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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 20, 1906

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Array ,.1.1 /  l' ,'i I   .J  h*toiSL  Wi  "/;  *������.  ****.  ^.  "re--: ?/*, t>  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VOL.-2  TUESDAY,     FEB    20, PJOf,  PR7C  IBNT  MYSTERIOS DEATH  OF N. Y. ACTRESS  LE  i mm  Skull is Smashed In and Murderer is-  t  Suspe ted b/ the  Police  foi cnarroN  in hmd  im NOTES  FROM IHE  PaClflt m  REVENUE TAX  BY-LAW LAD OVER  Business Before the P.oviocial School  Boards Association  _    A Vanoon-ei      despatch says:  The j    A   bumpe]      ,lollse  KlcctM,   Alu.lt  Uig  Kscoil   No   2 ,unl  ba!ge     Ceo-    WfttsoT]  an���������  ,������������������  <<lloi|(1(1 c>jn]uny   ,���������  ngian j cached   this poit ibis moinniF   "The "westerner'    at  the lo"al  op-n  from     the     Ihilaunia mines   Howe fh������llS(* '���������'lSt evening    The comi'.iny had  .Sound,   with   foui   bundled   Ions     ol  i',,ecn l)Ia>'"'������ "Thc "'cstpuri" at then  copra, oio ������,,<! concent,rt,es,   which is 'iT* ,   UieAi\v " lf\ ^  ,   ���������u"1  valued   at   W2,n(Hl     The   Fscort  put   ������   '       V "  ",a '7  J"      ,      ' h!lt   '" V*  '' tul l   l'l'L    say,   I In- 1'ic-eiitalion  of a   vciyniet-  ty  ond  neatly   wntten   coined\   last  evening  was excellent,  and  thoroughly up to the stamlaid ol lhe tomp.iny  mlo  tins   j oi L   with   the baige for a  few   hours,   as   new   and heavier  ;ails  ,aie  being laid  at the Uutnnnia srnci-  ���������tci,   Croflon,   and  she   would    have i l,l!*-v"nK "'       J'1  fac'f.   '���������'  w'*-s   ������>' fai  been  unfile to get nd (Jf lhe  twelve. l,'e  l)0*-(  ttip-v n"Vt'  I'1"'"'''       hoc    ,      j0'1-1"*-'  n������   the bulge lias   she p; oceeded  New Yoil<   Feb   20-Another mm-     Victoria,     Feb.  20th.- (Special)- '(!ire<.t  l(J   tl,e smelter.  ��������� ' t      At  the  second  session  ol tne   1'io.in  dor mystciy somewhat similar       - ^ school  that     of  C. II. Young of which Nan  Patterson   was  accused,   is   now  en-  Roaids Association ihe  Uni\eisity Hill was discussed, Miss  Cameron advocating a  State  Univei-  gngmg the attention ,of the l olice. A .s,(,y. A resolution was leceiveiI set-  well known Young actress, Alius Ur- ting the maximum vacation at two  la Hart,  is  the victim     She   was j months and the minimum two weeks  oo.i. ,!...���������.   and     a tilling that a medical cviuin-  nation of all pupils Le ncce.ss.uy.     ,|  mm m  nm io  (Ins season,  emotion.il   without   ueing  painfully  tiagic,   witty   without  being  astrai*    vulaai  or loo ai'.s.inl       In  then   pails  the member, s of the cam-  pany  hud  scopt   to (hs'.ilay   then   t.xl  fepo'sire,   - eh    M. -M.   hugfe    rock  slide on the Gieat  Noithern railway,  ne.ix  Kalka,   Idaho,   in   Koolenay can  yon,  has  buiied  neni'v 500  ieet       of  track to a depth of  Unity  feet       A  lurgefutce ol men  is clu-uing the slide  which   was  tound   m   nine  to pi event,  wrecks    The  passengers  of  all   tiaius  are     being   liaiisfCLicd     The  canyon  ncui   k.ttka   is   the most   treacherous  oi  ti.e Cieat Noi theiii and  has  been  tlie scene of social  f.italn les   It will  ifiuiue   several   day*   to  clear       the  trad s.  Victoria, Pel*. 20.���������Thej Butibh  lhip, Holt Hill, Capt I'aiker, wlihh  ai rived here today, leports sighting'  a bark being, rapidly earned by the Victoria, Feb 2<Hh , Steamer Sal-  wind, and apparent!} not under con- vor, of the ii C Salvage Company,  trol, down the stiaits at four o'clock  jeft    yrsterdav     ior False B������y, neat  luneau,     Alaska,  to    wreck the Gei-  Rll  brought to  hei  house on 38th stieet  Hi %>. cab late last night fty two   men  and citried   up.st.ins   citlici   unconsEi-  ous or dead     A | h} siciau was   hum-  moneil by ojic of the men, and .when  heal rived at the hoise lo, found Miss  Unit1   dead   as the    result of fearful  scalp  mjuiies    The  body  was  lying    Saturday   aftei noon.     She   was   lost  on the bed in   the sleeping apartment  10     the sight    of the Holt Hill m  a  n-uitc"alone. The ponce we-e notified tew minutes. The vessel is thought DU" &lcttircr ^aucrLen on behalf of  and upon their arrival found the to be a bark which collided with ,m' underwriters, who had insured  wall of the sI.iiicase smeared     with    the Cissie on Fnd.vy last iho    wiecked     Geinian fiei������hteis ae-  Mooil,     and   thought  to have  come _^_ '  from the dead woman's head as   she LUMBER FOB THE   JSORTH  was beng can icd up&taus Thecoi- A Vietprm despatch of today s���������ys' ,K)0 IM1'lll(eon the cm go Per-  oncr was notified and latct Edward Steamer Amur, Cant McLro.l, will mi-ssioii, to i roccrd to the wieclc was  Muiphy, who was seen in the worn- saj| tonight for S*<agway, via the given the Es^umalt Companv by the  an's .company at a cafe and a saloon, usiiai Northern ports of call, cniry- Washington gov eminent 'through the  was arrested   At the saloon      Miss    ,������������������ a f���������j|  caigo,  the sieater. portion   ,,,. ., .        Q mil .   , >r  lT    .   .    i     . i��������� ��������� f*   i-...'t    i... i Tit..t 4 ,   , .     ,       .        .       Ottawa     qo rinnent       Similai   ler-  Ilart took only soft dnn..s, but Mm-  consisting of dressed lumlei  for the  phy says Iwr skull injuries were catis   shipyards  of   the  White  1'afs  &  Yu-   ������11;-S10i������ "���������,-as E'^en to the iloran Bio- ffive a synopsis  of the plot   It   v,as  ed   ny  liar falling  iiorwn  the       stone    n0n   route at  Whitehoise.    The  lum-   theis a few jce.rs aao by the Domin-  steps leading to the saloon,  in which   |,er   is  intended   for  use  in lepainng    lflIl   ,r0.ei nment      thiough. the Wash-  they had been dunking    He and his   the mer fleet of W Northern Steam   ington    goveinmonr     to    wreck  the  coinpaiuon jtUaceiil  hei   in a cab    and   ship  Company.    The. steainei   Amur    steamei      Willamette, now known as  too'- her     home,  when  they notified   earned  large shipments on two pie-  1he Montara   which went ushoienear  the nhysician Murj hy   says  the worn-  mouS( trips,   and   it  is r-ioUble   that   Vmm   Pav T))c German  <:t.-amor  i"   "'������������������"     " "       not    she will .carry another large consign-   Maucchcn    *eIl Seattle on December i^.1��������� t,������..lc P^ese���������1,,<,<, ^'V^11-.,c; ^v  ]fi fni   Vladivostok     with ,i valuable  caigo nf     Iloui   aud geneiai meichan-  SITLATTON   I .\   CHINA  San   Kiancisco,   Keb    -JO���������Bishop At  haiinsius  tioctte,   O I" N ,   v icu      of  cut,  the most    dilhtult   chim.dci   be-[:NolUl   shunfl1.   China,   is  visiting    m  ing     ta"-en  by  i\Ii    Hoohj.   It   was   \thls  c'll-v-  having  mst letiuned  iiom  that of an miciciit   man,  a deacon of   U"J  Flxl  K'lsL'   ,a,c'le lle iias  *-'''>"'^  a tommy     chinch, and in New York/01  *>*'&">' Jt'ari     The bishop  is  la-  foi  thelnsl   lime.   Like his piiimdve 'll'1*1*11   ,mn  ������-ouiiitions  theie and    he  but   good-hpai ted   wife,   (Miss     Wal-    do('&  "oL Uke   the situation  as seu-  luce)  they aselalcn with  the "^ nib-   cuis'Iv as  it has  been  pictured,       and  ling  fe ci,   lhe old lmy  hkmg hoise-   thl,lk-s loIt'1S,"-,tc; w safe  Council Will go intc Committer on Bil  at Specijl Meeting on  . Thursday  Aid. Malone on Behalf of A. & B. Fund  Makes Request��������� Cutting  Cord  Wood !'  It is nut jet settled if the council Alderman Uien tl-ought it would be  shall    buy    the Wellington hos������ at a impotsible    to   get it cut and hauled  small cost, oi   -it  the receiver of the jny cheaper.                                   '     <  (own of    Wellington    will not sell  it  racing  and   the la������ly  lu'iup,  atliacted  by   baseball    The  Situations       weie  highly   amusing  and   oiig.nui        ]\Ir  Ifooley's  woik   was the  clevciest    ()l  its  kind, seen   on  a'local   stn������e   foi a  long  time   and  th������l o? Miss Wallace  gootl.      miss Hale,  ������s M.ny l.avvloa,  duiightei  ol .aj s^o,ckhiokei.  and       m  lo^e  with Jid^jKiioll, the Westenei,  looiod   Ioivelymiid   diesscd* mcelv.aiid  hei  aciiiig was woitliv or iuaise TVii  Watson  as   Ej my   vvas  <i lasi ifi.it nio  sort  oi chaiaclci ���������"nnd  delighted  the  audience   with  a'cle\ci   bit  m" acting  Arthur  Cynl,  playing An hew Bml.e  the  villian of jthe piece,   did as well  as he could   in his  pan     lie  is \oiinn-  aird i romises  well     It  is  needless to  A SKiNIMCANT IMJUIRY  Poitland, Feb 20 ���������tiovenioi Ceo  E Chamberlain lias received a communication liorn C. F Hiiiiiphiev,  ijuarterniftstfi-ginei.il of the In.teu  State, army at Washington, u'Miuet.t-  iii������ infoimation ������s to the nurnuei oi  men in Oregon state rmliii.i and pai-  ticuiars as to tbeii iiiimediale avail-  abilitv in case  ot emeigencv.  on  was  still  alive   "He will  sav   why  he  mid Ins  companion   fled ment north  on her next voyage   The  after calling the doctor and  declines lumber is being shipped-by Say wards  to give the name of the man he was mills  in  the upper harbor.     Among  with the passengeis who will go north cm  The police discredit his story, be- the  Amur nie J^   Lipsrombe,  ot the  lieving he oi his fiiend muidercd Mi's White Jfass ������, Yukon Co , and       W  Hart for some  unknown ptujose Tavlor,   lecently   appointed  as^nt- at  Miss Hart was a fairly "pot/ilar ac- Dawson,  vice  Mr   Rogers,  who    h?s  tress and had engagements until af- been  piomntrd    to another  [���������ositicn  tei   Mav,  I90C in the company's  sen ice  LIVED IN NANAIMO i  FOR MANY YEARS  San Francisco, Fen 20 ���������Plans  ha e bfen prcpaied by enginceis of  thc Southern Pacific Coin] any foi a  tunnel si\ miles long tluo.igh the Si  ma Nevada mountains The tunnel  will cut down the pLcscnt mountain  climb     by   fully  2.0U0  iect  ai.d  will  toi   less  than  {.1,000,  if   the  puichase  ol  new hose and    the return  of that  now ised  by the  Fire" Department of  Ladysmith, will be iiecessniy. '  - 'lhe   mayor    lcpoited  at last evening's meeting   ol the   council that he  hoped the Question of the pi ice of the  ��������� ose would    be settled this week. He  mid   expected    to be in a position to  make    a definite  icpoit on the mten-  lon of the government in tlie matter  3.i last night's meeting,   but  wAs un-  Jne to do ������������������o and asked that the mat  ter  be laid    o\er  foi one week.   