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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Dec 9, 1905

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 [ 'LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  Daily Ledger  ***r,**_*K__*g*****-jiy ntuew __*__-i  VOL.2,  SATURDAY,      DEC.  9,  1905.  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  tr "'  THE SITUATION  IN RUSSIA  Military   Engineers in   Warsaw  iMutinee and do Much Damage  to the City: y)%r.  Petersburg  Despatches ^ Say the  Government 'Hopes for Collapse  of Telegraphers Strike  Warsaw, Dec. 9���������A balallion ofir.i- pi em* fighting too', except ty achieve  litary engineers has mutinied hcie .ilu Im^litst political ainis, to-' reserve  and have attacked the police station ah ll.<.*>r strength, lor the greatest  badly damaging it. They are doing j struggle pro-eel-d for tbe middle'ci  much damage in the city pillaging j.January. .In. the meantime Jthey win  private bowses and firing on the po- ihe extending tli'efr organizations, and  I Ml STORY FROM  PARIS  A Fair Charmer of Repeiles  With;the Assistance of  H r Pets  COLLINS   EXASPLRATESlSELLINGINFERIQRGflADE  HE JUDGE  Uce.  r  St.  Petersburg,     Dec.  8.���������With  thc  fc'mali     detachments     that have been  with  many 'reluctant-' and   ''poverty  Robs the Visitors of Banknotes and Scares the  Police  Par;s, Dec. 9.��������� 'lhe amazing adventure of Paul Sermillct at the house  of Elcnoara Stil'/.am a beautiful snake  charmer, is thc topic that is I convulsing the cafes of Paris wilh laugh  iVr  just at the present time.  Mile.      Stil'/.a appears occasionally  Woman Says, She Would  Like to Send Him to  Quentin  And His Honor Te Is the  ^Lawyer lhat His Manner  is Offensive  San   Francisco,  Dec.   8���������George  D.  Collins, on trial on a perjury  charge,  enlivened     the proceedings   in  Judge  OF HOUR  Under   Canadian   Brands  , and as a Canadian  Product  CAMPBELL-BANNER-  I MAN CABINET  Scheme of Chinese  Merchants to Offset Boycott  of American Goods  That thousands of sacks of inferior  grades of Auiencan flour are heing  .���������-old  under Cniia.Iiyn hiaiuls and as a  Leniioii's court yesterday  by cxaspcr-  Canadian  product in   Hongkong   and  at'ng  the judge and  one witness un  til  hc was rudely checked   by  each   in  Fioicnco Newman  tin n.  SIS  ter  of  aecumiiating other resources.- Without-!, and .recent!v  he called on the       fair  at  the. music hall,     and exhibits the   Mrs.   Collins   the  first,   was Che priii  fascination  she exercises  over  a boa  constrictor,' a few' vipeis and     other  reptiles.    On   one   of these   occasions  she fascinated     Paul  Sermillct also,"  tlie support of' allies     w������*th the meats re    fund o.'     $10,000, exhausted, and  l1  % '  \  r  sent to the countiy it is likely that  thev' will niai.e common cause w l.h  lhe peasants and murder then" .officers, 'lhe commander o . the fortress at     13rest lias     not ficii ah the  sli'ic-l'.en members returning to-work,  the Mailers ot the strikers' 'union', real  i/e th::t they cannot hold out much  longer At ihe same time jit' is repotted that, even if defeated tney>.have  land owners in Ins     juiusdiction that ��������� won. a,partial victory>(in the^. promise  they mult make such provisions' as  tiiey can for their own safety. Owing to the situation the governors of  the provinces are authorizing, the increase i-f village police and the arming of policemen. Rjvoitmg stories  of the savagery of the peasants now  coming in give only a faint idea, of  what the world would witness should  a widespread rising of the peasants  take   place. Ordinarily   docile,  tbe  Ainu'*--,   when  his  passions are -nflam-  that their salaries*which are- now cm-  a very low 'scale, will be lincieased by  the addition of $250,000 ^r1 salaries  to the��������� budget-.'     None, of their polit  ical    demands.  however,  have beoa  '���������'   "'i I     .' 7-1 1  <  g-ranted.' ���������        " * *"  But even after the strike is formally abandoned. It i_ likely, -that "several  days wiiieiajse before- telegraphic.  service win be completely established,  as the,.wires and: < poles- in* many localities have bie:i .   destroyed.   ; This  4>  ed is Jil-^i a wild heast and fury turns, is-true of the land coiincctionsj of ,ca-  upi.n those    he loves best.     Thc em- bie.companics* ��������� -both, in^iRussia and  ploy.es   i-V  the     Singer   Sewing Ma- Filmland.   ��������� The Bourse* today respond  chine, numbering 2.000. are forming a e*l prompt.)**/ to the, .better outlook  union with the object of securing bet- ' for' a settlement'- ojfithc 'postal! e'.e-.  ter ;���������>>��������� and  newly   formed  slnrlcr hours.     The graph   strike,     and the     recovery,:'!  Amalgamated   Work- [ Russians on the foreign Bourse Tuos  mens*     Association, Qf Moscow, now  numlcrs  80.000.  St.   Peteisb'urg,     Deci 9.���������A  much''  more     optimistic feeling prevails    in  government circles at the prospect of  a complete collapse of the postal telegraph strike, and-    thc definite passage  of tlie  danger that  it might be  complicated   hy  an   immediate  general     sliike   throughout     the Empire.  The Workmcns" Council and the Affiliated    r'lgahizations     this   afternoon  came     lb   a   final     decision  that ���������.'���������_-  would nof be wise to employ the su-  dny.. Industrials became steadied and  Iinperuai fours advanoetl to 77. \  A period of-comparative calm: may  now suiiervene and;.both .-sides will  use U iiu. preparation;" for the Jami-,  aiy* struggle, -ylh^iaTfp.r.tn'.gtit- heavy*'  snows are .likely, tg put an end to  the reig'i of:- pillage,' ''arson,;.and'; murder in the .country .and the lull will  give the go-vernment" a 'ch-uiec to accomplish something --tangible and the  sober minded ^an- opportunity*.-' to rc-  llfct. The /latter hardly._ will ?enter  into  the. equation.,-;.        ,,-     ���������.,T '*������������������"'���������  ROASTED TO DEATH  BY MOLTEN SLAG  Phoenix, J3; C, Dec 8.���������Today tr-e  funenii was hekl at Green wood of  George Varvasichi r,n Austrian ei--  pioycc of the British C(ibimbia_ Copper Company's smelter who was  roasted to death by molten slag at  the smeHer early Monday morning.  He lingered eighteen hours after the  accident- Varvisich was a lgiag-pot  tender  c-r   *��������� .-.������������������������������������������������������'n  of which  George Wilber was motor-man.     it  was 4 .15 a.  m.  when the train went  out   to the     end   of    the   rails and,  down  the     raiis to the dump.     The  redliot s.ag p.uire:l over'.Vurvisich,  sho shrieked out "loudly iti his agony.  Frederic Keller "-'heard the cries of  Varv'nsich at his residence, and .was  one of the first afc "the" scene of the  fatality. ; The; victim had bis Clothes  quite burned off and presented a ter.  rible sight.. Wilbur, went.clown the  dump with, his, mqtpr.. and timost  miiacu'ously escaped serious injury,  sustaining but a ftlw ' scratches. ; Every  tlhing possible1 ' ���������<'-n\s>Vlpne.;fo"r the' lin-  jured man.-rbwt he expired Tuesday  evening at the hqspitai. ?.���������''  THE ROYAL  TOUR OF INDIA  The foi owing account, of the reception of T. R. II., the Prince and  Princess of Wales, is taken from a  London paper of recent date:  The Prince of   Wales performed the  chief ceremony     of his visit to Bom-  communities. ^Through streets .throng  ed with enthusiastic ^multitudes'Her  Royal Highness arrived at the town  hall, transformed as if by the hand tf  a magician.    ...  Up "''the "'centre1' oJE the broad stairs  ran a'carpet of' cloth of gold, like a  golden ladder,' ascending among bciau-  tifui women ��������� ciad in flowing robes', of.  white and delicate tints of mauve am]  buie. Under the Grecian portico,  where tlie. golden ladder- faded in  bay on Monday, when he laid the j light stood a group of children like a  foundation stone of the new Aiexan-1 posy of pale roses and tiVips. Chap-  dra di'ick. lets  of pearls, bound their...dark-1res  it is thirty years siince the King, sos, among which were entwined  laid thc first sl.c<ne of the existing ! sweet-scented jasamine, and in theiir  dock. Since then tho trade of the hands were jasamine flowers to scat-  port   had more   than;   doubled,   rising   ter'in the path of the Princess.  from   forty-fivo   millions   sterling per  annum to ninety-eight millions.  Vast   multitudes of  natives  gather'  ed to see   <,lie-   sight,     and when, the  Ascending tho ^oiden" ladder, the  Princess paused midway to submit to  ihe ceremony with which: Par sec women;    ward    off evil   and secure good  Prince turned the wheel which set fortune. An ..egg ���������-and a cocoaniit  thestonc in place they burst into de-j were passed seven times around the  lighted cheers, led by a gig-antJc. Princess' head, and then broken. So  megaphone. '   evil  was  turned, to good.' ������������������ Rice was  A boquet  or while flowers was'giv- scattered     so that  Her Royal High-  -  to the     Princess.     It Was set in   ness:.might have enough and to spare,  a gulden     sockcl,  which  blazed with |    Condiicte.1   to .the^..;Peacock  Throne,  charmer  of snakes a I   hei*  establishment 'in  the Boulc-aril Garibaldi.    He  happened   to have a roll  of banknotes  iu   his pocket,.    Tlie.sc   bulged     . and  somewhat disturbed  the contour     of  his  well-cut coat,  so  he placed     the  pockotboojfc on   the   table.    