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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 7, 1906

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 .:h:-!<  The Ladysmith  _   if-  P* 10  -&0C  ���������r  VOL.,2  SATURDAY,  April   7, 1900  PRICE FIVE CENTS  E4IS NOTHING  FOR FOBTY-  FIVE DAY  INDIANS FINDING  I00D SCARCE  ARE PE  - A despatch from    London rtes?titesi  ihe fortv-five days fast of Sacco, -as  follows:  Sacco  finished-  Athabasca  Landing,'.   Sask.,    April  his fast  of  horses  aie  hundred    mid  G.-.J.   K-raser,  son of    Colin Fraser,  ���������of Chippewya-w, has arrived  with     a  forty-'doo lrain **    tl,e ,a'1<lillS'     ,,c  WiS  five davs  at  Hcngler's  Circus     this'accompanied  by two  n������n.    Mc.  Fra-  '       j.    ' * ���������'   ser rorovts that the snow  is   deeper  TtTi'iat hour one of  the large win' this  ������later, al   CMpppwyaii  than foi  dows     of his  "hunger  house"   , was se Kilem years, and at- Fort Smith,  Lrokcn.    Wmc. Jano������ba,  the   famous or- Smith's .Idling,   lhe  i.ianist, handed him a cup of cocoa, starting,  and    after    a few     minutes   Sacco     At Fond du Lac, a  walked    down     to the arena of the .sixty    miles    northeast  of     Chippc-  circis,   where     several  presentations' wjtur,   ' on  LaVe  Athabasca,  Indians  wcie made to him.', ��������� haie been : in  'dire straits for   want  -The circus authorities gave him a of food. ��������� Some four or Ate hundred  gold watch;' some Menus, presented Indians at this place depend on cari-  hini with a diamond, and Dr. White- Lou for food,- and these have not  foord, his medical adviser during the this year -come, as is their custom,  fast,  handed  1>J">  $25- Indians fiom   Fond   dti  Lac   traveled  Then Sacco went home to his ho- {__ _ine <lays towal(i the barren  tel in  Lisle  Street   where a report-        ��������� ^ .but fiml.  cr found him yesterday afternoon as   ������an..s       ���������*." .     -  he was about to tale a stroll. ing none, started to ret An and   tia-  Sacco's iheets were sunken and his veled for seAen Ja>s when they .were  eyes stared "from hollow sockets. His overto;lie with weakness. A few of  white shin  front-seemed  to ha\e rc-   lhe sU.on���������el. managed  to reach     Uie  Will DOUBLE  HOTEL LICENSES  IN MINSTER  ceded from its proper place, and his  waistcoat' bung out several inches  from his waistband.. His thighs fcH  "likie a couple of table legs, and his  'arms were like tbe drumsticks of an  Italian turkey.  While Sacco smoked he explained  Jiow it was be went into the fasting business.  "1 was secretary to Succi when  he made his  great fasts,"   he    sail,  Toi t at Fond du Lac, and reported  the condition of their comrades,  ������hereupon a relief .party was sent  out with fish and Hour. Seven families of Indians who tra\cled in another direction did not reU.rn, and  itr is not i-nown whether they found  deer or whether Ihsy have perished.  Fi.r.hearing animals are reported as  ���������.lcntilul in tbe Far North. White  fox and white  partridge follow    the  "and when he letired 1 thought itr der |jut gj|ice n0 t4ert. have put n,  was a pity to let the business fall ^ ^piK-aiance there are few. if any  through, so  I  determined  to do   the  wh|te |(JX or rartridge. "  Fine large fish, weighing as much  as 'twelve pounds are. caught at Chip  pewyan, but_at Ford du Lac, t!te  -fish are snail- (.(Flour at F������nd du  Lac is $10 ier sack. Mr. Fraser is  ' on his way ' to Edmonton to get  sujiplies, which he will ship  as .coin as navigation opens.  North  fasting- myself."  "But, do- you feel like fasting?"  he was  as ed. -   "  "Busines ' is business," Sa^co solemnly replk-1, shaking his head.  "Oue nvust do something for a living, and ��������� 1 have a wife and tvo  children at  Cologne.     I am going.to  see them     as  soon    as I  can     get   away,  awl 1  shall stay  with    them   He  said that  he had   succeeded     in  until my  next fast." ���������   spite of thc lack of-oxygen, not   te*  As!led   if fasting  were a remunera-  cauMe of.it,* and  tliat he beliovoil he  ti*.e occupation,  Sacco gave a    hoi-  co::ld  fast longer on  fresh  air.  low    laugh,    and "said     be received      "I    think    of   trying   an  open-air  $750  before be  was sealed up,     and   fast  at  Blackpool this  summer,"    hi-  $7f������0  when lie  fin'sbed his  fast.     As   raid. <  soon  as   he made enough  money,  ho      Sacco had tastcd.no solid   focd ye*--  would  retire. terday, ctntenting himself with milk-  According to a theorv which has coco������ and eggs,  ten put forward, Sacco has. sue- Sitting stiffly upright, nnd talking  ivc'ded in his fast by defying the or- like an automaton, he declared that  dinary law which says that oxygen,he felt quite well, but very weak,  is the secret- of life, lt was said j He never believed that his life was  that he was a'jle to live without endangered by tho fast,  eating because tlie-air of his cage The fasting record had been held  was so vitiated that he had no ap-| prc\ iously by Succi, who abstained  petite. 'from food    for  39 days at the    old  Sacco shook his  head at  this idea. I Acauariuin,  New Westminster, April 7, ��������� Surprising and somewhat, startling was  the action taken by the board of  license commissioners at their meeting  held  in  the city hall.  It  was expected    that    thc     bo.ir.i  would deal  with  the cases  of   hotel  i roprietors  who  had* been   c*on\ict"d  i.efoie    the    jo'ice     magistrate     on  charges  of celling liquor to    niino*s.  .-one belieied  that it  wns the intention of  the  board   to canuil  the   licenses held by  the offenders,    or    at  least   to  order  a suspension    of   the  liccnos held  by   the offenders, or at  hast  to  order  a siisj.c-ision   of     the  licenses for a short period,  but none  seemedto  be prepaid!  for what   had  keen  framed  up  i"  their  minds of  a  tnajonty of the board.  -   ConsG.Nciitly-, when the   nevs 'was  spread   about   tliat   tlie   board    had  , assod     a resolution    recommending  iliat the City Council amend the    liquor, license hv-law so  as  to  double  the   lionise   fee  for hotels  and     add  pIOO to  that  for sa!o< ns   there   was  something of a  stir among- those di-  lectly affected. * c-  A rcsol ition was in trod iced . by  C'oinniissicncr Smith, seconded by  Commissioner rl hurnhiirg to increase  the licer.se of hotels fiom $.200 jer  annum to $100 |>er annum, and of  suloons from. $400 to $500, the fee  for wholesale houses remaining as  lM>fore, $50.  Enquiry at the treasurer's office at  lhe city hall revealed the fact that  i ftcen li'iuor licenses are now in ef-  l).*ct in the city of New Westminster  of which thirteen are hotel licenses,  and  t'.vo  are saloon- licenses.  The h.jtel licenses being doubled,  nt an increase of $101, will .give an  increase of $2,600 per annum, and  the s.\loon licenses .increased $100  each will increase the additional revenue to tiie city to the extent of  $2,800. Thus it will be seen that  the j roposition is a paying one to  the city, although the burden will  Lear rather heavy on the hotelmen.   o������������������   Vancouver,   April  7.���������Dr.   Undeihill  BRF'KS Jill  AND MEETS  HIS DEATH  TELEPHONE NUMBERS  FOR FIRE HALL  BALLOON ASCENSION  TO BE HELD IN CITY  Coiicomilly,   Apiil   7.���������In  an  endea-  vcr to escape the sheriff's posse", Archie Griffin, charged-'with horse steal  ing,   fell from   the hit'li cliff at    McLaughlin's  canyon  this  morning   ami  broke     his     n-;ck.       Uis  companu-a  Cbarhs Clar'-, has so  Far successfully eluded  the pursuing ^officeus.  . After Tom jUehiilcY escape   from  Cii^nully    'i%{ last   Sunday,   Sher-  iflTVmar ).<e^ ti  a   round-up   of    tie  men- _��������� s;>cct-ed  of stock   rustling aiel !  lcdjao.l  Clark and  his  wife end     Ar-'  ihie  Criidi-n   in   th'2 lock-up  at    Oro-  ville.   He  then kept on' in the search  for  M.I il le.     Saturday  evening  last  Griffin  and   Clar'f  tco'i", advantage of  tl-e jailor's absence and i-.roke    down!  the       large     d.jor  of'    the     prison. ,'COUGARS  The following are the telephone  numbers and residents which are connected with the fire hall during the  hoius when the lo'-al central office  is closed.     In rase  of fire,   tlie   hall  Will be Sent up From Messrs Blair and  Adam's Store at the End of Next  Week-Mr. E. Jones in Charge  Although    the    date has  not     ye������   air, anl   of course it  would not    do  can   Le counnunicatod  -villi  from any j.cei. definitely fixed  upen,  a   ballotui   to  .'a\e a  fire on the    roof   of   tl.e  of the following numters:  A21���������He'.'.  Bowen.  :U���������Island Home Hotel.  22���������W. Sihr.  18���������Dr. Wasson.'  A21-G.  C.  Pickard.     -  28���������F. Uawes.  .. io-AbbDtsrc.nl Motel.  ' 52^-W.  R.   Mines office.  58���������T. 1). Conway.  50������������������Union Brewery.  AND 'HEARS  ARE MOVED'TO PARK.  One or the rnost unique processions  that has been ������cen in tbe city for  some tune o'cirred this morning,  from , No. 1 fire hull to the park,  says tlie Westminster News, wher  Fiie   Chief   Watson,   followed   hy     t  'Iheir escape   \sv.s discovered the nevt  morning and  a posse slarted  on   the  trail.  ,   This  aficrro n    a   tele; hone   ' n*es-  ���������sage   from   Rhcrside   to   the sheriff's  office here,  pa e tine inf-kmation tliat  Clar! h d con.e    to  (ha' houre   of    a  r. ns'er    about  eight  miles  up     the j couple  of boys,  and   a laige  numbei  ri er and   told him  that  Griffin   had ;of interesting spectators, removed the  fallen .into the  river at ..Ale/.anghlin's [ tli die    collfcti-m    of  wild    animals  They v.ere.ma'cing their way down  lo Tunk Creek in the night, and in  trying to k'ep the 1 rail! in the daik  Griffin slipped and fell 0-er lhe pre-  ciri<?ce.'. Clark stated that he had  made his way down to the river .Mid  had fo"������:l firiffin deaki,' with' his  neck I ro' en. Clark as'.-ed that some  one go to secure the I oly before the  cayotrs make away with it.  Melville, who was recaptured Yesterday, is in the steel tank 0f the  jail jin/l wears a ball.and chain at.  -taclwd to his Ies.   o-.~   AMUSEMENTS  FORrAPRlI  Although  there are no    professional  shows  boo' cd  at     the   local     Opera  l:a*? made a micioscopic examiination   House  for  April,  there will be   coa-  HILL'S INVASION  CAUSES ALARM  of Mong Wo, the s ipposed le; er, who  lay out for a week cr two in a hollow jstump in District Lot 801, and  he siys it is very questionable whe-  llie man has lsprosy at all, though  he has the appearance of a lc-per in  many ways, and it is possible that  leprasy may  yet develop.  