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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Dec 11, 1905

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 ���������'���������*���������������   ���������  /���������hi'..- , /  TheiiADYSMiTH Daily Ledger  ^   **/ iQU'..'  ^O"  VOL.2,  MONDAY,   DEC.   11,   1905.  9061 CI ->3ri  PRICE RIVE ' CENTS  r>.  C0S1IY FIRE  SWEEPS Ei  ���������Los ^Vngcles,  Dec 9.���������Every building on Echo mountain  except      the  Mount Lowe observatory, was destro  ed by lire that burned down  the pole  line, cut,  off all  communication     between mountain     and valley, and   at  noon was     sweeping toward . Alpine  Tavern and     Blount Lowe.   At    .ion  the estimated  loss  was"   J00, )���������'���������')  Further  particulars say  l-'iru today swept Echo Muu;!;,in,  destroying all buildings eveeu ������lie  Mo nt Lowe oi sviwatory, and damaging other property. The loss, if  $12(l0,i)<i(i.     Telephone   poles,   railroad  power -Louses,, and  much valuable ma- |jiU   wer(1 (jf Uie Mp lrkjlsk .aI1(j the  was destroyed.    Commiiiiica- , lo1u, was ,)Urnea aiul ^sack<5l|. !   .  I    Gtnerul Madriloss,    '-commander cf  -   CITY OF HARBIN  Seize Government  Stores  Iucluding Arms and Ammunition of Vladirostock  MM  bit  And Attack   Harbin, Killing Hundreds-Fired on  ' Hospitals  ���������. -  New York,  from  Moji,   J a] an,  This   afternoon   Constable  Cassidy  qfliarantined     the  steamship Riedar,  seven   of the     cicav     suffering  from  Traucoma of the  eye.  The Reidar arrived.in port, yesterday afternoon from San������ Francisco  and a''numbcr of the sailors complain^  ing of eye trouble, the captain this  morning sent for Dr. Frost, who, after   examining  the   men,   pronounced   ;���������    ��������� '   '    'f them ,to be  suffering   from  Traucoma  \'' -'   ���������" ~  '/   <'"   *-       ''of the eye.- As  the disease is     eca-  Dec.   11.-A'despatch ������laRpous Customs Officer Conway gave  tells  of the. 1 om-  brdcrs   that   the ship  bo'jq'iiaranlined.  chiuery was destroyed. Communication by wire~anil travel by railroad  was cut off, and persons at the Casir-  no and railway hotel had to flee on  MjI to the hills. Twice the flames  threatened the Mount Lowe observatory, but bard work saved the building and its valuable contents.  The (ire started just after daylfeak  at the foot-of the trail  where      the  Pacific  Electric      Company's  Mount  Lowe line  enters  Rubio  Canyon. The  flames swept rapidly  up  the face of  of, the. huge buttress of  Echo Mountain ami enveloped     the row of buildings that lined the edge of the bluff.  The power house that served the incline railway,     the Mount Lowe ex-  bardincnt of Harbin by  Russian  mu-;Mr_ CassmV has a   man  watching the  .lineers.   The despatch  says  the     re-, boat  this afternoon      and   while "she.  j remains ���������   in   port  only   the  captain  will be allowed to come ashore.  loyal troops, engaged the rebels and  hundreds ������were -killed  on   both  sides.'  The  mutineers journeyed  to Vladivostok on a captured express train,;   ami  seized a large quantity of government  stores, including rifles and,cartridges  ami several field "pieces1.^. Returning' to  Harbin,   they   commenced  the "bombardment.- Bullets. Were kept whizzing  through- the  streets and  two hospitals  were struck,  several of the ��������� Patents inside being killed.  The ship Irkutsk-was burned." The  rebels marched, through the streets  singing, and people are fleeiug the  city.                           - ,      '     ���������  _ o   tension, and the enormous searchlight1  were destroyed,  and all  the  machin-Jix WAS HIS ;,  ery  is ruined.. The  Casino and     the j FORTIETH; PANTHER.  laiiway compayy's  hotel  located  300      Mr    Jones,   who  lives'at the foot  feet  apart,   caught  fire about      the  ' of Mount Prevost,  oh ���������Thursday last  same  U'nie.    Long  before" the  flames   brought to ��������� the Government Agent at  reached the settlement     the persons   Duncans, his fortieth panther     head  who  lived   there had  fled fox safety  i and skin to get the .bounty of $7i50,  says the Cowichan. Leader.   It   was  a large'-beast and had  killed    ' two;  sheep.   Mr.   Jones seldom'fails     to  bag the bruits,- and ��������� this one fell     a  victim  to his  ;unerring, aim,; as ,  did:  thirty-nine, others.-'  This.-is surely a  into- the hills. Thellames passed across ihe high plateau on which the  Echo Mountain Settlement stood, towards the observatory, situated a  short distance from Echo Mountain,  on the side of a high hill. Here the  men, be strenuous effort diverted the record for panthers 0n Vancouver Is  course of the' flames so that      they  land. '������������������_���������"''":      ���������-- ' i  passed around the buildings. The fire i. ti _ .-    ^���������>  has mounted on the first line of Urn-j It may l������''the"tecord^for' the rtun-  ber and entered the belt of pine trees cans .section, "but'-if'r fthe^ Leader -men'  on the higher range. The buildings he������ would only sit around some of our,'  stroyed wexc.erected at a great ex~ . hotels^nd keep, tab, ,he would And!  pense and the, raising of the heavy that while" his'mantis? a Saul,^''our-  power house machinery to the top of men (when thei hunting season is-ov-  the incline cost a small  fortune. er) are Davids. -'���������=;. i;.'''!   *  EX-PREMIER BALFOUR  OPENS CAMPAIGN  Dec.  9.���������Arthur J. I3ai   Liberals on  the issue of Chinese   la-  Manchester  four,   now  party in the United Kingdom, opened,    Here     the   former premier became  ': *" L~    severely   denunciattoiy..    He said the  leader of the Opposition   bor in ^ South Africa.  the campaign in a stirring speech before his Manchester constituents today with the utmost frankness The  former premier explained the resignation of his government, was on the  ground of- pxpe.Uency, showing! that  the step had been carefully considered  for some time and that it was evidently contemplated by Mr. Balfour  during the greater part of the year.  Mr. Balfour defended the action of the  Unionist government in its retention  of office on the ground that it was  essential to wait until the Anglo-  Japanese treaty was finally concluded and other necessary features of  the government program were carried out. This had been done with  the exception of the Disttrtliubioin  Bill, an outline of which had been  given to' parliament, but divisions  within the Unionist party led the  government to the conclusion that it  would be impossible at present to  carry out measures which denanded  abso.ulo unity. Without 'going at  any length imto the probable pie.'.-  form of the L berais the former premier poked fun at the Jaberai protest  against being forced to accept office,  and ridiculed the efficacy of a party  composed of so many factions. He  laid the lash of sardasm on what he  declared to be their attempts boi avoid making Home Rule the leading is-  JA number of ships are said to have  been quarantined in San Francisco  rcoeotly. 1 hese are from Chinese and  Japanese ports and it is chiefly Orientals who arc the sufferers. The dis  ease is prcinlcnl in Miotic countries  and 'it is not oi'l.n foi.nd on this  coast.  ,     . o   DOES THE  MAX  rruREL  A      man  '  out hunting sees a fo\-  -sqluirrel  on a tree.He starts  round ona  side to get a better     shot,  and the  crafty old squirrel  slips  around  the  tree also, being constantly on the opposite side  of  the  tree and   keeping  body of the tree between himself and  the  hunter.       When- the.  hunter  has  been clear around  the tree  to      the  spot,from which he  started,  and the  s aiirrel has been around  the  tree to  Hie place from which he staited.has  the-man been around  the squirrel or  not?  The-above question is agitating the  citizens of Duncans. Who can settle  it?  The Excelsior Dancing club       will  hold   a,meeting  tonight,  and  all  the.  members  a--e   Le(rmesled   to   be   present.'   The regular dance'in connection  with the clul. ta������es  place  in Gould's  Hall   on  Wednesday   evening.  .'   ' BENEFfTS OF DISEASE.  -  SOUASVIISH INDIANS' SOC-  GESSFULJPOTLATCH  Chief Billy and His   Wife  Make Many Valuable  Presents  Give Tribesmen and Their  ������qaawsB aakets and Gorgeous Shirtwaists  C  Liberals had won hye-eiections by unscrupulous disregard'for truth.   '.'Let  us forget if     we can" he   said, "the  pragram by     which tlicy endeavored  to blacken our political ,iife. providing  that when    they are iri a responsible  position they     <'o net I indie a feeling  amc.ng wir eoiinie.,   v,lich, I believe,  if once' kindled   ������������iii n. >t be easily extinguished. ?.Ir.   i:aiiour     made a  strong plea for unity.during the elections      He     hoped that tha new administration v.,I  n i( handed ,backi the  it'ins to the   l'j..cMiis'.s would be able  t|i point to a record equally creddt-ai. ej  to the country. lie  predicted the  failure of the     Liberals to carry out  their program;     which he understood  was the upsetting of many things accomplished     by the Unionists, but lie  l.otped  that they  would stick to, their  resolution  to'"follow  the  lines of  the  foreign policy of the Unionist government.   