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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Aug 15, 1906

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it,.'" ���    ���*-_.i^*:��'-
, v.ttt^
/    _>\"^' ''  ���,-_.  ~'~t/~;/    '-���
"They talk about mc as being'    in
tho vanguard   though   not   a    lender
in 'this province�����  revolutionary  so
' ialist.     You can bet   your   life that
I am n  revolutionary Socialist���revo
'Utionnry .to  the last'degree.   Knowing thai   1 am a slave, that 1     am
producing,children and,    rearing- then
lor the  slavev markets of the   world
if I thought I could   not obtain em
ancipation   . and  freedom    for   thos
I love  and brought .into'tlie   world
. I would be a 'ivvdhit ionary "Socinlis
in the sense in which our    enemies u,
der'stand., or, ��� at least,    apply    th
term.1 .If I-thought 1 could   not ol-
tain _ny emancipation and my child
ren's   by  peaceful means���by   means
of tbe ballot,  1'tell you,    and     Tbo
World,   'the paper  that prints      th
facts'���   I   would ' be   organizing      in
this province  a rifle  brigade  to fijgh
for my freedom." '        '���   '    s
Thus ___���_[���*. J. II. JIawlhoriithwait'
in the course' of a lengthy and-''7 hu*
passioned ' exposition of revolution
ary Socialism, addressed ��� to a crowed meeting in the Grand Theatre Ins
evening,, "says Monday's Ynneou've
World.  .
At the level o! practical politic
the speech was remarkable meiel-
for ' the violent- contrast it reveal
ed between Mr. Hawthornlhwaitc's
attitude to the McBride adrmnistru
tion ofew weeks ago, and his at
titude   now   that  his    tour   in      th
- upper country lias taught him wha
The ' World . lost few opportunitie
of pointing out while the House wa��
in> session,���^namely,' that' ah? allinn
ce formed solely on thc ground "o
political expediency anil entirely ; a,
Varience with the principles he ' pro
fesses, while"iL migjlit place him tern
porily in a position as gratifying t
him as it was humilat.ing to his as
sociates,   would  bo   found    to " hav
- discredited    him   in   his    conslitulen
cies.       When Mr      flawthornthwait
spoke in  Vancouver some weeks sine
it  was   as tbe   apologist   of   tbe M
Bride administration;  last   night,  on
the    contrary,   be  declared,   wilh   re
gard   to the Knien  Island   deal, tlm
iif   Lands    and   Works    CouTmissioiu.
Green   had been ,a member   of a Soc
ialist     administration,      ho      would
have had    to 'quit  on    '21  hours' not
For the most part, bow-over, it was
as the apostle, pedagogue, and prophet of revolutionary Socialism thai
Mr. Hawthornthwaite 'orated last
night. l_c Jiandod out economies in
chunks, which he labored hard and
lonjg to break into pieces minute
enough to be absorbed by the wen
intellects which he made no attempt to conceal ho believed his audit
ors   to possess.
Supporting Air. flawthornthwait
on the platform were Mrs. Xlawth
ornthwnite, Mr. and Mrs. Pett.ipiece
Mr...and Mrs. Morgan, Messrs Pratt
:-, (presiding-) Kingsley,'.;Prtiehnrd an
Loo, and Dr. AW. J'. Currie, Chilli-
.wack. ���-  .. .
ilr.   lIawthoi'nthw.aite,   after a brie
iatroductory   refereiico   to the   ,'tou
he   had   just, completed,   auluressecl
himself   to an  exposition   of rcvolu
tioitary   'socialism. . A  great     man
people, he said,  had an idea that lb
capitalist   system   of production   lia
existed   since  the  beginning  Qf    ti""
and ..'would    continue    to   exist   thro
ugh all ages.   That,  impression     wa
entirely   wrong-.      The   system   uoder
; which the   people were   suffering,    today was a eomparilively  modern    in
stitution.    As a matter  of fact,      it
was practically inaugurated' some si
or  seven   hundred   years   ago.    PrC'v
iou.s    to  that      time  it,  had  existed
sporadically,   as   the  scientists     say
that   is.in  spots.    It had been     proceeded by the system known   as   the
feudal   servitude,    which,   again,   bad
beeii  proceeded  by   a system  of production   by moans of chattel slavery
At this point it was well   to remem
ber   t^hat      while   many  men    though
they   were   free    as the air,    and    a
good   deal   freer,   tbe   blood  of     the
surf and the chattel slave ran in  the
veins of every one of fheni.     Tt was
tiie   blood  of the chattel slave which
made  them   cringe    to  tho    master's
frown  and  boost   themselves   at    his;
approval.     A great   number  of false
notions prevailed aJbWt wealth. Man
' believed-that      wealth,   was   nionoyn
and  Unit   money bad the   power    >m
itselt of creating   wealth.  Trades  un
louisls    w'cre l'uunlar  with the ,word
"Labor   create.-,  a.11   wealth,    and     t
labor it" should  belong." That    wa
t.ntiieJy   rnght.     There   was     anotho
ley end usually exhibited on  the,wall
oi   trades   union   buildings,   winch,   h
Liioiiglii,   should' bo   laK.cn   duwna
��oon a_ 'possible.:     "A lair days pa
for a lair day's work," That  was a.i
extraordinary '.idea.    As a" metier    o
Tact,  wealth consisted,   not in.    moil
ey,    but  iu  colmuodiwes.  Tho  wealt
of   any "nation  simply   consisted     of
4!io' sum   of'Uie    commodities  it ha
accumulated   as  the  proceeds  of    la
lj(oi-.    lie would analyze a co'mmodit  I
New Westminster, Aug. 15. ��� Thc
Schaake Machine shops have nt-aily
completed the lirst of a new style
gasoline engine which promises to be
a vast improvement over those now
in use. The machine is the invention of  John Cowie, of Nanaimo.-
la the ordinary engines the connecting tod and crank are closed in,
Hid the gas is mixed in the    chain-J
Mr.'Jas. TunsUll, aged 4.5 yens,
was killed in the Nanaimo mines
while 'engaged in work this morning.
No .details of thc accident beyond
tlie'fa'ct that it was caused by a fall
of coa!l, have yet reached Ladysmith
only a briel telephoif. message received by Mrs. Hell, a friend of tlu<
deceased's family having been received,
bei   which  suinouiid^ them.     In the      Mr.  Tuns tall leaves a widow    and
AN $85,000
event of anything going wrong, the
Inst desiie is to look at this part
of the machinery and the chamber
has to be opened. In the new engine these, are exposed and' can be
seen at a glance. The gas "is mixed in the same cylinder in which it
is' exploded. The mixing sfnd suction takes place at. the bottom of
the piston, and it is then passed to
ha sum, and he proceeded   to do, so the top of  the    piston.     Thcre| are
with   a chair      as   the illustration. ���d  valves,     the,    piston  making  its)
The chair, ho said,  had a u_.e   value own valves.     It is claimed' for   this '
The exchange value ol tho .chair,   ho engine, in addition to the above fea-
'proccedecl,   was' qxpiessed in    money tuie,   that  a  better grade of gas  is
'���and  the amount" of- that money was developed    fiom  the same vaporizer,
determined   by the'amount of. neces- that    there    ,is quicker  action, and
four, children, three boys and a girl
They a]il reside in Napanno, and are
well'iind favoiably.known there.
This i is thc second death which has
occuu-ed'in thc family (within a short
tifuejV 4 married daughter'of the deceased, 'AIis.o Wilkinson, having died
in Nanaimo recently.
saiy'lj^boi'power  'embodied in    its  that half as much power again   can
constnirction;    The diliurence   in   the'ue developed in thc same size cylin-
e.vchaiige value  of   a chair     and     a
der.     It can be reversed the    same
bad what?was known as a dnal val
'ue. andc't'his was one' of. the most
diJliculi1,problems -in-capitalistic pro
piano represented  the A difference    iii tls a  �����rinc  steam engine, j   simply
the .amount  of  labor  necessar'y     _or >>' moving one lever.,   '
i.'heir     coiifctruet ion.       Commotlnties I  ;0l^ers h*ve. already been .taken for
seven of the engines.     At  first only
those for marine use will-be   made,
(.but later stationary engines will al-
.i������.  -..���.! ... ,       so ue manufactured..    They will, be
ductio,, - T,he capitalists  ol       today,   ��� y   ^  ^ hor ^   Two of
not the Utile lellovvs here,, bnt the t���cae ���ow Mderet| wiU ^ J5 horge.
