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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 18, 1906

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 Xeqislative" assembly.  h:  v '"*���������  APR 13190b  <y ^     - - *  vimxMpupmmJ**T<~'l*~������-*ij������l  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  'i.>-  VOL.,2  WEDNESDAY  Apiil  18.  lflOB  PRICE FIVE CENTS  BY  'FRISCO  EARTHQUAKE  ORE FOR THE ; L  TYEE SMECTER  Capilano Arrives From North With Ore-  Captain States Omar,Mines imposition to Ship 2,000 Tons Monthly'/  Ore Carriers, However, Wot at Present  Available-Vessels Engaged  ������ in Alaska '  .  Ihe Capilano arihod m poit   tint.   B. P. Ch.n,2j', Blc. ......  morning fiom the Noith.     She hwil  Bclie-aria, >Sh. .:,.....:"'.  on board  120 tons of. oie. from , the  Big Bonanza, Blc .- ..  Omar mines-and  180  tons  fiom   the  Coa'inga, I3k.  .Vf.rf..  G old" Stream*" Mi neb,     en (l.mina   is-  ft lamina, F\\.   .   '*i    .'-  lain I, foi the T\ee Smeller. Ch������ s   Ii.-IHb.dy, Sh. .  Thu    Capiluio    is     le-Unning Irom   C. B. Tvcmey,' Ilk. ,. .  SI agway, ha> nig touched at '\aiious  Centennial, Sh   ports on  the  way down.     The   cap-   hleelra, l'.u'.    '..'..������������������ . .-. .:  tain icpoits   bad  weather    most     of   l-'uterpc, IV.   tlie tup, today being, he sa\s**    the  Expansion, Sc   fust they  ha\e been  sii.ee  the   fast   Geo. F. ILillei, Str.    ..  of April when it was not, snowing.     Himalaya,  Bk\. ...  Srcaking of the mining outlook   ii>������h:di na   Sli. ������__. ���������   the Noith Uiis scusLn, Capt Jehu Isair* Rued, * Mr. ��������� : -,  sun st.itcd that the Onmr mines J as. N'csnuth, 111c" ".  could be shipping two UiousaiuLdons Kuehak. Sli��������� ..-,5 . v,_  of 01c monthly to the Tyre smellet Let G. Btirycss, BK'. <  if lraiis,'o<itulion was available. Thio L. d. ATns\ Sh. T ..������  also applies lo the mines on Oauna Lucile, Sh. . ���������. .hv.'.j  LsLu.d. aicL(iiiii'i,..tc*yi:r���������v,   -, ���������,,  ''lie  whole,   of  Southeastern   Mas-   Mupah, S<.     ;>.    _    ..  ka,->  'ad  the'eaplaiir,  "will "'C'liio-   Nnsl'.igah, SU     duLin^.  oie   in   quantity   this    t t-i ���������-.~n.   Client il, Sh       j-^  the gieat  lioulile being | ooi     li-rs    Pio.siei, Sc:      poilalLn    facilities. \t  "<i agv-i ;   Primei, So  this yeaa   they    aic count'Mir on    an   P. ramiln.  BVi.   .        . .  increase   of twenty-Cue pci real,     m   Kila Newman, Sc  freight  shipments o\ei   List sown"  .��������� The Capilano  will  unload he"      0  day,    proceeding to Yane.ii"-i     thii'  e\en ng. "  As showing! the tonnage, ( Lt-s   err,  of \essels engage I for   lIt - <=!'as -i-  o  J!UI(i,  for the    Alas'a salmon     i'������ek,  thc following list i.s of interest'  Tons  13.);'  S71  Fhis-  Morning   in   San   Francisco   Over  OneJLlGHT BY-LAW FOR  Thousand People Were Killed by Earthquake  at 5*10/v Buildings Wrecked by Thousands  ES STILL RACING  The Examiner Building, Gall Building, City Hall,  Valued Seven Million Dollars and Other  Buildings Completly Destroyed  NEXT WEEK  Will Receive Legal Advice on Frarrv  ing of By-law During Week From  v  Victoria City Solicitor  Request to Have Hop Lee's. Steps'  Pulled Down Made by Mr. Gould-  Will Test Fire < Hose  ������������������0  '; 1  'Oil  UoS  1241*  01  81  970  1413  U8R  1 G.'*2'  f, 10  1175  1271  11297'  13-12  41 I  ���������178  I'ioO j  - 22!) }  292 )  14-11  At the Council meeting las^   even- The following letter is self explaining,    while   the    subject of    electric toiy, and  after   being* icad, ,the mo-  lights wa.s niticrluecd,  there  was not tioii   that  it  be  lecened  ami     filed,  umiJifti-'y   "'"a-' "-"������������������                          I                                          "                          - *  1    hm     in^ii 'n.,i'i?vamiiwr    imiUinas   much discussion in Ilia matter.     Ai- carrioa.    '    '  ��������� -   >-                                 , 1   1   ,           ,, ,,��������� r'.<tr  ir 111   m������ nw?������--      The   Call  ajwi - axanunvi.    DU"ui|iBn    '                           ������                                     , ,-    ���������"        ������  ���������   "������' "������ ���������C"l"J"lV0   *���������' '^Si���������      .^ ,f~ ^U,e telro!0,. .������U,y W^^y     1... ������*. -   ������- l^n   |,st V-������������^ Apn   ^ W.  San Fiancisco; "April 18 ���������(Special)   of'the my.    No wakr us obtainable "Mi������>������.on ami fiom Bay baclc, are  ,���������3 p 111 ��������� Sr.n.,Francisco was nractic-   and Hies aie breaKm^ 0ut in    c ciy   most completely wred'od  5 11)  litis moinim;.   rTlu s'hoc\' lasted  for- tin ee minutes and  thousands    of  Liiildmgs woie dama^ciiuL" <le"istro}Cll  ,'���������*     The j_������-ss of Life  is rcpoitel a5- mviv p,vpat in all pails-  BASEBALL  :      FANS MEET  of brieK and frame  'I 1k>    leiior aiul exciliemcnt  ,v������vhich   ilroi's of_i������opl������ in  iiuvails  is  indt.ser,i/a"Je.     Akst    'of  lwild'n^s arc  t e |������o^)le    were     asleep whjn    ilia  hcc\ came     aid     n.chod  unto    tlu  trcets undressed      Buildings swaged  nd     clashed,     .burying many    occu-  v,Jaiits.      I'amc icigncli in  down-town  -r-ir-rr  hotels Tic     Lic'c llo'use  1-, i������adly  (l.imane/l,  i)iit  no loi-s  of  hie is     re-  - - 'poito-J fiom Kiti0  '  ' I    Knc-s    st'iirJ     in b\cry dueclion  At a  nieetiiic, of the local baseball   r'''c fil^ shoe*  Uuew sHUCt tais oft  ,    .,   .    ,      Ue   tiacUs  and   completely     wiccKod  club  last ccniug, it was decided   to ! "  depaitment   stores-, collapsed.    Hlun_'tor 0[ Victoria,   "was    communicated  .-cheap tenement  oigiiniwj   an  iiiterm-cdiate" team, pc"-"  haps two, to 1 cue-will. Ladysmith 111  the distuct Intel mediate Lca&ue this  season.  the heUwi aph olhces.  that there aie  It  is ieporto.1  1000 Lives  Lost  REPORTED  KILLED  OHice of Pcslal Telegraph Co ,> in  Hohart building is wiccUexl, as is  Mie> AssccMticn Pi ess building-  DOWN FROM  EAGLE CITY  town of Ladysuiitli,*'B.C  ./; ,        ,  , ���������    ..        .      . -Ueai Sir,���������Our -Oorpoiation, as you  with  reirarding  file aansing of a hv- ���������;,,,    ���������      "      ���������. ���������     ������   4   r,   ,, ,     ,  0 ������ will    see a  purely Butish  Columbia  law  which it was the  intention    of cnei js pD2parcd to buy, sell, loan on  Aid.   Campbell to introduce at     lost a,-ld detll generally  in Ben Is and   De-  ni������lit's    mcetiig.      A letter     which |������ntiues,    and if,  m tlie neai future  had    been    recei\'Cd from Mr   Mason  was read .to the council ui which  (he ^viiter asj'v^d foi moie mfoima-  non regaidmn the city. After the  receipt of this infoination Mr. Mason 1-101115x1 to lia\e the -by-lav/  flamed and in readiness by Wednesday iif\(. As this was, of eouise,  J too late foi introducing same at  j last   night's  meeting,  it  was deckled  Seitt'e     Vpul   17,-Samuel     Hale,   to  i.rma; the by-law before the ���������1110-t-  of P.I..I.-' Alaska, ivin the city    at , ">U  next  Monday  <**mnKl  and     Aid.  01  1-'le"' '      ,  , *     Cimpucll's  motion  of withdrawal un-  |    Both    postal    ami  Western     Union   the Rai.ncr-Graud hotel en route   to ;���������       ^ ^ ^ ^^  T������.n.khl  tlu  Seniors  will meet  Iho   Tck;,raih    ^Ungs     aie dailioyal    London,   Inland, canying  with h.ni ConimunicH.uis.  -  Ic- ��������� - ���������      ���������'���������   " ���������"   ni^tio   SjKC1;ii messages fiom Roald  Aniimi-  son,  the  es-plorci   who  lecently  AI bv Palmer,  BK'.  ILilfliUn,  Sh    -  Sr.nti Cl.ua, .Sh.  Sra Witch,  B'<  Strnd^nl,  Sh ,  Star of Rrssip,  Sh  Star of   I Iv,  Sh.  Stflr or lrrrnf'c,.Sh.  Scivifi, Blf   Snl-'fifov. Sc.  Suitinm, Sh.  Sei  Krif, Bl-  acomn, Sh.  'H  A   lcttcr  was  read by   City    Clerk  his   Stewart from Mr.  L. H.  Solly,  Dis-  iiiten'i'Suite7 on  the b'n^ci  gioun.ls, Scuo.s'lue is  catnip  its   wa>   along &pCcial messages fiom Roald  Ainuml  120   m'the  lnsL  local game  of  tall    this lLc .oM, bu|0  of Mail'et Street and -  -     <.. i���������,--���������   ������-hn  mcfntlv     ac  ll5'"'seison      This    will  not  only   Lc    a al las,I accounts     \\i.s-within    tJuec comI)Uj,hed    the  feat of sailing  1178 'iiood  piaeiu-e  match for  the Sviuols bl(-(1 s of'the 1 al.icr  Hold. The Pa- 0,0a UiroU|Kjl the iioithwest pas-,   uict land agtnL of tbe E. !&  N. Co.,  l'1(U i'foi   the .ra.PC with  Duncm t xi     Sat lriCiJ Aiul Sl/   Francis hotels stookl tEfc ^^   \Q  Nanscn(  the glCat  Not we- ' ������uing notice that  grounds owned by  18<ii I ui'lav ���������  Hit    -a-U '-nnS   son.ii.ol  tie shock. Rian cvpluiei,   who   is  how   nvnnster   them  must  not  be  used  for  a dump  H7t ibest'mlctn.o'haU.s    to  the f.nc,    and      Peai ]c /locKed   to  thc  telegiaih  of b - '  ,,...������.������.��������� -.     o������,  tS22 'mal.c'uic wkciion ol tho  1^11* 1 team jmes lo ^.a  ������..  17 3f.  3S:">  -M!hi  1301  1G71'  Messages to Friends  To England fiom  N<.rtfay. ' >������S S'ounds bv the city council,    and  i    Mi.  Hale    is  the managei    of   an ro-iuestuig that the council attend   to  'kii.'1is!' svndicatc that Ins just    ac- tie iiiutU'i  at once.  ',-.uiral large placer holdings neai Ea- Tins  letter had ���������been receixed  some  a,d   weie   irant.c because thoie weic  g1Cj  wincl^will  be woiked this   sea- u.nu ago, but .owing to   the fact that  -1 ,.() wnes      '1 he guatcsf damage    to   son wlUi diodgei and hjdiaulic on   a Ume was- no    oo-n.il meeting     last  111   ll*VC     l0 .l'uildm^s ocemied on  JUikl Street,   lar&c scale      He is en  his    way    to wie\,   the   matter   had  been left   m   Firc  ChicI Smith,   who  was present,  on thj liitcimcdiato   Jd cie " th,t.v     aic mostly frame and   ^.ndon to report on the piojcct and abeyance until such time  as the coun  ^ c(1 permission to address the conn  'tenement hoi'SK.                                         tl,   place the'oiders for the dredging ������1 met,    and in. the   meantime    the   Clh     He fcroU������hl ���������,, the matter     of  Fives occLiui.1 111 everv block m the   diwl i���������dis^lc machinery, and  simply grounds have hcon   used     Last  c\cn-   lhe paying of fir<.mcn who were work  "���������   ,'���������             ,,                               ".'                                     