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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 25, 1906

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 SE  ������������������>.-"������������������������?���������.  {''WslAnyz  A������SE.M%y>  The Ladysmit  VILY  *?y  v  ������(-;���������     APK 27 J90C      ������ ;  VOL.**  WEDNESDU  \,ul   21,   1'ioc  PRICE FIVE CENTS  WIRELESS STATIONS  FOR B. G COAST  Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Promises Substantial Sum in Supple-  mentaries for Installation  FIGHT  FOB  LOC&TIQH OF  HEW CAPITAL  An 01  SIKH EG  by nmiiiie  mil it mm\  i  Grand    For s,      K (' ,     Vpnl   23 ���������  Woid has pist  icached heie fiom Mid  vvav   tliat   wh le   winking   in   a       cut  , Legislature,  wli-n Hon    W   W  Cush-  on   lh(j CUc,it  Notlhp]n  Railway     a  mmiim mim  ._. |i������H  IS* e notice  lh.*l  on    Woilncsday   few ,mies ^[sL ()[ amuav, si������t   iw,  ,     '               ...            r.e\t he   would  nitioduce a motion in   weie instantly hilled  hy a pieniatui*  lava despatch savs    Mr   W   The northern . station     would be   in      .,        ,     _           _,     ..���������.__,..,  Edminton,  Apul  25���������The first gun  in the capital  fight  was Tirol  in    ihe  iclption  to the  location of a pciman-   blvsl  Sloan had a leng mtciuew with the tommun,cilion    with    the Kmpiesses.   niL c^,,,t������l.     M\    Gushing was     mi   !  ii fount  TALE Of  PRIVATION  It   appeals  tint  (1 cic   was  a     hoi  minivk'r  of nuune and  fislicr>2->  ami when  t.V*.i������K 11>3 northern toulc lion   m-dialelv     followed     by     .John    T  |tlut had   been   loaded   last   j e< i,   aii l(  outlined   lis  views  as  lo   the  cslaHi-v .Japm,   when   1,000  miles  out  " fio u ,3 o >ic,   memhei   for  Red  Deei,      who   had  not  bem   fired, an-1  one  of     the  hshnxiit of vvucless    tdegi.tihy     on Va'tro'ivci   ;n.l Victoua    The   coast-' pa c   the  sanu  notice of  motion and   unfortunate men  attempted to  loosen  the coast   of  British  Columbia.     Hi? nig     st.'amcis    fitted with   wiioless-   Cornelius   fheboit,     Opposition,    foi- \ip  tho  hole with  a tiovvh.u,     when  advocated thicc high  power stations, tcbg-'aphv w������>i*M be a groat, loom to   lowed   with  a  similar  announcement    tie shot   win I  o'i,   killing Jive     men  located,   one  at  Ham fie Id cioek,    on- outlying districts on the coast   wIvmo |    Molions aceoiding  to r .les  will   Ik  dnectlv in the cut        Thc si\1h man  in  the vicinity  of   Cape Can I ion   oi Uierc is now no iapid comni'umication   tal en  up  in  the older given, so that   was     standing     hy    a hoise laithci  Riveis Intel, and the third at oi ti'cai Those vcscels   wo ild l.e ablo to   send   Rianlinp;  that  Mi   pushing    supports   dt,v,n     th.' cot,      and   was   inslautU  Poit     E.ssington    oi   Poit Simpson and   icccuc     messages     fiom    these   Calgarv,  he  will  biing  in  a   motion , Pilled ,   Sti. n >��������� to snv  thc hoisc   es-  "lhe.se sLil.ii ns in a direct 1 no would point"?, and  would,  if installed bv thj   io have  thc peimancnl  capital local   caped  injuiy ;  he 250 miles apait, and would   be in coast ng     vc-sels,    mean    that thesi  i'd,al   that city, and Mr   Mooie,     it |  -f   conliiiuous  eomniimcatim  with   each now oitlung po.nls would piaticallv   is expected,  will  follow with a    mo-   WOKE DVMAGE TO  othei, aixl will cost m   the neighhoi- le in  cm-.tamt    commf.iucation   with   <'on    to  | lace  the    capital  at     Red j TELEPHONE CABLINS  hoed of 1.10,000 each. ' Yictoiia and  Vancouver hy  way     of _ {)<?er      Coin-lius  Ilieleit  has dccl.u-|    The  l!C   TcJoi.lioi c Company's  ca-  Mi    Sloan also ad vocal s the    cs- lUnifickl CiceA. !f'1  "���������"���������scir    m   favoi'     of  Ban"*,    l.iit , Lies,  vvheic thev urn un lei gioundat  taiUishnienl of some small powri stia-     Hon    L   I'    Brorleur    hn.s  promised i (hoic    is  a rumor    about the con id-   tii-3     soafh     end  of Gian.illt* stieel  tions  at suitable  lnlci'.cnin^  juiinLs. to  give  this  Ins attention,  amljio-  ois that, Iliu'crt lecogm/ing that the  bridge,  weie damaged      on     Sunday  The CPU   h.������ ui-t?matH th<-ii   in- miscd   Mi.   Sloan   ihat a  smb-sUnf ia!   I ���������ace     of Ins    chcico has no chance,   night by some unknown jeisrn injut-  tention    of     installing    the wnrtes amount  will   le pioviiled   m  the sup-,""      ���������a\c    foi   Edmonton,  thereby , mg the Lad armo n,  by putting ma,  svt,tem  on  thnr  tians-Paoific .sli am- plemcniuiy   estimates   for  the     pin- . I Lif m;   the Li'.eial  memheis of    1he,laige | an  of  j heis  and  wientlniiL a  NEWS NOTES FROM  THE WATERFRONT  Well Known Freighter Robert Dunsmuir  is Sold to Herbert Gilley  of Vancouver  eis, and als() on then   coasting lo.its pesj outlined  I To isp   in    a yvsilioi!  of  having    <to  veto foi   the   motion  LONDON  IN FIGURES  whole in dianietei, savs a V.incoiivei  despatch 'I his. mjeiy is to level \  'inch legictted, since it inleilen<.  senously with 6ulseri!.ers in that  vioniitv Foi .some lime past now  the Companv has lean oliei n\ a ie-  wand of 1,000 foi the .ippiehension  ot any pei-.on found damaging its  wnes, but so fai it has pioved in-  c^e:t ul  London's   population   (1,131,758     in  wiikat cnor' OVJIVCJRD  Chicago,    \pn|   21���������gRorai ts   0i dam  age  to  iho crop  by rlrv woatli"i-      in  M'ost    all  the buildin s     m   of  b'liglai ies in   l')03  was  27,  oIcob-|,h<? so,,,h  <-n������sU(l  an  nilvanco    todaj  the  Bella Holla, n. 0, Apul 2.',. ��������� A  uiiilillt' sfioty of nnviilion was tolfl  bv Orion 10 Simpson, <t voting trapper vvho managed to icaih here by  i-���������no.' Ho had spoi.i the winior flapping upiounliy and liad had a \eiv  ���������>u< ci'S'-ful soason, having sent clown  Ihioo  hirgo  liun llos ol   fms  On      Apiil  2   h"  uus  willini   thntv  milos  oi   ibis   I own    iio-.n   Johnston's-  t hanncl,  wlun I.,   vvns suddenly   taken  ill \\   Fnii   hi'   in   ingiil   to  ciawl  iiioiiiul and (.iii.') iniiiif.il vv 0(j I to  Keep ,i fire, bin ho ^joii glow so wenL  that ho was nimble lo |vi ojj uptlio  /no To add to hl-> crmcal ^os'illon  a beavv ���������niw-toini tamo on and tho  sick  tiapi>oi   h.i.l  to wrap hinisoh  upl(0Jl1  lastl     night,      on   hei   way  down I ,  Tees Called in  Last Night en  WaySouth-S. S. Flyer and  Scow  Load Coal  Her  in   bis  blankets  and stoually     uwint   ''O'li  i\'m tl  S.S    Flvei   and mnv  weie  m    for   satisfactory  one to  both   parties  lump  coal  this  morning The Dunsmuu   was a frequent vis-  The stean.e.  To.s came ,��������� rort  for   ltoi to (hls polti  aaJ (n toV>I1     ,R>L.  captain and  officers  are well lnov. n.  tlio i-nd Auei lb1 sloim had abate.l  bo was able to nialec a little bln/e  ai 11  ������������'i,w   biiusvli   some  to.t  Steainci   Kohcit Dunsmuu   hasleen  Vancouver,   April  25 ���������The  Norwegian stc-ams'liip Themis is now on her  CAPT   CUTLER TLLLS jhioi.e in  two      It  lasted  s0    long���������  OP EXPERIENC'I-S1^most  foity seconds,  I  sho.il.l    say  The Colonist savs     An mtciesting  r\^e s|,Cet.s    in  some parts   ot     the  letter was leteivicil yeslenlay by Alis   clXjS. aXC open about'fotu  feot in some  Bell  Cutlei   fiom   hei   Inland   Caj.f I  , [t 1S tK,ngerous lo g0 AloUivl  i\l    Cutlei,  maslei.   of  the     steamoi i ,     , ,   . ,.  -,..., .    . . i\ou Lnovv     ti'ic l.viae sheds  cm    thc  Ucllin&toi',   which   is  engaged   iutai-| *  iju.g  coal   fiom   Ladv.sn.ilh   ter  San   whail,  somcot  them  aic level     with  Francisco      fapt    Cu'tlei   was  a.nv-   ������������   whaucs      riovisioa.s   w,U  bean l'OI,)   acconl.ng   10   tlo  annual   sta-  ing  iu  San  Kiancisco  wlun   the   dis-'awful itiiec heie foi  a few vvi.Astill tist.c.l al.stiact just issued  is lough  astci  occulted      Capt    CullcCs    let-   "*Y  will he able to get some.     All lv  II  per tent   ot  th .1  of     England  tei,  .lated at S.m Viancis.o on    Ap-   fie    wholesale   houses  weie     binned and   Wales,   but   London's   piopoit.on  nl-'lSUi,  is as follows. ,low" .  "Wc weie just conun- into the h.ti-   <V lan-1     have     stuLe.l    fio.n   then   beiy  .1-1,  and  or  laiunj   38  pel cent  , ot  over  one < cot per lniMi^l   m  l,oi   this   niotiiiii"    when   the     eai'th-   foiindatioiif.,   but t'e.e  weie o'.ily     a jit  had   the  the pioportion  of   death | piue of uh ftt      hrii,       At   the close  sold at -^evv AVe.stminstei  to Herheit- ,.,���������,-  ���������, , ,    , . ,.',, ,, ^ - ���������--    way across the Pacific to Vancouver  Two   weeks  passed   during      which  C.iliey.        On     Apul  17,    1S83,   the.     ,       L    ,      ,    ,.   Mr    Simpson  uas  0 lii-u.us and  m  a   n ,.,,,, lMrilIpl  cnwler  to  MacKcnzie  Bios,  of  -        ,    , ,   ,       ,     ,      ,   , .     "unsnwii   Jeff  drvdock, having     been '.. . .   . ,.  itiiical s-Uite, aiul ih n ho d v. id eel to   ,    .. x.       ,,,    , ,,      this port, and duiui's; the coming sea  ,,,_,,,       , , limit in     New \V3Slniinslci   by    Mr   . b  make one  lmal  nj-hl   lot   Sue and gel ulllo.���������..r  fnr   r-nHi���������   Hnoni������.    sou shc  Wl11    operate direct between  down to  Holla  I Sella .md m.-riu-nl as-  1,''il>   -UaiioiK}   loi   tapl-am   Kogeis  sisiaiKc     Siiumblin^ into Ins   laiioo She  was  a sidowheelci  and  designol t Vancou er and SK'aicway     The   'lhe-  he floated  down  the slreain on     tbo  |���������  cauv fiei<.ht and passengers,  and   ������nis should  arrive  Uie latter pait of.  tides    lie was too weak t<, use   ihj aKo        u&i;(l  f(n  u, purposes. Im   this month  oi   Un beginning of ne\t.  laddie    and  altei   thioo  dajs  be man- , ���������  aged lo icaih ihe s.-it Icmi nl ^Liy,   1SS1, she took     up the f'.P N. i    The    Ihemis    is  Loth a passengei,  Simpson  anivi'd at   [Sil'a Bella  m steamer     Enterprise's     urn  between   and caii^o carrier, and she is capable  a vetv   pieiaiions condition 'J he v, lctona,    NTaiuinio, Vanco.ivcr     und 'of ten and a- half knots -speed..     .She  men V���������  "^ miroS'inato'le1;: ^'omov      At   this  tune she also    ran 'has    Uen      chartered  by  MacKteivie  low,   1ml   ihe tlodoi   hoUU out,      no 1 el ween  \ananro ami New Wsstiim-  Hios   foi six months with the option  hope oi his leiovei.v     I lis death as a stei        This     n>n  shc 1 ept up     foi J of purchase        She     is in  first class  lesull  oi   hs   leriiljL'  pnvation,  0\|>C'lcJ  aL  any   niinuto  A PUBLIC  ���������ihoiil   sin: ve.ns,   wilh  Comov   in ad- condition  and   immediately  upon   ai-  dit'on,  as she was avvatded the  mail nval will be put in     commission on  (cnliact  Let wo������n those  places,     and the northern run.     She sailed    fiom  (allied    out  hei   woik  so  elhcientlv, Kobe    on      April  10  and_ is com ng  that shc was commended  by the po->- acics^ the Pacific m ballast  ing a.public meeting will he held foi   m  Vutona and    fitted  with a     twin   reported, to   be  excellent.     She will l  i lust stunk the town.     