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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 24, 1906

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 > r ������  a,*..  rV  -<Z>  A������i5 '.  H 2;>  SH!  S^^^^KfflSHHHHHIHl^SSHHHHHSHHHHHi  v..-"  /  '-&.7������-.^  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger-  \1. -'^  '  '-r<-^  A^2b 79ft-1  VOL..*  TUESDAY  Air.l   'A I.    1900.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  BY-LAW PASSES  SECOND READING  The Property Holders Will be Called  Upon to Vc te Again in  Three Weeks  Council Will Consider Question of Ap=  . pointment   of   Aldermen  Next Week  At the meeting of the city council  last e>.filing Uie electric light referendum by-law was introduce*! by Alderman Campbell, and passed its second reading. The by-law Will be  committee:!, at thc next legular meet  ing, and in about three weeks, the  property holders- will he called upon  to decide' whether the electiic plant  is to le owned by the city, or if a  pi ivate, company is to be granted a  franchise to instal a  plant.  Aid Malonc asked tho Mayor if the  qiueslion of appointing an alderman  io the i nsil'ion on the board vacated  by Mr. S. \'\ Mcintosh .had received  serious consideration. He thought  it would le well to have a full .board  if possible. It was decided to take  no action in this lcspcct until next  meeting night.  The street committee being aslol  for a report on their invrstlgjaliuirt  of the alleged nuisance, caused by the  .steps at Vc fiont of Christie's  lyiiikling. Alderman Uien staled that  the cominitteo had loo'ed into the  matter, and |were ol the opinion that  the stops, although on the street,  were not doing any "jarin. Mir. Christie was away, and until he returned, the committee <id not adi'ise any  action. At - any rate the steps  might, in their judgment, , remain  where they were without being any  nuisance  Aid. Sjience thought the council  would ,|-.e acting wisely by ignoring  complaints rcccLod from Mr. Gould.  He was apparently looking for something   lo  Kick  aho.it,   and  the   steps  .alleged     bv him   to  be    a    niisanec  i  on the city by-law by allowing the  steps to ran on tlie street. In tho  present condition of the road, it was  possible for only one team of hoists  lo pass-the building,in question at  one time. He reiuiiulul the council  that  they had  taken   action  in    the  CBUSMtD BY  DEFEAT  London,   April   2a.���������Arthur  J.   Hnl-  four,  ha\ ing  lost tlie premiership and  i  his   healtli,   has  goiu  lo   Ireland     to  I'licoiiperato. tt is needless io say  thai lie has selected a retreat not  nnl\ far from maddening Urit ish polities,   hul, where he urn en oy his  fa-  , \oi\to  recreation���������golf.  ' Tlio cuie which he has been taking  in two top rooms ol* his home on  Carlton House t.-irnco has c-ndid.  Now he will (rain, for the big struy-  g'e in the House of, Commons over  lhc Education Uill, under which th.-  denominational schools must eilh r  accept local poiJtilar control or for-  leit  all  support from  taxes.  Mr.   Dal four was  terribly shaken  in  both   h.ody and mind  by h!s crushing  reverses,   and  1 eing  suddenly  depos d  the   real   unfet-  mum  sends mm  TO 'Ml  Grand Forks, Ajiril 22.���������Ed. Stone ) Vancouver, April '2,2.-11 the pres  who was charged with robbing Bel-  leau's saloon at Danville, Wash., on  the night of March -1 last, and wh-j  escaie.l from the custoly of the American olhcers when he was tied to a  bed.post at Danville, and who has  .bd.'n at latge dtr since, was caj:-  turrd last Sunday by Mr. I lei lean c,f  l)an\ille, Wash, it seems that as  IJcIleau was out drhing on Sunday  he met Stone who was walung to-1 They deeidod, h.nvi:\cr, (hat as ihr  ward   Danville,     lielleau at once   ar-1 people of San   Iu-.uuisco  were in dir.  distress  ent plans aie carried out, a largc  cargo of lumber will be sent to tht  sulTeiers at Sari Francisco by the  vaiioti.s lumber-mills olv Y'aiicoiuei,  just as socn as that striclcn cit;  is iu shape to recei\e I ins Kind u  supplies.  Prominent lumbermen and mem  lieis of the icH.-'f loiniuiltee had Un  matter  under      discission   yesterday.  "DOT" PLAYED  WITH SUCCESS  Members of Ladysmith Dramatic Club  Present Pretty Comedy Drama  at the Opera House  Difficult Characters Cleverly Assumed-  Instrumental Selections Songs  and Dances  disrupted,   disheartened  minority.  lie and Mr. Chamberlain, know  their rival claims to loader "hip will  he ultimately determined by physical  endurance, so each is putting- himself   in  trim.  Perhaps lo co������i[ eiiMito him in public esteem for h's humiliation as a  .statesman,   aji admirer,  Francis      If.  matter of daiigprous steps;at 'the Stu   f,.om   tho  ,,otliticll  ol- ,���������c  mv,  ���������niei.- ,  \cn's UlocN,  and they were thereiorc   l01V(J  niI(>I. of (he  n,-itis!i Empire to  not'justified  in dropping  Mr..C.oul<r.s   Ulc  ,.an!,   o[     ]en,(|,,.<-���������f the despised.  complaint.  Aid 'lha thought it would |vc vary  little expense to Mr. Christie to  ha\c the steps altered.  - Aids. I'ren and Spence thought the  Steven's Ulock steps and thc Christie steps were very different matters.  Thc former were dangerous and the  latti r were not.  The Mayor said if it was decided to   i{C.i(ers has printed in a current pub  have the staps in question removed it   i,cat;<m  ���������   ^oncological   lab.le,   show-  would  Le only just tor .   the   council   ,ng tho des-onf of m,.. Balfour,  fi o.n  to older the removal of similar steps   *;���������,_.|jsn  0lUj   Scott-sh  kings,  in  various  parts of  the   to.vn.     ' j    Scotland,      it s;ems,  has to share  Si.caking of Mi. Gould's coiniplainU wi(h Knainil(, the'right to claim Mr.  his worship observed that y.lien he nu]four as }ier countrymen, for while  had approached the gentleman a wee:.' through his grandmother, he is fif-  or two ago, lie had heen politely told UoilLh~ in f|irGc(, descent from King  that he and  the council' could go lo   u0.l01.t  cr.  of Scotlann,  he is     also   elsewhere,  and refused a   re- , through  h's  mother,  twenty-first    in  turn  ticket  to the  place  inquest ion. ���������,, c|il.0,.L ,jno f,.om. Edward I.  After some  further  dis-'.issi. n, Aid  Malonc moved,  secoiwleil,  that    iii  that Mr. Christie was away from  home, the report of the street committee Le received  temporarily.. _;   Aid. Spence was' authorized tn  grant W. Siler's refticst presented at  last meeting.       .     "  The E. &. N. Company's letter ask-  ing tlie    coLii'-'il  to'disTontinue     the  losto.l Stolid, and without much difficulty , placed him in his own buggy  'and drove to Grand ForUs and delivered Stone to Fnnincial Constable  ' Diiismor,.;. The. necessary charge v.as  laid l.elora the police magistrate  here, who made an oidci committing  the accused lo jail, pi n ling extradition prccrclings. SheriFi Kelly Hall,  of Republic is here and is taking pro  tvo'lin^s bcfoie His x Honor Judgo  Clement to c.tradite Stone. Accused us resisting the 3x.traiiiiion proceedings very strongly and has employed A. C Sutton, the well known  crimin'l lawyer of the Houndary dis-  tiict lo defot:d his case.  The affair is of particular local interest, as Ed. Stone is an old-timer  in .tlie Dotindjiy district, ml was  employed by the city of Grand Forks  to assisl in the placing of the machinery at the installation of the' original powrr plant in 189S. At the  same time Stone, was nolo I for his  sobriety anil ipiiet, demeanor, and his  action in this case has greatly surprised his aC'P'aintances here.'  for something to eat,   am'  that   this  Hind   of succor should     b  Uie first  u������ be  sent,  by  Vancou\or ir  order  to   do  the most  good,   it   wa*-  decided to lend    all    their   eivrgic1  tow; rds     tho    seeming of loodstufi--  and disrate!) this I in.l o," supplies u  mtidiatAy.     For   the  time   being,   i  was de.iiditfl to lay (aside allnMioiiglil,?  of sending lumber.  As scon cs the fire, which has lscen  < at ing  up  tl������2  city   nf   San   Francis  io has been  subdue!, an1   the  peoph  can begin to clean up the debris am  make arrangements for some l-md   o  permanent slielter for  thcnisil'-es   i  their    iim-in-css,      a cargo of   11 nl e  will be a  most- acceptable gift     '��������� Ik  lumber  mills  of  Vancouver   \vi!' t'u-'1  come to 11*3 aid of those in ueM am1  loading a  ship with lumber, -:������nil   it  on its  way to help build  up the nc\  San  Francis o.   f-  AT THE AI1B0TSF0RD.  J. C.  Devlin, Victoria.  P.  G.   Cudhp,' Victoria.  und    A Id. Cainnbell  view  of the    fact   of woL-king-mcn upon the Government   ing, advertisin.r, etc.   Theie would be  no collectors as  the promiurn    would  0?e      collected      by  special   insurance  therefore,   to  along  th a  line.  "WO    WOllld    UrgC   yOU,    muii-nut;,     ���������->.' .               .             ,           ,,,-,,  ������    ���������' stamp issued and_obtai5,>.cl)L? in evory  lake*overy advantage of these favor- ,;ost' o'flice  or  mining   recorder's  and  alilc  conditions   to endeavor  to  have, land      offices  throughout   the  Pomin-  were doing him   no    harm wlmt-ver.   dmaping 0f gari.age on their   proper  'ihe lx?st  thing   to do   would  be    lo   ty   was   again   brought up  and     the  an old age. pension bill introduced  into I hi; Dominion Parliament at the  picsc-nl session, pass a resolution fa-  voraljle to  it   and have th's forward-  to make arrange-  taVc no  notixo  of complaints  received from tint quarter in future.  Aid. Malone thought the Council 'merits with the scavenger, to' h uve  v.odd |.e acting impioperly .by ig- the garbage taken to some oilier  noring complaints no    matter     from   place.  whom they .were received. They were . Accomts amounting to $59, were  in fact,' in duty hot nl to consider ordered paid. -..-.��������� '''*.���������  aind invest iKate them whether they j Those present at-last evening's  came fi;om Mr. GhuhA or elsewhere, meeting were, Mayor Nicholson, Aid-  As a niatkr of. fact, the owners of -c-rmcn Uren, Malone, Speiiee, Cam,p-  ^the Christie building  were infringing   \#\l an<t ThaT  ed to Ihe member for your district  Sanit.ry Committee gi.cn extension!"1 on''c> a,so "'J^sible appoint a  of time,  one  week    ���������.<-. ma.kn ^n-nn-o- 'committee   (o  wait on  ir-ni   jiersonal  OLD AGE PENSIONS  AREDiSGUSSED  Pensions that will provide^ the aged   aside  but of public revenues enough  with a homejind livelihood Js a sub- [to,grnnt; ass.iraneebf/pfotectio.ri^  ject     of coop interest  to all. .  /Tho',.       . ,  the sick,   and  an assured coinpetcneo  be  a-  /nethdds by which this -much  to        _.  desired condition can be  brought   a-(t0 tho aScd-;V: . . .:         '  bout,   so that  the  burden  will      not "ir������f -quite a number pf "years New.  be      too        groat      in,      order        to Zealand    has  had in  practical     and  furnish   the     means for  carrying out sucoessl'ul' :   orjeration     as     a. public  this  plan   is. being  discussed   in      an work  a system ;ol"  old  age  pensions-';  intelligent  and   careful   manner.          .Germany  also  has adopted   a similar  The United Mine ..Workers local, law. France is following the path  No. 76, of Nanaimo have been (lis- -mopped'' out by New Zealand and  cussing- this interesting aiwl eduea- Germany, and in Great Hritain the  tional subject for some time, and movement lias .so far advanced that.  lately the following letter has been Premier Sir irenry Catiipbell-Bnnner-  sent oul to other labor org:ini'/.a- man, has promised it careful consid-  lions' throughout the Dominion, and oration and contemplates a govern--  more will be heard from it before, ment measure providing for an old-  very  long-. age pension fund  in  the home    land.  In connection   with  this subject,    a Why   should   Canada  be   behind   hand  plan  for government life  insurance  is in this great work?      We  know  of no  also of 'interest,      Following this cir- reason,   but  on  the  contrary,   believe  cular letter from   thc Nanaimo union that  the  conditions  in. 'this couniry  is appended a plan for  lii'o insurance at   the    present    time  arc especially  that has  also  its good   features.      If propitious for  the adoption  of  a law  such  a plan  can   be  worked put    so |LV  the Dominion Parlinnu nl.  that, the graft system  can  be elitnin- "jn   the  first  place   th-j revenues  of  nt.ccl from life  insurance, it  will  be a the country give a groat annual siir-  great     advancement  on   the   existing plus over <the actual needs of the gov  conditions   which   investigations   now eminent,      only a small   portion     of  going on have shown to be rotten  and  corrupt.  The circular  letter reads:  "Perhaps the most important evidence of'applied Christianity in the  twentieth century is a constantly increasing desire on the part of the  most humane and thoughtful persons  to  remove from  the midst of  civiliz-  wliich would be necessary to provide  an ample old age pension fund1, while  the unusually prosperous condition of  the people generally throughout tlt-.^  Dominion would make the calls on  such a fund a great, denl fewer than  during times of industrial' -depression,  in fact, it is during such times as  we are now     experiencing   in Canada  ed  communities  the sufTering  of pov- that   the  establishment  of   n  pension  erty,     especially   among     sick      and for  aged      workmen   would   be   easy;  aged,   as   expressed  in   the  effort    to and  we are sure all   will  agree  there  remove      the'responsibility for  doing js no more      worthy cause to    which  this   from   the  more  or   less  doubtful solne at ienst  Df .tho  surplus revenue  /ield  of  dependence upon personal be- could  be  appropriated.      Tn  nddition  ncvolence      and     providing  Tor      the to  this      we   believe   there  are  ninny  raaintenante  of    "work   by  legislative members in  the Dominion House who  enactment     that systematically   sots would bo grepared to press the claim.  ly and impress on him that imme-  diale action be taken, and take, what  over other stops in J,our judgment  may be calculated to advance th;  project. We simply commend  subject to your attention' and- I it  is in li ii o with your views of 'public.  P0licy would . ask you to give it your  support, an.l'encouragement. We believe if all, -the .-labor bodies In Canada and other organisations favorable would unite in sending a memorial to the Dominion members asking  that a lnoyujn this ���������direction be  made that it couh- bo secured now  with the support and endorsation of  both .sides of the house, while if action be delayed the same favorable  conditions, for securing what wc want  may never occur again. Tn our  opinion Canada'.should not be behind  other Christian countries in making  adequate and 'systematic provision  for her aged workinginen. New Zealand, Germany,.' France and Great.  Britain are leading the way, and  siii'ely Canada will not bo slow to  adopt a precedent that has ; been  loimd so .advantageous and satisfactory in its pi-a-ticnl operation as  has   tho  old  age  pension  fund.  Again  commending  the 'subject,  your   l'avo:-a!de      considenition  prompt  action,  "We renin in  Yours,  etc.,  "T.oenl   Union  No.   <S<>,  ^    ITiiUcd  .Mine Workers  of   America."  "Nannimo,   B.C.,   March   W),   '(>������.  The   scheme   of   state   life   insurance  submitted  mint   by  J.P  S  to the provincial govem-  Mr. l-'rank lUclvards, F.T.A.  of Xiincouver, was favorably received by members on br.th  sides of the bouse, hint it was con-  sid.--r.-d by the Tion. Chap. Wilson,  and other prominent, members of I he  government to.'bo nwire a matter of  the federal government, rather thin  for the provincial parliament, conso-  nuenit-ly the proposition was submitted to Ottawa. T-he lion. Mr. Fiold-  in-.-, ��������� minister of fmancp, s-iigg-es-ted  under letter dated March .1.2, that it  should  l.o  laid  before th? royal  corn-  ion. This stamp would lie purchased  an.'l allixed to' thc card by the ins-ur-  e>'l and cancelled by t'hs ofTicial in attendance with the ordinary pos'tofBcc  ' date stamp.  !     There  M-ou'd   i>e  no   fines  for     nonpayment,  unless  iha  injured   was one  .year in arrears,  wh. n  inteiost  would  be  charged   as  in   the   case  of   taxes.  It      would   not   be   tho   policy  ot   the  g'oveininenlto make profits out of the  needy.    Largo profits  ha\o Kc.iimidc  by     insurance lompanics  from  lapsed  the   policies,   but   tlio  .���������government   iiisur-  1 ancc  fin ci   would   benefit  by   the  universality of t.h-,2 scheme and  the goy-  einment. would not take advantage of  the insurer.  Pnder such an arrangement it is  probable I lint the g-o'-.inimcnt would  \Ai able to g'i\'e more -than three  times the benefits for the same amount of premiums iiow usually paid  to  the large companies!..  The insured will 'lw divided into  c-lnssesi. All medical men practicing  throughout . the province., would be  medical examiners. They' would issue  three different colored cards to be insured, red, white and blue,' 1st, 2nd  and 3rd classes. The. second class  would have lb pay a larger sum to  obtain the s-a.me amount of insurance  than the first class, and so pro rata  with the third class. These varied  colors would simplify the work at  headquarters as it is .suggested that  rooms be devoted for each class and  color, and the porters would deliver  iiv; cards to -the separate rooms.  Tho caul 'system would facilitate  th> business. The record cards- already' mm* ion-.-d. .would, be supplied  ,by ��������� the ..goveriunont to Ihe medical  profession. The doctor would fill in  both lbc recoil I and -l h" insurer's policy . card at the period of examination. The. recoid card would lie siuit.  to hcadijiiarters and placed alpha-  ]'.i::t-i'cfilly in its location. The policy  card -would be sent -by th ��������� insurer  each year, dating from lnrdical cx-  n'minnii.in. ^Wlun th- insuiv I_ mail-d  the poli.-y card il would go direct. tu  the room sel apart for its color and  letter, an.l be examined. If there  were twelve stamps of the rig-ht color  on the card, a tick would be placed  in lhe column for the yi'1' <>������ lhc  record cni-d. fhn insurer's 'iiolicy ��������� aid  would th-n be s-'lamped /.mil depo^i.ed-.  other print.  to  in:l  RECORD LOG  TOW &RRIVES  VAHCOyVEh  Vancouver, Apul" 12.���������The largest  tow of logs c". cr under way in the  waters of this-coast, reacted poll at  2 o'clock this morning from Uie  north in tow or the tug Sea Lion,  Capt A. S. French. The. tow ecu  bained over two million feet of logs  and was made up of foity-one switters.     V  The logs were those which fie pio  \incial  government s'd/eil some tinr  ajo at the Ragged   Islands  and at Secret Cove for alleged  infractions     ot  the Tirnl.ei Manufacture Act, and belong  to Mr.  J.  S.   1'Jmeison of   this,  city      They were dioppcd at a 1 on  ing ground  near   the Mission   on    the.-  North   Vancouver, side   of  th?    inlet,  and there they will  remain, as- it ha-  been -decided    not  to  take, the-m     t.  Port Mopily as  was at firstp Ian tied.  T-he. tug Poit, Lion sailed from   the  Ra@god'Islands' last Wednesday (morning    for     this  port with     the     logs  which  were  there.    .She was-    wind-  bound at Scow Bay all day Thursday  and  yesterday  reached  Secret   Cove,  where she..gathered up  the n's-t of the  logs.     From Secret Cove to Vancouver,  a ilislance of forty   miles;    the  Sea Lion made the     run  in, nwictocu  hours.' :-.-'     ' .   '  The   mem Lei s of the newly   formed   i\Jr.  and Mrs.  Clinton's     leconcilli.i-  Iladysmil'h Dramatic Club  iniude Uieii   turn is happy, aind old Mason is'^iwiu  ust  apieiraiice in pinblic  this     sea-   back  an  innocent nmn   to   the   am s  son  last e\cning when, before a fair-  of his  wife.  ]y large audience, presented tho four-| To carry out this plot to make it ���������  act comedy drama "Dot, the Mia- 'clear to the audience and at tl.J  er's Daughter," or "One Glass, of same time to keep the play from l.e-  Wine." The play is an old one, and ing depr.sshiigly tragical was  ,ne plot of the usual cnaiedv-drama 'the difficult task imposed en the mem  .���������yj.e, hut nevertheless, tJie sloty of her.s of the troupe last evening, and  ..ot is pretty and touching, and the j'thc fict lhat lhc au,,ic���������ce was ]vie,,b  ,lay  as given   to  the audience ."by the l1[ik.I,,slp(1  fl0m u,e rise o������ ^   CU],  talented members of tlie club last ev- i .,.,,., ���������   ,  ,i i   ��������� , ..���������..<; ,.     'i i,.,   bail un n its dual-fall reflects credit  .���������ning,  proved  most  interesting.    Uie ,  arious pails called for a good deal [upon those taking part. In the cornel diil'.cult acting, which the actors pany there is much good material,  an:! actresses contLnnially showed 'and the play was thoroughly reheais-  Ihctr ability of displaying, work of ed, and nicely staged, on the whole  .lie lwavy tragical order being in !an unq'ualinod success, and woithy cf  ciider.ee, and interiningled with light repititioii.  sparKling comedy. j    As  "Dot,"   a very difficult chaiac-  To    |jnc    a  biief    outline of     the - ter, Miss Ingham showed herself    t>  ,i.lay.     David Mason, (,Mr. II. Thorn-'he an actress  of merit, rendeting hit  ley)  is  discovered,  upon the rise    of 'lines distinctly     and with gool    c\-m  the     cuitain,    concluding     a letter,   pression.        I-ler     scene with  Flowl,  which he  informs his  wife  (Miss   E. iwhen. slue censsnts to becom'e his wif >  ..'lay)  is to be opened at liis   death, [to save her   father,     was efitrcinely  and asi  i.s aft erwiards learned contains'j well   taken,  and  at  thc'wedding  she  a full confession of a  murder he com 'lookeil   well.     Miss  Forcimmer     had  i  nutted yenis before.     In   a   drun'en 'one of  tlie prettiest     characters    oi  a.sje     hi^ struck    and killed    George 'the play, amd went through atttft thu  Clinton,  and stole his infant,  adopt-  most     difficult     scenes'oi  the piece,  iiik the child  and calling h i Dolores jWhcn,   with revolver in her hand siie  Mason.    Tlie  knowledge of his crime 'defies Floyd,  is sie7e.l  from    behind,  .io [lays on  his mind that he'decides   and chloroformed,'    with consumroatJ  to confess, and while telling his wife 'skill.     