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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Dec 1, 1905

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��� n ��� ���
Ladysmith Daily Le
\ tjulVc-UUVu
*��� \ -5,  <
DEC 4 -1905    V^f
11        . ..jy-T.-..1... r-^T
FRIDAY,  DECKMHER   i,   1903
in pes
Queen  Alexandria    Snr.<v
tions Plan to Help the
Today is
''    Sixty
'today   is tlie sixly-fir,st b'u-Uiday of
Her  Maicslv-- Queen  Alcvandna
I o.'tlon.  De-.   1 ���Queen Alexanilua,
ii'^ieliall oi  the unemployed,  has.con-
���   :i!'--'l     lo      a unique pi. n to   uusc
fijii'ls   toi    those   uiuortuiialcs    It   is
toi   the   ��� uUication   of   a Christian's
boot*    J,o bo Known as    tlie Queen's
Christmas Card.    Jt will contain stones,  sl'ctcbcs, etc by  men, and   wnjn-
ei pjonuuent in the wot 1,1 ol   art'and
liiteratute,  and  w-ill be sold for     lhc
sum   of   haH-iii**i own'   and  thowhojn
.of"the proceeds,  which  aic sine  to he
laige, are to be demoted  lo
of the suffei ing unemployed
The Ladysmith People all
Had an Enjoyable
Everything Was First Rate
and Fifty Couples
Were Present        /
Dr. Varicie Says That the
Distance to be Covered is
Almost the Sams as  That
From Dawson to
Some  interesting  statements
Posmg as an innocent martyr of
'the hostility of superior judges, bar
associations and lhe press, George D.
Collins has at last been brought to
trial on the perjury charge after six
montlis of evasions and delays, says
tlie San .Francisco-'Chronicle of Tuesday. Ilis las*t objection failing, and
his last motion denied, thc trial was
begun      yesterday    afternoon  before
Hie T.adysmith people  who  atiend-, ganJlll��� tlie pioposal tiip fiom, Daw-j judge Lennon of Marin county, sit
the i chef
ed 'the  dan.ee  given hy^.thc  Ohemain
us   Rec'icadou   f'iub   last  evening  m
Chemauiiis a(e loud
(he  Oicalnirnt   icccivod   at
ot  Hi' Chcin.iinus people'.
11 icy
sou   to   tlie   Noith  Pole,   wliich"it  is
intended 1o \\e made during the wiutei
m' their piaisc'of,* of  190tJ.7  weie  made iccentiy       by
the  hands  \>i   Vancle ol  Daws.m,  who was  in
The'dance,  (Seattle     'foi   the puipose   of raising
(lesci ibed  as   being   thoroughly  .'funils  loi  that undertaking..
In an  inteiuevv Dr. J.   A. Varicie,
(ing for Judge Lawlor at the I fall
of Justice. When court adjourned
Judge Lennon ordered Collins into
custody notwithstand ng- his urgent
piok'sl that he be allowed his libei-
ty. Theie is a well rcmembeied precedent in tho case of the People vs.
Collins that is said to instify lhe
iricr.     The ease was set for heating
o'nmv.ible  and  the  company  a pleas-. j
.ml,,one     fho music was furnished by,'among  a lot of other things,  said
Ko'iNison'*,   oichestia   of -this   city,  '    "H jnight  he lnteiestmg Co; no
and Mas bust  ialr.    Gieat pavns bad   l!mt  lhc 1,istvulCC to bc ccn''ml      ' ������, ���
,   , .,     , .. ...     'the entne tup is ,-ilmost the same as vestoulay    monuiig      at ten o'clock
pietty,  whilft.ms of  L8(J,j ,uul  igoo i,uiuiieds made1 ,rr~*"
the  iad,es'(the  tup down lhc Yukon,   anil  that, |Lo,,,"s aroSe and  sau1'
: is acounhy that is Isioiigh'as   any
man could wish  to-encountei,
ball and it   lookcil veiy
lh�� suppci       piovulcd  by
vT. s-a d.unU   repast.
, "The defendant does not appeal for
dial,   but   to   mo\c  an ,adjournment
Duncans coirespondent  sends the
An  nnpoitant deal      has
almost entiiel'y unbiokcn   I until the 26th of Dccemliei     In sup-
belie\e   thai   the  tup 1p   the  Noith !!}0!fc 0r iiis  motion he icad an aflida-
. Pole can bc made with as  much com- ^lt   to  the el'icct   that  the appearance
M   D  Connolly  as a witness
iinvt 'lite than  was found   in tho first lush Mcis   ncCessaiy  to  his case,   as  he ex-
'mS-J . , I _   1__ 1.4. 0['
over the thirteen hundred  milts       ��f'piclcd 1h.it cleig>man  would testify
folio wm*g
ujst   |eou   put  IJuoiigh   between
KosKilab  Mining  Company,  Limited,
and   1lu*  Vancouvm   fslaiK)  liming (V:
)developing Company, Liunled, ���\vheie-
iv the latter obtain a bond on some
of lhe Kostilah Mining.Company's
chums .situated in Ilelmclven distnit
��� This will mean a new eia 'in the
fyronusniif camp of Knskibh, and-in
'ionsefljuence of which the shaies
cuheatl.  J
C.iMcspie '
Ulan,  A    Waskett an
d J.1
>  CVnsnhi.ililv over" filty couples weie
pie-nil.   in Inning  a miml.i-r  of  yisi- - ^'as then
tois 11 oni  Cioflon  and "Duncans
- S^.      W]!�� ^ ilr';���dyM,saSl5 : foil and without any mote danger to oi  Kev
fiom  Uus utv'weie iVH    and iviis  n
FoiomniiT, -   Miss  F^i'cimniei
Clay,   Miss Ingham,  Messrs   W    A v7 -, ^n~w \xn<i ^e fiom  Dawson  to ISome ha man id   the  defendant  to   Agnes
' 1  estimate that the total cost of  -\j    >;cwmail 011 May   15,   1905,     and
the trip'would  be lioni 'i 130,000  to 'nol   Lo ^'lia-ilolta K   Newman, as wus
*flSO,0<)U, .and   this   would   allow  am- (iamlert   by   the   piosecution,   and   as
bevelopmg  Company,   Umileil, -wnetc-  SKVhJKAl. D'HUWMMi (    pie estimates   for   eveiylhmg       that ihv      ltCords> of    St    Paul's  cliurch
n'v   the  latter oWLai'n  abend 0n some , ]N} T,,p. YUKON     '' '.would be reqainetl     While 1  have ����<lt s,h��we<I     lie stated  in   the   affidavit
1 . presented^ this to the directois ol   the  (J)at yai]wt  Connolly  was  now     m
1 institute, if it weie  possible  to  have New Yorl",  and   that,he was evpect-
'.vsamcient sum  of money  subsetibed eJ  lo lcturil Christmas.
Dm ing   the  argument   the. District
Vttonivy called attention to  the fact
.the  !*��� oskilah Aiming company   j^iiu-   othu   men have been dioWnw! 'iii^the  tl0JlS<  ^0  Kecp  the civili/cd  woild   in(ll(Xt Collins had  refijimed from m.ik-
'   "      now oiiolcd  at  pai, M'/    Vl   ice   lain below   Rcilv-Mile   post.   A'd-; 1oLlch  w,th oui ino\emeuts  up tothe',,^  a t*ircct statemeiit   in   the  alhda-, - ,,
umbci   vices  to  this piled weie  hi ought to- t u-c leave Giant'L.lnd,  and again ^ t  U|at  i(j   WftS A aIU,  nott C|iar- I probable   lhat a repoi    ^o _
Y.T.,   N'ov    30���.lanies-
Rullivaii,  of    Seattle,  and      H   _    S    lbc)f0\e  ,t would be possible   by the [
of Sinclair, ol'Dawson,  and  four en live eS(,.iblishment of several  wireless sta-|
Alining  Company   Limited   an
jjiei shaie.   and  only a luniUd  u
the matket.    Thc only   .shines, mghl
bv  Andrew Meiseicau,  a prom-.
Hifieicd  aie  tieasuiy  slock, 'which aic  uienl   Dawson' liader, who  atuved to  Uom ^e 230:mile tup in,  and    n*"-"-,-lIt?(i   on  that   date
on  the  it-turn of the aii\illiaiy pai t.y  loLta Newiimn to whom be was mar-
V icccss       was
dav fiom Cucle    Meibcieau says the;
to bP obliunoil     riO'in W   B. liiythe,
"secretaiy-tieasurer,      Duncans     The
Vancouvei   Tsland' Mining & Develop- isvoicumsUnlial,   but _        _   ^
.wlniil.s  of bUic,  if any,  iloubt.
ment, Company, L linted, have s-evei-
ai other claims in the Aicinity ol (he
Koskilah Aiming Company's t.roper-
ties and intend to develop their interests in a.\igoious maniici, especially the chums bonded lioni the
Kos'.ilah Mining Company.
inroimauon  rcgaulnig  the  drowning   narty Qn tKc completion of the jour
such  that,    it  uev>   or   the   telurn   to  (he stalling
'point, at Grant Land.
