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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Feb 16, 1906

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 ���������Ji,  ��������� '"       ���������$'      " .. ��������� ~ATtlrA  TmLAfivmuTn Daily Ledger  ���������v*-*---  T������fc,.2  FRIDAY/ "FEB.  1C,  I90C.  IjiS'^-IJi/^   Ar^ ^4.  "^T"  ISS^   v^  ���������Tf? i:i /?i-  PR7������  BflfT  PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH MEETINGS  Reports Received From Each Depart  ment Were Most Satisfactory   ���������  GR&RO COUNCIL  OF I. J.QFT.  IX NAMIMO  Cred t ib'.e Balance in Each Treasur} - ������  New Officers  Elected  The animal  CoiiRivgatiomal meeting.is each    tfieasurer     had a cicditni'Ic  of the     Ladyftinith  I'rcs   t'huich was balance ot cash on hand.  held    on Tuesday e-vonine, last       The  work    or liio     congivgal ion foi   liio  past year was jewewetl and (l icpoit  of each d<'i>arlmenL Ki-cn.  The reror b of Session was gm'en b,y  the Moderator, winch showed that  seventeen names had been added to  the Communion Roll and twelve to  the Baptismal register.  Mr. G. Wilson, sccielaiy. gave the  fiaanoial report.   Mis   Mutlieson ga^e  thc icporti of the Ladies'  Guildf Mi  J.    Blown    gave  Sdnday  school  receive",!    from  The iu-aI nusmess was Ihe election  if iniuij.-rers'. Mcssis. .1. .1 Thomas  I. !������ai< and A. D������inse, w-qrise tonn  nf ollice hai cvpued, iweic ic-clccled,  Mid the lollowing new members were  nomiiiatod and elected, viz., Messrs  .Irs Glenn, Donald McLean, Wesley  Marl, P. Wlnskeis, Robert Watson  and A   McGiegor.  Votes of Thimk.'s' weie heartily gik-  rn to Ihe Ladies' Guild, the secretary,  Mi.s.s     Coburn,  organist ofUhc  ' the report of the ,' Congregation,      ������������"d     Miss  Momson,  Recoils   weie al*-'o   oi gainst  of tlie School  the     Young *. allies' |     \floi 'the   business had been trans-  Guild, the Christian Kndo.oor So-J.cU<i the ladies served tea,' cake, etc  ciety, and the Boys' Bngade All'and a social time was spent by ail  these repoits weie very satisfactoiy,   ).rcs?nt  HOW AN AMERICAN  CRITIC VIEWS It  The Jitst session of the lf-th annual  gathering ol the Grand Council Royal Templars of Temperance was held  last night in the Good Templars"iiall  on Giace street, and was attended  by a large nuniibcr of officars and delegates from all over the i>ro\incc.,  sav ad* ices  fiom .Nanaimo.  Other sessions were held this morn  ing and   this- aftei noon   Iho g&theiing  will   he  brought   to a close by a pub  lie ni&'iin^ in  the Baptist chinch at  which tht Rev. Mr. McLeod, Rev. Mr  Millar and Mi.  Mulliolland   will discuss tht tiselcssness of the saloon in  tliu ci\ ilixed  communities.    This  public  melting  is  one of   the gieat fca-  tuies of all gathetmgs of the council  and cvciy peison  is invited to attend  The  latter meeting  will  be convened  at   7 30" o'clock'    and    continue  until  fl.30, after which  the council      will  again  coin cue   in piifate  session   i\  theie  remains  any   business   to  complete.  At   lasti    night's   meeting   leports  vere read from the Grand Coiincilloi  the Grand Trea.sui.ei; and the Grand  Secretary,  all  of which showed     the  Order  in  a flourishing condition.  The  tieasurer reported a balance in.     the  geneial   fund  of  $300,00.   A   particu-  laily gratifying feature of the secretary's icpoit was tho splendid condition of the Sick and Funeral Benefit  Fund, the balance to the credit      of  which     has   steadily increased  evci  since   it    had been    organized  three  j ears ago. "At the end of the   year  ISO' there was a balance inthe tieas  THE LIBERALS  Mil IPP0.E  ARTHUR BALFOUR  ������TROUBLE  .RTICINTED  ������ii  'VICTORIA-SYDNEY  PART OF V. & E  London, , Feb.     IS.���������The  Trinune'-s  London, Feb.  1G���������3   p m ���������The city  I Liberal Association held     a   meeting ��������� cori<Ient    at    rckin  iclcgj-a*.hes  tins  morning,   when   it   was   decided 'hafc   Yuan    Shi K      Commabndpr or I  to nominate a candidate t0     oppose    tnc ChlnfSe forceSj ,us m0VC(] an ex.  cv-Piemiei  Balfour at ihe foithco.u- 'j edition ol 3,000 men with 2-1    puns  ing   by-clecticn   for   the citv  of   Lou- (f n      n-       i    rw      r.i  , , ,    , ,   * I fiom Pao  ling to Chen Chau against  don  scat in  the Imperial  Parliament.   Chinese Inndits  The  name  of the  candidate   IS      not I    T1,; (.or'u>sponacn(, of thc Standard  yet announced, but it is thought lik-- ilL <;ha.n-liai    teldrraphps  "News has  ly that Thomas Gibson  Howies,  who  i epic-sen ted  Kings  Lynn   in  the    last  parliament,   will   Ik> the   man,  as  he  is considered one  of the most  qualified  to  occupy  the  seat  and  has   the  ���������uppoit  of  all  Liberals.  London.  Fob   1.1.���������An  mgenf   meeting of the city     Liberal  Association  lus been announced for tomoriow to  reconsider   the    situation coiiscijjcnt  on former     premier Bnlfotirs latest  lf.iclicil here of an attack on foieign  missions   at     Nnng'ung,   province of J  (lMguiighwf ion on the left bank of tin-  Yang Tsc Kinng nver. No loss of  life is repotted Yestcidav an at  tempt was made- here to minder the  secietary of the French municipal  council while he was asjeep, by a  tLusled     Chinese seivant      The at-  jtt.-mpt was frustiatcd un������l the assailant    was     arrested.       Many a* the  Mayor cf Victoria Claims to Have In.  formation that Railway  Compan-  panics Will Amalgamate  Northwest Steamship Company's Steamer Dora is thought to  Be Wrecked  Victoria, P.. C , Feb. 16.���������(Special) that the life belts on the Valencia  ���������An interesting announcement 'was were not made of the proper inater-  niadc  by "Mayor Morely of this city   u*-  tins moiniiig.  His Woiship says that  in  an inter-lew with  Messis     Wood  and  Bissaut the  latter   stated   that  gieat provincial woeroys, are display-! th3   Victoria and   Sydney     Railway  attitude  regarding  tauff  teform    It I me; a mar''ed     anti-foreign  attitude   line will  be apart of the mam sys-  is said-* that he may  yet have to'fi������ht  "Aiucn they   would h.irdly dare to as-   tern of the   V.V. & E.  within three  foi Ins seat tho city of London,  which Aivin GiWIis lcsigned after Mi.  Balfour wns defeated for East Manchester in order that Balfour might  be able to ictum  to pai liament.  . f   tL���������ir|Uryof $1(54.   At the end of 1904 this  A football expe.t who saw the ex-, those visitors  are  masters  of   their  }md incleaged to  M38> .and at   lflSt  hibition match played in New York   ait.  Each is the beat ,player  in    his  by  New  Zealand  thus  described   the particular    section of New  ZJaulan.l,  Rugby game- and as a whole they have been dnll-  "That New Zealand article of foot- cd   together    until ,Uieir team work  ERD9F  DISHENI  III SIGHT  ball , is cei tainly larc   goods.  Could  our colleges be taught to play it as  ks perfection. *    "  '     '    '  They use  the same ball as our Am-  well as the New Zealand team played   crican collegians,  but tho .way  they  it in BiooKlyn yesterday, it could  well supplant our picent game, and  with few regrets. I say this as a  strong ud-ocate of our present football, just as it is1 played ��������� under the  1 resent rules.  But how  long  do you suppose.  Ihe  pigeon-11\ered calamity howling  mem  bers of some of our faculties    would  pel nut New Zealand   football  to exist"'    About long n-nough for lYale/am.l  handle it while on the llv-niot on Iho  night's meeting it wa������> repoited to bo  So 10 The benefits derived from this  fund are $8 per week for ten wee\s,  pi a week for the next ten weeks, after which it is a nominal sum. Ths  dues are \eiv small and so far every  claim has been paid promptlv. General' ovenliaft on this part of the-woik  run���������it was faster than any running j devolves on Mr.  J. C.  Johnston,  thc  I ever saw���������would makefile besWril  led lialf-fcacks of -Yale or ."Princeton  look sick.      .,������<(-      -  Tho halt-backs stretch clear across  Harvaid to play one game. Then tht' air to another half-back, who takes  Harvaid  faculty  would have all the   it while going    at a ten-second -clip,  Yale t<-am arrested foi  murder.  For licit known light at the start  Grand Secretaiy.  It was nlso reported at last night's  meeting that Mr.  Wm. MulhcJIand is  now on a visit   to the coast in     the  the field, about, hall'Vdozen ,ot'''tiicm. 'interests' of the order and Has"   dene  One    gets.the^ball^SdvadarLs   rip*!. Especially    good   woik   in  Cliilliwa-.k,  the  field  like a deer.    