I   ������������������.."',,   .-.     . o     ���������,-������������,     Amliv.ll. inn          hnWAvP.f ���������       it.       W,1S   dCCldcd"'ttiat  district.     All  :Mt������reen^  ;    "and Mayor Make four; ofKro-     ;  :.-,'��������� posed Crossings^ ;.  Does "Not   Favor   New ^GrvirnmentilSd'on.  Road;Being Made From Brenton's  Crossing to  'a nutdi e.'S ei pioposition. So it  is up loathe yoinigeL asjiianls f r  hase-iall famo to get. 111 and diill  toiughl., a-s 1 he U'ltei tho show up,  Iho moie tUanrc ihey will ha-c to  catch a plnC  nine.  The secretary was authorized to  purchase the necessary paraphernalia  such as ualls, bats, '/etc.*,' and will  also o-'jlu'n sunicie-at wire."nettiiig. for  the'''erection' of a'substantial Lac'c-  stopv which -will.be put up befon?  Saturday's,match,.which is called foi  1:30. '."'.''  The Secretary of the club is expecting a (orreck'd. schedule of games for  tho- kccsoii- from Nanaimo shortly,  which will i>e puiilisheil as soon as  received. . Tins, .\vill give the fans no  excuse for not turning out to prac-"  tit-es before    a scheduled    uiatcli  - is  you should be issuing debentuies, it  might be to" o :r mutual benefit if  you will ad ise me of the fact, giving tlie standing of yom town, and  1 assure you that youi piopositioii  will iccei\e oui immediate consideration and oiu ijest adiice si ojKI >ou  ask for the same.  We have \aluable connections East  and in London, Eng , that would  assure tlie subscuptions of any Debentures'we'took hold  of.  Yours truly,  General Manager.  V: .-DONNELLY,  J.   Thomas  complains  of  a   stump  which is propped up  on  Bullet    St.,  and wh ch is, he says,   a menace   to  public safely, as it  is liable to    fall  at any time.     Tins  was also   called  to the attention of   tlie council in the  street    foreman's repoit,   and    steps-  will  be taken by the street commit-  t02 to-ha^c same iemo\ed.  To Tes't'-Hose.  The fire  warden's  repoit not being  forthcoming at  last  night's meeting,  Business is   Suspenped  .Power <>f ecc.ry kind is gone, and  there, are no lingts, either gas or  electric. '" '  I'etween tie I'ostotlice and   water  allil   nvul������|pul u   uiiuJi������iiv-������-��������� ,   >i"-   "-"-i--.- j,'"             "     ���������; , .      live  j'ii.vMiji-,"*   '"V"-"   ..--^       ���������  carries    the   messages   from ��������� Amund- ing,    however,    it    was decided -that- iag at t,he fecent fire at J������s:     Sar  son  as a.  matter    of accommodation (he s-eavcriser--should be instruct .ltd   ,���������������������������������������������������,.  house.     The /bJlL for   express  to the explorer.  Mr. Male became  Roald  Amundson duri..0  ��������� . ....._ . .  Eacle after his trip across  the     ice gested -that" thc  boat formerly  used   ef,. hoSe  to the fi;m at the retjucst of  from Ilerschel island to report      the j,y the. scavenger at  the spit he    re-   chic[ sn,itii',.'' should     present same.  ���������-   ,     ,        , -,-..-,(     ,|inv^   news    of  h-'s ".great scientific .accom- moved   to  a  point  about three  miles   T,-s ,,I.mi,e;i,t.'.up the question as*  t0  TL   2^VZntL2  ^ ! dishment.    In ^eaUngof Amu.Klson .u.rth  of  tl?. city      whore tha. road    ...,    ',.  ^ ,  _lM  ,, a   ,ood  l,j   1111,  which  i*   mi 1      ��������� . j      _    ^ ^   i������������������.���������(.^;irl^   ���������,,>,ir-li  i,<v .ivears  to runs   close  to   tin  there is- little or  No   Water;  FOOTBALL  and   This a's-> nccessH>atwl>/t!ie J^Hding of  First 'creek  aiwi  Oai'tain "Uichie reqiiesUs all the in-  ttti-mocliate fuoti.-all players of the  t-ity to meet in the 100111s at the  Bowery tins evening for the purposo  of discussing,the trip >o Wcstminsiot ,^..^ up  this week for the return game  f'l.ipf ConvmiKsicncf of Lauds rv  1    c ��������� ,\ inoUicr bridge'across Firs  WnrVs'  Hon.   R.   Green,   aceonipamtd auowici in.  f . ...  Works,   uoii. ���������-.*.-...    ,   ���������IW.��������� Con������i5lcraUre"cuUi'^ m' oriKt to     ������i  by Mr! Oambie, provincial UuM   s*       . -^    ^  wo|.k     haS   ^ t<oU!,n|..iall   College boys  foi  veyor, arrived on the noon train   lo- ^ \v*y ^ aM appeared in   that   t ham, -unship  of'l'rilish  Columbia.  day   from   Victoria,  and  at once pro- -^ ^ Mu  Gvrm    Jlr,. Gvcpi 'also!.    T> ���������(fieslion has arircn as to wlic-  cecded  to  examine  into  the ti������csWon ^i[cd a' clcaier  idea than ' obtain-   lnw- '������,r  .."t    the   team  shall  joum-cj  of a ci-cs^iu.-    over     or    under   the aide by drawing of ;the proposed   al  The fire is burning both rn cast und  .south si.uss of Postal Telegraph  building.  'I lie'damage (h.n-e by tho eai-tlK^at-e  apparently extends, all over the city.  The  VfREESSA   E BLOCKED  with   debris  and   buildings are   being  ItaiidetK'c districts are>  with'sale'so  far  as heard" fiom.    The l>u-  ui  (ituuuiHit'u.u-'"-'   tin: j<,fl,n.j<^i. v".u....< ut- ���������--*-.^ - . mno s   nouse.      ncu  'uun , iu*    ^.vr*^-..  fin I "a  new" dumping ground at  o'lCe.   Work he had ;not put in To  the coun-  aqquainfccd -   with   and  diseontiiiuc the use of the   f.res---cjj'. aS   he  first    wanted to. know   if  uring  his  stay  at  cut  place 'immediately.'    It was sug-, Iie'or  ti,c expressman who had haul-  ......    ii.o     ;/.i^    ���������.f.t.ii>.l   flint."   <lio   1 ��������� nnt  fo.rnij.rlv   used      ,   .    ...   .1.-   Ji..   r.\^-   . <���������   +Vio   r.nnii(vi:t, of  Avhere  tlie, road    wi,ct.hc-r or  not it would he a   good  mud   the  messages Which he bears to   runs   close to  the  beach  and     where   j:loa   t0  oUcJ.. a lj0TU.s  [ol-  the    first  Nansen, Mr, Hale said:  it  will   ��������� ibe convenknt to  unload     a   (eam   ^.j^ci,  arrived  at  the fire after  "Mr   Amundsen did not regard his >agcm  ink,  a boat,   which can    M>en ^^'^J^^J-^ UirilC(,  in           trip through the. North west passage i.e. tohn into the bay and duanrod. -;Mavor t, hfc...,. wqM hp & ���������,,  as anything out of the ordinary. He The Siuiitary committee will carry ,an Chipf SmUI howcveri "sa,,i  realized  that it was of Sc������ntU.e im-   out   th,;   irstruclions   of, the    council ���������,���������  ,io(  tMnk  it       m  work, ' as  portance,  but gave the  members    of   at o;,cc.     . it hud  been  tried before,  and  on one.  the crew of the ship G.,oa as much : Mr. Iscac Could wrote asking why occassion two teams ha<1 UITiml at  credit   for  the success of  the  expuU-   the  co.iucil    did  not  tale, steps     to '   ,     t u        m    u        whioh rosuU<Jll  '     ' "       '    !-   ,-"<   -���������     rr"  ������������������-....  ..,������,  over  on. a  launch,   and  this     matter  tracks of the ��������� K.  &  N.,  and Welling-   twaWcn  of    the wagon  road   froin   jK tu   he  settled  tciiLM  All   'those  'iivo.sfi*s������ section from,Market st-ioet.,.to  THERUS=  SI AN LOAN  who cinnot swim are particularly  rerjuestod to say so tonight, as it is  c,>ns'f!ercd wise, in case a launch is  used, to hunch all the non-swimmers' around the ball dunnf, the trip  ton Oollierv Company. ( -Mayor" Nich- Brenton's cross^ to ..run alongsuk  olson acccbipaiwicd the visitors up" a������d l.clow the trac s 0-^,0������V.'t,IC ]'J\  the track as far as lirst creek, where. & N., nrvl -WeUinit,^ Colliery ��������� <- 0.  Mr.  Grwjn  made an .'inspcclion of the   This' nn-.ts hys-been ���������surveyed and   a  new   bridge   wh:ch   has   been  pu-t     in   vewrt    made of '-S'.-in.?. =  Upon -Mr,       ... ..,.������������������,,,������������������,..    .,. ��������� it   is  l,V,tl������.Wtrn.ton Oollierv Companv. Green in,;MH:in,��������� hont .Mr... Gamlb.e 0ver ���������, c^e of *���������W>> ^ l J  At-HAi. i:o^nt%he old wi,g���������,i " road w iat advantages- sveh. a road w.vdd tho.ght- best th.t they shmddJ>c n ,  has been switched over- from U������'.: w- ��������� have ���������-er the ,���������,t cue, .the .latter tho-forward line when it comes ^ .  , ���������' to the upper side of tbe ,,��������������������� -grntle.r.ai, replied that he could see petting back into the boat, llotvnci ,  ���������Irtllnc'   Z    .avoiding two   no**-  none. It    would    avoid  cly    one . r������rt.  Richie will explain  f-ngs    to-  ings of thc  track by the wagon 'oad. (Continued     on Pago Four ) night.  St. I'ctorshurg, April 17.���������'.the ������.ic  eeswful uo'gotiaUuiv of a foivigu  loan of i? 150,000.mill ruinous as'  utv Liu; rates whk-h Uus-sia is obliged to give 1'or t'ho moiii-v.  tricules     lhe   gf)vernincnl. from nvm-ii  tion as he  took lumself. to  have  the steps   in  front of     Hop   Jn  a   dj      ^  aS   lo   who;was cniu  "U.hen  he left Bigle^to  start     on Les's  shop     a.,d   Christie's  boarding. c(, iQ   ihc fne fIoIIars  on.prc(1   -   ,,-������������������  the    mush    back    to Ilerschel,     Mr. house ren.ovtd.    "c slated that, shn-   chicf       intpd   Mlt  lhat  sUn.ilar     ,Us.  Amundson-  did      not  seem   to  think . ilar stc-s  in other  portions   of     ihe       ,cs  W0Il]l, ariw aS j        as gutn   a  that he was undertaking a lnd task cily  had  Ix-cn removed, and    wanted     ^ WcS .^ fc,rre     ,rhcrc wil] ,;c   ���������n  and   to  talk with him one would   al- to  know  why  these  should toe     left,   Von���������s o(Tcm1, bT1f any express engag-  most think lie  was simply going out as  he-considered   them  as   dangerous'   ,, ,      |,       r       j- -. .    -     .    ���������.'   ���������  in  for a pleasure jaunt,"  as any-    The matter was left to the  In    speaking, of     the  prcs-ccts in   St-rret Committee to report on.  mining    iii     the  Eagle d''strict  this      W.   Siler  as" e:l  permission  through  year and . thi pluiis-of the syndicate   a letter  to  put. up  a  post n?-ar  which Tie reprrsi-nis to operate   their ' sidewal'r   in   front  of   his  plarc  th  for  prof-crty, Mr.TIale.su'd: ithe  p-urrose  of erecting a  sign.       