I    "I do not appiehend any  ��liiTicu 1 t��y
the news  o��   thc safety  oi the ui;en  ������(,,] 2 o'clock before' the couit
Aryancouyci   despatch>^i)f^rest*eiday
says"      "'lhe Lciinra-*!i'nne''sale can
now   i,e  made     An  application     hei��
todav to vaiy  1 ho order for sale was
iclusc'l   with costs.
ruled on the motion At that hour
Hyington pioilucecl an allulavit in te-
ply, stating that Father Kennedy
claimed-that the date of Father Con-
ui\securing the necessary nionev, .^'llnijy's ,etuin was not ��t all certam,
Seattle, San Kianeisvo and Dawson n���ri that he might not" be bete befoie
en uu***  till- amount if'the scientists  j,-t.ijlualv-_ The court then denied
The report made at Port Townsend
on    the 24th      inst   by thc schooner
Maid ofTJtlcans that  a schoonei  believed  to be thc Fawn  fouiu'ered off
Cape Cook lowaid the noith of Vancouver   Island   on November   IGth  is
discredited by   Capt Townsend of the
steamer Queen  City,  which returned
to V.ctona from Cape Scott and way
Ports  of the Vancouver island  coast
yesterday. No news  was leceived of
the. Fawn, now given up as lost
Indians   at Neichatalit'/.,   wheie
natives  weic shipped  last June
board  the Pawn,  have  abandoned  all
hope und  began  binning  the huts   of
the missing sealers,  as  iscustomaiy
when the     tribes mourn those  who
aic  downed at sea    The Indians are
also erecting totems on  the l ocks of
(he shore l.ne facing (be sea m memory of thc missing men
The  schoonei   Maid   of  Orleans   reported at Poit Tpwnsend that      on
Novembei  With a small  schooner was
seen  making bad   weather 111 a northwest gale     which was sweeping the
coast,  and  no assistance  could      be
given  by   the Maid  of Oilcans,     who
succeeded  in cv'a<-ling the rocky shoie
at Cape Cook' with difficulty.    When
this report   was  made sealets  siiid it
was  unlikely  the Fawn could       have
met dcstruclion in that locality with
out some word of the disaster reach
ng one of ihe coast villages.    Reference     to the log of Capt. Townsend
shows   that   on   November   Kith   the
steamer  Queen  City rounded       Cape
Cook.    She  had   Salamander  Island
at    the  extreme   of  the promontory
abeam at 1 27 p m   There was  a moderate      southeast  wind   blowing  at
the time with a southwest sea.   The
steamer   was   (hen   going   westward
Vl(hou��;ii   not   a ccitainty,   it is most
been  leceived  il  any vessel had  met
disaster,    lt is geneially  believed by
scaling men     that the Fawn,      was
swamped  aud  lost during  the cyclonic     storm    encountered by several
schooneis   on  October   8th  and   9th,
which the  Fawn  was known to  hu.vc
Government is  Ignorant of
.What is,Transpiring Interior 01
the Empire
Ottawa Despatches Say  "Cabinet
S]Rescmds Order tjiat 1906 Shall
be Close Reason"
St.     Petersburg-, Dec ]���The crisis
continues 'lhe    telegraphic  tie-up
Britain us taking a lead, ihe movements of the demonstrative may lie
some time pending the
throughout Russia is nearly complete   delayed  for
ami   L government   does   not   know  jdef.on of ihecau.net concerning the
what is transpiring in the uitenoi of   rcsJigmation n  the d.ss dufon o�� ]
the   Umpire.    The  delivery   of       all  ;i.amei,i The  government has
nmil  matter was stopped
teisbuig this moining.
Warsaw,   Russia, Dec
the diss ilution of par-
in St. pe- ceived   information   from   Sofia    that
the Macedaman committee has issued
1 ���The  Em-'^liat    is     practically an  ultimatum,,
j.eior  today  signed  a decree abolish-   unless the demonstiation of the pow-
mg maitiai  law  m Russia-Poland er:? shall'he     earned to a successful
London,     Nov   %D ���While m official  issue  the  revolutionists  are prepated
cucies it is     admitted that the pow- to announce that they intend lo clo
eis   do    not     o\pect tlu  Sun^n  to   ate a situation which will result ui'a
to the result of the occupa-   wai between Turkey and Bulgaria- It
It is stated  today'is well     known
- -H**!?���.
yield as
lion  of Mttyicne
nun  u. ii4.i.��,,v.^4.^     .. _ Buigatia has
that  plans   fot  tbe ne\t stop had not been preparing for eventualities smc3
been   definitely      arranyed,   the  other the lcvuii.tioii m     1003.     An accouL
powers    awtut.ng the Bntish propos- having been reached between Bulgaria
ais. - and  RoumaT'a concerning Macedonia.
The  foreign ottice informed the As- (hese two govetniiicnts ate now pie-
iociated  Press  that the  British gov- pared to     tiy conclusion-. Mith Tur-
ernment docs     not know exactly the key shoti'd  the necessity for such ac-
extent of the coereion which the oth- tion arise.
ei  puwets are willing 10 employ, but 	
a is L��*rtam that none of the powers     Ottawa,  Dec    1.���(Special;���Today
aie  miiirng  to  icsorl  to  actual  war- at a meet.Hg  of  the   Cabinet an or-
faie a: oidei   lo rnfOLfe tbe demands dei-in-council  will  be passed lescind-
101   tne fmcnciai  contioi  of .vTacedon- mg an  older passed during) the list
ia    Tin5 view oi  the -.Unalion makes asssion of Tailiament fot a
it  quite possible    that a  denionstia- se
tion bv occupation mav piocerdsome
Bh.it   indi'finiloiy The  present  po
d.'in   natuiaily  increases
ason for salmon in 1906
This action has been taken diecause
the Americans  refused to agree upon
Situation m  the United  King- a close season.      The  Ameiicans ate
u.  ,���.,����.,.. ..    .._ - 1he reticence confident  that   1908  can be arranged
oiliciai uicics her ���   ami  as  Gnat  foi a close season.
��*att *\an:#a*Kr**- trat-;
oi g.iui/.tt ion.s tail to tcspond We
aie just s.nihug out (tie leqncsts to
lhe dilleicnt souiccs from which the
money   will be seemed,  1 believe    the
iGovernment, will  make an  appiopiia-
I tion  for  a^pait of the amount    Tbe
|~>   A  XT city  oi Seattle  alone could   afioid  to
Djfl   ���   jgi\c U30,000 foi .the advertising that.
| will  be  leceived  by  having the expedition cmliaiK' fiom  this point "
'J'hc- -Winnipeg- coiie.spoudcut- of the
.Spokane Spol;esiiian; Roview says.
�� With, throe railroads rushing con-
- struction to Hudson Bay, the, eyes of
"* all; ?hi'ppers in tho mid-die. west aft*.
'turned toward that gieat inland sea
i The. Hudson Bav is a pr-ixe of which
.''..'���'Canadians'; are only beginning lo real
tj.. i'/e tlie'.value. lTithcrto it has only ;
* ��� been    exploited by','foreigner's,  ch'eitlyi
l.o  the other  roads  without competi-
(he motion for furtlier adjournment
oi the case, and otdcred the call of
(he juiors.
lion  on   their     partv   Shortt
to Europe- .    '   ;���
���When the'lines arc built to the bay
practically'��ii-��� lhc exports from the
Canadian-Northwest and irop\ the
niilidii* stiitos will go by this route
to Kiiropc ��� ���' ;i   ���,currc<j
The shorter rail  route by  the Hud-
Bay is another great po'int in its
���."''"���   FLORENCE
thrilling sensation   throughout        thc
On March 17, .188,3, she .appeated in
the grounds of the Fishery, her riverside residence bear Windsor, pale
and distraught, with mud in her
nioutb,  her gloves-and bodice slashed
C* P* Rt
The London Daily Mail records the
death of Lady Dlorence Dixie, which
at   her residence,   Glen Stuart;''Annan, early last month.
told  bow two persons dressed  in long
clothes,   and   unnaturally   tall       for
women,  had  suddenly  attacked     her  ^ a ^^
outside  the grounds,  one  striking   at  ,)e taught, making
thc  Orient had      done a great deal,
not  onlv  to  increase the  prosperity
Florence was: the youngest j
lhh:ii    i-*i"���� >* \"   "j ��� ���"��� *������-��-    -��� ���>   son  i'ay isauoiiicr gieau penm. in ."i�� ,    i^adv      1'ioreucc  was. i>u<- ju""!
Americans,;who have carried on what�� |avor)  Specially from  points  west of a^i^er   of  the seventh Mavrqui's
fisheries in its'   waters for a nuiiihcr
-of year.1!.     Jt is  .1,000 miles long hy
fibO miles  vyiile,  and-covers; an
of over 500,0110 square ni'ii'c.s.
Thc Canada Northern Railway
surveyors in lhc, licid running
from Prince Albert, in Saskatchewan''
to Fort Chiin-htH, on the shores'dr
the bay," nnd a few days a��;o eno of
the .ollicials of the' company staled
that contracts lot: n portion of the
construction will be let next year "and
efforts made to. reach thc bay at, the.
earliest possible dale.
A  niysterioius    company,   known
the Manitoba  <& Miluaiid   railroad
now   letting   contracts   for
tion  from    a point      on- Die
Mahitl'/ba and     'on cither side of -the. "QUeensherry,   and was. born- in May,,
international bouitdiiry   line.-','"So- far  rsr>7. Her  .versatility was "as be'wild-
al-a.as   (be   towns     of Winnipeg.   Calgary;,erjng as her  beauty.    She  had     the.