When   he  looked   in   the  other   direction   Mile.  StiiKa placed her angriest viper     beside  the   pocketbook and   hinted   that  -.Monsieur  would  do her a favor       by  leaving.   Paul .refused;  an'.l four more  vipers  were released from" a box   ami  began to wiiggle a^tit the-floor vciy  near . his legs.   He was asked  if      he  -ods  aq^ jo ajoiu _������������ ods o*)   paqsiAv  eies,  and h-.'s silence being  tal'en  as a  polite  affirmative,   an  enormous   boa  constrictor     was allowed to exhibiit  his head  from thc interior of  the ottoman   on which  Paul   had   been   sitting.  "Would monsieur now like to leave  his'pocketbook' or would be prefer lo  see all  of thc l.oa constrictor?"  He saw at  least, five   feet of      the  serpcant rise.out ol the ottoman, and  then  h-j Hod,     hat less,  coatless,  and  without his notes, over which the viper had been  keeping all   the while a  careful watch.   Thc police were sympathetic, and offered to heard the IIj.i  in  his den.    l-'aul,   having  had   experience*,      wailed   outside.    The  police,  were  admitted.    Mile.   Mtii'-*a  gii-vtcd  the:.:. \. i_.ii   one   snake   coiled   ;iro>:*iil  her ife.'-. .and'J.i'.ilf ado/en oth-.-rs < 'lining   aJiectionatcly   U>   difieivnt   p-t'is  of her   body.    The   policemen     night  of their devoted  wives at home,    decided not to make any ���������'-arrest at) that  time,  and     hurriedly left   l.he*V'o:--.  They went back,     however,    ne    '��������� xfc  morning   at  a time  when  they .'considered  Mile.  Stilza's  pets  .must  c i-  tainiy.'be asleep. In this maiuuir tbey  succeeded   in  arresting   the  charmer,  'who ..must iio.w explain her .treatment-  ot the unfortunate Paul.  .  ' ���������.   '  '    ..    . ,0 ��������� r-     '  BETTER CATCH  OF HALIBUT  Vancouver,   Dec.   3���������Steamer:    New  England,   Capt. ..Freeman,  of  the fleet  of tho New  England  Fish  Company,  reached  port last night from the Hecate Strait, halibut  banks  with       a  catch   of  115,000 -pounds, of   fish. Thc  halibut   she   brought   down   were     in  fine shape,  being so good  lhat out of  two  carloads  prepared   for  shipment  this   morning only  one cull   fish   was  discovered.    The   fish   averaged   over  thirty  pounds .in  weight.  Iu answer to an inquiry as to how  ho accounted for the better catches  secured lately, Mr. Grier Starrctt,  manager of the conipany, staled that  they were largely due to thc ��������� fact  that good rrcsli herring is now available for . bait,������������������ and the fishermen do  not have , to ti.se bait which hr.s -been  kept  in   brine   for months.  "And then, you .know, (ish have  tails and tliey swim," 'added Mr.  Sta_rctt, "and when they go out to  sea wc cannot find them. The fall of.  the year is always a poor season on  the halibut, banks, but the fish are  now becoming more plentiful." j  filial   witness   produced  by   the prosecution, i   and   ondiicct   exaniinati in  gave, a .straightforward and damaging  story     of the niairiagc and   married  life of the couple.    Collins   took her  in   hand     for   cross-examination.   It  vva.s evidently his intention  to   ',row-  lj-af.     her into some  flash  of au-rcr  which  would   win  him  sympathy    u-  oiig tlie jurors.  lie succeeded in exciting the woman's fury. He led her along lo ,i, confession of the.episode in which he-  drove lu-r and Thomas Ladd 'io ii  his house and pursued her, accom-  paniel by a number of friends, down  vaiio-.is crowded sticets until she was  finally intercepted by a policeman.  Finally 'having developed the tale for  the delectation of the. court-room ���������  throng,   hc  asked  triumphantly:  "You arc unfriendly to the defen-  (l::nt,   are you not?"  "I. am,"  returned the woman in a  repiessed but bitter fashion. "I'd like  to see you  go to San Quentin."  "Ah.  you  would   probably assist in  my   transportation?"   suggested   Collins, j  "I'd do anything I could lo send  yuii there," replied tho witness earnestly.  --Is that why you ate giving tins-  t.sliino'ny?''  '"Yes,  and   I'm giving this   lestimo-  nv in      the hope that  you'll, be sent  liicic.'" '     -  Collins   accompaii'id   almost   every  slalement  with  some   objection fram-  ul  to  impeach   the  witness   or       to,  a.oi.se the court.   To Judge Lennonls  i lost     casual remark's ������ie. jnsistcd.on  lecordiiig   exceptions.    Judge   Lennon  leaned over his desk at, last and said:  "Air.  Collins, your manner is offensive and  impertinent  and .intended.to  irritate me.   Whether  it  is the intention      or not  it must ��������� be stopped. If  not,  I shall  find  away  to  slop   it."  The general-impression is that Collins will not .be convicted  of perjury.  ���������:���������: :_   A STORMY  MEETING  olhei lc-adm-i v In <s.- markets, isthe  ..laiUniy statement made by _lr.  Stanlioje I3eubrough of Koiea, a-wen  known English -porlsniuii who came  over on the R. l\l S Empress of In  dia  Mr. lk-librough, who has traveled  extensively through the Oncnt, js  i-iow .-pending a few days at the Vancouver Hotel while his mother is visiting i-rie,iicl.s in Victoria. He intends leaving for England shortly on  husiiies-  matters.  "Canadian     Hour,  the  finest  in 'the  world,   is receiving a Lad  setback in a  roundabout     wra\* hy . reason, of this  l_o_cc.lt on    American      g-iods   which  was so strictly -   eni'oiceci for a while  in China." said Mr. BcMbrough.  "The  wily Oriental merchant when hofor.���������!il  that' he had  large sacks of American  flour-on  hand,   winch-would  be likely  tD rot before sale,    soon hit upon an  gcin'ous  and ready manner of ��������� dispos-  1112:    of     it.     I     know personally _f  laiige warehouses with thoiisat-ds, yes  hundreds of thousands,  sacks of American flour that were all  gone over,  icsackc-d   and  given  Canadian  brands.  Of cuui-i*.     with  th.-. American llliur  boycotted,   there, is     practically only  the Canadian     Hour'   on the market.  (j_iiseqfucntiy  tbe   so-caned  Canadian  floi:r is    having     a big..sale,  but the  (|iiaiily-is s-j    poor   that the Clune.se  do iiot'thin'c very  high "of it.   In   fact,  according to the grades they are now  buying, the .Chinese canno*o'see where  the  superiority     that is  claimed for  the  Canadian flour "comes iii,  and no  v\ Older.  ".These Chinese, merchants are foxy  enough n it to trv to imitate any  well knoRn Canadian brands such as  lhe Ogilvie Milling Company, Lake of  the Woods, or V vc Roses brands.  Instead they get thousands of, sacks  printed in attractive colors bearing  Canada. Maple Leaf Flour, etc., allegedly manufactured by some Toronto! or. Quebec mythical milisf The  original sacks containing American  brands are emptied into the new ones  and the objectionable sacks are destroyed. That is tho 'Canadian' flour  that is being sold in.]argo quantities  all  over China today.  The  Canadian     Government  should  take sonic active steps to put a stop  to this  practice," said Mr. Pel lb-rough  *j "for- it-is   weir known that in nearly  1   London,  Dec. 8-At a stormy ���������mce.Vevtl'.v Chinese port .'it is carried  on."  ing today of five hundred rsharchokl-.  ers,   the  amalgamation   plan   of   the  Le Roi   mining company  was  defe.it-  e.'l   hy a large     show   of hands,   only  four "Favoring   the  director's   policy.  By  a large'majority   MacMillan  was  voted to  thc board in place of   S. C.  Watterlo-w,      who sought -re-election, j  Messrs.   Drayton,   Dunnerdalc       and |  Wilson were also   voted to the hoard.' farmers  and   settlers  of this district  Sir  Henry  Tyler,  chairman,, and   R. !at ,enSt intend  to put up a   strong  Tyler.   -  demanded   a po.l  of  proves I h .   UieJr roprcscnt:.atives  which are to be sent on 1-riday, Dec.'   " ���������  ��������� *  Sir Edward Grey to be Secretary  of (Foreign Affairs and Reid  Lord High Chancellor  ' r ______________  All Liberal  Imperialists Accept  Lord Roscbery to be in the  New Cabinet  London,   Dec.   9.���������The  Times    this  morning says Sir  Edward Oiey     is  to be    the  Secretary of Foreign Affairs in the Campbcll-IJaiinerman cabinet,   while  all  Liberal  Imperialists,  wilh   the exception' of Lord Rose-berry,   will  hold  positions  in  tbe   Cabinet,  The  new   Cabinet  will  be made up  _s follows:  He-id���������Lord High  Chancellor.  As.'tiilh���������Chancellor     of     the    Exchequer.  Aloiley���������Colonial Secretary.  Ilaldanc���������War Sccretaty.  11.     Gladstone���������Secretary War Department.  Earl  of   Aberdeen���������Vice-roy  of ire-  land.  Bruce���������Chief Secretary Ireland.  London, Dec. i)���������Joseph Chamberlain, speaking at Medford tonight  ]_aid a striking tribute to Mr. Balfour, thc retiring premier, who, he  said, would leave a deep impression  on thc minds of his friends throughout the .counrty. He asserted that  nothing had arisen which in the sligh  test degree affected his personal or  h'is political relations with Mr. Balfour.      Referring  to  the new govern-  THE GUN  LICENCE  it  was his opinion,  intended  to give  Ireland  Home Rule by  installments,  on the Hire system.    Mr.  Chamberlain charged  Sir Henry with having  made a bargain   with   John  Redmond  along,    these  line.    He asked  what  would    be     thought   when  a British  premier took his orders from the ene-.  mies of his country,   and  when  heusf  cd his high position to undermine the  constitution which he was there    to  support.  