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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 12, 1906

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 -f *'&-'** ���������  '.>.   ������.  #*  .,- *(t.  I  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  T^"  VOL..2  LIFE BOAT FOR  THE WEST GO AST  Hon   W. Templeman   Has   Already!  Secured One And it Will be  Shipped to Island"at Once  Teleyhone   or   Telegraph   Lines Wil  Co.-.nect All, Parts en this- Dangerous Coast-  UDYSMITH LODGE  NO. 2 IS HOW  HE NAME  Ottawa,   Feb.   12-OSrecial)-  Tlie the coast,- t:ut - the "difficWlsjr is' that  Alinislit     of Inland,, Revenues,  Hen.  \V.   Tt'iiiipleinan,   lias secured  one   of  the lifeloats aiatici.e.l on (ho Hi  Lawrence, and which is not 1-i'pt in  condition *in the winter, for the west  coast of Vancouver Island. 1 The lifeboat lias been given to fie Pfcov ince  at the urgent request of Mr. Teiriplc-  nian, and will.lie slipped at onceover the C.P.R.'aml handed over to  Caplain Gcden with the instruction  ���������that he place it at a point he thinta  will   be o? most service.  C'oi.   Anderson,   who has given  the  question i������( life saving on the   wt-sb  coast   mud     onsMeratioii,  and -who -  as,  perhaps,  more qualified to speak  on it than nnv other man, says !(hal j  I'd c urj so few  places where a 'boat  on Id   bo launchid   in   thorough   sea,  Slid on this account he advocates the  Sal.or  having the boat attached'to  her. * ' _  Hon. ������������������  Templeman  also ' says ' that ,  telegraph'  or .telephonic communjea- ;  lion  will  l,c  made possible at     all ���������  i.oints up the'ccas't ������in the'near  fu^ ���������  ture, also that -more boats will     be-  foi thcomiii'g,.    an'd, that, lighthouses '  will    'havp   .-.st'onger lights ",or new; ���������  houses built  as scon as the n'eoessaiy'  arrangements fan be made.    Tie says'  it   is vecessary   that ���������thV*provlfiici#J .  government make  gooddoads       and;  trails along the coast, .without delay,'  i    The two lodges of Knights of Py-  jjthias,  Damon Lodge No.  8, and Wtel-  linglon 1  'Lqdge No. 2, of this city,  having,    decided to consolidate under  the name and number of Ladysmith  Lodge"'No.  2, the following Brothers  wore ejected as officers of the     new  lodge and installed by the D. G. C.  Bro.   John Bicklc.  O.  C,  Bro.  Andrew Moffat.  C.C.  Bro.  Alexander Mjcliie.  Prelate, Bro. James Steele.  M.  of W.,   Bro.   S.  K.  Maltishaw.  K. 6t R. and S., W. G. Simpson.  M.  of  F.,   David  Gourlay.  M. of.E., Daniel Fagan.  ������M:  of A.  John  Masters.  ^1. tJ-.,  Corner Trehcarne.  0. G.,   Harry  Ellis.  Br.   Win.  Cosier and Jessie Evans  l were elected  representatives  to    the  Grand-Lodge, which meets in Nanaimo on tlie second Tuesday of May.  MONDAY,   FEB.   12,   190G  L & B. FUND  REPORT FOB  pr:  BNT  c- Snriiio, $ g.OO  H. Ingham  '.  lg-50  Geo.   Leigh ton  w 25.75  Jas. Widdall ..'.     31 on  D- E,ldy  2cioo  A-  K'orr   25.00  C. Watson   {-j 00  Jos.  Rosanna   15.50  E.   Lowe  (seal  for   Fund)   ....   8 f;0  A." E.-ILlbcrt (funeral expenses ������Vm Kipljnn    gr, f)()  Jas.  Kemp  (express hire)   50  Win.  Russell       5.00  ''- L������we         5.00  Nanaiino Hospital (C. Sarinp),  ��������� L   18.00  Daily Ledger ,(funeral nolico-s)   2.00  a life' Loat should be attached to the . as telegraph 01 telpphoiw lines will?  wrecking; sUiauier, also that it should have lobe taken alonp; the- loads 'and-  be'equipped j with a lifeline Hhrciwing. this "would be impossible if .the latter,  -#un. He considers several life boats are left in their present j rough < com-  ishould .'he 'phued   at stations  along    dition.  William  Leonard McBride,  brother  of the Premier, and who was brought  from PorfGuiclioii on Wednesday foi  treatment at St. Joshep's Hospital,  died yesterday ^afternoon., in spite of  every effort that medical skill'could  devise -to prolong his life. Mr. Mc-  Bride underwent, an operation on ���������  Thursday, \but it was unavailing, and  yesterday the end came.���������Colonist.  D.  Nicholson  (hall  rent)  5.00  $2!)0.8f  WENT ON ROCKS  IN COWICHAN GAP  Barge Georgian And Tug Escort Met Accidents Yesterday  Afternoon-- Tug's Propellors        "'"".*  Damaged  The Eagle Also Had a Blade of Her Prbpellor Broken off  in the Cowican Gap Yesterday  Afternoon  STATEMENT OF  LYRIG CLUB  ENTEKTAINMiNT  -1  SHOWS THE CHILDREN  HOW TO EAT RYE BREAD  H. CARROLL  IS APPOlRTEO  THE DELEGATE  -V- I  Boy  side,  $7.25.  Receipts,  office,   $32., Tickets sold out-  $38:50;   dn'nce, j$8.25;   s^pi-cr,  Porlier Fass, or Cowichan Gap, as] course  it is more generally known, was the  scene -of two accidents yesterday.  Both might have resulted in, great  I loss to the companies owning the  boats that figured'in accidents, but  fortunately not a great deal of dan>  age was done.  The tiig Escort was towing the  barge Georgian through the gap yesterday afternoon when the strong  chb tide took the scow onto the  rocks, where she stuck fast. In attempting to haul the barge into deep  water tlie tug also- was taken on the  reef. However,    after some time,  th>j tug managed to free hciself, but  in so doing got the hawser wjth  which    she    was     towing the barge.  Fortuuate Indeed is the Child of Tpday  ' ^ -  For He is Getting His Fulf^hare?'..".  of Instruction:     . : ' ;  'v  Time was, anl many oi us remem-dren -were, examined the fir,st ,fccaS^'  bcr it. well, when a boy or girl Iwas 'During- trie* second.' fyeaL-voWsix  tonsidered  fortunate  in  receiving  an ' thousand  were, examined.,, The third  ordinary,    or common school educa-  a"nual reF������rt������  Just l������������blis!lf - ^'s  ���������.,    _. ,       ' I there were o^er 12,000-visits to .the  tion.      Stiangely enovgh,  too,  many'       <c -n 19j)4> and gyer S1X ti-ousand  01    our brightest     business men and ' children  were .treated. V, j  women engaged today in commercial life ot hus'iiiess of some kind  'which requires a clear head and some  Great advancement was made du'r?  ing the. last'year, injthe attention  given    to'children, between the ages"  ability, manage to compete with'of three and six years. 'Ihe school  tboso who "lattst," in the way of' teacher enters the name of c'ach i>u-  jus. feeing turned out of college. In nil on a card, which is taken to the  %StrassWktr,g they are giving the world clinic, where the dentist enters a de-  -a still ^further lesson in the way of tailed rccoid of tlie condition of the  public instruction, an the following teeth after maiking tho examination,  aiticlo shows: ,     returning    the card to the pupil- and  * Stiassburg is looking after her retaining 0. . duplicate of it. The  'thilrlrens' teeth. The children who childlren are taught to clean their  attend her public schools are obJig- teeth three times daily, and espec-  ed by law to have their teeth at- inlly before retiring. The dyitist'  tended to whether they will or no,'also gives the child apiece of-rye-  and the experiment has met with a bread and instructs him how to mas-'  great deal of nucccss. At Straps- ticate the same with the least  b-urg clinic over     five thousand chil- jury to the teeth.  At a full meeting of tho board of  School Trustees held in Mr. J. Stew  art's dike on Saturday night, C.  II. Rumniing in tlie chaii, the invitation to the board to send a delegate to tho .convention' of B. C.  School boards to- Le.hcld in -Victoria next w?ek, was considered. By  a unanimous vote of the board Mr.  II. Carroll -was appointed^as delegate. Mr. Cntroll was the Ladysmith' delegate to the contention  he'd in Vancouver List year, and as  js',weU l-i.own, made suggestions to  those assembled that caused most  favorable  comment  in  school   circles.  Expenses.  Hire of hall,  $12.50;.   printing and  advertising,',   J8.50;   makeup,   $3.0(1;  hire of piano,  $1.00;  hauling piano,  HI.50; gasoline lami>,  oO.centt; waJ-  ress,  $1 00; orchestra,  $fl.00  Incidentals,  $1.50.  Totsil  leccipts,   $816.00;   total     e.v-  pense,  $38.75; balance, $47.25.  'J'he grounds commit tee thank  the Lyric Club for their generosity  in making this substantial addition  to the grounds fund. Also to tlie ladies who responded so readily' to the  rerpjiest for provisions for the supper.  fV number of ladies have already pro-  rendorcd her     perfectly help-  loss, ������o she cast    anchor, and as the  bottom of     the  barge was scraping  badly     on the rocks, the small boat  was launched    and '   meni'bprs of the  crew     pulled her to Crofton, where  Ilenrietlte was found discharging ore.  Tha     services  of Captain McKenzic  were at once,enlisted,  and steaming  to Cowichan Gap the Henrie'fcta speed  ily hauled  the Georgian oil' the rocks  and towed tlie barge and the disabled tug to Crofton.  The bottom of the.biarge was   not  seriously damaged, but it is ^thought  likely    ..that    the Escorts propellor  may    be badly     injured.   It 'will be  necessary to dry-dock the tug before  twisted    in her    propeljor.     This of   the wire rope can be Extracted   from  the propeller. , *  Within aifew yards of the    rock on  which the Georgian and    the Escort  met with adventure,  and almost   at  the same hour did the tug Eagle get  into somewhat similar  troupe yesterday.   The captain took the     tug  close into shore as the itide was going out, a,nd rested her on thje beach  but the tide wrent lower than tuusual,  and  when    the engines  were started  the jpropellor caught a rock, with the  result that- one  blade snapped ofi.Tho  Eagle came on to this port, and af- .  ter taking- on coal left for Vancouver,  where her ppopelior Avill be^repaired.  The master of the E������v'ort is Capt.  W.  McKenzie,    and the Eagle's cap-,  tain is Capt.   Zellinsky.  HEWS NOTES  FR9M THE  BRITISH CAPITAL  London,  England,  Feb.   12.���������  An inojuer held today  to determine  the   cause    of the    dcuth  of Earnest  tethwabachtr,    thaiiman    of    several  WHAT DO YOU THINK  ABOUT A HOSPIfAL  m-  And now some of our people are a  little inclikod to worry fo?  fear   the  VI,700 odd for the subway will     be  deducted   from    the amount  required  (o do  necessary road  and  trail   work  throughout     the    district.     This is  rather premature.   Suppose  wc wait  and sole if the said   $1,700  is coming  If it. docs, there is [Monty of time to I to  swell" the Kinds "fast  We.lncsdav.  look out  for.    other appropriations.        0n   ,)Chalf  of  U)C ComiiMttee,  niised ^to assist again with provisions imj.oitant South African companies,  at any time in the future, when the ' who vvas found s\shot last Tuesday in  funds arc to goto the grounds. It is Ins icsidence here, resulted in a vei-  to lie regretted'that, the hull was o'ict ot suicide during temporary in-  not nowded on      Fiiday   night   List, S:iniiy.  but no doubt should the play  l-.c re-     Reynold's    Weekly    newspaper says  produced   ������t a later date the   horse    that the small garrison  left  in  Ihi  would be packed. Aside fioni the object for which  the play  was rendered  it \viis well worth the admission chai  god.  As,  no1 doubt,  in  the near      future other calls will  i)C  made on the  public  of Ladysmith  to  assist' indifferent      way*    -to  male   the sports  ground a spot we may  all  feel proud  of,   the committee at  this   time lask  and feci  that  the cifi/pns on such oc-  cusions^will  lend a hand  to bring the  same  to a speedy and successful conclusion.  The committee hcrchy  tender  their  thanks to all who belied  ^1 anv/vvav  To be Built and Maihtkined in Lady=  smith- Would it be Wise to Under*  take to Maintain One .  In Nanaimo a subscription is be- or the majority of them, still ot  ing taken up by Messrs. Maher and the,same opinion as they were some  Booth   in aid     of the Hospital.     It two years ago,  when,  by'a pitthead\  Meantime no sleep need be lost.  RESCUfD NEGK0  WHOM CROWD  WOULD LYNCH  New  York,   Feb.   11.���������One  thovsand  DARING   ROBBERV   '���������  AT  VANCOUVER. ' '  ���������-o ���������   ���������  Vancouver, Keb. 12.���������A daring robbery occurred here Saturday evening  at C.i30  o'clock  whereby A. . F.' McMillan,  jeweler,   is h ser to the ' extent    of Lptwe������.-n     fifteen or twenty  thousand   dollars.    His  store is   lo-  men and  boys     today  beset a squad  cated in the new. Jones block at the  of policemen wilio,  with drawn revol- corner of Hastings and Homer street  veis    protected     Clarence   Brooks,, a-next--to the  Northern   Bank, and .is  negro,  from the crowd which threat, j one of the  most .frequented; spots. A  t-ned   to lynch  him. \ The negro had  heavy, fog,  how^oyer, enveloped     the  been pursued   through  one of tho bus-!city early   in the evening,.;and,   this  iest centres after a. sensational JLhoot,aided the. thief.  ing    alTray  in    'which   another -negro      A^oiit  the time mentdoned,   people  was- killed.      B0U1   the shooting and   iu the neighborhood were startled by  hearing  , Mr.  Ingham  visited  his son at the  Nanaimo   hospital on Saturday  last.  He    reports the condition or the   patient    as the same,  or very slightly  improved.   The surgeon in charge does iiot yet consider the patient       in  condition     for   the  severe operation  that gives  a chance for improvement  but  hopes  that he may be within a  few   weeks, 'His  fellow- sufferers,  the  young     F-inlmider   injured   somewhat  similarly sonic months since, was at  last reports 'in a helpless condition,  with,very little chance, for improvement. Those of us who think wc  have, troubles iii. this world 'do not  know What, trouble is ivs compared  with injuries such as these young  men have sustained.  'HC'GII TUORNLEY,  Sccretarv.  EOF  AID E  SHU*  Victoria,   Ed.  Sti'aflicuiia    has  the chase occurred on Seventh avenue near thirty-sixth street at an  hour when the streets were thronged  Brooks when rcscuod by a mounted  policeman from his pursuers was  placed on. his bach in an. express wagon and other policemen. formed a  liollovv square about, tho vehicle.  Without waiting for the* arrival of  the patrol, the negro was hurried in  this wagon to the nearest police station. There ho wns placed under arrest, charged with shooting Geo.  Mischell a neg*o known as "Gold |  Tooth  Tacks."  ��������� o   Bacon���������They say a person will die  for want of sleep in ten clays.  -Egbert���������rlfs miraculous what keeps  that baby of mine alive!  THANKS  Tho members of the Lyric Club  a crash and cries of "Stop 'derira The Lodger to extend their  thief!" It was soon ascertained thanks to Mayor Nicholson for his  that a'daring robbery had. bton com- jfjiKHiess in placing ihe Opera'Mouse  mitted. The thief threw a brick thro- at thcjr -t|fsl,osai during the time  ugh a plate glass window and snatch t,iev weru j.eUPal.sing. f0l- Ule piav  ed two trays of valuable" diamonds ^^^ ioriday also >.for his gen-  and rushed ott. He was seen by one croSitv iu renting lne haU on ihe 0v-  or two pedestrians, but owing to. the mj|lg ot Lho performance'at a c0n-  fog he quickly was lost to s^;. |Bi-,crabIv tfsdaced charge. To other  They can only give a meagre des- , .^.^ '^ tvtlemcu %vhohianv  cription and the policejmve. nlndCjno jvay    asslstMl    the chlb also ext<?nds  I its sincere  thanks.  S _ o   1  :    Pugilist���������No,   John  L.   Sullivan i������  i     (Special)���������Lord  Mildly  pionnsed  to  assist  iu the  creation,, of    a  tuberculosis sanitoriuni in the province. This  promise  is due  (& the energies of the  provincial   health  officer,   Dr.   Fagan,  who has worked hard to gtt interest,  aroused in a prop0sal 1o have such * '  an     institution    start-etL      A  direct |  appeal  has    liien made to  all Lo������rds [  of health  in the province. j  net has  been    surrounded  by  hostile  tribed and that an e.vped.tion       foi  their iclief is  necessary.  The   blue    jackets    of the British  sucond cruiser  squadron   will   shortly  jiioseiit the    American  Atlantic  fleet  v. ilh    a handsome    silver    cup  a^  a  souvenir  of the  former's   recent  visit  visit    to the    United    States.      The  cup    boats    ah  inscription    recalling  with grateful  lcmembrance the inanv  kindnesses,   token  of  good   fellowship  iJid   wonderful    entertainments  given  to    your      British cousin������   by their  comrades across    the sea."     The d(  sign    introduces   the    American   and  Hritish flags crossed.  N. C. Goodwin, the Amciiran ac-  lor, tonight recoived a flattering reception at the Ph-aftflbury theatre,  "���������\here he opened an engagement with  "A  gilded  fool."  ATHLETIC SPORTS.  ONE OF DEPEW'S STOUTES.  The ex'ccllcnt grounds that arc secured   by  the sports  committee    and  which   will,   within  a few  weeks,    be  cleared  and  m  older and  very likely  fenced. '\    grandstniid   built,   and   alto  gether  modeLii.   will   do a   great  deal to help  along  athletic sports  in  general in the cily._, On or before July  first the grounds   must,   as    provided by the public meeting  that'directed what should be  done with the  funds oji hand,   turned  over  to      tho  city, and with them will rest the responsibility   of their  care.    By  that  I time,  no doubt,   some  arrangements  I will  have  been   made   for the  use   of  the    grounds     between flu: different  j clubs  and   the city.    Qu le  likely    it  is a most    praiseworthy object   and  everybody   should     contribute   whatever   they    ff*el able lo toward this  fund.     The committee named above,  as   well    as      others  not named  but  just as  energetic,     aie  deserving  of  the   thanks   of Lad} smith   as   well   as  Nanaimo     citivens  for    their energy  and   earnest     woik  in  behalf  of the  hospilal.      We of     Ladysmith  have,  unlorluiNitely,      no     hospital   of   our  own.        Tho   last      time   the subject  wns discussed,  some years since,  the  majority      of the miners   decided  ag-  ainsl    IliL-   establishment  of  one,  although good     inducements and  liberal   contritiutions      weie   promised   on  behalf of the  Colliery  Company.  The  distance    that  it  is  to   Ihe  Nanaimo  hospital   fiom Hie mines,   wheie un. -  ton.innately     frcjjjr.eiit    :ic<-idonits   occur,  necessitating! the bringing of patients    fiom      Extension   here,   fust,  then     awaiting trains,  or  taking all  who    need    hosnital   treatment  from  Lndvsmith,     <all   Wnrl-s   to   disadvan-  Inge  for  the  successful   treatment  of  Ihe   sick      or   injured.      Are  miners,  vote it vvas     decided  against  establishing  a  hospital  in Ladysmith?  Now, there is a provincial grant  of fifty cents per day for each patient treated in any provincial hospital. Conditions are different.  Quite likely the same assistance for  a Hospital could be secured as was  offered by the Colliery Company two  years   as;o. Tht Ledger would be  glad    to receive!     expressions/    from  those    interested,   brief      letters   lor  publication,      directly    to the point  Such   letters    must be  signed   by the  correct     name      of the      writer, to  prove  their genuineness,   but  the signature     -will  not be published unless ,  ��������� agreeable  to  the -writer.      Everyone  is     invited    lo give   his views,  and  men  need   not hesitate  about  expressing    their     mirds  because in  some  cases they arc not great scholars or  not acci'stomed to letter writing, for  the    ,/urpose      is   to   get the  subject  pro! erly     before    the public.      Is it  or  is  it not   in the  best  interests   of  the Ladysmith people to endeovoi to  secure the building of and maintain,  their own hospital?  SENSATIONAL  TURF SCANDAL  ������������������o-  ~"��������� ���������' will  be found  ad v.sable  to  have  the  Senator Depew was condemning an   RrmiIlds in tiic hiim[s oi somc regular  elderly   millionaire,   who having lost    committee of the council,  or  regular  park commissioners appointed, for we  sec    no1    reason to expect, otherwise  arrests so far. Mr. McMillan came  here from "Winnipeg and opened up  last November. He is now in the  East.    ^ -.-���������������������������"';''  On a seismograph tit Silma, India,  presented to the meteorological department by Professor Ormori, 'the  Japanese earthquake expert, the shock  caused by  the  blowing up  of      the  steamship Chatham in the Suez can-  .al, 2,500 miles away,  was   recorded.  MR. I ECIL ARRIVES  IN VANCOUVER,  A wire received by ]a nvomter of  The Ledger staff late this afterjioon  from Mrs. H. Cecil states that Mr."  