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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Dec 2, 1905

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 < r  TfiB  iV������'U.rirS.v.Wy-"  *.^������\.-������>,j������4"}V -  Y Ledger  VOL.2,  v&U C  &  NEWS NOTES  0R0W1NN6 DISASTER ON! CHICAGO MEN  f&Ti/M'if oe-amti** ^ /^6sy  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  YUKON RIVER  Two collicis aie on  their way  * to this  joit for full  cargoes of '  * coal.      The .Tellus  fiom      P0i t "  * Angeles,   and   the  Titannia fionu *  * San   Dieago *  SS    Eoiii^n   .u.iiwl  in port   this  mom ....   with  tu��������� ���������us ot RIaiI1 ,or  the iVlrns,,,., mums,  nml OIie Ml of  ������-*ai. a, d j o, is lor 11,. J    U'arnock,  TtBCDMIT  I IKf!!"!!! ;Eyht Men Lost Their Lives  i  In A Big Ice  Jam  IkE still  L  Phoenix,      J,.c,  Dec.  2.-H seems  that, the litig-aijon in connection with  tho      Providence  mine,   near   Grcen-  ���������.      ���������       ...     .       .,      . _,        i wood,      the best  known  and  richest  llie Terrible ACCldent Hap- high grade mine   ��������� iu  the Boundary,  has. been   finally settled  by a decision  10 REPRESENT LJUI  ATLEUEflNG  Mr. N. A. Morrison Jour  neyed to the Capital  This Morning  ID RE ON MORE  FRIENDLY TERMS  WITH GERMJINY  re-ied en October  The  !'iodine  Ednirvifr,.,  Am-      sli!  handed'down by the. Full'Court at  Van-cou.ver. The litigalion has been  ftoing on for, more than a yoai, and  was essenlially-for the control of lhc  ���������    .'    . ',        k *4, |mine by      the Boundary and Uhica������-o  laiUculais   of  lhe downing   in the  sliarelioJilcis       respectively.   Several  Will Point Out Unfairness  of P/esent Arrangement  to Local Club  was- shipped  diKcl   fiom  Yulvon,   of which inention  was 'made 'months  yesterday, have amved  by xu'ail fiom J were  tried  In  Wni -ou\ei  on   visiting   ihe   ualcr  Hon)    ii   \ '.iicuinei   tin" i  not  I'dp  l,n t     lemri'v  acdnty   .>it ng  sonic   or  Buu.iid   lnict Oi  tt Evans'  wli  dj\s  could  icAnuliiig  the  They .arc as follows  Willi   sine  death   facing  them,  and  without   a lighting chance  left,  eight'  men   v'.cii* caught   in   an  Tee jam   at  ago five cases, nil  related,  _     .   Ah-.. J us I ice  Irving at  Nelson,   and ,iu   each   one  the   Boundary stockholders lost.   Two of these  were appealed      to     Hip Full Court  Miniuly. Afaddcn-\s.. Diamond and Ru  '**" in p u Inula, .-,  noticeable. sa>s a Vancouie,  spatdi        There  ".c coc ������������������  on  ���������"*'���������   ���������������������������������'.' <'.uigni   in   an  ice jam   at ��������� f.ainelv. Madden .\s.. Diamond -md Hu  E\ans-Coicm.in  <W  Ciei-V,  below Forty Alile, Octo- dolnh.vs.   Macy,  and  artcr reservimr  I i i/ ii I r. . ii ilf'l'/i       in.1   rlp/Miriinl i . . ���������       .' r-t  Ins  de  Iiei 21), ari-1 drownnl.  Benjamin,   l'\   Sinclair,   James   W.  one can see own a 'Slllll''i,i.      John  Lund,   C  decision the Full Com t finally re-  Versed them. When the cases were  slartcd the shares were pretty even I v  Mr. N. A. Morrison left Ladysmith  thiib morning ror Vicloiia, to represent (he local rootbali club at ihe  niccliiig of thc Vancouver Island,  League, which is to be held at lhc  Capital   Lvday. ' ';  As   repoi ted      in   Miesc columns  on  Thursday  last    the  time  for 'cntcriiifr  the' league   expired   last   Wednesday,  and  from  tbs pari  of the Island  on  ly Ladysmith entered       It was  thciu-  ht  iu      Victoria   that  as  only   ane  j  'most daily  .and a gang of  men has to  I   be  kejit  at   work  ci<'nlinu,illv  sailing  and     packing     the  fish loi .supine nt  ' acrost    tiie     Pacific Ocean      On  Uic  whr.i.  one    will also  see a number  oi  men  busy knocking   lhc cases  together, in  which  thc salmon   aic packed  The dog .salmon is lel.shed   as much  for a ( bust mas or  New   Yoai s  dm-  iit  in   Japan  as  the'gposc  or   Tui-  le\   is  ui  tins country, and  is eois.d-  eicd a I'iMiiv on almost .my  (able  ���������: 0  i  - uiiCiOiigtlly  of  their living  ,.av*ed  Eagle, "tha po- lie.ed   fiom   the "cost;  lnUn''t!nta,;ir'C<;hf1,0n i,,,,,.Cfcn-   ,,UfiftUon'   ������������'���������"������". of several thous-I  I" u|   tin     they  hud   passed    Eagle   and   dollars. * Thus .both   sides      arc/  ���������    ,,      '"r ��������� '    !,11(,,'e or.jess satisfied  with  the      rc-  I    Ucn.y    saacs,   Andy   Alcse.eau and  suit.    Tl.e   local   appellants'  were rcp-  c.   W    Adams,   who aniicl-m  Daw-   icsenled   by      David  Whiteside        of  tint cC1 W^T -VCf'M*a>'' ^ ,G"������������' P^ and Joseph Martin, K.  <'.it Capt Wiii. Moore reports bav- C , while K. P. Davis, K.C. and W  mg seen eight men ,��������� a se0w sfnke 'a Macdonald, K.C., acted C tl  a lam about noon on Octobei  2(>  The'Chicago men. *  FIGHTING  CEASES  L  J.cii.n,  Dec   j_A   despatch   to   the'ed at  (he place.  J.oK-1   A���������/.igei    m,n,   Edyl.ouhnen,   on I    The  fsaa(S parjy say  tin's-.nust i,e  tnc eastern r,0i.i,el  or eastern Prus-,"*^  foi  not a   roadhouse,on the en-  w. *a.j��������� that eight icgunuits of tins- tlJc nvei  has seen any oi   the  pat tv  &la������,   !YfiO0'KS     '" tllc ^jaccnt lowu.Sinoian  leaves a wife and, three small  oi Weikkwc.sk     (,H.i,ss.an  Poland) ]ia.s clulilicii.' '       ;  hocu in a stale of mutiny smce yes-1   Jt  is bc-lievcil   that   Alex: McLean,  terday, threaten.iig depth to   the olh- a fonnei   oaisman'.of Vancouver   was  cers   unless    the     pay  of  tli3 moms  ������,,p of Uie V*1^'-  laised      Troops lia\e  been sent,   'lhe'   Thc A,ev-     McLean  referred "to  in  same   paper  also     punts   a  irom  Warsaw     sav ng that  teenth regiment of Dragoons  at  Os  ice  was heavy  at  the iime,   and   the I    n.e  wcrking of  the Providence un  lhc'scow f f������TiTli&0t ������lli ������' ^ ������"!'������ nle5dc.it Dennody ,"s 5)e n  ,the scow and stalled loWvl over ,tU.itd on 'in'the meantime and he  ,1.0  ice toward  the shore;   Uoo.e  ia���������  p,o,erty looks  better  to ia/ 1  t  1    ten To?  '" M   f'  lHS  him]^>  ������ LCoro:    ft has. been   dei  lo pei    o  ������l.c,   he.elumed  the scow had   been    (he   .ne-himdrcd-foot  level    where tl*  "ushn.1,  and thc men on'  the ,cehad ',������best kind of ore is found' in   unnt  d-appeared     An   immense jam  form- ty,  and  shipments  of  oreae ,Eg  would he very uni'a'i. for it would  necessitate the lecal men journeying  three or hair t'mes to Victoria. It  is slated that" Duncans is anxious  to ciitc the league and there is also  sonic talk of Cumberland doing so.  so iI. would be only fair for'the by-  i.ujs of llie league to be re.vi.sed in  such a, inaiiiKT as would allow tJiesc  two clubs lo enter should they 'lie so  disposed Should both en I or i.ady-  smiHi   would  have  to  try conclusions  London,      Dec. 1.���������A well attended  meeting took place at   Caxton   Hall  today  with  the object of promoting  better  relations   between   Great   Britain  and   Germany.    A resolution  de-l  daring   that  thc main  body 0f     the  people  of Great   Britain  entertained a  cordial     .friendship  f0r  the  German  people   was  adopted,  and   i( was  de-  '���������''���������'���������d     to appoint an.Anglo-German  fn'cnd.snfn   committee.    German   and  American      residents  of   New   York'  sent   this  telegram:  "We, the undersigned, Americans oi  Germany, birth or descent, ic-aitily  wish you and your associates God  speed in your efforts to promote  friendship let ween Great Britain and  Germany."'  Lord  Avohury, president  of the society  of      Antiguaries,  presided.   He  was      supported  by  a representative  gathering including Count  13ernstorfT,  secretary   of   the   German   embassey;  Lord  Avohury,. in  opening the meeting,  urged  that there was  no ground  for- ill-feeling   which,   unhappily,    exists   between   Germany  and   Britain.  Of      co'irs?,   he    pointed   out,   Lord  Lansdowne,      the   foreign  secretary,  could not attend such a meeting,   but  Lord  A.ehery  said  he knew  the secretary   was   in   accord   with   the  objects of tlie gathering,-and  the  3rii-  ish {-ovennr.ent was aware that there  was    no qiiestion between the     two  countries   to  give  rise to  diflicultios  (STRIKE AT CAMPS  FIVE AND SIX  Forty Men at the Latter and Four  at the Former Lay Down  Axe and Pike  They State That the Price They  Have Been Receiving for Their  Work is Small Enougn  At CWinus  ������������������,.,  loggin, camps, the men state thai  with the distance  from camp  to their work, the return  for   dinner,   and   adtyogMi-ner,  No-s.   Fiv^and^SiYjn.i ,ligllt|  ffjrlJ  four men quit work Thfcy state that  ,, ... , N-���������      ,    practicalJv work ten hours,  thev can  see nothing  in  working at   '     .  I    Of course,  some oi the men receive  the new rate proposed  oy  the com- jmore  (])an lhirty cents per houj. for  jiany.  viz.,  thirty cents, per hour for'work that'is done  by some who  are  a nine     hour day;  that after paying    expert,  as  the head fallcr, nook  tcn-  ,.their  board  out  of [2.7(1  per     day,    dcrs,  engineers,  etc.,  but the  thirty  (with the necessary loss  of time    at   cents per hour applies to, the   majo-  this   seaso.ii,   and   the   wear   of cloth-   rity, of the men.     