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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 22, 1905

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Ft'B 23 1905
LADYsniTH Daily Ledger
VOL. 2,
WEDNESDAY, FEB.  22,  1!)05.
price; five cents
The Murder ed Grand Duke Will
be Interred in   Chapel of An.**
.    drew the First
Grand Duke Alexis is Prepared
for Death at the Hands
of Anarchists
Moscow, Feb. 22. ��� The advisory remonstrated with, he replied, 'I am
hoard of the Moscow University has' on the list of those condemned to
appointed a commission to devise death, so it docs hot matter. "The
means' for inducing  the student's     to   Grand ^ __
return, and pending the report of the ! go. The Emperor .sent a-representa-
commission, closed the university in-' live-to the frontier to meet Grand
delinitely.       , ��� I Duke  Paull   hearing  all  his uniforms
Moscow, Feb. 22.��� The coachman and decorations and -a message,- He
who was driving the, coach in which has been restored tofull rank and
Grand Duke Sergius was .riding when'.all his titles and .emoluments which
he was assassinated,'is dead ;of - his ,'were  sequestrated  at" the time of'his
(Associated  Press  Despatches.)
London, Feb. 22.���In the House of
Commons today, James Kier Ilar-
die, (Socialist) attempted to" extract from Premier Balfour an expression of opinion of thc recent events in Russia, especially the shoot-
Duke  Valdimar  is/too  ill  to I ing of workmen at Warsaw, and ask-
injuries.       lie sustained   7U   distinct' recent marriage.'" u-.     ...
wounds. I  , "Daiitchehko,   the' famous   Russian
There was a continuous procession war,correspondent, and a friend of
of-Muscovites yesterday passing the General Kuropalkin's, has made a
Kremlin gates to visit the Chouhoh sensational speech at the Hermitage
Monastery and  the scene of  the' lr.i-i restaurant in Moscow.    He denounces
gedy in Stale Square. They paused
to cross themselves at the tall cross
which had been creeled at the exact
.spot where the assassination occurred and before which a lamp-is constantly burning as before a shrine.
Pieces of lhe carriage and "��� other
evidences of the tragedy are continually being found.
��� The remains in the'coffin,-are ��� now
covered with a light-gauze, through
which part of the uniform- of the
Grand Duke is visible. Besides practically continuous requiems,-an- unusually solemn funeral .mass .was.con-
ducted yesierday 'befo"r��V the :-M"bseow
, Thc body will bc~""given -permanent
interment, in the chapel of Andrew
the First. It is a gloomy" .room of
ancient Russian architecture,, pillared" and gilded with hysantiue ornaments. The burial place is immediately behind lhe famous "Red staircase" of the Clioudoff Monastery
from  which  for centuries    tbe     Em-
thc war as       futile, benefitting     the
Burcauciats only, and says it means
ruin 'lo Russia.'" "-"" 	
St. Petersburg, Feb. 22. ��� Great
arrangement's for the obsequies of
precau'tiaiis are being taken, in the
Grand Duke .Sergius, at Moscow, on
Tliuishay jnoi'ning,,-and in connection
with tne service at tlie-chapel in,the
Alexander Palace at Tsarkoe-Selo at
the same-hour.,��� ���>-..,...,,.
The attendance will be limited and
-the body of the Grand Duke will' be
interred iii one of the several chapels
of the;ruonas(cry""where .it now.lies.-
��� Foreign sovereigns intending" to
send personal representatives and who_
irr some cases have already designated them,,,have received an intimation
that the presence of such representatives in the -existing painful time
would'be-cmbarassing. The Emperor's family, the ministers and ambassadors and immediate friends will
he present- orrly."'-"*' The ambassadors
pcror and Empress have greeted their , will oat be admitted into the chapel
subjects after the coronation cere-, aj. Tsarkoe-Selo. No secretaries or
monies and on great'state occasions, iother  embassy  or legation    attaches
In spite of four days' diligent investigation, the police know practically no more"concerning thc ass
assin  than when he was captured.
New  York,  Feb.  22.���A  St. Pelefs-
have been invited.'
"Moscow, Veh. 22���Grand Duke Paul
arrived here this     morning and was
met at-the station by his two chil-
hurg despatch lo tlie Herald "dated ^dren, who had been under the care of
Tuesday, says: "Grand Duke" Aliiiis "tlie-late "Grand " Duke" SorgiLS and"
started for Moscow  tonight.       When Grand  Duchess. Elizabeth." ":\      '^''r
���rSi ;���.*'���<
No Arms,; No Mon^ #0 No Readers, |apd
Other Countries C-anhot be: Relied Qn
:��� For Kelp
Warsaw j Russian Poland, Feb. 22.-
���The- Polish national democratic-party has issued a manifesto -discountenancing a revolution. "There arc no
anus " says the document, "no tnon-
"ey and no leaders; no. aid can-be ev-
pectcd from other countries. Austria
is weak,   France is  Russia's ally and
England   is  always   practical.
fore  a revolutiiiii   world   only   result  J situation
in useless bloodshed:-  >It ia--bettor- to
continue' the work"-' quietly and- peacefully and. attain our ends."
All the schools.in the city-are'now
closed."except, elementary ;schools for
young children,   the proprietors      of
(private    schools     having-decided  to
Th--re- ' close owing to the uncertainty of the
Halifax, N.P., Feb. 22.���The necessaries of life and  fuel  are short    . iu
many places in������Cazc Breton, owing to
railways being     blocked  with snow.
Fanners  are      killing stock because
food supplies cannot be obtained and
many cases are reported of horses being shot for the'same raasou rather
than have them starved
The dance given at the opera house
by.the Rat.hbonc Sisters last evening
was a pronounced success,  over fo.ty .
couples  being     present.   The ribbon  ,
matching  was   most  successful      and
much .amusement was experienced  by
the ladies and ��� gentlemen  in hunting
for     their   partners.   All      were, of
ed if the government- had any intention of pinking representations on
the subject. TJio; premier, however,
inerely said: "We ,have received, no
confirmation of the story of lhe
shooting of 120 workmen at Warsaw. I must decline to discuss affairs outside the province of " the
government of the House. It is ab
solutely impossible for the government to interfere in the national affairs of Russia or express any judgment of those affairs."
London, Feb. 22.���A lively scene
at question time in thc House of
Commons today arose from the affair of Sir Anthony MacDonnell, (under secretary tp the Lord Lieutenant
of Ireland.) The"Nationalists were:
-Heckling, Premier Balfour" and Mr.
Wyndham, chief Secretary , for Ireland. In an effort to extract further information as to' how far_ Mr.
Wyndham was involved in what he.
has termed thc under secretary's
"indefensible" course connected with
the devolution scheme, John Redmond, the Irish leader, "turning to
Mr. Wyndham. said: ."Yod might as
well tell the truth at or.ee"-   ���
. .London,   Feb.   22.���August E. "Rqd-
eiu, president     of thc  international
Society  of the  Painters,  Sculptures
and Engravers,  opened the Whistler
Exhibition today in a single sentence
of French, declaring it open in memory of Whistler.
���v London,   Feb.   22.���I.ongacre,      the
centre of the motor car and carr age
industries of this city, was the scene
of a disastrous  fire today resulting in
damage estimated at $1,250,000. Hun
dreds of automobiles wh'ch. had jest
been     returned  from the exhibition,
which closed  Monday,  .were destroyed.   There were some exciting escapes
of  tenants who occupied   Hats  above.
the warehouses-
������ o       "*"    ���
At the police commissioners' meeting yesterday   morning,   there    were
eleven applications received for    the
position of city policeman.     As   an
nouneed   last  evening,   that .of;   Mr.
Wm,    1-Iannay     was co rsidered     the
most suitable and he was accordingly appointed  to the post.     %.
' The petition referred   to the    com-
tnissioners by tire Council relating [o
tne alleged house of ill-fame.at     tho
top of the; hill,   was dealt  with,    the
commissioners  deciding   lo   lake-    all.
possible steps  (o abate  the riuisanc-o.
if it can be ascertained   (hat one exists.
��� o ���
Walla Walla, wash, Feb. 22."��� Jerry
McGraith, 'aunique, figure- in the early
history of tl��2 northwest, is dead at
the   county      poor  farm.    McGraith
gained   considerable  notoriety     some
years  ago  by  filing  a claim  in     San
FraiieiscoTTo the largest part oi what
is  known  as Washing!;! n  and Isaho,
under an old Spanish grant.
II.  D.   Evans,  Duncans.
A.  Hilbert,   Nanaimo.
Geo.  Fletcher,  Nanaimo.
A. E.  Planta, Nanaiino.
I).  P.   Urquhart,  Montreal.
J. II. Franck, .Victoria.
M. P. Knight, Vancouver.
F. E. Hose, Vancouver.
W. Harrison,  Victoria.
F. E. Neelands, Vancouver.
D.  F.   Dickson,  Vancouver.
The young men at the. Temperance
Motel, ever on tlie look/^'t for war,
have informed the Ledger that they
are desirous af playiog the newly organized Ladies Hockey team a match
at any date that can be mutually
agreed upon. The young men do not
wish  to flurry  the ladies at all    by
co.irse matched to the satisfaction of hastening them, and arc prepared to
. -wait until   the  lattcf  are io   proper
everybody, and it was a very merry  | praclk.e  for  Ule lnateh.     If  tnc    *a_
party. 1 hat adjourned to the banquet   dies wish it, they have no   objection
loom   ti)  en'.oy   the excellent supper     ta  donning  skirts   for   the  occasion,
���i   . .     ;">t.'���   i  i\/r..���    i���i- t,i��� 'and  the  Ledger  believes that     thsy
pro.ided h\" Mr; and Mrs. Jos-. late.    ,                     --
1 ,    , wrll go so far as to wear wigs should
The music Mrnishcd by Robertson s   lhe mcmbers of      thc L. L   ir. club
orchestra was as usual excellent, and   requcsli j|���    No doubt the ladies will
it  was past;  thne o'clock  this morn-   jump at the opportunity to     display
,cfore the party broke, after hav-   their skill at hockey and a reply    to
un.  this challenge is     anxiously awaited
hy the obliging young men,
ing   spent   an   enjoyable, evening,
marred by any hitch whatever.