\! Edmonton;     Prince     Albert and  thc  (,.u.|/-      .rc-ng eyes and raven hair of
lulS -Saskatchewan    valley are ���  concerned; ,.'-���   ; ,_���... r���.��iiv    nnd  from     the
'there    is no    .comparison.'     The mil-
Mr   E   J   Covle,  assistant gencal
passcngei   agent  of  the Canadian  Pa-
cihc  Railway,   lus  just received from  of Canada,  but also to promote the
  Glasgow,  Scotland,   details tegarding interests  of the Bntish  Empue.
the succosshil   launching at  Fairfield       AT���    ,, .       ��� , .   .,*
��..���  ivMiffl,n,|���,     n^o    i _-M-im,Pi    ,    ,     ,, i 4i     ���,  a      r     Mr-  Ardicr Balei,  manager of   lit
iscvv   westnunstei,   uec.   i.���luaiuiei  shipbuilding Tunis  upon the Clvdc of ��
tiau.ing will be taught in  the public jllw? llW,  of the new passenger steam- Canadian Pacific Company ir. London
siliools of the city  in Janmuy,  com- snr,   \%lmh   the company intends ad- replying  on  its   behalf,  leferied     to
mciicing  with the beginning of      the \iUlti  U)  its   Atlantic  fleet  next S2a-   the con.iction   which   was  evpiessed
spimg term, and Instiucloi Nelson is'son lhe  new liner is called the   in mam- quarters 27 %eais ago, whea
now engaged in  fitting up  the work-    Kminc^ oi.    Biitam. and will m^'c   tlie   transcontinental   laihvay  across
;shop,   which will  be located  in     the i1C!- f-rst  trip  from  Liverpool to Mon-  Canada was completed, that the   en-
as  with a sharp knife or dagger.  She mineral  hall  at  tbe fair  grounds. treal  when  navigation  opens  on    the  tcrprise would  never  earn enough to
Mr.  Nelson will  daily instruct  two  ^t.   Lawrr-nce   river  next  May,    The   pay for the axle grease used in     the
classes of twenty .pupils  each,     and    Hinpress of Ireland,   a sister ship,    is operation  of the  railway.   The comas each class will receive but one les-  1H)W receiving  its  fiiiishin.n- touches in  pany had  o-rown to be one of
twelve classes in all will   the     Fairfield yards,  ami  will       be
the total number    launched lu;xt  month.' She  will  iimlu<
her with a dagger,  wmen was BI/U.)-t-���.yi SUIruuiJ..v .^ a   in  her (irst, lrip  from Liverpool  to Mon-
'    "" ������t ��� ",: ' ���       and   u.c;il  in, ju.nenext.. ,-
\ i   -The Empress of   Britain is the hirer launched from     the
dark*       remg
���the Douglass  family,   and from
  . , .       yCar 1875, when she was married to
bushels "of wheas" grown each Sir  Alexander  Beaumont Dixie, Bart
exported   to   Euro.nc could  S|U.'was before thc public eye as       i
poet, novelist,  writer,  sportswoman,
explorer,   and   champion  of
is no
lions of
year  am
be .shipped out by this route, not only from the Canadian si'dc .of :the'nnb
but also, from Minnesota, Montana
aind  llakota.
with a dagger,  which was stayed  of scholars receiving instruction
'tins  department   two hundred
hy the whalebones of her corsets.
She; was thrown to the .ground,-a' clod'
of earth was thrust in her mouth
and a second attack was 'made with
the dagger, when her St, Bernard
dog dragged  thc assailants  away.
Such   was the    story.    It      caused
n-real   slir  at the  time,   being   freely
forty.   '    '.' "
I ".ML the scholars will be hoys,
'will -iiclude all those from the High
1 School and down as low grades m
't'he public schools as the limited imm
I Der will allow
Pupils of ah the city
schools will be included. _
There will he twenty -benches m all,
gest vessel cv
Fairfield yards. ��� has  a displacement of
twenty thousand tons, and ranks   as
one  of tbe      largest  leviathans  upon 'enterprise  was
thc North  Atlantic
launching was performed by Mrs. Ar-
cf   the manager     of
The ceremony oi
! attributed   to
woman s
in attempt   at   political   assassination.    Thc  home   oflice,
Scotland Yard,     and thc local police
a/.ing.   Ah ^'exhausted every effort to discover thc
but not  only
ind each class of twenty  will receive
instruction for half a day cadi ween.
cons true-
and   American  boundary   Hue   tr�� Po.
tage ia     Prairie,   and surveyors   arc
- I bat (own in
running lines north     of
direction of     (hi. hay.   lt is re
hat   C.   Sf      Mciien  of   Now
York  is one  of the  promoters of   Hum
torn pany, but so far his nam'.' nas not
appeared  in  connection  with (lie line.
Further west     hi  Manitoba a  company  known a.-:  lhe  Brandon,  Saskatchewan     &   Hudson    Bay  railway  is
btiving      surveys    made   from   Devil's
'Lake, N.   I)..     due  North,  anil active
construction on the. grades wiij/.iil-v'iy
l.ve coiiimciiccd      wiihin   the next   few
months.     Then? is also some
in  connection  with   the--promoters  or^v'*'1
this   line,  as     the   incorporalors   -an*.
ail employees or tin* Northern' Pacific.
Both    these     'latter   companies     are
rushing    surveys    with      ail   possible
���sqieeil.   aad      at   the.    lirc'Uut  time it '
joolis like a. ra.ee  between   Um- North-'
ern Pacific and CI real. NorUuru i.p I crests to reach Hudson Bay. j
What  lhe Canadian  Pacini*, aiul new-
it   Grand   ' Trunk   .Pacific   are |
meantime  no  one seems
thing  is     eeiiaiu.j
two conipaiiie''. will
The!    r-ludsmi      Bav   CVmipany   has*'   irl aI1(
been     using, this route    to. take out  was a fearless      rider  auu coum   �����'-    no
fins-for several hundred-years."    Once ' ,uUl'tock   as uasi.y  as   with  a saddle.    of fat.(s
lhe coinpanv look in a party of Urit-; A|, early ^Ivo.ntc of "rational ' dress  ���ilftl  (lu!  sv!l0le story
ish soldiers' hv  this route to- <Vucli a she   believed   in   the cross  sa<U>c    ^,r ; lice curtly a
rebellion  hi  the Northwest. \v������.en,   and   was ofton  seen   i-ubng to (,st,|)S  woultl   be  taken  m
Recciitiv   Can'adg    has been looUing htiinids   in   this   way.    She   was
into  llu*"possibiiiUi's of these  waters  excellent   swimmer and  a good
fish   fur. minerals and   \]u\  she revolted aginnst shooting
!aii amnscnu'ut and  b.shcil it mnorsi*-
ly   in  "Kainble  in   lleli,"   aiwl
Mercilessncss of Sport."
Her adjecUives wen*- aim
a voimg married woman she )11011' 0r women,
and could   ride  ' ,,0   u-ace of Ihem ,bc found,  but a host
with  a saddle.   -0r facts  came  to-light   which   discrc-
inarv work, siich
scholars  will   not  handle   the
much  for  several  months      at
as there  is considerable  prelnn-
as cirawing and
as   producers of nsii. nil.  n
in tornatic.Miai  (���oin-piications.
Last year     A. P. Low, of the Ca-
eoiogicai  survey  department,
t Florence
Phe  thanks  or   the Queen   was  once J (ieL.s to ,xsk
her attack   upon the  fo).   tbc body
women's )
.   The home of- "���'
nnotinced  that no  further lus''*
the mutter.
There      can   bc no   doubt   that. Lady
Florence  was   the victim   of  a curious j
hallucination, brought about by
political  zeal.
I    In   the slimmer
Dixie  wrote to  the nevvspa-
chanical ligunng
course      which
oi  ihe 'Ca-
(- mid  wishing
of  this  year  Lady
each  boy
tltur   Piers,   wife.
the Canadian Pacific steamship lir.-cs,
who si.ri'ck   the blow  which  started
the huge vessel  down  the  ways   vvith
an ivory .mallet  presented  by   Admiral   Sir   l.'h.'.hy   Mui'aut.
In   !*���!���<>uosiii-"   lhc health
to  the  manual Main  na(iii.ii-Paeitic  Company
success io the new ship at luncheon
which followed tlie C-iTmony of the
launch Jig, Sir William Pcarce, chairman of 1I10 Fairfield Company, said
that the enterprise oi thc Canadian
Pacific Company in .establishing 'the
last splendid link in its chain of
imitation   between  England
they   must,  learn
* -    ��� '��-,.& ! i'l-i! i
When thc  boys do got started
the  work  of  making art cles
tlie materials supplied them, no  uiu*
will   bc   allowed   to   assist   '
will  have  a cupboard
from the tuiip
them, and
largest, corporations in the world. >'t
had   established   an   all-British route
from London  to  the Orient and  Australia under a single management. II��
paid  tribute to  the foresight), .intelligence and untiring energy of the-pro-,
sident of the company, to which much'"
of the success which had attended the
Admiral  Sir Digby Morant proposed the health  of Mrs. Piers, and presented her with tbe ivory .mallet, encased in a silver casket, witlr which,
iIu*  now ship had been launched.
Mr.    Arthur    Piers,   responding  toi
the toast, dealt at some length   with!
the  gradual  evolution  of  thc present
Ca.riau'uu Pacific  Route from England
.io   the far   l-.ast.    The company   had
taken great chances  in extending the
s'-ope  of its   operations,  and  the success  which had   attended  those operations was simply   an indication     ol
thc   rapid   increase   which  had taken
!ia.ee in the trade between Great Britain  her  greatest  colony   and the far
com mi
lo   auoi.-n
spent;  a.vcar  in    those" northern   waters  lookuur., into the  possibilities or accorded  her for
navigation."' The rcsu>f'was IhahiMr.  slaughter   of birds
Low'rami* down from  thc north with  hats.
onvictio,,   that  the ordinary ship (    She was
Fort   ' Churchill  on  Hud- earlv   iu ,    .