FAM1LXOFF1VE  SHOT FOR DEBT  Ottawa, April (>.���������The Hill  cos are gathering in strength  secure lurther legislation by wiiich  thc American railway invasion of  Western Canada may be made com  pliitti. It would be itilt- to-say thai  tlie ' .preseuco of Mr. .Ui'Il's lobyists  is not causing considerable concern among s*orao of th* l-.'us-l.  ing inembci's in both the. .gov-,  eminent and the opposition blanches, who view with appA'hi i-  sion tbe possible consequences ot  thiK invasion. 'Air. Hill's jilar.s  appear to bo on a very c. io-  prohensivc scale, judging from ���������in-  inspired despatches' from dt. i'aul  and once they ma-tei-iuH'/.o and }.ev-  eral thousand miles of his roads,  draining the richest, part of. the  Canadian West into foreign channel Is     arc. i"  active   operations.  Canada, . it is felt by far-seeing  meluwill w-ake to find that, its own  western trade i.s lost to it, p"i-  haps i'ore\er. The possibility of los  ing the western trade, and wilh it  doubtless a large share of ''.his  woslern market for Cana-didn materials,, is looked upon witii grave  apprehension and it is already hoid  by some that, if, nftcr sp^ ing  millions of dollars upon Onr.adian  railways, nnd waterways, the irn.de  Canadians hope for. is to . e  diverted through foreign chnn-.ols  to the seaboard thei-e is but little use in placing the ad-di'.lc-i.-il  burdens Canada is shouldering in  the buiNl'ing of the Orand- TrunU  Pacific. A glance at the map  shows that Mr. Hill's Great  Northern .railway has bra a-, t--) lending up     to the  Canadian   bor i >r u'.l  or-   tho   way     from      Winnipeg,     to    the  i  to i'ac4(ic coast and his object, clearlj  ' is to secure access to tho vast  i prairie region which- has boon developed- wit-h. Canadian money,"', and  enterprise and to make it tributary  to the. United States, thus contributing towards the growth and  wealth of A/herican cities, nt the  expense of Canada's business cen  tres. The (jucstion promises to l-.e  come one ol importance and there.  are many who believe that it will  rerjiiiire all. the sagacity and tact  of our Canadian statesmen to solve  satisfactorily and come to l he  best interests" of the ' Domiuion-  The maritime provinces have already  taken     action,     and   the  Rome, April ,7.���������A telegram from  Ajaccio states that a family of five  people has been murdered as tbe result  of a  law  feud.  The courts had ordered a man by  the name of Pola to pay a deit  within .three. days to a neighbor  named Honci. On the third day,  I'ola,      accompanied     by   two    men;  siderahle doing in the way of local  entertainment. Some of these entertainments will be these of the  Rath-bone Sisters, on Monday, April  16; Pi'esbytei ian Chi reh Conversa-  yiuie. Friday, April 20; Oddfellows'  Reception, Thursday, April 26, and  the Excelsior Club Concert and  Dunce, Friday,  April 27.  from tteir former  home at  the hall,  to tbe  new jj-uarlers at thc  paik.  Groat interest was manifested in  tlie handling of the cougars ami  lears, b .t very little diiriculty was  experienced iu the niaiiajgjement ' ol  either of these fero.'-ioiis specu-s of  wild life. The cougars were unceremoniously .buncTled into a wagon j'  while George Macdonald leading one  of the bears.at the end of a chain,  ga'.e a \ery good imitation of the  professional  animal trainer    handling  will be isent up from the top ct store. However, if the worst conies  Messrs. Ulair it Adam's store, so ne- to the woiet, 1 can corral a few of  where around Easter, probably in those wharf road stories and one or  Sat'rday e\ening ne.vt. i two others tliat have been going  tins  The hallo, n has just been received rounds, and, "by standing directly iin-  from tiie h'asl, and has not yet lt*eeii der the mouth of the balloon aiid  exi-crimented   with. " speaking clearly,  I  think ,I can send  Mr. E. Joiies will   le (he aeronaut  lur.u'p all right"  in <h:,rge, and  is alreaily   postr*!   up-      Although   not.   on   exhibition,     Mr.  on   thc details  of  the ascension.    In   Jones kindly allowed  the interview'i r.  an  interview  today,   Air.   Joiifs' said:   to   sec the  balloon.     II-  is   a  many-  ���������'While I have iuI seen this par- eolored afl'aii', and has, even uIpu'  licubr balloon inllated, I should nofjinflaterl, fliiite a holiday appcar-  .judge, from' seeing it in its collaps- ;0-. infla'ted, b������ite a holiday appeared condition, that it will be rather ccs are attached, including the lr������������������-  a  large aliair. crae'ers  which explode v.hen tlie bal-  | "No, 1 do not intend to make an loon has reaclod the proper eleva-  "sceiision myself, bat will sec (hat tion. V lijn the date of the as?m-  Lhe hai loon gets off all right, and sion is (Infinitely fixed, further parti-  .vill attend to Uie fireworks, etc. at- oulais will he given. In the mean--  atlached. * time,   Mr.   Jones  would  consider    it  "My wo.st dilficulty will  he in the a favo������  if some    of the local fisher-  filliinr.    Owing  to the large    crowds  men    would call  en him  after,.office������  which we expect will  be in   attend-  hours and  allow him to lay     in   a1  anee, it wfll  5>e impossible to   build   nood stock of fish stories to Ue usi-,1  a   fire   to  obtain  the  necessary     hot   in  filling the ballcoii.  <' -/;.  I.'"  'j ��������� ^'  l   y-  i:!  'r/Kl  ��������� \'i'  ' '^i  . -'a  :\i  j/1  l-T-fP  'M*  - .v  '/..ri  "'- i :J  ' ��������� J! I  -^  ��������� 'Ml  ���������bill  "41  ���������mi  1*3  im  'i'll'RRW BABV-'S BODY to  tlie badly  scorched  condition    of  INTO THE FURNACE   the body when  it was recovered.  Seattle,  Wash.���������The bi'-ly of a baby  ;���������������'   was      thrown     into   the    furnace  of   VANCOUVER PASSES  Stimson's    mill  in  Ballard,   Monday ���������    FIFTY  THOUSAND MARK  night, it, is believed tlie child was Vancouver, April 7.���������The popi'bv  (iead when (he act was connnitteU. tion of Vancouiver, conservatively,fi.,-  an o'-strepjsrous brute. Al.out the Pate\ck Burkel the night watch- ured from tne informatioT1 now ia  first thing that happcmsl" after the man yl Uu; miii> was making the 'unhands of the Henderson Directoi /  bears bad Le;n landed on thc side-- roilI1(ks 0l tlie ������u'-<-i'*-g when he no- Companv for 190C, is'51,230. Th-i  wal'< at the hall was an uiilooleu tical a ,na" al-������ut 23 years old, Wft8. r:c*-,cil,-.d bT Mr.. Jas. Hendei-  ror attack mon an inolTens ve dog, ffni������olh sha'.en, well dressed, and ap- son loday-'0n the basis of the 17,-  which canine, however, succeeded :n l,arpIltly weighing aj,o..t 150 pound-s, ^90 names which will aupear in th������  niakiuK his- eatai:*, owing to lhe v'"[10 V('"t up ,0* t,,c'- '"naec, ��������� in^irectorr. This, multiplied- bv three  successful efforts of George Macdon- wlnch u,ere was il blazing fire, a������d as ;the arerare si?e of each 'house-  all, who managed to hold down  the  threw   n  a hhnil^ wrapped ��������� in     pa-  hold,  gives the total.     This     figuro  fei odious  animal   long  enough  U-, per  mit  the  dog   to  away.  ma! e .a  qiiicl:    ge(-  Th^ god of modern Lon������ion is money, not me'.'ely in the city but also  ,' in the Church. The wor���������t olTen.ders  axe women whose ostentatious display of weal tli is the mist powerful  ir.centi.-eito the illicit greod for gold j  ���������Sir Roilert Anderson, in. the Quiver  Miss   Annie   Bount  arrived   on the  ���������1- o'clock train  fiom  Nanaimo today  per.     Burke asked him   what he was   Snellldes North  Vancouver,  doing,   W,t receive  no  answer,     the      lB0Y HERO UNDER KNIFE,  fellow xpllckly    huriying away.      Re-  * Dcn..cr,    Col .-Displaying  fortitude,  leving  that  something   was    wrong,   which ^oaiJv  surprised    Uie     polin,  surgeon,  Vyilli'am   Downs,  aged   eight  IN OPEN AiR SE.VEN YEARS  Loudon Family Housed on the -  ' Commons.'       ..  (London���������The extraordinary' statement that a family, consisting of a  father and his grown-up ison and  daughter, have lived for saven years  on Streatham common, sleeping in  the open air in all weathers, was  made at- the Southwestern  court.  Eriust Gii-awl,  a well-dressed    and  well   educat-cU   man   of middle  . age ;  Burke raked the bundle out. The  paper by this time had been entirely burned away ami there was- expo- oJ Iho ,hody of a male child,  about three weeks old. Burke immediately    notified tbe     police     and  years,  submitted   to  a painful   opei-  ation at jioli.-e headquarters without;  a quhcr  or  an  outcry  and   without  anesthetic.  Tlie .l.ov,   who  is the son   of a wi-  -4-  STURGEON SCARCE.  New Westminster, April 7.���������Sturgeon fishing is apparently dying out.  Where a few .-years-ago- .-sturgeon  were numerous and ran up "to 1300  and MOO po-irkls iu weight, only a  few small fish are obtainable. T.hc  price of sturgeon, or Fraser * River  police J beer, as it is often called,. is rapidly  rising in conseqjueiice. The sturgeon  that arc now coining in are -mostly  from the Pitt Lake district.  went   to  Loner's    house and     stated  that   hj  had brought the money with   his son  William  Edward   Girard  and  him. his daughter,     Alice  Eugenie Girard,  He  asked   th���������t   Lcnci's  family,    he who  were-both  neatly  dressed,   were  present and  witnesses  to  the    trans- .'barged    with  sleeping out-    without  action, and  Lenci  called  in his    .sis- -any 'visible-means of subsistence,  ters and  three daughters. |    A   policeman   said that,    they    had  '   As   LcniT tco':i   a pen* to sign    the been  familiar  figures on the. common  receipt for   the money tbe three  vis- for many years.     They were therein  iters  raised  th.ir rifles and. fired two all weathers,   in   rain, siio-.v and frost |action  results   from  the previous  fil-  \olleys, killing the entire family   ()n' day and-night.     Complaints had been   ing of a petition for  divorce against  the sjot-.v   The murderers were after- made by  the residents al.o'it the com   h-r,    and it  is in a cross     petition  TWO BATHS IN TEN YEARS  Des Moines, la.���������Because her husband took iwo baths ; in ten years,  one of them being occasioned by an  ac'chiciital fall into the river, Mrs  J sola Harvey, has brought suit, for  divorce  against  J. J. .-Harvey.'   