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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Aug 20, 1906

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 ^r^nvj.  DAILY  MONDAY, AUG. 20, 1906.  FRICC FIVE CENTS  t  \  NICOM HERALD  SM THINGS ABOUT  ASHCROFf JOURNAL  SHIPPING  NOTES OF THE  WATERFRONT  \  In its edition of a week ago, the  Ashcroft 'Journal, published at Ash-  ' cioft, B.C., .announces that there  wcic rumors to the effect thai./Rich-  aid A. Frusei', pubjjshor of,the Nicola Herald,    was  to be a   Consciva-  > tivc candidate for his distnet in JNi-  cola. The Journal then goes on to  "roast"    Mr. Frascr, and insinuates  ��������� that it is up to  the lattei   gentle-  > man to deny the rumoi. Mr. Fia-  ser is atf present on the Island on  business, having passed through  I.a-  \ dysmith this mornings. Asked if ho  intended to enter _the field as a candidate, Mr. Fraser ncithcL denied  'nor admitted the rumor, hut left the  interviewer under -, the impression  that such is his intention.  In the last istaic' of the f Nicola  Herald, Mr. Fraser has the following to say ' regarding"- the Journal  and;its editor.  "The wish is evidently the father  to the thought, to the editor of the  boiler plate paper known as the Ash-  ��������� croft Journal. Else why his almost  paternal anxiety on. behalf "of the editor of The Nicola TTerald to deny  certain rumois. Is the cditoi of the  Journal in confidence of the Conservative party .it.Ashcroft as well as  other parts of the distiict, and does  he voice theii sentiments, oi is i.l  that he has1 an eye to the house ol  parliament himself, or^ perhaps he  trembles for the safety of the seal  of the present membei' Any" oi all  of the abo .' conjectures might, be  equally true ot the man "who so severely (?)' stiaddles the fence and  calls'his boiler plate paper the ,,non  party press." l Were the Ashcroft  Journal representative \ of aiTy political party,' or could word its ic-  quest in a courteous thanner, we  might have satisfied his curosity but  most ceitainlv decline" to satisfv hun.  when he allows his personal bias  and spleen to show as it does-in his  t articles." '  ������  PROVES TO Bt  THE BEST MAN  LADYSMI1H DEFATS  UlC ulCSlul.g lilalCii 111 ..NUIiaUllu  \ju .j.iuuiui^ iii(-,nu nrov.cu an intui-  C3tJll������, i/iu.l., a Jill i>.lillj J-.iU) ^inui  u)icj.-> \ji me t^uiiiC uulu in .itci'ii-  uam.o. ow.uiauii won tno hiatin,  aiiu  cic\un    uuliionblla led   ni.il   nu   .o  lilt!   DOl    111.1(1    Ol     LUC    t\\U. let       ..!>  stiap hung, at whom an inquisitive  tourist was hung all mannci of silly  questions.  The tounst's last question was :  f'Say, what is that strap undei youi  chin for?"  ' i     '   "  ' '  The .attendant sighed ' "The'strap  .is���������to.rest my, |a\v-when I-get'tired  answenng questions," said, he.���������Harper's ueckly.  THE LUMBER SUPPLY.  The Nicola Herald says: J. Mcn-  I zies, proprietor of the Nicola PoiL-  & able Sawmill, was in town this  I week on business in connection with  ������ his lumber business. His mill is  | now localed at Dry Lake, about, f  '/ miles from Lower Nicola, whcie lie  |' has a laige numibler of logs on hand  [ and is at woik cutting thorn into  i .lumber. He roughly estimates that  ,' there is over 300,000 feet of lum>i<ei  1 at this point and he is in a position  ���������' to fill all ordeis for same. N. .1  Il.uwick, of Nicola, is agfent, and all  orders left with either Mi. Menzies  or Mr, Barwick will leccive piompt  [���������   attention.  L    ti ���������   - o ���������������������������-  |,   "       THE CARE OF SILVER.  Before  packing  away  your    silvci  j    to bjb  sent, to the safety vaults wrap  .    each piece well m tissue paper.   Silver will koep blight  for a long time  ,    if tujated in this manner.    Of course  '    the article should be cleaned    fust  When  silver  is kept in a  china closet, a    small     piece    of camphoi   ih  sometimes hidden    behind  some   ai-  ticle on each shelf.    It is said   that  this will  prevent tarnishing. Dissolving three teaspoonfuls of���������-baking/ soda  in a iq;iiart of boiling water,-.makes a  ' good preparation for cleaning silver.  Let the article's re-main iii   the solution    for    five    minutes or so,  and  then rinse in  clean hot.Water    and  rub dry with  a chamois or soft-cloth  ���������New York Post.  PERT PARAGRAPHS.  It is a mighty strong woman who  is ahfle to hold her tongue.  Only a bllooming idiot -plans a  strenuous holiday.  A scrappy couple is apt to find  that court calls follow courtship.  You never hear a bald-beaded man  talking about his, football days.  Money buys a lot of r"ic names  for man's mean qualities'.-.  It requires a real artist to be disagreeable and amiable at the same  time. '   .      ��������� .".'''���������  Little sins make themselves so solid with us that we do not know  we are partial to them.  While it is- douWtless true that  there are sermons in stones, there is  also q-uite often a very forceful and  pointed hint in a brickbat.  It is a good thing for a lazy man  that he doesn't know- how to    quit  the  The S.S. Leelaii.iw, .which Leached  poll yesterday from Seattle has on  ooaid a small railway, consisting ol  cwo' thousand tons^of iails, seventeen flat cars, and a locomotive and  icnder. The shipment is consigned  co  the Copper River Railway,    anil  was loaded on at Seattle. The Lewpuu������u������-i-i "u������evw., ������no iuiu iw mu.  lanaw took on board 'While here two  uundied tons of bunker coal. Yestci'  day the ship was doing considerable  nianoeuvreiiig in the harbor,and sey-  eial watcherb fLom tho shore were oi  the opinion that something had nap  pencd with hei steeling ge.u. Ail expel t tioin Seattle , was* abiMxd adjusting the ship's compass, *\hn.u  was slightly out of  or del.    ,  Tins afternoon the Lcclanaw   took  i,n tow the Richaid III.,   which'-hast  on  board  3000 4tons of coal for   the'  Tieadwull  mines.      The  Rot <  t  J er  is in today for coai        'L'.itcday tin-  Tug    Constance     came Pin. for   coal,  and took out the dredger  which has  bt;en lying at the wharf'' for the past  few days.     The Pilot took out    the  hulk Japan.-   The Ranger, and Plans  fer were also in port \esieid.iy.   o ���������-��������� J*  THANKS.  ���������John Ridgley Caiter, sccictary of  the American-embassy at London,*  was'piloting some American fnends  thioligh the museum-'at Hastings,  when he oqjseived an unhappy attendant wearing" a military umfoim,  with a helme.t,,Jioui>-iwJncIi._a.   chin-4 vilU4i lircre easily   beaten ewiy man  L-j on mo iiiatcn ciincr v.ay, it cli-  ..aiii.j      iuOiit.il     as   li       iljiuiuili  got  .-iLllilC UIC HUlbl Ul UlC UCClhlOll, .il-  .LilUl.L,.!    IliU    ICICICC   plOlMUlJ     U1U      UiL  ucbo no touiU uuiiei tnc cucuru-  ..t.uitcs. mo  tnlllus   oi      .Asuniali a  iiicnuo lli.lt lie got one l.iii \wuLii  ..c was nol cicuiteu witn aic cei-.  luiuj not nUiiout louiiuaiion, ana,  iou, .uLulaiiig lu tnc lUicb " oi luc  fa,t.ut. isn^i.bon loiieiita iiie inaicn  twicn lie up|jei.cul AMUiiuu t>o ulIiu-  oiaici^ (tui>iij3 tnc uuiuci' blagea oi  tuu inaiuii. xiouevul, Lllc ut-s>t man  vtuii, aim cvei)One seeiiitu ^..lihiicu  mat   nub  lb   luu LabC     1 lie iNaiiauno  iiciaui   CUlll.llllb    tnc    LOllOWlUg^     Ut.b-  ciixillull oi   luu  match.  .\.iu.iiuiu/li.ih acaicui^ oer ,-jfcii iii  .���������>a.l-.iai.ii>i^ a mat vulitcbt u& wui  given iu?Lii<j .v.tluctio Ciua .iruiia la-^l  nijjiiL LiolOic uu auUioncu Lnat i/iae-  iruiI^ iilleU e\������ii huul. 'xjic " ton-  cohiauih weio toamiy swui^tu anu  mine -ishiiLiii, uoih oi wl'oui are  iSanuimo uoys, L)u)ii*;'n Ashman lias  lor the last iuu ,>oais boon Inint  in   L.io   .Khun,   \\usnuig;ion   ami     bus  AT BASEBALL  -*���������*-  Yesterday LadysiniLh again atlnnn-  istereu a ueieat to the cUeuidinus  oasuijaJl learn, the result being eiglu  uuii. lo one in lavoi ol LaiiysmiUi.  