It was   an   ,ew llvf'5 ,fSt      Wj   we,������  601"^     to'sen tent-.s,   but :i������  p������r .cent    oi tvv ice ' tho t,ll]y 0]lt.l( n was t|110 f0nt al,oV(.  U'<-' pmpcsj  of reo2ii-ing the   lcpoits   sciew  and  now   engines      She has  a   make an  imioitarit  addition  to   the  ' 'id stuck'    It  was  iust   like - t'u    discliaitrc in   the city  this  tune,   font.iK shaie of total convictitiis l   - ..     I Vflt ,���������,,,,, .��������� ,., , ' of 4 he committois appointed to  lake  guss  loni a;e  of I1G tons registered,   fleet  of  large    sleam craft  opeiated  l\ZrPPXF"NrC   tal ������fTlLlaIs      Aful   18<Jf) s''ie left   olt !    Built at  KongsUrg    in  1903,     the   ,  **l.M-dM-i  1 1XNVJ  uiat   roa(c  al!d  too'c  A duect service   Themis   is   practically   a   now    craft  At the City Hall  tomouow   e*en.  letvvern     New Westminster, Vancou-   and  her    freight handling equipment  vci aid Nanaimo. ���������       is  of the most modern vaiicty wh le  In   1SSS   tl>^   Dunsmuir   was rebuilt   her  passenajei      accommoilations   ar.>  n\elIInRt(,n go.ng-ovc.   a  ucf,   o civ-I  ^"^  "'^ .- wheic.wit. will.    Uu,, |    London's i.ulh.tatc,   13.0   pei thou  -body thought wc weic asl.oie,  but " I   ^l& ������>"��������� ti������lti- as two  oi th, com-^aivl,   w.s ve.y   sLghtly   below     it;  ve'Loiilaj's qvo'atlons  knew   we  weic  in  s.vty   fathoms    of P^v's sUvimcis are ,n U.o     slieaiu., {sl.a.e,   while    its ,llcg,t.n,ate    bi.th  water      An hour aftei, the city was ������������y     hud     to come out  fiom    tho (iate was    slill  less,   12 7 ,or     (1, ,u-  m llamts, it is  buiiuiig now. wtof      Ul    Ou.usMnu.i's   whaif is all ^a.ul      The death .ate was   UB  . ml  "The  Call  budding has just caught "&<���������  ������������  ^l>  ^  l  ������������������^  lL  j<   oi-1,Mip  ma nunc   lats,   15 1,   was   aho.e  l.ie and will soon  tie to thc ground. of <,jn!!cl-     J'u'-  wa& on  Loanl     He  its    sh.nc  The eilv  seems to  be  all  iu   (Lames W������IS so o\ciieA  hu couldn't talk     He  We aio'looUiisj Uom the ship at   it ���������������*������������ P������"^  ������'^i   to town to see  how  1  am  afuud    to  leave     the    ship in J,IS   I'owahI's mother an I sislei got  case the spaiks will ih   o.it here,    if on      He called  on  bo.ud  0n his  vvav  ttcv do  wc will have to    mo\c  faL-  A'rCrIORY   FOR   KVERTO.V  London,  Am'I  2] ���������The final   no  in  Uu; eonk-st   lot   the  lootlull   ns,o 11-  The  death late  was   13 6  .ml   don  cup   was   phiwd   this   aft'Miioon  at  the Oivstal   I-'al.w.f and   lesnllodin  a ^'l(-tol^   lor Hvoiton ovei  Xoucastl,.  Lonidoii s   shne   of   alien   emigrants   ly a ^LOjo of   l   to o     The crowd  ol  wrs  57.1   against   lis   doe   of   1J   j er   north  lonntiviiirn   who  came heie  io  tho g.i  inndiod  ,\n 1 fit tv  cent ,   while its  shne of houses  was ' \s,Lni.<.s tho game piobablv   biokc all  only  ') 1       Its  shaic of  lmiorts     of   icouN    Om  spo-  up collecticms foi the San Francisco and has done ninth incidentally for out of thv port of Vancouver Thc  sufierers an I to decide whethci food \ictoiia as a fiLi^litei Mr Iler'.ert vessclcis do'.<ble-botton>cd and car-  supphes ate to be puiclmsed, oi   the  Oillcy   intends to use his new     pin-   ries water ballast '  money leah/jed foi wauled to the San chase as a tovvboal and will have - The general dimensions of the The-  PiancisiCo authoiitics ,t',c  two passenger  decks tak'K?n off        mis aie    Length 270  feet,   loam,  40  D.  NICHOLSON, Mayor.        -'Ihouuh onginallv build,for     Capt    feet by  draught of 116 loaded   This  .1 W Kogeis, the Dunsmuir at the light draught with large cauv ing  time of hei sale was- owned in par- capacity is a tiemendous advantage,  tneiship bv Capt J W Rogers, Cap- on this coast The Themis is of  lain .J    Rogeis,     Capt    L.     Rogers,   1900    tons g-rcss pnd shc can   cairv  She    has four hatches,  ROSS' ROU\   IS  NOT   VET  KKCOVERKD  'lhe 1 lei a. Id savs.  Mi    Jl.iu.v   Mcliuloo.   of  the    local |( at    O    II    I'   Rogers    ml    T   L    2800tcns  lac        He said   they weie just     ro  'loul   was   315   and  expcits   of    food   c-ial    tmnis     biouoh.   00,000  to 70,.'hshcn.s   uispoi toi t,  stall,   di0vc  out ^ Orig.s,    of    Vic'or.a      She is   tuilt   each 2-1 feet square anl a  full caiso  in<r to  ma't: for  tho conntiv with   a U"> S      Its  proportions of on and    oil ' 00O football enthusiasts into ihe mo-,lo -Nanaimo  River lads vesLMdav af-  0f vellovv ec'Iti, and having i.o^n ev-   handl-ng eqiuipmcnt  at each     hatch.  tlui   ui>~sticani      It   is  like  a    fur-   IJI" >���������".'"������<��������� ������ ">������������������   i>"^ ^-umniiv   .n������n    " | --��������� -      ���������  i-������--i   "������������������ ���������-���������    --- |  .      ',      ,.     .'             * ,            luich made un      I t.hou������lit voi vvo'dd   licenses   weie   le^pecti elv   Uli     and   tiojolis and fiom  SO.nfti  to   90,000 'teinoon and lent his md m un ehoi t ' ainini/l   Lefiie  the   deal  was   maileNn so  tint "t'ie  stowing  and  (lisol'iiaiii^  u.ice  on  boaid,    Uie heat  is  intense,   1UI������'" " ������11"- "f         ""n1'1 >ul "���������"',       ,                        1           ���������                       1 '                            ',      ,                .     ,    ,           ,         r>                    ,   .   r        .,      ,    .                     . ,   ,   ,  .    .                           > 1-       11     i       I   ^'c ^n  "Cil1  a'-1 about it, so heie    I   H-a                       N������                                    Kpoitatoi-.   weic   pi.-^ont   whon     plav (t-o tiisiovoi   iho bud.v   o    '.<o     ito-^s,   amnrd   I efoie  thc deal  was comi;  it- of car o     can he accomplished  most  ,    r  ii'        ^    ".     , ���������i   ji���������   am      wilting-     a  few lines  and   then      The    tramway     passengers of    the   commented It   u    ,   not  until      the   who  vvas diownml  on  SaUiulny  last  'pd,  it  w\ s  found    that hcr     tinihcis e\'po'litionclv.  J                     'running out to sec how the  hie     is  Loud n  County Council nuniLeied    in   last    fiiteen miiuiUs     DuLl^veiion  Hajoi   Nuho'son,   C\mstablo Cassulv   were in excellent condition   She cost ,    The engines  of the Themis arc   ot  I 0        ir)(i,S^),S13,    Lcndyn    General ' scored and  a p.-itj   fiom   Lari.v smith     wire   fiO.OfO  when  she was  built,  and the the  tiiile-cvpansion  Ivpe,     cvlmdcr-i  whole citv  will    be  doomed  '1 hey 1  say Mallei sheet 1ms sunk  with the   tott,n5 on-     'x lle tl,llic-'s ^ C01111,,S  eaiWiquake   about    live feet   s BmW- lout ������"   hoaltI  o[ IS      The  pal'Cl    ������"  nigs aie  falling down, and Clod onlv ,ll,c  U,V  of <l  1,at boX  was  l'low" on  knows   how    manv    lives,   have    been   LOdld-  au 1 ,l ,s  as  hli&ht as     (ia>'  lost      Women  were out in   the sticet , MosL a11      of   the     "sllli s alc   m   ihc  111  then    nightcloUies,  with   cluldien ,shcam>  lhe ,esl ')lw;3 fw thcin  "Thc Cal! building is.     still stand-  in  then  aims      I  tell  vou  thieie   is  no   place  fikc    Victoria"      Just I >"P> hul thc i"*>-te'������> all b.irne-d out  ting a, chance to send  this    ashoic 1ti*  lcoiIc  alc  K������'"E  0 ci   to   Oak-  Will wi te later." 'au'''  ^''s   nioiiiuii!,   in  huiKliods    Thc  Willing anam  at  10 p.m ,   Captain   customs oHuci   lhal ' just tame    on  -Culler  said                                                  loan I  savs   lint Market stieet is    3  "This is lie giiOatest night I have  ovei seen or c\pcct to see again The  citv is all in (lames They hive  found a thousand killed by thcoailh-  '((Uale, and cvpect that thc nuinlcr  will aivo'int to about three thousind  All*" Mai'el, Posl, Mush, Falsom,  Mission and mobt all lhc piincipe'  stieets weic buined down, all the  theatres  and" the'Palace-    hotel.', 1  S\LVAT10N   ARMY.  Pii'lilic iMo'ting will le,h"ld m   the  Oj-era  House   PatK|\t.et   11 n 11  on  Mon-  hear the  wharves  arc  full  of. women |day evnii-n^,. April 30, at 7:30.      All  and men trying--,lo get clear   of   the   arc cordially invited,  fire.     T expert    to sop. . a lot  feet Iowci on one side than on the  othei The eaiIntake has put thc  iilj to the bad I don't I now when  they will have us discharged T e\-  1 ect lo be in the slirain foi a  week- "  Omninus   p. s->engeis   210,311,218,   and  1 ondon   Rtart  Cai,  72,053,DOG  Lctteis d li eied in 1105 nuinl ei'Bd  727 millu.ns, postcaids l(!fi millions,  look p.tc'ct>-, etc, ii'ii millions, and  loletiaifs  haedivl   m 28  millions  GHOULS  CUT OFF    lat  the  scene  of  iho   Liagody.   bill   all  clients to  loiato thj bodv of the 1111-  IILR   I< 1NGKR   |(, lupato .voimg   man  reded   in   vain  Mi    Mclndoo  staLos  that  wire  net-  it ing  has  been  sti etched   acioss      the  a short   distance   below       the  puce  for  chancing hands   now    is   a   20A bv 35 by 57 by  30-inch stro'e  Coloiado Ppimj>s,   Ool ,   Vpiil  21  Passing   through   lbs   clt.v    lodav   on'iivei  On l.'is   in Loiulrn'in 1901   weie 12f������,-   a  Pom 01   and   K10   fiiande  fmn    foi-   falls 'o as  to  pre\cnt tho bodv   fiom>  Chicago, vvh^ie hot- paun s icsale, floating down ^lieam should it como  was a Ran Piainisco fugitive who to tho smface and float" aw in nnno-  s.ud   hoi   nanio   vvn-.  "Miss   1 o^an    Shc   tu ed  woic a han.l.mc on luu   loit   hand and       Vtcord.ng   to  the  latest  icpoit   Iho  saul  th>t   whili    she   lav   unionst ions   fatal   accidint  wa5?  caused   bv     Ross |  I OOL     JPailiani'niliiv clcctois total- |on   the  f'ooi   ol  the  lnbbv   01   tho  St     losing    bis balance     while spiingingi  led   ()21,1S0,  a.aii'St  ()12,">00,   and  the   C'an is b del  111  San  Piaiitwer., alter   with   the     an.  ol   a polo,   fiom      one  lOamtv       council     electois      712 307,.'he  cm ihipiuko   last  Ui.diies\ia\   inoi-   le.lac   lo   nnothor        Re'oic   he   could  335 .\,a 11st 130,000 111 1903, deaths  71,������)'!(), a;amst fi'l/^n, "mau iages 31-  ,)Sh  a aii'st 40,2(.2  'lh'*    latea'Ie    value  in   1905     was  ������n,fi57,0Gfi,     against   ������11,080,974   in  come  on hoard for shelter before morning.  The e-rl-lf'ual'e vvas Something, awful.     1   tho'.igiht the Wellington    Was  rtlr.'.J. TL Simpson, vvas among  the citizens pf .N'aniiino vvho visit.-sl  Ladvsmith   todav.  a ainsl   731, {70  ion.!, 1   the   thud   fingvr   of  hot       lott    lecovir   hnfi^olf  he   was   swept   awavl  fjKOc.seil   piciniscs   numbered   10 379   haul was ml oft  .md she v\as- lobbed   m  Hio  lioilmg   vvateis and   soon   lost  against   10,702  ol   lines   that  she  had   worn   Iheii  I  to   the   view    of  bis   companions  REMARKABLE ROAST  FROM THE BENCH  HYDAH BELLE WEDS  HALFBREED LOVER  Now. Westminster, April 25..���������An Tn-  the beach ready  to Inane the   island.  (Han  r'Oiinanoc was    consummated"   in  Vancouver    today,     when  Maud,   the  With  u  knife    in  one     hand and     a  large stone in   thc other, he threaten  belle of the Hydah Indians, and   her  oil to ml  the life of  the lover if he  ,   , ���������,.:���������,*   ATon.i   did not  abandon    his attempt.     