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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Aug 31, 1905

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 -i" ���������    ���������  <��������� ".(;*���������  iSiars'iSiaife  llf������  lillil  VOL.2,  THURSDAY, AUG. 31,  1905.  ORlA:y  FIVE   CENTS'  IT IS THE SUBWAY  TAVERN NO LONGER  The New York Saloon, Xonsc  crated By Bishop Potter, Pas-  **��������� ��������� i  ses Into New Hands  Henceforth the Place Will be Run  as a Saloon and Res-  taurant  New York,  Aug.  31���������The Tiibune soda water, and  the place has    the  says:     The     Subway Tavcin,  after appealance of an  ordinary soda wat  three months  of  existence in  which ei'store.   A cm tain in ,the rear leads  it bred     many rigoious discussions,, to a saloon wheie liquors and     free,  but attracted comparatively few wis- lunch, abound.    Downstair*?  is a rcs--_  tomcrs has passed into other hands lauiant.  "You can't     follow the Lord I and  At  12 o'clock last night  it uecamc  /the property of VV. G. Skidtore, who  has  for some time conducted       the  lRatliskiller thera. With Lhe elimination of, Joseph Johnson,  jr.,  picsi--  tdcnt    of  the  Subway  Tavern  Com-  chase "the  devil  at   the same .tunc,"  said  MrT Skid more, in relating   how  he has    come  to   bc'identified  with'  lhe   management of 'the     place.  "I  have had   . the restaurant privileges  WARD MEETS WRIGHT III  TENNIS  Wright Has   Fought   His  Way Through Allcomers  While Ward |Now Holds  Title-Betting  Even  (Associated Press Despatches.)  MOST POWERFUL WARSHIP Ii U. NAVY  The New   Battleship Vermont Was  Launched  This Morning  Is 450 Feet Long and Has  Displacement of 16,-  OOO Tons  (Associated Press Despatches.)  A.  ROOSEVELT  Qnincy, Mass., "Aug.  31.���������Thc United   States   battleship   Vermont   was  successfully   launched   tins   foienooii.  The    Venn out  is one  of tlie largest  and  most  powerful   wai ships      thai,  pany,1 the1     Socyialogical   experiment^   will     bc-ended and other  piincipals , for sinoie  than   lluee  months,'     he  are to be put 'into operation    from   continued  Monday  morning    The sign will he  taken  down  Saturday  night.  The     Tavern    wa.3  opened at  Wie  "Iised  to  run  a rcstaui-  ant in  Biookl>n and I "think1 I     can  make      th s   one   do. }I expect      by;  Thinsday  or  Fnday  the  whole tav-  Beccher ami Mulberiy  Street on  Au   etu will be transferred to me. Nego-*  ~    ' n-  tia-tions  aie now m process looking  gust  3rd,   1904.    Bishop  Potter  con  ���������operated with prayer.   The enlcrprisi  the  ���������eecrated with praj  is similar  to  many   that^aie^worl  isp! to  that end."   1 intend  to  rip  pl.ice   to  pieces,  tear  out  the '''water  wagon"   attachment   and* run. the  ing  well  m' England,   ln  the  fiont, ,  women, and  bojs are united, to  buy  place  as a saloon-and   restaurant  THE   MONSTER   SNAKE  as  Wallace.   Idaho,���������fcisons  ^^  _    lean be  of  anything* that ��������� the,  ON "tUB* ST.  JOlli reptile was at least 20 fcejl long and  as thick as  n man's  leg. .. ..   v  Whose it.-    "As  it was  winding  its  way      up.  Wauace    ������������*"���������   "?       , maclty   ihe slope tluough the grass;: and;hush  PU>tl^?onabtilarVUmb   the   it stopped  and raised its .head.     It  are unquestionable  king of' all western snakes is now appealed to us that ut rausi nave  dwelling among the dense woods raised the entire forepart ofitsbod^  along the St. Joe river above the for iLs swinging, venomous4ookmg  head of navigation. Coeui d'Alone head cleaily showed aho\e the brush  residents who have lecciiily .been - that was'several feet'high-.* It seem-;  camping in that section and who cd-to us that the reptile was ,taking  have seen the leptilc, say that so an observation before continuing ion'  far as ������%c is concerned it discounts its way. Its,gieat, powerful body!  the boa constrictor of South Amu- and its wiukdd'-bead dispelled every;  ica^that are c*:hiUiod. in\auouscu-  thought  of ^capturing  or  killing    the  Idaho snakes,  as,eii   ������������   -������w    - ^ infoimed persons of      the  willing to iiiahc     aihdavit mat ^   .      ^^ ^ had witneSgcd>  and  at least 20.feet  long   that us  ������*��������������� > mcn   aimc(, with nfles>  wcnt  '   ls 'over  a toot  ,n diameter  i^  ina ^  ^  ^ q{ ^^      ^  rts bead is as U.&c as a blau* in ������ ^^     ^  plaCe-whctc  lt  had em-  two lists, also that, it ��������������� **������ ������ Crged<fiom  the water and  where  it,  j,ca seu-cant.                            ������������������i.Uui'had  slntfsrt  up  the  slope   could  be  One oi  the     persons who fe^t* olsencci  when they reached  thc spot  a tew  moments upon the moiuxui o ^ ^ ^^ ^ Uacke(>  for no dis.;  the jungle" is one ol the most promi ^^    1Iuntcrs aic f>UU   looking for  nent  mining. oP^ators  in  tne  -~ol ^   ^  jf ^  sllcCeed  in killing it  d'Alencs and  his  woid can  be al) o- ^^ wiU  ,]aAC the skin ot the  lutely relied upon, lie viewed the so. ^ bCi���������0ant c,cr lvIncd ia.    the  neani, last weci*. while o i a cauipinf, ^t    j wftg  m Mexlco Ior  a C(>nsid-  inp,   and  on  account  oi   Uierawiu; ^^  ^^   an(]  whi|e  s,olouining  V thavhe claims     he would  i* biibjd ^^ ^ &nakcs  that wcle ^-,^1.  to ,flus  name were made  lnii)llC   10'gLeat oms.   They were dwarfs      as  declines  to have  it used.  Wilh. uu. comi)aml  to lhe one wc saw on the  understanding  that lus  name. ww.������ |^   Jo, ,  he,d  he  related  the lollow...g bton  ofhis adventure wiUi the gtcat tun  her serpeant.  -A friend and I were commg tho  urii the woods to oui camp one Uaj  S  week when  my companion    who  It   is   leported  that   other   poisons  ha\e caught     glimpses  of the suake  or In\c observed its traces   What   a  ,  great  jungle  snake  is   doing  in    the  wilds of Idaho is unaccountable.  Newport, ��������������� Aug . 31.���������Beals C.  Wright, of Boston, and Ilalcombc  Ward, of Oraugo, N.J., today coii-  tcstetl for the national tennis cliam-  pionsliifi at the Casino Ward held  thei^titlc, while"Wright had fought has been constructed for. the Unil������j.l  his ' way through the all-comers' States navy She re '150 feet long,  tournament and had won the privi- "<? feet m bicadth and has a dis-  lego, of (hallenf,ing the champion, placement of lfi,000 ton's. Her speed  The "day was fair'and the turf was rsquiiemcnl is IS knots. The main'  in good .condition The entire social batfeiy will consist of lour J2-hk.1i*  colony turned out  1o the  match. eight 8-mch and  twelve 7-inch upid-  'Theic. was little betting among the firing    guns     and "tlifiity autoinatic'  experts    before   the  match- started,   scmi-aiitomatic and  machine  guns ,  but  it/ was mostly at even money     I   The  Vermont  is  designed   as'     a  flagship     The arrangement of quarters  provides accommodations lor     a  flag officer, a chief officer,  J!)  wai d-  room officers,  10 junior 'ofliceis,    10  wai rant ofTiccis  and  not  fewer   than  761 men, including CO marines.   "    '  Says  Russia    Recognizes  Great Part He Played  in tlie Conference  Portsmouth Summer Guests  are Leaving the Went-  worth Hotel    '*  ^      (Associated Press Despatches^  fpyster^    Bayw,Aug.   3L-Emperor |  Ni<-hohis of -Russia lias  recognized the  part     which    President'  * Roosevelt'  jilayed.;������'��������� the  final t negotiations   loi  |K*oCe    The cablegram  icceived       hy  the    Piesident  today  from  Empeioi  Niehol.vs   leads    "PcteihoJT,   Alex.ui-  JAPAN DID NOT  NEED AN INDEMNITY  j  ������������������ ������������������"���������  /  The Government Has at Present  $175,000,000 in London, Germany and United States  Novoe Vremya  Refuses to Be-  t  lieve in Solidity of  Peace  ||f������������l  fist  Mm  St. T'cleiS'butg, Aug. 31.���������The gen-feeling of general regret that   Russia'  mil   tune ot   tlie press  tins  moining did not display a more reasonable at  is    one  of   resignation.   The  Novoe   titude     in recogni/ing- that Japan's  (lna,   Aug    3L--President  Koo*.e\elt.  .Viemya    is  anotewoithy  exception,   teims  were  not  only  reasonable  but  \cce,,t   my   congialula!ions   and cai- ;t,1c edl(oij M   Souvorin>   rc[uscs>    1(J'vr.y'moderate  in   the  circumstances'.  believe  in  the  solidity of jieaee and j All   the  Japanese  who   take alnoad-  minded  view of  the situation   must  iecogiu/.e  that the decision of    our'  contends    thai   it  is simply   a stage '  THE TRAVELLER MUST  HAVE BEEN EASY.  Press despatches fiom Vancouver  say * a slick confidence game of the  time t worn heads-1-win-tails-you-losc  variety was yesterday played ) ou  board the steamer Charmer on Mi.  James Deans" of London, Ont., who  is just going home after a visit to  the Portland Fair   Mr..Beans,    wa*     Bellingham, ,  ERUPTION  MAY  OCCUR  r  SOON   AT  MT,. BAKER  nest   thanks for having brought    tlie  peace    negotiations     to a successful  conclusion /.owiygto  your peisonal UoW^s a n"; .sVruggle"between Rus-  energetic   cftoits, ,My   country    will lrift aml  Ja[>an  giatefully recognize  thc  great     paiti  you  playod  riC the Poitsmouth  peace 1A\11AT ������O^E  OF Tilt  conlercnce.Vs.  "(Signed)  NICHOLAS."  Wash.,      Aug.  30 ���������  accompanied" by  his  wife,   and  both .Clouds     of steam    ho\er     over   the  are  still  in Vancouver. i snowbanks  of  the  noithcast side  ,^>f  Whin on the steamer not  far from Mtwnt  IJjKer, a shoitidistance* liclow  Vancouver Mr.  Deans says he    was 'tlie summit, and an eiuptnon  may  approached by a man who said that   bicak foith at any moment.  en-'!   Steam   was  seen  escaping       from  thiee apeitures a few clays ago bv a  his  name was Butler, and who  gaged Mr. Deans in "conversation' oif  the wonders- of the Portland     Fair.,'  party of Bcllingham and eastern pro-  Mr.   