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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Dec 12, 1905

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 &  fi?      #(,-*  J  LEGISLATIVE ASSF/wni,  Daily Ledger  ���������*.,  ������������c 7,  ������1905  ^ ',  (~<  T7  AT-B^fe  r *>  -r-O&r*  VOL.2,  TLESDAY.    DEC.  12,  1905  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  QUESTIONS ASKED AT RECENT  MINE MANAGERS EXAMINATION  MINING ACT AND RULES. "''   ���������  First Class Candidates.   November 14Ui, 1.905. Time 9.30 a.m. to'i'p-nr.  70 per cent,  required.. >..    ,���������-,.,,,.������., .--  ,(1.)   What are the duties of   the Manor     as provided in'the Act?  ���������   (2.)   What does the Act stipulate as,     to   the employment" of  Women,  young persons an<l children?   10 i  ,(3.)   What docs the Act stipulate in regard to' thepayanentof iwages,  also payment, by  weight?  10 ,  (4.) (live a short description of (he geology of any coal field which  yo(i! are aciuain'tc-d with, mentioning some of its peculiar features. 10.  ' (5.) Give a short description of any~bruncli of mining or any special  feature connected' with mining of which yon have made a special study  and which you think is of special or important nteicst lo the industry. The subject, may be cither practical or theoretical, but the work  must show special study.-  ,10.  ,   (6.)    A  coal scam  (i feet 0 inches in thickness, including one foot C inches of dirt bands  has been  worked into  pil'ars wjlh rooms  14 feet wide  TYEE SMELTER  RETURNS FOR  uni  Suppose   tlmt  a serious  acci-  skekh   as  rf'.jtieslod   in  the  Mine  .(6.)    Fill   out   the accident  form ".ivrn.  dent ha.', 'occurred at the face. G ivc rough  ���������form?    1C. '   ��������� '"     :" ���������        j. ������  - <7J.   What  are  Ihe provisions  of Hie  Act  in regard, to  Arbitration?: 10  (8.)    What  does  the  Act stiuil.it''   ' in refer.&ce   to   \mttlat|o;i. U'lhg  supplied at too high a velocity? 10. '--',' <..  (9.)    What does  the  Act sj.ecity in  regard  to Machinery and'Boilers?  (10.!  Fill out schedule,  Form 4. 10. >  Time 2 p.m. to;f> 30 .p.m.  atomic weights, -specific*-  MINE GASES.  First Class  Candidates.   November 14th, 190-5.  70- per cent required.  ':���������>   (1.)   -Give the names,  symbols,   properties,  ; gravities and gnur.U characteristics of the explosive gases found.- incoal.  ..mines, where they are found,.how generatrd and.how ��������� .they, can-_.be ^* re-'  ��������� moved and  rendered harmless.    15' ' '      '''" " -  .".   (2.)   How would you overcome tl^e dangeis  whlch^arise from  the presence of, coal diibt in a coal mine that  is :'i ing     off  inflammable -3 past's? v  What percentage of gas in the general   mine  atmosphere  would  you' con-'  ���������"sider dangerous in this case?   10. - .��������� ' ���������'    -  (3.)   Sketch in section-a Wolf, or any      o.*������er  permitted  safety'lamp,'  shewing that you really  understand the construction.     10. .   ,  (4)   Give the natural laws which h r:>jul.tte juhe behaviour of-ali-g'a������es ,  10'_ " " ': ',   '   -. 'Otf/     -;  (5.)   Select one gas,  elementary oi compound, and, tell all you luow  ��������� about  it,   mentioning experiments  in making,  testing, etc.  of the g&se'  selected.      10. '  (6.)   What proportion tof moisture can the     atmosphere contain inder-,  ordinary  circumstances?    What   ..feet has this moisture upon, the vanti:'  laticn? Describe any Instruments used in measuring the propoi :.ion.   of  moisture present.      15. / ,, t A-* ,'.'���������   . ";  (7)   A-sample of fire damp taken from the mine-isr found to Jia.ye, ...a^  specific gravity of .9 What are the proportions  of-  thfc mixture?. Please,  show method of working.    10.  k  lA \'  ��������� ( What principals are involved in the construction of a safety, lamp  which would render one. lamp moresensitive in the detection' pt gas than  another?     ������n ' ' ' <'7- ���������-' ������������������'''������   ���������  80.  (3.  the,  'A pair of headings with  the usual cross-cuts,^And'rising. j)|>e- vin-  four are full of fire damp. The ventilating }ipressure fLs(,low. Dive'  various methods which nuy lie used to restore vpntilat)on.r' 10'/"''  (10.).After an explosion Uie qjuan tity of imflatnmaible ga&,Y'given*'off is'  usually greater for some time. Giv������ the various .reasons'for.- tfc*s-i,!  crease.  ���������tf������-  VENTILATION.  :rj.v  a'  IS  First Class  Candidates.   November 15th,  1905.' Time-9. a.m. to 2.30  m.'70   percent Required.  (1.)    What principals  should     be observed   in  the construction   of  mine fan so as to obtain a maximum of efficiency in working?,   10.  (2.) The weight of air in ai down cast shaft of-325 feet; ������������������ in depth1  1950 pounds, the temperature is 60degrees F. Barometer. 30- inches,,and  the difference of fche^weigM of air in the two shafts is 294 pounds. What-  is the length of the motive column and what is the area of the down cast  shaft in square feet?    15. '       ' '  '-" . .'".>>."  (3.) If, with 95,000 cubic feet of air per minuted the water guagel  reads 1.5 inches,, how much air would be required to increase the water  guage to 2 inches, and what would lie Uie horse-power required to pro^  duce  the  increased   quantity?      10 | ������������������-    ���������   :    '.   -.  (4.)    Suppose'that with  a given power     75,000 cubic feet of.aii  per  minute circulates through an airway and  it _s  decided to split1 the current into  three splits as follows: ' '���������.','.'  First split,���������6 fret x 6 feet in section, 5,000" feet long.  Second split���������6 feet x 7 feel, in section, -1,000  feet,long.-:.  Third split���������C  feet  x 5 feet   in section, 4,500 feet long.  iWhat  quantity  will   pass    through each split,  the: power remaining: tjio"  same?   20. ��������� -\ '-.-'.-V ���������'���������������������������'  (5.)   Describe carefully  how you would .measure the airNcurrentJn.  a:  mine.    10. "���������'-.-  (6.)    Describe  with sketches how   you     would eonstri^t 'a s^i-aotintfv  door or doors  on a main level 10. >'.''"'^ "V:i:;"'i- :'J'r"'';':' ';:'fc j- i  (7.) What is the relation .{between the quantity of air required "in a  fiery'mine, and \ "  . . ���������,-;���������'  (���������a.,) The numfcpr of men employed; ;'��������� '���������-%-.?:' ���������'���������"'".'.."���������'.'  ';...';  ���������  (b.) The output of coal. ;.    . -:: ������  (c.)  The quantity  of gas given off. .       .. ;;  .'Would you consider it necessary to increase the quantity oi::air in a*  min������ if it was worked double shift and putting out, double the;quantity  of coal than if working one shift only?    15. '���������',". ;  (8.) A certain district in a mine he-ing extended into a new part of  a coal field, the air is divided into two (2) spl-Hs and it is proposed to  make a third split. State the. various chances you would expect.  10 .  (9.)    In  a remote district where the air is split .^'to'.'its fullest extent  and you cannot increase the power, state how you  would increase    the  ventilation.   10. , ; *      ' ���������' H ,   '..-.  (10.) Ventilate the plan given without doors on ttie haulage roads.  Use the conventional sign shown and give quantity of air required for  an  output of 800 tons per shift? 20,| J ] (     * " ' t  GENERAL WORK;     v    ���������        ,; ;  First  Class  Candidates.   November 15th,   1905./Time -3 p.m.  'to 5.30; p.  m.   50 per cent Reqiiiredi .  .: ' .'-���������'-:   " ;.    ?  (1.)   In the following section of a coal seam where the coal is 'firm and  the roof tender, sketch and explain how   you   would   -work  aiid- timber ;  the seam so as to ensure safety and obtain the greatest.percentage^of the1  pillars.     15. -/v.--' ;. .   ;...���������,,  Shale  roof (tender.) ,.    ,  Coal    6.0  Mining     \4 .,.....-.. ���������.  Coal    ,    5.0 "  Mining   3 ..''.''-        :.  :'"������������������";���������  Coal       9.0     Total 21.1,   !      ;,;      ;' '     ':-;;i:  Sandstone  floor.  (2.) Give a complete list of'the apparatus'and manorial which should  be on hand at a large Colliery in lease o'f:general accidents, fire and explosions.       16. :'''���������''  (3.)    Explain with sketches a meUiol of . timbering   a shaft     bottom-  where the output may reach l.'OOO tons. p,;.r shift, : the coal pitching . one  an six, and  Workings on  both sides of the shaft.   15.  the top seam.    15  . '    ('���������) ..A .gravity  plane has an inclination  of  7 degrees and   is 1800   feet  .long and the rope weighs 3,800-pounds. A   loaded     car weighs 2,800  pounds;' an empty' car  weighs  1,500   po'inds.  What  number of cars  must  he in the trip to start it?   15.  (J|.) Sketch what you consider a good, long wall plan, making your  ; own-.section of seam, roof and floor. Give cross-section of road showing  > pack's and brushing. Show dip of .seam an.! main return air cours. 20.  r (9.) How would you fix trolley wire ;'* ng a'main hauIage-|road in a  Inline'.' Show cioss-section of road at. curve wilh wire in position. 10.  '(10.) Explain the different systems of mine haulage and state under  fwhat conditions each of there systems might hv advantageously applie<l? 15  '<:������������������������..    _^    ...   . iMLWaVG    MACHINERY,  Fiist Class -Candidates.  November ICth,   1005.  Time 9 a.m.  to 12.30 p.  - - m.   50 per cent,   requited.  (1.)    Describe  the  mountings     or Collioiy  Boilers.  10.  (2.)   Explain  the  pnnciple of the Injector.   Explain how it is- that water at atmosph'eiic  pressure and   ' steam at 80 pounds pressure may   be  forced   into  a boiler  carrying the    same   pressure      without "interpos'hg  mechonicat movement.     15.  (3.):' Give a longitudinal   section   of any self-contained  mine' pump you  may choose.  (Water  end only)    15.  (L) A beam of uniform si������c is 18 feet long between the supports  and weighs 250 pounds. Theie is a load oi 2,SOU pounds at 7 feet, fiom  one eiid.' Find the pressure   on each support.      H'.  (5.)"'Find'the-size, of pump requited lo puim.p 200 imperial gallons  per minute from a depth of 000 feet. Sle-arn piossurc available 55 pounds  15. ,- , ~i     -  ((������.)    Tlie  power  supplied   to an electric mot.or  is  30  K W.,   the i������res-  sure   s 220' volts.   Find the current in amperes, also the II'.P.     10.  f'" (j'.')   AVhat syste^n' of bringing the the output lo the surface would yu ad-'  opt.'in a slope 6,000 feet long and  dipping one in.six and with a view of  extending the   slope,' output   1,500 tens'per shift'>     15.  SURVEYING.  First .Class  Candidates.  November ICth,   1905. Time 2 p. in.   lo 530  p.  in.   50    per  cent.   Required.  ".;   .(1.)'<������What .are  the  various  inaccuracies      to  be found   m   an ordinary  . co.jnua.su or miner's dial, and how   would ypn test for them?     10.  (2.)    The  following  bearings are magnetic:  ;Nor.th.72,degiees .20  East.  South 82 degiees .15  East.  ���������'"vRednce ;lhese/to true or astronomical   bearings.    Variation   25   degrees  .lO'EasV    10.  (.$-.)   Ci_ r  lid  * oi thuc coinse.s> and- show  stalls  (4.)    In the  following suuey.  -' > A  to B  N 22  degrees    12 .W  11 to C N. 17 degrees .18 E  C   to D N  12  degrees.  23 W  >:,.-  -    D \to E N Hi  degices  .37  W  What is,the boanng from   A to E and  question must  be answeied  hy conij^  putalion  only,   accompanied   by      the  (5.)    Plot   the  following  survey  notes <>[  an 'ima������in.'iy   suncy  of an unuergfound  level  cohS-cuts.    15.  217 Feel.  389 feel.  192 feet.  281 led.  what  is   the distance?    This  traverse sheet.     20.  :it a scale     of one chain  lo one inch.  Find  the closing couise and  distance and  la'^'c out Uie aeeragc  m acres  and decimals:  -Vs   'Si45 degrees \V 180 links.  S 38 degrees E 2.32 links.  N 6L degrees  E 208 links  S 17 degrees W 112 links.  N 76 degrees  E 295 links.  N 28 degrees ������\^18() links.  '(6.|)    From   the  following   level    readings   plot,   a profile   to   a horizontal scale of 50 feet to one inch and a vertical scale of 5 \icel to one inch  Sieht  Station  Distance  Back Sight  ,   Fore  1   ���������"������������������'  0 feet  2.91.  3.40  ���������2  :���������'������������������   100  feet  '���������1.60  ���������    S.20  '"3"    '".  '   200 feet  ..;.. 7.2L.  .8.40  ; A  ..  300 feet.  ���������9.21'   ���������  8.30  ".    5'-  '400 feet  ,     2.20  0.40  <-:;-6:  500 feet  3.10  0.56.  .,-.'Total distance. 500 feet.   ������������������'.''  Assume your own   datum; and rrivb elevations.      20.     ���������������  (7.)    Of what value are .contours on a mine plan and what general method  would  you adopt  lo  obtain    them?     15.  (8.)    Explain carefully' one method   of taking     a survey   down a shaft  other   thaii  by   a in ague tic   bearing.    .10.  EXCELSIOR DANCING  CLUB HOLD MEETING  The. members  of the  Excelsior Dane  ing Club held a well attended" meet- (  ing in Mr'  Alec 'Smith's rooms last \  evening, when  the report. of  the   ex- J  ecutive conimittee .was   received.  The  the rounds  that no ladies   (not  incm-  b.'ts   of     tlie club)  would  be allowed  at  the dances  unless" lliey had   received an invitation. ' The executive     desire to have.it known that this     is  not   the case.   The  club  will   welcome  report shows the last  in,6nth to have   al   their   dances    all ladies,   whether  been a most successful  one  for    the j they   arc "members  or not,   and   they  club financially and otherwise.    Last  evening four new mem.bers were     enrolled.  Before the meeting- adjourned it was  staged  that a rumor had been  ujoii.'g  ite<  hope to see ladies who have not yet  become members of the club present  'at (heir regular dances. The next  dance is k> be held tomorrow ovciir-  ing  in   (rould's Hall-  Sjnelter ran eleven days and treated  2,061  tons  of Tyee, ore,  giving- a  return, after deduction of freight and  refining charges, of $31,062.   o-^.   REMAINS OF  THEFA^N  Victoria,     Decf 12.���������(Special)���������  A  telegraphic      icport  from  Canmarah  says lhe*stormy weather that    has  been, manifest   on   the coast   for  the  last few days has   thrown ashote   a  quantity   oi   wreckage.   A few   miles  west  of  Canmarah   a portion   of  the  starboard side of a schooner  of about  50      tons   - has been   washed  ashore,  bearing tlie first letter of a name,   a  capital   "F"    At  another point       a  large quantity  of wreckage  including  some'   white  painted   cabin   fittings  have been found by Indians, and      at  Calomosse the Indians'.have  found   a  coil of rope.  These are' thought, by the description", to be the remains of the sealing schooner Fawn.  THE LAST OF BUSH  CREEK QUESTION  Repcrt of City Solicitor Shows  Definitely That S, Erb Holds  Claim on Bush Creek  Petition From Residents of First  Avenue -Mrs* Picketlo  And Her Family  PUSSES AWAY  IN  recogrii/X'd "that  his condition'  xiousj his death' was unexpect-  Williami Morris, a' wel known em-  1 loyee in the Extension mines, and a  icsidcnl of/Extension, died in the  Nanaimo  hospital   this  afternoon.  Mr. Morris has been an inmate of  the hospital for some time suffering  from consumption,, and although, it  was  was ser  cd..     His, family,  a wife and several  children,  the eldest a girl of      about  eghlecn,   reside in  Extension       and  have -.-cbarge-of- the.-post .ollice thore.  Mr." .1. IT. McMillan, "a"well known  citizen and merchant of Nanaimo, also died hi the Nanaimo hospital this  morning. Mr. McMillan has for some  time been suffering from cancerous  trouble and was yesterday operated  on by Dr. Hogle.  ABOUT      RUSSIA.  ANT1-F0REI0N POLTCV.    London,      Dec.   12.��������� 'Vh?   Shanghai  ���������Vienna,   Dec.   12.���������News brought, by correspondent of the Times sends    a  refugees   from   Bucharest,   Roumauin, loner  despatch   describing   what      .he  says that on Sunday  last the town calls the unmistakable turn  of   Chin-  of Elizabetlibrad,   Russia, was in.the esc opinion     in   an aiili-foroign^   di-  hands     of     the mob, who  did  much  slaughtering 'and thieving. A regiment was sent from K-ishiness to  restore order. Elizabeth is a town  of 57,000  inhabitints,.  ruction,    lie believes  it  to he genuine  'and   widespread,   and gives   his   opinion  that-  it behooves  the commercial  'powers   to  take a   united   action   before harm comes of it.  IRVLVG'S  COLLECTION.  London,   Nov.     12.���������Great  interest  is being   taken inlhe sale, announced  for  next  Friday   at  Christie's,       of  the  household  goods   of the  late  Sir  Henry   Irving.    Even   the  friends  of  the dead actor are su.rprit<cd  at  llio  gicat quantity and  remarkable character of the collection he made, which,  wets never shown during his lifetime  except  lo a few intimates.  Ridics-of.famous  actors are     vciy  numerous.'   There are Gartick's   gold  ring,   which   was   presented   tolrving  by   Edwin   l'.ooth   in  New York     in  1881,   and   Garrick's   nialacca      cane,  which  afterward   belonged   to       Edmund Kcan, and. was used by  Irving  in  "The Lyons Maill"  There-is also  the  cane which   belonged   to  Thomas  King,  the comedian, and was used by  him. at-Drury Lane in .1777,  and     by  the  late  owner  when  acting   Doctor  Primrose     in  "The Vicar of Wakefield.'-  The  theatrical  miscellanea  embrace  a very varied assortment of     things.  There is  a unique collection  of  theatrical   free   passes   in silver,   bronze,  ivory, paper, etc., gating from     the  time  of  Charles   II.   down to       the  presettt.    Medals  struck  incommemor-  ation  of     theatrical men and  events  alsoi     form   an   interesting   feature;  while playbills from,the day of Gar-  r c'<   include many excessively      rare  examples.  The   library    s rich   in Shakcspe-ari-.  ana.   One  of  the  principal  rareties  is  a superb uncut .copy, with rough leav-  ves.of   the.   1655   "Othello,"   presented  to'. Irving by F; . Marshall.  There  are many  of the  modern  editions   of  Shakespeare  and   essays   which      deal  with his'life  and  works.    The  books  include the copy  of Shakespeare       al  one time     owned  by Wail Whitman,  with  his  autograph  signature   on,the  title 'page;  Kcmble's copy of  "Corio-  lanus,"   with  his notes;   plays      with  Macready's  notes,   Charles  Koan's copy  of "The School  Tor  Scandal," and  J.  