great. b1��. fellows, knew that Social p0Wul.f ^ wiU be usc(, in fishin^
ism. must,.come, but they hoped it. ^^ ' Tllis en8ii_e.>ill take' up
would be dclayedvbocauso-Uioy rcal-j mUeh less loom than a steam eh-
'ized laboring men^had not tjullicient .gjnu' and (no provision will have to
i!.t2!.ll��P'__;?-" t^"��_ff^J?lS��'_J_��iL.--. H'C.se'-be anade lor coal--bi~,wxu��ir' The'
problcrus". un- "economics.- "They space thus saved can be used lor
ilunk," said the speaker, "that you!fish and tlie boat can then do ithe
fellows are a lot* of jackasses; I j work done by a steamboat and
don't believe that there's a singlc.pcc.lv, No licensed engineer would be
man iu tins audience, if he would ap required'to run her, and it is also
ply him__i-lf. to this problem���Thu, claimed
thitflc hendecl  galoot     in  the     whole
crowd���1   don't believe he could    not
grasp it,  if  he paid ernest attention
to  me   for u few  moment'. "
Tbe final price of a commodity  was
that    much  time     will be
A public demonstration of the new
engine will be made next week and
there is no doubt as to the engine
doing   what   is expected  of  it.     Thc
T__e,-Jollowing is an editorial taken
from "Jthe*Seattle "P.-l": A British
Columbia shenfl "has levied upon the
city oPSlocan with-execution papers
issued"..,'on a judgment 'recovered
against* the city. All of the municipal officers have resigned,- leaving no
one upon whom papers could be seiv
cd. The sheiil'i will attempt to ic-
cover the amount of the .judgment by
levying'a special tax upon .'U.pe_-.v,
and if this does iiot bring the 'c-
qiuiied' amount all of the real itatc
iifthe cjity limits- will be sold nt
public auction to satisfy "lne ��� ��lg-
inciit. 'From a prosperous town
boasting' moie Mian 1,000 people,
Slocau' has dropped to a village of
150.   It is virtually bankrupt."
Municipalities on thus contineni,
have,had a variegate I c.recr bcfoie
this. T__fic are two recorded in-
s'taiieeJI-irf'ftie Unfted States" ofhiii-
nicipalities taking advantage of the
bankruptcy law and licoLganizing
thereafter. There have been also several suggestions to place receiveis m
charge of certain.city governments
which have proved unable to pay
their debts, hut there is no recoid
accessible which shows that any of
those attempts weie successful.
The most strenuous attempt recorded to recover a debt fiom _.ny
municipality    or    quasi-municipality,
..Seattle, Aug. lp.���Heroic rescues,
efficient work on the part of the police and file departments, and- a loss
of $8f>,0ll0 were incidents which mark
ed thc fire in the Washington, block
opposite Pioneer place yesterday afternoon, "    <
Theie weie thrilling scenes, a fierce
and uphill fight aghinst what promised to be a dangerous conflagration,
spectacular incidents and cheers from
more than 5,000 people as the individual acts - of bravery and heroism
weie witnessed. The spectacle of a
sou rescuing an aged fattier at the
iisk of , his own life; an eighteen-
year-old lad climbing fire escapes and
then descending by another building
and saving the seven-year-old daughter of his employer; a mother with
her nerves hardened like steel, following them, and then collapsing
when she and her child were safe;
blue-coated policemen rescuing people from the burning building; firemen taking their lives in their hands
to explore the smoking structure and
sliding down ladders brudened with
unconscious foims of women, or going through (lames and smoke in at.
tempts to stop the hie���these wens er party, but it has been my'' lot
some of me incidents which made for many years \o hear what both
the people of Seattle proud of their parties had Lo say aIid.to see ^^
lire and    police departments  yester-   they fc^ 'at labor.probie_ns.,.   It
often happens that "lookers ou can
see the ganie better than those who
are playing- it," and the man tha
has looked all around and through
a subject ought to know a great
deal more about it than those who
only look at it from a single, selfish
 *���* .
(Nanaimo Herald)
The    following    articles are   taken
from   the    Droylsden     and     Distric
edition- of  the  Ash ton��� Under     Lyn
Reporter,    and ai\; reproduced by re-
oiiest.    Our, readers will find them ot
interest,  whether the position    takq
by  Mr.    John   Taylor  is   correct   or
Some Labor Fallacies.
"The trouble between capital   an
labor is  just  in proportion   to     th
igpoiance of the employer and    tlie
ignorance,of the employed.   It is ne
er education,  it is never   knowledge
that produces collision between them
It  is always  ignorance on tho   par
of one or the other of tlie two" forces
Capital is ignorant of the ��ccessitie
and just dues of labor,    and    labor
is ignorant of the necessities and dan
gers   of'capital.     That 1b the    truo
origin  of   friccion   between    them."���.
AVurtxew 'Carnegie.
I am neither a capitalist nor a lali*
ourcr, and I hold   n��   brief for eith-
iuventor, Mr. Cowic, has had one in
determined, he said,   by certain laws operation in bis  own boat ever since ! went on  for several years in Missou
���not laws   written m the provincial _ he made    tbe    invention  four  years'".    Many yeais since some  of     the
legislature,   with  old   Poolcy    in
<-(l.air,    but  invisible    nnd   innate
the      system
Iho ago.    Hojwas at the    time engaged   Missouri counties issued bonds in aid
in in the Haslani sawmills at Nanaimo,
of production  under and during bis spare time worked in
which we lived nnd  producing wealth a   little shop at  his ��� home.    Here he
No  laws passed, by  trades unions, or'made  his engine.      At that time Mr.
by  the Dominion,   bouse, could for a Schaake heard of him and made him
single  moinc,nt    overthrow   or     dmm- a i_ood  ofler  to  come  here,  but     it
inate   these   laws.      There   was      the was ��ot  until  the   firm  failed     that
law   of   supply  and    ' demand,   with Ml- Cowie decided to accept the   in-
vvhich tho speaker proceeded to   deal, ducements oflered  by Mr
and   the  law   oi    competition,   which
he also dealt with.
The  working- man, 'bi-  resumed,   ex
istcil    by the sale ol!  his  labor   paw-
(C'ontinued on Page Two )
Vancouver, Aug. .15.���Authoritative
denial is made regarding''.the story
of- the Great .-Northern purchasing
���100 acres of land -at the head of
Howe Sound for $250,000. The ru--
men; originated in New Westminster,
and stated that a farmer named Ale.
Geo,'- who owned most of tlie unreserved waterfront at tlie head of the
Sound, had sold out to agents of J.
J. Hill last week. It was stated
that a launch hud Ween darting back
and forth between Vancouver and the
Sound of late, carrying railway engineers.
��� Mr. William ' McNeill, Parliamentary Agent ,'of the V., W. &. Y.,
which line has the railway projected
t<$-the North, was seen p��_tterday afternoon by a representative of the
"News-Advertiser," in reference to
the ^natter. "We know absolutely
nothing about .it," Mr. McNeill declared. "It is quite true that the
company has'a launch darting back
and forth, for one is used by the
party of : surveyors, which are at
present in that district, under the
direction of the Chief S.igiiieer of the(
V., W. & Y. The craft is used to
facilitate work, for, the line being
laid close to the water's edge, it is
far easier to go-by. water round a
juttingi headland of rock,, rather than
Since coming to New Westminster,
Mr. Cowie has been kept busy in
making repaiis to gasoline engines,
lie is an expert of the first rank,
and, what i_> more, is self-taught.
Mr. Schaake has also made a study
of gasoline engines and so was aide
to leadily see the value ol the invention. Mr. Cowie will devote his
whole attention to the gasoline
engine branch of the business. He is
only about 25 years of age.
Milwaukee,   Aug 8���The  eighth    an
of the constiuclion of railroads. Thq
railroads were not built, but the
bonds passed into the hands of "innocent purchasers.'' After the state
couits had declaied the bonds void
(he federal courts held them good,
and ordered the payment of principal
and interest.
Some of the counties paid, but others for many yeais interposed a passive resistance to the decrees of the
federal couits,. which prevented their
enforcement.     Annually   the    federal
day. And while the lire was in pro-
giess people who had friends and relatives in the building stood on the
streets in an agony of suspense.
The Juc started in the basement of
the Tieeu shoe store, 707 Fust Avenue, fiofn a cause which has not yet
hceu ascertained.   The flames   spread
lapidly,; and swept up the   elevator
shaft and  cut. oft all means of  ��� escape, "except fiy ladders- and fue   escapes.    Soon the looms were    filled
with    smoke,     and death by suffocation seemed imminent.   The iron ladders were quickly covered with people making their way to the  ground
or else climbitng    up  to the top ol
the building where they escaped ovei
roofs,      staggering    through      dense
smoke at the risk of falling through
skylights, and then coming down other hie escapes to floors which   were
fiee fiom smoke, and so reaching the
street in safety.