She were remarlably  becon-  of the   written confession, he is over-J ing gowns.    Mis .12.  Clay was   mad a  hoard  by (ieor������e Floyd, (Harry Kay)   up for Mrs. Mason to perfection, an I  The  latter steals  the letter and    he-   threw lots of  fun into  thc play with  comi.'ng  possessed of the  fatal secret,  her. oclveiiy uttered  quaint remaik1,  Lju-ipalens     to    expose Mason, unless [while her sister,  Miss  B.   Clay,     as  Dot,   tin fester-daughter (i'vl'iss L. In- j the widow Mis-.  Clinton,  played    ai  gliam)  consents  (o riMiry mm.     Ra-   emtional part splendidly  liter   Ihan sec iiei'  foster parents and '    The male    characteis  were capabl/  brothers  disgraced,  she consents     to  assumed.     Harry Kay doing  the vil-  -t'ccome     the     wife  of     the man she   lian  \ery    coircctly with the    right  ioathes,   in spite of the fact Hut her [numler    of     diabolical     "Ila   ha's"'  foster  hmlhei,   Herbert Mason,   (Mr.   uttered   in   the  true \illiaiious  'Un>.  L.  Ingham)  warns her that Floyd  is ..His make-up .was also.goal, and with)  a  villian,  and  also  that  she has     a   his clever acting won  the,enmity of.  loving   regard     for Royal  : Meadows,   the audience.    As George Clinton la-  (Mr. I-I.  Hewlett)'.-.  In the meantime   ter in the play     he was also     Prst  Mrs.  Clinton,  CM'iss B. Clav) and her -rate.     Mr.    W.   G.  Fraser was qutlo  daughter Winn if red, (.Miss 13. Forcim-   w'ort.hy  of   (better parts  for in    the.  mer)   (.-.-.rn  up,   and   tlie -latter,0'' upon   tw0. minor characters, he showed him  seeing Floyd, faints.    In a'suls^[i:cn   self to be a;true actor.    His    take-  interview  belweeii   Flpyd   and  Winiii-  off ,of:   the very    proper;:parsoii was  frcd, it Irans-j'-ires that they arc man ���������'immense.    -Hug-h Thornley made at}-1  ar.d   wife,  and  h-c a criminal,Wihni-   pical 0ld farmer,     andwhe-n    bro'Ta  fiwl   threatens   to  expose  hiiiiunless   down  with grief,  gave a very touch-  he  releases.her  friend  Dot from    her   iiu- scene.       The     minor   oharacion  Mrs. .1. Tassan and Mrs. J.', Lay-1  rigan. left on Uie noon train for Na- I  naimn. From th.at city they will I  proceed to Coleman, where Messrs- '  Tassan and T.arrigan are now cm-  ployod.  iromisc, 'and Floyd, determined .to'  marry -Mason's faster daughter, cm-  ploys a ruilijian, Billy Torrey (Mr. ;W..  G. Fraser) and. together they kidnap  U'inuifred. The kidnapping is wit-  luswed by a negro, Ebony, (Mr. R.  Barclay) and he tells young Mason  and Meadows, who immediately form  a scheme to  recover Winnifrod,   who,'  HOT LIKELY  JIDEi.1!  were well taken, .Leonard: Ingham  playinq Hcrbe.t Mason very pleasingly and making loye In a manner th i  showed him to be anything but a  novice at the game, (on tlie stage ri  course.) Harold Hewlett, did vei y  well as Royal Meadows, ��������� and John  Muir made a first- rate uniformed policeman. ' t)he. comedy off-the pie--a  was largely' supplied' hy- the negto  servants,'Simon Ivy taking the pa-fc  of Aunt Iiapai-bah, and B. Barclay of  E.bony,. in a hig'hly amusing manner.  Miss    L.  Morgan    made a churmin ;  Ml  The. Herald Kays  Superintendent  cei'vod   no   further  San     Francisco   as  I  by the Avay, Mason is in love with.  They.-, le-ave for New York, returning  just in lime' to stop the marriage of  Floyd and Dot, who heroically stand  by her resolution to save the reputation of her foster father, just, as'.-ai/ bridesmaid at the wedding scene,  important and correctly whis'.rer.od During the action of the play M.is*  parson (Mr. \V. G. Fraser) is about- Ingham and Mr. Ingham sang wiy  to tie the knot. Floyd is arrested, ' pretty solids and between acts se -  hut before they can remove him, he era] specialties were given, includir.;  tells of Mason's crime. In the last a violin and pianoforte duett by He  act, when overylLiody is found, prober- Misses Hunter, anrl a song by Miss  ly miserable, and bemoaning their E, Clay, and step (!anciVia;..hy Mr. I>.  fates, George Clinton,  the  man   sup-   Barclay,   all  of which  wen? wclf  rc-  :>osnl  to  StockeM     has   ro-'lu,'MU       '"     :]ic   tm,nIereu   by  Mason,   ceived.  im-onna-ilou     from   u,nis  "1>  -i-1111  explains the cause     of      Mr.   G,   Ash ton played    the. e.com-  yet..   but exiK'cts   llis Ion?  ' a'scncc,     and     claims his   panimenls,    and     also  the incidental  T!10 ^rf'^nMh ''posT'o-ncrioV ll'l'ln"   within      tbe   next   twenty-four   hours daughter  Dot,   who,   of course,  is     a   music in his usual brilliant manner  in th:> ��������� nn'mo end ndd.-s;.                  " j that he will be in a position to judge sister ?���������     VYiinifrcd.    In the    mean-:    The members  of the compan v     -'v  Tlve policy  when   once granted._w ill ' better than ������ow h0w local conditions lime Floyd commits suicide, thus  re-'sire The  Lodger to extend  thm'.s  lo  will bo affected,  if at all. lining Winnifred,     who eon^entf     to   Mr.   Rainey  for the s .denrtid   "ma'o  rrcsident  Howard expected  t0    ar-'marry  young Mason,   while  Dot, also   u-ps." and to Mr.  S. .'Wearing,  for his  rive   in  San   Francisco   last. everVng, free casts hcr     lot  with     Meadows,   assistance hsliind the scenes.  and  full  details will  be sent   on   and    ??_���������:���������. _���������  ---,���������,,             ^ _,,          ^  any  information  of interost- to      the  mission now sitting on life insurance ( for  matters, under tho presidency of lh"  Hon. Mr. Justice 1). P.. MacTavish.  This lias been done. Mr. II. T. Koss,  the secretary to the royal commission has s'tated that th1 draft schemo  will tie laid -before the Commissioners  Uriefly, imii>r the proposed scheme  all funds would be in tho treasury,  and. nearly all the present expens������'S  connected with life insurance would  be abol-hh-Mh Competition would be  entirely obviated. Th'ire would not  l.e any presidents, vice-presidents, directors or munvgers. There would be-  no  affoncles,   and  therefore  no     com-  oe non-forfeit able,  hut   means wm  cc  devised   to  collect   ov������ rdue  premm.-ns.  Jiisurnnce   will  l:n>   simple.      I'av.ni  once boon examined by  the doctor,  it  will   bo   no   more   trouble   Hi in   gi.nig  to   t-he   post   otlire   for   a   stamp  pos-lin-r  a  letter  As      the' propose  and  scheme is foloiy  the benefit  of Ihe people, a maximum     and   modern 11--   amount   of    in-  Riivnnce  will   le  fixed.    It is not     in-  t, nded  that   a  system  of cheap liisiir-  sbould   be   formulated   for   the l .  s M1 ' ()1|(   a  syStem i Dunsmuir wharves,  and the Dunsmuir  ..f the citv are not burn.-d,  the      do-  public will be given-to the press. ��������� mfync\  [or    domestic coal   will  not  be  Mr.   Stockett,-from  his  pres. nt  in-   miuh afTected. .He  thinks  that  while  formation, does net think any serious damage has been done to the  Western     Fuel   Company's  or to  the  nnc  benefit  of  the wenlthy  under which  the wife end family of a  wovkino-  man   will  be absolutely pro-  d   for   in   t!v>   event   of   the  death  It   will   not.    be  mission    for agency expenses, print-schfemo.  offices, which are commodious enough  to enable the company to trans-act  all of their business in handling-   the  sales.  Mr.-Stockett  staws  that  the principal  con--miners  of Vancouver Ts-l'and  i   . ,   ^..^   will   ko i" coal are the Pacific Coast and South-  life     iiiRurnnce.   and   no   one   will   he i  ponnitttd  to   insure  thc  life   of     another    person     under    the proposed  video   lor   in  of   tho   w-a-i-o-cnrni-  pos-ible     to  mortlrage   the  insurance  policv  in  any  way.      Nor will   it   he  possible for any person  to g-anvhle. in   \  it may for a couple of months make  work a little more slack, that il will  not for more than a few weeks if at  all. The reports, showing as 'they dp.  a bettor fooling- within the past couple of days, and knowing- the spirit  of the inen who have made San Francisco what it_hns 'boon, the events of  the past few days, terrible as they  have Ken, wilT not deter them from  rebuilding San Francisco an I on perhaps a  crrander scale than  bofow  Steel st.ruct'ures will be erected and  ern Pacific steamers, with the domes- ahSOIute safety will be so far as post-it use in the residence section. Asgj,h|e S(?Cured, from earthquake shook  the western and southwestern    parts OJ. flre^  Mr. Stockett wished if plainly understood that, whin ho spoke of conditions, that he was speaking only  ns reports indicate. It may be po.=������-,  si bio when complete reports are in  that. he may be obliged to take a  less hopeful view than now seems the  case.  As the Associated Press could not  fret news through yesterday except a  few brief despatches nnd the same  conditions obtained last night, it i9  more than likely that it 'Wi|M be some  time before definite or full information is received from Mr. Uow-aiid, aa  the telegraph,offices repoi't more than  25,000 messages now on file at Oakf!  land,. '���������''-..,  - f    i ~V      *-^tt,T>*l^^������������CTf������'���������'   ���������"  i-*   ' .-XS-W  ���������suutzc-<sfr p^**KA=������-.-Jrts t ������3SJi  dah v-    rtnoH1  IHE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  *V        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  ' OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  ?RICE  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  Dlicatioo.  TUESDAY  April  21,    lflOC.  PAjNTIjVG   AND  PAPBRBAVGIN6  Neatly and Artistically Done    Orders  Promptly   Executed  S*ROETDDING        LADYSMITH  ".'n i   inri .  j WKI.I, KURDISH   ROOMSj  ut air.  P!  San r'rancisco, April 23���������There is  a possibility that the new San Francisco will be built upon architecturally ideal lines. Thc city has for  years'bec������ called the Paris of America and by its people constantly  likened! to the French capital. Visit-  01 s speak of its beauty, its pleas-  uies and its gc\ety almost bet ore  they mention us commeiiial activity  and  lmpoi tance  Plans aie in existence for a trans-  foiination which would gi-vc ihe fa-  voialt'e tenipeianient of the city the  setting necessai\ to make it more  neaili appioach the most famous  pleasure repoit in the wot Id and also one of the most beautiful  These plans include stateh public  buildings designed upon 1iomoa,ene-  ous plan of ai chitectuie, bi oad boulevards with loomy sidewalks upon  which, undei awnings, thc famous  boulevard cafes oi Paris could be reproduced, magnificent diivewa^s e.n-  cncling the city, more paiks and bet  ter- ones, memorial statues and fountains, ami a whole woild of the.  costly and aitistic beauties which  the majority ot Calitoimans believe  make the sole difieience between Par-  'is and San Fiancisio  In spite      of pcisistent efloits     to  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  J    KEiiP.   OR LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  ABBOTSF  A. J. McMURTRre, Proprietor  , .   I     fcl  !"1 1 J* 1    V   '   11     1  W iNl'.h, I.1QCOi*.