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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 22, 1906

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 '    -LEGIST,,,..,, -   (  ���������- ^ - -**?->7'.\,.*iji .,  ll-v  ?������.,v//J5jj.-  ilLY Ledger  VOL.-2  THURSDAY, l'Eli. 22,  lf)t)f>  PR'iC  ���������' ENT  DAME FASHION AT      ITHK GIRL  THE OPERA HOUSE!  Many Beautiful Gowns Seen at the!  Eagles Ball Here Last  / Evening  Ladysmith Aerie at First Ball Entertained About One and Fifty.  Ladies And Gentlemen  19 Bt imm  Will MURDER  EULE  FiB TH  JLD ISLE  OLD HIGHW4Y  Toronto,   Fch. 21 .-lt ha,-;  Leon de-j     i.0���������.|r,���������,     Feb.   22.-As  an ameiu"  .cidod   to lay  a   charge of murder  ag-   ���������.������������������<   ,    Y, ,,  ahurt. Jennie     Stein, a louru-cu-W* ������ "       /"      *    w,.,,ww,..,������  '"^ l������  ***  fold  Russian  girl,   uho.se  baby died m  'ago.  Michaels'  Hospital  a few days.  .Jennie     lived   with  her sistjr  in a room on  Adelaide street     west,  Spi'ccb from the throne, Col  Saiiiidi'i-scn, unionist, loduy moved  in Hi" House of Commons an expression of    alarm ai a statement in Mie  .   tuid'thc nilaiit  was round lying in ihu/KinK's  sl!������*ccn  Mat   * lie  ministers <sug  '                ..ii . , - '  micil ...I      hit .i.ni... 1..      I~      ,.1V...1       ..!..       ���������  t/ancotner.     P. <".,  Feb. 22��������� The |  boldest case of highway robbery, that /  ���������Apr occurred irr     this .city, or  that  could  have, occurred  ajtywhere,   took   I  place jiisi   after high  noon  today  at  the corner  of Powell street and Columbia a venue.  The victim  was  Andrew Fors  The band  was  playing  a beautiful, ries oMhe season..were on hand,-with   *""*������������������      Hi-sides   being  under  .itucn.  dreamy waif/ when a Ledger repre- ices to refresh the dancers.    Thc ban-  ",c ������*/* ,laS l'������������" out J1"1 ,'Ussid ������"  ....           ,   .       ....7   r>    i ' -    '}   a  'e\v   months.      she  is a .lowers  sentatiw;    d.-oiTcd  in at thc Eagle s y.,ct room   had also  received the   at-  ,..���������, ..i.,;,,,.     iry   ,,��������� .,,��������� ,.   ,.  .  ,,     ,   .1                .          i    ,      ���������.. ,                       .    nun (laims     to   Do tne \io; i n ti m<  ball at the opera house laM cieiunR, N.nUo��������� ()f t,     (leco,ating committee,, ,.ressio���������   ���������,   that coi.i.lr*.        *-'���������.������������������  wil  and'the floor was covered  with dan- ,  ..    .  ,.              .    .   %  . .                ''           "   *"   u,'u' CoU,,u^      ��������� ���������>"  ���������������������!  ...     .    ,    .  .  .    . and thc table was nicely laid.  rcrs.   -All who had taken  an interest '  The ball  was undoubtedly  the mos  H.UII   uic iniam  was round lying rn lhe/ " *- ;���������*  ������'-*���������-������   L"'1   "������������������   .mm^ei;, oug      r,|c  vka;IM  was   AmiroV Fors  ���������'���������now   in ih,   back     yard of the next, ^Ki<'<1  ���������'���������'M'osals   lo  ofi'ccL changes  in ' nn];ln(|er ]()I,.,rei.   whf)  lla(1 on,;.'Cf,m'e  house on lhe night of its  birth.    TiiL. | ,lu* systom of tlie government of Ir - *������������������ the citv 0I1 Mlinrtay   Tlu,ma11 who  authorities stale that ii������  molher de-'lam!'    lielicvinK     that   His  Majesty's   *id   tlie  work  w.ls   |'atri<k   Fljierty  'lilierately     threw it     over  the. i\ ��������� ���������<<>,a<lv ifi0lS  ���������������������������������������������'     <"oinmit fed   tlicms.*lv.*s   an     Irish      'longshoreman,aged  .'III  with-the   'intenitioii of concealing her"io a nolic.v     wllicl1 wil1 nid.inger ihe' Fiaher ty has   long ix-en suspectod ' of  shame.  in   the Eagles' arrangements for   thc  first ball to he given under the auspi- brilliant social    function'   ever given  res. of the  Ladysimith ncrie were pre- fcefc,   and  the mam tiers  of   the aerie  parcel   for  an  unusually   pood  affair, t<, whom arrangements for  the event  but thc scene that met the \iew   of n'Cre intrusted are lobe congratiilal-  ;h2 reporter as he entered  the   hall e(| on their excellent  work.   Nothing  lor the first    time at eleven  o'clock lnal Coll[,j 1k, Aom to nrake the     af-  was extremely *������^ty.   Was the room fajr a'������uccess  had' been'left  undone,  give evidence     at   tbo i:. ;;<est   .   SMe  says      thai      during   ihe u.im-  ew.sli  riots in the     district  'I'.ini  \ .i.iii ,,l,e  Monies she was     seized 'i y a s : lift-.  tvho     kept her ,\vith him for several  days.        '; he   s ;>    ���������  sible,  ;ind   her     family having  .oii"  means   she and     her 'sister came <>iY,  here. ���������    The soldier, she says, is the  liherlics  and  property   of I lie   loyalist I rohMng drunken   men.,   This   time he  minority.      promote  discord   in  civil   R,as caugiit in Vie act.   The' boldness  life and      impair the  iniegrily of na 3f thc  thing can  be seen   when  it-is  Cniicd   Kingdom. ; menu'ont'd   (hut   it was   enacted    just  Col. Sai'ndeison staled that  the ob  as a street car was passing.   Flalier-  SURVEYING FOR  A WHARF ROAD  Government   Surveyor   Shepherd   of  Nanaimo is at Work in  Town Today  Will Submit Estimate of Co t of Sub-  wjy Approach ard a Leve! Crossing  :\f.  Mr.   Geo. , Hannay,'secretary  "of the     Socialist party      in  f ad j smith, _.-received.-a   letter  'wet   of this     nmentlivcnt was lo c\-   ty got Fors down, grabbed" $.1.0 from '���������  'rr,nl- M*".-'.Parker Williams this  really the opera house? H was���������bht 4ncl as ii reward the Eugles arecred- laU,er of llCr. c,li1"' aiul ^V"ouf',1������' l  such a change had been made in the jtcd with gising a ball that eclipses.1."0 ���������'���������1������1������ a,'l'il'T K'!ie Wlls il" ������,*"o'-eat  appearance of thc 'interior  in/a short   all events here Jn the past. .victim.  twelve hours.   The sombre  walls and      Who was the belle of the nail? This! ������   idling hud    disappeared ,from   view.     -s     a difficult'    question  to   answer. | ^  Truth to tell, beuiity and gi'uC'e were  cons[iicr!ous     last night and as m m-  tioned a)i>ve, some of thegowns svoi'c <  ind������\l   ^harming,     and  lloweis  were  worn in large Quantities by'nearly all'  ladies.     An ivory colored crepe* go.vn  worn   * bv  one     of Ladvsmith's   fair ���������  Covered with artistically arranged  and gorgous hticd decoratio'ns. A  truly artistic mind had been at work  and the decora! ions so cunningly arranged that the many colors (which  by clumsy decorating would have  made  the    interior   of the  hall       a  rll,1 mm  in  raridv  spectacle) convortcd  the opera  '.���������,', .,, , , , i  f.,4  iy   .in / i daughters,      with a    large  bociuol,   of '  house into   a ball room, the splcndor  yet    daiiilihcfis   of  which  has never  been e,"pialle*d  before in Ladysmith.  ,   fUong the walls  were many large,  Bilk drafccl -mirrors,  which had    tho  pleasing effect of making the    room  look double  its  real  size,  while hang . ���������-,_...  ing here    and  there  from  the ceiling.  fcr" crossing    ������>e bo-lice from shoi.I- L.tlne:H aS  l0 the United KlaU.s ,innv  reachino    just     below the buntings,'   de1' '"'waist,  the     whole'fitting thc  and na'.y     for trouble in the Orieni.  ���������wre baskets of ferns and flowers,   in   WMdrt  f'KUI*e of the    weaier  to  |er-   liu   jeciarUl|   that     any liatio���������   iu{i  pink.,, carnations on the bodice an.I  a : '.  Ifew blossoms in the hair of the wea*:-, Wasnu.oton, Feb. 2V.-Chainuan  or, caught th������ - eye of an onlooker, ]jUllj ol"tl,e miht.ury anaira cpmmit-  and another sweeping gown of white u.Ci ln i)lc.-senting ��������� tho army appro-  ������silk covered witli fine net, and ������i ,,riaiioii (1jiii iu tiw hi/use '.0uav, . .-������-  strino oi carnations and maiden  hair  cd   Ulu   imeSsity oi complete pr^jj'  Hie cent roof   tlui hall was  thc    local  feotion.     was   among     the daintiest   B-re-,,aiai    t0     dcfcnd ils   1)0Siticll i���������  aerie's  bald-heailed     eagle,  swinging gows.      A    white  gown,      trimmed -tniIlil miiL.hl     as.wen  |..ull UoWn ���������s  ������������������racefully .a'.lout with outspread wings with krra cotta colored velvet rilfcon  f)ag. ailll  \j(tjt the ]^lcilic       iIlci.ien.  The stage  was decorated  as a draw- 'o0^1   charming,   ��������� while there wore  tally  Mr.   Hull      pronounced  Minister  ing loonn,  and   with   its  couches  and w��������������� several pale blue anil black tires-  j>0ciihill,  at     Peking guilty of inclis-  palms  made a cosy nook for couples "���������������������.   noticeable     on  account of their; -o el ion  in utterances' credited  to him  "silting out." faultless      fit     and    fashionable cut. I indicating   io      Chinese  officials  uln*,**  ���������   But   the dunce itself!  Well,  it   was Carnations   and! roses-were  the !low-:t}10  L,nit,c.;i  s(aleS j.H^.ded  rclurnin-r  attended  by  about  one hundred  and '���������**������ chiefly worn. .       ���������                            | th(. o0{)(H,(10() |)ol|M<, ljoX(jr ill(,eilinity  StalcnK'iil.s      of this     kind,   he-said  traci some statement as to what  the  him,      took   to bis   heels>.'southward,  -.:o crnmenl     meant by  the proni*s,.l.s  iown   Mie  railway   track:   Detective  su������gc/-ile(l. After considerable (lis-, Waddull     was   on   the car, but     for  eussioii .James Bryce, Chief Secretary ! special reasons he could not follow'  for Ireland, ffiid vVe Speech from the rt liic time. He knew Flaherty,'how  Throne meant nothing''worse than the ever. Flaherty changed 0,'s clothes atv  I'remier and other Liberal leaders home, but thc detective^followed his  had repeatedly, staled and 'what had rracks and this affernoon '.;,arrested'.'  I ecu endorse.! by the enormous m;.- hi hi while* h.* was treating a number  joi-ity rcuiinrd to parliamtn^t, that of his friends in the Secord b'a'r. The  much w.-s mcessary to impr:ivi' ihe clothes he had on when lie comimitted  administration    ol     Ireland. Mr. ' lhe crime  were  found  in his shack.  Jlryco said   "that  Home Unle bad no j    ^'- Carlcson, another alleged   'long-  terror*, for him.      His  Majesty's gov- J shoreman,  who slni'.l   by-when      the  eminent    had    every  reason to make   robbery  was   taking  place,  has  also  an o'"ort  in     th-- direction of the un-  beL'n     "^rested and   is held as a ma-,  provenicnt     of lhe s\stem of govern-  ^eria'   witness,  merit and the association of the people   therewith.       Mr.      Biyce  asiced  that the bouse defeat, the amendment  because he believed  that, the gre,r������*-it!  possible'    discouragement      might,  tie  siven to tho policy of the creation of  an  intelligent self~go\ei'iin ent   for Ireland  now   under consideration..    