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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Aug 4, 1906

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 4ILY Ledger  PRICE FIVE CENTS  lORt mm.  Bom TQ PRO-  U\ FISHtRlU  J'rofessoi' Prince, chairman oi tbe  (fisheries commission, is of tho opinion that Lhe British Columbia coast  (is not sulliciently safe guarded a-  iainst fishermen from Seattle* and  >ther points, i������ays Thursday's Van.*  l-ouvei* WoiUl, and has expressed him  ->elf in favor   of placing- several moie  ELI. A. GAGE  COMMITS SUICIDE  IN StATTLE  STUMPING MACHINE  HERE IN 3 WEEKS  ~*++-,jii  . T   <  ���������R  Sigiiiiind Jtothscliild, thc originator and President and dominating  spoil in tho Canadian Klondike  -Mining-   tJbnuniiij , Limited, operating  San Francisco, Aug. 4.���������It is.stated 0n good authority that there, will  jh*i no further raises in ,1 umber prices  until ,tlie 'uivcsti-galftun into the so-  called  lumber   trust has been'   com-  tho big  |i,.ai-   cu-clv dredge, the died-  l'1**1**1 ���������*">' United .States Distiict Attorney Devlin.  go which has made the   Yukon dredge em/.y,  is  in ,lbu    city,  and'has   a  The ad.amc schedule, of prices   (or*  August has bcte������ cauiceled by ,0������} lum  plcii'-.ing prediction,   io make1 for thu ber inanuiactuce-rs*  Association,   and  patrol boats iii'sorvico on this coa*t.   funne of Lhe Klondike, snys the Daw   '���������"���������co*.> will remain a**- they were    at  iChe  Dominion    Government     cruiser  |lve&lrel, upon which Prof. Prince and  MV.   ii. E*. Tailor   went noith  Lo m  ftpect      thc     hatcheries and h.ilibut  ���������banks., and   to   make   other   lnvesli-  Igiations,  returned to  the    city     this  |morning,   alter    steaming   two" thousand   miles;' and during that trip th<e  ���������.est coast   of Vancouvei* island,   was'  |not soon at all. *        ���������'".',  Capt. Newcoinbe, - wbcii scon tins  Imorning, stated that both Profcssoi  iFrfmco and Mr. Taylor,, after tak-  ling the trip, stated" that it showed  jthe- absurdity ot' having only one  (boat to-patrol iho entire coast. Tht  (Kestrel steamed t\yo thousand miles  land saw only about half that* was  |to be seen on the   coast. " "  Capt.  Newcombe stated   that Prof.  son JSows ol   a iceeiil date. Alt  f  icot-  SL'hild medicts   idat tho Yukon coun-  trj   will  bo   on*.*   oi    llvo   most    t^loi-  lons    mining   centros   in   Iho    woild  loi  niaiii   yeais. <^llu  su>s  Seattle, Aug. 4 ���������  Eli A. Gage, son of Lyman .1.  Cage, former seciotary oiTtlre treasury, committed suicide yesterday afternoon at 3.311 o'clock in the Tourist hot-el,'corner OcciidenVii avenue.  and "Main stieet, by shooting himueli  thiough Uie body with a .38 calibie  revolver.    ' He    d'utl    a lew mimiles  yy*.  Proprietor States that He Will be  Ready to Commence Work  in Ladysmitn ty Sept. 1st.  -*+<+-  Just   month.       It is even said that  many of tine retail'cis are selling lum  her at  $2 a thousand .below the rates  h-Mi\ by    the    San^Francisco I^etail  neie  ilu in ber Agents' Association.  Demands ' ha\e been made on    the  '���������i!1f,l:*      , i ,     . Mr-  J.   Ford, r -.proprietor   or    the  lhc only    cause    for  the shooting    , , .        .  which can be assigned is 'that he was ,^������������������P������^ machine which is al. pres-  temiiorarily insane from dunking. .'���������������������������t ' engajged in clear ng work at  Hit    viit\\   ilrs.  E.  A.  l*ajic,,canie i(-,aSl'id>''s Siding, passed through La-  rerc, from Vhicago last Monday   and , fly.vniiUi    this  einipl'on'ed detectives to locate her bus  o'clock traiu.  moining  on  the   nine  ,,     .~,- -.������     --        j    --- - .   f^ ,^ ^    ^  employed   ......_  baud.    Friends of tlie dead nun.    be- I   Mr' For(l has been engaged 'by the  lieved he learned oi her presence aud  cil7 council    to clear some   of    the  ino.114 iW Uw   .udoaioi-   to ������u|.,.lj |rflg|CS M llhC1Mscd ,Iom iim to   $1  His Wc.     ; i������������s "������������ ������"* >'������ ������I������rts   to   U\  this cainp wnh wa.L>.r ju lmgu ijjuun -a (>,.���������  titles . i'Jhu Australian-jiovci'niHtiiiL  sx)cnt *r7,UO0*;0uu lor watuc lor tlw  country1,- , and reaped a fc,''''*'''**' benc-  IiL UiroTT^Ii tno prosperity, *i taluud  in Ottawa this winter in r'avor oi as  go\erniiicnt water system tdi t,hu  ivloiuUkc, und ono ol thc innustors  talked as though ho would ia\or* it.  L'remarked the system could <cven be  niadu a profit inakoi lorAtho. government,   but' tlio ministers nmncdia-  CONVICTS SENT  TO EDMONTON  I Prince and'Mr.'Taylor  went 'out for J t^y   ropiiea    that' government   msti-  |the, purpose   of   insijecling . canneries j tuions' should" not bo   iuii- for  pro  fit,   but lor  the boiicla of  thu public  hatcheries  and  dredging   for   biological specimens,. 1 o deterniinc what. tb6["an(1 tho colu,U'y. . t agieo mlly with  halibut and other .fi-n live on.   They' i^m ' - '  ''tiMy company has   ���������*?! 00,000 msost-  Ivisited   sixteen   canneries and batcher  lies and made 38 casts ot  the-dredgo,  Iin wtiich   all kinds-of sea life was oh  ItainedamJ bottled    up.   Prof Princo  left  the  ICeslrel-at  Port " Kssing-ton  (and took a canoe for, the .hatcheries  at Owakeena .and Lakilts. (Mr.   Taylor returned     with   thc, steamer    ,fp  -Nanaiino. v".   ,      '    '    '''"','  "The-trip showed to others what  I have bec-n "stating for a long time"  said Capt'. N'ewconibe this morning.  "Some people think that the coast  of British Columbia is amply protected by one cruiser, and it is absolutely absurd. We cover the entire  coast, anid while we are up north  the Americans " know we cannot get  south again for at least a week, and  it gives them a good cbaace to get  in tlieir work. Tnstead of one cruiser we should have four or five, and  Prof. Prince was of thc same opinion as myself.  "  Two days before thc steamer Cam-  -osun struck on n rock in Port l"tu-  port harbor Capt. Newcombc bad located thc rock and called it Kestrel  Hock. He reported it to tho repie-  sentative of the Union Steamship"  Company   at Port Itupci-l nnd askod   *+'*������������������ ������-*l������>W  Uu* wabcr lmo aml������   tilled  cd iu dilclic&jou t'ccuclr Jail to no use  ������0w while there is uu water. On.  iruakor wo spent *jt50,000 lor a  pumping plant on the , Williauis con-  cessibn,*^ and it ^ costs us a* dollar  and a'quarter to get every dollar's  worth of gold^ .outu.;^Tdie._puajping  schenio is out of tbe question, iilvtju  by pumping; with, 'electricity " "there  is danger" of brcaJving do'wn " .with  the pumps.( - Tho only sure, and oc-  onotiMcal  ,sy*!leui   it,   gravity.  ' My company will liavo to got the  water il tho go\cnnncnt docs not  set; that it is supplied. ���������fJuco years  ago when .i took bold oi 1 bo Klon-  dike interests wo iia\o hero, which  I did at tho'inslanco of Otto the.-  ner, I atlemptod to g������'t a lai'go tpian  Lily of water Jioin any tpiartor, At  that time it was impossible. ,Ti-oad  gold then had alt iho water in sight  JCow iL is diliorent.   Let the   go vein-1  Winnipeg, Aug. 4.���������Twenty fotir  manacled convicts were t-aken lrom  Stoncy Mountain Penitentiary this  moining "and placed on a 0. P. R.  car and taken 4>o Admontyon and con  Gage eviik-ntly kjiew that thc de-  t-eptives were on his Ir-rack., as he had  registietod 'at the Tourist hotel under the name of 1. W. Oorst. lie  went there'July 2'J,, When Ire readied Seattle fiom Chicago -Jul} 7, lwj  stopped at Ure Grejstone. Leaving  there July'10, lie went to one of Un;  other hotels,of the city and also ieg-t  istered there under .ajr'assiiinieduunmci  None oi' hit. ibag^age was j.1. tbe  Tourist.     f  In battle on August l"i and it>, ay  Filth AVe'mie moitli aud Harrison St.,  lined in the new penitentiary recent- Will be .Uul giciit-.ivilaiu i������ousiuitfilr  ly co}nplcl*d in tlu; Alberta ^capital. 'ul)Ja Sells- llrotheis cucuw', to^tdro^  A car was. siiecially fitted ujy for U,,*, the added spcctacuUi Luaiucc ol  the prisoners, all of whom wiere sent iKightingthe Flames, 'lhe enjoyment'  by lho Northwest Territories s court'0i the day will l^iuwith the splcu-  to tbe Manitoba, prison during . the ' ^^ j,ti:oet ,,arade, the liUgesl, and  past few years.     