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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Aug 28, 1906

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 ;-v  *?      Sf  IK  The Cadysmitw Daily Ledger  i j  WOh.,2  TUESDAY,  AUG. 28,  190G.  ���������.*������*���������  PRICE MVB CBNTS  SPECIAL MEETING OF  BOARD OF TRADE  ft'1 "iffii  StKHBWS.iiS-"'  V^mfciSS^^iJtS.'-.^-  '*. At a special meeting of thc Board  of Trade last evening,'the following  communications, winch had been leceived since the last meeting, and  thcv purport ot some of which has  been published previously by The  Ledger, were read,and laid ou^ the  table for discussion:  : , Ladysmith, B.C., Aug.  1.5,  J. W. Troup, Esq.,  Canadian Pacific Railway Co.  Deal, Sir,���������At a lecent meeting of  the, Board of Tiade of  this     Tow n,  ' the "attention of the members was  called to the- "-great inconvenience  caused, and often the large   expense  , entailed to commercial tiavellds,  and otheis, owing to the S S. Joan  docking at" the Coal Whaif in Ladysmith. Vou will doubtless be surprised to learn that tiavelleis'on lhe  Joan on these "occasions have to  climb about 50 steps to obtain an  egiess fiom the whaif, and then have  only a narrow divide to walk along  ' between thc lailing and coal cms  and bunkeis.  On one occasion a commercial fia-  veller was taxed.$1.50 as the cost of'  * biinging his trunk fiotn  thc boat  to '  the hotel.       " ,  *        -  We'understand Hut .the Dominion  government have now- waived the  small . charges usually 'exacted on  boats calling at their .wluuves, at  any iatc,,!thc Piovineial government's  ./--wharfrHrs:, expected  to be completed  * within onelhonth from date.  AVe trust that you will give    your  .Ship's  Captain instructions" in     this  "matter   and thus help  to   encourage  _ traffic by  water  which  would lesult  > beneficially not only  for our   Town,  but. also for your "company.     If" you  will advise this board of, any way in  'which they can assist you I feel sure  .j.that they will  be only .too plcasc'dJo  do so.      c ' V  '  R[PUB ICoHS  Ufc-  NEXT HQOSE  i  New  York, Aug.    U7���������No hard head  CUBAN BINTS  MEIT 'M THEIR  ������������������wasioffiii  whereas a Nanaimo merchant could impoi t the same freight j  by the City  of  Nanaimo for $2  per >  (on. ���������  - ed,   unsympathetic   politician can fig-  Fieight      Kites    between  Victoria    ure on (he comijug- election ior mem-  a.wl   Vancouver  average $3    per ton, it)Wb  ()i   (jongress    without   iculuing  ���������while fi eight     Irom   either of these',. ,.        '.,*-, ������������������      ' ,. ..,  .   ������ ��������� that   a Jcepubhuui    iiuiisu ol    rep re  places  to    Ladvsniith  is  -t. 1.50     per       ,   , ���������/. ������. ���������,. ,.   .     .,  .    .   .,    . -scntatnoh  in   Ine    .Sixtieth    Congress  ton,   (average)   despite the fact that       .    ,-- .  this  freight  ail   passes  through    La-.     *n    ������"J ��������� ,   *  dvsm.th  before reaching   its destina- I J *.������ ,ou-e  knovvs   tlus , ,i<Jttej      Llian .    ..ol. .  yoa '  . j Representative ).James -S.  ���������.Sheiman' ~  Kicight  pei   S.S.   Joan  fiom   Win- of"lh0    Republican    Congress     com--,  couvei   to Nanaimo ,aveiages   $2 /per nut to:     Mr. ^ Sherman <\i>pW good pol-  ton,   the same  freight to  Ladysmith -iticiun;   , ami he is pittyfifg Uie'gavne  costing   f,1.50   pel   ton". ' I well.     Jui&.*nou   he '$s 'cjrfij-agod,      in  Wo do  not  see" the necessity  of in- miUing*'(to slwp'thoV'Dcmocrats and  fuilhei    statistics,    the  labjor   allies   of the   .Democrats. That  -++*-  dulging    in  Havana, Aug. 17,-At ine e.uvii'ig  today when tho government wiis issuing a piocia mion olieung pardons  to rebels who -lay down their arms,  its lbic.es were dealing Mio nu^t telling blow that, has .\ci be -n stn.ok  against  the uiaui gents.  For several days it has >jcon slated  Gen, (j!u/.matis loiccs ol ihthji-  geuts which was vai lously" estimated  at 400 and iipwdids contemplated an  attack up,on Cient'uegos. Colonel  Vallo with a detachment of iinwl  guards and volunteers was dispatched to Cient'uegos to engage liu/man  and break up the bund.  The encounter ot ;t'ho two forces to-day  lesultcd    in  the    wors>t  disa*.tei  COUNCIL MEETING  LAST EVENING  facts ^aie    sell-evident,      and    show  is   the    meaning  ' ol'Jhis.;^sj|tement  plainly that   this   Town   is5Vrccciv,uig ln\;de on Saturday  'tQ^tlw'.-Jlqpubfccan  the thin end  of the 'stick.', [\; A-*   -'newfJp'apeis that,the|ho$*',was safe-  Wc .lie in a position to length at 1>; itepubllcoii,on,thfc^ijority   is-,aay ,osuucu    1B  ������������������"-    "'="- ������"-���������--'  the-fieigiitvAi^c heie is 'sec'oml;   to'^'^ . / '    ,/.4fK >>'   ' VA ' which the  wisuigents  have  sustained  noncon^.Mpla^l wc-fjfcl that, ^.1 ShoniIfflnJ jiaj/admitted with- Thc*-' lo^ ������vTnt������jn men killed .,.u  ^^WMtlffl-l ihMl*U���������'ln a short lime Jo%ie ' PreMdent |������*"y wounded, wlule the loss to the  ^HHilcnwa^lMMfcSiaBJ^lMSiWPi^teis.   ^rl   ���������,������,���������.. '   rt,,wiriiiJR;jM���������     ,|in,ins    government   lorccs wn.s one   man  1 ill  We shall -be  .jLtteis  aud   other      adminis^^tioa  Youis faithfully, '  W   A. CORNWALL,  Sec.  Victoiia, H.C., Aug.   IS  W.  A.  Cornwall,   l^sq.,  secretary    of  Ladysmith Bosird of Trade.  Dear Sir,���������Replying to your f.tvoi  of the 15th inst., on the'subject ot  the inconvenience caused by the Str.  Joan docking at the coal whaif at  Ladysmith, have to say Unit I was  somewhat surprised lo leain that it  is pioving so unhandy to Iravelfeis,  as you state. lb  I will  have a   talk with  Ritchie,   ol  the Str.  Joan,  r:  .   Vancouver, B.:C, *?& $M'  ftfr   W. A.  Cornwall,  SecTeWy.-dpa-  dysnutTmoard  of Trade:  Deal  Sir,���������Reply  to  your  fav/Sr of  (he   l.'ith  on  the  question  of   freight  rates has been delayed, owing to absence, and I-have  not had 'sufficient  time    to  givevthe_ matter" any"'   con-:  sidcration^ but will do do "at   once,  and write, yeni as early as possible.1  - -    . .Yours tiuly,  B   W   GREER,  *   - i(jcne.i*al-ji-lj'i;eight,riVgent;-~  -s .y           -  '>Af(er tJfe loading of. (he. above let-  fcci.s,,JUi. U. Mucklin,* president of  tin ^loaid;���������explained the object of  the meeting Last eventing., ,11c stated  thai Ralph Smith, M.' P. had  been in the city on Satuvday, and  went on to explain the obiects of  Alt Sinilh's visit, which have previously appealed' in these columns.  Tt had been ariangccl by some of the  merchants and memhuis of the  Hoaid that a-delegation be appointed to accompany Ml. Smith to Van-  couvci to lay the cpiestion of freight  ia(es helore ' the ollicials oi the C.  Caplnin ' I1 R However, yestciday aflemoon  and    un-! Mr.- Mackhn   hnd . received    a    tele-  less he sees di'flieuftics, of which I ; phone comimunicatioii fiom Mr.  am not aware at Ihe present time, ' .Smith in Nanaimo, stating .that  tt will be airanged for  the   steamer   that gentleman had been "unable ' to  Joan to land  at eitlier  the    Dominion oi Provincial whaii.  Yours tiuly,  J. W. TROOP,  tlencral  Superintendent.  to see  Mr." Smith was   go-  B.  ' Ladjsmith, Aug. 15, 1U0G.  W. Greer, Esq , Tralhc Agent,  Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Vancouver, B.C.  Deal Sn,���������A little ovei a year ago  considerable coi respondenco took  place between this Board and Mi.  Courtney with reference to having  this port made a Terminal for freight?  " The discussion reached a point, at  ���������which we ,had arranged to appeal to  the'.'Railroad Commission, but Mr.  