The  electorate     of the     United  Kingdim  had given     'the houso a mandate for  conciliation and  Un* extension  of :elf  PBOTtSi iSaiNST  BEDOCTiSN OF  1.1. H. P. JttQ  i.  :  ���������  t  ���������  ���������  ���������  1  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  i  t  ��������� .  ���������  nftc! ii60n   stating  that  he had  brought the wharf1 road  question up'in' the house.   Since he  put- .the questions  to the government yesterday he ..has been  in! cpn,ver.'satiori ,wi th the Commissioner  of lands and Works  ; nd     has   received /assurance  from that  gentleman ,that by  text    Tuesday he will, know  |ef'n!telv      what ac&ion     the  (covernment iiiteads: taking in  the matter.. ���������-..'    -, .'- = ���������  Phis would  lead  one to believe that -^he l^oyernmciit.    is  inly waiting for Mr.     Shep-  .h-.Td'S.     report, before  taking  fteps  to grant the '-'member's  fle-maritl that   justice be  done  tho';people  of  Ladysmi'th; and  in a������! roach to  the wharf Le  constructed  without more delay. . ���������''     : ,  goiveirmnent to Ireland .at the present j   WcLto<1>      Alta->    Fcb.   21.-At   lhe  opporfnity should  he seized. i.^,,^,  mceUl     of Ul_ McLcod ;Boani  Mr.    Mryce's      s'-esch   was   received  witJi  Nationalist cheers.  los. ('hamlHain sard Uie UnionistV  party li'id  nip.inlained   during  the cl-  fifty    fashirtiably      attired     invited  MENU.  ������������������..cms.    Some of the dresses  worn ..y   Roast-Chicl.en a In l.ndvsmith aer*c  W(jlll(i ,J0 takci,    |)y ih_ chines, as ail  the ladies, were exceedingly handsome   Boil.d-ilam a la P.AV.P. A. A. Dav-   imlicaLion; tha(; t])C U;  s   wafi   -fra|.  a la < h'ef Smith style.;  IVhile     and  pale l,lue gowns chiefly    is,     T0jngr.o ;il .*...���������,,, oi,,m, Sl),,;rallltt than liberal. .   Mr.  Hull scout  ivcre worn by  the fair sex,  although   . Koast��������� Mutton nnd    Jelly,; a la Buz-   ,(V(( -t|  ���������    j(,eai  tnrd;  Pork and apple sauce, a ia  Forciinnier.  iiiat Japan  \vas inier-  | ested in Mtirrihg  up ..broujjie in China  ���������������.   i    t. i   i   r   .  4. ���������       ��������� ��������� ,.     .'^.. -     to  injure  the    United States.      Jan-  effect , Salad���������Lobster a la Good Old  Sum- ,"���������.'   .    , <     . ,    .    ������;.���������      ,        ., '  i        ___ x-.._   ~ .   .     -    ....   . . an..s *Ritiorest������ iu Chma, he said, were  identical      with .tircsc    of the Unit ml  mer time; potato a la;-Dutch.  Borne stril ing black  gowns  were   no  hVeuide.The pale-dresses,-.under  tho  decorations   made  a pleasing  to the eye, and had  a stage manager  been, preparing a ball  room  scene he     Pict-lcs���������Same.'Old Style.  could  not have  hit   on colors     that    Cakes,,    ("pcoanut,.    Chocolate  tvould form a more striking scene. Jelly Itpll.  The     orchestra    played  the latest    Pastry���������M'nce  and *Apple Pics  dance    ��������� music, and kept' cor rout time, Mp.the.r used to make.,  incl th*: floor   was  in good  condition'.   Desert ���������Apples, Oranges, Nuts  Coil  and  as  The supper served at midnight by  Mr. Alex. Smith was delicious and  in keeping with  other arrangements  for tiro event.     For the -repast delieio  er.  fectionary, Tee Cream.  <''In tht shade���������  of the Old Apple Tree.  Tea, Coffee     Milk.   A Sinith :eatei  TO RUSH WORK  '  ������������������    ON NEW LINE  Seattle,   Tcb. .21.���������Mr.      James  A. been supscribed,     and. the enterprise  Moore staled today that the prop ised win ���������.,. puK|ie(j through as poon as,ihe  eleelric     road  tetwoen     .Sea,ttle and r������ouncii.  Vancouver would cost $5,000,000  and  States and .p'reserv-a-tion- of pence  there was the only manner in- which  they could le maintained.  tctions lhat the goveruwent was a  Home Rule and Little Engl?ne'er government a.nd it would be proved later that it was ,a Little Knglau ler  government.  The  anieiwlnient      was   defeated  -JOG  fo 88.  PRINCE 1ITII1I;  Will IISIT  \\  'ol   Trade  tho      iollowihg  Te's61v.'tioi:S  ' rvere passed.      Mo.'ed by Mr. Mathews, seconded     by Mr.     Clarkc;l>e-it  resolved   that the Hoard of Trade at  its annual convention place on i'lch';:  its great     appreciation "of the R. N.  I\'. M. ipolicc, and urges upon the gov  pin ment    of      Canada       the       fact  'that   the withdrawal of this, for, cm  the fur (her     decrease of it would ,bt  I in the highest  degree harmful to fliii;  ! province. Composed as tbis Board  i.s ol men of j^arying conditions, jome  who were pioneers in this .country  thirty.years ago, and .others who are  new arrivals, the e'xpc.rieir.ee of al!  warrants the statement that the co.i  ditior;s which now prevail in the province of Alt-eitn,. the constant .stream  of new arrivals, unfortunately among  'th<Mi: criminal classes, ui.solutely require the iirm control and energ'-'tic  supervision which no other h.ody oi  men lacking the experience and t a������t  record of ^lieR. N. \V. "M. P. ;n ihe  province and if possii.de its increase.  is in 'the highest     degree.essential .*o  I'iclo'fia, R. f ., Fch. 22.���������(Special1)  ���������There is     considerable speculation  here as-    to whom tlie Conservatives  R'ill 'select  to'oppose Senator Tem-  if negotiations ca.n be cr.nchificil  with   opinion is   that it will  pay fr0m tl.e)..^    '   ..  Fred  !���������:.  Sander^ the   Seattte-Fv,,',!..  start      A-.lot of roads running ,hr,������������������ | ^~niL������^e a mar,   tonight-  line   projected     by lhe ^fer will be ( ugh Skag,t county will  bring ������ l,av������ .    A   ���������,.m,ta,.i|J||  of  ,.,���������.  Conservatives  n^orl/ed.     In. ad.liti���������.., it i.s possH.lo   tralhc in a     country unsurpassed f-r ' ,vail(I(1" ������������������ iUiiyf)|.  Mor(.,v  (his  m|)rn_  that, a    traffic     arrangement   will  bc:it;s    cereal crops,     as well as hav'm.j;  made f..r the use of the line of     Hk*  nrnny shingle    mills and  other   ind-i'v-  I'lritish   Columbia   Railway   Cotiiipnny j tries.      Thei   .road    will    touch .at j  from    New     Westminster to  Vaucou- Blainn,   and    wilt    tross   the   Kr-.isi r  ver.  jVlr Moore said: '"Money to build  the electrical road for which 1 have  asked   a     franchise in .this city has  ing' i'.nd, ji.sked him li he would accept,  nominai.ii n.   This  honor  His  Worship  finphalk'ally declined.   The  CiHiserv.i-  li*c.s are  sain to have been desirocs  river at  New Westminster, li.  C."      j of noniinaling Mr.  Morelev,  believinir  Mr. Moore states' thnl there  is am-  ���������,,. w0,,id |,c successful in  the contest  pie   electric    power available for the j -..retting  die     supiior.L of all   licpior  | men of  the city.  I    j    Vh .the Kaien Island ileal investigation   this   morning Mr.   J.  A.     Me-  passes on my ��������� application...  construction  work  would start'with-   The n>w   Y0Ml    wil1 tnp several rich ' Hcman ,n-fc U.e com ng: by-ek-eticm.  in  thirtv-   .lavs" after the francl.iso is   'ar...inK  and timber     dis.t.iets  in Mie!    'J-   'aylor   who   was   mentioned   in  granted."        I-fc.denies -aibsoluteK' any   State of   Washington   now     withomt .JhlS    ������"'������������-'c--'������������.  . ^   tlecliiic5xl,   and  C.   I>. II.   connection, aud states ihal  satisfactory  railroad   facilities/     A,v    J^������'s now ,i,(.n.,������ iiod are    hose     o>    n Sat,���������day,   Ma C  . ,,   and       vul  ' ' J.. L.  lieckwith and  Capt.  Clivo J'lui ��������� leave  foi the e.isl   next morning    al  ley.    There   will   he a iiit'otiiijr ' six   o'clock   by   the Canadinii   Pacilk:  i Railway.  The Prince will slop at various  points in the. RocKies, including the  I"!lacier mid HmilY, before paying a  brief \isil to Calgary. Then' he will  journey cast as far as Winnipeg, cn-  jriyiiig a. f;*w .lays' .sh.-ofiiii;- in Mani-  tola heforc proceeding to Mont real  a.nd Ottawa. The nonunion House  iv- i 11 he in session during his visit to  the capital, ami Mis Royal I I'u'bness  "/ill be tendered a public reception.  The Prince will be the guc*st of the  fiovernor-lieiu'ral, who will accompany   him  lo .MenI real   and   (Juei.ietr.  Owing f(. bis brief stay in Vancoii-  rcr the programme proposed in bis  honor will be very brief. It will pi'n-  !������a.l)ly include adri\e around Stanley  Park, and a rec'ei'tion. in the. DriU-  liall. As he will arrive on a Saturday      and lea", e early  next   morning,  "Vancouver advices say:    I-'lis Poyal  Ilighhsss Prince -Arthur of ConiVa'.igbt  H'ho- is no.w in Japan on a special mis  sion,   will  make a brief stay in .Vancouver on bis'way home, to England.   0l11'   welfare; nnd     progress and  rh-i  kn. outline, of his. itinerary  so-far as   copies  of  this  resolution  he forward-  Ihis coast,  is concerned has just been  received    hy    cable hy  the Canadian  Pacific Railway  Company.  The young   Ali",?ll:1"  Prince 'is scheduled to reach  Victoria  by  the Empress of Japan  on March    TLlf  i^DA|*|jr**f  28.   He will     no doubt be given a iv-| I lit   I'11^1101  .ncipticn  there,  but intends  to enjoy a  few days' shooting and fishim: in tbo  n'cinily of the capital.  !Us   stay   in   Vancouver   will     not  exceed  night-:*:d 1w.m>s.  iiiilrss  new ; r-  raiigeiucnls      are   e'Teebeii.   ( Me*   will  reach here b.y special boat at 2 p.  m.  ed  to Sir  Wilfrid   La''rit>'r,   lhe  min::  ter  of  th?   Interior  and  Premier  of   o ���������  GRAND LOOOE  ADJOURNS  ������>������������������������������������*>���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Mr. F.  Shepherd of Nanaimo.       a Ito surv  , ', ���������-     , ,    I-touch t  government surveyor,  has  been making a survey   for a new wagon road  rvhich  the government  proposes      to  build for use instead of the     present  ro.'.d.    Mr.  Shepherd has been       at  ivork on .the wagon road survey some  lays     but    recently received", orders  from iheadquarters, to   make -a"'survey  tor the     wharf --road-.   In a conversa-  :ion     today Mr.  Shepherd ��������� informed  Che'..Ledger      that   his  instructions  from-"'the-,department were tliat *-. he  ,nal;e a survey for a road as "proposed1.  ;o be takeii through the ravine     at  'Kitchener street, and under., the railway track, and also for a level crossing, from   Buller  street  to the     road  made/by '   the Dominion "government,  rile survey of the latter will  be corn-  jleterl this afterric.on,  and'Mr.'.Shepherd will  begin work on the subway  survey  tomorrow', hoping to -submit  the   two     surveys together with his  Estimates  of the cost of construction  both for a   level crossing and a sub-  vay- approach   to  the  wharf Monday  Dr Tuesday.  