S.  Knowles'   "Tlie Love   Chase,"  with a presentation note from the author.  The pictures and drawings include  works |by Burne-.Iones, Sir John Ten-  niel, David Maclisp, J. Seymour Lucas,  Alma Tadema, and Walter Crane  At the meeting of the city council  last evening the following letter   relating     to  the  Bush Creek  question  was read:  John Stewart,  Esq.,  City Clerk,  Dear      Sir,���������Acting  under   instructions  fioni   the city  I have made     a  careful seaich of the Government files  at Nanaimo, and I find that 'BOO inches of Bush   Creek have  already been  recorded in the   name ol Samuel Erb  of  Chemu-inus,   and  I enclose  Vou     a  certified copy of Uie record   filed    on  the first day of June, 190-1.  RUSSELL   SIMPSON.  Accompanying Mr. Simpson's letter  was a copy of the record, signed   by  Marshall Bray,  government agent of  Nanaimo,   with  a statement  that rental had been paid up to date.  Without noteworthy comment tlie  council ordered the letter received  and filed.  Mr. Russell Simpson, who had been  commissioned  to ascertain what amount the city was liable for the main  tenance of Mrs.  Pichelto,  during the  term she b  in jail,  also  wioie stating thai there was no law govern ing  the amount due  the province  from  a  city for  the keep of a prisoner     Nanaimo pays fifty cents a day.    In refr  crence  to  the children,  Jit.  Simpson,  adiised  the city  wr le Mr.   South, of  the Children's  Aid Society,' Vancouver, and arrange to'have the .'children  see why they should  pay for Adolph-  us' board for October ami November.  Mr.  O'Connell will send the communication to   Mrs.   Pichetto.  Included among the accounts was  one fiom Mrs. Dier, who kept the  two Pichetto children until they  were sent to Vancouver. The keep  was $1.80, and two pair of rubbers,  90c. Alderman Bevendge enquired i  .f the city had t0 dress the young-  slcis, but the Council had had enough oi the family for one nignt.and  Uie bill was  ordered  paid.  A letter was read calling attention  of the council to the dangerous grade  of the sidewalk adjacent to Harry  Kay's and Siller's Stable. The letler  said that in frosty weather it was  extremely dangerous to pedestrians,  and asked counc i to have the sidewalk made of a more uniform grade.  The letter was signed byl-I- iKay,  VV. Siler, and several other residents  of that section. Mr. Kay, who was  present, evpiamed that the sidewalk  with its present grade was very dangerous m snowy weather and pointed  out how it could be remedied.  Aldeiniaii Beveridge moved, seconded by Aiuerman Nicholson, that the  matter be referred to the street committee to investigate and report at  the next meeting.     Alderman Bryden  enter thchome there. (As already sta-  objected to   this.   He thought       the  ted  in  these, columns,   the two children  are now, in charge oi  the  above  society). '  The  clerk, said  lie had   received     a.  letter from Majoi  Mullet", warden  of  the provincial jail, stating  that the  amount  usually  paid  for the keep of  a prisoner was lil,") monthly.  After some discussion the cleik was  teqiicstcd, on a motion bvAld. Beveridge, seconded by Aid. Malone, lo  wnte the Attorney-General's department and f-nd out exactly the cost  to the city for the woman's maintc-  naiue.  "Dear Mrs. Pichetto,���������Adolphus is  very well and often speaks . of you.  He is getting on nicely wilh his lessons and wishes to be remembered  to you," read the clerk. "We enclose you accouril for two months'  boaid SISTERS of St. "'Anne."  The  co n ii  was   pleased   to.      heair  that  the young  gentleman   was   such  a good      boy,  bulwho was  Adolphus,  anyhow,   and   what    had   the   city  lo  do  with  a bill   of  eight  dollars     for  his two months' board?  Mr.     T.  O'Connell,.'who presented  committee should be granted permission to tak*e what action they thought advisable. The motion was altered to that effect.  '! he clerk, on. a motion by Alderman  Beveridge, seconded by Aider an  Blair, was imtrcled to refund $5 col-.  ,reled for a trader's license from L.  Young, shoe-maker, of Fourth Avenue  as >n   Young is not a tiadei.  Permission was granted to Mr. yf.  Slewait  to level   the sidewalk at   the-  enlrancc  of h.p   new   office,   the  work  to  be done      to   the approv al  of  the  street  foreman.  ���������1.  E. Smith wrote asking the council  lo have  water  laid on in the city  hail,   as the   firemen   leqiured   it   for  washing the hose,  reel, elc.    He said  the  Waterworks  Company had  promised  to let  t he ci ly  have the  water  for this purpose free     of charge, ������������1  the only expense would be for piping  and fot pipping the main.     Aid. Bev-  ciidge niO'Vod,  seconded by  Aid.  Bryden, Ijiat the request be granted, and  a hose Kick  be purchased tor the fire  hall. Carried.  Aid. Beveridge. was of the same op-  th'c bill, was called  upon to  explain. . inion  as last   meeting-.    The  interior  Adolphus   was   the son  of Mrs.    Pichetto,   and       was kept at St.- Anne's  Convent,  Duncans. , The bill was   for  two  mouths'   board,  to  Dec.  17,  and  had   liccn sent   with the letter  to him-.  '(Mr.  O'Connell.)  The  aldermen  soc-imd   lo think  -it,  had   enough   to .have, to   keep   the lady  and  her children  now,  but could not  of. the city hall should be painted. He  moved that the clerk call for. tenders  for the work. Aid. Malone thought  all funds available should be spent-on  the streets. The other aldermen seem  ed to. agree with Aid Mafone, and  all began to mentron places where  street improvements ��������� were needed, so  the  motion  was  not carried.  PROPOSED AMENDMENT  TO MUNICIPAL ACT  Since, the last  city council  meeting  school   taxes   should   be levied  separ-  a letter   has      been received   by   City  , alcly   from   the city   taxes,  and       he  Clerk  Stewart from'the secretary oT  suggested  that the advisability of     a  the. Association  of  Canadian  Munici-j change to this effect be.brought     be-  palitics notifying'' Ihe'Ladysuritli court -fore- the Association,  cil that      "the Association  meets   in I    Aid.  Urydon thought the clause re-  New  Westminster  shortly.   It  is  the    lating to  Voting hours should  be   al-  intention of the. Association  to  apply   tered.      Polling on  a money  b5r-law  at-the     next session of the govern- ; closed at  four o'clock and this made  nient for any changes  in the-act gov-j it almost impossible for miners, work-  era ing   municipalities   that-the   meet-; ing  oif the mornin-g  shift to     record.,  ing referred to above may decide are j their     votes.      He thought    a move  advisable. j should be made to -have the time ex-  The letter invites the local council tendwl to seven o'clock. The other  lo lay before the meeting any alter- aldermen considered this suggestion  at ions tliey;\voukl like made in the an advisable one. The council dur-  said Act. 1 ing     the coming  week, will consider  The     matter was discussed  at the   ! what changes they think it would b������  meeting      last  evening.    The  mayor ; well  to have made,  and the clerk will  thought  the clause in the Act rclat- j write  the. Association,   laying   before  ing  to      the levying  of school   taxes   ! them      the   views   of the Ladysniith  should be-amended. In his opinion the ' council.  S.S. Riedar left this morning with  There are several  portraits of David   ({,150  tons  of coal for   San   Francis-  Oarrjck,   two   by   Reyenolds,   one  by . ;  Zoffany, and one by Nathaniel Dance. C������" '  :"        '   "  Collier  Wellington  is  due for  a full  earo-o of coal  for Fan Francisco.  S.   S,  Lapwing arrived in port this  morning with a load of hay for Blair  ,& Adam, .. ���������   ���������  ''6 DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  published   every  day except Sunday  BY        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  ���������0  cents  a   month",    $5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication.  <f (ii.tf a������rf lit it *f f ���������������iV������ ill*  DAVID SPENCER  (Nanaimo )Ltd  TOYS  HOOKS  GAMES  BURNT  LEATHER  CALENDARS,  ���������TUESDAY,    DEC.   12,  1905  ...  AMATEUR      VS.   PROFESSIONAL  Amateur Athletic Associations are  taking-much interest in the report  and address of the Association's resident lately held at New York Am-  ot-hrr -'things er.ademncd the president  u       . addi\3a   .-Jii.  "uliat . sccnis- to' have created a  piofound sensation in the world of  sport arc the recent alleged icmhi-  lif'jis of... Arthur F. pulley,.'and. apparently of his own fice will an 1 <i'-  cord. Imficy,   e\en  now, docs not  pretend  lo     be a professional,  simply  claiming  to     have received excessive  expense money.      1 h-s  admission,  c\-  cn,  is enough to convict him, -for the  A.    A.  U ,      law  is simple-enough on  tins    scoie, and     lpa\cs no room     i  doubt  ..r      misinterpretation    in   in  mind    of any     honest  athlete      'I he  man who     deliberately accept!:  excos-  hi\c expense . money is a profession*!  