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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 19, 1906

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Array ���������^asSr  fri-  ���������m'V':  //  ^#mliVd A  C   '1o'o\  iw  ^jjsssEajnis  0<5W\  ^  <b>  "S;  %.  \^'C  R^BB  IBlliiHBHimKHBBHHBSTHBHESS  *������q7.  ������t4r;  *ifc  *n  aily Ledger  VOL.s2  THURSDAY  April  1,9, 190C  PRICE FIVE CENTS  SHIPMENT OF ORE  TO TYEE SMELTER  Mr. O. Millar Speaks of His Property in  Ketchikan and of Prospects for  Shipment This Year  Is Awaiting Results of Shipment Being  Handled by  Tyee  Smelter  To-day  COAL MAY GO  IN BULK TO NOME  Mr. J J. Sesnon States That His Co.  Will Build au Aerial Tramway  at Nome this Year  Air. 0. Millar, of Ketchikan, Alas- concentrates here now.  ta, is in-the city tctiayand will re- "if thc ore only ri.ns ten dollars  main until lie has learned the re- per ton we luve over $JL'25,Q',0 worth '  turns of his ore which arrived on blocked out and reaidy for shipment  the Capilano yesterday from the pro- at the present time, with a large  jerty which he is interested in a-t quantity in "sight. While I admit  Ketchikan. that    I  am     expecting good results-  Mr. Millar in a conversation, sta- from thc present shipment, I do not  ted' that his mine is situated about wish at present to state just what  tlues miles from Ketchikan, ami at we think it will. run. This is as  present there are employed twelve fair a test as is possible to'obtain.,  men, who are getting out ore for there being no picked ore in the lot  .shipment. 6    and if it turns out well there should  "J sent down a'out five tons last be no question as to the future of  yrar," said Mr. Millar,  "which gave   our mine.  returns of about forty dollais1 per "Our greatest difficulty so far has  ton, and if t get a satisfactory re- been to obtain boats for transporta-  sult from the ISO tons now at the.'tkn, but this, we hope, to remedy  Tyco smelter,    I   will be  in a   posi-   soon.  tion to ship at least 500. or GOO tons "The Omar property, about thirty j  to Lad/smith monthly, for ,the next miles from us, is wording steadily,  three or four mobtlis. Alter that and some of their ore was also  period, if the ore continues to-bring brought down by tlie Capilano. Roth  as good results as I anticipate, we tlie Omar and tlie Gold Stream, the  will increase the out-nut. Mr. II. mine in which I am interested, will  Trice and Ci. Tning own half of the ship all their era to the Ladysmith  properly,    while     I own the    other   smelter.  half. We arc in about 300 feet and There is a great deal of prospect-  have a vein eleven feet wide. We in������ going on in tlie country about  are operating a small mill, live Ketchikan, and while there are sev-  s tamps, but being so close to the eral properties shipping ore, outside  water's edge, it will pay ns far bet- of the Omar and "Gold Stream pro-  ter to ship ,tho ore direct, although pertics, most of it is going to Ta-  1 have about a .fifteen days' run   of coma."  Sacking, of Ccal Will Commence  day-Be Continued Steadly-First  Shipment North in June  To  NXiOOS ABOUT  RELATIVES IN  "Many residents of Ladysmith who  have relatives in San Francisco and  \icinity'arc spending anxious moments at present, as it is impossible  to eomnviiicate  with   them     ow-  all  available telegraph  wires.  Mr. \V. E. "Morrison, who has  brothers,  OaHand,  two  one at Fcrl.udy and one at  and  who  are frequently    in  ihe    Tcrj.3  Vi'en arrived  in     port     At present tho   reason  for sacking  this  morning and will take on about all coal  is    the difficulty expcriciiqcd i ing  to  the   tremendous  rush  on  1800  tons    oi    coal before     leaving,   in unloading at Nome.     It is impos-  'lhiS    forenoon    she  was discharging  sible .to  build  a  wharf   that    would  s.-ae. s at   ' thc    whorl, which will be  last- .any   length  of  U'n.e.     \Viith   the  filled  as fast as possible    in     order   tram svstem, however,  it is'the   into    be in    readiness      for   shipment^ tent ion to have ������cows anchored near  ncrth.     It is expected 1hat the lirst  the vessels earning coal.     In     each  shipment  will *.c sent about the first  .scow   will  tie  five  boxes   which    will  ot .tunc.       Sacking    wil1 ,;e   started  be detachable.     When a box  is lcad-  al, oi.ee and will be continued as e;t it will be hoistul onto lhe tramway and transported In shore, where  it,  will,   it  will    probably    moan     a  If  this'    ttaniway goes ahead,  oirl '  there   s  no reasrn to doubt but that I Mrs,   Cane's son was a resident  PLEASANT EVENING  WITH THE EAGLES  Last Evening's Anniversary Celebration  Proved a Most Enjoyable  Affair  Mr. B. Forcimmer Recipiant of Hand*  some Watch Charms-Many  Fines Imposed        \  The Ladv smith Aciie of Eagles, it necessary on the occasion referred  celebrated their second anniversary to to leave the island for .a, lbw  last ceiling in their aerie rooms, rt������lys, and it was therefore impossi-  aiul the guests present ask for noth-  hie for him to attend the gathering.  an  invi-j'r-iie president,  while admitting   that  the  case   was  somewhat  complicated  iny   better  than  to   receive  tation     to    the     anniversaries  to  come.     Everything was arrangad   to  Frisco on business,  sent  a wire   as .induce  comfort,  sociability and gootl-  as  he    heard  of tbe calastro-  bu<   as  yet he lias  h id   no    rc-  long as sacks are available. About  2t)i) tons a day can be 1 andlcd, . by  snekers.  , Mr. .1. J. Sesnon, (if the . J. J.  Scmioii', Co., Nome, which ..handles all  si. on  piie,  ply.  Mrs. Cane, who li'cs above First  A'C:iue, is \ery f.n\ious to hear  from her children, a son and daughter,  who reside in the wrecked city.  oi  it will, t will l ro'ablyi mean a St. Dome nick's Monastery, which,  the coal shipped to that point -from largely increased shipment of coal'according to reports obtained, was  Lndysmil'i, was iu the city recently north this year, an if eciis-Jouently wrecked. A������ yet. the anxiois mo-  and slat d that it' was h's intention more work in ,the local mines. ; tlicr has received no news,  to build an aerial I ram way at Noma The Telli:s which arrived in 'port' Miss N. Eastern is also among the  th's year in order that conl might yesterday, i.s Inking o'l four tho-is- anxious ours, as her mother, broke shipted  in   bulk from    this . port I'Jid   tons    of coal    for.  the     'Frisco , the'r  and  s^ep-fatlier  live  in    'Frisco,  North.  "Market.  I but wlr.'ther 0r not they were in   toe  FRENCHMAN  DEFEATS  SCHAEFER, THE WIZARD  - New York, April 18.���������Louis Cure,  of-Paris, defeated Jacob Sch������cfer, of  Chicago, in the thirteenth game of  the world's 18-2 championship tournament tonight by a score of 510  to 380. This result, attained in the'  twenty-fourth inning, was somewhat of a surprise.  Cure has shown some of his expert-  ness  in earlier games, but he excel 1-  UL'RNED TO DEATH "  I IN  HIS LONELY CABIN  Vancouver, April l!)._-r Probably  through the overturning"''of a rickety  st v e in & little cabin occupied by  Percy W. Johnston at Central P������rk  some time during the -night, the  building took fire, with the result  that Johnston met a fearful deafc'i  News of the fatality reached the city  o:l all ids previous efforts in the tour early this morning. Coroner MeGui-  iian-.ent tonight. Schaefer's average gan', with Chief Constable Campbell,  was 15 20-24; high run 119. Cure's of the provincial police, at-once made",  avuage was 20 20,24; high run 98. an investigation. An inquest was  Today George V. Sutton issued a held, and a verdict of accidental  challenge to the winner of the 18-2 death wrs returned,  trophy, and whoever wins will ha^ Johnston lived opposite Mr. V. R.  to accept the challenge and play the Stewart's ranch, half a mile from  game within two  month'- the  Central    Park  poslofficc.      This  Tomorrow aftcrnorn Slossan will morning a Chinaman passing the  meet" Cutler, and Iloppe will play place noticed that the building was  Sutton tomorrow nitht. burned.       An    investigation    by  the  Albert 0. Cutler, of Baston, won Oriental showed that the occupant  his first victory in the world's cham- had also teen burned..- Neighbors  pion 18-2 billiimt tournament hove soon gathered, and the body was res-  today by defeating Ora Morningstr.t cued from the still smoking ruins,  by a score of 500 to 49:1. Morning- jThc fe h had been .'-.burned- almost  star's average was 11 4-33; high run  completely off the amis and legs   of  SCO  RUIN  71;     Cutler's average was  14  high.'.run,.-1.4(?. ������������������'-.  10-35  the unfortunate man, and his  and face bones -were also bare-  skull  LOCATE DEEP WATERS  TERMINAL FOR G T,P  Next   month     one    of the  pal   members     of the   harbor   engin-  cci'iiijC ..start'  of   the   Grand      Trunk  t'ticilie  .Railway      will      arrive        -:h  Vancouver     en .route... to    Kuien  Is-  land   for   the   purpose   of inuUing  as  surveys of  water  island     and  surroutuling'  prinei-   statement    has been   given  out  to  what- class   of .work  i.s  to be   ts.-  j peuted  of   these, engineers,     but  it  is  believed     that they will bo   employed  on   tho  harbor    works   at Knif.n  i  The  ltaihvny  Company     is  to  carry, oi.t  "���������."."    ... ' \V" '    ' -  '���������    -������������������-"-   ���������  view  miiiiils oi the  railway.  W'hilj  it   has  been gonerally  sklcred   that     terminals  would  chosen   i't   the       northern  end oi ' ed  that tbe start of   woik  this   ^u  most ii   ������-.i   I"1- . .i���������,���������. rvf    tho      agreement  JCnleri   Island     on     Lima      barbo.-,   was one    item  of  . tnc      ab  rconsidered   by   some    -giueors | with the Provinciat governmen,^  that   a-survey  of  the  waters     there   the    ten .housanc. ^ ac, s   of   >a^  n.ny  show  cause     for thc   selection   .Island lar.fl.  was sold   to the  of some other ground     On the north j pan.V  tluvc I Island.  Diu-bv Island   with       a'apparently  preparing  of loeating'the  de.pwater    ter-   its  arrangement   with   tho  prov ��������� ^  > novernmoiit  in  respect    to  tommciu.  con-   ing work  w    harbor ������������������ improvements  be : this summer-     It will he  .-emember,  i  ern 'end of the Island the shoru  deepens rapiilly, and while that  point might be suitable for the erection of wharves, there is not  much anchorage to be found in tho  .stream. Tho best deep water o.n-  chorffcg-o in the vicinity of Ka'en  Islmul is declared by engineers to  exist well over toward the Pigbj  Island shore,     which shoals easily.  -The selection of engineers ii>r  work at Knien Tsland this summer  i.s proceeding and already several  Vaneouve/- men have been employed  They have been Instructed to bold  themselves in readiness to proceed, north     early  next   month.    N'o  Before the expiration of sixty  davs the sawmill to be erected on  Kaien Island by the Vancouver Pnw  Timber Company will be in operation This plant will cut iWc  hundred thousand ties for the'Jrem  Trunk Pacific Railway, and he mili  is being 'built under a contract for  tbatamount. Already the machinery  has been ordered through a local  agency, and It will be rushed to  the north as so-p������ as it arrives  from  the   factory  in  tlie Kast.     The  Victoria, B, C, April I9f v3.30p. m.��������� Special-The despatches received from stricken San Francisco today are to  the effect that the calamity is far worse than was at first  reported.  The whole city of San Franc's :o is in ruins and more  lives have been lost than were at first reported. Every  newspaperman in the City is reported as completely fagged  out, and until such time 9s assistants arrive, who are on  the way, details will be slow in making their way through  out the country,  Tonights despatches are expected to contain full par=  ticulars as the telegraph   operators, who have   worked  ��������� continuously will be relieved,  o  fellowship,    and    in no wise did the  arrangements nuscarry.  'there were over 150 people present, aiul until one o'clock none had  missed  the comforts  of a home.  Songs, recitations, speeches, card-  playing, flashlight photographs, a  presentation, and an excellent repast" served to fill in the hours most  agreeably, and the brethren ha\e every reason for congratulating them-  sehes upon having presided o'������er a  successful 'entertainment.  