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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Dec 30, 1905

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 p>-  s   -  v ���������  ma  AILY  3E3E  Y**L,.������  SATURDAY, DEC. 30, 1905.  9K  THE COLLINS CASE IS  BRIEFLY REVIEWED  MEMBERS Of THE PER!  TROUPE  v -         _  A Comprehensive Statemnet of  the   Remarkable Case  as Seen  As Seen off the Stage- The  Happy Life Thty  Lead  By the   Father   of the Counsel  Who Prosecuted Cptlins 4  in Victoria   ;  &  The following comprehensive      u-  \ie\v,      while it is well  writln, Iro  clearly  indicates   thewiulis  Luhel'  in his guilt", is tal-en from theWoild,  and is, no,doubt/ written   by D   W  HigKins,  thc fathei   of  counsel,  who  prosecuted Collins in Victoria *lt is  reproduce!} as  it gives a concise    report of the celebrated case thai' ha*,  attiacted so much  attention  <f< Lit  'Plus leinail able  case,   wl'ith  Soi ih Sea Lsl.ind'., it 11 too gross  to !>' tine. ' It is rotten 111 the mind  that conceived it, iottrn'.m tlie. mind  that uttered it-- Since the day .when  lnal by jury began you wills not find  a������-'asc so disgusting inuhorriblc details as this theoiy which the prosecution1^ has pro"-pi:irlel;.this filthy,  this .unuat'iir-l, 'this  impossible?theo-  Company   Ori[iiated    in  Seattle . First Visit to  British Columpia  ��������� b:���������  Ilcf������- f the footliglits they arc winning little poeplc, and off the stage,  and   when   seen in  their  comfortable  room at  thc Ab|:otsford  hotel,      the  .Juvenile    Hostomans  arc  charming,  modest and weil-bfchavcd little ladies.  Somehow it is generally thought, that  the    tioupe  is  made up of-orphans/  hut tins is not the case.   They    all*  have homes inthc states and are all  on high   salaries,   receiving  at       the  hands of the management 'the consideration that such clever little      artists deserve     In  a that with   ..Mrs.  Lang, the msltiucliess and manageress  a Ledgef reporter this morning leam  cd something of the history     of   the  L  mm  HfLD m Pis  Palis, Dec. 30���������Impressive funeral  services were held in the Church of  Madelamc over the body of the late  Hon. Raymond Prefontame today  The government supei intended the  service. President Loubet was/represented ami all cabinet ministers attended. ',   *S 0��������� ���������        0  COPRESPONDENCE  THE SUNOaYIBSERVaNCE  IAWS  Let  Ev ry Man   be  Fully  Persuaded After His  Own Mind  PeopleJ s Desire   to   Reach  Future Place of Destiny  By their iOwn Route  ������1 PRICE five  ������e*r  GENERAL  WILL GIVE NO MERCY  Plans   to Uproot  Movements Bv  1 -  Revolutionary  Annihilating  the Revolutionaries  r-- tl.at dan n-. then ca-'-e, their iirgu-'  *" '     -*     '" i        <* 1 *  a, ir   'iifiii/ and Cicr piofession '-'���������,;  l������       -��������� >i'-i������i   ���������> '��������� v -  *< * '. -, T#  ..     People in the opera house last even-  '  ,,Ui  ._ '���������'<(ii'iinir '   \ pi diet al   -S..n     , Straine, filthy andMintiatui.ii it   ������������������ T. '  suited  in a   nung     vcuuti, ai     ���������'" ( -x ��������� ' ���������   , ,,    ��������� nig     It originated some time      ago  Francisco,  is or;'of tho most, cilia-  ,-n!   1hestrantr.st   thin-  ubmH   it   is    ,��������� Seattle,     nearly   all the   membeis  ordinaly ever  tried  hi any  p.ut      of    ���������'- t th.5 abundance of e,iderx| shows    bem������; pHpiis  afc Mrs Lang's  operctic  North A nunc 1    The,accused contest'   ���������������  ,s tr,,e    Face lo-face v ith   ,   '.iu    school  at    that city.   The children,  . ,r     "    '   . ��������� . - f������cK  in th-* evidence   firls-wht.h   he   wno come fiom various parts of the  ed evcrv inch of the oioiud, showing   ,a,ls  ���������'��������� ������"*���������   l"lu*"lf'  '"'vr'1"   ,   L.* +������..��������� .-      ���������   j.     *.  ���������" ' '     - -     v;. 1 -*-., .1 i.'-������^wi.t    1     'l\. .'1- i,.^ states,  were .receiving instruction at  tr���������r���������at   -iltilii v onH    ill I in! !!/*',��������������� it,     i*n.      hs-S bOC-ll   able   to meet 'airre ��������� v. 1 Mi   illS ' , f>  'great ability  -inci  aunome-s  in   Jit;     , ^ ^ ,        ',*   ��������� *'.    ,      -   IMrs       Langs,   establishment and, in  senting.the case lor the dufcr.ee     To   l*\*x \  denial.it h.;s  hern  up-Ha-cn  |I|tUe ^^ preJ>entcdby them, earn-  "show h.s cleverness, after haunc dim   how Colhiis would \efei  CoU     ���������������      -  LADYSMITH      SCHOOL   AFFAIRS  ' Editor      Uilgjer���������S11 ������������������-T here  evei  were, and I suppose even  wih.he, cu-  cumstances     happening 'o^^lnch  wo  fan  to see    thc why and   ' whcreioic  There   are at     present .somecucum-  fctances in connection with   the  resignation of Miss C. Milligan, which1 I  for one would     like to1 have fully explained hy oui Board of School Tius-  t..^,tecs'   "* deel>1y     legiettod  Miss, Mi l-  eompany which delighted  so     many j,igdn's res,6"aticfi,  bocai&c my little  ������irl has never advanced  more rapidly  under any -teacher  ed hrs  alftdavit and  denying  '  that,  Chailottai Newman  is his  wife,   the-  prosecution called  Charlotta into the  witness , box to "prove the marriage,  whereupon'   Collins, objected "to   her  evidence  on the  ground-that a wife  cannot     testify against her husband,  and the court held the objection,'tote  good, so the e\ idence  oL'the chief wit  ness for tho     prosecution was.   shut'  out'    It  was  a bold step 'and .could  scarcely %i*.e been lield good here. In  his address to the jury  Collins   attacked the character of his, wife  and  the   whole Newman ^family, '   cast:  doubts  upon tyie paternity of his own  children, and described himself as a  persecuted man.   The facts  that   he  had to face and break  down if -    he  could weic these:  In Afuy,  1889, he married Charlot-  ta Newman.    Hei sister Agnes   had  gone  tolne with  the newly  married  couple The-following'year a      son,  Geoige,  was born to Char lotta; and  the year following  that Agnes   was  delivered  of a child,   Susan.    During  the ten years that followed each woman    had given     birth     to children.  Those of Agnes  died at their birth.  Those of Charlotte, are alive  today.  In   1001   Agnes   and   the child  Susan  died        Agnes  was  buried as "Mrs.  Collins" and the little girl as      the  daughter  of   ' George and  Chariotta  Collins."   finally George Collins had  married Clarice McCurdy in   May of  ,."     lias been able "to"meet >alrre-v. 1 Mi Ins  'I-,\' naS-ed"   denial.it h!>s  hern  ufvr's-fd    .  how ^ColliM wotjld lefei  To^hc ,Kct   ^ niuch fame with theatrical manag-  thaflall tlhe'ifiateria.1 'witnesiscs" *��������� htjei^s "fhat"' Mrs. Lang^was induced _ to,  she has evet-'^ha/l  and I have heard simiiai opiWions\ex-  presscti by othef paients. tie/ wprl.  was most'thorough and uhaffai pupil  learned from hei was stored .inthe  braMi-f0rfutuie use Let us look at  the facts/     1st���������Division   ND1-' 2  was  The following circular is being sent  lo Canadian newspapers and is being  reproduced in many of the same  We have read with veiy gp-eat pleasure a communication-by the Re\. II  S    Akehuist   to  the Kamlooj s  Standard,  dealing with  the subject      of  Sunday observance in general and the  pioposed  Lord's Day  Alliance measure     in particular       All    Akehurst  writes   with  commendable  frankness  and we  trust .that  his example will  be      widely  followed  by  the clergy  throughout     Butish Columbia.   The  Dominion government and the parliament of Canada should  be given     to  understand  clearly and  unequivocally  "that the legislation proposed by the  Riga,   Russia, Dec.  30���������It  is     re- the     whole attack of the Unionists  ported      that  the   governor-general,    tluoughout     the     present campaign  with  over 32,0-00 additional troops, is*  would  be centred on thc assumed m-  plannmg to uproot the revolutionary tention of thc  Liberals to  give Ire- ���������'  movement by suuounding Livcan and   Land control of its own affairs throu--  Courtland      and  dining  all   revolu-   gh  an  cxecusive    refiponsifcto dnect/  tionaiies   into a corner at  Courtland  between      Riga   and   Liveau,   wheie  hey     will be annihilated.   Warships  will  picvent the icvolutionaues making'their cscajie by sea  ly   toan^lnsh elective  body.    This," .  Mr    l-talfour  believed,   would  inevitably lead to separation which was ad-    '  mitted   would be    prefetal^le to'the-,,  'I continued  pailiameatary turmoil con-  St.  Petersburg,  Dec.  30 ��������� Maohin- sequent on half way measures  oss, a membei of the senate, - has been  appointed  Minister of Justice in   the  place of M   ManuMien  London,,Dec. 30��������� Sir Henry Camp-  bell-Banncrman7 thc piemier,  and Ar.  thur, J.   Balfour,  the former  premiet,,  respective  leaders  of the  two   great  parties now  drawn  up im  battle ar-  Dis-  date  of the  electorate  before rniitia-"5  ting a change of Uie policy r which had;;,. *C-;';Vi  been  supported  by .the sanction    "'of' '"^r-^J  fifty years.   