It  "The ground ,at. Eagle is low grade   was     thnup.ht by some, of  the alder-  but we have i>n s lected sufTiciently to   ni.i-n  nies-iait that such signs bad been  0..j- know "that   it  will   pay   for dredger .forbidden     last   year,    and  in  some  ox-  or hydraulic operations  and will put   cases   the  owavers  had been     obliged  in at  lpfi.st. ��������� one   ilrcdcer and  s-veral   lo remove    same.        However,      the  their bill   to the council.  Rc<rar:liug the testing of the hose,  which the Pre wardens had requested the chief to have don-1, the latter  iiiriiiired F it were pevmis^able to  call out- the brigade for'this purpose. He stntcd that while he woula  not nood a full brigade, those who  tvrned out wo'ild have to be paid,  as it was rather a lengthy, unpleasant  job.     The  council decided   that  of its ombivri-nsstneiU am! ounl.vs  i(. to clean- the docks of the accu-.a-  ulation of debts and furnish th*  necessnrys to Uwp the treasury n-  bove water,     at least   for two years  -     1 >iJ,HO       ILIlt. i ll*-      WJ������m-ii       ������������������������wvv-������-���������          giants this season. There will be ..s-treet ccvmmit'fee will investigate, the firemra were entitled to. regular  verv little o"eration this year, .is h and if th-y find fh-t the proposed ray ror ih?, worv,-. As to the neces-  ....-,.   ,.,..' a., <���������,.    ,,1,-t   r,r     the   sign  will not    interfere with   traffic, ; sjt}r  of a tp.s^  uie  chief stated that  will   take   U12 greater    part  of  season to ijet, the machinery   on   the ' or  ground and installed."  rfue     an   inconvenience   to   the  public, permission will be granted.  (Continued    on Page Four ) DATTV      T.TTvOHB  M DAILY LEDGER  ,f"������blisbed   every day except Sunday.  8*,   ,   THE       DAILY;-,    LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION *?RICE  advance.    Advertising rates on application.  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  WEDNESDAY  April 18.  190C  LIVELY TIMES  IN RICHMOND  Orders Promptly   Executed  "jl / T   l-hs'llil)  j Wlvl.r, Fl R\!sll   ROOMS  ABBOTS  A. J. McMUKTR;i5, Proprietor  ii ���������' y  ,CIC,A RS  i#ROEDDING  ~ f "  -   LADYSMITH  JLT  BAKbLlUlll    V  WINTS. SJQVrv'  il| AT C  fly I tin  I ADYl-JV.I'SH, H. ���������  ��������� "v , Vancouver, April 17.���������The usual  dull routine of the sessions of U><-  ltichraoncl municipal . council weie  enlivened at thc iabi. meeting by i-  heatbcl wordy altercation between  tho reeve and tbe municipal , Pool:  Bah,      Mr.       A.     IS.   Dixon,       cleri������;  ���������   abbossor    and  collector,    which     ended   in   the  passage   oi   a     resolution  by  the  council   requesting   the     cleiK  to   resign    within   :i0   days  aud      o.-  ' tiering- the rcovo to advertise ior\ up-  ��������� plicants   for  the   job.  The, council had ordered the corporate seal attached to an application to 'the Dominion government  for aid in maintaining the' Norih  Ann' bridges -when the reeve asUed  that ii be attached before be had  signed it, as he wished to mai'  it himself. This Air. Dixon refused  to do and from uecounts of tho  meeting the next few moments  were as' follows: "You will," "1  won't." "Yes you will." "No t  wont,," etc., etc- , etc.,. Finally the  .council ordered the reeve to first  sign the, document which was don.., - .  but the chief officer immediately got V  square  for  the   temporary '  ' by stating that tho    clerk  stantly  retusing-      to  obej  gain   there  was  a  war  of  words   when   the    motion      for        request for resignation   was introduce 1  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for S1I3  SEf<:  J.   KEMP.   OR  LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6 0  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WAT6R W0 *K3  Consumers ate requested to call at   the office     on   llolwrt^   Street i.  pay Water    Rotes, between the 10th   and the 2r>(li <>f each menth.  Office Hours I P, W. 4.30  * T. 5 BLAND  Slil'EUINTEMJENT.    '  I  ���������  Lad/smith transfer stable  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     * UJtNlTUIU  MOV  ED PROMPTLY A    ND SAFELY.  Newly fitted up arid  Furnished  R  ?*,  DA\  Hi.  )  '1YNES,  Propiictor.  Goof! tables aud good  Rooms  HOT B L.  Board, at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra   well  Stocked  This  Hotel- has    been  completely       renovated  Board  afid 'odging J 1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHNTPA, Proprietor  i  '*ar  Supplied  with  the  Best   Wines, "st Avenue .-:":-���������   ���������   Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  Best accommodation for transient  \nd permanent boarders and lodgers.  OR AND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comlort-  aMy furnished and the bar is up-to-  ������!��������������������������������� Rates $1.00 a day and ������p-  WArds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop  n������vu������ft*������ ���������-- ���������-��������� ���������-��������� ������������������ T "'^'wttv  THE JONES HOTEL  victoij j j  was cow- I  .him-     A-1  I  Stables in the rear of the Lad  ysmith hotel.  Abbots    ford.  Leave orders at   thi  heated  A. J. WASKET, PROP  a      vote  of   4  then   demanded  to.  I  OBJECTED TO FOREIGNERS  ;,       St. Catherines, OnL.,   April       17.���������  r,.)   Men     employed     in     ilnlleablu    iron  department     of the   UcKinnon   Hash1  .   -  ���������          ^^ and. Metal factory     struck totlny   he.  cause of employment     of  foreigners.  His  Wife���������Have  you  haul  a bad day   'the Company for  some   time      pa=>t...  and "carried  by  , 2. .   The  clerk  committee  of  investiga* ion    hut  -action was taken on his'request  ', deaf?  ,* ' The'Financier ��������� Yes,   I list   o-cr  . $250,000.     And   the     worst of it   is  '   that    SJOfi      of  that    was  my  own  money.���������Life.  -     ���������" FAME'S PATHWAY.  .'Senator Knox of Pennsylvania   has  , ���������' been besieged so much for his signature that he has adopted a new plan  to prevent  the possible fraud. '    Thc  ,-.usenator's signature is valuable at   a  ���������,  good  many bants.     Being good nut-  1   urcd,   the senator    dislikes to   refi.se  '-.,any, person    who asks    for his aula  ''" .graph.     He has  usually  written     it  - on a bank .card. Hereinafter he will  use a blank card on which is vn-  gcaved thc work autograph."  s Lord LeaooJifield, who has just celebrated his 3-1 th birthday, is a nephew of Lord Rosebery. He is unmarried,   and  his  mother  often   acts     as [ live    expeditions,    especially in Kir/.  lias lioon, on account of thc object,  ion of the' English workmen cm  pJoyiilg- -foreigners only on' night  work, when the English speaking  men demanded '-'dismissal of the foreigners.   :0   LOVED  A NEGRO.  Montreal,     April   17.*���������Because   Lcl  ward  Thompson.      a  colored       man  whom   she  loved  married anoth r  woman, Maggie Dean, a white girl,  twenty-six years old yesterday afternoon tried to end her life by shoot  ing herself in Thompson's saloon  The bullet wound was slight. Doctors sny the victim will rpco\iv  in  a  few days   o   TARTARS  TROUBLESOME.  Tiflis,    April    3 7���������The Tartars     m  many places    are resisting- the   punl  'PHONES  CONNECTED  WITH  FIRE  HALL  31���������Hotel  Cecil.  45���������Hotel AbTjotsford.-  A21���������G. C. Pickard.  B21���������R.  J.  Bowen:  28���������F.   W.   Hawes.  18���������Dr. Wasson.  16���������A. Cornwall.  ���������WHITE   UOOK���������  and  ���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Eiiiployed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)     '  GATACRE' STREET-     Ladysmith.  WMraartriCT������->~'Txa������nd fc-^pBwwrjJ.tM  HOTFL  DOMINION  ' ���������Rates ?1.25>nd$1.50���������  froe bus to all steamboat landing* and  ailway depots.    Electric care evttry <<  ninutes to all parts of .the ci' /.    I'  nd table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  aBBOTT ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C  ii  GAL  \r  Leads Them    At\  NOTICE  From     this datt the undersigned  will  not be responsible foi any in  debtedness     incurred except on      ���������  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.   I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEl  OrMEflT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B   C. Mm\ 18th. 1901  hostess fur him. Lord Leaconfield,  who served with distinction in the  Boer war., owns about 100,000 acres  of     l.n,il,    and  h:s     a rent roll  of  ., ?<150,000 a year. His London house  m Chesterfield gardens, is one of thc  finest    mansions     in  the metropolis,  , while his country seal, Petwotlli, is  one of tbe show places of Sussex,  and has been named "The flo.ise  Beautiful."  abothpol Province. Recently they  '���������aught a sipiadron of dragoons  in ilclilo, routed them killing- two  .inrl mortally wesunding four, At Jlal-  knlnki a number of "Cossacks vvnrc  i.jileil. on a train by prisoners,  whom they were charged to escort,  lo Tiflis.  IT DEFIES  COMPETITION  WATSON'S  A   Or eat   Uoot  for Prospectors  They-are all leather,- and.  made to .staiul strenuous usage in. mine or  forest.  L117. Men's Tan Chip  pi wan Veal KipPros-  pectors'   [5������6ts  Tcn-incli blucltcr, cut, with  with full bellows tongue to  the tip; have double silver eye-,  lets awl stud hoo-Vs; douhlj:  sole and slip; staiwlai-d screw  fastened; slugged around the  foiepart and heel. ^ A comfortable as''-well as a durable  boot.  Ask for them at your Dealers  J. LESfCIE Oo. Ltd.  VANCOUVER, B. C,  (IRfP QUICKLY  KNOCKED  PUT.  "Some weel's- ago, .during the se  ere   winter   weather,  .both  my     wifu  nd   myself  contacted  severe   colds,  which    sjieedily    developed into     the  worst kind  of la  gi'iprc  with, all its  .niscrable symptoms,"     sa;.s Mr.   .J.  ������������������?.  Eu;leston,    of Maple Landing,  lo-  "a.    "Knees and joints achinjr, mingles sore, h2ad stopped u \ eyes   aiul  e-)Sii n.nn'n'f,  with    aliei'iiate s ells  of chills  and fe\er.     We began using  hamberlain   Coigh   Hemrdy,    aiding  the same with double dese of Cham-  '���������erlain's    Stomach  and  Li cr     Tablets,  ami    by.  its  literal    use    scpii  completely    1-oioclTd     oil; the orip.'