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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 25, 1905

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j   ''A   '���
The Ladysmith Daily LedqeS
-~\ ).j ������\<
SATURDAY, FEBT--24, 1905.
'%y     " "3     FEB 2 J 1906      cz
PR1C ���
Nelson B.C., Feb. 24.-Thc case of
Osborne Plunkett, barrister bt Van-
From  the  Vancouver News .Advertiser of vcsterdsijj' further .particulars
*    T   u-    i^s   orihbuvcr    are at  hand   rcs'pecting  tlie  "hello"
couvcr,  vs.   1.  V.   Jones,  ore-ltiye ,     ^.^ ^ ^ Tcrmi|ia, City_
A  Vancouver     despalch  says:   Advices were    received from ihe North,
of  the serious  damages  sustained    in  ,       ���  ���   	
the ice at   Prin��c of Wa'cs Island ,v | ^r-U* Lanyon Zinc Company ot, loU >         ^ mcntlonod says:
it     ,        ��� .    . ,,*!��.     Kansas, ami now su|.erintpridcnt     of
the tug   Holyoke, owned by the Pu-
' the    zinc smelter l>eing erected      at
get Sound Tu^Ajat Company, ana the Fra|||f>   'Albertaf by    J. C.  Fenian,
hulk RicliHVd III. owned by the ICoh-
crt Dur.smuir Company. I'oth vessels were seriously damaged, and the
cost of repairs, it is .thought, will
run into lhe thousands of dollars.The
tug was in danger of sinking nndhad
to be beached.
was decided yesterday in' the Supreme-Court here,* judgment being'giv
en against';'!'. ^V. J ones for .$2,200.
The case.attracted much attention,
as it involved the opposition to thc
selection of A. C. Garde, late mana-
It was about nine o'clock yesterday evening   that a number   of   girl
operatois left their .posts as also (lid
a majority of the men employers, con
serpent, onl a ���decision arrived .at earlier in' the,day.   On Wednesday evening of thc 11  oiierators employed 'by
Mie company  15 v. one ���on duty.  Of llu-
remaining 29.  at liberty to  attend a
meeting called,  eight  were on hand,
in addition lo about  17 j.nen of   the
outside stall,   linemen,  etc.    A'ballot
gei' of the Payne Mining Company, to
The holyoke towed the Richard III the Royal Commission on 7/mc      in   of ylie Kjr|s present was taken mid it
which  was     loaded  with coal,  from j British  Columbia,     appointed L   last.   was (-eCj,-C|| 0in a majority vote to p,o
La('v.smith   to   Niblack, on Prince of >'car \ff the l^^nion Government.    ' on stri- c.   a document enlacing the
Wa.es Island, nearly opposite Ketchi I. ?*[^Z^"TVVnl ""J, ��� <1"is ��f fchc ^�����ien�� "a(l ,���"�����
.���.'.. . , c ll,al are simple. I.-W. Jones, '"���. submitted to the directors, subse-
kan, and was to .bring back a load of hte pre4|Uyi���g capacity,' wanted a qlluIlt to a I)reiir���inary meeting on
ore for the .Ta'-'oma Smelter. She sample run. made of the dump, of- a 'puewiav and on the adverse decision
managed to get her escort into   *4ib- tSlocan  lead-zinc  mine,  the >   Great  ' of the ' coiiipenv's oil cials the action
"C0ld[ Western,  which belonged to Osborne \ ()[ the employees was  taken.
| Plunkett.   'He got  permission .to do  ,    Th(J C��ll,.sp of tl|)e Kt',i!:e-if such  it
,so from Mr,  Plunkett-. The only zinc   c;l|l  ))t, caut.(l���is somewhat  invohed.
frozen   in.       To get out they had to se���arato'r then .(Dccem-ber,  1003)     in   0n   ,,iimillly   22nd   the directors    en-
cut   their  way   through   three miles of   the Slocan   was   that  or  tlie  Fayne    {eref|  mlo'aii. agreement  with       the
ice lour    inches   thick.      An attempt  mine,   installed i*y its manager, Mr.
London, Ocb. 23.���An amendment to
the address to the throne in reply to
the King's speech at the opening of
parliament expressing regret at the
fact that the p.o'crmv.eiit had brought
the reputation of the country into
contempt by describing tlie employment of Chinese in South Africa as
slavery, was defeated in the House of
Commons this afternoon by 41(1 to
SI votes. The de'Vte, which lasted
two days, developed considerable bitterness.
Jof-cpli ChamLbrlaiii and other mem
hers ol the opposition declared the
government had ridden to nower on
false pretences. Mr. ('Irani-! t^.iin as-
rerted that he had been informed
lhat    the     mining magnates had  ap-
Vancouvcr,   Feb.' 24.���The  law sl**,b(
you    can   be sent to jail  for life and
al.so whipped," said Magistrate Alex-'
aiuler this morning | to Patrick Ehdicr
ty   who had been brought into court 'j
to     rccei\e   his sen Mice    u.r luuing'
iK-en found guilty of highway robbry
"bu . I shall not give you  the      ���.���/.-
trcir.o penalty," added  the court.
Vou are .said to be a man who
ma!:es a practice of rbbing druidc-n f
loggers, and nen who arc unable to
resist, " continued His Worship.
"Vou ha\o been found guilty of robbing a man who was intoxicated. He
oflcred and paid for a drink for rou,
and latur yon struck tlie nv.ui down
a��d took his money. Thcnj ha\e
been   many instances   of dmnl-en  men
According to the World's Correspondent Will Never be Able ta Walk
* Without Aid of Cane
Wife of Capt. Hatchett of the Quad a
Pdsses Away in
New York, Feb- 24.���According to ( Victoria, 13. C, Fob.-24.���(Special)
a. London correspondent of the New ���The mmuins of Mildred Cole, a
York W,orId, and  who claims to have   victjm  of thc   Valencia wreck,'have
proved   the     government's  proposals,   being rolLvd   lately.     It is our duly
lack all right, but while  there a
sn����p    came on, and   the vessels were1
was madc to break their way, but. so
badlv did the ice cut the hulls of the
A. C. Garde.
among     otlu r     things,    refer ring'wO
men employed by which it   undertook
Instead  of  taking a-.sample or the   S(.-)tl(ll!ie 0f wages, etc., which   '   are
luuuv  uiu   me ice cut  mc  niiiis  ui   Liie   ���..-    ��c_     i���.,���,.   ������i,i   ji.-  ,,,i,_i���  nr u   , .... ,
,01-e.  Mr.  Jones-sold the whole^oi it, ; lr,sj(-p  tlie  ,jlie.slion,   to give prefer
two vessels tliat  the at-.o-upt had to} 8g tons,  to the Payne Company  for  I (,nC(. ju   empioVme,,t to mcmi.Mirs     ,
Le given, up.     Both of them Dcgan to  $350, and told Mr. Plunkett that the   the    lnt,pinational Brotherhood      o
leak, the tug the worse of the two. [sale realized' ��225, and backed up the ioiiclrictil Worktrs. The agreement
The pumps had to be set in motion, assertion hy a letter.'over Mr. Garde's ; WJ.S si(inejj j,v both parties, thirty
and e\en with these going the water signature stuting' $225 to be, the net (|^vs\ "notice . to he given by either
made headway. To ,save the .Holy- returns. It was proved to lay ,'tlha.t ^ Xn\c prior to a rupture of the same.
o'*c, the men cut ,the ice bac.< to the the.net returns were from $2,200 to ^trielly antecedent to this, the line-
shore, and the tu�� was Leached on a $2,800 on a favorable estimate ^o the ini(1,[ jm'-i ol-hers���not the operatois ���
hifch tide and work commenced sheath .defendant. ' | jlu(| ,,ia,|e a request for an increase in
ing her hull over with planking to | Mr. Justice Duff characterized the * WVLlv^ but*.as the company is al-
put her in shape to return to the arrangement as a *'deli berate, wrong ,.c.atiy"'a,;CoI(!iiig a schedule on aflat
Sound, where, upon her arrival, the fuI conversion" ami as _a "business- 'rate' hiir]m. u;an t,,at in any other
will .ha\e to'gointo drydoc.-c and like arranfteuient between two men f;it>r jp Can.u,ai \ihis demand was
have her hull repaired. ,*o cheat-a third," adding it was   no
It    is   estiimilMl   from the damage USie ini,lCi��8 wo.,(ls-    .
done that   that several  thousand��� dol-
lais will" ha'*p to be expeiuhd on her
'���'So  Jimmy's." left  dat  life insur-
before    she   is in   a. si*aworthy condi- anCe company, hey?"
tion.       Considerable  of the planking     ��'Yes,    when "de   reform* movement
will   have   to be renewed.   The'Rich- started    in    dey chopped his salary
aid   IU.. although    not so seriously from  free-a week to.one-fifty,"'
damaged,    is    taking-in  consi-derable j    "An' he wo"rdn"t stand for it?"
water, and   w4ll*-|>robubly-need a few      "In" course nbt.? Hersiiid he didn't
new planks "and fresh calking. ,      get   none of .the loot." ',
(irmly refused.    The only city in any,
way a parallel  to Vancouver     where
higher \va��cs are granted, is that of
Seattle,  but as the schedule , is graded, the average works out about   the
same     as in   Vancouver.    Therefore,
the 'company considerod it was justified  in refusing the demand, and that'
phase of the  c-uetuion  has ostensibly
!'no  bearing on     the present  trouble,
the  matter seemini*ly - being dropped
on  the-dgnirig  of the agreement ' u-
bove referred  to.
s        .. . .'. ��� ���,   . o��� -��� - r .'
which   could  not   he   carried  out for
<e>. r.ral ycais.
Premier Camplell-I'.eannerman hero
inleriupted Mr. Chamberlain, saying
the statement was false.
Chancellor    of the    E>cl'enuer  As-
\>uitli  said  that though be would liUe
l,o   do so   the government could not
lale a wei  sponge and wipe the hate
ful ordinance ��(V tlu- slate.     However
no  iTew   licenses   for the importation
ef coolies would  he issued;  the ordinance would be amended at the cost
of the imperial   exchequer.   When u re-
ponsible    government   i.s  established
in  tLu    Transvaal   it would have full
power   to    determine wli.pther to detain tlie Chiio'-c.     But the conditions
vould    ,be     subject   to the assent of
the Impcri.il government.
to protict these men. I'must do
my duty. II��ve yoii anything to say
before sentence is passed  upon you?"
"Can't'you let me out-upon suspended sentence?"  asked   Fl.ihei ty.
"No," rej Ik*-.I His Worship, "I am
��oing to ghe you six ycrrvs at hard
labor.     Thar  is your scnt:n.:e."
