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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 26, 1906

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 ���������SFvi-j-rr-oKaK*?  DAII  VOL..2  "MONDAY,  FEU.  20,   100C  PR>-  , ENT  SCHOOL TRUSTEES'  MONTHLY MEETING  Reports of the Ladysmith Delegates at  the School Trustees Coiwen-.  tion Received  Government Will Probably do Work on  the City School  Property  People  were beginning to  PUBLIC NIGHT  vara  At the regular monthly meeting of i Schools  tho School Trustees held in Mr. ���������������������������  Stcwait's oilice on Saturday evening  last, at which Chairman "Humming,  Trustees Cireavts, Carroll Hughes,  and tlie Secretary were present, the  delegates at the Provincial School  Hoards As-sociation meeting held in  Victoria, ftiessis. Rumming and Cai-  loll, gav-c brief but very comprehensive reports of the work done al me  convention.  Chairman Rumming said that the  .byelaws of the Victoriit School board  ruled that only ten: months' salary  should be paid to teachers employe^  at the Ciipital City schools. The  teachers, if lhe provisions of the bye-  law were aoted up to, weie not paid  for the t-'wo mouths' holiday, as they  were here- In a discussion that ltd-,  lowed this stnttment of lhe chairman  it was pointed out that it would be  impossible to make such provihions  in" the byelaws of the Lailysmith  School, as the Sihool* Act distinctly  stated that teachers employed for a  year at one school should be paid  twelve months' salary. 'Ihe tiustees  could not se������ how the Victoria  School   Board   byclaw c0iild  be- legal,  New  Westminster,   Feb.   26.��������� One  of  the   most      important educational  mo\fs that ha\e lveen made in      tin*  city for some time, is now on       fool  with ihe  (inject  <>f establishing      -a  night  school, for.   science  classes. The  inati.i'i' will ne taken up by the New  Westminster board of school  trustees  The (|Mcstiou     has been informally  discussed by a miiii|,w of the lirusUvs  and  will  be brought up at lhe  regular  meet ing of the board on  Wed in. s  day nexljiv Trustee Peek,' who has  t-een gatheriiiK information on     the  realize  that    good education' for   the 's'ubject  for  many  months past     and  ,     .        .   ..   ,   has, now the full  particulars of   how  younsr     is most    important and thai       ,' . -,.,,,  '      B such.a school may nave, (ts students  to ensure it  it .is necessary   to  "'a^i-'V.x.amiiied J.y the board of the South  large expenditures.     Thc latter  is be Kensington Science a'*'-! *������-i't Schools  ing done by     trustees at the ex pros-' and certificates and honors awarded  sed wish o, citizens, a/id they aie be.   hy lhat. hoard.  inn    backed   , up hy   members  of city  councils.      A     shoit time ago every  cent    wa.sl.cing    begrudged  to   the , is adopted by the board and arrange  ACQUITTED OF  MURDER CHARGE  IND RE-ARRESTED  COMMISSIONERS'  IN  II  is planned to commence  thc fust  clashes in August, next if the sclie:;  ,i i  .1 ���������     i ii     /i    .. n  mi?nts can  be completed iu time     for  schools,   a,ml this ihauge Mr.  Carroll '  said was'most welcome  to all  inter-1  estcd in education.       It showed  that  the opening then.    An effort will   Ih*  made!    to  interest .a number of citt-  . , ...   ;yens in thc scheme, and   they   will be  where educatio-ii     was  concerned   the        ' ,   . ,.   ,      .. , ��������� .  .   , ,, .       . ..      ������s-ed  to.one small  donations   which  ���������uiestion of dollars and cents was be-     ..,       . . ,, ,. f  "^   . ��������� , . , <     .will -.to toward the purchase of  appa-  coming quite     a secondary considcra-      ,      f-     .,      ,,    ,..,<���������.,      , ,���������.���������,. ,���������  .        -     ,. ,:.        ,   ���������       rattis for tin- illustrating of piohleni.-  tion, people generally rcaluing that a jn Um, lwlurcs.  good education   is a necessity  if  chil     T,i(j t,asses wi,,   )>R f(M; ^ ^^  dren    would -be     made gu0.i citizens,',,e|)C(il of bm.s who ,lav0 commcnce(1  and to obtain if are making the nee- I       ,. ,a some tra(I(. ail(|,wi10 are   0f  es.sary-.-xpei.ditu.es. course unable to attend   a day school  Thc delegates were thanked for |Thtf auu.ses wi,i bl. siipiilemciitary to  their remarks and on a motion by ,lie eiomeMtaly education of tin-, pub.  Trustee Greaves seconded, by Trustee lic sc|K,0ls. A small1 fee aiill l.e char  Hughes the icports were received.      U.,|  foi- it!v-, courses,  and   this, ,it   is  Letters  were read from Mr.   Pau.-ei   evicted,  will defiay *n" expenses of  Williams, who stated thai he had in-  t������rviewcd the superintendent of Indication in regard to thc request of  the trustees that the government expend the  portion  of the &2500 gia"1  unless a special permit to make such | made for  school     buildings  in  Lady  laws     regarding the salaries was obtained  front  the government. '  In jiis report Trustee Rumming  said th������ suggestion math* at tluv con-  ten tion. that a resolution be passed  asking the government to. return to  the old method of capitation, was  discussed and laid over for a year.  The resolution, of lire. Lutlismitb  board regarding the text nooks was  passed and he hoped the government  would shortly act on the rea'est of  the convention, en |odied therein. 'Continuing his report Mr. Rumming gave  a brief review of the whole Work of  the convention, the report'being'in  substance 'lie same as published in  The   Ledger last week.     Triihtcc t'ai  smith, which remains in hand, in  draining the prop'crty. Mr. Williams  said the Minister had promised to  send -an official up to inspect the  property, and la- ,thought the government'would grant"the request of the  trustees.  The     trifitees    decided to ask Miss  a teacher when the school is well  stai'ted. The classes will be hdd in  tin; public school building, provided  Hi.- consent.of the Council is secured.  -n-  ARRESTED  for stealing  SaratofT,   Russia,   Feb.   31���������Matchu  kinsy,   thc aiiscoiKling assistant       oi  Morrison u, ��������� teach lVivisioii -7 at the|Fatlier    Oa*on, was arreted today.  Ik- was i located 1������y a ������������������oniinJticc ot  St Petersburg workmen but refused  to'deli, er up U������e ?12,0������0 belonging  to lhe fluids, of the Workmen*' Or-  gani^atio:., which Ik- is aillcged lo  iiavc  eniLcw-lc-l.    Malsbukinsk will be  school-for cure, month  more.  Trustee Greaves, chaiinian of the  building committee, reported that he  and his colleague, Trustee Robertson,  had made a thorough iusj ectiou of  the  heating  apparatus   at  the  school  and were glad to report that the taken ..o St. 1 Wcrsrt������������ to tml.  same was now working admiiably. | 'Ihe proceeding ^"^ "^ P���������0���������  For the fi.sl month after it was  in- j are expected to be sensational_on a<  roll   followed     and  gave his opinion j stalled the     quantity of  that tho     convention {Would;result  in  much good to thc ca,- se of education.  was a large increase on that consumed when the . stoves were in use,  hut  He    regretted  that   the whole   board   this   was     on   account   of   the   incx  had not been present to hear the various papers, and tin discussions on  all subjects pertaining to advancement in the cause of education. In  thc conversations he had with representatives     of \ the' boards of various  fuel  binned ; count of his connection^ with Premier  Witte,    former   Commerce    Minister  TirnanuolYe  and other persons  prominent  iu  tlie disc.  _ o��������� ���������  The wceklv meeting of the City  Council takes place this evening. At  ibis  session   (he cot.-.cil  will  consider  perieiice of those attending the furnaces. He iviicl Mr. RobiMtson had  fori id it possible to heat "the school  with a   comparatively   small   (-iiianti-  ty of fuel  and     he hoped the outlay1 A|(|cl-mau    Maloiie's rosiest that the  tor    fuel   in the.    futtrewould  l.e  ^^! Act-iiltiiit and   Hurinl   I'und   l.e  grant-  cities,      relating to the new     School j per cent,   less    Mian when the sl-ovesL,(\   the    use of the    Council  ( haiubci  Act, Mr.  Carroll said {t was brought  were usrtl in each room. I oi.ee'a week  to hold ambulnnc- clas-  fqrciblv toMiis notice-that the senti-' The secretary was ordered to pur- ,,es j���������. 'i'he enrfow by-law will also  meat of the people in British Colum- chase a map for division one, and ,,e c-ominiMcii at Ibis evening's nifC-  bia cities in ielation to duration , waste paper baskets for all the  was un<'ergping a groat change. ^TliiTo  rooms.  seemed, acrording to the statements The. usual recftiisitions for school  of some' ofthe delegates, to exist salaries and accounts were draw., up  in other cities, but little .difficulty" and ordered to be presented to the  in   raising   funds   to     adequately run   council.  mr  BARRINGTON IS ARRESTED ON *' OTHER 5IDE*-  Tiie     News-Advertiser says:     Wallace  Barr-iii"ton,   suspected  of lutving  acted   with Harry Hazard  in  the diamond    rohbery      to   which   the latter  owes   bis     incarceration    in   the city  gaol,   pending his trial, has- been ar-  rnrted   in   .Blaine��������� or  the intclligowe  and acumen of tlm police are at fault  A mail who'answers closely to     the  drseriptioh  of Burrington  was      arrested at, Blaine yesterday, under cir  cumstances which  point very conclusively to bis identity -with, the man  who was'.known ia Vancouver' as the  man Barrington.   '���������'<'>*���������'���������. ������������������  The    arrest was announced to** the  local  police last; night 'over -the longdistance wire  by'. Otficer Ingsley,   of  stones, and he had his suspicions aroused by  the contents ,of the letters.  He lost    no    time  in communicating  his suspicious lo the police, au<'  I'"'  arrest   was   the result.  The.asMumiitiion  is that Harrington  slipped away .from Vancouver ���������juiictly  and'i?>/iietly made his  way ������������������..cross  the,line, lying low at Hlaine till  the  hue and cry bad  died'down, and Imp-   VCKSC1.  ing    for. an     opportunity  to forward      ^^^  procccdiuge in  rem  arc instituted   any person  iiiU*n'sti>d   in       Hie  .ease      mav    sipi'ear' before the court  land.. His  recourse'to the mail  as a ( wl)pve v.he'action i*.l,W"i''K  t1''"-"-'1   antl  means .of conveying    |his    ill-gotten. !   jve   tt.sIiniony.       'lhe   case is   tried  goods was  an error of judgment i" a i jn-fort.* the court ihe same as any other action and  ..fu-r hearing  all  ofthe  evidente the court  simply   passes    on  LIMIT  LIABILITY.  , ��������� ������������������������  An  action   to limit'liability  is.  expected .to be.  instituted by  the Pacific  Const  Steamship .Company   either   in  New   York   city  uf San   Francisco   as  an   outcome   of   the   Valencia   wreck  1'iider    ii Unikid  States  ftdeval    tu-.t  known as the Uai'tor .acl,,itn;l owners  of  a steamship' ilv.il   is wrecked   may  instil nit? a pio'.'ceding,  known  as      a  proceeding -in   rem,   to establish ' that  the   wrcel cd   vessel   was   sen-worthy  ci.iid   prioiccrly   I'lpiippcd   and   nvnined  when  she  li'll   port   on   the trip   tili.il.  the wreck o.-i-un'i;d. I'mler the pi'ovis  ions of  the   Hurler  act   if  these, fuels  arc   established   no   liability   can   oe  cur to  the owners of   thc ship  for  an  error   to   navigation   or   negligence on  the  purl, of   the master or crew of ilit*  l-'ilnionlon, Feb.. 2:1.���������Charged with  tin* muidcr of William Leslie, a Hrn-  dei'heiiii merciiant, Ludwig Lilgic Was  "today acquitted by a jury on his sec-  .nd dial. At the lasi trial the jury  disagreed,, one man standing out for  acquit.t.il.  'I'liti second trial liis'te'd tiirce days,  and ihe Crown brou������ht forward evi-  .'.(iic i- an iittempi to .sustain ihe  thai'ge (hat l.ilgie,'on .January 2(i,  19(15, had stnbl.ed William Leslie to  the he-ai t and robbed the decease.!';,  >to.f of money ami good.-;. It. \\i.s  alleged that the deed w t.s nivercci ;iy  the burning of Leslie's store. 'he  hancd body of Iho victim being  found in the ashes.  The-defense of the prisoner was  that in- was a kleptomania", ai.-! b  !nkeii advantage of lhe inuritar io  steal. lie claimed that tlie n.irdcr-  er retuiiicd after the their had h-ft  Mil fired I lit: si one. The 'Vown pnis  -cutor mi limit led that, the priso.ier's  torv was a fabrication made to  Vhi.'ow siiKpicioiv on Mouhmcv. who was  ':reviously tried on the same charge  nd .'ii-iiiiittnl; lhat the same man  wlio robbed the store nun tiered Les-  'ie. and ende.ivoi.rd to hide the  ��������� rime, by liring the store; that Lilgie  was tin.- man by his coiitession to  Hie l-uijilaiy.  The Cioun     said Lilgie had chosen  Jfoehmc     tor     a scapegoat, knowing  'rim   to he boycotted     by. Mi is  nejgh-  ' ors on accotiiit of icli^ious troubfes.  The  nrisoiier left,  the dock but was  rearrested      immediately     antl   again  ommitted to prison on a'charge    of  theft :'.   -O   In all  the  Sunday schools of    the  Vnglican   church   throughout  the   Do-  ���������niniori  yesterday a letter   was read  from the Bishops asking the children  to give their  Lenten offerings to lhe  "Missionary F-oeiely.  Last year     the  sunii collected  amounted  to" f7,H<tO  as  against  $3,f)00  in   IfiO-l'.    There   are  1.50(1 Sundiiv .. scluiois    and   100,01*0  .scholars   and   it is   hoptd"; that  there  will   he ,a steaidy ..increase  year      >lnr  vear until   tine sum   reaches .'$20,000.  PROSPECTOR'S  SUDDEN DEATH  .   Grand   Forks,   Feb.   2fi���������Otto  G.ru-  iio, an, ol.I-time prospect;or anil ��������� mining man  ol*  this district,   was killed  !iy a premature., blast at the old Cop  per Bullion ,;laim,  two and a    half;  miles south of Danville,  Wash.,  Sat-  unluy.    VIis body was discovered last  eventing ��������� about  twelve. >fcet  from  the  face,   of tite  tunnel  by  I1'rank  Leach,  who visited the claim.   Tin* body<of  the (kt-ensi'd was l^rnblv lorn by the  blast,    bis    left  arm   being  entirely  blown   off and   the chest  lorn oix.n.  Coroner Privitt of Danville, Wash.,  is holding an iiiKi.utst today, The deceased was about forty years of ago  slid   unmarried,  and   bad  relatives    in  Hon.   P.  S.  Lanipman, commission-]  er appointed   under   the provisions  cf  the Public     I-'iu|uii'ios act   to etuptire,  into nil "matters pertaining to tlie action ofthe  Board  of   lOuiininers,   ihe  icpailmeiil of     Education, ami Miss  Agnes  Deans   Cameron,  in  connection  with the drawing hooks submitted by  the pupils ot   the    South  Park school  at the High     School eniranre exaini-1  nation  held in  -lime,   lilOfi,  Saturday  liianduil   to   Hon. J  .F. Fulton, pr<>\ iu-  cial secretary,  his finding.     The com  inissioner    f'nds,  in   b.i'icf,  that there  was a great deal    of ruling an������l that  there was ample to justify  the examiners    and     the   department    in. the  com so they look.  The  finding  of  the commissioner is  a lengthy    one,  co\eriri������r thirty-throe  pages    of   typewritten  foolscap, and  goes minutely     into all the facts appertaining   to tho   matters under investigation.   After detailing thc exercises in  the    drawing bonis the commissioner   deals   with  the regulations  and instructions and the circulars issued from     time to   time by the department   of     education,  ami  a cites  tho .happenings at the meeting of examiners  when  the    drawing  books  of  South    Park School were thrown o'.il  aiid  it    was     decided   that no marks  would be awarded for the,drawing r.s  ru.ing bad been done in   some of the  books.     Mr. Alexander Robinson, *-u-  pcrintpiwient.  of    education,  to whom  this   decision  of the     examiners wa.s  submitted,  found that only   three can  didates had,      withoii'., counting thcii  drawing     book   marls,      obtained  in  drawing     tbe    minimum percentage,  thirty-three and  one-third, although  in the'    aggregate some of them ha/  the nccessaiy ' tlv<*     hundred and  fifty  marks, and he decided to allow thirty-four marks in drawing to any candidate whose  agarepate marls  would  Shcn be five hundred and fifty, by doing   this   seven   additional  candidates  had  nn  aggregate of five hundred and  fifty or      over    and  were allowed to  pass.     By'the decision ofthe department none of thc candidates  were allowed any marks for the hook work.  They  were     given    marks  indrawing  only on  the time drawings.  INSURANCE  COMMISSION  Government Will Appoint Three Mejv  to   Investigate Affairs of Canadian  Insurance Companies  t  A Judge or Lawyer, a F mncier and a  Business Man will Form the  Commission  Ottawa, Feb. 28. (Special) ���������Tho cials the names of all employees re-  L'om ission which is to be appoint- ceiving o'.er $ 2.000 per yenr reirutt-'  <d by the government to investigate eration, and a' statement as to the1  tlie affairs of insurance companies of (JllLies of thflS0 ineil| the j^,, 0j  Canada will consist of three mem- time thoy havCibeen ;��������� thc Cl..plov ot  hers. A lawyer or standing, or a _ tho Companyt ttc.  judge,  will be chairman  of tlie Com-j ,   i >  mission.      Tlie other      two memlcis ���������  will  be a financier     and  a     business     Victoria,     Feb.   2(1���������'Superintendent',  man.        Nobody connected    -with  in- Rinrpolc, of the C.   P. R., js in \ ic-  siinniee will I.e. .appointed.     The In - trria cu business  today,  rurance companies  will  gi\e the ofli- ILY.  YOUNG CANADIAN'S  STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE  New  York,  Feb.   2-L���������According bo the  young  man who lent her <  ' his  informal icn received by the police to Coat\vhe.n she was wrecked in Cana-.-  dav  Prcderick Clifford  Dorway,      a .       /-,'   T on  n , rt   ,.'.  ,, -    .   ��������� . . }'      * da.    On January  20  Dorway left his  Canadian,      who came riere a month .      <  ago to leceive a ix-qtiest of $15fl,000. home ahd'eame to New York to col-,  left to him in gratitude by a woman lect his.legacy, the Kansas attorney.  TROLLEY CAR  ACCIDENT  Pitt-'lb'tirg,     Fen.  2-1���������Two 'persons  are reported  dead and  fifty or more  Injured,   a ntiri'.\*'.er seriously,   as   the  result,    of two   trolly cat's on       tlw*  MiIIvale arid  Eliin  sbt*el railway e,o-  iiig    oven   higlii    walls  at different  points  witJiiu  a short   lime of   each  other    tonight.      The     first accident  oceiiiTCd nea.i"   Bennett,   Pa.  The mo-  ((irman     lost    control   of (lie   bra! es  and  I he car,    with    (i.'l    passcngei ..  plunged  over a ITi-foot  wnil.   It       is  said  two of Ihe passengers were killed   outright and   nearly  everyone  in  the car. was hurt.     A short time after  a fcivriiiid  car   became   uiimn^nige-  ai.lo and   went j>vei: a Ifi-font embank  ment   at   Risino   Sun  hotel,. about -10  jversons  being  carried   with  it,   ninny  he  once    assisted,   has  disappearod,  and central ollice detectiies are look  ing for him.    According to the story  from  Canada  as tolil by  the  police,  Dorway      was a telegraph   operator  and  station agent on a railway      in  Canada in the winter of  189'*.,  when  awicclc     occiiireil  near his station,  and h'-* *dai ted to aid the injured. As  he came near  the   wi'p.ck.'he noticed  nu a:red woman seated'by the side of  lhe track 0nly partly dressed.       We  look  off hi.s coat   and  wrapped       it  around her,, proceeding  then ��������� to    the  wreck.    When  the  relief .train     had  arrited the woman ret'iirnwV'his coa't"', -  and,; after  than'.jiiig him as J.e  went  away,  she said:   "My name  is    Airs.  James, of New  York, and some day*  Vou  will  hear of me."  Shmtly  after-  (erwnrd  Doi wav  was  promoted and  imaliy Ijceame division superintemlent  of the lailv. ay with he.idriuarte.rs   at  iSuh-h*ii:y, On.t.   He  never heard      of  Alr.s.-  .James   and   tl-f .matter   passed  from   his  liiind   until  lastChristmas,  when he received a letter from n lawyer in      KaiiKas, stating that "Mrs.  having .notified him  that the moniy.;,  would be paid to him here.   He told  his wife .to address letters.to him at"*  the Fifth Avenue hotel.   On January:-  26th a man answering the. description'  sent     here from "Canada ot.Dorway **���������  called at the hotel and asked if any /  letters had been received  for      that.'  name.   The clerk ,told ;him that none-  had arrived, and. the man left     the e,  hotel.    On'the following ,day two let"'  ters came for him,  but they'   weie  richer     called  for,  ami  last  Sunday,  they  were returned  to Sun bury. " Oa  Thursday  the.hotel   management r> .  ceivod   ivUtter" Jrbm 'Dorway's viu'ci:  telling of his visit to,New York end  asking; .assistance in  locating him.  The hotel  detective made a search  of  the records of thc surrogate court  but   failed;   to  find mention  of Mrs.  James or Dorway,  and police head-  quarteis was  then notified.   Dorway'3  relatives think  that 'he collected  tha  money and    was    then'Foully, dealt,  "with,  but a search  ot the  hospibn.ls  hotels and morgue records, so far has  failed  to bring anything to light re-  James" had died and left $150,000 to   fiftiding him.  