Deans says  his new friend twis- pie,   Who  ascended  10,460  feet.    The  led some silver in his hand,  and    a , surrounding  ice     is cracking,      ?,nl  few^moments1 latei suggested-,   that  they^ should flip the coi'ns to .pass the  time.    The  afternoon's     amusement  while the [laity is inclined to think  the, cracking was caused - by - the heat  UJ,���������^.         of  the sun, itsmcmheis  aie not sure  cost Mr.  Deans just $85, and it was and   believe subterranean "heat     may  not lintil ,the  steamer  was  tied^up , tc  respoiusihle. (  at the-wharf and half the passengers.   Those who'witnessed the scene are  hajd-left  that he realized  that        a", Dr.   E   T Mai tin, of West Virginia;  <rame had been played against' him., 'and' Ouio Stemple, Paul Ashley und  Here is the way it*\voikert- ��������� *   Mr.  ;-\Vildei   Jones  of  Bellin^ham,.     One<  Deans 'anil the so-called  Mr.  Butler |point wheie the steam is escaping is  had been,flipping lhe coins un"     an 4-a cleft betweenvtwo ciags, and     an  amused "sbrtuor way for several mm-j eruption  .there would  be an     easy  utes when a third man arrived upon" matter on account  ot the thinness of  the scene. '  He was undoubtedly    an , the crust.  accomplice of Bulter. He also wanted  to     toss   the coins, and they agieed  that they     should rUy with      Mi;  Deans'   money  and that   when     the  game was . over   tlie cash  should  be  loturned to him    When the latest ai-  lival had in his inside pocket 185 of  the money of the Ontario man     hie  suddenly excused himself  and said he  would be back again    in a moment.  Mr.   Deans  and     Mr.   Butler   talked  _  pleasantly  for a t me, and then tried ;   Victona,     Aug    31 ���������George  to find  their friend.   The latter had 'oollnvs,  wanted m Sai} J^iancisco on  disappeaied, and somehow the so-cal- 'achalgC  of  peijiiry,   was   yesteiclay  COMMITS  '   COLLINS FOR  EXTRADITION  f).  led Butler also got out of tbe way. t������ b  ���������    ���������*���������  J:.       \ ,. to   . ���������.,������������������+��������� ��������� ordered by  Mr.  Justice Duff  m the  The   police  arc making an  investiga- J  tion,  but  it is hardly liielv that    a Supiomc couit to  bc lemawlcd     ^*  capture will be maxle  o  ~....    . to  the custody of the  State of Califor  aia  on  llie waiiant  for  extradition  a shoit distance ahead,  hastened l - .  to  me  and  said   that   \uilguig  fiom  iTf*t'* BLACK  DEATH  the noise in the creek that was  flowing nearby, 'he believed that a couga*.  or  some  other  laige animal       *"��������� =  crossing.  was  was  SPUEADING   IN   PRUSSIA.  Dansift,     Piu&aia,   Aug.   3J.-Tluec  moie cholda coses weie repelled to  day in this neighborhood, oiic; of  which was: fatal,: making 23 cases and  i*'-^^^^^^:--^."*  .whence- tho'.spla'sh  we    could  ���������'���������"���������"��������� i-vLvw of the stream  ��������� Z of the water came, and  wc ������o  ��������� thunderstruck     witli  the  sight  that  met our eyes. An     enormous snake  1JO V'S  F AGIE  BADLY BU,RNED ,  BY    POWDEK  EXPLOSION  Through the 'carelessness of a companion, who threw either a match or  the si/e of which I never saw .l>rfocc. j^.^v. ci. cttc into what was  was with sreat ^?^ ? 'a,, Gently an ^mpty powder keg, the  fo cross the ^^^^^^.^ileeii-year-old sonof Joseph,. Gon,  side of ������^tam*^7a!Zllte| a fis-herman, had his face tod-  The reptile was evrient y^ no    of ^a ^ cxplosion at Stan-  21 ^^PeSngT  c^l������*' 4   Pai,��������� . Vancouver,  on. Saturday  S S2*I^ 1    ahout^" mannci ^    \ere  p^ ?ut some old J  SS-SnTu ward  showers  of water, powder    kegs   near  ' the" ������������nal  gun-  Sile we ga/ed at the monster    we lioIiao .    in   the  Park.   The, kegs had j  be Sed  it incredible that all. of this once     contained powder   or the gun,  PLAN RACETRACK  FOR 'The   final  healing   befoie   His   Loul  NORTH VANCOUVER. ' sh,p occupied 1hc entue day, the ma-    I joi poidions   of  the  morning  and  af-  Airangements aic now lending be- teinoon sessions bqing taken up by  tween thc Biitish Columbia Electric the amument oT accused's counsel,  Railway Company art! the Noith W J. Tajlor, K C , In giMng his  Vancouver Horticultuial Society by decision in thc application His .iLoid-  wlwch it' is pioposed iJiat tlie com- ship entcicd into an exhaustive ic-  pany shall have contiol and manage- s'ume of thc whole case, fiom its turnout of sixteen acios abo\e Twenty- tioduction into the couits of Cali-  first street and to the east of Lous- forma up to the present tunc in the*  dale avenue, for the purpose of a courts .of this province, speaking ov-  paric aii:r recreation grounds. The er two hours. .One of the pointsde-  Horticultural Society will retain pos cided by His Lordship was that; in a  session of. five acres directly, adjoin- matter of'extradition such as ho  ing the sixteen acres to he handed had before him; presumably the en-  "-.���������*!_i.-.r..,i,���������v,u,w   t?.1op.-  vironmcnl  of  the  Superior  Court, of  0'Ve.i;  to   the  British   ColumWn   Elec-  vironmen  was'present  in  this   en-  "j'>i--.   **-',*-���������*'--- ���������      .  fini-'ffvry..i���������    was; nrescni.  in   >">'������*   *-���������'  W  railway Company    A ���������������mhex o.  Ca ,^u a       .������ ^ ^  conditions have been attached   to the caiiry yanil that  - ������������������-    ���������H; in'British, Columbia reqiiiretl a  RUSSIANS      SAY.   _ , J ������London,   Aug.  31.���������M   Korietio Ta-  At   Portsmouth  tlie summer guests khasiln'i  thc  financial    commissioner  at  thc  Hotel  Wentwprth  have       as- 0f   Japan,      in   an   inteuiew   today  sumed     that  the peace negotiations.'    ..,,    UrAa   ,������������������ ��������� .       ������������������ ��������� ,    .  ,.     ,, .    -.,fa ,       S"'d       ihe Japanese .government   in  aie practically ovei and thev aie ba- ,. to  vmg hy every train. The pifn'.poten- I'ros^utJ"? "'e war nevet had in  tiarus; however, icalizc that there lmiI1<l ih& question of having to de-  aic many important details yet to pend.on an indemnity. The govciri-  bo deeded and aie icnianung in their ment had prepared  itself for an em-  inom-  ^������������c������jng and, sending cable- 'elg,nc,y  and   at   lll(i lt  nloment I ,  Anglo-Japanese  Al  bums     Mr- Demartens'and  Mr* Den- ti10lc 1S ���������0 less than ,U75,OOO,00O un-jnance."  M. Takahaslu looks for one of the  earliest   developments   in   the      Far  Djjij;eror     was  the wisest poisible.  Had the government insisted on   an  indemnity   it   is cleat   that  thc war  would   have  continued.    The objects"  foi  which this war was waged have  already  been      more  than  aclveved,  and to continue the war a pecuniary  consideration   would   not  have    been  worthy   of  the  Japanese nation.    1  do not share the  \ lew that this is a  patched-up-peace,   or that  ficsh conflicts  aie  liable  to  ensue.  Such  ,   a  contingency  has  been amply piovidei  ELECTRICAL  DISPLAY  AT DOMINION FAIR.  New    Westminster,      Aug.  mson      dic    foi-the  tunc  the  mam   loucnc(,      m   Lom,        Ger aud  woikcis      They  aie  fiammg,       the   the     Uinlted Slalc&    TWg t]je  f^/fSm T,LCa    "in      uV??~ CUSP'  T-SCC "������ n������CcSSli? for lhc i^ue.lSMt  .,.   (lie education of China   by  als    wlmse   ulvco ^ ������f  *n��������� loan-   IIad Peacp Ilot'    been  Western  methods,   which has .already  li.iks,   whose adv.ee  thej   need. (concluded,   my   government   at   Tokio'commenced.  | would  have  iaisc.1  .n   internal  loan |   Thc Novoe  Vremya article displays    t  ,of ? 100,000 000  foi   the  futther inose- further   nutation   toward    President"  'cution   of thc  wai     This  *ivah     the   Roosevelt    for  his mediation,  which  IpJan  of the government   at   the time   tlie paper    ccnsulets   wasi ���������'iegretta-  29 _   the  coufeience  met     I'considci "pres- ble, ���������inopportune and oven  disastrous  _. .      . ,   ..        ...  , ,   .    'cnt   rcsomi.es   of   Ja:>an   aie   ample .for  Russia."  lhoi.sa.ids of lights will be used  for for cJmnng up  lhc war ^  mcctmg\   ^ s^ 0ntcLhes1(Vd  (So��������� ^o{ the ^  the  g.and  exterior      dcctucaL ,dis- the, incrfenlal   expenses   thereby   in- JFathoiland)   savs-   "After ,a shameful   ,  j.lay  which will be made at the Do- \olved,   so if Japan  has   m   view      a war    Russia  could eeitanly  lay no*/  minion      Exhibition   heie,    and   City new ,   plan foi   the, ������suc of  a flesh    claim   to  an   honorable  peace. , 'She    -  tleeuician^BovvJei   now" has. a'Lugo loan l(-v/l11   1>e  fot   lllc purpose     of   should  congiatulate herself, on     the ..  stall "ol'men Vt" woik"pladcing     tliC C0,ncl*inS      pfcMois   loans   healing Vussatnon   of the   wai.   the "continuing  manv*   many  gloljes  in portion highei       intcicst     I have  not   heard    of which  would have cost lmmeasur-  ThV industuai" building Hill   look th4a\m5   S^einmcnt   has   any  such 'ably great   sacrifices"  P������at.culaily well,    and will  have no ln '"ltl0"'   ,'������^eVt'1-" Other  ladical   papejs,  while  c.iti-  ,  fewer     than     tvvche   hundred  mean- ' ,   Vhcn- q;'^������"oned regarding the c0n- citing .lhc peace tcims, express pleas-  descent,    globes    on      the    extctidr. .fltlC"S'?(f PfafCD' Mr'   -^ahashi con- jure  at    the���������  conclus-cn   of  the wu.  These will mark all' the lines ol  the ^"Cli    ,A" /%r-seeinS   Japanese will (which   they hope   will  Le followed by  ,    . ,-               .,           ..               , liail  with  satisfaction  the conclusion a conceited  efioit   at   internal   dov'cl-  building    on thc southern    end    and ���������                ,.,       ,     ,  ,",���������,        ��������� , i i    4i n     i or  pcaco, although there must be    a opment.  