-  ''old  by Ladysmith Pharmacy. ������  . o   WAK OS 'POOL uoo"\r������.  Kew   York,    April   17���������Th.>.     seeoiul  ������������������day  of  tho   war  0:1 .pool  rooms,    inaugurated   by   .Jockey   f'lul)    at     the  .\fquadcc-l  race track     -ivns      marked  i.:,v   I hi'   same     deloy   and  strict   ci'n-  soc.'ili/fi   of   all    telegraphic   mf'ssngys  whieh  fiuf   1 hi>   pool    room represent a  lives   in   a   panic  yesterday.      In 'lli>!  ciiy     smnller    iioot        rooms   closed  i.Vir     doors.       while     the        larger  ; laces   by   nn   elaborate    system   did  a  cautious, business.   o   sap surcide.  Brampton,      Ont.,'  April   17-���������"Nfrs.  TJusier,   thirty-two   yenj-s   o,!d,      wife  oi  a   farmer living      5 miles       from  here   whose      mind   was   temporarily  affected   by   illness     shot  and    killed  (.herself  on    Sunday  afternoon   in    tlie  S;a.l)sence of her husband, who was hii:-  1 ching-  up     n   horse    i.o  take    her    to  a  doctor here.  1  'Gee!    Some    of   these  rustabouts  are strong. Sec how easily that fellow raises that barrel of buckwheat  flour."  "That's  no    trouble.    That's     self  raising buckwheat."���������Cleveland Loader.  I  R. P. RITHET,  & Co:, Ltd  rif '  Agency.  Under..Managnient  Hotel Wilson  Nanafmo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  .  Proprietor.  CommerciaLJMens' headjuavters.  Modem' and     Strictly First UlaM  Fire Proof    Buildmg.,  Pacific Coas  TCTORIA.- ���������" .���������  i-B.C f  WANTED���������liy Chieago wholesale  house, speciul repicsentative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weclily. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. Previous experience not essential to engaging-  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,   III.,. U.S.A.  Esqdmalt   & ftaimm Railway  Time Table No. SI  Trail.* leave l*������ysmith tor Vicioria and all intermediate stations at  9.10 a.m. daily, md at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesdays, .Sat'inlays ana Sim-  days.  1 Trains leaie ladysmith for '���������Yellhigtpn and all intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. daity, and at 6.O0 p.m. on Wedna days, Saturdays , and  Sundays.  Excursion Tickets  ON SALE  good for going journey Saturday.' ^nri  the following  Blotday. ..  ���������O AND  FROM AI,L STATIONS  '. mdays,  rcturn.ng not later than   1���������Sfeftr.;:. tfudii '  Sails from Laaysmith ^r Vancouver eveiy Caturdav at COO a.m. and  returning sails fraiu  Vancou.er    foe   Ladysmith at 2.SO p.m.  -  G, lv. Courtney,  District Pessenger Agent  2  Ticket and  Freight Office, 75  Government Street.  Transcontinental )  Trains Daily     L  The New Train  1      ORIENTAL LIMITED  I The Train of  Ease,   Elegance,   Excellence.  1.    Eycry mile a picture,, and  9  no smo!>e to spoil the   view.  Through Compartment,   Ob-  ,3 - servation and Pullman .Sleep-  ^   ers;    also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Buaineaa to Europe  . is our Specialty  Union ,. Terminals  with   all  Steamer lines.  Berth reservations by wirel  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOR  JAPAN   AND CHINA.  S., S. Minnesota   will   sail  from Seattle,  April 20th.  ,Fdr rates,, folders and   full  information,  call  on or     address,  S. G. YERKES,  A.G.P.A., Seattle, Wash."  E. R. STEPHEN,  . Gen.. Agent, Victoria,:B.C..  mmmmmmmmmmtmuimaa  TICKET OFFICE  Cor. Government and:Yates Sfs.  VICTORIA, B. C  2  2  Trains daily to St. Paul,  Minneapolis, Duluth   and  East.  Trains    daily '. to Denver,  Omaha, Kansas City, St.  Louis     and   East    'and'  Southeast.  THeClTYMK  R. Williamson Prop  1st. Avenue Ladysmith'B. C.  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest .Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A'-1 kinds of Foundry and Repaii* Wo:k  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53  P. 0. Box 42.  WM.   MUNSIE,   Prcsidcnl     J.  W.  f Oni'P.V. 'Uann  Tclephalie '1    ���������  Tlie ladysmith i  MILLS , AT "FIDDIOK   AND: Lx\DY. SMITH- i*  ������������������" ���������.������H.inglesj sl Speioislty   \  ������������������MANUFACTLiRKRS  OF������������������  Rough ixn'l S'U'.css������(l Fir ami Cedar'I/umbers  LATMS,   SHINOLPJS,   IMOULDINOS, .    ETC.,     of    the BEST  QUALITY SEASONKl).      AND   I>lUi''I)     FLOORT*nGS     AND  1 FINlStUNCi  LUM15I0R IN  STOCK  <  1>4.+.l.++4.^.j-������.^*.M'-H-*.t**++*-WWH'*-H.******^  DUNDEE���������  m  y  Sep'lands Best..  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ud.  Cb  ���������J.  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  k J. HENRY S  NURSIES   QRFEN-  HOUSEk AND SEED  HOUSES  1110   Vestminster Road,  VANCOUVER.  Headquarters for���������  PACIFIC aROWN a������rden, field  and flower SEEDS  lor distribution. ;  Large stock. of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  %������^ now matured for Spring.  No expense, loss or de-  Jay ol fumigution or inspection  Let me "rice your list  before placing your   order. .'Vrreennouse Plants,  F'bral Packages, Fertili- -  zers   etc.  3010  Westminster Road.  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  Atlantic Steamship Tickets on  sale to and from all European  Points  'This is the ONLY line       to  YELLOWSTONE PARK.'  Tourist sleepers on all trains  For particulars call  on     or  writecE.- E. Blackwood, General Agent, Victoria,  B.C.  A.    D.  Charlton,  A.G.P.A.,  N.P., rPortland,'Ore.  Are Vou  Going Ei st  Then bs sure your tickets ifatf  the  fie  I[ you ars contemplating  PAPFRIN6  YGUR ROOMS  ���������Call at���������  j  F. Smith's Shop  On P.o'iirts Stree, and..see all the  IflBffl lEfflBH  rhe only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacini  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TF  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWES7  RATES,  THE FASTEST- TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.  PAUL,  CIU  CAGO,    OMA'HA,    KANSAS CI'l \  nd ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask y  ���������ical ageut or write,  F. W. PARKER  ..   Oenoxal   i������ *-^  '21) 2nJ. Ave. Seattle  I PURCHASERS  AND SMBLTBR5 OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,     B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver island, B, C.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  General Manager.  ���������>sa ors in  Pianos anil  Organs ..  Latest Designs in  WALL PAPERS  We   make a Specialty of  tlie paper-           ing Business.   I FlUDSOtiS BUI (fl.  Sole  Af/ents for B. C.  smitn's  Resturant and lodging Rooms  -HAS  BEESM   REMOVED.TO-  =First   Avenue=  SHAVfSiBVTHS  Having taken ������*ver the barber shop  known' as thi Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, High St., I- inliftnd, by keep  ing competent workmen, to conduct  a first-class establishment, and respectfully solicit your patronage.  THOMAS LEWIS  LalysuJth, B.C  NOTICE ,'  The ci partnership   existing   between  C. II   Rumming and W. E.  Rumi-ii  carrying on    business   in the Ciiy 1.  Ladysmith,    B.C,  as maniifaci--. .  of carbonated    beverages,  etc., m;-'  the firm name of Rumming Bros.,  hereby    dissolved.       All  outs+,Ti- ���������  accounts must be paid to W. E. -*������������������  ming, who   will continue the bwsir  and jiay all accounts against the '  of Rumming Bros.  '     C.  H.  RUMMING,  W. E. RUMJUNG.  Dated at Ladysmith this 28th n  of Feb., 1906. ....;". Ss^Sc  bxsijb Annff  ���������Ji^il  ' '$$''  THE DAILY LEDGER  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������������*������������������������  First  Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD   and   BARK  For Sale and Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  DEATHS FKOM  EXPLOSION  TOTAL EIGHT  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  RENEWAL OF  RIOTING AT  LENS, FRANCE  >������~������<-������~������"������������-������"������"������''������"������"������~������"������"������" ������������������������������"������������������ ���������*"*"*"*"  >.  1. !������������������������������������������������������..������������������..������.���������������������������������������������������������������"���������������������������������������������������������������������������*"'������������������"'-���������  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT  SHORT   NOTICE.      DRILLS  SHARPENED  BYOJS      ALWAYS  . GIVE. SATISFACTION.  ���������PICKS HANDLED A   Nb REPAIRED���������-  .sSHIPSUITHI^fr    IN-    UL'ITS    B.R A N C IIf->*  Horseshoer* and Genera1 Blacksmitna.  R. WRIGHT  Btitier-Sweet -    -     -   Lady������rriitlT, B  Washington,    April    17���������Two    more  deaths were  reported    to  the  United  States  Navy Department   today     as  [thc result of the explosion  on       thc j  battleship  Kear=arge    last      Friday- ���������  A cablegram     was received  from ihe  Commander    in thief    of tho   United  Stutes   Atlantic fleet     stating     thai ,  Frederick   Thomas   Fisher,   chief gun  ' ner's male,   died    Sunday  nignt,   A]',  'ril   13     and that     James    S.      Mc-  1 Ardlc electrician, first   class,  died    on  'Apiil        3(5.      Frederick    T.       Fisher  | was a    resident     o,i"  San    Francises.  1 Ncxi _of  Kin  is   gas en  on the rccoido  as '      Miss.     Minnie    Fisher   (sister;  i'uckwortli      Rectory,       Huntington,  i Englanrl.     MtArdle     was  a   ���������'s-id-1tr.  of Xew   Vorl:.  Lens,  France,   April   17���������Theie  was  a icnewal   today ol"    the.   disturbs ��������� e  consequent    on  the  strike  of    miners  Tlie   wile   of  a     miner   who       refused  to  strike   was    taken      in  her     home_  "jy    3.">0   women,   Lhe   wives   of  stiik-l,  ers,    her  clothing    torn    ������.f  nor   and i  her   furniture     wrecked.  ' Oendarme-.  II  This morning's  Herald says'  At. 'St Pauls,     church of     England  ut     11 o'clock    this morning the Rev  ���������+���������*���������+���������**������������������+���������  Union  NANAIMO  flanufacturers of the  Brewing Co  b. c.  Airs.  