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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 26, 1906

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Array The La  doer  t>  VOL., 2  thi;rsda\  Apiil  2fi,   lOdG  m  ^m  -*X5  ^f5rTCT^-W^  P,J*ICE FIVE CENTS  Ov4 (  LONGEST LEAP  FOB Lift  "As I stood there iii the window I  looked back through tho smo'c I  saw a vicious and angry looking  flame leap towards me. 'Cappa," I  says to myscH, 'It's up to you to  jump or the Commercial Club will  have to got n new chef,' So I  jumped."'  Thus spoke D. L. Cappa, chef of  the Commercial Club in ,Portland,  who, during the lire of Friday afternoon, inwite the longest leap ou. record'to a lifeuet. Capfa holds the  world's record lor a leap into a life,  net. He jumped seven" stories from  ������������������a rear window of the Commercial  Club upon a hfenet which was stretched on Uic roof, of the one-story  building occupied by the Union Printing Company. The Commercial CUvb  was in the eighth floor of the Cham*  ber of-. Commerce building.' Until the  leap of Cappa the record. {or long  jumps into lifenets was. held by the  quests who ' jumped from Uie Hotel  Windsor, in New York when it was  on fire. Some of tho guests jumped  six stories in safety.  For a main who, had* such a marvelous escape %Cn,ppa is progressing  very favorably, and it is hoped that'  he will be able to be out within a  few days. Two of his ribs were bio  ken, but outside of a Weic sh&king-  up'he is not otherwise injured.* He  is under treatment, at tlie Good Samaritan .hospital where he, was interviewed yesterday  afternoon.  When asked to tell of his terrible  experience ,hc at first laughed, but  when he had entered into an account  of 'his remarkable eseai^e, his face became iiharll and serious. Several times  during his na> ration he* shuddeioil,  and his features contracted as if he  were in pain.  "I tell yon I didn't jump until I  thought ii was absolutely necessary  because it looked to be at least a  mile to the roof of that building,"  he" said.. ^".I try riot to think of  that jump���������well, every time I think  of my escape I lhe the whole thing  o\er. That is why I -try to be  cheerful to drive the horrible pic-  tuie from my  mind.  "I was in the kitchen making out  the menu for the annual hawjiet���������>hy  the wav wc had planned to make  that a swell affair���������when in rushed  one of the wa tcrs, who told me  tin t the parlors were on fire. . He  yrabbed one of the chemical fire ex-  liiigiiishers and wfjit old-  "1 pushed iifler him, end one look  at tlic I'amcs was enough 1o con-  \ inee me that wc had no time to  lose in getting out. The others in  the kitchen had not heard th? waiter tell nve of the fine, so I returned to warn thorn. Then we all  started to go through the bridge  across the court to the' windows  looking over the Sherlock building.  But the smoke and "tlie flames drove  u������ back. By that time the south  end of the dining-room w������s a sheet  of flames which wore eating their  way'towards us.  "Wc rain to thc northwest corner  of thc building, where the firemen  saw us and started to send up a  ladder. I got dizzy, and when 1  looked" abain-I saw that the ladder  reached only to about the seventh  floor. I forgot about the smaller  ladders that -they have. Anyway, 1  could never have got down that ladder, as I should have fallen ^ sure,  and there was no lifenet on rin������ sidewalk below, a couldn't have followed the others down those sha1"y ladders;   I am  tdo nervous.     -  "1 ran and opened one of the rear  windows-to obtain some fresh air.  The people on the streets and on the  roofs of the adjoining buildings saw  mc, and I thought the firemen would  send a ladder up to the window  The flames kept getting nearer and  nearer, and the smoke made me keep  my head out o f the window. 1  thought there was no hope, and was  ahout ready to give up. Pretty soon  they got the lifenet ready, but I hesitated long before I decided to make  the leap.    , ��������� .  "The heat was what drove me to  it. It was very intense, and - the  smoke was almost suffocating. When  I glanced back over my shoulder, ]  could see the flames darting here and  there, and  every time I  looked  they  SEEKS HIS  BRIDE  PENiTENT&RY  LADYSMITH FAMILY FROM 'FMSCO  MONEY IS  NOT NEEDED  Kansas City, April 2."��������� ���������'We were  swoethearts when we were children.  We belong to thc'.same iiooplc. Wc  have both suffered the indignities  und shame of prison _,lifo, mill vie'/  love each other. Those are the reasons why J'-would marry Mrs. Ida  Thornton, if Gov.' - Folk would  pardon her und let her leave tins  Missouri penitentiary." -  George   A.  Long,   ol Kansas City,  Lou-'   would not accept  the Dominion   ecu  Thought That 'Fiisco Has  Enough   Money and  Provisijds  An Otiawa despatch says: Word  was received from Washington today,  that   t*c    United   States  government  Mrs, CHarlier   and   Family  of  Three Children Reach Lady/'  smith  From 'Frisco  Ivan.,    made  this   statement.  wrote  a  letter     to     t'ov.   Folk Mi.\-  Mother  is Separated  From Her  Children and Husband For  Whole Night  MOTHER AND  BABE BURNED  Mother Dies After  Being  Removed  From  Burnr  ing House  tobutioji   of  $100,000    for  the  relit; j  of  th.2 San   Fiancisco"sufftn.rs.    Tin:      On   last    evening's   tiain  Airs.     S.   vviies,    which  had   "fallen and    were  ing  he  won      iniin.v ** nooi,  money   will   be   voted,   however,   aiul   (.harlier  and   tdirce  childicn  ie turned 'stretched    in    all  directions   in.   the  ton and provu e   ict    ������    '    ������|d������    ... probably will  l.e sent direct to May-   il0m SaiI Francisco, ' where they have'streets.    I Lad to clamber  0'* Schmidt. , . ,*._  ,    .......  .....   lwiUl ���������,y  crutL.hcs a���������d  baggagc,   and   ll0*'iital  a,id thc charretl  rcmains   of  home  if  tho    Governor  don  her.      Long deceived  Seattle, Apiil 2C���������Mrs. S. Tav H'  colored, was piobably fatally founiici  and hcr 18-month-old l.aby l.oy wis  burned to death in tlieii home Ii 13  J-*a,st Spruce Street, shortly aftjj 8  o'clock last night. The mother was  ��������� over these   remf)'c'' "������     *'ie ^avs^c N,niergcncv  : reply  Airs, i  |    As a result of the above despatch  and   other   j  b.cn residing for  thc past jear, hav-  . .. .    .    ...     i���������.r 1,-ft tliat citv on  Sunday  last ������,u  of course all the   time I  was consum-  iifcrmation   received    this   ,no 1(-1L MAl "-"v    m  ���������-"���������"''"���������>   1Rr,u '"' ,  inoiiiiiig,  it has been decided to stO|    the sleaincr Senator.  ed   with-  anxiety   ahout  my   husband  and children.    However, a,t 10 o'clock  'canvassing   , in the city for sunse* ip-      In gi.ing a dosciip'tion of their e::  "   lions  to  the idief fund until further   pericnecs there during Uie oailh.jiiahe  ���������Ki n������������������������������ng 1  had found my way to   a "eater   in   the sitting room.     S  the iiifrnt weie taken, to the Bonncy-  Watson morgue.  Mis. Tiykr was kindling   a fne in  in  which     he  was  told   that  Thornton's case    would lye     en  ed.  'Vou   see,"     continued  Long  are   both Indians,   or     part Jn,,ian-, pa"r'tici'lais"ire heard  regardiii" " the and fire  which  followed,- Mrs.    Char-  the wharf, and had decided   to   stay I ,,.ld  ,nA jn the WOod aJld ])0ured coal  We belong to   thc     same' tribe-Tho .nia((er     A  mecL|ng wi|,  ,.e ,*,,, aJ,, Vl'c said:                                                      theie until I  heard    something    fur- joj-~���������   .(      ^^ ^ j.^ 1he in  Chcrokees., Wc were raised    together  ^^ ^.^ decided  upon.     '            I    "We  left  .Ladysmith   al out a  year   ther of  my family.     I hardly reach-  as'.i.'hildrcn  in       Tnhlequah.       When (             ^_ ^J  a^o   jjk,   sjnc���������   lh,lL   limc  JlaV(l   1_,������.ell   ed  the wharf when  to my joy  I  saw  qnile small    l  wont  with  ������>y fatlifi'irRAI)ES D|AUOsi)S             " uijagc'.l    dn  conducting    a      rooming 'my    husband ��������� approaching.    He. had                        >g     c|othin-   caupht   fiic  to   Hates county,   Missouri,     but    I j'                 FOR KAILROAD TICKET house at    781,    between  Third     and _succeeded    in      reaching  an adjacent       ^ ^   "^ jn   ^ *>               ^  returned   to thc teiritory a nuiuh''-r           Seattle desnatch savs: Louis   K Fourth   Avenue.     On  the morning  of .wharf with the children and hail left;  flammable material theie was a loud  explosion that aroused tlie neighbors.  A Seattle 'despatch savs: Louis   h. i-uuiim   n.^.u^.     w..   *.... ...v. 0  ... ,     -- --      - jfeel  awav  of  timed  on, visit*,   and saw alway.-. Sls!l0Nlig.,irr t|lC new mutiiCl;d diiector the disaster,   I   was al out  to     ic.u o  them, theie while he searched for me. i  my little sweetheart.        She,     lived   ^ 1)l0. Kalhskeller, and his wife were my bed,  wJumi   the shock came.    For j    "|We staje.l un 1he whurf until Sat- j  with  her grandfather,    a full  blood-' m San pvanuisro .durinq the fire   and fully  lice    minutes our'house ibuKcrt |������ro������*t>' '"S"1-    wllCn we h'������^"ded     the!  c.l Indian.        ' - '       'eirth.^.a! e.    Beta anitod in   Seattle and  swayed  li c a sUip   in  a sioim,  Senator  for  Victoria.   , AlU-r wc had  ������������������I know they say she's     guilty of  yc.S(CI,(luv.    ,     ��������� and heforc    wc could  get  onto     tlo  purchased   tickets  we  lound  that the  irurderiiig her husband,   but I don't      rr,,.   pehofniftCl.  W(lS lh"ing at 055 streets  the    children  weic fright wu I   boat  was  not  go ng  to call  at. Vic-  ,,t  toria,  but   were    informed  that    we  behove it.     1 believe in her innonen-   pa���������c   ^^    flmJ   escaj:e(,   from     Jlis nearly   to  death,    as   were  many  co  enough   to marry her. , She'   has   ,10llse     wi(h oI1,v    f)|K ;io,in an(,     a the    ^ro.vn-up    peo[ le.     thu   family  the same faith  in me.     Although    I' snKl��������� |urt of ,,is nil|sic-o rI<J SHCCCetl_ awl all  of  the roomers managed     I , ^'Victoria on the steamer Indimna-  was sent  up as a 'lifer'.     