FRANCE PREFERS  WAR TO SURRENDER  Wisconsin.     Me owned several good  mi1(iug  hucr.'Sls,  was sober ami: in-  , ������f  wln-m   were injured  dust riots, and a ������'encral favorite anion"  the  residents of   this > valley.  Hew  W.  C.  Schliclit'er ivives  a Inii-  tern  lecture in   the Ilulihin'lnn stia-t  'Mr   aud  -V.rs. 'K.  J.   Howeu  return-: church, Nanaiino,   this evining.      Ser-  '        '     .       .- ..;..:.   m \'ini-,iu-   vices  at  the     1. t-al   church   ycstei'ilay  cd  Saturday  Irom  a   visit   to \aiuou ��������� . . .. .     -  \er.  his share  of thc ^spoils  of   the  Vancouver robjmy to  "pals" hit   Port-  pjaee 'so coHnraratively ��������� quiet,      and  o  near  the scene   of) the' ro! \ cry as   o   "TAKI-:  A  S'iKAP  TO  11 UK."  According to Scotch law, as just  expounded hy Jud^c McKolvit*, of  Lcith, "if a woman requires to be  cliuslised the husband should take a  strap to her and not use his hand."  Tlie occasion of this weighty pronouncement was the appearance before him of one Patrick McManus on  a charge o! having assaulted '���������- his  wife  were conducted   hy   Kev.    A.   K.   Kob-  e.'ts.'  W.IFK   K1LI.KK CONKKSSKS  Albany, Feb. 2(i.���������Jidin. ('. Ros^  Hammond, whose wife's I body was  found iu a trunk at her home iu the.  South end of this city last Novein  her, nearly two weeks aftei' she Was  supposed to have been ^iiurdered and  tendays after'lie,   himsi-lf  had   disap-  I'aris, I''eh. an.���������Tlie. ollieinls of  the foreign office emphasizes Rouvi-  er's statement/ in the chamiber of deputies yesterday   that France  wants  The.-effect of this  vvotild.be to   .establish   the status qiioi winch France  prefers   to any tiling short of  the con-j  ference concerning her paramount l| o  peace only.on conditions assuring her   sition in   Morocco.,   While it  is rei:-  rights  and dignity.   As summing up    "K"iz������]   ������*'���������**  the failure of   the coa-  '      .   , ���������     *"   ��������� ,    ference   would  not  parclpiuite ininie-  the  "overninent's   intentions  at     Al-    ,.   . ,    . ,,  , ,-.'���������'.'  ���������"��������� . diate war,, yet it would leave breiich  fcwtiras this  is conplc.i  with  the view   o.rinni  relations - i���������  a state o'f^iii-.'.,  Hint   the. government limits arid ������lig. Vasiniss.s,  threatening  serious     future  nify  have already   rea'diM  the rurih-' complications." However, in . govern-7  est limits of concessions .ami      that  ' ment. cJuarters it is said Ruropean un.-.  therefore riom . the standpoint, of the ''*esl  is.prcrercble  to   France's-    scr-  goveriMiieiit  author!ti..s  it   is piefeia- 'rendering all her  tights and  expenta-,,  i.le  that  the   agony   of confereiu*e'- be   <-ions in  Morocco.      Accordin-gty. gov*  not. pi'iiloiiged   as    France, prefers    to  enimeiit opinion  took  a stroitf-'ly 'pes-:  coiiliiiui- the  status  quo in   Morocco  i sinristie   turn   today, and foreshaduw'-.  na    though     li.e conference had .not  jetl  the -dissolution   of  ihe conference  Blaine.. The man arrested had mail-   'Jlaine- If the and ITasard  are prowl   ^u'"f.^s .,'���������,��������� whether o'r  not it has  .   . ...   ,_,....._    ... = ...-   .= -      *~ >-������*��������� '-������ ���������-  '-   ������������������- <��������� ���������-"     bw!n t,s,a^lis,u.d Ulut, ti.c vessel   was  ed   two. letters containing diamonds  to two  men in Portland.   One of tho  letters was addressed to S. Whiteside  at  u saloon  in   Stark  Street,   Portland, and .contained three or fcnir dia  momls.   The   other contained eleven  diamonds,  and   was addressed  to Jas  O'Bric-in.    The names  are, given      as  they  were  written on  receipt  of the  phone message,  and   their, accuracy  is not Vouched for.   The message is  ^correct,in the main.'  The ���������posUiiaster at   Blaine > is evi-  side as she lay on thc ground. lgnc.r-  a'nCe oi sins law is usually held to  }������ no excuse, but apparently it suf-  ficed in VicMarius' case, for after admonishing him to give the preference  eiYAVorUiv ami properlv eq'uippcd ami to the strap hereafter, the magistrate  manned, "if the court  holds   that  the |discharged Him.    English justice has  ! peared,   walked   into  the  police  head-  McManus   latocked'her   down  ��������� |irs hcrp  Uus  ,a(u.vno0U  ftud Kur.  with his  fists  and  kicked her  m  the   render(1(1    ivimRelL    since   his   tlisap-  to lie the principals in the "sensational affair at McMillan's jewellery store .  a fortnight ago,  it  will   be tolerably i  clear that they have both fallen vk> ��������� f (,ts sou ,llt to lio proved "iiy the own-J long been remarkable for its leniency  thus of the method of during and ! *Js ' J ��������������� VCSK|., ,m. (.st.ablislied, tlvc| to wife beaters, but now Scotch jus-  jioldness,'   without     resourcefuliuiss,   :'.'.. ��������� ,,   ,      .... ,    ���������   ,..._)  pwiranc.-'the i.utli'*rit ies  have   traeed  him     to i.'anada,    thence   to- Any/ona,  thence to  "Montaiin,   whcie all   trace  of!    him amis   Jost.     Arthur   Strung,  llanimond's   yo'thful   toiisin,   accompanied      him   thus  fur,   but deserted  him   in Montana,   anil returned   to  his  home in   Ro>'"se.s Point.  When   Hammond   walked   into    tlie  tried to deal with the (uteslioti. ilow  ever, th s n I tiliiilc din's no! involve  any I bought of'.war., ('.n the contrary, the bigliv-st mithoiiitici* are finn-  ly ('(Hi'.-iiiced that the failure oi the  conference will not bring war.  First,   becausei their advices  show  ( that, (icriniany docs not want wait  and siecondly, because French official and public opinion is strongly  against  war.    It  is,   therefore,     tlm  .expectation in government circles  thatf the deadlock of Aigeciras will'  drag along iwitil a disagreement is  manifested and then colorless action  will be taken, leaving the "main Fran  co-German issue where it -was (before  the conference wa.s decided jupom  without a definite decision.      In con-1  ceding   the \ possibility   of   Eurorpfun '  unrest, leading to eventual  war, soma  ���������important  informal ion   h.-.s   been    ro-.  ccived   in .high ,quarters.  'A bitter exchange of    i.ersonalities .  is going on between the premier and  |  M.   T'imirazolY,   former-   minister       of  commerce,    through   their rcsi>ective  organs.   The Pan Russian congress of  Je.vs t.hich is in,'session 'icrt* lias ������������������3r  sued a formal  protest���������'against -    the7  methods oi the Jewish'.Bund -.ttivd o,th-  cr! revolutionary, organizations   in in-  t erf or ring  with  the elections  in   Poland nivd elsewhere by terrorism. Tbe  population of.several sections of Poland is overwhelmingly Jewish.  "This yur     is the place,  ain't it,    We just fade him on fish  whur you all set type?" querried    ai ������������������ o  gander-necked young     Arkansan,  who  ,.,.���������.-   - ... t   ,     ,tl ,,���������   nu,,h    iteeisiou   of fhc\co���������rt,becomes  a bar ! ticc, it seems, tales a still ������o������ ">cr-. hoffldquarters this  afternoon hc , had percolated Into  the office of the  which   they   ui.tiatetl  w.thlso   nmth .  ^  ^^ ()f ,hp!c,flll v!ew  of the.r oftencc    In  both ^^   bv   ,)ot)|1   Mfl     .���������.,  ,PolkyilIo Weekly  Clarion.  cheaply ^sensational success. -           _ ,   ..���������,^.,  ��������� TO������������������   ,���������   ������������������-ovmi,i.-  r������������-  mnm i -. ���������?  J of   Cohoes   and   Magnu's   wife,   lfam-  mond's sister.    He fully confessed  lo  it-en  rmmediutely on receipt  of the  in-  ���������   -   -       -   ---    .  -*n ;"   ..     _   .   ��������� rrei������ht earnings of the "trip  on which 'punished   for   poaching,   even   though  telligencc from Blame, Detectivc-Set:-, 11U*,U l;1 "'"^       ,  ------ i ; i be  entches no  came,  than he  is for  gent Jtokea-n.itrranB.t lor U.c.fe-   ������������ ������������* <������������.'��������������� ^'SrMhto^to   wfte,   *o������Km   brutal    ������������-  "������"������"  "���������   ������!'������������������  "<��������� "������������  gently a maii who can see sermon-Lin   morning.  sel, which  is New York.  delphia Inquirer.  Wednesday.  Zoologjical   Speciaiisf;  (gating     at  A  firm  of  Baltimore architects ha3  drawn  plans  for  a building  without  any wood in its construction. It will-  be    six stories in height, the entire  structure  to    be reinforced  concrete'  solitary sea lion in  the Dublin Zoo) jand steeJ     Ev^n the  ^oorSi  wi���������,do,%v-  -Where is his   mate?  Irish .Keeper���������He h*s no mate, ������orr  I sashes, and door jambs will j^      of-  metal. DAILY LKDGBS  * BA\m SPENCER-���������-^* 's  (Nanaimo) Ltd  Published   every  day ���������xcept Sunday.  BIT        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  iO .cents  & month',    $5 per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on application. '  ������������������'���������'^���������^���������iift''^**-''^**;*^*^^  | DO YOU KNOW i  j KEITH'S KONOUERER? ]  WM. MUNSIE, Prosldent  j. W.   CO BURN.  ������.--.- lot  Lumber Co   l^ttf  The   Ladysmii   - . SpeclBlv  ������ILLS   AT   FIDDICK   A*^���������*      ^_  , r- -������f4 'edar Lumber, l.aitVj,.  Shingles. Mouldings, fctc., on  , ..'  b.1    .w    and   Fiaishtni     LtaAwi  'a    fit****.  Reasoned   *nd   Kiln   Dried   Floortiif    ana   r.  LSquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  Tittle Table No. 51  /  'MONDAY,  FEB.  26,   1900  A VERY SENSITIVE LADY  A yomg     lady     endowed with ^'J****  most   sensitive nerves  mentioned  one J 3jj  evoni...? to a few freiinls assembled m  her lira-wing room that she bad a <JJ  hor'roi of the rose. The peifuine of ^  this llower," said she, gives i������e a s-'c- -^  verc- haadachc and fainlnpsv" The  conveisatioii was intenuptcd by the  visit of a fair friend who wore a jm  rosebud in her lioaddress. Our fair J������  heroine tAimcd pa c directly, tossed  her arms and fell giaccfully m a  sYoon upon ihe otuinuiii.  "What    a   strange     susceptibiUlyl  What a     delicate and  impressionable  It's an American Gentleman's Shoe. It's a Shoe that has a  woild wide reputation. 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C  Trail.*  leave  Ladysmith for Victoria and   all   intcrmediale stations    at  !>.!��������� a-w.  daily,   and at 4.00  p.m. on   Wednesdays,     Satviidays   and   Sundays.  Trains leave Ladys������ith for Wellington ami all intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. daily, and at 6.60 p. m. on Wedi;* dais, Saturdays and  Sundays. ��������� ���������*  Excision tickets ^-������gg^.  , ,     ''-."���������'"       ���������        ON .SALE TO  AND   FROM ALL STATIONS  goad tar  going  journey  Saturdays  and Sundays,  returnee; not later than  the following Afoaday.      " fLUH&J. ���������, ,  ;        steamer Joan   ' I     "'i   ���������-TV! U ���������  Sails from. Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at COO a.m. and  returainc sails from  Vancouver    for   ^adysnufh at 2.o<) p.m.  Car. Fort and!   Government Streets.,  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist.   Fit. & Pass. Agt.  3S3rs5*sagsgaraagj������apy  Good tables and good  Rooms  Por 33 Years  Thc flower, detached from the head  was passed from hand to hand among the spectators, but their soliri-  ludesJion ��������� gave way to a different  emotion. The fatal rosebud was an  artificial   one.  c _   pinion s ^.uifsuiu^uu..   ^.u. v,   _ _ u  Tonic, has been before the public, and  this, together with the fact that its sales  have steadily increased year by year, is the  best proof of the merit of  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODIM  Shiloh  A    ^TRAGIC    ISLAND  Sakhalin,  the    island  which   Japan'  is   now      taking,  or rather,   retaking  from     Russia, is    the place to which  "Russia     sends     her violent, convicts.  The convict in   Siberia has some liberty to console him for his detention  but tlie convict in Sakhalin has none  When     a  party of  -convicts   (having  been pronounced     volenl by the governor of   'lhe      Siberian station)  are.  landed    in Sakhalin the procession to  the jail  i,s as follows:'    First among  .the prisoners come men  with fetters  cm   thcii   legs.and   linked  together  in  iiairs,   the    clanking    of their chains  making     a lugubrious    noise..    Next  come half a  dozen men, each wj'Aiout.  fetters,    but     secured to a long Iron  rod  by  the   hands.     Then  follow female    prisoners,  and after  them,  tho  most al'iecting  part of the -whole, the  wives and   children who have elected  ���������Jo     accompany     into exile their bu-s-  3>and.s     and     fathers.     Behind  them  nimble" "telegas," or rough wagons,  wherein', arc-'.transported' baggage ami  those children  who arc too 'j'tHing or  .in fir iii to Walk.  ..When on the march the prisoners  are allowed three pounds of bread  nnd one-half pound of meat each per  day ' and they arc not forbidden to  receive ainis. But when they arrive  at their destination their lot is a  pitiful one. Their cells are damp  and ftingas covered, their food is less  than the allowance during the journey,' and their work in the salt mines  is most' exhausting. Most o the  7>risoners' arc very 'ig-nbrant. Few  of them can read, excepting the.. Caucasians... but they are all, put to the  same laborious work, and in the  event of their being physically una-  "ble to perform their allotted tasks  their punishments are very cruel.  Surely tlie horrors of the salt  mines of Iletskaya are nothing compared with the abominations of Sakhalin.���������Pall Mall  Gazette.  as  a  cure   for. 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BEVERIDGE, Prop.  *B>ylaKad������   *.-:_.--_: :~- Ladynmiih  THE -JONES HQTEL |  ���������WH1TI?  ������J0Oii-=^  uinl  ���������W III TE   L A JSOK���������  Employed Only  Dr.R.B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  A.11  work-1uaranteed, aud at TfifSon  ahl������ ratei.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  GatecreSt. Ladysmith  Ask   for^^..  TSON'5  NDEE  KEY-  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  -7 he Cream of Scotch Whiskies-  Ti  i'S BAY GO,  Sole   Agent������ for B.  C.  VANCOUVER, B. G.  CEO YUEN  Ladysmith  Merchant Tailor  B.C  (Half ttloek from Qepyfc.-)  GAT ACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  ."OMOBklilf"  MOTEL  DOMINION  ���������R-^t., -ji.25 midJl.BO���������  p.-e bus to ail ������teauiboat lamlintrp i>ii<:  r.iii'vav depots.     Elutfrie nap* eveyy 'i ������������������  minute?  *p>tij (tartg of   the ii\if     ,^-  >>.iid iiat*lt.tun������ijtcellfd.  F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C.  Leads Them    AH  IN QUALITY  VflUc*- M?*y Mf)n9gm@llt  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens' headaMarters.  Modern  and     Strictly  First C-laas.  Fire Proof     Buildiag*. c  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA',":'���������:':���������: ���������-. .���������; --'B.C.  *,������  VV.-vN'fPW���������!Jy Cfticftga wholesale  house, special representative (maior  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 99 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; positing pfty*jflft-;  jjepl". Wo in^'eKt-ment. required. Previous experience not essential to en-  ga-ging.  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,   III., U.S.A,  Read ������0w������ Read Up  9 p.m. Uv. v'ict������ria Arr. 4.00 p. 1.1.  8.O0 p. in. Uv. Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  '9.21 pi m, Arr. E������erett Arr. 7.30 a.i"  9.3. ������. m. Arr. tiFOKANK Ai>- 7.45 P.-Ul  6.JS p.m Arr.   Rexford' Arr 12.^ p, in.  S.io   p, ������������. Ar.    Kike   ATT-   ">>42 a. 111.  ,9.00 p.m.   Arr.    "j*������Bie   l.v.9.55������   iu.  qNK NIGHT  T������ ������������ K������oie������af Point"  TWO   NIGHTS  Ta    W'ian������p-)������ aad St. Paul  Cloie Connections  Fer ' Chie������fo. Toronto.  lfoatTMi 'and  All Points East & West  Acetyleae     Lighted     C%*;*4  Family 'Tourist ,.S������**P������������*s.  Palace Sieewng Cars  Pi*fliag "Cars <Mea)s a   la  Tfcfte). .  Library ObseiTat'on     Cars  Through   ' tickets and baggage checks to ai) points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservation's and complete  information call on or address.  S. fi. Yarkas       E. R. Stephen  A.O.R.A. G,A.G.N. Ry  ; Spattl-j VJc-toria.  B.C.  Cor. Government and Yates Sis.  VICTORIA, B. C  4  Transcontinental���������  ���������Trains Daily--  4  ft  Mil. HENRYS  NUMHIM,   GREENHOUSES AND SEtD  HOUSES  1010  Westminster  Road,  ������������������'",*- iXU'iWi'X- ���������   -  ^^dq\iart������rs for������������������-  PACIFIC QROWl*rQirde'n, lie'ld  and flower SEEDS  lor distrtbuUoa. ;  Large.' stock   ot Howe  Grown FRVHT and OR-  J-^MSJNTAL    TREES  bqw watiireil ,.tor Spring.  No expeHse,_ l������ss or delay of fumigation or inspection..    "���������  Let nre pri,qe. y-our list  before ptaeing ybur order. Greenhouse Plants,  Floral Packages, Fortili-  zers, etc. ������������������ -  3rJlO Westminster R<jad.  VANCOUVER, B. 'C  ONE    IS    THE    ."NORTH   ,  COAST  LIMITED."  ���������The elcttiic  lighted  train to  the East. ",  'Ticicts on sale  to all   East- ,  ern and  Southern  points--    at,  LOWEST   Hales.    Up-to-date-  Pullman  and Tourist Sleepers,  on  all Indus.       Dining     Car  MMvicc Unsurpassed.  Stcainsiiip Tickets on sale to  nnd from all   Huropiaii Points.  Cabin acconimodatioii reserved by wire.  For fui;thcr  particulate- eall  or    write      (he  ollice.   'Phone  AUiin   I5C.  A.   D.     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, Ore.  K.  E.      Hluckvood,  general  agent,  Victoria, P- C. '  aHlMiiMiif in 111 11 in mijii  I  Are You  Then lie sure your tickets real",   vis  %h*   .  TH6CITYMRRK@T  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysrnith B. C.  . ��������� ���������   +  -   ��������� -     ���������      *  I      THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  1 PURCHASERS AND SMELTI1RS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,       C  *  *  *  t  ������**  PAINTINO,        PAPEkHANQINO  \VBTG. . ,  Work done, properly and at ripM  prices. A full line of Wall Paper,  and Painter's Supplies Residence on  Roberta Street  J.   E.   SMITH.   Prrs  The  only   line  now   matting    UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST. PAUL',  and      MINNEAPOLIS    with  ,    the ���������  through    trains    from    the    Paciu*  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH.:  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  (RATES,  THE  FASTEST  TIME.,  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CWt  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS'CITY,,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information' ask youi  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  Genex������l   A.gtati.  v-JO 2nd Ave., Seatil..  If you like   -  A  smooth, easy   shave,  an  even,  well-finished     beard trim, a good  bath, ar a stylish Hair-cut-  You will ������9 to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARLORS  HIGH STREET.  f      HEAD OFFICE  + DUNCANS STATION.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON f  jUiWi General Manager. I  ������       Vancouver Island, B, G,  *T*  J. 2fZ. SiyEXTKC s  EESTAUKANT  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meat at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE A CO. v  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KIN������B NEATL1  BAKE������  AND FRESH,  Cemfactlonary of all kinds.  Ordera takm fo*> Pastries to be de  liver ed at any time.  Employment Aj-enc*"  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOM  None bu   *0nion Xabor   Employed  fl. J. BOOTH, Prop  ., ..Dea ers lu  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysmith, B.C  Dr. Dier can be fouHd at any tinn.  at bis office on Gatacre st. :IIis dental work is gvaranteed to be first  class and rates reasonable *t-  ]mmm%&i&mam&E^&mmiimml THE: DAILY ^LEDGER  -������-i������*������������I������^������r-������������,-������H*^*l**>4"> ���������!��������� ��������� K',I1 ��������� ���������:i*lH-*K������  t  Union  Brewing  7NANAIMO!  B. C.  Co  OF INTEREST TQ  LOVERS OF SPORT  flanufacturers of thc  j "Now is tbe time t'o'discuss thc  J.wstion of amending thei playing code  of rules of buseHnall, and they need  changes badly in many respects, not  for any radical alterations, but to  ���������j* improve the wording of several sc-  ���������i- j tions  of the code,   with a view       of  In  British Columbia  Lager  Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  d from the Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops   |  +.���������.+ .\. 4.\^^4^4^].+.i^4^l.+.]..^^r4^. ������.*. ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� >\. 4 .*.+ ���������H~������,������-������������S*������>"H"K- ���������  -������ lii;no      u������      1.1:1,   t-uuu,        ������������ * w*������     ������*.    ������������v^������������ \ji  X I making them'easier to define," writes  7 j Henry Chad wick,  the "father of base  ��������� *.,-, >*������ ������ + + -������+++���������+++���������+���������+ + ���������������������������������������������* **-*-**-+-44-+++4+-*-+4~++4-++++-*~' *���������**���������'  ��������� LAC fSMIT 1 TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORUANS    A.ND HOUSEHOLD     rUHNITURF MOVED 'PROMPTLY   A   ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Lac1 /smith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   th������  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short    notice.    Drill Sharpened by  ������������������  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks handl cd and repaired.  SHipsmitriing    in   aP    its ,.Bratic ties  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street   -      -    -     -  Ladyemith, B 1  x  X  X  X  LIVERY, BOARDING AND       .-'���������  SALES STABLES !  EXPRESS   WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  *  x  *PHONE 66  LVOYSHIf  - .;���������*���������������������������*���������*���������*���������;*���������*������������������*  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  t  WjiJ and J irk f.wr sit)  SKI?  J.   KEMP. 'OR LEAVE    ORDERS1 WITH  - W. CARTER,-  FIRST  AVENUE PHONE  6-0  Ladysmith Temple No.  5   Rathbone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd  and  4th  Tuesday  at  7.30   p.m.  DELIV������RT Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary  W.  SILKK  GEHEUAL hXP&E8S AND  LAME BACK  WORK  PROMPTLY   r>  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  m^muu4*^***'**eo^'*^****^^^'^'*m*mm**^mm^mmimt*m^mmmmam'mm  UNITED'"'ANCIENT'     ORDER   OF This ailment is usually caused by  DRUIDS rheumatism of the muBcIes and jniay  Heels   in the 1' O. O .F. Hail, La- be cured' by  applying  Chamberlain's  Wellington Grove  No.  4 U.  A. O. D Pain Balm two or three times a day  il'ysmith,    the   Second   and      fourth each  application. ���������11 this does* not af-  ffednesdays of each, month, comment:- am}  ru.|,.inng 'the  parts   vigorously at  ���������r.g Wednesday.,18th.. 1905. f0rd relief, bind on a piece of dannel  Visiting Druids      ' "*"-      ~ "*  Und-  are invited to at-  slightly dampened  with  Pain Balm.,  and quick     relief is almost sure to  By Order.. follow.     For sals by the Ladysmitk  \VM. RAFTER, Rect Secty.  Pharmacy. ,  PATRICK BURK. N. A.  J. PIERGY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  VICTORIA, B. C  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands  may   be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.  Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at, the  rate    of ten cents per ton of <",000  pounds    shall     be  collected on  tho  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance ol  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per auuum foi  a company, according to capital.    .  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, inay locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The lee for re  cording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid   to  th'  mining recorder in lieu, thereof. When  $500  has  been expended   or  paid, the  locator   may,   upon   having   a survey  made, and upon complying  with oth  er requirements,  purchase  the land at  U in acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2| per cent on  the sale*.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.'  A free miner may obtain two leas  es to dredge for gold of five miles  each.lor a term of twenty years, renewable,at the descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall *have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease foi\ each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each milt  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2������ per cent collected on the out  put after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister  of   che  Ii  '^rior.  bail."  "iUy    attention   has   been called to  the  fact  that  two  of  the prominent  rule-maVicrs   of the league held  opposite views in regard to the repealW  retention  of the existing  four strike  rule.   Another contention   is  a needed  cliang-e  in   the scoring  rules,  so     as  to give more encouragement to '''team  work at thc hat";   the scoring rules  now  giving  a hipli   premium  to  "re.  cord   batting" instead of encouraging  '���������playing for the side."  "In  regard   to the foul strike     and  its    rorcal    or afnendiiient,   I simply  ha\e this to say;   As at present word  cd  the rule is not only damaging   to  tenm work at the bat,  but  it i.s       a  heavy   handicap  to successful      base-  rtnining.    In   the first place,  in     its  cfieel. ..on UaUing, it cuts off a |>.;in0i,  of  Hie class  of effective  hits  tmown  as 'low liners'���������balls hit on a line to  tin- outfield, "which, after passing over fair ground in front of first    and  third    l.'ase,    suddenly curve  to foul  ground.     These    particular  hits are  ne cr intentional fouls and should not  be penalised  as foul strike hits.     In  fact, they properly belong to the bas������  hit .column  and should  be so recorded.  Secondly,  the foul strike rule materially retards the stealing of bases  and this result should be obviated by  an amicndmcTit to the rule so as   to  prevent    the calling    of foul    si.'ikes  when  a runner is  on a base,   as    no  good  batsman-ever   intentionally hits  a I -till  foul  with a rentier on abase,  though he may when no one is    on  n base to  be assisted  around  by thc  batsman.  The custinp rule governing the calling    of'Strikes  is one  of the  worst  worded   laws   in  the code.    With       a  iew nf preparing a sort of comprom-  ','/.->. .'-.���������    . .. .'       ,   ���������   .���������;;..  Section 3���������When the ball is hit to  foul ground,  and. no runner  is on    a  base. ''���������. '��������� '/, ;;  . .,��������� '������������������'���������  Sc-tion   4.���������-Vvlieri  the batsman  fails  10 strike at   a ball which  passes'.0V7.  er-    the> lioiiie base ami  within- legal  range:   ' .''';, '',,' ,' - \;/' ,.:y[. j  Section 5���������Whe.ii.' ho, strikes at . ii '  ! all which hits any part of his per- '  son. y  ::'-.���������"���������';���������. :^ v .!: y. \  Section G���������-When he hits at a .ball  out of his fair reach.  Section"7��������� The   'umpire   'must'.-, de;  clare    the    batsman    out    on a foul  j  ���������trike when he. strit.es at or hits     a  ball  fair  or foul,   whim- ei  MONEY AWAY  THE SETTING HEN���������Her failures  have discouraged many aponlliy   miser.  You  can   make money  raising chicks in the right  Way���������lots of it.  The Chalham Incubator > and  Brooder has created a New Era  in Poultry Raising.  The setting Hen as a Hatcher  has been proven a Commercial  Failure.  The Chatham Incnbator and  Brooder has always proved a  Money M?ker.  Noone doubts that thoie lb money 111 -aiding- a   V iAUt    PIju-������������������rt* nrwl Prrifi*.  chibkoua wlth'a fcoa lncubatoi .iiidJvooiiu -* -^P**?*' * ,easant aY,a * ro,lt  Users'of'tlio.CIiaUimniiHiibatiii and Si. Wc able JLiSISineSto lOi* Women  have aU made money.   Ir jou s ill tlm., 10 tin  vvl   J..I.O       ������.     oiaideath&tyoueai\HUcci.ssrullyiuiia|>Hilti'       "���������>'i'iv   w cum 11 aie toil ij   Jin.kiiiu.il!   mdc  , - business using tho hen as . t luilcliei, ������c uotiiu IJCikk nt li. iif  uul  inittinif b.  mo.ii     i\(iy  tiler   of his   ���������, : like to reason, with you. nunt'i - n-mitf i ouIL'j iul,i a ( li.ith.u  ������������������������������������������������������  ���������'        .-.-... .   . .j,utu'  feet are outside the, lines of his po- j    .'in the'fii-st'Pla'co.iyc can iao\o.to jo.i ibat ^*^'  No. 2���������120 Eggs  No. 3-240 Eggs  THE CHA Til A MINCUBA TOR���������Itt  success has encouraged many to make  ���������.  more money than they ever thought  possible out of chicks. j  Every Farmer Should  Raise Poultry ,  ' Ahnost c\ 01 y fai met "keeps hens,' but.-whlla  yourtictual cash losfijn e^jr--. which ih--JJntiii      Am moi*i in-nith .1J t'lc IP- iiil iimu   tlm -"������"'������i. i-*<.-i j mnuoi    '������i������"���������������i   u,^^n....^  ���������liould lay  dining U10   111 e ion  keep  ti.cn   rii^im-ul tin, without am oicmoiib c\pc  cn u hekno������Hth.itthere 1-.aceitainainountofpiollt  '.''.���������'���������         I    hatching and brooding, -vv 11 < m etiot. ;h lo pa-,    o- ��������������� i<*iont a c< in, o* 1 1 11, bt^in the j- 1 itiv 111 the bnsiiiCM. e\en when letting it talcts cau  puts   a stop   to     fora Chatham lmiub-itor nnd ii hoi ir .11 1 .u   li..-,nii ���������   ml mako 11-011-.*, i.fcla no .1 th- -1 ol of ilsolr, row laimeis aio aware of how mucli  I   orsixliHtohea, to say nothnnf wmuiii of tli ,  , f,..i���������  .1 ��������� thei .11 ehMiiir e\ civ year by not getting into  sition. ������������������.'���������.":  This    amen<le*i''rule  tb������, penalising, Of  balls  which go  far   |v ^'^WtSr^^W X^Z ^^r^X^^X:;!;^ tiK^ilU, i^,^ msueha wayis tolnak,  fl'onr   ,,thc    l.atfair   until   they  pass       of the Chathani lncubutoi ai.e! inoudo. t,,til ������,,l. .Wl. ih-w.-ikuiiii i..l   mi, 'Vhc^uinghen.is a hatcher will never be 1*  firsl   o,r (hirtl   bnsps      Then    ton       it         .If you allow a hen to j-ol. jou li*se lit Iimm ���������    1a In f 1 c i-,u.vnu . ni.l.'w ������itn whic 1 tin. Cllll.lll(.!r   (1   ,ll( ce^     Her business is to lay  ill St,   ri.l Uiltn   liases, :   men, _  lOo,       It        eight weeks of laying (tluco witk-, h ut'iuig - ioil<-,caiuc to tncui erg-, .om ^he yliould bo kept at it    Tho only  prevents    the     rule  Of 'calling- a Strike     jndflvo weeks takiiis,'caio of tii(-t!ii(k n).o ()|   ,.���������,���������,0   S,IC>(��������� iicpeiul- 011 get1 ng n \..n to 1, use cluck", foi piollt is to begin light,  ...       ...    ...      ,     ���������.   >��������� ���������'...'". .       !    fay in _tho eight weeks .si-(' ������o uli] l���������v .a J( s .��������� IlWlL.UlL     -, 0,1 mn t l���������>in nrht     lo   can bv if.,t.illingaC'hiitliiiin lnciiKUoi and Uroodci.  i:n a  ball   which  hits   the. batvaCClllcn-i    Ihvee dozen eggs.   Utt.ioCh.iUiu 1 Inculnloi ,1C\(1J    ,       c    v,,.    (���������|^lli[U,bl(   immu     -. .l \>'ilh-mh a LJAclune you cau begin hutchiui!  Inllv    vvhiln  th'-   h!,���������H���������   io "irvin'n-  In \^.l''ehatohn.g, while the I.li. goc^ cn hiiing ,,                   u'lh  h-i��������� n-, b.iLchci^       .0.. on 1 Ui-'c ^llo at ui.y time  lali} ,   Willie .tiio   liat-sniari  JS ��������� .tiying  to;    eggs. in i,t h.\c t t-foil i.unlnt.,   -ml h. ,o<U , hut \ on cm o.T'y get one wop off your fields in  Our No. 3 Incubator will hatch 11-. nmiiv egg-, this in I'isiiitli' ') <!n n\ ^<ty mi 1.1          it.-it .1 m^.ii, h'lt Willi a Chailum Incubator antl  astwenty setting hens. 111 il itn it bcttci.   >mjV\, %shn,i, pi ih ip-, m u .-u . A j mpuctl .    1 ii.ki* Uuiodci md uicliuaiy attention, you can ruisu  her#i*ia Question in luitliu ctic inst no \   ninl Lliirf is j 1' 1  u'.-ctm      -cial ilnckeii-. ho.11 1 t'ly Spiing until Winter and  If youkeopaihc'iisfioinli.Miig orlci .oi-ii, 111 li i\c ;l ciop c;<.i / 111011U1    'Jhiiikofitl  .'���������'     for 8 week.-*'how niucli caon do                  tr v. ....,.....,<...,������.1   ���������>������ ,m 1 ui m.u     .Qi.itii .1 low   lainitio h^e discovered .that  avoid being hit ,by a pitched ball. All  such''hits' properly belong,, to the rcc-  oni of. deail balls. Moreover, the  amended rule places the .section' covering; the out on a foul strike, which  was an   isolated  rule  before.  Tlie origin, of the foul 'strike, rule  was the effort' to do away with the  annoyance of intentional foul hitting j  and this it utterly Sails' to do, as  that objectionable habit'can be in  .Iti!g<'<l in with impunity after two  strikes   have been called.-  It is impossible to get-rid of foul  ball hitting, and the next best thing  is to lessen the thaw-back as much as  possible and that 1 have tried to do  in my amended rule. By way of  contrast 1 append the existing rule  .is given   Lv-low: '  Rule, 19���������A strike is:  .Section .1���������\A pitched ball struck at  by the batsman without,its touching  his  hat;  or,  Scutiqn 2.���������A fair ball legally delivered by tbe pitcher at which the  batsman <*ot*s not stril-e.  Section 8���������A foul bit ball not  caught on the fly unless the '^itsman  Iras two strikes.  Section   <1���������An  attempt  to'   bunt  which  results in a foul. ,  Section 5  <A  picthed bail at which  you lo*'0 if each hen wo.ihl li ivc  laid 3 dozen eg^s.   uid eggn .*ie  ise rule    -o be discussed at the com-j the batsman strikes but misses    and  in..- meeting    of  the joint committee J which   touches  any   part .of  his pe*>  of rules at New York in February', I |son.  append the, revised rule, which I have '    Section   ft-A  foul  lip held by   the  sent to President PylUnan,   Johnson   'catcher   while, standing  within     the  and   Powers  for  their approval,  and i lines of his Position.  it is as follows: I    js;0 wonder a rule,  worded  as  this  Rule -til-Thc  umpire must call    a  Ms,  fm.tls opponents.'-  stri'c on a batsman under the follow  worth 15 cents per du/ca?     J. 11- -Sti 00  Therefore, when the 'Ch.ithim Iiicul.iloi n "��������� ith it and n icij-ouihlo iniou-I o: ������ U  hatching-the ntiiiilioi- ot og-Miiat twtnii '.cn-, '���������" 1 , J",t %<>" <��������������������� f-ure to iuMp j if.:.  - would hatch, itis really euiimu 1111 islijo, \ou   * ould not n'.ike the -pnuilonci UJow.  fD.OO, besides producing foi join piont ihuk1-       ,��������� , nm,m^m- , ���������       -         .   ,,���������,,  by the wholesale, anil he.ng jc.uly tj d 1 i-Lo *  auine thing over ag.un the i.io- ...nte ch 1 ntc'i 9  is oil'. '    g  Don't you think, therufoie U it it jni������> to e  icecp the hens layinir mid let tiio Cintlu'i I  incubator do the h.ilclilisb' 1  There are many othci reasons v h- the i|  Chatham Jneiibator and Lioodci out<.l.ii,-to> jj  the xelting lien. 1!  Tho hen sets when hiie is leidy '1 he (. Ii it tl  ham Incubator is i.hv,r,s ie.l\ 15, p' ui'i..i{ !  to take on*a hatch at too right tn u>, jo 1 ia ij  have plenty of bioild-b to s^ll \uion bi iilcis  are scarce and pricosab tho to-) not'li It 1011  depend on the him, your cb Jis \m 1 f;iow Lo  broilers just, when evi iy othc h'i jciuc'rs, ic  being uiaikctcd, and ^\hcn the p ice 1^ not to  itiir.  The hen isa carelessinothei often leading In 1  ihicks amongst wet.guess, bushe*, i.nd 11. phicc-.  where rats can c-o.- ivjiiic hei * oiii.g  i������,,.' n'/.u'. v     , l       I 1   ,        - V ',' il ci ii-. money 111 the uoultiy buaincwandhav,}  .1,���������������'i ^-weciiotsiic i.Vj'tlV.c t , , ^ loiimUhtebiaiichOfiluiiiiiiifhopiolItaUolhas  rni  ihil.Vi  ,,,    l-ml        tl , V,'V ,   , ',,'t tncj  h.uc instalKd sevci.d C'lmtham Incuba-  im uiiiioi  una i<iootici  ir, u-   ut->i  uin ������������ ... ������������������ii>,...,iu,. ....   ... ,���������,, u... ������, ���������  WE WILL Sl.'if NOW  TO YOUR STATION  FREIGHT PREPA5D  A CHATHAM  INCUBATOR  B������  ,    ,    i.oi-<aii(llliuodei>> artCi tijing tlie (list.  ���������^ , l'eilui|j^ vou think th.iL it iciiunci a great  de il o,* time 01 a gie.it deal of technical knon-  led���������-c ' 0 . 1 ae chickens with a (. h.uliam Incu-  - Intoi .1! d IJioodei 11 ho, jou.ii' gitktly iiilfc.-  taken \ 0111 wife or daughter i.in dtterd to  ihe n.Ai*.line i>])d look attei the chul.uns with-  onL uueireiing with then regular household  d 11 tic-, '  ihe 111 nl et is always good and pi ices ar*  i.e% ci low '1 ho demand lb nlwaj b in ej.ce-,8 ot  tho -tiiip'y .ind at eci lam times of tho yeai you  '.in piaitic illv get .my in ice you care to ask fur  ������o ul tnoileis \\ ltlia Cliathiun Incubator an J  Ji.ou'ei ion can Malt haUhlug at the light  in io to '' pg the clnckciis to m.tikotabln  tiioi.cii when the Mipply is ieiy low and tha  jii it c-, ..< toidiiiglj high. Thih j ou could never  do 1   t h lien-. Jt. hatchci ?,.  \\ e know that theie is money In tho poultry  bii-iness 101 <\eij rainier who will go about it  light All }iui ha\ e to do is to get a Chatham  Jiicnhitoi .in.l Biouilei and start it. But perhaps \ouiue not juepaied just now to spend  tne money. Thib is why we make the specit.1  oflci  The Gh.itha'ii  Liionder liji.uc-. nself, is   i.jj     ������t'*r*-i/*'*  perfect mother ami \ei-y iaicly lose-, .1 duel-, Jl    GStiaiij  and is not infuslc-d -villi iice &  Altogether, there is absolutclj no leasniiiblc j>  reason for continuing Ukj ii-i   ci   1 I en a-, a i;  hatcher and  every  rcii*o'i   wnj   joi  bhuuhl "  have a Chatham Jneub.it'ii .nidJiioodc  We are making a veiy spinal ol'ci, iihicii h    m*^1    a Pi        t f\f\Ti   IT a  it will pay you to investigate [     liH AliCr IltHib  HarVCSt  Small Premises Sufficient  For Poultry Kaisinji.  You Pay ws no Gash  IS THIS FAIR ?  "���������Ve krow thei e is, money in laising chickem.   .  Wp  know   the   Chatham   lucub.itoi    and '  F'ondei h.es no equal  Wo know that with any reasonable effort ou  vom pait j ou cannot but Ji'uke money out if /  lhe Chatham lucubatoi und Biooder.  tVe know that we made a similar offer last  vein and that n e\c. y ea������c the payments we ���������  im t ( heeitullyaiid piomptly.and that 111 manf  ea^rs money wai ttecoiuparued by letters ex-  g   picosing sati-jfaclion  "���������"������������������������������������i���������������������������������������������������������������������      Iheiciore. we have no hesitation in making  Of course, if you hnve lots of mom, so much      "Uentlei iei" -Your No  1  Inciibator is all   this piuposition to every honest, earnest maa  the better, but many 11 man and -..oni in  ue   rj r[lt    ; ,t,,   ,tni c.:1!'satiwicd vnili it,    Will   or woman who may wish to add to their jeniiy  carrying on a successful nnd   uo'u.il It poulltj   ,.," tl luge-i  o-ie troiii jou ne\t jeai.   H. M.   P> "Its with a small e\penditure of time and  business in a.MiiulI city 01 tow n Jo,      in-one   j������oc.iv\\ooi), bind-.iv, Ont r",������,',"CJ-     ,, .,   t ���������   ^ .  with a fair sized stable 01  shed and 1 small      ..,-.,���������n ���������    1  ,,���������_i    i,,,i,   t���������������������������i���������ia������ o,.^      'ibis leally means that *we will set jou upm  yard can raise pouUsy proliialily ���������  OPiitlemei,-!  funk   both   Incub.at4Dr and   tho poultiy business  so   that you can maku  * But to make1 money qiiicklj; vo t n.ii't get ')���������������V ulX ^r^U'ilf^^n!,!*' M>onov ngfit tioin tho start without asking for-  away fiom the old idea ot U ,ingl )f'obtisHK-s -h.ee hiUhc= K - i l.tvusu, i KUsv ille, Ont a single tent from you until aftei l'JOS harvest,  with sett ing hons as halclicis Yon mu-Lget .1 Ce.iticnien ��������� 1 had never seen an incubatoi If wc knewof a faiierofter.we wouldmakeit.  Cliath.tm Incubator and liioodci , 11 ltil I n ci iv e.l v.nrs    1 was picuicd and stir-      Write us a post cud with your name and  To enable ovorvbodv to got a fan "-tait wiUhc   p-isi I tig I oici M percent  and the cli.ckens   address, and we will send 3'ou full pai ticulars.aa '  right way in the poultry lii.ncss,  v\ j in ii������c    no ail  stioiig and  healtlij      A child  eould   well as oui beautitullv illustrated book, " How  ing conditions:  .lohn  Gaunt,   who  lives near     \m-  Section 1���������When  the iiall  is hit foul   burgate,   Derio shire,   and  is   tbo ofli-  ������nd   is cacght on   the fly. 'cial  rat catcher, to the.Midland, .raiI-  ' Section  2���������When  the  ball  is bit .to   way,  has trained a  fox  to be as ex-  fo'ul. ground, back  of  the   line of   the ".pert and   reliable  a rat catcher     as  home,.'first or  third  bases.' , any of his dogs.  liasi>m>-j**aKs*i^^  ���������a?: '���������    x  a very  special ofl'e'.'  which it is w01 tli voui   op rate ui'icliuie successfully   Jas. Dat, Ruth-   to make money out of cii.cks."  Wnte to-day-  while to invct.tig.Uc. " will, "U.m ' to Chatham. '  "We can supply you (piickly from om distnhutm^ . vr(*houses at Calgaiy, Biandon, Regina, Winnipeg, New Westminster. B.C., Montreal.  Halifax, Chatham,   l-'iie-toues at uuaiimm,  <)m     .. idOiii-oii   Mien 51!*  The MANSON CAMPBELL CO., Limited, Dept. No. 15 A CHATHAM, CANADA  Let9us quote you pr&ss or a good Fanning Mill or good Farm Scale.  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  |    The sacred black stone of theMan-  [dm  dynasty of Chinese  in Mukden  is  i ��������� i- .   "     "  [the center of the univ;ei:se, according  i  [ to old  Chiri'.'se superstitions,  and a'd-  (letl    venerability    comes   to Mukden  j frotrv     the   graves    of  the emperors  near by.  Tlie Do-ring  in   Lassa, Tibet,     is  another  center  of the  universe, which  according-  to  the Tiljiocan r<iiests,  is  shaped    /exactly    like     the shoulder  blude of a sheeii.    All   distances   are  meafexircd from it, and  it is  very sacred.  Another centre- is the kaaba, in  Mecca, a dirty black stone let into  the wall 01* the most sacred mcsq.uc  and polislipd every year ,by the lips  of thousands of worshivors.. The Arabic word for stone; "hagar," up-  pears in .Scriptural writings as a  prober na������ne. The Mecca pilgrimage  is a -''lu'.!," and those who have taken  it arc known  as  "hadji."  Even so' sane a 'people as the.  ancient  Greeks come pretty near wor-  Sun light  Soap  ^ C\C\C\ KtWAKD will  ���������*p^#V-U*U  bc pllj u, .lIU  ���������j trson    \.h\i    pio-iis    tU it  Siin' ^ht bf ip t_ont un1* in>  injiuKiis chcnuT's ci an>  furm ui  tJuItur ition  is equally gocd with hard or soft water.  