Cecil arrived Sin Vancouver this morning.  neit      one  of  the "Sullivan  Twins."  Had there been two John  L.'s it,  is  doubtful  if      there would  have  been  such a thing as pugilism todav.  John  was called the "mighty" because people-'hoped for years that he misfit'--  reform.      However, he  did   mien  U  help      the fighting games���������he nv.\>e1  when licked.   0   Jimmy Britt says that Terry Mc-  Govern must, Jnioclc out Battling! Nel-  son inside of four rounds, as Nelson  will wear him down after the fourth.  a lawsuit  had   dec-ln-red lustily  that  the     courts were unjust and;the satire government  rotten Ho   the core,   uuin that  the city  council   will look  says  the  Buffalo  Enqwirrr.  "He is not taking Jiis defeat, very  gracefully, is he?" said the senator.  "He is like the old bachelor whom  the widow  refused.  "There     was an old Bmchclor who,  after a   brief  courtf-'hip,   proposed   to  ���������a widow: But   the widow very  politely  and coldly  declined   his  offer.  '.' 'lean  never,' she said,   'be more  than a sis lor to  you.'  'The bacheler dropped her  hand in a  huff.  " 'Ah, -madam,  indeed     you cnii,"  ho  murmured,  in a strange  voice.  " '  No,  I cannot, said she.  " 'Put     you have daughters,'  said  the bachelor.   'You may yet  be    mv '  mother-in-daw.' "  to- the continued improvement cd. the  grounds'by  planting shade trees and  ornamental   trees,  having  parts     of  the grounds allotted  and  fixed up for  the  free  use of  picnic  partaes,  with  comfortable shade and  scats.  Water  will,     of    course,    be put.      on  the  grounds,  and  grass  put in  where  it  t'lin   be done to  advantage.,  It will \lake time to do all of those  things,  but     if,  in fiv-c years' time,  grounds,  surrounded   i>v shade trees,  bicycle   trucks   and  cinder   paths,    a  cosy j'icnic corner and such .other, improvements as  time will  suggest, we  may  all  feel  that  the  trouble     and  expense    that has  been,  or  will be,  made or incurred  is  but little      as  compared with .the results attained.  New York,  Feb.   10. -'According to  the  American  today  the most sensational      turlT affairs  of recent years  tvns  revealed   last  night  when  it became     known that E.  E. Smathers,  (he millionaire, horseman,   has     been  accused  of knowing that  drugs    . a.d  been  administered  to Lou  Dillon,  C.  Ki  (!.   Bull-ing's  famous  trotter.    At  Memphis,   u,   October,  1904,   Smathers      driving  his   own   horse,  Major  Dclmar, beat Lou  Dillon.  The Mold  cup was worth $5,000,    'hich Sirath-  ers won at the time, "'as   ji:en takjii  by  a deputy sheriff or.t  of   -mather's  su te in the Pierropoint,  and is now  in the sheriff's office.    Mr.   Smathers  when seen late last night said     the  cup  had been  seized before, he     had  learned ��������� of the  accusations  and   that :  he believed his former trainer     and I  Bulling's  trainer who drove Lou Dii- j  lion  in the race 'were  being   used  by  some     man of great power to injure  him.  A Chicago despatch says: K. i B.  Bullings, owner of Lou Dillon, is  now on his way to New t York, and  it is understood that he is decidedly  averse to participating in the controversy regarding the $5,000 gold cup  awarded to E. E. Smatners of New .  York, whenSSmattier's trotter, Major in ihe month of January, ami the de-  Delmar, defeated Lou Dillon at Mem malld is fair1^ sood.  I>his in 1904. A man who is familiar with the case said today: '" The  liest vetcrinaries in. this country  ha\e in turn had Lou Dillon under  their care j and ��������� scrutiny,-and none of  them is able to say if she will ever  recover her fooi'mer greatness.  "Assuming that     the lc-ai action  for the recovery of the cup is 'brought  to  a successful   issue,, it  is manifest  that probably  the     least important  feature  of the  matter  has  been  settled, .and  there  will still remain the  gravest questions  of  tho responsibility for  the damage done to  the mare,  as well as the personal discussion involved.   ' If   the association  succeeds  in  the action for the Vecovery of the  cup the atrocious  character ,'of ���������    the  wrong  done  would   necessarily   indicate to  the public  officials  the;   next  step to be taken."   O ; ���������-  Mayor Nichols/on had a conversation with Mr. Parker Williams at  the station this morning. 'In reference to the hoso reel question, Mr.  Williams told His Worship that the  government had not yet come to any  decision as to the pticc to be asked  for the hose. To a Ledger Reporter, the member said he thought the  Lands ..v. Works Department wo ultl  come to some definite decision regarding the wharf road this week.  _ o-���������   The Oolonistrs Duncan correspondent reports that the Cowichan  creamery made  11,400  lbs 'of,, butter  '���������*S w  DAILY LEDGER,  THE DAILY LEDGER  Fublished   every day except Sunday.  K������        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  10 cents  a month;    $5 per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rate* on ap  plication.  MONDAY,   FEB.   12,   1900  AN INDIAN  POTLATCH  On Tuesday evening, says the Cow  ichan Leader, we visited the Quamichan ranch in company with The  Hon. i''" Jdham Smith, J. Savage, of  Rockfoid, 111., Missi Agnes Dean  Cameion, Mrs. Whiteman D. Ford,  Mis. Hanson, Indian Agent W. R.  Robertson and others. It was our  first visit to an Indian dance and  pollaU-h, and wc were very much  .surprised, first, at th'c number present, and second at the behavior of  those present. There ,must have }fc-t\  four hundred persons present anil per  feet order prevailed. Money, blankets, guns, fciread and other articles  were-given away, each recipient as  h s or her name was called came  forth and received a gift., The  building in which the potlatch was  hold is 45x90 feet in, size with two  huge fires' burning in the centre constantly attended by four men. Seats  are arranged all around the sides  and ends of the building where the  spectators and those not taking p.ai't  -can sit.and view -he performance.  There was a large space "n the crn-  tre, around the huge fne wnere the  dancer's " performed and the 'astn,silc  dresses 'in which they appeared around these fires gave the whole t.i.iug  a, very weird appearance, the like of  -vhicli we haA'c nc^er seen. The music wns furnished by the audience  by heating with sticks on boards and  two bv three had Sort of drums of  skins stretched over round hoops, but  the perfect time kept was a surpiise  io the forty of visitors and really  z\m danCHifr Wivs skilful and grateful'to what wc had anticipated. The  pictures������jfceiiess of the whole thing  must be witnessed to be appreciated.   o���������   PECULIAR   AND  PERTINENT.  ���������'A business in Australia is that of  lending tng-agement rings and wedding trousseaus.  The hair  of rabbits   and  other animals     in Russia   is    converted  into  bowls,   dishes  and   plates,  which   are  valued   for their strength,  durability  and  lightness.    The aiticles  r.vc similar iu appearance to  varnished Rather.  ���������^^^  The   most  curious   vegetable  in  the  world is the -truffle,' since it has neither roots, stem, flowers, leaves nor  .seeds. Tn somt parts dogs and pigs  arc trained to dig for it, the animals  being guided   by their   sense   ol smell.  The     czar    owns   a map  of France  crnstructed  of precious stones. Paris  is      represented by   a huge   diamond.  Iv-rdeaux    by an opal, Mareillps     bv  an emerald, and ^o on, while the various department? n~n shown  in  n 'ci--  s:le  sort   of si on"     TIt  entire  c-li---  tion   of stoii's   'r  -ih^ Kremlin, ropii-  ren'ts' more  than   $60,000,000.   O   In color the squirrel fish isi-a brilliant red, which makes it a conspicuous inhabitant of the sea as it darts  here and there with quick, alert  movements. The body of the squirrel  'ish shows' a few stripes andis well  covered with  sharp  spines.    .  ^ DAViB SPENCER ���������     *���������  X  (Nanaimo) Ltd.  OUR FEBRUARY  WKITEWEAR SALE  is Now in Full Force. Many peopla wait for this from one  year to the other. They buy enough to last them the entire year. Look what y������u save���������no doubt about it-  you save $3.00 to $4.00 on a $10 purchase. Can  you afford je miss it?   A few items taken at random.  Ladies    Fine Cambi c Drawers Umbrella   style,      wide hem,  and  Hemstitched    tucks,   splendid duality���������special  per  pair .4^   .'  25c  We have     drawers  from  per   Pllir !5c  to   $1-50  Ladies'     Cambric  Sale  price,  Corset   ('overs,   plain,  neat   fitters���������  regular  20c   10c.  Ladies'     Night   Dresses,   yoke and  sleeves   trimmed   with  0111 broidery and   Coided  tucking,   a 00c noun   for   .V : 65c,  Gowns   from  25c   to  .iU}.'!)")  Ladies'    'While   Skirts,   wonderful     value,    made     of   good cottcn,  with   mi   18-inch   llounfc   ot   lawn,   tucked  and      trimmied  with  cm-  irjidery,   a   $L2">   Skiit   for        85c  1  to* C������B������u������ **   T/mnniriil   and   Hr������, <Jo*  kins Is H>0 Sufferer.  .Inrkins owns a tti'g. or, to bo  more ea������  ':'-ic, the  dog  own* .IbrUins,   and  tboy   j  Ji   live  with   M:--i  'Jorkins  in   a  flit,  m.cli   to   the  dist'iiinliuiru  ol   that   pood  i-oman. who docs not as .h  KunwaJ tb'"i������  .-oleratu dogs  " Piper has more sense than most people, " Jorkins wiys wb������n oxputuvting on  .be virtues ot bin t;'\ont������  " Yes, " Mrs .lorkins mlds. sarcasilcaily,  'he knows eriouyh to come- in -when' it  rains, because he hares to got wot "  Piper is a don o' parts���������part terrier,  nrith a strain of bird do������ and a d;udv o(  kvator spaniel He dislikes to got lu������ foot  wet and is afraid ot n *?nn He sokk.ia  barks at night-and iiyould wag; his lull ut  sight ot n burglar and accompany turn  through the housu noiselessly. lie bus one  iccomphshwont, and one only He gous  town thrco liiphu. ot (hit stairs every  morning to brnij; up tho daily paper,  ���������vbich Mrs Joikins gels tioin bini by  KtriitL'gy in the ooiirM: ot tho day nCtev Lie  has chewed It to pulp  Jorkins hnd otten mtimntod to Mrs. .I.  Chat it was in. trouble to briny tipaoanine  hy'n-id by hand' utul believes that now,  - ���������'��������� n 'bu is brought up and thuy cau  "������ . i.er sell, lose hi in or grivo him mvuy.  n-ic her ministrations should continue,  diid that if she cannot go out aiid tuUfl  Piper with tier it la her duty to stay at  home  The other day Mrs Jorkins utruek. SM  had often .threatened to, and oh one occasion had stru"k���������the do^ She now refused to ntteiul to Piper's diet another  hour She deei;.>.-: .-'vo might as well live  tn a ricodcld i������s to be eternally cooking  rice in the flat kitchen lor that dog rihe  uiid that Piper ato a gallon of boiled rtc������  por diem  "I'll sec'him further,'' she said to tho  ttstonislied .lovkins, 'belore I turn'myself  Into a Hindoo, cooking rice tor hint. ��������� 'fry  It yourself and see how you like it."  Jorkins was crushed He asked meekly  where the rico was kept and spent 'the  ���������est of the day cooking it, while his. wife  otired with u bad hetulacho- He tilled  ���������very tub, pan, pail and basin in this (hit  vith boiled rice, the proportions of which  ippallcd him. Hiding as nnio.h of it as  le could, ho took.in a 'steaming- mess to  ;ivo Piper, who had concealed himself ui������-  ler Mrs  Jorkins' lounge  " You can't give a dog redhot food,"  said his wife. "Yea must cool it tor him  ! alwaysdo "  Her iiuslv.iud looked nt.hcrwtth ndmira-  ion. fie wais heginniug to think her a  iiiirtyr He took I lie rice mid the dog into  ho kitchen, whither Mrs .1 presently  ollowcd him.' Who loutid him on 1m  ;nces, with his bicycle pump, hai'tt a*,  vork Ho was cooling tho rice, while  Piper snt by and bowled ���������(JhicAgo Tinios  Ueruld.    ON IHE EDGE OH  ThE  WOQO&  "'1 ho .'icoiy or u J ;ur l.tiurtl' Ja rnioU  tlie articles in S-'t N lunulas. Mr W S������  Il.irwood, who wrii.?. it, tells ot ihi  giowth of thi:'tire, itio felling of it by  lumbermen, its pus.*.ngu to the mill an^3  '.he eiitung'iiilo lic.urds     '!',!-vii lie say*  A sj-.stom ol roJJeih curiii'K ihe sowed  ��������� '.milter and the tilulix troni ilie saws to tuu  distant end of the null, wIhtu Ihe l!".ii'.i>  ji-u triiimied and hiiricd 'i ho rollers are  t-i-volving cyelliult'ib of steel, raised just  ���������Hough troiu the 'ubles in which they urv  ,ul to keep tiie lumber in motion Stand  \an at the end of the roller curriago. u  blue bloused workman with his biuirp  picaroon directs the hoard in any direction  be wishes, the rough slabs being sent  along one set of subordinate toilers to be  shaved up into shingles or ripped into  kindling tor city consumption, while the  boards pass up a broad, inclined table,  *-lieru whizzing little saws trim them and  jaw them into the requisite lengths In a  bigh cage near the top ot tho room a woi U  man operates a scries of levers like thos::  lu use in a, railway switchyard, directum  the pieces of- lumber, us- they puss ap tho  incline The 'lumber then tumbles down-  the other side of the incline and U rouOj  *-!>r nilii������������������  MU'.way. between iJzo glara and gl-joso  l'i this uoul twiiiRht let ������������ lie���������  Around a fringe of foklen yiocm,  Abov^tin nreli of leufy-sky,  And brubzus blowing blandly by.  Liat to tho wood elioir's swelling praissl  The hermit thrush'is chorister.  Dowj) ail the deep and dusky ways  The choral melodies concur  With soft pvoEundos from the fir.  If v-h':re Mic.su.ilight dints Ihe sh.tfi*  With M::!)ur lihuplt's, soiuu cwlmy  Pour t'ootwl thiug.oar view invado,  Although it t)...rk and wliisk uway,  No discord jars tho rhytluiiio day.  Hare all is liarmony, and here  Care, gurmuntlike, is cast aside.  Ours is liin vision of (ho seor-,  .^iid. siiieu oar doaiust drctuns abtdo,  The yniniiiiK soal is suti.-iil'iVi.  .-Clinton Scolliinl la VouiIi'm i.'oiiiimnion.  DAY SCHOOL.  IfHual subject* taught; also lan-  gwagw, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils amd water colors, pianoforttiand voeal Icmoos gir-  en in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B   C.   ���������o   For high cl.ass statieaary call ^.l  Knight's' Book SVere.   .O   There is no other medicine manufactured that- has received so much  prahse and so many ������xprcssi������us ol  gratitudt as Cliantieriain's C������ugh  Remedy. It is efleoWve, an* prompt  relic' follows its use. Gjateful par-  ������its everywhere da act hesitate to  testify to its- ments for feke benefit  0' others. It is a certain; cure for  croup and win prevent the.attack 11  yriven at the first appeara*ee ef the  disease. It is especially adapted to  children, as it is pleasant t������ take  and contains nothing injurious: Mr-  E. A. Humphreys, a well Imown resident and clerk in the store of Mr.  LocJie, of Alice. Cake Colony. South  Africa, says-. ''I nave used Chamber  Iain's Coujli Remedy to ward oil  croup and csids in my, family. 1  found it very satisfactory and' it gtives j  nit pleasure to recommend It."For  sale by The Ladyswitb  Pharmacy.  WM. MUNSIE,  President  J.  W.  '. Tt lephone*46.  Ct>BURN.  TV>������rtw  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT  FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITU-Shinglcs  a  SpwUltr-  s   ���������Manufacturera     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths.  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc.. of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and  Kiln   Dried  Flooring    ������nd  Finishing    LwnWr to ��������� Stoek  cTWONEY TALKSx-  AS L������UD TO US  AS  ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR  MEAT  YOUR   DOLLARS W  ILL   G������  FURTHER  IF  YOU  BUY FROM US   4)ur Gash Prices Cannot Be Beaten���������^  PAN NELL  &    PLA^KEtT  stEam iwcatkd  WEU,,.F������RNISHUD ROiMS  DA.K SCPPUKD WITH   liEt  WINES, I.1QUOR8, CJ04M  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  LADYSMITH. B. C  Good tables and good  Rooms  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  ,-tf!'i  Time Tabic No. 51  Traiuk /eave/Ladysaiith for Victoria and, all'intermediate stations    at  9.!���������.������.������. -.daily.;, and at.,4.06 p.m. on  Wednesdays,     Saturdalys   and  Sundays." ' <;'. ' /  Trains leave Ladysmith for Wellington and all' intermediate stations  at 11.57, a.m. dalty,  and at 6.00  p. m.   on \Vedn������ days,  Saturdays     and  Sundays. '[ '    '  ExcLrsiou Tickets ^^^5-  i  V ,*':.%,   l\,rJ OJf'SALE TO  AND  FRO^J ALL STATIONS  gosd for going "journey Saturdays and-Sundays, returning not later than  the following Meaday. - -   ,     . ij iiij. J. _.._      ,���������   ��������� 1  ~:���������Steamer Joan   i ���������. ���������   . j,-*,: 1' v.  Sails fradV Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at tl.OO a.m. and  returning sails fraro Vancouver    for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  C������i. Fart an4i- Ooviernatent Streets.,  GEO. L- COURTNEY.  Dist.   Frt. & Pass. Agt.  PORTLHND  DAVID HYNES,  Propristac  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked,.,.,.,  Board and lodgiag J1.00 per day.  u*  This  Hotel  has   been completely  renovated.  HOTEL  JOHNTIiA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied  with  the  Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-:  Liquors and Cigars.  :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Best accommodation for transient  md permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  d������te. Rates $1.00 a day and ap-  w\rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop;  aVflanads  :���������: :���������: :���������-: Ladysmith  ���������THE JONES HOTEL I  ���������WHITE   COOK-=-  aiKl  ���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Hal/ Block from Depot.)  GATACIRE   STREET-     Ladysmith  ���������MEMMMr  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  :o:-  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :-: :���������: :���������: .-: :���������B.C.  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rates |1.25 and$l.BQ-r^  > -.  Free bus to all steamboat- landings and  railway depots.    Electric cars every fiwi  minuteB to all parts of  tha city.   Bsi  and table.unexcelled. <       ...  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,,.  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER, B���������C.  Under New'Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  -c  Proprietor,  Commercial Mens' headqaartcrs. -  Modern and     Strictly First Class.  Fire Proof    Buildiag.  WANTED���������By     Chicago     wholesale  house, special representative (maaar  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary     $20 00     and expenses said  weekly.       Expense  money  advanced.  Business successful;     positien permanent.   -No investment required. rlPrevious experience net essential te engaging. -   -  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111., U.S.A.  t       TO FERN IE,  >,  Kcad DOW*   - Read Up  ������p.m. I.t. ViCT������aiA Arr. 4-<������ P- '"���������  S.������������p. m. U*. .'ScaUle c' Arr. ������.oo a.m.  ������.ai p. m, Arr. v Bwerett Arr.'7.30 a.m  ������.io������. m. Arr. SPOKANIC Arr 7.45 p.m  6.25 p.m Arr.   nexford  Arr 1230 p.m.  8.10   p. m,.Ar.r Bike  Arr. (042 a.m.-  ' f.oo p.m.   Arr.    Fernie   Lv.9.55 a   ut. -  " /'   .ONE NIGHT- -. -V--A---'--'  ,   To ail Kootenay Points  -'��������� ���������'���������, tWo  nights ,  ^.!T6 . Winnipeg and St'Paul  ^..!'"/. Close Connections'  '_'     For ; 'Chicago. ��������� Toronto.  "' vifontreai/and   ���������  All Points East & West  Acetylehe    Lighted     Cars,  Family ;Tourist Sleepers,   '  .  Palace "Sleeping Cars  -    Dining   ^.Cars (Meals a  la '  s    ' Parte).  : ,-    ���������  Library Observation     Cars  Through     tickets and hag-  gage checks to an points. -!  Steamship tickets  For tickets, maps', beiths ;  reservations     and complete  information   , call on or ad-  ���������-'dress.-' " * " *    '��������� "^  S. G. YeTkea       E. R Stephen  A.G.R.A. \ G.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle     1   '   Victoria. B.C.  $  lit.  \L  6 Ask  for,^^  WATSON'S  THSciTY  R. Williamson Prop  1st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  MUMElllEf,   0REEN-  HOUtElt A^D IEfD  ".  '      HOUSES  1010 Westminster Road,'  Headqti'artars, ,for~  PACIFIC i^ROWN OnrJcii.  ,icld  a������4 ll������w������y 5EED5,  ior'disti&utlon!" ;  .Large   stock   oi Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL -  TREES  now' matured for Spring.  - 1       r ,      t  No expense, loss or  delay oi fumigation or inspection.  .Let trie price ,your list  " *  * *       "    -i '        ' ' *  before placing your order. Greenhouse Plants,  Floral Packages, .Fcrtili-  '' zers, e^c.  3010 Westminster Road.  VANCGUVER, B.  C.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts.  VICTORIA, B C  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  1  )  J  ONE   IS THE  /'NORTH   COAST   LIMITED."  The Electric Lighted Train to the  East  Tickets on sale to an Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-to-date'    Pullman   and^..-. Tourist  sleepers      on  ail trains.  Dining  Cat  service Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale to and  from all Izurepsan Points. Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.   "  For furth2r particulars 'call ot  -write the ollice.        Phone Main 456,  A.  1). Chariton  A.G.P.A,   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  E.  E.  Blackwood  General Agent'  Victoria, B.G  PAINtlNd,'     J>APEKMANaiNO  -'-.';', ,'���������:.;.��������� ETC..-;:>v.  Work done properly and at rlffht  prices; A full line of Wall Paper.  and Painter's  Supplies  Residence on  Rebarte' Streei''':'' '���������"'���������  ���������.-.���������v..-.-.: -rrv);roJJ^������<SMiTH.\Pr^  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  s  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, ,TH"3  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST.  RATES,   THE  FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  GUV  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS flITY,  and ALL POINTS EAS'I\  For complete information ask youn  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  igeas,  790 2nd Ave., Seattle,  No. L. 148 MEN'S CHROME KIP BAL  Plain toe, leather lined, bellows tongue, double sole and  slip; This' is a broad toe  lust, made to st������uid hard,  heavy- wear; Ihe upper will always retain its soft, velvety  feeling and is as-'waterproof  as .'leather can   be made.  LTD.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     f  -Tlie Cream of Scotch Wkiskies-  a* Sole  Agents for B  AY GO,  c.  t  I   HHAB OFFICE  i DUNCANS STATION.  *      Vancouver Island, B. G,  PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH       , C.  i  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  4:  ei'feai'fea^'feai'fe^i'ferPi'^ *J'fe������!'fe^'fer^--!*#' tk-&*:te ^.'���������yr^.'-feW-K r/^-^fe-ft-feaiifra) <*���������.  If:yeu\'likfrT-^-V.:["''',:'���������.',:.       .  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Columbia  Guaranteed  Brew  \    _d from the K'cs -   .anadiah- Malt   Run  Hops  ��������� ������*4  4  *.**������������������������������������������<  >������������������������������������������������������������������������*  LAG 'SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS.     ORGANS    aNDHOUSEHOLD     nimNITUR'"  Elf PROMPTLY A M) SA FKLY.    .     f,\  MOV-  '^  <tallies in Hie rem of ihe Lad ystiiiili hotel  Alilifils fn>il.  Leave or'Ws at.  the  + 4 ������.������.������������������������*-���������*������  ^������������\.������<.,������������.>    ������+j  A. J. WASHET, PROP  IS MADNESS INFECTIOUS?  Dr. Ford Rohfertson,   in the first of  the   Morison lectures  at Edinburgh,  has    inn forward a theory.as to tlie  cause of   general paralysis of the insane     which the medical faculty are  in    no -wise. / inclined    to accept    as  conclusive.        He    declares that evidence is  available to show that general paralysis and the  allied disease,  tabes    dorsalis,     are    as specific in  their causation  of  tuberculosis,    typhoid    fever or    diphtheria. With his  assistants  he succeeded   in oh|aiu rig  a, culture   of the diphtheroid  bacillus  from, the bfain in nine out of twenty-tin ee    cases of   general  paralysis  in  which  the experiment  was made.  Inquiries   among  the   best  special-'  ists   in London  indicated . that  while  (lie  medical     profession    regard  Dr.  Ford Robertson's theories  with sympathetic'     interest,  they  do  not consider    that they advance our know-1  edge of     how ������est to deal with general -    i<iralysis    ui-   the    insane one  whit      Regret    is expressed that so  Tar tfiothing -decisive has come     from  his experiments.  Miliars' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and'Kepaind at short    nomts.    Drill Sharpened ;by  n������   ������������������  ways gives satisfaction. ��������� Picks hand! -'! and repaired.  ShipsmitliiniS    in    nl������     Us,   'Ranches  lhor5t>hoer.������ ar-.i *i������ ner?*! litacksmilns.  LAW SO i^  Bullr-r Street.   -      -    -      -   Ladywiniili, h i  R.  *      LIVELY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  , | 111 EXPRESS  WORK   A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  LADYSVlir  JPHONE 66  . -  *  *  ������  t  >  *���������  a  DRASTIC ARMY CHANGES  ���������  Drastic chanfries are contemplated,  by the Liberal government' in the Wr-  gani?ation and administration of the  British army, and ���������he propo^'- ib  is claimed, will give increased efficiency. Retrenchment appears to tie  (he keynote of the proposed,re-organi  zation, and as Va result the Army  Estimates to he submitted to Pai-  liament ai'e expected" to show a great  .reduction.  It has hecii found that the system  of decentralization introduced by Mr  Brodricli, .which provided for the  grouping together of 'regimental districts, "has levn vpr- -"- while  no compensating advantages have  been derived.  This, therefore, is to be abandoned, and there will be a' return to the  old system' ot district' commands  which was i" vogue before Mr. Brod-  rick's scheme was introduced.  Portsmouth was-.j^rmerly the head-  REWARD will  be paid to miy  person \\lio proves thai  Sunlight So.'tp contains any  injurious dicmic.ilfl or any  form of adulteration.  ��������� * ��������� *���������*���������*������������������*���������*���������*���������*���������  LIGHT TEAMING     ,:  -     ' 4  Wood and Birk fur Sil5 -- -"  - SEE J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORDERS  WITH     \;  - W. CARTER,-  FIRST AVENUE  W. SILER.  GENEKAL JbXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  P<  Leave orders at the Abhotsford.  PHONE     6-0  Ladysmith Temple No. 5 Rathbonc  Sisters meets at.the Oddfellows' hull  2nd  and  4th  Tuesday at  7.30  p.m.  Mrs.  Kate Tato secretary.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  fleets in the 1* O. .0 .F- Hall, La-  Weiiington Grove No 4 U. A. O. D  dykmith, the Second and Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, commencing Wednesday, lath.. 1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited to at-  taii. -    .-.  ���������;., ... .  ; ". :'���������;,  By.Order.  WM  RAFTER, Rect Secty.  j?Atrick;burk. n: A.  LAME  BACK ..  This ailment is usually caused by  . rheumatism of the muscles and iinay  be cured by applying CliamSiterlaiii's  Pain Balm two or Uui-.t times a day  each application If t!i1 -t does not aland rubbing   the parts  vigorously at  ford relief, hind oil a piece of flannel  -.slightly dampened with Pain -. Balmy  and quick relief is almost sure to  follow. For sale by (he - Lady.smilh  Pharmacy.'  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  is better than other soaps,  but is best when used in  the Sunlight way.  Sunlight Soap contains  no injurious chemicals.  Sunlight Soap is pure  soap, scientifically made.  Every step in its manufacture is watched by an  expert chemist.  Sunlight Soap saves  labor, and the wear of  rubbing which common  soaps require in .washing  fabrics.  Your money  refunded by  the dealer from whom you buy  Sunlight Soap if you find any cause  for complaint.  Lever Brothers Limited. Toronto  A good deal has Deen heara rrom  time to time of the extent to which the  Japanese pushed their spy system,  both in Manchuria and Russia, before  the war. The accuracy of the following story is guaranteed by the Matin:  Toward the end of 1898 a Japanese  from Kiusiu arrived in St. Petersburg  and opened a tea warehouse on the  Nevsky prospect. Shops of this klud  simply swarm in the Russian capital,  but all the same the Japanese prosper*  ed exceedingly.  In view of the big business he antic-  ' fpated at the Easter festivities during  the following spring the tea merchant  got over five of his fellow countrymen as assistants. These were all extremely agreeable, tactful young fellows, who quickly ingratiated themselves with the aristocratic clientele of  the shop.  But despite the prosperity of their  business the Japanese did not seem  happy. Their melancholy was noticed,  and at last they confessed their secret.  They did not In the least mind leaving  Japan; they were delighted with Russia. What they did not like was to remain foreigners on the soil of their  adopted country. ,Thelr dearest wish,  they said, was to become naturalized  Russians and to be admitted Into the  Orthodox church.  The idea appealed to the aristocratic  customers of the tea shop, aud In due  course they were admitted into the Orthodox church and made Russian clti-  eens.  Shortly after this the five new Rue-  elans wanted to get married and found  families. Once" more their customers  interested themselves in their behalf.  Brides were found in the shape of  pretty young Russian work girls, dowries provided by subscription and the  'Marriage ceremony duly performed.  Time went on, children were born, and  everything In the various nienages  seemed to be most satisfactory when  suddenly the war broke out. Two days  later the Russian-Japanese tea men  had all disappeared, leaving their wivea  and families behind them in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg society was flabbergasted. The confidences It had unfortunately imparted to the tea men  went to Tokyo in the form of private  reports to the Japanese general staff,  while the heroes of the story, all captains or lieutenants* in the Japanese  army, went back to their respectivt  rPirlmenta.���������London News.  > Wf re twins, an' my-flame's  J..ucy BroWM,  Au' her name's Lulu.    i'm called Lou,      |-_,  An' everybody in 'Is tovrrk  'Ky call my sinter 'at name tno. ^ >  An' folks 'ey come to see us here,  An v.-e 1st have tJie mostes' fun, '  "Cause evw'body say: "Oh, dear!  Wy, 'is one is the nuther one!"  My papa sometimes look at me  An' say, "We'J, Lulu, how you growl-  An' nen I laugh, an" nen, w'y, he  Say goodness sakes,, he'll never know  Which one is which.   An' nen I say  No one can tell us twins apart  ^Canse we're together anyway.  An' nen he holler, "Bless you heart!**  My mamma never gets us rr.ixed;  She always knows my twin i'um ma.  An' papa say she's got us fixed���������  Our clo'e.s or hair so'e she can sea.       '-"  But mamma hugs us bofe up tight  An' 'kisses us an' pats our curls  A.n' says a muvver's always'v,'lte  An' always knows her preshus girl*,  But nuiher folks *ey 1st can't tell.  An" oncet when Lulu dumb a tre������  An' couldn't hold, w'y, when she fell  The doctor thought 'at she was me.  Nen w all laugh, an' he 1st say        ,'  It's all in how tho notions strike.  At bofe o' us looks ist one way.  T.at 'at I look Ihe most alike!  -Wiltrjr D. Nesljit in Harper's Magaaloe.  The  Great Quextloii.  Fond Young Mother (with firstborn*  ���������Now, which of us do you think he is  rfkeV  Friend (judiciously)���������"Well, of course,  intelligence has not really dawned iu  his countenance yet, but he's wonderfully like both of you!���������Punch.  In Your Leisure Time  *       i:        " *    \ '     ' * '  Jfyou.c^ouldjytart.at once; in: a .business which would add a good rounJ  sum to your'present earning*.���������WITHOUT    INVESTING . A   DOLLAR���������WOuIdn t  you do it?' ,.   .      '.       u    ",'  "Well," we are "willing'to ���������tart you ia  a profitable business and we don't as!c  you to put up any kind^of ajdollar. v  Our proposition is"lhii" We"'wifl  ���������hip you the Chatham Incubator and  Brooder, freight prepaid, and   r ��������� ��������� -  You Pay  No Gash Until  After 1906 Harvest.  ' Poultry-raising pays.'-��������� ' ���������- -  People who tell you that .there, is no  money in raising chicks may have tried  to make money in the business by using  setting hen's as hatchers,' and thejr  might as well have tried, to locate .a  gold mine in the cabbage patch. The  business of a hen is���������to lay eggs. A������  a hatcher and brooder-she is 'outclassed. . That's the -business of th������  Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and  they do it perfectly and successfully:  The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any other  business for the amount of time and  money  invested.  Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women all over Canada and ths  United Stales���������have proved to their  satisfaction that it is profitable to raise  chicks with the  DEATH MASK STAMPS  Vhe  De<  quarters of tho southern commami  under the old system, ib\ii ,it was  transferred to Salisbury. The proposal now is to restore the headquarters to Portsmouth. .That will  mean doing away with the staff of  General Sir II. Settle, who is now I  in command oE the Poilsmouth defences.  Another important pro-posal is that  the Salisbury Pl.nn distiict slia'- be  added to the Salisbury conifnand, together with the immediate U-inlorv  and the whole absorbed by Alder-  shot. ���������London Exchange-.  At  THE  aim. Truit��������� aiy nusoand Is a sort oi  Jack of all trades; he can do almost  anything. Mrs. Gayboy���������And mine la  a sort of jack of clubs; be beloiig3 tc  fifteen different societies and can dc  Almost anybody!  t  Office  .-JOHOHtt  1st Avenue  3������  CnuKo  and Effect.  Mlfklns���������Wasn't Benedict'* death  /^ather sudden and unexpected? Bif-  kins���������Well, it was sudden, but not  necessarily unexpected. His wife bad  Just graduated from a cooking school  Adversity is sometimes hard upon a  man, but for one man who can stand  prosperity there are a hundred who  will stand adversity.- ...  Tre������������srtent  ot Ba**J,  In a serious burn as soon as the Art  Is extinguished the clothes must be removed. If not already thoroughly wet  the injured part should be. drenched  with water and the clothes cut away,  Everything must be sacrificed to getting thorn off without pulling, as th<  eligbtest dragging may bviug the sktu  o/r too. If patches of tiie clothing ad������  here and will not drop off, they must  be allowed to remain. Dip cloths in a  thick solution of common washing soda  In water and lay them over the burnec"  surface, bandaging lightly to keep them  Jn place. As soon as a dry spot appears  on this dressing, wet It with the soda  and water by squeezing some on it  There will be no smarting while it II  flnlurated aud excludes the air.  Servian  fsaue  Which  Is   In  mand Anionic Collector*.  According to a Belgrade correspondent,  the  publication  of  the  story  of  Queen Natalie's' iutrigue to reve������g������  berself on Servia, followed by the sudden withdrawal by the postal authorities of all the new coronation stamps,  Is the eole topic of conversation  throughout the Balkan states.  In order to celebrate King Peter*e  coronation the Servian government deckled to issue a series of large postal  labels bearing the new monarch's portrait beside that of his ancestor Kara--  geovge.  The engraving was unfortunately ln> ! ������noney  trusted to a Frenchman named Mou- j X"���������Ni  ebon, a person, it is alleged, very  friendly toward Queen Natalie, avd. be  very skillfully introduced into tlfc������ 4e-  si^n for the new postage stamps the  ghastly features of the queen's murdered son, King Alexander.  A vast number of the coronation  ���������tamps were issued to the public before  It became known to the authorities  that the new issue was regarded by  many of King Peter's superstitious  ���������ubjects as a "heavenly sign" that tlie  Sew monarch's reign was to be "brief  and bloody."  If one of the new stamps be held np-  ���������Ide down the unmistakable death  mask of King Alexander may be seen,  formed by a portion of King Peter's  head with that of his ancestor, Kara-  george. The nostrils of the l^'O beads  together form the eyes of the murdered monarch, the mustaches make the  eyebrows, and the eyebrow and eye of  Karageorge form King Alexander's  nose and mouth.  The "'death mask stamps," as the new  Issue has become known, have undoubtedly made a great impression i������  the army and among the uneducated  classes.  ���������  "I learn on the best authority," cou-  -eludes the correspondent, "that the'  ������overms<mt is aking desperate efforts  to buy ap as many of the dangerous  labels as possible and is even sending  agents abroad to France, Germany  and England to secure them at any cost  from speculators and foreign stamp  dealers."���������London Nevp.-"   : o���������������������������  Eaxy When You Know How.  "It's remarkable," said the doctor,  "how much excitement a bean or some  equally small object can cause when it  is lodged iu a baby's nose. This morning a frantic mother rushed into my office and implored me to extract a bead  which her baby bad put into its nose,  Improvising a suitably bent probe fron������  e hairpin I borrowed from the hyster  leal woman, I succeeded in removing  the head in less time than it would take  to count six. And the first thing the  woman said wns:  " 'Why, I could have done that my*  self!" "���������New York Press.  Repartee.  "If they ever get to writing the truth  In epitaphs," said the man with the  ; angry ������yes, "I hope I may live long  ; enough to write what wiU go on your  j tombstone."  j    "If they ever put the truth on 'em,"  I retorted the man with the agyessive  ��������� chin, "I hope I'll live long enough te  ; ������ead what goea ou your?."- Judge.  Rxcane  Enoacrh.  , "Re spoke very harshly of yon yet>  terday."  "I can't blame him.    He owes me  and hasn't any way of paying  ���������New Orleans Times-Democrat.  Stnire Ho8*r.  Time is stage money to the man who  j is out on the highway In quest of ���������  j Job.���������Judge.  He���������Why does a woman always ������nea  tears when she Is happy?  She���������She doesn't,  lie���������Well,   why   doesn't   she?���������New  York World.  The  Eternal  Feminine.  She had been through school and Qollrf*  And could write herself A. B.;  She lind studied s. proLc.-5iorj    Which had added an M. D.;  She had dwelt in college settlement*  And had clear, decided views j  On political developments.  And she read the daily news, ' |'"  But she still remained all feminina    ' ,[:  Despite acquired lore. J j  Slio could never meet a woman  .Without noting all she wore.  ���������Tudor Jenlcs ia Harper's Bazar.  It is computed that the money  spent in drink in Leeds in a single  year, would provide 5,000 families  with 30s a week all the j'ear round.  No. 2���������120 Eggs  No. 3���������240 Eggi  CHATHAM INCUBAT03  AND BROODER.  "Yours is the first incubator I have  used, and I wish to state I had 52  chicks out of 52 eg-gs. This was my-  first lot; truly a 10o per cent, hatch,  lam well pleased with my incubator  and brooder. Thos. MoNAuaniON,  Chilliwack, B.C."  "My first hatch came oft  I got  170 flnechiek8 from 100 eggs.   Who '  can beat that for the first trial, and.  so early in the sprinc.    I am well  pleased with  incubator,   and if I  could not pet another money could  not buy it from me.   Every farmer   .  should have a No. 3 Chatham Incu- .  bator.���������F. W. Ramsay,1 DunnvUle,  Ont." '  "Tho incubator you furnished ma  works exceedingly -well.   It is easily  operated, and .only needs about 10  '    minutes attention every day.  R.  McGltffik, Moosk Jaw, Asg������."  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is honestly constructed. There is ne  humbug about it. Every inch of material  is thoroughly tested, the machine ,is  built on right principles, the insulation  is perfect, thermometer reliable, and  the workmanship the best. ���������.,!���������  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is simple as well as scientific in construction ���������a woman or girl can operate  the machine in their leisure moments.1  You pay us no cash until after, 190ft  harvest- ' - '  Send us your name aud address on  a post card to-day.  We can supply you quickly from out  distributing warehouses at Calgary, Brandon, Recina, Winnipeg. New Westminster,  B.C.. Montreal, Halifax. Chatham. Address  all correspondence to Chatham. 314  TheManson Campbell Co.,iimKH  DepU5 ACHATHAM, CANADA  Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.  Let us quote you prices  on a &ood Fanning Mill  or flood Farm Scale* .  1U flies.  I ask not diamonds so fair.  