Her  gave them a description of the man. dow was stealing rides in railroad  Coroner Carroll and Dr. N. ;W. yards, wlien he slipped from- a box-  I owell he d an inques't over the bo. car and fell heiiea-th the wheels of a  dy and establidied the fact that it:swiftly moving train.' His left aim  nad  breathed,  the  lungs bavin?..been    in dated.  Tlie ��������� coroner stated that he'... heliev-  ed tlu> ohiM was dead when it was  (Jirown into .the ..burner, but as to  the- cause of the, child's death it was  impossible to state whether it- was  from natural, causes ; or not     owing  wascrushed so badly vfchat anii)utati0i*.  above the elbow was- necessary.  When ta'.en to tiie police hea'l-  ' Quarters he repeatedly impressed upon  tlie doctor that it was all -his fault)  tliat he "bad been lu-rled," and expressed only one fear, that he would,  be..-piinissii������l  by,-; his mother.  WANTS OLD MANS'  rx:;H^E^*NAiSAfe  Vancouver;;. ".April   G^On   the   inili- I every par. ieular.     -At prose.vt the  intive of Aid. Hnlsc the health com  mi.ttec bus unanimously recommended that special representations be  made to Uie provincial government  concerning- the establishment of an  old  men's  home     in the  old  provin-  wnrds  arrested.  but- apparently   they   were  nev- that Mrs.  Harvey makes  tbe alle-ga- ' cial  jail  at Nanaimo. ���������  He said    ho  MANY WANT TO WEI)  CONVICT'S   COMPANION  Paris,  April 7.���������- Calentine M'erelli,  Uie abJcaiwlin-g     lKink   chr'c  Galley's  companion   in  his   flight   to     Brazil,  St.   is still ..a popular heroine,  and  is  re-  I mon,  1 er intefered with int.il recently.  I Then they were, arrested as they  ! were making up (heir bods of news-  ' papers under a shed, where they had  taken shelter from the pouring rain,  j Mr. de Grey, tbe magistrate, ex-  ' pressed  his a-stf nishinent   that   some-  tion  that he  has  taken but   one vol- ; had  untary  bath during their marital ex- '  istence.  She further charges that ber husband was fretful and stingy. She  says he would not speak to hcr or  the  eliildren  for   weeks at   a     time,  lhe  London     coiintv  John  Telograph,     an      iiulopendenr.    ceiving b unci rods      of      letters  daily.  Liberal - or-ran       points     out        the  They     come    from clerks, engineers,  great danger regarding  Canada con,-   lion tamers, a,ul   would-be  borrowers informed    that                     ..,,-���������-.  which   shouUi   and Me-rclli has shown a  few of-then-, co'.neil,   wlncb   is  responsible for   its  made      a  ^ a  reporter of  th������ Matin. manaveiiu-nt,  is considering  what   ac-  tlie|    Many are-couched  in  verse.       One Hon it c.:.n  fal.e in the matter.  would-be suitor   declares  in     nietie : !    The  father,     who  said   he  was     a  "Poor   little-  bird, pursue.:!   without .leacjier,   declared  that they had madc  thing  had  not   been   done  to exclude   and  then would  suddenly go   to    thc  them  from   the  common and  he.  wan   other   'extreme,    becoming extremely  visited the place last week  and found it most eligibly located  for  the  purpose.     having- a desirable  and   being-  fully  equipped        in  site  tire plant   was standing-     idle   onl.\ a  caretaker    being in  the building-.  The committee thoroughly agiv.*d  that some-place of this kind shoi.ld  lie established at once, and the t*it.y  clerk will forward a statement of  the city's case   to  the government.  Two old mon   were before   the c. m  mittee   as  applicants  for   tho        it:d .  Men's Homo  at   Kartnloops.'   Favorable   action   was   taken   on  one   ci-*������  and  the  other was laid over.  mei-cially,     the trade  build  up   thy  nation      is  factor  in   the enrichment      of  United   States. It     adds:      "Tho  transportation commission has emphasized the grave' importance. of  developing all Canadian transportations. ' Mr. Hilf lias no plnce  in any such scheme.., and . siibsb.ii ���������������������������  sboutd go only to his Canadian  competitors. While wc are tni,:-  ing about nationalizing the pr'.n-  cipal Canadian ports in furthe---  njice of the all-Canadian plan. i:  would be somewhat inconsistent  to assist Mr. Hill in filling tb*  elevators at New York, Bufl'al-i.  Duluth and Seattle and to carry  into  our   west     as  return  frt-igbt tho  1 am titled, rich and pow- the common their home for seven  and 1 will cover you with years, and that they had injured i.o  and  kisses."     But "tho  writer   on".-    "r^e5'  h^d a *-''**���������*������������������ against  tlie  mercy  'erf ul,  I gems  has turncid out   to be merely a hiim-  . ble engineer..  j "I am th? lion tamer Emma nad"  I tuns another. "My reputation is  I world wide. I offer you wonderful  ; lions, very quiet and capable' of hc-  | ing controlled hy a woman. We  J wil     'innoi-nce  'La Mct-lli and     her  lions   the  gift of  the lle.V  of Tunis.'  Wc shall ma'c much money."  j British govern men I, he said, mid   tlie  j police had no .right to exclude tbein  from  the common.  j When they were arrested, lie said,  t! ey were walking along- with their  nods under their arms, and weft?  preparing I.o mal'.e themselves comfortable  for   the night.  j    "If you imagine  that    your   claim \  against   the  garrulous, and alluding to the ehild-  dren-.-as idiots -end lunatics. She alleged . that he pullod a knot of hair  from; hex head and threw hor out of  the house.  But it   was as a "tight wad" that  Mrs.   Harvey   says hex   husband  was  a star performer.      She says he  refused to   let Iocs? of his coin    with '  such  perseverance  that,  in  order   to '  keep    the house  in repair,   she   was j  compelled  to  do the  lathing and   to j  paint  the outside  of   the house     as  far as   site could  reach.    She  claims '  thai- sbe  drew   the   line at   climbing  ladders   to paint,   believing   it   to  be  tie extreme of immodesty. :  ,    S-'h;*  alleges   that    another evidence  government  entities   you   of his    pr-iiiirio"s-ie'S was manifested  A letter from Galley tells Menelli to ske;i out on the common, you in his insistence that she cut his  that he sees a "field opon to his ac- are mistaken," said the magistrate, hair, and that of the children. This  livity" in French Guiana- "Perhaps! 'Hi'V were remanded, and the mag-'service wns performed in the good  very goods'-our eastern provinces r mjsht to be manager of a bank, istr.ite directed that im juries cou- old-fashioned way of placing a Soup  should be  sending     west 'over    our 0r of  a theatre here.   Alors, au    di-   cerning   their   antecedents   should  ' be   bowl  on   the   head  and clipping     off  own    three tran*"-continentals.  J able l'Europe."  aiado.  4  '  the protruding locks.  (The Herald.}  Thc settlers of Salt Spring, Pender and AIrvik' Islands desire-steamship .'connection with Vancouver, and  in     a  letter received      by        His  ���������Worship Acting Mayor Bethune it  was declared that tbe islanders  are  not  tied  up  to  Victoria. Mr.  Washington Grimmer, in a letter  to the Mayor stated that the settlors had reached the conclusion  that a good trade could be done  between that city nnd the islands  providing- steamship connection could  be secured. It was suggested by  Sir. Grimmer that the steamer  which makes n weekly connection  between Vancouver and Ladysmitli  might   make  rails  at  fhe   Islands.  The  settlers    have   livestock       and  general   farm  and   garden       produce  to   sell,      and   tboy  believe  tho  Nnn-  couver     market   better     than      that  of  Victoria. *  A meeting of delegates      to the In  terme-diate Baseball league will !>e  held in the Athletic club tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. Any  teams wishing- to eater this h a-  gue should have a delegate at  the meeting. -.;',;        ���������('���������������������������  Tbe Nanaimo Imnibe-r ^"Company  are busily enagageel'" iii hiiilding._ a  platform     near  the   big tresllt*  from which to ship their lumlior.  Workmen arc busy ' constructing-, ' &  derrick to faciliate the loading of  heavy  timbers.  MY. and Mrs. P Tnkster of Lady  smith. arrived in town yesterday and will return home lhl������  morning. ,  Sirs. William Pollock and family  leave   this     morning on  a few  month's visit to Mr. and Mrs.  William Marshall vrtio reside in  Scotland. Mrs. Pollock will- ho  accompanied a.s far as the, old land  by Mrs. John Hickman, who i3^  leaving  on   a  visit     to friends ia  Staffoi'dshire,   England. '  ��������� '-15  '- tt'  I ���������cM^ft^-a^M^-^n  ._j.���������_ ^. .  ���������w^!?* *���������������''���������-*'������--j*^nyji*"-J   J--i~'-.^^Twsi^r^ta-r'  ZZ^^^i^^^^___^^^^_\\W^^  w:  A.  v '  DAILY     LPr������cH!J  t;  '.'���������I  !*,  a:  HIE DAILY IfDGfR  f*-jtilistied   every  day  except   Sunday  ������V        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE   AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  *'!   cents   a  month,    $5   per   year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication  ��������� hi i���������������i trm^ii  sunshine  SATURDAY,  Apiil   7,   lilOli  ,1  Tin-  consf ruction    of   a   sawmill   at  fv.-iiin    Isi.ind   will     lio     uiimodi.iii'l;  coiumenic-.l     by   the    British    Co'iiui  Ijia   Timber   Cuiupany   of   Viiiuouivi',  which   lias   .se-cun d   a   contrivt, lo  supply     .">00,Odd   laiboad    tics       Co  the (Irnnd   Trunk  racific.  ' The Rev. Dr. Carman i.s expected  to ani\o ai .Wu- West miiistcr on  Satiirda\ from Toronto. I Io will  confer v.illi Rev. VV. .1 Sippicl!  U.A., in ri'guid to the polic.s oi  the (.'oliiiubiitii colli-j,c toward Mc-  Gill   legislation.  -Vccording-      to     i,l>c   ln'*-l     ini'oi'i.in-  tion- whitb    can    bc obtained,      the  ,   killing vi  a  mountain sheep on 'In'  day last     by    a member   of lhe ro_\al  party     near  Castle  mountain    w.-^.-i  gross  violation     of thc    game     law.sl  , 'of   lhe  country,  ,   and   wcic   ihe      ���������-  thon'U'es   of -Vlherta   M'giliant   in   11j  holding      the     regulations  ,      aa!  would     be   at     once  taken    against  the   olleniier,      no mattoi-     who     lit-  might  be  WjM.  HIUNSIE,  t<ir  Piesident     .]-.  W.   COHPKN1, Alanagiii'i   Din  ,   Teleph.uic   1-li- .    ,  Tlie Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd!  MILLS    AT   FIDDICK    AND   LADYSMITH- -        .   ^--  SHIngSss a Specialty  ma;m facturers ok���������  Rough ami Ins ssad Fir and Cedar Lumbers  LATHS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,     -ETC.,     ot   the   BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.      AM)   DRIED'   FLOORINGS.   AND  FINISHING  LUMBER IN  STOCK.  L^rinlt   & Nanaimo Railway  "Premier Haull*ain"and  "Sunshine Furnace  Two North Wesf Premiers  McCIary3>  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, NJ.  W .*U,  FURNISH-RD ROOMS  BAR  HTPLlHll W    T������   E9  WINKS, UQUORS.[CIGARS '  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  r- Holicleiy^  Excursion Rates  In effect between all Stations  Tickets gocd from Friday, April 13,    to    Men lay,   April   10th.,   inclisive.  Special Train  Service  ;       "    lii Effect -.a    .  '   ~,   '.  Good Friday and Taster Monday  Afternoon  trains   leaving   Lad snith,    Noi th' o-.u d,    at 6:45   j>. 'm.  Afternoon   trains   leaving   Lad. smith    Koi. h' o.md  at 5:00 "p.  m.      '  Regular train service Saturday, "14th,   and  Sunday 15t������>.  G.L.Courtney,  District Pcnscngcr Agent  A.J. vicMU .TRIi-I, ������'rop 1  ���������\o-  LADYSMITH. P. C  !}a  Newly fitted up a*,-*--  Furnished   "  G*x)d tables and gtx d  " Rooms  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHAWTNG  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Execute*  If   the   Vancouver    World i'<m!i.>  wants I.o do Vancouver good!  it will slop referring to the 100.  000 <Chili, as though it is tin-  offspring of that particular newspaper, ft will take more than one  newspap'T to make a cily or' n  hundred thousand out of Vancouver.   o   CHURCH NOTICES  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rev. il Boyle,1 pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  ".   - Evening   service��������� 7.30   p.m.  Evening   Service���������7   p.m.  Bible study class, Wednesday even  -,ing  at 7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Rev. R.  J. Bowen, Rector.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's  Sunday School���������2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.in  -   ' METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. W.  C. Schlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  A firm of Baltimore architects has  drawn plans for a building without  any wood in its construction. It will  bc six stories in height, the entire  structure to be reinforced concrete  and steel. Even thc doore, window  sashes, and door jambs will fee of  metal.  S. ROEDDING  J*        A*        *f        Aw  -   LADYSMITH  CANADIAN NEWS OF  GENERAL INTEREST  Not Guilty.  Melville, Out., Apnl C���������The cole-  bmuid Llo\cl minder i-nse way  cuneluded here today be-fore <'hief  jii--iice Falconbridye. At 10 iliis-.  morning '.his Lordship addressed  lhe jury . charging strongly a-  yui'iLst tbe aged ' prisoner accused  oi   murder   of  lus   wife     who sal  Hi -oug'hout      sUolid     nnd    impassive.  Um  Lordship      said      there were J  only   two  theories,   accident   or    murder        The     jury   returned      m       <-m  blow ling-, the   witness     who    had the  i)t--t    view of the murderer   was   unable*  to   positively     identify      Bradley     as   the  man     be     saw    in company   with   tbe  child,      Bradley       is  not  considered      mentally    sound.  Piince ot Edmonton.  Edmonton,    April   C���������Prince       Arthur  and  his party received a hearty  welcome   to  the   Alberta capital     to  day.  PORTLAND HOTEL  'V DAVID I1VNES, Proprietor. ,    ,  Hjard at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This  Hotel has   been completely      renovated.  Board aid lodging (1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHNTr'.A, Proprietor  Ticl.et.aiid Freight  Olhca,  Government Street.  A  Transcontinental  L     Trains Daily  1  '<ar Supplied  with the-Best-.-Wines, 1st Avenue  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C  i   ���������  SMALL   BOYS  AS  INVENTORS.  It    may     -not be generally known  that  many of our greatest inventor*-  liegan  their  work  when  mere lads in  i'f^cir early teens.Marconi,  the. famous  ;.; -inventor of wireless  telegraphy,   was  ;:^l)iit Id when he set up h s first crude  ���������"^apparatus;  in  which tin   biscuit box-  g-es held important places.   At sixteen  :::;:SaniiielCompton began work on  the  ;;?. spinning mule,  which he perfected be-  ...fore   he'-was  nin-ctoem.'. EH  Whitney  ..���������conceived   the .idea  for the cotton gin  -when   he was  only '���������*������������������-���������-    g;r John H.  lin.ir and announced verdict "iuii.  ijiiilty'' The aged " prisoners smiled  aril his eyes moistened at hear-  m^ the precious two words au-  no"iiced. ITiH Lordship then discharged him and Lloyd leit ill"  Luiit roo.n k'.lnmy on lhe artii oi  Iu*.  son.  Mrs. J. Kamsny, cousin of William Mi-Kinloy, formerly Pn---iji.ni  oi" ihe L'nlied Slates died in Vancouver on Wednesday at the home  of her daughter Mrs,    Thomps.n..  v:Brow was a lad of sixteen when he  /.Invented in his mind tbe conical  r-spring bufier for railway trucks,  an  invention which made,him immensely  rich in later years.  The  Su*,[>cct   Arrested  MomiiMl.    Apnl    (->���������linoul       J-Jrad  e\      wai arn-Mi.nl   (his     evening      on  --i: piciou   of   being      ihe       n . rdcred  >f  little     Ida     Ahi-rn,  \\h<ise      body  iias   round      in the   woods   at    t'oti  SI    I>aul      The   fael   that   the    little  -.ji.l   appeared   to   be   following'       t.he  :iinn   willingly     led       to   thc  surmise  that   he  was   some   one    with   whom  ���������ihe.   was  accjiiainted.      Answering    to  the  description       of   the       murderer-  ���������vas  Bradley,     who     up     to  a short  i.in.ie  ago     was  a   boarder      in      the  ���������Viern   family,     being-   compelled'    to  leave   for  non-payment    of        board  IT DEFIES  COM PKTJ TION  Best accommodation   for   transient  ind permanent boarders &nd lodgers  ORAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  aMy dirnished and the bar is up-to-  d*te. Rates (1.00 a day and *p  w>rds.  WM.  BEVERinGE, Prop.  ���������^-fluai* :*-'��������� -������������������*���������: ������������������������������������- -*-���������- L������iy���������mltfc  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������THE JONES HOTEL  ���������RatfF Jj.1.25 and$1.60���������  F eo bus'to all steamboat  landings ai d  ��������� ml v,-ay depots.    Electric cara every fi ���������'  minntOR to all parte of   the city  'md tftblelunexceile.d.  The New Train  O   RIENTAL LIMITED  .-The Train of.  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.  Every  mile a picture,   and  no smo'.e to spoil the   view. ,  Through Compartment,   Ob-  serration and  Pullman  Sleej)-  ers;-'   also   Through' . Tourist  Cars to^ Chicago.  At antic Steamship Bisunesa t7 Europe  is our Specialty  Union    Terminals, with   all;  Steamer lines'.  Herth reservations- by  wirel.  Great Northern, S.S.  Co.  FOR JAPAN    AND   CHINA.-  S. S. Minnesota ��������� will   sail  from Seattle,  April  20th.  ���������For rates, folders ,a������ui full  information, call on or address, "    !  S. .G. YERKES,  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash.  ���������E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent;  Victoria, B.C.  TIGKET OFFICE  Cor, Government and fates Sis,  VICTORIA, B   C  2  2  Train's daily  to St.  Paul,  JMianoapolis,  Duluth   and  'East. -  Trains    daily     to Denver,  ',  Omaha, Kansas City, St.'  , Louis     ami.   Knst    . and  ��������� Southeast.  Atlantic Steamship tickets on  sale to aiid from all European  Points  This is thc ONJA' line       to  YEf-LOWSTONE  I'ARK;  Tourist sleepers on all trains.  ,    For particulars   call   on     or  write E. El Blackwood, Gen-^-  eral  Agent,   Victoria, B.C.  Bft������  F.,BAYN������S, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST:,  VANCOUVER  B, C  \  ���������WHITE   COOK���������  and  ���������WHITE   LABOR   Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  inlfH'  Every (jood dealer carries this  ,. Bool; Take no subslitute  MEN'S..-kiP; WHOLE BACK  BOOTS .have double! scle and  siip/ Hungarian nailed and  standard screw fastened, high  or low cut  The   mot   popular  Miner's  Boot  ever lurned out of a  factory  VANCOUVER, B,C.  SYNOPSIS OF CAN A DUN NORTH  WEST MINING   IlEOT^ATIONS '  f'oal���������Coal ������������������land.s   may   he   pureha'?-  -d at $10 per acre lor sort coal   and  520  for   anthracite.   Not  more  than  '���������2(1 acres nan  he acquired  by one in-  lividual  or company.    Royally       the  rate     of   ten  cents   per   Ion   of  2.000  iniinds     shall      be   i-olleded   on   lb."  "���������ross   output.  ���������".'iiarty.��������� A  free miner's certif.o.ate is | j;  Tin?ted  upon   payment  in advance ol   |  ���������w.-in   per   annum   for   an   individual,  .������������������nd from SfiO  to $100  per --nntim  Tor  ' company, according to capilal.  A free miner, Iinvinu; di-icoverod  nineral in place, may locate a claim  I ..",00 x J ,500 feet. The tec for re-  ���������oriIin.cc  a claim   is  $n.00  At least SI00  must be expended in  the claim each  year  or paid   to  th'  mining  recorder in  lieu  thereof! When  "���������"00  has   been  expended  or  paid, the  iii-ator   may,   upon   having-��������� a survey  Hade, und upon complying  with otii  ���������i- rc<iuiremenl.s,   purchase  the  land a<  I  an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2\ per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee 55, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge    io  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles  Rental,   $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased.    Royally at thernte||  of. 2\ per cent collected on  the out-   |j  put after it exceeds f.1.0,000.  W.  W. COUY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of the In  'irler.  ii  CALEDONIAN"  Leads Them    Ai  -:o:  R.P.RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������:' :���������:   ��������� ���������-: :���������B.C  ' Under Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor,  Commercial  Mens' beadnvovters.  Modern and     Strictly  First  Clais.  Fire 1'roof    Buildimg.  WANTED���������By Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (manor  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salafy/ $20 00., and expenses paid  weekly. . Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required." Previous experience not essential to engaging.: ': -���������  ..  Address Manager,  132  Lal-e Street  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.  k J HENRYS  ,     NJUIES    QREEH-  H0USES AND SE������D  HOUSES  l")10   Vevtminster Road.  VANCOHVEB,  B.C"  Headquarters for-���������  PACIFIC (MOWN Oardcn, Held  and (lower SEEDS  for distribution. ;  Large stock of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  *���������������������: now.matured for Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection  Let me -rice your list  before placing your   or-  der. Greennouse Plants,  floral Packages, Fertili-  .���������zers_.etb.;V ' ~i.'\-y���������  3010 Weatmiaster Road.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  D:    Chailton,, A.G.P.A., '  .N^-P.,   PortlaiHl, Oie.  A re'You  Qoino; Ea������ t  Then ba iure yoar tickets read   rle  tba  9^^������M  THB CITY 7^1 KR KGT  ' R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  PAINTINQ.        PAPEkHAfSaiN0  ; ':erc.';";.;."���������  Work don* properly and at     rlr'-  prices.      A. /uii  line  of Wall    Paper,  and Painter's   ^applies   Residence  on  Roberta Street  J   B   SMITH.  Pro-  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  ���������nd: MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Paciflt  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,   THE FASTEST TIME.  ,��������� BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHi  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask you.  ocal agent or write,. :  FW. PARKER  '-.'���������"���������.��������� General   A���������������at,  ?0 2nd Aye., Seattla.  THE TYEE COPPER CO, Ltd.  | PURCHASERS   AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Worksat  DUNDEE  Scotiands Best  ^���������l������������������^������������������^���������^���������^'^���������^���������4������������������^'^���������i������������������^���������i������������������i������������������^'^^-���������I���������^���������^'I"^'^-^"l���������^���������^���������^'^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^-^���������^'^���������^-^-^-^-^.^  *  *  LADYSMITH,     B, C. |  ��������� *   ; *  ���������     *  4-  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver island, B, G,  CLERMONT LIVINGSTOIT  General Manager.  LADVS/niTH BAKERV  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS   ��������� FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding   .Uak������  ilade   to  Order  FRUITS   AND    CANDIES OF ALL  KINDS.    FItESH . BREAD  EVERY   DAY  Prices    are     Very Reasonable.     All  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP  LEE A CO.  ON THE   8SPLANADE.  CUBAN CIGARFACTORY  ..Dea era in  i mm -mt to.  Sole Agents for B. C.  J.X.SmSth's  .    RESTAURANT  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  Mannfacturersofthe Famous  '.CUBAN; BLOSSOM'  None bu   Union I^abor   Employed  n  J.  BOOTH. Prop  SHWES Yp*THS  Having taken ������ver the barber shop  Known as At Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, High St., I intend, by keep  ing coniipetent workmen, to conduct  a first-clasi establishment, and respectfully soliciv your patronage.  THOMAS LEWIS  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysn, ith, B.C  ' NOTICE  Tlie partnership existing between  0. II. Rumming al���������i w. E. Rumming  carrying on business in the City of  Ladysmitli,'��������� B.'c, as manufacturers  of .carbonated beverages, etc., under  the firm name of Rumming Bros., is  hereby dissolred. All outstanding  accounts must. |)e paid to \V. E. Rum  ming, who will continue tho imsiiiess,  and pay all accounts against the lii'in  of'Rumming Bros.  C.  H.  RUMMING,  W. E. RUM1AI1NG.  Dated at La'clysmilh tbis 28th Day  of Feb., 1906. ������=^i^  THE DAILY LEDGER  EARN CASH  In Your Leisure Time  If you could atart at once in a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earning*���������WITHOUT    INVESTING    A   DOLLAR���������wouldn't  you do it?  Well, we are willing- to atart you in  ������ profitable business and we don't ask  you to put up any kind of a������dollar.'  Our proposition is this: We will  ship you the Chatham Incubator and  Brooder, freight prepaid, and  You  Pay  No  Cash  Until  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising pays. ~"  People who tell you that there'is no  money in raising chicks may have tried  to make money in the business by using  setting- hens as hatchers, and they  might as well have tried,to locate a  gold mine in the cabbage patch. The  business of a hen is���������to lay eggs. As  a hatcher and brooder she is outclassed. That's the. business of the  Chatham. Incubator and Brooder, and  they do it perfectly and successfully.  The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than anybther  business for the amount of time and  money  invested. ,  Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women all over Canada and'tbe  United States���������have proved to their  satisfaction that it is profitable to raise  chicks with the  RINGLEADER OF  ROBBERS  IS CAPTURED  Moscow;    April    6.���������A       telegram  published by a  local paper   here announcing-     the    capture     nt    Zurich.  Switzerland,      oi the   ringleader " of  the  men  who  mobbed     the      Mill uni  Credit"   "Bank "of $137,000 on March  JO says  ho, has  been  identified       as  lhc 'former      cashier     oi the Moscow  post     oflice,        who   was ilischargi-cl  from     the postal     service     for   par  in the  December strike.  Lieipating  ZULU RfBELS  WITHIN REACH  OF GEORGETOWN  Groitowii.    Xal-al,  buata,      thc   leader  i-ubel.s,     i.s   believed  miles   of   Oreytown.      hie has  two   hundred   followers.     lt   is  April   6.-���������Ba n  of   tho Zuiu  to  bo within    ii  only  im  possible for infantry to pe-netra'.  the bush in pursuit of the rebels.  bMt oicrlooking their hiding p'-i-  ccs i s an immense hill, on which  artillery is being placed. Natives also are preparedt to tackle Bai>i  buata in nat ivc fashion in th.--  bush.  VESUVIUS AGAIN  BELCHES FIRE  Naples,       April      7.���������Tho     inhabi- neai- as   they  could    to the  > flowing  laiils    of the  viliiugeH  , in  Lhc    vie-   KuU(    i,np!oiihg  a   miracle     to  sla;  iuity of  Mount   Vesuvius    are     in    a   ., , ...  .    - - , the       uilvance       ol      the    coiisunui &  .JouiJitiou bordering    .on   panic. .Mauv     . ,,,. . ,      ,.  ������    ^      ' *     struuin      The cemetery     at     JJoscoL-  NOTICE.  No. I���������120 Eggs  No. t���������240 Eggs   ,  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BROODER.  "Yoars is the first incubatorl have  used, und 1 wish to state I*had;������2  chicks out of 52 eggs. This was my  first lot; 'truly a 100 pur vent, hatch,  lam well pleased with my incubator  mid brooder. Thos. MoNauqhton.  Chilliwack, B.C."  "My first hatch came oft ���������I got  170 flue chicks from 190 eras,   who -v  co.ii beat that for tho flril trial, aiid ;<  no early in the spring.    I am well '���������     '  ploas&d with   incubator,  and If I -     '  could not get another money could  not buy it from uie.   Every farmer  uliould have a'No. 3 Chatham Incubator.��������� F. W. IUmsay, Dunnville, .  Ont." ���������       ,  "Tho Incubator you furnished mo  works exceedingly well. It is easily  operated, and only needs about 10.  minutes attention every day. B.  McQuffik, Moose Jaw, Aesa,"  --The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  i.������ honestly constructed. There is no  humbug- about it. Every inch of material  is thoroughly tested, the machine is,  built on right principles, the insulation  is perfect, thermometer reliable, and  the workmanship the best.  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is simple as well as-scientific, in construction���������a woman or girl can operate  the machine in their leisure moments.' .  You pay us no cash until after 1906  harvest.  Send us your name and address on  a post card to-day. <  We can supply you quickly from our  distributing warehouses at Calgary, Brandon, Uog-ina, Winnipeg, New Westminster,  B.C., Montreal, Halifax. Chatham. Address  nil correspondence to Chatham. 311  ���������"Maiison Campbell Co., Limited  D>pt.l5 ACHATHA1W. CANADA  l-'actories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.  Let us quote you prices  oa a flood Fanning Mill  or {good Farm Scale.  homes   h'uvu   'been- , abandoned    ���������   although        there     has   been a       thick  fog  all day    and the atmosphere has,!  been  dense    ' with   volcanic     .   ashes  and the     funics       of     subterranean  Ores.     The churches     ai*e      crowded  day and  night     with     persons praying   for  deliverance*   from'   an��������� impending-     peril,     manifestations      of  which arc  hcaru     and  felt     in     explosions   which'" rcsojiible   a^      licavy  cannonade,   , and  in   the    tremblings  of *���������. earth,     which   constantly       are  occurring.     Tho     main     stream     of  lava    proceeding       from Vusuviiis is  two   hundred     feet     wide,     and      it  adyance'd . at  times  at the -rate     of  twenty-one feet   in a   minute,   the  intense heat destroying     vegetation ln������  fore    'the   stream  reaches , it.       The  peasants ,pf  , Portici  nt -   the . west-  foot      of    Mount    Vesuvius    cleared  their  grounds'     of  vineyards nnd  'trees  iu   the effort    to 'lessen the  'danger 1 from fire, "and resisted- Lhc  progress ��������� of the lava to their  utmost. The-population of Bosoot-  reeesa on tho'-southern declivity  of-;the mountain have sought safety in flight, and Boreeala to the  eastward  is threatened- -   Women -oi'  4.' "  this'villiage ..weeping _'with   ��������� fright  carried  a  statute of   -St.   Anno      a~  r0re.su lias been invaded by lave  The .scene at nig'iit is one 01  isiing'led grandeur aiid honor, ;>.-,  from the summit of Vesuvius Lhe!  iea;.ocl a column of fire fully one  thousand feet in height -md Lb -.  glare lighting the sea for nut's  Occasionally        great      mas'it*; ,.*.!  molten stone     some - weiring   as-  much     as  a   ten,     are ej^.-tijd   'iY-'in  (he  crater.     The -  villiage   oi Torre  Del   .Greco,     which has  been     eight  times   destroyed,   and   as    often     rebuilt   again is threatened,    and      the  inhabitants     are     in exlrcn---  terror  The   director     of   the   o5������a0rva*oi-y is  working   indefatiguable.       