'Hie sxist of    t-hpir  moi>t gorgeous ever ottered by   circus  Keeping has been pr-o^ided ,by -the Territories' government, uut in future,  this will cease as there is plenty of  robin in the new penitentiary for all  ,wfa.o will be . sentencetL-iiu Alberta,  during tli������ next few years. The car  was heavily, barred on the outside and  Col. Irvine, the warden, and several  guai ds were in charge. At Edmonton, Air. Dawson, inspector of Dominion i������mte������tiaries, and Warden Mc-  Cauley are awaiting thjeir arrival A  plant to make granolithic walks was  also taken along aiul ithe convicts  will |he set to won't at once finishing  up Lhe exterioL of tne penitentiary.  TUE BAKBE-K'S POLE.  Ifow many of you can tell why   a  management. Tins pa-geant will^c'i\c*  tlie shdw groiuuils at 10 o clock, .������ud  go'over the usual business streets.  All ol _Uie men, women and ^'children  edunevted;" with, lhe eitorinous enterprise wUl.ta^e sorue part-, and all ol  the horses, cd winch there are mot c  then five hundred, running fiom iho  ideal draft horpe Lo Un* aristocratic  high stcpixer ol taslnonablc interest,  will be in the lontg procession All of  the cages, dens, tanivs, lairs, tableau  (loats, musical \eludes, fasluona/ble  traps and chari|*ts aie new .uid extremely rich. Three herds of marching elephants, caia\,ans ol Boliainn  camels, ojien dw\i of the laiosL wild  beasts, richly gait-tod attendants, gaily trapped horses, superb military  bands, giotesque   clown bands, sing  able to commence work here about  the first 0f September, or possibly a  few days before that date, He will  likely sail down a <vian in tlie cours^  of ia few days to do some preliminary work in the way of blasting,  etc., in order that some of the largest' stumps may be loos-med before  lhe mucin ne arrives.  At the Council meeting last Monthly evening a communication was re-  oened from "Mr. C. E. Robelee, in  which that gentleman stated that he-  would be willing to build a machine whi-h he guarantees to pull any  stump in   the city for  the suan    of  four hundred dollars. As was repotted in these col minus previously,  thf eommuniifiition was Laid over for  one week. Vestcnday Mr. Robplee  stated lo a Lodger representative  that he will j>uild tlie machine, and  only ask that the council guarantee  to buy it for the price named provided it docs the work Mr. "Robelee  claims it will. He states that he  would anticipate no difficulty in removing the largest stump in tlie city  in the course of half or three-^juai-  tens'"'of an hour, and smaller ones  could be removed in a very few minutes. He states (hat(the machine is  so constructed as to allow- one horse  to.bving fotty tons pressure to tooar  on a stump. He also states that  this is iby no means the strongest  machine which Ire can jnakc. By  making heavier gearing, Mr, Rolielea  said that it would trouble the cable  makers to manufacture a cahtle strong  enough to stand the strain' whiidn  could be put on one of the machines.  CUMBERLAND  NEWS NOTES   *^*      '  Thomas. Jones, of Lajdysniith,  'Was  the guc-bt of Samuel Davis, St., this  week..  | bai ber has a red and white    striped \mg  nlii^treli.,* dancina "galavics,'"ioy  nicut    tins  time      inslxll   tho   water-   |,oU; aS a s������n?    ,ln "*-������*������������.������������������������'stering youths,     planlat.on    singers,  ut    tins  ume       nsUll   tho   watu,  ll>arbers    WCTe     also    surgeons in a '(J'wnese ler        stately juusts,  He Guggenheim   d.tch   ,s good    as small  way,' particularly in  the oP,er- Sltl!ut cadels, ������Onental boauiw,   lu-  ar as ,L goes,    b,U   everyone   should  ation ot iMing.   To as^st   the 6p-   dim  Wariiois   alM,        oJ1  aad    '0 oa>  have water  to have a buoy plnced on lhc rock  He also 'notified the officers of Lbc  Egeria and sent the leport lo Ottawa- It was impossible for ..lum  to notify Captains of steamers. From  the rock, which is about a foot bo-  low the surface at dead low tide,  Lima Point, boars N. <tli W distance.  4 cables.     It is a pinnacle lock,   and  at such a������ angle that when thoibo.it  is' sub m.motion the hydroplanes tilt  it 0tiO of thiT'wtai'er in t-he samepiani  nea that a lute or aciopl.uie is lift-  oJ. This males a iho.it skint over  the surface ol 'Uie w;.itcr ritthcr than  plough thiough, and by lcosfiMiing lho  water friction,. increases ��������� speed.  A's-mall boat, weighing  with     two  men,  5:*i0 pouuds,    was     lifted cloai  the shallowest   water between  it nnd  from  tho  wafet   while going at     the  Lima Point is 1*2 fathoms deep. T"ii,s  is the tenth rock which Captain Nei**j  combe has located in the pust year.  some of which have been chartered,  and tho remainder of which will appear on the next chnrl issued.  NEW STORAGE BATTERY. '.  As is well  known in the. ���������ekwtrvca\;,rttl'--������������v������r'-attem|rt'all ������ui be ���������made.  moderate rat-e or 13 miles a.ii hour  Luiger lioats hn\c been lifted from  the walei at higher- speed, and the  disco*.ercrs of ithi's piincipJe claim  bo.tLs can make fiCyin '15 to 50 miles  an hoiu when Otpnpiwd wilh it They  believe th.it with lt ."ipiM-ciy ot small  compass a|id' great'power, rcconds so  The niotorgodillc  trade, Thomas A. -Edison has been j '"c ..loiongouiuc as an invention  for some timp 'working on a i*w j'l"ccont,y brought'cut in France. Liku  type of storage .batterv which, when ' Lll(-- hydroiihino, it rq{|1iiires' a light,  finally finished, is, expected to lie'* Powerful lottery, for- the best re  cheapicr than the present type and at  eration it was niecessary. for the*, patient to grasp'a staff, and the barber a'wajs kept, one ready, as well  ias sUips of clotih for bandaging the  Patient's ami. When the staff was  not m use the 'bandage was tied to  it so tliat they might be together  when wanted, and the barber usually  hiving them at his door as a sign  In the_ course of time, howe\er, a  painted pole took tlie place at the  dooi oi one used in the operation,  U'lid thus came the sign.  A TALLOW POpJECTILE.,  Perhaps you might smile with incredulity il any one should tell you  ���������that it is possible to life a. tallow  candle fiom a gun with such force  tliit it Will pierce a 'Ijoaul, but. it is  tine lievior"tireless. The reason is  that when the candle feaclies the  board eviery. particle of matter composing it is in a.state of intense velocity.       At the moment of icontact,  the same time, eomiHine. increased pow  er with decreased weight and bulk.  Mr. Edison has been hampered .in his  work, by di'fliculty i'n obtaining 'sufficient iquantitics of '.cobal-Vhu't on a  recent'proispective trip through North*.  Carolina, -he is said to have foiUKl  large deposits of cobalt which wilt  go a long w-ay ��������� to\y,ard, solving his.  problem.  The new storage iba.ttcry" is expected to be of the greatest value, per-  |iaps> on small pleasure craft, where  space as _at a . premium?, and. thus  manufacturers' of imotor boats are  .possibly as deeply interested as an>"  one else in Edison's reported discovery of cobalt deposits.  The motor (boat appliances that  will be most benefited by this new  discovery are the hydroplane and the  motorgodtlle. Both are new inventions. The hydroplane consists of a  jseries    of    thin   plates fixed to the  suits. It,-coin-iists of .screw' propeller  fixed upon "a" shaff.'aaid I'asti^^d to/a  socket in the stern of the boat. The  power of the storage batteries is coai*-  veyed: to the..propel ler shiuft through  a small portable motor.".  Like a sculling-0re'ft. c'tn he used  to either .steer or* piopol The craft, {4  which it is attaclnert.. The. principle'  of soulliiig with..a single-.oar 'thrust  Jth'roii|g.li ii. rowlock-'iiu,the stern of a  boat' is, in fact, responsible- for the  invention, of the lnotongcidtlle. Tt can  be fastened to oi" removed from any  rowbpat in a few miinaiibes and requires no al.torjations in. the boat to  which it is attached. W-'ith a motor-  gorlille an 'ordinary slciff" can be'.con-  vcited into a inotorjln>a.t' in a f������"*v'  minutes. The invpntors* bolievc'that  with the powerful ''batteries of small  size, ..-,iul great .power, such nn i-nvpro-  visetl motor boat can beaix  most    of  are to be seen in-tlns division ot tho  colossal pa������������ant. The great Adam  Forepatigh aiul Sello Urothcis street  parade is characterized hy splendor,  novelty and e\clusivcne.*-s and-^*.pe 1-  sivenes-s 0f featuic which scinira1 'S it\  from all others, arid m.irks it r*< 'i'  grandest exhibition of the Kind etei  organ 17*11  NANAIMO LEADS  DEAD RAISED BY  INDIAN DRUG  ���������,,,.,.���������% 4..%   London, Aug. 4.