Nor gold would 1 control;  I only ask that I may own  A simple ton of coal.  yoa,  Pnt  Ills  Voot In It.  She���������You    never   gamble,   do  George?  Ho���������You can bet your life on thatr  A Parody.  Life is real, life is earnest.  And the grave is not its goal;  Its great aim, thou sadly learnes^  Is to get sufficient coal.  Too  Muclt  of It.  'Jfeter���������Your wire u^co ;vtremely gco4  language..  Totter���������Yes,   and   lots   of   It  Tt will seem passing .strange to the  politicians to.have no railroad passes.  Faith  A  Habit   to Lie'Encouraged.  The  mother   who  has acuXiircd   the  hub' 1. of keeping on  hand a bottle of  C'liumlicrlii.iir.s  t'oiigli  Remedy, saves  herself a great  amount; of uneasiness  and  iiTi.v'U'ty.    Coughs,   colds       and  i-nwip,   lo which children ai'e susceptible,  are  quickly cured   by   its  use.  It cofiitleraclN any  tendency ,of -a cold  to result  in  pneu .tonia.  and   if given  as soon   as (lie   first  symptoms       of  j croup  appear,   it   will  prevent '���������   the  1 attack.    This remedy contains  nothing injurious and mothers give it to  little ones   with   a feeling of perfect  f security.       Sold by the    Ladysmith  J Pharmacy. ,  Sunlight Soap ia hotter than other soaps,  but is best wbon used in the Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Soap and follow direotions.  ouFiciT������iiiTF    .  IIGEHTS' FURNISHINGS  Mens'  Clothing,   Boys'   aud  Youths'  Mens' White Dress Shirts, Benin, Sal  ems Negiigee Shirts in Fancy ���������Patterns, Linen and Celluloid Collars,  Sufis, Neckties, and Suspenders in  large varieties- in Yotuths' Boys' and  Mens', silk ami Japanese Initial  Handkerchiefs, also in Ladies' fancy  Kiik and lint'ii. Boots and Shoes ir  all  Sizes.  Don't lorget the place,  on High St  Next to Hardware Store.  John J. THOMAS.  You cannot be expected to have failh in  Shiloh's Consumption Cure, the Lung  Tonic, as a cure for Colds, Coughs and all  diseases of the air passages, if you have  nol tried it. We have faith in it, and we  guarantee it. If it doesn't cure you it costs  you nothing. If it does it costs you 25c.  That's fair. Try it to-day.  Shiloh has cured many thousands of the  most obstinate cases, and we do not hesitate  to say that it will cure any Cold, Cough,  Throat or Lung trouble. If we did not  believe this we would not guarantee it.  Shiloh has had an unbroken record of  success for thirty years. It has stood  every possible test without failure.   Further  NOTICE  Consumers  pay Watsr  LADYSMITH   WATER   WORKS  are requested to call at    the ofTiee     ea  Roberts   Street and  Rates, between the  10th    and the 25th of each month.  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  ���������;U BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.'.,  is found in the many testimonials of those  who have tried Shiloh and been cured.  Mrs. Archie Taylor, Asaph, Pa., writes:���������  " I bought a botlte of Shiloh's Consumption Cure  and Found it very beneficial. 1 havetwo children,  and ihcy bad a terrible; courIi. I Rave them  everything I could tliinlc of, bulthsy col no beilei,  until one evening my husband boiichl a lx>a!c of  Shiloh. We gave it to the children when they  went to bed,and they slept all nislit. Ii cured  them completely, i shall always keep it in the  house." $. . 603  SHILOH  25c. witH guarantee : wherever medicine is ������old.  Public  Notice  Attention is called to the   Tact that the  Ogilvie   Flour Hills Co.,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some r,lm������  past been producing flour In a   Tastly  improved and purified form  by the aid ol ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity ol a dvising  the public that any .'  orized users ol tbe clectrioal   flour purifying processes  wilf be pro-  ������ecuted. \ C?$fl  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company "Ljm  are the    only    millers ia Canada wh.33a  I.*.* tlie     9lvj*r?li ������.������>3'>1������  Flour  4 *���������=!*������������������  THE    DAILY    LEDGER  A:.  as  as  'k:1&!������  LOCAL ITEMS  Miss E. Dofcpson will be at the Ab-  botsford Hotel! every Saturday afternoon to give lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, 'efficiently taught. For particulars apply Box 12, or Phone 140, Nanaimo.'  Smoke Little K. Cigars.  WANTED,    (at once) photo  of 1 .-  dysmith,at  Knight's jBookfStore.  .Prescriptions filled promptly at Ihe  Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Mr. J. A. Knigh't was a passeng. r  to Victoria  tins  morning;.  ������aai  ASK YOUR  GROCER FOR  '"     - 1  t*  CUPONS  WHEN YOU PURCHASE,  WHITE SWAN   SOAP  Miss Ingham, accompanied b*- Miss  Mathers, visited friends |n Nanaiino  yesterday,   returning this morning.  YOU MAY WIN A SINGER SEWING MACHINE)|  Messrs.   J.   II.      Ha/l-tthornth'waite   (jic ii,lc  and  Pnrkcr Williams,  M.  P. P., pas  sod    through     on the  morning train  to  Victoria.  jMr.   1M      Meredith  returned on 'the  morning train from a hunting trip up '  Smoke Big  I J. Cigars.  Pictorial f Poet  Mr. Wilfrid Akenhead was .among  the citizens of Ladysmith visiting  Nanaimo yestetday. He returned  this morning.  New  Knight's Book Store  Cards  at  Mr. J. J. Thomas, who spc>n|, yps-  terdav in Nanaimo, returned on the  nine  o'clock  train  this morning.  Mr.   N.   Brae-,  Bank of  yjsjt In  morning.  I    If there is anything  you    want in  . tlie. Drug or patent medicine line you  : will   find   it a,t    the Lad)smith  Dmu  jr.,   of the  Canadian   Store. . -  10R SALE or RENT  ���������   The "Well Known Hotel Ladysmith,  thoroughly  furnished,  also  liar    and  fixtures for   sale or rent.     For fur-  .ther particulars apply to Annie Stevens, at the Stevens' Block, Ladysmith,  B.' C.  Commerce, returned from a  his home  in  Nanaimo   this I    Mr.    McGregor,    of   Nanaimo,   was  the guest    of Mr. W.   \Valkem at the  Hotel  I<"r;.nk  la-st evening.  ' iMr. Russell Simpson visited Nanaimo vesterday. lie returned this  morning.  Mr. Cavin, of Simon Lciser's shoe  department, returned on the morning . train  from  a Visit  to  Nana*mo.  Sec Blair &  Adam's advertisement  Miniature Book of B. C. Views at '��������� another column.  Knight's Book Store.  w~  m be-  ��������� ��������� ���������  Having taken over the  BOOT & SHOE  business of I  we ask for a Continuance  of the Patronage extend-  , en to him and by Strict  Attention to Business  hope to keep before the  Public a First Class  St'Ckofthe Best Lines  in  =60015 i 90G-  Owing to the room in  our Shoe Department being too small we intend  Sacrificing Several Lines  of Hens'. Womens' and  Children.   Shoes  Vcn, Archdeacon Scriven passed  through to Duncans on the morning  train from Englishman's liver, at  which place he conducted services  yesterday.  Numerous enquiries arc coming in  from the) Northwest; Manitoba and  further East, also from the states,  for farm lands on Vancouver Island, the climate, and about the  reports of development of the Is-  _ Upd    which  the     C.  P.   11.  and  the  McLwail    g Ci-nd    Trunk   will carry  out within  Ihe next  few   years.  r  Gypsy fortune   tellers pitched their  j tens on the Pavilicn green on Saturday    and all-   day    yesterday    did a  : roaring-    'lusiness.        'Many a young  man consulted  the., prophets and with  . throwing    pulse heard his  fate from  ' the lij s    of  the dusky countenanced  female or her swarthy faced husband.  ! In    nearly    all cases   the swain was  ���������! told  that the damsel loved  him deai'r  ly,  but was told    to beware of that,  mysterious dark man and the  designing,   black-eyed woman,  who always,  according to  the fortune  teller seemed to     figure    prominently  in the future  of   all.       Now     that  so niaiiv  Know      that they are to be rich [n a  few months,   no doubt   care wili     l.e  thrown   to the winds and  business in  town will be  biisk.  LEFT   ip_R ASJlCRpPT  On the S. S. Jo.ui, Saturday morn  ing-, Mrs. R. Boyle, accompanied by  her daughter, Miss Helena, left for  Arhcroft. The ladies expect to l������  away for over a" month, visiting  friends in Mr. Boyle's eld district,  liofofe accepting t/he pastorate pf  the Lad) smith churph, Mr. BnylP  resided with his family for several  years in Ashcroft, and their many  old friends are ��������� preparing a great  welcome for Mrs. and Miss Boyle.  en.  on  Friday, Feb. 16  we Start our  9  *H*8B  k.c  -NOTICE-,  Owing: to ill health I  have been compelled to  close out my boot and  shoe business in Ladysmith and have sold my  entire stock to Messrs.  Blair & Adam. Trusting  you Will in the future  extend to my successors the liberal patronage extended to me in  the past  I Remain,  Yours Faithfully,  TllOMAH JUcKWAN  Entirely tNew Range of  Patters this season-  They come ii Spots,  Checker d Planets, &  Fancy Striped���������They  are lot all in yet, but  what are in show a  Decided Tendency to  the Fancy���������In fact  they have come to  stay���������We have a  Beautiful Range and  More Coming in ev.  ery day���������You Should  See Them.  Walters &  i  Akenhead  Dangeri      ������/     Cold  aed  How  - Atoid Them.  Mori fatalities have th*ir urigitf in  or result from a cold taai from any  other  cause.    This  fact alone sh������ulct  make  people more careful  as v there  is no   danger   whatever   from   a cold  when it is properly treated ift the beginning.    For many years Chamberlain's Cough Remedy lias b*en   rec-  ogaized  as the most prompt a*d   effectual  medicine   in use  '6r   this disease.   It acts oi   mature's plan, loosens the cough,'relieves the lungs, opens the secretions  and aids nature in  restoriag     the system     to a healthy  condition.     Sold  by toe Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  N������TIO������  Mortgage Sale ���������  Under aaa by virtue of the power*  contained in a cerlah* Mortgage  which will b������ product*! at the time  of the sale, there will be offered for  sale hi bbijlir ahction on Faturhay  Ke!. 3rd., ) 1906, at tk������ kour of 10  ockek in the forenoon, at the Law  Office of M. R. Simpson, in the city  of Ladysmith, B. C., by G. R:  Thomas, the following property: Lot  ���������line (9) block ninety-seven, (97)  aud buildings thereon, s tuated on  Baden Powell street, ia the City of  Ladysmith.  Terms of payment ca������ be arranged  vith the Mortgagor or hip Solicitor.  For further particulars and con.d>-  I ions of salt applv to  RUSSELL SIMPSON    -  Solictor for the Mortgagee.  Bated at Ladysmith this 29tli day  of January, A.  D., 1908.  "J  GENTS FURNIS  Wc have over $2000 worth of Men's  tnd Boy's Clothing on hand which  we  dispose of at  fi5 and 40 Per Gent  N  ���������: below Regular Selling Price ^ All  Goods Marked in Plain Figures  Men's Suits $15 Now 11.50  "    ���������' "    $12    "    8.50  ���������������������������������������������������������������*  We Are Expecting New Stock in  and  Our Room is Limited,  '  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATACRT. ST  LADYSMITH  Smoke Big n. Cigars.  Latest magazine's at Kuigkt'e.  KS8R  Common CoMs    arc the Cause  Manv   Serious      Diseases.  of  WWWj^  -yAjnar*.4f  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased at (10 per acre for soft, coal and  (20 for anthracite. Not more tfcaja  320 acres can be acquired by mm individual or company. Royalty at the  rate o( ten cents per toa of 2,000  poundf. shall b������ collected on' the  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is,  granted upon payment in advance ot  (7.50 per annum fer aa iaaividual,  and from (50 to- (100 per annua lor  a company, according to capital.  A     free miner, having discovered  mineral iu place, may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,500 feet.   The fee for re-  wzzasxx^n^msi  Physicians  who  have  gained  a national reputation.as -analysts of the  cause of various  diseases, claim ���������'that  of catching cold  could  be avoidid   a  long    I list    of dangerous     ailments  would never be even heard of.  '  Fv-  ery one  kmows  that pneumonia   and  consumption  originate  from a   cold.  and  chronic catarih,   bronchitis, and  all  throat and  lung trouble arc    ftg,   ������"      a claim. is  ,5>0f  grava-ted. and  rendered  moc'c  serious  1>y each  fresh   attack.    Do not risk  your life or take chances   vhen   you  ha������\c     a cold.    Cham'-prlaiirs Cough  Remedy  will cure It before  these dc-  scases  develop.    This   remedy       contains  no   opium,   morphine  or  other  harmful drug and has thirty years of  repulaeion back  of it,  gained  v.-  its  c'res undei i> ery condition- For sale  !>y  t-hc  LailysmiLh  Pharmacy,  FOR SALIC  fOR  SALE���������Stocl. and  Fixtures   ot  J. H.    Tait's  Candy  and Tobacco  store on the Esplanade, for 52 25 c^sh  Apply   on   premises.  Remember ti>e     place to get writing material is  Knight's Book Store  ��������� ���������o���������     -  MUSIC  ��������� ��������� ���������  Over $2500 Worth  | of "Footwear to go-  I Come Early and get  First Choice  SCeep"Your Eyes on our  | Big Window and Look  1 ������of  Pianoforte and Vocal Music thoroughly taught by Frank G. Ash ton of  Urn tiuildliaU f-'chool and Trinity Col-  h'gis of Mu^ic, London, JOing-Jand.  Pui-il of the late Tiioinas W.inghajn,  Mus.   Doc, flrgamst,    IJi-onvpioii,  Oratoi7    Loudon.  "Mi. Ashton is now resident in Lc-  fiysinilh and prepare;! t,> hi! e pn-  pils . Harmony and Theory a S|:c  c.'alty. Terms, etc., on application  P.  (.).   l!OX   21)2.  GEO   YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith  ^  B.   C  WATCH  We are now showing a Large Stock of  Handsome Watches.ladies and Gents!  RINGS  and Other Jewejry of First Class Quality  ^?^=ir^ESIt-WL������!  mini      -'w-^.^  B;PORCIMriE������  WA'lCtlMAKKH.   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First  Avenue,    X.   X   X      Ladysmith,   B. C  COUGH RtJiMiSDY  BLAIR &  ADAM  Mr. P- CL Gase, a mail carries of  Canton Centre. Conn , who has hecn  :n ihe Xi S. service for about sixteen  years, suys: "We ha e tried many  cough medicines for croip, hut Cbani'  beriain's Cough Remedy is king of  all and one to Lie relied tin every time  We also find it th-3 best remedy for  coughs and colds, giving certain results and leading no bad after effects." For sile by The Ladysmith  Pharn:acy.  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be l'TVE CENTS per loaf��������� 20  loaves for a dollar; My read is  guaranteed the best made. Shops  rim by white help should receive  ���������vrhite peoples' patronage so long as  they are properly conducted. i so  licit a trial as your Baker.  C.  R. DOCILE,  THE WELLINGTON BAKERY  PAINTING. AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Executed  S. ROEDDNG     ~ -���������-���������   LADYSMITH  as  Notice  A. HOWE,|ofCHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately   run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL jUNE OF FIRST CLASS MEAT S  r d ������< Ufage.a fpccfalty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  PLone 20  At least $100 must be expanded op  the claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder is lieu thereof. When  $500 hat been expended ot paU, the  locator may, upon having a, lucvay  made, and upon complying wltk other requirements, purchase th������ land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides f������r tfct payment of a royalty ������f 2| per ������ent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee la, r������-  newable yea:ly.  A free miner ma.y obtain tw������ Isaacs  to  dredg? for  gold  ������t  five miles  each for a term of twnnty y������ars, renewable at the descretion of the Minis ter of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dr������dge la  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five wiles.  Rental, $10 per annum Jot each mile  of river leased.. Royalty at th������ rate  of 2fc per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the In  urior.  Smoke  Big B. Cigars.  W.G.Fraser  MerchantTailor,  - (ist Avenue)  Pall Stock   on   hand. Call early and  jet your choice  Stoves  Stoves  NOTICE |  Notice ia herchy given that I, Agr  ncs Krii^rit, will apply at the next  regular sitting of the licensing board  lor the tra'j������.fer of the retail liquor  license held by nie for the premises  lately known as the Island Home Ho  tel, iocated on lot 3, block 2G, in  the city of:-.Ladysmith, B. C, to  George Hannay, the above hotel to  be known as The  Hotel Cecil.  Signed, AGNES KNTQ'H,T\  Dr.R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, and at reasou  able rate*.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE    .  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPEN   AT   ALL HOPRS  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUbF  We ar|*naking them oOhe Newest;^Pattern and Lates*  Styles.,  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOU NDKY WORE  1 #ur Prices are Reason* hie  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR 'AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  :\% and at LkdysmilhjHardware^Company ^:  LADYSHITH   IRON & STOVEiiWORKS CO���������_LTD.  RO   YEARS'  KiENCE  .   *���������"������������������?-���������-j���������*"*    .'~t *v-  ' 5fa si ^  i'haoc Marks  Dcoiar������s  COTVRICHTS AC.  -   Anyon* tandlng ��������� ikatoh end dcicriptinii mm  anlcklr ueortahi our outiiloa free whether mi  liiTcnlton-U probkblr *M*BUbl������. Communlcd-  MoniatrlGtlyconBdtuUw. Handbook on Patent!  sent traa. Oldaat.uwaoy for aacurlngiiatent*.  PatanU tak������a wroufh Munu ft           tpiciml notka, watkottt okar������a, la tba  Sckntiflc Americaiu  A kaudaomaly Mlaitratad waakly.   Lamest tit.  HDlattan of any aatanUfla Joaraai.   Tarnta, ������3 a :���������  faar: four moatlu, ������L ���������oldbyail nawadealcrt  WUNNJc Ca."18"'^ New Yo.*."  GCSIGNS J  > TRADEMARKS -������  , AND COPYRIGHTS-i  OBTAINED       i  } ADVICE A3 TO PATENTABILITY  V Notice in ''inventive Age"  ��������� ttooi "How to obtain Patents"  FREE  , Diaries for  1908  aft ������������ight's  Baofc  Stort.  COMMERCIAL HOffL  MR. an������ MRS. T. J  THOMAS, late j tj Avenue  of   Mount Sicker Hotel, and 61 tho -X  Palaee Hotel, Nanaimo,  have    i.a'.  chased the "'..; ?..;'..  -���������COMMERCIAL HOTEIr---  on Douglas Street, Victoria, opposilu  the city hall,'anil invite their   -old  PATRONS AND FRIENDS TO VIS-  IT THEM WHEN IN VI������-  TORiA.  M.R. SIMPSON  t Solicitor, Ete.    ���������'." .'-,���������;���������';.;���������"..  Money to   Loan  V-;;''. "-v",';:i mm V  fRvmK  EXCELLENT  Train Service  ���������CTWCKN  CHI0A6O, LONDON,  NA3IJ.T0N, TORONTO,  N0NTREIL, QUEIEC,  P0RTUND, IOST0N,  A������������ Uia rrtaolaal Builaeu OaaUr* af  Ontario, Qu������b������c, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALU Tl IIFFALt, HEW YIRX AUD  ���������HIIAIELPHIA, VIA NIAIARA FALLS.  Far Tltae Tablet, ate, address  OaTO. w. vaux,  Aniitaat ������������������������'! PanaaBar aad TI.lrBt Aeent,  139 ������b������t ������T.. CM10AOO, MIL. ������  rjf  NOTICE  NoticeJis herehy given that I will  apply at the next sitting of the.Municipal Lieensuvg Board for. th������ *raas  fer of the retail   ' liquor license held  by me for the Portland Hotel, ' sitiua  tef.1 on Lot.10,     Block 4,  Riist  ATe-  n'ae, to David Hynes.     '  !; -.-    JOHN  GOGO  '���������"    Ruesell SimRSon, Solicited.  "CAPIlVAL   CAN   BE  EASILY   IN  TERESTED -if your busiaess is  sound and legitimate; we will re-or-  gauiise you on ,a money earning Ijasis;  nerw Mitierprisps successfully promoted; tncorpo,rated; guaranteeing;.->m-  'derwriting;' .public works linanoed;  corporatu   securities Vriarketsd;  write  us. .'"������������������   ���������  J CORPORATIOt:    SERVICE  COMPANY, of America. PeaasylTa-  nia bid.,  Philadelphia-,  Pa.'  It is more .than forty years since  Gen.  Spinner," who  has  been  called  "the father of tlie employment       of  women in ��������� the*federal service,'*> "lound  places ,for a-few women in., the' treasury department at W'ashirmtor..    He  was     then    treasurer of "the  TJnitetl 1  States, and "there was fe. great dearth \  Orders  will  be  delivered  anywhc..   ,of. eligible employees,ln cw/isequence f    From     this  date  the  unucrsignei  ol the -QrartB made, 'upon, the young f will not be responsible for any la-  men of the. countrj- by the diivil war debteaness incurred exaept ������u a  General  Spinriw   proposed  the     em-j written oroer signed by tke secretary  NOTICE  in tho city promptly and at the lo ���������,  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'*-,  oh tk������  Esplanaiii.  