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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 20, 1906

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 '?Vl'^^^ffi^-;rV'.'-^*-.*.-.'������I.'<'-T.''.-'t *.t.^-...*a*i������Jy^wte.;m;J'..3.y/.,.A-u..*g,'.^J  -���������V<7  'O1.  '��������� !  The Ladysmith DAILY ledger  ^ttjEGlSLATIVE ASSEMR"  FRIDAY,  ..-"April 20, 190C  j?RICE FIVE CENTS  VOL..*  SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR  'FRISCO, SUFFERERS  Tellus   Will   Take  Several Hundred  Tons of Provisions Rrom Victoria  For Sufferers  Local Subscription List Opened at the  Canadian Bank of Commerce  This Morning  WISH 10  REWARD CONVICTS BR&VtRY  SECOND urn  Of LEUIE  seccn 1  * Just before the" Tellus had, com-*  * pletisd  loading" tliis  moriiimrj;, she "  * received    orders     to    proceed to *  * Victoria, where she will load two *  * or three hundred tons of provis- *  ���������ions for San Francisco. The Tel- *  * his should    reach    Victcr.a' t'lis *  * evening, and if' matters are rush- *  * ed will |,o able to lea".e for San *  * Francisco   some time   tomonow *  * morning. .This would bring hcr *  *��������� to that pert alout Monday ne.\t. *  *-She left here at noon today  * Francisco.    Anyone    wishing   to  donate 25c, jOc, or whatever they *  * icel inclined, may do so by visit- *  * ing the ban1'. ' +  * Miss Ingham,   !o3k-keerer    for -  * Messrs. Simon    Jjslser    &    Co , *  * tWis morning collected the sum of *  * twel e dollars amongst the   cm- '  * ployees of that firm,  which will *  * re added to tl>2 subscription list *  * at the banV. '*  * This morning Mayor Nicholson' *  * sent a'   telegram    expressing the '  Tomonow  jifUiiiocn'the frst    lea-  The New    Westminster   C���������h,n,Uan ;gue ,,a,e, <all  ^.^ or 'tnc SCilSoIl wlI1  of today, says j)c played on the Bunker "rounds, the  The heroic deed pirlormcd   yestei- !cont.&trn������     teams  being  Duncan    xs  day forenoon    by A.   McMillan,     the 'ladysmith. 1  tiu.stv from the penitentiary, is ie-j T]us Wl11 b0 I<adysimth'c  ce.ving commendation fiom all qunr- Kame in l!,e Iea*,v> she ,!*vinS <le-  ters. Citi/ens of a community are fe'lic'1 ^naimo at that city on Sun-  not slow1 to applaud vuloi at any . dav last- The 1)unCin '-0-s haVe-  line, .ml the general feeling through- , a������-cordiiiK to repoits, been practicing  'Out the city is that McMillan should hal,l> an" exljC('L lo J,a'c a 1"ok-"1  Ik- rewarded foi his meritorious ac- al leasl ^moriow. 'lhe grounds are  tion      That he prevented     a     gnat   in ffllll>'  S������������d ���������������<^������P> and there is  ilea,! of (lamapc and bod.lv Dai m     to   no reascj'v *h>' A S00(l  ,uaLtl' ihoul<1  , ���������_, '������.    ���������,,m(   not result.    'I he local team will lme-  At the'Hank of Commerce sub- *,* sympathy of thc citizens of Lady-  * scriptions are being received for * (* smith, to the "Mayor of San  ^ the benefit of the sufferers of Sin-*  * Francisco.  uni  to  IN THE.WOKLD OF LABOR.        dent of the bartcndcis' union is now  Horseshocrs pi Lincoln, Neb., have in New Yor<v organising new unions  applied for a charter. the������2.  President Compels   will soon visit     It has 'been decided by tho  Flori������ig  tor orgRni/ing purioses.        , labor  party  of East  St. /Louis  Boston (Mass.) Hebrew Painters' i.r,luce a full rnunicijial ticket in the  union h.is estallibhod $2.80 a day- as 'field this month. -,  thc minimum  wage. ')   Boston (Mass.) Boilermakers' lodg<  The Actois' National Protective No. !������, has withdrawn froii the in-  union will hold its annual convention ternational and joined the' new i or-  in New York en May  21. ' ganrzation of dissat.sfiod unions.  Tlie American Bowling congress has President Roosevelt cau not attend  decided that all its printing must the- convention of the BroUreihood'of  leu the label of the "union printers. Locomotive Engineers-, which meets  ��������� T. J.  Sullivan, inteinatuml presi-  in Memphis, Tenn., in May.  pcdcstiions, wuh which the street  was crow del at tbe hour oi thc run  away yesterday afternoon, is an es  tubli'hed  fact.  It has been learned  by those in an-  Mioiilv  that   McMillan  is tbe     m  e emplary     prisoner  at the pemb"'  tinry. *   \  A man who is intimately ao. painted with the details oi this case, u  fericd ' to, it this morning m this  maimer "McMillan's case is_a- retention of  the old story of the two  up as follows.  S. Ken, c., J. Kerr, p.; i). Ait'en,  1st I,., 1)   Kerr, 2nd b., .). AJuir, 3nl  b., T.  White s s ;  E. Clarke, l.f.,  C  pSl  Hewlett, of.,  \V. ALcnhead, r.f.,   fJ.  Murwie, sub.  ' \  Thc match is called for 1 30 sharp  to allow the \isrtors to catch the  d o'clock tram.  Spokane, April 20th���������  ���������Joseoh   Ksca-llicr,   a  'Vtonlam theep  ,nian about 50 years oldSvlio bi ought  DISCUSS FRHGRT RATES  AT BOARD OF TRADE  Shown  That    Ladysmith  Merchants  Pay $40 Per Car more Than is  Done in  Nanaimo cr Victoria  Wharf Road Comes up For Discussion-  Will Send Condolences to  San Francisco  OFF FOR  WESTMIMISTER  Tlie Intermediate Football team  leave tomorrow morning on the Joan  foi New Westminster wheie they  will play the second game m the series for the Intermediate . champion -  ship ot  I'ntish Columbia.  The boys will be unable to obtain  excursion rates unless they cuii get  At last c.-ening's Board of Trade report of the visit of Hon. Mr.'clght 0thers besides thc regular  meeting, Mr. Macklin occupied tbe Green, who bad thc day before, in twvlve to ta'e tickets. In "other  chair fur the hist time since his el- company with the Mayor and Air words, if twenty tickets aie taken,  ection to the office of Piesident of Gamble, made a touL 0f the propos- ! ''''���������"s 1&C caU be secured both way* foi  tlie Board.   Before  opening the meet- "cd crossings to the new wharf.   Mi.  a-oul     two    doUars'     whllc lcSuUl  t tie  Meliolson   stated     tliat he dud  ing,  he' statad that as it  wos     the  NicJiOlson   stated     tliat he dud    not  first time he had  occupied  the chair/ lia\e  more    to  repoit  than  had   ap-  ' rates Would run about $3.50.  he hoped    the meeting  would     o'.er- ' peared    in  The  Lodger   of  thc  night  is en who  drculed     to steal a    goose  fiom a farmer,     The man who stole   a iortime Lo town,  lies at the   Sac-  ihe  a;oosc     recencd for las   trouble |"^ Heart  llosiilal \ery  neai death  loc vears m  the penitentiary.      The j A vear aqo,  Eseallicr s'lav^h e^pen-  ���������1 lecen- {dituies were Lbc talk or the  They     will return oh  the transfer  on Sunday.  ,    , ...       . , ,    , , Tbe following  is  a list of playeis  look any little mistal.es wInch might  Le.ore, with the exception    that    it  Gr K        Crossan, Michie, Jack  ������^Ur- , . !waJ>   tlie ^^t'on  of Mr.  Green     to Sa3lders>      0'ConneII,   Hugii2s,  Coircspondence being the fust    oi-  ha\e  sur\ey&    made     and  so.indings  jjorJan   Wmsbv   McMillan.  dcr of business, the secretary  stated   ta en  at  tbe  lower end  of  the city ������    ' ' '   0  that no communications were at near the transfei wharf, and also a  hand. He had been instructed by the survey of the pro.osed crossing to  President to wute to the Nanauno the wharf already m existence, and  Board  to lecene information  leganl- jtbat after   this   waa dons,  we  wouLd  tthci  man stole the farm an'i iecen- {dituies were Lbc talk or the   tender-'ing freight rates.   c-As  jet  no   ..ns-jhear further from him  regarding the  as a piemuim,  the goose    taken'101". ^h'Je    now cieditora are fight  Ml,  by   tbe  bist  man.     McMillan  en'easily  be classed  with the man who'refty lcmauia to him.  could   inS to gain  possession of  what pro-  1 si oie the goose.  Tlio  stai'lling    accounts  iiom  l-'i anois^o     oi   an  earthquake    in\o'-  a H14*     tho lohs   of  many  lives,  and a  as near a>s Can be learned, McMillan h.s &till fout years to serve in  the     lenitcntiary.        Local   business ) '1*C1"*; of  t"<*   Oxfoi'l  be lost between  perty remains to him, sajs a    Spokane dispatch  In the    [lamblin^    d'.n in tbe base-  wci  had  been  lcceivcd  tp   the    com-  matter.  muiiication      Aftei  some   discussion       One of the members present stated  it was decided that the secretary be  that he bad  loarl  with much interest  instructed to again write the Nanai- of  the usit  of Mr.   Green and     Mr  mo BoarU and failing an answer,  ha j Gamble, but so far as  he was    able  will telephone tlie secretary  m   that | to see not much results ho-d been at-  city.  tamed        According    to the     report  EARTHQUAKE OF 1868  . BY D. W. HIGGINS  P. W."f1iggins, editor of l!i. where they fell, or regaining their  Vancouxcr World writes tho follow- feet, ran away, adding to the gencr-  jng interesting account of the Uan>u> contusion. VMieu the Molentc oi  Francisco di-sustor   of   1808. ' the  &hock had   abated   the    teriilietl  San   people   'led   to   the    stieets,       whic'n  were  soon tilled    with    a  screaming,  shouting multitude   of men,    wom������ n  l.i'ii,.i(!oii������    tlestruction      ol piopeii^ j*114!  children,    ninny  ot   thcu       but  i.nil tlio   inobttble dosti notion oi that J hull-dressed    and   some   not 'drcftfl  at   all.     Ladies  who fled from thou  baths       appeared     on    Montgomery  street without    even a bath    towel,  until  geutluinen  threw    coats      o\ur  them.     Another     lady,      who       w������.������.<  bathing  her baby,,   appealed   on  the  street   holding the  na.<ed   child     liy  one  of  its    legs,     much   as a   'prison  holds  a  chicken     that   is   being  plucked.     These  instances     aic  > niy  .'mentioned  for  the purpose  of  sh   ���������������  the state  of fright     into which  lne   the       inhabitants    were      suddenly  it .thrown by  the unexpected Mbiation  >,7,5(IO arul S 10,000. It ma'es tender-  Join ro.ircL'is at th.s dav sad to  ('think  of the  money  Escallicr    blew  in    around    tlie rrs-rts  where     joy  ivi������ns unccnnneil ainkl the popping- of  coiks   ���������  FAME'S PATHWAY.  Edison,  tlie woild s wonder,    says  its not only  possible    but probable,  men arc api>ealed  to  in  thc   following communication  recehed this   ai-  terr.oon from orfe of theii nunillcr,  New Westminster,  B.C.,  Ap"ril 18,  I90fi  To the Eilitoi of the Colunnbian       '  Sir,���������'I would 111������ to beg ^1'ace for  a  lew  woids to the    lenient    public  concerning the-hHoic action peifomi-  pd jesterday    foiencon by  A. McMul-  l.uir the tiusty from the penitential y j when means will be "devised foi   sav-  who so nobly ichiained at'his     post   in^ the- energy    stoied in coal,    and  of "duty dining the mad  fliaht of lus , winch is  wasted m many ways,     to  team,    ami  by    &o     doing not only cross the oie.m in three days  showed    excellent   picsence of     mini  and   icmaiiahle neuo,  but ilombtlcss  The qucstirn of freight rates occu-jthcy had gens up the lino to some  lied the attention of the membeis crossing that had nothing to do with  tor a considerable length of time, the wharf, and had returned to lunch.  A few figures were 'q.uote.1 ,by various After lunch they had gone in another  membeis in which it was shown that .dnection to se; about a location for  Ladysmith was paying a \ery exec*:-j a new   wharf        NTow they had left,  sue freight rate at present. For instance, e.eiy barrel of flour landed  in Victoria, the merchants of that  city pay. ten cents less than thos-3 of  Ladysmith. This averages up to  foity ���������* dollars     per car.     