Flaherty lusrly fell over when he
heard ' the sentence, and hud hardly
recovered when the jailer led hi n
Ottawa,  Feb.   23.���The serious   accident, from which.Hon.  Fielding will
hi;   laid   up several  weuks,  naturally
raises   the  point  of what bearing the
Finance   Minister's  enforced   absence
from duty may have upon the Gov-
ernment's ���plans   for tariff -revision in
the    approaching session  of   pariia-
'London, Feb. 21.���According to the-specialists engaged  on behalf of   the
Daily  Mail  today  Mary.-uis Townscnd Dowager Marchioness, report that al-
3M years old, who six months     ago ; though  ill,   the Marquis has  displayr
married    Gladys  Sutherst and  about td no hallucinations or delusions  but
whose  recent  movements   'AiMe     ^.as that his voice'and'manners point to
licen considerable  mystery and  rum- some arrest  of development,
ors of disappearance, etc. has, on pie- News from Japan.-
t,ition   of   his    father-in-law,   Thps. The correspondent of the Daily Telr
Sutherst,  barrister at law,  lieenoer- egraph at Tokio.says.that firoin the
���tified  of unsound mind,  and is       de- town of Taira,  GO miles southeas't-of !'ni,c.nt.    The attending  physician's an-
tained  by order of the lunacy    conn- Fukushima.  destroyed 600 houses ar'i'-l j nouricemeiit today is  that  his      pa-
missioner in   his   Brook  street  resi- caused  the death of 37 persons.           I tient   is improving   nicely,   but  he is
denee in London,   under control       of The.correspondent says"that,y. pre-   ,?:jually  f-urc that he will not  be. oh
his  wife.   1'hc dowager Marchioness vsous   to  Japan's   warning to  China    his    feet again     for some weeks  t-o
of Toiwnsend stoutly maintains' that .concerning  the  anti-foreign   amitoticn >(0.;���.e.--  it is siig.gestecl   that  in view
the Marf.^lis is not insane and is onak-- the  United States government made  : ���*  ivir.   Fs^lding'-s accident his    coring strenuous efforts  to  secure     her inquiry  us to Japan's attitude in the  leagues  would   be quite'; jus-tifiod     in
son's     release.    Marj.-.'uis  Townsend's matter.                           '           -."'������ ' making any minor amendments that
detention dates from the. end of Jan- The  Tribune's- Tientsin -corfesr-oh-    the Convniissipn of Inquiry may -ha. e
nary.    He is allowod tos take      car- dents  say:    The/placards which, have   shown, desirable,   and   attempting no-
riagc exercise in    company  with his* aroused  the apprehensions of foreign-   thing more' in  the l!'0(i session.   The
wile or father-in-law.    It    is alleged ers here are appeals for "suf l-icriptions   Ministers  will  all \)e back  at  t\he ca-
���thatj the    maiiquis  is rr.duly infiticne- to a patriotic'   fund . to  relieve  the    pjtai  in a few days,  when  the situa-
e<l Uy a gcntlenmn  friend  of fourteen "Bo.vor   iiwlemnity."    It   is suppose^
years' .standing, for ���whom he display that thc fund   may be capable  to us
ed great alXect.ion  and trust. Medical for other ends.
IN B, a
tiou can  he. frilly  considered.
Victoria advices say: Mad it not
been for a large amount of troublr.
involved by reason of the rigidness
of the United States immigration
laws with regard to China, a large
deputation of Victoria Chinese would
have visited Seattle to meet Prince
Tsai rl'se and thirty-eight other prom
iiient, Chinese, many of noble blood,
who form the commission despatched
by the Chinese Empress io visit the
"United States, England, Germany,
Austria and France to studdy political and trade conditions. The commission is coining on the steamer
Dakota of the Great Northern Steam
..ship Company, which does not p,tll
ut Victoria on her w.iy '"'niLi,
sis do all  the other liners,  with the
Owing to her tremendous industrial
activity and     the.needs of her teeming population, England may  lind her
self     one of these    days face to face
with a pi'obicm of staggering magnitude, namely  a scarcity of fresh wa-
, ter,    said    Mr.  Bentley,     F.  S.  A.,
pre'siden    if    the Royal M.eteor'ologi-
to,.'cal  Society,'   at the annual   r
on    Wednesday   in ' Great George st.
So enormous    now is thc drain up-
i on  the    country's  available supplies,
The Portland   party, .together wit'i   so mi|ch     ]mVe. thc growth oE cities,
the    repres'irrta't'ives     ot  the  Seattle   tlie    disappearance of forested areas,
chamber of ��� commerce and prominent  the     extent   of street surface imper-
,'    ,'     r     u���  m,.   ��rni   vio'iis  to  moisture,  and  the   diversion
nierchanls of     Seattle, will   >,u
Seattle . hpdies,    will jouinsy
Port Towmend to meet  the incomin.r
Chinese commission.
of rikt-rs,    lakes and other  fresh water      reservoirs     from  their natural
exception of that vessel and the Min
-nesota,   her  sister   steamer.      Throe  it,''';c    trade
���prominent      Sa^i   Francisco   Chinese, ' Northwest and   China,  and  every  cf-
���some Portland Chinese and represent-  loTt wil1    1,e  llladc to show  ll'c Chi"
���atives of the     chamber of commerce   l,est>    enA"��!rK 'ever.v  Possible courtesy
���and    other   bodies   of     Portlnnd  and   iu   order-to maifi'tain the most, frieni
iiiany  Chinese   and representatives of lv rdaitions. :���.������.
���        , ,.,-.. *,    -
meet the     Chinese envoys upon their
arrival, and will participate in ar- f:ll,lctions of irrigation, interfered, iu
rangemeivts fo'r - their enterli'iiivinent England, with nature's arrangement
while on the Sound.     Efforts will |.3   that    Er*vii��l>. engineers and meteor'-
���i���isis nf no distant date mtiv i-nu
made by the Portland delegation to <*^f Zost insuperable dim-
have     the    Chinese commission  visit  '^^ ftWaiUng  their endeavors.
f. lartland on the trip across fche co-un-. , ���o  --
try to Europe. "Yes," said the pompous man, who
Commercial nnd railway men Ik:-prided himself upon hi%fanill,a" J
lieve this visit to the Pacific cast w��th the great ones of the carl*,
is one which    means much  'o  the fi,  "President Roosevelt  ^^Hc
between   ihe remark tome at dinner   that
A despatch which came ��ia New
\"or*c a few weekr ago announced the
discovery of gold in quantities in Tie-
rra del Fuego and iMagellancs, and
Chilean newspapers to hand point to
ihe possibility that the discovery is
cue of world wide importance, and
.runght with fur-reaching ronstV.encc
to Southern"- Chile. The 'Noticiero
fo'iimercialc,-' one of.the best known
publications in I bile, treats the discovery with dignified and measured
enthisiasm, in an article entitled, 'A
New Era, for iVlagcilar.es,' The well
'���iiiown mining engineer, O'Driscoll,
es'tiii.ates' that the. percentage of gold
is greater than in the Transvaal, and
thc. American engineer, Dicskers, .who
was in Alaska a lc-iig time, is of the
opinion that the discoveries .in -Tierra
iei Fuego are superior to the best
placer mines of Alaska. - Hotn these
gentloioen visited Magclle-nes at tho
instance of the U. S. .Consul at Pun-
ta Arenas.   '"
The n*okl-biearing region is extensive
ami stretchc-s from the 47Hr degre:: to
tho 58th degree. A glance at the
,niaa shows that Chile owns a.H the
lands and' ports on thc 1'acific -seaboard between th*- degrees o- latrt'.le
named, the Atlantic seaboard north
of the Straits of .Magellan beir.g in
the hands of tlie Argentine Republic.
������The. great stretch of auriferous territory has for the last four or live
years enjoyed a boom for cattle-mis-,
ing, Ir'.t it is comparatively new to
the set tier. 'lhe gold discovery has
made excitement, run high in Chile,
mid values ha"e swelled enormously.
Claims that were formerly worth 50
pesas arc now selling at 1000 pesas.
Preparations' ha'.'e been made to engage in .placer in in ing on a larger
scale, and a dredging plant is being
iiint:\,llcd in great baste. Among the
coiupniik's roiiiiid lhe chief nm the
Naivaarino, the Ca.rnun Silva, ���*! the
Tierra, del Fuego.. The pmcipal
towns and settlements in the neighborhood an- I'ltimii,. Esperaiiz-a and
Lacuna Hlanca. In one of the placer
ditrg'iug.s the a-ssa\s have given three
���grammes per cubic meter, and some
samples have shown as high as ^even grammes of gold to the cubic meter. The largi-> portion nf humanity
thai is ever ready to rush to the
s-cene of valuable discoveries makes
Chile its oh'eclivo    just now.     From
An Association moil all ma1ch will
take place on the Bunl-er orounds io-
morrow afternoon at 2,.50. The lineup will f.e made up of  the following
Team No. 1.���R. Gseen, A. SanbT.-i
Crossan,  Geo.   Sacl.son,   E.   Nimmo,
H. O'Connell,  D. Me*Millah,   J.  Hughes,   A.Mitchie,   F.   Haywood,       T.
Team No.   2.���I).  Thomns,   E.  Morgan,  R.  Calknriar,      J.  Wicks,       J.~
Mitchick,  J:  Ftely,  A.  Camptell, A.
Simpson^-J.   O'Connell,   H.   Fagan,
J.   C'avin. -,
Rtff-ree���Jrs    Adam.
his imormaticn    from   mi autho.ita- .^   ���   ���,    <���,���  ,     ,       , .     ,
..                                ,-.           ,-,,1 i"*'*'1   identified    .by    friends in San
tne           source,       'King-       Edward '
will     never  be  able   to    walk       a- ���*r*-��c*sc��.   W��ss Cole was buried in.
ft-ain without  tho aid of a cane. No. 5, but her body has been exhur.i
While   shooting  at   Windsor    some Oil.     There is absolutely no doubt cs
months ago His  Majesty  fell and    it to the identification.    She. was insur-
wns given out   that  his knee     was ed  with  two companies, and both dc-
Mpraiiu,*!.   This, however, was not the maud  M'oof of her death,
full extent of his injury,  a tendon in The body of one  victim,  identified
the leg being broken.             ' as .that of  Henry Helgnoss,  is   now
��� claimed  to  Ire that of Theodore     II.
Victoria,  B.C.,   Feb.   24.(Special)��� Shrvne,  of  Los.   Angeles,  Cal.   Supt.