James Warnock  ployment ol women.ln  the place of  men,  and thfc idea which he started,  has gone t>n. almost uninterniptedlyi  since,  but not to the extent that   i������  po������ularlyt supposed.   ,  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DBVEL-  OPMENT CO., LTD. ,  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th4 190������..     : ^ /  {.^C-  ^i^u^r^~~t  <   :^-~i/-i^  ���������TIP  /  mmmmm  "w?Yr ^s, TfL.'anKfflfrjSasiTsii'iTt  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger   w -^   , ";      VOL.������2  MONDAY,   FEB.   12,   IJIOfi.  ti.&X'6  BGc  PRICE FIVE CENTS  O'-;  EXCITING GAME WON  BY LADYSMITH  Victoria United Went Down to Defeat  on   Bunker Ground  Yesterday  Splendid Work of Ladysmith Fer ward  Line-Score, Ladysmith 2  .    V. U.  1  m  BALLOTS  CAST IT  u-mmw  A  New  Westminster despatch says:  Returning,     Oflicer   B.   G.   Walker,  who acted at the uy-election held in  Ward   Four of  Buriiaby  municipality  yesterday,      hail  a weary  day  of it,  ami   .'ill day  long only- five  rate-pay-  i'is look siilticieiit interest to go ami  iioll   I heir votes.  Ronald C. ClilT, successful candidate, received three of the five votes  am! I hi: other two were inar'.'.eil in  fa'.nr of his opponent, Mr. Joseph  Cameron of Sapperlon, who was also defeated in the by-election held in  Playing  under  the  disadvantage of  closed  i������  and   a hard,  fierce  st.rugo-le j (.t), ,.iti,ani fJJ, >Sa1ul.oay iast.      ,  'i he iiuipbcr of votes cast yesterday is lielicved to have made anew  n cold in municipal politics, for no  instance can be recalled when so few  ballots were cast, and from the fig-  ,_' hits it is quite evident that even  llm"-;:- who took part in the nomina-  tii.n of the candidates did not all  < I:-, fer if the proposers and .second-  IGKJFP.  Ffflflfll FOB  NEXT  M MILL  \T-y-r  ictg^^:^'  WILL OPEN  Vancouver,  March   12.��������� All   tlie lo-  Mr.   S.   F.  Mcintosh  went up     to  having two of their best men absent,  at the goal ended in Michie sending  viz,   Adam  and Gi'ajham,   the Lady-    the hall just past the posts.-  smith   senior   footi/all   team  yester-  I    Between   this  and  half  time      no  day afternoon   defeated  the Victoria further     score  was  made.      Several  United  team  by  two goals to one   "'sluts   were made by the home team  Tim  victory   was  decisive and with ' and     only once or twice was'Lady  all fairness it can be said  the play  'smith goal keeper called  upon lore  of the home men     was decidedly  su-   cei c a shot "from  the visitors.  cal lodges of the order' of Knights i.oatll Wellington at nom today. Mr.  of Pythias are co-oipeiating in a 'Mcintosh informed The Ledger that  movement to hold a monster demon. Uic new sawmill at that place was  stration   here  this summer. aljouti completed Satatidav.'     Govern  The arrangements  are  already  mi-Vent   Inspector of  Boilers   Baxter   s  der way.   The   Mount Pleasant lodge  lo  maiie an  inspection  of  the  plant  is uvdiled  for originating  the move-  loday   and   if-he is 'satisfied   that ev-  nu'iit.    A joint   committee   represent- ' (.,-yihing is   in   order work .will    be  ing  all   the city  lodges   will  shortly   started  tomorrow morning/",      '  announce   Ih-' programme.    It      has      There  is a large uuniber  of logs at  already been decided   to have a grand | the mill and  once work is started the.  street paraiie,   which   will   l:e headed  ',iilIlt  will "run steadily.    Mrs.. Mcln-  hy  the uniform   rank  from  the cities   |oS|,  will mo.ve to  South  Wellington  of   I'uget   Sound,   Vancouver   Island,    iU t|ie cnd of ihc moiithi' Mr.  Mcln-  thc lower Mainland  and the int-eiior.   U)Si,>s  ho���������se  ha's  been   taken   by  Mr:  WOULD FURNISH  LIGHT AT LOW RATE  Company  if Granted Charter will' Install Electric Plant and Light Cily  at Small Cose  near it,   and  they played  a rapid, cle-   made a rapid run up   the field, and a  ver  and  pretty  game.    The  visiting clear shot from  the right, wing pass-'  forwards, on  the contrary, showed a ed between the pests. |  poor style, hut the     V.U.  full-tracl s j    Piay  for some time after this was1  played  the    splendid game  they  have more interesting.   Time and      again i  been     putting up  the whole season, '-did the home forwards fly down   the'  The  local  line-up  was  as   follows: 'field  with  the  leather  and  the      at-  Cloal,     Hailstones,,   F.   B. Nimmo tacks on  the Victoiia btwl������ were cx-  und  O'Connell;  H.   B.   lino,  Leahey, citing.       There    were  several  fierce   \  Gilmorjr  ;forwards,   Morrison,'Sand- stiuggles  at      the goal  and   several   ,'  er.son, Scott,  Michie,    Richards.    Mr. times  it   looked  as though   the     Uill  Richardson of  Victoria referced. was bound  to  be forced  through,  but'  Play     opened with  the Ladysmith time and  again   the   bucks  sent      it   .  boys kicking  up against a high wind, out of the   danger Hive, only  tc have  The home forwards passed  the visit- it brought  back  and   the attack    icing line as soon as the ball was kick sinned.   At  last   the   home   forwards  ed oil, and the play was in the Vic- wore rewarded.    A struggle   had hcon  toria" quarter   for sonve time.'    The going on at the posts for some time  wcirk   of Scott  on   the  forward   line and two    men were on  the ground  as  was  first  rate  from  the start.   The tho ball   was sent out to Richards,  right wing was handicapped b|y being who, from a point a few feet to   the  a good  deal "lighter than their oppo- right and almost on  aline  with the  ncnts, nut they outshown them when goal   posls,  sent  the   leather' skims.  .it came to clever play, anal thc'Ieath ining through.    It' was  hard  worked  er  was se.ieral   times   shot   direct   to for and  deserved  goal,   making      the  the-    posts. It was  well on past  the score 2���������1.   )From this   time  on the  middle of tlie Hist half when tho first United      played .almost  entirely   on  goal  was scored  by   Ladysmith,    the the defensive.      They   made one      or  play the     while, although  not  very two rushes  up   the  field,  but       the  fast,  being' full  of     interest.        Tlie home scoring  line  was  well   guarded,  prettiest  piece  of  work'on   the  part Once,  from a mix-up at the  visitors'  of the visitors  was a rush down the- end,  in   which   tho ball  was  dancing  fi������ld  by  the half-bac!<������,    and a    shot from  head    to   head,. a home  [dayer  ane.y was caused by the re-  tiu>nn'iiti of Mr. A. E. Evans, who  w."s' ejected during hi* absence in  I- i.-'-'a.nd and who refused to act u.p-  oii Ins return.  Special excursions will be run, and  the attendan-e of several tliO'iisand  \isilnig I nights and their friends is  anticipated.  The afternoon  o[  the  day  of     the  celebration   will   be  reserved  for      a  picnic and  sr,*s at 'Recreation Park  'ill'::     Pylhiaiis     are    determined to  nia!:e the event the most ���������nni"-'M-iiiv i  in   the  annals  of  fraternal  societies   !  of   Brit Mi   Columbia. I  Erie,  of, the Stove  Works.  "������������������-  SPLIT ON  HOSPITAL BOARD  Other   Proposals   Made \o   Council���������  Citizens Will be Given Anof her  Chance to Have Public Plant  Mayor  Nicholson,   Aldermen  Uren, the mayor will make a verbal "report  Campbell     and     Patteison met Arr. of  what transpired at the conference  Russell  Simpson'on  Saturday  night on  Saturday evening,  and  in ,     all  to discuss  the  proposal the solicitor rrobabflity the      council will'decide  had to <iiakc on behalf of a client re  Llio  installation   61 an   electric light  what the next steps- to get the city  --o-  $1,500,000 FOR  i In other provincial cities civic af-  ��������� fairs are not conducted so smoothly  jas they are in.-.our own burg. In  (Vancouver the civic authorities "are  j/<;iarrelsoine a������ tlie following Te'rmi-  CHAR1T1ES,���������' ^i' report will  show:        v  'Ihe refusal of the board of directors of the Vancouver General Hos-  London, March II.��������� A remartable {pi'al last night to - expunge fro  discovery has been made in cennee- .the minutes of a resolution rei;;|Liest-  tion with the bequests of, the late ing the t-ity council 'tb remove. Aid.  Baron Imeicljde of Castle Wemyss, Williams from his position as: one of  Wemyss Hay, Renfrewshire, who the civic representatives .on the  died on October h',   iy05.    ! | board has not  tended to increase the  By     a will dated March 20,   11)01,  j harmony   existing  between   Aid.   Wil-  Winnipcn, "March   12���������The  Provincil   his lordship lelt the uhnle estate an-  liains and his colleagues. ~     :  Grand Lodge of the Orange order   solutcly      to  his   wife    But a docu- j    Acting upon'the advice of a promi-  Maiiitoba     sitting  in  the Scott ',ncilt   in  llls  own   handwriting  on  3  I nent lawyer, .it is understood      that  sheets of paper, dated Rcast-'ticnth ! Aid. Williams is-,likely to ���������institute-  lTa.ll, Nantwich, November 9, 1M)2, ' legal proceedings.to have the aliened  was  found  in a handbag at his  oliiee  o!)|ectiona'bile resolution rescinded and  MANITOBA  ORANGEMEN  'plant, in ..^Ladysmith    The  meeting ,[i&hi-<*1 Move next fall are to be. .  ���������was a,'tirivate; one,  but it is learn^.l !   The     members of the council   are  that Mr. Sinip-son informed the .nem-  apparently  determined  to give      no  bers of  the council  that he  is repr-j-   ^ry  serious consideration to       the  Renting, inch  willing to install       an    proposal to grant a.charter to a l-ri-  elcetric'plant'.arid furnish light      to   vate corapany until the citizens have  the city aml  citizens at as low      a    he-en given another chance to have .a  rate as that supplied   in  every  other   municipal-ou-ned plant.    The obvious  coast city.   1 f the city would     not    keenness of Mr.  Simpson's clients t������������  grant a charter,  the citizens  deciding  install     the'plant themselves should  to     have,    a inunicipal-owned  plant,   convince the     property holders that  then the company would  be   willing    they   would  be running no very scri-  to purchase the  debentures  issued by   ous  risk  iu voting a bylaw to raise'  tho city to raise the nccessary funds,   funds  for   a municipal-owned  plant.'  The coiwpauy would, if either pvopos-     Without electric lights the *ity will  al were taken up .'by the. city, defray  never forge ahea'd, and as for      th*  half the legal  expenses  that     would   debt���������well,  men who have done much  necessarily be involved. to make a city of importance from a  The question was discussed by Mr.   tiny  village say if a town is once in'  Simpson  and  the council men,   and at  tlebt  it     is bound to prosper      and  the     meeting of  the-council  tonight    grow:  ol  Memorial'Hail,   transacted   business  oi   a most   important nature  at   its  sp-sioii      yesterday,   various' resolu-  liiin of deep interest to the   public  being discussed and  passed  by     the  brethren.  In ciiiise*]nence or a bitter article  in the Western Banner, conveying a  w.tiuing to the Manitoba government  on' the public schools question in the  city, the Grand Lodge passed a resell Urn, in which the nicineers there-  ol nia'-e ample apology to .1. T.  Gordon,   M.L.A.,   for  South  Winnipeg  ,ind������ Samrson   Walker,   ALL.A.       for  possibly in^tiuite actions for damagr.  es    against certain  members of the  lhi;own  on   them   in   the  article,  ut-  ,   from   ri hopni son,   which   was  neatly thought of basVetball   and the leath-   lcrjJP   iiisc.iaimiiig- any   responsibility  stopptd by Hailstones.   The halfback er  was  punched 'through'the'-prists.      m Wie 1)Viltter.  and  bracks of  the Victoria, line-up cer      The lattei   part of  the game was  tainlv  did    some Tast work occasion- most interesting,  the onslaughts,  of  ally,   hut they had  feeble  help from ths  locals   being  exciting but  fruit-  their  forwards.    The goal   was  scor- less  'However,, the   game   was   won  ed     from     a mix-up at the visitors' from Victoria,    and it should be said  goal..  San-de\scn ( and Scott had  tak- was won  by a bunch  of  boys       hir,  en  the  ball  up   the field  and  a shot played  football  as  it   is'meant to be  from the former was caught by     the. played.   If   they put ��������� up as good     a  V. U. ctisiodiaii and1 sent to the home game on  Saturday next,, the  Garri-.  qrange order's representatives  in the  right      wing    and      fired in. again by soil    wilt      have  a hard  afternoon's    Mani'toba   Cabinet,   namely,   Hon.  D.  in   Jairia/ica   street,   London,   superseding 'the  prior   will.  By this    new  will, which has   been  board.    His   intentions   were  disclos-  confirmcd,  the  testator left estate t0  ed at last night's, meeting of    ��������� the  the  Merchants'   House,   Glasgow,  for   board.   The   legal   gentleman  consults  the creation  of a fund   to be known    ������-'<l hJ' Alderman Williams -stated that  as   the  Inverclyde  BPt-|iie.-.tT-T the     in-   action of  the  board: in  asking     for  cofne' from  sr.cii   fund  to be allottetl    the iemo\til oS     the Alderman from,  annually  to   charities, or  institutions   the  board  constituted  a defamatory  connected  with seamen. act, and   that the members .who sup.  Two-liftls of the income reali?ed ported the resolution were, liable for  will     be    apportioned     to  scaiiuen's   .damages. ���������[  Nortli Winnipeg, for the aspersions cliaritics in Scotland, one-fifth to Aid. Williams today absolutely re-  Li erpool and Majiiehcsber, oncTifth fused to discuss his dilfcirences with  to Belfast, and one-fifth to New. his hospital colleagues. It is p.rob'a-'  York and. Boston. Ide  however,   that   a formal  demand  It is expected that these charities for the withdrawal of the alleged of-  ���������will ultimately benefit -through the; fensive resolution will be submitted  bequests by a capital of $300,1-00. at  the next monthly meeting,     and  COLLINS GIVEN  THE LIMIT SENTFNCE  ���������    -l  Another resolution dealt with the  alleged attempt made by the 'Roman  Catholics to restore separate schools  iu the province. This resolution like  wise fully supported the Roblin government in its refusal to, be-dictated  to by the foreign-.Papal'.Ablegate,  aii'd also expressed confidence in     the  the  ���������MINERS  HURT.  Scott.    The      forwards   mmediatcly    work.  BIGGEST THING  1N*METAL MERGERS  ��������� H.   McFadden and  James .Arg-ue, M.  Jl..'.'A. ' ;. .''���������''  j    Another      resolution'relative      to  ; church union was passed to the effect.  | that     'the.  Methodist,   'Presbyterian  'and   Congregational  churches; of Canada be united.  I    A  resolution  was carried strongly  Two men  were hurt in  the Extcn- :  sioii      mines   today.    J.   Ccle's  head  and leg were  injured  by  a fall       of  coal,  ami a man  named . Stringer ,-.vas'  crushed  between   two  cars,   lis   iij s  being  rather badly hurt.  They  were brought down   in       me-  four  o'clock  train.  in the event of the board refusing lo  comply, a writ of mandamus will be  sought from the courts, as well as  legal ��������� proceedings' to recover damages-for alleged defamation of character.  Sau ' Francisco,   Match   12.���������George    denying the motion for anew trial.  J).  Collins stand  up. It is the jvdg-       Collins   then asked   that  the   judge  inent on" the  law , aud  the. sentence of   fix  a time  to hear evidence as    'to  the court  that  you  be confined       in   his admission to bail, > The judge re-  tiie'::si'al^s.'4ir'.isoii::^t San Quentin for , plied" that when 'sentence was passed'  a'terih of fourteen  years."     ^ j tlie   rule  was  not to  admit a defen-  This' was the laconic judgpicai'tpass'  riant  .to   bail ��������� unless  in  exceptional  ed   by Judge Burnett  of Santa Ros--a   cases.  in  department second of the superior'!    "This is an exceptional case," said  court Saturday morning  upon  Attor-! Collins.      He said he  w,as not  pre-  A PLEASING   EVENT  This  ii i-1  A recent New  York  despatch  says j only in  importance to  the U.  that    from     the same sources from    Stoel corporation. |government who  The settlement of the Amalgamat-  nomV   Bllls-  ed-IIeinze  trouble,  which had  hitherto  proved  an   impossible  barrier to  the ultimate objects of the- Standard  An   English  paper says: A curious  j condemning   the  action   of  those   l'>r0-  court      story  has  been-going   ,    the  g    ! test-ant      members  of   the  Dominion     rounds   a^houl   ��������������� lovely   foi'ei|gaier, one   pany  participated.    This   was  !government  who  voted  for tho Auto-   of whose verbal   slips  gave  King Ed-   presentation of along service  Yesterday's  Colonist     says  morning  the  Shearwater,   at  malt,  was the scene of a very pretty  event, in which the entire .ship's com-  the  and  which  the first  information  was  derived  with reference to the plans for  the settlement   of   the  Montana  copper    war, there comes  rumor?      of  plans for the settlement of the Mon-  otlicrqilans  having  for   their  object  nothing short  of the  bringing under  oii!> control of the entire-copper, lead  and  silver Industries   of  the  United  States.    Standard   Oil ��������� interests  and  the  Cnig'gcii'Iieiins  are  named  as    the  people   who  arc engineering   the  consolidation.    If  everything   works   out  favorably  the ���������promotors,   it.   is stated,  hope   to   form   a company  second  THE   FATAL   FIGHT.  San   Francn'sco���������The coronar's  jury,  Oil  interests,   is  regarded as   an im-   aftcr     hol(li,,K    a" inquest     on-the  portant step  toward  the  realization    llnalh <>'  ll:U'l'y '1'cnnehaum. or "Ten-  of still  bigger  things   in  the  way ���������1'   ny,'rwho  died   several   days  ago   uf-  consolidations.    The   time  is   not vet   l('r   a iii-i-;e-(ight   with   Frankie   Neil,  ripe for anv definite statements,  hut   lo,|a.y rendered the following:  already  everything points to   the fact i    "w<' ,l"'1  tluit' <leaUl  was caused by  ward occasion for a hearty laugh. A ' g0od conduct medal to Mr. Morton,  very lively personage with a delight- captain's steward. Mr. Mo-re ton has  ful accent,-she made such-<t favonH.Jc J',NK|PM| i,jK country faithful service  iiiipression upon the King that he ��������� f()]. fifteen years continuously, and it  as'ed her to Jic his pm-tnjr at bridge. js j��������� recognition of this that the ad-  "But;. sir," she said, "I realty don't |miraity i^si0ws upon him. the'medal,  tuow.  .bow     to   play."    The   King  The'presentation   was made. by.Com-  that    the     rumors are not  without  foundation.-   U.   II.   Rogers and  Daniel   Guggenheim   are in  freyi'uciil, conference,   and   it   is   well   known    that  their respective   organizations       an.'  working hand  in  hand.  W.AS1 IINKTON   COMMIS".ID'VER.  CRIME AT  WESTMINSTER ���������ZZ.^  Bellingham,   March   10.���������State Fish  CoiiMiiissioiier Kershaw today addres^  sed a.letler to  Governor Mead       of  j  Wasliiiug.toii     -proposing to rcliii|/nith  h s     ollicc to  his successor  Captain  Riselan-d,  April  1, although .given per   Npw  Wcstminster  Roa(,  Aisiric  mission  by  thd governor.to continue  iiuitil. September 1st  if he desired.'   o   .blows      indicted   in  a boxing contest  held   at  Mechanic's   Pavilion  on   February 2S,  lilfltl, by Frankie Neil, and  further   that   there   was   gross   negligence   on  the part of the  parties having  charge  of.the contest  in       not  having   the   contestants   examined  by  a registered   physician   prior   to.     the  icxhibiition,  according to  the. law, ami  jwc  hereby   tint!  said  parties respuiisi-  ��������� blc for the death of said Marry Ton-  I   would   take   in  denial,   however,   and  she   neciine  eiulAirrassed.   "I   assure  you,   sir,"   she  said,   "I could       not  think   oT   playing.    1 don't   know   the  difference     between   a king   and       a ���������  knave."    There   was  an   awkward   si-,  i lcncc,  and     then      she  realized  what i  I slie   had   said   and was   covered   with :  ! ci nfusioii.       The      King,   of  course,  lan.i;hed   it   olT.   ami   now   tells       the  sloi'y  with gusto.  An  ugly  story of rape came   fro  I    District   Attorney   Langdon,    when  I told   of  the coroner's   verdict,   said:  m   In   view of  the verdict rendered       1  t last   K'la"     make     no positive charge of  COMEDY OF  DANGER LIGHT  REPUBLICAN. CONVENTION.  