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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 6, 1906

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 The Ladysmith Daily  ~**"*  ****  jj/'ii1-^1^ A  i$������  \������a  -o.  ptfc 9>-1906     -^  VOL..2  FRIDAY,  April   G,   J90C  PRICE FIVE CENTS  EXCITEMENT  PREVAILS AT  LENS MI  YES OR NO FOR   ELECTRIC LIGHTS  Lens, April o.���������The night passed  without any further incidents The  numbers of the striking minors have  slightly increased, and tho salvage  work continues without' result upti>  tho present. . A double line of gendarmes mid dragoos .surrounds Um  pit mouth, holding back the women who continue to forme-nt dis-  ordV,      pelting   thc  troops    and    de-  INTERMEDIATES |C������UnciI Dedde^ LaSt Night t0 Take'a LOCAL CLUB TO  Vote of Ratepayers on  Wednesday-Next  PLAY NANAIMO  Will Leave Nicknames Be>  li id, but Michie WM  Take His Hat j  r  While it may bc a woman's'' p!i-  noi.iicing the engineers as murderers vilegc to change her mind, there is  nnd bandits. The salvage men com ao law to prevent man doing likc-  ing up from the mine report thai wisi)[ tnus r_.aso,1Mj iue intermediate  there  arc   no -lraces    of     any  living"  .������������.������..#..#..������..������..������..������*.���������..������..������..������������������������������.������������������.������-������*���������>���������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������-.  >..������. .������..���������-���������..���������..  PRODUCE PLAY  POULTRY BUSINESS      MINERS  I  PROSPEROUS  NEAR LADYSMITH  men.     August   iscrton,     the      miner  who   was   rescued  yesterday  is slight'  ly  injured   by  tho  explosion    o,r knaw  by  a  rat.   o   football team last night, and there- J  fore they will travel down to Na- *  nain-o  with  Michie and his  niew  hat  feverish."today:       His  hand     wn*'-     ,,..,, c.     ,  c.j  at their head o.i Sunday next to ad-  SKRVED SENTENCE  AT  WALLA WALiLA.  minister another cold water bath to,  the aspirations of the Nanaimo Intermediates, and at the same lime  get    a  jraefcice  .game   to  fit  thein-  .    !7~ ;  ' .   ..������������������ .. ������������������   sekes for their maUh  with the Van-  Vancouver,     April    C���������A discovery , ������������������ -  made by'Detective Mulhcrn and   Dc7,,couver  Intermediates here on    Good  ttctive Waddell  while in Spokane, on  Friday. - " |  their way  to Mont-ana to- &t\e    cai-     Qt\ course the hoys do not    figure  dence at   the trial of C'ainiilc   Remy   c|,    bei���������g    te^,,.   |n   Nlinjlin,0i   ,Hlt '  will take away any of the.*ympathy   e CI1    if ^  arc it  W07ui,r eU"t'   no  that  was felt  for one of Wie McMil-  |igul.0_   jn  t,,eil.   -eagie s^,,^-,^  a,ll(1  Ian diamond robbers,    if  thai    sym- .iitey wiU ^ iri ,jettei. s-la|)C l0t.(>m.  pathy  was  based  on  thc supposition  pvte far  the championship of'B.C.  that  his  tumble  here  was  the   first     Tlle  f0uowing are the ,)Javic,.s   fiel.  ,*>  I  *  *  i  i  i  f  i  4  one he had   taken  from  the  path  of  rectitude."  Harrington they found from a look  into.-the rogr.e's gallery, was well  known   in     Spokane,    ha\ing  worked  .(.there as bell hopper in tiie Hotel  Spol.ane. " He was convicted' there  in March oi that year of robbing  Mr-. J-'rcula Kemp, a guest of the hotel, of $1-100,  Ban in^tou was 1 nown in Spokane  as Frank Ro'.erts, and under tJiat  name he wor' ed as l.ell hoy at the  Hotel Spoive, iii the fall' of Lbi������*������  and the early wii..tcr of 1900. He  was a  neat,   pleasant,  young  fellow,  , and waV* soon a favorite with the  guests. f  There stopped  at  the hotel  in  tlie  .winter, or 1000 a_ Mrs. Freda Kemp,  and another woman. Tliey were out  there on business. One aft rnoion  they were in their room with $1400  in bills heaped on the table.  Roberts saw the money on the table and contrived to get the two women <vit of the rcoii. He fiis' s_*nt  Mrs. Kemp to answer 'a telephonic  crtll ; n:l the other woman to thc  jailor to meet a caller. -  With  the  women: out of  the   roanl  ected: B. Greiaves, Crossan, Fagan,  Jac!son, Sanders, D. O'Connell, McMillan, Buglies, Michie, M, O'Ctin.iel.  Morgan  and Callender,  spare men.  Tlw local (asel/all fans   are out to  day on   the Bunker Grounds, and are'  gradually    getting    themselves-    into '  s-hane to    wallop the other teams  in '  the Island  league.   o "  NEWS OF DEATH  FROM NANAIMO  The Council last evening decided at a special meeting called  for the purpose of discussing the electric light problem,' that on  Wednesday next, April 11, they will give the ratepayer-, of Ladysmith an opportunity to vote on the straight i.cs.ie as to whether or not they wish electric lights in this city. 'J he ballot  will simply read: "Electric light, Yes; No," and the most little cro'isc-s fo ind ,opposite either one, will .d.-cidd whether tho council will go ahead with the project or drop it for at least their  term of ollice.  The meeting L.sl night bad been called "for the purpose of  ���������disoii.'sag a report leceived j.yMayor Nicholson, from the City Solicitor of -Victoria, and which appeared in The LoJgcr-pn Monday hist, regarding the best way of obtaining'a referendum on  thc irurstion of municipally owned or pri.'alely owned ' electric  plant  Alii.  Campleli,  after     the  Mayor had explained the. prrpose of  the gathering, said that  he had  heard  a good  many of lhe rate"  layers cypress  the  wish  to vote on    tiie    three   questions at the  same time,   viz.:    Municipally-owned  pLnt,    privately-owned  plant,  ��������� or no plant at all.  Aid.   Uren - thought  that   this    would   not  be a fair   proposition;    it   would   le  a cut-throat  vote.  Aid. Si Mice thought the best plan would be to submit ������. plain'  vote of "yes" 0r "no," for electric lights. Once the Council had  i.scsrtained the views of' the .ratepayers on. this . question, they  wp-ild know^-jist  what to do.  If the voters say they want li������hts, then the city fathers will  go ahead and introduce a by-law. In case it is a municipally-  owned phut, the vote would Le whether or not th.* counciTshould  ���������borrow t'ie necessary tin's. If it is to be a franchise grants  to a private company, the terms obtained by ,(h���������* city will be  \otwf 0ii. - '  The nusincss of the meeting wns practically ciiiJcd by Alderman Spence niaAitig a motion seco-ided by Aid. ratleison, ml  on Wednesday next, (between the hours of ninu in the morning : i.d  seen in the evening, he ���������tcpaycrs of Ladysmi h be giu-n nn  opportunity to vote on ihe it cesticn of "lights or no lights."  The   motion   carried   unaiinr.o sly.       - '  The question of how to let all ���������the ratepayers know of the intended balloting was,settled by deriding to have dodgers prmT.'.i  and distributed-w-jlU ti;j .'a;e and object of the vote: hi"-., In  coijimction with th: newspal>er reports will, it was Unu-liL afford mnple opportunity f, r s=n reading the information. ���������re-:i I?-: distribution. In the 3ity,   lT.i.os  will te posted -in tlie miner,' c.irs  Receipts Of The Show Will  Go Towards The  Sport Grounds  'i he  Club,  *  k  i  i  .4  Ladysmith Ainatcur Dramatic  will* shortly pro luce the  four-act drama entitled "Dot, the  Miter's Daughter' or One Glass of  Wine." The proceeds of the play  will go towards the sports grounds,  ;and  that  A visit out to the poultry farm of  Mrs. E. Stewart will convince one,  whjther he Knows anything" about  ] oultry-or not, that there are some  of the finest birds of the chicken  family on the island within half a  mile of Ladysmith.  Theie are e\e\'m different pens .in  which M'i's. Stewart keis her pri>'e  chicUns, which number nearly two  hundred. E\ ery thing is run on a  scientific lias is, and thc housis are  all | exactly   'clean,  nicely  partiticu-  ed oil and neai.    The chickens'tliein-  .                  .   it  will    le a   thoroughly seh(;S urc bcautieSi   Ui&:_ u^jng   9_v-  iwell  produced,  well staged and   well prul    roost(frS     iu   llie    floclt   whid)  co,t:������i*.ed play will  be seen in a per- Wyl|ld c<isilv weifih J5 p0uilds.   In ollc  usal of  the     following list  of names ])<M1       La���������gSi-ans are confined.   Thev  II. -'Ih:r.iley,  J.   Sanderson, L.  In- ^  R>L.h.ipS)   lhc prettiest  birds     of  .ghain,^ Harry Kay���������_W. G.     Fraser, lh(J (loc,.     The roostl>r hns ftn exccl.  lent    show      record,  and has  to his  NEW PLANS  Now  cd   to  inong  that all    mat-  referred    to      a  for       settle-  to 'be-     coiii-  oi'      conciliat-  .'ohn Aluir,  Robert   Barhlcyi Miss  K  ��������� Clave,  Miss  Jngh.im,  Miss 13.   Claye,  'Miss  Forcinuner,,   Sinicn Ivy.  j    The     play,     including    specialties,  I-which -  will   lh ijtitreduced    betiweian  each act, will last alo't two hours  'and a half, and those in atteiulanec,  j besides helj ing in'a good local imis>,  are promised  a  treat.  Hiring  tlo   play,   Harry   Kay    will  show  how La'I a  villian  h.> can     be  "4 ,\vhcn hi  wis'ies, tinl Mr.  Wm.    Fra-  f    scr   will  Lc  theie  to'enact  the    role  credit four or ' five special prizes,  ha\ing l.ecn exhibited in Nanaimo,  Victoria, Wcstniinsier and Vancouver  during various poultry shows. )le  seems to Inow his value, and is as  tame as most- peoples' dogs. Tiie  boss of t!:e flock is a littlp liantam,  ahout a.s big as a teacup, and own-  e.i by the children. The latter have  a sinai! lloek of bantams, and l-uiid  th.-'ir own houses and collect their"  f-g.������s seiar<ilily iiom  the rest.  Jn pc-intinu out the merits of a  (lock of White Roci.s, Mis Stewart  stated that last year each J*en had  lai I an aurage of .ffi worth of eggs,  bc ddes tho owner having raised from  the flock o\er three hundred chichs.  Thjs ycir she is late with hatching,  full cast of character will ,ic pub-' 0-,v;���������,, to mo-, ing, etc.t but in three  .lished. Reliearsals are heing held wc_\s> UuCi Mis. Slcwtrt expects  legularly, and lefore the ai>pointM to have sever..] hundred birds out.  night each participant will have his I  or  her  part  down   to  perfection. '  (of a minister.     He   will  portray the  jprofer nicnuer of tying the matrimonial knot and thus starting the   happy  couple    on  their  jouinev   throu,������h  'life. '  |    Posters will  le  out in a day     or  'two,   and    before  ihe  production     a  r  Vol*,     April    6.���������Having ftt.il-  coine   lo      an   agreement      a-  tlu-iiisUvcs    the      hard coal  niiners  of    I't-nnsylvaiiia.        through  their  representative's     todaj-  proposed   to Uie   operators  U:rs   of  dispute     be  board   of   arbitration  ment.     Tlu!  ti ihunal  posed   of   tiie  board  ion   which   wan  created      by   the'   a-  ward  of  the  anthracite    strike  commission  in   190H.    ll  Uie     operators  accept  tho   proposition     and   aeon-'  vention  of mine     workers    approves  the  plan      the     J 00,000  men -    now  idle   in   the  anthracite    fields        will  return'  'to   v;ork     at once.  