Mr. Shepherd said the cost "of ma *-  ing  the  tunnel  under the  tracks fiom  Hi:;     ravine would,  he   thought,   be  ���������; r i;e, but.    he was given      to under-  k I an-.'  ler their tracks and to induce them  government to do this had offered to  help considerably to defray  the   expense.   While he had not made     the  ravine route survey at the tim.>.     of  the conversation, iTr. Shepherd '.hou-  i>trt it would probably  be best      to  Rrade the road to the ravine     from  Kitchener street.   Not    -  -ng .made  the survey he could not  at  tho pi ts-  mt  time g'ue any idea of the r'ah J  the tunnelling etc.  Speaking of     the wagon road ths  surveyor said the present road .ciccs>-  ed    the     E. & N. track at several  points north of \Ladysmith,  and for  rarious reasons   the government   desired  to   do away  with  these  crossings.     Mr. Shepherd was oidered i.o  survey     for a road below the track  Irom the head  of,the bay, bringing  it to thc mouth of the  proposed sub.  Kay.' The work he had <ione end tha  lines of the course came through tha  smelter  properties.   Since he started  Dn this survey fresh orders were   received  by  him  from  the  government'  ey for a road   that would not  the smelter  company's  property.      This  survey took, a line below  the   track, as far _ns the  diamond,    a-  bout a mile from  town,  and     there  bridged over >^>th tracks to. the-"present wagon road.   If tha .latter surrey  was decided' upon by the J**ovcrn-  ment fully a mile of the present road'  would '1 e utilised. . . '  In connection with the above-men-,  troned  road,  the following questions  rvere answered as %r.keu from the pro  ceedinge:  Mr. Williams .asked the honorable  the chief commissioner of lands and  r/or" s the  following questions:  I. Is there any road leading to tha  public *������harf at Ladysmith?  I. If not, since when, and for what  reason has the rond (hcen closed?  The FIoii. Mr. Green replied as follows- ���������''-  I. Not at present. A rt5ad was  built fiom tho top vf the bench,-fc'oir-  sccting there with one built-Mjy "the '"'  Dominion government to tlie' ' w-har*f  to the level crossing over��������� tbe1' track'  *f the E. & N. Railway Companv  on_thc line of Buller street extended.  2. "Obstructed about Oct. 20, 1905,  by thc Wellington  Colliery   Company  on the grounds that a level crossing  ar. tne  i-.. & N. and Welling-   tvas   a danger to the public .and that  1 4  ������-.-     ''olliery Company wished       if J the "^ivernment Jiad no right to build  o.'SiLle to have  the road taken  un-    a highway through its property.  HUSBAND MUST  SUPPORT THE FAMILY'  An interesting case bearing on the    of the law, could  be  sued for a nec-  :ses of the road  bnCKKlr    b     KIDfc,       IU |0Hnald.miucStcd   that  all   telegrams  C*   A   \ /"l"**"**      A      /*~A HI TV  A1 Tv T   A   T      ' llM<*   |,',tors  r(,(-'('iml by  J.  Anderson  *���������*-** A  VH     A    l    i l"^ M\/M iNJ /A !'������ eonncctjon  with  the deal  be sn.i,-  ���������*->'-r^- v j_^ -r-a  v^i JAiviii.>������.r-yi_,  biM1wI to Ull,(.0,mmisHioili awl also,  Santa Fc,"   N. M., Feb. 21.���������A  race   til his mental    condition could be into save    John  Conley,  condemned   to vestigated.  die upon   thc scaffold  at Taos Satur-j Therc  is  no  telegraphic    communic.i-  ,dav,  was    won  at    2.07 ,a.  m.. wl-...n,lion wit'h TaoS' aml hhc ncarest ,'eU'-  floputy SlierilT Fred PornofT rode into  -5raph statlon     is t'llirt-v' miks ai"av  Taos.,    carrying  a   i^eprieve signed   by  '(.Governor ��������� JTagerman.  ���������that   .Messrs.   Morse and   Larson     be  limimonsed   as witnesses.   Hot-h      requests wore n-ranled.  aul'h'jrilies that he is shamming.  It is probable that he will be iiai'.g-   the 'lance siigueslc<l  to be hebi   in the  ed   next Saturday.  Couriers were .sent    from the nearest  points   and raced across   the des.������iau*  ��������� When CmiIcv was notified  two -lavs  a,ul wikI ������tre^M������ of country.  .It  i.s understood lwre thai  soon nf-  llolel   X'ancoiiver  will   probably  abandoned.  be  Nanaimo, Feb.' ������������������'!.��������� This' .ifteriiOiin'i  session  of  the      Orange (ir-.md  !.. .|tre  was   taken  up.     wilh  the ..'lee i >-i  ot  ullicers    and      of   I wo   reprvs.'ii'. '.r. es  of ceiinmittecs,    besides  i-oiioi.L'i.iiii..;!  of  s|iecial      resolutions.     M lu*  li; i.  of  .'ollie-ei's .clev'-ted  was as follov.s:    ->,ii<l  .Master,  John  Wallace,   Victoria;, i cp-  uty   grand     mitst-cr,  D.  ('.  Mcl.area,  Kamloops;   junior  deputy   grand   master,   Garby  Taylor,   N'au'ouver;  gland  .'������������������e'retary,   Edwin   Mush, .Mission  City;  'grand,     treasurer,  Dr.    . T.   W.   JeTs,  i Vancouver;   grand   hctin-er,   Wm.  Dun-  j lap,   New      Wcstminsiei';  grand  dirx--  j to'' of ceremonies,   Tl.  M>.   Ahercrom-  j Lie,  Vancotner;     -deputy grand srere-  tary,  J.   T-l.   Simpson,  Vancouver,  j    It'was  rc'solvcd   that   all  clergyi\*en  'in tlie proviro"    l-r~-   active i.'ein':,-rs  of  Uk; order  and   who  have  the scarlet    degree,     should be" placed  on the  list of deputy  grand  chaplains.  |    It   was".-decided      to hold  ibe r.ext  meet ing,,f     the   grand   lodge  in Ke,v  Westminster,   and    tne    12th of July  celebralion   in     Vicloria.      Tie  lodrre  -before   that    executive clemency had | , "  ;-���������*������������������-.'**/*-���������*��������� ������---lt   u..a.  .^o.... ,..- CamI,ing   trip  Conl'*y   is  a fornwM- Denver man and; K special civic crunniitlce,  of which Urn adiniininT its  final  session.    The  a veteran.     Me was convicled of the Mil. Stewart is chairman, and the of- grand lodge     was l.pirnetted  by the  .murder of two vomng men  while mi a' fleers  of  the Sixth   Regiment   Duke of local nieir.ti.ers this evening,  but always protested ' Ponnaugii's    Own   Rifles   will    meet  relationship between husband and  rvife was decided at last week's session of the supreme court of civil assize at Nelson. It was styled Park  rs. Park. The'. wife was suing her  husband, W, Park, for $1,250, mori--  ry expended by her on the l<cep of  'heir children. The husband bad been  R-ritton to but had not answered the  letters, hence the suit.  No evidence  was .put in for  thede-  lence, but  it was  urged  hy Mr.     S.  S.  Taylor  that  a wife could not sue  her husiiand  except where permission  iras expressly given under the 'iUarri-  pri Women's Protection  Act.  Mr.'Justice Duff, presiding,   maii>  taineel that  as the  law had given   a  married woman the right to hold it  must be necessary   to give her      the  right to defend property.   A woman's  nirnings  were  as much  her  property  as anything else.  Mr. S.  S. Taylor said   that     the  tvife was in duty ho'ind to provide for  issai-y Now, it had been held that  the husband's funeral expenses were,  'necessaries'' lor his widow and  Dould be recovered against her; such  being thc case, much more were the  food and clothing of children necessary.  Mr.    Taylor admitted "this,    .'but  said    that ' as the wife was equally ���������  bound  with her husband to-support  the children,; especially  where  there;  vas a separate estate,  ;;he could not  recover for her disbursements on this  tccoemt against her husband.  The court asked that it should be  shown that tho liability of the bis-  band  was not a primary liability.  Mr.  Taylor argued that -the primary liability  of thc . husband was "has- '  ed upon the poor law oi Errgjand and  not upon  thb common law. "i."  Mr.   Justice Duff,   remarking       on  this point, said that he was not fa-  rorably impressed wilh tbe cross-examination   of  the.     plaintiff in which  I rortain -imputations   had   been  made  rvhich    bad    not been backed up   by  the children,   as, ��������� indeed,   was       anv ,,. .,  .v.   ,  , , ,     ,.    ,      ,,'      nutting    the husband on the witness  third  person as long as he kept     the   '    . ���������  ch.ldrcn  voluntarily.    But  the   father  ; or mother was not bound  under   any  I law,   except  the  poor  law  of    England,   which lias  no application       in  ibeoB.refused, be became a raving ma-! ������epiie%������ was cieiivca-cl to.the   1|i{. inilo(.0IK.c.     physicians will go to   shortly   for the  purpose  of preparing  I na"ght,  Ih?     honorary colonel of  tbej L'anada, to support a child.  nine.     Governor Ha^rman thereup mi1 s,ieruT ,'at Taosv Donley  showed   signs   Taos   ff)r the     governor  aml  inv..sii. I the oliicial  programme.    Tbe   young  .local regiment,     Tie is also a ncphnv '    Mr. Justice Duff pointed out   that a  decided to reprieve him one week un-  ot  San"y  aSain'  >vhlcn  convinces li.e gate hi:] COndition ^ 'prince i.s a so,,  of   the Duke   oi    Con- j of His  Majesty the King., kUg> although an infant in the eyes  box.  Ur. Taylor said there had been no  intention of. imputing any m.iscon-  ihict or anything beyond family jars,  fie.was quite willing to admit that  (Continued on Page 4) DAILY LRDGHR  IHE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  ������V        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  .OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  "''   cents   a   month,    *>5   per   year    in  mlvance.      Advertising rates on ap.  nlicatiun.  THURSDAY,  FEB. 22,  l'JOG  M,f,,,f4eat-,,fS,.������.,i,.������*Vfff^  DAVI������ SPENCER  ���������*"_j'  (Nanaimo) Ltd  Every bod  should think  o*er       thc  electric light question and be prepared  to aet   for- or against   the installation   of an electric  light, system.   And  ''���������hik1      e\ ery body must decide       for  HiemselU's,  il  is to he hoped  Unit the  lecliiY������   will  l-e  unani>nou*> in  support  ing'the co; ncil when n new  bill       is  inlrcducrd  to confer  the hlcssini*    o'f  light 'on a darkened, city.  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Leibgild,    who   carried   a consUle-ra-1  ble   sum  of    money,   was  decoyed  on  hoard a     petuiing lugger on pretense  of   'being      shown     a.valuaiblc:    pearl  which   was for sale.  lie was murdered by the cicw. of  tin 03 men, and his body was thiown-  overboard. The mur.il^rers, ( barks  llagcn. a Norwegian, and two Span.  iarcls, named Espande/. and iMai'iiue/.,  .were sentenced to death.  llagcn, who w������!.s the first to be executed, spoke fur a c.Mai^r-of an hour  asserting his  innocence.  The two other prisoners weie placed on the trap together and enaagcel'  in an angry altercation while the  nooses wire being placed around  their necks. The executioner appeared to lose Ins presence of mind, and  itt the moment when Espmida maite a  desperate effort with bis manacled  hands to clasp tbe rope above his  head, null**!  the lever.  