The alarm was sent in from box
111 at 2.13 o'clock yestciday afternoon. Chief Cook, as soon as he arrived, sent in a second alarm^ Meanwhile people were already hanging
out of windows, gasping for breath,
and eagerly waiting rescue.
lome of ��� the people on the fifth
uid sixth floors of the building were
already on the window sills, but a
.lousand voices called out: "Don't
jump."; Lest some might do so, the
���1 was spread and held in readiness. But others of those in the
building .succeeded in persuading them
court, on complaint of  the creditors to wait    until    the firemen arrived,
would issue its  decree ordering    the Soon the long  ladders were shot up
county commissioner to make a "mc- and the lescue work began,
cial tax  levy for the puiposc of ,uo- Shortly after the alarm was sound-
viding. thc funds  necessary  to   .net cd llaivey D. Collier, salesman     for
the interest charges ou the indebted- the Standard Oil Company, saw his
ness.   Annually    tlie county cominis-   father looking out of the window on
sioners     would  refuse  to  obey     the the fifth door of  the building. <IVith-
mandatc of the court and would   be out. a   moment's hesitation he sprang
committed to jail for contempt.   Af- to a   ladder and was soon by his fa-
ter the expiration of the term'of of- ther's side. There were firemen there
fiee and the election of their succes-' to help him, and the aged man was
sors the commissioners in jail would ' brought down in salety.     After rest-
* There   is an old mediaeval' stoiY of"
a large monumental shield that   was
set up nt the cross roads in memory
of some great victory.   Two    knight
armed and mounted, chanced to meet
oae day on  opposite     sides   of thi**
shield    to .admire   it.   One  of     1bem
said.     "This ,is  a  beautiful     golden
shield.    I  wonder they left,   such
valuable monument here unprotected'
"That is not a golden shield,"   said
the   other  knight.    "If T have     any
eyes it ,is sil'ver."     "I know   nothing
about your eyes," said the first, "bvt
I tell you it is gold, and if   you con
tradict me   again T  will unhorse yo
and roV.   you in the   dust."
This  was  the beginning  of  a ficrc
duel  between  the two  knights,     an
they  belabored  each   other   till   tho
were both unhorsed and badly woun
ed.     As   they  lay  exhausted   in    th
road,  a monk came by, and,   dresso
their wounds and asked what  all  th
row was about.    They   told him the
had quarreled nnd fought because on
of them   said      the  shield was gold
and tho other     said   it   was     silver
"Ah!   my   child ton,"   said   he'     "j'o
were both right and both wrong   tha
shield   is   gold  on  one  side and   silver on the other,     and  if you     had
walked all around  it. and   looked at
both sides, you would have had nothing to-quarrel about.
nual'.convention   of the Grand Aerie I)urSC themselves of contempt by the. ing for a  few minutes he  was taken
of  the   Fraternal    Order   of     Eagles sowing that tney no  longer bad au-' home.
hero  todav      Tbe  first exec- ^'lc"ll'y *'�� ollcJ   tlie ruandatc of   the      One of   the most .heroic rescues Was
i court -nd would be released, thc that of Eddie Sutton, 18 years of
cells which they occupied being short age, who was employed as a press-
ly taken over by their successors in'man by Dull Bros., printers, on the
ollice. The essential qualification ' fourth lloor. When the lire broke out
for a -commissioner was a willingness' Mrs. Homer L. Bull and her child,
to serve </iie term iu jail, and there Laura Agnes, .7 years old were in
were always public spirited citizens the ouice. All escape by stairway
prepared to take office on these terms. 0r elevator had been shut off. Sut-
The ease was finally settled   by   a  ton grabbed the child and cried,   out
opened hero today. The
utive session was called to order
by Grand Worthy President Henry
Davis. The report of the Grnnd Sec
rotary, A. F. Pat ridge shows that
the order since J nine 1905 has added
3G2 aeries; lost,.twenty, and. now has
l..'5(J4 in good standing,,
The   membership   has   shown   a, ne
gain    of     42,368,      now     numbering
2.:.2,'G71. .-���'���'
It is said that during the siege of
Ladysmith in thc Boer War the as
sault column of British, advancing' in
thick darkness, climbed dp an almost)
precipitous, wall. Once or twice they
were faintly challenged. At last a
Boer recognized them and shouted on
the sentry to fire on the "verdomde
rooineks!" As thcjcrest was gained
the fire broke out. A few of the
attackers began to reply. But they,
were stopped and the voice of the
commanding officer was heard to
give the order. "Fix bayonets!"
That there were no bayonets did not
matter.      The men,  taking   up    the
cry, rushed on the Boer gunners who
climb over it with Instruments, etc.".-! fled at the thought of the cold steel.
compromise. There was no resort, to
the drastic methods which have been
adopted by the British Columbia authorities, possibly from some doubt
as to their legality.
The various cases, however, serve
to recall the fact, that the debt of a
municipality, in the last analysis, is
the debt of the individual property
owners in the municipality and that,
soon or late, a sufficiently determined creditor can recover what is due
him from a municipality, no matter
how hard  up it may  he.
Maude���^Jack makes me tired.
Clara���It's your own fault, dear.
You should stop running after him.���
Chicago News. ���
to Mrs. Bull to follow. Folding an
apron about the child's head, he
took her in nis arms and rushed to
the rear of the building. The flames
made descent there impossible. Sutton then swung himself onto the ladder with his burden, climbed two
flights to the roof, and made his way
to the Safe Deposit building. Coming down another escape for two
flights be climbed into a window
and made his way to the street,
where he collapsed from  exhaustion.
Mrs. Bull followed. She was slight
ly burned about, the face, and head,
but bore up bravely until the arrival of her husband. Then she fainted
"Nothing is too good for Eddie
Sutton," said Mr. Bullafter emtsrac?
ing his  wife and child.
Like the monk in that medieaval
story, I want to walk round the labor problem and look -at.it not merely from the workman's side and.the
employer's side, but I want to see
where the people come in who belong to neither of these classes. Let
us look at two or three very common Labor Fallacies.
(To be Continued.)
We do <iot know who the best cook
in America is, but that Philadelphia
woman who has lived sixty years
with her husband without a quarrel,
probably has substantial claims to
tbe honor.���Houston Post.
_ .���0_	
"Yes, I. tasted a' sample of the water from that medicinal spring he re-
recently discovered."
"Did you? Too bad about the
1aste of it, isn't it?"
"Why, I thought its taste decidedly pleasant."
"Exactly; and for that reason, it
will never sell. The public will never have faith in a medicinal water
that .tastes good.���Philadelphia Press
"It wasn't anything," said young
Sutton, when he recovered sufficiently to speak. "I only did what anyone else would have done under like
circumstances. ��� THE IADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  i-  111. DAILY LEDGER  Pujliahai  every   day  except Sunday  ���������BY-  THE DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year (to advance) $5.00  One Month  _ ... _.  BO ce-ts  WEDNESDAY,    -Aug.   15, 49OG  SOCIALIST LEADER  ATTACKS   GRIEEN  (Continued from Pago One.)  ,ei" in the labor market.   Labor   power had the   same qualities 'as   other  commodities.    The   use  value   of  labor power was  work.   Its exchange  value was expressed   in money, which  working  men called wages. The cost  of the production of labor power wa  the   cost of his existence and   of the  propagation   of      his    species.      The  working men   had to contrive lo pro  pogate   slaves to be exploited by tie  capitalist  class.    It  was   true    that,  the hopies of the working classes   to  day were nothing more   or less than  breeding pens  for  slaves   for exploit  ation  by   the  capitalist  class.      Tbo  value   changed    in   obedience   lo    th  operation of the   law  of supply,    and  demand.    Trades unions   had been or.  gan'ized for ^the purpose 0f   defeating  and   overthrowing  this   law   and   the  Jaw of   competition,    They form,  .as  -Marx put it/ resisting points 'to the  capitalist   class   that   help,   in    som  cases,   to prevent the capitalist-das  from   overriding- the  labor cVss and  forcing values    below   the    cost  production.      lie  did    not    wish     I  .rlisparage   trades unions.     They  ha  enabled  working men,  in some cases  to make a better bargain with     th  capitalist class,    and he realised  ful  ly the   fight that trades unions hav  put up fram time   to 'time   to   ivsis  the encroachments    of the capitalists  Tbe history  of trades unionism   bad  been one  of heroism  right     through  from the start.     The scariQces trade  unions had  made  on   tbe     industria  field   were  enough        to   strike  * th  world   with  wonder.  