T&coma,   March   10.���������Rc.rjuJblMbiui city convention  today nominated     for  Mayor  R.  L.   McCormick;   treasurer,  Freeland; cojnptrollcr, John Mead.  nmrder a.gain.st  the  promoters  of the  light  or  tlie  parties  participating."  night, says  a Vancouver despatch.  Mr.  Fred  Porter,  of  Porter      &  Sons,  butchers,   Cordova street,  was  on   his  way  from  the  slniighbe,; hous- ! foMn(1  (lu' iii'-n onc:o mt)lu "'''oken  early last evening,  when he met     a  A  day  or  two  later  the wreck of   the  .sign   was   again   daubed   with   pitch.  man carrying a gun  and obviously in j Jn' il fcw (Jays  Ul0 COIlstalUc on    lhc  a condition   of  much  excitement,    in   j heat   found  a dummy  policeman   sus-  answer  to  inqiuir es  tlie man said he ' i ended   by   theneck  from   the   broken  The northbound   train   was   delayed   had a little daughter,   nine  years of     sign.���������London Exchange,  nearly   half    an  hour   this   morning,    age,  who had  been foully treated by  The     stormy  winds  which have been   a man who was  known to him,   an<l  blowing over  the Island coast     the     whom he would shoot at sight.  It is jh^'mg mo-agcnient rings and  last  two days  had  thrown       several    underetcod   that   the chid was niedi-   ll'"������   trousseaus.  trees  across  the   railway  track  und     cally examined ' Up to  an early ho ir :  O   ���������iiiuch ti'ino was wasted in getting this morning no official intimation '!'��������� c hair of rabbits and other ani-  Ahein ofi' the line for the train. of the occurrence had been made to n-.uls. in Russia is converted into   o :                 I the  policft authorities,   cither  of the   . l.owls,  dishes and  plates,  which   arc  A  business in  Australia is that of  An amusing contest is going on between   the   poli'.e   of   Marrow       and  some  unknown persons over  the Grov  I-hill   motor   sign.     Grove-hill    ca|ne  into   prominent'- a year or so ago owing   to   a fatal   motor   accident,    and  'the Middlesex County Council determined to limit the speed of motors descending the hill to live miles  per hour.    Their  edict  wi.s  proclaim.  jed  by   means  of  an  iron  sign,     surmounted   with   a ring,   painted   red.  'Phis  was  erected  in   front of       the  wed-   School  Speech  Mall, but  xomc aesthe  , tic person  objecting  to  it,  lno'e  off  ! the  iron arms and  daubed  the     sign  with      pitch.   During the Christmas  holidays the  siirii   was  repaired  and a  point     constable  was  detailed       to  The petroleum  production   for  1905 | city or of the province,  and   it      is   i valued for their strength, durability    watch  it.  approximated      130,000,000   barrels'.   | possible  the affair may have  proved   'end   lightness.    The articles are sim-!    One   night   recently  lie was   drawn  inander Hunt. The steward linil-s  from Portsmouth and has seen service on many of Mis .Majesty's ships,  lie was steward to Captain Mtinto;  H. M. S. Partridge, which did blockade duty oil' South Africa during the  recent war, aml received the South  African   medal.  Mis  ser.ice   an   the   Shearwater is  not, big first experience in  these parts  as he   uus steward   to   the   Cnnviiv.iiid-  cr  on  H.M.S.   Pheasant  five   or  six  years ago.  The many friends of Mrs. James  Adam will be plea.sed to learn that-  she is now well on the road to recovery from her secent so.-ere illness.  AT  THE   ABBOTSFORD.  11.  A.  Goward,  Saanich  L. S.  York, SooVe.  A.  Pcdcn,   An Id  Reekie.  R. P-edeii     "  T. Pedcn,     " "  J.   A.   Lorrimer,   Coq.iiimLo  J.   Lorrimer,      "  S.  Lorrimer,  Coquimbo  J.  B.  Tye,   Wbitechapel  J. Lawson,  Shorediti h.  N.  Corven,  Mile End  Road.  S.  ('. Thompson, The Smoke  F. Rieharriscn,  Bjsley.  Rev.  A. (/iunpbell, Vancouver.  W. M.   Kiddie, Croftoii.  J. D.   Deolin,  Victoria.  rp       W        P r  ney   George I).   Collins,   convicted by  u jury .of-perjury riin  testifying  at his  former trial on  a similar charge that  be  was not married  to  Charlotte F.  Newman on May  15,   ISS'i.    The de-  fendeiit did  not' move  a muscle   but  for an instant his face flushed crimson and  in     a steady   voice lie  took  the   usual   acceptance. -When   the case  was called  Collins said he desired to  make a showing  in  leference   to the  point raised  ;n   the previous casu as  to his extradiction in  which   it  was  claimed  that the court had no .jurisdiction. The judge declined  to-   allow  the showing on   the ground that     it  bad     already  been/ disposed  of  when  the  mot-ion  for   anew  trial  was de-  nii.'.ii  to which Collins  took exception  Collins- tiled   two   notices   of  appeal,  to   the  district, court  of  appeal,  one  from   the  final judgment  and  conviction  and   the  other   from   the   order  pared     with his  evidence and asked  for a few days' time. The judge continued     the     matter until Monday,  March     2lith        Collins mo'.ed theu  that the first charge of  perjury  against  him,   which  was on the calendar  for re-trial,   be   dismissed,  as it  had not bocn brought to trial within the sixty days  prescribed by law.  Clerk  E.   Van  Straaten   was  iwor.i  and   showed  by      the court  ivejr.ls  that  since  January Sth  Collins and  objected to continuances.- The judge  denied the motion and continued  the  case for trial till March 26th. Later  Judge Burnett filed w tli the C'ci'lc-'of  the      court  a certificate  of nrob.vlilo  cause  in the matter  of  Collins'  no-  tice  of appeal to the /district, ��������� .-art  of appeal against his sentence    ..''".na.'-  ordered that a copy be served     upon,:  the sheriff.     Fourteen years'.s ,   lite  limit sentence for perjury. ,. '  CANADIAN MINING INSTITUTE  ANGLO-FRENCH  VICTORY  Quebec, llarch 10.-���������At. a- meeting  ol' the Canadian Alining' Institute  yesterday, the following- oflicei-s wore  uleclod: President, Ci. It. Smith,  ll.l'.l'., v ico-prcsident. Dr. Adams;  .Montreal, Major Looki, Tamanga,  Out., F. Keefor, Greenwood, B. C  G. H. Dua'gan, Sydney, C. i5..  Treasurer, J. S. Brown, Wiintriial,  Socrotary, H. M Lamb, Montreal  The  local   meinhers   of   the Mas  onic- order, who paid a l'mtenia:  visit to the Ladysmith lodge last  night.       returned     home.     on 'the.  ��������� loan  about    1:30  this     morning-.  San Francisco, Maieh 9.���������The big  Norwegian steamer Teltus, Captain  Arnt.zen. has sailed for Clipporton  Island. thy lone rocl< of tho Central American const, where guano  and stories   of  old time  buccaneering  ���������allies abound. Tho Tellus goe-  not. in search of treasure, but to  ���������rind   supplies  on   the  rod;    and  tai������i;  i   cargp   of three thousand  live luind-  ���������" fl   tons       of   jcrl iliy.er   for      Tlono-  ''ibi.   for   which   report     slip  will sail  ������������������.hen  th.->   cargo  is   aboard.  FIRMMAN SERIOUSLY HURT.  Seattle, March 10.���������While lying flat j  on the floor of the first story of the j  Merle Hennv Mamuff-bturijryg company,  iiildinff; with their heads prodectcd' j Oold Run, CaL. March ,10.-As the  'to tlie freight elevator shaft, di- esult of an explosion on the ��������� Southed ing streams of water into the ' rn Pacific Company's road in the  ascment, where a fire broke out ierra Nevada mountiiins last night  his morning, Lieut. Chns. Kirk and J ircman D. W. Wustin of Rocklin,1  ipemari Herman Larsen, of the lo- .'nd Bra'eman W. P. Fraser, of Sac-  al   lire   department,   were caught tin- J amento,  are  dead,  and  Engineer  F.  Loudon, March tO���������The conciliatory attitude of the Germans at the  Algcciras conference today, is ��������� favorably commented upon here by  officials, who believe there wilt be a  ittlonient of the questions .but Germany would insist on her *u<;.  gostion that n.n ollic������r of a  third power be appointed inspector  of police and have authority jvor  the French and Spanish offiews. It  js now thought that Germany will  ngree to what will probably bo  Franco'Spanish control of police.  Thas far the results attained ar������  considered to be a victory for  tho AnglorFrench contentions, tho  concessions made not affecting the  principles for what Franco is lighting. The results prove that that  was required was a little ilrmne&?  which France supported by Great  Bi-ita.hi and the other powers had  shown for two months. An 'olTicial  of the foroig-n office said today.  '���������While Great Britain has given a  whole-hearted support to France  during- the discussions the foreign  ofi'ce has not forgotten the desire  of the people for better relations  I with Germany and probably settlement   is   therefore   welcomed. ps^ss^ptsejaiswa^ij  iSk&jitiinHLdil*  /"  m������ntT.t������ni;iritrj.-.>1_a^,  DAILY LEDGEK  J'  TO OAILY LEDGER  f*ub]isned   every day except Sunday.  U������ THE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT JiADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION .PRICE   '.  10  cents   a  month,    $5  per year   in  advance      Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  aiONlUY,   KEB.   J2, -iiJOfi.  01  t  eye if i  WMi  ���������������i n mn WMM������wimraun.-tt&������<mB������J������j .���������������*������**������������������������*  > ftitwiui4rtn������ t-illfma  HMD- SPENCER-      ��������� i  laoaimo) Ltd"^  Alwaysleilegl  Every; day adds to o������r already large collection of beautiful Sf*  new goods. Our styles come direct from the sources of fash- l*f)  ion,, and thoughts pi .Spring seem to be fairly woven into the ���������  new fabrics.     It is a great pleasure to    present to the public  ig Merchandise,  l.dended that it  makes,, buying a pleasure.TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR  CONFINED STYLES. THEY. COST NO 310KE.  *-(j    such an exceptionally choice -selection  of    Spring  ~33S-.  where  quality,,  style ami price are   so    cvenlv    bli  WM. 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Excursion Tickets ^���������������sg^>  , , .        . ������N SALE T0  AND   FROM ALL STATIONS  good for  going  journey  Saturdays  aud Sundays,  return.,,.- not later than  the following Monday. -  l;  I  1  xmavnaauunaeapMi^  AS  LOUD  TO  US   AS    WYONE.  , IF  YOU  ARE PAYIKCr CASH  FOR  I  WILL GO FURTHER IF  YOU  BUY  YOI'll   MIC  FROM  US  YOUR   DOLLARS   Steamer lEoasi   ^ TAILOR-MADE CLOTHING  1^jm   -     ������������������     ���������  T(ll \ APSE   5^    T������  ** 1;hc illte^stinS feature for  to-morrow's  showing.   They  \ictona.   ilarci,    V.-(Special    -to  the   Wot Id)���������Sir   Henri      July        hap  askod      lo   be   |jl������iwl,' in   posses.ik'ii  of   the   e\ kIoikc        and , .both'.     ..tlw  minority    And   majority     reports     on  tho    Kaieti ^.-laml   investigation,. Tho  ministry   ar.> h-nsuming 'legislation.by  holding     double  sessions-, dully,       in  hope     of .seeming       prorogation    before     Sir Ucnn  sruUl-have   time,   to  thoroughly   examine   the   papers.    "  Tlie   scene   in   the   house   last ni<jlu,  *as   exciting       The   Premier '"'slated;  tho Times  loi   pi lnung,, minority    report    of the    Ivaien    committee. This  leader     of     the     opposition retorted  th.it   the   Colonist    had printed..   *.)w  maiouty  report  before.-it''had    b'ec-n  consideicd by  the  House.'-.-���������" ;  The,, scandalous action - of certain  members in \oting for the Columbia & Western bill after they had  agieed in writing to oppose it it.  imlavorab'ly commented on. It is suggested that the Vancouver Board  of tiado address his honor,- asking  him   to   wiih-hold   Ins  consent i"  the lull until an enquiry has been  hid into all the clic'umstances connected with its passage. '���������'..- .  .Much interest is 'manifested in  the po'ilunl situation. It isi . gi'o-  o tally fell that the ministry is on  the  eve   of  a    collapse. ������   ^���������---��������� ;  e good because -they 'are the c'elebratod   Nonhway Garments.  Ladies' Tailor P.Iadc Suits made: of Light Gray Homespun'  Tweed (the latest material) Eton Coat, Pleated Front, Back  and -Sk-i-.es, Sl:i>[. has 'side pleats, trimn.o.l with Crochet Buttons, a:ul Tal-;s--a Nobby ; style and  feet lit.  ,: .'.,-'.  -Oss? Sash Pr&ss $������&m\ 8s Seaf������a-  !       Sails from   Ladysmith   for  Vancouver every Saturday at 0.00 a.m. and  i returning sails from  Vancouver     for    Ladysniilh  at 2.30 n.m.  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Rome, .March 10���������Premier  mini mlioduccd a bill in  Chamber  of     Deputies     for  an  ftOI'l-  i in-  ap-  piopnatitm of vL-00,0OO for tne  sulfcieis from Hie carthfjjuakes in  ( aiarjkia thus completing- the inea.v.uri?  and   looking'      iu   regeneration 'in  Ihe south, win, h are without \<  cedi'iit Mnce the Kingdom of t he-  two Suiln's 'oir.otl United Italy.  A petit mi ������iis made to parli.i  ment ii, o imian foi the right oi  stifferaa-o  A FAVORITE RE.MEIJY FOR IJAi  T.IES  It's pleasiint. t.tsle and prompt  cute--, Ini\e made CI<aii!:" f-rlain's��������� Cougl  Remedy a fa\onte with the liiotlnis  of .suiciII cliili'ti'n It quickly cure;  then coughs ami colds and prevents  any tlangci of pn-'unionia or olbei  5.ei ious con" 0������|iienccs. It not onb  cures cioup, but when given as soc;  as tli,' cioi'pv cough appears will pr  \e;it the att.ic!������. For sale by  La  chsm.th Pharmacv.  ,   ONE OF IJEPEW'S STORIES.  ,.  Senator Dcpew was condemning'an  elderly millionaire, who having lost  .t lawsuit, had declared.-lustily that  tire courts, were unjust and ;thc entire, government rot-ten to the core,  says  the Buffalo -'Eirqwire-r. -"  "He is not'taking  lils. defeat, very  gracefully',' is  he?"  said  the senator,  ���������'lie is ; like the, old bachelor whom  the- widow  refused.  "There     wns an: old Siftchelo'r who,  ifler.'a   brief  courtship,  proposed   to  a widow.  But the widow very politely  and coldly  declined  his  oner.  than u sister to  you.'  l.'The bachukr dropped  her hand in a  huff.  ������������������" 'Ah,  madam,  indeed     you can,"  | he  muriiiiired, in a strange voice.  No,  I cannot, said  she.  '���������hit     you have daughters," said  ihe  buelielor.   'You may  yet  be   my  mother-in-law.' ���������'  ALWAYS       KEEPS CHAMBER  LAIN'S  REMEDY   IN  HIS HOUSE  STRAM   JllJAVlilj   '  TO,|,   l.'UKNISHKD ROOMS  H\ :t >V.l fUi'.'O WITH     I 1 I  WIN'ES. I.IQUOKS. ClfJAKi  Cor. Fort and   Government Streets.  GEO. L. COURTNEY  Dist.   Frt. & Pass. Agt.  g!-������ d %  & *\ w s-  j''w'"> ���������  A. J. McJWURTRxE, 3'ropristor  LADYSMITH, B.  II  Newly fitted up and  Furnished        -  Good tables and good  Rooms  it i  . (     l A  POR'  I  I  D  win  I-IYNES,  Pro  I.  A  irie  40TEL  tor.  Board at reasona  Rates  The bar is extra   well  Stocked  This   Hotel  has  "We would not be without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is kept  "on hand continually in our home,"  says W. W. i Kearney, editor of the In  dependent, Lowry City, ������o. That  is just what e\ety family should do.  When kept at hand ready for instant  use, a cold may be checked at the  outset and cured in much less time  than after it has become settled in  tho .system. This remedy is also  without u peer for croup in children,  and will prevent the attack when gh  en as soon as the child becomes  hoarse, or even after the croupy  cpujih appears, whuh can be done only -u lien   the remedy  is  kept at hand.  HOTE  beon   completely       renovated. i  Board  and lunging $1.00 per day.  ^M������bX.    Trw*-."^      ti*M������*  .it      k*. .[Luxiitf  I  TORIM  JOHN T  'A, Proprietor  <ar  Supplied   v/itb   the  >?cst    Wwies, 'st Avenue  Li(;uors  and  Cigars.  Ladysmith li.C.  Best  accommodation   for   tiansient  md permanent boarders ami lodgers  O R AN D       H OT Ki-  This new Hotel has been comloti-  a'dy furnished and the bar is up-lo-  d.-te. Rates $1.00 a day and  WArds. -  WM.  REVERinCfE,  Prop.  a.o-  rcan never,' she said,   -'be more   F������!' s^������ '������>' Ladysmith Pharmacy.  wiJtiii  ~.TEE JOKES HOI EL i  MOTEL   DOMINION  ��������� Htm s si 'Ah rcd'UJtO���������  t  Kn>������ ���������in1', lo   U.l -t".i.iii'/oJt   landinw ������ >������ii'l  f .11 -,.:���������,'.  ;'   ���������>!,!-.       I'J'-^-rH' i-KTr OV>-' '.   fl\<-  r.-:i:!'M   f- ,!i   puna  o'-   ihe  eitv.     ii������>  ut (I 'it'iil-   nii'^vc; il"d,  !'.   Sf.WNKS. l>r;.!>nntor  Ml'iOTT   ST..   VANCOUVER   B, C ���������  TNC COMrDRTABU: WAY.  TO FERN IE,   B. C.  Read Down Read Up  9 p.m. I.v. Victoria Arr. 4.00 p. ui.  8.00 p. in. Lv. Seaille Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.21 p. ra, Arr. Everett Arr. 7.30 n.m  9.30 a. in. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.45 p.m  6.25 P-in Arr.    Rcxford    Arr 12.30 p. m.  8.10 p, iu, Ar. ^ Kike Arr. 10.42 u. m.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Feruie   l.v.9.55 a   m.  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[N QUA.LITY  Under T^^.w Aias^aijrneiit  IT. . *i  S���������3   v.. 41-   .-;,  5  'fe ������9 is 5- r; a  wilsoii  Hhh&imQ,  as. E.' McKinnel  rroprietor.-  "���������ommercial  Mens'��������� headanarters.  ^pdern^and."   Strictly First  Clais  ��������� Fire Proof-   .Buildmj.-'  R.P.RITI1ET,  Lie!  Pacific C'oast    Agency.  VICTORIA,  :���������: :-:   -    -: :-S.C  WANTED���������I'.y-. Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. Previous experience.-not'essential to. engaging.  Address Manager,  .1.32 ' Lake Street,  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.  M. J. HENRY'S  NURSERIES, GREENHOUSES AND SE'.D  HOUSES  8010 .Westminster. Road,  VANCOUVER,  H.C. ..  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For complete information ask yooj.  "'c-al agent or write,  F.  W.  PARKER.  General  We are jus.'iy proud of  this Boct. The greatest  praise has bc.-n heaped  up-n it since its in'rodec-  ticn.  .1..^4.^-M������i"l-I"3"i"t-J"S"!-'5-I-5-:-i-!-:"!"i--*-' ���������t-'l-I-I-v-I-v-l-'Z-l"!"!"?  THE TYEE COPPER CO, Ltd  PURCHASERS  AND SMEL'.'>i������S OF COc^PEK, GOLD AND  Sii.YE.k.i>HZ.S.  $$ o 1 e 11 i n a" '���������-^���������7 <"-"> 'r -^������3 a t  UDYS.M  -y   J"J -\ r   '-if  1   1   srl  G.  If you like   A  smooth,  easy  shave,  an even  well-finished     beard  trim, a good  bath,  or a stylish Hair-cut.  You will go to .  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARIORS  HIGH STREET.  tjyu. .Mans  '���������ogging  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION,  VancDiive  >i'J<i;l!    Lj    Ui  ksni  *ij.in.4.*^.*-j-.M������r'-j������'i"j"!  CtfR&OHT UVINSSTGN- |  General Manager. *  French Calf throughout, with  extni No   1.   heavy   hemlock  soles; have  outside   counters,   B  are pegged and have standard   %  iji" screw  reinforcing  all  around  I  the .sole. I  MANtirflCTURED EY  >C f^~n'.'   t%.������\i       -l   -'    ���������>, &������������������������    J*11^  ������nS������t rianu ������>u:uier B������m'!5'i:tSa c-itiB)     .'i-JS-a     iufn������   "^"������"  IPXrajnii'  it ^j^ I gA ������ 1 %% m $% g  Cor, 5th, Avenue & Baden Poweil Sli*oet  Open ni^ht and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. am: Upward  LADYSMITH BAKBRV  CHOICE     CAKES    AND    PASTRY  ALWAYS    .FRESH   ON  HAND  Wedding     Calces  Made    to   Order  1-RL'iTS    AND    CANDIES  OP  ALL  KINDS.    FRESH    BREAD   EVERY   DAY  Prices    are     Very  Reasonable.      All  Customers  arc Treated  Alike.  HOP LEE A CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  , CUBAN CIGAR- FACTO  i Manrtfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOfl  None bu   Union Labor    Employed  fl. J. BOOTH, Prop  j* ������&*#,  ������������������30 2nd Ave.. SeattU.  I  w if liri  .Dea era in .  Pianos arid  rgans ..-  imow^nxjn* m m.  Hr.  Dicr can  be found at any tnT,r  at his olTice on G.atacre st. .His   do  tal   work   is  gt aranl( wl   t0   be  first-  class and rates reasonable st,.  I 8E2ras^"^SJR^S^SS3^^2raSS!Bm5  ���������flLBERT  WEsmism^^ssi^iS!c<^v, THE*"DAILY LEDGER  av-  1193 KILLED IN  PARIS DISASTER  Paris, March, 10.���������A terible cat  astrordie lias occurred at a com  mine in tho Gourricrws district  of the Pas de��������� cabs, lt> uok  fiom I'.ethune An explosion of {jas  lias killed many turners and thre.'.-  chaiivbcrs of the mine are on lira.  The. number  of  victims -are not  known but eighteen hundred num  descended into tho pit this hioit-  ing.  Paris,      March   11 .