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Warsaw,  Feb. 22.���Trains for Vienna are unable to leave Warsaw      in
consequence of the strike, which    is
expected to become general on     the
railroad.  Later     in the day all the
employees     of     the Vienna railroad
struck,  and the entire traffic by   direct      route' from Warsaw and  Germany      was  suspended, xthe strikers
forcibly   preventing ,the  bringing o it
jf locomotives from'the roundhouses.
Berlin,      Feb.      22'v-The    Vowerts
prints a special despatch without indicating the place frdm which it was
sent,   saving:   "The-^whole Caucasus
region  is  iii  revolution.    Armenians,
Russians      and      Circasuasians   ha,\e
formed   acoalation .'against  the   Emperor of Russia and seized arms and
even cannon  from the Russian soldiery. Ihcy hold the governor of   the
district  as     a prisoner-The re\olu.
tionists are organizitig-camps outside
the city." >
St- Petersburg, Feb.' 22.-'lhe rail'
road strike situation is reported to
be growing worse in the soutihwest,
and private advices are said to show
the existence of a reign of terror in
Tillis and the .Caucasus generally.
Many murders by. Armenians and Tar
tans^ are reported. Communication
has'been-almost cut off, even the tel
cgraphers striking, .the few who are
still at their hcys--..being kept there
with' ivstol's -at their heads. The
railroad enfployees at Derpat struck
 : o	
Arc Constructing Twenty-five Torpedo Boat De'
stroyers-Strongly Reinforcing
Siberian Railway Said to be  Giving Way  Under
Strain-Will Cause Shortage of Provisions
for Kuropatkin
(Associated Press Despatches.)
London, Feb.  22.���According to tne   ways from Beiuligai to Padyaza    or a"d again disregarded the neutrality
Daily Telegraph's St. Petersburg Houbaihill and from Shakhe to Sin-
despatch, the Siberian railway is giv- chinpu. The staffs of Field Mar-
ing  away     under  thc      tremenduous
shal Oyama and Generals Kuroki and
strain under which it has been sub- ��,k" ^�� fat ^ I^.^l iS
... . , strongly fortrfred. The Ninth Divis-
jeeted, A general sagging of ihe ion> commanded by Gen. Nogi, has
lails and other serious defects are arrived at Liao Yang, and the first
showing themselves and though the division is now arriving there. The
railway is only capable of carrying rcI)orts that the Japanese are rein-
barely sufficient provisions for Gen. foicing Korea* are true- Chin��-S��- say
Kuropatkin's     army,    this becoming
increasingly difficult, and the number |   ,_ , .     .,    ���0    ������    .     .
lokio,  Feb.  22.���The headquarters
of the Japanese armies in Manchuria
sie'ge guns are being used.
of trains daily soon must be reduced. I
Tokio,  Feb.  22.���(10  a.m.)   ��� The i
Japanese  government     has    ordered i
reports a continuance of the Russian
of tne territory west )of the Liao
River. Ihe presence of Chinese soldiers was not reported.
It is evident that thc villages keep
the Russians well informed as to the
positron of tho Japanese troops. The
damage    to the railway was immediately repaired.
Admiral Nicholas is said to be dissatisfied with thc conduct of General
Grippenhcrg in Manchuria, and he has
not only sustained General Knropat-
kiri, but has ordered General Grippen-
burg to return to his post. It is gos-
i^^'^euZ ortwenr^'T1 ��uars parts of ^\Z��rXZ ���c^
ty-frve torpedo boat destrovers.  Fif. | J1aPancse hn3*  The Russians recently , Jvhcn  �� lrora cheer^ul
teen are lo be built in the -government ,?J1afed. a number 0[^Y W���      at
yards and ten in private yards. It ,ChlacIa Tun- ��*�����<* ^ two miles
is 'reported that a steamer bound for |wes1j ��f Tamounlam. Scouts of both
Vladivostock has been caught and armies collided west of Shahopao on
held in the ice in Ezo strait between Momlay niSl't. A sharp fight took
the islands of Kunashiri  and Hokai-  1),aCe'
���Melbourne,  Feb.  22.���A. DulYy,   the-
Aineric-an runner, made his first   appearance in Australian athletics here
on Saturday,  but finished second in
both events in which he entered-   In
the  100-yard championship  Duffy was
defeated by Maeller, of Bendigo, time
10  2-5 sees.   Morgan, of Melbourne,
with  frve yards,   beat the  American,
who started at scratch in the 75-yard
handicap.   Time, 7 2-5 seconds.
Everett,-.Wash.,    Feb. 22.���Former
city  treasurer,  George llolcomb,     is
under arrest  here charged  with embezzlement from the city or Everett,
while treasurer, of the sum of $11,-
do since Feb.  17.     The name of the
steamer  has not  been ascertained.
Mukden, Feb." 22.���From' rerorts of
scouts, the Japanese have constructed  three lines of narrow gauge  rail-
Tien Tsin,   Oeb. 22.���About 300 Rus-
Vian raiders reached and slightly damaged  tho railway between Haicheng
and     Tatacheki'ao on Monday night
he left the Emperor's cabinet,
add war���
St.   Petersburg,  Feb.   22.���A   telegram from Huan Mountain, Manchuria, says sharp fighting occurred  February 20th in the Zinchen Mountain
The Russian losses in the outpost
skirmish  southwards 0f Tzenti Pass
were 11 killed and <J3 wounded.
Estimated-That   116 Perished
inia   Mine
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 22.��� Two
stair correspondents of the Birmingham News, who have just returned
from the Virginia mines, say that
when they left there this morning 'IS
bodies  had  been   taken out.
A number of other bodies were in
sight, but could not be reached because of the water. The explosion
broke the water pipes, flooding a
large, part of the mine, It is possible that some of the miners were
drowned.     ft
Forty-four bodies have been taken
to Bessemer. In many, instances it
is impossible to identify the dead,
so badly are they blackened, and man
gled,  and absolutely  no hope is held
Influential   Russian     Personages Desire Settlemsnt of
(Associated Press Despatches.)
Paris, Feb. 22.��� Russia has not.
given any indication to France that
she is ready to take up the qifestion
of peace, and therefore thc authorities here do not feel qualified to discuss the St. Petersburg reports.The
reports are explained substantially
as follows: The peace sentiment has
lately been steadily augumenting
throughout Russia, particularly outside St, Petersburg and within recent days some of the influential po ���-
sonages in St. Petersburg have
-sought to impress responsible officials that the time has arrived to
take definite action. The Russian
foreign ollice has not shown -willingness to accept the peace view, however, though the reports are considered to be hopeful sign of tendency in the highest quarters towards
peace. The officials of the Japanese
legation incline to the view that reports were designed to sound official
sentiment of Japan. They express a
strong personal conviction that prior
to determining detailed terms it
will be indispeiisihle to settle the
main principle that tne terms will
insure peace in thc Far East, for
many years to come. The Japanese
position i.s said to be quite helinife
against arranging a peace which
would permit Russia to rehabitate
herself. The legation considers that
indemnity is equitable as Japan has
expended treble tire amount of the
cost of the China war in upholding
principles whicrr St. Petersburg reports indicate that Russia is now
disposed to recognize.
Crown  Point,   Ind.,   Feb.   22.���Ad-
The Penalties Clause Defeated in
Committee-Smelter Bill Not
Become A Law
At 2.15 today Parker Williams, M.   under penalty,  is  being discussed to-
1". for Newcastle district,  was called   day, and very warmly.
out now of finding any one alive in . ward Donohue, murderer of Aminter
the mine. It is said that the report | Northrup, of Boston Harbor, paid
that several men were tgken out the penalty by taking his own life,
alive, but afterwards died, are un-1 The jury brought in a verdict of
true. It is now stated that the'guilty. Donohue recched the verdict
muscles of three bodies relaxed when i with little or no emotion. Northrup
they were, brought out, but there was .was murdered in this county in Feb-
pis  is      inquiring into    the disaster. . ruary last year.
no  life in'the, bodies. ..Coroner     Pa-I  o	
���A.inf    ii   pouamredmo  A\iVM\v.  3ur.vm[j      WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY.
up over the 'phone from Tlie Ledger
oliice abd very ��� .kindly gave us the
following, information relative to
bills in which there is so much local
interest taken and which are at present under discussion, viz: the Haw-
thornthwait amendment to the eight-
hour act and known as tho Penalties
Clause, and the Smelter eight-hour
Of the former bill, the eight-hour'
law  goes  into  effect  in  June,  11)05,
and was  enacted a year ago.       The  j
amendment      to  which  coal  mining
companies take exception is the severe penalty attached to allowing any
eninloyee     to work more than eight
hours in any  twenty-four.    A minimum fine of $25 ami a maximum       of
$Ul(J  for each infraction  of  the. law
being  imposed.   This  line also is  to
apply to any miner working as  well
as to the employers.
