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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 27, 1906

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 The.Ladysmith Daily Ledger  N****  **������  l*V  *��������������������������� ������- "-������-^~  VOL..2  'JuESDA-i ,   FEU    27 ,   10IHI  prx:  , ENT  JUDGEMENT FOR  THE C P. R.  In Case of Vancouver vs. Railway Co.  Privy Council Decides in Favor  of Latter  m io  Of  mm  Personnel   of Insurance   Commission,  Appointed by Dominion  t '  Gov err ment '  London,  Feb   27 ���������Judgment  been   handed; dawn, in  the case  Vancouvci   vs   C P.R ,  in which  01 tj   was taking action against     the  RaiLvay company  for  blocking    certain  sliei't.s.      The decision of      the  Privy Council  is m  favoi  of Hie  C  P R  'I Ins was the case on which thc  AUoinpy-CeneipJ, represixnwng the  piomic-c,  MSitcd London last year.  has   will spread.    However,' it   is G.'iid  tlie  of   incident appears   to justify such pie-  *,j*lc pai at ions     as are    mow    umlei   ������M  from a military point  ol mow    The  repoit     that   English   subjects  have  b'-cn killed  is the most  serious phase  of  lhe aPait,  fot \t is said this fact  may Le     made tlie Lasjs of foitible  meastiicis on  the pait'of the Ihilish  go* eminent  that  might  inflame  the  entiie    Chinese      population     N.mig  Chang,  where  the missions  weie  destroyed,   lies  upon   the   shoie of  the  Lake  1'ov.uig,   in   tfie   iioilhetn portion of lhe province of K.Una, Si, and  the Yang  Tse  iivei   is navigable up  to t hat point,, as   well   as   tlie  lake  Ottawa,  Feb   27���������(Special)���������   The,  poi'ojimM ol   ihe  Iiisuiancc In������osliga-  tion Commission is as follows  dun man,  Jiwlgc iVlcT^iMsh, of Ot  tawa, J. W   Lagmuir. managing <li-  iecioi  of the Toionto General Trust  Coipouttion of Ti i on to,   A    L Kent  of the  fitm of Kent and Lutockc, ac-   ltsolf)   for   waislnps   ol   consideialbh  '���������militants oi Alontieal ,s.yt.  ��������������������������� Shanghai,  Feb   2(1 ���������Soniewh.it con  st   Peteisbuig,  IVb   27 ���������Russia is   fused imports have uached heie ot   a  using all   lui   influence   to  pi event a    massacie of     imssunaiies at     Nan  nipt UK- between Fiaice- nnd Gcimany   Shaiig,  prgyu-'ce'of Kiaiig Sif ,     As  TIk  C/arV. government  is donrj; tlus    neaily as'ran b<* ascertained siv tiiis-  at a irltiuusi   fiom  Pans,  the Rouv-  Isioaanes  were killed  and  one   child  ict   government feeliiifj  that H13 situ-   of  an English missionaiy  was   wouu-  atioii is  lih-jly to ic-sult in  war, and   ded.  has asked the friendly mtvivemtion of ' It.i.s alleged that the long'contin-  Ru.s-.ia, believing that thc close .ii-'uwl- disputes between the Catholic  Imnce of the St Peteisbuig and Bor-'pnests .and the Chinese magistiate of  liir coiut-3 will1 lend weight ta the Nan Chan^. was the cause The  aiguriK-nts ot the Russian government pnests in\ited the rnagistiate to A  ��������� j han-cpicl. wlrere they tried , to compel  Pe'-ui, Feb 26���������The British Lego.- him to sign an- agieemeni foi Iho  tion heie ha<-iecn������ed notice that 'payment of a laige Indemnity tot  foui   Fnglish missionaries,  a man his jtho destruction of a Catholic-mission  Ottawa,   Feb    27���������When  the Canadian government agreed last* summer  to      assume  contiol   of  the impel ial  garrison   al   IIn.1 if.i\,   it  was   understood that/ it-would take over on .Jih  ly   1, IflOC, the defences   a( Esquimau  It, is Uimoied, Jmwcvei, lhat  the Militia  Dep.'iitmerit   is  icady  to  install  membi'is    ol      out    own  peiinaneiit  toijs at   Es(]umialt hy  the   spring,  ;i\ ailing   itself ol   the sen ices at tbo  outset   ol   apoilioii  of   the  imperial  olhteis, | o h among the engineers and  the ailillciy     '1 his nas   been done al-  icady .d   Halifax-     Canada for sevei-  al  veais   has   Lcieii [laying half     the  cosi   oi Keeping   up  this  station,  mid  since  .luiy'Iast   ha-, been  meeting the  entire expense.  It is saul  that  the speech fiom the  (Inone at   th' opening  of  the       approaching   5������b?moii      or   the Canadian  Parliament  will. contain   reference to  the   importance   of  piesouing       the  scenic      gi.-indcur   ofDNingaia   Falls  from  destine!ion   at the  hands       of  power   mwriuf.ictiiiiiig  interests  At   tlie  opening  of Con'giess  j.ear   Piesrderit  Roosevelt   called  tendon to  tlie *.ainc subject  UIIIKTII GIVES IIP  HHT  Alleged Diamond Thitf Arrested at Blaine Has Wai- |  ved Extradition  m mte  BANK ROBBED  OF $37,50  REVENUE TAX  BY-LAW AFFIRMED  How He Escaped tha   Van  couve; and Royal  city Police  this  at-  PATRICK  MURER CASE  wrfe and then two children, have  fcicn massacred at Nan Chang, in  the province of Kiung Si, The city is  the peilectineal capital and with the  Loops theie foretgnris should be a<v-  surcd j'lotection, No details have  been iccened  A   Washington despatch- dated   Feb.  2(lth says    The officials heie accept  Council   ('encial   Rogeis'   suggestion  that   the tioiible in the Nan Clung is  lev...!, as  ha*" teen tne case with the  picf'ling  attacks   upon   fou-ign   icsi-  dci-t*   in   China,  thervfoie there     is  little apprehension  that  thj  trouble  piopeity. According to  one      repoit,  Uie magistrate- be-canw   indignant and  committed   suicide,   hut   the  Chinese  assett that  a priest attacked'     and  killed  him . The  olhpial,   fearing  lo  ariest    tfas     priest,  called  a public  meeting ol   Chinese,   (lev .eloped   it  into a not,  winch,  aeeoiding to     one  stoiy,   lesultixl  in  sik  Catholics   be  ing  killed,       though   a later 'account  says  the  number, of  Catholics were  four     II   C.  Kingman,' a piotestant  missicnary,  and  his  wife   also    weie  killed and  one of their  two children  wounded.  TO LIGHTEN  THE DARKNESS  ut  Mjyor and Aldermen Are De;ermined  to Make Another Attempt to Get  Electric Light for the City  Theie is hut litll<- doubt that with- a steam power one but said that un-  in two oi Uu'ee months thc people le.-*-' those metalling a water powct  ol Ladj smith will le called upon to plant were coin meed, absolutely tei-  volc* on another Elietnc Lij-ht bve- tain, that tho povvci would not tail  luw. The ipiclion ol the lighting them in the dry season, the nivesl-  of the city bv elcLtricrty was again mint was a i isky one  brought up at the council meeting The aldermen present' last night  Lis' evening, and Mayoi Nicholson apptuently agieed with Hie . \pies.sl  st.itcl Hurl he ".is <ol!ectnig all in- opinion of the mavoi lhat lla nun  to-nunlion as to the cost of machin- eil should make another atteip. t to  4.'iy <-ither for a steam or water get a city owned plaiit and if I'm-  power |)lant and the probable cost people declined to support :. by-law  .of light- to I he [Topic should a they should then be as -a! to vote a  plant be iustalli-d. It was stated chai'tei to a-private comi'!,ny.  hy a city official that a,financier ���������f After the meeting adjourned lhe  standing ban said j,hat if tlvs city matter wa,s informally discusst'd ly  ���������would not install and operate a the mayor and some of'fh������- aldcrmui,  plant he would like'llu?. opportunity and Air. Nicholson said lie believed  of iiisinlling oiif liiiiKi.'If. the  feeling of tlw   "people  had   ui.tler-  llis Worship, in a .-nilse'il'icnf dis- gone a vast change^.since the Ia*-'t bye  ���������oussion, said the- coiineil should make, law wns surJmitfed .to the public, lie  .another attempt t0 get a municipal thought, that .i.f all information po.si  plant. While in Vancouver ho had .sible regarding the ro'st of machinery  'interviewed the mayor and city elee- and expense of operating a plant, and  ���������Iriciaiis. and they strongly advised above all the cost of light supplied  .ihe city to put hi a plant if possible, to private citizens, was collected,  ���������/giving-the opinion that a steam pow- oiid the /people made thoroughly ac-  'cr iila,nt f0r a city tin- size of l.ady- <|.iinin(;ed with the facts, a pro-posi-  smith would in a couple of years be tion to install a city owned plant  ihe soinee of much revenue for the woi.M meet with their approval and  municipality. They agreed  that  a  a byclaw empowering   t.-he council    to  water power     plant was  better than  raise l-h������ necessary-'funds,  be passed.  i\c\v  Voik,  Feb    27���������Tlie arrest ���������f  .'oseph  Jordan,  one of tlie witnesses  hi ought heie horn   Texas  to testify-  in behalf'of .Albert  T. Patrick,  now  in  *-'mg  Sine;  pnson undei   so-ntence  i I Heath   101  the   rnutdei   of   \\!      M  Krce,   maik/ed the climax   of todhy's  hearing before  Rccoidei   Gofi on  the  motion   for   a new,trial   Joidan       is  (h.ngcil   with   jierjuiy,  thc  complaint  haniy   been   made   Vy Distiict      Attorney Je.onie  .1 oi dan testif'ed last week that  he  o.eihcaid  thailes   F   Jones,   Rice's  vnlct,  confess that,- Pati ick was      innocent   ol   the mine   loi   winch       he  stands  con it led     .Ionian  was close-  h     qieslihne!   at   tlie tunc,   by   r\li  .leioune,   and   was  juiticulaily   asked  il he hud  e\er   I ecu   tonf tied   in   the  Tcv.is  j o-ib.ntiaiy     He declaied  he  had  umci   bee.i  in  pnson  The .uicil fodav followed the ap-  icviiante-on (he witii(,ss stand of  Willi.ur (i ^iunaj, v ho was a  gii.ii.I at tlie lenitentiaij in liunst-  \ lMo, T.xas, fiom IS/7 to 18S2. Mm  ra.y said Jordan was once a prisonei  in his thaige  Couii-sel fo;   Patrick   objected to the  arrest at  this  stage  of the case, say  In its last issue the Vancouver  U'oiM gives the following lnU'iesliug  actuunt of the tap tine of l'-an in^ton  an  aileged  diamond   llmf  Aiic'Sted   in      New  \Vi't.tminslei   '-u  Tinrs.lay    iiiounng    as a vagi ant by  Detective Hi ads-haw, slipping  tiluough  that sleuth's  tingeis bv   a tlever  sto-  lv    and    Mil.-scqueiitly     tiuinping to  Hlairic   bj   nightfall,  Wallace   Baiiing-  t'on,  now    a contested diamond  ihiet,  i.s <>ii his \v,iv to Vaiu'ouvei in charge  of  Dcmcfiie     V.'addell       Tbe   theoiy  fiat    liaiiington    went  to Stevestou  lhe  same ev i n.ng   that  lla//aul /was  anestel, has   pur.ed  bv  Hairington'*;  con ft s ion,   io   Le toned       After   lying low ever     since,  while his  1 eard  giew,   lo  \eiilurod   into Westmn.stei,  ,in.l   was attested   hy   Dclectne  Hi ad-  thaw of that plate oi; Thin-,dav moi-  ning  Hiadshaw acctre.l  him  of \i,giancv  hut    B-aiiington    put   up a huid  link  story    and    Mn*   soft-ieutcd aim ot  'justice    let   bun go Afinid      that  ^lacNhaw would Lilk and lie alaim  he l.u-od, Hai imgloii at once left or  'the A met lean side 'lhat was too  It-lose a cm 11 foi his naves Arrrved  in Hlaiee, he made the mist-il e of  living to send diamonds thiough thc  m.)ii, and was a-rrstet!  When  anestcd bv Constable Kings-  lev,   ol      IWaine,   Uamngton  tned  Ilelsingfors,      Finland,     Feb     2(! ���������  Ten  men   foroed an entrance into I lie  Russian state    bank last night,  shot  the    geardiau    and  fstcio 1. $.17,.")ll(l  The  lobbers   have not bten  taptmed.  The     lobbeiy  was coininilied   Willi  amazing   boldness,   in  Lioad  daylight  and on  the principal street  oi the city      The robl'-'is loiccd the unairned  unplovees   to    thiovv    up then   lipids  and  t o'v    the   kevs of   the sale  and  thin diovti    them  into   the adjoining  loom,   warning  them  if  they attempt  ed  to e-cupe,  two bombs, which  ihej  plated    against    tin*  dooi,   would   le  exploded    'I be bombs were empty tomato  cans The   icHbeis  ienij.m.d  b ^b>"-   han't   ten minute- packing the  plui.dei     in   small   Lvigs       Their   lea-  dei   held  a   short comeisation    ovn  telephone with  some  unkiiown peis'on  after   which he   jerked the telephone  iiom its cord and the Land decamped  'Ihe coips of the guaidiaii,   who  was  shot    while he   was  lushing into 11*3  loom,  was mutilated  with a Iri'fe bv  one ofthe robLors,    who aie thought  lobe revolutionists  fiom  the  Eal'ic  ELECTRIC  SMELTER  Ottawa,    Feb    20 ���������The   following  telegram   has been received by Hon  Ft air.