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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Dec 13, 1905

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 LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  2 Ladysmith Daily Ledger  jo  u )���������;  ���������x-  ������������C 151B05     '%\  ii/?i-'u  VQL.a,  WEDNESDAY,      DEC.   13,   1905  PRICE FIVE "'CEN^K  affP^5^;  QUESTIONS ASKED AT RECENT  MINE MANAGER'S EXAMINATION  (CONTINUED FROM , YESTERDAY.  MINING ACTS AND RULES. r.  Second   Class   Candidates.  November 14th,.'1905.   Tune 9.30 ram.  lo 1  p. m. 70 per Cent .Required. ������  (1.)   What are the dirties of the overman as specified in Uie Act?, 10.  (2) What supplies are necessary to toon hand ,at, the. mine for the  safe an I economical operation of the same, and what does the Act re-  q.tiirc in this   respect?  10  '3.* What does the Act mhire rolntW lo/this".mine officials examining the work in'r places of the m in.?, and what,;shquld be the ^nature of  such ovamination?  10 ��������� "       .,'    <'>   '. ,  '������   ' ' ���������'  (���������I.)   .What do Mbe  gencr.il vulrs require ������s *p' ventilation?^ 10.   ../,,  (TO Whal doks the Act spec ������y'rs to "ihe' hours* ^'employment, underground?    10. *"    ' ,-,���������>,  ffi.)   What are'the duties rf   ihe ! it-head  man?   10.  (7.)   What do the special rule; require as  to Runners an I Drivers?   10  (8.-J What are the requirements of ������!-e.-V-t n regard to 1:1 isting  where infla'tuvtaHc ?a': issi'rs r:n irefly os to show a blue''cap on the  flames  on  a safety   lamp?   10. , r  (9.) Wh>.n ami where is it, necessary to install a Barometer and thermometer?    10. A.'  (10.) What are the Ovrnn.Ws special duties regarding tlie inspection  and examination  of  machinery?  10.' , ,_.-','   .  (3.)    You have made your examination anil report and ihe miners are  ahput to proceed to enter Uie mine. Vo'-i aiv notified   that during or since  your examination that Hie fan   has .been  stopped for  half an hour, what.  are your duties under the circumstances'?     10.  (-1.;   How would you proceed to make an  examination  of your  " 'dis-  ML ARTHUR  of mum  TO VISIT CANADA  Ottawa, Des.. 13.���������(Special)-Prince  Arthur or' Connaught, wiii'visit Canada very soon.   He is now on     his  IMPROVING THE  LADYSMITH STREETS  trict?   Make a report of the same, giving some     delect  found,   omitting , way  to ,Japan on'a mission from  the]  MINE  GASES:  -r'  ���������Second   Class   Candidates.   Noven-herl-tth,     190ft.   TiirV .\'p.m. lo 5.30  '   p.m.  7fl per cent. Required-. ',  (1.) Name the various dangerous nrscs met .with in coal mines.'Describe  their various   properties  and gi' e pnecific-'r r.ivitirs a^id symbols.. 20  (2.)   What is meant by the diffusion of Rapes? ' 10. -   .  (3.) There is' passing fhronerh a heading a ir.ivture of. air, and march  gas amminting'to 5,000 cubic fer-t err minute. Th������ mixture^ at its  most explosive point. What additional quantity of air must-he added to  this quantity to render it hanrless? SI ow computation-in full?  15.    ,     ,  (<i.) What'is thesprcifc rr>-ivitv of fuedamp at its most explosive  point? Show computation in  lull. 10    -  (5.) What princMes arc involved, in the construction of a^safety lamp  which renders one raiVty lamp m<.r*J sensitive to thei detection i-of /gas than  another?   10. _      , - .    - ' -, -' }- -     '  ((',.) Is it, possible that an explosion of fire-damp in a safetv lamp  could be of sufficient force to pass tlie flame through the gause? Explain  fullv.     10. ������ .   '  .    . " ? '  ���������  (7.) How would you render first aid to (a) a person severely burned  by gas, (b) a person overcome by breathing any' ��������� of the deleter.ous  gastes found  in mines?   15.  ��������� .~ '" ���������-���������"'     .���������'       ������������������-  (8.)   In drivingentries where large volumes of-Ras'isit'jr.eherated,-\what  pre?fliitions would yDu take to ensure safety  to the'menV' At.  what dis-  ' tance would you make cross-cut connections?   How,, would yqu-prevent an  accumulation of gas at the face? 15 ' ' "������������������������������������-'������������������-���������'v-'   < ������������������   -    ?   .v.^  (9.)    Give  the chemical comipceion of . after-damp showing its relation to tlie mixture before explosion. rlO. %  (10.)   State what experience vou have iW'jwith anyvp������^������lkol '^the .dan-.  gerbUs gases met with in coal mines, givjnic.  an.  : instance i'of.the method  employed in removing the same, if in your-ekpeiience, and' if not,' state'  what methods you would employ in removing-a:l������rge body of gas-1' 15.  VENTILATION.'   ' '" ?    ���������'    . ������ ?;>:- X .''-.','- ;������������������ =  Second  Class   Candidates.   November 15th,  1905.   Time 9 a.m.t to 12.30  p.  m. 70   Per Cent. Required.  (1.) State fully what practical experience you have had in the ventilation of coal mines.   10. '  (2.) State the principles upon which ventilation depends and the  cause of the air's motion in mines, and what are-the - factors of resist-  ence operating  against ventilation? 15.  (3.) In which of two openings, one 0x0 and the other 9x4, would tlie  friction Jie tlie greatest? Accompany your reasons by, computation.  10,  (4.) Which is the most difficult to ventilate,, a. highly inclined sean^  of regular thickness or a flat seam of variable thickness?. 10.  (5.)   What is the motive column?Give the formula to find this. 10  (6) If 125,000 cubic feet of air is produced,by 50 HP., what is the  water guage?   10.  (7) Clearly distinguish tlie meaning of the'terms pressure ami power as applied to mine ventilation. 10 l  (8.) Which do you prefer, an overhead or under level air crossing?  State  the  advantages  and  disadvantages  in each.    15.  (9.) In the event of amine fire, what dangers arc ii fly o be encountered, and what precautions would you. take to. proU-:t ihv workmen ch-  gafcpd in textinjguis-hing the fire from loss of life by sutlocatii.it or explosion and the  possible destruction  of the mine? 1-5.  (10.) Ventilate the plan given and show by conventional signs stoppings,  overcasts,   etc.    20. -       (  GENERAL  WORK. .      v  Second  Class   Candidates.   November  15th,  1905. = Time 2 p.m.  to 5.30  p.m.    HO   percent Required.  (1.)-, Describe how you would Heal  with a "creep" which has been induced by  pillars  being too small and a hard  roof.     10.       ��������� ���������  (2.) "Show how you would wot'k thick  coal  with  a tender roof     and  describe or sketch  the system     of timbering that you would employ. 15.  (3.)   What system of watering do you consider best in a dry aiuidusty  mine?   10.  K'l.)   In opening a mine by main sloe ajwl counter  where water      is  large in quantity,  how  would you prtceed?'  State experience if any. 15.  (5.)    Describe  the  different systems o' haulage     used in'mines,     and  state under what conditions each of tliese systems     could be advantageously applied.   20. ,;    "; '��������� -,''<   >���������  (6.)    A single steam engine cylinder    10   incites     indiameter,  stroke  three feet  three  inches,  running   revolutions per  minute. . mean effective pressure 05. .pounds, find horsepower.     15.  (7.)   Describe with sketches     the various joints  used  in  framing  timbers for mine,and shaft work.   15.  (8.)   Plot.the.following on a scale of 100 feet to one inch:"  A to B N 15 W 275 feet. *     .  B to C S 05 E 325 feet ' ���������        .'  C to D S 20 W 130 feet. ,'    .  ���������D to E N 85 W 3(50 feet.. '       ;; '     .  Find  the closing course and distance. 20.     ���������     <       ��������� .        '  (!).)   In a pipe full of water in a shaft  400,faet  deep, ,Avhat, is the total pressure of water at the foot? 10. .-...- ,-,. v. ' ���������  -,. ���������  (10.)   What points of a hoistinig plant  would you, examine first  when,  inspecting in. the'interests of .safety?   10. ��������� .-^  MINING   ACTS       AND  RULES.        ,'  Third Class   Candidates.   Noveminer 14th,  1905..: ���������Tim.e ?-30 a.m. to     1 p.  m. 05 per cent, required, arid n0t less  than 50 par cent on any'one; pa-'  '��������� per. .'I''''   ^"': '    " '���������'��������� '���������'. ���������"  (1.) What are the duties of tlie fireman exclusive of the duties of  the shot-lighter?  10. i'-\  '    ,-������������������ -..,���������'���������  (2.) In your examination you I'- find; it necessary'to-work a worli  ing place with safety lamps.What other precautions .are requited !by:  the Act in this case?   10.- x . ���������  ' ���������' :  your signature?   10.  (T������.)   What aie your duties in regard  to the supervising,  the charging,  arid firing of  (a) one hole in a wcjking place;   (b) two or more holes in  ��������� a .working place?   10. ���������  (C.)    What are the provisions    or the  Act   with   regard   to shot  which  has missed'���������fire?   10.  (7.)    What do.lihe General  Rules req'uire  as lo  ventilation,   and   which  Jit is the duty of the foreman to attend   to?     10.       '��������� f>  I (8.)   What   are  the regulat ons  as to   tlie use of locked  safety  lamps  in  the .mine?   10.  (0.)    What -does  the  Act, stipulate  with regard to Man-holes?   1(1.  ,  ,'(10.)   What   are  the fireman's duties   in regard   to   lumbering?-    10.  ���������MINE  GASES     AND   GENERAL  WORK.  Third   Class  Candidates   November 1 lth,   1905.   Time  2  p.m.   to 5.30   p.  \; ill.  A Total  of (>5 Per Cent Required and Not >Less Than  .'