At the same timr Chief Warden  Webs I or, who was taVen r^a wares  and "was- standing cn thc trap door  fell -through anil aliglvU'U on his head,  twelve feet below.  Webster is not expected to recover.  Th'-- hangman was so terribly aflecte'l  hy tlu accident lhat he broke down  utid cried like a child.  tence.  n b  WITH Alt  f,0.   \ E'riRSV'.'  &? EXl fc-fvsSNCE  $1 &i LM &~%  ���������MmmkMk  Trade Marks  ' !���������"'���������  Degjgms  COPYRIGHTS iSt.C  Anyone sending a skt*loli ami doac-iption nm*  quickly ascertain om* opmio.i froe v-huUt(*r aii  lnvo.nl.inn ia'inonnbly palentulilo. CVimrnnhli'a-  tlons'Hlrlctlycon'ldeiiHal. IT:iiitlbnok on I'licents  jent freB. oklost nuency for n>>oiiriii(; ptnuntd.  Pntonts taken tlirout-'h Jlunni Co. receive  tptcialnotice, without eharcc, in tiio  W-encai  ���������"roelily ,   T.nriTP,:  . _ _   . Id byt* \ ',\i".\sac  A haii.lsomely lllnisf,r.il.P!l Trne.lily T.nrircst circulation of any scient-l.tc Jitiirna!. 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"mil iio**  Newly fittecl up and  Furnished  LADYSMlin, B. ^  Good tables aud good  Rooms  r**ra.a������*gE'g***iss*^-5Z*^ i>iiii���������*w  il  PORTLAND HOTEL  DAVID HYNES,   Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This  Hotel  has    been completely  renovated.  Board aid lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHNT^A, Proprietor  Har   Supplied   with   thc   Rest    W'ncs, :st Avenue  Liquors and Cigars.  ���������-��������� Ladysmith B.C.  IT DEFIES  Ca>IPETilION  DAY SCHOOL  .'...��������� :o:���������  Usual  subjects  taught;  also      language*'    drawing  in . pencil  and sray-  ;orrs,   paint ng  in  oils  and  water col  1 ors, pianoforte and vecal lessons given in classes or individually.  UISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. BO.  1  ,-;Ck'neya. Nicholas Lein, of AUhau-  rcni, iii th.e Canton of Asgovic, has  been sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment and ordered lo pay'a fine  of $200 for involuntary homicide.  Some     time     ago,   when   returning  :rom a riarice with his fiancee, he wash  attacked    iii the dark  by a  stranger. I "&  Leib,  in      self  defence, .made a luntre   f3  "IN  with bis   umbrella,  and  his  assailant | Rj  dro''p]:-0'(l on     the ground.     He S'trug-'  gled.lo his   feet aeain,  nnd  Leib and  his fiancee hurried away.'  Next day a man named A lbe-rt Rev  was found -(lead cn th.e road, and tbo  inquest showed that some tharp' instrument had pierc-'Cfl hj.s eye mid entered deeply into  the skull.  lews ib-  ���������..:������, jilHlPPfcWAN  SPORTING BOOT  Blueher cut, with tlo'.ilile rock j$  oak sole and slip. If is staiid-  u.rcl screw, slugged around the  forepart and heel and has silver eyelets and stud books.  This line will si and more  rough usage than any hoot you  ever put oa  your root.  J. LEOKIE CO. LTD.  VANCUOVER   B, C  HAY, GRAIN and  FARMPROnUU  Orders  will  be delivered anywbei'  in the city promptly and at the lo  -st possible prices.  Leave orders at  Christie's,  oa   "*���������  ������"l������n������di  James Warnock  ���������  !l'������.S>;~.--t\F *">.! "TV *?*?^-'^^  ,!"'! :4:UvNflJa������������'fe.i|  >-.t~rty  ..-.ItT."  ���������.���������fiWM^aottailj^fS,:  ;!���������.-������������������:::.'���������!'S^iji^B  [&^������H-T'^**#Sii^  ���������JW-'"'-;.*1*"';' :���������*������������������'.!���������:-.:���������,., -r: .,-v-v '* j vi ���������3*  DUNDE  ScoMaRds Best.  Tflf IIUDSOil'S BAT CO^  jS*32E^fK55^  NOTICP  From      this  data   tbe   undersigned  will   not  be  responsible  (������i   any  in  riebtedness      incurred except oa.      ������  written orni-r signed hy the seeretar\  Rowland   Machin.  V.  I.   EXPLORATfON & DEVBI  OI'MENT CO.,  LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Uiotorla.   R    V...  M������%   IRth.   1B0S  A Habit   to Be T'.meouraged.  The  mother  who  has acquired   the  hah t of keeping on  hand  a I ottle of  Chambcrliiiri's  Cough  Remedy,  sa^'es  herself a great  amount  of uneasiness  and   anxiety.    Coughs,   colds       and  croup,   to which children  are susceptible,  arc  quic'ly  cured   by   its  use.  It counteracts any tendency ol a cold  to result  in   pneu ionia,   aud  if given  as soon   as the  lirst  synrptarns       ot  croup  appear,   it   wi'l   prevent      the  atiack.   This remedy  c������ntaias  nothing  injurious and mothers  give it to  little  onos   with   a tailing  ������f  perfect  security.       Sold  by the    Lwlysuiith  Pharmacy.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  \\l   work guaranteed, aud at ..reasn-  *h!������  rated.  RESrDENGE AN������ OFFIGE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  nPKN   *T   ILL HOtma  Best accommodation for transient  wd permanent boarders and  lodgers  OR AND       HOTEL  This new olio ter' has been comfort-  aMy furnished and the har is up-to-  d������te. Rates $1.00 a day and ������p-  w *>rds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE.  Prop.  ���������Valaaada    -���������' ��������� ������������������ ���������������������������'��������� ������������������' T *>*l***i*nlt������i  THE JONES HOTEL I  ���������WIIITG   i:ook-  aiull   WHITE   LABOlt-  Eniployod Only  (Half Block  from Depo>.)  GATACRE   STREET-    ^Ladysmith.  ii  GALEEOhlAH  V  Leads Them  IM QUAUfY  Al!  HOTliL   DOMINION  ��������� I;-..'..  tH 2<r> .n.d*l.6l>���������  F<"44 r>u.4 u-  all Hte������m!-iont  landinis ������i������l  r<.dfl>RV d<������pntH.     KI-T-^rV vati������ ������-v*-iv '���������  ������  'iiinnto"  ro <<H partB oi   t.he ei������v      '<*  >i|.||   !nliU,UD'XI-.l-llt-d.  ���������'F. BAYNE8, Priuirwtor,.  ABBOTT   ST..   VANCOUVER  B, C.  THC OOMrORrASlX WAV.  TO;ilCERNIE-t'   B. C.  Read B0W������ *e������*1 "i*  fp.ai. L.v. vicT������m*. Arr. 4.00p. m.  S.oo p. bi.Uv. fteaiiie Arr.4.00 a.m.  f.211>. m, Arr. Kverett Arr. 7.30 u.m  9.30 m. ia. Arr. sroKANK A.r 7-45 P '"  4.25 p.m AJT. ,RcXl'������i-4 Arr 12.30 p. 111.  S.ie p. ta, Ar. / Bike Arr. 10.4^ a. 111.  ������.������a r������.ta.  Arr.    Fernie ' Lr.*SS a   ih.  ONE NIGHT  .   To ail Kaotenay  Point*  'li\\0    NIGHTS  Tt*    Winnipeg aad St. Paul  Close Connections  . For  "Chicago.  Toronto.  Heat real and  All Points East & West  Acetylene     Lighted ���������   Cars,  Family7, Tourist. Sleepers.  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining .:, Cars (Meals a   la  '.-'"Cart*).  Library Observation      Cars  Through     tickets and  hag-  ���������jagt checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets  maps, berths.  reservations ,   and complete -'  information     call on or ad-.,  ���������'���������'���������'SS.     -s   -���������  ������. O. Yackiw       E. It. Stephen  A.G.R.A., * G.A.G.N. Ry  . Seattle ',.'      Vietoria.  B.C.  g  ������&������������*  \ Cor. Government and Yah Sis.  VICTORIA, B-  C  TICKET  4  Transcuiitinenr!���������  ���������Trains Daily���������  4  Under New Maiiagment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaiitio, B.C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Coniruercial Mens' headanarters.  Modern and     Strictly  First Claw.  Fire Proof     Buildiaij.  -:o:-  WANTED���������'By ���������" Chicaga whelesale  house, special representative (*���������>��������� er  wonian) for each province ia Caaada.  Salary 520 fl) and expenses ������aid  weekly- Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent.    No investment required.     Pre-  R.P. R1THET.  OC'-CO.,   . LtCri v*ous   experience-not essential'-to ca-  Pacific Coast    Agency.  VICTORIA.   :���������:  :���������:    -     -:  :���������B.C  'gaging. ���������  t  Address Manager,  132  Lake Street,  I Chicago,   111.,  U.S.A.  THO CITY MH'RKe-T".  R. Williamson F'rop  ist. Avenue 'Ladysmith IV C.  M. J.HENRYS  NURSERIES,   8REEN-  HOUSES AND SE(D  t HOUSES  1010 Westminster  Road.  V.iNOOlIVE*tt,  Headn^artofs for���������-  PACIFIC ORUWN Uardenrileld  ���������nd flower SEED5  ler distribution. ;  Large.; stock   of Home  Gr*)i?a FRUIT and OR-  NAvMENTAL     TREES  fci;i,  now matured for Spring.  No exMaae, loss or   de-  ��������� ,*���������-.���������' ���������  ��������� -'  lay of ,-fuiuigatioa or in-  Sj-OCtioll.':.     ..-,-.  -.  -  ; Let me price your list  beferefplacing yeur   order. Greenhouse Plants,  Floral Fao'-'ages, Fertilizers, etc.  3������,ll Vfestmiastor Road.  VANCOUVER,  1. C  am  ONE    IS    TTTl':     ���������''NORTH  COAST  LIMITED."  ���������The electric  lighted train to  the East.  Ticlets on sale to all Eastern and Southern points at  LOWEST Rales. Up-to-date  Pullman micl Tourist. Sleepers  on all truins. Dining Car  mm vice  Unsiirpasseil.  Ste.imsiiip Tickers on sale to  and from all   European  Points.  Cabin accommodation rescrv*  eJ by wire.  For further particulars call  0'i;    write     lhe  ollice.' 'Phone  Main .'150.  A.    D.     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  N.I*.,   Portland, Ore  ' F..   E.      Blauhwoed,   general  agent,   Viclon'a,  B.   C.'  sots  Are You  Going East  j Then  tie sure your  tickets read  1'"- "."���������-.. '���������:���������  the  NORTH WESTER!  ���������"ifc,  PAINTING,        PAPEkrlANGlNO  ,'BTC. '���������;  Work, done properly .and at rlu'--  prices. A fun line of "Wall Paper.  and Painter's  Supplies   Residence  on  Roberts Street,  f . F,   RVTTH  ;^"(--"l-t������l-l-+-:-?"l-t"l"l"!"t"S->- l-!--'.--'.-;���������     -l-I������t-l"l"L"t"S"l"l<-i"l������t-:-^'l"H",-+"t"M-+'l**v  *      THE TYEE CUPPER CO., Ltd.      i  UBN  Ladysmith  Merchant Tailor  *  +  f  S PURCHASERS   AND 5IWELTKRS OF COPPF.R. GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting; Works at  LADYSMITH,  C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT  LIVINGSTON  Vancouver Island, B. 0, General Manager.  J.+4.+.!..i..}..|.++-M-+-!H-l���������-: . . i- . ���������:-���������' - ��������� M"M-*^+f++++*I'++-l-++++++'+*+-������*  *  t  ���������*���������  >r  +  t  If you  like���������  A   smooth,  easy  tihave,  an  even,  well-nnitifced     aeard trim, a good  bath. ������r a stylish Hair-cut.  You will go to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI ORS  HIGH  STREET.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP. LEE A C9.  ���������N TH0 ESPLANADE.  PASTRY ������F AL4i KINBB NEATLY  BAKE������ AN������' FRESH.  Coafoctlonary :*oi all kinds.  Order* tak������a far Pastries to be de  Uvered at any thee.  ^Employment Akcbc-*  B. C.  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at. any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  Mannfactprtrs of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSO.l  JNoae bu   ������nion Labor   Employed  fl J. BOOTH. Prop  The   only   line  now   making    "UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through' trains front the , Pacifri  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, TH'J  FINEST TRAINS, THE LO^ESli -  RATES,   THE  FASTEST TL>IE.7  BETWEEN  MINNL-i-'xiMS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHI-  OAGO,    OMAHA,     KANSAS  GIT"Y.  and  ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask  yow  . ���������<���������:���������!  