He  is tackled    Sard is rnd Victoria   Tie will remain  and thrown  like a ton  of  brick,    but  out hue Toi   a f.-w  wtc's  longci   and  as he falls the ball sails- through the pay a \isil  to  "Naiiuimo  tefoie       le  this Ne\V Zealand thing permits of  much rougher work than the Amcu-  ca-n game of football. As a spectacle it has our games beaten miles and  miles, and it is leally too bad , that  we can't play it, but. wc can't and  that's all there is to it.  Why can't  we?    Why,  jusl simply  because the strenuous American  teni-  pcruinent could not go into such      a  game  without     fighting  al out   eveiy  minute,    that's   nil.     The (tackles,  bangs and  well*  these New   Z-enland-  ers took all   "in    the I est of natuic  and  Willi- bioad smiles on their faces  Were wonderful   t0   behold    The  hauler they weie hit the- better (hoy seem  ed to like it.  Every one of iliem was  a good  Christian and always  offered  the right jaw when  walloped  on  the  left.   -If would' never do for i:s,    for  we are not as- good-natured as a class  And  then we could not learn   it, in  ii Ming   homo.  The   delegates   in   attendance  last  and  goes    goalward  ma'ybe  another night ���������t,u.  ten yards, when he gets his from     a Grand Chancellor,    \V.  II.  Gibson,  tackier,  only  to   pass   tha  ball while Nelson,  Giand Secretaiy,  J- J, John  falling to a third half-back, and soon ston, New Westminster! Giand Iler-  to a fouith,  fifth and sixth man,  all aids, W   J    Blown,  Nanaimo,  Grand  tne    while   the whole team  coming | Ginud,    \\\    C.      Cionk,      Victoria,  down the field like a herd of runaway Grand  Sentinel,  II       Milton,  Chilli-  cavalry.  The man with the ball leads  wack, Giand Tiuslees, J   C. Robert-  the J son,   Chilliwack;   K.   S.   Cook,   Nan.i-  bunch���������there can be no  one in  front    mio, T.  Robinson, New Westminster  of him���������and  this does away with tli3   Grand  Audilot, W   R   Blown,     New  interference,   for the man with     the j Westminstci,    Dominion   Reprcsenta-  Dall must make his own lant to-   run   tne,  J.  A. Johnston,  Now Wcstmin-  in.    Sometimes   he dodges  a tackle,    stpr, Members ol  Executive,  1).     G  but as a general rule he allows him- McDonald,   J.    Sarlcr    Smith,  New  self to be tackled and then passes the   Westiinnstei, Delegates,  W.  F. Beg^s,  ball   to another    The idea  of       the    Benjamin  Buir,   J    McCampbcll,    J.  lacklcrs is to got 11." 1 all. and     thc    Ritchie,  Victoria,   II.  McRae,  Nana-  minulc  then- prey  ulea-es.  the     ball   S   Bivson,  New Westminster,     Wm  New York, Feb. 15.���������Tho special  committee of tht Union Anthracite  Mine Woikeis of Pennsylvania appear  ed before the presidents and other officials ol the coal mining companies  here today and ' stated in general  terms the conditions they desued the  operators to grant them and- then ic  tired to fomuiKitc iu deta.i tbe  demands Bcfoui* thc conference adjourned the su'b-cominittcc of se\en  men each were appointed repiescnt-  Ung .the miners and thc others the op  orator's-to take up -ointly the questions at-issue and ewleavor to-teach  an  as- cement.  Wlkii  tlu-sc committees lia\e    com-  l-ldcd then  work  they will  make    a  icpoit to the conference   Thc  utmost  good      feeling    mc-ailed   duiing  1hc  iiieotiiiKS  and   theie aie  many  signs  that all   mattci" at   issue  mav     he  suine so openly unless they thought  that Pekin approved their conduct  In the foreign settlements of treaty  poits efforts aie being made to quiet  ly iccover privileges granted to for-  eimieis.       <-���������  In some quarters Japan is believed  to A'iew with equanimity the possibility of armed intervention being  ncessary since it would provide her  with occasion to obtain from China  what she failed to exact from Russia.  In Shanglmi two additiooal companies of volunteers are being raised.  Jt is reported that municipal council  fn\ors strengthening the sixth .police  foice by 500 men. Unfortunately it  is at this juncturt' that it has1  been decided to reduce the British  China Squadron.  months,and that in two years  the \  V. & E. will be apart of dim Hill's  transcontinental    system,   the  Great  Northern.      When   this  comes   about  there will be a regular daily seivice  Letweitn   Port   Guikhon   and   Sydney,  also extenshc improvements will be  made in the Victoiia depot.  WRECK  COMMISSION.  F. S   Biinksc, one of the survivors  of the Valencia wieck, gave evidence  before the  commission  this  momma;.  GIVEN UP.  Seattle,  Feb.   IC-(Special)���������  The  Northwest Steamship Company have  given up all hope of the safe arrival  of the steamship Dora, now two  months overdue It is thought the  vessel was wrecked off the Alaska  Peninsula and that her crew got ������-  shore and are now awaiting rescue by  some passing steamer.  Shipping men say if tha vessel is  still above the water she would have  U'cn seen before this. The revenue  u.tter Reen is now ciuising up the  Alaskan coast searching for signs of  the vessel or the crew. When tlie  Dora left Valdcz she had om boajd 35  Mr.  Bunker is  thc one who  alleges  people.  FISHERIES ON  THE PACIFIC COAST  E^  ?  HSCKS 41  GUAYAQUIL  Guayaquil, Ecuador, Feb. 15.���������Thc  fust shock of th3 earthquake which  euii?cd so much damage and loss of  life in ".no piovincc oi Esmeraldas  was felt on Januaiy 31, the disturb  ance continuing until Fetnuary Gth.  1 lies  liihabilanAs-, panit-itiicken,   aban-  A      despatch   fiom  Ottawa,   dated gested   that the  most feasible  limi-  yesterday,  sa\s that an interim   re- tation would be the issuing of boat  pon  of the commission appointed  to licenses  by the Dominion,  investigate  the fisheries of the Paci- Another recommendation as'.-:s for a  fie Coast was up for consideration ct survey of the fishing banks  to      be  Wednesday's cabinet meeting                j carried  on by experts'with a view of  The  repoit emphasizes  the neceasj- showing the limits of the deep-sea. re-  tv of an earlv adjustment of the dif- 5*ources of the province and the loc-.,,-  fercnecs between the    provinces and ������������n of schools of salmon^ oefore they  the Dominion on fishciy matters, and  migrate  up the rivers.   It  i������ Tecom-  (U.ned  their homes, and  families   aie  settled without, icsoiting io sinking    s(il,  h%n^ m lhe opcn air, feanng a  they let go and iluisu again  Iheinan   who  finally- carries       tbe  ball across  the goal  line scores      a  touchdown,  in  t'ficir parlance called a  'try,'   because''  it    entitles the side  The mi nets'  rcpicsenlatnes on tho  sub-committee outside  of Mi    Mitchell aie thedisti ct president and sa.-  ictanes  ol   the  tluec  anlhiacite  dis-  tucts    John B.  Kerr,  who  is on the  opjuators,'   committle,   is   Mce-piesi-  dent and general counsel of the   New  York Ontario  and Western  ladroad,  and Moins Williams, another mcm|J.k.  of the committee, is (he head of the  anthracite coal companies controlled  by   the Pennsylvania railvvi-v     -J    L  Cake, anothci committeeninti,  is   the  icictilion of thc shocks A church in  tlie city of Esnicaldas, a house occupied a,s a barracks ami a boys' school  *ollap^ed Business houses suiieietl  heavih, especially those of dealois m  glasswate.  At Porte Vargas Torres the panic  was gieat, and seveial poisons were  killed undci<-the mms of falling houses At La TolatwcnU inrse hou'es  collapsed, and all the rest of the bo-'s  cs  in the  place were gieatlv  damag-  mt-niled that there should be an- in-  also suggests  that a definite declare- trCnSe in the number of patrol     ves-  tion ls-desiraLlc as to the temtorul   sels  to   suppress  extensive  poaching  or ncn-tertitoiial nature of the wat-   ir. the harbors and inlets of the west  ers   of   Hecate Straits,  wheie ex ten-   coast  of  Vancouver  Island,   and     on  .sue foicign fishing  is now earned on  the coast  of   the province  oenerally.  Refero-ncu was made to the danger of  Tbe work of removing artificial   and  oveicrowding   canneries   on  the Sk-ej- natural  obstructions  of salmon    ar-  na  Rivci,   Rivers  Inlet  and      other .������ending  the livers  is  approved,  and  noitliiin localities,  which   the     com-, its  extension is  asked foi.  imssii.il icgaid\l as    somewhat sen   j    The icpoit closes  with rccommin-  ous, and lcooinJiiended that a limitj,- dations   for more powerful snagboats  lion   v>Q> Id   be mi] osed.     Some sug- fon the Skecna River.  THE SCHOOL TRUS-  TEES CONVENTION  Jiiio,- N. Symons, Vancouver, C. Pearson,  Snrdis.  