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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 28, 1905

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4' -"**     MAR 1 _ 1905  '   S:'I,
o- /
��-***arx,��^ r*.-^***
VOL. 2,
TUESDAY,  FEB.  28,  1905.
Office    is Discouraged
Kuriko's   Continual
: Success
Tokio Despatches Report  1,000
Russians Killed in Battle of
Feb, 23
. (Associated Press  Despatches.)
St.   Petersburg,   Feh.   28.���(11.5   p*-closed   its  session
m.)���The     fragmentary odieial"   and
press reports ol Hie fresii reverse sustained  by Licne'uu i\.ui.Oi'Ut..iii are ui-
aucquare  to .uravv a conclusion ol ilu
, iiiagiii.iu��e _oi ..UjL'iiSiai...ii.urwfti.s-.sm>-
��� ctSi. aga.ii.So   tlie^ luisaiau   iot>,      iHii
tne puuiic, a,s us.ial, js rea<iy * lo , belies  lhe  woisi; and  uie oily  is  already lull ot'reports,   tnat disaster
has   again'  overladen , the��� Krissian a,r-
iny;acc6rrling  to  which Mriudcn "lias
heen outllaiiKcd ii.nd is untenable, and
Kuio,'aikiii   is  \yilluli awing  from'his
strong position on .-the ShaiJ-c river,
/liny, such reports are exaggerated is
beyond   question,   hut  although  icti-
ceul and .scorning lo minimize'the.operations of the last few  days,     the
officials of the. war- office are plainly
discouraged  at  the  f.ishion   in -whioh
-Jvurilo is able lo drive in and "turn
lhe Russian'oxlieme left, his advance
columns actually crossing thc Shakhe
river.  "It is admitted that' the fighting- was desperate at several passes
Sun'dav and Monday," 'while thi fiont
was  being" involved,   the purpose     of
Field Marshal Oyama evidently being
and prevent^ Kuropatkiii from sending
reinforcements     to head 'off- Kiiroki. -
.'Should   Kuroia cross  the', "Jlu'n 'river',
'the' nigh road jo'.T.ie,'Pass/.forty mil-
es  north ofi\"��.ikdcn,   would  he'.' open',,
and   kuropatkm's' retreat'* llircalerieVn*
Further news'is .awaited  with great
anxiety.   Anyl hing , like . a decisive .J a-
paness   victory   now   would   proliahly
end the war.
2,000  RUSSIANS. LOST. -
,  Tokio, l-'cb. 28,���It is reported that
when the Japanese attacked and   'defeated   the   Russians   l-'etontary   23rd
at     Tsinkhetch,      Twenty-live  miles
north      of Simachi,  on   the extreme
Japanese     right, the Russians 'numbered   17,000 jiien.   Their  losses   are
estimated      at  two   thousand.     The
Japanese, losses  were, slight.
Tokio,   Feb.   28��� TI13  Imperial Diet
today  with  brief
ceremonies.    Count  katsura,  the premier, ��� read  the  Empeiors  address,
Ihaii.ing  the' members; ior  their labors  and  support  and  formally  concluding the session.
'.""','i lie""Uiel "has" "adopted   tlie "report
and settled  the accounts" of the committee appointed to  investigate    the
questions arising over tho. contracts
ior" the construction  of   barracks   at
CoKkaido, .���pronouncing  the  expenditure theie as illegal and unwarrantable.    Puling of the chair prevented a
vote on the     question of addressing
the Emperor on the subject produced
a turhilent  scene  during   the closing
hour of the discussion,  the Diet being angered because Secretary of War
Teraaulchi said that lie v\as answerable 16 the sovereign, and not to thc
Lie-l. The  Diet committee summoned
M. Tcri'io'iitchiherore the Diet    and j
���briefly  questioned  him  onthe  subject
of  the contracts  which   were  let  before bis  entrance  into0 the Ministry.
'Jhc opponents of the government'admitted lhat-M. Teraoutcoi is blameless in tho matter. It is     expected
thai Chief-quartermaster _ Tomatsu,-
_who'resigi ed after'assuming the""* responsibility "ots ..the. eonttacLs under;.
St  Petersburg,  Feb.  28.���'Ihe. Russian naval programme still waits "on
account ol the failure of the Minister
of  finance  to allot  aii  appropriation
which'may not l.e made-until anew
loan  islloated. In   the-meantime representatives     of foreign shipbuilding
firms  who are hero after contracts,
are availing on  the Admiralty.  Mr.
Gauntlet, of the Newport News, and
Simon Lake, the submarine shipbuild
er, are the latest arrivals.   A twelfth
submarine boat, sold by the latter to
Russia, has already left America and
is expected  to reach  Libau in a few
davs. -  -       -.   .
$2500 BAIL
(Associated  Press Despatches.)
o ���
St. Petersburg, Peh.'28��� Maxim
Gorky, who was released from thc
fortress yesterday om 1*2,500 hail, was
banished late last night to Riga, after he had been informed "of ther decision of     Go.ernor-Gcneral TrepolV
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Winnipeg, Man. Teb. 28.���The house
of Bishops, of the Province of    Ru-
peils Land, is called to meet tomorrow afternoon,  March,  1,  to select
one of the two. nominated by.     the
Synod  of     the     Diocese .'of Ruperts
that he could not lesitlc in Sl.Peleis-   .Land, Bishop "Matheson and -Arehdca-
burg. ..    ,
According to the official  statement
Gorky      himself   preferred   a request
that he be allowed to reside at Riga
and  thereupon  General  Trepolf   consented, and the author was conveyed
lo     the  railroad     s'alion.    In   the-'
meantime,  Madame  Gorky had   been    of Saskatoon,  probably Bishop dis
informed  of the author's  release and    dale,   of     Qu'Appellc,   and. Bishop
went to the station to bid him fare-   Mnjlieson,      will     be in  attendance,
well.    Madame  Gorky and her  ,-soit' i Bishop Bompas,     the senior bishop
con Pentreath' to be Bishop of this
diocese and. Metropolitan of the province,  \vith the title of archbishop.
It   is   expected   that  Bishop  Pink-
ham, of Calgary, who, as senior ibisli
op present, will preside., Bishop Loft-
house of   Keewatih,"  Bishop  Newham
(Associated  Press Despatches.)
Seattle, Wash., Peb. 28.���A. A.
l>2lakofi', a special agent of the Russian Bureau of Finance, is here. He
says that Russia is to construct a
battleship, two cruisers, and several torpedo boats in thc United Slates within the next year for delivery
after the war in the Orient. His mis
sion here is to visit Moran Brothers
shipyard in order to report on its
capabilities to -his government. He
states that there is nothing secret
about the matter and that the const ruction of thc vessels wajs decided
on two    months ago.      (
And Will Protest Against Pro-
\ posed Amendment to
School Act
An Interesting  Discussion  Opened by Aid Haworth Postponed Two Weeks
will" be .restored' to'j his
will join Gorky in Riga immediately.
_"  o ���	
1   Lciilon, Fob.     28.���Lord Dcfreyre,
whose Irish estates three years ago
were the scenes     of notarioiis evictions,   ha,s   ended   the  long   struggle
with his tenants by consenting    ��� lo
sell his estates to tlie congested districts     board,  under the Land  Act.
The tenants celebrated the event last
night with  huge-bonfires and rejoicings.      .                                . '       '
 o      ���
(Associated Press  Despatches.)
San -Francisco,  Cal.,,Feb. 28��� The
schooner reported lost oh* Toml.a yes-
"tcrday has been'identified, as ".th 2 Jesse'Matzsin.   Twelve men. were. . an ,
board at the time, aiuLaU were lest.
The schooner Mary C, which at first
wasthought to be stran-'ed, is sa'e'.
I will not be present and Bishop. Holmes has gone to England]   Some doubt
appears  to exist among  the clergy
and laity as to whether the .important b-siness will he proceeded- with
or  | oslponcd  awaiting  larger* representation,  but  this  must  be largely
speculation,,    as.    only the bishops
themselves     can     decide wheV they
whether   circumstances 'justifiy
proceeding  with" business  or
A notice of the meeting J of the
Rathbone Sisters for the purpose of
drill this afternoon was, by inadver-
tance, omitted from our columns yesterday.
