  the city        of   Ladysmith, ,B. C. to  George ITannay,    the above hotel to  'w. known as The  Itotel Cecil.  Signed,   AGNES  KNIGHT.  Diaries for  190G at  Knight's  Book  Store.  MUSIC  RINGS  KNIGHT'S BOOK STORE  and Other Jewelry of First Class Qya  B.:FORCIMriEK  WATCHMAKER,   .JEWELER,   OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   XXX      Ladysmith,  Pianoforte and Vocal Music thoroughly taught hy Frank G. Asliton of  tbo C'J-uildhall School and Trinity College of Music, London, England."  Pupil of the late Thomas W.ingjham,  Miis.   Doc, n-rgaaist,     Brom.pton,  Oratofj    London.  Mr. Asliton is now resident in Ladysmith and prepared to take pupils . Harmony and Theory a Spe  cialty. Terms, etc., om application.  P.  O.   BOX 223.  Notice  A. HOWEiJof CHEMA1NUS, has opened the MEAT-  VIARKET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street.  WITH |flLL)LINf OP PST CLASS MEAIS  rd Sruj������ge s f peciElty  ';*���������:; J'        A.TRIAL SOIJCITED  ��������� A.   HOWE  r'"    ' '-��������������������������������������������� Phonfl   20  B. C  R   SIMPSON  Solicitor.  Ete.  to   Loan  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artisticaiiy Done  '-Vvaiiis  L47r5r1   1  S, ROEDDNG    -  Orders  Promptly   Executed  r -���������-' LADYSIVIITHj


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