���������The remarkable  story fiom Whitby, the'little Yorkshire seaside t*wn, concerning ,thecf-'  fects of a certain mysterious powder  from India, which for a woeK past  has caused much excitement, is receiving 1 further confirmation. With  this powder one n-an. see dead forms  I). J. DtiuLuu arrived from the 0f iong ago as easily as if they'were/  u'ast Tuesday evening to accept   the'flesh and  blood of today.     At Deast  .itioti    of bookkeeper  in tho    Big'so sav-those who have tried it.  jloic.    Miss Aibrams who has tilled' J   Tne olig.'n,a-  ni)an wno secured   the  the position for the past eight years, l,n>sterious  (powder  is a well-hnoiwn  has  resigned. psychic       ne    saw  such marvellous  "" things that lie went to two    Iriends  Air. and Mls Ardlpigh have, taken aliu nKlde them take some of- the  up then residence in, Couiox and will -lowder. Then all three went at  Ine in the Valley m future., Airs, midday into the fields surrounding  Aidleigh is tl,������ eldest daughter ot (,),e 0ld ruined a-bbey at Whitby.  Mr. aim Airs. Matthewson, and has '| Uoy saw, among the twentieth cen-  Ined  in NYashington since her     mar-  tiny  cows    browsing    in the   fields  Dr.   -.iurulau went  to   the Hospital  Friday .suheruijj, from nervous   pros-  Uatiou.    lie, is, doing well, and hopes '  lo he out in a few days.  11 age.  A most delightful wedding was cel-  ehiatcd ou Thursday evening at the  home of u\li. and1 Mrs. AteKandei  Cameron, when Aliss Bertha, only  iLtughlci was ,11111 Und 111 marriaige to  i\k, Charles l'arnhani, an .employed oi  the Wellington CJplliery Co. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. Mc-  tlillivary, of St. George's, Presbyterian church, and received .the congratulations of friends and acquaintances present,    while Miss lltrggart  T1\[   T"P f^lSlT^i l)ld'yed lliC wt'ihling inarch.  -���������������-*/���������*-  WHAT AUGHT MAKE  A    BETTER    CITY  This moining nieuibers of the "N'.ni- j    aimo    Tennis Club arrived  in   Ladysmith and a.e   today  pl.iy.ng against      AIa-V01  A'llani-    o{ BulTill������-   ^n^Y  the Ladysmuh Club.  During*tlic fore-  "V���������8^ '*is tollc"\**' cilixeils lo   send  noon, i��������� the hid.es'smiles, lU.ssfTea- '," 8iiKsesln>iis lor  the betterment of  gu'e, of Nanaimo-; dtdeated Mrs. Pick.   llis  tjit>'-' . Heie iUC a  fcw  r<"i)li(:s:  '������'That-the city buy. and in*a>intiain a  ar<l  after a long and  brilliant .struggle,  the result heu,������g C-l, 3-0, i**-3. ��������� licnl ������r x>m goats,, because there is.  Air. Bird and  Mass  lvilchen; Nanai-.1������--!,'w: sickwes������ ...  a fa-mily  where   a  the particles of matter.composfnig tlw< !ni()> 'defeated  Uev.  Bowen and    Airs.   ������oatl 1S'"  Cornwall   fi���������1 ' fi���������I I    "T"'*1-'  ���������*- l;iW   '*0 I'^ssed rcs-tr.atning  After lunch, 'in the mixed   doubles    ht'ns  to    t,wir ownfirs'  I'":e'"'ises.   be heard her    name "Lizzie,"   bnoajthed  board are in a state of rest, ajud1 *&  ���������the. density of the candle multiplied  ���������by its velocity is greater than the  'dcaisity of the 'board at rest thei greater force overcomes the weaker and  the candle breaks through and mahes  a hole in the ib-oard..  MILLION!"* OP TttEM.  It vy.as-reported ijjy cannerylniieniyes*-  terday tliat millions of fish had .entered, 'iiie Gulf of Georgia anld the  vicinity of English Bay, and the firslj  'big run of the season had really  com mien ced. Owing to the'exceptional cleanness of the water, how.  ewer, the fish saemied��������� to bc avoiding  the nets, ami no very lange catches  were Reported. It was expected,  however, that the big run ;of sock-  eyes would strike live Fraser River  last evening, and large catches may  be reported today. Fishermen working in  the Gulf  yesterday    reppJ'ted  scores of medieval monks in ibrown  lobes walking about. When they  went into the ah'bey they saw a  long-procession of monks and priests  and finally a bishop in full canonicals.    They even smelt the incense.  The ruined aitobey seemed to disappear and the a'lvbey m aU its ancient glory appeared before them.  They stayed for the whole service,  and distinctly heard the wo--ds and  tht singing. They saw ,, procession  of nuns come into tlie ab'bey and the  bishop consecrated the puoress.  Aliss Annie Sansc-mc ot Nottinj'TJhjanJ  who is also a psychic, was given  some of tlie powder. She says she  seemed to go uvto a dazed condition  and saw a big crowd of men and  women in strange attire. Later she  saw rapjged stieet urchins who, as  she looked, had thoir raiment suddenly changed to beautiful "spirit  robes, showing that. ..hough poor on  earth, they were rich in'the spiritual world."  Then she    saw her brother's   wife,  who has been dead for   years       She  the swift racers oqaiipped-' tvith    or-j that fish were running my deep and  dinary engines, .     -^ (passing under their nets.  Mrs.   Peto   and   Air. ��������� Futcher,  defeat-f  cil Mrs.  Pickard and  Air.    Cornwall,  after an interesting, con lest, thei score)  being fi���������<1,'4~6, 7���������fi.  At the time of writing, lhc men's  doubles is. being played, Messrs. I-lav-  erlield and Cornwall, of Ladys-mi'ih,  playing Messrs. .Tcague and Eu.tcber,'  of the Nanaimo chub. Another con-  tingtent of Nanaimo players is expected by carriage, from Nanaimo  this afternoon and play will be con-  t nued until Well into'the. evening.  Schoolboy (who has ju>t heen to  the pantomime)���������"Why did they put  Joseph in tlie pit, teacher?"  Teacher ������������������ Well-^ab���������I can scarcely  answer you that (question, because I  do not think the' reason is to be  found in the Bible, narrative."  Schoolboy*��������� 'Well, teacher, if you  don't know, I "will ,tell you. Beeausq  there was no room an the gallery.  cause* Miens use the next door porch  audibly  for a chicken run, but never lay  eggs there."  "That all the city's electric lights  he made to 'wink the hour, so-that  a man need not 'take his watch out  in the winter.' "  "That it be a m.isdbmeiaaior to leave  a gate open, because, it's had luck  to close a gate after anybody has  left it open."  "That every citizen he compelled to  plant a. rosebush before ,his house, to  make lho air sweeter."  "That there be no brass street  signs and that mirrors shall not bo  catted through the streets, because  they reflect the sun into weakeiyes."  "That there "lie daily parades in  sumniei   l() amuse the. children."  "That the city supply megaphones  to street car conductors, so thaittfietai  passengers may not be carried past  their streets."  4  All sorts of people have written to  Light, the psychic journal, which is  publishing these stories first hand,  to ask for some of the magic powder, or, in any event, where in India it, can be secured. But they arc  not successful.' The mystery of the  powder at present is to be kept a  |.r,ifound secret by those concerned.  Later it may he given to the PiUiiyiic.   . o ���������������������������������������������  Mrs. Newhand��������� What! tenpence a  pound for mackerel? "Why, the rna.n  across the street only asks eight-  pence."  Fishmonger ���������Very good,   madam ;  hut you must remicimber that my fish .  are hand-caught; those you see opposite are caught,in nets;,   it makes   a;  difference, you know."  Mrs. Newhand���������-Of course, bow, stupid of me! You may give ' me that  large one there." ...  ������������������������������������������������������������- ���������*��������� THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  IHf DAILY LtiMR  rn'iltilTi  every   day   except Snnda  -BY���������  THE DAILY LEDGER COMPANY  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year (In advance) _j $5.f>  One Month  _ ... ._  50 ceD'  R. C. MEDICAL ASSOCIATION  Se'vent'h  Annual   Convenlion   at   Nov  Westminster���������OUlcere IC lcc led.   ���������  New  Westminster,   Aug.  y���������The 13i  tish   Columbia      Medical   associatio  concluded' its   .seventh    uniiual     con  iventiou   this cvejoing.    Victoria    wa  selected as the   place   of meeting fo  'l.pO-7.   The election of   oilieors rcsul  ed in the selection of the   following  l'resident.    Dr.    R.   L.   Fraser,    Vic  toria; vice-president.  Dr. A. fit.  Pearson,   Vancouver;  secretary   Dr.    EAen  Walker,   New   Westminster;   treasurer,  Dr.    J.  D.  ITclmcken,   Vict0via ,  Dr. Bundle, of Nelson delnerotl an  address upon "the "Roenlg-en Ray a  in   General  Practice,"  \AW CASE  In Your ILeiaure Time  If you could start at once in a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earnings���������without    INVESTING    A   DOLLAR���������-wouldn't  you do  it?  