. :*r- ���       j  -
rl he      Abbottsford    committee   on
ways and means are said to be discussing  the challenge of  the Grand
for the football match.
New York, Feb. 28.���A searching
investigation was begun today hy
the cot.niy and borough authorities
and lite police of- Brooklyn to ascertain the cause of' the collapse of the
iioor of the Fleet stieet African*
Methodist Episcopal Chuich of Zion
last "night, when ten persons were
Killed and upwards of fifty injured.
Coroner Flaherty, of Brookljn, today began his investigations to find
out the cause of the disaster, and
soon afterwards declared that it was
The City Council , held rather a
short session last evening. In the
absence of the Mayor, Aid. Nicholson, was voted to the chair. The
other Aldermen present were Messrs.
Blair, Hooker, Haworthj Brydeii and
Thc appeal ofthe School Trustees,
as published in the columns of Tbe
Ledger  last  evening,   was  presentjd.
One or two of the Aldermen wee
in favor of leaving the matter over
for a week in order that the .Mayor's
opinion might be obtained berire action was decided upon, but "t was
pointed out that the sooner steps
were taken one way of the other r,i
a matter like this, the better.
The chairman remarked that the appeal was deserving the consideration
of the Council and thought they
could not possibly make a mistake in
forwarding a strong resolution to the
provincial house, protesting against
the amendment to the bill, :s -t now
Aid. Blair agreed with the chairman,  and thought that the    matter
the phone     today,  I now enclose   a
copy of Monday's Times containing a
letter which I wrote   to the Mayors
of different   cities     of the Province,
with  a view  lo  obtaining legislation '
in connection with  the   School  Act.
The Vancouver and Victoria Councils have both passed I resolutions   in
favor  of the  suggested  change  and I
would suggest that your city   would
do the same.   '   I cannot understand
how it is that you did not get a letter from mc on the same lines as the
one sent to the Mayor of Vancouver.
I was certainly under the impression
that I had sent it ofl witlrthe others.
Yours Truly,
St.   Petersburg,  Feb. x 28.���(0.55    p.
m.)���The    Associated      Press   hears
from a high source that General Kuropatkiii considers     his  position  orr
the shakhe river to be lirarianced, to
such an sxtent' by: ���'.General  Kurdki's
successes  ol'left .Hank-as to necessitate the immediate withdrawal     of
his army to Tai Pass, and ha,s sd'ad---
vised .the-Emperor... .NTo confirmation
of  this  is  oblainulble in military circles here, whers il is pointed out that
with thc     Japanese pressing       the
whole   Russian  line, 'such  an  attack
must end  inevitably in a disaster   of
the greatest magnitude.
A despatch  from.the  Russian Maii-
churian  headquarters says:  "The Japanese attack  was  rinevved  at dawn
yesterday along the     whob ���eastern
front, and Da  Pass  was ta' err after
fighting of the- most stubborn character. An engagement     was inprogress
oil t/hc front extending almost .twenty
miles from the extreme left eastward
of  Tandolesan,   where   the  Japanese
opened  their attack.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 28.���It is semi
officially announced that, in view of
the appearance of Japanese troops in
the rear or the Russian army west
of the railvvayr Russia will-address
a circular to- the powers protesting
against the Japanese persistent violation of. Chinese neutrality.
St.   Petersburg, .Feb:   28.���Genrrvl
Kuropatkiii in a despatch to Emperor
Nicholas dated  today says:  "Ten attacks made hy  two  Japanese  battalions and some cavalry west of  the
village of Tansintong have been   repulsed.    The   Japanese  renewed     the
attack in     thc morning of February
27th  nnd were again repulsed.    They
left a hundred corpses in front of our
(Associated Press Despatches.)
The -Russian  loss was six
men." ,
Tokio,   [<'eb.   28.���(U   p.m.)���Official
reports of the battle of Tsinketchen
indicate that severe fighting occurred.
..Tl.i.e._.Japanes3 attacking   force  began
the '.occupation of points on the left,
bank! of Taitse 'River February 19th,
but  the  topography  of the country,
steep hills,   the river,  and the heavy
snow  delayed  the attack.   The  first
line attacked Tsinkethciherr at noon,
Feb.   23rd,  assaulting  fiercely.      The
Russians held strongly fortified  positions, with obstacles protecting them
and resisted ���determinedly.   The fighting continued alt afternoon and vvas
resumed at dav n Feb. 2-1.   At ten in
the morning the two lines closed and
attacked      the   defenders   exchanged
hand grena.des.   While continuing their
frontal attack thc Japanese e.xccufci'd
a Hank  attack  with   tli3--r-.sult    that
the   Russians abandoned   and   burned
lire  town  and   I'ed  northward  in confusion, leaving .150 dead on the field.
The, Russian, loss at Tsinkethclien are-
one thousand.    The Japanese captured  Wires machine guns,  many  rifles,
ammunition, a number of maps     and
21 prisoners.
Increasing Boldness of Terrorist
Organization in St Petersburg
Vladimir's Heroric Wife Trying
to Shield Her Condemned
Husband's Life
due to gross neglect on the part of|shoul(l have the immediate attention
some one, and asserted that it is his  ot the , Council, and moved  that the
intention to fix the blame upon those  clerk be instructed   to communicate
guilty.    It     was  ascertained  today
that the cause of the collapse,    was
the ��� breaking   of-a heavy  beam sup-,
porting the floor and running lengthwise of     the church near thc south
wall.   Under the weight of thc great
number of people gathered above,   it
snapped  siiuarly  in  two midway  between     tlie     front and rear of the
church.    With  scant  warning,  affording no opportunity to sscape, thc people were dumped into the chasm    in
the lloor amid a mass of broken pews
and splintered tim'ber.
'lhe clay pigeon shooters of the
lower part of town will soon issue a
defy to the ones living on the lull to
shoot a match.
St. Petersburg, Feh. 28.���The utter
impotancy  of the police in  the face
of the  terrorist     organization-      is
shown  by  the ever  increasing  boldness of the latter about St. Petersburg.       Even on the steps of public
buildings      simple notices  of: Grand
Duke. Sergius'      death     were found.
They read:   "The sentence of     death
passed   upon  Sergius   Alexaridvonich,
who     "was      assassinated   February.
(���Signed)    The  Fighting  Organization
of tlie Social Democratic Party."
Moreover,  the notices  were neatly
printed,  a thing . unnnown in the days
of  the  late  Interior  Minister    Von
Plehve,   when similar  notices     were
always rim oh' on copying  machines.
Th:* secret police then were too close,
on the heels of the terrorists to permit the use of a printing press.  The
Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna,  wife
of Grand  Duke Vladimir,   father     of
/(rand Dukes Cyril and Boris, whose
husband is high on the list of those
condemned  to death,   is trying      to
shield his  life with her own.   Since
Red Sunday the Grand Duke has not
only been showered with threats  and
.,    .    , ���    .. ,.. i  ������.   r   warnilies, but has twice received from
Count A ex is Tgna.tieli,  a member of��-^ltl"b'       ... ,.t. .���������_���,,  ,,��� fliiv
n     r<        -i    r ii     v*   ,'-,.���   i�����'lwon   abroad  formal  letters srgnetl by uiu-
the C'ounc:l  of the  Empire,  has  been   " .
ferent groups,   informing
apio'iitcl ��� -resident ofthe special
conference for llu: revision of the exceptional Invs designated for safe-
giiardwif- puhlio order. The committee of ministers' has come to the conclusion that the Jewish restrictive
laws',' thc method of dealing with no-
litieal agitators and similar special
measures' do not affect the desired results, therefore, with the-approval of
the Emperor, a revision has been decided upon.
Press  Despatches.)
has aged greatly during the last few
weeks under tbe strain of what he
insists of the unjust "criticism which
placed the responsibility for the"
bloodshed-on Jaiiuray 22  wholly   on
his  shoulders.    Although  the  Grand
Duke's  health  has   been  failing     for
over a year,  he  is  now almost     a
complete wreck.    For a time the entreaties  of his family and the warnings  of   the  police  sulficied  to keep
him  within the walls of the palace,
but since the funeral of Sergius, Vlad
iniir has shaken off restraint,       declaring that he refuses  to show cowardice, and not only drives out in   a
closed carriage, but on Sunday walked for a short time up and down the
quay,   in  front  of the winter palace.
