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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Aug 5, 1905

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 3 -**  \.^  Daily  T  VOL. a,  SATURDAY,   AUGUST  5,   1205  PRICE   FIVE   C^vfP  i  tL BE GIVEN A  CORDIAL GREETING  Tme Government   of the United  States is Making Elaborate  ^: Preparations}  Give to the Peace   Plenipotentiaries a Proper Reception        ji  HALF AMILEQFROADBEDA NEW METHOD OF EX-  WORTH $3,000,000  Douglas, Ariz. Has Richest  Bit of Construction in  the World  /  I  At Cripple Creek the Low  Grade Ore is to be  Worked!  Ojlter Bay,   Aug.  5.���������Final        ar. i    The  alignments were completed yesteiday, jom ney  i        "' -4*- *  ��������� t   ������   '  Japanese     staited  on ' ihcir  in an ,unostentatious man  It is Close by Ithe Copper | If   Present   Experiment*  Queen Smelter and Own  ed by the Company  ,,;'  ^ It5 will lie asuipiisc to many people of Douglas lto learn that there is  in*tins city 'the uchcs.1 bit of rail-  load cons miction m the'world, says  a Dougla&, Asicona dc&patoh. It is  only halfa mile in length, but the  lOadbcd alone is worth appro\miatc-  ] ly- $3,0CO,O00. Rttthei startling figures, "but tiue,  neveitheless.  Succeed Great Wealth  Will Result,  -    1 ... -        _ . ures.   put tiue,   nevenneiess.  n-^Jhe reception by President Roos-   "������ >  A    eight o clock-severaL    car-     ^     We  t],e ,        wolks  ' oi  .������~V^ a     -a     ���������   '       \   i Z ' riages diew up in fiont of the Wal- >,.     * - ��������� ,.  .  Vfcfa thc.Russ.an  and  .lapane*       ������J Astom ^     ^^ ^^.^ the Copper-Queen smelter is a piece  " ��������� ' . '      lei'began  to plu. the envoys''^ of ^tan������a������d] gunge kack which come,  11 he a foi-   baggnge     in them.' : At- 8.30 o'clock out -  o������ f'^cavated  hollow  some-  nvoVs today. / .  'The reception,  which wi  Killgreetinig  to  thc  representatives  li'^ttoc     bclligeienis  by  Piesident  lodscvelt on"    behalf, of the Urfited  Itates, government,, will   takerfplace  11--tlie  Mayflower,, the. finest  vessel  I,her"class in the navy:   The present, and Hie stale? and navy       (Jos'    .. ^ *        .  laitments will  unite  to  extend     a,  ordjal greeting - to'the plenipoteir  jaries ami to facili'tate in evciypos-  ible way then mission of peace   Ev-  ry( honor to" their, lank will  be i������.v  o'them and'a cordial greeting  will  >e given , by, the president on  behalf  if tf\e 'American 'people.  /Ajdospatoh dated  New Yoik,  Aug  ith,-say's."   Baron -Komura ,and  Minster   , Takahira,  the1 two  Japanese  icace commissioners,-.together "with-  .heir- suite,-" embarked for Oyster Bay  [-ally ��������� today., for then ^official  piesen-  ftatioii  to President  Rooseveltv" and-  IthMr *. introduction  by him  to     M  Witte and-Baron Rosen,  the"    Russian peace envoys.   v  sion to tlie yacht landing-.- Prof. De  Martens-- and . General Yeaimolft followed in a carnage.' 'J3evfral .mem-  teis of the envoys' suit did not ac-  iitnded, fortified and 'onipahy, them,',but' pioceeded-duect  to make Rus.s,a the lo-J^itsm^'th/by.tra.n. ..The Russian/party reached'tlie"landing at their  loot of East 23id street fifteen l>e-  foie ten o'clock, when they were due.'  They were met at the landing by  thc , Russian Vice Consul,. Emets  ^schilling, and by Assistant Secre-  tai v ol State Pieice. Mi . Witte and  Baron Rosen entered the.fiisl of Uie  launches to leave the landing foi the  eitiiser Chalanooga and the lemain-  dti  of the suite, went an another. -J'  When- Mi    Witte,- followed ..iinmc-1  diak'ly   hy B.non1 -Rosen,  stepped-on  hoard thc Chatanooga, an amba^a~t  dois'.salute of nineteen guns.fcnoined..  out from  the ciuiser    llie waislup  weighed    anchoi    immediately    and  sta'lcd foi  Ovsler Bay.  HOW RUSSIA BAGGED    .        , -     .  ^.;. '     > '   \LAD1VOSTOCK  rThe name Vladivostock nicans Mis-  tr������s of.the  East, and- Vladivoslock  wni acjqtfired,   -founded  shipped in order  Distress of the east. The stoiy of  Vladivostock's u acquisition is a veiy  peculiar and a very iiileicslang c^e  tt|is exceedingly chaiactenstic of  Russian diplomacy, and, as it is al-  nost unknown lo the piesent gcuci.i-  tidn, it is worth le-telhng, especially  as the ~ lnstoiv oi \'ladi\ostock may  eventually detcur.ine its fate Foi-  |.y. -live yoais ago the English and  I'ieuch weie at war with China,-and  llie ailies marched on Pckin. S11  Hope Grant and Gcnetal Montauban,  commanded the evixxlition. The com  mandcis weie greatly trouted bv  their iinacqj untance witli Chinese  ilfairs and by the shiftiness of the  bljdne.se. To their delight they were  Ipined by a charming young Russian  ���������fficer, of the guards, who spoke  *rciieh and English to peifection,  lid who ha'd a maivcRous knowledge  f matters Chinese He provided  i\e conxmanders with maps, with val-  aWe infofmMioii- which led to the  iking of Peliin, and he made himsHf  enerally lndispei.sahlc Thus hc he-  fitne the companion, friend, and 0011-  ilent al advisei to the commandeis  f the expedition When the allies  id taken pekm and had dcstioycd  le Summer Palace 111 oidei to av-  ige the mm dei of the Euiopean en-  ^ys, and when the Enipcioi of Chi  1 had taken flight,'Igiiatiel siireted-  I easily in persuading the teiiihed  jjhinese tliat the allies had come to  icel the ��������� reigning dynasty and to  sbiject China to themselves.^_Ho  Id tliem that theJuigli.sh and  i-ench meant to stay in Pckin jici.---  anently and that uothiug would  irn them hack. China's only hope  V in securing the intcrventi������|n of a  ;rbng European-power 'friendly to  lina, such as ,. Russia. lie, Igna-  ef, would be the mediat^f between  |e Chinese and the foreign intruders  id he would make the foreign troops  ltirc from Pekin'providing, the t'hi-  se would cede to Russia the north  nk of the -Amur-and the whole of  e llssuri province, which reaches  im the mouth of the A unu: down  (, the Corean frontier, and which in-  pdes the territory-- whore Viadivos-  pk now stands. The 'Chinese, who  2,re almost frightened Hut of-their ���������  Jts by the. presence of the allies and  their violence, willingly ceded "to  (ussia the     territory which Ignatief  Iluion - Komura, Minister JTakahira  and  Gondii General  Ucluda  entereil  the first carnage    A. Sato,' H. Den-  ni.son and  two of the minor attaches of the suite a������cupuxl-the" second'  and  thud cat riages, while the fourth  was  occupied  by. Japanese servants>  The   ..party diove to-the New'York  Yacht  Qlub  landing,,t-arnv,ing  there  at, S.15, ,liftccn?~muiutes  ,xhea������d "of  schedule  time. V Commander   Rolit.'  E\ans,;'jii, 'ofr the nayal^ jfajcht Sylph  was     at tl^ pier'vvith;tllir������!"steam  lauiu hes   with  which > to convey   the  party 'to' the Uniteil States  cruiser"  Taconia,, whictti  was 'anchored' in mid-  slienm oil the pier'   There was Ttio  demonstration *at jthe^ pier,' ^bat ;< tlie  amKassadonaL" salute^cf -19 'guns Avas  fired by  the Tacoma^asvthe\la!unchcs  "diew\ up ^alongside' I he cruiser.  The 'Russian pea.ee 'plem.pot^ntiaries,  left ,the- Stregis hotel about an, hour  after the Japanese started from the  Waldorf  Aslroia. JMi^Witte.^Baron ^^ to 5m.pty in^���������aT';a.t0n.^?f  Rosen and Consul Geneial^Lo&ygfsky  in an electric cab, headed the- proccs  Cupple Cieek, Col. Aug.(7.-E\-  iwiimciit which seems destined to  piovo valuable to those who lollow  111 opciatioii'aud null wheio'-orc is of  low giade is alK>ut lo l>e' attempted  by the< owneis lit the Lnifcoln gioup  and the Or pple Creek Cyanide plant,  both .situated in the Giftett held, it  also seems 1 destined to' lell^us what  lo do,with tho great aicas of low  giadq oie that lie untouched, just  beyond the boidcr of piodiiclion  ; While distinct -in, oigaiiii?ation, the  what to the east of Uic teampler, andr milung ancl     milling, companies have  runs out to  the smelter,  about, half   lh<j  ^ igeiMJi:ai   stockhol<lcrs.    Recently they    proposed" t/01 nieige their  elfotts/if;   'notjtlhcir compa/nifis,, and  with     this"  plan  in 'inuwfhave made  seveial laiiangemenls l"(|ol������-,ng to" mutual     benefits.        1'he assets of the  com'panics is a laige acerage travels-  ed by many veins and djkes <A liberal' width and-of metallic content thai  vanes from J5rto     1.12 to the ton, a  mill A\ith which success has      toxn  achieved in e\tiacting.gold from oie  that     was amenable   ' to 'ejamde of  roia'-siumj     a belief    in the'vcnturi  and a deteiminatian    to advance it  To which may     be added possession  of the sinewl of development and in-  telligence of efioit.     ,\  It lus been demonstrated to the  satisfaction of'Managci Btyerly ^that  there <iie elements in Cripple CioeK  01 us, howevei well' oxydized, that  cannot be ovcicome with cy|anide of  potassium-* T*-These.dements demand  changes Hn the piocess to fit their  vaiyvng chaiactenstic. A gipneial  process will' remove a considerable  1'untit.v of go d, "but not the entire  uantity cur a sufficient quanlity to"  leave an .i(lcquate,piofit In gerieia!  piactice thc lesisting q|iaJlitie& aie  disposed of by    loasting     'It   is pio  UNITED STATES  The   43rd.   