-������  in.<'  I  siimait   & Nanaimo iaiiwa^  L  Time  Tdblti IVo. 81  I fi D> J-jV.n H.  SEU  - W. CARTER,-*  riRRT  AVENUE  PHONE      6 0  NOTICE  the office     on  Roberts   Street  b  and thc 2."������lh of padi m -i<h.  L A D YS/ttl TM    W ATE R WO S K S  Consumers arc requested to call at  pay Water     Rotes,  between the 1 Olh  Office Hours ; P. M, 4.30  T. 1 BLAND  Slil'ERINTENDENT  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    ANDHoUSEHOLD     iujKNITUR'    MOV-  ED PROMPTLY  A    ND   SAKRLY.  Stables in the rear of the La<?  ysrnith hotel  Abbots   ford  Leave orders at   th  I A. J. WASKLT, PROP  RHEUMATISM MAKES LII E  MISERABLE.  A happy home is the most valuable session tliat is within thc reach  of mgnkind, but you cannot enjoy  its comlorls if you arc suffer ing, from  rheumatism. You throw aside busi.  nrss cares when you enter your homo  and you can be relieved from those  rheumatism pains also by" applying  Cliani'Lcrlain's Pain Balm. One np-  11 cation will gi\c you relief and il.s  continual  use for a short  time   will  For  sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy  ha\e   this   long-planned   change   made  ;thc plan  has  been defeated Vow.  \ however,   tho  disaste.   winch  will  re-|I;r'nS about a permanent cure  cpuro the rebuilding   md ptactual re-  "arrangement of  the entue ei(\        to-  _ gelher with thc fact th it it has already been dcicimined to leiuiu- tho  enforceiiH'iit ol new  biulding'and san-  >   nary  laws,   theie  seems  an excellent  oppoitunity for thc  m'liision  of this  plan    among      the new   ideas a^ its  " '' central motive  - / There has not vet been time to  -'more than formulate this idea, but  men who have the best inteiests of  the "city at heart, and who must supply much of the nionev neicssnv for  the work which mnit be done, are  seiiously con<-idenng   it  I was cured of Acute Biondults \  MINARD'S LINIMENT  J. M   C3AMPBELI,  Bay of Islands  I^was cuiod of Facial Nemalgui by'  MTNARD'S  LIMAIENT  WM    DYNIELS  Sprinsjiill, V.S.  I was cuied of Chirn'c Rhcumliiiisirl  bvTHINVRD'S LIVIAIENT  '    x GEO   TfVGLEY. -1  Albeit   Co , N.B.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal   lands -may   he  purchased at $10 per acre for sort coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.   Not.  more  than  320 acres tan be. acquired by one individual or company.   Royally ..bine  rate    of ten cents per  ton of 14,000  pounds    shall-"  be collected  on   thc  rross  output.  'iuartz���������A free miner's certificate is  :ranted upon  payment in  advance of  7.50   per   annum   Tor  an   individual,  ..'id from $50 to ?100 per annum for  - company, according to capital.  A      free  m.ner,   having  discovered  lineral  in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,500   feet.   The  fee  for "recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended '>n  .ie claim each year or  paid   to  th'r  nining recorder in  lieu thereof. When^  ">00   has  been  expended   or  paid, the  cator   may,   upon   having  a survey  "ade, and upon complying with  otb-  i requirements,  purchase  the land at  l  an acre.  The patent provides for the pay-!  nent of a royalty of 2J per cent on  he sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  ��������� re 100 feet square; entry fee $5, re-  .cwable yearly.  A\ free miner may obtain  two leas  ,-s  to  dredge  for  gold  ot   five, miles  ach for a term of twenty  years,  renewable at the descretion of the Minster of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge iD  ��������� peration within one season from the  ���������ate of the lease for each five miles.  Kcntal, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2\ per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister  of the. Id--  ,.  'ttIot.  f  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  THB  JU  Newly fitted up aud  Furnished  Goca taoles and g* ml  Rooms  POR  T  1  \ND HOTEL  DAVID lli'NES,  Propiictor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra   well  Stocked  This   Hotel  ha������    been  -oz.ipletely        renovated.  Board and 'origins ii.OU per day.  HOTEL-  JOHNTFA, Proprietor  Har Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-: Ladysinitb B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  Best accommodation tor transient  md' permanent boarders and/lodger������.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  iW<������ Rates $1.00 a day and ������p-  w\rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE. Prop.  THE JONES HOTEL   WHITE   COOK���������  unci  ���������WITTTE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-'    Ladysmith.  ii  GALEDOMAf'  Leads Them    AH  TN QUALITY  HOTEL  DOMINION  k ���������Rates ffl.25^*nd$1.50���������  f *-  Free bus to  all stwwihont darnl'iiuis ai-������i  r lilway depots.     Elccrr-c I'arp cvory fi<������  rn tr-,ten  in all p^rle nl   ilie city.   Bar  ai d tump unr-xcplli-d.  F. BAYMES, Pronrietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVEIR B, C.  Under] Manaj>ment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R.vMcKinnel  -   Proprietor.  Commercial  Mens' beadjiaiters.  Modern and     Strictly Fir8t Claas,,  Pire Proof    Buildiag.  :o>  LEDGER  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA.--���������: :-:   -     -   :-B.C  WANTED���������l'.y      Chicago    , wholesale  house, special  representative  (manor  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary     $20 00     and"expenses paid  weekly.      ' Expense  money   advanced.  Business successful;'    "position permanent.   No investment required.    Previous experience not essential to engaging;  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.  Trail o iea*e l ������ujsmith for Victoria and all inlei mediate stations at  9.10 a.m. daily, and at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesda)s, Saturdays and Sundays. ,  Trains lea\e '.adysmith for Well ington and all intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.a> datiy, and at 6.00 p. m. on Uedna days, Saturdays and  Sundays. ~ ,        - ^ -  ,  , Excursion Tickets ^-W���������������>    \ -  ON SALE T-'1 ^TD FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going Journey Saturday -"id ~Su.--ihiys, return.c^ uot later than  the following \ Moaday. '"  '- ��������� -~i}diMarJo2������-������������������  Sails from Laaysmith for Vaaco uver every K'tturday at 6.00 a.m. and  returning sails lr������n Vancou/er  "tor   l-ady&rnUh at 2.30 p.m.  G, Ly. Courtney,  - District Pesscnger Agent  Ticket and  Freight  Office,  75  Government Street.  2  Transcontinental  I  THeCITY7VTA  R, Williamson. Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C;  !  i  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of    ?  STOVES!  STOVES!  Latest Styles and Newest Pauerns=-We do  A!| kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its brasiches a Specialty   |  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  |      TELEPHONE 53  P. O. Box  42.  .  Trains D i������y  The Nevr Train ,  ORIENTAL.LIMITED  The Train ot  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.  Every  mile  a  picture,    and  no smoke to spoil - the   view.  Through Compartment,   Observation and Pullman  Sleepers;,   also    Through    Tourist'  Cars to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  'Union'   Terminals . with   all.  Steamer lines.   -  Herth reservations by wirel  Great Northern S.S. Co.  POR  JAPAN   AND  CHINA.  S. S. Minnesota    will    sail  from  Seattle,  April  29th.  For rates,  folders -and   full  information,   call  on or"   address, ���������>  S. G. YERkES,  A.O.P.A., Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agcn,tv, Viqtoria, B.C.  TICKET OFFICE  Cor. Government and fates Sis.  VICTORIA, B   C  ,  2  Trains daily  to St. -Paul,  Minneapolis, 'Duluth   and  East.  Trains    daily     to Denver,  Omaha, Kansas City,-St.  -   Louis     an'i   East  "  and  -Southeast.  I  Atlantic  (itcamsMp Tickets on  - sale to .'������ii<J   from   nil  European  Points  This is the ONLY line       to  YELLOWSTONE PARK.  Tourist sleepers on all trains  For particulars  call .on     or  write E. E. Blackwood, General  Agent,  Victoria, B.C.  .*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������":������������������������������������������������������+���������*������������������  ,.<..������w������.i>..������i.>*  WM.  MUNSIE,  ^.^. ^.^k. ���������������.<*.-���������������������������%������������������������-������������������-���������*.-*������������������*���������������"*-������������������--������������������-���������-'���������������������������,  Picsidcnt    J. W.  f ���������;'  Tclcphanc <l-  'Av.:v\   ii  The Ladysmith Lnijm w, liu.  M  vw������*������  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-'  Shingles & S.pecialty^  MANUFACTURERS  OF���������.'  Rough;and Dvcssccl Fir and.Cedar Lumbers  LATHS,   SHINGLES;   MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of   the   BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.     -AND   DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  ,,  .  ,   h...   FINIKUINCi  LUMBER IN STOCK  1       .������   A   :,l*-������.it������l m  J  K J HENRYS  HOUSE* AMD SE������D  HOUSES  1110 .Teatminster Road,  Headquarters for   ,  PACIFIC OROWN Oardcn, field  t  ���������nd flower SEEDS  lor distribution. "' ;  Large .stock or Home  Grown FRUIT and. ORNAMENTAL TREES  now matured for Spring.  No expense,' loss or - delay ol lurnigation or inspection  Let m������' Trice your list  before placing your   order. Greennouse Plants,  Eioral Packages, Fertilizers   etc.  3010 .Westminster Road.  VANCOUVER, B.  C  X X  A.    D. - Charlton,  A.G.P.A.,  N.P[,   Portland, Ore.  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In districts where the existence of  Glanders is suspected, and especially ;  in neighborhoods where actual "outbreaks have occurred, 'the adoption  of the following precautions by owners  of-horses  and others   interested,  San Francisco, April '������&.��������� The condition of the .1,001) or more people  I camped in Jcl'i. rs. n Pink is some-  thing   teriible.       .Not    moio   Uian  five  CHINESE BLOWN  UP BY HUNDREDS  San      Francisco,   April   '2'A.���������China-  per cent have even an army tent and town is no more. It will never pe  the make shifts arc-constructed' of rebuilt. No matter where the Or-  carpets, bed sheets and every imag- i ienlal population goes, or what their  inary substance. They are totally id_a.s may l$e, ihe rabbit warren in  inadequate     to  keep  out  the      heavy I which   they  lived   will  never  be      nl-  NANAIMO  COUNCIL  MEETING  rain   which  is falling tooay.  j lowed again.  Public confidence  ia the future    of  San Francisco���������  the belief that    the  worst h:is happened and that the day The   regular  nrieetiag   of  the      City  has  passed  for grieving,   was      made Council '    was     held     in the  council  manifest today  by a return flow     of chamfcera   ]ast   evening,   a full, board  ivi'ugejs who fled  from the city while .,           ���������,                   . ,. '  .,,,.. present,  Major Planta presiding,  it      was  rocking   on   its   foundations  and  withering   beneath the flames.       |    The minutes  of   the previous  mcot-  It is not to be understood that the ing  were read,   and on motion adopt  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHO  | will   do   much  to  prevent the  spiead ,>nn(,s,f)    .,���������,,.,   o_The 4o0 '    The earthquake scarcely  touched  it  of  the disease and lite  establishment      ban  Kanuhto,   .\p.u-._    ine   iw, withstood   exodus has entirely slopped, for there- ed  of fresh centres   of infection. (soldiers of tho Fifth and Si.vth Call- ,^eed,   it  could not have  withstood  ������f |    1. Horses or mules having a   nasal j fomia   National   (Juards  are   requisi-   so      severe  a shock The  rickety   are  hunm'etJs  of  tourists  who      were      A     communication      was     received  discharge or  other suspicious    synip-j  Miners' Drilling Machines  toms should not he admitted to Iiv-'  buildings,  had  they  been  touched  by  caught  in  the disaster and many re-  from Mr.  J. K.  Hickman calling the  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT  SHORT  NOTifcE       DRILL,-  SHARPENED  BY  US      ALWAYS     GIVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A   NL������ REPAIRED   Honing every house'in  the  neighbor-   ""u,"S-,>.  "������u  L"^   "^"-   ���������������"���������"���������   "-���������   .sjdenU of  the city are  seeking shel-  attention  of  Uie  council  to  the   un-  ���������r���������  ,.-   fnn.,i   oiom.o     r  ,r ,*���������    HoJ.*lhoofl   for  f-heltcr  but   in  the      mean- .earthquakes,    .would     have tumbled. h]   outside  cjlics       But   the  fact   s,anjtary     condition  of  his property,  Civ     01    ILOiL    Sua-D1CS    OL    \&IUS.    1)1 d.Ch.- , it- ������_      i- l. *   i     /*       11      i>r r\  smith shops, church or school   sheds, ��������� th'"J'   lhu  homeless  are  in  a miscra-!<lown bctore the lira which miaiij con   iei���������ailKS tJiat ,fjday wjtuc-ssed the re-  and that of Mr. JDixon s     adjoining,  railway  stock  yards,   private stables   h'.e plight  or other places wlure  they are likely  ^S HIPS MI T H I N Cr    IN  florae sfroers and Genera* I l_icksnv Us.  t w a   n������A HPTJf-Q'   ^������ come inl������  direct or indirect con-  UL    ITS    BRANU.Hi'.S    lact  wJUi  ani|nfl,s  of   the eqiiincspe.  R. WRIGHT  Builler Street -    - Lady������rnitti; B  1 Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  s  Hanufacturers of the  i  cies.    -  i 2. All stables, yards or sheds used  for the accommodation of horses or  mules should be regularly and frequently clensod and disinfected iin the  manner  prescribed  below.  ' 3. After clensing thc premises thoroughly, and burning all dflbris, the  interior should- Le well gone over  with hot steam, or boiling water,  adding lo the  latter    at   least    one  'quart of crude carnal ic acid to each  'fivct gallons, after which the entire  surface should be thickly coated with  a  hot-solution of fresh lime    wash,  Jsuniod   them,   had   a chance  to  reach   turn to the city of hundreds who are1    Aid.'Dick had made     an investiga-  ' it.      It  was  the  fire, "however,   leap-   animated by ihe determination to re- tion  of  the nuisance referred to    hy  '���������                ��������� v   .l-.(  t.,���������a���������i    ii,.,t A\n ttir. IU)"P shattered fortunes at the     ear- Mr.  Hickman,   and found matters  in  ��������� ���������,.,,r,,ii.,t_   ma' across Market street, that <x\a uio  immediate      *>                                                                  I )ies(   possjbie dny. a bad state,   and  shouid  be attended  ~  Tho  return  movement   of  the  refu- to  as  ���������so������n  as   Possible.      The    cost  gees  is one of many signs telling   of would  be  a great   one  however,-     a.s  San  I'  G.   A. Durston,  of. the Spanish war  relief     committee,      has  charge of relief wort.      TTc made this   work.  statement, to an Associated Press re-I    Tht!  ������'<lc>st  P������lico   oflicers  in  j psesentative. . (Francisco      and     in   thc   Chinatown ' lhe   11w      on]ur  of  (jlings  that  hHS   ths bed  rock  lay very  close to     the  "We  arc   impressing  every   waggon   squad   itself,   have   been   amazed      at   boon  established      in.sk'e  of  the past   surface.  iiw.  ,.;,.���������.  ���������r  ������i,'���������  ,..,!,,-        i^v/.,m   ir.   Hip   21   hours I    Tno     fommun caiion    was  received  and   man  we can lav  our hands    on.    u,������  vltw  ������l   the  lum-      Kv<"  ln  tlie ������    s' I     ,,      , .   .      ..       .      . ...  .Martial   law has  I.c.mi  ibe      stern   and  referred  to   the street committee  Wc  have  about   1000   waggons   now,   hp"l>s of debris they have loimcl open  ��������� , ,, uortu .uiui1.     uuh   crusiHra   liiu   iawie������������  I   Ala.     Newton   thought     the  street  in which  we are hauling all  who will '"8* to underground  passages 'the ex-  eo   to the  ferry  station and  sending 'stence     of which   they haci no  idea.  them out of town.     We have sent to Cellars  have   been   disclosed   beneath  the  presidio  and  by   confiscating   all the ruin     of buildings under     which  has been  the     stern  force  that      has  crushed   the  lawless  for '"eport.  clement  and   afforded   the   protection  to the law-abiding citizens, who were   <'������'���������itteo  ,lau   already  fully  report-  vacunt houses we can find we hope  to have tho.se unfortunates housed  with  some  degree  of com'ort    before  they thought there were no cellars.  Ituins of staircases have been disclosed in buildings  which  they  imag-  and  !to  which    crude    carbolic'   acid has  night.  1 been  added  proportion.  Outbuildings,    fences  in  the above mentioned  ined   they  knew every  fooL  of  yet--never., had-seen.  helpless i��������� their extremity. Thc com- -u on lhe matter.     Putting -in a sew-  bined  strength of  the  Federal  troops c'r Lo llrain thi9 ProiJ(-'rtv ������'ould be a  of fhe     state militia and the police serious  one     as  the cost  would     *>  has      -MdPVAd  ih. ttrst   <,+^���������  tow-rri ereaL-      ������ther   Portions   of" the    city  achieved  the. 11-rst' step  toward  were also    in a bad s-tatc  of drain-  "The spirit and courage shown  by j    How   many  dieoi  in  that  labyrinth  the sufforers in the face of their mis-,van   never  be  known.      The    Chne.se  , I,  In   British Columbia  Lager Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew  ���������> i   .i^    B;;t Canadian  Malt   Run,. Hops  tj     --- ������- ���������      anA      l>'ing 'fortune      are     wontlcrful.      An  aged ' themselves  are  too  filled  with   panic  ������'   'posts   with  which   infectod     animals*    .     ,   , ,   . ,, ,. ,   to  tell     anything about  it even      if  ) , . ,     .      , ciipplcd  woman,,   lying on  thc     dirt     , ������  have  been  in    contact  should     also,; they   would. The \ital   .statistics,,  I when possible,   he  thoroughly   treated :fioor    w,,Jl      a   comb.inalion ..of   b������l |evcn  i{ a ccn5,|S uouM ^ 1akcn  in a  similar manner. , Ish.cts,    carpets     and     iin     roofing,   the  survivors,    could   not   approxi n-  All ordinary    harness    and     stable  made-   a remark   which   is u. sample:   ate it.  utensils   which   have  been  in   contact | <j, am     Lha  widow  of  a 'Union    .sol-',    Retreating  to  their  holes   in      the  the restoration of order,  and  tonight  age  which needed every bit as much  attention  as'the'one complained   of  by Mr.  Hickman.      He thought   the  extent 'best thing to do with the matter was  of   the     disaster conservative minds  to lay it on the table until such time  arc  hesitating. The  nearest      ap-  as  thc street committee brought    in  proach  to   the  aggregate destruction   the     Public     Improvement   By-Law,  of, of life and  property in  the state    is   which they had had under considera-  the  city is  .pilot.  Record of Disaster.  In the reckoning up of the  with.infected animals or infected pre- '-,.  miscs,- should    be , thoroughly soaked  The sufferings endured by my  husband   at   Vicksburg  -were   nothing  earth     through  fear  of  the shaking  buildings,  befuddled  or stupified with  estimated'as follows: .      Ition for some time past.     He would  Number or lives lost,  2,500. . move in amendment that -the matter  Property destroyec, $400,080,000. lay 0n the table until the committer  Thc     boundaries  of the fire swept   brought in their by-law. <-���������  disli-Kt, it is claimed,  include at the '    Aid.   Dick  had  asked  Mr.  Hickman  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  Manufacturers of the Famous  None bu   Uui^n I^abor   Employed  r\ J.  BOOTH. Prop  LADYS/VIITH BAK6KY  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    Cakes  -tfade ��������� to  Order  FRUITS   AND    CANDIES OF ALL  KINDS.    tfUESU   BREAD EVERY . DAY  Very Reasonable.  DAY SCHOOL  in a  hot    solution of crude    carbolic ."������"���������������������������������   ���������   ������������������������������������������������" ��������� s   "������������   "" b   opium  ond  naturally secretive      and ! ^nst three-fourths of the city's area,   if he would stand a slice of the ex-  ,acid  of  a strength    of  one part     to [compared to mine.     I am very com-  suspicious of tho whites,   hundrods- of | Downtown  wholesale and  retail   dis-  pense  in   installing, tho sewer and he  fortnble,   thank  you/ , , them     have undoubtedly  been buried '  The  sanitary  work   is  going      for-   aliVe or crushed  to death jn the   un-  ward  as rapidly  as   possible.      Se\  twenty,  j    Materials  which   miftht    be  injured  Uiual subjects taught; also ^j������n uy Uie above treatment, such as val  guage������ drawing in peucil and cray- uable harness, robes, cushions, etc.,  ons, paint ng in oils and water col  ors, pianoforte and-vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B   C.  All  Prices    arc  Customers ..are Treated Alike.  HOP LEE A CO.  ON THE   LSPLANADE  M. R. SIMPSON  Bollcitsr.  Et������  iev  to   loan  Money  1st.   'M.Ml  LAWSVI H  k^W^- fW^i^PfWW  EXCELLENT  Train Service  aer#eKN  GHIGAOO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  '     Ami tho Principal Busliieas Centers ol  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  ������������������:> For Tlmo Tables, ctc.raddroBS  CEO. W. VAUX,  Aedstant Gea'l Passenger and Ticltot Agent,  las Adams St.. CHICAGO, ill.  ���������WM���������H���������  w. sii  which ha\c been in contact with in  lection, should   he placed in an    airtight room and  fumigated, with Formaldehyde,  after  which  they    should  he thoioughly cleaned.  '1. SUIjlcs where outbreaks have  occurred or where diseased animals  have, inadvertently or otherwise .been  ..~.~  ci., .<,.!,.,.,.,   .,���������    |Wiu.,-.      ^-  c-cl.g,.ound      passages   of   ChinaLown.  oral 'toilets have heon erected and all   ,    ., ��������������� ��������� ,  reiuse     i.s   being   hauled   away      and , Buildings     have fallen     and dharred  burned prompily.    