lliiougUoui Hie eutiic game Hie local team pldi ed good Irall, ana on'  tlic scoic biieet onl) uuce eiioii  viuic counted against tueiu. One oi  Uiese was a cosily one, lio\ve\ei, oc-  tuiing on1 Hind base in Hie IoulLii  inning, and letting in the onl) run  Uic vibitoia secuieu uuniig llie ^uuv.  j\.en,i who was in llie box 101 tno  locals,..did not give Uic mill boys  one sale hit, uinle lie had tlueu  biiiiceouts to his cicdit. 'ine (-hc-  mainus pilcuci allowed more sale  nils, but stmck out U\<. Lad) bmilli'  uaiicis.  Ladjsmith is placing a great deal  betlei ;brand ol ,LmU tiian ilicy diu  at the' commencement ol the season  aim } csteida) 's match .\\ as mueir en-"  1 joyeu by the spectators in attendance.   '  in Ndiiainio yesterday the home  team detcated ' Lheir usitors, the  \ lcioria Fein woods, by the scoic oi  IV lo 14. It was a piett) big  scoie for the ciack teams of the island, but these things will happen.  r o  '  lSEXT'GOLD T111E\ES  TO MKET OliST.VCLL-.S  Dawipn,   Aug.  20.���������The fust    gold  shipmedt Iloiu Faiibaukb to   h^  undei   I the     new protected  pioccss,  NEED MONEY TO  [FINISH WORK  -*���������*-  CENTENARIANS   IN PA'RTS.  It is a mistake to consider that  residence in Pans goes against longevity. .The last census returns show  that llicie aic lO.'SOO octogpnailans  m the capital and 020 nonogenar-  ians, 8!) ol whom aie rapidly approaching I heir hundredth year. Six  inhabitants of Pans aic moie than  102 years of ,\gi> ~Lc Petit Parisien.  A LOYAL COUJRT.  ol ins weight that tuiuo along.  1'jior to ieawtig _\Hiiannu rhe also  dotculeti bandy bwansou in'a grueli  in^' contest lor ihe Hurst Challenge -Cup, but Unit was nov considered Uecisi\u by iswanson nor his  friends as Sandy 'waj>- then omy at  ihe beginning oi ,bis wiestli'ng career   and a\ us   neither mature  in age,  Subscriptions List  Started  For  Purpose of Raising Money to  Fence Sports Grounds  - ������������������    ...   *���������������������-  The committee who have charge.of will be on hand.  the new sports grounds are to - tho ���������������������������n,- Was, therefore, up to the   corn-  fore  with "a new scheme, .which  pro-  miiteo t0 do something 'in  the    way  mises to .be of benefit    for the   successful completion of  the grounds.  As is well .known, the committee  arc not too plentifully endowed with  mads for the work of finishing up  the grounds, and alter the prclimin-  arj work by contract was completed  -.oincllnng like $172.00 remained on  naiid with which to go ahead and  ���������c\cl the grounds, seed them anu  uuiid a lenee. Estimates were pro-  aucui On the probable cost ot this  .\oik, and llie cheapest manner in  winch ii could be accomplished.witn  lue result thai a man was put in  ^iiaige, aim a sang Hired iiy tue day  to no ine worn. miring me hist  mei.lv. tnc expenses in wages amounted lo i!K) and last 'weeic the bill ran  up lo ���������> i u 1. besides tins there is  ^i.U lo pay tor team wont done dur.  mg the past'I wo weeks.    This leaves  readied, DaJwsou safely on the steiain- . y|( n,lll(l about ^i3f    as, wiliuoe re-i    R   'McMillan  oi    I ii vol I/���������   Vniinir      vi'stiti il.iv.       The        . t,���������    i.,..+ ' .i..������<.*i....-   ������i !     __.' __ '  of raising money and at a' meeting-  held on Saturday evening, a subscription list" was started. As will  be seen by a perusal of the .list,  each' man who sets his name at the  bottom promises to pay one dollar"  each month for , the next three  months, or three.dollars in all,- to;-  wards, helping the committee out.  So far, the list reads as follows'! '  "We,  the undersigned,  promise   to  pay on Sept. 15, Oct. 15, and    Nov. ���������  15, the sum of  $1.00 for each month  towards the fencing of the grounds.  ' Hugh Thornley.  N. A. Morrison.  T, O'Connell.    t  J. Sanderson.  J. Eno.  D. O'Connell.  J. C. Gillespie.  Wm. Sanderson.  er Lavcllo  Young     yesterday.      The  the  last' meeting oi  Morrison.  iiicniDeietl,   at  gold was'in a -mammoth steel     box_'l|10  ^oimniOH ,).iy eelebration   com-      TMs    Jisfc    wili ,be published l]dilyr  new    subscriber's name  by a steel cable..  The >latest  annals  estimate  luu  with two locks seemed, to the  decks   uuUull) it  was decided to turn over  what moneys' were left alter all the  celebration    bills had  been paid,  to  Tanana,output -this je.u at ten mil-j Lhe &V0U-Mm committee, and it is es-  lion d^tlais.           _         ^       , | umatod    that there avill  be-in.   the  Alexander McDonaldv "tho  < formei' Jiel!illUorliood of "$100,     which    will  king of the lvlondUce, sa>s he    likes   1)im������     ()ic   lo1al    funUs    lov     the  nor  pioperli    Tmrncd   foi   the match  ll'e CfUuUf *;ul *,U ll:lullM^ic to ���������  (jn���������nitUje up to  ,313.  lt is thought  Since" then   Sandy   has .been Vain-  '"vest-next Muich. j Uldt     about $200  wlll  flIlish up xllli  mg pratucaily   all the   time and at-  '^77^7^7^^h"o 7s"u ~w-\ ������USKUi  wo?;ian<l ^  th? Sl'������UnK(1";  ,       .     . , . abli    wlUl b������'u,so'>,    w������o is a    pci h ti j remauis a iar.ge   hill  though    he      easily   deleated     ever*   ^   ���������ul|llIltf blI1Kll ol   lllUhClob, tthli���������  ��������� ^^    ia tbc  shape of   fencing.  J    W. S. M<  This    lis  man that has   come   ajgamsu him it  1JniM hag   ft snioolh whll0 sum ,hat  was   conceded that he could not pi op-J  orly elaun the   tiile- oi   champion un  Jn a Western Kansas town sonic  yea us ago a non-iesident hied suit  to collect a bill fiom a icsident of  the place. The plaint ill made ���������) ele.n  case and the defendant .submitted no  evidence at "all.  "You have (he law and the. evidence on youi side," said the nidge  to   the pl.untifi.  "Then I get judgment for mv  claim'" asked lhe plaintiff.  "Oh, no," icplied the '-judge. "I  lind for the defendant -This couit  never goes hack on its- home people"  ���������Kansas City Journal.  A SHOWRR* OF SUNFISII.  breathing,    but it is tough on  rest of the world.  "11 tamed sunfisli "out at my place  on Pimlicq avenue ye.steid.iy," said  President Georgie \\. Ci.ul, jr., of the  lire hoard, to a group or friends gathered-in the city hull.'this, morning.  Doubt Was expressed, and Mr.1- Ga'il  at; once Jiieeaine'clofpuenfc.  "After- (lie lienviost part of the  storm had passed," said Mr. Gail,  "my hoys went out on the lawn and  found twenty or twenty-five-small  sunfish. They were alive, and could  not possibly have got there unless  tlioy-eame. down' with/the rain. The  sunfish were swimming around very  lively this morning in a glass bowl"  ���������Baltimore News. '  til he hud tried conclusions with  Ash mail.  It it. some nioiiLhs since negotiations were opened which ended in  ai run^enic-'iils bein^ made foi last,  niffhi's match and so confident were  Ashman s supporters ol his ability  to w wi that they refused to take  any kind        ol      a      proposition  that made the purse less than  one thousand dollars ~ This  confidence was expressed right up  till tho last minute. During the  past low days Ashman has been act  mg as if the match was , already  won and has oflered to make a  ring contest with either Bob Ritchie or Sine Swanson. Those who  knew what Ashman was up agamst  weie quite satisfied that it would  bo wiser lor Bruce to settle his  match with Sandy first before arranging for anything else. The con  fidence of Ashman and his backers,  howcier, Mas cxlicme an'd leilccted  itsell in offers oi bets up till fifteen  or twenty minutes alter the match  bad. begun,. odds as high as two to  qne  on    Ashman being  offered   with-  lumtoer, and of  this sum, only  $100  held  during  the  season.  is very   decejHi\e.  .it Lhe oi'tamg oi ihe uuiiih A.sli-  man. went lot Ins man with a  imick jump and a n-souudin^ whacK  on llie side oi Sa,ud} & head, lie did  not, howovei, seiaiio the advantage  ho was tiding lot ������ii onto and ii  was only aiiei so\eial sw.lt and  fierce attacks ihal ho was able lo  get .a \ite li^e guj) aiound and  o%er Saiid^ s head with Ins i lghL  arm, while hi������ i iglit h.i'nd taught  Sandy's light aim at tho elbow and  there was a wluilwind ol .s(mee/ing  aind siiug'gling lhe inietesi ol whuh,  was ledoubled when SanUj with  swut   twist   secured  wath his���������Jeit hand and both weie in ^iylns iQ gain admission. No trace  danger. Finally Ashman had to uf the man was ever [OUndl aud tho  save hr.in.seli b.\ going down and I)0ijc.e have been watching the homo  Sandy got the uppei position first Nelv carefully since, but have seen  amid  the cheeis oi his fnends. Buice   no one.  howeier, got out oi it with appar- Alls. Houghton stated that last  ent ease bv\   lust     siancluig    oinlus    night the man appeared in the yard  lt will  rectuire about $400 to  fence  the grounds at the present   rate   of  with     any  added.  That the grounds will  be self-supporting .after they are   once in shape   <���������  should not .be questioned.     In   other -  cities no difficulty is encountered- in --���������  making money by charging) admission.  and Ladysmith should prove no   ex- '  ception.   ' As    an instance of this,  take Nanaimo.     It is stated that on  two occasions this season, gates as  high as $700 and $500 have been received,  besides,    of course, all    the  smaller attractions which 'have been  WOMAN Sr.OOTS  PROWLEP  Uallard,   Aug.   20. ��������� Mrs.    Willard  Houghton stated  to the police   this  moi ning   that    she had  shot at     a  prowler around her home   on    Polk  stieet    last    night    after  midnight.  jMis. Houghton shot through a   buck  j   with    a|(i0(U several weeks ago with a shot-  Ashmau-s     foot'-^ aL a   man  who she state<l   iwas  GET DEADLY  POISON  -������������������������������������������������  feet and with a sunt tutu gt-Uing  Sandy's head in clunceij. From Lhe  melee that lollowed Brute came out  on top and winl for Sand} U^e a  penect tempest. IL was a halt nelson that, .he- tried for and on the  second   attempt he   got  it,   and . ap-  out  takers.     .When  three-quarters    of  parontly it was a .sbv.ler- Sandy slni  DEIOP GAS WELL.  Pittsblu rg.��������� The Carnegie Steel Co.  is" preparing to drill the deepest-well  in the world in the gas field adjoining the town of AVaynesbiirg, Pa.  It will be .-���������put' down to the depth of  0,000 feet, which.'is 1,000 feet . more  than any gas or oH' well has ever  been drilled before. Expert gas men  have always given it as their opinion; that the'rgiis sands of this district which have .been developed are  only top or secondary sands. Thousands of feet, below these, they believe, arc. the-.main  or.great   sands^  an hour had passed, however, a  Vancouver, man stood up and shouted "I'll bet ten dollars even Lhat  Sandy wins." The bet was promptly closed with but by this time it  could be seen that Ashman was  not nearly so aggressive as formerly,  while Sandy was cool and strong  as ever and beginniing' v to put. Ashman always on the defensive.  James McKinnell��������� of the Wilson  Hotel was chosen as referee and per  formed tho duties of that very, difli-  cult posilTion. with perfect fairness.  On-several occasions in Ike early 'pari  of the match ho. warned. Ashman a-  ga'inist striking- with the open hand,  but- Sandy Inter on took the law in  to* his own hands' literally as well  figuratively and gave Bruce such  n good Roland for his Oliver that  the complaint (his time came from  Ashman's backers while' Sandy's  friends were well satisfied. Behijnd  Sandy, were his brothers, Bob, Charlie and Sine, while Jimmy Davis  and    fha Morrison   brothers   support-  4>  whore an inexhaustible supply of nature's fuel can be found if any man ed Ashman. Both menu seemed in-the  has, the cash and,courage, to go af-!pink 0r condition but the advan-  ter it.���������-New York Times. Uage   of   appearance   was tmque9tion  ifglcd hard "but .Bruce was getting  Jiim over, and lhe excitement wns/ intense. They were near the ropes  and when. Sandy was on his head  he 'helped himself to a. grip of the  friendly rope with the h-'l|> of which  he .spun out and unto his feet. This  looked as if it should have been a  fall for Ashman but for the timely  assistance of the rope but on two  or three occasions Inter in the  match Ashman saved himself in, the  same way so matters were about ov.  en.   v.,        , ,  At this stage of the match Sandy  seemed willing' to remain for the  most part of the. defensive ntul' when  he was behind, positions Were hard  ly ever changed, unless Bruce broke  away which he always did by rising  to his feet and twisting out:. Once  or twice, however, Sandy went after  a half nelson but Ashman's nock was  simply unbendnblc and after a- trial  or two Sandy abandoned the attempt and devoted himself to Ashman's arm  and  an endeavor   to   get  (Continued on Page' Four)  lust about 10 o'clock and that sho  got a revolver and watched for him  and that shortly after midnight he  i>tailed to come up on the porch,  and she shot twice at him through  a window. Some of the neigMJprs  were aroused and one of them statr  ed that he .saw. a tall, slender  young man running down the street,  while Mrs. Hougthton states the man  she shot at was heavy and -medium  height and ran through the bacy  yard. Mrs. Ilaughton's huslvand is a  logger working on Moods canal, and  the woman was at home with two  small children. The police have gone  over the ground carefully, but discovered nothing.   . o   k   WOMEN   ARE MOVING  OUT.  Province���������So far as police officials  have been able to learn no attempt  will be made to evade the order for  the removal of women of the restrict  ed. district from Dupont street.  Aleeady preparations arc being  made for the movcout. Several women who have been operating houses  have made arrangements to move  into Canton alley Chinatown, west  of Carrall street..  Another woman, it has been stated to the police, has plans prepared  for the erection of several 'houses in  district lot 301, just outside of the  city limits, and several of the places  will be moved there.. Then n. number of others are going out on the  Westminster road near the Gladstone Inn.  4  Fredericton, N.B., Aug. 20. ��������� fAl-  lueit \V. Edgecomb aud Lemuel A. W.  Tibjbitts, two leading Fredericton  citizens, are dead as a result of  drinking cyanide of potassium. They  were sitting- in the rear of the  Shute & Company jewelry store with  D. E. Crowe of the jewelry firm  last night, .when the latter was palled to the front-of the shop. The two  men in seeking" a drink of water,  found a jar on tho sink and drank  the contents, tt contained deadly  poison. Mr. Crowe, when he loarn-  ed of the fearful mistake hurried tho  men to a drugstore, and three doctors were called. Tlieusiial' treatment Was given, but without avail.  TihjHtts died in half an hour, aiid .-;  Edgecomb'. lingered two and a half  hours. Edgecomb was aged forty-  eight and leaves a wife and'foui  small children. He was secretary-.,  treasurer of D. Edgecomb Company,  Ltd.j drygoodsmen. Tibhjitts was 52  years old, and a bachelor. lie was  a lb-other of-the deputy receiver-general of New Brunswick.  EAGLES ADJOURN  AFTER ELECTION  In JyHnvaukcc, on Saturday, Edward Krause; of Wilmington, Del.,  was announced as the successful candidate for the office of grand worthy president of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Norfolk,'Va., with  972 votes, was the choice of the  next .convention city. Boston received 609 votes, Omaha'515 and  Spokane 62. Other officers elected  are:  Grand worthy vicej president, Theodore E. Bell, Napa, Cal.; grand secretary, A. E. Partridge, Kansas  City; general treasurer, F. E. Her-  ing, South Bend, Ind.; grand chaplain, Joseph T. Hinklc, Oregon;  grand conductor, W. C. Piettus, Norfolk, Va.; grand- inner guard, Edward Foote, Pleasant Hill, Mo. ;  grand trustees, Harry G. Bracken,  Milwaukee, Daniel J. Dalton, Cincinnati; Fred H.