The     meeting: oc-nciudecl  with  llie passing     of a vote of confidence  in ivir. Balfour, whereupon the former  premier resp6nding said he had much  to say    concerning   the   Unionist  and  Libera1 platforms' but  that  he. would  reserve It |>r a more fitting occasion, j They  inflamed;   possibly they   suppur-  He declared    he intended  to lead  the'aleii.    The  subject   of this   condition  opposition     through      the  campaign-'grumbled   and     deplored   misfortune,  "The party elected me its leader and which,    in addition     to     his wound  I propose to carry the'great   mission'(which  was  trouble enough)  had giv-  I am porfecb! en him   an inflamed   hand,   and   now a  sections of  lender   gland   under  his  arm.       The  Popukir  mis'.-oncoptions   with       ic  gard   to disease  was the theme of a.u  address    delivered   by  Sir   Frcdeiic1:  Treves  to    Edinburgh     Pnilosoplncal  Institution recently.  Sir  Frederick Treves said  the prevailing idea  of disease  was   of something   that  was     woeful  and  malignant,    e\ii in origin  and     in    intent,  evil in   effect.   The popular view was  that disease  was a calamity,  that its  end was   destruction, and   that it was  purposeless except  in  the  one direction   of doing  harm.    Tlis contention,  however, was   that tlici'c was nothing  preternatural     m disease,    that     iLs  phenomena or symptoms were marked  by  purpose, and that purpose      was  beneficent.       The processes  of disease  he  held,  aimed  not    at lhe������ destruction of life,  but at the saving of it,  and the  manifestations  were   the outcome  of a natural effort  towards     a  cure.   Disease,   as popularly   reali'/.cd,  was  not,   iii   his opinion,   one  of   the  good   gifts,   for its   origin   was   benevolent and  protective.   Tf it  were not  for disease in the popular  sense    Ihe  human     race would   soon   be extinct.  Sir Frederick gave  the illustration of  the processes   in  the  healing  of      a  wound,  and described  the battle    between     im acting       micro-organisms  which  sought  to poison   the body and  the germs in   the blood acting  on the  defence.    Should   the   invading   force  beat  the first line of defence and find  away   to   the channels   of   the  body,  then   a stand   as  vigorous   was   made  at the second circle of entrenchments,  the  lymphatic glands.    In   the case of  a wound of the hand  the glands under  the arm  opposed  the.  invading host.  The most largely attended potiatch  given  by the Squaim'sh   Indians     for  several  years was brought to a most  successful conclusion on Tuesday night'  last,  when     Charley Douglas     free-  handedly spread his hospitality before  three  hundred. Indians,   says   a Vancouver  despatch.    Included       among  those who attended tjie affair, which  look    place      in     Squamish    Valley,  about seven   miles  above the  mouth  of the river of the same name, were  Indians     from   Cowichan, Musquiam  and  False Creek.  ,The pollach lasted  ubout   a week  and  an  interested attendant      was   Provincial  Constable  Muni-o, who saw to it that no liquor  was consumed by  the Indians.  The best potiaching done on this  occasion was by" old Chief Billy, of  bhe Sqtiamish tribe, who gave away  several bundled dollars' .worth of  blankets to the A'isitors1, while his  wife dispensed dozens of the most  gorgeous-hiied shirtwaists among the  women of the tribesmen. Dr. Jim  furnished food for the gathering in  bountiful  supply onNseveral occasions.  Potiaching is against the law. The  government considers "that the Indians will impoverish themselves at  these festivities, but according to an  accounts Chief Billy and Dr. Jim are  not li)-oVc, althoucji there are some  doubts about the financ til standing  of Charley Douglas, who is not rated  by  Bradstrcet or Dunn.   o   WHATSARA  BERNHARDT SAID  SCOTCH LASSIES  PROOF AGAINST  LOCAL WOOING  sue.   and   said     whether or not they  were ashamed of it, they were Home entrusted to my hands.  Rulers, and      so   they  would  remain,   ly confident that from  Mr. Balfour plainly indicated tnjtit thci.  the party,     be the    minor differences hlame  was  ill   placed.    It  was     the.  Unionist   attack   'would   be centered  what they   may;-. I shall receive that slolT  a!I over  "-R11"1   o[ Uellert.  the  on the Home Rule record of the Lib-' support which     I have never wanted >"aitliful.   but      misunderstood  hound.  erals while   the    Unionists  would use   for in the past.'!': .     TlliH-  tto-   was the   H������������amation .(hat,  their own  records  on Home, Foreign!    Throughout  his. speech  Mr.  Balfour';was -regarded  as *^��������� disease,       a  and   Colonial     policies   as  their  bui-! made no    reference to Joseph Cham-<" 01  wark of.   defense.   He   challenged the  beriain or his fiscal policy.  ���������First  Subfirbniiitov���������'Was   your   garden a success this  year?  Second Suburbanite���������You;bet       it  was.   My next door neighbor's chickens  took the  first  prize at the  poul  try shoiv.   ������������������o   Mike���������Qi's  drowning,  Pat! '  Pat���������Can't you  float?  "Certainly     not,  ye fulc!    A feller  has to be drowned  a week- before  can float. V  Professor W.r'D.'. Miller, of the University  of Berlin,   who  recently     arrived   in this  country,  besides being  famous  as a bacteriologist-  and dentist, holds the golf championship  of  Germany and Australia.  <    t ��������� _____o   The Sari Indians make an odd  shaped contrivance of piaitol wicker  work,  with  a hole at the top   thro-u-  calamity. It was to the  multitude a,disorder whose symptoms  must be combated by every means  within the surgeon's power. In reality it was a wholly benevolent i>rc-  i-ess, with one purpose, that of protecting the body, and one aim. that  of cure. Tf it failed it was only because the task was impossible, never  because the generous intention faltered.  Lord  Roscbery  (who occupied    the  chair)   made graceful  reference  to the  services      rendered  by   Sir   Frederick-  Ottawa,   Dee,   II.���������Sara  Hcrhivrdt  has   received    the  following  telegram  fi'bm  Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who is   in  Quebec:  "Quebec, Dec.   !).���������To  Madame Sara   I'.ci'nhardl,  Ottawa,   Ont.:  "I  relict,  madamc,   more than     1  can say, the sets  of violence of which  you  and  your company  were victims  as you left Quebec.   I only learned on  my arrival hero yesterday what had  lalv'on  place the  night  before,  and    I  express   to  you   the univcisai   regret  caused by beh.uior so unworthv     of  the  well   known   character  of  a city  so   remarkably careful   of  its renowned  hospitality and  courtesy.   As . to  wh.it was said by the "L'Evenmcnt"  pay Jio  attention   to  it;   it is a newspaper, which for mc does Jiot counts  ("Signed)    WILFRID   LAURIER."  i\Imc.  Bernhardt sent the following  reply to  Sir Wilfrid  Laurier:  '*!   thank you,   sir,   and   1 wish    to  .say   to you and   repeat   to  you   that  no  rcprescntaliie  of  L'Evenmcnt was  present at the jnler\iew,  winch   was  most friendly.   1  ,<--aid     Canada     had  become a great financial country,  and  that  agriculture  ami  made immense  progress,   but   I saw  neither  a great  artist  nor a great  sculptor nor      a  great litterateur.   I do not doubt, sir  but  that the cowardly attack is the  result  of  antagonism  that has  nothing  to do  with patriotism.     I  shake  your  hand.  "(Signed; SARAH  BERNHARDT"  WILL ESTABLISH  v-B. N. A. BANK  AT DUNCANS  Victoria,   Dec.   11.���������(Special)��������� The  British North American BaokSng Cojn .  pany      have   decided    to    establish, a ,  bra'ii'.h    all   Duncans and   A. \V. ^an- j  ham,   of   this     City,    wiU be put in,  ch.irp-c   o   D. E. Salmon, ' who resigned as  chief of the bureau of animal industry .of the il.epart.ment of agricultural  has been offered a place by the government of Uruguay, which proposes  establishing a system of beef inspection, and desires Dr.-Salmon to take  charge.  The    Nanaimo     Free     Press says:  Mr. Cowie,  the herring expert who  has  been here since Nov. 4 instructing the local fishing companies in the  methods of curing' and preparing the  herring for the market, will leave on  Monday  for Ottawa,  where he     will  he  a week  making     a report   on his  work in Canada, and then will proceed to his home in Scotland, where  he has fishing interests and acts as  expert for some of the -largest^fishing  concerns in  that country.  Mr. Cowie has been in Canada for  about eight months together with the  Scotch lassies giving lessons and instructing the different fishing companies opfcrat'rig on both coasts, le  started in with six girls, but iiree  of them fell victims to the .unorous,  wooings of the Nova Seotiaswai r-,  aind are now married and settled-down  in the Maritime Province. ���������  ' The other treec, .Misses Campbell,  Gault and Wood, however, have been  proof agninst the charms of the entire fishing community from coast_.to  coast, and will also leave on Monday attended, by Mr. dimming, the  expert cooper, for their homes in  Lossiemough,     Murrayshire. The  Scotch lassies of Loesiemough are  very seldom known to marry outside  of their own community, and the  three young ladies,returning Monday  have upheld- the traditions of their  own  town  against  tremendous  odds.  