. ' ;-   ' 50 per. Cisnt. on Any One   Paper.  ���������  (X)    Name  the  various  dangerous  gases   ��������� met    with   in coal  mines.  " Where 'would  you expect to find them?   15.,  (2.)    Is there more  liability  of    having   dangerous   accumulations      of  .'gas (explosive)  in. high or thick seams     than    in  low  and thin seams?  'Give reasons.    10.  ! r,(3.)IIo\v  should   a safety   lamp be treated    when     found to be full     of  flame while in  an explosive mixture?  10. - -    -  \(4.) At what velocity of air cur rent containing an explosive mixture do lamps of the "Davy," Stephenson" and ordinary' "Clanny"  type without shields become danger ous and why?   15.  (5.)   Give a list of the apparatus and  material contained   in  a proper  ambulance box necessary to render first aid  to    injuries usually  received  - in a coal mine.   10. ,  (6.).  With the ba'-ometer unusually  low and vthe water guage unusually high, how would  you proceed to make an examination of. the mine? 10  \(7.)' Describe with sketches     if  necessary  some  . method of, working  coal with which you are acquainted.     15.  (8.)w Describe with sketches the general method, of timbering levels  and  stalls  with   which 'you   are  acquainted. 15.  (9.) Describe the precautions necessary in general shot firing and  name some of .the conditions under which you would refuse to fire a  shot or shots.     10.  (10.) In the plan given there are LOO men employed in the mine. Show  by arrows and .signs indicated how you would ventilate the  workings. 20  King to his   Imperial Majesty      the  Emieror of Japan,  to  invest-the latter with the Insignia of the Garter.  He will  return by  way of Canada.  The Dominion government sent    an  invitation to His  Royal  Highness to  \ isit Canada on his return and    h,.s  acceptance has beeai received  through  the Colonial  office..   Tlie Prince will  he  accompanied  by  a staff   including  Lord     Ridesdale,  Sir II.  T. Mooie,  General Sir  Kelly   Kenny,   Col.       A.  Dav.'dson,   Capt.  Wyndham   and       W.  Lainipman.  It is understood a special train will  he at'.Vancouver when the Prince ar.  rives to convey him to Halifax.  REFUSES TO  ;.'������'������������������' APOLOGIZE  CIVIL WAR IN  BALTIC PROVINCE  : St. Petersburg, Dec. 13..-(The situation in''the-'Baltic provinces is very  grave. '-Practically acini war is'rag-  ing. The government has been o!.lined      to gi\c      the  Cioveinor-Gciiei.U  j rovincc of Viina. who received'two  bullets in his.hat as he boarded a  'ram described the workings o(���������.the  :;oc!oly. or self defense I-.nown as the  ������������������Samerrpics'-  and   the  last  battle in  sweeping     powers  to   restore order,   [which he as a member of the society  ���������All'troops  in   the  provinces  are  un-  j participated.     All   the  stories  agreed  der-his command'and the. importation jlhat the manifesto and the festivities  of arms is prohibited. |of the day thai Count W'ltte stepped  New York, Dec.     12.���������Five hundred !ir,(0 power were made the pretext for  Russian   refugees,   many  of them  eye] noting      The rccppti-n  of this news  1  witnesses of the massacres in Odessa jitl Odessa'was described by IVliro, the  and other Hussian cities, disemO.rked f.Jew     c.-iiidy    maker of Odessa,  aged  here-today from the steamer Patricia  arid from ��������� the Chemn.iza. ������������������ ��������� S:������me oi  them told graphic and   pitiful  stories  llnrly     years  manifesto he said  On  the day of the  there were mcrch-  of their  Jews who- had  . ings  and   rejoicings   by   great  proces-  exponences.      jc������i, who nan   SIf)Ils  w,i,jcll  wavod  red  flags.     These,  themselves     lain   hidden  m houses  in   ,���������o=e.ssions  were composed  mostly  of  Odessa'while mobs searcned for* them   woxkiiigmen.   A   great  party of loy-  Ku������.sian  woikmen.   strikers  from   the jalists gathered and were addressed by  railroads,   a newspaper- reporter,   and _a clergyman.     who sn.'I.  "It is true  Germans who had long lived in Russia joined today at .the Island Immigration-station in. declaring that  they had been attacked irrespective  of religion, and that their assailants  were led  by priests diisguiscd in citi-  thal (he Emperor has decreed liberty  and freedom -of speech, atvd of con-  srenee,, and h" c\hor(r-iI faithfulness  to the Emperor, after which his followers 'marched. carryiUR aloft'the  picture of Nicholas TT. When this pro-  xeris clothing and that the massacres Vision met the other paradrs it, was  were not race production hut revo- 'stoned and thus the fight, began,  lution. There were three Jews from ' During the next two days the streets  Odessa who a few weeks ago on Oct. J of Odessa were a schlacrfelc." The  30, the day that UiaCzarj proclaimed candy maker used a- German word  Russia's constitution were forced into , for battlefield, repeating it bitterly  hiding to'save their lives.     An these ��������� severui   times  and  add ng  .   "This  is  what l.hey call decreeing liberty,'"  Cannoe.'i. the tinsmiih took up the  stc.ry at tins point, saying- "Six  weeks ago today, I,, with several other .Jews, lay for several days in thr  parrel- of a house of Schlabotsky  street; lo escape from a mob in the  rooms below. It was a three story  building and those who lived there  escaped by crawling along rafters into dark, holes a few inches unde.i'nbati)  the eaves. While we were hiding in  this house men came in from tho  .streets after dark to escape, and to  ten us what had Happened hi the other houses where the' Jews were  caught. A man told me that, one of  the houses had been sacked where  perhaps t,wo hundred Jews were hiding. Those in the house ran in every ��������� direction, many of them escaping  but the children ran w;ith a few older  persons to the third door. They  were caught and wore thrown living  out.the windows into the streets. TWS  older childrm and tlie grown ups  \ were tolled .    before they were thrown  men are over forty, and fine physique  One of them, Abraham Chaiiiioch,  a tinsmith, told, what he saw of the  Odessa massacre from, its beginning  .when two rival pui'lies which were  celebrating the new constitution met  and began to fight. He told how  little children were tiirqwn out of  high windows, how Russian christians patrolled the streets in large-  bands protecting -Tews, while other  bands of men pillaged and murdered.  Workmen and students, he said. le.l.  ,the, peace parties while disgusted  police Jed the hoodlums. Aft-r the  first two days he and two compan-  ions escaped from the city. Two  refugees from western Russia said  uiat the. Jew-killing was star fed by  ( mptying tbe jails of prisoners who  attacked and stole four -neii-u-.^s of  the race. A man frcu the proving  of Kohno asserted that the. p ��������� .ce  themselves read into the proclamation of the constitution an order to  kill all-Jews and cried this lie through the street- A Russian news-  j paperman named Chechkofit from   the  ou-t  Nelson," Dec. 13.���������No further steps  have been taken ui' the trouble which  occurred.in the'West Kootenay County Court on   Saturday,   at Ro-= l.unl.  betwwri Judge Forin and J. A. Mac-  donald,  K.C., the  leader  of the  Opposition.  Macdonald,  who  appeared for    the  defence in "the case of Davidson    vs.  Owens and Cross,  in examining    the  plaintiff,  asked   a question  imputing  collusion.   The court ruled  this  *    be  improper,   and    high words   .'ns'ie.l,  ending by the court  giving Mr. Mac  donald an adjournment to the  afternoon    to apologize.    Mr.   Macdonald  refused to apologue,  and  was nrder-  ed out of the courtroom.  The S.S. Wellington is r.-ooi-'cd to  ,be bringing a number if mules fr the  Extension mines from San Francisco.  Although these mules are shipped at  'Frisco, the majority of them are  bred, in Texas. The shipment will include' about thirty animals.   ���������o ���������������������������  ���������  GABRIEL IS  RESPONSIBLE  Vancouver,  Dec.   13���������Because      he  was..under, the.impression that;     the  Angel  Gabriel., was. ordering him    to  do many things that could .otherwise,  have been considered curious.  George  Kendall,     early on Sunday morning,  jumped      through   the  bund red-dollar  plate-gijass window in the front of the  Fit-Reform'     Wardrobe on   Hastings  street.      It was just after 7 o'clock  that  the-.crush  occurred.   A few ... moments     later a man,  clad  in nothing  but     his shoes and  stockings, came  running.out of the store by way     of  the   broken    Window.    A hack-driver,  whose  rig was  passing at   the time,  slowed up, took in the situation at a  glance,  and invited   the naked man to  take  ; a seat     in tho   cab;   and   then  drove to the police  station.  "1 was asleep when   the angel   told  me- to go :down and   get, anew   suit  of clothes,"   explained   Kendall   while  Detective Jackson  threw some clothes     at him in the stntipn.    "1 went,  down,   jumped   through   the   window,  and had my old suit off, when  the angel   appeared   to  me again   and   told  me to go right out.    I went out and  Gabriel's servant drove me here."   o   HOW THE BOYCOTT  IS PERPETUATED. .  Hongkong.���������In coinmemoration of  Fung I la Wei, who is alleged tohave  died ut the United Stales consulate  at Shanghai, after making known to  the Chinese community there the ill-  treatment, meted out to the. Chinese  iu America, a. society was started by  a certain .section of the Chinese community at Hongkong to perform' a  ceremonial service at the Hang Fa  hotel, Queen's Road, says the China  Mail. '..