If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)  you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get better  results than with boiling and hard rubbing in the old-fashioned way.  As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly  pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be  washed without the slightest in;_. *���������'.  Lever  Brothers   Limited, Toronto  Your money refunded  by the dealer from whom you buy  Sunlight Soap if you find any  cause for complaint  ij6  center of  the earth, at   Delphi.   The.  Bo mains- set up a stone of great con-  scti'tiencc in   Rome,   but   for purposes  of  measurement,      not worship,     also the,"London stone*'  of today   is  Office  8HCtH������  1st Avenue  NOTICE  LADYSiVUTH   WATER WORKS  Consumeps are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates,  between the  10tli   and the 25th of each month.  I  Office Hours 1 P. M. 4 30  T.J BLAND  SUI*ERINTEiS"DENrT.  Public  Notice  I  )  Attention is called to  ".he   tact that tht Jj  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co ,   Limited |  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEH OLD    FLOUR,     hare for some.T.lmt   j.  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved and ptarlfi   ' fontf  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control ot    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising  the  publie  that any  orized users of the electrical   fiowr purifying processes  will *-e prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flcmi* Mills Compi-my Lfmifced  are +lie    oaiy    mitlopa iu Oaaasia wkoae.'.'Flotar  spwt'iftoib/ tli3 S loo trie I Process  r#iRETOgKHJasaag^^  London, Toronto. Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John,'N.B. ��������� ^^&&^t&3Be&'  THH    DA1LV    T ^^" "P  LOCAL ITEMS  Miss E. Do'beson will be at the Abbotsford Hotel' every Saturday afternoon to give lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, efli-  cicntly taught. For particulars ap-  T'y Box 12, or Phone 14G, Nanaimo.'  Smoke Big B. Cigars  FOR SALI-* ��������� ORGAN,  Ilaggart's, Esplanade.  Apply   at  CARD.  *We desire lo extend  our heartfelt  thanks to allthose. wbo so kindly assisted us during  the last  illne-s   of  our beloved husband and father,   nnd  for ihe many expressions of sympathy  we received ai  bis  drain.  MRS.  T.      CLARKE AND FAMILY  FURNMAN���������FREEMAN.  C. A. Furrimaii, brakeman on the  passenger train, was unittd in mar-  riage at the Methodist chun-b Saturday evening to Miss A. Freeman, of  .Mulibay. Mr. and Mrs. l-'urnman will  reside in Victoria.  Mi.-,s K. Porter, of Suniiysidc, Che-  mauius, is lhe gueit for a feu days  of Mrs. T. J).  Ci ui way,  First   Avenue  Mr. Ralph M.P., was a passenger  on the south hound train this morning.  "Manaut-r iSichoLon has the opera  home engaged for April 3rd by an  opera company  of Seattle.  Mr.   Paricor Williams,  M.P.P., who  spent Sunday at hi*- home near N'a-  nauiKi,  passed  through  on the inoin-  ing train   to Victoria.  E. E. Blackwood general a^ent -it  Victoria for the Northern Pacific  Railway, snerrt a few boms in Ladysmith yesterday. MibS Blackwood  acciimranicd her  father.  BLACK  ������-*  CAT  HOSE  for  &_e^rnm&v&&i3i!mg-mr&z&zi  I  m&$BU9gp&BP*vih  On  Saturday next the people       of  Crofton archiving  a conceit   in  aid  of  the Chcinaiiius  hospital.   . o   The Vancouver ladies' hockey team  defeated the Victoria hufies 3-2 in g  match at the Capital City on Saturday.  -o   S. S. -Wamgcr brought a lowl      of  30  tons  of hay for Mr.   James  War-  *nock on Saturday.  The  Fifth  Regiment heat  the Tig's   of Portland  in   a basket-ball   game  'at the drill  hall,   Victoria,  Saturday  night,  the score at  ihe conclusion being  2G-5.   O   ORE FOR SMELTER.  Mr.    I-I.   W.   Turiier,   superintendent   ,  of the Omar mines, is visiting  Ladysmith  today.      lie is a-guest at thc  Abbotsford Hotel.  The   Tyee  Smelter  received   albioiit  350 tons of ore from  Omar Mines on  Saturday. The ore was brought down  the mimes  by  thc  S.S.   Capila-  no.  ���������*���������  From Crofton comes the news inat  'Mr. Geo. .Johnson of Nanaimo, the  I'U'orat;; anangenienls are being' Grand Chancellor of the Knights oi  made for the city school concert to- Pythias visited Mipit place last  morrow night, and the progiam lhat wee'--, initiating, into the Order three  is to be rendered by the school chil- residents of Crofton. After the cere  drcrr  will      doubtless be most  enter-  mony all Knights at that place were  taining.  Rev.     Dr.     Ilonlma",     Supt.     of  the  Presbyterian  Missions in  British  .Columbia and Alberta, preached     an  eloquent sermon  t0 a laige and     ap-  pteciat-ive  congregation   in  thc  Pres-  hyteiian  church  laf.t eiening.       Dr.  Merdinan,   accompaiiiod   by   Rev.   iUi.  Boyle,  lelt  on  thc morning train for  Victoria    to    al tend the Presbytery  this week.  banquet ted   at  the  Oslwiriie  Hotel-  CONFIRMATION,  The Lord   Bishop of Columbia, the  Right  Rev.  Dr.   Perrin,  has  written  to    Rector Rev.  R. J.   Bowen     announcing     his    intention   of  holding  ���������confirmation in  the  Chinch  of   England here on Ash Wednesday,  Fen. 28  His Lo<-dship holds confirmation here  once a year only  and  there arcf,Viite  a number of candidate*)  this vear.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  If there  is any thing  you    want in  Tne Victaria United Footlull team  succeeded in defeating the Kgeria on  Saturday aftei noon  at Oak Bay toy a  score  of  3-2  after  a veiy  hard    and  aood exhibition of football.  Altnoug-h  the     game   was  not  on   the rtvular  schedule,   it  was  strongly  contested  by' both   teams,  each of whom  were  anxious to win.  Boys and is  THE BEST TWENTY FIVE  CENT STOCKING ever offered to the public  They are made for Hard, and  Ruugh Wear-Strong Boys  and Gi Is-The Only Kind  that hold them- All ISizes  at One Price  25G.  PER PAIR  Walters &  Akenhead  ������#���������  Save the Wrappers, they are valuable.    Vour  grocc r h s the Premium List far you  .--re tbmuimbiij. ..u^aaaust^BKl  SPRING  Knows  ���������**wa  BORN.���������To  the wife of George Han-  nay, First Avenue, a son.  Nearly Everyone  What it is to Move and Get Things  broken up.  To avoid this I have decided -o sell out my entire Stock  of Furmiture, Glassware, Dishes, Cooking Utensils,  at a Great Sacrifice, from 10 to 20 Per Cent Dis..  count for Cash Only '  SHOES,        SHOES,        SHOES  One   hundred Pairs of (Maple Leaf)   MINING   SHOES,   with   or  without  Nails. (  More than three hundred Pair   of   LADIES',     IMFNS    and      CHILi)-  RLONS'  SHOES  will   be sold  HFD.V'-HJLESS OF COST.  Mile  will  continue  from    Sat-urria'yUhc 17th to Saturday 1-hc S-l.  -}:&>���������  ��������� X , are constantly arriving and our Latest  Additions are Lovely Assortments of  FANGY CURTAINS FURNI1LRE GIMP  TABIFGOVERS FURNilURF FRINGE  MUSLINS LOUNGF  GOVFRINGS  S  Our Spring Blouses, Millinery and  Laches'   Neckwear will   be  operifedoui -at an  early date  ,tf������       H**W**   1    JiB������J>������* *-  SIMSS������������������..LEISER&CQ Ud-f  GATACRT. 8T  Thei.  CHAS  FURNITURE STORE   |their staff,   broke  the  world's  type  PETERSON,   5th  AVENUE As ROBERTS  Street.  LADYSMITH  /���������fSJS-v  W.G. Fraser  :y$'i<tfy  >te;t*>fe*-!vv  '!���������'.  The outlook  for  the coal Wide   is  exceptionally   good at this  time,  and  there seems little question but  that  work will lie continuous both at, Extrusion and  Nantaiino ��������� for   nioinhs  to  coihe.   There is some outside talk cf  another shift being put on at,  ExU-n  .sion.    There is, however,   nothing official  in stub     a report.   Superintendent  Hryden  states  that while       the  company    may or  may not contemplate s.ich action he has had ,no  instructions regarding ,it.   o   Floral Tributes.  The  following  is   a list   ol  (lowers  the Drug or  patent medicine line you scn^ io lne funeral  of the late Thos.  rill   find  Store.  it at    the Ladysmith  l)iu������  Smoke Big P.   T'inais  FOR RENT  The Bar of the Well Known Hotel  Ladysmith,   thoroughly  furnished.  For further particulars apply to I).  C.   White, at thc Hotel.  a  II!  AMELIAS  idBELLAS  'UMBRELLAS  ;i>.ii?.y.'ijaHEK,������,������i.������i.7'^������i^'2MB^  Clarke on. Saturday  Crosses���������I "am ily; Miss  G tllespie for  Liiural   Ri.'bekah Ledge No.  0.  Wreaths���������Mr. and Airs Jas Iluctb  i.son, Mr. and Mrs. Jas.. Ingham, Mr  and Airs. T. C. Morc-nii, Mr. and Mrs  H. Forcinimer, Mi. ami Mis Wiin-  ManucI.'Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Marl-  plus,   Mr.   and Mis.   Tho-*.   Rul������.er.  Spiays���������Mr.and    Mrs.    Hutchison,  M-iss   L.   Ingham. )  The pall-bearers were:    P.  GarTncy.  T. O'Connell,   A. M.  Hutchison, Geo.  Wilson,, Wlrn. Ualain and. Jas. Vcre.   o-   FIRST  HOOK   ON  SPORT.  The first book on ��������� sport ever printed in   the    English  language was     a  rhymed  treatise called   the  "Bake of  of St.   AHians,", its author hei ng    a  -O������������������������������������-                  their stalT.   broke  the  world's  t.yp*'- wife wanted him to let her add     to  Mr.  W. W.  Walkcm visited Mr. and  sctt,inl?  ���������'ccord   by  transcrii-* ng   1,017 his  misery  by  boiling li is face,     he-  Mrs     Thos     Kiddie at Crofton'Sun-  wo"ls ol  "-'n'amiliar     matter  ih    one cau-c   Mint.is  always  a   woman's  way  li?iirilll*lirril   I  l|'ri'         llour'    Tlu'y  clai"v "'Vtiualifiediy  that in such a case of being hint!;"  l-Ui^ia-UiJllJI.*  ���������,      )   ���������      lhis  js  tllUifastei.   wi-ii.nu   cum-   ac-      "I'erlmps.   But   I Hunk "you-    "have  coiiiplishcd up to date, and also .state m'l't  one  point  uncxphiiiied.  How. do  Ladysmith    people vis- that the former record was  made by vou   know   the man has  a wife?"  yesterday,   making  the paUl Munt-er,  who wrote 3,830 words ' "Oh, Wit you're dull.   You're about  which this time'at the  National Supply show at Ma- the    pool est    deduct or    lever saw.  dison Square Garden, Nl-w York CiVy Didn't  you notice Unit   he was wear-  during the month of Nmember 190*5. ing a hair chain? Who but a man with   "  j a good,  strong  wife  whose hair corn-  SHERLOCK   1-10LUES,  -JR.  A party of  itcd Crofton  journey . in a launch,  'I.eluVed ,pioj:erly.   o_  ���������     Merchant Tailor,  "*-|- .*   ' *   ���������    .-(Jflt Avenuej  Fall Stock   tin   hand. Call tnr\\ and  -1   -  *- - . *r  \  ijet your choice  ��������� ������������������Jilt.  asp  The football game yesterday was  not a wry spirited one. Team No.  1 defeated No. 2 by four goals to 1.  