He half-heartedly defend-" . lj;v'f^  r ��������� ,.      n���������      ... x       - ���������- -   -..   ���������_ r ....  M^     ed  the eduction bill,  which  will biJ  '.'^Jl'l  Lo.ds   Day   AII,ai.ee  is entirely      at I rdy ,n  the United Kingdom,  address-101     ''"' ���������    -       -- '      -     '��������� '-*-'���������  vai.ance  w.th< the conceptions  of Mb-   ed a'large audience last evening. Tho  spoke at-Dunfeimilc-Scot-  cussing the fiscal question; ,Mr,.' J Bal- '  fnnr     saiu the     Unionists had done  ���������*i <  V  lour  nothing because they  wanted "the man' ���������  -t.  **-*'il  had named wxre dead  was "obtain the "consent of the parents and  forni^ a traveling opera company under lhe management  of Mr. Williams,  and' under the name of The Williams  Company.     In their  travels through  thc States they speedily-became not  But: he  equal to that, tod. ''It is cruel and  brutal criticism,"'he*said, kito- say  that the defendant has not stayed -he  hand of death" That he^hasjjhut the  power to call irom their gravel'���������" ose. .  who', would s-Jeakln'his.beh'alt/'Be^i6'1 "* theati ical circles, and upon the  resignation, of the manager, Mr. Williams,  the services oL the present mu-  Alr   Woolf," weie secur-  cause -his^itiiesses^are^nbw^Jlead'' i 'jr,  say I have^ damnedVmty soul with ler-    .  jury ������1 haw no' powerfto recall the Is,cal duector  dead'.^''Is'iny life "to "*be taken \i frJ'n.       ' ', -  me for that reason?-For oi what use I    r,,e     oMesl cl������'', ,n the trouPc 1S  is the future-toineV^rtVs'anassue of  onIy     fourteen,  and the clever girls  who took'the leading parts last evening are^twelve or thirteen."-A govern-  ���������ness, j\frS' Penrod, travels with the  company, and every morning gives  the "children two-hour lessons, aftei  whichothev aic frre until the time  foi the pciioimanccs commence, that  is,      unless a reheaisai  is consult led  -life and death.*"-' ,. ^v*~., *..- ]**������������������ *if*������  ���������^With-^harsb^accents he heaped lese-  elation on the-woman who' is ,5  his lawful wife/, He cast reproach upon -her that she. *was seeking money;  from   -the prosecution/"This poor,  misguided woman, damned by the pollution ' which permeates her case, 4  tells you that she has a fondness for ncrcss.ii v. Thev cairy with them a  childien 6l that hornhle relation laigc stort or toys'and this morning,  She loves them so that she would t,,ere ^'"K "������ lesso������s ��������� Christmas  condemn their natural  protector    to   holidays    are in vogue, were happily  San     Quentin,     to whom  existence  would be then no more a favor from  the hand of his Creator, but a living i  death."   And then with a voice of a  amusing themselves in thc sitting  loom The reporter was introduced  to several of the leading'ladies, and  they  seemed  delighted  with       Lady-  stagey traged.an, he quoted  the mdg-1 smith ar"'  Butish  Columbia general-  0 !ty-   The majority of thftn were boin  inland and gicatiy love     being     on  bc-  her  ment  of Solomon,   "she  comes  fore you, gentlemen,* pleading  own infamy."      - " -  To the ringing    denunciation made  by Hiram Johnson thc day before his  only reply was'that    'Hiram  John-  thc present year. And she was sit-|son was the coyote of thc bar and  ting by his side in the courtioom. the ������ired Hessian of the prosecution'  With her was her mother, Mrs. Mc- But when he cam1* to ���������'Mulcahy,"  Curdy, who appeared for thc fust j the mythical malci c< mistake, hc  time in     the trial.   Like Browning's   I was ponfio itc-d  the coast This is their first visit to  British Columbia and on their return  to the States in a   few days,  will be  diopped Aentuely Why' How could  that be done while Clau&e five ^remained in the bye-law Claisc five  says that the thud assistant's sJaiy  shall commence with fifty dollars per  month,, and U third assistants services are satisfactory, an incieaseof  thirty dollars per annum shall he received until' the monthly salary shall  be sixty'dollars They must, evi  dently expect to oltfcaw tenchcis holding high class ccriihcaics 101 a small  salaiv iori0ng tciins of sci vice, an it  would take.   them four yeais to command the' t.ixty doiLns'ier month sal-  >ryi.   Conseqfuo.-)Lly   Ihey  would vhave  to hold atirast second class  certiii-  Cates.    ^Now Division No   1 vvo^ being  dropped^so far as the iiiuubcr is i cm-  ceined' did     not make'* -Muss'MiiL^an  anything  but   a third  assistant" Fig-  tue it out a.s one may, because lll,c<re  wcie only two   as-s^tanls .vbovL-'��������� t-i,  consequently   she occupied  *hat  position by force     of circumstances, and  should  ha>ve received   fiftv doliais  pel  month  at the commencement of   her  ^eivice  while  she iccencd only  forty  dollars       At  the same time  the teacher of the grade bcii iw Mss Milligan  received fifty-five     doners prr month  and did not hold neaiiy as high class  ccitificate Surely  this is a hard to be  explained disciepancy  Was  not    Miss  Milhgan's name sent into the cduca  iionai deparlinent as  thud assistant'  I foi   one do not like to see a piefer-  city and justice held by the great  mass of the people of tins country.  Rev. Mr. Akehurst's timely letter  reads as follows.  To the     editor of ' the Standaid ������-  Dear  Sir,���������There have^been sent   to  me forms     of petitions to the, senate  and  commons of Canada seeking the  enactment  of legislation  on   Sunday  premier  land, making fiscal reform his battle  cry     In amswering a question, he said  he did notj favor   , a separate independent legislature for Ireland/ but intimated that tlie-country should have  a legislatuic siiloidinate to'the   Imperial Parliament  Mr    Balfour  spoke to a sympathe-  one ,of the .most, powerful/ weapons of   ������/*.. -*t*#*,|  observance    May I he permitted space  tic audience     at Queen's Hail, *Lon-  kiven  a short vacation  to visit  their  cntiai sliding scale o>  saJanes.,   winch  parents. ie not applied according to grade,  "Seveial of their patents would C\ist m, the lunnmg, of miv concein  like to have them home again," said ; when we 'elect trustees we e\pcct  Mis      Lang, "but the childien-could  | them   to do   ii'Sticc   to   ail conceinj'l,  "Ring and the Book," it is a story  that has anew intcicst each tirm* it  is retold. In his den al, Collins denied his wife and the motherhood of  his children in these words:  "This   diabolical   relation  that   thc  prosecution say  existed tetween   t,hc  habilitating with  the dignity  of reality  tbs figure that  has been laughed  out ofcouit     He tried it, but   even  Georgk' I)   Collins was not equal  to  that task.  The |ury wet:>-out  thirty-sixvhours,  and   weie  discharged   when   an hgiee-  defendent and these two women, s-ire ment seemed impossible.   Grave char-  Jy you do not believe it.   Such ahor- ges  have been  made against  thieeju-  rihle tale that  finds no parallel    "in rymen  who  refused  to find      Collins  the history of  the Soudan and     the guilty and the case will be tried again  SEATTLE METEORS TO  PLAY LADYSMITH S|NIORS  , " V';"':   ;" '   ' "  '.'��������� ";;'>   ' ���������'";,'"> -;     J. v  Famous Soi^dGity Basket Bali  Team Will Be on the Island  and Will Meet Local Men  with   the task  of  ie-,1101, bo in<,ucert to leave the company,   tcaCher.    pupil  and   ratepajei,   and  a  Ithey love thc work so much " &t*10k,,  teachei   should  ik,t be weighed  And so they must,. for   unless  they   ,��������� Uie nalailtc Wlth (1ollais and cents,  but  by thou   lii'c  woit'n uithswoiid  in which   .we     lue    and m which  oui  childien      will live      when  wc  are no  11101 e    In tins  picsctit case, fiom  in-  1 formation at   picsent  to hand    I   am  foice<I  tolciieve     that  an eminently  'qualified   teacher in   eveiy particulai,  hus been foiced  to  1 csign because she  did not receive  the amount of salary  'which     she should     have received according. to Clause'Five of the Ladysmith School By-law for 1!)05.  I would be     pieasetl as a ratepayer  and  as one  who  has  children  at ten d-  ���������^ iiiS' school,   to  have an explicit expla  nation  of lhe a'l.*ove.      I am  not rog-  .Ottawa,     Dec. .   30.���������It is learned    'stenng any,   kicks,  and don't intend  that  a probable   result  of the   inves- [ io "' fair play' is. accorded"all amu���������,l.  ,.   -,-. . .,    _. .     .     ,.        .,  ���������     .bull   fivl  uxfremelv   sorrv  that    our  tigations of thc Fisheries Commission 1    .     ,  ,   ,   ,    ,      ,v.      ,,".,,.  ���������������������������*������������������   ,,    .^ ,      .,, , school  has  lost-   Tvhss  i\lidligan as a  on-the Pacific coast will he a rcconir ������  - -   ,��������� ,.-     ,,   .   ���������    .      , ������������������ ..      teacher.      'I-Ins   matter   .shouldbc sat-  mendation that several more govern-  . ,   , ,,,,���������' /  '���������    .   