Courtney wrote tlie Board a few  days before the final arrangements  were made for the hearing of our  case, promising that in the. event of  our'.dropping the appeal the Company .would look into the'matter and  do what was right by the Town and  the Merchants.  Since that time we have had no  communication fronii your Company,  and have .'continued to pay what we  regard as discriiiiinate and unfair-  freight rates as compared with our  neigh'bors. We arc specially desirous "of- having' our freight brought by  water from thc Mainland direct and  catch Mi. Mai pole of the C.P.R.,  over the telephone, and'consequently  had been unable to make any ar-  langoivuiiits loi a delegation  him. How eve  ing ovei this morning to Vancouver  and will mtei view iUi. Mai pole on  the subieelj afti-i which he will advise the lloaul of the icsults, and  if necessaiy anolhcr meeting can be  called  to select delegates  Some ot the mcmbcis piesont were  of (he opinion that it would be advisable to appoint delegates: to accompany- Mr. Smith today and take  chances on finding'Mr. Mar-pole at  home. It was suggested that perhaps Mr'. Smith bad--obtained some  further communication from Vancouver since telephoning ' Mr. Mack 1 in.  In order to ascertain whether or not  thii was (he ease,. Mr. Smith was  called up by- 'phone from Nanaimo.  He stated that he had as yet been  unable to locale Mr. ,Marpole. However, he" would''be pleased to see a  delegation sent. If, however, the  Board thought best, 'he 'Would arrange  for a  meeting ��������� while'.in-i Van-  ovv  oul.'d  ol  to  tieth * Congress.1,'  It'is frankly admitted that no living man who feels tliat there will  be' ,8. loss of forty Congress dis-  tricts    to his   party eaii safely make  the prediction   that the loss will not  i *  be   fifty,  or  perhaps "more,    and     a  loss   'Of . fifty-six    districts'^     would  tie the   house.     ThisfAis   duo   entire-  almost   unparalleled     condi  he  lfca<h rs tjovertirnenl lorccsvvn.s one man i died ' The insurrection seems in a  shaky condition. altliuugh Lhe end  may not be as ueai &<* menibfrs ol  the government profess to believe.  J������x-G'oiigrcssnian Poustino (I'niu),  Guerra the .insurgent leader operating in the province ol Pinnr del Bio  in a signed statiyineut telugi.iphed to  the,Associated press tonight ^tJaies  that he is as determined as evJi that  the last Presidential flection shall be  annulled bcfoic there can be peace in  Cuba.  That Guerra's foice oi-2,000 men is  well armed and supplied with auuunn  ition and food is amply  veiulied   TJie  ly*    to    _ _.   __r_  tions which p'revailr-in the republi- gri-vatet'<- di aw back novv^is the lack oi  can organization "along socialistic' nipnej, but th<; people oi ^hc western  lines ^for Jli^jk'^rii������*ion^oi-Cpartici-'Part-"ol-11|nai' dol^J-tio are furaxshiug  wllicir~is now" sweeping nIcing like a t*������"m all the supjiliot, needed, taking  prairie fire. Tho districts that Mr., in return thciefor orcleis;U|n the Cub-  Sherman expects 'to lose evidently an gCvcrmnent uml m man*, cases re-  those   which were carried" by the   fusing   Lo  accept   an.\  1902  and were swept   The   governments    oiler of    ainensly  the   which   was   made   I his   niieinoon      is  ���������..,,            considciation  Democrats    in  into   the   Republican   column   by  Roosevelt in var'ol,&'j' leceived Jt is impossible  iio say what its eliei I will bje upon  those to whom it is addressed Al-  lredo  Zayns,  President   of the Senate  phenomenal   run  of Mi  190*1.  i  PREDICTS MORE  EARTHQUAKE  LECTURE TO-MORROW  NIGHT.  Tomoirow evening at eight o'clock ������nd leader ol the Libeial paitv statin (he Presbyterian Church, the Rev. ated^tonight that lie was unable to  Br. Bryce, of Winnipeg, will lectiue. expiess any upmnsn us to whet her"  Mi Biyce recently lectuied in Vic- the insurgents would giasp the op-  (oi ia,  and    lhe Colonist of    Sunday   portunity  oflrred   fhem  ol  suircndei  contains,  in part,  the following    in- i  0 .   lei view:    ' ,  "Dr. Biyce will be in the west during the coming month and will come-  in, touch with the various authorities at thc different centres commencing with Victoria and working  eastward. As> the British associa-  dori is the most influential hotly in  the "world and has at its annual  meetings an attendance of some six  or seven hundred memlters it will  be able to give forth, accuiule and  scientific description, on their return  to England concerning the features  of the Canadian west. It will thus  be seen that very great importance attaches to the coming of the  association to  Canada.  "Dr.. Brycc's sphere of activity in  the literary world has covered the  history of the whole  of Western Caif1  Washington, Aug. 28. ��������� Edmund  Scubner Stevens, Ph. D , '-great Bible scholai and cluonologist," as his  card puts it, now of Waslnagtou,  but foimcily of Leuanoii, Pa, i'e-  dicts more disastius earthquakes and  the end of the world. Follbvving is  thc explanation ho gives:  Thotenith is out of its place ormp-  light position. Jt is giddually resuming it Whenever theie is an accelerated .or. faster motion, in that  period earthquakes occur.  "AV'e arc now in one. of those per-  ada and same of his most important' iods,     which    will  extend  from the  Electric lights again came up for  discussion at the council meeting  last evening, hut this time-there was  no question of a Imunicipal-owned  plant. The discussion was simply  ovei the advisability of granting a  request of Mr. II. MLicklin, on behalf of Messrs. Simon Leiser & Co.,  asking peimission to run wires from  -a point situated near the shingle  mill to tlicii store for the purpose  of .ifioiding them electric lights. The  -letter also slated that the store  would erect a street light on thc  corner of "the 'Esplanade and Gat-  ade streets foi the convenience of  the public, piovidcd permission - is  gianted by the council to string the  wucs.- '  \Unle the majority oi-the council  seemed of the opinion that tins'  would be veiy nice, still it was  thought that it would certainly be  necessary to insert certain conditions  in .the peimit to the effect that the  same be good only until such time  as-a system is installed by either  the city or a private company. Another condition which was thought  advisable was to the effect that Si-  'inou Leisei- & Co., should take all  responsibility of accidents in case  thc wire*- bioke at any time and  caused damage. It was finally decided to lay-thc matter over one week)  the street committee in the mean.  time tojiiquire into the matter and  asceitaiiiij/just-iwhat  is required.  Mayor Nicholson stated that he  believed if one request of this kind  was granted, there would shortly be  seveial -moie, and he advised the  council to take time and think the  matter ovei and grant the permission .under certain conditions if grant  ed at all. ' ������������������ !  -** "      i  The only' other communication leceived, was a request from Mr. T.  O'Connell, asking permission for a.  week's holiday. Permission granted^  Amongst the accounts received was  one from Mi. i<\ VV. Greaves; for  1*5.10, which would pay for one-luff  of the lencc on the upper side til  the council chamber. This fence had  been built by Ml. Greaves, and afterwards, when the council hall was  elected, it had served as the upper  porlion ot the fence for the city lot.  Some ot tiie aldermen wanted to  know why they should pay for a  lencc which they never ordered built,  ifnd which had been m existence before thc city hall was built at all-  11 was explained to therm that according to law, the bill would have  to be paid, as in the case wheie  one'fence served two different nro-  pcities, it was necessary for, each  owner, to pay one-half of the cost  of construction.  [   The bill will be paid.  The work of thc stumping maohine  was next brought up for a long discussion. It i had been put in position for work yesterday .itetnoon.  and had done very good work since  that time. However, it was costing more than had at first been ?n-  ticipated, and some of the"aldeimcn  thought this matter should be investigated. For instance, ��������� ���������������������������- ' xt  fust been stated that the machine  could be secured for $20 pei day,  vvith tluee men furnished. Now, however, if was ?30 per day, with five  men furnished. Besides this, the  city is obliged to pay six' dollars ,a  day for a man and team, winch ,  they had not bargained for. The total expense of the machine and Tien  with  blasting powder amount to $50  ���������Avp nod  Aid. Malone, in speaking of the  matter, thought that the council  should arrange some more definite  field for the machine to work on. It  would not' take long to clear thiid ,  avenue at .the rate the, machine had  started in, and he thought othei  streets should be picked out while  the money  lasted.  Aid. Patterson was on his feet in  an instant, with thc suggestion that  the machine woik right on through  to the "East ward. It was badly  needed there, and he would like lo  see it come. Only $15 had been,  spent on Mcthucn and White streets  this year, 'while much had been spent  where the machine is now working,  in the vicinity of the school.      ���������<  Aid. Malone explained that most  of the previous work done on the  school grounds had been,done with*  money which had been left over from"  the new -school appropriation, of last  year, and, veiy little city money had  been expended.  Mayor Nicholson confirmed this explanation.  Streel Foi email Callander explained. I o the council that the machine  could*woik its way down Third avenue, and as it came to thc cross,  streets, could stretch up or down  these one block each way, without  moving Hie machine itself, and draw  the stumps with its cable, lt was  decided that (he council would go  over the giound in a body after the  meeting, and see just what would be  best lo be done, nnd accordingly  they visited the upper section of the  town last evening. They will again  inspect the work on Wednesday evening, and further plans will be laid  out,  Those present at the meeting   last  evening  were' Mayor Nicholson,   Aid-,  ermen Campbell,    Urett,     Patterson,  and Malone.  works comprise "The Remarkable  History of the Hudson's Bay Company,' 'The History af Winnipeg,'  which latter appeared last year, and  this year his work in 'Mackenzie,  Selkirk and Simpson,' appearing, as  one of 'The Makers of Canada' series was by the Loudon 'Times' and  'Spectator' very favorably.'reviewed,  and is regarded as his best work."  ���������'.!���������  in that case.wotfld consider//rates ,paii|)|communication _    from     Mr  from  Vancouver   to  Nanaimo .is  plicable to ourselves.  We do not feel that it is necessary  to our case to quote the different  charges for commodities imported as  you are yourself well posted on .these  things.  We would like to point out, however, that according to present  freight rates prevailing a general  storekeeper at Ladysjmith would  have to pay freight from Victoria 'at  the rate of  $4 to  $t.50 per ton on  where she tied up. . In coming up  couver today, and would accompany from the wharf where the passengers  a delegation on' any date 'which j were landed,' one of Mr. .Macklm's  might, be fixed. This was according- little girls had her foot caught be-  ly (he plan , which the board adopt- tween two of .the-boards, and it had  ed,   and    they    expect-to  receive   a   been necessary  to  remove   her   shoe  shortly regarding the result  interview with Mr. Marpole.  .During the discussion last evening,  re the inconvenience of "' the Joan  landing at the Transfer wharf, Mr.  Macklin cited as one instance the  fact that, last evening he was obliged to meet' his family, who were  returning home on the -boat. The  Joan ties up at the [Transfer wharf,  She landed . her passengers at this  wharf, and afterwards proceeded to  the    Dominion     government    wharf,  Smitlf before the foot could be released:'  of his While the girl was not hurt severely, still, it would be a very easy  matter for a man to break his leg  in the same place, and the wharf,  was certainly no place to land ladies and  children.        .  After more discussion regarding  the freight rates, the meeting adjourned until some communication is  received from Mr. .Smith relative to  his   interview  with   the  C.P.R.,   and  eruption of Mount I'e-  Anothei: will last, from  another from  itU'ifi    to  time of" the  lee tol!l.l.r>.  1925 to'liMi  aooo A. D. j  "In .1982 the eurMwpiakc will be of;  such extent that all the cities of all'  nations  will fall.   From 2035 to 3Ml j  A.D.  the earth  will  be   in continual  pertui'bation, and  in the  latter year  .will    settle    to its upright position.  This will, .bring'in  the  new     heaven;  and the new earth."  "Stevens says that after the biblical  flood the earth slipped  a quarter  of  the way round on its axis, and that  it  is. now  regaining its  normal    position.     He points .with- glee to   the  faci, that  when   explorers go  searching for flic north pole in the Arctic  regions  they are  really  on the  trail  of   the actual equator,   and   that   it  would not be  the north pole   even if  they found it.  Stevens  says   that    very on<:i.-   ���������'  a  while    some cause sends  tlie     earth  about more rapidly than usual    and'  earth-quakes result.   In his own words  "The    exoteric    principle    is   that '���������  whenever  the    velocity   of the    terr-  SEEKING HIS  LOST SISTER  Spokane, Aug. 27. ���������A. B. Dennis,  of H>annibal, JVlo., is in the city in  search' of his sister, >of whom- he has  heard nothing for the past 25 years.  When she was last heard from she  was living at Pine City, Whitman  county, her name being Mrs. Hattie  Keach. She was at that time the  widow of Henry Keach. He will  visit Pine City and endeavor to get  some trace of her there. She is  known to have had three children,  one of whom, a daughter,, is married, but Mr. Dennis does not know  her present name or address..'  . Mr. Dennis came west in 1854 with  his father's family in a wagon train  and he tells an interesting story of  a massacre which occurred in Boise  Valley in Idaho. The Noble train,  composed of M5 persons, was about  three miles ahead of the Ward  train, in-which, there'were-135 people. The members of the Noble  train heard a great amount of shoot  ing behind them., and Mr. Dennis' father, with  50 volunteers,  rode   back  a  date    appointed  for  the reception j aqueous oblate spheroid  which we if  of a-delegation from'Ladysmith. habit' becomes  excessively  accelerat  ed in its paracentric deviation front  its accustomed orbit, and the momentum of its revolutions through  the atmosphere increases..in. .corresponding ratio, these extraordinary  conditions combine to produce tremendous subterranean concussions,  which necessarily execute muoh deso-/  lation on the surface."  (Xaqx 'ioi^ut oir} stav :ii������iay aos o}.  found the Ward tiain had been attacked by Indians and every pel son  had been left on the ground for -dead  One boy, Charles Ward, revived, although he had been pierced by three  arrows, and was taken to the Noble  train, wheie he was cared for. The  Indians had taken away everything  they could carry and had burned and  destroyed the rest.  