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 |LEGrSLATI\ E ASSEMBLY.  r\  4*"-  !���������*  Ladysmith Daily  _-*-"������**���������*-���������  AUG 2-1905  *<* 'i  VOL. 2,  TUESDAY,  AUGUST li,   1903  SfettlA, *  PRICE   FIVE HC^fW  A LAW SUIT HANG^  ING OVER THEIR HEADS  Mayor and  ccived  Aldermen  Deal   With  Letters, Re'  From Ex^constable Threatening,  Legal Proceedings  Electric Light ior the Gity is   Again "Discussed-  Resignation of the Poundkeeper and  Gravedigger is Accepted  CHICAGO BANDITS MAKE  BIG HAUL  all  A Party Traveling   in  Automobile are Stopped |  on Their Journey     S  STATE   Of   LOUISIANA  Robbe s Puncture the Tires  i  and  Relieve Motorists /  Vr  of Valuables  .Chicago, Ills., Aug. 1.���������An avikr-  niohile party consisting of I wo inch  and three women was held up anil  lobbed   last   night,  on   lhe   .Shoridnrf  Stringent Effort of Texas  Authorities to Prevent  Spread of Fever  Texas    Railroad    Curtail I  Train Service into  New Orleans  Galveston,      Tex.,    Aug.  1.��������� Tlio  stale  of Texas  has  inaiigiiialed    another   quarantine   against   tho  si.idol "Louisiana  w'i'Ui   the  prospect thai  Hoad,   between   Wiunika ami  CilencdeJ tins   time  it will  he  of much   longer  by   thice masked   band ils.    The  Cong-   duiation  than was  the stale qmaian-  At' the council mectjng last everting   tbe  resigiiat ion  of  E.   Nicholas  .of the position  of poundkeepei    and  ��������� grave-digger was lead ,iuid  was     tlie  cause of a spirited aigument between  some of the     aldermen.  Aid    Blau.  said   the grave-diggrr   had   not   bct*a  treated_fairly  by  the council.      lie  called  the  memories  of  the  council  ���������  to the fact that tenders foi  the  position  were called  and   when   Nicholas  was apio.nted he  was  piomised  work on  the stieets,   the salary  foi  poundkeeper  and   gia\������-diggci   l/eing  so small.   Tbe council  had     not ful-  i filled   this  promise for  Inst    month  Nicholas  luwl   only   becn  given   fom  days work.      Aid.     Blau thought it  a shame.  AItt. Bryden could not see what  Ut. Blair had to kick about. Wlitn  Mr." Nicholas was appointed pound-  keeper be knew peifectly' well wSiat  he was accepting. It was a salary ol  $10 jier month which he, the sivak-  er, agreed was small. -Nicholas,  however, was not promised continual work on the streets, it was simply agreed that when work was to  be done he should get Uie* preference.  Aid. Blair���������"! think you aie  wrong, Mr. Bryden."  "yffAld.. Bryden.  "I am not.",.  Aid. JManv "It  you   will -look    up  the minutes you  will  find  wba,t     1  have  said  is coi rect.   When  {Nicholas  was  appointed ' we  calculated   there  was to lie a large sum spent on    the  streets, and it was   with this understanding  that Ire  leeened   ihe      appointment.   I insider that Mr   Nicth  olas   has   not   been  treated   laiily."  Aid. , Malone    could  not  sec  why  Mr.   Blair  was  kicking  now        The  council had agreed to-'give lhe pound  keeper     the  preference  when  street  work- was  to be done,  and  he     had  certainly   got      it up   to   a week   or  two ago.  At that tune a, man      was  appoint id   to  the   ipuit   position    of  stieet  loieman  and  cily  constable.  Aid. Bryden moved 1h.it the ros-ig-  naticn be accepted and applications  called foi. After seine '\uithe-r discussion Aid. Bevendgc seconded the  motion and it was earned. The  pound-keeper's report was received  and filed.  A communication was iceehod  from Mi. Russell Simpson withdraw  ing his lotlei of June Sth ie police  magistrate question On la motion hy  Aid. Bevendge, seconded hy Aid.  Nicholson, the letter was received  and filed, and the withdrawal 'accepted.  The  following   lei toi,   written       a  fortnight  since,   fiom   Wm.   Hannay,  was lead by the Clcik  ,rTo    Ihs  Woiship  Mnyoi   Cobu .-  and  Aldermen ..f  lhe eni nl  of  the city  of   i..a.dy;-.iiilt:i,  '���������Gentlemen,���������I   wish   to draw  *- our  attention  to the question of my salary.   Being  $02.50-. for   the month  of  June,   '05.    Whereas you  deemed      it  advisalble  to  deduct  the sum  of  $20  tfor bailiff's    fees.    I beg to urge you  to retrace your steps as above  with  reference  to  lhe  said  $20,  I.as  I ecu  kept.      If has  horn  taken  from  me  ���������Knowledge.  "Lco!*"af your doings, i-i "their true  light  and ask yourselves  if you have  commit led  youi selves  to  libel,   ijheg  to'point out to-your woithy **g*en(le-  men   that you  have without  a doubt  o\ci.stepped   (ihe  law and "that" 1 am  fully  willing not to incur any   possible expense on.the city or city council.   Should you  one and all deem it  advisable .to pay  thc said J>20' to my  wife, IMeicia, Hannay within six (lavs  1 fvoin 'to  liave'the  painful  duty  to  date   legal   procecdin-gs   against  your  woithy   * ������cntlenu.n     or   said city for  the afoiisaid -1>20 and costs' or damages.   Concluding   I have heen led to  tindejstand  that- Aid.   Nicholson states pievions t������t. this meeting thajt    1  had   shou:vl ** him a book  ofNBailiff  set\ices   which   I positively, say'that  1 noier- Had  iV my ^possession and   I  only  lifid*^a'le.ifle'H| of ;"said  services  Iherefre   'that     gentlemafi has  taken  a very     large    step from the  truth.  Trusting  that  T have  put" everything  in its tine light'and -lhat I'maybavo  your-^rndrst- attention to the matter  I  beg to' remain,-       * .  ��������� ������ ^   "  i Ve  '''Respectfully yours,, (  -*   '^WILLIAM   HANNAY ",  *       *     *      ..*.*"  was  that   your  communicatron  also, read-     ������������������  "Mayii*!   CoMirn,   Esq.  "Utai /    Sir���������Now  council ibavc decided- lo slop payment*.  " t -j- ������. -j,   ** ,��������� *  of "1*20 fidin my wages due to-me on  the" '31st-"   ot   June   li.05,   being an  erjinvllcnt  as, you all-think* to* what  I have   icecivcd,  T beg  to" state that  I have  only 'leceived. 1.5.50 *. of ."the  aliivc    'amounl   and   unless   yoii   can  make  it convenient  to  pay  its   bal-  anie 1.11,50  within a specified ,,bimc I  will   late  legal  proceedings 'for      the  above   amount  and  damages.  '"-Rcsi-ectlully yeans,  -' '"WILLIAM -HANNAY''  it will    be reimcmtoeisd   in connection  with  the above letters   that tbe  cily  council  deducted  the sum  of -t>20  fiom   the e\-con������ table's salaiy.      At  lhc  liuifi  William   Hannay   was      appointed ��������� Bailiff he asked Jlo be reliev-"  ed      ol   lhe  du lies-  of   tiuant ofhcei,  guaranteeing  if      the" council -would-  grant      his ic������|iust  to bum into  the  city tieasuiy all the barlrfl lees coming- to him.   -When"Mi    Harinay handed  iu lu.s  lesiguatioii' the council had  icason   to lielic\e   that   Hannay   had  tecoivcd   1>20 ��������� bailiff's   fees,   and   that  (Jus ainoiint was   l������ing  held  by  Ins  suliciloi'S-    Tliey   accordingly   decided  to deduct  1.20 fiom  his salaiy,   until  si'ch      time  as   M\     Hannay   should  linn   the  abtrto   mentioned  sum   due  (hi* iily council,  according lo the ������,������<'  reoment, nifo tho-city- treasuiy    Mr  Hannay   was  gi\rn  a check   for   MA,  and   iiotilioil   or   lhc council's .intention,  jyith   the  result  that  Uie clerk  'received   the'above   letters.  Aid. Nicholson said,, respecting the  reference made in Mr. Hannay's . letter to h'im, lie certainly rememlicred  Hannay  showing him   the  book.  Aid.    Ileveiiilge   lliomgh't   that   peii>  haps  rfaiinay's  solicitor could      gi've  'some   information   a.s   to   how,much  ! baililT's   fees   were   due   to   the   city  without any "legal" form, v.itlwittt council, as he apparently was -hold-  niy sanction, without my signal ure ing the amount!. If if was not as  and lastly,    witln.'ut     my consent in-   much-as $20, pay  Hannay   lhc differ-'  once, and if it was that amount let  matters stand as they  are.  The mayor remarked that wden  Hannay shows the council that lbc  bailiff's fees an ounted onLy to $5 CO  they would be prepaicd to pay to  liim "the dift'eience fron^ the J>20  Aid. Nicholson expressed the opinion that both letlei.s should lie consigned   lo   tbe   wastepaprr   basket.  The mayor  thought* it   would *^ lie  'well   to'no 11 fy. Mt.   Hannay   to hand  .to   the council  a certified statement  Aid ��������� Bryden remarked *��������� that   in���������his  opinion,   the    city council had ilon������3  well     by     Mi.   Hafinay.    They  had  paid hiin  a full  month's  salary   and,  -he was- very doubtft.l if he was ieaJ-  ly entitled  to it.'   He -would     move  that the letter be  received and  filed  and  U:e clerk be;instructed   to notify  Mr': Hannay that  when  he  supplied   , the     council   with  a certified  statement,  the matter  would he &3b-  fled.   The'motion,   seconded by Aid.  Beveridge,,was carried.  Later the ex-policeman's hook was  handed in to the council, and it Avas  found/ that no entiies had been made  since the 3id of May.  