In     other  while salt or othei shipments of this  jj.oud   and   oeauliU.l   cit^,     bi        lire  and ������ seismic     disturbance,   brings to  Hie mind       of  the ��������� .writer      another  gieat earthquake     that  was expctien  ced   there     on   the     liHth.     day       ci  October,     180S.     With  his  wile and  two     little  children     he  bad'lauded  the  day   before     from    a       Panuma  steamship  ami  tv&s making     arrange  ments    to    continue     his        journey  to   Uritish" Columbia    when  the     e\  ent,     which shook San Francisco and   '"ft'  the  neighboring   towns     along  bay     to   their  uentic,   occurred  A volume by Sign ore Caruso, the  nolc'l 1 Lilian tenor, is attrtxtiiig  prevrutt'd much damage to property J much attention in the boo'c woild,  an I also 0to hfe and limb to thc' Mid it has it^ own caricatures oi  many pctestrians with which the | the membeis of Ins company. Thc  strwt was oiowded .it that ho" r. 'smuei will sue the pioiits of tbe  Valoi at any time and under .' fl ,^ook to the Kalian Benevolent In-  cucirmstancps s'ould appeal to man- stiUite and its hospital  1'in'l, and I ma'te bold to assort \A\at Di Ballabene, an e\-stafr captain  this man (he showed lnnvself a man of the ltiii.ni ainiy medical corps,  by his actions), McMill. n should be ba.s epiicneJ the I^nolisli language  uiven his lrcity, and that* steps] with a woul that will no doubt l.c-  shoold immediately ~bc taken to .lay.coiie populai Ai ihialgonuoii is tbe  the nxittci leioie Uie depaitnent of name he gncs to a new name fori""*  justice ���������  This work, according   to my ' ' ��������� "      ' ��������� ' ������ -     rate of $1 50 ^ to������  afhi we were m the same position as  before with no more definite information than we had previously prr | srnd  Mi Nicholson explained that he  was undei tbe impiession from what  Mr Green haul .stal/dd that the Lady-  words ihi merchents of Ladysmith smith peo. Is would hear furiher from  aie compelled) to pay an extra freight |1hat gentlemaJi within a week of  of foity ' dollars on e\ery car ol ten days.  freight. A shipment of fruit s'ich as  oianges dr bananas from Victoira,  costs  at  the rate  ol   Jo.'lO  i>cr  ton,  FKIKNDS  TO MEET  HIM THIS WEEK  The Vancouver World savs itJ is m'  a position to state that ev-Attoinev  General Wilson will meet his constituents to evplain bus cxtraorJni-  are conduct during th2 late session  in the course of a \cry few da>s  The meeting willl.ie held in O'l'ncn's  Hall Arrangements have boon completed and the1 assemblage will i.e  one of the largest and most iritei-  esting e'ic-r held in Vancouver under  conseniati'.e auepices Di.e notice  will qye given of the  date.  MANY DITCHES  FOR NOME  C.  L. Morris, a ditch contractor of  Nome,  Aiasiva,     is in Seattle    completing contracts for thc cons true tion  I of several lar=c Uitehes.rn  that'coun-  t,lic  U])on a molion it was decided     to  await    developments  for  the     above, ,,.  ",      rJ , ��������� ,    , ������������������ .'try t'is season, in addition  to  'period,  after  which   tunc if no    word,    '   v ' .    .    .      ,    r  11 talie stens  contracts  whuh he  made  last       ear  nat' re is obtained ut  V-* s0,    oi     a  for  communicating    with or   sendm  general average of $lf>0 per ton  In Victoiia the same freight whicli is  brought through Ladjsmith is received from New Westminster or Van-  coin er at about $2.00 or V2.50 p^-:  ton  is received thc board  wil  for  communicating    with  a  delegation   to   thc  government  at  Victoria  lhe mattei of the approach to the  local station receivied the attention  of the Boaid, one of the members ol  and  was   unable  to  complete    beiorc  'the close of  the season last fall  'lhe ditch worn, which i\li .Motrin  bus under contract, at this tunc rep-  lescnts more area than the vvoile o!  any  year since  the  advent of     dilUi  One  opinion, should be started by a pcti-  Theie were-many scenes that weiv  heartrending in their character. JU.  the downtown  districts  where  many  'of the  buildings were   of   brick   and  'much  was   15   minutes     to   eight      o'clock  whew  the  shock      came.     It   Ustc I  just    45   seconds  and  was sufficient- I  ly violent, to    throw     people     who  warn standing  on  the ground,   wrei k   stone,  many buildings,   destroy  much     vol  liable property     and    create      v ideas  to  the   stability   structures were ns violently  agitalii!  'u&   if  they   had been made   of papei.  Many buildings   were  wiecked        Tbe  tlttulroad  hotel  came  down     with    u  | run,:,   but  arf  it  had  been  closed  lor  'done  and tbeie was  and    create      wid.*-   loss   of  life  mote  damage      was  a   considerable  The  brick    and     stone  spread distrust  of the peninsula on which a^itrea'  city has since been reared, thc ������������������������������������ s  of   the practical      destruction  et  which  is   just announced.  When the shock came tho frame  buildings in the .'suburbs in which  the writer .,aiid his family h.id  quarters, was violently a!;.'fted  The vibration was so rapid" nnri  severe , that it seemed as thougl>  the building ' would bo sbauen to  pieces, The chimney lops fell on the  roof and crashed thwu^'t --iiiiigles  to the'attic. ' The pip-^s were bu>k-  en and a Hood of wa:-.'r'--deluded the  apartments. Pleivvy vi.i.i'-, v>i furniture were' thrown from side to  side with violence, inifiir m-inins  who . stood.,-in  their pair. 3IuibU  inantlepieccs,    chundeli- s   .nut     pas-  pipes  were destroyed     o>; b>'i'l.|ln and  ��������� gas  in  stifling- quant L':-s  jumri'd   into   tbq  houses.       Tt   was   i..ip3ssihh-  for  any  one to  main'a'n   ilu'ir   feet,  >!>'  tion to le cirt,dated among the business and i lofessional m>en of New  Wcstmu stei McMillan is the most  e enplaiv ir^s. iter ccn nad in the  leiutentiaty at thc present tunc and  fiom statements made by the authiii-  ties at the piison, he is a gentleman oi  in every lespect  '1 ban 'ii;  you   in   advance  foi      thc 11  space, and hcutily hoping tint   this  view of the situation will  meet with  tbe  api rol ation  of  the  general   pub-  no, I am, sir,  Respectfully,  KENNETH   McRAE.  NAMnNO '1)1 RECTI ORS OF  ALASKA-YUKON FAIR  A Seattle *lcsp.it.h jestcrdav says.  Tbe committee having in (Cliui^e the  neuialgia, ilici.riiatisin rn>l all gouty  ar0i.tions, whuh lu has d.sfoveie'i  alter manv vcais of evpennciil  Miss Evelvn !'��������� Longman has won  o ci 30 competitors th.: hist prize  for a design  foi   the  ],ron/c dioisat  Alaska-"vuivon e.\posrtion has com  repairs for some months no lues | monccd the won, of securing direc  were lost.     There were    no bi  Quite recently a sh^ment    ot 'which stated  that be had   frequently ,mlninS in   *** NoBie  ZT^c* h-  * -��������� i   i    c i\ of the  lnrirest     contiacls     wnicn n'  fie.oht  wr.s received   by  one  of     the/been rcmindod of the poor appearance ,ol ��������� ������^e c.nstructicn ol  local    stores    from     Tacoma at the  of the same bv  travellers   who   hart ,������������ ������^ wd.ichwill     tup  sach conditions    ex-.u,c "-"lUK' ' ,,  leen  n"ore    ������lt,'liai'al    claims     than  "���������'���������  ed     from       Vancouver     three     and'made that   at  tiny* passengers wish-   other ditch in that section of   Alrus-  ������ half  tons  of freight  for  ,h,ch   be   inq  to boaul  a  t.am were forced   to  ^  had    paid   $13 15.     In  Nanaimo     oi   go aiound  ens stand.ng on the   sid-! ��������� A numiyei        u 0      a  Victoria   th-s     bill would not    have , mS at   the back of the  station ,n or-" * ������ the ^s\ dulluS Uf "   *l^   ]"  been   more   than   seven   dollars,    and   dcr  to reach  the tie'et office      On a  the wor.mg of low grade claims  | as' ed hi in   why  One  meichant had  leceiuly  leceiv-   is'e.1        t'omplaints  the transom and space above, nrc to  le 21 feet ui height and 10 fuel wide  Miss Longman's design is divided into two main groups, representing  "Peace" and "Uai " The prize  whicli tbe wii n r iccives is tlu contract foi the execution oi thc doois   o   HOUSEHOLD HINTS.  Always   inake   the  neck  of a blouse  shuhth   smallci   t'lnn the babe of tho  into  hot-1 tors lor    thc company  which rs     to (coH.u   band  nnd   in  tacking  it  , u      i,.���������,,   n,it the  vast enteria-ise, which , position it    is  an excellent plan     to  or sky scraping st.uctu.es ^ ,-tiy ^^ J ^ 0[ I .,M  a  few  noullcs  ,n   th3 bIollSP,    s0  Hon.   lits kind ever   held  in  thc Northwest. jas  to avoid  wnn-lcs  when  thc   col  'We are asl in������  the prospective   di-  Ur is fnaUv s'ltchrd  in  ;\n inaeiiions   woman made a cover  day  for  if be   attempted      to  sJ-ind      :ic  ,'was thrown, to the   !lo ,r    or ^-oun-l Imarkctl  w lUl  enorBJ  and  in   some   cases    seriaui.y   ioivii  cd.     The  shock-\vns. n.\'.'"i;,ruii������'d by  a   grinding-    noise  that   sounded   like |  the  growling   of  An'.anri'.ii-Vl   nuimn'. .  and  ns  I'lay  on the 'floor I remember   likening   the  eaithquake     to    a  hungry  monster    who     had"*    seized  the  city  into  its jaws  and was      n-  bout  to  devour  it. .   Horses as   well  as  human   beings   were   thrown      to  the ground  and      either      remained  CIS  Francisco     in    18(38,     and  buildings  along  the line     oi  gomery  and JCe&ry Strc'ets were num  erous.     Tlio  native   Californians 'M.d  Indians  related      to   tho   Americans  traditions   of  earthquakes   of     great  strength, dating back at. least a con  tury,   and. the   Jesuit  Fathers,    who  had established themselves in Califor  nia 150 jears  befoie, alwajs dcpi^c  ated    the erection at  Sun Francisco  of  brick   and-    stone  .buildings      ot  more  than      two  stories  in     height  All   tbe    mission  buildings  were  erm  stiucti'd   of   adobes (sunrlned brick 5;j  and scarcely ever exceeded  onestoi,,  Ui height.     In   a   conversation  I lnvcl  | once  with     a  Spanish Priest  he   n.  'Senor, I be  will como when this whob  peninsula (San Francisco) will be  sunk in the sea. It was thrown no  from the ocean it will go -some  day;"  In addition to the Railroad House  about .fifty other brick 'buildings  went . dovvii. Some people who  went   early  to   business       on       that  lectors to siyi," said I A. Nadoau,  of the conimi'ttue, "in order to be  sure that  we shall  have  a full bflwi'd  lor her  polished mahogany   table  for  use in curd    playing  of a  piece -. of  who arc able to give time to them-  ^ ^  ^^  /^^  Uuu. ^ fcable  terests of the expos tion.  "Seattle must male a  great    w  cess oi th.s exposition      It is   only  three   or     fou-r    -inCvr. orators     an I  name them and  the rest  of the fiftv  oti-siness men as directors  "We have before us thc'-esample of  Portland and other exposrtiuns to  show us what r.ot to do, and I believe that wc can not only incorporate the r good features but also  throw in a little Seattle oirgmalily  of  our own."  Wages of steam sho/cl .engineers  employed rm the Panama c^nal have  been  raised  from  $1 DO  a  month  $210.    Crane  men  lmve  l.een    ra,is.>d   wiU eominoiice  from"?l-fi:i a menth to ���������U85.  