*. Ohvei, Minister of the Interior  Sault Ste, Mane,  Out,   Feh.   21,  1900��������� Hon   Frank Olnei,  MP,  Ottawa���������Successful  demonstration     of  all points stated ui-mv nipmoiandum  a , on elect nc smelting oi Canadian l'on  And Curfew By-law  Passed Its Third'  Reading at Council Meeting  Last Evening  Hose Bill jAgain Laid Over for a Week  Aid. Spence F'avors Local Improvement By-law  At tho i.f.ulai   meeting of the City   cil giant     the society the use of the  Count il hist e\u'inn<4 Alavor Nicholson  Councrl Chamber once a week for the  piesided,   the  other   memLeis   prestnt holding of     ambulance classes  which  being   'Aldermen      IVlalt/ne,   Campbell,  Dr.  w<lSson has staltpd  Jn connrotlon  Uien and Spence       The binine&s /Was      ,.    jU      '  as follows' *^,wtlh   the     society, stating that tne  Wellington      Colheiv   Company    h^s  COMMUNICATIONS | Ji]ndly o(,ercd     tbe -doctor \h; ^ ^  A letter from F J. Fulton, pro- theu oHlces' 10t the puiposp Ml  vincial secretan, advising the coun- Malone SAld tbat aS the 0l���������CCb wou,(.  cil ol the appointment of Alderman Le lalRC cnoUgl, for som2 tlme [Q  Campbell and, Mif VV. Nicholas, OI1 lome aJjd woi],d suil the vuj.pose &d_  the boards of police and license Com- ulIlably tlle ofier had been accepted,  missioners       Rec-eived  and hied | aH|1   lhe   U(luestcto    the C0UnCll he '  The toad loreman's report wus wouJdi Wlth tho ^Bseat ol Hls W()1.  read In his icport Mi Callcndai slup> and Wie Aldermen, withdraw. r  notifiel the Council that Mr Axeltor., iri grantmK the withdrawal, the  was desirous of hating the roads,imyol sald hc Wft, sure the council  Second Wenue and White street, ad-;wouH wluinglv have granted the rejoining hi'  piopeity,  clea.ed,  onenngiqUOSlt    oft}e  "S0Ciety, and   would do  to do the  w0r\,  help defray     tin  if the  cooncrl would  expense.     IVIr   (Jul  anj thmg in  their  power    to suppoit  the   Ambulance classes       tie smcorc-  blufl,    statins      that  he wus    Jamrs' oro-s i4NJ-">'i"g nnesligation    Output  O'P.nen      ot     Kntish   f'olumli-i,   and {Bteater than  figuie adopted by Ha>-  bord in report ot commission Successful inciting of magnetite'and de-  sulj hurr/ation o!   pig   Successful su"b-  ikrrew nothing of tie diamond iob-  heiy lie voluntcieicd the infoima  lion that he had been anestcd :s a  vagi .ml.    in      Vancouver and    h t <ro  stitution of .charcoal and therefore of  When  seen bv   IMctfue Waddell   tbisl')c'lt c<)lce for col,e    Consumption  of  moiiiiug tbe fugitive 1 ept up a 1 old  ii ont loi a while, but Pnally hi o'a'  down, and hein;1 cisiic.l that the  liirtish Columbia authorities woiihl  ��������������� *<-.i<l any sun^to e\tiadue him, and  Waddell pioving Io him that he knew  him, Hiiiiington '���������aid  turn  To  the diplomatv   of  IMe-liw  dell  so!  get  C  ringtoii  he   would   re-  Wad  eleetiodt*  liiii^nificant     1'ioriuction of  nickel j.ig ol Lne quality from  masted    pvuhotite        Fortj   tons  of pig  have     so far   been pic tl need    1'iocess  admits of  immediate commercial .ap*-  1 pluation     Kvpeiiments  will   he i ora-  i j.'cled in about   two weeks  I    (Sigrud)      ElKM-lM":  HA AXEL.  I Supt    or Alines  F   Wif llmliord is ccirsult ne;  metal  1  is   umloi'lt.-dh-    ,i,(.    this smiiilel,  '     "'  "l:,K'lH  ���������"--���������"-"���������"'-,   i"^>-^-  ������*H.r.  of   ,he     piohlem   i how       !h'r*MSt ������r' hB l"d,an go^inment ami  'ailmg  himsr-If Janes ,rBlID1 I(lia"'i^'curment in connection      w,th  ^. ,        ��������� 1-c'1'  liai   the    woik     of the, commission  which  kndai. who was nrpsent, stated thatj]v hoped thcy would p.ove hiahlv  JMi A\elton would be satisfied to do' sucressful for he w,vs c0nvin<ed that  all the woik if the Council would; a drilled ambulance society would le  pay bu the oil which it w0uld be 0f great lenefit to the communttv  ntccs������..'ij to use to burn tho stumps aIK* lt, at a future time the council  Report was ictcivcd and filed and the chamber was needed he was sure  lciy-tst ickiied to the chanman of there would be no difbcuUv in ob-  the Stieet Committee, with instmc- taming )ermi<-sion td use the" sano ,  tions flint he find what work it was. The "Re-.ehue Ta* Byelaw, which as  necessary to doandiepoit at next reported in The Ledger, passed its  meeting Re foi e this action was ta- !hird muling 0;i Thursday night,  i en   Aldeir.ian     Sperrte expnissed the Was aiTirmed.  opinion that it would be mathisable Alderman Campbell's Curfej\ Bye-  to all'mpt nnjth stieet work until jaWi the^ ])rousiono of v.h.rch' weie  .n e ort v,as made to pass a local published"' m these colerniis' a foit-  i..r:ion ir.cnt   by-law ni^ht since,      was committed,  Alder-'  Dr.I-ERHEI' in SINESR ma.. Uien in the chair      The bvelaw  The    bill  foi    the Wellington hose,  was     read   clause by clause and was  v-iiKdi    was    jneseiiteil  ssvual   weeks  passed   without amendment       It will/  ato,     aud   laid over    weeto by week,   ]jf: aflumed next week  was Liought up again, but cn motion      A! human   Spence said there  >vas a  iv   Aldeim.ui   Uren, secoi^d  oy Al- f Jaige aieount oi rubbish which n <h?  hot weathei would be a menace to  The public health, on the piop-uy  and   alleyways   between Gatacrc and  arrived  in   HFniire with  mud  ntg ii would militate agamst the in- thick cn his pal.-ut leatlu-i shoes on  tcusts ol their client Tbe i-ecorrh-i Thmsdev mghl On Fii(������ft\ mi mine;  said he was leluctant to takeitheac- he applnd foi w0ik at tiK> .lenkins  I ion ie .nested bv the distncl attot- LumlKi cenii'.anv s sawmill and w-rs  nev in  ata.se   where he inight J.eieat-  jri������ on a      lob      In  apj lv nig, V.an 11.5.  ten gave his name as dames O'li.ien  ���������iiul said he vvas Horn British Colum-  bia and b.ole       arimgtoii nuclei took  1er act as trial judge He ad-ised  Air Jeiome to apph <o a [lohce  m.igistiate  Jordan was taken to police head-  (lujil.'is and will IjC air.argned tomorrow  Miss "Minnie Milland, a Tevas  school leathei, was cress/jvamunc'i  todav aiit'.will be in toiut   agam   on  Me^e^ when ,1 ,s said Major ail(| |a(e, BtMM|]������,(on in<ilI  Hue of liousi.,.,, 'loxas, will appear l0 L man ���������.,��������������������������� U)u(esifks  asavilmss    'I he heal ing .will go on   This   Postmaster  to go lo  woik r'eM   moinuig,  and  ic-  ' turned   to   (own.      Coing i,o  a jewelry  stoic hc attempted   lo sella  pan  r      ' '     fiiH'    Mill's,   giving iho same  vusned   I-Juiopc to obtain'uiloimAtion  orr      tbo above suoject      i*he cvpen-  ments of Mr.  Marhord were to     the  effect   that  under . certain 1 conditions  which     depended upon tlie necessary  elettnt ein'igy and   piue oi uicl, electric  smelting 'could  be carried-on  at a cost about as cheap as by   the  ordinary     blast  furnaces.   The  fact  that .electric! smelting could i>e earned on   was  alrcach   esta!dished,    the  question  to be solved   was  if  a could  be made commercially 'successful. Dr  lomori'ow.  ���������!���������  THINKING  IT OVER  of !';oh  haul    Ind.  Mon   j���������. ila(,  i;lien   i( tl^   ir^riel' Hunks   that  this   has      now  sawmill       '[|,��������� .{n.,c|L.,   ,cfliscd  (o blIV, ivten esi.ibh.shed  by  the  Soo cx|cn-  menf, 1 which means a-revolution in  the iron industry .in-Canada. It Was  foi c,ur\in������ 011 this pxpenment that  ilr. TernpJeinan procured a vote of  HO,000 at  lasi  session  Ceoige Prmiti  11  l.e-  liev.s    to'  hive   contained   diamonds,  lijuf   he did not p.iv in in li nltcition to  I  11        In   the alteino, n   Hauuigtou  returned  lo  the poslolhte and mai'. d   a  small   lov,   uiiMMled       This,   tcv-Jhe.  with  ol  a  Thc     school  children  have       been  Ins   bih.moi,    which  was  dial' throughout   the d-iv piepaiiiu' loi   the  fugiti  deipii.n SptiKc, was laid on the ta-  t le for one w.*ck mc le, the nuyoi reporting      that    thc   q'uestion    of the  iitice had not up to the present been J Rouciis streets, uclow first \veuue  settled In asMna that the bill be 'lhe road foreman was lequesteJ to  lud ovei fo������ cue wtek moie His Woribave tht same removed  chip stated that in -a conversation J Alderman Campbell informed the  vv.ith him that inoining- Mr Parker Council that the citizens resrhrn in  Williams had piomiscd that the tiucs-'iho vicinity of Wanc-n street t Section ofthe mice to Le cha>ge<i would ond avenue had complained 0 him  be definilel' settled by Mr I'.ray and about the condition ofthe -tr������je s  tho govcirim jnt ( and a itdi'ced bdl t.t that spot A spring lis'tig near  pieseirel bv  llu- end  ofthe week there rendered  the streets    mOa's.xble  Ai'Ieinian Malcnc as1 ed peimission in summer as wed as in .vinter '. hty  to withdraw the lequest made by 111 sunnrer as well as 111 winter Rt^  him last week on be-half of the Ac- ferret! to "the'Chairman of he reet  fi'ie it a/id Runal Fund that the Conn  committee "v  f 1 IS VANCOUVER  TELEPHONE STRIKE  Strikers' Positions will be Filled  Permanently by Newi Employees Unless  Strike is Cal'ed cf  Vancoinei   advices   says  There    is   (   ,r   thc linemen logo  out piachcal-  "(������������������iuiKla,"  in  a late  issue,      says:   | Pnmrr ^'who   ol^'ied''   J'^ Sl'S!)id';n^ <-'r-''lCt;1't'     to    be   given in aid   0f the ] no  change in  the  telephone strike si- 'ly   in a body could be called   nothing  it  is   rumoted       thai, if������.IHiO.OUO  has  ,ollJld  cl          R      aXivon^ X^ XXt I Sch������01  l'his eVl'ninS-      AU1,0,IR1'  !t  is I t������t'al'on  to     ^"Port.    Not only h������s  !but breakine a contract.   ----- -    - -���������:      - - ������ii'-on. s,  two verj I _t     ,.__       _ (l ,   (   (1_ ���������,..,_ I the  Convi any   maintained  its  service]  ��������� t-en   olTer.il   Mr.   Dunsmiiii-  for      hi  ailway. lands and his co.il  mines  by  11   l-jiu;lis'ti   syn-tlicalc.      The   negotia-  , not    known      exactly    what  the pro-  vviV'l,. -l^,   it is safe t0 say it  ery amusing,     and rhe   en-  grammc  1 will bov  tertainmeiil  vvell worth attending.  but it  has not  even  found it- necctsa-  large.      Tb-e   box   was  addressed      to  Janws     O'lhien,     Portland,   and   .lb-  iwli.-e     .tkrevc      Harrinal'on    meant  nous  are   said   lobe   still   pending.      | U'hite.idcs, ,   a   pal,  to  puWlv  Uv- dia-   -^^_ linonds  in   the lelier and wire money  i.een   ran-ins     freely,    jumped  a  big   when    O.MJrien,  or  Hanington,  wotiid'hcr  Waildell   l.ad    tol.Miim  enough  to 'been   most  considerate,   seemingly re  ,,ri/./.ly!   which, made straight  for  the go u.   Portland,    <-a)l at  the general' satisfy    him  that   he was onto him,   -raininfi  from   using  the''phone     eflc-  uiiiileis.        'Ibe   u.uiiS,   both  of   winch   delivery and get. the elev cn .Tins   TJie'-i      r    : \ ��������� 1  have   Hide, reputations   as  hear   dogs,   scheme  was   t00 coarse,   the post.naL-' S     '" "       Confessed,  ie.it   nipping  at   the  bear's  haunches,   Iter     having    read   of the    Vancouver j  worrying  him  and  impeding his  pro-, robbery. *        I  gre.ss.      Frank  blazed  away  with  an  !    The   postmaster    notified   I'onstaMe'of ln'0   K*-'ms-     while a third niuii did  old    'lo-HOHemingtcn,    whiletbe olh,r. Kingsley,     who    .irrcstl,rt   |,al.ri.���������gt.on ' i.hc robbing.        Harrington   looks   ten  two  kept   up a gallant   lire with  llietr   and l0ct������l'������i,.im up.     ,",��������� ,bc mean tin, o   years    older     than  when  last seen   in  repealers,.     Air.     