'Ihe'employ*rs -have decided toe-are-,,  fully  consider     the       miners'   latest  mov<\     and   promise     to   give President  !Mitchell     and  his   men   an   an-   '  sner       on     Monday     when    another  meeting  of   thc  two- sub-committees-,  will   he   hold   here.  . Thc     conference   '  of  the   sab-committees  lasted       less'  than an  hour  and at  its    conclusion  ���������  the   operators  met   to   formally    dis-',  cuss   the matters  offered.  Later thej  issued  this   statement:     "lt     should .  bfc  observed   that   ���������   in  the   astutely  drawn   proposition  of    Mr.    Mitchell  and  his  -.ommittc-c,     the   operators '.  ���������arc  asked  to    submit to arbitration  the  tjuestioii     of  closed, shop,      and   .  the     check    daj'     scheme,   roxruiring  in   the   words  of ' the   miners'      com-   -'  mittee that each company shall   ic-  lect   from     each    employees such     a-  mcunts   as   may be levied   by   their  org-ani/.ation   monthly,   amount  Mr. Jas. Stael, of Ladysmith, re-  toi ed word from. Nanaimo this morn  ing of.tlie <I*eath of his niece, ithe oldest daughter of William Steele, Jr.,  of Nanaimo. Deceased was suffering  from an attack of pneumonia, and  parly this morning passed away.   o~ .   Till-:   STRANDED SELKIRK  ������������������.������������������-������������������������������������*���������..(  ������������������������������>������������������������-������������������������������������.<���������. ������..������..������������.������..<.i������..������..������..������..������.^.^.  TERRIBLE CRIME  AT MONTREAL  C. P. R. BOATS  ARE BEAUTIES  to lie botliered with crows  the youngsters, Mrs. Stewart replied  that she always has trouble with  them on the coast. She had,'bow-  evir, ne er heard in the interior, of  grows molesting young chickens, and  thinks thai, the crows of the coast  arc larger and more ra'-'enous. While  absent  from home one  day last sea-  ilnii  bo  LOUl-  plan  ������  op-  The sal.age    \york 0n the slrancied  steam freighter Selkiek. at Jones   is-.  ..,,.-,-. , ,  -land  being penducted   by  Capt.    His-  he -(damped' with tl.e money..,   eleft.sett on ,beha,f - of the  uivterwritirs,  ������aPturc<1 s^al! is being-; continued, the first v^orkof  a' 'unloading the copper matte proceeding rapidly. There are lfiO ioiu of  matte on-board the steamer. The tug  Dominion left ytsfcjrday with scows  carrying about 300 barrels and beams  S; o' ane and  was  weeks later at -Mrrshalltown  his home.       He     was brought ijack  to  Spo'cane and  was  sciitenceil" to   8  years in lha penitentiary.  Barrinigrton had enly been out of  the Walla iWalla ]ienitontiary about  sixty days '.'-when,-.- he. manic ti'C break  here. The Spokane people ,o des-  crile Hazard to Uic Vancouver ncu-  pic as a confidence man and ill-roun  crook. ���������   .'  .      ��������� :���������.������������������ o- :   FAME'S   PATHWAY. '  Teacher���������What,  is the  future   tense  of the verb "io love?"  ���������..--. Apt Pupil���������To   marry,   of course! ���������  Traiislato.! for Tabs From LaSaetn.  ��������� Gertrude Steiner has  won  the di������-J ONLY REMEDY,  tinction   of being    the  first  violinist. ~  ���������of her sex in Gcrmanv- to -'become Mrs-. Blinkft -Our son -John, doesn't  tlie director of an orchestra, having j'scein,'to''havc "���������'������������������it "f cu������i-'Ky.- He'll  lieen    engaocd as    director of an  or- nevcr l>e ������������od for  anything ,mtil   he  etc.,   in- fact a  large  amount   of ma  terial  for the" use of  the wreckers in  sal .ing the steamer.     It  is expected  that  theworic will be  successful.  Montreal.     April   5.���������The   perfectly  nude  body     of    rrene "May Ahem,    1  years  old   was   found     in the    wooda  at     Cole,   St.   Paul,     this   morning  'J'ho  child   is;  tliought     to  have  been  outraged,     then   choked     to     death  by ��������� the. miscreanti ���������   whose   arrest   is  fi.viiected    soon   by  the   police,       who  have  a.  good     description      of   him.  The-child.'   disappeared     from   ���������'���������her.  parted, Ida declaring that sh������  wac-,  going   hack  to    her  parents.  This,   however,     she  failed   to    do.  John   Thirling\_  who   works   in tin.-  lumber fardd on the canal informed-the police last '-night that he  had assisted a drunken man and  a little girl across a bridge over  tiie  flmne near .the  yards   on    Tiies-  collected  at each colliery,     to  Asb-srt  as  to  whether she   expected   turned over  to an authorized  stealing  'miUeo    aL    Um coiliery>     a  which "would make, of e\ery  erator a collecting ayvney. on be  half of t(he strike lunds of the sink.  ei's'. In their leuci: of March 9th to  the miners' commit lee, tho opeia-  Tlie Montreal Herald says: Accord-'arc larger and. more ra'-'enous. While tors sairt co'"'crning thc "check oQ '  ii:g to Mr. Alfred Allayno J&n.s, absent from home one day last sea- as a m^tusr of policy we would  prescient pf" the, Alberta Agencies, son, Mrs. Stewart lost 26 chicks and not make such an agreement a*,  Ltd., tlie new Canadian Pacific Rail, next day the crows arrived for an- you request, and as a manor or.  way AtJa-itic steamships, the Em- other feast. Tliey got it, hut the law we are not permitted to mnkv  press of Brilain, and the Empress of mtnii had teen changed and several it. On these two subjects also th.*  Ii eland, are two of the very finest went away lo digest small bird shot. ' Anthracite coal committee of T-Ou,  things af'oat. Mr. Jones, who has j "What do I id-o with* all the ' appointed' by President Hoo-weit,'  spent the last two months in En-'ergs?" asked -Wis. Stewart, in reply  ro.'Je, passed through Montreal en to a f-vesfkn, "Why, -Ii'll soil them  loute West last night, having ai-riv- . for hatching purpi s-.s. Last season  ed from Liverpool at Halifax on the _ 1 shipped eggs to'Cariboo,Kootenay,  3rd inst.,; by the steamship Tunisian   and      other    interior  points,  besides  made     thtj  clara tion:  at   work,  to   work  following     \ jgorous     Uo-  ���������*Tho  right    to      iemail*  where  others   havo-coa*-ou  or  to: engage ��������� anew      n.  supplying" a great many in   Victoria  and   Van'cotycr.     So  far  this  :.���������������������������year,*  hoJiie   in  Naples    street,'     Cote,     St-, day  night..     The  child   was      crying  Paul. on Tuesday afternoon after  leaving- school with her older brother. Thc hoy wandered oft' with  companions on the way leaving his  sister with  another little girl.  When  but littered no complaints and thai,  her description tallied with that  of   the   missing  girl,    thinking       the  after  a somewhat rough passage.  "Before sailing," said Mr- Jones to  the Horald,-   last night,  "I took  the'j Ladysmith people .have tal'fen a  great  opportunity    of going    to  Glasgow, j number  of eggs,  and   J have     orders  and having a good  inspection-of .the   for  more  for the  local  supply."   -  Empresses.      Both   are well on the'J ������������������ ������������������������***--���������  way'to- completion, although the Empress of  Britain    is  much more    ad-  little   girl  was  her' father,   Darling   vanced  than the Empress of. Ireland,  said   that 'the  pair  did    not awaken  as   she   is  exiected  to -sail   for    Quc-  the   hitters',   home  was  reachtid  they   his  suspicion.  VICIOUS BOBCAT KILLED  HOWLONGW1LL  GOAL BE KING  chrstra in Dresden.     ���������  ���������Mis Fannie Coleman, who 'began her  stage career at the Haymarket theatric, London, iinrtir Ihickstone's . mpn-  'agemc-nt, .and who has been on Wie.  stage 50 years, is about lo retire,  at the a/gc of Hi. She will have a  fa ewel I'.benefit at the Hay market,  -ill   the - loading managers assisting.  Mime. Alhnni's jewel case probably  con lain more preciois trinkets than  any other artiste's excel t M,me. Pat-  ti's. Yet her jewelry has cost next  to nothing.' It has nearly all been  given by royal amd other admirers,  who, in recognition of her genius,  have Invitowod diamonds and precious stones lip-en her to tne value  of manv   thoiisanils of  dollars.  marries.  niinl.'s���������il-low will     marriage    benefit  him.  Mrs. Bliii'ls-Oii, afler heV married  a few wee's iie'll get over the habit  of hmig-iiig arcand the house.��������� Chicago  News.   o   JUST A   LITTLE  HANI)  AT PAYCJOW  Vancouver,  A-pi-il  (i.���������As thc  result  of a  polh'e raid  on  f>37   Carrall  St.,  I last  night,   fifteen   Chinamen  were   iu  the police, court this morning, chai'g-  |ed  with  looking: on  a gambling game  ,Mr. L. Robii.* Reid,   who   appeared for  the.accused, objected to the information, .on fli2 ground that the name of  the game  was not given.    The game  was   then    stated     to      be pay go w,  bee on  or atout May the first.  j    "Fairfield Company,   in clmrgc     of  ,thc work, have  the   Britain  in     the  1 waters of  the Clyde,  and while they  are  one  of the  biggest of  the   shipbuilding firms  ;n Old  Scotland,   and  have t rned o..t many noted  vessels,  the    two   C.P.R.  boats a'-'c    steam-  shi s of which   Uiey may le.extreme- !ern I,art- of the  coll"t*"y, encountered  iy  proud,     'lhey   ar-  ] e...u,i3s.-.   The 'a large female  wildcat, which he ���������at-  I.o:--don,  April C���������Arrangements are   and pressure, all having a tendency t-c| Britain rides the 'waters 'like a dusk,  now  being made  to test a new  type   pull thenr    to   [ieces and  cause    ser-  and,  in   its interior   finish can   com-  of engine which, if  it proves success-   ions  rents  round  the  rivet  holes and   ��������� are  with anything afloat, or    sails  fnl,   may    cause a greater  industrial   cither ^arts  of the boilers. This wear   from'   any'port   on  this side of   the  Fendleton,  Ore.,   April   6- .-**- Henry;  Lazinka, .. Uic   well  known  cattleman,'  while driving his cattle to the Walla,1  Walla'river'in. the vicinity of a P.oint  known  as  the   "slklc"   in- the north-  i-evoli tion   than   that' which   resulted   and  tear  will  be avoided   by  the use Atlantic.  I'.om  the dis:���������'()���������,cry  of  Uie steam  en-   of "the ait engine.                    -. ���������   "She has threo    series    of     state  ginc,   or  ihe application   of ekctrici- ]    While all three claims remain to be rooms,  and the third class accoinmo- j  proved,   the  doing a"ay  with the use dations are eq.uaI to  any of the   sec-  '''? ffl<f>  of coal   in  smeiting  appears   to be an ond class in the   best  ocean boats,    in  accompl.slied    fact.       Mr.   J.'Corbin fact, in     respect    to  the baths,   rlo-  Weld,  deputy  governor of  the   Caiu- .self.     