���"Mrs.   Iku'kett,   the  wife of Captaim Huhscy's    -list of the wreck victims,
Chas. Hae'ett of tho Canadian gov- mid  descriptions of the bodies ,-recov-
erninent   sjiip Quadra, died here this ered can be seen at both Seattle and
mornino-.                           ' San Francisco.                             (
'JhomaS|Greuvcs, the popular you-nir
clerk at Blair la  Adam's store,  was
the victim  of a serious  accident jvvjk-
tverday.tand it is provable  that, as a
result, lie will be confined to the house
for^ several days.  He was opeuine   a
caii of chloride of  lime,   when      the
contents exploded,  the lime flying  in
his face and  eyes,   and for  the time
completely 'blinding him.    The doctor
w��s summoned and found  that both
eyes-were burned.      Although     very
painful,  no permanent injury will "be
done to the sight.
��� *	
Victoria,   Feb.  24.���Steamer Shaw-
nrut,  which is due tomorrow      from
Manila    and  ports     of   the  Orient,
when  she sails again  for the Philip-
ines via China and Japanese ports pn.
March  10th  will carry war supplies
to the United States.troops in      the
Chicago,    111.,    Feb.    VA.���JoiiJiin by the United States supreme court,
1-Toch, convicted  uxoricide,  confined but     respect    for  orderly   procedure
ligamist, and who, if but a   fraction compels,me to do what I have done,
of the stones or" the crimes that are That  is my  order."
told about him  are  true,  was one of '    Preparations  were  then  begun    for
the greatest criminals that the couri- ti,e execution.   Hoch was advised of
try tins ever kr>pwri, was hanged     in hjs attorney's .efforts -md; he declared
th-.. countv jail for poisoning his wife .            ,'         .    .      ..            ,.-   .,
���   J             l             h he intended to   insist that     all   tha
Maiie Wclcher Hcch.    11,2 faced death
wilh a praver on his  lips fok  the offi time given to him with the sentence
cms or  the law     who  1oo\  his life, "hould be allowed.  At twelve o'clock
and.save tor the  wordy  "Goodbye," Deputy     Sheriff Peters accompanied
his last  utterance was an assertion Jailer Whitman  into  Hocl.'s cell and
Uiat   he waif*' innocent   of   tht'crime the. deputy read the Jdcath wairanl,-
for which he paid the extreme penal- Throughout the reading Hoch  was
t-v of the law unmoved,  and  Peters,  at   the close,
"The last scene occurred at 11.45 p. said:   "Mr. Hoch, I wish to commend
m., while his attorneys were making vou   for the  manner  in which       you
desperate efforts  for .more  time. His have conducted yourself and .also^tle
���death, the lawvers say, has not end- preparation  you  have  made  for .-tho
ed'thc aopeal   that was  made-In his ."���hereafter.     I hope   God  will
behalf, and they promise .to carry the mercy on your soul." ^      ���
case to the supreme court of the Un- |    Hoch smiled and said:     I
ited States. ��� The time set  for     the. great sinner in some -ways, but lain
hanging    wa�� between, 2 and 3 p.m. innocent of this murder.   .1 want   all
Shortly al'ter 9 o'clock Hoch's Wttor- that. is coming to me in the way ot
nev. filed an application  in the Unit- time.     If you try to take mc fcefore
ed'States circuit court for a writ of 1.-30 I will fight."
habeas corpus  on  the ground      that.   .After the reading of the death, wa I'll och was held in peril of death     in rant Attorney  Comerford appeared'-.
direct violation of tine constitution of. the jail with ,an  appeal,  to which he
the    United  States,  which declares desired Koch's   signature.  He  as ed
in  effect that no State shall  deprive that   proceedings  be further  delayed,
anv person of life, liberty or proper- but this .request was  denied  by  De-
tv'without  due   process  of  law,  nor puty Sheriff Peters,  who. had   a talk
o r.nv person  within   its juris- with* Judge Land 1S over the telephol
Phiiipines which are  being  rushed'by'i:!if''ni
the    United   States    government  iii'! '��� t'unu ,���   Maher   and   Comerford who
'IK-" equal   protection   of  law.   ne.. Jailor Whitman then went       to
view of the. Chinese situation. The
Tacom'a Review says: ''Warehousemen arc today trucking, from the
freight cars into the Oriental warehouse box after box of saddles, bridles, scabbards, indoor targe) frames, etc., that have just arrived from
the United Slates arsenal at Rock
Island. The Sh.awniut left Yokohama on Fcibruary 10." '
The steamer    has  several hundred
tons of general  Chinese and  Japanese
freight   to lie  I and ml   at   the     ocean
err acting for Hoch, then informed
Jailor Peters that the application
'had been made and asked him to delay the execution until thc court had
acted on it. The officials agreed to
wait. The attorneys then returned
ed to the court and, appearingI'Jefore
Judge J. M. Larrdis, asked that the
writ he issued  forthwith.
"It is  requisite," said  Judge Lari-
Koch's cell with six guards.
'Johann,  your, time has come," be
aai>i.   Koch advanced to meet;
party and said, calmly.  "I am ready
Mr.  Whitman.".   He  stopped several
times'to shake ham'* with: the attendants, saying "Good-bye, boys,"
The execution then toolc place.
While- the  execution  was  in      progress  Attorney Ma-'fer  was  endeavoring  to  induce  Judge  Landis
was in violation of  the  I-lth  amendment   of   the constituion;   that, Hoch
was compelled  to give,  and   did give,
eviiience against himself;  that he was
arrested in    New York and .extradited on a charge of bigamy and on bc-
.       . .        ,,.      .    .     . ...      ing brought to. Chicago was charged
X au.ot wedding took   place at   the   ^    J^.    Jm^   ^^  ^ncA
residence    of Mr.  and   Mrs.   W.   Ing-    t|je  a])]llic,uioIli  S{iyillg:
ham this aft eyiioon when  the       Rev."    "The proper   remedy   for  counsel is
W. C.  Schilchtor united  in  the holy  j a writ of error  from  the decision of
bonds  of matrimony  Miss Maud      E. j the state supreme court oj tlie Unit-
��� i r  ,-,  ,,    \,    . i vi      eV States.    The  writ  is  a'tally     de-
Palmer,  of Rude,   Montana,   and Mr.   l ' , .   , ,      ,   , ,,
' fective and  cannot he made  good.
Roger A.'Howes, of  SI.  Paul, Minn, j    .u(,onu.v Mahrer then, asked for an
Australia,  the Transvaal,  the United   -\IiKS  L    n^ham acted as bridesmaid !appeal.     "riic court responded:   "La-
i.ml  M��'.   Ah*.   Ingham  attended      the   (pr  in u,e d;ly t will  have  this case
dis   "that proper cause be shown for   sijr.n an appeal,  and grant Hoch       a
the' issuance of thc writ." supersederas as    well as an aPPlica-
The altornevs then argued; that  the \ tion for writ of-habeas corpus would
writ should be   issuwi  because      the   lie  tested  in the supreme court.
.state court  was  not a court  of com-      Shortly    after    one  o'clock  Judge
Landis started to go to lunch. Mah-
ier  stopped  him, ^saying:   "We have
petent jurisdiction; tiiat the sentence
States and Europe, people alllicted
with the gold fever are pouring into
Mr. M. P. Morris, Chilean Consul
at Vancouver is naturally taking
considerable interest in the discovery
Chile, with its nitrates in the north
so extensive that the annual export
of a million .iiid a half seems hnrdly
to diminWi the si ore, is a most in -
i teres ting country, commercially rc-
' garded.        If   tho   gold   fields  in  the
itllllV-"        ���""-'      *^       ��� - t   % ))
slmracterislic of  the man. He sai ���   , ^^ ^^ ^ vnhl.i,,ii ^ ^ plTS. ,ul,
I  think I can guess  what lie sai      ^ ^   tn v^  m r^ms wiU ,)C
greatly  to the  advantage of Chile
0 you," interrupted Knox.
gi'ooin.   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Howes    leave
Ladysmith ou  the  four o'clock train
for Victoiia, and from there will pro
ceed   to.  Seattle,   where   they       will
take  up their  residence.
Mrs.   Howes has  been visiting "Mi;,
and  Mrs.   lriKimm .some  weeks.    She
i.s   a .stcp<.i'aii��h1er  of   Mr.     Mathews
of Butte,  and  was  better  Known    to
Ladysmith  ivr-oph- .as   Miss   Mathews.
Since "Iter arrival  Irene  Mrs.   Hawes
has gone much in society and has become very popular with young people
of this  city,   all  of whom   will  wish
-I suppose he sai*  'You may *ee*   ^ ^ ^ ^^
the change, waiter.' "
and  a large increase to the ��0ld out | her. r ml Mr.-Hawes a long and cloudless married life.
only a little-time*-. These papers will
be here in a few minutes with th}
man's signature." >   ������
"1 ain going'oii't now," reidied the
judge.' "I shrill be'in-cburt' at two
"My, Clod, judge,"  implored the attorney,   the  tears  springing  to     hi-''
eyes,   "don't leave  the building,  gi'*e
this  man  the  right  of  appeal.     Wo
want to save bis life,  and at.     two
o'cIcca it will i>e  too late.  Please do
not leave  tlm "gilding."
"You make it terribly hard for
me," said the judge, "but as I told
you, I cannot grant an appeal. '.My
oath of ollice demands that I do what
I consider right.   In this last .hour be
reviewed  by the supreme court inthe
absence of vour client,  I   will     tint
complicate  matters bv  a further   de-   fore  the execution  lam appealed   to
lay     It   would   be much  easier     for    and I do not think it would be co:a-
ineto grant this man ten days' time Vying with my oath  if I delayed  the
in   which  io have the case reviewed     execution."
Emperor   William   I.   of  Germany,    claimed   the  Russian   representative,
That    regiment   is      lost."   "No,"
was a strict disciplinarian. One day
during the manoeuvres of the army a
cavalry regiment charged at a strong
ly entrenched and embattled village,
of which the garden walls were lined  with marksmen.  "Mon Dieu!'; ex-
was the Emperor's calm reply; "the
regiment isn't,  but the colonel   cer-
,tainly i=."   And,  sure enough,  at tho
close of the manoeuvres he was placed on the retired list.