It will be readily seen that if a
shift of 10(1 men worked a half hour
over time, or were more than sight
hours from bank to bank, a fine of
$-10,000 on the company might be imposed and the same individually on
the men.
This clause,  or amendment, we a,re
informed,      is the one to which  the
companies   taue   exceotion,audit   was
last  evening  defeated   in  committee.
In other words, it is killed.
The     Ruielter bill,  which provides
that no  company shall allow an employee to work more than eight hours
Mr. Williams
-says the vote may be close.    Other
information leads us to believe that
thc bill  will be overwhelmingly    defeated.      The Ladysmith delegation,
consisting of Mayor  Cohurn,   Alder^.
man Haworth,  Mr. Allan, secretary,
of the Board of Trade,  and  George
Han nay,   ��� secretary ��� of the Socialist
local, had a very pleasant interview
with the   Nanaimo     and Newcastle
members, and the best of feeling prevailed.     Mayor  Co',urn is returning
home today, while the balance of the
committee will remain over.
Jvlri  Williams states that the   Attorney-General,   Mr. Melnnes,       and
others state that the bill to come into effect  in June carries sulhcient in
the  way  of penalties  without  being
amended.      There  may   be,   Mr.   Williams states, eii'orts made to repeal
the entire act.
At     any rate, conditions as they
now apparently arc will not affect us
Ioctilly,      as   was   feared   yesterday
might become the case.
'I he     Httwthorntliwait amendment
was  negotiated   by the following votes,  foir being  Conservatives and ten
being Liberals:
Messrs.      McTiines,  Tallow,  Drury,
Cotton, King, Clifford, Jones, Grant,
Tanner,      Oliber,  J.  A.  Macdonald,
Munro, Paterson, Hall and Cameron.
The   whole  section  as  amended   was
also rejected by a similar vote,   l-ril
Newspaper men who have been making a close estimate of the number
of men  in the  mine say  there
Philadelphia,   Feb.   22.���  President
Roosevelt  and      party    arrived  here
were j this forenoon to attend the Washing-
one hundred and sixteen and there ton Birthday exercises at the University of Pennsylvania, where he
will deliver an address to the stu-
will be slow owing to the presence cf dents and where the degree of Doc-
water in the mine. tor ol Laws will he conferred on him.
is no doubt that every man is   dead.
The   work     of recovering  the bodies
STOP  AND  THINK. doing     all    a reasoning
Sometimes in small cities (here is council can do.
an inclination to blame every conn-| Good things come slowly. It is
oilman from the Mayor down if there more sensible, if there is a loose
is a hole in the sidewalk, a bad mud board on the sidewalk you travel
hole, undesirable neighbors or un-'over to take five minutes and nail
pleasant conditions of any kind in it down, than to waste time in com-
the city. Put yourselves in their 'plaints about the carelessness of tha
places.      The revenue is small     and ' Council.
taxes must not he unduly increased. J Forlum.tely, this advice does not
There is a good place to spend a apply as much in Ladysmith as in
hundred dollars for every one they many other (Mies and towns. We
have to spend on public improvements have not many "kickers," but just,
They are working for    nothing    and a few. THE LADYSMITH LEDGER  ��������� ,'hhshed   every day except Sunday.  '  THE LADYSMITH  DAILY  LEDGER COMPANY. .  and French Street.  Office corner of First Avenue  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  --.euts  a month;    $5  per year  Advertising rates on ap.  in  TCP.  ���������on.  HENHV'S NURSERIES  NEW CROP���������  Homo Grown tic   Importe  GARDEN,'    FIELD      and  FLOWER  SEEDS  THOUSANDS  OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS,   ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.     Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road, Vancouver.  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith,  B.C.  HOW TO GET RID OF AlOXEY.-  When   the  modern  Croesus     makes  up  his   mind to  die poor  he    doesn't  often  turn of founding libiarics,    as  Andrew Carnegie has    done.       More  generally he goes     in for  something  absolutely  useless.        Often spending  reckless marks his course,   most millionaires have hobbies  moie or   less  costly.   Someone over in London has  recently made up a striking list    of  these reckless spenders of money.  A young Greek gentleman managed  THE BEST OF  Lhe   ci 1.1 ' ���������������>  ���������,, iij <���������,>. n  .>-  r i..'   ' ",  1   l  hem  "���������SDAY, FEB.  22,  1905.   ^  Wri-COISK PHACE.  ,,.,  to he sood reasons for  lepnris   th.it   lli-ssia  for peace and that  ^,1, likely Fiance, will  > ils good olltecs to sc-  ropi.sals  for a setlle-  .ons    now' in dispute  ���������re  is stdl disclaimed  i  pu"-s hut not as \p-  ��������� ictofoie   and all  indi-  eniiinatioii of ihe  nnnecissiiry   and   cruel   war  was forced     to  ta'-o up tin  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J. Wellrnan, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot    and  steamboat  wharves.    Newly renoYat-  ed and re-modelled. Rates $2 per ' to get rid of his immense fortune in  day. Corner Qranville and Hastings two years. Having a theory that  streets.  Telephone,  1���������4. j the center of the earth was made en-  Hmiir  0f gold,  he  purchased machin-  ���������      ' cry to the value of     fifteen thousand  P      iVaCB.     YOUNO   Pounds,   with   the  idea of drilling at  Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway  Tim* Table No. 53,  For those who travel via  i  K  cation',  i o"'i   to a  unjust,  Japan  .G. Fraser  Merchant 'Tailor,  (ist Avenue)  Pull Stock Just Arrived. Call early  and gel your pick of the largest and best  .stock in town.  disdainfiillv   fluiu  gige of  lullle  so  down  by  the    Bear. Russia 'had not  the slightest   rowcpiion ol  the  tact,  hra\ery.  skill   and   iiidi'r.'ncc  of  the  Japanese.   Jtwii  ha.-!  been  one  family and all talked,  v oi ked and fought  for victor).   1 !<.������������������������  jr/cat   the contiasl  between the natio-'S  at home   .'ap.m  with her 40,D(i() ilfK) of people in their  i'.land domain, all with one voice upholding thc government, nnd thc Emperor,   woishipcd   as  illmost      moie  than human,  every man i early to die  for  Ins  country.    And   (he contrast1  Tira\e   Russian      soldiers,  who   fiuht  1'eailessly,   v.ho will charge  into  the  ���������very jaws  of death  at their ofiiccis'  commands  but  who ha\e no love for  the cause and no actual knowledge of  even Is    Thev    fi������ht      because  (rained to do so, but  behind  them,       instead      of   haling   gcnei.ils  as   ha1 e  their opponents,--who are loyal     one  to lhe other and all to the C������ar and  country,   are   inliigrnng   and   plotting  i'oi the downfall of their superiors rn  order to advance themselves  At home   the conditions aie  most  horrible.    Internal  dissent ions, assassinations and  open revolt against the  authorities, until Russia, covering as  it docs,  more than  ten per cent   ol  the earth's surface, and with its population of more than 110,000,000 of  people,  is a .seething,  boiling caldron  of discontent  and revolt.  I b seems only reasonable to suppose  ���������<.i'a.fr conditions at home^will soon af-  i'eet the army afc the front. Already  't is reported that Kuropatkin - is  .-(.eying his army on the move to keep  tiifchv occupied in order: that insubordination may be kept in check. This  cannot continue many weeks; peace  ������������������"������������������st come soon, and for humanity's  it cannot come too soon.  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO.  686, F.  0. E.     :���������:        :���������:        ������������������'        ������������������i  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  rfrd Tuesday  at 7.30 p.m.    Worthy  President,   B    Forcimmer;      Worthy  Secretary,  C. II.  Rummings.  ���������sake  BARBER     SHOP & BATH   ROOMS  The  KSVT,ANADK    between  tlie  Grand and* Abboltsford,  William Powi-rs, Prop.  BARRISTER and  SOLICITOR. . ..  Nanaimo     -     -    -    Ladysmith  The City Market  R. William sou, Prop.,  Ist Ave,     Ladysmith  The Ladysmith  Opera House  TAKING  EFPeiCT  WEDNESDAY,  OUT.  Northbound -u      Southbound Northbound  Leave Daily Arrive   Leave  A.M.    P.M.  Victoria  ?'.     0:0012:06  Victaria .  5TH.  Sat. Sun. Southb'd  and Wed. Arrive  P. M. , P. M.      3:00    7:00'  Cap be secured for Theatiical purposes, Dancing Parties, or Entertainments generally.  D  NICHOLSON. Prop  Ghetrlie Dunn  Sc Company  MERCHANT TAILORS  Chailes Dune, of the above fiini, visits Ladysmith every Sunday for the  purpose-  of  takina.  nieasuremeiit.s  and    seeing  customers    personally.    May  he seen  at  the  Motels.     We guarantee all stock a_nd  a perfect fit at  lowest  possible rates.     Hand  made     suits- from  U5 00 up.  JO  Stoic  Street,   Comer  Goinior ant stieet, VICTORIA,  B. C.  the  HAY, 0AT5,  MILL FEEDS  SHI PAI ENTS DIRECT FROM VICTORIA,      VANCOUVER    OR  FRASER  RIVER. WRITE US FOR QUOTATIONS.  ���������      ���������  Brackman-Ker  Milling Co., -Ltd  THE  Lai'  dysmith. Temple No. 5 Rathbone  Bisters meets  in the Oddfellow's hall  ���������lth  Tuesday at 7.30  secretary.  