Mr. Dennis' family settled at The  Dalles, but in 1SG2 moved to Col-  ville, Stevens county, then a hamlet  of a few persons. They passed  through Spokane, which was then  but rock and sagebrush, not a house  having been erected here at that  time. The elder Dennis died in.Col-  viile in lSUG, and the son returned  to the east and settled in Hannibal,  Mo., where he has since resided.  While in the west Mr. Dennis participated in the great Indian .wars  of 1S55-6, including the "Cayuse  war," when the 'Nez Perce Indians  took the part .of the whites.  Mr. Demtio will spend considerable,  time in Washington in search of his  sister and will go to'Walla Walla  and probably: The Dales before he returns cast.   7-0���������  -  Newport, R.I. ������������������ The simultaneous  arrival in the villa colony of Miss  Eleanor Sears, of Boston, and Harold Sterling Vawlerbilt, younger son  of,William K. Vandcr.hilt, revived the  gossip concerning the possibility of  an engagement between the Boston  heireSs and the young millionaire.  There is an impression that the announcement may not be long delayed.���������New York Globe. '���������as- ~  <'*!���������.  THK LADYSMITH DAILY   LEDGER  INF  I'ubi  DAILY   LEDGlI?  erery   rfay   except S������nd������y  *-BY���������  THE DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  SUBSCRIPTION.  tine, Ye������r (1* advance) $8.00  One Month  _ ... _  50 cents  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  TUESDAY,  'Aug.   28,   1906  RIFLES AND AMMUNITION  FOR  ROYAL  TROOPS'  asagssssagi''' "mm  3������  The Queen of ^m^_ The Breakfast  IS  NEMO  T H E PERFECT ROOD  New     York,   'Aug.     27.���������When    the  Ward L,hie steamship Mexico left her  moorings at Tier 10,  Brooklyn,  this  afternoon for Havana, ahe had stowed away in her hold 15,000 Remington rifles,  300,000  rounds  of nmmun  ition and six Gatling- rapid fire guns  ior President Palma's forces in Cuba.  The shipment was to have been lang*-  er but    thc vessel     could    not carry  more.     The  Kansas,   which   will  sail  next   Thursday   will   carry  ,3,000,000  rounds    of     ammunition    and   5,0'lu  Reming-tohs for Palma's  aid.  Officers   refused   to   ghe   out   an\    m-  tormatiuii     concerning    the    consignment.    .Freight handlers cm the docks  however, pointed out  a  long  line   of  boxes in the, steamship's hold.  In the  stern hold, piled on each side lo give  good ballast,    were    the  eight Irund-  'coffin   boxes"' containing   rifles,  ON SALE AT ALL GROCERY STORES  14S2  as.  have gone to a living tomb, in the  pcuitciilisuy at Lansing, there to  toil'at h.ird laboi in tlie coal mines  until death comes ntvturally to their  release. ____  In vain some oi these'have prayed  that the edict 01 the' law be carried out; repeatedly they have written  to  various  govcrnois,  imploring  r ������������������twAt'ict-Jif-M' m  rMriMju.^  that their death wariants be signed.  But no executive have complied with  their requests.     The fact is  that in  Kansas law  does not make the provisions it pretends.     Section liMti of  the general    (statutes,- reads:     "Persons convicted ol muidcr in the lirst  I degree    shall    sufier death."     But a  J subsequent section  throws the    responsibility    Toi     a legal hanging   on  ] the shoulders of the governor of the  state���������in     mxl,  'jests the initiatory  with him.  Since lfcliV no Kansas' governor has  believed in thc principle ol capital  punishment sulficienlly to induce him  to sign a single death warrant, and  as a result the number 01 condemned  prisoners in the Kansas penitentiary  lias steadily increased.  Governor 1-Ioch recently made it  plain that he did not propose to become a wholeaaie executioner, nor by  an oihci.il mxu s>nuu out the life of  a single convict.  "I shall not will that these men  be put to-death," he said, "and,  furthermore thts present governor*  ��������� will never will Lhe hanging of any  W. Hich of Kansas, recently jciused\m:xu- Do y������u s-uppose that, it Iliad  to'sign the death warrant of a eon- :i "lan 0n tht-' Sallows, with my iicuid,  victed murdeicr, attention was call-jon Ulc lc,ei re'V(l>' to spring the  ed to a peculiar condition of ,;.fairs] lAli}' J'd (1������ il? Suppose 1'should  in that  state. J **������ io ihc Poor feature,  'JL������o    you  The people or Kansas evidentiv do|believe   iu     Ule   immorality of   the  iiot believe in infliction of  thc desith  soul?' aM he suould answer,  'Yes';  red  ���������and in the ship's magazine in the  forward hold was the ammunition.  Tho boxes were all billed for Havana  but here were no further markings to  Indicate  their  destination.  At the oil'ice of the Arm that slurped the supplies, it was said I'hnt the.  guns were ordeied by cable on Thuis  day by the bead otlicer of the government at Tlavaina, at the order of  President Palmo. lt \\\is a rush  order and called for immediate shipment. Since then the entire fortes ol  the Hartley Co. have been cleaning  and boxing rifles and cartridges. The  steamship is due at Havana Wednesday.  -^ O ;������������������  WAITING  FOR  THE  GALLOWS.  Kansas City. ��������� When Governor  E.  penalty. For 3!) yeais'its governors  have refused to send prisoners, duly  convicted and sentenced to death, to  the gallows. Since the civil w.-.r.  there has been 1 but one legal hanging in thc state.  In consequence there arc now E>fl  persons in the Kansas penitential)  under sentence of death bj thc rope  Two of them have been there a tin id  of a century, and tinr* afier time  have petitioned succeedine; go\ernoi*������  to end their miserable existence by  sending them to the gallows.  In order to sign, consistently, the  death warrant of a muideier now.  Governor Iloch would he obliged to  older the hanging oi the entiie b'-),  including two women. Tie shrinks  from this as wholesale-murder." Besides, like his predecessors, he is opposed 1 to capital punishment.  It is probable that there will nev-  ei be a legal hanging in Kansas, unless the picscnt law is changed.  -While the statutes provide for the  infliction oi thc death penally, and  undei it convicted persons being continually given capital sentence, the  governor is not obliged to oidei  their execution.  For thai reason -more than 70  persons who have been convicted and  sentenced dining thc last 35    ye.11**,  'Do you believe in 1 eaven and hell,  and that you will go to one or thc  otherol these places,' and he should  say, 'I do,' do you suppose 1 would  spiing that trap and say 'Go to  hell, they        Indeed I would not.  "What a 'beautiful spectacle it  would be to see Mty-scvcu men and  two women, all in a row, hanged1 at  the same  time."  Union-made Capital & Nugget Cigars  "AIAKE HAY WHILE  THE SUN SHINES."  There is a lesson in the work of  the thrifty farmer, lie knows that  lhu bright sunshine may last but   a  .i) aud he prepares Ior thc showers  a hlch are so liable to follow. So  ;t should be with every household.  Hysentcry, diarrhocs and cholera'mor-  1 es may attack some of the mem-  r, : s of the home without warning.  ftanilierlain's Colic, Cholera and  f'i.urhoca Remedy, which is the best  '.now 11 remedy for these "diseases,  *, uuld always be kept at hand, as  immediate    treatment    Is necessary,  id delay may prove fatal. For sale  ���������./ Lad .-smith Pharmacy.  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  GKBGAOil, LONDON,   '���������  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  lM0N7g3EM,pEBEC9  PORTLAND^ BOSTON,  And tho l'rlnrluul Buslncbs Centers of ,,  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  I ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Time Tul)lC8, cl'ii., ftililieBfl  GEO. W. VAUX,  Anslstimt'Gcn'l ViwunscT "UU Ticket -\Bent,  35  ADAMS   ST.. CHICAGO, IU.  