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I  noticed   that  sho   watched   ovory  station  sit.".: as if  sho were- afraid   sho would not  (jet  out  at tho   right  plaop, and   finally  when we wore at about Fifty-ninth street,  t think, sho asked   tho  guard   to  roll her  iho   near-cat    fetation    to   Seventy-lourth    -^  street      fie didn't scum   to   pay much at- I *~���������TZ  toiition to her���������perhaps he didn't hour her ' -'*  ���������so I thought I would bo poll to und offer  my services  '��������� 'I urn going beyond that, madam, 1  Aiid, 'and 1 shall be glad to soc that you  get ou* .'ut Seventy-second stroot, which U  the'nearest for'you;'  Well, she  thanked   mo, and  then she  DAVID' SPENCEK      ***** \%  ���������*���������������-������������������(Nanaimo) Ltd  SHOE DEPARTMENT  35 Gases of New Shoes  ���������just   opened   up-  New Spring Lines  LADIES'    NEW   QUEEN    QUALITY,  Vici  KW Oxfords,  Per Pair $3.oo  LADIES'    NEW  QUEEN   QUALITY  Tan Vici'Kid,  Per Pair $3.oo  ^    ^ A DIES'    NEW   QUEEN   QUALITY I-'aknt Oxfords      :. _^_  2g Per Pair $3.50 JJ^  ^������   LADIES'   NEW VICI  KID SHOES,  Military II������el,  patent tip   "^  I'luchei   cut,  Per Pair $2.00  ���������Ni������W   SPIOES   FOR MEN, CHILDREN AND LADIES, BOUGHT AND  SOLD AT PRICES THAT CAN 11\RDLY RU COMPETED  WITH IN l'.RlTISll C0LUAIIJIA. 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Then a  confused idea that she might be selling  these for the benefit of some charity occurred to mo, and I bu^an to open my  purse  " 'No, no.' she said, iu a rather aggrieved ton.o. 'salvation is freo.;  " 'Oh���������er���������yes. of course, 1 murmured,  trying to apologize, but she went right on:  " 'I always carry a supply of these little  leaflets with me ami niako a prac.fricn ol  distributing them'���������here she looked at ni������  harder than ever���������'where 1 think they  Will do thumost Koodl'  " "This is Seventy-second street, where  you want to get out,' was all 1 needed to  cay'just then, and you may be sure I said  It. But you sec it all came of my speaking to her in thehi-sjt placti Well, wo  live to learn. Goodby.���������"' And she hurried  W? across town.���������Now Voi-k 'X'ribuno  3iissvSiimpwili^���������This erocheap bnttar  lafn't lit to eat  Mrs. S.���������No, ii ain't.    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Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  ��������� '���������������������������      .���������'���������.���������    .������������������--���������' ���������'"        ,  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Modern and     Strictly First Claas  B'ire Proof    Buildiag.  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast    Agency.  'TCTORIA. :���������:  :���������:'  -   .-: :���������B.C.  WANTED���������Hy Chicaga wholesale  house, special representative (atga ar  woman) for each province ia Caaaaa.  Salary $20 ������������������ and expeases aaid  weekly. Expense money advaactd.  Business successful; positioa permanent. No investment required. rTe-  vious experience not essential ta ea-  Baging.    t  Address Manager,  132  Lake Street,  Chicago,   111.,  U.S.A.  TNC CdMrOMMUIIX WAV.  to fernie; b. c.  Read BO**>    ' ��������� Kead v*  ip.m. l,v.   VietouiA'  Arr.   4-������o p. iu.  l.oo p. m. Ut.    Seattle     Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.21 p. m. Arr. ���������, Kverett    Arr. 7.30 a.m ���������  9.3* a. ta.Arr. SPOKANK A" 7-45 .P������  4.15 p.m Arr.   Rexf������r4   Arr 12.30 p. m.  8.i*  p. ia. Ar.    Kike   Arr. ia.42 a. 111.  ������.oe p.m.   Arr.    Pcraie   l.v.9.55 a   m.  ONE NIGHT  To all Kaoteaay Points  TWO   NIGHTS    r  Ta    Wianipeg aad St. Paul  '' Ciase Connections  Far    Chicago. Toroata,  <��������� Ilaatreai ��������� and   ���������  All Points East & West  Acetylene -.  Lighted     Cars,  Family Tourist Sleepers.  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining     pars (Meals a   la  ,   Carta-),  Library Observation,     Cars "'  Through '  tickets and  baggage checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets maps, berths  reservations and complete  iaforinatiba    can on or ad-  j    ���������,t;<*������f?,.  8. 0. Yarkaa       E. it. Stephen  . A.G.R.A.  . G.A.G.'N. Ry  Seattle    , Victoria.  B.C.  TH6CITYMRR  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  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A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  Mannfttctuurs of thc Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOn  None bu   ������aion Labor    Employed  n. J. BOOTH, Prop  ., ..Dea era in  Pianos and  2S . .  Ladysmitli, B.C  Dr. Dier cna be fouad at anytime  at his oiict on Gataort st. His ac:1-  tal work is g\ xrantued lo be Swbv-  ulass aad rata;  r������(isonabl������ sl\ \  W&f "���������"''���������  THE DAILY LEDGER  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO*  B. C.  manufacturers of the  >���������    A   -9~ A  _���������  Co  MOLLY MAGUIRES"  WERE OUTDONE  Orchard did not charge Haywood and  In  British Columbia ?  Lager  Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed ; Brew ;j.  t      d from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops ���������������  4*i- ��������� -i ������*i"������*i*^������H**i������4^!������-������������i'4"F������:������'i������4^' ������������������i'*>-i'������*:*������*i'������*;*������*i'������'i-������*������<K**.* ���������  t������t 4. , + .������.���������,���������*������������������+���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-r+0 4. ������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������,���������.������-������.���������������������������������-���������������'  !  LAD/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     kURNITURF MOV-  ED PROMPTLY  A  ND SAFELY.     __J ;_  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbotsford.  ���������  Leave - orders- at ' tht  A. J. WASKET. PROP  +4+^.++4-4*-^4''*^0'4* . ������������������������������������������������������������������������ 44W**HmHHt*t*������+H*  Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short    notice.    Drill Sharpened by  h-  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks  handl ed and repaired. ~  Stiiparnitlilriff    in   aV    ita  Branches*  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmiths.  R, LAWSON  Buller Street   -      -    -     -  Ladysmitli, B y  In connection,  with  the arrest  last1  Saturday of three jeaders of the Wcs-j Moyer:  with the crime.  lie Said:  tern Federation of Miners,  the Spokane Review has'the following inter-  ivicw with -James McParland, head of  ' a tic'"**���������*���������"*'������. agency which was employ  *od hy   ihe Idaho authorities in     the  | Sl-ennc-iuberg case.    He declared  that  ibe evidence agninst the men       who  lni\e   so    far  hee.ii arrested  is  very  ' strong and  more arrests are yet to  .be made.   He would not .slate tlie nature of his evidence,   nor how it was  obtained.  ''The operations of the -"Molly Ma-  guires in Pennsylvania, whom I ran  to earth and disrupted," said' Mr.  McParland, "were childrcns' play .as  compared with the work of the Mover-Hay wood crowd. They have existed for eighteen years, but their  days are numbered.  "Haywood,      Moyer       and Pcttr-  boiie   wilUnever see Colorado again.  We ha\>e absolute evidence'that will  convict    them    of complicity  in the  foul assassination of  former  Governor    Stcniienherg, and    evidence that  will convict a great many  others, too  of the same' oi"iencc.    They cannot escape imaiiy possible way, and  the legal knowledge ot all their, attorneys  DON'T T  MflNFY AWAY  ��������� ISC H IB ��������� h I        ��������� fls*BB   B B   BMB     I  "Governor Mc-Dcruld  was furnished  evidence in plenty that the treasury  of lire Western . Federation of Miners  had  then used  to tlie extent of many  thousands of dollars   in  aiding     Orchard,  Pettibone,,  Sam  Adams, Thomas llogan and several others. Evidence was   also  forthcoming   lo prove  that the  leading spirit   is  this     plan  of wholesale assassination  hud  associated with Haywood   and  Mover- It  is not charged that either of ihe_.officers arrested had taken yx direct part  in  Ih'e murder of Steiwicnliurg, of tho  ���������other killings   in  this state,   but it is  made evident  that, they,  or  one     of  them,    must have known   what they  were paying large sums of money for  to such men who  were fugitives from  justice."  II.  develops   that  Orchard's  confession, at'i'ording  to the best authority  stales that the bombs .had Ik-cm   placet 1   in  the gateways of the residences  of two members of  the Colorado Supreme court, and that more than     a  do/en attempts had been made to assassinate former Governor: James II.  Peabody.    An  investigation   since the  alleged confession  was   made disclos-  cannot keep  them from   the gallows. ' t.(*   the presence of bombs in exactly  You can say for nie that the day of   t-ho   spots   indicated.    The man  who  ���������dynamite outrages in   the West is ut   unearthed   the    bombs,   a prominent  an end. I member    of    the Colorado    national  "ll'aywood, Moyer 'and others know   guard,  is now  in  Idaho,-having    ac-  that.they are guilty and they Know    coinpanied     the party   that  returned  thai their  time has come.  The Stcn-   with  Mioyer, Haywood and  PeUfnouo.  nenb'urg assassination wa1* the   final    J-IR will appear as ,a witness at     the  straw    that  broke the camel's back   jon-jiard    trial,    it  is said,  to prove  THE SET'lING HEN���������Hey failures  have discouraged many a poultry jiiiser.  The Giatham Incubator and  Brooder has created a New Era  in Poultry Raising.  The setting Hen as a fiatchei  has been proven a Coiainercial  Failure.  The Chatham Incnhator and  Brooder has always proved a  Money Maker.  Vou can  make money  raising chicks in the rrgkt  way���������lots of it.  No one double UiatUiuio is money in Mlbing   a   f :Al.t    Pin.,,-..,,* m-fl P������of'l  chiokeus wilh ttfooainuubucor und itroudrr.      ;i -J-'E*"-*     leaSdJII ana rrOL.I  Users of tho ClmtlmnilncubaUii-and 1'ioj.lei-   able KasincSS lior VtYOmen  havoall uiudo inoiu.-y.   if you siiil clitij; txiiho  old idea that you can successfully run a poultry  Eggt  2<0 Eggj  THE CHA Til AM INCUBA TOR���������Its  success Jias encouraged'many to make  mot e tnoftsv than they ever thought  possible out of chicks.  