'A letter'was received from Thomas  O'Coiiinell  asking for an-addition to  liis  salaiy.    He statc-d  tliat several  business     people had  left  the city,  consequently Ins'monthly salary was  drniinishing.    On a motion  by     Aid  Iievciidgc, seconded   by   Aid.  Malone,  the  nightwatcbinan's salaiy   was  increased $10 monthly.  ���������Sundiy bills amounting to $32.fi5  weic orderetl to l>e paid and tbe  monthly school accounts loo-k the  same course  The clerk stated, that there weie  seveial Chinamen peddling in the city  who refused to pay their licenses.  lle~was instructed to issue a summons agnin-sl them Aid. Blaii le-  niarked that a good many wa.sh Chinamen weie in the habit of delivei-  nig clothes on Sunday, which was  strictly pi pinto i ted in-lhe bye-laws.  - The H'Uestjion of painting the exterior of the city lull was brought up  and ultimately the council decided  to call for tenders.  Aid.      Beveridge    brought   up   the-  ��������� ���������nestion      of   electinc  Jight  foi   thD  dly,    The mayor  thought  it  would  he a good   idea  lo   take   the  maittm  up  with  the CPU.    Aid.   Beveiidge  thought   that  would   be  a good   pla.n,  but   be  in,quiicd      what    the council  would-do if  the C.P.R    asked      the  city   to  take so  many  lights.    Woii'll  .the city   he   in  a position   to do so"  Aid.  Bryden thought it  would he a  good  idea  to  take  the  matter       up  with .the i.ailway company.   If  they  would make  a -proposal,   it  could  -be  laid before the people, and nt ...the  same  time apian  to  borrow money  and  let the city'i put in  a system  itself could  he considered.  It was eventually decided to ask  the mayor to talk tlie matter over  with Mr. Marpole when ho next goes  lo Vancouver. (..   .      '  PresDiit.      at   last  night's   meeting  were:  Mayor Coburn,  Aldermen  Nicholson,   Blair,   Beveridge,   Ma Tone and  Brvden.  ing car was ascending IKibliaid Hill  when the robbers opened fue - with  levoheis on the occupants. Two  bullets punctuied a fiont tyic aild  then stiuck the side of the machine  Owing to the tyre hoing puiicti'ued,  escape was impossible. The rohlJcrs,  flourishing revolvers, ran down the  hill to where the autofiiotoile stopped and compelled the occupants to  hand over their valuables. Thc highwaymen  tb'j.11 made their escape.    -  Tbe victims weie C. A Woodruff,  purchasing agent foi Armour k Co ,  Miss C. A. Wood mil, 11 G. lAe-  Clelland, Mrs H., 0. McClelland and  W, A. Sclossman. The total value  of* the plunder tateii was seveial  bundled   dollais. '    '   o '��������� ^-    :  ANOTHIilR'OF  WILLIAM'S   -'       I  FRIENDLY VISITS)  Copenhagen, Vug. 1 ���������-Il is officially aii'iiouncL-il that Empeioi \Vilt|pUn'9i  visit is devoid of political significance, lhat it is solely om ofcoui-  tesy to King Christian and lhat .no  confcienccs of a polmcal naluie \vill  be held during his Majesty's slay-un  Copenhagen.  Emperor William will '.id faie^ell  to  King  Christian ��������� > ir v  .after  noon   after   luncheon  on   the  llohen-  zollein.   He expects to sail tor Sch-  winemud the saaiie evening  NEGRO COM^  MITS MURDER  Richmond, Va.- Aug. 1.���������I.iw.ie  Jackson, an Irish woman, was brutally beaten ho death at Mount li-au-  rel, ' Halifax county, on Sunday  night by Earl Mosley, a negro, who  "Hoo dooed" his wife. Mosley "riiadej  claimed that the*" Irish woman hail  his escape and disappeared.  United States 'Customs Olficers,  after a search of the Hill steamship  Minnesota secured smuggled goods  enough to stock a store. Members  of the Chinese crew were selling them  to visitors.  QUARREL LEADS  TO MURDER  'BEEF STORE  Fresno, Cal., Aug. I.���������EmmehHig-  gins, contractor;' yesterday shot four  times and killotl ��������� Itwlxjrt E.-Dearie,, a  vineyardist living near Clovis. Deano  was once, alitor of a Philadelphia paper.    The shooting grew  out' of-   . a  trivial   quarrel. ."  -    -   '   .���������_o   Los Angeles,  Cal., Aug.  1.���������George  Decker,   once  famous  as  a first  baseman,   was commuted   to   the     state  lir..s.iiliii   at   Patton  yesterday  in'Saiiie  willi  liom-icidial  mania.  DESTROYED  St. Joseph, Mo., Aug 1.���������Fire of  unknown origin which started early  today in the beef store of the. local  plant of Swift & Co., entirely destroying the beef department, the entire fire departments of the Packing  Company and of the City being called out and after battling with the  fl'aiiit-s for four hours brought the fire  under control. The beef and cleo-  margaring  departments  were gutted  \OTED  PLAYWRIGHT'S    '  BODY   CREMATED.  - Paris,  Aug.  I ��������� The body of Edith  Ken ward,  a playwright,  loinieil'y   ���������a  'theatiical^ manageress in  New  Yoffk,  and latei   the Pans correspondent of  a New   Yoik dramatic   paper,    ' was  ciema-tcd  this   morning  at  Peie  La-  chais     Hei   death   was   the  icsult o!  an   intensely      painful  rntcinal com-  plUmt   which   necessitated   numerous  operations  ... #  ���������     ���������    -  ERIE PEOPLE -_  DISSATISFIED  Buffalo,     N. Y ,   Aug    1 ���������Mimstei  Louis    Pli'illipc     Broduer, Canailian  minister   of    inland     revenue, is in  Buflalo   on  a visit  ol combined business  and  pleasure     He  is accompanied   by   his   wife   and   private  secre-  taiy.   Mr   Biodeui arrived in Buflalo  yesterday       Afld  spending  tlioigiea-.  ter  pa.it of  the day al  the  Palls, lie  is cnoaged   today  in  nncstigating tho  sen ice  and   condition   ol   the    feny  which   inns  between   Buflalo  and Koi t  Fue,  and   vill  lea%e Buflalo  loi Montreal  tomoiiow e^clllllg  Some ol the usidcnts of Fort Erie have romplamed to the Ca nndian  go'.cinineut that the fenv sei \iee between BulTalo ami Port Erie is unsatisfactory and have made the  quest that the Perry Company  compelled to run a'boat .from'.Buffalo  at, inidnicht.  line of lrst, week-  State Health  Officer Talier       fust  night   telegraphed  all  thejiispcc tois  of  the   Texas-Louisiana   bordci,   gi\-  ing     notice    that    the     ftaiai airline  against   infected  jioints  had  been  en-  laiged  to include the en tne stale of  I Loi.'isiaiiria     The railroads fiomTex-  | as liawng entrance into'New Oilcans  ha\e  aheady   consideiaJbly   cui tailed  then ftiain ser\ice.  New York,   Aug.  1 ���������Psaclically a,H  suspicion      that-yellow   fe\ei   exists  among   peisons   under  dekrrlion   wlio  have   be<n   taken   ,Ai   sleameis   ftnm  s-outiierii  port-s  in   the  past few <lavs  was lemoved today when  Health Officer  Boyle  announced   (hat   all    hut  two of his suspects would  he ideas  ed  today     Ban ing possible new cases  found  on  incoming sleameis,    Uic  situation  is      tetter   today   than at  any ntlur time since last Thursday  A stoke!   and a waitei on the Segui-  nica are  still  sick, hut are reportcfl  as improving. ,  A New Orleans despatch ^ivs that  thousands of circulais are to be ^ent  through by the business men of New  Orleans containing an emphatic declaration by Dr. J H. White, A tne  United States Mai ine Hospital seivicc, that freight cannoti cany  low fever infection Dr White  Ihe  lettei  to  President  MINES SITUATION    -  IN NANAIMO  Brechin Mine Will Be Reopened  Tomorrow if Sufficient Men  Apply for Work  Company Have Decided Not  to  Resume   Work in Number  One This Year  Tomorrow will be a day of more  than ordinary interest to pc*0|ile of  Naruimo. Many of the lesidents are  awaitiifg    Hie events     with interest.  When   lntciMcwetl   yesterday  Manager     Stockett, of the Western Fuel  Company, said it was   the present intention   of  the   Company not  to   re-  ojicn   No.   1     nwiie  durrng  lhe year  I'JOf)   Mi.   Stockett explained  that m  \iew   of   this  conclusion,  certain  e.v-  I ens no icpaits to No.  1 fan .and ma-  i Innery  which  weie in  contemplation J  pic ions to the labor tro.iilLJ'-es, would.  lie ear nod out now,  and would occu-l  |iy   in   the  neighborhood  of a month j  oi six wet-Ls.    It hadubeen the mten-i  two weeks, but on fcleirig traced down  very little foundation could be found  to any of tihem. This fact, howev.  ei, dr<i not/ deter Vancouver panels'-  fiom printing \eiy maccuiate statements concerning the situation heie,  .some of which were calculated to in-  jure the crty and its industiies Among the si ones appealing in the Pro-  vmce was one in last Saturday's issue,  saying the     Westein Federation  of Mineis' was deteimined to go to  work, and to supply the men necessary to man the mine, and that work  would st.u t today.     This followed a  lion, had the mine not suspended op-1 slorF Qf tne da*v b(-f������re to the effect  eratjons, to have purchased a new fan'tliat lhe management would fill the  and put in position behind the' pro- jnlne Wlth C1*"1(*se miners today,  sent one so as not to inteifeie with) As ^ m*^i ot fad the Western  (he woiking of the mine, Imt now I Federation or ^liners has not resolved!  