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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Dec 22, 1905

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 '   V*
i ���
-   i f
)- '-
t ��� v
'  ���v - -/
D Al L Y
FRIDAY   DECEMBER 22,  1003.
i -
High Court Roles that tHe Ves
sel Captured by Japs While
Carrying Salt to Siberia
For thc Siberian- Railway, is Not
Contraband/Only tbe Cargo ;
to be Confiscated
Air.   M.   Matheson   was  in this  <it>'
this morning  and   U'i"-V.s n "���'s 0l" ������',rt
brother,     Captain    Peter  Matheson,
whose ship, the Antio.ie,  wc.s captur
cd  by  the Japanese  on   August   13th
last while taking  a cariro of suit and   received  by  his   family," the Captain,
1 '    '   at   Yokohama,  askgsd
��ce .th;
fiscjitel.  tho :.hJp  returned   lo       the
i)\\nci!i. ' J-,
:    The  f-Jiip and   officers  arc 'now free
and  Cai'/t.  Matheson  expects  to  )l>e
bae'e on the coast, in the course ofra
>hort  time.   According to the letter
general   merchandise  from  San Fran-   upon-   airnal
Cisco  to Siberia  for 'the Russian   Si- '��� j erniiss>'cn  In ?
herian   Railroad.    As   reported       in
these columns a-few  days after   the
captuie,  Capt.   Matheson's    ship  was
c..sei-ied   by   Adimiral   NtViog^to'Vs^i'Kl
shortly  after  she bad  entered',    the
Amur  River,   and   uat i.,carin-i     her
destination,    'lhe   Autiope had       not
sighted  the Japs  before entering tic
river.   She  was tafen   to   Yo''t Ik'.i'.i7
-     where    she hr.s  been  ever stnie,   thr
captain  and   irew   being  l^'ld  prisoners pending tlie ils'ision ci   tie court
as to   whether   the  vessel  and car*.)
=    was. contraband.     Two c-oui ts tilled
that   the Japanese  government should,
confiscate.Lie vessel, hut the decision
was    appealed  by  the'owner,  Chas.
Nilson,  of San  Francisco7"and"news
received  by letter  yesterday  is     to
the eficct  that  the high court,       to ,
���   which  the    appeal  was taken,  ruled
-'that the cargo, enly  should  be    con-
lirilish consul,
l,ut this t'-.o  Japanese authorities refused, .������������� I  .ill   lottos   sent .'by  hjjna
1 i his fiu-rds lure .were .rend- belrire
iCug iVspatchcd  hy  the' officials, ;so
no   * firlif-uiars- of  the';ca"t.'iie   hajye
|K*"i   sent,  but   the captain. sa-s iie
ai 11  hiscrc-w have received   llm  l-.cst
Tbe South Oyster District -ranchers
who were in town this morning were
going; the rounds in a state of suppressed, excitement, and it was evident do the most casual observer that
something unusual  was happening.
fnformat on elicited from one who
was a little, less agitated than the
rest was to the ell'ect that a great
social event, such as . was never lie-
fore known in the district is to take
place tonight. School breaks up today, and the good people of South
Ouster are marking the close of the
first term since the school was, erect
ed hy a grand function.-. A Christmas
tree and social is to be held in the
school room,, and every self-respecting farmer is-going to take his wife
or sweetheart. The programme prepared is a brilliant one. Farmer
Giles is to sing "Rlock-cved Susan"
to  a mouth  organ  acco-.ni>an��emeni.,
Poily Tuunip will chirrup '.'Ls there
room for Mary There?", while big
Tom Crabappie is down for a- recitation entitled "The Boy Stood on
the Burning Deck.'" "Mary and her
Little Lamb," set to music by an
eminent composer'o,f the'district, and
with tin whistle accompaniment, is
to be wnrbled by Sarah Ann Caterer treatment at the hands of the'.)a- pillar. The programme is certainly a
] micro. - '" ���   ' .       >}'..   | splendid one, and .as   the rancher who
Captain 'dntheson was . for      sojuv
Malone, Charged With
Theft, Pleads Guilty before Judge Rarrison, and
is Leniently Dealt Wiih
by His Honor.
ir.'it  officer on  the
s well known -In Lr-dysmith,: Iris
i i )���*" r
r lati ��� s )i' ing 'two miles.coithj.oi
tin city. He was taking his first
tiin in command-of the Antiof��
when she was captured. About ,.-ya
month before he left "Siber/a
bound" he .was married; to( a Sfcn.
Francisco lady, and the, news that
he is shortly to be home ,is naturally
joyfully received by hiswife and rela
ti'ves. ���'        ->-..-..-
was -not too excited to speak this
morning said "You little know what
talent  there  is in the district."
The twenty   days' allottment    hty
law for hunting thc wild deer in the
Michigan Roods are ended for     the
hunting wild deer in the. north woods
year,  says a Michigan exchange, and
the hundreds' of hunters who stream
across the straits or into the   lower
northern    countries    are   back from
camp.    Thanksgiving  day  ended  the
season, and. the deer are, left in peace
for another year; save :for the wolves
or   the few   law-breakers, who pursue
them at all seasons.   Men. who never
hunted deer are at a loss to:; account
for the attraction'   which draws so
many men���and  some women���of   all
classes    to the wilderness  in "bleak
November."If they read what     follows,  perhaps  they may get"    some
inkling of thc secret..   -
Sitting on a stump on a. runway���'
a defined path used by deer in f their
travels���is the usual way the novice
"hunts'" deer. Sometimes he gets
them; more often he docs not. . It is
pretty much a matter of luck, immunity to the "buck'fever" and shooting straight. One has to sit still on
a runway, be careful not to make a
sound or a sudden movement. A deer
may be within a few rods, at any
moment, i Usually the hunter gets
on the runway before dawn, or if in
the late afternoon, lie stays there
until he can no longer see the ivory
front sight of his Winchester. Deei"
move about at night. General I.
they have sought the thick places oi
thc swamps by !��� o'clock in 'the mo-ri.
ing and stay Quietly hidden until 1
or 5,in the afternoon, when they begin to venture out to feed. It is
when they are moving about from
place, to place that the patient watck'
er on the runway expects to get his
Watching a runway is not exciting
sport, and it'has its discomforts. A
nervous, flabby tenderfoot from a city office, finds it irksome to sit still
so long with his attention, on strain.
Besides, he generally gets cold, and
it is harder to sit patiently like a
gargoyle'on a stump with the shivers"
running up and down your back, and
your toes like ice, than, it is before
a fire at home. But it is not. all
'monotony, nor is it unattractive, to
one who loves the woods and the
curious 'wild little people who make
- their homes  therein.
The woods are filled with a tremendous overtone of silence when
you. listen for it, and aphtn' when ycvi/
listen they are loud with strange
voices. On the runway at dawn
there is not <*. sound. Morning s
steals uj) before you are a ware, and
the curious shadows and the-dark
���places shift,, melt and fade... Perhaps a little wind comes with it
.and soon*     faintly    rustles the dry;
leaves on a maple and gives you iai
i,tart. You; .think it -''is1 a deer 'coining.. It. is just tlie .wjiuV;. ;AV stick
snaps in the woods behind you. You
slowly turn your head on a stiff-
necked pivot with-your'rifle at rejt-
dy, breathless. That is a deer, sure.
It isn't.' Just, a 'lively retf s^oiinrel
starting-, upon its ;. busy ..day's; Work.