w.v........ ........ j - --      --..          Many women aro lo-ilny matins ftn  imlo-  business uiJintr tho'hen iib~uTittto1icr.'\vu\vou'*������i l''"du>>r. hvuH,' und puUniK by money e.ui-y  like to reason with you. month raiding ponlti-y v.Mi a Chalhuui Jucu-  In the first place, wo can provii to yo.1 \ hut .b.itor.  your actual cash loss in et;gt, which tlm !iOVit������iid-     Any woman with u little leisure tirno at her  should lay   during  tho   tune j,ou   kotip  them diripJ'al can, without any pioviouu experit .ico  hatching und brooding; will ho anoutdi to ptiy or'wiMioi-t v. cent of'cash, Ix-triri tho pan n-y  for a Chatham Incubator and lSrondor in 11 vo businos:-) and malio'money riffht ii-oni tho t:t..rl.  or six hatohus, to Bay nothing' whatever of tiio      T-���������������-imn<i'vmi n-i-i> -v'frlni.i who Ih r'oliv <i->  larger and hotter results���������ai.t.iino;! by the use i/A ,������. ^ ,-  of tho Chatham incubator and BroodSr. ���������        ��������� fd^^h* fel^if Ife^unly'l������ 1% %,J'"   *!}[f'X^&a hatohor will uover be a  If yon allow a hen to sot, you lose at least pt-iAed by tho ease and rapidity with which u.e   ,���������n tS m ���������      fe Lta'    to la?  eltfht weoka of laying (threo weeks lmtchinK l.ollUcaiue to tliom. c^und'she "houm'bo'kopfc ttt It    Tho only  r^iM^eh!Te^M.^I.*i?cC^.0i.^ Oi course,   succor depends'on'uott.il..: a   way to raise chicks for profit is to tesin right,  Myin tho eight weeks hhc^ould l.i/atlea-t .rIo.la M!lL,t     Voll ,..ust |jeKi.| rijjht.    You   an   )i>;uistalllnA'aU)mthaui Iiicubatorand Jlrooder.  Every Farmer Should  Raise Poultry  Almost evory fiM-niei- "keeps hens,'' but.whila  ho knovv-d thutlhoiclh a certain amount or profit  in tho businosa. even when letting it take cam  of ilKelf, few furmora a ro a ware of how much'  they are loxinj; every year by not trotting into  ."[���������   the poultry .business iu sucli a way an to make  rlffh'l utiiit.  and was Ureir undoing.  "But it was no worse than the Independence    outrage,  the murder   of  Collins in Teliuriile,  the blowing iif  of tlic.SmiUgler-Union mine, the V-in-  jdicator killing,   the Stewart assault,  I or any other crimes for which    they  j were responsible.  fc.*.*.*.*.*.*.******--**-**^^  <  *  the Truth of the alleged  confession.  The atrocious murders committed  during labor troubles in the Cripple  Crec'-v and TiiHuririe ilistricts in this  state, which have been shrouded in  mystery, the earlier Coeur d'Alene  murders ami Uie more recent Sletincn  t,crg assassination tform   a chain    of  'The anarchists at the head ol the I crimes wjth which elrorls are   being  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  LAOYS-Vllf     ���������  x  ��������� .  X  X  X  X  X  I PHONE 66  Express  SEE  LIGHT TEAMING  W >ii arid H trie' tatS n s-' ;  j.   KE1U>.   OR LEAVE    ORDEKS  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  riRST AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  ..'W.  JSILEK  aENEKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY   i> ���������'������������������.���������'.[������������������'  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  Meets   in the !'��������� 00 .F. Hail,  La-  Weiiington  Grove  No.  4  U.  A.  0. D  Ladysmitk Temple No.  5 Rathbone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd  and  4th  Tuesday  at  7.30 .p.m.  Mrs.   Kate Tato secretary.  LAME  BACK .  Western.    Federation of    Miners \v 11  never trouble this  state again.     We  got  Vincent  St'John in Burk, Idaho,  last night, lie  has been  there  under  the clumsy disguise of John Vincent  ever since he left this state. Ho will  he prosecuted with tin- others.  There  he a great many surprises of the people of this state' before  this case is  ended and all  thc arrests ha\c   been  mad?.  ���������'I   ca'imot  stall:  how  m'Any  more  will be taken  into custody or  where  these arrests  will be made,- but there  will  be  enough   of  them  before  this  ease ends.  "I ��������� was. employed by  the state    of  Idaho,   not by   the mine owners,    to  run down the Stciint'iiiburg case.      1  went to  work  January   10,  after Orchard had  been  arrested, and  I   did  not.cease.my,, labors'until last week.  The .evidence against all  of       these  men    is so strong  that  they cannot  possibly- escape punish ment this time'  Mr. iUe.Pariand states that. Orchard  did not assist .in the runniiiig.down of  the alleged conspirators  and       that  made to connect' the  oll'icos  of   the  Western   Kcdcration  of   Miners on-    a  confession said to have -been made by  Harry .Orchard,   who  is charged with  StcuiH'ii'Kjrg's  murder.  This confession,  it is asserted,  disclosed a'plot to kill former Governor  James II.  I'eaiboily   of Colorado, William I-l. Ciabbcrt, ��������� chief justice of the  Colorado supreme court,  and     .John  Cump/Ijeli,   former  chief  justice.    Orchard  is said   to have confessed  that  wholesale assassinations   were 'planned at thc liend,������uuilers of the Western  Federation of Miners   in, Denver,  chiefly by refugees from the camps at  Cripple Creek and Tcllur-ide.  II  i.s also .said that Orchard's confession igst/.n  es a history of tbe explosion    at  the  Independence'" depot,    near    Cripple  Creek,ion June (>, 1901,. whii-h killed  fourteen men- un-l injured many others  Governor McDonald, who  issued the  necessary papers  for  thc extradition  oil'  the federation    ofli.cials   to   Idaho,  said  today  that  he  ban read , a copy  of'.Orchard's confession,  but ��������� <��������� .vs ii"i  at liberty to .divulge    - ���������     .nils        -  ��������� - _.���������   ..��������� , .a leaat  K^lXl^f'whHo Vl^h^P-'r?, ,"n h v'^   I<������"������rf "y.Vftiie '^"eonshl^io'-'moi.oy ~, Ta   \Vilh such a maehiao you can be^iu hatching  2IJ, "10 ������'������tw",������.wi'.������0 Ul������ ������'e" *'u*;!' 01' '"���������I'"''' -poultrv  raUcr v.itl. hens hh li-vteher������;   "' . ou   on a lai-fc-c wale at any time.  "*���������** must lir.ve a ,",oo I lnonb.itor oikI I-.rundf:. i.ut      You cm only eel one crop ofi-your fields in  ,nt   a year,  but  with a  Chatham  Incubator and  ke   Uroodermid ortlinary attention, you can raise  jial   ehiekoiia iior.1 early Spi-Iuif'iiiitu"Winter and  have a crop every month.   Think of it!  Quite a few fanners have discovered that  there in money in the poultry business and have  .'ou:ul this brunch of tannine bo profitable tliut  they have inHtalled several Chatham Iiicuba-  torn andBroodoi-e after trying tho (irtsl.  PorliapK you think that it requires a great  ....,....��������� * .,...., -������..-..-.....-oui know-  am Incubator and Urooder.   if so, you are greatly rain-  taken.   Your wife or daughter can attend to  the m.-it-hinc and look after the" chickens without' inten'eriutf with their regular household  ���������-duties. ���������'','" "���������/��������� '  The market is always good and price* are  never low. Tiio demand is always in exceus of  the supply and at certain times of the year you  can practically get any price you care to able for  jro.iU broilers. "With a Chatham Incubator and  Urooder you can start hutching' at the right  time to bring the chickens^ to marketable  broiioi'R when tho supply is very,low and tho  prices accordingly high. JThis youroould never  do with hennas hatchers. '   .  Wo icnow that there Is money in the poultry  business for every farmer who will go aoout it  right. All you have to do is to get a Chatham  i Incubator and Brooder and start it. But perhaps you are not prepared just now to spend  tho money. This id why we mako tho special  . ufi'ei-.'-.  IS TEIS FAIR?  Wc know there is money in raising chlckonn.  "Wo know the Chatham Incubator aud  Brooder has no equal.  Wo know that with any reasonable effort on  your part, you cannot but make money out of  thi; Chatham Incubator and Brooder.  Wo kuovythat wo made a niinilar oiFor last  year nnd that in every caso the payments -were  met eheerf ally and promptly, and that in many  cases money was accompanied by letters expressing satisfaction.  Therefore, wo have no hesitation in making  this proposition to every honest, earnest man  WE *Wi!LL SHIP NOW  ���������TO'YOUR-STATION  , FREIGHT ���������'' "^^PAID .."  A: CHA.:  Our.No. 3 Incubator will hatch an many eggs this means in tiio ordinary way an inves.  ������s twenty setting l-.ons. and do it better. Now, which, pchaps you are nut preptrcl to ,  -*eri>iH a <|Uostioh in urilhruetic:��������� ������ just now, and tliis is juat where our sp  If you keop 20 hons fro;:i laylnjj. . oiTcv oouies in.  for 8 weeks, how much ca������h do If von are in rnrncxt. wo will set vou u-> in  youh'Heif each lion would hare the poultry business without a cent of i i*������li  laid 3 dozen eggs, and eggs arc down.   If wo wore not sure that the Ch.-.tl- im  worth lo cents per dozen j     Ana.-$0.00.   Incubator and Urooder is tho. best nnd !'i-.it  Therefore, wlion the Chatham Incubator is   with it and a rcasonalile,ami.*uiit of effort on      ,-���������,.,���������,������������������ voll rtmlK [nll. lc rum,,ruB ,  hatching the number of eggs ib.it twenty hens   yon:U^t^^e^.^A^9}^'. wc   deulo Trio*     ������5 de" o'f teihlucal  "0"lu''at,ih- itls ro^y eai-iungui cash lor >-.m   ".oul'l not make lhe special oiler baiow. jod ^ ,so c.hfck(;),w >vith a chathan  Si).00, besides producing for yourjpro'it chn.-ks    by the wholesale,'.-and being re.iuy to do tiio  same thing over again the moment each hatch  iuolf.  Don't yon think, therefore. t);;it it pays lo  keep tho hens laying mid let the Chatham  lucubittbr do the hatching/ , i  There are many other 'reasons, .why tho  Chatham Incubator ami .Brooder outclasiCJ  the setting lien.  Tho hen sets when sho iii'ready. ������������������.The Chatham Incubator is always rea-ly. Ijy plmininff  to take ofFa liatch at the rigiil tinu-, yon may  hare-plenty .-of hi oilers to sell wiien brillerrt  arc scarce and pricoa at tho top uot'-h. If you  dopend on the lion; your chiclt's will crow-to  broilers just when evui-y other hen s chicles nrc  being marketed, and when' the prioo is not so  itiir. :���������'.  Tho hen is a careless mother, often leading her  ehioks amongst wet grass, bushes, nnd in places  where rats can coi- Isci.lo her young.  The Chatham Urooder Leliaves itself, i.- a  perfect mother and very larely los������s a chiuk,-  and is not infested with lice.  