that theie was no necessity tor tlie|io K������ to woik, while the United  fan   to  run,   Uie  one already  pjaced I'Mme   Woil-eis  are  icsolved to carry  yet  has  K,.-  Dr.  wiitlon  henkel *,of the'boaid  of trade  Whiie'says.    " "^ '  "There    is      no   possible  way   in  which- yellow  fevei may .bo tiansniit-  ted other than by the mosi'puito, and  freight  cannot  under  circunistances,"  be infe<"t���������d in .this way but onlv in  so fai   as it micht   become   the   icsi-  dence  of  an in footed   mosnuitri    It  is  anj   kind ot  mosquito,  much Ies.s the  nol   lilrly to  liecome the residence of  tnfcctrd   mos'qintoes,   whose   presence  in   hirsiness   and  iriaiiiufaictuiing     establishments  would,  in  the nature of  things,   he  a very  lemote  coiilingen-  cy."  would  he put in thoiough repair. Al  leiations  to  the  machineiy,   as     al-  ie.idy  stated,  would   Ie completed.  Refening to Noithlickl, Mr. Stockett stated that in deference  t0    the  wishes  ol   a nuiribrr of   men,   cinLlier   mine, woik  chance would Le given them to go to   If not,   they  on  the f.ght to a finish. *������  Howe\ei,      the company wishes to  open its Breeh n mine at once, and ,if  sufficient   miners   and  mine  laborers  apply foi work tomorrow to man the  ���������will he star.ted at once.  will tcel free fo     tr.ke  KILLED  A  HIS WIFE  robe  TELEGRAPHERS   STRIKE  -FOR lilOGER PAY.  St. Paul, Miun., Ang. 1.���������Telegraphers employed by the Great Northern railway ; in its Wilmar, N.D.;  Fergus Falls, an.l Brecken'ridgc, Minn,  division, went on strike today- ''because they would not accept the  wage scale  ottered  by the company.  FAILURE  TO  PAY  CAUSES  PANIC. TN  PARTS.  New  York,   Aug,   I.���������A* Paris despatch  to  the World says  that a panic  was caused  on the Bourse-de   'om  uierce      yesterday   by   the   a.iwiouiK'e-'  ment  that  Jules  Jalu/.ot  had  .ailed  to meet his engagements in tiie -'"g-  ar  market.    Tt  was stated   that   his  liabilities     -amounted   to   .about   ]:*),-  000,000   ($3,000,000)   and   that      wo  firms   of    sugar"brokers      had  '.iwn  compelled  to  suspend payment owing  to  .laluzol.'s   discomforturc.    For     a  short time it was  hoped that an a.r-  rangemoiit-    would      be  made which  would   prevent  a Hurry   on   the    Exchange,  but this optimism pro-veil an-  foundad and the disorder reached such  and part of     the poultry department  .was destroyed.     The loss is estima- ' a point that no quotations on sugar  See the notice of a drawing for the j ^ at .fifty'thousand dollars, covered* coUld he given at the end of the mar-  Gramophone   August  2nd.   The White   by insurance- ket<     *  Swan- Soap advertisement-..                   J  Springfield.  Mass ,    Vug.   I -Ch is  Ticdman,     aged  2,"), shot  and killjtl  hi*-,   wih'   at   hei   falhe-i's   home      in  Chestei   today,  accoultng to a *-P'*i.  rl  to 'the   Union     The family had   been  separated   moie   than  a vi-ai     To.l.u  Tiodman   went   to  his   lathai-in-l.i .''s  home      armed   with   a, icvoKei   and  when  Ins  wile appealed  at a window  lie   Oral     The   shot   stunk   the   woman  behind.(he eai   and  she dic.l  instantly  without  icccACiing consciousness    Tic-dmau escaped to the woods-  A po--.se at once was oi gam/."*���������( I under the dnectiO'ii ol Deputy Sheiin  Alvord and began a search for him.  Tiedman is of a roving (lisposltioii  and has been employed from time to  time as' a brakesman on "the. Boston  and Albany. For the last six  months he has" been tramping, occasionally returning to (own and annoying his  wife  and  her father.   l  Deputy Sheriff Alford who beaded  the- party in pur-suit of Tiedman,  sent word to lhc. authorities at Cbee  ter af no(ln that he had the alleged  murderer cornered iu (.lie-woods at  Che f-cr Hill. Additional men wen*  si-ill   out  to assist in  (lie capture.  woik there, as the situation there  was difrciciil to that oLtai'.iing at  No. J, and theie was no (| tics in 014. m  dispute in regard to the iate of.pay  or otheL Ta'boi" conditions It bad,  tlieieloie been decided by the company that prouded asu'Iicient num-  l*ei of mon applied for work on AVcd-  nesday evening, the mine at Noilh-  tield would lie stalled, when woik,  winch was largely m the nature ol .  developiiient v.mk, would be continued The company is now adver trs-  mg loi men to work at Bieolun.  Failing to sccuie a sufficient foice tc  wan ant the Hrechm mine being reopened, lhc company would feel that  by twice giung an opportunity to  lesunic woik, they had disehaigcd'  ilij*i 1 obligations to the men, and  the communilv,  and would  then leel  flee   to take such  steps  as they con  sider i-d   necessary   to   protect      then  inlcicsts.  Al   Satuiday's  meeting of the Western   Federal ion,   a majority   was    in  lawn   of   lcsttnniig   work.   ITowe\ei,  flic   United   Mine  Woikeis haM' <lone  notliing   towards   letuining        I- 10m  Mi.   fc-.lo-.kett'}-.   statement   if   i*>  such steps as they think nccessaiy to  protect thcrr inteiests here.  Rcfcinng to the Northfield mine  ycstei.lay Mr. Stockett said that "In  dc h-i ence to the wishes of a number  of men, another opportunity would  be given them of going tlj.wprk there  as the s.lualion was not the same  there as at No. J, and theie was no  i-|iicstion 111 dispute as to thc iate of  pav or other laboi conditions It  had therefoie ' been decided bv the  company that,1 pn *videu a sufficient  iiumb'ei of uifcii applied loi woil'. up  to fi\e o'clock cia Wednesday evening,  the mine at Not tliliehl would ^ be  started again, and work, -which was  laigely in fhe~*natuie of de^elo>pmcnt  work, v ould be continued  All applications must be made to  Mi Graham, superintendent of the  mine, bv thc time staled.  Failing lo sccuie sufficient force lo  wan ant P.ieclnn mine -resuming, thc  company would ' feel that hy twice  Jlivr-g opportunity to u-sunie work,  they had disfhaiged their obligations  to the men and the community ancl  l?e_ iwouM     tlicit   feel     ficc  to take such  hey  consdeied necessary  then   1 teLCsts.  hexed Hut oulsideis will be L-ioug-hli   siejs  as  in  unless   the   Federal ion,   which  the   to piote t  compan'v   iccogni/es,   is   able   to   se- j    Veiv   few   mdi     could be found last  cine     sulhcie-nl  men  to  woik       the  UNION DRIVERS  RESTORED  Chicago,  Tils.,  Aug.  1.���������Goods wen*  removt-d  from   wagons  of  many firms  that have  been  strike-bound   for four  months.    Cons-ai'iieH'lly   union  d-rivrrs  were    restored   to   their   old   plains.  The   Employers'   Association,   following  Ih:1   de.terniii-iiation   of   t-he  Lum-  bermeii's     Asso:-iat i. 11,   to   rt'insfale  union teamsters  in a I ody   has d>-rhl-  eil  to lift the  ban placed o:i.,all strikers  a week  ago.      Tlu*  union  Iwul   ig-  iiiorod   the   i>m-ploycvs'   threa.l   not   (o  hire any of  the     strikers   (ill       all  should   vote  to call   Ilu* strike, off.   A  boycott  aga'nit   five  big  coal  companies is still on.  Bii'ilnn mine  next  week.  lhe   I lei aid  ol   (Ins morning sa\s  Ml kinds of iumms regarding the  intentions, or (lie Western Fuel Compare;, and the opening of the "Rieclnn  iiinti' with the aid 01 the local union  of the Western .Federation, ol Mineis,  w th the aid cjf outside labor, w th  ihe aid of Orientals, have Icon (leafing ahout-   for  the past  ten  days  or  niglil who woull admit that they  would apply foi work, and theie was  a wide dncigence of opinion of the  niimhei of apphcalions that would he  ieci'i\ed Alcn who should bo well  posird "-aid theie would not he twenty applications,  should l.e exactly  c-lared that there  while otheis, who  ns well posted, de-  would  be two -hun  dred  amplications  for  work.'-   Tomorrow afternoon.- will tell  the tale.  TEXT OF PROPOSED  NEW TREATY  Seal tic,  Wash.,   Aug.   1 -The  P.-T.  today   publishes   a text   of  the     proposed   new    treaty   on   the immigration, question  as  set  forth  by      the  Chinese   government.    The   draft     is  under     consideration by  the United  States  goveriHiiiMit,   being  a suhstitu-  I ion   for  the last  treaty  between  the  two   governments   regarding   tbe    ex-  cliisicii  of   Chinese  labor   from      the  United' States.  On date of signing the treaty, laborers of both countries shall be excluded from the other. Laborers being ���������miners,  pass through the United States .subjects ol* other easU-rn countries. Chi-  Ainerican ���������������������������c'Si-sessions being different  from America proper. Chinese laborers may be admitted into Hawaiian Islands, the Phillippines as subjects of other eastern countries. Chinese subjects other than laborers,  shall be admitted into and permitted  to reside in this country provided  that cerlificales arc furnished them.  