Regiment   of  Duke Cot nwall's own  Rifles  OnTIieir Way  to Providence to Participate  in Celebrations  LUMBER. COMPANY  MAKE IMPROVEMENTS  Site for the Saw Mill at  Fiddicks  is to Be Changed in the  Near Future  a mile distant on a loadbett  of some  of   'Uic' richest ..copper oie 11^',  the  world and  also many   tons  of "concentrates, from  the  Naco/.aii   mines  and mill.. rThc roadlicd  foims     the,  stock'pile foi "the Coppei, Queen smel  ter, the^ reseive - to, be diawn on incase of accident, at the Bisbec^ mines  01 mi"the railroad/ The1 depth of the  licvl. averages 'about ���������> 15. feet,  being  Jatdut'25ffcot,deept in Wie centre, and  is 30 feet,wide, and all is "ore, sulphides, ^oxides, manganese^ malachite  etc.,- and concentrates^ which glitter  like tiny "bits-of r.gold'between'   the  rails. ,,*     .^.    /   1 .    -.;,,. v.  Jt - is estimateitlAthat~tlie,bed of  this richi^Jcomprises' 100,000 tons  cf_"ore, whichFruns lO^per^cent.-cop-  per, and ls'Val&eil^at ������%������% a ?on.-.It  is'being added.jto>,"continually;. "and  there is. stih������froom-in, the cut'out  th3'-duty  looking  stuff,which  will,  in'    time, be conveited into shining  slabs^ ot copper ..bullion     As/ tile oiew  is dumped  out the ���������track  is gradually'raised and is gradually^ becoming  Inghei     An  uninitiated    "one    could  walk over  thejitlle .road  and     sec  noWiing  ' but     van-colored    stones,  'chunks     of"yellow'and-icd  "dut^'  Boston,  Mass,   Aug.  5���������The  <I31 d  Canadian     icgimr-nt  Dukevof Coin-  wall's Own Rilles airncd ui'.Uns city  today     fiom Ottawa on ils������.way lo  Piovulelice, R.L, where the iogim������i$  will ^participate in   the celeliji^t'ion of  Biitish  Day.    Tlie  statute obiecl ions  to any :fqieJgn body pf sobheis matching     "through     the  conimoifCvealtli  licniiiig aims was oveuome hy trans-  feiruig    Mie;   militiamen  to special  tiams on the elevated,. in isicn| W tlid  Boston Railway Company.  '  liy this means the wsilois reached  the south teiminal,  wheie tliey braided   the   tiain   fLom   Piovidence  The  leg'iment is  111 command of LI    Col  S   Maynaid      Rogeis     Tlie -soldieis  weie given an enthusiastic leception. ,,,-,., ,.        .    .  \l  the south station 'the  Candnfai.s "'nmp,Plw1' ant'     UlC m,,Ul w,1,c\aS  weie joined by the iBnt.bh naval and   JS ?*"**������? ^.own, arc now situated  It Will Be Situated Nearer Lady-  smith  and the Sue of Plant  Will Be Increased  Mayoi C'ohiun icluined thi^ moin-  mg fiom Vancouvei Unfoitunatelr  Mi Cohuin was unable to *e Mr  Mat pole 11 icfcience to the electric  light question, while in thc Terminal  City, that gentleman as stated 1.1  Uiese columns being avyay at Comox  His Worship, this morning spoke <f  rompauy to have a hianch line from  the main lailioad to the .spot, v\rlieiej  the mill AVill' he moved to Adj^ln-  in������ the siiot 011 which the null will  hc elected is a splendid hell of tim-  hei lecently acqimed hy the Lu'mbeL  Companv and one of the leasons for  moving the mill is in oidei that this  the cvlensiive allegations his company   timl.ei  can he     cut up without being  intend      making at     their saw-mills  slioi lly A plan which has been in  considuation     foi  some time is now  AI 11 Luy. Veteran's Association The  regiment will leturn to Boston this  evening to remain until  Monday  ���������������������������        o ���������    -  A- GRANDSTAND   THAT  TURNS   ON   A   .71VOT  nt  Fi Idicks,     will he moved and ie-  erected about four miles from Ladysmith      When rebuilt this plant will   pany  he laigcly     increased in size  hauled a gi eat distance, as vvould be  the case if it had to he taken to the'  mill situaled as it is at picscnt A  veiy laige expense will thus he saved  Asked if the moving of the plant  would necesMiule the employment oi  moie men, Mr Coburn said the com-  evpected to     employ a large  ���������A new idea 111 grandstands is be.ng  1,������ lci anfl(a quantity oi mew machin-  intioduccd by  the  Athletic Commit- 01V which will be used at the nulls,  While   fiumlVH of eNtia bands when the work  -  111 Vancouver Mr   Coburn laid an 01-. was     commenced      Ihe shingle mill  dei with a firm ihere for a large new   will remain in its piesnt position.  Mi   Cohuin,     who returned to La-  ONLY     THE  BEST  FOR  THE WEST  and  his eyes  would  momenlaiily \te \ posed by    Manager Bejeily lo add a  attracted  by the glittering paiticles  which the man who knows calls con-  ceiffiates,  but the wildest  immagin-  ation of the uninititated  would  nev-  oi conceive of the riches which cium-  hled into dust  uniJei his-heel as    he  countdd     Ihe     ties  to  the -Copper  Queen smeltei  i  r  esired, anil only a. year later Prince  .^ting accidentally .discovered that, 'the 'with Canada.-  [Ics had no     intention of occupying-) vears-ag0 with  jekdn permanently  and  that  Ignatu-i   Voday. these .mammpth. .industries'.cm  ^d done China no service whatever  Eastern     Manufacturers    Study and  Catei to    Our Needs'     '    '  MCCIary's ' footenaySteel Ramgc a  Huge Success in British Columbia. .  With  thus   -issue the McClaiy Mfg.  Co , of     London   Onl ,     start their  Range advertising foi  the tall tiadc.  We 11 itice that they Uie specializing  on the r fkmous Kootenay Steel  Range. .       ,       , |  ,1  This lange was built foi the trade  of the west and it takes its name  fiorn the West This fact alone  proves the importance with which  Canada's largestJ manufacturers in  tho east regard our province.  The MeClary Company .'specialize'  on a cast-iron range in the Vast, and-  vvhile it is a very modern-.-and'  .superior stove, they have found that  the westerners, will have only the  most expensive and best steel range  in  this province. .        ."    . ,  The "Kootenay" is indeed a handsome and substantial looking ramgc  ���������and Ms-built to stand , the severest  kind of work and at the same time  possesses every modern improvement  Known in, the stove world.  It's makers, the MeClary Mfgi Co.,  are well known, in British Columbia,  having for many years had a .branch  warehouse and otTcc in Vancouver���������  This hranoh is managed-by Mr. VI. E.  Drake, who is well and popularly  known'to the trade and has huilt up  a lat-pje trade in.the various MeClary    use a gun- -.Now  lie   is said , to  have  lines."-.' ."'"  j graduated  from  asneakthisf  to. ���������   an  Tho     MeClary business ha's growii J ocean highwayman.  It-  vi(as started-T-G, 1 .   ���������~������������������������������������ "���������'  ������.wo or three bands.  HIG-H-IIANDED   BANDITS  ��������� ON THE^PRASER^  _..Charged-" willi hoW^slruhd^Tiet-  steahngs, cbnih������ Ited-:atj-<ljffiercnt"t*hi  es during the last Uiiee "weeks',"-^a  trio of alleged tough men (.of the sca-  handit class was ariested early this  morning at Steveslon,'says the Province.  The men aie" Fred.  Kline, "R.  Bie-  chin of Vancouver, and Harry Young,  who hails fiom  Seattle.    They  were  nabbed in Hhe     fishing  town early  this     morning by Provincial  Police  Constables  Munro and  Wilkje    They  weie brought to  Vancouvei   by    Hhe  3 "o'clock    cai   this  afternoon,   and  will come before Magistrate  Alexan  dei tom.01 low morning.  Their    latest ' crime is alleged to  have   been   a bold   holdup   which   oc  cm led yesteiday' morning at      two  o'clock off the Fnuser Sandhetids   The  story told by the two Japanese was  that the three  men came on  them  with  pointed   revolvers  and  compelled  them  tohand    ovei  all they lad.  The  baindits  took  tthe  nets  as   well  ���������a������   the geai-  in  the  Japanese  boats,  it is alleged.  The, Japanese, who belonged to the  Phoenix cannery,.1 were.geared when  tiiey' saw the guns, and say that  'they, as;vvell. as other Japanese lish-  ermen, were,compelled to . hand over  everything they had.  Other information H3ceivcd hy the  police is to the effect that thtwe-  three men have been .carrying tlun-gs-  in a very high-hand������l Way ever smce  the fishing' began. They, are believed  to have used guns on two' white fab  'ei-mcn oil' Steyestoh last Sunday evening, .but.:/.details of this charge  hav6( not yet been announced. ^  Kline is welL-known to the police.  He has been out only a short time,  having served \..a term of cign';een  months for net,stealing on the 1'vas-  ���������cri    In  other  years,  Kline did    not  toaster. This   will     he expensive  brfth as'to1 nstallatiou and operation  fuel heme; one of the heaviest items,  biit it is lielicvcd that thc increase in  evtraction will ovcicome these cv-  lenses. Mineial so alteied will he  subjected to cyanide of potassium to  complete e\tiaction   0 ���������   CIJY CHURCH  .���������'-"-- -   SERVICES  Special Services in Connection With all the  Churches  tee of Cornell Univcisity in connection with the new athletic field now  being established at Ithaca, N Y  The basebajl and football grounds  arc at different points on thc field,  and tlie giandsland is huilt on a  pivot'so that it can he tinned to  lace either the diamond or thc mi-  diron A big-saA'ing in expenditure is  thus made possible. \  , .���������o _   ENGINEER KILLED^"  IN' TRAIN   WRECK  Albany, N.Y.^Aug   4 ���������Woiil. was  received at^ thejieadquaiteis of  the  Delaware and' Hudson' Railwaj   Company here today that one man    was  killed and anodiei slightly/mimed in  a leai-end collisioit   neat   Svdnev,   10  mjles this side of Bing'iaimton Shoi t  ly after  thiee  o'clock^ this   moining  |)as->ens;ei   tiam  No    14  i.m  into the  leai   of a height   tiain,   The passen-  111 addition     to'that already in use  dysmiMi via Nanaimo, says the lumber I lade is at piescnt 111 a veiy heal-  'I hc    Lumltor Compgny     have     also   thv slate    and ecprcbsed much satis-  madc anangements with-Ihe lailvvay i faction at the outlook  DONATION TO |  STANFORD  San   1'iaiicisco,   Cal ,   Aug    5���������The  ICxaminer^savs Thomas  Welton Stpn-  foid, of     Melbourne, broWiei of thc  late   Sena101   Stanfoid,   has   off-ercd  to doiinlc to Stanford  University au  almost   pi iceless   colic tion   of  antiques,   which he  savs weie collected  foi  him lioin Fgvpli.in  lo'ibhs    -   . 