Well, we are 'willing' to start you in  a profitable business and we don't ask  you to put up any kind of a������dollar.  our proposition Is this: We will  s.hip you the Chatham Incubator and  Brooder, f: eight prepaid, and  Yon   Pay   No Cash  Until  Alter 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising- ps.' s.  People who tell you that there is no  money, in raising- chicks may have tried  to make money in Ihe business by using  setting- hens as hatchers, and they  iiVirht as well havc tried to locate a  fjvld mine in tho cabbage patch. The  business of a ben is���������to lay ce;g*). As  ti hatchur and brooder .she is out-  c'asM>d. That's the bushiest of the  Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and  Ihuy do *t perfectly and success fully.  Tlie poultry business, propei ly con-  i ducted, p.iys tar better than any other  I bus*!70!..s for the amount of time and  ! money   invested.  Thnusands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women all ovrr Cana'da and the  I'nited States--have proved to their  Wdsl.irtion that it is profitable to raise  chic-lcs with the  ^ss^^&^^^^^^^l  BREAKS TUT'": "UTCCOKn.  This season lias so far been a record making one with the Comos  Creamery Association as their output is going up by Tioaps and honncK  also their product is now recognized  as a standard article in tho Vancouver and Victoria market and in cot\-  Eocfuence there is no rlifJiculty in disposing of every pound ot n pric������  in advance of former years. Toi" the  month of .lune the output was considerably over 12,000 pounds'" nnd  tho price obtained was 2 cents more  than for corresponding month last  year. Tt. is confidentlv expected that  the total rfor Ihi1? year will roach  the 100.000 tnnrlc ns agonist a little  oper /70.000, for 1905, find 57,000 Toi  ���������1001. "'i'  I-  ���������'The successful team in Uie Machine  Drilling contest recently held at Phoenix,  B. C, was from the Gold Drop Mine of'  the Grauby Consolidated, consisting of  Messrs. Matheson and McQuoid, wlio  drilled 9 feet, t]4 inches in'the time limit  The Slccl Used by thc Winning Team was  B.K. MORTON & CO  B G. DRILL STEEL  ���������������ei ��������� ���������������������������\ntmtumwnwimrwtmawintm\ii\rnm\%mitfmiUK!X*  sole agents:  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  STEAMSHIPSCH EDULE  " /     ' 'EFFECTIV E JULY, IS.  o. S. JO  Sails fiom  Lad)smilh for-Vancouver every Tupfd.iy at (> o'clock a.m.'  :Sails from  Vancouver toi- Ladysmith every    M<-nd.iy   nnd    Tuesday, at  1:30 p. m.  Geo, L,. Courtney,  <    ��������� , -        District Pji'ssciig-cv Agent  0  5S Government St.,* Vicioria, B.C. {  '  . G. PRIOi  ������:���������  B        iLi  Who carry a Large Stock Octagonal aud Ribbed  In'all Sizes at  123 Government Street. Victoria, B. C.  P.R.T384  Ho. A��������� 60 Ejjgs  Ko. 2���������120 Eggs  : g   . No. 3���������240 Eggs  ��������� CHATHAM INCUBATOR  is  OA.VE HfS SALOON" -WAY.  ( Associated Tress.)  Detroit, Mieh., Aug. 3.���������Theodora  H. Ma������xey, of Hamilton is held to  the recorder's "court for. trial on a  charge of nigamj. His first wife,  his sister (Miss. Marcey, of Hamilton  and his second wife, Miss. E. "Mowat  of Hamilton were' all in the police  com t when the case came up. "Miss.  Movrat had a six-m'onths'-old baby  In Wr arms. She insisted that Mar-  cay was the father of it. Miss. Marcey  had wmsideralile money with her  and she offered to pay the expenses  I "Yours Wtho fli'bt inenfoaloi 1 li.ivo  i usM, anil JL wisli to s>Liito J had SU  | ilnclcH out of 02 epe-i.   TliK wen my  | (lihl'lot; iuily ii nwiJi-L* cunl. hutch.  ��������� luiii well pleobcd uilliniyiiiuubalor  i and broofloi*. Thos. McXaugciTun,  ,        Uiilliwack, U.C"  "My /l r-=fc hatch c.itno oil'.' I cot  170 lino cIiIcKh-I'i'uju 1WI c-;;fs. Who  can b'-'i.f. I Uu I ror tlio ih-nL I ������������������lid, una  *<o truly in tlio *;r-!*.*?. 1 am well  ijleisod v\llh inuiiliiitu!'. ���������mil if I  could not SuL .Another money cotiUl  nu*. imy ltfi'Oiu iju. !0<.'eiir fiumci-  rliuuld liavusi Xo. 3 Oiiitlinm In- u  r>iloi-.--li". W. JtA.MS.H-, JJ(.t!lIl\ liio,  Ot.t."  "Tho incubator you furnished mo  v.-oi-'.t.^ oxeccilinslv %\ ell.    11 in easily  oi<oi\<t(.*(l, unci onlj* ncoJ-i about 10  iiiiiiiite^ idientiou orery   day.   li.  '       Mi tic'pin;, jMiiO^vj Jaw, Ahaa."  ; The Chatham Incubator and Brooaer  j i.������ l-.onei.-tiy Lw-*stri'.c'.id. Tlieie is no  ' humbug abontit- Kveryincliofinaleri.il  is thoroughly tested, the machine ia  built on right p������ ir.ciples, the iiisul.ttion  is peifcct, thermometer reliable, and  tlie workmanship the best.  The Chatham f ncubator and Brooder  is simple ni v.'fll as scientific m construction ���������a v,v.'i.-...!i or girl cqn opeiale  the; machine in their leisure moments.  You pay us no cash until after 1906  harvest.  Send us your name and address on  a pos.' curd to-day.  Wo cun suw'.v vou <ii..'okly lrom our  (JifctributiiiK'"vvai-oho..n("5 uc Calijai y, Uraii-  don, Ik'i.-ina, "Winnipeg, Now We^tinim-tei.  ]J.C5..3loitrQal,I[.\lil.i\-.0'vatlimii. Adcliu^  all c^.icipondsnco to (. tiailitim. 311  T^Manson Campbell Co., LimKci  Bept. 15 ACITAT" ���������-**,!. CANADA   -  ctorleo at GuiTUAir, Ont., and Demon*.  et te3 tstsote you prices  ses,   barns,      hay      crop,   have  been  burnt  up,    and some  logging    camps  aro in  grave danger.  Firo Warden "Martin1 rode into  lown thii evening asking for additional help,    and   Government    Agent  "Fisher auihorized liiiii fo oniploy  all necessary men to moot ihe' emergency. Other large" fires are. visible on the south faide of tho river  also.  u w ���������j.������jt'***a<axi ini a  An almost.  ntlGStrticlible  Boot for  Boys  ex a i^c:..  Fanain^ Mill  .vm Scale.>  SeiJo'.'  Serinus   fore1.!  of a divorce for Mrs. "Marcoy "Ko. 1, OIIi in foquit!  if the latter would drop the criminal [ |JCj (,n,i ^,-.pI*nrT��������� o  charge against her husband. "Keep  yonr money, I can pay for my dl-  .vnrcc," said "Mrs. Marccy No. 1.  . Miss "Mowatt said that she and Mar-  cey were married b.v Justice I .Pinkie'   in Detroit.  ^ Ljj���������JMi��������� IIHIIIIIIIIIIIW IMf^T-TT-"���������"*'"MM*M  S52SS'  ,ow Fxcurs.on  Rates  " t *;  floimtl  Trip. {*"  "  n?*e-< rv.       .' <���������'���������  ���������  s    Pires.  *, oavo broken  11 >.'.-ir>nli! y jnst  l.ii in hoii-  /  ������������������)-.  PASSES   SECOXD   nii>AlHiVt!.(  "London,    Aug..   3.���������The   I'ducation  Hill  passed  its second reading  in the  llous.e  of  Lords   today    wilhonL       a  division.  I bought a horse wilh a supposedly  Incurable * ringbone for .f.30. Cured  him with $1.00 worth of MINARD'S  LINTMRN'!' and sold him for SS5.00.  Profit on Liniment,'$51.00.  MOISJ'1 DEROSCR!  riotel  Keeper, St.   Phillippc, .Que.  Try a Province Cigar  i  SATISFACTORY is tlio verdict of both parents and hoys  wherever worit.  L2li Boys' Scotch Grain  Watertight Boots  have heavy soles. These Bo'o-ts  will hold that hoy of yours  for ;i while. Sizes fiomj'1 Lo 5.  L3^ Ysuihs' Icofch  Grain Watertight Boots  saniQ as aliove. Sizes 10 lo 13  Your Dcajer Has Them  lETSo.  MANUFACTLflt'KHS  YAMGOUVEH,  e%   Diphtheria 'a.SKSBBfiSJSEi'ffiSSftr^-KflEfiEffiSSl*������  ySZiy&l  9  ���������li folic Not I  >    i.e    fact that th*  our Hills  Co  fi  rA  ���������5'  CJ!  :/ on a  8  T.  July 10 to 15.  Denver*.  August 7, 8, 9.  $  Train? |$  IS    !"������������������  i  PL.        '  a.tid ���������  to; 1*  ori'/e'i  A'-:  i ;���������'>���������  ���������-*!'!������������������  ���������.V";>  IHSKHOLD    FLOITR,      tiafe For vjm:*  !o������r lu a   fafitly   iuiprovpd  aur.'   jiorif\ '  ..    M,, ������H ofELECTRICITV  '   eouirolof   all the basic pa tents relating l.licr^  ;unity of advising   the   pulilic  that  any   miautli-  clo.clrlcal   .flour purifying processes  will .'if pro-  ^'JoTir M1II3 Coajapauy Li mi-led  ,0 1  m "S3 r t*:������.Jti'  ri v-tily    all ors in Canada virlioao   Plotir  ���������1 b.7 :h i SJ!metric P-i.*;>rje33  'Q~<il-������, *������ ���������������*.���������������. "���������a--** Q������������%. -ir* ���������������*������. ������ ���������  To       Milwaukee  ' $89,75 S!  WM  Sept. 8, 9,  10.  To lofoniu $83,15  Aug. 7,8, 9. Sept. 8 & 10.  TO    ALL P 0 1 NTS  For particulars call on    or  Mi:\'  ";   I  5   i..  1^:   ������>  tin  k  t-J  i  write E. E. Blaclcwood, Gen-   |  N.P.,  Portlanfl, Ore.   ������,  MIL  Ifco.  ���������     *  !���������"    f���������'. .-sident    J.  VV.   