10 um; marriage  went  CKplormg. in
Lady   Florence acted
lo' Liverpool c
maiK-ipnlcd" in   opinions
her  career,   and   three years
the i
c-:,ukl   l'cach
ison   Bay   froni    the. middle oi'Junt  to  aTli
the  end 'of    Beceniber each  year,  get Patagonia
lorrcsponclcnt  for  the  "Moriiin
take  th-.>in
llOl".      Jl
Fort   Chin-chili   to
l���  praf Heal use. and U
,,,-ing the  first.  Boer  war.    She look
characteristic altitude   when af-
Cetewayo,-the chief
ought ov-
iid.    In the press   and on
she  organised a public   -de-
more    hazard  (Iran 'by using ,
i���e ,-m     Lawrence river.     There is a up
(,c..t    waterway,  tree from-shoals' qr  ter the Zulu wai
Zwc*     8lrall?h\ -frff Fort ���(^hurchvii, tain wc bad  fought, ^was *
v-here  there is a splendid natural  bar  c:   to Kngln
 r -,:i:::*i:-:^��r'*���
t() tins "end  at  last  brought about.
that  the  rrulvVar'f .panics   arc  now i    As      a I��oiil4e.a.i
rushing   t-:. Ihe     bay,  and  when  thev  Dixie  was a aoo.l  hate,
reach  U-af port export shippM-g from
Alpine cPnibcts to watch
of her brother, Lord
Francis Douglass, who was lost on
the IMaftcihorn on July It, ISGo. At
the time no trace was found of his
body, and it was- thought he had
fallen into a glacier.
Forty   years   is the   period   appoint- ,-��� -
ed   by science   for   the glacier   to   tra- jtor-   1S ,,ot  only ,
vol  from  these depths of thc  Matter-!ual trililU"s tca?,fr       . ,      ,v
Zcimatt-    and   ilctl   artisan'   aiwl   has a lal^e  nu,nl-ti:
and East.
which to keep his wor
he starts ft until it  is completed.  I wo , c
aml Kl0;   -upil will  he required       to  /
)nll his  work  away  neatly,  and      no,
ollc will he allowed to interfere with  ; jl
il  at any  time. .	
Nelson,   who has   been      en-j
ed by the school board as ;��sfcruc- ,    Thp      rid,csl.  gradc KoKl mine ever , two
a��� experienced   mail-  d.scovprcd in
but  is  also sl��.U-
California is now being ' ton.
Lady   Florence
She    auvo-
llule all  round,"    li��l
!y   fornic
doing in  flu
to know.. but   one
ind  that '*���  theso
not allow such a vaiiiabicc port to go
I Ik* middle of- the American c
will bc completely iM'-3"^ *uuk'v [,ht
present arrangcineuts, and lheu l����
cream of the west will bo Realized.
i-a1cd  "'Home
bitterly    against  the   acts  ol
In   was iu       the
the  Home Rule
Cu*   Land   League
early  eighties   when
lorn   to  a point   near
Florence   for '10 years cherished
that she would see    ber
xgain,  thrown up     by
tide  of ice.    Just  -10
and she has   gone
to  join   the dead.
Some  little  time  previous-
death Lady  Floivnce Dixie made all
arrangements      with Mr.   John  Long
the publication  of bcr  new story
The book   is  nearly
lhc  thought
brother's face  ;
this   inexorable
years  'have   passei
Of splendid specimen! of bis workmanship  which  he is  Placing on  view  in
lithe school-
to   her
Marshall   Field,   Jr.. who bas just;
died at Chicago, was thc only son ol
lie died  from thc eflects
a new   pistol,   which
lie was heir   to
$150,000,000.      His
father started in business  as a small
dealer  and has  now one ot
his father
of   a shot   from
'he was examining
an   estate   worth
dry goods
was at Us height, that she caused a )
dy, aud will ..published shortly.        thft iargcst  businesses in
tbe world.
opened   up  in   Trinity  county,   in  the  \
l.onaiiv.a   King;  group,   recently lought
by   John  and   James  Tread well     and ,
syndicate,  says  a despatch   from   San'
Fr.in'-isco.    it is noteworthy that the
Treadwells also developed the largest
low  grade  quart;,  mine on   the coast
at  Doiuglas  Island,   Juneau.
,    It      is estimated that this Trinity
mine  has   S2,01)0,00(1   of   ore   in sight.
From  a seam  only se'- en  inches wide,
extending across the  face, of  -a seven-
foot  funnel,  in two  weeks  has    been
taken gold ore that amounts to $80,-
This  ore assays $350,000 to the
It is the richest  ore ever exhibit ed  in San  Francisco-,  as  the gold
assays S10 an ounce.     Thc company,
which paid only  $50,000 for tlie min- .
es,  has ten claims  along both sides
the. ledge,  which   has  been  traced
two miles,   and   will build a mill
thc east fork  of Trinity ito'cr.
IMost      pi    the   ore  can lie  worked
through tunnels  on  the .steep side ol
the hill.   Around this rich seam Tour
feet of ore  averages $2,000 a ton and
for 30 feet each side it assays ?3V0 a
ton-   This makes  it the largest gold,
propiisitioh- in the world.
332:  \
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It was    not onl;  done beautifully,  but she took     tin  point of view  ihat as    her emi'lovcr  ( paid for her time,  and  she   had plei.  - ty "of leisure, it  should  not be  callei  extra service   The,kind  of a mistres:  who could   keep such  a servant   after  having once had thc good luck       to  discover ber turned out to have  l.ttk  ways  of her own   in household .man  ageincnt.   She took  upon  hcisclf   V  part of the work which wasn't in I  ert in the girl's  regular   duties.     '> 1.  'house layout in tins ��������� water district,  and there was a light force pump  that   had    to be worked   once  a day.  - The  mistress   did this  herself,   much  'to the maid's surprise.  "Why, it isn t  anything  to  do," she explained. "It':-,  thc best   motion- in the   world   for exercise."    It was   the same  with    the  furnace.    The first  cold   day she      :e-  marked  that she  was going  to ���������. I'M a  fire.   "0,   that is terrible," said    the  maid,   "not  to have a man  to attend  toi the furnace"   "I (bn't mu.id it at  all���������it's  no  more than  making  a lire,  in  the grate,"  answered  thos   .vonun  who stood pat by making a fire���������with  ouu assistance.    Thc result   .vas  ib.il ���������  the   maid was   interested   enough     to  watch operations,  and has since  Liken   the work' upon   herself.  "What  would  you have done  if she  ' hadnji fallen, in and done these   1" ii,s  willingly?" was asked.  "I would either have kept on iruig  them   myself or hiied  somebody   cla-  to_ come,  but I would never   i  ma':|l 'to do all  the extras   th.H  arc right in not considering llirjir k'ii>'  of work',"      was   the answer.       'riw  that she bas taken these things  uj on  '" herself���������she even cleans  my -rubbe1 s���������  I sec   that , she has  a little  present  ���������  once in-a while  that I know  will   be  '   welcome.    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McKinnell, & Woobank  Proprietors,  Modern and     Strictly First Claat.  Commercial Mens' headauartew..  Fire Proof    Building.  HOTEL LEL  (T.J. Wellman, Prop., VaBCouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot ;aad  steamboat wharves. Newly reaoTatr  ed and re-modelled. Rates :$2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4..  r+n*^*^*^*^*^^*^��������� brs/piane-fdrte and vocal lessons gir  TO FERNIE;   B. C.  '     Read Down- Read Up  ,9 p.m. Lv.  Victoria   Arr.   4.00 p.m.  ' 8.00 p. m. Lv. '  Seattle      Arr. 9.00 a.m.  ' 9.21 p. m,' Arr.   Everett ��������� ��������� Arr. 7-30 a.m.  9.30a. m. Arr. SP.OKANE Arr 7.45 pi"  6,25 p.m'Arr. "Reiford   Arr 12.30 p. 1:1.  8.10' p. -w, Ar.    Elke' Arr.  10142 a. 111.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie   I.v.9.55 a, in.  ONE NIGHT  To ail Kootenay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  ��������� .To    Winnipeg and St. Paul   j*  .*   1      Close Connections  .-     F]or    Chicago, Toronto.  .'- Montreal and <-  All Points East & West  '--���������' Acetylene   , Lighted     Cars,  '.;.- Family Tourist Sleepers,  .Palace Sleeping' Cars  : Diaing    Cars (Meals a 1������,.  Carte). "  ' '���������  Iiibrary Observation      Cars  Through' " tickels and hag-  .". : igage chechs ..to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations and complete  -..information call on or address.  S. G. Ytrkas E. .R. Stephen  A.O.R.A. G.A.G.N. Ry  Stattl*    ' Victoria, B.C.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts.  ViGTOHIA,s S- C-  Transcontinent .1  Trains Daily  3  HENKVS NLlRSfRIES  NEW CROP-  Homci Grown ete  Imported  OAR-OElNp'FIELD '   and FLOWER  SEEDS.  JHOUSANOlOF FRUIT, &  ornamental: trees  .HODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS. ____  F������r Spring flantinjt.    Eastern prices  ���������r less.     Catalogue tree.  iOiO-.'JVeii'tailMtar:..-Roadi Vancouver.  One of wnich is the famous   ''Hcrl?!  Coast Limited"  Tickets on sale to an Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers      on  all  trains.   Dining  Cat  service  Unsurpassed.   .  Steamship Tickets  on sale to   and  from all European Points.   Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  CHRISTMAS. RATES   NOW    .N  -^EFFECT-  For     furth2r    particulars    call oB  write the ollice.     > Phone Main 15), ...  A.  D.  Charitbn        E.   E.  l.iackwoud *  A.G.P.A,   N.P.,.      General Agent  ���������  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B G  Are You  Going; East  Then be sure your tickets read   via]  the  o  PAINTING,       PAPEKM ANQING  Work dene properly and at riph 1  prices. Shop aad reeldeace In reai  of Ladysmith Hotel.    ���������'  J. B. SMITH, Prop  DAY SClioOL.  