He        has  made    military   engineers     * ...ablish  telephonic      connection     bet wo-:, ihe  observatory     nnd   points    within  thc  volcanic  activity.      Tlie     director  U  night   said   to the   Associated -IJres������-  thai although the   eruption     present  ed   a   grave    'menace     he     did      not  believe   it   would roach     the   villiage;-  Indeed,  ho  said.     the present        vol  canic        ucti-. i(y        was   not  altogether   unmixed    with   good,     for  if i!  had     not    come     to    pass, a violent  sudden     eruption     having     a        fa'  wider   radius    ���������   might    have     occurred.  *$������ C\C\C\ REWARD will  t])3,UVV be -i-iid to any  person who proves th.il  Sunlight Snap contains any  injurious c Iii-jpicm!- or an}  1'vt 111 uf iuiullci.'ilii>ii,  NOTICE  is  hereby given   that  I  in-  !   tend to apply at the next sitting  of the License Board of the City of  Ladysmilh      B.C.,   for a transfer of  the retail liquor license now held by  me for  tlie premises known  as the Ladysmith  Hotel,  situated   on  Lot  9,  Block  27, to Robt. Scott and    Alex-  Smith.  F. W.  MILLAR  by his atty. iu fact,  MARGARET  A.   REII  Dated at Ladysmith the 10th day 01  March, 190C.  HILBERT  ���������**r-*-4-H-4-i-H������  -*-H-I'* ������*���������*���������*��������� I ��������� I ��������� I +.M.I-*  Any  x>  WAS NEITHFR  VANQUISHED  VICTOK  NANAIMO news notes  ~ The Dominion  government steamer  last   ,night from   the Smelter     town  Falcon  which     has  recently,     under-j Lnat. the  boys  would    be   up alright  and were confident of. taking thi  local 'boys into camp. The hoiui  team, howevct,     is   not   saying much  went  repairs :   at   - Dobeson's    foun-J  dry   ��������� left     yesterday -morning      'foi  Victoria   ou  a   trial   trip.-  NOR  secretary,,  L  said  .London, April C���������In the "house  of Lords today. replying to a  question regarding thc Moroccan  conference, the under  Lord I'JdiviuiKl Fit/maurice  that the signing of the piotocoi  would occur at 1111 early da lei n 11  not-'tomorrow.      lie   added that,  when   . the  papers     wore laid  on  the  table  in   the house, .  he   thought  tl.<'  members      would   agree", that        th.-  phrase   'froipiently    used     that throi;  had     been     "neither .��������� victors'    ..'nor  . ,itirpiis*hed"  expressed     the    truc'sit-  -j'ntion.     In  Uio   agreement, .'��������� .the n'n-  iler  secretary added,     was a    further  .^iiariiiitee for harmonious action. ' oii  the part of  the  powers,     and a valuable  step in   Lhe   process  of    the'  cs   of   the .Modiformnenn      of     civil-  i'/atiou    and order.     (!i-r-;������t.       Britain  had strictly     abided       in lhe     latti---  and   in the   spirit     by  the agreement  made  with   France      in     190-1,     thus  ��������� s* i-ongthcned      the     friendly    relation  between     the  two countries.1'  That thc business of the town is  steadily improving is' shown by  the increased customs ;recurns for  the month of- March. -The returns  for that month do not show  any extra, iarge single'entry, but  rather a general "increase of the  exports ��������� and imports of thc district.  Before  lr-aviji-j-     to     accept his  n'sw-, position with the C. V- R/  at "Winnipeg. Mr. F. J. George.  for a long time chief surveyor 1'ot  the* Western FuelCompany, was on  rhui-sday ^presented with a handsome set of instruments valued at.  '���������SOO.- Mr: ��������� I". K. Stockett made the  presentation -' and spoke in a verv  engollstic manner of -. Mr. George's  services while he had been \\ ith  Lho company. '   .  I  It should be borne In mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia aud consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  prom������t cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration; relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  amy tendency toward pneumonia.  g    Price 25c, targe Size 50c.   g  Mr. F C. Steal man. the local  chemist retained from Vancouver  last night where hc lias been at  fending a meeting, of the H. G.  Chemists Examining Board. Six  candidates applied for' certificates to  dispense, medicines, in the province  .Two.'were- from Vancouver, two from  Victoria, one. from Duncans and  one from 'New Brunswick. The result of .the .examination will "ol  be  known      for it  few days.  IN EARLY LTFrT.  The death of Christina Isabel, tho  two and a half year old daughter . of Mr. and Mrs. William  Steele, jr., Hecate street occurred  yesterday morning as the result  ��������� of a severe attack of pneumonia-  Jilverything'-'-that   was   possible to  do, was done for Lhe little on-*  during her illness, but without, a  vail.''���������"Tri* the loss of their loved  one, .at. such an interesting age.  in life, ��������� the bereaved parents will  have the sympathy of a large circle of ' friends who wiil hear with  regret of their snd ..affliction. Thn  funeral will to.ke place from the  family residence. Hecate street,  tomorrow aftei noon at 1 :'?0- Rev.  Millar officiating- and . A. E  bert will have charge of  funeral     arrangements.  Hil-  t he  but the surprise that, the visitor.*,  will receive in tho game tomorrow  is  pleasunt   to contemplate.  EASTER MONDAY CONCERT.  The St. Andrews Presbyterian  choir is preparing for a concert  to be gi\en in the -church 01.  Easter Monday evening. The cantata "JI.Muns of I'raise" is beini'  rehearsed by Lhe choir and will  be .rendered on Lhat occasion along  with several other selections. Ainoiii:  the outside talent taking part wil:  be Mr. Owen, of Victoria, who  will   render     a  violin     solo. am.  Mr. Ashton of Ladysmith. will be  another  star pei former.  LAID AT REST,  i'hc funeral of the late Mrs. J.  I*. PlanLa took place yestordaj  aiternoon from the residence of Mr.  Mailc Bate, jr., Victoria Road ami  was largely, attended.' The funerar  proceeded to tiie Wallace Street  Methodist Church, where s.iviees were  conducted by the Revs. Sanford  and Mr. Roneris. The members'  of the Ladies class of the Wallace  Street Methodist church, of which  ���������Mrs. Planta was assistant leader,  attended in a body. The pall hearers were Messrs M. Bate, sr., .J  P.. T. Powers, S. Goiigh, E. Man  son, E. Shakespenre, and \V. Archibald. Mr. McAdie had charge of  lhe   funeral.  On the night "of the I (ith, Easter Monday night, . a Masquerade  ball will be given at tlie Nannuu.i  Opera House under the joint management of the Maple Leaf Club  and the Companions of the Forest  This event will be a hospital benefit and as the proceeds, over and n-  bove the expenditures will be give i  Lo .that well-deserving institution,  the JCan.'iimo Hospital. It should  secure   a   most  liberal   patronage.  Pawletf's Orchestra will furnish  the music. Committees have already been formed and doing all  they can to make the event a  most successful     one.  Sunlight  Soap  is a perfect cleaner and will  not injure anything.  Best for .all household purposes, Sunlight Soap's superiority is most conspicuous in  the washing of clothes.  Common soaps destroy  the painted or varnished  surfaces of woodwork and  take the color out of clothes.  Even the daintiest linen  or lace, or the most delicate  colors may be safely washed  .with Sunlight Soap in the  Sunlight way (follow directions).  Equally good with hard  or soft water.  Your money refunded by the dealer  from whom you buy Sunlight Soap if you  find any cause for complaint.  Lever Brothers Limited. Toronto  ���������.17  FIRST AID TO Til Id INJURED ,  It'was-in the.kitchin of      a   smal  ilat-     The  occupants  _>irl   three  years     old,  a  were a little  and her loving mother and doti'i^  grandmother, who were engaged  in an animated discussion. Suddenly the grandmother noticed that  the teakettle was steaming away,  and needed replenishing from the  hydrant. The Chicago Record giv- j  ei   the story ns follows:  She took the keltic from the  stove, but had hardly taken two  steps when she collided wich the  child. There were two almost sim  ultaucous  striuks,      and   then th-.1  mother, uttering a third one, dartetj  forward and "caught the cherub iu  her aims. hor frantic exclamations  mingling with (ho agonized wad  of the child- and tlie hysterical sob.i  01'   Lhe   grandmother.  "la    about-     L\\o       minutes the  child's face was covered with layers of sweet oil, white oi egj,-  sanitary cotton and Houi*,. and  Lhe grandmother- was speeding a-  round the,., corner on her way to  the   family  doctor's  Thc doctor came and removed Lhc  layers of . emollients. Then . he  laughed .heartily, nnd asking the  woman  why   they  had   called   him.  ���������'There's nothing the matter wilh  the  child's  face,"  he   said.  "It must be her arms and shoulders," said the mother. "Tell  mother where you are hurl, darling?"  "I ain't hurt," said.the child,  "but    grandma'screamed     so slw  scared   me."  District Visitor���������Wen, Mrs. Murphy, how are you and all the children?  Mrs.  Murphy���������Sure,   they're     very  had.   There's  little  Bridget with   the.  worst cold she evet:...ha(i. in hcr life.  Ooiitfh,   Bridget,   toi"s1.iyw. tlie  lady.  Kind  of  Job  Printing'  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  TBE  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  *  X  *  ���������I'  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  Haniifacturers of the  I  <r  *  X  In   Brit sh Columbia  Lager   Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  x    edfrom the Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  4! Mt*������������������l���������������������������^4-I���������������.^-���������^^^^f^^.>���������{.t:.^4���������.������. 4.1.4 .fr������.H~fr*-^*-H'-K~-K--'H*-y  %  *:���������-���������-*"������������������ ���������������������������������������������-������������������������������������.��������� 4-4 4-4 *������������������>������������������*���������-f-M-t--  J4~4-4-4-44-*-f44-t--t-4-*-4*-ff*-t-f ' -<  f LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     k'ORNITURT  ED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY.  ������  lr  r  r-  ���������  t  ���������  T  t  MOV-  Stables in the rear of the Lac' -fsmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   ihe  A. J. W/-SHET, PROP  !