convicted  in BC,Un���������  ^ eXpreM<sman to take his K'Ct clear However,  before lli-ju house 'P������lis  w*>u-h would not cost v.s   ���������ny-  of  the  murder   of my father, William ' )misic>   himsclf and  his wifc to   0.ak-, lell, altlioupli  we lfcsi, ncaily all     \\,-,H������"K-     U <lnl,  though    and  the trip  Long,    1  was' not , guilty and     ������������������"_ iaiwi,   whcic  Mis.   Schnrniger  larter- ha.t\, as  did   lhe otl^r  occupants     of jCfst us  over  forty-dollars,   the  last  nordoned last   Christmas  after  sen- w, lwy ,|iamond broach for a railroad the house.    We managed tolsave two'ue hft<1  m     the woild.  * ipiii*-������'������i*jii  ing  since     1895.'  Long  is  :*1 years  old."Mrs. Tho: n-   |.erlh.  ton is the   same   ng^. ^ Col'h    have,    ^^���������J^l���������^^^"-'^ \~n"*\   In   describing  some  pf   the    scones \ mistresses'    union"     tl������rc has     just  been  'could secure a  tiansfer from Seattle  We "thought  tiL.'ct   to Seattle, and  $5 extra for a   trui^p of clothinp,  and a little mo.i-Jwe weie     pretty  lucky,  however, to  fey.     Wc subsequently   lest  th-   best  S������t away with     our li,ves and   whu  trunk  by  fire,  as  we. could     pior.-i >   llU1C: stufl  we did save."  from   the  stove and    its  clothing was soon  ignited.    ���������  I/." Groves and his sou, who lire!  next dooi", rushed iii and grabbed  Mrs. Taylor, iter clothing was on  fue- and she was screaming at the  lop of lur voice They rolled her  in .blankets and put out thc . fames,  An alarm was turned, in and the firemen found the burned body of the  baby in the house. Thc blaze was  c.viitiig'uished with a less of ahout  5.500. The woman was burned about  the face, eh?st, hands and arms.  /;���������  Ur.d?i-'ihe patrniage of th= "House  go  married, b*.ore.   ^      ������-      Sjjatlfc    Apr..   20.-A   shipmc.t of   no   team   to  oarjy   11   away     to      a ^ ^  n ^ ^  t-a divorce   from      h.m   ������'" ���������   ^,a������ <*"��������� ������   ^ lhat    shehad     seen seural   of   V:,    schools      to    Lb established  ...n9 o..���������t to the   penitentiary,     bno  e.l at  the local  Unite:! States   assay   not  cam   ic-a.iw   iuium   anti     m-. . \>   r,  was scni to mo ���������!���������������-������ j ��������������� r ,, .1 !ead ))0(IillS ot  ,nen    ^ll0 had     teon ' in  German  remarried  and diod   Inst    Sepleinbei.   oflice.      Hie  dnst came from, the Tg- nlsl nignt. A \  ramaiiien  ana ' ���������   mrs. PhDrlLer, who^'s a ciipph-.R-   nailer the  influence of liqum and who  had-gone-to-sleep in tlie-streets. Not  Long writes ��������� throe ���������timen a .wcvi.  to���������Mrs. -Thorntons She writes oiice.  a week, as often .,as the jiri-iC n  regulations permit. She has a .��������� ear  and a half to serve yet, nnd failiu,;  in pardon Long hopes ,to have her  sentence comput������l so that she- wih  be  free this summer.  COLLIN'S AND.THE SHOCK.  nana  clisti ict and  was shipped   from  P'airbanls,   Alas'a. --������������������        ,. i������K c.l;lise-d-:-to-i!se cVutehi's," had "  a  ' 0 ferribln e\reik>nc������ di.r'ng  the f-ejon.l ^^'"g    awakened   by  the appr.-aching  ANNUAL BENCH SHOW. '.night.   "She was   trying  to     unpa-k (flames they had been burned to death  'The   Victoria  ('olmiist says:      The  the most  valuable of  their   goods at ,where they  lay.    Although many   rc-  a'spot    where  they hod found   tcni-  POTt's  ha"''c  tecn  '-"fulated  regarding  the free use of guns by- thc soldieis,  t  1   to hcr    to  follow  at  cm-p,    an    f-liey   did    not see anyone shot,     al  seen seural ,of   t.;:e  ities    for the improve-  1 mfnt of domestic scrim's.  is    arranging  Mich   show    which   Kcrarv safety,   when  the  llanws    ap-.the free use of guns by- the sohlieis  PhiTlanrcnic  lvall  proaciisd.     llrr oldest daughter call- ,Mls'   Charlier and  family state  lhat  V"Gloria '(wind    Club  for  the-> niiiii'al    h  la1'Os   pl-'ce at  the  ��������� ii May  Willi fo  19th,   indusi e. This  '  a  great  de,il cvtr.i Iriviible an.-l evpnisc   o!1  .. ... . H'o. thi^e cihildrriT oiul  fnther ^I'lrtL.l   thouuh there were manv soldiers, and  venr the ro-nimtfce h.ive inwe   to   a  w-a uu<-*- l-"ll'(-11 ana uuuu  .,uillu.i . . .,   ,    .  is  one of  the i-hihueir aescnUd    u,  PROGRAMME POR  2 ITU   OF MAY  'lhc Herald says:  At a^ineeting of the 24 th of ila^  L'elubrat ion Committee ��������� held last evening a communication was received  irom the   C.  P. K.  stating that thc���������.  contribute  atiou funds  tho CJrounds  sports  bo hoiu  was .adoi'L-  f  this to f��������������� ^l .|;^^ alcnr  and   unable  to  walk  anyg.ct   %did      not suffer  from  lac,    of , "^^lay Vp'olta."* The prognu  Advices from the south  indicate tiui.   ^      ^    ^ ^      r _    ^        + disLincc.     Slv did not  know     vlioic   drinking    watei    or      provisions, al-  they state that bread was at  worth  one dollar  a loaf in  and   lbc   owners  of  -logs will     ' ^-'     - -u-eu -u���������    ������������������������    ������..    ������.*.   -      sect'oiis.     They,   were   given  Uieatt^yse^c^  of  imprisonment     for  petiui>   gU     ..     . . . .   oii](, ^  mn aSain. one tin,  emlirated Uie opportunity auoided bv ���������           j  , j    11L w,al,...d    tbc    s,,.roets    all   thit   some     se  the disturbance to attempt to   make  1-310.W  , lli-il   iheir pels nre.'lelnn; judge.!   bv   night,".-..said  Mrs.  good ins escape.^ ^ ^^ ^  ^  ^  ^ hfa   ^.^ . ^y   &illg  what  clolllC������  Again  the  ccrs have been against him and  is now languishing in jail.     A     dispatch from San Francisco, dated Ap-  iil23rd, sajs:  "Ocorgc D. Collins, Uic attorney  convicted of perjury, was lodged in  the state prison today, after making  a desperate attempt to escape from  the sheriff at the ferry boat between  '.���������Ch'arlicr,   "draf-  .ni-ilk and   water to  drink,  but   were  and  things I" hr.-d .-tolci not  to  throw any away;1 as the  It   was a vervi jO-lficiais.    vyere    -afraid  of the supply  hc   forms  n.nv ke -MTcived  from   thc see-  sav'wl along.with inc. .,,--.  c long    ii'i������ht.       All  around  nw build- ginning short.  ami  c'splosious.-i   Mr.   Charlier   remained   in    Seattle  r-"tr.rv,  'Walter Winsliy.  CUMBERLAND  (Entorpriso.)'  On   Wednesday      evening   Mr.  W:  seemed to be getting nearer. Then '1 ,  thought    I heard the roof caving in. jl������au"was closely cropped.^   lie     has  It lookied to me as though it was  simply a case of jumping from one  death to another.-  "Chief Campbell, who I know very  well, yelled for me to jnmp. I took  one last loo'c at those flames and inhaled some smoke before I could get  this city and San Quentin. When the 'Roar, G. V. of O: C. of Canada,  prisoners ; were let out of the . jail, 'visited Cyprus Lodge 'lwre. Tins  Collins was missed. ' Hurried search.jsr:his secoml " visit' to the coast,  througlv the building on Hroadway, | blll UlsL year..he was unable to v,s-  disclosetl Mm hiding under a cot^ lu|iL lho ,m.al bnHiunu. He ��������� i-nteml.-i  the hurry . of "transportation across l() vjsit. a lunnbor ot chapicrs in U.  the bay, a rnunbec of prisoners were^ c afu>r.;whic.h he wiU g0. to Al,HM..  separated from- the sheriffs, but the ta hnd Saskatcht.wan in his o(n.  deputies roiund>3tl them, up  before    a  cjni  t.apacjtv  landing was made. - ' " j    ]llM4g  thVevenl.nr he    xviincssed  "When the other  shore  was rcacji- ' som(j cxcei,eilt' w6rl:     tlono   ���������y   Ulc  e.l,  Collins    was  the only one     not. ,     ,    ,     .        . . .,  '                                           -���������" local  c.'iiapter  wlK-n    some, three can-  accounted for, and   the boat had   to ,- , , ,   .  ., ,       ,,   , ,  '  u ,   , didates   presented  themselves  lor bun  be held    din the  slip  while a    hunt ���������  was begun.   Sheriff O'Ncil had about;    't* .  ,      " ���������, . .... ������������������;   .,      ���������    . Alter  the  business   ol  the     evening  made up his mind that the   prisoner! ,. , ,-,,,,  ,    ,   . ,- ,       ,,      ,        ., was over  tho members retired to 'b'--  had   lumped   overboard   when  thc cry . ,,.,,,,..  ,',',��������� , , Cuinlwrlainl   Hotel  rbiiing - room   and  went up and   lie w������s    draaj^oil  from! . ,  ...... . .  .        ,    i    'I      j partook  or'  a   most  luxurious    luncn-  his hiding; place in  a dark closet.       j .  ,,.        ' , ,   ,       , eon,    which was   toll owed   by tonnl:-!,  "As soon  as he  was  taken he was ' , . ,  ready, with an explanation' and made-, s������wcUcs ������������d   sonS's-    ������U  o.     wluc  a speech to  the other prisoners,   ���������c. ���������'wore enjoyed  to the   fullest    extent,  claring   that   he  wo.ikl   V.c   out of pri-'    ITe-Is  accompaniod    by Mrs.    Uoa,  son  within   <24    hours  on- a writ of  habeas corpus.     When he reached the  prison,  no favors were shown    him,  for Chief t Justice Boat ty ,lias suspended all further stays  of execution    to  convicted     prisoners.     Collins    was  dressed in a suit of stripes mid   his  ings were . ��������� falling,  were constantly taking place. My 1 to arrange about .what baggage they  worst difficulty in walking was cans- j had saved; and ��������� is expected to reach  ed "bv  the. .telegraph  and     telephone   Udysmith today some "time.  PLANNING. AN  UFKiSING1^  [adopted  by  the     workmen and those  22,    1905     and  ninny   people believe  [that  thev    see in  thc  new    organizn-  the  hand   of  Capon.     All  trace-'laddies. ������22.00  St. . Petersburg, , April 25���������For  sonic time tho social democrats  and o-t'luu1 proletariat organizations  have been trying to arrange a gen-  ernl uprising to concede with  the convocation ol jmrlinment but  apparently they are ,������;uiking no headway. Now, however, a  movement among the idh:  men   of   the     capital      vvho  who   is   enjoying    British  weather.  