lop, running an elastic tape in the  inch hem to hold thc cloth securely  i inlei the table <_d0is  deli cral at that point by scows In J was hi on edit up, and it was decided  this way they had received laigere- that thc board would sc-nd a message  duction  iron the railway of condolence    to thc San  Francisco  Mr.   Forcimmer    reported    on     the ; Hoard    of Trade,  which  was  accord-  hospital   question,    his   leport    being   mi'Iv     done    by    the secretary, Mi  to .the elfcct  that  $126.50  had    bocn   fY.rmvall.  collc<ted and tuincd over lo thc in-j rl hose mrs'ent at tho meeting last  stitution and the names of the su.b- ercnin.s: were Messrs. Macklin, pre-si-  scnhors publisheKl. dent      Nicholson,     Stewart,     Bic'le,  Mayor Nicholson was asked    for   a   Forcimmer,  Cornwall an-ti Wa-nock.  his plans for the new construction  this season and will remain m Se  attle until the opening of navigation  assembling the additional machinery  that will be required for the lari;c  amount of woik and securing ihi  men He will go north on the first  1 oat foi Nome prepared lo push the  ditch work' to completion as rapidly  as possible.  FILL ATHEISTS  WITH DREAD  Winnipeg,    Man.,    April   It)���������A  vis  ltor     to  the  city     who has persona1  acquaintance . with an earthquake    '"  Sun Francisco,  is   G.    11.. "Murray,  oi  Xcvv   York,    who is   also  a. theatiua!  gmtleman .being business manager or  Farewell    American    lour    of     Mmo  Sarah   Bernlihrdt.     Mr.    Merry   who  is   a  graphic    narrator      gave       the  story  oi  his  experience    to  a      Free  Press     reporter    last   night,   at     tlv������  Mariaggi:       "I  was      in  Frisco      nn  Thanksgiving iJay,  1SS*S,"    said    Mi  ^Continued    on Page Fouli: )  WILL PLACE  B1.1L  ON*  PRO FLH TION'  POINT  ('lbc   llerild v  The  boil   to   I"    pl.ic. d     on       l'io-  toction     Point   In       <.���������������.       l'oiiun.on  go*einmeiu   to ������=eivc     a^   a v.auuiii  to maim, is   *.,<=  bioi^hi     up   fiom  \ictona on the D <-' S Qua.i a f Murray. "One night late I was in  xesloi.lav afieinonn and lnmlcd r>1 ' company with Tod Sloane. then ������'.  "the point. -The Dominion govern- \iie prime of his career. With u.-  ment 'carpenter, Mr. Cullison aiso'worc o. Bowles, a theatrical man  n   the  boat     and       todiiy   Qo-er and   Judge Carter,   all having a  wafer (Jripp.ing from ���������him. AVo had  been a jolly care free partj' bin  that sudden awful disturbance  changed .merriment to a nameless  dread. There was not a face but  what was deadly pale. Wc felt ihat  the giear building would ne^v. v i  bio upon us and crush  nothing.      A     man may  !>o   nn  utnrlist     but  such   an experience  tremble,  ns     before  i.-  us    '   in'o  claim  let     him-   I'm >'  and    lie       will  a  direct    man'  restitation     of   eternal        omnipnl^m  power       Pveiy  mean   net   that  a   el-  low   has  ever   done     stands   out   b������.  fore     him     at such   a  line  lmht "   o   PUBLIC NOTICT  NOTHING P  F,,0Yi FBiSC  ^0 came up o  will eomine  of  the   structure  Up  tp  four  o'clock   tins  aftei noon,  there  has   been   practically   no     new  1 o '  developments   obtained   by   wire,    rc-  'garding the earthquake and   tires    at  San    Francisco.   *     Thc   information  contained  rn  the nitht  despatches  ot  the Associated Piess, as  prmtod    in  The  Herald     of  this     morning,  anil  which. The Ledger  delivered  to    sub-  Mine    as in a 'scl,u.is ,n     Ladysmith, is     all that  has yet been learned.     While several  uimois are current, thcie is nothnv;  definite  to  report.   A   telephone   message ipceivocl from  Nanaimo at    four  .       ., , .,  ,     ,   .,     ,       o'clock states that  so fat   as can  bo  V public meeting will be held    to-   , ,    ���������        , .   t,  n   lcame/l,   the   whalves   at   San    Iran-  morrow morning,   April  21st.,  at  10   dsCo ^^g to ^ w<4Stcwl   Pud  a.m.,  in  " -  the     Opera Hause,  f0r the   Company  are practically  undamaged.  vork   on  the  erection good   time.     Suddenly there came an  a _   tl-.at     is  to   sup- awflll shock accompanied by that Soul  repose of devising  ways and  mca .    ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^  , -^     .     .    nr,Wl,r,   Port tho  bell-    The bell bouse   w'.ii terrifying     sound     peculiar,  to earth   of raising   money   for the  beneht ,is1,ers., .hu(Tcra',   platers'   and    brass  Union men of  Cleveland,  umo weu. . ^  ^    ^ ^ ^  wiU be tompiet- nliakes.     The    shock lasted about a   those   who  are suffering  through  the . ^ ^.^^ wc.rt3rs'  unions  will'.,!*-  considering the proposilion  to     open , >*- '^      for 1JS0  in  a      short minute and.actually   rocked the   ho-|San Fra,ncisco disaster  a department store,  but the plan was , ��������� Cullison   will be assisted tc, to   and  fro.     Sloane jumped   out '  v.toedby the United Trades and La- |   ���������   ������������������    -    ��������� carpenters, of the  bath and rushed  in with  the  bor Council of tliat city.  in the  building   by  D. NICHOLSON, Mayor.  an-d silver  pin    business    in    Boston,  Mass., on  July 1. -.- -   ' I>AJLY      I.KDOK  ^^-^tfnyii .!������������������ Kiwii'm  tHE DAILY LEDGER  t-������bli6bed   every  day except Sunday.  ������*        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  ?RICE  tdvance.     Advertising rates on application.  PAJNTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  ���������'r.; v t it :\.- . >  I AVKI.I��������� FURXIslI   ROOMS  ���������<j :    M . 1 1 :i 1- V.'/i 11  WINKS, Ui^l'OI-'S  CIGARS  Neatly and Artistically Done  FRIDAY,  ^      ���������  April  20,  IMC  OWN YOUR OWN WIRELESS.  Every man" Lis own wireless station, with the aid of an umbrella, is  ' "(lie promise made yesterday by an  officer of the American De Farest  Wireless Telegraih Company. Ho  made thie announ02inent while telling some details tlie company had  forgotten to gne on Friday concerning its efforts     to reach Ireland   , by  >  wireless fiom Anicuca.  By. ihe pocket wireless apparatus,  it'is declined, any one can, with a  Knowledge of thc> Worse alphabet,  -' tulegrii-rh - from any point in New  Yoik City ho Coney Island, and.''possibly to distances further away, eu>n  to ships at sea. This uppaiatus  might be ready in a few weeks, il  was asserlod.  Dr. Lee De Forest, the inventor ot  thc system that l.eais his name, if-  now in Ireland, the guest of Lord  Armstrong, president of the Dritish  branch of the company, and already  Dr. De Fonsb, the officers of ,, thc  company say, has received 5(10 words  S"iit    fiom    this  side      to apparatus  ��������� placed temporarily on top of . Lord  Armstrong's castle" in South Ireland  "Messages, the Do Foivst people say,  aie going only one way'just now.  but before, long it is predicted, they  will be going in  both direttions.  Abraham tt'lijte,-the president oi  the American De Forest Wirebss  Telegraph , Company, ga\e out thc  statement about' the pocket wireless  machines and the possibility of utilizing umbrellas as antennae i-i she  sending of messages from a ier:n's  pocket to station,* and ships nv'c-  away. In a ,Iew weeks, in c'-'.uiii-  ed, there ' will be an exhibit! v. i������"  the machines, so that anyon? ca: sc������  how easy it is to tell your ^ <i.diles  to son-ebosy twenty miles ir mere  away.  As to the transmission nf ."00  words out of   1000 a.--r-iv: 111*-A^an-  L tic, one of_ tbe attorneys for 1 lie   T'e-  - Forest  .C'omppnv    leelv.e] ye;,tci>*i y  - aftosnoon  Ihnt  the  report   was    tire  . in  o--ery  res-eel".    The \vora=;, vhkh  S#ROEDDING  Orders  Promptly   Executed   LADYSMITH  ABBOTSF  A. J. AIcMURTRJE, Proprietor  II li  X fi 1;>������jY.|'1|-!,  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and B irk far Sale  SEfc  J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORD ERS  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  ITKST  AVENUE  PHONE"    6-0  NOTICE  LADYSWITH   WATE* WO ?KS  Consumers are requested to call at   the oflice     on   Uolii-rt-  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the !"���������.">Ih <>f each i-  Office Hours ( P. M* 4.30  T, ) BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  Street  a.  ��������� ������h. ���������  t- ~r T r -t * f ���������  r TTtttt + Ttt+ttt   r ���������������������������������������������������������������������  1    <-*������������-������������������������ ������-������������������7������   LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,  ORGANS    ANDHOUSEHOLD     * uKNITURI-  ED PROMPTLY  A    ND  SAFELY.        ifiOV-  Stables in the rear of tbe Lai?  ysmith hotel.  Abbots    ford.  Leave ordtrs at   th������  A. J. WASKET, PROP  *4 4.4.4.+4>+44 +++4 ��������� + 4 ������������������*>��������������������������� ������������������*���������������������������! ���������������������������������������������������������������-��������� ��������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������ >*���������������������������������������������������������������������  1COSCCOFAISID  IN LOS ANGELES  numbered, to he exact, fi7-2, eve.  sent ta Dnrsev TIca/L in ^oiUuve;1  Ireland, Wednesday night, last, f  was staled. The Itfin'vit-vi (' .-ib  station was the station \'������r>:i nn \\uV  side.     It  is  one nf the I   v. pr-  Ivl   on ��������� the  Atlantic...BrojUvn Side  Friend (at a French play  you  applaud su   vigorously  when Hint  comedian made his speech before the guests  "curtain?  Spriggins, (confident ally)���������So that  folks- would think I understood  French.   What did he say'-'.  Friend���������Tic .said the remainder of  his part must be talien by an understudy as his mother was dying.���������  London Tit.Bits.   _o   If a sheet is hemstitched it should  be done at both ends. If only on?  end is t-o worked thc wear and tear  will come .always in the same place,  as d>hc sheet can only be used one  way���������with ihe hemstitching at the  top--'  A  -.Ureal  ts'oot  for Prospectors  and  us-  Thcy arc all leather,  nia.de to--stand strenuous  age in  mine or forest.  L117. Wen's Tan ,Ch ip  pewan Veal Kip Prospectors'  Boots  Los Angeles,  April 19.���������'lhe  Cham-  Go .Id,     President,   of   tliu       Cbicujji.  lU-aier   Co.,   of   Chicago  wais one   01  ihrco  jierhona     Lo   arrive     on        lb-:  iirM   t.rain from San Fmncisi-u  whit'.i  readied  Jwre    aL   11  o'clock     toiUy.  llr.   Gould says:     "i was asleep   on  th'j   seventh   door      of   the       raUtv_e  hotel   at '  lite   Lime       of   t'be        lirsi,  cpia!:e.      I   was  thrown     out of     my  boil   and ball'   way  across 'the    room.  Im.iiedinlcly      roiili'/.irig    the   import  ot .the   occurrence       1   made my way  down the  six      flights  of     stairs into  the  corridor.        1 was   the      lir&i.  . giicst   to  appear.      Tbe     hotel      eni-  pl(i\ees     were   shouting  and  runninir  -Why did    about   a.s   if they  were mad      Wiiliin  2  n.'mulus     after   I   appeared       other  tloi'lvod      into   the     corridor  most of  them in  their   night clothes  1 11'turned     to ni,\      room  and      got.  in,\   clothes  on.     'I'his   took        about  ���������20  minutes.     WiUiiu     that   time bc-  lo*   tbe     L'alacc   the    buildings     for  Uiu-e. blocks      wciv a mass of   flames  whuh /quickly communicativl to othor  biiiJding-.s.     