Those.now m town  ing, 'gum-boots,  etc., there would nou slate   that   lhc   company  can  not fill  be enough left- them at the end of the " their  places at .this  time,   and-that  month lo make life worth living. The'it had'teen  promised  them that     if  men came into town last evening and   the     price  of lumher  warranted  it,  many     of them  went down  to Che-   wages  would   be  advanced   to where  ma nus  this  mornina,   where       they    they   were  before  a reduction       was  were  paid   off.    Those  who  came in   made 'some time since, but, that while  are  rather bitter  at the actions     of  puces for the nulls' product has  ad-  thc employees who agreed to     stop jvanced,  the present cut in wages- is  ^ent-, 'lhe i'"- ������������*-������- lucucan reicrrcd to in  despatch 1,,,e -i'iovc, came io Vancouver about  the lour- fhe   yeai1s aK������   Wlth' St'jLnsfcuiy,   the  made .steadily  to   the Trail smelter.  ACCIDENT  ^-AUSES DEATH  trobaka has mutinied  . St Petersbmg December 1 ���������A  f state of minor seige has been dcclaied  in Tians-C'aspia nnd Saialof It dc-  velc-ps that dining the miitun at Sc-  bastopoi, the saiigis of lhc vol un loci  fleet at Odessa and the engmeeis at  the South western Railway u-fised to  transport t.oojs and ai u.iciy to Sc-  bastopol  St   Petersburg,   Pec    I ���������'1 lie  Emperor presided   t| 'day  at  a meeting o\  the council  of  ininislcis    Much  comment has been caused  l,y the Umpci-  oi's     summons to     Count  I'iulen, a  niemliei  or  the council  oi  the  cui|)ue  and one of the oldest Janci most trusted counts  of the; house  of Romanoff.  who  is     participating  in  the  session  presumably -   to    ,voice his majesty's  views.     Though      the steps were un-  doiub-tcdly   taken . with  the full  approval of Count Witte, it gave rise to a  report  that      the  emperor was losing  confidence   in. the  premier  which  was  easily spread by  the la Iter's  enemies  in  their     court.      After the close of  the sessictn of the council of ministers  .    ���������      * i'  an  official  communication  \\ as   issued  explaining that 'martial law in' Poland having produced the desired effect on the extremists, if had been  [' revoked at the request of Gen. Sta-  lon, governor of Poland, who .was  now holding out the hope than the  Poles would participate in lhc elections for tbe Poiinia.  St. Petersburg. Nov. 1.���������The folio/.v  ing despatch from vice admiral Chou-  knin dated Nov. 30 was given out tonight ���������  '/'The revolutionists counted on cttn-  piete success. assuring llie sailors  and soldiers that they could remain  loyal servants , to lhc empire while  presenting their demands, and that  it was necessary for them to use violence. By acting together they  were told, it was impossible for them  to fail.-  Only thc ringleaders were acquainted with the real facts o.f, the paitting.  forth of economic pretexts on service  hnsis,     the  sieving   that  arms  would   not be  em- t  ployed. The     crews  on board re  mained loyal. Terrorism, including  plrjyed to force the workmen or lhc  port to'strike The I em pest of w-ar  had censed, hut not that or rcWu-  tion. The Russian people are being led i.incomprchcndiiigiy into civil  and self-destruction. Gen. Paron  Melier. Gakomclski, commander of the  sevcnlli army corps al Sebast, vol.  telegraphed under today's date th.it  the armed revolt has ceased.  J.  icat  Australian   oarsman',   who row-  ,ed   against,   Hob   Johnson   of  Vancou-  \ci     He   was around   Vancouver  for  sewual ���������iionths,  and then  left for the  north    Alex.  McLean,  former trainei  loi   the  Vancouver   Rowing  Club  and  an  old-time  resident of  British  Columbia,  is  another oa.smari,  and     is  now In ing at Kamloops.   ^_o   JURORS TO  TRY COLLINS  The selection of a jury to tiy Geo  D Collins at San Fiancisco foi pei-  ���������jury is occupying time. In:, two days  nine were selected 'from 29. tailsmen,  the accused lawyer constantly chal-'  lengiiig suggested jurymen. ���������.  It was said  that some of  the challenged  jurymen  had  formed  an 'opinion as to thc guilt' of the accused ah'd  these   were  not accepted."    Fester P.  Cole said  that if-the defendant were  innocent .he..would  be anxious  to  go  lo trial  and hot fight oiver technicalities  as he had done.   lie  could   not  allow  the   presumption   of. innocence  to outer his  mind., Although George  H.   Lux had gone  to school  with the  defendant,, he   was   accepted  as       he  said   there had   been  no   social' intercourse   between  them,"arid'  they   bad  not   spoken   to  each -other   for   over  twenty  years. ���������       ���������;  Adolph i Mack,   wholesale   druggist,  in  answer to District  Attorney  tty-  ington,  said  he. had   made  a study of  the  characters  in the ; case   from       a  pysehological  standpoint,   mid  he was  biased  as   to particular, phases  on the  case.   Mc hud   licen  reading ;books  on  the subject,   the last one  being  ''The  Man  of Lost Resort." (in. answer to  Collins  he said he had..not  made     a  study  of morbid' psychology.   He was  challenge,!  by  the defendant and   the  challenge  was aHow.ed.'    ... ;.    ./  In      referring  to   the. Oar  association Collins always said "tlie so-called  bar   associations'.">'Tfe personally  examined  the jurors.-'  ��������� ������������������*��������������������� ^���������^���������^���������*44>4-4>-$4<Jt  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ��������� .  ���������  ���������  \ u-.', ri:*, H. (' , Pec. -2 ���������  (S.'i.;���������!-.'1; -.J. I L Lewis was  yesterday the \ictim of an  accident at Hie Sydney Cement Works. I*'roin the injuries iecei\od he died in the  ���������JubileeMmspitai yds morning.  .lie      was   passing .under  a  i (*lt, when it struck him, throw  ing   him   on his   head,   a fiac-  tured  s'uill   resulting.  with fl.i'in and the best o'' the three  play i.he champions of the Victoria  ciice for ihe championship of Ihe ls-  Juii'i- Should     they 'not enter,   '<r  .should  the meot'ing this evening     decline to alter the bylaws,  (heai'/Lady-  .siiith should bo admitted, champion of  this part of the isiai.d and play only  the .;hamp;ons of the Victo'ia circle.  It  is out of an  reason  to exrerl, thc  local   men Jn  enlcr   lhe Viclfiiia circle when by doing so they would have  to jcirncy      to the  Capital  at  least  Hirer: or (< ur     time.;   perhaps  more.  Mr". Morrison   will  point  this out,  at  the mcetinir Ibis evening and it is to  l.e honed the   Victoria people will see  lhc fiiincss of the arguiren!.  o-  unahL'  to hold  our  own  against  ihe  United  States,  continued  Lord   Avc-  bury.   rriie resolution was supported  by   niwnerous  orators,   including  ftn  Leonard Courtenay, who asked whether   it would he  practicable for some  Hrilish ssatesman  (o approach  President Roosovelt and   Emperor W.'iiam  between      whom      there was a close ,  fricnlship,   with   the object  of indue-'  ing  them  to fake steps, towards the |  ieduction of armaments  ,, _   .   .���������     u.���������,, | ���������a.m-i.u,   cue jjiesent cut in wages is  ,, ,, - .. ..��������� 4,���������     ��������� , ,,, 'work   with   the rest,  but  who  gave in gnen   instead   of anadvar.ee,  as" was  Jf Nuro'pe continues its tremend nts . ������ f   ,.   >   r���������.      ^t, ,j       -  ...       , ������������������.,, ���������,   ���������,, ,,;,,��������� and accepted in some cases better po- looked  for.    The  men  would,      how-  expendi.ture for armaments we shall "le ' '     , -     .  J    ,   ,. ���������:������������������4   .i       suioris made vacant by ithose       who  e^er,  have remained at won: biio  lor  UliaiL*    to hold    nur    n������-n    ","���������"���������!    ���������'- ' ..,4 4iv  went out. jthe ien  per  cent,  reduction.  The company has heretofore     hewi j   At  present,  all  the men seen state  paying $3.00  per  day,   and   men   are   (hat  they  will  not   return  to either  supposed to   work  ten hours,  but can  of the camps, and   that tbe company  not do so these* shoit days, although   must look elsewhere for theii- men.  ONE MAN GUILTY  TWO ARE CONVICTED  ^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^  PARLIAMENT  MEETS IN FEB.  Correspondence from London,  Eag- ��������� taken any  oth  !land,  dated  Ko\.  1  i,  savs':  er  view it would,      of  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������V<^44>.  * Ottawa, Dec. 2.���������|Special) *  ���������Parliament will meet m ���������  Fobruairy. This delay is he- X  cause of the impossibility of ���������  the TaiilT Commission ((> J  fin-.'sh  its  labor in  time for   a*  ��������� ^January  session. ���������  '+       Changes in the fiscal syst������in ���������  ��������� will not .take effect immediate- ���������  J    ly,    the  first   full  Legislative X  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  Two men are at present   under-oh* 'T^' iT *"*  tantftmou������l *������ an  i        ii    man.itouing   acknowledgment  th-if   +i^t-   i,   i  i sentences    of eighteen  months'   hard  Vur-.d  u , I Pr������"  i^:,. ri,��������� ,,���������s rw. acrime 0I ;r aza������iazc:z  which it is certain one of   them must  will, the police   protesting that   Doyle  be  innocent.    The case affords       an-,Was     'innocent  and   Dovlc   declaring  other sinking illustration of thence- hin^fU     guilty.    