Knic'-.t-r���������I  thought- you   were  rp'i\<x, ahroad?  | Mis. Booker���������So .1 was, ,lmt my  doctor aFortled me such a lovely bargain in appendiciI is ��������� only $1,00.���������  Harper's Ha7.nr.   r,  i  who   interferred      were   stoned       am  j Siiva  Whi'e  will  unite  in the   bond.,  CT^alry     ordered    to  assist  the  gi'u-|0V-   matnmonj,   "Miss   Edith     Blanch.  ! theisecond dan^htc-/     of Mr   and Air,,  A.    II.   Home   of this     city and  Mi.-  darmes uetc similarly treated. /,  cavalry oflicer and two soldiers won  se\erly injured and 15 others recen  ed minor wound*. Several worn".!  were an ested, bnl they were sub  scquentlyrelrnsed- Rioting was  sumed   tonight.  William   Arthur     Oven   of     \ icloi ia,  ! son  of  the   late    William  Owifi.       oi  iv- I .Humbles,       near     Swansea,       Souti.  I Wales.     The   bride,     why  will   In- si\  I  1X C HE AS E V AV1TAL.  Toronto. April 1 7���������Sharcholdei s  of the Traders Hank today unanimously authorized tlie boaid of  directors to increase the capital  of the bank by two million dollars  making total  capital  five million.  mists occupied     ihy   their own    ani-  as     . nials, especially of the sam������   species.  : It is a u;oc;d plan to reserve  an iso-  WARNING GLANDERS *ate*' h,,llll,i"K f0L'  outside horses   or  I mules,  hut  where  this  is  impossible  In districts where tlie existence  of  Ihey may  be accoiiunodatcd in    cow  1  In  British Columbia  Lager  Beer   and Porter     Guaranteed  Brew  '������������������  i      the B?st Canadian  Malt  Run   liops  CUBAMClGARFACrQRY  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught;  also      *j������  MailllfaCturerS Of the FaiQOUS' Sua8&������.-. drawing  in  pencil  and Cray  CU JAS  liLOiSJI  None bu   Union l,abor    Employed  H  .1.   BOOTH, Pron  [ ons, paint ng in oils and water col  LADYSMITH BAKiittY  CHOICE    CAKES    AND . PASTRY  ALWAYS    l'RESH   ON HAND  i l *  Weddjng    Cake*   Hade   to Order  PRUiTS   AMD    CANDIES OP  ALL  KINDS.    fKESH   BREAD  EVERY   DAY  Trices   are'   Vei7 Reasonable.     All  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE   ESPLANADE.  M. R. SIMPSON  Solicitor,  Eta.  Money  to   loan  1st. bum LAOYSV-I H  EXCELLENT  Train Service  * BETWEEN "  CHICAGO; LONDON,  HAMILTON^ TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTONr  Aud the Principal Business Centers ot    '���������  Ontario, Quebec; and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AKO  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.]  For Tlmo Tables, etc., address  .. CEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Gcn'l Passenger and Ticket Agent, J  135 A0I\M3 St.. CHICAGO, ILL.  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv  en in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  l4tdysmith,~ B   O.  W. Slf ������������������  GENEKAL tXPRESs' AND ,!  :    DELIVERY  ]   WORK PROMPTLY  In  ; Leave orders at the Abbotsiord  . R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  Ml work guaranteed, aud at reas  able ratea.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  animals.  j strange horses or-  mules should    be  well cleansed  and  disinfected,  and ii,  at all possible,    left unoccui-ird    for  some time.  j   6. Where new horses or mules   are  ' purchased in or  from  districts where  glanders exists,  they should,  carefully tested with IMallein pnor to  purchase,  be stabled apart and closely  watched for some, time befoie bc-  : iiu;   brought  in contact   with     other  animals of   ihe equine species.  |   7. It mu������st  be  borne  in mind that  while nasal 'discharge,  or  ulceration,  enlarged glands, the presence of farcy  buds,   unaccountable swelling  of   the  limbs  and  general   untliriftncss often,  characterizes -cases of- Glanders,   thc  disease exists  in many animals without,  for the    time  being, any external   manifestation   whate\er,  the only  means of detection in such   cases   l*e-  ing   the Mallein   test,- and   that these  otcult or latent   cases,  aie   in some  I'OPBN AT LU.   HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple No.  5  U  Sisters meets at the .OddfelluV  2nd  and  4th  Tuesday   at .;...  Mr*    Kate Tate secretary.  b������  :������&������3&i2E2ESSS2BEaiBi  HIL-bERT  <iiiaa  UNITED   ANCIENT      OUDt'U   Or  DRUIDS.  Wellington  Grove  No.  4 U.  A.  O;  1;  Meets   in the 1' O   0 .V   Mall.   '��������� ������.'  ilysmitl;,    the   Second   and     Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, conuneri.  ir.g Wednesday, l.������.th., 1905.  Visiting Druids arc invited'to ->������  tend.  By Order.  WM   RAFTER, Reef Reob  PATRICK lUTT'K, N.   A  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUtf  Orders, will be delivered anywherf  In the city promptly and at the lo^  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'*, o������ tkf  Eiplanaiit.  James Warnoclr  stables, cattle    not being subject-  to  | Glanders is suspected,  and especially ' gjamiefs infect,]on.    gUcn holscs   aIU;  in neighborhoods where" actual    ovit-  mules should be watered from special  breaks have occurred,    the   adoption  pails,     which,  togetlier with    other  'of the following precautions by own-  ���������stal"le  utei.sils    used en    cr     about  "ors of horses and others' interested;  ^ s^a,d fb������ CarcfuUy C'C"seti aml   and FmnC,e ^^  ���������lWill do  much to prevent  the spread   disinfected before bciiie used for   oth-  1  .  .,     ,. , 4.       ,.<���������, jiM,m.,m   er    animals.     Stalls      occupied    by  of the disease and the estaibiislinnent ' J  of ircsh centres  of infection. I  j 1. Horses or mules having a nasal  discharge or other suspicious symptoms should not be admitted .to liv-.  eiy or feed stables or yards, black- :  smith shops, chinch or school sheds,  railway stock���������yards, private stables  or other places where they are likely  to come into diiect or indirect contact with animals ol the equine sj.e-  ,c:cs.  I a. .All stables, yards or sheds used  for the accommodation of hoiscs or  mules should be ' regularly and frequently clensod and disinfected Min the  manner prescribed below.  I 3. After clensing the premises thoroughly, and burning all .df(l/ris, the  interior should he well gone o\ei  with hot steam, or boiling water,  adding ���������to the latter at least one  ijuai i of crude caibalic acid to each  live gallons, after which the entire  surface should be  thictly coatod with  a hot solution of fresh lime wash, rospeels the iuosL dangerous because  lo which crude 'carbolic acid has unsuspected. Oui cxj������enencc shows  been added in the abo\e mentioned that it is possible for aiiimalb ol  proportion. this     class   to eoiuey   infection     to  Outbuildings,     fences      and      tying  others without  themselves developing  posts   with which  infectod     animals   acuU;     s>\ mptoms.       It    is therefore  ha\e been  in    contact  should     also,'plain   that great caution should     be  | when possible,  !���������<; thoroughly trealel   exercised   on   the   purchase or. hand-  in a similar manner. ling of strange hoises or  mules,   es-  I    AlKordnury    harness    and     stable  pecially in those ciisUicts win re    the  'utensils   which  ha\e been "in   contact   dis^ase^has become established,  with infected animals .or infectod pre-      8. The   carcasses    of animals'dying  ' miscs,  should    lye thoroughly soaked   from, or slaughtered as being affected  in a hot    solution ot crude    carbolic   with Glanders should, when   possible  [acid  of a .strength    of one part     to   be bui'neil, or  failing this; buried   at  [twenty.                                             /        .least six feet  beneath the surface,  j   Materials   which  mjght'.''be: injured .1 ".*).���������'Owners of premises  where    out-  by  the above treatment, such as val-   brcal-.s ha\c been dealt  with    should  liable harness, robes, cushions,    etc.,   bear in mind, that Inspect:):s var.i.ot  which have been  in contact with in- j:ecoiivmend '  release    from, quarantine  fection, should   he placed in an ' air-   unless  disinteetion. has been,   'carried  tight room and   fumigated With For-��������� out in  a, satisfactory . manner,   and  maldehyde,   after   which  they    slrould" that .compensation for animals, slaug.li  be thoroughly cleaned.                              tcred cannot  be paid unless a   certi-  4. Smblcs  where    outbreaks     have   licate. of clensing and ������������������'disinfection has  occurred   or where  diseased    animals   been r'wei^oi by the Minister of   Ag-  have,' inadvertently or otherwise :l,ieen   rieulture.  stablwi, even temporarily, tlie clens- 10. Horse owners should have^ no  iii'g and disinfection siiould'bo cspc- hesitation, in -reporting to th's. Dc-  cial'ly thorough, and in such cases it partnrcnt o'r to its inspectors the ex-  is   safest   to  remove  and'burn     feed   istencc of  actual  of suspected    cases  ���������      !  boxes  and   man.gcrs  when of     wood;   of ��������� glanders.     The  disep.se has     teen  TENDERS  addressed  Lo. the under- iron articles can ,   be rendered harm-,spreading rapidly   of late  years,   and  less   by  passing   them  through '   fire,   it is    a nvatter      of  public  interest  orby ���������immersing them for some time   that  every   fresh  centre   of   infection  in     boiling'   water:     All litter from   should-lie  discovered and   dealt  with  suspected -animals should  bc^'buined,   as  promptly  us-possible. ���������  or carefully fenced until  used. .1.  G. -RUTNURFORIV  :1. Farmers      and   others     should, Veterinary Diieetor General  wiienener    possible,    moid  admitting   Department of  Agriculture,  strange horses or mules   to  the   pre-      Ottawa, Match,   1900.  Gatacre St.  Ladysmith  J. PIERGY & DO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   B3AND  ���������    CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. G.  'TENDERS.  signed at Ottawa and mar..ed en the  envelope 'Vl'ender for the construction  of a'tlydrographic Steel Twbi Steamer," will be received, up to tne  FIRST DAT.OF MAY NUJXT, lor  the construction of a Steel Twin  Screw Steamer for .the.Hydrographic  Service  in  British Columbia  waters.  