r , . ,    ,.,.,"������������������    i.sfacfconiv settle*! lx?fore new trustees  ment fishery cruisers be built for ser- ���������  vice in British  Columbia waters. ,are ^^     aml  l for rn:c ask  Uwl ,  No  olTiciar announcement rcgfl-rdinK  as  the  second   assistant cannot  justi-'  finbly  be     dropped   that,  the  trustees  in your   , paper 'in which  to  explain  why  lam  unable  to sign  these     or  canvass   for signatures'    These  petitions   1 must   be taken   in connection  with  the enacting clauses of1 the law  which  the Dominion Lord's  Day Alliance  is      strenuously      advocating  These petitions,   besides "making illegal     the Sunday indulgence in many  innocent      lecieations,   will   depuve  liiariy working people of the'only opportunity  they now enjoy  of spending  a few hours  in the healthful open air  01 the country, ��������� and so escaping for a  beicffspell the souAleadening      sur-  rounings- of their  daily life    This act  vnl) not prevent   the rich from  using  their own can. iages~' boats and . c>thei  coruveyahces,  or from employing  their  domestic servants on the Loid's Hay,  but  the poor   who cannot   aflord  such  possessions,   and   have  few, if     any,  opportunities- other than     Sunday of  using .public conveyances foi  pleasure  will  be debarred   from  doing     so  on  that day.    Must we conclude that hu-  don lie asked, "Will you have fiscal  lefoim or home rule for this' is the  tine issue of the campaign'" ���������  Sir Henry said (hat the Liberals  would'fight piotccfion and fisca'I retain during the campaign, as they  did while in opposition; while the for  mer premier stated that fiscal re-  foiin would lie the fust question the  Unionist party vyould have'todfeal  with if it ' returned to power, and it  was a qtics'tion in which the welfaie  of the whole country is bound up.  Mr      Balfour plainly indicated  that  the JLiberals,'saying it did not many, '*',',������ Ji������{,  sense'-reach his ideal,* but it was tho/>J <f'"*CJf������  best that *cOuM, be done Sir Henry \ ���������"\ ffi  devoted his entire speech ,to- an,^ at- <��������� '7,4j"X"v*;j  tack on the fiscal propositions"oTihe^j;)������^]'/'*i  Unionists and said it was the' duty.^^^l  of the Liberals to bury any- party11 *'  supporting Joesiph Chamiberlam., ->  Sir Edward Grey, the foreign'.sec-^ ,  retary, i speakjiig! ito his constitu|sits ^','^ii-  at Belfordi, Northum������fcrIand, totlay ; *' \,".?������l  said that the carrying out of Cliam-v "^A''^  bcrlain's   policy  would mean   the ruin/\ {- C<1^'|  - f^v t"  ''**r:  of national prosperity. * lie assurred-  the audience that the Lihprals ' had ;  no intention of gianting home rule,  but that they hoped 1 to do much for^  Ireland. With regald Ho Chinese 'labor, he said that the' stoppage ������ toT'  thc importation of Chinese would be  followed by the establishment of, a re";  **- j _ 1 -1  *���������>  * t  ! ��������� 1   \\ "    1 ':  "^r'ijXS.   I  '.N  ^\*'-xi  ������l  V   '"^fet*-  JUVHnXE bostonians  DELIGHT LARGE AUDIENCE,  y  ai  Eclipsing  altogethei   anv thing   that  tures of     the play by  Louise aTa-son,  icmleied their songs in a mannei that  made one forget thev w etc children  The  Babe's sister, and the American So.  ciety girl was made thoroughly Yan ���������  kee and very enteitaming by httlo  Miss Hutchinson Macorom, Checsi'a  sweetheait was handled in a capable  manner by Margaret Hail ^ ,-jr  Unfortunately spa<i3-vv*il not perrmta  detailed account 01 the prog-ram, but  thc ieveicstoi ciitics (ouul but wnW  praise of the '   comjianj   for they aio  went hcait and  soul  into their work  they could  never give such  splendid  peiformances      No one 111 Ladysmith  should     miss    the chance     of seeing  them.  three nST-  ERS FDR  this com  vine and eternal obligation   Let us in  all lawful  and expedient   ways  try to  cnsiiie  toeveiy   man his weekly  day  of rest,  though  that may not   in   all  cases      01   on all  occasions     coincide  In the course of a few weeks the  Ladysmith public will-have the pleasure of witnessing a game of basketball between the local seniors and  the Meteors of Seattle, that is, if  arrangements which are now under  way materialize.  To the following  letter  Mr.   Adam. '< Paying theFifth.Regiment team at  the conclusions  of  the Commission in  .this respect have vet been made, but   al-ten-d  to this  matter  it is      learned     through  author!tiyo .w,1h -W sd,''������10  B.ritish.Colu^hia,'ahd;Tv j channels that the construction  of one   ca"sp  red      to you for  a game with Lady- 1 largo     cruiser and two smaller ones  smith./ I expect 'to^ake .the trip  in : J has been advised.  The fisheries which  it is considered  has replied that the���������',Ladysmith team  will be pleased to play Seattle when  they arrive on the Island:''  Mr.  James Adam.,  Dear Sir,-"- As  manager ��������� of  basketball   of  the'  Me  teor Athletic Club of Seattle, I   am soon, I am, yours verytruly,  .arrangeing a schedule of games    -in -        E.; C. DOHM.  .  I expect to'make .the trip   in ;.j  two or three weei<s and! would like        .  ' V ,.   '-. desirable to  protect  are the deep sea  to hear from ;you at your earliest con-^ banks  from which'nalibut are taken.  venience.      .. '      (The preponderance of evidence .gather-  I. want  to  make" a five-game  trip,     ed by the Commission was'to the effect that ..these banks were being mercilessly raided by American poachers.  One  means of  protection Would     be  the cruiser service.  It  is recommended tlut'onc   largv  cruiser,  similar  in general Tines       !-.���������>  the Canada, nojy  in service in  Atlantic     waters,  he built.    The  Canad  was   built   by 'Vick'ers-Maxim   and she  has a speed of' twenty-two knots, is  Victoria, : Va'ncouyer, Athletic   Club,  the   Military  teariv at New Westminster, and Ladysmith and-Nanaimo.  " Let me know ��������� if you can give us    a  game  and what  dates  you could    let  us have.   Hoping to hear  from      you  and do   away  which must surely  disS;,t,isfao(lioii     '  among   the  teaching staff .  G.  R.   WILSON?;. ���������  ���������_ . o ���������   ' ' r "���������  If you want sonic Fancy China,  ���������'.-"i can get it at, Knight's Boo1  Store.  armed 'and carries a large crew.  The other cruisers ��������� would be small  er vessels,  and   would   likely  be built  cn  the Pacific coast.    They would  be  useful in guarding coast waters whicl-  could   not always  be watched   over by  the large     cruiser  or  the    Kestrel,  the Fisheries  Department on  the Pacific coast.  has,  been  seen   ui  Ladysmith   foi many seasons,   thc   Juvenile  Bostonians  ed service is for,tfie rich a necessity,  i presented   bfcforqa  laigc audience'in  but   foi the  poor a descciat.on   of the ' ,he 0 I1()Use a ;resh ^ cleV(jr  Sabbath^ *Js it     just to lefuse a public concession of those hinds of reuc-   mu&lCal  ^n]eily     lasl  0VcnmS'  "Thc  ation to the pool which the rich have   L'vpsy Gm.''  long taken without hesitation'' Abovo     'lia'ned   to   peifcoticn       tlie  little  all, is it wise to multiply restrictions   onC!>   wen(l     unough then   paits  and  and requirements bevond what  is   es  sential,  when we lenow thai   mon   so  nemmed  inbreak  the artificial  baiti-   ���������,, Jt ,    , ,  eis',  and  in doing so with  a sense of . ,ho   fJJa>"the>r      ,&la*^   last evening   d��������� talented, an     have sweet and cm  guilt  become  hardened  and  prepared  j wai fuU ol tl,n' Ulc 11,us,c wl'tten for   tured  voices  and aio&o  well  tranml  to  tians^iess  commandments  of    dl. ' ^ veiy catcln, ami thc d'opulakson^   ln   thcjr   actmefcjnd  dancing,      Then:  intiodi'ced fust  late performance is quite unlike the  usual  Babe Mason, umoitunateiy, w.u stumbling woihof children winch one  suncring from aseveie cold, so hei tolerates s.mply because it is child .1  vo.ee was not heaid at its best, al-1 WOrk To these ome listens and although her songs weie the most tak- J(ns, those who have an eai for mti-  with the Sunday. By all means 1 (J ,nS of the whole thing She portray &ic anpiecialmg tn the full the swjet  istiy to lead men to what we be- *-d the character of Cheesi in such a ringing of the principals and thc chor-  lievo a'lght oKsenance of that day ,cl^'-"'- and winning maiinoi, and her us," and those who love fun lealmng  But as Christians wc have no right ' "Alcvandei," "Just Make .1 Fuss Ov-  to 50 niithei than St Paul did cr M������ ' "The Land 'I hat's I-\u  vvlien "one man esteemed one dav jAwav' called 101th upioanous ap-  above anothci," while "another es- '-"-e She was tonlmualiv tecailel.  teemed, every day alike," the apostle ' Manctle. tho Gypsy girl, as inlerpnv  only  said,   "Let  every  man be   fully  , ted by  Rose Cole,  who has  the most  beautiful  soprano  voice, and in herselr "rightfully, and of the little Scotsman,  a      winning      maid,   was   a    pretty j Alec.   McDougaM,     whose  clear,- rich  ind her     lover,  Jack Liv-, young voice  waJ.  hcar(]  to perfection  was     splendidly taken  hy  iast evening in   "Dear Old  Georgia''  These two clever little j    T|hlghl   "Tirs"   will   be  present&l.  made a jrrcat hit inthe   and it is safe to     say win  be a good  u-^-n.g   to-clhcr.      Mosquito, ; performance.   Those who sang so well  ( thc.(;y]kiy_  King,   a splendid clmrae- Jast   evenijijt; will   all   again he  heard.  