The  only  e\idence  e.ssiiy  ior  the  establishment  or      a   ^"sl   him was  his   own  confession  Conn   of Criminal   Appeal. j    "After  due  reflection  do   you  still  In  March last  James Flynn     was    ^^'re     i,0 your sfaUcment?" asked  arrested  on  a charge  of having Snat- |ihe ill(^e,  Mr.   Loveland-Loveland   of  died  a watch  from  a Mr.  Serne      in ! Do-vle-  k'cnsal   road.      The  evidence against j    "Yes,  I do," said  the prisoner firm  him   was by no means conclusive, and ���������Jv-  ������������������. FOOTBALL    IJJ-JATII   RECORD  Chicago.      Nov.  30���������A   summary  of,  football accidents thus.-far during the  year shows  ten     deaths and   l.'JT  injured.     The    entire  list, of     injured  is  said   lo   aggregate   upwaids       of  tliOiiiSai.d       Cf  those  lolled   ten  were  ������������������������������������<������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'������������>;  high school |''ayes, three coiies-o an-1' ^  one en pia\ci Ten ff. them were - ���������  under seventeen yoars of ag-e. Hcily ! ^  hiows caused  four deaths,   injuries  to   ���������  spine threei,      concussion  of the l.k'ain  six,  blood     poisoning  two  and other j ���������  canscs four  ..' Thirty-one legs weic broken- The  record is not yet complete. A few  games will be played next Thursday,  and I hey will swell the list of the  maimed. And in addition to the certainty or more accidents can he added the logical development'Of the  .serious injuries which always follow  'the football season, just as ,ui epidemic of lockjaw 'reajis its harvest  after the v<>ufh killing celebrations  or .July  I  , o   ���������  ���������  ���������  iParis,   Dec. .2.���������It was learned   in  high  'governmental  circles   today   that   the   powers,  alter  carefully   examining .lhc  KulUui of Turkey's latest coun-i  ter  proposition,   haic decided  to  reject  it,  and  active naval  demons!ra!iions   will   bc   .   ic-  S'.imc-'d- in  Turkish   waters   the  beginning of next   week.  Willi   thc   probable  seizure or  the      Islands  of   Lemnos  and  linhros,   no   consideration   has'  been given   (,()��������� the slopjiage of  the      jiassage of  Dardanelles,  c-v'fiig   to   thc  interruption   of  international   commerce   which  would   follow.  4f  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  IMPROVEMENTS  1NSPCTED   o   OUTPUT MAY  BE $25,000,000  Dawson, Dec.   1���������Thc   latest  arrivals     from Fairjiankis >i-epor1  the output       for   the coming   year   to   be thc  ~                             'largest   in Lhc history   of  any  Bray,   government  agent,  J em camp, thc     Klondike not exeep  from   N'ana'imo   this  forced .  An   output  of   $ in, 000,0011   is   esti-  cementing  the base-   mated- for  Cle.iiy   Creek  alone  from  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������<������������������   0   TRAINLOAD   OF  SHINGLES.  An  order  for four  million shingles  was  placed  today,  says   thc Vancouver  Province,   with a number of leading local mills by Mr. L.  Schumaker,  purchasing agent    for     the A.       C.  Diit.toii  Lumber  Company  of  Springfield,     Mass., and, according  to the  le.ms   ol   the contract,   an  additional  miiiion may L*.* sujij.licd if prompt delivery-is made   The order is     ahout  twenty carloads.  Mr. Schuniaker, who has been' making a tour of the Pugef Sound .mills,  arrived in the city last evening, lie  is accompanied by Mr- A. J. Raymond, au extensive sash, door and  window-blind manufacturer of At hoi,  Mass., aii'di-M-r. G. L. Miller, a u'dl  known milhiian of Bclliiigham.  Prior  to coming  to  Vancouver Mr,  Schumaker  placed   orders   with   various mills on Pugct Sound for nearly  a.OOO.C'iO     shingles.   Mr.  Schumaker  stai. .1   today   that   there   is   a growing , i.*ui:iiid      for   British   Columbia  he   stoui'ly   protested   his   innocence,  but he was found guilij   and sent  to  prison  for eighteen months with hard  labor.  Two   weeks ago  John  Doyle, ]  a young  fellow  of twenty-five,     who  , had been  convicted   several   times   of  theft,  voluntarily surrendered  himself  to  ihe police,  and  confessed   that  he  had B'lolon  iS\r.   Seme's   watch.   Loudon  having grown  a hit  too  hot  for  him,  he had  been  "lying  low"     for  some   time  in   the provinces,  he said,  and   had   only   just   heard   that   Flynn  was   "doing  time"   for  the' robbery.  Ife had come forward,   therefore,    to  get an  innocent man  out of jail,  and  was quilc  prepared   to   take  his place  At     the la'tit   Clerkcnwell   sessions  Doyle   reiterated   his   confession,   but  the  police  declared  their  belief that  it   was unlrre   and   bad been      made  sobly  for  the  purpose  of getting judicial   clemency   exorcised   in   Flynn's  behalf.   Kvcnl'.ially   (he  case was postponed  for further iii,vestie.viliou. Doyle  was  arraigned   ag*a n   recently.      The  prosee-iung attorney   slated   that   th3  in\cslii**ition  which had been made Iw  the  police on   behalf of the  Home  Office  had   only  strcngllic*in*d   their  con-  "Vou  sav vou arc guillv?"  "Yes,  sir."  "What else have you to say?"  "Nothing,  except   that Flynn is  innocent."  The judge,  whose  decision  docs' not  admit      of revision,     then   sentenced  Doyle   to   eighteen   months'   hard labor���������the same sentence  that  had  been  passed   on   Flynn..   No   consideration  whari. was  shown   Doyle  bscause  he had \oI.n, a.ily surrendered himself to save another man from'punishment'.  And  this sacrifice is  without avail.  If the.judge's assumption that he   is  guilty  is correct,   Flynn   is   innocent.  Doyb's  conviction  should  have been  followed   immediately   by  an       order  for Flynn's. release.    But Flynn still  rontini.es  to serve his  sentence. Tho  only course open   to  him is  to appeal  to   the Home Oflice,  and  the      Home  Ofiice having put  on  record  its opinion   that,   Doyle  did   not steal       the  Watch,   will  not  stultify  itselT      by  pardoning lhe.man who was first convicted  of  the crime.    The punishment  of  two  men for a crime  of which one  Mi  ingle',  in  the eastern markets.  Marshall  WitS     HO'tVll      11. ������_iiii      iiamiv'iinu      11110     um.;-     I       ,  0(1  noon and- with   Contrtw'tor Nicholson, (  l.insprctrd  the work ilai-cly done on the.'  school   buildings,  ' t'!:.it many of thc leading Mulders and  t architects  now make  it      a point  to  j specify   British   Columbia .red   ccMar  north-is'''M^'es w'lcn erecting new dwellings  'there. - The party of lumbermen  left for thc south again on the Great  -Northern express this afternoon   : O   of   I hi* m   is  certainly   innocent  is     an  \ id ion. that   Doyle  was   not  guilty of   anomaly,   and   it   is hoped   under  thc  l the theft of wliich  he accused  himself,   circumstances  Flynn   .nay  be dischar-  j Whoever  stole  the watch,   they  were  'gcd  from  prison   without further dc-  certain   it   was not  Doyle.    Had   thev   lav.  I Vancouver. Dec. 2.���������Thc action of  the business men in declaring a boycott against the  C.P.R.  produced    a   KILLED   BV   GAS.  Buffalo, N.Y., Dec. 1.���������Thomas Dan-  .    Jntcrest has been  given to  the case  majority of the men be-1 by ��������� the apjicarauoc  every  day   of     a  r,������c  w,,..ifi   -ol-. ho  ���������*'"-��������� roung   woman,   who   sits ' in' a frontf  scat   with   a pad   oT   paper in   lcr lap  and   a pencil   iu her   hand-,   but  me nt and  other  work.     Mr.  Nichol-    the beginning  of   thc 'present   fall un-  son has  been  paid  in  part for thcim-'^,   t,|(,  e;H,   olVllcx(   Slimincr*s   01icni.  provements  which  were found  by Mr.   [\(mK  she  takes  no notes.    She, has  been       in  court daily for the past two  or three  weeks at      each calling of the case.  She appears-  to  lake kiou  interest in  the case,  and   when   asked" yesterday  what she was doing filic said she was  representing a magazine /  Collins,  who is in  custody  of    the  sheriff,  remains     in jail pending the   the      school  session of the court... shape. .  Bray /all that the enntract called for,  Ivut a porfi.-n of the Payments were  withheld for two. weeks, to give further proof of .the cementing etc. being well done. On the whole. ���������Mr.  Bray expressed himself as well pleased with Jhe. work done both .-by Mr.  Nicholson and thc Ladysmith Hardware Com Pain', who have the con-  trad, for the heating plant. Altogeth  er, somewhere" in the neighborhood of  $'2.0(1(1 is being expended in pulling  buildings   in  first-class  ; The total ou (.put of Tanana camp  by Ihe, end of next fall is placed at  $2:"),0ii(),(KJ(l, *r),000,000 better than  thc   K londii oV best year.  This    time  last   year  every       one  (bought  Tanana   would   do  well   if a  yield   of  $M,(11)0,000   was   had   hy   thc  close- of  tlie season- of   ]!Hir>,   and   the  output   was   actually   $7,0011,Ofltl.  to  o;  following excuse was handed  in  ? of the  teachers  at  the  school  one day a few weeks  ago: v Teacher,  1 .Joiuuiywaskepl.omcatalci'iii.  J  KOREAN  -STATESMAN  SUICIDES  Seoul,   Korea,   Pec.   2.���������Mini  Yong  1 Wham    a personal aide to  the     Emperor,  and  cousin  of the late Queen,  committed suicide here this  morning.  , He was special envoy  from Korea at  ! Quecir Victoria's  jubilee   and   at   the  coronation   of   Emperor   Nicholas   of  Russia.       He was also at one  time  the   Kori'an 'minister  to   the  United  ���������State*;.  A  <-ey and wife were found dead todav  profound sensation in commercial cir- and their 1 a-year-ohl daughter uncles yesterday. ,conscious. The latter was revived  General c reignt. Agent. Greer stated and will recover. After examination  today that in retaliation thc com- the physicians said death was due to  pany might be forced to give termin- carbonic acid gas poisoning. The distil rates to all points up-country cove-ry of the bodies was made by a  ruch as Revelstokc, Kamloops - and .young girl who went to the Danccy  other places. , At .present these places home to get the daughter to play'  get a rate equal to thc rate from the! with her.  East to .Vancouver and back to the  upper cou.ntrv.  JOHN MITCHELL  ILL.  Spring   Valley,   111.,   Dec.   1.���������John  Mitchell,   president     of      the  United  Mine Workers of America, arrived today  suffering  from   nervous   prostration.   No  serious   results   r,re   appre-  Wctson,      W. Va.j..Dec.  .1.���������Charles  F.  Douglas, a farmer,  his  wife    and'  two      children  were instantly  killed  last  night by the explosion  of a gas  main  running past  their  home,   three  miles  from  here.   Their  home     was  wrecked and  later eaug|i-t fire,  almost;  consuming  their bodies.    It is    .supposed      the  main sprung  a leak and  bended.      It is said bv doctors that a  few days' rest and quiet will restore, that /the gas was in some way ignit  his health, ed. V  DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every  day except Sunday.  BY        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.        ������-  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  ?RICE  10  cents   a  month;    $5   per   year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  SATURDAY.   DEC,   2   1905  mM*wMmiW-Mm  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BK91  WINES, LIQUORS. CIGARS  m"  2. ^.^ |:anCy 311^ I  !ars on  CATTLE SHIPMENTS  HAVE BEEN LARGE  <-���������   Calgary, ,A lta.,   Dec.   2.���������Cold wen-  ther   has* put   a stop   to   cattle  slnp-  pinc;      C. P.  R      livestock Aircn Wc-  Mullen has made this  report:  '���������'The range country, that is from  Cochrane and Cowley on the C.P.U.  main line ,and on the Crow's Nest < n  the west to Moose Jaw on the cast  has disposed  of 70,000  head of c.itt'e  "Fifty thousand were expoit sloe!',  and the balance were slaughtered in  Canada Last year the export *,to<\  numbcied 31,000. Thc fall of 1 ill).:  Icaics veiy few annuals which cone  under the class of exports still on  thc ranges. Those winch have slil'  to go out will piobably not iH.nilici  over 2,500 head."  The     expoit .cuttle  shipped during  the season will number as follows-  Month Head  April   <  May          ' S-"  June    <......,    2,('-',  July     S.CUJ  August    ,......>..,.....'    10,157  September   ' '���������.11,533  October       H,C'12  November     f*,00u  120 Dozen ladies Fancy Silk Collars:  Tiirnovcrs and Fancy Tabs,  regular 25c. and 5fc,  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  Be8t accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fiehir* ^jrhtalj  tJT;  limalf   & Nanaimo Railway  ��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������<��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������  Time Table No. ������7,  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  LADYSMITH, B.C  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  2 for 25c!  '   -CSC.**.  JUM  $1.50 and $2.25 Dress Goods, 75c.  322 hds of Dress Goods:  D  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  ^fi  om -U.to 10 yards in each. Colors���������Black, Navy and FancyTwtecds  -in Ilo'isaci., Tuft, and many other fancy manes. This is the best  opportunity  you have ever had  io  buy    high      class  Dress' Goods  at1  such prices, '  Your Choice per yard 75c.;  $3.00 Childrens' Trimmed Hats, $1.50  15 O.ily. Childrens' Trjmmed F, Jt Hats  11   I loj.s  and   fia^iics.  -,; cciai  ottering  Coiois Navy, Cardinai,     Brown, and Black���������a I  JH������  Fa. $1.50;  25c. and 40c. Skirts For lOc.t  -5' Dozen Childrens, Knitted Wool Skirts:  I���������a good warm garment Ut the   ridiculous price,  Lotal     50,58.*.  Sti'athcona has  now .become      the  principal   shipping   point.   Previously  stations along  the south held ithe pie   ~Bfl  micr position,  but the  ranchers,'' cue-   A!&  my���������the fence���������has spoiled  them,,an.1  the  cattlemen  look  for  more     open  giom.d -when uril-mg  their shipments  Shippeis  and   lanchers  haAe     both  'had  afai.ly good season.    The     few  cattle  whiih arc still   remaining in instill  go  forward  if   the weathei   permits.  It is several years since thc ran^c  ..as been (is clear of marketable cat-  lie as is' is jus1 now. Iti s still rather early to make a foiccast of what  the next jear may bring forth, but  indications point to higher prices.  Well known authorities bear this con-  , tention out by the fact that for .the  last couple of* years tlie importation  o stock cattle has been very flight,  and conseyiuently the cattle imported in former years have nearly all  been disposed of, so thc cattle' marketed next year will be nearly all  Alberta-brcd  stock.  Wlift eficct tnc recent heavy storm  may ,ha\c on the stock is haul to  forecast. In many sections thc tires  which raged thus fall have practically destroyed all the.range, and some  ranchmen aie completely cut off  from   their supply  of  range  territory  On      thc    other    band  the creeks,  sloughs a.i-T     sonngs have ail  fio'/.tn  up,   and the snow,   as it  docs not lie.  too  long,  will  furnish  the  necessary  moisture for  the stock.   o   Subscribers   who   do not  receive the  Led    r   regularly   will  confer  ala\or  on    be publishers  if  they will drop a  post-enrd     to     that  effect,  or leave  wonl  at  the office.    Every effort     is  marie   to  have'papers   delivered rcgu-  ���������ai I      but  it is  not   always  possible.  If   *-*are not notified  that a paper is  nol   regularly  delivered   we have     no  *    v   of knowing  this   and  correcting  ���������"c  mistake.  Ea. I0c.!  The New Western  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly (Utedup and well supplied and is in char  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  '.' ,     ,  EFFECTIVE SATURDAY, OCT. 21st, 1905.  Trains leave Ladysmith  for Victoria and  all  intermediate stations    at,  SJJSjaa^daily, and at 4.00 p.m. on  Wednesdays,    .Saturdays   and   bun-  ^TraiBS leave Ladysmith ior Wellington and all intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.A. daily,  a**  at 6.00  p.m.  on Wedn* days,   Saturdays     and  SU^!XCUR&ON TICKETS ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for geiag jeuraey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later tnan  the following. Moaiay. ~  -Steamer Joan  ' '  Sails fro* La������ysmith  for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m. and  returning flfcils froa Vancouver    tor Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  'Mi  T:l i I1  I ��������� ���������  SI ffo'vt.. Street, Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &, Pass. Agt  This Hotel has   been completely  renovated.  Board and lodging' $1.00 per day.  JOHN TKA, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-:  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladyemita B.C.  -BOOT   AND   SHOE DEPT-  ���������  Mens' Box Calf Bals:  l. Heavy WcH Sole, Leather lined--a regular $500 Boot  For $3.75!  ���������Nanaimo Made Pit Shoes,  regular $2.75 and  $3.00 kinds. . an sixes,  Per Pa'r $2.00^  5:  ���������J ���������    IrTai.  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & .Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  i D. Spencer*  Nanaimo. Limited  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a >ly lurnished and the bar Is up-to-  d-te. Rates $1.00 a day and ������P-  w \rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  ������pluade :���������: :������������������: -���������- >-��������� Ladysmith  BO  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Ac.  Patents taken tfiroueh Muimi Co. receive  fecial-notice, wlMiout chnrt'e, In tlio  Smoke Little,B. Cigars.  Appointments may.be made at anytime for dental -work at Dr. Dier's  on High istreet ,,        ' st  ---  ^^M  :oot of its ;  iiind ever.''  produced  r  at any-    hi.  thing near M  its price- "J  A handsomely flhirtrniart ������ecUr    %**������*������*  "'Rflls���������. '������ 'r *���������������������������" yrP.������.h.i*������ton 1\ C  SIMPSON  Solicitor, Etc.  tfansy.  to    ���������.01.1  1  AveiT;  uar;i i  The Cherry 'Riftahd; S R. Crocket's  latest book, and The Passing of the  Race, by D W./Higgins, at Knight's  Book Store.  Direct From France���������Tooth, shaving,  h air and  clothes  brushes. A splendid  assortment at the Ladysmith Phar-  ���������nacy.   ������������������o* ,"    .   '���������  WANTED���������By Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. Previous experience not essential to engaging.  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111., U.S.A.     ;''.   '    .    '      ���������  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GAT ACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  "GALEDOMAN''  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������RateB fl.25 aud*l.6a���������  Free baa to all steamboat' landing! and  railway depots. Electric can mrmij five  minutes to all partB of the eltjr. rBai  and table.unexcelled. ;'  - -   , ���������'  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B.C.  Under New JVIanagment  Hotel Wilsori  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woobank ;  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly Firrt ClaM,  Commercial Mens' headqaarteri, ;. ;  Fire* Proof    Buildiag. I-  TO-FERNIE,   B. C.  Read Down Read Up  tp.m; liT.   ViCTOWA- Arr.   400p. n������.  1.00 p. '^:' Ut.. : ������������*t������e     Arr. 9.00 a.m.  I- 9.*! p. m, Arr.    Bterett -  Arr. 7.30 a.m.  "' 9. jo a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7-45 P">  ������.J5 p'.m Arr. - Rexford   Arr 12.3������ P- "���������������  ���������!io   v. m'. Ar.    Kike   Arr.  10142a. 111.  ,00 p.m.. Arr.    Fernie   l,v.9.55a, ">���������  .ONE NIGHT  -Te ������u Kootenay Points  A-   TWO,  NIGHTS.  To'.r-Winnipet amd St. Paul  Close Connections  ���������For   -Chicago, Toronto. '.  .Montreal and  ���������Alljoints East & West  , Ace^yJtene    Lighted     Cars.  .    Faniiiy Tourist Sleepers.  Paiacfti Sleeping Cars  ,   Siaing     Cars (Meals a la  Carte).  ': Library Observation     C ars  IhroMgh '  tickets and baj;-  gag*"(Checks ,to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For. tickets," maps, berths  ' reservations and complete  information can on or ad-  .diesfi, ,  S. Q. Yerkas E. R. Stephen  A.G.R.A. G.A.O.N. Ry  Seattle ���������    ... Victoria, B.C.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts.  VICTORIA, BC  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  3  'North  One of which Is the famou*   *'|  Coast Limited"  Tickets on sale to aii Eastern  and  Southern points at lowest rates.  o  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers      on ail trains.  Dicing Car  service  Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets   on sale to  and  from all European Points.   Cabin accommodation res crved by wire.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IN  -EFFECT-  HENRYS NURSfRlES  i ���������  NEW CRO.?-  HbmeGt-own fe Imported  GARDEN,    FIELd     and FLOWER  ;     SEEDdi  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODJENDRONS, roses,  GREENHOUSE AND  HARDY  '.'.���������> PLANTS.    For Sprlnir^i������l������*tlni?     Eastern prices  or less.. ��������� Catalogue dee.  gfllQ Westminster Road,  Vancouver.  For     ftirthsr  write the oihee.  A.  1).  Chariton  particulars    call ot  Phone Main. 456.  E.   E.  Blackwood  /  A.G.P.A,   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  General Agent  Victoria, B.G*>  -:o:-  TH6 CITY M  R. Williamson Prop  1st. Avenue  Ladysmith B. Q  I.eclo'e's 9 in i-'rospector's  Hoots -(as cut), have upper of  waterproof chrome grain ica-  'eallier, and rawhide ouisidc  counter. They are finished for  service. with wing tip,' hack  stiiy, fun heiiows tongue, silver eyelets and stud hooks.  A 'ook at the picture will  uonvir.ee you that, they arc  the goods ror thc west. They  nnst :ir������ more than ordinary  Boots and may he h.ad from  any good  dealer.  ftMNFRCTUREn   BY  UECICO.  LTD  WM.  MUNSIE, Precident J.  W.  COBURN, M*n.   Dlroetor  ' TelephoneJ46.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDK'K   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a  Specialty,  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Lath*,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing     Lmmbet  ia   Stock  R.P.RITHET,!  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :-: ���������-**. .���������: :���������-B.C.  (T. J. Wellinan, Prop., Vancoufer.)  One block Irom C.P.RiPepot ijM*f  steamboat wharves.;Newly,,reBOTa|-  ed and re-modelledf. Rates WyPer  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets. Telephone, !-*���������    ';     .   .::,:fi  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  i  !  i  m  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD:AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  $  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  ���������h'-s^-wfe^'-feft'^w^*'1  j  1  3  ;  t  ���������I  ���������;������>���������&*:���������!  W.J.WATSON,  Smelter Manager. I  VAN COUVER, B. C.  c^MONEY  TALKS/-  AS  LOUD  TO US   AS  ANYONE. ���������  IF YOU. ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOUR  MBAT  Y������UR   DOLLARS  W  ILL   GO  FURTHER  IF -YOU   BUY FROM US   Our Cash Prices Oannot Be Beaten���������  PAWN ELL  &    PLASKETT  GEO. Y UBN  Merchant Tailor A  1^  Ladysmith  B   C  PAINTINO,       PAPEKtlANaiNQ  V' Ir-BTC.    '���������'���������'.  Work^;loa������ ^pr������per)y and at rlghi  prices J Shop and residence In reai  of Ladysmith Hotel.  ���������I' *J*%: SMITHr Prop  r^AY; SCHOOL,  Usualr au*jeet������ taught; also languages, drawing In. pencil and cray-  ons,, p^iini ng in oils aad water colors, pianoforte and rocal lessons given In claaaes #t individually.  "MISS BERTRAM,  !--;fca������ttittll;-B.:-'tf. "f ��������� ������������������������    ���������-    :  ill  i 111   - V   I        li    '  if y#u lilfcto-���������-���������;    ;-.  .  A. sigaaotL, easy shave, an even,  .    well-iBnislled    beard trim, a good.  .    baih, ������r a -stylish Hair-cut.  Yau will go to  LADYSMITH SI1AVIM  ...'.   HIGH STREET.  v ,������������������".!'��������� ���������'���������   '.    -     r=.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  ;';H^IiEE;Jt CO.  ON ^kE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY O^ ALL KINDS NEATLl  BAKED AND FRESH,  '.: ;.���������>.,-.     -^y.'-  ������������������.:  .. ���������     .  -  ,  Geafectloaary mi all kinds.  brtea lia|c������a for Pastries to be delivered at aay time.  \ \   Employment Agency.  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  Member  Can.   Society  of   Civil  Engineers  .      Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,. England  Member  International  Electrical  Congress   at St. Louk i,H  -Electrical Engineer���������  p. O. BOX'3574 ....  1.. .       -1 ��������� '������������������-������-  rers of the Famous  CU BAT^ BliOSSOH  Np������e. b* ,. lTaion LCabar    Employed  fl. J. JStOOfH, Prop  Are You  doing East  Then be sure your  tbe  tickets read - t!������ '  The only line now making UNI OP  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains Iroin the Pacini  Coast.  the shortest line, th";  finest trains, the lowest*  rates,. the fastest time  ;betw1een   ;  minneapolis, sl\ paul, chicago,  omaha,   kansas, city  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask you)  local agent or write,   ' j  F:  W. PARKER  )  General 4 gent!  WI 2nd Ave., Seattle,  Fletcher  .. ..Dea era In  Pianos amj  Organs.'.{���������  Ladysmith, B.C  /  J  Dr. Dier can be fn:Hd at any tirt  at. his odiee on Hiyli .street. His def  tal worlc is guaranteed \q be flrsf  class and rates reasonable *;  BHSHaE-ffiSSEHS"  HILBERT  .1!  ~*^*������i.--.~ DAILYfLEtGER  SHE  tbArX*r.-**A������&t*i*X������Ck1i  PiHil  U.s*������ as   <*s? wa  NANAIMO  nanufaxtorers of the  c.  I  '?���������  J  t  t  I  9*uiall  Oxen.  One of the greatest curiosities among  the domesticated animals of Ceylon ia  a breed of cattle known to the zoologist  as the "sacred running oxen." They  are the dwarfs oi" the whole oi family.  TIIE  ENGLISH   CHANNEL   TUN.  NEL-  The   improvement  in   the relations  gross  receipts,  to be divided  equally  between them, in accordance with the  'law in Pennsylvania,   where no decis-  between    1 his    country   and   France, !-ons are given.    Before Mr.   Humph  says  the London  Globe,  Brought to  -reys signed  the articles of agreement   ���������.........a yjj_  lJJl; ivuuie ui laniiiy,      ���������  '    o**"   *���������"  the  largest specimens  of the  species   the front  once more the project    of ,'Dcadv assured him  that Billy Nolan  jnnuiager   of  the Battling  Dane,   had  never exceeding thirty inches in height  i In jBritfsh Columbia ^  *    Lager  Beer    and Porter   . Guaranteed! Brewed  j    from the   Best Canadian   Malt   Run   Hops       t  4*^*'4"*���������I^^^^���������K**^'���������^-M*"H^���������K������������������^ .;.  Tlie White Paquerette.  The while paquerette Is the smallest  rose���������just ,the size of a five cent piece.  It Las a lylrong and unpleasant odor, a  etrange filing in a rose.  tj.e iiaa lovoa ana iosi^  "Never ngniu," he sighed  never love again."  "Oh, yes. you will," rejoined tha  ���������i ear ties*? beauty.  "Nevei- again,- he repeated. "I'm going to turn over a new leaf and save  money."  "I shall  to the tei-ivs. Tbe articles  call for them to weigh in at J33 lbs.  at nine o'clock on the night of the  fight. This will make thc boutprac-  tically  the lightweight lini.it,  as  the  about  lf&3  s������  The Lecture Iti  .-.ItithcisiuficB.  .Professor-Yen. sir, if you ���������.cw  thrown- like n stone you would de-  ������cxibe a parab.ila in returning to ea'-th  ' Student (wcarilyj-I think I'll go out  and get thrown at once then, professor  That's about the only way I'll erw  ���������earn to describe one of 'em*.  a channel   tunnel.    Jt will   be remem-  lH:ied     that     which this scheme was ��������� u!rret.j  originally introduced to  the public it  met with violent opposition from    .  large   number  of  persons,   who   considered   it undesirable  to   disturb the  isolated position in which- nature had  placed   these islands.    