This struck me  as being     Uic  da company,   who is   now  in   Lomion feature of  Uio vessel.  has  made public information   of    an "Carrying 1,700 passengers, she   is  tacked and chased on (horseback with  ri.:Ui:.ng for a weapon but a large  ii ling whip..  The -animal finally turned and at-  taclcd him, jumping upon his horse,  tearing his jraldle nnd "euaps"-.with-  its  claws and  tryigg hard  to    reach  ty. The patentee is a Lancashire  mrn, who lu.s already achieved some,  siicxitf-s as' an invenkr. This new  prcihict'ion lie describes as a triple  economic air engine, and. if the inventor    can  justify     all   his     claims  the'business  of the. coal  miner    will   inr; ork.nt ���������experiment which   resulted  569  feet  long,  65  feet B inches  wide,  ...���������,- whereupon Mr.   Reid  said   that-,     ac-  Mrs....Bellamy Storer, ��������� whose bus- cording to his recollection of a <|c-  baim has luecn retired from his |io-,cisiou given by Mr. .Justice HciHler-  sition as aimliva.'Sador ro Austria, is sun, paygow was not an unlawful  the originator of the famous Hock- game. Mr. Killn-m, acting pr.os<*cu-  wood pottery. In her youth she j tor, as'������:!'for an adjotirn.ment of the  was a china painter and poroeiain ,caso till expert evidence had iforcm o.l*_  artist of preat ability, although she iftined. Mr. Reid objected, on the  pursuod the art as a pasthnc and ground that two of his clients were  gave most of her finest pieces away from Victoria aiid were anxious to  io church fairs, 'exhibits, museums,''get hae\\ Thc remand asked for was  and art collections. Mrs. Storer ]granted, four of tin* Chinamen, who  esLtlilishrel a kiln and wilh the aid |wtrc nnable"to furnish bail, being re-  of the host china painters whom she. leased on Ui<*ir own recognizance,  could interest begun experimenting  with pottery, coloring arid designs.  Tho result was tlie Rock wood pottery.  I:������ practically ���������.���������one so fur as industrial requiiclients ar: c-n.-criied.  I The economic air engine will save  tlie iis'fi of coal and all cost of fuel;  it will take the place of steam,  which, will not be required to keep  the pressure of air constant; it will  dri'. c a locoinoti c, | ropcll a ship,  work a mill forge without using gas  waler, coal, electricity or oil, and  it will entirely ireent smoke. 'The  economic c> Under will bo more pow-  eifi.'lth:n any other type of cylinder. It will save the use of large  boilers, and not more than two will  be ro:piirod fcr large works. Willi  two cr iv ore boilers filled vvith com-  ITessnil air up (o the prismie le-  d'.iireid in each boikr, the economic  I'vliii'der will l.eep up thc pressure of  air' if set to work.  In   h c.->motrcs and otlwr high pres  in' proving  that   smelting  would     be and 70 feet from keel  to hont   deck,  sticotssfully achieved  by eloctricity. SUuid on   St.   James  street and look  The experiments were made, not by at   any  of    the   high . hu ldin-gK���������that  a   body  of men  seeding- to   start     a will  give y0ii  an, idea  of lier beigiit.  company,   but at  the  expense  of   the .1,000  men  ar������    busy   at  work,     and  Canadian &o eminent     with a   view . will  have her ready by  May   easily,  to  the   ci,e.e!o':nient   of  the  iron    ore The  Ireland sails  in   June."  industry in Ontario.  AN  ACC1EENT  Although  no   personal  violence  was  done  to  anyone,  as   mii.hi. be suspect,  ed   Irani   th.������ aLo c  head,  the   temper  of '.I lie Ledger staff suffered a    most  severe shock at 1.30    turglit,    when  aLo it  ready   logo to  press,  i    In c.Trying the form, or la^efour,  to   the i.ress,   thc  pivssniaii- was  foolish   enough   to slip,   piling   up ads, lo-  ' Another feature that appealed to  [Air. Jones Was the heating arrangements, unique in ith \se boats. S.x  'Thermo h*aters pump hot air into  the rooms���������-J - s t pish a button and  the room is Hooded wilh hot, dry  air, a desideratum on a damp ocean voyage. All th:* crews are shut  off from the pas-sengers hy an iron  bulkhead.  He fn.illy deait it a blow that  sti nned it,, when he iq.uickly dismount  ed and followed up his advantage jby  kicking and beating the animal to  death. It wns a very large cat, ap-  pparently about G years old, and had  a liive fur, uhi'-h h-e remove*! and  hrought  to this city.  NO   PIFFHRICNCE  AFTER   ALL.  ..."It   isn't  considered   right to    as'c  a  Chinese bo.v many wivci he has."  ���������"���������Well,, it isn't polite to ask an  Amoriean bow many wives he's had,  cilh'.M-."���������Ditroit Free Press.  A WOMAN'S  RETORT  I    Bi������en���������Women  have no  sense of hu  mor.  I    Flo���������While  men  have no  sense  'seriousness,  which  is  worse.  of  -o-  Mr.    Siler,    of     the   First -Avenue  Stables,  i.s   putting "up  a     hrm'some  sure  steam   boilers   the wear ani tear  (.���������Js  iU1,i  otter  reading matter       in  is  consider,,lie.     It   is  caused  by the  A hea.p  on  the  f!6:.r.   This  is the rea-  fire',   the use of dirty    wuter  a1*!!   son  of   our late   appearance, as every  sign, just completed by Mr. I-I. Kay. rhe c&nstaut    chang������ of  temperature iui������   -bad   to ba reset on lh.it paje.  Mrs. .laW'Jttc':���������-It srems to me that  a man's pretty much of a drunkard  when he has to go out and ��������� get a  diink af-er every act at  the thentre.  Mr. J awl. ack���������Not at all. It seems  to mc chat a man's j rutty blamed  temperate when hs can sit through  a vvho'e act between drinks.���������Cleveland Leader.  NI;,AV COAL  FIELDS.  Los   Angeles,   April 6.��������� The Times  today says:1   Immense new coal fields  1 ompriKing    GOO,000 acres .in    Colfax  .county,     New    Mexico,     have    been  bought    hy    the  St.    Louis,    Rocky  Mountain  & Pacific    Railrdad     company  from the Dutch syndicate which  owns  the  old Maxwell  land grant of  I,5flfl,f0'i      acres     in  Colfax  county.  The price is said to have been $15,-  0(0,000.  work   which   qthers   abandoned,       i-,  part   of  the  personal  liberty     of     a  citizen  that can nover .be ��������� surreiuloi-  Od  ana every   infringement.      theieof  merits  and should  receive the    stem  denouncement   of  the  law.     All  government  implies     is restraint and i  is  not' leiss,     more  necessary  in   sell  goveremed    communities ihaii in  others, to    compel  restraint    of the passions   of men  which make     for   dw  order   and lawlessness.       Our       language   is  the     language   of    a     free  people,   and   fails   .to   furnish       am  form of 'speech   !>y     which   the right  of a   citizen   to"  work  when ho1 plea  scs,     for   Whom  be pleases and      on  what term s   he   pleases,     can be sir-  cessfully      denied.       The        .common  sense    of  our   people     as      well      as  the   common     law   forbids     that this  'right-"should., bo  assailed     with    im-  .pun-ity.'' .. It "is  vain    to  say       that  the -man ������������������ who   remains     at        vvoil.  while .others;. . cease   to    work ��������� takes  the  plac*   of   one      who     has    ahan  cloned    his   work,      helps     to   dcteai  the  aspirations        of  men    who   see's  .to   obtain   better     recompense        foi  their   labor     and'better    condition's  ���������of  life.  '"It should also be observed that  J1V, Mitchell's committee abandons  thc proposal- for a one year ag-  veefnent, 'and suggests an arbitration the term which would expire on April'"-1st,. 1908, a presidcii  tial year, thus alYoi'ding- a new.  opportunity to make this great.-���������  industry  a  football     of politics.  "The operators had already offered, will ho remembered, to extend  the findings- of the cqai commis-  sios until April 1, 1909. Before they  would frame a reply to the. miners they would first consult all  interests in order to got the sentiment of thc* heads of all the coal  carrying- roads as well as the independent,     operators."  STCNTF.NOFJ) TO HA NO.'  Three ' Tiivers. Q.. April"���������Tndge  <"'annon today declined to entertain an appeal from the verdict  ��������� of the jury in the rase of Wallace  McGraw. found guilty of murdering PercyIIoward Sclnter in March.  1905, and sentenced the prisoner to  be hang-ed   on  June 25. -    .,*..,.  "U  yi*  -'<3  ' ~:M  *':i  I  t������������������i r:*������������*������3  ���������w^Mk *. nt jwMWfwi���������  *u~4&j*usiiir~*: **" -*?''Fin,--r*W.:*%^X  h  BAII,*?     LRDOER  IHE DAILY LEDGFR  Published    every   day  eicept  Sundaj  MY     ,    HIE   ���������    DAILY        LEDOE1  COMPANY  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  in  cents   a  month,    $5  per   year' ii  advance.     Advertising rates on ar-  plicalion.  FRIDAV,  April   (',    HUM:  WOl'Li)   MAM:   TRKATING  1LLLC1AL  A hill  is pendiuii  Loioie the Omar  io  legisUtnie  ma' m^    il  an     o'Tvnse  for any    person  io   I.uy  a   drink     for  another,   but   theie s.-onis   to  be.   con  ' sider.il.lo .doui.i   whether, eu*n   ii   the  bill   l.lw'aine law,   ii   would   be   possible  to   secme   its  eiiforcenii ������t.     The  plan     lii's    Vein  i.-roposwl   in     other  places     at     \nrious   Uir.c*.,   fiul   if   a  compulsory   anti-liealinn  law  lin-s f\-  t*r  lict'n successful   the  fart   is not   nT  common   Inowledgc.  .   'I lure    ;s no  doui-t   Unit in     small  coniiniHiilies    mid  flubs  niiit-h     good  tan   he   di ne   by   agi cements   or  rules  against     Iieating.       Few    will  deny  that the  custom  is one of   the  most  fcol'sli  iinil leriiicious  lliat   c ei cursed* so-jirty.   There  is  no possible reason  why  the".'-* should   be any  obligation,  either express-or  implied, upon  a' person   lo  ask  another, or   as     is  often,   Iho    case,    to  as'-,  everybody  within    sound   of    his   ->oice,   merely  because hc wants a  little  refresh ment  hi-mselt.     Yet the habit, except in occasional   isolated   instances,   will p roll aid y  continue   to  prevail.  Arbitration is proposed by lhc  anthracite minors whoso general  scale committee, held another Session with the representatives of lhe  operators in Xev York on Thursday- Tho idle miners ask that the.  conciliation board created by the  strike coiiimis.sioii act as urbitra-  ton*-.   with     jtiflge     George  tlriii      ol  ��������� y^'j^y���������-.-*-ii ��������� iLirii\ri .   '  J-s--���������*wx.d. ~- -^���������-  isunsnine  Premier Haul fa in" and  "Sunshine Furnace"  Two North Wesf Premiere,  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  PAINTING   AND   HAPERHANUNG  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Executec  S. ROEDDING  ��������� W    *r       jw      mt      m  -   LADYSMITH  "I  am   instructed  to    direct     your  al tendon   to   the   Al ion     Labor      la*.