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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 27, 1905

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'��**' ,-
DYsniTH Daily
-. J
F& 27 1905      ��\
VOL. 2,
SATURDAY, FEB. 25, 1905.
X^0ft^ffi&^E" CENTS
They Came or Went, They Saw
or Sawed, and Mr, Marpole
Was Very Polite
It is Therefore    Settled     Very
Satisfactorily and G, E R,
Will Do as it Pleases
The'Herald  of Nanaimo,  with commendable enterprise,  under big headlines,  announces   that  a most' satisfactory ir.teiview   wilh  Air.  ALirpole
'vvas had yesterday at Vancojver hy
Mayor Planta, Alessrs. J. E. T. Pow'-.."a��,,vnV*""and.-"by moving it sideways
ers and Aianson  on "l.ehall ot-: the  ; would  ui>to  the'jwhaif ,aiid the rail-
Thc  committee explained, and  fur
I'..-',''.-'.! _"��� Ir: Alarpole about a coal, |
tram   ui.it  meanders    around     down !
that way which, could |,e straightened
L.iidsted, graded, and rails put
board of trade,  and  the majesty 'ot
thc law  was'represented'in5 the person of Barrister 10. AL Yarwood. .-Ac-
' cording to  (he  liciald the delegation,
was-* politely received,  as- even-dairy
Nation would be "by" a C.P.R. 'official,
especially one with the' tact~and n,it-
- ural   politeness -that   Stipcrintt.'irdeiit
Alarpole possesses.     He invited  them
to be seated and while the details are
not given,  it is safe lo  haz/ard  Mint
when    thi  superintendent  asked   t'ic
delegation what they wanted they answered, as do all good Nanaimo citizens,   "a little Scotch."    Further, on
it developed that llrey w.ere a.dclcga-.
tion     and  on  further urging stated
that   I hey  were'from  Nanaimo-.-
������Ah," said -Air. Marpole. sagaciously, "I have'heard ofthe place I
know it on account pf a Reverend
Hughes, who did something .there
a while ago, _I believe.*' -,.,, . ,<
' The delegation admitted that he
did, and Air. Marpole connived^.
v "Used to mine coal at Nanaiino,
didn't you-r' \   lb.-'   -,\"-jv'.     >*
Again  the 'delegation\acqiiicsccd.;'~
"I" believe  our   new .road   reaches'
down as far as there, doscn't it, ,or,
do you people go to Ladysmith     to
take the train?'*- ,   ���        ,   ,-
way (,Iie;other side of-th'e diuide, and
in a burst of 'confidence; added'
/i'he- ��� road-- leads to a worked-out
.1'H"e. /M'd. At- iX.Aery. likely the. C.P.
tl. might buy it."
-Air. JVIaipole thanked the/committee and lighted his pipe. The delegation I'tirtlier '.informed Afr. Alarpole1
that there was watsr in ,thcir harbor
��� n tact, that it was on the seacoast,
and that Nanaiino would consent to
have the C. P. R.riin a fast- boat
across, transfer height, etc. Again
the. genial superintendent (thanked Mie
delegation and boweif thsm out, remarking that if thei fine weather continues, he would be getting in his
garden  spoils  nevt  week.
Tflic commitlee, on their'way home,
diew "up their report,-which was on
the Iine.5 given above,' and' now all
Nanaimo rejoices, for .tlisy - have bad
,a delegation and a report,' and, now ,
Hie C.P.R.'wilfundoubtedly, do' as
they think will be-best for the O.I*.
li.- They will put on: "boats 'arid*
trains-to--meej_ Uie'treiiuiremciits". ,of
uapid-tninsit.- It will"oto'lst1 likely be'
via Ladysmith, but in any case
(Associated  Press Despatches.) '
New  York, Feb.  25.���A  Baltimore
despatch to the Tribune says:      Dr
Win.  Osier returned  from  New Yon-
today (Friday) and appeared surprised over the discussion cavsed  by his
statement that a man's creatiie usefulness began to decline when he was
forty.  ,
"I meant just what I said, but its
, ARK.
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Hot Springs, Ark., Feb. 25.���This
city was visited by a disastrous fire
today, entailing- a'loss estimated at
,���.1,000,000. Three or more lives are
reported to have been lost. The fire
started,at a.30 o'clock-this morning
in the Grand Central hotel, at Central Avenue and Chappel street, in
the northern part of the city. A high
disgraceful,  the  fuss  news- apers  are  wind   was  blowing and the     flames
making about it," said the doctor.
'"1 know there are exceptions, but
they only serve to illustrate, the rule.
I have spent some time writing an
Ans" ('Hie ciisis of.-fortv yuars)
wihieh will prove-what I say.  I have
quickly spread to the south and
west. Ihe Plateau hotel, the Hotel
Aldody, thc Gamier flats and several
lodging hptises were quickly destroyed. The lire department rendered
geo'l service until six o'clock, when
not yet finished the essay, anil I have   the water pressure gave'wit and the
been years in accumulating tlie facts
it -contains. As to cholrolorming
incn at 60, it was only a pleasantry"
and the doctor laughed heartily, "I'
was quoting from A'nthony Trollope's
story 'The Fixed reiiod,' which-" is
hinged on the cholorforming, of old
men of 60," *
(Associated   Press  Despatches.)
London, Feb. 25.���The House cf
Commons, during a short session yesterday  debated    the  amendment    of
threatened area was left 'to the mercy
ot the flames. ������~ '���
Duffie's general store, one of    the
largest in  the city,  is a total   loss.
A Lo.it J 00 houses were destroyed before  the  (lames  were checved.     The
district between     Ouachita    Avenue
and Prospect street was swept by the
flames. More  than 2,000- people     are
homeless.    Fortunately  the  cold weather has passed and spring-like temperature prevails.    The streets   are
filled  with  merchandise taken  front
stoics in  the threatened districts.
'The charred bodies of three women are reported to have been found m
the ruins of the Grand Central hotel.
will -l�� beneficial "for" both Nanaimo
Ladysmith''"aiid al'-'the towns along
thc line.
Mr.  Channing,   (Liberal)   to  the   ad-'.    A'fler the water pressure gave out
dress in leply to the speech   from the   bucket brigades were formed      and
throne calling attention  to  the     de- j,undreds of citizens and visitors vol-
population of the rural districts��� and^untcere(-   their-" sen vie ?s. -    At. nine
the necessity for" promoting  the'cul-   O'ciock the fire was still burning, biit
itjtivation of land and encotu aging the  was-pronounced to be under control.
Last Sunday  toienooii-as  tin.*  fast
sprinting from. Nanaimo   to LadysnuUi
was under' way by Jim Afolineaux-ife
vas accompanied  by pacers  who aie
resident.-, of     Ladysmith.'   As     one*
would  drop  out at different poifits a
new man would set tlie pace.   It is
not certain   which  partrcular man it
vvas along the Nanaimo rivar section'
who set the pace,  but it is belie.e.l
to be Angus Mokiifnon.  lie wore ���" a
stripped-shut and  as AJulyneaux and
he were making fast tinis it is     not
strange' that a minister   who resides
in lhat section,  and who chanced, to
be on  the track and saw thc      two
men approaching, i took to the woods.
After the lanneis     had passed     the
minister,  acting  in  thc  interests' of
law and order as  all good  subjects .-'supports. -MacDonncll.^and   the  Earl
London; Feb. 25.���The Daily Chronicle's Dublin correspondent leains on
high authority that MacDonnelll-
Vv'ynhitam correspondence included in
a Tetter horn King Edward which
was omitted in the reading of the
letters iu parliament" Wednesday
night and ad dressed-/'The-King'..', - is
gieatly interested in'MacDonnell's Irish, work, -which' he-does not wish to"
be interrupted and for that reason
counselled AlacDoiinell's non-aecept-
tance of,' the - post of Governor 'to
Bombay. According".to the United
Irishmen, newspaper, the king has set
his heart upon an Anglo-American alliance arrd for that reason is anxious
to" concilliate Ireland.   Therefore   he
igricultural   industry   generally.   Tin-
amendment was  defeated  by  211     to'1
1C5 votes.   The House  tl-ou  adjoin lied . ,
Francis    Allison Channing, member
for. East  Northamptonshire,   lefened
J. H. Hawthornthwaite, M. P. P.,
to above,, was formerly president of will  address   the  regular educational
the  Land  Reform   Association     and meeting in the Crystal  theatre, Vic-
is  in favor of a national  system    of toria,   Sunday  evening  at  8  o'clo.:'*'.
education,   shoriqr    hours   of     labor, Subject,      "Working    Class  Politics,
etc. and  the Political Situation."
(Associated  Press Despatches.)
Dover, Eng.,     Feb. 25.-The third
Russian Pacific squadron, commanded
by Rear Admiral NcbogatofT,  passed
here this morning heading westward
Tokio, Feb. 25.���The, German steam
er    Sevcrus, bound for Vladivostok
with a cargo of Cardiff coal,       was
seized yesterday.
New Chwang, Feb. 25.���It is announced that a cavalry detachment of
.300 Russians was routed at Liuchia
Wopu, IJ miles south-west of Hsin-
mingtun, on the evening of February
23. The Russians scattered in the
direction of Hsingmintnn.
New Chwang is hill of rumors of
an impending battle upon the nun
River. The unusually warm weather
will probably lead to active military
About 300 Russians were again re-
portet! at a small village north of
Niu Chiang on the night of Feb. 23,
crossing the Liao river. This morning foreigners residing here were
warned not to venture to the north
bank oMhe Liao, owing to the activity of scouting parties on both sides
R'.'f-sian agents clothed as Chinese
are everywhere.