Upon     amotion  of   .Alderman   Malone,  seconded    by     Aid      Patterson,   His  Worship,     was   gnen one   week mole  uO icpoit  REVENUE riAX BY-LAW  The   council     deeming it unwise to  i oteed    with    a    discussion  on  the  Reveiuio    Tav,   bylaw    until  the hose  quest inn    is   settled, decided,  upon a  as heroic said,   veiv piettj-and      it   t'nninate  many cuives     The  e.tima-  .....    ,,_-,..-.., \\.,...'   *   *       ._.'..    tccl 'cost   is  ne.ul}   J, 10,000,000    It is  ev(iceled that vvojk  will  begin  iu the  neai   futiiie.  was Lossiblef-liiid  vvlnli  s-iace     will  not   permit    each   attoi   being   mentioned   specially,  it can  he said  ih.it  all did   well,  and  if Hie production of  "A   victim  of    Cucuiustanees,"       a  it-  A Sister of Mrs. Stevens of This City  Makes a Good Fight With a  Highway Man  Tho following San Francisco ic.ort  ol a highwayman's attack on a ,<)L-  iner well known lcsifient of Nanaimo  will be read with interest. The San  Francisco papers illustrate the story  with Mrs. CampiMi's photograph' and  other cutn showing the struggle .as it  took place:  Oakland, Feb. .15.���������Attacked last  night within, a few feet of her home  at 009 Tenth Street, by "a desperate  footpad, Mrs. Eli'/.abeth M: Campbell  a trained nirse, engaged in a desperate encounter with  the fellow, -whii-u  ���������and suddenly grasped her by lhe arms  fiom toliind As be did so he made  some i.Mii.uk but iibnt it was Mas.  Campbell did n0t hear.  Mrs.   Campbell,.      although    -very  much frightemed at tlie unexpected.attack,,   did    ; not lose   her'presence "of  diss      When a few da} s out the stoke  hole    cominci'CCti    to till   with  water,  and    in    {l   shoit   tunc  the (irei had  been     extinguished,     leiideiing       the  piics     useless        On   examination   it  was      lound    thai   a poi t in the coal  buulc-is,   which  vv..s  made dillicult  of  a<cess   hv a casinp, barli bf en bro' en,  the bunl'ei   was flooded, an 1 tbe wai-  <i   was    passing  fiom the bunker  intc    the*    fuc    loom and  engine rooii  Tho   break   wes repaired,  and as thc  pump-,   weie     useless, all   bands   weie  set at woik  bailniR, and  thev finally  succeeded m  icdicino  ihe water sufli-  cienlly  to     dllovv the building of the  uppei   hies        'lhe ro.il, howevc,  had  become s(.ake������i in snlt wutei and ?iare  ly sufficient,    steam vvas  found to mn  she pumps, but on  dial   it  was found  that the     pump suctions hid become  *%ikfd  with coal and Ihev weie witb-  oi.t    lenelil.    In     the     meantime  the  .strand    had   been  ilnftmg' noitheast-  crlv ^i  al out   i."i nnljs a dav       A m-  iv siil   vvas sol, and wilhwh.il  strain  was iai-ed      it     was possible to turn  the propellor over.     She finally ni.-itle  the strail������  to  the nortih  nf (.'hica"-on  thing  half as good   nobodv   will  i^ret  tin mug out  to sec it  'A    Victim     of     t uc.imst.uices,"  which   is I ring   placet   nistcjid       of  "Charley's  Aunt,"   is a larce      that  drew crowded   bouses  at   tlie Watson  IrVafie,  "\ictoiia,  a week,  oi   tunvo  and is-a clevel, amiiMiig plav   11  will  bo good���������of  thai   theie  is   no dim i ,  nnd     pl.iy-eoeis should   n t miss it  Pi ins SOc   and   1.1c     ^(a s    ,m  he ie  .senul  at    Fnicimni u's an I   "-eiei.il  adtiinsion   2.*i   cents   . o   H4BBIS0  ceil  ST A RTL IN G AN N O U N f' 1 :'A1 EN 'I  The Vancouxei World of ve-.tei.lay  is saul to pulilnhD-l a lenmilwible and  sensational despatch Iiom its iones-  pondeut in the ICast to the elk-ct  lhat the diiectoiate ol the tii.vid  Tiimk Pacific have decided upon with  diav.'al fl om British Columbia ami  io devoli' then enei^K's and atlvntiori  toi some tunc esclusivel} to the dt-  clopment ot the Northwest, vvlvu'  theie lfi alaige and rcmuneialive  tiaflic imiiii'li.ilcl}   in >siuht  'lhe ch.uim.an m the Natici.il  Tiansconlinent.il Railway Commission, when mteiviewed ai Ottawa,  haul he was m ifsimiance of sil'b a  move being contemplated No ujii-  fiiin.it ion ot the lepoi t can ho soaue.l  Alderman Spence said that ihe man  when had the contract for hauling  the wood for $2 50 had delivered five'  cords at the school but had given  the job up, convinced that he would  lese on the deal. That was plain  proof that the school was not teing  oveicharged. '  Alderman Malone said if the wood  vvas too expensive the only, thing to  be done was to discontinue cutting  it, and no doubt the trustees would  bum coal at the school. ' f^i  City   Clerk   Stewart said that tho/  School,   so   far     as he   knew, never  had paid less than $2,50 per cord for  wood.  The "juestion was diopped  AMBULANCE CLASS  Alderman Malone, upon mstiuctions  received from the officers of the Wellington Extension A. & B. Fund hdd  a request to make to the Council. |  The medical officer of the association,  Dr.      Wasson,   had advised  the  ill  Sin e the de ailine of (lie S      S  ���������Siena,   theie  h-ave   Ih-cii   the   following i������iiival-< ol coal  fiom  New Castle  N     S    w ,  vi/,      Jas    I i.inimuiid,  2,-  OilO,  S.S.   Comeric,  fi.f.OO  tons,' S.S.  Vermont,   .",-180   tons:   total,   13,!13S  on  OLTDOOR SLEEPERS  IN   COLOR\DO  !    "It   the presinl   faslurn  oi  sleeping  out   of doors,  in  tents,  and on poili-  cos, ami   Kaliene.s   ronlmues   to   glow  in  Co'oiado,      it  will  not he   nianv  v'ear*  befoie     the whole  population  abandons the old-f. s'honcd piacticeof  ie|osmg   in   bediooins,"   s.,id  F       L  C.reenoueh  of  Den.ei.    "I  have   ivin  nuinber   of friends  and   acquaintances  who   have   formed   the  ojeii-.in   ha'nt  mid      who could not be bni>ed       to  spend the night,  inside  their bc-dr0om  ...     . ThtA' sav  tlat   thev never fell,      eo  Island,  traversed  f.'--e.se safely only to j There are     twenty-(lire... vessels     on wo���������"  iM al[  tllcir ,.-.os a,1(1  that noth-  !���������������!'I1'0.-0 ,'," ," ]'a'y ������"  lhc "ortliOiist j the engaged  list  to-carry coal from inir could   induce  them   to go back to  island.      At last ae-.1 .\���������������(,,..-,i,--.,   1n i.i,i������ nnri-,' uvii.h  ., ram.- sleeping   indoors.    Many,   indeed, seek  coasl  01     that  Hie  mind,  but wrenchirig herself free from counts     lhe    enm  w-is  w~shin7 nnt ; Auslraliil t0 this.port, t-yith a carry         ,-..,,.,,.,,  ,                .���������������������������-*��������������������������������������������� ��������� ,              '  '-     l'"������"   was   w..siiing  out .jur,- capacity      of ubout: (!7,(KI0  tons, rest  at  night      in  their  back  yards,  Hie grasp- t������-   her assailant, turned to tlirougi..; tlm hatches,  lm(.  the steamer ' folir of Ult.se ;Ue steamers-;   there a;e with  only the  blue sky   tlS a caiiopyr  give battle, at tlie-same time scream wns  lvillS '"_    an easy and  sheltered   UV(i Kailing vessels  fully ,'lue  to   ar- others utilize   'crandas and gallcrirs  ing for   help. ** David Smith, residing IklS  ,ln",.'. ,_\ Tho' stet'.tucr  was worth ' rj..e.   Last,  month  the  total  deliver- with curtains  or  screens to proU'ct  at tl?0 Grove, street,Who  was. only  position.  about   II25.0(10,  an.'  was. only terminated when the plucky short-distant������ behind  Mrs.   Campbell  woman was half .stunned by a blow  from the fist 6f her brawny assailant  The footpad, after grasping his in-  ���������tended victim by the arms, made an  attempt to . tear her purse from her  hands, but Mrs. Campbell, wrenching  herself free, turned to strike, the man.  when he .struck her in '.the face, with  his list, momentarily stunning her,  and, taking- to his heels, made his  escape.  Mrs.    Campbell's  description  of her  assailant  leads  the  police,  to  believe  when she was attacked, h<*ard her cry  for   help . and    hastened   toward   tin:  struggling   Kvomaii, at the sanic time  giving an aim in with a police whistle  'lhe    assailant    of-.. Mrs.   Campbell,  hearing   lhe    whistle,     and    the   j,i-  11 roach ing    footsteps "of  Smith,   nb; n  doned hi.s.attempt to secure the. i msn  [carried  by his     victim, .>:i  her a brutal      blow in  the face  with  his fist,  ran     up Je'i'erson street  to  Eltn'orith,    and    turning   toward    'lay  street  made    his escape.      Smi'..h  r.c-  insured ag-; jcs .���������-coai |l0,-e irom Australia foot- ,hem . f'"om l'"hlic view. Our doc-  !ed up S,:">:J0 tons, the same m..iith of tors agree that the new fashion has  last. year amounted, to 1,0-111 tons, a most salutary elTect, and that it  ll. C. "shipments f..r .lauuaiy this i.s a return to natural .conditions: al-  ycai- aguregated 1111,127 tons against so that for consumptives it is better  i*N,S.'IS Tons for .laiiuary 1D0.V The ,,liU1 ;l11 Cic medicii-.e in the drug  and escaped. ,        . to(,a|  arrivals  of coal   for .January  of stores and   in" many cases a sure cure  "I was     frightened,   of course,  but   this V(..u-  ,m.  folll-u.cn  thousand tons   for tliaL l,read llisraSB'  was   .so    angry   that all I   thought  of ' in   excess   of  last   year.    The   whole-   j  ~~r'U~'���������   was' to  try      to punish the   man who   -s'a!l*  yards   arc  almost   entirely   bare   | A C"ANKY DOCT0^-  bad   ..������������     ,���������. i  !t  ,  .....  ,.  ..lot   all er.ides   ofc.al.   lhe  arrivals of I    Margeret  Puller  Ossoli,   who  before  a inst total loss only.  could    not     pr.-sue  (he footpad,'who  ran up     Jeli'ers0n street,  to Eleveiuh  motion by  Aldennan Malone,  second- J orffanii-ation     of an   ambulance class  C('  by   \KIci man Camphell, to  go in-  in connection     with the society, and'   J  to committee--   on  the   bye-law  at a .'had     kindly offered    to gi\e lns'truc-  -pecuil    ineetmg to he held on Thtrs-   tiou to a     riumher of .men willing to.w  day   evening     nevt at   se^en o'clock,  take lessons, free of charge.     