Jiil!ov\b     "1"     lire seeni-d  to   roll   from the     business      foloc^a,  soon       half       loiisumed      to      other  1,1  iks   in  the     \k-mit>.       The    Call  building   L     saw     to  be    more    than  a  foot  out    of   plumb   and    hanging  oiiT the  street    like the leaning tower  of  1'i/a.        1   remained     111       ^uii  Fra'-ioibco    until     7  o'clock and then  took   the forrj   foi-   Oakland   but    ic-  tuined      to   the  burning     city       an  hour "aiul  a  half   later.        At       thai,  time    the  city   seemed    doomed..        I  remained   but  a     few   minutes      then  made  my   way   back    to   the       ferry  station.      At   the   iron   gates they  clawed with their lrands -as so maiiv  m.uuacs- , Tboy sought ��������� to brc.i.k  tlie bars and failing . in , t'hat turned upon each other. Fighting my  way to the gate^ike the others,, tnu  thought 1-aii.e into my mind of  what rats in a" trap we were. Had  I not been a strong man- 1 should  ha,e certainly been 'kill. d. When the  ferry drew up to (be -slip and . I bo  gates were throw 11 open lhe rush  lo  safely- was   trenu luloiis."  Han   Francisco, April    1'.).���������Com  missioner TO. Ifyron nnnoimced ye.-:-.,  lerday that, the HO odd tire m-  ^ ( sui'.'ini 1: ��������� coiHpiuiifs interested has  'decided it) pay dollar for dolki.'  to ever.v one insured with, fhum. The.  Companies; will not discrimiinite be-:  twe.-n f'ue and earthquake and every (me insured will be payed I o  the extent of the loss. Hut two  of the Companies effected are 1'ac-  i.'ic Coast, concerns, the others hav-  iiig principial offices in the F.nst.  .or in Europe, and all will stand  the  loss  without   danger   of  failure-  New V������rU, April 19���������From Lhe  fact that no confirmation ot yes  terday's alarming despatch concerning I.os Angeles bas been receiver,  that they are despatching train  loads of supplies To San Fran  ciseo tbe city is believed to be al-  ri&hl.  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good Utoies and good  lioouis  i;*>tiL.iria|i   & ^angimo Railway  !     TA���������  Table Xo. 57  Traii.o ieave l.������������i>smith for Victoria and all intermediate stations at  9.10 a in. daily, ������nd at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. ' '  Trains lr;a\e f.adysiiiith for Well ington and all interniediare stations  at 11.57 a.m. da������y, and at "6.00 p. m. on Weiln* days, Saturdays and  Sundays.                  -                     '.                 ���������        '             ���������                           .. '  PORT  ND HOTEL-  DAVID  HU'ES, Proprietor.  ,���������   Excursion. Tickets ^���������������c  ..   _..,      ,    ,,.ON SALE TO  1 good for" going journey  Saturday'?   "nd P..:;  the following  Monday.  ;      - *"     *    ' ������������������  FROM AIJ. STATIONS  returu.^^,'-not-later than  Board at reasonable  Rates' ,  Tlie bar is extra  well  Stocked  Sails from L������������ysinith for Vancouver every Tatunlay at COO a.m. and  3 ', rctujaiai: 'sails from  Vancouver    tor   Laoysmitfc at 2-H0 p.m.  This  Hotel  has  been  eoaapletely       renovated.������  Board and 'edging Jl.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHN W A, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied   with  the  Best    Wines, 1st Avenue   -: :-'   -    Ladysmith B.C.  Licpjors and Cigars.  G, L,. Courtney,  Disti'ict Pcf.scrgcr Agent  Best accommodation for transient  \nd permanent boarders and lodgers  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has beeu comlort-  aMy furnished and the bar is up-to-  timto Rates J! 00 a day and ������p-  w\rds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE, Prop.   ,  W������������la������������4������   ���������'   ��������� ������������������: ������������������������ T.*4v������n������!tfe  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������WHITE   COOK���������  and  ���������WHITE  LAJWR   Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  "GALEOOM  NOTICE  From      this  datfc  the undersigned  will  not  be responsible for  any  in  debtedness     incurred except on      *  written orncr signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin. ���������  V.   I.   EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMEMT CO.', LTD.  Mon Personal Liabil'ty.  Victoria. B. C. Mav  18th. 190B.  Leads Them  INiQUALir  w  AM  HOTLL  DOMINION  ' ���������Rafes lfl.2&>nd$1.50���������  Fn 0 bus to all Bteamhoat landingo atui  rc.i'' .ay depots.    Electric cars every 'wt  m-'.tee to all parts of   the city.- har  bi ;  'able unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C.  UnderjlManagment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R.JVIcKinnel  Proprietor.  Ooimneicial Mens' headju.ivtcrs.  Modern and     Rtrictly  b'irst Class  I'ire Proof    Buildmg.  -:o:  f&ssss3astsgm������  JT i>EPrES  L'Om PETITION  I  s  ss  ��������� Ten-inch blucher cut, with  with." "full', bellows tongue to  'the tip; have .double silver eyelets and stud lvool s; double  sole and slip; standard screw  fastened; slugged nround the  forepart an,d heel. ��������� A com-  U,r\',ihie ns well as a durable  boot.  Ask for them at your Dealers  RosslniHl,   April   l.P���������Sincere  hetirttVU   sj-rrijinlhy      is  felt burrs  1.bu   people  of   San   Francisco  have met. wiih such  an appalling  VANCOUVER, B. C,  and  for  who  and  -,\i(Jcsprci)(! disaster, as well as for  Sfinla Rosa and tbe other cities  wbieh bave felt Ihr; boi-rors of an  awful earthquake ami tbe dcslrucl-  ' he fires that followed tlieni. JXTuyr.r  Mclionald will call fl in^cliiift- of  citizens within the next, day or two  for the purpose or' devising wa.\ s  arid,  means  for      raisintr     a fund  for   the   relief   of     those  who       bave  been  rendered homeless    toy the  dis-  I aster.  Pacific Coast   Agency  VICTORIA, .���������: :-:   --     -  WANTEI)~������y Chicajr.o ��������� wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary 520 60 and expenses paid  weoMy. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent.   No investment required. . Pre-  &y-y I   4-  t   vious experience not essential to en-  CoM  Ltd KilgiDg.  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.  Rs P. RITHET,  I  2  I  Ticket and  Freight OfTicc,  75  Uo\eminent Street.  Transcontinental  Trains D iiiy  The New Train  ORIENTAL. LIMITED  The Train ol  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.'  Every mile a picture, and  no smo'e to spoil the view.  - Through Compartment, Observation and Pullman Sleepers; also Through Tourist  Cars to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  Union     Terminals   wilh   all  Steamer-lines:- ---.- -  Berth  reservations, by wirel  Great'Northern S.S. Co.  FOK  JAPAN    AND  CHINA.  S. S. Minnesota    will   sail  from Seattle,   April  2fltb.   ,  For rates,   folders and   full"  information,   call  on  or     address,  S.  G.  YERKES,  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent, Victoria, B.C.'  TICKET OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts,  VICTORIA, B   G.  2  I  Trains daily  to St. Paul,  Minneapolis,  Duluth   and  East.  Trains    daily     to Den\er,  Omaha,'Kansas City, St.  Louis     and    East      and  Southeast.  B.C  THeCITY MRRK6T.  R. Williarasoti Prop  1st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  .������..���������.���������������������������.���������..���������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest PaUems=-Wedo  A'I kinds of Foundry and Repair Wo:k  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53  P. 0. Box 42.  v  f.    WM.' MUNSIE,  President    J.  W.  Cf'!" "..   '���������!.������������������ ;i:i.n  Telephane '1-f'-  The Ladysmith LyiM Co. lu,  ������  *  <  NURSItS   QREEN  HOUSED AND SE������D  ...  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Blackwood, General  Agent,'Victoria,  B.C.  A.    I).     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, Ore.  Are \7ou  Qoing Ea������-t  Then bo aure your tickets' rea*    rle  th*  lOffl IESKBI  LIE  If yon  aps contemplating  PAPFRING YOUR ROOMS  .  ���������Call  at-   :  J   :;, Smiih'- Shop  On  noiHrts.Slr.ee, ..find see all  lha  1 DUNDEE-:.  Scollands. Best.  .I..f.t.fr+**+-M-.M.*****.^^  *  f  ���������n  THE TYEE: COPPER CO., Ltd.  I PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER,' QOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,     B.C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.        J  Vancouver .Island, B. 0. General Manager, f  Latest Designs in  WALL PAPERS  We    make a  Specialty  ot  the papering Business.  iimi  iff rim m a  Sole Agents for B. C.  Resturant and lodging Rooms  -HAS   BEEN   REMOVED TO-  -First   Avenue^  SHAVES &BUHS  Having talian ������ver the hnrber shop  iiiiown as ������hr Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, Higli St.,'I. intend, by keep  ing competent' workmen, to conduct  a first-class" establishment, and respectfully' solicit' your patronage.  THOMAS LEWIS  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS Kith th������  through trains from the Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TV  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWES"  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS  Cl'l \  and ALL POINTS EAST.    ;  For complete information  ast y  local agent or write,   '  F, W. PARKER  ���������  ' G������;ie������������l ���������*������"'  ;������<T2nd At*., Se������t*U    "  zmss  ���������fcgi���������nmii  J>������s������ era tn^  Pianos ant  Organs .,  Ladysmith, B.C  NOTICE..  The     partnership   existing  between  C. I-I   Rumming and \V. E.  Rumvii  carrying on    business   in the Oily i  Ladysniitli,    13. C,  as niaritifacl-v  of carboiialeil   .beverages,   etc.,  ur '  the firm name of Rumming��������� liros..'.-'  hereby    dissolusd.       All   outs4-.,"1  aceounls must be paid to \V. E. '^������������������  ming, who   will continue tho lnisir  and.pay all accounts against the  of Rumming Rros.  C.  II. RUMMING,  W. E.  RUMWiNG.  Dated at Ladysmith this  28th  n  of Feb., 1906. flSfJ^fSJciw**;  jmi-.i-j-.kkaB  ���������B?"  ' *y*..~ i" ;.*���������'  g*M.*/JK'������m,'UM, rf'mwfff-^CT  THE DAILY LEDGER  First Class  4  i  f  R1QS FOR HIRE  WOOD   and   BARK  For Sale arid Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  ������..������..������..#.^..#..e..���������..o..������"������������������.^..���������..e"������������������������������������.^~������������������*���������*������������������������������������*���������������������������.������������������������������������-���������"���������"������������������"���������~������������������,������������������^������������������������������������ ������������������*������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������"���������"���������"*���������"���������"���������  IN SANTA ROSA  FIVE HUNDKED  WERE KILLED  DRILLb  GENERAL BLACKSMITH  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT  SHORT  NOTICE  SHARPENED  BY  US     ALWAYS     UlVE SATISFACTION.      ' -   PICKS HANDLED  A   Nb REPAIRED���������  ���������SHIP SMI THIN fr    IN      A. L L   ITS   B R K N C IIKs  Horseshotrs and Geii^r*?