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������������������������  Win.   ifenderson,   superintendent   of  Dominion    public    works     for       lbc  province,    visited    Cumberland  week     lo   choose   a  ' new  post   oillce,  (Continued on   Page SX&&)  this  sight,     for    the  tor  which   52.000  has til ready been voted.   It is not iin  prolynblo     that        $10,000 will       be  one more fighting chance for a   writ  of -halloas corpus,  for  which he   applied'-about    two   weeks  before     thc   placed  in this year  earthquake,  is   still  undecided.   Final   building-,  argument    has    been heard  upon    it,      His  decision, will be  and'Judge    Muraslvy    will  decide   it , later,  when the Superior court resumes business at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning: |  g.'CA!  work-  nuiubci'  '[���������2,D(H) has come to tbe surface, and  there, is more than suspicion thai  lheir movement is simply ^ l'������v'-  er for a real uprising which is being organized behind it. A council  of" men out of work hns sprang  into existence like' the l'aiuou.^ work-  Columbia ; ������"���������"������������������"   ������**������"'il   whi'-1' lUn'xirf lh:  big strike of last fall. I'.'oclunuu .  ions bave been issued calling upon all workmen to support th*  men out of work who demand that  the cily within a- wcMc shall put  them to work under the constru.--  tion of new .streets, bridgeis and rail  roads for which g'l .0.10.000 has  been appropriated. The men out of  work also announce that they vi"'i  send a delegation of ������" reprosenln  tives to the city council tonigh'.  to receive the answer of the municipality. There is a striking an-  between  th  ) of  the  former     priest       has        been  ;.!    1st,     Cup,   $-10.00;       2nd,      medal.  ������25.00;    ������rd,   Pennant,  $10.00.  The     prize  list   comes   to  a   totu  inonaslery timl he may be the direct  j of  ������20i 50>   cxpcnsos  $48.50,       mat  ing  mind   behind      the   sc-e.ncs of  the  lost.     The     Holy    Synod      official;.,  denies     that he is .sequestered   in    a  drama which is being unfolded. The  head keeper of the local prison has  received a letter signed by t\w  workmen's leagues warning him tluiv.  the prisoners will be liberated on  May  10.   f ���������  s -est irnates   fo.r a  made   known  methods  no .v  n..Aitken, otNanakno,   is iu   th*i"^ .,Red   Sunday������ January  cit-5*.  AN  INVITATION.  To the  Ralhbone.   Sisters  of   Ladysmith:  Mrs. Mary Harries, received the  following coniHiumication: Silver  Leaf Tenvplc, No. .2, U.S., Nanaimo, I  B.C., April 23ml; to the -olhcets  ���������anth Memtbers of Ladysmith Temple,  No. 5, R.S.���������Yoa are cordially invited to be present at the. unveiling  of the late. Grand Ohancellor Mad-  dow's monument, Thursday, May 10,  1!)0B, at 4  p.m.  On Wednesday evening, there will  be open session for all Ilathiinone Sisters at which time Silver Leai Temple will exemplify the initiatory  Floor work. Yours sincerely, in P.  S. E.  and P.,  N. A. Neane,  Sec.  of Committee.  ALL C UB  WILL BiNOUtl  DfLEGAiES UWMi  It was arranged at the football  meeting last evening in the Howei/  to provide a little .spread for thai.,  teption of the delegates to tlic annual eoiit'dition of the B.C.A.F. League, which will be held here on Sai-  uiday evening next.  Other matters of interest to t|Jt)  Intermediates were talked over, Mr.  J. Stevens being elected tG tlie chair.  Mr. J. Adam, the senior delegate  to the League convention, was pn i-  ent, Hijd road a communication dc.,l- ���������  ing with the proposed amen. 1 men's  to the constitution which will he  discussed on S. turday. The amen 1-  mciits sugecsted seemed to appiol  favorably to the meeting last, evening, and will receive the supportj ol  the local delegates.   ,  Another    matter      v.'hkh    will    le  bi ought  up  is.the  piopo&ol,  amen-l-  ment of the1 rule governing the    a e .  limit    of intermediate playeis.      ..' t  present   the ,constitution   reads    th.it  all    players    over   21 ycais of     a e  slull be barred from an Intermedia'e ,'  team.     This appealed to the nice!in*  as  being-an  unfair  pioposilion,    ai l  in, many    cases  it  is    impossible tor  get    a  full    team   of young  playeis  away   from   'home.     Then   again,   >\ .   ���������  player al o e tlie age limit may    ' ���������������������������;      '  a good   intermediate player, but n>. t  quite good enough    to catch a phu-.j  with the swiiors.     In such case he r-i '  shut  o;iit  from  cither  team,  and     io  was thof-'ght that many  good playeis ' -' '  would   ]je lost  for  the game.     The     ~  rule legaidiiig  the  number  of   times  an      intermediate    can    play    senior  games   an'l  still  remain  an   iniernn ���������  diate    was,  in   the  mind of the nice1 -  ing   sufficient   check' to the habit   cf  playing    seniors   on an intcrmcAvifclJ-J-s,  team. '      - "i  Tlie (i:estioiij>f molals was Irought   '  up.     The    local intermediates,  sin u  winning    the  championship  title     ({  Ilritish-iColumbia, 'are entitled   -lo-"~  modals, Irtit tlie ^difficulty seems .to, i.ij  lack,of funis on the part of the Le ���������  gue. '  However,  it  was tlnuglittlrt  ������������������  there  mu^t    be in   the - neightoorhor-1 "  of  $30 or $40 .in the treasury whii !i  could    be appiojiriated for the    pui-  pos:e,     and     today  J\Ir.   Adam    will  write  to   President  Brown regard-in.;  the matter.  Mr. T.I. Thornley, J. Steele and J.  Adam were the delegates appoint* I  for the meeting on Saturday.  A motion was pas -cd to the ef'r< fc  that the club puichase gc-al nets ar. I  half a dozen footballs with a vru-  ticin of  the funds on hand.  The nets will lie purchased fiom  the Garrison team ;f they can I u  procured at a reasonable price. i  The s< ibject of keeping up thc dues  from members of the 'team, came u-i  lor discussion. ��������� It wasjinally dcci -  ed that a financial secretary le a -  pointed to collect 25 cents each  month., during- the. closal seascn bo -i  each mem ber. Mr. S. Mi t h ie w r "j  aprointed to this' position." It was  pointed cout that if this nile was  adopted it would leave the team 'a  ii much 'better condition foi sta't-  irig the season next .year', as t'i y  would "have a srfostantial sum to  their credit in  the treasury.  Mr. Jas. Adam will look ������.rw the  secretary's work during the smnm r,  he having been������������������aipr&wiited to lhe i o-  sition last  evening.  The Led'ger was requested to ask  all members, pf the fcoUall tc*m  vvho have sweatcis- belonging to Uic  club to retuni them as soon as prs-  sible to the Bowery. It was alio  remarkied that there would -he no objection if they were thorouehlv v.nh  etl before returning, as it ,w ill lo.r/e  them  in  gcod  shape for next <*msoi.   -4��������� ������  IN THE.WOKLD OF LABOH.  The San Francisco, Cal., I ndcibikers' Assistants' .yujiipn , ������s agituti.ig  the abolishment of- funerals on S-n-  days, so that its members may be  'given  one day in seven for  rcf,t  Thc National Civic federatioa 1 as  arranged a department of public ownership and has appointed a fompv|s-  sion of experts to ijtvestigatc he  workings of public ownership utilities.  A number of non-union Boston,  Mass., machinists, specialists in fool  and diemaHng and diesinkjng, luvo  made a ro^uesf that- a machinists'  lodge be formed exclusively of th ���������'se  men.    judge flayii'or of the New-,York su-  ,  TL Vipond'"nnd J. C. McG-regoi _ jlcrior court recently deliver������ 1 an op-  were adderl to the Sports Commit j,,,^ ho-lding employers liahle in  tee. j damages -for injuries suffered by chil-  The meeting adjourned    to . Wcdm^   dren    employed    in violation  of thf  ttee ���������-submit'-  ogrammo 'for   the  ine   is  subject    to change.  Greased Pole contest���������1st prize ������5.  Log   rolling���������1st $10.00.;  2ml ������5;  Three entries  or no second prize..  Indian.Canoe race,  11 paddles���������1st  *?3;}- .���������"' ";. "���������������������������  IClpochman's  Canoe race,   11 paddles���������1st   $22.00 . . -.- "-.'  Canoe.   Tournament.  For White Men only.  1st prize ������7.50; 2nd $5.00.  . ..Outrigger< "Race: ��������� '���������': .  1st  ������10.00;   2nd,  $5.00.  Three  entries   or   no  second pi-tze.  Tug     of   war. in     Boy's  race,      11  Launch Races.  of  ������201.50, "expenses  $48.50  ing  a   total    of- $250.00.  A communication was received from-  the' Celtic Football team of Vancouver stating that they bad a>--  ccpLcd- the proposition of tho Couv-1  nuttee for a game on the 24t;i,  and   would be   over   full     force.  :Ucv. Silva White on behalf -M  the Society Prevention o'l* Cmeity  to Animals asked if 'the commit'.-:  would have any objection to un.  Society giving prizes to the horsn  appearing in tbe parade, having  bad thc host attention. If the coru  mittee consenteil Iho Society would  award two prizes a first of v*"1'.  and  a   second     of   S5.  Tho (dl'er of the Society was accepted.  The Secretary wns authorized tu  call for tenders l'o.r the' privilege  of  soiling      refreshments on     th-i  grounds.  A.    Forrester    and    Vi.     Kirkhan,  were  added    to   the printing       Committee.  llli  mi  m  day nigW  next.  child  labor law.  t:  ti =5V=  .-. rr. 'r*.,T-::  irtSSSSfSWiSttfcC,  I  . .'.-- -~1S������--^  vO- . .9^a-*-!^������  DAILY    LKDOfiK  IHE DAILY LEDGER  fablished   every day except S������nday.  B*        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  '    OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  ,    -   SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  advance. - Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  xBTS&ncwm^'X.lB'^-3* T1*'****'^'*^"***-'���������--'  ���������������t,*\*B������/X:2'Z***~:g** ****=  wwswuweMi  =-i*3������***rA-  THURSDAY  April 26,   WOO  I"  i'"i''  INSURANCE  INVESTIGATION  Toronto, April io���������The ltoyai  Commission, appointed to inquire  into    Lifts     Insurance  methods   open-  r eel investigations hero this morning.  After argument between counsel  as  ,to' whether    or not. Manufacturer  , "Lite should be hoard before tbe coii.