Altogether, there i.s absolutely no reasnhab'.c  reason for continuing the u.-.c cf a liun as a  ��������� hatohor and every reason wliy you should  have a Chathnm Incuhiitur and iduoder.  We are making a very special oiler, which  it will pay you to investigate.* ��������� .    ,  Small Premises Sufficient  For Poultry Raising.  Ofcourse. if yoiitia'volots of room, so nm<-h "Gontleuioii,���������Your No. 1 Incubator is all   -��������� .     -. - ���������   --   - .--...���������     ,,,���������-,-,��������� .-   ��������� .  the bettor, but many a man and woinnii are -i.j.,)it    1 am perfectly safislleil wilh it.    Willr Of woman who may wish to add to tlieiryoarly  carrying on a successful aiid irolllalile poultry ,r\ a' larger ouo from you next year   H M. profits with a small expenditure of time and  busiuoss in a small cityor. town lot.   .-uiyone Loouwonu, Lindsay, Ont."       ' m,',,,?9y-    '���������'               ....           -,i     .              .  with a fair sized stable or shed and a small . ..r, ,���������..,:��������� '���������    ,  ., ...  h'/,,  T,' ���������u���������'f���������. O_o This really means that we will ������et you up In  yard can raise poultry profitably. ^    Centluue   -1  Uunk  both  Incubator and the poultry business so  that you can make  But,to make inoniy quickly you must get ro,':'-('!V,?,,^1 rvB<^11I,������?v,-'Bp,i^f.^ni������0o?,i-0' money right from the start, without naking for  aw.,y from the old idea of trying to do business -1'1'00 i"^haB-  1*-s'- * '-'"M-. Platts������ ille, Out. a sil)fflc cent from yoll until aft(.r 190C harvest,  with setting hens as hatehei-s.   You must get a 'Gontlcuion,���������I lnul never seen an incubator If we khewofa fairer.offer, we wouldmakeit.  Chatham Iiicubatorand Urooder. until I roroivud yours.   I was pleased and sur- Write us a post card with your name and  To enable evei-vbdd v to got a fair start in tho prised to g. t over 80 per cent., and the chickens addross, and we will send you full particulars, as  right way in ihe poultry buiinoss, we make are all  strong and  healthy.    A child could well as our beautifully illustrated book, "How  ft very   special offer   which it is worth your ��������� operate machino successfully. Jas. Day, Rath- to muko money out of chicks.     Writoto-day  while to investigate. well. Man."          ;���������'   :                     ���������'���������'., to Chatham.    -   .                             ..   :     f  AVo can supply you quickly from our disti-ibutin? .-.vareliouscs at Calgary, Brandon,;Regina, AVinnipeg, New Westminster, B.C.. Montreal.  Halifax, Chatham.   Factories at '(.-'hatha m,  u.si'./a.,d Duikoit, Mich. '        ' > .,*12  The MANSON CAMPBELL CO., limited, Dcpl. No. 15 A CHATHAM, CANADA  Yois Pay us no Cash  til! Afier 1906 Harvest  Let? us quote you prlcss ora a good Fanning Hill op good Farm Scale.  "Who is supporting Starleiglr this  .season? " His wife.-7 ' "His'wife!  why 1 never knew she was on the  stage," She isn't, but she takes in  washing." <  hundreds of men who spend a portion  uf their time in collecting starfish in  tire interests of science. Many of the  specimens collected by ships are taken  from depths of one and even two miles.  This ailnrent is usually caused by  rheumatism of the muscles and iiriay  be cured by' applying ,.Cham;beilain's  Pain Balm two or three times a day  ���������ysmith,     the   Second   and     JTourtk   each   application.   If this  does  not af-  ' Wednesdays 01 each  month, commeuc-   aU(i  1Uh;tiing  the  parts   vigorously at  ������tg Wednesday.  lSth".  1905.  \'is������tiug Druids     are invited to at-  tL',lu' ' aud quick      rriiof is almost sure to  By Order. ' [#Ilow.     For sale by the Ladysmitk  "WM   RAFTER,'Reef Secty.   Pkarmacy.  "���������PATRICK BURK, N. A.  lord, relief, bind on a piece of flannel  slifhtly  dampened  wrtk   Pain Balnv,  J. P1ERGY & 00.  Maniifacturer.s Of.���������  .   IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  At  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  VICTORIA, B. G.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING   REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal and  $20 for anthracite. Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty ..othe  rate of ten cents per ton of a.Ono  pounds shall be collected on the  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 lo $100 per an"*1'" for  a company, according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The lee for recording  a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expetidod on  the claim ench year or paid to tli-  mining recorder in lieu- thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, lhe  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with otlt  er requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet Bquare; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leas  es to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from tin  date of the lease for each five mi Irs  Rental, $10 .ner annum for each mile  of river Deasedvl, Royalty at the rate  of 21 per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of  the  In  lirloi.     .,...'...  "(Jniike mon, tne siarnsn fmuo ���������!������������  ���������iie of its "arms," or properly its rays,  grows a new one to take its place. Under certain conditions it grows two to  take the place of one. A starfish may  lose all its rays without losing its life,  aud very often a cripple with but a single ray left is found by fishermen and  collectors.   When completely broken in   ,       ,      .    , , ^r, .  two the starfish becomes two distinct   j fods ^ho became. ei,lgaged to tne ,maB  fish,   and the growing process contin-   i from   Maine'   a  Clvi1  ?*&*"*.  *������*<���������������  Supreme   Test.  She was a  Wisconsin girl of more  than the usual share  of this world'a  paid to any  IXM'Son who provus that  Sunlight Soap.contains any  injurious chemicals or any  i'orm ol'adulteration,  is equally  gocd with hard or soft -water.  If you use Sunlight Soap inthe Sunlight way (follow directions)  you need not boil nor rub your clothes, a.-.d yet you will get better  results than with boiling and hard rubbing in the old-fashioned way.  As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly  pure, the most1 delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be  washed "without the slightest injury.  Lever Brothore   Limited, Toronto  Your money refunded  by the dealer from whom you buy  Sunlight Soap if you find any  cause for complaint.  >s6  SERVICE OF III  There  \Viniii|iP������  are ivw people, if any, in  who have not heard the  phrase, "Quaker meeting," says Un;  'Winnipeg     Free  Press,   and  who are  time-lionoii'd  a building just eivcteil at the corner  of Broadway and Osborne stri't'l. A  press repreKenlati\'Lv who ai tended  found a small company of men, women ami eliildiTii gathered' togr-thiT,  all well but plainly dressed, and arranged lifter ihe time-honon-d, orthodox, Quaker fashion, I lie women all  hy thcir.������i'lvi*s ou lint* side nf the  room and the men on the other. Most,  of the latter, ton, following another  custom of Ike l-'rietnlH  not familiar with the pjrculitir char- society, retained their hats upon talc  acteristic implied in it. The niinvlvcv i���������g their seats, some of them not re-  however, of those who have aetrally moving tliem until the fervid perrua-  had the opportunity of being present si0I1 0f ;l sheet-iron stove in the niiil-  at a meeting! conducted according to die of the room made it necessary to  the belief of the Society of Frif-nds, do so, towards the close of the see-  is very limited. In ������.ome of the ci- vice. On a W.-ni-h facing' tin* anilities of the United States, where tha ence at the hack of the. room, were  followers of "Mie quaint and pious Feet seated an elderly gentleman and a  are more numerous, such oppoi'Uini- couple cf matronly old ladies who as  lies are every-day occurrences, and elders of thc church wore supposed  are \regardcd as commonplace; but in to lead thev devotions of tlie Hoch.  the city of Winnipeg, m to the prcs- Ro far as the scribe could see, the  cut time, a real Quaker's meeting duties of these good spiritual guides  has bmi marked down as a rara av- were not rn-.-nnis. Thc meeting  is, -so in frequent as to he practically throughout was of the typical Quaker  non-exiKtent. Krom this ^.i, however Jtind, Thiotniji j-i, Uvhol-e l.-ourofi at-  it is miderstood that this deficiency most, .absolute sih-iu-e and <,uiot both  will he supplied, and Win-nip eg will leaders and congregation sat waiting  he favoitxl with the* weekly gather- for the "spirit lo move them." ,lu:.t  ings of the Friends. twice     during the hour  was this px-  Th(! first of these unique and inter- pectatjon realized, and the monoton  osting services was held yesterday oris silence relieved by speech, Ab-  morning irr one of the front rooms in  out twenty ^nimitcs after the meeting  might, be said to have, opened oiu- of  the ladies was "moved " to gel ������p  turd l-fi-ite a verse of .scripture. The  verse laid upon her by th-.- spirit was  Rev. ,'i:2il: "Behold 1 stand nt the  door and knock; if any man hear my  voice un.il open the door I will come,  in to him and will sup with liiin,  and he with me." After a 'apse oi  aboilt another twenty minutes of silence tint eldi'i'iy gentleman went  down on his knees and oli*ero.l prayer  the 'cbugregqtion roverc-ntly staiuling  the while. The prayer, which was  very sweet and reverent, occupied aid  out three minutes,' "the congregation  resuming tli-err seats at the close, and  a^-aiii lapsing into a Voiceless still-  iu-ss, which was only* broken, a quarter ������f an hour later by the lenders  arising and going forward to greet  the people. This was the sig'n that,  the meeting was at an end. Those  present, who seemed to lie mostly  Rrin-lish ji?ople, mingled frc<-ly together in quiet but good-humored  converse, in which everybody was  called hy their .Christian mimes, nnd  the Biblical Thee and Thou were in  constant  evidence.  Bacon to the value of o^er thirty  million dollars was imporl/.'.l / by  Great Britain in  1H0-1.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  ring pre  ues. Tbe brittle-starfish, it is believed,  in raany Instances breaks off its own  rays at the approach of dagger. For  this reason it is difficult to obtain a perfect specimen.  