As soon as the guests began to  ariive they weic met at the door  uud escorted to card tables where  interesting games soon engrossed  their attention. When all were pros  eul and before the card games had  begun to pall, Worthy President I-I.  Kay bado each guest a most hearty  welcome, explaining the object of the  oelei ration, ami re./.iesting each one  present lo ma-e themselves at home,  and have a good time.  Bearing in mind thc f������������������ct that there  was a. programme of considerable  length to be rcn lered, "the speaker  did not w sli lo delay its progress  with a lengthy sjieech; and would  therefore only reiterate his. wish  that all present would feel ajt home.  Jn stating this wish h?. only expressed the desire of the entire lodge and  n" thc guests appreciated their efforts to entertain, tlr.-ir best way  of expressing that appreciation was  lo "turn themselves .loose" and enjoy  themsel'es.  Thc  programme was then announced ami was as. follows:  Orchestra Selection ���������"Miss    Maggie  "1 liomas, M. Walker.  Song���������Miss   IO.   Clay,   Mr.   L.     In-  Ighamf  li'.iio Selection;-.The Misses Paimcll  Soi g���������I einrd, Ingham.  Pi.nio and Violin���������The "Misses Hunter. ������������������������������������.���������    *-  Orch stra Selection ��������� Miss Maggie  KLONDIKE PiO=  ,-NEERiIS INSANE  ,SNO\VSHOI3 MINE  TO  Bl:  is  REOPENED  Jay Whipple, a Pioneer ot the Klondike and the .discoverer of ihe \t'\,-  ous Eldorado creel:, was adju 1,::.-din-  sane at Nome early in February, lu'I  is being hold there unf 1 the .>i/iniii::  of navigation, when he will lie sent  out to Mount .Tabor sanit.iruun,  Portland, Or., unless his ;on l". > u  has mabcrially changed before that  time.  Whipple  was  one  of  the  iir.n   men  to  enter   lb:;  Klondi e country,     ; nd  made  the first    big gold    strike  that section   when he located claims i'-',  ���������������������������.I i       i   ������������������    i       it     i-i       < ..show  on  1'dduindo creel:,     lie did not   re- '  eeive the reward . of his discovery,  however; selling out his claim for a  mere song, ant did not know thc  value of his dis.ovcry until the purchasers  struck  the -bedrock  ai'd took l  sections     damaged, Miss Easton  unable to say.    ,  ,    Mr.  Sclienck, -upon ,leann'������g l*c   1!u'  Phocniv,. H.C.,'April 18.-1'or some j ^^^^^ ' vcs,cl,daVi    invmedialely  dajs there have been rumors m   tins j hoil two k>le rams >by diiTerent  camp to thc effect Hut-Uic S-nowshoe j     ^      .^   -^ ^ 0,jtllilli���������ff   re-  mine,   one of  the prominent and w-U i  developed propcrttes of the boundary  and located within live minutes walk  'suits   but. as    yet has  had   no  reply,  ilie has    relatives  both  in     Oak'land  and San Francisco.  'one, inasmuch as he failed io see  -how a man could .oe _in two places  ai once, nevertheless decided that a  line of some kind should be imposed.  '���������Fin^ him a thousand," eagerly interposed liruther Forcimmer, who  evidently wished to see his Nanaimo  brother soaked.  ''Twenty-live cents  for  butting   in,  Brother    Forcimmer,*"    was the    re-  !coni'i>onse   that    gentleman got from-  the president for ottering free advice.  Resuming the casj ot Brother Davis, President .Kay stated that he  cou'ld not S2e his ,way"*cicar of lotting the culprit oft altogether, und  he would therefore line him 25 cents.  The suspense was over; Brother ' Davis paid his fine, pulled himself together, and laid a charge against  his accuser. He did not thing tint  Brother Forcimmer had behaved in a  fair m nner at all in trying- to induce his jinige to impose a heavy  line. The speaker 'v������d been doing  ids best to defend himself when Bio. l  Forcimmer, as thc accuser, took an .  unfair advantage, and he would remind the- Wortuy President that he  himself had eUilently .thought the  same as'he'had imrosed a line on,"  Mr.  Forcimmer.-  -The President' seemed inclined to  agree 'with 1'ro. Davis, and ordered  the accused brought before him. a lie  expressed, himself as greatly surprised that one who" had in the past  borne such a splendid rccond as a  worthy officer, a staunch supporter  of the lodge, and who had worked in  every conceivable wny for the advancement of the order, should be  guilty of ta! ing advantage* of a '"a*1  who was being tried , on a serious  charge.  As the Pri sill cat waxed eloquent,  Bro Vorcimmer dug deeper, aiul at  the conclusion of five,minutes' speech  by his judge, had se������eral bills and  all his loose silver transferred from  'his  pocket  to his  hand,  in readiness  Thomas and Mr. Walker.  God Save"the King.  To dwell upon ea-;.h piece separately,   eti?  coild    only,   after  all.   was  said,   stati  his  or her    dcsi,  ami  a  to pay  the fnc width threatened.  With"  a  few concluding remarks   in  which he reterred1   to the"'awful-'  example set by the Past Worthy  Prc-  /��������� -      4 i-i   sident in  falling, so far  from   grace,  that  each  participant dW^   "J"    ^  KayS surtdenly    announced  best;  and a perusal     of-/-1-  is  his decision.     Reaching into his pock  ' et/ while  Bro!  Forcimmer was men-  ii?"  tallv congratulating-himself upon the  fact that in Ladysmith it was    not  of the Phoenix C.V. railroad sUition  would shortly resume orerations, after  being  idle niore than  two  years.  The  rumors  were verified this week  by    Albert. 1   Goodell,  s iperinU>i:lent *  of  t'-e  North|oit smelter of the   Le ,  Roi  Mining, Company,  who,  while on iu,ul  dro(,SG   with "our   before putting  visit  to the Boundary, slated     ex- j l)Ull'iinS ������"���������  intention 1 ~  If to nmoh saH has been added    t0  . : 4^_   HOUSEHOLD HINTS.  ' Serviceable   pudding bags   are   made  jeans.    Grease thc bug well  o; heavy  |a  ipKcivlv  that such  was the  .;of  Anthruy   J-  McMilkn,     maiWRinir   ^_ ^^ sHce & raw>potato a,n,i,1(0il  j director  of   the  Le   Koi   i;nd   who   is   ^   .^   ^ ^^  ^ [ew  minul<JS-     Tho  01 I also   to   be   in   charge  ol   the     .-now- .    .    ^ ^m -^^ much of 1;hc sait.  the developmcnl  of Mic   latter.1 _   iiavino-  Veen   inwlcr  Mr.   Mi-Mill en     lo  the time it- suspended operations-  A thin silk or one that frays cast-  on t about $2,000,6(H) from the claims '  Mis    dis:ovcry    rrs'.lttd    in  the big  rush to the  Klondike.  .    Whipile is also a  pioneer, oi    .Mas- ,  1-a  and   has prospected  in  practically |  all  of the  ilifi'c-rcnt sections    of     the '  Northern    country.      lie     has made  m������ny good discoveries, both, in     the  Tn ma'ing a r.Mousc too dep  around mvsl, not' P.c cut-for the neck  at-the outset, It is hotter to try  it on first and then outline a semicircle in front willi a row of pins,  cutting it. evenly on a da.1��������� surface. _  ly can be cut out better if la-id between sheets of thin paper and the  pattern cut through paper and material together.  Company    expects   to receive     otlu- .Klondike and  the Nome   country  hnt j  The   Nome   Nugget  width  was    reeeivod  other  day,   has  the foil  ing the case:  "Whinple imn.gihr-s  he  of  February    fi.  in  Seattle,    (he  owing regard-  is the   pos-  the  present  season. ���������- Vancouver  L i o   uc  suiu cic-to.d "  vincol ' |discovering their value. ; the roadstead.  A collar linimgo of taffeta should be  cut so that the trout part is on tho  "straighti" oi tha material and tho  curved part of the collar will then  come on  the   bias.  It is a go"d plan to le.'.id-steels or  whalebone a,t the waist lire when  making a bodice lieu.re pult'iig Ih-Mn  into the castings, as the bodice will  then fit closer to the figure.  tlie  names  of  those   taking  part  assurance     that     their       best  suited   in    an  entertainment, of  first quality. . 'necessary- to  save enough .'money   for  Between each  rendition,  a     ������uzz of  car.ral,e" the. judge brought forth and  conversation   ������nd    appreciative   com- , 'd t    tJie prisoner a handsome  ment would be heard at  the various *���������f . . ^  ^ -8 -  dialll0n:I  U,!.lr.s   where  the  hearers  were  lean-  fe ty sefc in    the-centre  which  ing comfortably  back in their chairs   ������>J   ^, .^^    by ,g of    th,  cnly'to be stopped  abruptly   as-   the n ^ ^ was an inKCIiP-  sharp   rap  of  the   presidents     gavel    o      . t.n:ravei,   stilting that the  was heard as a preliminary to the Jum ^ ^ appreciation of Past  hearing i,y that; official of tho com- J" ' ' J Mc Fol-cin,mcr, - present-  Plaint of ,ome worthy brother   against  ���������������        - - o[ ^   ^  SOme other member of the order who   J������ Tlie ,latc of presentation and  had   thoughtlessly   transgressed   some    ^   ; ^.q    m^.Qd     For  rule.    sThc  first charge laid was that  ,Iul"UR;j     .,,,���������    ������������������������������������;.������������������,���������..���������  Evan,   who had, dur-  against lvrothcr  ing the progress1 of one of thc nam-  hers on the progranvmc, stood in the  doorway with his bat on. lie explained when ta'en before thc President, that as he bad just arrived,  he had thoughtlessly become engrossed in the music, and had forgotten  to remove h's hat before lool-ing in.  Idc was fined 2i cents and allowed  to hang up his hat. Brother White  was then accused of cheating at a  card came, and as he. cheerfully admitted his guilt, he was also let oft  with a.   Ih'c of twenty-five, cents.  After thc second or third piece of  lhe programme had been rendered;  Worthy Past President B. Fo-rcimmer  cailed the attention of the President  (o thc fact that be had a serious  charge to ma'"c against. "Brother A.  Davis, of Nanaimo, who~e. crime  consisted of having absented himself  from th.e Inst social gathering of the  Eagles. The culprit, while admitting that the charge was a grave,  one, endeavored to explain that as  his business frequently called him '���������  away from the island, he   had found j  a  moment Mr. Fordmmer's surprise  was so sreat that it was stated by  those who were in a position to sec  he actually sruFed his mowy  which he had been prepared to pay  into the treasury as a fine, into tlu������  poc'.ct of a friend who wos stnudm,  near by before his attention was called'to "the fact. However that may  lye he pulled himself together, a:.*:  in'a vcrv happy speech, expressed his  appreciation of the thoughtfuliirss of-  his fellow members. lie congratulated them heartily upon their ability" of keeping n secret, for it certain  ly had l-.e:-n well kept- Continuing,  ("he speaker remarked that he belonged to a race to which was attributed a faii'ly large degree of  smartness, and he thought, himself,,  that most of them were smart. "Tn  iliis case, however," he continued,  turning to the President with a how,  "T cheerfully take on my hat to the  Irish."  After the apnla.usp had subsided,  Mr. Forcimmer stated that he wa������?  grateful in.more ways than one. Not  Continued 0n     Page '.V'VU  ������. I>A:: y    LKf r.&p
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PAjNTWG and paperhanging
! W
J O'
,  ���. Apiil 19, 190G
Neatly and Artistically Done
Orders  Promptly   Executed
Vancouver, Apiil US���Because o*
fhe fear that the raids of log-piratos
will result in the disappearance ot
more timber from tho seized 1-m-
,erson booms than the goven--
/inent 'will care to pay for. The lit-
partmeut of Lands and Works has
decided to tow the several mii'iim
feet of impounded logs to tins
7he pirates have made sevoidl di s-
perate attempts to spill the logs
out of the booms at Secret Cove
and Ragged Islands, and Mi ��f
S. Emerson owner of thc bjnais,
declatos that he has adMces thai
numerous Jogs have .been  slob .1.
It is unlikely that the buoii.i at
Broufc-hton island will be brought,
south, ns they are situated uivJe- tho
eve of Mi Emerson s .3.-nplo.\<.ei,
who appaientlj know how to la^o
cate of tiiom
1     It  is  the booms   at    Secret     '.' a-l
and   Ragged Islands     ulu-h  i-u   a1-
leged   to ha\e      sullerod     fioiu  the
.pirale raids,     and  it  is  th^e  \\1  cb
will be removed     to Burrard       lijiei'
for safety      It   is  probable  that   t'-cj
��� tug  Sea  "Lion,    owned   bv
Express Work
Wood and 3 irk ire 5 ih
SEI<:   J.   KEJ1P.   OR   LEAVE    ORD ERS   WITH
A, J. i"*icAiU,r? HUB, !-'.a��.ticsco/.