At his side, however,   on  each occasion  was  the  Gr-fnd  Duchess  Marie
Pavlovna.   Today Gland Duke Vladimir received a letter from one group,
which      had previously  warned  him,
saying his sentence  wns temporarily
suspended,   which is attributed   cither
to a more correct appraisement     of
his share in  the events  of  January
22nd, or to a general decision of the
terrorists to.give Mie autacracy      a
breathing spell  and await  the, result*
latter coincides  with  the views     of
those   acquainted   with  the  methods
of the terrorists, who point that   a
succession of assassination would defeat their object hy compelling     the
Emperor, in the interests of the safety of the Imperial family, to thrust
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Welch, IV. Va., Feb. 28.���Fifteen
men arc known to be dead as the result of the explosion in Shaft No. 1,
of the United Stales Coal and Cove
Company. The number of dead may
be even greater, but it is impossible
now lo explore the mine because of
the fire which is still burning.
The mine is len..miles from here,
on a, branch of the Norfolk and Western Railroad. All the wires have
been down since the explosion.
him of    his
'sentence to death and of the assign-j 0f the assassination  ol Sergius,
ment of men to accomplish it at the
same time.     Like thc Grand Duchess
I Elizabeth, in the case of Grand Duke
Sergius,  the Grand  Duchess ���**as  notified that her life and her sons'  lives 'would  be spared, and she was appealed   to  not  to  go  abroad  in  her
husband's company.   The letters  nat-   aside all  question of concession and
".rally   terrorized   the   family       and    to sanction the most drastic measur-
household of the Grand Duke,   who    es of repression. /
Those people who braved the inclement weather last evening and
turned out to the concert and social
at the Church of England were well
rewarded for lhe entertainment put
up by the members of thc church was
in every respect most cnjoyabl-3.
Nearly all the members of the
choir contributed tothe programme,
and each item was well chosen-, creditably rendered and appreciated.
'lire ladies of thc church deserve
thanks for the splendid and abundant refreshments tli3y served at thc
conclusion of the programme. After
the supper a very merry time was
spent at ping-pong  and other games.
The church was well tilled, and the
event, it is understood, was a financial success.
Mr. Ball, of the well known firm of
Turner, Beclon & Co., of Victoria, is
visiting Ladysmith.   The manufactur-
! ing and sale of a high class of shirts"
overalls^ etc., the Big Horn brand, is
being looked after by Mr. Hall. These
goods arc the eq��ial of any in make
'and material, and are solh for 25
per cent. less than the imported
After a discussion it was decided
lo act in co-operation with other
cities in endeavoring lo have the proposed act changed. ��� ��� ,
Major Barnard's letter to the
Mayors of other cities appears in another column.
Aid. Haworth reported that Mr.
McMurtrie objected to having an open ditch constructed on Gatacre
Clerk be instructed to communicate, Street past the Abbotsford Hotel,
with Parker Williams, the members-Aid. Blair was of the opinion that
for this district, protesting strongly Mr. McMurtrie's objections were
against the proposed; amendment to ' quite-reasonable, and moved, that a
the bill. Aid. Malone seconded this 'wooden box ditch be made to carry
motion, and upon being put to vote,-, away the water that is causing a
was carried unanimously. nuisance tothe residents in that part
A business     letter     was received , of the city,
from Mr. II. W. Kent, superintendent)   The motion, seconded  by Aid. Ma-
of the telephone company, kindly off- lone,  carried.
ering to make arrangements for a j Aid. Haworth then brought up the
night service , and suggested mailer of the telegram" received by
that seven residences in various Mayor Coburn last week relative to
parts of the city be connect- Mr Haw thorn Ihwaile's penalty clause
ed with the fire hall during the night to the eight hour bill. The alder-
and stated that if this would be sat- man staled that he had reason to
isfactory to the Council, he would beleive that everything connected
have the apparatus installed at the with the sending of the telegram was
central office forthwith. The Coun- not straight, and that underhanded
cil decided to accept Mr. Kent's of- work had been going on.
fer, and instructed the Clerk to no- It was found impossible to thrash
tify him to that effect. 'the matter oat to the satisfaction of
The Sanitary     inspector handed in  Aid. Haworth  inthe absence "of His
his  resignation, which was accepted. tWorship,  so the discussion was"   left
Accounts  in    connection with     the over for two weeks.
schools, amounting to $706 were
passed to the Finance Committee,
and sundry bills aggregating 5-11.25
took  the same course.
A letter was received from Mayor
Barnard, referring to the proposed
amendment to the School Act. The
communication read as follows:
Victoria,  B.C.,  Feb.  23rd.
Dear Mr. "Mayor:���
Referring   to ,our conversation over
The exact nature of the allegations made by Mr.
Haworth is not at present published
by The Ledger, as il is deemed advisable to let the matter rest until
all parties to the discussion are present, a I which time The Ledger will
be prepared to print a full report af
the  discussion.
The Revenue Tax By-law was affirmed and the Local Improvement
Bv-law was left over for two weeks.
Farewell to Prince Louis  Second Cruiser Squad
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Portsmouth,      Feb.  2S.-^King   Edward today  bade farewell to the second cruiser squadron which, under the
command     of   Rear  Admiral   Prince
Louis  of Batlenburg,  will    sail     tomorrow for  the Mediterranean,     and
in the autumn proceed to   American
waters.   The king stood on board the
armored   cruiser   Drake,   Prince  Louis'  flagship,  and this morning inspected the stjiuadron of half a dozen war
craft,   described   by naval   men      as
"battleships   in  disguise,"   All       oi
which are capable of making twenty-
three knots per hour.
Irish Estates  are At Last Sold
Ending    the
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Berlin,      Feb.      GS.���The students'
strii e  al   the  Hanover Technical  Institute has ended.    Dr.  Studt,     the
Prussian  minister af ecclesiastical affairs,  instruction and medical affairs,
having conceded nearly all  that   the
students  asked.    He  will  allow  the
students' committee, which hc ordered  disbanded,  to reorganize and     he
has consented, that the students     of
the various universities and technical
instilutions     shall confer with each
other   through      delegates  regarding
th?ir common  interests.    He ordered
a reversal of student Heilbron.
J.  E.  Smith,  chief of the lire   department,   returned  horns  yesterday
after   a week   in      Vancouver.' Mrs.
Smith, who is in poor health, is taking treatment at one of the ho"-l itals
in the Terminal city.
Denver,     Col.,  Feb.,  28���Calvin F.
Reed,  assistant attorney-general   of
Colorado, and one of the most prominent attorneys in the   State, is dead Rand,
New York, Feb. 28.���Nan .Patterson
who is held in the-Tombs prison to
await a trial on the charge of killing
C. A.  Young,  was taken before Jus-
lice Gaynor in the Supreme court in
Brooklyn  today  an   writs  of heheas
corpus and of certiorari to be examined by     her counsel on the ground
that she had been deprived of      her
right of piompt trial.    Arguments on
the writs  \ ere  postponed  until   tomorrow  to a'M'.v  District  Attorney
who has ronducted the case
of pneumonia, aged 38 years.