Belfry    working   his   Postmaster    ,������,.���������,���������.,.   wjli?d   (()  ^^   ViU1(.0UV,e]. He has     a  ^^  stating,    however,   that he mid 1-Taz-  zard  had only  underlnken   to dispose  The Company  i������ receiving  a  large  j ry   to suspend   operations during cer- inumher of     applications for  vacant  I tain   hours   of   the day and   night, as   positions,   which   it says it will have  jit,  anticipated      would be necessary,    to   rill  permanently at the. expense of  j'lh:! directors say that the fiuMic has [those employees   who have gone out,  1 unless the latter return to work  ' short ly 1 This is a step the directors  cept when unavoidable, for* which the arc un willing to take unless forced  management is sincerely grateful. |todo so, and they earnestly hone  Interviewed nn thc point of the 30 ; that , the strikers will make 'a- move  days" agreement one of the directors j to come to a satisfactory agreement  remarked     that  if such  a document   |on   is.sres which should  prove by   no  means  dilllcult  to   settle.    It 'is  <he   diumoiids.  wore, not   binding  in   a similar case  to   the   present,   it  and   all   similar   jdei-stood  that  Vice-President ./���������.Suili-  oncs were so much  waste paper.    Of i van of the I.R.E.W. will be here   in  any    individual    employee   !a short time and advise .w th       the  course,  lever   so    rapidly     that   at  one   tiliie (r������    ..���������������   (i.amciiis,     and   was  t ,1.1  he   growth,, of      heard  and  has  obviously  th.-re    were    three bullets     speeding   ini-st lonvard then.     The gems   bow   walled     some distance recently   -ind   miBht leaVe ���������>���������<���������  a day's   notice,    but   I strikers.  through his barrel at on!.*.     F.xbausl,   ever,   will   |;e  llc|(|   bv  lhc  postmaster ] v.'hile  l,.e claims  lo have Worked'in  ?| -v.   .  ,ho l,,ree 5'^ 2'���������::::;;,,^:rs,("r ^..a^ux xx^xxx^i ^ increase.   ��������� _ _ ,at which ^^1^ of M  ing  GOT THE  GRIZZlEY  Dun oT the men wilh  the mail from  up the    Skeerra river relates  the following  very   thrilling tale  of a griz  zly bear hunt which-very nearly re-  s'llted in tht- death of A. K. Belfrv,  II. Drummoncl, and J. Prank Cull���������  breath.   .    ��������� ���������   ,   ."'  s'These three men'were out in tha  tall timber after grimly with- Dr.  Et-iWc-Ta, and Stoi'ack as gu.iilcs.  They .had. traveled quifc a distout"  without getting-any sign - when l'::'*  dogs,   Jueen. .and   Peter,    which had  their   "ammunition,  threw   away     their empty ritles and admitlcd      his identity  as  Ilax/.ard'.s -obheiy, tl������"r* is     little doubt   from I  climbed    a     small  tree  winch   stood ( Part nor   but   puis  ���������P the  same  storv his KWieral     appearance,  that ho  Ins1  mai-by. Only    for the  timely     at-   ot    a tlurd   man   who   did  the actual bt������.      camping   out, in    some disused  lion    of     I)r     Koeur/Ie-Ta   the ihrc������   Joking  ,-���������  and  stealing.      Deteetive^ logger's    shacl.       Three ca..dlc ,���������������:!���������������  sK^way    .this season.    Rumor has  would     probably  have    been dragged 11ad<!eI   vvor ed ,u, hour with'Ua.-rinp, we.-, found in hi*. p���������ck-.ets ������*Wch*point   lat-lv had  it. that the oceu.  steam-  away    l���������       he  bear s  la..- to  be de-   ton   be ore   he.     owned    up.        "Why to recent camping ,exp?rie.,ocs.     Ih,,-'ship "companies  operating vessels on  vo.ired   nt     the  l,e,ce bn.k's leisure should   I  g���������  ,,u.k   ,���������  Vancouver,"  he ri.,s'ton  bougdit  n. new suit of clothe,   the Skyway route intended to raise  I'm   the   doctor    cc.m.ng up  rammed asled.      "I  knmv no(.IlinR  ot lhp  (,ja. al. a slnr<J nppoSitc the Lplllnl,   whiclj   (hcir (iirifts*lhis aml so  compe]  his nliienstock down the bc-av s thro,-t  ������'������nd    robbery.������       But,  Waddell   told 1-It  him with no   money, and lu- wa.s   the White .Pass &   Yukon  Railway to  just   as 1,1..*     bear    was   in the   act  of   him  he  kWW   i.im qnit-e  well and  roc- without    a    tout   when arrested.      It   make, an advance   on   through   rates,  climbing    the    tree,    choking    it  to   ogni.ed him as Barring-fo,,.     "I dont is evident that  stern  necessity  iWoti-' A-meeting  of  the Alaska  Steamship  death    mid    saving the   boys  from a know you,'  shocking denth."  said  Harrington, .but af-   ght him into Maine.  )  NO INCREASE. [at  which  representatives  of all    the  There will be no'��������� increase in freight j steamships and railway companies  rates from Victoria, Vancouver _ and j interested were present, land -word  Puget Sound   ports to the Yukon via {was  sent forth that there would   be  no  increase  in  freight  rates;   in fact,  several of those present at the meeting . declared  that,  as a matter       of  fact, .the rates prevailing last   season would be reduced owing (to       a  iiiimb'er of  changes   in iolassi.fica.taon,  throwing certain goods   into  classes  giving lower rates  than those in effect last year.  Association    was held in Vancouver IHE D  ������x mutmttit ia<  f-ublifsftea ���������"'���������every day-except Sunday  BY        Tfl-g.-.jj DAILY        LErj^E-S,  COMPANY.  OFFJCE /k,T....:.ADySMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  10  oents   a  month,    $'!'���������������pepi-jrearj in  ���������Wj*  ATLY LKDGKN  3T DAVID Si  (NdDaimo) Ltd  -^���������fc^*.*^**.^  nOTOD KTSTQW  ���������a***  ���������Kr-  W������M  IT  i*5  IP  |filUNSlE|pre|lent jK        gj   | ^'^'^^^      ^ "'% '#|A |  **** TelHpnone.-lO  ariainm Halfway  The    Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd  Time  Table No. 51  HILLS  \t\i\   *  AT   FIDMOK   AND   LADYSMI1 Il-ShlnRles   *   Sneclalt  .     -li' '     * J '   -'"  '-^MannfattunT       <> ���������  Rouvh and Dressed Fir and Cedar l.umliri-. I ath*.  :..^fcli������id-?-?.---n*>I*J}ltpss, Etc.. or thcji*st. Quality.     -   -  Saaiotyeii >ud  Oltf "DtJ*'������". ^Wirini*    and   Fmli-Miii     Larok.*r;' ^,-������ H������w������  CT *.   7  .,������ ���������"  *���������    ���������   *-f r   il   t   ' it   ���������  li i. ���������������  -*���������':*; '���������:.;. ���������.-"*:' ?? !��������� il.'hi.._  -      ���������������������������',;    ���������  |     Iran .-> /e������ve  Ladysmith  far  Victoria  aiid   all ^nteiuudule  stations    at  9.1������ aw   daily  aad at 4.00 p.m. on   UediK*sda'*s,' "V'al''iidaivs   ami   Sundays  ��������� -Traiuii ,l*a\*--.l^d)j^������itfa.i,;f������t'..\V^iiingU)U.. aiid. all, iiiierinedia-te., stations  at  1157 a.in.rdaiiy,  aad  at 6.60  p in.   on   Ucdi* d.ivs,   Satin days'    and  Sund  ii  LI-fcTI*! Sr' 1AM>'-r.<sril)Ef,10,I ITS  IhsliU't* -VisitW-'Weii,'- --Tvi-v --"M-ur--'  iihv, how aie vou and all the child-  len"- il '    ���������   '   -   y      '  Mrs   Murphv���������Sure, they'ie     verv  J - bat]v''/nnl'ie\-litt.le-lUidgel   with   lhe  '���������vvoisi1 cofd  she  <-\cr   had  in hei   life  Cough,, Biitlijel, ,to  s|i0w������ ^ ^"ll���������.������������������,���������  Molhei���������Oh,  Fmldy,   did-vou   lick  joji   hMIe  biolllci*  h'redd)���������len'iii,   hul   F told   him   it  ,....  "hint inc-'i\voi'sc"ii. il did him.  ,. .,'.   'lie i>, alwaVs' bragging  that      he  doesn't owi)'p.nyboth   a dollar "  ^   _ "';*\\'ell,7 ' "answeieil   the   man   wlip,,  '"*"   "boil ovK,   '^lank'hcavcu miy cie'it is  -   ���������'��������� no't- tiiatt  bad "   '  L) j* 'j      11    u,   'w l            .  " i        .    ..  -i.A       ,o.      i .'- ���������..     ���������       i'.   i    ' '  !().  i U  i'\  L,  It's an A mini an C!uUlom..ri,f;ShbeJ'^Y It^a Shoe that has a  ���������vvoikl     wide lepulalioii     Uy-^^oprtJjfeifted'bp thc largest Shoe  ;  Dealeis m tne t m'tu.1 .vSAifes andVauadu.  11 - ^     . i     '    f r ���������   i   ��������� ~- '  We have seamed the agenev   nu   \anaiuio and  Victoria, and, if  <-*w "������ rhe,   iuilsincntj of  UiousAuiU- of ,  cSl ,'- ' .     j ���������., J.,. ii . i   - .'-   ������>      ' -��������� i  Shoe  Buyers  i J, i   I  is to he considered we've'.'ol   one of the     finest Shoo loi fit,  comfoil,  feUlc and  diuaui l*   th.il  is  made  i <     j ,  ..    . ' . * e- . I ' I        ���������   i>   ��������� * ^  Yv'i-\e iu**! ojfi ne-d tip oui Sj ring Slock��������� you'J I find .s������inc ex.-  lieme-s-tvbs, but if they are , "KKITU'S KONQUliRER'.'  Voii'H   find   liien'r light , ,     i .   , i ��������� .       ���������  'l)ie> come m I'aieei Cult, \ ici Kid-Veloiir Calf, "Black K;d,'  tliin "Ablal i'ali mil  .'jhuid  Calf ,'  ;     ** ' "'     ",  ^ I '      i        < i ��������� i    ���������   a  . -  Dilteiuil  lasts and  nultbs i.n   tl\f,OMls,   JUuehcis.>'and  r.almatals-'  j ....    i 'i . -.������        ��������� ���������  TJie pi uc1- a'ti���������   ,  i'       j        i - i  $5.oo, $5.50, and $6.00  mm "  AS LOUD TO US  AS   A*- IfSNE^   |lr>_ ,.-..-- -     .i!. '  f*IF "YOU ���������ARE''pWlNKA>\Stt:'FOR^^ VdUR  DOLLARS ,W  ^IUi'G*  FURTHE'E  bl.'Y.QU   BUY 1 ROM  US   --  c-ifr^^fipr ������gsh Prices CannotPi.B^twrf-^.'  PANNELL  &    FLASKET  wiXi. li'iritMsili i) ruom*-  iKK ���������MJ'PI'I.IKD WITH    1> :  WINKS, LIQUORS. C1C**R-  ,U.'   '  ''wliv do you k-eejp lhat ic olyci'';',v  "'"v^'lf  pioleetron '' , ,  '''",���������'Po  defend (1yonr,self  against "higli-  Wnyineii*w    '  .'"'���������Jfo, "against   hunger  '���������when Vm" biiokc "'      '.  I pawn'    it  Turja Years ,       JllAV.URAlN anil  .   ..i, i   Shiloh's ConsumpUon   Cure,, the   Lung  , [Tonic, has been  before tlie puhuc,  and  ' "��������� "    this, together with the fact  that its sales  1 have Steadily increased year'by year, is the  b������*t proof of the ment of,, i  ) it  i ) >  FARM r-ROIllJlf  1 li     I 1  '  A.j    j Pl'.Qr-IIow about   the giil you  met  I  ,^tat, t.he Ijcach' ,     j     '  V     .lie���������It's all   off." i  , ,   ij(   %    thought she  made an   assignment, of hei, ^flections  foi   jou "  "No, T was"'only   U'e  temporal}''e.i  cei'-eL"      , ' i  J  Shiloh  Ordeis  will  be delivered anywhere  .-,.,,_ , - in the city promptly and at the lo-  as a cure  for  Coughs, Colds,  and  all DnsS]hip  arices f  diseases   of  the  lungs  and air  passages. ^ POSSiDie  prices.  Those who 'have used SKiloh -tvould nd       Leave orders at, Cbristja'ar .oa  tk������  be without it.     Those who have ncvci   ! "  Used ������t shoujd k^ow that every bottle is    '^aplana*!*  cold with a positive  guarantee that, if it  i't-  J'    '' ij   Ll! ... *  . j ���������   t   i  ���������*'��������� - ii Patience���������nuln'l!- ' they '   adveriisc  v   ,( lhat 'you  could   sleep  undci.   blankets  "up  cui the' mounfains  when- vou went  Pali i<e���������Yes,   Imt  the   tiovible was  ,!������'     l.l I  I       "- ���������  , jhev fbdn't ,have anv blankets  ,   .  .Dottoii    (to   iVns    I fC i-ns,    whose  .-'    hus"ba.nd   if. ill)���������Ila*-  he had any  lu-i  *��������� i- cui 'intervals*    ���������  Mis      Peikms  (with ^li'gintv)���������F.\  Ji"'ail nothing'c\ccpt what  vou oi'leie.l  '   doctor. i  l,i-.(     .   i      >.,)-���������     ��������� '      .     >      'i  ���������   _    I'dqn't  suppose 1,11 gt*i   a chance to  HI  . yijike  a^jicech   loi   a long time," said  1'ip noyc Aicmher  of congicss  ' ^Ia>be it,s,all  lor the best, '  an-  swe^ed  his.   eminentlv  practical  wife  ','iVlaijv (a ma.Ti's   chances  ior   le-elec-  lion have Ikc-H niipioved liy silence "  doesn't cure you,'the dealer will refund   >  i-     what you paid for it.    Shiloh  Has Cured  thousands of the most obstinate cases of  Couohs, Colds and Lung troubles.    Let it  '   ' l  cuie you. i  1 "List winter I  coughed for 'three months   and  I    itoughl 1 w������s going into Consumption    I look all  ' ������ort> of iredicmes, bui nothing did me any good  until I used  Shiloh ��������� Consumption Cure      Four  bottles cured nu.      