The  haf-breed  lover were  married.  Mau.l '  threat    vvas     successful for  the'tunc  had  been,  till    recently, o,ne  of     the   ^.^    ^ ^ .. (,ay  ^     sie&nw  punils   at   the  Indian  school   at Port - VcMiture arriued  0(1  3\1 asset, and  just  SimpiSon,      and    vvas known as     the.   b,efote. .daylight  that night the sailor  prettiest    .girl in   town.    Graduating 'on   watch ..heard  a noise and  discov-  froni th.;> school    some     Tew months 'cred      that Mnud  and  her lialf-brcvnl  ago, she wont.to live with her sister   l0vn- had     swarmed  aboard u.p    tint/he  wiic  of chief    Edcnshavv of    the'anchor chain.       The elopement    had  Tlyidahs.  on Queen  Charlotte islands. ' been hurriedly   planned  and  inboard  Her half-breed lover from Port Shwp-   ing  the-   steamer      the dusky  beau-tj  son,   followed  lver,  and  his    presence   hud lost tho 'bundle in which her has  ou  lhc  island caused   much    trouble,   lily  gathered     trousseau    had     been  as the    Tlydia-hs    did  not     wish  the   put.    .At once the anchor was weigh  belle of   their irilx; to ninrry a'breed,   cd and  the. steamer commenced     her  Thc  two   planird  to  elope,   but their   voyage    south.        The   young couple  first attempt  vvas frustrated,  at the   planned   lo he u.nilnd  in .due" form as  last moment', but one  of the old men   so0n after  their nrrival in Var.conv.ei | recovery   from  his   wounds  to  a  Seattle,   Wash,   April  25.���������Ray     Fl.    ter   slated   that   he  considered      such  Macdonald,  the  man shot last    Se.p-  an  ex-presMon  of  opinb.n   a  sacriloj'.e  .   ' -.���������    .....ii..     ;,.   and  Ihoitglit,  that   Hordes poor shoot.  lemlcr   bv   G-eor.i.e   Ucode,   while     in -^ ' ,.  iuiilci.   ������> ��������� ing and   nut  Providence,     sho.ild     he  company   with   the  hitter's   wife     ott ���������     ^ ^  {]w ^^^ f()|.  |he ni.iM   ^  ���������jhirtl  a-.onue,   was  made Uu*    object  '      ^  Uy{]^  of ji.dicial ,wrath  on Saturday  morn-(    i    ing,    H^cri.r  .hMlge  A    Vv.   l^-attcrj ba .  ^]am/  statin" from the bench that if all the  evidence pointed to him he true,' The Hall to l.e given on hnday  Maodonuld .should be sent to- the peni ni������lit next, is under the auspices of  lenliary. .1-u.lw Prattcfs remarks the Kxcelsior Club, whirl, has. been  were made during his direction on so fortunate as to have nghtly dc-  l-he motion of Deputy Prosecuting served the native -of good eutc.tam-  Atlornov Miller lo dismiss t.ho���������har,-.t\ ers. This club has held regular  aotilrst" Peed- This motion was-dances through thc winler months,  Judge Frailer  staled that, and    now, as  the.    warm   weather  is  KLL1EF STEAMERS froo of any charge by  the   C. P. It.  NEATUXU  'FRISCO for the trip      to San  Fiancisco, left  A \ icioria    despatch     soys     "The }C&terday morning to  load mest    01  ielief stiamei    Tellus iiom  \ictona, hei fieieht at Vaiicoavei, fiom which  with a  ftill caigo of piovusio-is,    in- poit she will sail l*.day.        As well  eliding flour and bread-making mater us giving the steaner  Amur,   the C.  uns,  cuimed gools, etc ,  is due     to P.   R ,  has  dcnatol  ^23,000  to    the  dav   at San  Francisco.     She will  bi Rod Cross society's  fund.  tl..*  brst  oi tie relief  steaincis  from  ������   1101 them ports t0 leach the sine! en FOOTBALL MEETING TONIGHT  Jity, 'the steamer Queen, qjhich sail- ball club aic roqluosted to attend a  cd last night from ine ocean docn, meeting a,l the Hovvery, at 7.30.1 Tho  was also loaded wilh provisions to meeting is imi'oitanl as arianyrjiunt-t  aid the sufieieis. With II13 excep- aie to be made foi the meeting oi  lion of HIU tons of geneial height, the Vancouver island Football Asso-  loaded at \aiito-uver Leforo news oi ciation heie on Saturday nevt This  the disuslei was leceived, thccnliic will he the fust time for the asso-  caiigo of the San Fiancisco lmei ns)o>f ciaticn to m&-t in this city,  provisiens donated by various cities: The B.C. Intermediate Cliampion-  There Avcre 75 tons from Vancouver, ship cup won by Ladysmith on Salami  tl...-  renvaindcr of  the cargo  was unlay is  still in  possession  of Cuni--  I.nid toi do/ons 01 \>ilunblo .iiiiiniils  have 1 (ten Kitl.?it despite* their ovvnor's  protests. -  .   3.11.   \V.   Cameron,   chief   engineer   of .  the  Vniii-ouv-oi-  ilro   departniont,   died "nide up   uom  Seattle, 1 acoma   aiKl lerlain:!  and according to reports th;  Monday' mornng.    lie was (12 yevu-s I Victoria.     Other Sound  towns     con- fooal.jallprs   of  that  city   decline     lo  of   aft-o  and   one  of  the  best   known tributcd,.    their     donations    rang-ing i-elHiquish"it.     It wasi won   by  tbet.i  Jt^ver^intvibfiiopartmenrw^ '������   ^  ^  ������<>���������������     ������^   ^ ���������������������  .>"���������������  W. and-^1 not    be:n  formed���������Mr.     Cameron   had   boon     a 25  tons of Potatoes and 50 .tons     oi contested   for since  until this  season,  member of it.    lie loaves a wife   and provisions.    .The" steamer     Buckman       At  the  tweeting tonight  it  will hn  two Kr���������wii chii-divn. .airs.  W. D.Wood s.ljle(i  on  S1.11 lav  from  Seattle  with- decidtd    what action is to he * taken  and  Mr.  Hob(*rl   V a moron  also of  thi-       ..  ,, . '.     . ,. ,    , .        ,<���������,,.       ,      r       -i���������    ,.;,a.i  fire departm. nt. ��������������������������� lu"  cargo ol  fo0d supplies, and the to  olaain  the  trophy   for  its    right-  SI'lATTLP:  SCHOONER  NEARLY FOPNOIORS  A niariiu* disas-ter that would have  brouiiht sorrow 10 many Sent lie  homos vvas nirrovvly averted last  Thursday at -ihoN ortbern end of  Vancouver  Island.  The halibut si earner Squid, Captain  Poi'hick, arrived at- New WoHlniinstor  yesterday with tho news. Tbe sohoon  or which got. into trouble was the  N'ormon Sunday .of Seattl'.*, Captnin  (!oorg-o Penny.   She  is n gasoline aiix  steamer Amur,   which has been given   ful owners, Ladysmith Intermediates.  WILL TRY TO CUT  AMERICAN OUT CANNERS  New  Westminster,    April  22. .���������  In j    These trap  managers  claim  that in  spile of  the prospects of a small run   a  few   years   they   can decrease    the  car as     the     prosecuting     witness J    ��������� R _ |n. y]^  ^  ihe ^ ,m��������� ' ,��������� ^pHo^h,* ;vato,. yr^^^ ^m m%  ^ ^    ^^  in imtiiin.nl  danger of iro'n-i; down.      inspired   oilier   canning   and     packing  On  Thursday   the   Sipii-d   picked   up  concerns   to  enter   into  the    business  ��������� ���������_���������-- ."_.-: . 11. - ' "   '  have  ' Two" Victoria stoan-.^ra are   starix,- he in operation  when the season   op-  agai.ns-t his  assailant. j mion   Art. relative to  tests for  g-hm-  In   reviewim*-  the   ahidavit- made by   dord   l.ors-es  nnd   sn-b'������*fpi nf   dr-s-tyuc- ,  l-lacdmald,   which ccntains live .Idle-   [^ Z^i^\^ii\^^^ ���������������"> ���������I  her into    a^^ r;S:lt  thal. tvvCntv���������six wil  ment  that iMacdonahl  attributes   Ins    thvpo wU1 ho ft ,ot of RnfJ.vy     hoi.p������?. _ safe harbor.  di-  rs    n  Van'oilier and  Xeu-  U'ost-  of the tribe, who found the two    on jas they could possibly manage it.        vine act of    Providence, Judge Frat- minstor and other points on the main j  bound in a harbor at Hop? Inland,    ens on June 20.  long been a trouble to thc govern-  niion-t, it being stated that the Fraser river hatcheries are ��������� supplying the!  American canneries with fish, while  only Canadian money goes to tht _  support of the;se institutions.  ZZ^Jl *.,5*v*rf������S$y������ *���������>*��������������������������������� ri-SCt.  DAILY     LBrvTE"  ME DAILY LEDGER  t'Hblisbed   every day except Sanday.  ������V        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  advance.    Advertising rates on application.  PAJKTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done        Orders  Promptly   Executed  S#RO������DDING        LADYSMITH  wi-;u, kuk:  WEDNESDAY,  April   2:"),   I DOC  A   PROSPEROUS   MAXfFACTORV.  . yjjuw*'���������>  Down on Sells point can be seen  from certain points in the City of  Victoria a couple of now four story  buildings .surrounded by a group of  smaller ones, all newly painted and  hearing a prosperous look. Th3so arc  the newly built and not yet entirely  completed building's of lhc Pen dry's.  'One of the large IniiK'lings- is dovotcdj  oivtirdy to thc manufacture of White. *  Swan and other l,������-ands of .soap, the  other to its formidable competitor in  popularity, lhe Tlritis-h. American  , paint works. Penrtry &��������� Sons have  been identified with Victoria for  many years and have grown aod pros  pere<\ with the years. After selling  out the-ir old works, up in iho rear of  where the new C.P.R. hotel K' bi'infi  oi'C<'tcd. their former ground* being  now included iu ihe holol -grounds,  the firm had -.oine thoughts of establishing ih.'ir biiMiios- in some other  section than Victoiin. hut vvi-.ol.v eon  eluded that leaving Victoria would  he leaving homo.  Sells point is an ideal spot for a  plunt such a^ IVudry's are operating  it is convenient to ship both by water and rail.' is only a. Mftn-i (listmice  from tlic business port of thc city  \et is sulTiciently apart so that danger from  fire is minimized.  About sixty hands are employed  icgularly, and the- work in both linos  manufactured by (he firm gives regular employment nl   fair ���������wages.  To one not well acquainted with thc  work done at Pendiy's it is well  woith a tiip down to the works, a  ma't'ter o'f.ten minutes walk from the  postolTice. While the machinery rc-  cpiifoel for the Pendry output i=* nol  massive or complicated to the extent  required in .some lines., it .strikes an  observer that every thing has been  welt planned 'nnd that tho machinery  department, the stock rooms, mixing  rooms, paint art'l tinning rooms,  and aU 'other departments, including  ��������� a most convenient and commodious  sui'te of office rooms arc so laid off  . as .to ocovoini'/.c_ space and avoid useless" hanelling ol" products.  A large amount of money has b-'en  invested 'by Pendry & Sons, in ih-  new plant, font from the look of ki'os  penty. the .shipments being Mint out,  and" the -/net that already with very  little in 1'he way of solieiiii\!> business, they are some tune behind I heir  orders readily convinces one that  their business is such that ihey arc  amply' pis-tified iiv puli'ng in a first  class phiiit. Tt is such inst inn ion-,  usm this that will "advance \'ictoria."  A .successful business i.s an asset thai  Victoria can count upon at'all seasons of the year. Possibly the capital city in its desire to "advance''  may not look closely en,ough after  such institutions. If large manufacturing: establishments can hot be  j'induced to make -their hea'dquariers  "at "Vii toi'ia at the present tinio it  would .be well to bear in min.l th  ���������much, and where they make head  fact that a few smaller ones will do  quarters and prosper, other in-ilitu-  t'lons that inay eventually operate on  'a very large scale may also conclude  to settle.  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Baric for Sale  J.   KEMP.   OR  LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  'I'Sll    ROOMS  I     .   M ��������� ' I 1' I. V    -.1!  