Tokio,     Feb.  25.���Th?. Diet today
passed a law_ authorizing private railways      to   mortgage  their , property
abioad.    "   ' '
In Opening Fire  on  the   Hull
Fishing Fleet iin  the
'North Sea
International  Commission    An-
nounces This  Decis
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Paris,   Feb.   25.���Thc  international
Commrssion on the North Sea incident finds that "The opening of   fire
by Admiral     Rojcstvensky wajs not
The  decision  of  the  international
commission of inquiry into the North
Sea incident  was publicly announced
at the closing session of the commission      today.   The decision lengthily
sets  forth  the circumstances and  incidents and gives the opinion of the
admirals on  the various  points      in-
vohed.   The decision says that delay
of the Russian transport Kamtohat-
ka,  following  the breaking  down of
her     machinery,     was psrhaps the
cause  of the incident. The commander of the Kamtchatka signalled to
Admiral Rojestvensky during the evening that he had been attacked   by
torpedo  boats.     The admiral  therefore had reason to believe he     was
attacked and gave orders for strict
vigilance against  the  possible       approach of torpedo boats.
Tbe      majority of the commission
considers      that Admiral Rojestvens-
ky's  orders ware not excessive      in
time of war,-particularly under   the
circumstances,   and  that he had ev
sian commissioner did not share in
the latter opinion.   "In any event,"
the decision continues,"  the commis-
sioneis  are glad  to  recognize unanimously that     Admiral Rojestvensky
personally did all he could, from the
commencement     to the end, to prevent the trawlers from being the object of, fne by the Russian- squadron"
Concerning the squadron's proceeding without assistiiig the damaged
trawlers,  the decision says: ���������
"The commissioners are unanimous
under the circumstances preceding and
following  the     incident,' that there
was sucji uncertainty concerning tha
danger  to the squadron as  to warrant   Admiral   Rojestvensky   in  continuing his route.    However, the majority regrets  that   the admiral    did
not inform the neighboring maritime
powers of what had occurred."
Thc decision concludes as follows-
"The,    commissioners declare that
their  views,  as  formulated,  are* not
of     a nature to cast any disrespact    -
upon the military valor nor upon tha
sentiments  of humanity  of   Admiral
Rojestvensky  and  the  personnel     oE
his squadron."
Mukden, Feb. 25.���An action in the
ery leason to consider the situation   ceilter waS opened at 3.30 this morn
should do, ��'3nt a hurried message"
to the ..Nanaimo police. "Two of
your escaped criminals' crossed .Nanaimo river at 9.45. They;'were
.strongly built,.men dressed iii prison
clothes, and carried hard looking fac-
��� Wolverhampton,  Eng-," Feb- 25.���Sir
Henry Irving passed a good night the
bulletin of his plijsician says,     and
his c.onifi'tiui  today   is  markedly   improved.
 :0 .	
Santo Domingo,   Feb.  2').���Nothing
positively   is   known lie re of   Iii     lot
assaseinate President Morales.    Some
suspicious   persons   have  been   arrested as a precaution.   The report of tho
conspiracy  was  based  on  a despatch
' received 'by . tin 3  authorities;        The
country is quiet. v
. o '������������
Sections Which Cause the Discussion are Pointed Out as
of Dudley against the cabinet.
.Constantinople,. Feb.   25.���i Advices
from Batoum say the prefect of the
police anh several leading merchants
'of that city have been assassinated,
and that number of Ottoman subjects have been murdered by t Georgian strikers. "'The Porte has drawn
the attention of the Russian Embassy Lo the situation and the latter
has promised the necessary protection. Revolutionary-manifestations
in-favor of a republic axe being
carried broadcast in Batoum. The
movement is not confined to the city
.workers,, but;' has many adherents
among the peasants and agricultural
Tiiere  was a young   woman  from Tu- classes; who claim that the. land ow-
rin ; .-
Who  vowed   that  her  love,   was    en;
And  she blowed   his last cent;
-43he caught an old  gent
A divorce the O.G.  is securin'.
Fifteen hundred   New -York'- I'-d're-
men     have been  put throi'sdi  pistol
practise hy an expert f      'I he -c ort
places but .seventy-five of" them  v."thin the score of good     T!ia''kmai:s"iijv.-
The other fourteen hundred nnd twenty-five arc supposed  to kill  tYdr victims by throwing their chests out ut
ners are treating them as serfs. The
whole of the Cauoa'ssus is said to be
seething ..with disaffffectian. Armenians, Jews, and pcople-of other na-
tionali-lies and creeds arc aiding the
strikeis, who'appear  to he acting un
der   orders
of a  committee  at   St.
'Trs done at last and.done right well.
The fight was long but fair.
The Russians say Port Arthur fell.
'Twas pushed,  the Japs declare.
Xhe Discussion is Adjourned Until Next Monday, When it
Again Comes Up
An Act to Amend  the Coal Alines   Regulation   Act.
His Majesty, by and with the   advice  and  consent   of   the   Legislative
Assembly of the  Province of  British   Columbia,   enacts  a.s* follows:
1. This Act may be cited as the "Coal Alines Regulation Act, Amendment Act, 1905."
2. The Coal Alines Regulation Act, being chapter 13S of the Revised
Statutes, 1897, is hereby amended by adding thereto the following sections:
"23c. Any owner, agent or manager, or anyone act ing in their behalf, who employs or detains underground in any coal mine any person
for longer period than eightx hours from hank to bank in every twenty-
four'trours shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars
nor less than twenty-five dollars for each person so employed or detain
"23d. Any miner, mine laborer or underground laborer who works
undergeourrd in any mine for a longer period than eight hours from be.nk
to lank in every twenty-four hours shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding- one hundred  dollars  nor lass   than twenty-five.
" "Provided always, that these penalties shall not apply where any miner, mine laborer, or underground wor ler has been employed' or detained
underground for a longer period than eight hours from hank to bank in
any twenty-four hours owing,.to the .'occurrence of an accident, or ift endeavoring  to save or   protect human   lire.
"23E.    'Twenty-four hours,'  for the  purpose  of this   Act,   shall  mean
from midnight to midnight." ***
Section  23c of the bill was killed in committee.
Section 23d is objected to by the Nanaimo mine management on the
ground that ''from bank to tank" should, in fairness, read from bottom of mine to bottom of mine,, as lhe process of raising men andiow-
ering them"' in caa��;s is necessarily slow. The same trouble dees not apply at Extension, as all men can go in at the stope and come out the
same.    The debate or.  the  bill     has been  adjourned  until   next  Monday.
It is generally thought that section 23d will also he Rill3-d.    T[ so,  there
is-  nothing objectionable, to the corn-panics jn the bill.    It  is,   of course,
understood  that   the   hill  this       act proposes      to amend  is  the regular
eight-hour     Coal Alines Act,  passed last year, and which is to come     in
force in June. *<����
St. Petersburg, Feb. 25f���A telegram from Iluan Mountain, Alarrchu-
ria, dated yesterday,, says: The Russian reconnaisances in force in the
Tsinkholeher district compelled the
Japanese to bring nine battalions
and twelve guns into action. The
gradual advance of the Japanese in
that distiict continues causing our
outposts to withdraw fighting to
their  main  positions.
On Feb. 22.���We had two officers
and sixty-two. men wounded. All is
quiet elsewhere at the front with the
exception of thc usual exchange of
St. Petersburg, Feb, 25.���General
Kuropatkin, in a despatch dated Feb.
23rd,; sends a report* that twenty
Japanese torpedo boats and a large
warship are an their way to Vladivostok.
The decision says:
"The commission recognize unanimously that the fishing fleet committed no hostile act and the majority
of the commissioners being of thc
opinion that there were not, neither
among the fishing boats, or in their
..Vicinity, a torpedo boat, the opening ,��������-,
of fire by Admiral Rojestvensky was   near Wartao Mountain.   Collisions be
ing "with seige guns. * The -firing-   of
field  guns continued  throughout    the
day ,
Tokio. Feb. 25.���The Russians shelled Litajeiitunand and Chenchiepao
yesterday. On the same day they
burned    and    abandoned Chchsunpao,
not justified."
twecn  scouts  and  rcconnoitering per-
The decision further says the Rus-   ties continue.
Vice-Admiral  Lord  Charles   Bcres-
ford openctl recently     at Davenport
the Victoria Memorial hall, an    extension of Aliss Weston's Royal Sailors' Rest, which Iras been erected at
a cost of . ��25,000.    Observing  that
the comfort     of the n.en  was _uoce
sttiJied than when he catered th   si- -
vice,  he" said  that nowadays  officers
were -iot heard  using  bad   language
to the men, cursing and swearing sind
driving.    The  men  got  their   ei.-.ers
clearly and   were splendidly  loyal in
obeying them    That was  his. experience of the service.   Irr thc old days
much of the dissatisfaction  in     the
navy was due to the fact that there
vvas no care taken of the men ashore,
and he had seen lmn in 1859       and
thereabouts    coming    oil    shamming
drunk because it was the fashion. All
that was now altered.
"With  regard   to  leave  in   the Meet
which   I-commanded,"   added      Lord
Charles, "I let the men go ashore on
every available  opportunity.  The  result is  that  the men loyally backed
me up, and I have no breaking leave.
That is  very creditable to the  men,
and  very satisfactory to me.       The
men see that 1 wish to give them all
the value.possible in consideration of
the service,  and they amply reward
me by coming oil to their ships and
not letting other men do their work.
Authority     has   been  doing   a great
deal  for the lower deck, and will do
more as time goes on.
"Germans,   Americans,   and  Japanese had all sent, personally  and individually to Aliss Weston to know how
she and Aliss Winty. ran these institutions,   and  all   those countries  had
started institutions on thc same lilies
as the, Portsmouth,  Devenpc.rt     and
Kcybam sailors' rests.   Thc navy wa.s
fortunate  in  having such   deservedly
popular  frisnds  as  these  two  ladies, |
who were so well beloved."
Many Armenians Killed at Baku,    Strike
in   Poland Causes Great Anxiety
Railroad Trouble in Southern Russia   As'
sumes Even  More Serious
St. Petersburg, Feb. 25.���The reports today both from Poland and
the Caucusus are very disquieting.