Usual aufejeotn taught; also     languages, drawing in pencil and cray-  * ons, paiat ag im ails, and water col-  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd     j  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B.C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  1 CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  W, J. WATSON,  en in classes ar individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  I^vsmlth. B   O.  I General Manager. Smelter Manager.: |  GEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith ^      i W*        B.-  II yau liliai-���������'  A aaaaatk, easy ahava,. aa even,  -������������ll-Aai&A������a . baat'd triu, a good  bath,, ar .a stylish Hair-cat.  Yau witlga ta    ���������  LADYSMITH SHAVINI-  PARI0R5  HIGH STREET.  ill  The  only  line now-' making   UNICtf  DEPOT    connections at  ST. -PAUL .:'���������'���������'  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with       thu  through    trains    from    the    Pacil 1 ,  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH 3  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST)  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.   .  A   :BETWEEN' :<:'  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST,  PAUL, (CHK  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT^,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask yoiiD  local agent or write,  F. W.._ PARKER  Graneral  igenfl,  7?0 2nd Ave., Seattla.;  LApYSiViif H BAKBRY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AN������rFRESH.;  Ceafectlonary at all kinds.  Oraara iakca for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  .. ..Dea era In  Pianos and  Organs-..  Lady sit, it h, B.C  HARTLEY    GiSBORNE  Member Can.   Society. of   Civil  Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,', England  Member  International  Electrical  Congress   at ftt. Louis, ia������4  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  -d   n   nnv ������7 LADYSMITH, B, C4  P. O. BOX o57t   1  1   1   ���������  "  MannfactDrers of the Famous  cuban BLbsson  Ne������e mm.   Unibn Labor   Employed  :'fl. J. BOOTH, Prop       j!  ati������e.������..-jii# mnuMMM  Dr. Dier can be round! at any time  at his office on Hk,h street. His dental work is gv.arr.nt-cod t0 be first-  class and rates reasonable at. '/  ^H  msa  daily:l������I;ger  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  flanufacturers ofA the  'i'I������e  Air  or  tl,e  Alps.  f  FAME'S   PATIIWVY  -1-.  A scientist of Switzerland has tested     'I'he siidar,   Sir   Reginald  Wimraie    A -       ���������   ,  ^nTi^n f ������f-that C������UatVy ^ ,s '������"' ������wllent ������"������������������*. MH-akint   ,:;';"gJ1  ������'^on������'������Ws   Piojeel   f0i  airaColeana^^ ������������������'      '=-���������,pean languages,    bo>"   ������*ool lif AlbUnia.   Thc sultan  C ������ ������f ^'������������Q fcet- Anujic and   Hindustani.  Ilis hobby is ���������ha* 'scl * -'"������' upon his head. Shaba..'  To Frt^uon s������u Fi������h. Illie L0,l*-'ct'������"  of deivish  weapons.        "as  been wounded  several  timis      .11  Itis well to know that if salt fish ia I ���������   ���������   ���������  intcicst   the   American  1 oard  of  foj  a  'WSJ  I  I  ������     from the   Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  . n I" |Britfsh Columbia0  Lager .Beer   and Porter     Guaranteed; Brewed  mucf^nefir ������i^1���������^S?'len? I    ���������Io,,n  B"  McCaH'  * """er  of    the   "e think.  ftb?t is turned bS^l "oTior^  n^'^11  '^"^^   ^  been    in   'were  purpose as the fresh milk. Coloiadu   lately   investigating      the   . __ j subject of iirigalion.    lie came      as  CusiniHieh in Loudon. /the official   representative of   Austra-  to lSn^TTy-Vearth0l'������-a,'Rl3'^ra'   Wlleie  ^subject  is to be  taken  to VOW) strfrt casualties Miich M������  up.  for the use of an ambulance  .fights with thc hated TurMsh suhhei y j  thai if the boys' stliool  established by the American  board the sultan would not darn interfere with it for fear of oflending  that country. j  IS  '������  T SHALL IT BE?  Fun! it hard to decide upon your Yuielule offering?  -*'cnd fin  our little l.ool.icl of'  '  hris mas Thoughts ".WORTH WHILE'.'*-  , .IhsI, ofi' tbe Press      ��������� ' 11    -  Its helpful���������it's  Pnc   iiirstraiicrs and   interesting  detail  suegest many worthy Gifts. ^ "  1 >i������iim ' I li     ���������L^----.y~JUJ...l.p  Good -News  Some Pare "t.ocd  News.  Good News if yon,wish a Satisfy:ng     Gift     for ' a    Uousekcercr.  .Good News .f you are the Housekeeper     and  wish to seciue something to set off your Chiistmr.s Feast,  DINNER   SERVICES  Handsome rich P.hie Dinner Sets, the new 'Victor shape and  lorr.c decoration. 105 pieces all told, including Soup Tuice'n'and  laige Meat Fiatters-prico $18 the Set.    " '��������� -  I Many Other Styles Finn $9'to $110.-   .   A A-      ���������'  .     h  THRIFT t  IfcNOR.  raniajno'Wnlljeil.   Is.it  HI* Cairiwe*  H'.U  riail   to  5j������  Paid.  ^Seveial  .years   ago  a   tenor   named  i.amajr-10   we.s   en-.-igeil   to   i-oim*   to  A.mer;ci ami sin- i;t tlie Metropolitan  Opera House, New York.   He was paid  >1.000 e. night.    This is a sum wliich  would make many people willin- to  put up u-.th small extra expenses Hut  not so T-una-jmo. He* to re Iiv-vine, Europe be innclP a stipx-j;ltJou that ho he  im-n..she,l with ������ carnage |0 ami iToin ,     6 ttailillJ    1S Llll  i.e opera ho-.se every night.   This was   play   called  "Stoin  115!(>I'irV      ill    fill!   4.,r.,.l I ' * L.lllLU ."SlOlIllfl.  NOTICE.  ���������   ���������   ���������  Three   mayors   recently   elected   in  Ohio  have  only   an  avciage of      one  leg.   J. B.  Blackford of Marlin'c Fer-1 N0TICE is Iieieby given that I   the  Z^lTJ���������?JL*���������*    0f     ���������*���������*P"*. wlH WM at  the'next  Bargains for Saturday  Following Week  and  i^r*cha,,ce to sct Ruw'cr*vsi,c" >��������� ^ "���������������������> ������* <��������� **������'  Bridgeport hasone anil   George Kom  pan oi'Bellaire    'stumps on wooden  underpinnings.        All   are  democrats  ami  each was  the only  winner on his  1 ai licular  ticket.  regular sitting     0f    the  Licensing  Board on     December  lath' for the  transfer of  tho  retail   liquor  license  held  by me  for the  Wheatsheaf ho-  Signiund Neumann,   all)  year     old'?'  !������C������l'ed  in Cedar  Distric*-.       to  ,     ,. iwi     om   Enoch  Sage,   of Nanaimo.  $1.00  Pair for 50c,  150 Pair Mens'  Rubers, sizes from 9 i0 n.  123 Pair     Ladies' Rubbers, siyes  storm      Regular (,5c.  and'85a,  umZU  3   and  1  inserted In flic couf i-aci.  When lie urrivcM he fount:  schooKioy,  not  yet  graduated     from  the gymnasium,  is the author of      a  which * was  ^successfully  produced  in   the  leading  waiting at U,e piof.   ue^^rode'uptown- I i,,,'an'cfl"l-on-the-Wain   theatre      |.ist  always at  tho expense of  the 0|ie..���������  ..-oniDany-aiid^ took   a   look   around.  JAMKS   YATES,  Cedar District,  Nov.   7th,  1!)05.  only,   low cut and  This week 50c. only  W*^1  and  Ch.idrnis-   Rub |JC,    l^ot*,.   I.righf  '"'(''I-  '  to   rt at SPI'X'IAL  RKDUC-TIOXS.  finish  and fleece  .Mien he ilcL'idod to |������ut up at the .Va-l-  ooj-oujAh  aotol.   whioh  hajip^us to be   -  ������)uy tniee short blochs from t:.e Aletro-1*  Lr| poMlnn Opera House.    Kverv lime ho '  aaiii,' lie walked up to the opi ra i, JllCG.  iL-uising to take a ciirrlnjie.    He said'  he hiid just as soon walk. When it  came time for him to return to Em-one  no presented a bill for ovei' ij^yo '-f'.,r  carriages to ana from the opera "  "Lnt yon dlrlu-t take a can-iage." said   .,,,���������,.,���������,  tne manngor of the opera conmany ,ll0wal  Tamagno bowed low aud invited t'*o  'manager to look at tbe contract Ve  repeated tlie same suggestion whenever  imytliiug.iwjs snkl about it.    The re  ���������sn.lt, of course, was that the ?U00 had  to bo paid. He stood out for it wiib  as. much insistence as if be hadn't  soon a dollar for a month, and all tho.  time be was .jettinj- $1,000 a niKuc.  Mnnich.  t Munich, the capital of the fcingdonv  of Bavaria and the seat of the Suva-  nan government, is the third city of  Germany as regards population. It la  the center of flerman art ami music  and'lts unlveruty ranks see*������d to uoiw  lu the empire.  month.  The critics  ���������,  the main spi.Ak  well of the piece,   vvh.'ih deals     Witli  the  trials of a school hoy,  ;im|  1Mase  the author's talent.  ���������   ���������   ���������  Rev.   |,\ Ramsey, after forty yrais '  <'f labor in the wilds ,,r Ashantilaud  Africa,  is spending a brier vacation in'  the United Stales.    One  of his      experiences was  when  he  was captured  by   the Ashantis,   who,   while      they  himself and   family   freedom  during  the day,   bound   him   in   irons  ctery night^Jtfr. Ram^iy still     car-  nes his shackles  about  with him on  hin travels  Subscribers who do not receive the  ���������<���������'' r regularly will confer lt favor  '������������������' ���������" puhljsheis if they ������,n drop a  P-'Si-CHid to that effect, or leave  *���������������������������������������������/ at the oir.ee. Every eflort is  n-ane lo have papers delivered JCgu-  ���������''' Imt it is not always possible  ^ "'..re not notified that a paper is  (>',  regularly  delhetcd   wc have     no  "   lA knowing  this  and correcting  " -���������   Miislakc.  