There is some lit- | timbers block the openings of   these  tie sickness  in camp but none or    a   underground  rooms.      There  is      no  serious nature.    No  in'ectlous iMsenso ; t tor  iham       d     t the  has made its appearance .    lhe    St.  Paul's T,ulhcranean    church,    located  ent tlmc'  neither  near  .TelTerson   Square park,   i.s being > tion  or curiosity to enter-them  utilize/i as  an emergency hospital.       j    The   catastrophe   has   killed   China-  In  thc   main auditorium about   4.5 i  patients     are   lying    on    mattresses' ^ , , .   fnl.n  ,,.���������_.  which have been spread on the floor.   th������  dead. Only     the  proiessionaJ   loio  them.  e  at  its   fate.     The best r    1'einpoiary  tricts  are complete ruins,  few build-  replied that he  would,  ings  in  these  districts  standing,    al- \   Aid. Hodgson  withdrew his motion  ihouyh      met chants    are   announcing   and   the  amendment  of  Aid.   Newton  that  businrss  will  be resumed   Mon-   that'"the matter be laid on the .tabic,  da\,      the   plans   being  to  open      in   carried.  tents  or temporary structure1!. |    A comrnurrication was reccivi d from  Thc     greater-part of  the residence   Mr. J.  W.   Coburn,  manager of     the  the time, anclina- j section     also   is   ruinxl caml   thc fire   Nanaimo   Lumber   Company,   inform-  swept  through sections where   homes  ing   the corporation that owing     to  of  the wealthier c'ass resided. 'Dyna-   logs  having   advanced' in price   they  nP'NFMA'l    I-ITPR FsSj   AWT),sl'a'l5lexl"   evcn  temporarily,  tlie dens- I The stair of this hospital is composed (guides  griev.  VTijl1ijXI.ilJj   DAr.L>rjOO  dlN U in��������� a[1(l    disinfection  should  bo, espe-   of Los Angeles doctors nnd nui-scs.     ,el0nicnt  ol t  WORK PROMPTLY  rx  .  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  Dr.-R.-B. Diei  town, and it will be allowed -to bury i������������tc and flames swept everything be-'were  obliged to  advance lumber   lo-  >tally SI.30 per AI.  busiii'-ss houses     have {    The    comiuuriication     was  received  "Q-,  Surgeon Dentist  A.U work guaranteed, and at reast.  able rates.  -  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  cially thcroufih; .and in such cases   it      Kort Leavenworth,  Ka?.,  April 23.1  lis   safest   to  remo\c  and  hum   .feed  ~An   older    wa9 received at-   Fort  boxes and manners when of wood; I-eavenworth today, for company A  iiron articles con be rendered'harm- of che si8������al corps to proceed to  (less bv passing them through fire, Sftn Francisco at once The cora-  '6r bv' immersimr'them for.some time, r,an*' wil1 start tomorrow in com-  !in boilino water. All litter from n,aild of CaPL- MlirtwU.  jsuspected animals should be bumed, .  'or careful!v fenced until  used. j  [   5. Farmers      and   others     should, '  Gatacre St.  respects the most dangerous because  | neneipr possible, a^oid admitting ulisusn<,cleil. 0ur experience shows  ^traige horses or mules  to thc   pre-   that u is     1)0Ssiule for annna]s    of  i -j  '���������"   six.  nilSCS 0CCUPlcd     iyy tlicir own    an'-'this     class   to convey  infection     to  Ladysmitli  mals, especially of the aame   species   otucr  the community seems   rather glad of it.  Portland, Orq., April 20.���������Frcn/.ied  by the fear of the earthquake and  the fl'jmcs that swept San Francisco,  hundreds of Chinamen locUed themselves in The labyrinths of the city's  famous Chinatown and were blown  into eternity by tho dynamite used  by the soldiers and firemen to wreck  the buihlinys in an effort, to check  the reristless swoop of the flames.  This is tlie story of the ������le-struot ion  of this portion of thc California cily  told by L. Ii. t-ibby, a travelling  man from New York, who escaped  from the Palace Hotel  the" day after  J. PIERCY & 80.  Manufacturers Of.��������� ,  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,   ���������s without  themscUes developing  jit is a trocd plan to reserve  an iso-  a(.lltu     Hymptoms.       It    is therefore J thc calamity begun.  (Kited  building for  outside horses   or  J)lain   that  ���������rCllt  caution bhoul(1     be  mules,  but where this is  impossible cxerciiiwl   0n   tlic   iuilciiase or   hand.  they may   be accommodated in     cow   Jjng o������ slran������;c horses or inuleS|   es.Jof this district as though thoy were  stables, cattle    not acing subject   to  peciallv in those districts wlui  glaiiders infection.    Such hoises   and  (hSL.a^ haS bcCome established  mules should be��������� >vatered from special ,. ^   The  pecially in tliose districts wlure    the  s become established,  carcasses    of animals ulying  After tho first shock had passed the  flames began to devour the .buildings  ���������' pails,     which,  together  with    other '{i:om or s^ug^ered as being affected  'stable  utensils    used on   cr     ���������������>���������������������������'���������  OPEM  AT 4U   HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple No. 5   V.-  Sisters meets at the Oddfello'A-  2nd  and  4th   Tuesday  nt ������������������:..".  Mrp   Kate Tate secretary.  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD!  about  theni, should be carefully clensed and  disinfected before being- used for other animals. JStalls'. . occupied by-  strange horses or '; mules should be  well .cleansed anil, disinfected, anti if,  at aU possible;- left unoccupied for  some time.  6.;.,.Whe.re new horses  or mules   are  with Glanders should, when possible  be buincd, or  failing this, buried   at  ���������ica'sjt six feet  beneath the- surface.  >��������� 9. Owners of premises where outbreaks have, been dealt with should  bear in mind that Inspects.���������scai.i.ot  recommend release from quarantine  unless   disinfection  has  been     carried  been opened at Oakland, across the and filed.  l',ay, and every prepaction possible is J From' the British Columbia Soeuri-  bcing made for opening business hous ties" Corporation, < Vancouver, inform  cs here. As fast a.s ruins can be ing the council that tliey were prc-  cleared away temporary structures pared to buj-, sell and and deliver  will replace destroyed business hous- bonds an-d 'debentures, and asking the  es. council     to  inform    them  as to lhe  All who have means of transport- stancjing of thc city. Kc-eivcd and  ation have left San Francisco for filec lor future reference.  Oakland and L.os Angeles. The visit- j The finance committee reported  ors who were in the city at the time that they had consiacred the applica-  of the disaster are fleeing to their tion of the Silt or Cornet baud for  eastern homes. assistance     for     carrying  on  summer  2.">,0OCf Messages on File. concerts,     and    they could not     f<v  Twenty-live thousand messages are their way to make any rccommonr.a-  now on file in telegraph offices con- tion for such expenditure,  veying news of escapes of th0se ' Aid. Dick, in discussing _thc report  cauRht in shocks aW fires, and th.se stated that he had mace iho motion  meshages are being sent out in or- by which thc council donated S50 to  da- of filing. The Western Union the Church Laclt." Brigade band, an",  and Postal Telegraph Companies are" he hoped that whoever may be mem-  making announcements': that enquir- bers of. next year's council  ies.will be responded to as fast as give the donation to the Silver Cor-  operators can  work their keys. /. net  ban'd,, and   by  so  Horrors  of expected  starvation and   both alike,  sufferings  from  thirst, are toeing-,-:'re- !    Aid.  Hodgson,  even      speedily  by arrivals of relief   Fire    Wardens" :  committee,   reported  doing!  on behalf.'of  would  Cbr-  treat  the  VICTORIA, B. C.  oiit in a satisfactory manner, aiid  purchased in or ;from districts where that compensation for, animals slaugh  glanders,-exists, they should, unless tered caimat be paid unless a certi-  carcfully tested with Mallein prior to plCafce of clensing and .ciisinfcction has  purchase, be stabled apart and close-'--becil ,:eCei\ed by .'tlic Minister "of Ag-  ly   watched for some time before be- riCl.]ture. :  in������;  bvouglit  in contact   with     other ,    10. Horse  owners  should have    no  imimals-ol the equine species. hesitation in  reporting  to this    De-  so inuch powder, and Chinatown was  an inferno of terror, he .says. Thousands of the yellow men rushed into  the streets and through the tortuous  passages of the Imikli'nigs, raving witd  terror. : .  Many escaped and rushed madly to |  the  ferrv.        But  others,   too   terror-.!..  ��������� I li..  ...  stricken  16   try   to   save   themselves,",     . ' "     ";���������-.   ,      ���������  ���������--.... ��������� ��������� ���������     ������������������������������������_,, .    ,   .    .  ,,   ,  ������������������-    ���������     '   , ��������� ,       , ('trains and arrangements by city au-   that Mr.-Coburn had installed  a tiro  nan  directly  into danger' and' refused!   ,      .  . ,       ,        , .   '       '       .'        .       ,- , ,   JT'        j" ' v'-'-x.       <*��������� ���������  , .',   .    , ^       ithontias   whurebv ��������� dnnkingr-water . is   alarm    box at  the end  of  tne  onice  uo be moved out ol -their dens, \vbc;re������     . ,. . ������ ���������;-��������� - ��������� ��������� ^        ^ ,",',-,  ,, .   ,.   ...        ,r ; 1 .emir  dispensed  bv  troops is expect-   next     the  salt water,;  and could ue  they were cremated aHvc.   More were*        ^ ~ * .'  blo-wn to fragments. a-loiig with their  TIONDEHS.  7. It must  be  borne  in inind  that  par tmcnt-or  to its .insrectors'the ex-  while 'nasal'discharge,   or ulceration,   istcnce  of actual  of'suspected    cases  buildings.'  Many Lives Lost.  "Thc extent  of the   loss   of life   in  i Ohiivatown," said Mr. Li-bby, '-'will  never be known. The number is probably'way up in tl������j hundreds, for  the Chiiia'mcn filled tho ijiulding-s and  the'-underground chambers like bees  in-a hive.   I fear that comparatively |  | few     escaped    from the subterranean i  passages '  TENDERS addressed' to  signed at Ottawa and m&r'..<  T^Tlmonlic'starTffin g^ .'disease exists  in many animals with-  shoul(l' he  discove-cd  and  dealt  with j brought, and squads of soldiers, went  of a nyuog .i >���������    ..    01[fc) for tho    tjmc 1;cing| any. extci._  as I)rom,1)Uy  llS ,>ossiiile.  liner,"     will    be received up to    the  for  nal  manifestation  whatever,  the onh  lMv^TFraCT������,gilailH| jFlUST  DAT. OF MAY NEXT,     for   meaJls of ,ialcction in slldl   enscs   be  ! the    construction  of  a Steel     Twin'  ed   to   relieve 'suffering  in this  clirec-  used by     the  general public as  lbnj  tion. .as they did not pilfer with the same  Fiftj'. carloads  of provisions      have   and turn in false alarms,  be: n shipped from Los Angeles alone      The Mayor was agreeably surprised  while  relier  trains   are being hurried   to hear the report of Aid.; Hodgson,  to  San     Francisco from every point  He thought  if the cominitteo   would  of the compass. , ������������������ follow the matter up as to the cost  All   western cities  have  nobly      re-   of  the  alarm,   the   council  might see  sponded  to appeals  for help and the   their -way   clear   to   install  two oth-  cast is sending money ami provisions   ers  ia different parts of, the city for  which will aid in restoring order and  the   convenience   and; advantage      of  rationalism      among those  who     re-  the'citizens.  