against the prisoner, tjo beprcsent. ��������� i^C^������������������m*tfc*i������r^J������M*  ZSP^E-'iTII- *������j^^!?i33I^.-j3X5I?^������-7^r w.i*n*������X2f  ���������HHSa  THE LADYSMITH IEDG*-R  "Published   every  day except Sunday.  BY     TIIE     LADYSMITH      DAILY  LEDGER  COMPANY.   .  and French Street.  -Office corner of First Avenue ,  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  50 cents  a month;   $5  per  year  advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication.  in  TUESDAY,  FEB.   28,   1C03.  BETTER TERMS.  The plea loi belter teims for the  Province is one that rs exciting perhaps more attention at Vu-loiU  than any othei geneial discussion regarding ProMiicial politics, lhat has  taken place foi along time. Something must he done to pioudc foi hel-  leiing-ihc financial condition of the  Province, and if a moie reasonable  share of lhe national levenues can  be secured foi-the Piovince, it is  worth  working for  most  earnestly.  Some of the members of the Legislature arc particularly insistent on  this couise. The wiitei was in-  foimed a few days since, at Victoria, by one of the Vancouver members, that if no better terms could  be secured from Ottawa, he would  he would insist that the fountain  head, even to the King himself,  should be appi cached, and even further, thai the cause must be considered, and conditions impioved, or  if not, he would himself mow .i ie-  solution startling  in  its nature.  The following discussion of tho  subject is taKen fiom "The Week,"  formeily the  "Piogress:"  "The claim of British Columbia foi  Better Tci ins from lhe Dominion was  endorsed in an emphatic manner by  the Legislature the othei day. A  resolution directed   lo the    Goveinoi  General praying for immediate consideration of this just claim was  moved hy Premier McBiide, scc-ondi-d  hy the leader of the Opposition. Mi,  Macdonald, and carried unanimously.  This wise action ofthe Legislaluie  "places lhe subject above party politico, and it will be strange indeed if  the cabinet of Sir Wilfrid Lauiiei  will he able any longer to ignore our  claim- Facts and figures in support of the demand for the louun to  the'Province of a laiger shaieof the  revenue derived from it by the Dominion have been piesenled lo the  public from time to time, and these!  show that owing to the physical formation of the country, its great distances and isolated settlements, the  cost of aduunisUaiion in Uiitisn ",'ol-  unibia, is and aiwajs must he wiy  much greater than in the othei nj-  vmccs of Canada. The intentions of  thc teims of Confederation cleaily,  was that each pi ounce should receive as its share of the leveruie, -uif-  ficient money to enable the adtiu >. :-  Ualion of local alTans lobe 'anted  on adequately and without tne ire ���������-  essity of the heavy provincial W''a-  tion now lcquired in Brui-di Columbia to make ends meet���������and even ihui  insufficient for lhe urgent requirements of the province. British Columbia's claim is based, theiefore, on  the terms of Confederation ,?���������: 1 i,-  aniraous resolution of the Lcgisla-  tuie is not only a rebuke tothe levity of some prominent Liberals who,!  dealing with the claim, but also will  serve to force proper consideration oi  British Columbia's needs upon Eastern Canadian politicians wno were  fane to turn g deaf ear so long as  the demand appeared to emanate  from one party in the Province inly.   o   tase because the people who run these  gambling     houses are in for money,  coi sojucntly,     while the authorities  wmk  at  the   infraction   of the  law,  and  wlii'e the shekels roll in,      thsy  do  not  lecogni/e  their errors.  That  adwoc would be all right where the  had habits  were not against thc law,  lhat  would call   loi   a littls  iiussion-  aiy  work.    P-ut,  Sir. I claim       when  these nun lefuse io abide by the law  as laid down in the statute, we have  oui peni'enliaiies built on purpose to  hold    these men. and that is     wheie  they helona    Om  lawmakcis have de-  dded on  th.s penalty  to show  them  the eiror of their ways. t,  1 think it is a shame on our toasted cnili/ation th.it communities cannot slcuic men, even when paid good  s,;laiies, to expose and- unmask these  owls But it needs must be that pn-  \.-1c citizens must gel down into lhe  mud and show what is underneath.  Mid ik'hl hen, Mr Editor, let me  say if such y.s this exposes men to  public ridicule, the more hc has to  his ci edit wlrn 8:e dies, the greater  hcnetacloi h'is he been to his f el low-  in en.  Moial wav(s ncci roll too high,  the higher they roll, the more power  l.hcy have to sweep to desloui'tion the  evil forces agauisl vvnich I hey aie  contending.  In coneli-sion,  let  me say that La-  dvsmith can benefit to a great extent  by     the stirring up of Nanaimo     is  gelling.    We have a policeman  infa-  dysnulh,   and  now  is  the I*'"0      for  iiini   lo   make up his mind to do his  duly. a,s he knows ib, without fear or  favor,   and   it   is.  a foregone   conclusion that  the cili ens will back him  up.    112 has  work to commence     on  light avi'av, as it was only yesterday  I noticed  a drunken   man   coming  out  of a wholesale  beer store.    It  is    a  well known fact that ihese places arc  oilen as' full of men drinking as the  saloons      aie   around   pay-day,   and  they only  pay the  wholesale license.  Let us have the law respected     and  tamed out lo the letter.   If lhe law  is no1  good,  lei      us change it,  but  whilethev   aie on our statutes  let u;  demand that our officers prosecute all  ofienders to conviction, and finally, if  llungs ever get as  bad here as  they  we.e ui   NanaiT.o,   1 hope that   some  man  will  come foith and expose the  iniilH  ones.  CITIZEN.  HENRY'S NIRSFRIES  NEW CROP���������  Feme Grc-wn & Impnrte  GARDEN,     FIELD     and  FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS  OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  W.G. Fraser  Merchant   Tailor,  (ist Avenue)  Fall Stock Just Arrived. Call early  and get your pick of the largesPand best  stock in town.  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pleneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith.  B.C.  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. ������86, F.  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Cabin accommodation  leservei]  by wire.  l-'oi   fin (hei   partk-i'lars  call  at  the  om or [hone No.  '150.  A.  IV  CARLTON, C   E. LAMO  A.GPA.,  NT'., General   Ar.enl  Portland, Oie. Victoria,  EC  WARDS  MFAT   MARKET  BARBER    SHOP  * BATH  ROOMS  the  The ESPLANADE    between  Grand and < Abbottsford,  William Powers, Prop  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J.  Wellman, Prop.,  Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot    and  steamboat wharves.    Newly renovated and     re-modelled.    Rates. $2  pe:  day.   Corner QranviUe and Hasting.^  ���������streets. Telephone, 1���������4.  F. McB. A'OUNG  BARRISTER and  SOLICITOR. . . .  Nanaimo     -     -     -     Ladysmit  ^^^|^Bl^HHII^^I^^I^B*HnHM>M*W*  fl  The City Market  R. Williamson, Prop.,  '���������  1st Ave,      Ladysmith  The Ladysmith  Opera House  Can be secured for Theatrical purposes, Dancing Parties, or Entertainments generally.  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SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C. Il f}WA  T\J r*%  -   DELIVERY  WfllRK PROMPTLY  D������>   '���������:  Leave orders at the- Abbotsford.  LADYSMITH aVKBRY  ON THE ESPLANA1E.  PASTRY OF ALL KIN������S NBATLY  BAKED AND FRESH.  BREAD FIVE CENTS PER L9AF  Confectionary af all kinds.  Oraari taksa for Pasteiss to be de-  liTared at any timt.  Peneteria Ladysmith  Esplanade  ������ffelena -, e pans di prima tualita  sempre treses Pane cinque seldi  l'uno. .    .  Ordini distribuiti qual unquo part*  (lel'paese.  GEORGE YUEN  i  Best-accommodation  for  transient  and permanent boaidcrs and lodgers.  HOTEL  Merchant Tailor  4 ���������        '  1  All kinds of clothing cleaned and  repaired.  llltt**|asa������M* | ��������� ���������    ;       r^xz.  REDUCTION IN PRICES AT  J. j. u'TftOMAS'   STORE  ���������N HIGH STREET.  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R  sail  oily,    i must say   I     was  surprised  and   somewhat  disappointed  at your  \-iew  of   the'situation.     