0 ^  AS   OTHERS SEE THEM  Al  tii^ir meeting on Monday inoin-  11       *   ���������-  ing  last the Nelson City Council "ie-  jei   locomotive  lumped the liack md' instated S   E      Cou,tei as dnvei  of  SEVEN PERSONS  DROWNED  Wichita, Kas , Aug 5 ���������Mrs. Lew-'  is Stcirubiichel, t-pgethei with her  throe clnldien and three childien of  Rex D F. Lynch," a neighbor, are  all hclicved to ha>ve been diovvned^m  the little rivei near here yesteiday.  The pai ty weie out boating and  eaily  today had not leturnul.  rolled  down   an   embankment,   crushing lo death the engineei, O   Beach,  of Onota.    The   (ueman   lumped    .md  <s"ajcd   with   a few  sciatchcs       \7o  one else was hurt on cithei Jiain  NEGRO HANGED  IN LOUISIANA  Ruston, La, Aug 5���������Bui ton, the  negio who eiiteied thc lcsulence of  Alls Wells one night a few monlh.s  ago and attempted to ciiininally assault one of tlie womcji of thc household, was hniigccLin the p.uish j.nl  here today ) Burton confessed on tho  scaffold.  hd "that Russia had obtained a val-  ablc Chinese province by fraud.  All  firemen  are requested to  meet  this (Saturday) evening at the'.city*,  pi.-iv over    ^lev-en ������������������hundrpd people and   hall  at eight  o'clock to  take  some  have branch warehouses in.every important Canadian City.  action  about    a proposed  entertain-  CHINESE   BOYCOTT  EFEC'I1\E IN YOKOI1 UrA.  Yokohama, Aug 5.���������The bojeott  against Amcuc.i has stilled licie,  the Chinese 11 cfiisiiiaj to handle fLciir.hli  foi tlie Pacific mail plia'm'i ^lanchu-  ua foi Hongkong The Chinese will  hold a meeting tomofiow lo oigan-  l/c  the movement  As thc     Church Not '">s  w 11 show;  special  seivices  aie   to be   held     in  connection  with all   the city chinches iomonow    Open   an   sei vices will  hc conducted      hy   Rev s   Bo\ le and  Bowen  in   Ihe evening,   and at      Ihe  Methodist      church   a special  seivicc  foi  children   will   he  held   in        the  morning   4.   russian press dulksut-  l:d with witte's reception  St. Peleisiiiirg,  Aug. 0,���������'lhc nuW's-  pa|>cvs  generally express  sutisl'action  at llie unexpectedly cordial  reception  received   hy .M. W^'itle" iii  the.   United  States,   in  which  public opinion     all  along had been painted as lieing favorable  to the Japanese.  A ��������� more optimistic  tone  regarding  the  chances ! tit\.ing hjm  that Harrv rk,|iar(l ������������������a  of ���������'aSHcoe.ssfuL outcome of the  peaeo   narrv :.i.oitllS0I,  vvcrc ".u-rosied   there  negbttatiov.s   is manifested.   Willi -���������... ii; X(iAayt  suspected  of   the.  murder    of  few exceptions   they   find   themselves   Pa^,^.^,.    j^epi,   Mover  in 'this  in .thorough  sympathy  with   the  l>o-' city- July 2s(h    c)lief  Kohlel.<s ,,,le.  sitlon of     M.  Witte as explained m   gram salu t,hal fhe Cleveland officers  interview with him' on lus arrival, in   ha.ve rccovci-ed several thousand  dol-���������  TWO vMEN  ARRESTED POR  THE.MURDER OF MOVER  Deli'ail, MiCli., v^1!g'- ii.���������Superiuleis  deiit of Police Downey today received a telegram from'. Chief Kohliu-, of  the Cleveland police department-,. no-  CUMBERLAND  (Fiom  the News,  Aug   2)  Thc winnei   of the hist and second  pn/cs  in  the  lishing contest  at    the  Big Stoic  was Mi    IT    Reese,   with  fish     weighing 5   lh    3  o/,  and fish  weighing 311)   1  0/.     A photo of the  lisheuvan   an.I   the  Lugest,   fish   aie  on exhibition  in  the  Big Stoie window.  CaPt II A l>illm has taken out  an auctioneer's license and will pio-  baibly  hold  logulai  monthly- sah������L  The   follow ii'g   lettei���������liSS ~l^eiv received   trom   the insiiiaiice  company  ot \ai.cou\ei   hv Mi    -los   McPhee of  Coin tne)  Vane ouv pi,   B C,   Julv  21th,   l'Hir.,  Joseph   AlcPhee,   Ksq ,  Cum tncj,  B C ,  Dear Sir,���������I have much pleasuic m  handing von the check of this com-  ' pany foi VI, 100 HO to assist in cov-  eung voui ineiil loss by fne Be  km.I enough to sign the enclosed ic-  oiipl   and  ohliM'i  ���������\ oin -t. faithfully,  .1011 in   \    LOGAN,  Secy.  \ it ualh.   Mi     M<Plic-e  is  delight-  New Yock. Several journals reproduce their editorials almost phrase  for phrase the ideas  embodied in the  lats worth 0f jewelry that was stolen from Moyers' shop. Mover .was  murdered in the most brutal fashion  sii.ivcim.-ni. gi.^u i.������v ���������..> i.-v..^-..-- -v 1 ajbjjut six o'clock in the eveniivgfwhikv  martens/The public generally is al-j ^bm in his. .st0re. His skull was  so in more hopeful mood. Despatches;'Stated to pieces. ' "  from New York with' European comment, on the situation (ill several  columns of every newspaper, and indeed, the  forthcoming. confei'eiic-e   at        . ,     ..      _  Portsmouth scorns  to be overshadow-   ^^^- ^tiv-if all can not a.ffvec  ed by-the important, events now tak-   on a plan-to install a plant Jhat will  ing place at Pcteroff  in  connection    ������ Pwne^jhy the city.   Money-can be  with the proposed national Assem%.  eecurod for such works  if the  voters  The Listok,. which   published  a most  so  decide.  tihoroiigh survey  of the situation, de- ��������� ������������������   clares that  the  declaration  of      M-  "   S.S.   Comeric  and   Snow   and .P.ur-  If you want electric  lights   for the  long wi niter nigh-hs,   talk   with  your.  the tne team Immediately after the  mebtiiig IMavoi Houston s spended  (u illei foi tho eighth time No  duinMl at the ne\t meeting the council will again ic instate the man  To oulsuleis it seems lather a babyish way foi mco who are elected to  look aftci the mleiests of the citv,  to behave, hut o|ilside opinion does  noi srcni to-concein the city fatheis  01  Nelson     and thev     seem to enjov  (lieu child's play   o ���������-  AMERICAN   CATHOLIC  PILGRIM VfiE.  Rome, Aug 3 ���������The \.meiicxn Ca  thohc pilgi image wliuh has l>evn 11  Rome sii.ee July 20lh left foi Kloi-  cnoe todav Aftei a short stay 111  Floiento the piIgiimage will go 10  Sw it/eiland, aftci a tour of which  they will leave foi home. Ihe pd-  gi image niunheis one lumdic I pci-  sons.   0   RESULTS   Ol'  TOD.U "S  BOM    IMCI"^ ,  St      (\ittuiuus__    On' ,      Vi.g    " ���������  Single single*.���������Mi fiee,   T010.1I0,   I A,   p.,  ultl| th,������  pioinpiitudc  with which  the house insiiiaiice has  been paid by  is  virtually  anew  company,  Keuwl,  ll.uluii   P.C  \ ^  2nd  Dufiield,  Detioit   1) C  3i d  Time  8. In.  .lutiior fohis���������1st, Ottawa Rowing  Club; 3iul, Rat Portage; 3rd., Argonauts,   Time, 7.23.  Intermediate singles���������1st, Colston,  Hamilton; 2nd, Ereich, Peiin-sylvania  3rd,  Sprinks,  Toronto,  Time 8.'lt)\.  Senior eights���������1st, Argonauls, Toronto;  2nd,  Detroit.    Time. C.4Si.  wiiat  this   being  ,   the  heaviest   loss  they  have sustained  thus far'.    Of the $2,-  000 carried by Mr. ���������'McPhec $G00,was  on the  barn, -which   was saved.  Hew Mr. McEImon conducted services in the Prcsbj'teriau church on  SuiHlay. Mr. M'cElmon was stationed  at  Comox  twenty  years  ago. ^  1.1 ��������� ' ������������������������'���������' 'in      u     11^  CLEARING UP THE LAND  WILL HELP MATTERS ALONG  From Mr. Dennis' statements yes-, pany's interests will he made. Mon-  terday regarding contemplated im-! cy will not, ���������- 01 course be lacking to  provemen'is on Vancouper Island, ' do -whatever the management decides  ihere is every reason to beiieve that" upon. Supiyisc,  for  instance,, as  f,uch gpneral      improvements will   Ivc'Mr. Dennis     has stated, that 10,000-  of  benefit   IL cojiimunities now  lying   acres   of land     is cleared up on the  alcng-    the line.     It w 11 mean more,   start at a cost or, say, $25 per acre.  l>eople'to.   buy .goods,    more outside j This alone    means a .quarter .of arhil--  which to   lion dollars to be expended along the  'line    of the      railway next  money brought in with  li'iilif houses, buy/shock and get ready for living. The expenditure of  large sums. must in a general if not  in a special     way, help ilisiness gent  season..  Meantime, with new people coming  in, expending money 11 outfits for  working land,  road 'making,  etc., wo  Witte should simplify his position in -gc-s-s ate    due    here     from -fiorthern  ment.  J,  E.  SMITH, chief,   the public eje.  I  ports.  (���������rally. Mr. Dennis .stated that as may well count on very material ben-  fast, as their reports are received ar- efits arising from. Snch land improve-  langements     for advancing the com-' menis. '..-..-'(. \   ^    ' ,  -^c���������r  ���������pi������^w>������f������ww������������������"^!!^;  DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY E!>6E*  Publisned . every day except Sunday.  BY        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  -   Offices,   Ladvsmith and Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE*  M cents  a  month-,    $5  per  year  in  advance,  plication.  Advertising rates on ap.  ,    SATURDAY, -AUGUSTJ,   1205  ^  A   FAVORED   ISLAND.  