Owing to lack of direct telegraphic
communication  witn  many  places    in
the Cacasusses  verification of      the
countless rumors afloat is impossible
but it is positively known that      .1-
.most a reign of terror exists in  the
territory  between  the  Caspian     arrd
Black  Seas.    Private  vengeance    ba>
glutted the streets of Baku, Batoum
ami Tiflis with dead Armeanians and
Alussulmans     The reports,  hovve.er,
of the capture     of the Russian garrison and of the firing of the Black
Sea fleet in Poti, etc.,  are not confirmed.    In  Poland  the strike situation is once more assuming a critical
stage and it is feared the authorities
may again  be forced  to accept \ io-
lent measures.
The railroad strike situation       in
southern Russia is also more serious.
Traffic on half a dozen roads has b;ci
stopped, causing still further diificul-
tres   in  the  transportation  of  grain
and coal and  bringing business to a |
standstill.    Over  150,000 carloads  of
grain await  movement  in  the Volga
distiict  and  several   hundred   thousand 'tons of coal  for the iron     and
steel manufactures cannot be budged
from   the  Dinetcski colleries.   Added
to  this  is the danger Agrarian government among the peasant of some
(Associated Press Despatches.)
of;' the northern provinces as a result
of the circulation  of the report that
the Emperor on March 4th will issue
a manifesto     providing for a general
division of lands, which has been the
dream  of peasants ever since     their
emancipation.   In St.   Petersburg the
worjinen  are in a constant state   of
agitation.   The employers are unable
to deal  wilh thc men, who walk out
and  resume work on alternate days.
There arc now over -10,000 men idle
and walking the streets.
Buda Pest, Feb. 25.���Count Julius
Andrassy has returned here after another unsatisfactory audience with
the Emperor King at Vienna. ~Tho
jr-abuu-t crisis continues. Francis
Josy-h has, it is stated, declined to
entertain either the military or the
economic demands of the Independenc
Warsaw,  Feb.  25.���Contrary to expectations, the strike has not ended.
The engineers and  firemen  and     the
mechanics  employed   in  the  machine
sho; s at  Warsaw and  Zborow     are
dissatisled     with  the terms  offered,
and refuse to accept them. A   crowd
of strikers ("day prevented the     resumption  of  Ir.tin service which had
been arranged L. commence soon. -���������r-*���������'���������"���������'****-*  MS  i.JIJUl.I' i-l  1JLLSL  ��������� ��������� ���������Ji. .in *W  THE LADYSMITH LEDGER,';  Published   every day except Sunday  BY    TIIE    LADYSMITH  LEDGER  COMPANY.   .  and French Street.  Office corner of First Avenue  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  BO cents  a month;    J5 per year  advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication.  ne tended to Ikittcn aU cieatuies  down to ale\el, so that originality  was (piashed     A gieat deal of  II  .this  mis.href arose fiom ovr modern  DAILY iwa>'  *���������'  1,,blun" th,,,8s- 'WC WCre   S"  ; anxious  to  catch  time by  the  forelock  that we almost toicslhat  forelock.       The  object of all  this  mad  nisli  was  lo make money before   we  died, either   fo spend  it ouisehes or  io lea\e it to oui   cluldien,  who   go  do-ubL  uo'ild  get rid of it  with the  jnosl      cheeilul   rapidity-    The  only  w.i\   lo li\c happy and healthy lues  was  to trv with     e.ery rnoiiunl of  om   lues  to accomplish something.  in  SATURDAY,  FEB. 25, 1005.  According to thc Nanaimo IleiaM  the delegation to in1������jr\iew Mr. M.U-  pole had a very kind reception and it  can he safely agreed.that they did  Mr. Marpole is at all times a gentleman, and if a delegation \rsitcd him  and asked him io use his inllencc lo  build an extension of the C I'.R to  thc moon he would talk the mallei  over wilh the committee and arrange  with them tui aught ot way and an  air grant. When the committee  would have unloaded themsehes, Mr.  Marpole would bow them out of his  office with the grace of a Chesterfield  and after icst and letreslimcnls,  would hid lhe doorkeeper let in the  next lot  What Mr. Marpole and his associa  tes do not know about the E   \-   N  Railway,   Vancouver  Island,   and the  best plan   to adopt  to male the Island road   fit into the gieat C.P.R.  system cannot be told them by a Nanaimo delegation.    Accoiding to the  Herald  the interview  was  most "satisfactory.    Yes1    But what did    Alr-  Marpole    say''       Why,  he evpiessed  himself as grcnly    interested.  What  else7   why he said he would .send o\-  er engineers  (o  thc Tsland and    they  would  look ovei   everything carefully  and leport.  The 0 P.R. do not need  Lo  !c   ic-  . minded   that the Tiansfer has     beci  running     steadily for the past thiee  yeats   between   Vancouver   and   Ladysmith,   that there has never been an  accident  or     more   than  tnl'.ing  delay;    that     it     is  about  34 miles  straight across,  being five miles le=s  than  to Nanaimo,  that  the inn from  Ladysmith is fifteen  miles  less  than  fiom  Nanaimo, and that it is lo cv-  pedialc travel between Vancouver and  Victoria that the propscd  fcny and  fast tiain sen ice will he put on.  All then.* things "Mi. "Marpole knows  a.nd a whole lot of other things that  we, not on  the inside, do not know.  For  instance*,  wc only know that it  -would  cost   a whole lot of money lo  build a lailway whail like the Transfer's company   now   owns  at   Ladv-  smith.    Hd 'hows just how      many  thousand  dollais  *-ucli  awhaif costs  Me knows about  what it  would cost  to fix. up  the old coal train the Herald speaks of for the C.P R. service,  or if he does not know, he docs not  care to  know.    But enough has  been  said.    When   the   C P.R    do> ido    on  their plans they wrll he made  to suit  them,   not   Nanaimo,   not   Ladysmitli,  ��������� and a������ llicy arc paving loi it no oiu  can blame them. We adiniie the Herald's taith m lutiucs, and its ability  lo make a \ery salisfactoiy interview out of a quiet talk at Air M&i-  pole's office bv a delegation. Meantime Ladysmith is sitting (jmclly enjoying it, for either a fast boat direct, or a fast tiain semce v. ill help  us out and we shall give the C.P.R.  permission to do as they think best.  THE  CORONER'S  VERDICT.  There was a young  man from Stam-  boul  Who  claimed   he could   tame a    wild  mule,  The (oione!   said,  When he felt of his head,  "This   man    must have  been  a    d���������n  fool'"  ���������Baltimore lleiald.  WAITED  FOR 'I'llK EXPERT.  ''j^jpllow ing   touching,   and   line  srn^N^ commended  lo some of our  Fust      Au'iiiic-      busii.css   men   who  faithfully  piomisc   to  he home early  and  aie-the  next  morning.  "M.ima, I'm so sleepy' Won't you  please tell mc a lairy story before I  i'j,  to bed?"  "No, my child, not now. Wait  long cno'igh and your father will  come home and  (ell us both one."  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PAflLORS  HIGH  STREET.  :���������:���������: Best in the Cifcy :���������:���������j  if.O. MILES  Contractor  and Builder  REPAIRING   of  all   kinds   promptly  attended to. ^.Shop on Gatacro    st.  The Kings Hotel is the only place  in Liulysmitli that has on draught  John Labatt's India Pale Ale. Call  around and sample it.  HENRY'S NURSERIES  NEW CROP���������  Ho nie Grcvi & Importe  GARDEN,  FIELD  and FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.     Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster Road,  Vancouver.  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  THE BEST OF    Esquimau & Nanaimo Railway  EVERYTHING       Tim*Tib" "������������������63'  For those who travel via  W.G. Fraser  Merchant   Tailor,  (ist Avenue)  I-'all Stock Just Arrived. Call early  sind ^ct your pick of the largest and best  stock in town.  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. M������, F.  0. E.     :���������:        :-:        :-:        :���������j  Meets lu the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President, B   Forcimmer;      Worthy  Secretary, C. H. Rumming!.  BARBER    SHOP   & BATH .ROOMS  The  ESPLANADE,   between the  Grand and Abbottsford,  William Powers,^ Prop.  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J. Wellinan, Prop., Vancouver.)  One hlock from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modalled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Qranville and.. Hastings  streets.  Telephone,  l-i.  F. McB.   YOUNG  BARRISTER and  solicitorI ::..  -    -    Ladysmith  Nanaimo  The City Market  R. Williamson, Prop.,  1st Ave,     Ladysmith  mnm-m-m-tmjr���������^"������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������W'l  The, Ladysmith  Opera House  Can be secured for Theatrical purposes, Dancing - Parties, or Entertainments generally.  D  NICHOLSON, Prop  2  Overlands  Daily,  2  Passengers can leave Victoria     at  i p m. or 11 p.m., and connect     at  Seattle with the Fast Mail, leaving'  at 8:03  a.m., the Flyer, leaving   at  .'am p.m.  Fntire new equipment oa each train  Thiough Palace Sleepers, Dinors  (meals a la carte), Tourist aad First*  Ch*ss Day Coaches.  For sleeper     reservations, folders,  rales and all information call on *r  address  S. G. YERKES K.J. BURNS  G.W.P.A., 75 Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  ESQUiriALT & NANAI/ib  RAILWAY CO.  Charlie Dunn"  Sc Gompany  MERCHANT TAILORS  Chailns Dvpn, of the above firm, visits Ladvsimth eyeiy Sunday foi the  puipo&e of taking measurements and     seeiinr cusl'-nicis    personally.   May  he seen at the Hotels.     We guarantee all stock am!  a perfect fit at   the  lowest  possible lates.      Hand made    suits fi.