*' Ma<ksiv   ti  R. \V RIGHT r  Buller Street -    - Ladysmith, B ^  Oa.1-.land, April ]')-���������Oakland, the  latgest .suburb of San Francisco  tonight housed and fed probably 30-  000 iciugees of th" fn-e stricken cit\  acios-,     tlio      bav All  day      tho  sli.ain     of humanity     has      ponied  fi oni  the  foiiies,     evet-voiie  carrsin^  some   sort     ol hand bajjgagc or othei- armies   saved iiom  1 ho   con(!a<;i<t  tion      Thousands ol    Chinese,     men  womfii   find   ilulilivn      nil       (an-iing  luggage   (o the   limit   of    I heir siren  glh   and  fleeing   riom   their  quaitei-.,  been       one  of      ihe  San Francisco v is  iLors,     mingled       with   the      ciowds  that   ha.e   long  show   places    tor  anil  poured     into the    limited   Clnn-  fatieet depot -Man} oi thi-iu die ics  ideals oi Oakland who have u*>  ������oik to do and aie siuiplv kill.ng  time. boii'c  oi   them   aic   teiu^..-^  iiom San Cianciscu who have no  place to go and who aie sal isiieu  to stand aiound and lake pail in  scene attending the aur. a! oi  tiains This morning tins sign u*  large chaiaeleis was hung in lhc  vestibule of I he '7lh Stieet Sopthein  Pacific liajlw.u ( onmain s oihec ci  tho Puj.ei lnlcndcnt Oakland l'ui  ���������'Jo Agent-.���������at S 10 o'clock a-ni ���������  Command:, at San J-'iancisco v\cji>  rccei\ed as follows. Do not, nn-  nish passage to a soigle person  to San l'Yaneisto until lurthoi i.s  <li i s Wo cannot handl*' 1 bum  (Signed, \\     U    SCOTT, '  This iciiisal    was  inspiied 1).\       lhe  idea      ol     Keep in*;    "San     Vi am isc o  fiom   becoming     congested with  p*Xi-  ple-     Rverv   nam    nom   San     Fian  Cisco  bring hundicds  of ir,fugces cai-  ryin.*   luggage        and      h.-dding        n.  DESTRUCTION IS GENERAL  *    -X    #     ^+**1t*#H*5���������  *   *   * ' cki asional accident     theie has     been  Apul   l!>���������C    Hull} .  * -���������*->    additional  loss of life     ieported  , large  quantities     -Manv   oi   the     wo  esc*  section   ol  Oakland       Thousand* jlncil     nl0   ,jal(,,lf>11(itHl      nl1l,    ,,���������       |lf  lCM*.awl   tho     telegiaph  ofhees     and   l]lcm     show   lhc   ,.csn))    ol   sk.(>,a .^s  K.ulv this morn  so-    ncss   and fMWsiuc  i ,  ill.' i ush became   so great    that     so!  .chcrs   were stationed     at   the     doors ; in���������   repicsentalivos      of   tho  Oakland  ,lokr(.p  thoimn  lino    and allow only   General   Relief    Oommiitce   append  Oakland,  ot Uwcnshoio, hy ,  who lias |J\.on  *  "   in   Santa   Rosa   since   last   Uclo-  "  '   bei    was   the  onli   one     out     ol "  "  tho   seveial  scoic  to  c-cape from *  * the  llooi   in  which  ho  wns    quar-  * teied    in   the    St lose    Hotel      ut   '  * banla  Rosa       He i amu    to  Oak- r  * land  on      his motor c^clo      and  *  * tc lit, a Ihiiliing sloiv ol his res- '  v mo and the conditions ol alfan ���������* *"  x   in gcncial at   Santa.  Hosn        -Mr   f  * Duln- sa,\a    when   the .shock eamo '  * lie lushed foi lhe Nlnirwu,*, bin '  *���������  'he   building   was   swa>ing      ancl *  * shaking   so  that   he     could make  "  * no   headway      und   turned     bac-k ^  * [ Ici  thiew hinise!!'  in   fi-*:.t  ot   the''  * the  dies-.*?!- in  ln.s  loom  li listing  k  * to   it   to   piotect  linn    lrom     lhe  * lallnig   limbers The        diesser  ������  * held   up   the  beams   whuh   lunibl- *  * o\ei   him  and  tin-,  pruloeted him   '  * rtoi.-icwliat nom ilie falling debi ih. *  * "I    was   inipusotied   li\e Iiom s"   f  4^.+.l^.4.++4~^l.+.l. t .\.4'H-l' ���������������-I������-K>'K-l-*H������^'44'������'I-������*-fr������'t*-''y  Union Brewing Co  NANAIMO    3. C.  ilanufacturers of the  In   British Columbia '���������  Lager  Beer   and Porter     Guaranteed   Brew *  '."        'J .        -   - V  ��������� i      the B;st Canadian   /Vlalt   Run   Hops j'  .said   Af������      luillv,   "belme     Iinnllv   *  as   irinny       u, pass    ns could        r.iur0n the   streets     and o-p������ inllv nl the '*   being- icscued '      Th.ee    tini.*^    I'  .standing   room  at the counte.s   Dur- | ]Jronclv.aV   depots        One of tho     u.i    *  Lued   to   call   and       the   re^uers  ������  jing      the greater     part     of    Ihe daj (mediate     ellects     has  been   lhe   . a is     >  hoaid   me  but   could    nut   locate'  Jiheio hr.4 been     a   Huong    of    peo- ^ ,���������R   of  ,estua,nnt   ,,nccs   fiom_2.-������  to'*"  my posuion  fiom  the sound     oi  *  ble   loite.lng     aumnd   thc       Seventh   100 per cent   ��������� ' *���������  ni>   XOIU.  ail(1   ,  eould   hear them  ������  ~      '    "~ * '   *"   going away nil'1'  getting close to   '  nusiis occupied     Ivy  then   own     am- j* Jm'      ,,lllft,,-v    '  ������������l lu'"1    ol   rt *  i ..-���������, . wmm&SISfEl^Cy i ��������� ii      ���������  .. i* lath   fiom   the   i wins  and   poked *  ^^F^^mS^^^C, ts?     mak, .especially of the lame   specie'-  , ��������� .   ,.        ,        .   ,       ,,    ,   '     . ,  ^.S^^^&^^^v^x^SK S> ,, i     ,        . I 't   through   a   huh-   lell     b>      the '  -^^^-^^^.^.^BXz&nsT        It is a  a;ood  plan  Lo icserie a-, iso-   , ,  ,, , ,    , ,  , * lallmg ol   a sloam  pipe and     b> '  GLANDERS lAte" bl,lld,,,K foL 0l,li������<ie "w^s  ol|. wavinj. ��������� flml v,)hng a,    )Iu. ,  (mules,   but  wheie fins  is,   imjossiblc J* MUI1(;  tinio#  ,Innl,y' niail.lget|     ,��������� -  In   thslnrks where the ������MStencc   of   1,iey. may   LC ^cc-omlJlodaf ed m     cow,* show  the   people      whe,e   r  was   *  stables, e.ittle   nol !jchi������ siibjecL,   to   * Theie weio     alout      UOO poopl- *  ...   ... i.^rh  ,rf���������      h   ���������      ������     i .    ������Luulelb '"Action.     Such hoiscs   and   *   kl,loii     ���������,  tho destnutmn  of the  "  (in  neighjorhoods  where actual    out-  uu,ics &houl(1 ,,c wateiwl fiom special  'bieaks h iccuiteil,    ihe   adoption  pails,  ol Lhc fc        ing piceaiitions by ov.n   .sUhle   utensils    used  <,n    i.i     ahout  WARNING-  %  j jfilandi'is  is suspected,   and especially   ���������Luulei'b mlccllo;;  i*  tliice  hotels ' and   not   less  than   '  which,  together   with    othei    , r,00   m   tlu,   ulK)Io  tottn        ., hc x  eis   ot ho. .ts and others    interested, ,,ie"1> s''l0ill(l he caicfully tlensol an.l   *  (will   do much to   pic-.cnt  the spiead d'i>"������fec ted  kefoic being useil f0i    oUi-_������  ol   the disease and tlie establishment ei    ������vmi)i')-t-'-      Stalls      occupied  'of fies.li ccntics  of infection.  ousiiuss     scit ion  of  Hie    plac  hy  stiangc hci'ses oi    in.iks should     be  CUBAN CIGftRFACfORY  DAY  SCHOOL  Usual  subjects  taught;  also ^l*������  1. Hoiscs oi mules hJAing, a   nasal wcl1 c,ea'"s*1'  *nd  disinfected,  an.l if,  J discharge oi   other suspicious   synip- at ll11 Possible,    lell unoccupied     for   ���������  ' loins,  should not  be admitted  to In- some Ume-  eis   oi   feed  stables  or  yaids,  black-      b" Whcle  ncw   ht>l^&  oi mules    aic  s.mth shops, chutch oi  school   sheds, l������������iUucsed  in ox   liotn distncLs wheip  MannfaCtUrers 6f the FaiBOUS Sua8e������    drawing  in'pencil 'and cr&y  CUfJAN   liLOiS'Jn jOiis,  paint ng-in  oils-and-water col jj.il way stock yards,   pmate stables Klani"]e's  cmsLs,  they should,     unless *  None bu   Union Labor    Km'ployed"ots- P^oforte and vocal lessons giv- (>, olhei place, ulwrc  they aie likn-ly W"'rully tested with aiallein pi.oi to .  nV**n"������n,  en In classes or individually.        ' to conic mlo duect or indneel con- I"t,|iasc.  1/* stabled apait and clcse- + scrcaim  n  .1.  BOOTH, Prop  LAOVSMITH  BAKEKY  choice   cakes   and pastry  always' fresh on hand  Wedding    Uakc*   Hade   to  Older  FRUiTS   AND    CAND1KS OF ALL  KINDS.    ������{fiSn   lillEAU EV-"  ERY   DAY  Prices    are     Very  Reasonable.      All  Customeis are Treated Alike.  o     HOP  LEE A CO.  ON THE   SSPLANJLDE.  II R. S!iP30l  Solicitor,  E4t  l^oney  to   loon  1st. Ave,.u? UDYSVI H  EXCELLENT  Train Service  Si  BETWEEN  9  mmm, QUEeE@,  MISS,BERTRAM,  ladysmith, B   U._ -\*  V. Sli ! .    -    "  GENERAL LXPkESS AN  DELIVER!  WORK, PROMPTLY   r>*  ���������" fJcave orders at the Abhotsford.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, aud at rea.se/  abie rates      -,  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  taU   with  animals of  the equine spe- , l>'   matched for sonic time befoie bc-  bioiiRht  in contact   with     othei  cirs.  nn  ���������I   All stables, jaids or sheds u?ed |ailimals of  *hc equine species.,  for   the accommodation  of hoiscs   oi '   7' u  ni,l-st   lw;  bo,,,c  '������   ������11ik1   lh'lt  collapsi-d almost in fi\c minutes *  'I hen tin; Inf siartt'd ancl bmn- *  I'd 'JOth Stir*(t fiom cue end to '  the other, staitina. at ench end  .and mooting in the middle, thus '  sweeping over Hi*"1 niir.-j and f  hiii'tiing the imprisoned people *  I ^a\\ two aims protruding A  iiom one pint of thc debris and '  w.cving haul ically. There was *  oise, lio\\*-'\cr, that the *  could  not    bo    heard    *  * .Ju<-t   thr>n     as 1       looked       thc  * flames  swept     o\er  them        and *  I* cruelly   finished    the    work     begun by the earthquake   The sight *  inteiKH shonltl    Le well    gone    o\'Ci  jvith hot steam,    or  boiling    watci  'adding, to  the lattei    at   least    one  disease e\isLs  in manv animals with- ' J-L,,0oral>h'  out,  f<ir  the    time  bein������,  any extei-   t-0i"-ocl    ,he  sihlo ,\o*-t(-i tla\. People ha\e lt'icl  lime to K'a\(! tne buinmg dit>tncts,  though most oi them have tost all  tni'ii   belongings  -S.iii Fran'isi o,      Apul    19���������Thous-  iiiid-)   upon       til on san ds    ot       peoy.u  aiu Ik'uing   fiom  the tne today  Thoj  arc  ilocUiii*;    to ih������    let lies,     to  tho  I^.Us,    to   the   niihtaiy  icservations  and   to lhc  huhiiibs      HesidenLs      oi  lhe     Hillside     and the ccntial     po.-  tion   of the  ciu,}   sccuuiigly  weie sate  ii inn  Die     loaiing   fuinaee that \\<s.s  cnusuiniu^* the business section   TIk'^  MjKhcd   the   loweimg    (oluuinb       oi  fl.iiucs  anil spciiilatcd    as   to the ev-  tial   ol      the  tonitoiy    which      was  doomed      Suddenly   theie was a win-,  pi'icd  alaim   up   and   down  the   lonir  Inn"   01   watiinug   people     and      tho\  hiuiii-d   away     io  di ag supplies, cto-  lliiug.    cookiui>   iitt.n~.iK   and     scant  pi o\ isioiis. I hi oiigh Ihestieet      Fron.  fliniil   Amiiiii    th*1  proiO'Sion   moved  wesiwaid      jMen   and  women    cliag^  cm I   trunks,  pa, ked   huge   bundles     oi  lilanl ets,    hott-i   of  piovisions���������evei >  thing      Wagons copld   not   be     hired  e\fcpt    by pa.\nig tlie   most   extortion  an*   intc.      Jtut    theie   is  no       pani..  Phf pcojile aic ralm   stunned      Thej  seeni not   to ien.li/e'the extent of tlie  calamily  'I he,\ lic.ir that the city is desti oy  ed in so imi ns the business plants  .iu' eoiicei tied, I hey tell each othei'  iu (lie most natural tone that thei*1  '.������������������.sideni'ts wetu destioyed by fiie,  l>ut theie is no h^stona, no jrutciu  no (iiliusni- Mayor Schmit/. a/id  Dlinl of I'olicu Iiina.ii have been foi  ���������.cd hoin pinto to place by the uii-  n.shin^   /lames. Haihiealc      lountl  I hem dneetnig the municipal council  whuh is ,i loinnii! tt'c of^satoty iiou1  lhe Kan moid Hotel, lhe beautnul  structuic that stoorl on the top oi  Nob Hill Ihi) that caught hie an.l  ihe.