The      veiy   favorable  opinion^ that  was   cxpussed  hy   the   Canadian   Pa-  ulic   R.ylvvdj's   gcncial   laud  agent,  ���������Mr.  Dennis,  while in ladvsmith vcs-  teida>,   of   the  resomers   of  Vanc0u-  vei   Island   aie  most satisfactoiy.  To   those    who   aie   familial   wit-h  4hc   untold   wealth   m   timhei,   1������i1-  culliual lands,  its  coal  liu-asuics, Us  ���������climate  and  thc  cxticmo  fritility   ot  soil   its, adaptability   to   the  giowih  of funis of any   kind that can       *.c  giown outside'of  the Hopirs,  nulu.l-  ini',   .lpple^,    peais,   peaches,   plums,  apricots gi.ipes and small fiiut1.  M'"-  Dennis'   wouls   arc  not,  al  all   unexpected.  Bnflsli Columbia has locn well  known .in I had, foi a c-mintiv so remote fiom large settlements a Uiv  niimbci of seltlcis come in with the  Fiwsei river msh in TiR-'l Quite a  number ol people were then livin������ m  VaiKouvei Island, foi vcrv few white'  people weie on the mainland. Of  those who came in on n.ccount of Unsold excitement'a good many vveie  men like Dames, Wilson, Semi in,  Parkes, Oi.ues, and hiindicds of oth  eis who took up land in l,he  coi nil y, mostly along the FiaM-i or  Thompson nvcis, or in the SimiUtti-  meen. They, without except ion, did  well, and "thoue of thc number (too  few, we regiet (o shy) vvho aie now  living, aie well to ilo in lawls and  stock.  Kootenay Steel Range  A GOOD BAKER  The oven in the Kootenay Range is scientifically propor-  tioned to the size of the fire-box, so that no more fuel can be  burned 'than is absolutely accessary to heat the.oven.  The oven is lined with heavy sheet steel, which is a great  radiator of heat and insures  a uniform heat throughout  the oven���������no danger of a  loaf of bread being halftone  on one side and burned on  the other. ,    ,  The Kootenay Range is  built on scientific principles  throughout, and should be  carefully examined before  buying any other.  Sold  by  all enterprising  dealers. '   J  Booklet free.  o  m,  &  iH-tft  M'CIaofc  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg Vancouver,  St. John, N.B.  Ladvsmith  _   _   _   -   -   AGENTS.   AIL August magazines now in^   at  Knight's  book store.  LADYSMITH AERIE    MO. ������������������������. F.  . -1  ISN'T THAT SWELL?  Our-customers* are always pleased  wi.lh the wall and ceiling papery  they have selected from our charmingly varied stock, as well as with  thc skillful way our wotkincYi hang  it. General approbation is given oui  interior deviations. May we make  up an" estimate for you?  Ladysmith Wallpaper Depot  HARRY  KAY  FIRST AVENUE  O. E.     :-:   *   --'���������"-)   ���������-'��������� ''*   :~1  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  " ard Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President, B Forcimmer; . Werthy  Secretary. C H. Runonilnge.  DAY SCHOOL.  t  Usual subjects taught; also. languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils aad water colors,1 pianoforte and vocal leasone giy-  en in classea er individually:,,  MISS' BERTRAM,  Udysmitb, B. Oi  icsouices  as  lo   the   mainland.    The, off  thc  land  conhigious U>  the radiator  discoveiv  ofgold,   silver      and ' way  has   been  a very  large  tax. on  UPPC ' copper o.es on the mainland portion, lhc settlers.  It is announced that it,  I  of   the  Province,   pai ticul.uly in  Kootenay,   again   gave   that   pai t  of  Ibe Piovince  a    boom,   and  made  it  much   talked  of land.  iVreaint-imc,   (he  building (0f  the  E.  & N    Railway having caused cauwd  'wiulc hundieds of men of, hone and   (he   ahnialion   fiom      the  c.o*nof  nlte'.   tiled in  the  u, pei   country   nea.lv  2.000,1,00  aces  of  laid   alojg  and   he-an   lo  raise  slock  and    land    lb*  east ccn*t   of   the    Man,!,,   sett  noduefs  for     Hie  mines,  Vancouvei-lets  did  not  come  ...  along  t c  line  El ,���������*      ws  left   in  abeyance    The    of  thc load as faat  as  w,.b  antiapat-  samo at le lion   was'not  pa.d  to  its ed.* Then,   too, the cost of dealing  Newly fitted up and'  Furnished  Good tables and gcod  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL  ANGELO TATE.PROP.  is the intention .of the C.R.R. land  department to clrar up and put some |  thousands of acres of the best land  vvithin ihe 'Company's grant on the  maiket. It will be sold off in, pei-  haps, 10, 20, and 40 acre blocks and  it is the intention of tbe company to  get the lands in the hands of bona-  fide residents only With this' policy  on the .part of the' company" earned  out we "may well expect to be benefitted bv the changes that will be  biought about.  Mr.  Dennis,   when   asked  ycsleiday  if contemplated improvements in the  compahiyi'6   lands   would   benefit  locally,,   replied   that he liadj  . come  through  a good  section of   tbe country from Nanaimo to Ladysmith.1 lie  HOTEL DOMINION  ; ���������Rati a $1.25 and$1.50-^ - ,  Free bua to 'all eteamboat landings and  railway dej ot9.    Electric care every five  minutes to all parts of  tbe city.   Bar  and table unexcelled. , c,  ���������   '        ~   F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST.,  VANCOUVER. B, C.  ��������� Under New'Man������gni������nt. ; >;  Hotel Wilson  '     (       *   -i.^i'   - _ A'!    \}  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woodbanki  proprietors.}  Modern and     Strictly- Fiwt ClaM.  Commeicial Mens' headquarters. - -  Fire Proof     Buildiag.  Canadian Pacific  Railway  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������!  ATLANTIC STEAMTHIPTICKETS  Tickets on Sale To and From all European Points  *   '      - ' at Lowest kates >    ,t    -  .   '   " , ALL LINES   REPRESENTED.  "For Sailing Dates, Rates and full information, '     *  /  THE JONES HOTEL  .Dealers lo  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra   well  Stocked  Pianos and  Organs ..  One Dollar Per Day.   ,  Good Table, Good Bed asd Good Bat  -    (Half Block from D������pot:>  GAT ACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  The comfortable way  EVERYTHING   THAT'S GOOD.1N  TRAVEL IS YOURS IP  YOU, USE THE'    ";   i-  " ���������--"---   vfl.4  r *  8e Govt. Street, Victoiia B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Disl. Freight &. Pass. Agt'*  ! '  9 i TH^tYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  I ( _j���������:   i.       ���������- PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  $ SILVER ORES.    '  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  J '-'^     * - - '_!_ !_ ' ,  I GLERiMONT LIVINGSTON, THOS. KIDDIE.  *V ^;/���������, General Manager.    . Smelter Manager. ^  .>?i  C.-uiiuued on P<������i> .thiee, (  I adysmith, B.C  Fop Expressing  Light or Heavy Teaming  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGOTES  FOR HIRE ':-���������   :-   See J. KEMP,  oi   leave prrteis      at  Transfer Stabled  FIRST  AVENUE 'PHONE 6-0.  Ladsymith  YUEN  Merchant; Tailor  ^   ���������;',' ���������,- r W.^SILER.'.,  GENERAL EXPRESSjAND  -DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY nov^  Leave orders at the Abbotsfdrd.  LADVSMITH SHAVING  PiUHORS  HIGH STREET. .  :__:_: Best.ia the City :���������:���������|  RATRSfa.oo P������R DAY  SAMFtB ROOMS      *  i     I  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BBSt ^  WIN15S, UQUORS.'CIOARl > '  HOTEL  '   ^Bestacoomodatioo in town* -Splendid banting and fishing in near vicinity.  A.J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor. LADYSMITB, B.C  i i   i   i i" ii  ���������^^���������^.���������  9B������  I  Overlands  Daily  I  C  TH6 CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  i st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C#  Public Notice  Attention is called lo the      fact Uiat the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,  Limited,  makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR      havo fm   some time  past been piodiiciiiR flciin   in a   vastly   lmpmvpil  and   pinifiod   foi m  by  the aid  of ELECTRICITY  and  having sccnu-d conliol   of   all (lie basic palcnls iplaling theie-  ��������� to, take this opportunity of advising   the'public   that  any  unauthorized users of the electrical    flour  purifying processes   will be prn-  ���������ccuted. '     .  Ogilvio Flour Mills Company limited  re the  only    millers in Canada whose   Flour i*  purified by the electric process  Hoard  and lodginp.' f 1..00 per day.  This _Hotel   has    been  completely  renovated.  HOTEL.    PRETORIA  Bar   Supplied   with  the  Best    Wines,  ���������   ,  ���������    JOHN THA, Proprietor  .   .   Liquors and  Cigars. .   1st Avenue x -.--. '���������-: Ladysmith B.C.  The Farmers  Meat Market  Geo; Roberts       X      Prop  Kind  of  Job  Printing  ^)one Promptly and  WELL  At  HILBERT  x  X  X  X  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  - EXPRESS >'WORK'A SPECIALTY.   -      -.  DAVID JOHNSON  LADYSMITH  XRHONE 66  j HENRY'S MRSFHES -  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown 8c  Imported (  GlARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.     Catalogue fiee.  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  Passengers can leave Victoria daily  at G.4r������ p.m., or 9 p.m., where close  connections ' is made to all points  East.  "Famous Flyer" leaves Seattle 8 a.m  "Fast Mail" leaves Seattle ..-. 8 p.m  2 NIGHTS TO ST. PAUL.  3 nights to Chicago.  1  NIGHTS TO  NEW YORK.  SHORTEST ROUTE TO ALL KOO  TENAY  POINTS.  ACROSS    THE    MOUNTAINS    IN  DAYLIGHT.  on or address ���������������������������,,��������� I MILLS   AT   FIDD&K  AND LADY SMITII-Shingles a Specialty..  