Men had starved,   women   had    gone  without   food,  a<nd allowed their   children     to      <>���������  _.  without food, sooner-   .bam     com pet  unfairly    one  against   tbe  olbor, .   or  eell   they    thought     wna     its    price.-  than    they       tfcought was  its price  The Socialists went further  than   th  unionists.    They  said   that,   not   only  ,wer,e  working  men    robbed   of a few  cents . an   hour,   or  a  few    hours     a  day,    but  Ihey   were   robbed      every  day   of four-fifths of the values they  produced.       Capitalistic     production  required  that   the   capitalistic    class  should    own   the   means    of     wealth  production, and  that t'hey should   be  backed  up in ownership by the own.  ers of the state   aud,  also  that   the  labor    power in     the market,  aa'd  should   be   compelled   to sell his   la.j  bpr power   in order   to live. The socialists   said that    this   was a   slave  system���������the  wage    system   was   simply a   system   of slavery.  "They talk to  me  about  being   '*  revolutionary   socialist,"    cried    tha  ppe.'Acr.     "There are thousands   and  hundreds of us. 'Wo are slaves.   Tkey  talk about mo   as  being in the vanguard,  '.hough not a leader,'   in tha  province.     You can bet   your life   I  am a revolutionary aocialist���������rcvolu  tionary    to  the  last   degree.    ICnow-  Jing that   I am  a slave, and   that I  am  producing' children  and     rearing  them   for the   slave  markets'   of the  .world, if I thought  I could   not   obtain  emancipation   for  those    I   love  and  brought    into   the  world I would  be  a  revolutionary  socialist    in   th������  sense  in   which    our  enemies     understand,  or, at least,  apply,  the word.  If  I thought T. could   not obtain my'  emancipation and my children's byj  peaceful means���������by means ot the bal  lot���������I tell you The World���������'the pa->  per that prints the facts,'��������� that  would be organizing a rifle brig-ado  to fight for my freedom. (Loud Applause.)  Elaibforatijag thc statement that  wages bore little or no relatioiurhip  to the value of production, and that  surplus values were the profits of  capital, ho declared that all business today consisted of a scramble o  surplus values. Then he passed to  the region of prophecy. "Whether  you want it or don't want it," ]_>  declared, "inside of ten years, at t'he  most, every man jack of you .will  be socialists, revolutionary or other  wise."  erenco    to  the   red  Hug. '  At   thc    close    a   list   of      eighteen  .questions ,printed elsewhere,  was sen  up by Mr.  Kane.   The   hour bad wax  ed late.    Many  listeners   had    begun  I.   homeward  plod   their weary    way,  and the list was not exhausted by the  speaker.     Jt dealt in    stinging detail-  with the   events  of last session,  and  Mr.  lfawthornlhwuiiu's  peculiar  votes   on popular  questions.    Mr.    Haw-,  thornfhwaile  opined    that the  writer,  was a  lawyer,   and   invited   him  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  STEAIVISHIP  shoot    will   be   the   "winner   of      the  medal. '  The si minding   for tho Club   Medal  for  Class    A.   is  'T.   Hodgson,   _>.   C  Martin   2,  and Dr. lii-own  1.  In   Class   15,   D. 'Cordon   has     three  wins    to hi* credit.,  W.   lloult  2,  and1  ft.   Collier .1.  O. Vnnhoulen and T). Gordon.,will  shoot oil u lie, in this class tomorrow,   and ' should     Gordon      win,.  EFFECTIV E-.TULY,  IS.  S.S.JO  ,     it,will   give   him   D. class   champion-  .       . ,���������, ,,. ,   .   'Ship,    as Jig  aliendy  has   three    wins  stand up.    The -questioner seemed  to        ' ' , 1  '    to his credit,   and .it   only takes four  wins,   to   land  the  prize.'  were any  Three forces, bo declared   were mov   tiir<  ing  irresistibly  towards   'the    forma J said  he  didn't know    thei  tion    of   a     co-operative        common j ym,th African  script-holders  interest  wealth.     The development    of   maeh-  ed  in  the ICaien  Island  doal,  whereup  inery in production (had produced  th I on-tho "heckler"  promptly  toid   hii  have tho   slave  t;ii,ut  well under con  trol aind promptly   rose like   a   free-  born Britisher and  declared ho was a  working man nnd be wrote the ques- MINARD'S LTNIMENT  CO., LTD.'  tions.     ".Mm" seemed    to like   Unit,''  Gen1leiTU.ii��������� 1 have used lUlNARD'S  and  struggled  bravely half  way     on LINIMENT ou my   vessel aud  in  my  through   tho  list.     On  tho   way     he family   for  years  and   for  every  day  result    that  while    in   1S90,   in  thirteen  stales,   I.">   per  cent,   of  the  there    were  three.    Mr.   Ilawthornth  the  vvgite   referred  sneeringly   to     South  African heroes,    but dismissed thc lis  with tho   statement,   that if tbe lion  workers    were   out   of   employment���������  not the same  men  all   thc   time,  but  the same number of men at any.'Green had been minister of Lands  time���������in 1903 the proportion bad aud \v0rks in a socialist adminislra  arisen to '10 7,7. Thc ratio was eon-J tion he would havo.jgot_.his walking-  stantly increasing. When it readied papers inside of twenty-four hours.'  75 or SO per cent was it to bo! A colloozion taken up at thc close  thought' for a single moment that Ql- t,hc address amounted to S-J7  the   workers   would   stand   idly     by  ills and -accidents of life 1 considei  it has no  equal.  ' 1 would not start on a voyage  wilhout if, if it cost a dollar a bottle.  C'APT.  F. R. PESJARD1N.  Schr. Sloilce, St. Andre, Kamourska  Sails from  Ladysmith for Vancouver, every Tu("-d,iy at. ft-o'clock a.m.  Sails  from  Vancouver foi- Ladyami lb every    Monday    aijd   Tuesday,  at  l:3f) p. m.  Geo,.L.'Courtney,  District PassenfiC.' Agent  iiS Government St., Victoria, P..C.  those factory     gates  nnd  see     their  children   starve,   their    wives     suffer  and. (heir sisters  or  daughters starve  Tomorrow  will  be a   bigj clay  with  the   members   of   the  Nanaimo      Gun  f  Club for the question   of who is    entitled   to, the possession .of tho liied-  or worse?oOr was it not to be thou- al prcaented   by 11lc    ,Dominion Car  ght    that seeing- no  hope they would   tridge Company, will be definitely set  turn   in  their    mii'lil   against     them; tied  Messrs C. Martin, Dr. Brown, T.  Hodgson and J, Vawden are at  present   tied   for the coveted  trophy,  and destroy them and overwhelm in  their ruins the entire system of ca  ilalist production? 'There was also  the growth and organization ofM.ho  machinery of dislribul ion���������the trust,  and the fact that 0f all countries in  the world Cbin'n alorift remained un  exploited and was beginning to be  exploited hy Capitalism. Mr. Hawthornthwaite   perorated with   a  ref-  >^=^=^"������r__i__u_������-i__u_s<^_r������_v?-___c_j������������^_w_^������  and whoever should   win   tomorrow's  Union-made Capital & Nugget Cigars  SUMMER DIARRHOEA  IN CHILDREN  During thc hot weather of the'summer months thc first unnatural loose-'  nes<_ of a child's l.owels should have'  immediate.'attention, j so as to check  the disease before it becomes serious.  All that is necessary is a few doses  of Chajn'bterlain's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy followed by a dose  of castor oil to dense the system.  Rev. M. O. Stockland, Pastor ol the"  first M.E. Church, Little Falls, MJn-:  nesots, writes: "We have used Chamberlain's Colic^ Cholera and D'..rr-  hoea Remedy for several years and  find it .a very valuable remedy, especially for'.summer disorders in children."   Soli! by  f,advsmith Pharmacy  K5E2Sr  Q:.\  GI.Q3SS .,  ..hen y.m   'v:int   a  ' Mjm globe  see   thai       <>    l-'-i   ihe    globe  w ith   ihc   1   :., im   r ini'   on     it,  as  it is   tiu   ' nh    ni-id    that  can kee)   the  v.uler out���������tho  globts wi'l 0 ���������:  the 1. 'iber ring  canmot     I e       mi'       .ter, yon  ca_    sec t1   >     \w   examining  tlfem.       'I!.,   arl.t'   il    flower  that  Is   pn!   into   '' e     globes  with  the i-i>iic   ���������    ���������������������������',' is'wiiav  antecd to i-  tin- '     t, and   if  you    -j   nt   ..   I'll'1 ���������.'    with     a  Rubber 'V���������������:���������'.   cH!  -.,{. Mrs. T.  X.   Jr-rw'   ;irfnt -for  M: '  ..'v   CRf-W.  TI ='  (lily   -|,l.:i-e  you  can    get  Them.  Sole _f_.������?ivt"'iir-KC. for the  French V.'n.;!!i Co., of London, latls, iMellioiirne, S.A.,  Cor. tfemox i:d. .';��������� Milton St.  i I AN AIM 0 B.C.  Low Excursion  Kates  Round Trip.  Good :  on a||  Train  July 10 to 15.  To        Benveu      ' $55,0  ' August  7, 8, 9.  To       Milwaukee     $69.75  Sept. 8, 0, 10.  To Toronto $83,75  Aug. 7, 8, 9. Sept. 8 & 10.  TO    ALL  P 01 NTS  For particulars call on     or  write E. E. Blackwood, Oeu- ���������  N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  EXCELLENT   1  Train Service  ���������^jSgSSSi1* *     BETWEEN.  