western side,     while theie will also  bc Stiveial designs. Thc agiicultuial  haJjWitih its many towels and  spiics'all outlined with lights, and  the whole suimountcdJ by a laige  seaichhght en the top of the liugh  e^t tower, will also look iple.iiid.  Nine bundled lights will bc n^ed on  this building, iihcrc will only l c a  display    on  the front of the    manu-  THE FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT AT PORTLAND    ; )  Mr   James     Adam is in receipt of pear     Tot th3      toinfia-memtf   Stould  factutes'  building,  hut  it will   > e  an ! the    following    letters     relative to some of the moie distant townstfinil  attiactive   one,   and eight     hundred | spotting events at-the Portl ,id Fair it    impossible to bung a   full  eleven  lights are being used in  the woik.  A    beautiful display,     will also  I'e  made on  the grand aich at the   cu-  ttance to the gtounds at the end of j Club, Ladvsnutli,  B    C���������Boar  bu.���������  park    f.iovv,   the ptiucijal fe-atuie  of Vn  Assccauon  Football  tournament Ullb  Ul11  lal"c   ������1���������SUIC  f l*ldelluB  which  will be a large design of The .       ,,       w    .rt   , ni  whiph Wlll a">   i--������-s'aiice    along    that line, so  ^ open to    the    worm, but wm.cn will .),,.      ,. ,4,. ^r ���������,t,y.+    Tn.���������  ,,  vvoid   Welcome.   Fom   bundled  lights , , '   ���������     , ��������� tJiaL     ^"h seven    or eight    men  it  ,.   , i .. ,     ^ t     doubtless    resolve itseli  into  a Paci- nintht to     be iicssible    to have a full  will he used  on  the gate <m>ne.     Iu u >*ul' u"    "   i*os>aiijiL.    lu nave aiuu  addition    to  all   thCbc seventl  moie j "C    Coast    tournament,  will   beheld lepicsentation.  liundietl  lights  will  be used in light-   on the Lewis and Clarke Exposition     Details    teganling   the  tournament  mg   the vvcodul    walks     and gloves   field    inside    the    Exposition   gates, ale   ^"'S    hC^ to    a11 the cities of  m the Park, while many arc and in-' Ssplcnibei    2S    20    and 30.   The af- tho    Noll,lwest and    Blltlsh  CoUni-  candoscent lights will  ais0 Le phiccd  r .     , , h'a     l^heie   ought   to    lie eight com-  ,4 .     fajL  is entirely    under  Fan auspices, pC(111(r (0iims.  PouLuid,  Ore.,  Aug.   19,   IUijj. ^    will be    poss'blc t0 pick up good  Sir.  Jas.     Adam,     Sec.     rCOiball   English, .S.otch  or Canadian plajeis  lesiuent in    Pot Hand.   The Poillaud  aioi.nd   the     stockbhcvls,   iCbtauiauts  thc   PortLud     Association   roollall      The   schedule    will probably he at.  and other  paLts of  the grounds. The  figiires    meiitJionod "above  do  not  in- .Club simply entering-one 'ot the com-   ranged   by the    Association Football  the same basis, as' sub-committee    of   the Fair.-.'Kindly  alij.Iy'to the undersigned   for any' fur-  eluilc  nearly   two  thousand     lights,   peting    teams    on  (her    information    desired,  or to II.  Chairman' Lacrosse Com-.  str.uctcd and  all  netessary buildings plication for  a  for the display of livestock .and   the the .. case     will be made before Mr:  other   industrial   nnd  agricultural tea- Justice Martin. \  turesiof the society's fall,show. The  -o���������:      ' ���������-'  si"-hs       our    hero,  ncui!'m.."    ������������������  .    .     i    .                  ��������� .           .. ������������������_,loJ, ������������������ ���������,,,���������   i^rnnnft!  arc; to  be bcautificfl, as much "Cassandra,"  bright,' scaly mass  belonged to     one   and  ,hcy had l>eon discarded as e up   j    o������J. o. -      f             laii(|Boipe sometlung within me that,  snake                           -- ���������' \^r-   0nC  however,  contained   a small   as   possimt   i>> -to the innermost recesses .  ���������Within   a few  minutes   it succeed-' amoulvt    ol    powder    and   into  U^cff***.        .      . n   aCrCR  1)a8silil,.    to Zmy\0ly    I  nmst/teil you  of   the     Manila,     Aug. - 31..-Unitel   Sl'afas    Tims every competing teaml is put on  which, will he required to iUunmial-c- ^ny outsider. With a view, however,  the interior of the building and the t() ,U(, ,n bd jn about a sllcCCssrtll '������������������- -������������������  cxhill,Us- . meet and to advertise the. game on ��������� ' ^''^n Athletic Director , of  City Etectrician Bowler is one of the 1>iU;i|.]C Coast ��������� iho rorUaml Cliil������ j (h������ ( L��������� ���������* 11CIark,������ V*V���������^  the hi.sk.st men around the fair js uk|n6lho illlitiative in ,,SCIttlinfi: j^Rorts Care Multnomah Club, Port-  grounds these     days ,for in addition ()Ut.: t|ttta\.(>���������ecrniiig the tournament. jlami' 0rc' , '    .    ��������� ���������'  ���������  to ������������������ attendinir   to  tlu*    ninkinir oLall      ,���������,      Y-     ��������� i    r..    i    t-.        ���������<��������� Calvin  V.  Dyment,  "    ciciviioiuj,   lu  mi.,    iiuuinii., 1.1 ,j.j10   Lewis and    Clarke Exposition  the display at the Park, he has also Cou.miUcc    0I1     Athletics  has   made  atte.Kl  to    the    illuminating     of (Ju. n|,Ci   t(J which there is n0 excep.  Cnluinhia.street and the regular city ^^ that UQ  imlucement  iu thc way  service^  but already he is being com- q[  furnishing cxl,cnscs.or  transporta-  phmented  on the result of his work, ,ion    shall   be  maide to. anv visiting  rinl    it., is believed, that;' the  display  will be  the,finest ever seen at   any  fair in Canada.  athlete or athletic team. No admission is charged to the Fair sports,  lhc general gate .admission giving  entrance to the athletic field. This  ensures  large  crowds.   Splendid   tro-  TAFT   AND'PARTY  ' ������������������ SAIL FOR JAPAN   pivfcS arc to he hung, the expense for  Dear .Sir,-���������To assure thc success  of the Lewis and Clark Wrestling  Tournament I write you this letter  calling your attention to the fact  (���������bat the Championship Tournament  ���������is scheduled for September 16th to  21st, with entries closing September  15th  instead  of  September,  as  stat-  ed iu reaching the ���������bank, and .as   its  yoim,g    -Gonzalez  1.   As'way   Company,  it  is intended   to have (lmuIi  the pain  that fills me-  sailed   on   the   transport   Logan  these to' be   paid by tho   Exposition,   cd  jn   the  programme.  This is one of the principal events  of  the  Lewis   and   Clarke     Athletic  programe,   and  you should not  overlook       Uic opportunity   of being re.  ted.  grammes and entry Wanks sent  request,     and  any  Other infor  you should want I will glad-  ������v.-w -.- t - ;  L/> i������'itt-,J������,v."       " v* w ~ .  _      _ , ill/lilt; UU     C������ U U������T       *r l������*      I'   *".' -----    -       ci i_.^-.w������-   .' the  water   and  started   to   leisure.}   |tfsousht tha't     the eyes were injured.   on  the other side  of thc  Inlet,  and   transformed     .into  ascend  the slope from the creek-hed,  obtained a better view  of       tlie  we  length  and thickness.   I am positive  The boy lives with his  father on the tliat   the  twenty-one acres  under the place ��������� for.seekers after lieaiui  Stanley Park shore    to the north ot  .Q.nt     auspices- of the Ilprti'-cUltural I amusement,  Deadman's Jsland.  and  Forcimmer's  saver.  window   is   a money  of  advantage to  Association players ���������  from a    monetary standpoint to ap  ery    'Respectfully,  EDGAR   FRANK,  Chairman, Wrestling Cqmmittq  ���������-;���������'���������;} *.<~'s^tv  j&Sw-Mraw  vmAfami  i"'ttiS������������4*i'f  ]Mmm0.  ti)k&3$&  K'4'c:.yi:,.'via.?.  ^mrnrn  w-^s������s|  .-- !'\'<.kr^.lvy  %������������M*mfr  r.fV.-.^-'v'-i.'1;^  -->;-liiJ,-^.*M^-  i'&fii&fiiftffll.  fe!ft������$&Sri  m$g4$������  WMmi  W0ffi������.  saM^>&M������  ^.=������/i^i.-a.-.;!ft**fc  fy-,\:h^'&iiW&'  &> '^.-irff-rv w>'  1$M$&$������  ,'<*������-'+fi.'f-ijr-''*fri,i  M^P#M  '���������', '��������� ��������� .rM^t^^ v-jj/ay *.  ^Vi^,^'i^*"27^i5ffi  p^Mi0;&  H&mtgm  -^';^,,,-*|:'i*S������������'*'  '.':"H''.-.;^.-,i'*--Jf^  %������%?'mm  &&wm  :;itTtS--flii.'.  mm  ml  ^.,-AMm  ^ ���������~5=- ts������������������:������������������B.gmg'i  "j-WSTi-J 5*jae.rt*.i������iiM.   ,  r*-**rj-MTi^VH5>e*-ii������c������^"'������fi������������Mon *-.iV|������**-V*������* ���������<������������������<-������i  JL^    -v    i^  -ivJ" ��������� '  > i  sse  ��������� ���������������������������v -��������������� r-*  ������������������  mam  tUlfcYLKDGER  tfMHki  THE DAILY LEDGER  publisned   every day except Sunday.  BY       THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,  Ladysmith and. Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  '  SO cents  a month,    $5 per  year   in  Advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  THURSDAY,  AUG.  31,  1005.  ENDING  THE WAR  It is fno sutpijse to those who have  loi lowed lhc coui.se of the wat mi  the Last, to imd that Japan wa-.  