making it to a try at goal,  which  is ��������� lines.  upon      the    most approved  scientific  less  thaii ten years.'. You never  hear   '"cored   the same as our own  goal, via]  of a great  baseball   player  who     has , from  a place kick.   If you! get      both 'sier "on^Ionday"' when'1)^^^,"^  A start was made, iu New Westmin  not  been  playing about  ten years be-   it counts  five  points,   the   try  alone  fore he gels  om    the Giant, <|0  you?    only three.  Well,  each and every on������ of     these I   The ball .is rarply dcud. When a man  dressing a' meeting of clergymen, requested them to' reserve a Sunday to  be known as "Tubcirculosis Sunday,::  iciii an opportun-  New Zcalanders���������all  well  over     20-  is downed, instcud of hoidiog lhe. bull  in on|Cr to ar,oni (,  luus been  playing  this identical  game as    in our game, he shoots "it  along  .since he was   lien.    It's  their national   de ground  in   the hope that  one   of  game in New  Zealand, and  if     what   l'--*"  own   side will  get  it and      earn'  dome of the  players  told  me ye.ster- i it  further goalward.  When  a man    w  day  is true,   it's played  by even     a   cornered  by  tacklers  and  none  of I is  larger percentage of the rising gencr-, own  side  is within-p  assing  distance,  ���������ition   over there  than  baseball       is   he punts and his whole team is     .'in  here,  however  improbable  this     may side  and  any  one of  them   may    get  seem.  Even  though  it was one-sided,   the  the -ball.   At punting they arc not as  goos as  the general rim of Americans  game   was t/eautifu-l   to    watch,     for   hut at drop-kicking they excel  as\ '  ROYAL SYMPATHY.  Lond on,      Feb.  15. ���������K i ng  Ed ward  said to  the Rev. Wilson Carlyle he.t.l  of tin Church Army, who was received  in   audience  at  Buckingham. Palace today, that he often  worked    12  lours  a day himself.   He knew      the  blessing  of work  and  greatly  sympathized   with   the unemployed.   Therefore it was a great comfort to know  that the Church Army was furnishing-  work for no many.   The King specially  praiswi t)le  immigration  plans  of  the Army and said   to the Rev.    M,-,  Carlyle:"tlncourage  your  good    immigrants,  wish  for them  every happiness  that  God can   produce.' They  will still  be in  my dominion and  'he  immigration      will  not only  benefit    ,,������ contribute funds in aid of the es  themselves and  their  families      hut    taWishment     of, a sanitarium in the  ,   , .     ,, ' mountains of the interior, where it is  the whole empire." ,.-.,,   t ���������     +-,^4-  hoped to   treat tuberculosis patients  NEW CAMPAIGN  TO   FIGHT DISEASE  Dr. Fagan, secretary of the provincial board of haalth, has planned a  new crusade against tuberculosis ���������-  the-grim and noisless destroyer that  annually claims over nine thousand  victims in Canada, says the ���������Vancouver Province. !  A campaign of education to be extended to ail parts,of British-'Column  bia has already ��������� been inaugurated.  The co-operation of clergymen of all  denominations, hoc tors, school teachers, school children and laymen generally   will be     sought.     Coincident  ity of picturing to their respective  congregations the danger of the situation from thc point of view of the  health of the .community., A concert, at which Dr. Fagan will lecture on the disease, will he held later. The proceeds will be devoted  to flic fund for the establishment of  the proposed sanitarium. Then a  paid collector, charged jiv-ith the  task of seeking public subscriptions,  w-ill be appointed. A thorough canvass of  the idly  will   be made.  This pre ,ram outlined for the Royal City will be carried out in Vancouver. Following the discussion of  the topic in the pulpits and the initial address by Dr. Fagan, the services of leading doctors in delivering  addresses 10 school children on the  same subject will, it is hoped, be -secured. Later the same work will  he undertaken in every city and town  in  l'ril-ish  Columbia.  Dr. Fagan stated that he will ask  the city council of Vancouver to  make a grant towards the maintenance of      the     "proposed  un-coiiintry  .id     In tne neighborhood   of P011  Li-  rcpiesontativc of the independent op-  I im)US [0Ui   smail ,s amis disappeared  eialois    Neither Mr   Mitchell      1101    ^^  ���������,iinds  WC1C  mha,bited  bv f-sh-  Uic  opciators would  discuss  the   i���������--n.M,,CIli  vil0 0scapcd  in small  boats,  tin? of the demands, Jutt  it  is belie*-   m wKlch  th(Jv  WMt at ^ fol   thlCj  ed  they  were subsequently the smi* i ;!ays imLH th*e water l.ecamc stimcien-  as those  made  public  at  the  mincrK* j tU:.-calin t0 enable them lo reach thc  meeting at Shamokin   last Docemhcr.   mainland-   Esmeialcles was nearlv  in-  ' These   demands   call   for   an eiaht- | un,,attd   bv   a ti(lal   wav6i   which    eo..  hour.day  without  any   reduction      in  wages, for employees  raid-'l-.y       the  hour, dav- or wee!;, a uniform wage  scale for all classes of employees, a  ten to twenty percent, increase in  wages, a reconstruction of the board  of concilliatioii and the recognition of  the. union. There arc olher grievances  of a minor  nature.  MUST SPEAK  ENGLISH TO  WORK IN MINES  ho,me!for     consumptives.       Victoria  with the advocacy of a vigorous pro-1 ]jas already    acted.     lis city council  paganda,   the    public'will be  invited   recently agreed to contribute a yearly donation of   thirty dollars fo-r cv  In the Legislature yesterday     I-Ion-  C. Wilson moved the second reading  of the bill to amend the Coal Mines  Regulation  Act.   Tho mil  had     been  introduced many times l>cfo''c in some  form  but had  repeatedly   been   disallowed.   He had introduced the bill in  such shape  this  year lhat  he did  ������ot  think   it should  be  disallowed.  It simply providi-d  that     pos tions should  not be filled  by persons  unable       to  speak   English.   lie protested  against  the Dominion  government disallowing  1  these   acts   without   the   opportunity  being given  to argue the questions in  the courts.  If the bill referred to above becomes -a law as it probably will,  some of Ladvsmith's  residents    will  tercel  the port,   Hooding the principal  streets.  All  the     inhabitants ran for      the  mountains   in  thc  neighborhood.    All  th? towns  in  the provinces  of Esmeraldas and  Jlanabi  were greatly damaged and especially Rio Verge, (.'amain!   Pingraigua, and most of  the  in-  i-io'ics       LaTola,  Limones,   Bourbon  hal.-.itiints an-  homeless.    In  llu-  Col-  [ onitiian towns of Mos^tera. San -1 ami  and Domingi-i-ity., more than three lum  died   pcrst.ns   perished.    At  Hai'baco-  a's  a. severe  enrth\|uake  was  felt.   At  lyopayan several     bouses weie badly  damaged.   At  Toquerres   livs persons  j.-i-rished     under  thc ruins  of falling  houses,  but at.     Buga and  Carthage  IIifTc  was  no damage done.   Maniza-  less suffered heavily.  At Periera, the  tower of.a church fell.  VI   a meeting held   jestcrdav   morn- sicn led by Tiustce     lewis. Estab-  mg  in   \1u011a  .-dl  progiamiuc       ar-  hshmeni   of  a British   Columbia  Liu-  laiigcmcnls  wetc completed  for   the   vei.sity   Discussion led by Miss Cam-  second annual  convention of the 13rit-  2ron. Tcacheis' ceitificates.     Discus-  is!i  Columbia   Association  of  School   si on led by J. J. Dougan.  Trustees.'The convention is to 1> held:   Third session,  2 p.m.���������O-^v-ernrneft  on   the   Kith,   20th  and 21st   instant   supply of text books cuiiw free     to  in  the school  board  room,   Victoria,   pupils  or at cost.   Discussion led   by  It  is hoped  by   those  interested  that  Trustee  Carroll.   Abolishing  written  there  will   be  a large  attendance.    It examinations to nigh schools. Disjiv--  is  expected  that  a representative   of   sion   led  by  Trustee Creighton.   Edu-  every rural and city sch-col   in     the   cad'onal paper,/'What is worth Most?  province   will   he present. Chairman   Muggett.  The opening session  will  tukc plac?     Fourth Session, Tuesday evening ���������  en   Monday   evening,  commencing at   Reception   by Victoria  board  in  thc  V..SO   oVIcc-'i.       For  this and suhse-   college rooms.  qtienl sessions   the  proi!,ra!iiiii������ agreed |    Wednesday, fifth session, fl. a.m. ��������� -  upon ���������eini fclies Mi||.ysrt.ioiis from near-  Times  of admission  of  primary   pu-  ly  all the schools  in   the. ptovincc.       Ipils.   Discussion led  by Mrs.  Jenkins.  