Specifications, plans and forms o������  tender can Ixj. seen at the oi-fnco of  the Agent of the' Department of Marine awd Fisheries at Victoria, B.O.,  at the Custom House at Vancouver,  B.C. and at the> department here.  Each tender must .be-accompanied  by an accepted hank cheque wtual to.  10 pet cent, of the whole amount of  the tender, wihich will be forfeited  if the rerson sending thc accepted  tender declines to enter into a contract with the department. Choa/;fues  accomipanying tenders which are not  accepted will 1:������3 returned immediate- ,  ly (after a decision has been arrived  at. i  Newspapers  copyiag  this  ajdvortise- j  .nicnt without authority from the   department will not be paid.  ���������     F.  GOURDEAU,  Deputy Ministrr of Marine* and  Fisheries. >  Department of Marine and Fisheries.  Ottawa, 28th March, 100G.  j wn  away  b,v   her   father     will  bo   at-  Lireil   in     a   clianuin^  jrowii   uf  peau  de  etiene     trinniiird  with   ullovei   silli  lacu     and      applique  with        uraiig<'  liloftsoius    aiul    a  veil     worn    al   ruv  mothi'r's   weddim;.      She    will    caii.%  a   white prater book  and     a   buipiei  of   lilliii.s  of   tbe   -valley     and,     stop  honotis-      She  will  be  attended     ill  the  altar  by   four  bridesmaids     and  two dower girls.     Thv maul     of honor. Miss. Oertriide     M.        Home,  si-  ter   of tbe  bride   will  be    gowned     in  n  dress     of   cream,  eolione    trimmed  with  lace  and  ribbon,     with  a  large  white chiJTon  picture hat.  Miss.     Gladys    Home    also  a    Miter   of     the  bride        will  wear a  cream     princess    eoline   gown    trin-  nuid   with    civani   lace   and   a   white  jiicture  hat.     Miss.   ILsmc    Home   in  a  pale   blue  eoJicne,      trimmed   with  cream  lace     with a  white        picture  hat      The   flower  girls,   Miss.      Olivi  will  wear dainU  dresses   oi   white      China   silk      with  bows  and  wreaths   m their hair ami  carrying   baskets   of  flowers.         The  bridesmaids      will     carry        shower  boqiiots-  The groom   is   to be attended      bj  Mr.    J{.   JJeid   of  Victoria.  The   church  is ,dccorated  with flow -  unless joi-s  an(j tne  scrVjce w;n bli      choral.  The ceremony over,     thc happy cou'  plerand  the  invited   guests  are     to  c  proceed  to   the  residence      of.       Mr.  m  and Mrs. ITorno on Albert street,  where" breakfast^will be served and  in the afternoon lhe newly raai-  ried couple will leave for Victona  I'roi n there . proceeding . to " Vancouver and tho Sound cities where tlie  honeymoon will be spent. They will  reside ,for a month at Victoria,  where Mr. Owen is engaged a^  Draughtsman in the 1*1. & N. Com  pany's office- Early m May Mr  and Mrs. Owen will loiurn to .N"a-  naimo where the;,- will reside, Mr.  Owen having- ������������������esigned his position  in Victoria, accepting one with the  Western    Fuel    Company  The bride for travelling will wear  a tig'ht fining fawn dress trimmed  with violet velvet and a white  silk braid hat trimmed with heliotrope,  poppies and silk chiffon.  Todaj \s wedding I.s one of the most  interesting sociery e\cnts ol the  piesent season, both the bride ol.ii >  and Mr. Owen having a largo circle  of friends _m the city and province  Ia entering married life they arc  blessed     \\ ith     innumerable good  wishes. They arc recipients ol  many handsome presents, a "list  of which  is   as  follows:  Bride to groom, gold and enamel  ring; groom to bride, gold chatelaine Watch; groom to bridesmaid,  gold .lockets!and chains; groom to  flower girls, ������?oId lockets, and pins;  groom to best man, cheque; groom  to "Miss. Jessie Shepher.d, gold locket and chain.  Mr. A. H. ������������������Home, cheque; Mrs. A.  II. Homo, marble clock; new and  Mrs. A. SiH-a White, Silver tra.\;  Mr. Thos. Ii. and Miss. StocKeU,  cut glass decanter and wine glasses  and Japanese screen; 'Dr. and  J. H. IIogle, large Japanese-  Mrs.   Capt.   IJoiie.\ man,    Silvei  ver  tea service;   Miss.  Annie     Webb,  triple  mirror,   brass  mounted;       Mr.  ami Mrs.    B,    D.   Smith,    cut     glass  vase,    Mr.    C.    S.     Wells,       massive  oak   centre  table,   Mis.    1).   Stephenson,  cut glass bon-bon dish, Mrs    S  V.    Smith,    solid  silver card       traj  Mr    and Mrs.    W.   Thompson,      Vjn-  coii\er,,  silver   s.j rup jug;  Mr.       and  Mrs.    J.    W.    Glanolin,   silver       salt  cellars  and .spoons;    Rev.    Ii.  J.  and  Mrs.      Jiowiii,       Ladysmith,      silvet  meat   fork;    Mr.' and   Mrs     V. II  Shi'pphord,  oak biscuit  .tar;   Mr.    If  Cordon,  art   China  marmalade     jar,  yir.    T...   Shepheid,      silver     bon-bon  dish,     Mrs   Sabiston and Miss. Muir,  statuette,    Mr.   and    Mrs.    T.        H.  Archibald,    China biscuit jar;      Mi's  K   Marden,   llillma Cay,  silver bonbon (Imh;    Mr    C. Hate, silver sugar  lifter,  Mr.    J.   Grant,   solid        silver  berry  spoon;     Mr.        M       O.    Miler,  V'ancouvei,     siher   handled    carvers'  Mrs.    W      ().   Miller,  Vancouver,       1  dozen knives  and i-nse;^ Miss.   G. Mil  ler,   Vaiu-ouvor,    cut   glass     ^ult    and  pepper   shakers;  M"aster    S.       Miller,  Vuin-ouver,  silver suiial- spoon,  ClivV  Miller,    Vnncou\er,    silver       muslnrd  spoon;      l-'iancis,   Miller,    Vancouver,  silver      salt   spoon,     Miss.        C.la.ljs  Bailey,    Asbcrofl, silver sugai   tongs  Miss      V.    Thickc,   Vancouver,       oak  butter   dish,   Miss.     I".   Hale,      Cmn-  Ijcrlaml,     cut ulas-s  %nse;  Mrs.   Clun-  ess,    solid   silver nut  cracker;    K.  W.  Harding,   large  cut   glass   bowl;    Miami  Mrs      10.    Norcross,   Vancouver,  silver butter   knife and  berry spoon-  Mr. and Mrs.    J.   \V.  Caldwell,  Jap  anese  tea  table, and  cover;  Mr.    and  Mrs.    W.   f\.   T,eig-hton,   large  Jaimn-  ese jardinere; Mr.  and  Mrs.    \V.     IC  Humming,    burnt  wood  card      tra\,  Mr     II.   Home,   i   do?en  silver     teaspoons;   Mr.  and Mrs  F.    S.  Brown.  Victoria,   cut..glass  salt   cellars;  Mi.  and Mrs.   A.  Shutllcworth, Victoria,  hand-painted  chocolate  jug,      Messrs  H.  and  1-.     Home,   1   do/en  forks;     Miss.     Home,   silver  tiay;     Mrs     and     Miss.    Slromgn-n,  burnt' green plush cushion and    Irish  point lace handkerchief; Miss.     Ksc-ne  ami master    Basil  Horne,   1 pair su-  \ei   knife resrs,  Mr.    11.  Reid,   Shak-  oppeaio's poems  Austrian   ware  set,    Mr.  and Mrs.       M.  Nelson,  silver "salt   cellars  Mrs      R.      O'Uiian  dish;   Mr.   and  Mrs  silver  ���������broad  AN EXPERT  SAFE MAN  WANTED  Xew Westminster, April 10���������E\pry;  elTon to open the safe of Mr. Uaic.vj  Hughes, who died recently liav-i  failed. Mr. Hughes formerly :oii-  duded the Oyster bay Restaurant, and the secret of the combm '������,  tion of his strongbox, supposed i '<..������  contain money and valuable papej u  was coined   with him    to the grave.  '  An appeal to Co). Whyte,, warden,  ���������f ,the penitentiary, for permissiu i  to let one or two of his skilie.l  burglars ivy their hand at the sai������  {U'nblers, mis firmly out politely di--  clined. 'I bo colonel said he tit.I  not believe in keeping his wards  in practice.  The Vancouver police were ������vb..>.  coniiiiiini-ated wilh in the houu  tbnt they could furni.-h'- an e.Vpei i,  who could soke Hho combination.  Word was swit back that bank roh-  I ers vi ere .scarce in that city.. Mrau.  lime Mrs, Hughes is greatly inconvenienced, but her friends hope to  guess thc combination before resort ing to ''.vnamite to blow off the  hinges.  TO I.NrVKSTIGATE  tea  "Davcrys  Dr      and  silver      butu-  \V.   Tjcwis,      cut  gla=s  Isiiife  rests;  Mr.   and    Mrs.    11.  ('.  Wallis,   cut glass   salt  cellars.  BROWX-FKAZER."  One  of Xanaimo's      most   popular  daughters  i.s  to  be   married  this  afternoon.   At the famly  residence   -at  2  o'clock Miss.   N'ora Beatrice,  daughter     of  Mrs.     Frazer  united   in   marriage  Washington, April      17���������I'niU-d  Stales Attorney General Moody,  tonight gave out thife .statement. ' C  h"-, Hughes of the Xow Vork l!<u,  and Alex. Simpson. ,��������� , of the I'"il  nsylvania Bar .ia\c been - l-etair.- 1  by the Department of Justice N in  take under consideration all the.  facts now known or which can I.e.  ascertained relating to tvunspoila.  tion or sale of coal in intei-  stato commerce to advise what if  any. legal proceedings should be.  taken ��������� and to conduct uml.-r  direction of thc attorney goner -.1  such suits of prosecutions if any.  as may be warranted by the evidence     m hand   and forthcoming  TAKEN  11 J, IX   COURT.  the  will      be  to   Mr.   Brown  * resident  of  Vancouver,    formerly  a  of New   York,   the     Rev.      J. Millar  The  bride  blue  violet   hat,  ivy Miss. Roily  wear a  L"S^E������^lSS!SE^*i*SSSS3EB8a������2v?&'SCF'i  Public  Notice  Attention is called to f,he   Tact that tb������  Ogilvie-Flour Hills-Co.,. Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have lor some T.lmt  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved and  puriO   "  f'irro  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control ot    all the basic patents relating; thereto, take this opportunity ol a'dvisiiiR the public  that anv  orized users of the electrical   flowr purifying processes  wilt r* pro-  ���������ecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Corapauy lifzaitod  are the    oaly    millera in Canada wliose   Pl.owr  |  s purified by the Electric Process  performing   the  ceremony  will      Vo     gowned        in  navy  braodcloth  with     a    champagne  and  and   will   be       attended  Pimstell,   ,who      will  dress   of      cream    crepe       do  cltene and  a  chiffon  hat   to     match.  The best   man   will be   Mr.  \Y. Cheso  of Vancoiuer.      Alter the     ceremony  luncheon will be served     and   in  the  evening   a reception  will be held. Tomorrow-  morning   thc   happy    couple  will  proceed   lo  Vancouver  and    will  reside   at  thc     corner  of        Hasting-.  