A starfish can neither see nor bear,  Neither has it tbe sense of smell. In  spite of these seeming impediments,  onvertbeless. it seeks and devours it9  prey as neatly as an ordinar-j' fish. Tbo  stai-fish lies upon its prey and folds Its  "arms."'or rays, completely about ic .  Thou it pi'shos its stomach out through  its month and will wrap even a large  oyster aud shell within tbe folds of the   . _,,       ..,.,. ,.        ,, .���������        . ^,  stomach.   Tbe mouth of tbe starfish Is   ! ?he? d}d th,IS m��������� fron^ fm������e a"f ^9  iu tbe center of its ravs. I j ������������nd, of orc^a"cls assft ,his loj;aIty t(l  c, .   , . * .   . ,       . !: lils borne  state  most  vigorous y   and  Some great ships are today employed   : "*   , ..        .        ��������� ���������.������     .,  ,       * . i   ii    . , ���������       i       1    !��������� ���������������,   back over tbe wrres, 2,000 mrles away,  almost whollv In seeking for stai-bsb A, . ���������    , . . .    .        ...  .   ^     ,     i , .v came this telegram, brief, but emphatic  Kaecrmens In deep seas, and there arr6     ._ ,   ��������� -  "Try aDU er"  business was in the far west.    Com������  | pelled to separate soon after the en-  i gugement, 2,000 miles soon divided the  I two lovers.   Business duties called the  j man away, but frequent. letters helped  i to shorten  the  months  of  separation.  i Turning her attention to cooking, this  : girl of almost unlimited wealth soon  : proved her- devotion to her absent lover  by mastering  the difficulties of oook-  ing in anticipation of that happy time  wrhen she should have a home of her  own.     Triumphantly   she   wrote   her  lover, "I can make lemon pie, custard  I pie and  Washington   pie  all  myself!"  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers arc requested to call at   the olTice     ob  Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th      and the 25th of each month.  Office Hours I P. i. 4 30  T. J BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  1  Public  Notice  Attention is called to '-.he   fact that tht  gilvie Flour Hills Co,   Limned  makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR      have lor some  -im*  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved  and  pur' rm  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of   all the basic patents relatu,,  to, take this opportunity of advising  the  publie   tkat any  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  -wii        i.i,,  ���������pouted.  Ogilvie FlotMC Mills Company limited ,  are +3io    only    axill������cs ia 0������ti.**1������  w1b.3s������>   ITlemr  s purifiatiby tlie Eieotric"'Process ���������W^MX.'-''������������������'''     7-.r'';.  *)|^;y "'���������'���������--^t'--^^ Wr  THR    I>ATLV'     .T^^  s=  LOCAL ITEMS  Miss E. Dobcson will be at thc Abbotsford Hotel' every Saturday afternoon to give lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, efficiently taught. For particulars apply Box 12, or Phone 14C, Nanaimo.'  Sinoke Rig Iii.. Cigars  Judgv^f htrrisoiijn fiH-sctf, tfeprouti'li <m  Jlhe morning train to Victoria.   o   Miss   Dobfson, of Nanaiino,  is  pay-  ng her usual weekly visit to Lady.  .smith today.   _0 r��������� !  Dr. F. S. Reynolds was among the  people of Ladysmitli who paid a llyr  ing visit to Nanaiino this afternoon.  Mr. Win. Telford, of Nanaimo, was  in the oi Ly on business this morning.  Mr. Jos. Hunter, who was in tow.n  \esterday aftei noon, returned io the  capital this morning.  FOR SAL 10 ��������� ORGAN,  Apply  ffaggart's, Esplanade.  at  Next Wednesday  is  Ash Wednesday  the first day in Lent.  Sirs.   D.   White was a  Nanaimo at, noon today  passenger   to  Mr.   J.  Jones, of Croft on, came up  from  that  place on  the nocii  train.  Parl-cr Williams, M. P. P., arrived,  on the noon train from Victoria, j  spending the afternoon in  th s city.   o   Miss     Smith,   the   teacher    of the  school    si hated    in  the   district be  Lweeri here and Cheniaintis,,, was"-visit  ing this city this morning.  . o   Mr. and "Mrs. Berlo, who were mar  ried in Victoria on Thursday, returned to Ladysmith at noon today.   O 1  Tomorrow night at the Presbyterian Church Rev. Dr. Herdman, superintendent of missions in 'li. C. and  Alberta will preach.   0   A    splendid     new siji;:i -p./iue 1  ly  Harry Kaly has     beenplaced  in  the    waterworks  supcrintcndi'tit's  lice.        The sign  shows  up  well m:d  bears evidence of good  workmanship.  The Concert to Le given at lhe  Opera Mouse oh Tuesday evening i.exi  by the School Children 'promises to  lie a \'ery entei taining affair, hcie  are to he several dialogues, vvhieh  'the cli.c'rcn taking part have l-ccn  I*:a'*.i' ng s>nie weeks. Drills also  wi"- fer.ui  a part     '.   e program  ���������ide  ol-  v.'ill    preach in  ���������both niorniiig and evening,  tomorrow  Rev.    A.    E.    Roberts of Nanaimo'    Tllc    J-ailysmilh     School   Trustees  the Methodist church   '*ol������I their rcellar montlily meeting'al  liold  ihcir    regular    monthly meeting    at Mr.    J.  Stewart's  oflice   this eve-  Mr.   Sherman,  district organizer  or''"*.        'u   lhis ������������ce*U>R the ^Pons  lhe    United    .Mine Workers,      passed  of  Chairman     Rumming and Trusts  through   on      the  noon train  to Na-,c������rro11-   th'e   '-adysmiUi  ihicgatcs  at  n,iilll0                                                         I the   convention of Provincial   School  _____                             j'Boards " held . in    Victoria  this  week  Mr.   Cicrruont  Livingston   came up'win   probably   be      received    by  the  from Dt'ncaiis this morning.     He was   hoard.'  accompanied      bv Mr.  W.  J.  Watson,' *-"0  who visited Duncans on business.         j    'U 3k,ond������>' evening'- meeting of tht  j City Council it is probable that , Aid.  Campbell's      Curfew   byclaw  will   he  Mr. Beasley of    the C. P. R., Com-   committed. Such    a. law  is  badly  pany, passed through on lhe noon needed in Ladysmith and will, it is  train. Mr. J. C.oodfellow was an- hoped have the effect of keeping oii  other railway otlicial who was on tlie streets at a late hour small boy-  the train. who .make a, ha lit of   getting into all  - sorts of     mischief at an   hour  wiici  The Rev. W. C. Schlichter.thc Mcth ih"J should be in bed.' This is the  odisi minister of this city', preaches only city of its si7e in the,provincial the Halibuiton Stn^et Church to- w,,prL' a curfew byclaw -s i ot in  morrow, and on Monday evening will   force.  Kive a lantern  lecture there in aid of  ~������  the church funds. |    The Ladysmith Public School  Con    cert will be-held in the opera house  If there is anything  you    want in ,011     Tuesday,   Feb.   27,   commencim  the Drug or patent medicine line you  at 7.30 p.m.   The programmewill be  snoit ion  Walters &  Akenhead  f  ZS83?&i8S!Z3gB&T$33?i^^  T  I  Save the Wrappers, they are valuable.    Your  gr  cerh  s the Premium List far you  f  Ki  SPRING  1  rn  OF INTEREST TO  LOVERS, QF SPORT  FOOTBALL���������   -  Tho Athletic News comments     at  follows on the  recent, match'' between  Wales Mini.Scotland,  which was won  .by. the former:  The inlluencc which   the New  Zea-  landers exerted on Rugby root/bail <Uir  ing  their'visit  to  this  country was  noticed in thc sincere flattery which,  Wales  puid  to  the  Coloriiails'   formation of a team.    They   tried  the All-  Blacks'  method  against   Scotland and  nearly came u cropper.   As a matter'  of.fact, the Scottish forwards dominated  the game, and hud they   been  well supported by  the  tthicc-jquarter  backs of decent callibre  they  would  undoubtedly  have  won.    The  defunted  had really the best of tho argument  as regards  the venue  of play,    while  1 Wales had all the luck ami the  OIMIVNVM  (From the Herald)  Tlie  weather  summary  for the citv  for the month of .January showed the   ���������.._n���������.  lolloping   precipitation; in  inches: i .    ',Wales had all the luck ami tbe     for  Snow/7.00; rain, 4.61.  The highest ( k,m. w],,ich the qualities of 'being able  tcinpei'alurc  recorded  was  on    - tha    lo K(.iz,e ally chance bring into their  '.3rd and was 53.0 degrees, The low- j  ���������st  was on  the .20th,  nnd  was  22.0  icgrees.   The   amount of  bright  sun  diine,;.ivas .40  hours,   18  minutes.  hEDD*  are constantly arriving and our Latest  Additions are Lovely Assortmentsj of  FANG^ CURTAINS FURN11LRE GIMP  TABtF COVERS FURNHURE FRINGE  MUSLINS L0UN6F   G0VFRINGS  j    Smoke-Little 13   Cigars.  will   find  it at  Store.  the Ladysmith  Drag  Smoke Big R. Cigars   o-���������  FOR RENT  The Bar of    the Well Known Hotel  Ladysmith,  thoroughly  furnished.  For further particulars apply to D.  C.   White, at the Hotel.   0   provided  by the school' children   and  fchep roceeds .will   be  devoted  to  Library ami Music Fund.    Tickets   for  Adults    60 cents.    Children 2f> cents  'half ticket^.)  On     Monday  night  tlie  local   Qd*l  'Allows will hold a social reunion in  their  lodge  room,   Oddfellows'  block.  eral demeanor suggested nicy  "Say,' Bob," said thc small girl to  J()Sl     A \ycish crowd are kcei  the small Loy, "what sure relations?" I)a.ci.liCi al���������i m,t easily "elud  "Relations."  was the answer, "are  tooll)a-'  matters,  and they  w  <��������� ii...  i.i._+   i,���������������������������������.,��������� mnilinr  workinsr     so   ���������*������������������������������������,  ���������ji<i!������ii'. wiili" IhW form  wakicWith the Welsh forwards beaten  there wei'c; hot'many., good opportunities for  the backs to   indulge   in  those    beautiful    passing operations  which constitute the charm of     the  Welsh game, though in ~& few instances when the ball did get among the  hacks the exccllence^of the thrce-*iiuar  tors  was exhibited.    Scotland nearly  opened ^the scoring, for a rush by tho  forwards    \ery    early    in  the game  seemed    certain    to end    in a score,  when  the  ball  bounded against Chief  Constable of Cardiff, and though    a-  try  was claimed it was not allowed;.  'Ilie tries scored by Wales were the'  outcome .of individual,merit a������d spt-e-'.  dy following up, and that which Mad'  docks  obtained  was a fine \i\eee   ���������   of-  work.    The   Irish  players are      ;now  awaiting  the \isit of Wales  lo Hei- J  fast  with some pleasure.  