It was  The    second     leading of  the Cuifew   nucessary to     have the use of a lnr^e  bvclaw     was     postjoned     until next  room  in    which  to  hold  the classes   J\  meeting night and the    officeis of th������ society thou-"  EAGLES' BALL ffht    the     council chamber would te  \ W"|in>st fiom the secretary of the the most suitable for the purpose if  Ladjsiniih Aerie oi Eagles for per- Hie boaid of aldermen woiJd give  mission to cover in the verandah of them pernnssron to use it Coutinii-  tho Opeia House with canvas for ing, Aldernn.ri Malone pointed out  liifir hall on Wednetday evening next the benefit to the city which such a  was granted ^kss would le      lhe memleis would  SCHOOL  FOEL lhe instructed m rendering first aid to  Aldennan Patteison saiJ the school the lnjuied. As the mayor had  tmstees weie lcpoited to have ob- hecn obliged to leave the ires-ting he  ccted to the nice to be chaigccl for did not .isle the Aldermen eo'de:ide  toidwood that is imw bemq cut on upon the request then, but he ir^-d  ihe s'leets and delivered at the upon them the advisability of givTng  sihool house r(,i h.'l The speaker *1 their toiisideration and granting' it  consideied J.2 30 t er cord a veiy hea- ',f possible, pointing 0ut tho good  w puce and thought it could be cut vioik that it would be possible for a  .ml dehveied at a cheaper late piopeily dulled class  to do, als0 the  Alder man Spence knew for a fact necessity for having a large room  ihat S.2 50 a ci.id was the lowest without which it would be unpossi-  pussiole puce that the wood c0uld IJo for the doctor to give instructs cut and hauled foi      The men who   t10" P'operly.  hud It-en cutting Uie wood had given T^ question was lard over f0r a  Hie |oh up, being unable to male ���������vcek. the aldermen present express-  white man's wages As to the 111!? themselves in favoi of grantino-  irustees laismg any oh^tion to  the tlle re-iuest. e ������  I'H'C of the wood delivered, ho was The Road Foreman's report was re-  "'  1 i   " "lion  that   no objection had  ccncd and filed  been    n.s.d     b.-     tlie   nustcc      It     Present,  Mayoi  Nicolson,  Aldermen  -seunieJ  lo him to emanate Horn Aid-, Malone,   Patterson,   Campbell,  TJr������n  'linaii  Patteison .   j Spence. '       " '  SCHOOL TRUSTEES  CONVENTION OPENED  Session  nssaullivl  to punish the.   man who   sale  me,  and  if   1  had  b-id ' ot   all grndes   ofc.al,   lhe   arrivals of i  my bund to strike him'the last two steamer cargoes     from   licfniarrr  Australia   arrived     very cpp<.rlun.;;ly   '" Concord. Mass., enjoyed the friend-  aiiytliing    in  with  1   think'      1  should have marked  him so   that   there- would   be  no  dilli-  culty   in  (hiding     him.     He was lx-' none in  !irst' lia"lls ttK,aJ'  i-t   >vi.< li   of her  time  otherwise   there   would   nliGolutely   be   yhiJ*   of sucli     men as      Einerson am  and  same   manner.      His    mode, of opera-  tno atfcack ",nd SaVC a descriiil.ii.n  oi  tion was the same in all cases,.  Co���������    1,er assailant.  Mrs  nn-  Hig     toward his     victims    he  would  turn  out as  if lo let  them .pass then  grasp them     from    behind   ami seize  their   purses. Many    other women  have  been attacked  in this manner.  The latest victim of the cowardly  assailant of unescorted women is  ..paying a visit to lu-r daughter, Mrs.  .Parley, whose bono i.s on Tenth st.,  ���������hear Jefferson. She was returning  -niter a brief absence, about nine last  ���������evening,  aU<|   \VtU] 1Cache(,  (h(, ,.(nm.  ���������of  Tenth and   .leffi-rsori  streets,   when  the footpad,   who bad approached her   for a mom<*-nt. and then I heard a Po- basement  from' the   opposite direction  ,  turned   Iioe w,listle- aI1(l a moment later Mr. substance  -out as if to     allow her   to pass him   i Sm'tn    eame!     UP- He is   lame and Italy.  We would  have     freer  deliveries   from   British  later    she notified  the  ,".-ili:-c cf   aKc,  I   should    judge,  smooth shaven,   c������I"������iWa.  if trnn"s;-������.rlal.ioii   was pro-  curable,      which   tor  the moment'-  :>  'his  will  be remedied la  lhat the same man has  attacked half   cr,|nPanied Mrs. Camplell to her '.ome. Iwcen  twenty-five and thirty yens of  a do/cn   .women on the street  in the  with a   round,      fill.  fao.     1 do not j  know how he vvas dressed exccpih that  Campbell   told    the following I he   had    on   a soft    hat.      I     should  vstorv of the attacX' 'think he     was .about five feet .six or  "I we.s   on  my   way home and  had   seven inches  tail."  reached the corner of Tenth and  Jeti-  rrson   streets,    when a man who had  approached  me froni  the opposite  di- Albert Fredericci,  at one time      a  reelioii   stepped   aside to let me pass famous operatic baritone,  now prac  and  then   seized   me from-behind  at- tically controls     the roast ���������chesunut  templing lo pinion' ih.v arms.     T tore trade of New   York city,  having     in  myself " free,     and   iyrning, tried to his employ an  average of  100 atten-  s trite hi in  in the face, hut he struck dants on  his roasters.   He lost   his"   < j^"^.^'  me   under     the. eye with his fist and voice through  bronchial trouble years  very scarce  ter  cn.    The  Western   Fuel   Company  promises  mi  output   of 2,000   Ions daily   by  next  .Inly  from   the  Nanaimo  Collieries   alone.   This   assures   us  an  over-si ftp!}-   from   "British   Columbia  the    latter part  of  Hie. year.       The  immense      strike   of  cal   operatives  East,  in   which over 4511,000  men tve  interested,  calls  for a self lenient    of  pro   or   con   this   week,   the   only  effect   this   can   have  here  in   this iimr-  iirt-i.wiu   be  on anthracite  coal       ami  such   bituminous  coal   as  wc   import  ran.     The blow, I  think, stunned  me   ago.       He began  in  a Sixth  avenue   from  r"llU-morP   -,������������������  blacksmith  Now   he   is a   man   of  and every   summer visits  pur-  Hawthorne, who had a high regard  for her, but. she was unable to convert all of her acquaintancts into  mends.  Old Dr. Bartless of that town,  although a very kind, old gentleman,  was a little blunt in speech and took  a strong dislike to her. One very  dark and stormy, night the doctor  was awakened by a very loud knocking at his door. ..nd getting out of  bed he called from the window to  know what was wanted.  "Doctor." said a voice frrm below,  "how much camphor can one take  by mistake and not kill them?"  "Who's taken it?" in.^.ired the doctor       M  "Margaret Fullerton," Was the re-  Preliminary Business at First  of Conference in'Victoria    -   ^  Yesterday  Victoria, Vcb.  20.��������� as City Superintendent Or. Eaton. A  Last night   the  opening session  of number of others will be on hand to--'  the. British   Columbia   Association of (]ay  ���������School   Trustees  was  held   in       the      'T,     programmcs  had   bccn   tf'istri-1-  lligh School. '     b .  In   the  absence  of   President CluUb b**'e'' .amonK    the     var,ous   ,,0ai',Is  Mr. Ferguson, the acting chairman of ^ime������t_tioJirnc *?������J������:������������������L������1' ?.6  the .��������� ���������Vancouver  Board  of  Trustees,  poses. The .quantity consumed here of !'''>'���������  took  the chair.   ,T.   J.   Bougan,   thc  see'retary  of   the convention   i.s     not  now a trustee, he having been, tbro-  tigh his own inactivity, defeated at  the last election. He is, however,  empowered to act for the Cumiber-  hutd hoard, it being: impossible for  any members of that board to be  present.  The following members from outside points were in attendance: Dr.  E. ('. Arthur, Nelson; W II. Edwards, Kamloops; Floyd, Reveistoke  J. W. Creighton, John Peek and  Peebles,   Mew   Westminster-;   it.     B..  Ferguson and  Superintendent  Argue,  VaiK-ouver;       J.   C.   Foote,   Tolmie;'i  "Manson,   M.P.P.,   Nanaimo;   Carroll,  .I.adysmith;     King and Miller, Cedar  jIIiM; .1. J. Dougari, representing!Cum  each ,of these  is limited.  A   peck!"      thundered   the  doctor,   ! herlanJ.   All   the  local   trustees     ex  (  slamming   the window  and  returning  cept Mr- Lewis were present as well .ected-  to bed.  delegates   have,    been instructed by  the boards they represent.  Considering  thatJ the  nnv'ority     o*  the trustees are business men     the'  attendance     of.-so'   many   delegates  speaks well  for the- interest token in J  education   throughout  the. province/:  No man enn  lea.ve his  business     fori  two or three days except at c6nsid-l  crable sacrifice  to his   financial     in-|  terests. ' '  The minutes   were read  by   Secretary Doug.an  and  laid'.on the  table  until entered in the new minute b00k|  The roll, vyas  then called  and   new  members enrolled.   The chairman nn-|  noimcecl a slight change  in  the   programme���������the   subject    of  "Teachers'J  Certificates,"  "'Health Inspection of  School   Buildings    and  School    Pupils" having been  transposed.  The following officers were then el-  Continued 0n     Page Mint" DAILY LKDGER  [HE DAILY LEDGER  f-iblished    every  day except Sunday.  i'V   THE   DAILY   LEDGER  1 ���������' COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  ���������'I  cents   a  month;    (5   per  year    in  idvanee.     Advertising rates on ap.  nlication.  TUESDAY,  FEB. 20, 190G  AMBULANCE CLASS.  '  In   the    lcpoil     of  proceedings     al  the  council  (.number   last   evenimi    it  1 ill   be soon   that   Aid.   ,'.\l)ilone,     'in  Lehalf ui' the Wi> 11iiif^tom-l-"xtenslon Ac  c dent and   Burial   Fund,   made   a   i\-  ������ icst ,or  iho use,  once a week, of fie  c nmcil   hall,   for  an   anibuliince cl.iss,  vliich   {\   is pro|ioscd   to   form        in  connection  with  the society.  The suggestion  Hint such  ��������� class u,.,  f-'i'ined   is   made   by Ur.   Wasson, who  Lis  promised   lo-yive nistiuetion  free  o.' charg:;   to   lliose   yuimg   men      who  cue.      to join.    They   will   bet-aught  liow  best   to care  for   people  injured  .L.itil the services of a surgeon cuii be  procured.    Dr.  Was.son  should  be ������U-  C'i     every   encoiirii'gfineiit   in        this  r ovcnieni, ami we. have no doubt  but  that   many   young   men will   be   glad  to learn  how  to  make  themselves use  i\'A  in  case of an accident in  the mine  o:  elsewhcie.    Theie should  be      no  ���������difficulty   in  ���������o'.iaining   a room   large  enough for a class-room.  Tb2 council,  judging  by  the remarls  made bv the  aldermen  las I   evening,   will  do all in  its power   to  support  the   movement,  and .-B next eicetina- a resolution will  prohki'ljly be      passed giving permisl  si jii to use the council hull for a  ��������� cl iss-room. Once they obtain the  u'.c of the hall there seems nothing  to prevent the Society <>.f>ing ahead  v ith the class. The room is a siood  ������ e, and those who join, and ihe instructor, shuind receive from a,ll any  , help that may be necessary and every encouragement.  