This winter I had a very bad  1 cold, v������������������ not ahle to apeak, my lungs \yero -ore  James Warnock  NOTICE  From      this date  the undersigned  will  not  he  responsible fei   any  in  dehtedness     incurred except an      ���������  ^"fwodeTndbacfcl ������Sx"bVt'i'l������"orsiiil'ohmade   wntten orfler signed by the secretar>  me well again     1 have given it to several ncopla     R       ,        .    ���������      . .  and every one of them have been cured���������O      twwiauu    tviai-llin.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Lfabil'ty.  'Irtoria   R   C . If������v  18th. IBM  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  ,1 i i   i     ,     .  Al J. McMURfRIE, "Voprti-or  Kewly fitted up and  i   Furnishecl  LADYSMITH. P. <-  Good tables aud good  Rooms  it  1157 a.m.,daiir,  aad  at 6.00  p m.   on   Uedi* d.ivs,   .Salurdavs  ���������Jtmdays.        ^'   V"\*"?    v TV  r ' ".'~ ��������� '":"  j' ��������� -r     1<:-'%       i   - / ��������� *" i * li ���������!' i.   ~  - *X���������-tf-si(fo Tickets ^*^^-'-- -������������������     ���������'     ���������   .*  ���������r "    a^-t      ^"L-T   a-ON SALE TO  ,  c-*1 going jauraefXSatiida^s and Sund,  I  &    .  iooi ^*rJ  he foliar  yO^ SALE TO  AND   KROM ALL STATIONS  Suudajs, letuiiung not  latei than   steamer -Joas  ii  ^ -rtj .vn/Y^^XX-A    - '.     ,-   ^  '   }*Jaits "fraofTiiaVstnith  for Vancouver every Sattudav at C 00 a m. and  returatns sails' frain  Vancouver     foi    i.adysinith at 2 30  u in.  GEO   L   COURTNEY.  Car. Fortalbjl   Qovernment Stceots., Dist.   Fit. ������fe Past. Agt.  PORTLAND  DAVID IIYNES, Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  This  Hotel lias   been completely    Boara aid lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  HOTEL.  JOHN Tr A, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with  the  nest    Wuies.'st Avenue   -.   -���������  ������������������  Liquors and Cigars  Ladysmith B.C.  ������01  and every  ��������� -   --���������-  Joseph, St. Hyacinlhe, Que  SHILOH  25c.    with   guarantee   at   all   druggists  Common Colds   are tbe Cause  .Manv   Serious    ' DrseaFes  of  -o-  MR./BtlTtVS TO  \ME\R  '    J GOLD L\CE.  Mr.:  Johif Bumis  tlnl   not   leade  it   to any  '*po",b*tlVteh"'"as to  what hc     must  i-   "Art1   I2n'_,lihh  o*;chaliige  sa\s  *";\J������Sh  ,,J vvcat' When rn lhe I'lesence of the  - Kung" ' lie had a 1 crsonal -nteiv-cvv  1 ���������--vvrlnMhs Vijes'ty oa the sufiject, and  ������* jii-titionetl \o\e lillovvLd lo dispense  t'- with the gold-laced official uniform.  ������' But on ttos m'gttei lhe King stood  t    - lum    fl was*deliignetir  No    minliter,  hovvevei   progicssive  \w, views, -juav do without the tourt  }i*old lacini's   when offmallv he should;  he so  ai raved j '> u   o   Phvsicians   who   have  gain-.d  a national  lcputation  as 'analvsts ol   ibe  cause ofvanous  diseases, claim  that  of catching cold  could   be a^old^l   a  lcng    Hist    of dangerous      ailments  would  ne'er be even heaid  of       '"V  ery  one knows  that  [jneumoiua   and  consnmplion   onginatc  horn  a   cold  and  chronic catarrh,   bronchitis, and  all throat a'Hl  lung trouble are    aggravated ami  rendered  moce serious  . hy ���������each  fresh   attack.    Do   not  risk  your   life or  take* chances   vheir   you  have      a.cold.-   Oham'nerlaims -Cough'  A Habit  ta Be I'.nvuciragvd.  The  mother  who has acquired  the  hah t of keeping ea haad a bottle of  Chamhei lajn's  Cough Remedy, aaves  hei self a great  amouat ������f uneasiness  an I  anxiety     Coughs,   colds       au������  cioup,   to which children are susceptible,  are  quickly eured   by   its  use.  It counteracts any t������daacy of a cold  to result in  piieu.aouia, aad il givaa  as soon   as the  first  symplams       of  croup   appear,   it vri'l   areyant   ' tli������  attack.    This  remetly  caatftias'aoth-.'  r-  <>,<?,,  I'l Jl'ti i*s . cdrngutcd  l 4i*ia$  the  money  spent   in   think   in   Leeds   in   a   single  ���������.ear      would   proyidc   "),000  families  s3*'tll -3 iii j a wcel-- Aill thc ^ j ear round.  Remedy will cure It before these de  seases develop. This;, remedy con- inS 'injurious and mothers ������iv. it to  .tains mi opium, morphine'.or other I little onos with a laelinj af perfect  harmful drug and   has .thirty vears of security.       Soldi by  the    Ladysmitk  reputaeion  buck  of it,   gained  '"���������' its  cures under, every, condition. For sale  by  the Ladysmith   Pharmacy.  ���������'.'���������'���������'���������.   DAY SCHOOJ.  Usual subjects taught; also ian-  guage'' drawing in pencil and crayons,- paint rrg in oils and water colors,' pianoforte and vocal lessons gi<r-  <*n in classe������  or  individually.  "'.'������������������ i "'.. . WISS   BERTRAM,  '��������� Ladysmith.   B A':      . A  Pharmaey;  Dr.R.B. Diei  Surgeon Demist  All  work guaranteed, and at reason  ahte ratea.  RESI'DENGE ANB������FFICE  Gatacre St.        Ladysmith  OPKN  AT ALL HOURS  Best accommodation for transient  \nd permanent boarders anil lodgers  GRAND       tiOTt^L  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a'dy furnished and ihe bar Is up-to-  d*>te. Rates $100 a day and upwards.  WM   BEVER1DGE. Prop  ���������^���������laaada -*���������* *���������* *���������' *���������' ? *dy*-n������t*������i  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Ruif- tl 2r> aiid*1.60���������  Fr.-������ buj to  all utManiWt   laudin<l no-  mi I wav depot*.     Elw^nc care ������-v*ry n  ���������  ttnmitef  to *H partis ot   th������  nity  ������pd table.nnvxcellf-d.  I'  f mc oomiortasue. wav.  ���������'to fernie,  b. c,  *������������d ������0**"������������������ ' Reai" UP  9 p m. I.r    v icTaaiA   Arr.   4.00 |������   11.  80011 n. Lv,    SMttlr      Arr. f 00 a 111  9 21 p bi, Arr. *K������erett    Arr. 7.30 a ui  9 31 u ia. Arr. 8FOKANK Arr 7 45 I> >"  fi.^5 p M Arr. fKejcf������r������l   Arr 12.30 p, 111  S.10  u. w.At.    Bike   Arr. ��������� 1*44 a m.  9.00 f.m.   Arr   ' Ferate   l.v 4 55������   *���������  I ONE NIGHT  ,   To ail ^aoteaay .Poiati  " ,    TWO   NIGHTS  1'w    Winnipeg aad St. faui  ' Close Connections  Far <!'jChicaa-o, Taroata.  liaatreai and1  All Points East & West  Acetyleae     Lighted     Cars.  ~Family Tourist,Sieepeis.  Palace Steeping Cars  Bitting     Cars (Meals a  la  Ci'rte).  Library Ohseivation     Cars  'through ��������� tickels and bag-  page checks to ail points.  Steamship Tickets  l������"or tickets   maps, beiths  reservations     and complete  information     call on or ad  8.' fl. YerW       E. Tt. Stephen  A.O.R.A. G.A.G.N.'Ry  Seattle     "���������������      Victoria. 1VC.  K  %���������������  F. BAYNP:S, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C  THE JONES HOTEL I  ���������WHITE   CIOOK���������  it ml  ���������WHITE   1..AJ50N ���������  Employed Only  (Hall Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-      Ladysmith.  ��������� I  GALE!  iw  111* JKimii 'ttimwmi ini'miimm'uii/m  ' i7iTi',.iT~~~'^''  ���������3-j  IFl's'.'!:.u.piUous,-., d^ailorsii.'  ;'haiyo-',  '^'Wl.il'Jtu>vn:.V'o fylai'e:-.i.ufoTior  ii;;i-li';^(..s.j';iri  -ciii'r-jictfrioo*I*  i-jr-Kiro- ,&  " ''jijrWi&'L^  "BOOTS."Don't:   he-   invJf.nu'ih '  ��������� ��������� tj.i'.Qir., ^.T.her^..,a������e-.-.nov:allie.rs..  f5^lj^iV:::AS''''G:ooK'ir    , '"  'M'$iv^&V"'ixM\V "ina'rlr is in-;  ^'St^hr^-'b^dod'-fth tlr:e--sol-e; of  "fe1^ry'":V;^cn^iii������''   ^tTECKTE  -All':  ;ie"   to  |^^sjfs"t --ltli'ti''rrjiig<hi.st"' vVesiero.  |:j;-#)<|,nH''   '������' st'ariils WV]  N- Li"SHi1iI-IRtR,'T**bOTS"; riltidi  SON'S  DEE  Leads Thfem    All  R.P RITHEf,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast-  Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������::���������:   ���������   '.���������: :���������B.C.  Under N<*w Manajsment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor. |  Commercial  Mens'  headunartera. ;  Modern and     Strictly  First  Clais  fire Proof     Buildiag.  WANTED���������My Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (rnaa or  ���������wonian) for each province in Gaaada.  Salary $20 ��������������� and expenses jiaid  weekly. Expense money advancad.  Business successful; pos������tio������ permanent. No investment required. Previous experience no.t essential ta ca-  gaging- _  Address MaHager, 132 La^e Street,  Chicago,  III-, U-S-A-  ���������^���������^k^^  KEY-  4t"$4 <*���������<'������������������ <>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������  The Cream of Scotch Whiskies  '3 BAY GO,  Sole   Ao-ents for B.   C.  i"*r* 1 ni.> .-   ������-.-    , ��������� . 1  ���������wea.*-* ~ 4   ' i:^A0ATifi^m\ -���������TNSTfjT'    '1  ';^l'fiiv^ii-ReKil'::B(>o'TS. :  ,,,������-;'!) !!i;-:r5  .MfklSMFACTU Ij  Ci;  VANCOUVER, B. C,  UEN  THeCITYMHR  R. Williamson Prop  rst. Avenue Ladysmith B C.  M. J. HENRYS  NURSERIES,   BREEN-  HOUSES AND fElO  HOUSES /"  8010 WestminsUr' Road,  V1NOOIIVE������,  ' Headjturt^ra tot���������^-  PACIFIC dkOWN Murit'n.1 llcld  ^m" iiuWcr SISBD5     ���������;:','.:'-  Ui- distrtbuttaai. ;c  Large   stoclc   ot Home  Grown FRUIT and OR-,  '^AM&NTAL     TREES  ���������jiL% sow raatnred. lor. jSpriag..-  Ne expaase. Jass !or.^de-'  lay ���������( luniigatiaii or inspection. \ ; ,,    ���������'  '���������; Let Biie price yoiir list  bef������re placing your   order. Greeabouse Plants,  Flaul Paafeagee, Fertili-  ������erK,'etcy'  ;:;-'i-        --; "s  SI16 Westmiust������r Road.  VANCOUVER, ������. C.  2CSC  wsvci on  Cor, Government and Yates Sts.  VICTORIA, B. G  Transcuntinent^���������  --Trains Daily���������I  ONE    LS    TTTK      "NORTH  COAST LIMITIOD."  ���������Tjic electric  lighted  liamto  the East  Tichels on sale lo all Plast-  cin a������<l Soulheiii points ai  LOWEST Rales I,p-lo-daJ.it.  Pullman ������nnl Tom 1st Rlt'epci-ii,  on all lutiiis Dining Cat.  'mmvice Unsurjiasscd v  Steam*>lii|>^Tickets on snie to  a'nj from all   European,' Points.  Cabin accommodation rcseiv-  ed b> wire.  Kor'fintlicr paitlculais  cull  01     write      the  ollice    'I'liom*  Alain '!")().-  A   ' D.     Chailloa,   A O.P A ,  N P ,   Portland, Oic  F.   (K.,    "RlacKwood,   gcneial  agent,  Victoiia, B    C '  Are You  Oping: East  Theu ]��������������� sure yoiir tickets rea^   rla  "iji 1,..".-'   ,     ������������������,.. . ���������  tha7 -', :-./-- '���������������������������''���������  ���������Ss'l  PAINTING,     y PAPEknAiNQlNa  ���������     ETC;.:-';.',  Work done properly and at    rlirht  prices.     A tuu line ot Wall   Paper,  and Painter's  Supplies   Residence on  Roberta Street  J. E    SMITH. P--  ���������^-*^-'^���������v���������^���������+*^*^���������^���������-^-^**^���������^*l���������*l���������'������''^**"^*���������*������������������^���������'i**���������'"^���������������������������"-**��������� *-i-*->*i-'*'^'t**+*i*++'*,'i******+++***,t*'i,++  THE TYEE COPPER CO.,. Ltd.  I PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,  C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION,  Vancouver Island, B. G,  *4.4.^.4.4.4.^+'f.4-f-f-*i"i--:".'������������������: -I--."! ���������:-���������  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON |  General Manager, t  II yau like  .,';,  A siuoatb, easy shave, an even,  well-finished beard trim, a gaod  bath, ar a stylish Hair-cut.  You will g������ ta''".'  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PAYORS  HIGH STREET.  I0ETSJIIE1  111  Thev only, line ih)w making /UNION  DEPOT* connections at ST.' PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS -.'vOU the  through tra:ins from the Pacini  Coast.'  THE  : SFjfbP^JEST     LINE.  TH -  FINEST  TliAlx-iS,   THE   "LOWEST  RATES,;  THE FASTEST TIME.  ''. ';��������� '-BETWEEN-     ���������  -MINNB*\P0LIS', ST. PAUL. CHI-..  