WJM-.s. J-IQUOits.. Lil,  ABBOTSFO  A. J. McMURTRlE, Proprietor  Hf  &  I  L  I j������IV\ 5 A'HM.  t [.imalt   & NanaimoriBailwgy  Time  Table J?>.  SEft  - W. CARTER,-*  FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATEtf VVO^KS  the office     nn   l{n|>crt-\  and  tlic 2,ritli of each n>  Street  -.'I..  Consumers are requested to call at  pay Water     Kates, between the  10th  Gffice Hours ! P. M. 4.39  T. \ BLAND  Slil'KlflNTKNDENT  LAD/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Gn.,ii  ables and g nd  Rooms  iY smith  for  Victoria and  aJI   intermediate  stations    at  and at 4.00 p.m. on   Wednesrla) s,_    Saturdays   and   Suu-  PO R T L   T N D H OT B1-  DAVID  liYNES,  proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  Stocked  w  ell  This  Hotel  has    been,  ���������o:;ipletel>-        renovated.  Board and 'edging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL  JOHN TIM, Proprietor  Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :  Har  Supplied  with the Best  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  PIANOS,     ORGANS    ANDHOUSEHOLD     mjKNITURI    MOVED PROMPTLY A   ND   SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Lac"  ysmith hotel  Abbots    fntd  Leave onU.rs at '������������������*'���������  A. J. WfSKlT, PROP  i4 4"4-*-**4-f*-*-f4^-f'f*-������ *��������� + *������������������*���������+ + *���������* ���������+���������+������������������������+ + + ������������������������������������������������������ ������*���������������.���������������  Rest accommodation (or transient  vnd permanent boarders and lodgera.  ORAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel lias been .comfortably., furnished and the bar Is up-to-  !,���������*- Hates $1.00 a day and ������p-  w\rds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE. Proa.  ���������**U������*4������ ������������������������������������ ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� T.adrcmitfe  THE JONES HOTEL  RHEUMATISM MAKES LII E  MISERABLE  A happy home is .the most valuable session that is within the reach  of mgnlund, but you cannot cn.oy  its comforts if you are sufi'erinig, from  rheumatism.. You throw aside hu.;i.  ncss cares when you entor your home  and you can be relieved from, those  rheumatism pains also by applying  OIiainiLcrlaih's Pain. Balm. Onc'np-  11 cation will iiive you relief and jl.s  continual use for a short, time will  hr'ng a:.oiit a rormanent cure. For  Kiile hy  Ladysmitli pliarmacy.  I was cured of Acute Pronc-hilis i  MINARD'S  LINIMENT.  J. M.  CAMPBELL.  Bay of Islands  I was cured of Facial Neuralgia J.vy  MINARD'S  LIXIMENT.  WM.   DANIELS.  Springhill, N.S.  I was cured of Ohrcnic Rheui.mlatisirl  bv MINARD'S LTNIMENT.  GEO. TT NCI LEY.  Albert Co., N.B.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands   may   be   purchased at $10-per acre lor soft coal   and  $20   for   anthracite.   Not  more  than  330 acres can be acquired  by one individual or company.   Royalty ..u-fhe  rn.te.    of ten cents per ton  of ^,000  ���������'ounds    shall      be  collected  on   tho  toss  output.,  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  ���������ranted upon .payment in advance ol  <:7.50 per annum for an individual,  unit from $50 to $100 per annuni for  d company, according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. Tbe fee for recording a claim is  $5;00  At least $100 must be expended in  rhe claim each year or paid  to  tlu  mining recorder in lieu  thereof  When  $500  has  been  expended   or  paid, the'  locator   may,   upon   having   a survey  made,  and upon complying with  oth  it requirements,  purchase  the land ai  *I  an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2i per cent on  the saleB.  PLACER mining claims generally  arc 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yea:ly. ���������  A free miner may' obtain two leas  es to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Tntsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  .late of tbe lease for each five miles  Rental,. $10 per annum for each mile  of river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the output after it  exceeds  $10,000.'  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of  tbe Minister  of  the -In  ������rlor.  x  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  ���������WHITE   UOOK���������  and  ���������W 111 TE   L A ISO R���������  Employed Only  HOTEL  DOMINION  '' ���������-Rfttcs !fl.262>nid$l.Bf>���������  Froa bus to ali '���������'.eambonf,  laud:.i.ge aiu  r-iihvtiv rlepola.     Mleclric caffi nverj[ 8������������  n.'nutep  io all parts ol   'he city.    Bai  a".1 Ifthie nn"xcp|U'd.        ���������    '  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C  (Hall Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  J I  GALEDOh  M������f  'At  Leads Thern    \\\  IN QU/VLHT  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Under".ManaKinent  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R.lMcKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens'  headjmavters.  Modern  and     Strictly First Clats  Fire I'roof    Buildikg.  Pacific Coast  VICTORIA.   -: :-:  Agency.  ���������    -: :-B.C  WANTED���������lly Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. Previous experience not essential to cn-  K"g>"������������' f'  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111., U.S.A.  Traii.o  leave  l ������������iy  0.10 am. daily,  days. ' -   ,  Trains leave '.adysmith for "Well ington and all interniediaie stations  at 11.57 a.m. unity, and at 6.0U p. m. on Wedn������ days, Saturdays and  Sundays.  Exclusion Tickets  ON SALE 1  Saturdays   ^ud ."���������.-  vND  .1,. \'S.  FROM ALL STATIONS  returning aui later than  good for  going Journey  the following Moaday.  Sails from La������ysmith- for Vanuo uver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m.  returning saiIi trttn Vancou ret    for   I^adysmvtb at 2.SO p.m.  and  G, 1-r. Courtney,  District Pesseiigrer Agent  !  I  1  Ticket and Freight Oflice, 75  Government Street.  Transcontinental  Trains D ily  The New Train  ORIENTAL LIMITED ,  The Train of  Ease,   Elegance,   Excellence.  Every  mile  a  picture,    and  no smote to spoil the   view.  Through Compartment,   Ob-,  scrvation and Pullman  Sleepers;    also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  Union    Terminals   wilh   all  Steamer lines.  llerth reservations by wirel  Great Northern S.S.  Co.  FOR JAPAN   AND  CHINA.  S. S. Minnesota    will    snil-  from Seattle,  April  29th.  For rates,  folders  and   full  information,  call  on  or    address,  S. G., YERKES,  A.G.P.A., Seattle, Wash.  K. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent, Victoria, B.C.  I  TH6CITYMKR  R. Williamson Prop  ������st. Avenue ~ Ladysmith B. C.  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest-Patterns--We do  A' | kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickel Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith-Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53  P. O. Box 42.  **���������**.!*<.***<"  ..������..������..������.-���������.-������������������������������������.������������������-������������������������������������>������������������������������������������������������  ������*.^^*.*.^-������-^-fc-*"*������-������'^-%*.������-*-^'������'������  W  Office  1st Avenue  \m.- MUNSIE,  President.    J.  W. CM  ' Tclcphanc '!-(;.  Alana :.'n  ������  The Ladvsmith \my Co,  .-A:', Great   Boot  for Prospectors  Tliey are all Ii-aMicr, and  made to stainl slrennoiis usage in  inino or  forest.  L117. Men's Tan Chip  pewan Veal Kip Pros  pectors'   Boots  Ten-inch bluchcr cirt, with  with lull bellows tongue to  lhe tip; luive double silver eyelets and stud bool-s; double  sole and slip; standard screw  fastened; slugged nrouml the  forepart and heel. A com-,  'fortable ns well as a. durable  boot.  ' Ask for them at your Dealers  4 Ask for  Lu.1  MILLS   IT   FIDDIOK   AND   LADYSMITH-',    .   W  Shingles ei Specialty,  .-���������MANUFACTURERS  OF���������-  Itoiiglijand Dressed.Fir and Cedar '.Lumbers  LATHS,   SHINOLES,   MOULD1NOS,       ETC.,     of    tl.e   BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.      AND    DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  "      y   y\     FINISHING  LUMBER  IN STOCK  li        I   .     I     ..���������lit   ������  VANCOUVER, B. Cr  ���������jaBSsgf:  KX.  h J. HENRYS  NjniES   GREEN-  HOUSE!; AMD SitO  HOUSES  1110   VeatminBter Road,  VANCOOVEft.  jM.U  Headquarters for-���������  PACIFICaROWNOarden, ((eld  ���������nd flower SEEDS  (or distribution. ;  Large stock, pf Home  ���������Gr'owik FRL'IT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  now matured for Spring.  No expense,: loss or delay of fumigation or inspection,  Let me price your list  before, placing your order, trreennouse Plants,  Floral Packages. Fertilizers"., etc.. ,.-:-''. .���������."���������'- ..' .  3010 Westminster Road.  VANCOUVER, B. C  WATSON'S  DUNDEE  KEY-  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  The Cream of Scotch Whiskies  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      f  I PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, ClOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,     B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  I DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVINGSTON-  I       Vancouver Island, B, G. General Manager.  Latest Designs in  WALL PAPERS  We    make, a Specialty of the paper-  ing Business. ..    ;  BAY GO,  Sole   Agents for B. C.  J,X. Smith's  Resturant and lodging Rooms  HAS   BEEN   REMOVED TO  -First   Avenue^  TICKET OFFICE  Cor; Government and Yates Sts.  VICTORIA, B. C  2  I  Trains daily- to, St.  Paul,  Minneapolis,  Duluth   and  East. .  Trains    daily     to  tlenver,  Omaha, Kansas City, St.  Louis     and   East      and  Southeast/  ������  ^���������t 17.-1 Jitic (itciTmship Ticlceis 011  Sale to and from all European  Points  This  is tho ONLY line       to  YELLOWSTONE PARK.  Tom ist sleepers on all trains  For particulars  call   on     or  write E. E. Blaclavood, General Agent,' Victoria,   B.C.    ���������  A.    D.     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, Ore.'  ns7[igcfirBrr,7iiTMiMi  '1  A re You  Going: East  Thea b't lure your  tickets rt^^   rlt  th.  Tf you ans contemplating  PAPFRING YOUR BOOMS  \        ���������Call at���������  J. P. 5mhh's Shop  On Rolxrts Stree, and see all the  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  land MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacifk  Coast'."-.'"-'.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TF  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  ":-- . BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,' ST!   PAUL,   CIU   .  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS ClT \  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask y.-   ;  locaL agent or v?rite,"  F\ W. PARKER  ���������;���������' .Q-enetar'Ajt^n!'".  7?0 2ni AV9., SeattU.  ,.r>ea ei's in . ..  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysniith, B.C  J  SHAVES & BfflS  Having take* ever the barber shop  known as eht Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, High St., I intend, by keep  ing competent workmen, to conduct  a first-class establishment, and respectfully solicit your patronage.  