All Chinese subjects who wish' ta enter, having proper certificates, shall  not be detained or imprisoned. Then  officials     desire to     eivcrtiire into the  hawkers, washermen and rights granted to Chinese subjects  Ushers, also salt or dry fish for ex- ' shall be allowed-to secure for fchem-  poi't- or local trade. Americans or selves representatives. The right to  Chinese not laborers are not within appeal Fro-ir. the rulings of the 01T1-  the restriction, The treaty Ls not :cials is granted. Where Chinese have  retractive, provisions being made for ;no. authority lo enter, officials have  laborers to return to their native ' n,0 power to grant passage through  country certificates being finished. lhe country/ . Chinese in America  Chinese laborers for countries other  than-America shall have, the right to (Continued on Page *f.)       ,_J 4P  "--��������� -���������  .������*������--  ���������a  iW ���������rV -"J- ��������� _  mjpmimim  bAILY IJgDGBll  ���������ystftf  t������*"S**aiMfca  THE DAILY EOGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  8V       THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,  Ladysmith and'Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION  FRICE  ���������0 cents a month-, 55 per year in  Advance. Advertising, rates on application. I  TUESDAY,  AUGl'ST 1������,  HK'.i  As will 1 "2 seen by the reporl of  last Sauiiday's meeting of 'Aie  School Board, which appealed m  sestrrdny's l.edgei, theie. will be  cniile a change in lbc teachincstafi  ol lhe City Schools. I'uiicip.il lhig-  gnid and i'liec teaeheis lia\e K-  sigiied I heir posr lions and teachers  v.cie at Saturday's meeliivg- decided  upon loi   then   places.  It is well foi all paients lo pa\  close attention to the piogiess of  ' ilie-ir elindieu at school. Useful  lijiiiwlcdge acciuiied' caunul be lost or  wasted, and lhe gul or hoy educate il  Mb all tan be, tlianki, 'to tho benib-  cence of cmii school laws, is well iq.-  uippcd b.r bi-g nning the campaign Im  aoqiiiniiifnt, of a lecogni/.cd |)Uice- in  the wide world.  '   We aic ot      I he opinion that some  Kootenay Steel Range  Expert  Workmanship  The Kootenay Range  is made in the largest  and best equipped stove  foundry in Canada. "In  this factory a big staff of  experts devote their entire time to improving the  Ranges, and their greatest  skill has been given to  the "Kootenay."  It is equipped with many special features not found on  any other make of range.   You should examine them care-'  fully before buying any oilier.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.  McCIaryi5  London,  Toronto,       Montreal,       Winnipeg,  Vancouver,      St. John, N. B.  KSftHgS-iBE '���������".A^""TTfi ITf-i- T.-'Ha  ii  ISN'T THAT SWELL?  Our customers  are  always pleased  wi'th      the   wall  arrd   ceiling   papers  they have selected from  our chaim-  ingly varied stock',  as well as  with  I  the skillful way our workmen   hang' \  -it.    General approbation-is given our I  interior decorations.   May  we   make  up an estimate,lor you?    <  I adysmith Wallpaper Depot  HARRY KAY  FIRST AVENUE  Ladvsmith Hardware Co  A OB NTS:   limes, at our     public .school*- loo lit- ,-  tie attention     is  paid  to  the fuuda-   s.oi. or   become    learned  piofe^sois, | (he scholar,     than .1   ,s to maintain  menial niles, thai     cluldien's knovvl- I Jmt  these cluldien arc few   in numlici   ,0() many     grades jn schools.   If we  e.ltrc  of lcul'iiur,  writing,  anthmciic,   and with them a will buds a wavl  hndoiy     and  "iMmm.ir     is not deep J    Many     people, sensible,      UiinKine;,  cnouRh,  is     not  well &roundcd.   Tho' .mil leasouing people,  are coming   to  knowledge     of     the h fthtr blanches , (he   belief     that   the multiplicity   ol  come moie easily if lhe pupil-is w.-ll 'subjects taught  al our public site oh.  \eised in fimdameiu.il blanches, further ihan this, the knowledge gained  in thc primary 'diools is fai nmo  often called on than is the knowledge  a comired in the higher grades. We  hate occasionally a hoy oi gal who  des'iies lo go higher in studies. Thc\  wish eventitfjly hi take up a pi dies  is loo great, lhat it would bcbetlei  lo h.nc less blanches belter laugh I  and moie thniouplilj', uilb perhaps  advancement aflei lhe very small per  rentage ol fcholars who reach a high  iiioficii'iicy by a ceitain age, by way  i-f scholarships, or some othei plan  wheiebv the     government     advance  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL  ANGELO TATE, PROP.  icason fail I y with ourselves we must  admit that *.< the'hundreds of schol-  are who have extraordinary chances  lhe percentage of, those who appreciate and take advantage of these  (hances is very small, compared with  the entire list of scholars.  A good school is indispensable, and  all children raised at this stage of'  the woild must be educated but aU  should be taught that a thorough  knowledge ol the common blanches -Is  far better than a poor knowledge oi  the common blanches with a smattering of music, painting, and other so-  called .accomplishments . which are  nowadays taught iu schoo's too of  ten to the  blanches.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra   well  Stocked "  For Expressing  Light or Heavy Teaming  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGGIES  FOR I1IRK ,:-:  :���������'  Sree.T. KEMP, or leave order*-:      at  Transfer Stables  FIRST   AVENUE 'PHONE (1-0.  /  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������-Rates |1.25 and$1.50���������  Free baa to ail steamboat landings and  railway depots.,  Electric care every live  minutes to all parts of  the eily.   Ber  ,���������0(1 Ubie unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C.  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. ���������������������������. F.  f  O. E.     :���������:    . J������������������'    '_:������������������        -H  Meets In the'Opera House 1st ant  ard Tuesday at'-7.30 plm.   Wortny  President,  B   Forcimmer;   . Warthy  , Secretary, C H. Rumming*.  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subiecta taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils amd water colors, pianoforte and vocal leisoms giV-  en in classes er individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B. 0. \  it  Und^r New Managment   ',  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinneU & Woodbanbj/  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly Fifti-ciaii'.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof    Buildiag.  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.       ���������-���������  'Gooff Table, Good Bed and,Good Bat  (Half Block from.'Depot.)   ���������  GATACRE   STREET-  -Ladysmith.-  -    g>.  .Dealers In  Pianos and  Organs ..  detriment of the common- Ladysmith, B.C.  YUEN  Merchant Tailor  l.adsymith '  ������������������*%       W6    ' 'B. C.  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GENERAL EXPRESS AND  v ���������;; DELLTERY  .WfiRK' PROMPTLY ,wV"?.  Leave orders at the Abbotsford. ...  jUDYSMITH SHAVING  PARI ORS  HIGH STREET..  :���������:���������: Beat in the City :���������:���������) ,  ;.      "' ���������>  -.   '  ri    * ���������������. .j ��������� .j^. rm ���������  RATRB$t.MP3RDAY  3AUVI.9 ROOMS    >  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BBS*  WINKS, 1.IQUORS, CIGARS  1!  Overlands  i  TH6 CITY 7VIARI<eT  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue  Ladysmith B. C.  ufolic Notice  Atlcnlion ir, called lo the      fact that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,  Limited,  makers  of  ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    KL0UR      have for some time  Vast lifeii pioducii.g flour in a   vastly  improved  and  purified  form   -  hy the afil 0[ ELECTRICITY  and  having srcnicd  control  of   .ill the basic patents relaling thereto, take this opportunity of advising  lhe public that any unauthorized risers of the electrical    flour purifying processes  will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company limited  ro the only    millers in Canada whoso   Flour i������  purified by the electric process  'Jhis  Hotel   has    been  completely      Board and lodging $1.00  , er day.  renovateil.  HOTEL    PRETORIS  ftar  Supplied   with  the  Best    Wines,  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Liquors: and Cigars. 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Geo. Roberts  armers  eat Market  X       Prop  Kind  of  i  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  i  WELL !  At  THE  Of fie e  1st   Avenue  HILBERT  HENRY'S NUR5FRIES  NEW CROP-  Home Grown Sl  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  JIODODENDRONS,   ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern  prices  or less.     Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  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PARKER  General   J gent,  ���������J 20 2ud Ave., Seattle^  HOTEL LELAND.  (T. J. Wellman.^Prop.,'Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot, and  steamboat wharves. Newly, renovajb-.  ed and re-modalled, Rate* $2* per  day. Corner Qranville and Hastings  streets   Telephone; 1-4.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor.  