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,    .  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  Anil tlie Principal Buslnca. Centers of - -'  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces. j  ALSO TO BUFFALO/NEW YORK AND    . -  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA.FAILS.  For Time Tables, etc., uddresa  ������������������ CEO. W. VAUX-j'  ARSlatmit CJpn'l I'liaaengo. anil '1'lckflt Agent,  13.AO.HS ST., CHICAGO, ILL."  THE JONES HOTEL  ---AVillTE 7COOK--  . , \ "    siiicl  ���������W.IIIT^  lAliOH���������  l^mployiecl' On ly  (Halt Block from Depot.)  GATAORI'.: STRERTT .   I.adysmlth.  t   THE COMrOR!ABLE WAY.-'.>���������>  %    Ticket  and^'Freight'Office',' 75"  Government Street.  2Tanscontinental  Trains Daily  The New Train   .  O Hi' NTAL LIMITED  The Train ol  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.  Every   mile  a  picture,    and  no  smoke to spoil the    view.  Through  Compartment,    Observation  and Pullman  Sleep- _  ers;     also    Through    Tourist  Cars  to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  Union     Terminals   with . all  Steamer lines.  Perth   reservations  by   vvirel  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOK JAPAN AND CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from Seattle for Japan and China ports at fre-  O/iienr dates. Exact sailing  dates can be secured upon ap-.  plication to any Great Northern representative.  S. G.  YERKES,  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash.  E.  R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent, Vidoria. B.C,  mmmmwamsaa  Under{New Managment  HOTEL WILSON  JusyR. ^cKinnell, Prop,  NANAIMO  Commercial .Mens.', headaaaiters. '  Modern, and ���������- Strictly First OlaM.  Fire Proof    Buildlig. .  ������.X'iwn  NURSERIES, & SEED HOUSES  Try Capital and'Nuggei Cigars  ''or a cool, refreshing-.   .  BAT H  During the Summer  Months Call on   THOMAS LEWIS  Shaving Parlors,. ..etc.,    High -Street  Best accommodation for- transient  "ind permanent. boarders .and lodgere..  OR A NO      HOTEli  This new Hotel*has been comfortably furnished and the bar la up-to- 5  dete     Rates' $1.������������ a day    and    ������p-  w������.rde.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Pros,  ���������^tlaaaia '���������: ���������-������!-:_.: :���������������: Ladyanltk  Large Slock of Homegrown  Fruit and   Ornainental Trees.  no\v    mat'urod  for tho   Fall  Trade.  No expense,  loss or _dnlay  of fumigation or inspection. '  Headquarters    for    Pacifie  Coast, grown' Garden,  Field,  ami Flower Sioeds in season.  Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps  Male Oil Soap, Greenhouse  Plants, Gut /lowers, Bulbs  For Fall Planting <  We do business on our own  grounds���������no  lent  to pay and  are    prepared    to meet   all  competition.  Let ine price your list he-  fore placing your order.  Catalogue Free. "  At. J.  HENRY,  3oio Westminster Road  VANCOUVER  Fletcher Bros.  '������������������'..Dealers la1!  Pianos   & Organs  Ladysmith, B.C ���������  Plumbing and Tinsming  DONE  AT  Reasonable Prices  J. ANDERSON  Leave orders  at Tetcison's Furn -  tine Store, or telephone No 5!*.  Sunlight Soap is better than oilier soaps, but  s best when used in the Sunlight wuy.  Buy Sutiiijr.it Snip nnJ follow Directions  M-fr-H-*************** I-***  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  Express Work  Light Teaming.  Orders With-  1'IRST   AVENUE  Wood  on     Bark     for sale.     See  J.  KEMP,  or    leave  W. CARTER,  | PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,   B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  1  Vancouver Island, B. 0.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  Genera! Manager.  ���������_���������  +  *  *���������  *  ���������_���������  *  *  *���������*  >{���������  ���������*���������'���������  PHONE      GO  First Class  RIQS FOR HIRE  ' I)ELIVEIIEI).  WOOD AND BARK FOR SALE   AND  EXP RE   SS WORK.  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  *4   ������.. ������������������������v������ M  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest 5tyles and-Newest Patterns--We do  A!j kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53 P. O. Box 42.  t  ������..B..������..c..*.._..a.������������������"���������.���������_.._^_>.  ������������������..���������..������..������,.ht_.���������_.._.....a. .���������������������������������������������������  PAINTING   AND  PAPBRHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done- ;-'��������� "  -:-        ������������������- Orders  Promptly Execute  S.  ROEDDiNG    - ���������   LADYSM3TH  -   j(,_h.*^.4.4.-j.4.**4.^+^^.i.-{.-;-i:.;-i^..j..j ^^^.|,.|..|..j..>4.^,^..j.^^.i..T..|..i..j._f.^..j.jf.1,jf,.j.  TH������<>ITY 7VY K JR KBT  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B.C.  . *~T"**���������**~~"���������*���������~~���������_-_���������_��������� jf   ' _ _ ,  LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE "  PIANOS,     ORGANS    ANDIIOUSEIIOLD     FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY..  Stabled In the teat ot the Lulysmith hotel.  ...Abbots ford.  Leave orders a>   tke  A.   .1. VVASKETT PROP.  lU..VU + U4-.i+*. + '.4.+ Ui*4..i+4.<.4.U..iil-. t + -.*4i->4.*+.   .  .  J      WM.  MUNSIE,  President    J. W. CODURN,  \. Telephane 4-b.  Manap-inff Director.  ia  v������v_  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-1=-  ������Hii-iglets bl Specialty  MANUFACTURERS OF   Rough and Dressed Fir am! Cedi.v Lumbers  LATHS,  SHINGLES,  MO ULDINGS,      ETC.,     of   the BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.   .AND   DRIED    FLOORINGS     AND  FINISHING LUMBER TN STOCK  t  ���������t  *  *  1  *  t  ���������v%^������<^^^^^^*.<<_-^<������-������^.-������������.������:'%-������.5_--������. ������<������.���������>  t  .%.���������������_-���������*_��������������� *%^v ���THE LADYSMITH   DAILY  LEDGER
Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd
fellows' Hall every 2nd and 4th
Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.
��� '��� MRS. KATE TATE,
M. of R. <fc C.
Wellington Grove, No. 4, U.A.O.D.
meets in the I.O.O.F. Hall, Ladysmith, the Second and Fourth Wednesdays of each month, commcnt-ina;
Wednesday, 13th, 1905.
Visiting Druids are invited  lo   attend.     By Order
.   WM.  RAFTER, Rcc. Sec.
Dr. R. B.
Surgeon Dentist
AU  work- guaranteed  and at reason-
Leads Them
& Co., Ltd
able rates.
Gatacre St
0\:qh a
.'ill  hours.
NEWS NOTES ������--
Wedding    CaUcn  -Jlade    to   Order
Prices    arc     Very Reasonable.     All
Customers are  Treated Alike.
Pacific C'oas
VICTORIA.   ���:   ���
Mannfacturers of the Famous
None foil   Union Labor    Kmploysd
H  J.   BOOTH, Prop
J. A. RF.EI),    .
RobeitsSt.    Near stb, Ave.
Usual subjects taught; also Ian-
guagep, drawing in pencil and crayons', paint ng in oils aad water colore, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or. individually.
MISS BERTRAM,      Ladysmith, B.C
���dealers  in���
Lime,   Plaster Paris,    Brick,
Fire Brick and Vancouver island cement. \
3 Pandora St. Victoria B.C.
A [_.__, ,
Wall Paper��
To be sold at HALF PRICE
Call on Jr.. Smith -
House and Sign Paintei
Manufacturers Of.���        '���'
A   band  concert  will   b,e   given
the   Church  Lads'  Brigade   Band  o
Thursday eveming, August 16,   at   a-
bont 7 p.m.
During   the    afternoon  the   follow
i'ltr programme    will   be  rendered  on
(be Green',  weather permitting:
.   Opening- Address���Rev.. ,1.   ftobsojn.
So;i(g���Mrs.   Dr.  Drysdale.
Heeitation���_Vli\   Roy   Laidley.
Selection���Airs. R.   Smith..
Song���Mrs.   Vipond.
Quartette���Mr.  Evan Miles; Mr.  K
Jones   it���t, others.
Song���Mrs.   Jones.
Seleetion���Mrs. T. Bryant.
IJeinarks���Rw, T.' Laidley.
Song:���Miss.   Dobeson.
. Address��� Rev. Letts.
A  basket    picnic   is    suggested
that   all   young people    may
on   the-grounds   to enjoy   tho    band
conceit,   programme  of    which      will
be published later.
Tt is intended ' to have an iiifoi-ma
social time for- all and (he young
���people are asked to come provided
with games, amusements, etc, which
will lend to tin afternoon's ' enjoy
ment on the Green at   3 o'clock*.
.    " ft-'--
Particulars    as   to   the    deatli     0?
Michael   Quinn   whose   funeral      took
���; j taHcifuMnf.-'J lf3r"
Monty to   loan
,t.   Avtnin   -   - ---  UOYSW H
-l    ..   .     ."       -\\_ji!
by j place
in  this city   011  Sunday'
have just come   to handr   "*  ."
The   young   man   was  engaged
switchman    on   the    motor  trip,
was  going  about   his    business   'when
the  fatal  accident occurred.    The motor   was pulling    a   loaded    trip    out
of t'he level, and  wa.  ..Ku   pushing a
few   loaded   ears  abend   <>f  il.      which
Ihe    young-  man   wm   in  Ihe.   act    of
coupling  togvt her,   when  th.i   inr  cms
ed by the motor bumping   up against
the   bend   loads        caused    them      to
jump  Iho   track,   pinning   tbe    unfortunate   mn.11 against   tbe square tim-
"bers,   causing  nlmofH   instant   death.