2nd and  Mrs.  Kate Tate  p.  m.  Mis  i'n S PI  *3  IP!  Solicitor,  Etc.  ���������������������������'���������'.}  it  k*t**e&e*e*e*e>Ke}'ie^  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY.  |     DAVID JOHNSON  ������ PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  fK  each 10J feet to excavate round   the  npening and   then start again(; at the  ' bottom  and  so on.     At the end    ot  two years he had spent 70,000 pounds  Mad  Mytton,   the  famous fox-hunting squire,     was the most exppnsive  spendthrift     of  the  present century.  .When only  11), he spent 3,000  pounds  ' in one day.        On orre occasion,    he  paid     a poulterer  1,500  pounds    for  pheasants.        He invariably  traveled  with   loose  bank  notes   on the     seat  beside  him,   which   were  blown away  by  the wind all over the country,  j    Once  lie made a hand  ball  of some  .bank  notes and aimed  them at some  one  who had displeased him.   He ran  through   his   inheritance  with  a rent  roll  of 60,000  pounds,  in addition to  half a million accumulated during his  minority,  and died abankiupt at the  age of 38,  Driving a cab in London is a   man  .who  has had an  extraordinary   career.     The    son of     a wealthy York-  1 shire  family,   he    soon  developed     a  passion   fot   gambling,   which    ruined  him and forced  him    to resign    his  'commission  in' the  army.  Whi'e half  Islarviiig in a wretched  garret hp received  the news  that he had  inherit-  1 od  1,00.) pounds and thc income from  ":������0.0ll0 pounds'on condition  that    he  gave up gambling.  lie ,was watched, and while the  will was even being pifrvcd, he was  found in a nimbi'lift haunt, where he  had lost 10:' poinds raised on the  strength of the fojquest, So he forfeited a fortune before he had Iain his  hands on a penny.  The Marquis  of    Hastings     stands  out  as  peihaps   the  most absolutely  ' reckless spendthrift ever known.    At  2}  ycais of age he came into control  of   es tales   vvoi th   30,000   poundc     a  ' year,  which,   to use his own    words,  'lileraih    "melted   away."    The  turf  jliist  took  up his attention,  lie gave  '12 0.0     pound's    for    Kangaroo,  the  highest puue but one evei given   for  a lace hoise and    proceeded  to )bet  on the most enormous scale-  He  "dropped" 103,000 pound"  Hermit won the     Derby, in addition  to 80,000  pounds over another race.  He delighted  in  throwing  dice    at  ' 10p  pounds  a tluow,   tossing for   f>(!  fpound  notes,  cutting  cards  for   20(1  a cut,     Iu one evening lie won   10,-  400  pounds  at hazard,  and '-tliC: next  lost     79JO0O    pounds.   In    six short  [ years he gariibled away a princely estate  in  Ayrshire and his magnificent  home  at  Donningtoii,   Yorkshire.  |   Another -marquis���������Allpsbury ^owed  4.85,tpo pounds before he came af age.  He  would   frequently Write  a cheque  for 1^500 pounds" in the morning, and  be without ������������������ a penny before the    day  was over.  With  estates  worth 00,000    pounds  per annum, seven years at this   rate  2  Overlands  Daily*  2  Passengers can leave Victoria     at  i p.m. or 11 p.m.,- and connect     at  Seattle with the Fast Mail, leaving.  at  8:05 a.m.,  the Flyer,  leaving   at,  .'0 p.m.  Entire new equipment on each train  Through Palace Sleepers, ��������� Diners  (meals a la carte), Tourist and First-  Class Day Coaches.  For sleeper     reservations, folders,  rates and all information call on or  address  S. G. YERKES K. J. BURNS  Ci.W.P.A., 7i Government st  Seattle. Wash. Victoria.. B.C.  Shawnigaa Lake  ' 10:2610:46 Shawnigan Lake .... 4.20   5:40-  Duncans    \ 11:0010:02 Duncan    *:00   5:00  Ladysmith    11:57   9:10 Ladysmith   5:52    4.00  Nanaimo .   ...  ._...  .:   12:40, 8:20 Nanaimo 6.42    8;15  Ar.  Wei line ton    ��������� ��������������������������� 12:53 Lv 3:00 Ar Wellington ..6:55 de 3:0*  THROUGH TIOK ETS TO  CROFTON.  Via Westholm. Stage'.leaves daily except, Sundays, connecting with North  and South bound trains.. Double stage service Wednesdays Wad Saturdays  connecting ..with,.morning, nnd afternoon trains.   Fare from Victoria, Single $2.40.    Return, $3.60.  THROUGH TICKETF VICTORIA TO ALBERNI.  Stage leaves Nanaimo ^Tuesdays-and Fridays on arrival of train from  Victoria. * Fare from 'Victoria,1  sing le $5,201 ' Return $8.65.  jExcursion rates in effect to all. p oints, good going Saturday and Sunday,  returning- not later than Moid day.  GEO. L. COURTENAY.  ' Traffic Manager.  *^M*<ttS0*!i3W40^i**Smv*!4������m&*M 9H*9i*ic9Mc91*k������i*������.9i&*i*k9>ik9H&9':-&9'  i     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  | -   ,.   ;,'J_ : .__ __  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  ESQUIliALT & NANAIflp  RAILWAY CQ.  I  tDaily, except Sunday, between 'Nanaimo and Vancouver, leaving Nanaimo at 7 a.m., and Vancouver after  arrival of C.P.R. train No. 1 or 1  p.m.  For information  regarding freight  and passenger rate*- apply to purser  on board.  GEORGE L. COURTNEY,  Traffic Manager, Victoria, B. C.  Smelting Work������ at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  ' eeneril Managu-  THOS. KIDDIE.  Smelter Manager.  9  i  t  if  i  ;  i  m\Vi0SVc9ikM1^������^m9t*km*tmt*0^^  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making to order   ���������  speciality.  M) HAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  T������������������TT'>������������������������������**'  DESIGNS  .   TRADE-MARKS  | AND COPYRIGHTS  PATENTS  ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  ��������� Notice in " Inventive Age "  Cook "How to obtain Patents"   Charge$.moderale. No fee till patent i^iec������red. J  FREE  litters strictly confidential.   AddreBa,       j  E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C. ]  ^ .    AaAA   -.......���������.���������.  ^_*    4   *   ������  A   4   4.   A  A^t  LADYSMITH  BAKER Y  ON THE ESPLANA1E. ,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  ���������V..   r  BAKEB AND FRESH.  BREAD FIVE CENTS PER LOAF  Confectionary of all kinds.   .  Oriltn takea for Pastries to be delivered at any time.    ,  Peneterfc Ladysmith Esplanade  Ofieleiia e pane di prima quelita  semp're fresco Pane'; ciique soldi  1'uno. >     '/  Ordini di������tribuitl ejual unqu* parte  del paese.  ."   ;...;.,..;    .*.'.*. '   -. '  Best accommodation-; for tr.ansrieiAt  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND    HOTEL  This new Hotel.-has beee comfortably furujahed anil the 'bar is- up-top  date. Rates $1.00 a day aiid upwards.      '  ' WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������::���������: :���������: :���������": Ladysmith  .:    : Mi:.'!      :;:"        ���������!"������������������������������������    :������������������������������������'      ��������� i        - ,   .  '     ;     .-  ��������� I     ��������� I      I     II   REDUCTION IN PRICES IT  J. J. ut rlOMAS'   SI ORE  ON HIGH STREET.  Everybody in Ladysmith knows we  carry a first class line of goods,  we must reduce our stock  of Men's and Boy's cloth  ing at,   once.     Sanford's  clothing is well known.   We  will give 25    por cent off.  on regular rates unti, further .notice   .  CALL AND SEE US.  We Wry STRAUSS? OVERALLS  *aa,d made,-guaranteed, and the celebrated BIG'    HORN OVERALL on  sa]a   ���������  AT THOMAS'     STORE.  ������   ������  ���������   ���������  ��������� ������  ������ ���������  *_���������  >   >  ��������� ���������  LXlrf  }������ .'of living having -sufficed to. ruin him.  *i ; Before his  death,  he was forced     to  e"  **'  Kit  PAINTING.  Work  di  iSTC.  LADYSMITh  HANGING,  I'.'/ic properly and at right  prices. Shoo and residence in rear  of Ladysmith   Hotel.  J.   E.  SMITH.  W. Mhnsik, Secretary. Joh.v W. Coarra.v, vl i (  TelephoneI46.  The   Ladysmith   Luriiber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shingles a Specialty.  ��������� .Vlanufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring    and  Finishing    Lumber  la    Stock.  OF  Prop.  ������������������"���������^���������rr-jjMi������������  ���������S������!Tr,9  cT"  ������S8  I  1  m m M  Wini   WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  The Bank of British Columbia  MEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid Up, $8 700,000   :  3 500,000  AasrreiM'.H riraonrcaa wxeeedinj' gi 000 000  r r. ,n  It shonld b? borce in mind that  every cold weakens the lunra, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life  pneumonia and consumption.        '  f!co. A,  Cox, President B.   E.   Walker,   General   Manager.  LONDON   OFFICE,   CO   LO  "YIBARD  ST,   E.   C;  The Mu.nk has 100 Brandies well   g in British Columbia and the Yukon  and  elsewhere,  including the. rollo vin distributed   throughout  the  Dominion  Territory: *"*���������  accept the hospitality of his   agent,  and  eke  out existence on the'paltry  sum of 20 pounds a week.  G.  A. Band, better known as   Ab-  ,. # . : ington Baird, did all in his pawer to  -,������.   7K  ^���������^e^e^������^������3fc9 ruin himself, but.as; his income    ej-  > 'rofdpH 250,000 a year, and he" died  when he was 32, he did not suocecd.  