Government \ aud Yates Sts ,  Victoria, B. C* -  3 Trains  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  One. of -which Is the famoui "North  Coast Limited," '  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist  sloepers on all trains. Through tickets issued to all  peints East     and  South;' also Pullman tickets issued  and berths reserved.  Excursion rates now in effect  to Portland Fair. Round trip  rate $11. Only direct line to  Yellowstone. Park.  Steamship tickets on sale to all  Europeu.il points. ' Very low rates  now in effect. Cabin accommodation  reserved by wire.  For -further particulars call, or  write the office.        Phone Main *456.  A. D* CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A..   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Gen'I Manager,  BANK MONEY ORDERS���������  IS8UED AT THE FOLLOWING RATE8 : ^^  $5 and under  3 cente JP1^  Over  $5 and not exceeding $10  6 cents  ������    $io       ���������' " $30  10 cente  u    $3a       " " $50  15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in C nada of a Chartered M.  (Viikbn excepted), and at the principal banking point:, u the Umtea btatSS-,  MSOOTIABLK AT A FIX8D RATK A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC, LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method ot remittin   small sums of monej  with safety aud at suiall  -ost.  LADVPVJTH BRANCH ���������-* W.  A.  CORNWALL. Maaage  BOOTS AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and waking to order   a  ipeclality.  THOriAS MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B; C.  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  OR AND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  aMy. furnished, and the har is up-to-  d������te. Rates $1.M a day and up-  ������-\rds.  '     WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  l>ll^ui������ ������*������������ :������H ;������: ���������**; LadysmiVt  LADYSMITH BAKBRY  * - . * * '  HOP LEE &. CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  V  ..' ' ' -^.'v  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEXTLJ  BAKED AND FRESH.  Coifectionary of all kinds.       -\  Orden taken for Pastries to h*  livered at any time. "���������;  Employment Agencl  HAY. GRAIN AND  FARM ������R0DJM  Orders  will   be delivered anywhejj  in the city promptly and at the lc  est possible prices. '  Leave orders at Christie's, oo-  Bsp.lanada.     . r.  JAS, XARNOCIC,    .-;; DAILV!LEDGER  Plan*, - Specifications and Details furnishes! for all kinds  of work in the CARPENTER  Line  C. B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  aud Joiner, 2nd ������ve, Ladysmith, B. C.  EXCURSION STEAMER  GOES ON ROCKS.  Toronto, July 81.������������������The passenger  steamer Argyll* is on the rocks near  Oshavva and probably will go to  pieces. The e*cursioiusts were hak-  en oh without, difficulty. The vessel  ii> valued at   VlO.OOO.   o   AND  Its  Great   Resources  NOTICE.  Persona, found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this Botice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  ii  k*f .'  No part of British Columbia today offers so many advantasps to the  investor as dots VANCOUVER ISL AND. ' ���������     *_  .Its vast and varied natural wealth: has never been as yet thoroughly  .appreciated by reason of'the fact that it has never bee. promptly laid  -    before the public.  CALEDONIAN"  OPEN SWITCH  CAUSES  \.OCIDENTi  Joliet, Ills., July 31.���������rive, persons were injured in an jjident to  an cast-bound passenger train on the  Rock Island Railway today about a  mile west of Joliet. ������The V-OCident occur rod at a switch which had been  opened lor a woik train. Tlie passenger iiain ran on tlie- side tracu-,  striking the woik tram. None are  seriously hurt.   o   Leads Them    All  1  IN QUALITY   :o:-  COAL  r  TIMBER  FISH  GAME  GOLD  -"  - SILVER*  '    '     "ft    -   V     ?  IRON  COPPER  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  R. P.R1THET,  &CoM Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :-: :���������: :--: .-: :��������� B.C.  GETTING  READY TO  RECEIVE   ENVOYS.  Oyster  Day,   July  31.���������Conferences  took  place  today  at  Sagamore II iM  I concerning tlie pending Russo-Japanese peace negotiations and tlie scandals lecently developed in the department of -'agriculture at Washington. President Roosevelt entei turned Baron Rosin. His visit to tho  President today was for the purpesv  of making arrangements for lhe Formal call ou the President of M.  Witle, which* will take place Thursday, two days in advance of tins  formal reception of the Russian and  Japanese envoys and their suites by  the President on the yacht Mayflower.        '   "     - V   ���������  EPIDEMIC   OF  CHOLERA  PREVAILS IN INDIA.  Madias, Britrsli India, July ^tl.���������A  senous epidemic ol cholera prevails  among the refugees from Uie lainiiie-  hUickeir. district v. l.������ have been  trowding into the cit*, tor weeks,  past. Numbers or victims have be-en  found dead oi dying on the streets.  Tlie deatli rate is 89.7  per  thousand.   o   New York, Aug. 1.���������Aimed, steamer Bremen, from Bremen and Southampton.   o   TIIE COPPER TRUST  Mi,  IL  F.  Collins,  "Manager ot  the  X-������M-^M>*-H^**-?-+4'*-*M^  t  T  *?  ���������I*  I-  $  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO,   B. C.  Co  flanufacturers of the  Its land, when properly" clearedT 4'ill gi-ow'almost an, product of the,  soil known to man,  WHEAT ,  OATS  RYE  I I  VEGETABLES  OP  -   ALL   KINDS  APPLES.  PRUNES  f  PEARS  A WONDERFUL-SOIL FOR SMALL!   FRUITS    AND     BERRIES.  '-"'.  The Canadian Pacific Company: will  adopt .a lil*ral..land  policy,  and  th*     1,500,000 acres controlled     by  them'will be disposed of on reason-  ble terms to actual settlers.  i-:*  Government lands can lite secured    and     money can be made by those  who desire anew home in  a country; possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmi   th, will  supply  any   information   ob-  tamable to those who contemplate   a visit with a view of investment if  conditions are found as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;     a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in  each year.  LADYSMITH  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THE     LIME     FROM    VICTORIA  TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to   grow in importance as  the Island is  developed.  Subscribe for and read. THE DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B. C.  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,'    good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fittedup and well supplied and is in charge or  JOS. PELLIQRINELLI  FOR. DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE  YUKON  TERRITORY. - y  '��������� Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite.' Not more than 320  acres can be. acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at. the rate  of ten cents .per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the. gross output.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners'-certificates may  obtain" entry for a mining location.  A tree mv^ei'a certificate is granted  tor one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50" per annum for an individual,  and Jrom $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according to capital.  A  dee-    miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  lame with two legal posts, Wearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shull be recorded within  fifteen    days.if located within    ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, oiia  additional  day allowed  for every additional ten miles or fraction.   Tbe  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At least $100 must be expended  on *the claim each year or paid lo  tbe mining - recorder iu lieu thereof.  When $500 has been expended " or paid  tbe locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase th<* land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may  be granted  by the  Minister  of     the Interior   to   lor ale  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding itiu acres.  The patent for a miuing location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2J per cent, of thc sales  of the products of lhe location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and tbe  N.W.T., excepting the  Yukon Territory���������Placer  mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry fee?5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  ihe wan River claims are either bar  or  bench,  the  former  being 100    feei  long and extending between high and  low water mark. The latter includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.   Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  'Territcay���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or who may receive,  entries for bar  diggings or  bench, claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where   the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  each alternate leasehold.  