Thc Secretary of the Club is enduav  oring to make - arrangements for a  match with the' Garrison here on  Saturday.  Stoves I  ^irs.   Jessie  Cameron,   of  Victoria,!  the mother  of  W.   C.  Cameron, M.P. night with  Sherlock Holmes,  Jr.   clutcht'd his  companion's ami and sai.l:  "Do you see that   man''"  "Yes. Youi mean the one with  the  mustache and  uoatec,   don't your?"  "Thc same.    Ik1 was awake, all last  ihe  too th ache.   His  wife  posed  it would  wear one of  (lungs  in tins enlightened age?'  those  -o   Thc  Lath smith Public  School   Concert win be heki in the  opera house  on     Tuesday,   Fob.  27,    commencing  ut 7.30 p.m.   The pro^ranunc.'will bo,  provided  by  thc school children    and  P., and  ot  Miss  Agnes Dean  Gamer-' wanted  lo put the hot water  bottle  ! Uicp   roceeds   will   be  devoted  to Li  on, died at her home, St Mh-higuii st.  Victoria, at the age of 8-1 years on  Saturday evening.   o ������������������-  A  Ledger  reporter;Is authorized t0  contradict the report that II.      T.  ou   his  cheek-,   but  he wouldn't, have  it,    and    she made    him promise   to  ha\e  the  thing  pulled . today.       His  tooth isn't aching now,  though."  "Then   he   is   a friend   of  yours,   is  he?  Why  don't  you   introduce  nie'*"  "A friend o\ mine'* N'o, 1 tuser  stiw. him until I called yotir atten-  tion to him a.monieiit ugo."  Tbe great amateur detccti\ <.���������'*������ companion shied away like a married wo-  brary and Music  Fund.    Tickets   for  Adults    60 cents,  'half ticlietus.)  Children 25  cents  -o-  '.Vmsby has  wired  to Ppteril.(bro for u  canoe,     if the  heavy  rains  continue  there   is, of course, ^ possibility     of  tbe Bailie of  Com-merce being 'Hooded  the new ditch .on. Roberts street chih  |d.\m������   on Fir.-.t  Avenue and covering   man who sees  Wu Ting Fang coming  I hai   Ihoroughf.irt*  with water, which   to ask (.ucstions and said:  is. rapidly-, risings- Tom   swims    well      "Sherlock,   there's . no use   talking,.  ami  Jim   Adam   lias kindly promised   I've    got     to quit associating  with  to'lend him a sugar 'box fixed up as a   you.   This uncanny way you: have of  gondola should  tlie water  rise      to  high.    People of Ladysmith  will hear  with   relief, that   the   bank  safe     is  water-tight.  Smoke Little B   Cigars.  ��������� o   FOR SALE  The Candy ami Fruit stoic of John  MalVeo, on 1st. Avenue, Ladysmitli,  B."C.  Ia  woman.    Dame Juliana   Berners.   Its  GIRL'S SCHOOL  65c.  Each  From  LADIES'  IWROFIIW  y^flilLLLHO  aci  -:o.  MEN'S|  $1.50 and Up  'second   edition  was   printed   by   Wyn  k.yn de Wortle in 'l-l!).fi, A descendant,  of her    family,  Lord   Berners,    was  the translalar  of  Froissart's '(.'hi'on-  icles."  .It    is true that old  rn.-mu  scripte existed, such as thc "Vencti  de Twccy"   of   tho    time  of   lOdward  II.,  but  it   was Dame Juliana     who  was  the  real  ancestress of sporting  literature in   tttiglruid.  for she    also  coin posed  an   essay   on  hawking  and  another on  "Fishing Wilh an  Angle"  the last being of such excelIciro, that  I/.aac  Walton   himself  did  tint  disdain  to take a hint  from  its pages.   o   WIJI-'N  WOMAN SHOPS  There  is a eir.'ioiis  twist in  woniniis  nature   which   forbitls   iicr  to go shopping at   the sales alone.      She  wants  a     hrimfh      of  luce,   a cheap skirt,   a  blouse. She has the  money   in  her  pocket for thc purchase. I'ut, she  must have companionship, and she  anil her lady friend having  lunched together, go joyfully, lo the  pai'chasc���������a curious illustration of  thc ultraism of woman.  One may   perhaps 'indicate  th������ contrast���������which   may he  to the  feminine  advantage.       A   woman   wants  a new  hat.      She  issues  invitations  to  intimate friends to come and pee her  h%y  one.   A  man   wants a new  hat.     The  selfish   beast never dreams of ihviting  his male     friends to    spend an afternoon  in  seeing  him  suited   and 'fitted.  Probabl. i there is no man living who, |  being   ^i. want    of a new evening suit  gave a     friend  the delight of helping  him   in    tho     choosing of cloth,   thc  measui ing and the final fitting.     And  yet    there     arc those who think the  women     have not so good  a time as  the men!���������London Chronicle.  -finding out all about  people  who are  strangers  to you is making  nie   ner- i  vbus.  I'm afraid, of you. How doiVouM  | know this man had the toothache all  'last 'night?"  -  | "Look at "his eyes. They arc all  red. They are the 'eyes' of a man who  has been robbed of slr-epf"  "Yes.    I can  sec 'that his   eyes-are  red,  but perhaps he is a victim       of  SMALL   BOYS   AS _INVENTORS.  It ,may     no.t be generally"known  that ��������� many of our greatest inventors  began their  work' when  mere lads in'  th.'ir early'teens.Marconi-, .theV/amous  inventor  of wireless   telegraphy,  was; hay fever or something of that kind."  hut 1-1 when he setup lis .first crude      "N'o.   If.you could   make deduction  apparatus, in   which  tin  biscuit box-   you would know better.   Look again.  ,.   ,t*.s held 'important places.   At sixteen   You will sec a dentist's sign   in     a-  io/Samuel  Compton began work on the; window across the street there."  spinning mule,  which, he-perfected be- ,   .''Yes; I sec it."  fore   be   was  'niivetocin.    Efi   Whitney     ."I .noticed   that he  gave  a sudden  conceived   the  idea  for thu cotton gin   start when  ho  happened   lo  sec ���������that  when he   was   only   "'���������    Sir  John H.   sign,  and    half  stopped   ������k   if        he  Brow  was a lad of sixteen  when lis  ii),venled    in      his   mind   the conical  spring buffer' for railway trucks, an  invention   which "made ,him  immensely  rub in la'eryyears.  -o-  FASTHST OPERATOR  i ;IN.iTI-lE!.;.VVORL'P..  The Pueblo Chieftain of December  !) contains a lengthy article to the  elT.ect that  Hay  T.   Vanettisch,-     of  thought of going -.o.V'Cr.  Then be v|������iit a  hand   up to bis  cheek,  assumed    ' a  cheerful  look ami hurried on.  So you  see  his  tooth  has .quit aching."  But how do you know he didn't  have a hot water bottle against- his'  -cheek last ,ni������hl." -,  -   "Because  he  has just  had   a shave.  A man never gets shaved next morning after letting-his. check rest upon  ahot  water botlle.    Of course    his  Hirl***������KgHBaHtP>  : Sunlight Soap is better than other *oap*  but is bost when used in the Sunlight way.  Bay Sunlight Qbap and folio*** directions.  A SNAP  50 COLUMBIA AND BERLINER 10  ..   ID*-INCH  RECORDS,   SLIGHTLY  USEI.i  Only 25c. Each  KNIGHT'S BOOK STORE  After,this date   the price for bread  delivered at   my     Customer's' houses  will he FIVE   CENTS per loaf���������'20  I loaves      for    a dollar.     My    read is  ; guaranteed     the best made.       Shop*-  rim    by     white help    .should  receive  white peoples'     patronage so lon^ as  they are    properly conducted.     i solicit a trial as your  Baker.  C.  R. DOCILE,  TH E WELLINGTON  RA^KRY  ���������)-  Wft  a^-riiklh^them oijthe Newest ������* aium anti.Lait.c  Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OK FOU NDRY  WORK  - ',,'-'y^Vt*,*?.r*c*B **:'* R������a������oni hie  SEE OUR    NEW" STOVES IN  BLAIR AND ADAMS WINDOWS. .  \ ���������'' ->��������� ���������'���������'��������� ���������'ii^ndtat-L't'dy^mlihJHardwareXcrripsny  LAPY5HITH   IRON & STOVE WnPKS CO.,^LTD.  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  MR. aad  MRS iT. J. THOMAS, I  of   Mouat Sicker H������tel, and, of  Palace lltttel,' Na������ai*������������,  have  chase* th������.^       '5       -     -    ,  -r-COMMEROIAL  HOTEL   oi DoulRlas Street, Victoria, oppos.i  the,-, city ..ball,-,aiid., invite . their  - old  PATRONS AN������ FRIENDS TO VIS  IT THEM WHEN I*NVIC-  /X$09i-A.*..' ���������_      :* .;.A-'y;:  Jaggles���������I fee a horse shied at a  statue in Central Park. Waggles.���������  He must have been one of those educated horses.  NOTICE  WATGHE  We  are now slibwing a Large Stock of  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  RINGS  MUSIC  GRNHP  EXCELLENT  ���������CTWCKN  CHICABO, tdNDONp  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  Aad tht Priaolpil Bailaeii Centen of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO' lUFFAli, MIW YORK AND  " HIUaVlVMIA?VIA ilAOARA FAILS.  F������r Tint* T������kl������|, ate., Udref I  o������6, W. VAUX,  Aailiuat ���������ea'l TMiiin; ul Tlrtet Agent. ���������   ua ������������������m������'' or.. CMiaAoe, n.t. J  Notice is hereby gi'-en that I will  apply at the next sitting of the Municipal  Licensing Board for  the trans.  ler of the retail     liquet license belli  by me, for the Portland Hotel, 'situated on ��������� Lot. 10, Block -I, First ���������-Avenue,'to David  llynes.  JOHN   GOGO  Russell  Simpson, Solicitor.  NOTICE  ���������o���������  Notice io hereby given that I. Ag-  ���������es Kiiife.it, will .apply at tho next  regular sitting of the licensing hoaril  for the tra''-oi*cr.. of 'the retail lh-uoi:  license held by me for the preniises  lately known as the Island Home ilo  tel, located ou lot 3, block 2fi, in  the city of Ladysmith, B. C, to  George Hannay,    the  above  hotel  to  f^^������^ **--* ������*���������"���������" *"������^r%S^K^m.  Lailysniitli  Pharmacy  4ii  (),;>������,  and Oiher Jewelry of First Class Quality  B.;FORC������/V\nER  WATCHMAKEK.   JBWELER,   OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   XXX      Ladysmith,  uWummkWmWkmmmvammmmmmwmm  B. C  Piiinoforte and Vocal Music thoroughly taught hy Frank G. AsUton of  ,tlie GuildhaH School and 'Trinity College of Music, Lomdon, lOingtlantl.  Pupil of the late Thonms Winghujii,  Mus.   Doc, Organist,     Bronipton,  Oratorj    London.  Mr. Ashto.il is now resident in Ladysmith and prepared to kike pupils . 'Harmony arid Theory a Spe  cialty. Terms, etc., ou application.  O.  BOX 223.  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward; on Roberts street  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEA1S  ;'(     a; TRIAL SOLICITED  ;  /    '"'-���������-;    :;':X, ������������������-      ���������    A.. HOWE  ���������.��������������������������� ��������� ';';'' "Phone  20    -  Avenue  8MPS0N  Solicitor.   "Et������  fo   Loan  -      UliSrt   I  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDONG  Orders  Promptly   Executed      LADYSMITH  -.���������'/';.";���������;(���������;���������'���������"���������"


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