COBURN,   Managing Director  Telftphane A-b.  i aiwsmith Lumber Co. Lit,  iii-      K   AND   LADYSMITH��������� f'  *-,. ������3  M .'. '���������-��������� !JFACTU RERS  OF���������  .r*;!���������" '���������..���������ossed'Fir and Cedar Luiiibers  Si i ���������  LATHS   .sK'NOLl-J*:', MOULDINGS/     ETC.,     of    the BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.     AND   DRIED    FLOORINGS     AND  ��������� FINISHING LUMBER IN'STOCK  . COMfORfAiLt  j   Ticket and  Freight "Olficd,  '<!>  ,, Goraniriehl Street.'  Transcontinental  0  .   Trains Daily      L  The New Train  L-O-tlt   NTAL LIMITED    .  The Train of   _  "  |'"'Ease,   Eleganco,   "Excellence.  .  "  Every  mile  a  picture,   and  no smoke to spoil the,; view.  Through Compartment,   Observation , ami  Pullman  Sleepers;     also ' Through    Tourist  'Cars' to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  Union    Terminals   with- all  Steamer lines. _^_  |,��������� llerth  reservations  by  wire]  "\ Great Northern S.S.1 Co.  ;F0it JAPAN AND CHINA.  J'"Steamships Minnesota and Da-  Kkota sail from Seattle for Ja-  ]���������*���������' Pan    anil China ports at   fre-  -'<t,'ienr dates.-      Exact    sailing  -dates can be secured upon ap-.  -plication to any Great North-  |"-ern representative.  'S. O.  YBRKES,  ; "      A.GiP.A.,' Seattle,  Wash.  ;E. It. STEPHEN,, "  \>' r. Pen." Agent, Victoria. B.C.  fl. J. HEflRT'S  NURSERItS, A SEtD HOUSES  m  Large SloeI; of Home grown  Frjiil   and   Oi'iiamenlal Trees '  >J now    uiaturwl  for the1  Fall  l. Trade.  ., bio expense,' loss'or .delay  ot fumigation or  inspection.  ' Weadqiiarlei's    for   .Pacific  *.Coast grown Garden-, Field,  '--airl .Flower Sireds in season. '  Bee. Supplies, ���������Spfay Pumps  nVliale Oil Soap, Greenhouse  ��������� Plants, Cut flowers, Bulbs  . For Fail Planting  Wo do business on our own  grounds���������no-rent l,o pay and  aie    prepared    to meet   all .]  ���������conipetit.io,r.  Let me price your list be-  ^-.foi'c placing your order.  ti Catalogue  Free.  M. J. HENRY,  3oio Westminster Road'  VANCOUVER.  ...Dealers la  Pianos   & Organs  badysmlth. B.C  ^^l Plumbing and Tir  DONE  AT    l  Reasonable Prices  J. ANDERSON  Leave orders  at T'eterson's  Furn  ture Store, or telephone No [ii.  i"t^i*i.*t*++*+**i***+v*i**+**rr*+i"S"i-i*4^  t'i        ........       ...���������    m  ...���������.���������-.-.���������   ���������������      ........������������������>-������������������-'*���������' '���������'���������    ���������       "���������������������������'''���������.������}.  <+  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  | PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, CIOLD.AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works ^t  LADYSMITH,   B. C.  . *  *  *   .  ��������� +  HEAD OFFICE *  % DUNCANS'STATION. CLERMONT UViNGSTuN-        !  *      Vancouver Island, B. 0. Genera! Manager. %  3      " "J  Limr  STOVES! STOVES!  weiare making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  Al| kinds of-Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating, in ail Its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Lcl  TELEPHONE 53        * p. O. Bos 1?..  <';������������������������������������  ^.-���������.-���������-.e..<,.*..������..���������..������..������..(..������..���������..������..������..������..  TH6 CITY 7^RRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  st. Avenue Ladysmith BC.  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done ................:,....    Orders  Promptly  Execute  -- ~      --   LADYSMMTH  S. ROEDDING  444*A-4-444+4+ 444++44.44444+444444444*4+4:4-t-4+4~������4-r.+*  *-+-n  LADVSMITH TRANSFER STABLE 1  PIANOS,  ORGANS-   ANDHOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOV-  ED PROMPTLY  A   ND  SAFELY.  Stabled in the rear of tlic Lad. yamllh hotel.     Leave orders at   tlie  Abbots ford  4. fi,.    J   V '/ 5 I LTT  M- t-t-^4-������-H-f4"*-������^-4"f-f^H--f^4-H-������444~t- ������������������������������������������������������������������ i++4+++^4i ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� 4  I S3BB  ::."yp-'{*{ ���������.'���������'(������������������  THE LADYSMITH   DAILT   LEDGER  LODGES  ������ADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.-  Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall every, 2nd and <ith  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m. '  MRS. KATE TATE,  M. of R. & C.  UNITED ANCIENT ORDER OF  t    DRUIDS.  jWellington Grove, No. 4, UjA.O.D.  leets in thc    I.O.O.F. Hall,    Lady-  [nith,���������the Second and Fourth   Wod-  j-sdays.of  each  month,   commencing  jednesday, 13th, 1905.  lVisiting Druids are invited  to   at-  |nd.    By Order  WM.-RAFTER, Rec. Sec.   '  PATRICK BURK, N.A.  NOTICE. '  "Tom this date the undersigned  til not be responsible for any in-  |btcdncss , incurred except on a  Kitten order signed by the secretary  liwland Machin.  |V.   L  EKPLORATION &.' DKVEL  OI'MENT CO., LTD.  Ian Persona! Liability.  TlrtT'a. B   V.. M������t IRtli. '"Of  HI LB EOT  municipm: by=law  ^4* *���������������-���������'-  r. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  Al  work guaranteed and at reasonable rates.  RESIDENCE   AND OFFICE  Gatacre St ^^ Ladysmith  ...... ._-.-,:������  '    Open at all hours.  CHOICE   "CAKES    AND    PASTRY  ALWAYS    l-RESll   ON HAND  Wedding    Cal'ca  'Hade  'to  Order     ,  PP.L'iT-S  'AMD    CANDIES OP  ALL  KlN'lJS.    f.'RESn   BREAD EV-  / EKY   'DAY  Prices    are     Very  Reasonable.      All  (Juslomeis .are Treated Alil<e.  HOP  LEE A CO.. .1  ON TUG-   SSPLANADE.  S1MPSQK  , Solicitor,  V.U.  Moissy  to   loan  Avfr(���������, ..   -   ..   LAOYSVI tl  IliBNi CIGAR FACTORY  rannfaeturers of the Famous  CUBAN   BLOSSOM  lone bu   Union I/rbor    Km ployed  n  .1.   BOOTH. Pron       r  DAY  SCHOOL  I Usual subjects taught; also lau-  |'age������; drawing in .pencil and cray-  lis, paint ng in oils,' and water coil's, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv-  In classes or individually.  IISS B,ER.TRA"M.      Ladysmith, B.C  EXCELLENT  Train Service  .BETWEEN  hamilton,' toronto,  Montreal, pebec,  -portland, boston,  Ami tln> Pi lnc.l\ml Buslnpac Centura of  Ontario,'Quebec,, and the  Maritime Provinces..  AiSO 70 BUFFALO, HEW YUHK ANS  PHlLAOcLPHiA, VIA KlftQARA f ft 118.  ForTIniO Tables, etc., titlilrcBS)  CCO. W. VAUX,  Aiali>t>mt Ocii'l I'.iwnKur una Ticket Agoni,  10U ADAt'a St.. CHICAGO. II.I-.  RAYMOND & SONS  , ���������Dealers in���������  'Lime,   Plaster Paris,    Priclc,  * Fire Bride and Vancouver island cenient. r  3 Pandora St. Victoria"* B.C.  -���������Ji'rlhhbi  '        r  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SKIRTS,  ETC.  LESALE.a������Y,.e  6. C.  ENERAl BL  Miners'.Drilling Machines  IADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT  SHORT  NOTICE.      DRILLS  IARPENED BY US      ALWAYS   tllVE  SATISFACTION.  .���������PICKS HANDLED A ND REPAIRED   .���������SHIPS MITHTNft   IN      ALL   ITS   DKANC fl ES  Horseshoers and Oenerp* Biacksmitft*-.  R. WRIGHT.  iBtiHer Street -    -     -   Ladysmith, B ^  .^.j.+.^.|>.l..f.l..A..t^|^-|.-4^K-*-!^^  1 ICE!     ICE!    ICE!  Will be Delivered on Mondays,  Wednesdays.  Fridays and Saturdays  Orders must he in hy eleveu o'clock  Union  on day  of  Delivery,  i*  Limited  NANAIMO^  ..i.+^+j^.i+~i~+.i.+$.+,'ir+$..i. .\. h������ +^+.^+.1+ ^.^^^.4.^,^,.^..;.  F������3i  A by-law of Uie Corporation, of the City of Ladyismith, io raise by loan  monev to c instruct an  electric plant  for  the. said Corporation.,  Whereas it is expedient IhaUthe   Corporation    of the City of    Ladysmitli, should construct a system*  of electric     plant  for   the  purpose   of  furnishing electric light for lire use of the said  city ami   the iiihaib.itanls  1 hereof.  Whereas a petition in .accordance with Section (f.9) of llr.* Municipal  Clauses Act has been" presented to the, "Municipal Council requesting lhe  said Cpimcil to introduce a    bylaw   for ihe object, aforesaid.  Whereas an expenditure of $35,000 will be necessary to consiruct the  said clcctr c light system which sum must lie raised by the issuing of  dalienturcs of the Corporation of Wie .City of Ladysmitli, for Hie said amount, payable in 25 years irom the( date hereafter fixed by this by-law  to ta'*e effect with interest in the meantime jxiyable yearly at the rate  of 5 per cent,  per annum.  