The  lessee  shall  have a dredge  in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five -miles,  but where a person  or company    has  obtained more than one lease       one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient. Rental, $10 per  nnum for each mile of river teased.  Royalty at the rate of 2i per cent,  collected on thc output after it exceeds $10,0001  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leasesiof five miles each may be  granted to a free, miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The U*issec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars, in-the ���������nver  below low water mark, that bound-'  <uy to be fixed by its position on the  lstday of August iu the year of the  the date of the lease.  Tbj. lessee shall have one dredge ia  operation within two years from the  date of the, lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six yeais fiom  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year and $10 per mile lor  each subsequent year. Royalty, 6ame  as placer raining.  Placer Mining in  the Yukon Tcrri-  Jtory���������Creek,     gulch,   river and bill  claims shall not exceed 850 feet     in |  e������gth, measured ou the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width  being from 1,000  to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims; shall be  250  feet Square. "' '  Claims aie marked by two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles "or f ruction.  The person or company staUug .8  claim must hald a free miner's osrti-  ficate.  The discoveier ot a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  cbargen, the lest of the party ordm  ary  claims only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at JJie rate  of' tigp and one-half per cent, on the  alue' of the gold shipped from     the  -Yukon Territory to be^paid 1%     the  'omptroller.  No Tree miner  shall receive a grant  f more than one mining claim     on  each separate river, cieek ot gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miueis may work their claims in  paitnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2 00.    A claim  may    he  abandoned and another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch or liver by giv-  ng notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  yeai to thc Value of at least $200.  A certificate that  work has      been  done must be (Stained each  year;     if  not, the claim Aall be deemed to   be  abandoned,   and     open  to occupation  aud entry by a nee miner.  The boundaiics of a claim may be  defined absolutely by ha\iug a suivey  made and publishing notices in the  Yukon oilicial  Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated   Dominion lands in Mauitoba,'. the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory,  are open to  prospecting for  petroleum, "and  the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company-having machinery on   the  Ian J  to be prospected, an area of 1020 acres for such period as lie may decide..  the leugth of width shall not exceet  thrse times the breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding G40 acres, including the  oil well will he sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre ar..'  the remainder of the. tract reserve-.,  namely, 1,280 acres, will be sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to loyalty at such rate  as may be specified by order-m-eoun-  cil.  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy Minister of  the  Interior.  Department of the Interior, *,    ..  R\erring News,     Butte,  Montana, an  old  time     lighter in the interests ol  August     lleni'/e,     whose name is always Coupled     with copper  mines, ol  MoniUura, and also the Trail .smcltci,  speuli] interestjiiigly of that man who  made the great light against Hie Amalgamated Copper  Conijiany.    Ilenv/e  lie sajs, is    ditieient from Lawson rn  lli.il he acts     while the laltei  talks.  "IN hi ii, aibout     I en 5'eais ago tlie Copper Trust     began the     absoiption ol  the copper     mines oi     Butte, Utilize  owned one or     two, and  when he ie-  fused to go into      tlie merger the big  corporation1 deoiaicd war on him.    He  was not daunted but stalled m also.  Although  bankruptcy  was  piophcs cd  for him, he got into politics to meet  lhe Trust on its own giound, and after a fight, the details of which ha\e  ln*en ptrl.Hishcd     lime and again, was  Hucceswful.   H>e    established     the Ke-  . veillC),     a     weekly pajwr,  which  opposed     all  ti usts     in     the bittciest  .-.tyle,     particularly the Stand.ud Oil  Company, and  such   influential  publications  as Collier's  Weclky,  Cm 1 eat  Liteiature,    McCl'me's   and     Everybody's are     fighting the trusts along  the     same lines        adopted by     the  Reveille.  ���������John McGinuis was elected mayor  by the Hcin'/e interests this last  spring, and has had a successful career in the Montana Legislature, where  he iiiftrodueed laws in fa\or of the  workingman and has been consistently  in their favor during his public career.  Today . Iteinze is suing the Amalgamated for $30,000,000. That combination has spent millions in trying  to run him out of the state, but nbw  he is stronger than ever. lie has  been offered foi tunes to quit, but lie  has given his woid that as long as  the people will stand by him he will  oppose the Rockefeller intciests, and  at piesent is fnjhting harder than  ever.  Local interest attaches to Utilize,  for he has becn interested with Mr.  George H. Robinson, Manag ng Director of the Britannia Compel Syndicate, and it has been stated on  more than one, occasion that if the  Amalgamated fight did nol-oornpel  him to retain his Montana holdings  he,--too, would become again largely  interested in British Columbia.  ��������� 0   Mrs. C���������Would yj-fu like to go on a  fresh-air outing next week?  Reddy "McTuik���������Outer sight, lady,  but mo b'rudder he needs fiesh air  moie'n me . Tie's a ticket chopper 111  de subwav.���������Puclc.  BEST   BEER  In [British Columbia  Lager  Beer  and Porter  Guaranteed  Brewed  1 1 lu\ iiiti'in. Malt Run Heps  **���������  I  t  *  i  t'  1  4-  I  ���������  t  ���������M������*H^**-M^**-H������4*-**M^*^ fc  ���������k^dJAte^  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at shore  notice.    Diill Sharpened  by  us  nl  ways  gives satisfaction. Picks handled and repaired.  Sfciips mi thing    in  al1     its    TBrantieQ*  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  David   Murray  Buller Street   -    -    -    - Ladysmith, B  O  DID IT EVER STRIKE YOU  That the place to BUY YOUR "MEAT  is where the slaughtering     ������-������  done locally?   We are not depending  on    what the Wholesalers send us,  and     can    GUARANTEE   EVERY'- THING to be FRESH .AND CLEAN  PANNELL   &    PLASKETT  STFVENS BLOCK, OAT^cR"  ������/:-*F_:T LADYSMITH  t  *  LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO. x'  PIANOS,     ORGANS.    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A ND  SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmitli hotel.  1   Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the  J r williamis \v )   / \ 5 ���������; : :  ���������M^-M-*-M-������-H-4-M������f -M-+4-+-M-+4-M +-M-+-M-+ 444*������*44-������������������������������������������4������������-f*������  <%m  ENGLISH  OAK WARE  These silver mounted English, oak goods are  rich in appearance, substantial in character and  give excellant service.  After the silence bad been awkward he cleared bis tlnoal and said  "I don't tfeink, Miss Himpleltoir���������  "Oh, I know you don't." she hastily replied, "but il doesn't ft colly  matter. Isn't (he m0on just lovely  lonicht?"  SYNOPSIS OF CANAD1 VN NORTH  WEST MINING   RECUSATIONS.  Coal���������Coal   lands   may   be  purchased at $10 per acic for .soft coal   and  ���������f.20   for   anthracite.   Not  moie  than  320  acres can be acquired   by one  individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per   (on  of 2,000  pounds    shall      be 'collected  on   the  gross  output.  Quart/.���������A free miner ^certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  und fiom $.50 to SluO per annum fm  a company, according to capital.  A      free  m.ncr,  having  discovered  mineral  111 place, may locate- a claim  1,500   v   J,500   feet.    The   fee  Iol   re-  cording  a claim   is  SS.'KI  At Ie.iSt $100 mm,I be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof.-When  $500 has becn expended or paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with other rt'������|iiii:eiiH'nl.s, purchase the dand at  $1  an atw..  Thc patent provides tor the payment of a royalty of 2A per cent on  the salts.  PLACRR mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $">, Renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain   two leases  to  dredge,   for  gold   of   five miles  each for a term  of twenty   years,  renewable at the deKcrction of tbe Minister of tlic Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation .within one season from the  date of tlu* lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each .mile  of river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2A per cent, collected on the output  after'it* exceeds  $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of  the  Minister  of  the  Interior.  