CAftO, ^ OMAHA, KANSAS CITV^  and 'ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete infonnalioix ask yoar  local agent 01: write,  F-W. PARKER  G������nexal .Affeat  na 2nd Ave, Seattle  a  *Pa������t  D  Y  .,r������'-  Ladysinith  Merchant Tailor  B. C.  t. zx:  mmw       $)        m^^^ .       0  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE * C������.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINBft N^lATLl  BAKEB 1ANDVFRESH4  Caafectlonary of all kin'ds^  Ordara takiai let Pastries to be de  Uvered at any ti-ae.  JEJDOployment AueacT.  . > ������.l>ea ers In  os and  Qrg?an& ..  Ladyamith, B.C*  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSO.T  None bu   Union Labor   Employed  fl. J. BOOTH, Prop  Dr. Dier caa be found at any time  at k-is office on Gatacre st. >..H-is denial work is g\.arante������(l to be fint-  class aad rates reasonable*. st  HILBERT     e  |MBa11liffiti1ffiMiaTa I THE DAILY,'LEDGER  riVSi  ...;.,.  .1  I. >><  fr��������������������������� 4.������������������������.'.������;i;4���������!���������*���������!������������������������!��������� 4 I.��������� I������:������H������*^H**-K**H**r  T  i  Union  Brewing Co  NAiMAlMO'  B. C.  f  /Manufacturers of the  THE BATTLEFIELDS  4  4   I   VO'. 11  *  ������  *  Not  long belore  the close of     the  when  General  Lee had his  a  in.ii!   was  sent to  him  with ;>  civil   war  headquarters   near   Petersbuig,  I  In  British Columbia ,  Lager  Beer   and Potter      Guaranteed   Brew  d from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   hops  44^!~*^<H^*^*:*^������+*i*v****^h ������������������!��������� ������������������!���������������������������:���������������  ������������������"������������������*i*-*~>*  *������ ������.������.������.*..*. ������������������������������������-^���������������������������"���������-���������"���������������������������f * * + + + + + + ++4+4+4++4+4+4++++-+-+-' -������������������������ .  * LAD'SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AM")lloUSKHOLD     1.0RNITURK MOVr  ED PROMPTLY  A  ND  SAFELY.  '  Si aides in the rear of the Ladysmitli hotel  Abbott ford.  44-4+4-4-v+���������++���������**���������+���������>+���������*��������� ���������* ������<+���������������������������������*������������������  Leavo orders at'- the  A. J. MIASKET..PROP  i������t������.ir������*������*������*������*������*������*������*������*������*������*������'*������*,*������*,*,*****;**<*  S      LI V6RY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHN������q$  LADVSiVlIT  x  X  X  X  iPHONE 66  :*������������������������������������������������'*-��������� + ���������'*���������*���������*���������������*���������'���������������"������������������������#���������'*'  *���������  *  Express  SKE  LIGHT TEAMING  W������������J an J 5 ir* fir 3 i V  J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORDERS.WITH  -w.  PIRST AVENUE  PHONE  6-0  - w. siLEif ��������� ;  GENEKAL hXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  i> i.  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  Ladysmith Temple .No. .5 Rathbone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd  and  4th, Tuesday  at  7.30  p.m.  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary;  LAME  BACK .  Tliis ailiiient is usuallycaused by  rheumatism' i������f"th������ muscle's;^ancl'imay  be curetP by ^^yin^jCiiain'herlairi's  A, ���������. D ' r-aifi Ba'lhritwo''������r ^liwtimes a day  Fourth   each appiicatioi.  If this does riot af-  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS, '  Meets   in the I' O. 6.-.F. Hall, La-  Wellington Grove. No. 4 U.  .lily smith,    the   Second   aad  ���������iMntsdays of each month, cemmene-   and lu^jing'['$&: parts;'vigorously at  ������ig "Wednesday. 13th..  1905. foTd relief7 bind^oh^iece; of  flannel  ��������� Visiting Druids     are invited to at- ; ������������������ :���������/;:���������",'   -:���������'������������������<-'.'- ..���������js;-.-,-:.'.:.-.      ,  ���������   . ��������� ��������� slig-ktly.: dampened-with Pain  Balm1,  and quiede7' 'relief; is 7aiiriost sure to  By Order. fellow.      FoivsalB by %7Ladysmrtli  WM. RARTER, Reef Secty.  Pharmacy.  VATRICK 13URK. N. A.  J. PiERGY & GO.  Manufacturers  Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  VICTORIA, B. C  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING - REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal and  $20 for anthracite. Not moro than  320 acres can be acquired by ���������n* individual or company. Royalty ... t.b������  rata of ten cents per ton of H.OOl)  pounds shall be collected ob tho  jjross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted  upon ' payment in advance'of  $7.50   per, annum   for   an   individual, j  und freni $50 to $100 per annum for!  a company, according to capital. j  A     free miner,  having discovered j  mineral  in place, may locate a claim  1,500 i   1,500   feet.    The fee  for   re- i  cording a claim is $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid to Mr  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, ; arid upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre..  The patent provides for the payment of afoyalty e( 2J per cent on  the sale*.   "  PLACER" mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner' may ������btain two leases "to dredge for gold ������! five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister ol the Interior. '.'.,...  The lessee shall have a dredge In j  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river. Deased. .Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the-, output after it exceeds  $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister of  the In  'trior.*'1:*''-   ''������������������*< -:  ';��������� '*������������������''���������  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Kepaircd at shorn    notiee.   Drill Sharpened by     ways gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed and repaired.  Shipsmithing    in   aJ*    ita  Branches  * Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAW SON  Buller Street -    -     "-"Lady������mitri, B C  message fiom his .son. ('en. William  11 F Lee, whose cavtaliy command  was then slationed at G., about forty miles distant. Tlie mcsf.al.cvas a  verlmlone, lo Ibe eHcct thai the son  would join tin* father with his entire  cavalry next morninr,' by nine ojclock  at Rowaiita Creek, a point', below Pe-  tcisburg on ��������� the Wei don railroad. Thc  young .man, now long past middle  liio,  tells, the story himself.        i  I   wa.s little  more than a boy,   the  | youngest  and   last appointed on (the  stall   of our gallant com manner;  and  in audition to, the novelty of it, then*  were two other, reasons  which made  tlie     night's  tide  the most exciting  expt-rit'iicu I hud over Inown���������Ciciieial  Lee     was  my idol,  aim  1 had  never  seen hum.  I  ha������i   lo ride fast, arid   wlicn       at  last I left ,my  dripping hoise at (!eu-  eral Lie's tent door awl .was  ushered  niio his incsencc,   I vvas almost overcome   with ' i,itiguc and   heat,      a'-  thoiifib   too  c.vcilcd   to   realize       it  ('eiiwal     Lee     sat   at a tahlc,  over  some      midnight  work,    lie stopped  writing  for a moment and  rose     to  receive   inc.   while   1 saluted,      more  than  iea.li/.ing  my   boyhood's  idol   in  lhe <omiii'aiidiiifi picsenccin which   I  stood, at  last.   Almost .faint,      as  I  mi id,  1 forgot  myself und  my ei rand  an.I seemed  to see the object of my  admiration,   my  idol,  through a sort  of mist,   hqe a diim    picture looking  out, of dark cunvas.   .Suddenly  1    became  conscious that General      Lee  was askinjrjTK; my errand.  ,-i    have    'been sent by your son,  General  William II.   1<\  Lee,'- 1   began, mechanically,   "lo tell  you  that  he. willmt't't you wilh his cavalry   to  morrow ' iiiorn.ing   by  nine   oVIockr���������  the  ten I.    "Can'l   you think?"     he  laid, as I remained sil"nl.   I  tried to  -,o ovei   the     piaies  in  lhe country  '���������oiund.   J could   not   think  of one. The  eneral stood slill before mo, trying  to think  himself.  "Was  it Ream'*,  station?'' hei asked.  "\*o, general, it wasn't that," I |  surd, beginning to talc a littlecour-'  age-  '���������Or  Hatcher's run,?" |  "No,  geneial." j  "Was il .Stony  Creek:'"  ���������'No, sir," I was as blank as c-vei.  "-Maybe il was Rowanl.i Creek''"  he ventured again, afler a J'.iuso. I  drew a long bieath, the mist faded  from m.y eyes.  "Yes,   general,"  I sai'l,   "il      was  Howania Creole," and , vvailcii  to   be  disni'isscd   with   the   unlimited   ' con-  U'lii'pt  I deierved.  "When did vou leave G.?" vvas lhe  iic-ct i|'iiestionf ,  "At 11 o'clock," 1 replied. It vvas  Uit'ii half-paM  three.  "^<iu iniisl  be  lired. Orderly,' h.'  called.   Tbe oi'tlci ly aiipcarctl  at     >i  lent door.   "Pake this courier      ant  see lhat ho has --omt* supfei- ami      a  place  to sice])."   I,saluted   and    vcn*.  out  with tbe ordcily.    Iliad   'be best  meal  1 had eaten  in many a day, ,ui-'  diopirod  asleep  as s0on   as  my  head  louflifd   tbe shelteicd   grass      which  served as my bed ui  the.to*t assigned  me.  Ubtn  I woke there  was no tent ov.  ei   inc. Tbe sun   was shiiMiig  in     my  face.   The field   was  dear.   Not      a  vislige of  the.     entampnicnt but   its  refuse wa.s  left   On one of the foiked  props which had upheld the  tent   my  knapsack biiu^.   Tied  t() a tree nea:-  by   was my horse, saddled and  bi idled,  and showing a very dainty i-ppo-  tile for grass.    I -.ei/cd ������������������ of l!;e  conleuts   of my   knapsac';,   ami eoliiiu  ���������w-  MONEY AWAY  T~>���������7-  THE)SETTING HEN���������Her failures  have discouraged many a poultry wiser.  You can  make money oroodei  ral8ind':'-ti!Lic'^  way���������lots or-*  The Chatham Incubator arid  Brooder has created'a New Era  in Poultry Raising. .  ;   ���������  The setting Hen as a; Hatcher'  . .,   ., ���������������������������'.. '������������������'���������. ':, ':\F;!\  :���������  has been proven a-..'Commercial  ���������Failare. ;'1  The Chatham Incabator and  proved  a  has a'ways  it.  No. 2���������120 Eggs  No. 3���������240 Eggs  THE CHA THAMINCUBA TOR���������III  success has e?icouruged many to make  more mdnev than they ever thought  possible out of chicks.  Every Farcner Should  Raise Poultry  Almost every fiirmei "keepa hens,-1 but.whil*  ���������lie knows tliut there na coitain amount or profit  in the businuHS. e.ou whou letting it take euro  No one doubts tliiit.tbei-e in money in.?ii!slng   *. f :AUi    Ploictnl anA PrrttHm  chlokena with agood lueubatof and livowlev.      **��������� r?l"lt *     leas**nl an*f ������ TOllC-  Users of tho CliaUmiuIuoiiWoi-and.Jlroo-ier   able li.USilZeSS 'for Wblfien ;  have all ma-i-3 money.   If you siill eliiur loiiie      nr .      ; ',        ; ..     ���������  old idea'that you can sut-cesKfully mn it poultry -M'm.v woiueri are to-day inakitis an t^ule-  bubiueas uainir the lieu as u. hatehoi-, we vvuuld rviuleut hviug ami puttnisr hy money e\ ery.  like to reason with you. iiioutli raisins poultry w:t.i a thathuiuliveu-  ln the first plaoe, we cud prove to yoiUHat   hulor. , , ���������  four actual cash Joss in esm, vvhieli th'J-IO.'Uis Any v.-otuan with a little leisure tiihe at her  nhouldlay  during the  nine ymi keep, them   .iispiwal enn, without any previous experience  hatching and brooding, will lie euoii|:!i top.iy or without a cent of casli, uofriil' tlUr .jmu.ii-y '--. ;���������-.-,,,- ������������������ -~.r- , ---������������������,.,���������-,.-i, .,���������,��������� ���������,���������.������.  for a. Chatham Incubator ami. l;,-o-,rlcr in live huBin������s3 ami make money I'K'atiom th J .-���������'. .::���������!:; ;������,f nvah- fe������- mi niei, aie aw aie of how luueh  or������i< h^ti'hns to ������n- nn' liiir..- whin, i-.-i- of I lie      ..   . . .���������*?������������������' i,- Lliey ate losiiij.; o\ i-i j jeai by not (jettiiig into  farmer a^ better ?es^tsarru. I t\tl^ u������o ,.' ''.''l,J*" y" l h',v0 l ' '"'J "'" ' is do'" ?' the poultry bus,iiR3!