- Porter, Louisville,  and Thomas D. Hayes, iiawark, N.J., .-v���������\i������Ls������t?.  V  x -'J*  :>������Mau^ Ke+MyuauxtM*!. *j**������������  ������i^U.^tto*������WiMwr%TM3������ifff^TCILI^^ ������w U"***--1  THE LADTSKHTH DAILY.! LEDGER  THt DAILY LEDGER  PruHatai  tmry   day   except Saaday  ���������BY���������  THE DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year (In advance)  _.! .' $5.00  One Month  ��������� ... _  SO cents  MONDAY  Aug.   20,   1906  TENDERS FOR. COAL.  G. A. Keefer, resident engineer at  New Westminster of the department  of public works is calling for tendeis  which will be received up to noon  of Friday, the 31st instant, for the  supply of coal required for the Es-  ,qjuinialt Graving Dock and in connection with Victoria Harbor works up  be a British Columbia product of  approved quality, Lump or Washad  Nut, and delivered in such quantities as may be rraqjuircd���������that for the  Esnuirrjalt Graving dock to be .delivered and stored in bunkers n.  Dockyard, and that for the dredge  "Mud Lark" to be delivered in lot.s  of 150 to 200 tons at the Governor public works, the towing to be  done by the contractor.  ��������� ��������� o   ^T^&i'Wm ''Ess  =1 ���������N&������Sa ������.-&"  f NUN  fO/f.DUCTW^  ?'}RS0F^f  f Common "Furnace  ij      Fire Pot  ������������������^fe������N  Sunshine Furnace  Fire Pot ������-  GIVING HIM HIS DUE.  "You seem to have a very high regard for your member of congress."  "Yes," answered Farmer Corntos-  sel. "We think well of him. He anil  much of a speaker an' he don't have  any ideas. But'he takes a fine photograph."���������Washington Star.  LOST���������On Aug. 7, rough-coated Aiie-  dale terrier, black back with tan  head and legs; tail docked. Anyone  returning same to the Bank, will  be rewarded. '  Tho slanting fire-pots in common furnaces provide a rc'sl-pliuio for ashes anil clinkers, and these,'  c !og tjio draft, prevent radiation, make the furnace '  hard" lo shake, and fill up the fire-pot.  The "Sunshine" pot is straight up and down, which  i;;i\t'd Aan   uninterrupted   courso   to    the   draft,   and  prevents ashes and clinkers  sticking  to  the  sides.  Tho same skill and thought has been used on  every feature of the "Sunshine" furnace���������it is Canada's  greatest heater.  ' Sold by all enterprising dealers.     Booklet free.  Grocei���������Yes, ma'am. Do you Want  the genuine  butter  or the, unrnation?  Customer���������Which kind did voirsend  me' last week?  Gioccr���������The genuine.  Customer���������Send me the imitation.  ���������Chicago Daily News.   Henry Elliott, .Esq.., of Sherbrooke.  N.S., Inspector aud Supt. ,of BridgO(  Construction for Nova Scotia, says:  '" "A " bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT cured me of a very'- severe  sprain of my leg, caused1 by "a' fall'  while building a bridge at Doherty  Creek, Cumberland ,Co."-   -}i*  "MAKE HAY WHILE  THE SUN SHINK.S '  There is a lesson in the work of  the thrifty farmer, lie knows that  the bright sunshine may last but a  day and he prepares for the shown,  which are so HaMe to follow. So  it should lie with every household.  Dysentery, diarrhoes and cholera-'morbus may attack some of the members of the home without warning.  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy, which is the best  known remedy for,these'.diseases,  should always be kept at hand, us  immediate treatment is necessary,  and delay may prove fatal. For sale  by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  **   ������  I.OKDOX,    TOP.ONTO,    MONTREAL,     WlNMPEQ,    VANCOUVER,  ST. Jonx,   1-lAsiir/i'ON.  <J>-* ���������*���������-���������*��������� ������������pj j**������*T7y *7 **Tr,y^^grrT?ar!;zag^^aJfla^������^^J������I^WWa^Ma^BBalaBWaMal^aKMK3BMtawBaOWfc^  { *  ie  La'dysmith Hard ware Co.,' Sole Agents  SUING FOR A HOODOO.  tells  A native Ea&t Indian judge  this story:  Two men journeying to take part  in death cciemonies in a distant village spent a night in the house of  (he complainant. Defendants weio  taking a fowl to sacrifice at tho  death ceremonies.  Instead of doing so, they killed  and ate it in complainant's house,  since which time dire misfortune had  overtaken the complainant.  Defendants admitted the charge, ox  ccpt that, thej had killed the fowl  in the poich of the house, which  made the  offence lnvial.  I. the judge was sufficiently c-  quaintcd with Kachin custom to see  that a serious offense had been committed, but did not lcnoiw to what  extent the killing of the fowl in the  porch might affect the case. I there  fore called in tho village elders" to  assist me and fined the defendants  one 2-vcav-old bulT.ilo and one silk  garment. Roth parties were fairly  satisfied, though the payment of the  fine was, as always is the case,  ^'\r-vy long kelayed ���������New Yoil World.  ..������..������.. o* .#>.������������������.������.���������������������������������������������������������������������-.*���������������������������.������������������������������������  I Pioneer  rhs  1st. Avenue, ladysmith, B. G }  Kif.'/t Itmty, Prop.  k MANUFACTURER OF  i Carbonated Beverages,  i Ginger   Beer  Fruit Syrups |  O.   Box   2/) S |  AV'VNTED A CHANGE.  Customc-i   (at +he phone)���������Send rue  ������j, a pound of  butter, please.  Unscrupulous     dealers       have   LJ' ^^^^^^<^^^^^^=^^^       ���������"���������  been known to place inferior S j union-inade Capital & Nugget Cigars  boots in our caitoons and re- p,' *y;??g^^5^^y-������'an^?.t^cy!y'^gg^gjfe^'^'\  lacsent    them    as    "LECKIE  0  SUMMER DIARRHOEA  IN CHILDREN  BOOTS."  upon.      There  are  "JUST AS GOOD."  Don't be   imposed   p  no    others   y  fi  The above trade mark is indelibly branded on the sole  of every genuine "LECKIE jH  BOOT." It stands for ALL &  LE \ TITER BOOTS made i"o |j  resist the roughest western ?���������  wear.  31  Ask     for   and INSIST upon  getting LECKIE BOOTS.  Manufactured by  J-.������LECKIE'Go.  VANCOUVER, B, C  SEES-  Duilng the hot weather of the summer months the first unnatural looseness of a child's bowels should ha^e  immediate attention,i so^as to check  the disease before it?'becomes serious.  All that is necessary is a few doses  of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and  Dianhoea Remedy followed by a dose  K|iof castor oil to dense the system.  I,!r.e\. Al. O. StocKIand, Pastor of the  |'JI fir. I M.E. Church, Little Falls, Min-  .r-'lnc&ols, wnbus: "We have used Cham-  ii-bi-t Iain's Colic^" Cholera and Diarrhea. Hemedy for several years and  fiiiil It a '-cry valuable remedy, es-  peci lly for summer disorders in children.;'   E.'.-li! by Ladysmith Pharmacy  iiwiinait  S3  GLASS     GLOBES  When you want a Glut globe  see that you get the globe  with the rubber ring on it,  as it is the only kind that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the rublbcr ring  cannot Keep out water, you  can see that by examining  them. The artificial flower  that is put into the globes  with the rubber rings, is pjuar  antoed to be the best, and if  you want x globe with a  Rubber King, call at Mrs. T.  X.  Jones, agent for *  H*5NRY CREW  The only  place you can get  Them.  Sole /gent in B.C. for the  Fre-ui Wreath Co., of London arts, Melbourne, S.A.,  Co:, totiox Rd. & Milton St.  UANAIMO B.C.  ( NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that I intend to ap'ply to the Board of Licensing ( oinmis'sioncis at their'next  sitting,'toi a transfer of the retail  Hqnoi Mu-nsc now held by me for  the Pi in Hid Hotel, Ladysmith, from  my sell to Christina Tloggan.  