���������During Oh-  evening a despatch was recciveu  from Lalle which seemed to fiivc  some clue to the origin oi- thu':\-  plosion. It was stated that a so o  uliicriiig      lire broke out last  night  in the   Cecil  pit    of  the   Coiu-  .'riei'ss.'-mines, near ' Mericourt, ai  a dept of 1270 motors, where mas  onry-.  worv   was  proceeding. Hnr-  suit,   the   chief  ongjinoct*      of tin  mines, .arrived' for   the    purpose     oi  . investigating    the circumstances.  '������������������which'-': led to the fire. ; This is a!  that ,.is known' of the origin u  the terrible cutastroplxr. The cag-,.:  in which the/minors descended 'in  to-the pit numbered ii, ���������\, and I.  were at about 7 o'clock this morn  ing about 30 foot from the mom Ii  of the shaft. A miner, working closi'  to the mine was instantly kill*'.:  and a horse was 'thrown into llu-  air. The first cages came up at  10 o'clock with about, a do/en  haltf suniTocated men 'who were prom  ptly taken to the nearest hospital. Towards noon woundou  workmen began to be brought, tip  to the sin fore in the baskets and  the ibjodios of two dead men weiv  t-iken from pit number LO. it  ���������was feared I hat the remainder had  been asphyxiated. Assistance reac-  eci Gourriers from all sections -ol  the department, and a large foivr  of volunteers took purl in the  efforts made to rescue the entombed miners, recover the bodies of the  killed, ' and help in the work  of   salvage.      One        of   1 ho     rescued  'miners; Pierre Dassou, said.: "1 was  i>S0 meters from the shaft, when I  heard   a   deafening   explosion. The  air immediately became rarifieti and  filled with poisonous vapors. Tn-  slii'tiveiy 1 groped iny way toward the bottom of the shaft of  pit number 2, near which J  found a number of suffocating coin  rados who had fallen helpless iii tho  galleries and were crying for tts-  Kistencc. I. assisted thorn to mount  the   trolley      and   thus   they worn  able to reach the. shaft. . A ��������� ' state  of stupor and despaiir prevails over the1-.mining region.- The .most  agonizing scenes   are       witnpssoil  at' the pit's mouth and the gendarmes        experienced     the     utmost  '.difficulty, in restraining the crowds  of .-people' eager to ascertain the fate*  of   their   relatives.  , Paris, March 10.���������A despatch from  T,ille,    timed     at  8:45   p.m. says  it. is now certain that 1,19:*  of   the entombed  miners are dead.  ���������P|aris, March, 1.0.���������A despatch from  Courrieres timed 8 p.m. says thai,  the aittcmpts. toVnscue the imprisoned miners have boon given-up. the  galleries of the mine having fallen  in. '.'..'���������  - Paris, March. 10.���������Six engineers  have been rescued. The attempts  as rescue have, been g-iven up as  the pvilleries have fallen in. Crowds  still  surround       pit four,     and     the  I scenes ere heartrending. President,  l''allier������ Bent" his secretary accompanied, by Minister of public  works Uautier, and Minister of J"  terior,. Dubicf on a .special tiain  to tin* ������sene of disaster. Tne inii.-  istcr-ia* vrtbis'^ was temporarily foi  rioitea, ������enators and deputico jon.-  nig iu lue' universal public maun  eslatiofls of sorrow. The soono o.  the catastrophe 'w-uie mount-  aniouu mining region near Lens  ihe department ox pas Do  Here  art) huddled    small  ii  Calais,  hamlet-  of  tho    Mine worker*,     who,opera.  I he m������Nit productive mines yin Franci-  The saottiri-anean    chambeis    form   .  sui-ies ������w tunnels.     Six   oi the     om  ���������������������������ts  Arm near Lens.   The   cataslroph  look place shortly   after      3,786 ha  duscenoaa     in ' the -mine   this    moi i  ing.      'i������ere   was   a   deafening        e\  plosioi followed .by cages and     m:.  "uil   a'poarnttiK     lieing   hurled      froi  the   mouth  of .the, Courrieres     mm.  Men   aad  horses      nearby   outside 11  mine   were either  stunned  or    kiil"i  The     VOOt  of   the   mine,   ollice       w  lorn     ������J?.     -Immediately       followii  'he    oXDlosion   flames     burst      fro  the   mouth   of.' the   pit,   driving-   ba '  those  without     who     sought    to ���������>���������  .iu-,    and  dooming   those      within.  The "work     of     attempt    to    n  cue     tie ininrisomxl       miners     w  Hiiickljr began     and   miners        fro  Liie  suiTOUli'Jinj;  mines     made hero,  ���������fi'ortt, ia combat     the    smoke     an-  reach the imprisoned men.   ,  At t:45 o'clock this evening r  brief ftepati-h from Lille aimount  ed   th* awful   total     of  1,193 dead.  All Franco has been profound!;  shock*a by. the magnitude of Ih  disasuir which is said to be il.  great sat in the histoiy of to).  I mental milling.  Carta.  March     10:'-More exit.  ������let-ai\a ttve obtainable. ^'as  lioui-i&c into pit Xu. 2, prevent  ing tit entrance and it is in-  (possible to succor- the men impr  oned fa the mine.'' Tho cages w'.  not work, having been dai.aigr-d 1,.-  the  explosion,   *Thc rescue woi'K  therefore  is   proceeding      mainly      u  J'it Wo.    3.  Tho   w*BC-uers  sue .made      up o.  engiu*������r������ and   the   personnell   of    ih.  surrounding  mining towns. Ten miners   iroun     i'it     IL     were  rescued   a  live    out  none of     80S    miners   win.  eiitei*a    pit      Ho.       ���������.!���������' lliV-������        1jol'-  )>iourfat  out.      Of   the     000      uiiiwi.  who .eieBcentled . there this,     morning  according   to   a   despatch from   Leu--.  :18S' have '[boon'-' brought     out      b>  the vvacue  of  the   others    is     iinpos  siblo.      ia pit  3.-only   1:5       'mei-  0111  of     443     have  been       rescued  and. tke  ladders   are   broken am  the    CBfcws    jarnineil.       The rescuer.--  are, unable      to   heljt   others. M.  Arriia  la  direct ing   tlie   work   of   res  cue at     Pit  2  near  the   scene of  the. main  catastrophe.      It  is    possible   that/ the   rescuers ,    may be  abb  to     approach;   the   Lateral     gallery'  wherw fifty miners,  headed     by       M  Arra.8. ������ave ibwnformed     to   relieve  then;. Gang foreman    Lecointe   came  up iram      tho  mine   this      afternoon  nnd'mwrtori.   a   ten'Inc. scene "below  Thooiwwd'���������surrounrling   the      mouth  of  tlie mine   is  showing      signs       of  iirmt*.S������rico      nl-   what   . ir.Con-idr-'  the -alow iprogress;      being mad'.  ��������� ��������� by  tUe rescuers. - -  REPORT, OF THE  EXAMINING COMMITTEE  Settles Statements Which Have Been Published About Nanaimo  Mines  NEWS NOTES  FROM NANAIMO  As     the     results       of  a       speech  made   recently   in   the     House ui  \ ictoria   by   the  member     for   Nanaimo,   Mr.   :.J.    'I-   Ilawihornthwaite.  111   uhieh   .ipuecii      Mr.     1'Uwthornth-  .���������-aito    is  quoted    to   ha\o  ������aid    lhat  . a-.r   bodies   of   j;as   wore   accuuiulat-  ..���������d    111   a   bection  of  th*     mines     oi>-  ���������.ufed      by   tliu-   Western    J''uel      Co.  and   that      the   lives      tit"    hundreds.  .1   111011   were   in   danger       ol       being  . .iilied   out   at  any  moment     by    ar  ^.losion,     an fvaiuiiiing    commitleo  .-.luulay   went, over     the  ground ru  ,'ii-chI   to     ami   the  icsult      of    their  .udiiigs    is  published    below.  \l   the   time     the  reported     speech  11'  AIr.   Ilawlhoiiithwaite's   was     go-  ���������g the   rounds   of the punincial  uuil  n.sirle   papers,      suiju ise   whs       e\-  eshod   m   many   ouaricrs    that   Humes   were allowed   '   to be operated  1     the   face   of  such     dangers      ruling     as   stated     to  the House  . 'N'aria-i'ivio's':member.  The   special   correspondent   of     The  Micomor   World   in    the    press   gal-  ���������,-y  at     Victoria,      wired     his    pa;r.  ���������  nl    the   time         a   short,   synopsi.-  f   the   speech,     in   which   Mr.    Jlaw-  homthwaito   bad   made   use  of    tlv  mguage  '/(alod   above,   also   adding  '.at    the   miners   Iiad    lost.      all   con  '���������lencb     in   Inspector   of    Mines  Dick  To   Ihe   remarks   of   Mr      llawiborn  hwaito.   Premier   M.Uri.de   promised  'i  take     pi-remptory  action  \li   of   th."   men   oinplcned     in    th-  >.-al   collier        kiirw   ai'  the       tin-';  hat  Ihe  statements made  were    not  ,ie,        for  had   they     not     a     gn*  immiltee      -who   6nn>      a         month  sited   all   tho-workings      01 the  'in.'.' both      n-'w ������md old. and where  "\ergas  was   found,   bo it    over      so  ���������u.ill   a   ipiautily.      a"ch   fact       wns  ride   known       to   the   body  of   men  ..s   not ices posted   on the pithead.  However.      to  make    doubly      sure  a at  matters   were alright a    special  oiniiutter      was   appointed      to     ex-  :nin"   the   district   particularly      re-  ,.,-red   to   in     M>'-   Hiiwthorn'fhwaites.  ,ln.(-h ;i"   l'-ing   full of-gas,-    and the  ' '���������,���������.   to     be   in   a  safe        condition,  ���������ndinp.  oi  the  said  eommittue whos.j  ��������� ���������liort   api^ears     below  shows        the  md   hran'ds   any   statements        mad-  0  the   contrary  as   lies  and      false-  '���������i nod?: ,  Nanaimo,  B- C. March   10.  To- whom,H  'may conc-orn:  Tn view   of the impression    created  Prov-  ' des-  ilon-  befoi-e   tlie Legislature     of the  ince' and   the     following press  patch  from   Victoria     to  the  treal  JJaily  Stur,   vi/,-, '"  L1VKS    OF      IIWN'DKEDS   JX  DASH 1ZH.  (Special  to Al out real Star)  Victoria, H. C, March 1.���������Huge  areas of gas. accumulated in the  subiiiarine woi kings of the West-  em L-'uel Company colleries, Nuna-  iiiui, imperii the mines anil lives  of ii 11 if'dreels of . miners.-. The government promise peremptory action.'  And  which  despatch     is   being copied   by   tho  pivss   generally   through  out   the   country,   thereby      reflect ing  upon   the   intelligence      of   the       employee.-,   ol   tlie   Western     Fuel      Com  pany*   and   their   IC.xainining       Com  mittee,     we, the   undersigned.      Com  niittee o\   the employees,   have      tin.-  day  made   an      exhaustive       examin '  al.1011     of  the  iindei-gi;ound work  nigs of the South side of No  .1. iniiie, ��������� Nanaimo, the section o.  the mine ��������� the statement refers, to  ami find lhat the workings an-  in   good   condition    and the woi-k  of re-opening this section is hi-iug  .conducted'.'in- a sale and workmanlike manner. We fpuud gas at outpoint, given off as the water re-*  cedes, this gas is conducted' dir  ectly to the J'etmus. The intakei.  and-.the-   returns     are     in gooil  condition and the ..ventiliatiqn ��������� ample. The ret urns being separate,  and distinct splits of the ventilating' currents from other portions  of the mines. The w������*rk of reopening this section is ia th������'  hands ol) experienced and practical' miners, who are using safety  lamps, and no work is being  carried on except removing , the  water and cleaning, up and repair-  .iiiaj- as the water recedes.  We authorize the sending of a  signed copy of this statement to  the IfoTi. .Minister'of Mines, Victoria, and request the prei*< *o  give the same publicity  patch above  referred  to  GEO.  .JOHN-SON.  111CHAKD   BOOTH.  .      OF/).   R.   11QRRISON.  JOHN   .JOHNSON.  .   JOHN*   VT.   GUAHAit.  J.  R. McKJON'ZIE.  Kxamihing Committee'  LOGGERS  WERE LOST IN  IHE WOODS  Porllaad, Ore., March .'10���������Feeble,  staggering, wank and emaciated  'through staryatioa and exposure,  Andrew Olson and T'ster Zimiiie:--  inan, two loggers employed in a  logging   camp   noar   Vacolt,. have  reached civilization, after wandering  in the wilderness for eight clays  existing solely upoa the flash ������������������ .0  hulf-famishtKl dog which came, to  thorn for pro tact ion iiurjng;a ������������������ bll'.'.-  zard iu . which.-thoy loat their way  und   which they    wore com pel led.    to  their  4^������4^^..;^..j.^.a - .fr��������� ���������I-������:������>H~r-1 <s~---:������>h-M'-*"������;*+>M-'I'��������� ���������!:��������� ���������!���������  f  t  4-  ���������!-  4-  t  f  t  B. C.  NANAIMO  rianufacturers of the  ST  In   British Columbia  Lager  Beer   end Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  edfrom the Best Canadian  JVlalt   Run   Hops    ���������  < v 1 ������'������,,-I.fr-.s.^-+ + ^.t-f-f-*:;f-t*i'4+-*-f^4:4--*,4-*'-������--f-*-������-f-*-'f-r*--*;'t:r*':-"r" -  LAC /SMITH TRAFMSFER STABLE  Two   weeks  ago   OU011  aud      Zim-  mormun left  for  Rell     aiouataiu  as   the des  sacrilice   in   order   to   pri������s*rve  ( ��������� ' Ii  own  l,ivttu.  ��������� M  to    ������  "-.   I *  visit   timber  claims  that  they      e.v-' '  jiocted   to pui-'-liase.      They     reaclmd ' '  .the   claims   and spunt two dai s t-heiv  An   they   were  about   to  start -jii  their home   journey      tkey   were   ov- j  ei taken   by  a   blizzard.      The      v. md.  increased     to   a  gale,     driving     the'  , PIANOS,  ORGANS     AND HOUSEHOLD     r'UKNlTURl-   MOV-  ED PROMPTLY A   ND  SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  1 '���������'',' ��������� Abbots ford. '  Leave orders at   the  >+-*-i"*4+������������������"���������-������������������ ���������������������������-������������������������������������I *+���������*������������������-  A. J. WASKET, PROP  ���������snow that it cut like a knife. For who  days" t he storm lasted, and : when  it- subsided all road* were covered with snow. Noi having count  ed upon the .storm, the loggers had.  but a small supply of food',' with  Ihe-irT, and this was exhausted by  ike   time   the  storm     had passed.  AJnaiWle to trace their way through  the forests on account. of the  hea>y   snows,  the   two     men for  eight daji. wandered, from place  to place without seeing a sign of  civilization. rl'he second day out  the last of the food wns eaten, ami  for two days .the'men had nothing  to eat. On the' third day" a stray  dog, half starved, gaunt . and hungry, ran up to the famished mew  wagging his tail joyfully at having- found friends, and asking as  plo inly as an an animal can ask  for fotrd. Eat her than starve themselves, the loggers shot the dog  and cooked . the meat. On the canine flesh they lived for four days.  The following.-two. davs were! the  wortt of ihe trip. At the end of  the eighth <]ny they reached a,  cross road store north of La-. Center, bo*h so weak from hunger and  exhausted from exposure that they  ���������were scarcely  able  to  walk.  AFFLICTED WITH  RHEUMATISM  reaching   a   point about  three  !,eyaiul   the      light   house,   it  :,..- easily   seen.      that   llu  winch  was   the'  himseli  ordered  arrived  about half    P������s!  The Herald of Sunday morning  says'  About seven o'clock last night  considerable excitement was creat  ed about town by the report, that  a large steamer was on lire out  in the gulf, thu flames of which  were quite discernublu from different points in the city. Th������ hru  Appeared about to bu-, iu tb������ middle of the gulf, -beyond Saake Island, but the stationary attitude of  the   111������ made   it   appear   thut it  could hardly l>������ on a. , steamer as  it remained too much in one spot  all the time. Were it a steamer,  it undoubtedly would have drifted  from the position in which the  fire was first seen about 7 o'cIock.  But the fact that ths fire did tu>t  appear to inovo any from its posit ion inaib it seem that whilj  coasting up tlio gulf yesUrday  some vessel had caught fire and  bad   been   headed   for   shore and  beached   in   an   effort ( to   save tho  passengers and crew. Some of  those who saw the flames wore of  the opinion that. it was a bunb  fire' on the mainland, but on looking, at the same through good glasses many wore convinced ' and fell  satisfied that it could he nothing  else Mian a steamer in flames.  The thought that such was tho  case, and that many precious lives  were at. stako roused some of the  ..citizens   to action.  The Mayor,     who  had been     made  J   aware of the. occurence at once  communicated with Mr.. Stocke.li,  who immediately placed Ihe AI01--  at   the    disposal   of   any   one who  wished to hazard the trip, making  arrangements'to have the afternoon  shift men come "up at No. One  shaft. Capt. Stromheig, ol" th--  Atcrl got up steam an soon ������is  possible     and     about      a qunrii-r  past    nine   cast   off   his      line an.l  headed for Ihe open gulf ^i1'1 ���������������  crew   of  eight,   all   told. who vol  unteered to take the chance oi  tho gale raging out in the gulf  , when lives seemed to be at. slake.  Those onboard were: Capt. Strom-  lAirg. and tho engineer of the vessel,  and Messrs F. Tf. Shepherd. A. IT.  Mace, 0. Beat tie. A. "Rowan. C  Sutherland of the Free Press andT.  B.     Booth,   of   the  TTerald.  Tha vossei had not rounded l'm-  taction Point before she got -a  taste    of   what    was   coming and  when Snake Island had been reached and passed tlie mil fury of lho  storm was encountered. Wave afi.-r  wave broke clear over the pilot  house, one of which wrenched one  of the boats from th<  and almost swept i' 01 enr  es and cookins ii* mvdls fri the gul-  ley . were thro.mi rboiit Ihe ro-un  in all shapes, and the feel ing--; of  some of those on board beg-nn I <������������������  long for dryland. But the Captain  kept  steadily  ifti  his  course,        unlil  mile:.,  could  fire      wn;  on   Ihe  mainland.     but  whether  hush   lire or   some camp   in   that  vie  '���������it,v     il-   eounld'-i^tbe distinguish.!;!  All abriard   were salislied. however  lhat    it.   was   no     steamer,  they   were   pleased   to   see  '-use     and   after   satisfying  :1��������� this   score,  the    Captain  the   boat  around   and   she  hack   in   the'harbor  eleven,  after   having had a trying ex-  ������������������orience.      ���������      .   .  R now- looks, certain, that .lames  llaslam has perished, i'roviiicuil  Policeman Stevenson has reported  from Mistaken. Island that Mr. Has  lam did hot. roach there at all  and he has not been seen or hoard  iVom since leaving Campbell's boat  house   last  Friday.  Government Agent, Bray, will if  it. is possible send launches out  this morning, to cause a search of  the islands to be made in the bare  hope that he mny have reached  la.nl.      but   even     if     'his should  prove the case He could not have  survived the- cold and exposure lor  over   a   week.  At. request into the death of W.  K. Miehmomi. the sleeper, who  died ������t the Vancouver hospital yo-  tonlay, -was held at Armstrong &  I'duwroV undertaking parlors ves-  te.rdjiy morning by Coroner  fluig-AM. The jury hail UVth  cult.r fn arriving at a verdii:  ;vTk4<������ntal   denth.  The  "I was and am yet alllcted with  rheuiiiatism,'' says Mr. J. C. Baync,  editor of the Herald, Addington, Indian Territory,, "but thanl-.s to Cham  berlaiit's     Pain     Balm am able once  liners' DriSling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short notice'.  Drill sharpened by  ways gives  satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed and repaired.  StiipsiTiithing    in    ap     its   Branch  -..:������������������   Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns  R. .WRIGHT  Builer Street -    - Lad\sm  us   ' al-  S  I  f      LJVERY, 80ARDINQ AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS   WORK   A   SPECIALT>  DAVfD JOHNSON'  a  ��������� PHONE 66  ��������� ��������� - -.  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wo3d and 3iric tjr Siii  SHR  J.   KEMP.   OR  LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  m  - W. CART  ITRST AVENUE  5  PHONE  6-0  a   portion   of   their   territory.  ihipf s  admitted      - that  the     punish | more to attend to busiriess_  It is thc  ment   was  just   but  requested  suninc-  of their   taxes.  les  TOWBOAT  STRIKES ROCK  Pittsburg, March 10.���������The' tow-  boat, Thotnasi l.-isley was suddenly sunk this evening by striking  a rock in the 3tonoiigahela river,  about 150 feet from the Braddock,  lJienna wharf. Christine Deinpsey, a  chambermaid, said to be a sister of  .Jack .Dempsey, the [HigiliHt  drowned  sustainet  deavot-ing-   lo   save   the   girl, who  jumped overboard imniediaUcly following the accident. Twelve other  iii'-inbei.i of the crew had a narrow  escape   fromdrowiiing.  