-...'  Persons who desired to join the so  ciety     had to  subscribe  $2 to defray  the ceremonial expenses.   There were  about 250 persons who joined, and at  the appointed     hour the second and  third     floors of t.hc hotel,  decorated  with  flowers   and evergreens      fronv  the  staircase     to  the   halls      were  thrown open.   On the second floor was  tlie portrait  of the deceased hero.  On  the tlwrd     tlr.or was another larger  portrait,     four  feet  by five,   rimmed  with    blue      velvet.    Both   portraits  were  extensively  surrounded       with  wreaths of every description.   No less  than     3,000, pieces of literature were  Good Work Has been Done By  the Council in Various Parts Of  The City Recently  Street Foreman Has Now Two  Gangs at Work On High And  Baden Powell Streets*  In  the last    f?w  months the street  Committee lias had  a gang of seven  or eight, sometimes more, men work,  ii.g   on    the streets  t- 11 r.ually,    an  the improvements     jcc-jji pished are  being      appreciated   by  the residents  now. that the wet weather has arrived.     Last winter some of the streets  were in-passable,      as,   on account  of  then-    sail   stale ot      disrcpaiir  they  were   in  places  covered   with   water  and mud,  but now  the- majority, or  at least, the  worst  of  these places  have   been  either  filled  with  gravel,  and  a substantial   road  made,   or     a  solid     wooden     sidewalk  built  over  them.  At present Street Foreman Callcn-  the me-n who are now at work      on  that  part have  finished this  difficulty will  have been done away  with.  High   street is   proliajily  more      in  need of repairs than any other street  in the city,  but it   ������vould be useless  to attempt to improve the lower part  unless    the <Vuncil wctem a position  to expend a large sum of money. This  at piesent thoy arc not,1 so only the  worst   places  will  be repa red,   until  funds permit the street' to be properly graded, as���������" the council wish      to  to   treat  all alike  and   to effect  improvements in all parts of the city.  The     place on Baden-Powell street,  at which Mr.  Callendar has now    a  dar has two gangs  at work on     the'number "of men working, has been im-  streets, one leveling High street,   at  passable hitherto, in winter "time it  Third   avenue,  and  the other  making' being,   after  a spell   of wet weather,  some much needed repairs on Baden- ' covered with a huge pool 'of water.  Powell  street at  Third  Avenue.  On j    Other places that Have been arepair-  H'ig-h street, over Third avenue.       a   cd  lately are the crossing from J'.ul-  wocden Mossing has been 'constructed   icr street lo First A   and people who traverse that street ' part of Baden-Powell street, the Es-  frequc-ntly appreciate-this improve- j planade, and Fi th avenue at, the top  ment. In the past, .it has been only of High street. Before the present  with the greatest of ib''ci'-y .lud, council goes out of office the commit-  t earns have been able to get over tee hope to have other streets repair-  the hill on High street, opposite the cd. including Third avenue, .approach-  Presbyterian church, on account of ing the school" the hot/torn of French-  its steepness and roughness, but when and Symons streetr, etc.  & P. R, WITHDRAWS ITS  OFFER OFMARKETSOUARE  ^A ��������� -Vancm������-eTr<elespat<;h,-says:- "Because of alleged aspersions cast upon  the integrity  of  the  C.P.R.   by  certain  Aldermen, who,  on Saturday ev-  1'iiinq   last  took  part in  the meeting  called  to discuss: the C.P.R.  offer of  a niarl'et site    on   False  Creek,  the  offer   of the company  has  been��������� withdrawn', "'o'-r rather,; wiHl be as soon as  ���������officials-''of "the Railway  Company can  notify    'the  city  to   that,  effect       in  wri ing.  "~S on may state that 1 warmly resent the statements made by Aid.  Morton and Williams'at the meeting  i}n Sal'ird.i.v night, Said Mr. R.  Marine, gincral siipcnnkT.-dent of  (he C.P.R. "in which they Imputed  ulterior motives to ��������� the C..P.K. in rc-  I.ha\e  decided  that, the offer  of    the  land in question   will  be-.withdrawn,  and. if the new  council  wishes to secure it  it. will have to  re-open nego-  tions for it.  "In this matter, the company was  acting in the best of fa'ith in the pub  lie interest, and was absolutely sincere in. its dealings with the'city. Although the site is a valuable one for  railway purposes, the company was  willing to sell it for-the public benefit.  "I wish to say also that the offer  of the site.' never came from thc'C.P.  R. It was selected by; others than-  the. C.P.R. from a number, of sites  which we pointed out were available.  As  T have said,  the, site will now be  spec!  to the False   Creek market site. ] withdrawn from  the city  THE WEST COAST  WHALING STATION  Vic torn, B.C., Dec. 13.���������(Special) the newly installed plant is operat-  ���������C'"a:>t-a-in Halkom,, ���������manager of the  Searchel ivhaiing.st.ilion on the west,  coast of 'Vancouver Island, arrived  here on liic .steamer Orion this morn,  ing, 'accomi anie.l by Dr. Res-miller,  who has  been  inspecting  the new sta-  ing satisfactorily and by January  the .first ship it of the station's  product   will  be shipped   to  Glasgow  on  an  all-round-the-world steamer.  Up     to   this date,  thirteen   whales  Lion.      Captain   I'.alkom   reports that   have   been   captured.    Capt.   Balkom  DEMAND'A HEAVY  DUTY ON WOOL  Calgary,   De'C.   13.���������The meeting  of  the     Tariff Commission on Saturday  was   an lost   important   session.    The  two questions brought, up,  of       the  greatest import to this section of the  West,   relate, to  the duly on wool, and  a revision  of  the regulations concerning  the admission   of  purebred  cattle  from   the United   States.    The   statutes  of many  states  are  to  the effect  that   the American   authorities   refuse  to  recognize Canadian stock records  and   stud books.    Every   other  nation  jis given an advantage over Canada in  this respect. Canadians have gov-ern-  ernment     regulations     and     records  , which are standard ������nd Canadian au^  imals   are annually   taking  the  first,  prizes   at,   the international   livestock  fair  at Chicago,   but  the  Washington  authorities  refuse. Canada  the  privi-  written and  hang in the halls, giving ,        ������rantwi  all  other  countries     in  purebred   records.    Therefore the cat--  utterance, to  the  fact  that  Wei had died  a heroic death for  Fung Ila  his  country and for his 400,000,000 brethren.  tilemen   of the West   urge   the government to at least retaliate and  insist  on  justice for this great industry.  On the wool duty there was  an extended      discussion.    The  sheep   and  wool   industry   in   the two   provinces  was declared to be on the decline, and  w'.ih certain ruin, before it.   This was  true  even   when   the price  of  wool is  higher throughout ,the world than at  any previous time.  In  Canada 15 cents  per pound     is  the  top  price,  but right across     the  line in Montana- the same wool com-  ���������miands     26   cents,       This   is   an ilevin  that   Mr.   Fielding's   attention     was  called to in a very emphatic manner.  Secretary Peterson of the Board of  Trade says the. duty on wool coming  into Canada is three cents per   lb on  that which'is in the same class with  the  wool  pnxluceel  here;  but  on  other wools  there is no duty.   The pom-  pi a.'nt  was  that  oven   the wool   that  should pay a duty  under the classification is admitted free because     the  law is not enforced. DAILY LEDGER  ���������t  THE DAILY LEDGER  publisned   every day except  Sunday.  BTf        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  ?RICE  fO  cents  a' month,    55  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  WEDNESDAY,      DISC  13,   W05  vTlffrii������riifit<ff>Vtf������.iV������<Vry  TOYS  BOOKS  GA.MES  DAVID SPENCER  (Nanaimo) Ltd.  BURNT  LEATHER  CALENDARS.  ������  THE YELLING- PERIL  'J he yelling peril .s the new ftlc  foi the strum noises which the medu-  cal pioiess'oii has been protesting  ng.imst fci" a generation or mote.  Tli.- matter has' recentij been discussed by the Lancet >n an editorial  ���������\vlnh calls atteniio" to the harm  done to 1' .ick by .--oi'-iH" ��������� oiscs  pailicul.ui.\ .it ii'gl'l Attention is  ca'led to Ihe pandemouium oi soun-ls  m \mencan cities Yet it is not at  al. ivil.'in that tin-, is the mam  ca i-..: ,)f the uc\ on-ja������-> and dyspep-  si; -Uiich ���������re assumed to be so column)' among Amcncans, thougfi nciud  oi st-. H'cogiu/t it as one cause oi  lid\'ius breakdown. The matter was  bK)i^ht u|i by a gentleman wh������\  V lie comiiiescent fiom a surgical  o eiatuin m Birmingham. u-as kept  a- -,ike by the paimui clanging of the  cl it "s oi tlie town clod, cveiy hair-  In in I hs icquest for relief elicited  the I'pi'-aiiy Butish reply of the ma-  yi ��������� that nothing c mid be done, as  II use chimes "were "of the fust impel tince to the mh^llit.ints of. the  oi v!" To change a custom wou'd  Ik icvolut.on. to criticise one is  ti --isoii In this m-itter Buntagihani  is a quart ei cent-uy behmd Phiiadcl-  p' ia whose courts compelled a pow-  e. mi church corporalic.n t> be chai.i  t. hie to its neighbor and 'not d>  sf'oy then rest and health by too  ji uc-h bad. music A crusade again-.t  Chicacro 'noises some veaxs ago_ by a  ]f i-.ii phssici.in eiHilr\l much ridiculo  fiom a few h.u-ledc < wretches nut  (the cause w." ' i. "��������� considered just,  aid so.ne goo was ^r-compiishcd.  