Manager     Mullet   reported expendi-  main   in  the   stricken   city.  'tures  for the  week ending  Saturday.  I  ���������Mr.    Geo.   Johnson,    of    Nanaimo, 'April.21, as follows:  grand  chancellor  of   the  Knights    of   Bastion  street sidewalk  Pythins  of  Lhe  Grand Domain   of  I'.   General   work  C,   received     a telegram     on   Satur-  H1LBERT  UNITED   ANCIENT  DRUIDS  O'RDIi'K. Ol  tender can  Ijc seen at the o;nco    of a  the Agent of the DepartnMnt' of Mar- |j  ine  au'd Fislicries at Victoria,  B.C., Wl  Wellington Grove No. 4 U.  A. 0.  I  !at the-Custom House at Vancouver, |    -  Meets   in the j' 0 -0 .F  Hail, 1...   Bc, ^ a^ thi (iel)artmciit here  liysmith,    the   Second   and      Fourtt  fl'ednesdays of each  month, commpr;  li-.g; Wednesday. 13th., 1905.  VlsHing Druids     are invited to -> (  tend.  By Or.ier  WM   RAFTER, Reef Sect*  PATRICK BUT'K. N.   A  NOTICE  Prom      this  date  the undersigned  will  uot be  responsible for  any indebtedness     incurred except on      >  written orlicr signed by the secretarv  Rowland Machin.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION &   DEVET  0PMEMT CO., LTD.  Non Personal LfaWVtv.  Victoria. B. C., M������v  18tb. 1901.  Each tender must be accompanied |  by an accepted hank cheque ctfjual .to |  10 per cent, of the whole amount of gj  the tender, which will be forfeited ������|  if the risraon sending the accepted  tender declines to enter into a contract with the department. Choa/tucs a  'accomnanydn-g tenders which are not '. %  accepted will l������3 returnod immediately lafter a decision has been arrived  at.  Newspapers copying this advertisement without authority from -the department will not be paid.  F.   GOURDEAU,  D3pnty Minister of Marins and  Fisheries.  Deiwrtrnent of Marine nnd Fisheries.  Ottawa, 28th March, 1906,  1 fused   to   be   tui;en  umi,     me   on.-u.-,:,. .,mnko nn onK.lal !Vppeai to an  imusn  I of the fire made it impossHdu for the;      ,      ,-,,.,,      , ,,  = |isoldiers   to -break  in   the doors     and j Cul,mi,,ltt  kl"Kh,s-   towarns  the      re-  a-. drug cut the stupified wretches.    The. | Hcf oi   the siiflcreis  of the  San Fran-  ufolic   Notice  Toial  Total   S16  50  ... U2  T.">  ...Sl-09  25  S20  00  rs..   '6  2-5  'through   the   buildings  trying  to   get J  I the occupants out.  Screw Stiamer-for Uic Hydrographic  occult or latent   cases,  are   in some ,    Ottawa, -March,  1000. t fused  to  be tauui o-v i.        _ _    .hum.        omu     .M  Service in ilritish Columbia  waters.         -     Specif ications, plans and  forms    of   SB55aassaBSae^J3gaHiBiMI^^ -. ,    ,.    ,.  llu ,i   ���������vi w-hpii I,-i������������-o -disaster  dvnmmt-e      had to be used  and w lit n   usto   (usomci. imnniind.-d   during   the   past  'due efforts had -boon put forth to get \    T,ljs ft,,peal is 1)0ing made through-   animals   impound, d mt  'the     Chinamen      out,   building  after ��������� ^^ aR   the  Grand  i)omains  of      the   two weeks.  *t building   was   blown   into   fragments..      ^ _ ;i        ,    .,,  ^������������������,,, '    -o^n-,     r������norts   wore  received      nn.i  the   explosions   hurling   lmndivds     of  .!?2(.i  Attention is called  to thc    fact that th������  Ogilvie Flour Hills  Co,   Limited  makers  of  ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some ilm������  past, been producing flow'r In a   vastly improred and  parifl  *  '-^rrn  by the aid 0f ELECTRICITY  tnd having secured control  of    all the basic patents relating theriv  to, take this opportunity ot advising the public  that  snv  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will u������ pto-  ������ecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Compaay Lfrjait3Jl  *re tlio    only    miliars ia Canada whose  Flour  s purified by tKe Electric Proc ess ,  , souls into eternity.  } "Fire afterwards swept over the  ruins nnd what was left of the human remains Was consumed. There  is little doubt ^nt that, many of tbe  ��������� structures not dynamited held terrorized Chinamen who were cremated  alive. The extent of thc loss of life  in the underground chanvbers cannot  even be imn-gined. They arc known  to have been filled with men. women  nnd children and the suldiers tell me  ���������that, the indications were that great  numbers perished."  The poundkoeper  reported six strny  reports   were  received  order,   and a tidy sum Will no doubt ]    Both  be realized by this united effort. filed.  >      . Aid.  Dick  gjivc  the necessary     no-  CAUGHT  COLD WHILE  HUNTING   lil"* anfl i������ovcd thnt ft new .sidewalt  A BURGLAR. bo  constructed   on   both _ side*  of  tks  Mr.   Wm.  Thos.     Lnnorgan,   provin-   Commercial   street .rilling-in,   nnd   on  c.ial   Constable at  Chapleau,  Ontario, th'-' ^st sWc ������r VlL-l^'ia Crescent.  says:    "I caught a severe cold   while    Ald' Kil'kham &avc ������oticc c,f ��������������� b>'"  ������iuntins    a    burclar    in    thc     forest  law     to  confirm  an  agreement  dated  a    -nui-mai     in    wiu     -uicsu S(ith dflv of Aprili l906i between  swamp last fall.    Hearing of Cham- col.po,.aticB 0f the city of   .*>-..  bcrlain's  Cough Remedy,  I  tried   it, ^   ^d  thQ Wcsjorn'F���������cl    Com-  ! and utter using two small bottles, I  Sa������ Francisco, April 2.^.��������� Aside  from the appearance of smallpox and  typhoid and the general belief of all  physicians that, much sickness and in  sanity will follow the disaster, thc|olher  reign of terror is over in this stricken city and reason has returned to  its throne.  vas completely cured." This remedy , "an-v��������� ������latingf to the supply of wa-  is intendoii cspecially for coughs anil ,er b-v the 8ald corporation to the  colds."   It will loosen ...ml  relieve   a   Sf,id coml>'W,   and  certain privileges  and grants from tlie said company to  severe cold  in  less time thanbynny  said*COITOl.ation.  treatment and is a favo.-.tc , 'Wni,lTas it is deemed expedient to  wherever its superior excellence has ^^ .^ ftn acreoniQJlt with the  become Idiuwn-.       For sale by  Lacy- j  Continued on  smith  Pharmacy.  Page '.Vv''i\  oi  y  V  Hi  i  mm  m  m  I ������������������ *Cbiitsi-r*-^tA&.  -V *r* *v*-=caCriv -~  *THE DAILY LEDGER  TCI  Quality  Seldom Equalled���������  Never   Exceltd  Smith, fotos,  Ladyimith, B. C.  That's AH!  Call  and Get   Acquainted  NANAIMO  FOR SALE  Twelve   bead   of   cows   and Milk  ioute.    Apply P.  O.   Box 99.  FOR  RFA-T OR  SALE.  Four roomed house  on   Esplanade,  between  Kxtension Hotel  and llauen-  Powcll street.  $310 on terms, or  rent   for   $5 PCI  month.     Applv  J.  STEWART,  The members of Uie liaptisl church  nnd their friends assembled in force  Ui^-t iiighl in lhc llapiist ihui-ch for  tin.' purpose ol' welcoming their new  pas-tor, tlie Rev. hYedirrick .Lulls', recently of Chilliwack.  ltov. A. JC. Kobei-ls and Itov. Silva  While .sent their apologies on being  unable to be present, owinjr Lo at-  ti"iu-iions in their own churches.  Tho chair- was taken by Mi: Amos  (Joilmy, lhe following program bu-  iag   curried   out.  Opening  prayer���������Rev.   Sanford.  I lymn���������C\)ii't4!-i'g\i tion.  Remarks���������Chairman  Solo���������air.  Wescoit.  Hemnrlcs���������Rev.   Sam'ord.  Solo���������Airs.   (JrioM?.  Remarks���������-Kov. Millar.  Sulo���������Miss Al artel 1.  Remarks���������Rev.  Let-Is.  1 lymn���������OoiiijivRUl ion.  Alter ihe program had lie-n lvnder-  >-,!, codec an.l coke was -erveil an.l a  nsmiL   evening-  spent    l,.\   nil     pro-  SPORT  Tilt; MAT.  Matsuda-SHanson Match.  'I he Malfiiida-Swaiison match will'  take plate at the Vancouver Opera  House tonight. Tlie Occidental and  Oriental met on thc padded iloor in  that city sqme time ago, and it wja'1!  only after a gieat struggle that the  while boy came out victor. Since then  the Jap has been on the kolc out  for a return match, and is confident  that he can land tli3 miner.  l)i. B. F. Roller, Athletic Instructor at the University of Washington,  Seattle will referie thc contest.  AWBBKSffigSaBSISSBeESSSgSSSSS  I  sen t.  Local Items  )  Try a Province Cigar.  Mr. George Kiddie,     of     Victoria,  came up >on the noon   train,  and  the guest lor a day  W. W. Walltfsni.  or two of  is  Mr.  Mcssis.' \V. Josephs, C. Co-v, and J  Alunsic left this morning for Alberta  where     they,  intend    remaining this  ' summer.  During the clay, a- net made oi  iaclis'vvas placed across the Nanaimo river below the falls the scene  of Saturday's sad drowning fatality,  ,for 'the purpose of catching thc body  oi the late Mr. Ross, should it rise  to the  surface of the stream.  LOST.  ������   At the Ladysmith Railway Station  at  thc  noon     train  on  Sunday,     r  Purse, containing    a sum of    mcn:'y.  Finder will be rewarded by returning  -same to Blair &. Adam. 21  , There is  no  work at logging camp  5 at present.     TI13 axil of the   locomotive   broke  recently,   necessitating  ' the temporary suspension  of  work.  Minard's  Liniment cures Diphtheria  ; Air. J. Conhn left on the morning  tiain en route to Coleman, where ho  'will join his father who has he.ncm  ployed there for some  time.  Try a'Province Cigar.  The Dorcas Guild, of the Chinch of  England will hold a social in the  church on Wednesday evening, April  25th. Admission, Adults 25c; diil  dren 10c. Ice Cream will he served  10c per dish.  The miners' committee last iii .lit  interviewed Manager Slocked in i'W-  erence to the matter of taking- up a  .-.wljscriplioii aim.ng \ lie underground  employees of th-", company in aid of  \he siifl'civrs of the San I'Y.ijK-isc-o  disaster. Air, .Stocked iin'onm-.l lhc  coiiiniilu-e that U: hail no objection  to -the company's lii-emcn g'o'ng  around the mine wilh such a wort by  object in view. A Tier the mine hid  been thoroughly Ciinva.sv.td. an.l ih-.'  amount dnmted      by       ihe  -   men  n-corf<nined. ho would ad\aiu-e lb  lump sum to the committee, who  could forward tin- .same as qu.ci-.h ufc  possible to the proper authorities at  San Fraiicis-co and thus avoid del i.v.  and the company would deduct the  amount subscribed by each ipdi\ fil.ial  from his pay on ne.vt }my day. The  committee tla.inked Mi. Stockett foi  his courtesy in lhe mailer, and the  firemen will commence today their  tour of the mine i.s s'tipport of s������  worthy an object.  Smoke Dig 11. Cigars  Tt is probable that 1hs Ladysmith  Dramatic Club will present "Dot ;  the Miner's Daughter" at. Drnc,- 11  to aid the fund- being raised by th?  people of. that city for the San Francisco sulTerers. Mayor Nicholson 611  behalf of the club has written the  Ree e of the Mun clpality of Cowichan, * offering the services of the  clmh, and the same will be read at  a mass meeting to be-held, this evening, and a reply is expected short-  ly. " .        '     ' ,;- ;"  GETS NO  MORE STAYS  Saji P'rancisco, April 23.