���������������-���������+��������� ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������-������������������������������������������������������ 4 ������������������������������������������*��������� ���������+���������������������������������������������������  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADLl TO ORDER anil REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE       DRILL*-  SHARPENED  BY  US     ALWAYS    GIVE SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED  A ND  REPAIRED-^  -S I-I IPSMITHINf,     IN      4. L L   I T S    BRANC HE.S  Horseshoers and Genera! Bfacksmitns.  R. W RIGHT  Buller Street  -      -    -     -  tadyernith, B C  *      LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  *PHONE 66  LADYSM  n  **������*������*������3K������)((������JK������3l(������lK������������������j|t������j|(������*������*.-'*������-*������*������j|t������3ie#JK.3|t#3K#>  X  9  X  i  *  ������  f  ������  ������  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  WjjJ ani 3i<-:< f������- it!j  St:E J    KEMP.  OR  LEAVE - ORDEKS  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  riRST  AVENUE  W.  SILER.  aENEKAL JbXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY n������  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  PHONE     GO  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the oflice     on Roberts  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each m  Office Hours I P. M, 4.30  T, ] BLAND  Street   a;,(J  -.ih.  J.PIERCY&GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  SUPERINTENDENT.  mm  The Herald .sayd: - $& %���������������  The   Nanaimo   and   ���������. Tjadyainilhln-��������� i *s   S4h  tcrmodiate        Association       football  Mi  i^/a  .IC'VICE AS TO rATENTADiLITY    Notice i:i "Inventive Ajre "  trains   will      line        up   at     one    o'-   [ H-joic "How to obtain P&tenta"  clock   tomorrow     on  the        Cal  iun  grounds.       Word   was       reecu  DESIGNS  1   TflAOE-MAfiKS  | AND COPYRIGHTS  OBTAINED  M  EXCELLENT  Train Service!  BETWEEN  MOHTRE&L, PESEG,  And the Prlnclpnl Bualacss Centere of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  . PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Time Tables, ntc, mldresa  OEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Cleu'l Pnssenger nnd Ticket Agout,  135 Aoo.MS.  ST.. CHICAGO, ILL.  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C  NOTICE  From      this  date the undersigned  will not   be  responsible  for   any id  debtednass     incurred except on      ������  sw.ritten orOer signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEl.  OI-MENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. M������t  l������th. 1908.  al  Public Notice  HAY, GRAIN and  FARMPRODIM  Orders will be delivered anywherr  in the city promptly and at the lo v  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'i, os Ut������  EaplaBaii.  James Warnock  Attention is called to *;hc   fact that thi  Ogilvie Flour mils Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR.     hare for some *lm������  past been producing flour ln a   Tastly  improred and. purlfl ���������*  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising   the public  that  any  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  *s*il! he prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company LfmitBd  are the    only    millers in Canada whose  Flour  is purified by the Electric Process  DAY SCHOOL. Ladysmith Temple No.  5   R -.  .Usual  subjects   taught;   also      Ian- : Sisters meets at the Oddfellows   i ,,11  guage-O;  drawing  in   pencil  and  cr&y-  2nd   and  4th  Tuesday  at  T.o.   p.m.  ons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually. "  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith.  B   v.  Dr.R. B. Diei  Surgeon Demist  All  work guaranteed, and at reaso  able rates.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPBH AT. AU, HOURS.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove No- 4 U, A. 0. li  Meets in the TOO .K. Hall, l.u  ilysmith, the Second and Fourth  Wednesdays of eacli month, commencing Wednesday.  13th.,  1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited to attend.  By Order.  .  WM. RAFTER, Reef Sect?.  PATRICK BURK, N. A,  mt_t_m_mmm_a__u_  mmmmmmmm_ma)  m^jm *S"*������**fr^Wrt^,Sl3^1l^-1VlvS!B^1(._lJi ^_<���������*lii_  'J-*   **/*P" ������V������V3,>'M ������  .ww-r^jfi * ��������� .*..-*. -  ,u ���������������t������rf _**������.!i������ i.**jxt-^ rf-n*. -rw^.^**.!,-;  ^^���������eu_<.������-isUy������S*&   K-iUi^ru  ->o:rit.WiJ*-;r/.jr--^5ti.������^*''U-*'^  j-Xi-MJ^-ttas-aftawrt-i' ^J^flWfw&'W*'*'*'***^*^'  * jsiufiJiertSar !aEscsaKi������-Ks^  t>'iXiit2yi^SSt^W  THE TAIL  jjUF  LOCAL ITEMS  FOR SALE  Twelve   head   of   cows   and Milk  route.    Apply P. O. Box 99.  Smith's Studio  will open for business on  and after  Saturday, Apl 7.  and wil)   be found thoroughly  equipped for producing^  HIGH CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY Cj  in any  and   all  branches  0/er Bank of Commerce ���������  LADYSMITH, -        -      15. C.  Iilr. J. Thomas returned from Victoria today. ' ���������  The Yoiimg Ladies' Guild of the  lecal Presbyterian Church intend giv-  in-4 a Coiivei.-.-a'iiii.' in the Oj'cra  House on Kiiday, April- 2Q. A  sjiUndUl programme is being prepared.   o   AT  TIIE ABBOTSFORD.  Miss E.   Dol.son, Xan-timo.  I-I.   H'.  Itit-Jianlson,  Vancouver.  J. H. Oil-son, Seattle.  .JlIiii .1.  Lcnan,  San  Fnim-iseo.  AUSTRALIA SWEPT  BY   BIO   IlliSlI   FIRES  Sidney,  April   7.���������For    the     second,  time   in  the  spui-e  of' two    ^months,!  uist  areas   of   the country   are hein {  swept'hy  bush  lires.     A    million ac  res -between      the    Lachlan and Mur  Smoi'e Big 15. Cigars  Mr.  John (logo  was a passenger lo  Victoiia  this  morning.  "J lie   City  Band    hold iheir regular  SatiJivlay night  dance  tiiis evening.  Siv oi eight Ladysmith fishermen  hoarded lhe morning train today for  a couple of dais' spoil- with the  rod, most of them inteiYding to  spend today and tornoirow alongsidi  rner or   lake.  The I'S.ial foitnigluly dance of tin  City Ban I, which wns postponed lasi  wee':, will'ta'e placo o--* Saturday,  the 7th inst , stalling at S p-in-  th-3  The Eagles' annual /-reception will  be held in thc Aeiie rooms on Wednesday evening, April IS. Imitations for the affair will be out  shortly, and a good time is promised.  (VAJBERLANT),  (From   the News.)-  Mrs.  John  Br.ydcn     prisen tod     Mr.  Br.d *if with    a   little  daughter     on  Sunday night.  The date for the Methodist Church  Concert and Sale of Work has lwen  change:! to the 24th of   April.  A   lodge  of Orange  Young  Britons  was   some  time ago organised    hero,  and   after some  delay,     the  installa-  ticn  will take place in  the L. O. L.  illall.     Mr.  Range of Vancouver, assisted      by     ofliccrs    of  the  Orange  Lodge here, officiating.  The oiheers are':  Mns't-er���������A.   Andersen.  Deputy  Master���������-A.   Thompson.  Ric. Secretary���������J. Grant.  Fin. Secretary-���������S.   ALrams.  Chaplain���������B.   Recce.  Treasurer���������A.  Munro.  Director of  Ceremonies���������V. Wat>oi.  ; e<*tiiiei���������E.  Ilunden. '  After the initial ions, the newly  established lodge will entertain a  r.imbrigee riiers, in New South few trim's at a hanijuet in the City  Wides,  were devastated   a  few   weeks  Hall.  ago,   and  now  for some  dajs     past, I    The  Pringle Co.,  vh>  werc oblige:!  lhe   Ciipp.sland    dislnct    of  Victoria lo charter a   tug lioat to  bring them  has   been  abla'/c.    'Many  lius     have up   from   Nanaimo  last   Sunday,  had  l.ein    lost     and   liiuwlnds of     home- a stormy   |*: siage   up  tho   Ccast,    a  stoads,  farm    buildings and   .school*,   heavy   north   wind   ma'-i"ft  a  bad sea  H^ether     wilh    numberless      cattle,  **o   thai  as   often   as  not,   ilie   little  ha\e been destioved.    The disaster is  boat   sws  travdling  subivaiine,    tlie  uiiprccotleiit-e-d    in  Australian history,   "not"   times  she   was essaj ing   mot-  Many   talt-s  of  heroic    loscue      are  lor  boat   style���������clc������r of   the    water.  told.      At    one   place   in   .(iip* island, i    The wardrobes of the various mem-  liic    flames     swept  up  a school     in' hers   weie  all   more or   less   damag-  v hlch    were eighteen child.en.      The id  bv   w���������ler,  ."Mis  Rowan especially  buildings were cjuicMy in   flames but  suh'eiiiig.     While  the experience   has  iheiteadior jlmriiod Ins  class into the pro-ed  a costly one, Messrs.   Pringle  garden,   made     them     lie down  and and   Fahrney    think  of tiie   amusing-  cjvciLd them wilh blan'.ets.       'llusc slc!e and lecount many lau������*ha'..!e   in-  he satuatod  with   water  from a tank ciiients.     To    cap   their  misfortunes,  passing   rci.eatudly   through   the   l,re several drop   scenes were  set on  fire  io  fetch    Uie water.     lie  was  sen- by spar" s from    the engine on     thc  nusiy  injured,  but  succeeded  in    sav-  trip from  the  wharf  to  Cunvberland,  ing all   the children.                                 aji������l badly  damage.'!,  so that   altogtv  A farmer,  finding the  fire uncxpec-t   ther  Ihe  Company's  Cumberland trip  c.lly   upon   him,  strippod   himself   to   begun   disastrously,   which,   however,  the waist,     and  with h'S  wife,,    his  it  is hoped will  bc fully made up by  daughter,    and a  baby,     fouglit   lus ihe evcellent patronage bestowed.  \.ay   with  a  Hail   through  the    burn- ������~ "  TICS  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting of j  ^ tlie License Beard of the city of La-'  dysnmh B.C. for a transfer of the re- '  tail li(|iior license now held by me |  for the premises known as the New l  Western Hotel, situated on Lot 4, '  Block 28, to John Menghini.  atty      D. 11.   DAVIS.  Dated at Ladysmith this l">th day of  Maich,   1900.  I!  Eviry Man and Boy will  want a NEW TIE for Easter  We'vt a Glorious gathering of  Fashion's Fancies-Come in  and have a peep   ,  ,������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Colors that Harmonize  Smait; Dressy Pat=  terns-Some Elaborate  All Distinctive  Ihe Assortment is  Ihe Choicest  4  ��������� q  FOR SALE  Eggs from Pure Bred Stock  All Birds Trap Nested  No Inferiior Layers Kept  Barred,    Bull    and     Whit*   Rocks  jUhi'o Wyandottes, White, and   Brown  Leghorns.  $i Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  10. STEWART,  Bov 208 Ladysmith, B.C.  Walters &  Akei>head  I  have just received a shipment ol  Hills'  High Grade  INGUSH I0BACC0S  and  G'GARtl If S  at  -he   DRUGSTORE  m99Mkmmmml'   <tm~  Cabin >ts���������6 for One Dollar.   