\   i cti cited       lo   the curbing      y-  fc****.************!-  <       S.Mi Fran*, isco,   Apul   19���������Maj-"  * bchmitz   this     afternoon    issued *  * the   following   proclamation ������  * Thc-    Federal   troops,  the mem- "  * boib of the     regular police force  *  ���������* and    all     special   police   ollicois *  * have been  authorized to, kill any *  * and ell persons found engaged in  *  * looting-,   oi   in  the commission  of *  " any othei   ci nne.      I have      dir- *  * ected   all  the  gas     and   electric *  * lighting   Companies  not   to   turn   -  * on cas   OI" electucity  until T  or- *~  * dcr  them    to    do   '-o     You  may  *  * therefore expect the city to     re- *  * main     m     darkness  for  an     m- *  * definite  time.     J  request all cit-  * m-ns  to   icmain    at home   from *  * darkness   until   daylight       eveiy  "  * m-jhi   until order is- restored      i *  * want   to war/C-all citi/ens of the *  ������  ciang'cr of  fire     from damaged or *  * des-troje-d    chirnnojs,   broken     or *  * leaking gas pipe,  or electric wire- *  * or  any  liVe  cause  *#***������*������   ������������*#������������������������   **  Beikley,     April     19���������Extraordinary  tchei   work   lor   thc   benefit    oi     the  vast population     which was rendc-ied  homeless' by the San Francisco caith  quake  is  being      achieved by      local  eiti/ens'  committee lieaded    by    Rev  T      L     l'aisons,      pastor    oi      tit  iiaik's  Kiiiscopal    church    The woik  ���������I  pioviding meals and sleeping     accommodations      for  thc    large  numbers    pouring    into Berivley.W cveiy  train    uom   'Fusco     is being  joined *  in    by  the     L'mversity and     towns'  people   *like.     Piesident Wheeler haa  tin own     open     the  grounds     of  thc  L'niveisity   ol   California     to    weari  refugees     lrom    the     burning      ciiy  across  the bay      ancl the     chinches  ha e  undei taken v thc task     of   supplying  great cruantities of food  yAil  the'palish  houses    ot the   "Episcopal  chutches     ol   the  citv     have  been  gisen     ovei   to   thc     use  of the  needy  and   many   charitable    eiti/ons  iii kin   und    Sutlci .Streets,   then    i o I are giving   their extia home accommodations   to   those   who   come     lrom  tho end pulicu station m Saeiamen-  to stiect Jlt'ic ihe council, coni-  po'-cd of the fniaiiciaJMlendeis of < ho  uit\, met tin.-, moiiung and ~de< ubd  lo icsort lo ihe most heioic meas-  uies .\ul undei taken since the city  has been in the path of devastation  I his doc I*-ion was to bombard the  ci'tne section   oi   the    city  lying     a-  across     the Kay.     A special   request  has-been  sent   to the   women of Berkley   to      baVe   all the   bread      thej  possibly  car. as there     is   a d'stres-s  ing bread famine  Los Angeles,    April 19���������Thc Cham-  oer   ol   Uonuiioice     Couiuuttce lor i*>  lojig the east side ol Van Xe.ss .^"-e- iiot of San TYancisco announce-, tha*.  nue nom C.ilden Cute Avenue to [jcontt Uiuuons i.to the " lund ha\c p.ic--  "acifii   aven.ie,       L'i   blocks   in       O.V.   sejs   the      !?100,000   maik.      Jn       le-  coiilainiUL  the homes   ol ninny mil  live gallons,  after  winch  the     enlue  sin face .should be  thickly coated with  occult or latent   c.iscs, aie   m some  Gatacre St.  Ladysmith  J.PIEHCY&GO,  Manufacturers Of ���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  ol saving lhc balance oi  the city The loliow 1114 is tlio d.;  tnct noith 01 Market Stieet now  de\aslated Snn&onie 1o ilaiket  Stieet to i^a.lairento. to YUnhan  to Cfhh. to LarVm, to Goug.i  'and lo Afaikel On tho south  side of Marl et "treet the fuc extends    to    1 lib   Street    and       below  And tlie Prlnclnii Bubluoes Coutern of  Ontario, Quebec, and the]  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK ARD  ,   PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS. |  For Time Tables, etc., adclross  ceo. w. vaux,  Assistant Gon'l Passenger imd Ticket Ajsent; j  13S ADAMS St., CHICAGO, ILL.  OPSN  AT IU   hoi;rs  . Ladysmith 'I'empie No. 5   V  Sisters meets at the Oildfellow  2nd   and   <lt.h   Tuesday, .at   .-..,-'  Mr*-    Kate Tate secretary.  HiLBER T  WHOLESALE DRY 6C0D  ViGTOBI^ B;C  'TEN'l.ffiK'a.'  UNITED.  ANCIENT      ORDt'lt   UY  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove  No.  d  U.   A. 0.   1  Meets   in the  I' 0   0 .F.  Hail, -iii.  uyswitli,    the   Second   and      fourti 1  u'ednesdays of each  month,  comtnei'  ir,g 'Wednesday.  13th.. 1905.  Vis-ttinir Druids, are tp.vtted to n  tend. r v.,' ; " ���������  By Order.  WM   RAFTER, Hccr Sec'tv  PATRICK iniPK. N.   A  HAY, GRAIN and  FARMjPRODIJlif  Orders will be delivered anywherf  In the city promptly and at the lowest possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, nn rt������  E������oUn*'*i������.  -!a^es WarnociV  TENDERS addressed to '-.the u.nder-  jsi^ned-at' Ol'iawa and "inarLO.1 c.u the  envelope ">TciKler for the consLruction  of a llydro'������raphic Steel Twin titea-  iner," V \viih'/i>is rc'cci.ed up to tlie  hlUST DAT L)F MAi i\i\;aT, fur  the eonsU-ucL.ou of a .Steel Twin  {screw Kt.. inner for the, Hyclrograpluc  Service  in llritish 'Columbia waters,  Speeihcations, plans and forms, of  teiwler can l>e seen at . the ..0;.1'neo of  the Agent of the Department of Marine ami_ Fisheries at Victoria, 13.Q.,  at the 'Cusloni; House at yancouver,  B.C. :mid at- the department here..  Each tender must he accompanied  by an accepted hank cheque e^ual to  10 per cent, of the whole amount of  the tender,    wJiich  will he'... forfeited  if (he parson' said ing .'A.ha ���������'���������-��������� accepted  tender deciinrs to enter into a contract wit'h the department. Clieq.'jjues  aceonniiaiiyiiiK tenders which are not  acce|iteil will le. retnmod immediately latter a deeisicni has-been arrived |  at.  Newspapers  copying this   advertisement without authority from the   de-   a  paithient will not V,e paid.  .;;     ,, F,  GOURDEAU,  D?iuity Ministir of Marinr. and  Fisheries.  Dppnrttneut. of Marine and  Fisheries.  ���������Ottawa, 28th March, 1906.  inpany     at   t> p  tollow ing  mc%nye from  11.1l  manifestation   whatoTcr,  the onlv | ������aklantl     ' Fl,e   Chiet Marshall,    ci  qi.aLt o, ermlc carhalic acid  to each   "'^ ������ **���������������*���������"* "' ^������   <"'���������������   ^ ' f"  Fr^^������  'uhise,   that       mo.c  1.1K  the Mallem  test,  and   that these ' tlian     u*������  l1i������'i������-    fjt 1!u'   al0a      c"  1 the   <Ui   of   San l^i nnciseo     has been  ,    ,       ,   . , ,     ,    , , , ldostio\ed       and  theie   is     no       nos-  a hot solution of firsh  Ume    wash, respects thc most danacious   because '       , ,  ���������     , > .    > ,   , . Sllllllt\  to  winch    ciude catholic    acid has unsuspected.     Om   e.\prneiicc   shows  been   added    111   the ahce mentioned   that it  is     possible foi  nnnnals     of  piopoition. this     class   to coiney   infection     to  Out'.Hiildinns,    fences      and      t\ ing  others  without  Lheuisel-.es developing '  ,posts   with  which   infectod     animals  acntj     symi turns.       It    is tluieioie  jhnve  been  m    contact   should     also,   plain   that  great caution sliotilu     be  'when possible,  1-e   thoiotiglily  trealol  e\eicised   on   the   purchase 01   hand-  in a  similar manner. ling of stianj,e hoiscs ot   mules,   es-  I    All  oidin.uy    harness    and    stable  pceiallv in tnosc iiisUicls wliue    thc  [utensils which  ha������c been 'in   contact   disease has become established .tho  Mouihein raciflc    ^'^kc5   to   ih'  with liiftcted cintmals 01   infected 1 ic-     S. The   carcasses    ot animals nl", ing,   tioi.ndaij  mises,  should    le  thoroughly  soaked   lioiu or slaughtered as ucing ahectcd ' ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ���������������������������  jm a  hot,   solution of ciude    carbolic   with  Cllandeis should,  when   possible!    San  TTtanci-.co.  Apul  10���������1 pm-  j acid  oT a stLengtli    of  one part     lo   uc biiiiud, or  failing this, ln.iied   at j j ll0 co,m,Mucc on sanity   ionc������i^tiiia  jtucnty. ^  icist si-c  tpet  beneath the & in face Ql    -D  plommuit citizens  mot    witi,  !   Matenals   which   might    bo  mjuied'     y. Owneis of picmises  wheie    out-  ^lavoi    Schmit/    ihis moining     ."-nil  by  tlio above tie^tment, such as \al-   InoaKs have been dealt  with    should   ol ,"anjye,j  a fmancc committiv    com  liable luuncss, lole-,, cushions,    ct-c ,   bcai  in mind   that  Inspects s .-an.ot   1JO"c,d  ot   .)amPS   \y   phulan,   F     \N  winch have  been  in contact with  in-   lccommend    leleasc    uom qiiaiantine  fccLion, should   he  nhicocl in an    an-   unlcsj.  disinfection has been    c.utiod  tight  100m  and   fumigated with Foi-   out  in  a salistac U r;     iiidiuicr,    and  nialdehytk',   after   which   they' should   that-compensation for animals slaiigh  be -thoroughly cleaned.     , :- teretl cannot  be paid unless a ' certi-  i.    '1. Stables   where  . outLrea-1-.'s'..'have-'ficate of clensing and disinfection has  occiirre;!   or .where  diseased    animals   been .received b>' the Minister of   Ag-  have, inadnc.rtoiitly.or  other wise been .rictiltiirc:  stablC'tl, even temporarily, the clens-; Hh Horse owners should have no  iu'g and disinfection should be cspo- hesitation i" importing to this De-  cially thorough, and in such cases it partment or to its insfccturs the ex-  is' safest, to remove and burn feed istence of actual of suspected cases  boxes and mangers when of wood; of,glanders. 'The disease has been  iron  articles can     be rendered harm-  spreading  rapi'Hy   of  laic years,   and  l';.'ss by passing theni tlirpugh fire, it. is a liuilter' of public interest western addition, and in the muv-  or by immersing tli'cni for" some lime that every fresh centre of infection ��������� .sion by , tomorrow. Committees  boiling-    water.     All litter  from   should   be  discovered   and   dealt,  with   were appointed   to take   charge      o;  lhc relief of -the-destitute and il"  work has already begun and asisuin-  od   some system.  CI olden Gate Fark will be the  main refuge and supplies will Ih;  sent there. Boats are being- provided to take people across th'--  bay and;. thousands are availing  themselves of the privileges. Thc  University of California at. Berkley has volunteered to lake care  of 2.000. Mayor Schmit'/. has np-  point/rct his committee of 50 <-it-  P"ons special olncers with fuU  pewver to represeut him and with  power to .requisition men. stupplics,  vehicles and bonis for puHlic use.  Ftdess supplies are rushed in and  arrnniretr&nts    -made    for  their     dis-  lionaire.-j   and apurtiucnt   houses  bjioii.se  to     Go1* emoi    i'aideu's      m  gent   appeal   lov  food     for  the  iam-  action   and  hairels    oi  gun     powder  the onl.v    remaining explosive   in   the  llell'i'an,    Oluus   Sprockles,      .1 V>  Powne^     Harvey,     \\     Magee,     Win  ivabcook.    \V     F   Herrin      M    II     f/e  . \ oung and Robert J. Brown. 'After  the meeting had organized Clans  S[.reckels     gave    S25.000,      Kudoloh  ' Spreckcls, ������10,000; 1-Iarry Tevis,  .? 10,000: Kleanor Marl in, ������5,000;  .1 T. "Flood, ������5,000; with a prom  iso  o'"   more.  