THOMAS LEW  jColds  It should be borne in mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  liai -won its great popularity by its  promot cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs aud opens thc  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts (  any tendency toward pneumonia.  g    Price 25c, targe Size 50c.   ���������  I THE DAILY LEDGER  ..���������_���������..���������..������..��������� ..���������..���������**..  ���������  First Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD   and   B AR K  For Sale and  Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  va*  =SlB*g  WARNING GLANDERS  NANAIMO  (^"������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������"������������������������������������������������������������������������'������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������^������������������"������������������^���������^^���������^���������������������������"������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'������������������������������������"���������'������������������"������������������"'������������������������������������'"������������������"���������"'''���������"*"'e'  A  telegram report   from   Ladysmith  at     ten      o'cioel.   I.1.-.1   ovarii.;  states  ' thai  a      fire-      h id      l.rol i-n   ou(     m  In districts where the existence of lVo- :i *^'n*J'������" ���������"''"-'��������� -\ small gas  Glanders is suspected, and especially ,foe(jL''' ,jei,,������' fe������iii'd. A lino of hose  in, neighborhoods where actual out- jwas run in uml at lasL reports, it  breaks have occurred, the adoption , wasjioi thought the fire would prove  of the following precautions by own- serious,  ers  of .horses  and others    interested,  FICTION STRONGER |J|| rfiAIICISO  THAN TRUTHi  there  When an  individual  becomes a mem  iPnS(1|   atld  refuswl   to  believe  it pos  ber   of  the  leper  colony  at Molokai,  in   the l'acilic Ocean,  he  is  lost      to  the  world;  there is  no  cure,  no  A shipment of      some of  Lhe finest  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOi  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT   NOTICE.      DRILLS  SHARPENED  BY US      ALWAYS     <*IVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A   Nl;  REPAIRED   ���������SHIP SMITH I NO    IN      ILL   ITS    BRANCHES  Horseshoers and Gt nerj������������ blacksirvtns.  R. WRIGHT  BUller Street -    - Ladv������mith, B C  _   will do  much to prevent  the spread  'of  the disease aml the establishment 'g00ds   th;.(   have   over  heen   reccivou  Co  ������  ���������J*  'Union  Brewing  NANAIMO    B. C.  flanufacturersof the  BEST   BEER  In  British Columbia  Lager  Beer   a lid Porter     Guaranteed  Brew  from the B-st Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  3; ���������4���������������������������^^���������^^^���������^^4~^^���������~^���������.^^���������^^������^^^H���������^���������������^���������^^������������������I^���������������I^^���������������^���������rI^���������������^���������^^���������-^������������������ ���������*  of fresh centres  of infection.  1. Horses or mules having a   nas.il  discharge or   other  suspicious   synip-  , loins should  not he  admitted to liv-  'ery or  feed stables  or yards,  blacksmith shops, church or school   sheds,  railway  stock  yards,   private stables  or other places where  they arc likely  , lo come  into  direct or indirect contact with animals of  the equine species.  '���������    2. All stables, yards cr sheds used  for  the accommodation of horses   or  mules should    be regularly and    frc-  .qiiently clcnsed and disinfected .in the  manner" prescribed below.  == '���������   3. After clensing the premises thoroughly,  and  burning  all  dcubris,    thc  interior should    be  well    gone   ��������� over  ..   jwitli hot steam,    or  boiling    water,  *:   'adding to the latter   ut, least    one  quart of crude carbalie acid  to each  five gallons,  after  which  the    entire  sin face should be  thickly c<>ated with  ���������    a hot solution  of fresh lime    wash,  .lo   which    crude " carbolic    acid  has  been added    in  the above men'tioned  proportion.  4  j    Outbuildings,    fences     and   - tying  ���������s    posts   with  which   infected     animals  have  been  in    contact  should     also,  when possible,   be" thoroughly  treate.l  in a similar manner.  All ordinary    harness    and    stable  utensils   which   bave  been   in  Contact  return, except in lhe rare, case oi an  ..scape, an almost impossible performance.  Jt has neverlheless happened, aiul  tliat within., the past three months,  declares (he St. .Tniiir.s' Budget. The  fact reveals tragedy and pathos,  transcending- fiction,  and would scar-  reasons  that    will   be  readily  appreciated,   it   is  imilcsiraUlc   to   mention  in . .Xaitaimo, arrived, on Saturday  last from London, England, consigned to Mi: 11. Crew, the Moris I,  whose conservatories are situated at  tho (oi n.-i- oi* Coniox Jtuad ami Milton Street. The goods which a:e c-ely he believed if it were not vouch-  to Dt-'iised by Air. Crew in connection t(j for j,y the best authority. For  with his largei business consists of  artificial wreaths and flowers, silver  lined flower Kiands, hut ton hole preservers and globes, a'l manufactured Ll" "amt' ol xhc gentleman, vvho, by  by the I-'i-cik h Wreath Company of his brolher"s help, has just siicceed-  Luinlon,   England. , ' ,.t)   ������������������   returning   ro  fie. dum,   if      n.jt  The wreaths ore  of  various designs  |)appj|K.ss_  and    co'ors,      eqiiisite-ly      made  nr.d  , .    ,. .... Me  is a  Caniidi.in and was married  ii'oni  a short distance, cannot   he distinguished   from      the   genuine article   s������   -raiiiiary,   1800.      A   month   later,  so  clearly' and distinct  are the  flow-   while  still   on   the   hon'.vmoon,       the  ers  and  foliage  brought  out   in     the   young-  couple  visitod   llonoluluf    Af-  fine cesign. Th.} artificial  flowers   (or a  jcw  days Oni(,ynlonl   01- t]10  ilfe  which Mr.  II.  Ovvv  has received,  are  si hie   that  he  vvas  a prisoner  for  life.  When the report was made to tho  paren1s by (he detective agency they  ' id all in their power 'to ohta'in  ��������� lit ii"  son's  release   but  in vain.  Years      went  by.       'Ike  distracted  r-  San   Francisco.   April  24��������� Former  Supeiiiitejident of.    sewei-s,  Brandon,  and sights of (he capital of the Sand  vvich   islands     the   husband,   at   that  al������o. thesgenuine goods and up to th.1  standard set by  (he French Company  who  claim   thcii"  goods  superior     to time  a man  of tvvinty-(ive years     of  any  others  on  the  market either     of age,   failed to return to the hotel for  home  or   foreign   manufacture. dinner.        The     anxious  wife waited  Mr.  Crow  has been busy since   the and vvaited,  and finally called in the  arrival   of  thc  goods,   unpacking  the - .  same,    and  placing    th.2in on exhibition  in his      commodious     quarters.  That  they  were packed  well  is shown ly as   though    the earth  had  opened  hy  the fa't  that  only  several  glo' *��������� md engulfed  him.  were  broken   in   the   long  trip  acn 4 7'i,e young   woman cabled   to      her  ocean   and   rail.'      Anyone  going     to ri.1(lt,ivcs   in   Britlsh   Oolu.nbia,      nnd  the   trouble   of  paving  Mr.   Crewe    a , ,,.,_!������������������<  '- -   '-'her   proceeded     to   he** assist-  Father and  daughter remain-  and  of  the   Hawaiian   police,  hut ho had  disappeared  as complete-  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUJAN  tfLDSSJ.l  None bu   Union Labor    Employed  n  J.  BOOTH. Prop  ! twenty. j  |   Materials   which  might    be  injured  by  the above treatment, such as val-  LADYSiYlim BAK6KV  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    CaKei  >Iade   to  Order,  PRUJTS- AMD    CANDIES OF ALL  KINDS.    MESH"BREAD EVERY    DAY  \erJ  Reasonable.  All  Prices    are  Customers arc  Treated Alike.  HOP  LEE A CO.  ON THE   SSPLANADE,  M. R SIMPSON  ,   Sollclter,  Eta.  Money  to   Loan  1st. 4veRu? LAOYSYI H  DAY SCHOOL  Uaual  subjects  taught; also  guage*, drawing in pencil and cr&y- viable harness, robes, cushions, etc.,  ons, paint ng in oils and water col- winch have been in contact with infection, should he placed "in an airtight room and fumigated with Formaldehyde, after which they should  be thoroughly cleaned.  ���������I. Slublcs   where    outbreaks     have  wilh infected animals or infected pre- ,���������    -  "���������   ���������������������������"-���������=������  -  -   h r fathe  n.ises,  should    I* thoroughly soaked ,visit lheSe rta-vs wiU ������������ .amply      rein  a  hot    solution of crude    carbolic ]***<*' f������<'  their  efforts  by seeing  acid  of  a strength    of  one part     to   lkc Broducta    of the     French Wreath   ed  two    month,    in Honolulu,  Company,  th.3 work of nature perfect   then,-as there was still no tidings of   upon,   removed      them  and  he signed  %  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the Principal ltuslacss Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FAL18.  For Time Tables, etc., address  CEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Gcn'l Passenger and Ticket Agent,  135 ADAMS ST.. CHICAGO, ILL.       ��������� ,  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B   V.  W. SII.' ���������  QENEKAL hXPRESS AND  DEIIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY r������'  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  Dr. R. B. Diei  ly imitated by "man.  CAUGHT COLD WHILE HUNTING  A BURGLAR.  vvifu died of a "broken h'.art, andjstated todaF that within 24 hours  months aflerward the father of the ;tfee...sevver'system oi San Francisco  yuting  man died  likewise.  A  Hi'oihcr's  Scheme.  ��������� Fortunati'ly for tlie lonely sufferer  he po������i'ess<d a broth ir a year younger than hinisi'lf, who decided lo  spare ncilh.-r money nor himself in  efforts   at   rescue  I L-vvas iiof" full rn5. diflii-ult to chnr-  tfi'.a ws^-l tlial would carry off the  ni.in if he could reach him, but the  difficulty was (o enler into connvuini  cation with the people on the isl.ind  so lli.-il co-operation could be hml  from   lliat  .source.  A man was finally found vvho possessed a sMn disease tint in appear  a nee mi^Iit lie mistaken for a form  of leprosy. This man vvas poor, out  of vvor\, and with a family to provide for. lie agreed for ������-2,000 to  be paid to his wife to risk his liberty and liTe. He was taken to Honolulu and accused of being- a leper.  The doctor who ' examined him had  grave doubts, but the man's statements ihat his father had contracted leprosy in a mild form in Ind a,  before his marriage, a\so that later  in life the disease became worse, and  he  ciic-cl   a  loathsome  object  to    look  ihi missing  man,  they returned      to ' Uie necessary papers, as ha could con  their home. > ceivc no  reason  why  a man     should I  His parents  were wealthy,  aivd en- ; voluntarily  desire to proceed to Mo-'  g-aifi'd   the  services   of  a' well   known  would b,e sufficiently repaired to permit of general use in that part of  thc city  noi   burned.  TYesiclo, San Francisco, Cal., April 2.5���������Conditions at the Presido are  rapidly ly^ing reduced to a systematic basis. The great excitement' of  the few days following the earthquake and tlie great fire has siib-  fcided, and the efforts of the .authorities are now being- directed to the  org-anis'aiion of a period system for  the control of thousancs of people  vvho have sought refuge within the  Pivsido.  