Silence, and you look up and" down
the narrow trail that the deer haye
made or through; the openings'! in the
trees, tense, watchful;, ready. Nothing-1 ��� . ..'.',J/' .': ...'���'...?;-���������'�����;'-������'-'���'������������'
Then your thoughts; wander, to
come fcack with \ a start,
cramped and cold and tp -rest a 'few
moments ��� wander down the nearby
logging road, made r in lumbermen in
the old days when; they came- only
for the giant white line, for "board
timber," ;eont;>mi.tt)u.s: < t'the hardwood all about'him. And you wander far- down the roiid, atsna)i}'s -pacei
Q,n fruitless crrar.d and cpnie back to
the. stump tofindtliat while gone a
���leer has calmly walked down the
::.uriway within a few feet of where
you have been huddled up shivering,
since dawn. The sharp hoof,marks,.
how in the snow or the damp, black
oil. .Then you say things 'to your-
:elf, and start through the woods on
a "still hunt."
Some still hunters are born that'
way and some are made later��� but
Logo after tlie dear and-get hi in is a
���nstly different thing from waiting
or him to conic to you to,, lie shot.:
Feather, foot fall, imperceptible move
ment, almost supernatural-, movement'
almost 'supernatural keenness of eye,
inspired woodcraft, nhd woods knowledge, skill and intuition, arc all. necessary to the still ..hunter; but there
is joy in it,.'the-suspense, the expectation,' the feeling that it is a contest of wits and skill, the high-
strung nerves ready for the glorious
shock ��� of the wild creature jumping
from its bed , or from a thicket or
windfall just ahlead. It is\";to hunt'
ndeed, it is hunting in the strictest
sense. Sometimes, but rarely, 'it is
to find, and to- find is often' to lose
in one swift instant.
lust liefore going to press The. Ledger received a telephone^niessage from
Nanaimo     to'the effect that Patrick
Malone, who was charged with burglariously entering Mr.  T.  Ilarrup's
sleep.'sif- apartment at     tli*e fire hall
here and stealing the sum  of $21.75
on  tlie morning of  Dec.   1!),  and who
was     sent  up for trial after a preliminary hearing  by  Justices  of the'
Peace  Stewart  and Matheson,  came
before Judge    Harrison in Nanaimo
this  afternoon  and,   pleading  guilty(l
to  the charge,', was 'let out on  sus
pemled sentence.
Particulars of the trial  the Ledgei
is 'at  present unable to obtain from
Nanaimo, but it would seem that His
Honor has  dealt  most  leniently.    It
is rumored that Malone is a sort of
harmless lunatic,  and this was tal-en
into consideration,  and accounts   for
this astonishing , leniency of the judge
at the trial this afternoon.
A  late despatch  from. Utica. N.Y.,
says "In looking for an advantage in
the preliminary      of their  wrestling
match  here tonight,  Frank  Gotch, of
will   conduct  shipping   operations   on ' Iowa, and  Charlev  Rogers,  of  Buff a-
'i *
the .west' coast  of Vancouver   Island     Io,  clinched   and   went  down  heavily
and     according   to. reliable inforrna together. - Gof��'h vfell -<Yn'Rogers'-an-
'tion"an engineer in the employ of the- kle, Trenching it so severely thatme-
company. is . .now at Alberni looking    dical attention  was  necessary.
over%the  ground,'says   the   Vancouver Province.
No shippinj.   will be clone from  Alberni : till  such   time as  the  E. & X.
railway     is extended  from Nanaj'tno
to  All;t:ni.    However,   when  the railway'reaches the town  at the head of
Alberni cmiai  all  the  CI'.R.   [timers -which'   may  engage  in the trade
of that coast will make Albbrni their
At  the     present time the C.P.R.
Ottawa,   Dec.   22.���(Special)���  The
trans-Continental    Railway  Commission    announces      that  a \ ery | easy
grade has   been  secured  from  Winnipeg to seaboard.   Contracts for   construction from Quebec west and from
Winnipeg east   will  Ixs let  iiu January.  Other  contracts  will  be let     as
soon as  locations  are secured.
 o ���
OVER $5000
:���     C.P.R. PORT
Alberni will, in all probability, lie-
come a centre from  which the C.P.R.
1 Jiween Carnianah Point and Cape
Beale. Thc most of the west coast
I'.-affic lies above Berkley Sound, and
cause of thc bad stretch of coast below Cape Beale this trade could be
handled more profitably out of Albe-iM
ni  than from any other point.
The   C.P.R.   will   at   the next session 'of parliament apply for an    ex
tension of time to build to Alljcrni-
west coast route'is1 served by a stea- This intended application has already
mer making its  headquarters at Vic-   been announced.    Alberni promises to
to.ria.    From  the viewpoint of \   the
company  Alberni   would   lie, a better
centre-,  as steamers  running from   Alberni would not be subjected to   the
heavy i,weather   tfliey   always   encounter in the winter time from, Victoria
up  that.'stretch  of coast  lying      be-
become an important point on the
west coast of the island within a few
years. It will, however, only be a
coasting' port, 'as-the C.P.R. transpacific liners would never run into'.it,
or to any ������ other " .port ��� on the west
coast, of-the island,-for that matter.
Laurel Rebekah Lodge -will give a
benefit concert and Vlance. on January
1C.   Concert tickets 50 cents; tickets
for dance 25 cents extra. ���'.'"' -
 ���o ���-
Jessup's ' Drug Store is the soje
agent for the delicious Za-Za Chocolates. Sold in fancy boxes. Quite
the best in thc market.
A  genuine Diamond Ring set .   in ���.,
ilk gold for $7-50   at Forcimaners'.
A     Seattle despatch of yesterday
says:    John King,  regarded  by     the
police,    of .Washington     and  British
Columbia    as      the  most  dangerous
criminal with whom they have    ever
been  called upon  to deal,  was  taken
to   the penitentiary     to serve   a  life
sentence under   the. cumulative     sentence law by Warden   Keys and two
guards  yesterday.    The  utmost    precautions have   been  taken  to  prevent
King's  associates, In  crime,   who are
free,   from  making an  attempt to rescue him.
King  is     the  first criminal  to  be
compelled to 'serve a life se-ntence under  the law .that imposes that penalty upon a person convicted three tiinir
es  of crimes amounting  to a relony.
King  was arrested  in Taccima     in
January   hy      Detectives   Fitzgerald
and  Ellison of Taconva, and Hubfcard
and  Frfceiman .of- tne Seattle force, as
he was  entering  his   room   in  a logd-
i-ng  house.    He was   wanted   for   the
burglary of a jewelry store in  January.    At noon,   when the street was
crowded,     hc entered the store      hy
means  of a pass-key while the'    proprietor  was  at lunch.    He   took  two
dozen gold  watches and  several  dozen     rings      from   the show   window.
Winn     arrested    in . Tacoma he had
much  of the stolen property  in     his
possession.   He   was   tried   and    convicted  or  the burglary.
Ling  was  then  put  on trial  under
the   cumulative   sentence  law        for
having  been   twice ,before  convicted
of  felonies.   Tbe jury found   that hc
had served a two-year sentence under
the  name of Green, for  b-utglary committed  at   Heili-upjiani.    The jury  also found that, he had previous to that
time   served  a ten-year , sentence    for
stealing a jar  of money that was on
exhibition  in a First- avenue clothing
store   in  Seattle.    Upon   this   finding
of the  jury,  he was  sentenced   to  life
imprisonment for the Pike street burglary.      ���      ;
King was arrested by Detective
Jackson ami his partner of the Van-
comer, B.C., police, in that city on
last Chris*mas Eve. With a partner
King had looted thc tills in a number of '.saloons'. Jackson's partner
took him from a saloon to the sidewalk and placed him against the
wall. Detective Jackson, stood in
front of him guarding hinn, while the
other detective went into the saloon
to seai;c*h for another member of
King's gang; Suddtniy King slid a
revolver thai- hc had concealed >iii the
sleeve of his coat to his hand, and
fired   directly   at   Jackson's  head.
The ollicer jumped back in time to
escape being struck by a second bullet from thc desperado's weapon.