of the     worst     type, and the sea: t  miialiHii cniHicnmatKui should be pl.i ���������-  oil on liim      forever      In the case nf  DulTej,  it 'is    .recommended  thai   .hi  mention of bun  be expunged  from   .he  recoids of the A    A   Ir., commcucinv  fiom    1he day when he admits having  received  excessive  ciiinse money. 11,  is also lec-omii'e-di 1 that rurther leg-I  isiation     be enacted, to the end thai  ���������the  payi'if  .if cpcn.c  r tuu-y   iu.lv ' e  regulated in   a moso s^sleuit'tu- manner   and,   if possible,  ihat a i; '"t 1������  ������t.ci:  pavjiunts, ly clubs'diiy.,  he es  tal.Iishcd.  Arv?llicr pmi which demauds iiumc-  cl!atc attention is Use ict'i.:i:g t-il-'a.-  and the so-called ren "n'/.vo.is where  somelines belter loafers aie crealeu  than athletes. Crilicism lias also loen  made or certain organizations becni' ���������  of llio holding of professional ar 1 >���������  aleur games at the same mo-jl 'ihe  ndvist\������Hty oi discontinuing this practice is submitted - to' your judgment,  with the urgent request for action  ���������which will eliminate ail evils, if evils  they he, incident to such conations."  LADIES and CHILDREN'S GLOVES  A Glove Shewing equal to any in B. C.   Gloves for your friends;  in Ladysmith, in B. C, or in any part of the world-  good enough to. compete with any made.  ���������j? tft iti i'Ii fit *&-'  SPECIAL XMAS. SALE!  II ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTRiE, Proprietor  white  10 dozen Ladies' Suede undressed  Kid Gloves in grey, fawn.  ind black.      Regular 5.1 00,  Special Xm,is Sales.'...  50c',  15 do'/cn I .p dies' Fine Dress id   Kui Gloves,  pique sewn scams, in  ltuns, brows, grey, fawn, black.   Rcguiai   5100  !Xmas Sales  ,,  75c!  fine Frpmh  Kid Glows, every pair guaranteed,  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BBSi  WINES, WQOORS, CIGARS.  **���������������  S*  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������  Time Table No. 57,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND  JOHN GOGO.PROP  Board at reasonable  ' , Rates  \ The bar is extra weU  Stocked  line  French  Kid Cloves,  "Cuurantced''   $l,OOi  made from selected   ,$1,25;  These are fit for,  Per Pair   Ladies' fine bUick Suede Kid   Gio"\es  ^At 1.25 and    A  LESSON  FROM  HENRY SLAY  'Ihe 'T.oiiirA.ir 1"  a  o-ood- fit-l'tT.  Per Pair   "Periius'  Favelle"  f*a skins,  in  ail  shades  3; Per Pair   ^     ���������    "Funns" " celebrated wasJimg   Kid    Gloves  -"psj the lies'-will wash  like a piece of cotton  $1,50  The color is  guaranteed.  $1.50  Chiirticn's ,-uul "Misses Trtnc h  Kid  Gloves with two dome fasten  Special.  Per   Pair  75c  Chiidien's and Misses lined and  Fur Top Kid Gloves.     The best  vaUi-e we've ever shown.  Per Pair 75c.  '     Ladies'   Lined and Fur Top     Kid Gloves with tbe latest and most  substantial clasp.  ,  At $1.00 and $1.25  Ladies' Silk Lined Mecca Gloves-   'Ihe    finest      kinds   >n     Tan and  browns ���������[-���������  Per Pair $1-75*;  her;  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and goodboard.  Our Itar is newly flUclup and well supplied an1 is m cha' ���������     ���������������  JOS. PELUGRINELLi  EFFECTIVE SATURDAY, OCT. 21st, 1905.   ..  ��������� Trains leave Ladysmith for Victoria and  all intermediate stations    at  9Tl0, a������. daily., and at 4.00 p.m. on  Wednesdays,     Saturdays   and   Sundays;-^   "���������'"'-. -- "' '���������" '  ',    Trains;;leave Ladysmith, for "Wellington and all intermediate stations  at  11:57 "*W. daiiyf a*������ at 6.00 p.m.  on   \V'edii# days,  Saturdays,   and  Suadays. .<  ��������������� EXCURSION TICKETS ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for 'going journey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  the folliwaig Monday:.   \ ' s   -"-  -A -    } ' ��������� *  " ' ������������������Steamer Joan   Sails frem Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 an*, and  returning r sails fraouVancouver    for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m. ,    ,  SBBRITCWI I' i*' I ���������! I I'  '' ' i GEO. L. COURTNEY.  II .Govt., Street, Victoria B.C. Dist. Freight & Pass. Agi.  TW. Hotel has    been completely    Board and lodgiBg $1.00 per da,.  renovated.  JOHN TKA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with  the Best, Wiues.lst Avenue :-:  Liquors and Cigars.  -: Ladysmith B.C.  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Ppwell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Mea's 35c and Upward  D  A well known southern politician  who lived just before the civil war  not infrequently: spoke of an-incident  that look place in his first term in  congress, in wlwh he received a lesson in statecraft from, the great  Whig, leader, Henry  Clay.  "I-.was1 a young man  and   an   enthusiastic -Whig,"  he  said,  "and     I  entered congress   quivering with��������� eagerness to serve  my part)' and to dis-  lingiash      myself.    I was  on   myfeet  shouting,   'Mr.  Speaker!' a dozen times  a day.    I opposed   eyen petty motions     made   by Ihe opposite party  and      bitterly   denounced  every  bill,  however  trivial,   for  which it .voted.  Before   the :-s<-ion     wat .half over  I  had contrive-'.!  lo  ma'-'c myself  ..-'noxious-to cvcr.:r Democrat thr.t-  1 met.  ���������     "One day after 'an ill-torn;-rr,:-:l o-ut-  ' break on  a question  of no moment,   I  turned   and saw   Mr.   Clay   watching  mc wiifch a twinkle in his eye.  " 'Cj'     lie said,      'you  go  fishing  sometimes.?' ,  " 'Yes.' '       .    ,  " 'Don't you   find  that the best rod  |������ Nanaimo,  is the one thai gives a little al each  joint? It does not snap ami break at  every, touch, but bends and shows its  strength only when a heavy weight is  put  on it.'  "I  caught his  meaning.  I had seen  him   chatting  familiarly   with       the  very  men whom  I was berating.  Yet  I knew     that -when  great  interests  clashed     he was  the "one-man whom  they feared:    "1 set myself to learn patience and  cooinese.    It   is the ��������� strong,   flexible  rod.which does not break under the  big  fish."' ;'    '���������������������������'���������;     .  f������aa3Xi!UBOEi/T]^*c3ZK������r*=?:������i  ;      You don't want to miss  THE SQ&IAL DANCE  ^  -^ -^  AN ENTERTAINMENT  4,      *<s      ^<  At J. X. SMITHS, Fifth Avenue, Ladysmith on the evening DEC. 25th.  GEO. CARTER of Victoria  Floor Manage  No. L.     143.MEN'S   CHROME    KIP BA  Piaiu    toe,  leather lined,  hc'i-.'ws      li.'iin'iie, double sole  and  slip.   This is a broad toe  Ia������l.,      made  to    stand  hard,  heavy      wear;   the upper will  always retain its.-soft, velvety  feeling    and is as waterproof  as leal hei" can be made.  WHOLESALE  BY  TH6 CITY MSRKeT  R. Williamson Prop  *st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C#  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  ^Telephone|!46.  LTD.  1.   fci  VANCOUVER. B. C.  jmmmmvEiEmmMmm  fhe   Ladysmith   Lumber [Coj Ltd.  MILLS   AT   PIDU1CK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shlngles  a  Special!-.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     and  FiatoWnf    Lunfcw  la    Stock.  Best accommodation for transient  \nd permanent boarders and lodgers.  OR AND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  d*te. Rates $1.00 a day and ������p-  wuds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  I>������laaai������ :*-: :���������: :���������: >>: La4yamltk  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooa Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GAT ACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Bates |1.25 and$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landing! and  railway depots.   Electric cars every nvt  minutes to all parte of  the olty.' Ba?  and table.nnexcelled.  F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST.,  VANCOUVER B, O.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  i  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell & Woobank  Proprietors. "  Modern and     Strictly First ClaM.  Commercial Mens' headqaarters.      j  Fire Proof    Buildiig; ��������� |  :o:-  R.P.RITHET,!  & Co, Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������:   ������������������ ���������-*- :���������BC-  HOTEL  (T. J. Well man, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R; Dejjot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4.  I  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     |  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Workaat  LADYSMITH, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE'  I  | DUNCANS STATION CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  *       Vancouver [s and, B. G, General Manager. J  cTWONEY TALKS"--  AS LOUD TO US   AS ANYONE. .       I       , i        i  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR MEAT  Y������UR  BOLLARS W  ILL  GO  FURTHER  IF  YOU  BUY FROM US   Our Cash Prices Cannot Hie Beaten   CEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith  *%  B   G  TO FERNIE,    B. C.  Read Down  " Read l'p  9 f.m.\I.v. Victoria Arr. 4.001>. 111.  8 w p. te. tv.. Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  o.aip.ta.Arr. Kwett Arr. 7-3on-'������-  , yam. m. AW. 6POKANB Arr 7-45 P-������������  C.j5p.mArr. Rcxford Arr u.iop. ������������������������  KIWe Arr. 10142 a. 111.  