v 1r . ..    .,     .1.r,irTTI,c,���������,-1"L,was     fiUlllk>'ssl5'  takeuvb^. Rose.'and  Babe lilason  is down  for a  sonj"  \ours truly, II. S.   AKEHURST   Henry and in flic part of Fritz, Doris 'entitled.   "Evervwhe-rc,"   something/f  , Piper displayed  a clever bit of acting,   the style of     "The Land That's Far  A foppish     Englishman, Sir Archl- j Away."J     Scjif-s   can  bp  Jiolojc^xl  aft  bald  Arlington,   a     hugely ridiculous   Forcimimcr's and  the show starts  character,     was mede one of the  fea    eight o'clock.  !*r  l^  pursuaded  in his own mind."  Much  of the: work of the  L.D.A.  is  commendable,  'out      their    proposed  law "in its  present  form  seems  neither      advisable   nor just,   and   to sign  their   petitions,, thouph   very  general  in   form,   would   signify  approval    or  the  law.  Thanking  you   for  your  courtesy..  that genuine jokes arc cleverly mad3,  Lmcs are spoken ui clear, cxpressiva  voices But we must not.foiget two  songs those 01 the) baby of the trou-ia  little four-year-old I-I-azelon Martin,  vvho   . sings . the    .Bowery'Tough da*'.  iharacter  ii^sto-ne,  Ruby  Lang  people- have  stales.  MRS.   OSLER   HAS   RIGHT'  ���������    ' TO   BE   PROUD  The mother of Professor Osier is  in her ane hundredth year. She. has  an active intellect and is said- to be  much interested in thc opinions of her  distinguished son concerning old age.  This lady came to America three-  quarters of a century a������0, and settled  down  with   her husband  in'    the  afc  TJ.THOMAS WILL RUN  COMMERCIAL HOTEL VIC-  "..A-:-  I-arsonage of the Angilican church of  a small Ontario village. It was from  this quiet homo that her brilliant  family   went,   one to become a   .U'd������*'  As an  advertisement on page four  will     show,   Mr.   and  Mrs.   T.      J.  j Thomas   have purchased  the Commer-  .-.      luuu;-! '  r..     , ���������  ,, ��������� f   ,-���������   n���������(. ';���������'    '    ' C1'*'   Hotel,   Victoria.  Mr.   and    Mrs.  of thc highest   court   in  Ontario,   another to be a leader of the Canadian    Thomas   are well  known   in  this-  sec-  bar,   and  a third  ti be one  of  the  tion, having run a boarding house in  chief men of Canadian finance and to Wellington in the old days, and the  represent the principal business part- Palace Hotel, Nanaimo. More recent-  of Toronto in thc I-To.usc of Com- ly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ran the  mons, and the fourth to become a fa- Mount Sicker Hotel, which they gave  mous medical authority in two con- up for the Victoria business. Those  tinents. who have stayed at their houses in  the ]iast know what excellent treatment the  guests  at a place run     by-  these popular old-timers  receive,  and  wiill,  no  doubt,   patronize  thc    Commercial Hotel when in Victoria. Mr,  and  Mrs.  Thomas have lived in this  Part of the  Island   for over     twenty  years, and are thoroughly well known:  by  Ladysmith and   Nanaimo-people.  They  promise  excellent  accommodation    for their  guests at  the  Commercial. V-"  n  as  DAILY LEDGER  -���������w  J.J j-  THE DAILY LEDGER  Pnblished   every day except Sunday-  ���������Y       THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.    .  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  10 cents a month;   $3 per year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication. _________^_���������  SATURDAY, DEC. 30, 1905.  MEDICAL EVIDENCE.  In this  issue will be found a statement furnished by  the   Chamlbcrlain.  Medicine Company, regarding the un  fortunate    case   m Victoria recently  where ;: ��������� coroner's *iury relumed     a  verdict,     after hearing  medical evidence, that an infant's death was due  ��������� to  op.;um     poisoning,   resulting   from1  administrataion   of      a    proprietory  medicine known  as Chamberlain's.  Thc writer holds1 no brief for   the  defence of       Chamberlain's,  or  any  other  proprietory   medicine  concern.  As  a business  proposition  the   statement  referred   to   is published   in Thc  Ledger, and paid for by the aforesaid  Company.    But as a matter of doing  simple       justice   to all,   their  statement is entitled  to consideration.  It  is a well  known fact that chil- '  drcn  are particularly  susceptible     to  the action of any preparation of   opium; so      much so that the extract  usually prescribed  for adults, morphia  or morphine,  is never   adminslered  to   infants.    The ordinary  dose       of  morphine for an adult is    l-(! to \- of  a grain.  To  get lhe san.c  effect,   one  grain  of opium   is required.   A     mild  preparation known   as   Tr  Opic  Can--  phorated, or paragoi'.c, is usually ail-  ministered to your;*; .children wli;������n an  opiate is required.   It is agreed     by  medical authorities  that occasionally  a person is found  upon whom thc action of opium in any form is severely narcotic,     and to whom it is in-  safe'to administer-,it in any form,  on  if administered,     only in very small  closes,  and   watching *he effect closely.       Other 'people can take enough  morphine at one time,  provided   the  person  has become  what   is commonly known -'as a morphine fiend,  to Mil  a score of men not accustomed  to    .e.  drug, and yet show very little  of   iis  effects.     If,  however,  the publisicd  statement     of the manager' nf      the  company is true, and it is haiol" like  ly   to he 'otherwise   for if  so an  analysis  would readily  prove the' falsity  of his claim that there is   only       the  amount   stated   of the   drug  in each  ounce or   dracham 'of his preparation,  it   is    inconceiveable  that  the  infin-  testimal quantity of opium in a     few  drops ���������   of this   mixture  could   cause  death      in   toe case   of   a child���������even  one only a couple of weeks of age.  If   vveaieito  credit this,  then,  indeed,  should we credit thc at      one  'time popuhu  fad of similia similibus  cv.rrantur,      when  high   potency  was  the cry     of the homoecipathist, when  for instance, ,i gt   :i or arsenic    was  ground   up with   n''ii ��������� pains of <vi"'.- '  and one grain of '.his was again  mix-  ffS������fIffII:Iffk������lVy |W%.  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The siame reasoning applies  to tha "Leclcie Boot'j tor  Wustern Minor, the Prospeet-  or and the . Lumberman.  Thc maiers" of the " Leclt-  ie Boot'' are Westerners with  .���������[ Western    experience.        They  know what to make aiiH how  to ma'nft it.     Its not so much  a.question of price as of quality.       Their sole     aim. is to  make a,    better hoot for tho  seme money���������and  the "LEC.  KJE BOOT"' is it.  (MANUFACTURED BY.-  with  nine of sugar.    Ilanncmaii,    the  crazy   "discoverer"   of this era/Ay fad,  stated that_, not loss      than     the  two hundredth dilution should hc used,   and for a while the faithful carried it into tho thousands, and gravely  administered  their  pellets and dilutions���������and   called   it   mciieine.  'lhe late   J. Adam   Aldan M.D.,  L.  L.  D ,  thc noted spcciaUss,  was  professor  of thc Principals and  Practice  of Medicine and-Therapeutics in Rush  Medical  College,   of Chicago,   111.,  for  many years,  until  his death  a      few  years  ago.    The  writer   well   recalls  his  statement,   made during   one    of  his  lectures  in   thc   winter of  1S7G,  that "if a medical man 'were iicstrict  eel   to two remedies  in  the treatment  nf disease,     hc would choose  opium,  anrl cminine.  and if   one   were ob-  taiiuvWc.    and a choice allowed,       it  woild \c opium.''  We do   not desire   to   criticise      the  evidence  given   by the  medical     men  of Victoria in     thecaso referred  to,  I but   it is unfortunute  that,   if     they  are correctly     reported, they -should  have felt called on to testify to their  belief that   the infant referred to died  from opium poisoning^ when evidently such a minute amount was ^ministered,     and when under ^conditions  somewhat  similar  the  natural  medical treatment would be  the administration, with extreme caie -it is true,  of some mild form of the same remedy.   And it is cM)ialiy true that gicat  care  must be exercised in giving    an  opinion     as to     the cause of  a two-  weets old infant's death when      thc  symptoms      and history of the. case  were as stated,   for infantile ailments  in     thc case of .such . young children  are     numerous, and many thousands  die annually   in this  world of     ours  with symptoms probably not particu  larly dissimilar that have never been  dosed with  drugs  of. any ..kind.  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Toon Table, Good Bed and Good Bat  (Hall Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates (1.25 and^l.BO���������  Free baa to all steamboat> landing* and'  railway depots. Electric can eyerjr flvi,  minutee to all parte ol the oitj. Biii,  and table.unexcelled. '   <  F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,',  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVErJbI.C.,  TO FERNIE,    B. C.  lead DOwtr Read Up  ������p.m. I.v. Victokia Arr. 400p. m.  t.oo p. m. Iv. 