J\c also i������e.vc(l by Expires "a spicndni i.n,  ���������bens'  Coals in  latest   sl.*,ics.  Prices $5.75 to $ J 2.50  l-.Hhes' and Musses Skirts, gieat vancfv of stvips  '^   also so at  SPECIAL  RKDUCTLLV.  or Ladies' and ( Inl  and  mater-  l.adics- Smts ,n fircy, two only, Regular J3 50     <  This Week $4.95  ��������� ��������� ���������  Shaban llcy, a leader of (he Allan-  ian  insurrection  against  Turkey   has  arrived j��������� the 'States and  will try to  DESIGNS  TRADE.M/lftKS  AND COPYRIGHTS  OBTAfNEO  ' i������VC������-All������ fATENTABJi-.Tr IFm&*t*-  Not ct* in "inventive At;e������      EsH&Blslh  > 3ook -How toob!am Patents-' fg   HI ^ It  NOTICE  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at shorn   notice., Drill Sharpened % ���������.  ways gives satisfaction. Picks handled and repiired.''. J .','fj f.": ~J  SHipsmithing   in   aV ,  .its'   ]4ranhtes \  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.        ;  =  R. LAWSOSJ'^  Buller Street   -    -   -     -    Ladyarnith, b C  A Luud of Folaon.'  It is statedly the Journal of ���������������  African society, that for sonie yeaw  death by .poison has been the subject ot  talk In the 'c'olony of Sierra Leone N*  one,it would appear, dies from natural  causes. Poisoning iu one tQtm op flU.  other is put down as the cause of death  lot only among: the poor, but ������ls������  amoiii*; the rich.    J  ������.m^       ,**  S,,,,:'*<5*"e*  Full,.  There s  nothing-v like  perseverance.  t wins out in the long run "  "Not always.   Did you ever see a hen  ������n-a porcelain eggy-Bro^klyn Life?  Is Clarence Appleby the sort of per-  ion one would care to cultivate'"  1  From      this dat3  the undersigned  will  not  he responsible lor any indebtedness     incurred except on      a  written ostler signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C,. May 18th. 1905.  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RipHT PRICES  Two  black  smts m  Ladies- cloth  with  \esl, cficct.  $14 for $5.75  COUPONS  GIVEN   AWAY      WITH   EVJSHY  PURCHASE    THIS  WILL  GIVE YOU  A   CHANCE TO  GET  SILVERWARE       AND  JEWEUHMTOR^IRISTHAS PRESENTS FREB'OP CHAROE  LADYSMITH, B.   C  HIGH STREET,  Repa'ring and Making to  Order a Specialty  THOHAS   MCEWAIN  CHURCH  NOTICES  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  \x LADVSMITH TRANSFERCO.   a  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD    FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A   ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbots  ford. .  Leave orders at   the  WILLIAMS AND 4V \ 5^: r  _ "1      \ -  .4  4  4  4  , 4  i  4  4.  ���������4  4  1   j  .   ���������<  4.   w  Rev. R. Boyle, paitor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Evening  sen ice���������7.30   p.m.  livening   Sen loe���������7   p.m.  Bible study class, Wednwaday evening  at  7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's  Sunday  School���������S.30.  Evening ser*rlce an<l sermon���������7 p.m  Rev. K. Bowel, Rector.  I       LIVERY, BOARDING AND i ;|i  *  ���������  X  m  X  ���������  X  SALE5 STABLES .4  EXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY. - . ������'  DAVID JOHNSON  Kind  of  Job  4.1 t  Printing"  SPHONE 66  LADYSMkf;. I I DoneA Promptly an d  AND  Its    Great    Resources  No part of British  Columbia today offers so many advanta^s  to  investor as does VANCOUVER ISLAND.  Its vast  and varied natural  wealth has never been as yet thorough!*  appreciated by reason  of the fact that it has never  been  promicntly laid  before  the public.  C0AL GOLD  TJWBEK SILVER  PISri IRON '  GAME coppER " ���������   *  ��������� ���������O  ,    j S3  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,    will grow .Imost any product of the  soil known  to man,  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. W.  C. Schlichtcr, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  Evening Service���������7 p.m.  ������Mir; i\X1  [Co^gh Remedy  '      The Children's Favorite  "���������**C LTRES  Coughs, Colds, Croup and  Whooping Coughs  en-i'ii us, crair.d3i.ti.,- ,��������� ... lniv ������s !o,".   lm  Pnoo 25 cts: Lar-je Size, 50 ota.  ifift-asssesA..  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING /  Woodland Bark for Sale  BUOOIES FOHHIRE,-: :_: See J. KEMP, or le.ve wders ������itb  WHEAT  OATS  WELL  VEGETABLES  OP  APPLIES.  PRUNES  PEARS    I  At  FIRST AVENUE  W. SILER.  GENEKAL LXPBBSS AND  DELIVERY  W������RK PROMPTLY pf >*���������"-*  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  '.'PHONE 2-4.  ML It  Dr. L B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  Solicitor, Ete. -*  Money  to   Loan  t Avenue :.      LADYSM  LADYSMITH A'KRIE     NO.  686   F  All work guaranteed,-and at reaison-    MeeL in +i.������n���������      "^       -'~J  Meets ln the Opera House 1st and  Jlidh ������3t     aWe rate%   ^ .  J    ^ T"eSday at 7-30  P-m-   Worthy  *UW 2>t. LadysmithJ    President- B.  Porcimmfcr;'-. Worthy  OPEN. AX ALL HOttRS. Secretary, c, H.Rummiii^a.  f  LEDGER  Office  RYE ALL   KINDS  A  WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL      FRUITS    AND      BERRIES  The Canadian Pacific Company will'adopt   a liberal   land   policy    and  Ihb   . l.oOO.OOO acres controlled     by   them will be disposed of on reason-  nie  terms  to actual settlers.  Government lands can  be secured   and     money can he made by (hose  who dssire  anew home in  a country  possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  -o-  1st  venue  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmi,th, will supply any information obtainable to those who contemplate|j | visit with a view of investment if  conditions are found as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;     a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in  each   year  LADVSMITH  'iBil  IT IS  THE  JUNCTION  OF THE      LINE     FROM    VICTORIA   TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to   grow 1*  importance as ihe Island is,  developed.  Subsoribt tor and read THE. DAILY LEDGH3R, LADYSMITH, B, R."M**iW������MBHM������aMww^n[n  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to '-ihe   Tact that the  Ogiivie   Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for sometime  past been producing flour in a   vastly improved  and purified form  by the aid ofELECTRJClTV  and having secured control  of   all the basic patents relating there-    j  to, take this opportunity of advising  the  public   that  any  unauthorized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes   will be prosecuted.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Company Limited  are the    only    millers iu Canada w^ose     Flour  s purified by the     eleetrio proc9ss  ���������- \  \  -?  \  \  V  1 V,i.l  02$  '������������������?'*!s>i  V,x.-4,u*Cl  ���������rflBl  ,������4=fej  'j'*S  %w XA  .. v  v   i'-  LOCAL ITEMS  Have your Xmas Photos taken NOW.  Studio open until  next Monday,the  '  26th.  FRTCKE &   SCHENCK  Mr.   J.  Goodfellow,   accompanied by  Mr.      II. E. Bcasicy,   passed through  ' .Ladysmith on  the noon  train.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  New  lAdysmith post cards just  at Kniexit's  Book   .Stoic.  Buy your Ruhhers and Woolen  Underwear at Simon Leiscr& Co.'s Ltl  Mr.      C.   Walters  returned   at   not n  from  a visit  to  the capital.  There      will  be  a "basketball  practice in  the opera house  this cvcnii.c;.  A match is      likely  to  be arranged  with Nananno in that  city next work.  The  City     Band  dance ta'ves pl.n e  as usual tomorrow, Sal unlay    Gra'i  Maich  S     p. m. shall1-   Gents   ��������� 30.'  Ladies free  Smoke Big B-  Cgars.  Thc Tyce smelter ceased operations  last evening. The close-down will  probably  bc a short  one.  Over      800   pair  of "Mitts,  Woo'  Gjc-ics  and Hose to- seleet- from  'Simon Leiser & Co.'s,  Ltd.  Smoke; Big B. Cigars.-   '���������%..- "~  DAILY   LEDGER  This   kind   of   weather  trfcs  soles,  and   a shoe  or   boot   without       goo 1  soles ; is   a poor   proposition.    McEw-  an's nhocs and boots are of arjualily  1 hat .gives      honest  wear and cntne  satisfaction.       Pi ices at   McEwan's  store   aie very  reasonable,  tie 1'ceps  no stock but that he can lecommen 1  i be (ishmg causer Falcon. Captain  . rown. aimed m ihe luil.oi yesterday fiom il.e north and lias been  placed at tlie sen ice oi Fisheries Inspector, Ah. I-J. G Taylor, to be used  by him during the winter months in  patiolimg Die coa-U-i ot Vancouver  Island  looking  15 B.C., have been beliind- the tomes  in a veiy literal sense. The Julian  calendai lived the solar year at  a63 days',  e hours, every fourth year  T    have     now got  my Christmas  cards on show. Knight's Book Stoic  Harry Kay has a large nnmocr of  proxy  foinis  for voting in the   New  York  Life, the  I'-quitabic,  and     the  New York Mutual.    Theie is no   expense  in  filling out   these  foims and  empoweiing   otlicis   to   vote       your  policy.    