And whereas it will he necessary, to raise iu each and cveiy year during the currency "of the said debentures - by,a special rate for the purpose of, paying the said debt and, interest lhe sum of 5.2,-183.33 whcieol  the sum of ?J,750.00 is to be raised annually for the payment of interest on Ui������ said debentures and the sum of $733.33 is lo be raised annually for the purpose of creating a the sinking fund for lhe payment oi  the debentures which will require an annual rate of iii mills in the dollar for  paying  the said debt and interest.  And  whereas the" amount of the  whole rateable, laud' or iinpioveiiicnts  or real property of thc said City according to the     last   revised assessment roll,is  $44:1,070 and the   total  amount of  the existing debt oi tiie  isa'td City, is nil. ' ' ! ��������� ^.-   '  This'by-law shall not be altered or repealed except with the consent  of    the     Lieutenant    (loveraor    in Council.  ;, Be it therefore enacted by the municipal, Council/of the City of Ladysmith, as follows: <'���������'', ' '  j 1. It shall toe,lawful for the Corporation of the City of Ladysmith  to raise or cause to 'be raised by way of loan from any person or  persons, body or bodies, or '.bodies corporate, who may be willing to , advance the sanio ubon tdiet credit ol 'tM debentures hereinafter mentioned a  sum ot money not exceeding.in the whole the sum of $35,OU0, and upon  receipt thereof to cause the saane 10 bc paid intoi tho hands of the treas-i  urcr ol the said City "for the purpose and objects' above recited.  2. It shall be lawful for the Corporation t*r causei any-" mimflier of  debentures to be made, executed and  issued  not  exceeding in  the  whole  'llic sum of $35,000 for such sum .of not less than $500 each, as may be  rtl'l'uiied and' that all sucl* <leb|enturcs shall be sealed with the seal of Uie  Corporation of the City (of,Ladysmith, and be "signed by the Mayor of  (lie satol  City  and countersigned -by  the City Clcrl*. of the said,city.  3. Tlie said debentures shall'bear date the 1st day of Sept., A. 1).  1!)0C, and shall be payable 25 years 1roiri the said date al the cilice of  the Corporation of the City of Ladysmitli, and shall have attached to <  them coupons for Uie payment of interest and the signature on signakirew  on^the said coupons may Ire either 'written, stamped, printed or lithographed. ~~  i I     i '  ���������1.' Tlic said debentures shall boar'interest at the rate oi 5 per cent  per   annum    from bhe date thereof,- which interest shall bc payable half  yearly on.the  first days of" January  and   .'July  in each    anil  eiery   year  .'dining the currency of'the said   debentures aU. tlie office of the Convention of the said City of Ladystmith. "   ' ^  5. There "shall "be raised'and levied in each year during the currency  ,of tine said debentures the sum of $1,7'50 for,the paying oi interest, antl  the sum of $733.33 for,the purpose of creating a sinking fund for the  Payment of a debt'eoming due under the .said debentures making in all  the, sum of $2,483.33.* _.  6. There-shall be letvied and raised in'each and every* year until the  said debentures ami.-inteiest thereon shall be. paid, a special rate on all  rateable land or improvements or real property of the City, in addition  to all other rates* sufficient*" to pay the interest antl creak* a sinking  fund for the payment of the said debentures.  '7.- It shall be lawful for thc said City, to redeem all or aiiy of the  said debentures at par at any, time after, the expiration- of 5 years fiom  ' the date thereof upon giving- six callendar niobths' notice, winch notice  shall be deemed to lie suJIiciently. given by. a publication thereof for four  times in the British Colu-mbia Gazette, and although the holders of Uie  debentures mentioned in such notice be not specifically named a������-  ler the expiration ��������� of the said pen od of six months all interest on the  said delJcntures, the numbers of which have been published as aforesaid,  shall coase. !     |     1 , 1  8. This by-law before the final passing Ihcreof shall receive the assent of the electors of the "City of Ladysmith, in the manner provided in the Municipal Clauses | Act, >1906      'lhis by-law shall take effect on  .the  ������������������ day. of  1��������� A.D." 1906,and shall  be cited  for all purposes  as the Electric Light By-law;  Read the first time'on, the 23wl  day of July,  J ������100.  Read the second time on the 23rd day  of July,  190C  Read the third, time on thc 28th  day of July, ll-OII.  Take notice that* the above is a "true- copy of the proposed Ry-law  upon which lhe vote of the Municipality-will be taken at tlic City Hall  Ladysmith, on Saturday, Hth August, 1900, tetween the bonis of 8 a.  in. and 4 p.m.    ���������*    '.'   ���������   ' J. STEWART, C.M.I!.  "When you retire you  know your house, will ba  comfortable    during   the  rest;-hours if 'you   have   a  Sunahine " iu your cellar.  Will burn all night without  using much coal, and iu the morning you need only pull up tbo damper  chain to produce a quick, Btrong fire, and  enough hot air to heat your house from   garret to cellar  in a short time.  The     Sunshine " has labor and fuel saving features not  found on  any other furnace.   ��������� You  should  before buying. ,  examine tbeui  Sold by all enterprising dealers. Booklet frea.  .1..'.  ^Clary's  London,   Toronto, Montreal,   Winnipso,  -Vancouver,   St. John-,   Hamilton. -  L  The  LatifSmiiHardware Co,,! Sole ^genfc  j  Prince Albert,      Sa.sk.,,, Aug.  3.  ���������  Very extensive bituminous..coal do-  posits liaue been-located- nt Lac  f.a Rougo about- a hundred miles  north of here. Specimens brought  in are excellent quality, being blacker and harder Mian that found at  Edmonton. f.ac La Rouge is also  ;i famous lnclinn fishing ground, anil  around llwc are sjreat acres of pine.  "Reel and \ellow paint deposits are 'al--  .so known   to  exist   in that locality.  Minard's Liniment cures Culd, etc.  LOST MIKES.  j.eAmong, the rich mioses  ' workted iby  toe��������� Spaniards was >the Tarasca,   .in  Sbnoray of, which Hi^mbolt writes so  'Pasciiiatinigily and1 Wiard' and other his-^  jtjprians, mention favorably.     The his-  '���������tt>ry of Tarasca is one of evil deeds  ,<tf**duplicity- of 'theft,  of .greed "and:  '���������til -the base passions incited., hy   the  the love of gold.    The    mine * was  worked   long   before   the   Spaniards  arrived in Mexico'and, the-gold    and-  silver fashioned    into  ornaments ' by."  "thejaborigines'.-������������������ A family  Ghiaymas .  has V necklace ol flying fish ��������� purchase "  ed'fibm  a    Pima Indian* chief   who"  stated that the metal was dug from  Tar'asoa.i  The "mine 1 was worked   'by.-  various' Spaniards and later" acjqoiked ���������  by ,tiie'crown.'of Spain.    It was extensively worked, barring certain-periods during Apache wars, until    the  opoW  of   the   French    intervention,  when the 'shafts and- tunnels are said'  I o'have been concealed by the-administrator, Don Jugn Moreno, an    imperialist; who "was    forced- to    seek-  safety    in flight.    After the restoration of pteace Tarasca was looked fori  in'vain,  and. to. the present time no  one" is certain of   its   location, ��������� ibut  the mine now known as the Oibracbo  SuniiKiit so��������� is better than other so.p,. but *s l-elievcd, to A* the Tarasca. iJ'biar  . best when'used'in thc Sunlight way. 'ibo has been extensively worked sine-  Buy Sunll^li  t Soap nnd follow Directions  FOB THE BIGGEST BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  on J. E. Smith  House* and Sign Paintei  since  its discovery, years ago,- and the  shafts and tunnels concealed under  ear tli and brush. Rich pillarp' of ore  were found in the drifts, and the  mine corresponds with the-descrip-  tion in the archives .of the American  consulate at G uyrnas.���������Modern Mexico.  ia  .  ������- r- v  t- '. -Y--������   .  r v- V- > T���������v  9���������v���������r��������� ".^ -*- .  in ������>.i,'������>iii������������<e> GESHi.'JS  B^f^&ilTrGS    '.'"���������ADE.f'iAr.KS  > ADVICE AS TO PATENTABIUITy g5  \ lioticu in " InvcuUvo A������e "      m  [A lloolc "How to o'utuiu l-'alents" (3  'it  ���������SilS-  Charges viodcrnte. No foi* till nntont ia secure  Lettiirr. strictly cnafiilentliil.    Aftdrt-ss.  ' E. a. SIGC.Cns. Prdcut l..-*.'.v;'���������r, Wi-*sl5"nQton. 0.(  ._*.    *      *. *���������A-^4..   t,  one-  rnore  Synopsis of Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion Lands  .within the Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may b������ homesteaded by  any person who is the sole head ot  H, family, or any ^&la over e gbteen  years of age, to the extent of  quarter sectioa of 160 acres,  or leaa.  