-  'jileuon of Superiniendont Jfiu.-  ( gerald's testimony, which was incomplete   xvhen tho.   coann^iwi    ai'.-  '-.journed at Ottawa ior the Kasuv  ida'ys. J. .F. Junk in, gvneiul  "Manager of thc "Manufacturers' L.'.u-  .vvas called, lie g-avo pariictilars ' oi  tho oi'iranizauion of ^lanufai-luier.-  Lite   in   1901     which   included       am  , alganiatioii of Temperance Lif**  Insurance Companies. In this* -on-  nection he' said that Hon. C. A.  Cox had obtained 2,300 shares of  Manufacturers'   Life    from    tho    Into  ' CJeorge  Gooderham      who  hold     the  ""largest   number  of  shares    for     the  - company. Junkin. knew nothing  about this transaction ilntil . ihe  "'transfer had  been made.     Mr.     \Mi  ' ley,' . assistant' counsel for tin;  Dominion Government asked Junkin  for. van ���������*- explanation of agrooiucnt  between. him and Sutherland, the  Manag*ei: . ;of Temperance Life by  which 'Manufacturers agreed to pay  ���������him'" for  five years  salary  of  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done -     Orders  Promptly   Executed  S#ROEDDSNG        LADYSMITH  11 .'CU 1IHTJ  ,      -  j li I.I,   FURNISH    KOOSIh  -rj" ! I !M  . C;  ABB  "\H1  Hi  1 lllii/  1/     U\     ���������?,     n  A. J. McMURTR'G, E'roprletor  s f 3 s t  i~* ������  &IL\J & fun.*  ? /-1 \ ,c ii r :���������  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  SEI<:  J.   KEMP,  OR LEAVE    ORDEKS  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  riRST  AVENUE  PHONE     6 0  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers arc requested lo call at   the office     on  Roberts   Street ei  pay Water     Rotes, between thc 10th     and the 25th of each mailh.  Office Hours i P.M. 4.30  1.1 BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  Newly fitted up and  Furnished ' .  Good tables and g'sod  Rooms,  quintal!   & Nanaiifie  Time Table ]\To. M  si.  PORTLKND  DAVID HYNES, Proprieto  Board at reasonable  Rates  rei_  The bar is extra" well  Stocked  This  Hotel  lias    been  completely       renovated.  ���������      Board aud 'edging J1.00 per d*y.  : LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE  j^   ��������� .PIANOS,  ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURE MOV- ���������  [ ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Lai' ysmith hotel.  Abbots   ford.  Leave orders  at   thr   %  M-*-4-*-*-H-*-4-f -������������������������-* -f-H  A. J. WASKET, PROP  ���������t- 4- 4>T> 4- ���������>������������������������ +++4-+++++1++ ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������  -S'2  000, Junkin said that this \\a<i  the retiring- allovnnri* . Sutherland  hact; to'agree not to work against  tlie Manufacturers in any way otherwise allowance to be cut off.   -    ..  ,   '    Peterboro,   Out..    April 25--ratii*;  McAiilirVe    of' Emily    township     jv.--  tqrday  was   found ��������� guilty    of     man-  , slaughter'   with   recommendation for  ' "'jhe'rey. .   "McAuliffe    was charged w.ih  .-striking'    Fred     Hudison,  proprietor  .."'- of  the:_Koyal   Hotel,     a     blow     or.  I ;  .theThead    which resulted   in tho lat-  ��������� ^j- .tor's- death, ten   days  la1r*r.   The    ii.v  -"-"sault   was made   in the"   Royal hole'.  '-on  Thursday     June   1,   1904,       and  was th'c result of  a  quarrel.  ,-���������'"-'".  : *   RHEUMATISM MAKES LII ID  MISERABLE.  A happy home is the in oil l valuable session that is within the reach  ot mgnldiKl, but you cannot enjoy  ils comforts if you arc sufi"crin'g, from  rheumatism,. You throw "aside ljusi.  ness cares when you enter your home  and you can be relieved from those  rheumatism pains also by applying  Cliamiberlain's Pain Balm. One, application will !?i\e you relief and its  continual use. for a short time will  bring about a permanent cure. For  sale by Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  *_"��������� of Toronto bound down with a  cargo' of grain struck at tlio  head of Duke last night, swunj.  crossways and sunk completely bloc}-:  ing navigation. All thc steamers  here since   midnight are held  up and  -   unable  to  get  throtigh.  I was cured of Acute Bronchitis b\  MINARD'S LINIMENT.  ���������       ' J. M.  CAMPBELL.  Bay" of Islands  I was cured of Facial Neuralgia hy  MINARD'S  LINIMENT.  .   - WM.   DANIELS.  Springhill,  N.S.  I was cured of Chronic RhcumtaAisinl  by MINARD'S LINIMENT.  GEO. TINGLEY.  Albert Co., N.B.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING-  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands   may  be purchas-  E cd at $10 per ncrc for soft coal   and  Sault-   Ste. "Marie,     April 25-Thcf $20  for  anthracite.   Not  more  than  -.-���������-steamer'Iroquois     of the St..     Law-'320 acres can be acquired by one in-  ���������"���������renee   ',Steam    Navigation Company ' dividual, or company.   Royalty .-.d the  rate of ten cents per ton of a.OOO  pounds shall be collected on the  ?ross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to 5100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locale a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The fee for recording a claim is  55.00  At least $100 must be expended in  thc claim^cach year  or  paid   to  Uk  mining recorder in lieu  thereof  Wiien  $500  has  been  expended   or  paid, the  locator   may,   upon   having  a survey  made, and upon complying with oth  er requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2$ per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee ?5, renewable yeaily.  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of.the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge Io  operation within one setson from the  date of thc lease for each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2* per cent collected on the output after it exceeds  $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of thc Minister   of   the  In  >rl������r.  A   Great   Boot  for Prospectors  They are all leather, and  made to stand strenuous usage in in ine or  fpres'fc.  Li 17. Men's Tan Chip  pewan Veal Kip Pros-  pectoral'  Boots  Ten-inch blucher cut, with  iwil.li full bellows tongue to  the tip; have idouble silver eyelets ami stud liool.s; double  sole and slip; standard screw  fastened; slugged nr0urtd tho  forepart and' heel. A com-  forfable as we'll as a durable  ���������boot.  Ask for them at your Dealers  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  THE  LEDGER  Office  HOTEL.    PRBTOR1H  JOHN Tr'A, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied   witirthe  Best    W'nes, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-��������� Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  Trails ieave ^-miJ smith for Victoria and all intermedia le stations, at  (1.10 am. daily. Mid at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saiwid^s and fcjiui-  ibiyri.  Trains h*a������r *",adysniitli lor Well inglon and nil intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.iu. dmiy, and at 6.0������ p. m. on Wedm 'lavs, Kalurdavs and.  Sundays. .  Excursion' Tickets ^-������se:1"^  -. ON SALE TO AND FROM ALLSTATIONS  good for going jonrney Saturdayr >ad Sundays; returnmp, not later than  the following  Moaday.  0 ' t    , Steamei*Joan--���������  Sails from Lm������ysmith tor Vaaco   uver evsry trtyrdav-at COO a.m. and  returning sails from Vancourer    lor   Ladysmith at 2.30 u.rn.  G, L. Courtney,  District Pesscnger Agent  Best accommodation for transient  \nd permanent boarders and lod^ei-i  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  ������l������tp - Rales $1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Kr>p]fc������m-{������ *^-* ���������������-��������� ������������������.-��������� *.-.* f.sislTijml'Sl!  THE JONES HOTEL   WHITE   COOK���������  ami  ���������^VIl 1 ������E   L A1JOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block' from Depot.)  GATACRE   STRERT-     Ladysmith.  "GMlWIf  Leads Them   "All  in QUALrrir  HOTEL   DOMINION  --U,-!ei- .f! .2.%'!--.n������l$l .50���������  Freo I.Ui to all steamboat landhipB rii������<  milwav depot?. Eh*e( r;c earn every H *  minute? lo vj1| paita ol tho city.* Bar  cud table uru-scelk-d.  F.-RAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C  Under Alanagment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R.'McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial  Mens'  beadjiavtcrs.  Modern  and      Strictly First Class  Fire Proof     Buildup.  R.P. RITHET,  & Co.,  Ltd  ' I'acific Coast  VICTORIA, :--: :-���������  Agency.  _,    _. *_*B.C  WANTED���������By Chicago wholesale  house, special representative' (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  v/eeKly. P'.vpcnsc money advanced.  Business successful; -position permanent. No investment required. Previous  experience' not essential to cn-  - Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,   111.,  U.S.A.  rsBSS^mafm>*s!^^^^i^^s^^^ii mpri i^  /i������Jn/i*>,  Ticket and Freight Oflice, 75  Government Street.  1  Transcontinental  2  Trains Daily  The New Train  ORIENTAL LIMITED  The Train ol  -Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.^  Every  mile  a picture,   and  no smoke to spoil the   view.  Through Compartment,' Observation and Pullman Sleepers;    also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.  Atintie Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty .  Union     Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.  ��������� >  Berth reservations by. wlrel  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOR  JAPAN   AND. CHINA.  ���������   S. ,S. Minnesota    will   sail'  from Seattle,  April  2lith. -  For rates, folders and full  .information,, call on or address,   .  S. O.  YERKES,  A.G.P.A., Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent,  Victoria, B.C.\  TH6CITV MHRK6T'  ,   R. 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'.��..*..��..��..ft..���..�����*�����������������*�����.. |-��.,
1 Miners'Drilling Machines .    .
a hot f-olution of fresh lime wash,
to which ci ude carbolic acid has
been added in the abo\e mentioned
Outbuildings, fences and tying
posts with which infected animals
ha^e been in contact should also,
when possible, be thoroughly treatel
in a .similar manner.