He then turned ,to  the fiscal matters', repeated his old arguments, and  contended   that  the .suggested taxation   would  be   practically   insignificant,  and would be compensated  for  in other ways.   Among those present  was Dr.  William Osier, formerly     of  John HopMn's University,   Baltimore  and now regius professor of   Maycorn  at   Oxford,'who   moved  a resolution  calling for tariff reform as   the   best  means      of consolidating the empire.'"  The resolution  was carried  with' only one dissenting voice.   .  Ottawa, Dec.  9���������(Special)���������Lieutenant-Colonel  Bourdcau,    Commissioner  0F    Marine and     Fisheries, has been  ment, Mr.   Chamhbrlaiu said ihe coun singularly honored by the French gov-  try had now passed into the hands of crjimcnt.      He has been notified that  home rulers and Utile .F.ngiAndcrs.        he has  been named a Knight of   tne  Sir Henry     Campbeil-Bannerman,    Legion of Honor.  TWO LADYSMITH MEN  WENT DUCK HUNTING  Landing on  Island and   Losing  Their Bost Spent the Night  in the  Open  in  the boat,  and  reviling their late,  the  two   prowled  about  the  little island.   Eventually they  discovered    a  sheltering  nook  and   there  lighted    a  fire,   preparing  to  pass  the night  on  ���������o_  New     Westminster,  Dec.  S.��������� The  fight, through  22.  but  it is not believed that .prox- ilSJ*inst ������'<���������  P^Postd laws pro"*'! ling  ies will   alter  the vote  of the  .shareholders.   MacMillan   created   a sensa-"  tion by stating that  he,had  been offered   fifteen   thousand   pounds   to givc  his services      towards  consummating  amalgamation.   o :   RISKY TRIP  OVER T-H  ICE  for a license of three dollars io he  collected from every, one who ea ricf-  a gun to "shoot game unless they are  excluded.   ���������  The      farmers  have  been   in,/r,.cl  that such a bill is being prepared and  will  be     introduced by Hon.  F.     J.  Fulton,   Provincial Secretary,  at the  session   '  of,    the    British   Columbia  i  : Legislature  to  be held early  in January,   and   the   settlers   of   the     dis-  _. ���������,     ���������       or, t-      ! teict consider that instead  of a   tax  Dawson,  \,T.,  Dec.   S���������George Ken-1  ne,  chief, engineer of  the steamer Se-, bcinB "Posed they should be protce-  atlln  No.  3.  is  the first man  to ar- | ted  from  the outrages committed on  rive over  the ice from Fairbanks. He  their     property by city  sports  who   __w  ,-vas  (.wenty-.six days  making  the trip j trespass   without .permission.  A  professor of Tokio university has   iTe had a terrible  time,  having escap-  issu.'ll  an appeal  for "English books  A  person  taking a walk along   the  track this , morning,  would have.-met'  two  young   men,  nice  boys   usually,  but this morning as angry  as    such  good-tempered  chaps  could  get,    and  half dead  with cold.    They  had had  an adventure and .anyone reading; the' ������*"������laii������\ Sleep was almost iinpos-  following account of it will .admit sible on the hard, rocky ground, End  they had good cause to be out of it seemed an age before the .uin l.e-  tempc-r. The reporter has it from 'gan In rise this morning." As'���������soon as  their own.lips   bnt is threatened with {t .        ,tl*ev'Haran to shout, and  instant      death   if he divulges   their "  names, so their adventure will only  be spoken of and their personally  will  be  left   to the  reader to guess.  These two boys on Thursday night  sat up late,   and   the coiise-cijucnce was  that . on Friday   mo'iiing   both     lost    .,.,.,,. ,   .,     ,      .  the  six o'clock- train.   They  arc great  t'ha.t-liehnd  discovered -the  boat  ami  finally  Charley  the Indian,  who  w<.s  out fishing, heard the noise and came  to the rescue.   Charley dies hot speak  English     fluently, but     he speedily  realized      the  trouble  and  explained  had it on < his     ranch.    Charley mentioned   "Five  dollars."   The  hunters  said     "One." and it 'was eventually  .settled   that  thc   cost   oj  transportation in Charley's canoe to  the,   bush  whore thc  boat was pulled   up  shot-id  he  two dollars,   and  that  the  brave  ���������o���������  Sapphires and ru(l./e's.   An addrcssiwas  presented  to  thc Prince.   -The casket  whichl. enclosed it was surmotmted by  the silver model of a frigate.     l      A  By  far the most splendid ceremony  the Princess found herself in another  frtiryiand ��������� pa-lace of Aiad'lin. On the  walls bung price-leys carpets' from the  looms of India and Persia.     And tho  by , the best      authors,"   and   several  writers  have sent him   a complete set  of their  works.   o   "So j_our ncice is married? Did .she  c'o well?"  "Oh, my, yes! Why, they got money enough out of the duplicate presents alone to pay tha rent; of their  flat for 'a year in advance."  -o-  Waies by the women of  Mohammedan and Paiseel  Vv"  of  the  week "*ns the reception of the   cla:l ain      white, . mauve,    and    blue.  'incess of  the Hindu,  Formed  from   the trunk of an  oak  tree,   a i:a.noe  seven   feet   six   inches  company' was of women and children ionK)   hearing  distinct  marks  of  the  (Continued on Page Four.)  stone axe which hollowed it, out, was,  recently unearthed at Axharacie, Argyllshire, England^  c.l      death      so often   that  thc   mere  ' plunge  in   the river from  a habitation  became  almost  a daily  occurrence. At  ���������one time,  near  Circle   City,  hc     was  'crossing   the  river  after  dark,   in  order  to   reach  a madhouse,   when   the  I jam  started.   Kennc says  he  cannot  understand  how  lie ever  got  off   that  grindincf,   twisting   icefield.   He    says  that for    eighty     niiics  above  Circe  icily   thc   ice   is piled   from   ten       to  , thirty  feet high.  j    lie  reports   but  little   grub   in  the  Kantishiia  country  and   none   whatever  in thc Delta  country.   In   the   latter dislr.'cl: the men who did not have,  on I fits   for   the winter   had   to go    to  Fairbanks.  Quiet meetings -have already ikon  held in several sections of the district, and the proposed law was condemned unless thc farmers were excluded, and the members for Delia,  Dewilney. Richmond and ChiUivvach  will all he asked to vote against it  unless   this  is dene.  It   is cxpcctc'1.  that a number       of  other   iinpori.n-nl, changes  of  the game  law  win   be included  in the  proposed  bill   providing   for   letter   protection  of  the game,   and   th\s  action  will   he  heartily   endorsed   by      the   farmers,  who stale, that  they are willing     to  do  all in   their  power  for  the  legitimate protection of tha game,  and will  friends, so, to pass away the fine,  duck-shooting was suggested hy one,  and hei ne: unable to. think of anything better lo do, the other agreed.  From a friend Ihey borrowed a boat-  and with two shot guns, a nice- little  lunch and a U-ltle* of "Canadian-1  Club." they set off on their bunt should be given halt a dollar for res-  for lhc cunning old quackcrs that cuing the boat. They arrived ."it U-.e  are now to be found in numbers off heach and found Charley's spouse in  the point. Tho'birds were wild, how- ���������,]���������<. act of searching the boat. She  ever, and only four .fell, the pri'/.c of evidently scented whiskey, but hs-.d  the sports. At "four o'clock they row not. yet discovered ' its whereabouts,  cd  homewards and  passing oik-   of the  '���������������������������.e   u-.---q.ry  hunters, paid   the   lm'h.ii,  little islands opposite the wharf, a  mink was sighted, and the hunters  decided lo get him before they went  home. I  They landed on the island and l.r.  gan a search. Eventually one of Lhe  two shot a little animal which they  carried in t-rium-h to the boat, or  rather, to lhc place where they land-'  ed. for the, boat wasi (loafing grace-.  fullv     down      the   lay.   The  foolish  got in the boat and rowed _ff, only  stopping "to'take along pull at tho  bottle that had. just escaped the eager eyes of Mrs. Charley. They pulled to the beach near the first'creek,  and, getting on thc track there, alk  ed home. Later in the day -_iey ic-  turncd the boat to the boathouse of  its   owner.  lt     is not     safe to  talk to .ho.^e  young men about clucks  now, an-1 wc  young  men  when they commenced the wisn wc could give the names ..--that  ill-ink hunt, had forgotten to tie the  boat, and the tide had carried it  away. What was lo he done? It was  fast growing dark and not-i another  baat was in sight, which left them facing thc prospect of spending thcinp-ght  on'  thcTsland.    They   shouted;    they  the public could be on guard, but suro  enough if they appear in print in eon-  nee tion  with     the store,  the  entire  stafi' will be forced to "give up    the  ghost"  as did four ducks  and     . e.no  mink yesterday.  One of tbe largest works  of man's  whistled,   they   exhausted   thcir stock ,hamlf.   is tlie artificial  lake,  or  reser-  ! assist, - -lie     true sportsmen in every  ' way possible.  of shells in fircing. into the air in thc  hope  of attracting*   attent ion���������but   in  vain.  It was now* dark, and bitterly la-  mcnling the Fact that they had left,  the. remainder of tbe Canadian Club  voir,   in  India,   at Rajputana.      