ready and willing to settle the war  it has bscmcd to the casual obwiv-  cr that Japan was having a good  time dining the vaiious campaigns  in  which she has invaiiably conic oui  , fust, but the uM ui Uo<k1 and tieis  uic, even to thc viciois, bus been  simpliv appalling. Japan has won  all that she contended foi, and has  won enftimous piesiiy anion** the nations of Hie woild Theie is no business in continuing a wai and e\-  pcn.li";; nnolliei half billion oi so m  trvmg to fnice Russia lo pay Hut  amount in indemnity, and Japan 'S  wise in statesmanship as wcli rs a  vvoithy focinau in war. They h.aie  won evciy point foi which thev contended bcfoio actual wat was undet-  taken, and much moie They will  lelain Port Aithur. portions of Man-  ihuiia, will conftol Korea, will own  ft goo.l many htindied miles of i.nl-  way which can bc cilhei held oi so"M  totbe Chims'' government 'Jhcy have  now a niai**!)if.eent. navy, largely augmented by taptuicd Russian slni-s,  thc lepulation, well earned, of being a fighting nation, and aie capable of main Liming their tights 'I he}  can new test on their laurels Tian-  chuiia, Saglullcn and Koica will  give them loom foi thc.t surplus population Tor a bundled ye.us to come  Why    should  they have continued   tlu  _wai toi collect indemnity fu.m a  hiimhhd enemy. They have (Ihmm  well, and the vvoi Id at large enloisf  es heal Lily then  vet diet  In connection with thc reasons  given foi accepting the peace lei ins,  ithc    despatches       liom     Poitsn.oulb  ������>aj J'  "Japan realized fully that she was  making a sauihce foi peace, but she  was i'Co ing to the futuie It was  not a. <M.u.sUon of whcthei the wai  could bc successfully continued, but  whcthei peace was not mote advantageous io each. Japan had alieady  gained till she fought for. It was on.  ly the spoils of wat that rcmaine'l,  and she could affoid to forego 'the  spoils lathci than % placed in the  position olXightong for monev.  While Japan believed she was entitled to the spoils she felt'that the  position was so stiong and hei success so complete, that she could  yield without dotiacting fiom the  force of her v ictorv.  Kootenay  RATES $2.00 PER. DAY  -JAVlPr.U ROOMS  BAR SUPPLIED WITH B������.->������  WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS'  ABBOTSpOR^ HOTEL  .Beetaccomodation in tow.n. ySplendid hunting au.l fishing In near vicinity.  A. J. McMUR TRIE, Proprietor LADYSAHTH, B.' C  Burns Coal, Coke  or Wood  m n. *.     IT  ������������ *     - ������ -  Two sets of fratc* are  supplied with every  Kootenay Range���������one for coal and the other for coke or wood���������  and the flues are wide and deep, with no square corners, so that  the ashes and soot produced by soft fuels cannot clog up the  smoke and draft passages. *-  -'*���������   u- '--;-->-J *" *  '  This feature of the Kootenay Range ix a decided success.  The grates are so easily changed that o boy can perform  the operation. ,. . ��������� -  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.  London,     Toronto,     Montreal,     Wfaafeag,  Vancouver,     St. John, N.B.  i  I  Newly fitted up aud  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms-    ~< I  PORTLKND HOTEL  ANGELO TATE.PROPT  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  '   *'     Sjtocked  Canadian Pacific  ^ '-Railway-   .*  ' >   -  ������������������������������������> ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������*���������������������������  ATLANTIC STEAMTHIPTICKETS  ^ r td  Tickets "bn Sale Tor and From air European Points, 1   '  AT LOWEST RATES     \  i  ALL LINES   REPRESENTED.-  For Sailing Dates, Rates and full information,  The New Western Hotel  Good looms,     good beds, and good board?^'    ���������*-'   * *  r  Our l'ar is newly fitlciup and well supplied an1 is in charge of  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  88 Govt: Street, Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Disl. Freight &, Pass. Agt  Low .Round Trip Rates  ^VIA-r-  This  Hotel  has    been completely   Board and lodging $1.00 par day.  renovated.  GRADING ON    THE  V.   V.  <!c   E. RAILROAD  Ed wai d Wiule, in chargc of a gan^  of '.(J men, lelt Spokane last vouu  loi JMidwaj, H. (.', sajs llie Spolvea-  ina.ii Renew,'wheie the men will ,*j  put to worK en the consti ucuon .if  the YaiiLomci, Vicloiia <Si Eastern  cxUnsion of the CJieat Xoithein s\s-  1'Jin 'lhe umliact is held hy -1 \\  Slew������iit and 1J A\alsli, between JV1 l.l-  way   ai.d  Nelson, II   C  The Ia\ ing, of steel is well1 undei  way heUu'cn   Cm lew   and   Alidway  Tins is one oT lhe gicatest pices  cf lailuaj Loiihtiuction worh atlenip-  1i\l in the Xoilhwest in &i������\cial \eais  ioUi in ])oinl of lhe length of tlu*  line find in the difficulty of const mc-  tion The giading (hioughoul ..lnio't  1he entne disliuee will he of tl nio^t  hon\ v dial act ei.  Its   G rea t    Resou rces  No part of British Columbia tod ay ofteis so maay^advaataf ss to the  unestor as  docs  VANCOUVER  ]SL AND. -    - -  its vast and vaiied natural wealth has never bees'as yet thoroughly  appreciated  hy leason of the fact  that it has nev������   bet* promieatly Uld  before the public. ' *._.>._-  COAL GOLD .-   ,  TIMBER SILVER  F1SII IRON *  GAME ^ . COPPER  3  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,   will grow almost any-product of the  soil   Known   to man, > w  ������-        ;    /  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied  with  the Besi   Wines, 1st Avenue :-:  Liquors and Cigars.  :-::- Ladysmith B.C.  J. 2������. SHMEITtl'JS  RESTAURANT  " Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street ,  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Prices   Moderate      . ,  ������TJ  gbeA!,^  pAi*-^'  WHEAT  OATS  RYE  VEGETABLES  OF  ALL    KINDS  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  BERRIES.  AN OVI-KUORKED  A\ ASIII-JIWOMAN'S DIKCil'l  Catherine Alsopp, a Shefiieid wasli-  ��������� trwo-ina,n, hanged lieisel: hy a piece  of clot lies' line on a nail in her l.cl-  roo'iii on i\l(,ii.iay, and at/ the 'in^.tst,  (���������lie following lines copied by her nil  a piece of sugar paper were read lo  the. jury'  Mere lips a pr()r  woman  who always  was   I.;red   :  .She  lived    in  a house where help  wan  hired.  Her   I;.si   words on  earth  were,  Pear  friends  lain going .  V,:hero  wash in' ain't done,   nor sweep-  in' nor .*;ewin'  llui  everyl,!iing   there is exact  to my  wishes  For  where they don't eat-  there's no  washing dishes.  T'll   ijc    where loud  anthems   will  nl-  ways tc ringing:  But having no'  voice I'll  he clear  of  the singing. !    >  : '   !  Don't mourn for nrc nmv, don't; inn-urn  for iivo never,  I'm going to    doinothiiiir forever ami  ever.  Tho jury returned a verdict of sjii;  eide during temporary . insanity.  A  WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS    AND  V i  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt  a literal   land  policj,  and  tht     1,500,000 acres con trolled     by    them will'be disposed of on reason-  J - . 4.*.    ������ <        J  file  terms to actual settlcis  Goveinment lands can lie secured   and     money Can be mado by those  who desue  anew home in a country   possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THF, DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, willsiipply  any   information  ob-  ta nalile  to   those   who  contemplate  a visit  with a riew of investment; if  i-onditions are found  as  aihised.  Is  the centie of the gieat coal mining    district;     a beautiful Harbor,  wheie hundreds of gieat collieis come   in   each  year.  LADYSMITH  IT-IS THE JUNCTION OF THE -LINE    FROM    VICTORIA  TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to   grow ic  '.mportance as the Island is  develojied. '        ' .  Suhserihe  for and  read  TIIE   DAILY LEDGER,  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent' boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a >Iy furnished and the har Is up-to-  dte. Rates $1.W a day and up-  w vrds.  WM. BEVERIDQE, Prop.  t>������Ia>������de  :���������: :���������: y*< LadysmlUi  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot .7  GATAORE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  SO  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs   Copyrights Ac.  Anyone Benilliiga Bkotrh a.r\A doeorintlon mn������  oulultly ascertain o������ir oiiiii.041 free whether an  "fnventkin ib probably pifeiitable.  Conii*.n.i\icn-  tlonsstrictly ronOclentliil. II imlbookon 1'ntcnts  ���������lent. free. Uldeit naency for serurl-ip patent*.  Patent* taken tlirouith Slunn & Co. receive  tpteial notice, without charge ln the  Scientific American.  , A handsomely llluitrated wcohly   I.i-ruost clr-  1 nilatlon of nnvecimntiCe Journal.   Terms, fi a  fear, four mioi.OiJ. f U  Bomb/e 1 m*w sdfilfra  HflONM &Go.3GtBfoa,!^NewYar!r  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates fl.25 atd$1.60���������  Free hua to all eteamboU landing! and  railway depots. .Electric cara every five'  minutes to all parts of -the"city.   Bar,  ������nd table unexcelled. " .���������      .^.    <*    ,-  P. BAYNE8, Proprietor, - \  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B.'C.'  ' Under New Maiiafineiit '  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. G.   !  McKinneli & Woodbank _;  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First Class.  Commercial Mens' headauarters.  Fire Proof    Building.  HOTEL LELAND  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modalled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets   Telephone,  1---4. '   *  Sti Pail, Dilrth, Sioux City,  r Omaha, Kansas City $60.00  St/ Lous $67i50 Chicago 71.50  , Dates'of sale, August 24th and 25 th  1 ' ,-* -'      :     ' '  September  16th and  17th.  Philadelphia $87 00  -Dates -of' sale,- September 7th to 11  ; Final return limit 90 days -^from  date of sale.  For, full particulars' call on or address ~, , ' ' "  S. G. YERKES,     E. R. STEPHEN  TICKET   OFFICE  'i ���������  and  Yates St3.,  Cor.  Government  Victoria, B. C-  3  Transcontinental  Trains Daily,  t  3  G.W.Pj.A.,. -,  Seattle, Wash;  71 Government st  - Victoria, B.C.  HENKV'S NLIRSFRIES  NEW CROP��������� v  Home Grown Sl Imported  GARDEN.    FIELD    and FLOWER  SEEDS. i    '- ���������<.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES.  .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.   Eastern prices  or less.    Cataloguesfree.  3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver.  ladpltli Bint Biili?  it  Launch and Pleasure Boats of all  descriptions for Hire. Boats built  to order and Repaired. Spoon oars a  Speciality.  HARRUP AND HAYEDN.  BOAT     BUILDERS.  <i^s^������#"a**^.;������^'*^.**^>*^>*^*������^.*������*  i     THE TYEE COPPER CO, Ltd.  