is  ������AVIP SPENCER      ��������������� T  (Nanaimo) Ltd  SHOE DEPARTMENT  35 Cases of New Shoes  ���������just   opened   up-  New Spring Lines  LADIES'    NEW   QIEEN     QUALITY,   Vici  Kid Oxfords,  Per Pair   $3.o������  1 .AMI'S'    NEW   (JLEEX   QUALITY  Tan  Vici  Kid,  Per Pair $3.00  _AI)IES'    NKW   QUEEN    QUALITY  Latiril Oxfmds  WM.  MUNSIE,  President  '���������f iHI'KN  roi  .1.   W  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK    AND   LADY SMI'I i 1-Shlnule-s   *   Spe. u!������ *  ��������� \l>iliiilHl't,nr>'r ���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber. I am*.  Shingles, Mouldings. 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'   '   ; o ��������� :���������.���������  '.'Where is> the nearesti .bail.cr shop"  af-'-''cd /the hardware  drummer.  ���������-.���������'���������"Ainjt.no-���������'barber iu this town," replied  the  landlord  of  the village inn,  ���������..'���������iiiif  if   you. want  a hair cut I reckon  the editor  of the  Wee'.dy   Clipper  cap -accommodate, you."  ; "Get   .  6iit'!'j  exclaimed   the h. yl,  "What-    does     an    editor know about'!|  hr ir-cutting?"  ���������'That's all   right,"  rejoined      1he  lawilcrd.  "thft fellow's the handiest  chap  for    miles  around   with       the  sh'ars."���������Chicago. News.  IT DEFIES  COMPliT]rJ]( >  The bar is extra   well  Stocked  Board  aad lodging SLOfl per day.  This  Hotel  has   been  completely  j renovated.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHN Th*A, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied   with   the   Rest    Wines, 1st Avenue .-.   .-.  '���������"  Ladysmith p.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  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James Warnoc-V  NOTICE  From      this  date  the  uaaersigued  will   not   be  responsible  fei   a������y  Is  debtcdness     incurred except ea       ������  written orn������r sigu'ad by the seeretarv  Rowland   Machin.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION  ft   1BVBL  OPMENT CO., LT������.  Non Personal Lfabll.'ty.  Victoria.  B   V...   Ma-;  *18th,  !���������������������  A Habit  to Be Emewuraged.    ,  The  mother  who has acquired   the  hah I of keeping oa  hand a Lwttlt of  Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy,  saves  herself a great  amount   of  uneasiness  and   anxiety.    Coughs,   colds       and  croup,   to  which children  are suscei*-  tible, are   quickly  cured   by   its  use.  It, counteracts any  tendency of a cold  to result  in  pneii  lonia,   and   if given  as soon   as the  first  sympleies       of  croup  appear,   it   wi'l   preveat  -   the  attack.    This remedy  contain*  nothing  injurious aud  mothers  gi>'e it t*  : little  ones   with   a Staling  ef  perfect  security.       Sold   by the    L������.ays*uith  Pharmacy.  This new Hotel has been comfort-  ftMy furnished and the har Is up-to-  d������te. Rates J1.00 a day and ap-  ������ %rds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE,  Prop.  ���������PBlanaeV  T,������iiv������m!+V  ���������THE JONES HOTEL  ���������WIIJTK   HOOK���������  ami  ���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  OATACRE   STREET-      Ladysmith.  ii  GALEQQy  UV  Leads Them    Ai!  IN 'QUALirY-  -:o:  R. P. RITMET  &    o.. Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA,  :���������:  :���������:   -     -: :���������B.C  HOTEL   DOMINION  ���������RoU-f *l ib ,.i d|L50���������  Fi-"!-' ua-. t" all "h-aiuliodt   Inndingt t>i<>i  t,-.i|������nv depot?.     Klei-wic car������ ������very Hv������  nnni]ip:>   ui ������ll  parte o������   the  city.    f>������-  ^ml ial>le.uiifXi'flU-d.  h.   I'AVNES, Propiietor. '  ABHOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, O.  TNC COMfOfn-MLC WAV.   ,  T������ FERNIE,   B. C.  Ren4*������04-'*i~. Kt*i Vp  9 p.m. l.*. Vicrenii. arr. 4-**>.|i. a.  I.tti p. a, l������.' Mtltlc Arr. ������*o n.m.  9.21 f������. m, Arr. Krerett Arr. 7-3������ >.**���������  ������.3������ a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Arr : .45 1' ������  *.25 y.M Arr.    KexiWd   Air 12.3* p. im.  8.i������ p. Ui, Ar. Klitit Arr. i������-4J a. 111.  ������.ou p.m.   Arr.    Berate   l.v.*.55������   ������������������������  ONE NIGHT  To all Hmteaaj Feiats  THO   NIGHTS  To    Wianipeg ale St.' Paul  Ciese Cosaectiens  Fer     Chicago. Toroate.  Uoitreat ani  All Points East & West  Acetylene     Lighted     Cars.  Family Tourist Sleepers.  Palace Sleeping Cars  Diaing     Cars (Meals a  la  Carte).  Library Obfitrvation      Cars  Through     tickets and baggage checks; to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets' maps, berths  reservations     and complete  information     call oa or ad-  .   '.-'SS,  8. G. Yei-kas E. R. Stephen  A.G.R.A. ., G.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle Vietoria.  B.C.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor- Government and Yaies Sts  VICTORIA, B C  Transcuntinent I  Trains Daily  3  ���������3  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens'  headuuarters.  filodern and      Strictly  First Claas.  Fire.Proof     Ruildiag.  WANTED���������By Chicage whelesale  house, special representative (nagn er  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paie  wcelcly. Expense meney aefauced.  Business successful; positien |)erma-  ncnt. No investment required-. Previous experience not essential te engaging.  Address Manager,  132  LaWe Street,  Chicago,   HI.,  U.S.A.  TH6 CITY 'Nl T\R K6T  R. Williamson Prop  1st. Avenue L������dysmi'th B C.  M. J. HENRY'S  NURSERIES,   GREENHOUSES AND SEfO  HOUSES  M10 Westiaiister Road,  VANeouyEK,  Mc :;���������';"���������...���������.:  Headniiart^ra fet���������  PACIFIC OKOVVN Uardcn. field  ���������nd flower SEEDS  ior distrlbutte*. "   .;  Large   stock;   of Home  Grown FRU'iT and OR-  - ..'      t  NAMENTAL     TREES  now matured for Sprint.  No erpenw, loss'or   delay of fumigation or inspection.  Let mo price year list  before placing your   order. Greemhduse Plaats,  Floral Parages. Fertili-r  zers, etc.  3611 Westminster Read.  ���������yANC0UV$Ry.'l.' C.  2C\X  ONE   IS THE  ,  "NORTH   COAST   LIMITED."  The  Electric  Lighted   Train   lo  the  1     East  Tickets 011 sale to ai.   Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates.    ' '  Up-to-date      Pullman    and      Tourist,  sleepers      ou   all   trains.   Diiiing   '-'.������c  service   Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale to nnd  from all Eurcpdan Points. Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  For     furthsr  write the ollice.  A.   D.   Charlton  A.G.P.A.    N.P.,  Portland. Ore.  particulars    c-ail ox  Phone llaip -IS6.  E.   E.   I'.iackwoo*  General  Agent  ' ,       'ictorla.   B (.  Are You  Going East  Then he sure your tickets read   *M������  the   ;'''  ^L^iB-INOH  I AN  GHIPPEWAN  SPOHTING BOOT  ��������� 1��������� n  Blucher cut, with double rock  oak sole and slip. It is staiul-  urd screw, slugg������'d around the  forepart an.I heel and lias silver eyelets and stud hooks.  This line will stand more  rough usage llian any hoot you  ever put on  your foot.  J. LECKIE CO. LTD.  VANCUOVER   B,  C.  ScoMands Best.  If miDSOT'S BUT (0.  SMSf&Z,  . R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  ���������lII  work guaranteed, and  at reason  ���������.bl*  rat,p������  RESIDENCE ANB ������FriCE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPH-N  AT ALL HOURS.  ���������* '^yO^*^*'.  I^.^-^.!* ;3'.^������^.''������?i-.'^'o-.-VJ������'fci-������>.'-y IKikW  v*'-y.r>'ii-t*������v#  PAINTINQ,        PAPEkHANdlNO  ere.  Work dene properly and at rfi?****  prices. A fun line of Walt Paper,  and Painter's Supplies Residence on  Roberta Street  I    R'   SMITH    P"-.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains Irom the Pacifin  Coast. -���������.���������"���������..  THE      SHORTEST      LINE,  TH~J  FINEST   TRAIN'S,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,   THE.'FASTEST  TIME.  BETWEEN  |MINNEA"V'iLIS,   ST.. PAUL,   CHI-  CAGO,    OMAHA,     KANSAS  CITY,  and  ALL POINTS EAST.    -  For complete  information  ask  youi.  meal airent or write,  F. W.  PARKP;r^.  General    *������������*������,  *<M  2nd  Ave., Seattle.' '  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AINO  SILVER OkES.  %  I  ....... -  I DUNCANS SrATI0N,  *       Vancouver island, B, G.  Smelting V^orLcs at  LADYSMITH,      ,  C.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  i  i  i  4  I  GEO YUEN  Ladysmith  Merchant Tailor  ���������>-fe*'fe^'fer;-^rP^'^*^'fe*>������'-fe^'-^**������;-!**^'''^^.^  if you like   A  smooth,   easy shave,   an even,  wtll-inished     beare trim, a good  bate,  or a stylish Hair-cut.  Y'ou  will  go to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARIORS  W&H STTOEET.  B. C.  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any h������ur  Meals 35c. and Upward  LADYSMITH BAKERY  H������P LBR A CO.  ���������N THB ESPLANABB.  PABtRY 9V ALL klNBS NEATL1  BiKKD AN1 FRESH.  Coafectlooary of all kinds..  Orote* U.*on for Pastries to be 4e-  llrered at any time.  ���������oMtVey-nient. Agency  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  MtiinfactHririef thc Famous  CtiSAN BLOSSOM  None km   ������������i������B Laoor   Swpioyed  fl. J. BOOTll.Prop  ..l>ea era in  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladyamlth, B.C  Dr. Dier can be found at any tiim,.,  at hie ofiice on Gataere st. Jlis d������?������.  tal work is giarariUeil I* be 6rat~  clans and rates reasonable st. THE .pAiLYlLE-pCrE'R"  SE  ���������+.-.������.*.������:^'.fr������.i.>.i.>'fr^  Union  Brewine Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  Manufacturers of thfe  In   British Columbia  Lager  Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  d from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops  ������������������:������������������ ���������i-^:hh������^������4*i>������������i������*h-*������'|'������h*h-  ���������.{.4^^1-4.^-.;.  I  t  t  .,,.***<  4-4 + ++++++^+-+ + +++++++++ + + ��������� ������ ���������-���������������������������������������������������'������������������ ������-������-������   r -   -  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     i-OKNITUR'  ED PROMPTLY  A   ND SAFELY.  MOV-  Stables in the rear of the Lac>ysuiith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   tb������  ������������������  t  A. J. WASKET, PROP  ������ + H,4.4. + 4> 4-4-^ ���������.