> in =uch a way ad to inako  if������ S?   AH I      ^nr7 ������������������*' l',u !' ' *''  "'^ Uau   ifli.)    * tf uitfiM >iui I ii  n u iiinf J   in>     ho   ujni'iMoiiev-outofil  oIth0ChathauiJncubatorandliu.0d1.i Mlll d ���������ull ^ulUl ,,���������,.������������������������������������ ^ lu u. vI1     ' ^W^ ",'l^ir.^ "Vc^i A^ a. li^Colier- will ne^er fco ar  If you allow a hen to set, you lo^e a* leist   p    idbvihctu^e o.dnp.dtj wiJiwlnci .ia.   comiuereiiU ,uuo.es-     Her business is to lay  eight weeki;of luyinsr Itin-eo w.ck-, h uchi.v   ] loliu c^ rjt to tlicm et'trsiLiia sli'o should lie kept at it.   The only  Ot1  (oi-i-i     hiK<(.-.s depends on tfuttii - a    way to miso chl( ka foi piollt Is to begin lisrht  ilfTliL -LmiL    \o i i ni.I bc(.''n ii,'ht     ltu    m   hyjiisUlllnt-uCliaUiam JncubatoiandBrooder.  utvii     i i\<    i.Mi   . on^ dei ^bl(   iiuuiLj   i     a  puiI'M   i ilsti   uith Inn.  iv> li itclic ^ u  urn tlinciij'iwil lupiibdoi and UiooJt       it  ���������nd five weeks taking care of the i bu ki n l oi  i fay in the eight week.-; nhe woul I 1 u at It irt  three dozen eggs.' Let thoCliatli. m Hit ulmt'ii  tin the hatching, while the lien t',Jl" " ho int.  ���������ffgs.  |        OurNo. Slopubator will liatcli ah iu<\iivci,'tr-5   tlu^ i  c ��������� n - ' u I *i  d  ii  II     II I  Mil (-���������>  .      lit  iO\%,  twenty sotting hens, and do it bcttti  itemh������a tiuestion in arithmetic:-  If you keep 20 hens frnni I ij in^  for 8 weoks, how much ci.-h <lo  you lose if each lien wouli1 hare  -    'laid, 3 dozen egKs, and eiiE-j arc  worth 15 cents perdozea*     -V..io -S'lUO  Therefore, when the  Chatham Jnoiibalui i->  hatching tho number of et'KS that tvimtj lu n-,   viiw nut vou .ut -.u u In pi    v  i ii.uli  Willi II, ,11.1 '. l|l^ i<JII r-  Jl ,     Dllll I   < ll   III l\t  mil nn������    mil tl  ���������> i   ju t  v 1 i. v. u ii *^,>  uih - ccmii > in  Kwni no in eatni t -ii ui'l it <mi t i in  tin* pO'iii, Li1 in.-, utthoi t i ieiit of i sli  i!u\mi lf\\L \t,iL ntsiuotliitl it- <. h it' \m  Iniiihiloi and ilnmcli i> t'c I������. -.t .nd ' > tl  vm lilt n  d  i i���������a-������oiiule aiiinnnt oi cliuiL on  V'lthsubll a machine you can begin hatching  on a lai'ire scale at uny time.  Vou can only jfet one ciop oil" your fleldi lu  1 year, but with a Chatham Incubator and  v.oul'1 not tii.tkt. lilts iiHiiuJ ni< i li.lo \  ui������i  llicro  i slojipctl.  '���������At  vvliiit point  will he inept nic?'j'as I lode,  Ralloi-cd  on   Inwunl  " \l.  what point   will lie inuel me?"   audi Cicpk.  as'-etl  Genpval I-e������. \\, is nei'tlless to f������ay   Uutt  <n       thc  It  was  a simple  quoslion,   hut   the    slruftftlo   that  followed    ������������������i.-ine,     llu-  cold sweat slardxl out on my hands   nevt   iew  davs  ovc-r   the Wol don rail-  ami     lace as lu: asl ctl it ami things  gicvv dunnipr than evpr.  "I have    foi-y,olt,en, General,"       I  said as soon as I (oulil'get my voice  It seemed to come from a hollow un-  dei   miv icel somewhere.  lienciiil, dee looked al me-in sur-  1/iise, then, as if to relieve my em-  h#.ri.issmcnt, he     toolv a trii-n across  road   I foiiftlit   as   I hud  never  fou������ht  hef<n-c,  Tor  the man ]������roi;c  whom     I  luv.1   slou.l  as a fool  and,   hut   for his  own   thought fulness,      thp     possible  caii-.c  of   the iaiinrt;  of  a battle,   hut  vv'ho dccmt'tl it      wo-i th while to notice only   thai I was  iired and hiuir  ^l-y,  and  look pauis   to  sec  that    I  and my hoise had foot! and   rest..  would hatch, it is really earning in i billot mi  $9.00, besides producing for your l unit il.n.1 -  by the wholeaaie, and being rcaiii u> ilu llu  same thiug over again the moiuont e k ii 1 tich  iioff. .--���������.. ,��������� ";���������  Don't-you-think, therefore, tint it uiwi io  koop the hens laying and let liio Ciin-cliiiii  Incubator do the hatcliirig? ;  There, am many other reason^ win t e  Chatham Incubator and Brooder outU \^ ^.i  the netting hen.  The hen sets wheii she is ready 'llu. Chit  hum Incubator is always ready. 11 pi iniiint,  to take olf a; hatch ut the right ti in >on mi)  have plenty of broilers to sell -wl i-n bi j'lih  are senrCe and prices at the top not li " \ou  depend on the htm, your chicks ������.II gio������ to  ' broilers just when every other hen -. cluck i uc  being maiketed, and.-when the pn.L is luL^u  itiff.       .  The hen is a careless mother, often !.* ulmg li i  ���������hicks amongst >vetgrass, liushe.s..nid m pi uu  where rats can eon iscato her young  The Chatham -Brooder, behnve-> it-Llf is i  perfect mother and \evy rarely Iccm a cluck  and ia not infested with lice.  Altogether, there is absolutely ho iin-,nnalilt  reason for conUiining the'use ol a lien >->  i  f    v* ID C*      1  hatcher und  every   reason  why Jon  slit iihl I Oil   1.SV  US HO |j3Sil  havoaChatliauL lneubatm-hnd itioodct ���������"  We are making a very special ollci which  It will pay you to.invesUgate.    _  ._    irooderuiid ordinary attention, you can raise  U   < hickchs from'early Sptuig until Winter and  h-ivo u^crop eveiy month    'J'lunk of it!  Quite m fevv- f.trmeis have diicoveied thaC  theie is money in the poultry business and Jiav-o  1 jund this branch ot luiuung so pi oil tabic that,  they have installed sevetai Chatham Incuba-  tur.s andliroodei*) <il'tei trjirig the Hist.  Pei-iiaps you think thut it jequues a great  deal of tune or a jjfi-ent deal of technical knowledge lo raise chickeiu with a Chatham Incubator and Brood jr.   If so, yon aie greatly mis-  Small Premises Sufficient  For PouUry Raising.  WE WILL SHIP NOW  to you*, srvnox^  rREIGn*   t*-REkJ4ifD  A CHATHAM  IKCUBATOM  andBROODER  l\ Atler 1906 Harvest  | taken. Voui- wife or daughlei can atter.d to  li e machine and look artei the chickens without iuteri'ering with their regular household  unties. i  The market K always good and prices are  never low. The demand is always m excess of  the supply and at < eitain times of the year you  uuiipiiielicuHy get miv ui ice > ou uu e to ask for  good lii'.iilors. '.v ltlia'CJliathain Incubator and  Brooder you can Mait liatching at tho light  tune to,'-ring the chickens to inaiketable  bioiiers wbeiii the supply ts very low uud tho  pi ices according!}, high. This you could never  do' vvithihoiis'as halcheis.  We know that theie is money In the poultry  business.for eveiy fanner wlio willgo auout it  i i^ht;-'������������������'All you have to do is to get a Chatham  1 nenlmtor and Brooder and fatui t it. But perhaps you are not picpartd just now to spend  the money.- Tills is why we make the special  oiler.-:.-- ���������������������������������������������:"���������:���������������������������.:���������  IS THIS FAIR?  -v\'e know thero i-> money m laising chickons.  Wo know, the   Chatham   Incubator   and  H'oodor has no'ctjual.  We know that uith any reasonable effort on  your purr., you cannot but make money out of'  th.: Chatham Incubator and Brooder.  We know that v\e mado a similar offer last  j ear and that in eveiy ease the payments were  mot cheerfully and piomptly, and that in many ,  cases.iuohcy was accompanied by lettora eac-  piussing'satisfaction.  Therefore, we have iao hesitation in making  ��������� Of course,!if ybii have lots of room -o imit'i Gentium n���������\ oui No 1 Incubator is all this proposition to eveiy honest, earnest man  the better; but many a man and hoiii hi ue n m j un uiiClllIv s-iu-ilod with it. Will oi woman who may wish to add to their yearly-  currying on a successful and profilable poultry. K.7^ a larger one from-vou next year. H. Jtl. P'-*"'nte with a small expondituie of time and  business in a small city or town lou   Anyone   i.ockwooi*, Lindsay, Oiifc." . ���������    ia2^?y-:  ���������* ^ . ,���������     . ���������   ���������  with a. fair sized stable or shod and u small a,.������������������,,,.������������������.��������� ��������� ,,,int. ���������,._������, '������������������TnnnhnW anj .This really means that wo will set yon up In  yard can raise poultry profitably. ��������� Uentleiuen.-.i  think  both Incubator and   the poultry bus ness  so that you can make  5 But to make money quickly? you must get'.'? '^'.f t^,e 'if sV rS?-r^'PKftSwil' ^L0.? money right from the sUi't without asking for  away from the old idea of U-yiiig to do hushuvi tlllee 1'lt,-l'1"*--=- '*��������� *=��������� Fr.LMi.N'0.1 iattsv ille, Out.. a sillKlt! cont from you untli ufter 191*5 harvest,  with sotting hens as hatchers. ��������� You must get a Ut'.iIIonicn.���������1 had never seen an incubator If wo knew of a fane: otter, we would make it.  Chatham Incubator and Urooder.    , until I i-ei-civetl yours.   1 was pleased and sur-      Write us a post cud with your name and  To enable evervbody to get a fair start in the   priced l.i y.-t overtoil percent., and tho chickens  address, and we will send you full pai tieulars. aa  1)II-:.S  Oi\t  WAV  TO  ALTAR.  Galveston,   Tex.���������Word   is   received  of  her brother.     Restoratives     were  without <*f)ect and  the tloctois    pr0-  here   of  a sad  trat-eily  at   Byiaii,    a   iiotincetl her dead  from  heart failure.  A   romance, is  hack   ot   the      .long  courtship.    Nearly 15 years ago, with  right w-ay< in the. poultry"business, we make   are all   strong anil  healthy. ���������-.-     --_-      ��������� - -     -     -,-,-������������������,     ��������� .    .  u, very siiecial offer  which it is worth your   opsrat i mnchinc- successiully. Jas. Day, Rath-   to make monoy ouVol chicks.'  Write to-day  A child could   well as our beautifully illustrated book, "How  to make mor  *"  to Chutham.  nearly pillage, -whereby death ro|)|l*ed  the altar   of  a bride.    Alter  a������oiirt-  ship  of   l I  years,   IVliss   Betlie  I*ln.  gens  was   to have been married     to  John Francis.   The church wa.s hcan-  tiiully    Idecoratcrl   for  lhe  occasion,  and tilends from   far  and   near were,  in   atttmdance.    As   the nridal couple  the promise or "his sweetheart fresh  in hi.s ears, joimj- Krancis set out to  p,aiit wealth in (Jie t;old mines lu his  s.arch for the piecious metal he vis-  lts'ti Mevico. Colorado, Alaska a���������tl  Innlly   went to  New Zealand. Thcre  the  ���������325Sii  itiii^aBsakaffiau  weie goiiirj rip  thc aisle   to   the altar   ]ri    struck a  laft'C  fortune  iu  the  bride-to-ibe sivoorred m   the arms    sloeK-business,.  Ifrancis lo-pi up a correspondence  with Miss Plugems. He wa.s detained  in .San Francisco and only reached  ��������� liryan the other morning. The reunion was, of course, joyful, but in  less than 2<l hours after finding his  sweetheart she was dead.  trhile'to.investigate. well, Man.  Wecan supply you quickly from our distributing warehouses nt Calgary, Braudon, Regina; Winnipeg, New Westminster, B.C., Montreal.  Halifax: Chatham.   Factories at 'Chatham, Oni-., and 11i:tuoit, Mich. ������rz  The MANSON CAMPBELL CO., Limited, Dept No. 15 A CHATHAM, CANADA  Let'  ���������������-������������������-���������������������������  us  quote  you  prices  on  a  good Fanning  Mill  or  good  Farm  Scale.  ii * 11  ^  *y\  K  Kind  of  Job  Printing f  Done Promptly and  WELL  Al  SUNMOHT  SOAP  tR-OP.JS REWARD will  -������PJ#-VVW. be paid to :uiy  person -who proves that  Sunlight Soap contains any  injurious chemicals or any  form of"adulteration.  Office  *0KC-~#  1st Avenue  TRUE' MEASURE OF  SUCCESS.  '   (By Rev. Pleasant Hunlei-)  *%e -Life is  moie tha" meat.���������Luke  xii.,  2S.  This  is a    warning  against emphasizing'  the material.        It is equivar  e:ii  to saying that getting a  life is  ���������more  important t'hi.n getting a Irving  Material good is not to he despised. A-eqMired by right means and  used for worthy ends it is a real  good. But even under these eireum-  slant-L's it is not the highest good. A  niind full of useful knowledge is better- than a hox full of stocks and  bonds. A heart full of noble i*rinei-  ples is betti,*!