The [;csrnt olliccr.s or the associa-' On making more practical onr school  t ion arc as follows: President, Wil- curriculum. Di.scusnion led by Trus-  liam C'lt.*'}>, Vancouver; vice-presi- tco P?ck. Question drawer,  dent, .las. Cuiinineliani, New West- | Sixth session, 2 p.m.���������Health in-  minstor, and speretary-trensurcr, J. spec I. ion of school bu lding and school  ���������1.  Dougan, Vancouver.. j pupils.    Discussion  led  b-y Trustee Dr  The programme to  be followed is as   E.     Hall.    Centralization    of    rural  hcrcinunder: schools. Discussion led bv Trustse Ilea  THE PART HE TOOK.  Monday,   first    session���������Enrollment Idcrso-n.  Harry Hazard, who claims to. be  r:n insurance agent of New York,  confpssrd     to      the Vancouver police  ycsle-dav     to complicity in the dia- SoattIe    Feb.   ]5._The federal com  montl    ro-blKTv at     McMillans store .                     ,    ,.                .      .  ,    ,   ,.  ,     ,  '         . ,,       T.     ,   , missioners     conducting   a re-hear mc  la>-'   .S;i(-!.r('av      muht.      He  df-clares -s                       &  th-.l -.,. tliird party'smash.--d   fi.   v.-:n- of thc Valencia investigation,  are at-  d-���������"������������������.    mid  (''at   lip and   a man  name.! ���������-mpt-iiig     lo find  out the manner in  rriiiglon.   fur  whom   the   i-oli c .-vm .-hieh the Valencia was   hatulle'l whenj  1  -v  lcokitig,   l(-,i!(>ht   thc-ni   from'   .'< he   struck      the  rocks.      One  of the  '' i-'f.    Sixt-rn  out of tin-  il-.ii-ty t ���������- -i facts brought out is  that the Valen-  diamoii \s     were        nciv-.r;!       '.his cia    was  inthe habit of overrunning  morning.    Nine  were in     the lu 1    f her course     while en route north on  Hazard's      loadcrl     .revolver,  while former   trips, and that the log was  of members, election of officers, ap- Seventh session���������Method of raising  pointment of committees an<l per- (collecting ami applying school funds  fecting  the organization. iDiscussion Icsl by Trustee Mowat. Pa-  Tuesday, second session���������9 a.m.��������� per, "The School and tha Home," by  The time and1 duration of school Trustee Miss Cameron. Unfinished bu-  hours and  summer vacation.   Discus-   siness.  called. Peterson was on the stand  for three hours today. His testimony was mostly confined to the  ship. Boarswain McCarthy testified  that several of the vessel's life  preservers had been condemned when  she    left  San     Francisco.     Captain  Burwell,     the    third  member of the  1  commission, eniiphnsized the fact that  the remainder were this nioruiiiT  (--'as .a    rule, off aboljjt     six per cent. | attempt     was made to    protect tho  yU"housana\fLmVopuiaUon oTthat  have to study English a few years or  ken from    the    .'safety deposit ii. lhe   Second     Officer   ^^' f^ ' boats from passengers. ,  > ' qllit coal mining. |    Royal bank. and    Boatswain McCarthy have been  cry  city. JO wf-wtn*���������������e���������ua���������  -J-*-  DAILY LSDGHR  ITK3H  THE DAILY LEDGfR  liblished   every day except Senday.  \Y        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  cents a month;    $5 per year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  ullcatlon.  FRIDAY, FEB.  10,  190G.  SPORT  THE RING   James  Kinney   of  Peoria,   Illinois,  | would  like to match his porlegc, Kid  Farmer," peainst  any     130-133-pounA  In-.an in America.  Frank Erne, the former lightwcirM  | champion, is said to have secured a  place as boxinjr instructor at "*. ale.  Erne is one of the cleverest men in  the world wiih his .hands, but he was  ne' er regarded as a sluf*j*er or a  gvi'dlinc* fiphler.  ,    Emerson "ATcCarpo. the Philadelphia  j-'fln   who   drives    the  Ca.nadian-wod  t*-ottinir'Kcldine   "Wen'tworth"   2.0-1 i,  offers to'   match him against Swt  *M>\rie,      2.0-1 "V,  and  Tiverton.  2.0".  fm- a mntch  race or a series of races  .for "1,500 to  T2.000 aside per race,-  T-mner to tahe all.  THE OAR���������  A Toronto exchange says that negotiations are still on with a, view  to bringing champion sculler Stan-  bury to Toronto next summer to  meet Eddie Durman. Thc last Aus-  1-alian mail brought with it f1'0'1"1  this end somewhat, more liberal inducements lo the Australian to come  over in thc way of expense money and  prospects of  a side let.  Jimmy Rice will in all piobaoility  jemain  in  Ottawa   (his year,  though  Hie is wanted here, and will likely ban  die  Duriian   if  the latter  secures      a  a ace.  Ejili jVlcdee is due lack here in the  spring, and is exp?cted. to reach pret-  ity near the top notch this year. "Mc-  _������.''ee is looked upon as a likely can<li  date- for the world's championship by  the local experts.  POOR EDITOR.  ^ D\n& SPENCEK -������������������-  ���������������-*���������(Nanaimo) Ltd.  OUR FEBRUARY  WHITEWEAR SALE  Is Now in Full Force. Many people wait for this from one  year to the other. T'ney buy enough to last them the entire yea-. Look what you save���������no doubt about it-  you save $3.00 to $4.00 on a $10 purchase. Can  you afford te miss it?   A few items taken at random.  Ladies    Fine Cambr  Hemstitched    tucks,  Wo  have  o  Drawers ���������Umbrella   style,      wide  hem,   aid  splendid, quality���������special  per: pair  .ii*,.    25c  diawers   from  per  I'mr l������c  to   Jl.iO  Ladies'     Cambric   Corset   Coveis,  Sale price,  plain,   Neat  fitters���������  regular  20e   10c.  Ladies'     Night   Dresses,   yoke ftnd   slsevt*   trii  crv~aiid"c<������i'd!>d  tuckiii",  *. 90c uo^n   for  iied   with ambroid-   65c  Gowns  from  2fic.   to   W.!)5  Ladies'    While   Skirls,   wonderful  value,    made     of   good cottoa,  with   mi   18-inch   llounce  ef   lawu,  tucked awe'      trimmed   with eni-  1 i-oidi-r.v,   a  *L2*J   SUiit ior  ,   85c.  ^^^fW^^rWTOmfm^f?^  ������ mining recorder ia lieu thereof. When  "I shall j $500 has  been  enf/widwl  or paid, the  ���������   ce-uaa lotaa nna lose,  "Never again," he sighed.  ^Oh.10yeS?gyou'will,"   rejoined   the | ���������<*-*<���������������   may,   upon' liawng   ������ S.rr.y  The point of Uie following little  ntory appeals sli-onoly to the publishers  of newspapers  at  times:  A couple of Washington editors  were talking about various persons  who made tho life of an editor ob-  lioxioi"-'s: to him by telling him how to  run his paper. Col. Charles A. Edwards, of Texas, who. was listening,  'took off his sombrero and ran his  hands  through his hair.  "T   know all abont it,"  said he, in  5i reverberant bellow, which he      intended .for  a confidential  whisper.   "I  was   an  editor-myself,' once down > in  Texas.    One day   a man   camo.tr> me  iuid said," 'I have come in  here      to  corn-plain abont tin's article you have  in your paper  today,    li'don't  like it;  its     tone  is undignified;     its  diction  poor;   its���������'  "T pushed    a button    on  my  desk,  and when  thc  office boy  leaped  in     I  let  out.  all the notches  in   my voice.  'Brine  nio,   T tlmr.-.'' -;\'l.   'an   ave,    a  hammer and a six-sho-'tc:-.'  " 'Good Lord,'   "aid the kickcr,:i\i>  faced and astonished,  'what are yi.r.  going to do?'  " 'I'm going, sir,j I replied, 'to  kill every printer, and reporter inthe  place, and .to smash every blanked  press and throw it in the river.-  "What am I running a paper for, except  to please everybody?' "  hi-.'ittless beauty.  "Never again," he repeated. "I'm going to turn over a new leaf and'save  money."  The:Lecture iu niJitliemntlca.  Professor���������Yes, sir, if you were  thrown like a stone you would deter! bo a parabola in returning to earth.  Student, (wearily)���������I think I'll go out  nnd get thrown at once then,-professor.  That's about the only way I'il erei  ���������earn to describe one of 'em.  A Cheeky dutomtr.  "I had a unique but tantalizing, experience the other day," said a clerU  who works In a hair store. "A. man  came into our place and asked to look  at some false l-.'.'unls. Of course he wn������  uecomtnodiitcd, and he spent over an  b-nr :.oing over the lot, trying thera on  i examining himself In a glass. Ho  ��������� .u.i up my time, and after he had examined everything in that line in the  store he thanked me nnd .said he was  considering whether to raise a beard or  ;;ot aud wished to see how he would  :<>ok iu tbo different styles."  SYNOPSIS OF "CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased at $10-per acre for soft coal and  $20 for anthracite. Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by ane individual or company. Royalty s.vihe  rate of ten cents per ton of 'i,000  pounds 'shall be collected on thc  gross   output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted  upon  payment in  adrance of  "7.50   per   annum   for   an   individual,  .nd from $50  to $108 per  annum  f������r  a company, according to capital.  A      free miner,   having   discovered  mineral   in place, may locate a claim  1,500  x. 1,500   feet.    The   tea  fer. recording  a claim   is   $5.08  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year  or paid   te   the  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The      pa lent'provides .(er  the. payment of * royalty of 2J eer. eent ea '  the sales.  PLACER raiaiag elaias generally  are 100 feet aquare; efttry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may ebtaia, twe leas*  es   to  dredge for gold  ef. Ive wiles  each for a term of twenty years,' renewable at the descretina ef the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall hare a dredge In  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each fire mile*.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of- river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W: CORY,  Deputy, of the Minister of  the Ii  ^t\ot.  A Habit  to Be Eneonraged.  The  mother  who has acquired  the  hah t of keeping on hand a bottle of  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy, saves  herself a great amount of uneasiness  and  anxiety.    Coughs,   colds       and  croup,  to which children are suscep-  tible,  arc quickly cured   by   its use.  Tt counteracts any tendency of a cold  to result  in  pneu .lonia'  and  if given  as soon   as the   first symptoms      of  croup  appear,   it wi'l  prevent ���������   the  attack.    This  remedy contain* nothing injurious and mothers gi*e it to  little ones with v������ feeling of perfect  security.      Soli hj the    Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  WM. MtJNSIE,  President,  tin  j. YL  COULRN.       i'  ', Telephoned.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   PIDD1CK   AND   LADY SMI'l H-SbingleB   a  Spcci*lt7.  ���������Manufacturer*     of���������  Roujjli and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Lath*,  Shingles, Mouldings. Etc., of ihe Best Quality.  3_.soned   end   Kiln   Driod   Flooring    end   Finishing     L.mhex   to    Stock  EsquimaH   & Nanaimo iailway  e^ONEY TALKS/--  AS L������eM) T������ ������S  AS A*5YBt<*E.  IF Y������U ARE PAYING'CASH FOR YOUR  MB AT  YOUR  BOLLARS If  ILL   GB  FURTI-IWR.IF  YOU  BVYFROM US   Our Sash Prises Cannot Be Beaten���������;  PANNELL  &   PLASKETT  STEA.M  1CHA.VKD  BA-ll SUPPWHD 'WITH   IJlt  WINKS, LIQUORS. ClOARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  LADYSMITH, B. C  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLRND  -������A.V1������ BYHBS,., ProjirieU*.  Board at reasonable  Rates ���������  The bar is extra well  Stocked   .  Board Bid lodgiag $!.������������������ f* ***���������  This  Hotel  ha*    !>ecn completely  1Jj_ renovated.  HOTEL-  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied   with  the Best   Wines, iBt Avenue  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  Best accommodation for transient  \rid permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is np-to-  d.������te. Rates $1.00 a day and upwards. ���������       " '  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  B-'tlaHade .">-: :���������: :>���������: :������-: *L*dy������EiUh  ,See BU'ir &  Adam's advertisement  in another column.   O   For high     el ass sta*it������a*;y eall *t  Knight's Book Stole.  DAY SCHOOL.  ���������:*���������  Usual subjects taught; also language." . drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils aad water colors, pianoforte and ������������������eel leasoasgir-  en in classes or individually.  MISS   BERTRAM,  ladysmith.  H   C.  n  if^feg!aazaj^i'iiffl.tit-'J-i'A'f'ft*f I  WHY PUNISH  YOURSELF  P.y buying ill-shaped footwear ? " LKCK.1K  HOOTS' require no  breaking in. They fit  like a glove- the lirst  time they arc tried on,  and will stand iuore hard  wear than any other  boots sold iu Canada today.  They are made-over  foot-form lasts, in all  qualities, from the heaviest boot for lobars,  prospectors and miners  to siimrt cily boots' for  business .mens street or  rainy day wear.  Ask for Lcckie Boots  at your dealers and look  for the trade mark on  the sole.  MANUFACTURED BY  LTD.  VANCOUVER. B. C.  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Business successful; positi'em' peraia-  nent. No investment required. Fre-  vious experience-set esseatial te engaging.  Address Maaager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,   ill.,  U.S.A.  Time  Table No. 51  Trait* (e������re Ladysardtti fer Victoria and  all intermediate stations    at  ���������.It ������.������. daily,   aid at 4.0* a.m. om   Wednesdays,     Saturdays   and   Suii-  Traiee leefe Ladysatith for "Wellington and  all  intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. dairy, &ed at ������.<M p. m.   on Wedn* days,   Saturdays     aad  Suadays.  Excursion Tickets.  ,    ,.      - ., ON SALE TO  AND  FROM ALL STATIONS  geed fee gaieg iottcaey Saturdays aad Sundays, returning not later thae  tke fellewiag Meettay. H.I Mk iiAt^t���������>. a- i ''. '.  -Steamer Joan  ���������y. .i  Sails freaa Ladysositk Ior Vaacouver every Saturday at 0.00 aeu and  retutfttax sails freaa Vaaceuver    foe   Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  Cer. Fert iutli   Oeferaateat Stre*is.,  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  ������ist.   Fit. ���������& Pass., Act.  ���������  T6 FERNIE,  Rea4>0**'> Rea4U*i  9I������.m..)>. Victomia Arr. i ��������� f- m.  ���������.���������o p. m; Lr. 6ta/Me Arr. 9.0a ������������������������������������.  ,.21 p. m, An. B������w������tt Arr. 7.30 a.m  ,3���������������. m. Arr, SPOKANV Air 7.45 p.n  ������.*S p.m Arr.   Remfor*   Arr 11 j������p.m.  B.i* p. m, At. Kike Arr. 1*142������. in.  ���������.00 p.at.   Arr. - Fernie   I������r.f.5S������   *������������������  ONE NIGHT  To au Keeteaay Foiats  TWO,'NIGHTS  Te    Wiaaipeg aad St. Paul  Close Coanectiens  For    Chicago. Toroata.  ���������   Ifoatreai and  All Points East & West  Acetylea*;;   Lighted     Cars,  Family Teurist Sleepers,  Palace Sieeaiag Cars  Diiateg     Cars (Meals a  la  Carte).  Library ObaerVatioa     Cars  T trough     tickets aad bag-  gag* checks to all points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, bertha  reservat'sna and complete  ������������������formation call en or~ address.  m. ������. Yeckee: \ B. R. Stephen  a:G:R:a. - G.A.'G.N. Ry  Seattle -' Vleteria; B.C.  I  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts  VICTORIA, BC  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  3  ONE   IS THE  "NORTH   COAST   LIMITE������."  The Electric Lighted Traia te the  East  Tickets on sale to all Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest .rates.  Up-to-date     Pullman   and     Tourist  sleepers      on ail  trains.  Dining  Car  service Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale to aqd  from all European Points. Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  For     fu'rthsr  write the ollice.  A.  D.  Chariton  A.G.P.A,   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  particulars    call or  Phone Main 458.  E.  E.  Blackwood'  General Agent  Victoria, B.G  ���������mm  NURSERIES,   IREEN*  HOUSES AND SEED  HOUSES;  M1Q' Westarilaster Road,  VANOOCVEK,  B.C.  Headquarters tot   FAClFiC flROWN tUrdeu.   icIJ  ������������������a Hwwer 5EBD3  t������t 4*stribut������o������.- ;  Large, stack o* Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  mow matured for Spring.  No eiPewJe, loss, or delay, oi fuinigatiMi or ia-  spectioev*  Let me"price your list  before placing your   order. Greenhouse Plants,  Floral F*ak*ges. Fertilizer^ ���������te. .'  . 3010 WeattoUster Road.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  B   C  ������| ^'^K>^^i>^^<>^^XPO^>0'  Ask  TH6 CITY MHRl^eT  R. Willianisoa Prop  jst. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  Are You  Going; East  Then be sure your tickets read  the  tU  >������K  t     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     J  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  -The Cream of Scotch Whiskiei-  m co,  Sole   Agents for B.  C.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH.      .  C  IK   .  9  9  i  it  s>  IF  9.--  $ -  1.    WEAi 0FW������B --  J DUNCANS STATION,        '      CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  *       Vancouver Island, B. G, ������������������������iwral Manager.  