Aie Tou (Join; Ml  TbeK h������ suf* yosr tickets read   \U  tkt  North Western Line  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST.' PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with tht  through trains from the Pacift  Coast.  THE ��������� SHORTEST LINE, IT  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWES-  RATES,  THE  FASTEST TIME.   ���������  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS Cl'P  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information a������t y  local agent or write,  F.  W.  PARK EC  Gtnfcial   ���������#**"'  130 and Av*. . Seattle  NOTICE  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible (or any indebtedness incurred except on >  written orfcci signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.   L  EXPLORATION &  DEVEL  OPMENT CO.,  LTD.  tfon Personal Liability. <r  Vlotmla. P. 0..  JX&m  18th.  '������flf.  NOTICE.  I will not be responsible for any  debts contracted by Oscar Motti-  shaw without my written order.  &ooobo<>*$ooeo<>-$o" ������$������*>ooeoo<x  Ask for  ""oBEJSEKK  WATS  fcM9  VJl "t  -lhe Cream of Scotch Whiskies  Sole  Agents'for B. C        . X  Nanaimo,   II.0  S.   MOTTISHAW.  ,  August 22,  1906.  SUMMER DIARRHOEA  IN CHILDREN  During the hot weather of the summer months the first unnatural looseness of a child's bowels should bare  immediate attention,(so as to check  the disease before it becomes serious.  AH that is necessary is a few doses  of Chamlilerlain's ���������Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy followed by a,dose  of castor oil to "dense tlie'system.  Rev. M. O. Stockland, Pastor of lhe  first M.E. Church, Little Falls, Minnesota, writes: "We have used Cham-  berlaln's Colic,f Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for1 several years and  find It m very valuable remedy, es-  pecl. Hy for summer disorders in children."   Sold by Ladysmith Pharmacy  Henry Elliott, Esq,., of Shcrbrooke  N.S., Inspector and Supt. of Bridge  Construction for Nova Scotia,  says:  "A bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT cured me of a very severe  sprain of my leg, caused by a fall  while building a bridge at Doherty  Creek,  Cumberland  Co."  Esquimau   & Nanaimo Railway  m6nday; sept. 3.  UiMBuil HIM 1,1*1  Excursion rates will be in effect to all  'points, with a double train-service each way  Geo, !���������. Courtney,  Di strict Passenger Agent  Victoria, B.C.  58 Government St.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply to the Board of Licensing Commissioners at their,next  sitting, loi a transfer of tbe retail  liquoi 'lir'isn now held'by me for  the Pt.ii'i'u) Hotel, Ladysmith, from  mvsell  t������-    liristina Hoggan.  D.  P.. I1YND.  Lailysnilth. iJth Aug., 190B.        ,   lm  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������'white' cook���������  and  { ���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  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General Manager. *  *  t*5*  ������������-  *���������  *���������  *  t  *  t  .#.���������������������������*������**���������-���������������������������������  ���������������������������������|xlMd'<������������t.l  ���������������.^..a)-������..a������.������^������.  i  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A? j kinds of Foundry and Repair WoiJk  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & IronWorks Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53 P.. O. Box 42.  TH6 CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  1st. Avenue Ladysmith B. Cv  :: LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE  *������������������"*"���������-+-*"���������"���������-'������**-<���������-������������������������'������> ������-f -V* ������������������������'., .***������������������������*���������-  +- PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOV-  .    ���������    ��������� ED PROMPTLY A  ND  SAFELY.  Stabled In the rear of the Ladysmith hold.  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AND   DRIED    FLOORINGS     AND  FINISHING LUMBER IN STOCK  f:  4*.  4  4  i  4\  4\ ������THE LADYSMITH   DAILT   LEDGER  LODGES  LADYSMITH TEMPLE," No. 5���������  Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall- every 2nd and 4th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.   .  MRS. KATE TATE,  'M. of R. & C.  t.  , R. SIMPSON  Sellclter, Et������.  Money to   Loan  Avena������v LADYSrVI H  Dr.R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  UNITED ANCIENT ORDER OF  -   DRUIDS.  Wellington Grove, No. 4, UjA.O.D.  nieets in the   I.O.O.F. Hall,   Ladysmith, the  Second and Fourth   Wednesdays of  each  month,  commencing   AU worl. ��������� guaraatecd and. at reason-  Wednasday, 13th, 1905.-    - ��������� . - aTjie rates.  Visiting Druids are invited to , at- j       kesIDENOE  AND OFFICE  tend.    By Order (  WM. RAFTER, Roc.-Sec  PATRICK BURK, N.A.  NAN^IM������  NEWS NOTES  Mr.   Joseph  Trumper  of  this   city,  Mi*.    A.  It.   Johnston,   who    lately  returned Irom   Seattle   where  he went  to inspect   a   steamer   with   a    view  who  recently   underwent, a     aorlous !oi  U*���������-'*-losing   the    same ior a syn-  operation in  St.   Joseph's    Hospital, ���������*<-������-��������������������� ������* -Nanaimo men.  intending to  'place tho   same on   the .Xanauno-Sca  !ttle   run,    did   not iind  tlie   steamer  suited   for   the  business    for     Which  Victoria/ will arrive ,oji..the' noon  train today and'will go to the Nanaimo hospital  for  treatment.'  Gatacre St Ladysmith  Open at all hours.  The'busix fire which raged, last week  a the vicinity of Fiddfclc's Junction'  has left tho country a'; blackened  waste. The fence along the E. &  N. line has been burnt out Cor hundreds  of yards.  "GALEJHPST  Leads Them    A\\\  IN  QUALITY  R. P.RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  v        Pacific Coast Agency.  VICTORIA.   -���������  ���������--'������������������ ������������������- ��������� ~;:j���������^������-~\  LADYSMITH   BAKERY  CHOICE    CAKES    AND    PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  cm rtfade   to  Order  j  Wedding     Cak  'hniU-iTS   AMD  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN ' BLpSSOH  None bu   Union Labor    Employed  IT J. BOOTH. Ppod  DAY   SCHOOL.  , Usual  subjects   taught;   also ���������    l&a  guagep, drawing   in  pencil  and  cray-  ' ons, paint ng in  oils and  water  col  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv- J  *   en In classes*"or individually. I  , MISS BERTRAM, '   Ladysmith, B.C  RAYMOND c* SONS  ���������Dealers in���������  Linic, .Plaster' Paris,    Brick,  Fire Brick'and Vancouver island cement.      "   ~~  3 Pandora St. Victoria'B.C.  The Board   of   Hospital     Directors  met last' night   Pros.  Jos.,- Booth in  the chair,   vice-president   Mahvcr and  Directors Manson, atullott, Dick, Mor  tori   and Jas.  Booth being present.  4ade   to   uruer.       ,  'Chairman Booth in   addressing  the  CANDIES OF ALL *)oal'd stated" that the meeting     was |  A'KESa   BREAD EV-     called;      "     -���������^.Vi1'"-:,-iM,���������in(,i  ERY    DAY *',ie   advisability of doing  Very  Reasonable.      All ln^ position;of Hospital Steward and!  placing the whole Institution under  the control of tho Matron.  