��������������������������������������������������������������� "���������"���������������������������������������������*������������������ ���������*"���������"���������������������������>���������������������������������������������������  EARN GASH  7 '... ��������� '_���������'���������_       ...  In Your Leisure Time  If you could start at once in a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earnings���������WITHOUT    INVESTING    A   DOLLAR���������wouldn't  you do  it?  Well, -we are willing* to start you in  a profitable business and we don't ask  you to put up any kind of atdoliar.  Our proposition is this: We will  ship you the Chatham Incubator and  Brooder, freight prepaid, and  You   Pay   No  Gash   Until  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising pays.  People who tell you that there, is no  money in raising chicks may have tried  to make money in the business by using  setting hens as hatchers, and they  might as well have tried to locate a  gold mine in the cabbage patch. The  business of a hen i.s���������to lay eggs. A*  a hatcher and brooder she is outclassed. That's the business of the  Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and  they do it perfectly and successfully.  The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any other  business for tbe amount of time and  money   invested.  Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women all over Canada and the  United States���������have proved to their  satisfaction that it is profitable to raise  chicks with the  WHAT CONSTITUTES  A TRAVELLER  SURGERY  DTRINO "MIDDLR AGE J behind   the rest   oi ,the giojbe.  A   newsf-apcr  used   to appear  'What   is know 11   lo  modern  Sranchea  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at shori.   notice.    Drill Sharpened by  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! -A arid repaired.        ���������>'  'Ship:* mi thing    in    Q-1     u������  i *��������� '1  "���������* Morseshoers and Oenera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  -    - Ladyesrnithi, H ���������*  Buller Street    ~.  *M*-������**������**������**������**������*������*-������**������*^^  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  SPHONE 66 LAOYSniT  ���������i  *  ' ���������*���������*���������*���������*���������*���������-#'  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  WjjJ and   Ju**-*- *������������������������" *l1-*  SKK  J    KEilP.  OR LEAVE    ORDERS  WITH  -W. CARTER,-  ���������������������������Ka  first AVENUE  PHONE      CO  W. S1LEK  GENEKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVliRY  WORK PROMPTLY   n-  ��������� ''.,'.',    ��������� .      .0*-.. . ���������-  Leave orders at the Abbotsfbrd.  Ladysmith Temple No. 5  Rathbone  |Sisteri meets at the Oddfellows' l.all  '2nd  and  4th Tuesday  at  7.30  p.m.  Mrs.  Kata Tate, secretary.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER  OF  DRUIDS '  Meets in t'he-1'.-t>- 6 -K. Hail, La-  W������ilingto������ Grove No. 4 U. A. ���������. D  aysmikh, the Second and fourth  Wednesdays of each month. csKiinene-  i������g ^ednusday.  13th..  1905.  Visiti������g Dru'uls are. lavited to attend.  By ������riler. l  WM. RAFTER, Reef Secty.  VATRIGK  BURK. N. A.  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BR00DEK.  "Yours is the fi rsf i ncubator I have  ���������used,1 and 1 wish to state I had 5'"  chicles out of o-i cn-gs. Thii was my  first lot; truly a 1(10 per cent, hatch,  lam well pleased with my Incubator  nnd brooflor. Tiros. MoNauohxon,  Cliilliwack, B.C."  "My first hatch eamo off. I pot  170 lino chicks from 190 eggs. \\ ho  can beat that for tho flrs=t trial, and  so early in tiio 6i>rinf?. 1 am well  pleased, with incubator, and if I  could not fret another money could  not liuyiLfi-om mo. Every farmer  (should havo a JSTo. 3 Chatham Incu-  hator.���������I*1.' W. 1UM3A1', Dur.nvillo,  Ont."  "Tho incubator you furnished mo  works oxceedin'rty well. It is easily  operated, and only not'iln about 10  minutes attention every day. . K.  McGUFi'iK, Muosg Jaw. Assa."  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is honestly constructed. There is no  humbug about it. Every inch of material  is thoroughly tested, the- machine is  built on right principles, the insulation  is perfect, thermometer reliable, and  the workmanship the beat.  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is simple as well as scientific in construction ���������a woman ot g-irl can operate  the machine in their leisure moments.  You pay us no cash until after 1906  harvest.  Send us your name and address on  a post card to-day.  Wo can supply you quickly from our  dlstiibubing warehouses at Calgary, Brandon, Regiiiii, Winnipeg, New Westminster,  B.C., Montreal, Halifax. Chatham. Address  all correspondence to Chatham. 311  h* Manson Campbell Co., Limited  Dcpt.15 ACHATHA1M. CANADA  Factories at Chatham, O.nt., and Detroit.  Let us quote you prices  on a dood Fanning Mill  or good Farm Scale.  The Aslieroft   Journal  says:  A  good  deal o'i interest vvas taken  In the charge against the Asherolt  and Oram! Central hotels for .selling  liquor illtgjlly on Sunday, which  was uj) for trial Jiefore II. I* Christie on Wednesday. The charge was  laid l,y Itc,-. W. Mi. Roii.fr, i're.sR-  teriiiii' minister at Aslieroft. 'lhe  ���������late of the alleged illegal selling (was  Sunday,   January   US.  Mr.     Denis  Murihy   and  Air.   Krai  ("���������aider defended  A.  .lohiison and trleo.  Ward,    of     <lie  Aslieroft   and   Orand  Central   hotels  respectively.  The sale  of  (lie liui/jr  was  admitted  and  the  ehu'in  set   up that  the  act  vvas  legal  as the  persons,  who  bought��������� the witnesses���������were/liona   fide   travellers and  entitled  lo he served.  Mr-   Swniison   of   Kajnloops        who  represented   Air.  Roger,  contended lhe  iviimssc.s     weie not    travellers and  coiisciifieiilly  lhe   sale   was llleual.  As the evidence was identical in  iiolh eases il, was agreed that the  decision in Mr. Ward's ease should  he binding  on Air.  Johnson.  Charles,'      Parker,    sworn,  said'-  son   were   the  purchasers  of  the  qjier,  and   the'evidenoe  or Parker  sullicient   for  an understanding  the case.  Charles     Parker,s worm, said:     I  live  al   .Vordi  Mend.   Am   in tlie   em-  ���������loy  of the. C.P.R.    On January 28lh  vvas  three and  a hah' miles  down the  track,    from   Aslieroft   with   Section  _Foreman   Robertson.   His  son  (.Jeorge  vvas   living   theie.    Am employed  on  section,    under  Ho he: I.son and    have  wor'ed with   him  about siv months.  Have   been   in this   vicinity   al.put six  months.   Have 'been   frcijeiently       in  Aslieroft,     we gel    our mail iuL AkIi-  eroft   and   also   supplies.     Am   fairly  well     known   in Aslieroft and   known  at  the hotels. -I've   been   in   Mr. Geo.  Ward's  hotel'-'once  or twice.    Sundliy  .Iiiiniai'y     2Sth     1 came     to   Aslieroft  with   George  Robertson   we  wali.&l.  Left   section   house   in   the  afU"rnoioii  and came direct  lo  Aslieroft.   I kuiow  Geo.   Ward;   the  defendant.   I was in  Mi.   Ward's   house   on   Sunday,   January    28th.      Air,  Ward  was  t.hcie.  I  got  a couple of diinl.s of  bevr.   Geo.  Rnlierlson    ii.id  a diinlc   of   whiskey.  We [iaid  for it.    Air.  Ward  was there.  The  luii'lender    gave -us  tihe drinks  in  i\\e afternoon  .sometime.    Had       no  more drinks at Arr.  Ward's thai  day.  Mr,   Murphy's questions   to  the wit  ness  elicited   the   following:   I   came  and -Dow. ��������� They are section men iind  we're here, that day. Have bwn living  at   Robertson's  for- .six months:  Have been irr Ward's'hotel-'once     "r  twice- before.'   Don't remember      Air.  Ward  asviiig me  if 1 worked  for Mu-  ������hie McDonald'. ��������� Remember telling liiin  1 wns    working, for    Mr.   Roliertson  down  the track/ M*:.' Ward did' iiot  know  mc until   I said   I had  u-_���������.���������;���������>-i  here: last ^vi������)'T^vveiit back ,1,0 vvoric  but not on  Sunday.    Section ii.)U.-:e is  dentists us  budge-work  was familiar to  the  Etruscans.,   an   extant  specimens  attast,"    says     the  Unlhsh  AJeiiieal  JournuZ.    ''Plaster ears,   noses   and  lijis .were among  the   Indians,  where  the cutting oh' oi these  features  was  a iHinishineiil ������nueh in use.   and Greek  and   Itoinaii  veterans   who  had  lost   a  leg    or arm     in  war   iried   t()  make  .itootl  .the ili'/icii'iiey   by   aitilicial   substitutes."  We read  further:  "Whit is s;u'<l to l,e the oldest ar-  tiliciai leu in existence is now in the  iiiu.scu.rh of the Royal College of Sur-  jtroiis uf l-JiglaiM. li wri.-. found in a  tn'mli at Ciipiui. Pliny speaks of a  Ilomjii. vvanii;!-   who,   a century and a  at  on   white   cotton.  three and  a half miles, from station. !half kcl'o:e the  i.iitli of Christ,  wore  .Must   come along railway   truck      to   an   art/ilicial  lund,   with  which      he  ci.nie to tovvn,      l.eft flection house U)! was able  to  handle  a sword.    In   the  come anit see  my  friends   Ross    and ! Mnldle    Ages    artificial limbs some-  Dow   and"    not for liquor.     Did  not,   times repaired   the disulilements     of  Decan      ]-rinted  which   was used as a pocket handkerchief.    Then  it was  washed,, iind  the  publisher     liihograplied on the same  sheet  tiir.e after  time until  it   was  lost.  Pi'ohaMy the smallest sized paper  'n t'fe world is a Mexican  weekly, the  Telegram.       It  is composed   of four  Piages of '���������Tinted  matter,  arranged  in  three columns  five  inches long     and  two      inches   wide.    In this  limited  space is contained  the world's news,  boiled,  or stewed down.   This curiosity  of journalism  has adopted  for its  motto,' "Little     straw and       much  wheat."  get inv: inuii.    I never come for    my  vv;ir.    The  'iron  liari'i'  of (Joetz  von  mail.  1 work six (lays u week.   Some ' I*t-rlichiri*j;eii   vva������������������ an .ingenious piece  1  li-  is'  of  times Would   come   to  Aslieroft   once  or  twice a week  and  soinetiines often  er.    Sornelimes  come in   coniiection  with  my  work. * Only- caine once  in  the day' time.    Ro'lifitson's east  end  of section is one-quiirter mile east of  house.      Robertson'    jr.  was present  when  I had  the conversation with IIr  Ward. ;..-'  of meehaii'isjii made for that famous  knight .in* If)0-1. A century later an.  artilicial hand was Worn by Chrrs-  t'Kin, Duke ci Mnn"i-wick. Am',|ose ���������  Pare devised artilicial -limbs.", with  jnovaiile joints, which were, made folium by artificers, of whom Lorraine  a locksmith, was the most -.'famous.,,'  Pare devotes a special chapter to \W  Tb'-.'