To  begin   with,   Jet  nie  say  that,   f    he-   I  Ueve the thanks of all lovers of good   1st AyeRUe  government  in   Nanaimo   are   due    to  the gentleman  who was able to prove  up lo the hilt that these evils existed, in .spile of the fact that officers  of   the law repeatedly reported to the  police  commissioners ������that   gambling  wa.s not carried on in Nanaimo.   You  urge thai  it is 'necessary  to gel,     a  man  lo  abandon  his   had  habits     to  lirst show him the error of his ways.  I think this does not apply in     this  Solicitor,   Etc.  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH  WHICH   IS AMALGAMATED  The Bank of British Columbia  HEAD 0FFI0E: TORONTO.  Capital Paid up ...:....     $8,700,000  Rest        3,500,000  Aggregate  resources   exceeding  91,000,000'  Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President B.   E.   Walker,   General   Manager.  LONDON  OFFICE,   GO  LOMBARD  ST,  E.   C., "    '  The Bank has 109 Branches well   g in British Columbia, and the Yukon  and  elsewhere,   including the folio vindistributed  throughout  the Dominion  This new Hotel has been comfoit-  ahly furnished and the bar is up-to-  date. Hales .li.Qo a day and upwards,  __  WM.  BEVER1DGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: :���������: :���������: :���������: .Ladysmith  net  ���������dJ  lADYSMITh  Territory  ATI, IN  GREENWOOD  NANAIMO  VANCOUVER  ���������*"'RA\RROOK  HiWS'ON  EAST END  VICTORIA I  WHITE  HORSE  ;areer. Thousands  have increased their salaries  by following- our plan. -^We  can train you in spare time,  and at small cost, for any.  of the following positions:  Mechanical, Electrical, St8am, Civil', ir  Mining Engineer; Electrician; Surveyor;  Architect; Draftsman; Bookkeeper; Stenographer; Teacher; Sho������-Card Writer;  Window Dresser'; or Ad Writer.  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Ihs  excentricity   was   such  it  is staled,   with seemingly- convnic- i       .,.,...        . '   .  {'that he kept this mone\���������a large part  ing aulhoritativeiicss,  lhat the   siir-jof  -t jn goltl_in-his *rooms  at  Cra_  [regularly and exclusively rrr  the Free/  Press, and many readers of the Free  Press  have acknowledged  that   this  feature alone is worth the subscription price of the paper  British navy's  vey     branch     of the  work will hereafter be taken over  t'     its entirety  by lhe  English   Board ot  *   Trade,  an announcement which  is i i  "   .terpreted here as meaning that,    h;-<  ���������drographic survey ."work will no Iohl-  -'ter  form   any pail  ofthe  naval     em  "   ;ployment     scheme,   the officers     aidl  jiicu  of the royal  navy being   hence  lol-ward reserved exclusively for gei-  eral service in ��������� protecting  the homeland   or the -outposts -of  thc Empire,  and  fighting  Great   Britain's" battles  wherever  '' e If nor of the flag or the  interests     Ol* ' ilii.hsh ^sub:ects are  brought *iii iO jcopaidy.  The opinion of officers of  the   Eg-  eria,   wh6  naturally  have read     the  news    with     interest,",  is that   'the  Boaid  of  Trade  will not attempt  to  do   more      than 'prosecute  necessary  purvey ujid     chart correction'    work  about the home coasts, where, as  i  .   -matter of fact,  there i.s comparatively  little  to <l������,   these waters     being  familiar      to the navigators of    the  woild,   and   their   peculiarities     long  since  understood  and  duly,.described  ��������� in official publications.      . ,  The .expectation of the officers pf  lire survey branch of the navy is that  ihe survey work in colonial waters  . *vj!1 hereafter be left . for peiformalize, to ,llie.r several in (crested col-  ' onial governments, a' suggestion  which  was     hc-iini     some time ago,  - when  it was   reported  from    Ottawa  that  Canada   would   undertake     this  highly nccessaiy  work  on both     the  .  Atlantic and",thj* Pacific seaboard.  As yet no announcement has  been  made  of the  Dominion  moving io se-  iCiirc vessels  fitted 'for the,work, .and  {hence it would appear'that there'is  to  be no .."indecent  haste", in  carrying forward   the  hydrogi'aphic  works ^  ���������which  arc so  essential   to  the     safe  movemciilfl   of'shipping   in  the  intricate and   comparatively:,    unfamiliar,  coastal  waters-of this new province.1'  This duty      has been a- quietly,  but  very     elficieritly,     pciformed by ihe  Imperial' naval authoiitieslicr'etoior"t3.  and in no particular will the    with?  drawal  of  the" navy" be'more  keenly  felt  by the    shipping' in'tcrcsts   until  the federal authorities redeem    their  understood   promise   to deal  with the  necessities of the-occasion  thoroughly and effectively.  The Bgeria's people have as yet  had no outers of recall, and consequently aie still in hopes thai they  may   he   given   an   extension  of  time  ow, anil  whenever he came to     the  Australian  capital  brought  it   with  nim'  under  thc guard  of two  professional bullies,  to each of whom     he  paid $2,500 a year. '  After  tastirrg  the  interested  affection  of at least  half a dozen mercenary ladies of questionable character,  i\ut/.ner became enamored of one of  the handsomest and most vicious woman   in  Austria.     His   forutne,     already dwindling,   vanished altogether  under her turlion.'   A hundred and fit-  ly thousand  dollars went for carria- .'  ges, horses, jewelry and dress Ior the  rapacious  harpy  whom  hc had     the  misfortune to love. I  I is-r*-ai"ling  the  protests  of    -his  |  guardian bullies,  he finally presented  her villi a duplicate key of his precious  t*-o ey  chest,   bidding her help  herself as she Bleed.   The permission  \as  made the most  of.  When  in  the  early houis of Monday morning Kut-  ncr  returned   from   a gambling   hell,  where he had got, rid of,all his ready  .-.ccr and personal jewelry, |ie found.  j  i t-i y    chest   absolutely - empty, ''  ���������a,ve for a diamond and sapphire scarf .  ,in,   which had evidently  been pver-  oo'.cd. Thc   woman   had   flown.   ^Reduced to desperation,  Kutzner/detcr-  mined lo l-ijl himn^lf.   He wrote    a  note to the. woman, saying: "In robbing meyju.have overlooked one Utile 'thing. u That you  will find "in my  heart."    On   returning from   posting  ihe letter, he removed ,his.,,shiri and  ���������rove flic scarf-pin into"his heart. .  ���������..     .���������   ., -   - SYNOPSIS     OF    REGULATIONS  whieh      1    V,ree,r,iS   *     rfr   '   F0R  DISPOSAL   OD   MINERALS  which      ought  to  be found  i>i  ivory      ,_-T nn,m������������������ ,  ���������> 'ON DOMINION LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES AND THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  I f.O. MILES  Contractor and Buifder  i at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  REPAIRING  of  all  kinds  promptly   for anthracite.   Not more than  320  acres can be acquired by one individ-  attended to.    Shop on Gatacre    st.  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  twenty years, also renewable.  The lessee-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position, on the  lstday of August in the year ofthe  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one-dredge for  each five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  the first year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer  mining.  ual or company. Royalty at" lhe~Vate ��������� ^n   ^'^ i,n,thC YukoM Terr{-  of ten cents per 2.000  ������������������,,���������,*- JXu   tolT-Cr<-<*.     gu-cn,    river and hill  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  PITHER & LEISER  1  T-���������mP������Tt*rS aDd wholc*-ile dealers in WINES, LIQUORS   CIGARQ  *  Ere.     Large stock always-All     the leading brands.    We ���������upply thi  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anyone sending a sketch nnd description m.i?  quickly ascertain our opinion free wficllicr i:n  Invention Is probably patentable, fonirciiinlci  tlonsHtrietly confidential. Handbook on I'mei.th  lent freo. Oldest flk-enry for KecurliiK patent?  Patents taken throut'li Muun & Co. ru.:elfp  rpecial notice, without clmrgo, in tiio  Scientific Jlmericaii.  A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.iirccir < ir-  onlatlon of nny Ni-icntltla journal. Tonus, i '��������� a  yenr; four mo.iiljj. (I.  Sold byit.lt ncn-mloiilci  MUNN & no.3eiBra*-������.- New Yor-f  Branch Olllco. (J2.'i >r Kl~ Wiixliluuton. I). II  of ten cents per 2,000  pounds shall  be collected on the gross output.  .Quartz-Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners* certificates may  ohtain entry for a mining location.  . A free m- .ei's certificate is granted  for one or iiioro years, not exceeding  five yea-s, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from }-��������� to $100 per annum for  aconipany,a������onfing  to  capital.  A   Tree     n l.ier,  having  discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  I,500xlv>00 feet by marking out the  name with  two legal  posts, tearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the one of the lode or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  general direction of the creek or gulch  length, measured on the base line or  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if lhe parly consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no loyally shall "he  chargen, the rest of the paity ordinary  claims  only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at JJie rale  of two and one-half per cent,  on the  value of the gold shipped from     the  Yukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller  principaf ^.hotels and Saloons in   Ladysmith.  ORDERS SOLICITED.  PITHER& LEISER.VICTORIA, B. C  1 Union  Brewing  NANAIMO,  B. C.  ilanufacturers of the  I  It should be bare* In .mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for the more serious diseases,, among which on the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumpnia ana consumption.  I pneumpnia and consumption. m  Chamberlain's  ���������  Cough Remedy  hw won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves - the . lungs ������nd opens the'  secretions,* effecting a* speedy and  permanent cure:'" It counteracts  tny tendency toward pneumonia.  - "Price 25c. Lar*e SUe 50c j  I  THE WEEKLY FREE PRESS.  The'Weekly  Free  Press,  Winnipeg,  is thc oldest established and t.Jie lead  ing weekly of Western  Canada.      It]  presents  ihe "world's news  lo Western  readers almost one week in ad- '  vance of lOijslern   Canadian weeklies, 1  and   the  reader of flip  Weekly   Freo  Press  can  rely upon gelling aU  the  news.      The Weekly Free Press poss-  111     which      to complete  the survey- esses .  attractive    special    features'  woiks   which   Ihey  have  in hand     in  Pacific waters.  Another announcement from thc old  which  are not  to fee found  in     any  other Western Canadian weekly.  Fpr      _.... .��������� ��������� ���������...  example,-thc subscriber to the Week-  counlry   that  has been  received   with  ly Free Press can apply through' the  considerable   in lei est,   and   not a   lit-, "Legal   Enquiry .Department,"     free I  lie surprise locally, is (hat the Roy^- of "charge,- "for information concerning'  al Marines  will  henceforward     come,all questions of law,, and the infor.- ;  exclusively under Jhc outers and dir- nialion   is  not  only  promptly  given,'  .eclion ofthe    admiralty,  the dualily   but ic comes as an opinion Jrotn the  ,of direction that has prevailed inthe highest legal talent.    -  past���������and      under     which    while on      If a reader- pf the Weekly   "' Free  .shore (he marines have been answer-  Press  requires advice on  the' subject  .able to the  war office and   under    its   of his cattle, his horses or livestock'  (.control���������will   be   finally  ended.     The of any  kind, jl is not necessary     to'  marines  will hereafter be completely., consult'or pay a Veterinary Surgeon,  assimilated    with  (he naval   service 'The"Free Press retains  the services j  piopcr,  and   (heir training will ' par-  of-a" fully qualified Veterinary     Sur-  takc rather more than i I basin    the  geon for the purpose of replying free  past of the  training  and duty of  the   of charge  to^ enquiries  from its sub.  famous bluejackets of Old  England..��������� scribcrs.".  Colonist. Foster's  weather forecasts  appear  Any  kind  of  1  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  THE  LEDGER  Office  On 1st  Avenue  f f  All Work   Done at  Reasonable   Rates  Western Hadei For Western flan  UNION MADE  SHIRTS  OVERALLS  ?    'Etc,  BIG HORN  BRAND  SOLD At  LEADING  STORES IN  LADYSMITH  flEGTSTERnj  These goods are sold wholesale and retail ior 25 per cent, less than any imported goods of like .quality.  GIVE  THE.BIG   HORN   BPAND  A   TRIAL.'   THE  GOODS  ARE MAD  E IN VICTORIA  AND BY   WHITE  LABOR ONLY.     EVERY GARMENT IS WELL MADE OF  GOOD MATERIAL AND IS SOLD  AS  CHEAP  AS THE CHEAPEST,  days if located within    Im     ,   ������ free 'nlner shall receive a grant  [miles of a mining recorders !L   ������1  ������   u��������� than ������ne niininS claim     01  lining recorders office, ono I eaeh separate river, creek or  aulch  additional  day allowed  for every ad-  *  '   "  jditional ten miles or fraction.   The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At     least $100 must "be expended ., ���������.��������� uy u  upon  the claim each  year or paid  to I ing a fee of $2.00     A claim may  the mining  recorder  in  lieu  thereof,  (abandoned and another obtained  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and pay-  be  on  In British Columbia  *+*+'l+*****-M-**+'M������-M.  Lager Beer "andj Porter Guaranteed Brewed  from thei Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.  When WOO has been expended or paid   the same creek, gulch 0r liver by giv  the locator may, upon having a sur- ing notice and paying a fee g  'oThV1?enuir;LTn ""M1**    witM   Work must b������ done qn a cjaim each  other requirements, purchase the land   year to the v^ie 0f at least $200.  ai ������i.uo an acre. ... -  Permission- may be granted by the  Minister  of     the Interior  to  locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area* not exceeding 160 acres.  A certificate that work has      been  done must be ciliined each year;     if  not, the claim  .Ui! he deemed to   be  abandoned,  and    open  to occupation  and entry by a tree miner.  The boundaries of a claim may   be  TL ,      ,       " ���������   ".v.u   ui   ������. victim   may     pe  ine     patent for a mining location    defined absolutely by havinir a siirwv  shall provide for the payment   of   a  made and publishing'notices in^ the  Koyalty_of2i per cent, of thc sales  Yukon official Gazette    *  of the products of the location. Petroleum-All  unappropriated   Do-  llacer     Mining-Manitoba and the 'minion lands in Manitoba, the North-  N.W.I., excepting the  Yukon Terri-  .west Territories, and within the Yu-  tory-Placer mining .claims "generally  1-on Territory are  open to prosepct-  a-elOO sriuare; entry fee,  $5, renew-,ing for petroleum,  and the Minister  able yearly.    Or. the North  Saskat- J may reserve for an individual  cnewan  River claims are either bar   P������*>y having machinery on the  land  or bench,  the. former being 100   feet^o be-prospected, an area of 640 ac-  long and extending, between high and  res-  low water mark.  The latter  includes |   Should  the prospector discover  oil  bar diggings, but extends back to the , in paying quantities, and salisfactor-  baseoflhe kill or bank, but not   ex-'^Y establish such disco\ery,  an area  cceding 1,008 feet.   Where steam pow-^ot exceeding 640 acres, including the  er is used claims 200 feet wide   may oil well and such other land as mav  l,o  nl.lnlt.*^ .  _   j    , 4410.J  TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  The Union Brewing Company will pay |i0 reward foi- information  which will lead fojtbe arreet andgconviction any person or persons  destroying Union Brewing Company's kegs or bottles, or failing to re-  tarn the same.  be obtained,  Dredging in the rivers of .Manitoba  be determined, will be sold to the discoverer^ at" the rate of $1.00 an acre,  and thc N.W.T., excepting the Yukon .subject to royalty at "such rate as may  'lerntory���������A free miner' may   obtain  be specified   by order-in-councii.  only two leases of five miles each for     Department  of the Interior, Otta-  atefm of twenty years, renewable ifl  wa, February, J 904.  the discretion of the Minister of the w   rr.T?v  Interior. ' vv" tOKY  I  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made.'toorder end Repaired at short notice.     Drill Sharpened   y  as  alwayegives satisfaction.    Picks handled and repaired.  Stiipsrnitriing  in  all its  Branches.  