-m  Sin ������0-up.  19  Store Street,  Corner  Gormoranl stu-U,  VICTORIA,  B. C.  THERN  PACIFIC  TICKET   OFFICE  and   Yates  St:, ,  Cor.   Government  \iolona, 15. C-  Three  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  CORKL.LI   ATTACKS   EDUCATION  Miss  Marie (,'orelli,   lecturing      at  Northampton      recently   on   "Work,"  said   that   among      all   the   blessings  ���������which the Creator had showered     so  liberally  on  mankind   there  was      no  greater 'blessings   than   work,   and ili-j  man who was fond of his work .possessed  the germ  of success,  nnd   with  ���������him lav the true possibilities of power.        ' ���������  I     M        ''  ��������� There     was     a   good deal ot folk  adopt   cducalion   nowadays,   but    the  fact  seemed   to   he   I bat   when  there  ���������was  no  compulsory  education     much  better  work  was  (lone, .bouses were  better      built,   and   furniture    more  strongly made.   The brick  and  a. half  architecture of  today, could  not compare  wilh  the solidly built houses of  tbe lGth  century.   Though  we     had  plenty  of  schools  of  art  we bad   no  great  British .artists.   Though  everyone was supposed to read  and   write  we had  no 'ureal'.   British  writers  to-  dav,    such  as      Shakespeare,   Scott,  Thackeray,   or  Dickens, -who all    be-  10-cd to the age when education was  HAY, 0AT5, MILL FEEDS  SHIPMENTS DIRECT FROM VICTORIA,      VANCOUVER    OR     THE  FRASER  RIVER. WRITE US FOR QUOTATIONS.  Brackman.Ker  Willing Co., Ltd  Daily, except Sunday, between Nanaimo and Vancouver, leaving Nanaiino at 7 a.m., and Vancouver' after  arrival of C.P.R. tiain No. 1 or 1  p.m.  For information  regarding  freight  and passenger ratal apply to purser  on- board.  GEORGE L.  COURTNEY,  Traffic Manager, Victoria, B. C.  TAKING  EfTir'alCT WEDNESDAY,  OCT. 6TH..  Northbound '   Sail thbeuaa Nertneeuad        '   Sai. Sun. Sautho'd  Leave Daily Arrive   Leave     aad Wed.       ,-Arrlre  am.   p. m. p. u.   p. u.  Victoria  '..... J    ..   ���������:#Q 12:M . Vicfexia 3:M    7:H  Shawuigaa Lake .../..'.." .... -..  10:2������18:4������ Shawaigai Lake*.... 4.2*- ������'*���������  Duucaas  ..rf   ll:Mlft:������2 Duncan 7... "HMO   S'M  Ladysmitk. ....' ....          11:57   9:lf Ladysmith   ������:I2    4.M  Nanaimo .c       .. ,   12:40 ; t:2������ Naaainie   8.42    8:1������  Ar.  Wellington    ... ..' 12:53 Lv 3:M Ar WeMiogtw .. ������:5������ de *:M  THROUGH TICK ETS TO CROF/TON.  Via.Westhola. Stage leaves daily except-Sundays, connecting with North  and South bound trahte: .DeuUe sta 'go "service Wednesdays hnd Saturdays  connecting  with  mocttiag and afternooa ftiraths. "Fare free*.. Victoria, Stogie J2.4*.    Return, S3.������V. v  THROUGH1 TICKETF VICTORIA TO ALBERNI.  Stage leaves Ncniaime Tuesdays  and Fridays on arrival oi trafe it������m  Victoria.    Fare  from  Victoria,, single $5.2*1 -Return (MS.  Hccursion rates in ofiect ,to- all p oints,. good going Saturday aud Sunday, returning sot "later than Mondday.  OfiO. L. COURTENAY.  Traffic Manager.  THE TYEE COPPER'CO., Ltd.  PURCMA3BRS AND 4MELTCR3 OP COPPER, GOLD AND  ( ' ' SILVER ORBS.  Smelting \STbrlcni at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Oooveolentto B. 4V N. Ry. or th* Sea  I  | CLERMONT- LIVilsSTOR,  1   /       fiiHral Miiigir,  %  i.  1  THOS. KIDDIE.  Sneltir Manager.  ^i^M^!UMItMVM1tM*tM*tMiA0f^  W. SILER.  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WwRK PROMPTLY n������-* '���������  , Loare ordera at theiAbbbteford. -  QEORQE YUEN  Merchant, Tailor  i *���������  AU kinds of clothing, cleaned and  repaired.  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and making to order   a  r  speciality.  rrtOHAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B- C.  PATENTS  DESIGNS  TRAOE-MARKS    '  AND COPVUIOHTk  OBTAINED       4  ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY ������DCE i  KoUce in " Inventive Ag������ "     pi PK ������������������ ������������������ ]  Book "How to obtain Patents" I   ������������������sinlni 1  Gorges moderate. No fe������ till patent iasecored.  Letters strictly confidential.   Addreaa,       .  G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, WatMngion, D.C.J  One of which is the famous "North  Coivst Limited," Rule on it always.  Up-to-date Pullman and Tounst  blccpcib mi all trams. Tlnoiigli tickets issued to all paints East and  South, also Pullman tickets issued  and   licit lis ieser\cd.  Only direct route to Yellow stone  r.iLic Cheap iv.tes from all points  [���������".istl fioln i\laac|i 1st to.rMia'y'lflth.  Steamship   ticlvct..  on   sale to     all  Euiopcan   points Very   low   rates  now in  cllccl.    Cabin accommodation  resmprl hv wire  Fn-r fnith.-r   pai' iclars call  at the  oil. or phone No. 45fi.  .\. IT r'AKi/rON, C. E. LANO  A.f! P -\.,   \TP., General   Apent  Portland,  Ore. Victoria,  BC  WARD'S-'MfAT   MARKET  ���������***������a9=  ON ROBERTS STRSET.  Oulj  First  Class  M������ats are    supplied our Customers.  We will treat you ritjlit.  x*x������x������X9X������x������x������x������x������x������x*x������x������x������x������x������x������x������X9xrx������Xf  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  X EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY.  I      DAVID JOHNSON  | PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  Ladysmith  Temple No.  5  Rathbone  Sisters meets  in  the Oddfellow's hall  2nd   and  -itli   Tuesday  at  7.30   p.   m.  Mrs.   Kate Tate,  secretary.  IvSa  mPSOW.  Solicitor,   Etc.  m  \V. "Munsik, Secretary. John W. Cobuxv, \In  Telephonel46.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles a Specialty.  ���������Manufacturer!    of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of th������ Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring    nnd Finishing    Lumber la   Stock.  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH  WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  The Bank of British Columbia  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Capital Paid up          $8,700,000  Rest .....:..     3,500,000  Aggregate  resources   exceeding     ... 91,000,000  Hou. Geo. A. Cox, President B.   E.   Walker,   General   Manager.  LONDON OFFICE,  60 LO MBARD ST,  E.  C,  The Hank has 109 Branches well    g in British Columbia and the Yukon  SKS-at  >*** *;.jV^  --, v   \   ;i������**^  -^      t^*-i*r  1st Avenue  LADYSMITh  PAINTING,  lone  divinest  ot  of  education  not  compulsoly.    Poetry,  the arts, was almost dead.  Our  present     system  was disastrous in  one reject,     he-  cause of its tendency to depress and  cramp rather than  encourage the aspiring .student.   Its  mechanical rou-  PAPEk  litC.  and  elsewhere,  Territory  AT LIN  including the folio vin distributed  throughout  the Dominion  GREENWOOD  NANAIMO  OEA-  DAW  r r;ooK  HANOINQ,  NEW YORK  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and residence in rear  of  Ladysmith   Hotel.  J. E. SMITH, Prop.  VANCOUVER  "       EAST END  KAM LOOPS NEL^OrV VICTORIA  LADYSMITH N. WESTMINSTER      WHITE   BORSE  Branches in the United Statea  SAN FRANCISCO      PORTLAND     SEATTLE     8KAGWAY  Every description of -banking busi noss transacted.   Letters of credit on  any part of tb������ world. ' ������������������������������������  Savings Bank Departmpnt  Deposits of one dollar c: 1.00) and  upwards received and interest allowed at  Depositors are   subjected to no delay in depositing   or  ���������*aRe  OVLT  ark  In'"'T-Jta World!  Don't be satisfied to work  along in the same old way  for low wages. We can  help yoil "carve out a successful career. Thousands  have increased their salaries  by following- our plan. We  can train you in spare time,  and " at small cost, for any  of the following positions:  Michifiic-J, Bcetrleil, Stwri, Civil,  Mining Engteier;   tl-ctrWMj  ^rifyfr;  Architect; Draftsman; BookieBpir; StM-  ographer;   Teacher;   S^w-Cirri   WrUirj  Window Dresser; or Ad Writer.  Write TODAY, stating whJPb P9il������  tion interest! yon, to  INTERNATIONAL  Correspondence    School"  Box 799, SCRANTON. PA.  OK UUOI OOB IiOCAIi BM������������IMT1TIY������ I  LADYSMITH   BAKER Y  ���������*    i * J  ���������N THE BSPLANAIB.  PASTRY OF ALL KIN1S NBATLY  PAKK) AND VRPSH.  IRE AD FIVE CENTS PER LfAF  Cnnfectionaty: of aH Wneta.,  frtintf IdkfP mi<**Hm* to on ���������>  Urncoi at any tin**.  > ^   '  Paaeteria Ladyaniith Btnlanada  ���������Selena... ���������: nan* - * P*1*-** ���������������"������-���������*--  aenepre kesco Pan* ' ������i������|U* ; ������1*.  Hum..  Ordini distrinuttl qua! naqut) -eartn  del  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent beardeis.and lodgers.  GRAND    HOTEL  This new Hotel lias been comfortably furiiKsI'cd and the bai is up-to-  date. Rales U.OO a day and _up-  wards.  REDUCTION IH PRICES AT  J. J. ���������jTHOMAS'   SIORti  . ������N HIGH STREET.  BvfrybfMly ia Ladynniith known we  eafry a Orst elafia line' of gooaa.  *r-* 'we muBtreduee our stoek  ��������������������������� e)f Men's anV Boy'n cloth  *������������������ Jag j^t: 7 6$oo. Sasfota't)  ���������-.��������� olotbing it well known. We  ���������������������������- will give 25 per c������nt ������B>  *-*��������� oo regular rates unti, fur-  ��������������������������� ' flier netlce  .  CALL AND SEE US. '  We oarry STRAUSS' OVERALLS  naad nuuio, guaranteed, and the cele-  lerated BIS     HORN OVERALL on  ���������sal*.  AT THOMAS'     STORE.  Esplanade  WM. REVpRTDJJB, Prop,  iiade :���������:'':���������:':���������:':���������: tiady  y smith  EUROPE HOTXL  J. GIACHHRO, Pren.  Newly   furul^ed,   eVeryUiing   tht  best, finely stocked har.  ,  Transltnt  rate, ti.oQ per day.. .MeathJVy r������tt>  First AveBiit . . . LaMysnilth. B. O.  -'������������������'��������� ��������� "������������������" ' *     ' ��������� ' **"  THE JONES HOTEL  (Sit Belkr Per Bay.  .���������too* Tabb, Geea Bed aad ������o������d Bar  (Half Ble-ok Iron Depot.)  )      T ' *(i ii l, 4 i  HOH STRH^T, - . - i,ABYMifTH  *"W  ���������^9-l^SW-^  Dr- W. J. Quinlan  DENTIST  Steveni Block; Ladyemith, B. C.  Pentietry in all Ue brancbei; etei-y new  app'ianre,  RATB8 %1J��������� PRE DAY.  SAMK.it ROOM8  BARftUPPUED WITHlBBe  WINUS, UQUOnS, CIGAKS  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  i  Betlaceomodatien in town.   Splendid honking and flihing in near vioinity.  A.J. ATcMURTRIB, Proprietor '���������������������������     LApyj|Al|Ttf ? B.^j  current     rates,  withdrawing funda  LADYSMITH BRANCH  W. A. CORNWALL,  Manager.  PAY -(SCHOOL  Usual  subjects  taught;  also      languages,  drawing  in  pencil and crayons,  paint ng in oils and water col-  ���������rs, pianoforte &nd vocal lessons gir-  en in classes er individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B. C.  ���������git-aig-*-^^  VMy Pwt'lnWtomxr, |������ it?1 ������0 Piiot  ���������.���������������������������.,v    -eubilahfa   Oi* 'fullfft   telegraphte  ���������-������������������������?���������.%������ ������?? pjirti < tfee ���������rtti4..  All the state and local newa. -Dairy  aad Sunday edition, 76o pet month.  ���������tasty Ptst-li-tlllleoeer, 40 U16 Pntm  The la-*f*ent and moet eemplete Bum  f   0  A*? P*t������r aotth ef San Vranolaoe.,  V ^  Bpeelal dapar^menta at 4itet������tnx������������  ^        ot faahfaa, oi wemea'e new*.    Stun*  ������*y ������UtUa, SS.OO p������r yea*  T������!t������ ��������� Wtth I^Ot-i1r4*|I1|������*KV  441 tht P������w������ ef the week In oondae,  detailed form. Tax TWICli A  WVOK BDITION IS THB TEST  TWICE A. WBraC PAPER TUBi'  ���������LXSHBS.Oir THB PAOXPIO COAST.  Write tot ���������ample oopyand Ike ooa-  Tlnced. Suheorlptlaa price, f LOv  ."per year., ���������  All PwJtaafttert Wlil Take SuWcrlBtltM  P0ST-lNTiLLie^NCE2 C��������������� Seattle; Wash.  .S. P. WESTON, 'Btulnets Manager.'  II  ��������� K<t \<^K%x^^i:^a^ji^  y LAErt������M]TE 1EFGER  VhYSAOPRB-  VENTLYJSCH1NG  as  Chicago,     Ills.,     Feb. -2-L���������A des-  Itch to the Tribune Irofn "Jackson,,  liss.,   says:   ^While   hundreds '    di  |iite men are systematically pearch-  the house of every negro in   the  iy, hunting for a cdloretl man who  [tacked a'young while woman with  "avo'-ted intention .of burning him  deat^ Governor  Vardaman   '  is  ^rking hard  lo  prevent  a lynching  the capital city;'of thc State.  [When thc news of the crime reach-  hiin the governor sent friends all  ler tiie town  telling--them to-phad  |th every man  they met'to.allow  fc law to take its cour e.      Then,  nrging     up  and ' down thc. main."  feet, .he  expostulated   with   every  |jup of men on' the corners.-   The  i-ernor saw his  sli'orls were likely  rprovc  unavailing  and  finally went  |th   the  rapidly   increasing   mob   to  court house, where, according to  [nors,   the  young  woman's   assail-  -Was under gv.ard.     The  reports  [re unfonnded,  hut the"mol> rcfi:std  ['believe the sheriff and began male-  threatening  demonstrations. (  Irovernor Vardaman. after,.instruct-  the sherili''"and his deputies     to  Vend the prisoner to the last, if he  Inild he, brought to them,  mounted  step's  and  addressed  thc   crowd.  |-"' declared the law piovided fit and  jper. punishment,  assured .the citi-  of Jackson" that theie would bo  ff delay  in carrying  it into  cf'cct,  pleaded "with them  to  allo-v the  to take its course.   Thc^gover-  I'oli'ered to^pay '$500"for tho arrest  fthe negro, provided he was dcliv-  alive to the authorities.    /. _  he local militia company-has been  jjred out and under the GovernorV.  Clonal  direction will be used.   to_  fleet the prisoner ii he is captuL-  Miss Alamic Alarshall,  who was  lacked" by  the  negro, ' was- beaten,  |o "insensibility  and  may  die fiom,  injuries.  IV     .later  despatch   from , Jackson  s   The  excitement   aroused" over .  assault on  Miss Mamie Marshal *  'ancgro continues, its efi'ect being,  ghtened by  the burning of a negco  jich  early  today. The- llamcs  are.  hcved   to have  been  of .incendiary  A  negro  with  blood on.,   his'  drawn. This is known usually  iioiiiton Applique, and is-simply the  ilorritbn spiays sewn ,011 to' a bobbin  net.., So-called Honiton Point:- is  merely a br������iid or tape lace which is  made by machinery and knotted together byr hand. It" is quite unworthy  of the proud name' it tears, and cannot compare in any respect with the  real  l-toiiiton pillow Tace.   o :   RATS AND TELEPHONE.     .  "To crriist rats" in the coriitruoiion  01" telephone systems may sound em-  1-rracal     to  the    electrical  engineer,  Uit- we" have;   it-on theauthotiry of  of  Sound   Wave's  that     the familiar  pest has   ' been found a valuable assistant     iii\   this work,!'  say's the  Scientific  American supplement.   "rlo  stimulate,   hovyever,   it .is  necessary,  to   introduce his -traditional   enemy,  the ferret.   Then thc precess is simple,  'ihe subterranean tubes, for  the  reception of the cables having   been  laid,  a rat  is let  loose at the "starting  point/'Having run  a little way,  a trained  ferret,  with a string to his  leg, is turned in after him.   The tubes run into     manholes at intervals,  and the rat, furtively glancing back,  sees   (he glaiing eyes of his arch-foe  rapidly advancing:        By the end of  the section; of thc tube the rat ". 'is  either overtaken  or     falls into the  manhole, and then another rat is"rc-  oi!i-"-'i'-fj  in run another  block.      At  the ei.d of aach section the-string is  -removed from the ferret's leg,.and a  Mnall  rope,   which  is  then attached-1  to  the other end of the string,     is  hauled through."     '     '  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  Leave orders with  BLAIR &  ADAM,   ������;r\������Fu  All work first-class at THE CHRY  STAL, VICTORIA.  unlimited supply of true Burns' chairs  and that it' actually secured six,  none ^of which is believed to have  seen the poet's cottage., So many  "autlienlic cups" and mugs are to  Le found scattered up and down the  country that even the convivial Habits of Burns will not explain them.  o   PORE'S  POOR RELATIVES.  Pope Pius X. does not believe     in  nepotism.   A .brother of his is a postal clerk at Mantua, one of his sisters Keeps a tavern at Riese,  another does tailoring at Tal/.ano, a third  keeps a store.    The two "sisters who  used  to do his ho&sc-kceping followed him to Rome.   They do not li.e  in the Vatican, however,  but have a  few rooms in a, quiet part of thc city,  where they do their own work.*'Ihey  cannot call  on th'j  lope, without previously, notifying  Hi-deli,  the maestro di easa.  ig,n*  fthes and scratches on his lace has  |>n ai rested and'tlie police believe  lit-they" have the riglit man.".--The  o%t by Governor Vardcman.  *  DROPPED      DEAD.,,.'...;.''   . .'*  ' Sherbrookc,  Ont.'  Feb.   25���������While  talking-to D. Williams;;a division engineer"; on the Boston and Main Railway,   oru a, C.P.R.   station 'platform  yesterday morning,' 1-1/ C.  Cleveland,  construction     engineer on the  Fort!  Alountaiii Railway,  dropped dead-   o -  *   SEARCHING -FOR/MURDERER.]  ' Monl eclair, N. J., Deb. 25.-The police f.itr"m������iking every ellort to' find  the coachman ^vvlio   was employed by  Mis.' Hanna   I*-;  Ross,' and-'who has  been  missing since Mrs.  Ross     was  found  dead in the rums of hor burned house Thursday., As  proof     that  Mrs.  Ross was murdered and robbed  and tiiat the. house - was fired to con-'*  ceal  tlie"  crime,  the chief of police;  points out that a folder poiticr was  found'covering  the  woman's'face so  tightly ars:toHc.iv;c the impression of  has been  put in  the5city-jail, t^x face in "the cloth.   "Jevvelry and  is" ��������� surrounded by." mjlitia icall-  >  WHERE IIONITON IS, MADE.   .  Just as  Belgium has   its   Brussels  >mt and'its   Brussels. Applique.has  Point"'de Vcilis,'and J<*rh,nce has-  Mechlin and Chantilly,- so-     has -  gland  its repre'scittativp in      the  rarchy of lace'. 'Ibis is real Hoiu-  and it is a very worthy rcpre-  ilative  of this  country,  sa>s   The  indon  Times. It   is chiefly  produced  the sunny and picturesque villages  South Devon, such as Beer,  Brans-  nbe,      Honilc.ii,   Colyton,  Sidbury  1 Ottery St. Alary.   It is'cntiiely  ���������illow-made   lace���������and  not   a point  c,  as  is     so  generally-' supposed���������  I  still   hears   many   traces,, easily  'be noted by  the trained eye,     of  (tcmisli origin-''As" is'only  fitting,  national.'   emblem," the English  se  silverware known  to have been     inthe .house are missing-    ".  *��������� X /\T- ���������y*.--i..-PT*--**-:���������=** <   -  " "  '       MARTYRDOM-  7 ','Sp'eaki'ng - ot-. martyrs,' have   . ypu  "ever'investigated a!s to whether there  has  been  a gi eater  number of     men  than women*  martyrs?" .-* v    -'  '" "No,   iiiit   I know one     cause     for  which they hiivp been about   equally  divided as lo sex,"  ��������� "What js  that?"  "Alatrlmony."���������Dallas  Newsl   .   Ho   AIEN AND BABIES.  Thc Labor representation Committee, consisting of 380 helegatcd work  men and a few work wonien, held a  special conference in Liverpool on  .the unemployed question recently.  One speaker having ^complained that  many men weie .'idle because "women  had  beep  employed  in their    places,  and,that some men  would have \tp  is  the prjncipal  form  of orna-  stay  at home and mind   the     babies  Snt employed  111 'Honiton -designs,  bttgh  frljes,  fern  leaves and .other  [utties  of  the  hodgerp"w" and'"   the  (.