t������.;fet*-'^^'^r"^^^^^ft'fe*-^fe^fe  PAINTING,    ;���������;���������: PAPEkHANOlNQ  ' :   'HTC. ���������-  Work* dene preperly and at    tlirht  ���������rieea. A (ulL tiae ef Wall Paper,  aad Paiater'a Susfliee Resideaee oh  Iteaerfi Street  ,.���������,.'"'   J...B. SMITH. Prnr.  If yeu like���������-     '  A  antoetb,  easy share,  aa even,  well-intofted    beard trim, a geod  hath, er a stylish Halt-eut.  Tou will ge te  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARIORS  HICK STrtlET.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacini  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, TH"3  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWEST.  RATES,  THE  FASTEST  TIME.  BETWEEN  j MINNEAPOLIS, .S.T.. PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ast your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General Ageat,  110 2nd Ave., Seattle.   ,  |f���������|~H  anAa���������  Cor. 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 3sc������ and Upward  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LU * GO.  ���������N THi ESPLANADE.  PASnWY %F ALt KIND* NEATL1  BAKBB ANB FRE1II.  Cenfectieaary'ef aU kinds.  Orders taken, fee Pastries te he dell veeed at any tlae.   .l?-*j*>loyaaeat' Atceaav  ..Dee ers in  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysmith, B.C  Dr. Dier can be found ai s.;iy time  at his office o* Gat&ere st. His dee.'  tal work is g^Araut^d t# lie ftrs**  claae and ra1������e������ Bt������������oaa.U-������ ai.  Mannifccturtrsofthe Famous  Cuban SLossori  Noae h*   ���������������!&*��������� I;a������er   Bmpleyed  n, J. ifOSM, Frpp DilL? LB&3SR  z  X-M-H ������*+-������������������������������!��������� t-I'tl������������������!������������������������!������������������ I*���������3*4-'K**H>������M ���������!��������� ������������������!���������������������������!��������� ������������������!���������������*!���������-������ ���������  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B.C.  flanufacturers oTthe  In   British Columbia  Lager Beer;j and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew  ed from the Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  4.I.4 .ft+.-^^^.^.+^.'.^r..;..*..fr.f. -������~|<  ������l,i"l,+'I'+'I'*>'I"fty-*  LA b.'SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  f-   I  PIANOS,      ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     i< UKNITUR-: MOVED PROMPTLY   A   Nl)  SAVELY. -  ��������� ���������     1 1   w m    1 1���������gt. j       s  Stables in the rear of the Lai'yKinith hotel.      Leave orders at   thc ������  Abbots ford. ',  A. J. WASKLT, PROP  Wili^  fcm,0|^ in Ten Years, to Buy ai'  Good^^ PRICE  -*x-*-*-~ * ,:*���������..*  -;H  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Hade to order and Repaired at short    notice.    Drill  Sharpened  by ,������������������������; ������*  ways gives satisfaction,   l'icl.y  hand! ;>l and repaired. " ''\l'  Shipsmlthlng    i������������    ^J1     its* "nra'ric'h'e^'  horseshoers and < ienera1. Hlacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  BulLer Street -    - Ladyamith, H C  ... , . . , , '���������>   '<*   -���������>   'K, 'T.   ;u   nx-',.-���������,-r..-  Our Reason for Doing this is; We ha������e Just FiBished Taking Stock and are Overstocked, so m Must  Reduce It to Raise Money.     ThereforeWe are Giving the Public the Benefit of Buying Goods at  READ THE FOLLOWING BARGAINS AND YOU'LL BE CONVINCED   -COME EARLY AND YOU'LL GET   BEST CHOICE-  FLANNELETTE  350 yards Flannelette, splendid patterns, regular 12ic.  :      FOR 7 l-2c.  -;.'i0(������    yards   Canadian    Flannelette,  newest stripes and coloring*., fast dye  regular i5c. Special Bargain, IOc yd.  PRETTY WAISTS  Just a'    few left   to be cleared    at  Half'Price.  WALKING SKIRTS  Dark mixed   Tweeds,   FROM $2 TO $6.95  1  SILKS  New China and Taffeta Silks for  Cliiidrens" dresses, Ladies: Waists,  etc. T,ifi'eta. Silk; 27 in. wide, regular, 50c. for 3f������c. China Silk', 22  in. wide,  regular 3(!c,   :. FROM 20c. Yd  e>  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  :  || EXPRESS WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  $PHONE 66  ^^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^������������������*e***^������*������������*������*w*  LADYSMIT-    J  L/UMES'& CBIILDRENS  COATS, BIO REDUCTION  ���������r*5^  BLANKET ?  CANT" BEAT OUR PRICES  II  Express  LIGHT TEAMING    ,  Wood and Birk for S1I3-:���������-.*���������-.:  SEE J.   KEMP.  OR  LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  riRST  AVENUE  "PHONE      6-0.  \ W.  SILER.  GENEKAL tXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  DO *< *-*.._'  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  CORSETS  Tut'.besl to wear, now,  50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25 Pair  GREY FLANNEL  Fine Canadian All-Wool Grey Flan  nei, light, .medium or ���������clarlf; shades,  was 30c. per Yard,     :Sold at 22 12c. Yd.  BOYS' SUITS-  to be cleared mil, less than $1.00 a  garment, as we are going out of the  clothing  business.  200 pair of Pants-, worth $2.75, to  lie sold at   $1.10   a Pair  WOMEN'S SPE.  Fine Pongola Boots, with 'extension edge ami neat Cuban hetls, selling price $2.25   SpfC'El $|.&0  MENS BOOTS  regular ,$2.00   to $6.00   FROM  $1.25 to $4  Ladysmith Temple No. 5 Rathlione  Sisters meets at'the Oddfellows' Kail  2ad  and  4ta Tuesday at  7.30  p.m.  Mrs.   Kate Tata secretary.  Space Won't Permit Us to Mention all the Bargains We are Offering  COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF  LAME  BACK  UNITEB   ANCIENT  DRUIDS  ORDER   OF  This ailment is usually caused by  rheumatism of'the muscles awl imay  ���������Meets   in the I' O. OF. Hail, La- ' be cured   by  applying  Chamterlain's  WeMngtoa Grove  No. 4 Li. A. O.  D   r>,.���������  r���������������in\ "*.;.,'-, ���������    n       ������������������,.-���������' ������������������������������������'.���������-  ���������?.       ., , .       , Pam-Halm  two' or three it inies a day,  llvsmith,    trim   Second   aad     I'our Hi ,.    ���������,.' , ���������   n  ireaneadays of each  month, cominenc-1 *<*  WVl"**���������-  " "������������  ^es not af-  lag Wednesday. lStli.. 11*05.. j *"d  ru^JnS  t"������*  l'*1"!*   vigorously at  Visiting Druids     are invited to at- , 'o*-'1 f6^1,  bind on. a piece of flannel  lai%\. '        slightly dampened  with  Pain Baliir.  ; aiKi^q'iiek      relief is. almost.sure>to  By 0l',,cr- j follow.   ; For sale'bv  the Ladysmith  WM. RAFTER,  Reef Secty.   Pharmacy.' "    /   '���������        ���������  "PATRICK  BURK. N.  A.      '  Ladysmith  AMENDMENT TO  ...        ,.  ,    ,        -.is-       ��������� i    '''i'1"   trustees  arc   before   February 1  cities  ol   Ladvsmith,  Nanaimo,  I.-       ,     ., ,.      .       .  ���������   i to -submit an   estimate ol   the   sums  Nelson,  New  n-estmiiisirr,  lvevclsloko :',.������������������,,;,.,,.���������   f,.,. ., ���������   ,      ,.  ' ' iicijiiiicd   foi (be year  to   the niunici-  arnl   liosslaiid.- (pal  treasurer.   The   assessment,     col-  "(.'<.)   City  school ilistricts   .if, the (lection   mill disbursement  of the rales  third class,  including all   incorporated j is u> '-c   '"   u"'   lia''<J-*'  of the  muiiiei  iiiiiiiicipalitics  per  annum,    based   on  she actual  uunvber  of teachers,   uuin-  . ^^ ������-~���������!"' trainers   and   domestic -science iii-  THE SCHOOL ACXisi,n'civrsi c",io>'e<i ���������������- ^^^  ~ '.������������������.'. '��������� SClKlOlS,    '  , ' lu rural  municipalities thi-re  is   to  The minister of education lias- inl.ro daily  iittcnihoice  ot" pupils  attoa-.ling    |)t',a board of live trustees for       the  duced   into   the lcoislatiiire   an   ameiwl-   public  schools   equals   250,   but    does ' whole  municipality.   This , is  to comr  intr hill  to the School Act.    The clian   not  exceed   !)!!!),   for   the  school  year, h������lo efl'i-ei   iiamcdiiitcly   on   the.   pas-  ges   proposed   relate  very   largely    to and   comprising   at  ilu-   present   time    sa������" "f tllc' i'<-'(;-  rural   schools.    H   i.s provided,   how- i 'h  ever,   that  high  schools  may   w-  established   only  in     in tin icipal   school  ilistricts  ami  not in a union  of outside  rural   ill's .ri-'.s,  School  districts ni'e divided  as follows:  "Municipal school districts, comprising such areas as are embraced  within corporate, limits of the respective incorporated cities, towns,  and rural municipalities, and such  additional territory as may l.e added under sub-section (b) of section G  of  this act.  "Rural   school      districts,  coinpris-  ing all  school   districts not contained  within  I lie corporate limits of the iu-  corporaled      cities,   towns   and   rural    cipalilies   that   may  hereafter   he   in   ;    municipalities, corporatcd   from   time  to time   shall f    A gentleman   once   possessed a-val  "[Municipal   school districts shall   be   also   be included   in   one   or the   other  further divided into the following sub   of these four classes."  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER   WORKS  Consumers are requested te call  at   the oflice     ������n  Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates,   betwseu the 10th   and the 25th of each month.  cities   or low ns   whwein   I ho  average  Offias Hours I P. M. 4.30  pal  council.  ,     I    ,   ���������,       ,.     , , ., !    ' rovincial   i.ssessors   are   to  colled  actual   daily   attendance   ol   pupils  at-   .. .  '"c rales ouisulc of municipalities  ending public school .alls Mow ar.li ,n<1 m;lkt, ,l(|riin. ;USS0,SsmellL ,,,��������� f|���������.  for he school year, ami Comprising >tlie iniiilcc!i in.s(Ca(1 of ������������������. ,nisUT,.  a the present time the cities of k.inK u,qilired k) slll>mil, a lis(j  Chmbrook, Cu,n| crland, Knderby, | Mim?Si lnin,rals, unworked crown  <ernie, dnuul Koiks. Cmnwoo-I, ,.r;lllted miiu-ral claims nnd railways  Kamloops, Kaslo, Krlowna, I'lioenix, :lrt. to ,ie assessable mr'school pur-  Samlon,  Sloiian,   Ti-.iil  and   Vermin.      poses.  "(���������I.)   Ri'.ral  municipality school dis-     Tne   incomes   of teachers   -uul  salar-  1T1.-1.S,   im:l.������liiig all  rural   mimicipuli- ies and wages of persons  under       21  T, J BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  ties.  "All  cities,   towns and  rural   muni-  assessment  years   of age  are   to i.e  .-xempt    froni  iiiib!.'  sporting  dog  which   was       extremely  clc>er   iu   the retrieving       o[  'lhe      payment     of   the   provincial    d a!   and   wounded   game.     M  hnr*\in  gnin't  shall     be made  qiiarlerly       in    fact,  lu^'er  been 1 Down  to  lose ,-i. 1 -iv("  fi���������.-.-���������;(; class,   including  all   incorporated t municipal  school  districts and inouth-  classes:  ������������������'(1.)  City school districts of   the  cities or towns wherein (Ik- average  actual daily attendance of pupils attending public school equals or exceeds 1,000 for the school year, and  comprising at the present time the  cities of Victoria ami Vancouver.     *  i.v  <o   the umiiicii  n brought down by th  London, Toronto, Montreal;  "(2.) Cities of tho second class, in-.' first class,  $420  for cities  of the s-r  eluding  all  .incorporated   cities       or  towns     wherein   the average  actual  pal corporation of o-.vner. however, was a re-'i.irl'r-.i-V  rural municipalities instead of half :.;.,1 shot, and one day, on firing bot-i  yearly, in each case umler theiexisi '.arrels hastily at a rabbit which r.--i  ing act. 'unexpectedly     across  his   path,       he  The per capita granl   is fixed at, the heard    a mournful    howl.    The  text  following Minis:' $:!li()  for cites   of the j moment his  dog appeared   carry' ��������� ���������; a  black object in his mouth, nnd l.ud it  carefully  at his  master's feet.      Thc  end class,  $-Hi(i  for cities  and   towns _  of tlrj third class,  and $-180 for rural animal had  retrieved  his ow.n tail.  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to the   tact that tht  Ogilvie   Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers  of  ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some lime  past been producing flour in. a   Tastly improTed and parifl--" form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having secured control  of    all the baiic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of x dvising  tke  aablic  that  any     _���������_^,  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will he prosecuted.  Cgilvie IWti    7 <     :   ��������� ������  are the    only    aiilleraia Canada xrltoaj*     riottr  I LOCAL ITEMS  ���������i-i"* vinmr  StBE  ai     Al.O'i: ���������  Miss E. Dobeson will b* at thc Ab-  ibotsford, Hotel' every Saturday after-,  noon to gi*"e lessons ih Vocal Cul-  ,ture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, 'efficiently taught. For particulars apply Box 12, or Phona HC, Nanaimo.'  Don't  forget  the  usual fortnightly  dance of the    City Band takes   place  in the    Opera    House on Sat.,  Feb.  J 7th,  starting at S ������. ni. -  Mr. T. D. Conway returned on th������  noon train from a visit doiwn tlie  line.  See    the   program   of the. Watson  Company's     play for Monday    night  appearing in another column.  Mayor Nicholson, who is visiting  Seattle, i.s exacted back on the-S.  ,S.   Joan  this evening.  Mr. A. A. Davis, of NawumOi, passed through on thc morning .train to  Victoria.  AT THE ABBOTSFORD  W. Dcs  Brissey, Vancouver  F. II.  Shepherd, Nanaimo   .  L. 'II. Shepherd, Nanaimo  T. M.  Ilibbcn, Vancouver   o ���������������������������  ������������������������������������  FOR RENT  ' The Bar of    the Weil Known. Hotel  Ladvsmith,  thoroughly  furnished.   ���������   .-  l?o'r further particulars apply..to.D.-  .0.   White, at the Hotel.  __: o ������������������  Miniature Book of B,. C Views at  Knight's.Book Store.  ASK YOUR  GROCER FOR  ,.<������������������������  CUPONS  WHEN YOU PURCHASE  WHITE SWAN   SOAP  YOU MAY WIN A SINGER SEWING MACHINE,|  Everyone  What it is  to Moye and Get Things  broken up.  To avoid this I have decided to sell out my  entire Slock of Furniture, ������ Glassware, l)ishes,  Cooking utensils^ at- a Great Sacrifice; from iO  iO 20 per cent discount for Gash Only.  SHOES,        SHOES,        S OES  Leaf)    MINING   SHOES,   with   or   without  SPECIAL SALE  .������������������OF   ���������SHOES���������  3S Pairs of  /,:'.;': MEMJS-BOX CALF  and BUFF BALS.    All ii/.es  Regular ������2.50,  *2.75   SPECIAL $1.45  ()6 Pairs of  MEN'S DONCOLA BOX CALF  ORDINARY and  BLUCIITCR  : CUT.       The BEST makes  are among this lot,  such  as  Packard's,   Ames  Tlold-  en,  ec,t.  '.'.-       Regular 5-3.50 to ?r>.00���������  SPECIAL $2.25  60 Pairs cf  WOMEN'S DONG BAL  Pj.iih and  calf-Uppt'd.  ' IJegular,  $.'1.25,  1 SPECAIL $1.95  75 Pairs of  CHILDREN'S DONGOLA  and  PEBBLE BUTTON, 5  lo  10A-. ,   Regular up to $1.50  SPECIAL 75c*  ,     This is a GENUINE  SALE  ���������   of  GOOD  SHOES.  era  House  TSONS  ������������������ ��������� ��������� ���������  Monday  and  NEXT  Tuesday  WEEK  rtm^^ataaBK&mas^imsammK  Or.;.-,  hundred Pairs of (Mapl  Nails.' -::-',, '.,'���������,-. ;    " ' ���������',"  More than three brad red  Pair   of   LADIES',     "MENS  RENS'  SHOES  will  be  sold lH-::iA RDLESS OF COST.  Thei.   sale will continue, from  /Saturday tlie 17th to Saturday the  I  and      CHILD-'  CHAS.   PETERSON,  FURNITURE STORE  ....... 5tli AVENUE fc ROBERTS  Street  Walter* &  Akenhead  it there is'anything   you    want  in  the Drug or patent medicine line you  will ...rind   it a.t    the Lad\ smith  Druu  fiiere.  YOUR  ATTENNTION  200 Pieces 0f SHEET MUSIC. Regular  Hie., 25c. fr  85c. While they last  ���������AT���������  5C. EACH  KNIGHT'S BOOK STORE  Tli:  r  -15 CTS. LB-  K\  Sizes from 10 to 5. SPECIAL  95c a Pair  . c  OI1ILDRENS'  mm  ���������SPECIAL-���������  95c, a  Paii  m w  (Dmigola   Kid)   SPECIAL  75c. a Pair  Operations were : resumed at the  Tyee Smelter this 11101:11 ing.  The Knights of Pythias arc giving  nil ,At"Home in the I. ,0; .O'.'-'F. lodgtl  room,   tiiis     evening.,   .   A gooik-pro-  gram    has  hern    prepared     ami the  c-biil   promises  to be a "most enjoya-  :l.l- (.lie..- V,','  The boot and shoe sale, ut-Blair.'&���������  Adam's .store'is keeping ���������the clerks  very busy, the store being filled,with  "hargain "-soaker's,': and in ail cases  ��������� 'bargain finhers," from morning, till  night.' Those who' wish to.'get  good noots cheap 'should call at  Blair & Adams' before the sale is  over.  The Watson     Stock  Company pre--  s:iits "The Westerner:: in thc Opera  House on Monday next,'and Charley's Aunt on Tuesday evening. Both)  are first rate, plays-of their cl/.ss-a*ul  as presented by thc talented members of lhe Watson Stock Company, '  will  b.c rxcelient.  The Methodist Churih was crowded  to the doors last evening when Captain iDavcys, ot tlie \Salv.a-tion  Army gave a very interesting illustrated lecture. There were two subjects, one, ���������".Christmas Bells," the  other, "From Workhouse to Mansion.:: Botli were intensely inter-  '"fing- and the illustrations were  lirst rate. At thc conclusion of tho  Hireling a collection was taken up  and about $14 was .subscribed to lhe  Salvation   Annv  treasury.  