S. a. YEBKES,     E. R. STEPHEN | ���������      *������ ��������� _u������nWtn������i������i    of-  i 71 Government st  x\  i  m  -.i /i  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W. COBURN, Man.  Directot  Telephone'46.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co  Ltd.  G.W.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash,  Victoria, B.C.  HOTEL LELAND.  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modalled. Ratesl *T per  day. Corner Qranville and Hastings  streets   Telephone, 1-4.  ���������Manufacturers    of-  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.   .  3<Mooed  and  Klla Dried Flooring     and  Finishing    Lumber la   8toek<  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the    J  Office  1st   Avenue  The  only  line now  making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at  ST. PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, THE  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  " For Complete information ask your  local agent or write,  .    F. W. PARKER  .-'_--.      General   il gent,  ?36 3nd Ave., Seattle.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor.  Government      and   Yates  Sis ,  Victoria, B. C-  Trains  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  VII  3  3  One of which Is the famoui "North  Coast': Limited," ,  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers on all trains.  Through tickets issued  to all  points -East     and  South,  also  Pullman  tickets  issued  and  berths reserved.  Excursion rates now in effect  to Portland Fair. Round trip  rate 911. Only directline to  Yellowstone Park.  m  t  THE CANADIAN BANK  OP COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO ~- f  IB. E. WALKER, G.ner.1 Manager ALEX. LAIRD, A������st. Genl ������>������f������  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  $5 and under ������������������-    3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  ���������4    $io       " " $30    10 cents  ���������   ������3Q       ������ ������ $50    15 cents  ;'���������.-��������� "'  ' HECOTIAntK 'AT A! FIXItn RATK A ' ���������  /    the Canadian bank of commerc> , London, eng.  iThevIorm an excellent method of remittin   small sums of money,  ^, W. A.  CORNWALL.  Manager^  with safety  LADVPVITH BRANCH  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  ���������������������������'���������'PRICES.;' .-,:���������  Repairing and making to order   a  speciality. -.���������.,..  THOflAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,'  Ladysmith, B. C.  Best' accommodation  for  transieul;  ind permaneDt boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HCXT-KL  Steamship tickets on sale to all  Europeun points. Very low rates  now in effect.   Cabin accommodation  reserved by wire. ^  For     furthsr    particulars    call or'   This new Hotel lias been comfort-  write tlie office.        Phone Wain 456. a'dy furnished and the ,bar is up-to-  d>te.    Rates Jl.W a day*  and    up:  w vrda. "������������������'��������� ���������  A. D" CARLTON,  A.G.P.A.!   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  C. E. LANG  General Agent  Victoria, B.O  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  E^tiaaU* t?< '���������-* :������: ** Ladynraith  LADYSMITH BAK6RY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAICED AND FRESH,  Confectionary of all kinds. .  Orders taken lor Pas trios to.bs 4]  llvered at any time.  Employment Agency!  HAY. GRAIN AND  D  Orders  will  be delivored  anywhers  ia tlie city promptly and at the loi  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on  Esplanadt,  JAtii KABtfOQI^      1 ,.-<**  daxly:ledger  ISLAND  k  AND  ������������������   Plant,  Specifications and De- ������������������  **   tail*     furnished for all kinds **  ������������������   of work in the CARPENTER ������������������  **   Line   - *���������  ������������������   C.   B.   ROBELEE,  Carpenter ������������������  ������������������   and Joiner,     2nd ������ve, Lady- ������������������  ������������������  smith, B^C. ������������������  A  FAVORED   ISLAND  Continued from page.. Two  Its   Great   Resources  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  N RUMMING BROS.  r  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  saw no icason why thc clearing up  of such a tract would, not be of benefit to existing towns.   In fact, such  woik   would   be  beneficial.    Theie  is  teni,woike.l  like   clockwork  and  it  was   the   wonderful  telcihoiic  system  that  made  this   possible.    By  means  of his  system  of vires  Oyama had  >mplete control   of his  entile  aimy  and   could      woik  his   foices   to thc  best advantage at all  Hmcs ;and un  no question  but that  the change  ownership in  the Island railway and j<ler al1 circumstances, thc mo\ements  land  giant   has,  so  far  as   settling' jso Reeled  were  at  the same    time  the  island  is conccined  many years.  The   C.P.R.   aie  gicat   colonizers,  and wiving, as IHiey have on   Vancoii-  \er   Island,   "money in sight,"  there  is  no ^question  of their earnest, wotk  in bunging in   s&ttlers. ������  fl  GALEDOMAN"  ���������'<!  No part of British Columbia today offers so,many advantages to the  investor as doc* VANCOUVER ISL AND.  : , ' :    -  , j j   .  I  '    Its vast and vaiied natural wealth has never .been ,as yet'thoroughly  appreciated by, reason of the fact that it has never ben, promiently .Ufl  before the public. .  Leads Them    All  IJST QUALITY  :o>  COAL  TIMBER  FISH  GAME  GOLD -'  SILVER  IRON  COPPER  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  R. P. RITHET,  & Co;, Ltd  Pacific Coast.  Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������:   -: .-: :���������B.C.  THE USE OF THE TELEPHONE  IN WARFARE  In  no respect   has  the  warfaie    in  Manchuua dilTeied more fiom all war  faie   that  has gone  bcfoie  than     in  the use tb.it Oy.ima made of      the  telephone    in the    campaign around  Mukden.   The Ja.i������a������iesc   gpnicifil   had  bis  system   of   telephone  communication so pcifectly oiganizepl that, fiom  lus  headquarters in the leal   of > bis  ltfige crescent of   100,000 men extending moie than a hundred  miles  from  tu> to'tip tor iniietpcn  days,     every  day  being   marked by  fieice  fighting,  he was  able to handle tlie       whole  aimy    like     an  e\pei I- chess  player  moving the pieces upon the hcaid lie-  foie hni),   with  thc entile position of  his  own    and  his? opponent's   pieces  'clearly befoie him at cveiy moment.  Mo  general ever bandied befoie such  an immense force of foot, .hoi-sc and  aitillcry  extended  over  such  an  immense lange of tointoiy, no general  ever  handled an  army with  greater  piecision The   great   Japanese   cres-  Its land, when properly cleared,   will grow almost any product ol the  soil known  to manfi    . '  '     ;.' ��������� I I |     I' t  APPLES.  ,     .PRUNES  PEARS  WHEAT  OATS  VEGET ABLES  OPv  RYE  ALL   KINDS  FRUITS v AND* <' BERRIES.  th*.  X,WONDERFUL' SOIL FOR SMALL  The Canadian Pacific Company will  adopt  a Hl*ial  land  policy,  and  1,500,000 acies1 controlled     by    them will be disposed ol'on reason-  ble terms to actual settlers  Government lands can he secured     and     money can be made by those  who desire anew home in acountiy    possessing the  /  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmi   th, will   supply  any  information  obtainable  to those  who contemplate   a visit  with a view of  investment  if  conditions are found as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining    distiict,     a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in  each year.  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS  'ON-DOMINION LANDS IN-MANITOBA THE  NORTHWEST ,TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY. " "      ,  . Coal���������Coal lands may "be\purchascd  at-$10 per "acre for soflfcoal and (20  (or anthracite. Not more > than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the 'rate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gioss output- . ' . ' -  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates' may  obtain entry for, a mining location.  A free nn_.������i's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7*50 pcr annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place^may locate a claim  1,500x1,51)0, feet.by markiug out the  *ame with two legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at "each end on  the line of the lode or vein.  The elaihi shull be recorded within  fifteen days if located within ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, one*  additional day allowed lor every additional ten miles or fraction. Tlie  fee foi recording a claim is $5.  At     least $100 must be expended  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient.   Rental, $10    per-  nnum for each mile ol river leased.  Royalty at the rate.of 2| per cent  collected on the output after. it exceeds $10,000. -    >    -  Diedging in the Yukon Territory���������  Six leases of five, miles each may be  granted to a fi ee miner for a t ei m of  twenty years, also renewable.  