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD>AND  SILVER ORES. i^   *  Smelting Workzts at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  General Manager,  THOS. KIDDIE.  Smelter Manager.,  ���������i*fc^fcr*������������-������*i&*'fef**-*i������ Ki&K-HrUar������:'fe.^ Kk!:W^U?*ikK'khKi^t������n'&9iik9JU:f  Vtt  j*  e  Geo. Roberts  arket  Prop.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700.000     ;   Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONtO y^  IB. E. WALKER, G������neral Manager ALEX. LAlRD, Asst. Oen'l ManafST  DAY SCHOOL.  . Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils aid water. colors, pianoforte and Vocal lessons given in classes er individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  ladysmith. B   C.  One of which (s the famous' "North  Coast Limited," ", S > -. -������  Up-to-date Pullman ��������� and Tourist  sleepers on all tiains.- Cheap round  trip -tickets, " gob<I~for three months, '  to Eastern and Southern points, 'on  sale Sept. 16 and 17.' Round trip' to  Philadelphia, Sept. ,'' 7Ui, *to ��������� 11th,  ���������S89.50, good foi three months.,  r Excursion rates now n effect  to Port! and Fair. Round^ trip  /ate 89.65.'f Only direct line  to Yellowstone Park.  ' ���������    ,:"  Steamship   tickets on sale to  .all  European   points. Cabin  accommodation resened by wire. ,  reserved by wire.    ft                  ���������_,  For     fuithsr  -particulars    call oi  write the office. .   " Phone Main ������56������  A. D* CARLTON, -       C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A,  N.P.,        General-*Agant.  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C '  Are You  'doing  Then be sure your tickets-read   via'  the  LADYSMITH SliAVIN'*  PARIORS  HIGH STREET.  :_:���������: Beat in the City .���������-:���������]  DID ST EVER STRIKE YOU?  That the place to BUY YOUR MEAT  is  where the. slaughtering  clone, locally?    We are not depending  on    what the Wholesalers send up  and      can     GUARANTEE   EVERY- THING to be FRESH AND CLK-\  PAS^NELL   &    PLASKET'T  STFVENS BLOCK, OAT/.������.Rc  fc/iF^T        ? XADYSAll  B^K MONEY OJipip  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING B4VrE8:.^./;.;:  ���������' $5 ������nd under... ���������.-.,......"....... ...^    Scents ..  Over  $5 and not exceeding*$ 10......    6 cents       /  . "    $10     '���������"���������'������������������'���������.     " $30......  10 cents;  "    $30       " ���������"',';     :   $50......   15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in C. nada of a Chartered Baisli1'  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal'banking points 'in the United State*.  HEOOTIABI.B AT A FIXED RATE A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC' , LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method of rernittin   small sums of moiwf  .with safety and at small   -oet.     /  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AND FRESH.  Coafectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken (or Pastries to b������ de  livered at any time.  -"������������������ Employment Agency  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST.-PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with th*  through trains from the Pacific  Coast.  TIIE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE  FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA;    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write, c,  F.  VV.  PARKER'          General   A gent,  7W 2nd Ave., Seattle  I3ZSSSS3  LADVPMITH BRANCH  .W./Xi CORNWALL. Ma*������g������c.  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOtt  None but Unicn I<abor   Employed  Tl "J. BQOTH, Proji.  -''-'������������������' ..SOPVP.iSMX  ISN?T THAT SWELL?  Our customers  are  always pleased  'with;   the  wall  and  ceiling  papers  they. have selected  from  our charmingly varied slock, as. well as  with  the skillful way our workmen   hang  it.    General approbation is given our  interior  decorations.   May  we  make  up an estimate for you?  Ladysmith Wallpaper Depot  HARRY   KAY  FIRST AVENUE j H&E&SOSm  SgiiiiKfir (f&mum  DAItV LEDGER  ' ���������H'^rHr^l' ��������� ���������!������������������������!��������� ��������� fr-H-? ���������>*^**^K������'*frM^:^^ '  on, is re win*  NANAIMO,  B. C.  flanufacturers of the  Co  *������ .%.  ,. ��������� In |Britfsh Columbia  Lager  Beer and Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  t     from the   Best Canadian Malt Run   Hops  FROM THE      -  ���������  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may" be puichased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents   per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall-be collected on the gioss   out-  GAME LAWS FOR  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Those Who Go Shooting Tcv  morrow Should Read an<| Otv  serve These Laws  Tbe  following  is   abnef  but com-  piehensive      summary   of   the   game  put.  FACTORY  TOYpUR     v'  HOME  Fresght is a veiy considerablev item f  in  the  importation of Furniture���������cs-  >   '     ,   -       . ������ t ,     > '  pecially amongst the cheaper lines.  THtjs'E WE MANUFACTURE  ||f ourselves     |Jpm   Nutiivc 'WooBs���������ea-  s,ulinS t %      LOWEST    POSSIBLB  J COST���������������������������and have jmet,with GREAT  J SUCCESS  fiom all introl,������ced  (WEriENTiON A FEW  Cools treasure-Table's . .:    ' $5.00 ea  "Kitchen-Cupbbaid or Dressers witli "Glass DooisTm up-  , "*per     half. Si?cl7ft.',4,~by'"  *lt 4"  "-, '���������>     ,..  $12.50 2  BMsat rX Safes, Fir,   tatijflie,-/  ]   Outside" measurement 'oKx42-  ������'xl7  I  $'i.6o  Have^ou bur Catalogue?)  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at shore notice.   DriH Sharpened by .**     ] T  ways gives 'satisfaction. Picks, hand! ed ana repaired.     "''   1 -' _     ���������" *-'   j.  ShipsmitHtag   iri al*    its  Brahhea"  ���������---"-���������     *    -.      , . ^*   *,*���������    \'   ��������� '  Horseshoers'and Genera! Blacksmitlis.   ^  ��������� ���������' ���������   r: lawson " ' ���������;;  ���������i    t   ~* - '���������.-...ft- -    j T i     t.   ~   *   -  Buller Street O   -   -^    Dady smith,, Bp  \x LA DYSMITH TRANSFER CO.   a  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD    FURNITURE MOV-  ED PROMPTLY A ND  SAFELY.  .  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.'   Leave orders at   the  -   Abbots ford. c  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners'' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free rnvjei's certificate is granted  for one or mure years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50' per annum for an individual  and'from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company.according to capital'.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  same wnh two legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shull be recorded within  fifteen     days if located within    ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, one  additional day allowed  for every additional ten miles or  fraction.   The  fee for recording a claim is'$5.'  At least $100 must be expended  on the claim each year or paid to  the mining recorder in lieu thereof.  When $500 has been expended or pain  the locator may, - upon ^having a sur  vey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by, the  Minister of the luteuor to locate  claims containing^ iron and mita.-also  copper, in the *uk6n territory, ���������of an  area.not;exceeding i60 acres.  t, 'Ihe patent for a mining location  shall ^provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2f per cent, of thc sales  of the products of the location.  Placer ' Mining���������Manitoba aud  the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square, ~*Sntry leeW,* renewable yearly   On the North Saskat  ������hewan' River claims are either bar  or bench, the former' being 1001 feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark. The latter includes  bar diggings,' but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000'feet.   Where" steam-power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  Dredging in the ri vers ;of Manitoba  and theN.W.T., excepting the Yukon I  Territory���������A free miner   may   obtain  only two leases of five miles'each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of "the" Minister of the  Interior.  1 The* lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed    or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on  lav.s of  this province  Do not kill any pheasant, robin,  gull chaffinch, English blackbird'  thrush, I.net, skjhuk, swan or bird's  that eat noxious insects Beavei,  cow 01 calf of can Lou, 0r moose, elk  01 wapti, fawn of dcei, ewe or lamb  of  big horn  Open Sopt. " l to ALirch 1 -Duck,  sn*pc, bittern, meadow lark, heron'  plover.  Sept,  Oct , Nov , Dec ���������K ill grouse"  praimc chicken and ptarmigan    Bulk  of moose,  elk,  caribou,  wapiti     and  rabbits-.  Sept      1 to Dec   13'���������Dcei,  mountain   goat,  or ram of  big-horn.-    ��������� ������,  Nov. 1 to Match 31-Take.land otter and  marten.  Bag Limit���������Five caribou,  5 e'eer, 2  elk   or wapiti,   2   moose, 5 goat,    3 j  sheep,  250 duck,  250 snipe,  one  sca-  ron  Sell  only���������Duclc,  snipe,  hei on     and  plover   'between'   Septcmbei  1 and  Fel,ruaiy  28.        - v?  - Sell' _, only    goat,  moose,  big-hornJ geese. f  01   caribou     Oct.,   Nov,   Dec,  also~i   Do not cold-store game,  nor     ev-  ���������'.    