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COBURN, Man. Director  ;Telephone;46.  The   Ladysniith   Lumber Co  Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shingles a Specialty.  ���������Manufacturer!    of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln Dried  Flooring     and  Finishing    Lamfcet la   Stock.  |     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.   -I  1  !  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B.C.  DAY SCHOOL.  . Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and 'crayons, paint ng in oils aad water colon,; .-pianoforte'aad vocal lessons glr-  en la claeees or iadivldually.      f'  MISS BERTRAM,  LadTsmlth. B   C.  HEAD OFFICE  ! DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island, B. G,  ���������Y*w^-fe������vi^'fe,M^'fe rfc'*^-''^^  %  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON   ,  General Managir. j  \  G  j. iccmr co.  LTD,  cTWONEY TALKS^-  VANCOUVER. B. C.  mmi  AS LOUD TO US  AS  ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR  MEAT   Yf)������TR. BtLLARS W  ILL   OO FURTHER  IF  YOU   BUY FROM  US  ���������Our Cash Prim Cannot'BeJBeaten^rr���������  &    PLASKET7  PAN NELL  Ladysmith  O. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  If you like-���������  A > smoatii, easy shave, an even,  weU-finJsfced ��������� beard trim, a good  bath, *t a stylish Hair-cut.  Yeu will go<to,-\\~  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PAYORS  -     ���������- '    ��������� '\  HIGH STREET.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with 'the  through . trains from the Pacifi*  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH3  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,   THE  FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write, '  F. W. PARKER  General jigemij,  720 2nd Ave., Seattle.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  ;H6p LEB * CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AN1 FRESH,  '��������������������������� ';r(i.c." .':   j--v j-- ,- ,������������������.:���������  , Ceafectionary of all kinds.  Ore^ers token fer; Pastries to be de-  lWered at any ^Ime.  oyment Agency.  .. ..Dee ers In  V';.1  Pianos and  Organs..  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  Member  Can.   Society  of   Civil Engineers >���������:������������������-.  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers^ Saglana  Member  Internatioudl  Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis, 1^4  ^-Electrical Engineer-  P, 0������ BOX 867, ��������� ;  ��������� <.i__Ji���������;_1_L_La i_,i__^ fcABXftMJTB, P. 8*  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOM  Naae bu   eTalen Ltiaar   Bmpleyea  fl. J. BOOTH, Prop  LadysmRh, B.C  ieri?^  Dr. Dicr can be fouad at anytime  at his office on Qataere.st. >His  tal work is guaranteed t������ be first*  class and rates reasonable at.  HILBERT  \mm DAILY LEtCik  |H^**>*'*H'H'������i* '!������������������>������ ������������^������H*-I;*>-ll*>';I>I-*-M-H  Brewinc Co  non  NANAIMO    B/C.  Manufacturers offthe  -   Iti British Colun.bia  er Cfcer   and Potter     Guaranteed  Brewed  im the   Bt,:   :ohi.lati| Malt   Run   Hops J  M~H*^S~H*-**-r H������MrH' ��������� ���������!������������������ .t.������.t.a.t.4.:������4.T.������.t.4���������!��������� ������*K������v-<>, ���������  J:  ������'  v.4'  lew Year  *s  ..*f^^^^j?.ua.:vf.������[*1.-^.' Jv  May We Suggest  [ETIIING FOR FATHER OR BROTHBR-r=r--".  .1-Doulton Tobacco J������������ _������^..-....^ Jl-OO, $1-25, $1.75 ^ea  EVER FAITHFUL  A gentleman  once  possessed  a valuable sporting dog which  was       extremely clev er  in  the retrieving       of  dead and "wounded  game.    It had, in  fact; never been known to lose a bird  when brought down by the gun.    The  owner,     however,  was  a remarkably  bad shot, and one day, on firing both  barrels hastily at a rabbit which ran ]  unexpectedly     across his path,      he  heard    a-mournful    howl.   The next  moment his dog appeared carrying a  black object in his mouth, and laid it  carefully at his master's feet.      The  animal had retrieved his own tail.,   : _o   IN. PRAISE  OF CIIAMBERLAIN-S  KING OF ALL COUGH MEDICINE  There is     no other medicine manufactured1 that     bas received so much  praise    and so     many expressions 0'  gratitude   as      Chamberlain's   Cough  Remedy.     It is effective, and prompt  relief'follows its use.     Grateful parents   everywhere   do not hesitate to  testify., lo   its   merits for'the benefit  of, otiters.    'It     is a certain cure foi  croup and will prevent the attack   <���������  given at  the first appearance of  tin*  disease.     It is especially adapted  to  children,  as   it  is pleasant  to   take  and   contains  nothing injurious.   Mr  E   AT Humphreys, a well Unown res  ident and' clerk in the store of    Mi  Locke, "of    Alice. Cake Colony, South  Africa, says:     ''I have used Chamber  Iain's     Cough     Remedy to ward ofi  eroup     and .' colds in my family.     I  found it very satisfactory and it gives  me pleasure ,to recommend it."   For  sale by, The Ladysmith Pharmacy.  60 VOFDS OF  MONKEYESE  ,WHAT DO TOU THINK OF THAT?  It is generally supposed that   Prof.  Garner     is the     first man to study  what has    conw     to be     culled the  speech of inoiikcjs.   As a matter      oi  fact  thc honor   belongs   to   Sir Richard   Button,   the famous   Orientalisi,  who translated thc "Thousand       and  One  Nights."    Lady Bui ton  tt*Il*-"in  her  biography      of her  distinguished  husband that     Sir Richard believed  firmly  in      monkey speech,  that   he  had  forty  apes contiually   with   him  for seveial years; and that he     had  written  dovui  a   monkey vocabulary  She said to her husband as they  passed a store, where a lady was  standing in the window, combing her  beautiful long hair. Cust to think of  it. or.e woman having su much hail  and J have not enough fo keep my  hat on well. Her husband said: ".You  can have more if you use what they  do. That lady is one of the Seven  Sutherland' Sisters."  COUGH REMEDY  Mr. E. G. Case, a mail carries of  Canton Centre, Conn , who has been  in ihe U S. service for ahout sixteen  yeais, Says; "Wc have triod many  cough medicines for croup, but'Cham-  biriain's  Cough     Remedy is  king of  of sivtv words.   This vocabulary, un-!-*11 "Iul 01>e to be relied on every time,  fortunately,  was  lost.    Prof.   Garner pe also f'!n(l      i!j U������ best remedy for  giving certain  can make a strange  monkey  drink-by (c'ol,&,,s aII<1  cold*  saying  a certain word  and  with   another   word  lie can  make   it eat   and  with another word hc can flighten it  But Sir Richard  Hurt on could do all  these     things  too.   I lis vocabulary,  furthermore),  was  larger than       Mr.  Garner's.   Kincsl   llaec-Kcl.   Lhe  great  German scientist,'is  in Heat ty  sympathy vvjth lhe study of the monkey  language,    lie says  he believes ,firmly  that  such  a language exists.  results and leaving no bad after effects." For sUe by The Ladysniith  Pharmacy.  'h Holder for TaWe use,'fa Doulton, .;...)Li.'  ,  $1.00 e������  lieur Frame, Oakland   Silver Plated Frunet .., v $8.50'up  \r Cabinets, Oak and   Silver ..M...^.~���������*-   W-W ea..  in������ Sets In Cases, Horn Handle ............ $3.50 to $5.00 ea.  Cutters in Oriental Carved Wood ...-. -i... $2.00 ea.  !cco Jars, Decorated   Glass plated mounts   $5   up.  (overs' sets on Trays in Silver Plate _,.  $8 and $11 set  kcrs' Sets in antique Copper on Tray ......... $6.50 ^set.  s or Copper Pipe Racks .....*..-.��������� _......! ' $1.00, $1.50' ea/'  ���������HOM'E IMOTEL'AND f LOB^FURNISMER'S ��������� VICTORIA. BvC.   '     S.  t  UNITED   ANf IEXT      ORDER   OF  ''.-, DRUIDS  Wellington Giove No 4 U A. O. D  1 Meets in the' I' O O F. Hall, Ladysmith, thi^ Second and Foyrth  Wednesday s of each month, commencing 'wcilneulay,  13th., 1905.  Visiting Druids     are ir-vited to at-  t- nd ���������'> ,  "-"'        Hv-Or.ler  ~'**fl    -WM   RAFTER, Recf-Seety  ;'     V PATRICK BUPK, N. A-  ���������*>nym*  ��������� iitiiii.i-  Jimkimm**  ���������W.:  fe* Drilling  vt3  ���������"Lad'ysmitli* Temple" No. 5 Rath'-ume  Sisters'meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd 'and  4th  Tuesday  at  7.30  p.m.  Mrs    Kate Tate secretary.  M.R. SIMPSON  *   V       * Solictor.  Etc.  r  ��������� Money to   Loan  - -      UttYS*  Some w.tly  old author once ad used men  to avoid arguments  with  ladies,   because in spinning  yarns - among .silks and satins a man  is sure to  get worsted and   twisted; and when a  man  is vvbistcd  and  twisted hc may  consider'himself wound  up.    Tins ie  toit might he  matched  with the  lol-  lowing  ciushpig  one  that a husband  received  from his'wife  tho ot hei     -v,  fhioulgh     (he'medium 'of  Uie''iHis  I'icss.     He advertised'that he, Thomas X .   would  no longci   be        an  swciable for the debts incurred i-y  'his wife. Ne\t day the Following 111-  noiiiidewcnt apron rid by''way ;f le-  flj.   'I his  is lo  notily   that  I, Eli/.a-  I etih X , am  able to-pay all     ny  debts now that   I have'got shut,        .  