������  fixing a  penalty     not    exce.'il-iij-   '-ilium    for   violations     in   that        particular."   O ;   J")elawarc     or   anj     person' lie     may ,  appoint   as  chairman  and     iniipiru.  lt  the   operators   agree      to        lhe  1 plan,     an.l   it   i.s appro\ed     by a cor. ,  vent ion   of  miners,   operations in  the  -hard   coal     fields     will  be       resumed   inlermii tent  at   once.      Tbe   operators     tlo        no* ' manner    m   which  the   case  was     lir-  look   with   favor  nn   thc  plan        l-ui    my  conducted' by    the       mag-istiate  YORK   COUNTY   LOAN".  Totonto,    April    o.���������J.    li-     Jones  eiiincil   for  i'liillipps   i.gain       added  Miiiet.y        to police proceedings      b.*>  objections      to thc-  wili    g*i\-,o   their  answer  crs  next    Monday.   o   to the min  TELEPHONE CO.  MUST OBEY  THE LAW  Ottawa, April 5.���������Mr. McTCer./ic  ICinfi, Deputy minister of Labor  lias telegraphed U>t British Columbia Telephone Company that tl-..'  department is informed that it ha-.  been taking- on workmen from the  United States to replace Canadian^   at   piesent on   strike.  He adds-  RHEUMATISM MAKES   LIFE  ���������'       MISERABLE.  A happy home is the most valuable possession that is within the  reach of mankind, but you cannot  enjoys its comforts if you are suffering from rheumatism. You throw  aside hrsincss cares; when you enter  your .home-.and' you can be relieved  from these rhetrmatit*' pains by applying, Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Cnc  application will give you'relief and  Us continued .-use for a short time  will, bring a-1 out a permanent cure.  For sale by the Ladysmitli Pharmacy  saaESSBaa^sssy-tss&.-S'-fjp----  ll-j was finally informed that i.  not 'satisfied he could apply for  cluing''' oi venue. Features of the  e.idence were .detailing of fhUiipp-  having secured Totonto Live Stock  ,and haMiig paid for it, ..same to  be held hy .lean McCann. Vai-  10 s chc-i{ue.s issued ' b,\ Hurt 101  coiiuiiissions were clo.selx .serut ini/-  e<' Mr. .lones wanted to i-nov  wiiat that had 10 do with I'hil  lipp*5, but 1 hc court said if tin-"  man was holding an\thinu for Phi!  li,>ps   we   mijdu    to   know   it.  ���������li this man obtained money as  K's'ilt ol con'-pirafy with Phillipps.  h ��������� is not eiititlnd- to it and we  want to get 11." added Air Cmry.  '"one lacij s.ud on the stand Iha  tl.e cheque for s-MOjin'i did no!  go to the credit of Phillipps.  hn .e here vouchers from the Ilanl*:  of Montreal showing that it did  g-o   to      rhillipps-   account   and I  be-lieve vont-hsd for in hand writ iug  o1' this same young* lady."  ��������� The So boy T/umber Oonipany o"  Ilnla'rd,' Wash., has representatives  in V'iincouver looking over a'number' of  available     sites   on   the    V>\\v-  i-accl   Inlet    wareri'ront     suitable     foi  liie  election        of  a  large     sawmill,  and   11   is   reported  that  several    an-  under  option.      This   Company       foi  some   tune    lias   Ix-en    looking    into  I lie  lumbering   situation        on       thi--  coast,     nnd   the     coming      summer  may  witness     the   start     of        work  on   the  election     01  a   plant   in Van  com er.   o   I1AUI) BATTLE WITH ICE FLO US.  Cle\eland. April .i ���������The steamer-*  llepacker and Fleetwood, and the  Barge Mora\iu, arrived here loday "from Buli'alo after a' hard .bat-  He with the ice which was found 11.  great quantities neatly the whole  length of the trip. Thc captains reported that the ice fields were, melt.  itifC  and  would   soon break   up  i WM.   MUNSIE,   PH-sident      J,  W    COHl RN,   Manning  Direct,*  ' Telephanc   l-i>. ' '  !    The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,'  I MILLS    *T   Pinmrw    A\'D   LADYSMITH- '" lx,t,���������  j Shirs-"^^ a Specialty  $ IIASIKACTUHKRS  OF   ' Roitsli and Drt'saod Fir and Ced;.r Lumbers  i L-VrilS,   RiUNGLES,   MOULDINflS,       KTC,     of    f,c  HKST  ' QU\LITY SEASONKI).      AM)    M1KD     KLOOHINClS      AND  J * FIKISIIINC3   LllMiJEIt IN  STOCK  sr  W.-!t,I(   FURN1SHUD ROOMS  ABBOTSF  A.'J. v  MURT   IE, (vrop I tor  bar s'ui pued w!,r a   ES  WINKS, *UC_l-'ORS,.CIGARS  . LAOYSMHH. * .C  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL  Bquimaff   & Nanaimo Rrilway  Easter Holidays  Excursion Rates  (       {'."'".���������     ^In effect between all Stations  Tickets goul from Friday,  April 13,    lo    Men lay,   April   ICth.,  inclusive.  , Special Train 5ervice  In Effect <,n  Good Friday ard Laster Monday  Afternoon   trains-leaving. Lad s*iith,   Noith on d,   at G: 15   i>.  m.  Afternoon   trains*  leaving   Lad)smith  'Soi. h o.n.d  at 5:00 p.   m.  Regular trahi service Saturday, Hth,   ami  Sunday  loth.  G, Iv. Courtney,  District Pcsseiigcr Agent  DAVID I1YNES, Propiictor.  H lard at reasonable  r Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked .  Every good dcaler]carrles this  Boot. Take id substitute  MEN'S KIP WHOIE BACK  BOOTS havedouble sold and  slip, Hungarian nailed and  standard screw fastened, high  :   or low cut  The  moU   popular Miner's  Boot   ever turned out of a  factory  J. 1E.CKIE Co. Ltd.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ���������SYNOPSIS OF nAMADT-W ---n'.-n-T-T  WRST   MINING   REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands   may   he   purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  $20   for   anthracite.   Not  more   than  32fl  acres can  he  suvpiire.d ' ���������w  our individual  or company;    RovaKy       the  rate    of  ten cents per   Inn   <<\  a.onn  pounds     shall       lie  collocled   on   Iho  cross  niitpnl,.  ���������"hifirt'/.���������A   frep   minnr'c;  mrl iCc.il r i<--  granted  upon  payment "in  advance of  S7.50   |>cr   niinum   for   an   individual  mid  from   $50  l.o  SKifl   per  a������niini  for  a company, according  to capit-al.  A free miner, havint; discovered  mineral in place, may locate a clain  I,f>00 x 1,500 feet. The fee for n-  cording  a claim   is  $5.00  At least $100  must lie expended Millie claim  each  year  or   paid   to  tlr  ���������nining recorder in lieu  thereof. When  ������������������'���������00  has. heen  expended   or   paid, the  locator   may,   upon   having   a survey-  made, and upon complying with oth  er.requirements,   purchase  thc  land a'  H  an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  I'LACER mining claims generally  are. 100 feet square; entry fee ?5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leas  es to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a. term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge ia  operation within one season from thp  date of the lease for each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2_ per cent collected on the output after if exceeds $10,000.  W. W.  CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of the Id-  *-������rlor.  This' Hotel  haa   heen coaipletely       renovated.  Board aad lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL-    PRETORIA  JOHN TPA, Proprietor  '���������"ar  Supplied  with  the  Best   Wines,.1st Avenue  ''      Liquors and Cigars.  :-: :-��������� Ladysmithj'B.C  Best accommodation for transient  ������nd permanent boarders and lodgers.  QRAND       HOTEL  c  This new Hotel has .been cornfort-  aMy furnished and thc bar is up-to-  d?te. Rates 51.00 a day and ������p-  wvds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  ���������*>*lMa4* ������������������ '������������������- ���������*-: -***���������" ������-������*T������H������i*������  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������W H ITE   IOOO Ivan (1  ���������WHITE   LABOK���������  Employed Only  (Half Block  from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-*   Ladysmith.  "GftL������IAN"  Leads Them   -Ail  :o:-  R.P.RITriEl,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  /ICTORIA, :���������:  :������������������.���������   .-���������-���������.������������������ B.C  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������RateE if 1.25 aid$1.5t>���������  Free bug^to all steamboat landings and  railway depots.    Klectric care every G v  minutes to all parts of   the'city.   Bat  and tabiejiinexcelled. '  F. BAYNES, Proprietor, ,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C  Under Managment  r  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial  Mens'  headjnavters.  Modern and      Strictly First Clais  Fire I'roof     Ruildiij.  WANTED���������I'.y Chicago wholesale  house,':.special fepresentative (manor  woirian) for each province in Canada:  Salary S20 60 '- and expense's-, paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful;"'- position permanent. No investment required. PreT  vioiis experience not essential to en-"  Bilging. ���������"    .  ������������������ '"   -^  Address Manager,  132  Lake Street,'  Chicago,  HI-, U.S.A.  t h e c i t y m n r K6T  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B.C,  THE TYEE COPPER CO.; Ltd. "   +  I PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AMI)  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,     B.C.  **      HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION,  Vancouver Island, B. G.  CLERMONT1 LIVINGSTON";  General Manager,  I  Ticlvct and  Freight  Oir.c, 75  'Government. Street.     .. _  ft  Transcontinentat  V     Trains Daily  ' The New Train ���������  O   RIENTAL LIMITED  .. _.._-The- Train' of     ;  Ease,   Elegance, .Excellence:  ',-  Every  mile  a  picture,   'and  no smo'.e to spoil  the   .view.  Through Compartment,   Observation and Pullman  Sleepers;     also    Through    Tourist*  Cars 'to Chicago." '���������        '    ���������    *  At antic Steamship Bisunesa t7 Europe  is our Specialty-r  Union     Terminals'* with   all  SUamer lines. ���������    ���������   ���������  ��������� - Berth' reservations  by  \vircl  Great Northern  S.S.  Co.  FOR'JAPAN 'AND  CHINA.;  '   S.  S. Minnesota'   will    sail  from Seattle,  April'29ih'.  For  rates,  folders  and, full  information,   call  on  or     address,  S. G.  YERKES,      '     "  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle,"Waslv. '  IE. R/STEPHEN, _  Gen.  Agent, Victoria, \i.C.  w.xx'm  h J HENRYS  NJlilES   QREEN-  HOUSEk AND SEED  HOUSES  StlO   Vestminster Road,.  VANCOUVER.  Ji.C  Headquarters for   PACIFIC OROWN Oarden. Held  ���������nd Hower SEEDS  lor distribution. -;  Large stbek -' of Home  Growr. FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  %4l~ now matured for Spring.  No expense; loss or -de  lay of fumigation or inspection  Let me srice' your list  before  placing your   order, tlreennoiisc Plants, .  Floral Packages, Fcrtili-  ���������zcrs"-;etc. ';..,  3010' Westminster Road.  VANCOUVER, Bi  C.  PAINTING,        PAPEKHANQ1NO  :;;  ���������BTC.-v  Work  deni-  pmperly  arid  at    \\v^  prices.      