���������A meeting of the superior juil&cs of this  this city, was held for the purpose  of settling* scieral logai. .qoi-csi-ions  aiismg from the inicrruption of judi-'  cial proceedings, it. was i.r/-ed that  no foi titer sta s of exaction he  granted in 'the cases of en., ic led criminals who have alivady been sentenced and granted s-.u s for statu.l  pel ioils .This- i.rder applies to Geo.  D. C(,l!ii;K, Lite attorney Ki'itt.::.e������l to  foi'i-l ci "yi ars' inij rl������ou.'.t..r;il. for  lniUM.\, but the order in his case  must he si^n-'-.r by Judge Hnnncll, of  V Santa Rcs.i,- who was ihi trial  judge. JUrs. t'or-lelia l!ot'-:in, convicted of the murder of Mrs. J. P.  Dunning, i.s exempt from the order  as hcr *a������:! Ins l/jcn appealed to the  .supreme court.  She.-will   remain  in custody  of   thi  sheriff  until     a  decision   is  rendered.  but   Collins,   with  a number  of oth-.;  ; -prisoners, will he sent to the   Stat'  ���������>;,pen<itenti?.ry  at  San Qucntin.  * Some tro-.iihle was' anticipated 1;  the judges in the -criminal depart-  meots, owing to thc destruction r-  all their records, but Attorney General. Webb announced that o?i fined  copies were intact in his- office in  Sacramento and these could be svilv-  !stitute:l for the original documents..  ���������'.'The judges haw made an order ex-  lending thc time of filing papers for  thirty days from  April  21.  The Rev. W. .1. Sippivll, principal  of Columbian College,'New Wesiinin-  siur, dulig'hied the largo audien-e"  which greeted him at Ilaliburton St.  Mi'lhodi.yt church on '.Sunday 'by his  inunso and ihoiight-lul sermons. The  morning .subject was taken from l's  fi<):i2, and was an appeal lo his blares to make life more inieiuu and  earnest. 'Phis was an ag-c in which  d vds cyiinted and it was for us to  fill our llives with deeds of sympathy  and love. It is not always in ihe  I. ng-th of our years that we meet  with .success: many young- men have  left deep impressions upon tho 'Worlds  h story. The intense life built, into  the  temples 0tenia 1.  Tho church was well filled in the  evening to listen to a discourse on  the text, "If any man will do His  will, he shall know of tho doc-trine.''  OU'dience is the way of Knowledge,  111 doing the will of Jesus is the dynamic force of religion. Doctrines  have their value in what they lr-ad  u.- to do. Tho reason many do not  icceivc the blessing of God is l)e-  c.uise they will  not do  His  u 11..  Tbe sermons were masterpieces oT  eloquence and .'howed a mervollous  comniar-il of language'. The. woid&  1. 11 with tremendous force at times  aid the imprcs.-,ions g-ainid cannot  l.e easily shakin olf. The res-pon-ie to  the appeal for financial help a* made  bv the pas-tor. Rev. A. E. liolfcrls,  v,.,s a veiy g-enerous on.' and the ob-  ji" t set. liefore ihe people has been  n.orc than  accomplished.  The sale of work, loncert and sup  .per givm under thc auspices of the.  Ladies Aid last evening- watf wv-ll Patronized. There was a large, nim-bor  to enjoy the 'feast of g-ood things  prejiared by the,, ladies and served  en nicely deeoraeed ta-lvlcs in the  s, hool room. A -very dainty supper  was provided and great, credit i.s due  to tho mcni'fX'i'S of the Aid for tho  very successful manner in -which I hoy  conducted thc affair. -A-.l'1-er the supper- the following program was ren-  d.-rod in the church:  Pian solo, Edelweiss Glide Waltz,  Aliss  Snydsr.'  Address���������'Rev.  .T, AI. Alillar.  Song-. "Light In the Darkness,' \V.  A. Letcher. "  Song, "The Olvoir Oeles-tial," Aliss  R.. Morton. '  Quartette, "The Sweet- Bye and  J'ye," Messrs. Letcher, Dobeson, Davidson and Miles.  Song, "For All Eternity." Miss  Dobeson.  Rocita'aon, "Our Kirk Bazaar,"  Aliss Leisk.  Song, "Changeless," -Airs. Davidson.  Song,  "Anchored,"  Arr.   Evan Afiles  Address,   Rev.  A. AT.  Sanford.  Violin Solo, "Ikirthy," Afr. W. R.  Alansoii.  At the close of, tho program -Tlev.  A. E. Roberts publicly exptessi^d the  th.inks of th.--* church; for the ns-sist-  jince g-iven b.v those who so heartily  took part in the work of the enter-  tninnient and also for the generous  help given by many friends, particularly mentioning- the kindly generosity of Mr. S. Al. Robins. The special  Services of Sunday and the entertain-  in n(. of last, night reflect great credit  upon those who were respon-'i-hle for  tlie mnr.Kurement. The choir added  much '��������� o fhe brig-h-tness of both ser-  ��������� i-es l-,v leading the congregational  ringing- a lid by their exceVb-nt anthems.  The "P.-I" says: Will thc ol* Pacific Xort Invest League lie rcvivfidv  Something- i.s .do'ng- alon������- these lines,  lwit things are in sv.ch a chaotic condition as tic result of the 'San Fran  cisco disaster that it is very difficult to say what will he thc outcome.  Ktiunge as it may seem, il������2 matter will he s.'Ulcd hy the California  ln'K. Under to conditions will Sc-  att'e ili-'-ci I the Pa: ifie Coast League if the direct 01 s think h������;st to con-  lini.c the scliciluli'. llitt should San  [''r.ini-iseo, Oa11 nd, Kresro pusI Lis  '���������li'.fh'.s decide (hat it. is no use trying- to 1 lay hall in California, the  other project will be taken up by Seattle  pud Portl.nid.  "The men i>ehiiiil thc Seattle chili,"  said President Cohen last cvcniiiR,  "will 11':t desert California in lhc  ore:cut eintr^cney, hut if California,  thin's best fo decide or give up, foi  lhe season, that is a different mailer."  "I do not hiow exactly where wc  stand," said Business Alanagci' Ar-  new. "I have been expecting a telegram every moment from President  Bert, hut have received none. Thcr*  has been some talk of Seattle and  Portland Roin������: -into the old Pacific  Northwest, circuit, but Seattle will  not. do such ,a thins unless tlio California l oys approve of lhe move. If  it should develop that wc cannot  nlay at all in San Francisco, tlirv  iiiii^lu  be a chaiiM all around."  NANAIWO  COUNCIL  AIIOE.TINC.  ��������� j  mU  *  IT*   \  11 s  *=^ *vc\ ���������  cou d iaSktoyoii for a  week about Dress Goods and  siill \\m sonieiiiiiig Uri ta  say-���������1 h3 subject is an interesting one to us, because we  have ine Goods to talk about  and we understand it right  from the Ground Flour   f   Our Clothes this season arc  of exceptional vglue. They  came a little late, hut they  had a long way to come. We  import :> cry yard of Dnss  OoO'ds uc handle.  That   means  A Saving of  i  Walters  Akeeihead  ai^S353?gSSSSaa.^,  "iVANTEIV���������  Furnished   rooms  -oar.il for two.     Apply Ledger.  and  Minard's Liniment cures Distemper.  Wonsr. <i. Gujf  KEPRRSIONTTNTi  t.MSANO & CO.  Merchant T������tlo>;;  Will be in Ladysmith weekly,    leave  orders at  The   Abbotsford  .SmolvC Big B. Cigars  The Imperial Pit W  MBSgffiSEK!a^C3Sa!^SJP  ���������at  $1.25  Is et Winner  We have Better ones at $2,75  All Guaranteed  Call in and Get One  (Conlim.ul from Pu������e Mhrec)  said Wisici-ii I-'ucl Cumi'ui-iy, to govern the (plain ity 01" wiit.r that, may  Ih- usi-d liy th'" >������Jid company, lrom  d.i,\ to iUi.v, I'o-r evci-v imrposL' cx-  c-i>L   lor   lire  purpos. s.  'Jh_- bylaw was reafl and passed its  l:i-.si reuiMng and will come up for  the second reaflina ne.\t Monday evening.  lic.oiv   adjourning-   Uie  .Mayor     ad-  ilrcss������)(l   Lhc  board   on  the (piost/ion 01  the   Sun   lTiMiu-isco   ilisustvr.      Many  of     the   Nnn.iimo     citizens   held   tho  opinion    that he lliul  hi-en slow      in  Uiking   steps  ro. the   question   of     ro-  liet.      Such, 'however,   had   not liocn  the case,  foi- ho had been busy   during  the    past few     days engineering  pluns  with that object in view.      Jn  his opinion the best means  oi reaching thc majority oi tho men was for  a  committee    to visit thc men    employed  underground  and one to visit  tlio  business' houses and those     employed  above ground.      He  had    ijtr  loi-viewou     Mr.   Stockett in  reforenoi  to   the     former  committee,   and      1m|  was  perfectly  satisfied  to  have      th  collection tiiKcii up and tho compan  would  iidx'ance   ihe  money  subscribt'd  lo   iv  hi'Pt   oil"  the  men  on   next pay  day.  Since seeing -Mr. Stod<et, however,  he had been informed thnt the miners' committee had intci-vicwed the  management on tlic  and would proceed  tal-o up this collection. The Miners'  l"uion_(>u Kat"rday night had donated ,?12.")0 toward the relief fund, so  the ipiestion was well under, way. He  hoped the liLy council would also  clonale Lo tin: extent that 'their finances would permit-  Aiter several oi thc aldermen had  spoUen on Lhc matter Aid. Harncs  moved, seconded hv Aid. Xewton,  shnl lhe couneil subscribe $2:")0 toward the relief fund.  TtKs motion carried unanimously.  Council then adjourned till Won-  rlav  night   next.  SUMMEi  name  proposal,  tomorrow      to  Wfe havs a  Large Variety  to Choose From  and can suit you  for  and Price  S1M( N LE1SER& CO Ud  asaBsa^ssmn^^^^m^t^^gis������i1.  (IKiP   QUICKLY   KNOCK Kl)  PUT.  "Some weel'S aso, during the s-  ere winter weather, both my wife  and myself confracte.l severe, colds,  which speedily developed into the  worst hifid of la gripic with all its  niisurahlc symptoms," says Mr. .1.  S. R������lcstoii, of Maple Landing, Iowa. "Knees and joints aching, muscles soro, head stopptd up, eyes and  nose n'nnin^, with alternate srdls  of chills and fever. We hegan using  (hamhetlain Co'igh Kenicdy, aiding  the same with douide dose of Cham-  lcrlnin's Stomach nnd Liver Tah-  le(s, and hy its liberal use soon  romplitely lotocWd o.it thc stip."  Sold by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  (VlARKET lately    run   by W. Ward, on Robeitsstree  WITH A fUtt LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEA1S  I PORK ANDSAU5AOE A 5PECjAL1Y  o A Trial Solicits  A, HOWE,  phone 20  SffiSSS������233aBB8ffi255aSESK������tl  SS������  B. FORCIMnER    v  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSfllTSi  .���������35=53  BaamanEgsg������s^22������sss^.K:&?m^  V  -'���������*ZfS������23SX&S.  ^ms^s^^^ssr^mmpz.  RNED  and  FOB SALE ,  Egcs from Pure Bred Stock  Ai! Birds Tiap Nssta^  No inferior Uyers Kept  IJTirred, I3uri and White lTocks  Wiii'e Wyandottes, While and Brown  Leghorns. . -  $rPer Setting  56 Per Hundred  B: STEWART,  Box 26S Ladysmith, B.C.  I have just received a shipment ol  Tii!!s';High Grade  [NGLSSH TOBACCOS  Every Length Guaranteed  for  One Year  Fui J Stock  Cotton, Rubber end )yire Wound  The Ladysmith Hardware Co. 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Soap Works will gjivi-'you;  your choice of fifty beautiful   sulLfjecos.    A,sk your. Grocer,for catalogue of Premiums. J j        ,,-a^'*      1 ,.?������,-fiu-;.--.w>  J  B. C. SOAP WORK  .jSSWftJM  Plumbing and tailing  DONE  AT  1  Reasonable Prices  -By-  J. ANDERSON  Leave ordeia at  I'eterson'y  Furn  tine Store, or telopbone No 5b.  LADYSMITH HOTEL jyy?   f  Having; taken over thc har-rooin ot  thc aiiovc hotel, wc intend to run a  first-class, un-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends a������d the public in general,  we guati'.'itee good  treatment  to all.  R. ?oott  A. Smith  .Projiriptors.


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