King ran down the street followed
by Jackson, who opened fire upon him
For several blocks King fought, a revolver duel with the police, who had
joined Jackson  in  the pursuit.
He soon reached Seattle and committed the Pi'-' .���street jewelry store
burglarly. lie is believr-d to have
been the leader of the gang that sixteen months ago kidnapped Prewett
Baker from his home on Bainhridgie
Island. The child has not bet.ii seen
or heard of since. King, together
with Clyde Brow* field, nearly two
years ago took the safe from the
Washington Hotel bar here, and -.roll-
ed  it across      the  lawn   in  the carlv
Carrying in his hand a wooden  box
which  he guanded   as if his  life      depended   upon it, Chas.    L-.   Watcher,
of No. W>  Liberty street,  New York,
returned   home   yesterday   on ':     tho
Cunard  line steamship Cannania.
__, "Handle     that  box with extreme
care,'' -Watcher said to a customs officer, who approached to inspect   his
bdgbagc.   ''It's     contents  are worth
v. The - official drew back in amazement when told a box of such un-
prepossing appearance was valued so
highly, lie gasfped again when it syas
opened and its contents shown.
"It's a roc's, egg,"' explained Wach-
ter,  "the only one of twenty in existence ever brought to this,country.
1 -bought  it is Paris foe the      very
reasonable   sum rof   $2,500,   but   $5,-
000 is the value I place upon it."
' "1 he egg was found five years ago
on p. cliff .overlooking the sea in Madagascar, by .a Madagascar chief Uan,
who sold it in Paris. I aim a collector of curios and no amount of money  would  induce me to sell it."
The egg,   resembling  nothing       so
much as a rugby rootball. is 1-1 inches  long and JO  in diameter,  and     is
that of the creature .known to scientists as the  Arpyon's  Maximus,   described as  a species of gig-antic fossil
biid,  now  ext.iict.    At one time'it
inhabited .Madagascar,  and  was  one
of the  largest known j birds - of     the
three-toed type akin to the ostrich.
. Thc egg  has a capacity  six times
that of ^an ostrich egg,  and can hold
the contents of   12 dozen liens' eggs.
. .,   o-l	
Many Families are on the Verge
of Starvation and Immediate
Relief is Necessary
Situation in  Russia-Strike Bids
Fair to Stop Commerce
Throughout Empire
Tokia,   Dec.  22.���Famine   is report-  cles  are especially   directed   to      the
ed in  the   Northeast provinces.  Con-.army,.which is asked not to shed the
blood of   the nation, adding:  "Join
ditions are said to be very serious,
and many families are on the verge
of starvation.
Unless immediate steps are taken
for the relief of the suffering the
death  roll will  be enormous.
St.  Petersburg,   Dec.  21.���At noon
today ,'the continental  train left Warsaw stations   with    military    engine
drivers    and a    strong guard of soldiers.       The    tender and locomotive
were old,  tlie strikers having, render
ed ah the others useless.     Two files
of    soldiers    were drawn   up on the
platform.   The railroad stride began
at  the Nicholas  station  at noon  but
the Baltifc roads were still  working
at that hour.   The employees of the
Putiloli Iron Works,  to the numfner
of  about  12,000  have struck.
St. Petersburg, Dec. ��� 22 ���The single telephone wire working to Mos-'
cow this afternoon brought jr-rave reports of serious disorders and collisions between the. troops and the
population. Papers wlr'ch are .being
distributed .by thousands to the work
us, rise with us. No power can stand
against  the    people,  and  the army,
united." '
The strike called in addition to
making the regular demands for a
constituent asseiwbly, universal suffrage, the abolition of martial law,
immunity of the person, and the other features of the proletariat's programme; insists on the release of thc
imprisoned -members of the workmen's
council, the discontinuance'of all political suits, acquiesence with the petition of the army and navy, and of
the railroad and postal telegraph
employees for an inn ease of 'pay, the
transfet of the land to tlie people,
an eight-hour day and the abolition
of< all restrictions regarding nationalities and religion. The preamble
reads- Citizens, freedom or slavery'
Is Russia to be governed by thc people or .robbed by a band of thieves?
Let us stop industrial commerce and
communication throughout the country and with one united effort overthrow the -last vestige of autocracy.
To. the.._whip,..s-word- and machine gun
let us oppose "the revolutionary bay-
financial  ruin  threatens  to  en-
men are filled with the most inflama-
ble appeals  inciting the people to an ' gulf. the   government,   one   moieblot
armed revolution.   Many of, the art-i,'and the vile regime will  be ended."
London, Dec. 21.���Sir Henry Catinp-
bell-Bannernian's first speech since he
accepted the premiership was delivered at Albert hall tonight before a
mass meeting. N
The premier was supported on the
platform by. fifteen members of' his
cabinet. Next to the premier, John
Burns, was the hero of the evening,
being acclaimed by continuous applause and musical honors until thc
picturesque representative of- labor in
the British cabinet was -palpably embarrassed,       ���
The  premier   favored  the  question
of  home rule for   'Ireland.  He said
that     the      fiscal question  was   the
pri'me issue  of  the campaign against
a government  "whose  ministers made
a mhlnight   flitting-.'on- a murky   December evening."   A  factor  of       Sir
Henry's      speech   was   the  announcement that  the government had decided  to stop  the inportatf-on  of coolies
into South Africa until such time .il-
the question for  or against such   importation could be decided     by     the
South African parliament, elected  by
popular vote.    This  was  greeted   by
tremendous  applause.    Speaking       of
foreign  relations,   Sir Henry  first expressed his  kindly Reeling toward Ru*
sia in the present,trial throu(-h'which-,
that     country  was  passing.   In   the
case of Germany,'he said,   hc      saw
i.o .reason   whatever for   estranglnent
and ' welcomed .   the unofficial demonstrations-  of friendship   which   recently  had passed between the two coun-
Iries.    Regarding  the United States.
France  and   Japan,   the  premier    accepted the. existing conditions      and
approved  everything which  tended towards peace.
Sir     Henry  upheld   the   announcement that  growth  of  armaments   is
dangerous  with  another which  elicited   applause.     .He  said  that       the
growth  of  armaments  was1 a   great
danger,  that  force  was  not,  the only
remedy,  and   that  economy   must be
adopted.   The government would oppose aggression  and  would be animated ;by ft desire to remain on the best
of terms with all nationalities and to
co-operate  in  the common   work       of
civilization.    He rejoiced   that '     the
principal'     of arbitration '��   had made
great strides.
In  general   terms  the  premier  oiit-
jfctieneh.ment and
The Opinion of Arigelo Tate who
Applied For A Licence For
Vancouver Hotel
It is nuich  easier to   manage  a hotel than  it'is to-soil   one's hands by
work, at  least this is the   opinion of
Mr.  A.  Tate,  who  applied  at      the
meeting of the Licensing Commissioners  for a transfer     oF tho license of
the  Royal   Saloon,  says  a Vancouver,
exchange.   Mr. Tate was     asked   to
give his qualifications 1 to run  a    'saloon and bis'reasons  for entering the
trade He replied that he had spent
seveial years iiinning a hotel in Ladysmith and he wanted again to try
his luck, as "it is much easier to
earn a living Uhat way than it is
by thc sweat of my brow."
The transfer was granted  and  now
Mr.   Tate  is  a saloon-keeper  in Vancouver.        .'���--
Seven of The Seniors  Will be
Unable to Make The Journey
to Victoria
Unfortunately,      the  football  team    will be played at  Oak  Bay
that is to   travel   to Victoria   tomorrow  to meet  the   Egeria  footballers
will be minus     six or seven V��\yersi
and in their places will be intermediates.   Those of -the seniors who are
not employed in  thc mines  cannot, of
course, get away as. tomorrow, being
the last 'day before Christmas,   they
cannot arrange  to  leave  the stores.