Mayor    Schniitz     announced   that  the   water company    promised a -sup  ply   of   water this ni'te.rnoon    in     tne  western   addition     and  ill.  suspected animals  should be   binned,   as promptly  ns possible.  or carefully fenced until  used. i J.'o. RUTHKRI-'ORI),  5. Farmers      and   others     should,' . Ycierin.iry  Diicdor t!cnei"al  wlieuescr    possible,    avoid admitting; TJepertmeiit of  Agriculture,  slrangc horses' or mules to   the   pre-   Ottawa, March,  HKlfi.  siSS"SE^3'3a'*3EKS3*"a^  ublic  Notice !;  Attention Is called to the   tact that tb*  Ogilvie Flour mils  Co ,  The milltaiy was   notified ol     this   )briin���������  ln  sail Fianc-isco   a ttain-    01  seventeen cats was sent noi th ai  1 p m laclcn with provisions, mr.sl  cit>. weie taken lrom the 1'iesido, 'jy cooked The county ol l.os  l-'ort Dowcll and other neai by posts ' .\nyeles has donated ?l2u,t-00 II L  Hundreds of police, iOgiiiient& 01 sol | Huntington, and 11 0 Crtlis, hea.d  diei-. ami si-oics of vohmteeis weiejthe ]ist wll,h ������10,000 eaili ai. 1  s.nt to Ihe doomed district lo warn'among tlle contributois aic ' Batt.  the     people    lo   flee    They   stoicalli I       ..   iNclsollj   and Managei       .N'otan,  lespoiii'i'd     to the-   demands     of     the'      e  tho'isand  dollais      A   boat  loail  law   and   \������Lnt      biavcli      on       then   ol-  pro\iSlonq      also   goes north    .0  way  nudging   painfully     over        "-"night   by vessel  pavements       wiiu  thc     little      the;, '  iciiild ^et together       lCvery  available  v agon   was   laken  hy   the     mditcu-j  to   can.v   powder      General   Funston  is    co operating      with     Mayor   Sen  nut/.     whose  oidei.s   'to  all     officer-,  aie   to kill   without warning all male  factors      When  men  have been needed   to  "-any     out   the  plans   of  resale    lIvcn  ha-e  Imjou pressed into sei-  vtce      Jn   < nlv   a  few   eases   was       it  ULcssa'v     to   resoit   to   the     cocked  ,1'������1 night by vessel nom San Vedi*.  The .seventh teg-iment went to ih^  station early this evening prepai a-  toiy     to  then   jovuney  San Jose, Cal., April 19- The  latest reports her today show that  10 people were killed 111 thc earthquake. The Hall of Recoids 1*  wivcued as well as tho hall of .Justice. All ihe mini buildings are  bfidl.v  damaged  Seattle, April 10���������Seattle wnl  &uh=cnbc     $100,000     through its  ,t  lev .>u,m     and the chaw 11    -sword, ai-   chnmbci.   of   Commerce and has ask-  Lci    uln h   thc.o   was    no    hesitaiicj     e(,   Pr,,sid0nt  11ul   of   t1ic  Grpat  Km  the   Piesido  icservation,      the     vast.   th(?rn  1{allvnv     to   ^nd   thc oq.OOO  llichmund diatuct. oi thousands. 01  acres. Gold Gate I'ark and the  surrounding- hills resemble one vast  picnic ground. Tents and coverings  have been erected everywhere. Then*  i.s only one. danger and that is that  the food supply Will run out.-.-j;-10very  grocery establishment in"'San Francisco has been taken by the.authorities, and each family is being "sold  only  one   article    at   the    time  ton liner Minnesota ; now here, t;.i  San Francisco with provisions ''and  bring  ' back sulTerers.  ������  Limited  makers  of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     hare for some jAmt  past beer, producing flour In a   vastly  improved  and  pari"   "   ,r"m  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured  control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dTising  the  public  that   uny  orized users ot the electrical   (lout purifying processes  win  ''���������<* pro-  opcuted-  Ogilvie "Floar Mills CoTup-xay *ti������iuitorl  saro t*b.a    only    laillevs in (3aa*dla  wlioga   Fltmr  sxj,i^i^i9^^y t"h.a Electric Pi.*c5C3ag  , tributiohv" .trouble is  feared    within a  few   days.     Kve'n hien   of wealth c;w: i ence.    may he prevented.    It has beer.  ��������� not.   obtain  food, with   all  their mon-��������� necessary     repraiedly    to   move    the  ��������� ey.  ' RHEUMATISM MAKES Hi E  . MISERABLE./  A happy home is tlie most valuable session that is within the reach  of mgnkind, but you cannot cn^oy  In its comforts if you arc sulTcriuig, from  manv places the police and mill- rheumatism.. You throw- aside b**si.  tarv prohibit overcharging-. General "������ss cares when you enter your home  Fnnston announced this morning 8t������I; you can be relieved from those  that rations wouM soon reach rhcmni-.fsm pains also by applying;  the city owl then the people vvi  be  supplied     lrom tho V������resido.  Hakeries have been built within  the reservation and the bread supply  then'orc .has not failed completely.  The government also lias begun io  aid in transporting the people, out  id the city of Oakland. Berkley aiul  Almeda. 'Vug' boats aud steamers  arc beine; pressed into service for  this purpose and there is a vnnl  army on   the  way  to   the  ferries.  There is scarcely any water to relieve the thirst of the sufferers. The  heat is threatening danger, for the  dead in many instances arc lying' in  the streets and ruins. The authorities are doing all in their power to  remove  bodies   in   order  that    pe's'.il-  u*   Chami!.erl:tin's Pain  Balm. :   One   application will give you  relief and its  ' continual   use for  a short time will  bring a'.o'.il   a permanent-cure.     For  sale by  I.advsmith Pharmacy.  | -_ 0 -_���������  | Dr. Dier can lie louhd at any tiim  at his oflice on Gatacre st. Mis dental work is guaranteed to be first-  class and rates  reasonable at   o-   DlST!N(Uil,SIl!.-:i>.  "Why is Hi ram Kyi-top going  around all ptifipd up'.'" asked the  postnuwter at. Bacon llidge.  "Why, ht"j;osh'. he things he looks  just li'. e a e-niigrcssiiiiin or a stna-  lor,"  replied . the  r-;;ral   mail carrier.  "And what put H>:it into your  head?"  "Why, he appl ed to the railroad  for a pass an'   they  refused him,  he-  San Francisco, April 1.0���������G-civorals  j |Funston- and Sunnier in command  of thc general troops arc rendering  i, great service. Refugees that go to  the Presido aro being tafcen care of  but. tlv> number tliat can be accomodated   is  limited.      Except    for       an  irehired   from     places     where       they   ;0sh."���������Chicago   News.  had   sought   refuge,    for the fire kept  o   increasing with alarming rapidity, j After stitching down a seam press  Water is the incessant cry of -lv with a hot .iron and if no scam  firemen and the people, one wants hoard is at hand it is useful to  it to fight, the fire, the other to.|<now tMat'a rolling-pin wrapped in  drink. But there is only a scant ! a clean cloth will answer, thc purposo  drinking   supply. equally well, ��������� *.j^J������dcJ..-������Ivi "���������"-*���������'*���������>���������"  mm  ���������/f^3C~.  ^J^'30-^^  THE DAIL, ' LEDGER   FOR SALE  Twelve: head   of   cows!" and Milk  route!    Appfy'P.^O. Bo  x 59.  Quality  Seldom Equalled ���������  Never^    I ?<������ lie"  Smrlh. rotos.  Ladysmith, B. C.  That's All!  Call  an J Get g Acquainted g|  Local Items  Smoke Big B. Cigars  1  Mr. Joseph Shepherd drove up from  Nanaimo today in his private carriage.  Mr.  II.   Bates    returned  fiom a visit to   Victoria.  this noon  Dr. F. S. Reynolds spent the forenoon in Ladysmith on business.  Tomorrow night the regular meeting -of the School Trustees will be  lield.    ���������  DELIVERY OF PAPERS  The letter which appears below,  was received at The Ledger olbce  last evening, signed by one of our  subscribers. A communication of  this kind is gratefully received at  this olbce, as it enables us to keep a  check 0n our delivery boys, and in  future if any subscriber has a complaint to make, we would appreciate  same being made direct to the oflice,  as in that case the matter can be  inodicd. W-3 have established a rule  that any regular delivery boy seen  allowing "helpers" to deliver his pa-J^  peas will be dismissed, but in sp'it-"  of this, the boys will, especially on  the hill, give some of their papers  to O'lher boys to deliver. Unless j.  complaint is laid at the office, or to  some one connected with thc stab,  we have no weay of knowinb when  a paper is not regularly delivered as  every l.oy lea es the oflice with, his  full number. While none of then)  are bad boys, they are at times care  less, and like otheis, need a Iitt 1- ���������  watching. The letter referred to is  as follows:  Ladysmith, B.C., April  10,  PlOti.  Kili I or Ledger-  Sir,���������These few Jines arc to lei you  now wc are not getting  0111     paper  regu'ai.     I  have spoken   to  the   lo  about it,  hut.it doesn't do any good.  'I here is a   different hoy every time  we e,ct a  paper, and 1   don't, supposi  the boy that should bring it    know,  il we evtr get  a paper or not.  EARTHQUAKE OF ISI'8  BV   1).   W.   HIGGINS  (Continued from Pago One.)  Mr. W. R. Weinrole returned from  a' brief visit to Vancouver today.  ^On Saturday e'ening the adjourned  meeting of the license comnvissioneis  -will take place at the city hall.  ' Try a Province Cigar.  Mr. B. Forcimmer is confined to  the house today with aslight attack  of rheumatism. *  To-day, and    until Monday,     April  23rd, "I will continue to make   cabinet photos at  $2 per    doz.       Stam;  Photos      25c.       Schcnck,  the photo  grapher, .Campbell's Coiner.  7 I  Sirioke Big Ii. Cigars  and  .   ' Tonight at the   Opera 1 louse,   the  Conversazione under the auspices    of  '   ��������� th-3-Yo ing Ladies'  Ckuld ofthcPr^s-  ���������"'' byiterian Chinch, takes   ..place.     'IIn.  members  of the  Guild have been   at  -, ' - ���������considerable  trouble in  preparing the  y:1'''programme for the.evening,  and have  ^'^ no  hesitation  in  promising  ancn;.r-  '.'', -able - time, to the se attending.  Thc father and mother of Mr. Geo.  "ITanny,  former residents of this city,  are at present    living  in  Vancouver  They had, until a  few days ago been  -res dins'  at  12-18 Market street,  San  Francisco,  and  had  they  not  leit al  the  time  they   did,  they   would  pro  bably have been in the worst s>ctii>v  ' *"     of the calamity.  CITY BAND CONCERT.  Thc following is fhe programme of  thc second o;en-air conceit to be  given by the City Band on Market  Square on Sat.irday next, the 21st  . iust., starting at (I p.m., weather permitting:  J. March���������"Black  Dyke,"    Jubh  2. Overture���������"Srhauspiel," .. .. Bac\  .'I. Mel ley���������"Gems of Erin," Round  4. Serenade���������"Dream  of   the  Muses,"  Blegcr  :"������. Walt/.���������"(Say Paris."       1>rns  C. Schotlische���������'."C]os:<  \ o"r    D'eimy  Ryes,"     .Lliisnn  -   7. Selection��������� "Southern   Melodies,"  ......   V'ii'-' ie Pcyer  8. March���������"Natirn- 1"    Pound  Trv a Province C'i-ar.  ENTERTAINMENT.  The following is the programme to  he 1 cindered at the Conversazione under the auspices of the Young Ladies' Guild, of the Presbyterian Church  tn Friday, Apiil 20th.  IM.nn Solo���������Miss Maggie McKiniiOn  Recitation���������Miss M. Leisk.  Seng  (comic)���������Mr.  Ilalliday.  Piano  Duet���������Miss    McKinnell  Miss Wilson.  Recitation���������Miss  M.  Nimmo.  Sing, selected���������Miss Martell.  Recitation..."Miss  R.  Crossr.n.  Instrumental Duct ��������� The Misses  Fl i nter.  Si ng���������Miss E. Clay.  Duct. -TIk Misses Jones.  Siiia, selected���������Miss Boyle.  Si ng' ..selected���������Mass Mai tell.  Tea  and,   Ca'.e served    free  Cr. am 10 cents, ,  lec  Try MINARIVS  LINIMENT.  