jA.nJaoi**'^  ���������^,-^-y'-i^x.yy  ��������� -���������yS^~-  Ti^^s^~y^~-y^&'&y-i  mii^yX^y;my  asgs  .'-^vr,^  Oa'������ Salad Bowls, best Quality, silver  with servers, like cut,  Oak Butter Dishes with loose linings  Oak    Biscuit Jars, Three Styles $3.50, 4 sO nnd 5.00   each  Oak - Liquet- Frames, with 3Bottles $8.50 and 12 each  plated mounts, complete  $7. 5o each  S3 and 3.50 each  PAINTING,  PAPEK  ETC.  uni  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and rcaidt-nte in rear  of Ladysmith Hotel.  J. E.  SMITH, Prop  J.PIERCY M CO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  Victoria, B. C.  Manufacturers of the Celebrate*  IRONCLAD BRAND  of  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS, ETC  H.O. MILES  Contractor land Builder  REPAIRING   of   all  kinds  promptrj  attended to.     Shop on Gataare    at,  m. a S'A'sn  Solicitor,  Etc.  Money  st. Avenue  to  Loan  LADYSMir  Ladysmith Tcmp'fi No. 5 Rathbone  Sisters meets in tlie Oddfellow's hail  2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7.30 p. m,  Mrs.  Kate Tate, secretary.  H.  Meatmarket  LADfSMITH B. C. T  /. -*  LOCAL ITEMS  ������8% - ftilfc-V WMim  ^^.^rr]aj������^  s^.<.>>^j^gj  ���������Mr.     Thos.     Kiddie went down to  Victoiia on tlie morning tiain.  When in naed of stationary cull at  Knight's bookslorc ���������"'���������"d lie wrll try  to uli your wan Is.  Mr. Wm. Telfoid rctuiued fiom Nanaimo   tins  morning*.  Miss Fonimmer went up   to Nanaimo  at noon  today.  J. A.   flmh.im i-  cVbboitsfoni.  legisteied at the  Mrs. D While returned borne today Horn iiMRil of a few weeks in  California.  Superintendent Frank Little came  up from V if un ia today, as did Surveyor* A.  C  King.  .las. Lcmh and l'ainilv will remove  en VanfoiiM-r soon, where Mr. Leigh  now  lias  auiiiple  of  (cutis at work.  The   Ragle   lodge   meets   loniiqlit   in  lvgul.u  session.   There will he work,  and  all  mem hei s  piesent.  arc rallies led   io l.e  DUNCANS  TOWNS1TB EXTENSION  Adjoining the old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. I.  A small ,area has been laid off   in town lots which are no w offared  at  D ON   EASY TERMS.   District   and   Vancouver   Island  will  exceed   expectations  and   this is a good chance c~>   a safe and  profitable   investment.  LOW  PRICES   AN  The future  of  tbe  Cowichan  SEE iJLANS AND PRICES  Agents, J. STEWART J. H WMTTOMB  Duncans,   'V.  I.  Ladysmith,  V. 1.  -T������Tr*g-*i*aSrfi  ! WE MID  esesx*"  M tlOSf  Tom   Heverid-re,   a hiothcr   of   Aid  Bevfiidjrc,   is  slaying  in   town a few  weeks.    He     intends  later  to   visit  Dawson and Wie Golden Noith.  Dr. R. IL Diei arrived in town today from a somewhat pioituficlfid  slay m Victoiia. , His oiliee cm  Ilinh .stieel   is  now  open.  , "Mr. and "Mis.. W. A. Flelcbei re  ceived allcnlion from their youthiul  fib rids last cu'iimp;. Tbqy were sei-  anaded by a I n c-c n band which plav-  ft\ in tlie uit-ume style. "dr.  Fletcher was canal to the occasion  and Rcnciously piovidcd ewllent re-  rreslmwnt  for his  noisy  eiiicitainers.  ' T. J. Stevens, ardent for LecLic &  Co., Vancouvei, is a I. the A'hp*>K-  rowl. Mr. Si evens ijivcs a apod. ie-  port ot" the line oi snoods inanuf.ictui-  ed in Vancou.1. er by lids Him. He is  having a Rood tunic and the Roods  he soils aic yviuji, thorough satis-  faction" Tlit-rr- is no hotter firm in  Co  What   Ibey  promise   ibey  perform  "the Dominion  than Uiat of I.eckie &  and   tholr wold   is   a iriiaiantee.  Dentist      Diei   is  now in town and  expoetb      lo  rc.ii).iin   here tbe entile  <time  hereafter,   haying   finished      up  bu.*iinrs-i   in   Vh loria   that has    ( detained   him   an   unexpected   lenigth   of  lime.    Woik  can   be  arranged       f���������  and  piomptly done at  liis olbce     on  High slicet  Rnniois are prc*val*nt or the in���������  trillion of t'h,.* C.P.R. .to build anew  depot, waie houses, etc., to .ov  tlie track s unc fut-t hack along the  Esplanade, etc. These icports can  not as yet be vended, although  .something or the natine is contemplated   by tbe comp.iiiy.  LENZ & LEISER  WHOLESALE DRY       GOODS,  MANUFACTURERS OF  Something to  keep you cool  during the "not  weather at the  I price of regular  hose. We have  them from 2 1 '2  -in. to 9 in. at  25c. per pair  DRYSDALE- STEVENSON  Co.   Ladysmith  aysfra  ladpilli Boat Duii?  Estabttshoient  Launch' and Pleasure Boats' of all  descriptions for Hire.' Boats built  to order and Repaired. Spoon oars a  Speciality.        y  IIARRUP AND HAYEDN.  BOAT     BUILDERS.  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  ������������������*.������.  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN  BLOSSOH  None  but Union I,ab    Employed  H. J. BOOTH, Ptop.  NOTICE.  From      this date the  undersigned  ' will  notr be ' responsible for any indebtedness     incurred except on     a  j written order signed by the secretary  (Rowlaiid Machin.  V.  I. EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.* .   .  Victoria, B. C:, May 18th, 1905.  GENTS'  FURNISHINCiS,  ETC.  SHIRTS. OVERALLS.  ETC.  VICTORIA, B. .C.  DOMINION INHIBITION  1905-SEPSEMBER 27 TO  OCTOBER 7-1905  Under the  Auspices of the Royal   Agricultural and  1     n Industrial  Society  ISIEyV WESTMINSTER  3.   C.  SIOMOO-OOO  IN PRIZES AND  ATTRACTION'S  $100,000.00  Enlarged   gi'ouivds,   new,  handsome  and spacious buildings:  WORLD'S  CHAMPIONSHIP   EVEN Tfi    in   ROWING   and   LACRJSSE,  HOUSE   RACING,   llroncho  "i i-stm ft,"   Military   Paiados (nd   ^Jeiciiijs.  KOVAjt.  llRISfl   QUA  RDS and  c*liter     Famous  RA'N'US.  iMARINI  (IHAND   WATER   CARNIs'AL���������Par ade  of     Fi������lmm\ River   Pishing   Fleet  Puliul  BoatW^IIM. \Vai*-!u|is, 1-idian     W.n   Canoes,  etc.        Indian  spoits.  For   all   iiiloiiiia.liou   wnle W.   II.     KEARY,   Seeualary   and   Manager,  New   Wcsstiiinster,   1LC. s . .  An-oihTno. to advices received from  San l.'r.iiiLisfo, the collii'i" Tricolor,  winch win I o.i the 1 o< K*. last week,  has hffii  ilcclaiod  ji tol.il lo^s   -    -  Tn jr. Flyer f and scow Rorc in poll  this morning, for coal for the other  side. '.      "*���������*" " ' ~^"r~'~" """ '  Clurles  R    Il'shop,   ao;cnt   for   thc  well  known   finu   of  R.   P    Hither A  Co, t>l Vuluii.i,  i-. iu  town interview  in������   Hie   nii'ii.iuMlf      hoisis     R.   P.  Rillid   A.   Co.   h.iw a  most   i*\ci*-lli*-nl  lc-pulalion   all   l-lm/ugh   Hi itish- t'ol-  iiiiil,'i,i.   'I Ii -y   h.iiulle   only   lhe   lust  class   of   goods   and   icconiiiicnd      no  class      ol   .roods   Hint   wilt'not   give  snlisfai-tion   'l'hi'U*   .in*   lew   dims   m  husimss   in   this   I'loui.ta   who   lui'.c  srciiii'<l,   .inJ   suit   hold,   the  cikstoni-  fia ih.it Rithet A-  fo    regularly deal  with.  'lhe N, n ilino Flee Pics-, of ves-  rerday states jIuu.Misk H. l.'isbc-i, u-I  Naiiuinio, is nppoi'n-lr-d to a pos-ifion  on the sfalT of le.u-hers for the -La-  ���������dysniiilb Kchnfd. It is Miss 11 ol 1 is  Eis'licr,; of Lwdismifb, and not the  lady Iirst naim-d who bus the a)i-  poinlinPiiL  Anyone on   N'mic-ouvcr   IsHi.nd   (and  the re are'iiui'iiy of sui-h.) .who ci-nk'an-  plale inakiiiK i<rii.rdc-iis an-d yards, lay-  ini; out- ^rountls  am  an I. silirnl.s- or   tree*.,   cr.niint  tlo   better ''Hum   wiife   to   M.   .1.   Henry,   of  ��������� Van-jfuiver, re-.:.anliii'K stock.  Mr. Henry  has  heen  a Inn ti,  lime  in  the husi-  iiess  and   iindi'i-stands   if   liliorou|ilily.  He will   do exaeiiy  v.'lmt  he  agii'-ces,  and   yo.u'may depend  absolutely    on  ���������his s!-n l-fM'iifiit. ���������   Wrif Ivim when yon  wish  anv.Miiiie;  i-;i   liis   line*.  FOREMAN FELL  175 FEET  Spniitificlrt, Mass., Aii������ l.���������Physicians l,el'e.vo\that .John U'. Johiiaon,  of HiooMjn, X^Y., will suivivc the  enacts of ������i l.ill or IT,") icet iiom a  inasl of the Deioiesl wiick-ss pl.iitt  here   today.     Johtiscn   is  foicniau  of  ,.l   U..III  ll.iut  abiding and nojio shall be arreted  vvithoul a wairant. Chinese excepting, laboicrs, pennancnt or Irancieiit,  shall have piivilege ot Utinsing families to this country, if Ibey present  1'iopcr certificates.' Chinese cannot  become cili7cns. JJnited States and  China have a right to legister Amer  nans and Chinese in their respective  countries. Disagreements in inter  pretation of treaty are to be referred  to  the   Hague  for arbitration      with  BLAIR AND ADAM.  AGENTS.  'PHONE   2-1.       PHONE   SI.  Ah Wing ft Co,  Merchant Tailors  Ladies' and dents', Clothes Mad* to  Order.  PERFECT PIT GUARANTY '.">  LADYSMITH,   B.  C.  IRISH GUARDS HAND WILL  BE IN WESTMINSTER  The officer who will be in charge of  II. M. Irish Guards band on their  foithcoiuing     visit to   the Dominion  o *  l'.ur at    New   Wcstniinstor     will be  Liout.     