From the intermediate team  the best
players have been     selected and the
eleven that     journeys  to  the capital
tomorrow,      although   not  the   best
that Ladysmith  can iput  up,   will   Ho
their utmost to gain a victory. Those
who are unable to  pray are:   Sanderson,   Adam,   Morrison,   Nimmo,    Gil-
mour and  Graham.   One good  player
added  to      the  team  is Geo.   Scott,
who has recently   arrived   from   Col-
man,  Alberta.   He is said to be      a
splendid  half-back,   and   he  will play
for  the'local hoys  tomorrow.
The Colonist  of     today says:
The  football   match   between      the
morning,   to   the- street,   where,       in
l'lain   view  of several   pedestrians    he lined his policy. Tor t
dynamited it and made his escnpeV fo1'  a complete system   of government   Egpria ^j   Ladysmith  teams, winch
tec looting it. " by the people, "for the'good of  the jwill/takc place tomorrow afternoon,
greatest, number."
ments have been completed whereby
the Egeria team will be able to
play all their home games at Oak
Bay. With this game at Oak Bay
the patrons of Association may look
forward to a first-class exhibition of
The Egeria team can always be depended on to play a good game, ami
from the result, of the game last
Saturday the Ladysniith team is >���-
to very strong. With the two teams
evenly matched, an exciting game is
A meeting of the Victoria District-
Football League was held in the Y.
M.C.A. rooms Wednesday night, ft
was decided that .the trophies for the
winning teams for the season should
be championship cups. This is a deviation from the general rule, but
the majority were of the opinion that)
a change would be beneficial.
The cups   will be presented   at   the
annual     meeting of the association,
which will be held about the last    of
January. ,  ��� ,..
' 3-1
���      ""   H
' fit
��� "^1
rsm DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  rublished   every  day except Sunday-  SY       THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  90 oents  a  month;    $5  per  year   in  advance.    Advertising rates on ap  plication.  DAVID SPENCER      ���������  (Nanaimo) Ltd.  i ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  WE HAVE DELIVERED  B\n Rlip-'UtSD WITH BE '.  WINlCh, I.IQroKS. CK'-*R      ���������  FRIDAY   DECEMBER 22,  1905.  ���������f-KA -*rtfm* ^���������*a-i������������ag������Ml���������  '      SUCCOR  THIS  CHILDREN.  A society which is deserving of the  support of all people of the piovince  is. thc Children's Aid Society. Every  day ficsh sloiies of the good done  by lhe soci::ty -ire In ought to light.  Almost every day ch'idren are taken  irom mothers who have sunk to the  .owe'-t -pins   ii'    ('"Lneii'Wli.iii   nnd  placed   n.   ihe  Heme in   Van .,u\cr  "he following stories from thc Terminal City give a few instances of  the mianniPccnt work thc society and  it>. superintendent   are iiomg there.  A sad story of a child's ill-iron!1  m.Mil and neglect was brought to  l,;.ht yesterday by the comhined ef-  inrls of tbe police and Mr. F. F.  Soulli, suvoii'iitcndcnt. under the  Children's Protection  Act.  Down in the restricted portion of  lhe city lives a woman named Eva  r-.-iih. A vear ac-o she was lhjntr  in the CMv as a respectable married  woman with a Tamil*, of two.eirls  rnd one boy. ast spring, however,  she was deserted, bv a worthless hus-  lAind, and was left to struggle thr-  ounh tlie world unaided, with three  children on her hands In the hitter  hour of clcsertirji. and in despair at  the prospect which faced her, she  abandoned herself to a tit of shame.  But her motherly uistu.cts were not  yet dead, and fenriim to drag her  children down wi'h her. she placed  I hem out to board, and thc earnings  of her shairo paui for their maintenance.  'Ihe woman havinc, been herself abandoned, sank rapidly into the lower  depths of degrcdation, and added drunkenness to her othjr vices  Her care of her children vis .i.len-  ed by her oraics, a-,d last Sunday  evening she took "her t\\o-\car oil  boy from tne howsc where he was i>c-  ino safely sheltered and dragged hii.i  to the house in which ���������������> I:\eltohc  reaied as a parasite of the under  world.  The story readied  the cars  of Mr.  South,    and    be   asked  the police to  icok   out for     the hoy.      Detective  Jackson went down to the house and,  asked  to see  the  Smith   woman   An. J  other    woman named  Georgia  Law- ]  rencc told him that she had been lying drunk in her  bedroom for thc . a t  two  days and had a poor little  baby  in with   her���������she  nad  heard  its   piti;  ful crjing.    She  tried the door,    but  found it locked.    When the police and  Mr.   South   came, however,  they   got  into the D-'om,   and found   the woman  lying  hi bed   stupidly  drunk,   and  the  httie child,  filthy,  neglected and hungry, lymg by her side.   For twoda>s  she bad been   locked  up thus  and  the  poor infant had nothing to cat except  a few  oranges  that  had  been in   the  room.   One of   thc  women   from      the  ne\t  house kindly  took  the child  and  washed   it,   and   i-~.de it  presenteMc  Mr     South   the        I ok il   lo    t' -  (Continued m     P. 2,c Three)  hut  LAR WITH OVER  ..ii  -ARTICLES MENTIONED   RANGING IN PRICE FROM       f  c to $15.00 "  It will help you and suggest  to ydu!  5      what you can buy for a certain  cum-Read it carefully- Jt will  Save You Money.  D; ^peneeiy  2������  -Nanaimo,  ^mmmmmmm^  ���������i i  ABB0TSFORD HOTEL  ft  Beet accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fishing in near -/icinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  LADYSMITH, B. C  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  F'- I'  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  '   -   , Stocked  The New Western Jfotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly  fitted up and well supplied an1 is in cha-       ���������<  Esquimait   & Nanaimo Railway  XMAS AND NEW Y[AP������  .   -    EXCURSION KATES. , '  .'-, *i*    *t*    ���������!* ' .    ' i  ia effect, between.ail Stations.    Tickets  good    for going  journey Saturday, .Dec.' 23rd.\ to Monday, Jan. 1st.inclusive..   Good   to  return  not  later  than Tuesday. Jan. 2nd., 1906.      ' . *  $  $  - - ,      REGULAR,,TRAIN-SERVICE IN EFFECT.  1 . i| '        ''":,    -   ' *   *f   *  Note.-' All trains are canceiied.-on Christmas Day, Dec. ,25th., 1905.  81 GoH. Street, Victoria B.C.  ,GEO. L. COURTNEY.  ��������� Dist. Freight &. Pass. Agt  JOS. 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Tlie siamc reasoning applies  to the "Lecliic; lioot'j t-x  Western IMitit-r. the Prospector  and  the Lumberman.  The makers of thc " Leck-  ie  Boot''  are Westerners with  Western    experience'.!       They  know what to make��������� ailil bow-  to :nni-:c it.     Its not so much  a question of price as of finality.       Their sole     aim is  t()  make a     better boot for the  same  money���������End the "LEC.  KIP: BOOT" is it.  'MANUFACTURED BY.-  E S  You don't want to miss  L DANCE-a;..,a; x  x   m ENTERIAIHWENT  in  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-  ��������� Ladysmith.  "CALEDONIAN"  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  , 1 '.    ���������-.';-  Under New Managment"  Hotel WHscfn  Nanaimo, B. C.;  McKinnell &Woobank :"  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First CiaM.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof . Buildiif.   ���������  :".��������� *  TO FERNIE,   B. C.  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Avenue Ladysmith B. C#  WM. JVIUNSIE, President J.  W.  COBURN, Man.   