D.  1$. IIYND.  Ladysmfil', 9th Aug., 1900." lm  M  oiiway  ,<s&������  STEAMSHIP SCHEDULE  ,   EFFECTIV  E JULY, 18.     -  O- di JU  ,< Ts ?/ i, -,;  SaiLs from Ladysmith for Vancouver every Tuesday at fi o'clock a.mT  1                                                      ' r                                                    *                                                          (  . Sails from Vancouver foi. Ladyami th every    M'-ndav   and    Tuesday, at  '        ���������        -         ������ *'-,'{   :,% *'?                  --                   ,   ���������  1:30 p. m.  ,   Geo, 1U. Courtney,  District Passenger A^cnt  58 Government St., Victoria,- B.C/  EXCELLENT  Train Service  * BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the Prluclpnl Business Centers of -  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AKD     .  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALIN.  For Tlmo Tables, etc., address  t , CEO. W. VAUX,  Aqplsnnt Geii'l Passenger and Ticket Aee.it  135 AOAMS St.. CHICAGO, ILL.  I THE JONES HOTEL  ���������WHITE   COOK���������  J '" aiid''-''^   WHITE   L,AUOll- ���������  EmployedOnly  (IlalL Block from Depot.)  GAT ACRE   STREET-' J Ladysmith.  I  I  THE COMFORTABLE WAY.  g   Ticket and  Freight Office,  75  Government Street.  Tanscontinental  Trains Daily  The New Train  J 1   :    NTAL LIMITED    .  The Traia of  Ease,  Elcgancu,  Excellence.  E\ery  mile  a  picture,    and  do smoke to spoil  the   view.  Through  Compartment,    Observation  and Pullman Sleepers;    also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.  $ At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty        <  Union     Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.  Keith  reservations  uy wircl  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOR JAPAN AND CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from Seattle for Japan and China ports at irc-  ^uenr dates. Exact sailing  dates can he secured upon application to any Great Northern representative.  S. G.  YERKES,  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent,- Victoria, B.C  - Under|Newf Managmeflt - > <  HpfELvWILSpN  ;   Jus. R. McKinnell, 'Prop.,*  NANAriyip  Commercial Mens*-headaaarters.  Modern and" ���������- Strictly First Class.  , Fire rrbof    Buildlag.   ^  ', . .��������� ��������� -> j -   '���������.    , j  Try Capital and Nugget. Cigars  \������r-a cool^ refreshing-^'    v  BATH  During the Summer  Months CalfWi^���������7- - ������  1   ;   THOMAS LEWIS   .  Shaving Parlors, etc.,-   High Street  Best, accommodation for transient  *nd .permanent boarders ,'and lodgerr.  OR AND '   -HOTEL  ��������� ThlsJ new Hotel .has, been comfort-  aMy furnished and 'the bar is up-to;  date . Rates $1.#������ a day and , ������p-  wnrde.  . WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  lipylaaadt :*-: :���������*: :m:. :���������: Ladyanlta  1l  NURSERIES, & SEED HOUSES   o   'J''  Large Stock of Home grown1  Fruit and   Ornamental Trees <  now    mal'uted Tor the   Fall .  Trade/     ,  '   No expense, loss or delay  of fumigation or inspection.���������.  Headquarters'   for    Pacific  _(  Coast grown Garden, Field, 1  'and'Flower Steeds in season.  Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps  Whafe Oil Soap, Greenhouse  Plants, Cut .Flowers, Bulbs  For Fall Planting  X >. 1  We do business on our own  frountls���������no rent to pay and   ,  are    pieparcd>   to meet   all'  competition.  Let'me price'your list he-1  fore placing your order.  Catalogue Free.  M. J. HENRY,  3oio| VVestminster Road  _   ! VANCOUVER...  Fletcher Bros.  .Dealers lo..  ^Plumbing and Tinsrtiithing  DONE  AT  Reasonable Prices  ,  By   J. ANDERSON  > Leave orders at I'eterson's Furh -  ture Store, or telephouo No 5.V  Pianos   & Organs  Ladysmith, B.C  Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps, but  b best when used in the Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight So i;> r������iJ follow Directions  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  Ask f01  "saxtSSiii  -The Cream of Scotdh Whiskies  Ti  l������*������i  }W$i  HV'Pfll  SoJe   Agents foi.7 B. C.  ^^#^^#  Express Work  Light Teaming.    Wood nr     Bark      for sale.    See  J.   KEMP, or   leave  Orders  With   W. CARTER.  riRST   AVE.-NUE  PHONE      6:0.  ������**-*���������������������������>������������������*������������������������������������������������*���������"*'������������������������������������  ���������*o..������.������������������..������..������..  ���������'<������.*���������*.������������������*���������.������������������..���������.���������������.<���������*���������  <*���������*������������������.������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������0. ���������������������������'���������������������������������������������������������������a  First  Class  RI OS FOR HIRE  DELIVERED.  I PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,   B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island, B. G.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  *  *  General Manager, t  WOOD AND BARK FOR SALE AND  EXPRE SS WOR.K.  mo JOHMSO  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  ������������������*.a..���������*.���������**���������"���������������������������������������������0"���������"O'>������*-*"���������'b������*HI'������������������<,'���������**���������*****  ���������*���������**���������������������������������..9*.  ..������������������������������������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ........���������j..o-.t  i  >���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.   .���������..���������.;���������������������������������������������������������������.������������������..������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������"���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������<!���������������������������������������������������������������  STOVES! STOVES!  weiare making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A?f kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickel Plating in all its branches a Speciaity  Ladysmith Stove & IronWorks Co. Ld   ���������.]  TELEPHONE 53 P.O. Box 42.        ���������!   o ..,...���������..���������..���������..���������..���������..���������..������.��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� "���������"������������������������������������ *������������������������������������ ������-���������"���������  i  *���������   *+4-++^^-.l.++4.+++^-T";-i-5-.i.-{"7.^.+.}4.^.4..f.f^.^..|..i..i..i..j..|..i..j..x..i.^^.^^.f^.>4.^.  THeCITYmHRKeT  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B G;  :: LADVSMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,  ORGANS    ANDHOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY.  ���������i  X  mm  Stabled In the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the  Abtota (ord  t ��������� A.   J. WASKETT PROP.  ��������� ^k-%-^-'%-'������^-%.'������-������fc-������-%-'%.'^.:������k"%.'������.-%/%.'%^-%.  WM.  MUNSIE,  President    J. W.  CORURN, Managing Director.  Telephaue 4-0.  The Ladysmith Lumber Co. Ltd.  *  4  .������..<>.���������������������������������������������������'������������������������������������'���������������������������������������������������������������������'��������������������������� .e������������..  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done'--��������� - :    ���������' '   Orders  Promptly    Execute  S. ROEODiNG    ------- LADYS1V25TH1  I  t  I  ��������� W!  iy*aVB  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-f  Shii-igle=ss &. Specialty-'.  MANUFACTURERS OF   Rongh and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumbers  LATHS,  SHINGLES, MO ULDINGS,      ETC.,     ol   the BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.     