Street     and Boundry  avenue. ���������  Miss.. Frazer   is very well .  known  in l\anaimo  and for  some  yeai'.-s has  been employed in stcvenSon'* st0l'C  ITer friends. - young and old And  those- of Mit Brown .'.will unite, in  wishing the young people, every  liaVmiucss. They have received a  Uu-q-e number   of  valuable     presents  Montreal, April 17.���������John Bonn,  president of the Bond Hardware  of Guelph, " Ontario was taken nl  while te&tifying in a case in the.  civil court today. ,Uo was tat en  to St. Lawrence hall in a tan  when .physicians pronouncing- his condition serious he was at once bur-,  nod in an ambulance to the gen-  eralhospital but died before reaching the institution. lie was (in  years of age and a prominent ci!-  Uen of  Guelph.  ilWEESESBBaSSJSSSBseSg' I  3������       X  Mrs.  vase.  a nil  cut glass fruit dishes; Mr and Mrs.  t;. Arnold, Silver fern dish; Mr. and  Mrs. T. Bate, Cumberland, silver  and China fruit stand; Miss. \.  Ihife, Cumberland, bread board and  knife; Mr. A. W. Hayes, cut glass  water bottle; Mr. M. Hodgson, L  dozen cut glass tumblers; Mrs. W.  11. Thompson and Mrs. F.nsley, gold  en oak tea table; Mr. and Mrs. '..���������'.  U. Bird, brass crumb tray and  brush; Mr. and Mrs. T-T. Cooper,  Doylies; Miss. Cooper, silver butter  knife and sugar spoon; Mrs." Capt.  and  Miss.    Morrison,   Victoria.,   sofa  RHEUMATISM.MAKES LHE    ,  MISERABLE."  A happy home is the most valuable, session that" is within the reach  of mgnkind, but you cannot en'oy  its comforts if you arc suffexinlg, from  rheumatism. You throw aside husi.  ness cares when you en'tor your home  and you can be relieved from those  rheumatism pains also by applying  Chamberlain's Pain Balm. One ap-  i r.cation will p,ive you relief and its  continual use for a short time will  bring a'.out a permanent cure. For  sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy.   o   Dr.   Oier can  he foiiRd at  any ti"  at his olhce on Gatacre st.   His   de"1  tal   work  is guaranteed  to  be firs',  class and rates reasonable  si  ���������o-  XOTED   IMCTURIi;.  Rhilndelphia,    April   17���������The  trait  of  Benjamin   franklin.  was   taken   by  Major    Andre  the  resolution     arrived  here  Any  Kind  of  Done Promptly and  At  por-  which  during  todn.v  l  cushion;     Mrs.    \V.     M'c  W.    Bourke.   and was  placed   in  the reiihsyU-ania  Siam,  Japanese cushion    tops;      Mr.  and Miss. A. Holmes, Vancouver,  drawn work tea cloth: Capt. and  Mrs. Butler, Victoria, Cioisno vase:  Mrs. Thos. and Miss. IT. Morgan,  silver fruit knives with pearl handles: Mr. and Mrc. M. Bate. ir .  'silver nut bowl; Misses Gertrude  and Catherine Bate, hnnd painted  cake dish; Mrs. J. TCirUmnn and  foimil.y, chenille curtains; Mr. and  Mrs. F,. M. Yarwood, silver  jug and tray: Messrs A. W. Bowman and I"). IT. McKay, silver mount  rd art China salad liowl and servers;    Mr.  and Mrs. M.   Bate sr., sil-  academy of line arts. The picture  has been in the possession of Sii  Chas.Grey.  A late    Sitka  despatch  says:  "Word   has  been   received    of      Oi  murder     of a native,   at,   TCiHisnno a'!  few   days   ago.      Yen   Kose,    em      Indian,      shot   and  killed     another  Indian.     Jealousy      o\'<'V n    girl      vvas  the  cause  of  the   shooting.      The   Lithe   murderer     and  lorked him lip   in  the  local   jail.    Tlie  next   morning he  was    round     dead.  He  had  hanged  himself    with        his  suspenders.  syrup j dians   cantured  1st Avenue  mEBBSB&&  PA  P'A  p''\  7i  m  * HI  '.a  & Ife-  i^*^  i.nai-jVJ.is^r-'***')"  THE DAIL ' LEDGER  FOR SALE  Twelve   head "������of   cows   and Milk  route.  Apply'P.   O. Box 99.  Quality  Seldom Equalled���������  Never. Lxctl'ed  /HON. R.GREEN Jk���������;  INSPECTS, ROAD  (Continued from Page Oiie.)  Ladysmith, 15. C.  That's All!  Cali  and Get   Acquainted  crossing which now exists, and wouldi  lmvolve considerable expense. Thu  worst featuie ahout the iiresent wagon road is the bad crossing at Bionion's. In tins place the road ran  down a sleep incline and ciossou  boUi tracks. However, there seemed  jto be no way of avoiding that unless tlie roacl was earned cm, the upper, side a little further to a point  wlicic a level crossing could be oh  tamed.  Local Items  SPORT  HASJdUALL.  National League.  At   Brooklyn���������Brooklyn   1,  York 3.  At  Chicago���������Chicago   3,   St.  0.  At   Pittsburg-���������Pittsburg   :',,  cimi'ati 2.  At  Philadelphia���������Philadelphia  Boston   0.  Loui  American League  Al      IVashingHon���������Washing-ton  Philadelphia   1*.  j    At lJetroit���������Detroit  :"!,     Chicago.  Smoiie Big J3.- Cigars  Mis.   Robt.  Smith  fi r Kamlcops, B.C.  leaves    shortly  J.ORN���������Mrs. Waller Steele, Robert*  street, on Tuesday, April 17th, or  a son.  ���������o��������� ��������� v  3Ir.   J.   E.  FJiilayspn,  piano  j>imer.  oT Vancouver, is in'L*adysmitirfor a  day or  two.     Leave ordeis at    Mr.  Forcimmer's jewelry Stow.  ���������v ~        -", -.-* ������������������)���������-   "-,-.-.  The prices for admission to tho  play gi.en by the Ladysmith Area-  lent Dramatic Club, in aid of tlie  - sports grounds, on Monday, April 23,  Trill be, .reserved seats, 50c; general  admission, 35 cents; children  25c.  -Try a Province Cigar.  Tonight the Eagles arc at home,  In thte opera lionse, and those who  r "blend will he made to feel the sxme  I'reparations for the affair have been  completed, and,all that remains is to  ft tend and have a good time.  To-day, and    until Monday,    Apr.il  23rd, I  will continue to make   cabinet photos at $2 per   doi.      Stamj  ' Photos '    25c.       Schenck,  the photographer,  Campbell's Coinsr.  >i f"     f ii  HALL ENGAGED FOR  ,.    -        -'INDIG-NATION MEETING  '-   Vancouver, .April- 17.���������The city hall  lias been' engaged for the evening   o!  ''Friday,  April 20,   for a meeting   to  "jrpiest'"ag&inbt "tie prot-efelings   tak-  ,.~m against Moyer,- Haywood,   Petti-  "fl.one and    St.   John,  ot the Western  " Federation of Miners.    Tlie men uam-  "ed-have been arrested by'the United  ' ! 'tates authorities en the charge    of  j -isassmating    ex-Governor    Sleunen-  "l erg,    of    Idcho.     Eugene V..    Dels  J as stated.   "If they hang Moyer and  Haywood,  they've got  Co hang me,''  *sind the other frieiu's    of Moyer, and  Haywood,     who   are getting up   tin.  meeting     use   stronger terms.     Mr-  Frank Bchn, of Seattle, general    or  ganr/er��������� of the Industrial Workers   or  the  'World,    cf     which the   Western  Federation of Miners  forms  1V    part,  ,is here to  promote the meeting.     A  "jiaF'er  circulated   to  arouse     interest  , 3n  this matter ccntains a letter froir  J'els in  which he  speal s' of the   .following up anil ai resting ot these men  as: '"A fpul plot, a damnable    ccn  .spiracy,   a  hellish   outrage."   The pa-  ]er-savs    that    Rtcunen;'>crg    simply  leaped  what he had "sowed' and'Debs  Bays that  it  the men are hanged the  governors of-Idaho and Colorado- and  their masters from "Wall Rtrrct,, Ncv  York,  to   the Rocky. Mountains iir'"  letter prepare     to follow them.   lie  {���������ays that such  an  action will  pr-cc-i-  ] ibats armed revolution from tho Atlantic to the Pacific and from Caiw  ili  to the Guir.  Several local unions have-.signif:*?!1  their inf-ntmn ol ta1 ing part in thr  nlooting. ���������'   ���������'  CAUGHT COLD WHILE IIUNTINC  A BURGLAR.'.  Mr. Wm. Thos Lntinr^an, provin  ci������I Constable at ('Imi-lcau, Ontario  6iyS" "I cpj'yht a severe cold while  fciuitiii'g a buralai" in the Forest  swamp last fall. Hearing of Cham-  V.erlain's Couth Remedy, 1 fried it,  end utter usin;; two small bottles, '  f/as completely- cured." Tlijs relived;,  i< inteniTBd fs-i'nei.'illy- For coughs and  colds. it will loosen ..nd ielieve a  f.evere cold in less time than by nm.  finer treatment and is a fav'oMc-  v.'herevcr its superior excellence has  1 ecome known, For sale by Lat'y-  smith Pharmacy.  At   Bosf'on-  1.  -Boston  On    reaching    the city again,     the i    At st-   Louis���������St   Louis 1,  much talked-oll crotsing to the wharf,,anfi "  was  looked  at.     Mr.   Green     stated  that he had ��������� been, of the  opinion that  theie might  be some   way  oi obtaining a  level crossing  where the     old  one existed.     Alter  seeing the place,  however, he was ot the opinion that  such  was    impossible owing   to     the  Wellington  Colliery  Co-'s  tiacks    being lower than he anticipated..    He  also  was    inclined  to   think   that     a  subway   was out of  ilia question,   as  it would  involve a  much  larger outlay   than  a new   whaif  situated     at  mueh  t.iUcd-of cioasing to  the wharf  itself vvt.s    the next to conic   . undei  consiiieration,  after an  inspection   of  winch   the paity  adjourned  foi lunch.  > Att.;i   lunch  the party  viewed     the  site   which  has  been talked  of bslow  the bunker wharf for a new location  in ease  a satisfactory  crossing    cannot he obtained for the piesent structure.  Mr. GrjJn, asked as to his opinion  on the subject, stated that he would  lia'e to talk the matter ovci with  Mr. Ga-inble, as he was the practical  man. Personally, however, he was  of'the opinion that it would l:e impossible to obtain a level crossing  to th) present wharf. As Tor a sufo-  waj, he also thought that 0ut of tlw  question as the expense would be too  great. The situation will he talked  over, however, and further information  furnished shoitly.  Clcvc-  Xi'vv Yoi  BILL'.ARDS,  New York,    April 1"���������The shot test  and   most      exciting     game    of   the  world's      championship      tournament  was   pln;wi1   here   tonight      and        ������  new ���������.world's record    was ostal>!ishcd-  (ieorg-e   Sutton.       formerly   of l-'.l  niii-ii,    N.Y-.    defeat id   Willie   lloppe,  the   world's ilwuni ion    at   18-1    bulk  line   in  the      l.lih  gnine,  making    ~>'\<  points   in    live   innings,      an   a"\ernge  ol     1UO   winch   i oust antes   the       i.e.v  uoiid's   recoid.       The   highest        iui.  was   Sutl oil's   1201   unlimdied.     