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  David Murray  Buller Street   -    -   -   - Ladysmith, B. C  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed  or bars of the rivet  below low water mark, and  subject  tp the rights qf alj persons who h^ve, '������������������  or who may receive, entries for bj*.r    ..  diggings or bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where  the  lessee may drogde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  The 'lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date qf"~the lease for each five miles,  but where a pergon or cpmpapy has  obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient. Renial, $10 -per"  annum for each- mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2h per cent,  collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free mjner for a term gf'  Deputy Minister of tho Interior.  Pl^ns,  Specifications and De- ������������������  *��������� tails     furnishdtt for all kinds ���������*  ** of work in the CARPENTER ������������������  ** Line ������������������  ������������������ C  B.  ROBELEE,   Carpenter ������������������  ** and Joiner,     2nd ave, Lady- ������������������  ���������' smith, B.  C. *���������  LADYSMITH WALL PAPER  DEPOT.  Dealers in  WALL     PAPERS, PAINTS,  OILS,  VARNISHES, Plain and Fancy  Glass Pictures, Frames.  Harry Kay  X9X������X������X*X������X������X������X9X^i������)������^X������X������X������;^-^X������X������)ii*X������X������X������  *? *fe  1 Delivered in Any Part of th City f  i EveryAfternoon J  x  X  X  X  ;  ���������&  The Daily Ledger j  50 Cents  per   Monthj  ���������X������XoX������X*XoX*X������XmX������X������X������X������X*X.oXo)i(o^*^oXo)f't> * - M  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE BEST MEATS  IN THE MARKETS.  WE .ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF  THE  ROCKIES. YOU WILL GET THE BEST IF YOU BUY FROM US.  PAN NELL   &   PLASKETT  STFVENS BLOCK,] GATACRE  STREET,! LADYSfllTH, B C  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������;������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������ ���������������������������^������������������������������������^���������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������t  t*  LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO. ^ t  PIANOS, ORGANS AMD HOUSEHOLD   FURNITURE   MOVED O  PROMP TLY AND SAFELY  -      ��������� <l  Slables in.rear of I.ady.-mith Holel.   Leave orders at the Abliotls.'ord. . .  WILLIAMS   AND   WASKETT '--  +*��������� ������������������������������������.���������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-r ������������������������������������<>������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������I*  ^B  LARD  H. W. SAUSAGE  (THE ONLY   KIND)  BLACK PUDDING  H.&W.  FIRST AVENUE. BUTCHERS  SANITAS  The Washable Wall Covering���������a pplied to tne walls like wallpaper,  and can be washed with soau and water as easily as you wash  your hands,  A TRAIL OF MRT  Wherever there arc children ordinary wallpaper  is in  danger.    Ono  little soiled hand will   spoil   the    wall.     You  don't want  to  be - always watching and scolding,  Jut you    must protect    the looks     of  your house.    Why not solve the   problem   by  covering  all  Hallways,  Kitchen,   Bath-room and  Children's Bedrooms with "Sanitas." Samples anh prices mailed free     on    request. ������������������VMtr-M **      - " --*0"1*���������5? "  _ ^--w _r ^WJBl^kkWMI  staor*3g'*ua^i^3jL^rT~ jr:  ������������������^.*lo  ijft  ������rf���������*-^*~��������� I*?  >*ji  LADYSMITH     I&ILY    LEDGER  ���������UCIL ITEMS  A SNAP���������^ good Engl^h Piano by  a first-class  maker  in  p rf.   b order  For  $100.00.  A  Mason  and Hamlin  Organ for $125.00.        Apply  A. F.  OWEN,  Piano  Tuner Abbotsford  Hole.  "���������"������������������ '  *��������� *J������������������**���������"���������*��������� "��������� ���������Jaw��������� nin nimmriMimMf^mBt.   ������u.  GET YOUR PHOTOS TAKEN AT  THE ELITE STUDIO.  From/liow     orr  until  lhe 20th  of  February we aie giving special puces on all our wort.   Cabinets   'from  52.00 per doz.   Ii will be worth your  while lo give us  a .call.    Come eaily  and avoid lhe rush.  BURROWS   &   McCONNELL,  (Between Ward's Market and Blair &  Adam.  NOTICE.  On      and  nfler  today- the firm  of  Drysdale-Stciciison   &   Co. will clo-c  at mv o'clock each day except Saturday.  Archdeacon Sr-riven passed (hrcuifr.li  to Duncan from Nanaiino this morning.  Ah'. J. If. IViikc-alli rciurncd from  the capita!  on  Hie noon   I rain.  All.  P.  Cudlip  i.s  in   this   city     on  on  business   Lidny.  Air.  Fife passed  up   (o Nanaimo on  the noon  train from Victoria.  AT Till!]   ABBOTSFORD.  IL  Barker,   Toronto.  AL B. Scarth. Victoria.  ��������� I.  II. Peiikcalh,   Victoiia.  T.  CI.  Cndlip, Victoria.  Pearson, Wide World, Everybody's,  Ladies' Home Journal, for Alarch,  al Knight's.   ��������� o-   ATHLETIC   CLl li  COMMITTEE.  The Aihlelic Club committee meeting was adjourned last evening until  Thuisday, Al,i,i'ch 2nd, when all members of the committee and the town  collectors arc revested lo put in an  appear.nice at Air W. E. Morrison's  looirs in the Williams block, at S  o'clock   shai p.   o   '"ftii-'-'i'ironiST cnnRcn.  The Rev. Raiidford, of Nanaimo,  came down to Ladysmith on the nioi-  rrin<r train. Air Sciii!lloTa~"\\ill ������iu-  ������-n addicts at 11 ic iMclliodist I'hunli  loniujil at lhe leguiar evening Kui.n-  gelisl service. Those services arc*  proving most successful, thc chinch  being well tilled each eu'iiing by an  apprccialnc congregation. Tonight a  my pleasant tim:- is promised. The  .I'cv. Sandford is an eloquent sj/cali-  cr, and Ins remarks aie sure to be  interesting  to the Ladysmith people  Red Book and Leslie's "Magazine foi  March at Knight's.   o   Dr. IL 13. Dier may be found at  his ollice al any tunc Llnough the  day or evening. Budge or ciown  woik as good as (he. best .in.l at i disenable pi ices, 11 is not a practice  foi  a few dajs or   weeks  only     lhat  Dr.   Diet  rs  establishing  but  that will cause him to be a permanent resident of. -Ladysmitli. Olhce  on High Street.,-uex t .Wciii'rb'be's.  -'   : _���������: .���������.���������o ���������   "'���������  .BATT.l'irTONHTllT7'':''"'"" "v'  San Francisco, Ual.,  Feb. 28.���������-Battling  Nelson  and   Yoi.ji.r;  Corbelt will  meet for their second  battle tonight.  Both men are weKll .trained ami  arc  down to weight:   The betting      now  stands 10 to 8,  with Nelson the favorite,  add  war  ��������� THE RUSSELL-DAVIS  CO-  Evidently thc Russell-Davis Company are doing well at Cumberland.  Th3 Enterprise of the 25th inst. says:  The Russell-Davis Co. intend giving another series of -1 nights' entertainment, beginning tonight. This  evening they put on thc great sensational drama entitled "The Dangers  of a Great City." "N-jxt week's programme will  !;e announced   later.  This company  needs  mi  kind   words  Irom  us to  insure  their having a full  house each  night   as,  during the  lime  they      have   played   here,   they   ha\e  Rained   Ibe  entire  confidence  of      Hie  theatre-goers  of (his  lit lit-  burg.    We  arc  sure.      the  public  heartily  agree  with   us in  extending   lo   I'lcni       oar  hearty   eongra.fillations   cn   ihe  good,  ebn.n   acting  so  far   pre c-nled,      and  are Had  they  intend  remaining  Ion-'.-  cr,"'  "WANTED���������House- to rent. One situated near Ledger ollice preferred.  Apply  "K"  Ledger  office. 2t  ,,o'rl  io ihe proposiuon, ror rr u,e <^ar for scl.oo   purposes  j.Ull.MI    bALK     iXlli.   LA-ND.  jhe j i*oi..o.siuoii now ijeaijj "SeiioiiS-  i\ <.orisn.c*ul b> llit! i,o*UinaUil at  , iL.oiia ol Luring uiUv ine laii'J bc-  ^011^1"^ iu r..ic Lb^uniurt aud .s..nai-  n.u ra.ilv.ai is being uceneJ. witn U-  \oi u.ei) Hiicie. ihao iu is uibnis&eu.  iliciu iucn-s ci-cij icasoii loi tlie gov  iriiniciu lo aui in  none against a. i he oiu aiiOjCct, rax  ation,   is  sciiiiuuii   lo  gi>e  a strong  sui. -  yo.uiuiicnt o������n..d im; Una ib woulu  \iij soon lUsj.oSe oi Urge secuons or  il ,uid trie niiiicuil lands would also  i,e prosi-cclLM ami developed. By all  nu-aus, it ii dii be aiiaiiged, buy the  J amis.  'i lie following article on tire subject  is ta.cn from  the Colonist of today.  