.M'r..-,  Swaiison: Tiiere 111 ay -lie a hit*ans.of   repairing or supplying riat;  shorter  trail,   I do  not  know.  The evidence of/George  Robertson  was practically the same as Parker's  with- but this  difference,  he  - drank  whiskey,   had   lived   iii  this  district  since  '9fi,   vvas Well  known  in,  Ash-  ural or accidental defects in %iie liiun--  an body. " lie describes' artificial eyes  and noses, an artificial' tongue mid  an artilicial palate. AC a later period Father Sebastian, C|iirmelit'e  ��������� monk.,; made; movable 'arms'' and hands  croft,'arid  knew of  the short  trail to in the earlier part of ijie Seventeen-  Ashcrolt, ; Robertson .said   this  tr*iii ih  century Peter Lowe,' in his  'Dis-  was -about    a: mile shorter and  was cotl,^cs ������"   the Whole   Art 0f  Cliiru-  soiiietinies used hy "the children "'soing Se<311' oiv'c������     representations  of'artifi-  Lo school.- It was harder  vvalking. " "  up to iAshcroft to sec my friends Ros������   which he did.  Tlie" line'.of the  prost'cutfoni was to  prove that practically the   home   of  the vvitnosses   was  so close  to  Ash-  croft that they could  iu rio sense liw ������������������  considered;,   travellers,   that  nioivini,'  such; a short ��������� ii is La nee could  not make  I hem travellers; hence the stress put  upon  the distance  from   the  home  of  (he witnesses to the location of   the  icfreslimeiit'S.    The' defence  had,    ex-.'  nelly, the same interest, in  the��������� riticsr.'  lion or distance nut,;  with  a dill'crcnt  cud   in view.    From   tlieir  staniipoint  a man     tr.a'velling    three  and  a hnlf  mil es J roiii home and back.; again \v as  ft Iraveiicr and! heeded   refreslvnien-t.  Decisions of English cmirts arid our  own were freely quoted hy;both lawyers as to.., tlie''iii.tej:jjfetat-io.ii'.' of a  " 1 ravellc'r';.*- and', in the mind of His,  Worship :t'he.decisirni' qiioted jiy Mr.  Murphy^ were applirrablc to the Case  and    retitiired    that-    he dismiss  it, .,  Cial legs. AJ:out tlie- .middle of the  .same century Faicinelli, a Florentine  surgeon, mentions the use' of an'af-  tificia] eye of silver, golii'a'nd crystal  pn in ted; in various colors. He' also  dc.scri'jcs artificial ears made of 'the '  sairie niet.als and fixed by strings' to  the head or stitched, into, the sMn  'with gold or silver! wire,, Silver noses are said to .have been in use at an  earlier date." ;  i      JOURNALTSTI0 CURIOSITIES  ,1    Norway can Iioast of the  Northern  'most paper  in  the world;   this, is the  Nord  niap,     brought . out vvce'.ly at,  j.M'alnmerfiest:- ��������� Tf'  ���������c'j.it.ains-'.-its   n&vvs  by  a ship  which calls  once every     8  !(lays.   .When items, arrive cm ivi'b'lis-h-  ing;day;'they stand over till  thti'ne.vt  issue,  sot hat  the journars   latest is  sue .of  news   is often 'fourteen   davs  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NOKl'H'  WEST MINING   REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands   may   be  purchas-  d at $10 per acre for soft, coal   and  ��������� 20  for   anthracite.   Not  more  than  ��������� 20 acres can be acquired by sdb individual  or company.   Royalty   '._ the  ate    of  ten cents per ton  of U.OOO  ouads     shall      be 'collected  on  tho  ,ross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate ia  .ranted  upon payment in advance of'  7.50   per   annum   for   an   individual,'  nd from $50 to $100 per annuni for  ���������"comjiany, according Lo capital.  A.     free miner,  having discovered  mineral   in place, may locate a claim,  1,5(J0 x   1,500  feet.    The lee  for  re-,  cording a claim  is $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid te the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been exjjc'ided or paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides f������r tke, payment of a royalty ������f 2J per eent on  the sales.  PLACER mining alaims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  .'A free miner may obtain  t,w������ leas  es   to  dredge   for  goli   of. five miles  each  for a term  of twenty years,  renewable at the. descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dr&dge    in  operation   within one season from r,hf  '  date of tlie lease for each five miles  Rental,  $10 jier  annum for each mile  of river teased.    Royalty at the rat'  of 2*  per  cent collected on  the mi������  put after'it exceeds $10,000  W. W. CORY  Deputy   of the Minister  of   r*ip   '  >rlnr.  TOON STOCB  That Effervescent Comedy  A VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANi ES  LAME  BACK  This ailment is usually caused by  rheumatism- of tlie muscles andh'jma-y  be cured ��������� by  apjiJying  Chamibeilain's  Pais Balm two or three times a day  (������acvi  applicatioa.   If this does not af-  ���������nd  rulrTjinjj tht  i>arts   vigorously at  ford relief,  bind on a piece of  flannel  slightly dampened with   Pain-Balm,  and quiek'     relief is almost sure to  fallow. ���������'���������. Far sale by the. Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  THE  RUB ON SUNLIGHT SOAP  1  (}^iJmmm$gs^m  LEAVE 30 TO60 MINUTES  WAY  Sunlight Soap is better than  other soaps, but is best when  used in the Sunlight way (follow  directions).  Hard rubbing and boiling are  things of the past in homes  where Sunlight Soap is used as  directed.  Sunlight Soap will not injure  even the daintiest fabric or the  hands, and the clothes wiK be  perfectly white, woolens soft  and fluffy.  The reason for this is because  Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,  contains no injurious chemicals  ��������� indeed, nothing but the active,  cleansing, dirt-removing proper'  ties of soap that is nothing but ,  soap.  Equally good with hard or  soft water.  YOUR   MONEY   REFUNDED  by trio iloulur from whom you  bur SiinllKht Soap if you find  any cause lor complaint. 155  LEVER BROTHERS LIMITED. TORONTO  *r  Tl-IE   VELOCITY   OF  LIGtFr.  Think of the velocity of an express  train 'as it   dnshes   past   a 'platform.  It .'.seems .'to. vanish   in   a moment.  It seems to  approach,  to  pass,   and  .to, vanish' in a moment-    Then,  stnncl  near  a ride  ranJ!;e,_aiid  note how rapidly  the  impact  of ,a bullet  on the  target succeeds thc  flash  accompanying     its -discharge..   The rifle, bullet  tak.es  but  little more than  a second  to traverse  the  same''distance  that  the   tra'n  accomplishes' in   a miniute.  Rise, one step higiier;   look at a meteor   as   it rcslies   into  our  atmosphere,   t-j   perish   in .a streak   of  splendor.    The meteor moves  faster than a  rifle  hullet���������in  fact  its  velocity       is  nearly one hundred times ^-reater than  ��������� lhat      of a missle  from  any  weapon  which human  hands   have  ever  fashioned.   Sr.rjly it  vvouUi seem, at first-  sight,      t':al   (he  speed   of a meteor  must   be ������s great- as any  speed.which  il   would   he    possible  for   us  to      in-.'  ���������iS'lignte,   but     we  have  not yet fairly    reached    the   velocity  which      we  'have   Io.'deal   vvilh   in   the ease   of-luminous    undulations        Wc   have  lo  niftkc a far  greater  advance.  Think of  the si-ceil  at which a Utile child runs  across  the room  ami   think  of       the  speed   with   winch   a shooting      star  darts      across   the  sky.    Then   work  out   the   following  sum   in   fair    pi'������-  |:orl,ion: As'the velocity  of  the shoot  ing star     exceeds  the. velocity  with  which a child can tod.lie, so does the  velocity  of  light  exceed  the velocity  of  the shi-iotiiitr  star.��������� The   Story   of  Ihe   Sun.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP S&tlRTS,  ETC,  Benjamin  Fit/hew   ...  Majors  ............  .........  Richard Dannton .....  Cook  '.      t'oogan    ...!..,.....  Von Bulow Schmidt  Warden Loveall   Edward  Farrier .......  Louis      Sj.-i'c Hennessey- '.  Clementina   Fit/hew.  Nettie  Majois   Saliie Grace     CAST OF     CHARACTERS.   ....:       Albert  m ������S  rjilW"  I. . Watson       Richard Scott    ...   Terry McKcan   ;', ...������. J. Ilooley     Ed V. .Brender.   Allyn   Lewis    E������:min Seavc".   ..Arthur   ' Cyril  .'.   ...  Ilui.ry  Llevvyn      Joseph Busch.  ...Mies Elizabeth Hale  ..Miss Adelaide Keith  ...Miss  Sadie Revnol.ls  BEGINNING    FEh.  15,  1906  THROUGH  T0TJBI8T-. ���������-������������������  ISLEEPERSl  EVERY DAY IN THE;YEAR-  BETVVKEN  SEATTLE & CHICAGO  VrA    THE  "THU ' COMj?OKTAJU,JS   WAV"  Koute of .tbe' Famous Oriental Limited  For detailed information, rates,  etc., call  on or  address  S.  G.  YERKES -"' R.  STEPHEN  A-G.P.A; Gc-nl.   Ant.  Q.  j,!.  R  Seattle, Wash. Victoria,  B.   C.  Miranda   ,.- ���������  Miss Aline Wallace  SYNOPSIS  ACT I.���������Benjamin   Fitzhcvv at home.     "Ice Water."  ACT Tl���������Benjamin   Filzlievv   in  jail.       "Warm Water."  ACT  III���������Benjamin   Fitzhcvv at   Home      '"'Hot. Water."  S"I'ECIA.LTIES  BETWEEN   THE   ACTS.  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  It is quito proper, even comniimen- performance on -week days,  tary to ask a lady's age in Japar. Tnc parrot is of ail birds, perhaps  In shis part of the world hovveper, tne most apt to take up bad habits,  where we do not consider ourselves A fricmi of mine has one which is  heathens, but at the same time prac- passionately fond of eating, and chew-  ticc all kinds of deceit, it would :be Rng tobacco.' If given a sufficient  distinctly offensive. | quantity the bird will make itself   o  'positively   drunk     with the  nicotine,  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  ���������Consumers are requested ts call at   the office     on Roberts   Street Bud  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th   and  the 25th of each month.  -and will stagger, about its cage in  icxact imitation of the actions of an  intoxicated human being. Long prac  tice has made the bird somewhat of  a connoisseur respecting iits favorite  luxury, and it now treats fine Cut to-  ibaccos with contempt. Its particular  iieiight is the rum soaked plug affected   hy sailors.  i     It is among  the Simian tribes that  ' t'Obncco-loving   quadrupeds   are  most  frequent. This  is   probabix'  owing  to   the  monkey's   overpowering  facui-  . ty for     imitation.      which sometimes  gels it into trouble.      1 remember an  ' amusing instance.      