AND   DRIED    FLOORINGS     AND  FINISHING LUMBER IN -STOCK  4  $  >,  4  4  i  4  4  4  4  4  4  6 .THE LADYSMITH   DAILY   LEDGER  LODGES  j. LADYSMITH. TEMPLE, ,No.-, 5.���������  Rathbone Sisters*'meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall every 2nd and 1th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  i ,   MRS. KATE,TATE,  ".-      '       M. of R. & C.  I     UNITED ANCIENT ORDER OF  j (V DRUIDS.  I Wellington-^ rove, No. 4, U^A.O.D.  \ meets in the .I.O.O.F. Hall, Lady-  l smith, the Second and Fourth Wcd-  t nesdays of each month, cpmrneneins;  [>>' Wednesday, 13th,1 1905.  ^ Visiting Druids are invited to at-  < tend.    By Order  j #  '  WM. RAFTER, Rcc. Sec.  PATRICK BURK, N.A.  H1LBBRT-  V-  ii  G/tLEDOMAir  Leads Them    AH  IN  QUALITY  R. P. RITHE1,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.    <  ' VICTORIA.  :���������: ���������������������������  ���������: :���������-B.0  |j Manufacturers of the Famous  h   CUBAN   BLOSSOn  } None bu   Union I<abor    Employed  PI  .1.  BOOTH. Prop  DAY. SCHOOL.  Uaual subjects taught; also 'language?, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or.individually.  MrSS BERTRAM",-'   Ladysmith, B.C  ....  : : ! 1   Dr. R.B. Dfci  ' - Surgeon Dentist  All -work  guaranteed and at reasonable rates. ���������  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE'  Gatacre ht Ladypitiiih  Open at all hours.  *      r  LAD YSiYU HI 'BAKERY  choice   Cakes' and  pastry'  ( always  fresh on hand  Wedding    (Jakes  -Hade   to  Order  FRUiTS   AWJ    CANDIES OF ALL  'KINDS,    FRESH   BREAD  EVERY   DAY    ,  Prices    are   " Very Reasonable.      All  Customers are Treated Alike.-  ' HOP  LEE * CO.    '    -  ON THE   SSPLANADE.  NANA1MO  NEWS NOTES  NanaLrao, B.C, Aug.  19.  Miss. Louise Mullett has left on  a monl.li';, visit .to Mis. 12. it. Paul,  Victoria.  Tho corner stone of the new St.  Paul's church will be laid on September   '6.  'Mrs. ' Bud, of Alberni, who is  spending her vacation in town, is the  guest of Mrs. Mullett ior the next  two   weeks.  Mis.  Geo.    Jones,    ol     Vancouver,  is spending   a few days with'Mr. ond.g,)ectato]  Mrs.   G.    Jones, sr.',   Milton street  Mr. ^nd Mrs. Ed. Matthews, Vic  toria, arc visiting relatives und  friends i;n this   city.'  BOOTS & SHOES  REPAIRED  J. A. REED,  Roberts SI.    N  UUUUUULUJUL  Airs. LeFouvre of Vancouver, at  one time a resident of this city, is  visiting Mrs. Angus McKen'/ie, Hecate street.  sear 5th, Ave.      ������\  uuuulO  ALL  Wall Papers  ON HAND  J\y a fall from lhe back stop  of a building on Commercial street  late last night John Vawtz , fractured both bones of the right leg  iust above the .nnkle. Dr. Drysdalc  dressed the racture and Mr., Vawtz  /is as comfortable as a man disabled 'can s\vell be/  RAYMOND  & SONS  -    ���������Dealers  in��������� ���������-   -  - Lime,  Plaster, Paris,   Brick,  Fire Brick and Vancouver island cement.  3 Pandora St. Victoria B.C.  Call on J,E. Smith  House and Sign Paintei ,  fWm.  Minard's Liniment cures Cold, etc.  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  The   Foresters   of   Nanainio       may  well   indeed  feel  proud    of the  succ-  TO bS SOUl at HALF PRICE   "SS    atlendinS ' their  Rc-union' which  was held yesterday in ,this city and  in which hundreds of visiting bre-  thern as. well as nearly'a thousand  visitors ,took part.  With   the" exception" of vthe<  breeze  being a  little .too  strong,'  the     daj'  .. was an ideal  one for  sports.     Fully  I .T,000  people  were  scattered     about  during the af-   v��������� ���������,,.��������� ...v.. such an immense crowd present all the events pass  ed otT without any accident 'to  mar lhe day's sports. -The single  exceptioh to the above was thc~accident that befell Prof. Davis' attempts to make hisbaloon ascension.  The huge balobn was almost inflated  and in a few moments more the ascension would have been made,- when  .suddenly a huge volume of heated air  burst through an opening in the top  of the baloon,    and    In  a vory>    few  Manufacturers ~Of-.��������� -��������� - j   *-      .  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  1   -WHOLESALE 8BY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C.  j       ....  1 the ^ Cricket grounds  torrioon' and  with   si;  Miners'^JrillingViMtines  ffllADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE.      DRILLS  SHARPENED  BY  US      ALWAYS   GIVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A  ND REPAIRED   ���������S H I P S M I T H I N G    IN      ALL   ITS   BRANCH ES  Horseshoers and Genera? Blacksmiths.  R. WRIGHT.  Buller Street   -    , -    -     -   Ladyarrxitti, B C  moments the whole concern lay on  the ground a delapidatud mass with  the baloon torn and burnt &o badly that it will take over a week's labor to put ,it in proper shape a-  Ua-iri.  Prof. Davis was downhearted because of the'accident, and would liked, to have made the ascent. He says  that the weather was ideal for the  occasion, the wind kavmg dropped  sufficiently as to make the ascension,  an assuied success.  However, the thing- -had happened,  and* there was nothing left for him  to 'do, but lo gal her togd'tier hi,  fragments and ship them awav tor  repairs.  The  Aeronaut    was,   no  mora     dis-  sapoiated    than   the    thousands     .of  who  had gathered      lo  f  witness the e\ent, for an attraction  of this; kind is seldom onered in Nanainio, and when it does come a-  round the public are eager to take  it in.  'The monuing of the long-looked for  .day dawned bright and clear, and  with the exception of a stiff breeze  gave every indicalion of a beautiful  day.  With-this before them, hundreds of  residents of the. city put on (he  holiday attire early, aad.ramc down  town lo jnect the Vancouver excursion which arrived ,shortlv after 11  o'clock with nearly '150 passengers  aboard.  The excursion  wn*:  accompanied by  Ihe   Sixth "Regiment Hand, which put  the  large  crqwd      in   a  jolly  humor  when     they     landedo   at   the    w-hai f  Friends   proclincr each  other after .in  absence' of In  some, case1!, weeks, and  in    other months  and  >ears,   general  greetimas.    hand  shnWrts,   etc . ,  was  the order nl* business for fi    considerable   time ..after  the  anlvpl.      after  which   the Inrev crowd  wended    lliei-  wav    up   (own   Tor  lunch.   n'vo-nod.i-  lion    for which  had  beon  amplv pro-  ]  vided   for  by    lhe cily  hotels,      nii'l '������  tv-tauran'ts  At eleven ovl"<-1'. '���������'"^ coodies fill'1!!  with Fore^tp's n'l'V Tliei" fi ien'is nr-  rived -fi-om    V^lnrin       The       Pilver  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rate." .VI.2fi~ftnd81.50������������������ ,L  Fre ^    - to  all steamboat   landiruq at'.')  railway denote.    Electric'cars every fiv?  minutes to all ports"of   the city.   Bar  and table unexcelled.  l"   ,      F. BAYNER, Proprietor.  ABBOTT ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C.  1-5  Ii  it  i^Zs/ZXLjS1)  PVlB-r       Q p    ^ |^ [_*       "-iSBsW*    '  SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS  BLOUSES HALF PRICE  We are placing on sale every muslin blouse in  the place at HALF PRICE.  Regular, $1.75 for 95c.  ^  " $3.00 " $r.5o<  mr Biack S'afeen Biswses--  % Regular $1,75 for $1.10  I SiX DOZEN WHI1C MUSLIN APRONS.  Trimmnd with Embroidery and Insertion, full sizes.      t  Regular 5oc, for 25c.  "     80c.   .������* 45c.  I Ladies' Lissfra Skirts���������  I  In Black and Grey, Four of each, only, new, up-to-date:  I] Regular  $375 for $2.75  1 -     $6:5o,*' ������3.95 ,,;;  I Twesd Skirts, (-2 Price, '   :  I Regular $4.00 fori$2. 'J  ������ "   $5.00  " '$2.50 ;;,  i -    "     $600   "   $3,00 Etc.  ,  We have several pieces of P rints and Muslins in short  be  said  at   HALF1 PRICE.