- than a bank full of  dollars. A life full of good deeds  is L-eitc.r than a lift* full of good  times.  The greatest si:e;esr of  life  is moral   suotss.       The  great.-st   failure   of  life is moral  failure.      It is better to  live  a  eh'an   life   in   ohseurity   tbatt   a  soiled  one  in  prominence.      H is  better  to  he  an  honest   man   on  a  small  salary    than     a diskoir.-sl  inn-  with a  large inenme.       It   is better to spend  all one's dnys    iu a rented.-house and  raise   a family   lhat   does   something  for  Hit.*    world,  than   live  in a  of line's  own  and raise  a family  with  no higher  aim  1han   oating  and  being merry.  The ouler ' ciri-iimslanee   is   .-ihvays'u's.        _.\iiy      snt-eess    purehasetl   at.   a  the  iitinor   coiisideratinii.   It   is   what   sui'riliee      the   heart's   best   feelings  men  are and  do,  not what Miey have   is too cos tl v.      What  thongii  one. tlo.s j  is equally good with hard or soft water.  If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)  you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get. better  results than with boiling and hard rubbing in the old-fashioned way.  As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly  pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be  washed without the slightest injury.  Brothers   Limited, Toronto  Your money refunded  by the dealer from whom you buy  Sunlight Soap if you find any  cause for complaint.  Lcvs  156  est, material reward. At the same  time there should be regard for high  er interests. The work of lifp has a  higher mission. We are called to de  velop the things aho'u-l ns, because in  so doing we develop  our selves.  An  ai-ehilect  who stood  admiring' a  great building     he  had pbuieed  vvas  addressed by  a frieird thus:  "Vou     think   you      nia-de   that,   but  you didn't,   it  made  you.  There   is  a      suggestion  here  as   fo  what     Hit!    work  of   hand   anil   twain  should   do.       It  should -make   men   as  well    as  things.       Any  course of  action     which    interferes   with   this   ve-  ' Mill, vvhieli    robs of tini-, strength or  ! taste for.   the    better side  of  life  is  palaeu   wro.ng.      H   is  a   mistake to  become  so absorbed    in  bnsim-ss or   study  or  dvhvUingv any other   good    thing as  to gel.  out  of  touch  with   the great  World   about  NOTICE  LADYS.YiirH   WATERWORKS  Consuiireps are requested t������ eall at , the office     on  Robeits   Street and  pay Water     Rates, between the lOlh    and the 23th of each month.  Office Efours IP. M. 4 30  T, J BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  :^^^x^*mMm������s*M^J&m  aissasEffiSSB  that  weighs most   in nature's scales. cHmb to    the top if   in doing so be. '.  side  of his   being given j  li, hy being  (rue to a hi.nh ideal, po- slighls    that  sition,' fame nnd wealth come, vvo him to bring him info fraternal re-  should he thankful for them ami use lations to all mankind? What llm-  Iheni in a conscientious manner. But, ugh nnc does climb to tin-' top if in  if by being true tosru-h an ideal they doing so he slights that side oi" his  come not, vw should continue sweet being given him to bring him info  and  trustful of   spirit;. fraternal    relations   to all   mankind?  Tlu* best     things of life are within What     though    one  dot's  build upanjej  reach   of all.       Kverv .man  who  will iiiimen.*-.e     business    if iu do-ing so he  may become a conscientious eitiv.cn, a negiect"    lo build  himself  up in aU  thoughtful neighbor,' a loyal  frie-mi, a that goes to UK-ike a true man?  true husband, an   alTcclioiiatc father-,     One of  tlie greatest   failures of life  a sincere and   earnest Christian.  And is thai  of a man so ink-til upon gtu-  he who becomes all  1his may  feel ho ting    that   which   be must      one day  is making  a   successor  life,     regard- leave,   as to     have new time or taste.  less, of vvlra.t he has or has not.    , for that     ,>..iw.  ..t ....^....   ^.^   .. ltt. ,  It is always right to seek an hon- him for an eternal possession. j  Public  Notiee  Attention is called to "ihe   "act that th������  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEH OLD    FLOUR.     hare lor some tima'  past, been producing flour Ih a   lastly  improYed and puriO  '  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  *nd having secured centrol  ot    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity ol a dvisrng  tie public  that  any  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will  **e pro-  ���������ecuted.  Ogiivie rio-ttr Mills Company Lfmitad  are th.e    oaly    mitl������c������ ia Oantida  wkase-jFlonr  apui*ifiedb7 ti ) 3 laetHo VProceas 7^  winch he might take with'' skMsaggsataaag^taaffigiiig^g^^ =.--aS**  ."Os  THE     DA 11  SS������  =*������  UUL HEMS  Miss E. Do'beson will be at the Abbotsford Hotel'every Saturday afternoon'to give lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing,' management and. control of breath, tone production, effi-  , eiently taught. For particulars apply Box 12, or Phone 14G, Nanaimo.'  THE JAPANESE  AS, RULERS  Smoke Big B. Cigars  FOR SALl* ��������� ORGAN,  Ilaggarfs, Esplanade.  Apply   at  Mr.    Thos.     JMcEwan   'came  from Xa'iiaiiiui Ihis-.niorning'.  down  G.   I\f.   Grant,   of .Victoria,'  arrived  from the capital oii lhe' noon train.  Mr. F. Shepherd and son, of .Nanaimo, came down on the nioi'nina;  (rain. ','.',-<  Mr. A. \V Cohurii, who has been  visiting Victoiia, arrived in town oil  the r.noii train.  Kew and Mrs. Schlichfer,' who  have been in Nanaimo since .'Saturday,  returned to Ladysmith on the nine  o'c.'o'jfc train this morning.   ,, ���������  ���������L Mitchell, president of the United  Jline Workers oi America,-, yi-stenlay  endorsed the ^enural opinion that  there would he no general strike of  coal miners on April "1st., next.  Smoke Little B   Cigars..  IJ there  is anything  yoii Want  in  the Drue; or patent  medicine line you  ���������will   find   it at    Ilie-Laclysmiih  Drug  Store.  .AT THE ABBOTSFORD  F.   Thayer,   Vancouver.   '���������'!.  F. H.  Slip] ihei'il,- Nanaiino  L-   T-I.  Shepherd,  Nanaiino  John   Lcre,   iWuiaimo.  Fred   Smith, Toronto % ���������  Daniel  Wilson,  Victoria'  <>'���������  M.  Grant, Victoria,  F. JI.  "Miller, Vancouver,,...    <   ���������o��������� -'  , The r.adysmilli Public School Concert will he heM in Um opera house.  . tonight, February 27, commencing''  ut 7..SO p.m. The programme will he  provided hy lhe school "children ��������� and ���������  Uiep  roceeds   will   be  devoted  to  Li--  ��������� brary and  Mush-  Fund..'.Tickets   for  fvdults    SU cents.    Children'25 ceri'ts  (half  tickets.) '  JIAIUN'E... "���������;���������  i    S.  S.   Wellington    is due here for a  ��������� full cargo of   coal for Frisco.  S.S. Superior and scow are in for  ccnil for the Mainland today and the  Capilano is e.vpecied in tomorrow to  -loal coal for the Ounar mines. She  will load ore at Omar and bring h/jr  cargo  clown   for the  local smeller.   o   KK'NAl'D III.  <e'l*bi* RUihard 111 Mining Company's  cirn.|���������r says that as 'soon as the  point is* flclermiiird where the present Tyee ore Icn/c enters Richard  IIT proi'.eiiy work will be .started on  the latter. .\ nieefina; of the share-'  Holders of the Richard III will take  plarc on -March il. People interested  >n tin- proierty say it is likely a  lari-i* r(1rcc of i,.rn vvi l-;b..-at work in  the mine in a few weeks.  MGfflBEEBH^^  wr> lift* Lt>!������j  ���������"-*"*"���������"-������������������Tnm  luimiai i ii  (Kr������-^^i3naBHaBBt9EinaaB  ]^2!0������^.?zm���������?zaasaissm  I  SCP  IDOL  uiHOiitLLfli  San  Francisco,    Feb.: 27���������Archdea-  con William  W.  Jeli'ries, -aiid   Episco-  lalian  minister who  has  just returned    .from a trip arqimd  the    world,;  hrinss a ..tale of   horror and .barbarism from Korea seldom equalled. J.ap  aiiese   as    soldiers    ami   Japanese as  victors are two. entirely .different people, '  according... to .  lids  churchman,  Korean     farms,     Korean    industries,  and .���������Korean    natives'. themselves have  become,the property_of the victorious  brown   ii'ien,. ..says   I)r.' Je'ines, 'and  far  worse   than  these 'things are  llu*  scenes of i murder' which he claims !"'e  have witnessed  when -helpless natives  have   given' ; displeasure';,: io.'..the" so,l-,  diers   of .tiio-   Mil;ado.. ,. When a  Korean   objects    to    conKst-avion  of his  property   he  is   .falsely, charge-d 'with'  being-a spy, and is pro'hahly- shot,,-or  hanged  the .hcxt. day. The truth     of"  the   aic'ideucon's   tab-, is    verified .by.  pictures    which  he has... ia.icn  in the j  Hermit  Kingdom  and.'which  he  brought,    with  him to  ihe  Vnili'd   States  and will exhibit all over this country  There     arc    over   forty, of Ihrse   picture*!.       '������������������'���������       "..-.' ���������   ' .'  One    pliotograi'h 'shows   j.:lic -.croc-ii-  t.ion   of, a    Korean who - had .been accused  of l.-eing    a    spy.    A' crin'e,:e;al-:  lows    of   cross-beams has been creeled,and     .Japanese, soldiers   are slowly  ptilling  the condemned'".ni'aii off     bis  feet by   a rope   th'd around his r,e<'k.  He is raised just high': enough for his  feet    lo    touch, the ground,'-.and  then,  allowed  to slowly ".strangle  lo (Vrat'h. '  Again- a picture shows a number of  prisoners    tied '..up   to   crosses  with  thfiit-   arms   extended,-'and  all out  to  be shot by a squad  of soldiers.   Frc-  Q'.ienlly  Hie  first bullet does not end  the unfortunate .man's, existence, ���������and  the is left hanging on   the cross arms  until a second bullet  kills him.    'Wo.  men'arc   nob   ini-uuine,1 .sa'vs Dr.. .Tc.fi-  .        - . '>  ries, and if .is not an .uncommon, sight  to   see   thciin''suspended  by   the neck.  On one of .the stre.els of a Korean.-.city   ihe 'bodies    are allowed   to hang  for days a,s a  .warning to tin: 'nhkb-  it;*nts..      Dr.     Jeffries   asserts  thai  there,   is    a perpetual .reign   of  terror  in every town in the province.  . "I have always ..be.eix. an admirer ofthe Japanese," 'says, .the doctor, ���������'and.  I st'i!l :ani.    They-.surpass   us   as sol-,  ���������diers, .as artists,'and jri many" id her  things. If. niakcs-;i,me ashamed ol' 'Americans ,.when  l. think , what   lliose'iit-  tk*  fellows... can  do,   but T would  not.  believe- .'them  capable  of such  brutality  if I hadn't  seen   tliein  for  myself.'  "I. am  l-irlrrging  pictures, back, with  trie of Ihings'j I witnessed  on 'my trip  to   Korea,   so"that  everyone can sec  just  what   the'- conditions  arc     ���������Voir  nave  only, sl-cii  samples oT them., ami  1 know  that  no  paper   would  publish  them.     .        " ." '-���������  "The Koreans  arc  reduced   to      a  slate  ok abject   slavery,   ami      they  have been   roj'/.wvd   of everything   they  were ever  possessed  of.   Their   rice-  fields    have    been   taken  from them.  When the' proprietor inquires  why, he  is told'that  it   i.s needed for military  purposes.    The same is true of shops,  and   if a Korean   is 'too   persistent hi  asserting  his' property   rights  lie   is  "exe-cuted as a spy,  and  his  body left  to  hang  in thc ��������� sUticts   as  an aii-ject-  IcS'Soii lo  the poiwilacc.  ''Korean   men  and   vvojncn  are   set  upon  hy  Japanese soldiers and beaten and kicked, ' -  j    "I    nave   s;'cn     a harmless native  coming out. of his  door  knocked down  by  a soldier--wil>h  a chair.    The sol-  flier's compaiwons laiijtc!  all   sicmrvl  lo regard il  as an cxcel-  . lent  juke.  I "These incidents which T d'-scri'tite  arc of reten-t dale, and as far as i  am informed they continue to this  date. The Korean Kmr-eroi- lives in  terror of his little nrown; rulers-, and  he has freriuetit ly called upon our legation .to watch over..