Newly fitted up and
I i   - ' I    j )    ���.        jj T
���*-..!   ���">   ��    "1     t-~{   4
1"  "*"  r"   S    ��S     P   '  ti
i  AM�� A I   ci. P. i.
Good t a hies aiu^ good
EL     rr*      *     '" Z. Z. r f*Tj tr *
PHONE      6 O
LA D YS ft I f M   VV \T id I W 0 -' K 5
-^s .	
Consumers arc requested to call at   thc office     on   Kojii-ts   Street
;iay Water     Rates,  between the JOth    and  the H">lli of r.icl. n   ��� fh.
fliseHor;- i a*. B< 4.30
t. ; el-a %fD
j.-r---r-*- c-�� ' " f tfTtl
��-C -r   .  t ��� -r t  ��
������ i'*3*asgas
Stables in the rear of the La<>   ysmith hotel.
Abbots    ford.
Leave orders at   th-
French   of, this  city    will   tow        the      rv^   "-.-i-t^t
^ItrH f-�����*+-���*��� ���?
boomsosouth      They  will     pi uba1 I
hie started south  this  week
, "While    tho towing    of i-he lo ;s     '..   mil,tuc    to-anatige     if  possible  with
this   ,porl     will be   an item   oi    con
' siderableexpcnse   to   the    Jovei nment
\.c    Emerson   declares      thai        (uii(
if this interpretation     ofth>   Timlx-    celebration  day.
l'om   Cumberland     asking   the   0 mi-   pany   m   leieiencc     to    an  excursion
fiom Cumbci land.
EDO ����* 1"" '
\INL>  i-
HYNES,  Propu'otor.
Board at reasonable
Tlie bn- i^ e .  -z   wel
J  L'Ci.eu
This  Hotel has    bceli   co
aipletely   ���    renovjitod.
lr'u ". k ^ 8 s>v <;*? h-
Hoard aild '��� r.'gn*? SLOG per day.
k-unsw     l.-j-J5     {���.lUKl.rl
JOHN THA, 3>ropfictor
;nr  StH.-rdied   with   the  Best   W*nes, ;?t Avenue   -. -' :-: Ladysmith B.C.
Liquors and  Cigars."
Iran a /e.ve * .luysniitb ,for Victoria and,ail intermediate stations at
fl.3 0 a in. daily, riid at 1.00 p.m. on IVedncsriav s, .Salynlatjs and iiuii-
Trains leave- '.adysmith lot Wellington and ,aJI intermediate stutious
tl 1157 a.in du.uy, and at 6.0u p.m. on Weill* davs, Saturdays and
Sundays. - , '
Excu -.iou TJckei:;^--    ���*>>
on salt: ;���!  '-xd fi:l��\i all stations
goon ;ur  gom��  jmnney  Saturday    - =id  'Ju4Jujys,  retum.ug not later than
(nc following  illnnday.
��� '-"CuimMrMrt ,
,->rms from Lauysniith f��r VaiiCouv^f s.ti, h*- iturdav at 6.00 a.m. and
returnhi�� sails from  Vancou.^r-   ��or    i-aa'j.-mirb  at 2.SO p.m.
G, L. Courtney,
Best accominodation for transient
vud  peinianent 'mardcrs' aikI lod^eis
T'uis new Hotel has been comlort-
a >Iy furnished and the bar Is up-no-
fl.fo ^.ates $1.00 a day and up
���VV��; < i"J��   �� OOII-
 WfT'7'S   IiAlK)!?-
Eniploycd OuJy
(Half Block from Depot.)        i-
GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith
the    C V R      for    an  excursion
mmi    Lnion   to   this  citj     on
jUauufactuie Act is not i in 1 bj
the courts, he will not r.i miii I
ii, ,' ���   to   pay the co-^t i f t" * m_'    M.
J'he chairman ot tho    rinante cjiti-
nuttcj     reooi led      that  3li       J.     V
I iirgeter  had   been   apj>ointed  coluc-
���" Kr'Oi . on   dcclaies   in   la^t   Mi.u   -   he   tor.
i (
, simply   cannot  lose   anv money th.o'    'Hie   Gioinuls   Committee   repoi'ed
, ugh  the action   of      the   g-ovcrnineni tnat    both   the    spoit   giounds     n.u
in  seizing      his  logs,     lie  declj.-en lcju  inspected     and   tho\       adv.srd  j
thot tho  worst  that  can  happen    is Uiat  the  Cucket,  grounds     be   ii'-'d-
"-"that  he   wjll  be  compelled    to    liinn- J'he Baseball      club     would    put ' ,-.e
'���,ufacture    (he  1oqe.   hi     British      Col g.ounds  in   shape  lor  4>o0      The  i e-
-vunibia,    and there   is  no     provi-uon i ort   was   laid   on   the   tabic   '   umil
in  thc act  bj   winch  he i   can be   com tlie   next meeting- .
jiellcd  to  pay   the  costs    the      ^ov- The "Music Comuuttee ifoqinmended,
ornment     has been       to  in  the  i-ia'- that     both     local   bancis     be      c n
*'_ter    of  the  seizure   and     quar 11����>, wf j loyed  for  tho  day.       The        -'.il\ei
the boomi  since tho.-v   were   impoin:'- ( ornet Band  of   uO plajers     to    b��
Pretty well all mcmbeis of tlu
Victoria Da^ Celebtation Committee were picsenr at the city lull
la?,t even my when "Major Plan id
called the lust general 'committee
meeting    to  order
A      communication    was       iceivrd
for yrosDzclors
ire   all     1
���made   to   st'an.-l
i'ai her,
}>. id 9103, and the BoJ-j Bii'.vdij
b.iiid ol 23 plajers, iplOO They also advised that ihe LatKamitii band
Le engaged loi naif tlie daj at
the late ot. ^00 U'ho lepoit was
adopted in all derails and the jNIumc
Cwimmttee authoii/cd to nial.n
al necessary ai i angcuunts loi '111=
music   loi   the  day
'J he 1-Jegatta  Conmittc    asked    loi
an  appropnation     01   ^2.:0  101   thei.
blanch   of  the    celebration    'I I.ej   te-
co.umoncled       that   instead   of      ta-h
Piies  medals   or   cups  be     aw aided
to   winneis      01   laJiKh  1 aces      Tln\
v\oilcl   ad\isc    Indian     canoo      ia<i'5
aid      also     i anoe   lacts    101       bovs
iiiider     3,"  j eats    of  age     Xoveltie-.
in   lhe   waj   of watei   sports weio ie-
cc .lmeiuied      The report was   bud on
tlu  table
1 ne spoitfi Commit tee a,'��il lot
an appropj .ation of -.���(>'>"> to ly
0 ^^ 1 ndec!  as   follov^^
v alaihnmpian  I'ai.vi-"   at     '.)   em
1 J��-l pn c  20,   2nd   P.nv     !t!���>"<;
r-'Chihupn,   Spoils  on   (....  1        <>     k,
jj   to a m ��� o'l I
'��"   Fi cman s   10 .mai-ieii        1 !   a in       !
-     12 ,;0���*3')0.
1'at.cball   (Xamui-.n   \-    Lnd   -.mdb   ,'
1'ootl all���(\"an,i mi')  \s     vfl, , ,  ,
Ci !i ics)���S7r>
.V I lll"l if    o\ ( in ^   0-, (      , 1   -
'' �� g   Of   wai    Oli   L.'H!     '    ���     '
���'. e\   al^o   iMuiin 1      1 I, , 1
1 11 1   1."      a\ ..(1,1 .    1,.
'   '     -14       I he   ) 1 ��� 1     ,    ( ,> .
1  on*   in  lb ���   c ilj      on   ihe  1 '1 \j,a  1 in
I''���   n-, onimrml'i'i"' is  oi   lb      Com
'ml     >      "fardniL,      ' i1'1   pi*   'I      1O0I-
I;n.Il.      Children's    sports,        l.-nsclinll, |i.
and   jif.hi.--. 1 ics   were   adopted. Tlu'I ������;:-
lug-  of war event  was     eliminated us !
v.':-.::   the  firetrian's  tournament. j
Black-,   on   behalf  oi*   I ho    Gun (���'���'.
of    ���?.':!0   for j ;|y
- i -'
"���rnntc-.-l..       ��� 1^
The collector reported that up
to date he had collected !?2S0 and
hod \vi itten to se\eral ot t!vo lai^e
contributois to past cek-biation--,
but so i%r> had not leceUed ai.^
ii-'plj. "Meeting adiouincd until neit
Wedncsdaj   night    at Z o'clock
From      this date  the  undersigned
will   not  be  responsihle foi   any in
debteilness     incurred except on      s
written orQcr signed by the secretary
Rowland Alachui.
Non Personal LJabil'ty.
ViotnrJa. B.  C.  Mm?  IRth.  180*
"~*1     k'l     'j ~ "      1    t    ���" 13      tJi        l i(5   r
fsiaf    jT'.-JS i    '. 5  ;*;"
Leacs   I ttzin
���Rr '; i!.,*"- ind$1.50���
"  '(��� al; (;'c. _i 1 ��� t ': id '   - i
��� _' >fi   .     I' t >     ( " -t ,
M-   ii
1 ..<-.(> r     ��� .
p. eay^k'5. r 0 .Me' i., :
L'.j er
Hotel Wilson
N^.nasmo, B. C.
Jar, Iv. IVnXuael
Props'Oc or,
Commcfcial  Mfiis'  head.rtvovters.
51 oiler 11 ~,aid      Strictly  i-'trst  GlfiPt
l-'ire l'ro'oi     llujlihuyf.
& Co.,  Lid
Pacilio Coast   Agency
'1CTORTA.   ������
-^ -,5
'~ : ' j WANTKD���!5y  ,  Chicago     wholesale
liottsc, spec ml rcpicsiMitathcfniaii 01
woinai) ft-r each province in Canada
Salary- ?'30 00 arid expenses paid
weekly. h'vpeiisc money advanced.
f3usiness successful, position permanent    No  lnv-cdment  rcfjiiiied.     Pie-
* I \ Io*is experience not essential  to  en-
* 1    ��� '
Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,
B.O ) Chiciigo,   111.,  U.S.A.
Disirici PcfiFcng-ei* Ag'ent
i'ic'^tt  ��.iul   i':i'iL,iil   OfHco,   75
Covcinniciit yt^cct.
I 9   Trnuscor.r'hciUal' 0
���] I      "Tn.ins DniJy     " L
;   The New  Train
C RIENTAL L!fifliT��D'
The Train of
Eiise,   KL-g-anco,   Evcellcncc.   , j.
:] Kvcry  nule  a  i it line,    and ^'
J no  s:no e to  s; oil  thc    view. !|-
'J Through-Com. ailr.unt,    Ob- \i
-i L,er\at.oi and  Pullman   Sleep- Q,
1 ers;     a'so    ihrciigh    Toi.rist ,^
���] Cars   to Chicago. t'l
"3 At antic Slanmchip Bjsincss toEurope ^
.jj is our Specialty t-j
�����      Union     Terminals   with   all C|
St' timer Lni'S. ^
IJerfch  rest-nations   by  wirel-.ii
Gr;\Lt Ntrthe-in  S.S." Co. 63
b".  S. -Vi'mncscta    will    sad
%   from  Seattle,   Aj.ul  Sf-th. ��
oi   rates,   foiJc-s   ami ' full ^
foiraaticn,   call   on   or
X   ���
J,    info
���]   S.  Cr.  YEIIKES,
d A.G.pIa.,  Seattle,  Wash.
[J   E. P- STJOHIIEN, f|
[.a"    - Gen.  Ag'��iit,  Vie'.o-ia,- I��.0. ' U
.J^vS��2L*r:rj^"KS"*raic;. l'r- k::-^ ?-'rn
ffMiuuaf x
>#-����-r    Jwr��"    ,w~tt 'i
Ra Williamson Prop
V/-A i^Fs��'"'"
?h*j^ T^"*i��^   |
.iSt: Aveoica L./:d ���smllh B.
~t  - C    {O    J   ��
Cofi Government and Yates Sis,
VICTCSIfl, B.  C   '
Trains  daily  to  St.  Paul,
-Minneapolis,  Duluth    and
I.uoi, , {
\ Trains    daily     to  Cen'. er,
j      Oin&hx, Kansas City,  St. . |
Loi-ib     uai   East     ,and
'    Southeast.
' i .
Atlantic  Sleaniahip  Tickets on
|��j   sale to and   from  all  jHurujignn
I'oiiils    "
This is the ONLY line       to   |
Toutist. sleepers on all irains   f-
'    s
1'or particulars ( call  on     or   |;
v.ntc E. E. niacU-oort, Gen    "''
eial Agent,  \"ictoria,,  B.C.