- ,  s to'  iiie  m  feUQSIS'  f ICE!     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Any available ' Dominion Lands  within the Railway Belt In British  Columbia, may b������ homesteaded by  any person, who is the solo head of  B family, or any male over e ghteen  years of age, to the extent of onc-  quarter section of 160 acres, more  or less.  Entry must be made personally at  the local land office for the district  in which the land is situate,  The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following  plans:  (1) At.least six   months' residence  stead, the requirements as to residence may bo satisfied by residence  upon the said land.  Six montbe' notice in writir.u  should be given tp the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Co;U lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be aO([iiired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds, shall he collected on the  gross output.  W.  W.   CORY, .'���������  Deputy of-the Minister of-Interior-  TEl  A. J. McMURTRlE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  .   Furnished  .4JM  LADYSMITH,   . C  j  Good tables and good :  Rooms !  ���������Keep  Minard's'   Liniment    in  house.' "*  the  UNNECESSARY EXPENSE.  Acute attacks    of colic and   tliarr-  ' iioea come on without warning    and  upon and cultivation of the land    in   prompt    relief     must   ihe obtained.  each, year for three years. There is no necessity of incurring ex-  (2) If the father, (or mother,-if:the'pense of a  physician's service in such  father IS deceased), of the homestead-^ cases  if   Chamberlain's  Colic,    Choi-  This Hotel has   been completely       renovated.  - V Board aad lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHNTliA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with  the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-::-: Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  Cornet Band mot the excursion 'at  the slalion ami gave the visitors a  royal    welcome.  Alter luncheon lhe parade " was  formed into line nnd got away on  its <linc ol' march promptly at T--.30  ,'headed by Grand Marshall, Wm. Mc-  j Currach, followed by the Silver  I (Joi-net Band, and the following in  I order named: Court Nmiaimo, Court  I rCitchone-, Kanaimo Juveniles, Vic-  > toria JmeniU'S, N'annimo Compan-  ! Ions, Victoria Companion", Sixth  j Keg-irncnl.- Band, Court I^adysmith,  Court Koyal Columbia,. Court Pac-  tfic Court Victoria,- Court Northern  Light, Court Vancouver, tke Past  ! District .Rangers and the District  ; olficc-rs.  I     As  soon   as  the  parade,   with  : numerous       following    reached  prroun.'l:'..   the  sports    Commitlee  to work to run off. the list of scheduled sports, which all passed off sat  lsfactorily   to those taking part.  The main .event of tho afternoon  was the baseball match between the  Victoria United and the locals, and  which was won by the visitors by  the score of .11 to 9.  PTV'I  U  ��������� I r  sen  SIHF  is?  P   VOU  WANT  AQOOD-  er resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land entered for, the requirements as to residence may he  Satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by biro in the vicinity of hie home '  era and Diarrhoea' Remedy is at  hand. A doso of this remedy will  relieve rthc patient before the doctor-  could arrive. It has never been  Known to fail, even in the most severe and dangerous cases and no family should be without it. For Bale  by the Ladysmith Pharmacy.  first Class   Heal  CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restaurant  AI.\mS OPEN FIRST  AVENUE.  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street aii.-  lay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each menth.  Office Hours I P.!M. 4.39  -   U BLAND,  ,     !��������� ; ���������-j"     , L     u :   , ��������� : SUrERlNTENi)J3NT4    ^  .���������1*.      - ' -������������������ -      I   .-.  .   '        *    .-?-'W.M..   i ���������������    ���������'��������� ���������-- ~       "*   w  t.   Avenn?  ^ ������ ill  Solicitor,  V,U.  Loan  -  LAUYSWI H  PLAYED IN LUCK.  Rowan���������Did you have -any trouble  in learning  the cprnet?  Bloit���������None worth mentioning. All  the neighbors were poor shots.���������Chicago News.  WHEW!  "Really-er-I',m afraid you    overheard  what I-er-said about   you,"  stammered the gossip, who had been  its caught red-handed.   "Perhaps I-er-  the  was a bit too severe���������."  got      0!  no," replied the other   woman,  "you weren't nearly as severe as yoir  would hare been  if you knew   what  I  think  of you. "-Philadelphia Press  NOTICE  ii'rom ' this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on *  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland  M&chih.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION &   DEVEL  OPMENT CO.,  LTD.  Mon Personal Liahil.'ty.  Vf^Wrisi.  B.   ('..  ?.^t   !������'���������������'    ">n^  w. ,siLivn  J-EKEKAL hXPRESS km  ., DEUVERY  WORK  PROMPTLY  P(>- '''  Leave orders at tbe Abbotsford,  Are Hoy (Join; Ml  }a sure yomr tickets rea4  North Western Line  tlB  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS witfc ;' the  through trains from the Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE',. TF  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete Information  ask yr  <  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  Q������aer������l  J gen*  110 2&i At*,, SeatilA, --whs:.-,  w*liliCifc.Vi������-S._S. n fj. icl._-a_-,~_J-'  t"-^��������� iiJ^5_l3;r=.*^=.-S_r^  ���������*_i^^i������a-att^agataaycMi_^^  it    ������<       >  ^TaaiiVo^viTa^iiLY ledger  . <-*??3S-������!tK_tS  I Always On  Hand |  IT  ���������  RJCKLE-'S  ,4������. ";r'r  i Rest of Groceries  V*V*Vv  BIG  REDUCTION  IN SUMMER  A Large Stock of,  I DRY GOODS, BOOTS & SHOES  & That Can'Be Beat  Smith* Fotos,  Local Items  Mr. and Mrs. J. Pro van spent yes  terday in Nanaimo.  two  haystacks and  a eider  mill    to  be mot  with the complaint:  That's All!1    "Alas������ but owing, to your activity'  1 and  the vigorous "manner in     which (  you  do  business you  have given  mo  palpitation of the heart and caused  me to  lose a whole day's-work.",     j  Moral���������Pie who wakes   up a sleep- :  ing.dog  should he piepared to    out-!  run him.���������Chicago News. j  , A baby boy arrived at the home  oi Mr. G. Robinson, local C^PrR. agent, yesterday.  Mr. J. McKinnon, of Nanaimo, is  visiting his sister, Mrs. J as. Adam,  ior a few days.    ,  Mrs. B. Clay is spend ng a week  in Vancouver, visiting her daughter,  Mrs. 1\ Mason.  UNCONSCIOUS GREATNESS  "The    ancestors    of    whom     you  boast,"      remarked     the    reproving ���������  friend,   "displayed  no- such  pride  as {  M. O'Connell and J. McCullougb  are in Ciofton today, having cycled  down this forenoon.  York is growing tired of the domination of \V. R. Hoarst. The league  is finding out what the people of  California have'known for a long  time���������that Hearst is a regular bore.  Mr. F. Kiff, of Vancouver, is iu What he cannot rule he twill try to  the city today,  a guest at  the Ab-   ruin.<���������Daily Minor-Transcript.  botsford Hotel. {- ������������������-~- . <-  ���������U.    ' ! SWANSOiSrPROVKS TO  yours."  "Certainly' not," -answered tho  haughty poison, ''.'why. should they?  They had no means of knowing they  were to be my anccslors."���������Washing  ton Star.  