Mr. Cowie is holding his opinions1 of  the fishing industry as carried on  here, of course, until he makes his  report to the department atOttawa,  but he stated this morning that the  Nana.inio-product is the equal of any  in Canada, and although the herring  here were smaller than-in the Old  Country, in other ways, with regard  1o quality and flavor, they would  compare very favorably.  He sees great possibilities ahead for  the development,of the Nanaimo business, and sees no reason why next  year Nanaimo companies should not  have representatives through Canada  and  the States pushing sales.  Throughout both North and South  America there is almost an. unlimited  market He is very pleased with  the' enthusiasm shown by the Nanaimo people who are following out his  instructions so implicitly, being determined to place on the market not  the greatest quantity, but the best  quality of goods.  Before leading Mr. Cowie has very,  kindly had printed lists of instructions of the Scotch methods of treat  ing herring and has presented all the  local fishermen iin the business-%\\ith a  copy.  NEW MINISTRY  OF GREAT BRITAIN  Earl of Aberdeen the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland  and Grey  Lord High Chancellor  Lloyd George and John Burns  Get Places in the Campbell-  Bannerman Cabinet  London, Dec. 11.���������The new British  ministry will be as follows: Prime  minister and first lord of the treasury, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannermaii;  secretary of the stale for foreign af-  fairs, Sir Edward Grey; lord high  chancellor, Robert Threshie ,Reid, K.  C; chancellor of the excehquer, Her.'  bert Henry As^uith;, secretary of  slate for India, John Morley; secre-.  tary of state for1 the colonies. the  Earl of Elgin; secretary' of state for  home affairs, Herbirt John Gladstone  Lord  lieutenant of Ireland,  the Earl  of  Aberdeen; chief secretary for Ireland,  James Bryce; first lord* of the  admiralty, . Baron Tweednouth;  presi-i  dent of     the-board of trade, Lloyd'  George; secretary     local government  boa-id, J. Burns; secretary of   state  for  Scotland,   J,  Sinclair; (secretary  of Beard  o.f Agriculture,  Earl    Car-'  riiigton,  lord of the    council,    Earl  Crewe;  lord of privy seal,  Martniis'bl  'Ripon;   chancellor of   Duchy   of Lancaster, S.   H.' 'Fowler,  pair.  ALLCOMERS FOUR,  GOOD TEMPLARS ONE  The     Association foot|fell game on  the  Bunker   grounds  yesterday  afternoon,      the Good Templars vs.   Allcomers,   was  played in 'excellent weather  and  before a large  crowd       of  people,   the match resulting in a victory  for the  Allcomers,   the score being 4-1.  Im the first half not a goal -was  scored, and it was past the middle  of the second half before the ball was  put.through the posts by the Good  Templars. At the opening of the  game the Allcomers showed by far  the best form, and quickly took the  ball   to   their  opponents'   goal,   where  more interesting. ' Michie and O'Con-.  nell  made some good  rushes; passing  nicely, but it was some time before  they got the ball past the G-.T. goal-  Keeper.    M.   O'Connell  did   the, trick  eventually.     The G.T.'s'made  a determined rush after this,  and  Cdnliit  was hept busy inthe  Allcomers' goal  A comer     was kicked   and   the  goalkeeper    sent the ball clown the field,  where it was kept until McNeil shots  successfully-   The Allcomers  had little   trouble   in   bringing   their   scoie~  to four, O'Connell and McNeil   both  successfully     shooting.   Allsopp, for  the  Good  Templars,* plaved   a    veiy  nice game, but 1he scar "of that aggre-*  several shots were preditably stopped gation   was  T.   McMillan.    '.  rullcn  by the good custodian.  Later the G. 'refereed  impartially.  TV" pulled up     bit and   worked   the j    Now that the young.er players havo  ing was wild.    After  the   first'half'of' opened  the  season'here it is  to    be  nail  down the field,  but- their shoot-   hoped  they will arrange matches fre-  the first  portion  of  the game       the   qucntly��������� weekly     il  possible.   Up  to  play was fairly .even. The  Allcomers'! the present they have had  but littla  SPORTING  EDITOR  PASSES  AWAY  ��������� ���������o-  he   gh which the occupier crawls at night Treves   to his     country in       South  J to,sleep,-  Africa.  Tic���������You  know  some   one  has   said,  ";:f you would make a lasting-.pair, of  boots  take  for  the sole  the  a woman.  She���������Yes,   a������id   for the   uppers    the  check o������ the man who said it.  A  despatch     from  Vancouver  says  the death occurred at St. Paul hospital at that city Friday morning of  T G. Tarron, spoiling editor of the  Vancouver Proiince. and one or the  best known spoiling writers in Brit  ish Coiumio'a- The iate Mr. Fairon  was analiie son. having beem born  in Victoria, and lived for many ycais  on Pandcna Avenue oppr������;ite the  Methodist Metiopoiitan chuieh. He  uas educated in Victoria, being a pupil of St Louis college for many  terms, and went to Vancouver, when  a youth, with his parents. He leave.-;  a mother, brother, sister and grandmother to moiirn him. Alter leaving St. Louis college he was articled  as a clerk in a Victoria law office,  but failing health caused him to  see'i other employment. About ten  years ago he i oined the staff ,cf the  Vancouver Province and has since been  associated with the Vane fciver yapcr.  In the newspaper world Mr. Far-  ron was known as tone of the cleverest and best writers on the Pacific  Coast. His sketches on local topics  under th? caption, "The False Creek  Record/' nt traded wide attention  and other sketches and poems published ��������� in the. Vancouver Province  adaiirod. A good spet'i-  humor was a burlesque o'  a the lat-j G. \V Stevens  in an article descriptive of the visit  of the Vancouver militia to Steves-  ton at the time of the fishermen's  strike This article appeared under  the head "With Worsnop to Steves-  ton.'" The newspaper fraternity of  British (YUin'il:>'a. as well as the  Province, has sustained a loss by his  diath.  Mr.' Farran was of a genial disposition, and although he was the victim  of an ineural'ne ailment, maintained  itis optimism to the last. He was  very noinvlar Imlb in Vatrouver and  Victoria'aod his friends���������he Jiad no  onguc of enemies���������win sustain a great loss by  his death. Tie was unmarried  and  lived  with     his mother and sister  were much  men of his  the style  goal-keeper,   Conlin,  did  some excellent   work.  The second half was opened'by an  exhibition pf rather poor piay on  both sides, but when McMillan, for  the Good Templars, scored, with" a  \ery neat shot, there began to be  something  doing,   and  the  play   was  .practice, but from the play placed on  j exhibition by some of them  ���������������cslerday]  it is clear  that a very good   inteime-<  j diate  team      could   be  picked   from  their     "numbers, one that with .practice,  would be able to hold  its own  with any other intermediate  team on  the  Island.  INDIAN BLAMED  BOYS FOR MURDER  Vancouver, Dec. !)(h.��������� ,  ���������lames     Ford and    Harry Weigiedi,  two Hardy    May  Indians, had an ex'  eced.n-gix     narrow  escape   on Novum-;  I cr   22 from     committal on the uglv  I'd   trial on the charge of perjury because   he   swore before the coroner's  inquest   that the   two boys fired,this  shot which killed Rice.  1 he    police  suspect  that  Rice was;  .lursre  of murder in the case of  thei killed,by Wctsistaia, and on that the-.  1-iiiuig of Louie Rice at-Hardy Bay  on  the  nighi   of November  19. |  As a matter of fact the jurors at  ! he coroner's inrjuest held at Alert  Bay on November li and 22. c'jid  bring >n. on the evidence of an Indian  named Wctsistaia- , a verdict that  Louie Rice came to.-'his death at the  'hands of the two, boys. As a result  ��������� >f thisc verdict the boys' were arrested, and the latest | base of this  \ery. mysterious case was made  known upon the arrival of Const/able  Wnilarott wish Wctsistaia 'm charge  on a charge of perjury. Wctsistaia.  eiei'U-d for a speedy tiial niul he will  come up at the spiing Assizes. j  Wctsistaia   finds   himself   commit ted  IMPRISONED   PENNIES. -  The enormous decrease in the. coinage of pennies, haH-penuies and farthings, from ������ IIS,'IDS) worth in 1!!02  to ������77,<S!l5 worth in 1 JIO I is ;ln aftermath oT the boom in pennies'caused by the greatly extended use of  penny-in-fhe-siot machines a few years  ago,  says  the  London Express.  The experts in coin production state  that     there    was   something like  a  "penny     famine," said one of      the  London and   Southwestern  Bank managers.   "For instance,   we think nothing of receiving  at one city branch of  our   bank ������.100  worth  of  pennies      in  one week,  and  the great  producer  oi  pennies is Peckham.    Many       branch  banks where business men run in and  ask   for  a sovereign's   worth   of  pennies get their  supply of coppers from  Peckham.  "The secret of this is the penny-in-  in the-slot  gas meter.    