This  reservoir,   said  to be the largest     in  the  world,   known  as the  great tank  of Dhefcar,      and   used for 'irrigating  purposes, covers an area ol -1 square  miles. i ,         , DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  published   every  day except Sunday.  B_        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  10  cents  a  month;    $5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.      -  SA'llRD \Y.      DEC.  9,  1!)05.  DECIDED  AT POKER.  When   the  extreme  western   border  of Dakota was colonized there -was a  lively  scjuabbl-"* about what the    new  country  should be  called.   There weie  four comniiissioi'"*rs whose duty it w-is  to  decide  on   th*namc,   and  at    the  boi--."'  meetings "lie \olv   for the nan e  of.       countv   was .il-,...,..   two     an 1  two,   and  public  feeling   began  to n n  high.    John   Winn  suggested  that the  JX&  four ��������� commissioners  should   lake   r,f)l)  white chips  caeb and .play  a gair.o of  iio.-.er  to decide,   ihe  ch us   to   rcj iv-    "-������������  sent   Jo   each.    This   was   agreed   to,  and   the  game  commenced   with   th,1  entire  population  on hand.    For   two  hours little gain was made, and  _lion   ._,_P  a jack  pot      came around,   for  which '^.^  seventy-three hands  weie dealt.be fore .T^'  it was opened.    Finally   Commissie*:.: ^  Edwards opened ,i,t for $100.    He hJ!   -^jm  three kings,   Judd  La Moure held     a   ""TJP  zigzag-  and   thc  others  dropped   out.   l ~  Edwards   drew   one card.     La Moure  I  DAVID SPENCER       ^  (Nanaimo) Ud.  This will be an easy Xmas;  for you=Come to the Store,!  we'll let you into the secret!  *----* /-% Aa ������*,K  A_ +?'  r_B ij.������ *jj ij.i * ai ap_  TOYS      TOYS      TOYS  INNUMERABLE  Better and Cheaper   Thsn Ever���������Opening Display   cm  .SATURDAY, DEC oth.  ^E BOO K S BOOKS BOOKS!  ^fen Fcr Poys, Girls, Children, Young and Old  "Els; .V Boo s for Girls, 25c. Each  Hen.y's Books for LJoys, 5oc.  "^jgX    Hundreds of dilicreiit kinds     Of Ladies' and    Childress' Handker- \  i liic's from U5c. do/en  SUGGESTIONS  dealt himself  five cards,  and  thc lie'  tinir commenced.   Men with revolvers  kept thc crowd fromi  the tabic.   After  several raises there was .1.5,000 in the  pool, private money, bt*si(h_\s the chips  Then  the hand   was  called.    Edwards,  held three kings,  and  La    Moure  had .  drawn   a full,   three lfi\es   and   a pail  of    fours.     Heroic to his  feet  and  cried,   "Gentlemen,   this   is   McKcnzic  county," ami  r;o   it was aii-1 is called  The game lasted eight:on hours,   and  La     Monro      and Winn were carried  shoulder high aiound the town, which'  saw no   shep   tint  night.   The  caids  held by I.a Morve are to be found among thc  archi.es  of the county,   labeled "La Moure's  Five Card  Diaw"   __ o   REAL FAME.  '"?%  F'.RS  UMI3KFLLAS'  HAND HAGS  PURSFS  COLLARS FANCY ARTICLES  FANCY  LINEN      CALENDARS  FANCY PINS     BURST LEATHER  XMAS   CARDS   CUSHIONS,   ETC..   ETC.  Gents' Furnishing Dept-  "You   see   that   fine,   at-hletic-1 ���������*"*<������������������  ing fellow standing over there?   Well,  that's   Harry   Halfback,   the   famous  football   champion,   you   know,      thc  papers pr'nt columns about him,   niul  his  picture  is   in*   one or  another  all !  the season.   They send us reporters by  thc dozens to interview him,  and  artists   to   sketch  him in his characteristic poses while playing.    I tell   you  he's advertised   this  college all   over  -the country."  "And who is that qKiiet-lool'ing''man  talking  to him?"  "Oh,.     that's  the   fellow   they   always call on when there's to be a de-  hate,  j-ait he doesn't  amount to much.  He shows up only on examination dayi  and  occasions   like that.  I forget  his  name."  , o������������������   TACTICS.  No display lo ife found to equal  'Ours.        We've Got thc Goods,  Too���������thc Prices are Right.  MENS'  TIES' SUSPENDERS  JO! r\ ES,   UMllRELLAS.  TIE  PINS.  CUFF BUTTONS-,  HOSIERY, SHIRTS, Etc,  F.lc  Boot & Shoe Depf.  v..  Shoes to suit every person, to  suit every condition o* Weather. For Evening "i Wear,  Street Wear, House Wear,  Something nice in ' CROCHET  SLIPPERS. MENS' SLIPP  PERS, INFANTS* SHOES,  Etc. _Stc.  EAR SUPPLIED WITH BUS  WINKS, LIQOORS, CIG***-  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fiBhin* in near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRlE, Proprietor LADYSMITH; B. t  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLHND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our B_r is newly fittclup and well supplied anl is in cha-       ���������������.  t - i  JOS. PEUJGRINELLS  This Hotel has   been completely   Board and lodging $1.00 per iay.  renovated.  Esquimait   & Nanaimo Railway  ���������*+-���������*��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������#���������>-->������������������  fiiri* Table No. 57/  ^ ���������        \EFFECTIVE SATURDAY, OCT. 21st, 1005.  Te_j__ leave Ladysmith for Victoria and  all intermediate stations    at  Silt _.*���������. r-tatiy. aad at 4:00"p.m. on. Wednesdays,     Sat>irdalys   and   Sunday-. *  Traiu  fear* Ladys-raith for Wellington and all  intermediate stations'  at 11.57 a.Bh daily, a*������������������ at 6.00 p.m. on Wed a* 'days, Saturdays and  SuMajrs."- ?> '.      ���������  , EXCURSION' TICKETS.ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL, STATIONS  land'lmr^mtmg -j'ou'raey -Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  tf������ fallowing M*a__ay. .1 '     '   Steamer Joan   '��������� 3 *   . ���������'. * ���������������������������       '  l, *���������, ��������� ^  Salts frani L4-T_n_th for Vancouver'every Saturday at 6.00 am. and  retnrsuag sails freai Vancouver    for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  rHnrrrriv-i j ��������� ���������  ���������������������������  ������������������ Q&rt. Street, Victoria B.C.  GEO". L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight & Pass. Agt  JOHN TP A, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with  the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-:  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladrfsmith B.C.  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  D, Spencer,  _NaDajm0( Limited  Drill Sergeant (to raw reciuit, who  is slow in grasping the tactical de-  tads)���������Xow, Murphy, how would you  use your sword if your opponent  feinted?  Murpny���������Hcc     rr>.   I'd       iiist    I if-klp  him with 1he   :   '\l   of il   to se.  :'. he  was  a'I her  fr' in'.  Z2&&mmES2fflWEmGBE&?.  NOTICE.  ND SUBSTITUTE FOR  LEATHER  ^Tothirg    but    good!  A^ honest   leather   can|  find a place in a   Leckie  Boot  What's .the up e of anything else for a Western  Miner, Logger, or Pros'  pector ? When far away  from the busy haunts of  man he needs footwear  that will, not go back on  him.  Leckie Eoots are just  such Boots They are a  western productfor west-  tern people-  For sale by ail deaSers  NOTICE is hereby given that I. the  undersigned, will apply at the next  regular sitting of the Licensing  Board on December loth Eor the  transfer of thc retail liquor license  held by me for the Wheatsheaf^ hotel, located in Cedar District, to  Enoch  Sage,   of Nanaimo.  JAMES  YATES.  Cedar  District, Nov.   7th,   1905.  i. R, SIK3FS0N  Solicitor,  Etc.  Men* y   fo    loan  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier's  on High street st  The Cherry Rifband. S. R- Crocket's  latest book, and The Passing of thc  Race, by D W. Higgias. at Kaight's  Book Store.  WHOLESALE  BY  a    i r    wi  LTD.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  3-__________S__{3i__������_>-  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  dt> te. Rates' $1.00 a day and ap-  w \rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  _-*-*ela*a������������ :���������'��������� :������������������- .���������'��������� >-��������� Laaysmltk  Oirect From France���������Tooth, shaving,  hair   and  clothes  fcruehos.A splendid  assortment at the Ladysmith Pharmacy.   o   WANTED���������By Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position Iperma-  nent. No investment required. Previous experience not essential to engaging.  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Good Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block Irom Dopot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  "GALEDOKIAN"  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates fl.25 and$l.WV���������  Free baa to all steamboat landing! and  railway depotB.   Electric care awry flv������  minutes to all parte of  the city.   Bai  and table.unexcelled.  F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B, 0.  B. C.  TO FERNIE,  Kertd Down Read Up  9p.-_. I������*r. ViCTO-IA Arr. 4.00 p. m.  S.w- p. h.'' lit.. Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m  t_i p. at, Arr. EforeU Arr. 7.30 a.m.  9.j������ a. m. Arr: SPOKAMB Arr 7.45 p.m  ������.ij p.m Arr. ' Kczford   Arr 12.30 p. m.  "���������.tii'������. *r_i Ar.    Hike   Arr. 10:42 a.m.  ..,f_o ������.t_.   An*.    Fernie   l*v,9.55a, m.  )  ^.r.  , ONE NIGHT  -.  T������ _u, K������ete������ay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  ;!i  To    Wianipej a_d St. Paul  1 v ��������� ��������� ���������   .   Qote Connections  .: Po*.\- ChicafO." Toronto.  '   Montreal,and  All Points East & West  /    Acetylene    Lighted     Cars.  ���������'. Family Tourist Sleeper?,  '" , Paiafcal Sieepirig Cars  -���������lAsttf'*    Cars (Meals a  la  "' \ \ Carte)'.  