The Independence  League of     New  Reg- 6.75 for  11 7,50 "  11 8.50 "  11 10-00r"  " 14,50"  11   15.00"  $4.95  $4.59  $8.25  $7-50  $10.50  $11.50  Walters S  tikenhead  "      * " "       , V "���������" ' ���������������������������  None Better-Capital & Nugget Cigars  server's standpoint it was evident  that Ashman couldn't do anything while Sandy didn't seem to  try. These tactics on Swanson's  part seemed to puzzle Bruce quite a  bit and toward the end he would  strighlen himself up and look at  Sandy and grin, but Sandy didn't  .straighten up at all, and in fact did  not seem to be paying much atten-  tion to Bruce except to keep working his way slowly but surely a  little hit closer. That was the way  the end came for Ashman had strai  Ightenetl up with the same old enquiring' grin on his face when ' Sandy  "with a lightning rush had him a-  I'ourtd -the waist, e'roisbutLocked and  on his back in a irico for (he second  fall.    Time  50 minutes 1  II you want, a good cook, apply to"  "  ' HOP LEE/   I  Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars  ���������������������������������>-������"���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������"������"���������������������������������  Knighfs j  Book Store]  He^dquaters for     j  The Latest      j  j     MAGAZINES j  Miss O- Randle, of Nanaimo,   was*'  in  the city this forenoon interview- ]  ing the school hoard legaiding a po- *    Mtion on the  local  teaching stall.     *' a hamjoaerlock, m ��������� whicli lie had bet-  ��������� ������������������  ' ter success. Thus Lhe match   went on  thought    Sandy's     shouldtrs     wero  down,   and  it  also   appeared     that  BE THK BEST   MAN j way   to  many of the audience,    but  (Continued from Page One.) | the referee - didn't make   any     sign  land the mix-up was  so fast and the  I fall���������if there  was a fall���������so  momen-  Idrs. McCluskcy, of   Goldfield, Nev-   lor an   hour..   When Bruce  was     011  ad.i, arrived in the city at noon to������   his feet   he always  tiied   for a   half  day, aud will  spend  the next     few   uhoke hold and wiion behind   for    a I  weeks ^  visiting    her  daughter,  Mrs.  half aeison. '   Saudy   on  tho      other,  Geo. C. Prckard. ^^ when on lus fuvL mado   inva,J  The friends of Mrs. R.  Wright,    of ^      tor. the leg   and .when  behind I  Roberts street,  will regret to loarn,^^      ^J^   aud a    crotoB.  that she is at present quite serious-*  her 1  During the   lant five minutes of  bout   Sandy  bad   Ashman  the  in  ly ill, having been confined to       bed since Saturday last. ,first   ���������  danger  in,  precisely    this    way  about  For several evenings past a iiuni- thl'eG dii"1CJe-llt timC3 and Bruc0  bcr oi small boys between the ages m? -wed by the timely assistance  of ten and fourteen years, haveibpttu of the ropes. The last time, how-  making headquarters for their cig- cvi, Sandy had him right on his  aretle club at the rear of ihe Led- lu-.ul and lurnod him over on tho  ger ollice. If there is no law against iope-.. ltt-iereo JlcKnmoll brought  boys ol this age smoking, tb.de lhcm Ua.^ llU x\X(i mut in this posi-  should be, and NightwatchmaD Tom Llon a��������� 1 |L uas pretty to see' how  O'Connell, who, has been wajLchinp,  this particular bunch, says that ho  will find some kind of punishment  ior  them beiore long.   <,   A LITTLE NONSENSE.  One d;iy as the Bumble Bee w\u  sitting on the top rail of a feme  and swinging his legs and lakrn,  things easy a man came along anu  called out:  1 tarily that the referee could easily  be excused for not seeing Lt. Thus  the bout continued for half an hour  by which time Ashman appeared t o  be pretty well worn, and when they  locked heads they would simply  twist and Lug without any lcsult  iinLil Bi'iu-e  would push  Sandy away  'and the span ing would begin over  again only. to end again 'in Bruce  pushing  Sandy away.   From an   00-  NOTICE.-  Teacher wanted    for the Primary  Grade    of    the    Ladysmith    Public  School.    Salary $60.00   per   month.  None without experience in this particular grade need apply.      Applications to be-in the hands of the undersigned on or before August 29th.  JOHN  STEWART,  , Secretary.  Mir.fi--  i-iUncnt cures Distemper.  notice ;  Must Bte Soldi  1 Merry-go-round Organ���������Plays 36  Tunes���������Suitable for Ba- Room, Etc  1 ������niBll Organ Plays 36 Tunes by  Rollers with Key Board to play by  Music���������Good for Family Pre ctice -  BEST  SEWING' MAC HINEs" VERY   CHEAP   3 Beautiful Large Pictures, Tinware,  Etc. FLETCHER'S VARIETY STORE  Minard's Liniment Cures  Garget in  Cows.  of   Summer  ��������� ��������� ��������� ^p*  To be Cleared at Less than Cost  Fancy Muslin, 35c a yd.,   reduced to   25c  Fancy  French .Cambrics,  25c a yd., reduced'to   15c  English Prints, 15c a yd.   reduced lo   .'.."10c '  Fancy Blouse Lengths,    $3.00; now ..'. '.  M..5  Fancy Blouse,Lengths,    $2 7;"/,  now   .'..; Xl.flO  Fancy Blouse Lengths,- $2.00, now ....,...'..., '.  $1.25  Over 12.Doz. Ladies' Silk Fancy  Ties to be disposed of at Bargain Prices    >'- - -     - - . ���������  &imcn %ci$er & %o>  limited  ���������������������������������������������*<��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������#������������������������������������������������������  ���������  X  :  x  ���������  ���������  ^    FUES1I SUPPLY, OF^.��������� ^  IW. tlytlon. Porh; Veal and Deel 1  SI WE HAVE ON HAND SOME-VERY N  fc  ROLLED CORNED BEEF   ...12 I-2C..LB.   ^,'  i A. HOWE I  fc   v MEAT   MARKET .,   ,   ^  ssis^*s?aa5E^HHsaEssss^  Bri'C" wuggled m n desperate strng-  ..1.' io got onL. WhPii Lhe signal  was given Lo go, Bnue threw his  uvt in the air ia an endeavor to go  ..M-r hacikwardh imd he actually did  i;nt hi' lftgs over Sandy's should-  r-i-s an i was willim an aca of heingf  i'ioc ii.it Rand.v hngf;������d him close  .i'id while pressing down hard was  hv.lk able lo irt't his head up he  "Ah, here you are, loaflng around 11\ i en Ashman's crotch, and then  as usu.il. Do you know tha't you aiO ui-li .< *-\Mft rush forward and a  called the lazrebt oi the insect Litis. ! ,q'iK mil l-acl- Ashman's shoulders  dom' Vou toil not, neither do j mi v,oiv diwu loi the ursl time. Time,  spin, hut are always eating tliu r,y hl, ,,;,.!,  bread of others." Un u Lhl. Inen riljr���������.1Uvd >Jor tho sec-  "That's a little way I have iallcn  into," replied the Bumble without ill  feeling.  "Then you had best fall" out of  it. My dear sir, everybody works  but father, and ij you want to save  your character, get busy." ,  "I think 1 'will, and thanks for  your interest in' me."  Thereupon the Humble went at it  and "lifted" the man three feet  Irom the ground aud ran him   around  ..uid bout, it was at once evident  i hat Sa>ii.H- was in- the bettor condition,    am.!, Ashman'?,  only hope  was  Itogel iv (lying fall in-p. mix-up and  ho wt-iit    ni  his   work with the     np.  I parent art''!'i| ion o! securing this- He  was lii-s* behind and had Sandy.  wrfg.'-.lins' in a half nelson and when  ho got out of that had htm by��������� Lh<?  ankle and away, they went in a melee,  duving      which . Bruce   evidently  'xj.������w  ^STA  Mmmuwiiim-  UNSHRINKABLE  So)  ������  R  is made Irom the softest and finest Nova Scotia AVool and wc  guarantee every garment. Now that the long cool evenings are,  coming in you will be thinking about changing your Underwear, and we can suit you.  WE CARRY   YOUR   WEIGHT  ''.    RANGING FROM  338������a^SScagSg]^������5������������B:^35H5^  "Smith," "Clabroug;H;"  ���������������������������������������������������������������1������������������^������������i���������������mnmm���������������i I    ������������������������nw���������^mmtmnam  "Parker," 4lReming:���������ton,,  LgtnwMa^tci^a.tttr"ife������j.n^������uwT������BcaP������n!^������  and *'Winchester*' Guns  FULL    STOCK  LADY5MITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  HMRi  -or���������  MINING SUPPLIES  INCLUDINQ  WM. COOKE & CD'S  Celebrated Wire Ropes  1  ENGLISH  BAR  Best English Soft Steel.  FII  CROWN  IRON.  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His  dontal work is guaranteed to he flrst-  class, and rates reasonable.  Smoke Little B Cigurs.


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