The South  Mc-  ory they will collect evidence between now and the spring Assizes1*  After the coroner's jury had rendered)  its verdict aganst the two boys Wet,-,  sistaia is alleged to. have cobfcs.se.-l  that he o fmmitlcd perjury. Upon!  this becoming known the boys were  released and AVetsistaia received a1  preliminary hearing and was commiVr  led for trial on the charge of per-*  jury.  On ihe afternoon of November I!)  Rice, Wctsistaia and .Rice's klooch!  left. Fort Rupert in a canoe for Hardy Bay. They arrived at their des1-  lillation wih the body of R������ce lyin.!j  in the bottom of th.; canoe. He wasr  dead,  though the body was warm.  3BT t  men who spend their time in empire  ing the pennies out of household motel's bank the money ' at Peckham, an $  mill.'ons of pennies are poured into  our branches' in the Peckham district!  At present we find the demand for.  big packets of pennies  brisk." .  One. of   the secretaries of +,he Soutli  Metropolitan Gas  Company jgavc   ail  account  of  the five  weeks'   imprisonment  of millions  of pennies.  "We  have  182,000 penny-in-tlic-siot  gas  meters.   A large corps  of   inspectors spend their time, in going round  emptying  these.    They      get   around  this   enormous   number   of  meters every  five  weeks.      It is quite  a usual  thing  for them   to empty out   2,500,-  OOOpennies in a few days.   These mil-'  lions   of pennies have been  locked   ui>  for   [\vc  weeks   in   many cases,   and if  we    let   the emptying  process   stand  still very long we should make a m  terial  difference to the  stream      oi  Vancouver.  tropolitan. Gas Company's army    of, copfters in circulation."- v DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every  day except Sunday-  3Y       TIIE       DAILY.       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION "PRICE  10 cents  a  month;    $5  per  year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.4  MONDAY,   DEC.   11,   1905.  WHAT DEFIES  TIME.  .,���������,fft,fIt5e,���������Iv,v,I,,v, *tvy %  ^       DAVID SPENCERf     t  (Nanaimo) Lid.  gjThis will be an easy-Xmas  sgfor you-Co'me to the Storey  ifwe'll let you into the secret  *^& ������T������ ������**S ������*!% ������*r������ ^*������  TOYS  It has long been a saying that nothing  defies   time;   and that  time  ends  an things etc.   Now comes forward a /^fi  Hungarian chemist,   Brunn,   who says  ^.jg  he has discovered a i fend chemical  35������ Better and  Cheaper   Th:n   Ever���������Opening Display   on  compound  which  r''^v? certain kinds   ^2~*  ofnia1'      proof a.-'irs1   tb������ '-Reels of  3&  INNUMERABLE  ir   Th:n   Ever���������Of  SATURDAY, DFX 9th.  time,    he asserts   that  il  doubles the    J*3 p/"\/"\ Lf C2  density of nearly c\ery Mud of stone  and  renders  it waterproof-    It       imparts   to   all metals   qualities  which  <'efy oxygen and rust.   II is also  ^**  BOOKS  BCMKS!  .^iSfB  germicide  of hitherto  uncqualcrl  poff-^  ers. The piofessor says thai while  11 aiding in Greece some twenty-five  years ago he noticed that the mortar'.^j&,  jn stones and ruins which were known* , &$'  fto be o\cr 2,000 years old, was as ' .-"^  3 -rd, fresh and tenacious as if it had . ^aja  JfVen made only a year. He secured  .1 piece of the mortar and has been  .voikm*: on it ever smce until now  nvhen he soys, he has discovered t<he  F'jcrei.  The     compound is a yellow liquid,  Which the     proressor has  christened  y.orenc.      He describes-the  following  experiments:' A   piece or ordinary and  eas.ly     breakaMc. slag  after  immersion in zorene dc(ie<i the full blow    of  a hammer.    There  was  the   same    effect,   on ordinary   bricks   and   a  block  of  red jairah  wood.    All  three were  then   immersed   in   water   for  a  long  t'ime.'   When   taken  out  and  weighed  with  delicate scales  the  presence    of  a single     particle of added'moisture  could not be detected. Two pieces  of  steel submitted  to an ammonia Ic.'.l  equal to five years'  exposure to   U-'  air emerged     frc.ni  the bath as they  entered it. '  '  An ordinary     table knife which had  lain  open five months  did  not show  .   the slightest stain.  Professor Brunn  asserts thai he will be able to make  roads,     dust,  germ and waterproof,  thus  giving   a commercial   value      to  hundreds  of millions of tons of  slag  which is   now useless in the mining  and smelling districts. His discovery  will, at the very least, he says, double the life of metals exposed to the  air, such as in bridges, railroads', vessels and tanks.   o   FAME'S  PATHWAY.  The King of  Spain in   the even ;ig  generally  rides  in  the   palace grounds  and   after   a simple  repast   generally  retires about 11. o.'clock.  V    v������/    i*i  TTs     7Fs    -������'*   .  For Boys, Girls, Children, Young and Old "  "ElsJ-- V Boo s for Girls, 25c. Each .  lien y's Books for Boys, 5oc.  Hundreds  of different kinds     01   Ladies' and    Childreus'  Handker-  t-<5^   rhie's from 25c   doyen l  --?* FLRS  \l^S UMBRELLAS  s^IIANJ) BAGS  3* PURSES  SUGGESTIONS  ������ft VSS A ������s & Sv  COLLARS FANCY ARTICLES "  FANCY  LINEN .   CALENDARS  FANCY PINS     BURNT LEATHER  XMAS   CARDS   CUSHIONS,   KU'.,   ETC.  ���������~]5   No display to 'ne found lo equal  ������=45 ������Ours.        We'\e Cot the Clooiis,  3*  Too���������the Prices are Right.  ^* MENS'  TIES'  SUSPENDERS  GLOVES, UMBRKLL-.S, TIE  PINS', CUFF BUTTONS, IIO-  "1ERY, SHIRTS, Etc ,  lUc.  Boot* Shoe Dept.;  Shoes to suit every .person, to  suit every condition of Wea-1  ther. For Evening- ) Wear,  Street Wear, House Wear,  Something nice in ' CROCHET:  SLIPPERS, MENS' SLIPP  PERS, INFANTS' SHOES,  Etc. sfctc.  JD; Spencer^  _ Nana{ m0. Limited  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that I. the  undersigned, will apply at the next  regular sitting of the Licensing  Board on December 15th for the  transfer of the retail liquor license  held-by me for the' Wheatshcaf hotel, located  in Cedar District,.      to  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  Appointments-may be made at any  time for dental work' at Dr. Dier's  on High street st  The Cherry Riiband, S. R. Crocket's  latest book, and The Passing of the  Race, by D W. Higgins, at-Kuight's  Book Store.  The late   Baron  Alphinso RothcbiUl j Fnoeh SagC>  of Nanaimo:  used to say long  ago that  the  days  of. the millionaire   ���������'.���������<   Europe     ..vcr.'*  about over,'���������,but  In Icf.' u. ' forl/cn.-'    >.  approximately   ?!".0,(ii!P,000.  Lord Elgin  claims   to  be the       direct  descendant -of the male  line    of  ���������King Robert of Bruce,  whose sword  and  helmet  are  kept  at   Bvoomhall.  Hcvis a godson  of  Queen  Victoria-  JAMES  YATES,  Cedar District,  Nov.  7th,  1905.  ^anwwnw  fil  .'if>  Solicitor,  Ete.  iy  to   loan  -    i. \) /. j  Direct From France���������Tooth,, shaving,  hair  and  clothes   brushes. A spleiKliid  assortment at the Ladysniith Pharmacy. '���������������������������-.-'.'   ���������o ���������   WANTED���������By Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (nian or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. Previous experience' not essential to en  gaging.  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street  Chicago,  111., U.S.A.  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BK"  WINES, LIQUORS. CIGAR*  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  Bestaecomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fiabiu* inI "'jloinity.  A. J. McMURTRlE. Proprietor LADYSMITH. B. C  j,-     * -, 5j.it -    , , ff,-  Esqnimalt | & Nanaimo Railway  .-������������������*���������*��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'������������������������������������������  Time Table No. 57,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLRND  T JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates.  The bar is extra well  Stocked  The New Western  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fittcdup and well supplied ani'is in cha:  JOS. PELIJGRINELLI  *ocs r.!  This Hotel has   been completely   Board and lodging $1.00'per day.  'renovated.  ,  .  EFFECTIVE SATURDAY", OCT. 21st, 1905.  Trains leave; Ladysmith for Victoria and all intermediate stations    at  9:10 a m.,:daily, and-at ^4.00-p.m. on  Wednesdays,     Sat'irdafys   and   Sundays^ ,.-     ^,'..',' ,'  ' Trains; leaver Ladysmith.fe for Well ington and all intermediate stations  at 11.57/a.A.. daiiy, ai*j:atj������.���������0 p.m. on Wedr* days, Saturdays and  Sundays.    .->'"'  " EXCUBSIOfcv TICKETS :ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  r.i fer;,g6iog0ourney " ----���������- ���������       - ~-.J.���������* __,.__ i. ,.4���������_.u__  the following ilftaday.  good for;.,gQiafjjourneyvj Saturdays and Sundays" returning-not later than  Off fKMtf     .,---���������  i!.   .     ! V    '   '       '  1 Sails Cram, Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m. and  returaugrsai,!^ (rwa .yancouyer.  for Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  Steamer Joan-  -T2BBITO?ip^rn'r.,| i ��������� i\: v \  81 Govii Streets Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &. Pass. Agt  JOHN Tr'A, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: ���������-: >  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  jr. 3sz s  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  .s  ' Best accommodation for transient  irid permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  :,This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  d-te. Rates $1.00 a day and ������p-  w \rds.  