There was littVe enthusiasm in  Wuli-s over the victory gained 'against  Scotland. There was a feeling of general disap.pointim:nt in regard to the  game, and instead of Wales having  won by nine points to'three the general demeanor suggested they    - had  keen to ap-  ilehided     in   - . they were   fac  from satisfied  with the form of their  Our Spring Blouses, Millinery  and  .Ladies'   Neckwear will   be  V     opened;ouI '.at an  " ���������        '���������'Cm     tt^      "j "J *     *  /.       '������������������  early date  " '"X--:    '' ������������������������������������������������������������������������  LEISER&C0 Ltd.  j  1  OATACBr. 8T  LADYSMITH '-]  W. G. Fraser  ;  ���������; ri ^ ft!erchanlTail������r>  ���������:-,.-���������,,.-,.?//*    ^*v ��������� ist Avt-iiiit-j  Fall! Stock   on   hand. Call early and |  ;   -get your choice  heir  lodtre  room,   umiiouows    nioon.   folks that keep mother wor-ing irom mibiicu   ���������������"  ���������"-   ���������'am  antf every Oddfellow is at lib-   hard for fear they'll come around  on tCj m    The ,aillt> to thenr was the ab  ijv to take  with liim-   an  invited    a tqur of' inspection  and say she isn I S(?I1CC ()[ the generally acce;.ted -W-elsh  ���������;ucst,  and    no   dou,bt a   good time | a good housekeeper." ��������� ' ���������,.*ii~..������nii������n_  o���������  and    no  will be the result.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.   o ���������  MARINE  Vancouver advices say: The bis su-  j gar steamer  Aysgarth   tried  to  take  a slice'off the end of the, wharf of the  1 British Columbia Sugar Refinery yes-  GUN  CLUB MEETING.. '.terday. when she was.tving  up( there.  Mr.   George    Maitnay,  secretary   of     As a result   there are some      sig-  lie Gin  Club, calls a meeting of the zags in the oi.t-cr "twenty yards .of the  members   of the club and alt who are wharf,    which,   however,, has sprung  intcrestE-d,    to   take .place at the Ho-  ^ack. to  within a few feet of its ori-  tel Cecil tomorrow afternoon at '^ree (final position.  o'clock. Bigness of great impor- The steamer v/ns coming in in  tancc is to be transacted, so all i-.������ai charge of Ca-tarn Smith, and I-Iar-  liers are urgently requested to put in  bqrmaster  iVIcLcod.  who  was  acting  The score for the -boys'  practise at  the Morris   Tube, shoot at the Cen-  vral  school- last: night were as    follows:       C.  Caldwell,  22;  G.  Adam,  !8;  VV. Dean,  16; B. Shaw,  1.5;-,     G.  -lawt'lir-untihwaite,   14;   -Watson,   12;  -".utherlnnd,   12;  Hod<gs, n,, .12;   Hand-  'err,  9; Good,  8; Keen, 6,  The Hiervald is irr receipt of a tele-  M'am from Parker Williams, l"M;.P.P.  at Victoria, announcing. that Dis-  ricl Organi/jer Sherman of the Fcr-  ���������ie iocal United Mine Workers of Am  *riba will address a public meeting  11   thc Socialist   hall on  Sunday ev-  The last horse omnibus has Uisap-  izared  from  the streets of  -iherTi.-u,  i.r.n gland',  V ^  CHURCH NOTICES  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rev. R: Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11  a.m.  Evening;- service���������7.30   p.m.  Evening   Service���������7   p.m.  Bible study class,  Wednesday  evening at  7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's   Sunday   School���������2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.m.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. W''������������������ C. Schlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Evening Service���������7 p.m.  an appearance.  FRU  ".     '���������"  ,"���������/''! r?  IAJJASAS  ORANGES  APPLES  LEMONS  ES  AS-3?P.A������US  RHUBARB  Oi>iJ:  LETTUCE  POTATOES  Just in af Noon  as pilot.   Both   were on   the bridge at  j the  time.  The   vessel   came  in  at     a  i fair  speed,  and  hit the  wharf     too  hard.   Tlie bow  struck  hard,   and the  ! wharf  went  over seven   or "eight feet.  When thc vessel  was  got under control again aline  was  hitched  on  to  ; the    outer    piles,  and   tlie big boat  tried to pull  the wharf  back  into its*  ' original  position again.    Today   the  financial  affairs of the mishap are being adjusted.   o   ?N  GOD'S  ACRE.  The-    remains    of    ;the  late   'Hips'.  Clarke,   whose  death   was announced  in  these columns  yesterday,       were  iii'terro.'! in the InCal cemetery,this afternoon.      Tile  fuiiij'al   procession left  the  residence  on   Vo< rth   Avenue     at  two o'clock!  proceeding- to  the Roman Catholic 'church, where {he'beautiful     burial    services   of  that  church  were  read   by   Rev.   Katlier   Vcrljekc,  after  which  tin-  remains   were convey  ed   to the  grave.  A large number of friends and relatives of the deceased ..'('.ntleiinin paid  their last respects by following the  remains to  the cemeterv.  Nearly Everyone  Whait it is to Move and Get filings  broken up.  To avoid this I have deck el 'o sell out my entire Stock  of Furniture, Glassware, Dishes, Cooking Utensils,  at a Great Sacrifice, from 10 to 20 Per Cent Dis  count for Gash Only  SHOES, SHOES,        SHOES  without  sence of the generally accented -W-elsh  methods, ami any game without'plen  ty of quick passing and resultant  scores tails to come up to the standard , which ( previous in ter national  coiiliivgents  ha\e   raised  in  Wales.  Thc game should, and most probably will, put, an end to the seven.-for  wards and eight  backs notion.     The  playing of an-'extra.'back against New  '���������"icaland was  reasonajiile,  and. 'proved  wisdom  in actual play. To persist in  it    against    England  and   Scoti-and  ���������was,  however, the reverse of wisdom  Players and spectators were quick to  express   their, disapproval,- aiid      it  passes comprehension  how ��������� a far-seeing    and    football-wise     committee  should   determine   to  experiment,     in  international  mutches  with a formation   that had not been practised   or  accepted  hy -the Welsh clubs.    Severe,  forwards may hold'and heel-out   against  eight,   but  only   when  packing  in  New Zealand fashion,which is life  must  scientific  scrummage  formation'  yet': introduced.    In  time this 'formation may be practised and brought as  near to perfection as the New Ze-i-  landcrs had    done,  but with it will  also  grow    the    notion that behind-  three half-backs,  or,-in New  Zeaan-  dic,  one half and  f'rvc-cights,     three-  Ihrec-ijuairtcrs    arc  ample  and   four  exactly  one too  many.   A    wing 'or-  ward  is  out of  the question',       Mid  would never be tolerated in Wales, ������c  that   means -a team  of fourteen,   and  not fifteen,  players on a side.  toves  I  f  r-  Mm  \Ve  are making them objths New-st  Styies.  ,-     WeIoO ALL KINDS OV IOUNDRY   WORK  . ^ ..^.���������Q\u Prices-art Reaaona, ble  SEE OUR.   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'  ^auttn ari������������^LMts<  WINDOWS.  >ji'' "s:: J.and at LsdysmilhSHardv/artgCcmpany  l^i^fllTH   IRON & STOVE W<..'RK5 GO.^LTD,  ci 111.0  the  FOR SALE  .  The Candy and Fruit store, of -Tohn  Mafi'eo, on 1st. Avenue, Ladysmith,  B.  C.  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C  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be FIVE CENTS per loaf��������� 20  loaves for a dollar. My read is  ���������riiaraiitced the best made. Shopu  "im by white help should receive  white peoples' patronage so long as  they are properly conducted. i solicit a trial as your Baker.  C. R. DOCILE,  Till'* WELLINGTON BAKERY  MUSIC  I'iiiiioforte and Vocal Music thoroughly taught i.iy Frank G. Asliton of  thu (iin'ldhall School and Trinity College of Music, LiMidon, England.  Pupil of the late, Thomas \V",ing|naan,  ���������Vlns.   Boo., Organist,    Brorir.]>ton,  Oratorj    London.  Air. Asliton is now resident In La-  iiysnrith aiid prepared to take, pupils . Tlarmony and Theory a Spe  cialty. Terms, etc., ou application.  O'.   BOX  223.  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  MR. and WHS. ,T; J.THOMASil  o(   Mount: ���������Sicker Hotel,  and of  Palace Hotel,: Nanaiiue,  have  chased th������     *.\,  -���������COMMERCIAL .HOTEL���������  ei Doiifclas Street, Victoria, oppos:  tiie ci^ty;J,hiWf, and, invite their    old  PATRONS AND FRIENDS TO VIS  IT THEM V/HEN IN .VIC-.'  :  :-""7'''-"-'"T0RjX. '���������-������������������������������������"���������������������������"  GR^  im^  \  EXCELLENT   I  Train Service"  _ BCTWCCN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND/BOSTON,  Aad tbt Priaclptl Builnen Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALIO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALL*.  *:������������r'Tt*a������ Tailaii, etc., address  ,   ato. w. vaux,  AulitMt Seu'I Cisieager and Ticket Agent,   m <������������M������ >t��������� CHICAOO, ItL. i  The venerable ISarl of Leicester,  who first took his seat in tho House  of-Lords'during, the ministry of Sir  ltobcrt. Fosl, has enteiod his 8-lth  year.  NOTICE  Notice is    hereby given, that I will  apply at   the next sitting of the Mu-;  nicipal Licensing Board for the trans  fer of the retail     liquor license heWj  by me for the Portland Hotel, sitma  ted on Lot 10, Block -J, First Avenue, to David Hyncs.  JOHN  GOcio  Russell Simpson, Solicitor,  NOTICE  ���������o���������  Notice ia hereby givei that I, Ag-'J  nes Knif_.tit, will apply at the next  regular sitting of the licensing' hoaru'/j  for the trailer of th������ retail lhmoii  license held by ni������ for the premise.1'1*-!  lately known as tlie Island Home Hicj  tel, located on lot 3, block 20. ii;i  Uut city of Ladysmitli, B. C. t^]  Cleorii;c Hannar,    the above hotel ti'o  Piescriptio^i filled promptly at lh������ 1'������ known as The .Hotel Cucil  .  ��������� ���������                                                         .    /             Siu-ncd,   AGNES KMuMI  Latlysmith  Pharmacy. / "   Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT  MARKET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts stree  WITH A FULL LINE OF. FIRST CLASS MMS  > ' *  X, . i d SfUJPge a ^,i:cci������li*y  A TRIAL SOLICITED  Xl A.   HOWE:  ��������� 't. ���������  ������������������'. V- '������������������- ".  '���������   ' Pbonfi   20  *W������ M  11  SIMPSON  Solicitor.  Et������.  to   Loan  PAINTING   AND   PAPBRHANGING  4veiiue  iVI/il  1  Neatly ,anc3 Artistically Done   H"-! ������������������ ������������������ Orders  Promptly   Execute!  S. ROEDDNG  ���������������    M       **       "  L^DYSWllTHl  If  WtBtfr-^W


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