All ordinary harness and stable
utensils which have ueen in contacl
with infected animals or infected premises, should be thoroughly soaked
m a hot solution of crude carbolic
acid of a sttength of one part to
Vancouver, April 3-1.���Through .Vi
J. CI. JUci'hillipps, K.C , the nominal   leg nl lcpicsPntat iv e   or   ilr.    H
.1. SUumei, limber inspector, but
really the lepi esenlalive ot the pio
\incial authoi iliL~>, the g*ovei mnent
this   morim.g *    gavt  an   undertaking
2,500,000 DOLLARS
��� i
tiorseslotr* ard Genera' I lacksmttns.
Butler Bireet -    - Ladysmith, B C
���*fr+��H"fr-��'fr ��� ���!��� **��� 'Ir*'!' ��� ���!��� ������t-H��^4��'I~����K'"l-��*!1
Srewine Co
flanufacttirers of the
B. C.
In  British Columbia
Lager  User   and Porter   - Guarantesd   Brew
from the B;st Canadian, Malt   Run   Hop3
' ' v. - ��
*|" ^i^+*^*K��**^-+**H*'**fr+-��fr -m-h-H; �����!���,��� * ��* ������h^-: ���
danders infection.    Such lioises   and
jinnies should be watered fiom special
pails,      which-together  with    othei
(stable   utensils    used on    or     about
j them, should he carefully clensed and
J disinfected before being used for   other    animals.     Stalls"     occupied    by
'strange horses or   nudes should    be
well cleansed  and disinfecteii,  anil if,
'at all possible,    left unoccupied     for
some time.
,    6. Wheic new horses or mules   aic
puiclwsci"  in or from districts wheic
ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons glv   glandeis c\ists,  they should,     unless
en in classes or individually. ciuefiilly tested  with Mallein. prior to
MISS BERTRAM puichasc, he stabled apait and closa-
Ladysmith.  B   V.'-��� '"'     ' ly  watc,*ed lor some time before be
lli ought in contact  with     othei
Materials which might be injured to Chid Justice Ifuntei that <t
by the above treatment, such as val- would not confiscate the .soi/ed Km
liable harness, robes, cushions,    etc ,   ,.rflt,u    i0gc,   imul      the legality      oi
j which ,have  been  in contact with  in-   tJ,c  seiz.UK> hud     been   passed    upon
fection, should  be pl.��ceil in an    an-   jjy tntJ  C()(J] ls
J tight room and fumigated with Foi-
maldehyde, after which they should
be thoioughlv cleaned.
4. Stables where outbreaks havc
occurred or wdierc diseased animals
have, inadwcrlently or othei wise been
stabled, even temporarily, the clensing and    disinfection  siiouhl  be iSpc-
ciallv thorough, and in such cases   it
is  safest  to  remove  and   bum     feed
boxes and mangers vvben of wood,
iion arlicjes can be icndered harmless hy passing (hem through,, fire,
or bv immersing them for some lime
in boiling water. All litter fiom
suspected animals should be burned,
or carefully fenced  until used.
5. Farmeis   ' and   others     should,
lioncvpr    possible,    avotd admitting
stiaMge hoiscs or mules to the pre-
J mists occupied "by their own ani-
,mals, especially of the same specif
i It is a good plan to reserve a;, iso-
j lated building foi outside horses or
j mules,   but  vvheie  this is  impossible
I hey may be accommodated in    cow
staldes, cattle   not being' subject   to
J he government did not desire lo
give this undei taking but IIisLoid
ship pointed out that in thiec
day's tune fnis tlnrtv-day period o.
grace (dining which the ownet ci
the logs i<s cntilleil to nl tempt to
recover them; would expire, nnd hi-
deilarod thai unless tho matter was
in slntii quo he would give n
' judgc-mcml olihand Appaienlly such
'a    judgement   was   desirable from thc
nnd the
dual, subjects taught;-alfi.q- dan
guagc drawing in pencil and crayons, 'paint ng in. oils and  water col
Manufacturers of the Famous
None bu   Union Labor , Employed
n J.  BOOTH. Prop
LADYSMl TH   BAKERY       I w. s'i m<      " * animals of lhc equine species.
0II01M.MM..and pastrysENEMtiixpREss:iND'w^^if���Sc:':::,titt:
cnlaigcd glands, the presence of fare}
buds,   unaccountable swelling of
Wedding    CaLct   *3adc' to"Older
_      ERY   DAY
Prices's are   .Very Reasonable.     All
Customers arc Treated Alike.
M. B. SiiFSOr
Solicitor.  FA*.
Uvmy  to   Loan
1st.  4->fjio�� UOYSIWI H
I.e��ve orders at the Abhotsford.
Dr.R.B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
fygfg^       EXCELLENT
I ^^ Ira in Service
And tlio Principal Business Centers of
Ontario, Quebec, and the
Maritime Provinces.
For Time Tallica, etc., nddreas
Assistant Gen'l Tassunger ��uU Tlckot Agent,
'inihs  and  general  unthriftness often
|cliaracterijes cases of  Glandeis,    the
^disease exists  in many animals with-
'out, for  tlie   time being, any external, manifestation  whatever,  the only
menus of detection in such   cases   bc-
^uig   the Mallein   test,   and  that these
occult or latent   cases, arc   in so.-ne
All work guaranteed,^ ��nd ��?tre*i��      r^specls the most dangerous   because
ablfi ratei.     ' ' unsu.spcclwl.     Our   cxiierience   shows
RESIDENCE AND,.OREICIS ��� ... ',that lt 1S     poBMb,B }������ nnimals    o[
Gatacre St. Ladysmith ^this   class to c��n,(iy miection   i0
���    "" '*  *"   '"   ' " "*" ""jblhets v.ithoul  thenisehes de\elopjng
aci.tj     'symiitoms.      It    is theiefore
Jlilain   that  yreat caution should     be
'eMtrcised   on   the   purcluse or, hand-
jliii^ of stiange lioises or mules,   es-
necially in tlio.se distucts where    the
ib-stase has beeoiiie established:
LADYSiVIITH    TEM.PLE,    No./ ,5.~i
������Ratlib'pnc Sisters, 'meets in the Odd
fellows' Hall    every 2nd.   and.,4th:
Tuesday, at.7:30 p.m.' '.     '.���./'���";:.
M. of R'.J&.-.C,
Manufacturers 01.��� "^
S. The   carcasses   oi animals dying
Ii om oi slaughtered as being aliccted
Willi Glandeis should,  when   possible
'ijc binned,  or failing this, buried   at
'least szv j"eeL  beneath the suifacc.
j    9. Owncis of premises  wheic    ouL-
f bieal s ha\e" heen dealt  with    should
| heai  ia mind that  Inspect3 *s aui.oI
lecomniend    release    fiom quarantine
i a
unless disinfection has been cained
out in a sitisfaclory maimci, -and
that comien^ation for animals blaugh
j teied cannot be paid unless a ccili-
licalc of clensing and disinfection has
1 been, icceiiod j,y lhe Minister of Ag-
j    LO   Holsc owners  should  ha\e    no
���i hesitation..in reporting ��� to tlhs Department or  to its insrectcrs the cx-
���'istciice of actual of suspected cases
of glanders.     The  disease has
point   of  vii'W   ol the crown
undertaking was fiiicn
As tht; case .stnnds *al pn-sont, Mr
A. I) Tnvlor, lor Air. .1. S
Eincison, owner oi Lhe loys whuh
are worth ai>!>i oxnuotely STOOll, jiid
Mr Jlcl'inllip.s, for lhc Cioverimiciii,
will submit authorities to bis loi'd-
hlup, the Chiel Justice, on law
points Tho dispute will bo Ioul/mI
out largely on the '(|iiintion oi �� hi ther (he Timber .YTaniilacuireis Act
under whuh tbe sui/.incs w<rto made
aiiplics   or does     not   appl\
The ait ion,   known '.n the     iCionk
as   that   of   Mi        Kmorsim      %s    PImii
nee,     was  brou>>,ht   to  the attention
of     the   Chioi   Justn-c   this    morning
on    nn      application       by ill        Mc
l'hillipps.     to have  set a-ide  tbe  older   of   replevin,    which' was    sc\civil
weeks  ago   secured    by  Mi      Tu\ mi
This  oider  was   never executed,     a-
(he plain till   was  fjuitc content       t i
allow        the    go\ci niiicnt  to    lemam
in possession      ot ihe   logs   till     tu"
legality     of the  sei/uie    was deter
nimeil       Mr    MclJhillipps     did    not
obtain       liis'ilesiiad     older,  and  Un
writ   ot     replevin still   exists
Thc -whole point  at issue is tbe -U
termination  ot   the  tcims     of     thai
section    of   the   act   whuh      provirli-
that   "nil   timber  cut   on   ungrnnlt'd
lands of   I lie  frown    which shall hon
afiei   be  granted, >��� shall  l.e    used    i,
(his  province,  etc"       llv|be      won
"tut'     is   piospeclive   the      govern
niont loses      It   is (he   contention   <M
Mr   Taj lor   thai     as  tbesei/eci     log-
were till   before lhe nil   was" pnsset"
it.s   1 oi ins   aic     not      applicable     in
this   inslaiKo,     ^uil that  I hej ~     onl.,
hohi   e,ood   in le-ipcct    lo  log=  cut ai
ter the   passngv  oi  the act-
Should  (he  imiits    doli'imino    that
lhc   nit   doc-    not   applv   Timbei     fn-
spetfor   ftKinnni, '"  who m.ule lbc su/
uiV's   v mill!   bo  lei'l   in     nn nssnilabb
position,     liiif    doubtless  (he       Oo\
ernnient,      which      oidorcd     his.     ar-
tion.    would   staiM  hi'lnnd   linn.