When  the    body,  was   being  brought
here     for burial,   tho   'United  ' Jfin
Workers of  which the  deceased  was a
so   member escorted   (be   remain.,   to  the
remain  station.     The      funeral      procession
w/bicb.was .bended by Ibe City band
was tbe largest ever seen in P.nnk-
heacl, tbe fellow workmen of the deceased turning out in large numbers, to pay their last respects lo
one who ws. liked so well hy all
who know him
Mr. Anderson, in cousin of the dc-
Cf>ns"d, on behalf of the United
Wine Workers*nccomoanied the- hodv
,fo (bis citv, where it was laid to
res.   on  Sundav  li.<...'
Mr. Anderson will return home to
Ban\hearl loday.
Past District   Chief   Rangers-
..ii 1 .-.-
Millard's- Liniment curea Cold, etc.
Miners' Drilling Machines
-S If I P S M I T H I N ft    IN      aLLlTS'BRANC I1ES
Horseshoers and Genera1 Blacksmitns.
Buller Street   -     .-    - Ladysmith, b C
notice  ..
From this date tbe" undersigned
will not be. responsible, for.,any Indebtedness . ..Incurred.except on ' ��
written orQer signed by the .secretary
Rowland Afachjn, ..-.,. . ���_ ;
OPME_ST,0q.,.?L,T.p.., '
Non Personal, Liability.
V��o.*mla.'ft! C.! M��. Ifttfc   ����������    -
I ICE!     ICE!    ICE!
Will be Delivered on Mondays,  Wednesdays.
Fridays and Saturdays
Orders must be in  by eleven  o'clock on day of  Delivei-y,
Union  BrewiiiiCq
Limited '
Then t)��: sure yoair' tickets rea#
.��.. ��� -yyy  ���.��� ���.
North Western Line
The only 1 line n6w making UNION
DEPOT connections'at ST. PAUL
and MINNEAPOLIS with : thi
through .trains from tke Pacifl.
For complete information ask Yr
local agent or write, ,
General  kf��
n<) 2nd Ave., Seattle.
The Day for the Forester's Re-un-
ion is rapidly drawing, near, 'and
frovn all indications tbe event promises   to bo   a lingo success.'
All thai is now needed to insure
success is a good, fine day, nnd if
this is in store, thc Foresters of tbe
Province will turn out in such numbers as to give Nanaimo at least
one busy day to make a change from
the general trend of affairs as at
present existing
The features of the dnv will be
the haloon ascension oik. parachute]
ch-on    and   1be    big   baseball      game
.Tor._<y Ralph Smith, M. P., will
after first', > telepbopmg the Inspector's ofiice' at -Victoria-' to see' it
there are ' any special instructions
fiom Ottawa go down to South
Wellington: io personally arrange
lor the opening';.',.of a post office
there. Air: -Smitli some time since
recommended to "���'���---tlii' authorities
at Ottawa that the appointment
of Airs Crnham be made, and it has
been in ihe hands of Inspector Fletcher since. No doubt tho matter
would hnv�� been all arranged before this time 'had it not been
that the Inspector was called to
Dawson before all, of the fonnali-
I les   were   conioi-med with.
H  is  possible,   Mr.   Smith     thinks,
that  Airs.  Ciaham  miay have  receiv.
erl her instruct,ions   yesterday but in
ciise /she has   not he   will today vis
il. 1he little   'village and   instruct th
agreed   upon, apointeo,   Mrs.   Graham
lo  fal.o   cnarge    of the mail    as    a
government employee.     The community has   for some   months been  much
in  need of  ia  post  office and     much
confusion has resulted   from tho lack
of system   that has  prevailed   there
This will now.'be done away with an _
letters   and    . papers    addressed     to
South   Wellington,    will  surely    reach
Uie party    to   whom    they  are     addressed   as   though   tbe   place     were
larger  and  of  more  importance.   Unfortunately tlie allowance for a post
master  for  so   small  a   place   makes
the work   more a labor of love than
one  of  profit,   and  Mrs.  Graham    is
entitled   to  tbe    thanks   of her   fellow townsmen   for accepting the pos
rr 5-1-_���"_.
:'z. ,&
IfltJ1_TI?ED*BY   f
Philadelphia,   Aug.   34.���Seven   men
were'^hurtNtoday   in.r'afrexplosion at >
tho-'   ajnx  metal   company',s     works,""
three'of whoniVmav die 'of their   tn.
The explosion ..occurred   as   a   400
pound ln-orize casting-, was being lift- Z
ed    into    a  furjiacev   It  is " puppose
that water in some manner found its
way   into tho casting,   and" when-th-
metal struck the intense heftt the'ea*
ing exploded.     There were 1!30     e'm   -
ploye��s_   in  tho place  and they    wer
thrown into a panic when the show  '
er of metal   foil among them.
'  London,   Aug.    14.���According     t
the. correspondent    at  Aden,   of     tbo
.Daily Mail,    after    devastating nineteen   Ogadcn   villages, the   Mad Mullah    inflated   by his success,  attacked    the    Sultan    of   Mijertai   in his
territory.     Both   sides   lost   heavily
The   Sultan   had nine   near relative
and   700   warriors   killed,    but,     ev
entually   repulsed      the   Mullah   to
ward' Elig and the coast.
shahuot lake mystery.
London,      0\nt.,    Aug.    .��i.���Arthu
Lavigne,    recently  convicted  on   tw.
charges   of criminal   assault on. youn
girls,   was sentenced  on  Saturday to
four years    in Kingston penitentiar":
and   lo gel.   twenty-five -lashes on the
bare back'. -   - '   -
Leare orders at the Abbotsford.
between   the    locals    and   the
.team  from Ttellingham.  Wash.
.   T.'ie  sports  will  commence on
Oiickot  crounds   at  1 30 p.m.
At one o'clock, the 'nnrade will
ieavo I he. lorlf^e room, Pa M.ion st vent
;anrt 'pvot-eed to the grounds, In the
.follr.wifig' orrter:   ''
.Gr.an'd Ararshhll.
Silver . C'nrnM   Pi"''.
.- Pi .fVr. .Vnnri in->o! Fore<=terc'.
. Prinvt   TCi.H.i'^"
^ii-ni'1!"  .TiiT-rn'l f
V^'to'-in.  .Tinrenil.-"--
^Tnna.i-','|n   Pov.nhv.ions
VJe.lo'-ii' noir.^P'n'on'i
���"' P ixth  Pecinief. (   Pa>vJ
Ponrt   T aiU-sn1!-''1!
Pourt; Po'-nl. OolutTihin
Pnurt; T,fl"Ifi'*.-'���"'
Tifl-.b P.eeim'-nt, --Pimd.
.Pourt V'ie'-or.'n;
Po'l'-t.   v.<i.fnliVf"'
Court  "N'orthern T inhV
Convict  Who  Says  He Is  Able
i Clear Up Tragedy is Giv
en Chance.
Kingston, Out., Aug. 15���Applica
tiop is being made to the Attorney,
General by Chief of Police White o
>Perth for a fiat to take Sand-
Bedore from the Kingston peniten
tiary,-where'"he is serving ����� ��our
year term to Sharbot Lake, to
make good his statements in connection w'ith' the disappearance oC
J'two'lads four years ,ago. Peoplo
thought they were drowiied; but De-
dove says his.brother slew them and
he knows where they were buried.
y-Ratef. -��1. .25 and $1.50���
Fre to all steamboat  landingB and
railway depots. Electric'cara every fiv?
mihutee to all parts of the city. Bar
and table.tmexcelled.
v F. JBAYNE8, Proprietor,
Synopsis" of Canadian Homestead
Any available Dominion Lauds
.within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be bomestcaded by
any person who is the sole head of
__> family, or any male over e gjhteen
years of age, to the extent oi one-
quarter section of 160 acres, more
or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land ofiice for ibhe district-
in  which the laud is situate,
The homesteader is required to per-
fo.'m tho conditions connected theie-
,-with under one of the following
(1) At least six months' resilience
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
stead, the requirements as to residence may bo satisfied by residence
upon the said land.
Six monfc-ie' notice in writing
should -be given to the Commissioner
of 'Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands ,may be purchased at, $10
per acre for soft coal and $20 for
anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be naquired by. oiie individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per. ton of 2,000
pounds, shall he collected on the
gross output.
W.  W.   CORY,.
Demitv  of  the Minister of T.itertor
bar supi'r.iKD.Avrnt in:.T
A, J. McMURTRie, Proprietor
Newly fitted up and
Good tables and good
This Hotel haa
been completely       renovated.
Board aid lodgiag (LOO per dky.
. Keep Minarrt's
Liniment    In    the
Acute attacks    of colic and  diarrhoea come on without -warning    and
prompt    relief". must    be obtained.