Director  ���������Telephone^.  The   Ladysniith   Lumber ^Co] Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a  Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Reasoned   and   Kiln   Dried  Flooring     and  Finishing    Limbec la.   Stock  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  'Smelting Works at  J.       LADYSMITH, B. C.  I  I   |   HEAD OFFICE  * DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island, 6, G.  ^���������^���������^'���������^-������������������'^^'���������^���������t'fe-ft'-y: ������>'fe#y^r������l'^r������;'^r������* fft'feas-fe������5-fera������;-^r������|--fe������*'-fe#),fe*'fe������>'-fe^V t  DAY SCHOOL. j  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing In pencil and cray-  ons, paint ng in oils and water colors,1 pianoforte and vocal lessons giV-  en in.classee or individually.  ���������':.   - ,'.'-.     ���������'-.������������������ ��������� ��������� ������������������.'  ..   ��������� .    .''-.- i '  . Z^inSS BERTRAM,  i  Ladysmith. BO.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON J  General Manager, j  LTD.  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  cTWONEY  TALKS/-  AS  LOUD  TO US   AS   ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYO'UR  MEAT  YOUR  DOLLARS  W  ILL   GO FURTHER  IF  YOU   BUY FROM  t'S   Our Gash Prices Qannot Be fteaten   PAN NELL  &    PLASKETT  GEO. YUeN  Merchant Tailor  ~pp   .-���������   B.\:C:  If you like���������*   ���������',.'���������.-..���������. ",: \J.  A/Tsmoeth, "^easy shave, an'eveil,  r ..well-finished^  beard trim, a good  '    bath. ,'���������������������������; a stylish Hair-cut.       '���������  Ybn will go to ,\  LADYSMITH SHAVING  P^AIIIORS  HIGH i STREET.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with " the  through trains from the Pacifi������  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH3  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.' PAUL,   CHI.  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General J gent,  no 2nd Ave., Seattle.  i si.  Ladysm.th  ^w  LADYSMItll BAKERY  HOP LfiE A CO. ;  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL ]CINDS NEATL1  ! BAKED ANl( FRESH.  Confectionary of all kinds.  Oraen takta ior Pastries to be de  llvered at any time.  Employment Agency  ..Dea ers in  Pianos and  Organs..  Ladysniith, B.C  HARTLEY   GISBOftNE  ____! ^���������     ":m  -rt;  Member  Can.    Society  of   Civil  Engineers       -V-  Membev- Institution of Electrical Engineers,! England  Member Iuternatioi.dl  Electrical  Congress   at St. I^ouis, 1904  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  P. O, BOX 357���������    ....,  ;  __._ j, .;_.'. i .. | ,1,1 .,..'.   S.AD.V.S'MITH, Bt 0.  ,Mannfacturei;soft.he Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOiT  None bu   ������uion Laber   Kmpleye������  Hv J. BOOTH, Prop  Dr. Dier can be foimd ;;t anytfma  at his office on. Gatacre st. .His dental work . is gv aranteed (.������ bo Irsfc**  class and rates reasonable at.  HILBERT  imwsa  nop TAJLY 1111)1  *������.*.������.j. |,;,������;i,������,i > ���������!��������� a ,|.a fr ������ K' I ��������� '!��������� *-fr**������:"I">.I.*> !M,< I' ^H-l-*  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B.lC.  ilanufacturers offthe  j.  "7  COUGH REMEDY  E.  G.  Case,  a mail carries of  (Continued  from Page Two.)  SUCCOR   THE   CHILDREN.  1  s J       J J  In (British Columbia .<  Lager Beer   and Pcrtcr|   ���������Guaranteed; Brewed ������  rom the  Best Canadian \ Malt   Run   Hops      %  ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� ���������**������������f-K^^*>H"M"H' ���������������!��������� ������������������!���������������������������!<  GIFTS FOR BABY  Silver Plated iiugp���������-���������..-..������. *��������� - $1 JO to.$3.5(J e>  Satin Engraved "Baby" Hugs ...'���������.*-������.-.' *W.2B ei-  [j    Repousse Silver Mug������ _-���������������������.������..- - $2*50 to $3.50 ea  Solid Silver Baby  Spoons ..._.. ..,;.-. $1.50 to $2.50 ea    54  Shild's Sets Knife, fork and Spooa, ������ Jtfc, 50c., $1.50,  ..1 $1.75, $2.00 est.   : \������[\jk\m,m   mmtrmr^a^^^  SSSuLamU  7  ru'Vnisaa  FOR MOTHER  WIFE,OR SISTER]  Irish Linen Table Napkins MM. -...- -.������ - *1*50 to $C00 do/.  Table Cloths Hemmed ready for vse ........w...-..-. $1.50 ea. up  Tea Clothe, plain Hemstitched ...-������������������- $1.99, $1.50, $175 ea  Embroidered Hemstitched Tea Clotte J,  *lw5 to J2J5.  'pillow Lace Doylies, Round or Square ������. -. ... 35c.to 65c. ea  Pillow Cases, Unen, hand-embroidered ..������:.*.....>_.  $3-50 pair  Hemstitched Linen Sheets, 2**3 yds.     _ *. $7.50 pair  Linen by the Yard, 82 inches wide _..,..._ ������_...... *5L50 yard  Drawn Work Doylies and Centrepieeet ...,...-..* 25c. .to $1.25 ea.  1    VVMILER   BROS.  ��������� HOME   MOTEL  AND < LUB FURNISMfRS -VICTORIA. B.C.   - - ���������!  .VA  !*w*^������������������1������f>i^*������**������**?  Miners1 Drilling Machines,  Hade to order and Repaired at short   notice.   Drill Sharpened'by us ������������  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks bandied and repaired^        't **&UHH  Stiipsmittiing   in   aJI    its  Branches  Horseshoers^and Genera! Blacksmiths.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street ~-2-" -"  "   Udysmith.'B C  ^^^^^^���������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������������������������^ ��������� ������������������������������������������.��������������������������� ���������*���������" K+* ���������  ' LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD    FURNITURF MOVED PROMPTLY A   ND SAFELY. -  '' Stables in the rear of the Lad      ysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the  \\^ Abbot* ford. -v-Jlfeiffl  A. J.IWASKET, PROP 1    ^    \  ^.^������.4-������-f-H-*-������-H-f-������>-4-f>-f*-t-������'-������-*>.-������ +������������������������������������������������������������������������> ��������� t ��������� ��������� ��������� ������+���������������������������+���������+��������� + ���������>������ "���������  I ;  ���������' V:--:SALES-STABili3'::;'a"v  * ,i    -'  i || EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNM>N  LADYSMlt  e  *  -. e  *,  ������������������ e  *-  .e  '*  t  *  ������  |PHONE 66  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark ]for Sale  SEE J.   KEMP,   OR LEAVE    ORDERS  WITH  ,-W.   CARTER,-  -i' i  FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  w.: silerj;  GEN EKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  ""W������RK PROMPTLY nov*.'���������  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  PATENTS  ��������� ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  1 Notice in "Inventivo Age-!'., ,  V Book "How to obtain PatonW"  h Charges moderate. Wo fee till patent is secured. ���������"  r       Lettert ������trictly confident!*!.   Addreaa,  ME^O. SICGERI,.Patent Lawrer, Waihlngton, D. C.  DESIGNS       j  TRADE-MARKS   }  AND COPYRIGHTS <  OBTAINED:     }  FREE  t~cm-m,Jk^>   i  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  .-.Repairing.and.Making   o  Order a Specialty  ���������J     .:''"'���������       '"'  THOHAS    MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B.  C.  .   Mr.  Canton Centre,  Conn, who has  been  in the U S. service for about sixteen ,  '    ������������������,       ,   .,    . ��������� ,,  ��������� ��������� ; Children's  Home.  