The l*ssec-s right is coafined lo the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water maik, that boundary to be fixed by its position on thc  Isfeday of August in thc year ot the  the,date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge ia  operation within two years iioin the  ad\anced  it   4mck and accuiate  An interesting account of the .Japanese     field   telephone   system   that  made such  a sweeping success is given in the   Elect neal Rcuew   As will  lie remembeicd ��������� Uie appioach  of the  Japanese was  from the south     The  Russians  had   become  fiinily   imhude  with   the  idea- that, the  ti amino   0f  their  adversaries   had   been   such    in  thc  mountains  of   Japan  as'to  lender them veiy inefficient in the open,  consequently,     KuiopatKin      thought  that-Oyama  would  move hi?  foices  through   Uie  mountains   to  the  east  'of Mukden   wilh   (lie   intention       of  breaking  tluough,   avoiding  as  much  as possible  the  o'ptn   cpuiitjy  to   the  west        The  intention  of  the  great  stiaW'gistt in command of the 'Japanese was just  tbe  reverse, lus plan of  operations  being  iodiveit the  attention of the Russians mainly to    the  south and east, so that it would be  possible  to  develop  a flanking  movement  northerly  and  easteily  around  the Wicst side of the city, up through  the  bioad  plains  between   the     Hun  and Lino iivei<;.  In  onler to do this the main Japanese aimy,  which was composed  of  five  grand   divisions," was   giaduallv  extended so as to foi in the 'enormous  crescent, which- closed in upon       the  Russian grand army and  ciushcd  it  We  have   therefore   to  consider "this  immense  battlefield  as  divided    into  five great section's,' each wodgc-shap-  ed,   as'   "the V housewife cuts   a pie.  Each     division    was I ept in  touch  with and     undei  the supei vision of  the general  staff by means  of      the  telephonic communication   From subdivisions tif each portion of 4*ic/ army  telephone lines were iuii  to a portable- switchboaid,  and fiom  the  various switchboards, flunk lines       wue  run  to   thc  hexdquiaitcis  several miles, in  the icar    Thus the -,pai ts     of  each portion of the army were made  to correspond   with   the   subscribers  of; a .telephone  substation   in   alaigc  city,'the1 headqVarteis beine; analogous to  Hie cential  station  to which  all  of 'the subsidiarv  stations  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO,   B.C.  flanufecturers of the  In [Biitish Columbia  Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  b  b  v.  ���������f-  t  ,'i  J     from the   Best Canadian Malt Run   Hops      .'  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short  notice.   Pi ill Sharpened  by  us   il  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks band! ed and repaired.  Stiipsmittiing    in a J1     its   ^rantie^  Horscshoers and Genera! Blacksmiths.  i  David   Murray  Buller Street   -    -   -   - Lady smith, B  C  DID IT EVER STFSIKE^YOU  That the place to BUY YOUR MEAT  is  wheie the slaughtering     ?<?-.  done locally?   We are not depending  on    what the Wholesalers send in*  and     can'   GUARANTEE   EVERY- THING to be FRESH AND CLHA1*  PAN NELL  &    PLASKETT  i  STFVENS BLOCK, OAT>.cRc  g������*JEj;T  LADYiMITU  date of tbe lease, and one dredge   for  each five miles within six yeais fiom I connected by trunk lines  x  LAC/SMITH TRANSFER CO. XX  PIANOS, ' ORGANS    ANDHOUSEIIOLD    FURNITURE MOV  ED PROMPTLY A ND  SAFELY.        Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the  Abbots ford. t I  W1LL!4VI3VJ>   / 1 j ; - r  W  hf-d\  yf.  - ri\  .'1?  .,iU<-  2  ���������&  such date. Rental,  $100 per mile for  first year     and   '"$10 per     mile foi  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining. >  Placer Mining in the Yukon Territory��������� Creek; gulch, river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  eogth, measured on the base line or  general direction of the cieek or gulch  the width  being fiom 1,000  to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims aie marted by two legal  posts, one at each end, beaung notices. Entiy must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recoider's office One extra day allowed foi each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company'Staking ���������  claim must hald a free miner's certificate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length,, and* if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no loyalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the paity ordin-  aiy  claims  only.  Entiy fee, $10.   Royalty at ljie rate  on the   claim^each year'or paid :to  ot two and one-half per cent, on the  alue of thc gold shipped  fiom     the  fukon Teintory to be paid t%     the  'omptroller  LADYSMITH  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THE      LINE    FROM  VANCOUVER, arid will continue to  grow in importance as  the Island is  developed.  ��������� o-  Subscribe for and read THE  DA ILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH,-B.C  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fitted up and well supplied and is in charge of  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  the mining recorder iu lieu theieot.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase tlie land  at $1.00 an acre.  Peimission may  be granted by the  Minister   of     the Interior  tu   lot ale  claims containing iron and mica, a'^o  qpPper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding i(i0 acres.  '1 he patent for a mining location  shall provide lor (he payment of a  Royalty of 24 per cent, of the sales  ���������( the products of tbe location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T^,; excepting the  Yukon, Terri-  toryrrP^per mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry fec$5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  ������hewan River claims are cither  bar  or  bench,   the former  being 100   feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark.. The  latter  includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.   Where steam pow-  VICTORIA TO   er is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territ(f[y���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister  of the  Interior.  JThe lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the .river  below low water mark,'and subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or who may receive, .entries for bar  diggings or  bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where   the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles,  but where a person or company has  obtained more than one lease       one  No free miner shall receive a grant  f more than one mining claim      on  eaeh  separate river, cieek or gulch,  but the same  miner may 1   'd     any  number of claims by puichunc,     and  fiee. miners may work thcii claims in  partnership by  filing notice and  paying a fee of $2 00     A claim may    be  abandoned  and another obtained     on  Uie same creek, gulch or liver by giv-  ng notice and paying a fee.  Woik  must   be done on a claim each  year to thc Value of at loafct $200.  A certificate that woik has      been  done must  be retained each year;     if  riot, the claim AaU be deemed to   be  abandoned,   and     open  to occupation  and entry by a Tree miner.  The boundaries of ~a claim  may   be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing  notices  in ���������   the  Yukon  official  Gazette.  Petroleum���������Ail unappropriated Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory, are open to prospecting for petroleum, and tlie Minister  niay reserve for an individual or company having . machinery on the land  to be-prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length of width shall not, exceei  three times thc 'breadth:  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding C40 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to thc prospector at the rate of $.1.00 per acre ar..*  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will be sol.I  at the rate of three dollars^" an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may b2 specified by order-in-coun-  cil.  JAS.  A. SMART.  Deputy Minister of the  Interior.  Department  of the luterior,  ^  Oyama was thus able to use a  muchjthiner line'than'was ever possible previously, and also' to rcverso  the usual older of procerluie, namely, to extend and strengthen thd  flanks of the army at bhe expense ot  the centre instead of depending, as  heretofore,' upon the'ccntie to help  out 'the flanks"' in" cases of emergency.  This Oyama did, and while spreading out Ins'great arniv lo the east  with the twofold object of attracting the attention of the enemy and  encircling him, he was 'able at all  times to strike a blow a,t uiiy weak  spot that developed itself in thc  Russian, line, on account'of the fact  that he was instantly informed of  such .weakness by telephone, and because by the same "ftnoans he could  immediately give oulcrs for the necessary   attack.  In this- mannci the Japanese general succeeded Mu masking his real  flanking movement'on the extienic  west of his cicsfent.^di awing the  main strength of Vlie Russians off to  the east audi south, which lesullcd  in the fierce baliUs of-Ti1a, Madv-  uiitun    Fusliun,     and  Ihe Sha Rivoi  fSS'-SSESiaSSSHWSW  S55  I  ENGLISH  OAK WARE  -  5"'  These silver mounted  English oak. goods  are  rich in appearance, substantial in character and |  give excellant service.  f Continued on  Pa^e Four.)  Oak Salad  Bowls,  best Quality, siher  with servers, like cut,  Oak Butter Dishes with loose linings  Oak    Biscuit Jars, Tlnee Styles #3.<?70, 4L.sO and 5.00   each  Oak - Liq,uer Piarnes, with 3Bottles $8.50 and $12 each  plalcd mounts, complete  $7. 5o each  S3 and .'