Entry must be made personally at  the local land office for the district  in which the land is situate,  The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith    under   one    of  the    following  plans:  (1) At least six months' residence  ���������upon and cultivation of the land in  each year tor three years.  (2) If the father, (or mo"thcr, if the  father Is deceased), of the homesteader wsldet upoa a larm In the vicini  ty of the land entered for,  the    re-  (|iiii'cinents   as to residence may     be  satisfied by 'such person residing with  tlie father or mother.     , *  (3) If the settler' lias his iierman-  ent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence  'upon the said land. "  Six inonUie' notice in wi'il.ir.^  should be given lo the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention tn apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased, at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be nflquirocl by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rale of ten cents per toil of 2,000  po'mids shall be collected oa the  gross output.  W.  W.   CORY,  "Heimtv of the. Minister nf Tntn.rlf.r-  AH  Leads Them  TN QUALITY  R. P. RITHE1,  .---'& Co.'.-Ltd  A  Winnipeg,  Case   of   Suicide.  Aug.    3.���������Mis.  I  I wheat..     The wheal    is said  Francos  good  condition   niul is estimated  Gibson,   who lives a mile and a halt 'yk-ld    fifty  bushels  per acre.   Star  is  soutk  of   l-Vnemah   was   found  hang-  the    name    of      what   was    formerly  ing   to a I rco back of hcr   home    a-   luiown   as Beaver     Creole   settlement  bout six o'clock  this evening,  oner    .Moss   of     Selkirk   Was  lor.     Mrs.    uibson   was     05  old.and leaves  a,  family.  Oor-  Wll'OCl  years  -0���������  'Pacific Coast  'IOTORIA.  ���������������������������:--:  Agency.  ���������������������������  ���������: :-B.O  W.  STT.RR.  1EBEKAL hXPRESS'iN])  DELIVEilY  WORK PROMPTLY BC^F.  Leav* orders it the Abhotslord.  Keep  Minard's    Liniment,    in    the  house. , ...... 11 _.. . 1  GLASS   GLOBES  When you want a (Hass globe,  see that   you get the    globe  with tlie ruhber ring on    it,  as it is the only   kind    that  can keep the water out ������������������ the.  globes without the ruhft-Jer ring  cannot    keep    out water, yon  can    see that    by  examining  them.      The artificial   flower  .that  is  put "into : the:-    globes  ,with the rubber rings, is guar  antced to be the best, and   if  you    want a globe   with    a;  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T.  X:  Jones, agent for  HBNRY CREW  The only    place you can   get  Them.  Sole Agent in B.C.   for    the  French    Wreath Co., of  London,- Paris,   "Melbourne,  S.A.,  Cor. f^omox Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.    \  I  Under  False Pretenses.  Edmonton. Aug. .'.'.���������It .is . ropoi't-  ecl frani Star that .1. 11. Campbell  a well known farmer in that district  lifts    begun   cutting    a   field   of       fall  unci   is    about  Ed 1 nonton.  forty miles    west     of  WISE AND OTHERWISE.  First' Dog-stealer  (reading);  "Lost      a hlacft' poodle Five pounds reward.  - j Take the leddytlie vun yer   prigged  to be in the other    day in 'Olloway-  S"njuaxe,  to   Bill:"'*  Second  Dog-stealer:    "Cam't!  Yer  know it's a bloomin' vite 'un."  "Tell  'er it turned vite through a-  pinin' for }er."   -��������� o '������������������  (Wired His Regrets.  Winnipeg,    Aug.    3.���������Baron     Korn-  nr������ has*- wiretl   to  the secretary    of  the   Canadian   Club   his   regret   that  Charged   with obtaining   *?.2,000 un  dcr  false  pretenses   from   John   Mor-1  ris,   a traveller from Winnipeg, nam-  owing -to  the state of his health   ho  ed Mali ring   who has been staying-at j will not be able      to  oecept   the in-  the Alberta for  weeUs was placed  Wednesday.  tho  past      three  under  arrest      ori  vitat.ion to take luncheon with them,  which invitation is very much apprec  iated:  Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,  but is best when used in the Sunlight way.  To appreciate the simplicity and ease of  washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight  way you should follow directions.  After rubbing on the soap, roll up each '  piece, immerse in the water, and go away.  Sunlight Soap  will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.  Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed  in the old'fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.  Equally good with hard or soft water.  Lover  Brothers  Limited.  Toronto 153  y;t>yi:Ayi,m  ��������� .':;L::'i  ������������������.:������������������-'$  ���������-���������*���������'-..''������������������  ^ym  .--:?  ���������-... i.  '.'. :'p,  ;���������������������������-; f:  *$$���������  ��������������������������������������������� i  y. u  M; ���������:.������:;:' ;.--(  '..'..'..:"...''.- ���������  yyyi  .v"-ry.Fl  yyiilMi  ymsm  I1I1S  ���������y:m .-  ' -,' ���������.' ��������� iTr-U'.-'i  yg$i  *ilJ  A-i  y.f  ikiSi^mmOm  m 4*  *  *  HAS    FHE    GOODS  $$$$- ^^4$h$������^������$^W0^^M> ���������$���������#������������������$���������  Smith, Fot  That's All!  ���������������i������ ' mmMmnn ditaM~rn  titriM  Local Itei  Mrs. Robe, t  Allan ariiwd in    tlie  city    today at noon from (.'rollon  Mr. J.  Gillespie    was'a, pa';se,iwer  to Victoria on tliis  moi nine's train  o  _  Mr. W. Smith,    lhc   local     pholo-  "graplier,    returned to Ladysmitli   at  noon to-day from Seattle.  Mr. A. McDonald lct.nrned toila}  from Croflon, where he has been  spending the past few weeks.  A'l THE ABBOrSFOltlJ. -  ^J. J. TuHb, Vaneuti\er, E. 11. Bud  J. W. Tea-giie, 10. U. Grundy, H. Wal-  lit., I-'.G. Petu, Al. E. Peto, "Miss  'leauue, Aliss Kitclun, ALiss V. liate,  Aliss G. Bate, Miw, JDctjesoii, Aias-i  Priestley, "Nanaimo Tgiwiis Club.  Tuniolit. at Shell l'each a conceit  will be hclu, whan visitois> aie promised an enjoyable c\eiung. Mr. II.  Liarlup has' taken o\e>r a piano lor  the musical part ol the programme,  and luis also provided a float winch  will be used as a platform loi the  peuoimers.. The piano proved >quite>  a no\clty to Indian Chailey, it be-  in^ the iirst one he had ever seen  on the beach Afiei taking jx good  look at it he went aitei Mis. Charley, and tMih of lliem weie much  pleased when ]\Irss Hutchinson entertained Uiem with various selections.  Chailey' was then; with suggestions,  too. He understood tliat the piano  was to be used Soi a dance, and' he  adused 'that no ibeer pe, obtained,  "'la'^e whiskey, lu-yu dance; bieer,  ha-to dance," was tlio way ije h-A  the proposition sr/ed up.  "MAKE HAY WHILE  THE SUN SHINISS "  There is a lesson in the work of  the tin if ty fanner. He knows Hut  tho bright sunshine may last but a  day and he prepares for the showeis  which are so liable  to    follow.      So  Word has been received by fuend* yb should be Wllh eVCI,y h0USellolU'  of Mr. H. Cecil to thc e'TccI, that th^ i Dysentery, dianhoes ami cholera-mor-,  latter will be back in Ladysmith 11,us may aUack bome of the room"  some time in September, from Ens- ' bets of tIie ll01"u -*ithoa1' warning.  ]am] . , Chamib'crlain.'s   .Colic,    Cholera    and  ��������� Diairhoea Remedy, winch is the best  Tomorrow thc local base lall club known remcdi tor these'diseases,  jouinev down to C'hcmaraus where shoul(i ���������a-lwa>s ������������������������*- ke"'L at liall(1. af'  thev will plav the mill Hiv bovs ! lmmi-K'ia-tc tioatment is necessary,  Thp local club mtendr making the trip j a&d������*leJay mayjnove fatal. -For sale*  in a  launch. ''"" T " "  WE GAN SATISFY ANY  I MANS' SHIRT WANTS  About four cars of dogwood wijl  be shipped to Victoiia ���������Vhoitly The  wood is being hauled 1o lhe railway  station today.  The Rand legiet Ihal. tliey are unable to pUy out this Satin day, as  tw,o of the members ate sick, and  o1 berk are out of town  Mr. Jos. Smith, fire chief, returned this morning fiom Wellington,  ���������where he has 'been during the past  veelr. Mrs. Smith a"d family are  enjoying a holiday in Vancouver.  