WM. BEVBR1DQE, Prop.  ���������������������laaai������ :~: :-- ���������-: >-: La*yB������ltk  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  ���������mEDOMAK'.  Leads Them    All  ���������IN QUALITY  -:o>  R.P.RITHE1,,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :-:   -   .-:' :���������'B.C  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rates $1.25 and^LBO-1- j  Free bus to all steamboat landings ������no.  railway depots. Electric cars every nV*  minutes to all parts of  the city'.   Bsij  and table.unexcelled.'  i  F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,.,,  ABBOTT  ST., VANCOUVER B; O.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B, C.  McKinnell &Woobank.,  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First Claim  Commercial Mens' headanarters.  Fire Proof    Buildiag^  HOTEL U LAND  (T. J. Wcllman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One. block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets   Telephone,; 1-4.  .1  I      THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      i  I  TO! FERNIE,   B. C.  "J'S������dDO*j- Re������U Up  9p.BV;I,v.  VfCTOHA. Arr.   4.00 p. m.  . 8.00 p. px. Ly. : -ai������ttle    'Arr.'9.00 a.m.  ' 9.at p'. tn, Ait; ^ Svcrctt: JArr. 7.30 a.m:  4.3o������.m: Arr. SPOKANB Arr 7.45 P������i  6.1s p.mArr. ^c'sJord .Arr ia.30 p. in.  i8.wi,p.-,m,;Ar.;,?' KUpe.An-. 10142 a.m.  - 9.00 p.m.   Am' - FciMe   I.V.9.5S ������   m.  ",!,  '/*"  ''ONJB'NI.GHT--  Ta ail Kiottaiay .Points4  TVSp   NIGHTS   ;  '   {to   ,; Winnipeg amd; St. Paul  Oose .Connections^' ',  ; 'jFor/.'Chlcagbi, Toronto.  r MontreaiVand   :  All Points East & West  ;"���������'��������� Acetylen^ ���������  Lighted - 'Cars;���������'  "   ������Famiiy ��������� ^ourist Sleepers,  'Palace Sleeping Cars-  ���������"'  Dining    pars (Meals a  la  ^-- Ca;rte).  ':    Library Observation - - Cars  Through;,' tickets and bag-  .   gage checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  :���������;.-;    Forticke^s. maps,, berths .  . 'I reservations,   .and^complete ,  1 ���������^ information,; jcau..on - or _"-ad-  :  .; dlCSS,-.:..   '.  /   ,  - S. ;Q. Yarkas Jr.    E. R. Stephen  . A.G.R.A.  (,'       G.A.G.N. Ry  TICKET   OFFICE  Dor  Govarnment and Yates Stt  VICTORIA, B C  Transcontinental  Trains Daily,  3  3  ;Seattta.-.   %-.    Victoria,.; B.C.  m=  HENRYS NURSfRIES  NEW CROP^."  t * ������        1* - *  GARDEN.rFIELD^uJ FLOWER  ��������� ��������� SEEDS. ��������� I:',  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  EtANTSf    ���������*    ___  For Sprinf planting.   .EaBtei n. prices  "or, less, jCatalpwtJxH-v,.  S010 Westminster Road,  Vancouver.  One of .which fs the famous   uNor|h  Coast Limileil"  ���������Tickets on sale to ai: Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates. <  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers -   on ail trains. Dicing  Car  service Unsurpassed.,  Steamsiiip Tickets  on sale to  and  from all European Points.   Cabin accommodation res crved by wife.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IN  '        -EFFECT-  -   For     furthsr    particulars    call ot  -write the oluce.        Phone Main 456.  .A. D. Cliarfton       E.   E. Blackwood  1  A.G.P.A,   N.P.;        General Agent  Portland, Ore.      -   Victoria, B.G  Are You  Going Bast  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  ���������nr~.���������-. ii"-'. ���������:; -���������   PAINTINO,    V PAPEKMATSQINO  '.ETC.-   -1  j Work done,; properly and ^t._, tlgh*  prices. "Shop, and' resid.eace fa reai  of Ladysmith Hotel.'      ' ''"'-���������'  '    J.-.B:SMITHrProp  i)AY SCHOOL. .  Usual subjects tkught; also     Ian- ,  guages, drawing/in pencil and cray. MINNEAP0^,S.  ST   PAUL,  CHI-  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacifis  Cpast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH'Ii  FINEST TRAINS,   THE  LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  No. L     l������8.������iEN'S  CHROME   K'.P  BA'  Piain    loo. leather lined,  bcik'ws     toiiiiue,  douljie sole  and slip.   This is a broad too  "last,      made  to    stand hard,  heavy     wear;  Ihe upper  will  always retain its soft,.velvety  iVeliiiL',     and. is'as  Waterproof  as icalhcr can !k; made.  WHOLESALE BY  THeCITYM  R, Williamson Prop  ?st. Avenue Ladysmith B.G.  ns 3  B.ri,  IF  LTD.  VANCOUVER. B. C.  f-'i^r>frprr^sfos^isrgrf������T!3geg.  k  WM. MUNSIE, President J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  ^TelephoneI46.  The   Ladys nlth   Lumber ^Coj Ltd.  MILLS   AT   F1DD1CK   AND  LADY SMITII-Shlngles a Specialty,  ���������Manufacturers    of���������  Rough and Dr ssed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Reasoned   and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring     and  Finishing    LunWf la   Stock.  c7V10NEY TALKS,--  f ���������;���������-  AS LOUD TO US  AS  ANYONE. 1        i 11  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR MEAT  Y0%?R  BOLLARS' W  ILL   GO  FURTHER  IF  YOU  BUY FROM US   Our Cash Prices Cannot Be Beaten   MiNELL  &   PLASKETT  aiwi 11 wiiim 1 Jm i iBBgffjjss&saKs  PURCHASERS  AND 5MCLTKK5 OH COPPER, OOLD AND  S1LVIZR ORES.  Brneltiingr Vv'orl-CB at  LADYSMITH.B.C.  i  I  j   ^  I HEAD OFFICE                                                                         ������������.������������������������'              J  I DUNCANS STATIN                CLERMONT LIVINGSTON         }  * Vancouver Isanti, B, G.                    General Manager, j.  GEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith  ^  B.   G  ons, painting, in oils aad water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in clasBea' ������r individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  [advsmitb.: B ��������� O  if yeu lib  A smooth', easy shave, an even,  well-finished, " beard trim, a good  bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  You will-go. to; >-  LADYSMITH SIU VINO  LABORS,  HtQ^.STREET.  "   .������������������ )i :.������������������������������������- .   ���������������������������-' ���������  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete  information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W   PARKER  General  jfgent,  no 2nd Ave., Seattle.  ladysmith; ba^ry  HOP LEB A>CO.'  ON THNE ESPli^NAPE,  PASTRY-OP ALL KINDS NEATLl!  BAKED AN������; FRESH,  Coafectioaary af all kinds.  Oraars Ukea for Pasiriss to be delivered at any tlma.  Efaployment Agency..  LL   HARTLEY   GISBORNE  Member  Can.   Society of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers, ] England  3Sm^-    Member International  Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis, 1904.  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  LADYSMITH, B,, C4  P. O. BOX 357. ' ��������� ������������������-���������     "  -H-:o..-���������  VTannfacturers of the Famous  cuban iitosson  None bu   Vs1o> Iiabor   Employed  fl Ji BOG^H, Prop  .. ..Dea era In  Pianos and  -Organs ..  Ladysrrith, B.C  Dr. Dier can be fouHd at anytime  at his office on High sir, et. His dental work is giaranteed l0 be first-  class and rates , reasonable gfc.  HILBERT DAILY LELGER  * -j. t +.*<*3������4ftm'(r'.  i  *  :i  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B.1C. r  flaniifactiirers of^the  I  In (British Columbia  Lager Beer   and Porter;   .Guaranteed; Brewed  from the   Best Canadian  Malt  Run  Hops  ���������a'STiii.'W  Treasures of  Brookmere  By MARTHA  McCULLOCH-WJLLIAMS  Copyright. 1904. by Madia McCulloch-Williams  ������ >  For Christmas  Holidays approach', your thoughts must natural-  toward the Gift Problem. !.''-   i     ,'II'JaJ)  SHALL  IT BE?  t o make' your selections. LooX^over.-  leisure. !    .   . ~,".LLL.FT IJti  UUiWi  NEW  .j.j.iji..^nuumiL.uiB  ARRIVALS IN  STERLING  .m.f  ) ea  Bon Bon Spoons  Shaving  Brushes    2.00 ca.  Toast Racks-  .'   7-5,0 ea  Biead Forks... $2 & S.OO ea.  Baby Spoons .. J.50 & $2 ea  Salad Servers, pair  ... 350ea  Bread Knives  4.50 ca.  Berry Spoons    6.00 ea  Cream  Ladles     2.50 ea.  Olive Forks     1.75  ea.  Almond Trays   2-50 ea  After Dinner  Coflee  Spoons 6,  S & S10 doz.  ;}-Piece  Sewing Sets in,  Case,  Scissors,  Thim-f.   .  ble &     Cushron;:-*.'S^v>et y  Card Prize Trophies ...'2.50 ea  Corl screws  Sterling       * -,  Mount   Buck'handles   :...��������� 2.50 & 83 ea.  Crystal  Flower Vases  .* ���������  Sterling  Silver  Mount-', ���������  ed775c.  $1, ,150,  1.75 .up to 5  Salt  pair.  Cellars  2.60. to1  ������1  \  I  ,w  'M  Arsvai  -f-,'  Miners' Drilling  Machines,  Hade to order and Repaired at shorn   notice. .Drill Sharpened by us ������' -;  ways gives satisfaction. 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"That is to say when the Beveridga  thiug is around," Jessamine'said, witli  a shrug.   "She is in a wax���������she always  ,' is   when  you come���������and she  feels in  her boues when you are coming."  "H-m-m! I ought to be flattered, bul  I'm not the least bit." Austin answer  ed, also rising and catching Jessa  nine's hand. She looked aghast, bin  lie kept sturdily at her sale until tlie>  -'were facing Jessamine's dragon. Tiici  he snid, with his best flourish: "C  Madum Brookmere, I have urouyii  this, young person to tel) you why eh-  can't possibly come in. She is to g'  rowing with me. We will be back b,>  late1 tea-time. The afternoon is to  heavenly to be wasted 011 land."  "Jessamine, go upstairs and fete!  my embroidery.' Be sure yon don't foi  get-, my glasses," madam said, a.  though the young man had not spoken. Jcssiiinine'iiiarto to obey, but Wills  held'her back. ' Ho lifted his uat lu  the elder lady, turned and walked off.  saying over his shoulder: "Send tlio  maid up, madam. !1> bad luck to turn  back. I can't ai". mv M!,s* Jessamine  to risk spoiling our crui.se."  "Oh, what will felie do to me?" Jessamine cried as they hurried away.  ' Madam had been too paralyzed by  Wills' audacity to say a word. Austin  drew , Jessamine's hand farther over  his arm and smiled down at her, saying:' "I hope it will be 'Out of ray  house, ingrate!' "Then, you see, yon  will have to come to my house-wheth  er or no."  "Mercy, you-do take a lot on yourself!" Jessamine said, pulling away her  hand," her eyes dancing wickedly. "1  begin to .fear, Mr. Wills, that you have  taken .our little affair seriously"���������  '���������Isn't it to be taken seriously? Really you lift a weight off rny conscience,"  Wills interrupted in,her own .tone; then,  after a chuckle: '|Jcss, I must lecture  you-^poiiit out the sinful folly of your  course. Hove you might be, by taking  pains and showing yourself properly  devout and submissive, Mrs. B'everidge  ���������possibly Mrs. Bishop Beveridge��������� I-  really believe the.gentleman has it in;  him to go high ecclesiastically, he's so'  suave and silken, just the sort to worm,  himself into the minds of rich churchmen, not to mention their' check books.:  Yet you are passing him up���������passing!  , op the chance of a lifetime���������for .the;  - sake of"���������  "A. very commonplace sinner," Jessa- i  mine broke "in. '       " j  Wills gave her a look of pained sur-i  prise.    "I was going to say 'for the  sake of having your own willful way.' *  he protested.  It was early afternoon,'and the long.'  smooth river reach, flecked with sun;  and shade, mirrored perfectly,the summer, world either side. Jessamine buna  over the boat side, staring at her own  Image. Austin watched her with happy eyes, but after a little ho drew bet  upright, saying sofily: "Vanity, thy  name is Jessamine., I*can't have another case of Narcissus and his irangs  upon my conscieuce."  "Really! Have you a conscience?*  Jessamine retorted.    ,      ,  "Pirates even have consceinces���������about  ���������ome things," Austin answered, shir*  ping his oars and letting the boat drift  toward the other bank. "For example,  it goes against their consciences to let  treasure manifestly within reach go  to some other fellow. That other pirate, Beveridge, shan't have the treasure of Brookmere." ���������  ������������������fWhat is the treasure of Brookmere?"  Jessamine asked demurely. "How much  is it worth? And how arc you going  to save it from clerical' clutches?"  "Let me see. I believe the Brookmere rating i* about three millions,"  Austin'.answered reflectively, but with  a twinkle of the eye, "handy millions  at that," he went on. "all in. gilt  edged securities. If you were morn  than a baby, .7ess, you would see a little beyond the end of your nose. ��������� Bishop-to-be Beveridge did want' you���������in  fact, he still wants you, being a man  of taste, for alibis sins."  "Thanks!" Jessamine interrupted.  Wills shook his head at her.  "He wanted you rather badly, but  not so badly as he wanted the Brookmere money.   And -that  he  means t.a  mltted, then do yotrr best to tafc* him  away from her. You can do it, nev������  ���������fear. He's human, if toe is a preacher,  and no mere man yet born of woman  is able to stand against you"���������  "Thank you again," Jessamine said,  tossing her head. "Oh, I want that  clump of cardinal flower," leaning as  she spoke toward the shelving shore.  Wills shook his head.   "Snakes!" he  said   laconically,   speaking very loud;  tg then, in a low aside: "Here's where we  quarrel, Jess.   Insist upoa getting out.  The bishop to be is coming dowi������ the  path."  "Oh', Mr. Beveridge," Jessamine call-  , wl eagerly, "do come and pick some  Bowers for me.   I want to pick them  myself,  but I find I am a prisoner," -  with a withering glance at "Wills. '  Beveridge ran down to the water's ���������  edge.   "Won't you let me rescue you?"  he cried, holding out his hand. "Jump!'  I promise you shall get nothing worse;  than a pair of wet feet by it."  i    "She needn't have even them," Wills '  said boorishly. , "If you'll agree to sea  her to the house I'll be glad enough to  put her ashore.  Not in the humor for  walking myself and still less for botanizing."  Half an hour later Mrs. Emoknierv  was surprised and, if truth must l"������c  spoken, not wholly pleased to see Jessamine sauntering home, her hands full  of scarlet bloom, with the Uev. Bewly  Beveridge at her elbow.   Now the minister had been madam's own compr.n-  i ion all through the earlier afternoon,  and, though he had not said much���������  quite too little to make madam aware  of her own state of mind���������he had looked unutterably thiugs.   She bad found  the looking pleasant���������she was of thu  women made to be married, childless,  although  she had  buried three husbands, and still possessed of an alert  and lively vanity.   She liked to see her  name at the head of lists .of patroa*  esses.1 especially missioaaryaud rescu*  bands.   Further, flattery wus meat hel  soul loved,to feed on".   The Rev. Bewlj  had found that out at about the second  minute and acted upon the,Knowledge  Indeed, his mind was pretty ^ell ;uad������  up to lr^ry her before the interview  ended,   i.. at .then ho had not seen Jes-'  samirie in this mood.   Jessamine upset  his calculations;''she fairly0swept him  off his feet.     ' '-*    Z  Madam was sadly puzzlei through-  eut the next week. Wills haunted the  house as much as ever, though Jessa-  raine openly flouted him, at the same  time smiling shy propitiation at tb������  bishop to be. He also was in a maze.  Jessamine's encouragement was too  , elusive to warrant giving over his pursuit of madam, yet sufficiently unset-  Sling to make him at times distrait.  Wills glared at him and ostentatiously  ignored him, It was that which gave  him the strongest hope. Wills must  be jealous���������madly jealous. , If only  Beveridge had never begun to court  that old woman! She was in the beginning eager to play fairy godmothef  It was sickening to feel that he had ���������  disturbed this pious purpose, making  the lady feel that sne was not too old  to inspire grand passion number four.  Presently he began to see light.   He  would have it out with Jessamine���������aslc  her plumply to be Mrs. Beveridge, and,  if she said "yes," go to madam for her  blessing, along with an apocryphal talo  of a distant wooer f".dy to sue for her  hand.    He could make it 'appear he  had been finding out her mind toward  a fourth marriage.    lit would go hard  with   him,   but   that   somewhere   he  would find a man to make good.   Indeed, providentially he already 5rnew  the man���������a college president, poor and  jnious, entitled to write half the alphabet after his Dame in honorary distinctions,, with children all safely married,  and much in want of a good home.   So  he went straight to Jessamine, begging  her to sing to him.    The music room  was at' the very end of the house, thus  well apart.   There was small chance  of interruption.   All the rest were busy  with games or flirting or walking in  the flower garden under a white moon.  Jessamine went  with him, walking  high headed and joyous.    At the door  ������f the parlois she waved him forward,  running  back  herself  upon some  errand he did not  understand.    "Whatever it was, she  did it  very quickly.  | Ec-  had   hardly   found  the  songs   he  wanted when she was beside him, smiling at  him in   the  most   bewilderisg  fashion.   As she reached for the music  her hand,  apparently by   chance,   fell  lightly upon his.    He tried to hold it,  , but she snatched it away, turned from  him and began to sing very softly.   He  i watched   her  with   burning  eyes,   Lis  breath coming hard and fast.   As she  made to  rise he put his  arms  about  her and gathered her to his breast, saying hoarsely: "Jessamine, darling,won't  you make music for m������ always?   ,YJn-  less you do my life will be wasted."  "You���������you are not in earnest!" Jessamine said, slipping from his arms and  Averting her face.    "You, who are so  , great,,so wise, so good, need another  ��������� sort-" of wife-somebody who can helpi  J you.   I���������I should be only a burden."     |  "A. blessed. burden,, one  I shall rejoice to carry," Beveridge said, trying  ' to take her hand.   She drew away from  him, saying as though in despair: "You  ^you arc playing with me.   You really  want grandmother"���������  -t"Grandmother!      Oh, ��������� you   jealous  .darling!    How  dare you  name  any-  thing so preposterous?" Beveridge said,  icatching(;both   her   hands.     "Grandmother, js, the most estimable,of oh?  ladies, hilt even if I knew she would  take me I could not think of marrying  her���������not   for  all   the   money  in   the  world."  "H-m-ml You've been trying to do  It for a very moderate part of tht  money," grandmother said, steppiut  through the French window upon An=s  tin Wills' arm. After one look at hw  the Rev. Bewly Beveridge stepped oin  through the same window. 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Madam is  only sixty and young for her years"���������  "You can't moan be is trying to mar.  ry her?" Jessamine cried, aghast.  Wills nodded. "That's' his present  laudable aim. Therefore he would like  nothing better than to have us openly  defy madam. Our elopement would bo  n trump card for bim. Now, although  we arc- not mercenary, neither are'we  destitute of common prudence. Tnree  millions, or even one or two, might  come in handy a heap of times. Moreover, we owe madam a certain duty.  We can only discharge it by meeting  guile with guile. That means, in plain  English, you have got to turn from  your evil way of preferring my company and smile instead upon the bishop  to be"-  "I don't understand. How will that,  help?"' Jessamine asked in bewilderment.  "He Is laighty near committed ts  ������:-iadain-   Wait until he is Quite Cflia-  N'o part of British Columbia today offers so many advantagas to the  investor, as docs VANCOUVER ISLAND.  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The     Mount Sicker  and      Brent on  Mines,  says      the  Cowrhan  Leader,  are looking well, and will soon be in  a position to ship ore.  Sec notice of Portland Hotel for  sale In another column.  At.    Croflcn  ore  is being received  steadily and   the smelting  plant  will  begin  operations inlfce early part   of  January.       About one hundred  men  will be employed and  it is stated th"  work will he dividedxinto three '.Is'  hour shifts.  Work on Mr. J. Stewart;s office is  going on rapidly and providing the  weather, continues favorable fit will lie  comi-letcd and ready for use shortly  after Christmas.  Toy Book at Knight's Book Store.  " ���������" i  It is rcporteed that Stave Anderson is expected back to avain ta'.o  charge of one of the logging ani.ps.  J. Gicaro,     proprietor   of the Hotel  Euioee, who- underwent a serious sur.'  gx-al operation last -.week, fc reported*'  as   rap-.-liy   recevcring    The operation  You don't want to miss  THE SOGIAL DANCE  x x  AN ENTERTAINMENT  x  X  At J. X. SMITHS, Fifth Avenue, Lady  smith on the evening DEC������ 25th. -  $1.00 TO $1.50  Fancy Ties���������Belts ���������Tabic Cloths-  Handkerchiefs���������Combs���������Umbreilas���������  Silk Cushion Tops-Silk Blouses- Etc  Walter* &  Akenhead  WHY WOMEN .SilOULr.'  -     WEAR HATS  IN CHURCH  (NOTICE is hereby given that aa application will lie   made to-the Leg-  | islatiye Assembly ait the Province of  ��������� British Columbia, at its next session  for an    Act to incorporate ,a Cara-  nany  with  power  to acquire,    purchase, construct and' operate the. uo-  ' uertakings  of    the Vancouver      and  Coast-Kootenay     Railway Company;  the Alberni     and Cowichan Railway  Company; the Kamloops & Atlin Rait  way Company; and tlic Midway    and  Vernon Railway  Company; and to ac- .  quire all the rights, powers and pri-  viliges of the said Companies;      and,  with  power  to exercise all the powers contained  in .the Acts  ol Incorporation of the said Companies; and  with power to acquire, purchase, construct  and  operate  the undertaking  of any   other Railway. -Companyvr; ojc,  ' Companies;. and with power to   snb-  a'cribe    for and purchase  the stock,  bonds, debentures or other securities  of any Railway    Company;  and    to  exchange the, stock  or other bonds,  debentures or other securities of the  company to be incorporated for-   the  shares, stock, debentures, bonds    or  other  securities of any other   Railway    Company; and, with power to  increase the capital  of the Company  to be incorporated;   and  with power  to issue .shares as fully paid up; and  to borrow money  on the Company's  assets  by any form  of security;  and  with    power to promote any Railway Company or Companies, or    to  amalgamate with any Company    or  Companies; and with all the     other  and ncccssaiy powers conducive to ttid!  carrying out of the Company's undertaking.  Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 22nd  day of November,  1905.  ROBERTSON        ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for   the  Applicants.  2B  Childrens Dresses  Made,   trom    Fancy Flannel, and  -.-���������' Trimmed Cashmere, Assorted  ���������-��������� f.;- ��������� ���������"��������� -        Sizes      ���������;  WE OFEfR THEM THIS WEEK AT CUT PRICtS  CHILDREN'S DRESSES,  now  wr  ^.���������n^'r.y  CtHlDRENS' DRESSES  $1.50 NOW $1,00  Weguaranty quality of these goods  SIMON LEISER &C0 Ltd.  OATAORC 8T  LADYS2211H  '������11  W. G. Fraser  ���������.o ���������  An' English  vicai says:  Let   us consider the reasons  wbv  GEO. CARTER of Victoria  WATCH THE WINDOW  at the Ladj smith Drug Store. They  are. coming. The ladies with the  most beautiful hair in Ihe world. The  Seven  Sutherland  Sisters.   o ;   Operations  were  resumed  at     the  Tyee smelter   last evening.  Mr. A. J. McMurtrie boarded the  noon train, bound for Englishman's  River section  on a hunt'.jig trip.  Chustian     woman should   cover herds',  head���������what      these  apostles were-  Flnnr llanair r     Jla"' ������noitiy of "cation  riQOl nailaga was fust toiiucd, then E\e   ��������� i-    ���������   ���������  i imsb���������cs^���������������     Tiie. maiinei  o> cicalion      The man  Ihe earliest     mention of the use of is "ot of t,,e woman, but the woman  carronades in actual warfare which I  of ^np nun- '  have met     with is    contained in the     Tllt puiport of ciealion.     The man  Edinburg    Advertiser    lor   April  13,   was not cieeted  foi the woman,  but  1779, where accounts are given of an  lhe woman for the,man.  action fought March 17.  1779,    n St.1    Results.n-    creation.      The man  I  (NOTICE is hereby given1 that-an *p-  .1' . plication will be made to the Leg-*  was  performed by our local surgeons.  Dr. D. G. Perry, of Duncans, was  presentedby the Duncans' Oddfellows  with an appropriately cngnued gold-  headed cane at a late session of the  Lodge as a token of the brcthrens'  appreciation of his services to the  trait. .      ..      ���������    j  -Messrs  the Free  tors at  no ii.      They  Norm  and   S..thcrU-..ci,   Li  Pris   ,   Nc.". aiino,   vcr.1   -. isi-  LadjSj.utb  yesterday aficr-  wcre   entertained   while  Don't  forget   the  Dance  on  December 16th, and the     Mas^jierade Hall  on January  1st, both  to bcgi\en  by  the City Band.  I have norw got a good assortment  ot    Bound     Books.      Knight's  Book  .Store.   o   OFFERllANS-lYEY.  At ihe Presbyterian manse, .Nelson,  on  Saturday,   November'"25,lb,  Miss  Grace  hey.  until  recently  a resident,  of this city, ami Mr.  Herman Offer-  bans, or Victoria, were united in-marriage  tiy  Rev.    J.  Ferguson.  I\lr.   Of-  fought March 17. no, n  George's; channel, near the Tuskar  rock, between ' the British privateer,  Sharp, and the American privateer,  j Skyrocket. The - former was' armed  ���������with carronades, "short guns of a  new construction,, made at Carron'*  One of these accounts is from Captain MacArthui, an Englishman, who  was at the time a prisoner on board  the Skyiocket and was in a position  to speak of the damage sustained Uy  that ship.  On April 18, in the same year, a  spiriled .action ' was fought in the  channel between the Spitfire, a 15ri-  I'ish  privateer      armed  with eighteen !  Results m, creation. me man is  the image-" o,f the gioiy H .God; but  woman's the glory of man  Wonfan's pivf'nty in the fall. Adam was not dceeued, but the woman, bemg dcocivjd, was m the  transgression.  The marriage rclatntfi As the  church is subject, 10 Cluist, so i���������t  Hie wiies be to  their husbands.  The headship  of     man -and  wc.nan  The ncad or every man is Christ, but  the head oi woman is man. i  And tins ,h th*e twentieth century!  ���������World'  isiative Assembly .of,, the Produce of  pi.nc.pies  of the Bt;tish    Columbia at ".its' neit .MiT-'  I . '������������������  Adam Slon for an Act t0 revIVPi rat^'y ������n<11  confirm the Cowichan-Alberni      and  Fort Rupert Railway Company Act,  and extending the time for commencing construction oi the said railway,  and of expending ten per .cent.  of the Coni|iainy's capital tliereon,  and to empower the Company to extend  its railway from any point .on  MerchantTallor,  ,j.        "!,. '   L (lst|Aven������e)  Falf Stock  on  hand. Call early and  '^BkWSSX choice  A  :������a,'-  msHa  ���������M*r  line to the City of Victoria,, ,ir  jiounder  Patient���������Doctor,   I frecjiicntly     ev-  carronades,  commanded  hy  l)clio"('������> a hissing sound  in  my cars.  Captain   Thomas- Bell  and  owned  bv.Wlut   Wo*rUI   ymi   ������adusc  n,c  ^ do'' ,  J mi      ZuiUer     and others, and the     Docior-\\ ha t is your  occupation'  Pal'icnl���������I'm an actor.  (Doctor���������'I hen. I would ad\ise You to  ferhans is relieving in  lb,1 Nelson of,  i.ere    by     residents vand before thoylfico  ������r thc     Brackmaii-Kcrr  Milling  left foi   home that some of the finest I Company during the absence of Man-  people     in    the wm-I.l  livr,   in To,,,r ' ager, Frank B. Gibbs.   