P   A.    D.     C'hailtdn,   A.G-.P.A.,     |j
| N.P.,   Portland, Oie.   JJ
"""" HJ!K .'3 'SRE��N-     ^g
S'JIO   Vestminster  Road.
wa nre mvi-:i'.'sg' ill: AT   RS ;md RA.NC^b Oi'
A;| kin
l^tCii.'-j rat'i
A;| kin'5s of Foiiiidi
ir* i \\
lei pnd j\crv:-*--J, P��t e;*ii.<--iVedo
a-vJ I^cp -"t ��� *>Vo k
tj ,*a k. , I: i; j 2i S p k.*. - <i L y
Ladvsmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Let
P.  0.  Box
*��--v ' '   i r
tS^ '    '
*^> nead^��arl��is for	
^:' lor distribution. .;   t^:
c��T Largo   stocic    of Home     ^*i
^. Grown  FRUIT and  OR-  ga
f^ NA-VI-J3XTAL     TREES    ��g
iS^_l now matuicd for, Spiing.   ^Egi
:^=. No  expense, loi's or   de-   3^
^���^T la-v ��r  I^nitg.iUon  or  in-   ^-*
���^������o��>e-Q-*3*-9>*e*<����>6 �����)�������������� r��G..5��o-c .3.   ��e��S"
��� .^���-0��'C"C"��*'0��*0��*"C��<
lice vour list   ^^
^     \\i\r  "\iu.\srE, Picidetii    j   ',v  f
���* Telephone   I-'
I hi
YII LC-    *.T    '"'iliiliCK     WD   L
V.. >   1      ��  ���-    1      j / _ -v^l
?.l v -.1 ������' \CTri'
L'RS   Oi'*	
V .in ��� ;.-;m'
-   OUKDEB.\*^.J
t      11- -- w, - '-v- ��� -u -rr-Air^
J"/   age in nunc or  forest. ..
'K-���..,'������������ i^i-Ci'i'i)   asked for   a   grnnl:
|.-;L;li7. iv:en��s Tan Chip j�� ... .-,,��� ���ehootf which wns
I p::waii Yeal Kip Pros- f  Tht>,c��>"���;������ appr^riatet
Jf ���.;-,. ,. ^  j>-n--es,    1st $10;  2nd   U. for  the hest|j��
IV'.-   ���    peC t01"S'    DOOtS- ^decorated    storefronts    in.town; 11|
%���','';������������. . W'!     '"'"^    was   nppropriate-rt    for   sweat-I [l
I Ten-inch ; blucher cut, with p ers to be awarded to the-.winners i |
I with full bellows, tongue - to ^ of a-lacrosse match ln-tween the \ *,
j the tip; have ,douhle silver eye- ,|| local, junior teams. The sum of Sn
.;, lets: and stiid hoots; double | S200 was 0ppPopi.jntcti to the Print-I,??
;-: sole and slip; standard screw g ins Committee for advertise colnir^
*-'   fastened;  slugged    around   the   g  bration   otc ' I g)
forepart, and  heel.       A     com-|      Tho amount of  *225  wos appropri-'p
M  atcrl 'for  fire  works  display  nnd  Mr. ''M
\,i   I'il.l.ondrigh   wns   appointed    to   mnk'.-   ill
LA. Ho,   MIL
(.iti ^LI'^������l   .-.'.
*\it.i.. i.ui:-
��� i     /i i\ i.i
-^.-T-^i.-t;. %.   -^-<i.-
���r/ ���
-.%'?b..--:t-s.^-. -
< I
S i
Lei riH-
bcfor.'_ |)'ai 1 n.T vour   01
dcr.  uri-i tir.oiisc riuits, .-a��
i'lord! P.ic':a:es, Fcrtili- <r>rj
vers   etc-. . ��^
30L0   \'/est-ai,,siPi-Road. ^J��3
- v>8Sf
\';.-.,    -       -- ^
Then b* sure your  tickets raatf    vi<4
is 5 < �� j��ii
;-,- j j ,'".1   t.   rt-s
^      :>-' 3.-'^t^ji'jS?.!
6      -r s.i!.1     ij   1
waits   ??ii?iiljiili
1M ��
The only hue hob making UL'IOlv
DEPOT connect.io*tis at ST. PAUL
Through *tr,u'HE from the Pac.fli
THE     SIJOKfES'I      LINE,  Tl
���������INEaT   TRAINS,   Yflb-.   LUWK^ "
RATFS,   "Air.   iV AST EST   TIME
^INNi   uv u-i.   ST    PAUL,   CIH-
C'AUO,    Oil All A,     KANSAS  C."- .
v��y      YAN;.'0'-:\ER,  p..   C      - \^f,<Ufl A"LL JOINTS EAST.
^_ _     ""'or coiupictc   Hifonnatioc
!t   VO 1   UP2   ci
Wli    1  O
�����.! is^rnt or  "Tiiti-.
. i Avt,    SAjPtj?,.
!:��� .K
\ j> i.
-ij 1 .1 J   ,-�� .  ^ �� >
^iv$*' :   jyif^:'My-
- j
-.* i r. ��� <<-���-'
Snielting Work;
for table as  well as a  durable
Sco lands Best.
Vancouver islsnil, B. 0,
nj rri5-%"i,.,T
'jLCiitViU-;1, S
Latest Designs in
-V V i s. k_- a_rf.  -Si   /-vji    y..,-u^4Z?
We' ina'.e a  Specialty  of  the  papering Business.-
���if ""ii; j
i-adysaUIv. B.C
C?IWM>* >MM<>.M
s��r--j ��nriMcc��, ^iii
���J��� .?��.�� S>nri3x si' &��
Ask for them at vour Dealers
0   lh.-.!  necessary arrnng-enicnts    for    ll)ei,"g-
"3   same. j 3
'fhe  sum   of   S250  asked    for      by j Hj
the  Pe^atta      Committee    was     appropriated.
IIM013 ffi (0. I
>S'o?e Agents for B. C.    &\
Resturant- and (odo-.tng Rooms
5nAy^-^ d\i;ii^
the   Canadian   Pacific  Railway    Com-
=First   Avenue-
Having tal;>'-��i   -.-\6r the  harbcr'sliop
i.nown    as      <lu   Lad'.-.s;.;jUi  ohavinc:
1 , . -       ��� - o
i Parlors, High >-;.r I ..iiiLr-nd, by t'eep
'ing comrotcr.--i   t/Oiiiii.c'ii,   to  conduct
a first-elas.s  t-atuhltslinient,   --md       respectfully solicit, your patronage.
NOTICE      '.
The   _ partnership ' existing   between
(J. H ��� Rumming. and W. E.  Run-.-  i:
carrying on    business   in the Ci'.-
{'.adysmith,     B.C.,   as  maiinfac'-
of  carbonated   beverages,   etc.',   iu
the firm name of Rumming Pro-:,
hereby    dissolved.       All   outs+.--'
accounts must Le paid to W. E; -���
niing, who   will coniinue  the busi'
and i.ay all. accounts against thr
of Riiinniing Bros.
W. E. RUMMiNO.      .
Dated at Ladysmith this  2Sth  n
of Feb., 1906^ ^J-.JJ��k.��U-:^ll^^^
.i^i..i ujjijjijiiu ��i���jjn
/First  CI:iS5
and   BARK
For Sale and  Delivered
file*   diSI I lbllllOll of    1)1 1/C-, Will
IN     NANAIMO , take place  ne\t  Tluusday evening
?i^i   VI V    g    ,S    ���|jl
The result of the Ambulance.   Ulas
examinations    aio  announced   by  JJi"
II ogle  as   follows..
13.   Shaw	
(J   Gialiam	
.1.   Shaw    	
'J*    Jbudge        .       ..    .
| \\     J. McAllan    .   ..  .
' \ .   Celle      	
'Jj.   .Jones ..   ..
\Ju&    Ilaidy       .. .     .
6    p�� xsi
r-els7 L1HIM& M
T-r^ '
-S III P S 311 TJJ IN O     IN       UL    ITS    BRiNClU
t**or 1 i-i o-r-."iit-> c;-<   pl r ):i ks-nitli-..
ru!Ir>t* n, i e
C^ilf^Tti  Vt"1 Xea"J
JL    Devlin
-���\\     Jen->eii
iiy    Alsop
J    Nea c-    .
.J    McCouil
b    1 0  Im
W     A Nop
A.   Andiews
T    Hills     .
C     Moore   "-
ell s
'  "Mi
. .83i
.    81
... 72
..   71
. -70>
.. 70
..   08
..  08
07 i
.   01
.. .��:*
.   02
.   00
. . 58
. .")0
1 uiwun
Chicago,    Apul   L7���11   was maintained   beioie. tlio   house ionium U-u   011
rivers   und 'harbors     today, that Nia-
!  jjara     nver  was  gieater  in     volume
at  the.   pic-sent    limo     than   ii       h.ui
been m  va's,     thul tho   me ol     11 s 	
r i.��
1 vvateib   lor the   development oi  pow-      Following    arc    the  despatches    ie
.,. I er 'nad     not   deti-n<toci    from        >l.��-  ceneel  up   to  a  late hour   tins  n 0111
_f j seen 11  bcaut,\   ol   tlie   falls and    that   ing   Irom   the   scenes   oi  the     efiih
it least     ."o   pi'i  cent   of the sin am   quake.
inv   dinoiei
of  water   could   bo
to the U'csd'in Lmon fron Sai-
Eiancnco icports that the Pal-
��.<���.(���   Hotel     nas  destioyrd   and   that
-.-Smi'liL   be   taken   hemic
1 w�� !       ��
,,-    ce   in   the  flow       01   vvatei
0_   detected  by  the observe].
70 1
A  hippy  home  is the ivo^t valuable session   that  is  within   the reach
oi mgn'-Lind,    but  you   cannot   tn oy
its comforts if }oti  aie stificniioj fiom,
rheumatism.     You  thiovv a��idc b��si.
��  t -j- * ,* *   * *  #  * * *  # #   *   **:+:���>
* The  mimes  of the  dead  know 11  '
* up to  the pieseiil are as dollows   '
Anna   Webster,    11       Williams   '
* Stieet,   William   Guc-Ihman,    15 0  '
* Eddy   Street,   John  TJnapy,    h&h  *
* "Matlvct, C    Stagman, 518      "\Ier- *
* thaut,    i'hiilip  llusalluchi,       lish   >
* ATai-I^et, J^ouis   Paladnn       .Mont  -
go.noij.   and  Mei chant        stieets,   -
* Mis.   .Mart,   Drum,,  Max    i-Vnner,   *
^   1 olu'eman,   billed  at   intrance  or    ���*
1113SS cires- when v*ou  cntoi your home
ami   vou  can   le   telu-cd  fiom    those f+    City   Hall:   Smgt.   ol   Police
C'hns  Ci'raham   won  "Mr    Stoi
medal    lor'  proficiency
.lati'es    liardv    won    Mr       '
^-.:.^.J.^^-.^.r-^.^-A.4.^.r-^i^J.^,J-.:..i^.:t > , ���;-v-I-*"2-<'��I-^-^>-s*>��K*-;-
u. -
.:> �� ci Vi-
m b�� WiiM
(.'1   ham's   rwdnl    lor  the   best   prac-
tual   exainimit Kin
\*ior'<:     on   atomy      piesentcd        by
lor the   student     la'tina. !
mlei-esl   m     Anibuluia'c
awarded   to      Willia-n
ilieumr.t sm jams also hv applyin<-
CI'aini".PiLiin's Pain Balpi Cue ap-
1 leal 1011 will pivc you lehef and iLs
contiii'i.il 1 se for a slioit tmc will
bnng a'0 it a ]'3rmanent cine. Foi
sale by Ladjsmith Pharmacy.
I)r     l logic
most   nctue
Class     was-
fseav u.
Dr.  Dier can  be found at any tin"-
at his office on Ga1.ac.rc st.  iTis   Ac-
tal   work   is   gv arantcod   to  he  firKt-
-' rlnss and rates reasonable ��t
mises occupied     J>y  {heir  own     animals, especially ol the same   spenc-
it is a  gord   plan  to icsrrve  a.. .%a-
...... -T-.       ^-         ;.      , ,,���..