A   AiH   line  of Wall    Paper,  and ^Painters  "Supplies   Residence  ou  Roherhi Street  J    E   SMITH. Vr>������������������  LADYSW!TH  BAK6KY  CHOICE     CAKES    AND    PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON  HAND  Wedding    Cake*   -���������lade'-   lo   Order  l-'KCiTS    A^l)    CANDIES  OF  ALL  KINDS:    /-'RESIT   BREAD  EVERY   DAY  rrices    are     Verj Reasonable.     All  Customers are Treated  Alike.  HOP  LEE A CO.  ON THE   SSPLANADE.  l!  jc.^^.^.f.^.^^.^^.^^+^.v-j"]--!--!--"!"'":-!-- f-i"}.*i"i"i"i������f"V'I-l"I"l������l-*f^-I"I"I"V*5"H"f*f^  FACTORY  ..X. Smith's  ' RESTAURANT  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden ��������� Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  TICKET OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts,  VICTORIA, B   C  2  Trains daily .to St. Paul,  1    Minneapolis,  Duluth   and  East. "  2 Trains    daily ' to Denver,"  Omaha, Kansas City, St.  ^   Louis-   anil    East      and  .  ' Southeast.  /-, j~  Atlantic Steamship Tickets on  sale to and from all European  Points  This  is the ONLY line 1 ��������� 16  YELLOWSTONE PARK.  Tourist sleepers on all' trains  For particulais call  on - 'or  wiitc E. E. Hlackwood, General Agent,   Victoria,  B.C.  A.   D. * .Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, Ore.  Are You  Going East  Then b������ ture your tickets read   *ia  the  s  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BL05S0.1  None bu   Unioti Labor    Employed  n  .1.  BOOTH. Prop  S1WPS & BATHS  Having taken ������ver the barber shop  known as thi Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, I-Itgli St., I intend, by keep  ing competent -t/orkmen, to conduct  a. first-class establishment, and ; respectfully solicit, your patronage.1       I  THOMAS LEWIS  fhe only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with ��������� the  through trains from the Paciflt  Coast;'-  THE     SHORTEST      LINE, TH  FINEST  TRAINS;   THE   LOWEST  'RATES,   THE FASTEST TIME.:  - --BETWEEN'.; :::':-;:v' ':, ,;  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CH* ���������  OAGO.    OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT^X  and! ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask you.  ocal agent or write, ;  ":,"'';F.: W. .PARKER.-  -.-���������������������������'" General   A feat.  '���������10 2n<J Ave., Seattle."  . - ..Daa era ia  Pianos and  -.Organs'.-;  Ladysn.ith, B.C  NOTICE  The partnershij) existing between  C. IL Rumming and W. E. -Rumming  carrying on business in. the City oi  Ladysmitli, 15. C, as manufacturers  of carlionaled beverages, etc., undet  the firm name of Rumming Ilros., is  hereby dissolved. All outstanding  acoounis must'he paid to W. E. Rum  ming, who will continue the business  and pay all accounts against the firm  of Rumming Bros.  C.  IT.   RUMMING,  W. E. RUMMING'!  Dated at Ladysmilh this 28th' Day  of Feb., 1906.   ' , ' . ,  -SI  ) !  it! ���������fj*+*lt������j$-.    ��������� ���������"������������������������������������f- '  THE DAILY LEDGER  RUSSIAN PARTIES  DISCUSS COALITION  St Petersburg, April 5.���������The vie  toric������3 of the constitutional democrats has been follwtd by a proposed coalition of thc constitutional Democrats, thc Moderates; and  the Octobrists, under the leader-  ship ot l\an Petrunkevitch who i*-  a candidate for President of the  lower House, amid M. Shipou*, a  .prominent >3em������-tvo' Ifa.der, to in  sure a clear majority in the lower  house of parliamerH to resist an.v  attempt on the part of government to prorogue, it immediately  upon its assomblagv. It appears  that the reactionists , are -seriously  endeavoring to induce thc Kmperor  to find any excuse to annul the  now elections, Thc rust act of th".  g-overnment after the result oi  '���������the St. LVU-rsbr.ru; elections became  Inown was to tighten, the reins  on the press. The worst features  of the old censorship has been" restored. The paiers must again  submit  copies   "of     their     editorials  before  thoy.   are     (list ributed        and  the  extent     of     changing    a  paper's  name .when,,  suspended    has        been  forbidden,     likewise     thc device      so  successfully     practised     by   the  soc  jalistic  org-an   Vorwaerts    in        Germany  m   hiring     a series of   "prison  editors,"      in- the .council  of   the lin  j.ire  today   they hurriedly     adopted  a/law   by   31   to      2   votes,    punishing     with     a year's     unprisonm'.'n..  the' publication of  false     rupbi is  which allVct rtlve ciedit ol ' the  country at large. Lund owners who  control the provincial Zcnislov reports ' to thc council of the empire  that thoy, have thus far only ches-  cn .strong-- Consoivativos. Tho pro  \iticc of St. Petersburg- retu.-.is M  KorlY,' hJad of St. Petersburg- Zew  stov"committee, and the i-o*'ince  of Chei-liflolt-- elected Ttf. Krav-ol's.  both Octobocists., The proviine o<  Tula elected, M. I*sholY  o>ed  reactionist^  .  <���������!:   an-  boiNGS OF'THE  DOMINION PARLIAMENT  DISTURBED BY  THOUGHTS OF WAR  Reilin, April G.���������In fi ��������� 1:. i. hs-ig  today prev ions to his c.-'/.io'-c  Chancellor Yen linclow ���������-���������nd th.it  he wished lo make .i luu.'.'-i expression of the ���������jovcrmu"'-*' -. Moroccan policy, lie weighed his wo'-il--'  becan.se the ������������������ui'siii.iL h.i- n >t l.ciiii  discimsed by other pa-"! .m'in ��������� '���������'  sides he (lid- not wish o r.-������'.\ <hs-  turbing tho .agrcemc'" iirriwl n"  after so long- a strug >��������� ''outin"  ing the chancellor *-.i.-'" ,"Thc:i' l.a*-  been week* when Iho ���������������������������-. I. >< 'llf  ��������� ee-li? wrrc disturbed by the  thought* of war. Why was this  the case'' Ai" ...ii iiiti'H" l������ Jn Mo  rocco vital enough for us to be-  how that tlcrinaii interc.-jts  *���������.) im-'naccJ as to oblige  consider the possibility  \Toi       The  government  want  to  oppose  tho  in  recent     ..years  been   induced  Ottawa, ', April    4.-RaJph     Smith  gives   notice     of  a rcsohrtion    setting^ forth     that  , many "persons       have  t������    :ome   to  Canada     from the    old  country. Ahrough ; misrepresentations  made  to   them     as"    to   the  conditions   of the  labor  market    in   Cau-  acla.  and  an act  having been    pas-.-  eu   in Canada to punish   .such   misrepresentation,     it   would     be       de  iirablc  to   have     similar       legislation  in  Great Iwitain,     and     thut  a  ,  resolution   to that    effect    be transmitted  to the   British   government.  After the  storm    of .yesterday cairn  calm   today.     A  discussion     took  representation       ot  /vide that - under no circumstances  shall it'be roUuced, llr- Hughes  was-loyally supported by Messrs.  Martin', MacLcan and Lcfurgy of  Prince  Kdward   Island,     and Mr.  McDonald,     of  Pictou,      ami Mr.  Stockton,  of  St.    John.     The debate  will.be  cont'inued  on Monday.     ���������  Mr. ��������� Cocksshuit, was told by the  premier * that -ie.7 petition's had been  received froiu. United States sources,  along the' western shores, ��������� stated  in favor.of the preservation of the  scioni'c ��������� bJauty of Niagara falls and-  only  fourteen from     Canadian   sour.  ees,  Mr. ' Rivet advocated the 'placing  of Montreal harbor under a federal  commission.    ���������  Two hundred aiid forty-five -Canadians wore killed or died as a  result  of   the  South    African   ., can.-  a  place     ��������� upon.  " the  sevoinl   provinces     "in  the    Com-  . mons.Prm<;e Kdward 'Island^ members " protested against the reduction ���������������������������   'iniile   by' the   i-edislribut-  ���������ion'bill of  100-t: ~  "/Mr. ;Hughes, of  ' Queen-s   offered . a   resolution   calling  ' for",Mich_   an  amendment'   to  ' B.N.A.   act.    as   will .restore to  Island  the     original    representation - gel-ously -M-r^t "Dresden_;G-ermany.  of f six  members       with   which,     li 'and. Mr.-MacLcan   -may have      .to  *-eutered   the confederation     and  pro-   leave  for ^thcrif Saturday.    *  the  the  paign.        ~,..  ,;* ,,y -.... ..   ��������� , *     -  .The chief justice oi." the 4 supremo  court- has V"*n :granted\ "six months'  ti-ave  of. ardM?nc'e.;-,' '< ������������������.'l : '    .  F.- MacLenn's     wite     is     dan-  W.  NANAIMO NEWS NOTES  The  I'hnera! of   the  r.     Planta   will  lake place from  residence of  "Mr.   Marie     Bate,   " Jr.,  Victoria  Road  this  afternoon  at     3  o'clock.  . liov.     A.   M. Sanfbrd  cialina.  late   Mrs.     J.- During 'his' stay'here'   he    will  th0'the  guest   oi Mr.    S.   Robins.  1 The    Olympii       club,     witb   liond-  i quarters on Skinner street   held    one  orb- -of   its  noted   Stag parties .last    ev-  Fred Richaulson, the well known  salesman from Vancouver 'is in tin-  city.  Van Anda, Texada Island, is in tho  city today on matters ia connection  withhis   department.  Mr.   .1.     ll.   Fraser,   . the newly  appoinled   collector   of  customs     at  The reports appearing from timo  t������ time in the local press, that  Bob Martin of tlabriola Island was  in' a precarious condition as the  result of his fight vvith Fcrandcz.  arc not true. Mr" Martin commenc  ed work a couple of days after  the contest and has been working  steadily  ever  since.  OFF-FOR  SRATTT.h'"AMD   Till-:  ������������������������������������.:������������������������������������   -;.     , EAST.  ���������Mr., and  Mrs.   T.   Davies   left,    Na-  luiimo  for   Seattle   yesterday    morn- ' work done  by.  ing  after   a. three, months'      visit   in   shows "that  he  ening   which turned      out     lo  be nn  immense    success.      The early       pari  of  the evening  was spent   in   boxing  nnd     wrestling . exhibitions,     which  were a  source    of much   enjoyment  to  those   present.     Thc  first        item  on   the  programme' was   an    exhibition  on  the    mat. between T    Pal tier  head    "and  W.     Frost,     each     man  followed   B'������i������h   <-<*-lumb.v  were  us     t. i  oi      war''  did not con  Mder   the'possibility     of   war. Wc  have no dittct political interests  lhal. have a future. We, have a  purtru'i* in th.- international convention which held that all pow  ..u-s were entitled to tho most  fin orod nation rights. Wc have  no   direct     political     interests in  Morocco; no political associations  no historical rights like France  and Spain. lint wc have commercial interests that have a future. It was a, question of dic;-  .���������lity and prestige of thc German  I'jinpiru, and vvc could not give  way. l.t was not our- intention to  gain a foo'tino in Morocco. This would  have weakened ' instead of btrongth-  cii'jcl   our  position.       We     did     not  NOTICK.  NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting  of .the License Board of the City of  Ladysmith H.O., for a transfer of  the retail liquor license now held by  old   lustor mc for  thc premises known as the La-  ical     and  political  rights  of    Franc,  J'8���������11^ IIolCt1'   situa.te(}   0li   Lot   'J>  Block 27, to Kobt. Scott and   Alex-  and   Spain,   so       long   as    tlai inter-   ,,    ..^  csts   ol  Oeniinn      trade   were respect i p#  \y   MILLAR  ed.      We   did   not      want    to   irritate ^ j,y  his  atty.  in  fact,  Kngland      because     she     Had  drawn' MARGARET  A.   REII  closer to France. We wanted to I')ate|1 at Ladysmith the 10th day of  give significance to tlw fact that March, li)06. .  Germany was not a ne-gigible quaa.  Uty and that the texi and bas  is of an international, treaty could  not be churged without thc consent of thc signatory powers ami  that lhe door for Free Foreign  competition must be kept open  in   important     territory   neai two  of the world's trai'.o routes An in-  .tomational conference, was wo thought, iho Ijcst means to peacefully  attain These aims. So g.reat was  our confidence m o������r firm belief  of  right       that -we  entered      in-  HILBERT  X  ������������������fr+.-H-r-H-������.\.���������������!��������� 4.{. 4> ���������|. ������.f..;������^������4. ���������i.4^r **:-l������>**!~������������!' ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!������������������������!��������� ��������� ������!-���������  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  rianufacturers of the  V  \  A-  In   British Colunibia  Lager Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  f   edfrom the Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  % ���������������!���������+ i-^������H"i������^������:'-������'i-������������M*^-������^������:":> ������-i������ ������������������!���������*��������� *-i-������-F^*r r4-*~i-������y-������������i^->*:->:**  i  that'  to |  and i  Wc.had  to   the   conference,     knowing  Jltti-ee   great,   powers   were      tied  ���������France  by  special   agreement  that   a   fourth   was  hcr ally-  to   press   our   dcsiios       against .a  majority        of   the     great       powers,  and   desire      to    acknowledge         tho  firmness     and  tenacity   with     which  Ihe  Gorman .delegates   held       to   our  inst demands.' franco has been a  ' < . .  conciliatory as Germany m striving to find a solution tor the  police qiuc-stioii, and in future what  can now go forward quietly as the  result of thc conference is as satisfactory to Germany as to France  and all   civilized    lands.  Any  THIS MILL  EMPLOYES ONLY  WHITE MEN  Vancouver,     April   4.���������On  Afuy     1  next, there   wiM  be  opened      in-  thc    most.'up-to-date mills en    the  Pacific  coast,     when the   new     'mill  SOLD AT  ALEkT BAY  POTLATCH  Vancouver  April  5���������The    big l'ot-  of   latch    at       Alert    Bay,    has    been  stopped  for  a   while.     The      Indians:  propose    to  do    a     fc������    weo'v's lulling "and   then      the  orgies   '   will    be  owned   by   the  Vancouver       Lumber   ij.,,^,,^^       The   fiist   session     cft'nc  Company   will  be. put- in  operation   j potlatch Avas "the source   oi     twenty-  cases     for     the police.       The  Siwash   idea of amusement may dil-  SiOiith   lire  I  The   mill   is   situated  on   the  side   of  False  Creek,    near tho-. cin-  bio  Criclg-er    and   is  almost       ready  for  operation.  Mr."   .1.   H.   Moody,     manage*-    of  the  now     cc-*npany    was  at  thc mil!  this   morning  .superintending   the    ci- ,  cction   of  the  new   machinery,       und ,  when 'seen     by    a   I're'ss    repr-scuta- I  five,      was   most   optimistic    m     l-is|  views   as   to   the    utility    of  t'.e new '  mill.      "Then;  is   not  as     good  mill  on   Uk*   l'acilic  coast,  "and  this   has becn    adniittuc  sons   on   both   sides , of  the  Wm-.  There was a large mill at Kt.  l-iiuI which was considered ihe best  in the Wc-st, but it cann.it compare   with   our null."  The   mill     hrts  a  head   bai.i  vvith      a   10-foit     band      md  inch   blade,      tv -l  an    8-fo it  with   a     l'f-iii''h     blade-     '���������'���������"���������������������������  gcr"   is  ten   by     seventy'-/.-)  and   is   the   largest-  he  a  .-���������aid,  ,v pin-  securing  a  fall.    This   was  bv     O. .Wilson  I  1)1 ild  mill   is   .h'j  only    mi  and J. McN'oil    who |     l he lt ,.   ^,.���������  \ ...    lisi.   Columbia    where  thc maclrn:*iy  wrestled   to a draw each   man    tak-   Usti   touiunu , M,,s  II  Wil   is  nin  '������������������v      Uvin       rolllhS   "--  The   ninhcinory is  all    ���������.atyrnat,  ing 'a  fall-   S." Sutton    and  son     furnished  a   lively     arid      inter  csting exhibition     of  mat t    tactics.  Wilson   winning   thc match, by     taking   two straight falls   from his     op  poncnt.  The best event  of, thc  whole   even  ing    was   undoubtedly   thc  exhibition  given  by   -Tom   Weeks     and    Wilson  Clarke. -    Uolh   men       did     da/.'/.ling  work, .Which     at. . . tunes* oUeted   up-  'plause     from .���������'���������the ^spectators..       .The  ;WCeks   last night  is  at -present   -in "line  Xanaimo.- as guests of Mr. and form, .and, capable': of going, some  Mrs. .lames llnvies of Selby street.] with, any innn.: hcv may bo pitted  It.   is  Tom's   intention     to    take    up   a-rainst.     A   match     at tho     present   is  assu.nim  and   ^ ill       be   iblc      to  hundr.od   thousand   f'iet     >>"  in   a' ten-hour    -lay  "Wc can cut m.uM lumber in f-n  hours " said Mr. Moody, "than any  other' mill in Ilritish Columbia.  We will employ only white men;  in the mill. no Japanese or Chinese.  "  POLICE AND STRIKERS  ���������"'      .   CLASH  AT   LETHBRIDGE  Lethbridge,      Alia.,      April- d-TIw  xt  the   local    fields     hciv  a critical phase    since  and  fcr from that of his white brother in some resiccts, hut in others it runs along the same lines.  tic wants to Jill himself full of  joy water and hc likes occasionally lo gamble. Tho while man nj.s  made laws 'hat the Siwash during  potlatch time, breaks whenever he  feels like ft, and the police were,  kept busy with men with whisky  in their possession, men with whU  ky inside them, men peddling  whiskey, and men who had been  indulging in the rmlian substitute  for black-jack and hind poker One  .Japanese had a very brisk business' for a while selling whisky,  he had made good of . acid, w.io.l  alcohol   and   condensed    milk. It  was as popular among the Indians  as Pei'iina among tl"' jag-loving  .vonieii. Il ho had only billed it  as a patent medicine hc might be  .nciiL'S still in business instead of in ���������"���������i-i  s\u       m_ provincial     jail.  j     rPhe   barter   marriages     at   this pot  latch     were     carried   out   as    usual  There     wore   (iv'e    of   them  that won-  known   of  and     the    price     of       the  girls   ranged     from JstfOO   to *?1.0(.'0  s-iv  1 i  b,i..d  ������������������el-  111  :t        Iho  "iiTb<Ji  situation  m  ing   the   time  he   bus  city.  "|>   against   several'    wrestling    matches thai 'I would   no   doubt      he   a   great   draw-" Uic   clash  between-thc strikers  have  been      waiting   for' him       dur- ' ihg-  card,      and   would     be   a  pretty   ^|ir, niuamtc-d   police   last,     night  been   in     this ' even  go,     'would   be     a contest     be- ! which   constable Fit/gerald- was  pro  '.���������������������������' I teen     Tom   Weeks   and Sandy  Swan-   bn)jly   fatally   wnundiid.    Thc    '  riot  While  here  Mrs.   llavics   was     con-' sen.   If   t'heso    two men. should nice* | ers   were    foreigners     and       in     the  fined   in   the  maternity     ward  of the . the   public   would       get   their        full  ���������Nanaimo   hospital     andp passed        a   money's   worth,      and      would        see.  ;mo!st,  critical   lime     during        whi'b'oiie   of. the     best     exhibitions of  VTIllL  ENFORCE  FISHERIES LAW  St. John,.\prd   o.~-Frciiucr Bond in  t tho   Colonial    AsbCmoly   tonight     rc~  ' plying   to    caiestions     anent      to   tho  ' govcrmiieilt's     attuned    towards   the  allcgecl   illegal     tiavling   oi _    Amcr-  I lean,   Canaiiun     and   Colonial  fisher-  i man  within   tho     three    mile      limit  I that.'. the ���������colonial       cruiser     Fiona  has   been   despatched     to   the     scene  with   proper ���������ollicinls    on  board      to  force     thc. hical     lishery     laws     ag-.  ainst     all ofic-uders.   A   KAVORITE   REMEDY   FOR  13Al  ���������> P.1ES  It's    pleasant     taste    and   prompt  cures have.made Cbantl.erlam's Cough  Kind  of  Job  Printing-  Done Promptly and  WELL  Al  THE  LEDGER  Office  JOH-W-B  hi Avenue  3T  t LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     *URNITUR1;  MOVED PROMPTLY A ND  SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of tbe Lac- ysmith hotel.  .  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the *  ������4 -M^*-*- ���������*-*��������� ��������� + ++->++ -���������  A. J. WASHLT, PROP  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������-���������������������������-���������"���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������t-���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MA 1)10 TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE       DRILLS  SHARPENED  BY US      ALWAYS    GIVE SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A -\7D REPAIRED   ���������S III P S M I T H I N Cr     IN      UL   ITS    BRAND IIES .  Horseshoers and Genera! blacksmiths.  c     R. WRIGHT  Buller Street   -      -    -.  -  Ladyornitri, B C  i v  X*m*X.9X9X9X9X9X9X9XmX9X9X9X9X9X9X9X9X9XmX9X*  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A- SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  *PHONE 66  LADYSM  n  *  *  ������  ������  ������  *m9*9X9*9X9*9*9X9*9X9m4ym������~-~'������.'*9M**9m*X9X9:).t  W.  SILER.  aENEKAL LXPRESS AND  PELIVEBY  WORK PROMPTLY  r������  Leave orders at tbe Abhotsford  J. PIERCY & GO.  Manufactuiers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  WjjJ anJ 3 ir\< i)t 3 tlj  SEE  J.   KEMP.   OR LEAVE    ORDER?   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6 0  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street ana  pay Water     Rotes, between the 10th    and the 25th of each ma'th.  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  T. I BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD!  VICTORIA, B. C.  one  Mr.    Davies    and .their, many .friends   wrestling     ever  given     in   this    eit.v  ei  course of .the night the houses of  .losef.li Oi-os nnrl Steve L-ngnry,  both    non-onion miners  From  NOTICE.  