Deli nit was compelled to stop the"  c'ca-llui steam siiens on the river  b'.ats and most cities lm it or pro-  h.lit locomotive noises So tber?  a'c'numcious piccedcnU for the present cfloit to leduce the avoidable  noises of our cities  A healthy     robust man can ignore  habitual sensations,  and, unfoitunale-  ly i.s  wholly  unaware that any  damage! is     ncing     dore.     He may even  suffer    from     silence should he move  t] clc<'i!Uili\-not  an uncommon  cause  c insomnia,     indeed      "he sick, the  c(,n\aicsccnls     and    particularly  the  ncivous.     are     the ones who feel the  damage  and cty for  teller.     Peiii.^s  c en  the children arc silent   sufTcreis  Fodcrn      transpoilat.cn     has  ii.tio-  'duced an     awful nuisance of this r,i.-  t -re       winch      seems     iriemcd.abie  I lougli      inventors   are  constantly  at  \ ork      to   reduce    it   to   a minimum  Toys arc-   naturally     noisy  and must  i ct  like  batL.ii"aiiS   r.o-.v   and   then  to  1 ow oil ste.un  on  hoi .lay nignis .in.1  iv hen  their  football   leant   has  arUM.-  t.-jlv done i.u the enemy, mut thcic it  no ti.xsonwhy iugl t    should be made  hideous  at      oth.n     tunes       By      all  I- e.n,-   let  the    crusade  continue,   re,:  it night he Ihe iiicaib of saving map*  a    life     ui      die !       ��������� <~"  ">', brn   n   f"  hours'      quiet     ->\cv,      ould  Inrn  !h ���������  srn'cf      It   n a      ' (lit"!"  which ihe  American     civic ,i^se ciat on can t. '  i.p among   its     other numerous goo. 1  voiii.i      It   s moie  than  a nuisance,  it   is destructive of njnc and a uien-  r ce to health, so   that j-livsieia-is cm  -ustiy  .t'd   ui  the  cfToil.  t0  abate the  evil.  ���������American Medicine,  editorial  LADIES and CHILDREN'S GLOVES  ���������-������ .*..������. .*. .���������. <������������������������  ���������\m\ lV lV lV lV 8?-  i A Glove Showing equal to any in B. C.   Gloves for your friends|  in Ladysmith, in B. G., or in any part of the world-  good enough to compete with any made.  SPECIAL XMAS. SALE!  Hi du/cn Ladies" Suede undtpsscd  Kid Gloves in grey, fawn,-  while and  b'ack       Regular  V nib  Special Xmus Sales  5O6  *=s������        L"> do'en I.iubc-,'  Fuie Dicssed   Kid  Gloves,  pique i������ewn seams, in  "^U>,.is,  biows, grey, fawn, black    lle������uiai   SI 00  ^Xmas Sales          75c!  ^5        'ihe 'Tmiicnar 1"   fine   Fiencb   Kid  Climes   ci'fiy pair guaranteed,  Jm% a ..Mind fitter  BAR SUPPfclBD WITH BBS".  WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  Beet.ccomod.tion in town.   Splendid hunting and fishing in, ijirvicinity.  &  ed  Railway  A. J. McMURTRlE, Proprietor  LADYSMITH, B. C  ;���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������������������������������������������  Tint Table No. 57,  -  ������������������L^._���������   EFFECTIVE SATURDAY, OCT. 21st, 1905.  , Trains leave Ladysmith 'Uk Victoria "and all  intermediate stations    at ^  9*1G a.m. daily; "Wd "at 4.80 p.m. on" Wednesdays, '   Saturdays   and   Sup-  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLRND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar, is extra well  Stocked  a*  Per Pair.  $1,001  *y&  eirins'  Fa\ette'  m  ail  shades.  fine  French  Kid  Gloves,   made fiom  selected,  "Guaiauteed"'  The New Western Hotel  Good nfcims,     good beds, and goodLoard.  Our Bar is newly fittedup and well supplied and is in cha'       '  v  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  days  Train, leave Ladysmith for 'Wellington and all intermediate stations  at 11157 a-ia; daily, aad .V ������I'00 p.m. on Wedn*-days, Saturdays and  Sundays'"* % "   <      '-1,   ��������� ��������� ��������� *  EXCURSION,TICKETS ON SALE' TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going jgvrney Saturdays' and Sundays, returning not later than  tbe following Mokday. 1.1 i . -J  c -Steamer Joan    Is frem Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m.. and  returning sails fret. Vancouver    for Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  g| Govt. Street. Victor!. B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &. Pass. Agt  This  Flotcl has   been  completely   Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  Per Pair  ^^^ "Pein'ns* " celebrated washmp;   Kid    Cloves.  ^^s, i" c best���������will \ p>h  like a piece of cotton  ** Per Pair    $1.25;  These are fit for.  3S  Ladies'  fine  black Suede  Kiel   Glotes  ^At 1.25 and  .  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It has  than  that}      years as the most successful     tiiedicrne in use lor    colds,  croup  and   whooping cough.     It always cures  and  is pleasant to take.  Chil Iren like it      Sold by The .Ladysmilh  I'hannacv.  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour'  Mea?s 35C and Upward  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  ������My furnished and the bar Is up-to-  d-te. Rates $1.00 a day and *p-  w trds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  fralaaal. :-::-: :-: ^-" L.dy.ml*k  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good B.r  (HaH Bloc* from Dppot.)  GATACRE   STREET-'     Ladysmith.  a������s  You don't want to miss  TIE SOGIAL DANCE  x x x  x x x   AN ENTERTAINMENT  ���������SffiS5EE������E^sSSSSaaSS!  At J. X. SMITHS, Fifth Avenue, Ladysmith on the evening DEC. 25th.  GEO, CARTER of Victoria .  Floor Manage  rHSCITYM  R. Williamson Prop  st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  ?  No. L.    US.MEfTS   CHROME   KIP  B t  Plain    toe, leather lined,  bcii-'ws     ton-j-ue,  double, sole  and siiji.   This  is a broad toe  last,,'     made  to    stand  hard,  heavy     wear; the  upper will  always retain its soft, velvety  feeling     and is as waterproof  as leather can bo made.  WHOLESALED  LTD.  VANCOUVER.  B. C.  mswEB������8Ei������mmimssm  VM. MUNSIE,  President  J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  ^Telephone's.  The   Ladysm Ith   Lumber "CoJ Ltd.  WILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH���������Shingles  . Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Latha,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., oi the Best Quality.  Reasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Floorinf     and   FiBiahlng    Lambcif li    Stock.  cTWONEY TALKS/-  AS  LOUD TO US   AS   ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYO'UR  MEAT YOUR  DOLLARS W  ILL   GO FURTHER   IF  YOU  BUY FROM US  -Our Cash Prices Cannot Be Beaten  "GALEDOKIAN"  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  R.P.RITHET,|  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������:   ���������"���������  :���������-B.C.  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates fl.25 and$l.B0���������  Free bus to all steamboat landing, and  rail way depot*.   Electric care every fl������������  minutes to all parte ol  the city.   Ba?  and table.unexcelled.  F. BAYNES.Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B, 0.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woobank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First ClaM.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Drool    Buildiag.  UNI'ILD   ANCIENT  DRUIDS  ORDER   OF  Wellington Grove No. 4 U. A. O. D  Meets ui the TOO .F. Hall, La-  dvsm.th, the Second and Fourth  Wednesdays o> each month, commencing Wednesday,  13th.,  1905.  Visiting Driuels     are invited to'attend.  Tlv Order ;  WW. RAFTER, Reef Secty.  PATRICK BURK. N. A'.",  '  I      THE TYEE COPPER CO.; Ltd.   ;;|  !  PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  IIRAD OFFICE  i  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  1  * DUNCANS ST All :N  Vancouver (slend, B. G.       ' General Manager, j  TO FERNIE,   B. C.  1 Read Down ' -\ Read' Up  9 p.m. t������. VtcTomiA Arr. 4-o������ P- m-  8.oa p. m. Lv. Maitte' Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.ai p. m, Art-. .Everett. Arr. 7.30 a.m.  ,9.30 a. m. Arr. BfOKAMB Arr 7-45 P-���������  |6.������5 p.������n Arr.   Rnford   Arr 12.30 p. m.  ������.'io  p. mrar.' hik*  Arr. 10^42��������������� m.  ,.oo p.������.   An.    Ferule   M-9-55*, "���������������  one|^iqht  To a������i kootehay Fomt.  two'Rights  To    Winnipeg aad St. Paul  - \    . Close LCdnnections  For    Ch/eago. Toronto.  . Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylene    Lighted     Cars,  . -^Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining   ,Cars, (Meals a  la  .Carte). %   .  ��������� Library (Observation -    Cars  'ihrougli 1 tickets and baggage, cheats to all points.  Steamship Tickets  <      For tickets, maps, berths.  , reservations .. and,complete  > <:. information    call on or ad-  dresa,     I,  S. O: Yerke.'    : E. R. Stephen  A.O.R:a. ! ���������     . ,.O.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle       \    Victoria, B.C  i  TICKET   OFFICE  Ssr- Government and Yates Sts  VICTORIA, B C  Transcontinent I  Trains Daily  3  3  One of  wnich  Is   the  famou������   ''North  Coast Limifad"  Tickets on sale to al.' Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-tp-dato,    rulli:i.in    aud     Tourist  sleepers      on  ail   ti.iins.   Dirjiug   "ai  service   Unsurpa'jsed.  Steamsnip : ickcts   on sale to   and  from all European Points.   