'lhe Proposal to buy back the E.  dels. Railway land grant has been  much discussed, aud lhe foiling is  moie oi less general that if tbe pro-  -.11103 has nob too much to pay for -il  lhat that is tho wisest move the government could possibly make. Respecting the pi ice, we are not in a  i  the public "schools in cities. j  Section 138 of the Municipal  Clauses Act limits the rate that  may be le\ied for geneial purposes  to li per cent., or fifteen mills on  the dollar. In addition -to what is  required for school purposes, section  138 of 'the same act provides that  the w^lla- <uid   the  Council     may  pass  a by-law  in  each year lor  levying  a special   rate  of  not more  than two  mills on     the  Section 37 of the School Act provides that the board of trustees shall  on or before the first day of February in each year, cause to be prepaid! and laid before the council a  detailed estimate of the sums required by the board for the current year's  ordinary expenses of maintaining the  schools as they exist at the time ok  making such estimate, which sums  shall be paid over, from time to time  as required, upon the order of the  trustees.  There  is no  limit  for the     amount  which the  trustees can-ask for undei  this   section.     Thus   we  have in   the  spedum the puce,  we are noi in    a Mlm-c-1)ai Clauses  Act an enactment  lioMlu.li  lo enlighten  the public,  but  ILlIlUi|lg    \hi!      amouilt    ol the rat,'  :iave bjcn assured that Air. Dunsmuir lwhich Cft|l ))0 lcvied  ,or sch00i     pur_  poses, while, on the other hand, the  school board is absolutely unlimited  as to the amount of its expenditure.  The result is that any stun required  by the trustees in excess of the amount raised by the levy of two mills  must come out of the general revenue at the expense often of niuch-  necded improvements which must be  ?. a running sore ;lt,a UIldoill,_  on the body politic^. The real d s.id- I ]n Victoria the annual sum requir-  \ an'ages may not be, as great as they e(* j-or sc-100i purposes is increasing  ha'c been made lo appear-, but, in ljy icaps and bounds. The amount  ihe most l"a-.ora,ble light, the situa- j lhc vCar ]c,05j lt, is $co,000, whereas  lion created i.s ahva.\s a source of lreqU1,C(j by tire trustees for salaries  joniplainl and dissatisfaction. Cor- iu tllc year i������302, was $15,CO.I; for  ainly   under pn\ale conliol  (here  is  ihc  ..|)el.      capita"  grant    from  the  .'J        11. ���������       ... ,1.. *..-������.., ,,.. * 4.-.       *\ .  ,*t~4      r\ni f *-������������*  t   9  is  willing  lo   take an amount equal  what he has now an offer from a private coiporation.    Wc think it would  be amisiaio if the present slate of  things should be continued by a trans-  ler  lo another     corporation.-   A.private monopoly  of   Latin,000  acres  of  land    on lhe Island of Vancouver lias  been, is now and will, as long as it  .\iSls,   continue to  be  lot lhc inducement  lo pros.cct   for   government   was   slightly   lower  mb.erals or lo buy and develop land   jc-q^  li|,an iU 1903,  and   there is  .-..'itab'e  Tor  agricultuic, and,   as    we  a\e already   intimated,   the lacl  of  it  beine: i nd-i   pii.ate control  is  a  .niiric  cT public  discontent  in itself,  it  mav  have been  a mist ale in   the  f*i.st instance, an<l probably was,    to  !u\e   tailed   with   so   much   01       tbe  mblic .domain.    Thai cannot now  be  .cired     The L'nd  is  worth  what     it  .,i I  rost.   'ibeic can  te no      doubt  il 0 L  that, otherwise private parlies  wialil   not   now Nie   anxious  lo    purchase it for (he price at which it is  ofi'eied to the government.   We collider,  therefore, it Would be agical  Mistake lo allow tbe opportunity  lo  ���������iv;   vitl'o-il      a '''a-'  I c.n������   coisum-  .;i;,icl  vhich would place back in the  ;-o!:session  of   the   piovince   the  land  iiO.\   in   (lie possession" of  lhe E.    A".  N   Irailwav Compniiy.   o   MAYOR   BARNARD'S  LETTER  D'vr   Por-���������Willi  a view  to obtaining  remedial   legislation   (lining     the  ���������resent   session  ol   (be pi ovincial pai-  liaineul,   I   beg lo   call- lo   your     at  tention  Hie  in  no  reason (to suppose that il will beany  greater in  1905 than in 11)01.  In ' other words, in Victoria the  cost of maintenance of the school*!  is rapidly increasing, without anything like a corresponding increase  in die number of children attending  In Victoria, a mill on the dollar  ncts the'city, after allowing for unpaid arrears, about $10,000, Thc.de-  niands of (be school trustees for 19(5  amount to 1*83,000. The "per capita" grant for 1003 was, in round  figiues, $32,000. This leaves the  city council to find $51,001). As we  can only levy I wo mills for school  purposes, which will amount, to  $20,000, we must find $31,000 out of  the geneial  revenue.  In my opinion, and in that of tbo  council of this city, lhe system where  hy one public body has unlimited  poweis of expenditure over money's  to be raise I by another public body,  with a limited power to raise the  money, is wholly' wrong in principle.  Moreover, lhe sending out of tax  notices by Mie city showing that two  ircseiil   unsatisfactory   mills  are    levied   for school, rates 'is  and Perry s  Suils for Doys  These are the Nobbiest  Suits that we have  seen. They have a  combination ot Rus,  sian and Fauntleroy  and right upload ate.  $3.85 to $5.00 suir  DRYSDM - STtVEKSOH  C). La^snith  If it could be arranged that school |  government could*' be entirely separated from city government, it would  piehaps be still more satisfactory;  but lam still of theopinion, that if  lhe school board, when they wish to  increase their expenditure, must also  raise the taxes, they will endeavor  rather than take sucn a step, to  practice economy. The present sysr  tern is nothing more or less than a  slanding, temptation, towards extravagance.  I would therefore 1 suggest that,you  1 ring this matter before your council al the earliest -opportunity, and  that resolutions should be passed  1 sking the government to amend  Hie two acts in question, along the  lines  suggested.  II may be," that in your city,  trustees1 have not yet exceeded  two-mill limit; but it is only  question of time when they will  Kef, and I would ask the hearty,  operation and support of yourself and  your council in this attempt to put  the mailer on a business-like basis.  If any thing is to be accomplished at  the present session of thc legislature,  prompt action must be taken.  Yours faithfully,  ,  G. II.  BARNARD, Mayor.  the  the  a  do  co-  Spring Goods  X ' K~^  We are opening up our    new  stock, pf Spring Goods, including  Blouses  ������������������        White Wear  White Muslin  Fancy Dress Gingham, etc., etc.  Also just to hand five qases of cbr-  sets, and Ladies' and Child's Vests.  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Box 268  i*"1"-"    ��������� ������������������*���������   1    t.  stale of lhc law with reference lo very apt to lead__ the public lo, supine icspeclive povveLs of tin*, school pose That "Ibis fs 'all the money that  liuslfi's aud municipal ^councils in is devoted to that purpose, whereas,  icspect to the raising and e*pcndi- iu this city, three mills in addition  tine  of  money      in   connection   with, aie lequired to meet the expenditure,  FIRE,  LIFE  AND  ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  CONVEYANCING  and   I have no doubt  that this  is the  case in oilier cities in the province.  1    The lemedy I suggest is thai  legislation  should    be passed,  compelling  the t rus lees to levy their own   rates  for school  purposes.   They could   be  permitted  to use tne city assessment  rolls,    the. moneys .could be collected  by.the city treasurer,  as al   present  The resiilt__woiild.be  that each    taxpayer  would  then  know exactly   how  much  "ne i.s   being  taxed   ior     school  pin poses      and   the      trustees  would  then   have  lo lake lhc responsibility  of   their  own-expenditure.  NOTARY   PUBLIC.  r  Healers in  {<���������  A    'Ralston  Toasled ' Health  '  Food    Crisp"  A "Periect K&������StQO       ; ,  [���������"ood Made  From Wi-eat  Rich in Gluton  Ready  To  Use  Health  Breakfast  Food"  W. T. HEDDLE2   CO.  WiTHasas' Block  ladysmith.  Particular Grocers.  Telephone l   ������������������  LADYSMITH SHAVING  ������.f?L0RS  I UCIl   STREET.  >-:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������j  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  Leave orders wilh  BLUR  &   ADAM,    ';*.Mi������  All wpHc first-class at THE CHRY  STAL,   VICTORIA.  TAFFY!    TAFFY!  TAFFY!  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