��������� him during the  iiiigh't. lie charges (hc .Japanese-with.  Hie murder of his wife, and fears he  will  meet  the same fate  as she did."  91  aoimtin  jfygfffflr- .^.^cbxwjix-.^- ��������� -  K2S,f3ri*T&s.'"'i '.-1  ii&fvm  MtMiwA^imm*HX'e������{-f&<m   Wins thi  r        As If 1 wm\  -In  the  LION BRAND  The Most Up-to-date  BOY'S  CLOTHING  made in Canada  They hot only have a Splendid  Appearance; but they are  Made to wear-We Guarantee Every Suit-The  Pants have Double Seats  and Knees-We have Extra  Pants io match -You auto  Sse them  Waltcr*&  Akenhead  m  __-fc_l^i^,i���������i.,  g Save the Wrappers, they are Valuable.     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LA331TSMI1LH   ���������  IIGilfil  jonDam  'Viinemiiver   advices   to  hand   today  eon fain  the  following:    Daj>t;-'G.    C.  Melveen, master (if- the trig Native of  this ���������port,   reached the city yesterday  from   the North, and gave testimony  at" the, inquest  on   the death of Prunk  .Johnson at .Chatham Channel on Feh  niary 8,      whic-li  placed  an entirely  different  coinplo.viori  on  the  att'air as  il was al      first  reported  hy  Philip  Slehla,; a (ompanion of the deceased,  al   iho  time  of his  death.    As  a result of the coroner's jury hro'ight in  a \ erdiei. of accidental death.  "Stehla's" account of  the accident  was   not   true,"   said   Capt.  McKecn  Mi discussing  the matter,, "arid-it is  just   pos'sihle   that   I may get  after  him   hecau.se  of  the statements     he  made.    He said  that .Johnson's death  was caused  hy   the sheering- of     the  scow      in   tow  ofthe Native,       the  sc-dw  h-iiVjiig  struck' the  sloop  which  he (thc deiKl  iria.ii) and'another iwere  siiiling,  and tiiat  the   Native ran off  without    wailing lo     sec the. end of  the affair.    The  facts  are that      on  February  8,   when'Ave  were steaming  up    Chatham   Channel,   I was   lying  "W  HAS.   PETERSON,  FUUNITITRK STORK  .   .    the   rcsull   of carelessness  of those in  the  sloop,   and   the������Xati\c was      rn  nu    way   connc-led   with   Lire even Is  which   led   to  the man's  death,''  tIIi AVKX'l'F  ROHKRTS  Street.  A   UKSOURCEhTI, HOY.  ������������������1���������  The   lale  Peter   Loiillanl, Rono.ids  li':<ed     ixMse^eiance  m   iiis  sorsmus  i  , When   he told   I hem  lo'do   a thing  he  c.vpK-le'd ���������   I hem   lo do it,  no  mallei  how     dilhctiK it   iniii.liI   l*e iT he si'nt  a slJUeinan     out     to   buy  aceilain  kind    of whip,    he e\ pet led   lhe   man  mil   lo leliirn  until   (he whip  was-secured,   though   he sho'ild   ha-.c   lo \is-  il a hundred  shops  to get it.  ��������� 'I here is a slory ahout tlie voy  Mr Ronalds came xo lilrc a yomiK  groom. lie was in a drug store  oi"c day. when a shall,y little. 1 oy  entered. The hoy ad.anced hoMly  lo lhe clerk,, look a small camel's  hair brush from  his pocket.'aud p-id:  j    '���������Smell, this,  an'  gimme  10 cents'  ' worth. 'I've   forgotten  the  name."  The,  cleric  smiled,   smelt,   and -took1,  down   the iodine  bottle;  and Mr. Ronalds   engaged  the  ingenious anil  resourceful  hoy  o.n. the s-i-ot.   .���������o   'k'UBKL-IK'S   STRANGE   EXPERT-  EN-CE. ...    .    I  Writing- of ��������� his   tours,   Ku'lielik; ihe  famous   . violinist,  recalls the follow- \  ing  incident: J  ;'l was cince ashed  to  play  hefo'r'i  'CITRObSFRUJTS"   CASES.  ,    Washmlgton,      Feh.  215.���������Tlm    suits  Inown   a*>   lhe   ''citrous  fmii" eases  in  which all   the  railroads  of Soutli-  ern California were  interested,  were  today   decided* lavoralilj   to  the  rail-  roa.ls by the supreme court of     the  "Tinted   Slates., the  opinion heing by  -Justice   Peelhani     The cii������.os inv'������!\ed  the   ciyht  of  the rail load  companies  lo de.sii'iiate  lhe route for  fruits ship  ped I'last     alter leaving    their    own  lines.    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He informed  TO SAVE VAI.TABLES  ODC,  Each  4-  fNinnn \m  U4mt   P\  u  Frc;  '������������������**��������� /1"--*-  y '-,r  ;acn  -:0  $1.50 and Up  *raBSlV.tSKt!CKCSV3AmSX������iamtZZ  BLAIR &  VLixmmi  Among other   thim-H" thai   lhe   Valencia     wive'-;   hi'S   iifought   u;.-   i.s   lhe  invention   c.i   I'rank   I fomef.-k,   of   Mre-  ~l  inerton.    1 !������������������   hr.s   co.ulri-.ed   ;i. safe fur  |   use   on   ocean-going  steamers   which,  a . in <-ase. the  vessel   is sunk Mm a sloi'm,  ������   or   is wrecked,  ;if-:   in   the case  of  the  a   Valuiiida,   vv-ili   float  on   lhe surface of  ft   the  waters  until   piched  up   hy  some  |  salvage seeker. j  ���������j ���������' According lf) his slatement the j  i buoyant safe works on the following [  4 .pr nciplcs: One cubic foot of'-water f  \ wei.ghs y._fi2 pt.nnds: one .sq'juarn oot f  of ..'{-10, steel   weighs 8  pounds. * A sgfe.  ji  ��������� live   feet  stjiuar.- and seven   reel   "high     |  ��������� contains 116  cubic reel   ol  air space.   I  I   fn the construction jof this  safe there   |  [  will   he Trfju-ired   in  square  feel   of :i-   E  '   Hi   thickness     of    specially  hardened     a  steel.    The   safe   will- dis'phice i   3 7=5     S  fa  cubic   feet   of water,   and  as  t'he. wat-   ri  er   thus  disj.daced   weighs > fi2   pounds,   |  to   (lie  footi,   1(1,851)  pounds  of .the li- ��������� j?  quid   will   he displaced.    The  safe   it-   jj|  self will  weigh   but   1/100  pounds, so,    $  leaving   !), 151'   pounds   for  the       con-   H  tents of the saTe 'in   valuables such as   ^  gold,   (liamoinds,   etc..   before  it   will   , j4!  sink. ||  The     safe ilsi.-I     is sha|w:-d  like     a, jl  shell  from a canno an-d always floats ! ;:  in an   upright   condition. \ffll3SL  and thev   ! Ulc   l'1'-'-,j a sloop- was asking for      a  ; tow,   and   I told   him  not  to     give  one.  j    "As wc were  towing  the scow   astern  on a long hawser,  those, in   the  sloop evidently made up  their  minds  to steal  a low,. arm  they   horc down  lo catch  the scow.    As   they  did so,  and   when  the sloop  was  at  least 50  feel  from- the scow,    the- boat jibbed  lhe main boom  swung over,  ami hit-  liuti-  Johnson  on   the head,  knocked  him   into  the water.   The sloop  kept  on ' hy course  and   finally   ran   into  the scow.    I slowed  down   and  half-  turned   the Native  around  to pick up  the man,  when the sloop cut- a dingy  adrift   and  picked   him up.   It       was   I  fully a minute and ,a half after  John-.  son    fell    overboard   thai   the dingy  was   sent   after  him.      Johnson, when  I saw   him,   was  swimming strongly;  1 lad he  Ix'cn   picked up  right  away I  have     no doulnl   that   his   life   could  have  b<'eii  saved.    'I'he accident  was  says, "the doctor believing 'hat inii-  sic was a fine medicine for n,ba<'.nc-  o;l minds. 1 accordingly accompanied  him in the institution, where he in  traduced inc., and said I would favor  my hearers -with something gay'and  'happy.     '        ; ���������   '  I hadn't intended  lo do this,  but, following his  . suggestion, I   played      n.  ' Wrilliant Slav  composition,  which    1  hoped  would   be joyous enough,    'i'he  .crazy  folk were all  seated   about lhe  platform   in chairs,   and seem id ro.be  intensely  interested.   As      f. finished   !  a very  pretty  young  woman  rose and  beckoned   lo   me.    I   thought,   artist-  like,  that she wanted an encore,  and  so said   to  the doctor:  "'Ask  her, what  she  desires.'   ���������  "  He rose   lo his feet and        was  about  to question   her,  when she exclaimed; ...  " 'To   think   of   the   likes   oi  mc lie-  ing  in   here  and he  being   at  large in  the world.-'  "That    vvas    the  lift  lime'I ever  played   in an insane   asylum.'  Montreal.  --lo  the���������  Formly   Herald   anil   Weekly Star  Now   and get  the   We  arj making them oigthc Newesi J^  a.i-~������a> a\ J- i. ut.������i  silyies.  WO ft n  WE DO ALL KINDS OF bOUNDKI  Our PriceB arc Reatona hie  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN   HI, AIR  AND A DAW  wis news.  J'������and at Lsdyfrr.i'h Hsro-vsrc Ccrrj j-ny  LADYSHltH   IRON & STOVlf W< VKS CO.XJ TH.  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  MR. and'MRS./V; J. THOMAS, I  of    MoiiHt Sicker. Hotel, and of  Palace Hetel,  Na������aiiu������, have  chased th* ..'.���������".   .t. ���������.'-...'���������'.,  s  ���������COMM E RCIA L  HOT EI .���������  om Douglas Street,'* Victoria, opposiv  liie city  hall,  ai������d-,-iiiivite' their    old  patrons anb friends to vis.  it. them When in vic-  TORJA;  : BR0.OK5?. ���������-���������;������������������ . ; -  PJ.O.T ..���������Qv?AP'H.',,->.Tiip!0  !s  ���������'' 8"i*iiv. Open.  VICTORIA "-CRESCENT-;���������-V-.-__^  : opposite Fire*!'���������![all.  5C  NanainiO;  I  Beautiful .Supp'einent  ?��������� uhscfiption-ta  en at  IT'S BOOK STORE  ���������aasiiss  '������5iSa������'S"Sa*^ar;-iB2^  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be FIVE CENTS per roaf��������� 20  loaves for a .dollar. My. read is  guaranteed the best made. Shops  run hy white help should receive  white peoples' patronage so loiijr as  they are properly conduc-tcl. i solicit a trial as your 'Bal'er.  u. r. no'cnj-:,  THE WELLINGTON 15AKERY  c$m  ^,u*w&X  EXCELLENT  Train Service  -.-.;      BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, I0STON,  Aidtb* Prliclpal BuaUeiBCentere of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA HIAOARA FALLS.  For Tlm? TaMen, etc, uidresB  CEO. W. VAUX,  ABiliUnt ftei'l e������������em������r aad Ticket Agent  10B ADAM* ������T.. OHICAOO, ILL.  NOTICE  J  USIC  Prescriptions rilled promptly at li>e  'jadysmith  Pharmacy.  Notice is hereby given that I will  apply at .the next silting ofthe Municipal Licensing Board for the trans  fer of the retail'    liquor license held  hy me for the Portland   Hotel,   siliia..  ted on Lot 10,-    Block '1, First  Avenue,  to David Hynes. !  JOI1N GOGO  Russell Simpson,  Solicitor-  NOTICE  ���������������������������o���������  Notice i.-. hereby given  that T,  Agnes  Kni.cut,      will apply at, thc next  regular silling of  the licensing' board,  for the lra'-������jfer    of the retail Inpioi:  license held     by me for" the-premises  lutely lcnovvn as the Island Home .''.lb*  tel,  located    on lot. 3, block 20.     ia  the city        o[   Ladysinith, II. ('*.. to  George I-laiinay,    the above hotel to  '>������. known as' The   IT.olel l.'ocil.  Signed,  AGNES KNIGHT.  ���������Notice  *���������������������������'  ft  We  are now showing a  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  I'iniioforte  and    Vocal   Music   thoroughly taught by  Frank G. Asliton of  Iho Guildhall School and Trinity College    of      Music,   London.    England.  MS ��������� Pupil of  the late .Thomas Wimgflium,  Ij.Miis.   Doc, Organist,    BronvjHoii,  Large Stock of |hrs ^t,,��������� rcsI,ta,t ,��������� u-  <i | iiysniilli   and      prepared   l()   take  pu-  lils .     Harmony  and  Theory   a Sl'e  dally.   Terms,  etc.,    on application.  O.   P,0X  22.1,  and Other Jewelry of First Class Quality  B.;FORCIMnER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWRLER,   OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    XXX      Ladysmith,  B.  A. HOWE/ofCHEMAINUS, Iras opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by Wf Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL LINE OF FiRSI CLASS MEA1S.  ''���������"  , re! Ssvizge & f.pcciaUy  '���������������������������       A TRfAL SOLiCITEO  A.-HOWE  Phone   2(1  Solliiitor.   Etc.  tmw   f������    Loan  -rjq<**-K***i,.i *^cn*fgyttfm.'L>ft������rin'n kw-j^w ���������  PAINTING   AND   l'APERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  \*>.ni  L40VS-4 i  S. ROEDDNG  -Orders Promptly   Executed'  LADYSMITH  *     m    mm  =  a  \ a


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