-den are also to be found in 'this  c, together with .birds and butter.-  !. There is up lace which in heau-  of design and  lightness of  tceat-  nfc is so attractive to the English  accustomed as it almost rnvaii-  ' is, to the beauties pf tbe coun-  sidc,   as  Honiton.   Kvcn  Brussels  infc seems stiff and   formal   in  de-  n when compared to  it. There .is  0 anothei  lace made in and about  niton to which-attention  may N be  while ��������� the* women worked,- Airs: Park- j ���������  hurs,t, of Manchester, te tor ted, that if  men" had to stay' at home anil lop.k '-  after the babies,-.'there would not be  so many babies tq lo"ok���������af{crIj and  that if, there were fewer there would  be abetter chance, for the chi|dien  that were born.     '    ;'  Any  Kind  of  Job  1  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  TIIE  LEDGEI  On 1st  Avenue  TOO MANY  TO  BE  GENUINE.  Scotland, sjvys the IJaily Chfoniclp  is becoming alai nied al the rapid  laic of increase in'ihe number of  Burns' relics'. It appears that the  St.  Louis  Exposition  was offered an  All Work   Done at  Reasonable Rates  Western Hade For Western Hen  BIG  HORN  UNION MADE  SHIRTS  OVERALLS  Etc,  SYNOPSIS     OF    REGULATIONS  FOR DISPOSAL  OD MINERALS  . ON DOMINION LANDS IN,MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES AND THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite.    Not more than 320  acres can he acquired by one individ-  twenly years, also renewable.  The lessec-s right is co������fmed to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the  lstday of August in the year ot the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from thc  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, ?100 per mile for  the first year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer  mining.  Placer Alining in thc Yuko������ Terri-  PITHER & LEISER  *        Importers and wholesale dealers in WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  I  ETC.     Large stock always���������All    the leading brands.    We aupplF tht  principal   hotels and Saloons in  Ladysmith.  ORDERS SOLICITED.  ual or company. Royalty at the rate tory-Creek,     gulch,    river' and hill  of ten cents per 2,000  pounds shall  he collected on thc gross output.  Quartz���������Persons of  eighteen  years  and'over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free unci's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individjal,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according  to capital.  A   free     miner, having  discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  ������ariif! with  two legal posts, bearing  "oration notices, one at each end   ou  thc one of the lode or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen . days if located within tec  miles of a mining recorder's office, one  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At least $100 must be expended  upon the claim each year or paid to  tlie mining recorder in lieu thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator- may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at ;$1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  A! inistcr , of     the Interior to  locate  claims containing iron and mica', also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding IG0 acres.  Thc patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2������ per cent, "of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer Mining���������Ma nitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 square; entry fee, $5, renewable yearly. Op Up North Saskatchewan River claims are either bar  or bench, tlie former being 10Q feet  lon.g and extending between high and  law water mark. The latter includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, but not exceeding 1,008 feet.' Where steam power is used claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained. ���������  Dredging in the-rivers of Manitoba  and thc N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of live miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  thc discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars of the rivet  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who hkve,  or who may recerve, entries for liar  diggings -or  bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan  River,'  where the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  on. each alternate leasehold.  Ti^e lessee slpall have a dredge in  operation witftjn one season from the  date c-f the lease for each five miles,  but where a person or company   has  o'btarncd more than one lease       one  dredge for each fifteen miles or frac-  tipn  is sufficient.   Rental,  $10     per  annum for each mile qf river leased.  Rfiya.lty.at the rate of 2J per   cent.  collected  on  the output after "it, exceeds $10,000.  Dredging- in the Yukon Territory-^  Six leases pf fivp miles each may he  granted to a free miner for a term of  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  general direction of the creek or gulch  length, measured on the base line or  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled lo a claim of J,00li,fcet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary claims  only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at tlie rate  of two and one-half per cent, on thc  value of the gold shipped from     the  Yukon Territory to he paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall'receive a grant  of more than one mining claim      on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number .of claims by purchase,    'and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00     A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained     on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work must he done on a claim each  year to the value of at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  done must be o!������liiineu each year;     if  not, the claim Aa'A he deemed to   be  abandoned. ,and    open  to occupation  and entry by a fiee miner.  The boundaries ot a claim may   be  denned absolutely  by having a survey  made and publishing notices  in   the  Yukon official  Gazette.  Pcti oleum���������All  unappropriated   Do-  minion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yu-  kpn  Territory are open to prosepct-  iflg for petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company paving machinery on the  land  to be prospected, an area of 640 acres.  Should-.the prospector discover oil  in paying" quantities, and satisfactorily establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding C40 acres, including the  oil well and such other land as may  be determined, will be sold to the discoverer at the rate of $1.00 an acre,  subject to royalty at such rate as may  be specified   by ordcr-in-council.  Department of the Interior,  Ottawa,-February, 1904.  . W. CORY  Deputy  Minister of tho Interior.  PITFTKR& LEISER,VICTORIA, B. C.  %m  ^4$������������������������^ft������������������tft������������*������'''������������^4^^t^*������&^4,4.������ft**������***-  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO,   B. C.  rianufacturers of the.  BEST BEER  In British Columbia  ���������M,*M,*l 4>'|~M'������|"|"I"i"|"i"H<i"I"fr  Lager Beer and; Porter Guaranteed Brewed  from thei BestCanadian Malt run flops.  TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  The Union Brewing Company will pay $i0 reward for information  which will lead to'the arreet andfeonviction any person or persons  destroying Union Brewing Company's kegs or bottles, or failing to return the same.  #^������**#������'*****"****#***4**^**^**������***#vvlr*#^**#*#  ;7S^|  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made'to'order and Repaired at abort notice.     Drill Sharpened I y  us  alwayegivee satisfaction.    Picks handled and repaired.  Sliipsmittiing   in  all its  Branches.  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  David Murray  Buller Street   - . -    -   - Ladysmith, b. C  ���������"."SSsI  ���������  ���������    ������������������;���������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������  ������������������  Plans,   Specifications and  De  ������������������  *���������  tails     furnisheW for all kinds  ������������������  ������������������  of work in the CARPENTER  ������������������  ������������������  Line  ���������*  ������������������  C.  B.   ROBELEE,  Carpenter  ������������������  **  and Joiner,     2nd ������ve, Lady  ������������������  ������������������  smith,  B. C.  ������������������  ���������  *���������������������������������������������*������������������������������������  ���������  LADYSMITH WALL PAPER  DEPOT.  Dealers in  WALL     PAPERS, PAINTS,  OILS,  VARNISHES, Plain and Fancy  Glass Pictures, Frames.  Harry Kay  ������;���������������;'���������.���������$���������$���������$���������$���������*���������*���������$* )M������*.-K*������*������*������������$������������**'**������������*i  1 Deliver^ in Any fart of th City  EveryAfternoon  ������������������*f  t  x  ���������  X  X  X  I  m  X  ���������  X  X  ���������  X  i  ���������  t  ���������>  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR TIIE BEST MEATS  IN THE MARKETS.  WE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF THE  ROCKIES. YOU WILL GET    THE BEST IF YOU BUY FROM US..  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WILLIAMS   AND   WASKETT t  ���������>���������������������������������������������������������������������������;���������:��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*  ^amsst  The Daily Ledger!  