Mr.   Kay  is endeavoring      to  secure tbc.se pioxies for Thomas Law-  son       to use  in the  reorganiziing  of  those companies.   If you arc  interested   see  Mr.   Kay  and (ill  in a proxy.-  They  arc granted Mr.  Lawson  with  conditions     that makes it perfectly  safe    Mr. Lawson is  making a gieat  fight and should be backed by every  policy-hoklei   in these companies  _o���������  AT   THE   ABBOTSFORD.  J.  J. Doran, Toronto.  G.   F.  Williams,   Victoria.  A. Muclunore, Vancouver.  .J.   Rigby,   Caiborado.  I have just received a good assort-  being      leap  year,  but'as  the solar  year really consists  of 365 days   5  hours and 49  minutes,  the calemlar  was, defective.  It was Pope Gregory XIII. whd in  ���������.,     , ,    , ���������      ,,     ���������  , .I582 reformed the calendar by     'or-  Isiand  looking   after the Fi.shcuus m ,i���������,������������������.������������������. n,^   *u  t       u    A,  ,  .,        ,     .   ,,     ,��������� naming mat that year should      con-  gcncrai  throughout  Mi. Tavioi s large1 v-ci  n?-ifir, ,!������������������.      i ^ *,\,  h ... = ' ' fa" sisl ot d6f������ days only, and thata year.  IS> 'ending  a century should not be bis-  nding. each four-  .    800 and 1900  poiaiiois  vvere  Comnion   years,   but  2000   will-  f'!'!.1..^' PW01"* 0,.the hshcl^s,be a leap year.    Three days are    retrenched by the Gregprian calendar in-  " ending  a century should  lhe headquarters of the Falcon will 'sext.le, except that endii  he m .tins cty. and it will i,0 used, |th century, thus 1700 li  as it weic,,    as a base oi   opcratioi s ' W<M.������  ,.������������������,,������������������.   ���������������������������,..,   A...  I  BOYS'  LONG  OVERCOATS  -<=������<>o-  We're having a great run  on our Boys'Long Overcoat-  The Long Overcoat is certainly a Favorite-They come in  Single Breasted, Double  Breasted and Belt Style  $3.50 to $6.00  Wears selling more Boys'  Suits every day-The Reason is  Easy to find ont-We give two  Suits for prtce of one-We can  afford to do this We bought  them at [Half Regular Price  Strong Beys' Pants still  hold good at  50c. Pair  Walter* &  Akcnhead  legui'ations, winch aie bemg so ably  looked' af(cr at thc present lime by  the Domini m ������o\ eminent ..ml its  staff of fisheries officials.  It is     principally owing to thc cf-  'orts of Mi.     Sloan.  Al   1'., that the  criiser has  been      secured ior ure m  these waters,     and he is to bc com-'tins wa  mended     for Ins efforts in havm sta-'  tioneti in     thc   vicinity a     Dominion  cruiser fo.r  tne  piupose oi  jrotcctuig  'he growing indusli\   oi theso watcis  ������   ������   ������  KILLEUN���������1IUCJHES  The  Wallace Street  Methodist  parsonage  was  tlu; scene  last night  of a  quiet w-eddmg, the conti acting parties  being Mr.  Ilowaid   Killeen son of Mr.  and  Ah.-,    P.   Killeen,   of  Kennedy  rt ,  and Miss Maggie Ilughes, daughter of  Mr   aud  Mis   Win   Hughes,  Nicoi  st-  M.r. Frank Davics supported the.biide  THE RING-^  Tommy Murphy, the Ilailcm feath-  erwetglit, has matches on with House  O'Biic-n and"Chick"   Turner,       both  100  years,' or'ahourVl"minutes"'for  b0U*s   to 'l)d  'rtccMcd  lu PlnMelplna  each   year.  Old-fashioned Russia, ��������� followinig the  practice of the Greek church,' struck  to the false Julian calendar, and re-  ol  any    other Railway   Comiany    or  Companies;  and with  power to' sub-  Scribe    ior and  purchase   the stock,  bonds, debentures or other securities  ul any Railway     Company;   and     to  exchange the  stock  or  other bonds,  Jcbentures or  other securities of th.3  coir-puny  to  be incorporated for   the  3hareS,  stock,   debentures,1 bonds    oi  other  securities of any  other.  Railway    Company;  and with  power  to  increase  the capital of the Company  to b]e incorporated;   and   with  poweK  to issue shares as fully paid up; and  to borrow  money  on the  Company's  assets  by any  form  of security;  and  with    power  to promote  any  Railway Company or Companies, or    to  amalgamate  with any Company     or  Companies; and with all the     other  and neccssai y powers conducive to) the'  carrying out of the Company's undertaking.  Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 22nd  dav of November, 1905.  ROBERTSON &  ROBERTSON,  Solicitors, for  tlie  Applicants.  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will lie made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of  British    Columbia at    its next Vsesr,  sion for an Act to revive, ratify and  confirm the Cowicban-Albcrni      and  Fort llupcrt Railway  Company  Act,  and extending the time for commencing construction of thc said railway,  and    of    expending    ten , per , cent.  of  the  Company's   capital, thereon,,  and to empower the Company to extend  its railway from any point on  its line to. the City of Victoria,' or  to  any  point  on Esquimalt  Harbor;  or' in the al tcraative  to incorporate  a   Company  to build the line .of rail-  j v?������ty set out in tie   Act of Incorpor-  ' ation  of the said Company, with tho  1 extension hereinbefore pientioned, and  ! with  all > the powers contained in the  Model  Railway Bill.  j   Dated at Victoria,  B.C., 22nd No-'  vember,  1905.  ROBERTSON &  ROBERTSON,  Solicitors  for   the  Applicant*.  ���������   ���������   ���������  "Buddy" Ryan, tho Chicago welterweight will' light again in a icw weeks  jected the true, Gregorian one, and'm  He will  not  lose the srght  of      his  ;.13    evfi*  which was slushed  by lus     man-  agci in  an  altercation    alter     .Ryan  was beaten ,by Jimmy Colniai Califor  nia, a few months ago.  ���������   ��������� .������+������������������'������������������������������������  Ipver 500 PAIRS of  RUBBERS to choose from  .-.-a''\ ���������-'     -- - r  We have  a large   assortment   ot  MenA';: and  Boys   Gum    Boots also  Ladies^ and  Misses   Qum Boots-Just  ��������� ���������'. t"-t '"---���������-'.*���������-.  the thiftgiSi; this snowy  weather  3-Wf53ft"a������������. -������������ZZ^'  ' t  r-  ii  W,W;*!M','  :.'*:m ���������  X  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  G4.TAGRE8T  LlOlTiMin  . J*-VA'1  W  W.G. Fraser  (   ..ay she has fallen about  days  behind time.  *^--...-     4/   y    y    **'    -A'    *A-    y    -jty  41\ />^ 4f\ A\ /T. .T\ 4-T\ .T\ ^T\ 4T\  ^ ^ ^  MS  ^  ^,   n..  wwwM^y'yww bc  manager  of the   ta  ,K  *   *  X   *  *   A. ^  *   *  * Tn-State  League  FOOTBALL- . ,   .        SML,  Pat^Donovaii, former manager     of  the  St.  Louis Nationals  and        the  j Washington  Americans,   says  he will  talked-of  Pitts-  team       next  season  As was mentioned a few days ago,  the Pilgrim socker team of England  will \isit Canada agam next season.  giooin,  while pie bride  was attended'speaking of the forthcoming visit the  Montreal Star says: 1  by Mis. Frank Davits  Rev   A.     M   Sanfoivl pel foi meld thc  cciemony, nftcr winch the happy cuii  ment of Colored  Crepe l'aper.    Call \ l,lc tlrovc  to  the hoine ol thefiridc's  at once if you want any before it  is all gone. Ten oents a roll at  Knightjs Book Store.  pai en Is.      wheie  the  wadding  supper  was seized.  Hotb  of  the contracting pai tics are  wen known "m tins cisy and the news  01  the     mamage     will Le read wilh  much  interest by their many friends.   o   Dr. R B Dier will he round after  today at his new office on Gatacrc  street, in the lust house above the  Abbpt&foid Hotel. Ilis olhues have  been fitted up in fust class style,  commod'ous and convenient Persons  reqiurinq dental work piomplly and  carefully clone will find 1 lie oflice open at all reasonable hems, day or  e\en:nj;.   o   Many Men of many minds,  Electric  Experts  of all kinds,  But on  orc ,point  we all  agree���������  Electric lights   we'd  gladly sec.  ���������.���������;���������0   As will <\.c sr-rn by a nnlic- api'r-0."-  ::���������.;���������. in an tl rr column the City I.auil  v. ill give a dance-in the opera hc-usc  t n   f-'ati.r;!ay  r ening.  nin-j;   to  a great   heifflit,  ran  on      all :   ;   ������  ronr sides/being   more confused  than   | NEW RUSSIAN   CALKNBAR  the-sailnrmen on  the  Athenian   bad   !, One of the reforms  which arc  now  ever seen  them.    The barometer just  promised   for  Russia  is  the substitu-  previous  ���������"������������������   the ���������slorm   fcM  consldcra- timi   of  the  (ireg-orian   for  the.Iulian  hly   lower   than   had   been   prwiously    calendar,  .-in.    The   Athenian   wea-   Hi<-  MARitKE.  The steamer  Athenian,  which     ar  rived  at  Vancouver   fiom  Yokohama  leccntly   it  is learned   met  with  far  worse  weather  than  was at  first repoi ted by  her officers.  The  Athenian was cauqlit 111 a hca-  \y   cyclonic  stoim   on  No\ember   10  and  20, soon, after crossing the men-  dian'. i'Onc iitoiisicl'   wave broke o\cr  her'"decks; slashing  one of her  |'������rt"  lifel/oafs* iiiiO. kuidling wood,  and  also   breaking "a davit   as clean' as   if it  cut in a machine shop.   Captain Robinson  says  he has   never encountered  such  a storm  in all his experience at  sea     He is disposed to consider it a  typhoon  which had   curved too  soon  and.   whirled   itself   across   the   Paci-  l.'