It was   supper-time  years,   says:   "We     have tried many j   | ll  cough mediciines for croup, but Cham- ^'hen 1|C arrived there, and it was pi-  beriaiii's Cough Remedy is king of .timl to see the eagerness with which  all and on������ to be relied on every time:  We also find ,it, thsbest rerpjedy for  coughs and colds ji\ing certain results and leaving ,, no bad after effects." For siia hy The Ladysmith  Pharmacy. '  the famished child reached out towards the food. When Mr. South left  it,   however,   the       neglected,      bun-  man     who is educated  to the  point  where he can do a truly artistic :'ob  of loafing is possessed  of one of the  greatest     gifts of mankind.  He has  contentment,  happiness,  comfort and  peace.    And the man  who knows  only how to make money has none   of  The  Skibberecn  (Ireland)  board   of  guardians'has   decided   to replace the  chairs     in the boardroom with substantial   benches,   but  vetoed   a suggestion  to fasten them  to the floor  gry little child of thc afternoon had ,. .. , , . , ... x .,, ,.  been transformed into a clean and '^Z.^^ ^ P������������������. ������Ut!.tJ,at  pretty  lit tie  boy.   already   \v������ll   ;on  Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier'g  on High street st  Tht Cherry Riiband, S. R. Crocket's  latest book, and The Passing of the  Race,, by D W. Hijsius, at K������ight's  Book Store.  UNITED ANCIENT  ORDER OF  DRUIDS  Weiiintitcii Gro\e No. 1 U. A. O. D  /, .Meets m the 1' O O .V. Hail, La-  il'vsmith, the Second and l-'ovrth  Wednesdays of each month, commenc-  ii'.g Wednesday.  13th... 1905.  Visiting Druids are invited to at-  t'uul.  l?v Or.ler.  AVM   UAFTER, Reef. Seety.  j      PATRICK  MIRK. N.   A.  Ladysniith Tern pie No.  5 Rathbone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' l.Jill  2nd   and  -1th  Tuesday" at'7.30   p.m.  Mrs; 'Kate Tate secretary.           ���������. 1   *; EARS*  Li'.FL'KlENCE  Trade Mark*  ��������� "    DCSIGNS    '  COP.VRIOHTS &C  Ativono BiMidiii!,* n ni.^trli and deBCrlntlnn mr������  miluli ���������iu.rai talr? o-.ir-opinio.- f*������e whothcr ������i.  ,���������,m,linn la nnihnlilr pntoninhle.   Cominuiilri  lent free. Oldest iieeii'-r for necuriiifjpateiiU-  '   iMtoiim tiilieii tlirouch Jlunii'* Co. rocelre  ���������picialnotice, without chnruo, lutba  $cfe������iif ic iittKrican.  ' A ImiKlGomoly Illustrated Trpcltly.. f,t"������������ti?,,r-  dilution ol nnvsc!cisr.t������<! J'lumal. Terms. *<���������������  <"nr; fc.urmonths.������L  HolUby. 1 Tipffmlonlfrj  M.R  SIMPSOK  ,  Solicitor, Ete.  Money  to   Loan  t.Avean -     U3YSYI1  x  Any  Kind  of  Job  Done Promptly and  WELL  'At  THE  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  NOTICE.  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on ������  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO.,  LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C.t May. 18% 190IL,  tented  in his  now  home.  The two girls of the family, aged  about nine and twelve had been put  out to hoard wiith a colored woman  in the city, who for a ,ong time past  has received nothing for their maintenance, and it seemed as if there was  nothing in store for them but to   be  in that case     they would be of no  use  in a fight.  T���������O*-  RADIUM  AS MEDICINE.  Great times, these. Hard work to  keep up with the procession. Must do  it, though. Seen "the latest thing  in medicine?" Radium rays, X-rays,  dragged down also into tho maelstrom a11 other ra>'s from A to Izzard that  of Dupciit street. .Knowing this Mr haVe been or may be discovered are  South took active measures for'their to be stirred u" to "m:^ and mingle  preservation, and last evening they and blcnd" wiih ,ncdicincs- Two X-  ian were placed with  their littichro   rays pcllctS for an adult iust l)eforc  ther in the Children's Home.  Yesterday morning another little  two-year-old g'irl, who is half Japanese.' and whcs3 guardiars int-r-nded to  .-end her out, of lliu city and place her  in the hands or a womnn of isucl* c|i���������r  aclcr that she was not fit to be trusted wilh her can', was rescued and  placed in the Tl-mie. i  Vi'sterd.i\   .ifl-.-rnoon.   also.   thefo"ir-!  uioii(hs-oh!    baby or aw1   iinfortunato \  wornan who was deserted  by her h,Us-  b?nd.  was  nlaced on  Ihn. '  f.-iip     i���������  . fergeof a lady who is to take it to  ���������eood  home  which  has  l^e-cn  round  frr it in ('ranbrook.  going to bed. One radium tablet before each meal. Well! well! as thc famous New York baseball '(fan" the  man with the'loudest voice in the  world, is wont to howl to the reverberant sMes; what times are these.  Wouldn't the rays from cucumber sun  shine be found of "great therapeutic  value'' in cases of cholera morbus?���������  "With 'the Procession," Everybody's  Magazine.   O   LEARN TO LOAF.  Learn to loaf! The man who kjio-ws  nothing but     success and   money is  the poorest of men.   The  man     who  knows  how to  take  and enjoy a lit-  lie leisure is more fortunate. 'But|the  'COURT OF,REVISION.    ..    "  South Nanaimo  Assessment District.  The    adjourned  court  of  Revision  and  Appeal  for  South- Nanaimo Assessment District, under the .provisions of the Assessment  Act, will  Le  held at the'Provincial Court  Hoiiso,  Ladysmith,  on Wednesday,  27th- December, 1905, ,at one o'clock'in the afternoon.  E, HARRISON,  Jr.  Judge of Court of Revision and Appeal, Nanaimo,; 11th  Dec,  1905.;      1  MINT  The  Choisest, Assortment  of  Chocolates in' the City. :    '_���������  A good line of ���������  HOLIDAY NOVELTIES  ALKX  SMITH,   Prop  THE   MINT  NO   OPIUM    IN    CHAMBERLAIN'S  COUGH REMEDY,  There is     not the   legst danger in  giving     Chamberlain's Cough Remedy  to    small   children as  it contains  no  oj-ium'or other'harmful drug. , It has  an  established  reputation ��������� of   more  than thirty     years as' the most successful      mecliciae- in use for,   colds,,  croup  and whooping cough.     It  always cures and   is pleasant to take-  Children like it.     Sold by The Ladysmith Pharmacy. <   o   Souvenirs of Ladysmith at Knights  Book Store.  The Big Stick! Tbe Big Stick of  Can*Jy! The B g Stick of Candy iin  the window of The Mint! The Big  Stick of Candy in the w ndow of The  Mint weighs forty-two pounds. 25  Cents worth of goods at The Mint  will secure a coiupon and the lucky  one whose numher is drawn will have  candy galore. ,  A good present for a gentleman  is a box of cigars, I have boxes with  10, 25 and 50 in���������Knightis ' Book  Store.  Pipes     from 5e. up to $3.00  Knight's Book Store.  at  WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT?  She said to her husband as they  passed a store, ^ where a lady was  ^landing in the window, combing her  beautiful long hair. Cust to think ot  it. one woman having sh much hair  ������������������nd 1 have not enough to keep my  liat on well. Her husliand said: *-'iYou  can have more if you use what they  do. That lady is one of the Seven  Sutherland Sisteis."  1) six  IN  PRAISE OF CHAMBERLAIN'S  KJNG OF ALL COUGH MEDICINE  Iherc is     no otker medicine manu-  lacturcd that     ������as received so much  praise    and so     many expressions  of  gratitude    as      Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy.'     It is effective, and prompt  relief follows its us������.      Grateful parents   everywhara   do not hesitate to  testify lo   its    merits for the benefit  of others.      It     is a certain* cure for  croup and win  prevent  the attaek   ii  given' at  the first appearance of thc  disease.     It is  especially adapted to  children,   as   it   is pleasant  to   take  and    coatains  nothing  injurious.   Mr  E. A. Humphreys, a well known res  ident and clerk fa the store'of    Mr.  Locke, cf     Anoc, Cake Colony. South  Africa, says:     "I have used Chamber  Iain's     Cough      Remedy to ward off  croup     and     colds in my family.     