Mr. and Mrs  smith.  worl.l live   in Lady  Smoke Big B. Cigsrs.  Can  and    inspect my Xmas Cards  Ladysmilh.     Knight's  the  Book  best  in  Stoie.  FOR   SALE  The   II OT E L ��������� .1 >0 K T L A N I)  LE A S E,  .Furniture, etc..  will  be sold  at      a  bargain.   For   full   information   apply  \o John Gogo, Proprietor.  OFi'erUans will return   to Vict or.a and  take  up their residence  thrre       next  sprrrrgp    ?  FARM PRODUCE  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low  r-,st possible prices.  Leave orders at Cbristie'n, on the  SiplanAcU.  .- James Warnock  Suiveiilantc, a French frigate of thir- j  ty-two guns and a large crew. TJie  Spitfire was taken after an obstinate  fight, the Surveiliante sustaining considerable damage. ���������Notes and Queries.   o ;���������  At Palisades; ^Cal., a cantaloup has  been   produced   that has  a taste and  flavor of a banana.  It has been named  the banana cantaloup and promis-  get  some other  kind  ���������o���������  of lob.  its  to any point on Esquimalt Harbor;  or in the alternative, to incorporate  a Company to build the. line of.rall^  way set out in the Act of Incorporation of the said Company, with the  extension hcreinicfore inentioiied, and  with all ��������� the powers contained in the  Model  Railway. Bill.  Dated at Victoria,  B.C.,  22nd November,  1905.  ROBERTSON &   ROBERTSON,  Solicitors   for   the   Applicants.  Games at  Knight's  Book Stoie.  THE RING-.��������� ���������  es to become popular.  ~oe������  BOYS'  SWEATERS  &k)Htt  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and'Artistically Done-  ROEDDI  Orders  Promptly   Executed      LADYSMITH  -IN ALL SIZES���������  Pices   Ranging   From  650. TO  $!.50  A: HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS  ^Pcrk and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  <���������< A.  , Phpjie 20.  38MOHK  IN PLAIN  BLUE-RED and  FANCY STRIPE  11  AND  MM  HOWE  CARLISLE  'PHONE  BLOCK,  2-4  Though he is     one ot the greatest  ".���������fighters ever      before the public,  and  ��������� has been a student- ct physical culture ,  jail'his life. it is with the greatest-  'dilTicuity     that    Battling Nelson can  | put on his own collar . "Bat's " inability  to  .   perform this little bit in-  .his personal make-up is not due to  the. fact that be Wears collars out of  the ordinary, but because o'a peculiar accident. - lie met with while  while fighting     Churne Berry in Jlil-  ��������� waukec many years ago, Nelson, on  attempting Ij.i land a left-upper cut,  int, Berry     on- the   wrist, which was  ' wrapped in very hard tape. The  Mow ianed the Bat iter's entire left  side, and gradually the elbow began  to stiffen on him. and though he has  perfect use'of. his-shoulder'and .arm in  hitting out straight, he caiihot raise  his arm as any other rorson does  .when he is putting on ,a collar.  ':Bat"has attached to lis watch  chain a specially arranged .button  hook, ami with it fastens his collar  in iX proper manner: "Tf- I ;pst that  hook,'i said Nelson, in. speaking- of his  qnieer predicair.ent, 1 have to go with  out my collar. There, is no other  way for ine to,button- one around my  neck." The only other defect in his  arms and ��������� hands is a dislocated  Knuckle and a broken bone in bis left  near the thumb, which he received in  a fight With young ��������� Scotfy, of Osh-  kosh. What worrits Nelson the most  is his ''tin ear'.i soe common among'  the fighters. 11 was braised up in  friendly sparring with Bob Lundie,  right after Nelson's fight with Britt-  Nelson says his ear would never bave  become d sfignred had not the injury  to. his elbow prevented.-him from rubbing it with.bis leit hand, it being  impossible for him to get his band up  to his ear in such a position that he  csiii get it bctwec������((his fingers-  New Japanese  On First Avenue, just above the Western Hotel.  JAPANESE     EMBROIDERED  GOODS  of all k'nds,  including Handkerchiefs,  y Table-spreads,  etc.  COMPLETE  TEA   SETS,   VASES,'  PICTURE     FRAMES and other  Fancy Japanesa Goods.  Especially   Adapted    For  Christmas Gifts  Nakashimo fcCo.  FOR Rent���������One of the best stores o#  First Avenue. , ".  $1,000���������AVill     secure a double corner;  lot with two good houses" BeSt left  :"7'-'":"Vi#  .-' i'tjc^ ���������   lo  cation'-in town.  $125���������Cash ',-and ,.$'loO,  secure a first-class-  ond  Avenue.  mort'gage ,;w^i  I  residence- on Sec-  R1GHT TIME TO CHO OSE  I.  THE R!C  YOUR XMAS GIFTS  is now,, iWben you Can examine at your leisure the feast of Beauty  that wee have provided for   those who wish to choose  JEWELS  and RI,^fi DESIGNS IN .JEWELRY. Our-stock in ALL its bran-  'ches i'styljJLL ASSORTED   and TJp-To-Dale.  WATCHJ^,  CHAINS,   LOCKETS,   BROOCHES      BRACELETS, '  .NECKLETS,' RINGS,   SCARF-PINS,  LINKS,  TOILET  SETS of  AU,styles.- ������ -  Kindly givfc us a Call and Convince Yourself  i-" -   ��������� Any Article selected NOW Will be Laid aside for you  BFORCFMriER  ... -*   \,\        WATCftMAKER,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   X   X     Lad\smith,  B. C  I^SSp^S  Stoves  Wea  SEE  Jjmakingthem oiths N^w^st    Pattern and Lutes'  Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOU NDRY WORK  Our*Prices are Reason*   ble  OyR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS  ���������A  (i^ind at LsdysmitbjHardware^CcrTnpany  raDT^hlTH   IRON & STOVE W0RK5 CO,, LTD.  .. i  ".'lit, *���������������/?."������<.Jr;  ?50���������Per acre for five acre blocks one  mile from the city. . :'.-  $12���������Per month will rent three, good  rooms u; the Brick Block., water  and  sewer connections.  $.375 will secure a fine residence in the  best  locality;   only   $24-1   more     to  pay at $12  per month.  Water   araf  all conveniences. ��������� *���������'  $7���������A month will rent a good house  with four rooms and a good pantry  with  water attached.''  S������NpjRg||Bi OF: GANADI AN NORTH  WEST MINJN.G REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal -lands may be purchased at $10.per|apre for soft'coal   and  $20 for anthracite. Not more than  320ia6res.'caa ^ acquired by one individual or cocripany.   Royalty au the  rate    of ten;-c^nts per .ton of aftoo  pounds    sb^U-tbtf collected on the  gross outp������fe,|: %��������������������� ������     ^  Quartz��������� A frde^ mitist'ti certificate is  granted upon. ,|i!ayment An. advance of  $7.50 per annum for"'an individual,  and from $50 ,to'$100: per annuni for  a company, according to capital.  A     free mirier, having discovered  mineral in plaice, may locate a claim  1,500 x l,5D0ifeet.   The fee  for recording a claim is $5.00  At least Hub must be'expendod op  the claim eachWear or paid  to the  mining reorder in lieu thereof.'When  date of the lease-,for caeh five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each .mile  of river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2������ per cent collected on the output after.it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,_  Deputy of the Minister of  the' In-  \ ���������  Priori :'��������� ���������'-���������'.  (i  Dr.R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  AU work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  Hip St. Lady smith (I  A  OPEN AT   ALL HOTTRS.  NOTICE      OF,    DISSOLUTION  PARTNERSHIP  OF  ������:���������;  NOTICE      IS   HEREBY     GIVEN U  that the     partnership  heretofore ex- J-i  isling  hetiyecn      us,  the  undersigned 'Ui  George     Williams  and      Anthony  J. )j  Waskett, carrvihg on tfie business of 'fll  $500 has been expended or paid, the  teamsters  locator  niay^ upon having  a survey  made,'and upin'complying with oth-  Deeds,  tracts  Wills,    Mortgages,  Con-  and   Agreements  Drawn.  under  the firm name and  j  slyj������, - of     the I^adysmith    Transfer   \  Company,   has this day   t-ren .dissolv-  ,   , . , . ed   by     mutual      consi::.t.   The  said  er requlrementiji, purchase the land at j George     Williams   retiring  from  the  $1 an acre.      o - -. qaid  partnership,   and   Cio-t the said  The patent "^provides for the pay-: Anthony J ."/.'Waskett wi.l continue on  ment.oi a royalty of 24 per cent on |the same' business. All debts ow-  the sales. ���������������������������:.:.,-   v ' ing   or  accruing due to  the partner-  generally !  )1  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     ^       Notcry Public  ' Phone,  3. i  f '  P.  O. BOX 268  %  PLACER  Diining claims  are, 100. feet square; entry fee $5, re-  he waMe ��������� yearly/. \ \  A free mmer may oMain two leas--  es to1;, dredge���������'.���������ft>r gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable, "at ine;; descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  ... The - lessee.. shjfcll have a dredge in  operation within "one season from the  ship are to be paid to the said Anthony J. Waskett, and all claims  against the said partnership will be  paid by the said Anthony_J. Was1-  kett.  Dated at Ladysmilh  this 15th day  of Novem���������er,  A.IT.',  lflOo.  GEO.  WILLIAMS,  ANTHONY   J. WASKETT.


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