this  date the  undersigned  were     dyna-  passed many noxious moments. She  goes away,/how-over, fully recov-  ed     and   both     lier    and Mr.  Davies  After the Ularl.e. and Weeks exhibition, C. Lawrence and .11. Reid  each sueurod    u   fall in   a  contest be  take  ivith    .them     very-   warm  feel- -tiveen     them,       after     which  ings  of  gratiiiule  and   regard for  the   treatment .   received     by       Mm.  Davies   from   Br.   1J ogle     and        t-h<*  members   of thc  hospital   staff       to  whose,  untiring  efforts    they very'tes   of  hard   work  largely     attribute   Mrs. Davies' coin  Iilote  recovery.  Mr. William Itussell, father  Mrs. O. IT. Barker of this city,  (lied an Tuesday last in Victoria,  and will lie buried in his native  town of Newcastle, N.B., where h.,  wns  horn     85 years  ago.  Mr. John L. Howard, Presi-  di-nt of the Western Fuel Company  arrived      in  the     city      Wednesday.  the  the   two   ohl;   antagonists,   the  hard-.  ware  men, ---decided the question     of  supremacy on   the mat.  The match,  after    several        minu-  on      the   part of  both  men      was   finally    won by  Handle      in  two 'straight   falls.  The  Athletic   programme    was       brought  0f   to   a  close     by   a   lively throe round  boxing- ONhibit ion     between   S.   Uut-  ter  and   K,    Dunlnp.      after        which  escaped, soon afterwards it was  set. on. lire but thc 'flames were extinguished . by police, although the  building had been saturated wi  coal oil. The situation continues  critical.   o -  TRAVELLING UNDER  VAST DIFFICULTIES  Dawson.. April 5.���������The advance  guard of the Northwest Mounte;!  Police, expedition which left here  on December 20 for Fort Mnc-  Phei'son,   at   tlie   moulh   of   the   Mne-  j Iiemedy a favorite wit-h the mothers  jof sniaii'   children.      It quickly cures '  i tl;cir coughs    and colds and prevents'  ai-y danger     of iniinimoiiia  or   other j will  tiot be responsible (or  any in-  | serious .    conseq.ucnces.      It not only debtedness     incurred except on      !**  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.   I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. M������*j 18th. 1901.  'mited.     The  residence   oi the forme.1 i ..l>n.'s crouj)i   but "when given  as soon  was -badly damaged,    but   the   latter j iU  (hf. croupy cough appears will.-..lire  vent the attack,  dysnuth Pharmacy  ^AHHMilUeB399S9El������i  For sale by  La  coffee  and   refreshments    were   served  K.*n7.ie     River,    reached       Dominion  in true Oiympij fashion. and a  merry evening vi-as brought to a  close by the rendering of several  solos, a duet and Severn I chor-  ouses  as   well as  quaretettes.  yesterday and will lie here to-  ; tins-. The second half of the exped-  i |l ion    is   ervming      Ten    days late--  I wilh  mail   from    Kerschof,    including  letters   from   whalers;  "  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  PORTLAND, BO;  And tlio Principal H>iKlucsa Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces  ALSO TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK &KD  PHILADELPHIA, VIA 91AGARA FALIS.  l'or Time Tallies*, etc., tuldrcsa  CEO. W. VAUX,  Asslst-int Gcn'l rassengor nnd Ticket Agent,  1Q5 AD-MS  ST., CHICAGO, ILL  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUCT  Orders will be delivered anywherr  in the city promptly and at the lo ���������>  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, 0% tk������  Eaplfcimtft.  James Warnoci  Public  Notice  Attention is called to the   fact that tht  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     hafe for some simi  past been producing flour ln a   vastly  Improved and p������rlfl '   -nrm  by  tbe aid of ELECTRICITY y  and having secured control  of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a ci vising,  the  public that  any  orized users of the electrical   flour  purifying processes  will  he prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited  are tlie    only     miliars ia Canada  whose  Flour  is purified, by the Electric Process  mm  :  U  B*i.ii*SI 49fyi  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also language" ; drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given In classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. B   U.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  A.11  work guaranteed, and at reaeo  able rates.  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPBN AT AUL HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple No. 5   i:  Sisters meets at the Oddfellow   t.ivll  2nd   and   4th  Tuesday  at   ....    ;> a.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  Wellington  Grove  No-  4. U.  A.  0.  1>  Meets   in the I" 0   0 .K. Hall, l.i,  liysmith,    tho   Second   and     Four in  n'ednesdays of each month, commencing Wednesday, 13th..  1005.  Visiting Druids     arj invited to attend.  By Order.  "WM. RAFTER, Rect Secty.  PATRICK BURK, N. A,  ������ S-flBKLMfrCfi^S; -  - ^rj____-r*t*bj*k%!������Z2_yt_*'+  at-?. _>���������*__���������__&___?___?}  . -- i -.infT'i ���������������������������f7rT*^'j-ryj;>^SiL-  Igrf&g*".  ^���������^^S^^^^'-^r"^S*s^f-'  iff ? /-n j n c j ������  Ji  LOCAL ITEMS  Strang.   I-re->idcn|.     oi  the   Roaiii     of  Tiade,    and    an   old   personal    friend  *mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmm''������1 IJr-sidcnt Hill oi the Great ;Noith-  _  .   _ jern Railway, has    recehed a     lettcr  FOR   SALE. * from  fiat gentleman,  explicitly slat-  Twelve   head   of   cows   and Milk  ing (he  intention  of  his  Company to  ,    -r,    ^   -r. mt.r thc Canadian West.    The   great  route.     Apply P.  O. Box 99. jraikoa(i   maftnat    wiH  ^  lhis city  ���������    '-. immediately     after  his 'return   from  , tiie   e?o.st, about  May,   lo  inauguiate  the  work    of  construction     of  Cana-  Smith's Studio  will open for bush.ess on  end after  Saturday, &pl 7.  and will   be found thoroughly  equipped for producing)  HIGH CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY  jn any and   all branches  0/8i Bank of Commerce  da's fourth great tn n'v line.  LADYSMITH,  ]). C  Smoke Big- li. Ciears  Constable  Stephenson,  oi Nanaimo,  v   passed  thro'igh  from   Victoria to  his  home city  today.  " A mw stone ami cement fomda-  tion is being .put under the large  scales near the colliery  ivhaif.  CITY  BAND  CONCERT.  II   is    the  intention    of  lhe     City  Band   to  gi\e  free cpen  air concerts  wee! ly, during Uie summer months,  weallur rennifting. The following  is the programme of thc first concert, which will be gi\<jn on Sunday  next, (he 8lh inst., at 2 p.m., on the  BuiiKer grounds.  1. March���������"'Flowers   of   the   Forest."  Oiil Hume  2. 0 crtuie���������"The Cross cf Jci ,.*a-  lein"    Ulegcr.  3. Song���������"Ora  Pio  Nobis."  I'iccolomine.  ���������J. .Mo I ley,--''Scotia's Clems" Round  5. Wall/.���������'Toetica," T(,||.ini  (>. Hcii'iiade���������"Lo\e'& ' ij-Npon.se"  Millar  7. (ir.iiidS acred Potpourri���������"Joy to  Ue V.o.ld." Ihunliou.se   erosion  S. .H.irc:i-  'lilac';   Prince.  Jiihl  him   in  Ih;-     institi.tii n,  whu'e he  in  lroduoed   me,   and saM   I would favor  my  beams  with  something  gay and  happy.  I hadn't intended io do this,   but, following  his      suggestion,   I   placed      u.  i/rilliant  Slav  composition,   which    1  hoped would   bc joyous enough.    The  crazy folic were all seated  about the  platform  in chairs, and seem 'd io he  intensely   interested.   As     I   finished  a very  pretty young woman rose and  beckoned   to  inc.    1  thought,   artist-  like,   thai  she wanted an encore,  and  so said  to the doctor:  " 'Ask her. what she  desires.'  "  He rose to his feet and       was  about to question  her,  when she exclaimed;  " '(To think of the likes-of mc being in here and he being at large in  tho world.-'  "That    was    the las-t time ��������� I ever  played in aii insane asylum.'  Six years ago at Cannes, Mexico,  i-nc would have seen an irregular  range of low mountains, eighteen  miles long���������"Jost- mountains"���������tlie  geologist** coll iliciu, bccai.se thsy  are connected with no other range,  They aie mere stubs, the tops woin  down by tin: powerful action of the  elements, and lhc val!c\s filled hy  These-"lost"     hills  were  KSS3  BOYS'  SCHOOL  Suits  We kiep a Big supp!y of  Boys School  Suits  Cabin,.*Is���������6 f0r One Dollar.   Stamp  Photcs 25c.     Monday,  April   <)th, the  .last'day.   Schcnck,  the photographer.  m-6  ��������� Messrs. L.E. Skinner, of London,  Out., and T. Falu-y, ur-; registered  at  the Abbolsfoi'd Tlolel.  Tin1  Vancouver AlhJolic    Club Lid  i.s yaLhciinj;  volume      ns   it        got;*-.  Tho subscribers      have     now     lii'm*-  ly  reached   six   hundred    and tin*  pi ophesy of .sonic ol' tbe directors  that it would iunch a thousand in  another six months is likely to  prom  true.  CAUGHT COLD WHILE HUNTING  A BURGLAR.  Mr. Win. Thos. Liiiiorgan, prdvin-  cinl Constable, at Chaplcau, Ontario,  sajs "I cauyht a severe cold while  '.milling a burular in the forest  Hearing of Cham-  ���������"jberYn's Cough Remedy, I tried it,  and after using two small bottles, I  ' The usual fortnightly d.-ncc of the'was completely cured." This remedy  City Band, which w. s postponed last js intended especially  week", will'ta'e plaoi oi Saturday,' c ](.  the 7th inst., stalling at 8 p-m- i  ���������    Mr.  W.  Nicholas was    a passenger  'to South Wellington a*' ������oon to-day.  Jfcoeyiect.s  to do fouic work  at  the  swamp  last fall  . mill  tliore.  WHEN    WE    SAY    SCHOOL  SUITS,     We     mean a Suit  that,     will  stand   lhe  Heavy  Wear of  the   average   I Ical-  thy   Boy,   \\h i,uncons(ioisly,  Li I* ps   pleasure    in    knocking  the spots o'i(, of them.  We  Ihue a Suit TII,\T  EV-  EVERVONIO CAN'  REACH.  Tim    Pauls    h.v.o    Double  Seats,   Double   Knees  and are  Do .ble Stitched.  AT  2.95 PER SUIT  th-3  y  "ft is rejoited thal._lhc"E." & N"  Railway Co., will make objit'tioii*-  lo" the city scavenger contintiiiii. the  iis>e of their property north of the  town as'a 'dumping ground.  for coughs and  Jit will loosen -jiul ulieve a  'se>cre cold in less'time than by nny  other treatment and is a .'<i\o.itu  where.er its superior exc;-11 erne bus  becon e known. For sale by Lu'y-  smitli  Pharmacy.  * -.Mr. aiid Mrs.   A.   Jolly    and two  'i.oys,    of*   Colorado,  arrived  in the  city recently,  and  will  niai-e their  hoir.e here.                        x    -  Miss Viva Wiley, late of North  Yakima, Wash , is expected to ar-  ri\e. in Lad \ sin ith tomorrow, -mi  tal .e charge of Smith's Photographic  St idio, on 1st Avenue. Miss Wiley  is an evpert photographer in every  sense of the word, having had practical experience in several studios,  including the best in Victoria, and  also in Los Angeles, Cal., where she  ���������raduated with  lienors.  