I  found it very satisfactory and it gives  me  pleasure to -recommend .Lb."   For  sale by The Ladysmith Pharmacy.  AND  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleartd,   will grow, jjrnost any product of the  seil known  to man,  WHEAT VEGETABLES APPLES.  OATS OF PRUNES  RYE ALL   KINDS PEARS  A WONDERFUL  SOIL FOR SMALL      FRUITS     AND      BERRIES.  The Canadian Pacific Company w ill   adopt   a liberal   land   policy,   and  thfc     1,500,000 acres controlled     by    theru will be disposed of on reason-J  6Ie terms to actual settlers.  Government lands can be secured   and     money can be made by those  who desire a new home in a country  possessing the ,  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will supply any -information obtainable to those who contemplate a visit with a view, of investment if  conditions are found as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;     a. foeautifid Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in   each  year.  LADYSMITH  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THE LINE FROM VICTORIA TO  VANCOUVER, aad will continue to grow i������'Importance as the Island is  developed.  Subscribe tor and read THE DAILY LED&ER, L-AD1 'SMITH, B   C.  We   wish   you a  B.S.  L   HIGH STREET,  LADYSMITH, B.  C.  In���������::  I  Seattle's Great  ,  Papers  nra  DAILY  -.:- guwAY  TWICE 1 ??EEH  75 (  n  Dally PwMnftiHtmwer,' t? tff 20 iW    *  Publishes the fu]je*t Velegrnpbio  ne-^-s from all parts of the world.  All tlie state and local new*. Dally  and Sunday edition, 76c per month.  Sunday PesMntcllSiesccr, 40 to 50 Pates  Tho largest and most oompleto Sm������-  day paper north cf Ban Ttnnol���������.  Special department* of llt*mtni%  ���������f fashion, ef women's sown. 8o������>  day edition, 98.00 per year.  Twice ��������� Week Pw-MEtciltoncer  AH the newa.of the -week In non al���������,  detali ������d form. THE TWIOS ���������  WEEK EDITION IS THE  TWICE A WEEK' FAPEB  LISESD OK THE VAOXTXO OOAXC  ' Write for sample oopy and Wear**  ���������lnoed. Bubaerlpt!������n prlo*. tLM  per year. - -    -= ���������    " '���������'   *Pv  AH Postmasters Will Take   THE     ^  POST-  INTELLIGENCER  SansbEft Copies Free  Write fer ������ne  II  ������������cw*������."������i.v -������f ���������**: v v ��������������� ���������������'������������������-���������  P0ST-SrTrELL!6EIV���������������fi CO., 8eat1k. Wash.   M  S. P. WBST0ST, ButdnoM Hanae^r. ii  Kootenay  Steel  Range  STRONG   CRATES  Just one turn is  necessary to operate  the Kootenay grates, and they are made in such a  way that live coals are never dumped into the  ashpan. --  This makes the Kootenay Range much easier t������  operate and more economical on fuel than the  ordinary cheap range fitted with common grates.  The Kootenay is equipped with many other  exclusive and special features, which should be  examined before buying any other range.  Sold by all enterprising dealers. Write for  booklet.  McCIary&  London,        Toronto,        Montreal, Winnipeg,  St. John, N. B.  Vance-over  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to the   fact that tha  Ogilvie   Flour mils Co.,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR, have for some time  past been producing flour in a vastly improved and purified form  by the. aid of ELECTRICITY  and having seeured control of   all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising  the public  that any ������������:,->���������  ,   orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company liimitad  are the    only    miliar* ia Caa-iiftWajsa     Fiom"  s purified by the   eU stria prjo-Mi  I THE    DAILY    LEDGES*  LOCAL ITEMS  S\ .'ethearts, wives and husbands-  buy your Xmas presents at 'Simon  Leiser & Co.'s, Ltd. A lovely assort. :ent to choose from.  Cs-.itain     Christonsen, of Victoria,  is i.'gistered at  the Abbotsford.  Or   Monday, there will  lie no issue  .of rJ he Ledger.  School lias broken up and for      a  fort; ight   teachers   and   scholars al.ke  are'lo enjoy a complete holiday.  D'-NTCE at Gould's Hall, on Christinas' Night. Robertson will furnish  trie j.iusic.  If you want some Fancy China,  you can get it at Knight's Bookstore.  mTSSIlS������5a&BBEE2������^ZSZSm?^gl2S31$&  -BARGAINS-  TUESDAY -  Ji  BO Fancy Handkerchiefs and Glove  Bases at  H   15c* Each   M  Fi .'icy   Nee   oar   and   Collars  ;-. ..I  arri" cd  at     Simon  Leiser  &  Co.'s,  Eld     .Just the thing for a Christmas  pres nt.   o   MARINE  S,  S. Tilanaia left,port this morning' w-hh a full cargo of coal for San  Fra cisco.  ���������   ���������   ���������  S-' S.    CV.arina is in    this morning  loa-' i'lff    coal.   She     will  take  about  320.   tons.  Kl**        ii- iii  7i\    7tX     ��������� ���������*���������������  S. S. \ildonian and scow were in  for coal for the Mainland this morning.  ���������    ���������    ���������  S S. Belfast came in this morning  for a. cargo of coal.  S     S.  Lome   coaled at    the wharf  this morning.  S)  oke Big B. Cigars.        _  Fr'sh   Eastern   Oysters   at   Simon  Leit ���������!���������  &  Co.'s, Ltd.  Tl  crof  tion  ing  Dec  the  ceiv  and  Whi  ���������wee  mnr  Dav  goo  con  sta-  ban  uie.  YUKON  RIVER   OPEN,  c Yukon  river.ir.  open  at Yukon  ���������inip.     Such  a tiling a.-;  any  por-  of the  Great  Noiihcrii   river be.  Tree  from ice   in the  middle     of  mb-jr is unique in  the history   oT  Northwest.   Latest advices       rc-  :d hy Mr. M. J. 11. Whi if. frNsliti  passenger traffic  manager  ui ii..  c I-forse  Railway,  arc  that  the  '.her in  thc Yukon watershed     is  ������������������ally  mild.    The stages (hotweep,  son and White Horse are making  !   tune.    William   Robinpon    has  nencedj thv operation   of a line of  os   between  Dawson   and     Fair's, ,and is running a regular sdied-  noke Big P.. Cigars.  VA'  V  live  Joi:  nig'r  nect  case;  ten-.  We*-'-  of I  nois  eioi  cast-  Jon  'COUVER  POISONTNCr   CASE.  mcouver,   Dec.   21.���������-Fisher,    who  1  in Victoria tinder the name   of  ns, Was  arrested  in   Blaine   to-���������  t   on   a charge  of perjury  in  con  ion  with  the  Jackson   poisoning  J ones, .it isalleged,  served v  i      in     the penitentiary  in  New  'minster.    He 'posed'as the cousin  Irs.   Jones,  mother-in-law of: thc  -.nod  man Jackson,  and  is suspi-  sly-    miixed- up in. the 'poisoning  He is  said   to be really     Mrs.  s' son.  Calendars Al; Redder1  on Saturday At Knight's  Book Store  AT T.   X.JONES  Christmas    r  j*n������. <������h\  mwm  '<;  0;:r Confectionery, M u>  and  Ftuits are all of the BEST.  A choice slock ���������f FAMILY    GROCERIES.  PRICKS ARK RIGHT.      OAT.U'RK   STREET   1. X. JONES  LAWSIT  2--. 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GLOVES  In All the lew Shades-  Silk Lined and Suede-Fancy Backs-They Make a  Very Suitable Xmas Gift  to  Stort Open Until   9 O'clock  j NOTICE: 'I lie Esi-uimait and Na  nauno Kail way Company will apply  to the parliament of Canada, at its  nu.\t sjssiou for an Act extending  the time for ' comuiencing and completing ar. extension of its main line  to Coinox and the branches referred  to i'i its Act oi Incorporation and  also emi'owering- the Company to con-  ttit*:,I  and     operate a railway from  ' Comox to a point at or near Campbell River also a branch from its  main line at or near Duncans via  Cowic-han Valley to Alberni, also a  Branch from a point at or near Englishman's   River '  to    Alberni Canal  ' and a branch from a point at or near  Comox via     Cumberland sputh-west-  joriy to Alberni Canal and giving the  Company general powers to construct  branch lines     and for other purposes.  