v w A Poit hom tho nipvmce, Mleex or any  Buck deer, gCpt   l^to Nov   15 portion-'    ������  --    *   - '  Do not at? an>   time export game in l > Trout'  under   siv  inches   lono-   ~.dle  a law state, or any part or portion    protected ������  of same, eveept'bear,  marten-     and  otter,   and  game  l.illed   on  non-iesi-j  dent license    J)0 not take or lull-any  gan e imported  for. acclimating  Don't hunt deer   with  dog,   01   for  he hide    Do not trap,  net 01   snare  or   take   with baited   line  or   drugged  bait, etc., any protected   biui,  01 attempt rt:  Do not tale or tiy to take tiout  wit.li explosives, lime, poisons, net  seine, diag 01 device othei than hook  and line Jn lakes 50 miles square or  over you  can use  nets  Do not     use salmon  eggs  .is bait,  nor  buy and sell  headsof  sheep,  elk,  wapiti,      moose,      caribou,  nor   elk  teeth.  Do not sell giouse, ptarmigan or  praine chicken, or expose foi sale  any game bud plucked, or any deer,"  goat, sheep, moose, elk, or wapita,  ot caribou  beheaded.  Kill no game fiom one hour after  sunset to one hour before sunrise  Sunken ��������� punts', swivd-guns and batteries  aie forbidden  for   duclc       and  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING- REGULATIONS  Coal���������Coal lands may be puichased at $10 per acre for soft, coal and  5.20 tor anthracite. Not more than  .320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at lhe  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall be collected on tbe  gioss output.  Quartz���������A fiee miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7 50 per annum for an individual,  and from $30 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A      fice m ner, having discovered 1  mineral 111 place, may locate a claim  1,300 x 1,500 feet.   The fee for   jc-  coiding a claim is $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid to. the  mining recorder in lieu theieof. When  $300 has been cvpendod or paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with oth-  er requirements, purchase  the Jand atj  00m*  mm  It ahould be borne in mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for tie more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consnmptioa  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  baa won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent core. It counteract*  any tendency tow?.rd pneumonia.  I "Price 25c, Large Size 50c.   j  I  Dr   Dier can be foUHd at any ti-1.  at his office on High street. His ri-.  tal   work  is  guaranteed 10 be fir*-t-  class and orates reasonal le      "      st.  SI  an acre  The     patent pro^des for the pay-j^1  ment of a royalty of 2A pei cent onjg  the salts !p-'-BESasysi  PLACER   mining claims   generally Ii a_f ! 1   mr->r>'^  .ire 100 feet square, entry fee $5, re-jf Oll^DCKI  newalvle ) early. .^ B  A free miner may obtain two leav-  %������^sZ&^^^?*rV*rvfSM&. M  cs  to  diedge  for gold  of  five miles ' ���������  1  each for a term of twenty yeais, re  newable at the descretion of the Minister of the Int3nor.  The lessee shall have a di edge in  opciation within one season from the  date ot the lease foi  each five miles  PAINTING,        PAPEKriANOiNQ  ETC-  Rental,  $10 per annum for each mile J    Wolk done Pr0Per]F *���������<- at , m*M  of irver Iteased.   Royalty at the rate  pnc*-     Sho-D and residence in  rejr  TH6 CITY ^MRK6T  t  s_R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue  of 2J per cent collected.on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the In-  erior.  of Ladysmith Hotel.  J. E. SMITH. Pr..'<  Ladysmith  Temp's No. 5 Rathbor  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow'  2nd and 4th Tuesday at T.30 p  Mrs. Kate Tate^secretary.'  WM.VMUNSIE, President  ,J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  " l      Telephone^.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co  Ltd.  MILLS -AT PIDDICK' AND LADY SMITH-SMngles a Specialty.   ,  ' ���������Manufacturers    of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and  Kiln Dried  Floorta*     and Finishing    Lwnher la   Stock  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  I        J .4.1      r*     ~    I       PRICES.  Ladysmith B. C.  B,palttag ud ^Ing to.orto ,   j speciality.  THOHAS   MCEWAIN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Plans, Specifications. and Details furmsheta for all kinds  of work in the CARPENTER  Line *. z  C  13.  ROBELEE,   Carpenter'  and Joiner,     2nd'ave, Ladysmith,  B.  C. ,  NOTICE.  ii,  mm  Wm  fmWmr  AA>MMAi  AMmm.  :A������������������I&&.  mmi  :>A&'mm:>  t A ^5* ^*-Pvki, w&  mmm  ik'>****>Wf,  '      *}i**  iKSeaBl  Appointments'may lx������ made at any  time for dental work at Di Dier's  on High street st  Ntc^ejK������^e)ke$ICe$K������^������%e)l(e^e^e^*^e)K*)Ke)keX������3IC������)K������sX*3������le  X  X  X  X  X  ���������  X  * PHONE 66.  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY".  DAVID JOHNSON  *  ft  ft  ft  ��������� 1  .LADYSMITH J  **frX9XWXr*fXWX������X������X9 *������������������.*** **������;kmX������XWXWX9  ,      ' . *���������   Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGGIES  FOR HIRE ���������:������������������  :���������   See J    KEMP, or leave orders with  13LAIR <fe  ADAM  the Saskatchewan  River,   where  the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  each alternate leasehold.  ���������The-lessee shall have a dredge in  uiimavi'iMi   iiv'f ������p * .operation within one season from the  4 WILL! A VI > \ M )   1/ \ , ; . f J   date of the lease tor each five miles  ���������>������������������������ * ������ ��������� ��������� ��������� *-f++4++++++++*+++ ���������������������������-������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'��������� ������������������ ������������������������������������������������������* 1 I lint where a person  or company    has  ' > / obtained more than one lease one  [dredge for each fiftee, nii.*s or fraction" is sufficient. Rental, $10 per  nnum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2i per cent,  collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  Dredging m the Yukon Territory���������  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to-a fiee miner for a term of  ^ (twenty years, also renewable.  The Ussec-s right is coafined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to b* fixed by its position on the  lstdayof August in the year of the  tbe date of tbe lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge ia  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  ea^h five miles within six years fiom  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer .-mining.  Placer Mining in thc Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulch, river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  eugth, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250  feet square.  Claims are marked by two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. ���������- One extra day allowed for each  1 additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking    a  ' claim must bald a free miner's csrti-  ficate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length,  and  if the party consists of  NOTICE.  From this "date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on a  wntten oroer signed by the secretary  Rowland Machm.  V. I.  EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.      ���������  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  HAY. GRAIN AND  f ARM "RODUtf  Orders will  be  delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low 1  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on tht  Espl&nadi.  JAS, WAJWOCK,  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this'notice,  will be prosecuted. ",.  RUAIMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.^       -   <  Ladysmith." B.C.  il  LEDOrJAN'-  FIRST. AVENUE  'PI-lONE^-4.  W. SILER.    :  GOEEAL JGXPBESS AND  DELIVERT   :  WORK PROMPTLY T>(>> ",  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  LR, SfltfPSON  .Solicitor,  Etc;;  to    Loan  st. Avenue  LADYSM)  LADYSMITH AERIE  NO.  686.  F.  'omptroller.  No free miner shall receive^ a grant  f more than one mining claim     on  each separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number'of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims m  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2 00     A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained    on  the same cieek, gulch or river by giv-  ng notice and paying a fee.  Work  must  be done on a claim each  year to the value of at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  done must  be obtained each year,     if  not, the claim A&\1 he deemed to   be  abandoned,  and    open to occupation  and entry by a Tree miner.  The boundaries of a claim may   be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing  notices  in   the  YuKon olTicial  Gazette.  Petroleum���������All unappropriated Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the,Yukon Territory, are open to prospecting for petroleum,  and the Minister  may reserve for an individual 01 company having machinery on the land,  to be prospected, an area of 1!)20 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length of width shall not exceei  three times the breadth. ' >���������  Should  the prospector discover, oil 1  n paying quantities, and s'atisfactbr-  ly establish such  discovery,  an area  not exceeding G40 acres,  including the  oil well   will be sold to the prospector at the  rate of $4.00  per acre  r.r."  mmmm  WA?0imM  A$00im  ^A0A%MM  Wmmmt  >?tfMi?$:WJ!Z'''  wmm  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY    .  mm  :o:-  Pianos and  Organs..  Ladysmith, B.C.  R. P. RITHET,  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  > VICTORIA,   ���������: :_   ���������_   __. :_-b.O.  Printing*  Done Promptly and  WEIX  G BO. YU  Merchant Tailor  Ladsymith ^     . p^  N  B. C.  At  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done    O. E.     :���������:       :���������:'"':-:        :-i  '*���������   '''.  Meets In the Opera Hoiis>e 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 pirn. Worthy  President, B, Forcimmer; Worj/hy  Secretary, C. H. Rummings.  ri.Q. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING., of  all kinds pror*  attended to.    