Library Observation     Cars  Through     tickets and bag-  ' gag* checks to a������ points.  Steamship Tickets  For.taekets, maps, bertlis  reservations -   and complete  : "* in'qrmatioB-   cau on or ad-  ':. ��������� diess.;   ,j,  S. 0: Yexkes       E. R. Stephen  f. A.O.RvA. , GiA.G.N. Ry  SemMl.j      .   Victoria, B.C..  ,���������        ������.> *.  .   TICKET   OFFICE  Cor- Government and YatasSts  VICTORIA, B C  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  3  One of wliich is the famouu   '"North  Coast Limited"  Tickets on sale to ai; Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-to-date     Pullman   and    Tourist  sleepers      on  all trains.   Dining  Car  service Unsurpassed.  Steamship tickets   on sale to   and  from all European Points.    Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  :o:-  R. P. RITHET,|  & Co., Ltd  Pacific- Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :-:   -: .���������: :���������*B.O.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo. B. G.  McKinnell &Woobank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First ClaM.  Commercial Mens' headqaarten.  Fire Proof    Buildia*.  HOTEL LE LAND  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vaacoa������erj)  One block Irom C.P.R. Depot and.  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets. Telephone, 1-4.  r^.**^**-^*-^.*-^.-*^^  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      |  HENRYS .NURSERIES  NEW GROr-  Hba-ieOrown _c' Imported  GARDEN,^ FIELD '������������������ sad FLOWER  ''''SEEDS.* '"  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  JIODODENDRONS, ROSES,  ; GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  ���������V   PLANTS.    For" Spttnff plsAting.    Eastern prices  ���������r less.   vCatalogue free.  tOlt Westmiaster Road, -Vancouver.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW  -EFFECT-  IN  For     furthsr    particulars , call or  write the ollice.        Pbone Main 456. j]  A. D.  Chariton       E.   E.  Biackweodi  A.G.P.A,. N.P.,.  Portland, Ore.  General Agent  Victoria, B.O-i  PA1NT1NQ,  PAPEKHANOINQ  CTC.  Work doas prsperly and, at right  prlees. Shop and' resideace" In reai  of Ladysmitb: Hotel.  ���������,*���������   -J. B. SMITH, Prop  TH6 CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  rst, Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  WM. MUNSIE, President J. W.  COE-URN, Man.  Director  ; Telephone^.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles a  Specialty,  ���������Manufacturera     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln Dried   Flooring    and  Finishing    Lmmsec 1������   Stock.  c7WONEY TALKS  /___.  AS LOUD TO  US AS  ANYONE. ,  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR  MEAT  YOUR  DOLLARS  W  ILL   GO   FURTHER   IF   YOU   BUY FROM  US >  ���������������������������Our Gash Prices Cannot Be Beaten   WW NELL   *   ������������������������������'���������*���������������"  ���������������������������___������������������_  * _T^l__iSB!I*aHiiS^^ mm^S^^-^^S^SMm^^^M^^ui^^^--  -���������'"Ajir  |  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B, C.  J  f  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION  Vancouver sand, B. G,  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  K^^teT^*teK^K&K^K^+>&**^*^^*^*^*^^'^*m''Mk*  '" DAY SCHOOL.  Usual fu-jects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint rig In eils aad water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv-  sn in clsssea *r< iadividually.  ;    MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith^ B  O. .  Are You  Qoing East  Then be sure your tickets read   tU .  the  II you- Hke������������������  A  siMotb, easy shave, an even,  wsll-flniid-Ki  ' beard trim, a good  ^aWa. ar a stylish Hair-cut.  Yeu will, gs ii'.".  LADYSMITH SNAVINO  The only  line now  making   UNION!  DEPOT    connections at  ST. PAUL;  and      MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains    from    the    Pacina!  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH3  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE  FASTEST  TIME.    '  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,]  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask yourj  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  _ gent.'j  HO 2nd Ave., Seattle.  HIGH STREET.  G  Ladysmith  O.YUEN  Merchant Tailor  rpp" ���������      B.   C  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE A CO.  ON THJB ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AN! FRESH,  Cfe_fsctloa_x)r el all kinds.  Otmmtm takm^lor Pastries to he de*  llvarsd at aay tiute.  Employ ment Agency.  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  aammm^m&mjmmmmmmWmm+MmmmmmmmmmWmmmmpmwmmmm^mmmmmmn  Member' Can.   Society of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,! Unglaad  Member International Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis, 1994  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  LADYS-MtTH, IJ4 04  .. ..Oea ers in ..  Pianos and  Organs..  Ladysniith, B.C  Mannfectiirergof the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  Noae _������   ������m������M _Mbor    Kmployed  n. J; BOOTH, Prop  'Dr. Dier can be found at  any timel  at his office on High street. His den-1  tal work is guaranteed to be fl-rst-j  class and rates reasonable at j  ,\\  M1LBERT  P. C B������X >574  1... I. DAILY LEDGER  a  !,  13"  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B.C.  Hanufeicturers of,;the ^im"^""^  BEST   BEER   ���������  In |British Columbia  I    Lager Bser   an;! Porter1    Guaranteed! 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J.^WASKET, PROP  ���������4V*-������-������-^*-������-.-������-.*V-V'-4~*7������~f .-V ���������>-*>-������������������ T+++M  ���������~-*t-^4>4'*  JM-***������$*&������$������$*������*������&*)K-^^  -   ���������  : ���������  ��������� ���������  - ���������  *  *  e.  *  7*  ��������� .  *  LADYSMIT     i  The    forty-six     ton sloop in winch  Capt.   Round   ' Amundsen sailed from  Chi-btiana,      Norway,     on   Juu-c   17,  1903 to seek the Northwest Passage, j  has      successfully      voyaged  through  long-sought      passage  of   tho  Arctic.  Captti-n     Amundsen     hits arrived at  Port   Egbert,   Alaska,  having left his  vessel at King; Point, 09:45 west and  walked ',   over the     ice to Fort Hoi-  schei,   whence he journeyed with dog-  teani to    Peel river     and across -ihe  divide in    Eagle City on tho Yukon,  lie     'brought  news     of    the ice-fa-"t  whalers. In  a telegram  addressed  to  Nanvcii at Christiana from Fort Egbert, he said:  "Gi.ia.  is  wintering- at  King  Point  fi'l degrees   '!.i miniilps west   Ail well  ���������Ltd     lhrrc      Angnsl   i'i.  at ��������� wliuli  lime the harbor     was fiee  frc in  ice.  Cn  Aiifiisl   2(>    sight.'d  lhe  first   vessel,  tbe  schooner     ('has.   Hansen,   of  R.-in   l-'ranciscu,      Capt.  JMcKen.sa,   _."j  l.iom.  sontl-  of  Nelson head,  Haning-  iiuul.   Passed      iwo,    whalers cast  of  Cape  Batluirs  and  saw  two   whalers,  the   Alexander   and   IJrawhcad,       of '  San     Francisco,     Capts.   Tiiton ami  Coov,  anchored  at  Cooper  Island.  .   "Passed   the   schooner  Bananza,   of  San     Francisco,     grounded* oft King  Diuit.   Fleet of  American whalers ov-j  er Lad en      here     by rapid progress of  winter.   Twehc     wintering here, live  at Herschel Island,  six to the    east  and  one   wrecked  on  the shore.   Out  cf  tho      twelve  only   three  intended  wintering.    ,  "Land surveyed in the spring of  1005 to 72 degrees and 10 minutes  north, magnetic observation, King  William Land l;5iushciil June 1.  Left Herschel October 24 with clog  ���������sled and anmi ;���������'������������������ today. Will he  at Fort Yukon m six days, whjre  mull will reach mc. Wire $'500 as  ���������soon as- possible How is thc political situation? ROAND AMUNDSEN  The party that sailed on thc daring quest besides the captain, were  Lieut. Gotfred Hansen, of the Royal  Danish navy, and six seamen! The  boat was but, a stoutly built walrus  sloop :such as the Norwegians msc*hi  their hunts for ivory and biubi-cr.  Amundsen placed in thc little ship a  petroleum engine, which, under ravor-  abie conditions -would propel the ship  four knots an hour, but his main reliance, was upon thc sailing ability  and seaworthiness of his craft.  The estimated cost of thc expedition, which was to last four years,  was only $27,500. thc greater p-r.r.  tion of which Captain Aniundson defrayed '.out of his own pocket  This  was  the .expedition that c_us-  .ed Traf.     Schmidt,  of the university  'of Berlin, to     say:   "It is the r.iO'.t  important  scioii'tific  expedition   of thc  century."  The     re-iccation  of    the  magnetic  pole  was only a portion ctr the work  that Captain. Amundsen had laul  out,  I lor himself.     Another of his  purposes  Avas    to      discover,     if possible,  the  Northwest      passage   Forbisher,   Da  us, and even Ballig had failed m tins  work,   bu>- Amun'Jsen did not despu.ii  of his  mission  for he announced  thai  he would    leave     Euroi>c by way  of  Nc-rway,  pass through the Northwest  passage,    touch at     Japan, and then  make his w.iy home.  Last   .May    the news    -arrived that  Caj't Amundsen had ma'de highly impel taut discoveries and found tne  north.magnetic pole whose d'.pcovery  is originally credited to Ross in IS31  although many scientists doubt lhat  Ross really loc-ite'l .Ins elusive guide  !u the ,'onipasses of the world,  'lhc iiiji'lti 'magnetic* ,_pie 1ms been  ^fii un'.illy .