Dated at Victoria this 14th day of  December, 190.1.  W..F.  SALSBURY.  Secretary E. & N. Ry.  mm  NOTICE  XMAS  Walter* <&  Akenhead  ESfcSEFSE-L..  SEVEN  SISTERS  SEVEN SUTHERLAND SISTER:  bee, to announce to the Ladies and  gentleman of Lad;-smith that they  r,a\u made.-arrangements With The  Ladysmith Pharmacy and win hold  aaily demonstrations commencing today, regarding treatment of the hair  and scalp They rispcctfuUy invite  everyone to. caU and consult with  them. Come' and see the Long'  Beautiful I-Inir.' grown by the use of  the SEVEN' SUTHERLAND SIS.  TERS' 'Hair Grower and If air and  Scalp Cleaner. Canadian Head Office, II Coiborne Street. Toronto.,  J. H. Fancy, Foreign Manager. ��������� ���������       '  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will he  made to the .Legislative Assembly of the Province of  I British Columbia, at its next session  for  an    Act to  incorporate .a Com-  nany  Trith  power  to  acquire,    purchase, construct and operate the uur  -dertakings  of    the Vancouver      and  Coast-Kootcnay     Railway Company;  the Alberni    and Cowichan Railway  Company; the Kamloops & Atlin Rail  way Company; and tlie Midway    and  Acrnon Railway- Company; aad to acquire all the rights, powers and pri-  viliges of the said Companies;      and  with  power  to exercise  all  the powers  contained  in  the Acts  ol Incorporation of the said Companies; and  with power to acquire, purchase, construct  and operate the undertaking  'of any    other Railway  Company    or  Companies; and  with  power to   subscribe    for and   purchase   the  stock,  bonds, debentures or other securities  ol any Railway     Company;   and     to  exchange  the stock  or  other, bonds,  debentures or other securities of tlie  'coinpiiny   to be incorporated  for   the  'shares,  stock, debentures,  bonds ' or  other  securities  of  any  oUicr    Rail-'  jway    Company;  and  with power to  increase the capital of the Company  to be incorporated;   and   with   power  ;to issue shares as fully Paid up; and  to borrow  money   011 the  Company's  j    sets  by  any  form   of security;  and  with    power  to  promote any  Railway Company or Companies, or    to  amalgamate  with  any Company     or  i Companies; and   with all the     other  J and nccessaiy powers conducive to th������  carrying out of the Company's undertaking.  ,   Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 22nd  day of November.  1905.  ROBERTSON        ROBERTSON,  Solicitors   for   the  Applicants.  Only i^ne more day to dQ your  Shopping and we help you  to make a Selection of  \a nice Present  NEW BELf S  NEW BAQ3;  FANS.!  UMBRELLAS  NEW VORK NECKWEAR  NECK RUFFLES  FURS  FELT LINED 5LIPPERS  ENQLISH (CARPET SLIPPERS  SURE f El UNTIL I O'CLOCK h rt  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATACBB ST  LADYSMITH  W;G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  ... (lsl|Ayenue)  Pall Stock   on   hand. Call esrlv and  get your choice  Stoves  toves  We ar8 making, them oi'ths Newest    Pattern and Lates'  ������������������ Styles.  WE DO ALL klNDS OP FOU NDRY. 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C  NOTICE is hereby given that a������ application will be made to the Leg-  lative Assembly of the Province of  British, Columbia at its next. session for an Act to revive, ratify anil  confirm the Cowichan-Alberui and  Fort Rupert Railway Company Act,  and extending the time for commencing'construction of the said railway,  and of expending ten per cent.  !of the Company's capital thereon,'  and to empower the Company to extend its railway from any point on  its line to the City of Victoria, ��������� #r  to any'point on Esquimait Harbor;  or in the alternative to incorporate  a Company to build the line of railway set out in the Act of Incorporation of the said Company, with the  extension hereinbefore .mentioned, and  with all ��������� the powers contained in the  Model Railway Bill.  I Sated at Victoria, B.C., 22nd November,  1905.  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HOWE  S'12.1���������Cash and $-100 mortgage will  secure a first-class residence-on Second   Avenue.  ���������!;f)!i���������Per acre for five-acre blocks one  mil:-   fiom  city.  Wan led���������To rent two ��������� good   rooms Tn  good locality.  Deeds,   Wills,     Mortgages,   Contracts  and   Agreements  Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveysncing     1*       Notary Public  . P&'one. 3. \-t  |  i"|-"'i;  P. O. BOX 263  Phone 20  . L...  ILiiiLlii  Ladysmith  B. C.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIjAN NORTH  WEST MINING B&OULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal landa Iway  be purchas  ed at $10 per acre for soft "coal   and  $20 for anthracite.  Not more than  320 acres can be apquircd by one individual or compaJiy.,-Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per.ton of 2,000  pound*    shall     be collected on  tho  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miser's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50' per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to.capital.  A ( free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,506 feet. The Tee for recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $160 nust.be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  nining recorder in lieu ^hereof. When  T)00 has been expended or paid, the  ocator may, upon having a Burvey  made, and upon complying with oth  ���������r requirements, purchase the land at  ->l  ah acre. .   ��������� '   ���������',  The patent provides for the pay-  ���������uent Cff a royalty of 2J per cent on  ihe 'sales.  PLACER mining Claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, rz-  if-walrle yearly. '���������  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge for g-old' of five m;les  (���������ach for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  (>[)(-ia I i oh within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum' for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2 J per cent collected, on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W.-CORY, -  Denutv of the Minister of the In-  Vier*       .l.i(i-1wtoL|jil?'tfSL!  New Japanese Store  On First Avenue, just above the Western Hotel.  JAPANESE     EMBROIDERED  ���������'��������� GOODS  of all kinds, including Handkerchiefs,  ;;    Table-spreads,, etc.  COMPLETE  TEA   SETS,   VASES, ,  PICTURE,  FRAMES and other  Fancy Japancss Goods.  Especially [Adapted    'For  Christmas Gifts  Nakashfmo & Co.  Dr.R.B. DIei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  NOTICE      OF     DISSOLUTION OF  PARTNERSHIP  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN  that the partnership heretofore existing, between us, the undersigned  George Williams and Anthony J.  Waskett, carrying on tfte business of  teamsters under the firm name and  style of the Ladysmith Transfer  Company, has this clay been dissolved by mutual consent. Tl.;- said  George Williams retiring from the  said partnership, and that the. said  Anthony J. Waskett will continue-on  thc same business. All deb's owing or accruing due to the partnership are to he paid to'the said Anthony J. Waskett, and all claims  against the said partnership will be  paid by the said Antheny-J. Was<-  kett.  Dated at Ladysmith- this  15th day  of   Nbvomi-er/ A.D.,   J 005.  GEO.  WILLTAMS,  ANTHONY  J.  WASKETT.  M  m  >:ti  HI  -  I?  .1  /I  I  (a  i  ii


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