.c.  its circles widening in its travels  The wind  blew  first   from an    easterly       dircctii n,   then   shifted,  to   the  ��������� north  and   west,   and   the seas,  run-  Mr. C. II.     Murray, the gentleman  who laid out the in'nerary for     the  last Pilgrim's trip and made all the f  preliminary arrangements, is      here  at the Windsor hotel, with Mrs. Murray.   Mr. Muiray is now making arrangements     for the Pilgrim socker  team's next visit.  Mr. Murray says he will bring out  18 men this time, and many of the  weaknesses of which the last Pilgrim  team suflered through the inability  or some of the players, who were  scheduled to come, being unable to '  tin 11 up, will  be done away with.  M;.  Mm lay  also  announces       that,  ,       ���������   ���������   ���������  John McGraw is now considering a  handsome  oflei   that has  been  made  to him to appear  in vaudeville as a  monologist duniig the present season  The contract     ouerul to the Giants'  manager calls for a 10-week engage,  ine**. at 5.1,ot!U per week. Those who  know  McGia**.   predict  that  he  will  be a success, and  aie urging him  to  accept.    He bas   talent  for  anecdote  that shows  itself when  the little Napoleon  is  in company.  No  man,  not  c\en barling Tom Hurst, has  a big-  1 ger fund of entertaining stories of the  diamond and lacetrack ut his       lin-  ends than has McGiaw.    When  NOTICE.  ��������� ������ .<������������������"   ��������� .r.  An  Act Respecting Liquor Licenses,  1900.       .   '      /'\.  Notice is hereby given that tbe following applications "will be heard by  the License Commissioners for-Sooth  Nanaimo Licensing District op Friday, December 15, 1905, at the court  house, Ladysmith, at li ���������'eiocl&' a.n.  For Renewal.   ���������  , Henry Reifel, Hotel-Mwmt View,  Newcastle Townsite.  L. J. Preaux, Talbet H������tel, 6������up>  ox Read.  John II.  McMillan,  Tunnel 'Hotel,  Extension.  Annie McDonald,  Cranberry Hotel,  Craii-berry District.    .    For Transfer.  James     Yates   to   Enoch    S*jje,  Wheatfeheaf Hotel, Cedar District.  GEO.  CASSIDY.  ';.; MerchantTailor,  - >i}i- i, 'i-rA   "-   * (istiAvenue) (  r       "-*$"'  FallfStock   on] hand. Call earlv and  get your choice  i**j-    ^  ^^  *-vA-  WHO HAS IT  kmmms&wwmwuBBSsa  \  LOOK OUT FOR  OUR  i-i..*:,*.-'.-  =m  Th^JL,adysinith Hardware Co., Ltd,   -j'{ 'i *���������': ���������������'���������   f' /   '   *���������-  stoiy   telling Ins success   is  not en���������to  The   Russian   people,   with  (ild-fashioied  calendar  which Ju-  thcrcd. lhe storm  well.  !us   Caesar  cslahlishcd   in   the   year  Kii  Ernest     Cochrane's biother, Mr    sers  Stanley Cochrane, will bring an Iii**h   ne beii'11s  I cricket team  over to   America     next   instantaneous,  year.     The Pilgrim  team will      ar-|   McGraw will not bc the first base-  in e at Montreal in September. ^n    (       t    Uead th(. ]i0axds.' F.I-  ���������   4>��������� -���������  ' " ������������������.���������'���������   ,   ,     ,      :^>-      ���������    1.     '"'..���������.. j-.t������cn years ago  the late Mike 'Kelly .  appeared in vaudeville in a skit written for him .by Billy Jerome.      Next  Arlie Latham,  the only real baseball  comedian  the  game has over  known,,  took a small part in ���������& musical comedy.   Then came Andrian C.   Anson in  the late C. W.   Hoyt's  "A Runaway  Colt,"  in wliich "Top" was the star.  I Tim Hurst played a brief engagement  I with    Anson.    His part was  to umpire nbasrball   same.    While rehearsing for this k.'c i.c one of the members  of thc company,  who sat in the stand  ap spectkd)orK,     advised   Hurst       to  , "speak     louder."    "Why," answered  Sir Timothy,  are 'you hard of hearing?"  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDING  Orders  Promptly   Executed  -   LADY1 MITH  New]  Xmas  Nuts  mm   /~r     H     ~      1*   -"  Notice  ���������-o<>o-  BRAZIL  PELICANS  WALNUTS  HAZEL  ALMONDS  CHESTNUTS  25C  PER  LB.  A.HOWE, ofCMEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL LINE CF FIRST CLASS MEATS  ;Pcrk^and Sausage a Specialty  aItrial SOLICITED  \ A.   HOWE  V  Shelled Walnuts, Jordan and Valencia  Almonds  L&IR AND ADAM  CARLISLE   ���������BL������������K.  'PHONE   2-4  In the drawing that took p.ac������ , t  Peterson's Furniture Store last .Saturday  Evening, No.  195 won thcKit-  ihen  Cabinet.  main    deck    . tliere  is  a passageway \  '   * ' t  $50���������Per acre Ior 5-acre blocks 1 ������He  from City.  J375���������Cash secures a fine residence in  thc choicest part ot the city." ���������nlj*  3.2-14 more to pay at the rate-of  U2 per month. Owner has invested over $G0t in improvwmeats.  Water laid on.  Fine garden.  $280���������Cash    and    $400 en mortgage  buys two lots  each 60x12* e������ly a  few yards  from  post-oilce.     Pine  investment.  $500���������Cash and balance on time buys  two first-class     stores ia business  portion  of city. ,  For Rent���������A nice store oa .Pirat Avenue. ���������      ''/  ���������������������������~��������������������������� v  For Rent���������A" nice two-roomed s^ore  TI1F: RfGHTTTlklvf'TO CHOOSE  XMAS GIFTS  NOTICE  is hereby given that an ap-  ' plication will lie   made to thc   Legislative  Assembly  of the  Province of  ; British Columbia, at its next session  for  an     Act  to  incorporate .a Com-  ��������� nan-y  with   power  to   acquire,     purchase, construct and  operate  the  undertakings   of    the Vancouver       and  Coast-Kootenay      Railway Company;  the Alberni     and Cowichan Railway  Company; the Kamloops & Atlin Rail  way Company; and the Midway     and  Vernon Railway   Comipany; and to acquire all the rights,  powers  and  pri-  viliges of the said  Companies;       and  with  power  to exercise all  the powers  contained   in  the Acts   ol  Incorporation of the said  Companies;   and  with power to acquire, purchase, Construct  and  operate  the undertaking  ��������� ������������������     '-'��������� 1    . ���������>    '"''I $���������'���������  For     Rent���������Nice  two-roomed canto  near station. :.      ��������� -.-,  ,-. .., ij*  .  Is now, when you con examine at your leisure the feast of Beauty  "that"-we have' provided  for   those who  wish   lo choose  JIOWICLS  and   RICH DESIGNS IN  JEWELRY. Our stock m ALL its hraiv  chesjis/WfiLL ASSORTED   and Up-To-Date.  WATCkEfe," CHAINS;-LOCKETS,   BROOCHES      BRACELETS,  NECKlVtS,,. RINGS,   SCARF-PINS,  LINKS,  TOILET  SETS of  ���������aV styles.\*A / * ���������  v  Kindly give tw a Call and Convince Yourself ���������  '-   , Any, Article selected NOW Will be Laid aside for you  ;       B.FORClMriER  : WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   A)   X   X     Ladysmiih,   B. G  toves  Deeds,   Wills,     Mortgages,  Con--.  tracts  and   Agreements Drawn.*,  J. STEWART       '  Conveyancing      -jn        Notary Public  Phone,  3. j  P.  ().  BOX 368 ���������  HAY, GRAIN 'and ;.  f ARM PROniJtJf:  Orders will .be delivered aaywtipM  in the city promptly and at the lojy  est possible prices. ),*  Leave orders at Cbristie'g, pa. th������  E������planad������. : lj  We arejjmaking them oi the Newast    Pattern and Latest  i'-Vvv:-; s Styles. /  ������������������' '.-���������������������������? v.   '���������' '- ��������� '.  W*f������ ALL KIN IS OF FOUNDRY WORK  * lut prices are'Reaeona   hie  SEE ������UR   NtW 8T������VES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  ���������,"   u ���������..-'������������������.���������.  ��������� J.and at LsdyErnifh^Hardware^Company  LADYSUIITH   IRON & STOVE W0RK5 CO,, LTD.  James  Warnock  ���������"'   . * j *s  .' ��������� ���������A 1  SYNOPSIS OP CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchas-  :"ed at HO per-'acre for soft, coal and  $20 for anthracite. Not more than  320 acrejs*an-,,be; *oq������ired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  .rate ol ten e#ite per ton of 2,000  .jpipunda ' 8bail;t be' collected on the  gross output, i;   ,  Quartz-^A free^mlner'a certificate is  granted upon -payment in advance of  57.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 ,to $100 per annum for  a company, according to 6apital.  A free, miner, having .discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The fee for recording a claim: is $5.00   i    .' ,.'  At least $ lOO must be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator  may,  upon  having a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements,  purchase  tho land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are lOO feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yeai'ly.  A free miner may o1 lain two leases  to  dredge  for  gold   of five miles  each lor a term of twe-.ty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrior. .  The lessee shall have'a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2k per cent collected on the output after It-exceeds  $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of thc Minister of the In-  "urior.  .(���������*'���������'���������*  "tfT-''.*-".. -.it^'ij. i-.:.'.',.;%,.  :?''.!*2&iK?


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