.San Francisco, ApriL ^."i���The lol-
lowing1 telegram was reueiveil    totbj
������ White"House,   Washington,  Api   -1
"Hon. Ubas, J), l'helan, Chan in.m
oi Kinnnci' C'oiuinii teu, San 1'ian-
"���The J^inancc Committi-e tan nsu
lhe Lulled States Mint at San
Francisco   as a     depositor v     ioi
iuncls until the Mib-lreasuiy opens
ami the cu.iimitlee can use the sub
treasure until the- banks open
l'b.'j should withdraw Hinds frc��i.
tho   dcpnsiUii.v   in   sums   not
Less" than  -"jLOOO
as   goveinn.eul    odices  in  San   Fian
cisco   an!      not     equipped       do      (i<>
banking   business. I'lease-     consult
as   to del ailed ai rang<eiiionis the Si.)
urintenilcnt   oi"   tlie      miiiL   al        San
"���"laiicisio Secretary Shaw will
immediately wiu> ms( ructions to ll.e
^uperiiuiuidimt oi"   Hie     mint   and   lev
ssistatit ircasuror. Autluifii y is
sjieciallj given to i he sei ivtar,-
of war to disbui.si. llie (ongns-
sional appropi intion amount nig in
all to two million five huiuh
thoi.sniKl didlars-.
(Signed,) Tllf       ROOSF.VKf/l
To  fleam if.v   I'i isto
James X) l'helan, Chairn>nn of lh'
Jmjii owinenL As->oi latiuii of this
citj- (lesj)atcht'd Iclcgiaui.s lo 'u-
tic'hct Diuiiel V. Jhiinbam and his
assistant, Mr niiiii.tt, who a.io in
Chicago to tome immediately" to
this iat\ to taue up thc woik plan
lied some two jeais ago liuinbaii
and Jioiineu aie the ut ig-iuators tn
the plans to bcaulilj' San Piant'iSi-o
and the commit tut* docs not want
to take anj' Iinal aition until it
has a coiiterciwe with them- Man./
tons of lucious licsh flint weie di<���
tiilmto.l free j est or jay ailcinoon
and thig morning gi'Cat ( bunches ..f
bananas  and  oiang-es vvei e
MU'Tic nxpnnrTioN
\'il_toiia     A|)iil    '2')���Cap!
idcs-m    e\-ploii'i      piepaiing    lo
on   Ma.v     !."<   S'fkmg       to     discove.
luither   Kind      u\  the Arctic  was U>
day     givut     c 1,000    bj   the   Canail-
lan     govci niiient     toward  the    entir
I)i is".     Rubsciinl ions vv*~ie nlso       ie
reived    fiom    1/Oifl   Hoth'schild
Given Unsparinglv '
to the   people     who  (locked   m    fi m ���
the tents  along  the   bench  and       <���
jout    Foil   Mason 'J'he     oiangt-,
ha��l been shipped to San Fian-
n.v'u for commission ini'i than I.s bc-
ioic   (he earthquake. Tbev nail
been unloaded fiom the waiehoi-
ses and curs luckilj- escaped destruction to a large extent \s the..
kad not been accepted bj the
(���rms lo whom they weie sh.pi' i
they were laig'dy thL piopeiiv m
the g-iovvers and pnckois in the
southern pait oi the state and
\ioid   was  loceived lrv       telegiaph
that the  sillleieis weie  onh     two
Adenine   lo   them    The  bananas wiie
mninlv   in  (he    warehouses whip
Ihev' wer�� being' held to opi n 'I ii- \
belongod to S.iii Fram iico con
mission nirn but weic ��onJioii0l
lmne,t o\er to the naval sinthoii i
es in command of tbe water fiom
disl ii^t  foi   distribution
Pno Dcpartmenf
lb itt and his father mined the dy
ing gnl to hi. Ki^nci-j hospital op
a su etcher and when the }iu*
leaclud Ibis etJihtc* (he.v u-movcl
hei to Sut lei Sltuv-t cai bain."
Ihe flame-> pmsued them and th"
unioilun.iit* gnl was Imallj t.il.ee
to   Son   M.tteo.
San Fiamisio, Aj-rili 2.'���With un
watering fjilli m their Ood, l>\eti-
tj C'Jinic's.* gaiheied m one chso-
Jale spot ul (lie runih ol Cluna-
town i ),is iiioiiuiig and vvorshippjd
.n lull lomjiliciiiLi* with the rites
ul   then    religion Jn   the  ashes      ol
then timpJu tney knell and -.ileal I\ (Jlieieu then ]na.v<is J'rosti.i-
te m I lie smouldering vviccUagv bc-
liuie theiu ��>b the i-Iiiined trun~
oi' ihe giaven image lhat once
held lhe altai m the (eniple ot
.-sliai Tai 'J'he iiimcs ot iresii
iiiieusc aiul   sa< reil   punks      curlni
si.v v aid.     All  dainlie-,  obtainable un
der     the  (in urastaiues   were    spread
in  ])i njni uitoi j   olici-ing    to   I lit
vil     that   no    olienc.   to  that
niighl   bung   a   icoccui rence  oi       Hi
disaster       .\o    detuil   was    overlook
(d   b.v      the      hiithiul   Chinese      who
pleaded    for__iii"ic\        in   heliall   ot ti.e
���5"),000    oi  (lieu     c-oiinl r.vmen      made
ha in less      b.\    l ho     disaster 'J'h"
univjtie     sci vice took place in \Va��"
ctlv pla< e wheie once stood ih'j
Jiih'-sL Joss house ol San Jciau-
tiico ( Iimese i.tiarteis J^ast mghl
the woishippris came across the
bav iiom Oaklaml hi ing'ing two
pi icsts ol tin- temple with them
Vt dusk iliev tri"tl to luul the
ium-> cu then .Joss bouse but
weie   cluven   lack   bj    the       mihtai.y
guaids   1 hi own     in a     wale   cutlc a-
i omul   tbe wrecked   mansions of   "Sob
Hill       llinv tins    niouung' they      ,t
gain   mndo   tbi.ii      vvav    to       Chin i-
lovvn      A   s.pec>al   policeman  escorted
tiiem        ailei some     parle.y       goc
jiei mission   frnin   (lie    sentrv   for , the
pi-'lounanre     of  lhe      ccremon.v      in
Sfr. Win. Thos. Lanorgaii, provincial Constable at Chapieau, Ontario,
says. "I caught a severe, cold while
���uniting a burglar in the forest
swamp.'last fall. Hearing of Chain-
:ecn   uerlain's  Cough Remedy,  I  tried   it,
In districts .where the existence of
Glanders is,suspected, and especially
in neighborhoods where actual outbreaks have occurred, .the adoption
of the following precautions by owners of horses and others interested,
will do much to, prevent thc spread
of the disease aiid tlicestajbiishnieni
of fresh centres of-infection.
. l: Ilorses or nuiles having a nasal
discharge or other suspicious .syinp-j.
toms'.' should tefc -be'-aShrit^d tdUv- ]
spreading- rapidly   of  late years,   niid and after using two small ..bottles,. I
it is"n matter      of  public, interest *\"as. completely "cured."  This remedy
Miafc. cvet-y   fresh  centre   of. infection '-"* i''t-emde<i fs-.iocially  for coughs  and
should   he  discovered   and  dealt  vvilii colds.     Jt will loosen .ind  relieve   a
as  prom.pl.Iy  us  possible. severe cold  in  less time thin by nny
J.  0.  RUTIIKRFORD, other    treatment and  is  a , Lavo/de
Vflcrinary Director General wherever its superior    esnallstice   hus
Department of Agriculture, become known.      For sale by L'U'y-
Ottawa, March, "1000. smith  Pharmacy.
Wellington Grove No- i tlr-A. 0.   i
Meets ill the I' 6 6 .F. Hail, l.t. ;cry or feed stables or' yards, blade-!
tlysmith, the Second.-.and.. Fourt' 'smith shops, church or sclipol sheds��� |
H'cdiiesdays of each month, 'connnsr-' 'railway stock yards.-private stablcj;.')
ir,g Wednesday,  13th.. 1905. | or other places where they are liicpl'y
Visiting Druids     arc invited to n I to come into direct'or indirect coii-
tL"7ld- tact' with aninmls pf tlie- equine sper'
cies. -.-. .���'.-    -:    -
2. All stables, yards,or.shevls used
B.v Order.
"WM. RAFTER, KecrSet'tv
From      this  data  the  undersigned
will  not   he  responsible for   any in
debtedness     incurred except on      ��
written orocr signed by the secretarv
Rowland  Machin.
Non Personal Liability.
Victoria. B. C, M*t 18th. 180*.
for the accommodation of horses or
mules should . be ''rogtilfl't'ly and . frequently clensed and disinfectetl iin, the
manner prescribed'.'below. ���"* ���*   *   .