Shop on Gataere  +���������^   1 t-nn f   4.   ���������      4, --v. 1 the  remainder  of  the  tract reservco  J'o th i  n���������     gC   "' r���������the !U*  namel^   ]'280     acrcs     wm be sou  put  of which  no.royaty shall  .   be    at   tho ���������   rat:e  of  tliree   (toll ^  Z^i^onT Party 0rdiD-   aC'"C' ������"*? *������> ���������^y ** -^e  Entry; fee, $10    Royalty at ihe rate Q "** * ^^ by "***&?*.  ������[lue������^nL0Tu\ ^ f f ^  ������n thC!     ' "JAS-  A-  SMART.       ,  inT^rLf  ,Sh������!PPed.irr     thB       De-Jut-7 Minister of  the Interior,  xukon Territory to be paid te.   the    Peuartmont of the Interior,  THE  LEDGE  Office  S. ROEDDING   -  Orders Promptly  Executed   LADYSMITH  1st   Avenue  '. Public Notice  Attention is called to the    fiict that the  Ogiivie Flour riijls Co.," Limited^'  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a  vastly improved and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  of   all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising the public  that any unauth-  flour purifying processes  will be pro-  orized users of the electrical  ���������ccuted.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Company Limited  are the only    miliars ia Can-icla wliage     Flour  ispacifial b/tlis al93t ia pr >3 a f1 >,  -f;  r/    ������ ,  > /  4 Jirir,  ���������J ���������>  1.1 ..  ���������*>*���������  if*,;  I*  1������  ���������*r  2 -  '���������i  *v  kft  V  ������  i  f  ')*'V-i  ~   I  - 4���������,���������'*- *- ���������*  ftifi   DAftV   t EDO Eft  i  ������������1    in  ....,*?.  aia^ES  LUlAL im  ses^ht jssisa bsi:..--ar ti3%s������Esn  Born���������On    the 30tln August',   1903,  at    Ladysmith,   B.C     the  wife       o[  llartlej * Gisborne,    ..I I.E..M.   Can  Soc.   C.  E.,   of  a son.  Mis.  D.     White retuined from  Nanaimo on this morning's H am  Mi.    V       W. WalKcm,  who  was in  Nanaimo     last  night,    returned  this  Mr C. 'Walters went down to tlu*  Capital on business this morning.  Neailv all the paitics who ha.e  1 oen camping this summer have  returned oi are leturnine. some tin-e  this wick This has been a perfect  season for camping, and those who  have been out report a very jolly  time. i     "i  || II  Use Porter's Antiseptic Ileal lnjr.  Oil, ficely guaianiccd, for sale onlv  at the Drug Stoie. ������  Tickets for the Sb Ledger stakes  are  on   sale  at J    Stewart's  AT  THE,  A13BOTSFORD  C    R    Bishop,   Victoria  Re\    J    S    Retd,   Pnnce  Albeit  Rev    S   C   Reid,  New Westminster  Gordon  Smith and  wile,   Colonist  Anglers  who  ha\e  been Uyng then  art   iu the     ^ay recently luuc excellent    .sport,      .md  even  novices  ha.e  been  bunging home then   bas'.cts    To .  cat(h salmon hy trolling is easv now '  and    the   sea      trout have also been '  taught in     Luge ^quantities*.   A  number  of     iishenncn    aic    daily lung  theiriuck    fiom thc whaif and .some  nice salmon  have boon  landed  then*  Look in Forcimmer's window and  something  will suipilse you. '  -  TENNIS  The Tennis louinamcnt in connection with the Chinch of-England '  Club, is piococding well and the ]  membeis of the club hope to have it j  concluded by Monday ne.\t Laboi I  Day Hieing a gcneinl Jioluby the j  ���������whole day will be d-noricd to ,,11111*,-;  ing oil the iinal cents.  The Tennis     Club ha.ve had a mo-,t  successful season    Theie aie a Luce  numhei   ofmemlieis    Since play was,  fiist    siailed    the court  has l.cen  m I  CANS  TO WNSITE EXTENSION  Adjoining the old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. 1."  A small area has been laid off   in town lots whieh are ao w offered  at  LOW   PRICES   AN    D ON   EASY TERMS.  The future of the Cowichan      District  vsA  Vaareuver  Islaad  will  exceed  expectations  and   this is a good ckance '*��������������� a safe aad  profilanle   investment. . . .   v  SEE PLANS AND PRICES  Agents, J. STEWART J. H WI1ITTOME  Lad) smith,  V.  I. Duaeaas, . V. I.  ���������5S/3S r sySHRfc "^ZSS^isfX-iJr&^BSS- i crXBC&Z&gSRSs&ftm I IU II Ii   WkWkWBBtWt.  1905-SEPTEMBER 27 TO  .OCTOBER 7-1905  Under the Auspices of the Royal  Agricultural and  Industrial Society  new Westminster  B.   C.  Lavwei���������1 must know the whole  iinuj. olIoic i oaji successfully ui*r  luna >ou. juave >ou ioiU me eveiy-a  lii.ng' i'lrsunei��������� \es, everything except wheie I hid the money, and 1  want1 Witt foi  m>self  180,000.0  IN PR17.FS  AND  -ATTRACTIONS  $100,(100.00  Enlarged   giounds,   new,  handsome and spacious buildings.  WORLD'S  CHAMPIONSHIP   EVENTS    in  ROWING  and  LACROSSE,  HORSE  RACING,   Broncho "i usting,"  Military Parades and Exercises.  ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and ether   Famous  BANDS.  GRAND   WATER   CARNIVAL���������Parade of    Fraser River Fishing   Fleet  conliniifd use and   tins  splendid  toui-| ��������� _   . ,  uament  lull  U rtr t0 a close  a tl oi-! rullGl Hoats' lLM- Warships, Indian  War Canoes, etc.        Indian sports.  <yuc;lilv cniovaible and prospeious  sm.-  '.son for  the club.  " Tor   all  infoinution  wnte W.  New Westminster, B. C.  ](    KEARY, .Secrstary  and Manager,  \emencc of customers  You l,ui get youi   Si'inlay  Coloui'-t  at  Knights  Book  Stoic,   which      is   *������ *'*J   t-e������  m'ilcs, and1 .in houi,  fifty   play  Everett in  the latter city, and  open between  12 and  j   foi   Ihe   con    five, minute's  and  fifty-six -seconds  t.i Spokane  will play Bellingtham. ^  do- tifleen   miles     It   took Cummings,  a well    known      piofession.il  liuuier,  (nty-onc   minutes  and   six  and   tluo*  fifths seconds   to  run  ten vmilcs   > at  Lillie   Bridge,   and   J    Hovvitt  at Islington    one      houi   and  twenty-two  aie  d.iv  his  Mi    and Mis    Goi.lon   Smith  guests  at   I ho  Abhotsfoid   foi   a  or  two,  Mi     Smilh  being  on  hoh'dajs     it will   be leivcmi'icrefl that  some cf the best   woik  done by any  conespondent   ol   the  Russo-Japani sc  "wai   v/ii.s  that  of  CJoulon  Smith.  Best tobacco, fruit,and candies at  Caitei's,  First Avenue.  \  ftlKT ME CAME FOR  From  this  dats on five cents  buy  a nice,   cool   gl.ass   or  beet  Jones'   Hotel.  will  at  BANJO     FOR  SALE  CHEAP��������� A  Victor & Dob&on banjo in  Inst-cUbS  condition   foi   sale  cheap    Apply    II.  Shanks'  bai Lei   shoi,   1st   avenue.  iiiinuU'S lo run  fifteen miL-*s  When   it   is consideicd   that      these  men  ian  right  on,   were  unencumber  ed   by   Lrciosse sticks,   weie  not compelled   to  use thou  brain   did       not  have to throw or catch a ball, weie  never      touched  b>   any one and  did  not   mn   on  slippery   grass   ,oi   have  to stop suddenly and  w ith jerks, but  upen  well  kept "loads  or tracks,  the  wab fls>h,ng  laciosse      recoid   makes  a wonderful  showing  compared   with  thens  A loainul judge who was one ot  the guests at a dinner was unexpectedly ca.led upon,to reply to a  toast. Recovering somewhat from  his suipuse, he said that his tiUia-  tion icminded him of the story pf the  man who foil into the water-.while lie  -%-*-?*-& x x x-x x x y  SPORT  4*-H(-9r-&-W-ik ���������$Jf���������3������������������������9K���������5*S���������5K  THE  RING ���������  ������ Fi.inci*-(o,    Ca! ,   Aug    31 -  Tlicie  aic   induations that   the     attendance at  the Butt-Nelson fight ^  Colma  .Septcini/ci   ''th   v ill   be      the  gieate.sl   in   tl.e   lustoiy   of   pugilism  in    this    sLite     Most   of   tlie  seat-,  held  by  Lhc a^b  have been  taken up   onto  Telegiam.  and   it would   not   evcile   siipnsc   n  1he   gate   locoipls   exceeded   ^70,000   '    n VSEBALL���������  The  fact  th.it   the daj   is  a legal lioh  linV" in   tins   slate*   m   ,i measuic    e\-  I'ljins   the  unpiicodiiiled  silos  Airangements have been completed  _\vhciebr the C,*pitals of Ottawa  will play at the Westminster fair  this fall. Some l eople have wondei-  rd why the Capitals have bcei chosen, dil fiom this diatai'd? we i?n t  s:p    It   may   be  though,   lint    Wcst-  minsteis have been reading the Ottawa papers about that ' wide vellow  stieak," an.l want to show visitois  to the gieat fan how a team with a  imputation can be walloped on the  ban1 s  of  the  Fuser   fai   avv.iy ���������Toi-  LACROSSK���������  Jn  .lucent   lanosso  match at Mon  lieal,   a pedonieK i,   winch   has   liccn  ,   was jlt.uhid   to thi'  lil tie  1< unkie Nol in,  he  du! uue  .i lac losse  I In   m.u luuc      was  ������dltlllll\       ((Sim  v.n. I ban i  oi  to   m as i,e      II  J i,i\ci    lia\c !s  set foi   t'iv .i\ei.ij,p   .In.!c*,  a'i.1 show  ("1   Ihil   (liiinii;  ia(li   qii.ulfi   Fianku*  co.  iciI   time   inilos,   some!lilies      a  ft act it'i  oil,      st   i'"timcs  a fi action  U/i lit,   t i  f'.'I.Li.'l       ll'dUl1  il   i,.,1,     .',  pi jit -,sk ii,;  i'"ti  ni'lis   in  \   repot t from  I'.ellingham that Tod  Sullivan      has   signed   Colly  Diuhot'  foi   atnal   with   Mie   Cincinnati   team  ne\l   vear     Diuhot  is  a I'miland boy  vvlo   a;ot   ainal   with   tlu*   Portland  team   kst   ye-ai    lie pitched  fair  ball,  bul   no   plchci   could   win   for      that  PoMl.'nd   bunch   last   v cai    fDnhilis  a voiuiQSlei   and   should   linpiove    s������lJr  the   tiiiii*     On   the  showing  h"   made  lasl    vt-Jt    he   is   liaidly   npe   fen lhe  big   league,   but   Sullivan   is   a, pi ell}  ',ooI   iiid������ic  of  a ball  I'lavci,  a'"'    'lf'  niiisl   have   se^n   somelhinL,  good     in  he   would   not   hive   t*r������ib-  Wtth no little difficulty he was ren  cued, and after he bad regained his  breath and was in a fairly comfortable condition, his rescuer ask*d  him how he came to fall Into the  water.'  