best of .linaments." ' If troubled  with rheumatism give Pain Balm a  trial and you are certain to he. more  than pleased with the prompt relief  which, it affords-. One application relieves, the pain- For sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy. ���������  W.  SILER  GffiMEHAli JbXPRESS ABP  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  He  Leave orders at the.Abhotsford.  was  iiml   C'a)3t.     Willia.m   Brown  a   broken arm     while     en-  M<  of  in  vnc-  ,-A  XFAV  PI10FESR0R  Toronto, March 10���������The chair  mental and moral Philosophy  \'ictoria Cnivorsily, rendered  ,int by death of T>r. Ui-aclgb\v,  has been filled by the appoint merit  or Rev. I'rof. tiluett. Ph.. T). of  Wesley VUiilege. Winnipeg, a former  graduate     of Victoria  University.  -0--  (lavi:  ,1   ni-  Inatives pay  BIG FINE  Mapumulo.    Ntvtal.   March   10,-An  impressive   spertacle    was   witnessed  h,..v todav when   (he  chiefs    of      th-  dislrict      and   scores      of    tribesmen,  cnine   in   to   h.-ar   the     decision of  the military commander with re.  gai'il to the rising of the native  in February. The commander fined  (.'Kiel' (lold'/.embe. and his fibc.  1,200 cattle. H.r.OO sheep and  goats,   aad   dispossed  the  tribe from  -0-  1.000 C\KS. 3..r>00 HORSES  Toronto. March 10���������Orders have  been placed with the C.l'.R. and  Craml Trunk, by settlers going to  lIu. xm-thwest for 1.000 freight  cars. tn be supplied during next  week. A number of horses which  la'i.en  is   close  on 3.500.������������������  J. PIEHCY & 0  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  NOTICE  LADYS-VUTrl   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates,  between the 10th    and the 25th of each month.  Office roirs I P. M. 4 30  UBLAND  ������������������������������������������������������' SUPERINTENDENT.  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  NOTICE  From      this  date  the  undersigned  will  not   be  responsible  foi   any  in  debtedness     incurred  except on       *  written orcier signed by the secretan  Rowland   Machin.  VA.  EXPLORATION  &  DE'VEL  OPMENT CO.,  LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. Mav   IRth.  190B.  HAY. GRAIN and  wll  1)1!  WAS   ITHSUED.  -John IX  for      Massey  ,f    Cobourg's  ifi/.ens   took     hcad-  and  Coubourg,   March.   10  Roddick.      Im-rtl   agent  .(arris   Co..      t"1   ow  ��������� nost    re*pc'-led  .,,.!���������.   powder Tlmrsdny  night  (ji.,,1   shortly   afterwards.   Tt   is       be  lieved  h������   ,>vas   P������lso"ed.   ,  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to  the   tact that th������  Ogilvie Flour mils  Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR, have lor some simt  past been producing flovr In a 'astly improved and purln " mrrn  by the aid ol ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  of    all the basic patents relating; there  to, take, this opportunity ol a dvising  the  public  that  any  orized users of the electrical   dour purifying processes   -w-ii     ��������������������������� prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company I/mitad  are tb.e    oaly    nxillaca iu.  Oaaatla   wJutase   Flour  a, is purified by tine Electric Process  Ladysmith Temple No.  5  Rathhone  ian-! Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall-'-||  nd  and  4th   Tuesday  at   7.30  p.m.  DAY  SCHOOL  Usual  subjects   taught;   also  guage.*-.  drawing  in   pencil   and  crayons,  paint ng  in  oils  and  water  colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons gi-?-  en in classes 6r individually.  MISS  BERTRAM.,  Ladysmith.  B   0.  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lo -  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'a,  oa  tfc������  Eiplanadt.  James WarnccSr  B. Die  Surgeon Demist  All  work guaranteed, aud  at reas-  ahlf  rates.  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  ,  DRUIDS I  Wellington Grove  No.  4 U.  A. 0.  D'  Meets   in the 1' 0   0 .F- 1-lart, Lady smith,    the   Second   and     fourth  Wednesdays of each  month, comments-j  ir.g Wednesday.  13th.. 1905.  Visiiting DruUls     are invited to ai> ������������������  tend.' -'  !   |.:-J  \l\ |||'  By Order. i  :.    \j  WM   RAFTER, Reef Sectyv  PATRICK ttlJRK, N. A.     \\  ^L THE    DATLV  f t?ifv *-p  if ������������������^-���������JW ���������l*"lt/1������  w^^ly^V  Local Items  FOR   SALE  Twelve Head of Cows and  Mil* Route. Apply P.O.  Box 99.  Ivliss Michie   returned  on the   Joan  from Vancou\er Saturday,' where she  hat been visiting her sister, Mrs. W.  J3o\ves. ../'';'  Smoke Big B.  Cigars  'The millinery .season hits commended a������d you jare in\ited to. inspect the  latest    novelties in Hats and Neckwear at Simon  Leiser & Co:'s Ltd.  IVlr.  Ca\in, of Simon Lciser's local  store,  s| eiit  yesterday, in  Nanaimo,  ���������returning  this morning.  MARINE.  San ' Francisco,   ���������The   big   Norwegian steamer'-Tcllus,   Captain  Ajnt/.L-n  gas sailed from   Clipperion������������������'island^.the  lone' rock' off  tlie   Central  American  coast, -.where  guano  and 'stories.���������'  of  old-time' buccaneering  caches abound'.'.  The'   ' Tellus     goes not in search of  treasure,   but  to   land' supplies   .    on  the. rock and to '���������take aboard a cargo  of three '/thousand   five  hundred tons  of fertilizer for Honolulu,  for which'  port she .will sail  when  the cargo is  aboard. .      /  . ."���������    .,,,.-������������������  ������������������Sunlight Soap is Tiettor than ot'iipr soap*  Dut is best when used in the Sunlight way.  Bay Sunlight Soap and follow directions.'  THE SPORTING WORLD  If there-js anything' you    want-in  tfcc Driig or patent medicine line you  "���������ill   find   it at    the Ladysmith  Drug  Store.  Smoke Little 13: Cigars'.  Mr.   Geo.   Fletcher  of  Nanaimo'. is.  in   this  city  0u   business today.  Mr.   ,J.  W.  folium,   manager of the j  Ladysni'ilh and  Nanaimo Lumber Co,  is  in  Seattle.  , Mr.  \V.  Rolslon of Vancouver  visiting   this  city   yesterday.  was  Rev.      and Mrs.  W.   0.   Sehlicliter  went ,up  lo Nanaimo at noon  today.  Mr.  Selicliter gives ,ic" lantern Lecture  at  the Halibiiiion street churcli'this  evening.  The pile-driver is at.work today  putting in the foundation1 of an addition to .l:c built to the shingle mill.  Boarders.. Wanted  ���������"    HOARD      AND,. LODCINC  Being  under- little  expense,   lioardc'-.s  secure the Benefit.   '."//.'  $21 Per Month  ;.,[ L'��������������������������� ... d.. Rossi,  .''  Bu'ilcr  Street:-.".  BROOKS'  PHo|oGRAPH    STUDIO  Is Again Open "���������������������������'  VICTORIA, CRESCENT ���������  .-���������''.-  opposite'Fire-Hal 1  Nanaimo, B. C.  A fine Assortment  Mr. I. Whit combe went down  Victoria on Saturday, returning  the  noon   train   yesterday.  to  on  There  will  be  a meeting, of       the  Excelsior   Social   Club   this   evening  at eight o'clock   in   the Mtiiit.    Busi-  " ness  of importance will be transacted. :.'���������'.   ,:.     '1  of-  -:it  IIGHT'S mm  Another Hundred Dozen  of this Celebrated Make  of towell-They have one  p3cu.iar Feature, no  matter how much we buy  of them, they Dojit Last  Long���������That Speaks for  itself���������/nyone who hasn't  made their aquaintance  should do so at once-  Ihey a e, without doubt  the Largest 25c. Towel  sold in Canada -Try A  PAIR  ft M  Walters &  Akenhead  THE RING���������  H anybody  is  worrying jner Teriy  iMcGo\crn's     chances   in   the   coming  fight with lialtling  NeKon,   it   isn't  Terry, Tcny  sajs  "I'm     not    going",     I'm  Young      Corbelt   was   the  o  who put  tiimincil   mc  m  me good,  ami   I Iu\e.  ieu.,-  form  since.    He couldn't   -i,,  "I'm  going to  bo  right   |(  and    if    1  don't      win   inv.,,-..  ,.,      MIS |nillj  Uu,f, wilh  a slrong   curhj  coming.  '"  man  ned  my  i' now.  i   Nelson  i������  a saintly  fan.  Ib.nir *h\ ;ii������gul and thy magnate,  lli.it ihy ih\\s> may be bin in the  lob which the National Commission  gncth   I lice. '  Bew.ue  llu- scribe  who  urgcth thee  'USBBBBH  Sinokc Bit  B. Cigars  NOVEL PETS.  A 'wire recehed by Mr. Hewlett  from California contains the news  of the sale arrival at Sacramento of  Mrs. Hunter and Mr. \V. Dunn Upon their arri\al they found Mrs:  Dunn to be in a vastly improved con  dition.  Mr.   Parker   Williyns   M.P.P.   and  Mr.   Ilawthorntlvwail-e   passed   throu-  ,gh  to   Victoria  this  morning  to   attend  the closing sittings of the hotisi  Air. Williams said it was the intention of the government to bring  the session to a close tonight, bul  he thought it probable that the  house would not close until tomorrow. ���������    ��������� j     l.    I ; I  Mr. T. Gleaves is,back at. work in  Messrs. Blair cv Adams'.-store this  morri'ing. Alihougli he is still obliged to wear colored glasses, the injuries to his e\es received in the recent explosion are getting well healed.  Judning by the Anbotsford hotel  register .1 good number of the Victoria ioot'lKtllers who ������iet the ladysmith seniors yesterday are Cockneys  proper. Mile-End Road, Whitcchapel  and Siioreditcli etc. It is safe to  say they ate all .supporters of "Tot-  ten  'an   'Olspur "  NOTICE.  One  hundred   dollars   ($100.00)   will  be  givien   to   any   person   or  persons *  who   will  give sufficient information  to lead  to   the conviction  of the person   who   l-iilod  two cows   owned   hv  the   undci'sigoeil,   on  Galiano  Island .  on  th:.'' 22nd- of. l-'cbruary. '   The   animals  were killed   two hundred   (200)  yards    cast   of  Portier   Pass   Lighthouse.    The  heads   and  hides       were  found   buried   in   the  sand.  JAS   WARNOCK.  Smoke Li l tie U.  Cigars.  . Li.ndon:���������-"She is a perfect -' little  ear, -Ritli a( ' fine'������������������figure,'��������� lovely  hair, and a Coniiplexidn that ��������� f-aii  liar.ily be matched' . 'She. would take  o :uiyone who, took to. her; there .is  lot. a trace 'of.���������.vice-/about' her, .-'and  'icr like as never uecn seen in .this <  .-oiihtry before." .���������'.'���������...'���������"'���������  ���������������������������AU-Gr-pronouncing, this panegyric,,  ,-iie speaker, Mr. YV. II;, Payne, the'  Vtjstrailiaii. naturalist., gently "stro'k-  <\'' '.he "little, beatity," an' iintelopia  an^aroo, and..placed,'her'-again in  tlie cage. .:./  Air.  Payne and ��������� his  partner,      Mr.  .'al'acc,   both   typical /hunters,    have  st    arrived    in. this  country from  ���������lie    littla-Jaiowri     district   of  East  i;:,.'.;crley,    North-west      Australia,  'itli  a uniqiue collection  of forty-live  an'/;aroos  and   twenty wallabies,  in-  '.uding. some specimens  of much beau  .��������� and  rarity. /. ��������� ��������� '  A   pair,   male  and   female.' of  Par'  ry 1 angaroos,  named '. after the    ex-  ''jilorr-r,  conic  first  in point of    ovelty  " lie :male  has   a coat  of .silvery gray  and   the.  female's   is   a.delicate  blue.  This   is  the  first  time that  a    live  Parry  kangaroo  has   been  uroi'ght' to  Eur ;;e,  and the value of the pair is  put ('own at ������10.1.  Of the wallabifs; the most interest! ;:g are the "nailt-ails." At the  end ot the tail is a strong ,n;vil, chisel-shaped, which the animal, in its'  nati e wilds, when about to retire  for ihe night, uigs into the withered' ;;rass, and then running round  and round in a lessening circle gathers together aheap of material j under which it  sleeps. '   .  c ..   ���������  .All parts of Africa, except Abyssinia, Morocco and Siberia aic controlled directly or indiiectly by some  European power. French Africa is  about equal in/area to half the United   States; -  rounds, I'll tale, my hat oil to him  and say he's tho best man I .-\er met  On 'the dope l ought to bo able to  trim him. It took him nineteen  rounds to beat Eddie llanlon. A  year ago I knocked llanlon out in  four.  "lleirera    fought      Nebon     twenty  rounds and      came out good        and  strong,    i knocked Ilcrrcra  out      in  live, and lie was tough  as nails too.  Young Corbett  l.cat me twice     an-l  Nelson put Con:.(?tt out twice. Tlut's  the onlv   piece   of dope   (hat   maAes  him look    letter,  but   Corbet I   was a  corker   wlun  he  licked   mc,  ;mk1      he  was on  the slide when  Nelson     got  him, after  Brill started  him  going.  Whsn  I fight, Nelsi n   I'll  go  in     lo ���������  win as nvickly as  lean.   I'm not  going  to stop with  Nelson."  *    *    * a  RASEBALL-  PROVERP.S  EOR   PI.A VEILS  Blessed  arc 1 hey who swat   o\cr3l)0  foi  they shall in'oei i(  ihe earth,  writ  to  glutei   uj< and   to  play   "scrappy"  ball.    He   will   stiaJglitway  call   thee  ! "rowdy P  I    Call   not   thy   brother   fool,       lest  i  i some    day  Wti     be  thy manager an/l  i a nd  IS MADNESS INFECTIOUS?  Dr. Ford Robertson, in the first of  the Morison lectures at Edinburgh,  has put forward a theory as t0 the  cause of general paralysis of the insane which the medical faculty are  in no wise inclined to ac-ccpl as  conclusne. He declares that e\j-  dence is a\ailable to show thai general paralysis and the allied disease,  tabes dorsalis, arc as speci'ic in  their causation of tuberculosis, iy-  nhoid feicr or diphtheria. Willi his  assistants he succeeded in o'.'.ji tin "g  a culture of the diphtheroid bacillus  From the h;rani in nine out of twenty-three c.ises of "encral paralysis  in  which   the evioriment  was  made  Inquiries  among   the   best   specialists  in   London   indicated   that   while  >>ot   (o  be broken.  Blessed are the. i<eacemakers! Their  fiiies  shall   be  light.  Thou  shalt  steal.   For  lie        that  snea.1 it'll]  not   1o   second,   the       same  shall   be  condemned.  He that talelli a chance and gained! a base is greater than be that  laic Hi   a city.  The fool saictli in his heart: "I  will sass (be umpire," but the wise  man hoklctb, his   peace.  Whetlici    Allele    be magnates,    tlicy  shall   parish;   whether  there   he   star  pl.tyei.s ihey shall fall;  whether there  be  Winter  doje,   it  shall   vanish  .twin,  foi   there is   but one pennant.  He that hath eyes to "sec"and liit-  (ethiiol,   the same  shall   be easet out  If   Hie  National   Coiumis'-tion      send  (b.     to     .Washington, be comforto.l,  ft.i   ihe first shall be last and       the  hiM   shall  i.e  first.  Ho   that soweth   curses   beforp the  uni).ire  shall   icap   fiius.   The  Prosi-  j dent  oT the league haih said it.  the medical profession rpsrard, Dr.  Ford Robertson's theories with sympathetic interest, they do not'eon-  suler that they advance our know-  edge of how .iest to deal with gen-  rral niraljsis ;o the insane, one  whit Regret is ex-pressed that so  far 410 thing decisive has come from  his experiments.   __o   The c/ar owns a map ol France  c nstniclcd of precious .stones. Paris  is represented by a huge diamond.  Bordeaux by an opal, Mareilles by  an cieerald, ml f-o on, while the various departments are shown in a sin-  "le soil of stone. The entire collec-  t on ofsloiv.s in the Kremlin reprt-  ruils'  more  than   Slid,0110,000. '  ,  Flower  i  Large  Also  Seed  SIMON LEISER it CO. Ltd.  I  GATACBE. ST  X.&DYSOHXTB   '       '"'  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  NOTICE.  NOTICE   is hereby. 8-iveii   that I  intend  to apply  at the next sitting-  of the License  Board of the City of  Ladysmith      B.C.,. for a transfer  of  the'retail liquor license now held by  mc for  the premises known  as the La-  ''dysmiUi.Hoteli '.situated   on   Lot   9,  Block 27; to Root. Scott and   Alex-  Smith..   '.������������������'-...��������� ,    '  ''���������P. W. MILLAR  by his atty.  in fact.  MARGARET A. REID  Dated .at .Ladysuiith the 10th day of  March, 190G.  RINGS BROOCHES  WATCHES PICTURES  BOOKS       FOUNTAIN PENS  r*>,  J'V  in r+*ttixt oir rtn-TTjr ������i������  JEEKEUTSSBM?  x.  Any  $<>    t'-tAfiS-'  ������������������-)--' trri'JXM*  "K.  ���������##&  TnftDE Marks  Wx Dcsign?  COPVKSGHTS ckC  yinvcncsendlns anlcelfh ������������!l closcrlriJ.l.iii mii>-  nv' lei" nsRortalu" our oinnio.i frofc wlir.tlwr :mi  In ������������������iit'lou Is pr'ilinlily p.'iiciiniljlo. Cuirinninl.-'.i-  liOi'-aBti-ioMy cfiiitldenHiil. Hmiclbnoiiuii i'iilwi-..'  ie:'L froo. Oldpat nconry for sfrurlmr |mifiM.s.  r.t!.oius iiikeii ll.rouL'h ,11������.-'.ii & Co. receive  Wialnotice, v.-Uhout c'laruo, in tlie  ' Scientific Mmmmi  \ l.-uidaoinclr lllusl.ratn'l wpi-kly T.nriH-.il-.rlr  "cmticiii of ������:iv hi*l<������iit::.'i! J"ii'.-nal. '���������- ������������������rn<*. <-.,.-'  .-.������������������:��������������������������� frmi' imi;-.i.iiJ. *l.   SolUtyi'.'. i.i'-Ji.i;i:iil(!r������  '���������'"I'M .?��������� PJ1 Mi':--������r..'v-.v.-. ?-;;v'.; Yf-"'  "{ij-  ��������� TKBKimJW^'ilSaBKSfOTS!^^  Jys  arrived,-4  Men^' Pants  for spring  FANCY  TWEEDS   & WORSTEDS  ALL SIZES  From-$l������50 tO $4������Si  Nice Assortment of Mens' Braces at-  25c, 3 5c, 50c., 75c.  ������  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At .-..':������������������:-  THE  LEDGER  Office  3O-J0H������  1st Avenue  We will give you ihe above articles if y  u  return us  iA/rappei  &o^p  0 -iifnnyp  B ������ IK 5  V     1  11 ui ounl; hiJMl\0]  SESKEHaJSi^iiBsftKa^  ON DEC  THE GOODS  W.G.Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  (1st Avenue),  Spring Stock on hand, Call early and  get your choice  Stoves  We  aremaking them oi the Newest  StyJes.  l-aUeriri and Lates*  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK  . Our Prices are Rea*on& hie  See cur Steves at Ladysmiih Hardware Company  LADVSfllTH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, I..TD.  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  MR. and MRS. T. J. THOMAS, laic  of     Mount    Sicker,  and      of       the  .Palace  Hotel,   Nanaiino,   have     purchased the :  .���������SpMMTERGlAL 'HOTEL������������������V-'":  on JDouglas street, Victoria, opiiositc  the city hall,  and invite  their    oil;  PATRONS AND FRIENDS TO.VIS  IT THEM WHEN IN VICTORIA.  HcGregor  and -'Scotch'Krni FOOTBAL LS  ^���������i^���������������!���������!*������������������  ��������� II    111     II IIIIIMIIIIII    I     III    Tlllllll II      ll'll'   II"  BASEBALLS.- TENNIS BALLS  Our Stock  i* now  Complete  in all  the  Newest  Things in  Flies,   Trolls and Lines  INSPECTION  INVITED ��������� ,  ��������� i���������mniiiinn iwMmnnriHUH nurwtKOUM Buout<  J The Lady;  .S4B-  idiuWdl  Lid.  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tlie Principal Builneet Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, MEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Tlmo Tablet, etc., address  CEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Gou'l Passenger and Ticket Agent,  138 ADAM* ������T., CHICAGO, ILL.  After this date the price for hreatt  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be VW'K CENTS per loaf��������� 20)  loaves. for a dollar. My read is  guaranteed the best made. ��������� Shops  ruii i.by - white- help should receive  white peoples' patronage so long as  they are properly, condtictcl. i solicit atrial as your ...'Baker:..-  C.; R. DOCILE,  ..   THE WELLINGTON BAKERY  ���������NOTICE  The partnership existing between  C. II Runimiiig and.\V.- E. Ruinniing;  carrying on : business, in the" City, of...  Ladysmith, B. C, as nianufacturers,  of carbonated bevuragesy etfe, uiuler  Che firin name of. Rurnniirig Hros., is  hereby dissol\ed;' All outstanding  accounts must be paid to W. E. Rum-  miiig, who will, continue the business  ami pay all accounts against the linn,  of Humming Bros. .  C.  H.   RLMiMINO;  . W. E. RliMM'lNCV.       .  Dated  at Laclys,inith tliis  28Hi Day.  of Feb., 1806.'  ?rescriptions filled promptly at the  Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Ma..'R#." SiMPSOK  Solicitor,   Et������:  1st.   4vpoi|o  - :ijs^f/rfl  isflimnsaHesisEfflgi^^  the  mssssf^^^^^mr^^ri-  We have just .received     from Ihe , Kast a lai'^e shipment of  LADIES' HAND BAGS  They are the NEATEST HAGS we have ever  shown  and  of .  LATEST   FASHION.. '.       i       '  PRICES FROM $1. to $5  Call   in   and  So<;   Tlicni  WATCHMAKEK,   JEWELER,   OPTICfAIN  First Avenue,    X   X. X      Ladysmith,    B. C  A.HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL ]LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY  A Trial Solicitd  A. HOWE,  PHONE  20  PAINTING   AND PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDNG  Orders  Promptly   Executed  LADYSMITH  M        * m* *>


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