airerit or write,  F. W.  PARKER.  Q������>nr*r������l   > ���������*;������**,  ���������'*"  2nd  Ave..  ReaUl*.  fie  .Dea ers tu  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysn.ith, B.C  Dr. Dier can' be foUHil at any tiim  at his ollice on Gatacre st. Jlis dental work is gvAi'antowl lo be trd  class and rate* r������asona|>lc . st.  I THE] !DAILY|LHDGER  ���������++*H-*~*~*~***-  ���������+^H������:**t+'!*<H������."  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO^ b. c.  .  flarmf ACturers of tt������  In   British Columbia t  Lager   beer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  d from the Best  Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops f  e / 4-  t    ���������    T    t    ���������   ������  -������  ������  ���������������������������������������������������������������������"*���������������������������*������������������������������������  ���������������������������������**���������-��������������� ������������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������'  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  ORGANS     ANIJllOUSEllOLD     rUKNlTURb   MOVED  PROMPTLY   d   MW  SAFELY.  ���������  i  J     PIANOS,  ������  X  ���������  ���������  1  4  4  ���������  .  ������-��������� ���������������������������4-* ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>��������������������������� ������������������  Stables in the rear ol  the Lac'yumith hotel.  Abbott ford.  Leave orders at   tb<  A. J. WASKET, PROP  * i*- ������.. ������������������������������������ ���������������������������*.���������������������������������������������.������������������������������������-*-������������������������������������������������������*'������������������>������������������������������������������������������������������������  Minars' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short   notice.  /Drill Sharpened  by   ..  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks hand!   d and repaired.  Ship������4mitMing    in   aJ*    ita   Branches  Horseshoers and Gener**! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street   -   ,  - . -      -   Wdysmith, B "-  EARN CASH  / ���������    '' , ��������� > ���������  In Your Leisure Time  If you could start at once in a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earnings���������WITHOUT   INVESTING    A   DOLLAR���������wouldn't  you -do.it?  ���������Well, we are willing to start you in  a. profitable, business and we don't ask  you to put up any kind(pf aadollar.  Our proposition is this: We will  ship you the Chatham Incubator and  Brooder, freight prepaid, and  You  Pay   No  Cash  Until  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising pays.    ':..,.-  People who tell-you that there is ho  money in raising- chicks may have tried  to make money in the business by using1  setting- hens as hatchers, and they  might as well have tried to locate a  gold mine in the cabbage patch. The  business of a hen is���������to lay eggs. As  a hatcher and brooder, she is but-  classed. That's the business of th������  Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and  they do it perfectly and successfully.  The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any'other  business for the amount of time and  money invested.  Thousands of poultry-raisers-���������men  and women all over Canada and the  United States���������have proved to their  satisfaction that it is profitable to raiM  chicks with the ''.'���������<.  ���������'jfrl,*"--l=^-fe-i^-'{^*^  K**-?*.**-  I  I  I  . .^?i\>*-'?-K-4^.-������-??'.*d -rlvtf ^.H-T^M '���������  very  *������*.*������ + .*������-0*������*������*������*-������*^^  *  LIVERY, IBOARDINQ AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A   SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  LVOYSVUT  *PHONE 66  ** *���������*������������������*���������*������������������*���������*������������������*���������*���������*������������������������*��������� ���������  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  WjiI and iirk <>i" Sii_";  SUE J    KElli'.   OR  LEAVE    ORDEKS  fclTH  - W. CARTER,-  Advices  froni: Roane say: -A  sad  aiid  impressive .ceremony-     took  place  yesterday  in .the.'military barracks "of ;.'Mt'S.diia:   ,  ' Captain . Ercolessi,' of the Italian  army, who was ' accused and found  (ruilty oi" having sold military secrets to a foreign power, -applied- to  lhe court of aRiexls,' for a rce&rsion of  'hat 'judgment, but he was not Successful. "' .....  >'esi,te.rday' the  representatives     of  all. the   regiments 'quartered at "Messi  na.  were summoned to   the main bar-  J  "S  ���������'I  raolcs, and Captain."Erolessi ,was ���������    in.  their  presence   formally  degrad-.d   by  removing,.his sword, ihe stars on his  collar,   and     his   stripes.    Ercolessi  looked -deadly, pale, and he was heard  sobbing., '���������'.-.-'������������������" ���������  Public, opinion attributed the     responsibility   of Ercolessi \s.; trouble tp.  his  wife,   wlio, being- fond  of finery,  tncouraged  him to  betray, his country.'    The court,  however;   actjhotted  her.    Ercolessi  is now simply  a mini- ;  tier in one of  tlie, prisons of Sicily.  COUNTtSS POTOCKA.  ���������5:  &'-  *  a'  4  4  , -  -  oV  fc  ^-������*'-Si-������>'^.-r''*y-������>''t=va*������^������>'fcv������>i'fe< <&p<i^*. ^c^.-*^.**^.**^-*^.^^.���������viT^sa^fs-n.^^  London,���������Na'<'al  olliecrs have     ';ecii. "ilisci|-.-line.  instructed  by the .Admiralty to  gisre       i'he young e.vecuti.ve sailonnah is to  their orders  of command   in aloud,     [iraclife-nis voice ius if it were     the  ilisiinet and (Ic'-Tisive niaiiiier. j sole  means  of communicating  orders  It has teen noticed that Hie n������jwcr in the din of battle. The <lisa[*poar-  sdiool of naval olfieer is being edu- aricc of sails is believed to have caus  fated out or the bluff and ���������aiithorita-.-.'.rcl-this vocal defect, as now there is  five tone wliicli jh the. old .days nnule do stentorian culling, to the men a-  sailors. suip around in douhle-fuick (oft ui. open the lungs and strengthen  dime-to carry put an order.        ������������������-'��������� ,.".- i the spo'-'en word. '..    '      ��������������������������� ��������� ;  It is feared that the drawing- room j' Hie Admiralty fears that the ar-  manners of the new blend of young ( my'scoaxing manner, "Please, Mr.  Hxeeutive     olliecrs    will  cause  their  j iVtltins,  will you do so and so?" will  jr-r-sso  riRST  AVENUE  PHONE      CO  W. SILEK  GENERAL hXPEESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK  PROMPTLY   '���������  Leave orders at the 'Abbotsford.  Ladysmith TempieNo.5  Rathbone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2ad   and  4th  Tuesday  at  1.30   p.m.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  No. 2���������120 Eggs  No. 8���������240 Eggs  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BROODER.  "Yours is the first incubator I have  used, und I wish to state I hud b'l  chicks out of 52 c^gs. This was my  . lirst lot; truly a 1UO nor cent, hutch.  Iain well pleased withuiy incubator  nnd brood or. Tiros. McNaugiiton,  Chllliwack, B.C."  "Jty first hatch came off. I got  170 fine chicks from 190 eggs. Who  can heat tliut for tho flrst trial, and  so early in tho 6prinir. I am well  pleaded with incubator, and if I  could not fret iiiiothcr money could  not liuy it from me. Every farmer  shoukl have a No. 3 Chatham Incubator.���������F. AV". Ramsay, Duimvi'lo,  Ont."  "Tho incubator you furnished me  vrorks exceedingly -well. It ia easily  operalod, and only needs about 10  iniiiuLus attention every day. B.  McGun'r.'iis, "Moos'* Jaw, Assa."  The Chath.tin Incubator and Brooder  is honestly constructed. There is no  humbug-about it. Every inch of material  is thoroughly tested, the machine is  built on right principles, the insulation  is perfect, thermometer reliable, and  the workmanship the best.  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is simple us well as scientific in construction���������a woman or girl can operate  the machine in their leisure moments.  You pay us no cash until after 1906  harvest.  Send us your name and address on  a post card to-day.  Wo can supply you quickly from onr  distributing warehouses at Calgary, Brandon, Regina, Winnipeg, New Westmiiistor,  U.C., Montreal, Halifax. Chatham. Address  allcorrespondeneo to Chatham. .  314  Th'Manson Campbell Co., Limited  rjtept.15 ACHATHAM. CANADA  Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.  Let us quote you prices  ou a {good Fanning Mill  or dood Farm Scale.  loiccs  to he  inaiulihlc through      the  ilin o'-'tn of practice, and,  in add it" on  the cITKiiinalc k'licloncy of the   word  nf commiiiicl causes slowness in    the'  nicn and a wea'cenin.jr influence     and  Brip hold  of the, sister service     and  'send it to the dogs."'In   some   vessels the familiar "Aye, aye. sir,"   has  1'ivcn place to the reply,  "Very Rood  sir."   ,  h^-^H =^.**^.**v?>.c*^'���������*^���������.*������-r*.:4^yt?:.������<'������'?;. 9i^r������5*fer^s=r***'������- ������-o*.**J^-.>������-:r:>.-'������^.'*-'r>.*������  9  i  if'  9  (ft'  III Bii  9  i  9  ^",  9-  &U;P;i^fr%ZK^K^*'^7&i:.-K-^-;P;%:<P:U-fr ������ ���������>:*ar������>''K-e>'ti:**'"*Mri������.'i-*<r?-.^^*.**-'?!'.**^.**-"���������������.  . A. true story tolls of ho\v_ a parrot   Hie noise  had  awakened   the  master.  I'rolre'cd  Iicr   owner's home;      from   . Mc gmspcil  .1 icvolver  and   made  for  linrirlais.  her   owner's home;      from  The  thieves entered llirou-  i!,li  one.   of   the front   windows,  crept  rhrough   the  hall  past   the  bird,  and  liciran opening the sideboard ������ which  the sjl.er was l.'upt. ��������� One of them had  gather,<i  up  the costly  Turkish  rn������s  dm, the floor whan Polly spoke out:  Ms that you,  I'"ran!>������������������.''' she asked.  The  h'irulars     stopped,  and Polly  repealed lhe iricslion in a loude*- and   and     asked,  again  more  imperative key.    Hy  this time    Frank?,"  the. head of the ���������  stairs. There      he  pressed  an-electric button on      the-  '  ivall  and  lit  the lights  in the hall.  Three     men   were just  thei*   opening  the door.   On getting dowrr stairs th*;  master of the house found the parrot'  in her cage,   which  was  upset-,      but  iininjuml.    lie placed  her righl  side  up  on   the piano,   when she  lifted  h������-r  frightened head  from under her wing  'Is    that, you,  TheWoman Wkj Sane to Chopin c*  lie   Suiilc   to   Deaths.  