Stain,*.  Phot s 25c.     Monday,   April   9th, the  the photographer.  m-C  last day.    Scucncl-r  iVIr. and Mis. B. Forcimmer ' mo  expected borne on tlie .loan th s evening. i\hs Fortimmer arrived in  Vancouver  yesterday  afternoon.  ing bvi-sh.  T\yo farmers carried a delirious  comrade for several miles through  flames and sinoKc. A little ghl  Irving to protect her baby sislcr  r o;n the flames, had her own clothe  s i on fire. She tore them off,  .-tamped out lhe spnrl s and wrap- ������"  I :-d  the clothes  round  her little  sis  FIRE   AT   COMOX  A fire originating iioiin a chimney  of a washhouse at the back of Mr-  J. B. Holmes' store at Comox Bay,  threatened to make serious trouble  Monday. Very few men weie  about at the time, but the young  ladifs  of  that little  burg,  who have I  Plumbing and - Tinsmith^  ter.     She was    terribly   burned,   but  '    "  ',",.'. ~~'",'   , *,    ������  .*,,\ol  the ,ahv'������ life. Iso  oUe������   I,ro-el1  tbc,r  t!i,e,,ts  on the,  ~   "    ^  concert -stage,  qtuiokly  formed  them  selves  into    a  lire  brigade and    are  DONE  AT  Reasoanbie Prict s  J. ANDERSON  r^eavc ordws  at   Peterson's  Finn -  ture Store, or tclepiicne No 53.  CAUOIIT COLD WHILE  HUNTING  A  BURGLAR.  The  courts  wi  day  .said to have done such efficient work  ihal the lire was .qiuicUy extinguished, and    the  Cumberland  Fire     Bri-  I'he     Tennis    Club are getting the J    Mr.  Win.  Thos.    Lmiorgan,   provin-   gade',  who have  worn the laurel   for  (*atic<1 0M the ui  urts  into    sha-'.e for  play,     whit li   cmI  Constable at Clmpleau, Ontario,;.so  long,  are now  in  danger  of  los-  11  lilcely -commence on Easter Mon- \sa\s:    "1 caiidht a  severe cold   while   'nS their wreaths. ^     .  ".untinio;  cany  a    burglar  in    the    forest,  Mr.    Jchn    Stewart  is having   his.  "new olhcc on  Roberts  .street painted  -Mr.   II    Kay  is  doing the work.  s-. amp  last fall.     Hearing of Chuin-  hrlain's  Cough Remedy,   I  tried    it,  and %iier using two small  bottles, I  v.as completely cured." This remedy  is iiitenderi cs/eoially  for coughs   an.l  'colds.     nt  will loo-sni und  iidiese   a  ��������������� ..���������������������������'���������_... severe cold  in less time  than by any  Mrs    W.   .]    Watson a-eturncti    from   other  ���������treatment and  is   a     !a\o.4u  a  \isit   to   het   parents   in  Ladner |)V   v.herever-its superior    excellence   has  the st-a-ior  .ioanla.st  cic'ning. l:;come ��������� known.      For sale  by  L-ir'y-  "Mr-i    and Mis^ Haled,   of Chemain-  smith  PharnSacy. " '  us,     arri\ed    m   Ladysmith on     tlie " ������������������'-.-+. ___.  neon t-rain today,   , ���������' Smoke ���������Little. B. Cigars.  Mr. V.. Mulh'Ollaml h^s In-en confined to Ids ted for lhe past few  da's, r.nd is now i nder the doctor's  cai e.  The paymaslei  at tiie' Tyec Smell-  airived   on   the  noon   train  lod-iv.  ' .Ladysmith Temple No.  5, Rathbono  Sisters,  intend  giving a supper   mid  ht of Easter Monday  -     - st.  Dr. Dier can  he lound at any ti'  at his office on Gatacre st.  His   dotal   work   is  g\ aranteed   to   be  fir-  class and rates reasonable f*  RINGS  WATCHES  BOOKS  ssao  BROOCHES-"'  PICTURES  FOLNTAIN PENS  We will jriye you the above articles if you  return us-  WHITE SWAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  \if: Q. f-raser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST  AVENUE.  Suits Made to Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  *SJ������������  ������a--i-.������- iTi..^;^*.-;  ������2iSK?������^*iJEteiie-^  Di   Ci  j  IRKS, VICTORIA  Up to date  SHOES  for  Up-to-date  PEOPLE  n^ - -  fa������L,"\-".i  f"  ' ~Z- -"-l'i3'fSSSS������S?!i  sKiSSS:  The  following are some  of the lines of SHOES   we carry  and , i'e  now   in a   p< sit-i-on lo suit  nil.    ;   \  ALK-OVER. SLATER, McCREADY, KING. AWES HOLDEN,  BOUCHER GLOVE FIT. AMHURST. LEGKIF, WESTON, ETC., ETC  Jl:ST   RECEIVED   A   SHIPMENT   OF. THE LATEST STYLES  8!  -j..  BRACHtTS. LOCKET?, CHAINS, Solid Gold'and  Gofd Filled SMOOCHES  TheJOesigns are Very Attractive-No trcublc to  Sfcow Goods  CALL AND SEE THEM  A  look o-cr our Stock  will e < nvince that ,we are  in   the   ring.  S&air A yldam  TODAY  SAUSAGE  11  I c  B. FORCIMriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE  LADYSHITH  PORK  FRANKFORT  HAM  LIVER  BLOOD   PUDDING  Fresh Heats Always on hand  Panneli & Pias  '    STORY   ABOUT    DOGS.  Olympic*., Ai-nt 6.���������The tax on a  do^" i.s lhe ������ii|jjt.-cl oi an ojJiniou  ij^ Tux Coniiui.-sionur J. K. l-'ro.-l  in a loLior to L. O/imin, ol i'e-  ell; AJf. Fiost1 wrote in pari  a~.   IoIIoum:  "Uejil^ ing to your inquii-y oi'tho  iTih mst., as to why ilofcjs are  not lif������ictl for 'fixation, we liuve  to say'  "Oi iainally doys belonged to th<-  clasb of ciniiiiaK ferae naiurue. anil,  until *. i'i-y recently wore not i-oeog  in/.od h\, law as pi-oiiei-ty. 'J'heru  could lio no airci'iicy of a dog; no  i ecu very of duuiiiyos for wrongfully causiny Ins'- death, nor l'or -in-  juries  inflicted      ujion    him. While  uiiun   man'.s   most    faiihful friend  iiiu'l   follower,  hc   was neither     gomls  nor   chut I els,     kindred   nor kine. ,  "Of recent years, following the  progressive spirit of modern times  many coirrls' have treated, this fond  ally of ninn wilh greater consideration nnil have recognized him a-s  a species of property possessed of  aoine value, but in many- of our  m(ales he. ha** not yet. been accorded     even this     tardy   distinction  ���������'I'lidur i.hu Jaws of this slate.  ' Persona I property, for the .purposes of la.Mitioii, shall be construed Lo embrace and include  without specially defining and enumerating all goods, chattels, of  whatsoever kind, name nature and  (lis'c.iipiion which the law- may de-  line or the courts, interpret, declare  and hold to bo personal property  for   the   purpose  of  taxation,  etc.'  "So far as we have . been able  lo ascertain ������������������������������������our courts have never- been called upon to interpret  tlie   status   of   tlie    dog,      and in.  conseqiieiK-.e we are .without' a  guide to our- faltering footsteps  and must perforce grope in the.  dark without the illuminating- rays  of judical wisdom' to disperse .the'  mists- of ignorance that befog, pin  pathway.  ���������'In order that property may bc  listed for taxation it is. cssentail  that it have, a-market value. A.  dog 'may be a priceless treasure to  his master and unmitigated nuisance   to  the   world.  "Wc think that if a clog has< a  ninrket value that is capable of being* ascertained, it should be assessed. The assessments lists have  an, item, 'all other personal properly not before i.-nuinerated,' under  which if could be listed. But, if  each InxpayiT was called upon to  place an honest value on his nei-  glilior'-s dug vve believe that.the ng  giv-gnte, value might turn out to  he.   a    minus  quantity.  "It is no axiom that 'the more  dugs i\ jiinn possesses the more  shiftless nnd impecunious is he  and the number of dogs kept. in  a neighborhood is .a never failing index lo the thrift and character   -of   its   population.  "A   tax   upon   dogs .    would fall  heaviest upon the person less able  to pay and wlinl we are most ear.  nestly striving for is to place a'  fairer proportion of the burden upon those   able   to bear    it.  "Then, loo. pulling of n value  upon dogs does not receive lhe  sanction of IheTvest authorities, for  il.  is   said   in   the   Bible that 'the  price of a dog is an abomination  unt o  Uie   T.i0.rrt.'���������Tieul   xiii.  18.  "Taking al! f-hings info ronsid-  ei-nt-ion vve n.rn of the opinion thai  no su'bsl anltinl benefit would re-  sult from i-nsiHlin.fi; thnt dogs be  listed  for  taxation."  W e have an Up to Date Assortm entof  House Furnishings and our Prices  v^ill Compare Favorably with Victoria or Vancouver Houses  '. ' v  J.AGE CURTAINS  LINOLEUMS  HEARTHRUGS  MATTING  We will be pleased to show you  these Goods.  ������r*������ < ,  SIMfN LEISER & CO Ltd  Notice  A.HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKB1 lately    run   by W. Ward, on Roberts stree  WITH A FULL LNL OUIRST CL4SS MLA1S  PORK ANDSAUSAGE A SPECIAL 1Y  A Trial Solicitd  A. HOWE,  PHONE 20  ������r������  GARDE IN HOSE  Every Length Guaranteed  for  One Year  .F^iJiJ Stock:  Cotton, Rubber and Wire Wound  The Ladysmith Hardwara Co Ltd.  AS. H. SfiFSOR  8bllclt������r, ~BI������.  Money  to   Loan  1st. Arfnu?  -  UCVS^IVH  \Ve  should  like -'to show you,    our  lai'sc assortment'of������������������  WallPapers  Ranging in   price   from  ioc.  Double Roll and   Up  They are the very latest in Wall  iuid Ceiling Decorations. Just from  the factory. Over ten thousand rolls  to choose from. We also carry a  large range of������������������  Varnishes, Varnish Stains,  Paints. Oils, Brushes a nd  Wind >w Qa������  In  fact   every tiling  lo  Beautify   the  ���������plome, at���������  H. KAYS  LWA.LL PAPER DEPOT  LADYSMITH HOTEL   BAR  Having  ta'<en over the bar-room of  the above hotel, we intend  to run a#  first-class,  up-tojiIat-e establishment,  and in soliciting' lhc  patronage     * of  our friends a������d Ihe'piiblic in general,  we. guarwitec good  treatment  to all.  R. icoit  A.  Proprietors.  I:. BOOK M  I WISH'TO NOTIFY MY CUSTO-  iners .Unit iii future 1 ������ii-all be a  few minutes late in getting my  "COLONIST" oil ���������the train Ou  Sunday, and respectfully as'c thorn  to wait for me. 1 shall have  plenty to supply all.  J. A. KNIGHT  f  i  i  >..������..������,.*..*-a..*..  ���������>������������������������<���������������������������������������������.���������������������������.���������������������������������������������  ..������..������..������..������.���������������������������.���������..���������..������������������������������������..  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest .Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  Al| kinds of Foundry and Repair Wo? k  j    Nickel Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Ir.on Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53 p.  O. Hox  12.  s  ���������<t  v,  ���������������������������������������������-������������������'���������..���������.������������������..  >������������������������������������������"���������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  "������~������..������������������������������������������.j<


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