SpSs^  -sissa g&a fsffly
.'5   MT3S3   a
-O) tes1
B ��� it's ly Cu] 11 nj bia %
O is a ra.i iced   Brew
j WARNING GLANDERS Ulei1 i*"llrt,��R foL" u'l^ldc i*"*-^  01
i < mures,   but   wheic   llna  is   imj cs-jiblo
j        - they may  Le acjommoJatcd  m    cow 1
Tn  disUicls where the existence   of hUl],k^ oaUle    nQi  ,jciI^ aubjecl   t(j   .  sfroe(j   llllLnowlI   ]lK1n,
C! landers is suspected,  and  especially gjandeis mfectioa.     Sucli" hoi&es.   audi* ho"'3<?
m nQighhoihoods  wheie actual     out- mlilcs should be waUiel fiom sJ((.Lial   *"**'f**''* ****
bleats  have occurred,    the   adoption 1-ails,      which,   togethei   with     othei
"  Uunnui,   <5r ,   billed  at  Citj Hall,
* King,   1'20  .Mission   Slie-i.        'I
* Lacl-aiminada       427       Stevenson   '
* Street,   I'   Mavikai,    '12,'{  Stevenson   Htieot,        M^is     Jdu    Ilesli,',   '
* Cieaiy ami 'Stockton,    I)r      Stm- *
* son,   v\cll   known       .voimg     pin- *
* sician. killed in his 100m, O *
" Sellnci, 10 yeais old, :52:i *
"  rearcc       Stic el,      pushed      into    *
* the room of  his father   when the  *
* awful   shock  came,    and  s-bouted   '
* "Oh    P/ipa,     T     am    ri v ing "The   *
* child   fell  dead   in     his     father-.  *
* arms Unknown     dead���Three   * j
* C'lunp��-c,  two     unknown        white   "- J
* women,     unknown    white   Failoi   * '
* Unknown   man.    Haves   and Pol In   *|
V\ dro^c  *
Oakland,    Cala ,    Apiil   IS���Eaith-
ev.ivtiung south of Market Streoi
Horn 8th Struct- to the waterfront
and Aoith 01 Mark.-t Stieet, fiom
Sc-nsoiii'j to Jboadvvay is gone. Thc
Uostein Lmon lecc-ived a aepoit
that   eail^   in   the   afternoon San
F> a'Risco time, pi.n laally ail cue-
wholesale distiu-t bad been desti
o.s ed by lite and that the fiainf-
weio spicading into 1 be Jlajes Va!
lay Hist net, a lesidence section 01
San Fiaucisco St. Agnes cathedral
W"S among tbe buildings which
look fire dutmg the spiead of the
Stanford  tnneisilj  Demolished
Oakland,      Api ii     IS���2 15    pm.--
Kepoit   iiom San dose     induate tbe
.-mock        tbeie    to  be  severe     J'.uild
nigs  wo. 1? d.-molistud      Much   loss o.
hlc- is ujioi ted
Oauland,    ( ala ,   Apul  18���2 15    p
m ���Re/iorts   uist   leceived   fiom   I'alo
Alto   sa;>     that    Si ai loi d   lnivoi-.it
is   jiiui tic illj    dcnioIi<-hcd    One   stud
ent   is   M-poiU'd   killed       '1 be Im
giaph     Coi.ipaiiKs  have   been    lo.ted
Lo   leave  San J\an( isto     and       ha n
{established   hcnd(|Uii ti is   brie.      The
'Associated   Pi ess     has anangerl        e
ini'Sfc-engvi   set \ ice    acioss  the  15a.v
Goveinor at  tho Capital
baciamunto,      April    IS-Govi'inoi
J'aidce     has   dtt'd"d    to   lemam    a1
the  capital    dining     lhe n.ving  tinu
in   San   Fiancisco     believing   he  wil,
be   in  a   better     position    to        an
iiom   this  point     if  bis bci-\ices   aie.
needed.     Tenia.)   he detailed     J.     A
J'llNbuiy,   setcetary     of   the      Sta^c
JSoaicI  oi   Commc-ioc/     to act ,as     hit
Jpeisonal representative theie
Los     Angeles Apul    18���  ^evvs
East to  He-.t-     AL first the upheaval
ot   the  eaitb was  gradual   but   in     a
01 tha  iullowm^ luccautions by own
cib  oi   houses  ami  otheis    lntctestul,
4, 4-I-5 I->-^.J*rK-M��K> *-:��� i :-v-S���:��� ���������-Srr' "X'���I-H^r-*>v<-
. ,    rl\-'t    rni-i.tr     t��3Jt-     H><h*     '     cis  01   noises  ami  oUieis    miciesiul, ' -���-���  ��" -'"w...v   ^^.um
t.^cj! Lrt    if^U   -IS15S.     .10,% ,     u   dQ  iuu(Ji  Lq  iiie4cnt   Uio &.ieJ   disirfcttcd before bemg used foi   oU.
stable   utensils     usud  en    or     about j V^o  and   lire   today     'have    eau-^e 1
theni, should  be caiefullv   clenscl am.1
:ipi-'-.-..the .disease; ami. ;:tlic ^taibiishiiiSiit
���".of /fresh: centres:-;.;of7Infection.1
er    animals.      Stalls      occupied,    by
stidiiij-e holies  or    nmlcs should    be
'       Usual   subjects   I aught,   also
1   Horses 01 mules faawiij.  a   nas.J   weU '���^nscd   and   disinfected,  an 1 if,
discharge or   othei   saspiuous    syim-   ai u11 I^5^^.    left  unoccupied     for
.��d.aiiJpi':,Gl 11: 0, ��J 0i tllS I'm lDOIISS  tll^e"    drawing -jn   pencil'and  ciay
k-U   i \H      ;L)iiJ   1 5o:-s,  paining,m   oils  and'water   col
Noue.bn    Uiu.,il jailor    ivtuuioyeci. crs' P'anoioitc'inii Vocal tes&ons"" gir
f*<i ${} VI}. prnp
LAD>S.' .}      Jj    ^   ;kc<V
choice   cakes, and  pastry
AL\vA"Yb    J.H}��.bM-l   ON   HAM)
Wedding    catcs   --rede    to  Older
I'UUi'lS    A*-*!)    CAInDIKS  OK  ALL
Js'IN-a.    fRESll   UUEAD  EVERY   DAY
Trices    ais     Very  I1ea?0Dai.l!>.      All
Customms  are  Treated  Alike.
HO?   SXIL c   VO
in classes or inuividu.illy.
^ ��    MLSS   3EHTRAM.
I a.iyfajnirn'/ fe " t;
\ ' W. -KH., ���;
loi.is .-,lio. id not_ be adnutlcil toh>-
CLy ol icoL stables or ivaitU, blac.i.-
s .riLii sbois, chuicii or school "sheds,
ra.L.a} sloci 3aids, pnvate stables
01 ocifi places'- vvluie they anj likfiy
to Lome into dnect or niduect contact with animals of the equine s^e
c cs
i   All  stables, 5aids or sheds used
for   tlie accommodation of horses    01
males should    be ic-gtilarly  and     fre
.jiuutly cljiisoil and disiniccted an  the
'manner  pi escribed  below.
53 .a
Sf Cl IK PI !'
1st.    ��Vf.��B��    -
Ltf*TW\ H
WORK   P11DMP1 f.y   1
f cue orders af- thp Abhotsfon!
SwrjoSo Vi' Dejiilhi
I    J. Aflci (Lnsin^ the premisos thoi
,0'ighly,   and   bunm.g  all  tk|bris,    the  d,'u^1e*-'i>cs cases  of  Glaudjis,
mlenoi should be well gone o^ci
with hot steam, or boiling watd
adding to the latter at least one
, JJf I.jP"''!' ^l^a-Lt of crude cainahc acid to cadi
'- "^*'*'-* n\e gallons, after which the entuu
stuface should  lie  thickly coated with
sonic time.
0. Viheic new horses or mules aie
purchased m or from districts where
glanders exists, they should, unless
carefully tested with alallein pi 101 to
purchase, ],�� stabled apart and clcse-
lj watched f��r some time hemic being hi ought m contact with othei
animals of  the equine species
7 It must be borne m nunil that
while nasal disqhaige, or ulceration,
cnlaigcd glands, the presence offaicv
buds, unaccoimtable spelling of thc
iimlis  and  gcncial   untluirtncss  oricn
disrase exists   tn  many animals without,  for  the    time  being,  any e\teL
ml  manifestation  whatever,   the onlv
means of detection 111 such   cases   be
(he gieatest calamity California ha?
ever known in San Francisco a-
lone  it  is  estimated that
1,000  Poisons  have  Peus-hed
while  as   many   mote  aie     suliormg
Iiom   lnjuiioj.       Tbe   entne    poiimn
ol*  the    business  section   is  111    rums,
and flames,   which owing    to   tVielac-k
oi     water   cannoL bo    chocked exeepL j ���Jiere   vl:e   LOnll0c(joJ1   has   been   t.s
hi      the     blowing     up   with     <l.wu-jtab���short    with   Eos   Angeles   tempo
mite     ot    buildings     in   their    path, 1 raiujv
aie  plow-ing       tliroug'li  lhe - titj     It
is     utterly     impossible     at  the pie
comesiiom Bli-,s a small town in
Santa Clara "vallo.v, about filteon
miles fiom Sun dose .stating that
the eai thriunke demolished the State
Insane As,> lum at "Agnevvs, neai
San   .Io~e
Bui j ing "Many of the inmates
in  tbe 1111ns       It  is   stated  that  San
���Jfiso  suflcied     sc-verelj       This    m'*s
sage     was  brought     b5   an  automobile     from     San   .lose     to      point-
few seconds it increased m intensity
Uhimne,vs began to fall and bin'rt-
ings to ciack, toKeung on, then"
foundations People became pamj
stricken and rushed into tbe stieeti
most of them in their night atli. -..
They weio  met   by
Shoviers of Fulling Buildings
bucks,    cornices   and   walls Wan/
were instantly crushed     to       d'aih
while otheis     wore dieadfully   roanir-
led.   Those who remained    m     di,,u
generally  escaped   wi(h   their       lives.
though scores were hit  by    detached,
pla-ster, pictures and articles   throw r.
lo   the floor   by   the  shock       rt     w
believed    tha-t    moie  or less loss is
sustained     b.v   nearly every family in.
the   cily      Thc  steel  structures stOi>-l
Ine  earth juake  better       than        li.ii
bn k   buildings,    few  of    them    beini.;
badJv      damaged      The    big      oleum
"lory - Ufonadiiock    office  building,   m
course   of const iiu-tion     adunm ia" ''-''
Palace  Hotel    with      the    e-te'-pi -on,
howevci,  of   the   tear    wall,    collated   and man.v   cracks aie b��-ing  made
a-loss   ns  fiont.      Rome       of      uu-
doc's   and   freight   sberls   along       lhe
water     slid      into   the  bav.        Peep
fis-,iii-es     openr-d     in   the    filled       m
giound near  the shore     and tbe  l'i.-
1011  Feny     Depot  was  damaged    lis
high   Lo��'cr still  stands,    but  it    .vil>
have   to  bo   torn   down.      A    portion
ol   lhe  new   City Hall     which      coil
moie   than   -^7,000,000 collaps.-d, the
root   sliding  into  the court  jaid and
the smaller   towcis     tumbling  down,
the gieal domo  being     moved     but
not   falling       The   new    post     olbce,
one 01 the  finest m   tbe United Stales,   was   badly shattered-     The    V1'.-
entia    hotel,     a    four story  buildu-fi
sank  into      the  basement     and  wa.s
full  of  water  and piles of splmteied
1 c-
tnnbeid,   under   which   weie        maiiv
sent      to      estimate   tbe        piopei'y
loss     for  the     extent     oi ,tbe      con-
fagialion     cannot   be     told     until
the mo    has burnecji    itself   out-
Los '\ngolcs, Amii 18���12,20 pm
���\evv& tomes o.ei the Southern Pac
ific ItailvnN from Xiles < onrnnim/jr
the tepoiL that the rmane Asvlum
at Agnew-s was dest.ovofl and stat
nig lurthci that almo'-L eveiv
Thousands are Homeless -stone   or  britl     buck   building ie
j San  Jose     was  eithei   badlv  dainag-
aiul many   are huddled    in the pail:    ccl  or   enlnelv   vviecked      it   ��������     mil
txn<��      public     squa.-es     beside     tbe | known  ]f  thi,lc   vns   ^^-^   ]oss      0,
j household   goods    thej     veie        able ,, hfc     ul san .Jose  hut eviclcnllv   somr
'j to  save       lhe  citi   is  imdei   Mm ua, I ,qss  occu���P(L
ing. the llaileiu  test,   and- that.these.!
law   and   all   the   ciovvu    tow n ,-stieei.s
Blowing   Up   Biiiblings
are   in so
���"*���-; a. e pati oiled     b.\   cawdiv   and  mlai-j     San Finn(.,,,.0i  AplIi ]R_i;W pm
"ll-   Lii       Details   of    noopsaie        '*-ln0 ,���The occupants ol the Woslci 11 Union
*.ll   *7ork ^uaisciced, ar��ii at reas
' abif r.it.-?