There is no necessity-of incurring,ex-
(2) If the father, (or mother, if the j pense of a  physician's service in such
eases if Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is at
hand. A doso of this remedy will
relieve the patient before Uie doctor
could   arrive.    Tt    has     never   been
JOHN TKA, Proprietor
Bar  Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-::-: :-:
Liquors and Cigars.
Ladysmith B.C.
A  Great   Boot!
for Prospectors I
They are all leather, and
made to stand strenuous usage in mine or forest.
L117. Men's Tan Chip
pewan Veal Kip Pros-
pectors'  Boots
Inch bluclicr cut, with
h full bellows tongue to
tip; have double silver eyelets and stud honliS; double
sole and slip;' standard screw
fastened; slugged -around the
forepart and heel. A comfortable as well as a durable
Ask Cor them at your Dealers
Greater Part of Wealth Goes to Sur
viving Husband.
London, Aug. U.-Lady Curzon
will has been made public, and dis
poses of aa estate valued at ��11,
878 sterling exclusive of settled
property. Her jewels go to Her hus
band in trust for their eldest son.
Menientoee are left to relatives and
the residue of the estate goes to her
husband.     ��
wouvEP, e/c.
There is a lesson in thc work of
the thrifty farmer. He knows that
the bright sunshine may last but a
dav *nd he prepares for Uie showers
-which are so liable to follow So
it should be-with every household.
Dysentery, diarrhoes and cholera mor.
busliiy atta'c* some of the members of the home without warning.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy; which is the best
known remedy : for these >liseases,
ahould always be k��pt at hand, as
immediate treatment is necessary,
and delay may prove ��� fatal; -For sale
by Ladysmith^ Pharmacy
V rTctife in "IuTOj-tive Ago
t uSok "How td obtain Patents"-
. 0ESKINS        <
OETAI'NED       \
ZhaT-ges moderate. NofecliUpatoutissecnrci. ���
^       Letters strictly confidential.   Address^ ^   ���
Letters stTiotlvconnnenuu.  ,7"--"--}, r  ^
^ E C SIGGERS; Patent Lawyer, WasMnBjonj^C.^
L5���lliTI ��� ��� f ���-*���*��� * j-���~>���**������*- ���~' ^^
first C!a*s   ^leal
J. X. Smith's Restauraat
father Is deceased), or the homestead
�� resides upon a farm In the vicinity of the land entered for. Ibe requirements as to residence may he
satisfied' by'surb w.rsnn Tcsidlnj; with
the fnther or mother.
(3. If the settler has bis, permanent residence upon, .firming Innd owned by him in the vicinity of his home
known to fail, even in the most severe and dangerous cases and no family should lie without it. For sale
by the Ladysmith Pharmacy,
Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street am
lay Water     Rates, between the 10th   and the 25th of each month.
Office Hours I P.M. 4.30
y. ry-A'..:.:?��� \". /-';-     T. !BLAND7
l      ��� ;,      * .,"-:.."-���  ..,-i. ���.:-:;      .SUPERINTENDENT^    iwt
Pliblie Noticje
:  ��� Attention Is called to the    fact that the
Ogilvie Flour Hills Co    Limited,
makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD-  FLOUR,     tuvre for some time
past been producing flomr In a    Tastly  improved and pmrlfl-'--  form
by the aid of ELECTRICITY
and having secured control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising  the  public that any unauthorized users of the electrioal    flour purifying processes  will he prosecuted.
Ogilv'e Flour Mills Company Limited
are tbo only millers in Canada whose     Flour
Pnrified by the E'eotrio Fracas ~-y-'-:'"--��������� y .'rtc'v, ,"-_���������;_ j r ,, ._������������������������  - -      _-' -  f-resro-~: .g_.__-yi_,._i_WSic������.  THGLIDTSMITHOAILY LBDGrHR  -���������_������_ ���������__% .j*. .-fi I't'l f*l*| ttt ttl I  ui if) ������������������������ 14,* (J.1 'JJ.' '4>  +  i't'l 1*1*1 i't'l l"_*l l"_.l I*!.! iTl 1*1*1  ���������������' 'i1 ty1 'J.1 'l1 '*''+' *l'  f Always On  Hand f  i __,t 1  1BICKL  ������ Best of Groceries f  T A Large Stock of <������i  $ DRY GOODS, BOOTS & SHOES  $** That Can'Be Beat  4*-  Smith, Fotos,  That's AIII  STRAW  HATS  Local Items  Mr.  R.  Dalton arrived in thc city  this morning from  Nanaimo.  Mrs. T. X. Jones was a passenger  to Nanaimo today on, the noon, train.  The local Aerie of Eagles meet this  evening.  LOST���������On Au?. 7, rough-coated Airedale terrier, black hack with tan  bead and legs; tail docked. Anyone  returning same to the Bank, will  be rewarded,  he commenced yesterday, but owing  to tbe delay in getting the levels,  operations ' cnuhl not be started until  today.  Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars  Mr. M. Leiiz, of Victoria is in the 1  city today, a guest at the Abfkits- '  ford Hotel. I  Mr   E. Conway "was a passenger oii  the Victoria-bound  train this   morn  ingf  Provincial Constable Stephenson,  of Nanaimo, is in Ladysmith today,  bavingi arrived on the morning train.  Mr. T. White won the locket for  which the mojnheis of tbe Tyee Gun  plub shot last evening. Out of the  ���������remaining 22 shots fired by Mr.  White last evening, be secured 20,  and this, combined with bis score of  Thursday afternoon last, entitled  him to thc locket.  Mr. Wm. Norris, of Nanaimo, passed through Ladysmith on the morn- j  ing train today.  Mrs. R. Gear and children, who  have been spending the past month  visiting friends and relatives in the  vicinity of Banff, returned home last  evening on the S.S. Joan.  Princess Beatrice is in at the local  wharves for bunker coal today.  The Tcpic and scows a.ul tbe Richard III. are in for coal today, having arrived early this morning. The  Otter and scow aie also in, having  arrived from Vancouver this afternoon.  Mr. Dakin, formerly principal of  the Ladysmith school, is now a resident of Irvine, Alta. In a letter to-  a friend here, he sends his regards  to all his friends and acquaintances  in Ladysmith.  The city band are expecting a laip,e  number of passengers on their excursion to Vancouver on Labor Day,  and aie getting into shape to give  the excursionists some excellent music during the trip over and back.  None Better-Capital & Nugget Cigars  , Mr. F. Shepherd this afternoon visited the sports grounds, and inspected the 'work which is being done on  them. lie states that the grounds  will be in Inst diss condition for  next season, and that the work ol  levelling up, etc., has proceeded nicely. Thc work should be _.,n.pleted  in a couple of weeks, when I', will  be necessary to seed . the ground,  build a fence around it, and allow it  to remain unused during  the winter.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED  A party reaching here from Nanaimo last evening in a gasoline launch,  report having had a very rougn trip  down At times it was almost iur-  pos-.ible to make any headway  against the wind, and a heavy sea  was   running.  Tlie Sunday School pupils of the  Church of England are enjoying  themselves on tlie opposite side of  the bay today, and as the weather  is all that could be desired, the pic-  niccrs will all have a good time.  McDonald's launch-has been, kepi, busy-.since early morning carrying passengers back'and forth.  The boarders of the Abbotsford hotel beiehy take gieal pleasure in accepting the t-ii,iiliM.i;e published yesterday for .- "..inic of football between !'(��������� ' i), 1 i.fs'. of the above ho-  lel an.' . _   1 -e 01.1 nil.      They  inikr " > u ' 1 1 ��������� i.!'..ci than that  Ujo inaU-b hi- pl.'Ud .'. week Sunday  as fhat   wil .  ���������      Grand"  fel  lows tun ��������� - > 1 ' t. '-'age, As for  the Abbt.K'i.i _��������� m I' ey are always in gi il  trimming II,  them a g.iu>-  M.di! < n, and after  l i, 'i��������� 11, will play  un'.', pi   '5.  The South,  are closed ���������':,  though ihei.  the peopi ' i v,  ing first f  ment of   ti  1..'.        ncs, Alberni  ' >    1   c presenl,    al-  ������������������ ;mc  men   on  m 1 hing is look-  'I Iu- s  rther develop-  ��������� )i 1 1 i\   will  piobably  Now is your Time  to replace your old  straw hat with a  new one at LESS  THAN HALF REG:  ULAR PRICE. We  have a few broken  lines some of them  1 1  run as high as 1.25  SPECIAL  50C.  Walters S  zikenhead  SWWW^WwwwW^./  be commenced upon the arrival from  England of Mr. II. Cecil, who is expected beie about the 20th of next  .month. -A gentleman ol this city  recently received a cablegram, fiom  Mr. Cecil stating that he'would,leave.  (London on September 12th, and until his arrival it is likely that h6"lui'  ther woik will be done on the mine.  The work,' so- far, has proved entirely satisfactory, and has reached the  stage where machinery is necessary  to carrv on the  work to advantage.  