H has been definitely ascertained  by the commissiary and other depart  inents that there has been an enormous abuse or free food, clothing  and provisions. Whole families have  been accustomed to standing in line  several times a da}1, each carrying  away with him supplies of food to  last for several days. In this way  some families have accumulated  sto ks of provisions to last Iheiii for'  many  weeks  to come.  Food is being distributed at four  distinct, points in the Presido and a  system has been devised which obviates fhe long delays which characterized the first few days of the distribution of eatables to the needy.  At one camp which  is a counterpart  Mr. Win. Thos. Lmiorgan, provin- American detective agency, urging  cial Constable at Chapleau, Ontario, thaL no expensc should lx- spared to  savs:   "I catioht a severe cold  while .  minting    a    burslar    in    the     forest ;  geL at the 'facts of the disappearance.  A competent man vvas sent to T-Tono-  of   tho     others,      canned  roast beef,  lokar  as  a resident. ' .  beans,   rice,  onions,   potatoes,   prunes ���������  F rst Ray  of Hope. "  bread,   pepper,   sugar,   tea,   and  milk,  I-Iis arrival  there brought  the first   were served in  turn to .the long line  occurred  or  where diseased    animals ^amp last fall.    Hearing of Cham  ������������������ ���������     ,      4.    ti     -       .,        ��������� ,., 'herla'Vs  Coiwh  Remedy    I  tried    it    lulu,  and after six weeks    patient   m  ���������have, inadvertently or  otherwise,been uu-ltt    b  *������������������������"&" uu"ouJ.   l   l'111'"   lb> '  ! stabled,  even  temporarily,  tlie elens- a,,ri ������fler 'isins  iw������ S,naI1  botilcS< J   vestigation he discovered what    had  'in? and    disinfection should  be-'espe- ft'as C0������������Pletely cured."  This remedy ihappened.     .  'eially thcroufih, and in such cases   it is ^tended especially for coughs and  is  safest  to remove and"; burn     feed folds.-  it will-loosen ���������nd relieve   a  boxes  and  mangers when of     wood; seme cold  in less time than hy any  iron  articles can     be rendered  harm- otner    treatment and  is  a    favo.itu  Seized and Drugged  It seems that shortly after  ray  of h3pe into the  iKe of the man each person asking for what he     or  who for fifteen years and six months f>he wanted when passing the various  had  borne  ancl  endured   such   as  few tables.        In     this manner an appli-  men  have -had  to  do  in  the  history cant for food received  a sufficient as-  of  the  world..        Th.-  two men  were   sortmcnt   within   two   minutes    after  i  not^long in meeting, and the plot for   entering  the relief station.  lunch   escape  was  unfolchd. , I    At-the  hospital  thc  most satisfac-  Surgeon Demist,  All work guaranteed, aud at reaso  able tatea.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  on the day that he had disappeared  less bv passing them through fire, wherever its superior excallence has hc toJd his wifc thal he was going  or bv immersing Uiem for sometime ,;ecome Kn������Avn. J'or sale by Lar> i tQ tfce bnnk tQ  in .   hoilinir    water:    All litter rrom is,,lSUl  ^a^-acy. i  susprcted  animals  should  he    burned, ' i  or carefully  fenced  until  used. | -  5. Fanners      and   others      should,   rospects the most dangerous   because  Gatacre St.  Ladysmith  draw some inonej",  and then he would go to the club  for an hour or so, and return in  time to take her for a drive before  dinner.  It   was   four' nights   later  that      a tory  condition      prevails.      At     the  i i .  good si'-ed schooner" yacht, which general hospital in the P,resido, it  had been lurking off the island out was stated today that the mo* sat-  of sight*all day, drew gradually clos isfactory conlition prevails. There  er, and by ten o'clock was within a are many cases of tonsilitis, colds,  hundred .yards of a part of the shore and such ills, but the sanitary con-  least  likely  to  be  patrolled by      the ditions aro stub that  the medical au-  OPEN AT ALt HOURS;  Ladysmitli Temple' No. 5  U<  Sisters meets at the Oddfellovw i.i.!  2nd   and  dth  Tuesday   at  ?..>.,  j; -.-���������  Mrs    Kate Tate secretary.  J. PIERCY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TO? SHIRTS,  y:���������������������������':   ttc.  heneoer    pobsible,    avoid admitting   unsuspected.     Our   experience   shows  strange horses  or mules   to   the   pre-   that  it  is     possible for  animals     of!    Immediately after leaving the bank .guards.      No  lights  were  shown, but   thorities have no fear thai   there will  mises  occupied      hy  tlreir  own     ani-   this      class   Lo  convey   inJcticn     to   where he had-drawn S.iOO he was ar , occasionally     small  pieces of      wood   be a serious epidemic  of any kind.  'he   patients   suffering   from      con-  ous' diseases  are being cared  for  mules,   but   where   this   is   impossible   exercised   on   the   purchase or   hand-   tho noURO of a liaval   official  doctor, 'drifting shoreward they were thrown   at I-lnvbor \'icvv,  but so far t!he nuui  j they  may   be accommodated  in     cow   Jiii.r of straii"e horses or   mules     es-  Here after  the  most cursory cxamin-   on  the     beach in a short1 space     of   ber  of contagious  Ilials,  especially  of  tlie SaniC    specie.1- others   without   Ihems-phes   rlevnlnnimr .... ,    ��������� .i ,,,,..,    '  n ,     ,       . omcis   v.iuioui.   tucnibcivts  (ic.Liopnig jested by four men, and after    being   were   thrown   overboard   coatod   with       Th  11 is a  e;ood  plan to reserve  a., iso- iu;ilta     symptoms.       It    is therefore ,      ,   . . ,..'.. .  ���������  lated  building for outside horses   or Jjiain   Uiat  ���������reut  caution  should     be ' ,n a_ camaBc������  *'"* dnveu  ^   luim,10UR I1aint'     As thc current vvas  tagic  casos has      been  comparatively few.  learh  in a short1 space  stables, cattle    not being subject   to pccially in those districts  where    the   at ion,   he  was  declared to have     le-   time.  glanders infection.     Such horses   aud disease h-m lW-onmp  p^tidiiishnd ������������������ .     i       .. " '  ���������       - ��������� ���������   . " uihirthb nab.neconie  estaunsiu.u. piosv,   and   when  tlie  necessary      pa  iiuiies should be watered from special      S. The   carcasses    of animals dying ' .   ...   , ,     '  pails,    Which,   together   with     other fl-om or siauEhtercd-as beiii"    n<^J   PC.rs were signctl," ho was UrugBctl. . ., --  ,        ,.-..,.������������������    , <,      ^,.nn  .Uie. utensils  ' used  on    or     about S %^*������������^^i * i-'-lor tol^no Uian  ,des-.the air and hehl in that position. In, -^-^ the reW^of ^P.-  .them,  should  be carefully  clensed aiwl be binned,  or  failing this,  buried   at   ������'ibe vv-hathis feelings were when he   mediately   a., boat   with   muffled   oars, iel BlIrjlhan3     whij0 the" various-oth-  disinfcc'ted   before  being-.uscil for", oth- least six  feet   beneath   the  surface. '    awoke  to consciousness and found he ".made for      the shore, and: took     on:'cr';can,ni'jtt-ees have been  busy-   with  Suddenly  to  the  watchers  of those-     San    Francisco,.-. April    24.���������Steps  on   board   two   pieces, were'..raised-.in. are.'boin-g'taken to organ ize a. move-;  er    animals.      Stalls      occupied    by  st.nrngtihpr.vcs or    mules should    be  brcaj-s have'been'dealt  with    should  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  9. Owners of premises  where    out- was lying in the hold of a little vCs  ' -Cvfll   fleii.c;...!   .m..1   ,i;c.;,.F.w,i���������,)       ��������� i ���������?     "  "'" ���������"   ��������� "������������������"������������������sel,   bound he  knew not whither.  Al-  (.a\til ..cleansed  and  disinfected,   an:l if,   bear in .mind  that Inspectors car.not  at  ivl 1  oossihip     left   iinnr^iiiiipii     (nr .        1 " f       ���������'���������        ...   <������������������     though the island is less than   fortv  "' an puaaiuiy,    iui. unoctnpiLa     lor  rccomincnd,   release    from  quarantine   .      ������ .       ,  some  time. > . unless   disinfection  has  been     carried   miles  from  Honolulu,   morning    had  i  board Iho two men vvho were in relief work, prominent citizens have  waiting, having eluded the guards in been in consultation -and within the  the. darkness. ��������� ���������  ii. Where  new   Horses  or mules    arc   out  in   a  satisfactory     manner,    and  dawned before  Molokai  was   reached.   iH  Vancouver." and the -brothers. were  VICTORIA, B.C  .purchased  in  or  from districts where  that compensation for animals slaugh. 0n al.rlVn, lie -was left.to takc  glanders exists,  they should,     unless   tered caiuiot lie yaid unless u   certi-,   .   .p . ...mm.  of  ........  carefully tested  with Malleinjirior to  /iCatc of 'eU-nsint; and disinfection has   '"^ m lhe- to���������lu,,> ��������� ot   0>u  his  next few- days plans will be outlined  Two weeks inter the yacht arrived | an(J the ���������rk ������f making arrangements for the most beautiful city m  the world will be well under way.  W.   L.   Barnett;   one  of  the  men  in  this   latest   movement, ''says'i  all     the  I reunited.      Doctors   vvho   have  exam-  i ined   the elder say there  is  not      the  0110 I slightest  trace  of leprosy about him.  been received by- the Minister of   Ag-  tliousnnd   lepers.      It was in vain ho   The mystery, is,, who  caused  the ab-  7?T~ purchase,  bo stabled apart and clcsc  ly' watched  for some  time   before be- riculturc protested,   denianded   his   instant   re-I due tion?  inii   brotiftht  in contact   with     other   . |0. ][���������ise owners   should   have     nn -r-  .       animals of the equine species. hesitation  in   reporting   to" this     Dc-1  TENDERS.  )    7. It  miLSt  be borne in mind  that partment or  to its inspectors the ex-j  while nasal  discharge, or ulceration, istence of actual  of suspected   caws  ���������   '      ~ enlarged, glands,  the presence of farcy 0f glanders.     The  disease has    been'  TENDERS  addressed  to  tlic under-   huds,   iniaccoimlable  swelling  of    the spreading  rapidly   of  late years,  and!  signed at Ottawa and marked on the   'im1,s  and  general   iinthriftricss  often it  is    a matter      of  public  interest i  envelope 'ATendcr for the constr-uctiou   characterizes'-cases  of Glanders,    lhe tbat  "every   fresh  centre   of   infeclioii,|  of a Hydrooraphic Steel   Twin Stea-   discasc ex-ists  in  ,,,an>' iU,imills with' should   be discovered   nnd  dealt wilh '  "'"   for  the    tunc  being,  any  e.vter- as" promptly  us  possiidc. [  ��������� -' ������������������r?ito-  9  HILBERT  UNITED ANCIENT  ORDER Ub  DHUIDS  Wellington Grove No. 4. U. A. 0. i  Meets in the I' O O .F. Hall, Li.  ily smith, the Second and Fount.  Wednesdays of eaeli month,' commenj-  ir.g Wednesday.  13th.,   1905.  Visiting Druids'    are invited to ii  ttnd.  By Order.  WM   RAFTER, Reef Secty  PATRICK BUPK, N.  A  nier,"      will    be received  up to    the  I-'IKST  DAT  OF  MAY  NEXT,     for  out,  iial   inaiiifes(,atii.n   whatever,   the only  nii'niis of didection in such   cases   he-  J.  0.   