I After .considerable discussion Mfu the  subject Air. Planta moved seconded  by Mr. Dick that Mr. Warmbly . be  asked to hand in his resignation,  and that Miss. Fuller' bo, placed in  Villi charge.,  On being put to thje Board the motion passed "unanimously. - <  lt is understood that' the above  change will take effect at the first of  September, but should tlie present  Steward tlemamd a months notice,  thc change will not take place untM  Oct 1st.  it is wanted, tlie machinery taking  up too much room forward. ,.Yesterday another steamer that is ottered. Mr. Johnston was being inspected lor him and' it is quite  likely that it may Iu* seemed although it has not the t-anymg capacity that is desired. However, whither the one being considered, now  is taken over or not, it is bate to  ,say, if one can be purchased  at a        reasonable cost       it  will be done und regular trips rto  Seattle, Van Anda. und other ports  will bo made   with Nanaimo   as   the  all  "^at]  KINDS.  '-Pi ices    arc  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP  LEE * CO.  ON THE   ESPLANADE  JAL. .  Wall Papers  ; ON HAND  To be sold at HALF PRICE  Call on J,E, Smith  House and Sign Paintei  j;; PIERCY & GO.  {Manufacturers Of-��������� '  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE ORY GOODS  mwm, B. G.  for the purpow" of "discussing I home port.     The merchants and  Ivisnbility of doing Hway   with loUier 'panics   interested in the pros-  'perily of Nanaimo readily recogpuze  tho benelits to ix������ conferred on the  city, by a steamer ���������' ot this kind  aryl will undoubtedly do all th.-y  can'to tlu-ovv business, so fur as  they cam to a .steamer having its  home port in  this city.  Mr. Charles Ternan. of Vancouver,  who is engaged ' in canning salmon  on. the West, Coast came in from  Alberni on the stage last evening  and will  leave   for      Vancouver Ibis  morning  From Mr. Ternan some   interesting  information about mining in the Alberni section was leu mod, particularly of the newly discovered .Big Interior mine that Provincial Mineral-  ologist  Carmlchaol, Mr.  B.*lhng<ei\   of  DRILLS  Union Brewsni  f  .*���������  j  ���������J  Miners'  , PICKS HANDLED A   ND IJi.PAlKi.iJ  ^ -SHlPSMITHINfi    IN      A.LL    ITS   BRANCHES  Horseshoers and Genera Blacksmitns.  R. WRIGHT.  1 ICE!    ICE!    ICE!  1   WiLl be Delivered on Mondays,   Wednesdays.  Fridays and Saturdays  Order- must he In by eleven o'clock on day of Delivery,  Co  ���������*��������� ��������������� ���������*������������������  Limited  1 NANAIMO^ B. C.  *. stead the requirements as to residence' may be satisfied by residence  upon the said land.  Six monthe' notice In writing  should he given to the Commissioner  ol Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply 'or patent,   f  Coal lands may he purchased at %l������  ���������^ i������������:H������mestM" ~" -c������-d zr  ,iu,to ti������..R������"*'*',Bdi^ Z\ ^ ������' ������"���������������������*������-p������ *������������������' 2'!!������  .   dumb... MJ ^T^ZU   tf  ,������* Ml ���������������    collected  ^pT\*;sie������v������r^!Uo-p'.'  m>   family, ot a^y ***��������� , ���������  *ears ol age, to the extent ol one-  yean oi ������fe ������ acL-eB more  quarter section ol  100    acit������,  in which the -and Is situate,  The homesteader is rehired to.per-  Mr. Smith is in receipt of the ioV-  lowing communication to -attend tho  Trades,and Labor Congress of Canada. ,The Congress will be largely  attended, by delegates from all Canada.  Ottawa,. August 20th, 1906.  Mr. Ralph Smith., M.P.,  Nanaimo, B. ,C,  Dear Mr. Smith.���������    -  The Trades and Labor Congress of  Canada will hold its 22nd Annual  session of the city of Victoria, 11.  C:, commencing: Monday, September  17th, next.'  T have very much pleasure- in ex  tending to you, on-behalf of, the  lCxecutive oflicers of the Congress, an  invitation to visit us, in session'.  1 am sure, my dear Mr. Smith,, that  no one will be more welcome than  yourself .to this annual parliament  of  labor  iu  Canada.  Trusting      that    your   convenience  will  permit   of    yon  attending-,    and  vvith  my   best   wishes    and     kindest  regards   to   yourself  and  family.  Yours   Very' Sincerely,  Low Excursion  Kates  ' Round Trip.  Tickets  Under the patronage of His Honor, the Lieutenant-  Governor of British Columbia  srpTtriDEP;a. to arm  i m n w m w  Literal Premiums & Valuable Prizes���������The Best Stock  Market in the Province���������Live  Stock Parade Daily���������3  ; Days Horse Racing���������$5,OC)0 in Purses and Valuable  J'Trophy Cups���������Splendid New Attractions including  Grand Broncho Busting Competition for Championship  of British Columbia ���������  SPECIAL EXCURSION RATES FROfl ALL POINTS  For entry blanlcs, Prize 'Lists and other information,' Address,  A- J. Morley, Mayor, President J. E. Smart, Secretay.  th<*   P.ritiinnia mines    and other min-  Irans-j  Cont  Trains  on all  ..Train?  'Einoriek, and one or two others  "is   reposed  that the Provincial  HILBE RT  W.  S1LBR  *ENEKAL LXPRESS &ND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY DOVT  Leare orders at tbe Abbotslord  duly 10 to 15.  Denver!        $55,0  August 7, 8, 9.  To       Milwaukee     $69,15  Sent. 8, 9, 10.  To   Toronto $83,15  Aug. 7, 8, 9. Sept. 8 & \0.  TO AL L  P 0 I N T S  For particulars call on    or  write E. E. Blackwood, Gen-  N.P., Portland, Ore.  ing men ha\o lately visited. The discover*,- consists ol un immense bods  of copper-gold ore, that* is at leadl  in places immensely rich, a handful of (he ground along the side  of the ledge is said to pan o,nt us-  liig'h ' as two hits in gold. The owd  crs of this property   are DrinJcwator,  It  as-  'sayer    white   not   of   co������rse,     g>iviag  an opinion   on the   property until he  Ipropcrly   assays his samples-and   re-  1 ports    to his department,  states that  live   surface showing-  is  the best     he  ever saw in any country.  The   great  drawback    to     properly  examining    this  property   is   its      m-  acessability   it being   some   70 miles  from   Alby-'rni,    and    to   bo   reached,  one must   go  up   to  Central    LaUc,  it being-, some   15 miles   from   Alber-j  ni  to   thc   Lake  then    2.1 mile;      by  boat, then   u  day's   jotu-ney up     the  mountain,    to   the    property.      tt   is  Just below   a   glacier   and   can   only  bo  reached   for   about  two    'months  of tlie  year.     Smith    Curtis'has-, visited    the property   and  is   to  return  soon    to   see  it  with   other   par-ties.  From... all reports   it should, prove   a  e;roat    properly,     but   will   cost  riiinrt.  of monefi   to  open it  up  make   it   a pvodctive mino.  MURi5P1lV:i'rAYftBE THE charge.  Evansville, Ind., Aug. 27.���������Ernest  Tankcsley, ot Bedford, Ind., and Mis*|  Nellie Rainoy, a school girl ot Hcl-  tonsville, Tnd., were taken to Bedford today. by oflicers. Though "the  present charge against. Tankcsley is  the induction of* Miss Rainey, the  police will seek to' learn if he has  any knowledge as to who murdered  Miss Sarali Schaofer, the school  teacher, more than two years ago.  When charged toy the police with  guilty knowledge of Miss Schaefer''i  murder, Tankesley stoutly proclaimed his .-innocence.  Miss Rainey says she will commit  Buicide rather than testify against  Tankesley.  )  S1'I?A.M   HEATED  If URNC SHED     ROOMS  BAK'SUPPLIED;WITH DI?.' T  WINl$S,5I,IOUOR.S. CIGARS  on  the  W.  W.  CORY,  Hoputv of   t.hft Minister of TnterlgL  URNC SHEU     ROOMS ../vfWlTlf  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  A. J.lMcMURTRlE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  LADYSMITH,    .C  Good tables and good  Rooms  This Hotel ha.   been complefly ^J-vate^^ ^ ^ ^  9 m'At least .^months' residence  ���������p^andcultivatio������ol;theJ^d    in  each year lot tfcree years :  (2) I! the father, (or mother, if the  ^nrisdecea^r.ofthehomes^-  S rasiae. w* >  ^rm ���������!