Cabin accommodation res erved by wire.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IN  -EFFECT-  HENRfS JiURSfRIES  new cro>p>;;v;  H6kn������Oi^iii& Ac Imported  Q$i)Etif-in^-ka4 FLOWER  j  ' .SEBDSV';- *J!.    .    ',, '  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  j DRN������|llElltAL    TREES  .HODODENbftONS, lM)SESt  :    GRE1CNH0USE AND^ HARDY  PLANTS. _  For Spring planting..   Eastern price.  or less.    Catalogue free..  8010 Westminster Road; Vancouver.  For   . furthsr  write the alllce.  A.' D.   Charlton  A.G.P.A,   N.P.,  1  Portland/ Ore.  particulars    call or  Pbone Main 4S6.  E.  E. Blackwood  Geuer.1 Agent  Victoria, B.C  PAINTINQ,    j PAPEktlANaiNO  BTC.  Workf done preperly and at right  prices. Shop And residence in reat  of Ladysmith Hotel. ;  J.,-8. SMITH, Prop  DAY'SCHOOL.  U.u.l subjects,Uught; .lso languages, "drawing ^ pencil and crayons, paint ng in ells aad water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons glr-  enfn classei er individually. '���������  ������������������:-/? .   :.',,.;'".^sa;'BERT:RAM,; :"''  f^dysmlthl B- q.g '"'.:^...  ' *--,,  If yeu liki  '.'��������� ;A;. smooth,  easy,shave,  an even,  well-finisned : beard trim, a good  bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  You will; go to  UDYSMITM SHAVING  PApRS  HiQ# STREET.1  A re You  Going East  Then 1m sure your tickets read   via"  tb.  LIE  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through ' trains from the Pacifia  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH'J  FINEST  TRAINS,  THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CID>  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent br write,  . F. W. PARKER  Gener.l  i gent,  7*0 2nd"Ave., Seattle.;  CBO.YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith ^Aj      W  u.>'  B   C  LAbY^tTO^BAKBRY  '   HOP ^^E'^ CO.'v  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL. KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AND FRESH.  Confectionary ef .11 kinds.  ' breew';taa������/fo*;>a������trles'tp be de  llvartd at any time.  1 ':' Employment Xgency  PAN NELL  &    PLASKET1  ���������j  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  Member  Can.   Sod^"of   Civil Engineers i"./  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers, ] England  ***** Member Internatiot.al Electrical  Congress   at St. Leuis, 1904  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  ,   ,  , 1     LA^vsmiHa b4 q.  1    ':      1 . "     1      1      1 I      .    .......   1     ..-  *���������   -������������������-   ���������  t'  p. 0. B������X 357.  '! I  it 1.  Mannfacturerp of the Famous  CUBAN BlibsSOil  Noae bu   ������nioa LaWor   Kmployed  n. J. BO0TH, Prop  .. ..Deaers In  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysmith, B.C  Dr. Dier can be fou������d at anytime  at his office, on Gatacre si. .Ilis (|cn_  tal work is g\ aranteod to "lie ni^fr.  class and rates reasonable %\.  HILBERT  ������������������rfTc-*.-'' DAILYfl-EkGER  Union  Brewine  NANAIMO    B.1C.  .  /  flanufacturers ofUhe  In |British Columbia  Lager  Beer   and Porter*    Guaranteed; Brewed  rom the   Best Canadian  Malt   Run  Hops    -'  Is ow [For^Christmas  As the Holidays approach, your thoughts'must natural-  ly turn toward the Gift Problem.     > /     i '-'I  *'*iril|]  WHAT SHALLllf' BE?  __' ������       .  '��������� ��������� ���������  Now is the time t o make your selections,  :\  '&     I?  this list at your leisure.:  . f    I  IMil-ltT- ���������'���������  sss  SSBBSa  1 I        NEW ARRIVALS IN  STERLING    SILVER  Bon Boh Spoons ,$1.75 ea  Shaving Brushes ...... 2.00 ea.  Toast Racks  .,   7.50 ea  Bread Forks..!' $2 & 3.00 ea.  Baby Spoons ... 1.50 & $2 ea  Salad Servers, pair ... 3.50ea  Bread Knives ....���������!..������. 4-50 ea.  Berry Spoons ". , 6.00 ea  Cream Ladles   2.50 ea.  -Olive Porks .������ ii~t75 ea.  Almond. Trays  :,, 2.50 ea  After Dinner. Coffee  Spoons 6, 8 & 810 doz.   fSMJJTm  ���������aagERMrtmm*. .mm  *  3-Ptece Sewing Sets ia  Case, Scissors, Thimble #   c Cushion _ $3 set  Card Prize Trophies ... 2.50 ���������������..  Corkscrews Sterling \ ,   '    _'  Mount Buck handles    ,  ...:..~ ~~ 2.50&-$3ea.  Crystal Flower Vases  Sterling Silver  Mount- r  ed, 75c. $1,  1.50. 1.75 up. to 5  Salt Cellars ..../.  250 to $5 ������  pair. I' ���������>' ."\aI  Hade to order and Repaired at short)    notice.   Drill Sharpened,,by. u������;V  ways gives satisfaction. Picks handled and repaired^ '.' '>K"-[^fflBD  Stiips mi thing   in   ajl     ite   "Brarrlie;s^  Horseshoers^and Genera! Blacksmith?.   ,  R. LAWSON  BuTler Street   -S-   -     -   Ladytamitri^BiC  *4,4.4.+4.4-t-4>^44"M-f-H-M-f-t-������������������*���������������  ������*  LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     v UKNJTURF MOV- .  ED PROMPTLY A   ND SAFELY. ��������� ���������     ���������     <>  Stables in the rear of the Lai?  ysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  f Leave' orders at   the '*  . A. J.:WASKET, PROP 2     .    !  ������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ��������� !  LIVERY, BOARDING A^\)  SALES STABLES  I |l EXPRESS WORK A SPECIALTY. \ '.  .,  david johnson:;;  fcAOYSrYllT  ��������� i  *.-  :  t  $PHONE 66  LIGHT TJiAMING   ;  Wood and Bark,afor5113  SEE  J.   KEMP," OR LEAVE    ORDERS /WITH  -w.  FIRST AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  COUGH REMEDY  Mr. E. C Case, a mail carries of  Canton Centre, Conn , who has been  in the U S. service /or about sixteen  years, says: "We have triod many  cough medicines for cioup, hut Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is king of  all and one to be relied on every time.  We also find it I lira best rented y for  coughs and colds giving certain re-'  suits and leavmg no bad after effects." For 3 tie by The Ladysmith  Pharmacy.''  TO KIDNAP  HEIRESSES  Ladysmith Temple No.   5 Rathbonc  Sisters meets -at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd   and   1th  Tuesday  at   7.30   p.m.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.,  Oirect From France���������Tooth, shaving,  tail'   and   clothes   brushes. A splcndiid  assortment at the Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  Smoke Little B. Cigars'.  Appointments may be made at any  lime for dental work at Dr. Dier's  in  High street st  l he Cherry Riiband,v S   R. Crocket's  litest book,    'and The Passing of the  K.iee,   by   D   <\V   Higgins.   at Knight's  flook Store.  WANTED���������Hy Chicago wholesale  house, special rcpiesentative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary; $20 00 and expenses paid  'weekly., Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment leqiiirerl. Previous experience not essential to engaging.  , Address Man age 1.   I".!   Lake Street,  Chicago,  ill.,  U.S.A.  W.  SILER.  GEHEKAL .JfciXPEESSAND  DELIVERY  "work* promptly do-^  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  -r-r-f���������\ -f���������r- r % '������ ,������ v- ��������� * n.  DESIGNS    ���������:������'  TRADE-MARKS ^  AND COPYRIGHTS^  0BTA|NEDiiv;v  PATENTS  f ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  V Notice in "Inventivo Age "  > Book "How to obtain Patents"  y Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secured. ���������  r       Letters strictly confidential.   Address,       J  ������ E. G. SIGGERS, Patont Lawyer/Washington, O.C. )  t  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Repaying and Making   o  Qf|er, a Specialty1 ;.  TjfionAs   lyteEwAN  1st Avenue,,   Ladysniith, B.  C.  NOTICE.  N'OTICE^is hereby given that I.  the  undersigned, will  apply at the next  regular '   sitting      of.   the  Licensing  Board,     on    'December 15th for  the  transfer  of  the retail  liquor  license  held, by  me  for the Wheatsheaf  hotel, located in Cedar District,       to  Enoch' Sage,  of Nanaimo.  JAMES   YATES,  ;Cedar District, Nov.  7th.  1905.  X  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  x:  NOTICE.  From this data the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on ��������� 2  written brOcr signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V. I.   EXPLORATION &  DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, D. C, May 18% 190IT.    '   ,  London:���������Further  remarkable  stories were told at Berwick on Wednesday of the alleged attempt to 'Kidnap  two  little heiresses, the daughters of  the Hon.  Richard  Walter Chetwynd.  Thomas   Irving   Duguid   and   Esther  Ulueas  Qua vie,  were charged  on    remand  with  conspiring to decoy a way  Aniilie   Mary   Chetwynd,   aged   thirteen years, from her lawful guardian  Mr.      Christopher  John Ley land,  of  Jluggcfston   Castle,   Northumberland,  between August 1   and November 4th  The eldest  girl, Mary  Eleanor,       is  not mentioned in the charge for technical reasons.   A warrant is out     for  the  arrest   of  Mrs.   Chetwynd,   who  divorced  her  husband, and who      is  said   t.o  have   devised  the   plot.  'Ihe   two .prisoners,  according     to  the evidence  for tlus prosecution, took  lot.nis al rn hotel   an.1 made the    acquaint at.ee  of  Ihe  cook  at  llaggers-  lon  Casile,, Louise  A.  Clay.    Duguid  loo';  her into  Ins confidence,  and     on  one occasion showed .her a letter from  Mi\'   ( ht-twyiid, who was on  the continent,   which contained the following  ''Yes,  the children  in question   are  iniii\  and      wen: most cruelly  taken  a way   four   years sgo.    