lfI did not come to fall into the  water,'' replied thc unfortunate fisherman,   "I came to fish."  nou  tt Rahv,  t h."iiipi( ii,  a match  ilia',   walknij'  a well  1 nown  on '  I.omi , fmn  iiii.i1 t s   ,ii 1   foil}-five   seron.U  Oi uhot   oi  bed  h.m,  'I lit1   de ision   has   been   i  torn In.le (In 'season ol   111  tun  l..**e|,.ill   I ca/Tiic on   ^i  tpmbei - Ifltb,    whin   Vanct  t lied t o  ir lh west  av, Sep-  er   will  Have you t  NABOB TEA? 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Scliool  Suits  We siill have  some of 'those  suits for strong*  boys, . suitable  for school at  -    $2.95".  Some of these,  were as high as  $4:50, J: but we  want tlie space  for the new  suits, < so out  they go.  BOYS'! S IFF &  SOFT FRONT  Shirt*  including the W. 6. &  R. make, pretty patterns, they run from  65c. to $1.00  COAia    '  for Boys and  Youths have  just arrived, the  fabrics are Chinchilla, Frieze and  Chevoits.  Every  boy  en=  joys a Reefer  They are roomy 1  and allow a boy ������  lots of play. I  ASK TO SEE THEM  TO   llLAUiv KL\tr     ���������        v  EDWARD'S   BOOTS  **  An enterprising youth known as  lhe 'Fnsco Kid has voyaged'aeioss  the Atlantic with a big scheme in  jus head! He tfi a shoeblack and in  his pa.iticulai .piclession bas won a  fan share oi fame. Aiming high, ho  succeeded in blacking President  Kooscvelt's hoots. Then ambitiqa  seized him, and he made up iiis  mind to go to Europe for further  conquests. His aim is to polish the  uppers of King Edward's boots,  which, once accomplished, will enable him with all assurance tc approach President Loubet and "the  Kaiser with a similar intention.   ���������,  ��������� ���������  ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  i ��������� ��������� ���������   ��������� ��������� :# f  CONTRIBUTED  Lad} smith,   B. C,  Aug.  31, > 1905.  Editor Lcdgei, Sir,��������� ,     * ,,  ���������  .The city council have employed a  very learned man for a city constable. He ' is too Wee, .perhaps, /for  .such woik. Ever since he~has been  made .city constable he has been  coming- to my place oP business' * almost, every * day ,s - trying^.' to' make"  some trouble, or that I am a criminal of some kind.who needs watching  I have done,,everything to comply  with the bylaws of this city. Ihav  We are right Up-to-Date  v  1905  ���������  With a larg������ range of goods for the season, our ALL WOOL UN-  DERWEAR,   GGNTS" SOCKS,  GLOVES'and* MITTS,   and,.the  BEST   .VALUE EVER SHO VVN,nobo<ly need be cold this Fall  or Winter, when they can procure, just  what  theyreq4*ce  and4 at    -  , SUCH REASONABLE   PRIC ES,  and such a' GREAT, VARIETY  to select .from at p '      _        , >' ' <���������  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  I ������  Me call your attention ,to ������ur  slock   'of , CHILDREN'S ^TCIIOOL-  SHOES, ^lso our OLD COUNTRY,PUT* SHOES.  paid     license, school tax, rood tax������  and,   in ���������fact, .have  done everything '  that is right.1 Yet the city;constable  comes  almos't evcry_ day- to "collect  license.    I asked, h'-im  by   w'jiose  orders.  He answered "Nob^y tells me  to 'come , I come' mys������������"lt " , wfay, \%  nevcrknew  that' aV on"e  can collect^  licenses or   taxes   unless  they  areaii  thorizcd   by     '-r'fle city "council * )'<>o  so.   'I told hi-n tilat I have partd all,,  my loceneer, "an(i  taxes,for this year',  but lw>  'WoUld say. that I have    no$.  paid ray  lauudry* license.,  It  is ���������'true  tha*/ i il���������ep a laundry  as  well as   a  ���������������������������'.Jvery^sho'p,   that   makes   no "'difference,  I have... paid two licenses.   It "is  mere than the-white merchants pay.  . For   nslance,  the man who "sells gro-  Lcenes aiwl diygoods, docs he .pay two  licenses' ' and i   then .he >also collects  washing'    for     the  Victoria  steam.  laundry, does he pay a third license?  Is  il'Mhe laws of  this city' to col- '  lect     such license?   Have' suchilaws"  ibecn authorized by  the city council?  If so, whv not all pay^the same?',**  I  have never'had a hot   word witli  anyone  until  the new constable  ap-.  peaied,  and . evidently he, wantVtrou-  ' hie,  by coming to my jilace tif^usi-  'ness;aiid rciicatedly asking  for     ^license and making a lot of ,Iuss, s-toP-  iping my customers fiom .coming' */  and  spoiling  my  business.  My .place  i& not the smoking loom  of the'eity  constable   Although  I do not pretend  i to know very much, I could not help  'laughing  when  he  wanted  to  arrest  me  without  a warrant.    Just       because In* is  a constable ^fie things he  an      do what     he  likes.   1 am   not  afiaid  of him.    License  is  a by-law  and  everyone ought to abide by  it-  A  washing     clothes license is.    too  much   for   most   clothes-washers. ��������� Do  women who collect clothes for washing pay a license? .Do the merchants  who collect clothes for steam  lauu-  di ics  pay     a licence for   it'' If not,  why  not'   Since  I have  to   pay  a^li-  cense tfor washing-why not everybody  do the same, Nif it is the by-law.'If  it  is   no^then the  city  has treated  mc "'unlawfully.    I am  a Chinese but  I know a thing or two, and. it ii is  necessary  will   let you know. ,  1 hanicing you for space,   I remain,  HOP  LEE.       '  ,/- /  W.G.toser  \ *#  Merchant Tailor^:   - ;     ;;  ;   w^  '(iat Avenue) ^Z^.,  ;, * u^\ ���������      '$y '-r    ' "'1'  Spring Stock on iiaricl; Cal[early antf  get your choice ;,       ;^:  GUNS   RIFLE&  stock JUST  ARRIVED  and they     includ* the following weil known make,mak.������-   - A  - *     ffARKER^LEFEVRE SHOT  GUNS,' S.WAGE &WINCHESTER "r  "[���������   BIFLEs'.'BROWNING AUTOMATIC ^OT.pUN*/KYSpCK^BB .r-  '-'      EY A .VULCAN* SHELLS: ��������� '',  ; .-' * \  ^ *     - ^*  -  ^^        ^^.." '- *��������� '        -    .     *���������. >i'  .in   ,'   i  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     %i       Notary Public  P. O. BOX 268  f,52.") Cash buys one of th������ neatest  and beeib finished homes in town.  Fust-clfcss looHtion.  *t-250'���������Secures  two    fine  lots i   few-  yards fiom the Postymce.  J400 on"  moitgage.  (. ^    ������������������f ���������'. '' *  U50���������Cash secures good four-roamed  dwelling   Balance $200 'in time.  $300���������Cash sccuies,^ 7-roonied iouse  li.ilnn.e,  $250, on time.  $200���������Cash, and  $J0 pel month  lor  a  four-roomed how������e  with  ivmlry and  blath-ioom.   All   newly     ^pj-od  and  painted" in   and  out    h'ine  g.mteu  Walcr laid, on.  Why Buy From iPeddlars?  If. you can jet first-lass &oods    at     low prices fiom a "liable  ioJ^at home.   Th. peddlars that call here liy to *ct rid of such  ������?������*!* cannot sell *t  home. If you get an article fiom;  a  ������u������tamj~ are sure tha t the goods aie as W*������������������'"^  ,f you are not satisfied you have something to fall   *<* ���������J*   Va  are h.re since this tiown wa.   first  staued   and hod   oui    cpula  tion  as    . flraUdM. boo*,    ^e catty notlungju our lmoWttt.  best quality of goods and sell on   small  profits,   as   ou    ^Pcnscs  ���������e small.    W. ha* no fat salaries .to pay and no travclhng ex  penses     Gall and compare our prices and our goods, and ������on.t be  deceived.  &&!.  >1  B.FORCIMI1ER  WATCHMAKI3R. JEWE1.BR. OHIiCIAf.  Flret Avenue, .X   X   X     Ladysmith, JE^C  Stoves  tovei  We art making them of th3 Newest, Pattern and L&tcsj  Styles.  WPJ.DO ALL KINDS OV POTJ NDRY  WORK  Our frices are Reaaona   ble ,.���������-.,^���������,o  SEE'OUR    NEW STOVES IN  BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS  LADYSillTH IRON & .STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  .r^-r-a  $100���������Cash  Hjitl $10   pei   month  b*y,  good   dwcllipg**lio������sc,   small   housB  ��������� on'..same lot bringing $5 per month.  \r%: .'Splendid well,n,-eigliibt)xs willing /to  ^ j '-pay m'on/l'hly retntal for waiter. Pur-  '$.    chase  i?i  almost  self-vsupporting.  r,*i l       ' ���������..'���������������������������', .-���������:.'  ������ ��������� /a.:a\ ���������-''���������a-.a^.^a,:....    ,  ������900���������Buys good' t-Eiitral  business pro''  perty.  WelL renifed. - ���������'  -   - -    .POJCRENT.  The hotel apiartraentsof the Poit-  land    Hotel,      consisting  of   twenty  zooms,      inclutiiag   kitchen,   pantiy,  Htoie-rooms,   14 bejdiooms,   well   furnished,  stc.    The house,  without the  liar, will be leased by the undersigned  at very  reasonable  rates.     Call  and look over   tb e premises   A jood  (boaiding house deeper can do  well  ANGELO TATE,  Proprietor  From this dn^r oi five cents  buy ��������� nice, co������l ^lass of beer  Jours'   Hotel,  will  at  far-   ' ��������� +. __������_.  ,  I I, .i������qj  Houses' to   Tent.    Call  and.. gjstfc .  :   titulars.   , '  Fire,'   Life  and   Accident  Insurance.  Deeds.   Wilis,    Mortgages, O  tracfi!' and  Agreemjants  Dta������  Dr.  Dier>  office is   open evenings  ������  nd  appointments  can   be  made   for  work at any time through',the week.  Only first-class' dental work" is turned out and it is done at reasonable  ��������� ��������� st  prices  , ���������'* ' ���������'.-���������'..' - . '"     ' ''''      ������ '  Choice preserving plums, 25ft boxes  for 50c.  at Blair & Adam's  Dr. R. B. Diei]  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reaso|  able rates.  High St. Ladysmitf  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  Ah Wing ���������'  Cd  Merehant Tailor  -.-: ,- ���������     ".'���������'���������. ';  '; .".  <  Ladles' and Gents* Clothes Made'  '.-���������:,..?'" Ord*:r.:'^.'.  PERFECT FIT CrUARANTK  mi - -.-������������wtt-dr<t������iKnvBa������ntfv.|j  iy  on-  .vn.  Forcimmer's  tractive.  window is very at-  Have you seen Maggie Riley wtJ  ing   that   pretty,   ready-to-wear  b  ^.wsntly purchaswi     at Siman L������,J  '& Co.'s Ltd.?


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