Fernie   L.V.9.S5"   "���������������  8.1a   p;^������������,Ar.  9.00'p.������.' Arr.  A ONE NIGHT  To ill; Kootenay Points  : TWO   NIGHTS  To.^Wnnipeg aad St. Paul  \Close Connections  '   '    For' .Chicago. Toronto.  Montreal and .  AlUPbints East & West  Acetylene     Lighted     Cars.  Firmly Tourist Sieepets  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining-    Cars (Meals a  la  ;_ , '  Carte).  '    Library Observation ���������   Cars  Through     tickets and bag-'  . g&ge'checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  ' '���������'" For tickets, maps, berths  reservations ' , and; complete  information    call on or ad-  "'   diess. ;"  S. G. Yerkaa  A.G.R.A.  Seattla  TICKET   OFFICE  Car- Govemrnont and Yates St*.  VICTORIA, B C  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  3  E. R. Stephen-  ���������    G.>A.G.N/Ry  Victoria, B.C.  One of-wnich.fs  the- famou*   ''Norlfl  Coast Limitcii"  TicKets on sale to al.   FJastern' and  Southern points at lowest rates.  !Tp-to-dat3     Pulli:ian    and     Tourist  ' 1 1 1  slt-cpcis      on  ail   (rains.   Dining   -'at  service  Unsurpassed.  St^am^iiip i icKcts   on sale to   and  from all European Points.   Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IN  ���������EFFECf��������� .   "'  For     tiuthjr    particulars    call ot     1  HENKYS NURSfRIES  NSW CROP-  V -  Hom������ Grown & Imported  garden"3/ field '; _'W flower  ;   ; SEEDS.  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If you liki  A  smeoth,  easy  shave,  an even,  :..': wellrflnisned     beard trim, a good  :;batn:;-6r; a stylish Hair-cut.  You will go to  LADYSMITH SHaVINI,  PARI0RS  \ HIGH STREET.  The  only  line now  making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST." PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with       the    1  through    trains ' from    the    Pacini   ^  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH 3  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST)  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN    ,  MINNEAPOLIS,  S'I\   PAUL,   CHit  CAGO, .OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  ?|  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask youc <\  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  igeat,'  7?0 2nd Ave., Seattlo.  ==.=, kl  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE A CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AND FRESH..  Coafectlonary of all kinds.  v ,Ors>w^takea;- for- Pastrias to be de-  ilvarcd at any time.  ���������   '      Employment Agency  FANPhIELL  &  "PtASKETT  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  Member Can.   Society'of   CivU. Engineers      _  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers, j England  ���������^'Member  Internatioi.al  Electrical  Congress   at St. !*������.. W  -Electrical Engineer-  LADYSMITH, Bt C.  P. 0i BOX 357. ,...--������������������ I- I ' '-���������'*  -:o.-  Manufacturers of the Famous  C^BAN p^QSSOn  None feu  Union Labor   Employed  fl, J. BOOTH, Prop  '" "���������    i:'V  z ' '������������������:   ������������������������������������'���������"/:���������  .Deaers In  Pianos and]  Organs ..  Ladysniith, B.C  Dr. Dier can.be foimd at any timtfl  at his office on_High street. His dDn������I  tal   work  is ��������� guaranteed  to  be flrsi*!  class and rates reasonable  ���������t^  'ssBsssEsssaaaau I  HILBERT DAILY'LEDGER  'rl  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B.3C.  /Manufacturers of/the  t  In |British Columbia |  Lager Beer   and Porter^    Guaranteed; Brewed -���������.  ������rom the  Best Canadian  Malt   Run  Hops  .buss bEiupcnny���������This "erocheap butler  ain't tit to eat  Mrs. is.���������No, it ain't. Run into Mrs  Gootlsoul's and borrow a pound. She al  Jvnys has good butter���������the highest priced  in the market Tell her we'll pay lu;r  hack, tomorrow.  Miss S���������Goln to git stiine newbuttej  tomorrow ?  fUrs. g.���������No     Vin'U pay her with thia  A Teacher Taught.  "I will tea'ch you a thing or two," said  the terrier as he jumped at the hedgehog  And as he jumped buck, yelping with  pain, the hedgehog remarked:  "Don't whine i was .only giving yoc  a fey* pointers."���������Louisville Courier-.Tom-  aat  a. man who recoiled a hill for a Dou������  that he had no recollection of haying or  dc;-cd sent the following nnswer: "I uever  ordered the book. Ii I did, you did not  semi it if 1 got it, I paid for it If T  itdn't. 1 won't"  *>."'  Now [For Christmas  As the Holidays approach, your thoughts"must naturally'turn toward the Gift Problem. '��������� j ' I   "' IliiiJ)  WHAT SHALL VIT! BE? =  Now is tho time t o make your selections. Loo* over  ON  THE  EDGE OF THE  WOOOS.  Direct From France���������Tooth, shaving,  'iair   and   clothes   brushes. A splendiid  assortment at the Ladysmith  Phar-  iaey.  Smoke Little P������. Cigars.  this list at your leisure* i J��������� I :J l.tejtsVt-  .^a^iryaattani **s'i^ ���������  53S  PW*!"  NEW ARRIVALS IN  STERLING    SILVER  . Bon Boh Spoons  .$1.75 ea  Shaving Brushes ,..,.., 2.00 ea.  Toast Racks  ������������������   7.50 ea  Bread Forks.: $2 &. 3.00 ea*  Baby Spoons t.3 1.50 & $2 ea  * Salad Servers,' pair _ 3.50ea  Bread Knives  .- 4.50 ea.  Berry Spoons   6.00 ea  Cream Ladles ,.���������  2.50 aa.  Olive Forks _ _ 1.75 ea.  Almond Trays ~ ..,������ 2-50 ea  After Dinner Coffee  Spoons 6, 8 & $10 doK. __  3-P������ece Sewing Sets In  Case, Scissors,' Ttrlm-' -  ble &     Cushion ��������� $3 set  Card Prize Trophies .... 2.50 ea  Corkscrews Sterling t  ...  Mount-Buck handles  .  *' 2^50 & S3ea.  Crystal P'lower Vases  . Sterling  Silver 'Mounted,  75c. $1, 1.50. L75 up to 5  Salt  Cellars ������....������ 250 to $5  pair. ,   ,       ���������   --        ,| <���������    ,a.'iJ  1 :-^>ViEI-L!/ER^.B t^-0^^1  ���������   %^.m6w'E^HOTEL'1AND.CLUB'-,FURNI'SHE:R'S-VICTOt?IA','B:-C'.^W  B  Appointments may he made"' at any  ume for dental work at Dr. Dior's  on High' street - st  The Cherry Riiband, S R Crocket's  'a test hook, and The Passing of the  If.ice, hy D \V. Higijuis, at Knight's  Hook1 Store.   ���������o   WANTED���������by Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman)-for,each piovince in Canada.  Salary - $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No iiHi'Stment required. Pre-  \ions experience not essential to engaging.  Address V.-n ���������-���������!,  132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  III.,   U.S.A.  Midway between tho glare and glooat  Iu tlu*3 cool twilight let us lie���������  Aiound a fringe of uolden gloom,  Above an arch uf lcidy ������ky,  Aad breuzed blowing blandly by.  List to the wood choir's swelling j iBlMi  The hermit thrush is ohori-jter.  Down all the (loop and dusky ways  Tho churul melodies concur  With soffc profundos from the fir.  If where tho sunlight dints tho shad*  With amber dimples, some estray  Four looted thing onr view invade,  Although it perk and whisk away,  Is'o discord jard the rhythmic day.  Hera all is harmony, and here  Care, garment like, is cast aside.  Ours is ihe vision of the seer.  And, since our dearest dreams abide  The yearning soal is satisfied.  -Clinton Scollard la Youth's Companion  Theologj- Id tlie Taproom.  An extraordinary iirgumont for Snndai  cpenuiK was quoted by one of the spwikeri  repontly at u tuinpurntiicu convention lit j  related that at a public meeting once heh :  tn Coventry an orator urged that publ). j  houFcs should be opened at noon on Sut, j  liiiys m order that workingmen shouli, i  have an opportunity of discussing to������cthej j  '.ho sermons they had heard in tlie morn j  uig Tho iHKfiif:ity of thirsty souls knvw; j  n������ liiuitj, ���������\V((stniinster (iazetto i  A  l.-tzidlulibor   Puzzlpd.  We (U> not iinder-Tnntl   this lvforvnce 'it- \  ihe ttiw-k ol   :i  Mihiii.'ii-inu   bout   in   New ���������  VmU ,  Shi-.-.-ink at Im-i duel;, fit-ciinline to i  -tjporl,. Inn   lii-c.tiiM- u  Miljiimrine ljo.it bo  noun's hiih'ii.'iriMc lire we to look   upon her  .a-  a   wivrkl1    lsn t  ttiat  her  bUAiui-na!'���������  'hieiiKO Post  It Is estimated that about a."-i).()(to o*  naries m-o raised every year in <x-miauy  The most iinporriint market is the L'niii'io  dtate.s, whieh  uu()ur������6 over luu.uuo  Dirdi  perannum  Sleepera.  A sleeper Is one who sleeps. A sleeper is that In which the sleeper sleeps.  A sleeper Is that upou which the sleeper  runs while the sleeper sleeps. Therefore, while the sleeper sleeps iu the  sleeper, the sleeper carries the sleeper  over the sleeper, uader the sleeper.  Wax Proin  Trees.  The wax palm of the Andes Is a vegetable wonder. It grows to a height of  j \ nearly 200 feet and thrives not only on  the plains, but the mountains. The  wood is tough and durable and is employed In carpeutry. The wax cornea  from-the pits hetvroen the trunk and  fronds. It is yellow or grayish white,  Is as pure as beeswax and iu used for  making candles. A peon climbing the  trees can gather from twenty to tbirtjr  pounds from each.  Benevolent Dnellata.  Jaures and Deroulede, French duelists, before leaving the locality where  tbey fought their bloodless duel, gav������  mouey for the poor of the neigh bor-  tiood. Deroulede also presented the  owner of the grounds whereiu the duel  took place with a medal on which is a  portrait of himself.  