01G HORN  BRAND  SOLD AT  LEADING  STORES IN  LADYSMITH  SO Cents  per   Month  m  X  ���������  X  m  X  m  ���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������������*^->^*3ft������)ti*;K*^������^*)K������Hf��������� **���������' * M  flEOlSTE'-E'*  MVE  THE  fcjABOR ONLY.  BIG  HORN  BRAND  A  TRIAL.     THE  GOODS ARE MADE IN VICTORIA AND BY   WHITE  EVERY GARMENT IS W'WLL MADE OF GOOD MATERIAL AND IS SOLD AS CHEAP  AS THE CHEAPEST, -  ;_���������.-_   LARD  H. W. SAUSAGE  (THE ONLY  KIND)  BLACK PUDDING  H.&W.  FIRST AVENUE. BUTCHERS  ���������SANITAS  The Washable Wall Covering���������a pplied to tne walls like wallpaper,  and can he washed with soap and water as easily as you wash  your hands,  A TRAIL OF DIRT  Wherever  there arc children ordinary   wallpaper  is in  danger.    One  little soiled hand will   spoil   the    wall.     You  don't, want  lo  he     always watching and scolding,  tut  you    must   protect    the looks     of  your house'    Why not solve the 'problem  hy   covering all  Halhvays,  Kitchen,   Bath-room  and  Children's Bedrooms with "Sanitas." Samples anh prices mailed free    on     request.  W^eUst  VBCT������9*IA,B.C. 4aix������*A3)f f*rtiy wi  ,������ix. -ji-a-^:-  ^^OIMWUi. *AXS rj.-W"  ^ ,,r".11C fr-JC���������������I'-ii*iui;*-*"���������?*-'������������������' -*i������������������  *iSS*t'^ n4iai.vTu.'**-������i~ 1*^1  -'^���������. 7**y������9wi?jft.  ������������������jJ.T.i.*r*Le*ia"H  ssS-JS.-.r^s.-^i.-sr:  IvADYSMITH    DAILY    LKDOKR  LOCAL ITEMS  A SNAP���������.n. good EngL^h Piano by  a first-class  maker  in  p rft  b  order  For   $100.00.   A   Mason  and  Hamlin  Organ for $125.00.        Apply  A. F.  OWEN,  Piano  Tuner Abbotsford   Hote.  GET  YOUR PHOTOS  TAKEN   AT  THE ELITE STUDIO.  From now orr until the 20th of  February we are giving special pi ices on all our work. Cabinets fiom  S3.00 per doz. It will be worth your  while to give us a call. Come caily  and avoid the rush.  BURROWS   &   McCONNELL,  (Between Ward's Market and Blair <y  Adam.-'  -   '/ ���������  -  "���������'���������������"   -7*" ''-���������  *  Ti    \  T  ���������15  '-ii  .New York, i-'eb.  25.���������Arrived,  mcr Carpatlna from Trieste..  stca,  Judge  Harrison  Victoi ia on  prised  the morning train.  through to  RECOJIMISIONS SHORTLY.  D. G. S. Quadra will go into commission about Iho middle of next  monHi. The vessel has never been  mole exieriMVeh overhauled than dur  ing tli2 hist few months. She had ioil  ing chalks placed on the side oi the  hull I ogive her greater steadiness in  rough water, and among other im-  pioU'riK-iils being made is a. new  deck, Lhe work on which has been  slightly delayed since the recent rain  fell.  ���������   ���������   ���������  The referees appointed for the $2('i!  pigeon  shooting  match tomoirow aie  for    Charles   Allen,   Charles  "Martin;  for Win.  ffannav,  J'arKin Mason.  On  Monday  ever  ing.  I-'eb.  27,  ,i  choir  concert  and  socin  1  will  be  hei  in   the-   1  *ngli.->  h  Ch  inch.  A tin  Us  2r>c  Child  cn  1 Oe.  Thc  shake  for  Mr.  Holmes'   canoe  has  been  postponed   for one week,   it  will   tal*e place at  the Jones Hotel  on Saturday, March .''th.  Only 2 days more���������Tomorrow and  Monday is the last chance to have  your pholos taken -at Half Price.  Cabinets worth $5.,00 at $2.50 per  doz. Fric-kc and Selienclc opposite  Europe Hotel.  E.  S.  AT TT1H ABBOTMTORI").  B.  Shaw, Yictaiia.  M.   I.ind,  l)en\cr.  Smith,   Toronto.  W.  Uodley, Duncans.  Pearson, Wide World, Everybody's,  Ladies' Home Journal, for March,'  ad Knight's.  Red Book and Leslie's Magna  .March at Knight's.  iiie lor  correction:  By a mistake   (he  ajin-al  report or  the    Presbyterian      church  puhlisl*cd  yesterday gave a balance  to the Ladies' Guild as $25.00.    It .should have  read  $-JL.OO,   on hand, and   |,hp  Sabbath school  fund should h.-ive* shown  a balance of .1,25.00.  1  n ���������  DOGS   AT   HOME.  Special notice is given' to the own  ers of dogs that if the said owners  wish to \isit tlie grounds and sec  the pigeon shooting contest tomorrow, they must Jea\c their dogs at  home. No dogs will be allowed on  the grounds. It might cause trouble  over the match.   o   AGENT FOR THE COMPANY.  Mr.   John.  Stewart,  insurance    and  real  estate agent on  Roberts street,  has  been appointed   agent  for       the  toun.site of Lad\sinilli, and will hereafter handle all of the business of the  Company in that line.   So far as the  city of Ladysmith   is concerned,   "Mr.  Stewart     is  fast developing a good  real -estate business   and   with      the  opening of  lhe season he will       undoubtedly   be able  to dispose     of a  goodly number.of city lots.  ������������������' . .. o.   At- a mrefing held' on "--Thursday ev-  - eningflast the arrangements for the  Church of England coifccrT" and" so"-  cial to be held in the church building on Monday evening, were finally  completed and the programme made  up. The evening promises to be a  most enjoyable one, the programme  being excellent, while ping pong aud  otner games will be on hand for the  amusement of those who allcnt.  During the evening the ladies of the  church will serve tea and cake free  of  charge.   o   WARDEN ELECTED.  A meeting of the congregation of  the Church of England was held in  the Church vestry on Thursday evening to elect a people's church warden in the place of Mr. P. D. Johnson, who has resigned, after faithfully serving in tne position for i ome  time. IVlr. Geo. Thompson was elected in the place of the retiring warden, and kindly promised to act m-  til   the end   of the   church   year.  Seattle, J-eb.  25.���������The North    American      'iraiisportation       A: Tiauin^  L onipany  will   operate  its   Jleet      oi  steamers  on   thc   i u. on river     tins  season.    Reports ha\e been rrr circulation   to  the  enact  that  the      licet  uo*. Id   again   be chartered,   but  such  |Illinois ha������e been set at rest bj   the  statement  made    by a representathc  of .the corporal ion. He sajs lhat preparations    arc     now  under  way  lo  place Ui"o vessels in commission.  Last  "Season   lhe \cssels  were chartered  to  Captain Onnu  J. Jluinphiey.  All  companies owning craft on thc  Yukon   rh'er,   and  persons   having  an  interest   in'independent steamers  are  now making ready.Toi the coming open  season.    The stcainsliipriicn ,estimate  theie will  be  in the neighborhood of twenty thousand tons of sup  plies go  into  the Tan.ina  this year  While the, bulk of the shipments  will  undoubtedly be sent to up-river po nts  from St."Michael,: it is bclice-l that  the White -Pass '���������...'& Yukon  Ra-lroad  will offer inducements in  thc way of  freight, rates.      ,'  .  It is iilj/'ly thai, a meeting of - e  freight and traffic agents of the various Alaska companies will he held  here next week. An pllort will le  made to arrange foi a Height rale  to Nome and othei points. At the  same time .the'.question of pa<-sen',ei  rates  may  also  be discussed.  Every steaniei'-owiiei on Puget  Sound operating, vessels to tin*  North expects to reap a hai vest tins  summer:.' It is ' understood that  while rates will lie decided on theie  will be considerable cutting, as was  the case last season.  _���������^__���������-o   CREDITORS  MEET.  SPORTS  HOCKEY.  A return Hockey match between  Victoiia Intermediates and Dunci. i,  is in progress this afternoon at the  latter  place.  IMPORTANT MEETING.  ��������� i. ���������  'I he members of the local basketball teams are requested to meet in  Messrs. Blair & Adam's sitting room  tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock,  'lhe business to come up is of the utmost importance, and every basket-  bailer should put in an appearance.  FOOTBALL.     '  There will be a full  practice of the  football   teams     tomorrow morning.  All   the  boys  are requested  to  turn  out as thc teams should be in     the  best  possible  form  for  the matches  next week.  RUGBY.  Wales 1; Scotfgnd 0.  The last international between  Wales and Scotland, lesulted in -a  win for the former by the scoie of  one try to nil. Describing thc game,  a writer on the London Daily Chronicle says:  "Though the Welsh team arc to he  heartily congratulated on upsetting,  precedent by beating Scotland at Tn-  verleith on February Ith, it is doubtful whethei their victoiy was fully  meiited on thc day, and apart altogether from a consideration which  will only occur to those fully acquainted with the peculiar powers of  the Scottish pack, I have never seen  a Scottish pack play a less charac  teiistically Scottish game, yet i.o  Scottish forwaids since It'Ol showed  themselves in thc trials lobe more  callable of playing the characteristic  Scottish game than the eight who  did  duty   on Sal in day."  DUFFY WINS ONCE.  I Melbourne, Victoiia, Feb. 25.���������Arthur F. Duffy, the Ameiican runner,  today scoicd his first win in Australia, capturing the hundisd yards invitation handicap, from scratch.  Time,  10  1-5.    In  the hundred yards  Veil handicap Duffy lost the preliminary heat.  8   rolls   12   feet  wide for  25c  |>er yd*  DRY DM-ST������V������KS:N  Go. Ladysmith  willed a division of the lands it will  Le exceedingly hard to disabuse then,  minds,  and Agiarian  troubles on     a  large scale are feared.������, _  The Moujii s, it is feared, will turn  upon the proprietois as'they did several years ago in the provinces 'of  SaratoIY and Plotava when almost  complete anarchy reigned for some  time. -*  Among the reservists agitators are  s] reading the story that..the war is  o\er. A ease is cited which occurred  a foitnight ago at Ria'/an, where'two  Ir ndred.:reservists who had been called on flatly told the officer they did  not intend to serve.  "The war is.over.!' said the leader,  "we know you simply want to make  money out of a contract for feeding  us'.   We     will not serve,"-and they  marched   off.     Private  reports    also  leave no room for-doubt that     the  strikeis  in the whole region     lelow  Moscow are almost entirely political  m character.     The situation generally in the south of Russia is becoming worse instead of letter, and contains many factors which are causing  thc authorities the greatest alarm.  The possibility for the necessity for  the despatch of additional troops  ���������lhe Caucasus is already being  sidered.  strike  to  con-  are  A'-meeting oL the cieditois of V.'-  II. Lively is being held today. Barristers -Young", Simpson and olbeis  represeuXiug 'Eastem oredilois.  ��������� ':���������";"'���������������������������;���������o   METHODIST CHURCH.  Morning Service���������11  a. rn.  Sunday School���������2.30 p. in.  Evening Service���������7  p   m.  Rev. W. C. Schlichter, pastor.  Children's Sunday School���������2.30 p.m  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rev. R. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11  a m.  Sabbath  School���������2.30  p.m.  Evening Service���������7   p m.  Bible study  class,  Wednesday evening at   7.30.  At the opening service the pastor-  will preach'a specia' sermon to the  Welshmen, on St.'���������David, the patron  saint of "Wales.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND. j  Rev.. ��������� R.-* Dp wen, Rector.  . Evening Service���������7   p.  m.  Morning Service���������11  a.m.  VICTORIA WILL ENTER1  The Colonist says: The con'erence  of local and pisiting baseball enthusiasts which took place >esterday  would seem to assme the fact that  Victoria will this season have a place  and interest in professional ball and  leap all the desirable advertising incidental to her identification with Axe  fortunes of the compact little Noilh-  westcin league, just launilud .in.ler  roseate auspices.  ��������� o   Parker  Williams,  mcmbei   for Newcastle   distiict,   spent  the  afternoon  in  l.advsmith.  LESSONS.  Lessons in fancywork, embroidery,  etc.���������Miss Freda Nahoune will give  lessons to a limited number ol scholars, beginning on Tuesday, the 21st.  inst., from 9 to 12 a.m., and from  1 to 4 p.m.. Charges, 3 hours* lessons, 50 cents. " Rooms at Mrs. Hugo's, High Street. Miss Nahoune  has a stock of linen, silk and cushion  tops on hand. t  To Our Customers  and Patrons  Tomorrow is the last day of our  10 Days Clearance sale and now is  your opportunity to get Dry Goods,  1 ' (  Millinery, Boots and Shoes, etc., at  Reduced-Price.  All goods marked in plain figures*  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  .  GATACRE ST.  LADYSMITH  $500 CASH and $15 per  month fo- one ofthe best  dwellings in town.  $225 CASH and $200 in   six or nine months, good  dwelling oti Roberts Street.  $30C CAS I f >������������������., tJori house and lot to be sold at once  $300 Cash l. d assune $400 mortgage for two of the  best bi iiding lots in town.  Other bargains. Call and get particulars.  JOHN 5T .WAR r R O. Box 268  Fire, Life acd  Accident Insuiance,  Money to loan.    Notary Public.  -o-  RESUME WORK.   o   Uor': will be resumed on Monday at  No fi logging camp, which was recently wreckid by a railroad accident.   o   PEASANTS TAKE HAND.  St. Peteisbuig, Feb 25.���������The beginning of a dangeious movement has  been observed among the peasants of  some of the southern provinces wh;re  revolutionary agitators are circulat-  jing reports that the Emperor will,  ion March Ith, issue a manifesto providing for agcneial division of lands.  A new allotment has  been  the dream  of llie Aioupis ever since the emancipation . nd .1.cording  lo private    ic-  ports  Ihe stores  ha\e   spread     li e  wildlne a d are  uuplicilciy be*.ie>'..d.  In   thc go.criinient  of  Tula,   a large  piopuotoi   went  to his  estate     la->l.  week ami found tho peasants'at wonc  measiiiiii^ oft and staking then shares       In response to his demands for  an explanation they told him    of the  coming manifesto.    I'clusing to listen  to*   his declaration  that  the report  was     absurd,   tliey  wo.ild  only  say  "V.'e ha\e heard  the little fathsr has  decided."  V.hen  thc     proprietor asked  what  would "become  of him,   they  replied,  '���������Oh, ue wiM leave you the buildings  and fortv acres.  Once thc peasantry become possessed of the idea that V.>2 cm* eror has  QUALITY  IS  the'.first, consideration given by us to any goods offered us.  THR BEST  IS NONE TO O  OOOD  FOR  OUR CUSTOMERS.  I'.l?  ONE OF OUR CUSTO  W.RS and share thc best with us.  W. T. HEDDLI3   CO.  Wi'Hams' Blocli  liadysoxitii  Particular Grocers.  Telephoua 1  Ac  ���������������'>���������<"������������������"  all   rii  i.T'ne  1  lie  ,1.1  report el  and  nil/  too  OUR GEiN'IAL  NK1C.IIUOR  Calling a reporter in and asking  him to nave a. cigar is a somplinienl  that, 'all pni'-il pushers appreciate,  but. circumstances alter  tin-  case.  Today   Harry   Kay   called   out  lo   a  Ledger   man   as be.   was   passing  store:    "(tome  in;    havi  opened   a. yox   of  pcrfc<-  claimed,   "'yon   lake   lhe  - ��������� The   unsuspecting   and  'lighted   the  weed  porter  to go.  "Wait a couple  Harry, "I want  about���������about���������oh,  : a cigar  os!"   he     !���������::���������  first  one."  grn.feful     ream!   prepare'  of  mniut.es,  o   talk   with  the     Coal  ruess  it   was.     How's   the ci-  coiitiiiucd   anxiously,   "feel  yet.'  politely   assurred   him  thai   everyUiing   was   all   right  although       lhe      cigar   was   cvid  made  of  cabbage      leaves,   was  modest   to  say   so.  "Ah!" said Harry, with a deep  sign of satisfaction as he prepared to  light, one of Ihe cigars, "I'm glad  you're all right, for that means that  I c.ii! smoke i*m you sec," be explained. "A Chinaman was lo pay  me a bill today. He came iu and ;  'k.I.I nie he couldn't pay until next  month and brought along this ' box  of cigars as a peace offering. I was  watching for -foe Leigh or Rumming lo comi- along to try one **for  mc. As you happened along, I  thought you'd do���������good morning," he  you added politely, as he held the store  Mines door  open.  TAFFY!    TAFFY!  TAFFY!  COME AND SEE OUR LINES   OF  CANDIES   AND  CONFECTIONERY  ���������At���������  HOY'S BAKERY  1st   ivenue,   --r  -   Ladysmith  his  just  saiu  jaftf*jK5-"!������[*i"j j|  Very  Choice   Coldstream . Ranch |  Russett Apples.  Simcoe Jams, 1 lb. and 51b.  Oranges, Sweet and Juicy  _ mmtm���������  ������������������ .w������m������^lg������MF������M*TfMMfc.J������������^'<g**-^  At Morrison9.s9 Ladysmitli,  PMB^.t������MUM*BteBaBaaBi^^  ������op.vme������T  SMOKE THE-  EHPIRE  ard "Prcvincc  Cigar  WANTED���������House to rent. One situated near Ledger office preferred.  Apply "K" Ledger .office. 2t  etcher te.  ..... reaters in   I ianos and  Organs  Finest Naval Oranges  15 cents a Dozen  L  B^-KIR St HDK7UT  ��������� ,' "'. ,-'.        t**n J"? "     " .        Telephone. 24. - . .  BLOCK  Br-  Or  i*  Of  (li  JUST ARRIVED  A lull set e|f sigbtrtestitig instruments of tbe latest methods.  (I  0/  L.������ iysmith, B. C.  PUTTING ON  NEW PAPER  is  the mest effective anJ most eeon-  omieal   method   of   improving       and  brightening   up   the; interior .appearance of your dwelling.  From the many hcautihil patterns  ���������many of them exclusive���������in our new-  line, we are certain you can select  exactly the right paper to suit your  taste and purse. Let us show you  our handsome array of styles.  HARRY KAY  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reason-  *���������-  able rates.  High St. Ladysmith  Ol-SN AT ALL HOURS.  H4Y. GRAIN AND  FARM PRODUGf  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low-  Havana   Filled  est possible prices,  Leave orders"'at Christie's,  Esplanade.  JAS. WARNOCK.  on  the  J. PIERCY AND CO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOQDS.  Victoria, B. C.  Manufacturers of the Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  o!  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS. ETC.  Are You  Go ing1 East  IF YOU ARK TROUBLED W ITH HEADACHM, OR IF YOUR  m EYES TROUBLE YOU, CALL AND LHT US EXAMINE THEM  JJ FREE OF CHARGE.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  m  m  ^FIRST  B. Forcimmer  WATCHMAKER. JEWELER, OPTICIAN  AVE., XXX  LADYSMITH ^  Thee  be sure your tickets read  the  via  The  only   line  now  making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at  ST. PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  Agent,  151 Yesler Way, Seattle. , . ;  Stock Taking  Bale  at Rolston's  THE NEW COMPANY THAT HA VE BOUGHT  OUT E.  ROLSTON'S  STOCK IN TRADE ARE DETERMI   NED TO CLEAN OUT OLD LINES  AT  40 per cent discount  DURING  THIS WEEK  STOCK-TAKING, THEY WILL OFFER  Fifty Gold and Silver Watches.  AND THEIR ENTIRE StOCK OF    SILVER-PLATED   WARE,   FANCY  CHINA, VASES; ETC. : .....'.'.,      ���������������*���������  At Cost  COME QUICK AND SEE THESE  SNAPS.       THEY WON'T LAST  LONG AS WE WILL POSITIVELY    CLEAR  OUT  THESE LINES..  HOTFL  LADYSMITH  A.  per    day.      Finest  RATES-U.00  Wines,  Liquors and  I *  First Avenue, Ladysmith, B. O.  (Jeo. Roberts . -  Proprietor  Cigars.  D. 01 WHITEi  HOTEL DOMINION  r-Ratei ?1.25 and fl.Bfi���������  pc,r������������buito all iteawiboj-t landings and  railway depoti.   Electric earn every five  ���������linutea to all parts of   the city.   Bar  and table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST.,   VANOOHVER, B.O,  m  ���������iti  8


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