IMPORTANT EPOCH.  ���������''Il-ere are only two iiii; ortaut  epochs in a woman's life, at best,"  leinar oil the cheerful  idiot.  "Na'iie them, ' suggested the Huff}  hair.'I blonde who typewrites between meals becai.se she needs the  1110110;.-.  "Uci'oie  and after  marriage,'  pKod  ihe ci.   with diabolical gi in.  rc-  Snuike Little B. Cigars.  KLBKLIK'S  STRANGE   EXPERI-  Wrilijig   of  his   tours,   Knbelik, the  famous     violinist,  recalls tho follow -  . ing incident:  ���������    "I  \ as once asked  to  play hefo---*.  I the 11'in.ites of an   insane asylum." ho  "*" sajs. "the doctor believing  -i*nt. uiu-  THE C.   N\  R.   AND  THE WEST.     sir-   w.is  a fine medicine  for    nba--.no  Unmipeg,   Apiil    C��������� Mr.      Andrew     ol minds.  I accordingly  accompanied  RINGS  WATCHES  BOOKS  BKOOCHES  ?ICTURFS.  FOUNTAIN PENS  We will give yi u the sbjve articles if you  return us-  WHITE SWAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  haneu and bleak. Sonu times a  liun'ch of stray cattle would range  among the mountains, hut no white  man made his abode there. Even  the beasts of prey a\oided this solitary range. Theie was no wild-r  lonlier spot in thc whole world than  thc "lost mmintain" of Canaiies.  'I hat    was six    \cars     a^o.      Now  they a'e tlie seat of the thi-d largest,  eojiper mine in the world, ��������� the.sitc of |  a city     of   twenty    thousand inhabitants.   In  the   mine there are thirty-  three  miles  of  underground   workings  Five thousand men are taking out of  the    earth     and  running  through  reduction      plants  and    smelters    two  thousand,     five hundivd  tons of r0ck  daily,    producing in copper, gold mid  silver  more  than' nine million  dollars  every year.    Already  the mines have  yielded      thirty-five    million  dollars.,  iZhe,"loslt" moantains" are-the ^ene' DONE   AT  of  tremendous    industry.      There are   ��������� . .  gieat   furnaces  with  smoking  stacks,   Kea*Oflnb e PflCl S  oie    bins,      forndrics,  shops,  electric,  light    plants,     ice and- water plants,'  ������haft   horses,     concentrators,   bioad  and    narrow guage    railroads,  street'  ears,      a   telephone    system,    bank-.,'    IiCave  ordws  at   Peterson's  Furn  stores,    schools, a     hospital and all  (he   other activities of a modern industrial town.  ������������������ 0 _ '  NOTICE  NOTICE i.s hereby giu\n that I intend to apply at the next sitting of  the. License llrard of the city of Ladysmilh H.C. for a transfer of the retail lii-nor license now held by me  foi- thc premises known as the' New  Western Hotel, situated on Lot -l,  Block 2S, to -John Menghini.  atty      D. II.   DAVIS-  Dated at Ladysmith this 15th day of  March, 1900.  FOR SALE  Eggs Um Pure Bred Stock .  All Birds Trap Nested  No Inferiior Layers Kept  Barred, Buff and ��������� White Roc!-s  Whi'o Wyandottes, White and Brown  Leghorns.  $i Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  E. STEWART^  Box 3G8 Ladysmith, B.C.  Walter* &  Akenhead  Plumbing and tinsmith'"g  I   have just  received a shipment ol  hills' uH������gh Grade  ENGLISH TOBACCOS  and  C!6\RE1 IFS  "drugstore  -By-  J. ANDERSON  I'don't suppose I'll g������t a chance to  make a speech for a long time," said  the new member of congress.  "Haybe it's all  for the best," an-  swciwi  his  eminently  practical' wife.  "Many  a man's   chances  for  re-election have been improved ^y silence."  i    IiCavc ordws  at  ture Store, or telo;:J*oii.' No 53.  .Ladj smith Temple No. ft, llal'l-'i.'onc  Sisters, intend giving a supper and  t-am-e on .the night of Kasteri Monday  April  J cth. s(,.  Dr.  Dier ean  be ioiiHd  at,  any t.i  | at his oflice on Gatacre st.  His   dc  tal   work is  giarantecd   to  be  An-  class and rates reasonable f  U/. '(J.'praser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST  AVFiVUE.   ���������  Suits Made to Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Gall and see Stock  ,^l^^������ae!%������-.:<.ii^,-������������������i*^^  GOLD DUST-  The Reliable Washing Powder for  ������  3 Pound Cartoon at 25c.  Let the Gold Dust   Twins do,-,your  work  We have an Up to Date Assortment of  House-Furnishings and our Prices  will Compare Favorably with Vic-  i i       '  toria or Vancouver Houses  LAGE CURiAINS  LINOLEUMS  HEARTHRUGS  MATTING  Weivillbe  pleased   tcshow you  these Goods.  ** ��������� ''"v., '     ' '  SIMON LEISER &C(   Ltd  from  81 eonts foi an  IN   TIIR WORLD  OP LABOR.  IIa/elioii,(I'a.) carpenters have been  ftranto'I  an  incicasc   in   wages  :-ii) cenlsS an   honi   to  eight hour wori day-  Wajics of firemen in tlie lloston  park di-'iiaitnifiit hive l.eeii raised 50  cents a 'la-}', a'"1' they now receUc  the union stale.  National Mai inc Engineers- Rene-  ficiary associa'ticii lu-.s 1(10,10.) nieu.-  l.crs   bclcn^injv to 103  locals.  \\ iWi all'Russia's er jellies, she will  not allow children under 12 years of  au,e to '\vor!������  in a  mill or  factory.  Tin new unions have heen organized in Wontieal, Canada, (liu-iii;-; the  past t.vo month's.   ���������  Secretary IliW.ert    has awanhxl    a ;  charier   of Hie United   Textile  uork-j.  its   lo" the Textile -worhers of 1'eace-  dale,  H.   I.  ' .in-Saxony, Germany, no man is  permitted to shoe horses unless he  has paf-sol a pu-hlic examination and  is properly  (inaliiieo. .���������   -  'lhe Nippcn-Yi:-si-n-Kais.ha (Japan  Steamship company) has inaugurated  a monthly Sl1->icc hctweca Japan  China and the Plilippines, and the  aiuipodes by vessels of 5000 and C,-  000  tons.  Samuel Compers hears the distinc-  t ion of holding the longisl. continuous nienihership card in the Cigar-  ma'.ers In loin itional Union. He join-  e<l  in   l.Sli-l.  Wasiiiiigt.n,. (I).C.) central labor  union has in\it.\l niemhers of lhe local | rcshytcry to mcct iu Council  wilh tliem.  hit'i n ilioii.il Km- Worlers of the  I'liil-d S1 "lU'.s and Canada's thiiil an>-  niial general contention will l.e held  in New York, beginning.Moivdav,' April 2.  Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  V1ARKEF lately   run   by W. Ward, on Roberts stree  WJH A fUU 1 Nt Cf \\m CMSS MfAlS  PORK ANDSAUFAGE A  ������������IECiALiY  A Trial -SolicitU  A. HOWE;    pn������^E 20  FAIRY SOAP  Ul "ll  r,  f  j  _acaaa������������--?u  SO,  n  U  RKS. VICT  Au Ideal  for   the   Toilet���������- Free  Lather and it   Floats-ask for-   it  3 Cakes for 25 Cents  fc'<l^.'-v'i^S..^^-r7-������i.'J.;;'.'-  SPECIAL  FAIRBANrVS  3C0URING--  3 Cakes for 25c.  Once Tried, Ahva3-s Used  Jt.ST   liK('i-:iV !���������:!)   A   .SIIIPMI'JNT  ���������1N-  OF THE LATEST  STYLES  BRACHtTS. LOCKEfS. Cli..i.NS. Solid Gold and  Gold Filled BXOOGHES Etc.  The Designs are Very Attractive���������No trouble to  Show Goods  CALL AND ISEE THE  ftlair & Mam  "When  ?  came of  a^c,"  said young  Mr. Kaiioiv, "I prdinised'mother that  I'd   ne-.or  man-y   until   I  found     the  right girl, don't y' hnow?"  "Yes?" replied  Miss 13rigiit-  "Vas.s,  and you're  the right girl."  "Well,  now,, isn't   that    provoking,  for   you're   tiie   wrong   man."���������Philadelphia Press.  QUALIFIED'.-   ���������     ���������,������������������'.  Applicant���������I saw your, advertisement for a young man to pump the  organ.  (Irinh Gr-fauist��������� Have you any experience  in  tliat  lino?  Applicant���������Yes sir.      1   wbrl.cd  for  mil!.niaii   two  years.���������C'ln'cmgo News,  if id Initio  Our Plumbin and Tinsmithing  Dep t  is now under the management of  7V\r. \\/mm Spence,  A Thorougply Competent Man  a  Jhe Ladysmith Hardware Do Ltd  .Judge (to prisoner just eonilnmnoil  to   deiilh;���������\'oii  have .the  legal    right  lo'i:\-; r.'ss a  last  wish, and    if  it;  is  possible,  it   will   U; gratified.  Prisiini-r (a Imi'hei')���������-I should liWe  jus-t once more to lie allowed to  sliuve  the district attorney.���������Jiigcnd.  f ,^^s^sm^^w^~s'f-mw!fS!mS',  M.R. SIMPSON  Bolteitor, BW.        -  Money   to    Uani  Awnu?   -  LAIYSIVI1H  ^i^^^S!i!i^^;^B<m^^Sm^i, ;:��������������� s������S3=U  \\  1 P.  I I  ? '  IP  i  TODAY  PICNIC HAMS, 18CLI  $>  [SPICED ROLLED BACON 18C LB  B. FORCJMflER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSHItH  ������_ -.-^������gem!**a*-wB^  nsz&!^m^^s������ss&.  8ACKS20CLB  Fresh Heats Always on hand  mm���������mmmm^^���������wc������������������������������������������������������������������������i^w������^^  ��������� i mtwiw mw ������������������������������������ ������������������.t-in-y-vt  Pannell & Plaskett  The time r-.-quired for  rouii'd the earth hy a man walking  day and niglhl, without, resting would  be 128 thus; .>n expri-ss train ������0  .lays; S'-y.ml, nt a nuidiuin- temperature, :m horns; a cannon ball 21';}  .hours; ligiit, a Utile ever one-tenth  of a second, and electricity, passing  over a copper wire, a little under  one-tenth of a second.  U. Iwatani, a -Tapauese. soldier on  his wny home from prison -in Russia,  comniilted suicide on receiving a letter fro'in his father saying that his  conduct in being ta' en alive -would  spoil the r.'i'iilatioii of the Japanese  army and cast odium on the names  of the family and the villagers and  coiicliidiiio- by ordering him not io n*-  liia'ii homo alive. i  We should  like  to show  you  larg-e assortment of������������������  Ranging .in  price   from  ioc   Double Roll and   Up  They  are  Uie  very  latest in    Wall  and  Ceiling  Decorations,  a  journey j the factory.  ��������������������������� IjDYSJlLH HOTEL   BAR  Having ta-<en over the bar-room of  the above hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date estahlishment,  and -in soliciting the patronage of  our friends and the public in general,  we  guanvitee. good   treatment   to all.  R. Scott  A. Snitii  ���������Proprietors.  Just  from  OVer t������n thousand rolls  to  choose  irom.     Wc also carry,   a  large range of  .  Varnishe*. Varnish Slains,  Paints, Oils, Biushesand  Win J >w O ass  In  fact    everything  to   Beautify   the  ���������Home, at���������"  WALL PAPER DEPOT  H.  KAY'S  fs NOR Sore  I WISH TO NOTIFY MY C-USTO-  mers that in future I shall he. a  few nijniites late, in getting my  "COLONIST" off the train On  .Sunday, and ������������������espectfully as'; them  to wait for me. I shall  plenty to supply all.  have  J. A. KNIGHT  The Parish Church at TohViing, E������g  land, which dates bac'.v to thc 13t)i  ccntiry and was recently restored,  possessed a re.markiable ancient ' instrument, a barrel organ which lies  three barrels and canjilay -'<G tunes.'  It  is  turned   bv   the  usual  handle.  _Siii(>!<e Big li. Cinars  First  Cluhiman���������I say���������how do   yon'  spell   temporary?  Sec. nd C. ��������� T-e-nvp-o-r-a-r-y. nnd  the nex't word has two r's, e-m-i.i-a-r-  r.a.s..s.in���������   First.  (\���������Thanks.���������rtincli.


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