-���������ssunicd by ceogralilK'i's ; s  '...'ing on l'oollu.i, Ibe lnosL mnlliMiy  -.ciiiiisiiia oi tlit* ������������������American continent,  mi! close !( bnig '.'-liiirii. ,' an.I It  is supposed lo be a'sliiftmg sphere of  influence, though its vai iations are  not great. II is not to he confused  with lhe ten est rial north pjde, the  goal df explorers, which is siUi:-,t-nl  some 120(1 miles to thc true north  of  the magnetic pole.  In     addition  to this^ discovery, the  pxpcihtiq-n    had   gone from Greenland  to   a point     south of   King    William  Land, and has jiiohib'y completed .a  notthwest   pass.u e   which   navigators  have heen      ui s cce'isfi.i  in, trying to  do .'or ,i\*cr  4no veirs  Amundsen, 'incident to these achieve  ments lias foi-pd th-* nionument erected j,y Sir John Franklin when, thc  great explorer and 139 of his men  were perishing in the ice.  If C.ipt. Amundsen, with his seventy foot siooP and crew ot eight men  hns found lhe Northwest passage lie  has accompi'shcd the greatest V-'cn-  dfic feat on rceoul and an achievement that expioicis i.uvc ],reil trying  to accomplish for more than tinec  tentun'es  Should Captain Amundsen return  from the Arclic with his ship byway  of Uchiing straits and establish the  fact lhat Iu made the Northwest  passage be will >}������ received with the  plaudits  of the entire civiii/rd world.  In the first place, don't Sin?, .'stilt��������� (  that is, do not complain or whine or  nag. Do not say: "Mary, I don't see  why you can't remember. I am sure !  I get tired of telling you again and ]  again. Now, if I were in your place,"  etc., whereupon Mary replte? (saucily,  and there is a scene from whic!; you  depart incensed, yet humbly, lest Mary  leave then and there. Guard your tone.  Be firm and businesslike, hut cheerful.  Impart an air of finality to your remarks. "It would please me to havs  you do so and so" or "I think it wotiltl  be better that this be done In this  way." If it is said kindly, but firmly.  It asually commands respect and,  moreover, gives little occasion for reply. Finally, don't always enter the  kitchen with a complaint.,. It create*  an unpleasant relation between employed and employer.���������Boston Cooking  Magazine.  He Hastens to Explain.  The' Wife���������I believe that Mrs. Rivers  thinks I am a fool.  The Husband���������There Is evidence of  that! '  "Of what?"  "That she thinks you are a fool, my  doar." i  Otnoopin** Conjcn,  Whooping cough is moro.'in.fectlous*  before the whoop develops thaii it is  afterward. Children who have been exposed to the disease and have a slight  cough should be isolated for several  days lest tbey communicate it to other  children. It niay������ begin at any time  j during, three weeks after exposure.  When this time has passed without the  symptoms appearing'the child is probably safe.  Love and the WorldlliiKs.  "You know, tbey say, 'all the world  loves a lover,'" begau tbe sentimental  young man.  "Yes," interrupted the cynic, "but not  as much as it loves to bear the lover's  letters read out in court."  6TO  Just recei-ed by Express, the nicest hwi of Ladies" Neckwear and  Beds you e\er wish to see. Ju������t 'the tiling for Xmas piescnts. Come  and get yout choice before they arc an gone, as we have a limited  quantity.  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Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Evening  sen ice���������7.30  p.m.  Evening   Sen Ice���������7   p.m.  Bible study class,  Wednesday evening at  7.30.  i   ! 0 :   CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's  Sunday  School���������2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.m.   o   METHODIST CHURCR      ~"  hs.mbeiiaiirs  of  Job  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  * PHONE 66  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMIN.G  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGGIES  FOR HIRE ���������:���������:  :���������:  See J.  KEMP,  or leave orders"vith  BLAIR &  AJDAM  fIRST  AVENUE 'PHONE  2-4.  W.   SILER.  ���������GEBEltAli-'LXPRESSAND  DELIVER!'.  " WORK PROMPTLY nn-v  Leave orders at the Abhotsford.  r_*_ n ___l_!3_.!S__-<9������t,   ���������     DESIGNS        J  ^ i M I S^iH������ I b$ flND copYRIGKTS ���������*:  f ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY |jff SIS*B? "i  Notice in " Inventive Age " .EEl &S KH jpl *  Book "How to obtain Patents" g ���������BS*_K_ j  ��������� Charge^ moderate. No feo till patent i-?Deourod. "���������'  [ Letters strictly confidential. Address,  f E. G. SIGGERS, Pa'tant Lawyer. VVashlnaton, D. C.  ������_*���������_,  *   -  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Repa-ring and Making   o  Order a Specialty  ��������� -  THOHAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B.  C.  i  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  AND  Its    Great    Resources  No part of British Columbia  today offers so many advantages  to the  investor as does VANCOUVER   ISLAND.  Its vast and varied natural  weal th has never been as yet thoroughly  appreciated  hy reason of the fact that it has never   been  promiently laid  before the public.  COAL GOLD  TIMBER SILVER  FISH IRON1 ���������.,,''���������.  GAftlE COPPER  :���������..: -o���������_ - . ���������    ,\-)  Rev. W. C. Schlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  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Government lands can be secured   and     money can be made by  those  who d������sirc anew home in  a country   possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  Everyfhing |  C omfbrhable  when you  retire.  McCIaiy_>  London, Toronto. Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  limsmmmEmrmmms&B^&sssm^Essmm  ������  Pub  G  1st    Avenue  fe___t__5_  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will   supply   any   information  ob-  ,-  *s  tainable   to those  who contemplate^ a visit with  a view of  investment if  conditions are found as advised. \    ���������       '"   | $    *\  Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;     a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in   each  vear.  LADYSMITH  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THE LINE FROM VICTORIA TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to grow i& *'.mportance as thc Island is  developed.  Subscribe for and read THE DAH-Y. -.ED&ER, ^ADYjSMITHj B��������� C  Attention is called to the   fact that thn  Ogilvie   Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a  vastly improved and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  of   all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising  the   public  that  any unr.-_'Ji.-  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes   will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie "Flour'Mills Compa_y L? raited  are the    only    _iill3i?_ia Oaa-iia *5ir_t33e      Flour  _ purified by tlie   ol������ itfl-3 prjo^as  jfflHMtF*5*1*--'^^ THE   DAILY   LEDGER  v  LOCAL ITEMS  BB  Have your Xmas Photos taken NOW.  Studio open until next Monday.thc  26 tn.  FRICKE & SCHFNCK  Mrs  line  Watls left ona.visit down thci  this morning.  Smoke Big 13. Cigars.  Mr.   A.   Anderson is  visit to  this city.  on  a business  May 61   Plan la of Nanaimo was  in  Ladysmith this morning.  Mis.  W.   Jones  ed   Nanaimo this  mid   daughter visit-  aiti-rnooii.  Mr.  S.  Rowling  went  to the Coal  city  on  thc twelve  o'clock  train.  Mrs.  "*  train f.~  .   Ingham  Nanaimo.  boarded   the noon  Mrs. A. Robertson was a passenger  to Nanaimo at noon.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen re-  1'irned io Crofton on this morning's  train.  l^_K___*_-_J-_-__������_M^  TOYS  As Ususal we are on deck with the  Goods. Tht Biggest and Best Assortment of Toys and Fancy Goods that  has been shown for years."  XMAS  GIFTS  -o<>o  jy^  WE ARE GOING TO CLEAR THEM  UT-  who went up   to Na-  ' yesterday,' returned  Mr.  T. While,  iiaimo' at noon  this morn.ng.  ���������:o'���������  AT  THE   AB130TSF0RD.  Roy Winbo'in,   Vancouver.  A.  Shutllcworlli,   Victoria.  ���������J.  Anderson, Duncans.  Yesterday morning's train to Victoria was delayed, a large rock having fallen across the line. It was  impossible to mo\e it by hand, and  a miner who 'happened tp be on the  train  blew it off "with dynamite.   6   CARD   OF  THANKS.  Mr.   and  Mrs.   Willi.im /'���������I'orris   desire to thank,- all  those  v.-ho so kindly aided in thc   collection >ta\en up  on their behalf by Messrs.   Ellis   and  Crea\cs   and     also  to  express  their  thanks  to those  gentlemen for    their  kindness  in   tal-ing up   the collection.  >m%  FOR THE GIRLS WE HAVE DOLLS FROM  ^ io. fo SIO-00 ^v  Make Your Selection, we will make the  Price as they All go. Shop early if yotiiwanF  BARGAINS '    ���������'"  We*  he Ladysniith Hardware Co., Ltd,  t  ;.__s_s  Toy Book at knight's Book Stoic.  Smoke Big B. ,Cii>;i?rs.  Surprise     parties     .-.re fashionable  nowadays.       Last  evening  Mr.   a*v,l  Mrs. James ITutciilson, of Second A -  oiiiie,  were unexpectedly  called  upon  shortly   before* bad-time   by   a crowd  of fneiids.    Thc  visit  was nothing  if  ���������not a surprise   to Mr.  and Mrs. Hutchison,   but     tli'jy welcomed heartily  their  callers   and  soon   those      who'  were fortunate enough  to be   included  in the party were indulging in  games  etc.,   and  having  a Jolly  good   time.  