Tenure '  COAL   MINES  REG1.7.ATT0N ACT  I.o.inl   of  Examiners  NOTICE   is   heicby  given   that,      the  following constitute    lhe  Board   of  E'vamin-rs, for thc Extension Colliery  during  the jcar   100*;:  Appointed      by      the owners,  James  .Sharp;     -.Alternates,    Alex,   Bryden,  '���������Alex.'' Shaw.  Appointed  by   the  Lieutenant   Governor in Council,  W   G. -.'"Simpson  Elected by the Miners,"Thomas  Do! irty.  , Alternates,     Win,   Aiideison,   Ben-.  Berto  Note*���������Alternates act as Members  of the Hoaid in the absence of those  rcajiilaily appointed 01 elcclcl to act  theicon  All persons interested may oj.^aiu  full lii'foimation by applying to the  f-'ccielary ol thc Boaid, Mr. W. G.  Snnj son,, of Ladysmilh, B.  O.  Dated   this  28th   Day of  December,  I!'}".. RICHARD   MoBRIDE.  Minister of Mines  We   wish   you  :*d>  Ihe Compliments  B. $.  HIGH STREET,  LADYSMITH, B.  C.  f  Irder and Repaired at short   notice.   Drill Sharpened by us af -���������  ps satisfaction. Picks handled and repaired.        "' ',  ijpsmittiing   In   aJi    it������  ^raric.-ies.  lorseshosrs^anJ Genera! Blacksmiths.  R. LAWSON  Street   -   -    -     -   Lad yarn itli.Ts^V  l#SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PRGANS    ANIr*HOUSEHOLD    FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFfiLY.     "ijjj   the rear ol the Lad  ysmith ,_hotel.  the  Leave orders at  ,  Abbots ford.v  A. J.tWASKET, PROP "3  _  .  r44+4+4'4 ���������*������������������ *������������������������������������������ 4-4--1 ������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������4-M"M^-������4-*������-������>  ,xl*****wX������*****^^^  jlVERYv BOARDING AND >  SALES STABLES  |j EXPRESS WORK  X SPECIALTY*  AVID JOHNSON  -    ' - ���������  66 L^DYSJVIIT  ;e*;e^e^e^e*.e*e3������(e������.-������>r.-.-*7#^������.*ke^e*e*e^e^e^#  PRESS  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark 'for Sile  SKI!  J.   KEMP. OR  LEAVE    ORDERS WITH  '." ,  W CARTER,-  :nue  PHONE -  6-0  W. SILER.  LL -bXPEESS 4ND  DELIVEKY  iK PROMPTLY r������0-*'^  lorders at the Abhotsford.  NTS  DESIGNS   -  0  TRADE-MARKS   <  I AND CORTRIGHTSQ  OBTAINED       ^  Was to patentability tUfF^  ^w to obtain Patents" |   lllik '  ������������������nodtrate. Ko fee till patent is secnie'd. j  ^Wrs Btrictly confidential.   Addrest),  I'iGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D.C.  BOOTS andi SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  .-'*���������' .-  Repaying and Making   o  Ordera Specialty  THOflAS    MCEWAN  r  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  TtirT  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  AN   OPEN    LETTER  To the People   of Canada.  WITH THE  J U VENILE  BOSTON I AN  COMPANY  lBt Avenue,   Ladysmith, B.  C.  J  NOTICE  From      this  date the undersigned  will  not  be responsible lor  any indebtedness     incurred except on      a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V. I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL-  j       OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  VictorlaA B. C��������� Maj l������*hx 18QB,  AND  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land,  when properly cleared,   will grow almost any product of the  soil  known   to man,  WHEAT VEGETABLES APPLES.  OATS ��������� ���������      O h" PRUNES  RYE ALL   KINDS PEARS  A WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS    AND     BERRIES.  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt  a liberal   land   policy,   and  the     1,500,000 awes controlled     by    them will be disposed ol on- reason-  6Ie terms to actual settlers  Government lands can be.secured   and     money can be made by those  who desire a new home .in a country  possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will supply any information obtainable to those who contemplate a visit with a view of investment if  conditions are found  as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining district, a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in  each year.  Oil December thirteenth a press re-  poi t was seat out from Victoria stating t^at Chamberlain's  Colic,   Cholera,  and  Djairhoca  Remedy  was held  responsible for      the   fcaih  of  the infant child of Mr. and Mrs.  Wm. Duncan   at  a cctoner's inc���������uest,.   Doctor's  ga\e evidence that thc child had  died  (of opium     poisoning.     The coroner's  evidence, was  given that fifteen "drops  01  thc mixture   was absolutely fatal.  The   evidence  before  the  coroner's  jury was published in full in tbe. Victoria Colonist-'    lt shows conclusively that the child did not die 0i ol""'  poisoning,   that  the  child   had       t,he  same  symptoms  before any   medicine  was:-administered as when the doctor  was      called    and found  it suneiing  from  what he called opium poisoning  The   statement  thai   Chamberlain's  Co'ic. O'li'uVru.. and Diurrhoc-a. Remcd.-f  is (langeroi'.s  to infants, is  not  true  Not  on y  that,   but we believe '>t has  bec'i  the means  of saving tho iii\es of  nuiie   children    than any  other me-'b-  cine in use.  The. lM'owiug words ap polar, very  plainly on lhe label, '���������n-n sure ami  read thc directions wrapp.d around  each bottle.'- These directions under  the heading. "For children uiidcr two  years of age read as follows  "Mix one teaspoonful of the remedy  wilh one:teaspoonful of .sweetened wa- I  ter and then give 0'iie o-r two tea-  spoonfuls at a dose after each operation of the bowels more than natural.  For infants under one. year.oHl never  give more than one teaspoonful of  the above mixture at a dose."   .  An infant under one year old would  get -not .lo "exceed the.one-ninety-  sixth part of a grain at. each dose.  This is a perfectly safe dose as- has  bee.n shown by more than thjrty-threc  year's experience in the sale and. use.  of the remedy.  The following is a review of the  father's testimony' before the coroner's jury.and will certainly satisfy  any unprejudiced person that this  remedy had nothing whatever to do  with tho cause of the child's death:  REVIEW OF TESTIMONY.'  A careful reading of the testimony  before \h?. er.rnwr's jury in the case  ���������of the ileaIh of  the child   of Win. Dun  can of Victoria, shows that D,r. Eraser  was called, found thc child suffering  from symptoms somewhat similar Lo  that of opium poisoning, found that  Oham������t*rlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy, which had- been given  ..ohUuiicu Oi-'iui-.i. and lumped at U10  conclus'iou tbai the child was suiiei-  ing 1 rom "opium poisoning, winch was  a Mistake i-s it, ha<l precisely. ilia  same symptoms before the uiuiicine  "was given.  il'he testimony of William Duncans,  the child's  father/ is as follows:  ."The iirst   thing unusual his'mother  ai.d i noticed-"was~ou Saturday ivhen  the child slept heavily all day,     so  much so  that his mother  aroused him v  towards evening. ���������<���������  Here you ha\e the sympttjois of an  overdose of opium bctore any medicine whatever had been a.diuimstero.1.  Mr. Duncan further tcstihcs: '"At  ahout eight 0 'clock p ni. 'it, (thu  child) became iriitabie-1' That, too  .s a syinj'loni or opium poisoning, and  before the medicine had been admin-  isteicd.  Coin inuii.g his  testimony.  Mr.  Dun-  a says:        1  I   ; .     ,  'About, midnight on Saturday ingot,  or early Sunday morning, I poured  out l?j the Lest of my knowledge,  about three drops of .Chamberlain's  Cdie Remedy and gave it to the  child.-.-'.The'medicine seemed to have  no effect at a-11 on the child, but at  eight,     o'clock      Sunday   msrnmg  it  (Continued on Page Four.)  THE MINT  ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  '��������� ���������:���������  The. Choisest  Assortment  of  Chocolates in the City.  A good line of ���������  HOLIDAY NOVELTIES    .  THE   MINT  - :        ALEX  SMITH, Prop.  AT T.   X'|| JONES  Ojr CDn'.ejtioisry, Nits and  Fruits are all of the BEST.  A choice stock of FAMILY    GROCERIES.  PRICES ARE RIGHT.     GATACRE  STREET    1. X.JONES  ZJXBB  LADVSMITH  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF Til E LINE FROM "VICTORIA TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to grow ii? 'mportanoe as the Island is  developed.  Subscribe for and read THE DA ILY LSD������������Rt LADYSMITH^ ^ G.  Public  Notice  Attention is called to the  fact that the  Ogilvie   Flour Hills Co.,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     aave for some timt  Past been producing flour in a  Tastly  improved and purified fern  by the aid of ELECTRICITY      _  and having secured control o!   all the baBic patents relating thereto, tahe this opportunity ol a dvising the public that amy  orized users of tke eleetcieal   flcur parifyimg processes wrll be prosecuted. ! '��������� ' '  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited*.  are the    oaly    millaraia Can*!** wlit������3e     Flour  a purified by the  elast^ia pr^������������as  M^l  .   '    I  r    I  ������������������������������������  ���������'.-���������^^Vl I^fcfc  ?'l  THB   DAILY   LEDGER  I  piiipi.  ~'X-  7  N   ' j-  1  LOCAL ITEMS  Bfi  - Smoke Big B. Cigars.       ������_  Mrs. T. J. Thomas was a passenger to Nanaimo at noon today.  Miss Milligan arrived down irom  Comox on the J oan last evening and  is the guest oi Rev. and Mrs, Boyle.  Dairys' for 1C03 at Knight's Bookstore.   -  Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier'e  on High street st  AT THE ABBOTSFORD.  Joseph  Christcnsen,  Norway.  Albert Poalsc-rn, Norway.  Karl  Johanson,  Norway.  Aiider Nelscn, Norway.  Next  week will be the     last     the  Slither! nd  Sisters   will  he  in Ladysmith.  There will be a hemonstration  in J ess oh s drug, store, window every  morning and afternoon.  Sandy     Kerr, of Kitchener Street  had a small hone in his leg, broken in  lhe   mines, this   afternoon.    He  was  brought  to  town  on the  four  o'clock  train.  CROCKERY  CHINA SETS ANO  CUT GLASS SETS  '������������������UK*.'  X  January  Knight s.  magazines now in      at  PIGEON SHOOT  NEW YEARS DAY  there     will  be a sweep-stake live  pigeon  shoot  held at the gi'avel pit  on New Years day at 10 a-ni.   Quite  a number of pigeons have been    procured'-Sof-'the shoot,  and  it will, no  douht, "be'interesting'. "In thc      past  week     or two     sc'.eral  of the local  shots  have  been   practicing   down at  the lagoon and it is said some      of  them now  equal in skill Dr.   Carver.  _ o   San- Antonio,   To:;.,   Dec.   20.���������  A  great loss of domestic animals     has  been sustained in northern Mexico by  coyotes and wolves with the rabies.  Cattlemen from the Rio Grande country say practically all the coyotes \&,  yond  the river arc  mud  and the cattlemen  are scouring  thc country exterminating them.    Several ilexicu  children  have been  bitten  with fatal  results.                                     tt   o   190(1���������Start the New Year well   by  going  to     the City      Band's  Grand  Masq[ui-rade Ball in the Opera House  Monday,'     Jan.     1st,  1906.   Grand'  march J) p.m. Prizes to the value of  $70 will be awarded. ,  Canadian  Almanac  now  on sale at  Knight's bookstore.  FURNITURE, HARDWARE, aad a  Genteral Supply oi Household Goads  Everything, at right prices and easy  terms. A nice selection of odd designs in  China Ware.  CHAS. PETERSON'S  Corner 5th . Ave. and Roberts Sts   p   COUGH REMEDY  There    is not the least danger    in  giving     Chamherlam's Cougn Remedy  to   small   children as  it contains no  opium or other-ha11 fur drug.    11 bran, established ������������������������������������'.reputation'���������   of   n.oii.  than thirty. : vi :rs as-the most successful     medicine in.use for    cehls,  croup  and whooping  cough.     It always, cures  and  is; pleasant to take.  Children like it.     Sold by The Ladysmith Pharmacy. ���������.  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  (.���������������������������  ������������������MR. and  MRS? T. J. THOMAS, late  of    Mount Sicker Hotel,  and  of thc  Palace Hotel,   Nanaimo,  have     purchased the  ���������--���������COMMERCIAL HOTEL���������r  on Douplas Street, Victoria, .'opposite;  the eity  hall,   and  invite  their:.;.',old  PATRONS AND- FRI ENDS .TO'VISIT-THEM WHEN  IN VICTORIA.  LADYSMITH  OPERA HOUSE  All Are  Of Good Make  Handsome Patterns  At Reasonable Rates  *m  mm&*;j  an open Better.  "  (.Continued  from  Page three)  .-n'pi    ajj^aruitly      easy   lor   several  uouis.';    ���������  lt win be observed that it was  twelve hejtrs alter the medicine was  administered before any symptom was  apparent that 'could be attributed to  ihe   temedy. During,   this   twelve  hours there ,was natural sleep for  *>eierai houis and no nervous irritation, wlmc if a poisonous dose of ��������� p-  ���������uin had bven a-iministercd the ct\ect  would have been apparent within  thirty minutes, and the most serious  consequences occurred before thc end  ot twelve hours. :ucdicue that was  so slow as iJ:..t in taking effect would  i.c ivorsi.-i liia'i^ useless ui aca^t'', t  ^ or cholera fciorbus, for which  . ietnedy is especially  intended.  Air.  Duncan '   further  states:   '���������that  drops'of' Chamberlain's Colic, Choi-  ! era and Diarrhoea Remedy to "l-*rb-  duce any injurious effect on a child'ot  that age. As conspicuously stated  in the directions. ...for use, there" is  cncrhaif grain of opium, in each'teaspoonful. One teaspoonful 6������ the  remedy, that is one fluid dram, contains ono hundred and ninety drops'.  This statement can be verified by iiiy-  one who cares U*)get a medicine' drop'-*  jier and Kry fit, so that in three drops  the child, would receive one cine hundred and twenty-fifth part of a"gram,  while one-fortieth of" a grain would  root te an overdose {or a child of that  age.        .   *  For more than a third of a century  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera arid Diarrhoea Remedy lias .been in use. and  for many years thc sale of it has ex-  TRUNKS  VALISES  HAND BAiS  SUIT CASES  TELESCOPES  SHAWL STRAP  LEATHER TAGS  Another Half Car of These  Goods Just Placed io Stock.  NOTICE: The , Esquimait and N*  namio Railway Company will apply  to the parliament of Canada at its  next session for an Act extending  thc time for commencing and completing an extension of its mam line  to Comox and the branches retesced  to i'i its Act of Incorporation and  also empowering the Company to co������-  itu������ot and operate a railway from  Comox to a point at or -tear Canrn-  bcii River also a branch from its  main line -at or near Duncans via  Cowichan Valley to Alberni. also a  branch from, a point at or near Englishman's River to Alberni Canal  and a branch from a point at or neat  Conies via Cumberland south-westerly to Alberni Canal and giving tbe  Company general powers to construct  branch lines     and for other purposes.  Dated at Victoria this 14th day ol  December, 1901.  W.  F. SALSBURY.  Secretary E. A N- Ry.  " "1n^ tfiiyihgr them in te  large Quantities We are Enabled  to give you' a good Trunk cr  Valise at a  NOTICE  mi  ,10 Per Cent  Smaller Price Than Anyone  in  &  Akenhead  at twelve o'clock noon on, Sunday the'^k^1 on? mlll������������* bottles annually.  child was ficttui asit was on Satur-,1*!8 largely' used flff bowel com*'  day  night." - >plaints  in  children,  particularly  3ur-  'i'h.'s was twelve hours after the lnS t,,e summer'months, and during  opium was administered, and by tlie a1' thus time this is the only case  end of that time, had the child mvdithat has come to my notice'in which  an effect of ( opium poisoning would, *t- has been claimed to have injuro'l-  as'a rule have disappeared- It win any chjid, j-nd in this case;it is un-  be further noticed that this nervous justly blamed as is^plainly shown-by  irritation  was the same  as  oecurved .'the father's testimony.     On the oth-  before  the child  had  been   given  any er hand I confidently believe that the  medicine whatever. j lives cf more children have been sa>-  Mr Duncan, also tcst.fiod: "That ed by this 'remedy than/any 'other  the child bad a bad turn about three ' preparation in se. In 1879 '{hcr������j  o'clock and    revived at about seven    was an epidemic of dysentery af Gen-  o'clock."    If     the child   had       been  suffering   from a   fatal   do.se> or opium  ������t would lift    have rallied.     It will-  be noted  that the child  died at eleven  o-clock,   twenty-three  hours   after  thc medicine had  been   admlnHstered,  t'nd it is well known that if a. .person  survives the effect of a. poisonous doro  *   opium for   : twelve hours that the  chance of recovery is almost   certain.  Dr. F.razer would have the coroners  jury  believe     that  this    "was an   extremely dangerous med'icisie,. that the  lose given in the directions would  be  certain   to .prove     fatal,  and  if that  were true abVut ten per     cent of the  population     of     the United    States  would be in their graves.  . There is not enough opium in three  ter Point, Iowa, children fronv two  to foui years ol age were tbe principal sufferers. During this epidemic  , there were over twenty deaths from  I that diseaS2, but not a single iieath  Un any case i.a which this remedy was  used, and Mr. Geo. B. Dunbar, tha  leading druggist of tbe town, sold  one hundred nnd eight bottles of this  t!:!<:  2-  MGHTS 0IW -2  Starting! Friday, Dec. 29.  FAMOUS JUVENILE  SBostonians  30-Clever Child Artiste-30  ��������� HEADED BY���������  Cuwifiig Bake   Mason  Presenting  The %psy Girl'and 'Tips'  Prices 75c, 50c, 25c.  XMAS. GREETING  ���������'-���������  We take this- opportunity of thanking our many  customers for their patronage (luring the Closing Year  nd wish to extend to them  The Season's Greetiiii  GTICE is hereby given that an af-  ' plication will he  made to the Leg-  isJative Assembly of the Province at  ������ ,  , British Columbia, at its next session  for an '  Act to incorporate a Com--.,  'nany with power' to acquire,    Pur*-^  chase, construct and operate the undertakings ol   the, Vancouver      anal"  ,  oast-Kootenay     Railway Company;.  the, Alberni     and Cowichan Railway,,.  Company; .the Kamloops A' Atlin Rail  vay Company; and1 the Midway '"���������a*  ! rernon Railway Company; aad to ac^  quire all the rights, powers and pri-1  viliges ot the said Companies;      ana  with  power  to exercise all the powers contained in the Acts, ol Incorporation of the said Companies; and'  with power .to acquire, purchase, con-J  struct  and  operate the. undertaking ���������������!  