���������  the'<*������*  tv of the  land entered  for, the    re  auirements   as to residence may      c  Sfied by w.h person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler haB    his perman-  BOOTS & SHOES '  REPAIRED  J. A. HEED, 1  >0     Roberts St.    Near 5U1, Ave. ^S  ��������� JOHN TKA, Proprietor ^^ b c  Bar  Supplied with  the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-: La ysnu  Liquors and Cigars. . -  P   VOU  WANT AQOOD  -���������  first Clas*   Meal  CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restaurant  FIRST  AVENUE.  ALWAYS OPEN  a  and  UNNECESSARY EXPENSE.  Acute attacks., of colic and  diarrhoea come on without warning    and  prompt    relier     must    he obtained.  There is no necessity of incurring expense of a physician's service in such  cases  if   Cham'berlain's Colic,   Cholera     and . Diarrhoea Remedy is   at  hand.    A dose ot this remedy    will  relieve the patient before the doctor  could arrive.    It    has     never   been  known to fail,, even in .the most severe and dangerous cases and n6 family, should    ibe without it.  For sale  hy the Ladysmith Pharmacy.  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������RateH. $1.25 and$l .50���������  Fre to'nil'-steamboat landings and  railway depots Electric ears every five  minntea to ?-H partB ol the city. %r  and table unexcelled  (3) If the setuer ���������������������    "���������** ������������������-     j F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,  ent residence upon farming land ^ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B, O.  ed by Mm in the vicinity of hi������ borne  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATERWORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office    on Roberts   Street an-  iay Water     R^tes, between tbe 10������i    and the 25th of ead, month.  Office Hours I P.^Mi. 4,3Pbland  SUPERINTENDENT.  On Sunday ufternoon iu the presence ol a��������� large number of friends and  sorrowing relatives the remains of  tho late Mrs. McGirr were laid to  rest in the Nanaimo Cemetery with  appropriate   ceremonies.  The terrible and tragic death that  overcame Mrs. McGirr gave a particularly sad ami affecting tinge to the  I'unernl services, aud the large number ot floral tributes1 attested to the  widespread and general esteam in  which the deceased lady was held by  u. large number of people.  Out of respect to Mi*. McGirr, i.hu  otlico.rs and members of Black Diamond Lodge I.O.O.F. attended the  funeral   in a body.  The Rev. J.-M. Millar, of St.^ An-J  drew's church, of which church' the  deceased was a member, .conducted  the funeral services. The pall-bcar-  ers were Messrs. James Crossan, J.  Shaw, Wm. Lewis, H- L. Good," J.  !\I. Budd and <T. B. Nicholson.   4*_ .���������-  New    Westminster,     Aug.     25���������The  Nanaimo   Cup,   which    was     recently  won   at the   B. C. TUne   Association  tournament   by   Hi.    33.    .Tohndro   bf  this city   is  on exhibition   in   J.  0  G-amin's   store window.    'The trophy  would  be  more   correctly  called     an  urn.     ft has   a spirit lamp   beneath  it    and   a.   tap   fvom   which  to  draw  the.   contents;     Tt is rather   a ^handsome  trophy   and bears   the   inscrip-  ,tion.    "Presented   by the   Corporat-  hon of the   City ot Nanaimo.'-  t  THE COMflT-STABLE WAY.  Ticket and Freight Office,  75  Government Street.  2Tariscofltinental  Trains Daily  The New Train  I- ORIEN 1"   AL  LIMITED  TUe Train oi  Ease,   Elegance,   Excellence.  Every   mile  a  picture,    and  no. smoke to spoil the   view.  Through  Compartment,    Observation  and Pullman  Sleepers;     also    Through    Tourist  Cars to  Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  Union     Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.  Berth reservations by  wirel  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOR  JAPAN   AND  CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from Seattle for Japan    and China ports at   fre-  cjuenr dates.      Exact . sailing  dates can be seemed upon application to any Great Northern representative.  S. G.  YERKES,  A.G-.P.A.,   Seattle, Wash  E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent,   Victoria. B.C  i.:-1 :-*fc!jfe������������-;������t ^aWtfrtSSS,- ������������������niiat  rg^LVQYSMfri: i>ur,r ledger  A1 ways On Hand |  k3  AT  ^.^"���������s^^.-.-������^./^  ;%^k-  SICKLE'S  t  $ Best of [Groceries |  $ A Large Stock of . .. "      %  | DRV GOODS, BOOTS & SHOES J  A . That Can' Be Beat ������&  i*fi {tt t't'i tTi "t*t*i rfi itii itix it\ rlt*i r*^*T T*fri t*^' r'fri tTi 1T1 ftit ttit iti i'i*i ���������***��������� ������** **��������� ���������'*'��������� ������** ���������'*''  Smith, Fotos,  SPORTS GROUND*  SUBSCRIPTION LIST.  That's All!  Local Items  ������-.*  Rev.  Mr.   Bowen  is in Victoria lo-r  day, having gone down on Uic morn-.j  ing train. .-  Mrs.   G.  allies came up  fiom    Nanaimo on the morning train.  Mr.  R.  Gordon, of Cumberland; is  a visitor in the city.  Mr.  \X.  A.   Cornwall,  manager    of,]  the local .bank, left  at noon ��������� to-day  on a  holiday trip to Alberni.  Mr. J. Conlin, who has lately been  residing in Banff1 Alberta, is home  again.  The repot t which appeared in these  columns yesterday "regarding the attempted suicide of Miss "Parrott, was  published ]usi as given to our representative" by- oiic of "the paity who  was" in the boat at the time. J-Iow-  evei, since yesterday's edition, it has  been stated r hy Miss Parrott herself that the whole affair was an ac-  'cideiit. Miss Panolt, states that  she 'had -no intention whatever oi  convmiUmp, suicide She had rbeen  sitting 01^ ar.oilier girl's lap, and as  thc "boat s\Vc*o cd with the motion ol  thc wate'i, she slipped and went overboard. ' <-At no lime," said Miss  Parrott, ."was I fiiyhtened, and the  remarks which I made about ,"no-  Mr Smith, the local photographer, ' body,cares for me' weie uttered moie  Mrs. II.' Bennet, of Chemainus, is  visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. R.  Wiight, of this city.  Mrs. P. Hutchison'Was anions; Ihe  passengeis on tlie Steamer Joan last  evening.  The Host Styfish  5cmi=ready fiar-  meiil:>  Hugh Thornley.  N. A. Morrison.  T, O'Connell. '  J. Sanderson.-  i  J. Eno.  D. O'Connell. - ~  J. C. Gillespie,  , Wm. Sanderson.  R. McMillan,  W.' S. Morrison.  Jas. Adam,     ,  James Dunbar.  John O'Connell,  C. Hewlett.   ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������<&*#���������������������������������������������������������������  SCHOOL DAYS        +  x  and Mrs. Smith, returned last evciw  ing after an extended' absence ' from7,  thc city  Mrs. J. A. Knight will spend ^Iie  next week in Vancouver, having  gone over on  this jnoming's boat.  'Mrs." H. Mackiin and children returned last" evening from -a visit to  Mr. Mackiin's parents in Ladner.  in the spin! of a joke than anything else. I did not dream that  anyone thought I had realt  tempted lo ('���������.-*,-.-... myself. Then, too,  1 have had no trouble at home, and  if I said what thc paper says I did  jfoont being, diivcn out of lv6"mc, jt  was done in the1 excitement, and was  not the truth."  Ask   for Capiia! and Nugget Cigars  Mrs.   Richards and  children     were  passengers    on     the noon   train    for >  Nanaimo. i  Mr.  T.   Lewis,    proprietor of     the  High Street barber shop, is in Vancouver  today,   having   gone over    on'  this morning's boat. j     | ������'������"!!-  Mr.  C. Walters was amongst     tl.i*  Joan's  passengers this  morning    f  Vancouver, haling gone over on  siness in connection wilh his fun  DEPARTMENT     OF    PUBLIC  'VORIC " \:*7ADA  ���������/������ -ot Coal  There is a Style, Cut and finisir.  about these, Germents that has  never .been,  pioduccd in    Semi-  Ready  Suj.ts before.     