An apparatus consisting o'f two  shafts and n seat caused considerable discussion at the station 1 his  morning amongst the local expressmen and others. Some wore of the  opinion that it was a new invention for breaking ccrtts. otheis said  it had been imported by the owner  of thc Shetland pony at the Ab-  botsrord Hotel. It was finally learned, however, that the apparatus is  used hy a C P.R photogiapher, and  is fastened on the fiont of a handcar. The photogiapbei occupies tbe  seat, and is in a position to take  any pbotogiaphs which be wants  without disturbing the working of  the car. He states that he has taken photographs all the way along  the line fiom St. John, K B. When  a stiff giadc- is ahead of tlie liatty,  they load the cm onto tbe next  train, and upon reaching the top of  the grade, make thc return trip at  their leisure, lafcr on again entraining to the top of the hill, and thenco  proceeding1 on their journey until tbe  next grade is reached.   o ������������������  "When a man is not working* whistling or singing produces a certain  amount of relaxation; it denotes / a  certain vacancy of mind. It is im-  possihle for .\ man to whistle or  sing if tbe mental faculties are at  all' ahsoibed in work. It requires  mental coiiccntralion of more or less  ctToit to turn out good work -or. to  produce satisfactory results in any  calling. Whistling interferes with  this concentration, though thc concentration may, by reason of a perfect knowledge of ihe work being  turned oui, have become mechanical  on thc part, of thc wbikman. Tbe  singing or the humming of a tunc  produces still gicaler mental vacancy. Tt is in these moments (bat Ibe  woikmen make mistakes, often costr  ly ones ^to " themselves or to their  employers."   o   Speaking'in praise of'ihe English  language, Bryan is Veporicd as saying: "Beginning /with the Magna  charta 'and * "* * down to the present no language has been so much  employed for the prbpagationi of that  theory of government which traces  governmental authoiity to the consent of the governed."  The magna charta had nothing to  do with the, consent of the, governed. Thc weak despot King John exasperated ' the barons , and they  fought him. The great charter was  the .treaty.of peace. It was wrung  from him by the banded nobles. In  its first form' it made no mention of  anybody save king and nobles. The  latter, for the sake of preventing** tha  common peopje from helping,the king  later, joined with the demands for  their own privileges other demands  for the affirmation of certain old  grants of the Saxon kings.  Moreover, the "English language*'  bad no part or lot in it. In fact, it  did not exist. The greater' charter  was made in 1215, and it was not  until nearly a century and a quarter later . that Chaucer was born.  There was the ground plan, so to  speak, of the language in the mingling of Saxon and Norse dialects,  spoken by the island people conquered by the Normans a century and a  half before, but nothing more.  The charter itself was written " in  Latin, which was tbe state language  of thc time, and continued to be the  language of Jaw, of literature and of  society for a'century' or two later,  Even toward the end of the sixteenth century, or nearly 400 years  later, Bacon wrote in the Latin  tongue exclusively in the belief that  there was no English tongue that  would outlast a century. ��������� Chicago  Chronicle,  .������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������.���������������������������>  | Pioneer fbtllin? Works  j 1st. Avenue. Ladysmith, B. C  J J. f. Riii?, Prop.  \     MANUFACTURER OF  i Carbonated Beverages.  i (linger   Beer  | Fruit Syrups J  t  1  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ��������� .  ���������  ��������� .  X  We require-a Franchise from the  People of Ladysmith, not to dispose of Electricity but to  Sell  Greengage  Phims,   fill*  I. ox, per box ���������..*... lac  Large Blue Plums, 5lli box, per hoxi .:  20c  "No.  1. Eating Apples,    40-11) box, per box  .-.  .$1.35  Potatoes,1 selected,    per   sack    7    $1.50  N6TE-���������-n���������Cowiclian  Butter has Advanced  to 40c, Lb., Fresh Eggs 40c, pe* Dozen  dimm Heiser & %o.  LIMITED  ���������  ���������  ���������  ^fffTfftfnfftffifrifrifnfmfnf-- ifftfrwwwTyfwnfitffff trffrrnr^-  ������=     FRESH SUPPLY OP-  till).  . Yd and Ml  JT:  we have on hand some very nice-  %  ROLLED CORNED BEEF  12 I-2C. LB.  E-3  1 A. HOWE 3  fc MEAT   MARKET -_J'  ^UiiUUiUiUiUiUiUiUlUltt 1U iUJUiUiUiUiitlUiUlUiUiUWR  "SmitH?' "Clab rough,"  "Parker," "Remington"  and "Winchester" Guns  FULL    STOC K  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  P.   O.   Box   2.|S  NOTICE  Everthing 111 Fletchers Variety  Store  .'oTIC!'!.      ���������.'. ,; ,  ;!>-.     ''.I.yi-n   that T .'.in  jur.. F. Shepherd, surveyor of Nanaimo, arrived ih Ladysmith .this  morning, and' is today giving the  levels, etc., for the new whnrf which  Mr. McDonald, of Victoria is to construct here.    Work was expected   to  Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in  Cows.  Not; ���������  tend 11.  censing  \     ������������������  sitting, I  1  liquor  Uct,  the Portland Ii-:1.  I.udysmil.h, from  mvself t'. Chrlsti::!  lluggan.  ���������'    y ���������    ...   I.. HV.NI).  Ladysmlili, 9th Aug., 1!)0(I, Im  lu Uic j.oard. of Li-  ;:.i'i!.r..; .-. I; their next  ir;Vii;;fi-i' iif the retail  ;. .w   Hi-id  by  me   for  Mir.?  Liniment cures Distemper.  CONTRADICTS  OLD   SAYING.      ;  "'Tis :sad   to'.puncture an old ax-   MllSt  Be  Sold  at   Some  'mimmmu^ummui mm immm.  NECESSITIES  For This Weather  -a������FB MILK  GOLD SEk uuitucn  2T1NSFOR25C  m %  Sag* <_   11    1    r   1     v���������    ������%        _ViHi  !, y h a B L h S CR  LARGE S8ZE -    - 15C PER TIN  :  BLASR ft.ADA/n      ^  The Place For Ogilvie's Wheat Csra���������:_;.;.���������-.  ioni," said the/-employer of a large  number of men to , a Washington  Star'reporter'.in the'lobby of an up-,  town'b6tel last evening, "but'my experience ' with otIicr-mt.il enables ��������� me  to let a little, of'(he air.of fallacy  out of the old saw which grinds out  a'platitude that the 'whistling workman' is the best, or thai, the singing cook  makes  the best .sauce.'  "From      early    childhood   we   arc  taught     to    place the workman who  whistles and    sings at   the bench or  over his    work as" the ideal of    his  kind,    In theory, perhaps, this    idea  holds good,     but from an experience  of  thirty  years  of  thc  handling     of i  men I will    puss   the   whistling   fel-'j  low by ���������for one who does not    whis-j  tie or, sing while at work.     And   I  have found  this true  in clerical pursuits as well as   those involving man  ual labor.  P rice  Useful Articles  at   Bargains  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST AVENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  .SSSKESSSKaS  WATCH REPAIRING  -���������������������������������������������������������������"���������"���������������������������  ..������..������������������������������������������������������..������.  I  Knight's  Book Store  Headquaters for  The Latest  MAGAZINES  J   All Watches entrusted to me receive my Special Attention.   The.  Repairing is done on my premises by myself with 3_j Years  Experience as a Guarantee,   fly'Charges are m-derate for������������������-  FIRSTCLAS6WORK  I  B  FORCIMHiER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE, LADYSrilTH  9Q5������B_3i____________S3e_^^  .������___..������..������..������.._.._..������..���������.���������������������������������������������������������������-������������������  .ties.._<  FOR TODAY  i Veal, Pork, Mutton, j  I ��������� -*i. Lamb & Beef������  ���������        ��������� *--**' .  ; ���������__.,..__-���������  E. G. F> AN NELL  LADYSMITH  ������  I   GATACRE ST.        L./uux>Diviim    ���������  The Proof of the Pudding is in  the Eating  So it is "with the  Pyramid Brand  PAINTS  ��������� *  The enormous amount, of these paints  used' by the public is proof positive  that it is giving perfect .satisfaction,  both in tlie "miality. aud price,  ���������  Granite and Marble Works  .m h  Wc carry Uie best and largest resorted stock of Varnishes north of  Victoria, also wlittlow glass, picture  mouldings, enamiels, varnish stains,  brushes, etc. '���������   -  UUnSMIIH WALL PAPER DEPOT  Harry Kay, Proprietor  ��������� -  '���������  o  Granite, and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest      prices      consistent  wi'li  first class  stock   and ���������  workmanship.        Yrite    lor s  catalogue. ���������  A.   STEV/AiRT, J  M8 Yates St. Victoria B.C ���������  '���������'..'���������  Smoke a Uig B Cigar.  NOTICE.'  If you want    to sell your chickens  for a fair    price, bring them to   J.  X. Smith's restaurant, 1st Avenue.  Dr. Dier can jje found at any time  at.his office on-jClatacrc street. His  dental work In guaranteed to ho first-  class,  and rates reasonable.    _. ������������������ ������������������*-  Smoke Little B Cigars.


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