other "characters," whom he domi-  His money went on publists and  ciled and provided with pocket money to the tunc of 1,550 pounds a  week. His devices to make his money  fly were varied and ingenious.  Several dozens of bottles of the  finest champagne would be opened  and after he and his cronies had had  one glass out of eacn bottle, the rest  would be thrown away. With the  idea of changing his luck, he dropped  = an opal pin���������worth 220 pounds���������over  Westminster Bridge. A single suit  of pearls, which he presented to a  lady cost 17,000  pounds.  Millionaires frequently lavish enormous sums on the fitting up of their  bedrooms, and there is a house in  London on the principal bedroom of  which the sum of fiO.O'.lO pounds was  expended. The desire to hold a monopoly in wines i.s another characteristic of  the average millionaires.  E  U'LLN  GRMS^VOOD  NANAIMO VANCOUVER  "       EAST END  VDl'ORIA  TER       WHITE   K(".R E  gh Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of tiis most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the hinirs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  ���������permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.  "Price 25c, Large Size 50c.  '���������������������������.'AN' BROOK      k'AM'OOPS NF'.'-'r-.v  D.WHON LADYSMITH N.W!vT������  V  Branches in the U. ii.;i S t  NF.^'   YORK       SAN  FRANCISCO       PORTLAND      SEATTLE     SKAGWAY  Every'description of banking busi ness transaeLd.   Letters of i;redit on  any part of  the world. <-���������������*������,  Savings  B8"-- Department. j  Deposits of one dollar '  l.flO) and upwards received and interest allowed at  current     rates.      Depositors  are subjected to no delay in depositing   or  withdrawing funds.  LADYSMITH BRANCH ��������� W.   A.   CORNWALL,   Manager.  BE  CHEERFUL.   .    .  Do   be  cheeeful!    Every  day'11     be  summer by-an-by!���������Toronto Star.  WARD'S  MEAT   MARKET  ii  MaKe  Youir  Mark  In Tha WorMi  - Don't be satisfied to work  along in the same old way  for   low  wages.     We  can  help you carve out  a successful career.    Thousands  have increased their salaries  by following our plan. _ We j  can train you in spare time, .  and   at small cost, for any ;  of the following positions:j  Mechanical, Electrical, Steam, CM,.or '  Mining Engineer;   Electrician;  Sunreyor; '  Architect; Draftsman; Bookkeeper; Stin-.v  ographer;  Teacher;   Shn"-P>ard"' Writer;  Window Dresser; cr t.i Wrher.  Write 'XODAT. Bthtlmt which"poll-  tion iutorostB yon. to  INTERNATIONAL  Correspondence    Schools  Box 799, SCRANTON, PA.  Oil CAII.ON ODB MCili'lUSFBraBMiTlrti'  I .  DAY SCHOOL  [     ON ROBERTS STREET.  Only  First  Class  Meats are    supplied our Customers.  We will treat you right.  Usual  subjects   taught;   also       iaa  guages,   drawing   in   pencil   and crayons,   paint ng  in   oils and  water col-  fors, pianoforte and vocal lessons git-  'en in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B. C.  EUROPE HOTEL  :     J: GlAGnERO.Prop.  Newly    funiisl.cd,    everything   the  best, finely stocked bar.;    .Transient  rate, $1.00 per day.    Monthly   rate,  $23.00:  First Avenue ... L&ysmith. B. G.  THEJONES HOTEL  s  One Dollar Per Day.  Qooe: Table, Good' Bed and Qopd Bar  (Half Block from Depet.)  HIGH STREET, -���������- - LADYSMITH  Or- W. J. Quinlan  DENTIST  8tevem Block, Ladyimith, B. C..  Dentistry in'all its branches; eve*9*-neir-  appMance.  RATEB ������2.oo PRR DAY  S AMPI.K ROOMS  "bar*supi,ukb?with,'be; a  WINBS, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and flehinj* in near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  ISLAND   HOME   HOTEL  :-,',  BATES &.KNIGHT, Proprietor!.  First Aveiiue," .���������-.... Ladysmith  Best supplied bar in Ladysmith. Finest accommodation for transient guests as  well as for regular boarders. Completely refitted and farniBhed. Dining room  nd housekeeping in charge of Mrs. Tate.  9t3IA8B^*iWKXX3S3S3^3-y383S3C^  Dally Post-lntelll^enair, 12"it 20 Pajtes  .Publishes :;the   fullest:   telegraphic  7*1 Y  news fromi a11 Pftrta ������f the world.  C Jl All the state and local news.    Dally  and Sunday edition, 7So per month.  Sonibiy Pest-lntellljencer, 40 te 56 Pages  The largest and most complete Sua  f  TV day paper north of San Francises.  \  /   Special   departments   of   Uterafore,  ^        of fashion, of women's news.    Sunday edition, f 2.00 per yeai\  Twice a Week Post-lnteniftcncer  All the news of the week In concise,  detailed form. ; THE TWICE A  WEEK EDITION IS THE BEST  TWICE: A WEEK PAPER TXTB-  LISHED ON THE PAOIPIO COAST..  Write for sample copy and he convinced.    Subscription   price,   11-00  per year:'  ���������*���������     -..:  .- .....   .   ;     '  ^  /  All Postmasters Will Take SulScriptloos  Seattle's Great  Papers  HB  OAILT  fNIND^T  TWICE A WEE!  "P.!"  THB  POST-     ���������  IrtTEILIGENCER  Sample Copies Free  Write for One  H  VI  POST-SNTiLLie NCEJJ CO, Seattle, Wash.  S. P. WiEdTON, Businea3 Manager.  ������������������18������^ VS '< V V v *'���������  <��������� K KKK\\K\XKK%%.%X%xx%3exaa������S  ������s������":  mm in i  >*.'  H  if  'n  )i tAD YSM1TH LEDGER  SPORTS  RUGBY.'  le following article appeared in a  Rt issue of the London Field resin;; the late Dr. Mitchell, of Van-  "pr,  who   was a well known foot-  death is reported from Victbf-  K a player of the rugby game who  |t claim  to-be iefaurded'as - one-  la most skiiful and resolute "backs  'has ever worn the English ca\'.  tVIitchell was educated at Brows-  School,, Worecsi^.., -and CadLs'  "[ge,   Cambridge,   wi.ulc his  rcsi-  b:'������an in  1881.   Although' -he  Id a place  inthe   uni.ersity   iil-  Ias a three-quarter in ftis second  and  went  ihroiigh a tour       in  |shue and Lancasjiiie in that ca-  ,   it  wax not  until a few'days  the    Oxford     and  Cambridge  of 1'8SG that he w^s .tried in  iosition  which he afterwards Iii���������  lith so  much eclat.  A  fine j.er-  [nco agajnst the Bradford fifteen  llhiiii his  "blue," and he- had  fnlisfaction of playing in a win-  game  between  Messrs.   J. -Le  jnig, Ai. M. .Duncan, E. B. Brut-  |W.  R.  M. -Leake,' and' M-.      T.  In  the  following spring     he  idiosen  to  represent  Cambridge  le     University sports  at LiJJic  le as  a weight-putter'   Enteiing  iiy's Hospital, he mads his mark  tin Association  football,  and   he  Id for Richmond at three-quarter  ���������couple of sessions,  as well-' as,  London      against tlie  Western  ides,  iii     1888 no. international  lies were played in England, but  Mi tchel 1      was chosen lor the'  Ir against the North, and on  tha  pption-of  friendly, relations    belt  the four  Rugby unions he was  In in  1890 to. act.as full-back for  lihiglish< team,  a position, which  Eiccordud to linn  without hesita-  iMieueel'orth until  the end'of the  in    . lSUO-yi.   Although   he   was  than once on the .losing side, no  .of  the responsibility  for. dele.it  be laid upon him,,and. he was  Kicuous for good  defence even at  liiond in 1SIM, when the Scottish  gained  so decisive  a victory,  rjgh     he was not always distin-  Led   for   long  kicking,   he  rarely  Il to find .touch, and hiS wcll-tmi-  |neat   and-    courageous- tac'r.ling-  compare  in its  way  with  that  ts ��������� "most,'celebrated" prdtfursors,'  Irs.   Tristram and' Taylor. ". . In,.  I)ing rushes  of fast, forwards   on  {grounds he had. no superior.- Mr.  Ihell   was  a member of the-.team  t-if made a tour' of "South'? Afrfca^n  and on his   return continued    to  rood   service  for  the  Richmond.  He played once more -for Eng-  1 against-   Scotland in 1893-    at.  and,      on very wet ground,'  ;iy did himself justice.,  ���������=- ���������o���������: ��������� ;   '.  .THE MAT.    !���������-    :  tank  Gotch,   the champion  wrcst-  Ijis  still   talking  about   taking iip  Lism, his ambition being to    get  I'lcli shape  that  he can meet Jas  leffiics in a twenty-fo'ii   footling  |}i has made this declaiation   be-  but his   mind   is now   made up,  'Vc has     completed   all ai range-  is  lo eogagc Kid McCoy to give  his  training ability in the manly  jas well as show-him how to,use  liands   to   the  piopei   advantage,  [die lcceiving the congiatulations  his many friends at the Ilollen-  |HotcI,  Gotch     made thc.iemaik  he would  he ready  to take    up  f*sm rn a few weeks.  have reached the limit in the  Jtling game," said he. "What  It Amciican has a chance with  l>n the mat since I defeated Jen-  To-day I am champion, but  Iniyself rn the same position as  les; no fit opponent to meet mo  jy style of wrestling, the catch-  ich-can    style. :   True,    TIac ken-  schmidt the Russian Lion, is coming to' America;-'and 'wants to meet  me, but hrs style-is Greaco-Romaa  He will not wrestle the c&tch-as-  catch-carr style, and you can bet  your last dollar that Twill not mcec  iiini,Ut Gra'cco-Roman style."  . -o-   LADIES'  IIOC1I1EY.  Included ~iu the secretary* minuTeT  of thc 'meeting of thc Mies' hockey  club on Monday evening last is   the  following:, '  Moved     by Miss  , seconded by  MiSS  , that this meeting pass    a  resolution  pronouncing-  Messrs  ���������������������������  antl _J��������� positive darlings.   