3. After clensing the. pufinjiscs thoroughly, and burning all dflbris, the
interior shonld he well gone over
with hot steam, or boiling Water,
adding to the latter at- least one
quart of crude carbalic acid to each
five gallons, after which the entire
surface should be thickly coated with
Public-  Notice
T~     ' '���.'���:������
Attention Is called  to '.he    fact that tht
Ogilvie Flour flii'Is  Co,   Limited
makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR.     have for some ilme
past been producing flour In a   vastly  iuiprored  and  purlfl  *   '^'ro
by tho aid olELE3TRICITY
and  having secured control of    all tlie basic patents relating ther?
to, take this opportunity ol �� dvisint-   the  public  that  *tny
orized. users of the electdc*.l   flour' purifying processes   win
Ogllvio Fionr Mills C!:uup.i'i7 I^^raitoi
5>ps *lio    only    millet-a ia Canad;
�� a purified by tlie Electric Process
Snn Francisco,    Apiil    2o���The los-
sra     of   the     bu department .vie   i-
(.onsulciable  n. coinpiiii^on  with    iK
t,ro��it   duimgc'   ^usLtvined        in      ot'nci
dopartmcnU  oi   lhe  muuicipnlitj
Eaily Ibis niotmng a cluuni
bod.\ was toiiiul in tho ruins ai
.Noith Beach >vhn-h maj ptove I*
be thai. ut a Tiivman The ap
"paiaLus oi the dcpni (ment wh'l
daningu is ^.Ull intact Nineteen
companies, however have been put
put of -cpmmission, and ninny of
them were disbanded.. "At a nipec-
ing- of 'the (ire comniissioners this
iiioming it was reported by Chie-i
Dougherty, that including the dead
and   injured     there are    about
100 .Members
of. the department missing-. It i.->
believed, however that these men-
have been .separated from their
companions and will join tlv.-ir.
as quickly ns they can. In orticr
I'lint the al'mirs of the depnrtmeni
may be straightened out orders were
sent to each bnttalion chief, directing (hat tho missing men lie located and ordered to join thoir
companies. It is hoped by nightfall to have them nil ii'ccounled lor.
Besides Chief Sullivan, the onl;.
identified (iremnn is James O*
A'cill the hosemau on duly with
engine 4. whose body was found
beneath the ruins of tho engine
house at thc corner of Howard aiv.
Third Streets. O'Xcill vvas killed
b.v a falling cornice while tryini;
(o extricate himself from the.
San Francisco, April 25��� Won
came from San Mateo this morning of thc death of Mamie Brit:.,
sister of Jimmy Britt the pugilist
and daughter of Willus Drift. . She
"lad   for   years   been   sufferiiuy       from
whi'h   (he      Orientals     place       thin
ho; i'  ot     inline      safety nnd  salvation      The  nuns     of "the Joss    hou-f.
weic soon  tound   and   a.  little      digging  un'ovcicd       the   partly    burned
.loss      At  fiist     sight   oi   tbe   blac.-
em-d   wood"n     image      the       Chined.*
(hopped   to  ilioii   knees      Thcy_    ip
inn mod   silent    foi     a   lew    iiiomeutt
and   then       some     of   them       begun
then - praveib chaiding     to the fallen |
Joss   while   the     others spread     out
tlie  oflei nigs   ol   food     that had been
hi ought -along       !*'oi* an    bom       the
Chinese   lemainctl     in    worship     an J
(hen     vi ben   thev       had       complete'
then   appeal    to   the   spuit   of*       ; he
.an nod   Joss  th'-v cautiously   backed
iiom  (In*   s tiled     wiockagc     of     the
temple     ard  afl<*i      one    imul  prasci
miilefd  m  unison retnined.   to   the
tliousaiuis     oi  destitute.    Chinese     in
ihe   tit'is   a<icT-s      tbe    Bay The
"host   oi   the     devil   vvas left  behind
constructed as soon as possible.
Tbe handsomest part- of the city
was built under his dnection. The
.slieits were made wider and the
houses loftier, but ��� to this daythoic
aie edifices still standing which
icjiiiiici the tiavc-ller of tlio avvi'm
disa-stor oi    17of>
Valjaitso, in Chile, South .America, was visited b.v severe earthquakes in 1780 and 1S22, and by
slighter shocks in 18..S9 and JS7-"J
A des-truciivo C-aithquiake took plow
m Montreal on November 27, m
the  j ear  ISOl-i Fortunatclv,  ���   .*'".
though very much aam-
age was done, no lives weie Jo^t
Slight carlhqu-ikj i-hocka bave fre-
rji'entiy been lel( in various parts
of tlw States. Severe shocks weie
felt at Los Alamos, Gal , on Julv
2ri, HI and August 1, llJ0*i, and as
far back as 3 872. Several snidi,
towns were destioyed ana uljoia
thirty people killed on Maich 20
and 27 oi lhat year m the same
state Earthquake shocks have
7jo��h frequent in the history of .Lif-
an, where,, on J-'c-bi .ai.v -J, 1 "o j
���Jocldo was destroyed a*.d 2uy,ui)j
Jives'lost���a ivcoid nuini. *r even i -r
an earthquake.     In     l^j.'i  tin-, .same
-ji'elt   in   (he    countiy   which  ue,e i.tt
",111,     lhe    southern Island    ol       K iu.
>hiu,    embanlcmeiils,    etc ,    weic   <ie-
^tio.ved     Chikugo   river     twice rose
28}  feet   above  its level and       7.i,-
07-J   nj*f-*ons* were rendered destimt.-
A l'eaiful earthquake shook the
Nippon Islands on October 28, 1.-111
when 81,(100 ' houses weic destroyed and railways and bridges were
demolished About 10,000 people
were Killed and' 1300,000 left home-
le.<-s. The loss vvas estimated at
In Juno 3S96, Kamasishi. in tho
north of Japan was,/Jmost destio.>
cd by eaithquakes, and besides th.j,
loss of 1.000 people by the
shocks,�� of which thetc w^ic J ^0
in twenty hours, about 20.000 weie
drowned b.v act"day wave, whir It
destioyed     many   towns
San Framisco, April 25���The JT.it-
lonal li'duc at iono.1 Con\onlion wa-,
to have held its annual convention in San Francisco fiom .lul."
4 and 9 and plans are being considered to have the com en! inn held
in Califomn m spite of (he ' disaster innt has .overtaken San Ft an-,
cisco , Tt lias been suggested that a
model out door camp be established
in fhe "Piedmont Kills bar-,c <i
Oakland1 nnd within easv distance
of  thc   Imivcrsifv of California
tin uui'uiijuukc,      in     l<o.>  tin-, .same
1     c'o
J town vvas again   near.y destroyed   Jit
1 "���'''���>'   tho  year    1899 .shocks wen*       ., >a.n
Quapiielie, Sas., .tpi il; 2."���William
I'ict. a young Knglishman shot
himself in a fit of despondency th.s
morning lie had been m ihe
wesl several \cais and had no
ic'lntive^ in   this    countrv.
i no
One  oi   tb.e
mi thquaki s
most sti iking of      1 ho
whuh   history    locords
was   that that   on November 1    177T>
leduic-il     tlu*   i.tit     city'  ot     Lisbon
Aimosl in   an .nstaiil   to   a    heap ol
iiims     Voi    niai'j.    centuries   the cit^i
had   suliered      irom    oarthquakoh  ol
more   or   less    violwuo,    vvluch,   hovv-
c^oi   hail  almost  been lorgvttcn
luo     bioko     our     to    completc-
thej Ilaugh
woik ol dc-tuiitiotv and between
.0,1)011 and 10,000 people lost tbt.i
lives 'Ihi*. catastrophe occurred ,n
the icign of .Joseph T I'ndor the
direction .~of. romlml, an nnscrupur-
oi.is minister,' but a man of great
talent, the rights of property were
protected     and     the    buildings       ic-
Kootenay Steel Rati
The oven In the Kootenay Range is scientifically propor
tioned toXthe size of the fire-box, so that no  more fuel can be   |
burned than is absolutely necessary to heat the oven.
The oven is lined with heavy sheet steel, which is a gre.it
radiator of heat anil insures
wixoso  Flour
| the   earthquake.     when
[residence vvas threaWiod
| struct ion,     Mamie  Hrilt
' death bed.     Tho priest  had  just   ad
ministered  the last sacrament- When
the  house finally  caught  fire  Jimmy
morning o!
the Brit (
with 1-
was   on  her
.New Westminster, April 23 ��� lo-
day the st(>amei Gooigia is making hoi la's! tup of the season vv it li
salmon n\ itom the Bon Acoid
hatchery The present -shipment i-.
foi Pitt Lake and will cciipletJ
the chstiibution ol 10,000,0uO b->
fiom this hatchery for tho scas'iit
They have been distnhuted as fol-
Ajlovvs 60,000 m the- Sane lien
Rivei.  CO,000 in  the  .Squa
nnsh, 60,000 m Cowichan, fi0,0v,0
m (ho Knnnimo T ftJ-"-', -'00,000 divided among Sprott lake at the
head of Alberni Canal Anderson
Lake ���" on Barclay Sound, ��� TCcnnedv
Lake, on tho west coast. The " remaining 9,540,000 were'placed a!
the  head   of Pitt   Lake;
a. uniform heat throughout
the oven���no danger of a
loaf of bread being half done
on one side and. burned on,
the other.
The Kootenay' Range is |
built on scientific principles ^
throughout, and should be
carefully examined before p
buying any other.
Sold   by  all enterprising
Booklet free.