CAUGHT COr,1) WHILE HUNTING  A BURGLAR.  Mr. Wm. Thos. Lnii'iivaii, provincial Constable .11. Chaldean, Ontario.  says: "I caught a severe cold while  ���������luritiii'j; a burelar in the forest  .swamp last fall. Hearing of Chnin-  bcrla;ii's Cou;h I'e.mcdy, I tried it,  and ���������ifler usiii;; two small bottles, 1  was completely cured." This remedy  is intended t specially for coughs nii.l  colds. it will loosni ,,nd ivlievc a  severe cold in loss time thin by tiny  other treat n,cut. an I is a favo.Me  wherever its superior excellence htis  become -known. For sale by  smith Pharmacv.  ��������� To whom if may concern:  to certify that- I have used MIN-  ,ARD'S UIN'IMENT myself as well a.s  ''prescribed it in my practice where a  liniment was required and have never  failed  to get .the desired effect.  C.  A.  KING, M.D..  AT THE ABBOTSFORD.  \V.  W.   Armstrcng,  Toronto.  S. Baxter,   Victoria.  !���������>.  McMillan. Vancouver.  G.  B.  Lowry,  Victoria.  LIGHTS  AND  SIDE  LIGHTS  "Are vou going away this summer  "I don't know. We will either  e;o away or else stay at home and  ta1 c  ice."���������Pittsburg. Gazette.  Actrets���������Somelody's been to my  ioo'h and stolen all my jewels.  Hotel' Cleric���������Ah, th:n, I'll let th ���������  rei orters hnow at once���������Ally Slope's  Half-Holiday.  A young lady went into a well-  l-nown establishment a few dajs ago-  and said to the. floor wall ei, "Do  you  keep stationery?"  "Vo, miss," replied lhe m;ui "If 1  did I should lose nw joh."��������� 3Ie.ul-  light. ,  lie���������Ik it (rue that Miss Plutocrat  has money, but she is tcnibly exact ng. If young De Rro! c marries  hei he'll have to give up smokjng  and drinking.  >*��������� he���������If lie 'doesn't marry her he  will have to give up eatinrr also.���������  Pic'.-Mc-Up.  "Vou advertise that there is a fine  stiejin of water on thc place, but  I d n't sec it," lemarked a stranger  vvli-i wanted  to rent a small farm.  'lb? landlord said- "Just wdi  th.it pump handle a little and you  will sec a fine stream ol water.  You don't expect to have the Niagara. Falls on the place for'5'pounds  10 shillings a month, do vou?"���������  Tit-Bits.   4.���������..   PECULIAR  AND  PERTINENT  At the rate of a pint and a half  of liquor a day, a nian drinks 38,-  850 pints during his life.  Li.st year 3585 tramps were foil at  the county home at Carlisle, Pa.,  the number of meals numbering 9,-  333."  Tlie first Japanese Congregational  ehurob in America was .organized in  San Francisco recently, largely  through the efforts of Rev. Mr. Ko-  zaki. Much is expected from the  pioneer congregation in advancing!  Christian vvcrk among the Japanese  on diir  Pacific  Coast.  A Hungarian- blacksmith recently  .���������u'y-. iscnt as a iiresen-t to the emperor of  1 Ai stria u horseshoe, a pair of ��������� pin-  ��������������������������� lce,s, a file and a > nife, all jngon-  '.iivusly nailed to a goose's egg with-  I'liis is ���������(.���������..(, the egg being broken, 'j h- em-  r.iror sent in return his photograph,  a gold medal and 30 ducats. '.:,  'flic new bridge across the Zambesi  rivitr, Africa, is among the highest in:  thc world. It is of the cantilever  style and crosses' 1he river for a'distance of (i:"0 feet at a height of-120  feet  from,    the   low   water   level     to  l'atelul uiuiiiing warn i-auyhl by  the 'falling walls and hurt or killed. The number ol' lives lost did  not exceed ihirty, but there were  many who suffered injury. Xot a  building- within the city linui-s  or along the bay, but suffered some  damage. Of course in brick und  stone buildings the injuries inflicted  were greater than in frame structures. There were no very high builct-  ihjj-s iu those days The Palace  hotel bad not thou .suggested ilsci*  to the busy brain of W. O. Ralston and its present site was occupied .by cheap wooden building.-..  Where the Chronicle, Cull and JSxair <  incr buildings now stand was :���������  waste of sand drives that extended  for miles to ft'he Glib House on the  western shoie of the peninsula and  created a piactica! desert, iu a section which at 5.150 o'clock >esioi  day morniii" was covered by magnificent ruined hopes and bright an-  tici[iation.s as well as of wrecked  homes  anil  lives.  At the Him- of which I write San'  FraiK'Nco vviiTi luuiij; built up of  handsome private and business structures, and which in three minutis  time iii she desputihes from frightened inhabitants ran be relied upon), were a  mess 01   ruins.  San   Pranci.seo   was     a     oity  of a-  bout    125,000  people.     None  of    the  gieat buildings that     now   i-bullenge  the admiration  and  wonder     of    visitors   by  theit   immense     proportions  and   magnificent   appointments       nail,  been   erected.      Had   the   town      been  larger,   the  inhabitants   more numerous  and buildings bigger,  the   losses  would     have  been      proportionately  greater.     l?ut   tbe period     of yesterday's shock  (three minutes)   was two  and   a  (piarter  minutes   long-or   than  the  shock     of     18G8,     anil  the loss  in   property values       on  the    former  occasion     which   reached    about   one  million  dollars      in    San     Francisco  and  another    million    in     adjoining  towns,   has   been   duplicated   at   least  1000 times by yesterday's     disaster.  The  eifeet of  thc    1868 earthqual.e  was  severly felt  in  other  ways thaii  in  direct property  loss.     There were  indirect   damages     and   in    real     estate values   that mounted to millions  Grips j  [  Valices  Trunks  Club Bars  Suit Cases  Telescopes  Gladstones  Grip Labels I  Shawl Stiajs       |  Trunk Straps [.  Another Big Bunch of these \  Goods placed into Stock  Our JWotlo  is  Less to Pay  a nd ,  More Service  Walters &  Akenhead  i  Won* O. Guy  REPRESENTING  TA1SANG & CO.  Merchait Tailors  of Victoria, will be in Lailvsmith on  Sunday next with samples, and will  be prepared to take orders for Ladies" and Gent's Clothing.     Will   be  foi ,<"i������.v.% leiubiiitf to remain ' ������n  other night in a, building. Man;  sold u\\ their belongings at a. sacri-  lice, Jli d fioin the <-ilj and "sUito  lor Hi 'i 1' is nolhing tluit will unsettle lhe neives oi even people  who laiu.v tluit they have no neives, so .jUulJ.v ie^ llie feeling thai  the v ui'j foujidntion of everything���������  the solid earth���������i-. giving 'way be  nectth ibem. For a lung time the  psejudvo of Ran Vronci-ico as a tnu-  niess and residential centre i-ontinu-  (d to exeit an influence ngains;  its growth. In IS'So there was a  severe shock. 'Pbo.se who felt it said  lint il was a bump, not a sha'tell, ladled live or six seconds. A fevv  buildings wore injured, hut no lives  were lost. Sinie "1SG8 there haVe  been slight tremors felt at San  Fr.mce-eo l'uhlii: confidenrc has  been long restored and the const ruction of majestic buildings ba������  g'-ono on interruptedly for many  yeais. The city has grown great  ly until tbe population Is estimated at CjuO.OOO. It is' sad to thinn  thai' in the idiort space of throe rain  uLcs the Jesuits of labors of more  than half a century, magnificent  ."-tinctures of Babel-like proportions,  that works of art by some >of the  ablest architects and artists of the  age, (he lordly habitations of million .ires and the humble cottages  of the poor, are all (mingled in a  common ruin; and that worse than  all these, there.has been a deplorable loss oi human life, the extent  of which cannot be estimated.  D. W. TIIGGIS'S.  "g*rg-.~������*rr*5j3i  OK/P  QUICKLY  KNOCKED  PUT.  "Some weel.s ago, .during the so  ere winter weather, .both my wife  and myself contracted severe colds,  which speedily developed into . the  worst hind of la giilM'- with all its  miserable symptoms,'-' sa\s Mr. .1.  S. Egleston, of Ma,ule Landing, Iowa. "Knees and joints aching, muscles sore, head slopped up, eyes and  nose runn no;, with " alternate shells  of chills and fever. We began using  Chamberlain Cough Remedy, aiding  the same with double -dose of Cham-  l.crluin's .Stomach and Li-cr Tablets, and by ils lil.er.il use soon  completely 1110c'cd o.it the. grip."  ifold by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Thousands camped  on fhe sand bills   fou���������d  at the  Alyboisfoid  Hotel.  The Imperial Pit Watch  -at���������  $1.25  Is &. Winner  We have Better ones at $2.75 , -  All Guaranteed  Call in and Get One  B. FORCIMflER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVEMJli  IflfcSl IplKS  AT  MTs 60011 Store  EASTER  BLO  ���������������������������������������������*���������*  We have a Lovely Assortment cf  Lawn, Cotton and Fancy Musln  BLOUSES Opened out.  These Blouses are Very Showy and  Just the thing for Easter  IT  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� i   ^z  No Tr. uble to Show   These Goocfs  SIM( NLE1SEM CO Ltd.  Notice  n     ; '         "        '    ' ' ' O   '     -  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  'V1ARKE r lately   run   by W. Ward, on Roberts stree  WITH A fUtJ. UNE OF FIRST CLASS MCA1S  l Pork and sausage a specialty  A Trial Solicitd  A. HOWE,  PHONE 20  LADYSniTH  I  sssassE?-'  The    'Young    Ladios'  Guild,  of   thc ' the rails,    or     about 380  feet  from  local  Presbyterian  Church  intend Kiv-  hi-.Ii    water, It consists  of  three  inj;  a   C<������nverSii7.iorie   in    the    Opera   sj a>i������  and  i.s  a':o-i(,  30  feet  wide.  Mouse on   P'ri'lay,   April  20.   A  sjilen- J  o ���������  did proarainme is being prepared. Try MINARD'S LINIMENT.  Just received another Shipment of  Patterson's   Dainty   Wafers  CAM0RIDGE        ~  OATMEAL  and.'  GRAHAM  35 cents  per tin  FOR SALE t  Eggs from Pure Bred Stock  Ai! Birds Ttap Nested  No Inferior Uyers Kept  Uanefl, Huff and While Rocks  Whi'e Wyandottes, White and Hrown  Leghoins.  $i Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  E. RTEWART,  Box 2GS Ladysmith, B.C.  .  Every Length Guaranteed  :.- ���������' -r   '   , for  Onb Year  RuiJ Stock:  Cotton, Rubber and Wire Wound  The Ladysmith Hardware Co. Ltd.  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Qlass  RcCClVCii     To^dflV  ' ���������   In  faCt    evervtl|ing  to   Beautify   thie  hT'" KAY'S  ^���������.^������������������������������������������������������^ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������^���������o  Z A Fresh Shipment of J'  ���������  t  ���������  ���������.  U/. (J. praser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST A VENUE. < \    ,   '  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  Each a Work of Art  ���������./;':";.;'���������; .;���������-'   - Save Your ../:..���������  WHITE SWi^ISflo^I5  WRAPPED  and in exchange for twenty-five, the B.C. Soap -Works will give yoif  your choice of. fifty beautiful   sullijeefcs.     Ask your Grocer for cata-  " '"'     ' " '  '   "   '    II    '  '  logue of Premiums.  I\   y^tgLCK  ������������������i.iJJi.:  .���������*>miaa&mmi  ���������  VICTORIA  saa^s^raEBSsssssssE^  PANNELL and PLASKETT     |  PI u m bi ng and Ti nsm i th i ng  DONE AT  WALL PAPER DEPOT  Reasonable Prices  J. ANDERSON  Leave orders at  Pftterson's Furn  tui'e Store, or telepJiome No 53.  Having ta'icn over the bar-room of  the above hotel,, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date estaiblishment, :  and in soliciting the '���������patronage* : of  our friends a"d the public in general,  we guarantee good treatment  to all:  R, Scott  A. Smith  Proprietors.


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