Carried  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  Leave orders with  BL\IR &  ADAM,   <;f\*r*i  All work first-class at THE CIIRY  STAL, VICTORIA.  NOTICE  NOTICE is     hereby given that the  first ordinary general meeting      of  ... .   ������������������+u,-,<.;���������,,���������. - itha Ladysmith Iron and Stove Works  with much enthusrasm. - ��������� ���������    I ���������  'Phe exact    reason why two young    Company, Limited,  v ill he held     in  gentlemen should  suddenly    come   in   the office of Mr. Russell Simpson, in  for such a large amount of the young .Ladysmith,  on Wednesday, the 22nd  ladies' affection covld not at first be |day ot February, A.D., 1905, at 1.30  SYNOPSIS     OF    REGULATIONS  FOR  DISPOSAL   OD MINERALS  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA THE  NORTHWEST  TERi  twenty years, also renewable  The lessec-s right is comfrned to the j  submerged  bed  or bars  irr the   river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the  lstday of August  in the year   of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  grasped; consequently 'inquiries were  oiade, and it was found that they  are certainly dcser\ing,of the love of  the young "ladies for they have promised to cut from the'bush.nice hockey  sticks  for  Friday's practice'.      Tliey  o'clock in the afternoon, for the purposes  following:    To elect Directors  and  other officers in the     place     of  Uiose retiring, and transact, any other.ordinary business of the said ( r m-  anpear to l;c more than rewarded by.paiij*.'  the above generous resolution. It is  hojed that the Jadies will always appreciate and repay in this manner.the  services they ,recei\e from 'their  friends' brothers and their brothers'  friends. ' i ��������� - . ' ������������������   o   LACROSSE.  "Bouse" Ilutton, ' the clever la-  crqsse* and hockey goal keeper of Ottawa and Brantford, will gosto* Chicago in the spring, and will 'probably manage and play on a professional  lacrosse team, says an "Eastern ���������exchange.        *���������"'-      " ' ���������-������������������*--- v.-u .  "Tlutton*- has also - a stellar -reputation, as a hockeyist., , .. .,-/,_ -  ~ "I "am going "to Chicago"," declared  Hutton, recently. "X leave Ottawa  nextmiiouth."V /rhe-Ghicagos'-'wjll join  the lacrosse "league now'being formed  across the bolder, "Bouse" Hutton  is about 2.'3 years of age, and played  his fust "senior match when about 18  years' of age.     '  o ,  NO JOKKS IN NEBRASKA.  A Ncbr.isl a editor "said silver buckles on garteis were becoming fashionable and he Itopcd to see ' more of  them', ' His wife sued for a' divorce  and the only woman iu town who had  silver buckles on her garters c'owhid-  ea (he poor editor until he was - as  -raw as-a potato.���������The, Common wealth  Dated at Ladysmith this 9th day of  February, 1905.        Hy order,  JAMES FREEL.  , Secretary of the above Company.  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON ldate of the lease, and one dredge   for  TERRITORY. eacji nw mi]es -wiLliin six years from  Coal-Coal lands may be purchased !,udl, dfe- Renlal<  $10������ Per imle *or  . t.n , ,_       ,      J rMitliefirst year     and $10 per mile for  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  each subsequent Rl  for anthracite.   Not more ^than 320  'as placer mining,  acres can be acquired by one individ-1   Pjacer Mining in thc Yukon Terri-  ual or company. Royalty at the rate tory-Creek,     gulch,    river and hill  of ten cents per 2,000 pounds shall J claims shall not exceed 250 feet     in  be collected on thc gross output.       I general direction of the creek or gulch  Quarte-Persons  o*  eighteen  years   length, measured on the base line or  and over and  joint stock companies    the width  being from 1000 to 2 000  holding  free miners'  certificates may feet. All other placer claims shall be  obtain entry for a mining location.    '250 feet square. ���������  A free n,...<ji's certificate is granted I   The discoverer of a new mine is en-  for one or more years, not exceeding .'titled    to    a claim    of 1,000  feet in  PfFHER & LEBER  Importers and wholesale dealers in WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  ETC.     Large stock always���������All    the leading brands.    We aupply the  principaf   hotels and Saloons in   Ladysmith.  ORDERS SOLICITED.  PITHER& LEISER,VICTORIA,B. C  Ot tA  JJ;: WISE ;'UNCLE EBENr  ' "De races is gone," said Uncle  Ebcn, "but <<ey" is merely gwine off  a while 's6,'s J.p give the .'foolish rrion-  ey"ai'cliance .to" aeeu'tnulate."��������� Chica-"  go Journal.        *        '   -  Baking Pwder  saves Health  THE USE OF ROYAL BAKING  POWDER IS ES8ENTIAL TO  THE HEALTHFULNESS OF  THE FAMILY FOOD.  Yeast ferments the food.  i*'       Alum baking powder* are~ Injurious.  ROYAL     BAKING     POWDER  SAVE8    HEALTH.  Royal Baking Powder Co., New  York. J  Any  Kind  ���������  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  the  LEDGER  Office  On 1st  Avenue  ��������� t  All Work   Done at  Reasonable Rates  Western flade For Western Hen  h  -. <.������������������  UNION MADE  BHIRTS  OVERALLS  Etc,  live years,  upon payment in advancs  $7.50  per annum  for an  individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a coinpany.according  to  capital.  A   Tree     miner,  having  discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  tame with  two legal  posts, bearing  'ocation notices, one at each end   on  lhe one of the lode or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen     days if located within  length,  and  il the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put  nf which  no royalty  shall       he  chargen,  the rest of the party ordinary claims  only.  Entry fee, $J0.   Royalty at tlie rato"  of two and one-half per cent, "on the  value of the gold shipped from     the  Yukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  ten [of more than one mining claim ���������    on  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO,   B. C.  rlanufacturers of the.  miles of a mining recorder's office, ona eaeh separate river, creek or gulch  additional day allowed for every ad-; but the same miner may hold any  ditional ten miles or fraction. The number of claims by purchase, and  fee for recording a claim is $5. free miners may work their claims in  At     least  $100 must be expended   partnership by filing notice and pay-  Ill British Columbia  ++**M -Hr-Hr-b'k-b-kX-b'b't'k'h*  ing a fee of $2.00 A claim may be  abandoned and another obtained on  the same creek, gulch 0r river by giv-  ingnot/cc and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the v^lue of at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  if  be  upon the claim each year' or.paid to  the mining  recorder  in  lieu  thereof.  When $500 has  been expended or paid  the/locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon .complying,   with  other requirement's, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.    *?  Permission may be granted by the ! done must be o!������rained each year;  Minister1 of   -the Interior  to  locate ^ot, the claim tl&A jje deemed to  claims containing iron and-mica, also abandoned,  and    open  to occupation  copper, in the Yukon territory, ofan.an<������ entry by a Tree miner.  area not exceeding. 160 acres. The boundaries of a claim may   be  'lhe     patent for.a mining location .defined'absolutely by having a survey  shall  provide for the payment   of   a  made and publishing notices  in   the  Royalty of 2������ per cent, of "the sales  Yukon official  Gazette,  of the products of the location. Petroleum���������All  unappropriated   Do-  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the ('"inion lands in Manitoba, thc North-  N.W.T., excepting the  Yukon Terri-   |Wcst Territories, and within the Yu-  tory���������Placer mining claims generally ^on Territory are open to prosepct-  are 100 square; entry fee, $5, renew- _inS for petroleum, and the Minister  able' yearly.    On the North  Saskatchewan River claims are either bar  or  bench,  the former being 100   feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark.  The latter  includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the kill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.  Where steam power is used claims 200 feet wide' may  be obtained:  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  su/bmerged bed or bars  of the rivet  below low water mark, and  subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or  bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark,  on each alternate leasehold.  The  lessee ������hall have a dredge in  opeiatron within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles,  but where a person  or company   has  o'btained more than one lease       one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction  is sufficient.   Rental,  $10    per  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2h per  cent,  collected  on  the output after it   exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six ieases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  |    Lager Beer 'andj Porter Guaranteed Brewed  ������ from the]Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.  