{..TO each  v; I  '  * f  SYNOPSIS 01^ CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MLVING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be puichas-J  ed at ,^10 pei ncie for soft coal and  $20 for anthracite. Nob moie than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall be 'collected on the  gross  output.  Quaitz��������� A fiee miner's certificate is  granted upon payment 111 advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A      free miner,  having discovered  mineral  in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,500  feet.    The fee for  recording a claiiii  is  $5.00  At least, $100 must he expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  ruining recorder in lieu tliorcof.Sviicn  $500 has been expended or; paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, mid upon complying with other requirements, purchase, the land at  $L an acre.  The. ��������� patent provides for the payment, of a royalty of 2A per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feel square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly,  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descrcti.on of the Minister of tlie Inferior.  Tlie lessee shall have a dredge in  operation .wi(bin one season from the  date of the lease for each live miles.  Rental, $10 per aim 11111 for each .mile  of-river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2\ per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W.  W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister of the Interior.  7teUei73\  *[*fM*M\  VICTORIA,B������>  PAIN TIN3,    PV?2<  I3TC.  I V I il  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and residence in rear  of Ladysmith  Hotel.  J.  E. SMITH, Prop.  Senator -Steele.���������-I want $50,000 for  that job.  Railway Magnate���������You won't get  the tenth part of it. Senators arc  g, jng fo jail now for $2,0iM>. This  (is a bear market for- senators.P  Pittsburg Post.  :; H.O. MILES  Contractor  ami Builder  REPAIRING of  all kinds  prompttf  attended to.    Shop on Gataere    ri*  ��������� . _  ,; -r'  MR. S]|?331  Solicitor,  Etc.  Smith (reading paper)���������What fools  some men do make of. themselves!  Mrs. Smith���������Now' . Clarence, what  have you been doing this time?���������Chicago News.  st. Avenue  Money  to    Loan  -    '-.    LADYSMir  Ladysmith Temp'e No. 5 Rathfoffg  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow's half  2nd and 4th Tuesday, at 7.30 p. xa,  Mrs. Kate Tate, {secretary.:  H  =n  *  Meatmarket  LADYSMITH B. C. ���������<��������� Z7,\i  THE   DAILY   LEDGER  LOCAL ITEMS  Mr. A   J-     McMuilne went up to j  Nanaimo on the noon tiain.  IDs.  Priest,  of Extension, left for  her home on the noon  Uiun.  JwWe Harmon passed  Ihiough on  the naming   Ham   to  V.eloiia.  > -  ��������� Mi    A.   Ileaine,   of  Dnneons,  came  up     fiom that   town  on  business  in  connection     with  the  Tyee  s.ueltei  this moiiiing.  Thc   baseball   match   between     the  local  semois  and   the Ciofton   learn  will   take place  on  the Bunker  held  at   two  o'chek   tomoiiow  alteiuoon  A fast game is anticipated.  AT   TTIK AKBOTSFORD.  Ci.   Ballaiiline,   Vancouver.  J.   KawU'S,  Yictoiia  A.E.   Plauta,  Nanaimo.  11. E   Peck,  N.uu;im<>  W. N.  Ron, Seattle.  I have been notified hy the punishes tbat on and aftci thc 1st of  September-l.ho suhscnplion pi ice of  Everybody's will advance to M.'���������>(��������� a  yeai' Suhsciiho now at $1-00 a year  at   Knight's   bookstoic  When in n->ed or stationaiy e.i1! at  Knight's bookstore and he will 'ry  to till your wcyits.  DUNCANS.  The new  hotel  at  Cowichan hay is  ncaiing     completion      and  is  a neat  looking  building.    It   is to  hc  hoped  that   the  piopiietois -will   he   repaid  for their  enterpiise. ' ' '  Ah.      and     Mis.   Coimiyt,   of   the  Quamiehan  hotel,   gave a dance  io  a<  few  filends  on Monday ceiling  lust  Aftci   the dance a suppei  was soiv'isl  Mi Wallet Moiley is building inin-  splf a very nifc lesidence clofo to lus  stoie 'Ali Mmcly has the (most cellar in   Cowichn.n ,undei his new l.o'isi.  Aliss, Peail  Davis   oi   Victoua      !������������������  visiting     Mis   J   N"       Evans at  he  , home, Foindalc     Farm    Olhci  vsi-  tois  at     Feindalc dm ing ihe  wee!  weie Mis Hall and Mis r New-logins,,  both  of 'Victoua .'  ���������  ]\h E Gunns and wife have l-ceif  in town foi a few days visitin������/their  old fi lends Mr (Iunns e;ot bis hand  cut and has been laving off f  Mis.   and   Miss   Noi cross  wont    to  Vicloim on Thursday morning   Miss  Norcioss is going  to Vancouvei   visiting fi lends foi  a couple of wool s.  . o   PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rev. R. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Seivice���������11 a m.  Sabbath  School���������2.30  p m  Evening   Service���������7   pm  Bible study class, Wednesday evening at  7.30.  A special open an service will be  held on the Pavilion gicen on Sunday evening at 8 13.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning Seivice���������11 a.m.  Childien's   Sunday   School���������2 30.  Evening service and seimon���������7 p m  Rev. R. Bowen, Rector.  Theie will he a ccloihiation of  Holy Communion at the morning  seivice In Ihe evening at 8 13,  weather permitting, Ihe lectni will  io-duct an open air seivice <at Shell-  Beach  METHODIST CHURCH  Rev. W. C. Schlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  ���������Evening Service���������7  p m.  Sunday School���������2 30 p. m.  In the morning a special service ici  the Sunday School cluldicn an  their paionls will he held Subicc. '  foi   the sci mon      Magnet.  ,,x-^I.....      ./,.      s,\      sT\      si*  SPORT  ;i''   m     "���������!'   ii.'   v,/_ it: y; si; su ;t;_S';_  ;;������������������;,���������.���������;!'���������7K���������ri's  '"*    7*-.    "^    "������������������    "v    "������������������  I.ACROSS K-  'i he  i lnhs   L(jni|i"si-i������   the  Nation ���������  AnutiMii   La'iosse ^ mon  aie     still  fhiliiif.   with   lh.������   ([iic-stion   ot   piule  ������������������..���������Kionalisatioii.     Especially   is   thisU-e  rr.se with the Capi.tals and  Montreal  ers.    'But   none  of. ���������them  are Willing  to  declare   their   intentions   with   emphasis. . Most   of  the  players    could  jvvish   to   see   Heir   organization   wed  the c: >y   mistress,  knowing  that  their  money   would  be.  much surer   than   il  is  al   piHsenl,  but   the  executive  authorities   arc   still   undetermined      as  to whether or not to Vake the manl ���������  stand.  .,   THE  MAT���������  '" Ash.villr, N.C., ' Aug. 3.���������In the  presence of two thousand persons,  Prof.   Ono,   Japanose   ins true-tor    of  DUNCANS  TOWKS1TE EXTENSION  Adjoining the old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. I.  A small .area has been laid off   in town lots which are now offered  at  LOW  PRICES   AN   D ON* EASY TERMS. '  The futuie of  the Cowichan      District   and   Vancouver  Island  -   /  will   exceed   expectations   anil  this is a good dunce  ' ���������   a safe and  profitable   investment.  SEE PLA NS AN I) PRICES  A rents, J. STEWART J. H  WtlHTOMB  Ladvsmith,   V.  I.  Duncans,     V.  I.  r  LENZ & LEISER  WHOLESALE DRY       GOODS,  ->  MANUFACTURERS OF  GENTS'  FURNISHINGS,  ETC.  (.. SHIRTS, OVERALLS. ETC.  Boijs  Pants  Two hundred and fifty  pair just passed into stock*  they are strongly sewed���������  buttons well put on ��������� and  not a detail omitted that  would add to strength or  durability  DRYSDALE- STEVENSON  Co.   Ladysmith  Udysmith Doat Duikfia;  Establishment  Launch and Pleasure Boats ol all  desciiplions Icr Hiie. Boats'built  lo oidei and Repaired. Spoon oars a  Speciality.  IIARRUP AND HAYEDN.  BOAT     BUILDERS.  CUBAN CiGAR FAC10RY  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN  BLOSSOH  None but Union Lab  'Employed  fl.J. BOOTH,   Prop.  NOTICE.  Fiom     this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any is- -  dehtedness.   incurred except on      ������  written order sigued by the secretary  Rowland Marfan.  V. I.  EXPLORATION ft DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  BHHi  VICTORIA, B. C.  DOMINION EXHIBITION  1905-SEPSEMBER 27TO  bCTOBIFR 7-1905  Under the  Auspices of the Royal. Agricultural and  Industrial Society  NEW WESTMINSTER  B.   C.  Ah Wing & Co,  Merchant Tailors  Ladles' and dents' Clothe* Mad* to  Order.  PERFECT FIT GUARANTY --"> -,  LADYSMITH,   B.  C.  i i  k$  $100,000.00  IN PRIZES AND  ATTRACTIONS  sioo.ooo.od  Enlarged   grounds,   new,  handsome  and spacious  buildings.  WORLD'S  CHAMPIONSHIP   EVENTS    in  ROWING  and  LACR3S-JE,  HORSE   RACING,   Broncho  "i t-slmg,,"  Mihtaiy  P.Uades and   Exercises.  ROYA^ IRISH GUARDS and clbei   Famous BANDS.  GRAND   WATER   CARM %'AL���������Par ade of.Fiaser  River  Fishing   Fleet  Ptitiol Boati, 11 M. Waibinps, liic'un    War   Canoes, etc.        Indian sports.  For  all information  wnte W. 11.   KEARY,   Secnataiy   and  Manager,  New  Westminster,  B. C  CHRISTIE  BROWN,  & CO'S.  "J  jiu  jitsu at thc  An.ipolis Naval   Ac.x  demy,   tonight   defeated   "Dig   'loin"  c  i.'u.sbee,   of  JMaili.sui county,   m       a  mi.vcd      wiisthng  lualth     'Ihe   men  vvcie matched  foi   the  best   two out  ot   three  talis.    Ono Psccuicd   llie fust  l.ill   in  one  hour  and l\\le\e miniiles,  and   Ihe  second   in (15   seconds     Both  .alls      weie  oL/lAinud   with  sIlji^U'  mlds?  