Find   out,     if  Micie is a servant  who can  be trusted  who   is a good   sort   and   has' a kind,  good     heart,   and  will aid a mother  hilii.it������I   in.such   trying  and   terrible  circumstances.   Tf you .-ret anyone you  can trust, tell  them  that they  would  nol sul'i'er in anv way. either monetarily or for  want  of a good situation,  sho ild   they  lend a helping hand    "  .Piguid   learned  from  the cook tlie  hahils  oT the girls,  and as'ic.'l  her  to  supo.sf,   a mean.-;   of    his laying   hold  ot I hem  at a ba'/aar  at Ancroft.  Mr. William Weatherhead, for the  pi rcnors, resrrv'td h's defenre, ami  the eise was adjoin nod till next  Tuesday.  YOUNG GIRLSi  BRIDGE DEBTS  The  paiulul   stories   revealed  in     a  recent   correspondence    in the Daily,  Mail   of gambling  among  women   and  young  girls      who frerpient  some  of  the modern  bridge-playing clubs, jire  illustrated by  the following- veiy  human advertisement in     the Morning  Post'  Americans and  Bridge Players���������  A  Young- Gin  of birth and  position  BEGS for  ������50 to  pay off debts  incurred secretly before November  24;   will  promise  not  to  play  again;  in  great     distress���������Address  X.Y.Z.,  01882, Morning Post, Oflice,  Strand,  W.C.  It  is painfully   easy   to   imagine the  efforts made by  the young player to  obtain   the money  before she   was reduced   to the  desperate  expedient     of  this  advertisement,   to   which   we    do  not   doubt   the   weakly   merciful   human nature of  mo_e  foi Lunate  gam-  b'eis  will readily  respond.  If  "X.Y.Z.'s" 'cry for help   is       a  genuine/   one���������and the aihertisemcnt  has   a \ery   ieal ring   about   lt^-scvor  al  people will  prohnbiy  lecogui/.e the  casj and  feel  heartily   ashamed       of  themselves, chiefly, perhaps, the fellow' gambleis who are responsible  for their young companion's straits.  It 'may surely become soon a question  whether the increasingly numerous  and openly established gambling  clubs of England ��������� are really outside  the pale of English law.  \-m>  WEINROBE'S  P&ydaij Bargains  -������=tf3332������320=-  We are going to, clear out several lines this  Pay-day, not at a Reduction but at FIRST  Cost.  MOTHER'S  PRAYER.  '���������'Now  1 lay  me down  to1 sleep"  And   in     sweet  inem'ries   hallowed  kcap  The gluani'ing hour��������� tiie kneeling!there  VUim  Lo/ish lips .voiced "iMipthcr's  prayer."  Ladies' Waists in   latest styles,  Silk,  Nuns' Veiling, French Flannel,  and Flannelette  $3.50 Silk Waists   to be sold for $2.85  $7.00 Silk Waists to be sold for $5.00  54.50 Flannel Waists to be sold for $2.75  $3.75 Flannel Waists to be sold for $2.25  1.00 Flannelette Waists to be soid for 60c.  We have hundreds of articles suitable for  Xmas presents in Dry Goods, Umbreiias, Fancy  Neckwear, Fancy Braces, Handkerchiefs, Jewelry, Silverware, Etc. etc. Come and Have  your choice before every thing- is purchased.  COUPONS   GIVEN   AWAY      WITH  EVERY  PURCHASE.  Hi S>������ Weinrobe,  .HIGH  STREET,  I  ������&-S������3BIRHra5XXB9S23SE3IE&  LADYSiMITII,  B.   C  -o   "Yes," sa:d  tho pompous man, who  pri.led     ���������himself upon his familiarity  wilh      the great     ones  of  the earth,  "President Roosevelt once  made    a  remark  to me  at dinner that       was  chaiacteristic of  the man.  He said���������"  "I think I can guess what he said  to vou," interrupted Knox.  "Yes?"  "I suppose he said:  'You may keep  the change,   waiter.' "  Prone now  my erring  feet to   stray,  Neglecting oft  to heed  the way.  Vet���������thoughts  of her���������and love       so  deop!  I pray the, Lord, my soul to keep"  "If I should die before I wake,"  I'll     once more ask,  when  at the  gate���������  "I  pray  The,   Lord,   my  soul       to  >     take,"  And let mc in,  for mother's sake.  ���������dlurry   Barringer  Cox.  THAT SQUIRREL  Wei.ster sa\s ''around," means  "aliOut on an S'tdes, encucling, encompassing." Whether the man went  aiouml the sq|uirrei or not depends,  Tor .when ho has completed the circle  and is back where he started he has  in a sense been around the s.-juirrcl  for he has been around the tree and  everything on it, and ilia fact that  Ihe s.pnrrei moved around Ihe tree  makes i o d'llirrcnce. It was within  the circle.  Suj.poise tho, free is inside of an  enclosure, a house, say. and the man  goes around the nouse. of course he  has jeen around the squirrel as well  as everything else   in the house.  On the other hand, if the man.goes  around the squirrel he must pass by  him to get   around. When does he  -"do this? If a wagon wheel Ims a  short spoke and a long one both attached to the hub and the huh .en an  aveltrcc with a scfmrrei perched up'  on the short spoke and the hunter  on tne iong one. the wheel re\oivni������  around on  the axcltiee,  be said that tlie man went around  the squirrel. It is a little like the  Dutch justice who 'decided promptly  iin favor of the first lawyer bul his  sinss of fairness made him listen to  the opposing council, when the learned judge decided that both lawyers/  had won their case and the plaintiff  and defendant were jointly assessed  for costs.  ���������   Hostess���������Mr.     Smith,     may I help  you  to anotliei   piece  of pie?  Guest���������No,  thank you, Mrs.  Jones;  1 really could not take any more.  Little Willie���������Then,  ma,  you  said I  could  have     another piece if       Mr.  Smith  left enough.  AND  Its    Great    Resources  No part of  British Columbia today offers so many advantages to the  investor as docs VANCOUVER  ISLAND.  Its  vast  and varied natural wealth has never been  as yet thoroughly  appreciated by reason of the fact  that it has never  been promiently laid  before the public._  COAL GOLD  TIMBER SILVER  FISH IRON  GAME COPPER.  "Say, Bob,", said the small girl to  the small boy, "what aire relations?"  "Relations."'  was the answer,  "are  folks  that   keep mother working-    so  hard  foi fear they'll  come around  on  a/1 our iL inspect ion   and   say she isn't  it could not   n good  housekeeper."  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,    will grow almost any product of the  soil  known  to  man, (  WHEAT  OATS  VEGETABLES  OF  RYE    ' ALL   KINDS  A  WONDERFUL  SOIL  FOR  SMALL      FRUITS  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  AND  tht  BERRIES.  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt  a liberal   land   policy,   and  1,500,000 acres controlled     by    them will be disposed of on reason-  file terms to  actual settlers  Government lands can be secured   and     money can be made by  those  who desire a new home in a country   possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  sunshine  urnace  Everything  Comforrable  when you  retire  McCIaryS  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will   supply  any  information   obtainable  to those who contemplate   a visit with  a view of investment if  conditions are found  as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining district; a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers com e  in  each  year.  LADYSMITH  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THE LINE FROM VICTORIA TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to grow iv 'mportance as the'island is  developed.  Subscribe  for and read THE DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B   C  Public  Notice  Attention is called to the   fact that the  Ogilvie   Flour flills Co ,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved  and purified  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising  the  public  that  any unr.-_:.h-  orized users of the electrical     fiour purifying processes  will be pro-  ���������ecuted.  Ogilvie Flcmr Mills Company limited  are tlie    only    millers in Canada whose      Fiom*  s purified by the   eU^rio pr^oass ,n  ������'<  THE   DAILY    LEDGER  Cs&iiCiu..  LOCAL ITEMS  Cur Photogiaphic Gallery on 1st  Avenue will icmjm op?n until December 24th, the day before Chti&t-  rnas Come in and have your work-  in our line done now. Good work  for small puces  FKICKE & SCIIENCK.  Smoke Big B.  Cigars.        _  The pile-driver  is   at   work on Ihe  Transfer wharf putting  in ne.v pt'.cs.  Mr. Walsh representing the Chain-  beilain Medicine Company, was in  this city yesterday.  City "Clerk J, Stewart ������vent to Nanaimo on business at  noon.  All  Japanese otanges are in tiuar  antine     by   order   of   the   Provincial  fruit in ' ectors, ami none are on sale  in  Vr ,   ia.   The  uuLi   1 ,   ihe result  of a minute insect pest.  It is expected that the oranges which arc     ) er-  fect    wnl    ins   fumigated and released  soon.    Meantime   there  is    one h <.s  being     entailed   on   the importers  i.f  ihe delicious Little,orange.  As Ususal we are on deck with the  Goods. Tht Biggest and Best Assortment of  has been shown for years.  Toys   and Fancy  Goods  that  NOTICE  WE ARE GOING TO GLEAR THEM  -OUT-  A  COMING   EVENT.  Tlie  operetta  King  Winter's  Carni-  \al,  lobe given in the opera house by  a local   iuvenile  tioupe   on  the evening of Tuesday,   Dec. * 19th,  promises  to be  one of  the bcst^pcrfoupanccs of  its kind e^er jjven in Ladysmilh   Tlie  children���������there     arc forty-two       of  thiiin  altogether���������are  being  rehearsed  i egularly,     and  ate making excellent  progress.   The  proceeds   of  the entertainment arc to be given in aid     of  the church.    Particulars  of the affair  and  the programme will be published  later'   o ,  Cames at Knight's  Book Store.  