jmay reserve for an individual or company having machinery on the  land  to  be prospected, an area of 640 acres.  Should the prospector discover oil  in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 640 acres, including the  oil well and such other land as may  be determined, will be sold to the discoverer at the rate of $1.00 an acre,  subject to royalty at such rate as may  be specified   by order-in-council.  Department of the Interior,  Ottawa, February, 1904.  . W. CORY  Deputy Minister of thc Interior.  TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  The Union Brewing Company will pay ������r0 reward for information  which will lead tojthe arrest andfeonviction any person or persons  destroying Union Brewing Company's kegs or bottles, or failing to return tbe Bame.  Miners1 Drilling Machines,  Made.'tc^order and Repaired at Bhort notice.     Drill Sharpsned ly  us  alwaysgivee satisfaction.    Picks handled and repaired.  Stiipsmithing  in  all its  Brancties.  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  David Murray  Buller Street   -    -    -   - Ladysmith, b. C  Plans, Specifications and Details furnisheM for all kinds  of work in the CARPENTER  Line  C. B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, 2nd *ve, Ladysmith,  B. C.  ��������� ���������   ���������     *     ���������   '.������������������������   ���������     ���������     ��������� ������������������.;���������    '���������   ��������� ���������  ������������������  ������������������  ���������*  ���������*  ���������*  ������������  ������  LADYSMITH WALL PAPER  DEPOT.  Dealers in  WALL     PAPERS, PAINTS,  OILS,  VARNISHES, Plain and Fancy  Glass Pictures, Frames.       ,  HarryHkay  ������*���������&������������������������ *���������*���������&���������*���������*���������*���������*���������*������������������*���������*���������*<  BIS HORN  BRAND  SOLD AT  LEADING  STORES IN  LADYSMITH  | Delivered in Any Part of th City  I EveryAfternoon  ��������� ���������.'-.  * , -���������: ���������  ���������  ���������'  The Daily Ledger  SO Cents  per   Month  <  *  t  *  t  f  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE ALWAYS ON THE LO OKOUT FOR THE BEST MEATS  IN THE MARKETS.  WE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF  THE  ROCKIES. YOU WILL GET THE BEST IF YOU BUY FROM US.  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Fucked  Schnick,  Ciuripbi'll's  Coi nei,  opposite  Europe Hotel. <lt.  FOUND���������A sum of money. Apply to  Sid  Pcurcc,   lleddle &  Company.  Mr. Day's,  town  today..  of    Nanaimo, was  Miss Clarke was a    passenger  Nanaiino on  the noon train.  Mr. F. D.  Pclky,  went up  to  naiino on the J 2 .o'clocku train.  in  -to  Mrs.  B. Weinro'bc will leave shortly      for Cumberland where she  will  stay for soinc weeks in charge of the  Weinrobe store at that place.  Dentist Qiiinlan left yesterday for  Nanaimo on his way to Cumberlaiul.  where lie will spend a week or two -v.  doing dental  work.  The funeral of Roht. Brechin, who  at'the time of his death was the organizer of the Loyal Orange Lodge,  was a most impressive one. The services talving place at his late i<"-i  deuce on -Reefer Street,. Vaiicbuvci  Delegations from the Orange, Oddfellows and other lodges being in attendance".  -..���������-������������������b������������������ ' ���������"  The body of the Rev.  J.  R.  Roberts  was enbalmcd  at Chemainus   bv  Hilbert,  of Nanaimo,   and   taken     lo  Cooper  Island   for  burial.   Mr.   Rob  oris   was  a cousin   of  Lord vRobei ts,  Commander-in-chief    of     the British  forces,    and     was a man.'of stci ling  qualities,  kind-hearted     and  beloved  by All who knew him.   He came    to  British Columbia nearly a quarter nf  a century ago. , '  ��������� ���������U   .EARLY  CLOSJNG.  The Ledger has been informed thai  Messrs. 'Drysdale-Sfccvcnson's loial  store will he closed after March 1st,  at 0 p.m. In making the announcement, this firm is acting in "accordance with the rule 'observed at the  other stores  in the  province.  The plan is,in every respect, an excellent one. During thc summer very  few people have buying to do after  ' six o'clock, and it gives the young  men and ladies employed in the store  a chance of getting a Tew hours to  "themselves . after a nard day's work.  '. No"-doubt 'the., oi.hc.r_ large s'tores* in  " the -town wi)l-=foTlow t.lris good example, and; tiicV.r1ulc,JvUl,..du.r.iiy������. l.],e  summer, become''a'genefai "one in the  city.  San Francisco for domestic pur-  pases than it is eagerly orhered, being considered very much superior to  any other coal in the market. This  ought to make shipments, and the  securing of can tracts by the' coin-  pauieb exporting from Vancouver Island easier than heretofore of late,  and Ladys'niith, Nanaimo and Cohrox  sliodld all prosper.  In Lad}smith, we have strong  hopes of .securing lcasonable government grants lor needed buildings both  by the Dominion and Piovmcial governments. The mining and smelting  outlook is -very promising and improved conditions, iu the lumber -*n-  ruleiests are looked for with confidence. Ladjsmith should go ahead  nicely  this season.   0   OUR SCHOOL DELEGATE.  -Mr.   Diiy.m,   ol   Vancouver,   who    is  West em agent tor some large east.'in  publishing houses, is in town today-  During a ca.ll at tlie I edger oihee Mr.  .Duiran,--who is a member of  the Vancouver school  board      and  Tor many  years      a, teacher,  paid ( Ladysrnith's  member- of thc .school hoard, who recently      represented   Ladysmith city  schools at the Vancouver convention,  u thoroughly   good  compliment,     lie  said  that Mr.   Carroll's remarks a'nd  .suggestions      were among  the most  sensible  of any  delegate present.    It  was stated by the chairman of    the  .Victoria hoard, by a Westminster delegate and by others    that Mr. Carroll possessed a thorough and practical knowledge  of school affairs.   His  remarks    were    ..timely  and  to the  point.   .-"No delegate at the convention,'  fabout March f>.  Carkeek is' to' throw Carroll three  times in arr hour. On Saturday  nifUit Carrol lost a handicap match  with 'Fred.'. Gusd'on. He failed to  throw Gudson twice in an hour, getting only one fafl.  c,l to wi'h moie attention than  \v.t,s  the  one  from   Ladysmith."  * IS HE A POACHER.  At the South r Carnarvan Fishery  Board the questiorr was raised whether the board had power to refuse  to an angler who by means of the  woini, caught from 80 to 100 trout  a day. It was felt that this -late  he was -bound to harm the rivers and  the cleik  was asked   to look  up    the  point raised.   o   SANG   AT HIS OWN  FUNERAL.  It is reporteh that at the recent  funeral service held in thc Cathedral  of Cork over the body of a local merchant;, who was well known during  his life as the possessor of a magnificent baritone voice, a phonograph  was placed over his . coffin,1'and- as  soon as the religious ceremony had  terminated, 'the voice of 'the deceased  was heard singing-the final Requiem  of the Absolution. Thc record ' cyn  Under.'will, be preserved for tne anniversary-'mass, and- the" same scene is  to . be enacted every year.  .- ,���������; -o   COUNTESS EJECTS NURSE.  The affairs of the Countess of Mon-  tighoso, former wife of King Augustus of Saxony, took a dramatic tdrn  recently. ,  For some time  the countess     had  said Mr'  Dugan,  "was listen-, suspected;     that   her   German   nurse  ,S  dav  Si'I ill  is iu at  the whmf to  Collier Tilanu is in foi a cargo of  coal  *   *   *  Hulk .r.va'i is back from Comiox  loi a euro of dro-.s for the co'.e ovens'.  Ainsleys Magazine  for March  Knight's Book  Store.  at  TILE CHECKER TOURNAMENT  The Ladysmith1 Checker Club will  endeavor lo give their Nanaimo  friends a warm welcome on Saturday  evening. It i.s reported that the Nanaimo players, since their defeat a  few weeks ago by the Ladysmith men  ha.ve gone into training and under  the care of 'Mv. Musgrave and by directions'obtained from his drr-am-  book, are greatly stimulating their  brain power; fish being on their bill  of fare each meal, and the phosphorous that is thus assimilated is expected to make clear to their brains,  thc deep plots and traps of their wily  opponents.  Popular and   Argosy  for  March   at  Knight's Book Store.   1 0   LOOKS   PROMISING.  was planning to abduct the little  pnncess and place her in the care of  hei father, the king. To-day, under  the pictext that the German consul  was warting to sec the nuisc at the  gate of tbe villa where the countess  i.s residing, the lattei led Mahotc  to the gate. Then, quickly pushing  the nurse outside and closing aiid  locking the gate, the countess ciied  "Go to yoru master,, spy''"  Entenng thc house, the countess  oideied all of Mahote's belongings  thrown out of the     window  to     the  street  The inn so pioiested     against    hei  ejectment, but unavailingly, and lat-  ei   applied to a locksmith to aid  hei  in  re-enteiing  the villa, saying    she  ]had  lost   hei key.    The locksmith de-   ������~  dined.  EASY MONEY. '    Failing to enlist the locksmith's as-  T    ,    ���������    ,    , ,        . J    sistance,  Mahotc went to Di.   