As the great Chopin lay dying hit  EouT was ushered out hy the song or  the beautiful -: Pounteee''Delphine Po-  toeka, who had been his dearest couh*  dante and friend. Tha romance of ther-  friendship, iueof the swer-ttest in hi*������  tory, is related by Gustav Kobhe in tin  Delineator. Tbe last tragic scene in tlu  life of the .composer has often been di-  scribed and has been painted by Bw  rios, but It is so touching that one ma?  welt read another version of it. II-  Kobbe writes: v  "Then, came what is perhaps thc  most touching scene that has been  handed down to us from tlte Ht������s of  the great composers. When Delphint  entered what was soph'to. be tbe'death  ehamber Chopin's-sister Louise and ������  lew of bis-m������siff: Intimate friends were  gathered ther**. She 1>*������k her place by  "Louise. When the dying man opened  his ejres and ������aw her standing at tht  foot of his bed, trill, slight, draped In  white, resembling: a beautiful angel,  and mingling her tears with those of  "Louise his lips moved, and those nearest him, bending over to catch hl������  words, heard him ask that she,would  uing. ., ���������'  "Mastering her emotion by a strong  effort of the will, Kbe sang In a voice ol  bell-like purity the canticle to.the Virgin attributed to Straiiella���������sang it so  devoutly,' so tbereally, that the dyihj  man, 'artist nnd lover,of the beautlfn".  to the very last,' whispered in ecstasy.  ���������How exciuisite! Again, again!'  "Once more she sang, this time a  psalm by Marcello. It was the haunted  1 hour of twilight. The dying day draped  the scene in its mysterious shadows.  Those at the bedside had sunk noiselessly on their knees. Over the mouro  ful accompaniment of sobs floated tb������  voice of Delphine like a melody fron*  heaven."  1  Some other Ho J.  indignant Citizen���������Say, your boy*,������������ce*������  & stone ut uie just now and barely missed  ait).  Mr. Grogan���������Yoz say he missed yof  "That's what I understood myself to remark."  -It was not my bye."���������Indianapolis  Journal.  How to  Saco-sea.  Relieve in yourself, believe in humnn-  fty, believe in the success of your undertakings. Fear nothing and no one.  Love your work. Work, hope, trust/  Keep in totidi with today. Teacfl yourself to be practical and up to date and  sensible.   You cannot fail.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NOK III.  WEST  MINING   REGULATIONS  Coal���������Coal  lands  may   be   purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  yZil  for   anthracite.   Not  more  than  '20 acres can be acquired  uy  one, in  iividual or company.    Koyalty       t.ht,  rate    o!   ten cerns,  per   tun  oi   'i,<J{~"  .jounds     shall       be   ioIIi--   ������������������'   ���������  ^ross  output.'  Quartz���������A fiee minei ^> . c. 1  granted   upon payment  in ad'.a.m-  57.50   per   ftanum   for   an   rnrii'iii-  and fronr  $50 to $100 per   annum  1  i company, according to capital  A      free miner,  having diM-.-  nineral  in place, may  local-  1,500  x   1,500   feet.    The   lei  ording a claim   is  $5.00  At least $100  must be expeiniri ��������� ���������  .'Jie' claim. each year or  paid   to  thinning recorder is lieu  thereof. When  5500 has   been expended   or  paid, tie  ocator   may,   upon   having  a surve>  made, and  upon complying with oth  er: requirements,   purchase  the land v.'  $1 an acre.  The     patent provides for the pay  ment of a'royalty of 2J  per cent 'od  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; 'entry fee 55, rr>  newahle yea:ly.  A free miner may obtain two lea*i  es to dredge for gold ef five miles  each lor a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles'  Rental, $10 per annum for each mil'  of river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2A per cent collected on the output  after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of   r'ne   f  srlor.  All <���������>���������<-> Wanted.  "Do you think, young man, that yoa  could give my daughter all she asks  for?" ejupslioned papa grimly.  "I���������aw���������think so, sir," murmured the'  lover bashfully. -'She says she wants  only me."  PATENTS  DESIGNS  TRADE MARKS  AND COPYRIGHTS  am   am o ���������*��������������������������� ��������� *W      OBTAINED  ��������� ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY ���������"���������l P" sP  r Notice in " Inventive Age "     ������������������ BK KB Ei  *��������� Book "Hon-to obtain Patents" |   IBIsjE,  , Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secure  r        letters strictly confidential.   Addreaa,  t E. 6. SIGGERS. Patent Lawyer, Washington, D.'  #���������*&���������*>���������&+���������:���������&+;���������&KUr*<H?P;UrK-k!rKh!'*-'i������ ������   **><��������� ���������+ ^<--^..���������������  ;���������*&���������:���������*-.  I "#?���������.���������*'  [ IF���������IHE K  LAME  BACK  /  UNITED, ANCIENT      ORDER   OF This ailment is usually caused by  DRUIDS rheumatism of the muscles and unay  Meets   in the P H   0 .F. Hall,-La-- be cured  by   applying   Chanilberlain's  Wellington  Grove'No-   4 U.   A.  ������.  D paill Balm two or three times a day.  ((-���������smith,    Mie   Second   and      I'eurth each  aupH(.afcioH.   if thi������ does not af-  Weanesclavs of each month, cemmene- ,                    .       ���������    ���������.    1., ���������i  '       '   .    ���������  *   .     .,.nr. -and  ruhlung  the parts  vigorously at  mg "Actlnebdar. l,J.lh..  1905. "                                    -. ���������   *���������  Visiting Druids     are invited to at- f������nl relief, bind 011 a piece of flanuel  sligJrtly daihpwied   with  Pain Balm.  tl'"d' an<i quiek :.   relief is  almost .sure to  By Order. fellow.     Fer sale by the Ladysmith  "WM   RAFTER, Reef Secty. Pharmacy.  "PATRICK 'lHTRK, N.  A.  THE SUNLIGHT  WAY  RUB ON SUNLIGHT SOAP  LEAVE 30 TO60 MINUTES  RINSE   WELL  Sunlight Soap is better than  other soaps, but is best when  used in the Sunlight way (follow  directions).  Hard rubbins and boiling are  things of the past in homes  where Sunlight Soap is used as  directed.  Sunlight Soap will not injure  even the daintiest fabric or the  hands, and the clothes will be  perfectly white, woolens soft  and fluffy.  The reason for this is because  Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,  contains no injurious chemicals  ��������� indeed, nothing but the active,  cleansing, dirt-removing properties of soap that is nothing but <  soap.  Equally good with hard or  soft water.  '���������   YOUR   MONEY   REFUNDED  by tho dealer from whom you  buy Sunlight Soap if you find  any cause for complaint. 15s  LEVER BROTHERS LIMITED, TORONTO  ,    A  Too  Common  Attitude.  A small girl wlito had just begun te  utteiid school brought home a pumnkiu  seed and told. her mother tha* tn������  Jeuclier said that, although! the seeil  was white, ihu pumpkin w������wld he yel  low.  "And what will the color of; the Tinea  he?" asked the mother.'��������� .  The little girl replied that-tbe teacher  'osd not ttmjiht her tbut  ' "But," said her mother, "you know,  ilear.   for we  have  pumDkin   "--ines  In  onr garden."  "Or (...urse'I do. but we aln"* eiocctefJ  {/.������ know Hiiytbiny until wo are taught--*  I'UO  biuij    io   t<_������iU  "l   a   LAiiiilC.::  Slirz"  man who, sittliij* in state to hear ,somf  schoolboy's Greek or:itions. bowed'  whenever he beard tiie Greek word  for "nothing" (oudenl pronounced, be  iiauso it sounded like his own name.  I'crli.-in"   notli.  ���������*? hnwen't seen your cashier for several days past."  "No; he's gone out of tov-n.*  "Ah!   Gone for a rest, ehV"  "We haven't found out yet whethei  r,e'R gone for a rest or to ������"scawu it"  Wax   Prom   Trend.  The wax palm ol* the Andes Is n veg-  table wonder.   It grows to a height of  .���������.���������arly 200 feet and thrives not only on  ire   plains,   but   lire   mountains.   The  v-ood is tough and durable and Is env  :>hiyed  in eui-pentry.   The wax comes  L'rom  the pits (.idtv-'icn lire trunk rirui  fronds.   11 is yellow or grayish white  is as pure as beeswax and is used foi  ���������auking candles.    A peon climbing th"  ���������r-ees can gather from twenty to thkty  oounds irom each-  OY & G!  Maniiraetiirers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  the ti;rk���������.  .    It is harcly  six;-    wee'es. before  Iho  men  of the  East'who arc'interested/  in  racing   may   lie able  to  sec horses  racing without making-the railroads  rich, says a New York despatch.  fVhile��������� dales  have not yet been an'  noiiricccl  it  is practically. scl-Meil   that  the  opening   at   Bennings ..will       he  'lVfarcii 215th.; Already rhe local   snorts.  p.re-beginning- 1^ study  the   winter's'  .'lope  with more than iinual   interest  and  to talk  about the meet,     which  promises  to eclirse anything at Rcn-  njngs.    it  is certain now  that     the  Washington  Joctcy  Club will  not hie  able  to furnish  accommodations    for  all  the horses   which  want  to     take  part in  the  races.    Already  applications  have   been   received  from      75  owners  with .something lil e  .'530 hor-  j-es.  The  list of  a-]ii]ilica-iits  includes  the  names    of some _ of'the. most prominent st-aMcs that -nice on  the Jockey.  Club ..trac's.    August   Belmont    lias  asked  for accommodations for twelve  horses,'which have been  wintered at  I'aruct, .South  California.  t5illy   GarMi,   the i \rirginia- trainer',  ipparnilly' will have  the. biggest shu-  hie ��������� at llcrrnings.    lie has   asl-cd    for  10  stalls.    Garth   is wintering   horses  for     various   owners   al   bis Virginia  la'in, an<l such  hoiscs  are, of course,  included   in  his  applicai ion.   John   10.  Madden   wants  .''li stalls.  .LA.,? Hay-  man,   G.   R.   Tompkins   and   M.       T.  Dxnar-fl   as-'<     for    Ih'* same   numhe.r.  Other ovvui'i-.s  want all  the  way from  one In 25.  r..-*^.** mo***  -0���������  niE  UING'-  Phe boxing trust has come to.stay,  Says lhe San I'Viiiicisfo Miillelin. The  rod's wliic-h threatened to dash it lo  |iieee-s have lioi-n  safely   passed. There  ivns a mccliiig of the   trust magnates  ?.t    J.immyFoIIorth's ollice on Tue's-  ilay  night which was  productive .-.-of  Bo-inc good.     It   was a long session  and  full   or hot  talk.    Some times the  promoters were all 'talking  at once.  It'was eventually agreed to  stick by  Mie  trust,   and  the following  olficcrs  were   elected:' President,   Eddie* Gran-  ���������y;   Vice-president, Willie Brill,;  Secretary, Morris Levy;  Treasurer,  Jim  Dry ColTorfh. ,  The     l.ig   battle was   over mutch-  making. ColTorfh and Levy each wan-  led  to  have    the say  about naming  the   man (or tin's Important position.  iVcither    .seemed   so terribly   anxious  ibout being matchmaker himself, but  both  wanted to be iii positions     to-  have a word to say as to what matches would be made-.    Co/forth made  no secret of the fact that he wanted  fo shut Billy Nolan out of San Fran  nisco.    