During  the evening an   excellent lunch  was   sc������-\ed,   the party  bical.ing      up  about   twelve  o'clock.  about sotnetliing. lis rushed up to I She made obeisance and. gave place  mc 'ancf'f'lKveil several times then hc to the Maharajah o.f Rewa, second  s.iid scymethun which 1 could not un- j in rank Upon his heels .came a long  ('���������cr.slfiid ami, wheeling around, wad- jiinc ot chiefs, each with a tribute of  died off down lhc path by which he' gold mohiirs which the Prince touch-  had just arnull. Presently hc stop-'ed and remitted in accordance with  ltd to sec ;i" I was following, ami, ! custom. Proseitalijns ensued, and  lindmg I. was not. he came hack and lhe Prince delivered a speech , which  repealed the performance. This time duly translated, gave manifest satisfaction. '  In the afternoon the Princess of  the Begum of Bhopai  are Right in  line with  these goods We have  a Splendid, assortment  of Good, Useful .Articles. All you have to  do i������ to tell your ti'ou,b  les lo us, and Uie price!  you want to go, and  we will place such an  array in front of you  that it will astonish  you.  It will be  NO     TROUBLE      TO  ���������CHOOSE���������     *  You will he able to go  into   them' blind-folded  and GET WHAT YOU  WANT.,  Our Xmas Ties and Mufflers  come in FANCY BOXES. No extra charge  for the box. You pick  your tie and wc- pack  it  for you.  The   range   is  very  extensive     it   FANCY  VESTS,   arc very suitable presents,   ami    wc  have laid in  a big supply���������All   sizes.  Space will not permit us to go into them  Come in and .see them.  Walters &  Akenhead  NOTICE  I   f iliowetl,   lo his   manifest sAisfac-  t'.on.  and he led me to the pond.    On j  the bank all h*s seesc were squatting  Wales received  Gail  and    inspect my Xmas  Cards,  the-    best  in      Ladysmith.  LScok Stoic-  ���������    o���������   ���������ii  iiud  the giaii'lmotber  family,  an  (iirrly grippm- hi"* "fl  I earance     was hatted     by shrieks of  delight     from     l!-c wlv.Mc parly, and  when I     M'-aUd the old lady,  (not  nn"li   hi'*1     there was a strand chor-  ���������" thanks The old g-ander :oi-  !   me  some  di.*.!  :*' r  bry-owards,  :o>.. nig Ins aekiiowud-.-cii-cnts  all  the  wav.  goose of the  in private  trap se-   delivered  to her  -1"-.     My ap-  Grand  Commander of the Indian Era  audience, and the Trince  the insignia oi the  pirc   This Eegum is the first woman  ui India to receive this honor.   o  A  MISTAKE SOMEWHERE  ���������o���������  OTICE is hereby given that at* application will he. made to  the  Legislative  Assembly of tho Province of  British Columbia, at its next session  for  an     Act to incorporate .a Gona-  nany  -with power to   acquire,    purchase, construct and operate the undertakings ol    the Vancouver      aad  Coast-Kootenay     Railway Company;  the Alberni    and Cowichan Railway  Company; the Kamloops A Atliu Rait  way Company; and the Midway    and  Vernon Railway  Company; a������d to acquire all the rights, powers and pri-  viliges  ol the said Companies;      and  with  power  to exercise  all  the pow-���������  ers contained in the Acts ol Incorporation of the said Companies; and  with power to acquire, purchase, con-.  struct  and operate the undertatoiing  ol  any    other Railway Company     or  Companies; and with power to   subscribe    for and   purchase  the  stock,  bonds, debentures or other securities  of any Railway     Company;   and ,  to  exchange  the stock or other bonds,  debentures or other securities of tfti-3-  eornpany  to be incorporated lor   the  shares,  stock, debentures,. bonds     or  other securities of any other   Kail-  way    Company; and with power to,  increase the capital ol the Company  to be incorporated;  and  with   power.  to issue shares as fully paid up; and  to borrow  money on the Company's  assets  by  any  form  of security; "and  with    power  to promote any  Railway Company or Companies, or    to  amalgamate with any Company    or  Companies; and with all the .   other  and nceessaiy powers conducive to the'  carrying out of the Company's undertaking.  j   Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 22nd  dav of November, 1905.  Childrens  Made   irom   Fancy Flannel   and  Trimmed Cashmere, Assorted  Sizes  WtOfHRMM THIS WEEK AT CUT PRICtS  ��������� ^CHILDREN'S DRESSES,  now  CHILDRENS' DRESSES  $1,50 NOW $1.00  3^c g^i^iity quality of these goods  ' '  1'/'  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATACRE 8T  tADYSMITH  #!*���������  W.G. Fraser  THE   GUINEA  WORM  1  in-1  ROBERTSON  Solicitors  for  ROBERTSON,  the Applicants.  Thc famous guinea worm is an  habitant of the tropical regions of  Asia and Africa, existing in ponds,  rivets and swamps. It penetrates  thc skJii of any portion of the human body without 'being felt and  when once it finds lodgment grows to  an enormous     lenath.     The body      ,  the creature seid-m  exceeds in dia-m- ��������������������������� ������������* Cowichan-Alberni.      an*  dor   that, ox     a P">- and it inhabits Pozfs Rupert Railway  Company Act,  to the skin.     When full   a"d extending the time for commenc-  NOTICE is hereby given that an application  will he made to the Legislative Assembly  of the Province of  British    Columbia at    its next, ses-  ,-t'sion for an Act to revive, ratify and  <&&-V"���������:. MerchantTailor,  .     .    ".���������;���������,;��������� *:;   :������  -, (istl Avenue) , ,  Fitlf Stock   on   hand. Call early and  get your choice  The young man who professed that  he could read     character from hand- *** flcshltl^Xtn0^ ��������� ~lh"an twclve fcct ing construction i,! the said railway,.  THE ROYA1. TOUR OiF INDIA.  (Continued from Page One.)  Pearls and diamonds shcns and sparkin! ui their daik bar. Seated on  lhe throne, ���������"���������iron amonpj her ladies,  the 1'iiiiccss received addresses of  welcome in three languages, and  made brief ami fitting reply to "her  sistcit- '���������  The city o' Bombay outshone ilse'f  on    Tuesday     night  in honor of  the  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  The Ledger is requested to announce, mat.the Allcomers accept the  Good Templars' challenge to a football match tomorrow, and will expect the latter to be on the field at  two o'clock.  The   Allcomers'' team  will   be picked from the following:':   .      Conlin,   C.  Hewlett.   Simpson, Dun-  Lealiev  ."CltllC-  ���������MHi'  .1      :Y  bar, C. McMilan,  Manuel, Kerr, ?.t  Conneli,   Winshy.  .  The game pror-.i-cs to be an in'.cresting one.  The  seniors   arc requested   to  turn  Knight's   Prince and Princess of Wales.  Thc great buildings which front the  harbor were illuminated with myriads  of-colored lanterns, .-worked out in  cunning devices, which turned solid  warehouses into fairy palaces and  houses into cathedrals and mcsq*ues.  Every ship in tUe harbor had its outline of fire. ,  During the evening the Prince and  Princess left for Indore, the native  population of Bombay liming the  route to the station and cheering in  the most enthusiastic manner.  The Prince held a dv-rbar at.Indore  .to which C'AU-<������������������'��������� "l-ir-is came, each  with retinue regulated according to  rank.     The first to be presented was  ... , i the Begum of Bhopai.   Her head  was  out to practice tomorrow morning at =���������  ten  o'clock.  I have nc-w got a good assortment  of    Bound      Rooks.      Knight's  Book j  SU-ie.   o  j  INTELLIGENCE   OF    A    GANDER"  crowned with gold, her face veiled belli iu! a burka of light blue, her figure  dr.ai.HXl in 'Uluc of deeper shade.  writing, looked attentively at the  .scrap of a letter which had been  given hi in by a fUend, arid shook his  head.  'The woman who wrote that," hc  said, in his most i judicial tone, "is  un'doubkxliy possessed of personal at-  1 ractions and unfortunately too well  aware of them, but her character,  sir is weak as water. She lacks  determination, consistency, ambition  of a high order, and originality. Am  1 not correct in my synopsis so far  as you  know?"  ���������'jM-rr.well,   you may He,'*  said the  other,   "for Ijve never seen tho writer  Shejs the     widow of my.-cousin Jim,  in- Iowa.   When I   knew Jim he was  an  agreeable    scaperrace    who  never  stayed  iii one    position or place for  more than  s x mohtns,  and  was   always in     de|,t.    Ho    married her 12  years     ago,     settled in a small city, |  bti'it up a   flne business became may-1  or last year, just before he died, and  has      left a     life insurance of$40,000  and an  excellent     income  besides  to  his widow and. four children. ���������"'.���������.  |     "Some  way.vhe added  thoughtfully, as   the  reader of handwriting sat  loc.'v'ng at the    scrap of paperwith a  1 dazed expression,        "I had imagined I  she   might   have  --nnsiderabie   char-ac  tor, but I dare say you're right."  orm   find a home un-aer uie ������������������������������������'-**"  **-"   "������/   ���������"������"  ���������^   r   tide     and  grow  to a large i's  lin������ *>������ ^ City ot  Victoria,  is  danger of mortification *>  any  point  0n Esquimait  Harl  guinea   worm  human cu  si/e there  setting in  when  the  parasite bursts  ���������in len-rih and m     order to accommo- and    of    expending   ten  per     cat.  date itself,   must wind 8av_rai tunes ������  ^"8  Coni|������_iy s  capital   thereon,  around the legs or-hodv.   