Gatacre St.
occuit or lutein   cases
. Li-y.     jjuuuis ,ui   -n.""!'-'  ""-       -��� ������ j������The occupa
a,  hot  solution   of  fush  lime     wash, respects  the most dangerous    Lecatisc ' nuaiding    the banks ' builcbno     at   I'me    and  "Montgomerv
to  v.lhci    crude    carbolic    acid  has uiisuspccle 1.     Oui   evmence    shows j    Sail r,alKlo(.0.   Apul  L8-1ho   i.i.-   stieocs^where is  located the Assoc ia-
bje-i   ad.le-l    iu   the  abo-e mevtionod Hut  u  is     possible Tor animals    01'      the YKlnltv   of L,ic   Palace      and   teJ T,10Ss,   woro     nolifioc,   to Ieaxo
^,.    IHoportiO". .!ms      c-ass   to   cou.ej    uilccticn     to   Uldnd llole]s   Ib Kl,1HU.v   app.oacbmj Tho fiiv flcpai tmcnt     was about    U.
L3dySHf/'iJl      OutliUildingb,     fc-ices      and      tying olncrs  without  ihcm&ehcs lE.elopjng ' n ,
posts   with  which   infected     animaLs acutj     symptoms.       n    ^  tboioiorc
-   h v. "a*  '
oSi^'t^Mi . ...   .        .   ,    ..���.,
& l-^?*e*^''a   -��- ���  ���   .   O   ���'���������a       -Sl';
I- f-'^��^&i �������� B e��i! U ���;'. eC? I ���& s^e-li-
s".i_"-V-.;   -1?*'
3   H.^a-aJikaa-bSsisrj.
mmniy piiEi5 ���$
"virnufai tuu>rs Of.---
i:-: ::> .\�� b -< o. 3 <*? a k d
"-is :V> i    '���" -A j ii ?
0"-7 ��! 5? A ~ 7 *-
nuldings     and    Horn  piesei1*- , idow    up adiomim;  buildings to  stop
,     r     ,                             ,                            , .indications      they    will     all   be pi-'>    \]xa ptoS,ess     or  the   fire
n^v  been  in    contact  should-   also, pu, a   that  gioal  caution should     be L      ,        ,,      ���   ,, ,,,        ,,, |    ��� _,
,                             ,    '                   , to  the     dames   wilhin    a   h<i!i        an       lupous   f>om      cities    near       San
v.he-r possible,   ie thoionghly   trectel e\Cicrsetl   on   the   pure base or   hand-   . ���.       n,           ���    ������,, f,,,.   ���                             ,   ,
,                              ��   } ,           .    .             ,                          , , hour        Th?     E\aminei    and La.   p,.a���CI,>0  snow   that
1.1 n similar maimer. Jnij of stiange hoises or  mules, cs-I,    , ,                               ��� ,   r\*n, i���   1                 N                         ���
0                  ��                   w                , |buildmg-s arc  in  immiont dangei In. j                 Destruction is Gcncial
10   '   - "do   seems     to  have       be"i.    s.inla     I'osa       si\tj      miles      north
to   the     pooici        distiut-,   IS   m  pames   amI   tho    clamaee    tbeie
;r^iii:i.ry .harness    and    stable ptcially in Chor.i  districts where
s   wh'cii-/have  been   in, contact disease has. bsccme established.   -.
Yvitii. ;--t'?oti>d -animals, or. infected pre- 8^ The   carcasses   oi animals dying
r.ri.'le'i,- should'-.-.'l.-o thorouglily  soaked from or slaughtered as being affect-ed
in a hot    solution of crude    carbolic with Clauiijrs should,' when   possible
loss - of
and manufacLurinc
territory:   As. I he������
is   over   SI 000 000       The  loss
hours    go     bv   the   excitement   grov ,   2.f0  js  not  kno    n
moie  intense     and evei-v    few      mm-1     ^( "Sap-a   manv b-uildmgs were shat
utes     explosions aie heaid  a.s
Buddings     Aie  Blown    Up
A-? : tlie rilaclp il Buji:k".s Centers c*
'si^rco, Q'j:cbscrC!5'Btiv:h��[j
I ALSO TG CKtF.ua, HtVf VG?.? A��3        !?,
Jh.i Time 1 sblcF, etc , i.Ctlress ?
Q^O, W. VAIijJ, t
Asslbtin Gc^ ' r.u^��-jper ani rjeket Ai-trt !
ii3 a?.- -. gt, c>:ic-c:', I--L. t.
u 1 r {
'EN   \T
Ladvsmitli Temp/c  No.  5   U.-;
Sistcis meets at (he Oddfeilow-:
2nd. ami   Uh   Tuesday vt   ,...
iMrr     Kate Tata secretary.
acid  of !a""strength    of 'one part     to 'be��� huihait, or .failing this, buried, at
���tv;enty:".',.':."   ....... -...-'.  icast six feet  beneath  the surface
.Materials   which'  might    be  injured      'J. Owners 'of premises  where .. out-:
by the  above treatment, such ;\s val-   breal.s have been  lU'altvvitli ���" should I
uiifde harness, robes, .cushions, /etc.,   'bear; "iii mind that Inspect j;s' car.i.ot .'t0 st��P Uie  Pr(*Sl'css ��r thc firo-- "r'��
which l^ysM^-n-Hn; contact with  in-" recommend    release    from qua-rantine   Ores are   spreading     and   if. lhe wnr.c
fection, should   he .p'la.cecl in an" air-   uniess; disinfection  has  been     carried., comes up :ho; greatest   cemdagratio-i
tight-ro'om  anil   fumigated, with  For-';o.iitViii.."a .-satisfactory     maimer,    anil, ofmcxlei-n   times, w-i.lt. tnkc place,   cm   <sjG.O0O.   ,v
maldchydc;''-'after   which   they^ should   that compensation  foi:  animals slaiigh. Market"strec-t  many' blocks  gf   .sub'-.     gfm Francisco
lie.thqio:.!ghJy ;clern-d.   ���"",'.; '���:'      '     .'tcrcu  cannot  Ive  paid, unless  a    certi-   slantial buildings have .been destroy
-4.. fc:"i..a',.li;s ���where    ontlrea's     have ���'������ficale-of clensing and -disinfection has   ed.. A   "big" fire is raging
occcmv!   or -where  diseased-   animals   been received h5'��� ilic Minister of  ,Ag-
hai'-e,' intrd .irfoh ti.v   orJ oiliei:\viso been   riculture.
.stable'd, even temporarily, the clcns- . MO: Horse owners should have no
ing and "'disinfection- should be 'ts;:c-' hcsilaticn in reporting to th.s Dc-
thorpv.ih, and in .such 'cases'-'it ���'. par.tm.cnt or   to its iiisreclcrs the ex-
tc-refl and the los.s. will amount to
P.'WO 00.) \o loss 01 life is repoii-
\i ���* "!leo tbe damage was slight
in 1 o'noai .son vviib thpt snfleirri m
othc- cities.     'J'he'loss will be about
on-    the?
corner of Sansome street and Uin ���
sti vts 0110 blouk fiom th" Asso. i
eel fre-s oilue.
as   to
The  wildest  rumors
��� iii'Lrfb-DK I '���.-'. ,-...������(
UiNi'.fED   ANt.'JENT
Wellington  Urov'e  No.
1 u. a. \.y, ,
Alt-cts m t' c- i". (' ..0. K Mad, /
ih'smilh, the Second and' !"o-b.
Wednesdays-- o? v-ach ii;oi:ti>. eomsm'.
mg V.i'dnesday.   l.'itli.,   1905."
Visiting Druids     are invited  U   ���
���fry Order.
WM   RAFTER," Hccf Sce:i
���i? A TRICK- P1TK.  N*    A
������   TENDERS.. raUIrty-i.s.iil-. to' the umicr-
"si..,ne.l. at Ottawa and  inar.0:1. c'n th.-j
;.:i;Cii:;.o ���".'i\n'.le;' 1'br th.; cousbrucviuii
o:  a-  iiy-dro^rai.hic Steel  iwa Sica-
ii-x:,"     wiu    :u r-.evi.ea ti;i Lo     tnj
.���vuii-j'i}  DAT "OF  MAY   is\::XV,     for
ibe '-co."i.st-n:t L.oii   oi   a  .Slcei     Tu ji
."'iciew ;-?t. au.er for  the. Eydrographic
ijci:. ice  in  ijritish  I olumbia  waters.
.;��� . ;ip't'c-ii.cations,   pl/.Jis  and   forms    of-
' teii'uer can -l.c  ixav at the'.tiifco     of
ihe Agent of���; i-he'.i>ej?artiiici)t of -Marine   aiKl. Fishtiiiesr' at  'Victoria,   tt.O...
at the Custom' Ootisc at  Vancouver,'- p
I-!.'.!,  and.^itj.UW,..-.>U,-pa.rtmc:it here.  -     |l
I   '.lOao-h  tciidrr . must -Lo ace-omiiauied   |j
'by  an  accepted  ban'c obevjuc o^tial to. jj.j
!, 10  pir cent." of  the vvhoie amount of   ��]
the   tender,    wbii !r will   be    forfeited   i'-j
ia. safest   to  remove-' and
boxes  -and-���nvsn.v.'rj''wlien  of
iron -articles c:\ii     }-c lvrulrn
inn     leeti
hy passing   them   thi\v.i.;-h     frr,
y  immcrsjng them  for some time
in     boHim;-    ivr.tcr.     y\u  iitie-r  from
s'-Ki-u-k'd 'iini-vuiis  s'-o'dri   !;���<���    binned,
cr 'rarefidly  fence.;!  until   use-:l.
">. Farmers ?nd oth rs "sho'ibl.
vhnecr 1 -of-sible, ' a-, old admitting
������traiige horses or mules, lo  the-   'pro-
ist.-iicc of actual of. susp.cctcid ca^'es
of glanders. 'Tlio disease has. I:e::n
spreading--rapiil'y of late years, ��� inn!
it is a ii-.atter of public' interest
{���h.-.t .e-vcry fresh ce-.nlre of infec-licn
shoild -be discov cued and dealt with
. os   promptly   us   possi! Ie. v
. ,1.  (!.   JU'TUi-'UFORn,
Velerlinry   Iiircctor f'rneral
De;-:rrt-r.nit  of   Agriculture.
Ottawa, March, .lfiOi*.
The Loss of I-ifo
are coming to the newspapers '..'in.
it i.s- .impossible to conlirm their;.
Nn reports bave iieen received outside of Hun Francisco but tho damage about the Hay must be e.nor
mou.s, Oakland i.s said to have suffered .severly. The Santa Fe roun.l
bouse and machine shops at l'uri
Ricbmomi across the bny bave ..-ol-
April IS���It was
le.'oi'eel at the tempoiaiv police
bendip'ni Lei s which has been es
tahlished in the .basement of the
Tlai) of -Tustice by Chief of Ponce llman tnnt a t"iifif oxplosio 1
occuiTcd at Seven lb and -.]cs:^
Pcie.ts Cai'iam Homy Giobe 01
tlio C'oUlcn Hale police station and
"Li: ut.     Unlis,    in charge   of the 13.7th
dead and djing occupants 01 thj
house. 'Ihe basement was full o.
water and some of the helpless victims were drowned Scarcely had
lhe earth ceased to shake when
fires broke out simultaneously m
nuinj. paits oi" the city The me
depat tmcnt piomptlj lesponded to
the first coll lor aid but it wa.->
found that the w->""c-i mania ia.
been rendered useless b_v the undei
grot'iKl movemcrnt. Fanned bj a
light biee/e
The Flames Quickly Spiead
anil soon  several  blocks    were     seen
to  be  doomed      1 h-cn  dvnamitc  wi1*
lesoited     to and these explosions, an
deel  to   tho      tewoi   01   tbe     people
All eliorts  to staj  the lues,   bowevc
pioved   fiirilo       The  south   sale        01
"Market:   Street     nom    Ninth     street
to the Bay  was sooa ablaze,  the fate
covcmig.    a belt  of   two blocks vvnk-
On  this, -the   mam  thoi onghiate      ot
the city     arc located     mam     01  Ine
finest edifices     in  tbe   tiiv   uu Iudm��
Giant,    Tartott,  Call,  IXaiuuiei   und
"Monadnock    buddings     Lhe       I'alae^
and   Grand   Hotels     and    numerous
wholesale   houses
At the same time ihe eomn 1 <il
establishments and banks north 01
Market   Stieet   weie   binning rLbv
burning  distiict   m  tins section      i-v.
tended     from Sansome'Street lo the
Waterfront    and from Market   Streoi
to   Broadway Foes     al-o       biok
out-in-.the   . llisston     and  the entire
citj' seems    to wv m  flames.