The  promoter' had no'burning  grievance against  Battling Nelson for  lie rather liked the Dane, but his man  agcr was  a thorn in   Jimmy's  side.  'Not as long as  I have  any tli ing lo  do with   boxing  will   1 agrr-e  to  give  Nolan  a chance  to   make  rJny  money  in San   Francisco," asserted  CofTonh  ivitli  much 'force.   Tie  went on       to  say     thuli   he had   found   Nolan       a  tre-ai'herou.s     iellow   in   his  dealings,  and    onglit    to be .tabooed  by   elut.s  handling fights.  C6ffori.li in I'L'yard U*  Nolan. Brothr-r Willie waxed clor(.icnL  in    h'is denuneiaiion    against     Bat's  troviule.brec'diiig  manager.    Cn      the  nthi'i' hand  Levy and Oraney thought  Nelson too valuarle acaid to put under   thc  ban.    The   Dane   would   be  a  handsome   inoncy-maU^r   for  thc trust  and  therefore Cue noor should  not he  flowed    to Nolan.      Craney and J.t-vy  did  not  think   tlu'  trust could   induce  Bat to break wilh his  manager.  G*������*lafi  RA'^AY  OEGINMNG    Flits.   Is    1906  THROUGH  T0FBIST  [[SLEEPERS-  -EVERY DAY IN THtYEAR-  BETWKEN  SEATTLE & CHICAGO  ���������     VIA   THE  MHT N9J.r*c������tf RAILWAY  ������������������TUB   COM#ORTABI,H  WAY"    -.'  Route of the JFaiBious Oriental Limited  For detailod information, rates,   etc., call   on or   address  S.  G.  YERKES -  -r. STEPHEN,  A.G-.P.A. Genl.  Agt. G.  N   R  Seattle*, Wash. ........ Victoria,   B.   C  ������y*>  NOTICE  LADYSIVIITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street ami  pay Water     Rates,  between the 10th   and thc 25th of each month.  PA'INTEI)   ON   BK.N   NKVIS  WHOLESALE DRY GOOLS  B.C.  in   Bond  street,  which lias  just  opm-    ed.    Uow  tc   lender the plumage of  a  , .-     ���������   ,v , ,   dead    pheasant,     the soft  fur of two  ,   London. Miss Lucy Kemp   Welch ���������,--., ,  <> n 1  N'oung rahints, and Mie smoothe, veils showing  in the new Mcn.lers' Gal- ;ely ",.,.;���������      of     a r.u.e hoi-SCi .U(< &n  lory  a 1. the  Lyceum  Club,   Piccadilly,   problems  that he loves  lo solve.  a    number     of clever  studies  of a������i- <">  mals  in  oil  and  chalk.  A   picture  and   water colors',   pastel  a I'nu- and calf in a  or  HOW HE WAS IDENTIFIED  ���������<������������������  Josiah Q; Incy, of Boston, told  byre on the slopes of Ben Nevis was wit^-glee of how he was once iclenti-  paintwl in the stable by the light of fied by a jaborrcr who was *ilight-  n   lantern.        Miss Welch's studies of  {,n!ug '   a friend. "That  is  Josiah  Ivre.VciiiK     wnv^,-are    painted from, a   ^uineey,"  said the  first laborer,  rock surrounded '   by  breaking  waver. ' mantled  ihe  Her most    'iiii*portaiit work, showing!     "Art* who  is Josiah Quincey?"  de-  three     cavaliers asking     the way  to   mantled the other.  Office Hours i P. i, 4 30  T.J BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  C.'iiifi'-rluiry      from    two  I'urilan children,  is  being engraved.  Patient work is a'feature of Mr.  Dolman's beautiful drawings of animals and  landscape at the Fine  Arts  :'Doii''t ye know who Quincey is?"  demanded thc first man. "T nivcr  saw sich ignoirance. Why, he's tho  grandson of the stattio out there in  the road."  Public   Motiee  Attention Is called te '-.he   fact that th������  |OgiSvie Flour flills Co,   Limited  makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR     have lor some  ..ime  past been producing flour in a   lastly  improved  and pari"      ' ><-m  by  the aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having secured control  of    all the basic patents relatine 'hf--  to, take this opportunity of a dvrsing  the  public   taat any  orized- users of the* electrical   ftour purifying processes   will   .������ pro-  "���������"cuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company limited  are tlie    only     imillers ia  daaaia   wlansa   Flomr |  s j -.'ifii I b7 fch. J "S IectrioIProcBSS -..-,���������  VI  l^pyigBigaiKiwMgga^  ^nl^r--' j 'T"Vs!.-.  ���������^ '*.&ffijii&&?-  THB     DATT.V  ���������p"  r*-^  r~,-*T������"  LOCAL ITEMS  Miss E. Do"heson will be at {he Abbotsford Hotel 'ovary Saturday afternoon to give lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, '.efficiently taught. For particulars ap-  F'y Box 12, or Phone 14G, Nanaimo.'  Smoke Big 1$. Cigars  I'vavcl on tlie railway has been unusually brisk this week. ',.������������������.  iVrtiiainio was most,'hpspitable and  pi cased the delegates to the two big  ���������onveniirns that haTe been in session  there this week.  '.������������������..'������������������'THE".-'  WHITE  SWAN   SOAP  SEWING   MACHINE  -DRAWING-  Will Lak j  place at  Jiuum-��������� "ri������ an  ��������� Several IVIaniloha fanners are  spending a few 'days in .Nanaiino, spy  in������ oui the land for the numbers .to'  follow  later  in  tlie season.  1 "Mayor S'ieholsnii, who was'in Nana iino lasr- evening, returned to 1 n-  dysmilli   this  morning.  "Miss F   Uren came up .from  i,\-e-  nuiiiius last      t*v;-ning :to 'attend 1 lie  10f pies' Hall,    ami  returned  on'the  morning (rain.                               L  The  Ladysmith I'ublic School' Ooii-  c*rt will be h'.*I<i in tlm,-opera-house  nil    Friday. *Ma--eh 2nd,''commencing .  ���������it V'..'ID p.m.    The programme, will'lie.  provided  by  the .school  children'.'and '  Urcp  rocceds   will  be  devoted, to. Li-  . hrary and Music   Fund.   Tickets   for  adults    SO cenLs.    Children 25 cents  (half  licketp.)  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  Save y  ur Wrappers for Premiums  AT  THE   ABBOTS FOUI)  R.'-'.I. Gibson, ���������Nanaimo..  ,  -,-M. ..!..'��������� Reading,, Seattle. "���������,:      ..'  Mr. and   Mrs." Hilhert, Nanaimo.  Mr.  ami   Mrs.   Priest,-. Extension.  Mrs.  Ross,   Extension.   ;  IL ���������\V. ^McKoiixic,   Extenshih'i ��������� :   '  Misses McKc'iide, Extension.���������  J.   H.   Roof,   Vancouver.  H. (I.   Pearson, Ciieiiiainus.,  W. N.--'Brewer, City.'  IV. 'It.-.Mcintosh,-.Toronto.  P.. R.  Corson, Toronto'.  Gordon M.  tirant,   Victoria.  ���������     ',     , - ,-o. ���������'' ' ,'  ��������� '  l'ERTO-".T'A.lJ-ELLA--  ,:'������������������ Mr. Frank " Hcno. and Miss Ma,ri-  aniia ' Tapella ,.- left on the mor'aing  train for Victoria, where they." will-  he united     in, marriage this evening.  ���������'-  ,'. j Miss -I'erl-o "will attend  tlie bride ������������������.nil  Miss Cixhanan, Milliner at Simon'. Jir'.-.-'.'l. Pelligrinelio will act as hcsit-  Lci&cr & Co., Ltd., has V.ccn yrv.ter j man. ; The happy couple will return  the decor's' care at  Vancouver  for -to Ladysmith   on  Saturday and   will  FREIGHT   RATES.  Editoi  Ledger���������The local merchants  all   know   hut many   people  in   towi  are n.oi conversant with tlie ^\ct Uu'i  Ladysmith  does  not enjoy   the    sanio  ficiglitintes as do othei   towns <.n  he  Island;    (foods coming o\cr to Ladysmith' fiom   Vancomer  ha c  to      cv>  first"oi all  lo Victoria, and thou ..cut  back, to 1 adysmiith, this loMriK "valuable  vime  and  liicuiiiiig  an  unnec-s-.-  ar.ve.\peii.se.   The  fact  is  lhat     .some  formalitv   oi   other     has  to be a011"  Throuoh u. male our t0wn subject to  terminal   tales,  and  lhe  sooner   this  desirable end >is accomplished tjie soon  n-will  both  merchant and consumer  reap the (benefit. BUSINESS.  They a;e the \L "jlish  Best Pitting Shoes r .town  in Ladysmith  m GLsito kio  . " with Ciotli lops is  a new creation and p should  see them  h  p  I  if there is anything you    want in  .he Drug or patent medicine line )ou  sill   find   it at    the Ladysmith   Duiu  Store.'  o  the past two wc-eks, but is sufficiently  recovered to return lo  the end of this  week.  Ladvsniitli  at  be-nt  home     to   their friends at the  King's  Hotel  on   Saturday- evening.  "Thc Heir to the Hoorah," the  new comedy of the "West, brimful of  local color and character, is due at  Vancouver and Victoria'.-in a ...few  weeks. This play, pr;ojdvceil:"un-;Ne\v  i'nrk at ' tho height of the dramatic  icason, scored so strongly; That it-  ran very late into the..summer at  lhe Hudson theatre.       -rb'vV'  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  FELL DEAD,, ATTENDING  HIS    MOTHER'S   FUNERVL  Quebec.   Feb.      21.���������A    tragic   scene.  was   c-na,ct-ed ,at;     -Belmont CcunCofy  today.    .'������������������ Joseph  Charland  of  Marion  &    Charland,      trailers,   aged   t.bivty-  nin'e years, 'was the chief mourner at  his mother's     funeral.      Just as the  coflin     was     being   lowered into the  grave,  he  fell'to, the ground  and  -il-  I most  into  tlie 'crave,;' dead,  and   was  i taken home iii thc::same hearse which'  I had  brought'.his   ''��������� in ci Hut's  body ior  [burial.     He '!leaves a wife and iiine  i children. <��������� ,  Smoke Big  I  .i-iARin  tisais  ���������o   If you u look'"; for a  IOBBISK.E  At a  POPULAR PRICE  THE DERBY           i    i-      - " ~������������������-������������������-���������- "���������.**������.**��������������� ������*������*-*��������������� ������mo*   **i *  Akcnhead  1IV6SAHD IS  NOT   1I1S KEAL  Harry Hazard,    the suspected   rob-  too[: McMillan's jewelry store,  who  M������*MI������MM������MMrM*-*������MI>MM  is in jail .u Vaiicorner rs not the  Roy lla/ard who has achieved **o  NAME ,iU1Ci, ���������iiuiesu.ible notjiicly in "alitor ma and was later said to na\e  been a   Mctini ot the rll-Uued Valcn-  c ia.  This    was     piovod    xo a  There is  less Said in  the   press despatches about Thomas Lawson     of  late,  hut Tom   is still  at it,  and the  lig insurance companies, are acknowledging    that      he has    been around.  Many people think that Lawson's at-  ' lad s ,    are. for revenge'and to'make ���������  money     personally.    These surmises  may be true, but so evidently,      are  many of his charges,- and  it  all leads  lo  a heltoring  of conditions.  Lawson,  rhereforc, may he classed as a lnunan-  ilarian   of not   a philantrophist.  I  Chamberlain's  LIMIT  (Continued  From Page One)  FOR RENT  The Bar of the. Well Known Hotel  Ladysmith,   thoroughly  furnished.  h'or further particulars apply to D.  C.  White, at the Hotel.,  : -.    -v-  r^^MM^iiSiMmS!SS^^^E^m^^Si^ ���������  Tfec Hai kMii food  Cough Remedy  The Children's" Favorite  -CURi'B-  Coughs, Colds, Croup and  "Whooping Cough.  OUCiOUS  e  the ' hus-ba-n'd  had,   in ccnserjiuence    of  ihese  jars,   deserted  Ins   wife       and  children.    If was' iiot'-.a Sjiu-sfion     o'f  fact,   but of law-.    Could   a wife sue a  husband'for thc maintenance'of   her  rhildrcn?  \ riie court admitted that ap^ircnt-  ly no authority, exisled upon the'side  of the plaintiff, but there reniained  tliy fund-cmeiilal in.|������!ii.ies of thc ease,  and legal priV-Mcs had to .be .appli-  ������d, sooner or later.  Mr. W.