GIVEN UP FOR LOST n  Thc British bark Dmncraig. which  sailed from Portland on September  22 last for . Manila-, and is now one  hundred days ' overdue at that port,  lias been given up as lost. She carried a crew of twenty men and was  commanded by Captain Neil McCal-  luiii, whose wife accompanied him on  the voyage.   o   Governor I loch  tells  a story that  always   strikes  the  right  spot  with  the   farmers.      One  time  a merchant  put up a blackboard in his store, and  asked his customers to     write their  names  on   it and   opposite  tell   what  (hey  were doing  for humanity.       A  lawyer wrote, "I plead f0r all."     A  preacher wrote,  "1  pray for all." A  doctor  wrote,   "I prescribe  for  all.'  An old farmer walked up, wrote   his  name, scratched  his head awhile and  then wrote,  "I pay for all."   o .   S. S. Dircgo is   loading coal at the  wharf today.  S. S.     Trader  or  Victoria this  i.s in port for coal  afternoon.  wra stock mm.  IN THE ROMANTIC COMEDY  The Westerner  CAST OF  Jim Erroll from Nevada  CHARACTERS.   Albert  J.   .Watson  \m    K*>       hi  V  Rollritor.   Etc-  ('0    Losr  ii'ancv  \miu-*.  IADYSM 1  ..   Richard     Booth   .Allyn   Lewis  ........Ermine Searcy    ...M. J. Hoolcy   Arthur     Cyril  ...Miss Sadie Reynolds  . ...Miss Elizabeth Hale  Miss . Aline Wallace  ....Miss   -Adelaide Keith  ISU  135 a Pair  MENS'   STRONG,   Durabl.-,  SPECIAL���������  >i,35 a Pair I  MIONS' Box  Calf    WII  1  SPECIAL���������  f$l,65 a Pair  Tht- City  Rand gives n. daiu-c  in lhe  0;iTii   Hose   t(v:norri)w  c\c-niiig.  Rcmc'iilicr  Hi������      place   tri get   writing mi-ferial  is   KnigliCs ' linok  Slorc   o   MUSIC  Piiuioforte   and   .Vocal   Music   thor  oughly (aught  hy   Frank  G. Ash Ion of  the Guildhall School nnd Triiii'y Col-1  Id-o     of      "Music,   Limidou,     Ku'.clainl.  Pupil   of  the  late   Thomas   Wiiiiyinin,  Mus.   Doc, Organist,     Bn.-mpton, j  Orator;    Loudon.  Mr. Ashton is now resident in Ladysmith and prepared to ta'.:p pupils . Harmony and Theory a Spe  cialty. Terms, etc., ou application.  P.   O.   BOX   223.  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will h������ FIVE CENTS jicr loaf��������� 20  loaves for a dollar. My read is  juarau'-etd the best made. Shops  run by white help should receive  wliite peoples' patronage so lonu as  they are properly conducted. 1 solicit a trial as vour BaA'or.  C.  R. DOCiLlC,  THE WELLINGTON BAKERY  Martin   Ferris, from San DiaMo Min ..........         Harry Lawton, a   scapegoat   Mathcw-Lawton. a heavy holder in S an Diablo .......  Simon  Dean,  from New'Hampshire   Andrew Burke,  a  shrewd  speculator,  ......  'Miss  Reed, a tool  in evil liaiidis    Marv Lawl'i-n,  ,  Alalhew's daughter,    Mrs.   Simon   Peaii,  on her  firsl   visit  lo  NT.   Y.,  Jessie Dean, ���������������������������     SYNO PSIS.  ACT   I.���������JMalhew  Lawton's   Drawing Room.   San Diablo above Par.  ���������ACT. 11.���������A   Garret  in  New   York City.    Sail Diablo   Wavers.  ACT   III.���������Lawton's  Olliei-.    San   Diablo  Falls.  ACT   IV.--Law-ton's   Dining   Room.     San  Diablo  175.  The enl ire action  of   the   play  trail spires  in  New  Ymk.  Time,Aug usf, of  lhe pn-senl.  TOMORROW    NIGHT  Charley's Aunt    wap*ai*a!i:ft-"  WATCHE  We  are now showing a Large Stock cf  Handsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  RINGS  the  local  wharf, today.  S.  S:;. Czar    is  "blowing down" at  - ���������     ���������������������������  Reports come-from Crofton of a  battle -royal that was fought at that  place bctwe'n two. of its residents.  They Quarrelled over their work",  each accusing the other of laziness.  Coats were thrown olT, and in a few  minutes the air was filled with war  cries. Then moans of ua.i'.i' ,\u re  ���������heard and the heaviest if ic two,  the one who is sai������i to -iavt> .i;u  the quarrel, was lying on :ie iicu.i.l  complaining of a dislocatud jaw or  somctlving of that sort. He w s  auxins to fight, he insisted on ,''.1:-  ���������in.g, he got the worst of it, and w  lie has left the little smelter, town,  a sadder  but wiser man.   1>   Common Colds    are the Caus������      ������f  Many  Serioue      Diseases.  Physicians  vho  have  gainicd a national reputation as -analysts of lhe  cause, of various  diseases, claim.1 that  of catching cold  could  b������ avoid ;d   a  long    Hist    of dangerous     ailments  would'never be ef en heard ������f.     livery o*-e. knows  that pne������mo������ia   and  consumption originate  from  a   cold,  and chronic catarrh,   bronchitis, and  all  lliroat and 'lung trouble ar������    aggravated  and  rendered  more serious  by each  fresh   attack.    Do  not  risk'  your life or  take chances   ���������'/hen   you  have     -a cold.    Chain'.ierlaims Cough  Remedy  will cure It before  these diseases  develop.    This   remedy  '   con  lains   no   opium,   morphine   or other  harmful   drug and  has thirty  years of  rcpulaci'ui  back  of it,  gained  b,;  its  cures under ^very-condition. For sale-  i>y   the  Ladysmith   Pharmacy.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, and at reason  able rates.  RESIDENCE AN! ������FFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmiih  OPEN  AT   ALL HOURS  -35CDOZ.-  mi iiiict mm  15. 20, & 25C. DOZ-  I  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OA.TACRT. 8T  LADYSMITH  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  (i������t Avenue)  iPall Stock  on  hand. Call early and  get your choice  Stoves  Stoves  We aretnaklng them oi.the Newest ^Pattern and.Lates<  Styles.,  WE DO ALL KINDS OP FOU NDRY WORK  . *ue Prices.art Reaiona bl������  SEE OUIl   NEWBTOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS. .  v,:i���������...; .snd.at.LsdysmlthSHardwaretCcmpany  LADYiniTH   iR������6N & STOVE WORKS CO,,;LTD.  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  MR. M<l  MRS. T. J. THOMAS, I Ii...  ���������f    Mouat SrcVer H*tel, and. of  Palace Hotel,   N'aBaiw*,  ha-v  ckaSMl the    ���������    ���������-COMiaERClAL HeTEL���������  o> Dou���������**s StiBtt, Victoria, ���������ppositt-  the city hall, aad invite their    *id  PATRONS AN������ FRIENDS TO VIS  IT TBEM WHEN IN VIC-  TOR1A.  Smoke Big  B. Cigars.  -0-  '   Prescriptions filled promptly at the  Ladysmith Pharmacy.  NOTICE  EXCELLENT  Train Service  ���������ktwcen  CHIGA80, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, ROSTON,  ' Ami th������ Prii������l������al Bailaeii C������>t������ri ������f  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALII Tl IBFFAL1, NEW YIRK AND  PHILAHLPHIA, VIA NIAIARA FALLS.  F������f 1lu������ T������bl������, Mo., kddr������ai  OKI. W. VAUX,  I AuttUat ���������������������'l rmmatr ������������������< Tltkat Agc������t,  |3������ A������������M������ T/. eMI������������������Q, ILL.  New    Pictorial     P������st    Sards  at  Kni_Iit:s. Book Store.  Notice is hereby fiivea that I will  apply at the next silting ������f the Municipal Licensing Board for the trans  far of tha retail     liquor license held  by me for -aie-Portland Vlofcel,   "ibua  ted on Lot 10,     BLo������k 4,  First   Ar������-  aue, to David Ilynes.        .    '  JOHN  GOGO  Russell Simpson, Solicitor.  NOTIG1S '  ��������� ���������o���������  Notice is hereby given that I,- Agios Ivnife.it, will apply at the next  regular sitting of the.liceMsinff board  for the traWer of the retail liquor  license held by me for the premises  lately known as the Island l-lome lio  tel, located on lot'13, block 26. in  the city of Ladysinith, B. G., to  George Ilannay, the abore hotel to  fi*>.'l������iown as The TloKel Cecil.  Gignatl,  AGNES KNIGHT.  Diaries.for   1901  at' K������ig-t's   B������ok  Store.  and Other Jewelry of First Class Qualify  BFORClMflER  WATCHMAKER.   JEWELER,   OPTICIAN  *������-"      Ladysiiiith,   B. C  First Avenue,    X   X   X  T?vr^MMmimmsmsmmwffliUffimi  V, GRAIN and  FARM r-ROnUbt  Orders   will   be  delirered  anywhe/f  iu th������ city pr������������*i*tly and at the lo ���������'  s������t possible -trices.  Leave orders at ���������bristle'*,  01 th������  Esplanad*.  James Warnock  Notice  A. HOWE,|ofCHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  HARKET lately   run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL;LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  nd S*usage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  Phone   20  ���������B  PAINTING   AND  PAPBRHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDNG  HH    *1        **       **  Orders  Promptly   Executed  -   LADYSMITH


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