Fnsbce  lulling  to Uic  mat  ex  ansled      at   the   end   uf   Ih.:   scci.jii.l-  ,)Ollt.  Ihe Japanese weighed -0, i/oumls  .ml is live toc-i. si* niches (all, Ujlnlo  . n.sl.ec lipped the scales al hr>  pounds nnd is (> ieet ."> niclus tall  The Ameiican used catch as catch-  can tactics on llie -lap, while the  latter   le'nwl soli ly on -in   llsu.  Frank Gotch and I). A McMillan  will wiestle m Spokane <>n AurusL  '���������������������������th loi the mixed st\ le champion-  .-hip ol .Vmenc-a 'Ihe two big wies-  lleis Wifl be matched in five stv'.es���������  d.tU'h-.i.s-c-a(<|ii-caii, (< lac-f-'o-Roman,  Cornish, side-holds, collar and elbosy  nnd'the man securing three tails will  win    the  match. McMillan .claims,  tin* 'mixed  style championship and he"  USE OF TELEPHONES  IN WARFARE  valley. 'Then thc real .flanging movement crashed down upon KuroiUtlcm,  forcing hun to evacuate Mukden and  dnviii'g him in disastious retreat to  Tie Pass. Says the Electucal Review:  1 'the yapidity with which the Japanese  established   telephonic  communication  was  lcinarkaible.  Lines were  Jam      well  in advance ot   the  main  body of 'droops, even when the army  was advancing by forced matches and  perfect  connection war ma ntuined at  all times between .the Mifieicnt ilivis-  ioiis.    Wherever conditions  permitted  the icels oi wne,and thc instiuments  weie   can led   in   wagons.    Thc   line  was laid ;on thc ground as rapidly ns  a horse-diawn  vehicle could  iwlvancc  If      the  line so laid   was   to  liecome  permanent.,      a derail     followed    ^^le  waifon   at  leisure  and attached     Hie  wire to trees or hastily erected supports.   '.  "For  'flying lines,' or lines within  Fresh and  Crisp at  BLAIR AND Ml  NOTICE  Notice is heicby given that at ihe  next sitting of the Board of Licensing 'Commissioners of .the City of  tftdjsmith, ��������� T intend to make application for a tiansfer ot the Reta.l,  Liquor ' licence ncAv held by me for  the premises k nown as the Queen's  Hotel, situate upon Lots L3 and 14,  block 73, Ladysmith, B. C, from myself to Leopold Lepas.. .., .,  DESIRE'HENRY;  Ladvsmith, 22nd July,' 1905. '   -;  ri        '������������������!.'��������� ' " ^  J. STEWART V\  Conveyancing     ^      Notary Public  - P. O. BOX 268  For Sale -4 roomed house  line>    location,- neatly fenced-and  furnished *       ~, ' $525  For Sale���������5-roomed house  good location, $375 and i one  year moie io pay Owner has  already paid $5IC beaides improvements  For Sale���������Two   fine lots.  each (KK120, centre, of City, $230  and assume mortgage of     $400.  'PHONU  2-4  I  PHONE  24.  -      TENDERS  IV 11 he received by the undeisigned  up to Saturday noon, August 5lh,  for the lowering of Masonic Hall to  official giade. Plans and specifications foi work to he done can hc  seen at my lesidence any night after  6 p, m. Lowest or eny tendei not  ���������ecassaiily accepted  MURDOCK MATHESON  To R n*-���������Nice   house   on  " Third Avenue, corner lot, $6 mo.  For  Sale���������ioo   acres    if  land in Cedar District $265  Jias bceo willing     at all tunes lode-/  tl)e 7f),nc  of   aCt.ion>   which connected  lend it. Gotch wanted the mal:h  Tor ���������calch-as-eatch-cai'i, but McMillan wanted an even show, and wired  Gotch; the man who is to step from  thewrcstling championslrp to the  roped areiva, that he vvi> ���������.! meet him.  t he fnve styles for i500 n. '  dc.   .  This will be the first ','inein Spo.  kenc thc. (ivc'.styles ha.'( i.r.cn wrestled, and it should pro-v-f interesting.  QZ'C  0910   DEDPXIN  THRICE CflR  hit UUn   DHlfbRIN   lADLCo.-TUn  SHIRTS and TIES  IMMENSE SNAPS  orrison's, Ladysmith, B. C������  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.      ���������" ���������   ���������   ���������   ���������  TELEPHONE  6-7  HI  the  commander's .headquarters    with  the various     divisions on the iiring  line,  the     detail  following   the  reel  wagon  merely     laid the wire   n protected places on the .ground Where it  was    least    likely     to be disturbed.  Tin-He  lines  were taken up.moved,  or  aband.o-iK'd,'   as     occasion demanded.  Where   the nature or the country    or  ofher      conditions  rendered   the   advance of a wagon impossible ,or inexpedient,   the  line  vva-s  advanced     by  men carrying coils  of  wire  on   their  shoulders."  With telephone lines thus laid and  handled by skilful operators, Oyama  knew.at all times the exact state of  tilings at all points, both in respect  to climatic conditions and in the  disposal and behavior of the enemy's  forces and of his own; consequently  lie wa������ able to act *|iiickly and to direct the movements of each individual .tnni 1 witji thc same precision as  would have been possible if he were  with all the commands at the same  instant.  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  AN work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  HijJhSt.  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  For Sale���������2 sheep farms  on one of the Oulf Islands, considerable improvements. For  the -Two $450  'I.  For Sale���������4-roomed house  v       $330  I  ���������tm^omi^am^mmaBm^Hmamwmm^^^B^H^^^^mmt^mwmf^Kttt^i^m^^^m^mm  For Sale���������7-roomed hou c  v    ' $550  To Rent-  business,  -First class hotel  best location.  FOR  RENT. .  The hotel apartments of the Portland    Hotel,      consisting  of   twenty  looms,      including  Mtclien,   pantry,  stoie-iooms,   14   be'dioomsH w������dl   furnished,  ate    'Ihe house,  without  the  bar, tWill  tie leased by.the undersi^n-  od   at very  reasonable   rates.    -Call  'and look, over'   the premises.  A good  T arivemfth   hoarding  house   keeper can  do .well.  Laaysmiin ang'elo tate,  '������������������.-..'..'      Proprietor.  Number  Woo The  iSG&mssmm  6320  %.  ' = -  Wins the Gfamaphone  at the drawing yesterday  This wl|l^irffc,4?oupon Number was supplied by us,'and thc Holder  wiU p^se'cail'at^our Store Bnd receive the GRAMOPHONE.  "v * -:���������     ia  '��������� ' '   i '  ���������t    i, -fi  ���������j  ���������������  *m  SIMOM LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACREST.  LADYSMITH  96  W.G. Fraser  ^ (>>  -.;MercliaiitTailor,  .'  (ist Avenue) v   "    .   '      .   ' ',;i  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your Choice  . '7'  .'51  FISIIINO TACKLE  Trowling Spoons in Abundance. Latest 'designs and goojd killers.  /j \ - A Complete Stock ol Flys in ALL VARIETIES.      .'  .  '-<'���������'        <    Balance of our highclass Fishing Rods at-  25 PER CENT DISCOUNT  NEMiffKOWNINO AUTOMATIC SHOTGL'N   AT "      ,  LADYSMITH HARDWARE* CO., Ltd  Charlie   Dunn  cSSs  MERCHANT TAILORS  NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  Charles Dunn, of the above firm, v isits Ladysmith every Sunday "for tlw  purpose of taking measuiements and seeing customeis ' personally. May  be seen at the Hotels. We guarantee all stock and a peifcct fit at the  lowest possible rates. Suit* fiom $15 00 up. rants from $1.00 up. All  Hand-made. - Full line of the Latest supplies ALWAYS carded by Mf.  Dunn.      " *' "~ , '  1 ������������ ' ���������' '! iii  H  Why Buy From Peddlars?  if"!Tou--Can get first-class goods    at     low puces fioin a reliable  house at home.  The peddlais that call heie tiy lo ^r,et ml ot such,  "ItiFaalras they cannot sell at honie. If you get an aiticle fiom    a  leliable firm you aie sure tha t the goods arc as represented, and  if you aie not satisfied you have something to fall hack on as v/e  are "heie since this town was fust stalled, and hold our lepula.-  tion as' ������first-class hous3. We cai ly nothing n oui Imc but thc  best quality of goods and sell  ou  small   piohls,   as-   oiu   eM.n e^  are small. We have no fat salanrs to pay and no liavclliii'/, expenses     Cafl and compare oui pnoe������, and oui   i>;oo.ls, and don.I   he  deceived.  B.FORCPMHER  WATCHMAKEK,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   X  +*>  Ladysmith,   B. C  Stoves  We are making them of the Newest    Pattern and Latest  '..     \    Styles.'/  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK '  Our Prices are Reaiona   hie  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WlND#W������r  LAD/STird ir>s..& srava wjrks co��������� ltd.  A GREAT RANGE f  In  accordance      with an  announecl.  meat made in the columns of tbis~pa.  per on    Thursday, we are giving below a list of subjects taught by the  large " stall   : of     special sts ���������   in the '  SPROT T���������SHAW     BUSINESS Uni-j  versity of Vancouver: j  Bookkeeping and Accounting, Pen-  manship, Arithmetic, Commorcial  Law and-J^egal Forms, Typewritiiur, |  Gregg and Pittman Shorthand, Railroad and Commercial Telegraphy,  with the use,of all railroad and commercial forms, Draughting, Matho  -.matics, ahd Physics, for Stationery  Engineers,'   ��������� Examinations, English,  German,  Greek,      Latin, French and  Italian, junior or advanced.  For the     names and reputations of  those Who      teach all  these ^iihfects,  and who on     account of their excellence as-masters are the'.cause'of-pur,  great     success, see Monday's edition  of this paper. '���������'.'.,  I For  full      particulars  on all  points  address.    R. J.    -Spi'oit,  I'.  A., 33C  ]Iasl,iil.,s St W/, ��������� Y.'iiio-.uver, J'?.  C.  Mrs. Laura Hays Ives, of Walla  Walla, Wash., is visiting-in the city,  a guest of Mrs.  F. S.", Reynolds.  .-. ������-���������!'-


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