IWQT  . WEINRO  ecembcr Bargaio  Just rec-ched by Express, the nicest luif of Ladies Neckwear and  Bells you e\er wish to sec. Just the tliiua, for Xiuas presents. Come  and got youi choice before they are an gone, as we have a limited  quantity.  Ladies Belts-Sizes 22 to 3fr  We have many other  articles suitable for Gifts  :-*^i "������*������*������������**��������� ivm  cTVIen's Handkerchiefs  The Alice ludiaiin.  The   Aztec   Indians   of   Mexico  are  noted   for   their  strength.     An  Aztec  porter lias been seen to take a cask of  i claret weighing 400 pounds on his back  Hud carry it cjuite a distance.  mVm. iiMHWk ���������������  I  ?>  &b  i,Caii  Miners' Drilling Machines,  -  ' ^   '���������������������������  'L|-'        ' 7 '>'��������� --���������"' ; (. ' j  r--~   ���������'���������>,  Hade to order and Repaired at short   notice.   Drill Sharpened by us .������'  ways gives satisfaction. Picks band! ed and repaired.;, <$V!$JII) ,  Sllipsmittiing   iii   a)l     ita    *3rantie������ ���������  Horseshoers>nd Genera! Blacksmitlis.  R. LA^VSON   _  B uiler S tree t "-2-   - ~ "   Lady em ith," B C  ���������^^^���������^^^^.^������������������^-f������������������^���������������������������������������������t������������������������������������^���������������������������i ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������^ *���������*-:.  LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE ;  4  PIANOS,  ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.     Stables in the rear of the'. Lad  ysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  \J\  Leave orders at   the  3 A. J.:WASKET, PROPS ������  ^^>^M^M-*44444-f4���������HH*W��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� ��������� M ���������.������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������W  5  5K  ��������� :  Xi  ���������* .  ��������� -  LIVERY, BOARD IN J AMD j  SALES STABLES  It EXPRESS  WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JpHNSON  LADYSMIT  *  - ���������  >  *  fPHONE 66  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark^or Sile  BUGGIES FOR HIRE  :-:  See J. KEMP, or leave orders vith  BLAIR &  ADAM  FIRST AVENUE  'PHONE 2-4.  W. SILER.  GEKEKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY pov^  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  fiaammmoM. DESIGNS        J  a\l lO TRADEMARKS ^<  'RIB ��������� J% AND COPYRIGHTS.  a m . ��������� ���������iQW IV OBTAINED. ^  ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY CDCC j  Notice in " Inventive Age " ���������NaKBr'V'l  Book "llo w to obtain Patents';' f 11 !��������� Iss j  , Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secured. 1  r Letters strictly confidential. Addre������B,. J  [ E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawytr, Washington, D.C. ;  it- ��������� i . i i a ...... f. .-.>**���������������������������������*������ ���������*���������  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Repairing and Making   v  Order a Specialty  THOHAS    MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Solicitor,  Etc.  .   . #en$y  to  i  t   Av:slJ* -       Uli'i*  1  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given  that  I.   the  undersigned, will apply at the next,  regular sitting of the Licensing  Board on December lath for the  'transfer of the retail liquor license  held by me for the Whcatshcaf hotel, located in Cedar District, to  'Enoch  Sage,  of Nanaimo.  JAMES  YATES,  Cedar  District, Nov.  7th, 1905.  A grout author Ityo* Ash says that over?  wjsarc lEiilool the soa Is inhiiinujil by |>!u'  *������?.CO0 finny cri'atium'  No   Co :������<idrta(������������b  First nay���������My uuiniuia oelongs tno������>  of the fh-st-fniiiiiies.  Second Boy���������l'coai That's nothing  Aline belongs to one of the last famS  Ccl   3n*y.  Tho successful man ia usually busy,  and Ihe busy man is usually successful. Tho youiifj man. ivhatever his vocation, who has not learned to ccond  mize his time and keep busy has uol  got the lesson most essential to a proa  perous, useful and happy life.  I.  Kind  of  St. Catherines iigntncuse. Isle of  Wight, has just been fitted vyitli ���������  flashlight which is estimated to be  equnl to 15,000,000 candlcpower, ant'  on nights when the atmosphere is fa  vorable its beam probably la visible  from the French coast. The new light  ia immensely more powerful than the  old one, which was of about 3,000,000  caudlepower.���������London Globa.  "Women Iu l������uruu uay.  Kearly all the younger women in  Paraguay wear white or light pink  dresses. Dark and black gowns are  worn only by the' older ones. Face  powdering is still in vogue, and many  of the women losk as if they wore  white masks.  The Word "JlnrlMaba.**  TJia word Jinrikisha comes from three  Japanese roots, jin-riki-sha, meaning  respectively man, power, carriage, but  it is not of Japanese origin. So recently as 1870 the inconvenience of the  ���������ipw,v lumbering two wheeled carts  turned the thoughts of English resi ' j  deuts to the ease with which the hardy )  natives could propel a lightly constructed vehicle, and one wan invented, some  My by a missionary, others by a newspaper proprietor's son. Ever since then  the heavy carta have been entirely dispensed with.  Home-made Opera Shawls, Jewel.  ry and Silvei ware, Silk: Umbrellas in  Gold and Pearl Handles  [���������minim iiwiwii mi���������sir-������������������������nrzinr������i������iBMw iiinBiw imwiiw  mswmimwiiisii iiihiii.ii ������������������  Gents' Braces handsomely worked  With flowers etc! etc.  MnomaBann  . J The Javanese Idea of Bravery.  There is a time when deatb is much  easier for a man than to fulfill his duty,  and if be dies Just for the sake of  death he cannot execute the duty that  la assigned him. True bravery is not  In throwing away one's life or courting  deatb, but in doing one's duty at the  aazard of one's life. You must not forget that���������From "A Daughter of Jar  pan/' by Marui GensaL  COUPONS  GIVEN   AWAY      WITH  EVERY   PURCHASE.   T -ITS  WILL  GIVE  YOU  A   CI-lAN't'E TO GET  SILVERWARE       AND  JEWELRY   FOR  CIIRIST.M \  S PRESENTS  FREE OF  CHARGE  H, 8. Weill robe,  HIGH STREET, LADYSMITH, B.   C  6338353335  CHURCH NOTICES  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rev. R. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Evening  set vice���������7.30  p.m.  Evening,   Service���������7   p.m.  Dihlc study  class, Wednesday  even-  mo,  at 7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's  Sunday School���������2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.m.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. W.  C. Schlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  Evening  Service���������7 p.m.  St.  v  Cough Remedy]  The Children's Favorite   <  ���������CUBES��������� '  Coughs, Colds, Croup and  Whooping Cough.  ' Thl3 remedy is fammii for it* cure1- orer  aim-go purt of tlie oivili/od woild. I', can  always bo depended uiid:i. It conlm ana  opium or otlifi lirmntul drui; mid n. f b������  given as couflduully to u liulij as to an .dull  Price 25 cts; Larg-o Sizra, 50 ota.  Mtmmt *rm*m**ni*i>0Vnj-f*m-.iar*i*.  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  the  Office  SHCH8  1st Avenue  %s  ;i3S  NOTICE.  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.   EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C^ May 18tht 1905,  AND  Its    Great    Resources  No part of  Biitish Columbia today offers so many advantagss to  the  investor as does VANCOUVER  ISLAND.  Its  vast and varied natural' wealth has never been  as yet thoroughly-  appreciated by reason of the fact  that it has nevei   been promiently laid  before the public.  COAL GOLD  TIMBER SILVER  FISH " IRON  GAME COPPER  sunsmne  urn  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Us laud, when properly cleared,    will grow almost any  product of the  soil known  to  man,  WHEAT  OATS  RYE  VEGETABLES  OF  ALL   KINDS  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  Everything  Comforhabla  when you  re Tire.  A WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL      FRUITS    AND      BERRIES  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt   a liberal   land   policy,   and  thfc     1,500,01)0 acres controlled     by    them will he disposed of on reason-  j  file  terms  to actual settlers j  Government lands can  be secured   and      money can  he made by   those  who desire  a new home in  a country   possessing the  BE5T CLIMATE  McCIar/s  London, Toronto, Hontrea!, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will   supply   any  information   obtainable  to those who contemplate   a visit  with  a view of  investment if  conditions are found as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;      a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers com e  in  each year.  LADYSMITH  -    IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THE      LINE    FROM    VICTORIA  TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue" to   grow ie  \mportance as  the Island is  developed.  Subscribe for and read THE  DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B   C  Public  Notice  Attention is called to ';he   Tact that the  Ogifvie   Flour Hills Co ,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved and  purified  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a  dvising  the public that  any nnr.