RUTHKUKOni),  Vclcrin.-irv  Director  fieneral  NOTICE  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any Indebtedness incurred except on ������  written orher signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.   t.   EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. May 18th, 190J.  the    consU-uction   of  a Steel    Twin   illg   ,j,e  Mal,ein   ((,st)   an(1   UiaL these  Dr-pnrtmwil. or' Agriculture,  Screw SUamcr for the Hydrographic   occult or latent   cases, are   in sonic      Ottawa, March,  litOfl.  '���������Service in British Columbia waters.      Specifications, plans and forms of ,5  tender can lie seen at the oilico of  the Agent of the Department of Marine aii'd Fisheries at Victoria, li.C,  at the Custom House at Vancouver,  B.C. and at  the-'department here.  Each  tender    must  be accompanied  by  arr  accepted  bank cheque o'tual to  10 per cent.' of  the whole  amount of '  the tender,    which  will be   forfeited,  if  the .jMraon    sending  Uie    acceiitecl  tender   declines to  enter  into a contract with the department.    Clioqijnies  acconiipanying tenders which are. not  accepted  will ta retumod  immediate- j  ly 'after    a  decision has been arrived ;j  at.  Newspapers copying this advertisement without authority from the department will  not be paid.  F.   GOURDEAU,  I>?.puty Minister of Marine and  Fisheries.  Deportment of Marine and   Fisheries.  Ottawa, 28th March, 1906.  Kooteftay Steel Range  A GOOD BAKER  The oven in the Kootenay Range is scientifically proportioned to the size of the fire-box, so that no more fuel can be  burned than is absolutely necessary to heat the oven.  The oven is lined with heavy sheet steel, which is a  great  radiator of heat and insures  %}  Public   Notice  fir" j  Attention Is called to the    fact that tbt  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR      haTC for some *tmt  past been producing flow in a   vastly  improved and  pnrlfl  "  '-Tin  by  the aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having secured control  ol    all the basic patents relating there  to, take this opportunity of a dvising;  the  public  that ���������'any  orized users of the electrioal   flour purifying processes  wil' ���������><������. pro-  ���������ecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company limited  Pre the    only    millers in Cannda whose  FSour  s ptirifiedby the Electric Process  a uniform  heat throughout  the  oven���������no danger  of a ).;  loafof bread being-half done gg  on one side and burned on ||  the other. ������  The Kootenay  Range  is tv  built on scientific principles f  F.  throughout,  and should be [;,  carefully   examined   before t  buying any othen*. |<  Sold  by  all enterprising  dealers.  Booklet free.  McCIaryi  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg,  Vancouver,  f% St, John, N. B. '  mmmamm^aaaammmaaa  funds needed for this great. work will  be forthcoming just as soon as    the  comnvittec     is      ready   to   beg-in- its  work.    Telegrams .have been sent all  over   the    country      explaining      thu  plnns      of  the committees, and great  men  of  finance  have expressed    their  willingness  to co-operate in the work  and  advance   any  funds  that  are  required..       The    work will commence  right at  the  water  front.    It is estimated that the'work. ritfh't there will  cost $2.">.0nn.0f>0.    Xew  wharves  and  tho like will be constructed on different  lines     and  new   depots   will      be  hVjilt.   Tho other portion? of the city  will    Oie   improved   after   Mr.   Burns'  plans,   fully   explained   in   the       Snn  Francisco   press   for   the   past  couple  of years.  San Francisco, Cal., April 2-1.���������An  Associated Press reporter who made  a trip to the various towns in San  Mateo county, reach--d headquarters  in Fmri'clin hall today. He reports  much damage nt several places in  that countty from the earthquake  hut not a single case of death, restilt-  ng therefrom.  "Redwood City, tho county sent, appears to have sustained ���������damage to  us huildingR, but. no tine was killwl  and iho people of the town are sending relief in the way of supplies and  nssistance of other Sorts to San  Francisco.  San Cai-l.os and Belmont suffered  but. slightly. At San Mateo the dam-  nge was considerable, the Southern  Pacific depot being partly wrecked  nnd      carried  down  all  the telegraph  Continued 0n     Page '.'.������,in J^X1-*. J���������auri.v-  -     'iv'J**. *X-**. i' ���������"������. -      ss������t?tf"?f?3; -S^JJ  THE DAILY LEDGER  Quality  Seldom Equalled���������  Never E   xcelld  Smith,Totos,  ,       Ladysmith, B. C.  That's AH  ********* ***  Call  and Get   Acquainted  SPORT  (I-'ioc Pi ess )  A   beaiiUiul   < halleuge   tup   ol    "vciv  m tie le  design,   costing   npwnid-s        oi  *>100   has   been   placed   ,n   the   hands  of  the executive   conmnilee ol        the  I football  league  to le  jdaycd  toi     bv  the  teams along   lhe Ciow       betw." n  '(P'niehei   Creek nnd  C'ranbiook  A meciitiji  of  tl������-' (.oiiimll loo  vull lie  h(ld     shortly   to   det-ido     what    jutes  will govern  the cup lontost  All  tho  bo\s are \ciy gialeiul     io  A \J~ *..  J)J1  j    ou   Woiidav     mrtii   tin- Cil>      Jidinl   paS^S^^V^r^^^^^^Si^UiiS'C  'gave  sonic   \cr>   nuc   tjlutions   oul-   y  !t,ide the Opua   House Louie tlk* dta-jE-i  matiL uiteiUinmcnl.    'i huse   who had   2|  lhe  plcusiuc of    healing  thc     music, 'j|j  e\piess  thc hope   that  Uu l an I'.s  op-jH  en air concerts  will  be lreiiuent  this   i*3  ���������.[,.���������  ���������., , 'f,s riaKlS  summer,       lire music is always   ap-,JJ^  pieciatcd bv  the public  hQCA ii direct from the  ���������A L'avinscf  FOR SALE  Twelve   head   of   cows   and Milk  r oute.     A} i ly P. O. Box 99.  FOR  RENT  OR  SALE.  Four roomed house  on   Esplanade,  between Extension Hotel and B.vlcn-  Powell stieet.  S.3'10 on terms, or  lent   for   $3 pei  month.     Apply   J.   STEWART,  Local Items  Try-a Province Cigar.  Mi    William  Telford,   of    Nanaimo,  came down on  the morning  tram.  Mr.  Geo   Fletehei, of Nanaimo,   is  in  the city  on   business  today.  '   ��������� LOST.  -  At the Ladysmith Railway Statioi  at  the  noon     train  on  Sunday,  ' Purse, containing    a sum of   monsy  Finder will be rewarded hy 1 elm mm  same to Blair & Adam. 2t  AT  THE ABBOTSl'ORD  T.   A, jMcVicar,  Vancouvei.  JC.-R. Bishop, Vancouver..  MinaVd's  Linimenl cmes Diphlheiia  Mrs. F. L. Reynolds,  vvho  has recn  spending  a  few  days   in  Nanaimo ie  turned home this monnng.  Mi.  Alut/:  foi   tho  intoiovt be  .,. tok-  inti  n> lootball tins sea^cyi  .Johai/ CYii/.nk, a foieignoi, was  badly scalded bj steam escaping  fiom a -waive in a boilei al the po.wi  ho ise last week The unfortunate  man wa-> taken at on(c to tho hospital where it v\ns found "(hat his l\ae  and pnit of his 1-od.v hadbeen niun d  I'hoie is danuer 01 Ins losing one of  lis c,\es liowoM'i, with good (.in*  .nul lum ful ntiismq it 11 dan.uei i->  past now mid ho has lioci. ublo lo 10-  lurn  to his boarding  hou'-e  \n attidont occurred in No 8 in no  011 I'm tiny last, cniisi.il bv ,1 fal1 ol  rock A rock foil on St-phen l-h 11-  gle-, a forvij-noi'. ciushii^*, lum h.id-  U fie vv������i������. can led nt oiko to lhe  hospital where f)r Mi^oilev lound  alter examination, that no lj'iie-,  wo it* biokon Pioin laUs-t topo is  th ��������� liijuiod man is do.ng uoll .ml  will soon bo ablo to return if) woi1-.  Soniolinio ago in lespouse lo an  appeal nom Provincial (lame* Yvai.l'ii  Wdliams, the Pernio flame J'rotcrt-  itc Asportation ask.d that n mooting of all the pio'.nnial iinme l>i o-  teetivo associations lie callfcl oai I.v in  the season in this citv, as lhc m .si  cnlial point for the inirpo'-o of dis-  ciissiu* the bes-t mean* 01 onion imi  th? qame laws aiul of piesei'vmg Uie  unme ccnernUv The lo(al game pio-  tor-tive association hns so far (al-en  rn move in tho mat toi an 1 mil. ss  ���������steps are token piompth no su.h  mooting as proposal can lo hold fl  tho association will not take art ion  the 20,000 club should unhide t'i(  nutter in its pioc*iainmo since aim"  is- one of tho gieatosl .it ��������� i a. I ions- to  to.n ills- and Iho quos-tion ol t he pi o-  I oil mn of it comes wc'i within llv  woik of'tho club���������"Nelson  News  SAN FRANCISCO FREE  FROM EPIDEMIC  (Continued fiom Page 'I luce)  and telephone wnes wilh it  Abnut  "200 pei fauns  ate  being  caied  for  at Han Mateo .iii.l many p.itiems  yyi">  Ft  s &>  to   :oj  P    'Jhe following puces   v .11  ton  g?   vince you  Cash   :  The  mansion  ol    tin*   laic   Alvi-.a  are    bem^    icmovwl    Uom   tho    Saiijpj   IOO   Do/.    JUddies     v.  yrancisto   hospitals  ihc-io, $j rr     ^   T?���������1I  tfncl,"   t  mere no^e-Piiil r'asii   ;  &  ioued���������Reg.  35 & 40c- |  25c. Pair  llavward has  bom luiiiod  into ahos-ip--  t ii1  1 nal,   and   one   pail   ol.   the   building   ?  ib   boiu^   used   bv    tho   Southern       *'"   f  c he  a-*  lis  hospital      '-*..n  .Mjti.ii     is n'.  ���������Ku   send 114  a-.sisi.nioo  lo  'san  i' i. n- ! Ft1  (  ISLU.  South   San   I'lanistc,   hni>    an iu  -.do       Iin ���������   ol   the   S���������n   li.iU'o   iiiimij    gj  s'lisLunid      ioiisi, e.an'o      danmuc   >n  f? 75 Do/.. Ladies Cash-_ |  mere Hose-Bxtra Full |  Fashioucd-Reg. 40  & |  oc. i sir p  y  Try,a Province Cigar.  The Poicas Cluild, of the Chuich of  "England will hold a social in the  chiiroli on WednesJav eveninu,, Apul  25th. Admission, Adults 23c, clul  elren 10c. Ice Cicani will be served  10c per dish.  RANTED���������  Furnished  looms  board for two.     Apply Ledger.  and  -   Mr.   A.  Smith,  of    the   Ladysmith  ���������'Hotel, spent yesheidav in Duncan, ic-  turnmg  on   the  twelve o'clock   Irani  today.  Views of >San Prancisco and of   11k  wharves at  Blair & A<lam.  For the first time tins morning %>���������  local  train  ran  over  the  new    sh i  line.     The  despatcher's  cai  has been  niovofl   down   lo  the diamond  so Mi  J. McNiel will make his headquarters  nearer  town   than  of  old.  -The  fire which was stalled    hy    a  badly  fired shot in No    3 y;sieiilv\  was    extinguished     about   6 30     this  morning, b'efoie it hold time to s. rca  and  do  any great  deal  of damage  Judgie Ilariison is holding Count  Court at thc City Hall this aftei  noon.  "WANTED���������A strong girt to do general housewoi'' \p lv 'ie"*|ei-  ance Hotel. tt  Mr. Smith, Ihe pj o'. la.iaphei, le-  tumed iliis morning fto n Portland,  where he has ,o n (.n husm s, m  connection with his .st d,o b."ip M^i  Smith htonghl back with him p  largo Century ('airera, which he had  in use aiming lhe. Portland. Fair  With (his can.K'ra Mr. Smilh is en  able-l io Pi'e wry hir ^ rrroupc pictures, as well as scenes of various  sizes.  OLYMPIC CI \MER  Vthons, \pnl 2H ���������Fiifler i*louc.it-  s -nslime the oponino, coroinoiios o'  1 ���������* Olympic uanies was pei rormod  v.s'teidny by Kin;; Cforge ol Cioccc  Tbe stand nun nn<. part-cod when the  roval .procession iirnvi'd to lhe  s rain.v of the Crook nnd lb" tsh <in-  th *mS  Irtwai-d and Queen 01������-a Tho������=e wore  I..Mowed by cairiau.es with Prin ess  A i-tor a, th" Pi uu c-s ,uid Prm.o ot  Wales and tho Crook Koval fannlv.  