The volume off men  will enter  the "ring at  opposition  was   so strong  that,      m! 10.30.  spite of the efforts of the original I Sam Harris, in behalf of McGov-  piumoters, the works had to be cm. posted $1,000 with Deady, to  abandoned. It is evident, however, guarantee McGovern's appearance,  from what is appearing in both En- Mr. Rocape, of Philadelphia, was nam  glisli and French newspapers, that ed*. referee. Nelson and his manager  there is some intention of giving the are now in Cleveland, where the  idea effect.    The formation of       the | former  is giving exhibifc.'ons   of    the  manly art.    Tho articles signed  g  ��������� Find il hard lo decide upon your Vuletide offering?  "ci.il  ror nut   ui th-  KciAiel^ of '  hris iTi:i,*;.'nir.t:ghTs"Wn^TH WHILE"  -I,i5,t  oi: the l-r.'ss " i 1  Its helpful���������it's  f'nc   iiii'siration',  an'd, interesting   detail  suggest,  nianv  v-.-rlhy Cols  ���������*vr>.v *<r  Sjmc Pare  Good  News.  Cood News if you,wish a, Satisfying Gift for ������a . llouse-kecrci'  Good News ir you arc the Hom-cUvi'd- <i"d wish lo secure soiuc-  thing to scl'oIT vour Clnistmf.s Pea:*I.  MNE1  SERVICES  Viitor '"   shape and  Haiidsonie  rich   P.luo   Dinner Sets,   the    new  Lome decoration.      105  pieces a,il fold, including Soup* Tureon and  laige Meat  Platters���������iirico ?1S lhe Set. ',  'Many Other Styles LYrin $9 to $110. ~ . ;  Miners' Qri!  lisries  ?  Made to order and Repaired at short' notice.   .Drill Sharpened  by  n-  ways gives  satisfaction.  Picks handled and repaired.    ,',--.  Ships mi tlmirig    in    a]1     its    Bran ties !  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmiths. .  R. LAWSON  "  JBuller Street   -    -    -     -   Ladysmith, b C  L^    ������..*. .*  | LADYSMITH TRA-NSFERiSTABLE  X  PIANOS,.. ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MOV- ' -}  X   ���������'.'���������'       '-ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.'^,',���������}''��������� A        A'-'~^  '���������'& ' i ->.'":���������    .. .      ��������� ������������������"���������*W*1I  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.     Leave /orders at   the  ''���������..���������'': '. Abbots ford. : -  4-*4-*4-f4*f 4-f ������������������-f*>-f+-f -f ,-fr-f. M-+-*)>��������� +��������� ���������>.- -M-4-f <  '���������A.''J..'WASKET,-P.^??:  >���������������������������������������������  *������*������*������*������;������������;*������)k������*������.*������^^  *  X  . ���������  X  m  X  ���������  X  X  X  ���������S PHONE-66  LIVERY, BOARDING. AND  '.-.'-SALES��������� STA$l^tA-.  EXPRESS  WORK  A  SPECIALTY,   i-     '.  >AVID '"'^   *  ������  *  X  LADYiSMIT   t  x  ^���������X������X������X������X������X*X������X������X������X9X9������.������^'^*^9^mM9X*X������X������^mm9  LIGHT TEAMING  \V90d and Bark for Sale"  BUGGIES  FOR HIRE  :-:  Sec J.' KEMP, or leave orders vith  BLAIR &   ADAM  FIRST AVENUE  'PPIONE 2-4.  W.  SILER.'i  GEMEKAi. JbXPEE33 AND  DELIVEEY  WORK PROMPTLY  nfi^'n  Leave/orders at the Abbotsford.  NOTICE.  An  Act  Respecting  Liquor Licenses,  .lUOO.  ; ..Notice is hereby given that the fol  lowing applications will be heard by  Lhc License Commissioners for South  Nanaimo Licensing District on Friday, December 15,, 1905, at thc court  house, Ladysmith, at 10 o'clock a.m.  For Renewal.  Henry Reifel, Hotel Mount View,.  Newcastle Townsite.  L. J. Preaiix,; Talbot Hotel, Com-  o**; Road.  John   If.  McMillan,  Tunnel   Hotel,  Extension.' .'  Annie McDonald, Cranberry Hotel,  Cranberry District.  For Transfer.  ���������Limes      Yates    to   Enoch     Sage,  Wheatsheaf Hotel, Cedar District."  ��������� GEO.  CASSIDY,  Children anil .SIc>-|t.  One of the greatest mistakes of par  ents  and  those who  have  charge of  children is that they are likely to allow  tho young ones too little time to sleep.  With one excuse or .-mother the young.  drera, are up later at ni<,5it than they  should bo. and as they must be oft' to  school   betimes   in   the   morning   und  there may  ba duties to perforin  they  are called   before they buve  finished  their   morning   n.,p.     Children,   as   k  rule-ought to sleep ten or eleven hours  and to do this they must be put to lux  early   enough  at  night  so  that  tie-  may get this amount of unimerrupSei,  rest.���������Modem AVoiueu.  Serpent   H'urnlitp.  Serpent worship still survive* in Ia  dia, and a snake shrine is said to bn rts  much an attraction in a house on the  Malabar coast as a garden, in the cane  of a country Home in tho United States  Serpents    are,    however,   most    uno't-  trusive, and   unless one walks  noiselessly and barefooted in the dm-k, as  Hindoos do, snake bite is an improbable conUngency.  A Jl������w RosaeTelt Antedate.  A,pergonal sketch of Governor L*  Toilette contributed to Harper's Weekly by Earle Hooker Eaton contains a  new and entertaining anecdote of President   Roosevelt   which   Mr.    Eaton  quotes in the president's own words.  Mr. Roosevelt, It seems, was present  at a reception attended by Governor  and Mrs. La Follette.   The president  and M!rs. La Follette were standing in  one  comer  engaged In   conversation  nnd eating ice cream.   He was doing  the bulk of the talking:, and she was  an attentive and unwavering listener.  "Suddenly  I  discovered," savs  the  pr������iident. "that for at least five min-  xites  I bad  besn  pouring ice cream  dowa the front of her handsome evening gown.   She had known It all the  time,' but bad not Indicated It by even  the quiver .of an eyelash or  by the  ���������lightest change to tha amiling, Inter-  ���������ated expression .upon her face.   Su*  had simply been too polite to Interrupt me by word or look or move, n������  matter what happened to the gown."  I bed of the, channel may be as easy to  bore through >as the engineers anticipate, and as geological researches appear to show. At the same time, unexpected difficulties may crop up, and  a capital of ������10,000,000 may prove  to he very inadequate for .the purpose  intended. If the channel tunnel is re-  \ived once* more in a businesslike  shape, our correspondent thinks, at  least ������20,000,000  ought to   be  __0 . .    by  Humphreys were mailed  to them last  night.   McGo^ern  will  begin  training  for the bout next week.  NOTICE.  Bargains for Saturday and  Following Week   .  IVow's your chance to get Rubbers  when vou need them at c  i  , hair price  $1.00   Pair for 50c,  150 Pair Mens'  numbers, sizes fiom 9 to 11.  123 Pair     Ladies' Buhners, s^es     3    and 4.     on'iv.   low cut and3**  storm.     Iteguiar C5c.  and 85c,  This week 50c. only  NOTICE is hereby given that I. the  undersigned,  will apply at  the next  ,���������.,,,.  4 -- -     Pro-| regulur     sitting     of    the Licensing  vicled  to  cover contingencies,   ami in   n��������� ,. i T-. ,-*,   ,  this opinion a perusal  of the o     lit    u      ,     ������1 ���������Deo8���������b������rv15th for thc  ���������..���������,.....   ....,,..���������.,   . c 01<1  m    transfer  of  the  retail  liqaior  license  Misses'  and  Childrens'   Rub ber   Hoots, l-.right  '���������ned.  7 to J3 at SPECIAL REDUCTION'S.  finish and fleece  Uc also received by Express   a splendid line  dies' Co-ats in latest stvics.  of Ladies' and C'lni-  erature  published   in connect ion   with  the scheme disposes us to <u������rce  tub ring-  now  York. .Pec. .2.���������Terry  McGov-  ern and Hatiling Nelson will 'box s"ix  rounds in  January in the Second Regiment  armory,   in  Philadelphia, says  the World.   The match was arranged  yesterday,   ],y Bob Deady, a   Quaker  City fight promote]-.   He .succeeded in  convincing   Joc  Hum, hrcys,   manager  for AIcGovern,   that lhe  houfe would  draw at least    $20,000.    The boxers  arc  to receive 76   per  cent,   of -   the  i  held by me for the Wheatsheaf hotel,,- located in Cedar District, to  Enoch  Sage,   of Nanaimo.  JAMES  YATES,  Cedar District, Nov.  7th, 1905.  Prices $5.75 to S J 2.50  Ladies' and Misses Skirls,   great variety of styles  ���������als, also go at SPECIAL  REDUCTION.  and mater-  PATENTS  DESIGNS  TRADE-MAftKS  . u    oil s   ������_���������������,  m  - - AND COPYRIGHTS  i a   JTH a S&IB I W       OBTAINED  I ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY P||P|  r Notice in "Inreutive Age " MM KRl I  *��������� l.ook "liow to obtain Patents" J   II a L������  >~Vta-!/ri moderate. Ko fee till patent is secured*  ���������- ,Lstterssti-ict!vcnnfl(lentLiI.   Addreus  v^i*^SiuGEKS. f'Rtcit Lawyer. Washington, O. f,.  Ladies' Suits in Ciev, two oniv, Regular 13.50,  This Week $4.95.  Two  hlaclr suits in  Ladies' cloth vvith vest en'eet,  S!4for $5.75 ,  NOTICE.  From this data the undersigned  will not be responsible for' any indebtedness incurred except on a  written orocr signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.  I." EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Mon Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th. 1905.  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Repairing and Making to  Order a Specialty  THOflAS   MCEWAIN   0  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  COUPONS  GIVEN  AWAY      WITH EVERY PURCHASE   THIS  WILL  G-IVE  YOU  A  CHANCE TO  GET SILVERWARE      AND  JEWELRY  FOR  CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FREE OF CHARGE,  B, SAWeinrobe^  HIGH STREET, - LADYSMITH, tB.   C.  