-'-h-  orized users of the electrical     flour purifying processes  will be pro*  secured.  Ogilvio Flour Mills Company limited  are +3iQ    eraly    millers in Cauaiawlirjae      Flonr  s purified by tho   elostria prdesis Tf  y  THE   DAILY   LEDGER  LOCAL ITEMS  Have your Xmas Photos taken NOW.  Sti.dio  open until next Monday, the  S6tn.  '  FRTCKE & SCHENCK  Smoke Big B. Cigars.        _  WANTED-Girl  to  lake care    ' of  small    child ,   and   help   about  house  work.    Apply P.O. Box 80S.  ���������o���������  Miss Fisher, who has been' absent  from school on account- of illness, returned to her duties this  morning.  Mis. J. Gould returned on  rioor. train from a visit down  raib. ay.  the  tho  Mis.      H. Cecil relumed  to Lady-  smit'i  on 1he noon  train.  . Th' Boata of, Provincial License  Com ii'issiouers for Newcastle District  nicol on Friday next.  'MM  As Ususal we are on deck with the  Goods. Tht Biggest and Best Assortment of Toys and Fancy Goods that  has been shown for years.  m ARE GOING TO CLEAR THEN  -OUT-  >&,  Mrs. IS. Watts, of Chemainus, who  has bc3n visiting in this city, returned home this morning.  The Rev. ,Tait, Grand Super ntcn-  'dcnl Juvenile Templars, was in this  vity yesterday, the' guest of Rev. W.  Schii -liter. I\ir. Tail attended the  rneet'iig of the local Good Templars  I.odg-1 1^1 evening and went on lo  Viclc.ria .this morning.  The Ladysmilh Good Templars held  -aiir, o;>en social in their lodge rooms  last evemng, ahout one hundred persons being present. During the evening a splendid musical programme  was rendered, and the Rev. Mr. Tail,  G.S.J.T., gave an interesting address. Refreshments were served before the party broke up.  FOB THE GIRLS WE HAVE GOLLS FROM  ,- Sc. to SiOO  Make Your Selection, we will make the  Price as they All go.  Shop early if������ you want  NOTICE  BLOUSES  -o<>o_  A Splendid Range of  Blouses in Lustre Mercerised  Sateens-French Flannel-Art  /ir  1 he Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  5KES3;"  ':mmM3^*^?.&ssvwB!mmmmm*a  THE SITUATION 1NPTJSS1A  G'mucs at Knight's Book Store.  SUCCESSFUL  CANDIDATES  AT   EXAMINATION.  SI. Petersburg. Dec. 11 .���������It is learn  cd on high authority that the government has finally decided against  universal suffrage, and practically in  favor of the o'd project, of twenty-  one workman representatives and the  Following arc tho results of the  mine managers' examinations, held at  Nanaimo, Fernie, and Cumberland on  Nov.   I'I,  15 and 1G:  First    Class���������Alex. ���������   Shaw,   ChaS.  Graham.       ���������  ���������  Second   Class���������7.   Dunsmuir,  Thos.  France, A. G- Watson,  John Rigby.  Third Class���������0-. -T. Cunningham, II.  Cr. Freeman, John 13. Thomas, Ben  Hutchinson, Samuel  Plant,      James  Monks, i -..;,5,,_|j   n  Smoke L.lUe  I'.. Cigars.  Toy  Book al Knight's Book Store.  who insisted tl.it he had proof  wh-.ch it is believed established that  iVI. Kotireift was planning an armed.  revolution, and that, besides attempting to subvert the government, had  attached its credit in circulars advis-  e>.tension   of    ballot     to  smaii rent  mg the     workmen and     peasants to'  CORRESPONDENCE  Editor Ledger.  Sir���������I was not    a  little surprised  to see in yesterday's  issre  of The  Ledger  that a football  match had been- played-on- Sunday afternoon/'.between, the Good -Templars  and  Allcomers.    This-gave the general impression .that"the'.local lodge of  Good      Templars  is thus  responsible  for that Sunday game.  Permit me, as a visitor-' to your  city, in. the interests of the -Grand  Lodge of Good Templars, to state  thai ��������� Good. T.emplar.y r. ':-: not only  to save men and-women'-i."o:ii-, i::to:-:i-  cation and-immoralit-". but. it;also re^  cogr.iz.es the- great importance of a  weekly'1 rest day for the working  man, and fully endorses the'international  Sunday,  C. M.  TATE,  O.S.J.T.  ._ _o :   .Smoke Big B.  Cigars.     .-^  '��������� ���������  ��������� Can and .. inspect my Xrnas Cards  the best in Ladysmilh. Knight's  Bco1.:  Stoic.  payers. merchants, and to the educated classes The law must sliU  pass the council of ihe empire' and  receive Imperial approval. If the decision is upi-ehl it is apt to end an  f/tn.."-: , of support of Zemslvosts'.  ', u- .. .road men claim they have  bet n ignored and several sectmns of  westeiii svstems have already re-  spumed to the ippcal for a genera'  htril e. Cooler hc.v's; however, are  urging .a postponement until organizations throughout the ���������country have  been consulted. It is believed thiat  if tlie iittnvpt at reaction is persistent the moderate Liibftaks who are  disgusted with the ladies of the revolutionists fearing anarchy, mid in-  i;.-K d to support the government-,  will, surety be driven back into the  camp of the extremists. Premier  Wilie's friends declare emphatically  that he has never been in favor of  armed repression, and they ' intimate  strongly that arrest of strike leaders  must be charged to   interior 'llurnovp  withdraw  their  funds from the sav-  ing-Basket Clote-ln all the  New Sahdes-So much worn  for Winter-Regular $2/5  -SPECIAL-  $1.75  Walters &  Akenhead  INTERNATIONAL   OLYMPIC  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be  made to the  Legislative Assembly  of the Province ol  British Columbia, at its next session  for an    Act to incorporate .a Com-  nany  with  power  to  acquire,    purchase, construct and operate the. undertakings  of   the Vancouver      and  Coast-Kootenay     Railway Company;  the Alberni    and Cowichan Railway  Company; the Karnloops & Atlin Rail  way Company; and the Midway    and  Vernon Railway  Company; and to acquire all the rights, powers and pri-  viliges  oi the said Companies;       an*  with   power  to exercise  all  the powers  contained in  the Acts  ol Incorporation ol the said Companies; and  vvilh power to acquire, purchase, construct   and  operate the  undertaking  of any    other Railway  Company     or  Companies; and with power to- sub-  o'eribe    for and  purchase  the stock,  bonds, debentures or other securities  of any Railway    Company;  and     to  exchange  the stock or  other bonds,  debentures or other securities of the  company   to he incorporated for    the  shares,  stock, debentures, bonds    or  other   securities  of  any  other    Railway    Company; and with power to  increase the capital of the Company  to be incorporated;   and  with power  to issue shares as^fully paid up; and  to borrow  money  on the  Company's  assets  by. any form of security;  and  with     power to  promote any  Rail-'  way Company or Companies, or    to  amalgamate  with  any Company     or  Companies; and with all the     other  and nccessaiy powers conducive to t*el|  |'carrying out of the Company's undertaking.  !|   Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 22nd  'dav of November,  1905.  J    '   ROBERTSON   ���������    ROBERTSON,  Dresses  Made   ifom   Fancy Flannel   and  Trimmed Cashmere, Assorted  Sizes  WE OfffR MM THIS WEEK At CUT PRICES  CHILDREN'S DRESSES,  S3 now $2  CHILDRENS' DRESSES  $1.50 NOW $1,00  We guaranty quality of these goods  11: .'a  SIMON LEISER& CO Ltd.  OATACSU3 8T  LADYSMITH  irr  .'i-'tV  GAMES.  Solicitors  foi  the  Applicants.  .;'  ;o  From' the 16th until  the  Jfith     of  April, '1906,  will   take place  .n   Ala-  iug5; wanks,     and demanding that the" ens the International  Olymp.c Games  chief pfc\..uid. bo chosen     by      the I organized by a special committee, pic  NOTICE is hereby given that an application  will be made ,to the. Legislative Assembly of the Province of  bv       the |.u*KaHi/.t:u  ny  a special Luuiuiiii.ee, pic  l':,i^i    ,,���������,. ,., m,.  p.,,,.,1  ii;,,h���������������u' nt Driuisn    Columbia at    its next. ses-  e; ,���������ai. direct and secret ballot "for em-  *,ded PVet  '������' llls .Ro>al ili^'^ ?f  Greece. The com.mil tee has been c0u- sion for an Act to revive, ratify-and-  Dluyecs. The, printers of the Russ. stilil)tw, in vi,tue o[ a Uw o[ ,89.Jj confirm the Cowicban-Alberai ������. and  Ihe chief organ of the Lineials. an passed, under the influence of, the Fori Rupert Railway Company Act,  edition of which was seized last night great success of the games, which <md extending the time for commenc-  havc struck because the propletor re- were celebrated' for the fir&t t me in ing construction of the said railway,  fusts  to p.ty  them ;or tint? .ostdur-  The situation is  cry  four years,  in Athens,  ing the last strike,.  exceedingly ominous, public opinion is ,u '   lavor  of the  committee  special  practically    unanimous   that the .gov-  funds  1896.   The chamber oi deputies    has and    of    expending    ten  per     cent.  secured this periodical ecU*)ialion. cv- of  the   Company's   capital  thereon,  eminent has entered     upon the faia������     The     Panathenian  volmg and to empower the Company to exits railway  from any point on  ne to the City of Victoria, ' er  point on Esquimalt Harbor;  I  h  ������~j  :.ALE  The  HOTEL  I'ORTLANM')  LEASE,  Furniture, etc.,   will   he. s-ohl  at      a  bargain.   For   full   informalion   apply  to .John (logo, Proprietor.  