w Hi then- biillnint suites, and icpie'  ^���������ntaiivos of tho various Euiopoan  court's  Crown Piinco Const.-nl. Puko ol  Soarla. who is the pair-on ol lhe  aimos. road an addioss -staliiiH the  obiect of the inoot"iu*. 'an-1 e\pios-o,n  tb> h'ope that tho Mrtois wcv.Ul m-  moml or that their \u toi vt bad been  airtaim.-d on the s.und soil of \I lion by descendants of thc am lent  Hellenes  M������g  Coorge  then aio-e and  buoflv  tkrtaied   the   games   open      All       th.  p uticipants  then   paneled   mound the  siadium,   h ailed   bv    bands  oi   music  As   the       VUO   at'ul'tes   ol    the   woild  ii'ovod,     past thru   rtieiis   gicoied  th 'in nom the nowd  King (leorgc; guvvi'lj ic tinned tlu  'a lute.  Ilicsc games bouan with gvnmts-iicv  Co'itcsts. iNo Amoruan-, paitui-  jated todav l'aison-, Mo.dton Hil-  m..n and .Mitchell the Amuiiian alh-  1 los who have boon ill,-will piobably  b- able lo compote   in lhc g-ainos  Smoke Big 13. Cigars  $ 7S Dozen Ladies Cash- %  I mere Hos^��������� ham a", |  il      You all know this sta- |  y ?  \%    . pie lin>-Rcg. 50c. \  b 35c. Pali* i  S . Other   luos  111  pioporlion. R  places   but   i������j   K.s^   (,L   li>o     Jl   1,  ;l-    *>  l/orted  m  this  in 1.on  thai   tho.    ku^e'P  (.acinic;   o-ialili hniviiis   ui   iho   \\e-.^-   ft:  0111  .Meal   c oni| <������������������',.v  1 ..s resuine . aeration   ,   ..11 I    lhe   1 111111 _.,    dllS-, i|t;   ,illd  pai ^my   1 1   moat   n  s.i.i   un " .       i. II  11,1).    lave  sua k   n  Iji*. 114  ' h |ipod  10  thai    poiiil    o   el    the       .ScilJi   in      1 a-  ciia   an I   on   the  west  s.l; oi   ill.   baj  and   a  p.C.iii ul   supph   ol  lic-n    moac  is   thueloic   nssiiied  'J'he i m leu id 11 a.'v thto'uh Hon Lb  San Piaiicis > .nl umi IUi.������ tio-.-.  coin.'Ui.v, ' weio baditi d.i'iiag 'd '.living in nian.v j.lacis as iniiih as si\  Uul t'oiisidei a do (!amai>v* wa*. d< u ���������  ��������� o B1 avesiuuoi .aid moii iiiiout s u .no  .alums L(liiolC\i(s Tho" co'l-it lov.n-,  at Poscadoi ci ..nd I bill J:oon l'a^v P-  |ioi t damage to houses but no lo-.:.  01   hie . ,  St Patuck'b soin.naiv and the  inansioii> ol the Floods uu.] Nichols,  vvvlathv San I'rantisio people, who  maintaaud toiiniiy homos m ban  Mjtwi wore sviiiiiislj damaged b.v tho  oartlupuiko Thc studc-iUs at tho  svininaiy have Ijion sent to their i o-  spectivo homos und (ho svnnnaii will  have   to prat ti( .illy "lebuilL  Sun Piaiuisto. Apul "2 1 ��������� 'Kay to  the people oi California, to the I n.t-  ed Stales and to ih1 world that  ihero is no epidemic in San I'liinii'i,,  and no dangoi ol one If wo ate not  absolute!.*, iioe fiom conlagoous diseases will al least hue lower ol the.a  than we have undei the ciicunistan  ees any nyht to expert. In Iced ������c  have   at  this   moment   lew   c.iscs      oi  such   di->eas<'   (ban   wo   Ind  a     mon li '    _  ago and there is nothing m Iho pie-j  sent ciuditiuu o^nflans n S'an Pi an-I  Cisco- that    would   load   us. as   medical,     SmoNe Big B    Ciuais  "fc  alters &  Wonjr Q. Guy  RFVRF.y,EKTl\G  TrMSANQ & CO.  Alcrclunl Tjilo-s  Will be iii Ladismilh weekly.   Ce3vu  orders tl  The   Abbotsford _  A'icloiy I o l.e, I.O.C.T., coiilinues  to ineel in" the I.'().().K. Hull on the  Lsl ;ind. Sn.I Tuesday and 2nd and  ���������ith Sulirda'y. The memh: rs of the.  Onward     Lt.'dre,     I.O.C.T.,   Nnnaimo  LACROSSR.  'ihe Bulisli CoU'mhu Amatetu La-  ciosse Association made a mo* e in  lhc light direction when it adoplol  tiic* double lefeiee s.vsiein, which is  now in vogue m Isaslcin C.uiada 11  is one of the lest &vstems c ?r m-  lidliicetl in laciosse ciirtes an/1 will  do more to Keep the came clean  than anything else With one retire all kinids of foul woik wss piac-  liced hy the platers, as it was utterly impossible foi one man lo  Peep an eye on 2-1 players. However,  with two referees, one at each end  of the' field, the players will not  have much freedom . and will \e compelled "to play clean lacrosse if  l;o;,c   to   remain cm   the  field.  thev  The  report that   Olcoi'ge   Ross   \v������:  engan������l  in    spearing  salmon at    I';  time  he  fell   into   the Niiii.iinio   ri\e  on  Saturday,   is  untrue.      Mr.    Boss  was  fishing  wilh  rod   and  line.    Ycs-  llie s I ream  to caUdi  the body should  if   rise   to  the surface of   the water.  Minard's Liniment cures Distemper  -will'pay a fraleinal  visit  lo  Victory i tcrday  a   wire  net  vvas placid across  Lodg't!,   Lad; smith,   on   Saturday    e  cuing, April 28th.     A full  attendaiK'-  of the members of Victory Lodge   is  requested. ...  F. THICK,   C.  Templar.  E. NIMMO,. Sec.  }'"'   :' '   The Doro..is Guild have spared no  pains to rnalocthe social to be given  by them at the English chirch tonight, a great success and indications'  are that those vvho patronise the affair will be treated to an excellmI  ���������?.nlerla,innicnt. A large ntimber of  talented' vocalists and instrumentalists have promised to assist with  the programme, and the ladies have  cakes galore n,s well ns tui:s of delicious ice-ci'f-nm prepared -lo r.?fnnsh  their g,ue.sts tin's evicning,    Br.  Die.r can he found at any tim  Mih.ril's  Liniment cures  Garget  in   afc his office on Gatacre st.   Mis    de'-  Cows. tal   work  is  giaranteod   to   he first  class and rates reasonable ai  '^^BK^3^JSSE^^^^SSZ,'S^mi-^^^'?rZ^7-<::  The Im  if ulbli  -at  JtBI  Is Bi Winner  iKECuTs^xr^wnK" cs  We havs Better ones at $2.75 I  A/l Gua anlecd |  Call in and Get One 1  B. FORCIMflER 1  V, ������tclimaker, Jeweller,  Optician I  FIR5TAVE^Ui: LADYM^ISTH   I  ^tSZE^FB&SZS&a'ZZ^lZZZv-Zi-.'JZJR.,^ .'. *  --rsaibi  j . CROSSE   AND   BLACKWELUS r|  ENGLISH PICKLES  a  aic liiiu   n 1he v.ile  woild  over      We  ha'e    pist  leo'tved  a     Ini;  .shipmeiit   oi   tee   Gu< ds,   consisting of��������� w  White   Onion P.ckles  Mixed "  Chow Chow .     "  Piccaiili  Girk'n's "  Walnut  Put u$] in Bottles wiiti Patent Top  35 gents Per Bottle I  ^jg������Sgffi3SQS������������3������������S������^������7  S^SSs^53?rS^^^S^Rf^������3^"J5j55?^l!KS^  To-dav I  ,111, It In ' << I 'Ji <1 15 I jl c i' 'Ill- *-*lll-  ( t| l(||i u I I. . I ' i' .������I)*-()|.Ill 1\ mil It i  (Cll i.il ! v\ I - I"* f.l lllli.ll^ . hi-. Il|).ill  I J, i ( ! ;.l, in h.,111 I ,illi 1 (li ,HI,I .).('  Dl'l-'ile \t t>i ���������'I, H'l I llivc niiu.il..1-  l nui i!> ' I .,ii- ii . 'i ll.'v,- that  , 'a mil, 11 j.. i i . i i.ui H 114 Ii 0111 (i' -  l.un Miiiic- 111 ^.in l*'i������ 11 ism m.i.v  (l. ui| m an einbui <;<* in 114 pl.Kel  uj.rin i In* mcvi'iiK nt-' tn 1.-fii !���������,(���������("< uom  (I,     ,.p,        I h.    1al.11.1llV    wi'   Inivc   'ii-  (illll'l u'l   11 111 1     S'l'lKlllll       m H 11'> 1L  r.ldi.i, io il 'los a.l'li' mnul an 1 .11-  v\.u 1.11. . (1   d'   i'i"--*  '1 l.e stall n,cm mad.' h,v Of J. W-  V-anI, ihuLinnn o. the health coin-  imtti.' nt the meellnu' of the geneinf  coii'miitc.* ih's nioiiiiii" was received  vv Lih   ������.atisiac lion.  Uic doctor was distinctly impressive in his rcmai'lss whicli weie at  onto supplemented hy a motion that  it was the sense of the committee  that the As-oaated PiCs should dissimulate this important news by  its  agencies.  Dr. Ward continuing, said .thai  tho cit.v hail heen divided into three  giv.nd distill.ts, whitti had heen di-  vidcnl mio suh-disti'Rts, which enabled *i.m to insure the committee  that 1 ioL..'1j1.v. bj niglnfall c-very  blucU vvi'Jun Ihi* mibuined noil ion of  the citv would Ic visited and m-  ,|i> i d bv the m>HscntiUivcs of the  Ijoik.     01     h.alih rlhiec   hulidied  ph.mix is 1.11 lei the direition of the  ho ird <.f Ivalih aie now at work in  .ul sot lion*- of the citv 'I hey ate  toiiliiiiiift then elioits solely to scw-  m and water _pipes 'I'ho hfoken  mams ,n the husin ss di^liuts me  I e iim icpaiii'd nnd Un outlets closed  .11 the unbuuied r.'S-idance section  th* scweis mo I en.; flushed and set  in order as fast as possible? Two  wo-Is will lo loipino- lor Ibis w.nk  Wat ci will h" ninninn in all tene-  mi-nl hous's OlhCei-.s ol tho hoa.d  ol lu-a'th slnie that (lu-K'nll o' phy-  si.raus and muses at .ill the l.oM'i-  taK arc (omplcle.  l!KiP   IJLU'k'.V   KNOC'KKO   PUT.  "Some wee's a^o, tlurinc, lhc se  ee winter weather, both my wife*  and nnself conliacted seveie colds,  which speedilv dovelopid into the  woial "imd of la gnpio with all its  .iiisem'le svinptoms," savs Mi ������I.  S. Enlesboii, of Maple I^n ling, lo-  wn. "Knees and joints aching,, mus-  , les soie; lK*a<l slopped up, e}i& ami  iiosi* itnnn_r, wiHi^ alternate spells  or chills and fever.' We he^nn using  Cha-iiheilain Co <fth Ue.nudy, aidmu;  the. same-with double drse of Cham-  I erl un s Stoinadi and In et Tablets, an.l by its lilei.il use mow  completelv 1 n^c-ed oil Uic crrip  'old by  Ladv smith Phaimacy  tT^s^aBsssesass^assiss??153  ^2  St Jar A 1     il  il 1 g L  ii  We havs a  Large Variety  to Choose From  and can suit you  for  1111(11"  i S1M< N LE1SER& CO Ltd;  Notice  A. HOWE, ofCHEMAlNUS, has opei.ed the MEAT-  ���������VlARKEr lately    run   by VS. Ward.on Robeits slree  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MFA1S  I RORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY  A Trial'5oJicitU  A.      HOWE,       ��������� PHONE 30  ������B  GARDEN  HOSE  ui 11 ii wi^nctui^jauij.  FOR SALE ,  Eo'gs fiom Pure Bred otock  All Birds l rap Met!  No Infeiioi Layers W  Haned, Huff .ind White Hoe's  Ui.i'e W'vandoUcs, While and Hi own  Leghorns.  $1 Per Setting  36 Per Hundred  E   STFAYART,  Bos 2(18 Lath smith, B.C.  I  lia'o just  received  a shipment ol  Hiifs'   High G^ade  INGUSH I0B4GC0S  "drug  TORE  VE^  Of the Choicest Quality  i   #  ! "'TA^ELL^l^ASKeff      I  "k-^JJw>/lmr~  W'c  .should   li!-c_lo  show you     our  large  assortment  of-���������  Waii Papers  Hanging   in   price    from  inc.   Double-Roll  and   Up  They   are   (he  very   latest in   Wall  'und   Ceiling   Decorations.    Just,  from  the. factory.     Orcr ti-n  thousand rolls  l.o  choose  irom.     We also carry     a  lnrge nin^e of   : Varnishes. Varnish Sfains,  ! Paints, Oils, Brushes nnd  Window (I'ass  In   I'a-M,    evcryUiitii'.;   (o   I'.eatilii'y   t4e  ���������I [iime,  at���������  If.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  Every Length Guaranteed  for  'One Year  Fu1) Stock  Colton, Rubber aj\6r Wire Wound  The Ladysmith Hardware Co. Ltd. [  liTTff>T^^irn7narrfSivtTTriMW^  U/. Q. praser  Merchant Taiior  FIRST A VENUE. 1 |     .    1  Suits     Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  :r^^r^rW^W^i^BSVffnwrrl1SKlr-,  PIGTURES GIVEN AWAY  Each a Work of Art  Save Your  WHITE 5WAN SOAP  WRAPPERS.  and in cNchaiige. for tvven(,y-fivc, Uie H.G. Soup Worts will give yon't      j  your choice of  fifty licautifnl   snll/jcccs.     Ask your Grocer for cata- ���������  lo^rte of 'Premiums. j ]  ,..  -:*-^*     J r ISlSJj w>'1^  ...-������A-Ar^^-%?i^^?'i';������^aissss^r^^-������^fc*'^^^  Plumbing and Tinsmithing         DONE   AT  Reasonable Pricts   Ily   J.  ANDERSON  Leave  onleis  al   I'eferson'y Viirn  Lure  Store,  or  telephone  No to.  UDYSJjiTH HOTEL   BAB  Having taUen over the haV-room ol  the ai'ove hotel, wc intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends a������d the public in general,  wc guarantee good   treatment   to all.  R. Jco1t A. Smith-  Proprii-lors.  )tl  H  I


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