Viscount     d-e     Vcsci.   ��������� The  Viscount, 'de'V-esci descends from'tho  gieat    baroni)il  'family of De Vcsci,  which ' was in K his toi ic eminence in  (lie time of the early kings, and had  summons to , parliament   as Barons  de Vcsci' in" 126-1.    Thc, first baronet  was Sir Thomas Vcsey who was created a ban met     of Ireland, Scpiem.,  | her 28, LCDS, Hut subsequently tfakiiig  holy oidcrs     was consecrated bishop  'of Kilialoe     in* 171L. ~   Lieut. Vis-  tount de Vcsci is the second son, al-  j IhouH'i heir presuniptive, of Sir John  Robert'    "William   Vcsey,     who, was  Lieut.   Colonel of -.  the   /Coldstream  Guai ds,   and   of   the * Honorable  An  tllleiy     company of     London      The  Visey family have for a'ccntnry and  a half occupied   important, commands  in Britain's army and navy.  We Have Just Replenished Our  GENTS'  FURNISHINQ  DEPARTMENT..  With an entirely new range of   Mens',    'Youths', '   and Boys' Fancy  Silk and Wool Sweaters. , ^  REQATTA SHIRTS  -. *      t  NEQLIQEE SHIRTS  ' i  All neW design and value un'n eard of in previous quotations. .  We are     clearing out our entire line of     SUMMER HATS, SUM-  MER   SUITS and SUMMER NOVELTIES at  ��������� less than Factory,  Price ...-'��������� i  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATAOR������ ST.  "LADYSMITH  i ti  h  W. G. Fraser  ���������j  .. - MercliantTailor,  ' (isf Avenue)   ,  Spring Stock on hand. .Callearly and  * ** - *~���������*���������, i ������   \  get your cntoice. _^r-  J .      - 1   l     "    r- t ��������� \  _  .1, '" - '  HSIfW TACK"  Trowling Spoons ���������in**ft*bundaiice.- Latest designs and.goad killers.  A Complete-S^tockyof Flys in AL L VARIETIES,   v  I'     "'- ������.'  ; -B������a������ce������et-bur:highclass Fishing Rods at    .. , *_  25,PER CENT DISCOUNT  NEW BROWNIKO AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN AT  LADYSMITH HARDWARE* CO., Ltd  which  ha*-:  Lclii t*ilcLiii*^     lbc |sanction     ol   bolh     countries.      The  and went up lhc mast to |iial',t\' tieaty is to be eli'cctivc ten years. A  icp.nrs,   ivfu������.inft   fo  allow   an\  mi'ii   lo   la'.e   the   nsk.    A   in cal  I lie  n������si'i'iji  cat \ed   Uie  bill.  or his  m  SI PPLIED  TIIE   INDIANS  WITH   HOP   EXTRACT.  "Holl out Ihe othei leg loi these  Indians," vas the writ ten oidci t!,iv-  cn lo a n.'jiiihci <if the Es|iliiiiadi*  l ribe hy a lorincr niern-ljcr of t.hc  Si'iiglcln'ari, Trib<;, who has lately  bro'i.en from'the traditions of his fellows and taUeu himself a'life'partner.  Tlie pollal-cb was originally intended  ���������to consist v|f two In.'^'S, but as the  tiinc arrived the chief dispenser of  I In- frothy 'Leverage thought of the  old adage,'"a beg saved is two kegs  li.ineil," but it- didn't work. Tbe  planting Mowers ealalhuniiiiaii Hand, led b.v a youthful bul active performer forced the  issue and the ord|������r to sacrifice Ihe  ���������second loeg went f(u-fh. It is -useless  to ������������������Mid' )t\vii|S -sac.rificc-.'l. .  veai s  uatc  notice is necessaiv  to abro-  ' On hei fust \isit to the country  one small child delightedly watched  lbc - milking of the cow, and when  th.s process was" ' f������ni'3h*eH*"she* cfie'd,.  "Oh, say, giandpa, pour tbe milk'  hack and do it over again.".  TEXT   OF'  PROPOSED  NEW   TR';-" '.TV.  . (Contin-u-ed  from  Page  ( n .)  shaT be unmolr-stC'd  as  l.-licv ai;   law  esse-: ..^s&s^^i^s-s^^^^^ssssm.'isgss.  immm qakMIN TABLES FOR  SHIRTS and TIES  IMMENSE SNAPS   ��������� I   ���������!��������� MIH-lll   ill-���������iffl-ia*- ������������������T -"������������������   ������������������>���������*���������"���������"    '  "������������������  "���������^���������������������������^���������������������������(������������������H ������������������-������������������      ilmrnri-     ���������������������������  -.Morrison's, Ladysmith, B. C.  WILLIAMS   BLOCK. ��������� ���������- .���������   - TELEPHONE  6-7  ���������aa������HBBBaHBBB3^i  The     Church     of England  Sunday  school   picnic   will   take place at Mr.  Porter's   ranch   on   Wednesday  next-.  The scholars and  their friends     will  leave on   tlie  morning  train  for   tha  ranch which is situated near Ofoemain.  us, .returning on the afternoon  train-.  For   particulars   apply   to   Rev.     R.  .1.   l.'owcii.  t  TENDERS  IV II bo received by the undersigned  up fo Saturday noon, August 5th,  for the* lowering of "Masonic Hall to  oilicial grade. Plans and specifica-  fions' for work to be done can bo  si en at my residence any night after  0 p. m. Lowest or any tender riot  nene'ssarilv accepted.  MURDOCK MATH.ESON  FOR  RENT.  The hotel  apartments of tbe Portland    Hotel,      consisting   of   twenty  rooms,      including   kitchen,   pantry,  store-rooms,   14   bedrooms,   well   fur:  nished,   He.   The bouse,  without,'the  bar, jyill be leased by the umlers-ifcn-  od   at   very  reasonable   ratrs.     Call  and  look over  ,the  premises.  A good  boarding house "keeper can  do- wcdl."  _. ANGELO.TATE, ���������  Proprietor.  Furl ber particulars of the damage  done by the recent tliundeistorm  The lightning si ruck the prices of  some of the goods at Simoi Leisoi  & Co \. Ltd., wilh the result that  y.Tii can now get. a summer bat or  shirt at facroiv prices.  *    *     1 o   All August magaywies now in      at  Knight's book store.  \ *  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  AM work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  HUhSt.        .    Ladysmitli  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  While witnessing; a game of base-  hall, a bov was struck on tbe bead,  the bawl c. .ming out of his mouth  A religious contemporary has dis-  covered tbe "style of the. ^f'ust parents. He said: "Madam, I'm Adam,'  io] which she replied ' "Adam, I'm  madam."  THEV ARE ALL  CHEERFUL ONES  Business over ,.vn Saturday night a  ceitam bo,dy of men spent some time  stoiy telling, each ot com re trying  to outdo tbe other. Andrew Roblert  son started oil with a fish story that  eclipsed e\en lliose of Harry Carroll"  Harry, however, was not to be outdone, and although he was beaten at  fishing be launched into a story ol  the caiefulness of a certain judge  well known in If.rit.ish Cohiinliaii his-  toiy, and in response to loud applause told of the boosting of a certain member of the British Columbia Legislature.  I"red Rumming.came next and with  a. few dainty yarns making the hair  of alb stand on end.  The, comments of Harry Hughes and  John ���������'Stewart showed a complete  knowledge of men and things im the  part of those gentlieincn. Truly the  Ladysmitb School Hoard know a  th ������--g or two.  The next Drawing for the  WHITE SWAN  GRAMOPHONE  WILL TAKE PLACE ON  Cheri:3He>   Dunn  -���������.      .r    -   full  ' <V<     .-'.*-  ;': Merchant tailors  "NEW    SPRING  AND "SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  Charles Dunn,, of the above firm, visits Ladysmith every Sunday ������������*������*  purpos* of taking measmements and  seeing.customers    personally.   May,  be seen at the Hotels,    We guarantee all stock and a perfect fit at   ttie^  lowest possible rates.   Suits fiom . *15.00 up.   l'ants from $1.00 up. Ail |  Hand-made.     Full line ot the Latest supplies  ALWAYS  earned  by  Mr.  Dunn. '     . -        .     I f> ! ' U3*     (  d  r.  JNE  HUNDRED   ACRES   OF   LAND   IN THE CEDARjj  : DISTRICT  . HAS BEEN PLACED WITH ME  FOR SALE  -    FOR A LIMITED TIME AT  $265-  f HAVE TWO SHEEP FARMS ON ONE OF THE GUU' ISLANT-Jj  $450 buys, the two  JOHN STEWART P. O. Box 268  CONVEYANCING NOTARY   PUBLIC.  Why Buy From Peddlars?  If you can get "first-class goo ds at low prices from a reliable,  house at home. The peddlars that call here try .to *e(. rid of such  trash as they cannot sell at home. If you got an article from a  reliable firm you are sure tha t the goods arc a.s  reprcsent'pd, and  if you are not satisfied you b ave .something to fall-bacl' on ns we.  are here since this town was    flrat started,  and hold  our  rcputa-  titm  as    a first-class  hou������2.    We carry noMiing ������n our line but the  best qualityof''goods and sel I  on  s-mair profits,   as  our .expenses  are small. We have no fat salaries to pay and no travelling expenses CaH and ���������compare our prices and our goods, an.d donjt be  deceived.  BFORCIMnER  WATCHMAKER,  JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First AVen}ie,   X   XX     Ladysmith,   B. C  Stoves  Stove I  AT i p.m.:, at JOHN BICK   LE'S STORE.  Every 25-Cen't purchase of White   Swan     Soap     entitles you to  ticket in the drawing for this high'grade'gramoplune.  I  We are making them of the Newest    Pattern and Latt  Styles. j  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOU NDRY WORK  Our Prices are Reasona  ble  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BL AIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  R5YS*iifftTto'S'i'stove, works co��������� ltd.*  ���������t^mirijftiii


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