There  is   no   telling   how  far   he  could  h.ivi  gone   if   opT'<oi,Luiiii.v   bad   pu-ssed    il-  ^elt  for  b.'   bad  the balls  under    pei  feet   control       Hoppe's   avcr<ig-c   was  '2!'>-l  aud  hi-,   high   run  .').'?.  Ladies' Fancy Ties  .%. .������. ���������������������������  Ladies' Ff n y Collars  Try a Province Cimar.  ENTERTA LVMENT.  The following is the progiamme to  he re. deied at thc Con. er&a/.ione un-  ler the auspices of 'the Young Ladies"' Guild, of the Pre&Uyteiian Church  en F'iday, Apiil 20Ui.  I L in Solo���������Miss Magg.ie McKiimon  Recitation���������Miss M. Leis-.  Song* (comic)���������Mr.  llalliday.  Piano   Duet���������Miss    McKiniiiell     and  "Miss Wilson.  Ree.tation���������Miss  M. -Nimmo.   ���������'  Son;',  selected���������Miss Marte-11.  l\w itaticn...Miss  E.   Crossnn.  Instrumtental     Duet ��������� 'ihe    M'isses  Hi.nter.  Son ���������;���������Miss E.  Clay.  Due'. -Tl������3 Misses Jonrs.  Sour, selected���������JJiss Boyle.  Soii,j;( .selected���������Aliiss Martell.   o   Smoke Big B. Ciqats   o   Toronto. April L7.���������Trouble nc-  tvroen the members of'the Austrian  .Jewish synagogue on Chestnut st.,  which was closed by thc police rerun 11 v on account of disturbances  is accumulating. A writ, was issued  today by Henry Greismati. president of one of the factions against  ,S. Freilich, president of( opposing  (action and his colleagues for an  miunclion to restrain defendants  from acting- as oflicers of congregation and for declaration that the  C'ri.sman party are proper oflicers  and lor a dissolution of congregation. and sale and distribution  property.  Z^S3$3ne2^S������&  it  ':���������'���������; ','���������-,.,'   OttawaV',Aprii.ra^iS0(;': j  ,TO FRT'IT lAlPOii'I"ERS:^VNl^Cb^l-  :  Miss'i()'N'.:',-Mii"RCi-iAW'r&."-<���������;:.;;  Lmpor'terrt of, fruit. ,-s.-re ^viirn-r-).! thvitt"^  lhe 'Fruit Mar^s Act,' rrferrin^ '.-to:' S  the grading;'Slid',paci-inj;:.-of .fruit, .aiul.':$���������}  sections ���������1��������� an j,;'5 of the Act: :V' Res-/':^;  peeling, tlie Pj'.'c .ing./and'Sale' bf^Ccr^j:^  fain Staple Couimpdities,''Vreferring ||  j to'"the size/of:.fruit.-])acAages,: wilbbel^  W:-m%&i5������*s?gs^m  Z3sm&-~y  er^^gjfc-s:r?js'MiiansiS3Eas5igsB!n=!^iiA������������������yi-H^^T'^^  stiicily ei.foited.     Inipoilers' of-foreign     frmt    v ill  ha 'held   responsible  t^1  ii  for : the ...pacing  "hvai-ltiiig .'qf;;t!v  The Latest Tiling in  Hose suppers'. ���������  fitiit   winch  they  sell  as" well as  Rathe si?e of  the p.ic',aLes,_ .  ( opus* of the 1'iMiit Marks Act and  the Act "Pa's; e'eting thc Pac'ling anil  ���������Sale of Ceitain. Staple Commodities'1 m.iv be had, free, en application to the 'Fn.it l)i ision, Ottawa.  A. McNElLL.  / Chief. FnuL Div r ion,  Pepar/imni    of    Agi lculti rj,������  Dairy  CoiiMiiissK'ner's   Hrmioh.  iw  LIGHT BY-LAW  ������C'A NEXT WEEK  Fancy Gombs  Back,  Side and  Top  ��������� Fancy Belts -1  in all ihe Late  Shades  | Fancy Muslin, Silk anil Lustre  Wsists'  Walters <&  Akenhead  'JAT?Il\!INn S.ailVNHVt ^.i.l  Won'- H. Guy.  REPRESENTING  TAI5ANQ & CO.  Merchant Tailors  of Victoria,-will he in Lads smith on  or Sunday next   with samples,  and   will  ' be prepared  to  ta''e -orders for     La-  '* i dies' and  Gent's  Clothing. ' Will    be  found at thc Ab'Uolsford  Hotel.  7������Z^saasasssssgxgm.-z&t&2^vz  UvJisVV,  The Imperial Pii  UNEARTH  COFFIN  To whom it may concern: This is  1o certify that 1 have used MIN-  ARD'S D!N;IM'ENT myself as well as  1 resented it" in my iiractioe \vhcre a  liniment was rejuired and have never  I^iled to  get the-desired effect.  - :C.  A. KING, M.D.  The "Voung Ladies' Guild, of the  1-cal Presbyterian Church intend giving a Conversazione in the Opera  House on Friday, April 20. A splendid programme is being prepared.  London, April 7���������Workmen l'rc-  qiiemly ''come upon .curious thing*  in tiK'ir street'excavations, ���������but ii  is not every day the distrrb .the.  last resting place of a famous giant  borne workmen liad -this uncanny  expo; uuice while' dig-ging in Trench-  ard  Street, 'Bristol'rccently-  Thiir pick's, and'Sho vers.- grated a-  gainst the leaden collih of Patrick  Cotter '��������� O'Brien, whose iirimen.si!-  stature o/ eight feet three -..'inches  niade his nairne a household ., wore!  a century ago.     ���������    ' -   ���������   .  'thereWay ho mistaking  the  iileuti-.  ty     of thc     collin,     for  the      ]jlati-.  hereen   bore   the    following      (juaim  inscription:  PATRICK COTTER  OT.RIEN.  Whose name was Cotter,  But   he called   himself O'Brien,  Whose statur.e  was Sit,.  4  in.:  lie died  on  rtih  t'l.-pt-,   1S00.  Aged 'l(j.  -Patrick,it  appears,     was as  gigantic in  graces a.s inches.  A   native  of Kinsnlo,  Ireland,       !o-  al  history records   that   his .i:iainu/r->  vere   amiable   and   iinolYeiiding       ond  the    inflexible   integrity   of   his      conduct   through, life,     united   to...     the  ralm   resignation      with . which        nr-  waitf,-jt.l.    tlie.- approach  of death,   )]n>.-  \ed   tliat  bis  principles  >verc     strictly virtuous.        ���������  11 i.s said that 'O'Brien bated the  ;.!in of exhibiting himself and be  directed, that his body should be  so l)iiried a.s to cheat the' grave  robbers that gave additional teiror  to  death   in  those flays.  Accordingly, his friends    provided a.  leaden  coftiiri   and had   it.  interred  at  n   great   depth.      iron   bars        bcm<i  placed     in the   sides     of the ro(k   to  render    removal   impossible.  The local authorities at Bristol  are proud of their find, and it is  thotig-ht they will, resist any over  tares from Green Tsle In recover  <he remains   of tli"!r liisrxi'^i   "bhoy  -at���������  $1.25  ei Winner  We have Better ones at $2,75  AH Guaranteed  Call In and Get One  (Continued from Page One)  at two recent flics the hose had  Inns 1 near a coupling each tune, and  thus causing the loss of considerable  tune b.'foie -water -could- be turned  on I hi.- fames.  A Ust will be made from the hydrant near the Abhotsford hotel,  vlicie a pressure of ahout 185 pounds  is ol tnmaljle. ��������� The nozzle will be  b.lockpd and any length of hose standing the test will be eons derod safe  to ta1 e to a lire in any portion ol  the city, as the above mentioned hy-  uiant gnes as much pressure as any  in the city. -  Before ndiouinment, the Mayor'remarked th-it it would ,he advisable  to hai e ;s -representative a' meeting  as (possible .on Monday 'e'-'cuing next,  as the Light by-law would -l>a up for  discu.Sision. "Hcvalso reminded the  council thai nearly'tinec months had  claps-ul'since the jCiiumtion of Aid.  'Uclnlosh, and if, afte.r that time,  the., comfcil were.so disposed, they  could elect p.noLlier represent alive for  .Mid ile Ward.  'ih'}Sc jiicscnt at the'nierting last  eaeiiiiii. were Mavor Nicholson, Aldermen i'attirscn, Campbell and Uren.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  We have a_Lovely Assortment of  Lawn, Cotton and Fancy Musln  BLOUSES Opened out.'   '  These Blouses are Very Showy and  Just the thing- for^Easter  No TY uble/io Show .These Goods ,  S1M< N-L-E1SER&- GQ-Ltd.  ^^i^^^ms^^^ss^^M^s^ssmmmi^^iSSfssss^sss^si  V*  A.hOWE, 0fCHEfYlAiNUSthas opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run   by W. Ward, oil Roberts stree  WITH A FULL LINE GF FIRST CLASS MEA1S  ! PORK AND SAUFAGF, A SPECIALTY  ~ A Trial Soiicitd ,  A.     HOWE, PHONE-20  '''EiSf"'-**'-^'*^'"'"^^  SE  Dlr4  is uuufl jiorc  B. FORCSMHER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSflSTH  rfasssjS^s^KsxsiaasKajsaa^i.^^  FLOUR  "���������������������������:���������:   ';:FX  Eggs from Pure B;e(! Stock  "Ail Birds Tra<) flssfgd  No uiferlor Layers Kspt  Barred, Buff and White Koc:!*s  Wlii'c Wjandotlcs, White and Hi own  Lejihoins.  Setting  5)6 Per Hundred  $i. Pel  E. STEWART,  Bov 2(1S Ladysmith, B.''C.  OUR  FLOU  Just to Hf.nd a Carload of-  y  IvS Royal Househo  This flon.r'yon.'will /i������;i to  he  l.csl. in. Canada.  the  Kor  maMlin. white   Lread   iCs (|iiali-  l v is. unexcelled.  S&lditrA  .^S*"!^Sb3S6aKE!*^S*'iiE������^^.l*^S!33pSE3SS^E^SS^ .-..  I TQ-DAY       '. I  I  have just  reeencd  a shipment  of  Hills'. HiRh Grade  'timisn TOBACCOS  T-f"  Every Length Guaranteed  for  One Year  Cotton, Rubber and Wire'Wound^  i&  ad  jj m ������%' - ��������������� ^"J  ^1  ^^^SgSCi2SS3S3SSiS!2^  lercnfinf  FIRST A VENUE.  Suits     Made to   Order to. Fit and to" your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  %     Sausige,   Hutton,   Pork   and   Prime   Beef  We haAe a.-few. oE  the delicious��������� .        .   . ���������  PICNi'C.HAMS  ���������  ���������  Try MINARD'S LINIMENT.  !"    .Sjj,   ���������   i    '      ! i.lef.t yet, also some of tlie larger o-ncs      5  Call* in Tomorrow aiulGet A Roast, Of Veal, VgSf OlIGjlS,   ElC     I  ' PANNELL and PLASKETT  ^^������������������^������������������^���������������������������^���������������������������^���������^������������������^^��������������� ^^^������������������^-^^^������������������^������������������������������������^������������������'^���������^>^  W'c  should  like, lo  show  larg-c assortment of   " '   lA/etll Papers'"  Hanging   in.'nrk-c    from    ������������������ -   -  ioc   Double V.oll  and   I'p  They arc the very latest in Wall  and Ceiling Decorations. Just from  the factory. .Over-ten thousand rolls  to choose from. Wo also carry a  hirge r������nge of      -  Varnishes. Varnish S������ains,  Paints, Oils, Brushes nnd  ��������� Window G'&ss  In-fact    everything   to   Beautify   the  ���������Home, at���������  VK    sVAY  S  WALL JPAPER DEPOT  Plumbing  and Tip  DONE, AT  :  Rea;.onab  'c Prices  ��������� ��������� ���������������,  ���������~liy���������.  -mmm hotel  J.  ANDERSON'  Leave  orfwa  ut   i'qtcrson's  Furh ���������  ture .Store, or  telei'ionc Nos f>3.     ���������  Having (a'cen over-the bar-room.ot.  the "above hotel, we intend to run a  first-claSs,",up-to-date 'eslahlislinicnt,  and in soliciting the patronage of  oi'n- friends a"d thc public, in general,,  we gunnvitee .good  treatment  to all.  a, tyott j.' A. Smitb  Propriolbrs. -


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