The     best    Xmas  and  New   Year  Cards    to  be procured   in  Ladysmilh  are     at  the  Lactysmit-h      liardwatc  Stoie       You  should  not fail  to call  and   se'j  them,   and   you will   be surprised  at their   bcaiity.  VOR IHE GIRLS WE HAVE DOLLS FROM  A 5c. ioSSf.OO .-.  Make Your Selection, we will make the  Price as they All go. Shop early if you want  BARGAINS  1 he Ladysmith Hardware Co.. Ltd,  :riiWfflBS5BB-.'  HOLT    LINERS  CORRESPONDENCE  NEW  According     to a Liverpool newspa- ���������-  per the names of the new. Liverpool, j Sporting Editor ledger: ST. The  Tacoaia freighters, which are being AUC3incrs Basketball team challenge  bunt cspeciaiij for tins trade by Al-, tne Kairles to ft match iofce played  ired  Holt &     Company,  w.ll be the   ,���������     tLe   0pera    House on   ThUrsdav  A.   HAILSTONES  Heilerophcut.     Tcucer, Cyclops,  Titan   evening nevi  Toy Book at Knight's Book Store   o���������   SPIES  DOG .JEW  PATRIOTS  New York,���������That the,Russian government has established a <������������������;������.stem of  espionage or     the members ot       the  Jewish   Defense   Association  of   tl .s  city is the statement made by oflie-eis  of that oi^uu/ation,  which is collecting money for the arming of        the  Jews in Russia  aga^ist furthei  mob  violence, says tlie Tribune.   The chai-  actr-r     of the mission  of the Jewish  Defense  Association,   that of   supplying iheir Jewish brethren with means  of scli'-defense,  makes  .t necessary to  opciate  wilh great  wjciccy.       They  can hold   public  meetings  .iii>l  < ollec-t  muds foi their ,cause, but their >- .jih-  ocl of transmitting     arm*, and munitions    -of war     to the c/at's do ma n  must reni,anj  a'ntyslcrj   to  all except  a few olhccis of the association.  Thesa olhceis arc the men who allege that their footsteps .were dogged, by secret agents in ' the ��������� Russian  service. AcKices from Germany say  that tlie agents 'there'of--the-Jewish  Defense Association,, which1-is an international institution, are. also under constant watclh --���������'���������.  and   Aii'tioduis  The Be'.iciopton s scheduled to  come to Victoria first, she being  listed to arrive here next April. The  new steamers are cargo carriers of  immense size, h'a\e twin screw*, and  ;ire Hearing completion ror the Ocean  Steamship Company. This Turn *.������:  i-tverai years has operated the large  Hi tie Funnel ,Fleet between Liverpool  anfi   Vicl1, mil.  :i addition to the new twin screw  t liters, four small steamers aic  .iiso building, which will dy the Hag  of the China Mutual Company, also  eontioiicd by Holt & Company and  operating at prcseot the While Funnel fleet 'bctwceni Tacoma and En-  uiand 'these are to be chnstcned  Capt. Allcomers' BgB.T.   ���������o   Purchase your C'hr stmas and New  Year cards at the Ladysniith Haid-  ware Store. ', '   ������������������o   Smoke Big B. Cigars.   '    ���������.v  Can and inspect my Xmas Cards  the best in Ladysmith.- Knights  McoW Stoie.  II.  JOHCHOf  Have you seen our handsome  Clothing for the little fellow's  Winter Wear.,  w w ������  We make a Careful Study c-  Ghildren's Clothing  And show a Strong Line of  Clothing for Little Men-  Blouses, Reefers, Russian and  No rfolk Suits. Etc  *���������   ���������%-   ���������*  After Seeing our Clothing  and Valuis you will admit that  they are the best. They make a  very Suitable Xmas Present-  Gail in and see them  Walters &  Akcnhead  to put  into Ninth   Star '  '  the   exploring steamer, I  07ICE is hereby given that an ap-''  plication will be  made to tlie Legislative  Assembly of the  Province of  British Columbia, at its next session  for an     Act to incorporate .'a Com-  nany  with  power to  acquire,    purchase, construct and operate the un-  dertakings of    the Vancouver      and-  Coast-Kootenay     Railway Company;,  the Alberni     and Cowichan Railway  Company; the Kamloops & Atlin Rail  way Company; and the Midway    and  Vernon Railway  Company; and to acquire all the rights, powers and pri-  viliges  ol the said Companies;      and  with  power  to exercise all the pow'-1  ers contained  in the Acts  ol? Incorporation of the said Companies; and -  with power to acquire.' purchase,.construct   and operate the undertalsijng  of any    other Railway Company    or  Companies; and with pow������sr,���������^p���������.suh-.  sx-ribe    for and purchase,,the .'s-tocjc,"  bonds, debentures or othar securities  ol any Railway    Company;   and    to  exchange the stock or other bonds,  debentures or other securities of- the  company , to be incorporated lor   the  shares,  stock, debentures,  bonds    or  other  securities of any other   Railway    Company; and with power.to  increase the capital. 61 the Company  to'be incorporated;   and with powee  to issue shares as fully paid up; and  to borrow money  on the Company's  assets  by any form  of security;' and  with    power to promote any Railway Company or "Companies; 'or    to  amalgamate with any Company     or.,  Companies; and with all the    other  and nccessaty powers conducive to the1  carrying out of the Company's under1  taking.  Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 22nd  dav of November, 1905.     .'.-.,     ,...  ROBERTSON        ROBERTSON,  Solicitors for  the Applicants.  T  ������?  *  ORANGES  A. Lorge Consign-  rne^rit just .arHv^d.  .-���������,.���������. \ ��������� - -   ������������������������������������������������������������������������  fKST QUALITY  '���������>���������!'  :  i 'i tr,  SIMON LEISER& CO Ltd.  TA6R������8T  LADYSMITH  i  1  ;  ���������-;.tr"  st-   i ,  W. G. Fraser  . *  lative  Assembly, 'of .the; Provi&$������-ylJ!  British    Columbia at    its neif.ses-  Jt is time you purchased your Xmas  and New Year Cards. We are. no.v  showing the mo?.: .:.eautil'ul can's-������������������������������������"  er exhibited in Ladjsmith. Call an.  inspect them i.aehuniilh .I-Iar.Ivv;-.re-  Company.  . o-.   WATCH THE WINDOW  at the Ladysmith Drug Store. They  are coming. The ladies with the  most .beautiful'hair in the -.world. The  Seven .Sutherland- Sisters.. ,'���������  the Myrmicon,   Polyphemus, Memnon   son   took  the trip  simply as an out  and Aslayana      It is urjelei stood that   ing and  to gain a-knowledge of     the  they aic to be     tramps and arc not  section  Unough  which  the E. &. N.  in-PaciIic.   These  four will have  only   Hallway will probably pass soon. He  smgie screws 'speaks     very    highly  of  the section  Oi the fivc large jaovv steamers wuh   thioiigh which he passed, having dnv  the exception of     the Antiiocbns,  ail   en  about   180    miles  inside of  forr  ,ire named after vessels that ihe Holt days,   lie was particularly well ple-as-  ilrm foimcily     owned,  but has smce  L,<1 w'th the Courteney. Valley vction,  sold. J\,r-  Thompson.us one of the best   m-   ���������  formed  business men  in the Province  and    has given  proof  of his  business  ability in   Nelson,  later in Cariboo,  'We have-.a splendid  assortment     of where he, was for some time in charge  ( hristmas.    and     New   Year   Cards.  of lhe   Cariboo    Trading  Company's  Quite the nicest in town. Ladysmith !busincTs>   ������"'���������''or-the'-'past-five.years  of    Peary  Hay     will  Roosevelt,   if conditions  were  not  fa- j  .vorable  for   gomg  fuithcr north,   lie-1  lore the All.aiuie lcit the Danish NOTICE js'hereby given that aft.*&  .steamship Fox. put ,nto Ivigut and |' plication will-be maije^to thfL������g-f  reported that the Peaty supply j,.-- - ��������� -- '-���������-.-'��������� '"i,.-M--'iv  'steamer,' the Eric, had b-e-en sighted'���������'''  aiVd  signalled that she  would    /not  stop at North Star bay,'no evidence sion for an Act to revive,, ratify ajad-  Df the    nartv    l.emg lound there, but confirm  the Cowichan-Alberni     and  would proce-ed to El ah, I'lirfher jiortli Fort ltuPert Railway^ Company Act,  wiiere her provisions would be cached and extending the time for'comrhenc-  . ',oi  tiic     cxpioicrs.     After ihat she inS construction of the said railway,  R. Thompson,  manager for tb������ > . ' - and    of   Expending    ten per    cent.  rumer-Beeton Company,  of Victoria ' , , *nynnB ,v .   ,,    of   the   Comimaiy's  cajtital   thereon,  insspfi   <in-niiirh  i 'iHircmWh  v^tcrA*,,       v.apiani      1'nsbic  ljeiie\es that  the - \L -        ::���������  passed  thiough Ladjsmith yesterday 16x, dll ,       ,     f,nil),.    .    ._ and  to empower the Company ton-.  nil   lim   vft.iirn   fwim    i trin    hie      fire!    , LAPCUi i ion      win   lwahe   V>rintSlanCt    US . ' ���������'.-"'      .  -    -'     4-'-<  by  wagontUrlJ IrU^mo X ! Winter     hcadqi,arters, the season be- ������- ������  ^ *~ -^ctSP-S  Cumbcrlantl and Union.    Mr. Thomp-  '?������ "^usually     tavoiablc for  getbng ������  ���������'** .^  'City ol \Jctojij    ,,r  farther north than ever before.   This t0   any..p0l"u  on Esquimalt ^H^rbpt,  '���������'V.1,'     Merchant Tailor,  ! '  ���������'':���������. - (wtlAvenue) i  Fall^iStiaick  im Hand. Call early and  ..     ! i, "  our choice  'IT  i,^i.'^  '���������  . .       p-     ' i ���������������.  (-"*J \*i ** * Cf-*"t* ** H'JftJH.^!^"'' * 1- '  was     evident, he    said,     because no  landing had been made at Noith Star  Smoke L;tUe I'..  Cigars.  ,-.   ��������� o   Hani ware Company.   o���������  as the manager of the extensive whole  sale business of TuTner-Beeton &. Co    o������������������ .  