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg:, Vancouver,
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A London review,  (The Academy) is authority for thc  statement that although 1 hr* books  of tho famous Polish novelist, Hen-  tyk iSicnliii-wic/., are widely popular  they havc nol brought him a fortune.  A. C. Hcnson's life of "Walter Pater" is announced by the "MucmilUui  company for early issue in the English Men of Letters scries. Mr. "Ilcn-  bon, who wrote the cvcelle-nt liTc of  "Rossetii" in thc same scries, li.is in  thc< absence of any official biograihy  of Pater, collected thc information  as to tlic events of lhe life of Pater's  relatives  and   friends.  Arthur Stringer's forthcoming novel, "The Wire "Tappers," is snid to  contain a heroine similar to that in  thc play "Leah Klesehua," which  Mrs. Fiske has made famous: the  woman who steals and the, woman  who loves���������in one and the same woman- Hut, in the "Wire Tappers,"  the beautiful but erring heroine is by  force of circumstances engaged for a  time in a crime of thc most, modern  kind, wire lapping.  "The District Attorney" is lhe'"U-  tlc of a timely new novel by William Sage, .dealing with the present  day political and financial lilo announced by early publication by 'Little, Brown &.' Co. It is the story  ,of a. son with high ideals'and a la-  1 her of the modern financier type,  and the ine\ .table clash with its  dire consequences. All.*.Sage i.s tlie  uithor of "Robert Tournay," a story  of the French revolution; "Tbe Clay-  bonier," a story of thc civil war,  md "Frenchy, the stoiy of a Gtm-  tleinan." -    "  ulesl Mapes  AT  v DOOK More  A meeting of the members of the  Church of England will be held in  the Church this eveningNto elect officers for the ensuing year.  THE  GREAT  SEA  WAVE.  Mr. William E. Bruce told a grar  phic story of the sea wave that  Cains ashore in January last on the  Pacific (.'oast of Colombia. Several  hundred persons in the little town  01 Tunmco were drowned in the over  whelming Hood, aiul the horror of  the eartltcjfua' e that had just destroyed many homes was thus intensified. ���������     ,  Thc story of such waves following  an eiarthVjuake is old, and So is the  mistake that many writers perpetrate by describing them as tidal  \va\cs. Tidal influences luvc nothing to do with their formation.  They are caused by the earth^iaU's  themselves, and are the natural result of earthquake shocks originating  under certain conditions.  This earlhiq'uale originated under  the ocean instead of beneath the  land surface. Its epiccntrum (or, in  other words, the place beneath  which the subterranean ' disturbance  that caused the earthquake was situated) lay on tiie sea floor. The  earth waves set in motion by the  su.l>tenrai������3an shook spread alonfe the  sea bottom till tliey reach the shore  and overthrew or shattered buildings'  far along the coast of Colombia;  and thc two waves were caused . by  the distu 1 banco, of thc sea floor in  lhe epiccntrum fact.'  It is likely that a vessel passing  over the opicentrum would scarcely  ha\e noticed the disturbance,, but'the  whole mass of...superincumbent water', was lifted into a mound and  the water then fell as far. below its~  natural level _ as it had been raised  aho.'e it. The sea wave thus formed, according to Mr. Bruce's description, pliod up to a height of about  Unity feet as it reached the shallow water oil shore, and fell upon  the low lying land, its onrush and  prodigious weight crushing or overturning everything in its path  fe  Fcr The  B AL L*  '���������o-~  White   Kid   Gloves��������� |  White and Cream Silk i  Gloves  Fancy While Vests  White lawn Bows  <  ������������aW-M������cM-ML������MMnc������ ���������r������������������j urn ���������**���������! ���������'������������������������m^i  Ladies  Fancy Ties=-  Cvery Description  1  Patent Leather Pomps  1  Dancing Slippors  Fancy Hosier)  EVERTHING  You   May   Require  Walter* &  AkeDhead  Wong O. Guy  KEIMlflSENTINCr  TAI5AN0 & CO.  Merchant Tailor*.  Will be in Ladysmith weekly.   Leave  orders  at  The   Abbotsford  Smoke Big 15. Cigars  LO.VlilvST  LEVI'   OX   KECORI).   -  (Continued  from   Pajrc One.)  from the win.low sill, ga\e a little  up Uu* coinage. I hung by my lsands  push outwaid with my feci and let  .go.  "It was all over in an instant. Bui  1 lemembiT wIidh 1 v. as in midair  that I Ico'cd 'own to s������j if tho life-  net was under mc. While I was in  the air 1 thought of a dozen dint-rent ways I might be -Killcrd. I might  miss the net, lig/ht on my head and  break ' my neck; the meshes might  give way, and so on. 1' thought as  much in that brief moment of descent'  as I usualy do in an hour.  "Then again 1 reiiicin.r.ier niioaning  involuntarily before I was down. I  could not help it. I moaned until I  was carried down on the street,  where I A\as placed on my feet. ��������� I  did not lose consciousness for a second that-1 ri'inc-miber of. 1 alighte*.*  .->o quickly that "it"whs' almost impossible; lo have sensations. I Know,  1 r  however, that the net felt mighty  good. My two ribs were bro'ten by  my leg being forced against my side.  "No, no; my hair has been grey  for several years. TJic jump -had mo-  thing to do it with," said Cappa, in  answer to a question. He smiled as  he made the remark and seemed to  feel much belter when he had* con-  cluidul his tale. When he was .talking aO.'.'Hit-'the fire he was nervous an-I  and there was an uneasy looh about  his eyes. But as soon as he had  concluded, his nervousness left him.  The International Union of Flour  and Cereal Will Employes-gives a  union button to each member securing Ihe admission of a new member  orthe reinstatement of ttn old one  -"saa  Men  1 W<* hays a  Large Variety  to  Choose From  and can suit you  for  s  !���������-.   !  TMIO MAT.  The Vancouver l'rovini-e in referring of the accident lo Mal&ml.i  which necessitates tho postponement,  of  thc   wrestling- match says:  ���������'The    accident  happened   while   lhc  Miry   Japanese wrestler was wording  out   wilh    AVilliam   Fcnglor,     a   v.i* '  known   'Kuropean   strong-  man     and  wrestler,     who   is  now    in   lhe  c\iy  Fonglor  is  a man  of   immense  strength,    who-breaks      rocks   with       his  naked   fists,      bursts chains  with  the  Sca  expansion  of his nniicles and      rtc.-*s   ( Many  South   American earth>.juahes  other equally     startling stunts. along the Pacific Coast originate un-  -'���������Whilc wre-^Uing.     with     Mathilda  -lor the sea  lloor, and  are invariably  followed  by  these    waves1 of greater  or  less  destructive power.   The great  ws���������������������������������������������.   Iqtnt'lue earUi(*uakc of 1&~(7. The calamity that destroyed the city of Lis-  lo:i in 17&5 originated under the sea  lloc.r,     ami-    th? waives that dashed  The "epiccntrum  was not very     far j coas ^ illt,.ea,swl  oil Uie Coast,  for Mr   Bruce    sa s,  ������fc froiu firt^     to  that while the    second and     RrcateTJUie uesuueumi,  .shock was still in progress he saw  the high wa\e coming, and the fust  slighter shock had been followed immediately by a smaller waive, that  simply ran up into the streets for  a short distance, doing little damage. The disturbance beneath the  earth's crust probably, originated not  more than fifteen or twenty "miles at  and he accu'en  tally fell with his knee on iho '"'-jr  ter's chest. Thc shock was ahetvw  one, as Feng-lcr weighs t,wo hundred   and   twenty-live      pounds  vhUo  goods  in this  issue,   whkh intending | MaLsu(la  nnly \veighs    on0     hunJ..t(,  ancl  forty-five.      The   big man's lcr.'-c  sixty feet in height  Just as little wa\es arc formed,  when a pehlile." is .droprod into a  r.ool and mo>e in a circle around  from the centre, so these enrthijuake  sea waves move with great rapidity  in all directions fiom the region of  the shock. Undoubtedly the big  wave obssrixcl by Mr Bruce crossed  the Pacific, and though it was not  perceptible out at sea, it may have  been observed on the coasts of the  Hawaiian is'lands and Japan. Thi/^va--  ter waves  from   t-he Peru earthquake  o # e���������e���������������������������e���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  '    -FOR   Tenuis Qords  La<T05S3   Sticks   AND   B?se ba!3 Outfits  . WRITE   J. BAMSLEY & CO.  WbTORIA, 6, C.  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Many other    carlh-  MinarJ's Liniment cures Colds,  &c.  ^sm.msBa^^ssss^si3^^s^^^  RAYMOND & SONS  ���������Dealers  in���������  Lime,  Plaster Paris,   Brick,  Fire Brick and Vancouver island cement.  3 Pandora St. Victoria B.p.  cpia'-e sea waves had been observed  and recorded along this coast line,  perhaps ���������more    conspicuously in    the  of 18CS     reached      Honolulu,     :"',!3  St)  miles, in twelve hours, and Japan,  10,000 miles,  on the next day.  .Of co'ursc, ���������-.these waves arc recorded by tidal gauges but. they have no  relation to tidal wa'.cs, aiv.I an erroneous impression is given to many  readcis who see this name applied  to  them.���������New York  Sun.  ���������������������������������������������������������������e������e*������e������*������*������������*������*  r   FOR SALE ,  Eggs from Pure ii cd Mock  Ai! Birds Trap Misled  U injgrior Loyars Kept  Barred, Burt and While Rocks  Uhi'.i3 Wjandottes, White and Brown.  Leghorns.   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We have  shipment  of the .Goods, consisling of���������  White    Onion   Pfckles  Mixed  Chow Chow  Piccalili  Oirkin's  Walnut  hif,'.  $1.25  Is a Vl/iriner  We have Better ones at $2.75  AH Guaranteed  Call in and Get One  I  have just received a shipment ot  Mills'  High Qraile  th(.LiSn iOBACCOS  and  QGAktl (rf S  aDRUG   STORE  U/. Q. praser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST A VENUE. ���������        ': |    ,    |  Suits     Made lo  Order to Fit and to your ,  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  ��������� ���������tw win-will bum 1  B. FORCIMriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  I  FIRST AVENUE LADYSfllTH  n  ������c  u  ((  Put up in Bottles with Patent Top  35 Cents Per Bottle  To-day  I VEAL and P  Of the Choicest Quality  *��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� <>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ��������� ���������  ���������  ���������  *������  %  4>  PICTURES CIVEN AWAY  Each a Work of Art  Mair A Adam  PANNELL and PLASKBTT  ���������  ���������  ^  1 jsfJIUU   .Oft    ^*wmi^ ^.���������^���������^^������������������^^^^^^^������������������������������������^���������������������������������������������^���������������������������^^���������t  We should lilce to show-you our  large assortment of   VifeiH F^GLfy&irs  Hanging  in  price   from  loc. Double Roll and  Up  They are the very latest in Wall  and Ceiling Decorations. Just from  the.-factory. Over ten thousand rolls  to choose from.     Wo also carry     a  large range of   Varnisltes, Varnish Stains,  Paints, Oils, Brushes and  Window Glass  j In  fact    everything  to Beautify   the  ���������Ha me, at���������  H. KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  Save Your  WHITE SWAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  and in exchange foi twenty~iWe, the,B.C. Soap Works will giveyoitj  your choice ol fifty- beautiful   su!bjec.bs.     Ask your Grocer for catalogue of Premiums.  B, G. SOAP WORKS, VICT  IIWMUJMIUJ in iii J  vmoov^s^^^rxi-^^y^ssz  F'i.-.'csSiSV  Plumbing and Tinsmithihg  DONE  AT  Rea enable Prices  J. ANDERSON  Leave QrdsM at *?t������ters<m'p Fura  ture Store, or teleptoae No 55.  ���������LADYSMITH-HOTEL   BAR  Having  taken over the hav'-ropm of:  the above hotel, we intend'to run a  first-class,  up-to-date estaiblishment,-  and in solici ting the patronage      of  our friends and the public in general,  we guarpfltee good  treatment  to all.  R.JGOtt A,  Proprietors.


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