remedy'during    the   epidemic.   He  is of any   'other Railway Company    or  still   ~"iii business   there and will cor-1 Companies; and with power to _ sub--  robot-ate IhTs statement. a-cribe    for and-purchase' the stack,  In 1885 there     was an epidemic of b?n<ls- futures or other securities  , Ot any Railway    Company;  and    to*  dysentery in Pore'and Johnson coun- |exChange the  stock'or other bonds;.  Theic were as high as J debentures or othet securities ot the  in one   day of children conipany  to  be incorporated - tor , ,the  treated  bv  ph\sictans.     During t^is shares,  stock, debentures,  bonds    or  other-securities of, any other   Rail-  Company; and with, power' id:  \s  mm  y-/    MM  PROSPEROUS NEW  5    TO ALL  We. take this Opportl  thanking oiir customers for tl  teemed patronage throughfe*!  year'and by,striqt'actentionte|i  yf'^its vmff&jktoy* .solict a f|]  ance'pftrjls'ipktrdnage.    , *'  1^-;/v*^ V  *k  3< t*  ���������^>  mm LEISER &C  I ������������������-''���������"   1. /  ro*'  *'!���������  ties, Illinois  live   deaths  physicians  epidemic  o\cr   io'ur     liundrod  bottles  of "Chainhoriaiin's   Cone,   Cholera  Diurrlioca     Remedy Was sold, hali of  ,it by      the firm   of Walter  Bros.,   of  Waitcrsburg,  Poi'e Co.,  III.,  who are  4>tHl in  business there, and state that  to thc best  of   their -knowledge every,  case   in which  this  remedy was  used  recovered.   There is not a physician  in ibis county   that can show a- better record than     this preparation after more than  thirty years sale and  iisef  Mr. and Mrs,. Duncan Jiavc my sincere sympathies in the loss oi "their  child but I pan assure them that ac-'  coidmg to Ins testimony in Was not  caused by thamlcrlain's Colic, Cholera and D.auhoea Remedy, but by a 'N0TICE is hereby given that aBap_  disease the   svm-ptoms >��������� oi winch arc ,  somewhat simiiai to   Uiose of opium )   P-������cation will be made to the Leg-  .  , \   lative Assembly  of the Province of  and lway  increase the capital ot the "Company  to be incorporated;   and 'with  power'  to issue shares as fully paid up; and  to borrow money  oh the  Company's ,  sets by any form of security; and  with power to promote jany1 Railway Company or Companies, oe ���������ik������  amalgamate with any Company: er  Companies; and with all the other  and ncccssaiv powers conducive to the  carrying out of the Company's undertaking. .   .  ,  Dnted at Victoria, B. C, this ,22nd  dav of November,  1905.'    '      -','���������'  ROBERTSON        ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for " the Applicants.  polscning.     ... '   ���������        '  When these facts are luilyconsid  ered wc do not sec how any reasona- sion for an Act to revive, ratify and  hie person can- reach the conclusion confirm the Cowichan-Alberni and  thafour remedy was, in anyway the Port Itupert Railway Company-Act,  cause of the child's death. -      'and extending the time for commenc-  I,.  CHAMBERLAIN,  Sec,        :ing construction of the said railway,  Chamberlain Medicine  Co-    'and    of    expending   ten  per '  cent.  Dcs Moines, Iowa.  one   and  all A Happy and Prosperous Dew Year  lours Faithfully  BLAIR M;0 ADAM  still has Holiday Goods qnd those  that are on hand are\ First Class in  QUALITY  CALL IN AND SEE  FOR YOURSELVES  B.iORCIMnER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   XXX      Ladysmith,  B. C  [PAINTING  AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders Promptly   Executed  S. ROEDDING   -'"  -~ LADYSMITH  Notice  A.HOWE^ofCHEMAINUS^as opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL 3LINE OF FIRST CLASS IVffAlS  Pork and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL-SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  ���������    '   --��������� Ptcne 20    ^ __, j. :_  of the Compainy's capital tlieiteon,  and to empower the Company io extend its railway from any point on  its linetd tlie City oi, Victoria',' er  to any point on-Esquimait Hnrbor;  or in the alternative; to incorporate  a Company to,build the' line 'i������f raif-  way set put in the ; Act of Incorporation of the - said Company, witli the  extension hereinbefore, mentioned, and  with all -the powers contained* in the  Model  Railway  Bill. .'���������.. ' ;7  Sated at Victoria, Bio.,  22nd November,   1905. ..���������'"'��������� ������    '  ROBERTSON &  ROBErtTSON,  Solicitors   for  the' Applicants.  $12-Per month will rent three good  rooms in the brick block.- Water.  ami sewer, connections.  '     -.��������� 1/1 ���������'���������''  $375������������������Will secure ���������a fine residency;   in  the  best; Joea'ljjtjk' Only  sma^Kani--  nnnf.    ninrp    fn    nnv' ��������� ^ I ***  ount  more  to  pay.  $C���������-Per month will rent >.a good four-  rootned l.ousc in best locality.  $1,00(1���������Will,    secure a double corner  lot   with   two   good  houses���������one   of  thc best locations in town'..-  $425���������Cash'and $400"mortgage will  secure, a first-class residence-on Second  Avenue. ._������������������.���������  $50���������Per acre for  mile  from  city.  five-acre blocks one  Ishsb: -���������,.  Merchant Tailor,  ' '      / '-    >���������''���������   '      ���������     ' (i6'|Avenue)f  Fiall ^jtock  on  hand. Calfi  getjyour choice  IP  raiti  i ������������������  ���������A*  tlipw  n  ������������������iSfffl  :mmm  We ar|making them 01 the Newest  - v Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOU NORY WORK  ��������� \ - **   ������t#r,,Fricea are!Reasona ble  8EE OUR JitM 8TOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM^t'V  >       -,-!     I..(i'������^."  V','"'- ''   -    J*       * f������S"    f  ' ' l l?^P1'    I  and at LsdysmithjHardware Cc Jw  LADYSniTH  IRONI&STOVEAVORKpo  A.genuine Diamond Ring set     in  t'lk gold foi $7.50   at Forclmmers'.  - ���������'    -   0  ���������  HAY; 6?MN anJ  fiiKM PROllUbf  Orders will  be- delivered anywhere  in, the city promptly and at the low _  est possible prices.    x  Leave orders at Ckrdstle's, on th*  Rsslanadt.  '��������� Janet Warnoclr  . illll.-fe'.  F()Rlil  Hi"'*  The HOTEL 1  Furniture, etc.,  bargain. For fu  to John Gogo,  111  '   4."      ���������V-Sr  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal-*-Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre* for soft coal   and  (20 for anthracite. Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company.  Royalty at. the  rate    of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds    shall   ,^be .collected on the  gross' output.  'Quartz���������A free;miier's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.58 per annum for an individual,  and from J50 to $li0 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A     free miner, having discovered  ^mineral in plaj^, ������������y locate a claim  Hew Japi  j* %.  On First AvenueM  tern Hotel.   |������f  JAPANESE   |1  inciill '.-  of all kinds,  Table-spreads I  COMPLETE  T  PICTURE  Fancy Japangjl  f  IV,  'Especially j^  ;���������'������������������'. Christ|l|  KakA  Dr.R.  -it  iff.  Wanted���������To rent two good  rooms- in  'good locality. ���������'  Deeds.   Wills,     Mortgages,'.Contracts  and   Agreements  Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     *i       Notary Public  Plflone, 3.  P.  O. BOXai'f-"'  Ladysmith  B. C.  -i%QO x 1^50^������r������*;f ,the itee tor recording a claim* is $5.00  '������������������:At least $108;'mujBt be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  .qdning recorder in lien thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator may, upon'having a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  SI an acre.      V '.  The . patent ^provides tor the payment ot -'a royalty of 2| per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  *re 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly. .,  A free miner jhay,/obtain two leases to dredge fe;r gold of five miles  each for a term "of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minis ter of the Interior.  f    The lessee shajl have a dredge    in  ���������titration within one season from the  date ef tke lease far each five miles.  Rental, $10 per,���������anuum for each mile  of river leased. ^Royalty at the rate  of 2i per cent collected on the out-J  put after It exceeds $18,000.  '     'VI. W. CORY,  Deputy of-the Minister ol the Ia-  '������������������arlor.       [':};;L~,  '. I  Surgec  All work guaratji]  ablji;-  HitfhSt.  tit      $1  OPEN AT 11   !?������������������  OUR STOCK IS  Mons'   Clothing!!  Mens' White Dvei  erus Negligee     c|p|  terns,  Linen     alifj:  Sufis,      Neckties;fff\������.  large varieties.   Ms,! /  Mens'.      silk'   aiilil  aiHSl'nj  Handkerchiefs,  silk and     linen.  all Sizes.  Ill  Don't lorget tl^^ace^  Next to Harcl^4i||'tor--  iS������  Jessup's   ��������� Dru||i;tc*):  agent fox-the dc^|ffitfs  lates.       Soul  tlie best in the  'if  lie  ������;���������  2.1  I  '/\..-,'t,'Hl   r'^-:  !^^S'"f


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