Sc~n  Fiantisio,      vpi il   Id���rl In    1,^1
ebt   repoits     at    pola��   headHuai lei >
show thai  the uu'iae flistnet lyoundo I
bj     \"allejo     tow aid   3<"ast and Kan-
some    stieets,   embiacmg   piactical'^.
the  entire   wholciale  poition   of    the
citj ,     has  been  s.vept    clean  lij   !'.���
also   Lhe      ibst- ict    bounded   h\    Second,   Maiket,     Eighth   and       l'olsoi 1
Streets  have  been   devasted
Iu Lhe latte- cii-.'iif"t a.e mclud. .1
most of the city's finest and most
substantial buildings The aua
covcre-.l bv the Ha .us up to the
piesent   tune     1-   about
I'mht   ^..t.aio  "Mi'<s
or seveial himd ed   eitv   block--    vm
litt'e,      1    .nv   water      is     ava'ab'
and  the   blowing     up  of      buildings
coast  artillery    of  the  Enited Stales | by, clynam:te   is    ��� llu,     a���iy
of   'be,
���-"r>- ^f-i'.r'tt'&i'
Fire  Spiv-ads.
^.    ���� A rWiP' a jl *****       -L ^ ^
Attention is called  to  "he
ract that the
vie fiour mils  Co.,
LI ml led
were -seriously injured. Both war*
la'.-.en to Me:hanis' 1'avilivm vvbicii
iin.s been giv-n over for hospital
and morgu.'. purposes. Tlie explosion
was caii.-'-d hy lhe .setting off 01 n
blast of black powder contrary to
lhe order m' ilevyor Schmidt. Both
men were- burb-d under a falling
brick wall and w-ere rescued by Lhe.
members of lhe ;";ro department.
.Most 01' the principal buildings
and oth-'.-'i are"
danger.      Over ,ill   tbe
01" checking      uu:     progress     of     Lb-
fiames.'     -Most        of   (be        bviilding'-:
that      bav.-      been     untouched      h.\
llames     have been,    greatly    daitmsre i
by  the "earth make .shocks-     Tbe   pecuniary   los-i     at   .Iii-s     hour   (t  -p.m.;
is  conservarively    estinm.led.
Ar.   ��:.lon,0Otv,p00.
Stockton,     April    IS.���The       mu-t
terrible. . disaster      in--the     history
0i'   San   l-'rnncisco      occurred      at    '.',:
15   this   morning.       An     eartbqua!. .'
sb.oc-k   so    violent and prolonged th.<i
the  jorson    sending   lhe    ae-captcd. ii-j
declines   to  enter'into' a con-   j"-
i;-;i.ct" wi'ih th.' dciM-r'tiucnt.    Crroc;,<[iics
ac-i-'Kui-an;. in.e;  t"nd-ers   which  am-   not
nccciiled Will   ie  r.'d'jrr.ed   immediate.-   tj
iy -after,    a  decision'has been arrived   Q
���< !li\-?3   i Uo''UlH   !   Nc-.vs!-..i,;:crs  ro.'iyin-ff   this   advertise;-   SI
Orders   will   be   di-Vivpred   anvwberf
In thc 'cit-v jirotnntly .-vml at
est possjible price3.:.
T/Civo  or'rlcrg   p.f.' Ohrb;t.'��' ;i.
��� >!smes tt
the lo ���'
iinrnt w-ithpiitaitlhority from the   de-
jpartmnnt  will  not  be pi)id.
j F.   00URDEAI1,
j      rpi^ity  Minister of Marin.>" and
jDe.rertjrCT.t  r-f  ."V'ariiif  ,^n-l:. Fisheries.
I   Ottawa, '28th March,  lflOG.
I ..---
makers   of  ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR      have for some 'imt
past been producing flour in a   "vastly  improved   and   pcrif"   '  '"rro
by   tlie aid ofS-G^Tl-ciCirV
and  having secured  control  of    all the basic patents  relating
to, take this opportunity of a dvisint;   the  public  ths.fs.ny
orizod  users of the electrical   flour   purifying; processes   "i!"
O V'\��"".'�� "?' -5 *ii* Mill5 CJ 3to.pi.u 7 I4 - .rti i :i 1
l.   0  ��\":.xn     fiJ.Sv     -�� .��� ��� y ;���> .<\ ia  Cxu/tda   "ncli^'.Js   'Elonv
San .Erancisco, April 18���10:15 a
m.���The Palace hotel is now cm lire hav\> beeu destroyed.
Other buildings ' on fire are the jtl imminent
Clous Spreckels structure', 17 stories scene of desolation hangs a -b-nso ! j| tle.iuaged ever.v building on. -tin
high, the Phelan building and the pall of Smoke. Communications with \ peninsula in some degree tbe dam
O.'I-'airell store. Tho south side of Outs;d.o towns is almost cut off.
Market street     between    Sixth      anil   hnf      the   report    somes  from       Palo
Alio     that     all       but   one .>>:        ih.<
buildings   of I.oland   Stanford   junior
University     have  been   wrecked    and
that,   the  i--plendid      memorial   ���.���iiii-i b
one   of  the   finest,   struct u-vs     of    ns
kind   i.s   a  mass   of   ruins. ��� One     sm-jthe
tdent-   is   known   to  have   beei    f.i'b-d. j p.^nd   of  thc   World.
Fifth .streets is now on lire and
Lhe dames are spreading in nil'directions.'     The     city   Ts    now-      under
Martin! T.avv.
it seems   that   the    entire    business
section  of  San  Erancisco  must        be
1/15 p.m.���Mayor Schmidt has
!* cnllod for the assistance of the on-
g tire. Oakland Eire .Department and
sj has ordered that all -dynamite avail
j| able be used to blow up buildings
[�� in order to stay the progress of the
H   flames.
aj.e ranging from - cracks in the
walls, toppled chimneys and cornices' Lo the complete collapse of
hundreds of buildings rocked the
earth for fully two minutes. Tt ivi��.
bke a cataclysm. .People cried Out.
lo   each  other,    like  the   coming     oi
In Oakland \"ive persons vve,v killed.
San Jose and Sacrani-mro. Heikt'y.
Almeda and other places head fern
suffered severly, but report, no loss
of life. The dreadful eai-thrpmko
sho-k came wfthout. warning y<\i pro-
ciscelv     o'13   o'clock   this     morning.
The oscillation was north and south
in a succession ol" incrensiuj:
and apparently renewed shocks with
a twisting movement and throw
sleeping people out of I heir beds.
'In those two nvnutes.ine groat
Icily   was   ruined.     Many  were    killed
Xew- York,    April   18���  A  despatch
its   motion   apparently    being     from
(Continued     on Page Four V **^-  :^m^m&r?  THE DAIL-   LEDGER  jtt'S   and Milk  if. O. Box 99-  .*dom Equalled���������  Never Xxct Ifcd  Smith, fotos,  Ladysmith, B. C.  That's Alll -  Call  and Qet   Acquainted  At, the meeting of the Intermediate  Football Club last evening it was  decided to leave hero on Saturday  morning on the Joan for New West,-  minster, win re the locals play the  College team The boys will return on  the Transfer on Sunday.  Smoke Big 13. Cigars  Last evening, before Justice of thc  Peace "Matheson nnd Mayor Nicholson, l\Iis. Fanny Wilson was tried on  a charge of \agrancy. After taking  some 3vidence and hearing the prisoner's defer.ee, she was ("mod fhe  dollars and cautiuned to behave herself, which she promised lo do in future.  , Tc~tlay, and until Monday, April  23rd, I will continue to make cabinet photos at 12 per doz. Stamp  Photos 25c. Schenok, the photographer,  Campbell's  Coiner.  Correspondence  Editor Ledger:���������  Sir,���������1 noticed in your issue of the  THE EAGLES  AT HOME.  (Continued from Page One.)  only did -it show the appreciation of  the brethren for his  past efforts, but  it also helped to  bear out tlie    con-  | ten tion of his wife that he was    thc  17th inst., a letter from the pen   u������!bcst i00king man  in the community.  In future/   with  the aid of tlie  "A Well Wisher,"  in reference to the  Ladysmith  Dramatic  Club,   whL.'i    I  i think was  very timely  and  consult r-  .ing it came from sonic public split.  new  charm     presented      last evening,   he-  would consider    himself   much   more  charming,  and assured  the besto-wers  *ed   pcrscn  is  a very  good  reason   to'of the gift that he was charmed   to  suppose that the play to be present-  receive the same,  ed on Monday.April    23,   will  be     a '    At  the conclusion of  this  interest-  success.   I do" not think your   corres-   mg aside,    tbs    programme was   re- |  po-ndent went quite far enougn in his  sumed, a  few more cases heard, and  remarks.     I think had he laid before  then' supper    served.       It proved   ' a  the public how these young     people   most   tempting   repast,   and   if     any  have given  their time and  money to J guest went hungry, it was not onac-  iMsSBaansaaEssssssiL  ������  the cause, it would no doubt .'a*'e  helped. I should think the ban I, be-  in<4  a  public  institution   to  a    i,ieat  count of lac'v of zealousness on the  part of those who were entertaining  in    pressing    thc go'"d 'things    upon.  extent would be only too ir.lad to aid  them.     ... ^  this anair by .turning out on  the cv-     in the guessing cfn'csc which   wa.������  Piiinr of the 23rd,  if thc proper p.r-   participated    in    by  ladies,  Miss  M.  McMillan came the nearest to the  correct numb-, r her answer being  551, while the actual number v.as  58S. One hundivd and eigfity guesses*  wcie registered, etch pr id for at the  rale of fhe cents a piece by gentlemen present.  During the evening  Messrs. Sth n-^'  and .Ak'Doti.ili'l  Look    two     fl;-s'ili;;-ht  I holos of the gathering, and  Ihrir re-  poi t   on   t'-ein  today  is  most favorable.  tics would intrn iew them,, for mi-  >-ic li.it h charms and would do nuch  to ira'e. what it cni>ht to he���������a  grarcl s-.ccess.  CITIZEN;.   o   CONVICT STOPS  RUNAWAY  New Westminster, April J8���������A re  iiiaeivable incident, of bra\ei-y on tlie  part of a convict of ihe liritisn  Columbia pemionUai-y was wilm-n.i  ed   on   Columbia     su'tvt  today    dur-  \ing     '*-n exciting- runaway.  "McMi-Hiain, a com ict, was driving  one of. I ho big- teams belonging to  the peniteniiaiy. As tho        lar^e  work-tar ot thc British Columbia  Electric Railway passed, the horses took flight and sinrtcd down  Columbia St met on a mad career.  McMiliiaii hung on to the rein=>  and steered the team down the con  trc oi,thc sliest fnlrlj- well, tin'  only   acUanlasj-e    Jocuring'.in a colli"  '. sjon with a U'um in front of 1'  -���������"^ Annandale'ii store, where on-.-  horse was injured Alter going at  'a b tea Luce t speed for over four  blocks McMillian mnnagvd to turii  the horses in toward a fhigh fein:>'  near tho Ci5 R. wharf at the loot  of Columbia stivet, and by running so close. that the hubs of the  wheels caught thc fence, lie managed to bring the runaways up with  out damage cither to thcmselvi-s  or the wagon. -Many persons who  saw the runaway were loud in ��������� the  praise of Moll ill inn fo.r the way in  which he handled the horses, and  the belief is expressed, that a fatal  accident might easily have occurred  if it had not been lor the eoo'i  manner n whn.h he acted. Two ot'itir  prisoners weic in-, the wag-on When  the team "-taiteil but they jumped  out.  A movement has been started by  a number of poisons who saw the  nina\va,\ to petition the department  of justice lo have��������� "Mi-Miii inn released in recognition for his bravery  lie is serving a '.ten ������������������year term for  burning scvei al strainers :in tho Yukon, and has been in prison for  four or five vcars. ITe mnrln no  elfort (o e^capp, though he might  hnvc ohmK   done   so. -.,  Try a Pro-, inre Char.  CAUGHT COLD WTITI.E HUNTING  A BURC'LAR.  Mr- Win. Thos.' L������n".rgan, provincial CV.nsli.hlf' at Chaplcati, Ontario,  says" "I cpuuht a severe cold while  nuntin/, a bur-Jar in thc forest  swamp hi'-f fa-H. Hearing of Clinin-  berla'n's Co'i-h Remedy, 1 tried if,  and iflci 'isin-; two small bottles, I  was completely cured." This remedy  jc; intended is ecir.llv- for coughs iin.l  iolds 't will loosin ,,,ml relieve a  severe cold in less time thn.n l>y nn-,  other treatment and is a favo.di-  wherever its superior excellence has  become Kn.Avn. For sale by J-I''5'-  smith  Pharmacy.  To whom it may concern: This is  to certify that 1 have used MIN-  ARD'S DT.NTMENT myself as well as  prescribed it -in my practice where a  liniment was 'required and have never  Jailed to get the desired effect.   .  C.  A.  KING, M.D.  The Young Ladirs' Guild, of the  local Presbyterian Church iuttn.'l giv-  iiv a -Conversazione in thc Opera  J louse on Friday, April 20. A splendid programme is being prepared-  Try a Province Cigar.  CORl'OUAL   KLViliRV  COMMITS bblCIDE  1-r nh Paijcr:���������Lorporal S. J. Knu-  br>, o-Ihc-or in charge oi lhe. Mounted  i'oiice detaciimeut in the Pass, committed suicide at an early hour this  morning by .shooting himself in the  mouili. The moti\c l'of the desperate  deed is said to haic been an infatuation for a woman of the half world  who did not. rccipiocate    the aUwc-h-  lViClll.  Ccr,)oraI Kiimbry aud Constable  Law occupitd tin bairacks on the  north side. Constable Law was  aw a! tned about hall i ast three  o'clock in the morning by thc sound  of a shot coming from CoiiX.ral Kim  hry's room. He yol up to in'. estimate, and found the corporal m the  throts of death, lie had shot him  self through the mouth with ids re  volvor.  Constable Law at once summoned  Doctois Malcomson and AlcKcn/ic,  nit the corpornl was deatl before  they reached the barracks. Headquarters at Maclcod -.was immediately notified hy wire, and Inspector Allard  came up on the passenger trnin this  moi ning. An inquest is being held  by Coroner Beach.  Corporal Kitnl.ry's fellow members  of tho force decline to give out any  information as to the motive for lhe  dood, but it is q'uitc generally umler-  s,t'jod about town that. Corporal  fcinv ry was infatuated with a woman of the restricted district who  had recently thrown him oil and that  lie was very despondent.  Whitcvor else may have been Corporal Kimbry's shortcomings, and lie  did not enjoy a good reputation in  the community, he ��������� always showed  proper"rcsptct for his uniform. When  he indulged in' a lapse from the con-  venti nalities,: he always removed his  uniform and appeared in civilian  dress and in preparing for the tragedy which ended his existence'-he adhered to that principal. Before talcing his life he removed his uniform  and was found dressed in civilian  clothes. ,  CV nioral Kimbry had been in  char,;"3 of the local detachment of the.  Mor.nted Police in the neighborhood  of t-vo years unrl by'reason of his  ptc.Ji.ar disposition, one. of the characteristics of which' was to allow his  ofTicirl acts to he governed largely  by his personal likes or dislikes, he  si.c.rcfjtlcd in making himself very unpopular in the community. He recently got himself into trou)'Jlo, which  resulted in charges iiein-g filed against  him and the fact Jduvt -the outcome  of his trial -is generally regarded in  the Pass as a whitewashing, did not  add to his popularity. He w-as between thirty-five and forty years of  acce and>ha<l but throe years to serve  before t'eing i>3tired on  a  iiension.  The Barter���������How would you Mike  your hair cut, sir?  The Cent ��������� All right, boss���������that's  whot   T  came for.���������Cleveland  Leader!   .���������o   Smoke Big 15. Cigars  ENTKRTAIN'MENT.  The following i.s the. programme to  !;.(��������� ri'ii'dered at thc Conversazione under the auspices of the Young Lad-  i.-s' Guild, of the Presbyterian Church  in  Friday, April 20th.  ! i no .Solo���������Miss Maggie. McKinnon  I'oi-ita'tion���������Miss M. Lcisk.  Sti ng  (comic)-���������Mr.   1-Ialliday.  ! i;ino Duet���������Miss McKinnell and  Miss  Wilson.  Recitation���������Miss  M.   Nimmo.  Si.-ng, selected���������Miss Martell.  I'eritaticn...Miss  E.  Crossf.n.  Instrinr.iental - Duet ��������� The Misses  ilvnter.  Song���������Miss. E.   Clay.  Duet. -TI>3 Misses Jones.  Rons, selected���������Miss Boyle.  Song'.selected���������Miss Ma.rlell.  Tea and Ca' e served free, Tee  Crram   10 cents,  TELEPII ONE  \ CROSS  THE CONTINENT  San Francisco, Awil 18.���������The Examiner says: Da'>i<i C. St. Qhsrles.  an engineer of this city, has invented a re] eater that will mate it possible to telephone from here to New  York. What thc so-called rercater  has done for telegraphy, St. Charles'  iincnticn, it.is claimed, has done foi  the telephone. The comb ning of  the,echo in nature with blic'sounding-  iioar'c) of a \iolin furnished the clew  to the discovery, according to a  statement of St. Charles. .Supcriii-  tendentJohn W. Glass, of the local  iTelephcn.1 Company is quotol to the  effect that the invention is a success.   o ,  Hewitt���������I   hear    that your scrvawt  was blown up  by kerosene.  Jewctt.-She'll be back.   T owed her  a week's wa.ges.���������New York'Press.  ��������� f;..    ,   . ���������  Ladies'  Linen  and  Fancy  Collars  We have Everyt kt o the  Neck you can. think of  STOCK   COLLARS  Fnncy Hand Made Stock, each  Collar a work of ait���������you  should see them.  UNEN COLLARS  Linen Collar with hemstitched  Edges and Fancy Stripe���������  something ignite new,  all sizes.  LACE COLLARS  Lace a: d Turnover Collars in  gretit \ariety.  MOTOR SCALPS       b  Motor Scalp,  something   new,   |  in grey, cream,  j,ale blue, and   jj  black.  .Motor ,Lace  Scaip   in    white  Paris and black.  Walters &  Akeoiiead  THE 'I-'IHSCO PLSASTEH.  (ConlmiiC'd 1 age 'ilute;  JiuudrcUs,   ]i.-iiup->   Lhuusaiid*,   for   ji.  lhe  .shattering      followuil   bv con-  lusio.i and lire no emu' may estiimlU'  the iiuiiiber oi dudl'is. - So purl,  of the ii.j c'.scaiiutl lroin wroctt,  luv and death Uus, water and el-  l'lC-ic jjowei- was suddenly cut oil".  J'he business section f-rom tlie water iront to 'I'eutn htieet hul'fur-jd  mosL aj>p!iliingly from lhe dis.ia-  ler. It liess dcMisialed by ^ho  licnibh'i* and by lire. J^iro Chic!  Sullivnii. who sei-M-d in tho lire  ileii.iriiucnt lur o\ei" a quart.:r  uf a cuiiiiii was killed in his engine house, adjoining the California  hotel. A corner tower of that  hotel .fell cinching in tlu roof ot  lhe engine house, cutting cif tlie  means of exit, bur.\ing- own the hor  ses in the dehr'is ami 1 illing tho  \ derail ' chief when ho was needed  most. Fires   bro.-'O        out     every-  w lioie m the Mi.-.-.!jn, in th������ Western Addition, in tho heart of the  city, on thc <.aterfrcnt and the lire  fighters nro helpless without water.  In home.v,,hcro early fires' had been  lighted for preparing-bijeakfast the  Circs were started by thc tumbling  over of coal or oil stovos or the dus  "���������oiu.e ting of gas pijics. Jn the sni  oeii-i dnncc halls, and lodging houses on the water front and Barbury  ecni'rt wlicre lamps were used the  overturned lamps caused tho firi'-j.  fn the business districts along thc  waterfront and in the Mission, tit  furnaces and thc -trembler ..worked  ties true tion  together.  iti^ferf*^  r^>**.������*"-_    ������������-iU;*Ar-t*  EASTE  i  -4  f:>  k-t  ^j^S  Wong (i   Guy  REPRESKNT1NO  TAISANQ & CO.  Merchant Tailors  of Victoria,  will be in Lad..smith on  Sunday next  with samples,  and   will  he prepared to  take orders for     Ladies' and Gent's Clothing.     Will    be  Try MIKARD'S LINIMENT. ' j found at the Aiybotsford- Ilotiil.  W33^2������Zg2S������821&'  The Imperial Pit W  - at-  $1.25  Is et \A/irine:r  We have Better ones ar $2,75  All Guaranteed  Call in and Get One  B. FORCIMriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  CtRiP  QUICKLY  KNOCKED  PUT.  ".Some weeks a^o, during the so  ore winter weather, both my wifi.'  ami myself contracted seieie colds,  which sjicetlily dsvclopcd into thc  worst kind of la gripio with all its  miserable symptoms,''' sajs Mr. .).  S. Eijlestoii, of M:tple Landing, Iowa. "Knees and joints aching, muscles sore, head slopped ������p, eyes and  nr so riinn'nr, v.'ith alternate srclls  of chills and fever. We began using  Chamberlain Co igh Remedy, aiding  thc same with denude .dese of Cliam-  'erlniii's f-Jtomach and Li'er Tab-  'e's, p.ivd by ils literal use soon  completely bnoclcd o :1 lhe grip."  >-"old hy Ladysmith Pharmacy.  $  We have a Lovely Assortment of  Lawn, Cotton and Fancy Musln  BLOUSES Opened out.  These Blouses are Very Showy and  Just the thing For Easter  p * ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ m v :  ISo Tr uble to Show   These Goods  SiM( N LE1SEM CO Ltd.  Msssm^^ss*:  Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMA1NUS, has opened the A1EAT-  ���������VIARKET lately    run   by W- Ward, on Roberts sfree  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEA1&  | PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY  A Trial 5olicitd  A. HOWE,  PHONE 20  Laid |ptt  AT  night's BOOK Sore  i^2SSS53&*SiSSffl^SaS!SK!*.  HOSE  FIRST AVENUfi  LADY5HITH  asa5SSS333s5Efitf������!SJ^Sl.-  ^is&BSSzssxsssc.'mxi  i^SSS^^i^^^S^S^--'  Qnm  we al!  Tasty and Mild  Canadian Cheese, 20c  Lb,  Full Grearn  Col [fornia Cheese, 25c. Lb,  6  FOR SALE  Eggs from Pure fret) Stock  AH Birds Trap Nested  v\q Inferior Layers Kept  Baned, IhilT "and White Rocks  U'lii'o Wyamlollcs, White and Brown  Leghorns.  $1 Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  E,. STEWART,  Box 2GS Ladysmith, B.C.  Millar'  Paragon Cheese 35c. Jar  fftlair & >idam  t^&Wi&Z&^lS%&te'!SgSZ-2Ki!  5������2S*SEsfe.'  <���������>���������������������������������������������������������������������������������<>���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   ^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������������������������������������������^  I  have just '.received a shipment ot  Hilis'vHigh Grade  N6LISH TOBACCOS  ' a'rtd-     '  Every Length Guaranteed  for  One Year  .RuiJ Stock:    ^^aa^k  Cotton, Rubber and Wire Wound  The Ladysmith Hardware Oo. Lid.  iWBMrwwi'iv'yii;��������������������� i'MiIi "ii t'gaas^aagBa*^'-  u/.c  at''Mi.-���������  S.^-   *-%J>  i'% u.  . praser  Merchant Tailior  FIRST AVENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  %  Try MINARD'S LINIMENT.  Sausage,   Hutton,   Pork   and   Prime   Beef  We ha'.e a few of  the delicious���������  PICNIC    HAMS  left yet, also some of thc lunger <m.es  fall in Tomorrow ami Get A Roast   Of Veal, V^i CflflpS,  EtC     $  PANNELL and PLASKETT      |  We  slioiihl  li! e  to  show  you     our  large assortment of   \hlsill Papers  Ran-giiig  in   price    from  roc   Double Roll  and   Up  They are thc  very  latest in   Wall  and   Ceiling  Dec-orations.    Just  from  the factory-    Over tr;n  thousand rolls  We also  carry   . a  PICTURES GIVEN MM  Each a Work of Art  Save Your  WHITE SWAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  and in .exchange for twenty-five, the B.O. Soap Works wilfgiLv������ you4  your choice of fifty beautiful sulbjects. Ask your Grocer for catalogue of Premiums. ,! .   \\-:_ -4*^������ ^-liMillifii  4  <$��������� j to  oh:i(ise  from  LiriiC r.-uiKc of���������  ���������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$���������*'������������������������������������*  VarnisVie?. Varnish Stains,  Paints. Oils, Brushes and  Window Qfass  Tn   far.-t    everything   lo   I'.eautify    the  ���������Home, at���������  H. ' KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  Plumbing and'.-Tinsmithjng  DONE  AT '  Reasonable Prices   By   J. ANDERSON  Leave orders al  Paterson's Furn -  ture Store, or teleplibae No 53.  LADYSMITH -HOTEL   BAR  Having '-taVeri over the hav'-room of  the aiiove hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends and Ihe/puhlic in general,  we guarantee good treatment to all.  R. Scott  Proprietors.


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