Should the and to empower  the Company to ex-  find a home under the *������������*  its  railway  from  any pointy on  er  Harbor;-  or  in  "Che alternative  to incorporate  as ^ is sure     to" do sooner or later ,a   -ornpuny to build the line o! Tallin order to   guard     against an acci->*y set out in thc   Act of Incorpor-  dent of this1   character grdat care is ation  of the said  Company,  with the  oMrcised in extracting the unwelcome extension hereinbefore mentioned, and  intn-dor    '   ' The skin is _pcn������l near-with  all * the Powers contained  in the  o end or the creature and  thc body ^} Railway  Bill.  out,   and      wrapped   around  a I   ������^ca at .Victoria,  B.C.,  small   stick        Tins      slick  is turned  ���������.eiy  slowly for days, or even weeks,  un'tiil   the  entire  worm has   been   extracted.  one  pulled  with  all  ailway  Bill.  22nd November,   1005.  ROBERTSON &  ROBERTSON,  Solicitors   for  the  Applicant's.  _  hay. mm  \A  Sporting and Dramatic News. |  There is a neighbor of mine, says one '  of oi r readers, who. keeps a b'g flock  of goes,, ami I re-'-cnlly iliscussed  with him tlr: decree of intelligence  possessed by these birds. As an illustration be told me the following  story: -'That o.ld ga.ider cainc home  along one morning in a great hurry,  lie was     evidently    in   great trouble  \ ARM PRODUlf  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low  est' possible prices.  Leave orders'at Christie's, on tfc*  E������pl_n_d������,..,  _* Jeines Wsrnock  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Arti:  is ilea!  Done  *!������.  ROEDD1NG-  Orders  Promptly   Executed  "- ���������   LADYSMITH  ?���������%      ^r^      ?*^  MOKED  SALMON  ������HJ(-������  |T^_y____>_r_USX"2l!'  ���������sw nxa*n3W*^W*^H*���������m���������*x:raBl*  NJ  ������_1?  llA.HOWE.'ofCHEWiAINUS-has opeined the MEAT- |  _  MARKET  WIT I  E������ 11  lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  ' A FULL LINE Of FIKSt CLASS MEATS  ���������Pork and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.  I ( A  L.  Phone 20  HADDIES  Pickhd Pig's Feet  in KITs  AND  ADAM  CARLISLE  'PHONE  BLOCK,  2-4  FORBID  GIRLS  TO  PLAY  BASKETBALL.  By  a unanimous     vote shs faculty  of  the state university iat   a regular  meeting yesterday decided  to prohibit, says   tbe Seattle P.-L, the girls  from  playing basketball games,     on  the grounds of. propriety and health.  Little had  been thought that the faculty would take., such a decided stand i  against  the  sport,   and  a great  stir '  has been created among the stude-its ,  Last year the same qnes-tipn    was  agitateil  to some  extent,   but      the  matter, was dropped   before  anything _  was     accomplished,   and many were  expecting the.same result fi'om    this  iniv.estigration.   Upon the rec,omanen<la-  Uion  of the physical  directors at the  j university,   Miss   Iludberg   and     Dr.  I Roller,'who  say  the game  is 'detrimental to thc health of girls and is  apt to injure them  seriously for life,  besides bringing them .before the public in a way  that  is not" particularly  desirable,  the     faculty has based its  stand.  ���������Girls'-basketball  at the university  is now played under  the samel rules  used by men.   It is condemned on the  grounds of  being  entirely   too  rough  for  women.    The   faculty   considers it  contains   too   much   brutality,   which  must be eliminated.  |    It is to be inferred that  thc faculty  , will  be  in favor of the game if    the  i rules   are modified.    For  some   time  there  lms been  a movement  on    foot  ���������lietween Washington, Oregon and !.da-  universilies    to     change    the basketball  rules  for     the gins,   lint as. yet  the  negotiations have  not  been   concluded, and   the    points at issue arc  not ,certain.    It has been hinted that  |   a ,bmsket5-ali  league might  possibly  formed  between  thc three schools.  I     Basketball is played under differon  ' rules  for boys and   girls at some of  the eastern schools,  and   thc faculty  will   not object  to   the game if  it    is  made to conform to a woman's game,  under the present rules,  or the gins'  code   is adopted.      .It  is most likely  the latter course will be pursued.  All attempts to arrange a schedule  have been dropped ,and no trip can be  taken unless all of the schools adopt  the same rules as Washington.  Among -some of the teachers of\tho  cily schools the game for girls has  been severely censured and many of  them highly  disfavor it,  v ,"'���������������������������  TT  . vTIttJ-R^HTiTIME TO CHOOSE  YOUR XMAS GIFTS  'Is now, when you c_n examine at your leisure thc feast ot Beauty  thai; we' bjitve provided' (or   those who  wish  to1 choose  JEWELS  'and;iiRlt!H.'D'ESI_NS'lN JEWELRV. Our stock in. ALL its hran-  chefl is WELL ASSORTED   and Up-To-Date.  WAtchMs, CHAINS,  LOCKETS, BROOCHES     BRACELETS,  NECKLETS'.'-'RINGS,   SCAR F-PINS, LINKS, TOILET SETS of  All styles."-. * ...'.-  Kindly give ua a Call and Convince Yourself ,  ]      -    ���������   . ���������' .     < < "   '  -   Any Article selected NOW Will be Laid aside for you  B.FClRCIMriER  .,',}   WATw .n akeh;, jeweler, optician  Fii'st Avenue,    _V X   X      Ladysmith,  B. C  On First Avenue, just above theWes  tern Hotel.' .''....  JAPANESE     EMBROIDERED,,;;.  GOODS      ,:;^     *  of all kinds, including IlandkerchieJs,  Table-spreads, etc.     .        ; '    '  COMPLETE  TEA  SETS,  VASES,  PICTURE     FRAMES and. other  Fancy Japaness Goods.  Especially   Adapted    For  Christmas Gifts  Nakashimo &&Co.  We ar. jjmaklng them oi4th_ Newest  Stoves  Pattern and Lates*  FOR Rent���������One of the best stores on  First  Avenue.  $1,000���������Will secure a double corner  lot with two good houses. Best location  in town.  $12:")���������Cash  and   $100   mortgage  will  secure a first-class residence on Second Avenue  $50���������Per acre for five acre blocks one  mile from the city.   ,.'. ., ,   ..  ''���������'���������^..^:|G&.^ NDRY WORK  ? Our Prices are Reaiona   ble  see our:' New stoves in blair and adam's windows.  .'���������V;.;V .-V'V '.'���������'������      ������������������      ���������'-���������-.      ".'-���������'..���������:���������  . v._      .vL'^^.:a^ld;at'L^dy������mith[Hardware[Cc.lTip;any  I^fefeniiH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO , LTD.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased at 110 per acre for soft coal   and  S20 for anthracite.  Not more than  :*20 acres;can fie acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty ..u the  rate  >f tent cents per ton of a,000  pou-^'*'''8-_ir'^.be'.'collectie_ on tho  gross output. 1 .: .  Quartz���������A free roiner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance ol  J7.50  per. annum ,lor an  individual,  and from $50 to .(100 per annum lor  j i company, according to capital.  aV    free miner, having discovered  $12���������Per  month  will  rent three  rooms   ii.  the      Brick   Mock.,   water,  and scwor connections.  T"1"*" ;;:hi||eral in nlaee^i|ia,y,.locate a cjaim  b good   1)500 xA(S60,:*eiet>r -The Tee" for  re-  $37-5 will secure a fine residence in tho  best locality;   only   .$2'M   more      to  pay at $12 per month.  Water   and  all coincidences.  ���������$7���������A month will rent a good house  with four rooms and a good pantry  with  water attached. '      .  cording a claim is $5.00  At least $100' must, be expended on  the :claini each :year or paid to the  date of the "lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased.   Royalty at the rate.  of 2i per cent collected on the out-,  put after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of the In-  p.rlor.  Dr. R.B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work'guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN   AT  ALT. HOfTRS  OF  NOTICE      OF     DISSOLUTION  .PARTNERSHIP  NOTICE      IS   HEREBY     GIVEN  that  the      partnership heretofore existing  bat wren      us,   thc  undersigned  George     Williams and      Anthony J.  mining recorder ha Heu thereof. When Waskett, carrying on tf.e business of  $500. has been.expended  or  paid, the,..teamsteis     under the firm name and  locator  may,  upon having  a survey {style     of     the Ladysmilh    Transfer  .   '      .   .     1    'i    -, , .i,.    A,    Company,   has  this day been dissolv-  made, and upon cdmplying with oth- !e(l hy     muUlal     cmsm[    -ho  saU1  er requirements, purchase the land at j(Jeorge     Williams  retiring  from  the  $1 an acre.       . .'������������������   " said  partnership,  and   that  the   said  The     patent provides for the pay- Anthony J. Waskett will .-ontinue on  ment ol a royalty of 2J per cent on' thb same ' business.     All  debts ow-  Deeds,  trad s  U  Wills,     Mortgages,   Con-  and   Agreements  Drawn.  *  STEWART  Conveyancing     %i       Notcry Publlt  Phone, 3.  P.  O. BOX 268  the sale-. ���������  f    PLACER   mining claims   generally  are 100 feet square;; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  each' tbr a term of twenty- years, re-  aewable at the 4escretion of the Minister of the Intarior.  The lessee shall have a dredge    in  operation within pne se_son from the  ing or accruing due lo th2 partnership are to be paid to the said Anthony J. Waskett, and all claims  against the said partnership will be  paid by the said Anthony J. Was1-  kett.  Dated at Ladysmith  this  15th day  of  November,  A.D.,   1005.  GEO.  WILLIAMS,  ANTHONY   J. WASKETT.


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