CHURCH NOTICES  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  CO OVER  Any  Kind  of  AND  Its    Great   Resources  No part of.British golumhia today offers so many advantagss to the  investor as does VANCOUVER ISL AND.  Its' vast, and varied natural wealth has never been as yet thoroughly  appreciated by reason of the fact that it has never  been promiently laid  before the public.  C0AL GOLD  TIMBER SILVER  FISH IRON  GAME COPPER  Rev. R. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Evening  scivicc���������7.30  p.m.  Evening   Service���������7   p m.  Bible study class, Wednesday evening at 7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's  Sunday  School���������2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.m.  Rev. K. Bowen, Rector.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. W. C. Schliehter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  Evening Service���������7 p.m.  [Chamberlain/sj  'iS  m:  W  v1  m  i&i  fiHS'l  Cough Remedy  1      The Children's Favorite -    '  ���������CURES���������  Coughs, Colds, Croup and  Whooping- Cough.  This remedy is famous for its cures o* ���������������  li^S Crf ot n!������ ."v-ilizc-J world, it on  opium or other linrraful (Ira- anil inn*. ������  Bivon a= eouadoatly to :i baby as toaniiUL.tt  Price 25 cts; Lar^e Size, 50  cts.  s;w>*ij.jv*������,j  II  Done Promptly an dj  WELL  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,    will grow almost any product ol the  soil known  to  man,  WHEAT  OATS  VEGETABLES  OF  At  RYE ALL   KINDS  A-WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS  AND  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  BERRIES.  LEDGER  Office  Thc Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt   a liberal   land   policy,   and  thb    1,500,000 acres controlled     by   them will be disposed of on reason-  6Ie terms to actual settlers  Government lands can he scoured   and     money can be made hy those j  who dssire anew home in a country  possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  [MBmatgaafflBBMBaiiraaBB^^  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will  supply  any   information   ob-  tamable  to tliose 'who contemplate^ a visit with  a view  of investment if  conditions are found as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;     a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come  in   each  year.  LADYSMITH  1st    A venue  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THB LINE FROM VICTORIA TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to grow ir 'mportance as thc Island is  developed.  Suhscrib* for hnd read THE DAILY LED0ERt LADYSMITHt B. C  Public  Notice  Attention is called to ';he  fact that the  Ogiivie   Flour.rtiils Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR.     have for some time  past been producing flour in a  vastly  improved and purified  form  by the aid of ELECTRICJTY  and having secured control of   all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising  the public  that  any  unauthorized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will be prosecuted.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Company limited  are + lie    oaly    miliars ia. dan\\-\ wlusa      FJour  p pmrified by th.a     electric praeasg ;  a iSJEC  THE  i a.  DAILY   LEDGER  3=  LOCAL ITEMS  Have your Xmas Photos taken NOW.  Studio  open  until next Mondav.llie  2Clh. ,  FRICKE &   SCHENCK  Don't forget lhc  City Band Dunce  at    the  opera  house  tonight.  Grand  March at S p.m.    Gents 50 cents, ladies free.  Smoke Littie B. Cigars.  Judge  Harrison   passed  through  on  tlie morning train lo  Victoria.  Buy your  Rubbers and  Woolen  Underwear at Simon Leiser&  Co.'s Ltd  Government   Agent   Marshall  Bray  came down from Nanaimo this morn-  iuic.   '  ���������)  LOOK OUT FOR  OUR  ~o������33������������  Smoke Big 13.  Cigars.  The daiic-j to be given in the opera  house this evening by the City Band  pi onuses to be a pleasant affair and  .will doubtless  be well attended.  -'iiiu AimomaniT-  The latest novelty.   Hums  Work,  al  Kji g-hfs J3ook SI,,re.  ���������y  Dr. Ross, .tlie vetinery surgeon from  Aanaimo,  is visiting. Ladysmith.  The smeller at Crofton is not ���������*-  peeled lo blow in until early ;,* jan.  u������: ry.  Call and inspect my Xmas Cards  t.ie. best in Ladysmith. Knight's  Loo): store.  I . he Ladysmith Hardware Co.. Ltd,  ��������� idc- i.im, and his horse standing by  sv st.a\ -;i sua*. 3q s������ A'tppeid sv  remarkable a feat as I have ever seen.  NOTICE  .Dave Lewis, who is associated with  ���������John Jones in the ownership of the  yrofton Hotel, is speiul-.ng a dav in  .town.  NANAIMO.  Mrs.  F.  L.  Reynolds was a passcn  g-er on  the  Joan  this  morning  Vancouver. ~   .  AT  THE   ABBOTSFORD.  Geo. IT.   Ramsay,   Vancouver.  Chas. E. Bishop,  Victoria.  R. 'G.   Kitto,  Victoria.  F- A.  Richardson,  Vancouver.  Over     800   pair   of  Mitts,  Woolen:  Cloves and  Hose  to  select, fr  Simon Leiser & Co.'s,  Ltd.  There was a large attendance at  tho meeting of the Eagles last (night,  at which thc most important 'business  transacted was the election of officers,  for the term beginning- January  I, 19(H>. The officers' report show  for j thc ledge to be, in a flourishing condition, and making rapid strides in  its membership. The following are  the new officers ^elected:  Past    President,   F.   J.   Robinson;  president,- J.:G. Ross; vice-president,  J.   Booth;   chaplain,   A.   E.   Hilbcrtj  secretary,   C.   Rawlinson;   treasurer,  II. ������4. l-Iorne; conductor, P. Rowbot-  tom; I.G., T. J. Field; O.G. F. Ha-  rcr; physician, Dr. L. T. Davis; trustees.  T-I.,   Reiflc,  W. H. Philpott and  rom   ai  Smoke Big B. Cig?rs.  )  We     are requested    lo announce by  Rev.  Schlichter that  "we are having  special service    for  Jos.  Booth.  our usual month!v  The     funeral of thc late W.       F.  Doyle took place  yesterday afternoon  from  llilbcrl's     undertaking parlors  Troys and girls, and  their  parents   at  lo  lhe Naliai,,,������ cemetery,  where thc  the Methodist church,  al  II a.m.' to- '1,omains   were interred '������ the presence  morrow.       Everybody  is   welcomed  Subject '.'Impressions,''  or  from  the Typewriter."  Two  of a few friends of the- deceased. Rev.  "Lessons    *'v'  ^. Roberts conducted services at  , the graveside. >   o   ROOSE   VKLT   AFTER '  BEAR  "Opposite us was a liigli' and   very  rugged   mountain side covered  with a  capitalists  met today  on   1st  Avenue and each began to boast a,b|o<ufc  their   wealth. ,' Look  at   that,"  said  cne, as he flashed $1.85  in silver.   "II grow-lh      of     pinyon-never a    close  can beat *," said the other, prompt-! giovvimr.      tree���������its  precipitous  flanks  ly, as  he-made a rush with his right' brokei/liv ledges    and scored bv  for^liis trousers'   pocket-.   'M^usale- :lics .uu,' ravin.es.     It  nm!     said   he,   as   a look  of dismay  passed -over his face.   "My,wife's been  Hirough   that   pocket  agaji,"  and he  l.ad. to stand   for :it  while the only  real      capitalist  proceeded   to  point  out how to finance a big scheme. ;  I    have      now  got  my ��������� Christmas  cards on show. Knight's- Book Store.  gui-  ravines.     It     was hard j to  follow-the scent across such a moun-  of soivid  increased     speedily,  as  the  came    much   scattered. We could  hear them plainly, .and now and then  could sec them, looking like ants as  llicy ran up and down hill and along  the, ledges. Finally we heard some  of them barking, payed. The volume  I of sound increased speed,ly. as the  ���������- ! straggling dogs joined those who had  Tonev Waskebt, who has daken oven'r,rst'rpabnetl ,ho luinted <���������<>������ai At  Mr. Williams- interest in the business about this, time to. our astonishment  including mining timber and wood B*V'Se- usu^'y a staunch fighter, re-  contracts, is getting "hVG business'af-:'30inc,i us- f������n������w������l &F ������"e or two  fairs in shape for a good year's. 0,,hei" hounds- who sccmcd tn havc  work, which helooVs forward to, l'a,J cnov.-h of the matter. Imme-  with confidence. Mr. WaSkcbt, who cliatlilJ' afterward we saw tho hear,  is'hardly known .bv that name Ior.it hair way up the mountain-side.. The  is invariably "Toney", is entitled to hounds were all around him, and oc~  a good business by the manner in casionaiiy : bit at his hind-quarters;  which he l0oks after anything given but lie had evidently  ���������Jii'in  loons  ������������������to do in his  line.  I have just received a good assortment of Colored Crepe Paper. Call  at once if you want any before it  is all gone. Ten cents a roll at  Knighljs  Book Store.  I have ti-rw got a  of Bound Moots.  Store.  ind assort ment  Knight's   Book  no intention o,f  climbing a tree when we first saw  him I- \v: s s'.tt:i:g up on a point of  rock surrounded by the.pack, his  ���������"Mack fur showMig. to, fmc;adv.antac$c.  Then he moved off, threatening the  dogs, and making what-in Mississippi  is called a walking bay ��������� He was a  sullen, powerful beast, and his leisurely gait showed how utile be fear-  rd the pack, and how conf dent he  w.ts in his own bur.y strength. By  tins  time     the dogs had   been     after  PAINTING   AND   FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  8. ROE DOING      Orders  Promptly   Executed  ~~   LADYSIVHTH  A. HOWE, ofCHEftlAINUS.has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  A'FlJLL LINE OF FIRST CUSS MEA1S  ^Pcrk and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  Phone  20 i ,.     .  ,  NECESSITIES  FOR YOUR  XMAS. CAKE  .     ���������  ���������  ���������  Padras   and   Valencia  Cleaned Currants  2 lb. for 25c.  ��������� ��������� ���������  Cleaned Seeded Raisins  16 oz.  2 lb. for 25c.  ������������������������ 4%. ���������*  Extra Cleaned Sultanas  15c. lb.  Cleaned Sultanas  2 lb for 25c.  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Pair  Walter* &  Akcnhead  him     for a couple     of hours, and as  there was no  water on the mountain   day of  November, 1905  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be  made to the  Legislative  Assembly of the Province ot  British Columbia, at its next session  for an     Act to incorporate.,a Com-  nany  with  power to  acquire,    purchase. . construct and operate the unr  dertakings  of    the Vancouver      and  Coast-Kootenay     Railway Company-;  the Alberni     and Cowichan Railway  Company; the Kamloops & Atlin Rail  way Company; and the Midway    and  Vernon Railway  Company; and to acquire all the rights, powers and pri-  viligcs- ol the said Companies;      and  with  power  to exercise all  the powers contained  in the Acts  ol Incorporation of the said Companies; and  with power to acquire, purchase, construct   and operate the undertaking  ol any    other Railway  Company     or  Companies; and with  power to   subscribe     for and  purchase   the stock,  bonds, debentures or other securities  ol any Railway    Company;   and     to  exchange the  stock' or other bonds,  debentures or other securities of the  company  to  bc incorporated for   the  3hares,   stock,  debentures,  bonds     or  other   securities of any  other   Railway    Company; and with power to  increase ihe capital of the Company  to l>p incorporated;  and   with  power  to issue shares as fully paid up; and  to borrow  money  on the  Company's  assets , by any form of security;. and  with    power  to promote any Railway Company or Companies, or    to  amalgamate  with any Company     or  Companies; and with all the     other  and necessary powers conducive toi the'  carrying out of the Company's, undertaking.  Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 22nd  side,  wc frared Ihoy might be getting  exhausted,  and rode toward them as  lapidiy as   wc could.,  It was a hard    climb up to where)  l   ���������  ROBERTSON &.  ROBERTSON,  Solicitors Mr  the Applicants'.  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made to the Leg-  sion for an Act to revive, ratify and  confirm the Cowichan-Alberni and  Fort Rupert Railway Company Actj  and extending the time for commencing construction of the said railway,  and of expending ten per cent,  of  the   Company's capital  thereon,  and to empower thc Company to ex-  -.  ro������'nn stern and  tend  ifcs  railwav froim any  pomt  on  _lh.c_���������bl,1],ct' bl;ol;'c its l.neto,the City of Victoria, ' er  to .any point on Esquimalt Harbor;  or in the alternative to incorporate  a Company to build the line of rail-  w.ay set out in the Act of Incorporation of the said Company, with the  extension hereinbefore pientioned, and  with all'������the powers contained in the  Model Railway Bill.  I Dated at Victoria, B.C., 22nd November,   1905.  j        ROBERTSON. &  ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for  the   Applicants.  they were, and    we had :o  lead   the islativc  Assembly of the Province of  horses.        Just as we came in si<Mit Br'"sl1    Columbia at    its next. ses-  of him across .a deep gully which ran  ,dowii    tiie     sheer    mountain-side,  he  broke bay     and started off, threaten-  j ing the foremost of the pack as they  dared     to     approach him, and for a  minute I could     not flit,  then,  as I  passed   under  a pinyon.   I  got- a clear  view of     his great  pulled  tripper.  both hips, and he lolled down hill,  thc hounds yelling with excitement* as  they closed in on him. He could  still play havoc with the pack, and  there was nerd to km him atonce. I  leaped and slid ulown my ,side of thc  guliy as he rolled, down his;atthe  bottom he stopped pftd raised himself  on his foroquartcis, and with anoth-  tr bullet I l-roke his back between  .ihe shoulders.  Immediately',, ..the dogs hogan-.to-  worry the cartas while the- savage  baying cchoeh so loudly in the narrow, steep gully,-'that we could with  I difficulty hear one another speak. It  was a   wild     scene to loak upon, as  we scrambled, down to where the  dead hcar lay.  In  another chapter  on   "'Wolf-Coursing."   the  story    of      thc   way  the  guide,   Abernethy,  "captdreli a  coyote,  is thus fold     in the  President's own  words: '  The     coyote     was obviously tired,  and      Abernethy,      with his perfectly  trained horse was helping the greyhound catch  it.   Twice he headed it.  and  this enabled mc to gain rapidly.  They had  reached  a small,  uhwbodod (  creek by the sime I was within fifty j  yards,  the lii-tle wolf tried to  break 1  to the. left;  Abernethy headed it and  rode almost     over it,  and   it gave a  wicked snap     at his foot, cutting the  boot. Then he wheeled anil camo toward it; again    it gal'opcd backhand  just as it crossed the creek the greyhound     made     a rush,   pinned  it   by  hind  leg and  threw it.    There was a  scutlie     and      thru    a yon   from   the  the greyhound as  (ha  wolf bit  it. At  the   bite the hound , let go. an-d jumped  hack a few feet, and at thc same moment  Abernethy.   who  had ridden his  horse right on     them as they strug-  RUBBER  er 500 PAIRS of  RUBBERS to choose from  We have a large assortment of  Mens' and Boys' Gum \ Boots also  Ladies and Misses Gum Boots-Just  the thing for  this snowy   weather  r  1  SIMON LEISER k CO Ltd.  GATAG&EST LA.DY3tf:ri  W. G. Fraser  MerchairiTailor,  ,. 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Ricd, leaped off and sprang on top of  $280���������Cash    and   $400 on  mortgage  BLAIR  AND  ADAM  CARLISLE  BLO&K,  'PHONE 2-4  ES2S  the wolf. Me held  thc reins  of the  horse with  one hand   and  shrust  lhe  ���������other with     a rapidity  and  precision  even greater than thc  rapidity of the  wolf's snap.     into  the  wolf's  mouth.  Jamming his hand down crosswise he-  tween     thc     jaws, seizing the lower  Jaw and bending it down so that thc  wolf could     not  nitchim.     lie had a  ato.ut glove      on   his  hand,   hut   this  would have     bneii  oi  no avail  whatever  had   he     not  seized   the animal  just ".she  did: that is behind  thc canines,     while     his hand  pressed  the  lips against, the t-ectn: with his koees  he kek! the     wolf frvn using its fore  paws to break the hold until it gave  up  struggling.     When he thus  leaped i  on  and      captured   the coyote  it was j  entirely free, the clop- having lot go or j  it: and he     was of iiigcd to keep hold 1  of the     reins of     his horse with ono(  hnd.   T was     not twenty yards distent at the time.      and   ns   T leaped  off the horse he was sitting nificidly  O"   tHe  Hve      wolf,  his  lmnd   i>et,ween  ���������fs   in1-s   the greyhound  standing he-  buys two lots each 60x120 only a  few yards from post-office. Fine  investment. *  $500���������Cash and  balanos on time buys  two first-class     stores in  business  portion of  city.  For Reht-  enue.  -A nice stole on  First A������--  For  Rent���������A  nice two-roomed si ore  For      Rent���������Nice two-r'-omed caldn  near station.  Deeds,   Wills,    Mortgages,   Contracts  and   Agreements  Drawn.  J. STEWART  1 Conveyancing     |n       Notary Public  Phone, 3. '    I  I  ' u  P.  O. BOX a68  SYNOPSIS OP CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING ^REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands), may be purchased at $10 per acre:for ioft, coal and  S20 for anthracite.1 Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company. ; Royalty at the  rate ml ten cents per ton of 2,000  pound! shall be collected on the  gross output;-.  Quart*���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum -.for an individual,  nnd from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place; may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The lee for recording a claim is $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator may, upon' having a survey  made, and upon complying /with other requirements, purchase the land at  XI an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 21 per cent on  the Bales.  PLACER  mining claims  generally  ������are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge  for gold of, five miles  each for a term of .ttfpnty years, renewable at the descretion of .the Minister of the Interior.  * :  The lessee shall havje a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the^lcase for each five miles.  Rental, $.10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rute  of 2$ per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W: W. CORY,  Deputy  of the  Minister of the  In-  erior.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, aud at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  IS  In the  drawing  that took place i t  Peterson's'Fr.rniiturc Store last Saturday Evening,  No.  195 won the Kit-  i-hcu Cabinet,  main    deck     there is'- a passageway  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PROPUliE  Orders will be delivered any wherein thc city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'a, on ta������  Eiplanadt.  James


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