We   have  them to fit all figures.  Walters ������  >iken head  NOTICE  Boots and Shoes made and repaired. Contracts t'alfcn' for ' clearing  land.  HOP SING  FLETCHER BLD(i. ist. AVENUE  NOTICE.  None Bet ter-Capiinl & rsuggetCigars  Thc S.S. Ellerie was- reported oft  Cape Flattery at one o'clock Ipday,  and will come in to Ladysmith for  a full ' caigo of sacked coal.' The  Duneric is the only large .-.hipjir today, while the following'tugs called:  Dominion and scows,��������� Kihloiuan ..md  scows, Cascade, Mystery and Sidney.   __ ,V  NOTICE.  vr:i!c(!  Icuiiov:  'dilresseil to the un  or '���������������������������-Vli-i'si^!'i(i(i  ind   end. i sod   "Tender for  Mrs. W. IJ. Wcini-obe, was a  senger on the morning boat to  couver.  \fi.ss Mabel Newbiny, ot   Vanuv   >.  who has been  visiting  in   i his   >  I  1hc guest    of   TMt.  and  Mrs.   V..   V*  Pannell,    left for home th* . ine i .���������.,  on  lhe six o'clock boat.   *>   Mr .   (<\   Little,    superitilcudent   of  the ���������Wellington Colliery Co.,    anived  fronii Victoria at noon todav   c������������������   .Mis J Gilmour and childien v..'re  j)cs.sf*iigeis Tor WincouM'i on lhu SS.  Joan tin1- ntctning, where they will  visit fi lends and relatives for the  next. week.  "i������.il,"  wi.'l hi   uviiu'd at the   Resi-  a:,i   i ���������.   .idol's  (>>ie,    New     Wesl-  i   '    i.K  L.j   iioci (������,! Friday,    thc  . '   '   ..,^i  ,    ioj   I In   ynp^ly   of     coal  ������ rei'iiiii ii   Iii   Uu   I'  ip imalt  Graving  'i^nc'. .uui  ii c,i,*m<-'ion with Victoria  ILuboi v. ui Li up lo  the end of tho  ,H.'->enl   fsi.il   \f���������i      mi  the  3lst   of  \Liic-h,   IfM".  'I he foal mii'.i   he a   I'lritisli f'olum-  iii     ',n.duel,    lttinp    i..i   washed  ttur>,  ���������id    leliveicil   in  "-'luh    iiiantities    as  (may be req..'! ��������� !--tiut .oi  thc Esqui-  :uplt  Graving   .-t^l     io  he  delivered  aiui stori'd in bunku.., in    Dockyard,  ,'iid Ihai  for the dredge "MudLaik"  to  no  delnered  in"lots of  J50     and  200  tons  at the Clovernmcnl    whait, i  Virtoria   llerbor, on scows lujnished ''[*)  by   Ihe  Dcparlment of Public Woiki, ji'.tl  lhe fovring  to be done bj   th<*   Con-  liacioi.  I iu* lowest or any tender will   not  If you want to sell your chickens  for a (air price, bring them to J.  X. Smith's restaurant, 1st Avenue.  Mii-arn"*-  ..iilment cures Distemper.  If you want a good cook, apply to,  HOP -LEE.  Owing to the, S, hool Opening  I Shall be'  ;,  OPEN THIS  THURSDAY  ^ HlfldlirS DOOR STOW  GlJUL^JUUlJUULJlJ  ���������  4  arc commencing and every boy and girl should have,  one of our  .  SCHOO  SH  S  185 v,Boys  Sweaters  1.50  now  $1.25  tt  I25  4 4  $1,00  i������  -7,5 ���������  ti  .50  200 Pairs Boys Tweed   Pants  reduced to 85c. 65c. & 50c.  Boys Tweed Caps from 25c. to  65c. each ,  Boys & Girls Hosiery and.Under-  ^ . wear at reduced price  NOTICE  Must Be Sold  ��������� Merry-go-rouhdJ Organs-Plays 36  Tunes���������Suitable for Bar Room, Etc  1 Smnll Organ���������rPlays "36,Tuiies by  . Rollers with Key Board to play by  .   Music���������Good "for Family Practice  BEST SEWING   MACHINES  VERY   CHEAP   3 Beautiful Large Pictmes, Tinware,  Etc. FLETCHER'S VARIETY STORE  Minard's Liniment Cnitis   Garget in  Uows.  ��������� "dtmqn%emr  LIMITED  m  mi  m.  ���������m  m  tm  m  m.  rm  ^m  m  *m  ���������m  m  i  Wa  m*  m  1  m>  m  ^        When ordering your MEAT don't forget to i|  g call on us.   We keep nothing but the BEST -^  ^ that the Market  can-afford and guarantee 3  B SATISFACTION ^  | MP COM mtj^ \IM IB. 1  I A. HOWE 1  g ;MEAT   MARKET * 3  ^iUiUiUMlUiUlUlUmiUlil Hi iUMUMl WMiiiUUilUUlUiiiK  "Smith," "Cla-brougrh,"  uParker,M "Remington"  MMUin*  and "Winchester^ -Juns  FULL    STOCK-  *S9  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  ssma������m:*2m3iaBseKm������imi  As  will  he seen by   the   adve-rtisc- v ncecs.sni ilv be accepted.  iiTcnl   of   tho    K. &'n.   Railway,     .1' (<-  A    KREFER,  double train service  will be  run     out Resident. Engineer.  Monday,   .Sr*pt,.Si-d,  Labor  Day, nudj    Resident Engineer's office.  excursion  prevail.  rates . to.'all   points   wil  Nuv,-'  Westminster,  B.  C,  15th  August, 1906.  ^wwww WMmNmmA^ KimtNMtim%r  A Nice Assortment of  ��������� E-E7,  II  il  EVEU.Y DRY SUMMER" Hie question of-drawing water from Mother Earth is brought forcibly bclore agnail tin. is (.s .md others, for which purpose the R E S T  pumps  aic required;     that is wiry we stock  hvers' puhps  In every variety "suili *as MYERS' I-.IFT PUMPS, MV-  ' ERS' ASHLAND STOCK l'UMl'.**!, MYERS'. ANTI-  . FR1CEZ1NG FORCE PUMPS, MYRRS" DOUBLE AGT-  JNC FORCE TANK PUMrS, MVERS' NEW CENTURY DOUBLE ACTING FORCE PUMPS, MYERiS'  HORSE POWER PUMPS, MVERS' SIPHON PUMPS,  MYERS' HOUSE PUMPS, MYLARS' SPRAY PUMPS,,  E(c , because they  ARE   THE   BEST  In construction material and-.durability,''which" we will  demonstrate  iIf, you   will call on or write to the  SOLE AGENTS: . ���������.  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Taiior  -   ' ��������� -FIRST AVENUE. ' I    .  Suits     Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  ij  WATCH REPAIRING  (OR & GO., ID,  THE BIRiMINCiHAM OF  Ii.      C.)  12.I Clovernment Street,  Victoria, B.C.  E!  iBmKMar������������**t^7.^oiT;*T������T^n*am*^^ -IK.:  just Arrived in the following  MEXICANS  ARROWROOT  SOCIAL TEAS  MAPLE CREAM  EMPIRE MIXED  COCOANUT  BARS  MA RSHMELLOW   l-'I NGRRS  5������  p.R.1314  All Watches entrusted to me receive my Special Attention. The  Repairing is done on my premises by myself with 3^ Years  Experience as a Guarantee.   Tly Charges are  m'derate for   FIRST CLASS WORK:  ��������� ill��������� ���������J���������_MMM *l������������������������������������������������������������aiWMIIII���������MWW���������ll'IMI    IIIIIMiWIlI      Mil IT'fl TI 1������ 1 til Mr���������y lMII  B FOftCIMriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE,  LADYSiTrtH  a ��������� ��������� 0 ������ c ��������� e .��������� ��������� e e ���������  ' '   -���������  J  Fresh Meats, Sausages,  ins and Bacons,  Etc. Etc.  Fresh and Crisp Molasses Snaps, 3 lbs. "25c.  ^Biscuits, 2 lbs. 25c.  KOBWiCt.' 3VI*VSS*T3.'*nU*'U<J I. W^l  Fancy Choice    ������C   J  -^   . BLAIR.& ADAM'  Ifommmmmm  a  E. G. IP- A NN ELL    \  GAT ACRE ST.        LADYSMITH   \  We are still in trre Wall Paper r.nd  Paint Business, and are selling slathers of it, which shows that our  prices are right and give gqod satisfaction.  If you wish to do your, own Plaint-,j  iifg or Paj>er-hantging, make your  Picture . I-'rames and Furniture look  new, come and have a talk with us  and we will cheerfully give you any  information that you desire and  make your task easy.  Smoke a Big  B Cigar.  . Dr.- Dier can he found at any time  at his office on 0atacre street. His  dental work Is guaranteed to be-first-:,  class, and rates  reasonable;  Smoke Little B Cigars. '  LOST���������On Aug. 7, rough-coated Airedale terrier, black back with tau  head and legs; tail docked. Anyone  returning same to thc Bank, will  bo recjarded....-.,'  a  1-~r~*r ���������*.-<, ~*r-f  DESIGNS J  TfiADE-MAriKS    ;  AND copyright:. 1  OGTAI'NEO        i  ill - B   ir||i %  'ADVICE AS TO PATEMTAEiUi t m   wtk^i-s*'   j  IMKMITH Wil I PiPFR "(IFPflT ^���������^������������^^,^f������������k!  LnUIOIVIIIII. llnLL    I fll Hi    ULI U I     ������' Charges nunTcmtc. No fee till patent is secured J  Harry Kay, Proprietor T" '" ""'"   Letters Hi-rictiycoiifitlHtitlai.   Addressu*       1  E. G.SigGERS.^Patent Lawyer, Washington, B. C. j


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