WATCH THE WINDOW  at the Ladysm-ith Drug Store. They  are     coming."     The ladies with the  most beautiful hair in the '-world-. The  Seen Sutherland Sisters.;  Don't forget  the  Dance  on Decern-,  ���������r.ifilh, and the     Masquerade-Ball  on -January  1st, both  to be. given  by  the City Band.  I have new got- a good assortment  >f- Bound Books. Isitfghl's Boole  ^lure.       .  ���������m, wlcre to any  pain of reaction and WUte's minis- the athletic games will take place, or in the alternative to incorporate  try must fall. Reaction and revo- is that of Heiodus Atticus, iccon- a ^Company to build the Une of rail-  Jutioii confront each other in adeath structod in its entirely in 1'cndelic ,way set out in tlie Act of Incorpor-  slr-uggii'. ��������� Both Gen. Trepoff and marble, on the ancient plan, m 18'Jt at'ion of the said Company, with" the  Gen. Count Ignatieff, according to and PJ05, at an expense of lluee mil- extension hcreiniefore ptentioned, and  the jiopuiar impression, are being lions of francs, thanks lo the mun fi- with" all'the powers contained in tlie  held in reserve to^execute ���������'-������������������! a pro- cence bi a rich Epnote, the lalo Model Railway Bill.  gram of repression. It is again said George Averoff. It can contain sixty  that the entire Cossack'strength of - thousand spectators.  40,000 will he "mobilized in a su-! The ports of Piraeus and of Phai-  aremc cll'ort to crush tlie revolution- erum will serve for the nautical con-  ary forces. '"'"'      ���������'" (tests as well as   fo1-" the Venetian fes  tival,; which *will be organized during  the games.  11   **    I     in*     a   A   J L\   The American committee has    for  United    AnCjent   UrdCr      0t its  honorary president  His Escellen-  ���������-';������������������ '     cy,   President     Theodore  Roosevelt,  DmidS (while Mr.  Caspar Whitney,  as char-  Dated at Victoria, B.C., 22nd  November,  1905.  j        ROBERTSON &  ROBERTSON,  , Solicitors   for  the   Applicants.  iw Japanese Store  man, and Mr.  Sullivan as secietary,  Meets   in the I' O. O .F, Hall, -La-.'assure success  from  thcveiy outset,  dysmith,    the   Second   and     Fourth   in so far as America is concerned.  It  Wednesdays of each  month, comment--  is hoped,  however,   thai  the  A.A.U.  ing Wednesday, IP.th.,  1905. (will   exercise  a profound   interest    in  Visiting Druids     are invited to at-  these games. to the end that the Ami-'  1'. nd.       " '   / :  By Order.  WM. RAFTER, Reef Secty.  erican athlete may again demonstrate)  'to the world his splendid prowess.  ���������o ;   On First Avenue, just above the Western Hotel,  JAPANESE     EMBROIDERED  GOODS  of all kinds, including Handkerchiefs,  Table-spreads,  etc.  COMPLETE TEA  SETS,  VASES,  PICTURE   .FRAMES and other  PATRICK BURK, N. A.  "(IP**  m&  SN'an'  fARM PRODUtf  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'i, on km*  E������;ilati������d������.  -James Warncck  7'-  PAINTING   AND . PAPERHANG1NG  Neatly and Artistically Done-  ROE.DD  ���������M!  Orders Promptly   Executed      LADYSMITH  nmi'ir.'  VI hen we say our  stock of  laW-XfPfttONMr.ltlM'ttMMfti  ������tr-  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  A tULL LINE OF F 1ST CLASS MfolS  ^Pcrk and S^usa^e a Specialty  A TR?AL SOLICITED  A.     HOW^  FRUIT  is ihe best in the  City  Everything New  Everything Glean  Everything Wholesome  A Trial O.der Will Convince  You  W AND  ADAM  CARLISLE  BLOCK,  'PHONE 2-4  WOULD-LIKE  A  VISIT PROM  ALFONSO.  That is   a very  intcres'tihg areport  which says that  Alfonso X-liII.   contemplates  visiting the United States  in 1906.   He himself is said" to be ardently     in favor of taking the trip,  but  this is a matter  of considerable  moment to his country, and the final  decision  may  rest with   his  cabinet.  It is said  that the members of   that  body arc giving very serious consideration to the question,  and. that some  decision,   provisional   at  least,     will  be arrived at soon.  The UuitQd Stales can promise   Al-  ioiiso'.the  "lime of his  life,''  if    he  visits there.   Hawaii's king and    the  last emperor of I3rn7.il  were in      the  States more than once, but Europe's  [rulers have skipped  them so far.     although some heirs  lo the -throne,  as  the present Edward  VII.  ha-vc  been  here.   Edw'ard can tr.-u  Aipliouso how  well the     Americans   entertain  their  visitors. Ii Alphonso visits us he. will  see   a large   tract   of country       over  which the flag of  Spain  once floated.  At  many  localities  he would  encounter Spanish names      of towns,   rivers  and  mountains.    There and  elsewhere  in  the United States  he would get a  greeting which would makehis receptions in     the countries  of President  Loubet,     Edward   VII.,  William  IT.  and Frances  Joseph  appear  tame    in  comparison.  Young   Alfonso is  a man  of education,   ability,   originality and  democracy.       He   has     Illegalities  which win  and  hold  friends.    If     he  comes tothe United -States President  Roosevelt'     will   show  him   hunting  wh'ch  will   strike, him  as being     the  real Sm'ng,   and      no painted, padded  and      perfumed   imitation,   like  that  which     William  II.   furnished  him.���������  St.  Louis'Globe-Democrat. J  Fancy Japancss Goods.  Especially   Adapted  Christmas Gifts  Nakashimo &*Co.  For  FOR Rent���������One of the best stores on  First Avenue.  $1,000���������Will secure a double corner  lot wilh two good houses. Best: location in town. ."���������!  $125���������Cash and HOO;'mortgage -will  secure a first-^class^residence, on Second Avenue. ' :<��������� -\    --.r < ������������������������������������.  $50���������Per acre for five acre blocks one  mile from the city. ' .;  $12���������Per month  will  rent three  good  rooms  u: the      Brick  Block;   water  sewer connections.  and  $375 will secure a fine residence-i,n the  best locality;   only  $244  more.'   to  pay at $12 per month.  Water   and  all  conveniences. ,  $7���������A month will rent a good' house  with four rooms and a good pantry  with  water attached.   ������������������'.'���������  MerchanlTailor,  (,;      ��������� - -  (ist|Avenue)  RAH: Stock  on  hand. Gall early and  ���������mNiifc"  the niiriwr TpiE Tb cho OSE  YOUR XMAS GIFTS  (Sfnow/iHMn you ���������in examine at your leisure the feast of Beauty  that we twlye prbvided. for   those  who wish  to choose  JEWELS  and RICH DESIGNS IN JEWELRY. Our stock in ALL its branched is WElX ASSORTED   and Up-To-Date.  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"Royalty at tile  rate    sf ten cents; pet ton of 2,000  pound*    shall     be. collected on tho  gross output. \'  Quartz���������A free miner's cert/iCcate is  granted ^o^ paMen^in'^dvance ot  $7.50 pSBTa������nmB -^c-t' oo.: individual,  and from $50 to $100' per annum for  a company, according:to capital.  A free miner, haying discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x ,1,500 feet. The Tee for recording a claim is'. $5.00  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10* per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rule  of 2 J per cent collected on the output after it exceeds  $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister  of  the In-  >rior.     Dr.R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN  AT  ALL HOURS  NOTICE  OF     DISSOLUTION OF  PARTNERSHIP  NOTICE      IS   HEREBY     GTVEN  that the     partnership heretofore ex-  At least $100 must: be expended on I is ting  between     us,   the  undersigned  the claim each year,,or paid to the 'George     Williams and'    Anthony  J.  on  tlie business ol  $500  has been expended', or bald, the i teamsters1     under the firm name and  style     of     the Ladysmilh    Transfer  Company,  has this  day been dissolv-  mini rig1, recorder in l^u-thereof. When] Waskett, carrying  $500 has been expended j or paid, the i teamsters1 under.  locator^.may,  upon -Jiaying a survey  made, ������d upon complying with oth- ed ])y mutual consCiT).(; ,j,-,. said  er requirements, purchase the land at, George Williams retiring from the  $1 an. acre. j. 'said   partnership,   and   that   Ihe.   said  The   ' patent provides for the pay-'Anthony J. Waskett will continue Jon  ment of a royalty 'of 2J per cent on!the same     business.     All debts ow-  the sales.  Deeds,   Wills,     Mortgages,   Contracts  and   Agreements. Drawn.  'ing   or   accruing due  lo the partner-  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     *       Notary Public  Phone, 3. '  P. O. BOX '268  I'LACER   mining^, claims  generally'ship are to be paid   to the said  An-  are .1,00 feet square; entry fee $5, re- inony     j.  Waskett,     and all claims  newable' yearly.     .;'��������� ag-ainst  the said  partnership  will  be  'A free miner may obtain two leas������ paid by the said      Anthony J. Was-  es to  dredge for  gold of five miles kett.  each for aterm ol:twenty years, re- Dated at Ladysmith  this '.15th day  newable at the descretfon of theMin- 0f Novonioer,  A.D.,   1005.  isier or.the Interior,   i .. . GEO.''wiLLlAMS,  ,  The  lessee shall'ihave a dredge    in ANTHONY  J. WASKETT.  operatic* within one. se&aon from the  1-


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