Koei-  Jack   C a. keek,   ex-ehampion   wrest- ne) _   d Dlcsden   lawyer|      who  cam,  lei of the woild and .loe Can oil, heie lecently lo clomp nd that the  foi mei manager of Frank A. Gotch, Countess Montognoso leleasc the custody sinned article foi g wrestling <ocl.v of the Prince Anna to King Fie  ������i.ileh   to lake     place  in  ndlinaham   <*������������cl-  Au-ruslus,  and .he ...   company  with  the  Gel man     consul    letumcd  with  hei     to the  villa,   where     they  W-  STTJ-'T* f0und all   the     bell   wues cut      Dr"  j Koerner appealed  to  the police,   but  (jENEBAL EXPRESS AND,w-������  -<*���������������'   ������������������'���������*���������*��������� lhe>' could not enter a  pnvate   house   without   the   oi dels of  the court.  The people in the vicinity of the  villa have been intensely interested  in the royal domestic' drama, and  many of them say they will personally oppose any attempt of violence  against the former crown princess.  PELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  "'  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  DEriONSTRATION  is-, over.  Lactomen  * ���������     ."..*.  .....���������   .'.������ .    ,.  ��������� ���������,..- *  '    -   iias feen proirouriced  A Great Success  It is sold BY US in  QUART and GALLON tins  Quart roc.  Gallon 35c.  W.T.HEDDLE   CO.  Williams'Block  jLady.smith  ParticularGrooers.  Telephone l.  A      letter     received   by   a resident  from Wisconsin,  states that on    Feb.  It is generally understood that coal  shipments from Vancouver Island  collieries will gradually increase from  this time on, and that Australian  coal will not be shipped to San  Francisco in the same quantities  hereafter that, it has been during the  past year. AIJ people familiar with  the conditions state that no sooner  is   Wellington     coal   to   be   had  I :>   it   was .''()   below  zero  and.    snow  ;i  feel   on Hie  level  and  drifted     over |  the  lops of fences.  TAFFY!    TAFFY!  TAFFY!  COME AND SEE OUR LINES   OF  ! CANDIES   AND  CONFECTIONERY  ���������At���������  IT'S BAKERY  in  1st   1 venue,   -  Laid y smith  HAY, GRAIN AND  FARM PRODUCE  Orders will he delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lowest possible priceB.  Leave orders at Christie's, on thc  Esplanade.  Very  Choice   Coldstream   Ranch  H  Russett Apples.  Sisiicoe Jams, 1 lb. and 51b.  Oranfjes, Sweet and Juicy  r i������-1 *s?i. "���������.- mrrman m/fjin j-sw������������������sgi*f-*cra-j������������Tj^*ft ,<cj������g������^'*i,T^oag-j-������**,-^*ff>ttapa?gco*J*epr������ri3**tt ������*  iorrison's, Ladysi  COP.YRlOHT  SMOKE THE���������  Havana Filled -  FAIRALL   BREWERY,   VICTORIA  And  SILVER SPRING BREWERY, VIC-  TOIRA.  The only Genuine Ale and Stout ia  British  Columbia.  Sold by doz. quart bottles or 2 d#z.  pint bottles.  THE BEST AND SWEETEST ALE  YOU CAN GET IN B. C.  Call~at J. Balagno, R������bert street.  Agent for both Breweries.  WANTED���������House to rent. One situated near Ledger office preferred.  Apply "K"  Ledger office. 2t  &  2oo Suits of this  Brand ot Cloth-1  ing just  passed  into Stock.  AU   new  spring  patterns, "Made to Fit ahff  Fit to Wear."  /  //  DRYSDAU-STEVENSON  Co. latfysiriih  Fletcher Dros.   Healers io   Pianos and  Organs.. .  Lfldysmitli, B, C.  I'USINESS COLLEGE  AT LADYSMITH.  Mr.   -'Norton    Printz, principal ���������!  Victoria Business College, has visited our city and is desirous of opening a branch college here.   If sufficient  pupils enroll a college, will he opened  | at once.     For information es      to  branches taught,  fees, etc., apply t������  B. S. McDonald, Agent.  $500 CASH and $15 rer  month for one  of tie best  dwellings in town.  $225 CASH and $200 in   six or nine months, good  (wellinj n Roberts Street.  $30C CAf II for a good house and lot to be sold at once  $300 Cash and assume $400  mortgage for two of the  best building lots in town.  "r Other hargains.  Call and get particulars.  *-     ���������      '   '_  lOHN STI WART P. 0.��������� Box 268  Money to loan.    Notary Public  Fire,  Life aiid' Accicent insurance,  isToRTHERN  TICKET OFFICE  and   Yates   Ft,  Cor.   Government  Victoria, 15. C-  Miss Nahoune, who has ra hoticeiin  in, this issue,  te said- to be<~particularly well qualified, to instiuct'injhe  blanches    she is advertising.      Her  teims for a course of lessons    seem  very reasonable.  , LESSONS.  j Lessons in fancywork, embroidery,  etc.���������Miss Freda Nahoune will give  lessons to a. limited number of scholars, beginning on Tuesday, the. 2lst.  inst., from 9 to 12 a.m., and -from  ;1, to .4 p.ni.. Charges,. 3 hours'- lessons, 50 cents. Rooms at Mrs..-Hu-  One of  which  is  the famous  "North   go's,  High  Street.   .     Miss Nahoune  " - ��������� ������ jf    i * '.. ..  )  Three  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  NOTICE  To make ROOM for our Stock ofjj  Spring and Summer Goods we are  having a 10 DAYS cash clearance  sale, when ALL ARTICLES in  our Dry Goods, Millinery and Boot  and Shoe departments will be sold  at Prices 15 to 50 per cent, less  than REGULAR Selling value.  All goods-are marked In plain figures.  Bargains are .being Offered:   Come |  and be convinced.  SIMON-.-LEBER ft CO Ltd.?  OAT ACRE ST. tADYSMITH  The Height of Excellence  -o"  is found in a t������o������ cup of CoflM.      W������ .   taf* found tho kind you   jj  want and that is why w������ sell   so auoh.     We can giv������ 70U fresh-  ground coffee while you wait,   *t 25c,: 3ic, and 40c per pound. Also ^  1  lb tins ot English Break!*! t Cofe������ at 25 cents. Condensed - and  Arbuckles' Coffee always on fcaa*.      ~x >   -      v. '' -'  1'-   -���������'..       ' ��������� ^ ���������> '     *  '  Telephone' $4.     Al1 ipia������ko������fc- verderfi ������n.r������fuIlV attended. ^ to.  AlLielsfhene   arderfi ������arsfully attended.  r  .    k     . ������? ������������������ c���������~ "<-^JJ~J .  Pi St ;^c)M7vv  CARLISLE    BLOCK  JUST ARRIVED  A full sst o*f gisl't-testinlg instruments of the latest uieth-  ttdfl.  1 '���������'*���������������������������   ?"���������':'���������' '  IF YOU ARirTnOUBEED W 1TH HBADAGHBS, OR IF YOUR  ���������. "- ;---:-- 1 r___ EYES TROUBLE YOU? CALL AND ������������T\V& EXAMINE THEM  Hide oir it .always.-; has a stock of linen, silk and cushion |.iflpRE,E qF '(--JxilOB'"' "   -���������'"' .������������,=,������������  Coa,st Lirrviterl,  Up-to-date.: .. Pullinah    and     Tourist  sleepers on all trains.  Through  tickets  issued  to all   raints.Er-.st "    and  South,   also   Piillmnn   tied els   issued  and  herLhs'reserved.  .Only' direct  route  to   Yellowstone  Pa'rk.-'t- Cheap- rates .from all  points  East! from Mairc|������ 1st to' Btoyi 16th^  ..Steamship tickets on ��������� sale to all  European, points. Very low rates  now in effect. Cabin accommodation  reserved -by wire.  For  further particulars call  at the  oftt'or phone No.  45G.  A. IT  CARLTON, C. E.' LANG-  AG.PA.,   N.P., General  Agent  Portland,  Ore.' Victoria, B.C  tops on hand.  The Kings Hotel is the only place  in Ladysmith that has on draught  John Labatt's India Pale-Ale. Call  around and sample it.  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARLORS  HIGH  STREET.  :������������������:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������j  and ������������������Province*'  Gigar?  H.O. MILES  Contractor  and Builder  REPAIRING of   all  kinds  promptly  attended to.    Shop on Gatacre    at.  EORGEYUEN  J. PIERCY AND li  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  Victoria, B. C.  Manufacturers of.the Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  '���������.'   . of   . .  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  ''   ."   *"   PANTS,    "  ��������� SHIRTS',". ETC.;,-;-  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  Merchant  Tailor  All kinds  of clothing  cleaned and  epaired.  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, and at reason  able rates.  High St.  Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  Thc only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through    trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE  FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS  CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  Agent,  151, Yesler Way, Seattle.;  m  m  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  FIRST  *VE  B. Poreimmier  WATCHMAKER. JEVVELER. OPTICIAN  AND BLUE AND WHITE WAR  Our Stock is very com plete   in the abo1  lines and pricey right.    We ask you to i|  spect our stock before buying,  E. ROLSTON  FARMERS'    MEAT   HARll  Om ist Avemue  ������������������0. Robert*   -   -  Propria  HOTEL  LADYSMITH  RATES���������Jl.80     per    day.     Flnwt  Wines,  Liquors and  Cigars.  First Avenue, Lftdysmith, B. O.  ,  D. Oj    "--i.-r-t   Prop,  ,f\  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates fl.25 ard$l.B0-  ftrtsbnito all fiteastboat laadir'  railway depots. Eltclric cars tVe(  uinutai to all parts of the ci'yj  and table nnexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Pro������riet.  fBBOTT ST.,   VANCOUVER,


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