GOOD     NEWS OF PEARY  i-'hiiailclphia. Favorable  news of  Lieutenant  Peary's   latest exped tioh  has wcciv-sel so  much  ;n  search   of the  North  Pole      was'  iraise    and  so     many expressions  of -brou.cnt     to    this   . city.-by  Captain  Frishie, of   the British bark Alkaline,  IN   PRAISE  OF  CHAMBERLAIN'S  KING  OF  ALL  COUGTL MEDICINE  There is     no other medicine 'manufactured that  gratitude as Ohanibe-riain's Cough  Remctly. It is effective, and-prompt  ''Grateful  par-  relief follows its  use.  winch has .iust arrived from the west  coast of Greenland, says the Record.  J have n(w got a .;ood assortment  of Bound Books. Knight's Boole  Store.  FOR   SALE  The HOTEL PORTLAND LEASE,  Furnil/iii".!', etc.. will In: sold al. a  bargain.   For   full   iiiformiiUon   apply  to John (logo,  Proprietor.  ents   everywhere    do not hesitate-to (He stated  that it  was  the intention  testify to   its   merits for the benefit  of others..     It     is a certain, cure for  [croup and  win prevent  the attack   if  given  at  the first   appearance- of   tho  ���������eii.'casc.      It, is especially  adapted to  children',   as   it   is pleasant   do   take  and    contains   nothing  injurious.   Mr-  ���������E. A.  Humphreys,  a w:eli known resident and clerk in the store of     iMr.  Locke, of     Alice. Cake Colony. South  Africa, says:     "I have used ��������� Chamber  Iain's     Cough     Remedy  lo ward off  c-roup     and     colds in my family.      1  found M very satisfactory and it, glLyes-  in/;  pleasure to.reco-mmend . iit."    For  sale by The Ladysmith Pharmacy.  or   in the alternative  to incorporate  a   Company to build the line of rail-  hay      The Aik'abn" airivcd av Higul'!^? scf' m,fc in  the   Acfc ol Incprpt*-  on' October 6 Because of" the ������c- at]on  of thc said- Com^y>   with"the  trente shortness tf the davs she was e^rnaion hcreiniefore mentioned, and  detained eighteen days in 'load,ng the ?��������� a������ ' t������������> Powers contained in tJie  rargo (V c>ial.tc The KMrnc* "^ ARs"I^.B,.U- nn .* ' '^ '  m,m the interiijr stated that thc sea-'   "au3d at Vlctor,a.   B"C".  22nd N������-  vember,   1905.  ROBERTSON &   ROBERTSON,  Solicitors   for   the  Applicants.  son had keen an unusually mild one,  and that autumn was like summer,  excepting for. the long nights. No  icehergs were seen and qnly a small  quantity of >pack ice oil'the west  coast ci Green1 and;;  ''"'The Alkaline'left Ivigut on October  24 homeward bound. 'Furious soulh-'  ��������� west-and- northwest gales were met oQn Fiisf Avenue, jiist above theWes-  wilh throughout the rim.     It was a  I!  sse  tern  Hotel.  JAPANESE     EMBROIDERED  GOODS  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDENG  Orders  Promptly   Executed      LADYSMITH  SCOTCH  STONEWARE  otlee  A. HOWE.ofCHEMAlNUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  Fli A FULL LIKE CF PIRST CLASS MEATS  Perk ard S&usage a specialty  A1R1/1   KlIdHD  A.     HOW  Phone 20 '      '       ���������  We hare just rectived  a  samplt lot of this ware in fancy  Jugs Tea-pott Candle  Sticks Etc.  Our display of  CROCKERY-WARE  is the Largest and Best in  the City  Just suitable for Xmas  AND  ADAM  coiitinuoius battle day after day*with  the elements. S-ovcr0.1.01. thc crew  were injured and the sails were*blown  away. It was decided in view ot of all kinds, including Handkerchiefs,  the hard passage to put in. Liverpool, N. S., where, one of her anchors was lost in a gale.  The Alkaline, was the only vessel  from the United States to visit  Greenland this year. CyroHte, the  .mineral which the vessels go after,  has been to a certain, extent displaced  b.y bauxite, which has been found  rich in almost the identical properties for which cyroliite has been '  sought. .  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUCE  Orders  will  be  delivered  anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low  Ijest possible prices.  j|    Leave orders at Christie1!,, on  t������������  ' Eiplana&t.  James Warncck  -������������������������������������-���������������������������      1 ������������������   m 1.  ui mt   -*+*  Chamberlaie's:  Table-spreads, etc.  COMPLETE TEA  SETS,   VASES,  PICTURE     FRAMES and other  Fancy Japanesa Goods. - 1  Especially   Adapted    For!  Christmas Gifts  Nakashimo &iCo.  FOR Rent���������One of ihe best stores.on  First  Avenue.  $1,000���������Will secure a double corner  lot with two good houses. Best lo;  cation  in town. ���������  ���������>���������;-'���������'  Srfe  Wmifjlsp-mmwvtmfamm  '1:-  'THE RJOIVr TIME TO CHOOSE  YqUR XMAS GIFTS  - lA-.li'ow. when" you eiin exariiine at your leisure the feast of lteauty  " that'We'-Tkiive' provided for   those who  wish   to choose  JEWELS  and 'RlC^f DESIGNS IN JEWELRY. Our stock in ALL its bran-  (rfrts iV:W&^1 .ASSORTED   and Up-To-Datc. '   ���������  ' -^TCHfi^/ CHAINS,   LOCKETS,  BROOCHES      BRACELETS,  ,    NECKLETS, <RINGS;  SCARF-PINS,   LINKS,  TOILET SETS of  Air BtylesfV'V .    ,'-V f!l i .  Kindly gi^*ius a Call and Convince Yourself  Any Article selected NOW Will be Laid aside for you  B.FORCfMriER  ijj  ;!,'    WATC'.iUAKBR,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  * First Aveltuc/ X   X   X      Ladysmith,  B. C  Stoves Stoves  W^ir^JmaUfigthem oijhs Nsjwsst    Pattern and Lates<  \ Styles.  WE do'all kinds of fou ndry work  Ot^r' Prices are Reaaona   ble  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  j  ���������11 and at L������dy������milh[Harc\\are[Company  LSpYSn^TH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  f  ti  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10. per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  ofv2������ per cent collected on the output after it exceeds  $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of  the Minister of the In-  ?fior.  $.J 25���������Cash  and  $'.ip.O-,,'inqrh^ajge?v"^iU'  . secure a first-class resii}ijnc^������ 011."  ond Avenue.       .. , - .  ?50���������Per acre for five acre blocks one  mile from the city.  CARLISLE     BLOCK,  'PHONE   2-4  m^o  mv Ami  Cough Remedy  $12���������Per mouth will rent three good  rooms tr. tne Brick Block., water  and sewer connections.  $375 will secure a fine residence iii the  liesL locality; only $244 more to.  pay at $12 per month. Water, ami.  , all, conveniences. ���������   ,, -      i  $  A month will rent a good house  with four rooms and a good pantry  with  water" attached.  The Children's Favorite  ���������CURES���������  Coughs, Colds, Croup and  "Whooping Cough.  This romody la famous for its cures ovor  nlnrKO part of the civlllsuiil world. It cnu f,  nlwuya 0b doiipnilcil upnu. It conlfilns uu t  ouluro or other hi'.nnful ilniK mid may be , |  eiven ns coultiluutly to n lir.'ny i-.s to an ndull ,  Price 25 cts'; Largo Siao, 50 cts.   ,  53YNOPsiis!op Canadian north  WEST MpiNitJ.TREGULATlbNS.  I CoalT-Coal lands  may be purchas-  spi/at plb pir acre^ lor soft, coal  and  ]$20  for anthracite-   Not more tlian  |J20 acres ca������ oe acquired by one in-  jdividuai orcogQpaay.   Royalty  ..the  irate   e| ten'Centis per ton of a,000  ^pbunda   shali^ jbe collected on tho  grOSS   OUtpujv;     ';  Quartz���������Alfree^mjher's eertiCcate is  igr,anted upol^pa|rrneiik|in yadvapce of  i$f.50  per  annum ^orV^������i4ttdi^jdualj  'and from $50 te? 1100 p'er annum for  a company, according to capital.  . A     free miner, having discovered  mineral in, plabeV nay locate a claim  1,500 x lf500h;feett The fee for recording a clair^ fg  $5.00  ��������� At lea9t'-fl^-Eoust be. expended op  the claim'I'eachj year or paid  to tlie    George     Williams" and"     Anthony- J.  mining recorded ~fa/lieu thereof. When1 Waskett, carrying on trie business of  $f>00 has  beanVexpended  or: paid, the j teamstcis     under the firm name and  style c>r the Ladysmilh Transfer  Company, has this clay brcn dissolved by mutual consot: I. The said  George Williams retirin;v, from the  said partnership, and that the saiel  Anthony J. Waskett will' continue on  Dr. R. B. Diet  Surgeon Demist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High .St. Ladysmith  OPEN  AT  ALL-HOURS.'     "'  NOTICE     OF     DISSOLUTION OF  PARTNERSHIP  NOTICE'     IS' HEREBY    GIVEN  that-the     partnership heretofore existing   between     us,   the undersigned  locator may, fupon. rhaving a survey  made, and upon complying /with other requirement*, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  Deeds,   Wills,    Mortgages,  Contracts   and  Agreements  Drawn.  J. STEWART    ^  Conveyancing     ?n       Notary Public  Phone, 3. ���������     \ <  P. 6. BOX a68  The     patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2| per cent on j the same     business.      All dob Is ow-  the Balea.      *;"��������� ting   or   accruing due  to   the partner-  PL ACER  Joining .claims  generally' ship arc to be paid   to th������ saiel A'n-  " "  "     " thony      J.  Waskett,     and all claims  against* the saiel partnership will be  paid by the said Anthony J. Waskett.  Dated'at Ladysmith   Ibis  15th  day  of Novom.ier,  A.D.,   1905.  GEO.   WILLIAMS,  ANTHONY  J. WASKETT.  Jfc  are" 100 Jeet .square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.!      ; '  A free m-ner ,*Jnay: obtain two leases to dredge for eold of five miles  eAch; fpr-a term- of twenty, years, rc-  ae.walife atth'e^descretioO of the Minister 'of the>Intfripr.  The'lessee shall'-have a dredge    in  operatioa witbii one season from the  !���������:������������������.,-'   :  '���������fl**; ���������'���������'.-


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