P  If there is one thing  more than another that  is vital to a particular  man's Comfort it is the  fit and style o( his shirt  We want you to note  the great care that has i  been taken with fhe button hole and the seams  and every place where  strain tends to puil the  Shirt away  - Wo are determined fo  sell the best shirt fo fee  had for for the monsy-^  PBIGES,,75c. to $1.25"  JELLY A  ���������ra   irnr"*-*-'**���������*--  i  Waiters  Akcishead  msgMmam^mmzmsBggsm&^m  by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Mr. E. Clarke leaves this evening  foi Victoria, and expects to ieluin>  abo it Tuesday next. \Uule no definite information is given out, it is  understood that Mr. Clarke will not  return alone, and he admits that h<  has visited J\Ir. Forcimmci, thc local  jeweler, in preparation foi thc coming event.  A miner named Albeit Gray was  brought down to Vancouver from the  Britannia Mine last cvrmiig wi1h a  btol en arm and badly crippled h. c*'  He 1-, supposed to have fallen ;,i*out  50 itei fiom a ledge of iocr On his  arinal ho was taken in the am-  ibulanc.*- to the General Hospital,  wheie bis injuries were attended   i()  Dr. i'rancis P. Kiniucut, ol New  York has been cleeled president of  (he Association    of American Physi-  CltU.S.  Pro'ej^ui William Cf. Hale, head  of the 1.3tin department of thc University of ���������"'h'-"- n ���������'Pi leave for It-  qIv "5( "i .v " i n.ii! *r study of  the man' ;i K of ('. *. ilus, upon  which he 1 js I rt n ������ ,. aig for the  last 15 yeais  LIGHTS  Thomas Kiddie, who has been living in Victoria_ for ferine months,  will leave within a week oi two for  the North He has taken the management of the Hadley smelter, on  Prince of Wales Island, 'lhe works  havc a capacity '.of. 400 tons n day,  and wilh the development which " is  taking place in the North at pro's nil j  it is more than probable that in- '  croases to the pl.tnI "Will bave io in*  made.  A Sim    LIGHTS.  The two fisliu i n iu  the \ iliac;������ Inn t'i' "-d  tion about tl   .    s i i  "And *. (,ii  ���������  ty troul    in    * *���������'    i   ,  said one a I   1..  '  to  have n et  \ >       ' i  inj self."  "Fishei       i        r  man.  "No���������er-���������i      ' r  'he pailor   of  11l.i < otneisa-  i cai'ghl siv-  .   tw0 liouis,'  ill,   I'm     i^lad  i   pi o*t**.sional  .i. i   lb *   other  .is    fl.o  reply  Mis ��������� Sine-It    r  tliat-  it is   tin,...  lac!:  v.'ilh     full  nothing   to  ' it'.  Mrs. Wed it >|,.  of [jacb. i-.irs, |.;,  kii'kcrs-  aii'.l   ihe-  H-lTf  r p.i j oi says  ��������� i a iuan to  v. lix-n there . is  1,000 NEW  COMIC  .-���������������������������������������������  f  2 FOR r CENTS  -AT���������  Knight's 3a &k More  .*..���������..���������..������.  t  These Apples are just the thing for  making Jelly, being fresh and juicy  Per Dox Of 40 Lbs.  MRS. LUKE MORRIS,  GIVEN  UP  TO DIE.     ,  HAD SEVEN DOCTORS,  PERU NA SAVED HER.  j Pioiftr B!ii{ Ms'  i 1st. Avenue, LadysmMh, B, G  | V. I Mmt Prop.  ] MAKUFACTURlvR OF  i Carbonatod Rcverafies.  1 (iint[cr   llccr  1 Fruit Syrups  * ���������      P.   O.   Uox   21S  ������������������!���������������  e    Or.*.������..*.*.  nfkrvu������^������ t*n*m^u������.^wij) rn ���������  Ask for Capital and Nujce;et Cigars  .  None Belter-Capital & Nugget Clears  Mia. Iiuko A- Morris,1 Jacli-sonville,  Fla., Wites: __    -  "Parana has done me more good  than any other medicine 1 have ever  taken, and tliat is saying a good deal,  as I have hud seven doctors treating  me iu the past two years.  "I only "wish 1 had begun taking  your ���������woudoir'til medicine some time  ago, aud 1 would have saved so many  doctor* bill������. <  ���������'/ was completely rim down, and  given up to die, but Peruna braced me  up and gave me a good appetite.  " J have taken uot quilt bix bottles ol  Peruna and would not give it up lor all  tho other medicines m'the world." ,,  ''/ thank you for all the good you  have done me. I hope every, sick  woman who reads my name will glvt������K  the medicine a trial." ..   ,  ���������Airs. Luke Morris.  Addicss I*>r. Hartman, President of  Tho Hartmau Sanitarium, Columbus,  Ohio.  The half-back -seized  the hall    and  made a supeib lush  down  the   held  The ciowd  went wild,  hut when  the  cheeis. had subsided, rt was apparenit  that Hie'ball had n^t 'been "in play"  "Oh, dear' What does he have to  bring the hall hack foi" ' as\pfl one  lad j- of aiioUier  "I'm biuo 1 don't know," ^as the  leplv, "unless he's got an encore'"  A new (lcfiiulaion of law was gBnt  lccenlly by a ne-gro in an American  com I This man, a witness, would  loai  out hii> testimony.  "Slop'"- the judge commanded.  "Doa'it vou 1 now you're ia court?"  "Ya-a-as'i," replied the negro.  'Well, don't vou lnow what a  comt is''",     I  "Oh-h-h, va-as'i," said the old fellow wilh a bow "Wa-as'i, a Co't is  a place whah dev dispenses with jns-  lice'"  GREEN AP  A shipment of above just received  *,  f xp m   Salt    S p r i n, g    Island  *> , o    'i ��������� '  Per Dox of 40 Lbs.  SIM( N LEISER & CO ltd".  gmnffTfrnnfffff wwnrrfnff- wt?f www mnrw wwwwn^  fc:    FRESH SUPPLY OF   , Ml'Veal-ad tell  WE  HAVE  ON   HAND   SOME VERY NICE-  ROLLED CORNED BEEF.  12 I-2C. LB.   =5,  I ��������� ai  iii.'.v  l>e-    true  II .luarr'isil men are  i.sufilly  icicle at no-  ; 1 lr i rig.  Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget-in I  Cows. i  'IMlnard .  .Lir.inn-ni e \ *s Distemper.  io~_'; tLAi- M. \af  &  Consisting of-  rONIGHTOK   :  AL  ti^^Jw  ^^ .IMPORTERS  OF GLASSWARE  wmfrWmm  f  #  w  m  m  m  #  i*,^^ f$^mm i^'d*ii'^ ^ sjv������ ^-t������  ,CC.-i 5*^. '  $'2o.oo to g?.'!.oo Suits for$i8.oo  $2^.00 to $28.00 Suits for .$20.00  Tweed & Worsted Pants $3 A. Up  T \\ 111 be in I fuhsniUh ( \i iv  Snndaj pK]*-di(fl Ui l.iki. or-  deihloi   UP-TO DATE TAILOR  MADE   CLOTHES  iiml ���������Oiinraiitoc S:ilisT:utioit  '���������3'3-*'-2--5fe&���������'.Bi-S;  Wc are nifikiny a Bij-' Ke-  dueuons in the "Price of 0111  Clotliing for next month so  this is your  chance  lo  cull  and' see nie     ,  Will beat lhe  Ladysmitli    Hotel  Every Sunday  % A. HOWE %  ������ MEAT   MARKET \   ^  BaSMmBSEsamsms  SCREEN DOORS  We offer all sizes in Screen Doors, complete with  Hinges, Etc, For  $1.50    EACH  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED             ������������������   ���������j0***gq]gjgganBBPMPBtlllMHIiiHBBB^^ l'-l*rj'J  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST A VENUE.  Suits     Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see-Stock  tivmBmaBe*eaE3������3&&^B&aamami  DIAMONDS  Just received, a shipment of DLAMiONI* RIKOS tliat we have seem ed hefoie the last, advance in piicft and will s.c?U I hem at old  prices, thcrciby You will Save Twenty Per Cent    -  We can show you a nice,  genuine Diamond Ring sel in Mk. gold,  * From $7.50 to $250  B. FORCIMriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE,  LADYSHITH  ~J^-*fjA-*CT***CTB^  f 'i     1   .jsrc-n-i-s*'  UrriUWMKW  CHARLIE H0Y-& Co.���������27 Store Street���������-VICTORIA  Formerlj- Charlie Dunn & Co.  TM^^^^BW'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  OO*a>!9**i0������(i0e������ttOO9������*5S''  ��������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������.���������������������������������������������  I Have the Largest Supply of Fresh floats in the city, Including  LAMB, riUTTON, VEAL, BEEF  PORK, ETC. -X - X'  \>  ^m/^  */$>;  I   JMMTINCntlt*''  E.  G.  PAN NELL  GATACRE ST.        LADYSMITH  t>C������������r0e������&6e#S'������O*S &<i"&������&8    68t)������*������������8������59e������������'>������������������9������������*  The Proof of the Pudding is in  the Eating  So it is \\rith the  Pyramid Brand  -OF-  PAINTS  The enormous amount of these.' "Paints/  used' by the pu(blic is  proof positive  that it is  giving perfect satrsrac'tiion  both in the (quality, and price, '  11.75 Per  We carry Uie best and largest assorted stock of Varnishes north- of  Victoria, also window glass, picture  mouldings, enamels, varnish stains,  brushes, otc. 'i  ���������  UDYSMITH WALL PAPER DEPOT  Harry Kay, Proprietor  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������o���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Granite and Marble Works  Granite- and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest prices consistent  with first class, stock and'  workmanship. *7rite for  catalogue.  A.   STEWART,  148 Arates St. Victoria B.O  e  o  i������������0������(9.e ������������������������������������������������������������������������  Smoke a  Big B Cigar.  NOTICE.  11 you want    to sell your chickens  for a fair    price, bring them' to   J.  X. Smith's restaurant, 1st Avenue.  Dr. Dier can lie found at any time  at his office on Gatacre street.   His  dental work 1b guaranteed to he first-  class,  and rates  reasonable-  Smoke Little B Cigars.  ���������Ji-wTi*-n-'-f


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