A   man  after puf-  AN'IMALS THAT  LIKE  TOBACCO  Most animals have an utter abhor-  ance of'tobacco in any shape or form,  says the. proprietor of a menagerie.  1 have myself made even a ferocious  dog turn tail by simply pulJ'ing a  whin' of smoke -n its face, hut 1 do  not recommend the means as one always to be relied on. Hut to this  rule, as to all others, there' arc ex.  ceptions, and numerous instances are  known of animals possessing a positive love for the fragramt weed. Dogs  as is well known, can be taught to  do almost, every thing but talk, ami  111 my early days I was connected fing a cigarette for some time, threw  with a circus which possessed the im- , it down near a monkey, which had  iq.ue attraction of a terrier which, been watching the proceedings in-  anioiig other tricks, had been instruct tcntly. The animal snatched it up  ed in the art y:i smoking a clay pipe, i and puffed gravely for a few minutes.  The curious point was that the nni- , Then a look of intense bewilderment  niai actually got lo enjoy its ^ipc .stole over its face, and throwing  usual, time every Sunday, as in the , the ciyarctte down it retired into a  and would insist on  having  it at the ' corner, evidently very ftli.  Office Hours I F. M, 4.30  I. T BLAND  SUPERINTEN DENT.  *S5^3SS35E*a^3*S  Public  Notice  y.  ;3  Attention is called ts 'he   Tact that the  Ogilvie Flour mils  Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR. have for some 'ime  past been producing flour in a vastly iMproved and parit* 'orm  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secure* coitrol  of 'all tke basic patents relating there  to, take this opportunity of advising  trke  publie that any  orized users ef the elcetrisal   flour purifylfig proeesse*  will  *>e prosecuted.  Osil-ffie Floor Mills Company Lfmited  are the    only    miliars in  CJa*������a*Kl������,  wiiage   Ploinr  s p'Jrifi9iby the EleotrioIProceas m v-i^#^iiMS^^  rffH   --PATT-V  ������������������*>.  ^*=ss**  LOU ITEMS  "Miss E. Do'heson will be at the Ab-  botsford Hotel ��������� every Saturday after-  give    lessons   in   Vocal Cul-  ncon  to  ture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, lone production, efficiently taught. For .particulars ap-'  I>1 - Box 12, or Phone-1'iC, Nanaimo.'  "Mr. R. Reid is in this city, a guest  at the Abbotsronl Hotel,  Mr.  Walter Jones vvas a passenger  to  Victoria  on  the morning   train.   '  Ciovernmcnt Inspector' of , Boilers,  B.ixter, who-has been in'town for a  few davs,  went  to Nanaimo at noon.  ma  THE  "Mr. C. 11. KU'iniiiing went down  to Victoria this morning to-,attend  tie convent ion of school trustees at  tl at city.  Wiss Ethel Sanders left this aftei -  ni on for Extension, -whom she in-  t( lids to spend a few weeks with Mr.  a id .Mrs.  Sharp.  Scats for the play tonight are''  selliinr fnsl and the indications aiv  1ha(, I here will iu. another full house  .tonight to K,.ee( 1he Watson C'om-  P nV    in  "A      Victim of Circn  CCS."  mistan-  WHITE SWAN  SEWINQ   MACHINE  -DRAWING-  Will take*iplace a(  onfiJii m.  Save y  ur Wrappers for Premiums  vt' -ii^ vj' vir  -*ft~  MARINE  ^-*^r-7'4-5K--Hi-^K-  -v;.  Mrs.  K.  Pichetto has completed her  three months' term ei imprisonment  t������ which si,c, was sentenced by the  J"fnl court for selling liquor'without  a license, and  toria on   the  came ha.ck  "Oon tiiiiii.  from Vic-  AT  THE   .UiROTSEORl)'  C. t'lidlip, Victoria  If.   Ilurd,' Hiim-ans  K- K: Pcirer, Vhtoria :":'"      '  S. L.   Roberts,  Victoria.  P  11.  GOVERNOR  If cm.   W.   YV.     p..  C  the  Yukon  MCiNEED  '������������������ Mclnnes, governor  Passed through on the  ''���������cm train to Nan  ���������"iinler    of  nai -mo.   A  largo  residents of Ladysmith  ���������I'M.     .VclllMCS'    0|(j  ������'''������>   were a!   ihe  3'"nill'ils ���������"'  I'^sed  through, air ' iuc  ���������"^'-'stobein  ..MeMWh'ealA  ���������.'*���������.'    was      delighted  I'Mute at  ihe staticn.  ������������������������������������* time f���������r conversal .,,��������� .was. short.  Mitiids and admir-  s tat ion  to  seo His  to    see his old  ��������� i-'nfortunatelv  -.-Tlie  -f'^UKiinio  governor .will stay overnight,  'mil will  leave  ���������"���������niorrov,-, lurrdinn- for  fp'oni  Iho Terminuj  ci  to Ottawa.  ���������'���������1  on  the Joan  Vancouver .an'.*'  t\- will  proceed  ���������FOR. RENT-  The Oar of    the Well Known  Hotel  Ladysmith,   lhoroufilily. r.irni.shed.  '���������V further particulars apply to D  While,  at the "Motel.  C  Miniature Book of II.  Knight's  Hook Store.  John  Paul,   steward   of  apolitical  <-lub in New  York,  has the rare distinction  of being a grandfather     and  grandson  at  the same  time.    His'ba-  hy granddaughter has  just been bom  and his grandmother' isflivino- at  the  :   " of 07.  "S^ci^^s^wKii^^j^a^ise^^,,,  i ������������������;  111  ) i  "There is .going to be\a  Hot Time '  "Where?"  "At the Eagle's Ball"  "When?"  "To-morrow night"  " Arc you going?"  "1 should smile"  Then iadies w?ar a pair.of our  urn m  m  pi  Collier Tirge  Viken. arrived  in  port  tliis morning forn. full, cargo .of coal.  '    ���������   *  ������������������'  The Escort ' X'o. 2 brought the  Georgian into port froiti Croffoii for  i enrgo of coal for the Mainland.. Tl\>  Captain of the Georgian reports the  V'rofton Smeller running - steadily  and shipments of oi'e fre jtient.  P. '������.������;������������������-:-..;������������������.-  The    .Ledger ,   is informed  that, the,  S.S.;'Joan,   'will  call. in. at  the T.  wharf,   (not the.:   Transfer wharf)"ii  "ier usual    calling days,' until  further  notice. ;      ���������' ���������������������������' @i -....''.  ,'���������:.,������������������- O������������������������������������ ���������'���������;-���������-  .,  '   THE   DEAL  WITH   INDIANS  A Victoriadespatch says:,   E.     0.  Russell, who returned   by the.   Amur -  oii  its last trip Was seen -[his morii-  ingwitb    reference to. the-deal: made  'by fcim acting on behalf of the Grand  Trunk. Pacific for .the ������������������.���������acquiring      of  rights .to the: lands  of  the -Indian reserve 'on ������)igfcy Island  and the. mainland.    Mr.   Russell  who  since his, arrival  ,in British     Coliim'-bia    several  years  ago,  has  ma-mtaintxl -lhe-.-strict  est silence with 'respect" to  his  business, refused to discuss  this subject;..  He  would   neither,  confirm  nor would  lie''deny that it was true.  The acquisition of these  lands     hy  the railway  company   stems   to- have  been carried on  by Mr. Russell   in g  very  business-like  way  and he  made  siireof its  consummation   before  leaving. Thi������  ac^visitioii  of  Dig'lvy  Island  will  give    the,   Grand   Trunk Pacific  Railway  the    control   of  the   water  front adjacent to������������������ Tack's Inlet,which  w il 1  be of i nestimable ad vantage,     to  it in the event   of the city of Prince  Rupert'being located on  Kaien     Island.  Those-    who  have visited  the  location' say that the passage, separating  Kaien and Dighy Islands is about  a**  quarter of a mile  wide.  FOR SALE  0. Views at, 'l''10 Candy and Fruit store of .John  iVIafi'eo, on 1st. Avenue, l.adysniiUi,  B. C. "s"'   , o^��������� ���������  Speaking of  what a newspaper does  for    the  community,   United  States  Senator  Davis,  of  Illinois,  iriade   an  address  that remains  e'er  green-in  the memory of newspaper  men.     He  said:    "Every year  every  local.newspaper gives from 500 to 5,000     free  lines for  the benefit of the community   in which it is   located.   No   other  agency can or will  do this.  The editor inprO'Portdori  to  his   means  does  1110**0 for bis own town  than any other man.    He ought to  be supported  not  because  you   happen   tolike   him  or  admire  his  writing,   but  because  a  local   paper  is thc   best   investment  a community can make.   It may  not  be crowded   with   great   thought,   but  financially, it is of more benefit than  both    preacher and   teacher.    Today   I  editors    do   more for less pay than  any man on earth.    Patronize   your   ,  home paper, not as a charity, but as j  an investment."  steadily     increase," . said  Mr.  F.  \V.  Peters,  assistant freight  tiallic  manager  of-.the  C.P.R.   western     lines,  today, to the Vancouver Province.  Mr. Pc-lcrs, who wan in ������lK-iiddiice  at the 'convention ,of the' C P. It. of-  ficials at Field on Monday and Tuesday, arrived in Vancouver last night.  He will remain on the coast for the  next, ten days and during .'that time  will visit, ibe 0, P. R. officer in Vie-  loria 'and on .the Sound..���������  "It is impossible for me to state  just what the grain output of  ,a,.will be this year, for the  hat the exact, amount produced last  year is* 'unknown',"- continued Mr.  I'eltrs., "It is declared, howevci,  that twice ������s much wheat will be  grown in-..Hint province this year as  last. -, 1 must confess that the C. I'.  U. did not,   .linre its grain-reporting  system perfected in AMjerta last year  in time to permit of any exact state  ment as to the .production being nr-  -riyed1 at. The reporting system was  u'O't in ���������'���������' .working shape -till after Me  harvesting had commenced.  ''Last year a grout ������ieal of the   pro-  ��������� (1 iicti on     was hei ii by the" prod ucers  for     seed1 puriioscs.    Many of      the  fanners kept Suiiicient gruiri for their  ("���������own .seed and also a great deal      to  sell   to incomiiigcsettlcrs.    Of course,  while the production is only from '{,-  000,000  to   5,000,000  bushels,       the  ���������'holdiiig of     grain or seed  tunis     to  curtail    tlie output  in a way  which  vvili not: bo noticed  when the output  is greater. ;       ��������� .   . ..  "Of course, some of the../Al'jerta  2;rain' may be shijijicd to tJic United  K i'ngdoi'.ji ami ' as shipping conditions  are at present tm this coast, it is  likely that grain-''marketed there  would he shipped via the laics.  When tilie 'shipping at Vancouver has  g'rown so that it would ��������� Imj possible  to handle grain for -the- United Kingdom through this ipor.t tetter than  can be done at present, all the grain  I would  be rooted this way. *, .  i "Thc demand for Alberta wheat in  the Orient is increasing steadily, and  all sec!) shipments will be made via  Vancouver.  "Will wheat ever lie   shipped      to  Japan in bulk?  Well, at present   all'  goes  in the  form  of Hour,  and   will  continue as such unless  the Japanese-  .��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  Monday  and  THIS  Tuesday  WEEK  A SNAP  f.O COLl'.MillA  AND UERLINER  10  Hi  INCH  RECORDS,  SLIGHTLY  US El'  Only 25c. Each  are constantly arriving ar.d we can]  show you, some Nice Lineb iu  EAWNLI!  The Besi tia<ie Stove  '^ii  50, 60 and 75c  reason   3  Per Pair   ,  KNIGHT'S BOOK STORE  Walters &  Akenhead  ri  Alberta wheat. Some wheat is raised  in     "Manchuria,  but   as lhat country  has not     teaehed \i settled condition  since  the   Russo-Japanese' war,   I do  not  think  (he  iroduclion there.       is  large-    "Manchuria is much  more suited  to  .the laising of  wheat  than Japan.  "Wc     aicdooMny 'Jo an enormous  immigration into Alberta and Saskatchewan this year.    Already      many  settlers  arc  arriving  on   the ground,  and others arc there looVing over the  country ou  the adv ice of friends  who  have preceded  them.    Thousands     of  Americans will cmss  the border this  ���������year.       The trend of settlement  this  ycai  will be'in Southern Alberta and  in   Northwestern   Saskatchewan,    although a larpe inrmnpr of sittleis will  take up land in No* thci n Allrrla."  ed   hy   Trustee.  "Miillcr   and   secondenl  by  Trustee King; both of Cedar Hill:  'and  carried  unanimously:   "That   ev-  'eiy school  tiustee in  the  province of  I>r-iI isli Columbia is ex-ollicio a mcni-  ' bcr  of  this     association,  ami  every  |i hoard  may delegate its vote or votes  to any memtber of this association."  (,'onshlcrablc   discussion   toolc place  as lo the appointment and duties of  the executive committee, so on   motion "of 'Irusiee  Movvat  n committee  was ai)|ioitiled consisting of Trustees  .'Pec'olcs,     Miller  ar.d  Ferguson       to  .la'ic recommendations at a later sea '  ,nn.    Arrangements  were made allot-  ing the  voting yiowrr  of e'nch  city  mil  district,,  after  which the session  ,\as adjourned till 9-30 this morning.  ST-"il-:������--*it -*cr.i> ia \-eVtiT tiian otScr rroapa  but ia b'.c,t wii������n uBeci in tho Sunlight way.  Buy SuziLfelH Buap utti follow direction*.  MUSLINS     OH.  PRINTS        SILKWARE  BLOUS^SUIIING HEOMWEAB  We Guarantee Satisfaction to air  our ��������� customers in legard to " Price  and Quality cf these Goods  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������ |  SIMON LHISER& CO Lid. J  OATACRE. ST  .Tf*n-***" '"  LADYSMITH  W. G. Fraser  Mercha r,l Tailor,  I ,ISl    A' Mm*- I  hastd. Cail  ���������SCHOOL TPUST  .C^VEatlON O'PEHEP  (Continued   From  Page One)  Jay, Victoria.  E.  C... Arthur,  ���������J.   J.   Doiijrnn  President���������George J  Vice-President���������Dr.  Nelson.  Sec rert-ar y-tr e If. p u re r  Vancouver.  Credential   Commatilce���������-Peck,   Hug-  gett and Dr.  Arthur.  Resolutions Commutt'ce���������������������������iliss  Cam-  should erect  mills in Japan-   At pre-  eron, R. Mavvat,  J.  J.  Doiigan.  sent they have no mills  that     grind      The following  resolution  \yas  mov-  0  with White  and Pear! Buokloa- Very New  * * *  These Slippers an' Selling Well  and the  Prices  are  Right.  CALL  AND   Be  CONVINCED  .:-4'*+>M"*������f"t"'+-i-'i';-���������! ���������    ���������   -.    .  "YEA-YEA"  CONNETICIJT  SCHOOL   MA'AM.  The Conneticut schooima'am is a  numerous article- She's always entertaining arid sometimes handsome.  She's vivacious, intelligent, alert ami  is capable of supplying her share of  the  conversation. She's   generally  |ChecrAii.      usually  creates  a sunshiny  atmosphere,   and   ordinarily   is  equipped  with  a helpful  smile.       As       a j  riue she's  underpaid  and  thinks  she's J  ovcrv.-nrktd. If  she  loves' chiidrca !  and  undtrstands   them   she's a  queen (  and  her sway      becomes  a   benevolent  despotism.      At  her   best  she's  a  be-,  nign   influence���������at   her   worst,   but she j  never is at her worst  The school ma'am is one of Connet-  icut's most useful products. The  work which she does is important,  vital, far-reaching. Than hers no  mission is greater except that of tho  mother. She     has more  than  her  .ct/iiuta of perplexities, but somehow or  other she manages to enlarge from  them, usually with a smile. She gets  more criticism than she deserves and  less praise than she.s entitled to  She stands for something, accomplishes something, amounts to something.      Hartford   Courant.  What it is   to Move and Get Things  broken up.  ^���������a���������r���������������t^������ ���������*>��������� -^.fn������  To avoid this I have - decided to sell ou! my  entire S^ock of Furniture, Glassware, Dishes,  Cooking utensils, at a Great Sacrifice, from iO  to 20 per cent discount for Cash Only.  SHOES, SHOES, SHOES  hundred  Pairs of (Mapl������ Leaf)   MINING   SHOES,   with   or   without  i there  is an> thing  you    want  in  he  Drug or patent  medicine, line you  Till   find   it at    the hadysniitli- Dhi*  Store.  . .._    .*���������*���������u.i ���������r-^r^r^ayjas**t^'^t'.'i<*w%tiUW,-|WWWWW>WWMWiM-**W>  t *~ *  l.OOIIKD  LIKE  DADDY  '    A  well   1 iiown  editor tells  a. funny  story   in    which   'liis little son "'lays  lhe icnfliiig lole.  |    I-1 Of    lives     in   ,a suburb where the  mud   in    the road    stands almost  as  high as     the Ideal rates, and, it was  , while pensively  staring at -the. slushy  sediment.     outside-     the    window o"C  rain.v day   thai   he gr&w reminiscent,  and laughingly related a story to his  wife and    family of how e������rly in his  Ijournalistic     career,  he. was  carried  ' oii' his feet     when at a erovvdod outdoor ���������'meeting aud rolled in  the thickest mud  ihat he ever remembers see-  , ir;o-.     After ���������which he went on  to minutely  describe  his condition  following on,the operation, much to the in-  tense amisemeiH of his listeners.  While lie ' was speaking, his h ittle  joy slinped off his chair and went  stealthily out of the room.  Two minutes ���������.afterwards tho door  of tho room opened slowly, and an  apprifion appeare:! that looVieit lil--.e a  perambulating'mud Heap.  And from. out of this miniature  monument of mud and filth issued a  small vicrulmis voice.  "Daddy," it Opined, "did vo-< look  Ii!;e Hiis1 > when you w������s rolled intho  mt.'d?" >  Fall Stock   on  get your choice  tfiiiv ana  Stoves  We  are making tht-hri oijth  N-w^si L|LPa  S  Itfll  aiiiti   LiatK>s  Snyies.  WE DO ALL'KINDS OF FOU \DRY  WORK  Our Prices are Reaaonu *>le  SEE OUR   NEW ST*VES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  a'nd at L:dysh ; 1JH .rd^E'. S 'ompany  LADYSniTH   IRON & SiOVE v\(f- KS CO.,:? Ti>  MR. aad MRS. ^ J. THOMAS, 1 :  ul    Mouat Sicker;* Matel, and of  Palace II������tel,  Na'aaiw*,  have  chased tha       ,   ������������������^'������������������',' ���������   COMMERCIAL HOTEL���������  ������a Douglas Struet, Victoria, opposji,  tlie city  hall, and'invite their    old  PATRONS ANB FRIENDS TO Vis  IT THEM WHEN tN VICTORIA*  Smolve.Big  B. Cigars.  .������������������o~������������������  ?rescri| tions filled promptly at Ibe  Ladysmith   pharmacy.  '.NOTICE-.'-  One  Nails.  Move than three hundred Pair   of   LADIES',    -MENS    and      CIIII.'O-  ItENS'   SHOES  will  be  sold   RIO AHDLESS  OF COST.  Thei.   sale   will  continue  from    Saturday the 17th to Saturday the'-1.  CHAS.   PETERSO  After this date   the price for bread  delivered at   my     Customers'  houses  will  he FIVE    CENTS per loaf��������� 20  loaves      for    a dollar.     Mr    rcau is  guaranteed      the best made.  run    by      white help    should  i white peoples'     patronage so  , they are    properly conduct ed.  licit a trial as your  Bat'er.  C.  R.  DOCILE,  THE WELLINGTON  BAKERY  Shops  receive  long as  i  so-  EXCELLENT  Train Service  ,    aETWCEN  CHieiSO, LONttON,  NAMILT0I, TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  Aad tha Prii������1p������l BuiIneM Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALIO TO IUFFALI, HEW YORK. AND  miLADELPIIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS, j  F������t- Time T������kle������, eto., addronu  OKO..W. VAUX,  AaaUUmt Geu'l r������������������aier anil Ticket Agent.  138 ������D������M������ ���������!���������.. CHICAGO, ILL.  1-URN'ITURE  STORE  ZS3������������E3BgSE^nmKiB!  .r)th   AVENUE  &   ROIU-'.RTS   Street.  SHS!JSSSS33i23SS?  WATCHES  MUSIC  Notice is hereby . given that I will  apply at the next, sitting of'the Municipal Licensing Board for the trans  fer of the retail     liquor license held  by me for lhe Portland Hotel, sifcua  ted on I>ot it), Block 'K, First Avenue, to David  I-Iynes.,       ���������"'���������'...���������  JOHN  GOGO  Russell  Simpson, Solicitor-  NOTICE  ���������o���������  Notice ii hereby given that I, Agnes Kniijiit, , will apply at the next  regular sitting of the licensing board  lor the tra'-jfer of the retail liquor  license held by me for the premises;  lately known as the- Island Home Ho  tel, located on lot 3, block 26. in  the city of Ladysmith, B. C.-f to  George Tlannay, the aim ve hotel to  '>k known as The  Hotel Cecil.  Signed,   ACNES KNIGHT.  New     Pictorial      P*st'��������� Garas  at  Kniixhl'fi Book Store.  Diaries  ���������Store.  for   lflOG  at  Knight's  Bo������u  We  are  now showing a Large  Handsome Watches, Ladies;antf Gents  Stock of  Pianoforte and Vocal Music thoroughly taught by Frank G. Asliton of  .tho Guildhall School and Trinity Col-  ! lego of Music, London, England:  ! Pupil of the late Thomas Wingjiiam,  j Mils.   Doc, Organist,    Brmnplon,  (Oratory    London.  j    Mr.  Asliton is now resident in La-  jdysmifli  and     prepared   to  take  pupils .     Harmony  and  Theory   a  Spe  cially.   Terms,  etc.,    on application.  P   O.  BOX 223.  Notice  A. HOWE,<ofCHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  WAR KET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH AfUtllNE OF flRST CLASS MEAIS  and Other Jeweirv of First Class Quality  i-  r ci 5; it  Vj������e p t f-c'cislly  A TRIAL SOI .CITED,  A.   HOWE  Phone   20  "We are     doing al!  in our ]iovvcr to  make Vancouver the  gateway  for  thei  export of  A Iberia whet, mid the a.m-i ���������  ount    shipped     from  this  port will J  WATCHMAKER,  First Avenue,    X  -,-T������-grg3<^r:^^,*B3caEzr.'i.aa;-^^''.-~-rrr-'.--'" rat'j������:::. _ . --_���������������  B.FORC1MHER  JEWEI.RH,  OPTICIAN  X      Ladysmith,  B. C  R, SIMPSON  s'nllcltnr    VM  as  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  \v������ itia  to    Loan  . \ I f* 5 1  Neatly and Artistically Done  JS. ROEDDNG  mm   m     *  Orders  Promptly   Executed  --   LADYSMITH


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