-A.'Macdonald, for the plain  tiff, 'pointed out that if the position  of tbe. defence was right, then tho  Married Woman's Property Act,  which intended to protect, the property of thc woman, Would he st-ill-ificd  It  was a q.uestion  of equity.  In  delivering judgment Mr.  Justice  Duff set  furl.h  the facts  of'the     case  and   lair! 'down   that  thei^ylie,  in pro-  ricling for her.children   under  flic circumstances  set forth was acting     as  in agent  for her husband.   Mad   she  borrowed the money the person  from  ",'hnni  the money was  borrowed could  have rccwcrcd   acraiiisf the. husband;  therefore,  as under  the Married  Women's     Property  Act she had       tlm.  same  nVhl ifo   protect  her separate /  ��������� This remedy is famona for its ciireH over  u largo pint of .the civilized world, it can  nlwiiya bo depended upou. It contains no  opium or other harmful dru������ nml.iuuy bo  given as confidently to n buby uu lo un adult  Price 25 ota;  WWM  Large Size, 50 cte.  J  SAME  FEELING.   ,  "And haven't you ever taken a ride  ,in an automobile?"  asked -the     man  1 with the new machine, pityingly.  "No,"      replied   the  plain   person,  "but  I.fell  out-of a third'Story'  window once."     .  io (l cciUin-y  ycslcid.iv aftei noon \ l-eison 'i\-  ini* in \ancoii\in and who l*- vjxv  well ac'iuaintal 'with the ll.t/ard  family m t.xliroini", Msitcd the ������.il  yef.ttrda\ and was given an oppoi-  tunity lo look at ll.niy I'.assai.l As  .soon as this person saw lLx*>s'ud .;'.'  ]<ositr.clv assiriud that the man Was  not (be or.' 1>* had known in "Caliloi-  nia This positive asscition by one  who knows, that Harry Ilas*.aiil nd  Rov Ha/aid are not one and the  same peison will lay at- ic&t foi .x-1  time the stoi v that has game.1, con-  sidciablc ]*i bliciiv that ttcc two  ucisons were ideiilical \t no ticno  since the an est oi ll.tss.ucl have i ne  nolce le.ilU lcluicl that t'cie w.ts  any coimeciion between flic two e:.-  cept. a strange similarity . of names-  and"- a close.occurrciioe of events  which brought these two young- men  before the public at almost, the same  time. It was to he absolutely sure  on this point that the officers "C-  cured the- Vancouver party and 'uad  him look at the Hassard in jail.  The story of Roy Hazard and the  attempt, to connect Harry lla'/.'/.i'rd  wilh- him is interesting. Sev-.-ral  weeks    au;o in     Los    Angeles a man  estate, ugainsl her husiiand as^. ag-  j.in.st anv-hody else, 1/ the wife nd-  (aii'-cd tin* money she Co-Md recover it  against, hc-r husl-tMid just in lhe  sarin* niniin-'i" as could uny other lender. He, therefore, ga'.'e .judgment  (or th" plainlifi-for lhe a-mounf claimed,   $1,25(1.  What it is   to Move and Get Things  broken up.  To avoid this-I'have decided to sell out rny  entire Stock of Furniture, Glassware, Dishes,  Cooking utensils, at a Great Sacrifice, from iO  [o 20 per cent discount for Cash Only.  SHOES, SHOES,        SHOES  Pairs of (Maple Leal)   MININC   SHOES,   with  or   without  ii,lined  Ha aid      is  said  t<, have  been '  riiive.l   ui'   ui   a shady   trai s.xct ion   >n-  to    which  he     had  linciglcd  ts\o  n-  ! spec tabic Miini"-  girls  named  Ho-.vl.i id j  [The f.illici   of lhe guls  took the mat-  Icr   into couit,  and the ie|*ortis th.tt  ILi/.nd senioi   ]iiecaileid on his son   to  I'd   lhe  two^uls out ot  the   runs lie-1  *-* I  Iron of'the     c-ouil       To accomplisn  ilns the s< n is said to have infln-nc-  ed I hem to iro to San Ei.incisco, and  there then look passage on thc ill-  lated Valencia, and all thice were  losi That the tinee, \oung H.i*trd  and the two ������������irls, were among the.  drowned is piovcd bevo'id a fact Iv  thc fact that -a couple of days ago  both Mi Rowland senior and Mr  Ha/aid senioi were rn Victoiia '.oo.v-  nig foi tbo bodies of then childcm.  Mi Rowland l< .nd the tody of one  of his daughters, and Ha/.ard positively identified the body of his Son  Ko\ The bodies weie shipped ba-:;  to Caliiorrua  llic'ip is no doubt that the you rg  man who is conhivd in the Vane m-  \e= 'ail held in connection with the  \ari'ou>er diamoiii'l lobibtay, has tuh-  cu the n.iii'f ol Hassard in ord.'r to  hide lu-> real name The police arc  i positi\e ii is not his right nami������,  land thev a\e making searching en-  qurrios, ami hope lo-s<*caie not only  his r iubI name hut also much ol his  jasl Instoiv in a *.cry short ������'n ������������������.  . hov aie in possession of information  v huh thev aie u.xostigatin,*,, (\nd  '.Inch (he\ <-ay will disclose .one  **-td.i lling lcstilts as soon as thoit in-  I'vestigation is I'm-lied  !  o   i aTTEMPTEl) III'RDER OF  | ENTIRE FAMILY.  I    raiior.1,  Sask.,   Feb.  21���������With man  iacal feiouty (leoige Schlit/., a farmer   In ing   tw'iity      miles from here,  ".hot and  1 illcd his' fal hei-in-law,    J.  Pree/,s      crionsly  wounded his  wife  ind  inolhei-in-law     fned at Ins hro-  Hici-in-law, and  finally made an unsuccessful  al tempt to commit sulchic  last   Satuidiiy   morning  Complete details ol  the story   are  ilitfitiilt  to obtain, but it was learned at an ni'|iicst'held after the tiage  ly  that the man  Schlrty was  insane  The     weal on used in  the inurdTous  p.oi h  was  a double'-larreled   shot-gun  P'ee/  was shot  and  instantly  killed,  after which Schlit/ died at  his wife,  liiflKtniK   c\n   her \eiy   serious*     h������i������.  not tat ul  wounds.  Schlit'/  v.as evidently  hont on   the  p\tcrmiration     of the entire family,  but  while engaged in extracting empty  sheiks ' fiom  his gun,  his vlwother-  in-law  and  Mrs.   l'rcez closed     wf*Ji  him  and   succeecicd  in   wresting     the  ������iin from hi in   Schlit/., however, profiled another gun to complete     the  tvholesale   tiagedy,  and   further kiil-  U'u;    vas    only  averted   by  the fact  that  Ins new weapon  was a tcn-4,orc  ivhile   thc     shells   in   his   possession  vere for ah he bore {run,   and thus  did mi, (it   pioperly.     He attempted  to  fiic pomf-lilanlv  at  his i.rother-in-  '.a^    but  th'1 cartridge  did  not   ex-  ���������picde.-'He nuule another attempt, and  ; this time the weapon was discharged  but the mur-dorer failed     in his     on  ject as . the wound   inflicted   was   not  serioi.s.  Mrs. Schlit'/, although badly w.ouh-  ie<\,   -was able to walk and  aid her.  mot her and brother    to  escape     to  1 'he mish nearby.    Schlit,/. did not inrr  sue them, but attempted his.own destruction,     lie  first   tried  to. shoot  himself,    but the shot glanced      off  his     forehead,  inflicting     a    gaping  , wound  and blinding one .eye.,   Still  .intent on  self-destruction and having  no  other weapon  available,  lie tried  to cut his  throat with an   axe.    At  length,  weak from loss  ot blood and  theshock  of his self-inflicted wounds,  he   became  unconscious..  Dr. Hamilton of v'anora was   summoned and he has hopes that      Mrs.  SchlitK may  recover.    Thc murderer  is  in a very precarious ^condition, but  his  wounds are not necessarily fatal.  Canora   is   a small   station  on  the  main line  of the Canadian Northern,  BOO miles n:>i>thwest of Winnipeg:  . ic>a2~-*'f>lfl**-j  SPRING  Smoke Little  IL Cigars.  ���������o������������������   One   hundred  Nails.  More than three hundred  Pair  IIIONS'  SHOES "-will  be  sold  RE  Thei.   sale  will  continue  from  '������������������[���������KNm'RE  STORE  of    LADIES',     J! ENS  ARDLESS OF COST.  and      C11ILD-  FOR- SALE  SaUir  3E  lay  :t  the 1  Wntrwt  7 th  R  to Saturday  \M C-K  SON,  ..'.th  AVI  ���������:nui  )  &r  ROBERTS   Street.  ���������^^  WWP,.,.  i-������uxii,p1������/.���������r.t-'������vn^������imr������^  *z&3bh  S^KBSSKSSZSESBEaiE!?7  The Candy and Fruil. si ore of ���������To-hn  Mali'po, on 1st. Avenue, Lndvsmitli,  13.   0.  WATCHES  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be FIVE CENTS per loaf- 20  loaves for a dollar. My read is  guaranteed the best made. Shol'K  run by white help should receive  vrliitc peoples' patronage so loiiy; as  they are properly conducted. i solicit a trial as vour Baker.  C.   R^.  DOCILE.  THE WELLINGTON BAKERY  MUSIC  Sunlight Soap ia "bettor than ot&or soap*  but ia beBt whan used in tho Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Soap and follow diroctions.  We  are now showing  a Large Stock of  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  AS  &  LAIR  HO COLI'MRIA  AND I5ERLINER  10  10 TNCH  RECORDS,   SLIC.HTLY  USED  Only 25c. Each  and Other Jewelrv of First Class Qjal'ty  B.FORCsmneR  r i CT-mrCTi^KiT^^^  KKIOHT'S BOOK STORE  WATCHMAKEK.   JEWFLER,   OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    X   X   X      Ladysmith,  B. C  Pianoforte and Vocal Music thoroughly taught i,y Frank G. Asliton of,  the .Guildhall School and Trinity College of Music, London, England.  Pupil of the late Thomas Wiiighnm,  Mils.   Doc, Organist,     Brornpton,  Orator)    London.  Mr. Ashton is now resident in La-  fiysniilh  and     prepared   to  take pupils . 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QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  Aad tha Principal Business Confers of  Ontario. Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADEIPHIA, VIA MIAOARA FALLS.  For Time Ta������lo., ������to��������� addroei  OCO. W. VAUX,  Aislatnnt Oen'l Passenger ������ml Tlclcot Agunt,  19S ADAM* ������T.. CHICAGO. Ill  j  Notice is ���������.���������hereby, given that .1-will  ap'p'ly at the next sitting of the Municipal Licensi.iig'.. Board for the trans  fer of the retail     liquor: license held  hy me for (he Portland Hotel, situii  ted-on Lot 10, Block 4, First Avenue, to David Ilynes. .   c -  JOHN  GOGO '  Russell Simpson, Solicitor,  NOTICE  ���������o���������'"'  Notice iL-, hereby  given that I,   Agnes Knir_.iit,      will apply at the next,  regular sitting of the licensing- hoard,  for thc tra'-jfer    of the retail liciuor:  license held     hy ma for the premises:  lately Known as the Island 'Home JI o>  tel, located    on lot 3, block 2(i,     im  the city        of   Ladysmith, B. 0.. to  Cicorjrc Ilannay,    the above hotel to  'v. known as The 'I-lJotel Cecil.  ,,   Signed,   ACiNES KN'IOI-IT,  New    Pictorial      Post  Knight:s: Book Store.  Cards  at  Diaries  Store.  for   lflOC  at  Knight's  Booit.  Notice  A. HOWE,|ofCHEMAINUS, has opened die MEAT--  MARKET lately   run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  W(TH A|ji I'LL -LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEA1S  r.d Sf Uftfge a f peci&Ity  A TRIAL SO! ICITBO  A.   HOWE  ���������W%~J&KtaB!&V.  Phon������   211  R. SIMPSON  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Solicitor.  fo  VM  \VUU  Loan  U0Y5vi ���������  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Executed'  S. ROEDDNG  -   LADYSMITH  "���������V''.  tf


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